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1945-02-03 The loss of Johan Buning Lancaster PA158

Crash site: near Mönchengladbach Walhausen, G

Crash cause: unknown, enemy action presumed


1. Buning, Johannes Jacobus

J.J. Buning Source: @St.M.Vl.P. 1939-50 Rheinberg 050708 Buning JJ


Off Vl 3kl, F/Lt., Pilot

RAF VR 171614


None known




Amsterdam, NL


RAF 90 Sqn Bomber Command



Lancaster Mk. I Nr. PA158


RAF Tuddenham, Suffolk, GB


Raid on Dortmund


KIA, crash cause unknown, enemy action presumed






near Mönchengladbach Walhausen, G


Rheinberg War Cemetery, G, collective grave 3/J/3-8, stone 5

Known to





Other crew

2. Sgt. Ernest Edward Bemrose, Ag, KIA, British, age 20, RAF VR 1596007, collective grave 3/J/3-8, stone 3

3. F/O. Stanley Buckland Stewart Bishop, ab, KIA, Canadian, age 28, RCAF J/37721, collective grave 3/J/3-8, stone 4

4. Sgt. John George Brown, Ag, KIA, British, age 19, RAF VR 3040078, grave 3/J/2

5. F/Sgt. Alfred Henry Edwards, Wop/Ag, KIA, British, age 24, RAF VR 1391039, collective grave 3/J/3-8, stone 6

6. Sgt. Mervyn John Frederick Poole Goddard, Ag, KIA, nationality & age unknown, RAF VR 1853495, collective grave 3/J/3-8, stone 7

7. P/O. Harry Samuel Nickless, Copilot/Nav, KIA, Australian, age 29, RAAF 37050, collective grave 3/J/3-8, stone 8


Sgt. J.G. Brown is buried in grave 3/J/2, the others in collective grave 3/J/3-8. J. Buning was originally buried at Mönchengladbach City Cemetery, grave in row XI, nrs. 427 to 430, exact Nr. unknown


None known

GB arrival



CWGC: collective grave 3/J/3-7 mentioned for all crew but J.G. Brown. OGS: Buning grave 3/J/3-7

We count headstones 3 to 8 for this crew, see photograph.

The rear of this picture carries the following text L-R: 'Geordie Re airgunner, Simson Midupper, Joe Wireless Op., Myself, Freddie Engineer, Bishop Bombardier, Nickless Navigator. All the best Jan". Text written by J.J. Buning. The (nick)names of the other can be translated as follows:

Geordie Re airgunner, = probably Sgt. John George Brown, Ag

Simson Midupper, = Sgt. Ernest Edward Bemrose, Ag

or Sgt. Mervyn John Frederick Poole Goddard, Ag of another. Note: CWGC does not know a 'Simson' who died in 1945. So 'Simson' may be a nickname, as 'Geordie'.

Joe Wireless Op., = F/Sgt. Alfred Henry Edwards, Wop/Ag

Myself ( = J.J. Buning ),

Freddie Engineer, = F/Sgt. Alfred Henry Edwards, Wop/Ag

Bishop Bombardier, = F/O. Stanley Buckland Stewart Bishop, ab

Nickless Navigator. = P/O. Harry Samuel Nickless, Copilot/Nav

This means that at least one of the airgunners from the fatal flight is not in this picture. Source: @St.M.Vl.P. 1939-50

Rheinberg plot 3 row J. Right to left the graves of H.S. Nickless (3/J/8), M.J.F.P. Goddard, A.H. Edwards, J.J. Buning, S.B.S. Bishop, E.E. Bemrose and J.G. Brown (3/J/2). Rheinberg 050708-7

13 months after the loss, there is no news to report. It took longer to sort all the dead, identify those would could be identified, and rebury them decently in a concentration cemetery.

Source: @St.M.Vl.P. 1939-50

2. Crash site data

Map 110. Mönchengladbach, Germany, area where Lancaster PA158 crashed on 3/2/1945, taking the life of J.J. Buning and the six non-Dutch other crew. The site has not been pinpointed. The crew was reburied in a joint grave in Rheinberg War Cemetery, near Kamp Lintford, North of Mönchengladbach.

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