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1945-04-01-Loss of Aart Homburg

Crash site: Azelo, Overijssel, NL, on a meadow North of the Oude Veenweg

Crash cause: shot down by enemy Flak


Homburg, Aart Albert (Ab)

Homburg AA briop.jpg IJmuiden 050528 Homburg AAb.jpg


Res 1Lt Vl, F/O., Pilot

RAF VR 125169


Bronzen Leeuw 2x




IJmuiden, NL


RAF 322 (Dutch) Sqn Fighter Command




Spitfire Mk. XVI Nr. RR249 3W-?


RAF Schijndel, NL; take-off 11.40h


Armed recce in the Deventer-Zwolle-Meppel-Lingen-Hengelo area


KIA, aircraft shot down by enemy Flak






in a meadow North of the Oude Veenweg, Azelo, Ambt Delden, Overijssel, NL


Initially in Delden under his BBO agent name 'Harvey'. Reburied Gemeentelijke Begraafplaats Duinhof, IJmuiden, NL, grave 10

Known to







1. Vijfluik Loenen, Gelderland, NL

2. The city of IJmuiden renamed a street in his memory, the Homburgstraat.

GB arrival

He was Engelandvaarder twice. Arrived in England with a captured trawler. See F. Visser, 'De Schakel', 1976, p. 132. First GB arrival on 17/2/1942. Source: BRIOP



OGS: died Delden, NL. The crash site is actually closer to Borne than to Delden, but the area can be seen as part of 'Ambt Delden', and more accurately Azelo.

F. Visser, 'De Schakel', p. 139: Borne, Overijssel, NL, near 'De Valkerij' of the De Jonge family. None of the farmers around the crash site can now, January 2006, place these names.

Henk Welting: On a heather along the Arkmansweg, Ambt Delden. The eyewitness named a meadow, not a heather.

Dr L. de Jong: died 1944.

Early September 1941 Ab Homburg and Cor Sporre were parachuted into occupied Holland, as the first Dutch SOE agents. Earlier they had tried to re-enter Holland via a trawler, that was to land them at the 'Engelsmanplaat', North of Ameland. But several attempts had failed. Therefore Homburg and Sporre had to be trained as parachutists. Their mission was to find Dutchmen prepared to enter into the field of sabotage. Unfortunately, Homburg needed dental care. He trusted the dentist visited, and told him about his mission. However, this dentist had become a member of the NSB. This compromised Homburg, and he was arrested by the Dutch. Homburg managed to escape, but plans were made to liquidate him. It was evident that Homburg had to go to London again, to defend his case. Ahead of him, agents Schrage and Sporre departed to the UK. Both drowned in the North Sea. Homburg planned his second Engelandvaart, to be undertaken together with two friends, J.J.C. Buizer and J.H.M. de Haas. Halfway February 1942 they managed to board the IJmuiden trawler 'Beatrice', in which they hid themselves until the vessel reached open sea. Then, using the force of revolvers, they ordered the crew to sail to England. After that, Homburg joined the RAF.

Source: Dr L. de Jong, 'Het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden in de Tweede Wereldoorlog, Deel 5, 2e helft, Den Haag, 1974, page 870-872

2. Crash site data

Map 123. A meadow North of the Oude Veenweg, Azelo, Overijssel, NL, North of Delden, crash site where A.A. Homburg lost his life on 1/4/1945

The meadow in which A.A. Homburg crashed on 1/4/1945. Picture taken from the dirt road extension of the Oude Veenweg, looking East. The A1 motorway is directly left, invisible in this picture. Azelo 060113-1

Directly NNW of the crash site, there is a small forest, the Nijreesbos. At the end of 1944, the Germans had build a V-1 launching site here. This may well have been A.A. Homburg's target.

Road sign at the Arkmansweg, corner Schievenweg, commemorating weapons droppings in this area for resistance groups Hilbrink from Zenderen and Visser from Wierden. No mention of the Homburg crash, which took place about 1.300 meters NW of this road junction.

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