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#Name* (↑)First NamesRankAwardsCountry (↑)AllianceRoleVictoriesDetailsUnitsAir ServiceDeathNotes/AircraftSourcesLinksPhoto
1 CobbyArthur HenryCaptDSO, DFC and 2 BarsAustraliaAlliesPilot29[28+1] (5 balloons) (27 kills+2 Lost Control)71Sqd RFC, 4Sqd AFCRFC & AFC11/11/1955Camel ace, 1918. AFC best scorer.Shores
2 CollishawRaymondMajCompanion of the Order of the Bath, Distinguished Service Order (DSO) & Bar, Officer of the Order of the British Empire, Distinguished Service Cross (DSC), Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC), Mentioned in Despatches (4), Order of St. Anna, 2nd Class with Swords (Russia), Croix de Guerre (France)CanadaAlliesPilot60[56+4] (29 kills+31 Lost Control WWI)3(N)Sqd, 10(N)Sqd, 13(N)Sqd, 203Sqd; 47SqdRNAS & RAF28 September 1976, West Vancouver, CanadaTop Royal Naval Air Service ace, Triplane, Camel, 1917-18. Russia, 1919. Distinguished WW2 serviceShores (other sources 73; 0 Russia)
3 CompstonRobert John OrtonMajDSC and 2 Bars, DFCGreat BritainAlliesPilot25[13+12] (8 kills+17 Lost Control)8(N)Sqd, 40SqdRNAS & RAFTriplane and Camel ace, 1917-18.Shores
4 FallJoseph Stewart Temple 'Joe'FCdrDFC and 2 Bars, AFCCanadaAlliesPilot36[21+15] (23 kills+13 Lost Control)3(N)Sqd, 4(N)Sqd, 9(N)SqdRNASPup and Camel ace, 1917.Shores
5 HickeyCharles Robert ReeveCaptDFC and BarCanadaAlliesPilot21[17+4] (11 kills+10 Lost Control)RNAS 4Sqd; RAF 204SqdRAF03/10/1918Camel ace, 1917-18. KIFA.Shores
6 JordanWilliam LancelotCaptDSC and Bar, DFCGreat BritainAlliesPilot39[20+19] (11 kills+28 Lost Control)8Sqd RNAS, 208Sqd RAFRAFCamel ace, 1917-18.Shores
7 KingElwin Roy 'Bow'CaptDSO, DFCAustraliaAlliesPilot26[23+3] (4 balloons)(20 kills+6 Lost Control)4SqdAustralian Flying CorpsCamel, Snipe best ace, 1918.Shores
8 KingCecil FrederickCaptMilitary Cross, DFC, CdeGGreat BritainAlliesPilot22[15+7] (10 kills+12 Lost Control)43SqdRFC & RAF24/01/1919Camel ace, 1917-18, Snipe. KIFA.Shores (Other sources 20 victories)
9 McCloughryEdgar James KingstonCaptDSO, DFC and BarAustraliaAlliesPilot21(4 balloons)(20 kills+1 Lost Control)23Sqd RFC; 4Sqd AFCRFC & AFCCamel ace, 1918.Shores (Other sources 23)
10 McEwenClifford MackayLt Military Cross, DFC and Bar, MMV CanadaAlliesPilot27[25+2] (23 kills+4 Lost Control)28SqdRAFCamel ace, Italy, 1917-18. RCAF WWII.Shores
11 RochfordLeonard Henry 'Titch'CaptDSC and Bar, DFC and BarGreat BritainAlliesPilot29[17+12] (13 kills+16 Lost Control)3(N)Sqd, 203SqdRNAS & RAFPup, Camel ace, 1917-18.Shores
12 RosevearStanley WallaceCaptDSC and Bar, DFCCanadaAlliesPilot25[23+2] (17 kills+8 Lost Control)RNAS 1(N)Sqd; RAF 201SqdRNAS & RAF25/04/1918Triplane and Camel ace, 1917-18. KIFA.Shores
13 ThomsonGeorge EdwinCaptDSO, Military Cross, DFCGreat Britain ScotlandAlliesPilot21[17+4] (6 kills+15 Lost Control)46SqdRFC23/05/1918Pup, 1917; Camel ace, 1918. KIFA.Shores (Other Sources 14)
14 WhealyArthur TreloarCaptDSC and Bar, DFCCanadaAlliesPilot27[21+6] (17 kills+10 Lost Control)3Sqd, 9Sqd RNAS, 203Sqd RAFRNAS & RAFPup, Triplane, Camel ace, 1917-18.Shores
15 WhistlerHarold Alfred 'Willy'CaptDSO, DFC and BarGreat BritainAlliesPilot23(1 balloon)(14 kills+9 Lost Control)3Sqd, 80SqdRFC & RAFCamel ace, 1918.Shores
16 WhiteJoseph Leonard MarieCaptDFC and Bar, Belgium CdeGCanadaAlliesPilot22[20+2] (12 kills+10 Lost Control)65SqdRAF24/02/1925Camel ace, 1918. KIFA.Shores (Other sources 31)

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