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Aircrew Deaths and Resting Places Worldwide 1939 - 1947 Database
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This database attempts to include all aircrew gravesites for losses from British, Commonwealth and foreign forces fighting under RAF operational command. Additionally it lists German gravesites for Luftwaffe crew members who lost lives over Britain. We have made exhaustive studies to find pictures of all the gravesites because it's one thing to read the name of a cemetery but it evokes quite another emotional response to see a picture of the location.
Each grave is a life given up too early and perhaps the first emotion that strikes one on seeing pictures of the gravesites is how many there are.
For family and friends each loss was mourned for a lifetime. For the rest of us, the least we can do is honour their loss by remembering.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: many people assemble information on WWll cemeteries and individual graves. We have frequently consulted these sites in preparing this database. Readers are encouraged to consult these sites directly as each brings a unique quality to its work. They include: • • • • • • • •

Data derived from many sources. Corrections/Additions welcomed via Helpdesk

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#Name* (↑)First NamesRankServiceNumberHonoursServiceUnitAgeDateOfDeath (↑)BuriedCommemorated (↑)LinksPhoto (Click To Expand)Notes
1 BarbourJLieutenant96022VSAAF48 Sqd RAF
291944-02-22PortugalLoriga Cemetery,  Son Of Thomas Jack And Jessie Barbour, Of Edinburgh.

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2 HedgesHenry ErnestCorporal1251612RAFVR48 Sqd RAF
301944-02-22PortugalLoriga Cemetery,  Son Of Henry E. Hedges And Emily E. Hedges, Of Seaton Burn, Northumberland.

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3 HildickRobert TavernerCaptain205812VSAAF48 Sqd RAF
211944-02-22PortugalLoriga Cemetery,  Son Of Benjamin Herbert And Alexandra Hildick, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.

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4 ThomJ PLieutenant102267VSAAF48 Sqd RAF
251944-02-22PortugalLoriga Cemetery,  Son Of James And Agnes Crossau Thom, Of Observatory, Cape Town, South Africa.

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5 WalkerJack LearoydCorporal942985RAFVR48 Sqd RAF
261944-02-22PortugalLoriga Cemetery,  Son Of Bernard Learoyd Walker And Sarah Jane Walker.

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6 WaltersDaniel De WaalLieutenant542244VSAAF48 Sqd RAF
1944-02-22PortugalLoriga Cemetery,  Son Of Daniel And Georgina Henrietta Walters, Of Woodstock, Cape Province, South Africa; Husband Of D. Eileen Walters (Nee O'Connell), Of Bloemfontein, Orange Free State.

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