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6635 Entries in Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Graves/Memorials in Europe
(Managed by CWGC)

Through agreements between the UK and other governments, personnel fighting for the Allies who were killed in the UK or Europe would be buried locally in graves managed by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC).

Some families wished the remains of loved ones to be repatriated to their homeland after the war and these will not be found in this database.

Here are the graves, therefore. of Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) personnel who are buried (or honoured) in Europe in graves (or memorials) managed by the CWGC.

Note that personnel from Canada killed outside Europe will not be found in this database.

The reader is advised to check other Canada related resources on this site. Other RCAF burials are commemorated in the Alamein Allied Air Forces Memorial database, Malta Memorial database, Ottawa Allied Air Forces Memorial database and the Runnymede Memorial database, all on this site.

Canada also has its own national memorials and grave sites in Canada itself, and also honours its fallen though its unique Canadian Naming Project, in which Aircrew Remembered has participated with research and details of which are to be found on this site.

Source for Data: acknowledgement and thanks to CWGC with enhancements added by Aircrew Remembered editors.

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#Name* (↑)First Names*InitialsService NumberAgeDateofBirthAwardsDateOfDeath* (↑)RankServiceUnitAircraftAllegianceCountry BuriedCemetery (↑)NotesPhotoLinks
1 BighamJohn RobertJ RJ/89075241944-06-22Pilot OfficerRCAF Royal Canadian Air Force407 SqdCanadaUnited KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 249.Son of Clark and Maude C. Bigham, of Brampton, Ontario, Canada.
2 BrennanHerbert John PatrickH J PJ/36018201944-06-01Flying OfficerRCAF Royal Canadian Air Force138 SqdCanadaUnited KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 245.Son of John and Bridget Clark Brennan, of Frampton, Dorchester County, Province of Quebec, Canada.
3 BrownJames AlexanderJ AJ/9127201942-07-28Pilot OfficerRCAF Royal Canadian Air ForceCanadaUnited KingdomOllerton Cemetery, Cons. Portion. Grave 1178.Son of James Robert and Elizabeth Cushney Clark Brown, of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.
4 ClarkAlfred JohnA JJ/36345221946-02-13Flying OfficerRCAF Royal Canadian Air Force435 SqdCanadaUnited KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery, 58. B. 10.Son of Daniel Alexander and Catherine Margaret Clark, of Cape Dauphin, Victoria Co., Nova Scotia, Canada.
5 ClarkHollis Andrew TaylorH A TJ/26760MiD1944-07-19Flying OfficerRCAF Royal Canadian Air Force550 Sqd (RAF)CanadaUnited KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery, 52. F. 10.Son of Francis W. Clark and Catherine F. Clark, of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. B.A. (University of Toronto).
6 ClarkWilliam HowardW HR/193583221944-06-29SergeantRCAF Royal Canadian Air ForceCanadaUnited KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery, 54. J. 5.Son of Frank B. Clark and Mary E. Clark, of Washago, Ontario, Canada.
7 ClarkJames AndersonJ AR/81023211942-09-15Warrant Officer Class IRCAF Royal Canadian Air Force419 SqdCanadaUnited KingdomCottesmore (St. Nicholas) Churchyard Extension, Compt. 16. Grave 11.Son of Richard and Isabelle Clark, of Port Alice, British Columbia, Canada.
8 ClarkSamuel StewartS SJ/19450241942-11-29Pilot OfficerRCAF Royal Canadian Air Force405 SqdCanadaUnited KingdomDishforth Cemetery, Grave 47.Son of Samuel Stewart Clark and Christena Gillies Clark, of Radisson, Saskatchewan, Canada.
9 ClarkDarwin JacksonD JR/122070191942-12-12Flight SergeantRCAF Royal Canadian Air ForceCanadaUnited KingdomHalton (St. Michael) Churchyard, Plot 5. Row A. Grave 127.Son of William H. Clark and Marian Clark; nephew of Josephine Johnston, of Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.
10 ClarkRussell StanleyR SJ/20183251943-12-21Flying OfficerRCAF Royal Canadian Air Force408 SqdCanadaUnited KingdomHarrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery, Sec. C. Row G. Grave 18.Son of Gordon Russell Clark and Bessie Louise Clark, of Erickson, British Columbia, Canada.
11 ClarkEarl WilliamE WJ/898181945-03-05Flying OfficerRCAF Royal Canadian Air Force420 SqdCanadaUnited KingdomHarrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery, Sec. H. Row P. Grave 19.Son of Richard and Clara Clark; husband of Eunice Clark, of Verdun, Province of Quebec, Canada.
12 ClarkHarold LutherH LJ/901971945-01-28Pilot OfficerRCAF Royal Canadian Air Force428 SqdCanadaUnited KingdomHarrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery, Sec. G. Row F. Grave 3.
13 ClarkRoy ArnoldR AR/65425221943-08-20Warrant OfficerRCAF Royal Canadian Air Force407 SqdCanadaUnited KingdomHeanton Punchardon (St. Augustine) Churchyard, Row Q Grave 7.Son of Roy Arnold Clark and Helen Dorothy Clark, of Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada.
14 ClarkBasil ElliottB ER/158763341943-08-26Flight SergeantRCAF Royal Canadian Air ForceCanadaUnited KingdomLossiemouth Burial Ground, Grave 983.Son of William Ernest and Laurinda Mary Clark, of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
15 ClarkGlenn GreavesG GR/92687221943-02-14Warrant Officer Class IIRCAF Royal Canadian Air Force196 SqdCanadaUnited KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 179.Son of Stephens Gilman Clark and Jane Hall Clark, of Creston, British Columbia, Canada.
16 ClarkJames HaldaneJ HR/770481943-02-06Warrant Officer Class IRCAF Royal Canadian Air Force236 SqdCanadaUnited KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 179.
17 ClarkEdwin Spencer CharlesE S CC/89632211944-12-06Pilot OfficerRCAF Royal Canadian Air Force429 SqdCanadaUnited KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 249.Son of Spencer and Vera Clark, of Westmount, Province of Quebec, Canada.
18 ClarkAustin ThomasA TJ/8633226DFC1944-08-27Flight LieutenantRCAF Royal Canadian Air Force57 SqdCanadaUnited KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 244.Son of Herbert Clark, and of Fanny Edith Clark, of Montreal, Province of Quebec, Canada.
19 ClarkJames MurdochJ MJ/26047271943-08-23Flying OfficerRCAF Royal Canadian Air Force58 SqdCanadaUnited KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 173.Son of William John and Janet Ann Clark; husband of Margaret Lillian Clark, of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.
20 ClarkAri BergthorA BJ/911641944-12-26Pilot OfficerRCAF Royal Canadian Air Force76 SqdCanadaUnited KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 249.
21 ClarkClarence TaylorC TJ/20627251943-11-24Flying OfficerRCAF Royal Canadian Air Force97 SqdCanadaUnited KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 173.Son of Samuel Gould Clark and Katherine McLaren Clark, of Isabella, Manitoba, Canada.
22 ClarkVernon EdwardV ER/205305231944-08-07Flight SergeantRCAF Royal Canadian Air ForceCanadaUnited KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 254.Son of Rutledge and Grace Clark, of Grandview, Manitoba, Canada.
23 ClarkRobert ErnestR ER/50428211943-04-14Flight SergeantRCAF Royal Canadian Air Force429 SqdCanadaUnited KingdomSutton-on-the-forest (All Hallows) Churchyard Extension, Sec. E. Grave 3.Son of Earnest and Clara Clark, of Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.
24 DerrickMelvin RalphM RR/107000241942-08-19SergeantRCAF Royal Canadian Air ForceCanadaUnited KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 107.Son of Howard Clark Derrick and Violet Elizabeth Derrick, of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; husband of Josephine Derrick, of Vancouver.
25 FetherstonWilliam HughW HJ/4530251942-04-04Flight LieutenantRCAF Royal Canadian Air Force405 SqdCanadaUnited KingdomBarmby-on-the-moor (St. Catherine) Churchyard, Row E. Grave 4.Son of Hugh and Alma Fetherston; husband of Helen Clark Fetherston, of Forest Hill Village, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
26 FraserJohn ClarkJ CJ/21759201943-06-22Flying OfficerRCAF Royal Canadian Air ForceCanadaUnited KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery, 40. H. 4.Son of Clarence Moore Fraser and Gladys Fraser, of Hamiota, Manitoba, Canada.
27 GreenwoodJames ClarkJ CJ/23230191943-06-14Pilot OfficerRCAF Royal Canadian Air ForceCanadaUnited KingdomDownham Market Cemetery, Row 5. Grave 1.Son of Oswald and Agnes Greenwood, of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.
28 HarrisCarl ClarkC CR/62960231942-06-26Flight SergeantRCAF Royal Canadian Air Force102 SqdCanadaUnited KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 104.Son of Colin Clark Harris and Laura Stella Harris, of Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada.
29 LewisHoward ClarkH CR/83454201943-03-14Warrant Officer Class IIRCAF Royal Canadian Air Force9 Sqd (RAF).CanadaUnited KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 180.Son of Roy F. and Amy L. Lewis, of Ypsilanti, Michigan, U.S.A.
30 McgillicuddyPaul ClarkP CJ/15647241942-08-21Pilot OfficerRCAF Royal Canadian Air Force418 SqdCanadaUnited KingdomLittlehampton Cemetery, Sec. D. Grave 4306.Son of Owen and Blanche McGillicuddy, of Toronto, Ontario, Canada; husband of Elizabeth Kirk McGillicuddy, of Toronto. B.A. (University of Toronto).
31 PriddinWilliam Edward ErnestW E ER/74230231943-04-28Warrant Officer Class IIRCAF Royal Canadian Air Force158 SqdCanadaUnited KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 180.Son of Edward and Florence Priddin; husband of Margaret Clark Priddin, of Saugus, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
32 RobertsonPeter BayneP BJ/15516271943-05-14Flying OfficerRCAF Royal Canadian Air ForceCanadaUnited KingdomMontrose (Sleepyhillock) Cemetery, Sec. 2. Class C. Grave 6.Son of Dr. Peter B. Robertson and Margaret Clark Robertson.
33 RobertsonDavid James MclaganD J MJ/38689261945-04-16Flying OfficerRCAF Royal Canadian Air Force86 Sqd (RAF).CanadaUnited KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 279.Son of David Clark Robertson and Jessie Slorach Robertson.
34 WallaceWilfred ClarkW CR/134952241944-06-24Warrant Officer Class IRCAF Royal Canadian Air Force59 Sqd (RAF)CanadaUnited KingdomTamlaght Finlagan Church of Ireland Churchyard, Plot W. Grave 4.Son of Thomas Arthur and Laura M. Wallace, of Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.

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