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1 Assmuth, AlbertUffz11/7/1915BochumStab IV/KG-27 He 111H-2 Werk # 2799 "1G + AF" (lost 7/8/41) Bomber Operational Clasp KIA 8 July, 1941 when his ac was sd by fighters, and crashed into the English Channel. Remaining crew: Uffz Heinz Tessmer, Obs (KIA); Ogefr Max Patry, R/O (POW); Gefr Adolf Blecha, Flt Engr (KIA) and Gefr Walter Silkeit, Gnr (KIA). Each of the deceased is listed by the VDK as "being in a sea grave" and commemorated on the Kiel-Laboe Naval Memorial (D.Drury).
2 Belz, JosefMaj9/28/1909Kindelsdorf KGr.z.b.V-500 (12/42), Stfkpt 7/Erg.TG (8/43-6/44), 2/KG-200 (11/44) Ju 52, Ar 232, Fw 200, Ju 188, He 111 Werk # Unk (lost 11/2/44)
RK (12/23/42)
EP (1/11/43)

EK 1 & 2
Transport Operational Clasp
KIA 2 November, 1944, cause unknown. His ac crashed 3km east of the Gross Schiemann airfield, near Ortelsburg (Traces of War & LOCS).
(Added by Pietrzak Youngs)

Ar 232 A-101

The first and only unit fully equipped with Ar 232 was the 7./Erg.TG. (Supplementary transport squadron). Their formation, in Schönwalde near Berlin, was apparently ordered as early as June 1943, probably on the 15th. The first squadron commander, Walter Meltzer (Knights Cross) from III./TG 1, had been appointed, but together with the group commander the l./Erg.TG., Major Kurt Wendorff, in a test flight with the Ar 232 A-03, VD + YC, he was fatally injured in Schönwalde along with Oblt. Helmut Jardon, Offz.z.b.V., Ofw. Albert Klenk, Bordmechaniker, and Uffz. Heinrich Gräf, Bordfunker, all of the 7./Erg.TG. Meltzer's successor was Major Josef Belz. While he and a few other members of the squadron, including Ofw. Max Limbrecht, had already been instructed in the new pattern at the factory, it was not until December 1943 that the A-02 aircraft in Schönwalde could be deployed. That same month, the squadron was relocated to Eger. There it received three more machines in January (A-06, A-09 and B-06) and another two in February 1944. The last two should have been at least one more B, most likely the B-05.

3 Dieterle, HansUffz1/18/1922Messkirch1/TG-1Ju 52/3m Werk # 130859 "1Z + FH" (lost 4/17/44)Transport Operational ClaspKIA 17 April, 1944 when his ac was sd by a P-38 of 97FS, 82FG, piloted by Capt James A.Force. The Ju 52 made an emergency landing into the Danube, south of Orsova, in Mehedinti County, Romania. Remaining crew (KIA, desig unk): Fw Walter Müller, Uffz Albert Neiteler and Gefr August Tatzel. The crew names are listed in the VDK, but their graves are believed to exist in Orsova Romania. In addition to the crew, there were twelve military passengers, all believed KIA (D.Drury).
4 Eversberg, AlbertUffz5/23/1921Radevormwald6/KG-100Do 217E-5 Werk # 5405 "6N + EP" (lost 4/1/44)Bomber Operational ClaspKIA 1 April, 1944 when his ac crashed near Lloret de Mar, Girona, Spain, killing the entire crew, cause unknown. Remaining crew, all buried in the War Cem., Cuacos de Yuste, Row 5: Uffz Heinz Hesse, Gr87; Uffz Walter Schmitz, Gr 85 and Ogefr Hermann Stuhlsatz, Gr 88. The pilot Eversberg buried Gr 86, although his position was not confirmed (D.Drury).
5 Feist, GerhardLt1/27/1920 3/Kü.Fl.Gr-406 (Detachment from Biscarosse Fr.) BV 138C-1 Werk # 1017 "NA + PQ" (lost) Air-Sea Rescue Operational Clasp MIA 3 April, 1943; failed to return from Biskayabukten (Bay of Biscay?). Remaining crew (all MIA): Uffz Walter Wirt, Observer; Ofw Willi Eck, R/O; Ofw Georg Kircher, Mech and Uffz Albert Bode, Gunner. Source: SIG Norway.
6 Friedemann, Albert Walter?Ofw11/25/1913Meusdorf6/JG-52 (Channel)Bf 109E-4 Werk # 2780 "Yellow 1 + -" (lost 10/20/40)Fighter Operational ClaspKIA 20 October, 1940, shot down by a Spitfire over London during the Battle of Britain by Flying Officer Peter Brown of RAF No. 41 Sq.. The AC crashed at Plumstead Rd, Welling and Woolwich, Kent. Friedemann buried Cannock Chase, Block 1, Gr 256 (M.Croft).
Cannock Chase
7 Geiger, ErwinFw1/KG-30Ju 88A-5 Werk # 8180 "4D + BH" (lost)Bomber Operational ClaspPOW 3 May, 1941 during a raid in the Liverpool area, when he was shot down by a Defiant of RAF No. 151 Sq., piloted by P/O Guy Edmiston and Gunner Sgt Albert Beale (one of few gunners awarded the DFM), and crashed off shore at Weybourne, Norfolk. Both engines were giving out so Geiger made a force landing on the beach. The Gunner, a 53 year old Major, was making his first war flight and was slightly injured. Remaining crew (POW): Fw Helmut Laser, Observer; Fw Richard Altmayer, R/O and Major Walter Seeburg, Gunner (WIA).
Pieces recovered on beach west of Sheringham in September 2018 Courtesy Chris Gleadell
8 Goetz, AlbertUffz3/KG-26 (Westerland) He 111H-2 Werk # 5473 (lost 1/11/40) KIA 11 January, 1940; sd by a Spitfire of No.66 Sq., crashed into the North Sea off the Sylt Peninsula (KG-26 Loss List). Remaining crew (all of 2/KG-26, MIA): Lt Horst Näther, Obs; Uffz Walter Gerke and Uffz Rudolf Schlegel. Added: The H-2 Model and Werk number correction per Robert Varga, 5/2021) Alternate spelling: Goertz.
9 Jahnke, AlbertOblt12/17/1917DanzigWekusta 76He 111H-4 Werk # 5703 "5Z + EA" (lost 1/1/42)Meteorological Operational ClaspKIA with his entire crew, 1 January, 1942, when they were sd by fighters while on a weather recon of Kerch to Feodosia, E of Wladislawowka, eastern Crimea. Remaining crew: Wd Insp Hans Christiansmeier, Obs; Uffz Willi Schmidt, R/O and Uffz Georg Walter Heilmann, Flt Engr. THree are buried in the War Cem at Sevastopol-Gontscharnoje, Ukraine, with Oblt Jahnke in 5/30/2078, and Christainsmeier and Heilmann among the unknowns. The body of Uffz Schmidt could not be recovered, and is commemorated in the Sevastopol memorial book (D.Drury).
10 Loseke, HaroldUffz3(F)/22Fw 200C-3/U1 "F8 + MS"Observer Operational ClaspThis Fw 200C, belonging to 8/Transportstaffel "Condor", and at the disposal of 3(F)/22, was on its way from Gardemoen FP outside Oslo to Windau, when it experienced an internal armament explosion. With damage to the tail and the left wing, Loseke managed to reach the Swedish coast with only meters of altitude, and made a perfect emergency landing at the Torslanda Airport outside of Gothenburg Sweden on 8 May, 1945. Remaining crew: Lt Albert Zepf, Uffz Christian Timm, Co-pilot, Ogefr Alois Bauer, Ogefr Eduard Schott, Uffz Paul Schweitzer, and Uffz Walter Träger. Lt Zepf may have been the Co-pilot, but was not identified as such by the author. Another report suggests that one of the crew fired the damaging shots in an act of mutiny, and may have been thrown out in mid-air. No confirmation on this story. Source: Widfeldt Note: The call sign "F8" is attributed to KG-40, which also flew courier flights over Sweden.
11 Meltzer, WalterHptm10/15/1915III/KG.z.b.V. 1 (1/42), Stfkpt 7/KG.z.b.V. 1 (12/42), Stfkpt in III/KGr.z.b.V. 300 (5/43), Stfkpt 7/TG-1 (6/43 Berlin-Schönwalde)Ju 52, Ar 232A-03 Werk # 0100005 "VD + YC" (lost 8/15/43)RK (12/23/42),
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(1/31/42)

EK 1 & 2
Transport Operational Clasp
KIC at Schönwalde 15 August, 1943, killing the entire crew, while testing the new Ar 232, cause not reported. Remaining crew: Maj Kurt Wendorff, (Kdr Erg. TGr.), Oblt Helmut Jardon, Uffz Heinrich Graf, R/O and Ofw Albert Klenk (Mech) (DK-G Awards List, LOCS & via H.D.Zemke).
12 Müller, HansOfw3(F)/122 (Creil 4/43), (Paris/Orly 7/44)Ju 88D-1 Werk # 430646 (lost 4/43), Ju 88 "F6 + GL"(7/44), Ju 188F-1 "F6 + GL" (lost 8/44)Observer Operational ClaspKIA 6 August, 1944; shot down by a night fighter during a night recon over the roads to Dinan/Brittany. He and Obs. Lt Fritz Lauter perished in the crash, The three crew were ordered to bail and were taken prisoner. Remaining crew: Fw Walter Eppel, R/O; and Gunners, Ofw Albert Klauser and Uffz Josef Polcher, While on recon over the east coast of England, he was repeatedly attacked by a Spitfire of RAF No. 41 Sq., piloted by F/O Hograth. The crew were forced to ditch in the Channel off Oostende Be., and were apparently rescued. The damaged Spitfire was able to return to base. Remaining crew: Oblt Herbert Schultz, Obs; Uffz Walter Eppel, R/O and Uffz Hans Joachim Weidemüller. Took place in the Invasion Front reconnaissance missions in the Cherbourg areas. Wiki Luft data.
13 Niebel, RudolfOfw6/14/1914Rottreich1/Flieger Erg.Gr (zur See) Kamp (Copenhagen)BV 138C Werk # 0126 "DF + NF" (lost at Sea)Air-Sea Rescue Operational ClaspKIC 12 October, 1942 during a training exercise, when his AC crashed into the sea off the coast of Sweden due to engine trouble. He was recovered in the Oresund on 2 November, 1942 and buried in the Kobenhavn Vestre Cemetery in Denmark. Remaining crew: Uffz Heinrich Schubert, Mech (born 5/4/1921 Trebnitz). His body washed ashore at Lundakrabugten Bay Sweden on 21 November, 1942 and he was buried at Hofterup Cemetery. After the war he was buried at Helsingborg Cemetery,Sweden; Uffz Hans Kaiser, a Pilot (born 2/5/1919 Bingen/Hessen, Buried in Denmark), Uffz Albert Essig, a Pilot (born 8/8/1920 Oberstein/Koblenz, Buried in Denmark) and Uffz Walter Wulf, R/O (born 4/10/1922 Stockum/Unna, Buried in Denmark). Source: B.Widfeldt & Air War over Denmark.
14 Obermailänder, WalterFw1/8/1920Vienna8/StG-3 (Malta) Ju 87D-1 Werk # 1173 "S7 + HN" (lost 5/8/42) Dive Bomber Operational Clasp MIA with unnamed crew 8 May, 1942 off St Pauls Bay, Malta, due to flak (Ju 87 Loss List). Added: His R/O-Gnr, Uffz Albert Westphalen, was also killed. Both are buried in the St. Michele Communal Cemetery, Cagliari, Sardinia, Blk 1: Graves 161 - 163 (D.Drury). Alternate spelling: Obermeiländer
15 Riecks, Walter Adolf AlbertFw1917-09-21Gartz an der Oder1/KG-55He 111H-16
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(3/20/44), EP(2/23/43),

EK 1 & 2
Bomber Operational Clasp
DK-G Awards List. Died 1973-06-03.
16 Rien, HelmutUffz5/1/1920Hamm3/KG-2Do 17 Werk # 3499 "U5 + AL" (lost 4/20/41)Bomber Operational ClaspKIA 20 April, 1941 after his ac was hit by ground fire, and he crashed near Lamia, Greece. Remaining crew: Ogefr Albert Neubauer, Obs (WIA); Uffz Walter Schmidt, R/O (WIA) and Gefr Walter Pele, Gnr (MIA). Uffz Rien buried in the War Cem., Dionyssos-Rapendoza, Crypt 2, Row 3, Platte 11 (D.Drury).
17 Spielmann, Willi Uffz3/KG-2 (Eindhoven)Do 217M-1 Werk # 56153 "U5 + EL" (lost)Bomber Operational ClaspMIA 14 July, 1943 on their 16th operation to the Humber (Hull port installations, the Albert and Victoria Docks), shot down by a Beaufighter of RAF No. 604 Sq., piloted by W/O D.W.Wray. The Dorniers starboard engine and the mainframe aflame, crashed into the sea 10 miles east of Scarborough. Remaining crew (the oldest crew of 3/KG-2, all MIA): Fw Herman Richter, Observer, Uffz Hans Concemius, wireless operator and Uffz Walter Wickel, gunner. Alternate spelling: Spielmanns.
18 Stadermann, WaldemarOblt1/3/1916Gotha-Siebleben6/KG-77 (Med)Ju 88A-5 Werk # 4362 (dam 8/14/41), Ju 88A-4 Werk # 8581 "3Z + FP" (lost 2/15/42) RK(11/12/41)

EK 1 & 2
Wound Badge(8/14/41)
Bomber Operational Clasp
MIA 15 February, 1942 over Malta, while dive bombing Luga airfield, hit by British flak near Zurrieg. Two of the crew managed to escape the plunging ac by parachute, but only Obs Ofw Walter Hesse survived, to be captured by the British. Stadermann and R/O Ofw Albert Stahl were posted MIA. Gnr Uffz Martin Knoblach had been KIA prior to the crash. Wk# 4362 was hit by AA fire near Lichkovo, he and crew suffered minor injuries. Remaining crew: Lt Walter Finger, Observer; Fw Albert Stahl, R/O and Fw Bruno Arndt, Gnr..70 AC destroyed on the ground. Source: Kaiser RK book. Added: Pilot KIA and buried in the St Michele Cem., Cagliari, Sardinia (German Losses Over Malta).
19 Walter, AlbertOblt5/16/1921Tübingen1010/NJG-4, 1/NJG-6 (8/43) Bf 110G-4 Werk # 720187 "2Z + ??" (lost 2/24/44) EP

EK 1 & 2
Night Fighter Operational Clasp
KIA 24 February, 1944 during aerial combat with a Halifax of RAF No. 420 Sq. near Egenhausen (Bolten). Remaining crew: R/O Uffz Otto Maier (geb 11/13/1917 Schmedenbach) (KIA). Oblt Walter buried Nürtingen 3/6/27. One known victory, a Stirling 25 km NE of Kitzingen on 28 August, 1943. Another, a Halifax at Wustermork on 1 September, 1943. A 3rd, a Halifax E of Rodienbach on 18 November, 1943. A 4th, a Halifax at Michelbach on 20 December, 1943. A Lancaster 3 km SE of Krahne on 20 February, 1944 (DV220). His final victory, a Lancaster 3 km W of Bösingen on 24 February, 1944. Magnus, 11 victories. Bolten 10 victories.
20 Walter, Albert Albrecht?Oblt266/JG-51 (6/42 S.U.), StabsStaffel/JG-51 (12/42)Fw 190A-5 Werk # 410038 "Black 9-- + --" (lost 7/13/43)
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(8/31/43 Post.)

EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
MIA 13 July, 1943 during aerial combat over Map Quadrant Pl.Qu. 54416. His first known victory, a Soviet SB-3 on 23 June, 1942. A Yak-1 on 8 July, 1942. Two Il-2s on 12 August, 1942. An Il-2 on 13 August, 1942. A MiG-1 on 19 August, 1942. An Il-2 on 21 August, 1942. An Il-2 and a Yak-1 on 22 August, 1942. An Il-2 on 14 September, 1942. An Il-2 12 km WNW of Bjolye on 8 December, 1942. A MiG-3 on 18 March, 1943. A LaGG-5 and a MiG-3 on 3 May, 1943. A Pe-2 on 5 May, 1943. An Il-2 on 7 May, 1943. A P-39 on 11 May, 1943. Two LaGG-5s on 5 July, 1943. A LaGG-5 and a MiG-3 on 6 July, 1943. A LaGG-3 on 7 July, 1943. Two Il-4s on 9 July, 1943. A LaGG-3 on 12 July, 1943. A Yak-1 on 13 July, 1943. Magnus, 37 victories.
21 Ziegler, RobertOblt2/16/1922 4(F)/122 (8/42 Kertsch, S.U.), 3(F)/121 (7/43 Toussus-le-Buc) Ju 88D-1 Werk # 1119 "F6 + MM" (lost 8/23/42), Ju 88D-1 Werk # 430669 "7A + BH" (lost 7/27/43) Observer Operational Clasp KIA the night of 26/27 July, 1943; shot down by a Mosquito of RAF No. 85 Sq., piloted by S/L (later W/Cdr) Wilfrith Peter Green. His Ju 88 crashed in the Het Kanal (aka English Channel), Holland. All remaining crew washed ashore between 13 and 16 August, 1943, and were buried at Nieuwe Ooster Begraafplaats in Amsterdam. Remaining crew (KIA): Oblt Walter Salecker [or Saaleger per Ju 88 Loss List/LW Loss Report] (DK-G 7/2/42), Ofw Heinrich Gärtner and Uffz Albert Rippel. Wiki Luft data. Interned briefly on 23 August, 1942 when they made a force landing at Trabzon Turkey after running out of fuel (Özkan Türker). Added: Their final resting place is the War Cem, Ysselsteyn. Oblt Ziegler, CT-12-297; Oblt Salecker, CT-12-296; Ofw Gärtner, CT-12-298 and Uffz Rippel, CT-12-299 (D.Drury). Alternate spelling: Zeigler.

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