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Cannot find the name 'Just' in a database


Search Tips are found here.

Our database software utilizes MySQL on our host servers. It is the most widely used database software in the world. It's fast and very reliable.

All MySQL searches you make pass through what is known as a Stopword List, essentially a list of words MySQL does not recognize, it just ignores them. These are generally programmer-centric (or unimportant words such as 'the') and the reason they are on the Stopword List is related to performance efficiency and database security. If you try to Search on any word in the Stopword List, your search will fail. Therefore if the name you are looking for just happens to be the same as a word in the Stopword List, it will actually be in the database but a Search will not find it. The name WILL be in the Names List (found via the Names List button which is found on every database: the purpose of which is to show all the names in this particular database, so you can check the spelling) but you won't be able to Search for it. You can see the Stopword List here.

Unfortunately the Stopword List used by our hosting service includes at least 4 words which can also occur as valid names (there may be others in the Stopword List which can also be valid names, but we haven't noticed any being used in our databases). To overcome this problem, we have changed the relevant names in the database so you can find them.

To Search for Down therefore change your Search to Downe. Search for Elsee to find entries for Else. Search for Littlee to find entries for Little. Search for Juste to find entries for Just

Where we have made such changes, we have noted this in the database entry itself so there is no room for confusion as to what the correct name really is.

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