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How do I scroll long pages of data?


On a Mac or PC, most browsers provide scroll bars on the right of the data. Grab a scroll bar with your mouse and drag it up or down.

A lot of the data on our site takes a little time to arrive on your computer from remote servers. You won't be able to scroll to the bottom till everything has arrived.

Some modern browsers hide the scroll bar till you click on the page to indicate you want to scroll, when the scroll bars appear.

You can also use the Up and Down arrows on your keyboard.

On the iPad and iPhone, put 2 fingers on the screen and drag up and down. Scrolling is faster if you scroll outside the edges of the data itself.

Use the appropriate scrolling technique on an Android tablet or smartphone.

NEW! We now have on the Kracker and Paradie archives a small floating arrow to the right of the data - this will allow you to go to the top of the page very quickly.

NEW! Highlight Search - also implemented the Highlight Search box - once the word (s) are entered into this box and you enter search, the text entered will be highlighted. (See also search help in the knowledgebase)

Sample of Highlight facility in the Kracker Archive:

Highlight sample box

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