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1941-10-28 The loss of Pierre van Boxtel

Crash site: Kinnerton, Flintshire, GB

Crash cause: flying accident, a Spitfire flew into his aircraft when he was on final approach


Boxtel, Pierre Johannes van

Dutch RAF aviator datasheet

P.J. van Boxtel Source: Jubileumboek 1949 St. Odulphus Lyceum, Tilburg

Hawarden 070127 Boxtel PJ van



RAF VR 1149997


None known




Kaatsheuvel/Loon op Zand, NL


No. 57 OTU




Miles Master Mk.I Nr. T8331


RAF Hawarden, Flintshire, GB




KIFA, during exercises he flew a Miles Master representing an enemy aircraft that was to be attacked. At 15.00h he landed with permission from flight control. Another aircraft, a Spitfire, came in to land at the same time, and demolished the tail of the Miles. Both aircraft came down in flames close to the runway. Van Boxtel was rushed to Chester hospital with severe burns and a high spine fracture. He died there at 21.00h. The accident was eyewitnessed by J. Flinterman.

Source: Dr A.J.J. de Bruin, "Onze Pierre - het korte leven van een oorlogsvlieger", Pierre van Boxtel Stichting, Tilburg, 02/1995.






Kinnerton Green, Flintshire, GB

Died 4 hours later in Chester Hospital


Hawarden No.1 Cemetery, Flintshire, GB, grave 4/G/96 (CWGC & OGS), or better mil. plot/B/1

Known to





Other crew








1. Mill Hill Memorial Table, London, GB

Mill Hill Van Boxtel

2. Memorial in Kaatsheuvel, Brabant, NL

Kaatsheuvel 050719-2

3. Memorial plate, Dr. Mollercollege, Waalwijk, NL

4. Stained glass window, St. Odulphus Lyceum, Tilburg, NL

Boxtel P van St Odulphus raam

5. A scouting group was given his name, the "Pierre van Boxtelstam"

Source: "Strol Zaand", magazine of the Kaatsheuvel Historical Society, Aug 1993, Nr. 4, p.35; with thanks to Rob Moeskops

GB arrival

Was oiler on the vessel 'Hector'


The loss is not mentioned in No. 57 OTU ORB

Source: National archives, Kew, GB, with thanks to Steve Brew

Data confusion

1. OGS: died Kennington, Cheshire, GB.

Kennington exists in Oxfordshire & Kent, not in Cheshire.

Van Boxtel actually died in Chester Hospital.

2. Grave numbering reported by CWGC and OGS does not match the actual burial situation.

Motor vessel 'Hector'. Van Boxtel served as oiler on this vessel from December 1939 to May 1940. Note text 'HOLLAND' & Dutch flag on the hull, mandatory signs of neutrality. German submarine attacks were feared even before WW2 had begun. Boxtel P van-MS Hector. Source: A.J.J. de Bruin

Van Boxtel during his sailor training in the Zeevaartschool, Amsterdam. Boxtel P van-5. Source: A.J.J. de Bruin

Pierre van Boxtel, March 1941 Boxtel P van-6. Source: A.J.J. de Bruin

RAF Hullavington, September 1941. Dutchies in training with the RAF. Left to right: Pierre van Boxtel, C. van Houten, B.D.J. van Arkel. Hullavington group 2; Source: SLH

Van Boxtel shortly before a practice flight in a Spitfire Boxtel P van-7. Source: A.J.J. de Bruin

Chester Hospital, where Van Boxtel died six hours after the accident. Source: unknown, postcard, section

Map 13. Kinnerton Green, Flintshire, GB Kinnerton Green, Flintshire, a few miles South of RAF Hawarden, crash area of P.J. van Boxtel, 28/10/1942. The crash site has not been pinpointed.

Kinnerton Green, between Higher and Lower Kinnerton, crash area of Pierre van Boxtel. The crash site has not been pinpointed. Kinnerton 070127

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