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RAF Serviceman with Dutch Ancestry

1942-04-30 The Loss of Lucas Scholl Engberts

Crash site: none. He is said to have died from Pneumococcal Meningitis with no evidence of external injury or fracture of the skull in Princess Alice Hospital, Eastbourne, Sussex, GB


Scholl Engberts, Lucas

Brookwood 050618 Scholl Engberts b.jpg


Sgt Vl, Lac/Obs

RAF VR 1550000


None known




Riga, Letland, or Olilla, Finland


No. 1 Elementary Air Navigation School, Eastbourne. With thanks to David Williams






not applicable


not applicable


Said to have died of disease; may have been the result of a (traffic) accident






Princess Alice Hospital, Carew Road, Eastbourne, Sussex, GB

Source: Eastbourne Register Office, via David Williams


Brookwood Military Cemetery, Pirbright, Surrey, GB, RAF plot, grave 21/B/11

Known to


not any longer




He was a civil engineer living in Arnewood, Steeles Lane, Oxshott, Surrey

Source: Eastbourne Register Office, via David Williams

He joined the RAF in April 1941 at Padgate

Source: David Williams, 29/02/2008

His grave has a British RAF type headstone.

CWGC mentions his parents as living in London: Son of Esper and Maria Scholl-Engberts, B.Sc., Hons. (London)

Source: CWGC

His Dutch ancesters, coming from Almelo, Overijssel, NL, were merchants living in Russia

Source: David Williams, via Henk Welting, email 28/02/2008

Esper Scholl Engberts, born St. Petersburg 20/11/1876, owner of the Paul Karlsson laundry in St. Petersburg; son of Lucas Jan Scholl Engberts and Daria Semonowna Alexejewa


who married in Almelo, NL, on 12/04/1876

Source: Historisch Centrum Overijssel, Inventarisnr: 123.00067/8

His father lived in Riga, Letland, Kalucunna iela 32a-4

Source: Archive MvO, in National Archives, The Hague, Nr. 2.13.71 - 187, via Erwin van Loo

GB arrival

On 5/12/1940. Source: Archive MvO, in National Archives, The Hague, Nr. 2.13.71 - 187, via Erwin van Loo


None known



The MvO Archive mentions that he may have had an accident on 16/04/1942 in Eastbourne.

Source: Archive MvO, in National Archives, The Hague, Nr. 2.13.71 - 187, via Erwin van Loo

OGS: grave B/11. In 2005 the name was removed from the OGS Casualty Register, because his nationality was not considered to be Dutch after all.

Source: OGS, J.J. Teeuwisse, email 5/7/2005

His name is in all Rolls of Honour, produced by the Ministerie van Oorlog in the 1944-1950 period, seen by author. Therefore, he was considered to be a Dutchman at the time. He should be considered as a Dutchman in the present too. His removal from the OGS Casualty Register is unjustified.

Confirmed by Erwin van Loo, NIMH, 3/3/2008

Scholl Engberts death certificate b.jpg

Scholl Engberts death notice.jpg

Princess Alice Hospital, Carew Road, Eastbourne, in the center of this aerial photograph, where Lucas Scholl Engberts died. Source: Google Earth. Princess Alice Hospital.jpg

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