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1943-05-21 The loss of Rudi Heijne

Crash site: North Sea 1 mile West of Buddon Ness Lighthouse, 6 miles Southwest of Arbroath, Angus, Scotland, GB

Crash cause: accident due to low flying; aircraft hit the sea port-wing down


1. Heijne, Rudi Anton Casper

Dutch RAF aviator datasheet

Arbroath 080205 Heijne RAC


Matr 1kl ARO, Lac.


None known




Weltevreden, Java, NEI


Unknown FAA Sqn



Swordfish Mk. I Nr. W5861


RNAS Arbroath (HMS Condor)










North Sea 1 mile West of Buddon Ness Lighthouse, 6 miles SW of Arbroath, Scotland, GB


Western Cemetery, Arbroath, GB, grave D/21

Known to





Other crew

2. S/L. W.N. Ledingham, Pilot – injured but safe

3. Lac. Stanley Boardman, P/JX 168146 – KIA, age 24, buried

Blackley (St. Andrew) Churchyard, Lancashire, GB, grave A/390







Mill Hill Memorial Table, London, GB

Mill Hill Heijne

GB arrival


Data confusion

The MLD knows an Off Vl 2kl A.R.C. Heijne, who was killed 21/5/1943 in a flying accident with a Swordfish aircraft.

OGS: died Arbroath, Angus, GB

From the accident report:

'The aircraft was flying normally along the North bank of the river Tay from the direction of Broughty Ferry and past the small town of Monifeith, when about a mile to the Westward of Buddon Ness Lighthouse, the pilot lost control of his aircraft which spun into the sea. Unfortunately there were no witnesses of this crash and the first information received was that the pilot struggled to the beach and was seen by the lighthouse-keeper who went to his assistance. The pilot was dazed and had a broken nose. He has stated that the aircraft hit the sea port-wing down and with some considerable force. The pilot has also stated that, after the aircraft had crashed, he saw one of the other occupants but was not able to say who it was. This man, whom I believe from his description to be Midshipman HEYNE, appeared unable to help himself and in all probability was killed in the crash. At any rate he sank and disappeared before the pilot could get hold of him.'

Source: J.P. Kloos, "320 Squadron Memorial", p.162

The base in Arbroath, called 'RNAS Condor', and today 'RM Condor', is still an active base. The crash area could not be readily visited, as it is within a military firing range.

2. Crash site data

Map 33. North Sea off Buddon Ness Lighthouse

1 mile West of Buddon Ness Lighthouse, South of Arbroath, Scotland, GB. Site where R.A.C. Heijne crashed on 21/5/1943.

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