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1943-09-19 The loss of Gerard Bruijne

Crash site: no crash, he died as a result of inflammation after an inoculation.

Location of death: Scarborough E.M.S. (Emergency Medical Services) Hospital, Yorkshire, GB


Bruijne, Gerard


Dpl Sld Det. London; Ac2

RAF VR 1814975


Bronzen Kruis




Gouda, NL


No. 11 I.T.W. (Initial Training Wing)



none involved


RAF Scarborough




Died 02.15h from septicaema-cellulitis in the left arm, after an inoculation that miscarried. Source: No.11 ITW RAF ORB






Scarborough E.M.S. Hospital, Yorkshire, GB

Known to






Scarborough Cemetery, Yorkshire, GB, grave U/6/19

Other crew



Of Torenstraat 124, Den Haag, the parental address. He was the chauffeur of HM Queen Wilhelmina. In his London interrogation report he expressed the wish to join the RAF


1. Mill Hill Memorial Table, London, GB

2. Vijfluik ereveld Loenen

GB arrival

Engelandvaarder. Departure 5/5/1943 by motorboat from Oud Beijerland. Arrival in England the next day.

Source: NA 2.09.06-12964




Mill Hill

There are many War graves in the vast Scarborough Cemetery. None with the same date of death as G. Bruijne. No burials of unknown servicemen, indicative of bodies washing ashore. The death of G. Bruijne was an isolated case, that resulted from disease.

No. 11. I.T.W. Operations Record Book mentions the following:

1-9-1943, 15.00h.

An Inoculation Parade was called by F/Lt. Saunders on 31.8.43 and approximately 100 airmen of No. 11 I.T.W. received inoculations of A.T.T. at the C.M.I.R. in the afternoon of that date. Consequent upon this parade, 7 airmen were admitted to Central Sick Quarters, R.a.F. Scarborough suffering Post Inoculation Reaction. In general, each airman presented the same signs and symptoms viz: inflammation and tenderness of the outer aspect of the left arm and Pyrexia.

Appropriate treatment was instituted i.e. repeated hot fermentations to the arm and the administration of a Diaphoretic Mixture thrice daily. One of the earlier cases to be admitted to C.S.Q., AC2 Bruyne, did not respond to this treatment as expected, as on the second day following his admission, the arm remained extremely painful and inflamed and the pyrexia (103˚) continued. In view of this, S/Ldr. Wood formed the opinion that an infection, probably haemolytic streptococcal, was superimposed upon the normal inoculation reaction, and treatment with Sulphanilamide was commenced immediately. Response to this treatment was effectual and dramatic, in that the temperature had dropped to normal 48 hours later. The arm remained painful and inflamed, however, and the patient was in a dehydrated and toxic state, this having appeared rapidly during the night of the 5th, 6th, September, 1943. At approximately 10.00 hours on the fourth day (6.9.43) following his admission to C.S.Q. he was transferred to E.M.S. Hospital, Scarborough and there seen on admission by the Honorary Surgeon, Dr. L.S. Debenham. Appropriate action was taken to have this Airman notified as Seriously Ill.

The airman was visited daily by S/Ldr. Wood, and in consultation with Dr. Debenham, it was decided on 8.9.43 to request the opinion of a R.A.F. Surgical Specialist. W/Cdr. Hawkins, Surgical Specialist, R.A.F. Hospital Northallerton and F/Lt. Owen Williams, Pathologist of the same Hospital, visited the patient A.C.2 Bruyne in Scarborough Hospital the same day. Having examined the patient and relevant case sheets, satisfaction was expressed at the treatment given, both in C.S.Q. and in the E.M.S. Hospital and certain additional forms of treatment were suggested. These suggestions were carried out but in spite of this A.C.2. Bruyne died at approximately 03.00 hours on 19.9.43. All other cases made an uneventful recovery from this superimposed infection.

His funeral was attended by F/Lt. B. Tammes, representing Maj. J.P. Berdenis van Berlekom, Hoofd Afd. III A van Bureau Luchtvaart.

Source: MvO 2.13.71, inv.Nr. 447, with thanks to Erwin van Loo

From No. 11. I.T.W. Operations Record Book:

The Funeral Service took place today of 1814975 AC2. BRUYNE G. u/t P.N.B. (V). The internment was in Manor Road Cemetery SCARBOROUGH in a Plot set aside for Service Graves. Grave No. 6-19. Section U. The following attended – QUEEN WILHELMINA of the NETHERLANDS was represented by LIEUTENANT JUNKER BEELIS VON BLOKLAND, DUTCH Minister Without Portfolio, M. BURGERS, S/LDR. KELLOCK R.A.F. LIAISON OFFICER, F/O TAMAS (NETHERLANDS) and MR. W.R. ROTHENBERG (Person to be notified in case of casualty) and also MRS. de BRUEN of the Red Cross Liaison. Wreaths were send by (i) The Commanding Officer and Officers of the Wing (ii) The Officer Commanding, Officers and N.C.Os. of No. 3 Squadron (iii) The dutch Cadets of the Wing. A Photograph showing the Grave marked with X is Appendix 'A' hereto.

Source: SLH

Scarborough beach, looking South. Scarborough 070128-1

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