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1943-11-22 The loss of Oscar de Jongh

Crash site: near Norwell Woodhouse, South of Kneesall Lodge and Ossington, Nottinghamshire, GB

Crash cause: engine trouble


1. Jongh, Oscar Geoffreij de


Res 2Lt Wnr, F/O., Nav

RAF VR 139692


None known




Smyrna, Turkey


No. 82 OTU



Wellington Mk. X Nr. LN601


RAF Ossington, Nottinghamshire, GB


leaflet dropping in St. Nazaire area, France


KIFA, cause unknown






near Norwell Woodhouse, S of Kneesall Lodge and Ossington, Nottinghamshire,GB


Ollerton Cemetery, Nottinghamshire, GB, grave Serv/1209;

3 of the other crew are buried close to F/O. De Jongh

Known to





Other crew

2. F/Sgt. Kenneth Ross Fallowdown, Wop/Ag, RCAF R/144200,

age 21 – KIFA, buried Ollerton Cemetery, Nottinghamshire, GB, grave Serv/1181

3. W/O2 Harold Winthrop Johnson, Pilot, RCAF R/126451,

age 30 – KIFA, buried Ollerton Cemetery, Nottinghamshire, GB, grave Serv/1183

4. P/O. Alexander Grant, Ab, RCAF J/27696, age 33 – KIFA, buried Ollerton Cemetery, Nottinghamshire, GB, grave Serv/1207

5. F/Lt. John G. Bassington, Ag, RAF 127175 – KIFA, unknown to CWGC, place of burial unknown. Source: Chorley 7/263

6. Sgt. Robert J. Wannell, Ag, RAF VR 1321739, age 19 – KIFA, buried Fulham Palace Road Cemetery, London, GB, grave 4/E/35

With thanks to Henk Welting


Married with Marguerite de Jongh of Epsom, Surrey, GB


Mill Hill Memorial Table, London, GB

GB arrival

Was living in England when War broke out



OGS: died Ossington, GB

Take off 21.58h from RAF Desborough with the intention to drop leaflets in the St.Nazaire region of France but having climbed to a mere 800 feet, the port engine failed and the Whitley plunged to the ground at Norwell Woods House near Kneeshall Lodge. On impact, there was an explosion as the bomber went up in flames.

A close scrutiny of the port engine revealed evidence to suggest that the locking ring on the propeller shaft failed, thus allowing the blades to produce a reverse pitch effect.

Source: Bomber Command Losses - OTU's (Chorley - part 7 - page 263).

2. Crash site data

Norwell Woodhouse, crash area of Wellington Mk. X Nr. LN601 on 22/11/1943. Norwell Woodhouse 070128-1

Map 46. Norwell Woodhouse, crash site of Wellington LN601 (De Jongh) Norwell Woodhouse, Southwest of RAF Ossington, Nottinghamshire, crash site of Wellington LN601 on 22/11/1943, taking the life of O.G. de Jongh and the 5 non-Dutch other crew.

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