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1943-11-26 The Loss of Jacques Hoboken Lancaster JB592

Crash site: Gross Karben, Germany

Crash cause: unknown, enemy action presumed


1. Hoboken, Jacques Robert Christiaan

Dürnbach 070325 Hoboken JRC


Tijd Res 1Lt Vl, F/O., Pilot

RAF VR 131136


Distinguished Flying Cross




Cannes, F


RAF 106 Sqn Bomber Command




Lancaster Mk. III Nr. JB592 ZN-W


RAF Meteringham, Lincolnshire, GB


Raid on Berlin, take-off 17:28h


KIA, cause unknown, enemy action presumed






near Gross Karben, G


Dürnbach War Cemetery, G, coll. grave 1/B/9-12

Known to





Other crew

2. Sgt. Edgar William Davies, Ag, RAF VR 1420122, age 22 - KIA

3. F/O. John Crichton Graham, Ab, RAF VR 134669 - KIA

4. F/O. James Peter Julian Jenkins, Nav, RAF VR 134207,

age 27 - KIA

5. Sgt. George Emile Garton Lucas DFM, Fe, RAF VR 975066


6. F/O. Aubrey William Read, Wop, RAF VR 50611, age 23 - KIA

7. F/O. Harry George Stuffin, Ag, RAF VR 49983, age 22 – KIA

All were initially buried near the crash site. All were reburied in Dürnbach War Cemetery, G. J.C. Graham buried 1/B/8, all other crew buried in 1/B/9-12


CWGC: parents came from Brussels, B Other crew not Dutch

J.R.C. Hoboken had been given an immediate DFC for the mission against Kassel in the night of 22 to 23/10/1943. The award was Gazetted on 19/11/1943.

DFC, posthumous, 25/3/1944

Cited with Sgt. G.E.G. Lucas, RAF. This officer and airman were pilot and flight engineer respectively, of an aircraft which attacked Kassel one night on October, 1943. Soon after leaving the target area, the bomber was hit by a burst of gunfire from a fighter. Flying Officer Hoboken, Sergeant Lucas and other members of the crew were wounded and the aircraft sustained damage. A few minutes later, a second attack developed. The bomber was hit again and both turrets rendered unservicable. Nevertheless Flying Officer Hoboken manoeuvred his aircraft with consummate skill and succeeded in flying clear. The situation was serious, however, as the bomber was badly crippled and 5 of the crew were wounded. In spite of this, course was set for this country. Displaying superb skill, Flying Officer Hoboken battled on to reach an airfield. During the return flight, Sergeant Lucas, although wounded, fulfilled his engineering tasks with great ability, rendering valuable assistance. In circumstances fraught with great danger this officer and airman displayed courage, resolution and devotion to duty of the highest order.


None known

GB arrival



CWGC: Jaques Robert Cristian

OGS: place of death unknown. Mentioned both as missing and as buried, in grave 1/B/12. This was corrected at some time in 2006

C. J Vlotman

G. Overgauw

Jacques Hoboken

C.J. Vlotman, G. Overgaauw, J.R.C. Hoboken Medicine Hat, Canada, spring 1942 at 34 SFTS.

Source: @St.M.Vl.P. 1939-50

Dürnbach War Cemetery, in the extreme South of Germany, final resting place of J.R.C. Hoboken and his six man crew. Dürnbach 060120 Hoboken & crew

One of the famous Lancasters, this one in the collection of the RAF Museum, Hendon, London. Lancaster RAF Museum Hendon 060201

2. Crash site map

Map 49. Gross Karben, Germany, NE of Frankfurt am Main, crash area of Lancaster JB592

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