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Aircrew Deaths and Resting Places Worldwide 1939 - 1947 Database
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This database attempts to include all aircrew gravesites for losses from British, Commonwealth and foreign forces fighting under RAF operational command. Additionally it lists German gravesites for Luftwaffe crew members who lost lives over Britain. We have made exhaustive studies to find pictures of all the gravesites because it's one thing to read the name of a cemetery but it evokes quite another emotional response to see a picture of the location.
Each grave is a life given up too early and perhaps the first emotion that strikes one on seeing pictures of the gravesites is how many there are.
For family and friends each loss was mourned for a lifetime. For the rest of us, the least we can do is honour their loss by remembering.

Commonwealth War Graves in the USA

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#Name*First NamesRankServiceNumberHonoursServiceUnitAgeDateOfDeathBuriedCommemoratedLinksPhoto (Click To Expand)Notes
1 A'Court (Acourt)Gladstone ArthurPilot Officer418496RAAF231944-06-22GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 12. E. 2.Son Of Arthur John And May Elizabeth A'Court, Of East Kew, Victoria, Australia.
2 AbbeyDonald GeorgeFlight Sergeant410135RAAF231944-04-21Malaysia (ex Malaya)Labuan War Cemetery, 5. B. 6.Son Of Stanley Grey Abbey And Vera Allison Abbey; Husband Of Betty Abbey, Of Box Hill, Victoria, Australia.
3 AbbottLewis JamesSergeant400167RAAF261941-12-06ItalySalerno War Cemetery, II. B. 22.
4 AbbottGeoffrey DavidLeading Aircraftman423520RAAF201943-05-27AustraliaMount Gambier General Cemetery, Plot B. Row B. Grave 2.Son Of David Charles And Lilian Adelaide Cameron Abbott. Of Ashbury, New South Wales.
5 AbbottRoy EdgarFlight Lieutenant264204RAAF401943-11-16AustraliaRockhampton War Cemetery, Plot A. Row A. Grave 6.*.Son Of Edgar Henry And Annie Eliza Abbott; Husband Of Gladys Abbott, Of Mittagong, New South Wales.
6 AbbottSydney Charles BertramFlying Officer400404DFC

RAAF221943-08-09United KingdomMarham Cemetery, War Graves Plot. Grave 41.
7 AbbottNevilleWarrant Officer420513RAAF291944-07-13Papua New GuineaLae War Cemetery, Kk. D. 13.

Son Of Robert Fletcher Abbott And Alice Abbott; Husband Of Grace Emily Abbott, Of Darlinghurst, New South Wales.
8 AbbottStanley ArthurFlight Sergeant436790RAAF211944-08-31United KingdomCambridge City Cemetery, Grave 13970.Son Of George Stanley Abbott And Jean Hamilton Abbott, Of Cottesloe, Western Australia.
9 AbbottBruce Andrew StanleyFlying Officer422360RAAF211945-03-12United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 282.Son Of Stanley Mcf. And Ethel Winifred Abbott, Of Homebush West, New South Wales, Australia.
10 AbeBernard VictorCorporal50050RAAF421944-06-11AustraliaSpringvale War Cemetery, Melbourne, 1.R.C.6.Husband Of E. M. Abe, Of Bendigo.
11 AbelVictorPilot Officer422089RAAF231944-09-13IndiaMadras War Cemetery, Chennai, 14. D. 1.Son Of Fritz August Alexander And Julie Abel, Of Neutral Bay, New South Wales. Australia.
12 AbellDouglas RoyPilot Officer417773RAAF211944-10-06GermanyHamburg Cemetery, 5A. N. 5.Son Of Roy Desmond Picton Abell And Ida May Abell, Of Gladstone, South Australia.
13 AbercrombiePeter FlemmingLeading Aircraftman72179RAAF271945-01-03AustraliaRichmond War Cemetery, Plot C. Row D. Grave 15.

Son Of William And Jean Jarvie Abercrombie, Of Belmont.
14 AberleDouglas BuchananFlight Sergeant427631RAAF201943-11-23GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 7. A. 2.
15 AblewhiteEdward JohnSergeant1433368RAFVR460Sqn (RAAF)211943-04-17GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 9. F. 24.Son Of William Henry And Sarah Jane Ablewhite, Of Nottingham.
16 AbrahamJames HedleyFlight Sergeant426482RAAF221944-07-21BelgiumKaaskerke Communal Cemetery, Grave 120.Son Of August Eric And Minna Bettie Abraham, Of Wynnum North, Queensland, Australia.
17 AbrahamsLeo ReginaldPilot Officer413503RAAF221944-07-14EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 281.Son Of Reginald And Florence Caroline Abrahams, Of Coogee, New South Wales, Australia.
18 AbramsKevin KennyFlight Sergeant432081RAAF241944-08-12United KingdomHarrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery, Sec. E. Row A. Grave 15.Son Of Reginald Orton Abrams And Eliza Logan Abrams, Of Cremorne, New South Wales, Australia.
19 AchesonJohn McfarlandSergeant1065899RAFVR460Sqn (RAAF)271943-07-25GermanyBecklingen War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 27. H. 9-14.Son Of William John And Lottie Acheson, Of Liverpool.
20 AcresRobert JosephPilot Officer427787RAAF463Sqn RAAF

231944-09-26FranceWissant Communal Cemetery, Coll. Grave 3.

Son Of Francis Joseph And Nellie Sylvia Acres, Of Leederville, Western Australia.
21 AdaAlan FletcherSergeant403297RAAF281942-05-06United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 111.Son Of William Leslie And Erica Maude Ada, Of Drummoyne, New South Wales, Australia.
22 AdairCharles EdwardFlight Sergeant11615RAAF231943-09-23GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 5. B. 21.
23 AdamBasil JohnFlight Lieutenant400451RAAF114Sqn (RAF)221942-01-14United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 108.Son Of Alexander Trelse Adam And Phyllis Adam; Husband Of Catherine Lucille Greta Adam, Of St. Kilda, Victoria, Australia.
24 AdamJohn PhilipFlying Officer404491RAAF301943-09-26AustraliaAdelaide River War Cemetery, F.C.8.Son Of John Shedden Adam And Ruth Eliza Adam, Of Wahroonga, New South Wales.
25 AdamWalter JosephFlight Sergeant410934RAAF101Sqn (RAF)251944-03-31United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 259.Son Of John James Adam And Violet Pearl Adam, Of Bundalong South, Victoria, Australia.
26 AdamGordon RossWarrant Officer411435RAAF251945-04-13ItalyBologna War Cemetery, V, C, 10.Son Of Alexander Gordon And Ruby Adam, Of Culcairn, New South Wales, Australia.
27 AdamRea Douglas PorterFlying Officer423278 RAAF281946-08-10AustraliaRookwood Crematorium, Sydney, Forces Memorial Wall. Niche 46SA.Son Of Walter And Isabella Jane Adam; Husband Of Esme Bertha Adam, Of Bankstown. L.L.C.M., A.L.C.M.
28 AdamsArthur ErnestFlight Lieutenant692RAAF211942-05-23AustraliaSydney Memorial, Panel 5.Son Of Arthur George And Dora Emily Adams.
29 AdamsLeslie ClarencePilot Officer3072RAAF411942-01-30AustraliaNew South Wales Cremation Memorial, Sydney, Panel 5.Son Of Samuel And Elsie May Adams; Husband Of Freda Lilian Adams, Of Rose Bay. (Cremated, Sydney (Eastern Suburbs) Crematorium.).
30 AdamsRaymond JamesCorporal5463RAAF261942-02-24Papua New GuineaRabaul Memorial, Panel 36.Son Of Charles James Adams And Doris Louise Adams, Of Berri, South Australia.
31 AdamsPhillip PaulFlight Sergeant407704RAAF201942-07-16United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 111.Son Of The Revd. Roland Vere Smith Adams And Nina Howell Adams, Of Payneham, South Australia.
32 AdamsGeorge CharlesLeading Aircraftman40393RAAF301943-05-21AustraliaBairnsdale War Cemetery, Plot A. Row B. Grave 5.Son Of George Joseph And Eliza Adams; Husband Of Jean Marion Adams, Of Gippsland.
33 AdamsJohn Methven RobertsonPilot Officer22887RAAF341943-02-03AustraliaCairns Cemetery, Plot A. Row A. Grave 10.Son Of William Robertson Adams And Margaret Thomson Adams, Of Coorparoo. J.P., Shire Councillor (Tiaro).
34 AdamsRichard HarryFlight Sergeant409012RAAF211943-10-03United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 192.
35 AdamsRoydon JamesPilot Officer205795RAAF301943-08-11United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 190.
36 AdamsFrederick Thomas HenrySergeant629232RAF463Sqn RAAF

231944-01-30GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 7. Z. 23-27.Son Of Frederick Charles And Deborah Adams, Of Gedling, Nottingham.
37 AdamsEric KennethPilot Officer405513RAAF281944-09-12GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 6. E. 22.Son Of Kenneth And Edith Crispe Adams, Of Gooloogong, New South Wales, Australia.
38 AdamsJohn AlfredFlight Sergeant425819RAAF211944-08-13GermanyHanover War Cemetery, 12. E. 19.Son Of James And Kathleen Adams, Of Coorparoo, Queensland, Australia.
39 AdamsFrank PercyFlight Sergeant434217RAAF211944-06-11United KingdomCambridge City Cemetery, Grave 13907.Son Of Percy And Mary Ann Adams; Husband Of Joan Marguerite Adams, Of Toowong, Queensland, Australia.
40 AdamsEdmund ArthurFlying Officer411093RAAF281945-01-30ItalyPadua War Cemetery, III. D. 3.Son Of Arthur James Adams And Janet Hughina Priscilla Adams; Husband Of Beryl May Adams, Of Balwyn, Victoria, Australia.
41 AdamsJohn LawrencePilot Officer426855RAAF231945-03-23Papua New GuineaLae War Cemetery, J. B. 12.

Son Of John Lequire Adams And Kathleen Maude Adams, Of Herberton, Queensland.
42 AdamsonRobert DavidFlight Sergeant404000RAAF231942-09-07EgyptAlexandria (Hadra) War Memorial Cemetery, 3. G. 2.Son Of Robert Botcherby Adamson And Ellen Mary Adamson, Of Ashgrove, Queensland, Australia.
43 AdamsonLeonard GeorgePilot Officer400549RAAF221943-04-08AustraliaSydney Memorial, Panel 5.Son Of George Robert And Florence Matilda Adamson, Of Myamyn, Victoria.
44 AdamsonKenneth EbenezerFlying Officer409785RAAF241943-11-29EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 272.Son Of Ebenezer And Clara Gladstone Adamson, Of East Kew, Victoria, Australia.
45 AdcockThomasFlight Sergeant434097RAAF241944-08-30GermanyKiel War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 5. E. 13-19.Son Of Thomas And Jessie Adcock, Of Mossman, Queensland, Australia.
46 AdcockRonald John HenryWarrant Officer414875RAAF221944-08-18SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 443.Son Of Leslie And Esther Maud Adcock, Of Herberton, Queensland, Australia.
47 AdcockWilliam JefferyFlight Sergeant426856RAAF251944-07-01United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 259.Son Of Jeff And Alice Maud Adcock, Of North Kolan, Via Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia.
48 AdcockFrederick WilliamLeading Aircraftman74274RAAF301945-01-09Papua New GuineaLae War Cemetery, FF. B. 8.

Son Of Cecil Orlando Adcock And Hilda Alice Adcock, Of Welland, South Australia.
49 AddinsallGeoffrey WilliamFlight Sergeant410586RAAF201943-07-10GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 3. F. 6.
50 AddisonThomas William SheridanFlight Sergeant404571RAAF50Sqn (RAF)301942-08-12FranceSte. Marie Cemetery, Le Havre, Divn. 67.Row E. Grave 11.Son Of William Sheridan Addison And Adria Scougall Addison, Of Charleville, Queensland, Australia.
51 AddisonAlexander GordonFlying Officer400685RAAF281943-12-04TunisiaMedjez-El-Bab War Cemetery, 13. A. 11.
52 AddisonHenry JamesWarrant Officer413936RAAF221944-05-04AustraliaTownsville War Cemetery, E.C.3.Son Of Jonathan And Josephine Catherine Addison, Of Rose Bay, New South Wales.
53 AdolphArthur AlbertSergeant413719RAAF251942-11-17AustraliaRookwood Necropolis, Sydney, R.C. Sec. 15. Grave 2909.Son Of Albert Arthur And Mary Elizabeth Adolph, Of Granville.
54 AdrainRobert Ross AndersonFlying OfficerJ/37722RCAF463Sqn RAAF

351945-04-08United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 278.Son Of Samuel And Jane Adrain, Of Montreal, Province Of Quebec, Canada.
55 AdrianWilliam WynwardFlying Officer769RAAF281941-06-20AustraliaCootamundra General Cemetery, Presbyterian Plot. Sec. AA. Row C. Grave 7.Son of William George and Constance Mable Adrian, of Annerley, Queensland.
56 AgnewRobertFlight Lieutenant404816RAAF291944-04-23United KingdomHarrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery, Sec. B. Row B. Grave 2.Son Of James And Jeannie Agnew; Husband Of Edna Mabel Agnew, Of Mackay, Queensland, Australia.
57 AhearnJohnFlying Officer415297RAAF271943-06-04United KingdomUpavon Cemetery, Row F. Grave 5.
58 AhearnDonald Algernon JosephFlight Sergeant423032RAAF221944-06-19FranceBayeux War Cemetery, Iv. F. 12.Son Of Harold Algernon Joseph And Ivy Vine Ahearn, Of Kingsford, New South Wales, Australia.
59 AhernKevin JosephFlying Officer401754RAAF221942-09-14IndonesiaAmbon Memorial, Column 8.Son Of James And Mary Ahern; Husband Of Olive Jean Ahern, Of East St. Kilda, Victoria, Australia.
60 AhernJohn ArthurSergeant400909RAAF201942-04-23KenyaGilgil War Cemetery, E. 7.Son Of James Albert George And Olive Hilda Ford Ahern, Of Thornbury, Victoria, Australia.
61 AhernEdmund James KielyWarrant Officer404758RAAF261944-05-22AustraliaEvans Head War Cemetery, Plot B. Row C. Grave 7.Son Of Thomas Joseph And Jean Ahern, Of Mitchelton, Queensland.
62 AikmanAndrewWarrant Officer Class IR/93115RCAF458Sqn (RAAF)1943-11-27AlgeriaBone War Cemetery, Annaba, I. C. 11.
63 AinslieHudson GarthFlying Officer405814RAAF111Sqn (RAF)211944-10-02ItalyFlorence War Cemetery, I. D. 3.Son Of Adam Richard And Josephine Beatrice Ainslie, Of St. Lucia Heights, Queensland, Australia.
64 AinsworthDavid McmillanAircraftman 1st Class119231RAAF481945-02-10AustraliaMoe Public Cemetery, C. of E. Plot. Row 5. Grave 139.Son Of David And Anne Ainsworth; Husband Of Amy Christina Ainsworth, Of Moe.
65 AinsworthKeith WalterWarrant Officer423577RAAF221945-04-07United KingdomOxford (Botley) Cemetery, Plot H/1. Grave 177.Son Of Walter Serles Ainsworth And Eva Beatrice Ainsworth, Of Sydney, New South Wales; Husband Of Marion Dorothea Ainsworth, Of Cwmbran, Monmouthshire.
66 AirdKennethSergeant403415RAAF331942-05-30United KingdomScampton (St. John The Baptist) Churchyard, New Part. Grave 7.Son Of Dr. Ivie Aird And Ella Margaret Aird; Husband Of Marcia Clarice Aird, Of Bondi Junction, New South Wales, Australia.
67 AiryAndrew Basil ReginaldWarrant Officer406634RAAF466Sqn261943-06-26United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 191.
68 AitchesonAllan GrahamFlight Sergeant432654RAAF221945-01-25Papua New GuineaPort Moresby (Bomana) War Cemetery, C8. A. 6.Son Of Leslie Graham Aitcheson And Vera Ettie Victoria Aitcheson, Of Royston Park, South Australia.
69 AitkenRobert JamesLeading Aircraftman32510RAAF301942-06-01EgyptEl Alamein War Cemetery, Coll. Grave A Iv. H. 3-9.Son Of Robert Rodney And Minnie Aitken, Of Gunnedah, New South Wales, Australia; Husband Of Jessie May Aitken.
70 AitkenArthur MatthewFlying Officer415570RAAF321943-09-09AustraliaSydney Memorial, Panel 5.Son Of Hugh And Minnie Louisa Aitken, Of Armadale, Western Australia.
71 AitkenJames BenedictSergeant656651RAFVR454 (RAAF)Sqn261943-07-20EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 270. Son Of Charles Cain Aitken And Catherine Ann Aitken.
72 AitonKeith AndrewLeading Aircraftman37177RAAF341943-12-20AustraliaSydney War Cemetery, P. B. 4.Son Of James And Martha Aiton.
73 AkersStanley CharlesFlight Lieutenant400767MiDRAAF281945-05-03Papua New GuineaLae War Cemetery, Coll. grave NN. A. 7-13.

Son Of Victor And Ruby Grace Akers, Of North Essendon, Victoria.
74 AkesVernon CharlesSergeant404393RAAF231941-12-24United KingdomWyton (St. Margaret and All Saints) Churchyard, Son of Charles and Vera Akes, of Rosewood, Queensland, Australia.
75 AlbertDavid JohnFlight Sergeant37077RAAF321944-12-14Malaysia (ex Malaya)Labuan Memorial, Panel 32.Son Of Andrew William And Ada Elizabeth Albert; Husband Of Jessie Albert, Of Auburn, New South Wales.
76 AlbonRobert BeckettFlying Officer401358RAAF221943-06-13United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 187.
77 AlcockJohn EdwardFlying Officer408056RAAF241942-10-01AustraliaNorthern Territory Memorial, Panel 6.Son Of John Reginald And Ida Victoria Alcock, Of Launceston, Tasmania.
78 AlcornJames AlexanderSergeant407886RAAF261942-07-16United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 112.Son Of Leslie And Rebecca Elizabeth Alcorn; Husband Of Rona Mary Alcorn, Of Henley Beach, South Australia.
79 AlcornJames WilliamPilot Officer421873RAAF576Sqn (RAF)201944-06-25United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 258.Son Of Robert Elderslie Alcorn And Alma Mildred Alcorn, Of Robertson, New South Wales, Australia.
80 AldersonArthur EdwardAircraftman 1st Class6517RAAF291940-08-08AustraliaNarromine General Cemetery, C. Of E. Plot. Sec. C4. Grave 12.Son Of Elsie Blanch Alderson, Of Maroubra.
81 AldersonEdward Henry ThomasPilot Officer402838RAAF291942-10-20EgyptEl Alamein War Cemetery, Xxxii. A. 20.Son Of Cpl. Henry Alderson (Died On Active Service In Belgium, 21St October, 1914) And Ethel Frances Alderson.
82 AldridgeAlfred RamsaySergeant5226RAAF221943-08-18United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 195.
83 AlexanderJames NormanPilot OfficerRAAF191940-01-15AustraliaRandwick General Cemetery, Sydney, C. Of E. Plot. Sec. Y. Grave 32.Son Of James And Gertrude Emma Alexander, Of Strathfield.
84 AlexanderJace ShawFlight Sergeant410935RAAF231943-11-17AustraliaSale War Cemetery, Plot B. Row B. Grave 7.

Son Of William And Eileen Olive Alexander, Of East Bairnsdale.
85 AlexanderWilliam Robert EdwardFlying Officer405961RAAF231943-06-16Papua New GuineaPort Moresby (Bomana) War Cemetery, A3. B. 24.
86 AlexanderWilfred WilsonPilot Officer416918RAAF331943-03-14United KingdomFradley (St. Stephen) Churchyard, Row 7. Grave 1.
87 AlexanderJamesPilot Officer157401RAFVR464Sqn (RAAF)241944-01-29GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 17. F. 15.Son Of Robert And Elizabeth Alice Alexander, Of Oldham, Lancashire.
88 AlexanderEdward DavidFlying Officer37691RAAF622Sqn271944-09-12GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 18. B. 16-20.Son Of Mitchell Pattison Alexander And Edith Isobelle Alexander, Of Davistown, New South Wales, Australia.
89 AlexanderDavid SydneyFlight Sergeant420109RAAF211944-01-29GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 5. H. 3-6.Son Of Leonard Wellington Alexander And Elsie Alexander, Of Randwick, New South Wales, Australia.
90 AlexanderJack ArnoldFlight Sergeant421874RAAF201944-04-17United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 259.Son Of Jessel Alexander Alexander And Kate Edith Alexander, Of Bathurst, New South Wales; Australia.
91 AlfordThomas Derek HudsonFlight Lieutenant420333RAAF261943-12-02GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, Joint Grave 9. F. 16-17.
92 AllambyWalter Vernon WilfredFlying Officer428516RAAF261945-01-03United KingdomChester (Blacon) Cemetery, Sec. A. Grave 754.Son Of Alfred Ernest And Ruby Frances Allamby Of Millgrove, Victoria, Australia.
93 AllanDouglas EdmundPilot Officer688RAAF211941-01-18AustraliaInverell Cemetery, Presbyterian (Old) Plot. Row 1. Grave 11. (GRM/2).Son of Leslie Bryden Allan and Dorothy Jane Allan, of Inverell.
94 AllanReginald ConnellSergeant401755RAAF231942-07-20FranceSte. Marie Cemetery, Le Havre, Divn. 67. Row E. Grave 9.Son Of George And Alma Allan, Of Northcote, Victoria, Australia.
95 AllanFergus AlisterPilot Officer401265RAAF241942-01-23KenyaNakuru North Cemetery, Grave 507.Son Of David Lindsay Allan And Lena Thorne Allan, Of Balwyn, Victoria, Australia.
96 AllanStanley GordonPilot Officer416404RAAF211943-05-29BelgiumHotton War Cemetery, Vii. C. 11.Son Of Herbert George And Clare Allan, Of Prospect, South Australia.
97 AllanFrancis BarkerPilot Officer409786RAAF251943-09-06GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 18. G. 12.
98 AllanRoss ThompsonLeading Aircraftman439552RAAF181944-02-13AustraliaBundaberg General Cemetery, Plot A. Row D. Grave 9.Son Of Sidney Hodgson Allan And Marjorie Annie Allan, Of Balgowlah, New South Wales.
99 AllanAlexanderSergeant1562335RAFVR460Sqn (RAAF)1944-07-15FranceChevillon Communal Cemetery, Coll. Grave 294.Son Of Alexander And Elizebeth Allan, Of Greenock, Renfrewshire.
100 AllanRobert NormanPilot Officer416830RAAF211944-01-21GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 8. L. 24.Son Of Robert And Ellen Margaret Mary Allan, Of Malvern, Victoria, Australia.
101 AllanWilliam JamesSergeant409130RAAF221944-03-31GermanyHanover War Cemetery, 5. E. 8.Son Of James Harold And Linda Rosalind Allan, Of Murrumbeena, Victoria, Australia.
102 AllanGeorge LoganPilot Officer412359RAAF271944-08-05Pakistan (ex India)Karachi War Cemetery, 2. A. 8.Son Of William And Annie Allan, Of Alexandra, New South Wales, Australia.
103 AllanPeter DouglasFlying Officer419752RAAF221945-04-19ItalyArgenta Gap War Cemetery, IV, D, 13.Son Of Douglas Erskine Allan And Kathleen Helen Allan; Husband Of Barbara Ann Allan, Of Davenham, Cheshire. Father Of Roger Peter Matthew Allan.
104 AllanJohn GibsonFlying Officer407213 RAAF321946-03-18Malaysia (ex Malaya)Labuan Memorial, Panel 32.Son Of John And Jane Allan; Husband Of Kathleen Francis Allan, Of Punchbowl, New South Wales.
105 AllansonThomas HesseyFlying Officer415106RAAF261943-09-04Papua New GuineaRabaul Memorial, Panel 34.
106 AllbonDouglas GeorgeFlight Sergeant428898RAAF221944-12-04GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 4. J. 6-9.Son Of Ernest And Ruby Olive Allbon, Of Sans Souci, New South Wales, Australia.
107 AllchinGraham William CharlesPilot Officer401321RAAF261942-11-22IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery, 21. B. 3.Son Of George Fraser Allchin And Ethel Louie Allchin, Of East St. Kilda, Victoria, Australia.
108 AllenRobert KelvinPilot Officer404945RAAF251942-01-01IndonesiaAmbon Memorial, Column 9.Son of Robert Hartley and Daisy Maud Allen, of Ipswich, Queensland, Australia.
109 AllenGeorge ArthurSergeant5657RAAF261942-03-17AustraliaPerth War Cemetery And Annex, O.B.5.Son Of Arthur Neil And Albina May Allen, Of Brighton, Victoria.
110 AllenColin FrederickSergeant403890RAAF251942-12-17GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 17. C. 16-18.Son Of Frederick And Kate Elizabeth Allen, Of Killara, New South Wales, Australia.
111 AllenRobert KelvinPilot Officer404945RAAF251942-01-01IndonesiaAmbon Memorial, Column 9.Son Of Robert Hartley And Daisy Maud Allen, Of Ipswich, Queensland, Australia.
112 AllenHarold KeeganSergeant404760RAAF231942-02-14SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 421.Son Of Allan James Allen, And Of Catherine Eva Allen, Of North Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia.
113 AllenJohn JamesFlying Officer404842RAAF221942-06-20United KingdomHolme-Upon-Spalding Moor (All Saints) Churchyard, Sec. A. Grave 1.Son Of Gerald Joseph And Rose Anne Allen, Of Hughenden, North Queensland, Australia.
114 AllenKeithSergeant401359RAAF311942-06-20United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 112.Son Of James Gordon Allen And Mabel Allen, Of Elwood, Victoria, Australia. A.I.C.A.
115 AllenWilliam Alexander McmeekinSergeant400198RAAF251942-04-11United KingdomSutton Bridge (St. Matthew) Churchyard, Sec. R. Grave 33.Son Of William Alexander And Ethel Isabel Duncan Allen; Husband Of Betty Allen, Of Windsor, Victoria, Australia.
116 AllenAlfred JackFlying Officer408615RAAF231943-08-10AustraliaSpringvale Crematorium, Melbourne, Wall 2. Sec. Aa. Niche 519.Son Of Alfred James Allen And Dorothy Agnes Allen; Husband Of Mavis Louise Allen, Of North Brighton.
117 AllenJames FrederickFlight Sergeant405616RAAF221943-09-01IndiaKirkee War Cemetery, 13. C. 7.

118 AllenGeoffrey William FarnhamFlight Sergeant412875RAAF221943-11-09Papua New GuineaRabaul Memorial, Panel 35.
119 AllenFrancis McivorFlying Officer144928RAFVR467Sqn (RAAF)221943-12-29United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 122.
120 AllenJohn MclennonCorporal36531RAAF301944-12-20AustraliaRichmond War Cemetery, Plot C. Row D. Grave 12.

Son Of Patrick And Mary Allen; Husband Of Ena Maude Allen, Of Burwood.
121 AllenPercivalFlight Sergeant415957RAAF221944-02-02AustraliaNarrandera War Cemetery, Row D. Grave 14.
Son Of William Henry And Lilian Allen, Of Perth, Western Australia.
122 AllenColin FrederickFlight Sergeant434218RAAF201944-07-19FrancePargny-Sur-Saulx French National Cemetery, Grave 203. Son Of Frederick James Allen And Amy Lavinia Allen, Of Nundah, Queensland, Australia.
123 AllenKeith FowlerFlight Sergeant410936RAAF211944-03-12FranceNaujac-Sur-Mer Communal Cemetery, Plot Square D. Row 6. Coll. Grave 2.Son Of George Fowler Allen And Violet Allen, Of Dromana, Victoria, Australia.
124 AllenNorman WilliamFlight Sergeant658419RAFVR467Sqn (RAAF)231944-01-30GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 7. K. 11.Son Of Walter William And Mabel Maud Allen, Of Hunstanton, Norfolk.
125 AllenRussellFlight Sergeant5182RAAF261944-04-23GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Spec. Memorial. No. 8. (Sythen Civil Cemetery). Son Of Walter Aquilla Allen And Elsie Mabel Allen; Husband Of Jean Alma Allen, Of West Brunswick, Victoria. Australia.
126 AllenThomas WalterFlight Sergeant440166RAAF191945-05-20AustraliaAdelaide River War Cemetery, S.A.15.Son Of Thomas James Allen And Barbara Ruth Allen, Of Earlwood, New South Wales.
127 AllenJames JefferyFlight Lieutenant411723DFC

RAAF281945-06-15IndiaDelhi War Cemetery, 5. H. 9.Son Of James William And Irene Mary Allen; Husband Of Nancy Allen, Of Mona Vale, New South Wales, Australia.
128 AllenJohn OgilvyFlight Sergeant435399RAAF211945-02-19United KingdomBath (Haycombe) Cemetery, Plot 39. Sec. H. Row E. Grave 258.Son Of Leslie Thomas Allen And Ruby Millicent Allen, Of Dalby, Queensland, Australia.
129 AllenKeith Stanley FranzFlight Sergeant431483RAAF311945-01-05United KingdomOxford (Botley) Cemetery, Plot H/1. Grave 209.Son Of Roy Jack And Sophie Elizabeth Allen; Husband Of Marjorie Allen Of Dulwich Hill, New South Wales, Australia.
130 AllenLeo JamesWarrant Officer430349RAAF201945-07-25United KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery, 4. G. 23.
Son Of Sidney John And Irene Mary Allen, Of Moorabbin, Victoria, Australia.
131 AllisonJohn LeonardSergeant404370RAAF291942-06-30United KingdomShelford (Ss. Peter And Paul) Churchyard Extension, Grave 4.Son Of John Hazlett Allison And Isabel Currie Allison, Of Warwick, Queensland, Australia.
132 AllisonWilfred ErnestFlight Sergeant415750RAAF211943-09-27United KingdomBath (Haycombe) Cemetery, Plot 51. Sec. H. Row S. Grave 248.
133 AllmanJamesCorporal77762RAAF351944-10-05AustraliaSydney War Cemetery, U. D. 3.Son Of Jeremiah And Catherine Allman; Husband Of Pearl Phoebe Murrie Allman, Of Camphill, Queensland.
134 AllmanGeorge GregoryWarrant Officer422092RAAF221945-03-31United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 283.Son Of Alfred And Ellen Allman, Of Coraki, New South Wales, Australia.
135 AllomSidneySergeant1338809RAFVR467Sqn (RAAF)221943-12-29GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 5. K. 1.Son Of Sidney And Bridget Allom, Of Sutton, Surrey.
136 AllottRobert MaxwellSergeant11321RAAF211943-05-27Papua New GuineaLae Memorial, Panel 7.

137 AllsepSydney JamesFlying Officer423033RAAF460Sqn201944-06-23FrancePoix-De-Picardie Churchyard, Row C. Coll. Grave 28.Son Of Ernest James Allsep And Annie May Allsep, Of Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia.
138 AllsopRichard WykeSergeant402455RAAF261941-12-28United KingdomAlderley Edge Cemetery, Grave 303.Son of Richard and Marie Louise Allsop, Husband of Gloria Jean Allsop of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
139 AllsoppWilliam ArthurSergeant411063RAAF241942-07-26Netherlands (Holland)Jonkerbos War Cemetery, 18. E. 8.Son Of Harold And Imleda Gladys Allsopp, Of Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia.
140 AllsoppAlan FrederickLeading Aircraftman34636RAAF261943-08-01Thailand (ex Siam)Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 1. Q. 2-78.
141 AllsoppWilliam FrederickFlight Sergeant408558RAAF460Sqn241943-04-09United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 192.
142 AltoftRobert HenryFlying Officer425478RAAF221944-05-29ItalyMinturno War Cemetery, Iv, C, 2.Son Of Clarence Henry And Susana Altoft; Husband Of Thelma Gloria Altoft, Of Buranda, Queensland, Australia.
143 AltusHector FerdinandFlight Sergeant416819RAAF331943-11-18GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 9. F. 18-25.
144 AmblerRobertFlight Sergeant412227RAAF241943-06-04United KingdomMontrose (Sleepyhillock) Cemetery, Sec. 2. Class C. Grave 3.
145 AmbroseDavid SearleFlying Officer407398RAAF281942-05-23AustraliaTamworth General Cemetery, C. Of E. Plot. Sec. N. Row 1. Grave 07. (Grm/2).Son Of William Searle Ambrose And Pearl Ambrose, Of Myrtle Bank, South Australia.
146 AmbroseBenjamin SouthamSquadron Leader40040RAFVR467Sqn (RAAF)271943-06-12GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 3. A. 3-7.Son Of Arthur And Margaret Ambrose; Husband Of Kathleen Ambrose, Of Tullyco, Co. Cavan, Irish Republic.
147 AmbrosePatrick JosephFlight Sergeant424350RAAF201944-11-04GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 5. A. 5.Son Of David And Florence Amy Ambrose, Of Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia.
148 AmesLloyd HaigFlight Sergeant210069RAAF271945-01-27AustraliaNorthern Territory Memorial, Panel 8.Son Of Henry Pickard Ames And Jane Maud Ames; Husband Of Jean Emily Ames, Of Subiaco, Western Australia.
149 AmesburyRoy LockePilot Officer145522RAFVR466Sqn (RAAF)221943-06-23GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 6. A. 6.Son Of Christopher Bishop Amesbury And Jessie Amesbury, Of Evercreech, Somerset.
150 AmessJohn Walter BissettFlying Officer403794RAAF321943-09-02Papua New GuineaLae Memorial, Panel 6.

151 AmeyAlan WilliamSergeant401876RAAF251942-04-15AustraliaMaffra Public Cemetery, Methodist Plot. Allotment 70-71.Son Of William Henry And Jessie Amey, Of Maffra, Victoria.
152 AmeyeEmile Rene Lucien MariaFlight Sergeant1424918RAFVR463Sqn RAAF

1944-11-06BelgiumBrussels Town Cemetery Belgian Airmen'S Field Of Honour, 
153 AmosClifford Oswald WilliamCorporal3332RAAF271941-04-29United KingdomWhicham (St. Mary) Churchyard, N.E. portion.Son of William Frederick Elijah and Flora Aston Amos, of Brighton, South Australia.
154 AncellSidney ArthurSergeant1802572RAFVR464Sqn (RAAF)1945-03-08GermanyHanover War Cemetery, 6. B. 17.
155 AndersenRobert CharlesFlight Lieutenant414876RAAF281944-05-22GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 7. F. 8. Son Of Charles And Beatrice Emma Andersen, Of Merinda, Queensland, Australia.
156 AndersenThomas MervynFlight Sergeant425577RAAF221944-01-17MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 16, Column 2.Son Of Andes Hansen Andersen And Botilda Elizabeth Andersen, Of Urangan, Queensland, Australia.
157 AndersonCharles VernonPilot Officer1875RAAF241941-02-19AustraliaPerth (Karrakatta) General Cemetery, Presbyterian Plot. Row IA. Grave 438. (GRM/6).Son of Nicholas Rogerson Anderson and Agnes Anderson, of Narrogin. B.Eng. (W.A.).
158 AndersonWilliam WallaceFlying Officer402044RAAF271941-06-18United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 62.Son of William Aloysius Anderson and Lillie Mascotte Irene Anderson, of Edgecliffe, New South Wales, Australia; Husband of Jocelyn Jean Anderson, of Bellevue Hill, New South Wales, Australia. M.A. (Cantab.).
159 AndersonFinlay EmmersonSergeant401888RAAF201942-06-03AustraliaBenalla Cemetery, Presbyterian Plot. Sec. A. Grave 351. (Grm/3).Son Of Andrew James Shields Anderson And Louisa Augusta Anderson, Of Benalla.
160 AndersonLancelot MurrayLeading Aircraftman408960RAAF281942-01-23AustraliaDeniliquin General Cemetery, Presbyterian Plot. Grave 9.Son Of Laurence And Hannah Belle Anderson, Of Albert Park, Victoria.
161 AndersonWilliamSergeant405389RAAF301942-10-11AustraliaSydney Memorial, Panel 6.Son Of John And Alison Johnston Anderson, Of Boggabri, New South Wales.
162 AndersonJohn LionelSergeant411724RAAF251942-07-22CanadaMontreal (Mount Royal) Cemetery, Sec. G.943. Grave 352.

Son Of John And Ada Amelia Anderson, Of Kogarah, New South Wales, Australia.
163 AndersonGeoffrey HamiltonSergeant402214RAAF251942-02-24DenmarkLemvig Cemetery, Grave 720.Son Of George Lockhart Anderson And Alice Maude Anderson, Of Campsie, New South Wales, Australia.
164 AndersonEdwin LaurenceFlight Sergeant402632RAAF251942-10-09EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 265.Son Of John Irwin Anderson And Irene Clara Nestor Anderson, Of Killara, New South Wales, Australia.
165 AndersonJohn CharlesSergeant403545RAAF231942-12-13EgyptHeliopolis War Cemetery, 3. H. 24.Son Of Frederick John And Mary May Anderson, Of Mascot, New South Wales, Australia.
166 AndersonJack FallowSquadron Leader253RAAF251942-02-20IndonesiaAmbon Memorial, Column 7.Son Of Robert Stanley And Agnes Eliza Anderson, Of Waverton, New South Wales, Australia.
167 AndersonWilliam EdwardSergeant402196RAAF221942-03-18MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 5, Column 2.Son Of William And Florence Maud Anderson, Of Matraville, New South Wales, Australia.
168 AndersonBruce HoraceFlying Officer260770RAAF251942-03-22Papua New GuineaLae Memorial, Panel 6.

Son Of James William Falconer Anderson And Winifred Alice Anderson, Of Bellevue Hill, New South Wales.
169 AndersonFrancis OConnellFlying Officer403118RAAF251942-11-04Papua New GuineaRabaul (Bita Paka) War Cemetery, H. C. 6.Son Of Alexander And Almora Anderson Husband Of Mollie Frances Anderson, Of Cremorne. New South Wales, Australia.
170 AndersonDavid CampbellFlying Officer400453RAAF281942-02-10United KingdomAberystwyth Cemetery, Sec. 18. Grave 851.Son Of David And Florence Campbell Anderson, Of Horsham, Victoria, Australia.
171 AndersonTitus CourlanderFlight Sergeant413521RAAF231943-09-19AustraliaSale War Cemetery, Plot B. Row B. Grave 3.

Son Of John Sarin Anderson And Louisa Sarin Anderson, Of Ashfield, New South Wales.
172 AndersonWilliam GeorgeSergeant418784RAAF221943-08-03AustraliaTamworth War Cemetery, Row A. Grave 13.Son Of Jonah William And Hanora Anderson, Of Coburg, Victoria.
173 AndersonClarence WilliamFlight Sergeant409880RAAF261943-09-30CanadaDunnville (Riverside) Cemetery, Lot 845. Grave 1.Son Of Clarence Judson Anderson And Sarah Kathleen Anderson, Of Smithfield, New South Wales, Australia.
174 AndersonRoyston Charles KeithPilot Officer400956RAAF231943-12-13EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 277.Son Of Augustus Keith And Mabel Annie Anderson, Of Healesville, Victoria, Australia.
175 AndersonRonald ClaudeSergeant415980RNZAF467Sqn (RAAF)191943-04-17FrancePoix-De-Picardie Churchyard, Row E. Grave 17.Son Of Frederick Edward Anderson, And Of Rose Sophia Anderson (Nee Barltrop), Of Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand.
176 AndersonRonald MorrisonSergeant1561599RAFVR460Sqn (RAAF)1943-05-30GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 5. F. 10.
177 AndersonRobert BarclayFlying Officer409070MiDRAAF291943-09-05Papua New GuineaRabaul (Bita Paka) War Cemetery, Coll. Grave D. A. 8-11.
178 AndersonColin NevilleLeading Aircraftman42147RAAF211943-03-08Papua New GuineaRabaul Memorial, Panel 36.
179 AndersonAxel HenningFlight Sergeant404159RAAF241943-04-23TunisiaSfax War Cemetery, Xiii. D. 19.
180 AndersonCharles BeattyFlying Officer416735DFC

RAAF460Sqn271943-07-30United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 187.
181 AndersonAlexander HenrySergeant427788RAAF201943-11-06United KingdomCambridge City Cemetery, Grave 13921.
182 AndersonDavidFlying Officer408946RAAF221943-10-03United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 187.
183 AndersonWilliam Robert GeorgeFlight Sergeant405167RAAF251943-01-30United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 192.
184 AndersonMaurice Reuben JoeinFlying Officer264993RAAF401944-05-02AustraliaBotany General Cemetery, C. Of E. Plot. Sec 5. Grave 557.Son Of John And Katherine Anderson, Of Bondi Junction.
185 AndersonThomas Robert BowdenFlight Lieutenant409081RAAF231944-06-10FranceRanville War Cemetery, V. F. 15.Son Of Thomas John Bowden Anderson And Matilda Louisa Westcott Anderson, Of Moonee Ponds, Victoria, Australia.
186 AndersonLeslie DeanPilot Officer414121RAAF201944-01-29GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 7. E. 3.Son Of Leslie John And Florence Anderson, Of Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia.
187 AndersonPeter RobertPilot Officer28817RAAF271944-03-31GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 9. F. 23.Son Of Henry Robert And Janet Anderson, Of Halbury, South Australia.
188 AndersonAndrew CharlesFlight Sergeant414634RAAF201944-02-17ItalyBari War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Xv. A. 28-32.Son Of Alfred Bernard Charles And Rose Ann Anderson, Of Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia.
189 AndersonDonald AlbertWarrant Officer401756RAAF251944-04-08ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. A. 25.Son Of James Gordon Anderson And Doris Rae Anderson, Of Jeparit, Victoria, Australia. Pharmaceutical Chemist.
190 AndersonSydney LouisFlying Officer410192RAAF261944-05-20Papua New GuineaLae Memorial, Panel 6.

Son Of Sydney Sims Anderson And Adela Myrtle Anderson; Husband Of Lorna Jean Anderson, Of Canterbury, Victoria.
191 AndersonEric JamesFlight Sergeant423579RAAF51Sqn (RAF)201944-08-19United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 259.Son Of John Nowell Anderson And Millicent Florence Anderson, Of Mortlake, New South Wales, Australia.
192 AndersonGeorge AlexanderFlight Lieutenant22465RAAF261945-01-27AustraliaAdelaide River War Cemetery, D.D.7.Son Of William John And Ruby Georgina Marion Anderson, Of Dalby, Queensland.
193 AndersonJohn Colin WilliamFlight Sergeant424011RAAF271945-05-21Malaysia (ex Malaya)Labuan War Cemetery, C. B. 5.Son Of Albert Henry And Hebe Hannah Anderson; Husband Of Winifred Marjorie Anderson, Of Berry, New South Wales, Australia.
194 AndersonAnton DavidWarrant Officer414332RAAF321945-01-21United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 283.Son Of Jack And Elenore Lillian Anderson; Husband Of Dorothy Joyce Anderson, Of East Sherwood, Queensland, Australia.
195 AndersonRonald GoodwinCorporal424856 RAAF231946-03-24AustraliaSydney War Cemetery, E. B. 7.Son Of Henry Melville Anderson And Henrietta Anderson; Husband Of Enid Vere Anderson, Of Parramatta.
196 AndersonCharles WilliamLeading Aircraftman118367RAAF371947-06-17AustraliaFawkner Memorial Park Cemetery, Presbyterian Plot. Compt. F. Grave 800.Husband Of Mary Jean Anderson, Of Queenscliff.
197 AndreJohn JefferyLeading Aircraftman81619RAAF191943-10-24AustraliaGeraldton War Cemetery, Plot A. Row B. Grave 13.Son Of Harry Gordon Lombard Andre And Ethel May Andre Of Esperance.
198 AndrewLance LorimerLeading Aircraftman408203RAAF261941-07-12AustraliaPort Adelaide and Suburban Cemetery, Sec. B. Row 7. Grave 212N. (GRM/5).Son of Thomas Morris Andrew and Jane Andrew, of Queenstown, Tasmania.
199 AndrewKeith AlexanderSergeant404823RAAF241942-03-12United KingdomThurlby (St. Germain) Churchyard, Grave A.5.Son Of Alfred Sidney And Elizabeth Ellen Andrew, Of Crows Nest, Queensland, Australia.
200 AndrewDavid ThomasWarrant Officer400247RAAF241943-04-05Myanmar (ex Burma)Taukkyan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 21. G. 1-4.
201 AndrewWilliam RonaldFlight Sergeant24647RAAF221944-08-13FranceHottot-Les-Bagues War Cemetery, I. A. 1.Son Of Hugh And Mary Andrew, Of Bell, Queensland, Australia.
202 AndrewJohn TasmanFlight Sergeant418241RAAF341944-07-10United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 259.Son Of Tasman Ernest And Elsie Elizabeth Andrew; Husband Of Beryl Letitia Andrew, Of Seaforth, New South Wales, Australia.
203 AndrewsJack CliffordLeading Aircraftman5596RAAF211941-04-05AustraliaCheltenham Cemetery, Adelaide, Grave 234. Path 8. Sec. A. Drive B.
204 AndrewsThomas PhilipAircraftman 1st Class38765RAAF341941-10-14AustraliaPerth (Karrakatta) General Cemetery, Anglican Plot. Row LD. Grave 515. (GRM/6).Husband of Edith Andrews, of Harbord, New South Wales.
205 AndrewsCecil HumphreySergeant405340RAAF291942-10-11AustraliaSydney Memorial, Panel 6.Son Of John William And Mary Elizabeth Andrews; Husband Of Judith Elizabeth Andrews, Of Parkes, New South Wales.
206 AndrewsRoy ErnestCorporal18533RAAF261942-04-13IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery, 7. B. 2.Son Of Ernest And Myrtle Elizabeth Andrews, Of Portland, Victoria, Australia.
207 AndrewsGeorge StewartSergeant6694RAAF271942-08-14Papua New GuineaPort Moresby Memorial, Panel 9.Son Of Harold And Louisa Annie Andrews, Of Brisbane, Queensland.
208 AndrewsNeville BruceCorporal44068RAAF301943-05-25AustraliaSydney War Cemetery, H. D. 1.Son Of John And Anne Andrews; Husband Of Dorothy Grace Andrews, Of Kangaroo Point, Queensland.
209 AndrewsWilliam CharlesFlight Sergeant410614RAAF241943-11-24ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Coll. Grave Iii. A. 12-15.
210 AndrewsHarold JamesPilot Officer410292RAAF211943-06-18United KingdomDownham Market Cemetery, Row 5. Grave 2.
211 AndrewsJames HoraceFlying Officer154833RAFVR460Sqn (RAAF)1944-12-06GermanyHanover War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 5. E. 3-6.
212 AndrewsReginald ThomasPilot Officer414745RAAF221944-01-31United KingdomHarrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery, Sec. C. Row J. Grave 19.Son Of William Henry And Ethel Mary Andrews, Of Alderley, Queensland, Australia.
213 AndrewsRichard JamesFlight Sergeant424003RAAF231945-01-05GreecePhaleron War Cemetery, 3. A. 4.Son Of George Hedger Andrews And Delia Terese Andrews, Of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.
214 AndrewsAthol MartinFlight Lieutenant412351RAAF311945-07-02Malaysia (ex Malaya)Labuan War Cemetery, 18. D. 1.Son Of William Henry And Eva Andrews; Husband Of Eva Johns Andrews, Of Strathfield, New South Wales, Australia.
215 AndrusKenneth ShentonPilot Officer4139RAAF431942-03-23AustraliaNorthern Suburbs Crematorium, Chatswood, North Chapel Niche 9A.Son Of Henry And Marion Frances Andrus; Husband Of Virginia Gwen Andrus, Of Clifton Gardens.
216 AngusJohn VernonSquadron Leader262693RAAF431943-09-07AustraliaTownsville War Cemetery, C.A.13.Son Of William James Angus And Sydney Angus, Of Prospect, South Australia; Husband Of Kathleen Adelaide Angus.
217 AngusCharles WilliamFlight Sergeant1385016RAFVR466Sqn (RAAF)221943-12-16United KingdomConsett Blackhill And Blackhill Old Cemetery, Sec. 11. New Ground. Grave 474.
218 AngusColwyn ParkerFlight Sergeant429691RAAF231944-12-06United KingdomNewton Stewart Cemetery, Sec. M. Grave 3.Son Of Edmond Albert And Florence Pearce Angus; Nephew Of Mrs. G. P. Cochrane, Of Albury, New South Wales, Australia.
219 AngusIan MackenzieFlying Officer429413RAAF221944-07-30United KingdomOxford (Botley) Cemetery, Plot I/2. Grave 251.Son Of William And Elizabeth Stella Angus, Of Warwick, Queensland, Australia.
220 AnivittiMaurice ErminiSergeant401408RAAF271942-06-20GermanySage War Cemetery, 1. E. 15.Son Of Louis F. And Zilla Anivitti; Husband Of Gwendoline M. E. Anivitti, Of Rose Bay, New South Wales, Australia.
221 AnnellsHarold Paull StanfieldFlight Sergeant408008RAAF321942-11-05EgyptEl Alamein War Cemetery, Xxxi. A. 11.Son Of William Charles And Ruby Annells, Of Newtown, Tasmania, Australia.
222 AnnellsRobert HarveyFlying Officer401292RAAF261943-02-21EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 272.Son Of Arthur Gladstone Annells And Elizabeth Christopher Annells; Husband Of Louisa Daphne Annells, Of Hawthorn East, Victoria, Australia. B.Ec., Dip. Commerce.
223 AnnesleySydney KennethSergeant406282RAAF291942-04-26EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 266.Son Of Sydney Alexander Annesley And Daisy Gwendoline Annesley; Husband Of Gwendoline Annesley, Of Subiaco, Western Australia.
224 AnnisonEdward JamesSquadron Leader2950DCM, Military Medal, RVMRAAF541945-12-09AustraliaSpringvale Crematorium, Melbourne, Wall 2. Sec. AA. Niche 520.Son Of James And Mary Ann Annison; Husband Of Constance Eileen Annison, Of Hampton.
225 AnsteyFrederick WilliamSergeant116993RAAF211944-10-29AustraliaNorthern Territory Memorial, Panel 9.Son Of Arthur William And Vera Edna Anstey, Of Footscray, Victoria.
226 AnthonyFrederick HenryLeading Aircraftman11085RAAF271942-01-15Papua New GuineaLae Memorial, Panel 7.

Son Of Sidney Richard And Susan May Priscilla Anthony; Husband Of Amy Anthony, Of West Brunswick, Victoria.
227 AnthonyRonald DavidFlight Sergeant422529RAAF201944-01-17MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 16, Column 2.Son Of William And Eliza Johanna Anthony, Of Meadow Bank, New South Wales, Australia.
228 AnwylPaul IlltydSergeant442319RAAF191944-07-03AustraliaMildura Public Cemetery, Plot C. Row B. Grave 10.Son Of Illtyd Stanley Hope And Elizabeth Ada Anwyl, Of Woodville, South Australia.
229 ApitzKenneth John NielsenFlight Sergeant422370RAAF201944-06-19United KingdomTamlaght Finlagan Church Of Ireland Churchyard, Plot W. Grave 9.Foster-Son Of Anders Nielsen And Evelyn Ruth Apitz, Of Hamilton, New South Wales, Australia.
230 ApperleyPeter Samuel GloverPilot Officer186317RAFVR467Sqn (RAAF)271944-09-12GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 6. E. 21.Son Of Samuel Charles Glover Apperley And Dorothy Lille Apperley, Of Southport, Lancashire.
231 AppledoreFrank HaroldFlight Sergeant416480RAAF231944-01-17AustraliaNowra War Cemetery, Plot B. Row B. Grave 3.

Son Of Harry Richard And Hilda Appledore; Husband Of Ruby Ethel Appledore, Of Nhill, Victoria.
232 ApplegarthKennethSergeant1600645RAFVR460Sqn (RAAF)201944-05-04FranceMarigny-Le-Grand Churchyard, Coll. Grave.Son Of Henry And Mary E. Applegarth, Of Sutton, Surrey.
233 AppletonEdward FrancisFlying Officer400067RAAF251943-04-05Myanmar (ex Burma)Taukkyan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 21. G. 1-4.
234 AppleyardWilliam DavidFlying Officer415716RAAF221944-07-19FranceGranges-Sur-Aube Churchyard, Coll. Grave 3.Son Of Albert John And Jessie Margaret Appleyard, Of Claremont, Western Australia.
235 ArbonColin BentlyFlight Lieutenant407995RAAF271945-04-04IndonesiaAmbon Memorial, Column 7.Son Of Clayton Fulton Arbon And Gladys Edith Arbon, Of Adelaide, South Australia; Husband Of Norma Bernice Laught Arbon, Of Marryatville, South Australia.
236 ArchayKenneth EdgarFlying Officer426941RAAF231944-05-22GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 5. B. 7.Son Of William And Winifred Edith Archay, Of Calliope, Queensland, Australia.
237 ArcherRodney BainbridgeFlying Officer402148DFC

RAAF241942-05-17United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 108.Son Of Rowland Bainbridge Archer And Olga Blanche Archer, Of Rose Bay, New South Wales, Australia.
238 ArchibaldThomasFlying Officer412606DFC

RAAF321943-05-13United KingdomBarmby-On-The-Moor (St. Catherine) Churchyard, Row C. Grave 8.
239 ArchibaldAlan GreevesFlying Officer409643RAAF331944-02-05United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 257.Son Of Thomas Syme Archibald And Elizabeth Mary Archibald, Of Toorak Gardens, South Australia. Chartered Accountant.
240 ArcusLeslie DrummondSergeant1822059RAFVR467Sqn (RAAF)191944-07-21BelgiumKaaskerke Communal Cemetery, Grave 119.Son Of Drummond Hutchison Arcus And Jessie Wishart Arcus, Of Portobello, Midlothian.
241 ArdisDavid CorryFlight Sergeant418242RAAF281944-09-24FranceCalais Canadian War Cemetery, Leubringhen, 3. B. 5.Son Of David Corry And Catherine Ardis; Husband Of Mavis Sarah Ardis, Of West Footscray, Victoria, Australia.
242 ArkseyWalter LynwoodPilot OfficerJ/89952RCAF460Sqn (RAAF)211944-06-11FranceViroflay New Communal Cemetery, Row B. Grave 22.Son Of John And Maude Arksey, Of Langruth, Manitoba, Canada.
243 ArmittGeorgeFlight Sergeant421699RAAF291944-01-14GermanyHanover War Cemetery, 2. B. 6.Son Of Frances Ann Armitt, Of Mullumbimby, New South Wales, Australia.
244 ArmourWilliam JohnPilot Officer414333DFC

RAAF281943-12-20GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 9. G. 17.
245 ArmourRobert DouglasFlight Sergeant405168RAAF221943-04-30ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 43.
246 ArmsonBernard GeorgeCorporal15678RAAF361943-07-04AustraliaRookwood Crematorium, Sydney, Forces Memorial Wall. Niche 18Sb.Son Of Ann Elizabeth Armson; Husband Of Daphne Irene Armson, Of Bexley.
247 ArmstrongDonald Noel RobertPilot Officer400009RAAF281941-07-07BelgiumAs Communal Cemetery, Grave 1.Son of Donald Robert and Florence Stone Armstrong; Husband of Margery Garton Armstrong, of Sandringham, Victoria, Australia.
248 ArmstrongArthur RayAircraftman 1st Class55580RAAF391942-07-06AustraliaFawkner Memorial Park Cemetery, C. Of E. Plot. Compt. T. Grave 5153.Son Of Thomas And Kathleen Armstrong; Husband Of Ruby Armstrong, Of Tongala.
249 ArmstrongBasil KempPilot Officer401094RAAF281942-07-09EgyptTel El Kebir War Memorial Cemetery, 1. O. 9.Son Of Cyril Amos Armstrong And Lilian Constance Armstrong; Husband Of Marjorie Armstrong, Of Elwood, Victoria, Australia.
250 ArmstrongBrian AndrewPilot Officer423581RAAF221943-10-03AustraliaSydney Memorial, Panel 5.Son Of Walter Rankin Armstrong And Nellie Armstrong, Of Lindfield, New South Wales.
251 ArmstrongNeville GerrardSergeant413721RAAF191943-05-19AustraliaNorthern Territory Memorial, Panel 9.Son Of Gerrard Thomas Garnet Armstrong And Mildred Grace Armstrong, Of Ewey Bay, New South Wales.
252 ArmstrongJohn ThomasFlight Sergeant410430RAAF211943-08-24EgyptHeliopolis War Cemetery, 5. H. 14.Son Of James And Emma Violet Armstrong, Of Caulfield, Victoria, Australia.
253 ArmstrongPeter William AlexanderFlight Sergeant403488RAAF261943-04-30Sri Lanka (ex Ceylon)Colombo (Kanatte) General Cemetery, Plot 6C. Row F. Grave 21.
254 ArmstrongHugo ThrossellSquadron Leader406022DFC & Bar

RAAFCommanding Officer, 611 (RAF)Sqn261943-02-05United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 187.
255 ArmstrongHorace DudleyLeading Aircraftman442320RAAF191944-04-20AustraliaPort Pirie General Cemetery, Plot C. Row D. Grave 1.Son Of Horace Victor And Marjorie Ellen Armstrong, Of Kadina.
256 ArmstrongJames EdwardFlight Sergeant423610RAAF221944-06-08FranceViroflay New Communal Cemetery, Row A. Coll. Grave 38-42.Son Of Joseph Allan Armstrong And Bertha Annie Armstrong, Husband Of Eileen Esther Mavis Armstrong, Of Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia.
257 ArmstrongHerbert BarnardFlight Sergeant426447RAAF221944-11-29GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 4. C. 8.Son Of Herbert James Armstrong And Emily Frances Violet Armstrong, Of Atherton, Queensland, Australia.
258 ArmstrongJamesLeading Aircraftman58696RAAF231944-04-11Papua New GuineaLae War Cemetery, Jj. C. 15.

Son Of Elizabeth Armstrong, And Stepson Of Frank Lionel Dixon, Of Britton, Ontario, Canada.
259 ArmstrongGordon ArthurFlight Sergeant423597RAAF77Sqn (RAF)211944-06-17United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 259.Son Of Wentworth Arthur And Gladys May Armstrong, Of Gordon, New South Wales, Australia.
260 ArnellJohn LeonardFlying Officer425108RAAF321944-06-23United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 257.Son Of John Clayton Arnell And Jane Elizabeth Arnell; Husband Of Ena Isabel Arnell, Of Perthton, Via Dalby, Queensland, Australia.
261 ArnettJohn BurnistonSergeant403235RAAF261943-01-07AustraliaPerth War Cemetery And Annex, G.B.6.Son Of Edward Louis And Catherine Elizabeth Mary Arnett.
262 ArneyHarold JamesWarrant Officer428596RAAF291945-03-21United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 283.Son Of Arthur Ernest And Elizabeth Arney; Husband Of Kathleen Shirley Arney, Of Clifton Hill, Victoria, Australia.
263 ArnoldGordon ArthurFlight Sergeant402456RAAF281942-07-06EgyptFayid War Cemetery, 2. D. 10.Son Of Charles Duncan Arnold And Mabel Mary Arnold, Of Rock Flat, New South Wales, Australia.
264 ArnoldRobert GeorgeFlight Lieutenant475RAAF221942-01-18SingaporeKranji War Cemetery, 6. E. 19.Son Of William And Janet Arnold, Of Bruce Rock, Western Australia.
265 ArnoldAlexander KennFlying Officer400454RAAF271943-03-27AustraliaBrisbane (Lutwyche) Cemetery, Sec. 75. Grave 50.Son Of Edward Pilcher Arnold And Marrion Rhoda Amold; Husband Of Morag Hilary Arnold, Of Toorak, Victoria.
266 ArnoldGeorgeFlight Sergeant407760RAAF271943-02-21EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 278.Son Of George And Eva Winifred Arnold; Husband Of Florence Mildred Rose Arnold, Of Renmark, South Australia.
267 ArnoldWilliam MorrisFlight Sergeant416140RAAF221943-01-07United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 192.
268 ArnoldRaymondFlying Officer429006RAAF211944-06-13AustraliaSydney Memorial, Panel 5.Son Of Arthur George And Minnie Arnold, Of Manly Vale, New South Wales.
269 ArnoldAllan EdwardFlight Sergeant420112RAAF251944-02-29SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 444.Son Of John Edward And Christina Arnold, Of Lindfield, New South Wales. Australia. This Airman Died With His Eight Crewmates. The Individually Unidentified Remains Of Only Seven Of The Crew Are Buried In Plot 4, Row E, Graves 14 To 20 Of Rangoon War Cemetery, Myanmar. Each Grave Marker Reads: An Airman Of The 1939-1945 War, Raf, 29Th February 1944, Known Unto God. All Nine Men Are Commemorated By Name On The Singapore Memorial.
270 ArnoldAlanFlying Officer410136RAAF261944-06-23United KingdomCambridge City Cemetery, Grave 13966.Son Of Edward And Lillian Evelyn Agnes Arnold, Of Pascoe Vale South, Victoria, Australia.
271 ArnoldVincent JamesFlight Sergeant434611RAAF231945-03-16GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 6. J. 18.Son Of James And Evelyn Arnold, Of Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia.
272 ArnotArthur Gordon HerbertFlight Sergeant402840RAAF251942-08-31United KingdomMaldon Cemetery, Row 61. Grave 95.Son Of Gordon William Macdonald Arnot And Guinevere Edith Arnot, Of Cremorne, New South Wales, Australia.
273 ArnottKenneth JohnLeading Aircraftman21070RAAF231942-05-07Papua New GuineaPort Moresby Memorial, Panel 10.Son Of Kenneth Hamilton Arnott And Ann Caroline Arnott; Husband Of Margaret Arnott, Of Mayfield, New South Wales.
274 ArnottAlan Ross AirlyPilot Officer426819RAAF191943-07-16AustraliaMildura Public Cemetery, Plot C. Row A. Grave 4.Son Of Alan William Airly Arnott And Ethel Norah Arnott, Of Mount Isa, Queensland.
275 ArnottGeorge DonaldSergeantR/179877RCAF460Sqn (RAAF)1943-11-26GermanySage War Cemetery, 1. C. 10.
276 ArscottPercy RichardPilot Officer414878RAAF241945-05-01SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 457.Son Of Percy Wilson And Beatrice Arscott, Of Townsville, Queensland, Australia.
277 ArthurColin TolhurstLeading Aircraftman407110RAAF241941-02-04CanadaOttawa Memorial, Panel 1. Column 3.Son of Garnet William and Ellen May Arthur, of Mount Gambier, South Australia.
278 ArthurKeithSergeant416736RAAF221942-12-25AustraliaParkes General Cemetery, Plot A. Row D. Grave 1.Son Of Robert Roy And Lucy Arthur, Of Booleroo Centre, South Australia; Husband Of Ruth Arthur, Of Graceville, Queensland.
279 ArthurWilliam CharlesSergeant61516RAAF351942-06-15AustraliaParkes General Cemetery, Methodist Plot. Sec. R Grave 16.Son Of Edmund William, And Margaret Ann Arthur, Of Prospect, South Australia.
280 ArthurCecil GlenFlight Sergeant429902RAAF201944-03-15FranceMussig Churchyard, Coll. Grave.Son Of Cecil Clarence And Anne Arthur, Of Booleroo Centre, South Australia.
281 ArthurPaul DruceFlight Sergeant422093RAAF221944-08-31United KingdomOxford (Botley) Cemetery, Plot H/3. Grave 101.Son Of The Revd. Winfred Harold Arthur And Stella Muriel Arthur, Of Ashbury, New South Wales, Australia.
282 AshRobert Charles AddisonFlight Sergeant407197RAAF211942-06-08LibyaBenghazi War Cemetery, 6. D. 19.Son Of Leslie Emerson Ash And Dorothy Kathleen Ash, Of Brighton, South Australia.
283 AshRichard WilliamFlight Sergeant424519RAAF201944-05-10FranceHellemmes-Lille Communal Cemetery, Row B. Grave 13.

Son Of Oswald Frank And Marjorie Thompson Ash, Of Northwood, New South Wales, Australia.
284 AshboltHarry SheperdsonFlight Sergeant415064RAAF221944-04-15AustraliaNorthern Territory Memorial, Panel 8.Son Of Frederick And Lillian Charlotte Ashbolt, Of York, Western Australia.
285 AshdownMaxwellFlight Lieutenant295326RAAF261945-07-02AustraliaNhill Public Cemetery, Plot A. Row A. Grave 7.

Son Of Hubert Stanley And Florence Charlotte Ashdown; Husband Of Mavis Sanderson Ashdown, Of Hollywood, Western Australia.
286 AshfieldRichard ArthurCorporal19098RAAF311942-03-21EgyptHalfaya Sollum War Cemetery, 17. E. 8.Son Of Robert Arthur And Selina Emily Phillis Ashfield.
287 AshfordClive AlbertSergeant3210RAAF261942-01-20Papua New GuineaRabaul Memorial, Panel 36.Son Of Albert And Emily Ada Valerie Ashford, Of Enfield, New South Wales.
288 AshleyAubrey GeorgeFlight Sergeant413522RAAF251943-07-25GermanyBecklingen War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 27. H. 9-14.
289 AshplantWilliam LeonardSergeant1170676RAFVR460Sqn (RAAF)1942-02-17United KingdomHolme-Upon-Spalding Moor (All Saints) Churchyard, Sec. A. Grave 21.
290 AshtonRobert AlexanderFlight Sergeant436598RAAF221944-09-01FranceArc-Et-Senans Communal Cemetery, Grave 7.Son Of William Arthur And Laura Rosena Ashton, Of Brighton, Victoria, Australia.
291 AspinallWilliaMilitary MedalooreLeading Aircraftman402271RAAF241940-10-09AustraliaMacquarie Park Cemetery And Crematorium, R.C. Plot. Sec. W6. Grave 12.Son Of Leslie C. Aspinall And Louisa Aspinall, Of Mosman.
292 AspreyJohn LambertPilot Officer404226RAAF261941-08-17Netherlands (Holland)Jonkerbos War Cemetery, 12. B. 4.Son of John Lambert Asprey, and Maud Mary Asprey, of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
293 AstillAlan EdwinFlying Officer421143RAAF241945-01-14United KingdomCambridge City Cemetery, Grave 15723.Son Of James Edwin And Maud Astill, Of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
294 AstleyBruceSergeant403422RAAF231942-01-28United KingdomCarlisle (Dalston Road) Cemetery, Ward 11. Sec. P. Grave 24.

Son Of Joseph Laurence And Ethel Maude Astley, Of Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia.
295 AthertonWilliam Samuel CharlesSergeant404322RAAF221942-01-09GibraltarGibraltar Memorial, 

Son Of The Revd. Samuel Atherton And Frances Marian Atherton, Of Toowong, Queensland, Australia.
296 AthertonJohnSergeant2708RAAF341943-03-27AustraliaBrisbane (Lutwyche) Cemetery, Sec. 75. Grave 57.Son Of James And Ellen Atherton; Husband Of Joyce Irene Atherton, Of Speers Point, New South Wales.
297 AthertonHenry MarinusFlight Sergeant414123RAAF211943-04-23United KingdomHaverigg (St. Luke) Churchyard, Millom, Grave 418A.
298 AthertonJohn CarmanFlight Sergeant426486RAAF301943-12-24United KingdomCambridge City Cemetery, Grave 13734.
299 AtkinCharles CarrFlight Sergeant12316RAAF271943-03-05Netherlands (Holland)Flushing (Vlissingen) Northern Cemetery, Row D. Grave 28.
300 AtkinsJames BernardLeading Aircraftman43440RAAF281944-06-24AustraliaIpswich General Cemetery, Queensland, Row F. Grave 4.Son Of James And Florence May Atkins; Husband Of Beatrice Eileen Atkins, Of North Ipswich.
301 AtkinsHenry LendrumFlying Officer419377RAAF201944-09-20IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery, Joint Grave 3. A. 12-13.Son Of Albert And Violet Frances Atkins, Of Glen Iris, Victoria, Australia.
302 AtkinsDudley ReginaldFlight Lieutenant413940DFC

RAAF291945-07-02AustraliaSale War Cemetery, Plot B. Row C. Grave 16.

Son Of Leslie Norman And Jessie Fraser Atkins, Of Arncliffe, New South Wales; Husband Of Enid Belle Atkins, Of Stanmore, New South Wales.
303 AtkinsonHorace Relby ElliottAircraftman 1st Class6174RAAF341940-05-31AustraliaWilliamstown General Cemetery, Ce. U.30.5.2.
304 AtkinsonGeorge ThomasCorporal1112942RAFVR462 (RAAF)Sqn341943-04-20LibyaTripoli War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 5. B. 5-11.
305 AtkinsonWilfred GeorgeFlight Sergeant408668RAAF231943-08-12MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 11, Column 2.
306 AtkinsonJohn AnthonySergeant970210RAFVR467Sqn (RAAF)241944-01-22GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 2. N. 4-7.Son Of John And Emily Henrietta Atkinson, Of Balwyn, Victoria, Australia.
307 AtkinsonByronFlight Lieutenant119121RAFVR455Sqn (RAAF)271944-05-06United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 201.Son Of Wilfred And Annie Hope Atkinson, Of Scarborough, Yorkshire; Husband Of Mary Ellen Atkinson.
308 AtkinsonWalter EdwardPilot Officer422530RAAF241944-07-12United KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery, 4. O. 4.
Son Of Septimus Edward And Emma Burdett Atkinson, Of Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia.
309 AtkinsonWilliam JamesWarrant Officer413332RAAF211944-06-01United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 259.Son Of Clifford And Elsie May Atkinson, Of Cremorne, New South Wales, Australia.
310 AtkinsonBruce AlbertFlight Sergeant439556RAAF241945-01-17United KingdomOxford (Botley) Cemetery, Plot H/1. Grave 251.Son Of Alfred George And Louisa Jane Atkinson; Husband Of Thelma Marjorie Atkinson, Of Hurstville, New South Wales, Australia.
311 AtwellGerald JosephPilot Officer411673RAAF271944-04-20MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 16, Column 1.Son Of Henry And Mary Atwell, Of Port Kembla, New South Wales, Australia.
312 AubertCharles OscarFlight Lieutenant403490DFM

RAAF261943-12-16United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 187.
313 AugustinusAlfred LeslieSergeant401183RAAF331942-11-18EgyptEl Alamein War Cemetery, A Iv. F. 13.Son Of Henry And Isabella Jane Augustinus; Husband Of Mollie Augustinus, Of Murrumbeena, Victoria, Australia. A.F.I.A., A.A.I.S.
314 AuldTom AllanSergeant406320RAAF241942-06-08LibyaBenghazi War Cemetery, 6. D. 29.Son Of Josiah And Emma Bertha Auld, Of Perth, Western Australia; Husband Of Dorothy Jean Auld, Of Muntadjin, Western Australia.
315 AungierMaurice VictorSergeant1133860RAFVR458Sqn (RAAF)221943-11-27AlgeriaBone War Cemetery, Annaba, I. C. 14.Son Of Leonard And Mary Aungier, Of Preston, Lancashire.
316 AusterberryFrancis FrederickFlight Sergeant415958RAAF311944-10-29Netherlands (Holland)Bergen-Op-Zoom War Cemetery, 13. A. 4.Son Of Frederick And Francis Mary Austerberry; Husband Of Jean Eileen Austerberry, Of Rugby, Warwickshire, England.
317 AustinJamesSergeant404699RAAF261942-09-25AustraliaGeraldton War Cemetery, Plot B. Row A. Grave 12.Son Of Robert Blackie Austin And Jean Austin, Of Armidale, New South Wales.
318 AustinLewis HerbertSergeant402338RAAF271942-11-09United KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery, 4. H. 21.
Son Of Herbert James Austin And Annie Elizabeth Austin, Of Elwood, Victoria, Australia.
319 AustinJohn SangerFlight Lieutenant400363DFC


RAAF251943-11-09AustraliaAdelaide River War Cemetery, F.C.16.Son Of Frank And Agnes Margaret Austin, Of Lara, Victoria.
320 AustinArthur NevilleFlying Officer411726RAAF241943-01-14EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 272.Son Of Arthur John Samuel And Elizabeth Austin, Of Homebush, New South Wales, Australia.
321 AustinRhubert MellorWarrant Officer405169RAAF231943-08-03ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 43.
322 AustinPhyllisAircraftwoman 2nd Class2135303WAAF467Sqn (RAAF)191943-04-08United KingdomBramley Baptist Chapelyard, Sec. 3. Grave 183A.
323 AustinWalter Edmund JosephFlight Sergeant405618RAAF211943-01-27United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 192.
324 AustinWilliamFlying Officer402841RAAF301943-09-14United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 187.
325 AustinEdward PhillipFlight Sergeant429105RAAF231944-10-23BelgiumHotton War Cemetery, I. E. 7.Son Of Edward Picton Austin And Alice Pauline Austin; Husband Of Patricia Joan Austin, Of Cheltenham, New South Wales, Australia.
326 AustinJamesFlying Officer419452RAAF241944-11-06GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 24. G. 11-12.Son Of Frank And Agnes Margaret Austin, Of Lara, Victoria, Australia.
327 AverFrancis AlfredSergeant628423RAF467Sqn (RAAF)231944-01-29GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 5. J. 9-12 (Coll.).Son Of Sydney George And Ivy Victoria Florence Aver, Of Merstham, Surrey.
328 AverillKennethWarrant Officer406429RAAF281943-03-01AustraliaWagga Wagga General Cemetery, C. Of E. Plot. Sec. I. Grave 260.Son Of Lily Averill, Of West Perth, Western Australia.
329 AvernGeoffrey LennoxSergeant402482RAAF271942-04-19SpainHuelva British Cemetery, Grave 112.Son Of Henry Charles And Blanch Emily Avern, Of Cooma, New South Wales, Australia.
330 AveryGeorge Douglas RutherfordFlying Officer404083RAAF241942-10-22AustraliaTownsville War Cemetery, A.C.1.Son Of Charles Nicholas Canning Avery And Mary Elizabeth Avery; Husband Of Kathleen Hewetson Avery, Of Warwick. B.A. (Queensland).
331 AwcockTerence LansdowneWarrant Officer406988RAAF261944-09-12United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 259.Son Of Peter Herbert And Cecilia May Awcock, Of Bridgetown, Western Australia.
332 AxonJames RobertFlight Sergeant405033RAAF221942-07-12AustraliaBox Hill General Cemetery, Presbyterian Plot. Sec. 51. Grave 34.Son Of Samuel And Mary Margaret Axon, Of Walgett, New South Wales.
333 AyersRalph JamesFlight Sergeant409881RAAF231943-12-20United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 192.
334 AyreRoy EricFlying Officer422095RAAF231944-05-22AustraliaAdelaide River War Cemetery, C.A.2.Son Of John Ernest And Edith Susan Margaret Ayre; Husband Of Marjorie Winifred Ayre, Of Punchbowl, New South Wales.
335 AyreGeorge FrancisFlight Sergeant433081RAAF291945-01-15BelgiumSchoonselhof Cemetery, V. A. 81.Son Of George Charles And Florence May Ayre, Of Lane Cove, New South Wales, Australia. A.I.C.A.
336 BaartzJohn EdwardSergeant404325RAAF211942-03-10United KingdomEvesham Cemetery, Grave 1337.Son Of George Edward And May Baartz, Of Hamilton, Queensland, Australia.
337 BabingtonRaymond VivianSergeant658123RAF466Sqn (RAAF)231943-01-14United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 141.
338 BackhouseGerald Ian DacresSergeant400487RAAF291941-12-28United KingdomSilloth (Causewayhead) Cemetery, Holme Low, Sec. S. Grave 6.Son of Edward Littlejohn Backhouse and Cecilia Backhouse, of Malvern, Victoria, Australia.
339 BackhouseHerbert FrederickFlight Sergeant406323RAAF291943-01-29EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 278.Son Of Arthur Joseph Backhouse, And Of Prudence Backhouse, Of Mandurah, Western Australia.
340 BaconPeter FrederickSergeant1392379RAFVR460Sqn (RAAF)201943-03-03United KingdomEnfield (Hertford Road) Cemetery, Sec. C. Grave 5919.
341 BaconDavid Bruce ErnstFlight Sergeant434190RAAF271944-09-15IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery, Plot 3 Row A Grave 1-4 (Coll.).Son Of David And Elsie Adelaide Bacon; Husband Of Thelma Catherine Bacon, Of Elwood, Victoria, Australia.
342 BaconSydney RaymondFlight Sergeant423037RAAF211945-04-04GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 14. A. 10.Son Of Stephen Frederick And Una Mavis Bacon, Of Cremorne, New South Wales, Australia.
343 BaconLindsay PageFlying Officer62186RAAF211945-03-20Netherlands (Holland)Bergen-Op-Zoom War Cemetery, 13. A. 8.Son Of Victor Frederick And Emily Bacon, Of Maroubra, New South Wales, Australia.
344 BadgerWilliamSergeant416375RAAF261943-01-15United KingdomRugby (Whinfield) Cemetery, Sec. A. Grave 6.
345 BadgerNeil ThomsonFlight Lieutenant407161DFC

RAAF271944-05-08Papua New GuineaLae Memorial, Panel 6.

Son Of David Magnus Badger And Maggie Knox Badger, Of Lyrup, South Australia; Husband Of Olive June Badger, Of Myponga, South Australia.
346 BadgeryDavid GeorgeFlight Sergeant426772RAAF201944-06-19United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 259.Son Of Malcolm Fox Badgery And Mary Emily Badgery, Of Roma, Queensland, Australia.
347 BadmanRoy Francis CrossleyFlight Sergeant420824RAAF201944-04-25AustraliaPerth War Cemetery And Annex, N.C.12.Son Of Roy Hubert Goldstone And Laura Lillian Badman, Of Balmain, New South Wales.
348 BaetzHenry LaurenceFlight Sergeant414379RAAF201943-12-21United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 192.
349 BaggaleyJosephSergeant1492185RAFVR463Sqn RAAF

211944-11-06GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 24. G. 11-12.Son Of Joseph And Evelyn Baggaley, Of Longton, Stoke-On-Trent.
350 BaggsFrancis HenryFlying Officer406038RAAF251944-07-30SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 443.Son Of Francis Henry And Mary Baggs; Husband Of Lilian Pauline Baggs, Of East Perth, Western Australia.
351 BagleyDonaldSergeant1109333RAFVR460Sqn (RAAF)211942-07-26GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 9. B. 11-14.Son Of James Joseph And Jane Bagley, Of Littleborough, Lancashire.
352 BagotEdward ChristopherFlying Officer416645RAAF221944-01-14GermanyHanover War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 4. J. 18.Son Of Edward Daniel Alexander Bagot And Christobel Ballantyne Bagot, Of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
353 BagshawGraham MorrisWarrant Officer417779RAAF221945-04-15GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, Coll. grave 7. L. 22-25.Son Of Clarence Dale Bagshaw And Ella Maud Hamilton Bagshaw, Of North Unley, South Australia.
354 BaileEvelyn BruceWarrant Officer415603RAAF241945-01-23AustraliaNorthern Territory Memorial, Panel 8.Son Of Evelyn Williams Baile And Constance Mary Baile, Of Mosman Park, Western Australia.
355 BailesRichardFlying Officer152530RAFVR460Sqn (RAAF)1944-04-30United KingdomMethley (St. Oswald) Churchyard, New Part. Row 2. Grave 15.
356 BaileyThomas Leon FordFlight Sergeant406283RAAF261942-09-30EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 265.Son Of Samuel Ford Bailey And Caroline Clara Bailey, Of Pingelly, Western Australia.
357 BaileyLloyd WilsonPilot Officer404614RAAF221942-03-10GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 21. A. 13.Son Of Cecil Bush Bailey And Isabel Daisy Bailey, Of Grafton, New South Wales, Australia.
358 BaileyValden LeonardPilot Officer400687RAAF241942-04-28GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 1. F. 1.Son Of Leonard Reuben And Hilma Agnes Bailey, Of Ivanhoe, Victoria, Australia.
359 BaileyLloyd MaxwellSergeant405710RAAF231942-05-25Papua New GuineaLae Memorial, Panel 7.

Son Of Frederic Turner Bailey And Charlotte Ann Bailey, Of Southbrook, Queensland.
360 BaileyRonald SummersonSergeant401770RAAF211942-03-28Papua New GuineaPort Moresby Memorial, Panel 9.Son Of Percival Summerson Bailey And Hettie Caroline Emily Bailey; Husband Of Irene Mavis Bailey, Of Merbein, Victoria.
361 BaileyEdwin AlfredSergeant405145RAAF201942-06-05United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 112.Son Of Alfred Charles And Edith May Bailey, Of Greenslopes, Queensland, Australia.
362 BaileyGarnet JamesSergeant403491RAAF221942-07-26United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 112.Son Of James Erskine Bailey And Hester Ellen Bailey, Of Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia.
363 BaileyAlbert JohnSergeant409976RAAF221943-04-14AustraliaNowra War Cemetery, Plot B. Row A. Grave 2.

Son Of Thomas Frederick And Mary Bailey, Of Coleraine, Victoria.
364 BaileyJohnWarrant Officer4240RAAF311943-11-25Papua New GuineaRabaul (Bita Paka) War Cemetery, H. C. 7.
365 BaileyEricSergeant1235308RAFVR460Sqn (RAAF)1943-11-24United KingdomKippax (Ss. Mary And Nicholas) Churchyard, Extn. Row D. Grave 35.
366 BaileyEric GeorgeFlight Sergeant422375RAAF251943-09-21United KingdomOxford (Botley) Cemetery, Plot I/2. Grave 72.
367 BaileyThomas WilliamSergeant2220975RAFVR460Sqn (RAAF)311944-03-26BelgiumHotton War Cemetery, Vii. C. 6.Son Of Thomas And Thirza Bailey, Of Hanley, Stoke-On-Trent; Husband Of Marjorie Bailey, Of Fenton, Stoke-On-Trent.
368 BaileyLester MaxwellFlight Sergeant443477RAAF311945-05-20AustraliaAdelaide River War Cemetery, S.A.14.Son Of Walter Kemble Bailey And Gladys Ann Brassington Bailey, Of Granville, New South Wales.
369 BaileyNorman JohnSergeant37964RAAF251945-09-03AustraliaNarrandera War Cemetery, Row C. Grave 6.
Son Of William Edward And Lily Myra Bailey, Of Tempe.
370 BaileyRobert OwenPilot Officer424578RAAF201945-02-01GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 27. A. 14.Son Of Thomas James Bailey And Zara Mildred Bailey, Of Lansdowne, New South Wales, Australia.
371 BaillieMervyn James HeadenSergeant407070RAAF231942-04-11EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 266.Son Of James William And Gertrude Mary Baillie, Of Watervale, South Australia.
372 BailyGeorge HadleyFlying Officer427055RAAF211944-11-04GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 22. A. 13. Son Of Herbert William And Daisy Doreen Baily, Of Cafers, South Australia.
373 BainDonald HunterFlying Officer404638RAAF271942-03-02United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 109.Son Of James Hunter Bain And Eva Grace Bain, Of Townsville, Queensland, Australia.
374 BainLeslie NeilFlight Sergeant408232RAAF201943-04-19EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 278. Son Of Leslie George And Isabell Kirkwood Hogarth Bain, Of Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.
375 BainesIan AubreyFlight Sergeant400667RAAF231942-08-03EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 265. Son Of John And Mary Phoebe Baines, Of Boorty, Victoria, Australia.
376 BairdStanley Frederick JamesLeading Aircraftman15306RAAF241943-08-05AustraliaWagga Wagga War Cemetery, Plot A. Row A. Grave 4.Son Of William Hamilton Baird And Hannah Jane Baird, Of South Hurstville.
377 BairnsfatherRalph McphersonWarrant Officer417440RAAF231945-03-07GermanyBecklingen War Cemetery, 27. D. 11.Son Of John William Stenhouse Bairnsfather And Florence Bairnsfather, Of Wayville, South Australia.
378 BairstowJohn LesliePilot Officer427632RAAF251944-08-30United KingdomOxford (Botley) Cemetery, Plot H/3. Grave 90.Son Of Leslie Kintare Bairstow And Mary Emily Bairstow, Of Wagin, Western Australia; Husband Of Mary Isabel Bairstow, Of Katanning, Western Australia.
379 BakerJamesSergeant402700RAAF221942-02-20IndonesiaAmbon Memorial, Column 9.Son Of James William And Ada Baker, Of Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia.
380 BakerAllenby LesliePilot Officer403159RAAF231942-01-04United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 111.Son Of Thomas James Baker And Emily Anna Baker, Of Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Australia.
381 BakerWilliam JohnSergeant405670RAAF211942-11-20United KingdomFradley (St. Stephen) Churchyard, Row 6. Grave 4.Son Of John Henry And Janet Baker, Of Mackay, Queensland, Australia.
382 BakerEdgar FrancisFlight Sergeant403249RAAF261943-07-23EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 278.Son Of Francis Herbert And Maud Harriet Isabella Baker, Of Bondi Beach, New South Wales, Australia.
383 BakerRobert HenryFlight Sergeant401730RAAF281943-04-17GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 8. A. 10.
384 BakerRonald DennisSergeant1318696RAFVR466Sqn (RAAF)191943-03-05United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 141.
385 BakerWilliam JamesSergeant1334345RAFVR467Sqn (RAAF)201943-10-03United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 141.
386 BakerAlwyn RoyceLeading Aircraftman439637RAAF191944-07-20CanadaClaresholm Cemetery, Block 14. Lot 10. Grave 4.

Son Of Mervyn Royce Baker And Eva May Baker, Of Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Australia.
387 BakerFrancis WilliamPilot Officer54076RAF460Sqn (RAAF)1944-05-04FranceDommartin-Lettree Churchyard, Coll. Grave 2-3.
388 BakerLouis Michael GabrielFlight Sergeant426507DFM

RAAF281944-06-08FranceClichy Northern Cemetery, Plot 16. Row 14. Grave 3.Son Of Patrick Albert And Catherine Therese Baker, Husband Of Ruth Marie Baker, Of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
389 BakerClifford StanleyWarrant Officer Class IIR/146764RCAF467Sqn (RAAF)231944-01-30GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 7. K. 7.Son Of Ernest H. Baker And Ophelia W. Baker, Of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
390 BakerRobert MintonFlight Sergeant413939RAAF231944-03-02GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 4. H. 17-19.Son Of Henry Talmash Baker And Mabel Baker, Of Ripponlea, Victoria, Australia.
391 BakerChristopher ThomasSergeant1583703RAFVR463Sqn RAAF

201944-02-20United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 224.Son Of Gilbert Charles And Daisy Baker, Of Hereford.
392 BakerJohn AlbertFlying Officer420808RAAF271944-11-11United KingdomCambridge City Cemetery, Grave 15151.Son Of Albert Edward And May Baker, Of Ashford, New South Wales, Australia.
393 BakerEric GordonSergeant3050406RAFVR462 (RAAF)Sqn191945-01-07BelgiumHotton War Cemetery, Joint grave VI. B. 3-4.Son Of William And Florence May Baker, Of Sedgley, Staffordshire.
394 BakerPeter JosephFlying OfficerJ/36574RCAF464Sqn (RAAF)241945-04-24GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, Joint grave 8. E. 35-36.Son Of Joseph And Annie Baker; Husband Of Elizabeth Baker, Of Fruitland, Ontario, Canada.
395 BakerElwyn GlyndwrFlight Sergeant435925RAAF251945-07-18IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery, 28. D. 10.Son Of George And Margaretta Baker; Husband Of Vera Louise Baker, Of Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia.
396 BakerIvan LeslieWarrant Officer432543RAAF201945-05-31United KingdomBath (Haycombe) Cemetery, Plot 39. Sec. H. Row E. Grave 254.Son Of William Frederick And Myrtle Lilian Baker, Of Coolamon, New South Wales, Australia.
397 BakerWilliam MartinSergeant84 RAAF551946-10-06AustraliaWarringal Cemetery, Wesleyan Plot. Row I. Grave 3.Son Of Thomas Martin Baker And Lucy Hollis Baker; Husband Of Winifred Lucy Baker, Of Ivanhoe.
398 BalcombeGordon RobertsonFlying Officer420825RAAF221944-02-15United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 257.Son Of William Gould Balcombe And Annie Laurie Balcombe, Of Manly, New South Wales, Australia.
399 BaldingKeith ToddFlight Lieutenant408948DFC

RAAF271943-09-27GermanyHanover War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 3. C. 1-6.
400 BaldockLionel EdwardAircraftman 1st Class28379RAAF211941-08-09AustraliaAdelaide (West Terrace) Cemetery, Road 1S. Row 32. Grave 26W.
401 BaldockHarold Ivo MckenseyFlying Officer412095RAAF261944-07-13Papua New GuineaLae War Cemetery, Kk. D. 12.

Son Of Albert Hugh And Aleathea Mary Baldock, Of Epping, New South Wales.
402 BaldockEdward AllanFlight Sergeant41218 RAAF251946-10-08AustraliaCheltenham New General Cemetery, Methodist Plot. Row 39. Grave 26. (GRM/3).

Son Of Edward Thomas Baldock And Gladys Adelaide Baldock, Of Black Rock.
403 BaldwinJack St. LedgerFlight Sergeant404879RAAF281942-06-30EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 265.Son Of William Frederick St. Ledger Baldwin And Maud Ada Baldwin, Of Inverell, New South Wales, Australia.
404 BaldwinEdward AlexanderFlight Sergeant22230RAAF221943-06-13GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 3. E. 1-6.
405 BaldwinAlbert HankinsonSergeant1579824RAFVR467Sqn (RAAF)241944-08-13BelgiumHotton War Cemetery, Vii. E. 5.Son Of Albert Edward And Alice Baldwin, Of Arrow, Warwickshire; Husband Of Elizabeth Mary Baldwin.
406 BaldwinWilfred GuyFlight Lieutenant412473RAAF331944-01-20GermanyBecklingen War Cemetery, 18. F. 11.Son Of Ernest James Baldwin And Bessie Baldwin; Husband Of Margery Lillian Baldwin, Of Bexley, New South Wales, Australia.
407 BaldwinGodfrey Ernest WilliamLeading Aircraftman79608RAAF191944-02-10Papua New GuineaLae War Cemetery, D. B. 15.

Son Of Ernest Wilfred And Sylvia Mona May Baldwin, Of Redfern, New South Wales.
408 BaldwinErnest WilliamFlight Sergeant419948RAAF17 OTU231944-03-17United KingdomOxford (Botley) Cemetery, Plot I/2. Grave 178B. Son of Alfred James Baldwin and Marion Ethel Baldwin, of Gre Gre South, Victoria, Australia.
409 BalesJohn JamesFlight Sergeant426488RAAF211944-08-07EgyptFayid War Cemetery, 2. F. 7.Son Of John James Bales And Edith Lillian May Bales, Of South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
410 BalfourJohn WilliamSergeant407840RAAF291942-06-23KenyaNakuru North Cemetery, Grave 506.Son Of William And Maud Balfour; Husband Of Edith Ethel Balfour, Of Kilburn. South Australia.
411 BalfourDonald CampbellPilot Officer416402RAAF211944-01-14GermanyHanover War Cemetery, 1. A. 14.Son Of Arthur Howard And Margaret Ethel Balfour, Of Adelaide, South Australia.
412 BallHarold Edward WilliamLeading Aircraftman54166RAAF301943-10-04AustraliaBairnsdale War Cemetery, Plot A. Row B. Grave 13.Son Of Hubert Harold And Alice Edith Ball, Of Kew.
413 BallJohn HowardSergeant408949RAAF201943-04-08GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 9. C. 18.
414 BallEricPilot Officer405991RAAF241944-08-14SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 443.Son Of William Alexander And Roseann May Ball, Of North Townsville, Queensland, Australia.
415 BallAlfred Desmond JohnFlying Officer427182RAAF201945-04-10GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 4. Z. 9.Son Of Frederick Arthur And Dorothy Louise Ball, Of Leederville, Western Australia.
416 BallDudley EdgarFlight Lieutenant420849DFC

RAAF241945-01-10United KingdomHarrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery, Sec. H. Row E. Grave 4.Son Of William James Edgar And Dorothy Ball, Of Lidcombe, New South Wales, Australia.
417 BallantyneThomasSergeant1823293RAFVR467Sqn (RAAF)191944-09-12GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 11. B. 7.Son Of John And Mary Ballantyne, Of Glasgow.
418 BallardVictor NormanFlying Officer414289RAAF16 O.T.U.251943-03-24FrancePontgouin Communal Cemetery, Grave 3.Son Of Charles Edwin And Mary Grace Ballard; Husband Of Doris Lydia Ballard, Of Townsville, Queensland, Australia.
419 BallardGeorge JamesFlying Officer425417RAAF231944-03-06United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 257.Son Of John William Ashby Ballard And Sarah Jane Ballard, Of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
420 BallardRussell AubreyLeading Aircraftman72572RAAF231945-11-13AustraliaTownsville War Cemetery, E.B.8.Son Of George Claude And Alice Amelia Ballard, Of Bowraville, New South Wales; Husband Of Hazel Joyce Ballard, Of Bowraville, New South Wales.
421 BalleineBernard George PaynFlight Sergeant407280RAAF261942-05-30FranceViroflay New Communal Cemetery, Row A. Grave 9.Son Of Cecil Alfred And Queenie Gladys Balleine, Of Petershead, South Australia.
422 BalmerJohn RaeburnGroup Captain68OBE

RAAF331944-05-11BelgiumHeverlee War Cemetery, 5. D. 7.Son Of Sydney Raeburn Balmer And Catherine Haswell Balmer, Of Maldon, Victoria, Australia.
423 BalmforthHenry NicholsonSergeant1434390RAFVR462 (RAAF)Sqn1943-02-09EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 270.Son Of Thomas Henry And Ivy Balmforth, Of Stanley, Yorkshire.
424 BalzerChristian SamuelSergeant404229RAAF221941-10-15Netherlands (Holland)Harlingen General Cemetery, Plot E. Row 1. Grave 10.Son of Christian Wilkins Balzer and Louisa Mary Balzer, of Lismore, New South Wales, Australia.
425 BambrickVirgil GilbertFlight Sergeant426292RAAF301944-11-04GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 5. B. 19.Son Of Valentine And Daisy Ethel Bambrick; Husband Of Margaret Irene Bambrick, Of Monto, Queensland, Australia.
426 BamkinEric GeorgeFlight Lieutenant406387RAAF221943-06-08LibyaTobruk War Cemetery, 2. A. 8.
427 BanburyRichard Mostyn GrahamFlight Sergeant404746RAAF191942-09-28EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 265.Son Of Robert Graham Banbury And Eleanor Burkitt Banbury, Of Grange, Queensland, Australia.
428 BandyJohn Percy WilliamSergeant401021RAAF231942-05-07Papua New GuineaPort Moresby Memorial, Panel 9.Son Of John And Hannah Beatrice Bandy; Husband Of Joyce Irene Bandy, Of St. Kilda, Victoria.
429 BanfieldRaymond CharlesFlight Lieutenant415490DFC

RAAF241944-07-25GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 8. D. 30.Son Of Charles Thomas Banfield And Violet Banfield, Of Victoria Park, Western Australia.
430 BanfieldKenneth JohnFlight Sergeant432469RAAF201944-07-24United KingdomBath (Haycombe) Cemetery, Plot 39. Sec. H. Row C. Grave 240.Son Of Sydney Milsom Banfield And Christina Banfield, Of Dudley, New South Wales, Australia.
431 BanksRichard GeorgePilot Officer405564RAAF281942-04-15AustraliaSpringvale Botanical Cemetery, Melbourne, C. Of E. Portion. Compt. C. Sec. 5. Grave 9.Son Of John Francis And Jessie Florence Banks, Of Blackall, Queensland; Husband Of Ada Jean Banks, Of Blackall.
432 BanksThomas StephenAircraftman 1st Class78501RAAF311943-07-03AustraliaWoombye Cemetery, Plot B. Row C. Grave 4.Son Of William Thomas Banks And Mary Ann Banks; Husband Of Edna May Banks, Of Woombye.
433 BanksMalcolm JamesPilot Officer16249RAAF251943-09-27GermanyHanover War Cemetery, 3. H. 14.
434 BanksGordon JohnWarrant Officer Class IIR/84883RCAF458Sqn (RAAF)1943-04-30ItalyNaples War Cemetery, Iii. N. 11.
435 BanksIvan WilliamFlight Sergeant405803RAAF201943-06-26Netherlands (Holland)Amsterdam New Eastern Cemetery, Plot 69. Row B. Coll. Grave 18.
436 BanksRonald JosephFlight Sergeant436999RAAF231945-04-06AustraliaNorthern Territory Memorial, Panel 8.Son Of Joseph And Harriet Banks; Husband Of Mabel Jean Banks, Of Homebush, New South Wales.
437 BannatyneWilliam WatsonSergeant1564310RAFVR467Sqn (RAAF)1943-04-17GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, Joint Grave 1. H. 23-24.
438 BannearRonald KennethSergeant407817RAAF231942-08-10United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 112.Son Of William Frederick And Amy Margaret Bannear, Of Saddleworth, South Australia.
439 BannisterJohn RussellSergeant408166RAAF231942-09-25EgyptEl Alamein War Cemetery, A Iv. G. 6.Son Of Roland Joseph And Margaret Jane Bannister; Husband Of Stella Mae Bannister, Of New Norfolk, Tasmania, Australia.
440 BannisterRupert TheodoreSergeant411475RAAF301942-07-19United KingdomLlanbeblig Public Cemetery, Caernarfon, Grave 2184.Son Of Francis William And Margaret Mary Bannister, Of Chatswood, New South Wales, Australia.
441 BanvillNorman RobertLeading Aircraftman23549RAAF201942-05-07Papua New GuineaPort Moresby Memorial, Panel 10.Son Of Walter James Banvill And Jean Duncan Banvill, Of Maryborough, Queensland.
442 BarbelerGerard SydneyFlight Sergeant425917RAAF211945-03-16GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 6. J. 19.Son Of Cornelius Sidney And Irene Catherine Barbeler, Of Maryborough, Queensland, Australia.
443 BarberBruce BertramPilot Officer400456RAAF291941-10-21United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 62.Son of James and May Lightowler Barber, of Warsash, Hampshire.
444 BarberLeonard PercivalFlight Sergeant409647RAAF251943-11-29ItalyBeach Head War Cemetery, Anzio, Xvii. G. 5.
445 BarberCharles Albert MarkFlight Sergeant409883RAAF281943-12-18United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 192.
446 BarberFrancis John McneilSergeant413475RAAF231943-03-22United KingdomMoreton-In-Marsh New Cemetery, Sec. K. Grave 44.
447 BarberRoss Gordon NormanFlight Sergeant413335RAAF231943-11-23United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 192.
448 BarberCedric IvanFlying Officer415959RAAF291944-02-02AustraliaNarrandera War Cemetery, Row D. Grave 16.
Son Of Stanley Hedley Barber And Edith May Barber; Husband Of Ethel Mary Barber, Of Northam, Western Australia.
449 BarberWilliam RonaldFlight Sergeant423587RAAF201944-10-29AustraliaNorthern Territory Memorial, Panel 8.Son Of John George Hewson Barber And Emily Barber, Of Casino, New South Wales.
450 BarberAlbert RoyFlight Sergeant1458414RAFVR467Sqn (RAAF)211944-05-11BelgiumLeopoldsburg War Cemetery, Ii. E. 8.Son Of Albert Edward And Edith Kate Barber, Of West Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire.
451 BarberBramwell RockliffFlight Sergeant408433RAAF463Sqn RAAF

201944-06-25FranceBussus-Bussuel Communal Cemetery, Row 1. Coll. Grave 1.Son Of Fletcher Bramwell Barber And Florence Myrtle Barber, Of Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.
452 BarberGeorge CharlesFlight Sergeant422100RAAF321944-05-04FranceChapelle-Vallon Communal Cemetery, Grave 23.Son Of George And Jane Barber; Husband Of Beatrice Josephine Barber, Of Punchbowl, New South Wales, Australia.
453 BarberSidney BasilSergeant1216017RAFVR460Sqn (RAAF)351944-04-09United KingdomAcock'S Green (St. Mary) Churchyard, North Part.Son Of Annie Barber; Husband Of Gladys May Barber, Of Acock'S Green, Birmingham.
454 BarberRaymond Franklin LindsayFlight Sergeant9242RAAF261945-03-16GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 6. J. 21.Son Of Joseph Franklin Barber And Laura Elizabeth Barber, Of Hampton, Victoria, Australia.
455 BarbourArthur AlexanderSergeant412566RAAF251943-04-27AustraliaSydney Memorial, Panel 6.Son Of William James Anderson Barbour And Elsie Mabel Barbour, Of West Maitland, New South Wales.
456 BarbourDonald CrosbieSergeant424135RAAF211943-11-30United KingdomReading (Henley Road) Cemetery, Block 10. Grave 16026.
457 BarbourRobert CarlisleFlying Officer419949RAAF201944-12-14Malaysia (ex Malaya)Labuan Memorial, Panel 32.Son Of Henry Arnold And Laura Christina Barbour, Of Coburg, Victoria.
458 BarbourWilliam MorganFlying Officer414380RAAF211944-07-06United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 257.Son Of Walter Colin And Phyllis Irene Barbour, Of Ingham, Queensland, Australia.
459 BarclayThomas HughFlight Sergeant430952RAAF191944-09-01IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery, Plot 3 Row A Grave 6-10 (Coll.)Son Of Thomas Hugh And Anne Elizabeth Barclay, Of Warren, New South Wales, Australia.
460 BardenWilliam MorrisWarrant Officer17409RAAF231944-08-09IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery, 23. C. 6.Son Of Charles Patrick And Myrtle Gladys Barden; Husband Of Bernice May Barden, Of Mount Hawthorn, Western Australia.
461 BardsleyKeith WarrenWarrant Officer423040RAAF221944-10-13HungaryBudapest War Cemetery, I. E. 1.Son Of Frank Korrien And Violet Mary Bardsley, Of Glebe, New South Wales, Australia.
462 BardwellHarley RussellWarrant Officer419950RAAF311945-07-01Malaysia (ex Malaya)Labuan Memorial, Panel 32.Son Of Robert Henry And Bertha Anne Bardwell; Husband Of Jean Maree Bardwell, Of Elsternwick, Victoria.
463 BarhamWilliam EdwardLeading Aircraftman163039RAAF191944-12-16Malaysia (ex Malaya)Labuan War Cemetery, C. B. 3.Son Of James Edward And Rosena Barham, Of Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia.
464 BarkerHerbert WilliamAircraftman 1st Class78991RAAF381942-11-28AustraliaBundaberg General Cemetery, Plot. Sec. B. Block 10. Grave P2043.Son Of Arthur And Eliza Barker, Of Norman Park. Presbyterian.
465 BarkerRobert JohnWarrant Officer2931RAAF241942-03-11AustraliaCheltenham New General Cemetery, R.C. Plot. Row 131. Grave 21. (Grm/3).

Son Of Robert John And Catherine Bracken Barker; Husband Of Beryl Mary Barker, Of Gardenvale.
466 BarkerJohn NormanFlight Sergeant406341RAAF251942-09-07FrancePornic War Cemetery, 1. Ab. 12.Son Of Dr. Gilbert William Barker, And Emma Lilly Barker, Of Perth, Western Australia.
467 BarkerRoger PhillipFlying Officer402483RAAF221942-08-12United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 109.Son Of Edwin Roy And Meta Beatrice Barker, Of South Yarra, Victoria, Australia.
468 BarkerCarl EdmundLeading Aircraftman20825RAAF331943-12-08AustraliaSydney War Cemetery, P. B. 2.Son Of Eugene Henry And Alice Maud Barker; Husband Of Amy Evelyn Barker, Of Belmont.
469 BarkerNormanFlight Sergeant403708RAAF251943-03-24EgyptEl Alamein War Cemetery, A Iv. F. 21.Son Of Albert And Daisy Barker, Of Bellevue Hill, New South Wales, Australia.
470 BarkerJeffrey WilliamSergeant1586363RAFVR463Sqn RAAF

231943-11-26GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 8. K. 15-20.Son Of Joseph William And Eva Louisa Barker, Of Chelmsford, Essex.
471 BarkerGerald LouisFlying OfficerJ/20378RCAF458Sqn (RAAF)261943-07-22MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 10, Column 1.
472 BarkerFrancis ReginaldFlight Lieutenant403148DFC

RAAF231944-08-07EgyptHeliopolis War Cemetery, 6. N. 3.Son Of Harry Reginald And Doris Eugenie Barker, Of Elwood, Victoria, Australia.
473 BarkerGordon RossWarrant Officer413941RAAF211944-02-22EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 281.Son Of William And Jessie Barker, Of Stanmore, New South Wales, Australia.
474 BarkerGerald GordonSergeant1894666RAFVR460Sqn (RAAF)191944-06-13Netherlands (Holland)Olst (Duur) General Cemetery, Grave 19.Son Of Charles Edmund Barker, And Of Grace Elizabeth Barker, Of East Sheen, Surrey; Stepson Of Mr. D. Hollings, Of East Sheen.
475 BarkerNigel WilliamWing Commander260411RAAF311945-01-28Papua New GuineaPort Moresby (Bomana) War Cemetery, Coll. Grave C8. A. 19-26.Son Of Nigel Chase Barker And Mary May Barker; Husband Of Joan Kathleen Barker, Of Double Bay, New South Wales.
476 BarklayHarold EdwardSergeant403119RAAF251941-12-08United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 62.Son of Harold Arthur and Mabel Elizabeth Barklay, of Islington, New South Wales, Australia.
477 BarkleyEric HamiltonSquadron Leader250281RAAF271943-02-28Papua New GuineaPort Moresby Memorial, Panel 9.
478 BarlingSydney RoySergeant412357RAAF261942-12-20United KingdomSkegness (St. Clement) Churchyard, Grave 857.Son Of Thomas Sydney And Elizabeth Jane Barling, Of Cremorne, New South Wales, Australia.
479 BarlowJames RobertSergeant401882RAAF221942-11-20United KingdomFradley (St. Stephen) Churchyard, Row 6. Grave 3.Son Of Maurice And Dorothy Lambourne Barlow, Of East Malvern, Victoria, Australia.
480 BarlowRobert Norman GeorgeFlight Lieutenant401899DFC

RAAF617Sqn321943-05-16GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 5. C. 9.Son Of Alexander And Frances May Barlow; Husband Of Audrey May Barlow, Of St. Kilda, Victoria, Australia.
481 BarlowDavid ArnoldFlying Officer417781RAAF201944-07-21BelgiumKaaskerke Communal Cemetery, Grave 118.Son Of Clarence Arnold Barlow And Edith Valmai Barlow, Of Hackney, South Australia.
482 BarlowJohn ColcloughFlight Lieutenant405992RAAF351944-10-06GermanyBecklingen War Cemetery, Joint Grave 12. E. 1-2.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. A. C. Barlow; Husband Of Edna Ema Barlow, Of Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia.
483 BarlowCharles AlfredFlight Sergeant427790RAAF191944-07-21Netherlands (Holland)Papendrecht General Cemetery, Plot G. Row 1. Grave 8.
Son Of Charles Percival And Beatrice Adeline Barlow, Of Mount Hawthorn, Western Australia.
484 BarlowPhilip TyersFlight Sergeant1802589RAFVR463Sqn RAAF

211945-03-03GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. grave 14. D. 12-14.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. T. H. Barlow, Of Enfield, Middlesex.
485 BarnardRobin EdgellFlight Sergeant404464RAAF291942-09-09SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 421.Son Of Wilfred Bourne Barnard And Mabel Ellen Mamie Barnard.
486 BarndenLeo RonaldFlight Sergeant437207RAAF211945-01-14United KingdomCambridge City Cemetery, Grave 15316.Son Of Leo Peter And Melbena Mary Barnden, Of Mile End. South Australia.
487 BarnesPeter Robert BlackmoreFlight Lieutenant1466RAAF221941-02-14SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 411.Son of Percy Collier and Elizabeth Barnes, of Marryatville, South Australia.
488 BarnesJohn LoughnanPilot Officer404946RAAF321943-04-20AustraliaAdelaide River War Cemetery, C.B.13.Son Of Harold Claude And Constance Charlotte Barnes; Husband Of Nena Bryden Barnes, Of Mitchell, Queensland.
489 BarnesVernon StewartWarrant Officer406324RAAF281943-10-27EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 277.Son Of Horace Vernon Barnes And Amy Maria Barnes; Husband Of Hilda Barnes, Of Herne Hill, Western Australia.
490 BarnesArthur MallinsonSergeant1678058RAFVR460Sqn (RAAF)351943-09-27GermanyHanover War Cemetery, 4. B. 16.Son Of John Mallinson Barnes And Mary Barnes; Husband Of Margaret Barnes, Of Morecambe, Lancashire.
491 BarnesGeorge KennethSergeant546801RAF467Sqn (RAAF)1943-10-03GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 7. E. 3.
492 BarnesArthurWarrant Officer404541RAAF221943-05-17SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 430.
493 BarnesNorman EdwardFlight Sergeant424554RAAF201944-09-01FranceArc-Et-Senans Communal Cemetery, Grave 5.Son Of Albert Leslie And Winifred Graham Barnes, Of Belmont, New South Wales, Australia.
494 BarnesKeith OrmondPilot Officer409370DFC

RAAF201944-01-27GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 6. E. 1.Son Of Edwin Robert And Hilda Elizabeth Barnes, Of Williamstown, Victoria, Australia.
495 BarnesWilliam ThomasFlight Sergeant30581RAAF271944-01-21United KingdomChester (Blacon) Cemetery, Sec. A. Grave 455.Son Of Francis James Barnes And Queenie Kate Barnes.
496 BarnettMilton HowittSergeant411240RAAF301943-01-27AlgeriaDely Ibrahim War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 3. K. 8.Son Of Albert Edward And Emily Louisa Barnett; Husband Of Judith May Barnett, Of Wauchope, New South Wales, Australia.
497 BarnettLeonard VictorFlying Officer418332RAAF211944-05-13BelgiumSchoonselhof Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iva. E. 33-34.Son Of Henry Victor And Alice Maud Barnett, Of Moorabbin, Victoria, Australia.
498 BarnettAlfred JohnFlight Sergeant1577045RAFVR467Sqn (RAAF)201944-02-25GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 5. J. 9-15.Son Of Arthur Alfred And Frances Beatrice Barnett, Of Stirchley, Birmingham.
499 BarnettKenneth HenryFlight Sergeant427611RAAF201944-12-29GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 17. E. 14.Son Of Frederick Alfred And Evelyn Doris May Barnett, Of Wembley, Western Australia.
500 BarnettRoss FrederickFlight Sergeant417794RAAF221945-03-06United KingdomOxford (Botley) Cemetery, Plot H/1. Grave 187.Son Of Alfred William And Irene Pearl Barnett, Of Mitcham, South Australia.
501 BarnfatherEliot RalphFlying Officer400393RAAF271942-05-18DenmarkEsbjerg (Fourfelt) Cemetery, Aiii. 11. 13.Son Of Thomas Stanley Barnfather And Ruby Alice Barnfather, Of Geelong, Victoria, Australia. Barrister And Solicitor.
502 BarnfieldColin Edward HunterFlight Sergeant433709RAAF191945-01-08EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 284.Son Of George Edward And Maude Elizabeth Barnfield, Of Bondi Junction, New South Wales, Australia.
503 BarnwellJack WestonLeading Aircraftman432300RAAF181943-08-01AustraliaWagga Wagga War Cemetery, Plot A. Row A. Grave 3.Son Of Harrie Weston Barnwell And Ada Bertha Barnwell, Of Eastwood.
504 BarnwellKenneth JamesAircraftman 2nd Class20161RAAF291943-04-06AustraliaTaabinga Cemetery, Plot A. Row A. Grave 8.Son Of James George And Florence Jane Barnwell; Husband Of Hazel Beatrice Barnwell, Of Croydon, New South Wales.
505 BarrRobert ThomasAircraftman 1st Class44081RAAF271942-06-05AustraliaBrisbane General (Toowong) Cemetery, Portion 10. Sec. 45. Allotment 13. (Grm/4).Son Of Harry Drinkall Barr And Ethel Annie Barr, Of Proserpine; Husband Of Alice Kathleen France Barr, Of Proserpine.
506 BarrDonald Leighton SpenceFlight Sergeant409649RAAF211943-07-07United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 192.
507 BarrDennis RonaldFlight Sergeant418910RAAF201944-05-04FranceAvant-Les-Marcilly Churchyard, Grave 3.Son Of Walter Edward And Lillian Maud Barr, Of Elwood, Victoria, Australia.
508 BarrettRichard LyndonSergeant407071RAAF231941-06-30GermanyBecklingen War Cemetery, Coll. grave 12. D. 5-11.Son of Darrell Pearson Barrett and Alice Maude Barrett, of Unley, South Australia.
509 BarrettAlwyn Walter BevesFlight Sergeant421233RAAF231943-12-06United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 192.
510 BarrettFredSergeant1516278RAFVR467Sqn (RAAF)221944-01-30GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 7. K. 12.Son Of Percy And Annie Barrett, Of Harehills, Leeds, Yorkshire.
511 BarrettDouglas GeorgeFlight Sergeant417275RAAF261944-01-27United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 259.Son Of George William Read Barrett And Jane Barrett, Of Riverton, South Australia.
512 BarrettNoel CharlesWarrant Officer409364RAAF211944-08-30United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 259.Son Of Charles Noel And Hazel Isabel Barrett, Of Prahran, Victoria, Australia.
513 BarrettAllen BernardFlight Sergeant435012RAAF321945-02-02GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 1. F. 24.Son Of Francis Joseph And Alice Ida Barrett; Husband Of Frances Maude Barrett, Of Ascot Vale, Victoria, Australia.
514 BarrettLindon Frederick BevesFlying Officer422922RAAF221945-01-16GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 14. H. 14.Son Of Frederick William And Vera Elaine Barrett, Of Coogee, New South Wales, Australia.
515 BarrettLayton ChallanderFlight Sergeant428116RAAF201945-02-06United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 284.Son Of Edgar Robert And Emma Elizabeth Barrett, Of Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.
516 Barrett-LennardJohn AllenSergeant406709RAAF211942-12-05United KingdomBrigg Cemetery, Grave 372.

Son Of Victor Dacre Barrett-Lennard And Blanche Isabell Barrett-Lennard, Of York, Western Australia.
517 Barrett-LennardMichael GodfreyFlight Sergeant406912RAAF231943-09-22GermanySage War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 14. A. 10-12.
518 Barrett-LennardFrancis GrahamFlight Sergeant427405RAAF211944-09-12SwedenMalmo Eastern Municipal Cemetery, Sec. Iv. D. E.Son Of Francis And Elsie Selena Barrett-Lennard, Of Beverley, Western Australia.
519 BarreyRaymond BarkerFlying Officer407000RAAF251941-11-20AustraliaSydney Memorial, Panel 5.Son of Joseph and Violet Barrey; Husband of Gladys Margaret Barrey, of Welland, South Australia.
520 BarronCedric JackSergeant527275RAF466Sqn (RAAF)301944-01-29GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 5. H. 3-6.Son Of Herbert And Edwina Eliza Barron; Husband Of Esme Irene Barron, Of Hendon, Middlesex.
521 BarronHarold LawrenceFlight Sergeant27266RAAF57Sqn (RAF)241944-06-22GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 14. C. 20.Son Of Frank Augustus And Ethel Ruby Barron, Of Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia.
522 BarronNeville JamesFlight Sergeant435656RAAF191945-04-10AustraliaBrisbane (Lutwyche) Cemetery, Sec. 74. Grave 16.Son Of James Robert And Vera May Barron, Of Maclagan.
523 BarrowRichard TrathenSergeant421149RAAF291943-04-13CanadaVictoria (Royal Oak) Burial Park, Sec. D. Plot 20. Grave 18.Son Of Lionel Richard And Margaret Lilian Barrow; Husband Of Ethel Annie Barrow, Of Kogarah, New South Wales, Australia.
524 BarrowWilliam HenrySergeant1047258RAFVR466Sqn (RAAF)201943-03-01United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 141.
525 BarrowBruce ErnestFlying Officer437109RAAF201945-03-14United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 282.Son Of Robert Ernest And Elma Joy Barrow, Of Prospect, South Australia.
526 BarryJamesPilot Officer400034RAAF301941-06-20United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 62.Son of James and Charlotte Emma Barry, of Sandringham, Victoria, Australia.
527 BarryJohn LawrenceFlight Sergeant20047RAAF231943-05-05GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 3. A. 2.
528 BarryAlfred Walter FitzroyFlying Officer420115RAAF231943-11-30United KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery, 4. M. 13.
529 BarryDavid BernardFlight Sergeant428291RAAF221944-07-22United KingdomLossiemouth Burial Ground, Grave 1260.Son Of David Bernard And Catherine Margaret Barry; Husband Of Winifred Mary Barry, Of Footscray, Victoria, Australia.
530 BarryJohn CashelFlight Sergeant423588RAAF221944-09-16United KingdomChester (Blacon) Cemetery, Sec. A. Grave 894.Son Of Michael Joseph And Florence Kathleen Barry, Of Wahroonga, New South Wales, Australia.
531 BarsbyEdgar AlanFlight Sergeant434121RAAF201945-02-06United KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery, 25. E. 9A.
Son Of Edgar And Olivia Vance Barsby, Of Alderley, Queensland, Australia.
532 BarterReginald ThomasSergeant60200RAAF241945-01-28Papua New GuineaPort Moresby (Bomana) War Cemetery, Coll. Grave C 8. A. 19-26.Son Of Thomas Henry And Edith Emily Barter; Husband Of Jean Eileen Barter, Of Parramatta New South Wales.
533 BartlePeter ChadwickFlight Sergeant422103RAAF291943-08-27United KingdomHeanton Punchardon (St. Augustine) Churchyard, Row P Grave 15.
534 BartlettGordon KennethSergeant407190RAAF211941-09-20Netherlands (Holland)Amsterdam New Eastern Cemetery, Plot 85. Row D. Grave 6.Son of John Royston Bartlett and Florence Maud Bartlett, of Hawthorn, South Australia.
535 BartlettFrank MclaurinFlying Officer265197RAAF351943-11-21AustraliaBundaberg General Cemetery, Plot A. Row B. Coll. Grave 1-5. 10-16.Son Of Dr. Ralph Clarke Bartlett And Helen Bartlett; Husband Of Minola Kathleen Bartlett, Of London, England. B.A. (Cantab.).
536 BartlettWilliam HenryFlight Sergeant1525488RAFVR460Sqn (RAAF)221943-06-22GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 6. B. 4.Son Of George Robert And Susan Bartlett, Of Liverpool; Husband Of Margaret A. Bartlett, Of Waterloo, Liverpool.
537 BartlettSidney WilliamFlight Sergeant405994RAAF191943-05-05United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 192.
538 BartlettHoward JamesAircraftman 1st Class154134 RAAF191946-04-21AustraliaAdelaide River War Cemetery, S.A.7.Son Of Howard James Bartlett And Mabel Kathleen Bartlett, Of Wayville, South Australia.
539 BartleyWalter RobertPilot Officer267521RAAF241943-04-22Papua New GuineaPort Moresby Memorial, Addenda Panel.
540 BartleyHerbert ArthurLeading Aircraftman57438RAAF291944-03-16Papua New GuineaLae War Cemetery, D. C. 2.

Son Of Samuel Trenwith Bartley And Ellen Bartley, Of West Footscray, Victoria.
541 BartonAllan Ernest RossSergeant400074RAAF211941-06-29GermanyBecklingen War Cemetery, Coll. grave 12. D. 5-11.Son of Ernest James Barton and Victoria Antonie Barton, of Adamstown, New South Wales, Australia.
542 BartonAndrew BasilSergeant403304RAAF211942-09-12AustraliaSydney Memorial, Panel 6.Son Of George Page Barton And Antoinette Marie Hubertha Barton Of Mosman, New South Wales.
543 BartonLeonard ArthurLeading Aircraftman18368RAAF311942-02-19AustraliaAdelaide River War Cemetery, G.C.1.Son Of Arthur John And Sophia May Barton; Husband Of Majorie Barton, Of Rainbow, Victoria.
544 BartonArthur RobertFlight Lieutenant270525RAAF281942-01-12IndonesiaAmbon Memorial, Column 7.Son Of Arthur Osborne Barton And Eva May Barton, Of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; Husband Of Hettie Stewart Barton, Of New Farm, Queensland.
545 BartonDruce HawthornSergeant405314RAAF211942-08-11United KingdomCottesmore (St. Nicholas) Churchyard Extension, Compt. 11. Grave 34.Son Of Lindsay Bruce Barton And Eunice Ray Barton, Of Gordonvale, North Queensland, Australia.
546 BartonRaymond AllanFlight Sergeant407612RAAF291943-02-21GreecePhaleron War Cemetery, Joint Grave 23. B. 9-10.
547 BartonHugh SterlingFlying Officer413104RAAF281945-01-23Papua New GuineaLae War Cemetery, LL. A. 5.

Son Of Edward Sterling Barton And Bessie Ehrensvard Barton, Of Double Bay, New South Wales.
548 BartramChristopher Edward ThomasFlying Officer401759RAAF281942-07-31United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 109.Son Of Thomas George Edward And Lena Jessy Bartram, Of Bridgwater, Somerset. F.I.A.
549 BartschRobert AlexanderSergeant406284RAAF241941-11-25EgyptEl Alamein War Cemetery, Coll. grave XXIV. C. 9.Son of Herrmann Alexander Bartsch and Gladys Bartsch, of Maylands, Western Australia.
550 BartschGeorge MurrayLeading Aircraftman39549RAAF211942-12-19LibyaBenghazi War Cemetery, 6. D. 17.Son Of Johann Gottlieb Bartsch And Daisy Bartsch, Of Solomontown, South Australia.
551 BartschiGeorge JosephAircraftman 1st Class76184RAAF241942-07-22AustraliaRookwood Necropolis, Sydney, C. Of E. Sec. 14. Grave 6723.Son Of Joseph And Alice Bartschi; Husband Of Margaret Bartschi, Of Brisbane, Queensland.
552 BartyBernard KeithFlight Lieutenant2380RAAF361944-06-28AustraliaCharters Towers War Cemetery, Plot A. Row B. Grave 8.Son Of David And Florence Barty; Husband Of Linda Margaret Barty, Of Williamstown, Victoria.
553 BarwickIan MunroSergeant5810RAAF261942-03-04Papua New GuineaRabaul (Bita Paka) War Cemetery, F. C. 8.Son Of Cecil Vernon And Fanny Barwick, Of Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia.
554 BashfordPercival ValentineFlight Sergeant414881RAAF241944-02-24ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. D. 34. Son Of John Edward George And Martha Kitchenham Bashford.
555 BassNoel GordonSergeant404600RAAF231942-08-27GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 30. B. 15-16.Son Of George Gordon Bass And Pearl Margaret Bass, Of Vaucluse, New South Wales. Australia.
556 BassErnest FrederickPilot Officer157436RAFVR462 (RAAF)Sqn1943-08-19ItalySalerno War Cemetery, V. C. 20.
557 BassanTrevor WilliamPilot Officer411985RAAF241943-04-20AustraliaAdelaide River War Cemetery, C.A.4.Son Of William Herbert And Catherine Bassan; Husband Of Edna May Bassan, Of Rozelle, New South Wales.
558 BassettEdwin RayFlight Sergeant400268RAAF211942-09-29AustraliaSydney War Cemetery, A. B. 13.Son Of Harold James Bassett And Annie Elizabeth Bassett, Of Oakleigh, Victoria.
559 BassettDonald JamesFlight Lieutenant406465RAAF261945-03-05AustraliaSydney Memorial, Panel 5.Son Of James Bailey Bassett And Charlotte Elizabeth Norah Bassett, Of Wembley Park, Western Australia. A.A.I.A.
560 BasterAlan RupertFlying Officer400035RAAF251942-01-08EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 263.Son Of Charles William And Violet Adele Baster; Husband Of Lesley Victoria Baster, Of Box Hill, Victoria, Australia.
561 BatchelorGeorge HayWarrant Officer426513RAAF271945-08-28AustraliaBrisbane (Lutwyche) Cemetery, Sec. 73. Grave 5.Son Of James Hay Batchelor And Margaret Fraser Batchelor, Of Brisbane; Husband Of Rita May Batchelor, Of Ashgrove.
562 BateAlfred Vincent EricFlying Officer431161RAAF311945-01-28Papua New GuineaPort Moresby (Bomana) War Cemetery, Coll. Grave C8. A. 19-26.Son Of Richard Alfred And Annie Valentine Bate; Husband Of Constance Bate, Of East Brighton; Victoria.
563 BatemanMervyn WilliamFlying Officer267574RAAF301942-02-28AustraliaNorthern Territory Memorial, Panel 6.Son Of Roland C. And Sybil Bateman; Husband Of Beatrice Winifred Bateman, Of Vaucluse, New South Wales.
564 BatemanPeter DaubenyFlight Sergeant424720RAAF211944-11-21BelgiumHeverlee War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 2. K. 6-11.Son Of Charles Daubeny Bateman, M.B., Ch.M., And Dorothea Gladys Bateman, Of Windsor, New South Wales, Australia.
565 BatemanGeorge WilliamFlight Sergeant417327RAAF463Sqn RAAF

321944-06-25FranceBussus-Bussuel Communal Cemetery, Row 1. Grave 3.Son Of Sidney Davies Bateman And Florence Christina Ethel Bateman; Husband Of Marjorie Jean Bateman, Of Magill, South Australia.
566 BatesKelvin ArthurSergeant416240RAAF241942-07-07AustraliaLameroo Cemetery, General Plot. Row 1. Grave 40.Son Of Arthur William And Ruby Charlotte Bates, Of Wilkawatt.
567 BatesAlbert Henry CharlesSergeant403088RAAF261942-07-29GermanyBecklingen War Cemetery, 11. F. 15.Son Of Robert William And Bessie Bates; Husband Of Lorna Ethel Bates, Of Enfield, New South Wales, Australia.
568 BatesBernard SamuelSergeant406513RAAF241942-01-12IndonesiaAmbon Memorial, Column 9.Son Of Samuel And Beatrice Alice Bates, Of Claremont, Western Australia.
569 BatesAlan FrederickSergeant413510RAAF191943-01-21AustraliaMildura Public Cemetery, Presbyterian Plot. Sec. N. Grave 18.Son Of Lionel Frederick And Edna Muriel Bates, Of Croydon Park, New South Wales.
570 BatesDudley CliveFlight Sergeant426426RAAF201944-04-18FranceClichy Northern Cemetery, Plot 16. Row 15. Coll. Grave 16-18.Son Of William Clive And Mary Elizabeth Bates, Of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
571 BatesJohn CharlesWarrant Officer409495RAAF231944-10-10IndonesiaAmbon Memorial, Column 9.Son Of George And May Victoria T. Bates, Of Little River, Victoria, Australia.
572 BatesDouglasSergeant1594894RAFVR463Sqn RAAF

191945-03-03GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. grave 24. D. 12-14.Son Of Luke Bates, And Of Violet Bates, Of Middlesbrough, Yorkshire.
573 BatesWilliam VossWarrant Officer410296RAAF341945-03-07Malaysia (ex Malaya)Labuan Memorial, Panel 32.Son Of Frederic Micheal And Jessie Flora Bates; Husband Of Mary Gwen Bates, Of Redcliffs, Queensland.
574 Bates-BrownswordReuben HenrySergeant416241RAAF201943-02-01AustraliaBairnsdale War Cemetery, Plot A. Row A. Grave 13.Son Of Harold And Doris Bates-Brownsword, Of Blackwood, South Australia.
575 BateupJohn EdwinWarrant Officer424283RAAF221945-01-22United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 283.Son Of Arthur Edwin And Kathleen Ann Bateup; Husband Of Anne Bateup, Of Sleaford, Lincs.
576 BathVictor WilliamFlight Sergeant426022RAAF311944-03-25GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 1. C. 5.Son Of Thomas James Bath, And Isabella Bath, Of Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia.
577 BathRichard William RavenFlying Officer420116RAAF221944-08-09IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery, 23. C. 2.Son Of Richard And Olive Pearl Gladys Bath, Of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.
578 BathurstAlan LennoxWarrant Officer12168RAAF301943-08-15United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 191.
579 BattenDouglas WalterFlight Sergeant30053RAAF281944-01-22United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 259.Son Of Walter James Batten And Ethel Batten, Of Launceston, Tasmania. Australia.
580 BatterhamJack AlexanderSergeant414382RAAF231943-11-25United KingdomBath (Haycombe) Cemetery, Plot 39. Sec. H. Row B. Grave 255.
581 BattleErnest JohnFlight Sergeant413943RAAF221943-12-16GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 4. H. 12.
582 BattleJames JosephFlying Officer426250RAAF291944-06-23FranceLa Fleche Communal Cemetery, Row 3. Grave 7.Son Of Timothy John And Mary Ellen Battle, Of Ashgrove, Queensland, Australia.
583 BattonIan WilliamLeading Aircraftman18762RAAF201942-11-06EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 266.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. J. Batton, Of Redcliffs, Victoria, Australia.
584 BattyRobert AllanPilot Officer417784RAAF291944-02-28AustraliaSydney War Cemetery, T. A. 12.Son Of James Joseph And Emma Batty.
585 BattyKenneth JamesLeading Aircraftman128775RAAF201945-10-15AustraliaSpringvale War Cemetery, Melbourne, 2.S.C.11.Son Of John Joseph And Lillian Ada Batty, Of Dandenong.
586 BattyeReginald HaroldFlight Sergeant442415RAAF191944-11-04GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 13. B. 7-12. Son Of Samuel And Eva Eileen Battye, Of New Hindmarsh, South Australia.
587 BatzloffDouglas WilliamFlight Lieutenant440593RAAF211947-03-25AustraliaTownsville War Cemetery, B.C.11.Son Of William John And Jesse Adelaide Batzloff; Husband Of Bernice Dorothy Batzloff, Of St. Peters, New South Wales.
588 BaudinetteIvan SydneyFlying Officer409653RAAF231945-03-05GermanyHanover War Cemetery, 4. G. 16.Son Of Sydney Matthew And Ethel Jane Baudinette, Of Coleraine, Victoria, Australia.
589 BauerLouis Walter AllanFlying Officer437247RAAF291944-08-28CanadaClaresholm Cemetery, Block 14. Lot 10. Grave 2.

Son Of Louis Oscar Paul And Laura Bauer; Husband Of Dorothy Jean Bauer, Of Lobethal, South Australia.
590 BaulderstoneDennis LeslieFlight Sergeant416112RAAF221944-02-15AustraliaSydney Memorial, Panel 6.Son Of Leslie Moore Baulderstone And Beatrice Baulderstone, Of Rosefield, South Australia.
591 BaulderstoneThomas HenryFlying Officer429910RAAF211945-04-09United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 282.Son Of Charlie And Florence Emily Baulderstone, Of Tusmore, South Australia.
592 BavinDouglas FrederickFlight Sergeant415212RAAF201943-06-03United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 192.
593 BawdenDonald RobertLeading Aircraftman47060RAAF281943-01-31AustraliaMildura Public Cemetery, Methodist Plot. Sec. F. Grave 92.Son Of Arthur Slack Bawden And Gertrude Thompson Bawden, Of Lochiel, South Australia.
594 BaxendaleFrancis LeoAircraftman 1st Class6665RAAF231943-04-12LibyaBenghazi War Cemetery, 6. E. 19.
595 BaxterAllan WilliamSergeant409372RAAF231942-08-27AustraliaBurwood General Cemetery, C. Of E. Plot. Sec. 5. Grave 407. (Grm/3).Son Of Walter And Jessie Florence Baxter, Of West St. Kilda.
596 BaxterRobert WilsonFlight Sergeant400689George MedalRAAF241942-08-07United KingdomSelby Cemetery, Grave 5311.Son Of George Silverton Baxter And Jessie Ann Baxter, Of Colac, Victoria, Australia.
597 BaxterKenneth WilliamFlying Officer408687RAAF231943-12-24AustraliaSydney War Cemetery, P. C. 3.Son Of George Arthur And Jean Isabel Baxter Of West Brunswick, Victoria.
598 BaxterWilliam SamuelPilot Officer418333RAAF221944-08-27GermanyKiel War Cemetery, 1. J. 21.Son Of Samuel And Annie Jane Baxter, Of Picola, Victoria, Australia.
599 BaxterMurray AlexanderWarrant Officer416821RAAF231944-08-15PolandKrakow Rakowicki Cemetery, Coll. Grave 1. A. 2-7.Son Of Alexander And Winifred Baxter; Husband Of Margaret Eileen Baxter, Of Coburg, Victoria, Australia.
600 BaxterHenry AlfredSergeant1392861RAFVR463Sqn RAAF

221944-03-16United KingdomBrookwood Cemetery, St. Alban'S Ground, Grave 208359.Son Of Henry Thomas Baxter And Maira Catherine Baxter; Husband Of Vera Lilian Baxter, Of Wandsworth, London.
601 BayleyErnest DouglasSergeant412568RAAF201942-06-09AustraliaDubbo General Cemetery, C. Of E. Grave 2432. (Grm/2).Son Of Reginald Vance Bayley And Amy Edith Bayley, Of Dubbo.
602 BayleyLindsay ArthurFlight Sergeant432092RAAF291945-04-08GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, Coll. grave 7. D. 4-6.Son Of John Edwin And Lena Ammie Bayley, Of Coogee, New South Wales, Australia; Husband Of Valma Eileen Bayley, Of Coogee.
603 BaylisGerald PercySergeant613449RAF467 (RAAF)1943-11-03BelgiumSchoonselhof Cemetery, Iva. B. 1.
604 BaylissLennPilot Officer10056RAAF191940-11-18AustraliaNew South Wales Cremation Memorial, Sydney, Panel 5.Son Of Thomas Weaver Bayliss And Mildred Eggington Bayliss, Of Bulolo, New Guinea. (Cremated, Sydney (Eastern Suburbs) Crematorium.).
605 BaylissJack BernardFlight Sergeant412098RAAF271943-03-30United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 192.
606 BaylyFrancis PaulWarrant Officer407402RAAF271943-07-23GreeceSuda Bay War Cemetery, 5. D. 19.
607 BeachRex EdwardFlying Officer419023RAAF201944-04-30Papua New GuineaLae Memorial, Panel 6.

Son Of Harry Edward And Nellie Margaret Beach, Of Bentleigh, Victoria.
608 BeachamNeville Thomas GeorgeFlight Lieutenant405041RAAF271943-03-10EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 271.Son Of Albert And Gwenllian Beacham, Of Bardon, Queensland, Australia.
609 BealRonald AndreFlight Sergeant412883RAAF231944-01-27ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. B. 14.Son Of Ronald And Louise Beal, Of Bethune, New South Wales, Australia.
610 BealeHerbert EldonPilot Officer403021MiDRAAF231943-01-21AlgeriaBone War Cemetery, Annaba, Vii. F. 18.Son Of Francis Joseph And Myrtle Gwendoline Beale, Of Killara, New South Wales, Australia.
611 BealeFrancis BruceFlying Officer402842RAAF261943-05-28AustraliaNorthern Territory Memorial, Panel 6.Son Of Francis Joseph And Myrtle Gwendoline Beale, Of Killara, New South Wales.
612 BeamondAlfred GeorgeSergeant19099RAAF341947-03-21AustraliaGeelong Eastern Cemetery, R.C. Plot. Compt. 40. Grave 258.Son Of Alfred William And Alice Beamond, Of Geelong; Husband Of Edna May Beamond, Of West Geelong.
613 BeanFrederick JackFlight Sergeant430920RAAF201945-02-02GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 1. F. 9.Son Of Vere Jack And Helen Edith Bean, Of Mordialloc, Victoria, Australia.
614 BeardWilliam AllanSergeant402717RAAF221942-04-16EgyptEl Alamein War Cemetery, A I. A. 21.Son Of William And Catherine Jemima Sawle Beard, Of Strathfield, New South Wales, Australia.
615 BeardRobertFlight Sergeant29888RAAF466Sqn221944-06-08FranceIlleville-Sur-Montfort Churchyard, Coll. Grave.
Son Of Francis Edward And Ethel Maud Beard; Husband Of Monica Beard, Of Liverpool, England.
616 BeardallCharles ArthurLeading Aircraftman1111542RAFVR459 (RAAF)Sqn291943-06-18EgyptHeliopolis War Cemetery, 5. C. 4.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. S. E. Beardall, Of Carlton, Nottinghamshire.
617 BeardsmoreJoseph DavidSergeant1594654RAFVR462 (RAAF)Sqn211945-01-07BelgiumHotton War Cemetery, Joint grave VI. B. 1-2.Son Of Joseph And Mary Edith Beardsmore, Of Gornal Wood, Dudley, Worcestershire.
618 BeardwellFrederick GeorgeSergeant1334654RAFVR467Sqn (RAAF)351943-10-18GermanyHanover War Cemetery, Joint Grave 12. A. 1-2.Son Of Frederick Robert And Mary Beardwell; Husband Of P. Beardwell, Of Whetstone, Middlesex.
619 BeathJames Hay ArmstrongSergeant655653RAF466Sqn (RAAF)251943-01-30DenmarkEsbjerg (Fourfelt) Cemetery, Aiii. 7. 3.Son Of Frank H. And Mary A. Beath, Of Glasgow; Husband Of Jessie Andrew Beath. M.A., Hons.
620 BeatonJohn MackenzieFlying Officer144343RAFVR467Sqn (RAAF)291944-07-29GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 9. G. 23-28.Son Of Angus And Annie Beaton, Of Glasgow.
621 BeatsonEarl HumeSergeant435557RAAF221944-07-30United KingdomChester (Blacon) Cemetery, Sec. A. Grave 234.Son Of Hume Johnstone Beatson And Elise Helene Amelia Beatson, Of Nambour, Queensland, Australia.
622 BeattieGlen PatrickFlying Officer425263RAAF211943-12-29United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 187.
623 BeattieRoy McdowallFlight Lieutenant404228DFM

RAAF241945-07-02Malaysia (ex Malaya)Labuan War Cemetery, Coll. grave 18. D. 6-15.Son Of William And Elizabeth Jane Beattie, Of Lagoon Pocket, Queensland, Australia.
624 BeattieDonald WilliamWarrant Officer408161 RAAF271946-03-16AustraliaHobart (Cornelian Bay) Public Cemetery, C. of E. Plot. Sec. KB. Grave 38. (GRM/7).Son Of John Milborn Beattie And Edith Frances Beattie, Of New Town.
625 BeattyArgyle DonaldFlying Officer403104RAAF221942-09-10GermanySage War Cemetery, 3. F. 11.Son Of James Curry Beatty And Susannah Georgina Beatty, Of Chatswood, New South Wales, Australia.
626 BeattyColin JohnSergeant407888RAAF211942-04-22United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 112.Son Of Malachi Colman Beatty And Viola Louise Margaretha Beatty, Of Whyalla, South Australia.
627 BeauchampLeonard Anthony LasseterFlying Officer401266RAAF251942-06-18SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 421.Son Of Leonard Lasseter Beauchamp And Helen Fraser Beauchamp, Of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
628 BeauchampWarwick MelvilleFlight Sergeant421880RAAF201944-04-19Sri Lanka (ex Ceylon)Colombo (Liveramentu) Cemetery, 2. L. 7.Son Of Harry Cecil And Mary Winifred Beauchamp, Of Marrickville, New South Wales, Australia.
629 BeaudryEloi Joseph EmileFlight SergeantR/115650RCAF464Sqn (RAAF)201943-08-18United KingdomChester (Blacon) Cemetery, Sec. A. Grave 904.
630 BeaumontEdward MilesPilot Officer408791RAAF211942-01-28AustraliaBurwood General Cemetery, C. Of E. Plot. Sec. 5. Grave 78.Son Of Harold And Mary Elizabeth Pearl Beaumont, Of Elsternwick.
631 BeaumontErnest VictorSquadron Leader260RAAF241942-02-24Papua New GuineaRabaul Memorial, Panel 34.Son Of Nicholas Richard And Lynda Ruth Beaumont, Of Bexley North, New South Wales.
632 BeaumontRonald FrancisSergeant1601542RAFVR460Sqn (RAAF)1943-04-16GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 7. C. 9-11.
633 BeaumontJohn EdwardFlying Officer140860RAFVR460Sqn (RAAF)251944-03-31GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 8. B. 1.Son Of Urban And Kate Gertrude Beaumont, Of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.
634 BeavanWilliam WalterWarrant Officer412360RAAF241944-05-28BelgiumBrussels Town Cemetery, X. 19. 20.Son Of William Walter And Ivy Loames Beavan, Of Tumut, New South Wales, Australia.
635 BeazleyAlan OsborneFlight Sergeant432200RAAF191944-07-25GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 4. G. 1.Son Of Henry Osborne Beazley And Eva Lilias Beazley, Of Surry Hill, New South Wales, Australia.
636 BeckNorman CharlesPilot Officer402216MiDRAAF241942-11-03EgyptEl Alamein War Cemetery, A Iv. G. 1.Son Of Charles And Carmen Daphne Beck, Of Bellevue Hill, New South Wales, Australia. B.A. (Sydney).
637 BeckJames AndrewSergeant641951RAF467Sqn (RAAF)231943-08-28GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 11. E. 3.Son Of Mary Beck, Of Leeming Bar, Yorkshire.
638 BeckJames Arthur GordonFlying Officer408434DFC

RAAF241945-04-04GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 14. A. 20.Son Of Frank Washington Beck And Margaret Anne Beck, Of Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.
639 BeckettWilliam OliverAircraftman 1st Class43169RAAF211942-01-30AustraliaNorthern Territory Memorial, Panel 11.Son Of James Oliver Beckett And Helen Beckett, Of Stafford, Queensland.
640 BeckettAlbertFlight Sergeant408343RAAF221943-09-05Papua New GuineaRabaul Memorial, Panel 35.
641 BeckettJohn RogersFlight Lieutenant403642RAAF271944-03-23Netherlands (Holland)Amersfoort (Oud Leusden) General Cemetery, Plot 13. Row 9. Coll. Grave 182.
Son Of Montague Walter And Vera Irene Gladys Beckett, Of Berrima, New South Wales, Australia.
642 BeckhouseGordon EdwinFlight Sergeant424354RAAF201944-07-19FranceTogny-Aux-Boeufs Communal Cemetery, Plot 1. Row 5. Grave 3.Son Of Robert Cooper Beckhouse And Isobel Elizabeth Beckhouse, Of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
643 BeckinghamClarence WalterFlight Sergeant422381RAAF201944-10-14Netherlands (Holland)Venray War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vii. A. 1-6.Son Of Charles William And Sarah Hadley Beckingham, Of Chatswood, New South Wales, Australia.
644 BeckleyRonald CharlesPilot Officer400615RAAF231942-01-22United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 111.Son Of John Charles And Elizabeth Amanda Beckley, Of Moreland, Victoria, Australia.
645 BeckleyThomas WilliamLeading Aircraftman52714RAAF281943-03-27AustraliaBrisbane (Lutwyche) Cemetery, Sec. 75. Grave 66.Son Of Rollo Victor And May Elizabeth Beckley; Husband Of Doris Ivy Jean Beckley, Of Richmond, Victoria.
646 BeckoffGeorgeSergeant116352RAAF201944-09-24GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 20. A. 1-9.Son Of George And Gertrude Beckoff, Of Torrensville, South Australia.
647 BeddoeDonald CosmoFlying Officer401731RAAF261944-05-24AustraliaNorthern Territory Memorial, Panel 6.Son Of David And Emily Beddoe; Husband Of Adele Margaret Beddoe, Of Brunswick, Victoria.
648 BeddoeRobert HenryFlying Officer418717RAAF211944-08-31United KingdomCambridge City Cemetery, Grave 14170.Son Of Francis George And Lily Catherine Matilda Beddoe, Of Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia.
649 BedwellHorace KemptonFlight Sergeant404165RAAF211942-04-30United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 111.Son Of Edward Kempton Bedwell And Simona Jeanne Charlotte Bedwell, Of Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia.
650 BeeKenneth CliffordFlight Sergeant403854RAAF211942-12-21LibyaTripoli War Cemetery, 12. A. 14.Son Of Jasper Oswald And Emma Pauline Bee, Of Cremorne, New South Wales, Australia.
651 BeebarJohnPilot Officer403252RAAF221944-08-04IndiaRanchi War Cemetery, Sp. Mem. 5. E. 1.

Son Of John A. Beebar And Barbara Beebar, Of Kingsford, New South Wales, Australia.
652 BeecherThomas FrancisWarrant Officer410208RAAF301944-06-22BelgiumSchoonselhof Cemetery, Iva. F. 18.Son Of Henry Ward Beecher And Annie Amelia Beecher; Husband Of Brenda Joyce Beecher, Of Lindenow, Victoria, Australia.
653 BeerJack GarfieldFlight Sergeant10634RAAF241943-07-22ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. G. 1.
654 BeerAllan JohnPilot Officer403896RAAF221943-04-10Netherlands (Holland)Bergen General Cemetery, Plot 2. Row E. Grave 4.
655 BeerWilliam JamesLeading Aircraftman78642RAAF291943-10-27Papua New GuineaPort Moresby (Bomana) War Cemetery, B2. B. 8.
656 BeerJack AlfredWarrant Officer1239605RAFVR464Sqn (RAAF)221944-11-18Netherlands (Holland)Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery, 18. C. 7.Son Of Alfred George And Violet Annie Constance Beer, Of Northampton.
657 BeerEric ClarenceFlight Lieutenant253615RAAF311945-09-11Papua New GuineaPort Moresby Memorial, Panel 9.Son Of Clarence And Beatrice Maud Beer, Of Boort, Victoria.
658 BeesleyAlec HenryFlight Sergeant404631RAAF261942-09-05Netherlands (Holland)Leeuwarderadeel (Jelsum) Protestant Churchyard, Row K. Grave 2.Son Of Esther May Beesley, Of Mount Morgan, Queensland, Australia.
659 BeesonJohn LeslieFlying Officer427427RAAF261945-02-07GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. grave 17. D. 12-15. Son Of Sydney Arthur And Catherine Maud Mary Beeson, Of Mount Hawthorn, Western Australia; Husband Of Nonie Teresa Beeson, Of Mount Hawthorn.
660 BeestonWalter KeithPilot Officer24180RAAF251940-08-12AustraliaSydney Memorial, Panel 5.Son Of Walter Brill Beeston And Effie Hilda Beeston, Of Corinda, Queensland.
661 BeestonRichard DenisonFlight Sergeant403650RAAF331942-07-26United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 111.Son Of William Alfred Beeston, And Of Grace Singleton Beeston, Of Toronto, New South Wales, Australia.
662 BeestonJames MacfaddenFlying Officer424355RAAF211944-11-18GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 28. A. 9. Son Of Dr. William Read Conyngam Beeston And Audrey Alice Caroline Beeston, Of Roseville, New South Wales, Australia.
663 BeggColin BoydAircraftman 1st Class18951RAAF281944-09-17SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 444.Son Of Charles Murray Begg And Isobella Florence Begg.
664 BeggReginald KennethFlight Sergeant419081RAAF211944-06-25United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 260.Son Of Reginald Haussen Begg And Irene R. Begg, Of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
665 BeggJohnWarrant Officer425109RAAF251945-02-10SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 458.Son Of John And Elizabeth Begg, Of Scarness, Queensland, Australia.
666 BeggsNathaniel RossLeading Aircraftman40978RAAF211943-09-25AustraliaAdelaide River War Cemetery, C.A.6.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. C. L. Beggs, Of Tunstall, Victoria.
667 BeharrieDavidFlying Officer418334RAAF467Sqn271944-07-19FranceBrabant-Le-Roi Churchyard, Grave 3.Son Of Martin Hansen Beharrie And Agnes Wills Beharrie, Of St. Kilda East, Victoria, Australia.
668 BehrndtRaymond CarlFlight Lieutenant416406RAAF271943-11-17United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 187.
669 BeilbyJohn GeorgeSergeant414456RAAF241944-04-24United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 262.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. J. Beilby, Of South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; Husband Of Irene Joy Beilby, Of Terrace, British Columbia, Canada.
670 BeinkeDudley RaymondFlight Sergeant406136RAAF211942-06-02Netherlands (Holland)Flushing (Vlissingen) Northern Cemetery, Row B. Grave 27.Son Of Theodor Emil And Marie Antonia Beinke, Of Prospect, South Australia.
671 BeitzGordon ThomasSergeant414637RAAF211942-09-14Papua New GuineaPort Moresby (Bomana) War Cemetery, B2. C. 8.Son Of Charles Frederick And Nora Beitz, Of Roma, Queensland.
672 BeitzCecil FrancisFlight Sergeant6951RAAF291943-06-26AlgeriaEl Alia Cemetery, 12. F. 33.Son Of August John And Mary Elfreda Beitz; Husband Of Velma Mary Beitz. Of Montreal, Canada.
673 BelbinSydney FrankFlying Officer408140RAAF331942-09-05Netherlands (Holland)Leeuwarderadeel (Jelsum) Protestant Churchyard, Row K. Grave 4.Son Of Joseph Stanley And Emma Elizabeth Belbin; Husband Of Mattie Belbin, Of Ulverstone, Tasmania, Australia.
674 BelfordThomas DavidSergeant404950RAAF331942-07-12United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 112.Son Of William Thomas Belford And Elizabeth Belford, Of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
675 BelfordWilliam NoelFlight Lieutenant413945RAAF231944-01-27GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 10. B. 3.Son Of Francis Thomas Belford And Gladys Frances Belford, Of Taree, New South Wales, Australia.
676 BellMerton JohnSergeant402149RAAF271941-10-30United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 62.Son of John Norval Bell, and of Ethel May Bell, of Point Piper, New South Wales, Australia.
677 BellRalph DouglasLeading Aircraftman207712RAAF211941-04-29United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 63.Son of Ralph and Edith Maud Bell, of Windsor, New South Wales, Australia.
678 BellRonald JoshuaSergeant402497RAAF201941-11-07GermanyBecklingen War Cemetery, 13. E. 5.Son of Russell Moncrieff Bell and Elizabeth Vida Bell, of Eastwood, New South Wales, Australia.
679 BellJohn NapierFlight Lieutenant162RAAF241940-06-18FrancePloudaniel Churchyard, Grave 4.Son Of John Henry And Eva Annie Bell, Of Farina, South Australia. His Brother Alfred Napier Bell Also Fell.
680 BellDouglas CrawfordFlying Officer404031RAAF341942-10-22AustraliaTownsville War Cemetery, A.C.2.Son Of William And Minnie Morton Bell; Husband Of Vera Myrtle Bell, Of Manly.
681 BellJohn DouglasLeading Aircraftman409885RAAF231942-10-27AustraliaArarat General Cemetery, Presbyterian Plot. Grave 3901. (Grm/3).Son Of John Matthew And Alice Bell, Of Ararat.
682 BellThomasFlight Sergeant402184RAAF231942-09-09SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 421.Son Of Herbert Thomas Bell And Elizabeth M. Bell, Of Elwood, Victoria, Australia.
683 BellDavidSergeant406430RAAF201942-07-31United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 112.Son Of Harry Bell, And Of Irene May Bell, Of South Perth, Western Australia.
684 BellPatonFlight Sergeant406589RAAF201942-08-12United KingdomScottow Cemetery, Grave 283.Son Of Arthur James Bell And Mary Elizabeth Bell, Of Dalwallinu, Western Australia.
685 BellCharles HenryFlying Officer118432RAAF361943-11-23AustraliaAdelaide River War Cemetery, F.D.5.Son Of Charles And Mabel E. Bell; Husband Of Lily Augusta Bell, Of Claremont, Western Australia.
686 BellDouglas CharlesWarrant Officer406286RAAF251943-01-23EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 277.Son Of William Henry And Flora Bell; Husband Of Kathleen Hannah Bell, Of Victoria Park, Western Australia.
687 BellJohn CourtneySergeant205848RAAF291943-04-17GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 9. F. 23.
688 BellKeith SelwynFlight Sergeant414457RAAF231943-12-29Netherlands (Holland)Tungelroij Roman Catholic Churchyard, Row 1. Grave 4.
689 BellAlan FrankSergeant419924RAAF311943-11-27United KingdomRosskeen Parish Churchyard Extensions (Or Burial Ground), Sec. B. Grave 329.
690 BellFrederick GeorgeSergeant401884RAAF251943-02-03United KingdomScropton (St. Paul) Churchyard And Extension, Extn. Grave 112.
691 BellJack Gordon StewartSergeant409496RAAF201943-01-02United KingdomLlantwit Major Cemetery, Sec. C. Grave 36.
692 BellRonald CharlesFlying Officer412884RAAF201943-02-27United KingdomChevington Cemetery, Sec. H. Grave 247.
693 BellColin DouglasPilot Officer403317RAAF251944-09-11BelgiumOostende New Communal Cemetery, Plot 9. Row 5. Grave 39.Son Of David A. And Amy Bell, Of Lidcombe, New South Wales, Australia.
694 BellMaxwell HerronPilot Officer405995DFC

RAAF19Sqn (RAF)211944-09-09Netherlands (Holland)Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery, Ix. A. 12.Son Of John George Kingsborrough Bell And Evelyn Mary Bell, Of Bowenville, Queensland, Australia.
695 BellGeorge Samuel CrawfordPilot Officer412361RAAF231944-09-18Netherlands (Holland)Heteren General Cemetery, Plot 2. Row A. Coll. Grave 20-21.Son Of Walter Arthur And Catherine May Bell, Of Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia.
696 BellHilton CraigWarrant Officer413946RAAF221944-07-08United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 259.Son Of Sidney And Violet Hilda Bell, Of Fairfield, New South Wales, Australia.
697 BellJohn HardieFlight Sergeant434078RAAF201944-03-15United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 260.Son Of Walter Hardie Bell And Elizabeth Emma Bell, Of Stanthorpe, Queensland, Australia.
698 BellWilliam SamuelFlying Officer417693RAAF251945-05-20AustraliaAdelaide River War Cemetery, G.D.7.Son Of James Kenny Bell And Ethel Elizabeth Bell; Husband Of Martha Maude Bell, Of Bagot Well, South Australia.
699 BellJohn Douglas CampbellFlying Officer419249RAAF211945-02-01United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 282.Son Of George Campbell Bell And Jennie Beatrice Bell, Of Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia.
700 BellAlbertLeading Aircraftman58252 RAAF591946-08-14AustraliaPreston General Cemetery, C. of E. Plot. Compt. A. Grave 380.Son Of John And Rebecca Bell, Husband Of Ada Emily Bell, Of Rosebud.
701 BellOrten ClemLeading Aircraftman7198 RAAF261946-02-27AustraliaPerth (Karrakatta) General Cemetery, Presbyterian Plot. Row HA. Grave 421.Son Of Sydney Arnold Bell And Hilda Lillian Bell, Of Leederville; Husband Of Mavis Josephine Bell, Of Leederville.
702 Bell-towersWadya WellesleyPilot Officer400010RAAF321941-08-15Netherlands (Holland)Terschelling (West-terschelling) General Cemetery, Grave 30.Son of Henry Linacre Bell-towers and Isabel Marion Bell-towers; Husband of Merla Bell Towers, of Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia.
703 BellertMorris AmbroseFlying Officer404001RAAF82Sqn271944-10-18Papua New GuineaLae War Cemetery, Nn. C. 14.

Son Of Richard Albert Julius And Mary Jane Bellert; Husband Of Nea Raie Bellert, Of Casino, New South Wales.
704 BellhouseReginaldFlight Sergeant436712RAAF221944-11-16CanadaMiddleton Old Holy Trinity Cemetery, Sec. 2. Grave 9.

Son Of Frank Gordon And Emily Elizabeth Bellhouse, Of Mount Macedon, Victoria, Australia.
705 BellinghamRonald CharlesFlight Sergeant421033RAAF201943-09-08United KingdomChristchurch Cemetery, Sec. U. (Uncons. New). Grave 12.
706 BellmanNorman EdwinFlight Sergeant40597RAAF311943-09-04GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 7. J. 17.
707 BelotTheodore AlbertFlight Sergeant408382RAAF281943-06-14United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 192.
708 BelshawArthur MauriceSergeant67878RAAF201944-04-21Malaysia (ex Malaya)Labuan War Cemetery, 5. B. 9.Son Of Robert And Florence Amelia Belshaw, Of Riverstone, New South Wales, Australia.
709 BeltonWilliamSergeant1459357RAFVR460Sqn (RAAF)211943-11-26GermanySage War Cemetery, 1. C. 16.Son Of Charles E. M. Belton And Mabel Belton, Of Doncaster, Yorkshire.
710 BeltzEric LouisLeading Aircraftman18764RAAF281941-07-10AustraliaGeraldton War Cemetery, Plot A. Row C. Grave 11.Son of Louis Henry and Lillian Martha Beltz; Husband of Lillian Mary Beltz, of Elsternwick, Victoria.
711 BemanHarold JamesAircraftman 1st Class134443RAAF271943-10-09AustraliaToowoomba Cemetery, Plot B. Row D. Grave 2.Son Of James Thomas Beman And Edith Alice Beman, Of Carlton, New South Wales; Husband Of Marjorie Joyce Beman, Of Hurstville, New South Wales.
712 BendallJabez KevinPilot Officer419604RAAF241944-12-06GermanyHanover War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 11. D. 13-19.Son Of Thomas And Alicia Maud Bendall, Of Essendon, Victoria, Australia.
713 BenderMilton HaroldPilot Officer173405DFC

RAFVR460Sqn (RAAF)201944-04-10DenmarkEsbjerg (Fourfelt) Cemetery, A. 7. 11.Son Of Samuel And Rose Bender, Of Golders Green, Middlesex.
714 BenisonPhillip MervynSergeant11065RAAF301942-06-21United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 112.Son Of John Benison, And Of Theresa Benison, Of Preston, Victoria, Australia.
715 BenjaminColin GeorgePilot Officer403855RAAF221943-07-01Netherlands (Holland)Rotterdam (Crooswijk) General Cemetery, Plot Ll. Row 2. Grave 47.
716 BennJohn WalterSergeant404881RAAF321942-08-12United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 112.Son Of Frederick Ford Benn And Eleanor Benn, Of Wynnum, Queensland, Australia.
717 BennettArthur CharlesSergeant402217RAAF281941-11-15United KingdomCambridge City Cemetery, Grave 6522.Son of William Hastings Bennett and Hilda Bennett; Husband of Gwendoline Robina Bennett, of Binda, New South Wales, Australia.
718 BennettAlfred StephensonSergeant407818RAAF261942-06-21GermanySage War Cemetery, 5. C. 12.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. F. S. Bennett; Husband Of Olga Bennett, Of Elizabeth Bay, New South Wales, Australia.
719 BennettKeith CampbellFlight Sergeant407992RAAF221942-09-14GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 17. G. 19.Son Of Reginald Jack And Mary Robina Bennett, Of Malvern, South Australia.
720 BennettRichard TrevorFlying Officer411272RAAF291943-12-02AustraliaNarromine War Cemetery, Plot A. Row B. Grave 3.Son Of George Edward And Nellie Bennett, Of Belmore; Husband Of Florrie Isabell Bennett, Of Leichhardt.
721 BennettKenneth JackFlying Officer401409RAAF251943-01-03EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 272.Son Of Samuel Charles And Fanny Severn Bennett, Of Geelong West, Victoria, Australia.
722 BennettBruce WilliamFlying Officer420637RAAF271943-06-12Netherlands (Holland)Jonkerbos War Cemetery, 20. J. 4.
723 BennettLeon Herbert BernardLeading Aircraftman439559RAAF191944-07-20CanadaClaresholm Cemetery, Block 14. Lot 10. Grave 3.

Son Of Herbert Noel And Dorothy Charlotte Bennett, Of Neutral Bay, New South Wales, Australia.
724 BennettKenneth Edwin HaroldFlying Officer424117RAAF463Sqn RAAF

221944-12-18FranceLe Gros-Theil Communal Cemetery, Coll. Grave.Son Of Harold And Ethel Louisa Bennett, Of Annandale, New South Wales, Australia.
725 BennettGeorgeSergeant2220133RAFVR467Sqn (RAAF)271944-05-10FranceHellemmes-Lille Communal Cemetery, Row B. Grave 18.

Son Of George And Eliza Ann Bennett, Of South Yardley, Birmingham.
726 BennettHenry EdwardFlying Officer145380RAFVR460Sqn (RAAF)301944-01-02GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 5. F. 30.Son Of Henry Edward And Violet May Bennett; Husband Of Freda Bennett, Of Collier Row, Romford, Essex.
727 BennettFredFlight Sergeant434492RAAF271944-12-31GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 1. E. 13.Son Of John Henry And Madelene Kate Bennett, Of Branxholm, Tasmania. Australia.
728 BennettAlexanderFlight Sergeant418698RAAF291944-08-05PolandKrakow Rakowicki Cemetery, Coll. Grave 1. D. 6-7.Son Of Maxwell And Sadie Bennett; Husband Of Lydia Adelaide Bennett, Of East St. Kilda, Victoria, Australia.
729 BennettBrian PercivalFlight Sergeant425264RAAF201944-02-20United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 260.Son Of William Crifton Moat Bennett And Christina Bennett, Of Clermont, Queensland, Australia.
730 BennettJames Frederick MorganWarrant Officer404195RAAF271945-02-19GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 6. C. 27.Son Of James Frederick William And Gladys Morgan Bennett, Of Beechcroft, New South Wales, Australia.
731 BennettRichard StewartFlying Officer436327RAAF201945-03-21GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 2. L. 10.Son Of Alfred Stewart Bennett And Violet Bennett, Of Leederville, Western Australia.
732 BennettWilliam KeithPilot Officer37471DFC

RAAF231945-03-25Netherlands (Holland)Apeldoorn (Ugchelen-Heidehof) General Cemetery, Plot 4. Grave 133.Son Of William George And Bertha Florence Bennett, Of Urunga, New South Wales, Australia.
733 BennettWilfred StuartFlight Sergeant432937RAAF201945-04-05United KingdomHarrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery, Sec. G. Row J. Grave 11.Son Of Wilfred Laurence Bennett And Marie Bennett, Of Randwick, New South Wales, Australia.
734 BennettAlan W.Leading Aircraftman89121 RAAF211946-08-08AustraliaCarr Villa General Cemetery, Sec. C11. Grave 167-8. (GRM/8).Son Of Wilfred Abraham And Doris Bennett, Of Frankston, Victoria.
735 BenningtonDouglas EdwardSergeant33244RAAF211943-08-11United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 195.
736 BensleyMarcusFlight Sergeant425586RAAF211944-08-15ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. A. 3.Son Of Mark And Ellen May Bensley, Of Greenslopes, Queensland, Australia.
737 BensonJohn WarnerLeading Aircraftman29274RAAF361942-10-21AustraliaPerth (Karrakatta) Crematorium, G Wall. Niche 125.Son Of Thomas And Alice Benson; Husband Of Joyce Alice Ellen Benson, Of Boyup Brook.
738 BensonSydney WilliamSergeant402499RAAF191942-03-08United KingdomSt. Columb Major Cemetery, Grave 659.Son Of Morton William And Mary Benson, Of North Bondi, New South Wales, Australia.
739 BensonPhilip WilliamFlight Sergeant424949RAAF321944-07-21BelgiumWevelgem Communal Cemetery, Grave E. 493.Son Of Harold And Selina Victoria Benson; Husband Of Denise Eileen Benson, Of Cremorne, New South Wales, Australia.
740 BensonDonald DouglasFlight Sergeant435604RAAF291945-05-20AustraliaAdelaide River War Cemetery, G.D.11.Son Of Douglas And Maude Kathleen Benson, Of Mosman, New South Wales.
741 BensonDavid BernardWarrant Officer402487RAAF261945-03-31IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery, 32. D. 13.Son Of Henry Benjamin And Lydia Benson; Husband Of Dorothy Maud Benson, Of Highett, Victoria, Australia.
742 BenstedLionel MauriceSergeant404428RAAF281942-06-10SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 421.Son Of William Henry And Ilma Martha Bensted, Of Greenslopes, Queensland, Australia.
743 BentThomas EdwardFlight Sergeant415066RAAF211943-07-30United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 192.
744 BentleyCharles GeorgeFlight Sergeant401361RAAF261942-08-12United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 111.Son Of Charles John And Emily Olive Bentley; Husband Of Mary Theresa Bentley, Of West Richmond, Victoria, Australia.
745 BentleyJames WilliamLeading Aircraftman83519 RAAF201946-04-27AustraliaPerth War Cemetery And Annex, L.B.9.Son Of Albert Edward And Vera Alberta Bentley, Of Victoria Park.
746 BenzieJames MacadamFlight Sergeant413526RAAF201944-03-15GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 4. E. 23.Son Of Robert And Jean Benzie; Husband Of Ivy Benzie, Of Etwall, Derbyshire, England.
747 BeresfordJohn FrancisSergeant5593RAAF211943-03-28Israel and Palestine (including Gaza)Khayat Beach War Cemetery, C. A. 17.
748 BergelinRupert WilliamFlight Sergeant428900RAAF201944-10-23United KingdomCambridge City Cemetery, Grave 15122.Son Of Rupert Wilhelm And Gertrude Elsie Bergelin, Of North Bondi, New South Wales, Australia.
749 BergerColin BruceSergeant408619RAAF241943-01-31United KingdomDrumachose (Christ Church) Church Of Ireland Churchyard, Grave 10.
750 BerghouseMaxwell Dawson RaymondLeading Aircraftman14840RAAF231942-02-24Papua New GuineaRabaul Memorial, Panel 36.Son Of Leon Montague Berghouse And Katherine Ruth Berghouse, Of Como, New South Wales.
751 BerkleyRobert ErnestFlying Officer401410RAAF221944-01-06EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 281.Son Of John Thomas Berkley And Gertrude Myra Berkley, Of Elwood, Victoria, Australia.
752 BernaldoJackFlight Sergeant410115RAAF271944-04-10DenmarkEsbjerg (Fourfelt) Cemetery, A. 7. 14.Son Of Alfred And Annie Bernaldo; Husband Of Gwendoline Bernaldo, Of Malvern, Victoria, Australia.
753 BernardClive RobertFlying Officer268072RAAF271942-02-14AustraliaNewcastle (Sandgate) General Cemetery, C. Of E. Sec. 124. Grave 5. (Grm/2).Son Of Mr. And Mrs. Bernard, Of Hamilton, New South Wales, Australia.
754 BernardClifford SidneySquadron Leader259RAAF261942-09-28Papua New GuineaPort Moresby Memorial, Panel 9.Son Of David Leon And Florence Maud Bernard; Husband Of Gwendolyn Mary Bernard, Of Mount Macedon, Victoria.
755 BerndtThomas DesmondLeading Aircraftman426773RAAF201942-12-23AustraliaNarromine General Cemetery, R.C. Plot. Sec. F(L). Grave 20.Son Of William Bemard And Mary Elizabeth Berndt, Of Woolloongabba, Queensland.
756 BernieWalter BurfordPilot Officer428901RAAF201944-10-25Papua New GuineaLae Memorial, Panel 6.

Son Of Madeline Bernie, Of Petersham, New South Wales.
757 BerrimanCecil KennethSergeant402102RAAF241941-08-22EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 245.Son of Cecil Clarence and Elsie Rose Berriman, of Mosman, New South Wales, Australia.
758 BerrimanVincent GeraldFlying Officer17354RAAF251945-04-09GermanyHamburg Cemetery, 4A. K. 10.Son Of Vincent And Dorothy Edith Berriman; Husband Of Glen Berriman, Of Scarborough, Western Australia.
759 BerryWilliam GloverSergeant1368760RAFVR467Sqn (RAAF)191943-05-13GermanyHanover War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 8. J. 8-14.Son Of Thomas And Isabella Glover Berry, Of Methil, Fife.
760 BerryWeston RobertFlight Sergeant33396RAAF291943-06-12Netherlands (Holland)Beverwijk General Cemetery, Grave 689.
761 BerryEdmund HughesFlight Sergeant417448RAAF191943-10-11United KingdomTroqueer Cemetery, Sec. H. Extn. 2. Grave 16.
762 BerryEdwin HenryFlight Sergeant410436RAAF261943-08-31United KingdomHarrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery, Sec. C. Row B. Grave 8.
763 BerryStanley GeorgeFlight Sergeant40182RAAF211943-12-06United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 192.
764 BerryAlexander MitchellSergeant1861471RAFVR466Sqn (RAAF)191944-05-13BelgiumSchoonselhof Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iva. E. 33-34.Son Of William Wilson Berry And Florence Augusta Berry, Of Kingsbury, Middlesex.
765 BerryThomas CromwellSergeant1391597RAFVR467Sqn (RAAF)1944-08-13BelgiumHotton War Cemetery, Vii. E. 2.
766 BerryTimpron Martin KennethLeading Aircraftman144666RAAF441945-05-03AustraliaCharters Towers War Cemetery, Plot A. Row B. Grave 14.Son Of Timpron Martin Berry And Millicent Berry, Of Aldinga, South Australia.
767 BerryLaurence NoelAircraftman 1st Class50804RAAF321945-07-13Papua New GuineaLae War Cemetery, L. A. 5.

Son Of John Montague And Blanche Georgina Spencer Berry; Husband Of Ellen May Berry, Of Balranald, New South Wales.
768 BerryKenneth CresswellFlight Lieutenant271393RAAF371947-03-07AustraliaEuroa Public Cemetery, C. of E. Plot. Compt. C. Grave 227.Son Of Norman And Beatrix Hamilton Berry; Husband Of Flora Stevenson Berry, Of Euroa.
769 BerrymanArthur Albert WilliamPilot Officer415495RAAF291944-06-25FranceNeuilly-L'Hopital Churchyard, Son Of Frederick Langley Berryman And Gertrude Annie Berryman; Husband Of Agnes Elizabeth Berryman, Of Victoria Park, Western Australia.
770 BerthelsenMervin LeeSergeant426451RAAF201944-03-28AustraliaPerth War Cemetery And Annex, N.C.15.Son Of Christian Albert And Alice Beatrice Berthelsen Of Scarness, Queensland.
771 BertramEric CharlesLeading Aircraftman116892RAAF211944-01-03Papua New GuineaLae War Cemetery, C. A. 16.

Son Of Ernest Manly Bertram And Mary Josephine Bertram, Of Koondrook, Victoria.
772 BertuchErnest JamesFlying Officer401294RAAF321943-07-16TunisiaMedjez-El-Bab War Cemetery, 13. E. 9.
773 BeruldsenKenneth CupplesFlight Lieutenant410034RAAF221944-12-16NorwaySola Churchyard, British Plot. B. 9.Son Of Einar Bjorn And Helen Yeats Beruldsen, Of Traralgon, Victoria, Australia.
774 Bessell-BrowneJohnSergeant406205RAAF291942-01-20IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery, 11. D. 1.Son Of Brigadier-General Alfred Joseph Bessell-Browne And Muriel Bessell-Browne; Husband Of Gwendoline L. Adele Bessell-Browne, Of Toorak, Victoria, Australia.
775 BestwickRichard BernardFlying Officer151751RAFVR460Sqn (RAAF)301944-03-26BelgiumHotton War Cemetery, Vii. C. 4.Son Of George Henry And Margaret May Bestwick; Husband Of Lenora Bestwick, Of Mullion, Cornwall.
776 BethelStanley JamesFlying Officer411987RAAF241944-12-12GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 13. G. 14.Son Of Thomas Stanley And Miriam Georgina Bethel, Of Rockdale, New South Wales, Australia.
777 BetsonJohn Louis WardFlight Sergeant409887RAAF271943-09-23GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 18. A. 9-12.
778 BetteridgeArthur JosephSergeant1138925RAFVR460Sqn (RAAF)331942-09-19United KingdomWalton-Upon-Trent (St. Laurence) Churchyard, Grave 118.Son Of George And Ethel Betteridge; Husband Of Nelly Betteridge, Of Spondon.
779 BetteridgeArthur FrederickFlying Officer400772RAAF271943-07-23GreeceSuda Bay War Cemetery, 5. E. 1.
780 BettingtonMax MilsonWarrant Officer412306RAAF466Sqn221944-06-03FranceDreux Communal Cemetery, Row 1. Joint Grave 31.Son Of William John And Alice Elliot Bettington, Of Merriwa, New South Wales, Australia.
781 BettsLeslie RobertFlight Lieutenant115097RAFVR467Sqn (RAAF)1943-06-12GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 3. A. 3-7.
782 BettsErnest GeorgeAircraftman 1st Class146312RAAF261944-09-29AustraliaRockhampton War Cemetery, Plot A. Row C. Grave 1.Son Of George Henry And Aimee Betts; Husband Of Janet Wilson Betts, Of Sydney, New South Wales.
783 BeutelWilliamFlight Sergeant434288RAAF106Sqn (RAF)201944-06-25FranceSt. Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen, Block "S". Plot 1. Row G. Joint Grave 11.Son Of Wilhelm August Beutel And Mary Beutel, Of Brigalow, Queensland, Australia.
784 BevanKeith HarryPilot Officer35952RAAF221943-11-21Papua New GuineaLae Memorial, Panel 6.

785 BeveridgeRoy StuartPilot Officer411115RAAF201942-05-01AustraliaSydney (Waverley) General Cemetery, Gen. Select Sec. 21. Grave 4500.Son Of Harry And Lucy Iris Beveridge, Of Cremorne.
786 BeverstockAlbertLeading Aircraftman62078RAAF581944-06-13AustraliaSydney War Cemetery, T. D. 12.(Served As A. Smedley).  Son Of Albert And Henrietta Beverstock; Husband Of Eva Mary Pearl Beverstock, Of Paddington.
787 BevesNorman CecilLeading Aircraftman423599RAAF221942-12-08AustraliaTemora General Cemetery, C. Of E. Plot. Row 40. Grave 4.Son Of Cecil Norman And Bertha Irene Beves; Husband Of Violet May Beves, Of Annandale.
788 BewleyEdwardFlight Lieutenant4656RAAF441947-02-13AustraliaPerth War Cemetery And Annex, K.A.8.Son Of Henry George And Mary Ann Bewley; Husband Of Doris Bewley, Of Midland Junction.
789 BeyerFrederick AveryFlying Officer409656RAAF201943-11-08CanadaOttawa Memorial, Panel 3. Column 1.Son Of Frederick Carl Garrett Beyer And Ethel Beyer, Of Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.
790 BeyerHarry MalcolmFlying Officer426012RAAF201943-08-14United KingdomOxford (Botley) Cemetery, Plot I/2. Grave 43.
791 BeyerMaxwell SydneyFlight Sergeant410589RAAF211943-11-25United KingdomBath (Haycombe) Cemetery, Plot 39. Sec. H. Row C. Grave 255.
792 BiccardNoel ThalmanPilot Officer410044RAAF231945-01-21Bangladesh (ex India)Maynamati War Cemetery, Coll. grave 3. D. 19.Son Of Max Thalman Biccard And Gertrude Marguerite Biccard, Of Middle Brighton, Victoria, Australia.
793 BiceAubrey ArchdaleSergeant405066RAAF251942-07-26GermanyHamburg Cemetery, Joint Grave 6A. F. 1-2.Son Of Willie Wellesley Bice And Bertha Bice, Of Leycester, New South Wales, Australia.
794 BickertonHugh GeoffreyFlying Officer5257RAAF301944-08-27AustraliaSpringvale War Cemetery, Melbourne, 2.U.C.1.Son Of James Geoffrey And Emma Isabel Bickerton, Of Toorak.
795 BickfordDouglas FitzgeraldFlight Sergeant428902RAAF201944-03-31GermanyHanover War Cemetery, 4. F. 5.Son Of Charles Reginald And Kathleen May Bickford, Of Gordon, New South Wales, Australia.
796 BicknellDonald FrancisAircraftman 1st Class115087RAAF181942-08-24AustraliaAdelaide (Centennial Park) Cemetery, Plot A. Row C. Grave 5.Son Of Edwin George And Elsie Thornton Campbell Bicknell, Of Cal Lal, New South Wales.
797 BicknellAubrey GriffithFlight Sergeant413710RAAF221943-10-15United KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery, 4. I. 19.
798 BidenRossPilot Officer402718RAAF231942-06-16EgyptHalfaya Sollum War Cemetery, 17. E. 2.Son Of Norman Frederick And Hilda Biden, Of Cremorne, New South Wales, Australia.
799 BidgoodFrancis WilliamLeading Aircraftman14499RAAF201941-10-04United KingdomBournemouth North Cemetery, Row F.4. Grave 92.Son of George Frederick and Rosina Bidgood, of Pendle Hill, New South Wales, Australia.
800 BidstrupGeorge FergusonFlying Officer430007RAAF201945-04-16AustraliaNewcastle (Sandgate) War Cemetery, Plot E. Row B. Grave 5.Son Of Ernest Oliver And Lizzie Marie Bidstrup, Of Broadford, Victoria.
801 BiesiotLeslie HendrikPilot Officer427370RAAF301944-09-30United KingdomCambridge City Cemetery, Grave 15549.Son Of Hendrik And Hilda Maud Biesiot; Husband Of Lorna Josephine Biesiot, Of South Fremantle, Western Australia.
802 BiffenJack StanleyFlight Sergeant411839RAAF211943-05-24Netherlands (Holland)Schoonebeek (Oud Schoonebeek) General Cemetery, Plot 3. Row 1. Grave 748.
803 BiffinFrancis RoyLeading Aircraftman69714RAAF451947-08-08AustraliaRookwood Necropolis, Sydney, Methodist. Sec. 2A.W. Grave 503.Son Of Francis And Delia Biffin; Husband Of Ethel Constance Biffin, Of Glebe.
804 BigginGeoffrey MoylePilot Officer408831RAAF291942-08-08United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 111.Son Of Charles Edward And Nellie Marion Biggin; Husband Of Jean Edmeads Biggin, Of Cranbrook, Western Australia.
805 BiggsAnthony KentFlying Officer412886RAAF201943-07-09EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 272.Son Of Aubrey Wilfred And Judith Henry Biggs, Of Wahroonga, New South Wales, Australia.
806 BiggsErnest RoyFlight Sergeant413476RAAF331943-08-18GermanyKiel War Cemetery, 4. B. 14.
807 BiglandsReginald JohnFlight Sergeant407282RAAF281942-06-03United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 111.Son Of Percy And Pearl Martha Biglands; Husband Of Olive May Biglands, Of Kilburn, South Australia.
808 BigmoreGordon WilliamFlying Officer418047RAAF211943-10-18United KingdomFogo Churchyard, Sec. E. Grave 5.
809 BillardCharles EdwardSergeant1595492RAFVR463Sqn RAAF

271945-03-03GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. grave 24. D. 12.-14.Son Of Arthur Albert And Annie Elizabeth Billard, Of Walkley, Sheffield; Husband Of Hilda Billard, Of Walkley.
810 BillettCliveFlight Sergeant414191RAAF251944-04-10DenmarkEsbjerg (Fourfelt) Cemetery, A. 7. 9.Son Of John Charles And Mary Kate Elizabeth May Billett, Of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
811 BillingAlbert Norman JamesFlight Sergeant436283RAAF211944-08-26GermanyKiel War Cemetery, 3. H. 18.Son Of Norman John Silas And Lydia Jane Billing, Of Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
812 BillingJohn UrbanFlying Officer2114RAAF281944-07-01United KingdomCambridge City Cemetery, Grave 13506.Son Of Urban Stanley Billing And Louisa Ann Billing, Of Mildura, Victoria, Australia.
813 BillingtonCharles SielWarrant Officer411674RAAF261944-10-14IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery, 30. D. 7.Son Of Fredrick Charles And Lillian Evelyn Billington; Husband Of Lorraine Hope Billington, Of Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia.
814 BillmanDouglas PayneFlying Officer423045RAAF211944-07-26FranceVerrieres Churchyard, Coll. Grave.Son Of George Henry And Ethel Louisa Billman, Of St. Kilda, Victoria, Australia.
815 BilneyRaymond Thomas JamesFlying Officer129024RAFVR467Sqn (RAAF)311943-09-04GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, Joint Grave 4. F. 24-25.Son Of Thomas George Bilney And Ethel Rose Bilney, Formerly Jeffery, Of Surrey.
816 BilsbyRalph TrenhamFlight Sergeant415222RAAF211943-07-22ItalyCassino War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Xvii. D. 1-10.
817 BiltoftArthur HenryWarrant Officer414192RAAF251944-05-07FranceBayeux War Cemetery, Xxix. H. 21-26 (Coll.)Son Of Arthur And Josephine Tate Biltoft, Of Sarina, Queensland, Australia.
818 BiltoftTom TateFlying Officer404525RAAF281945-05-17IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery, Coll. grave 11. C. 1-15.Son Of Arthur And Josephine Tate Biltoft; Husband Of Mary Acquin Biltoft, Of Sarina, North Queensland, Australia.
819 BiltonVictor John HerbertCorporal12572RAAF301942-06-08AustraliaFrankston Cemetery, R.C. Plot. Sec. C. Grave 789. (Grm/3).Son Of Joseph And Margaret Mary Bilton; Husband Of Valda Amelia Mary Bilton, Of Frankston.
820 BinderKenneth WilliamFlight Sergeant431194RAAF191945-03-16GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 9. A. 2.Son Of William Henry And Elsie Stanbury Binder, Of Benjeroop, Victoria, Australia.
821 BinghamClive FrederickPilot Officer413515RAAF221942-09-30AustraliaGeraldton War Cemetery, Plot B. Row A. Grave 1.Son Of John Frederick And Linda Adele Bingham, Of Bexley, New South Wales.
822 BinghamClive ThomasSergeant4559RAAF231942-07-31United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 112.Son Of Leonard And Edna May Bingham, Of Auburn, New South Wales, Australia.
823 BinghamKevin JoffreFlight Sergeant426027RAAF201944-02-17ItalyBari War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Xv. A. 28-32. Son Of John Henry James Bingham And Clara Ivy Bingham, Of Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia.
824 BinghamVincent WilliamLeading Aircraftman55152RAAF341947-01-06AustraliaCheltenham New General Cemetery, R.C. Plot. Row 121. Grave 19.

Son Of William And Rose Bingham; Husband Of Pearl Matilda Bingham, Of South Yarra.
825 BinnieWilliam George RonaldFlying Officer43192RAAF271943-09-10Papua New GuineaRabaul Memorial, Panel 34.
826 BinnieNeil ArlieLeading Aircraftman33659RAAF291944-06-24SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 444.Son Of Arlie Thomas Binnie And Annie Binnie, Of Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia.
827 BinnieKeith CedricFlying Officer423602RAAF231944-07-21United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 257.Son Of Charles Stewart Binnie, And Of Jessie May Binnie, Of Burwood, New South Wales, Australia.
828 BinningWilliam RobertFlying Officer421881RAAF241945-01-16AustraliaSale War Cemetery, Plot B. Row C. Grave 5.

Son Of Thomas And Emily Isobel Binning.
829 BinningTerence WilliamWarrant Officer420432RAAF221945-07-13Myanmar (ex Burma)Taukkyan War Cemetery, 12. D. 23.Son Of Albert William And Florence Binning, Of Guildford, New South Wales, Australia.
830 BinsteadJackPilot Officer429099RAAF251944-11-02GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 7. D. 5-9.Son Of Frank Henry And Muriel Howe Binstead, Of Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia.
831 BirchEric EylesFlight Sergeant429445RAAF201944-10-25GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 26. G. 3.Son Of Frederick Tyler Birch And Emma Susannah Graham Birch, Of North Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia.
832 BirchErnest HughFlight Sergeant38770RAAF211944-03-31GermanyHanover War Cemetery, 16. E. 14.Son Of Harold Ernest And Victoria Maud Margaret Birch, Of Bunbury, Western Australia.
833 BirchallFrederick GeorgeSquadron Leader252031 RAAF471946-04-17IndonesiaJakarta War Cemetery, 4. D. 5.Son Of George And Harriet Birchall, Of Hyde, Cheshire, England.
834 BirdHugh AlexanderFlight Sergeant410210RAAF261943-08-03United KingdomBath (Haycombe) Cemetery, Plot 51. Sec. H. Row V. Grave 251.
835 BirdJack HumeFlight Sergeant409131RAAF271944-03-20AustraliaToowoomba Cemetery, Plot B. Row C. Grave 5.Son Of Harry Edward Sheppard Bird And Jessie Marion Bird, Of Shepparton, Victoria; Husband Of Mavis Elizabeth Bird, Of Shepparton.
836 BirdWalter JamesSergeant62526RAAF321944-10-29AustraliaNorthern Territory Memorial, Panel 9.Son Of James Waters Bird And Edith Bird; Husband Of Lena Bird, Of Lane Cove, New South Wales.
837 BirdJohn PowellFlying Officer410619RAAF231944-03-25GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 16. E. 2-5. Son Of Leigh And Lucie Stocker Bird, Of Mont Albert, Victoria, Australia.
838 BirdHarold WilliamPilot Officer417330RAAF281944-06-17Netherlands (Holland)Terschelling (West-Terschelling) General Cemetery, Grave 119.Son Of David And Hilda Emily Bird; Husband Of Joyce Emily Bird, Of Hilton, South Australia.
839 BirdCampbell DavidFlight Sergeant418048RAAF301944-02-26United KingdomOxford (Botley) Cemetery, Plot I/2. Grave 169.Son Of Edwin David And Caroline Ballintyne Bird; Husband Of Ethel Fredrica Bird, Of Bassendean, Western Australia.
840 BirdNorman BrianFlight Sergeant431012RAAF201945-02-03GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 20. G. 3.Son Of Norman John And Katie Clarke Bird, Of Corowa, New South Wales, Australia.
841 BirdseyKeith CharlesFlight Sergeant400523RAAF311943-03-05Bangladesh (ex India)Chittagong War Cemetery, 1. G. 1.Son Of Charles Horace And Elizabeth Jessie Birdsey, Of Newtown, Victoria, Australia.
842 BirkHilary EldredFlight Sergeant402634MiDRAAF201942-07-15LibyaBenghazi War Cemetery, 6. E. 20.Son Of The Revd. George Phillip Birk And Elvy Grace Birk, Of Croydon, New South Wales, Australia.
843 BirkDoric PhillipFlight Sergeant14228RAAF231943-06-15BelgiumHeverlee War Cemetery, 4. E. 1.Son Of The Revd. George Phillip Birk And Elvy Grace Birk, Of Croydon, New South Wales, Australia.
844 BirkbeckAlburn FrederickFlight SergeantR/102142RCAF467Sqn (RAAF)1943-05-26Netherlands (Holland)Bergen General Cemetery, Plot 2. Row E. Grave 26.
845 BirminghamWilliam JohnFlight Sergeant406500RAAF211942-07-28United KingdomManby (St. Mary) Churchyard, Grave 15.

Son Of Herbert E. Birmingham And Dorothy A. Birmingham, Of Dwellingup, Western Australia.
846 BirminghamFrederick BrookFlight Lieutenant113268DFC

RAFVR462 (RAAF)Sqn221943-08-19ItalySalerno War Cemetery, V. C. 22.
847 BirrellJohn RupertLeading Aircraftman18180RAAF331941-09-12AustraliaCarlsruhe Public Cemetery, C. of E. Plot. Row LC. Grave 5.Son of George and Harriet Birrell; Husband of Mrs. O. A. Birrell, of Carlton.
848 BirrellEric AlfredFlight Sergeant416923RAAF211944-03-15GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 4. F. 27.Son Of James And Emilie Minna Birrell, Of Mount Gambier, South Australia.
849 BirrellWilson JohnLeading Aircraftman41755RAAF221945-12-15AustraliaBrisbane (Lutwyche) Cemetery, Sec. 73. Grave 25.Son Of Wilson And Edith Birrell, Of East Geelong, Victoria.
850 BirrellRichard BuckleyFlying Officer419578RAAF291945-11-28Malaysia (ex Malaya)Labuan Memorial, Panel 32.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. R. B. Birrell, Of Caulfield, Victoria.
851 BirtLynton Vennell HowardFlying Officer406823RAAF251942-10-09AustraliaPerth War Cemetery And Annex, N.A.8.Son Of George Edward Howard Birt And Genevieve Birt, Of Nedlands.
852 BirtPeter JohnFlight Sergeant1392403RAFVR466Sqn (RAAF)1944-07-25GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 4. G. 3.
853 BirtPeter NorhamFlying Officer427892RAAF201945-01-28GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 4. G. 35.Son Of Lt.-Col. Charles William Howard Birt, D.S.O. And 2 Bars, And Rosalind Lucy Birt, Of Tambellup, Western Australia.
854 BirtlesAlfred JohnFlying Officer412334RAAF301943-08-28GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 5. G. 5.
855 BirtlesRonald JosephFlight Sergeant421154RAAF281944-06-12FranceNantes (Pont-Du-Cens) Communal Cemetery, Plot L. Row C. Coll. Grave 24-26.Son Of George Bernard And Ethel May Birtles, Of Cremorne, New South Wales, Australia.
856 BishopFrank ElliottSergeant416113RAAF291942-09-19United KingdomBinbrook (St. Mary) Churchyard, Son Of Edward Samuel And Esther Ann Bishop; Husband Of Marguerite Lorraine Bishop, Of Hyde Park, South Australia.
857 BishopJackSergeant407283RAAF241942-02-14United KingdomLossiemouth Burial Ground, Grave 1145.Son Of Charles Drew Bishop And Charlotte Bishop, Of West Mount Gambier, South Australia.
858 BishopGeorgePilot Officer417040RAAF221943-03-15AustraliaGeraldton War Cemetery, Plot A. Row A. Grave 9.Son Of George And Alice May Bishop, Of Prospect, South Australia.
859 BishopMaurice ArthurSergeant426520RAAF281943-08-14AustraliaTemora General Cemetery, Plot A. Row D. Grave 4.Son Of Thomas Arthur And Elsie May Bishop; Husband Of Helen Prudence Bishop, Of Cordelia, Queensland.
860 BishopThomas AnthonyFlying Officer415890RAAF201943-08-21AustraliaParkes General Cemetery, Plot A. Row D. Grave 2.Son Of William James Bishop And Fanny Bishop, Of Fremantle, Western Australia.
861 BishopColin LisleSergeant418499RAAF191943-05-27CanadaVictoria (Royal Oak) Burial Park, Sec. D. Plot 20. Grave 10.Son Of Harry Lisle Bishop And Mabel Isabel Bishop, Of Albury, New South Wales, Australia.
862 BishopBenjamin HarveySergeant406557RAAF231943-03-11FranceMarson-Sur-Barboure Churchyard, Coll. Grave 1-4.Son Of Benjamin And Agnes Bishop, Of Geraldton, Western Australia.
863 BishopJames JohnFlight Sergeant419406RAAF211944-09-12IndiaRanchi War Cemetery, Joint Grave 8. B. 1-2.

Son Of Sydney Wells Bishop And Irvina Gladys Bishop, Of Ashton, South Australia.
864 BishopLeslieFlying Officer433889RAAF201945-09-15Malaysia (ex Malaya)Labuan War Cemetery, 5. C. 4.Son Of William And Olive Bishop, Of Harbord, New South Wales, Australia.
865 BishopLeslie WalterCorporal143872 RAAF201946-03-03AustraliaTownsville War Cemetery, E.B.15.Son Of Horace Henry And Letitea Maud Bishop, Of Springvale, Victoria.
866 BlackPatrick AdairFlying Officer558RAAF231941-02-12AustraliaIpswich General Cemetery, Queensland, C. of E. Plot. Sec. A. Grave A8661.Son of Arthur Laughton Black and Beatrice Agnes Black; Husband of Vida Joy Black, of Melbourne, Victoria.
867 BlackJohn RobertLeading Aircraftman409376RAAF261942-04-12AustraliaWilliamstown General Cemetery, C. Of E. Plot. Compt. O. Line 12. Grave 7. (Grm/3)Son Of Robert Johnson Black And Esther Amelia Black, Of Wonthaggi.
868 BlackCharles NoolaPilot Officer405437RAAF221943-04-04United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 190.
869 BlackGregory JamesFlying Officer409519RAAF301943-04-03United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 187.
870 BlackRussell LindsayPilot Officer411275RAAF221944-04-03AustraliaAdelaide River War Cemetery, Coll. Grave S.B.10-14.Son Of Reginald Lindsay Black, And Evelyn Mary Victoria Black, Of Leeton, New South Wales.
871 BlackHarry PenriceSergeant1823613RAFVR460Sqn (RAAF)191944-05-04FranceDommartin-Lettree Churchyard, Grave 1.Son Of Harry Leadbetter Black And Mary Alexander Penrice Black, Of Edinburgh.
872 BlackStanley KevinFlight Sergeant418790RAAF211944-06-11FranceBayeux War Cemetery, Xvi. C. 8.Son Of George And Lillian Eliza Black, Of North Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia.
873 BlackClarence AlwinPilot Officer415608RAAF331944-09-12GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 19. B. 1.Son Of Walter Gilbert And Agnes Black, Of Mosman Park, Western Australia.
874 BlackFrank AlexanderFlight Sergeant429371RAAF311944-12-06GermanyHanover War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 11 E. 1-4.Son Of Walter Samuel And Florence Elsie Black, Of East Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
875 BlackDouglas JohnPilot Officer426028RAAF241944-09-02United KingdomCambridge City Cemetery, Grave 14702.Son Of John William And Daphne Helen Black, Of Coorparoo, Queensland, Australia.
876 BlackDudley VictorFlying Officer410299RAAF221944-06-11United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 257.Son Of Charles Robert And Evelyn Winifred Black, Of Coburg, Victoria, Australia.
877 BlackburnAllen MartinSergeant401362RAAF221942-09-29AustraliaBrighton General Cemetery, Victoria, C. Of E. Plot. Compt. Zb. Grave 791.Son Of Moses William And Catherine Elizabeth Blackburn, Of St. Kilda.
878 BlackburnAdrian JohnFlying Officer403210RAAF271943-03-26MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 11, Column 1.
879 BlackerIan BruceSergeant407163RAAF261941-10-14AustraliaTumby Bay General Cemetery, Row I. Grave 83.Son of Stanley Bruce and Doris Blacker, of Edillilie.
880 BlackfordWalter FrederickFlying Officer425589RAAF241945-03-08SerbiaBelgrade War Cemetery, Joint grave 8. C. 8-9.Son Of Ernest George Tobias Blackford And Georgina Amelia Blackford, Of Northgate, Queensland, Australia.
881 BlackhamKenneth LeslieFlying Officer400269RAAF221942-02-22United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 109.Son Of Leslie Claude And Myrtle Nellie Blackham, Of East Malvern, Victoria, Australia.
882 BlackieRaymond JackSergeant403309RAAF211943-04-27AustraliaNewcastle (Sandgate) War Cemetery, Plot E. Row D. Grave 10.Son Of Walter Jack And Mabel Florence Blackie, Of Bondi.
883 BlackieIan DonaldFlight Sergeant430272RAAF201945-01-13AustraliaSydney Memorial, Panel 6.Son Of Herbert James Blackie And Evelyn Blackie, Of Ararat, Victoria.
884 BlackleyAllan NeilSergeant403495RAAF201942-06-26United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 112.Son Of James And Margaret Blackley, Of Guildford, New South Wales, Australia.
885 BlackleyDavid AndrewPilot Officer39009RAAF311943-03-27AustraliaBrisbane (Lutwyche) Cemetery, Sec. 75. Grave 51.Son Of David Andrew And Mary Caroline Blackley; Husband Of Maisje Olevina Blackley, Of Woodville, South Australia.
886 BlackmanRobert AlfredSergeant402844RAAF201942-01-20Papua New GuineaRabaul Memorial, Panel 36.Son Of Alfred Ernest James Blackman And Sarah Jane Blackman; Husband Of Marjorie Florence Blackman, Of Homebush, New South Wales.
887 BlackmoreGeoffrey LivingstoneFlying Officer422388RAAF201943-12-16United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 187.
888 BlackmoreFrancis Leonard HenrySergeant47042RAAF281945-09-18Papua New GuineaPort Moresby (Bomana) War Cemetery, Coll. grave C8. B. 1-25.Son Of Charles Henry And Amy Blackmore; Husband Of Isabel Jean Blackmore, Of Welland, South Australia.
889 BlackshawJohn DouglasPilot Officer432095RAAF201945-02-09NorwayHaugesund (Rossebo) Var Frelsers Cemetery, British Plot. F. 20.Son Of Alfred Leslie And Alice Stewart Blackshaw, Of Penhurst, New South Wales, Australia.
890 BlackstockWilliam DavidFlying Officer404230RAAF211942-06-15EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 263.Son Of Samuel And Jessie Muriel Blackstock, Of Blackall, Queensland, Australia.
891 BlackwellWilliam AlfredSergeant1272014RAFVR460Sqn (RAAF)211943-05-28Netherlands (Holland)Uden War Cemetery, 5. H. 4.
892 BlackwellWilliam DonaldFlight Sergeant415497RAAF281944-01-02GermanyHanover War Cemetery, Joint Grave 1. G. 9-10.Son Of Donald Stanley Blackwell And Bridget Josephine Blackwell; Husband Of Gladys Muriel Blackwell, Of South Guildford, Western Australia.
893 BlackwellLeonard JosephFlying Officer424727RAAF211944-07-20IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 3. B. 10.Son Of Athol Ernest And Lila Gladys Blackwell, Of Tempe, New South Wales, Australia.
894 BlainWilliam RossFlying Officer432648RAAF241944-06-13AustraliaSydney Memorial, Panel 5.Son Of Leslie Sydney And Daisie Blain, Of Terang, Victoria.
895 BlairRobert Alexander WaltonPilot Officer415498RAAF77Sqn (RAF)221944-06-17United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 258.Son Of Robert Walton Blair And Vera Marion Blair, Of West Leederville, Western Australia.
896 BlakeAlbert EdwinSergeant4560RAAF251942-01-20IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 11. D. 5-16.Son Of Edwin And Mary Jane Blake, Of Heywood, Victoria, Australia.
897 BlakeAlfred HenryFlying Officer400458RAAF241943-05-28AustraliaNorthern Territory Memorial, Panel 6.Son Of Alfred James Blake And Evelyn Blake; Husband Of Lesley Francis Dorothy Blake, Of Caulfield, Victoria.
898 BlakeNorman HaroldLeading Aircraftman431713RAAF201945-11-15Papua New GuineaRabaul (Bita Paka) War Cemetery, C. A. 15.Son Of Allen Henry And Charlotte Ann Blake, Of Footscray, Victoria, Australia.
899 BlakeleyWilliam HenryCorporal26160RAAF231943-09-29United KingdomBath (Haycombe) Cemetery, Plot 51. Sec. H. Row T. Grave 248.
900 BlakeyFrankLeading Aircraftman426859RAAF211944-05-05AustraliaTownsville War Cemetery, C.C.2.Son Of Walter And Dorothy Amy Blakey; Husband Of Dorothy Lillian Blakey, Of Townsville.
901 BlanchGordon FrancisSergeant420827RAAF201943-06-12AustraliaAtherton War Cemetery, A.B.4.Son Of Francis Bentley Blanch And Eileen Madge Blanch, Of South Casino, New South Wales.
902 BlanchPercySergeant411853RAAF281943-02-19United KingdomPwllheli Borough Cemetery, Sec. B. Row D. Grave 27.
903 BlanchardRoger JosephFlight Lieutenant260776RAAF261942-04-23AustraliaNorthern Territory Memorial, Panel 6.Son Of Joseph And Violet Blanchard, Of Lindfield, New South Wales; Husband Of Margaret Winifred Blanchard, Of Goulburn, New South Wales.
904 BlandGordon LeslieFlying Officer407519DFC

RAAF271944-11-13AustraliaSpringvale War Cemetery, Melbourne, 1.S.D.13.Son Of Harry George And Dorothy Ellen Bland; Husband Of Kathleen Bland, Of Tailem Bend, South Australia.
905 BlatchBenjamin GeorgeWarrant Officer420524RAAF211944-07-16IcelandReykjavik (Fossvogur) Cemetery, C49. 4.Son Of Sidney George And Marjory Janet Blatch, Of Colo Vale, New South Wales, Australia.
906 BlatchfordFrederick EdwardSergeant401734RAAF211943-03-15AustraliaBairnsdale War Cemetery, Plot A. Row A. Grave 16.Son Of Claude And Gertrude Isobel Blatchford, Of Gardenvale.
907 BlaubaumMaxwell BibraFlight Sergeant428038RAAF622Sqn201944-09-12United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 260.Son Of Otto And Winifred Eva Blaubaum, Of Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.
908 BlechyndenRoger VincentLeading Aircraftman46227RAAF241943-12-11AustraliaPerth War Cemetery And Annex, G.C.13.Son Of Arthur And Stella Bertile Blechynden, Of Swanbourne.
909 BlessingWilson GeorgeSergeant402219RAAF231942-06-15EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 266.Son Of Walter Clinton Blessing And Elizabeth Mary Blessing, Of Braidwood, New South Wales, Australia.
910 BlessingWilliam WalterSquadron Leader404648DSO

RAAF311944-07-07FranceLa Delivrande War Cemetery, Douvres, Iii. D. 3.Son Of Walter Clinton Blessing And Elizabeth Mary Blessing, Of Braidwood, New South Wales, Australia; Husband Of Audrey Pamela Blessing, Of Stanmore, Middlesex, England.
911 BlickClaude Wynter ArthurPilot Officer411732RAAF301942-06-25CanadaMiddleton Old Holy Trinity Cemetery, Sec. 1. Grave 11.

Son Of Philip Wynter Robinson Blick And Una Ermine Blick, Of Manly, New South Wales, Australia.
912 BlighNorman NicholasSergeant1876647RAFVR463Sqn RAAF

191944-01-30GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 9. J. 1.Son Of Lawrence Anthony And Mary Winsome Bligh, Of South Norwood, Surrey.
913 BlightNorman Charles PhilipFlight Lieutenant366RAAF341942-06-15AustraliaMount Thompson Crematorium, Columbarium Wall 3. Sec. 3. Niche 195.Son Of Fredrick Thomas Blight And Elizabeth Blight; Foster-Son Of Mrs. M. S. Bryant, Of Kedron.
914 BlightAmbrose EdwardPilot Officer416114RAAF291943-12-29GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 27. C. 1-12.
915 BlockNoel HerbertSergeant437364RAAF211944-03-26United KingdomOxford (Botley) Cemetery, Plot I/2. Grave 186.Son Of Frederick Andreas Block And Florence Elizabeth Block, Of Prospect, South Australia.
916 BlokDavid IsaacLeading Aircraftman68497RAAF191944-01-23Papua New GuineaLae War Cemetery, Cc. D. 12.

Son Of The Revd. Morice Jacob Blok And Ivy Levenia Blok, Of Braxton, New South Wales.
917 BlomGeorge HenryPilot Officer420525RAAF251944-09-11ItalyAncona War Cemetery, Iv. K. 20.Son Of Otto Pieter And Emma Hayward Blom, Of Glen Iris, Victoria, Australia.
918 BlomleyLionel DouglasPilot Officer141732RAFVR454 (RAAF)Sqn231943-07-23EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 269.Son Of Vivian Evelyn And Lucy Daisy Blomley, Of Newport, Monmouthshire.
919 BloomLionel LeslieLeading Aircraftman423303RAAF191943-04-23AustraliaWagga Wagga General Cemetery, C. Of E. Sec. I. Grave 267. (Grm/2).Son Of Lionel And Helen Bloom, Of Warrawee.
920 BloomfieldDavid IAnsonFlight Sergeant402721RAAF457Sqn251942-03-28United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 111.Son Of Archie Ianson Bloomfield And Ethel Bloomfield, Of Dee Why, New South Wales, Australia.
921 BlumerPaul JohnPilot Officer402027RAAF241944-05-05IndiaMadras War Cemetery, Chennai, 9. B. 12.Son Of Paul Wilfrid And Nancy Lillian Blumer, Of Griffith, New South Wales, Australia.
922 BlumerRichmond Antony BarrettWarrant Officer411854RAAF231944-06-26United KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery, 4. N. 17.
Son Of Cecil Herbert And Alice Rubie Blumer, Of Croydon, New South Wales, Australia.
923 BlundellWilliam JamesSergeant1380227RAFVR466Sqn (RAAF)191943-05-30BelgiumBrussels Town Cemetery, X. 17. 24.Son Of Charles And Gertrude Florence Blundell, Of Chorley, Shropshire.
924 BlundellColin FrazerPilot Officer411116RAAF281944-02-15Netherlands (Holland)Diepenveen General Cemetery, Row 2, Grave 1.Son Of George Howell Blundell And Augusta Blundell, Of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
925 BlundellKenneth William FrazerFlight Lieutenant260777RAAF321945-08-17AustraliaSpringvale War Cemetery, Melbourne, 2.T.B.10.Son Of George Howell Blundell And Augusta Blundell, Of Lane Cove, New South Wales.
926 BluntMalcolm James LarkeFlying Officer403208RAAF271942-06-07Netherlands (Holland)Ameland (Nes) General Cemetery, Plot D. Row 15. Grave 9.Son Of Reginald Rupert And Mary Blunt; Husband Of Hannah Elizabeth Blunt, Of Red Hill, Queensland, Australia.
927 BlytheBenjaminSergeant3041131RAFVR463Sqn RAAF

201945-04-09United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 273.Son Of Benjamin And Hannah Maria Blythe, Of Murton, Co. Durham.
928 BoagRobert JamesFlight Sergeant432097RAAF241944-11-30GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 25. A. 13-18. Son Of Mr. And Mrs. Robert Boag, Of Arncliffe, New South Wales, Australia.
929 BoalHarold JamesFlight Sergeant409497RAAF97Sqn (RAF)201944-01-31Netherlands (Holland)Haarlemmermeer (Zwanenburg) General Cemetery, Plot B. Row C. Coll. Grave 15.Son Of Charles Ernest And Lily Boal, Of Barmah East, Victoria, Australia.
930 BoanThomasLeading Aircraftman1551256RAFVR462 (RAAF)Sqn201943-04-20LibyaTripoli War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 5. B. 5-11.
931 BoanasJack William RobinsonFlight Sergeant417331RAAF211943-10-31IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery, 2. B. 13.
932 BoardmanHarrySergeant549441RAF467 (RAAF)1944-11-11GermanyKiel War Cemetery, Joint Grave 5. D. 8-9.
933 BoardmanFrederickSergeant1813576RAFVR460Sqn (RAAF)1944-04-30United KingdomCambridge City Cemetery, Grave 13563.Son Of William And Mary Elizabeth Boardman, Of Greenford, Middlesex.
934 BoasePeter LeonardFlight Sergeant405819RAAF467Sqn201943-04-17FrancePoix-De-Picardie Churchyard, Row E. Grave 13.Son Of Leonard Charles And Ada May Boase, Of Southport, Queensland Australia.
935 BoatswainJames AttewoodFlight Sergeant424359RAAF211944-08-26GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 18. D. 18.Son Of Ernest Arthur And Emma Mary Boatswain, Of Canowindra, New South Wales, Australia.
936 BockAllan James HenrySergeant408418RAAF191943-07-22United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 195.
937 BockEric AlanFlight Sergeant423214RAAF211944-08-13GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 26. C. 6-9. Son Of Henry Aloysius And Noreen Elizabeth Bock, Of Merewether, New South Wales, Australia.
938 BodenJohn StuartFlight Sergeant426013RAAF142 (City of Worcester)Sqn211944-04-16HungaryBudapest War Cemetery, Ii. E. 10.He was aboard Wellington X, JA127 QT-H which failed to return to base at Foggia, Italy from raid against the Budapest Marshalling yards 16/17 April 1944. The aircraft was shot down by a night fighter over Gyal, Hungary. All the crew perished and were initially buried in the Gyal cemetery and later moved to the Commonwealth War grave cemetery, Budapest. Son of John And Kathleen Elizabeth Boden, of Casino, New South Wales, Australia; Husband of Ethel Boden, of Gordon Park, Queensland, Australia.
939 BodieRonald Lionel ListerFlying Officer401487RAAF221944-10-14IndonesiaAmbon Memorial, Column 8.Son Of Albert Frank Lionel And Elsie Gertrude Bodie, Of Epping, New South Wales, Australia.
940 BodleyFrancisFlight Sergeant440688RAAF321945-12-19IndonesiaAmbon Memorial, Column 9.Son Of Francis Michael And Agnes Ada Bodley, Of Tingalpa, Queensland, Australia.
941 BoehmHedley ColinAircraftman 1st Class115453RAAF191942-09-09AustraliaRamco General Cemetery, Gen. Plot. Row E. Lot 36.Son Of August Carl And Elsa Meta Doreathey Boehm, Of Ramco.
942 BoekensteinOlaf RuprechlAircraftman 1st Class165185RAAF181944-10-09AustraliaBenalla War Cemetery, Plot C. Row A. Grave 15.Son Of James Rupert And Ethel Alma Boekenstein, Of Sydney, New South Wales.
943 BoettcherArthur HaroldFlight Sergeant414305RAAF261944-01-02GermanyHanover War Cemetery, 1. G. 12.Son Of Albert And Bridget Boettcher, Of South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
944 BoganEdward AnthonyPilot Officer424320RAAF211945-02-02BelgiumBrussels Town Cemetery, X. 27. 54.Son Of Edward Albert And Irene Maud Bogan, Of Roxburg, New South Wales, Australia.
945 BogleErnest AnthonySergeant1127216RAFVR460Sqn (RAAF)1943-06-15BelgiumHeverlee War Cemetery, 4. E. 4.
946 BogleCharles StewartFlying Officer427289RAAF211944-08-13GermanyBecklingen War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 19. A. 5-11.Son Of Charles Herman Bogle And Jean Elizabeth Bogle, Of Mt. Magnet, Western Australia.
947 BohaneBrian JosephFlying Officer405614RAAF221945-07-17Myanmar (ex Burma)Rangoon War Cemetery, 1. B. 17.

Son Of Gerald Butler Bohane And Eileen Bohane, Of Brisbane, Queensland; Husband Of Barbara Mariette Bohane, Of Darjeeling, Bengal, India.
948 BohlWilliam DennisFlying Officer404679RAAF201942-07-31EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 263. Son Of Charles Ferdinand And Jane Cregan Bohl, Of Yandina, Queensland, Australia.
949 BohunRoy CharlesLeading Aircraftman56876 RAAF221946-11-30AustraliaGoulburn General Cemetery, Plot G. Row B. Grave 12.Son Of Charles Albert And Irene Ellis Bohun; Husband Of Patricia Beryl Bohun, Of Manly Vale.
950 BolandMilton DesmondLeading Aircraftman26473RAAF261942-04-07AustraliaMitcham Cemetery, Sec. C. Path 3. Grave 331.Son Of Edmund John And Mabel Adelia Boland Of Fullarton.
951 BolderCyrilSergeant1534445RAFVR464Sqn (RAAF)211944-02-24FranceGrandcourt War Cemetery, E, 9.

Husband Of Edith Emily Bolder, Of Bradford, Manchester.
952 BolerHerbert HenryPilot Officer402103RAAF241941-04-18United KingdomBassingbourn Cum Kneesworth Cemetery, Row BB. Grave 8.Son of Ernest William and May Sarah Boler, of Bexley, New South Wales, Australia.
953 BolgerChristopher KevinFlight Sergeant409888RAAF281943-09-27GermanyHanover War Cemetery, 4. B. 14.
954 BolgerHugh BurkeFlight Sergeant414193RAAF201943-07-12SwitzerlandVevey (St. Martins) Cemetery, Grave 102.
955 BolgerThomas JohnFlying Officer405291RAAF231944-09-26BelgiumMignault Communal Cemetery, Grave 2.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. T. Bolger, Of Hendra, Queensland, Australia.
956 BolgerRay KethelFlight Sergeant430243RAAF191944-07-30United KingdomChester (Blacon) Cemetery, Sec. A. Grave 191.Son Of Nicholas Patrick And Ivy Valetta Bolger, Of Yallourn, Victoria, Australia.
957 BoltonGeorge FrederickSergeant401412RAAF271942-05-31United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 112.Son Of Frederick And Bertha Elizabeth Bolton; Husband Of Nancye Meredith Bolton, Of North Balwyn, Victoria, Australia.
958 BoltonRobert BurnsCorporal10173RAAF311944-02-20AustraliaBallarat (New) General Cemetery, Plot A. Row A. Grave 8.Son Of Frederick And Bertha Elizabeth Bolton; Husband Of Thelma Bolton, Of Corowa.
959 BoltonRobert JohnFlight Sergeant442325RAAF191944-10-12GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 4. K. 27.Son Of John And Adeline Delina Susan Bolton, Of Tailem Bend, South Australia.
960 BombyJohnWarrant Officer Class IR/166028RCAF463Sqn RAAF

1945-04-08United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 281...
961 BondRalphPilot Officer402836RAAF281942-04-29GermanyHamburg Cemetery, 4A. E. 10.Son Of George Grant Bond And Milly Bond, Of Enoggera, Queensland, Australia.
962 BondEdward HunterPilot Officer149049RAFVR460Sqn (RAAF)221943-06-13GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 3. E. 8.Son Of George Edward Metcalfe Bond And Eleanor Hunter Bond, Of Southport, Lancashire; Husband Of Margaret Lloyd Bond, Of Southport.
963 BondJohn KeithFlight Sergeant412099RAAF281943-01-18United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 192.
964 BondJohn CecilFlight Sergeant420433RAAF466Sqn231944-04-11FranceMeharicourt Communal Cemetery, Brit. Plot. Grave 24.Son Of Percy Walter And Clara Bond, Of Enmore, New South Wales, Australia.
965 BondAlan CampbellFlying Officer433194RAAF341944-12-07GermanyHanover War Cemetery, 5. B. 9A.Son Of Robert Joseph And Annie Furner Bond; Husband Of Eileen Maureen Bond, Of Hunters Hill, New South Wales, Australia.
966 BondJohn NormanFlight Sergeant424080RAAF251944-07-05United KingdomHarrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery, Sec. B. Row H. Grave 6.Son Of Richard Armstrong Bond And Florence Maude Bond, Of Glen Innes, New South Wales, Australia.
967 BondGeorge RobertFlight Sergeant8327RAAF261945-03-19AustraliaAlbury War Cemetery, Plot E. Row B. Grave 10.
Son Of Simon Jewell Bond And Elenor Bond; Husband Of Madeline Marcia Bond, Of Orange.
968 BondJack GordonFlying Officer400690RAAF281945-07-18IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery, 28. D. 9.Son Of Harry Lowan Bond And Anne Bond, Of Nhill, Victoria, Australia.
969 BoneCharles VerdunLeading Aircraftman16961RAAF271944-09-14Papua New GuineaLae Memorial, Panel 7.

Son Of George John And Fanny Eliza Bone, Of Geraldton, Western Australia.
970 BoneMeganAircraftwoman 1st Class2080522WAAF211945-09-19United KingdomLlanfabon Cemetery, Row 39. Grave 36.Daughter Of John And Hannah Mary Probert, Of Nelson; Wife Of Flying Offr. C. E. Bone, Raaf
971 BonestHarry EdwinPilot Officer126961RAFVR466Sqn (RAAF)301943-01-26United KingdomFinningley (Holy Trinity And St. Oswald) Churchyard Extension, Row C. Grave 3.
972 BonnefinJoseph MarcelSergeant403549RAAF251942-02-16United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 112.Son Of Lucien And Kathleen Bonnefin, Of Strathfield, New South Wales, Australia.
973 BonnettRaymond JamesCorporal207782RAAF261944-09-14SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 444.Son Of Lillian Bonnett; Husband Of Maisie Florence Bonnett, Of Rockdale, New South Wales, Australia.
974 BonusSidney OwenFlying Officer264815RAAF221943-01-07United KingdomPlymouth (Efford) Cemetery, Sec. C. Cons. Grave 8984.
975 BonythonRonald GeorgeFlying Officer416822RAAF271943-09-11Papua New GuineaRabaul Memorial, Panel 34.
976 BoothJohn MiltonFlight Sergeant420334RAAF211943-12-03GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 7. E. 1.
977 BoothRonald JamesSergeant404395RAAF311943-01-26United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 195.
978 BoothJohn McdowellLeading Aircraftman19346RAAF271944-07-12AustraliaTownsville War Cemetery, E.D.4.Son Of Wilfred Holloway Booth And Ellen Victoria Booth; Husband Of Dorothy Carmel Booth, Of Culcairn, New South Wales.
979 BoothEricSergeant1056832RAFVR463Sqn RAAF

231944-10-29United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 225.Son Of William And Ada Booth, Of Sheffield.
980 BoothJames WilliamAircraftman 1st Class440657RAAF191945-09-05IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery, 30. A. 12.Son Of William George And Sylvia Booth, Of Townsville, Queensland, Australia.
981 BooyFrank EdwardPilot Officer141711RAFVR466Sqn (RAAF)231943-04-10United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 130.
982 BorainJames OliverLeading Aircraftman404011RAAF181940-09-06AustraliaMount Thompson Crematorium, A.I.F. Memorial Wall 12. Sec. 7. Niche 37.Son Of Charles Norman And Jean Alexandria Borain, Of Wellers Mill.
983 BorlandJohn HaroldFlying Officer405569RAAF281942-11-10Papua New GuineaPort Moresby (Bomana) War Cemetery, B2. C. 9.Son Of John William And Ruby Frances Borland; Husband Of Ethel Mary Borland, Of Caloundra, Queensland.
984 BorradaileGavin CarfraeSergeant1332645RAFVR463Sqn RAAF

1944-01-30GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 9. K. 11.
985 BorrettFrederick BritainFlight Sergeant402104RAAF271942-08-19NigeriaOshogbo Cemetery, Plot 1. Row B. Grave 5.Son Of Harry Britain Borrett And Emily Eliza Borrett, Of Mount Lawley, Western Australia.
986 BorrettArnold HarveySergeant406769RAAF251943-02-19Netherlands (Holland)Schiermonnikoog (Vredenhof) Cemetery, Grave 98.
987 BorthwickJohn MayoFlight Sergeant413518RAAF331943-09-01United KingdomCambridge City Cemetery, Grave 14135.
988 BotheWilliam GilbertSergeant14227RAAF231941-12-30United KingdomHylton (Castletown) Cemetery, Sec. D. Row 1. Grave 709.
Son of William and Emeline Bothe, Husband of Winifred Veronica Bothe, of Lakemba, New South Wales, Australia.
989 BothwellPercival RoyFlying Officer695RAAF201941-11-26EgyptHalfaya Sollum War Cemetery, 22. A. 2.Son of Percival James Bothwell and Ellen Charlotte Davis Bothwell, of Rose Bay, New South Wales, Australia.
990 BottAllan TheodoreSergeant400823RAAF231942-02-06SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 422.Son Of Theodore And Anne Jane Bott, Of Dingwall, Victoria, Australia.
991 BottMax StanleySquadron Leader260779MiDRAAF301944-04-16Papua New GuineaLae War Cemetery, T. B. 11.

Son Of Percy Harold And Ethel Nellie Tresidder Bott; Husband Of Patricia Alice Bott, Of Mosman, New South Wales.
992 BottomleyEric BurtonSergeant657621RAF458Sqn (RAAF)231943-06-16EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 270.Son Of Fred And Bertha Bottomley, Of Manchester; Husband Of Margaret Mary Mabel Bottomley, Of Kilburn, Middlesex.
993 BoucautPeter Le ReyWarrant Officer417450RAAF221945-06-07Bangladesh (ex India)Maynamati War Cemetery, Coll. grave 9. A.1-6.Son Of Alick Le Rey Boucaut And Maud Naomi Boucaut, Of Seaton Park, South Australia.
994 BoulterHarold GeorgeSergeant400960RAAF211941-08-16ZimbabweGweru Cemetery, Plot 3. Row B. Grave 8.Son of Edward Samuel and Amy Boulter, of Ivanhoe, Victoria, Australia.
995 BoultonRaymond HerbertSergeant1609134RAFVR463Sqn RAAF

191944-05-10FranceHellemmes-Lille Communal Cemetery, Row B. Grave 23.

Son Of Charles And Dorothy Rose Boulton, Of Mudgley, Somerset.
996 BourkeWilliamSergeant402645RAAF291941-11-01United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 62.Son of William Nicholas and Elizabeth Jane Bourke, of Waverton, New South Wales, Australia.
997 BourkeThomas HarrisonFlight Lieutenant407192RAAF291942-05-30FranceViroflay New Communal Cemetery, Row A. Grave 8.Son Of Harrison And Doris Bourke, Of Point Piper, New South Wales, Australia.
998 BourkeAlgie JohnLeading Aircraftman37323RAAF381942-11-22Papua New GuineaPort Moresby (Bomana) War Cemetery, B2. D. 2.Son Of John Joseph And Gertrude Marion Bourke; Husband Of Selina Ann Bourke, Of Stockton, New South Wales.
999 BourkePatrick JohnFlight Sergeant426822RAAF221944-04-11FranceRogecourt Communal Cemetery, Grave 1.Son Of Patrick And Ruby Evelyn Bourke, Of Herston, Queensland, Australia.
1000 BourkeNorman LeslieSquadron Leader404317RAAF271944-10-16Myanmar (ex Burma)Taukkyan War Cemetery, Joint Grave 27. B. 6-7.Son Of Basil Arnold And Margaret Hetherington Bourke, Of Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia.

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