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Aircrew Deaths and Resting Places Worldwide 1939 - 1947 Database
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This database attempts to include all aircrew gravesites for losses from British, Commonwealth and foreign forces fighting under RAF operational command. Additionally it lists German gravesites for Luftwaffe crew members who lost lives over Britain. We have made exhaustive studies to find pictures of all the gravesites because it's one thing to read the name of a cemetery but it evokes quite another emotional response to see a picture of the location.
Each grave is a life given up too early and perhaps the first emotion that strikes one on seeing pictures of the gravesites is how many there are.
For family and friends each loss was mourned for a lifetime. For the rest of us, the least we can do is honour their loss by remembering.

Commonwealth War Graves in the USA

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#Name*First NamesRankServiceNumberHonoursServiceUnitAgeDateOfDeathBuriedCommemoratedLinksPhoto (Click To Expand)Notes
1 BrownMark HenryWing Commander37904DFC

RAF249Sqn1941-11-12ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, III. G. 24.Czechoslovakian Military Cross
2 BrownRichard Job ThomasFlying Officer120912RAF39Sqn261942-11-30ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. L. 25.Son Of Joseph Harold And Lucy Elizabeth Brown; Husband Of Ethel Brown, Of Chiswick, Middlesex.
3 AbramsonMark LeslieFlying OfficerJ/15627RCAF576Sqn (RAF)301944-05-16DenmarkAssens (Fyn) New Cemetery, Sp. Mem.Son Of Louis And Dora Abramson, Of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
4 AitkenRobertson BrownWarrant Officer1001191RAFVR15Sqn221944-06-08France Jouars-Pontchartrain Churchyard,  Son Of Mr. And Mrs. Peter A. Aitken, Of Langside, Glasgow.
5 AllenJames EricFlying Officer106109RAFVR281941-12-07United KingdomWorsley (St. Mark) Churchyard, Grave 554.Son of William Henry and Sarah Agnes Allen; Husband of Vera Margaret Allen, of Monton Green, Eccles.
6 AllgoodHarold HenrySergeant565462RAF253Sqn251940-10-10United KingdomCambridge (St. Mark) Burial Ground, Grave 139.
Son Of James And Florence Greef Allgood, Of Cambridge. His Brother Edwin Arthur Also Died On Service.
7 AndersonAlfredLeading Aircraftman953984RAFVR251945-01-01ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 11.Son Of George And Hannah Elizabeth Anderson; Husband Of Matilda Elizabeth Anderson, Of Durham.
8 AndersonAlfredLeading Aircraftman953984RAFVR251945-01-01ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 11.Son Of George And Hannah Elizabeth Anderson; Husband Of Matilda Elizabeth Anderson, Of Durham.
9 AndersonMark Sylvester HaroldPilot OfficerJ/92728RCAF425Sqn231945-03-05United KingdomHarrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery, Sec. G. Row H. Grave 12.Son Of John J. Anderson And Lexinska Plante M. Anderson, Of Montreal, Province Of Quebec, Canada.
10 AndrewsJames MarkSergeant1826084RAFVR415 (RCAF )Sqn1945-04-10GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 8. F. 21.
11 AnsteeEdwardSergeant1007177RAFVR458 (R.A.A.F.)Sqn251942-02-16ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. A. 49.Son Of Edward James Anstee And Mary Anstee, Of Belfast, Northern Ireland; Husband Of Mary Anstee, Of Belfast.
12 AnthonyDavidSergeant1826667RAFVR550Sqn251945-03-17GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 7. K. 21.Son Of Robert Anthony And Of Elizabeth Anthony (Nee Kerr); Husband Of Anne Anthony (Nee Brown), Of Stoneyburn, West Lothian.
13 ApplebyJohn DunstanFlight Sergeant1256563RAFVR70Sqn

311943-01-30ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. C. 47.
14 ArmitageRose AileenLeading Aircraftwoman2057882WAAF241943-05-05United KingdomHorsforth Cemetery, Cons. Plot. Sec. Brown. Grave 1133.
15 ArmourRobert DouglasFlight Sergeant405168RAAF221943-04-30ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 43.
16 ArthurKennethFlying Officer118060RAFVR18Sqn251943-08-27ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. D. 17.
17 AshurstJohnLeading Aircraftman1480779RAFVR654Sqn201943-09-07ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 23.
18 AtchisonWilliam JohnSergeant1028991RAFVR311942-07-29GermanyKiel War Cemetery, 2. H. 21.Son Of William James Atchison And Charlotte Alice Atchison; Husband Of Helen Brown Atchison (Nee Lyall), Of Chelsea, London.
19 AustinRhubert MellorWarrant Officer405169RAAF231943-08-03ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 43.
20 AzouzMarkWarrant Officer1398796DFC

RAFVR196Sqn221944-09-21Netherlands (Holland)Jonkerbos War Cemetery, 17. G. 2.Son Of Ralph And Esta Azouz, Of Chiswick, Middlesex.
21 BadgerReginald MilburnSergeant1590469RAFVR104Sqn211944-11-10MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 14, Column 2.Son Of Mark Smith Badger And Florence Mary Badger, Of North Shields, Northumberland.
22 BaillonMark RodneyFlight Lieutenant37147MiDRAF42Sqn251940-12-28United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 4.Son Of Louis Charles And Mildred Isabel Baillon, Of Church Brampton, Northamptonshire; Husband Of Agnes Honor Baillon (Nee Meikle).
23 BallGeorge MarkLeading Aircraftman1005091RAFVR1943-06-29IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery, 8. B. 11.
24 BallanceDenis CharlesLeading Aircraftman1378366RAF241941-06-01United KingdomEssendon and Woodhill (St. Mark) Churchyard, Plot 2. Row 1. Grave 11.Son of Alaric Charles Ballance, and of Mary Phelips Ballance, of Hatfield. B.A. (Cantab.).
25 BamberHugh Christopher MorrisPilot Officer42375RAF15Sqn191940-07-07BelgiumBrugge General Cemetery, Plot 63. Row 1. Joint Grave 23.Son Of Theodore Mark And Ada Margaret Bamber, Of Dulwich, London.
26 BarasMark SidneySergeant1621592RAFVR199Sqn191943-08-24United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 141.
27 BarberCharles Albert MarkFlight Sergeant409883RAAF281943-12-18United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 192.
28 BarnesJohn HamiltonFlying Officer120407RAFVR261943-04-22United KingdomArmagh (St. Mark) Church Of Ireland Churchyard, New Ground. Row 4. Grave 5.
29 BarrieTom BrownSergeant1366519RAFVR619Sqn211943-08-18United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 141.
30 BascombeJohn Alexander HenlenAircraftman 1st Class1860937RAFVR135 Air Stores Park.291943-08-15ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. C. 16.
31 BateAlanFlying Officer66006RAFVR46Sqn221942-11-22ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 8.Son Of William John And Frances Edith Bate, Of Rochester, Kent.
32 BatemanCharles RonaldSergeant1153647RAFVR201941-05-29United KingdomBristol (Greenbank) Cemetery, Screen Wall.

Son of Mark and Maud Bateman, of Kingswood. Alternative Commemoration - Buried in Kingswood Wesley Methodist Burial Ground.
33 BatsonKennethFlight Sergeant963657RAFVR70Sqn

281943-01-30ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. D. 43.
34 BattersHarold MarkFlight SergeantR/95487RCAF401Sqn241942-12-04FranceLonguenesse (St. Omer) Souvenir Cemetery, Plot 8. Row A. Grave 6.Son Of Harold And Rowena Batters, Of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada.
35 BaxterThomas EdwardSergeant975888RAFVR150Sqn1943-05-15ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. L. 17 (Coll.)
36 Beale-BrownGeorge ReginaldPilot Officer78529RAFVR1941-02-28United Kingdom Cold Salperton (All Saints) Churchyard, East of church.
37 BeazerMark AuldeFlight SergeantR/121250RCAF221943-03-22CanadaBeazer Cemetery, Son Of Royal Mark And Elva B. Beazer, Of Beazer.
38 BeerJack GarfieldFlight Sergeant10634RAAF241943-07-22ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. G. 1.
39 BellJohn GeorgeSergeant1378959RAFVR301941-09-11United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 39.Son of Christopher Brown Bell and Alice Lavinia Bell; Husband of Elizabeth May Bell, of Whitburn, Co. Durham.
40 BellHugh BernardPilot Officer6343RAFVR264Sqn211943-01-22United KingdomBexhill (St. Mark) Churchyard, 
41 BellisGordon WorsleyFlight Lieutenant104181RAFVR114Sqn1943-09-17ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. A. 45.
42 BensleyMarcusFlight Sergeant425586RAAF211944-08-15ItalyBari War Cemetery, Xv. A. 3.Son Of Mark And Ellen May Bensley, Of Greenslopes, Queensland, Australia.
43 BerryJamesFlight Sergeant643934RAF296Sqn231943-07-14ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 7.
44 BerryErnest GrahamSergeant1359891RAFVR1943-10-18ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. E. 1.
45 BestSeptimus MarkSergeant1595801RAFVR201944-10-31United KingdomNewcastle-Upon-Tyne (Byker And Heaton) Cemetery, Sec. I.N. Cons. Grave 235.Son Of Mark Best, And Of Beatrice Ann Best, Of Wallsend-On-Tyne.
46 BittinerHenry MarkFlight Sergeant1550834RAFVR620Sqn221944-06-06FranceRanville War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Via. C. 1-25.Son Of Louis And Marie Bittiner, Of Aberdeen.
47 BlackmoreDouglas GeorgeFlight Sergeant655145RAF39Sqn221943-03-12ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 13.
48 BloodworthCharles OscarFlying Officer45553RAF281941-10-09ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 5.Son of Eric Charles and Dorothy Bloodworth; Husband of Kathleen Mary Bloodworth, of Ampthill, Bedfordshire.
49 BlueGarth MervynWarrant Officer415741RNZAF211944-09-24YemenMaala Cemetery, I. Coll. Grave 169-177.Son Of Henry And Elsie Grace Kennedy Blue (Nee Dakers), Of Brown'S Bay, Auckland, New Zealand.
50 BoffeyGeorge HenrySergeant1582576RAFVR106Sqn1944-02-16United KingdomOcker Hill (St. Mark) Churchyard, Grave 649.
51 BowkerStanley CharlesFlight Sergeant420435RAAF221943-08-02ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave I. H. 30.
52 BraithwaiteDennisSergeant1672465RAFVR206Sqn211944-07-20United KingdomHorsforth Cemetery, Uncons. Plot. Sec. Brown. Grave 721.Son Of Lorrie And Amy Braithwaite, Of Horsforth.
53 BrashGeorge BrownSergeant639109RAF248Sqn1940-10-01United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 12.Son Of David And Margaret Chisholm Brown Brash, Of Edinburgh.
54 BrayGordon PagePilot OfficerJ/17673RCAF1435Sqn211943-06-29ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iii. H. 4.
55 BredinMark WebsterPilot OfficerJ/94854RCAF419Sqn1945-03-15Netherlands (Holland)Nederweert War Cemetery, IV. A. 12.
56 BrighamKennethFlight Sergeant1000239RAFVR18Sqn211943-09-26ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. A. 40.
57 BroadbentHaroldPilot Officer143698RAFVR214Sqn291943-05-13GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 5. B. 2.Son Of Mark And Gertrude Broadbent, Of Barrow-In-Furness, Lancashire.
58 BroadhurstEric MarkLeading Aircraftman428813RNZAF221942-12-18New ZealandKaikoura Cemetery, 21
Son Of Mark Eggleton Smith Broadhurst, And Of Mary Elizabeth Broadhurst (Nee Gray), Of Kaikoura, Marlborough.
59 BrookerKenneth AngusSergeant937552RAFVR107Sqn191940-10-10United KingdomCromford (St. Mark) Churchyard, Row 11. Block 4. Grave 1.Son Of Frederick William And Dorothy Brooker, Of Cromford.
60 BrookesWilfrid Mark HamiltonFlight Lieutenant37846RAF231Sqn231941-04-15United KingdomSannox Old Churchyard, Kilbride, Isle of Arran, West Extn.Son of the Revd. Wilfrid Stanley Brookes and Jane Macnaught Brookes, of Corrie.
61 BrownAlfred HenryAircraftman 2nd Class610076RAF231939-09-17United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 3.Son of Alfred and Sarah Annie Brown, of Gateshead, Co. Durham.
62 BrownHenry EdwardSergeant365778RAF207Sqn.1939-09-23United KingdomCroydon (Mitcham Road) Cemetery, Plot I. 1. Grave 13801.
63 BrownRaymond Edward StanfordPilot Officer41985RAF191939-10-10United KingdomGrantham Cemetery, South Border. Row A. Grave 1.Son of George Edward and Mary Anne Brown, of Sandgate, Kent.
64 BrownWilliamSergeant562022RAF139Sqn.281939-10-01GermanyHanover War Cemetery, 1. A. 15.Son of William and Emma Brown; Husband of Doris Brown, of Darlington, Co. Durham.
65 BrownWilliam Stanley FrancisPilot Officer70794RAF149Sqn.211939-12-18United KingdomNorwich Cemetery, Norfolk, Sec. 54. Grave 567.Son of Lt.-col. George Brown, D.S.O., O.B.E., Royal Engineers, and Ethel Maude Brown, of Farnham, Surrey.
66 BrownAlastair BoydPilot Officer60782RAFVR115Sqn271941-06-17United KingdomMarham Cemetery, War Graves Plot. Grave 2.Son of Hugh and Andrina Boyd Brown, of Sale, Cheshire.
67 BrownAlexanderFlight Sergeant552771RAF105Sqn191941-09-17MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 1, Column 1.Son of Mr. And Mrs. Nicholas Brown; Nephew of Elizabeth V. Irving, of Creetown, Kirkcudbrightshire.
68 BrownAlexander GeorgeSergeant564096RAF47Sqn281941-07-02EritreaAsmara War Cemetery, 4. F. 2.Son of Alexander George and Elizabeth Brown, of Edinburgh.
69 BrownArthurFlight Sergeant941387RAFVR78Sqn231941-08-17Netherlands (Holland)Jonkerbos War Cemetery, 12. B. 6.Son of Charles Dawson Brown and Margaret Brown, of Blackhill, Co. Durham; Husband of Mary Catherine Brown.
70 BrownAusten KennethLeading Aircraftman656640RAF1941-09-02United KingdomCardiff (Cathays) Cemetery, Sec. W. Grave 2.Son of Mr. And Mrs. William Brown, of Cathays, Cardiff.
71 BrownCedric TysonSergeant404197RAAF201941-12-19MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 2, Column 1.Son of Cedric Tyson Brown and Gertrude Mary Brown, of Townsville, Queensland, Australia.
72 BrownCharles DesmondPilot Officer83303RAFVR101Sqn261941-05-03United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 31.Son of James Hally Brown and Lucia Seeberger Brown, of Skelmorlie, Ayrshire.
73 BrownCharles RaymondPilot Officer83727DFC

RAFVR101Sqn281941-03-19GermanySage War Cemetery, 7. D. 6.Son of Mr. And Mrs. C. D. Brown; Husband of Joyce Brown, of Long Ashton, Somerset.
74 BrownCharles Walter DryburghFlight Sergeant902211RAFVR7Sqn291941-06-30GermanyBecklingen War Cemetery, 13. F. 10.Son of Walter Dryburgh Brown and Anne Dryburgh Brown; Husband of Peggy Evelyn Brown, of Ightham Common, Kent.
75 BrownCharles WilliamAircraftman 2nd Class1242716RAFVR1941-10-21United KingdomWoodgrange Park Cemetery, East Ham, Square 40. Grave 11851.
76 BrownClifford HarrisPilot Officer67705RAFVR201941-07-25United KingdomSutton Bridge (St. Matthew) Churchyard, Sec. Q. Grave 54.Son of Harris and Beatrice May Brown, of Ealing, Middlesex.
77 BrownDavid Roderick LlewellynPilot Officer41867RNZAF453 (R.A.A.F.)Sqn241941-12-13IndonesiaJakarta War Cemetery, 2. C. 3.Son of Thomas Robert and Theresa Brown, of Auckland City, New Zealand; Husband of Stella Brown.
78 BrownDenys HughAircraftman 1st Class844681RAF (Auxiliary Air Force)907Sqn Balloon1941-03-21United Kingdom Bayford (St. Mary) Churchyard, East End of Church by Wall. Son of the Revd. C. H. Brown and Mrs. Brown, of Bayford Vicarage.
79 BrownDouglas Edwin WilliamPilot Officer64288RAFVR58Sqn221941-11-08GermanyKiel War Cemetery, 3. H. 3.Son of William and Amy Brown, of Friern Barnet, Middlesex.
80 BrownDouglas GeorgeSergeant985200RAFVR15Sqn211941-06-29United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 40.Son of George E. And Mary Brown, of Edinburgh.
81 BrownEdward Peter SetonPilot Officer61216RAFVR616Sqn1941-06-21United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 31.
82 BrownElizabethAircraftwoman 1st Class884159Womens Auxiliary Air Force231941-06-22United KingdomNewcastle-upon-tyne (West Road) Cemetery, Sec. A. Grave 335.Daughter of Archibald and Mary F. Brown, of Newcastle-on-tyne.
83 BrownEricSergeant638323RAF201941-01-26United KingdomDumfries (St. Michaels) Cemetery, Sec. 37. Grave 32.Son of John and Mary Carnochan Brown, of Dumfries.
84 BrownEric ErnestPilot Officer106530RAFVR57Sqn331941-11-07United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 31.Son of Edward Ernest Brown and of Ida Rose Brown (Nee Taylor); Husband of Muriel Edith Brown, of Tetbury, Gloucestershire.
85 BrownFrankAircraftman 1st Class749624RAFVR231941-07-30EgyptTel El Kebir War Memorial Cemetery, 3. L. 1.Son of Sidney J. Brown and Lily Elizabeth Brown, of Margate.
86 BrownFred HarveyPilot OfficerJ/5095RCAF114Sqn (RAF)1941-09-22United KingdomScottow Cemetery, Grave 260.
87 BrownGeorge DouglasCorporal533288RAF241941-05-16EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 244.Son of John William Brown, and of Sarah Elizabeth Brown, of Whitgift, Yorkshire.
88 BrownGeorge HenryPilot Officer101015RAFVR301941-09-04United KingdomUpavon Cemetery, Row D. Grave 5.Son of George Ernest and Edith Mary Brown, of Holloway, London; Husband of Helen Brown. A.R.I.B.A.
89 BrownGordon Fred CyrilAircraftman 2nd ClassR/101665RCAF201941-08-15CanadaWinnipeg (Elmwood) Cemetery, Lot 477. Sec. 18. Grave 1.Son of Cyril E. Brown and Kathleen V. M. Brown, of Winnipeg.
90 BrownGordon WilfredSergeant634099RAF99Sqn1941-04-09Netherlands (Holland)Harderwijk General Cemetery, British Plot 2. Grave 9.
91 BrownHarold StanleyPilot Officer108027RAFVR35Sqn211941-09-15GermanyKiel War Cemetery, 3. J. 6.Son of Harold and Edith J. Brown, of Linthorpe, Middlesbrough, Yorkshire.
92 BrownHenrySergeant759348RAFVR148Sqn1941-10-30EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 242.
93 BrownHenryCorporal634876RAF73Sqn341941-08-30LibyaTobruk War Cemetery, 6. F. 2.Son of Stanley and Emily Brown; Husband of Kate Priscilla Brown, of Bognor Regis, Sussex.
94 BrownHenrySergeant983315RAFVR115Sqn251941-06-17United KingdomManchester Southern Cemetery, Sec. S. C. of E. Grave 6495.Son of Samuel and Nellie Brown, of Chorlton-cum-hardy, Manchester.
95 BrownHerbert HaigSergeant1005743RAFVR70Sqn

231941-12-20EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 242.Son of Herbert Lawson Brown and Mary Janet Brown, of Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia.
96 BrownIan Mcdonnell SutherlandFlying OfficerC/1450RCAF211941-08-14CanadaVictoria (Royal Oak) Burial Park, Sec. D. Plot 50. Grave 91.Son of Brigadier James Sutherland Brown, C.M.G., D.S.O. And of Clare Temple Brown (Nee Corsan), of Victoria.
97 BrownIvor MorrisonSergeant965683RAFVR602Sqn281941-09-20FranceCalais Canadian War Cemetery, Leubringhen, 3. D. 10.Son of Douglas Campbell Brown and Frances Jane Brown, of Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand. B.A.S. (New Zealand).
98 BrownJohnSergeant759281RAFVR90Sqn
1941-09-08NorwayBygland Churchyard, Coll. grave.
99 BrownJohnFlight Sergeant627077DFM

RAF107Sqn221941-04-18United KingdomWeeton (St. Barnabas) Churchyard, Son of John and Sarah Isabel Brown, of Weeton.
100 BrownJohn AlfredSergeant1006168RAFVR37Sqn1941-08-01EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 242.
101 BrownJohn ArthurSergeantR/79674RCAF74Sqn (RAF)221941-11-30United Kingdom Llanbedr (Moriah) Calvinistic Methodist Chapelyard, Son of Harvey S. Brown and Mary N. Brown. Of Palmer, Saskatchewan, Canada.
102 BrownJohn DonaldSergeant970094RAFVR218Sqn211941-04-10United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 40.Son of John Donald and Ann Webster Brown, of Dundee.
103 BrownJohn HenrySergeant553432RAF59Sqn181941-07-07BelgiumOostende New Communal Cemetery, Plot 9. Row 4. Grave 11.Son of Arthur and Mary Patricia Brown, of Dagenham, Essex.
104 BrownJohn TipladyPilot Officer44658RAFVR261941-05-26United KingdomHawarden (St. Deiniol) Churchyard, North part.Son of John Tiplady Brown and Gladys Margery Brown, of Harrogate, Yorkshire.
105 BrownJosephCorporal982392RAFVR231941-07-05United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 55.Son of Joseph and Rose Brown; Husband of Sybil E. Brown, of Duckmanton, Derbyshire.
106 BrownJoyce AletheaAssistant Section Officer3570Womens Auxiliary Air Force231941-10-28United KingdomCardiff (Cathays) Cemetery, Sec. E.G. Grave 1775.Daughter of Ivor Archibald and Nettie Marilla Brown, of Cardiff.
107 BrownKenneth CharlesFlight Sergeant745309RAFVR233Sqn231941-12-11MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 1, Column 1.Son of Benjamin and Florence May Brown, of Derby.
108 BrownKenneth Reginald McleodFlight Sergeant527561RAF220Sqn241941-10-04United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 35.Son of Harry Reginald and Gertrude Irene Brown; Husband of Yvonne Warneford Brown, of Edgware, Middlesex.
109 BrownLeonard William PercivalFlight Lieutenant35395RAF461941-03-29United KingdomHawarden (St. Deiniol) Churchyard, North part.Son of William John and Mary Ann Brown; Husband of Gladys Annie Brown, of Grantham, Lincolnshire.
110 BrownLionel CedricLeading Aircraftman1373717RAFVR251941-09-10United KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery, 25. B. 6.
Son of Vivian Charles Pennington Brown and Emily Louisa Brown, of Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa.
111 BrownLogie WatsonPilot Officer64305RAFVR500Sqn211941-10-25United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 31.Son of Alfred Edward Henderson Brown and Elizabeth Watson Brown, of Allestree, Derbyshire.
112 BrownLorne EdwinSergeantR/64143RCAF76Sqn (RAF)211941-08-13United KingdomWrentham Cemetery, Sec. D. Grave 46. Son of Lorne and Annie Mildred Brown, of Port Rowan, Ontario, Canada.
113 BrownMarvin KitchenerFlying Officer42101RAF242Sqn251941-02-21United KingdomIpswich New Cemetery, Sec. X.H. Grave 422Son of William John and Annie Brown, of Kincardine, Ontario, Canada.
114 BrownMaurice GeorgeSergeant567245RAF7Sqn221941-06-30GermanyBecklingen War Cemetery, Coll. grave 12. D. 5-11.Son of Robert G. And Jeannie S. Brown.
115 BrownPeterPilot Officer64324RAFVR139Sqn281941-07-30United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 31.Son of George Henry and Alice Brown; Husband of Amy Brown, of Gresty, Cheshire.
116 BrownPeterSergeant1158274RAF21Sqn211941-06-21FranceLonguenesse (St. Omer) Souvenir Cemetery, Plot 9. Row A. Grave 12.Son of Wilfred and Gertrude May Brown, of Gloucester.
117 BrownPeter CampionPilot Officer85677RAFVR221Sqn261941-04-10United KingdomGrantham Cemetery, Sec. 17. Row C. Grave 1.Son of Robert and E. Irene Brown, of Tiverton, Somerset.
118 BrownPeter JohnLeading Aircraftman1261967RAFVR1941-06-01United Kingdom Shorne (Ss. Peter and Paul) Churchyard, S.E. of church.
119 BrownPeter Robert DuncanPilot Officer88403RAFVR50Sqn191941-06-03BelgiumLeopoldsburg War Cemetery, V. C. 11.Son of John Duncan Brown and Hilda Frances Brown, of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
120 BrownReginaldFlight Sergeant936406RAFVR241941-10-04United KingdomSouth Shields (Harton) Cemetery, Sec. 6. Grave 4823.Son of Charles and Josephine Brown, of South Shields; Husband of Anne Brown, of South Shields.
121 BrownRichardSergeant944326RAFVR214Sqn221941-04-09GermanyKiel War Cemetery, 3. A. 7.Son of Richard and Isabella Brown, of Upton, Pontefract, Yorkshire.
122 BrownRobertSergeant952523RAFVR76Sqn1941-08-05GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 1. C. 15.
123 BrownRobertSergeant1100635RAFVR102Sqn (Ceylon)

291941-11-08United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 40.Son of Edward and Ethel Brown, of South Shields, Co. Durham; Husband of Beatrice Brown.
124 BrownRobertSergeant1325003RAFVR42Sqn1941-11-29United KingdomPolmont Churchyard, Sec. C. Grave 278.
125 BrownRobert WilliamAircraftman 1st Class1173763RAFVR271941-09-18EgyptCairo War Memorial Cemetery, K. 140.Son of Robert and Edith Brown; Husband of Florence Carol Brown, of Tottenham, Middlesex.
126 BrownRonald JamesLeading Aircraftman411365RNZAF271941-08-28New ZealandWellington (Karori) Crematorium, Screen Wall.Son of Kennedy Charles Brown, and of Catherine Margaret Brown, Formerly Gilmour (Nee Lloyd), of Wellington City.
127 BrownRonald OscarAircraftman 2nd Class1084633RAFVR271941-07-05United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 58.Son of George James Brown and Lizzie Brown; Husband of Nellie Florence Brown, of Pembury, Kent.
128 BrownThomas HenryAircraftman 1st Class1102531RAFVR1941-06-19United KingdomChester (Overleigh) Cemetery, Sec. C. Grave 26.
129 BrownVictor KingsleyPilot Officer60071RAFVR214Sqn251941-07-14Netherlands (Holland)Bergen-op-zoom War Cemetery, 28. A. 6.Son of William Kingsley Brown and Victoria Olive Brown; Nephew of Mabel L. Thomas, of Rustington, Sussex.
130 BrownVincent LeighSergeant400139RAAF251941-11-08United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 62.Son of James William Brown, and of Edith Clara Brown, of Redcliffs, Victoria, Australia.
131 BrownWalterPilot Officer86350RAFVR106Sqn1941-04-04FranceSt. Renan Churchyard, N.W. Plot. Row 2. Grave 5.
132 BrownWalter Forsyth PrinsFlight Sergeant552631RAF38Sqn191941-09-23MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 1, Column 1.Son of Andrew and Anne Brown, of Edinburgh.
133 BrownWalter LouisSergeant968148RAFVR602Sqn231941-05-24United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 40.Son of Walter Aloysius and Eulalia Kay Brown; Husband of Margaret Malcolm Brown.
134 BrownWilliamFlight Sergeant514578DFM

RAF207Sqn291941-06-22United KingdomLincoln (Newport) Cemetery, Sec. H. Grave 292 North.Son of Mr. And Mrs. Robert Brown; Husband of Edna Brown, of Waleswood, Yorkshire.
135 BrownWilliam AdamPilot Officer86634RAFVR97Sqn1941-05-16United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 31.
136 BrownWilliam Raymond JamesPilot OfficerJ4785RCAF1941-09-29Netherlands (Holland)Harlingen General Cemetery, Plot E. Row 1. Grave 8.Son of James and Eleanor Brown; Husband of Mrs. W. R. J. Brown, of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
137 BrownAldewin ArthurLeading Aircraftman551008RAF149Sqn201940-01-02United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 22.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. A. Brown, Of Whitby, Yorkshire.
138 BrownAlexander Raymond SelsbyLeading Aircraftman531388RAF233Sqn231940-04-14United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 22.Son Of Alexander D. B. And Phyllis H. V. Brown, Of Troon, Ayrshire.
139 BrownCharles WilliamAircraftman 2nd Class996318RAFVR271940-06-21United KingdomNorth Ormesby Cemetery, Sec. U.U. Grave 10.Son Of James William And Jessie E. Brown, Of Middlesbrough.
140 BrownDesmond CrightonPilot Officer86365RAFVR211940-10-08United KingdomSouthend-On-Sea (Sutton Road) Cemetery, Plot R. Grave 12083.Son Of Archibald And Jean Lilian Brown, Of Westcliff-On-Sea.
141 BrownDouglasAircraftman 2nd Class627081RAF98Sqn1940-06-17United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 26.
142 BrownErnest HenryFlying Officer41550RAF58Sqn251940-10-21United KingdomStreatham Cemetery, Block 11. Grave 1062.Son Of Ernest And Beatrice Brown, Of Streatham.
143 BrownFrederick HaroldCorporal211243RAF1940-10-08United KingdomGlasgow (Riddrie Park) Cemetery, Sec. C. Grave 94.Son Of William Henry And Ellen Maria Brown; Husband Of Winifred May Brown, Of New Cross, London.
144 BrownGeorge OswaldAircraftman 2nd Class943513RAFVR98Sqn1940-06-17United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 26.Son Of Thomas And Isabella Brown.
145 BrownGeorge WardenSergeant970851RAFVR201940-09-17United KingdomPembrey (St. Illtyd) Churchyard, Row 1. Grave 6.Son Of Robert And Mary Brown Of Dundee.
146 BrownGeorge WilliamSergeant566550RAF77Sqn1940-10-09United KingdomSeaton Hirst (St. John) Churchyard, Sec. S. Row 17. Grave 51.Son Of George E. Brown, And Isabel Brown, Of Ashington.
147 BrownHarold DennisCorporal613213RAF44Sqn1940-04-12United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 21.Son Of Harold Brown, And Of Florence Brown, Of Rawdon, Yorkshire.
148 BrownJack LeonardSergeant968371RAFVR149Sqn281940-09-09United KingdomColchester Cemetery, Sec. W. Div. 19. Grave 64.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. F. T. Brown, Of Colchester.
149 BrownJamesSergeant970119RAFVR49Sqn281940-10-17United KingdomLarkhall Cemetery, Dalserf, Div. 3. Sec. G. Grave 176.Son Of James And Agnes L. Brown, Of Larkhall.
150 BrownJames FrancisSergeant565062RAF37Sqn261940-05-31FranceEringhem Churchyard, Row 1. Grave 3.Son Of Jesse Harris Brown And Bertha Augusta Brown; Husband Of Margaret Jones Brown, Of Pwllheli, Caernarvonshire.
151 BrownJohn Barnet MathiesonSergeant741269RAFVR21Sqn261940-07-09NorwayTrondheim (Stavne) Cemetery, A Iv British. F. 13.Son Of William And Jessie C. M. Brown, Of Kirkcaldy, Fife.
152 BrownJohn EdwardSergeant937342RAFVR114Sqn211940-12-31Netherlands (Holland)Bergen-Op-Zoom War Cemetery, 23. A. 4.Son Of John And Elsie Brown, Of Balsall Heath, Birmingham.
153 BrownJohn HerbertSergeant742961RAFVR144Sqn241940-10-17DenmarkNorre Havrvig Churchyard, Son Of Albert And Lily N. Brown, Of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.
154 BrownJohn RaymondSergeant745568RAFVR51Sqn201940-10-30United KingdomBlackburn Cemetery, Sec. J. C. Of E. Grave 11385.Son Of Joseph And Catherine Louise Brown, Of Blackpool.
155 BrownJohn RolandFlying Officer39370RAF211940-05-12FranceVilleneuve-St. Georges Old Communal Cemetery, Grave 95.Son Of John Thomas Brown And May Brown, Of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; Husband Of Jean Brown.
156 BrownKenneth NevilleLeading Aircraftman536877RAF211940-10-03YemenMaala Cemetery, H. 26.Son Of Charles And Ann Clyde Brown, Of Benwell, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Tyne And Wear, England.
157 BrownNorman WilsonSergeant518807DFM

241940-07-26Netherlands (Holland)Amsterdam New Eastern Cemetery, Plot 69. Row A. Grave 25.Son Of Arthur Kinnear Brown And Ethel Brown, Of Hull; Husband Of Minnie Brown, Of Hull.
158 BrownPercy SharpSergeant755766RAFVR269Sqn211940-09-28United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 12.Son Of Joseph Sharp Brown And Annie Isabella Brown, Of Newcastle-On-Tyne.
159 BrownReginaldSergeant40913RNZAF115Sqn (RAF)221940-12-09United KingdomLlantwit Major Cemetery, Sec. C. Grave 6.Son Of Charles And Isabel Emily Brown.
160 BrownReginald VictorLeading Aircraftman903229RAFVR251940-05-27United KingdomSidmouth Cemetery, Sec. W. Grave 78.Son Of Bigwood Henry Brown, And Of Elizabeth Brown, Of Sidmouth.
161 BrownRichard HenrySergeant561051RAF254Sqn271940-06-12United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 12.Husband Of Doris Brown, Of Lincoln.
162 BrownRobert GeorgeCorporal12029ARCAF120Sqn261940-08-14CanadaOttawa Memorial, Panel 1. Column 1.Son Of David Miller Brown And Mary Brown; Husband Of Nora K. Brown, Of Vancouver, British Columbia.
163 BrownRonald Charles J.Leading Aircraftman799692RAFVR231940-10-27United KingdomAlmondsbury Cemetery, Grave 522. Son Of Percival And Florence Brown; Husband Of Gertrude Brown, Of Woodhouse.
164 BrownRoy ErnestSergeant566296RAF16Sqn231940-05-28FranceLonguenesse (St. Omer) Souvenir Cemetery, Plot 6. Row A. Joint Grave 3.Son Of John And Nellie Annice Brown, Of Uckfield, Sussex.
165 BrownThomas PollittAircraftman 2nd Class639446RAF802Sqn181940-06-09United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 26.Son Of Fred And Evelyn Brown, Of Bredbury, Cheshire.
166 BrownThomas WilfredLeading Aircraftman534385RAF114Sqn211940-05-14FranceGlaire-Et-Villette Communal Cemetery, Coll. Grave.Son Of Thomas And Daisy Ellen Brown, Of Derby.
167 BrownWilliamCorporal532583RAF1940-10-02United KingdomHarpswell (St. Chad) Churchyard, Row B. Grave 4.
168 BrownWillis StewartFlying Officer40505RAF251940-10-03Zimbabwe (ex Rhodesia)Harare (Pioneer) Cemetery, Eur. War Graves Plot. Grave 8.Son Of Douglas Campbell And Frances Jane Brown, Of Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand.
169 BrownJohn Keith MacdonaldAircraftman 1st Class37562RAAF321942-01-06AustraliaNew South Wales Cremation Memorial, Sydney, Panel 5.Son Of William John Charles George And Alice Catherine Brown; Husband Of Ethel May Brown, Of Hamilton. (Cremated, Newcastle Crematorium, Beresfield.).
170 BrownSydneyLeading Aircraftman7186RAAF221942-03-23AustraliaFremantle Cemetery, Methodist. Lot B.4. Grave 358. (Grm/6).Son Of Robert Gibson Brown And Mary Ann Brown.
171 BrownWilfredCorporal549094RAF1942-12-31AustraliaSpringvale War Cemetery, Melbourne, 1.S.B.10.
172 BrownErlin Leslie RossSergeant1263694RAFVR102Sqn (Ceylon)

301942-12-03BelgiumFlorennes Communal Cemetery, Row 1, Grave 3.Son Of Frank And Winifred Jessie Brown; Husband Of Frances Eileen Brown, Of Welford, Northamptonshire.
173 BrownDesmond MccooeySergeant1182504RAFVR109Sqn211942-06-09BelgiumBurdinne Communal Cemetery, Grave 4.Son Of Robert Charles And Norah Brown, Of Streatham, London. His Brother, Brian Mccooey Brown, Also Died On Service.
174 BrownRobert William BurdonSergeant1006781RAFVR49Sqn221942-04-06BelgiumCharleroi Communal Cemetery, Row T. Grave 17.Son Of Gerald Burdon Brown, C.B.E., M.A., And Marguerite Brown, Of West Moors, Dorsetshire.
175 BrownArthur JohnLeading AircraftmanR/133985RCAF191942-10-13CanadaOshawa Union Cemetery, Lot 18. Range 9.Son Of Frederick William And Jessie Brown, Of Oshawa.
176 BrownDavid CampbellLeading AircraftmanR/115900RCAF191942-08-19CanadaOttawa (Beechwood) Cemetery, Sec. 29. Lot 1. Grave 1 3 1.Son Of Albert Edward And Dorothy F. C. Brown, Of Halifax, Nova Scotia.
177 BrownJackSergeant956389RAFVR61Sqn251942-07-04DenmarkLemvig Cemetery, Grave 722.Son Of George And Nellie Brown, Of Leeds, Yorkshire; Husband Of Jean Brown, Of Leeds.
178 BrownDonald JamesSquadron Leader68804RAFVR104Sqn271942-09-12EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 247.Son Of William Gordon Brown And Hilda Mary Brown, Of Gloucester.
179 BrownJohn WesleyFlight SergeantR/66299RCAF108Sqn (RAF)241942-06-11EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 264.Son Of John And Florence Brown, Of St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada.
180 BrownJames GordonFlight Lieutenant44181RAF148Sqn211942-07-16EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 247.Son Of George Gordon Brown And Janet Brown; Husband Of Dorothy Joan Brown, Of Leith, Edinburgh.
181 BrownIvanLieutenant104051SAAF2Sqn211942-05-29EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 267.Son Of Thomas W. And Susan C. Brown.
182 BrownMax OttoSergeant618063RAF216Sqn271942-11-04EgyptHeliopolis War Cemetery, 3. H. 4.Son Of Jacob C. Brown And Minnie Brown, Of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.
183 BrownEphraim HughFlight Lieutenant41777RAFVR230Sqn241942-07-25EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 247.Son Of Ephraim Hugh And Elizabeth Brown, Of Portaferry, Co. Down, Northern Ireland.
184 BrownWilliam Hubert HartLieutenant12141SAAF5Sqn221942-09-01EgyptEl Alamein War Cemetery, Xxxii. A. 14.Son Of Colin C. And Maud A. Brown, Of Somerset East, Cape Province, South Africa.
185 BrownAnthony Carr HarleLeading Aircraftman654276RAF241942-03-26EgyptEl Alamein War Cemetery, Xxix. G. 23.Son Of John George And Mary Brown, Of East Stanley, Co. Durham.
186 BrownWilliam GeorgeSergeant1385795RAFVR12Sqn191942-10-25FranceCherbourg Old Communal Cemetery, Plot 6. Row D. Grave 9.Son Of William Henry And Ada Maud Brown, Of Forest Gate, Essex.
187 BrownFrederick GeorgeSergeant944101RAFVR156Sqn231942-05-30FranceViroflay New Communal Cemetery, Row A. Grave 16.Son Of Frederick And Ada Temperance Brown, Husband Of Dorothy Constance Brown, Of Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire.
188 BrownStanleyPilot Officer104401RAFVR218Sqn291942-05-30FranceDreux Communal Cemetery, Row 2. Grave 13.Son Of Frederick And Lilian Mary Brown; Husband Of Kathleen Louise Brown, Of Headington, Oxford.
189 BrownWilliamSergeant532296RAF76Sqn231942-05-30FranceViroflay New Communal Cemetery, Row A. Grave 4.Son Of James And Sarah Brown, Of Tandragee, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland.
190 BrownJames Bernard FrederickPilot OfficerJ/5693RCAF78Sqn (RAF)1942-04-29FranceDunkirk Town Cemetery, Plot 2 Row 3 Grave 12.
191 BrownJohn DownieSergeant981758RAFVR106Sqn251942-06-02GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 30. E. 9.Son Of John Cummock Brown And Louisa Hutchison Downie Brown, Of Stenhousemuir, Stirlingshire.
192 BrownGeorge KirtleySergeant535260RAF115Sqn1942-09-05GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 24. C. 7.Son Of James Mitcheson Brown And Harriet Brown, Of Shiremoore, Northumberland.
193 BrownWilliamFlight Sergeant1187000RAFVR218Sqn211942-08-21GermanyHamburg Cemetery, Coll. Grave 6A. D. 3-7.Son Of George Price Brown, And Of Kate Sarah Brown, Of Handsworth, Birmingham.
194 BrownLeonard NewallSergeant925924RAFVR248Sqn211942-02-08GermanyKiel War Cemetery, 4. C. 8.Son Of Wilfred Maurice And May Rosalie Brown, Of Hutton, Somerset.
195 BrownHarold AlexanderFlight SergeantR/67850RCAF419Sqn211942-08-06GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 18. D. 12. Son Of Peter And Catherine Keddie Brown, Of Chatham, Ontario, Canada.
196 BrownAlexander GeorgeSergeant41568RNZAF489Sqn211942-09-15GermanyKiel War Cemetery, 4. H. 3.Son Of George Brown And Rakiki Tipoki, Of Cook Islands, New Zealand.
197 BrownHorace StanleySergeant1167452RAFVR49Sqn301942-04-15GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 9. A. 8.Son Of John And Susan Helena Brown; Husband Of Elsie Anne Brown, Of Reading, Berkshire.
198 BrownKenneth CharlesFlight Sergeant404995RNZAF57Sqn (RAF)221942-08-29GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 11. F. 4-12.Son Of Alfred Charles And Jane Brown, Of Wellington City, New Zealand.
199 BrownJohn LukiesFlight Sergeant402534RNZAF75Sqn RNZAF
221942-03-12GermanyKiel War Cemetery, 2. H. 3.Son Of Mrs. M. W. Mcnee, Of Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand.
200 BrownHenry ErnestFlying Officer102098RAFVR9Sqn261942-07-24GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 28. D. 5.Son Of Henry And Edith Annie Brown; Husband Of Phyllis Violet Brown, Of Bramber, Sussex.
201 BrownAlbert ErnestFlight Sergeant403105RAAF281942-09-11GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 4. A. 7.Son Of Albert Edward And Margaret Isabell Brown, Of Wellington, New South Wales, Australia.
202 BrownRichard ArnoldSergeant978265RAFVR1942-06-01GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 2. A. 9-10.Son Of Richard Aloysius Brown, And Of Annie Brown, Of Blackburn, Lancashire.
203 BrownWilliam Charles ThomasSergeant617867RAF353Sqn211942-05-10IndiaDelhi War Cemetery, 7. C. 9.Son Of William J. C. Brown And Catherine Brown, Of Hendon, Middlesex.
204 BrownCharlesWarrant Officer Class IIR/77826RCAF231942-12-04KenyaNanyuki War Cemetery, 1. 38.Son Of John And Jean Brown, Of Bassano, Alberta, Canada.
205 BrownHubertSergeant1101972RAFVR108Sqn1942-02-24LibyaKnightsbridge War Cemetery, Acroma, Coll. Grave 1. K. 21-23.
206 BrownEdwardSergeant914755RAFVR233Sqn1942-12-27MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 3, Column 2.
207 BrownWallis ArrmitFlight Lieutenant61622RAFVR271942-09-07MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 2, Column 1.Son Of Arrmit Wallis Brown And Jane Camp Brown; Husband Of Joyce Gwendolyn Brown, Of Hythe, Kent.
208 BrownArthur William CharlesLeading Aircraftman19239RAAF251942-12-29Myanmar (ex Burma)Thanbyuzayat War Cemetery, A11. A. 3.Son Of William Robert And Blanche Evelyn Brown; Husband Of Elsie May Brown, Of Kew, Victoria, Australia.
209 BrownEarl HerbertPilot OfficerJ/15685RCAF101Sqn (RAF)1942-08-18Netherlands (Holland)Wonseradeel (Kimswerd) Protestant Churchyard, Row 34. Grave 5.
210 BrownJohn WilliamSergeant531369RAF102Sqn (Ceylon)

241942-06-17Netherlands (Holland)Bergen-Op-Zoom War Cemetery, 29. B. 10.Son Of John William Brown, And Of Alice May Brown, Of Dunston, Co. Durham.
211 BrownAlfred ErnestSergeant1027778RAFVR103Sqn321942-12-20Netherlands (Holland)Bergen-Op-Zoom Canadian War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 6. G. 2-4.Son Of Alfred Ernest And Mary Jane Brown, Of Wavertree, Liverpool, England; Husband Of May Brown.
212 BrownWilliam ElliottFlight SergeantR/78076RCAF115Sqn (RAF)201942-07-22Netherlands (Holland)Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery, Plot Jj. Grave 83-86 (Coll.)Son Of William Easson Brown And Jessie Madeleine Brown, Of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
213 BrownJamesSergeant1378840RAFVR12Sqn291942-05-31Netherlands (Holland)Amsterdam New Eastern Cemetery, Plot 85. Row C. Coll. Grave 17.Son Of Joshua And Mary Jane Brown; Husband Of Eleanor Haldane Brown, Of Annitsford, Northumberland.
214 BrownGeorge WilliamSergeant1187004RAFVR35Sqn211942-06-17Netherlands (Holland)Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery, Plot Jj. Grave 77.Son Of Edwin George And Nellie Brown, Of Yardley, Birmingham; Husband Of Mabel Brown.
215 BrownJackSergeant629164RAF9Sqn211942-06-21Netherlands (Holland)Leens General Cemetery, De Marne, Row 14. Grave 5.Son Of Morris And Margaret Brown, Of Leeds, Yorkshire.
216 BrownFrederick CharlesAircraftman 1st Class423527RNZAF401942-08-07New ZealandChristchurch (Bromley) Cemetery, 4E. 16.Son Of Charles Brown, And Of Edith Brown (Nee Housden), Of London, England; Husband Of Mabel Irene Brown, Of Herne Bay, Auckland.
217 BrownPeter GregoryPilot Officer106502RAFVR35Sqn211942-03-31NorwayTrondheim (Stavne) Cemetery, A Iv British. B. 3.Son Of Gerald Joseph And Ellen Brown, Of Whalley Range, Manchester.
218 BrownDavid StuartSergeant401489RAAF251942-05-26Papua New GuineaRabaul (Bita Paka) War Cemetery, H. C. 8.Son Of Leslie John And Jessie Brown. Of South Yarra, Victoria, Australia.
219 BrownErwin BruceLeading Aircraftman33208RAAF251942-05-07Papua New GuineaPort Moresby Memorial, Panel 10.Son Of Charles And Christina Isabel Brown, Of Darlinghurst, New South Wales.
220 BrownCyrilSergeant1183446RAFVR60Sqn191942-05-17SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 414.Son Of John William And Annie Brown, Of Bulwell, Nottingham.
221 BrownDonald HoraceSergeant745217RAFVR60Sqn221942-09-09SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 414.Son Of Horace L. And Ada M. Brown, Of Luton, Bedfordshire.
222 BrownWilliam Edward HaroldSergeant755140RAFVR62Sqn221942-01-26SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 414.Son Of William John And Fanny Brown, Of Luton, Bedfordshire.
223 BrownEdgar HaroldSergeant401024RAAF261942-01-10SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 422.Son Of Archibald Hume Brown And Marian Annette Brown, Of Camberwell, Victoria, Australia.
224 BrownWilliam EdgarAircraftman 2nd Class1073368RAFVR311942-02-09SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 419.Son Of Edgar William And Mary Jane Brown; Husband Of Kathleen Brown, Of Skipton, Yorkshire.
225 BrownWilliam HenryAircraftman 1st Class1019374RAFVR291942-07-04SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 11. C. 11.Son Of Walter And Martha Brown, Of Upholland, Lancashire; Husband Of Edna A. Brown, Of Ormskirk, Lancashire.
226 BrownGeorge ThirlwellFlight Sergeant411364RNZAF101Sqn (RAF)251942-08-27United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 117.Son Of Thomas John And Agnes Johnston Brown, Of Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand.
227 BrownStanley JamesFlight Sergeant747994RAFVR101Sqn291942-03-09United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 73.Son Of Joseph Samuel And Beatrice Brown; Husband Of Pearl Adeline Brown, Of Burton-On-Trent.
228 BrownHaroldSergeant1251203RAFVR120Sqn221942-08-12United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 79.Son Of James Hollis Brown And Ann Sinclair Brown, Of Ewell, Surrey.
229 BrownHugh CardPilot Officer103467RAFVR133Sqn (Eagle)1942-03-16United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 68.Of U.S.A.
230 BrownThomas BeattySergeant538671RAF15Sqn241942-09-19United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 79.Son Of T. B. And Annie Brown, Of Belfast.
231 BrownJames WatsonPilot Officer110820RAFVR15Sqn221942-09-16United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 68.Son Of Neville Turner Brown And Margaret Louise Brown, Of Gipsy Hill, London.
232 BrownCharles Harold LatshawFlight SergeantR/64344RCAF158Sqn (RAF)301942-02-26United KingdomBarmby-On-The-Moor (St. Catherine) Churchyard, Row F. Grave 2.Son Of Charles R. Brown And Douglas Woodhall Brown, Of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
233 BrownThomas DeathersPilot Officer113391RAFVR207Sqn211942-08-28United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 68.
234 BrownEddie HesterFlight SergeantR/83258RCAF214Sqn (RAF)201942-06-25United KingdomHaverhill Cemetery, Sec. U. Grave 194.

Son Of J. M. L. Brown And Ada Brown, Of Big Spring, Texas, U.S.A.
235 BrownArthurSergeant1017124RAFVR218Sqn1942-10-23United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 79.
236 BrownEdwardSergeant652473RAF224Sqn241942-02-06United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 79.Son Of Edward Brown, And Of Sarah J. Brown, Of Cookstown, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland.
237 BrownKenneth George ValeFlying Officer119441RAFVR236Sqn211942-11-26United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 66.Son Of George And Lilian Margaret Brown, Of Hanwell, Middlesex.
238 BrownGodfrey AllisonSquadron Leader70089RAFVR271Sqn331942-12-19United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 65.Son Of Thomas Allison Brown, And Of Hannah Brown, Of Swindon, Wiltshire. B.Sc. (Lond.).
239 BrownWilliam ErnestAircraftman 2nd Class1280568RAFVR4Sqn211942-01-16United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 98.Son Of Leonard And Minnie Blanche Brown, Of Plaistow, Essex.
240 BrownCharles Douglas GrantFlight SergeantR/67587RCAF404Sqn241942-02-21United KingdomLerwick New Cemetery, Terrace 7B. Grave 2.Son Of Charles Dickens Brown And Mary Rosalie Brown; Husband Of Kathleen Marie Brown, Of Windsor,Ontario, Canada.
241 BrownCliffordSergeant1356420RAFVR408 (R.C.A.F.)Sqn221942-03-27United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 79.Son Of Clifford And Nellie Brown, Of Leeds, Yorkshire.
242 BrownRobertSergeant1053806RAFVR408 (R.C.A.F.)Sqn191942-01-21United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 79.Son Of Charles And Alice May Brown, Of Leeds, Yorkshire.
243 BrownWilliam BeaumontFlight LieutenantJ/5227RCAF408Sqn (RCAF)211942-03-27United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 99.Son Of Thomas Allsop Brown And Mary Charlotte Beaumont Brown, Of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
244 BrownClayton Penrose LindonWarrant Officer Class IR/61683RCAF419Sqn211942-07-07United KingdomUpavon Cemetery, Row C. Grave 3.
245 BrownBernard EdwardSergeant1281447RAFVR455 (R.A.A.F.)Sqn1942-02-06United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 79.
246 BrownRobert AugustusCorporal816108RAF (Auxiliary Air Force)502Sqn321942-07-30United KingdomBelfast (Dundonald) Cemetery, Sec. F.4. Grave 362.

Son Of Robert Augustus And Mary Brown; Husband Of Vina Brown, Of Bloomfield, Belfast.
247 BrownJohn GibbFlying Officer60572RAFVR502Sqn281942-04-25United KingdomCathcart Cemetery, Compt. 2.A. Linn Extn. Grave 2038.

Son Of William James Brown And Annabella Brown, Of Glasgow.
248 BrownHugh StaingerSergeant404527RNZAF51Sqn241942-01-26United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 117.Son Of Hugh Allan Brown And Ada Brown, Of Dunsandel, Canterbury, New Zealand.
249 BrownBasil SydneySergeant1108965RAFVR7Sqn201942-06-03United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 79.Son Of Sydney And Alice Brown, Of Boston, Lincolnshire; Husband Of Freda Brown, Of Boston.
250 BrownFrancis GeorgeSergeant1320388RAFVR77Sqn211942-12-20United KingdomBristol (Shirehampton) Cemetery, Plot B. Grave 1691.

Son Of George Albert And Charlotte Edith Brown, Of Shirehampton, Bristol.
251 BrownHedleySergeant643275RAF9Sqn201942-02-15United KingdomSt. Endellion (St. Endellienta) Churchyard, 

Son Of Arthur And Doris Brown, Of St. Endellion.
252 BrownArthur Hugh SteyningPilot Officer404867RAAF271942-10-16United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 111.Son Of Frank Henry And Maude Eleanor Brown, Of Maryborough, Queensland, Australia.
253 BrownJohn RaeburnSergeant400693RAAF231942-01-16United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 112.Son Of John Raeburn Brown And Lucy Brown, Of Horsham, Victoria, Australia.
254 BrownRoye WilmottFlying Officer404932RAAF231942-04-12United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 109.Son Of James Egbert Sumner Brown And Mabel Victoria Brown, Of Ascot, Queensland, Australia.
255 BrownThomas LeslieSergeant402028RAAF211942-01-09United KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery, 4. H. 15.
Son Of Thomas And Muriel Brown, Of Kensington, New South Wales, Australia.
256 BrownFrank PercivalLeading Aircraftman169058RAF1942-07-15United KingdomGrimsby (Scartho Road) Cemetery, Sec. 123. Row G. Grave 16.Son Of Arthur And Annie Brown; Husband Of Doris Brown.
257 BrownDavid Fergus HamiltonFlight Lieutenant37933RAF (RAFO)281942-09-17United KingdomSouthgate Cemetery, Sec. A. Grave 101.

Son Of John Hamilton Brown And Of Mabel Brown (Nee Ritchie), Grandson Of Mary A. Brown Of Southgate.
258 BrownAlan NormanSergeant1312398RAFVR221942-11-03United KingdomPoole (Parkstone) Cemetery, Sec. S. Grave 55.Son Of Austin Wren Brown, And Of Mary Cecilia Brown (Nee Darcy), Of Westbourne, Bournemouth, Hampshire.
259 BrownAlbert Ernest EdwardAircraftman 1st Class1211702RAFVR191942-11-14United KingdomStreatham Cemetery, Block 17. Grave 65.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. R. Brown, Of Tooting, Surrey.
260 BrownDonald ArthurSergeant1260262RAFVR221942-12-18United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 79.Son Of E. Arthur And Helen M. Brown, Of Tunbridge Wells, Kent.
261 BrownDonald RobertAircraftman 2nd Class1137186RAFVR281942-07-02United KingdomArlecdon (St. Michael) Churchyard, Grave 105.

Son Of Robert And Amy Brown; Husband Of Mary Brown, Of Winder.
262 BrownDouglas MacgillvaryPilot Officer112288RAFVR211942-04-05United KingdomTubney (St. Laurence) Churchyard, North Part.

Son Of Sydney Macgillvary Brown And Eleanor Blanche Brown, Of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. B.Sc.
263 BrownFrankFlight Lieutenant79175RAFVR1942-08-16United KingdomSalford (Agecroft) Cemetery, Sec. 25. Grave 776.

264 BrownFrank ArthurFlight Sergeant1280368RAFVR311942-04-26United KingdomBath (Haycombe) Cemetery, Plot 39. Sec. H. Row Q. Grave 242.Son Of Frank And Elsie Jessie Brown, Of Charlton, London. M.R.San.I.
265 BrownGeorge AlfredSergeant1335241RAFVR241942-11-29United KingdomMorden Cemetery, Sec. G. 8. Grave 7192.

Son Of William Henry Brown, And Of Annie Brown, Of South Oxhey, Hertfordshire; Stepson Of Frederick S. Hadley, Of South Oxhey.
266 BrownJohnSergeant1122742RAFVR291942-08-20United KingdomCongleton (St. Peter) Churchyard, Row U. Grave 15.

Son Of Frank And Elizabeth Brown, Of Congleton; Husband Of Joan Bradwell Brown, Of Congleton.
267 BrownJohn Albert CampbellFlying Officer83331RAFVR411942-01-30United KingdomShawbury (St. Mary The Virgin) Churchyard, Row 19. Grave 2.

Son Of John Albert And Margaret Jameson Brown; Husband Of Dolores Campbell Brown, Of Shirley Surrey.
268 BrownJohn FrederickCorporal1225694RAFVR351942-09-15United KingdomTwickenham Cemetery, Plot N. Row P. Class C. Grave 33.

Son Of William Robert And Alice Elizebeth Brown, Of Twickenham.
269 BrownNorman Francis TownshendSergeant925545RAFVR251942-03-11United KingdomChingford Mount Cemetery, Sec. B.9. Grave 39843.

Son Of Francis Joseph And Louisa Marie Brown; Husband Of Gwendoline Dorothy Brown, Of Walthamstow.
270 BrownRaeside HarleyFlight Sergeant1354775RAFVR221942-02-28United KingdomGreat Bircham (St. Mary) Churchyard, Plot 1. Row 3. Grave 17.Son Of Raeside Mathew And Norah Mcdermott Brown, Of Kingspark, Glasgow.
271 BrownRobert FrancisLeading Aircraftman1541807RAFVR201942-09-24United KingdomConiscliffe (St. Edwin) New Churchyard, Top Right Hand Corner Of Churchyard.

Son Of Frederic And Anna Mary Brown, Of High Coniscliffe.
272 BrownWalterSergeant1379120RAFVR311942-09-22United KingdomEston Cemetery, Sec. P. Grave 79.

Son Of William And Emily Brown; Husband Of Phyllis Alberta Brown, Of Normanby.
273 BrownWilliam JamesSergeant1321471RAFVR211942-11-09United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 79.Son Of Timothy And Catherine Brown, Of Edmonton, Middlesex,.
274 BrownJames AlexanderPilot OfficerJ/9127RCAF201942-07-28United KingdomOllerton Cemetery, Cons. Portion. Grave 1178.

Son Of James Robert And Elizabeth Cushney Clark Brown, Of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.
275 BrownLloyd NelsonSergeantR/98142RCAF231942-04-07United KingdomChalford Tabernacle Graveyard, Grave 4.

Son Of Henry F. Brown And Of Mary L. Brown (Nee Quick) Of Leamington, Ontario, Canada.
276 BrownRay EdwardSergeantR/110045RCAF1942-09-13United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 107.
277 BrownThomas LloydSergeantR/70880RCAF241942-05-06United KingdomKempston Cemetery, Block J. Grave 77.Son Of John S. Brown And Eliza J. Brown, Of Wolseley, Saskatchewan, Canada.
278 BrownWilliam SydneyPilot OfficerJ/5915RCAF231942-02-05United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 100.Son Of George Sydney And Ada Brown, Of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
279 BrownAlanLeading Aircraftman1479901RAFVR191942-08-31USAMiami (Grand Army Of The Republic) Cemetery, Block 14. Row 1. Grave 3.

Son Of Mr. And Mrs. Samuel Brown, Of Donaghadee, Co. Down, Northern Ireland.
280 BrownClarence FredAircraftman 1st Class1018447RAFVR81Sqn1943-02-16AlgeriaBone War Cemetery, Annaba, V. A. 17.Son Of Fred Vessey Brown And Edna Brown, Of Birstall, Yorkshire; Husband Of Jenny Brown.
281 BrownEdwin HanlonFlying Officer402724DFC

RAAF251943-05-05AlgeriaEl Alia Cemetery, 12. H. 12. Son Of Thomas John And Beatrice Lilian Brown, Of Upper Undulla, Queensland, Australia.
282 BrownJohn MaxwellFlight Sergeant416321RAAF211943-05-24AlgeriaLa Reunion War Cemetery, 1. B. 4.Son Of Bruce Howard And Winifred Brown, Of East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
283 BrownNorman JohnFlying Officer411992RAAF231943-05-24AustraliaNewcastle (Sandgate) War Cemetery, Plot E. Row D. Grave 13.Son Of Charles Sydney And Catherine Mary Brown, Of Gmllhurn.
284 BrownRoyLeading Aircraftman1530549RAFVR215Sqn211943-12-19Bangladesh (ex India)Chittagong War Cemetery, 7. H. 5.Son Of Alfred Arthur And Alice Maud Brown, Of Derby.
285 BrownJohn HenryFlying OfficerJ/8793RCAF139Sqn (RAF)261943-04-11BelgiumGent City Cemetery, 18. 6. 6.Son Of Henry Freeland Brown And Mary Luella Brown; Husband Of Lola Amelia Brown, Of Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
286 BrownKennethFlight Lieutenant146430DFM

RAFVR97Sqn1943-10-04BelgiumHeverlee War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 6. E. 2.
287 BrownRolandSergeant1059977RAFVR241943-04-16BelgiumSchoonselhof Cemetery, Iv. B. 38.Son Of James And Norah Alice Brown, Of Bowburn, Co. Durham. B.Sc.
288 BrownRobert HenryFlying OfficerJ/27207RCAF133Sqn211943-08-01CanadaOttawa Memorial, Panel 2. Column 3.Son Of Henry S. Brown And Dorothy A. Brown, Of Lansing, Ontario.
289 BrownAndrew FinlaysonSergeant1559073RAFVR201943-09-13CanadaWeyburn (Hillcrest) Cemetery, Block 76. Lot 20.

Son Of Mr. And Mrs. Alexander Brown, Of Edinburgh, Scotland.
290 BrownFrederick JosephFlying Officer122366RAFVR281943-02-09CanadaGander War Cemetery, Plot 6. Row 15. Grave 21.

Husband Of Mona Eleanor Murray Brown, Of Bolton-Le-Sands, Lancashire, England.
291 BrownLeslie AtkinsonSergeant1557251RAFVR211943-02-06CanadaOttawa (Beechwood) Cemetery, Sec. 29. Lot 3. Grave 87.Son Of William And Edna Brown, Of Murton, Co. Durham, England.
292 BrownRaymond Cecil EvansSergeant961122RAFVR231943-06-28CanadaPicton (Glenwood) Cemetery, Block 1. Row 10. Grave 18.

Son Of Alfred William And Gwendoline Dudley Brown, Of Morden, Surrey, England.
293 BrownArthurLeading AircraftmanR/199996RCAF211943-07-21CanadaStanbridge East (St. James) Cemetery, Plot 45. Grave 3.

Son Of Walter And Hannah Brown, Of Stanbridge East.
294 BrownWilliam JohnSergeantR/132466RCAF211943-05-14CanadaTheodore Cemetery, Block 51. Grave 4.

Son Of William Clyde Brown And Annie Elizabeth Brown, Of Theodore.
295 BrownDenis JamesPilot Officer51130RAF218Sqn (Gold Coast)221943-04-29DenmarkEsbjerg (Fourfelt) Cemetery, A. 11. 7.Son Of Albert James Brown And Sophia Louisa Brown, Of Devonport.
296 BrownWilfred DavidWarrant Officer Class IR/86267RCAF112Sqn (RAF)1943-09-19EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 272.
297 BrownVictorSergeant964042RAFVR14Sqn1943-03-10EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 270.
298 BrownJohnSergeant646619RAF221943-10-16EgyptHeliopolis War Cemetery, 5. N. 8.Son Of Peter C. Brown And Janet Brown, Of Kelty, Fife.
299 BrownFrancis FerneauxLeading Aircraftman849061RAF (Auxiliary Air Force)311943-05-31EgyptFayid War Cemetery, 5. D. 22.Husband Of Doris Brown, Of Erdington, Birmingham.
300 BrownLeonard Charles GeorgeAircraftman 2nd Class1421493RAFVR421943-11-23EgyptMoascar War Cemetery, 4. D. 4.Husband Of Edna Brown, Of Southdown, Bath, Somerset.
301 BrownW GSergeant1384984RAFVR10Sqn1943-06-20FranceBretteville-Sur-Laize Canadian War Cemetery, Xxiv. D. 1-4 (Coll.)
302 BrownWalterSergeant990520RAFVR102Sqn (Ceylon)

231943-07-14FranceMaubeuge-Centre Cemetery, Row A. Grave 6.Son Of Leonard And Clara Brown; Husband Of Jean Brown, Of Gilesgate, Durham.
303 BrownFrederick TomSergeant1392268RAFVR104Sqn211943-11-01FranceBiguglia War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 1. C. 9.Son Of Alf And Gertrude Ellen Brown.
304 BrownDerek Frank PastonFlying Officer124415RAFVR115Sqn231943-06-20FranceIngrandes-Sur-Loire Communal Cemetery, 

Son Of Paston Charles And Florence May Brown, Of Crowcombe, Somerset.
305 BrownAlfred EdwardPilot Officer141474RAF137Sqn271943-01-23FranceAvelin (Ennetieres) Communal Cemetery, Grave 1.Son Of Alfred And Elizabeth Brown, Of Dagenham, Essex; Husband Of Audrey Brown.
306 BrownReginald ThomasSergeant746335RAFVR138Sqn331943-11-06FranceLiesse Communal Cemetery, Mil. Plot. Row C. Coll. Grave 1-6.
Son Of Charles M. Brown And Elizabeth Brown; Husband Of Dorothy Brown, Of Twickenham, Middlesex.
307 BrownRoyPilot Officer131965RAFVR166Sqn211943-04-11FranceCouvron-Et-Aumencourt Communal Cemetery, Row A. Coll. Grave 9-11.

Son Of Thomas Benjamin And Elsie Brown, Of Hill Top, Eastwood, Nottinghamshire.
308 BrownRichardSergeant944643RAFVR207Sqn251943-03-02FranceBiarritz (Du Sabaou) Communal Cemetery, Div. 9. Grave 6731B.Son Of James Edward And Edith Esther Brown, Of Thornhill, Dewsbury, Yorkshire.
309 BrownJohn HiltonFlying Officer10928RAFVR35Sqn221943-03-09FranceCambrai (Route De Solesmes) Communal Cemetery, Plot 1. Row B. Grave 1.Son Of Harry And Annie Brown, Of Middleton, Manchester.
310 BrownArthur JohnFlying OfficerJ/14164RCAF418Sqn261943-11-09FrancePoix-De-Picardie Churchyard, Row D. Grave 17.Son Of Arthur And Nellie Brown, Of Sidney, British Columbia, Canada.
311 BrownSydneyFlying OfficerJ/5744RCAF424Sqn251943-04-15FranceMesnil-St. Laurent Churchyard, 

Son Of Abraham And Leah Brown, Of North Bay, Ontario.
312 BrownWilliam McintoshFlight SergeantR/128905RCAF428Sqn211943-09-07FranceDieppe Canadian War Cemetery, Hautot-Sur-Mer, H. 62.Son Of William Mcintosh Brown, And Of E. Ellen Brown, Of Essex, Ontario.
313 BrownStephen Hugh ColinSergeant1336567RAFVR76Sqn201943-04-17FranceLiesse Communal Cemetery, Mil. Plot. Row B. Coll. Grave 6-11.
Son Of Francis Douglas Brown And Diana Brown, Of Southsea, Hampshire.
314 BrownNorman ConwaySergeantR/146053RCAF201943-08-26FranceCalais Canadian War Cemetery, Leubringhen, 6. E. 10.Son Of William Henry And Thelma Brown.
315 BrownWilliam AlfredSergeant1496924RAFVR10Sqn221943-09-27GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 14. B. 17.Son Of William And Margaret Keith Mcgill Brown, Of Manchester.
316 BrownIan StewartFlight SergeantR/124176RCAF100Sqn (RAF)1943-04-17GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 8. J. 21.Son Of N. D. Brown And Minnie Brown, Of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
317 BrownJames HerbertFlight SergeantR/179452RCAF100Sqn (RAF)291943-08-24GermanyKiel War Cemetery, 4. H. 9.Son Of George Brown, And Of Alice Braxton Brown, Of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
318 BrownGordon HarrySergeant1437124RAFVR102Sqn (Ceylon)

191943-07-28GermanyKiel War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 1. A. 1-2.Son Of Harry And Lily Brown, Of St. Annes-On-Sea, Lancashire.
319 BrownSidneySergeant1322948RAFVR102Sqn (Ceylon)

1943-05-14GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 2. G. 1-12.
320 BrownWalter GowansPilot Officer151776RAFVR102Sqn (Ceylon)

271943-09-07GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 7. G. 12-17.Son Of Walter And Mary Wallace Brown, Of Mid Calder, Midlothian.
321 BrownAlan MckeandFlight Lieutenant61007RAFVR103Sqn221943-06-15GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 3. B. 1.Son Of Harry Albert And Mabel Clare Brown, Of Badgers Mount, Kent.
322 BrownCyril MacdonaldPilot Officer149639RAFVR103Sqn241943-08-10GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 2. J. 7-14.Son Of Cyril Macdonald Brown And Edith Macdonald Brown, Husband Of Edith Bessie Brown, Of Hendon, Middlesex.
323 BrownHarrySergeant1689518RAFVR103Sqn201943-12-02GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 5. D. 28-33.Son Of William And Sarah Jane Brown, Of Pocklington, Yorkshire.
324 BrownJamesSergeant1187561RAFVR103Sqn281943-06-26GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 3. F. 3.Son Of James And Rachel Brown, Of East Saltoun, East Lothian.
325 BrownWilliam RichardFlight Sergeant1320679RAFVR103Sqn1943-10-22GermanyHanover War Cemetery, 8. C. 16.
326 BrownDouglasSergeant1004817RAFVR106Sqn211943-05-01GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Joint Grave 17. B. 8-9.Son Of David And Fanny Rae Brown; Nephew Of Mrs. M. Carson, Of Kirkcudbright.
327 BrownFrank ThorburnFlying Officer121082DFC

RAFVR118Sqn1943-07-19GermanySage War Cemetery, 3. F. 5.
328 BrownAndrew AngusFlight Sergeant1349635RAFVR149Sqn211943-09-06GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 8. J. 1-18.Son Of George Mck. Brown And Christina Thom Brown, Of Peterculter, Aberdeenshire.
329 BrownRoySergeant1213064RAFVR156Sqn201943-06-25GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 4. F. 10.Son Of Harry And Emily L. Brown, Of Nuneaton, Warwickshire.
330 BrownSydney CrowtherSergeant1034865RAFVR156Sqn1943-04-27GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 9. C. 9-12.
331 BrownJames WoodPilot Officer144933RAFVR158Sqn281943-11-22GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 16. A. 11.Son Of James Wood Brown And Clara Brown; Husband Of Catherine Josephine Brown, Of Broadmayne, Dorsetshire.
332 BrownFrancis JosephSergeant1081280RAFVR196Sqn1943-09-06GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 5. E. 6.
333 BrownJohn ArthurSergeant1303478RAFVR214Sqn201943-05-13GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 5. B. 3.Son Of Frederick And Amelia Brown, Of Acomb, York.
334 BrownHedleySergeant1481118RAFVR419Sqn (RCAF)211943-09-23GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 9. J. 4-7.Son Of Walter And Ada Brown, Of Leeds, Yorkshire.
335 BrownCecil AllanFlight SergeantR/106507RCAF434Sqn1943-08-18GermanyKiel War Cemetery, 3. B. 6.Son Of Bruce Everett Brown And Sarah Louise Brown, Of New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.
336 BrownBenjamin FrancisFlight SergeantR/133263RCAF44Sqn (RAF)1943-03-01GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 1. F. 7.
337 BrownStanley KennethSergeant1199948RAFVR460Sqn (RAAF)1943-06-22GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Joint Grave 6. B. 5-6.
338 BrownReginald WilliamSergeant658431RAF49Sqn221943-03-30GermanyHanover War Cemetery, 12. D. 19.Son Of William Victor And Amelia Mabel Brown, Of Ilford, Essex.
339 BrownWilliamFlight SergeantR/111993RCAF51Sqn (RAF)1943-05-24GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 5. C. 13-17.
340 BrownEric GregsonSergeant1148680RAFVR51Sqn221943-05-13GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 5. A. 5.Son Of Herbert Gregson Brown And Margaret Burton Brown, Of Lower Kingswood, Surrey.
341 BrownLeonard CharlesSergeant1615648RAFVR57Sqn201943-12-02GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 8. F. 3.Son Of William Charles And Ellen Brown, Of Bermondsey, London.
342 BrownBromley John WilliamSergeant1245320RAFVR61Sqn291943-08-18GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 5. J. 27.Son Of Walter And Eleanor Maud Brown; Husband Of Lola May Brown, Of Middleton, Suffolk.
343 BrownCyril DouglasFlight Sergeant1272049RAFVR61Sqn201943-07-30GermanyHamburg Cemetery, 4A. D. 5.Son Of Clara Brown, And Stepson Of Arthur Potiphar, Of Brighton, Sussex.
344 BrownThomas HenryPilot Officer131998RAF7Sqn241943-03-27GermanySage War Cemetery, 10. D. 2.Son Of Gerald Joseph And Ellen Brown, Of Whalley Range, Manchester.
345 BrownGeoffreyFlight Sergeant751279RAFVR76Sqn241943-04-17GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 18. H. 3.Son Of Robert Ernest And Emilie Brown, Of Coundon, Warwickshire.
346 BrownJohn GeorgeSergeant1432404RAFVR76Sqn331943-06-13GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 23. D. 12-15.Son Of William And Alice Brown; Husband Of Jane Brown, Of Birstall, Leicestershire.
347 BrownWilliamSergeant1340249RAFVR77Sqn281943-07-30GermanyKiel War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 1. B. 7.
348 BrownAndrew James EwenPilot Officer147318RAFVR83Sqn241943-08-24GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 5. L. 31-34.
349 BrownGeorge HensonSergeant1451031RAFVR1943-10-09GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 17. G. 6.
350 BrownRonaldFlight Sergeant427113RAAF191943-09-23GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 9. J. 8.
351 BrownRoyFlight Sergeant412003RAAF231943-11-23GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 11. N. 18.
352 BrownSeymour VilliersPilot Officer405997RAAF211943-08-31GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, Sp. Mem. 3. F. 25.
353 BrownHarold SterlingFlight Sergeant553965RAF202Sqn211943-06-09GibraltarGibraltar Memorial, 

354 BrownDonald BrookeWarrant Officer1066461RAFVR206Sqn221943-11-29GibraltarGibraltar Memorial, 

355 BrownWilliamCorporal1031919RAFVR301943-08-11GibraltarGibraltar Memorial, 

356 BrownArthurFlight Sergeant1265761RAFVR194Sqn1943-04-15IndiaDelhi War Cemetery, 2. H. 9.
357 BrownLeonardCorporal640754RAF1943-06-07IndiaImphal War Cemetery, 8. E. 18.
358 BrownDonald JamesCorporal1250638RAFVR301943-07-24IndiaDelhi War Cemetery, 4. B. 15.
359 BrownJohn MartinLeading Aircraftman1004010RAFVR1943-05-26IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery, 2. A. 14.
360 BrownEric WilliamSquadron Leader40074RAF150Sqn281943-10-24ItalyRome War Cemetery, Ii, E, 9.
361 BrownDouglasSergeant1317926RAFVR61Sqn221943-08-08ItalyMilan War Cemetery, Ii. B. 3.
362 BrownRobert GordonCorporal534395RAF38Sqn241943-03-08LibyaBenghazi War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 3. B. 22-24.
363 BrownHerbert Victor SidneyCorporal1166939RAFVR281943-07-16LibyaBenghazi War Cemetery, 7. B. 32.
364 BrownJohn HenrySergeant1107562RAFVR179Sqn1943-01-21MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 8, Column 1.
365 BrownH SCaptain103259VSAAF26Sqn271943-12-18MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 12, Column 1.
366 BrownArthurFlying OfficerJ/9906RCAF420Sqn271943-08-15MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 10, Column 1.
367 BrownRobert BurnsFlying OfficerJ/22358RCAF425Sqn281943-06-30MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 10, Column 1.
368 BrownPeter Edwyn ElkfordWarrant Officer Class IIR/92308RCAF458Sqn (RAAF)321943-02-13MaltaMalta (Capuccini) Naval Cemetery, Prot. Sec. (Mens). Plot F. Coll. Grave 104.
369 BrownEric AnsellSergeant1289528RAFVR458Sqn (RAAF)211943-02-13MaltaMalta (Capuccini) Naval Cemetery, Prot. Sec. (Mens). Plot F. Coll. Grave 104.
370 BrownWilliam George CharlesAircraftman 2nd Class1447486RAFVR1943-02-01MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 9, Column 2.
371 BrownDavidSergeant1386316RAFVR10Sqn1943-06-29Netherlands (Holland)Jonkerbos War Cemetery, 3. G. 6.
372 BrownDouglas StewartPilot OfficerJ/17621RCAF106Sqn (RAF)1943-06-15Netherlands (Holland)Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery, Xv. C. 12.
373 BrownDennisSergeant1549636RAFVR106Sqn211943-03-30Netherlands (Holland)Lichtenvoorde General Cemetery, Grave 27.

374 BrownDonald Rowland RennieFlying Officer131948RAFVR107Sqn1943-10-22Netherlands (Holland)Flushing (Vlissingen) Northern Cemetery, Row G. Grave 20.
375 BrownWilliam AustinFlight Sergeant1052824RAFVR107Sqn211943-02-11Netherlands (Holland)Bergen-Op-Zoom War Cemetery, 25. A. 2.
376 BrownJames Wilfred HenryFlying Officer136035DFM

RAFVR138Sqn351943-09-20Netherlands (Holland)Harlingen General Cemetery, Plot E. Row 4. Grave 15.
377 BrownHerbert GeorgeSergeant545569RAF15Sqn1943-05-04Netherlands (Holland)Amersfoort (Oud Leusden) General Cemetery, Plot 13. Row 6. Grave 103.
378 BrownVictor GordonFlying Officer50223RAFVR151Sqn211943-04-20Netherlands (Holland)Onstwedde General Cemetery, Plot A. Row E2. Grave 8.

379 BrownThomas DavidFlying Officer124924RAFVR166Sqn211943-05-28Netherlands (Holland)Hengelo (Overijssel) General Cemetery, Plot D. Row I. Grave 64.

380 BrownEdward JamesPilot Officer52566RAF35Sqn221943-08-31Netherlands (Holland)Kuinre General Cemetery, Row 22. Grave 40D.

381 BrownWilliam Gordon LesliePilot Officer155006RAFVR35Sqn281943-06-22Netherlands (Holland)Jonkerbos War Cemetery, 7. H. 8.
382 BrownDavid Lloyd GeorgeWarrant Officer Class IIR/109630RCAF408Sqn (RCAF)201943-07-14Netherlands (Holland)Bergen-Op-Zoom Canadian War Cemetery, 5. G. 8.
383 BrownThomasFlying Officer127127RAFVR419Sqn (RCAF)311943-05-13Netherlands (Holland)Rotterdam (Crooswijk) General Cemetery, Plot Ll. Row 1. Grave 37.
384 BrownMalcolm PenvilSergeant778810RAFVR429Sqn (RCAF)201943-04-27Netherlands (Holland)Borne (Bornerbroek) Roman Catholic Churchyard, Coll. Grave 4-6.

385 BrownGeorge FrederickFlight Sergeant1318730RAFVR431Sqn RCAF

1943-12-04Netherlands (Holland)Bergen General Cemetery, Plot 2. Row B. Coll. Grave 8-12.
386 BrownAlfredSergeant1860203RAFVR51Sqn1943-05-26Netherlands (Holland)Uden War Cemetery, 5. I. 2.
387 BrownWilliamFlight Sergeant409288RAAF231943-07-25Netherlands (Holland)Flushing (Vlissingen) Northern Cemetery, Row F. Grave 28.
388 BrownRobert WishartFlight Sergeant1345713RAFVR215Sqn201943-12-24SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 424.
389 BrownArthurFlight Lieutenant102062RAFVR258Sqn271943-12-05SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 423.
390 BrownVictor Lewis ClarkeAircraftman 2nd Class1407313RAFVR605Sqn231943-11-29SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 429.
391 BrownLeslieCorporal524715RAF371943-11-29SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 426.
392 BrownRobert AitkenAircraftman 1st Class950438RAFVR251943-11-29SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 428.
393 BrownCyril John AmbroseSergeant366040RAF331943-11-09Thailand (ex Siam)Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, 2. B. 33.
394 BrownGeorge Mellis LeiperLeading Aircraftman1123784RAFVR150Sqn1943-07-08TunisiaEnfidaville War Cemetery, Vi. C. 13.

395 BrownR FFlight Sergeant211142SAAF24Sqn1943-04-13TunisiaMedjez-El-Bab War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 14. A. 13-15.
396 BrownVincent De PaulSergeant1588721RAFVR100Sqn1943-12-24United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 144.
397 BrownFrank CharlesSergeant1313225RAFVR102Sqn (Ceylon)

201943-07-26United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 143.
398 BrownLouisSergeant1496117RAFVR102Sqn (Ceylon)

231943-07-30United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 144.
399 BrownCharles FrederickSergeant1208686RAFVR115Sqn311943-08-03United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 143.
400 BrownDennisSergeant1125561RAFVR15Sqn211943-07-31United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 143.
401 BrownGeorge WilfredSergeant1578580RAFVR156Sqn1943-06-22United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 143.
402 BrownArthur EdwardPilot Officer170737RAFVR166Sqn231943-12-17United KingdomIpswich Old Cemetery, Sec. C. Div. 31. Grave 67.
403 BrownNigel Stuart HallyFlight Lieutenant72105RAFVR166Sqn261943-04-07United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 119.
404 BrownRalph ChaytorWarrant Officer581266RAF180Sqn231943-01-22United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 134.
405 BrownCharles BernardSergeant411576RAF214Sqn1943-07-30United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 143.
406 BrownAlan WalterSergeant1817906RAFVR226Sqn191943-11-25United KingdomLeicester (Gilroes) Cemetery, Sec. G.G. Grave 262.

407 BrownIan BrowningFlying Officer124880RAFVR233Sqn281943-04-24United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 123.
408 BrownDouglas FrederickFlight Sergeant910139RAFVR254Sqn1943-11-05United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 135.
409 BrownFrederic RaymondWarrant Officer935941DFM

RAFVR270Sqn271943-12-18United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 134.
410 BrownCarol HerbertPilot Officer155367RAFVR271Sqn241943-12-14United KingdomDoncaster (Rose Hill) Cemetery, Sec. G. Grave 115.

411 BrownRoyAircraftman 1st Class1690979RAFVR2897Sqn RAF Regt.211943-10-17United KingdomSelston (St. Helen) Churchyard, Sec. B. Grave 402.

412 BrownThomas HenryFlight Sergeant1162795RAFVR296Sqn231943-03-22United KingdomWest Bromwich Cemetery, Sec. C. Grave 1196.
413 BrownOrlan RoderickFlight LieutenantJ/15884RCAF402Sqn1943-02-16United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 172.
414 BrownGeorge RawsonPilot OfficerJ/17567RCAF403Sqn191943-05-31United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 175.
415 BrownGilbert FrederickPilot OfficerJ/16416RCAF411Sqn231943-01-28United KingdomScopwick Church Burial Ground, Row 4. Grave 30.
416 BrownKenneth JosephPilot Officer138498RAFVR420Sqn (RCAF)1943-03-01United KingdomDarlington West Cemetery, Sec. W.7K. Grave 361.

417 BrownKenneth AlfredSergeant1803924RAFVR427Sqn (RCAF)201943-10-22United KingdomLee (St. John The Baptist) Churchyard, Grave 296.

418 BrownClayton PerryFlight SergeantR/83255RCAF434Sqn241943-10-23United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 181.
419 BrownCharles VictorFlight Sergeant1192773RAFVR44Sqn (Rhodesia)221943-03-11United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 143.
420 BrownHenry DavidSergeant1382768RAFVR460Sqn1943-03-26United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 144.
421 BrownHarry LyleFlight SergeantR/125229RCAF467Sqn201943-02-20United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 181.
422 BrownAndrew AlexanderFlying Officer404886RNZAF486Sqn241943-05-16United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 197.
423 BrownAlfred George GreenwoodFlight SergeantR/92108RCAF489Sqn (RNZAF)221943-01-23United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 181.
424 BrownWilliamSergeant1305756RAFVR511Sqn301943-11-30United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 144.
425 BrownRonald DouglasAircraftman 2nd Class1800466RAFVR512Sqn201943-10-06United KingdomMortlake Cemetery, Plot 4. Sec. C. Grave 47.

426 BrownHerbert DouglasLeading Aircraftman1456752RAFVR53Sqn261943-07-24United KingdomHernhill (St. Michael) Churchyard, Grave G. 4.

427 BrownRobertSergeant1021483RAFVR605Sqn221943-04-24United KingdomGlasgow (Riddrie Park) Cemetery, Sec. G. Grave 5405.
428 BrownAbraham LawsonSergeant1310565RAFVR61Sqn291943-03-02United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 143.
429 BrownRussell Victor HenryFlight Sergeant1612359RAFVR68Sqn211943-12-10United KingdomNorth Walsham New Cemetery, Sec. J.J.J. Grave 3.

430 BrownWilliam JohnFlight Sergeant616402RAF78Sqn221943-08-13United KingdomLiverpool (Allerton) Cemetery, Sec. 16. R.C. Grave 517.
431 BrownDenis NormanSergeant1337080RAFVR78Sqn1943-05-04United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 143.
432 BrownEric JohnSergeant1316499RAFVR86Sqn221943-10-24United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 143.
433 BrownDonald ArthurSergeant1576940RAFVR9Sqn1943-01-29United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 143.
434 BrownRalphPilot Officer144183RAFVR9Sqn251943-04-23United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 131.
435 BrownDonald ArthurFlying Officer133716RAFVR90Sqn
241943-11-18United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 123.
436 BrownJohn ThomasFlying Officer156611RAF97Sqn221943-12-17United KingdomBelfast (Dundonald) Cemetery, Sec. A.3. Grave 166.

437 BrownJoseph HenrySergeant1138903RAFVR97Sqn231943-10-08United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 144.
438 BrownCarlos ManuelFlight LieutenantJ/20377RCAF97Sqn281943-11-26United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 172.
439 BrownFrederick WilliamFlying Officer50966DFM

RAF291943-10-21United KingdomMontrose (Sleepyhillock) Cemetery, Sec. 2. Class C. Grave 5.
440 BrownHenry BeveridgeCorporal653923RAF361943-05-23United KingdomEdinburgh (Liberton) Cemetery, Sec. P. Grave 9.

441 BrownJohnFlying Officer51513RAF241943-11-24United KingdomWinlaton (St. Patrick) Churchyard And Hookergate Cemetery, Screen Wall. Line 26. Grave 1.

442 BrownAlfredSergeant1039746RAFVR1943-05-21United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 143.
443 BrownCharles DouglasPilot Officer131769RAFVR1943-01-30United KingdomEdinburgh (Liberton) Cemetery, Sec. M. Grave 59.

444 BrownEric WilfredSergeant1579075RAFVR201943-12-11United KingdomRushden Cemetery, Sec. F. Grave 626.

445 BrownFerdinand ErnestAircraftman 1st Class1128085RAFVR411943-03-02United KingdomGateshead East Cemetery, Div. 27. Grave 59.

446 BrownGeorge EdwardAircraftman 2nd Class1804479RAFVR201943-02-01United KingdomShirley (St. John) Churchyard, Sec. N. Grave 2.

447 BrownHarryLeading Aircraftman936644RAFVR331943-01-22United KingdomLeicester (Gilroes) Cemetery, Sec. U.U. Grave 598.

448 BrownJackSergeant1457184RAFVR191943-02-03United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 144.
449 BrownJohnAircraftman 2nd Class1645687RAFVR301943-06-19United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 171.
450 BrownJohn JamesSergeant1482424RAFVR231943-05-03United KingdomJarrow Cemetery, Sec. 17. Grave 59.

451 BrownKennethSergeant1219055RAFVR211943-05-05United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 144.
452 BrownMathew ParkinsonSergeant1347708RAFVR1943-06-17United KingdomBlack Bourton (St. Mary) Churchyard, Row E. Grave 5.
453 BrownRonaldSergeant1285031RAFVR1943-08-14United KingdomBeckenham Crematorium And Cemetery, Sec. S.12. Grave 19160.

454 BrownWilliam JohnAircraftman 1st Class1633002RAFVR361943-11-10United KingdomStreatham Park Cemetery, Square 11. Grave 18627.
455 BrownAllan John JamesFlight Sergeant412054RAAF221943-12-02United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 192.
456 BrownDonald John MorganFlight Sergeant422415RAAF221943-12-22United KingdomOxford (Botley) Cemetery, Plot I/2. Grave 126.
457 BrownEric LindsayFlight Sergeant401893RAAF241943-03-25United KingdomChevington Cemetery, Sec. H. Grave 281.
458 BrownLeo Frederick JosephPilot Officer416018RAAF211943-06-24United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 190.
459 BrownRobert Nodin PlessaySergeant418053RAAF221943-08-02United KingdomBristol (Greenbank) Cemetery, Xx. 695A.

460 BrownBrian EdwardFlying OfficerJ/24007RCAF211943-09-17United KingdomOxford (Botley) Cemetery, Plot I/2. Grave 66.
461 BrownDouglas RoySergeantR/194139RCAF211943-09-28United KingdomHarrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery, Sec. C. Row C. Grave 7.
462 BrownJames HenrySergeantR/155559RCAF201943-06-24United KingdomOxford (Botley) Cemetery, Plot I/2. Grave 2.
463 BrownJames MoyesPilot OfficerJ/22403RCAF221943-06-20United KingdomStratford-On-Avon Cemetery, Grave 4172.

464 BrownFrancis HenrySergeant39740RNZAF271943-05-05United KingdomBarmby-On-The-Moor (St. Catherine) Churchyard, Row D. Grave 8.
465 BrownDaisy WinifredAircraftwoman 2nd Class2063996WAAF1943-03-17United KingdomDerby (Nottingham Road) Cemetery, Sec. F. Grave 59385.
466 BrownHarrySergeant546253RAF291943-11-23Zimbabwe (ex Rhodesia)Bulawayo (Athlone) Cemetery, Grave 91.
467 BrownGeorge WilliamFlight Sergeant1323515RAFVR624Sqn231944-08-18AlgeriaDely Ibrahim War Cemetery, 4. G. 14.Son Of George Henry And Florence Ellen Brown, Of Chiswick, Middlesex.
468 BrownVictor JohnSergeant345496RAF421944-03-26AlgeriaDely Ibrahim War Cemetery, 4. F. 14.Son Of John And Cecilia Brown; Husband Of Elizabeth Brown, Of Alness, Ross And Cromarty.
469 BrownPeter George FlemingFlight Lieutenant120926RAFVR54Sqn221944-04-18AustraliaAdelaide River War Cemetery, P.D.12.Son Of George Fleming Brown And Freda Mary Brown, Of Pershore, Worcestershire, England.
470 BrownNorman ColensoFlying Officer159498RAFVR548Sqn211944-07-01AustraliaAdelaide River War Cemetery, D.A.1.Son Of Maj. Sidney Douglas Harold And Ellen Edith Brown, Of Bristol, England; Husband Of Rosemary Muriel Brown, Of Bristol.
471 BrownBernard VincentLeading Aircraftman143037RAAF401944-11-03AustraliaSpringvale War Cemetery, Melbourne, 1.S.D.9.Son Of Thomas And Margaret Brown, Of Bendigo.
472 BrownRobert WilliamCorporal67268RAAF361944-12-27AustraliaRookwood Crematorium, Sydney, Forces Memorial Wall. Niche 36Sb.Son Of William Henry And Clara Jane Brown; Husband Of Daphne May Brown, Of Gladesville.
473 BrownRoy ThomasLeading Aircraftman24786RAAF371944-04-07AustraliaSpringvale War Cemetery, Melbourne, 1.O.B.6.Son Of Fredrick George And Sarah Jane Brown, Of Ipswich, Queensland; Husband Of Alice Mary Brown, Of Kedron, Queensland.
474 BrownHarold MervynFlying Officer2367RIAF (India)9Sqn261944-11-21Bangladesh (ex India)Maynamati War Cemetery, 4. E. 11.Son Of James Albert Brown And Dr. Alice Brown, Of Akbarabad, Madras, India. B.E.
475 BrownJamesCorporal634850RAF99Sqn261944-01-04Bangladesh (ex India)Chittagong War Cemetery, 7. H. 9.Son Of John And Annie Brown, Of Alva, Clackmannanshire.
476 BrownDuncan StewartPilot OfficerJ/94612RCAF158Sqn (RAF)201944-12-18BelgiumBrussels Town Cemetery, X. 27. 28.Son Of Harry Duncan Brown And Martha Della Brown, Of Headingly, Manitoba, Canada.
477 BrownJohn FrancisPilot OfficerJ/86751RCAF427Sqn231944-05-28BelgiumHeverlee War Cemetery, 2. H. 10.Son Of John Edward Brown, And Of Margaret Brown, Of Thorold, Ontario, Canada.
478 BrownFrank ColinSergeant1537052RAFVR51Sqn221944-04-28BelgiumHeverlee War Cemetery, 5. F. 25.Son Of Henry And Eva Brown, Of Shildon, Co. Durham.
479 BrownAlbert HenrySergeant2209356RAFVR550Sqn271944-05-28BelgiumWevelgem Communal Cemetery, Coll. Grave E. 498.Son Of Joseph And Annie Brown, Of Radcliffe, Lancashire; Husband Of Alice Brown, Of Radcliffe.
480 BrownGeorge BenjaminAircraftman 1st Class1044711RAFVRBSRU1944-11-07BelgiumOostende New Communal Cemetery, Plot 9. Row 2. Grave 9.
481 BrownMatthewLeading Aircraftman1777211RAFVRBSRU1944-11-07BelgiumOostende New Communal Cemetery, Plot 9. Row 2. Grave 10.
482 BrownThe Rev. James GordonSquadron LeaderC/6243RCAF1944-11-27BelgiumSchoonselhof Cemetery, I. A. 27.
483 BrownJohn MathesonFlight EngineerRAF Transport Command1944-08-26CanadaGoose Bay Joint Services Cemetery, Labrador, Plot A. Row 4. Grave 10.

484 BrownFrederick EdwardPilot Officer165812RAFVR211944-11-10CanadaOttawa Memorial, Panel 3. Column 2.Son Of Frank Goodrick Brown And Ellen Brown, Of Coningsby, Lincolnshire, England.
485 BrownJames GeraldPilot Officer163982RAFVR201944-04-20CanadaMiddleton Old Holy Trinity Cemetery, Sec. 2. Grave 13.

Son Of James And Martha Julia Brown Of Mossley Hill, Liverpool, England.
486 BrownWalter EdwardSergeant1389618:RAFVR97Sqn241944-02-16DenmarkFaaborg New Cemetery, Grave 37.Son Of Walter Alfred And Mabel Brown, Of Hanworth, Middlesex.
487 BrownGeoffrey AlanFlying Officer176187RAFVR38Sqn211944-08-11EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 279.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. S. J. Brown, Of Walthamstow, Essex.
488 BrownReginald EllisFlight Sergeant1360070RAFVR46Sqn311944-04-04EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 279.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. Leonard Brown; Husband Of Marie Leslie Jervis Brown, Of Worcester.
489 BrownGeoffrey WilliamPilot Officer54680RAF331944-08-11EgyptHeliopolis War Cemetery, 6. N. 5.Son Of William Newall Brown And Laura Jessie Brown; Husband Of Dorothy Elizabeth Brown, Of Whitefield, Lancashire.
490 BrownAlan DennisSergeant1623513RAFVR201944-01-26EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 280.Son Of Richard Harry And Kathleen Marguerite Brown, Of Goostrey, Cheshire.
491 BrownArthur HenrySergeant1813372RAFVR1944-05-27EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 280.
492 BrownSydney Walter PercyAircraftman 1st Class1496122RAFVR391944-03-29EgyptSuez War Memorial Cemetery, 3. F. 9.Son Of Alfred Edward And Harriet Caroline Brown; Husband Of Ivy Irene Brown, Of Cutteslowe, Oxford.
493 BrownJohnCorporal431705RNZAF361944-01-20FijiSuva Military Cemetery, 4. 56.

Son Of David Eaglesham Brown And Elizabeth Mccoll Brown; Husband Of Kate Brown, Of Waipukuran Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.
494 BrownEric RonaldSergeant1318339RAFVR101Sqn211944-07-28FranceRebrechien Communal Cemetery, Coll. Grave.

Service for Lancaster Crew 2004-07-28
Son Of Ronald And Eileen Alice Brown, Of Upper Norwood, Surrey.
495 BrownJames NelsonPilot Officer173626RAFVR101Sqn231944-07-01FranceLangon Communal Cemetery, Plot 2. Coll. Grave.

Son Of James Edward And Florance Violetta Brown, Of West Hartlepool, Co. Durham.
496 BrownDonaldFlying Officer130272DFC

RAFVR138Sqn231944-05-08FranceLe Mans West Cemetery, Plot 38. 1939-45 Row C. Grave 7-11 (Coll.)Son Of Thomas Cairns Brown And Katherine Mackloughlan Brown; Husband Of Mary Brown, Of Harborne, Birmingham.
497 BrownOwen McdavidSergeant1822937RAFVR158Sqn191944-04-18FranceGrand-Seraucourt British Cemetery, 7. G. 7.

Son Of Owen J. Brown And Janet Brown, Of Dumfries.
498 BrownGeoffrey CampbellFlight Lieutenant128455RAFVR183Sqn221944-08-17FranceCorneville-Sur-Risle Churchyard, Grave 2.

Son Of Frank Stanley And Kate Campbell Brown, Of West Kensington, London.
499 BrownEdward GeorgeFlying Officer136897RAFVR199Sqn211944-03-04FranceGemeaux Communal Cemetery, 

Son Of William George And Lilian Brown, Of North Harrow, Middlesex.
500 BrownJohn Armagh CharlesFlying OfficerJ/28206RCAF427Sqn301944-05-12FranceCalais Canadian War Cemetery, Leubringhen, 2. H. 8.Son Of Walter George Brown, M.A., B.D., And Martha R. Brown; Husband Of Bernice Cristine Brown, Of Vancouver, British Columbia.
501 BrownWilliam Wood LindsayFlight LieutenantJ/16571MiDRCAF441Sqn271944-08-13FranceRanville War Cemetery, V. F. 12.Son Of Thomas Wood Brown And Nellie Brown, Of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
502 BrownGeorge HenryFlight Sergeant1338347RAFVR460Sqn (RAAF)211944-04-28FranceAppenwihr Churchyard, Coll. Grave.Son Of Frank William And Margaret May Brown, Of Shepherd'S Bush, London.
503 BrownArthur CharlesSergeant1399195RAFVR463Sqn RAAF

211944-07-05FranceEllecourt Communal Cemetery, Coll. Grave.

Son Of Walter William And Alice May Brown, Of Colchester, Essex.
504 BrownHerbert KenithFlight Sergeant423639RAAF467Sqn211944-06-25FranceMareuil-Caubert (Mareuil) Communal Cemetery, Plot 2. Row D. Grave 2.

Son Of William Herbert And Elsie May Brown, Of Tocumwal, New South Wales, Australia.
505 BrownCharles ThomasSergeant1867213RAFVR50Sqn1944-05-04FrancePoivres Churchyard, Coll. Grave 24-34.
506 BrownDavid CornfootPilot OfficerJ/89961RCAF626Sqn (RAF)201944-07-01FranceTheillay Communal Cemetery, Coll. Grave 1.

Son Of David And Annie Brown, Of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
507 BrownFrancis George ChaplinFlight Sergeant1561578RAFVR635Sqn211944-08-04FranceMarissel French National Cemetery, Grave 363.Son Of George And Edith Chaplin Brown, Of Leslie, Fife.
508 BrownRobert ThomasSergeant1802002RAFVR640Sqn

211944-06-03FranceBretigny-Sur-Orge Communal Cemetery, Coll. Grave 6.

Son Of Charles Brown, And Of Amy Brown, Of Tottenham, Middlesex.
509 BrownReginald WisemanSquadron Leader104694DFC

RAFVR7Sqn301944-06-24FranceWarhem Communal Cemetery, Row A. Coll. Grave 48.

Son Of Alvin C. And Agnes Brown, Of Antler, Saskatchewan, Canada.
510 BrownDavid RobertSergeant993434RAFVR78Sqn231944-07-19FranceNeufmoulin Communal Cemetery, Coll. Grave 2-5.

Son Of James And Elizabeth Brown, Of Ashington, Northumberland.
511 BrownNorman WellsFlight Sergeant1323802RAFVR9Sqn1944-06-25FranceCoulonvillers Communal Cemetery, Grave 1.

512 BrownRobert WilliamFlying Officer414768DFC

RAAF231944-10-20FranceWintzenbach Protestant Churchyard, Grave 1.

Son Of Robert And Margaret Brown, Of Manly Vale, New South Wales, Australia.
513 BrownDonald George WentworthFlight Sergeant420436RAAF241944-07-13FranceCour L'Eveque Churchyard, Grave 2.

Son Of George Wentworth Brown And Elcey Brown, Of Lane Cove, New South Wales, Australia.
514 BrownGeoffrey AlbertFlying Officer408452RAAF201944-09-24FranceCalais Canadian War Cemetery, Leubringhen, 3. B. 3.Son Of Albert Edgar And Marie Victoria Brown, Of Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.
515 BrownJohn EyreFlight Sergeant417809RAAF211944-04-21FranceClichy Northern Cemetery, Plot 16. Row 14. Grave 5.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. Ellis Evan Brown; Husband Of Hilda Bown, Of Fairfield, Derbyshire.
516 BrownJohn HenryFlight Sergeant418915RAAF311944-05-10FranceHellemmes-Lille Communal Cemetery, Row A. Grave 6.

Son Of Beatrice Brown; Husband Of Mollie Gwendoline Brown, Of Perth, Western Australia.
517 BrownRonald WilliamFlying Officer417454RAAF211944-07-29FranceCronenbourg French National Cemetery, L. 9. 16.

Son Of William Octavious And Edith Eliza Ann Brown; Husband Of Iris Hall Brown, Of Prospect, South Australia.
518 BrownStephen WatsonFlight Lieutenant413849RAAF211944-05-28FranceRennes Eastern Communal Cemetery, Sec. 18. Plot 1. Row D. Grave 6.Son Of Stephen Edward And Ethel Maud Brown, Of Mosman, New South Wales, Australia.
519 BrownJamesSergeant3020057RAFVR10Sqn1944-11-05GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 1. C. 13-15.
520 BrownClement HectorPilot OfficerJ/87009RCAF100Sqn (RAF)291944-09-12GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 8. E. 5-8.Son Of Clement Mcfarlane Brown, And Of Margaret Ellen Brown (Nee Harper); Husband Of Marie-Jane Brown (Nee Monroe).
521 BrownCharles DerekSergeant1581033RAFVR101Sqn211944-01-03GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 5. J. 37.Son Of Charles Harry And Agatha Gertrude Brown, Of Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.
522 BrownRichard WilliamWarrant Officer756017RAFVR101Sqn241944-02-15GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 5. C. 8.Son Of Richard And Catherine Florence Brown, Of Stanstead Abbots, Hertfordshire.
523 BrownRonaldFlying Officer154592RAFVR115Sqn211944-10-14GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 26. E. 9.Son Of Douglas And Hilda Marion Brown, Of Harefield, Middlesex.
524 BrownMaurice GeorgeFlight Sergeant1800176RAFVR15Sqn201944-04-21GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 2. H. 23.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. G. C. Brown, Of Faversham, Kent.
525 BrownEdward SharrottFlight Sergeant1322611RAFVR166Sqn301944-01-14GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 14. A. 8-13.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. Harry Brown, Of Nassington, Northamptonshire.
526 BrownPeter HenrySergeant1305927RAFVR166Sqn1944-03-31GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 9. F. 18.
527 BrownStanley AlbertFlight Sergeant1399174RAFVR171Sqn221944-12-09GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 9. K. 5-7.Son Of Albert James Brown And Clara Beatrice Brown; Stepson Of Mr. C. Mundill, Of Dagenham, Essex.
528 BrownThomas Anthony VictorFlight Sergeant1549104RAFVR171Sqn211944-12-09GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 9. K. 1.Son Of Henry Victor And Margaret Mary Agnes Brown, Of Stretford Lancashire.
529 BrownGeorge SpaldingSergeant1568787RAFVR195Sqn211944-11-04GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 5. C. 12.Son Of Robert Kay Brown And Christina Crerar Brown, Of Blebo, Fife.
530 BrownCharles DavisFlying OfficerJ/28198RCAF408Sqn (RCAF)251944-05-23GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 4. G. 11.Son Of Harry Raymond Brown And Madge Libbey Brown; Husband Of Natalie Patelkan Brown, Of Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.A.
531 BrownThomas AndersonSergeant1367292RAFVR429Sqn (RCAF)221944-02-20GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, Joint Grave 9. G. 18-19.Son Of John R. Brown And Ann Anderson Brown, Of Cardenden, Fife.
532 BrownDe Willett FrancisPilot OfficerJ/95558RCAF434Sqn1944-11-01GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 31. A. 11-13.
533 BrownPeter Charles RussellFlying Officer145370RAFVR463Sqn RAAF

201944-03-15GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 4. E. 30-33.Son Of George Wallis Brown And Of Marjorie Eleanor Brown, Of Rayleigh, Essex.
534 BrownFrancis PatrickSergeant1583464RAFVR50Sqn1944-04-25GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 9. K. 7-9.
535 BrownJohn FrancisFlight Sergeant1163091RAFVR51Sqn241944-02-24GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 9. E. 23.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. J. Brown, Of Sunderland, Co. Durham.
536 BrownJohn WilliamPilot OfficerJ/92163RCAF550Sqn (RAF)221944-10-14GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 29. A. 7-12.Son Of John And Ellen Susannah Brown, Of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
537 BrownJohnFlight Sergeant1575151RAFVR576Sqn221944-06-17GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 17. C. 9.Husband Of Kathleen Margaret Brown, Of West Croydon, Surrey.
538 BrownJohn WilliamSergeant1710052RAFVR61Sqn211944-02-24GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 1. K. 12.Son Of Ernest And Matilda Brown, Of Brentford, Middlesex.
539 BrownRichardSergeant1145879RAFVR619Sqn231944-06-22GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 17. F. 12.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. William Brown, Of Cowgate, Newcastle-On-Tyne.
540 BrownEdward JohnFlying OfficerJ/37886RCAF625Sqn (RAF)1944-11-09GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 20. B. 4.
541 BrownHarold EarlFlight LieutenantJ/8965RCAF627Sqn (RAF)291944-09-28GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 2. K. 20.Husband Of Jessie Mcd. Brown, Of Rolla, North Dakota, U.S.A.
542 BrownEdwin RylandPilot Officer426302RAAF231944-04-25GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 7. E. 21-24.Son Of James Ernest Herbert And Sylvia Jessie Brown, Of Hamilton, Queensland, Australia.
543 BrownErnestPilot Officer415612RAAF221944-03-24GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 5. B. 17-22.Son Of Winifred Mary Brown, Of Victoria Park, Western Australia.
544 BrownGeoffrey WilliamFlying Officer426035RAAF211944-11-04GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 28. B. 4. Son Of Edgar William And Vera Hilda Eugenia Brown, Of Corinda, Queensland, Australia.
545 BrownWilliam Norman WaldronPilot Officer17786RAAF321944-04-23GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 7. C. 17.Son Of John Joseph Waldron Brown And Grace Agnes Brown; Husband Of Frances Gertrude Brown, Of Albany, Western Australia.
546 BrownGeoffrey AlexanderPilot Officer172586RAFVR227Sqn301944-02-27GreecePhaleron War Cemetery, 5. C. 11.Son Of Alexander And Ethel Victoria Brown, Of Southleigh, Oxfordshire.
547 BrownJohn GarthwaiteFlight Sergeant1547056RAFVR150Sqn231944-09-21HungaryBudapest War Cemetery, Joint Grave Iii. D. 8-9.Son Of George And Sarah Elizabeth Brown, Of Wingate, Co. Durham.
548 BrownDerekFlying Officer163008RAFVR37Sqn201944-09-21HungaryBudapest War Cemetery, I. E. 9.Son Of Thomas Corrie Brown And Gladys Mary Brown, Of Burnside, Lanarkshire.
549 BrownRoySergeant1107901RAFVR37Sqn221944-08-23HungaryBudapest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Ii. A. 3-5.Son Of Frank And Amy Brown, Of High Heaton, Newcastle-On-Tyne.
550 BrownAlbert Sidney HarrisonFlight Sergeant1812632RAFVR614Sqn201944-06-26HungaryBudapest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Iii. B. 1-6.Son Of Albert And Violet May Brown, Of Enfield Wash, Enfield, Middlesex.
551 BrownGeorge DunlopFlight LieutenantJ/21132RCAF155Sqn (RAF)221944-03-16IndiaRanchi War Cemetery, 8. G. 7.

Son Of George Smith Brown And Ethel Dunlop Brown, Of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
552 BrownRobert JohnFlying OfficerJ/36417RCAF413Sqn241944-09-14IndiaCalcutta (Bhowanipore) Cemetery, Kolkata, Plot O. Row B. Grave 13.Son Of Walter W. Brown And Violet E. Brown, Of Langham, Saskatchewan, Canada. His Brother, Walter Gordon Brown, Also Died On Service.
553 BrownAlbanyLeading Aircraftman1183642RAFVR281944-11-17IndiaMadras War Cemetery, Chennai, 1. E. 2.Son Of Albany And Margaret Brown; Husband Of Joyce Brown, Of Barton, Richmond, Yorkshire.
554 BrownGeorge FrankLeading Aircraftman639945RAF281944-09-30IndonesiaJakarta War Cemetery, 3. G. 10.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. Frank Brown; Stepson Of Hilda Brown, Of Ansty, Wiltshire.
555 BrownJLeading Aircraftman993641RAFVR311944-11-14IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery, 32. B. 1.Son Of James Brown And Mary Brown, Of Ayr.
556 BrownAllan EdwardFlying Officer137147RAFVR18Sqn221944-03-11ItalyCaserta War Cemetery, Vii, E, 2.Son Of Edward And Grace Brown, Of West Bridgford, Nottingham.
557 BrownReginald Leslie ArthurLeading Aircraftman1156203RAFVR241Sqn301944-09-30ItalyCoriano Ridge War Cemetery, Xvi, F, 5.Son Of William And Ellen Elizabeth Brown; Husband Of Joyce Mary Brown, Of Rushden, Northamptonshire.
558 BrownGordanSergeant1673141RAFVR201944-08-23ItalyNaples War Cemetery, I. F. 3.Son Of Ernest And Margaret Lilian Brown, Of Whitehaven, Cumberland.
559 BrownReginald Archibald PercivalPilot Officer15705RAAF281944-07-06ItalyBari War Cemetery, X. A. 23.Son Of Archibald Frederick And Rose Brown, Of Wetherill Park, New South Wales, Australia.
560 BrownLeslie DouglasAircraftman 1st Class981625RAFVR281944-12-04Malaysia (ex Malaya)Labuan War Cemetery, U. D. 11.Son Of Thomas Douglas And Jean Brown; Husband Of Margaret Dorothy Brown, Of Prenton, Cheshire.
561 BrownJohn ThomasFlight Sergeant1314917RAFVR14Sqn1944-02-01MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 14, Column 1.Son Of Ernest James Brown And Olwen May Brown, Of Crewkerne, Somerset.
562 BrownErnest LoganFlight Sergeant1494454RAFVR148Sqn271944-10-29MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 14, Column 1.Adopted Son Of James Crosbie Logan And Emma Logan; Husband Of Joan Rostron Brown, Of Levenshulme, Manchester.
563 BrownNevil WardSergeant1397431RAFVR150Sqn221944-07-17MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 14, Column 2.Son Of Thomas And Amy Caroline Brown, Of Beckenham, Kent.
564 BrownJohnSergeant1565950RAFVR185Sqn211944-09-01MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 14, Column 2.Son Of Archibald Duncan Brown And Georgina Brown, Of Edinburgh.
565 BrownHerbert JamesWarrant Officer Class II328832VSAAF31Sqn SAAF

191944-08-17MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 17, Column 2.Son Of James And Edith S. Brown, Of Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa.
566 BrownJames HardieSquadron Leader43955DSO

RAF6Sqn271944-08-27MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 12, Column 2.Son Of Capt. James Hardie Brown, M.C., The Argyll And Sutherland Highlanders, Killed In Action In France, 1918, And Lena Hardie Brown. B.A., Hons.(Cantab): Pembroke College.
567 BrownRussell GordonFlight Sergeant1319585RAFVR62Sqn1944-08-02Myanmar (ex Burma)Taukkyan War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 16A. G. 1-5.
568 BrownDouglas WalterFlying OfficerJ/28945RCAF428Sqn341944-08-15Netherlands (Holland)Amersfoort (Oud Leusden) General Cemetery, Plot 13. Row 1. Grave 17.
Son Of Walter And S. Euphemia Brown, Of Tantallon, Saskatchewan, Canada.
569 BrownGerald EdwinSergeant1851490RAFVR466Sqn (RAAF)1944-02-20Netherlands (Holland)Harlingen General Cemetery, Plot E. Row 4. Grave 19.
570 BrownDavid OscarFlying OfficerJ/35242RCAF514Sqn (RAF)1944-07-21Netherlands (Holland)Hunsel Roman Catholic Churchyard, Grave 2.

571 BrownGeorge KennedySergeant1520541RAFVR514Sqn1944-06-13Netherlands (Holland)Ermelo (Nunspeet) New General Cemetery, Plot 2. Grave 393A.

572 BrownArthur ReginaldPilot Officer182555RAFVR550Sqn1944-10-14Netherlands (Holland)Venray War Cemetery, Coll. Grave Vii. A. 1-6.
573 BrownErnest CharlesFlying Officer173296RAFVR570Sqn201944-09-23Netherlands (Holland)Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery, 21. C. 11.Son Of Henry John And Violet Lily Brown, Of Camden Town, London.
574 BrownRobertSergeant1076492RAFVR578Sqn1944-11-30Netherlands (Holland)Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery, Xii. D. 12.Son Of Ethel Brown, Of Dukinfield, Cheshire, England.
575 BrownClifford AltheaSergeant1620541RAFVR622Sqn1944-02-15Netherlands (Holland)Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery, Xii. A. 2.
576 BrownJohn HenrySergeant2209145RAFVR77Sqn201944-06-17Netherlands (Holland)Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery, Plot Kk. Grave 96.Son Of Robert And Ellen Brown, Of St. Helens, Lancashire.
577 BrownHugh McbeathFlight Sergeant1415876RAFVR90Sqn
241944-07-21Netherlands (Holland)Boxtel (Heilig Hart Van Jesus) Roman Catholic Churchyard, Grave 8,.

Son Of Dr. William Brown, M.B., And Margaret Elizabeth Brown, Of Penyfai Lane, Glamorgan; Husband Of Elizabeth Brown.
578 BrownJames EdwardFlying Officer153303RAFVR90Sqn
231944-09-16Netherlands (Holland)Dordrecht General Cemetery, Row A. Grave 11.

Son Of William And Bertha Isabella Brown, Of Nelson, Lancashire.
579 BrownJohn LaurenceWing Commander74440MBERAFVR1944-09-18Netherlands (Holland)Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery, Vi. G. 12.
580 BrownEdgar BarwoodFlight Sergeant414757RAAF241944-07-19Netherlands (Holland)Jonkerbos War Cemetery, 12. F. 8.Son Of Edgar Barwood Brown, And Mary Charlotte Brown, Of Hawthorne, Queensland, Australia.
581 BrownHarry Arthur BulgerFlying Officer434525RAAF271944-06-13Netherlands (Holland)Zelhem General Cemetery, Plot E. Row 2. Grave 6.

Son Of Bernard Thomas Brown And Isabel Brown, Of Blenheim, New Zealand.
582 BrownFrank HarryFlight Sergeant425132RNZAF221944-05-31New CaledoniaBourail Memorial, Panel 6.

Son Of Mr. And Mrs. George Brown And Step-Son Of Nellie Green; Husband Of Valerie Elsie Brown, Of Herne Bay, Auckland.
583 BrownWalter BagshawAircraftman 1st Class4311042RNZAF211944-04-11New ZealandChristchurch (Bromley) Crematorium, 2R Ss 10.Son Of Henry And Violet Brown, Of Redcliffs, Canterbury.
584 BrownFrederick Alexander ByronFlight Sergeant1313109RAFVR221944-01-28Pakistan (ex India)Karachi War Cemetery, 7. A. 3.Son Of Henry Byron Brown And Ivy Florence Brown, Of Maidenhead, Berkshire.
585 BrownJoseph Merrick TowersWarrant Officer418063RAAF211944-11-01Papua New GuineaLae War Cemetery, Gg. C. 2.

Son Of William Towers Brown And Cecil Grace Graeme Brown, Of Malvern, Victoria.
586 BrownKeith LawrenceLeading Aircraftman19158RAAF291944-01-14Papua New GuineaLae War Cemetery, A. D. 14.

Son Of Lawrence Croom Brown And Ida Isobel Brown; Husband Of Elsie Isabel Brown, Of Murrayville, Victoria.
587 BrownLaurence ErnestSergeant435439RAAF241944-12-06Papua New GuineaLae Memorial, Panel 7.

Son Of Ernest John And Amy Estelle Brown; Husband Of Audrey Brown, Of Kensington, New South Wales.
588 BrownRobert Paul ScottFlight Sergeant434615RAAF201944-08-10Papua New GuineaLae Memorial, Panel 7.

Son Of Robert Henry And Eleanor Brown, Of Bowen Hills, Queensland.
589 BrownHarold LeonardFlying OfficerJ/26853RCAF148Sqn (RAF)201944-08-05PolandKrakow Rakowicki Cemetery, Coll. Grave 1. D. 1.Son Of Henry M. Brown And Edith Lovinia Brown, Of Crediton, Ontario, Canada.
590 BrownKenneth WilliamSergeant1391448RAFVR178Sqn1944-05-08RomaniaBucharest War Cemetery, Joint Grave 2. D. 4.
591 BrownAllanWarrant Officer1354371RAFVR40Sqn1944-05-06RomaniaBucharest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 1. E. 2-5.
592 BrownJohn StanleyFlying OfficerJ/22188RCAF148Sqn (RAF)1944-07-04SerbiaBelgrade War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 1. E. 1-7.
593 BrownEricFlight Lieutenant102143DFC


351944-02-15SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 431.Son Of Francis And Mary E. Brown, Of Blackburn, Lancashire. A.C.A.
594 BrownLawrenceLeading Aircraftman981315RAFVR258Sqn251944-11-06SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 438.Son Of Lawrence And Bertha Brown, Of Salford, Lancashire.
595 BrownAlbertCorporal941969RAFVR231944-06-15SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 437.Son Of Henry And Evelyn Brown, Of Newmillerdam, Wakefield, Yorkshire.
596 BrownAlbert EdwardAircraftman 1st Class702279RAFVR261944-09-28SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 439.Son Of Albert Edward And Ethel Brown, Of Coggeshall, Essex.
597 BrownHarry CharlesAircraftman 1st Class1155365RAFVR321944-10-16SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 440.Son Of George And Mary Brown, Of Royston, Hertfordshire; Husband Of Lily Brown, Of Southampton.
598 BrownRonald EdwardLeading Aircraftman17047RAAF221944-06-24SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 444.Son Of George Andrew Brown, And Of Ethel Blanche Brown, Of Boulder, Western Australia.
599 BrownDenysSecond Lieutenant542676VSAAF191944-03-30South AfricaJohannesburg (West Park) Cremation Memorial, Son Of Steve R. Brown And Blanche Brown, Of Johannesburg.
600 BrownPercy JamesSergeant1217562RAFVR101Sqn231944-09-23United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 226.Son Of Percy Walter And Mary Lilian Brown; Husband Of Violet Irene Brown, Of Harefield, Middlesex.
601 BrownHerbertSergeant850186RAF102Sqn (Ceylon)

391944-08-17United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 226.Husband Of Winifred Lilian Brown, Of Sparkbrook, Birmingham.
602 BrownJames WilliamSergeant1351491RAFVR102Sqn (Ceylon)

1944-02-26United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 226.Son Of Leonard James Brown And Agnes Victoria Brown, Of Brighton, Sussex.
603 BrownGeorge ChahoonFlying OfficerJ/28528RCAF103Sqn (RAF)201944-08-08United KingdomHarrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery, Sec. E. Row A. Grave 12.Son Of George Edwin And Mary Elisabeth Brown, Of Grand Mere, Province Of Quebec, Canada.
604 BrownDavidSergeant2209219RAFVR12Sqn191944-03-24United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 225.Son Of David And Mary Brown, Of Everton, Lancashire.
605 BrownAlbert HenrySergeant1292798RAFVR149Sqn321944-06-06United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 225.Son Of James And Lucy Brown.
606 BrownHenry ShawFlight Sergeant1442845RAFVR174Sqn231944-02-18United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 216.Son Of John Henry And Lily Brown, Of Derby.
607 BrownRonald DavidPilot Officer184178RAFVR179Sqn281944-10-14United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 210.Son Of Frederick Thomas Brown And Minnie Alice Brown, Of Herne Bay, Kent.
608 BrownRalphSquadron Leader78250RAFVR206Sqn331944-01-06United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 200.Son Of William Leck Brown And Florence Brown; Husband Of Irene Brown, Of Hebden, Yorkshire. F.R.Met.S.
609 BrownJamesFlying Officer146705RAFVR247Sqn241944-05-08United KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery, 25. D. 2.
Son Of Robert Allison Brown And Catherine Ann Brown, Of Low Fell, Gateshead, Co. Durham.
610 BrownJames AngusWarrant Officer Class IIR/96395RCAF271Sqn (RAF)1944-04-17United KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery, 48. G. 8.
611 BrownRonald WestlandFlying Officer412311RNZAF29Sqn301944-09-23United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 262.
612 BrownWilliam WallaceFlying OfficerJ/20649RCAF298Sqn301944-08-31United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 245.Son Of James Nelson Brown And Gertrude Brown, Of Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada; Husband Of Marion H. Brown, Of Woodstock.
613 BrownNormanFlight Lieutenant115788RAFVR35Sqn311944-12-23United KingdomEastbourne (Ocklynge) Cemetery, Plot V. Grave 287.

Son Of Samuel Edgar And Edith Brown; Husband Of Marjorie Edith Brown, Of Eastbourne.
614 BrownWallace HiltonFlight LieutenantJ/6844DFC

RCAF407Sqn361944-06-07United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 244.Son Of Frank Vernon Brown And Rhodora Barbara Brown, Of Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada.
615 BrownRobert OswaldFlying OfficerJ/10958RCAF414Sqn281944-01-28United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 245.Son Of Harry Oswald And Annetta Brown, Of Daysland, Alberta, Canada.
616 BrownJohn DanielFlying OfficerC/193RCAF426Sqn1944-03-23United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 245.
617 BrownLeonard GeorgeFlying OfficerJ/35910RCAF428Sqn301944-08-17United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 245.Son Of Henry G. Brown, And Of Ellen N. Brown, Of Downsview, Ontario, Canada.
618 BrownAlan FrancisFlying OfficerJ/25827RCAF429Sqn231944-05-23United KingdomHarrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery, Sec. B. Row D. Grave 3.Son Of Francis Herbert And Willa Winnifred Brown, Of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
619 BrownWesleyPilot OfficerJ/88160RCAF432Sqn201944-07-29United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 249.Son Of Ernest And Sarah C:Leland Brown, Of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
620 BrownGeorgeSergeantR/143614RCAF434Sqn1944-08-30United KingdomHarrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery, Sec. E. Row C. Grave 10.
621 BrownGeorge WilliamFlight LieutenantJ/12195RCAF487Sqn231944-09-17United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 244.Son Of George Morton Brown And Bathia Brown, Of Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.
622 BrownGeorgeFlight Lieutenant413374RNZAF51Sqn251944-08-06United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 262.Son Of George And Jane Brown, Of Carterton, Wellington, New Zealand. His Brother, John Atkinson Brown, Also Died On Service.
623 BrownCyrilSergeant1875016RAFVR514Sqn371944-07-25United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 225.Son Of Arthur And Ada Martha Brown, Of Hitchin, Hertfordshire.
624 BrownWilliam EarleWarrant Officer Class IIR/155985RCAF514Sqn211944-05-22United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 254.Son Of William G. And Mabel Hall Brown, Of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
625 BrownAlexander RonaldFlight Lieutenant77784RAFVR524Sqn281944-10-02United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 201.Son Of John Bertram Brown And Susie Bourne Brown, Of Thames Ditton, Surrey.
626 BrownDaniel FrankSergeant1831716RAFVR57Sqn191944-09-02United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 225.Son Of Daniel Harry And Rose Violet Brown, Of St. Albans, Hertfordshire.
627 BrownLeslie WilliamSergeant1391107RAFVR577Sqn1944-06-30United KingdomWrexham Cemetery, Sec. D. Grave 9640.

Husband Of Ann Elizabeth Brown, Of Queensdale, Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia.
628 BrownThomasSergeant1171420RAFVR61Sqn251944-09-23United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 226.Son Of Thomas And T. Brown; Husband Of Hilda Brown, Of Southport, Lancashire.
629 BrownHubert HenrySergeant1735535RAFVR622Sqn1944-08-27United KingdomShirley (St. James) Churchyard, Solihull, Row 25. Grave 7.

630 BrownRonald JoshuaFlight Lieutenant159659RAFVR622Sqn231944-01-30United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 201.Son Of John Muir Brown And Elizabeth Brown, Of Bexleyheath, Kent.
631 BrownLawrence Rex FrankAircraftman 1st Class1614345RAFVR626Sqn221944-06-21United KingdomSt. Pancras Cemetery, Service Plot, Joint Grave 78.
Son Of Rex E. C. Brown And Lily V. Brown, Of Kentish Town, London.
632 BrownDerek Murray ArthurSergeant1867211RAFVR640Sqn

191944-02-15United KingdomDunstable Cemetery, Sec. J. Grave 414.

Son Of George William And Emily Brown, Of Dunstable.
633 BrownReginald GeorgeSergeant1316156RAFVR7Sqn211944-01-29United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 226.Son Of Fred And Sarah Jane Brown, Of Chisledon, Wiltshire.
634 BrownWilliam DonaldWarrant Officer945000RAFVR7Sqn231944-01-20United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 213.Son Of Albert Edward Brown, And Of Mary Brown, Of Stafford.
635 BrownRussell HowardFlight Sergeant425444RNZAF75Sqn RNZAF
241944-05-22United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 263.Son Of Russell Eric And Winifred Elizabeth Brown, Of Morningside, Auckland, New Zealand.
636 BrownGeorge JamesFlight Sergeant1419009RAFVR76Sqn221944-10-23United KingdomGoole Cemetery, Sec. C. Plot 4. Grave 434.Son Of George And Florence Brown; Husband Of Nora Brown, Of Goole.
637 BrownEric WilliamSergeant2206599RAFVR77Sqn231944-03-24United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 226.Son Of Edward William And Agnes Brown, Of Knotty Ash, Lancashire.
638 BrownLeslie William HenrySergeant629871RAF251944-03-25United KingdomLeicester (Gilroes) Cemetery, Sec. U.U. Grave 287.

Son Of Robert H. C. Brown And M. J. Brown, Of Leicester.
639 BrownSidneyFlight Sergeant1211203DFM

RAFVR371944-07-30United KingdomLeicester (Welford Road) Cemetery, Sec. I. Uncons. Grave 512.

Son Of William And Alice Mary Brown, Of Leicester.
640 BrownAlan JohnSergeant2205529RAFVR191944-11-22United KingdomHartford (St. John The Baptist) Churchyard, Grave 1004.

Son Of Alexander And Gladys Brown, Of Hartford.
641 BrownAlbertSergeant1803013RAFVR231944-06-01United KingdomSouth London Crematorium, Mitcham, Panel 22.

Son Of Charles S. Brown And Matilda Brown; Husband Of Peggy Brown, Of Balham, London.
642 BrownAlfred CharlesSergeant1578712RAFVR211944-02-25United KingdomPershore Cemetery, Plot Q. Grave 360.Son Of Alfred Henry And Edith Emily Brown, Of Pershore.
643 BrownAlfred GeorgeFlight Sergeant1320145RAFVR271944-05-02United KingdomManby (St. Mary) Churchyard, Grave 23.

Son Of Alfred John Brown, And Of Annie Brown, Of Ashford, Middlesex.
644 BrownBrian Arthur KeithFlight Sergeant1587343RAFVR211944-09-23United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 216.Son Of Arthur George And Olive Brown, Of Stansted, Essex.
645 BrownEdwardSergeant1591916RAFVR191944-06-13United KingdomLeeds (Harehills) Cemetery, Sec. G. Coll. Grave 21.

Son Of Edward And Elizabeth Brown, Of Leeds.
646 BrownJohn AldertonSergeant1487397RAFVR221944-02-07United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 226.Son Of Thomas Charles And Ethel May Brown, Of Whalley Range, Manchester. B.A., Hons.
647 BrownLeslie GeorgeLeading Aircraftman1600199RAFVR211944-03-04United KingdomHigh Wycombe Cemetery, Sec. A.1. Grave 75.

Son Of Herbert And Elizabeth Emily Brown, Of Loudwater.
648 BrownNorman WarrenerLeading Aircraftman339372RAFVR251944-06-13United KingdomHornchurch Cemetery, Sec. A. Grave 2008.Son Of Byron Warrener Brown And Rosa Jane Brown, Of Hornchurch.
649 BrownPeter CharlesSergeant1713691RAFVR201944-03-07United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 226.Son Of Stanley J. A. And Daisy Brown, Of Luton, Bedfordshire.
650 BrownPeter NormanFlying Officer126591RAFVR1944-03-03United KingdomRingwood Cemetery, Plot Y. Grave 278.

651 BrownReginald ArthurFlight Sergeant1582802RAFVR211944-06-26United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 216.Son Of Arthur John And Edith Brown, Of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.
652 BrownReginald JohnSergeant1650995RAFVR201944-04-17United KingdomNewport (St. Woolos) Cemetery, Block 20. Grave 215.

Son Of George And Gertrude May Brown, Of Newport.
653 BrownRobert LewisFlight Lieutenant88448RAFVR281944-07-21United KingdomBrookwood Military Cemetery, 52. G. 3.
Son Of Christopher And Margaret Lewis Brown, Of New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada; Husband Of Violet Amanda Brown, Of New Westminster.
654 BrownStanley AlfredAircraftman 1st Class1447398RAFVR381944-09-02United KingdomBurghfield (St. Mary) Churchyard, North Of Church.

Son Of Jacob And Jeanette Brown; Husband Of Hilda Eleanor Rose Brown, Of Burghfield Common.
655 BrownBruce HaroldFlight Sergeant429645RAAF201944-11-06United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 260.Son Of Walter John And Elsie Maud Brown, Of Bassendean, Western Australia.
656 BrownGilbert FrancisFlight Sergeant418699RAAF201944-06-08United KingdomHarrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery, Sec. B. Row E. Grave 10.Son Of William John And Josephine Mary Brown, Of Tolmie, Victoria, Australia.
657 BrownNorman DavidFlying Officer422940RAAF191944-04-05United KingdomOxford (Botley) Cemetery, Plot I/2. Grave 203.Son Of Orpie John David And Ethel Olive Brown, Of Botany, New South Wales, Australia.
658 BrownRobert Phillip HenryFlight Sergeant413556RAAF311944-04-15United KingdomChester (Blacon) Cemetery, Sec. A. Grave 237.Son Of Charles And Jessie Brown. Husband Of Edith Rosabel Brown, Of Manly, New South Wales, Australia.
659 BrownRonald JackFlight Sergeant437389RAAF191944-09-21United KingdomBath (Haycombe) Cemetery, Plot 51. Sec. H. Row V. Grave 238.Son Of Charles John And Olive Elizabeth Brown, Of Seaton Park, South Australia.
660 BrownVivian WilliamPilot Officer414903RAAF231944-05-23United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 258.Son Of William John And Ruth Isabella Brown, Of Coorparoo, Queensland, Australia.
661 BrownJames E.Flying OfficerJ/42283RCAF191944-09-01United KingdomHarrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery, Sec. E. Row C. Grave 20.Son Of W. T. Brown And Anna L. Brown, Of Wichita, Kansas,.
662 BrownWilliam ClydeFlight SergeantR/194133RCAF291944-08-27United KingdomHarrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery, Sec. E. Row C. Grave 7.Son Of William Freeman Brown And Reta Sadie Brown, Of Newcastle, New Brunswick, Canada.
663 BrownEnid StanleyCorporal437975WAAF221944-12-19United KingdomTamworth Cemetery, Grave 8442.

Daughter Of Francis Eagle Brown And Agnes Laura Brown, Of Tamworth.
664 BrownJohn KeithWarrant Officer Class IR/129538RCAF21Sqn (RAF)211944-08-25YemenMaala Cemetery, I. 45.Son Of John A. And Hattie Brown, Of Forest, Ontario, Canada.
665 BrownDavid KeithAir Sergeant100073VSAAF321944-07-06ZambiaNdola (Kansenshi) Cemetery, Plot 1. Row A. Grave 17.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. Alexander K. Brown; Husband Of Beatrice M. Brown, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
666 BrownCharles FrederickFlying Officer181263RAF211945-04-27United Kingdom Tickenham (Ss. Quiricus And Julitta) Churchyard, S.E. Sec.

Son Of Charles Frederick And Elsie Olive Brown, Of Clevedon. May have died on 1945-04-28
667 BrownHarold HenrySergeant45917RAFVR5028 Airfield ConstructionSqn481945-05-21AlgeriaDely Ibrahim War Cemetery, 1. K. 9.Son Of Harry And Alice Brown; Husband Of Lilian Brown, Of Oadby, Leicestershire.
668 BrownKelvin Arthur RoyFlying Officer426804RAAF271945-04-06AustraliaNorthern Territory Memorial, Panel 6.Son Of George Henry And Lilian Brown; Husband Of Hazel May Brown, Of Morwell, Victoria.
669 BrownAlexanderWarrant Officer658085DFM

RAF156Sqn251945-02-03BelgiumLeopoldsburg War Cemetery, VII. E. 5.Son Of Robert And Clementina Clarke Brown.
670 BrownKenneth ThomasFlight Sergeant428620RAAF211945-03-02BelgiumHotton War Cemetery, V. A. 11.Son Of Alexander Frazer Brown And Florence Myra Brown, Of Preston, Victoria, Australia.
671 BrownDavid ReidFlight LieutenantJ/25969DFC

RCAF1945-12-23CanadaNashwaaksis Douglas Rural Cemetery, Plot 51. Row 1.

Son Of Arthur J. Brown And Bertie Amelia Brown, Of Fredericton.
672 BrownHarold AllanFlying OfficerJ/18028RCAF231945-07-11CanadaRegina Cemetery, Block C. Plot 5. Grave 9.

Son Of George And Sarah Jane Brown, Of Ste. Rose Du Lac, Manitoba.
673 BrownStanley Wilfred RobertWarrant Officer Class IIR/185903RCAF211945-07-23CanadaCalgary (Burnsland) Cemetery, Lot 2. Block 11. Sec. G.Son Of Wilfred Charles And Beatrice A. Brown, Of Calgary.
674 BrownGuy RichardFlight Lieutenant45420DFC

RAF241945-09-06EgyptHeliopolis War Cemetery, 4. H. 21.Son Of Capt. William Brown, J.P., And Of Kathleen D. M. Brown (Nee Illingworth), Of Aldbourne, Wiltshire.
675 BrownRobert SteedmanSergeant2225158RAFVR103Sqn331945-03-06GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 9. B. 17.Son Of Robert Steedman Brown And Lily Brown, Of Glasgow.
676 BrownArnoldWarrant Officer746717RAFVR107Sqn341945-04-20GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, 11. N. 8.Son Of Cyril And Edith Brown, Of Northampton; Husband Of Miriam Doris Brown, Of Northampton.
677 BrownWalter GordonPilot OfficerJ/94899RCAF12Sqn (RAF)201945-03-16GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 9. E. 16.Son Of Walter W. Brown And Violet E. Brown, Of Langham, Saskatchewan, Canada. His Brother Robert John Also Died On Service.
678 BrownJamesFlight Sergeant1559298RAFVR158Sqn241945-03-24GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 17. D. 17.Son Of Robert And Marion Brown, Of Musselburgh, Midlothian; Husband Of Jean Brown.
679 BrownJames PirieFlight SergeantR/220677RCAF166Sqn (RAF)1945-02-01GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, Coll. grave 8. E. 3-6.
680 BrownRoy StyanFlight Sergeant1086989DFM

RAFVR166Sqn241945-01-02GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, Coll. grave 5. C. 5-8.Son Of Joseph And Harriet Alice Brown, Of Horsforth, Yorkshire.
681 BrownThomas DryburghFlying Officer124364RAFVR166Sqn381945-02-01GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, Coll. grave 7. J. 1-7.Son Of Thomas And Martha Brown; Husband Of Constance May Brown, Of Hall Green, Birmingham.
682 BrownEdward GeorgeFlight Lieutenant51809RAF170Sqn1945-03-16GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 5. G. 28.
683 BrownRobert AllanFlying OfficerJ/40082RCAF171Sqn (RAF)1945-04-17GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, Coll. grave 9. K. 18-25.
684 BrownJames ArthurFlight Sergeant1393134RAFVR181Sqn211945-05-03GermanyHamburg Cemetery, 5A. N. 8.Son Of Arthur William Brown, And Of Florence Rebecca Brown, Of Ipswich, Suffolk.
685 BrownEugene DeverleFlight LieutenantJ/21414RCAF21Sqn (RAF)271945-02-10GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 17. A. 3.Son Of Andy E. Brown And Mary Lee Brown, Of Sweetwater, Texas, U.S.A.
686 BrownDouglas HaroldFlight SergeantR/214565RCAF405Sqn RCAF

1945-01-07GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, Joint grave 9. A. 17-18.
687 BrownRaymond CliffordPilot OfficerJ/95211RCAF415Sqn1945-02-24GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. grave 18. G. 2-4.
688 BrownFrancis NormanPilot OfficerJ/94898RCAF429Sqn191945-01-05GermanySage War Cemetery, 8. D. 2.Son Of Francis And Winnifred Brown, Of Rathwell, Manitoba, Canada.
689 BrownPhilip JohnSergeant2225786RAFVR460Sqn (RAAF)1945-03-12GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. grave 14. C. 4-8.
690 BrownPhilipFlight Lieutenant46024RAF578Sqn281945-02-22GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 9. D. 25.Son Of Philip Ernest Brown, And Of Margaret Ida Brown, Of Stoneygate, Leicester.
691 BrownGeorge WilliamSergeant1595671RAFVR622Sqn211945-01-03GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 4. D. 15.Son Of William Alfred And Lettice Brown, Of Boosbeck, Yorkshire.
692 BrownAlfred ErrolFlying Officer429139RNZAF75Sqn RNZAF
251945-03-21GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 12. D. 18.Son Of Alfred And Laura Matilda Brown, Of Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand.
693 BrownJohn GeorgeSergeant3040078RAFVR90Sqn
191945-02-03GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 3. J. 2.Son Of John And Margaret Jane Brown, Of Bedlington, Northumberland.
694 BrownGordon ScottFlying Officer437490RAAF251945-02-03GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 20. G. 5. Son Of Henry Wyndham Brown And Ethel Blanche Brown; Husband Of Margaret Heather Brown, Of Gawler, South Australia. Dip. Agric. (Roseworthy).
695 BrownStephen Henry RussellLeading AircraftmanR/84346RCAF1945-05-25GermanyBecklingen War Cemetery, 12. A. 12.
696 BrownGeorge PierrepontWarrant Officer1436819RAFVR27Sqn221945-02-14IndiaRanchi War Cemetery, 2. A. 2.

Son Of Fred And Sarah Brown, Of Doncaster, Yorkshire.
697 BrownMaurice Arthur WilliamSergeant544078RAF261945-06-02IndonesiaJakarta War Cemetery, 1. B. 7.Son Of Thomas Arthur And Ida May Brown, Of Eastleigh, Hampshire.
698 BrownMaurice CharlesAircraftman 1st Class917817RAFVR251945-07-07IndonesiaJakarta War Cemetery, 5. D. 15.Son Of John Charles And Mary Bell Brown.
699 BrownRaymond MartynAircraftman 1st Class1192894RAFVR221945-03-15IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery, 32. B. 9.Son Of Frederick A. Brown And Dorothy May Brown, Of Prestbury, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire,.
700 BrownJames SydneySergeant36814RAAF241945-02-06IndonesiaJakarta (Ancol) Netherlands Field Of Honour, III. 17-18.

Son Of Alfred And Charlotte Brown; Husband Of Joan Margaret Brown Of Northcote, Victoria, Australia.
701 BrownJoseph HenryPilot Officer421958RAAF231945-01-28IndonesiaAmbon Memorial, Column 9.Son Of John William And Elizabeth Johnstone Brown, Of Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia; Husband Of Yvonne Brown, Of Wollongong.
702 BrownLionel JamesFlying Officer413536RAAF261945-05-17IndonesiaAmbon War Cemetery, Coll. grave 11. C. 1-15.Son Of Alfred Arnold And Margaret Ethel Brown, Of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.
703 BrownEdgar AlecWarrant Officer1333806RAFVR55Sqn231945-04-25ItalyPadua War Cemetery, IV. E. 14.Son Of Alec Wilfred And Ellen Brown, Of West Raynham, Norfolk.
704 BrownJohn Baldwin FoulgerSergeant3040093RAFVR55Sqn191945-02-22ItalyPadua War Cemetery, II. D. 7.Son Of Louis F. And Eleanor Brown, Of Alnwick, Northumberland.
705 BrownFrank WilliamSergeant1711888RAFVR421945-06-14ItalyBari War Cemetery, XVI. D. 5.Son Of William George And Harriet Ann Brown; Husband Of Ventriss May Brown, Of Stoneleigh, Surrey.
706 BrownBrian WilliamPilot Officer410035RAAF231945-04-05ItalyUdine War Cemetery, IV. G. 4.Son Of George And Maie Josephine Brown, Of Caulfield, Victoria, Australia.
707 BrownJamesWarrant Officer Class IR/116904RCAF221945-08-03LibyaKnightsbridge War Cemetery, Acroma, 9. C. 8.Son Of John And Jean Brown, Of London, Ontario, Canada.
708 BrownGeorge AllanLeading Aircraftman69467RAAF401945-05-02Malaysia (ex Malaya)Labuan War Cemetery, 24. C. 6.Son Of John And Barbara Anne Brown; Husband Of Adeline Brown, Of Bodalla, New South Wales, Australia.
709 BrownRoy ArthurWarrant Officer903692RAFVR15Sqn251945-01-16Myanmar (ex Burma)Taukkyan War Cemetery, 21. G. 5.Son Of Arthur And Ethel Brown, Of Canvey Island, Essex; Husband Of Ellen Brown.
710 BrownSydney WalterFlight LieutenantJ/20638RCAF258Sqn (RAF)231945-05-07Myanmar (ex Burma)Taukkyan War Cemetery, 3. D. 12.Son Of Walter And Jessica Annie Brown, Of Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.
711 BrownRonald DouglasLeading Aircraftman925827RAFVR1945-03-24Myanmar (ex Burma)Taukkyan War Cemetery, 20. H. 9.
712 BrownPeter CharlesSergeant438705RNZAF211945-01-16New ZealandWellington (Karori) Crematorium, 34. A1. Brick wall.Son Of Charles Edmund And Elizabeth Jane Knock Brown, Of Khandallah, Wellington.
713 BrownStanley Victor DouglasWarrant Officer1335132RAFVR165Sqn231945-07-28NorwayVaernes Churchyard, S. H. 16.Son Of Herbert Thomas Brown And Victoria Maud Brown, Of Porth, Newquay, Cornwall.
714 BrownThomas AndrewFlight Lieutenant135527RAFVR358Sqn1945-02-20SingaporeKranji War Cemetery, Coll. grave 34. D. 5-13.
715 BrownArthur EdwardLeading Aircraftman1207379RAFVR391945-03-16SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 452.Son Of Maud Louisa Brown, Of Bray, Berkshire.
716 BrownJosephAircraftman 2nd Class3209015RAFVR191945-09-06SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 455.Son Of Matthew And Hannah J. Brown, Of Larkhall, Lancashire.
717 BrownE RAir Mechanic338148SAAF1945-05-08South AfricaJohannesburg (West Park) Cemetery, Mil. Sec. Grave 332.
718 BrownStanleyFlying Officer165036RAFVR102Sqn (Ceylon)

211945-11-08United KingdomMirfield (St. Mary) Churchyard, Sec. 2. Grave 18.

Son Of Joseph And Jane Ethel Brown, Of Mirfield. Chartered Accountant.
719 BrownWalterFlying Officer154988RAFVR418Sqn (RCAF)221945-01-15United KingdomTickhill (St. Mary) Churchyard, Grave 423.

Son Of Thomas E. Brown And May Brown, Of Tickhill.
720 BrownDouglas FrederickSergeant1874886RAFVR44Sqn201945-03-16United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 274.Son Of Mrs. E. Brown, Of Cambridge.
721 BrownHerbertFlying Officer54385RAF53Sqn261945-04-16United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 266.Son Of Harry And Mabel Brown; Husband Of Doreen Nellie Brown, Of Higham'S Park, Essex.
722 BrownRonaldSergeant1595165RAFVR619Sqn1945-01-05United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 274.
723 BrownReginald HenryFlight Sergeant1390357RAFVR644Sqn241945-03-03United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 270.Son Of Frank W. And Emily Brown, Of Hounslow, Middlesex.
724 BrownReginald AlfredWarrant Officer614115RAF78Sqn251945-04-22United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 269.Son Of Alfred And Ellen Brown; Husband Of Audrey Brown, Of Bennington, Hertfordshire.
725 BrownJames WaldronThird OfficerAir Transport Auxiliary261945-03-20United Kingdom Llandudno (St. Tudno) Churchyard, S.W.of Old Church.

Son Of Albert And Maggie Muir Brown, Of Liverpool.
726 BrownArthur HerbertSergeant915868RAFVR281945-01-02United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 274.Son Of Walter And Caroline Brown; Husband Of Margaret Lucy Brown, Of Leicester.
727 BrownCharles Henry JohnSergeant1263748RAFVR331945-01-04United KingdomNewhaven Cemetery, Grave 1048.

Son Of Charles Frederick And Ann Elizabeth Brown; Husband Of Violet Eva Brown, Of Newhaven.
728 BrownDavid JamesCorporal1037536RAFVR241945-06-15United KingdomCreswell (St. Mary Magdalene) Churchyard, Grave B51-339.

Son Of David And Margaret Brown, Of Creswell; Husband Of Edna Brown, Of Barlborough.
729 BrownFrank EdwardAircraftman 2nd Class1821343RAFVR211945-11-23United KingdomLeslie Cemetery, Compt. Blue. Grave 2498.

Son Of Robert And Nellie Brown, Of Leslie.
730 BrownJames William KenwickAircraftman 2nd Class1832464RAFVR531945-08-28United KingdomManchester Southern Cemetery, Sec. Q. Coll. grave 326. (Screen Wall. Panel 1).Husband Of Margaret R. Brown, Of Islington, London.
731 BrownJohn ArthurAircraftman 1st Class1091151RAFVR1945-10-31United KingdomPadstow Cemetery, Sec. K. Grave 59.
732 BrownJohn BenjaminLeading Aircraftman1207384RAFVR331945-05-22United KingdomBristol (Greenbank) Cemetery, XX. Spec. Memorial.

Son Of Henry James Brown And Alice Lucy Brown, Of Bishopston, Bristol.
733 BrownJoseph GodfreyFlight Lieutenant139397RAFVR351945-02-24United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 265.Son Of Joseph Brown, And Of Laura Brown, Of Bradford, Yorkshire.
734 BrownNorman JamesLeading Aircraftman1413212RAFVR381945-12-17United KingdomEastcombe Baptist Cemetery, Near North boundary. Grave 21.

Son Of Albert E. Brown And Isabel Brown, Of Eastcombe.
735 BrownWilliamWarrant Officer1116351RAFVR301945-04-25United KingdomWallasey (Rake Lane) Cemetery, Sec. 20.C. Grave 229.Son Of Robert Dunsmuir Brown And Agnes Brown; Husband Of Marjorie Grace Brown, Of Wallasey.
736 BrownSidney ArthurFlight Sergeant437400RAAF201945-01-05United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 284.Son Of Arthur Clarence And Ellen Lillian Maude Brown, Of Torrensville, South Australia.
737 BrownAlfred Ronald VernonFlight Sergeant2771 RAAF331946-02-02AustraliaNew South Wales Cremation Memorial, Sydney, Panel 5.Son Of Alfred Harflett Brown And Ruby Violet Irene Brown; Husband Of Thelma Louie Brown, Of Drummoyne. (Cremated Sydney, (Northern Suburbs) Crematorium.).
738 BrownJames WalterWarrant Officer Class I524678 RAF271946-03-09CanadaMontreal (Mount Royal) Cemetery, Sec. G. 944. Grave 496.

Husband Of Joan D. Brown, Of Stockwell, London, England.
739 BrownRoy KennethAircraftman 2nd Class18502 RCAF181946-12-19CanadaHerring Cove (St. James Church Of England) Cemetery,

Son Of Victor Frederick And Marian Brown, Of Herring Cove.
740 BrownJames MarshallAircraftman 2nd Class2253175 RAFVR191946-10-06EgyptFayid War Cemetery, 6. A. 13.Son Of James And Ada Brown, Of Hyson Green, Nottingham.
741 BrownNorman LeslieFlying Officer184107 RAFVR525Sqn251946-01-30FranceLe Grand-Luce War Cemetery, Row C. Grave 9.

Son Of Sidney And Edith Brown, Of Walthamstow, Essex; Husband Of Mary Jane Brown. Of Walthamstow.
742 BrownLeslie AlbertWarrant Officer1880252 RAFVR321946-08-03FranceMazargues War Cemetery, Marseilles, Plot 4. Row C. Grave 73.Son Of Albert And Ellen Eliza Brown, Of Hatfield Heath, Essex.
743 BrownCecil HenryFlight Lieutenant123194DFC & Bar

RAFVR98Sqn261946-09-23GermanyHanover War Cemetery, 13. A. 3.Son Of Ivor Archibald And Nettie Mavilla Brown; Husband Of Betty Brown. Of Cambridge.
744 BrownVivian WilliamLeading Aircraftman1424708 RAFVR291946-09-04GermanyHamburg Cemetery, 5A. M. 14.Son Of Charles J. And Annie Brown, Of Redruth, Cornwall.
745 BrownGeorge HamiltonLeading Aircraftman3023986 RAFVR52Sqn1946-07-25Myanmar (ex Burma)Rangoon War Cemetery, 3. J. 1.

746 BrownMargaretAir WomanF/268508WAAF (SAAF)281946-04-18South AfricaPort Elizabeth (South End) Cemetery, Sec.G. C. of. E. (N/S) Grave 94N.Daughter Of Edward P Brown And K Sophia Brown, Of Port Elizabeth.
747 BrownDavid ThomasSergeant3031563 RAFVR521Sqn201946-01-08United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 286.Son Of David George And Margaret Eleanor Brown, Of Leytonstone, Essex.
748 BrownWilliamCorporal48287 RAF481946-02-07United KingdomKidlington Burial Ground, Sec. D. Grave 102.

Husband Of Ruth Brown, Of Ashton-Under-Lyne, Lancashire.
749 BrownJames AlbertAircraftman 2nd Class1550559 RAFVR261946-10-21United KingdomGlasgow (Riddrie Park) Cemetery, Sec. H. Grave 1306.Son Of William And Elisabeth Brown, Of Glasgow; Husband Of Jean Vallance Brown, Of Glasgow.
750 BrownKenneth EdwardAircraftman 1st Class1831128 RAFVR221946-10-08United KingdomHanwell (City Of Westminster) Cemetery, Plot 23A. Grave 12905.

Son Of Edward George And Ellaline Blanch Brown, Of Greenford.
751 BrownRobertAircraftman 1st Class1122777 RAFVR401946-10-18United KingdomGlasgow (Riddrie Park) Cemetery, Sec. G. Grave 27.Son Of Thomas And Minnie Brown; Husband Of Georgina Craig Brown, Of Glasgow.
752 BrownWilliam John McdonaldWarrant Officer1366043 RAFVR241946-03-09United KingdomAlva Cemetery, Sec. 3. West Part. Grave 242.

Son Of Peter B. Brown And Mary S. Brown, Of Menstrie; Husband Of Catherine Brown, Of Alva.
753 BrownJohn Thomas HopperFlight Lieutenant53411RAF361947-10-27GermanyHamburg Cemetery, 9A. D. 7.Son Of John And Maude Brown; Husband Of Helen Aitken Brown, Of Cupar, Fife.
754 BrownPatrick SpencerFlight Sergeant541568RAF301947-03-13United KingdomIpswich Old Cemetery, Sec. C. Div. 31. Grave 79.Son Of Spencer Carl And Grace Brown, Of Ipswich.
755 BrownAlbert JosephCorporal651198RAFVR311947-01-23United KingdomBournemouth East Cemetery, Plot M. Row 4. Grave 74.Son Of James A. Brown And Nellie Louisa Brown, Of Boscombe, Bournemouth.
756 BrownWilliam AlfredLeading Aircraftman1108191RAFVR471947-08-15United KingdomWallasey (Frankby) Cemetery, Sec. G. Grave 128.Son Of Alfred Felix And Lusisa Brown; Husband Of Claire Brown, Of Moreton.
757 BrownWilliam HenryAircraftman 2nd Class2315046RAFVR181947-03-08United KingdomPudsey Cemetery, Sec. B. Grave 500.

Son Of Benjamin And Dorothy Brown.
758 BrowneKenneth Hugh CecilAircraftman 1st Class970756RAFVR607Sqn261943-08-14ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 39.
759 BruceTristram Knight PryceFlight Lieutenant125151RAFVR1945-02-24United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 265.(Served As Berkeley, Mark Athton). Son Of Charles Fitz-Roy Bruce And Dulcie Elaine Bruce.
760 BruntMark EdwardFlying Officer56992RAF575Sqn311945-11-20United KingdomLittlehampton Cemetery, Sec. D. Grave 4276.
Son Of Mark And Edith Maud Brunt; Husband Of Joan Edith Brunt, Of Littlehampton.
761 BruntonAlexander CunninghamSergeant658381RAFVR405Sqn RCAF

251943-09-06GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 6. E. 11.Son Of Thomas Cunningham Brunton And Jean Brown Hamilton Brunton, Of Paisley, Renfrewshire.
762 BryanMauriceSergeant1252090RAFVR40Sqn211942-01-05ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 25.Son Of Maurice And Elizabeth Bryan. Of Woodford, Essex.
763 Bryan-BrownArthur GuyAircraftman 2nd Class1393234RAFVR191942-04-23United KingdomSt. Albans (Hatfield Road) Cemetery, Sec. L. Row E. Grave 30.

Son Of Douglas Stephen And Edith Bryan-Brown, Of Stoke Newington, London.
764 BuchananColin HughFlying Officer133488RAFVR55Sqn251943-07-25ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave I. K. 44-45.
765 BuckleyMaurice WilliamSergeant1380001RAFVR148Sqn1942-04-24ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave Iv. L. 24.
766 BullockFrederickLeading Aircraftman1004505RAFVR221942-11-22United KingdomSwinton (St. Margaret) Churchyard, Sec. E. Row M. Grave 31.Son Of Mark And Annie May Bullock, Of Swinton, Mexborough.
767 BurcherLeslie JamesSergeant919091RAFVR107Sqn221941-12-04ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, IV. B. 49.Son of John Morley Burcher and Lucy Maria Burcher, of Bedminster, Bristol.
768 BurgeMark John FordFlying Officer150186RAFVR241943-12-17United KingdomBrent Knoll (St. Michael) Churchyard, North Corner.
769 BurgessHector GeorgeSergeant953783RAFVR150Sqn231941-06-27Netherlands (Holland)Jonkerbos War Cemetery, 15. H. 8.Son of Mark James and Elsie May Burgess, of Guernsey, Channel Islands; Husband of Molly Burgess.
770 BurnettHenry BrownSergeant652923RAF201942-09-04United KingdomCoulter Parish Churchyard, Grave 92.

Son Of Henry And Mary Ingram Burnett, Of Biggar.
771 BurnettDavid Mark TyndallPilot OfficerJ/85238RCAF692Sqn1944-05-13United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 249.
772 BurrellArthur CharlesFlight Lieutenant101577RAFVR114Sqn301943-09-17ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. C. 1.
773 BurtonMark CharlesFlight Sergeant657042RAF221943-06-13United KingdomRedcar Cemetery, Plot F. Row 23. Grave 4.
774 ButtelAlbert FrancoisSergeant403717RAAF221942-06-07GermanySage War Cemetery, 7. C. 5.Son Of Mark Albert And Jane Laidlaw Buttel, Of Oatley, New South Wales, Australia.
775 CameronAlexander DouglasSergeant146944RAFVR115Sqn261940-10-01GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 26. F. 1-9.Son Of John Robert And Alexis Cosgrove Cameron; Husband Of Georgina Brown Cameron, Of Burnside, Rutherglen, Lanarkshire.
776 CameronGordon RussellFlight Sergeant403940RNZAF21Sqn221942-02-06MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 5, Column 1.Son Of William Brown Cameron And Margaret Cameron.
777 CameronHughFlying Officer49681DFC

RAF114Sqn221943-09-17ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. E. 46.
778 CameronRobertSergeant1130757RAFVR221Sqn221944-03-24ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 46.Son Of Robert And Ethel Cameron; Husband Of Phyliss May Cameron, Of Sandiacre, Derbyshire.
779 CammDouglas ArthurSergeant537646RAF241942-09-10United KingdomHorsforth Cemetery, Uncons. Plot. Sec. Brown. Grave 472.Son Of George And Sarah Elizabeth Camm; Husband Of Alice Camm, Of Horsforth.
780 CampbellEarl KennethFlying OfficerJ/8598RCAF18 (RAF)Sqn1943-07-04ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iii. H. 3.
781 CampbellD BLieutenant206098SAAF21Sqn201943-07-03ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 27.
782 CampbellDavid MarkFlight Lieutenant120419RAFVR107Sqn311944-03-17Eire/IrelandClondevaddock (Christ The Redeemer) Church Of Ireland Churchyard, ..Son Of David And Elizabeth Campbell, Of Kerrykeel.
783 CarlinMark FrancisFlight Sergeant1170430RAFVR158Sqn301942-11-08United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 73.Son Of Francis And Anne Carlin; Husband Of Rena Carlin, Of Cheetham Hill, Manchester.
784 CarmanDennis MarkSergeant1892690RAFVR57Sqn191944-09-02United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 226.Son Of Mark Joseph And Isabel Daisy Carman, Of Kennington, London.
785 CarpendaleMark Kerr St. JohnSquadron LeaderRAF (RAFO)491943-03-09United KingdomDurrington Cemetery, Grave 761.
786 CarrellRonald MarkPilot Officer75687RAFVR44Sqn1940-10-14GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, Joint Grave 9. E. 2-3.
787 CarterMark MedleyFlight Lieutenant70119DFC

RAFVR3Sqn271940-05-15FranceMaubeuge-Centre Cemetery, Row B. Grave 27.Son Of Edward Philip And Margaret Carter; Husband Of Eve Carter, Of Bradfield, Berkshire.
788 CarterHedley WalterSergeant926380RAFVR201942-11-03United KingdomTalbot Village (St. Mark) Churchyard, Grave 989.Son Of Hedley Vicars Carter And Edith Lily Carter, Of Wallisdown, Bournemouth.
789 CartmellMark WatsonSergeant1672469RAFVR103Sqn201943-11-27United KingdomKeswick (St. John) Churchyard, Plot B Grave 165.
790 CathlesNoel Alfred CampbellPilot Officer102975RAFVR110Sqn251941-07-23ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 20.Son of Albert Cathles, and of Ada R. Cathles, of Old Hunstanton, Norfolk.
791 CatonErnest BernardFlight Sergeant1292145RAFVR142Sqn291943-12-01ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 9.
792 Cave-BrowneEdward HenryFlying Officer106194RAFVR23Sqn201943-02-16ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. L. 38.
793 CawleyRobert JackCorporal1272583RAFVR2925Sqn, RAF Regt.221943-08-11ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 29.
794 ChalmersWilliamSergeant1256369RAFVR40Sqn261942-01-05ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Joint Grave I. K. 21-22.Son Of Alexander And Elizabeth Chalmers, Of Laurencekirk, Kincardineshire.
795 ChambersKenneth EricFlying Officer147104RAFVR108Sqn221944-05-18ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 29.Son Of Ernest And Ethel Chambers, Of Lewisham, London.
796 ChildBertram JohnSergeant911216RAFVR110Sqn231941-07-23ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 18.Son of Edward Henry and Emmeline Child, of Southend-on-sea, Essex.
797 ChrispRobert BrownSergeant982230RAFVR144Sqn221941-07-31FranceCambrai (Route De Solesmes) Communal Cemetery, Plot 2. Row A. Grave 23.Son of George Brown Chrisp and Francis Chrisp, of Amble, Northumberland.
798 ChristisonWilliam RitchieSquadron LeaderJ/15143DFC & Bar

RCAF404Sqn261945-03-24United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 278.Son Of George Brown Christison And Margaret Ritchie Christison, Of Lennoxville, Province Of Quebec, Canada.
799 ClarkWilliam BrownSergeantR/68182RCAF12Sqn (RAF)231941-08-31FranceDieppe Canadian War Cemetery, Hautot-sur-mer, H. 7.
800 ClarkePeter MarkCorporal572133RAF201942-04-21MaltaMalta (Capuccini) Naval Cemetery, R.C. Sec. (Mens). Plot P. Coll. Grave 12.Son Of Hugh And Lilian Clarke, Of Kensington, London.
801 ClaytonFrank AlbertSergeant1576143RAFVR221Sqn211944-03-24ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 50.Son Of Harold Frank And Florence Edith Clayton, Of Abbey Lane, Leicester.
802 ClaytonRobert VictorFlying Officer406640RAAF331945-06-04AustraliaSale War Cemetery, Plot B. Row D. Grave 8.

Son Of Charles Mark And May Violet Claytonhusband Of Flora Isabell Clayton, Of Victoria Park, Western Australia.
803 CleggHarryLeading Aircraftman1071774RAFVR221943-07-25ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. D. 7.
804 ClelandCalder LeperPilot OfficerJ/19406RCAF21Sqn (SAAF)201943-07-03EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 271. Son Of William Brown Cleland And Mabel Johnston Cleland.
805 ClementDonald JackPilot Officer104410RAFVR21Sqn281942-02-04ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 18.Son Of William Thomas Clement And Daisy Kathleen Clement, Of Bristol; Husband Of Betty Grace Clement, Of Bristol.
806 CloughWinston PescodSergeant1591628RAFVR630Sqn191944-03-18BelgiumCoxyde Military Cemetery, V. D. 5.Son Of Samuel Mark And Ethel Gertrude Clough, Of Rowlands Gill, Co. Durham.
807 ClowDavid JohnSergeant970463RAFVR78Sqn211941-07-09United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 41.Son of Andrew Brown Clow and Hester Clow, of Edinburgh. Born Canada.
808 ClunesDouglas IanFlight Sergeant1268272RAFVR23Sqn221943-02-12ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 19.
809 CoatesDonald MarsdenFlying Officer134562RAFVR272Sqn241943-12-13ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. B. 16.
810 CoatsworthMark Arthur WilliamFlight Sergeant1566970RAFVR22Sqn241945-05-06Myanmar (ex Burma)Rangoon War Cemetery, 3. F. 11.

Son Of Mark And Henrietta Coatsworth, Of Hurworth, Co. Durham.
811 CockWalter DownesFlight Sergeant421344RAAF201944-01-04ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 36-38 (Coll.)Son Of Morris Charles Downes Cock And Alice Cock, Of Bondi Beach, New South Wales, Australia.
812 CockbainHenryLeading AircraftmanR/168552RCAF241944-11-11United KingdomHarrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery, Sec. G. Row B. Grave 2.Son Of Mark And Mary Cockbain, Of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
813 CoeSidneyLeading Aircraftman1502683RAFVR2925Sqn, RAF Regt.201943-08-11ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 34.
814 ColesSamuel AlbertFlying Officer124952RAFVR35Sqn301943-05-05United KingdomTalbot Village (St. Mark) Churchyard, Grave 988.
815 CollingsKenneth BrownAir PilotAir Transport Auxiliary421941-04-30CanadaOttawa Memorial, Addenda panel.Born In Nebraska, Usa.
816 ConnorJosiah RobertFlight Sergeant621339RAF221942-05-31Netherlands (Holland)Apeldoorn (Ugchelen-Heidehof) General Cemetery, Plot 4. Grave 140.Son Of Josiah William Mark And Mary Ann Connor, Of Streatham, London.
817 CookRobert Bertram RoySergeant1893896RAFVR191945-04-15United KingdomWadhurst (Ss. Peter And Paul) Churchyard, Row D. Grave 71.Son Of Bertram Mark And Edith May Cook, Of Wadhurst.
818 CookseySydney MarkFlight Sergeant933244RAFVR410 (R.C.A.F.)Sqn341942-09-01United KingdomPlumstead Cemetery, Sec. B. Grave 378.Son Of Charles And Elisabeth Maud Mary Cooksey, Of Woolwich; Husband Of Dorothy Rosina Elisabeth Cooksey, Of Colchester, Essex.
819 CooperGordonSergeant413187RAAF271942-08-04AustraliaMurray Bridge Cemetery, Main East Drive. Grave 349.Son Of Mark And Harriet Eliza Cooper; Husband Of Olive May Cooper, Of Mudgee, New South Wales.
820 CorbishleyFrederick LeslieCorporal1114987RAFVR2925Sqn, RAF Regt.231943-08-11ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 33.
821 CornwallGeorge SimpsonFlight Sergeant749328RAFVR110Sqn1941-04-18United KingdomGlasgow Western Necropolis, Sec. N. Grave 1414.

 Son Of Georgina Brown Cornwall, Of Glasgow.
822 CottrellDonald William FoulkesSergeant1395257RAFVR55Sqn201943-07-25ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave I. K. 44-45.
823 CouldreyGordonFlight LieutenantJ/24221RCAF46Sqn (RAF)281945-03-24FranceMazargues War Cemetery, Marseilles, Plot 3. Row E. Coll. grave 8-16.Son Of Leslie Brown Couldrey And Rachel Mae Couldrey; Husband Of F. I. Bernice Couldrey, Of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
824 CowenLeonSergeant528664RAF15Sqn1942-09-16Netherlands (Holland)Amsterdam New Eastern Cemetery, Plot 69. Row D. Joint Grave 9.Son Of Mark And Beatrice Cowen, Of Sheffield.
825 CoxRonald GeorgeSergeant1322991RAFVR608Sqn221944-01-27ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 10.Son Of Francis Joseph And Laura Cox, Of Torquay, Devon; Husband Of Marjorie Edith Cox, Of Kilsyth, Stirlingshire.
826 CraxtonCharles William MarkFlying Officer1346Rhodesia Air Askari Corps601942-09-02Zimbabwe (ex Rhodesia)Bulawayo (Athlone) Cemetery, Grave 51.
827 CrookRoy Henry MarkSergeant905218RAFVR251941-03-17United KingdomEastwood (St. Laurence and All Saints) Churchyard, C. 2. 37.Son Of Henry And Mabel Lucy Crook; Husband Of Dorothy Evelyn Crook, Of Leigh-On-Sea.
828 CrouchArthur LewisLeading Aircraftman1268765RAFVR361945-09-17United KingdomTalbot Village (St. Mark) Churchyard, Grave 892.Son Of Lewis And Florence Crouch, Husband Of Ivy May Crouch, Of Winton, Bournemouth.
829 CukeMark RadfordSergeant1383433RAFVR231941-11-17United KingdomKempston Cemetery, Block J. Grave 40.Son Of The Hon. H. Archibald Cuke, M.L.C., And Isabella M. Cuke, Of St. Michael, Barbados. Diploma, Imperial College Of Tropical Agriculture.
830 CummingsHarold Arthur JohnFlight Sergeant414006RAAF211943-05-15ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. L. 17 (Coll.)
831 CuthbertsonJames BrownSergeant1369063RAFVR241945-01-09CanadaOttawa Memorial, Panel 4. Column 1.Son Of George And Susan Forbes Nicolson Cuthbertson, Of Bellahouston, Glasgow, Scotland.
832 DaleWilliam GordonSergeant1124729RAFVR201942-10-15United KingdomWorsley (St. Mark) Churchyard, Grave 1908.Son Of Charles Richard And Lucy Dale, Of Walkden.
833 DaleyCarol JamesFlight Sergeant414537RAAF221944-01-04ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. H. 37. Son Of John William Dillon Daley And Elizabeth Jane Daley, Of Kangaroo Point, Queensland, Australia.
834 DanielsW OSecond Lieutenant61135VSAAF21Sqn1943-07-03ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Joint Grave Ii. G. 2.
835 DanielsF CSergeant973006RAFVR424Sqn (RCAF)1943-08-02ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave I. H. 30.
836 Danks-BrownKeith JohnSergeant404403RAAF261942-09-11GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 4. A. 9.Son Of Ernest And Winifred Agatha Danks-Brown, Of Mosman, New South Wales, Australia.
837 DarneyThomas BrownFlight Sergeant1676154RAFVR186Sqn211945-01-16United KingdomHindley (St. Margaret) Churchyard, Broomley, Grave 146.

Son Of Thomas And Susannah Craig Darney, Of Stocksfield-On-Tyne.
838 DaveyGeorge FrankFlying Officer406470RAAF221943-02-27ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 14.
839 DavidsonDouglas Arthur MarkSergeant411865RNZAF231943-05-13United KingdomDriffield Cemetery, Grave 6224.
840 DaviesDennisSergeant1705248RAFVR158Sqn211944-05-25GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, Joint Grave 11. C. 21.Son Of Mark And Edith Alice Davies, Of Llandaff, Cardiff.
841 DavisMark Anthony HamiltonPilot Officer174023RAFVR619Sqn201944-06-22United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 211.Son Of John Frederick And Martha May Davis, Of Birmingham.
842 DaweMark SeymourSergeant951301RAFVR211941-09-12United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 42.Son Of Mark Evans Dawe And Ada Dawe, Of Pontypool, Monmouthshire.
843 DawsonThomas BrownSergeant1116784RAFVR15Sqn271943-07-28GermanyHamburg Cemetery, Coll. Grave 9A. B. 10-13.Son Of David And Christina W. B. Dawson, Of Glasgow.
844 DelaunayFrederickAircraftman 2nd Class1650609RAFVR242Sqn361943-08-11ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 44.
845 DenchWalterSergeant1182341RAFVR40Sqn221943-07-06ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. B. 36.
846 DerrickAlbert JamesFlying Officer120900RAF55Sqn261943-07-25ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave I. K. 44-45.
847 DicksonAnthonyFlight Sergeant1063380RAFVR13Sqn321944-08-20ItalyStaglieno Cemetery, Genoa, Iii. C. 6.Son Of Anthony Brown Dickson And Rose Dickson, Of Liverpool; Husband Of Margery Dickson, Of Netherton, Liverpool.
848 DippleErnest HenryLeading Aircraftman1187752RAFVR301943-08-15ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 35.
849 DixonRonald CoverdaleSergeant1452182RAFVR424Sqn (RCAF)1943-08-02ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave I. H. 30.
850 DobsonWilliam TrevorFlight Sergeant404905RNZAF18 (RAF)Sqn241943-07-04ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Joint Grave Iii. H. 1-2.
851 DockeryGraeme MarkFlight Sergeant430736RAAF460Sqn (RAF)211945-02-10United KingdomCambridge City Cemetery, Coll. Grave 15755-15757.Son Of Seymour And Veronica Nora Dockery, Of Mirboo North, Victoria, Australia.
852 DockrayHenryAircraftman 1st Class643116RAF191940-05-18United KingdomHorsforth Cemetery, Uncons. Plot. Sec. Brown. Grave 1041.Son Of Leonard And Doris Dockray, Of Horsforth.
853 DonaghyThomas RodgersFlight Sergeant422267RNZAF75Sqn RNZAF
331944-06-11FranceTillieres-Sur-Avre Communal Cemetery, Coll. Grave.

Son Of Elizabeth Mary Donaghy; Husband Of Janet Brown Donaghy, Of Wanganui, Wellington, New Zealand.
854 DonaldThomas BrownCorporalR/58159RCAF122Sqn361942-07-21CanadaOttawa Memorial, Panel 1. Column 5.Son Of John And Mary Grey Donald; Husband Of May Donald, Of New Westminster, British Columbia.
855 DonnellyEarl BrownWarrant Officer Class IIR/115752RCAF77Sqn (RAF)271943-09-22GermanyBecklingen War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 14. A. 11-14.
856 DonsonHugh EdwinSergeantR/71909RCAF58Sqn (RAF)211941-10-13United KingdomBarmby-on-the-moor (St. Catherine) Churchyard, Row F. Grave 4.Son Of John William And Margaret Brown Donson, Of York Mills, Ontario, Canada.
857 DreckiWladyslawPorucznikPolish Air Force1943-09-13ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Plot I Row K Grave 48.
858 DugdaleAlfredLeading Aircraftman1479157RAFVR150Sqn221943-12-21ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. E. 22.
859 DugmoreO LLieutenant206642VSAAF40Sqn211943-08-13ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 40.
860 DurkNorman AllenCorporalR/128297RCAF491943-11-06CanadaBladworth Cemetery, Lot 6.Son Of Mark And Rosina Durk; Husband Of Mary Isabel Durk, Of Bladworth.
861 EaglesArthur RedversWarrant Officer505190RAF471947-04-28United KingdomOaksey (All Saints) Churchyard, S.W. part.Son Of Mark And Agnes Mary Eagles; Husband Of Maud Annie Eagles, Of Oaksey.
862 EarlArthur ErnestLeading Aircraftman1104775RAFVR261943-08-11ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 49.
863 ElandJohn Henry FowlerLeading Aircraftman1148180RAFVR55Sqn321943-08-22ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. B. 20.
864 ElcomeWilliam Frederick HenrySergeant1891920RAFVR463Sqn RAAF

211945-03-11United KingdomCambridge City Cemetery, Grave 15370.Son Of William And Mildred Elcome; Nephew Of Mr. W. H. Brown, Of Walworth, London.
865 ElliottStanley BrownPilot Officer412501RAAF311943-06-26GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 3. F. 2.
866 EtheringtonHarry MarkFlying Officer136881RAFVR77Sqn281943-08-11BelgiumChievres Communal Cemetery, Coll. Grave 18-19.Son Of Henry And Rosa Emma Etherington, Of Swindon, Wiltshire.
867 EvansDavid WoodhillLeading Aircraftman1067560RAFVR232Sqn331943-08-11ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 50.
868 ExtonPeter GeorgeFlight Sergeant1255346RAFVR39Sqn211943-03-13ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 34.
869 FairlessThomasLeading Aircraftman1236651RAFVR211Sqn341944-06-24SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 438.Son Of Thomas Brown Fairless And Louise Fairless; Husband Of Edyth Vera Fairless, Of Shoeburyness, Essex.
870 FairserviceJames BrownSergeant1691254RAFVR381944-07-15United KingdomHamilton West Cemetery, Sec. A. Grave 870.

Son Of William Hastie Fairservice And Euphemia Brown Fairservice; Husband Of Annie C. S. Fairservice (Nee Brown), Of Hamilton.
871 FarmeryRaymond BrownSergeant1482428RAFVR158Sqn211943-08-03GermanyHamburg Cemetery, 9A. B. 15.Son Of Clement George And Marion Farmery, Of Cleveleys, Lancashire.
872 FayCharles Robert KennethSergeant1385039RAFVR70Sqn

211943-08-06ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 16.
873 FeinbergA CLieutenant205389VSAAF23Sqn261943-06-19EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 277.Son Of Mark And Gladys M. Feinberg, Of Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa; Husband Of Beverley Feinberg.
874 FergusonBrownSergeant1051609RAFVR149Sqn211941-11-15United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 43.Son Of Brown And Isabella Ferguson, Of Lochs Of Airth, Stirlingshire.
875 FerrieWilliam PatSquadron Leader60570DFC

RAF331946-04-25IraqHabbaniya War Cemetery, 6. A. 1.
Son Of William Brown Ferrie And Annie Pollock Ferrie, Of Kinloss, Morayshire; Husband Of Joyce Mathieson Ferrie (Nee Sharp), Of Glasgow.
876 FielderGordon BrownFlight Sergeant755751RAFVR214Sqn281943-07-26GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 6. C. 12.Son Of William Fredrick Fielder, And Of Clementa Victoria Fielder, Of Hove. Sussex.
877 FilesKeith BarnetSergeant523740RAF224Sqn271941-01-11United KingdomWorsley (St. Mark) Churchyard, Grave 1265.Son Of James And Ethel Files, Of Torquay, Devon.
878 FinchLeslieLeading Aircraftman1036141RAFVR272Sqn231943-12-31ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 28.
879 FisherBasil MarkFlying Officer72382RAFVR111Sqn1940-08-15United KingdomEton (St. John) Church Cemetery, Grave 41.
Battle of Britain. Son Of George And Janet Fisher.
880 FlemingJohn BrownSergeantR/123282RCAF214Sqn (RAF)211942-07-24Netherlands (Holland)Werkendam Protestant Cemetery, Row 8. Grave 5.

Son Of John J. And Isobel Fleming, Of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
881 FlinnMark MoffatAircraftman 1st Class1053276RAFVR1944-10-04Malaysia (ex Malaya)Labuan War Cemetery, U. A. 9.
882 FootVernon MarkSergeant539627RAF211941-02-03United KingdomPortsmouth (Milton) Cemetery, Plot D. Row 19. Grave 9.Son Of Samuel Mark And Edith Annie Foot, Of Fratton, Portsmouth.
883 FormstoneGeorge NevittAircraftman 1st Class1123549RAFVR291945-10-16United KingdomWrexham Cemetery, Sec. E. Grave 11163.

Son Of Mark And Mary A. Formstone, Of Huntroyde, Wrexham.
884 ForrestGeorge BrownFlight Lieutenant145850DFM

RAFVR248Sqn251945-08-23United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 265.Son Of Thomas And Ada Forrest, Of Edinburgh.
885 ForresterNorman SmithWarrant Officer405011RAAF331943-02-21ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 34.
886 ForsterHaroldAircraftman 1st Class1086466RAFVR241944-10-25SingaporeSingapore Memorial, Column 440.Son Of James Mark And Lydia Forster, Of Rotherham, Yorkshire.
887 ForsterSidneySergeant1589967RAFVR211945-03-04United KingdomNewcastle-Upon-Tyne (St. Nicholas) Cemetery, Sec. J. Grave 116.

Son Of Thomas Brown Forster And Catherine Forster, Of Newcastle-On-Tyne.
888 ForsythThomas JefferyFlying Officer401430RAAF221942-07-27EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 264.Son Of Thomas Brown Forsyth And Patience Forsyth, Of Cavendish, Victoria, Australia.
889 FournierEdward FrancisWarrant Officer Class IIR/98467RCAF37Sqn (RAF)1943-02-20ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 33.Son Of Francis J. And Felicia M. Fournier, Of Wayne, Michigan,. Date of death might have been 1943-02-21
890 FowlerJames BrownWarrant Officer Class IR/136319RCAF78Sqn (RAF)331944-02-16United KingdomHigh Blantyre Cemetery, Sec. G. Grave 28.

Son Of Joseph And Mary Denholm Fowler.
891 FoxRonald MarkSergeant3470RAAF271944-03-28Papua New GuineaRabaul Memorial, Panel 36.Son Of Mark And Marion Fox, Of Mordialloc, Victoria.
892 FrameWilliam VennSergeant1376982RAFVR88Sqn281942-03-26United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 83.Son Of William Brown Frame And Marguerite Frances Frame; Husband Of Constance Nora Venn Frame, Of St. Just In Penwith, Cornwall.
893 FrancombeJohnFlight Lieutenant83117RAFVR69Sqn221943-01-08ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. G. 6.
894 FrickerPeter AngeloSergeant1332987RAFVR18Sqn211943-08-27ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. A. 10.
895 FrostLeonard JohnSergeant1258080RAFVR21Sqn211942-02-04ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 16.Son Of John Sidney And Gertrude Florence Frost.
896 FrostGeorge EdwardSergeant613715RAF102Sqn (Ceylon)

341944-06-29FranceCoeuvres-Et-Valsery Communal Cemetery, Grave 9.Son Of Alfred Mark And Emma Frost, Of Northampton.
897 FryPeter WilliamFlying Officer50229RAF157Sqn251944-09-29Netherlands (Holland)Oosterhesselen (Geesbrug) General Cemetery, Row 1. Grave 1.Son Of Frank And Eva Fry; Husband Of Margaret Fry, Of Rainham Mark, Gillingham, Kent.
898 FurlongPeterSergeant2214118RAFVR425Sqn (RCAF)231944-03-31GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 11. F. 13-16.Son Of Thomas Furlong And Of Mary Furlong (Nee Brown), Of Killincarrig, Co. Wicklow, Irish Republic.
899 GaggLeslie MarkLeading Aircraftman1089400RAFVR341943-06-22United KingdomBrixham (St. Mary) Churchyard, N.E. Of Church.
900 GatleyPeterWarrant Officer1072709RAFVR242Sqn201943-09-09ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 49.
901 GellAllan ThomasPilot Officer402440RAAF331943-01-08ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 7.
902 GemmellRobert Brown MackSergeant1343179RAFVR455Sqn (RAAF)1943-07-16United KingdomAyr Cemetery, Ayrshire, Sec. T. 1931 Div. Grave 3262.
903 GibbJames Stanley MarksPilot OfficerJ/94402RCAF576Sqn (RAF)221945-03-17GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, Coll. grave 4. H. 10-12.Son Of Andrew Mark And Edna Lillian Gibb, Of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
904 Gibbon BrownJohn AlanSergeant1591851RAFVR101Sqn191944-08-30SwedenHelsingborg (Palsjo) Municipal Cemetery, Sp. Mem. Sec. Xv. 70.Son Of Elizabeth Mary Brown, Of Wolsingham, Co. Durham.
905 GibsonMark FairweatherPilot OfficerJ/6231RCAF271941-10-26United KingdomGloucester Old Cemetery, Plot B. Grave 9335.

Son Of Malcolm Gibson And Of Florence Mabel Gibson (Nee German), Of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.
906 GibsonJohnPilot OfficerJ/85485RCAF626Sqn (RAF)301944-03-25GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 29. C. 9.Son Of William Brown Gibson, And Of Sarah Gibson, Of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
907 GilbertCharles LennoxGroup CaptainRAF411944-10-26IndiaRanchi War Cemetery, 8. M. 1.

Son Of John Mark Gilbert, And Of Margaret Ellen Gilbert (Nee Delany); Husband Of Muriel Agnes Gilbert (Nee Elton), Of Ealing, Middlesex.
908 GillanAndrew BrownCorporal549579RAF30Sqn211941-05-23GreeceSuda Bay War Cemetery, 3. C. 1.Son Of Thomas M. Gillan And Barbara Gillan, Of Bucksburn, Aberdeenshire.
909 GladmanPeter JamesFlying Officer131761RAFVR23Sqn201943-06-25ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 20.
910 GluckMarkFlying Officer129643RAFVR405Sqn RCAF

241943-05-24United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 124.
911 GoldingJoseph AlbertFlight Sergeant945043RAFVR138Sqn251944-12-03United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 218.Son Of Mark And Honor Golding; Husband Of Pauline A. Golding, Of Ipswich, Suffolk.
912 GoldsteinMathias AaronSergeant1266021RAFVR158Sqn331942-11-08United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 84.Son Of Mark David And Anne Goldstein; Husband Of Cecilia Goldstein.
913 GoldwaterMarkFlight SergeantR/273033RCAF195Sqn (RAF)1944-12-12GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 4. D. 13.Son Of William And Rose Pesner Goldwater, Of Montreal, Province Of Quebec, Canada.
914 GoodmanRobert BrownFlight SergeantR/78051RCAF502Sqn (RAF)1942-04-25United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 104.
915 GoodyearSandy Harold KendallPilot OfficerJ/16701RCAF229 (RAF)Sqn211943-02-15ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. L. 19.
916 GordonSamuel JohnPilot Officer155089RAFVR488Sqn (RNZAF)251943-08-31United KingdomArmagh (St. Mark) Church Of Ireland Churchyard, No. 5 Hollow. Grave 10.
917 GordonJohn BrownAircraftman 2nd Class2215657RAFVR211945-01-29South AfricaCape Town (Maitland) Cemetery, Mil. Allotment. Grave 96915A.Son Of John George And Isabella Gordon, Of Sunderland, Tyne And Wear, England.
918 GorickNormanFlying Officer124505RAFVR428 (RCAF)Sqn211943-01-31United KingdomWorsley (St. Mark) Churchyard, Grave 666.
919 GoslingLeslie CyrilFlight LieutenantJ/9359DFC & Bar

RCAF229 (RAF)Sqn231943-07-19ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. B. 19.
920 GracieWilliam BrownFlight SergeantR/114324RCAF425Sqn231944-08-05FranceDieppe Canadian War Cemetery, Hautot-Sur-Mer, N. 12.Son Of William Smith Gracie And Christina Brown Gracie, Of Peterborough, Ontario.
921 GrayClifford ErnestFlight Sergeant1001414RAFVR104Sqn271942-11-19ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. A. 29.Son Of The Revd. Ernest S. Gray, B.Th., And Charlotte A. Gray, Of Chingford, Essex. L.R.A.M.
922 GrayJohn Brown CallanSergeant1826970RAFVR224Sqn301944-06-07United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 230.Son Of Thomas C. And Mary Gray, Of Galston, Ayrshire.
923 GreenLeslieSergeant1556380RAFVR23Sqn221943-09-05ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. A. 4.
924 GreenPeterFlight Lieutenant132597RAFVR206Sqn261945-10-13BelgiumBrussels Town Cemetery, X. 32. 16.Son Of James Mcgregor Green And Ann Brown Borwick Green, Of Lochgelly, Fife.
925 GreenburghPeter HaroldFlying Officer151688RAFVR39Sqn211944-06-17GreecePhaleron War Cemetery, Joint Grave 21. D. 3-4.Son Of Mark And Millicent Greenburgh.
926 GreenstreetJames FrederickPilot Officer412376RNZAF18 (RAF)Sqn281943-09-26ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. A. 41.
927 GriffithsJohn Walter RonaldFlight Sergeant650725RAF102Sqn (Ceylon)

201941-09-11United KingdomWorsley (St. Mark) Churchyard, Grave 846.Son Of George Griffiths And Of Eva Griffiths (Nee Upton), Of Boothstown, Manchester.
928 GrisdaleDonaldFlight Lieutenant135526RAFVR524Sqn261945-02-14United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 265.Son Of William Walter And Sarah Grisdale; Husband Of Susan Brown Kippen Grisdale, Of Pollokshields, Glasgow.
929 HaganJohn GeraldSergeant1347882RAFVR37Sqn211943-10-24ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. C. 49.
930 HallCharles HaddonFlying Officer76570RAFVR331941-10-13United KingdomKemble Church Cemetery, Sec. Z. Row G. Grave 20.Son Of Mark And Florence Hall, Husband Of Sarah Joanna Hall, Of Richmond, Surrey.
931 HallRonald EdwardFlight Sergeant364803MiDRAF21Sqn321941-09-13United KingdomHitchin Cemetery, West Extn. Grave 746.
Son Of Mark And Ethel Hall; Husband Of Elsie C. Hall, Of Hitchin.
932 HallHugh MckayLeading Aircraftman1073750RAFVR2925Sqn, RAF Regt.331943-08-11ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 39.
933 HallOswald Henry MarkFlying Officer138120RAFVR14Sqn311944-04-19MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 13, Column 1.Son Of Mark And Edna Hall; Husband Of Ella Hall, Of Waterlooville, Hampshire.
934 HallJohn Russell MarkLeading Aircraftman963739RAFVR281945-07-20United KingdomCheriton Churchyard, S.W. of Church.Son Of John Percival And Florence Hall, Of Port Talbot.
935 HallamThomas AlfredSergeant1234790RAFVR424Sqn (RCAF)221943-08-02ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave I. H. 30.
936 HallidayC ALieutenant2714VMiDSAAF1Sqn241943-07-19ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 38.
937 HambrookMark David WillisWarrant Officer Class IIR/92131RCAF83Sqn271943-02-26United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 180.
938 HamerRobert TopeFlying Officer46635RAF296Sqn301943-07-14ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 8.
939 HamiltonWilliam BrownFlight Sergeant1444393RAFVR70Sqn

1943-11-22MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 7, Column 2.
940 HammondWilliam EricSergeant41585RNZAF104Sqn (RAF)231942-11-19ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. C. 43.Son Of William Hammond, And Of Esther Hammond (Nee Lipany); Husband Of Eileen Margaret Hammond, Of Te Aroha, Auckland, New Zealand.
941 HammondGeorge HoraceFlight Lieutenant109431RAFVR595Sqn391945-12-21United KingdomArnold Cemetery, Class A. Cons. Grave 1314.Son Of Mark Basil And Alice Gertrude Hammond, Of Arnold.
942 HandleyChristopher MarkPilot Officer156428DFC
RAFVR156Sqn231944-01-02GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, Joint Grave 4. D. 19-20.Son Of Thomas And Isabel Handley.
943 HannaMarkFlight Sergeant1109095RAFVR70Sqn

341942-10-22EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 249.Son Of David And Agnes Hanna, Of Liverpool.
944 HardieHugh WrightSergeant983863RAFVR57Sqn211941-07-16United KingdomCadder Cemetery, Original Cemetery. Grave 2733.

Son Of Charles Richard And Isabella Brown Hardie, Of Glasgow.
945 HardieRossWarrant Officer902422RAFVR271944-05-17ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 33.Son Of Alexander Forester Hardie And Elsie Hardie, Of Chatswood, New South Wales, Australia.
946 HarperRoderick MacmillanFlying Officer402442RAAF291942-04-23ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. L. 22.Son Of Archibald Mclean Harper And Pleasant Harper, Of Lindfield, New South Wales, Australia.
947 HarrisGeoffrey MarkLeading Aircraftman923204RAFVR211942-09-17USATerrell (Oakland) Memorial Park, Raf Plot. Grave 8.Son Of Harry And F. Harris, Of Lytham, Lancashire, England.
948 HarrisWillis MarkFlight Lieutenant416482RNZAF15Sqn (RAF)231944-02-15GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, Joint Grave 8. D. 29-30.Son Of Charles Sylvan Harris, And Of Margaret Isabella Harris, Of Alexandra, Otago, New Zealand.
949 HarteFrazer ApsleyWing Commander70839DFC
RAF (RAFO)107Sqn291941-10-09ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 20.Son Of Alfred Ernest And Charlotte Mary Harte, Of Orange Grove, Johannesburg, South Africa. B.Sc. (Eng.).
950 HarveyWilliamWarrant Officer1078296RAFVR78Sqn231944-06-11United KingdomHarrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery, Sec. B. Row F. Grave 20.Son Of John Harvey And Of Matilda Harvey (Nee Brown), Of Londonderry, Northern Ireland.
951 HarveyForbes MintySergeant1344795RAFVR635Sqn241945-03-08GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, 31. H. 15.Son Of John Brown Harvey And Elizabeth Logie Harvey, Of Dalkeith, Midlothian.
952 HarvieGeorgeFlight Sergeant1346558RAFVR88Sqn261944-03-23United KingdomCambusnethan Cemetery, Sec. D. Grave 934.

Son Of James Houston Harvie And Euphamie Hose Harvie, Of Cambusnethan; Husband Of Elizabeth Brown Radcliffe Harvie, Of Carfin.
953 HastingsMarkSquadron Leader33028RAF77Sqn271940-06-29GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 6. E. 12.Son Of Maj. Percy Hastings.; Formerly Of The Royal West Kent Regt., And Of Kathleen Hastings, Of Great Bealings, Suffolk.
954 HaydenJohnLeading Aircraftman1391605RAFVR2925Sqn, RAF Regt.1943-08-11ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 40.Date of death might have been 1943-08-12
955 HaynesKenneth ArthurSergeant1548025RAFVR150Sqn211943-05-15ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Iv. L. 17 (Coll.)
956 HaynesHarold TudorFlying Officer416485RNZAF241944-08-21United KingdomBanff Cemetery, Banffshire, 3Rd Compt. Sec. D. Grave 15.
Son Of Mark Trevithick Haynes And Ida Tudor Haynes; Husband Of Nita Lois Haynes, Of Frankton Junction, Auckland, New Zealand.
957 HaytonJohn MarkFlight Lieutenant149536 RAFVR254Sqn251946-04-30United KingdomFelixstowe New Cemetery, Block B. Sec. K. Grave 14.Son Of John And Annie May Hayton, Of Liverpool; Husband Of Helen Elizabeth Hayton, Of Liverpool.
958 HearfieldSamuel VictorSergeant633545RAF148Sqn1941-01-13ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 25.Son Of P.O. William Hearfield, R.N., And Ethel May Hearfield, Of Hull.
959 Heath-BrownJohn AlastairPilot Officer42344RAF21Sqn181940-07-09United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 8.Son Of Reginald Job And Celia St. John Heath-Brown, Of Tilford, Surrey.
960 HeelsMark EdwardFlying Officer149166RAFVR547Sqn241944-04-26United KingdomAbney Park Cemetery, Sec. H.8. Grave Rn.54721.Son Of Mark Heels And Mary Ann Alice Heels, Of Islington.
961 HendersonWilliam CharlesFlying Officer133044DFC
RAFVR108Sqn1943-12-28ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 11.
962 HendersonRobert CharlesFlying Officer127040RAFVR70Sqn

311943-11-25ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 11.
963 HerbertRichard JamesPilot Officer156494RAFVR40Sqn201943-07-06ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. B. 38.
964 HeronFrank Brown GrahamFlight SergeantR/93513RCAF21Sqn (RAF)201942-07-07United KingdomWatton (St. Mary) Churchyard, Row C. Grave 63.

Son Of Frank Brown Graham Heron And Elizabeth Malcolm Heron, Of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
965 HeskethJohn CallelyFlight Sergeant1131407RAFVR37Sqn221943-06-20ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 41.
966 HewittEdward WalterSergeant1378390RAFVR40Sqn311941-10-24ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 6.Son Of Arthur And Rose Elizabeth Hewitt; Husband Of Constance Violet Hewitt, Of Brixton, London.
967 HewittMarkPilot Officer148737RAFVR12Sqn1944-01-06PolandPoznan Old Garrison Cemetery, Coll. Grave 6. C. 3-12.
968 HicklingKenneth RushtonLeading Aircraftman657400RAFVR221942-10-08United KingdomWorsley (St. Mark) Churchyard, Grave 1086.Son Of W. T. Hickling And Rose Hickling, Of Worsley.
969 HighfieldJohn CyrilSergeant1199531RAFVR9Sqn251942-07-29GermanyBecklingen War Cemetery, 11. F. 16.Son Of Mark And Daisy Mary Highfield, Of Nottingham.
970 HillStanley OswaldSergeant1591061RAFVR181944-01-09United KingdomIrvinestown Church Of Ireland Churchyard, Plot 2. Grave 50.

Son Of Jonathan Brown Hill And Annie Maria Hill, Of St. Johns Chapel, Co. Durham.
971 HillhouseJohn BrownSergeant976567RAFVR61Sqn271943-02-07FranceGuidel Communal Cemetery, Row 4. Grave 28.Son Of Matthew And Sarah Hillhouse, Of Gatehead, Ayrshire.
972 HingstonFayette Williams Brown GeorgePilot OfficerJ/18885RCAF429Sqn251943-12-04GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 8. D. 35-37.Son Of Harold Ramsay Hingston And Elizabeth Leighton Hingston, Of Montreal, Province Of Quebec, Canada. B.A. (Mcgill University).
973 HiscockWilfred LeonardSergeant920537RAFVR82Sqn211941-07-12United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 45.Son Of Frank Brown Hiscock And Annie Maud Hiscock, Of Melksham, Wiltshire.
974 HocknellJohnSergeant748123RAFVR256Sqn211941-03-12United KingdomStoke-on-trent Crematorium, Panel 2.

Son Of Hetty Doris Brown, Of Tunstall, Stoke-On-Trent.
975 HodgsonRussellFlying OfficerJ/14676RCAF102Sqn (Ceylon)

1943-07-04GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery, 11. E. 19.Son Of Mark Russell Hodgson And Ann Hodgson, Of Mimico, Ontario, Canada.
976 HolliesDonald JesseFlying Officer126456RAFVR221Sqn211944-03-24ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 49.Son Of Victor James Hollies And Beatrice Hollies, Of Blackheath, Staffordshire.
977 HolmesBenjamin Colin DavidSergeant1316546RAFVR104Sqn201942-11-19ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Ii. C. 39.Son Of Charlie And Mary Holmes. Of Blakeney, Gloucestershire.
978 HolmesJohn SinclairLeading AircraftmanR/188236RCAF440Sqn221944-07-16FranceBeny-Sur-Mer Canadian War Cemetery, Reviers, Xii. H. 9.Son Of Alexander Brown Holmes And Deborah Elizabeth Holmes.
979 HoltGeorge HenrySergeant1127147RAFVR514Sqn221944-07-21Netherlands (Holland)Hunsel Roman Catholic Churchyard, Grave 3.

Son Of Mark Henry And Hilda Holt; Husband Of Joyce Holt, Of Winsford, Cheshire.
980 HoofeMarkSergeant982209RAFVR460Sqn291943-04-09United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 153.
981 HoppsJohn GeorgeLeading Aircraftman3021893RAFVR201945-12-26United KingdomEldon (St. Mark) Churchyard, Grave 1206.Son Of John And Mary Sarah Hopps, Of Auckland Park. Bishop Auckland.
982 HorsamanGranvilleFlying Officer153841RAFVR138Sqn231945-04-15GermanyBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery, Coll. grave 7. L. 22-25.Son Of Allan Brown Horsaman And Dora Horsaman, Of Atwick, Yorkshire; Husband Of Catherine Mary Horsaman.
983 HorsburghJames BrownFlight Sergeant553948RAF423Sqn201943-08-04United KingdomRunnymede Memorial, Panel 137.
984 HoskingThomas PellewSergeant926519RAFVR148Sqn221942-04-24ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. Grave Iv. L. 24.Son Of Edward Pellew Hosking And Phillippa Jane Hosking.
985 Houghton BrownRolandSergeant581100RAF61Sqn221940-06-22GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery, Joint Grave 19. D. 16-17.Son Of Harold And Doris Houghton Brown, Of Wembley, Middlesex.
986 HoustonMatthew CummingSergeant1063716RAFVR211942-02-04ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 17.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. William Houston, Of Broughshane, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland.
987 HuddlestoneAlbertFlight Sergeant632024DFM


221943-11-25ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 10.
988 HughesEdward ThomasLeading Aircraftman416426RNZAF191942-10-06CanadaCalgary (Burnsland) Cemetery, Lot 27. Block 8. Sec. G.Son Of Thomas A. Hughes And Of Mary E. Hughes (Nee Brown), Of Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand.
989 HughesHarold FrederickLeading Aircraftman1107672RAFVR654Sqn211943-09-07ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. H. 26.
990 HumphreyJohn RobertLeading Aircraftman1450065RAFVR2925Sqn, RAF Regt.211943-08-11ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 45.
991 HumphreyJohn BrownSergeant991460RAFVR148Sqn281944-07-30MaltaMalta Memorial, Panel 15, Column 1.Son Of John B. And Lily M. Humphrey, Of Deptford, Sunderland, Co. Durham.
992 HuntMaurice LeonardFlight Lieutenant421372RNZAF227Sqn (RAF)241945-03-18GermanyDurnbach War Cemetery, 2. C. 26.Son Of Rowlan Brown Hunt, And Of Edith Lena Hunt (Nee Foreman), Of Mount Bruce, Masterton, New Zealand.
993 HunterDonald JamesFlight Lieutenant150142RAFVR322 (Dutch)Sqn221945-05-08GermanyBecklingen War Cemetery, 11. C. 4.Son Of James Brown Hunter And Elsie Gladys Hunter, Of Upminster, Essex; Husband Of Betty Jean Hunter, Of Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.
994 HuntingWilliam KarlSergeantR/62717RCAF107Sqn (RAF)201941-10-09ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, Coll. grave I. H. 19.Son Of Kenneth William And Alice Maud Hunting, Of Huntingville, Province Of Quebec, Canada.
995 HutchisonDavid GrahamSergeant1051937RAFVR241942-02-21KenyaNakuru North Cemetery, Grave 483.Son Of William Graham Hutchison And Mary Duncan Brown Hutchison, Of Maryfield, Dundee. Chartered Accountant.
996 IbbotsonJack KendrickFlight Sergeant402189RNZAF21Sqn (RAF)211942-02-04ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. F. 17.Son Of Harry Ibbotson, And Of Dorothy Gladys Ibbotson (Nee Harper), Of Reddish, Stockport, Cheshire, England.
997 InglisJohn StrangLeading Aircraftman1564664RAFVR251947-10-06United KingdomStane Cemetery, Sec. B. Grave 1027.

Son Of William Brown Inglis And Of Ella Inglis (Nee Strang); Husband Of Lorna Jessie Inkster Inglis (Nee Smith), Of Lerwick, Zetland.
998 Irvine-brownMaxwellPilot Officer404736RAAF271941-10-08SingaporeKranji War Cemetery, 37. B. 9.
999 IrwinMarkSergeant1523165RAFVR14Sqn211944-09-13ItalyCagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery, I. B. 13.Son Of Mark And Ann Irwin; Husband Of Isobel Irwin, Of Seaforth, Liverpool.
1000 JamesStanley HugoSergeant1107497RAFVR40Sqn291942-01-05ItalyCatania War Cemetery, Sicily, I. K. 24.Son Of Frederick And May James; Husband Of Marjorie Porritt James, Of Wallasey, Cheshire.

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