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Aircrew Deaths and Resting Places Worldwide 1939 - 1947 Database
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This database attempts to include all aircrew gravesites for losses from British, Commonwealth and foreign forces fighting under RAF operational command. Additionally it lists German gravesites for Luftwaffe crew members who lost lives over Britain. We have made exhaustive studies to find pictures of all the gravesites because it's one thing to read the name of a cemetery but it evokes quite another emotional response to see a picture of the location.
Each grave is a life given up too early and perhaps the first emotion that strikes one on seeing pictures of the gravesites is how many there are.
For family and friends each loss was mourned for a lifetime. For the rest of us, the least we can do is honour their loss by remembering.

Commonwealth War Graves in the USA

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#Name*First NamesRankServiceNumberHonoursServiceUnitAgeDateOfDeathBuriedCommemoratedLinksPhoto (Click To Expand)Notes
1 AdamsHenry DouglasSecond Lieutenant173260SAAF2Sqn1942-02-02SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 8. A. 10.
2 AdamsCharles MajorSergeant570561RAF231943-06-30SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 7. B. 2.
3 AlexanderAdam RonaldSergeant1018217RAFVR251942-03-18SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 8. D. 9.Son Of James And Margaret Alexander, Of Newton, Mumbles, Glamorgan.
4 AntrobusGordon StanleySergeant1317213RAFVR211943-06-30SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 6. B. 6.
5 BellowsWilliam CharlesAircraftman 1st Class634910RAF1Sqn301941-03-18SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 9. B. 1.Son of Charles and Florence May Bellows, of Blandford, Dorsetshire.
6 BentElroy FenwickPilot OfficerJ/9264RCAF191942-08-19SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 8. B. 4.Son Of Ernest Elroy And Lorna Henrietta Bent; Husband Of Frances Evelyn Bent, Of Upper Granville, Annapolis Co., Nova Scotia, Canada.
7 BevanR WWarrant Officer307059VSAAF1945-09-15SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 9. A. 1.
8 BookerFredAircraftman 2nd Class1115609RAFVR211941-11-18SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 2. C. 11.Son of George and Ellen Booker, of Sheffield; Husband of Mary H. Booker, of Darnall, Sheffield.
9 BosmanA CMajorP/102696DSO

SAAF291947-04-17SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, Coll. grave 5. C. 10.Son Of Adriaan And Anna L. Bosman; Husband Of Stephanie Bosman, Of Lichtenburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
10 BownDouglas Elliott GuySergeant967927RAFVR241943-06-16SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 6. B. 2.
11 BrimbleGeorge WilliamSergeant745431RAFVR73Sqn231940-12-01SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 11. C. 2.Son Of George And Alice Beatrice Brimble, Of Ward End, Birmingham.
12 BrookerHorace EdwardLeading Aircraftman913302RAFVR1942-08-24SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 8. B. 1.
13 BrownWilliam HenryAircraftman 1st Class1019374RAFVR291942-07-04SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 11. C. 11.Son Of Walter And Martha Brown, Of Upholland, Lancashire; Husband Of Edna A. Brown, Of Ormskirk, Lancashire.
14 BurgerP AAir Mechanic7985SAAF221947-04-17SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, Coll. grave 5. C. 10.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. P. A. Burger; Husband Of M. C. A M. Burger, Of Mogaba, Lydenburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
15 BurnsFrancis WilliamFlight Sergeant747886RAFVR291942-03-18SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 8. B. 8.Son Of William And Ella Lilian Burns; Husband Of Edna Maud Burns, Of Derby.
16 CantlayWilliam GrantFlying OfficerJ/22530RCAF251944-06-03SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 8. B. 2.Son Of William And Gladys Mary Cantlay, Of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
17 CarruthersAlbert LeslieSergeant1347717RAFVR251943-06-30SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 6. B. 8.
18 CaseL DAir Corporal8777SAAF68Sqn211947-04-17SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, Coll. grave 5. C. 10.Son Of Leslie J. And Esmee C. Case, Of Mount Edgecombe, Natal, South Africa.
19 ChesterfieldAnthony FrankFlying Officer167706 RAFVR39Sqn211946-04-30SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 8. E. 2.Son Of Frank And Anne Maud Chesterfield, Of Acton, Middlesex.
20 CoeEric HughPilot Officer202110 RAFVR39Sqn211946-04-30SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 8. E. 3.Son Of Harold H. And Bessie L. Coe, Of Eastville, Bristol.
21 ColemanArthur HenryAircraftman 2nd Class1097567RAFVR211942-07-04SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 11. C. 10.Son Of Geoffrey Fred And Florence Louisa Coleman, Of South Wigston, Leicestershire.
22 Coltsman-croninEdwardSecond Lieutenant47916VSAAF24Sqn1941-04-21SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 9. C. 7.
23 CoxBrian JamesSergeant1191347RAFVR201943-06-16SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 7. D. 8.
24 CreightonJohnFlight Sergeant581321RAF251943-06-16SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 7. D. 4.
25 CrispR LLieutenantP/853SAAF281947-04-17SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, Coll. grave 5. C. 10.
26 DaleGeorge HenryAircraftman 2nd Class645202RAF211940-06-23SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 9. C. 6.Son Of Thomas And Louisa Dale, Of Armthorpe, Yorkshire.
27 DeanAlbert FrederickAircraftman 1st Class640531RAF1941-05-25SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 11. B. 7.Son Of George Arthur And Mary Ann Dean.
28 DevalleArthur ThomasLeading Aircraftman1141240RAFVR301942-12-18SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 6. E. 7.Son Of Arthur And Emily Devalle; Husband Of Doreen Devalle, Of Spondon, Derbyshire.
29 DitchburnRoyLieutenant203314SAAF1942-01-24SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 8. A. 9.
30 DolbyWAir Mechanic208314VSAAF1944-08-12SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 10. C. 10-15.
31 DouglasJames IrwinFlying Officer127137RAFVR211943-06-30SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 6. B. 9.
32 DreyerJohn FrederickCorporal776429RAFVR237Sqn271940-10-28SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 9. B. 9.Son Of Johan Frederick And Petronella Johanna Dreyer (Nee Du Toit); Husband Of Elizabeth Magrietha Dreyer (Nee Hoffman), Of Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia.
33 DunnFrederick MilesCorporal516796RAF223Sqn1940-07-29SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 2. C. 20.
34 DunstoneClive ColinSergeant407226RAAF241941-11-25SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 13. B. 7.Son Of Dr. Leonard John Dunstone And Stella Marion Dunstone; Husband Of Janet Grace Dunstone, Of East Ivanhoe, Victoria, Australia.
35 DurrantVernon ColinSergeant564827MiDRAF223Sqn261940-10-22SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 12. A. 3.Son Of Alfred William And Lydia Fraser Frier Durrant.
36 EasonJohn StephenSergeant1228864RAFVR291943-06-30SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 7. B. 5.
37 EastaughJohn HerbertCorporal902940RAFVR261943-03-25SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 12. A. 5.
38 EdwardsRaymond Mortimer ClevelandSergeant746959RAFVR223Sqn261940-10-22SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 6. A. 10.Son Of Arthur William And Maude Edwards; Husband Of Gladys Winifred Elsie Edwards, Of Clapham South, London.
39 EsseryJames MervynAircraftman 1st Class977284RAFVR241941-04-20SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 11. A. 2.Son Of James Albert And Mabel Beatrix Essery, Of Newport, Monmouthshire; Husband Of Margaret Essery, Of Newport.
40 EvangelinakisKonstantinosSergeantGreek Air Force1942-08-21SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, Plot 6 Row A Grave 4.
41 Festing-SmithPatrick De CourceySquadron Leader16194RAF341940-11-06SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 7. E. 5.Son Of Alfred Charles And Esther Eleanor Festing-Smith; Husband Of Edith Ann Veronica Festing-Smith, Of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.
42 FlanaganJohn KevinFlight Sergeant1268392RAFVR1944-08-12SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 10. C. 10-15.
43 ForbesDonald LaidlawSergeant742502RAFVR201941-05-12SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 11. C. 1.Son Of Thomas Laidlaw And Margaret Annie Forbes, Of Woodthorpe, Nottingham.
44 GerickeJ SLieutenant103937SAAF291947-04-17SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, Coll. grave 5. C. 10.Son Of Harold S. And Aletta Gericke; Husband Of Bethel M. Gericke, Of Durban, Natal, South Africa.
45 GirdNoel Lorraine AlexanderLieutenantP/5531SAAF211942-04-07SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 9. C. 12.Son Of Lorraine A. And Beda J. Gird, Of Wynberg, Capetown, South Africa.
46 GrayNeil FrancisWarrant Officer406617RAAF251943-06-16SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 7. D. 5.
47 GrochowskiStanislaw WStarszy SierzantPolish Air Force1943-06-16SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, Plot 6 Row D Grave 3.
48 HarrisGeorge EdwardPilot Officer149584DFM

RAFVR221943-06-16SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 7. D. 10.
49 HarrisJames SidneySergeant1550611RAFVR211943-06-16SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 7. D. 1.
50 HarroldJohn Honeyman CloustonSquadron Leader70282RAF (RAFO)461942-08-07SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 2. C. 10.Son Of Robert And Jean Harrold; Husband Of Charlotte Harrold.
51 HatfieldRobert WilliamAircraftman 1st Class3040477 RAFVR211946-11-03SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 5. B. 10.Son Of John Robert And Kathleen Mary Hatfield, Of Haxby, Yorkshire.
52 HeaneyArthur AnthonySergeant756717RAFVR223Sqn1940-10-22SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 12. A. 1.
53 HebditchKenneth NoelSergeant1187258RAFVR231942-03-05SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 8. B. 10.Son Of Josiah And Annie Mabel Hebditch, Of Kingsbury Episcopi, Somerset.
54 HirstR CLieutenant103518DFC
SAAF241947-04-17SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, Coll. grave 5. C. 10.Son Of Harold C. And Nelly Hirst, Of Durban North, Natal, South Africa.
55 HodginsNorman JosephPilot OfficerJ/39462RCAF251944-06-03SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 7. B. 10.Son Of Norman J. And Mildred A. Hodgins, Of Waubaushene, Ontario, Canada.
56 HolderBernard FrederickCorporal521524RAF241941-11-23SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 8. A. 4.Son Of Joseph G. E. And Alice E. Holder, Of Bermondsey, London.
57 HolgateRaymond EdgarFlying Officer403338RAAF251942-10-29SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 13. B. 2.Son Of Christopher Edgar And Millicent Emma Holgate, Of Vaucluse, New South Wales, Australia.
58 HowardArthur HenryFlight Sergeant1267478RAFVR221943-04-09SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 6. E. 6.
59 HoweGeorge Arthur CharlesAircraftman 2nd Class634380RAF14Sqn1940-08-18SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 6. A. 9.Son Of Mrs. D. Howe And Stepson Of Mr. J. W. Robins, Of Kennington, London.
60 HudsonHarold William CharlesCorporal956060RAFVR271943-05-20SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 11. A. 6.
61 HulleyR HLieutenant328584VSAAF211945-07-17SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 10. A. 8.Son Of Harden W. And Violet E. Hulley, Of Paddock, Natal, South Africa.
62 HumphriesDavidCorporal970991RAFVR261944-07-02SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 7. B. 9.Son Of Herbert George And Annie Mary Humphries, Of Roslin, Midlothian.
63 HuxtableRobert GeraldWarrant OfficerR/133782RCAF1944-06-03SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 11. A. 10.
64 InglisHarry McgregorMajorP/102604SAAF41Sqn341942-10-13SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 13. B. 3.Son Of Harry And Margaret Inglis, Of Sunnyside, Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa; Husband Of Mollie E. Inglis.
65 InglisTrevor DonovanSecond Lieutenant206069SAAF1942-12-05SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 13. B. 1.
66 IoannuChristosSergeantGreek Air Force1942-12-12SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, Plot 6 Row A Grave 6.
67 KavanaghJohn JosephSergeant508631DFM

RAF241Sqn1941-10-18SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 14. A. 2.
68 KourmoulisNikolaosPilot OfficerGreek Air Force1943-03-25SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, Plot 6 Row A Grave 5.
69 KritzingerH JLieutenant328642DFC
SAAF261947-04-17SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, Coll. grave 5. C. 10.
70 LambertRoyston ThomasSecond Lieutenant206119SAAF201942-07-27SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 13. B. 5.Son Of Thomas H. And Joanna Lambert, Of Sea Point, Cape Province, South Africa.
71 LandmanJ JLieutenant206572SAAF251947-04-17SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, Coll. grave 5. C. 10.Son Of Johannes And Elizabeth Landman; Husband Of Frances O. Landman, Of Hatfield, Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa.
72 LaneGeorgeFlight Lieutenant11828RAF381944-09-27SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 8. D. 1.Son Of George Richard And Louisa Lillie Lane, Of Birmingham; Husband Of Olive Marie Lane, Of North Harrow, Middlesex.
73 LiebenbergH C WCaptain102706SAAF291947-04-17SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, Coll. grave 5. C. 10.
74 LissettJamesSergeant1211346RAFVR221943-06-16SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 7. D. 9.
75 LivermoreEric JohnSergeant748650RAFVR231941-03-13SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 11. C. 8.Son Of John Edgar And Annie Elizabeth Livermore, Of Kempston, Bedfordshire.
76 LucasGarth WhittonMajorP/102634SAAF1942-06-30SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 13. B. 10.
77 LuggCyril TrevorLieutenant206215SAAF241942-12-11SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 12. A. 10.Son Of Harry C. And Ethel V. Lugg, Of Durban, Natal, South Africa.
78 LydfordGerald TheodoreSergeant657442RAF261943-04-26SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 11. C. 5.
79 MacvicarArchibaldSergeant741904RAFVR231941-04-24SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 11. C. 9.Son Of Archibald And Christine Anderson Macvicar, Of Glasgow.
80 MaddenFrancis JosephFlying Officer401982RAAF251942-12-29SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 12. A. 8.Son Of Patrick Joseph And Genevieve Madden; Husband Of Patricia Mary Madden, Of North Brighton, Victoria, Australia.
81 Madhu Sudan BelekarPilot Officer1738Royal Indian Air Force6Sqn221943-01-04IndiaDelhi / Karachi 1939-1945 War Memorials,
82 MagidM LWarrant Officer Class II101383VSAAF221945-07-17SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 6. E. 4.Son Of Salig And Fannie Magid, Of Sea Point, Cape Town, South Africa. His Brother W J Magid Also Fell.
83 MagidW JLieutenant104065VSAAF261945-07-17SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 6. E. 5.Son Of Salig And Fannie Magid, Of Sea Point, Cape Town, South Africa; Husband Of Ray Magid. His Brother M L Magid Also Fell.
84 MarlorFredFlight Sergeant1028141RAFVR271944-08-12SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 10. C. 10-15.Son Of Fred And Sarah Marlor, Of Oldham, Lancashire.
85 MarshallAlexanderLeading Aircraftman572908RAF201942-01-11SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 8. A. 7.Son Of Alexander And Marion Marshail, Of Rosyth, Fife.
86 MartinJohn ThomasLeading Aircraftman1357199RAFVR211942-03-28SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 8. D. 5.Son Of John Thomas And Winifred Mary Martin, Of Blurton, Stoke-On-Trent.
87 MatthewsAlbert Harry WalterSergeant534629RAF14Sqn241940-08-22SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 2. C. 17.Son Of Albert Edward And Kate Elizabeth Matthews, Of North Heath, Pulborough, Sussex.
88 MccormackTerence VincentAircraftman 1st Class1255025RAFVR1942-06-22SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 8. D. 3.Son Of George And Mary E. Mccormack, Of Londonderry, Northern Ireland.
89 McintoshAndrew Mackie SpaldingAircraftman 1st Class1553086RAFVR1943-09-02SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 6. B. 5.
90 McloughlinBernard SarsfieldAir Sergeant205542SAAF291942-04-07SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 9. C. 13.Son Of Bernard And Margaret Mcloughlin, Of Durban, Natal, South Africa.
91 MisiagWalerian WiktorPlutonowyPolish Air Force1943-06-30SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, Plot 6 Row D Grave 6.
92 MitchellEdwin JohnAircraftman 1st Class913023RAFVR221942-04-07SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 9. C. 14.Son Of Ted And Annie Mitchell, Of Bristol.
93 MonroeSydney JohnSquadron Leader37685DFC
RAF1942-10-29SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 6. E. 10.Son Of Harold And Belle Monroe; Husband Of Violet Madeline Monroe, Of Morden, Surrey.
94 MorganHerbert Llewellyn RavenshawSquadron Leader88988RAF391943-03-25SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 12. B. 16.
95 MorrisPeter SeckingtonFlying Officer132417RAFVR6Sqn181942-02-07SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 13. B. 9.Son Of Frank Dickinson And Amy Gertrude Morris, Of Grimsby, Lincolnshire.
96 NelsonP DLieutenant542996SAAF211947-04-17SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, Coll. grave 5. C. 10.Son Of Thornwald And Mary Nelson; Husband Of Joan I. Nelson, Of Sinoia, Southern Rhodesia.
97 NicholsClement St. JohnFlying Officer134005RAF261943-06-30SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 7. B. 8.
98 NicolayP HLieutenant103538DFC
SAAF251947-04-17SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, Coll. grave 5. C. 10.
99 NightingaleHarryLeading Aircraftman954940RAFVR211942-01-11SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 8. A. 8.Son Of William G. And Mary E. Nightingale, Of Saltburn-By-Sea, Yorkshire.
100 NobleHaydnLeading Aircraftman1835547 RAFVR1946-02-24SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 11. B. 10.Son Of Charles O. And Mary Elizabeth Noble, Of Llwynypia, Glamorgan.
101 ParishGraham LeslieSergeant1115314George CrossRAFVR301942-09-16SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 11. C. 7.Son Of Stephen Owbridge And Ethel May Parish, Of Broomhill, Sheffield. A.L.A.
102 PartingtonAlbertFlight Sergeant656010RAF231943-06-16SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 7. D. 2.
103 PayCyril GeorgeFlight Sergeant1330865RAFVR281943-06-30SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 7. B. 7.
104 PennickJames RobertAircraftman 2nd Class948085RAFVR211941-08-30SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 14. A. 3.Son Of James And Eliza Pennick, Of Spennymoor, Co. Durham.
105 PerkinsDenis Clement FarmerFlying OfficerJ/12496RCAF271944-06-03SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 6. D. 8.Son Of Walter And Edith Perkins, Of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
106 PettetHenry WilliamLeading Aircraftman850125RAF (Auxiliary Air Force)341945-04-13SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 11. B. 1.Son Of James Harry And Florence Pettet, Of Hall Green, Birmingham.
107 PiaseckiJozef WiktorStarszy SierzantPolish Air Force1942-03-01SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, Plot 2 Row D Grave 1.
108 PinkneyGeorge RonaldWarrant Officer966830RAFVR221943-06-30SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 7. B. 1.
109 PlunketThe Hon. Brinsley Sheridan BushFlight Lieutenant75962RAFVR371941-11-24SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 2. C. 19.Son Of William Lee Plunket, 5Th Baron Plunket, G.C.M.G., K.C.V.O., K.B.E., D.L., J.P., And Lady Victoria Alexandrina Plunket (Nee Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood), Of Dublin, Republic Of Ireland.
110 PointonSamuel LeonardFlight Sergeant41936RNZAF241943-06-16SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 7. D. 3.
111 PopeGeorge RobertSergeant746774RAFVR47Sqn281940-08-11SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 2. C. 18.Son Of George Edwin And Mary Ann Pope; Husband Of Ethel Kathleen Pope, Of Cheam, Surrey.
112 PovahJohn William BruceFlight LieutenantJ/12487RCAF231945-05-25SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 10. A. 9.Son Of Arthur Henry And Mabel Elizabeth Povah, Of Ketown, British Colombia, Canada.
113 PrinslooN PLieutenant206113DFC
SAAF251947-04-17SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, Coll. grave 5. C. 10.Son Of Nicholaas P. And Anna M. J. Prinsloo, Of Middleburg, Transvaal, South Africa.
114 RavenCharles MatthewWarrant Officer401538RAAF251943-06-16SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 6. B. 1.
115 ReadWilliam MckenzieFlight Lieutenant85214RAFVR1942-12-29SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 12. A. 6.
116 RiddochKennethLieutenant103527SAAF1942-04-07SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 9. C. 11.
117 RixhamOliverFlying Officer48335RAF521942-11-21SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 6. E. 9.Son Of Samuel And Maria Rixham; Husband Of Gladys Rixham, Of Hawarden, Flintshire.
118 RoddyGeorge MichaelSquadron Leader37234RAF281943-06-16SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 7. D. 6.
119 RossAlfred William StanningAircraftman 1st Class800679RAF (Auxiliary Air Force)231942-01-04SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 2. C. 14.Son Of William Stanning And Mary Ann Louisa Ross, Of Oxford.
120 RossHarryFlight Sergeant928682RAFVR361943-06-30SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 6. E. 1.
121 SendallJohn EdwardWarrant OfficerR/87658RCAF231943-06-30SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 7. B. 3.
122 ShelleyWilliam Robert TheodoreSergeant564968RAF47Sqn.1939-09-13SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 10. A. 6.Son of Theodore and Mary Jane Shelly, of Brighton, Sussex.
123 SkinnerJohnSergeant407673RAAF241941-11-25SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 13 B. 8.Son Of William Henry And Alma Olive Skinner, Of Woodville, South Australia.
124 SmartRobert DennisWarrant Officer1202230AFM
RAFVR241944-08-12SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 10. C. 10-15.Son Of George And Annie Smart, Of Chilbolton, Hampshire.
125 SmithRonald WilliamSergeant1056937RAFVR231943-06-16SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 6. B. 3.
126 StaintonGeorge NoelAircraftman 1st Class639297RAF211943-05-05SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 11. A. 8.
127 StankowiakLeonPlutonowyPolish Air Force1943-06-16SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, Plot 6 Row D Grave 2.
128 StokesCecil RobertPilot Officer85739RAFVR1941-10-27SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 2. C. 12.
129 StoneJames StanleyPilot II552009RAF13Sqn261947-08-22SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 5. B. 8.Son Of Charles And Doris Mary Stone; Husband Of Joyce Graham Stone, Of Carlisle.
130 TaitCharles John WilsonSergeant565362RAF112Sqn251940-06-18SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 14. B. 1.Son Of John Wilson And Rosa Matilda Tait, Of Edinburgh.
131 TaylorEric StanleyPilot Officer410573RAAF301944-08-12SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 10. C. 10-15.Son Of Stanley John And Dorothy Margret Taylor; Husband Of Berys Mary Taylor, Of Elwood, Victoria, Australia.
132 TaylorT R JCaptain103704DSO

SAAF271947-04-17SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, Coll. grave 5. C. 10.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. Frederick A. Taylor; Husband Of Annette M. Taylor, Of Banbridge, Co. Down, Northern Ireland.
133 TetnowskiEdwardSierzantPolish Air Force1943-06-16SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, Plot 6 Row D Grave 1.
134 ThomsonJames MurraySergeant400682RAAF231941-11-25SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 13. B. 6.Son Of John William And Jessie Thomson, Of Lyndhurst, Victoria, Australia.
135 ThwaytesHarryAircraftman 2nd Class1069816RAFVR251 A.M.E.S.201941-02-04SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 2. C. 15.Son Of William J. And Eleanor A. Thwaytes, Of Warcop, Westmorland.
136 TomczakCyprian MarianChorazyPolish Air Force1943-06-16SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, Plot 6 Row D Grave 4.
137 TullyJohnAircraftman 1st Class937883RAFVR14Sqn221941-02-01SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 2. C. 16.Son Of William And Elizabeth Tully, Of Dinnington Colliery, Northumberland.
138 TurnerWilliam EricLeading Aircraftman1669722RAFVR201944-09-11SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 6. D. 9.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. John Turner, Of Birmingham.
139 Van BredaRonald MeyerSecond Lieutenant102390SAAF1941-10-18SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 8. A. 3.
140 Van RhynC J PAir Mechanic209073VSAAF1944-08-12SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, Coll. Grave 10. C. 10-15.
141 Van RooyenH GLieutenant15154SAAF251947-04-17SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, Coll. grave 5. C. 10.Son Of Mr. And Mrs. J. B. Van Rooyen, Of Knysna, Cape Province, South Africa.
142 WadeVictorSergeant656041RAF271943-06-30SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 7. B. 4.
143 WaltonHarryLeading Aircraftman643435RAF14Sqn1941-02-05SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 2. C. 13.Son Of George Minto And Isabella Walton, Of Hamsterley Colliery, Co. Durham.
144 WarnerA MAir Mechanic572846VSAAF1946-01-16SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 11. A. 9.Son Of Robert W. And Frances D. Warner, Of Observatory, Cape Town, South Africa.
145 WebsterKCorporal1005563RAFVR211942-12-27SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 12. A. 9.Son Of Tom And May Webster, Of Goldthorpe, Yorkshire.
146 WelgemoedFrederickCaptainP/5843DFC & Bar

SAAF281947-04-17SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, Coll. grave 5. C. 10.
147 WellerArthur Adrian PercyFlight Lieutenant41507DFC
RAF1941-12-13SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 8. A. 5.
148 WinterFrank LeslieAircraftman 2nd Class1437756RAFVR401942-06-22SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 8. B. 6.Son Of Ernest George And Jeanette Elizabeth Winter; Husband Of Florence Mary Winter, Of Harrow, Middlesex.
149 WojciechowskiJozefKapitanPolish Air Force1943-06-30SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, Plot 6 Row D Grave 5.
150 WoodWilfred DudleySecond Lieutenant103305SAAF221942-01-09SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 8. D. 6.Son Of Gordon R. And Mary J. Wood, Of Sea View, Natal, South Africa.
151 WoodPeterFlying Officer51421RAFVR251945-04-10SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 11. C. 6.Son Of Harold And May Wood; Husband Of Alice Lilian Wood, Of Oxford.
152 WrightArthurFlight Sergeant1075181RAFVR191943-06-30SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 6. B. 7.
153 WrightCyrilAircraftman 1st Class1020796RAFVR221943-03-25SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 12. A. 7.
154 WylieW ELieutenant103497SAAF1943-02-06SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 12. A. 2.
155 WymanPeter HerseyPilot OfficerJ/8642RCAF1942-08-19SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 8. B. 5.Son Of John Kirby And Jessie Maude Wyman, Of Montreal, Province Of Quebec, Canada. B.A. (Mcgill University).
156 YuleGraham JohnFlight Sergeant928451RAFVR221943-06-30SudanKhartoum War Cemetery, 6. B. 10.

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