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A'Court, Gladstone Arthur
A'Hern, John Henry
Aalborg, Karl Inge
Aaron, Arthur Louis
Aaron, Cyril Edgar
Aaron, Dennis
Aaron, Elmer Oscar
Aarons, Sidney Solomon
Aarts, Bernardus Maria
Abayasekera, George Frederick Dugald
Abbas Flaya,
Abbas Mohamed,
Abbas, Philip Robert
Abberley, Douglas
Abberton, John
Abbett, George Edward (Teddy)
Abbey, Donald George
Abbey, Robert Peter
Abbiss, Leslie William
Abbott, Alexander Richard
Abbott, Aloysius Joseph
Abbott, Arthur Ernest
Abbott, Arthur Frank
Abbott, Arthur William
Abbott, Bernard Thomas
Abbott, Bruce Andrew Stanley
Abbott, C P
Abbott, Clifford
Abbott, Clifford Wilmore
Abbott, Cyril Charles
Abbott, Cyril Howard
Abbott, Douglas Alan
Abbott, Douglas Arthur
Abbott, Edward
Abbott, Francis Hibbs
Abbott, Frank Bernard
Abbott, Frank Roy
Abbott, Frederick Joseph
Abbott, Geoffrey David
Abbott, Geoffrey Frederick
Abbott, George Eric
Abbott, Harold
Abbott, Harry
Abbott, Hezekiah
Abbott, Horace
Abbott, James Alexander
Abbott, James Stuart
Abbott, John
Abbott, Kenneth George
Abbott, Leslie John
Abbott, Lewis James
Abbott, Lionel Herbert
Abbott, Maurice Eldon
Abbott, Neville
Abbott, Norman William Stanley
Abbott, Peter John
Abbott, Ronald
Abbott, Roy Edgar
Abbott, Stanley Arthur
Abbott, Stanley James
Abbott, Sydney Charles Bertram
Abbott, Walter James
Abbott, Wilfred
Abbott, Willia Noel
Abbott, William Geoffrey
Abbott, William Gibbs
Abbotts, Albert Henry
Abbotts, Charles John
Abbotts, George
Abbs, Ronald Charles
Abdee, Norman John
Abdul Aziz,
Abdul Bari,
Abdul Ghaffar,
Abdul Ghafur,
Abdul Ghani,
Abdul Hafeez,
Abdul Hamid Bin Junaidi,
Abdul Hamid,
Abdul Hasan,
Abdul Husain,
Abdul Karim Bin Youn,
Abdul Karim,
Abdul Khaliq Qazi,
Abdul Latif Bin Ahmad,
Abdul Latif Bin Malin Muda,
Abdul Majid Khan,
Abdul Majid,
Abdul Matin,
Abdul Qayum,
Abdul Quadir Zia,
Abdul Rahman,
Abdul Rahman,
Abdul Sata,
Abdul Satar Khalil,
Abdul Satar,
Abdulla Lazim,
Abdulla Mustafa,
Abdulla Saad,
Abe, Bernard Victor
Abel, Charles Thomas
Abel, Cyril
Abel, Jack Sydney
Abel, Leslie Francis
Abel, Richard
Abel, Sydney
Abel, Victor
Abela, Anthony
Abell, Douglas Roy
Abell, Edwin Raymond
Abell, Frank
Abell, Royston James Harding
Abelson, Lawrence Balfour (Dukie)
Abercrombie, David
Abercrombie, Laurence Norman
Abercrombie, Peter Flemming
Abercrombie, Ronald Ross
Abercromby, William
Aberdeen, Eric Donald
Aberdein, J S
Aberle, Douglas Buchanan
Abernethy, Joseph Sanderson
Abernethy, Robert Francis
Abernethy, Robert Leslie
Abert, Hans-Dietrich
Abery, Edward Stanley
Abery, Frederick James
Abey, Mitchell George
Abildgaard, Christian
Ablett, Charles
Ablett, Henry George
Ablett, John Edward
Ablett, John Stephen Robinson
Ablett, William
Ablewhite, Edward John
Abley, Phillip Kenneth
Ablitt, Peter
Abood Habben,
Abraham, Arthur Leslie
Abraham, Berthold
Abraham, Brian Alfred
Abraham, Charles Frederick
Abraham, Ernest George
Abraham, James Hedley
Abraham, K C
Abraham, Kenneth James
Abraham, P J
Abraham, Robert George
Abrahams, Aleck
Abrahams, Frederick Joseph
Abrahams, George Leslie
Abrahams, Leo Reginald
Abrahams, Ronald Alfred Walter
Abrahams, Walter Alfred
Abram, Charles Hubert
Abram, James
Abram, Stanley
Abramowitz, A E
Abrams, Basil Courtney
Abrams, Hyman David
Abrams, Kevin Kenny
Abrams, Reginald Frank
Abrams, Robert William
Abrams, Ronald Walter
Abrams, Sidney Edward
Abrams, Stanley William
Abramson, Mark Leslie
Abrey, Cyril William
Abrey, Gerald John
Abrin, Harry Leo
Absalom, Ronald Geoffrey (Ron)
Absalom, Walter
Abson, Jack Lacy
Abthorpe, Jack
Aburrow, Ronald Charles
Acaster, John Alfred
Ace, John Henry
Acer, John Frederick
Acheson, Charles Frederick
Acheson, George Robert
Acheson, George Victor
Acheson, James Glasgow Irwin
Acheson, John Mcfarland
Achterberg, J L
Achtymichuk, Alexander
Achutan Nair, P
Ackcral, Alfred Edwin
Acker, James Gordon
Acker, Sidney
Ackerley, Douglas Baldwin
Ackerman, George William
Ackerman, Lloyd William
Ackerman, Oscar George
Ackerman, Robert William
Ackerman, W H
Ackerman, William Edwin
Ackermann, Heinz
Ackernley, Peter Rowland
Ackers, Robert David
Ackland, Albert
Ackland, Leslie James
Ackland, Peter
Ackland, Ronald Henry
Ackland, William Eric
Ackred, Arthur Alfred
Ackroyd, Ben
Ackroyd, Harold
Ackroyd, Harold Eric
Ackroyd, Harry
Ackroyd, John Thomas
Ackroyd, Thomas Campbell
Ackroyd, Vivian James
Ackroyd, Walter
Acland, Ion Huge
Acland, Simon John Dyke
Acland, Woodward Russell
Acombe-Hill, Cyril Arthur
Acorn, George Warburton
Acourt, Burleigh Charles
Acres, Leonard
Acres, Robert Joseph
Acton-Hill, Ian Rex Locke
Acton, Billie Charles
Acton, Colin George
Acton, Dennis
Acton, Eric Phillips
Acton, George Alfred
Acton, George Nelson
Acton, Norman
Acton, Norman
Acton, Wilbur Washington (Bee)
Acworth, Dennis Herbert
Ada, Alan Fletcher
Adair, Arthur Dunham
Adair, Charles Edward
Adair, Charles Franklin
Adair, David Kenneth
Adair, Hubert Hastings
Adair, John Stanton
Adair, John Thomas
Adair, Leslie James
Adair, Robert
Adair, Robert Simpson
Adair, Singleton Wilson
Adair, Stanley
Adair, Thomas
Adam, Basil John
Adam, Charles Riddell
Adam, David Doig
Adam, George Chirrey
Adam, Gordon Ross
Adam, James
Adam, James
Adam, James C.
Adam, James Dick
Adam, James Green
Adam, John Caldwell
Adam, John Harvey Millar
Adam, John Kerr
Adam, John Philip
Adam, Joseph Paul Hector
Adam, Kenneth Alexander
Adam, Raymond Francis
Adam, Rea Douglas Porter
Adam, Robert Knox
Adam, Ronald Maclean
Adam, Russell Edwin
Adam, Thomas Wilkie
Adam, Treless James Stewart
Adam, Walter Joseph
Adam, William
Adam, William Caldow
Adam, William Ward
Adamac, George Ernest
Adamek, Mieczyslaw
Adamic, Vladimir
Adamowicz, Klemens
Adams-Langley, Juan Alberto
Adams, Albert Edward
Adams, Albert Ernest
Adams, Alexander
Adams, Alexander James
Adams, Alfred Alexander
Adams, Alfred Joseph
Adams, Andrew Mill
Adams, Andrew Nicol
Adams, Anthony Clerke
Adams, Anthony Lawrence
Adams, Anthony Wallace
Adams, Archibald Gordon
Adams, Archibald John
Adams, Archibald William
Adams, Arthur
Adams, Arthur Ernest
Adams, Arthur William
Adams, Aubrey Abram
Adams, Basil Andrew
Adams, Bernard Eric
Adams, Brian
Adams, Brian Frank
Adams, Brian James
Adams, Charles Corringham
Adams, Charles Frederick
Adams, Charles Major
Adams, Charles Peter
Adams, Clifford
Adams, Cyril Gilbert Roy
Adams, Cyril Thomas Walter
Adams, Daniel Gilbert
Adams, David
Adams, David Taylor
Adams, Dene
Adams, Dennis
Adams, Dennis Norman
Adams, Derrick Henry George
Adams, Derrick John Edwin
Adams, Desire Ernest Charles
Adams, Donald Albert
Adams, Donald Arthur
Adams, Donald William
Adams, Doris Margaret
Adams, Douglas Alan Moore
Adams, Douglas Andrew
Adams, Douglas Brian
Adams, Edmund Arthur
Adams, Edward Charles
Adams, Edward Cyril
Adams, Edward Frederick
Adams, Edwin Richard Philpot
Adams, Eric Kenneth
Adams, Eric Victor
Adams, Ernest James
Adams, Ernest Osborne
Adams, Evelyn Mary
Adams, Francis James
Adams, Francis Victor
Adams, Frank Edward
Adams, Frank Henry
Adams, Frank Percy
Adams, Frederick Charles
Adams, Frederick Charles
Adams, Frederick Coulson
Adams, Frederick Thomas
Adams, Frederick Thomas Henry
Adams, Frederick William John
Adams, Gavin Robert
Adams, Geoffrey Russell
Adams, George
Adams, George
Adams, George
Adams, George Charles
Adams, George Henry Fearnley
Adams, George Redvers Newton
Adams, George Roughton Carver Gilroy
Adams, Gilbert Ernest
Adams, Glenn Prosper
Adams, Gordon Somerville
Adams, H
Adams, Harold Raymond
Adams, Harold William
Adams, Harold William Sherwood
Adams, Harry Walter Hughes
Adams, Hedley Hayden
Adams, Henry Douglas
Adams, Henry Harris
Adams, Herbert Charles
Adams, Herbert Charles Nigel
Adams, Herbert Phillip
Adams, Howard King
Adams, Howard Victor
Adams, Hugh Alexander
Adams, Hugh Charles
Adams, Ivor Morcombe
Adams, Jack
Adams, James
Adams, James
Adams, James
Adams, James Campbell
Adams, James Main
Adams, James Richard Branston
Adams, John Alfred
Adams, John Andrew
Adams, John Charles
Adams, John Edmund
Adams, John Gerald Patrick
Adams, John Henry
Adams, John Joseph William
Adams, John Lawrence
Adams, John Methven Robertson
Adams, Joseph Edward
Adams, Joseph Percy
Adams, Kenneth
Adams, Kenneth Arthur
Adams, Kenneth Cyril Christopher
Adams, Kenneth Duncan
Adams, Kenneth Ernest Charles
Adams, Kenneth Paterson
Adams, Kenneth Thomas John
Adams, Kenneth William
Adams, Laurence Carey
Adams, Leslie
Adams, Leslie Clarence
Adams, Lewis
Adams, Lewis Gordon
Adams, Linford Herbert
Adams, Lloyd John
Adams, Louis Robert
Adams, Norman Ellis
Adams, Norman Keith
Adams, Percy Alfred Oliver
Adams, Percy William
Adams, Peter Alexander
Adams, Peter David
Adams, Peter Edward Frederick
Adams, Peter Maurice
Adams, Phillip Paul
Adams, Raymond James
Adams, Reginald
Adams, Reginald George
Adams, Reginald Hartley
Adams, Reginald Thomas
Adams, Richard Harry
Adams, Richard Joseph
Adams, Robert
Adams, Robert
Adams, Robert Arthur
Adams, Robert Mercer
Adams, Robert William
Adams, Roland Arthur
Adams, Ronald
Adams, Ronald Bertram Thomas
Adams, Ronald Percy
Adams, Roydon James
Adams, Samuel
Adams, Sidney
Adams, Sidney George
Adams, Stanley
Adams, Stanley Bean
Adams, Thomas
Adams, Thomas Gordon Huie
Adams, Thomas Ritchie Clarke
Adams, Trevor George
Adams, Victor Robert
Adams, Walter George
Adams, Walter Waldron
Adams, Wilfred
Adams, Wilfred Bertie
Adams, Wilfred John
Adams, Wilfred Sydney Charles
Adams, William
Adams, William Alfred
Adams, William Arthur
Adams, William Bryan
Adams, William David
Adams, William Edward
Adams, William Harnett
Adams, William Thomas
Adamson, Alexander
Adamson, Alexander Dalgety
Adamson, Andrew
Adamson, Bertie Charles
Adamson, David Maurice
Adamson, Donald Edward William
Adamson, Douglas Clayhurst
Adamson, James Alexander
Adamson, James Hogarth
Adamson, John
Adamson, John Faulds
Adamson, John Mclean
Adamson, John William
Adamson, Kenneth
Adamson, Kenneth Ebenezer
Adamson, Leonard George
Adamson, Michael Waller
Adamson, Philip John
Adamson, Robert David
Adamson, Robert Hartny
Adamson, Ronald William
Adamson, Thomas
Adamson, Thomas Johnston
Adamson, Walter
Adamson, William
Adamson, William Boyd
Adamson, William George
Adamson, William Ian
Adamson, William Thompson
Adcock, Charles Henry
Adcock, Charles Norman
Adcock, Douglas
Adcock, Fred
Adcock, Frederick William
Adcock, John William
Adcock, Kenneth Gordon
Adcock, Lawrence Rockliffe
Adcock, Reginald
Adcock, Richard Watkin
Adcock, Ronald John Henry
Adcock, Thomas
Adcock, William Jeffery
Addems, Clifford Charles
Addenbrooke, Derek
Adder, Mervyn
Adderly, Albert
Addess, Maxwell
Addicott, Alfred Tudor
Addicott, John James
Addie, Peter Aubrey Forrester
Addinall, Harry
Addington, John Henry William
Addinsall, Geoffrey William
Addis-Bennett, Fredric Charles
Addis, Frederick George
Addis, Harold William
Addis, John Henry
Addis, Robert Edwin
Addis, Ryland George
Addis, William Henry
Addison, Alexander Gordon
Addison, Douglas Gordon
Addison, Francis Fenn
Addison, Henry James
Addison, Hugh Alexander Stewart
Addison, John
Addison, John Edward
Addison, Joseph Horace
Addison, Thomas William Sheridan
Addison, William Robertson
Addison, William Walter George
Addy, Donald
Addy, John Cedric
Addyman, Dennis Edwalds
Adelwart, Bernhard
Ades, Michael Tony
Adey, Frank
Adey, Ivan John
Adey, John Charles
Adey, John Wilson
Adey, Royston John Edward
Adger, Andrew Syme
Adgey, Robert Davey
Adie, Gordon Marsh
Adilman, Bernard Mortimer
Adkin, Lawrence Sidney John
Adkins, Arthur Edward Charles
Adkins, Henry Charles
Adkins, Irvine Horace
Adkins, Peter Ernest
Adkison, Thomas James
Adlam, Alfred Ernest
Adlam, Dennis Harold
Adlam, Frank Percival
Adlam, Leonard Frank Percy
Adlam, Oscar Philip Edwin Ronald
Adlam, Reginald George David
Adlam, Reginald Stanley
Adlam, Richard Perry
Adlard, Ernest Edward
Adlard, Kenneth Scott
Adlard, Thomas Merrill
Adlard, William Robert
Adler, Hermann
Adley, Ronald Charles
Adlington, Dennis Alfred
Adnams, Cyril George
Adolf, Waclaw
Adolph, Arthur Albert
Adolphus, Aubyn John Mathie
Adomat, Paul
Adrain, Robert Ross Anderson
Adrian, William Wynward
Adrisa Bazabrama,
Adsett, Frederick Charles
Adsetts, Jack
Adshead, Arthur Stott
Adshead, Patrick James Neil
Adshead, Percy James
Ady, George Charles
Adye, Capel Francis Goodson
Aeberhardt, Raymond Andre Charles
Affleck, Douglas
Affleck, James
Affleck, Thomas Michie
Affleck, Walter Raymond
Agar, Anthony
Agar, Beverley William
Agar, George Brian Shelton
Agar, Gilbert Harry
Agar, John Robert
Agar, Joseph Fitzgerald
Agar, Michael Edwin
Agar, Wilfred
Agassiz, Roland Ernest Garnault
Agate, George Edward
Agate, James Victor
Agazarian, Jack Charles Stanmore
Agazarian, Noel Le Chevalier
Ager, Arthur Samuel
Ager, Ernest Douglas
Ager, Peter Dennis Victor
Ager, Vernon Roderick
Agg, Richard William
Aggett, Alfred Henry Reginald
Agnew, Alexander Spencer
Agnew, Charles
Agnew, David Lawrence
Agnew, David Michael
Agnew, David Renwick
Agnew, James Thompson
Agnew, Kenneth Lee
Agnew, Robert
Agnew, Robert Keith
Agnew, Ross Maddaugh
Agnew, Thomas Watson
Agradas, K
Agur, Robert Jasper
Agus, Arthur Harry
Ahearn, Donald Algernon Joseph
Ahearn, John
Ahern, Bernard William
Ahern, Edmund James Kiely
Ahern, John
Ahern, John Arthur
Ahern, Kevin Joseph
Aherne, Augustine
Aherne, John Burke
Aherne, Patrick
Ahlskog, Victor Edward
Ahmad Mustafa Khan,
Ahmad, S
Ahmed Ali,
Ahmed Khan Said Khan,
Aho, Joseph
Ahrendholz, Helmut
Ahrends, Hans-Siegfried
Ahrens, Friedrich
Ahrens, Friedrich-Karl
Ahrens, Walter Colin
Ahrer, Franz
Aiano, Robert Harold
Aicken, Kenneth Roy
Aide, Louis Lynde
Aiken, Alan
Aiken, Aston Karl
Aiken, David
Aiken, Douglas Earl
Aiken, John
Aiken, Ronald Lurring
Aikenhead, George Swinton
Aikenhead, Lloyd Lawrence
Aikman, Andrew
Aikman, William Mcalister
Ailey, John Drew
Aindow, Gilbert Henry
Ainge, John Albert
Ainge, Thomas Henry
Ainger, George William
Ainger, Thomas Brian
Ainley, Albert
Ainley, Frederick Redfearn
Ainscough, Hugh Thomas Martland
Ainscow, Richard
Ainscow, William
Ainsley, Alan
Ainslie, Allan Stuart
Ainslie, Hudson Garth
Ainslie, R R S. (Billie)
Ainslie, Robert
Ainslie, Robin Alexander
Ainslie, Tom Dale
Ainsworth, Brian Cyrus
Ainsworth, David Mcmillan
Ainsworth, George
Ainsworth, Harry
Ainsworth, Keith Walter
Ainsworth, Kenneth Richard Baverstock
Ainsworth, Kenneth William
Ainsworth, Norman
Ainsworth, Richard Eric
Ainsworth, Roland
Ainsworth, Ronald
Ainsworth, Ronald Theodore
Ainsworth, Stanley
Ainsworth, Sydney Wilson
Air, Thomas John
Aird, Alan Ronald Cameron
Aird, Alexander Stewart
Aird, Dennis
Aird, Ian Ross Mackenzie
Aird, James Storey
Aird, John Smith Seaton
Aird, Kenneth
Aird, Robert Inglis Hugh
Aird, Rosalind Mary
Aires, Ernest Keith
Airey, Eric
Airey, Eric W. (Dave)
Airey, Herbert Harrison
Airey, Herbert Stanley
Airey, Kenneth Francis
Airey, Robert William
Airey, Roy Arthur
Airey, William George
Airlie, John Rodger Blair
Airs, Wilfred
Airy, Andrew Basil Reginald
Aisbett, Robert William
Aisbitt, Thomas
Aislabie, Herbert Clement
Aiston, Aidan
Aiston, Alfred William
Aiston, Frederick
Aistrop, Charles Sydney
Aitcheson, Allan Graham
Aitchison, Alexander Smith
Aitchison, Alexander Swanston
Aitchison, Campbell Ewin Justin
Aitchison, E Le R
Aitchison, Edward Grant
Aitchison, Harold Leslie John
Aitchison, Hugh Maclachlan
Aitchison, James Dobie
Aitchison, James Dougal
Aitchison, Prideaux
Aitchison, Richard Justin
Aitchison, Richard Justin
Aitchison, Robert
Aitchison, Robert Smiles
Aitchison, Robert Staveley
Aitken, Alan Henderson
Aitken, Alexander
Aitken, Alexander Craig
Aitken, Alexander Patterson Morris
Aitken, Alistair William
Aitken, Andrew
Aitken, Andrew
Aitken, Arthur Matthew
Aitken, Charles
Aitken, Colin Campbell
Aitken, Donald Paget
Aitken, Douglas Spencer
Aitken, George
Aitken, Gordon Edward
Aitken, Hunter Mason
Aitken, James Benedict
Aitken, James Mcginn
Aitken, James Smith Robertson
Aitken, John
Aitken, John
Aitken, John Milford
Aitken, John Seton
Aitken, John Watson
Aitken, Kenneth Gregor Williamson
Aitken, Lionel
Aitken, Philip Raymond
Aitken, Robert James
Aitken, Robert Stuart
Aitken, Robertson Brown
Aitken, Roland Boag
Aitken, Ronald Septimus Scott
Aitken, William Cuthbertson
Aitken, William John
Aitken, William Murray
Aitken, William P. Hannah
Aitkenhead, William
Aitkens, Ernest Trevor
Aiton, Keith Andrew
Ajit Kumar Mandal,
Ajit Singh,
Ajit Singh,
Ajmail Singh Sekhon,
Ajrekar, Laxman Shripad
Ajudhya Parshad,
Akass, Charles Richard
Aked, Harold Frederick
Akehurst, Bernard Spencer John
Akehurst, Leslie Ronald
Akeister, Clifford Walter
Akenhead, Thomas Skilbeck
Akerman, Frederick Samuel
Akeroyd, Robert Peter Townend
Akeroyd, Terence Clifton
Akers, Clifford William
Akers, George
Akers, John Archer
Akers, Roland Graham
Akers, Stanley Charles
Akes, Vernon Charles
Akester, Alfred Harold
Akey, Ross Wellington
Akhurst, James Dutnall
Akhurst, Sidney John
Akin, Thomas Bernard
Akrigg, Ben
Akrill, Percy George
Akrill, William Eric
Akroyd, Harold John
Alabaster, Reginald Alfred
Alan-williams, Douglas Blundell
Alberry, Albert Edward
Albert Yawson,
Albert, David John
Albert, Edward John Mayer
Albert, John Amos
Albert, Joseph Henry Yvon
Alberti, Stefan Karol
Alberts, Edward Lloyd
Alberts, Susara M.
Albertson, Arthur Ian
Albertson, John Edwin
Albery, Albert Richard
Albery, Robert Lewis
Albin, Stanley
Albiston, Kenneth
Albiston, Victor Raymond
Albon, Arthur Rupert George
Albon, Eric
Albon, Robert Beckett
Albone, Arthur Ronald
Albrecht, Franz
Albrecht, Heinz
Albrecht, John Martin Beart
Albrecht, Josef
Albrecht, Oscar Jacob
Albrecht, Ronald Wilfred
Albrecht, Vannio Max
Albrey, Trevor Alexander
Albright, Frederick Bruce
Albright, Robert Baker
Albrighton, Edward Thomas
Albutt, Oliver Leslie
Alcazar, William Etherington
Alcock, Alfred Huddlestone
Alcock, Arthur Franklin
Alcock, Eric Henry
Alcock, Frank Kitchener
Alcock, Fred
Alcock, Graham Aeron
Alcock, J O
Alcock, John Charles
Alcock, John Edward
Alcock, John Perry
Alcock, Selwyn Henry
Alcock, Sidney Radford
Alcock, Sydney
Alcock, Thomas
Alcorn, James Alexander
Alcorn, James William
Alcott, Arthur John
Alcott, William Arthur
Alcuin Jones, Ivor
Aldcroft, Walter
Alden, Arthur John
Alden, Donald Percy
Alder, Alfred William
Alder, Clarence David
Alder, George
Alder, Hugh Ralph Lawrence
Alder, John Norman
Alder, Kenneth Charles Robert
Alder, Laurence Parker
Alder, William Latham
Alder, William Ralph
Aldercotte, Walter Harold
Alderdice, George Frederick
Alderdice, Terence Norman
Alderdice, William Yarr
Alderslade, John William Trickett
Aldersley, Frederick Charles
Aldersley, Richard George Fane
Alderson-Hiller, Jonah
Alderson, Arthur Edward
Alderson, Aubrey Sydney
Alderson, Edward
Alderson, Edward Henry Thomas
Alderson, Ernest Henry
Alderson, Ivan
Alderson, John Gordon
Alderson, Joseph Batty
Alderson, Kenneth
Alderson, Peter
Alderson, Robert Carson (Bob)
Alderson, Robert Sidney
Alderson, Ronald
Alderson, Sheddon John
Alderson, William Cecil
Alderton, Archibald Ernest
Alderton, Arthur Marsden Lewis
Alderton, Eric George Henry
Alderton, Harry Thomas Walter
Alderton, Kivell Harold William
Alderton, Peter Henry
Alderton, Philip William
Alderton, Richard
Alderton, Stanley Victor
Alderton, William Arthur Frederick
Alderwood, Derek Colin
Aldham, Alfred James
Aldhous, Bernard Joseph
Aldis, James Robin
Aldiss, Harry Derek Gordon
Aldom, Douglas Ronald
Aldous, Eric Stanley
Aldous, Felix Henry
Aldous, George Edward
Aldous, Harold Norman
Aldous, Peter Duncan
Aldous, Robert Frederick
Aldred, Bernard George
Aldred, Eric Alfred
Aldred, Frank George
Aldred, Jack Cedric
Aldred, Jeffrey
Aldred, Norman Frederick
Aldred, Patrick George Fraser
Aldred, William Murray
Aldrich, Henry George
Aldridge, Alan
Aldridge, Alfred Ramsay
Aldridge, Arthur James
Aldridge, Eric William
Aldridge, Evelyn Joyce
Aldridge, Frank Henry
Aldridge, Geoffrey
Aldridge, Henry William
Aldridge, Horace
Aldridge, Ivor Keith
Aldridge, John Edward
Aldridge, John Raymond
Aldridge, Kenneth Arthur
Aldridge, Lucy Ethel Ellen
Aldridge, Richard Sydney Edward
Aldridge, Robert Braxton Mooring
Aldridge, Robert Edward
Aldridge, Sidney
Aldridge, Stanley
Aldridge, Sydney Philip
Aldridge, Thomas
Aldridge, Walter Douglas Victor
Aldridge, William Henry
Aldus, Reginald Major
Aldworth, Frank Carter
Aldworth, Richard George
Alecock, Norman Jack
Alekandrowicz, Antoni
Aleo, Joseph
Alers-hankey, Nigel Clinton
Alesbury, Leslie James
Alexander, Adam Ronald
Alexander, Albert Edward
Alexander, Alfred
Alexander, Archibald Malcolm Charles
Alexander, Christopher
Alexander, Cyril
Alexander, David Graham
Alexander, David Hugh
Alexander, David Sydney
Alexander, David Tasker
Alexander, Denis William
Alexander, Edward Ariss
Alexander, Edward David
Alexander, Edward George
Alexander, Edward Sudbury
Alexander, Edwin Holbrow
Alexander, Ernest Frederick
Alexander, Ernest William
Alexander, Felix Norman
Alexander, George
Alexander, George Augustus
Alexander, George Langstaff
Alexander, George William
Alexander, Gordon Redvers Mitchell
Alexander, Harold
Alexander, Harold Victor
Alexander, Henry
Alexander, Henry Birrel
Alexander, Ian Hamilton
Alexander, Ian Sutherland
Alexander, J M
Alexander, Jace Shaw
Alexander, Jack Arnold
Alexander, Jack Leslie
Alexander, James
Alexander, James
Alexander, James Michie
Alexander, James Norman
Alexander, James Okeden
Alexander, James Richard
Alexander, Jean
Alexander, John
Alexander, John
Alexander, John
Alexander, John Campbell
Alexander, John Collinson
Alexander, John Hannaford
Alexander, John Malcolm
Alexander, Joseph
Alexander, Joseph Frederick
Alexander, Keith Treffa
Alexander, Kenneth
Alexander, Kenneth Albert
Alexander, Kenneth Joseph
Alexander, Leopold Gordon
Alexander, Leslie Paul
Alexander, Norman Bert Jones
Alexander, Orlin Ronald
Alexander, P St. J
Alexander, Peter Bruce
Alexander, R J
Alexander, Ralph Leonard
Alexander, Raymond George
Alexander, Rhys Maelgwyn
Alexander, Richard Colton
Alexander, Robert Gordon
Alexander, Robert John
Alexander, Robert Lawson
Alexander, Robert Wilfred
Alexander, Ronald Alec
Alexander, Ronald Charles
Alexander, Samuel Johnson
Alexander, Stanley
Alexander, T D
Alexander, Thomas
Alexander, Thomas Arthur Hughes
Alexander, Thomas Edward
Alexander, Wilfred Wilson
Alexander, William Edward
Alexander, William Frederick
Alexander, William John
Alexander, William Robert Edward
Alexander, William Wilson
Alexander, Wilson
Alexandra, George Peter
Alexandre, Robert Andre Guy
Aley, Harry Charles
Alford, Dennis
Alford, Donald Eric
Alford, Harold
Alford, Reginald William
Alford, Ronald William Tickell
Alford, Thomas Derek Hudson
Alfred, Joseph Mckenzie
Algar, Adrian Richard
Algar, Alan
Algar, William Edwin
Alger, Gordon Forbes
Alger, Percy Arthur
Ali Bin Sheikh Ibrahim,
Ali Haidar,
Ali Qasim,
Ali Raza Khan Pasha,
Ali, Yousif
Alington, Richard Hugh
Alison, Walter Herbert David
Aljoe, Lorne Raymond
Allah Bakhsh,
Allais, Louis Paul Edwin
Allaker, Kenneth Herbert
Allam, Frederick John
Allamby, Walter Vernon Wilfred
Allan, Albert Edward
Allan, Albert James
Allan, Alexander
Allan, Alexander
Allan, Alexander
Allan, Alexander Henry
Allan, Andrew
Allan, Andrew
Allan, Andrew
Allan, Arthur George Robert
Allan, Arthur Kenneth
Allan, Arthur Raymond
Allan, Bruce Cartwright De Gardanne
Allan, Charles King
Allan, Charles Melvin
Allan, Charles Needham
Allan, Christopher
Allan, David Henry
Allan, David Ian Millar
Allan, David Malyon
Allan, David Simpson
Allan, Douglas Edmund
Allan, Edward
Allan, Emmet Francis
Allan, Fergus Alister
Allan, Frances Frederick George
Allan, Francis Barker
Allan, Frederick Kenneth
Allan, Geoffrey Alderson
Allan, George Ingram
Allan, George Logan
Allan, Gilbert Fairley
Allan, Gordon William
Allan, Harry
Allan, Harry Bain
Allan, Henry Gordon
Allan, Hugh Bernard
Allan, Ian
Allan, Ian Godfrey
Allan, James
Allan, James
Allan, James
Allan, James Arthur Laurence
Allan, James Calderwood
Allan, James Davidson
Allan, James Keir
Allan, James Llewellyn
Allan, James Mcgregor
Allan, James Morton
Allan, James Watson Fraser
Allan, John
Allan, John
Allan, John
Allan, John Cecil Owen
Allan, John Ferguson
Allan, John Gibson
Allan, John James
Allan, John Keith
Allan, John Stanley
Allan, Joseph William
Allan, Kenneth Cecil
Allan, Kenneth Charles
Allan, Leslie Alexander
Allan, Mckeen
Allan, Norman Sinclair
Allan, Peter
Allan, Peter Douglas
Allan, Ralph Grant
Allan, Reginald Connell
Allan, Robert
Allan, Robert
Allan, Robert
Allan, Robert
Allan, Robert Edward
Allan, Robert Norman
Allan, Ross Thompson
Allan, Samuel
Allan, Samuel
Allan, Sidney
Allan, Sidney William
Allan, Stanley Gordon
Allan, Thomas Hutchison
Allan, Thomas Wilson
Allan, Walter Howden
Allan, William Arthur
Allan, William Brian
Allan, William Bruce
Allan, William Cosmo
Allan, William Everitt
Allan, William George
Allan, William James
Allan, William Robert Williamson
Allanson, George
Allanson, Thomas
Allanson, Thomas Hessey
Allard, Frank Joseph
Allard, Geoffrey
Allard, Leonard
Allard, William Stanley
Allardice, Andrew William
Allardice, Kenneth Gordon
Allardice, Philip Mclauchlin
Allatson, Daniel
Allatt, Walter John
Allaway, Arthur Laurence (Laurie)
Allaway, David John
Allaway, Thomas George Richard
Allberry, Alfred Charles
Allberry, Charles Robert Cecil Austin
Allbon, Douglas George
Allbut, George Robert
Allchin, Graham William Charles
Allchin, James Cecil Alcuin
Allcock, Arthur
Allcock, Frank Thomas
Allcock, Peter Owen Denys
Allcock, Sydney
Allcorn, Alan James
Allcorn, Henry
Allcorn, Ronald Frank
Allcorn, Sydney Francis
Allcroft, Frederick Augustus
Allcroft, Frederick Charles
Allden, Basil Eric Edward
Alldis, Stanley
Alldred, Thomas
Alldritt, Terence
Allen-White, Allen John Frederick
Allen, Alan Brian
Allen, Alastair Gordon
Allen, Albert George
Allen, Albert George
Allen, Albert Victor
Allen, Alfred
Allen, Alfred George
Allen, Alfred Jack
Allen, Alistair William
Allen, Anthony Peter
Allen, Anthony Walter
Allen, Arthur Foster
Allen, Arthur Frederick
Allen, Arthur Grenfell
Allen, Arthur Henry
Allen, Arthur Joseph
Allen, Basil Derrik
Allen, Basil George Ragdale
Allen, Basil John
Allen, C H
Allen, Charles
Allen, Charles Arnold
Allen, Charles Lowery
Allen, Charles Martin
Allen, Charles Reginald
Allen, Charles Walter
Allen, Clarice Lilian
Allen, Claud William
Allen, Clifford Arthur Lawrence
Allen, Clifford Bertram
Allen, Clifford Frank
Allen, Clifford Leslie Eldridge
Allen, Colin Frederick
Allen, Colin Frederick
Allen, Conan Thompson
Allen, Cyril Kenneth
Allen, David Ross
Allen, Dennis Alfred
Allen, Dennis Geoffrey
Allen, Dennis Roy
Allen, Derek Arthur
Allen, Derek Hurlstone
Allen, Donald Charles
Allen, Donald George
Allen, Donald George
Allen, Donald Westbrook
Allen, Douglas Stanton
Allen, Dudley Brooking
Allen, E J
Allen, Edmund George Ernest
Allen, Edward Charles
Allen, Edward Daniel
Allen, Edward Glenelg
Allen, Edwin Henry
Allen, Eric Alexander
Allen, Eric George Henry
Allen, Eric Sidney
Allen, Ernest Arthur
Allen, Ernest William
Allen, Ethan
Allen, Everett Brock
Allen, Francis
Allen, Francis Frederick
Allen, Francis Henry
Allen, Francis John
Allen, Francis Mcivor
Allen, Frank
Allen, Frank Edward
Allen, Frank George
Allen, Frank Norman
Allen, Fred Charles
Allen, Frederick
Allen, Frederick
Allen, Frederick
Allen, Frederick George
Allen, Frederick John
Allen, Frederick Thomas
Allen, Garnet Stephen
Allen, Geoffrey William Farnham
Allen, George
Allen, George
Allen, George Albert
Allen, George Arthur
Allen, Graham Wilson
Allen, Harold
Allen, Harold
Allen, Harold Edward
Allen, Harold John
Allen, Harold Keegan
Allen, Harold Lewis
Allen, Harry
Allen, Harry
Allen, Harry Maurice
Allen, Haydn
Allen, Henry William
Allen, Herbert John
Allen, Horace Roy
Allen, Hugh Garfield
Allen, Jack Beatty
Allen, James
Allen, James Eric
Allen, James Ernest
Allen, James Frederick
Allen, James Henry Leslie
Allen, James Jeffery
Allen, James Millard
Allen, James Robert
Allen, Jeffrey William
Allen, John
Allen, John
Allen, John Alban
Allen, John Allardyce
Allen, John Andrew
Allen, John Anthony
Allen, John Buttemer
Allen, John Buttemer
Allen, John Charles Hinton
Allen, John Francis
Allen, John Frederick Woodward
Allen, John Guy
Allen, John Henry William
Allen, John Herbert
Allen, John James
Allen, John Lawrence
Allen, John Leonard
Allen, John Mclennon
Allen, John Montague
Allen, John Ogilvy
Allen, John Russell
Allen, John Wollaston Keith
Allen, Joseph Cletus
Allen, Joseph Edward
Allen, Keith
Allen, Keith
Allen, Keith Fowler
Allen, Keith Ruthven
Allen, Keith Stanley Franz
Allen, Kenneth
Allen, Kenneth John
Allen, Kenneth Ross
Allen, L C
Allen, Laurence Frederick
Allen, Laurence Raymond
Allen, Lawrence
Allen, Lawrence
Allen, Leo James
Allen, Leonard
Allen, Leslie Bruce
Allen, Neville Neil
Allen, Norman
Allen, Norman Alexander
Allen, Norman John
Allen, Norman Oswald
Allen, Norman William
Allen, Paul
Allen, Pelham Bolton
Allen, Percival
Allen, Peter
Allen, Peter Anthony
Allen, Peter Robert
Allen, Ralph Norman
Allen, Ray Ellis
Allen, Reginald Arthur Henry
Allen, Reginald Edward Charles
Allen, Reginald Ellithorne
Allen, Reginald Godfrey
Allen, Reginald James
Allen, Reginald Platts Gomersall
Allen, Richard Guy
Allen, Richard William
Allen, Robert Edward
Allen, Robert Kelvin
Allen, Robert Kelvin
Allen, Robert Stephen
Allen, Ronald Alfred
Allen, Ronald Burnip
Allen, Ronald Gillam
Allen, Ronald Sidney
Allen, Ronald Vivian
Allen, Rowland
Allen, Roy Dawson
Allen, Rupert Ruben Watt
Allen, Russell
Allen, Sidney
Allen, Sidney Walpole
Allen, Stanley
Allen, Stanley
Allen, Stuart Rufus
Allen, Thomas
Allen, Thomas Arthur
Allen, Thomas Arthur
Allen, Thomas Harold
Allen, Thomas Walter
Allen, Thomas Willcox
Allen, Thomas William
Allen, Vaughan Stacey
Allen, Vernon
Allen, Vernon Ferguson Le Feuvre
Allen, Victor Jack Trafford
Allen, Ward William James
Allen, Wilfred Louis
Allen, William
Allen, William Alexander Mcmeekin
Allen, William Christopher
Allen, William David Bruce
Allen, William Ebenezer
Allen, William George
Allen, William Jeremiah
Allen, William Morton
Allen, William Stansfield
Allen, William Thomas
Allen, William Thomas
Allenby, George
Allenby, George Clifton
Allenby, Thomas Peter
Allerton, Gerald William Howe
Alleway, Frederick William
Alleyn, Foster Richard
Alleyne, Osmund William St. Clair
Allford, Frederick Charles
Allfrey, Ernest John
Allfrey, Frederic William John
Allgood, Edwin Arthur
Allgood, Harold Henry
Allibone, Jack
Allies, William Donald
Allin, Daniel John
Allin, Gilbert John
Allin, Richard Collingdon Symons
Allin, Robert Elford
Allin, Ronald
Allingham, William George
Allingham, William Jack
Allingham, William Johnston
Allinson, Eric Wilfred
Allinson, John
Allinson, Willie
Allison, Arthur Hayes
Allison, Charles
Allison, Douglas Bellamy
Allison, Edward Charles
Allison, Florence Elizabeth
Allison, Frank
Allison, Fred Illingworth
Allison, Geoffrey Frank
Allison, George Edmund
Allison, Jack Whitwell
Allison, James Angus Mckee
Allison, John
Allison, John
Allison, John
Allison, John Edward
Allison, John Leonard
Allison, John Robert Reginald
Allison, John William
Allison, John William
Allison, Louis Henry
Allison, Neville
Allison, Richard
Allison, Robert Alexander
Allison, Robert Francis Neil
Allison, Robert Frederick William
Allison, Victor
Allison, W R
Allison, Walter Mayne
Allison, Wilfred Ernest
Allison, William
Allison, William
Allison, William Ezekiel
Allison, William George Clifford
Allison, William Joseph
Allison, William Royden
Alliston, Donald David
Alliston, Eric Austin
Allitt, Robert Edward
Allitt, Thomas
Allman, George Gregory
Allman, Henry Edward
Allman, Jack
Allman, James
Allman, Leonard Ralph
Allman, Roy
Allman, Victor Edward
Allmond, Douglas Allan Fraser
Allnatt, Edward Ernest
Allom, Sidney
Allon, Ross
Allonby, Arthur
Allott, Robert
Allott, Robert Maxwell
Alloway, Alexander Hamilton Forbes
Alloway, Frederick Victor George
Allport, Howard
Allport, Peter Alfred
Allport, Richard Butt
Allport, Valentine
Allsebrook, Percy John
Allsebrook, Ralf Athelsie Pole
Allsep, Sydney James
Allso, Gerald Walter
Allson, Alan Ernest
Allson, Kenneth George
Allsop, Alfred
Allsop, Arnold
Allsop, Arthur Eric
Allsop, Charles Patrick
Allsop, John Shaw
Allsop, John William
Allsop, Kenneth Henry
Allsop, Richard Wyke
Allsopp, Alan Frederick
Allsopp, Arthur
Allsopp, William Arthur
Allsopp, William Frederick
Allsup, Charles James
Allton, Frank
Allton, Leslie Charles
Allum, Leslie James
Allwell, Peter
Allwood, John Brian
Allwood, John Edward George
Allwood, Kenneth James
Allworth, William Henry
Allwright, Alan Gordon
Allwright, Ernest Frank
Allwright, Peter Francis
Alm, Edwin Richard
Almas, Russell Munn
Almeroth, Albert Arthur Sturry
Almeroth, Ernest John
Almond, Charles William
Almond, Florence
Almond, James Stewart
Almond, John Neville
Almond, Reginald Edmund
Almond, Roy William
Almquist, Leonard William
Aloof, Douglas Alan
Alp, Frederick Arthur
Alp, Percy Leonard
Alpe, Bertram Lawrence
Alpe, Henry Thomas
Alpe, James Frederick
Alpers, Theodor
Alpert, D
Alred, Geoffrey Belmont
Alsbury, William Thomas
Alsey, Reginald Ernest
Alsop, Eric Brandreth
Alsop, Ernest Clifford
Alsop, Norman Frederick
Alsop, Samuel Haywood
Alsopp, Kenneth George
Alston, Eric Robert
Alston, Francis Desmond
Alston, Hugh Durbin
Alston, John
Alston, John James
Alston, Thomas Reid
Alston, William
Alston, William Arthur George
Alston, William Victor Charles
Alstrom, Francis Norman
Altaf Husain,
Altenkirch, Alfred
Alter, Leslie Israel
Alterson, John
Altham, Edwin John Thurston
Althans, Harold Charles John
Altman, Leslie
Altoft, Robert Henry
Alton, Edward Claude
Alton, Ernest
Alton, James Poe
Alton, Vinzenz
Alton, William
Altrichter, Josef
Altus, Hector Ferdinand
Alty, Frederick Roy
Alves, Dennis Frank
Alves, John Raymond
Alves, Joseph Emmanuel
Alvey, Raymond Henry
Alway, Cecil George
Alway, Edwin John
Alway, Hilda Muriel
Alway, Leonard Hillman
Amann, William Hubert
Amann, Willibald
Amar Nath Banerjee,
Amar Singh,
Ambar Rustam,
Amberg, Anthony Vitus (Tony)
Ambler, Albert James
Ambler, Brian Charles
Ambler, Eric Edwin
Ambler, George Geoffrey
Ambler, Jack
Ambler, John Milroy
Ambler, Kenneth
Ambler, Leslie George
Ambler, Robert
Ambler, William Frederick
Ambridge, Ernest Edward Alexander
Ambrose, Benjamin Southam
Ambrose, David Searle
Ambrose, Denis George
Ambrose, Eric
Ambrose, George Stephen
Ambrose, Harold
Ambrose, Horace Wilfred
Ambrose, Patrick Joseph
Ambrose, Richard
Ambrose, Robert George
Ambrose, Roland Dean
Ambrose, Sidney
Ambrose, William Kenneth
Amenda, Ernst August
Amer, Arthur George
Amero, Herbert Chipman
Amery, George Broughton
Ames, Edward Joseph
Ames, George Edward
Ames, Harold Victor
Ames, Lloyd Haig
Ames, Reginald Leslie
Ames, Richard Harry
Ames, Robert William
Ames, Stanley Charles Michael
Ames, Victor Ethelbert
Amesbury, Lionel Maxwell
Amesbury, Roy Locke
Amess, John Walter Bissett
Amey, Alan William
Amey, Arthur
Amey, Frederick James
Amey, Roland Raymond
Amey, Ronald Ernest
Amey, William George
Ameye, Emile Rene Lucien Maria
Amies, Alan
Amies, Philip
Amies, Thomas Francis
Amirault, Alphe Baptiste
Amlin, Arnold Herbert
Amlin, Edsel Edward
Amm, B B
Ammon, Robert William
Amode, Albert
Amond, Kenneth Alfred
Amoore, Herbert
Amor, Edward William John (Eddy)
Amor, Henry Desmond Fitzmaurice
Amor, James Herbert
Amor, Walter John
Amory, Richard Gore
Amos, Alwyn
Amos, Arthur William
Amos, Clifford Oswald William
Amos, Cyril Rowland
Amos, Derek John
Amos, Edward Roy
Amos, Frederick Vincent
Amos, George
Amos, George James
Amos, Henry Edwin
Amos, John
Amos, Leslie Edward
Amos, Lloyd Hilbourne
Amos, Norman
Amos, Orison Edwin
Amos, Reginald John
Amos, Robert Glass
Amos, Walter David
Amos, Walter Francis
Amott, Jack
Amphlett, John
Amphlett, William Victor
Amstein, Norman William
Amstell, Raymond Henry
Amuah Frafra,
Amulya Ratan Ghatak,
Amy, Harry Thomas
Amy, John Alfred
Amy, Kenneth Charles
Amys, Norman
Amys, Spencer Hewitt
Amzalak, Ernest Abner
Ananda Suratkal,
Ananjan, V R
Anastassiades, Michael Cyriates
Ancell, Edward Alfred
Ancell, Robert Hasting
Ancell, Sidney Arthur
Ancliffe, Gordon Ellis
Anderle, Franz
Anderle, Leo
Anders, Bogdan
Anders, Charles William
Anders, Elwyn
Anders, Erhard
Andersen, Eliner Knud Alfred
Andersen, Harald Roy
Andersen, Kenneth Peder Christian
Andersen, Paul
Andersen, Robert Charles
Andersen, Stanley Walter
Andersen, Thomas Mervyn
Anderson-Parfett, Albert William Middleton
Anderson, Adam
Anderson, Adolph Willard
Anderson, Alan Herbert
Anderson, Alastair Macdonald
Anderson, Albert Alexander
Anderson, Albert George Stafford
Anderson, Albert John Gordon
Anderson, Alexander
Anderson, Alexander Bain
Anderson, Alexander Cairns
Anderson, Alexander Henry
Anderson, Alexander Ian Pryce
Anderson, Alexander John
Anderson, Alexander Mcneil
Anderson, Alexander Stuart
Anderson, Alfred
Anderson, Alfred
Anderson, Alfred
Anderson, Alfred
Anderson, Alice Lovina
Anderson, Allan Andrew
Anderson, Andrew Charles
Anderson, Angus Ronald Matheson
Anderson, Anton David
Anderson, Arbuthnot George
Anderson, Archibald Watt
Anderson, Arthur Eric Franklin
Anderson, Arthur Leslie
Anderson, Axel Henning
Anderson, Basil Wilfred
Anderson, Billie Albert
Anderson, Bruce Benjamin
Anderson, Bruce Edward
Anderson, Bruce Horace
Anderson, C D
Anderson, Cecil William
Anderson, Charles Allen
Anderson, Charles Basil
Anderson, Charles Beatty
Anderson, Charles Edward
Anderson, Charles Harold
Anderson, Charles Norman
Anderson, Charles Thomas Roderick
Anderson, Charles Vernon
Anderson, Charles William
Anderson, Chester Edward
Anderson, Clarence
Anderson, Clarence Cameron
Anderson, Clarence Howard
Anderson, Clarence William
Anderson, Clifford John
Anderson, Clifford Ronald
Anderson, Colin Cecil Robert
Anderson, Colin Neville
Anderson, Cyril Thorpe
Anderson, David
Anderson, David
Anderson, David
Anderson, David
Anderson, David Angus
Anderson, David Campbell
Anderson, David Earl
Anderson, David James
Anderson, David Maurice
Anderson, David William
Anderson, Donald Albert
Anderson, Donald Arthur
Anderson, Donald Davie
Anderson, Donald Sidney
Anderson, Donald Stanley
Anderson, Douglas
Anderson, Douglas Gordon
Anderson, Duncan Robinson
Anderson, E C
Anderson, Edmund Dawson
Anderson, Edward
Anderson, Edward Allison
Anderson, Edward William
Anderson, Edwin Graham Milton
Anderson, Edwin Laurence
Anderson, Elsie Blanche
Anderson, Eric
Anderson, Eric Farquharson
Anderson, Eric James
Anderson, Eric Reginald Harold
Anderson, Evan Macdonald
Anderson, Finlay Emmerson
Anderson, Floyd Roger Willis
Anderson, Francis OConnell
Anderson, Francis Patrick
Anderson, Francis Victor
Anderson, Frank Edgar
Anderson, Frank Iron
Anderson, Frederick
Anderson, Frederick
Anderson, Frederick Cameron
Anderson, Frederick Hugh
Anderson, Frederick Lawrence
Anderson, Frederick Wallace
Anderson, Frederick William
Anderson, Geoffrey Hamilton
Anderson, George
Anderson, George
Anderson, George Alexander
Anderson, George Edmond
Anderson, George Henry
Anderson, George Mccrimmon
Anderson, George Stanley
Anderson, George Stewart
Anderson, Gordon
Anderson, Gordon John
Anderson, Harold
Anderson, Harold Granville
Anderson, Harry
Anderson, Harry Thomas James
Anderson, Hector Hugh Watson
Anderson, Henry Gordon
Anderson, Herbert Lawrence
Anderson, Howard Francis
Anderson, Howard Leroy
Anderson, Hugh
Anderson, Hugh John Shearer
Anderson, Ian Francis
Anderson, Ivan Victor Strachan
Anderson, Ivor Magnus
Anderson, J
Anderson, Jack
Anderson, Jack Fallow
Anderson, Jacob
Anderson, James
Anderson, James
Anderson, James
Anderson, James
Anderson, James
Anderson, James
Anderson, James
Anderson, James Bett
Anderson, James Blain
Anderson, James Deane
Anderson, James Falconer
Anderson, James John
Anderson, James Josiah
Anderson, James K.
Anderson, James Kevin
Anderson, James Sangster
Anderson, James Ward
Anderson, James Williamson Stuart
Anderson, John
Anderson, John
Anderson, John
Anderson, John
Anderson, John
Anderson, John
Anderson, John Albert
Anderson, John Albert
Anderson, John Alexander
Anderson, John Charles
Anderson, John Charles
Anderson, John Clarke
Anderson, John Colin William
Anderson, John Dalrymple
Anderson, John Fraser
Anderson, John Gouinlock
Anderson, John Graham
Anderson, John Hume
Anderson, John Leslie
Anderson, John Lionel
Anderson, John Macklewain
Anderson, John Mcintosh
Anderson, John Mckenzie
Anderson, John Millar
Anderson, John Ross
Anderson, John Singer
Anderson, John Stodart
Anderson, John Thomas
Anderson, John William
Anderson, John William Thompson
Anderson, John Winton
Anderson, Joseph
Anderson, Kenneth
Anderson, Kenneth
Anderson, Kenneth Stanley
Anderson, Kenneth William
Anderson, Lancelot Murray
Anderson, Leonard Edward
Anderson, Leonard Roy
Anderson, Leslie Dean
Anderson, Leslie Herbert
Anderson, Lindsay Douglas
Anderson, Lionel David
Anderson, Liston
Anderson, Lloyd George
Anderson, Margaret Craig
Anderson, Marino Harold
Anderson, Mark Sylvester Harold
Anderson, Martin Morrison
Anderson, Maurice Reuben Joein
Anderson, Michael Herbert
Anderson, Neil
Anderson, Nels Peter Helin
Anderson, Neville Joseph
Anderson, Newton
Anderson, Nigel Mccoll
Anderson, Norman Macleod
Anderson, Norman Thomas
Anderson, Paul Roger
Anderson, Peter
Anderson, Peter Alexander
Anderson, Peter Gordon
Anderson, Peter Gordon
Anderson, Peter Jacques Pelham
Anderson, Peter Murray
Anderson, Peter Robert
Anderson, Peter Thomas
Anderson, R
Anderson, R W
Anderson, Raymond George
Anderson, Reginald Stephen
Anderson, Richard
Anderson, Richard Bruce
Anderson, Richard Frank
Anderson, Richard James
Anderson, Richard John
Anderson, Robert
Anderson, Robert
Anderson, Robert Alwyn
Anderson, Robert Barclay
Anderson, Robert Edward Venning
Anderson, Robert Fred Lindsay
Anderson, Robert Gordon
Anderson, Robert Joseph
Anderson, Robert Mitchell
Anderson, Robert Venable
Anderson, Robert William
Anderson, Robert William
Anderson, Ronald Alexander John
Anderson, Ronald Claude
Anderson, Ronald Drury
Anderson, Ronald Goodwin
Anderson, Ronald Morrison
Anderson, Ronald Raymond Casson
Anderson, Ronald William
Anderson, Roy Vernon
Anderson, Royston Charles Keith
Anderson, Sidney Wilfred
Anderson, Stanley
Anderson, Stanley Harold
Anderson, Stanley Milton
Anderson, Stewart Mckenzie
Anderson, Sydney Andrew
Anderson, Sydney James
Anderson, Sydney Louis
Anderson, Sydney Ross
Anderson, Terence Lloyd
Anderson, Thomas
Anderson, Thomas
Anderson, Thomas Henry
Anderson, Thomas Johnstone
Anderson, Thomas Robert Bowden
Anderson, Titus Courlander
Anderson, Vincent
Anderson, Wallace Dorrance
Anderson, Walter A.
Anderson, William
Anderson, William
Anderson, William
Anderson, William
Anderson, William
Anderson, William
Anderson, William
Anderson, William
Anderson, William
Anderson, William
Anderson, William Andrew
Anderson, William Andrew Melrose
Anderson, William Boyd
Anderson, William Brodie
Anderson, William Duguid
Anderson, William Edward
Anderson, William Flight
Anderson, William Frank
Anderson, William Fraser
Anderson, William George
Anderson, William George
Anderson, William Gowland
Anderson, William Hamilton
Anderson, William James
Anderson, William James
Anderson, William John
Anderson, William Keith
Anderson, William Oswald
Anderson, William Robert George
Anderson, William Smith
Anderson, William Wallace
Anderson, William Wallace Eugene
Andersson, A L A
Anderton, Charles Stanley
Anderton, Eric Thomas
Anderton, Harold
Anderton, James
Anderton, James Henry
Anderton, James Joseph
Anderton, James Matthew
Anderton, John Alfred
Anderton, John Brian
Anderton, John Theodore
Anderton, John Thomas
Anderton, Patrick James
Anderton, William
Anderton, William Bramwell
Anding, Elbert Beard
Andrade, Theodore Alex Manuel
Andre De La Porte, Pieter Cornelis
Andre, Edmond Gabriel F. Ghislain
Andre, John Jeffery
Andreae, Christopher John Drake
Andreetti, Alberto Giovanni
Andrew, Bruce Wild
Andrew, Charles Frederick
Andrew, Clifton Llewellyn
Andrew, David Thomas
Andrew, Denys
Andrew, Douglas Seymour
Andrew, Edward Slaven
Andrew, Eric James
Andrew, Eric Morrow
Andrew, Frederick Norman
Andrew, George Varnum
Andrew, Gilbert Mcilwick
Andrew, Jack
Andrew, James Alexander
Andrew, James Francis
Andrew, James Richard
Andrew, John
Andrew, John Francis
Andrew, John Gordon
Andrew, John Neville
Andrew, John Tasman
Andrew, Keith Alexander
Andrew, Lance Lorimer
Andrew, Neville Halsey
Andrew, Prentis Blair
Andrew, Pryce David
Andrew, Richard Talbot
Andrew, Robert James
Andrew, Robert Keith Anderson
Andrew, Robert William
Andrew, Stanley
Andrew, Will
Andrew, William Arthur Roland
Andrew, William C.
Andrew, William Henry
Andrew, William Ronald
Andrewartha, Sidney
Andrewes, Edward Alexander
Andrewes, Peter Lancelot
Andrews, Alan Jeffery
Andrews, Albert Howard
Andrews, Albert Louis
Andrews, Albert Stanley
Andrews, Albert Victor
Andrews, Athol Martin
Andrews, Basil Wilfred
Andrews, Cecil Humphrey
Andrews, Charles William
Andrews, Clifford Bruce
Andrews, Clifford John
Andrews, Clifford Raymond
Andrews, Clifford William
Andrews, Cyril George
Andrews, Cyril Maurice
Andrews, D L
Andrews, Denis William
Andrews, Edgar James
Andrews, Edgar James
Andrews, Edward John
Andrews, Edward Joseph
Andrews, Edward Leonard
Andrews, Edward Rueben
Andrews, Edward Whybrow
Andrews, Eric George
Andrews, Eric William
Andrews, Ernest R.
Andrews, Ewart John
Andrews, Francis Bernard
Andrews, Frank George
Andrews, Frank Harold
Andrews, Frederick
Andrews, Frederick Allison
Andrews, Frederick George
Andrews, Geoffrey Albert
Andrews, George Albert
Andrews, George Edward
Andrews, George Stewart
Andrews, George Victor
Andrews, Gordon Herbert
Andrews, Harold Clifford
Andrews, Harold James
Andrews, Harry Henry
Andrews, Henry George
Andrews, J E
Andrews, Jack Clifford
Andrews, James Edward
Andrews, James Horace
Andrews, James Mark
Andrews, James Samuel
Andrews, James Wesley
Andrews, John
Andrews, John Frank Hugh
Andrews, John Frederick Edward
Andrews, John French
Andrews, John Kerr
Andrews, John Norman
Andrews, John Richard
Andrews, John Sidney
Andrews, Leonard Charles
Andrews, Leslie Arthur
Andrews, Lionel Vincent
Andrews, Macdonald Joseph
Andrews, Mary Gyles
Andrews, Neville Bruce
Andrews, Newark Thomas
Andrews, Oliver Barrie
Andrews, P B
Andrews, Peter Edward
Andrews, Peter Herbert
Andrews, Peter Ronald
Andrews, R A
Andrews, Ralph Ernest
Andrews, Ralph Hillier
Andrews, Reginald Frederick
Andrews, Reginald Thomas
Andrews, Richard James
Andrews, Richard Walter
Andrews, Richard William
Andrews, Robert Ernest
Andrews, Robert John
Andrews, Ronald Albert
Andrews, Ronald James
Andrews, Ronald John
Andrews, Ronald Sydney
Andrews, Roy Ernest
Andrews, Sidney Charles
Andrews, Sidney Francis
Andrews, St. Clair Roderick James
Andrews, Sydney Ernest
Andrews, Sydney Rupert
Andrews, Terrence Allister
Andrews, Thomas Philip
Andrews, Trevor Aubrey
Andrews, Victor Henry
Andrews, Walter Harold
Andrews, Walter Mowbray
Andrews, Wilfred
Andrews, William
Andrews, William
Andrews, William
Andrews, William Charles
Andrews, William Henry Thomson
Andrus, Benjamin Milo
Andrus, Kenneth Shenton
Andruszkiewicz, Kazimierz
Andruszko, Tadeusz
Andruszkow, Marian Julian
Andrzejczyk, Waclaw
Andrzejewski, Edward
Andrzejewski, Franciszek
Aneck-hahn, Paul Daniel
Anekstein, Cyril
Aney, Roy Leo
Anfield, William Noel
Ang Kim Tee,
Anga Muthu,
Angel, Alexander Alfred
Angel, Leonard Arthur
Angel, William Harry
Angelini, Samuel
Angelini, Samuel
Angell, Alan Francis Frederick
Angell, Dennis
Angell, Dennis Walter
Angell, Frederick Harold
Angell, Jeffcote Louvain
Angell, Leonard Arthur Charles
Angell, Maruice
Angell, Sidney Clarence
Angell, Walter Barrie
Angelo, Stanley Mansel
Anger, Francis Harold Emmanuel
Angier, David Stephen
Angland, Michael Patrick
Angles, William George
Anglik, Henryk
Anglin, William Sherron
Angold, John Penrose
Angove, L P
Angus, Alexander David
Angus, Allan Benjamin
Angus, Charles William
Angus, Colwyn Parker
Angus, David Colin Brodie
Angus, Frederick John
Angus, Ian Mackenzie
Angus, Jack Norman
Angus, John Henry
Angus, John Vernon
Angus, Kenneth
Angus, R D
Angus, Robert Alexander
Angus, Stephen Sellars
Angus, Walter Patterson
Angus, William
Angwin, Gordon Arthur
Anholm, Ronald
Anilkumar Jhinabhai Patel,
Anis Ahmad,
Anivitti, Maurice Ermini
Anken, Charles Percy
Ankers, Alfred Michael
Ankers, Edward
Ankers, George Cyril
Ankers, Ronald Thomas
Ankin, Peter Leonard
Ankon, Leopold
Annable, Eric
Annan, Harry Barton
Annan, Peter Alexander
Annan, William Donald Francis
Annand-Smith, Raymond Lloyd
Annand, James Bertram
Annandale, H A
Anne, Robert
Annells, Harold Paull Stanfield
Annells, Robert Harvey
Annesley-cooke, Edward
Annesley, Sydney Kenneth
Annett, Hugh Crawford
Annetts, Dennis Henry
Annetts, Percy Ronald
Annetts, William Harvey Kenneth
Annibal, Donald Lee
Anning, Kenneth Edward
Anning, Ralph Harold
Anning, Stewart Andrew
Anning, William John
Annis, Arthur Bunclark
Annis, Frederick William
Annis, Leslie
Annis, Lloyd Dyer
Annison, Edward James
Anns, Arthur Herbert
Anscomb, James Albert George
Anscomb, John Robert
Anscomb, Robert Joseph
Anscombe, Percy Clarence
Ansdell, Geoffrey Ronald
Ansdell, Nicholas Agnew
Ansell, Albert Victor
Ansell, Alfred James
Ansell, Alfred Leslie
Ansell, Allan Alfred
Ansell, Benjamin Edward
Ansell, Dennis John
Ansell, Ernest Joseph Ronald
Ansell, Frederick Neale
Ansell, Gerald
Ansell, Harry Edgar Wreyford
Ansell, Horace George
Ansell, Kenneth Raymond
Ansell, Ronald Frank
Ansell, Sidney George Apark
Ansell, Washington Henry Samuel
Anset, Douglas Campbell
Ansett, Frank Gilbert
Anskat, Heinz
Ansley, Dennis
Anson, George Albert
Anson, Harold Victor
Anson, Kenneth Leete
Anson, Lily
Anson, Philip
Anson, Reginald Kenneth
Anstee, Brian Robert
Anstee, Edward
Anstee, George Frederick Jesse
Anstee, Jack
Anstee, Leslie John
Anstey, Frank Edward
Anstey, Frederick William
Anstey, Leslie Lewis
Anstey, Philip James
Anstey, Reginald James
Anstey, Thomas Eric
Anstey, William James
Anstey, William John
Anstey, William Stanley
Anstie, John Carlyon
Anstruther, Jack De-La-War
Antcliffe, Kenneth
Antcliffe, William
Antell, William Fishwick
Antholi Churyi Prabhaka,
Anthony, Arthur Jeffrey
Anthony, Colin Richard
Anthony, Crawford
Anthony, Daniel Thomas
Anthony, David
Anthony, David Nigel Wynnard Lloyd
Anthony, Ernest
Anthony, Ernest Alfred
Anthony, Frederick Henry
Anthony, Georg
Anthony, Henry Roy
Anthony, James Comrie
Anthony, John
Anthony, John Mcdonald
Anthony, Leo Vernon
Anthony, Raymond Gwilym Gwyn
Anthony, Roland
Anthony, Ronald David
Anthony, Thomas Edward
Anthony, Thomas Henry
Anthony, William Stevens
Anthony, William Young
Antifaev, Michael
Antoft, Otto Hjalmar
Antoine, Joseph
Antonowicz, Jerzy
Antrobus, Gordon Stanley
Antrobus, Henry Thomas William
Antrobus, Peter
Anup Singh Chadha,
Anuttar Barua,
Anwyl, Paul Illtyd
Anyan, John Richard
Anyon, Ralph Scott
Anzani, William
Ap Rhys Pryce, Mervyn Alec
Apanasik, Stanislaw
Aparicio, Henry William
Apedaile, Edward
Apitz, Kenneth John Nielsen
Aplin, Donald Joseph
Aplin, Donald Percy
Aplin, John Howard
Aplin, William Gilbert John
Appalaraju, M
Appel, Harold John
Appelt, Luther Arthur
Apperley, Norman Hubert
Apperley, Peter Samuel Glover
Apperson, Denis Hesketh
Apperson, Eric Thomas
Apperson, Maxwell Warnock
Appi, Stephen Renato
Appleby, Alaric Joseph
Appleby, Arthur
Appleby, Bruce
Appleby, Charles William
Appleby, Eric Ernest
Appleby, Frederick William
Appleby, Harry
Appleby, John Dunstan
Appleby, John Robinson
Appleby, Joseph Anthony Dees
Appleby, Michael Barton
Appleby, Norman Walter
Appleby, Rex Arthur
Appleby, Robert Reginald George
Appleby, Thomas Gaufrey Wearmouth
Appleby, Tom
Appleby, Walter Harry
Appleby, William
Appleby, William
Appledore, Frank Harold
Appleford, Alexander Horatio Nelson
Applegarth, Henry
Applegarth, Kenneth
Applegate, Alan Ashby
Applegate, Ernest Arthur
Appleton-Bach, Edward
Appleton, Charles Henry
Appleton, David John
Appleton, Douglas Victor
Appleton, Edward Francis
Appleton, Edward Robert Myddleton
Appleton, Edward Yeoman
Appleton, George Edward
Appleton, John
Appleton, Leonard
Appleton, Llewellyn Lister
Appleton, Robert Mitchell
Appleton, Robin Eric
Appleton, Roy Henry
Appleton, Sidney Bulcraig
Appleton, Stanley Arthur
Appley, Samuel
Appleyard, Arthur
Appleyard, Donald Robert Cox
Appleyard, Eric
Appleyard, Geoffrey
Appleyard, George Henry
Appleyard, John Tretheway
Appleyard, Richard Henry
Appleyard, Robert
Appleyard, William David
Applin, Donald John
Applin, Edward Charles Sydney
Apps, Geoffrey Frank Rowe
Apps, George Edward
Apps, Percy John
Apthorpe, Beatrice Mary (Betty)
Arab Aziz,
Arabas, Jan L
Arbon, Colin Bently
Arbon, Frederick James
Arbon, Harold Edward
Arbon, Henry George
Arbour, Joseph Edward Jean Guy
Arbour, Joseph Marcel Lionel
Arbuckle, David Thomas
Arbuckle, Irving
Arbuckle, John Alfred
Arbuthnott, John
Arbutt, Leslie Arthur
Arcand, Joseph Jules Rodrigue
Arch, Joseph Henry
Arch, Percy
Archambault, Joseph Rene
Archard, Leonard Thomas
Archard, Theodore Edward
Archay, Kenneth Edgar
Archbold, George Robert
Archer, Albert John Owen
Archer, Alfred
Archer, Arthur Dorrien
Archer, Austin William
Archer, Charles Douglas Haig
Archer, Charles Frederick
Archer, Charles Ronald
Archer, Cyril
Archer, Donald William Mcglashan
Archer, Ernest
Archer, Evan Roy
Archer, Frank
Archer, George Walter Matthew
Archer, Harold Thorpe
Archer, Hector Vivian Francis
Archer, Hedley Brightmore
Archer, Horace
Archer, Jack
Archer, Jack Colin
Archer, John Chilton
Archer, John Derick
Archer, John Richard
Archer, John Thomas
Archer, Kenneth
Archer, Kenneth Arthur
Archer, Kenneth Roland
Archer, Mena Constance Agnes
Archer, Peter
Archer, Phillip Leslie Irving
Archer, Ralph Edgar
Archer, Raymond Leonard
Archer, Reginald Frederick
Archer, Richard Mcgeachan
Archer, Robert Harry
Archer, Robert William
Archer, Rodney Bainbridge
Archer, Ronald Albert
Archer, Ronald George
Archer, Ross James
Archer, Rowland Hugh
Archer, Stanley Alfred
Archer, Victor Harry
Archer, William
Archer, William Edward
Archer, William Frederick
Archer, William Gordon
Archer, William Henry
Archey, Eric John
Archibald, Alan Greeves
Archibald, Arthur Campbell
Archibald, Charles Ronald
Archibald, Clyde Glencoe
Archibald, David
Archibald, David Wann
Archibald, James Stuart
Archibald, John
Archibald, John Douglas Robson Hosie
Archibald, Kenneth
Archibald, Lewis Percival
Archibald, Robert
Archibald, Ronald Earle
Archibald, Thomas
Archibald, Vivian Gordon Harris
Archibald, William
Archibald, William Alexander Mclean
Archibald, William Bruce
Archibald, William James
Archie, Steve
Arcimowicz, Jaroslaw
Arckless, Irene
Arcus, Leslie Drummond
Ardelli, Kazimierz J
Arden, George Thomas
Ardern, Alfred
Ardern, Luther Cameron
Ardern, Walter
Arding, Richard Geoffrey
Ardis, David Corry
Ardley, Carlos Gibson
Ardley, Godfrey William
Ardley, Guy Harrington
Ardley, Leonard Samuel
Ardley, Walter John Evelyn
Ardron, Walter Frederick
Arend, Hubert Aloyse
Arends, William Albert
Argent, Alexander Charles
Argent, Edward James
Argent, James William
Argent, John Everard
Argent, Ronald Jack
Argent, Sidney John
Argent, Sidney William
Argent, Trevor John
Argile, Thomas Geoffrey Mayou
Argo, William
Argument, Godfrey Addison
Argyle, Peter
Aris, Jack Biddulph
Arjun Singh Negi,
Arjun Singh,
Arkell, Daniel Richard
Arkell, Mervyn Charles
Arkle, James (Jimmy)
Arkle, John Norman Payne
Arkless, Leonard Nixon
Arksey, Sidney Kenneth
Arksey, Walter Lynwood
Arkwright, David William
Arlen, Anthony
Arlett, George William
Arlidge, Wallace Gale
Arliss, Frank George
Arlotte, Sidney George
Arlow, James Henry
Arlow, Thomas Alone
Armann, Franz
Armanowski, Jozef
Armer, Edward William
Armer, George William
Armes, Henry Ivison Shipley
Armet, Ian George
Armfield, John William
Armin, Arthur Meakin
Armishaw, Joseph Edward
Armistead, James
Armitage, Arthur Robson
Armitage, Bernard
Armitage, Brian Holt
Armitage, Brian Joseph Lincoln
Armitage, David Harold
Armitage, Derek Norman
Armitage, Douglas
Armitage, Eric Leonard
Armitage, Frank
Armitage, Harry
Armitage, Herbert
Armitage, Irving
Armitage, James Lloyd
Armitage, John Edward
Armitage, Joseph Fox
Armitage, Maurice William
Armitage, Maxwell James
Armitage, Peter Spackman
Armitage, Robert Brian
Armitage, Rose Aileen
Armitage, Stanley
Armitstead, Thomas
Armitt, George
Armitt, John
Armon, Arthur John Thomas
Armory, Sydney
Armour, Albert Stewart
Armour, Clifford Harold
Armour, D R
Armour, Edson Gilroy
Armour, Jack Karl
Armour, James Alexander
Armour, James Austin
Armour, Lloyd Livingstone
Armour, Robert Douglas
Armour, William
Armour, William Douglas
Armour, William John
Armour, Wilton Garnet
Arms, James Thomas
Armsby, Richard Leonard
Armson, Bernard George
Armson, Charles William
Armstrong, Albert
Armstrong, Albert Winston
Armstrong, Alexander
Armstrong, Alexander Thomas
Armstrong, Alfred
Armstrong, Andrew
Armstrong, Arthur
Armstrong, Arthur Ray
Armstrong, Arthur Ronald
Armstrong, Ashley John
Armstrong, Basil Kemp
Armstrong, Brendon Joseph
Armstrong, Brian Andrew
Armstrong, Cecil Ernest
Armstrong, Charles Anthony
Armstrong, Chester
Armstrong, Colin Alfred George
Armstrong, Curwood Neville
Armstrong, Daniel
Armstrong, David
Armstrong, David Malcolm
Armstrong, David William
Armstrong, Denham Frederick
Armstrong, Derek Souter
Armstrong, Donald
Armstrong, Donald Noel Robert
Armstrong, Douglas Wilson
Armstrong, Edgar
Armstrong, Edward George
Armstrong, Edward Gladstone
Armstrong, Edward Lawrence
Armstrong, Elliott Adams
Armstrong, Ernest
Armstrong, Ernest Peareth
Armstrong, Ernest Robert
Armstrong, Francis Thomas
Armstrong, Frederick
Armstrong, Frederick John
Armstrong, George
Armstrong, George
Armstrong, George Ernest
Armstrong, George Henry
Armstrong, George Henry
Armstrong, George Perry
Armstrong, George Robert
Armstrong, George Russel
Armstrong, George Wesley
Armstrong, Gerald Gordon
Armstrong, Gerald Henry
Armstrong, Gertrude Magdalen
Armstrong, Gordon Arthur
Armstrong, Gordon Dyson
Armstrong, Gordon Kenneth
Armstrong, Halden John Cameron
Armstrong, Harold Alexander
Armstrong, Herbert Barnard
Armstrong, Horace Dudley
Armstrong, Howard Charles Sheffield
Armstrong, Hugo Throssell
Armstrong, Jack
Armstrong, Jack Edward
Armstrong, James
Armstrong, James Edward
Armstrong, James Gerard
Armstrong, James William Allen
Armstrong, Jean
Armstrong, John
Armstrong, John
Armstrong, John
Armstrong, John David
Armstrong, John Douglas
Armstrong, John Eric
Armstrong, John Forest
Armstrong, John Frederick
Armstrong, John Gordon
Armstrong, John Hubert
Armstrong, John Keith
Armstrong, John Lees Darrell
Armstrong, John Marshall
Armstrong, John Mclellan
Armstrong, John Robert
Armstrong, John Thomas
Armstrong, John Walter
Armstrong, Joseph
Armstrong, Joseph
Armstrong, Joseph Walter
Armstrong, Keith Leonard
Armstrong, Kenneth George
Armstrong, Kenneth Maescher
Armstrong, Kenneth Robert
Armstrong, Laurence
Armstrong, Leonard Wilson
Armstrong, Leslie
Armstrong, Leslie Irwin
Armstrong, Leslie William
Armstrong, Lloyd Bennett
Armstrong, Lorne Oliver
Armstrong, Lyle Emerson
Armstrong, Michael Francis
Armstrong, N W
Armstrong, Nevil William
Armstrong, Neville Gerrard
Armstrong, Nigel Somerled
Armstrong, Oswald Anthony
Armstrong, Oswald Walter
Armstrong, P A
Armstrong, Peter Ronald
Armstrong, Peter William Alexander
Armstrong, Philip Paul
Armstrong, Phillip Heriot
Armstrong, Richard
Armstrong, Richard Clyde
Armstrong, Robert
Armstrong, Robert
Armstrong, Robert
Armstrong, Robert
Armstrong, Robert
Armstrong, Robert Alfred
Armstrong, Robert Gow
Armstrong, Robert Harvey
Armstrong, Robert Howard
Armstrong, Robert Kenneth
Armstrong, Robert Lionel
Armstrong, Ronald William
Armstrong, Ross
Armstrong, Thomas
Armstrong, Thomas
Armstrong, Thomas
Armstrong, Thomas Alan
Armstrong, Thomas James
Armstrong, Thomas Lindsay
Armstrong, Thomas Reginald
Armstrong, Thomas Rodham
Armstrong, Wilfred Edward
Armstrong, Wilfred Walter
Armstrong, William
Armstrong, William Ernest
Armstrong, William Vipond
Armstrong, Willis Henry
Armsworth, Ronald George
Arn, John Albert
Arndt, Johannes
Arneil, Adam Scott
Arneil, Douglas James
Arnell, Algot Leon
Arnell, John Leonard
Arnell, Robert
Arner, Lawrence Andrew
Arnett, Dennis Sullivan
Arnett, John Burniston
Arnett, Stanley
Arney, Bernard Vincent
Arney, Frederick Lyddon
Arney, Harold James
Arney, Horace Montague Beck
Arnison, Christopher William Gray
Arnold, Alan
Arnold, Albert Edgar
Arnold, Albert Eric
Arnold, Albert George
Arnold, Alexander Kenn
Arnold, Alfred Stewart
Arnold, Allan Edward
Arnold, Arthur Joseph
Arnold, Bertram Lewis
Arnold, Cecil William
Arnold, Charles Eric
Arnold, Derek William
Arnold, Derrick
Arnold, Douglas Gordon William
Arnold, Edmund Thomas
Arnold, Edward Rolfe
Arnold, Ernest Arthur
Arnold, Frederick Robert
Arnold, Geoffrey Norman
Arnold, George
Arnold, George
Arnold, Godfrey William
Arnold, Gordon Arthur
Arnold, Herbert John
Arnold, Ivor William
Arnold, James Charles Stone
Arnold, James Peter
Arnold, James William Roy
Arnold, Keith Fergus
Arnold, Kenneth Sydney
Arnold, Leonard Alfred
Arnold, Leonard William John
Arnold, Marcus Leonard
Arnold, Nathaniel
Arnold, Philip
Arnold, Philip Sydney
Arnold, Raymond
Arnold, Robert George
Arnold, Robert Sidney
Arnold, Ronald Ernest
Arnold, Ronald Frank
Arnold, Roy George Claringbould
Arnold, Sydney John
Arnold, Thomas
Arnold, Vernon Claude
Arnold, Victor
Arnold, Victor Charles
Arnold, Vincent James
Arnold, Walter Gray
Arnold, William Beresford
Arnold, William Harry
Arnold, William Henry
Arnold, William Hilliard
Arnold, William James
Arnold, William Leonard
Arnold, William Morris
Arnold, William Reginald
Arnot, Arthur Gordon Herbert
Arnot, Donald Mackenzie
Arnott, Alan Ross Airly
Arnott, Albert James
Arnott, Alfred Percy
Arnott, David Blair
Arnott, Eustace Thomas
Arnott, George Donald
Arnott, Hugh
Arnott, John Woodrow
Arnott, Kenneth
Arnott, Kenneth John
Arnott, Patrick
Arnott, Thomson
Arnott, William
Arnott, William
Arnott, William Mcgowan
Arnsby, John
Arnston, Frank Arthur
Arokia Das,
Aronson, J C
Aronson, Kenneth Johannes
Arp, Heinrich
Arpin, Joseph Jean Charles
Arps, Lysle Ralph
Arridge, Thomas Edward
Arrighi, Louis Alfred
Arril, William Mckenzie
Arrowsmith, James Frederick
Arrowsmith, John Critchley
Arrowsmith, John Raymond St. George
Arrowsmith, Leslie Walter Pickford
Arrowsmith, Vincent
Arsal Singh Sohi,
Arscott, Charles Henry
Arscott, Gordon Owen
Arscott, Percy Richard
Arscott, Wilfred
Arsenault, Joseph Gaspard
Arsenault, Toussaint Joseph
Arsenis, S
Arstall, Thomas Rambler
Arter, Albert Ernest
Arthan, Frederick Ralph
Arthars, Laurence Edward
Arthur, Baden
Arthur, Cecil Glen
Arthur, Charles John
Arthur, Colin Tolhurst
Arthur, Douglas Alexander
Arthur, Douglas Invicta
Arthur, George Eric
Arthur, George Leslie Blair
Arthur, Gordon William
Arthur, Jackson Dunbar
Arthur, James Lamb
Arthur, John Edward Wilberforce
Arthur, John Hall
Arthur, John Leslie Louvain
Arthur, Keith
Arthur, Kenneth
Arthur, Lewis John
Arthur, Neil Greig
Arthur, Norman
Arthur, Paul Druce
Arthur, Peter Frederick Fendick
Arthur, Robert Geoffrey
Arthur, Robert Peter
Arthur, Ronald Charles
Arthur, Rupert Tom Guy
Arthur, Stanley
Arthur, Vincent
Arthur, William Charles
Arthur, William George
Arthurs, Cecil Douglas
Arthurs, John William
Arthurs, Kenneth Norman
Arthurs, Michael Raymond Jack
Artis, Harry Albert
Artus, Alan Geoffrey
Artus, Edward
Artyniuk, John Peter
Arundale, Albert
Arundel, Archie Winston
Arundel, John Stanley George
Arundel, Thomas
Arup, Peter Dahl
Asbell, Walter Gerard
Asbrey, George Frederick
Asbury, Reginald Arthur
Ascombe, Kenneth Ernest
Ash-Smith, Aubrey Louis Arthur
Ash, Albert Charles
Ash, Arthur Frederick
Ash, Arthur John
Ash, Bertram
Ash, Cedric John Kenneth
Ash, Frank
Ash, George Henry
Ash, George Robert
Ash, Gregory James
Ash, Henry Edwin
Ash, John Thomas
Ash, Joseph
Ash, Joseph William
Ash, Maurice Samuel
Ash, Norman Andrews
Ash, Reginald Geoffrey
Ash, Reginald Henry
Ash, Richard Derrick
Ash, Richard William
Ash, Robert Charles Addison
Ash, Robert Clifford Vacy
Ash, Ronald George
Ash, Sydney George
Ash, William John
Ashair Wadi,
Ashard, Ernest Francis
Ashard, Reginald Edward
Ashbee, Clement
Ashbee, Frank
Ashbee, Gordon Spencer
Ashbolt, Harry Sheperdson
Ashburner, Errol F.
Ashburner, Leslie John
Ashburner, Norman
Ashbury, Edwin Lusk
Ashby-Peckham, Douglas Joseph
Ashby, Arthur
Ashby, Cyril Francis
Ashby, Frederick Charles
Ashby, Frederick Philip
Ashby, Gordon Albert
Ashby, Henry Herbert
Ashby, James William
Ashby, Kenneth
Ashby, Kenneth William
Ashby, Philip Bernard
Ashby, Robert Frederick
Ashcroft, Albert Henry
Ashcroft, Alfred Edward David
Ashcroft, Bernard Patrick
Ashcroft, Charles
Ashcroft, Cyril Clifford Gordon
Ashcroft, Daniel Draper
Ashcroft, Douglas John
Ashcroft, Eric Richard Victor
Ashcroft, Francis Robert
Ashcroft, John Herbert
Ashcroft, Philip Kennedy
Ashcroft, Ronald
Ashcroft, Ronald
Ashcroft, Thomas
Ashcroft, Thomas Alfred
Ashdown, Edward Thomas
Ashdown, Frederick James Mackenzie
Ashdown, Herbert Ivor
Ashdown, John Andrew
Ashdown, Leslie Edward
Ashdown, Maxwell
Ashdown, Michael Henry Charles
Ashdown, Richard
Ashdown, Walter Ross
Asher, Colin Dingwall
Asher, Walter Charles
Ashfield, Edward William
Ashfield, Frederick William
Ashfield, Glyn
Ashfield, John Herbert Edward
Ashfield, Leslie James
Ashfield, Richard Arthur
Ashfold, Kenneth Lewis
Ashford, Alan Richard
Ashford, Albert Henry
Ashford, Alphonse
Ashford, Christopher Maurice
Ashford, Clive Albert
Ashford, Frederick Herbert Ashton
Ashford, Louis Clifford
Ashford, William
Ashforth, Lewis Ernest
Ashill, The Rev. Denis Edward Guy
Ashley Cooper, Thomas George Duncan
Ashley, Alfred
Ashley, Aubrey George
Ashley, Borden Bramshott
Ashley, Cecil
Ashley, Cecil Henry
Ashley, Frederick Charles
Ashley, Frederick Clifford
Ashley, Frederick William
Ashley, James William
Ashley, John Arthur
Ashley, John Douglas
Ashley, John Mcintyre
Ashley, John Richard
Ashley, Leslie Alexander Northcote
Ashley, Nigel Clifford
Ashley, Richard Kenneth
Ashley, Robert Joseph
Ashley, Russell Bradfield
Ashley, Terrance Claude
Ashley, William Dracas
Ashley, William George
Ashley, William Kenneth
Ashlin, Benjamin
Ashman, Albert Henry
Ashman, Arthur Charles
Ashman, Frederick Edward
Ashman, Graham Leslie
Ashman, Herbert Leonard
Ashman, Ivan Copeland
Ashman, Roy William
Ashmore, Guillermo
Ashmore, Kenneth
Ashmore, Kenneth James
Ashmore, Roy Alan
Ashmore, Stanley
Ashmore, Vincent Joseph
Ashplant, George
Ashplant, William Leonard
Ashpole, Gerald John James
Ashton, Alexander Charles
Ashton, Arnold
Ashton, Arthur David
Ashton, Claude Thesiger
Ashton, Cyril James
Ashton, David Allan
Ashton, Dennis Garth
Ashton, Dennis Kenneth
Ashton, Denys Alban
Ashton, Derek Ellis
Ashton, Derek Kilgour
Ashton, Edwin
Ashton, Francis Henry John
Ashton, Gordon Bertram
Ashton, Harold
Ashton, Harrold
Ashton, Herbert George
Ashton, Jack
Ashton, Jack Glyn
Ashton, James
Ashton, John
Ashton, John Burrows
Ashton, John Frederick
Ashton, John Norman Stephen
Ashton, Leo
Ashton, Leonard Victor
Ashton, Peter John
Ashton, Robert Alexander
Ashton, Ronald George
Ashton, Ronald Hugh
Ashton, Stanley Rans
Ashton, Stanley William
Ashton, Thomas Reginald
Ashton, Tom
Ashton, Willie
Ashun, Kenneth Cromwell
Ashun, William Philip
Ashurst, Frederick
Ashurst, George
Ashurst, Harry D.
Ashurst, Jack Hall
Ashurst, John
Ashurst, John James
Ashurst, Kenneth
Ashurst, Thomas Eldon
Ashurst, William
Ashwell, Harry
Ashwell, Jack Edgar
Ashwell, Robert Hugh
Ashwin, Eric Lumley Durham
Ashwin, Gerard Willington Forster
Ashwin, Harold James Bowen
Ashwood, Albert Henry
Ashwood, Eric William
Ashwood, John
Ashworth, Alan
Ashworth, Alan
Ashworth, Arthur William
Ashworth, Charles Henry
Ashworth, Colin James
Ashworth, Corran Perry
Ashworth, Cyril Eugene
Ashworth, Denys
Ashworth, Donald William
Ashworth, Earnshaw
Ashworth, Eric
Ashworth, Francis Colin
Ashworth, Frank
Ashworth, Frank
Ashworth, Frank Martin
Ashworth, Fred
Ashworth, Frederick
Ashworth, Gordon Herbert
Ashworth, Harold John Vincent
Ashworth, Harry
Ashworth, James
Ashworth, Kenneth
Ashworth, Leslie
Ashworth, Norman Hanson
Ashworth, Robert
Ashworth, Roland
Ashworth, Ronald
Ashworth, Stanley Glendon
Ashworth, Terence
Ashworth, Victor Edwin
Ashworth, Walter Alex
Ashworth, William Storey
Asirvatham, Samuel
Asken, Hugh
Asker, Albert John
Asker, Peter George
Asker, William Francis
Askew, A G
Askew, Alan Frederick
Askew, Edward George
Askew, George Douglas
Askew, George William
Askew, John Ruskin
Askew, Raymond
Askew, Richard Gainford
Askew, Robert
Askew, Wilfred Robert
Askey, Gerald
Askey, Michael William Hamilton
Askey, Raymond Victor
Askham, Clarence
Askie, Richard Edward Leslie
Askin, Ralph Winston
Askquith-Ellis, Ralph Blanshard
Askwith, Dennis
Askwith, Richard John
Askwith, Robert
Aslett, Alan Douglas
Aslett, Edwin John
Aslett, George Charles
Aslett, Percy Ronald
Aslin, Leonard Sidney
Aslin, Maurice Robert
Asmuss, Alan William
Asmussen, Peter Johannes
Asoka Kathju,
Aspden, Ernest Joseph
Aspden, James Henry
Aspden, Leonard Wilson
Aspell, Everard Aloysius
Aspell, Kenneth James
Aspell, Thomas
Aspen, Harold Milne
Aspey, Harold Edward
Aspey, John
Aspey, William
Aspin, Frederick Preston
Aspin, James Desmond
Aspin, Stanley Victor
Aspin, Stanley Victor
Aspin, Thomas
Aspin, Vincent Earle
Aspinall, Clifford
Aspinall, Francis Allen
Aspinall, Glyn Robert (Bob)
Aspinall, Harry
Aspinall, Jacob
Aspinall, Kenneth
Aspinall, Leslie Arthur
Aspinall, Maurice John William
Aspinall, William
Aspinall, WilliaMilitary Medaloore
Aspinell, Derek Charles Ernest
Aspinwall, Gilbert John
Asplen, Raymond John
Asplin, John Henry
Asplin, Reginald Herbert
Asprey, John Lambert
Asquith, David Beaumont
Asquith, Denis
Asquith, Harry
Asquith, James
Asquith, John Anthony
Assaf, George
Assanakis, T
Assata, Shalom
Asseff, Philip
Assman, Ludwik Karol
Astall, Clifford
Astall, Kenneth Boardman
Astbury, John William
Astbury, Ronald Charles
Astbury, Thomas Edwin
Astell-Burt, Henry
Astell, Eric William
Astell, William
Astill, Alan Edwin
Astill, Henry Roy
Astin, Alan
Astin, Herbert Whitaker
Astington, Douglas Goad
Astington, Stanley Philip
Astle, Alfred
Astle, Arthur William
Astle, Charles Wilson
Astle, Donald
Astles, Frank
Astles, John James
Astles, William Wallington
Astley, Bruce
Astley, Edward
Astley, Gerald
Astley, Jack
Astley, Richard David
Astley, William Edward
Aston, Arthur
Aston, Derek Wilson
Aston, Edward
Aston, Ernest
Aston, Harold Withall
Aston, James Carleton
Aston, John
Aston, John Edward Griffiths
Aston, John Walter
Aston, Maurice Robert
Aston, Oliver
Aston, Ronald Leonard (Ron)
Astramowicz, Teofan
Astrand, Harry
Astrosky, Peter Clyde
Atack, Dallas
Atcheson, Samuel Cunningham
Atchison, Cresswell
Atchison, Ian Alexander Nigel
Atchison, John Melford
Atchison, Thomas Todd
Atchison, William John
Atha, John Leonard
Atha, Phil
Ather, William Laverick
Atherall, William Ernest
Atherden, William
Atherton, Cyril
Atherton, Edward John Marsland
Atherton, Frederick William
Atherton, Henry Marinus
Atherton, Herbert Molyneux
Atherton, James Lever
Atherton, John
Atherton, John Carman
Atherton, Robert Hindley
Atherton, Thomas
Atherton, William
Atherton, William Samuel Charles
Athey, Rex Ward
Athey, Stanley Tallintire
Athill, Alan Hubert
Athill, Horace William
Athorn, Stanley
Atkin-Berry, Harold Leslie
Atkin, Alwyne
Atkin, Brian John
Atkin, Charles Carr
Atkin, Clive Harradine
Atkin, Francis Dennis
Atkin, James Henry
Atkin, James Sidney
Atkin, James Welberne
Atkin, Norman
Atkin, Raymond
Atkin, Ronald James
Atkin, Rowland
Atkin, Samuel Stephen
Atkin, Thomas Harvey
Atkin, Thomas Walpole
Atkins-Tallentire, Thomas William Vincent
Atkins, Arthur George Gordon
Atkins, Arthur Redvers
Atkins, Arthur Thomas Gordon
Atkins, Aubrey Richard
Atkins, Brian Patrick
Atkins, Clarence Leslie
Atkins, Colin Granville
Atkins, Dudley Reginald
Atkins, Earl Hector
Atkins, Eric
Atkins, Frederick Peter John
Atkins, Frederick Thomas George
Atkins, George Carman
Atkins, George Thomas
Atkins, Gordon William Richard
Atkins, Henry Lendrum
Atkins, Jack
Atkins, Jack
Atkins, Jack Frederick
Atkins, James Arthur
Atkins, James Bernard
Atkins, James Edward
Atkins, John Croft
Atkins, John Frederick
Atkins, John Ivan
Atkins, John Patrick
Atkins, Kenneth Leslie
Atkins, Leonard George
Atkins, Leslie Charles
Atkins, Lloyd James
Atkins, Milton Wilbur
Atkins, Norman Arthur
Atkins, Oswald Morgan
Atkins, Reginald Clifford Cooke
Atkins, Robert James
Atkins, Robert Peter
Atkins, Roland
Atkins, Ronald Frederick
Atkins, Stanley Harold
Atkins, William Anthony George
Atkins, William Evan
Atkins, William Goodson
Atkins, William James
Atkinson, Albert Earl
Atkinson, Albert Edward
Atkinson, Alfred Stanley
Atkinson, Allan Arthur
Atkinson, Anthony James
Atkinson, Arthur Frederick
Atkinson, Bruce Albert
Atkinson, Byron
Atkinson, Cecil Clarence
Atkinson, Charles
Atkinson, Clarence Victor
Atkinson, Clement Herbert
Atkinson, Clifford
Atkinson, Cyril
Atkinson, Cyril Taylor
Atkinson, David Henry
Atkinson, Denis
Atkinson, Dennis
Atkinson, Dennis Knox
Atkinson, Denys Lowe
Atkinson, Donald John
Atkinson, Donald Keith
Atkinson, Douglas Bell
Atkinson, Douglas Maclear
Atkinson, Edgar David
Atkinson, Edward Harry Frederick
Atkinson, Edward James
Atkinson, Edward Smith
Atkinson, Edwin
Atkinson, Eric
Atkinson, Eric
Atkinson, Eric Raymond
Atkinson, Ernest Charles
Atkinson, Frederick
Atkinson, George
Atkinson, George
Atkinson, George Addison
Atkinson, George Andrew
Atkinson, George Gaston
Atkinson, George Thomas
Atkinson, George Thomas
Atkinson, Gordon
Atkinson, Gordon Howard
Atkinson, Harold
Atkinson, Harold Derrick
Atkinson, Henry Neville
Atkinson, Herbert Philipson
Atkinson, Herbert Thomas George
Atkinson, Horace Relby Elliott
Atkinson, Jack Holder
Atkinson, James
Atkinson, James
Atkinson, James Lawrence
Atkinson, James Neil
Atkinson, Jean Burgess
Atkinson, John
Atkinson, John
Atkinson, John
Atkinson, John Anthony
Atkinson, John Bruce
Atkinson, John Campbell
Atkinson, John Charles
Atkinson, John Edgar
Atkinson, John Joffre
Atkinson, John Latimer
Atkinson, John Leslie
Atkinson, John Leslie
Atkinson, John Wilfred
Atkinson, John William Robert
Atkinson, Joseph
Atkinson, Joseph
Atkinson, Joseph Henry
Atkinson, Joseph Mckay
Atkinson, Kenneth
Atkinson, Laurie Everet
Atkinson, Leslie Herbert
Atkinson, Leslie Noel
Atkinson, Matthew Richard
Atkinson, Maurice
Atkinson, Merle William
Atkinson, Norman
Atkinson, Phyllis Mary
Atkinson, Ralph Ian
Atkinson, Raymond Percival
Atkinson, Richard Alfred Palmer Vincent
Atkinson, Richard Ashley
Atkinson, Richard Graham
Atkinson, Robert
Atkinson, Robert Edward
Atkinson, Robert Elmer
Atkinson, Robert Johnson
Atkinson, Roger Hall
Atkinson, Rolf Edgar
Atkinson, Ronald
Atkinson, Ronald
Atkinson, Ronald Henry
Atkinson, Ronald Martin
Atkinson, Ronald William
Atkinson, Roy Farley
Atkinson, Sam Hawley
Atkinson, Shirley Francis
Atkinson, Stanley Kyle
Atkinson, Theodore Blanchard
Atkinson, Thomas Donald
Atkinson, Thomas Geoffrey
Atkinson, Thomas Guy
Atkinson, Thomas Martin
Atkinson, Thomas Ralston
Atkinson, Walter Edward
Atkinson, Wilfred George
Atkinson, Wilfred George
Atkinson, Wilfrid Venus
Atkinson, William Henry
Atkinson, William Hunter
Atkinson, William James
Atkinson, William James
Atkinson, William Joseph
Attenborough, Patrick George
Attenborrow, Eric
Atter, Cyril Ernest
Atter, Wilfred Leslie
Atterby, Edward
Atterton, Alfred William
Atterton, Frederick William
Atterton, Roy Archibald
Attew, Gerald Albert
Attew, Kenneth Victor
Attewell, Arthur Ernest
Attewell, Douglas Arthur
Attewell, Leonard William
Attfield, Clifford Leslie
Attfield, Reginald Albert
Atti Hassan,
Attree, Earl Ralph
Attree, Vincent Eardley
Attreed, Robert Reginald
Attridge, Robert John Mclean
Attridge, Thomas Philip
Attrill, William Pascall
Attwater, Robin Aelred
Attwell, Kenneth Dudley
Attwell, N H
Attwood, Alfred Charles
Attwood, Brian Arthur Blake
Attwood, Cecil Alfred Victor
Attwood, Derek Allan
Attwood, Harold Ernest Edward
Attwood, James Henry
Attwood, Sidney Walter
Attwool, Dennis Edgar Barton
Attwooll, Peter Ralph
Atwell, Gerald Joseph
Atwell, William John
Atwill, John Anthony
Atwill, Sidney Ronald
Atwood, Bertram Edwin
Atwood, Brenton Leslie
Atwood, Helen Pamela
Atyeo, Arnold William Henry
Aubert, Charles Oscar
Aubert, Richard Dennis
Aubin, John George Marcel
Aubin, Joseph Gilbert Dollard
Aubrey, Alfred William Henry
Aubrey, David George
Aubrey, Gordon Alexander
Aubrey, John Francis
Aubrey, Ronald John
Aubrey, Thomas Dixon Rodbard
Auckland, Amelia Wright (Milly)
Auckland, Joseph Arthur
Auclair, Joseph Arsene Roch Tancrede
Aucoin, Whitney Philip
Aucott, Percy Alfred
Aucott, Thomas Shenton
Audet, Richard Joseph
Audley, Denis James
Audley, Dennis Sydney
Audley, Derek Dundonald
Audsley, John Swinburne
Audsley, Trevor
Audy, Joseph Engelbert
Auer, Leopold
Aufdemgarten, Bruno
Auger, Henri Ferdinand
Augood, William Albert
August, Douglas Claude
Augustin, Karl-Werner
Augustinus, Alfred Leslie
Augustus, David Edward Barry
Augustyn, Wlodzimierz A
Auld, Charles
Auld, George Edgar
Auld, James Hamilton
Auld, John
Auld, Tom Allan
Auld, W. Mcg. M.
Auld, Walter Nelson
Auld, William
Ault, Arthur Wellington
Ault, Kenneth
Ault, Reginald William
Ault, Roy Elkington
Ault, William George
Aumell, Allan Daniel
Aune, Clifford Norman
Aungier, Maurice Victor
Aungier, Stephen Michael
Aungiers, Graham Bice
Aurigo, Geoffrey Charles John
Ausserfeld, Herbert
Aust, Arthur John
Aust, Leslie Roy
Austen-johnson, Joseph Eckersley
Austen, Desmond Thomas
Austen, Douglas William
Austen, Frank John
Austen, Geoffrey Frank
Austen, Harold Calven
Austen, Walter Gordon
Austen, William Arthur
Austerberry, Francis Frederick
Austin-Duck, Lionel
Austin, Alan
Austin, Albert Edward
Austin, Albert Lawrence
Austin, Albert Sydney
Austin, Arthur Neville
Austin, Cecil
Austin, Charles Ernest
Austin, Charles Wendell
Austin, D K
Austin, Derek
Austin, Derrick
Austin, Edward Phillip
Austin, Eric William
Austin, Francis Edward
Austin, Francis Leslie
Austin, Frederick
Austin, Frederick Carleton
Austin, Frederick Hugh
Austin, George Frederick
Austin, George Frederick
Austin, George Harold
Austin, George Henry
Austin, George Jeffery
Austin, George Ludwig
Austin, George Robert
Austin, Guy Paul Wentworth
Austin, Harry
Austin, Harry
Austin, Harvey John
Austin, Herbert Ingle
Austin, Horace William
Austin, Hubert Borden
Austin, Jack
Austin, James
Austin, James
Austin, James
Austin, James Francis
Austin, John
Austin, John Albert
Austin, John Henry
Austin, John Prescott
Austin, John Sanger
Austin, John William
Austin, Justus Clifford
Austin, Kenneth
Austin, Kenneth Harry
Austin, Kenneth Henry
Austin, Kenneth Herbert
Austin, Leonard John
Austin, Leslie
Austin, Leslie Ernest
Austin, Leslie James
Austin, Lewis Herbert
Austin, Lewis Walter Castle
Austin, M F W
Austin, Maurice
Austin, Maxwell
Austin, Phyllis
Austin, Raymond Athol Mervyn Mansfield
Austin, Rhubert Mellor
Austin, Richard Ernest
Austin, Richard Scott
Austin, Robert Edward
Austin, Ronald Joseph
Austin, Ronald Stanley
Austin, Ronald William
Austin, Sidney Bernard James Lewis
Austin, Stanley Maurice
Austin, Sydney
Austin, Thomas Hollister
Austin, Victor Marcel Spencer
Austin, Walter Edmund Joseph
Austin, Walter Edward
Austin, William
Austin, William Frank
Austin, William Frederick
Austin, William Henry
Austin, William Herbert
Austin, William Stanley
Austin, William Thomas
Austrin, Alfred Richard
Auty, Eric
Avedisian, James Theodore
Avent, Douglas John
Avent, John William
Avent, Sydney Walter George
Aver, Francis Alfred
Averill, Charles Stewart Mcgregor
Averill, Edward Marwood
Averill, Kenneth
Avern, Frederick Henry
Avern, Geoffrey Lennox
Avery, Cyril
Avery, Cyril
Avery, George
Avery, George Douglas Rutherford
Avery, Herbert Sidney
Avery, James Victor
Avery, John
Avery, John Richard
Avery, Nelson
Avery, Reginald Arthur Charles
Avery, Robert
Avery, Robert Hardy
Avery, William Albert
Avery, William Francis
Avery, William Thomas
Aves, Harold William
Aves, Harry Robert
Aveson, Walter George
Avey, Gerald Russell
Aveyard, Colin
Aviet, Philip Bodein
Avis, Frank
Avis, Joseph William
Avis, Roy Frederick
Avise, John Ellsworth
Avison, John Frederick
Avon, Joseph Leonidas Gerald
Avory, Douglas Henry (Beau)
Avory, George Alfred
Avtar Krishan Sahgal,
Avtar Narain Mohan,
Awad, Charles Mohamed Slyman
Awad, Philip Peter
Awcock, Terence Lansdowne
Awrey, Donald Mclean
Axby, Leslie Frederick
Axcell, Norman John Stewart
Axe, Frederick Arthur
Axford, Cecil
Axford, Herbert Frank
Axford, Norman Frank
Axler, David Richard
Axler, Harry Louis
Axon, James Robert
Axtell, Dennis
Axton, Robert Henry
Axton, William Gordon
Axup, George Arthur
Axworthy, Rupert Leslie Clifford
Aya Gul,
Ayer, John Butler
Ayers, Arthur Baron Fortescue
Ayers, David Hart
Ayers, Douglas William
Ayers, Eric John
Ayers, Frederick Dudley Charles
Ayers, Frederick Edward
Ayers, John
Ayers, Leonard Edward
Ayers, Leslie Judson
Ayers, Marjorie Winsome
Ayers, Ralph James
Ayers, Richard Butcher
Ayerst, Francis Donovan
Aylard, Arthur Charles
Ayles, Ronald Arthur Henry
Ayles, Russel James
Aylett, Edward Roy
Aylett, F W
Aylett, Kenneth Richard
Ayley, Francis Louis
Aylieff, James Martin
Ayliffe, Harold Devening (Jack)
Ayling, Albert Edgar
Ayling, Charles Albert Henry
Ayling, Claude Bernard Frederick
Ayling, Kenneth Arthur Charles
Aylmer, Michael Arthur
Aylott, Albert Victor
Aylott, George Joseph
Aylott, John Jeffrey
Aylott, Leonard Alfred
Aylward, Francis
Aylward, Harold Edgar Cecil
Aylwin, James
Aynsley, Francis Anthony
Aynsley, Ronald Peter
Ayre, Algernon Early William
Ayre, George Desmonde
Ayre, George Francis
Ayre, Roy Eric
Ayres, Alfred
Ayres, Alfred William Walter
Ayres, Arthur Cecil
Ayres, Audrey Allen
Ayres, Cyril George
Ayres, Frank Owen George
Ayres, George Alfred
Ayres, George William
Ayres, John Joseph
Ayres, Kenneth Albert
Ayres, Leonard
Ayres, Leonard Edward
Ayres, Leonard Reuben
Ayres, Norman Siddall
Ayres, Richard Joseph
Ayres, Robert Frederick
Ayres, Robert William
Ayres, Ronald Keith
Ayres, Ronald Oubridge
Ayres, Vivian Howard
Ayres, William Arthur
Ayres, William John
Ayrey, Edward Stanley
Ayscough, Peter Edwin
Ayson, Douglas Hepburn
Ayton, Albert Robert
Ayton, Edmund Sidney
Ayton, Gordon Frederick
Ayton, James Trevor
Ayton, Wallace Henry
Ayyavu Servai,
Aziz Hasab,
Aziz Khan,
Aziz Khodeda,
Aziz Rezza,
Azouz, Mark
Azzopardi, Anthony
Baack, Heinz-Guenter
Baard, Jacobus Adriaan Johannes
Baartz, John Edward
Baay, Cornelis
Baba Bin Dollah,
Babacek, Pavel
Babb, Richard Conant
Baber, Alfred Thomas
Baber, Stanley Ernest
Baber, Thomas James Desmond
Baber, William Henry
Babiacki, Stanislaw
Babicek, Zdenek
Babington-Browne, Kenneth Douglas
Babington, Henry Christopher
Babington, Raymond Vivian
Babington, William Alfred Leslie
Babkirk, Lawrence Russell
Babraj, Zdzislaw
Babs, Bruno
Babu Lal Kishor,
Babu Lal,
Babu Lal,
Babu Ram,
Babu Singh,
Babu, V A
Bacchus, Heather
Bach, Vaughan Charles Simson
Bachand, Joseph Gilles
Bachant, Joseph Ferdinand Jacques
Bachauer, Karl
Bache, Dennis Frederick
Bache, Leslie Longmore
Bachelder, Allen Leland
Bachelor, Albert Ernest
Bachmann, Jack Henry
Bachmann, Josef
Bachurek, Svatopluk
Back, Leslie Joseph Ronald
Back, Vivian John
Backaert, Georges Edouard Louis Leon
Backes, Orval George
Backes, Trevor David
Backhouse, Denis
Backhouse, Donald Apsey
Backhouse, Edward Ronald
Backhouse, Francis Langhorne
Backhouse, Gerald Ian Dacres
Backhouse, Herbert Frederick
Backhouse, Leslie
Backhouse, Peter Walter Seymour
Backler, Alec Frederick
Backler, Herman
Backlog, Cyril Peter
Backofen, Guenther
Backs, William Henry
Backshall, Eric Owen
Backshell, Arthur John
Backstrom, Melvin Arnold
Backway, Henry George
Backway, William Sidney
Bacon, Albert Edward
Bacon, Arthur Albert
Bacon, Arthur Charles
Bacon, Arthur John
Bacon, Basil Albert
Bacon, Charles Harvey
Bacon, David Bruce Ernst
Bacon, Donovan John
Bacon, Douglas Alfred
Bacon, Edgar James William
Bacon, Frederick William
Bacon, Harold George
Bacon, Harry Robert
Bacon, James Edward
Bacon, James Edward
Bacon, John Andrew
Bacon, Leonard William
Bacon, Leslie
Bacon, Leslie William
Bacon, Lewis Robert
Bacon, Lindsay Page
Bacon, Owen
Bacon, Peter Frederick
Bacon, Peter Phillip
Bacon, Richard Ernest Charles
Bacon, Stanley Arthur
Bacon, Sydney Raymond
Bacon, Thomas John
Bacon, William Charles
Bacon, William Charles John
Baczkiewicz, Egon
Badcock, Alan Frederick
Badcock, David Herbert William
Badcock, Ingerson Keith Fey
Badcock, John
Badcock, Montague William
Badcock, P J
Badcock, Richard
Badcott, Bert
Baddeley, Douglas Hiram
Baddeley, Robert Ashton
Baden, Charles Henry
Baden, Harry George
Badenhorst, L
Badge, Horace
Badger, Colin Reginald
Badger, John Vincent Clarence
Badger, Neil Thomson
Badger, Reginald Milburn
Badger, Ronald Jack
Badger, Victor John
Badger, William
Badgery, David George
Badgley, John Clement
Badham, Arthur James
Badham, Edward George
Badham, George Arthur Cust
Badham, Ivor George
Badkin, Edwin James
Badkin, Thomas Henry
Badland, Herbert
Badland, Lewis Ernest
Badley, John Warren
Badman, Brinley Francis
Badman, Richard Francis
Badman, Roy Francis Crossley
Badmington, Edward Price
Badowski, Zygmunt
Badre, Michael Joseph Mcdoctor
Badri Dutt,
Badstueber, Manfred
Baecke, Arnold Jean
Baer, Alfons
Baerlein, Anthony
Baerwald, Bruno
Baesell, Walter
Baessler, Eugen
Baetz, Henry Laurence
Baeumel, Franz
Bage, George
Bage, Norman
Bagg, Arthur James
Bagg, M E
Bagg, Robert Percy Mcmillan
Baggaley, Herbert William
Baggaley, Joseph
Baggaley, Robert Frederick Fletcher
Baggott, Edmund Roy
Baggs, Francis Henry
Baggs, Henry Garth
Baggs, Herbert Gerald
Bagguley, Robert Beck
Baghurst, Reginald James
Bagley, Arthur Eddie
Bagley, Donald
Bagley, Harry
Bagley, John Charles
Bagley, John Watts
Bagley, Ronald Lewis
Bagley, Ronald William
Bagley, Victor Lawrence
Bagley, William John
Bagnall, Albert
Bagnall, Alfred Maurice
Bagnall, Arthur Edwin
Bagnall, George
Bagnall, John Stephen
Bagnall, Ronald Stanley
Bagnall, Trevor Horace
Bagot, Charles Henry
Bagot, Edward Christopher
Bagrowski-Swinka, Tadeusz
Bagshaw, Charles
Bagshaw, George Edward
Bagshaw, Gerald
Bagshaw, Graham Morris
Bagshaw, Reginald Norman
Bagshaw, Rita
Bagster, Eric Percival
Baguley, Herbert
Baguley, John
Baguley, Leonard
Baguley, Peter
Baguley, Peter George
Bahn, Otto
Bahr, Horst
Bahram Khamo,
Baht, Ralph Edmund
Baier, Heinz
Baier, Louis Nicolaas Emanuel
Baigent, Peter Henry
Baikie, Robert Gordon
Bail, Joseph Phillip Arthur
Baildon, Clarence
Baile, Evelyn Bruce
Bailes, Richard
Bailes, Robert James
Bailes, Ronald
Bailes, Stuart Neil
Bailey, Alan Mcgregor
Bailey, Albert
Bailey, Albert George
Bailey, Albert John
Bailey, Albert Ronald
Bailey, Alfred
Bailey, Alfred
Bailey, Alfred James
Bailey, Algernon Stewart (Robin)
Bailey, Allan Edward
Bailey, Anthony Harold
Bailey, Anthony John Martin Francis
Bailey, Arthur
Bailey, Arthur John
Bailey, Arthur Wilfred
Bailey, Benjamin Lawrence
Bailey, Brian Herbert
Bailey, Brian Peter
Bailey, Bruce Herbert
Bailey, Cecil
Bailey, Charles Arthur William
Bailey, Charles Ronald
Bailey, Christopher Albert
Bailey, Clarence Charles Nelson
Bailey, Clifford
Bailey, Clifford John
Bailey, Cyril Frank
Bailey, Denis Reginald
Bailey, Dennis
Bailey, Dennis Harold
Bailey, Derrick Bourchier
Bailey, Donald Charles Ephraim
Bailey, Dorothy Frances Joan
Bailey, Douglas
Bailey, Douglas George
Bailey, Douglas James
Bailey, Edgar
Bailey, Edgar Albert
Bailey, Edward Alexander
Bailey, Edward James
Bailey, Edwin Alfred
Bailey, Elmer Lincoln
Bailey, Eric
Bailey, Eric
Bailey, Eric
Bailey, Eric George
Bailey, Eric Hargreaves
Bailey, Eric John
Bailey, Ernest Derrick
Bailey, Frank Wilson
Bailey, Frederick Douglas
Bailey, Frederick George
Bailey, Frederick John
Bailey, Frederick John
Bailey, Frederick William
Bailey, G
Bailey, Garnet James
Bailey, Geoffrey
Bailey, Geoffrey Donald
Bailey, George
Bailey, George Cooley
Bailey, George Edward
Bailey, George Edward
Bailey, George Henry
Bailey, George Irvine
Bailey, Gerald Leslie Donald
Bailey, Gerald Montague
Bailey, Gerald Theodore
Bailey, Gordon Clinkskill
Bailey, Graham George
Bailey, Harold
Bailey, Harold Roy
Bailey, Harry
Bailey, Harry
Bailey, Harry James
Bailey, Harry Russell
Bailey, Harry William
Bailey, Henry
Bailey, Henry Ronald
Bailey, Herbert
Bailey, Herbert Eric
Bailey, Irwin Fowlds
Bailey, J W
Bailey, Jack Alexander James
Bailey, James
Bailey, James
Bailey, James Edwin
Bailey, James William
Bailey, John
Bailey, John
Bailey, John Arthur
Bailey, John Arthur
Bailey, John Brian Godfrey
Bailey, John Burke
Bailey, John Charles James
Bailey, John Clarence
Bailey, John Cyril Lindsay Dyson
Bailey, John Francis Albury
Bailey, John Howard
Bailey, John Stanley
Bailey, John Thomas
Bailey, Joseph Edmond
Bailey, Joseph William
Bailey, Keith Vincent
Bailey, Leonard John
Bailey, Lester Maxwell
Bailey, Lloyd Maxwell
Bailey, Lloyd Wilson
Bailey, Martin
Bailey, Neville George
Bailey, Noel Galbraith
Bailey, Norman
Bailey, Norman Frederick
Bailey, Norman John
Bailey, Norman Russell
Bailey, P G F
Bailey, Paul Bernard
Bailey, Percy Fallows
Bailey, Peter
Bailey, Peter Alan Gainsford
Bailey, Peter Leonard
Bailey, Philip Dawkins
Bailey, Raymond
Bailey, Raymond Arthur
Bailey, Raymond Wilfred
Bailey, Reginald Charles
Bailey, Reginald Charles
Bailey, Reginald Leslie
Bailey, Richard Harry Mellor
Bailey, Richard John
Bailey, Robert
Bailey, Robert Arthur George
Bailey, Robert Gordon
Bailey, Robert James
Bailey, Robert James
Bailey, Robert Owen
Bailey, Robert Sharp
Bailey, Roger Francis Geoffrey
Bailey, Ronald
Bailey, Ronald Arthur
Bailey, Ronald Douglas (Ron)
Bailey, Ronald Hayden
Bailey, Ronald Summerson
Bailey, Ronald Walter
Bailey, Roy
Bailey, Roy Charles
Bailey, Roy Donald
Bailey, Royal Charlie
Bailey, Sidney William
Bailey, Stanley Leonard
Bailey, Sydney Arthur James
Bailey, Sydney James
Bailey, Theodore Reginald
Bailey, Thomas
Bailey, Thomas
Bailey, Thomas
Bailey, Thomas Leon Ford
Bailey, Thomas William
Bailey, Valden Leonard
Bailey, Victor
Bailey, Victor George
Bailey, W T
Bailey, Walter
Bailey, Walter Hibbard
Bailey, Wesley Glenn
Bailey, Wilfred
Bailey, Wilfred Edward
Bailey, William Alexander
Bailey, William Archie
Bailey, William Benjamin Edward
Bailey, William Edward
Bailey, William James
Bailey, William James
Bailey, William Robert
Bailie, Cyril Philip
Bailie, Hugh Thomas
Bailie, James Alexander
Bailie, John
Bailie, John James
Baillargeon, Joseph Louis
Baillargeon, Pierre Elzear Rodolphe
Baillie, Alastair Stuart Hamilton
Baillie, Alexander John
Baillie, Eric Torance
Baillie, George
Baillie, J P
Baillie, James Duncan Mactavish
Baillie, James Henry
Baillie, John Ernest
Baillie, John Robert
Baillie, Mervyn James Headen
Baillie, Ralph Cameron
Baillie, Thomas
Baillie, Thomas
Baillie, William Aitken
Baillie, William Frank Allen
Baillie, William Russell
Baillieu, Alfred John
Baillon, Mark Rodney
Baillon, Paul Abbott
Baily, George Hadley
Baily, John Herbert
Baily, Lionel Edward John
Baily, Norman Godwin
Bain-Marais, C T
Bain, A M
Bain, Ambrose
Bain, Andrew
Bain, Charles Guthrie Shields
Bain, Claude Horace
Bain, David John
Bain, David Lachlan
Bain, David Percy
Bain, Donald Hunter
Bain, Francis George Levett
Bain, Frederick James Ross
Bain, Gordon Miles
Bain, James Fortune
Bain, James Stuart
Bain, John
Bain, John Douglas Norman
Bain, Kenneth Beath
Bain, Leslie Neil
Bain, Ronald
Bain, Thomas Neil
Bain, Victor Albert
Bain, William
Bain, William Bruce
Bainbridge, Ernest
Bainbridge, Ernest John
Bainbridge, Frank
Bainbridge, Frederick Vivian
Bainbridge, George
Bainbridge, George Bewick
Bainbridge, George Harvey
Bainbridge, George Henry
Bainbridge, Jack
Bainbridge, John Edmond Montague
Bainbridge, John William
Bainbridge, Roland Barnsley
Bainbridge, Ronald
Bainbridge, Thomas James
Bainbridge, William
Bainbridge, William
Baines, Alexander William
Baines, Alfred Peter
Baines, Arthur James
Baines, C B S
Baines, C B S
Baines, Charles Edward
Baines, Clifford
Baines, Frank
Baines, George
Baines, Ian Aubrey
Baines, James
Baines, John
Baines, John Lewis
Baines, Philip Austin
Baines, Ronald Reuben
Baines, Samuel James Watkin
Baines, William
Bainton, Henry Louis Hubert
Bainton, Peter Daniel
Baird, Alexander Hallam
Baird, Andrew George Gordon
Baird, Angus Bruce
Baird, Arthur
Baird, Arthur Denis
Baird, David Monroe
Baird, Donald Robert
Baird, Douglas Drennan
Baird, Douglas Wilson
Baird, Edmund Ronald
Baird, Francis Nairn
Baird, Francis Stephen
Baird, Fred
Baird, Gordon Douglas Russell
Baird, Henry
Baird, Hugh
Baird, Jack Douglas
Baird, James Franklin
Baird, John Douglas
Baird, John Humphreys
Baird, John William
Baird, Nelson George
Baird, Norman
Baird, Norman Kitchener
Baird, Peter
Baird, Robert (Ronnie)
Baird, Ronald Ernest
Baird, Ronald Jackson
Baird, Stanley Frederick James
Baird, The Hon. Robert Alexander G.
Baird, Thomas
Baird, Thomas Humphrey
Baird, William
Baird, William Alan
Baird, William Gordon
Baird, William John
Baird, William Oliver Douglas
Bairnsfather, Ralph Mcpherson
Bairstow, Edward Akeroyd
Bairstow, John Leslie
Baittle, Horace David
Baj, Wladyslaw
Bak, Franciszek
Bak, Jan
Bakas, Kazimierz Tadeusz
Bake, Alfred George
Bake, Charles Edward
Bake, Edmund
Bakeman, Edward Henry
Baker, Abel
Baker, Alan James
Baker, Albert Joseph
Baker, Albert Richard
Baker, Albert Ronald
Baker, Albert Wallace
Baker, Alfred
Baker, Alfred
Baker, Alfred Arthur
Baker, Alfred Douglas
Baker, Allenby Leslie
Baker, Alwyn Royce
Baker, Amos William
Baker, Ancil Chalmer
Baker, Archibald Holloway
Baker, Arthur Charles Henry
Baker, Arthur Fred
Baker, Arthur Stanley
Baker, Arthur Vernon
Baker, Barrie
Baker, Benjamin Thomas Morgan
Baker, Brendan Denham
Baker, Carl George
Baker, Cecil Donald
Baker, Cecil Harman
Baker, Charles Gordon
Baker, Charles Grindle
Baker, Charles Henry
Baker, Charles Henry
Baker, Charles Oren
Baker, Charles Patrick
Baker, Charles Richard Henry
Baker, Charles William
Baker, Charles William
Baker, Christopher Thomas
Baker, Clifford Stanley
Baker, Colin Roy
Baker, Cyril
Baker, Cyril
Baker, Cyril Claude
Baker, Cyril George
Baker, David
Baker, David Christopher Henry
Baker, Denis George
Baker, Dennis Harold
Baker, Donald
Baker, Donald Leslie
Baker, Douglas Charles
Baker, Douglas George
Baker, Douglas Haig
Baker, Earle Edward
Baker, Edgar Francis
Baker, Edward Donald
Baker, Edward George
Baker, Edward Gordon
Baker, Edward Jabez
Baker, Edward Thomas John
Baker, Edward William
Baker, Elwyn Glyndwr
Baker, Eric Debnam
Baker, Eric Gordon
Baker, Eric Gordon Fay Beaumont
Baker, Eric Holdgate
Baker, Eric Walter Kenneth
Baker, Eric William
Baker, Ernest George
Baker, Ernest Manley
Baker, Ernest Reginald
Baker, Ernest Thomas
Baker, Francis George
Baker, Francis William
Baker, Frank Ernest
Baker, Frank Ernest
Baker, Frank Greenaway
Baker, Frank Henry
Baker, Frank Weldon
Baker, Frank William
Baker, Frederick Arthur
Baker, Frederick Basil
Baker, Frederick Cyril
Baker, Frederick Ernest
Baker, Frederick Gifford Douglas
Baker, Frederick John
Baker, Frederick John
Baker, Frederick John
Baker, Frederick Robert William
Baker, Frederick Walter
Baker, Frederick William
Baker, Frederick William
Baker, Geoffrey Anthony
Baker, Geoffrey John
Baker, Geoffrey Russell
Baker, George
Baker, George
Baker, George Arthur
Baker, George Edward
Baker, George Glanville
Baker, George Harman
Baker, George Raymond
Baker, George William Frederick
Baker, George Wilson Wood
Baker, Gerald William
Baker, Gilbert
Baker, Gilbert Campbell
Baker, Gordon
Baker, Harold Reginald
Baker, Harold Rolin
Baker, Harold Stanley
Baker, Harry
Baker, Harry Ernest
Baker, Henry Douglas
Baker, Henry George
Baker, Henry George
Baker, Henry Lewis
Baker, Herbert
Baker, Herbert
Baker, Herbert Allan
Baker, Herbert Charles
Baker, Herbert Samuel
Baker, Horace
Baker, Howard Charles
Baker, Howard Warburton
Baker, Hugh Anthony Ballantine
Baker, Ivan Leslie
Baker, Jack
Baker, Jack H.
Baker, Jack Hilton
Baker, Jacques Gordon
Baker, James
Baker, James Guthrie
Baker, James Howard
Baker, James Potter
Baker, James William
Baker, Jeffrey Robert Austin
Baker, Joan Doris
Baker, Johial William
Baker, John
Baker, John
Baker, John
Baker, John
Baker, John Albert
Baker, John Alexander
Baker, John Clare
Baker, John Custance
Baker, John David
Baker, John Douglas
Baker, John Jule
Baker, John Robert
Baker, Joseph Harold Andrews
Baker, Joseph Kenneth
Baker, Joseph Robert Patrick
Baker, Keith Russell
Baker, Kelts Colfax
Baker, Leonard Alec
Baker, Leonard Anthony
Baker, Leonard Thomas
Baker, Leslie George
Baker, Leslie Jack
Baker, Leslie Treloar
Baker, Louis Michael Gabriel
Baker, Margaret Rosina
Baker, Maurice
Baker, Maurice William L'Isle La V.
Baker, Murray Richard Frederick
Baker, Naunton Morgan
Baker, Ned
Baker, Neville Percy
Baker, Nicholas
Baker, Norman Frederick
Baker, Percival John
Baker, Peter Aveline Slaney
Baker, Peter Dorsan
Baker, Peter Francis
Baker, Peter Joseph
Baker, Peter William
Baker, Ralph Murray
Baker, Raymond William
Baker, Reginald George
Baker, Reginald Jenkins
Baker, Reginald Wilfred
Baker, Reginald William
Baker, Richard Aubrey
Baker, Richard Henry
Baker, Richard James
Baker, Richard Roland
Baker, Robert Arthur
Baker, Robert Charles
Baker, Robert Edward
Baker, Robert Edward
Baker, Robert Edwin
Baker, Robert Henry
Baker, Robert Minton
Baker, Robert Wilson
Baker, Ronald
Baker, Ronald Charles William Gibson
Baker, Ronald David
Baker, Ronald Dennis
Baker, Ronald Lavender
Baker, Ronald Valentine
Baker, Ronald William
Baker, Roy Barry
Baker, Selwyn Rutherford
Baker, Shirley Waldemar Frank
Baker, Sidney
Baker, Stanley
Baker, Stanley James
Baker, Stephen George
Baker, Sydney Nevil
Baker, Sydney Robert
Baker, Terence Charles
Baker, Thomas
Baker, Thomas
Baker, Thomas David
Baker, Thomas Henry
Baker, Thomas Henry William
Baker, Thomas Lloyd
Baker, Valentine
Baker, Vernon Reginald
Baker, Victor Charles Rudkin
Baker, Victor Edward
Baker, Victor George
Baker, Victor James
Baker, Victor Reginald
Baker, Walter George
Baker, Walter John
Baker, Walter Merrill
Baker, Wilfred Eric
Baker, Wilfred Stanley
Baker, William
Baker, William
Baker, William Albert
Baker, William Charles
Baker, William George
Baker, William Henry
Baker, William James
Baker, William John
Baker, William Leroy
Baker, William Long
Baker, William Martin
Bakes, Wilfred
Bakewell, James Henry
Bakewell, Tom
Bakke, Finn Ornulf
Bakkes, D C
Bakun, Waclaw
Bala, Edward Stanley
Bala, Eugeniusz
Balaam, Edgar Donald
Balaam, Ernest
Balaam, Horace William
Balasse, Maurice Arthur Leon
Balasubramaniam, R
Balbir Singh Bhalla,
Balbir Singh,
Balcarek, Wilhelm Andrzej
Balcer, Cyril Rene
Balch, Jack Eric
Balch, Walter Henry
Balchin, Bernard James
Balchin, Reginald Herbert Jack
Balchin, William Thomas
Balcom, Maurice Edward
Balcombe, Alfred Alexander
Balcombe, Gordon Robertson
Baldachin, Sydney Douglas
Balden, Robert Alexander
Balden, Samuel Richard
Balderston, Edward Asthorpe
Balderston, John Percival Ernest
Baldev Krishan Nanda,
Baldev Singh,
Baldie, Stanley Webster
Baldie, William John
Balding, John Thomas
Balding, Keith Todd
Baldock, Albert Arthur
Baldock, Alfred James
Baldock, Edward Allan
Baldock, Frederick Edward
Baldock, Harold Ivo Mckensey
Baldock, Harry Tyre (Jim)
Baldock, Harry William
Baldock, Lewis George
Baldock, Lionel Edward
Baldock, Richard Marlow
Baldry, Arthur Edward
Baldry, Cecil Malcolm
Baldry, Earl Freiman
Baldry, Ernest James
Baldry, Kenneth Aldred
Baldry, Ronald Grayham
Balduff, William
Baldwin, Albert Hankinson
Baldwin, Alexander James
Baldwin, Arthur
Baldwin, Bernard Henry John
Baldwin, Bernard Oliver
Baldwin, Cecil Henry
Baldwin, Charles Arthur William
Baldwin, Conrad Thomas Frederick
Baldwin, Cyril Harold
Baldwin, Edward Alexander
Baldwin, Edward William
Baldwin, Eric Phillip
Baldwin, Ernest Edward John
Baldwin, Ernest William
Baldwin, Frank
Baldwin, Frank Henry
Baldwin, Frederick
Baldwin, George Jesse
Baldwin, Godfrey Ernest William
Baldwin, Harold Victor
Baldwin, Herbert Leslie
Baldwin, Jack
Baldwin, Jack St. Ledger
Baldwin, Jesse Augustus
Baldwin, John
Baldwin, John Moody
Baldwin, John Stanley
Baldwin, Kenneth George
Baldwin, Lawrence William
Baldwin, Leonard Stanley
Baldwin, Leslie Harold
Baldwin, Mary
Baldwin, Mervyn John Fitzhardinge
Baldwin, Owen Morgan
Baldwin, Peter
Baldwin, Peter Charles
Baldwin, Raymond
Baldwin, Robert William
Baldwin, Ronald William Benjamin
Baldwin, Roy Thomas
Baldwin, Stanley
Baldwin, Stanley Alfred
Baldwin, Wilfred Guy
Baldwin, William Albert John
Baldwin, William Francis
Baldwin, William Henry
Baldwinson, Walter Baldwin
Baldwyn, Antony Flemlng
Bale, Alan Dennis
Bale, Aubrey Herbert
Bale, Charles Francis (Paddy)
Bale, Frank Edwin Fricker
Bale, Leslie Arthur
Bale, Thomas
Balendu Chakraverty,
Bales, John James
Bales, Leslie Percy
Bales, Peter Richard
Balfour-Kinnear, George Thomas
Balfour, Andrew George
Balfour, D V
Balfour, David John Shepherd
Balfour, Donald Campbell
Balfour, John William
Balfour, Joseph Smillie
Balfour, Raymonde Derek
Balham, James Frederick
Balich, Leonard
Balinson, Alexander B.
Baljinder Singh,
Balkam, Marshall Edwin
Balkin, Morris Ernest
Balkrishan Bakhshi,
Balkwill, Henry John
Balkwill, Stanley Herbert
Ball, Alan Roy Bradford
Ball, Albert
Ball, Albert G.
Ball, Albert Ransome
Ball, Alec
Ball, Alex William Charles
Ball, Alfred Desmond John
Ball, Allan
Ball, Anthony Guy
Ball, Brian Francis
Ball, Christopher Francis (Doogie)
Ball, Cyril Dennis
Ball, Dennis
Ball, Derrick John
Ball, Desmond Arthur John William
Ball, Donald Faulkner
Ball, Donald George Elmore
Ball, Douglas Albert
Ball, Dudley Edgar
Ball, Edmund Russell
Ball, Edward Cecil
Ball, Edward Frank
Ball, Eric
Ball, F J
Ball, Frank
Ball, Frank James
Ball, Fred
Ball, Frederick
Ball, Frederick Charles
Ball, Frederick William
Ball, Frederick William Ewart
Ball, George Edward
Ball, George Eric
Ball, George Mark
Ball, George William
Ball, Gregory Herbert
Ball, Harold Edward William
Ball, Harold Herbert
Ball, Harold Lester
Ball, Harry Edwin
Ball, Henry John
Ball, Herbert H
Ball, Ivor George
Ball, James Henry
Ball, John Brayfield
Ball, John Howard
Ball, John Potter
Ball, Joseph
Ball, Joseph Dixon
Ball, Joseph Walter
Ball, Kenneth
Ball, Kenneth Herbert
Ball, Kenneth Rhodes
Ball, Kenneth Richard
Ball, Leonard William
Ball, Leslie
Ball, Melville Henry
Ball, Mervin Ainsley
Ball, Norman Sargeant
Ball, Peter Allen
Ball, Peter William
Ball, Ralph Alan Anthony
Ball, Raymond Findlay
Ball, Reginald William Herbert
Ball, Richard
Ball, Richard Beart
Ball, Robert Lionel Harman
Ball, Robert Walter
Ball, Robert William
Ball, Ronald James
Ball, Ronald Sidney
Ball, Russell Sidney
Ball, Stanley
Ball, Thomas
Ball, Thomas Manning Curzon
Ball, Wilfrid Langdon
Ball, William
Ball, William Alfred Henry
Ball, William Arthur Coleman
Ball, William David John Harper
Ball, William Leonard
Ball, William Sidney
Ballamy, Norman Lewis
Ballance, Denis Charles
Ballance, Samuel
Ballantine, Arthur Alexander
Ballantine, Ronald George
Ballantyne, Alexander Forbes
Ballantyne, Angus Granger
Ballantyne, Herbert Gregory
Ballantyne, James Hamilton
Ballantyne, James Shearer Wood
Ballantyne, John
Ballantyne, John Fernie Cullen
Ballantyne, John Robinson
Ballantyne, Orville Russel
Ballantyne, Raymond Robert Stanley
Ballantyne, Richard
Ballantyne, Robert
Ballantyne, Thomas
Ballantyne, Wallace Bruce
Ballantyne, William George
Ballard, Albert William Henry
Ballard, Brian Henry
Ballard, Cyril James
Ballard, Edwin George
Ballard, George Edward John
Ballard, George James
Ballard, H G
Ballard, James Eric William
Ballard, Maurice
Ballard, Norman Garnet
Ballard, Philip Sidney
Ballard, Robert Christopher
Ballard, Ronald William
Ballard, Russell Aubrey
Ballard, Sidney Howard
Ballard, Victor Norman
Ballard, William
Ballard, William Arthur
Ballas-Andersen, Konstantine
Ballauff, Roland Walter
Balleine, Bernard George Payn
Ballentine, Robert Elmer
Baller, Karl
Balley, Frederick Ernest George
Balley, Julien William Noel
Ballingall, Donald Leslie
Ballingall, Norman Gray
Ballinger, Anthony Walter Breewood
Ballinger, Arthur John
Ballinger, Brian Thomas
Ballinger, George
Ballinger, Henry Clasper
Ballinger, William Stanley
Balloch, Albert
Balloch, James Hamilton
Balls, Arthur James
Balls, Donald Albert Oliver
Balls, Frank Philip
Balls, Terence Arthur
Balls, William Ronald
Ballwieser, Herbert
Balmain, Henry
Balman, John Henry
Balmer, David
Balmer, James
Balmer, John Hawes
Balmer, John Raeburn
Balmer, William Lockie
Balmforth, Dennis
Balmforth, George
Balmforth, Henry Nicholson
Balmforth, Thomas Whiteley
Balon, Wladyslaw
Balraj Blaggana,
Balsdon, Denys Finlay
Balsdon, Desmond Ernest
Balsdon, Roland Charles
Balser, Charles Arthur
Balshaw, James Heseltine
Balsom, Albert John
Balston, James Peter Henry
Baltinester, Golda
Baltzer, Ross Lloyd
Balucki, Josef
Balwantrao Chawan,
Balzer, Christian Samuel
Bamber, Derek Inman
Bamber, Frederick George
Bamber, Harry John
Bamber, Hugh Christopher Morris
Bamber, John Stephen
Bamber, Joseph William
Bamber, Keith
Bamber, Samuel Arthur
Bamber, T A
Bamber, Thomas Frederick
Bamberough, Robert
Bambrick, Virgil Gilbert
Bambridge, Ernest Harold
Bambridge, James Henry
Bambridge, Leslie
Bambury, Joseph John
Bambury, Roy Henry
Bambusek, Jan
Bamford, Bernard
Bamford, Charles Glendinning
Bamford, David
Bamford, Eric
Bamford, George
Bamford, Joel Thomas
Bamford, John
Bamford, Norman Llewellyn
Bamford, Norman Llewellyn
Bamford, Philip Edward
Bamford, Richard Benner
Bamford, Richmond Dean
Bamford, Robert Alec
Bamford, Tom
Bamforth, Leonard
Bamjee, Dinshaw Sorab
Bamkin, Eric George
Bamkin, Theodore Frederick
Bampton, Ernest Stephen
Bamsey, Dora Marion
Banachowicz, Antoni
Banasik, Tadeusz Kazimierz
Banbury, Richard Mostyn Graham
Bance, Eric
Bancescu, George
Bancroft, Arthur Stephen
Bancroft, Ernest Walter
Bancroft, Joseph
Bancroft, Joseph Wallace
Bancroft, Kenneth Reeve
Bancroft, Leslie
Bancroft, William Stuart
Band, Alfred Vernon
Band, George Rupert
Band, Peter Sherlock
Band, Robert
Bandeen, Frank Alexander
Bandi Sriramulu Venugopal,
Bandinel, James Julius Frederick Henry
Bandle, Leo
Bandur, Sigmund Bernard
Bandy, Frederick Alexander
Bandy, John Percy William
Baness, John Haycroft Henniker
Banfield, Alfred John
Banfield, Arthur Harold
Banfield, Bruce Richard
Banfield, Clive Walter
Banfield, Dennis Samuel
Banfield, Derek Francis
Banfield, Francis Harold
Banfield, John
Banfield, Kenneth John
Banfield, Raymond Charles
Banford, James Greenwood
Banford, Rosslyn Glover
Bangay, Percy Norman
Bangley, Leonard William
Bangs, Archibald Robert
Bangs, Eric Cecil
Bangs, George Charles
Banham, Alan
Banham, David De Bower
Banham, Douglas Walter
Banham, Ulic Julian
Banham, William Godfrey
Banikhin, Lawrence
Banin, Marcus
Banister, James Francis
Banister, Wallace Arthur
Bankier, Archibald Miller
Bankier, Lili Stefania
Bankowski, Piotr Ryszard
Banks-Martin, Robert Alexander
Banks, Alan Raymond
Banks, Alexander
Banks, Alfred George
Banks, Arthur
Banks, Charles
Banks, Cyril Alfred
Banks, Cyril Edward
Banks, David Frank Rawlinson
Banks, Desmond John
Banks, Douglas Norman
Banks, Edward William
Banks, Edwin Thomas
Banks, Eric Frank
Banks, Eric George
Banks, Frank
Banks, Fredrick Cecil
Banks, George
Banks, George
Banks, George Graham
Banks, George Leslie
Banks, Gordon John
Banks, Graham Nelson
Banks, Harold
Banks, Harry Geoffrey
Banks, Ivan William
Banks, Jack Standish
Banks, James
Banks, James Hector
Banks, James Rodgers
Banks, John
Banks, John Alec
Banks, John Charles Lyon
Banks, Joseph
Banks, Kenneth James
Banks, Leo Joseph
Banks, Leslie
Banks, Lloyd Marshall
Banks, Malcolm James
Banks, Neville Lavis
Banks, Norman George Wedd
Banks, Peter
Banks, Raymond Knighton
Banks, Reginald George
Banks, Reginald John
Banks, Reginald Walter
Banks, Richard George
Banks, Richard Hooton
Banks, Robert
Banks, Robert Arthur
Banks, Robert Charles
Banks, Robert Edward
Banks, Robert James Lloyd
Banks, Ronald Frederick
Banks, Ronald James
Banks, Ronald Joseph
Banks, Stirling David
Banks, Thomas George
Banks, Thomas Stephen
Banks, Tom
Banks, William Amos
Banks, William George
Bann, Jack
Bann, Samuel Eric
Bannan, Joseph Bernard
Bannatyne, Hugh
Bannatyne, William Watson
Bannear, Ronald Kenneth
Banner, Arthur Leonard George
Banner, Francis Scott
Banner, Robert
Banner, Walter Reginald
Banner, William James
Banner, William Taylor
Bannerman-Pillai, Kenneth
Bannerman, Douglas Robert
Bannerman, Oliver
Bannerman, Prince Paul
Bannier, Arthur William
Bannihr, Robert Huston
Banning, Albert Edward Frederick
Banning, James Edgar Victor
Bannister, Brian Stanley
Bannister, Donald William
Bannister, Douglas Patrick
Bannister, Gerard Harcourt
Bannister, Harry Ernest
Bannister, Hugh George
Bannister, John Russell
Bannister, Kenneth Edward
Bannister, Raymond Frank
Bannister, Robert Douglas Murray
Bannister, Rupert Theodore
Bannister, Victor Ian Claude James
Bannister, William Geoffrey
Bannon, Carlin Anthony
Bannon, James
Banta Singh,
Banting, John Albert Stokes
Banting, Stanley James
Bantock, Paul Leedham
Bantoft, Norman Herbert
Banton, Dick Meldrum Alfred
Banvill, Norman Robert
Banwari Lal,
Banyard, Albert
Banyer, James
Baptie, Thomas Wilfred
Baptist, Robert
Baptist, Sigishuna Tony
Barabonoff, Joseph Alexander
Baraclough, Douglas Samuel
Baracz, Eugeniusz Jerzy
Baragwanath, Ronald Elliott
Baran, Ludwik
Baran, Michael
Baras, Mark Sidney
Baraw, James Arthur
Barbe, Maurice Jean
Barbeau, Norman William
Barbeler, Gerard Sydney
Barber, Albert Roy
Barber, Alfred Lionel
Barber, Anthony Louis Henry
Barber, Arthur
Barber, Aubrey George
Barber, Bernard Higson
Barber, Bramwell Rockliff
Barber, Brian Samuel
Barber, Bruce Bertram
Barber, Cecil Stanley
Barber, Cedric Ivan
Barber, Charles Albert Mark
Barber, Charles Bertram
Barber, Charles Maurice
Barber, Clive Jarvis
Barber, Dennis Albert
Barber, Dennis Robert
Barber, Dennis William
Barber, Donald Francis
Barber, Edward John
Barber, Elliott Frederick
Barber, Eric Spencer
Barber, Francis John Mcneil
Barber, Fred
Barber, Frederick Albert
Barber, Frederick Edward
Barber, Frederick George
Barber, Frederick George
Barber, Frederick George
Barber, George Charles
Barber, George Harold
Barber, George John William
Barber, George Peter
Barber, George William
Barber, Harry
Barber, Harry
Barber, Herbert Boyd
Barber, Herbert Francis
Barber, Hubert Knight
Barber, Irvine Alfred Maxwell
Barber, James Douglas
Barber, James Ernest
Barber, James William
Barber, John
Barber, John Desmond Mulhall
Barber, John Douglas
Barber, John Michael Wickham
Barber, John Stuart
Barber, John Wallace
Barber, John Wilfred
Barber, Joseph
Barber, Joseph Louis
Barber, Joseph William George
Barber, Josiah Trevor
Barber, Kenneth Arthur
Barber, Kenneth Charles
Barber, Kenneth Page
Barber, Leonard Percival
Barber, Lewis Randall
Barber, Michael Timothy
Barber, Peter William
Barber, Raymond Charles
Barber, Raymond Franklin Lindsay
Barber, Richard Thomas
Barber, Robert John
Barber, Roland Henry
Barber, Ross Gordon Norman
Barber, Sidney Basil
Barber, William John
Barber, William Ronald
Barbery, Frank Walter
Barbet, Eugene Herman
Barbey, Arthur William John
Barbey, Winifred Ada
Barbezat, Charles Lawrence
Barbone, Dennis George
Barbour, Arthur Alexander
Barbour, David Murray
Barbour, Donald Crosbie
Barbour, Francis Girvin
Barbour, Frank Douglas
Barbour, J
Barbour, James
Barbour, James Douglas
Barbour, Matthew Muir
Barbour, Robert Carlisle
Barbour, Robert Ross
Barbour, Stanley John
Barbour, Stuart Douglas
Barbour, William Morgan
Barcicki, Jerzy
Barcikowski, Jerzy Witold
Barcikowski, Jozef
Barclay, Arnold Smedley
Barclay, Arthur
Barclay, David Pringle
Barclay, Douglas Mcleod
Barclay, Frederick
Barclay, George
Barclay, George Ledingham
Barclay, J Macr
Barclay, James
Barclay, James Arthur
Barclay, John Bell
Barclay, John Mcgowan
Barclay, Owen Kidd
Barclay, Philip Grimshaw
Barclay, Richard George Arthur
Barclay, Thomas Hugh
Barclay, Thomas Smith
Barclay, William Benzie
Barclay, William Richmond
Barclay, William Scott
Barcroft, Francis Leslie
Barcroft, Richard Neilson
Bardecki, Antoni
Bardell, Kenneth Maurice
Barden, Alfred Vernon Cecil
Barden, George Alfred Frederick
Barden, Henry Keith
Barden, John Leslie Emery
Barden, William Morris
Bardgett, Joseph Edward Crombie
Bardgett, Nelson Lemar
Bardicev, Aba
Bardill, Cecil
Bardolph, George Malcolm
Bardsley, Eric
Bardsley, Harold
Bardsley, Keith Warren
Bardwell, Charles Alfred
Bardwell, Graham Keith
Bardwell, Harley Russell
Bareham, David Horace
Bareham, Maurice Archibald Victor
Barer, Harry
Barff, Edward Denis Tootal
Barfield, Eric William
Barfod, Walter
Barfoot, Eric Edward
Barfoot, Joseph Colclough
Barfoot, Thomas Bertram
Barford, Alan Hedges
Barford, George Harrison
Barford, John
Barge, Arthur Lowthian
Barge, Ernest Frederick
Bargh, George William
Barham, Douglas Reginald
Barham, Edward Frederick Maurice
Barham, Geoffrey Cornelius Arthur
Barham, Harry Frederick
Barham, Leonard Alfred
Barham, Norman Alfred Henry
Barham, Reginald George
Barham, Sam
Barham, Stanley George Rayner
Barham, Wilfred
Barham, William Edward
Baribeau, Leo Joseph
Baril, Joseph Roger
Baring-gould, Benjamin Gordon
Bark, Eric Walter
Bark, George Charles Dennis
Barkel, Albert Valentine
Barkell, John Donald Stewart
Barker-benfield, George Francis
Barker, Albert
Barker, Alfred Cyril Seymour
Barker, Allan Trevor
Barker, Anthony
Barker, Arthur
Barker, Atholl
Barker, Benjamin
Barker, Bernard Andrew
Barker, Bernard George
Barker, Carl Edmund
Barker, Charles Dennis
Barker, David Conquest
Barker, David John
Barker, David William
Barker, Dennis
Barker, Dennis Norman
Barker, Derrick Maxwell
Barker, Desmond Wallace Ferguson
Barker, Donald Schofield
Barker, Eleanor M.
Barker, Eric Ernest
Barker, Eric Harry Frederic
Barker, Eric Wilfred
Barker, Ernest Arthur
Barker, Ernest William Henry
Barker, Francis Reginald
Barker, Frank
Barker, Frank Harvey
Barker, Frank Joseph
Barker, Frederick
Barker, Frederick Cecil
Barker, Frederick Frank
Barker, Gareth Allan
Barker, George
Barker, George Leonard
Barker, George Thomas
Barker, Gerald
Barker, Gerald Gordon
Barker, Gerald Louis
Barker, Gilbert Nickless
Barker, Gordon Ross
Barker, Harold
Barker, Harry Kenneth
Barker, Henry
Barker, Herbert
Barker, Herbert Hawley
Barker, Herbert Victor
Barker, Herbert William
Barker, Horace Sydney
Barker, Hugo James Ross
Barker, Isobel Mary
Barker, James Melvin (Jimmy)
Barker, Jeffrey William
Barker, John Douglas
Barker, John Keel
Barker, John Langford Desmond
Barker, John Norman
Barker, John Samuel
Barker, John Skinner
Barker, John William
Barker, Kenneth Henry
Barker, Kenneth Hubert
Barker, Kenneth Stowell Harrison
Barker, Kenneth William
Barker, Laurence Sidney
Barker, Leonard
Barker, Leonard Cross
Barker, Leonard Samuel
Barker, Leonard William
Barker, Leslie
Barker, Leslie
Barker, Lloyd Roger
Barker, Malcolm Melly
Barker, Marcus Edgar
Barker, Myron Edward
Barker, Nigel William
Barker, Norman
Barker, Norman
Barker, R F G
Barker, Raymond
Barker, Reginald
Barker, Richard Atkinson
Barker, Richard Charlwood
Barker, Richard Percival William
Barker, Richard Stockdale
Barker, Robert Bramston
Barker, Robert Edward
Barker, Robert Grainger
Barker, Robert John
Barker, Robert Meggison
Barker, Robert Walton
Barker, Roger Phillip
Barker, Ronald Frederick
Barker, Ronald Owen
Barker, Stanley Frank
Barker, Thomas
Barker, Thomas
Barker, Thomas Anthony
Barker, Thomas Edward
Barker, Thomas Frederick
Barker, Thomas Roy
Barker, Thomas William
Barker, Wallace
Barker, Walter
Barker, William Arthur
Barker, William Edward Holliday
Barker, William Eric
Barker, William Frederick
Barker, William James
Barker, William John
Barkham, Douglas Anthony
Barkham, George William Harry
Barkham, Ronald John
Barkhouse, Donald Frederick
Barkla, John Michael
Barklam, John Wentworth (Jack)
Barklay, Harold Edward
Barkley, Andrew
Barkley, Eric Hamilton
Barkley, Hugh Alastair Yuille
Barkley, J J
Barks, William Gilbert
Barks, William Gilbert
Barkshire, Albert Leslie
Barkway, Donald
Barkway, John Rutherford
Barkway, Percy James William
Barkwell, John Herbert
Barkworth, Barrie
Barlass, Kenneth
Barlegs, Stanley George
Barley, Colin Joel
Barley, David Llewellyn
Barley, Edward
Barley, Ernest Cecil
Barley, Frederick Hugh
Barley, Frederick Norman
Barley, Walter Ernest
Barling, Grahame William
Barling, Sydney Roy
Barlow, Alastair George
Barlow, Albert Edward
Barlow, Albert Kenneth
Barlow, Arnold Thomas
Barlow, Charles Alfred
Barlow, Cyril Edgar
Barlow, Cyril Oscare
Barlow, David Arnold
Barlow, Dennis John Blackie
Barlow, Donald Vincent
Barlow, Edward Shirley
Barlow, Edward Stanley
Barlow, Eric Joseph Nutley Leighton
Barlow, Eric Stanley
Barlow, Ernest Cecil
Barlow, Francis Reginald
Barlow, Frank
Barlow, Fred
Barlow, Frederick
Barlow, Garnet Mack Bernard
Barlow, George
Barlow, Harold
Barlow, Harry
Barlow, James George
Barlow, James Robert
Barlow, John
Barlow, John Colclough
Barlow, John Herbert
Barlow, John Preston
Barlow, Lawrence
Barlow, Leonard
Barlow, Leslie George
Barlow, Norman James
Barlow, Owen Hugh
Barlow, Percy
Barlow, Peter Sidney
Barlow, Philip Tyers
Barlow, Raymond William
Barlow, Reginald Dennis
Barlow, Reginald Newman
Barlow, Robert Norman George
Barlow, Ronald Alfred
Barlow, Ronald Kenneth (Ron)
Barlow, Ronald Malcolm
Barlow, Ronald William
Barlow, Thomas
Barlow, Wilfred Horace Raymond
Barlow, William Herbert
Barlow, William Thomas
Barltrop, Kenneth John
Barnaby, George Edward Kitchener
Barnard, Albert Leonard
Barnard, Alfred Monro
Barnard, Anthony Edgar Buchanan
Barnard, David Francis
Barnard, David Russell
Barnard, Donald George
Barnard, Frederick Vernon
Barnard, George Henry
Barnard, Gordon Leonard
Barnard, Henry
Barnard, Henry Walter
Barnard, James Arthur
Barnard, James George
Barnard, John
Barnard, John
Barnard, John William Clarence
Barnard, Leonard Joseph
Barnard, Leslie James
Barnard, Leslie William Arthur
Barnard, Michael Charles
Barnard, Michael Stanley
Barnard, Robin Edgell
Barnard, Stanley Harry
Barnard, Wilfred Stanley
Barnby, M
Barnden, John Walton
Barnden, Leo Ronald
Barnes, A R
Barnes, Alan Douglas
Barnes, Albert Edward
Barnes, Anthony Drew Ashby
Barnes, Anthony Leon Victor
Barnes, Arnold John
Barnes, Arthur
Barnes, Arthur
Barnes, Arthur John George
Barnes, Arthur Mallinson
Barnes, Arthur Walter
Barnes, Charles Clarence
Barnes, Clarence
Barnes, David George
Barnes, Dennis Victor Henry
Barnes, Derryk
Barnes, Donald Arthur
Barnes, Douglas
Barnes, Douglas Harold
Barnes, Douglas Martin
Barnes, Douglas Stephen
Barnes, Edwin Alfred Dennis
Barnes, Edwin Charles Albert
Barnes, Eric Arthur
Barnes, Eric Raymond
Barnes, Frank Stanley
Barnes, Frederick
Barnes, Frederick Charles
Barnes, Frederick James
Barnes, Frederick John Charles
Barnes, Geoffrey
Barnes, George
Barnes, George Edward Clayden
Barnes, George Frederick
Barnes, George James
Barnes, George Kenneth
Barnes, George Neville
Barnes, George William
Barnes, Gordon Derrick
Barnes, Gordon John Lunney
Barnes, Henry Lewis
Barnes, Herbert Evan Paul
Barnes, Herbert Frederick
Barnes, Herbert Rhys
Barnes, James Arthur
Barnes, James Frederick
Barnes, James Henry
Barnes, James Lewis Joseph
Barnes, James Snowden
Barnes, John
Barnes, John
Barnes, John Benjamin
Barnes, John Desmond
Barnes, John Francis
Barnes, John Hamilton
Barnes, John Loughnan
Barnes, John Malcolm
Barnes, John Osmotherley
Barnes, John Robert
Barnes, Keith Ormond
Barnes, Kenneth Victor
Barnes, Leonard James
Barnes, Leonard John
Barnes, Leslie John
Barnes, Leslie Stuart
Barnes, Louis Harold
Barnes, Luke
Barnes, Norman Edward
Barnes, Norman Eric John
Barnes, Owen Cicero Charles
Barnes, Peter Adin
Barnes, Peter Robert Blackmore
Barnes, Raymond
Barnes, Raymond James
Barnes, Reginald Henry
Barnes, Robert
Barnes, Robert
Barnes, Robert Edward
Barnes, Robin Harold
Barnes, Roland Roy
Barnes, Ronald
Barnes, Ronald Arthur
Barnes, Ronald Hanson
Barnes, Roy Haywood
Barnes, Roy Laurence
Barnes, Samuel Stanley
Barnes, Sidney James
Barnes, Stanley
Barnes, Stephen Kendall
Barnes, Sydney
Barnes, Sydney Roy
Barnes, Thomas Cyril
Barnes, Thomas Edward
Barnes, Vernon Stewart
Barnes, Victor Joseph
Barnes, Walter Henry John
Barnes, William
Barnes, William Geoffrey
Barnes, William George
Barnes, William George
Barnes, William James
Barnes, William Stanley
Barnes, William Thomas
Barnes, William Trevor
Barnett, Alec David
Barnett, Alfred John
Barnett, Cecil Douglas
Barnett, Claudian George
Barnett, Conrad Alfred Stanley
Barnett, David
Barnett, Edwin Alfred
Barnett, Ernest William
Barnett, Frank Ernest
Barnett, Frederick William
Barnett, George
Barnett, George Andrew
Barnett, George Howell
Barnett, Henry Raymond
Barnett, Herbert William
Barnett, Horace Edwin
Barnett, Jack Henry
Barnett, James
Barnett, John
Barnett, Joseph Roy
Barnett, Kenneth Gordon
Barnett, Kenneth Henry
Barnett, Kenneth Lewis
Barnett, Laurence Philip
Barnett, Leonard Martin
Barnett, Leonard Victor
Barnett, Leslie Sidney
Barnett, Michael Edward Fulton
Barnett, Milton Howitt
Barnett, Phillip Sydney
Barnett, Redmond Lewis
Barnett, Ronald Robinson
Barnett, Ross Frederick
Barnett, Stanley Sutton
Barnett, Stewart Sidney
Barnett, Thomas
Barnett, Thomas Brian Brundrett
Barnett, Thomas James
Barnett, Thomas Scott
Barnett, William Henry
Barnett, William Henry
Barnett, William John
Barneveld, Robert
Barney, Cyril Denis
Barnfather, Claude Cecil
Barnfather, Douglas Allen
Barnfather, Eliot Ralph
Barnfather, William John
Barnfield, Colin Edward Hunter
Barnfield, Harry
Barnfield, Harry Gordon
Barnfield, Kenneth William
Barnfield, Leslie Arthur
Barnhill, Thomas Blackwood
Barnicke, Peter
Barnicoat, Ronald Ernest
Barnicott, Alfred Thomas James
Barnie, Donald George
Barnier, John
Barnitt, Heslop Miles Frederick
Barnley, John Richard
Barns, Frederick William
Barnsdale, Frank Sharpe
Barnsley, Percy
Barnson, Arthur Theodore
Barnwell, David Usher
Barnwell, Harold James
Barnwell, Jack Weston
Barnwell, John Sandes
Barnwell, Kenneth James
Barnwell, Reginald Oldham
Barnwell, Richard Antony
Baron, Albert
Baron, Arnold Frederick
Baron, Donald John Kelsall
Baron, Edgar Harold
Baron, Ernest Emmanuel
Baron, Francis Henry
Baron, Nick John
Baron, Norman
Baron, Rudolf
Baron, Rupert Victor
Baron, Thomas Joseph
Baroni, Raymond John
Barr, Adam John Mcdowall
Barr, Alexander
Barr, Alexander Mckay
Barr, Andrew Coulter
Barr, Benjamin
Barr, Charles Rae
Barr, Cyril
Barr, David Murray
Barr, Dennis
Barr, Dennis Ronald
Barr, Derek Singleton
Barr, Donald Leighton Spence
Barr, Edward
Barr, Eric William
Barr, Ernest Henry Mackenzie
Barr, Frederick Arthur
Barr, George F.
Barr, George Henry
Barr, Henry Charles
Barr, Hubert William John
Barr, Iden E.
Barr, James Gordon
Barr, James Miller
Barr, John Hamilton
Barr, Keith Alec
Barr, Larry Howard Jesse
Barr, Laurence
Barr, Leslie Ronald
Barr, Patrick Allan
Barr, Peter
Barr, Peter
Barr, Philip Rex
Barr, Richard Burls
Barr, Richard Eugene
Barr, Robert
Barr, Robert
Barr, Robert
Barr, Robert Allan
Barr, Robert Campbell
Barr, Robert James
Barr, Robert Lennox
Barr, Robert Thomas
Barr, Stanley James
Barr, Thomas Archibald
Barr, William Buntin
Barr, William John
Barr, Willis Eric
Barraball, Gordon James
Barrable, Eric C.
Barraclough, Cyril
Barraclough, John Vaughan
Barraclough, Leonard
Barraclough, Leonard Henry
Barraclough, Oswald
Barraclough, William
Barradell, Edward Bertram
Barrah, Thomas John
Barran, Philip Henry
Barrand, Laurence Albert
Barrass, Alexander Scougal Gibson
Barrass, John Morgan
Barrass, Richard
Barrat, Douglas Harry Montague
Barratt, Alan Frederick
Barratt, Arthur
Barratt, Edward Douglas
Barratt, Elgar
Barratt, Eric
Barratt, Frank
Barratt, Fred
Barratt, Frederick Arthur
Barratt, Reginald Harry
Barratt, Roy Stanley
Barratt, T O G
Barratt, Thomas
Barratt, Wilfrid
Barrell, Arthur Reginald Owen
Barrell, Charles Sewell
Barrell, Ernest Rowe Newton
Barrell, Francis George
Barrell, John Mclaren
Barrell, Robert George (Bob)
Barret, Hugh
Barrett-Lennard, Dacre
Barrett-Lennard, Francis Graham
Barrett-Lennard, John Allen
Barrett-Lennard, Michael Godfrey
Barrett, Albert Edward
Barrett, Alfred Gallagher
Barrett, Allen Bernard
Barrett, Alwyn Walter Beves
Barrett, Arthur Courtney
Barrett, Cedric N.
Barrett, Charles Rene
Barrett, Clarence Henry
Barrett, Clayton Keith
Barrett, Cuthbert Roderick
Barrett, Denis John
Barrett, Denis Robert
Barrett, Dennis Charles
Barrett, Donald Arthur
Barrett, Donald Samuel
Barrett, Douglas George
Barrett, Duncan Henry
Barrett, Duncan Henry James
Barrett, Edgar John
Barrett, Edward
Barrett, Edward Lloyd
Barrett, Eric Henry
Barrett, Ernest Malcolm
Barrett, Fernard Joseph
Barrett, Francis Charles
Barrett, Francis John
Barrett, Frank George
Barrett, Frank William Gouge
Barrett, Fred
Barrett, Frederick George
Barrett, Frederick Howard
Barrett, George Arthur
Barrett, George Frederick
Barrett, Gerald Hotspur
Barrett, Gerald Spencer
Barrett, Gordon Francis Albert
Barrett, Gurney De Lois
Barrett, Harold Brisco
Barrett, Henry Thomas
Barrett, Jack Kenneth
Barrett, Jack Leslie
Barrett, John
Barrett, John Francis Tufnell
Barrett, John Gerald
Barrett, John Hamilton
Barrett, John Joseph
Barrett, John Lewis
Barrett, John Patrick
Barrett, John Raymond
Barrett, John William
Barrett, John William
Barrett, Joyce Rosemary
Barrett, June Patricia
Barrett, Kenneth Alan
Barrett, Layton Challander
Barrett, Leonard Charles
Barrett, Lindon Frederick Beves
Barrett, Martin
Barrett, Maurice Alfred
Barrett, Michael
Barrett, Noel Charles
Barrett, Norman
Barrett, Norman Edgar
Barrett, Percy Warren
Barrett, Peter William
Barrett, Raymond Andrew
Barrett, Richard
Barrett, Richard Lyndon
Barrett, Robert Dennis Parker
Barrett, Robert Oliver
Barrett, Roger John
Barrett, Ronald Charles
Barrett, Ronald Jack
Barrett, Samuel Arthur
Barrett, Thomas
Barrett, Timothy John
Barrett, W D'A
Barrett, W S
Barrett, Warren Seymour
Barrett, Wilfred
Barrett, William
Barrett, William Edward
Barrett, William Gustave
Barrett, William John
Barrey, Raymond Barker
Barriball, Malcolm Eber Palmer
Barrick, Cyril
Barrie-Smith, William
Barrie, Alec Leslie Drummond
Barrie, Alexander
Barrie, Alexander Chalmers
Barrie, Andrew Stuart
Barrie, Charles Stewart
Barrie, Donald Gladstone
Barrie, Emerson Gordon
Barrie, Frederick William
Barrie, George Wellesley
Barrie, Grahame Cowan
Barrie, John Donald
Barrie, John Irvine
Barrie, Ronald Harry Joseph
Barrie, Tom Brown
Barringer, Michael Allman
Barringer, Ronald Alfred
Barrington-taylor, Maurice William
Barrington, George Henry
Barrington, Henry Herbert
Barrington, John Edward
Barriskill, William John
Barritt, John
Barritt, John
Barritt, Roy Graham Anthony
Barron, Alfred Victor Martin
Barron, Arthur
Barron, Cedric Jack
Barron, Doreen Marjorie
Barron, Harold Lawrence
Barron, Harry
Barron, Hugh Forster
Barron, James Fraser
Barron, John Aitken
Barron, John Faulds
Barron, Kenneth
Barron, Neville James
Barron, Oswald James Milman
Barron, Percival Edward
Barron, Richard John Henry
Barron, Robert
Barron, Robert James
Barron, Samuel Edward
Barrons, Harold John
Barrott, Clarence Bertram
Barrow, Bruce Ernest
Barrow, Colin Hervey
Barrow, Harry Victor
Barrow, Hector Jack Raymond
Barrow, John Satterthwaite
Barrow, Leonard Richard
Barrow, Michael Bertram Palliser
Barrow, Richard Trathen
Barrow, Royston Clifford
Barrow, Stanley Francis
Barrow, Sydney
Barrow, Tom
Barrow, Victor St. George
Barrow, William Henry
Barrowman, Archibald Macarthur
Barrows, Albert Edwin
Barrs, Ronald Osborne
Barry-Ross, Frank
Barry, Alfred Walter Fitzroy
Barry, Austen Kolbe
Barry, Bernard Kevin
Barry, David Bernard
Barry, Ernest Thomas
Barry, George
Barry, George Donald
Barry, George Richard
Barry, James
Barry, James
Barry, James Harold
Barry, John Cashel
Barry, John Edgar
Barry, John Joseph
Barry, John Lawrence
Barry, John Michael
Barry, Joseph
Barry, Joseph
Barry, Kenneth Walter
Barry, Maurice Worthington
Barry, Nathaniel John Merriman
Barry, Terence Patrick
Barry, William (Bill)
Barry, William Mansell
Barsalou, Jean Paul
Barsby, Edgar Alan
Barsby, Eric Arthur
Barsby, George Edward
Barske, Paul Jack
Barsky, Gideon
Barson, Jack Frank Macdonald
Barss, Monty
Barstow, Brian Kenneth
Barstow, Harold
Barstow, John Arundel
Barszczewski, Ludwik Henryk
Bartell, Douglas James
Bartels, M J
Bartens, Juergen
Barter, A B
Barter, James Alan Llywelyn
Barter, John D.
Barter, Reginald Thomas
Barter, Stuart Percival
Barth, Albert Karl
Barth, Harold William
Barth, Wilhelm
Barthel, Peter Vincent
Barthelemy, Jacques
Bartholomew, Denys Vincent
Bartholomew, Douglas Wallace
Bartholomew, Eric Edward
Bartholomew, Ernest
Bartholomew, Ernest Frederick
Bartholomew, John Arthur
Bartholomew, John Frederick
Bartholomew, Joseph William Francis
Bartholomew, Kenneth
Bartholomew, Kenneth Frederick
Bartholomew, William Brian
Bartholomew, William John
Bartington, John Percival
Bartkiewicz, Francis
Bartle, Albert James Alfred
Bartle, Charles Mayo
Bartle, Gerald Victor
Bartle, Harold Garside
Bartle, Peter Chadwick
Bartle, Sidney Eric
Bartle, Thomas
Bartleet, Francis Walter
Bartleet, John Peter Dennis
Bartleman, William Archibald
Bartlemay, William Arthur
Bartlett, Alan
Bartlett, Albert Victor Norman
Bartlett, Alexander Mackenzie
Bartlett, Charles Alfred
Bartlett, Charles Henry
Bartlett, Christopher Smales
Bartlett, Cyril Alfred
Bartlett, David Leighton
Bartlett, Denis Ross Crockford
Bartlett, Donald Harry
Bartlett, Edward
Bartlett, Edward Albert
Bartlett, Eileen Marie Vago
Bartlett, Eric Edward
Bartlett, Ernest George William
Bartlett, Ernest Roy
Bartlett, Frank Alfred Edwin
Bartlett, Frank Arthur
Bartlett, Frank Edmond
Bartlett, Frank Mclaurin
Bartlett, George Arthur
Bartlett, Gordon Kenneth
Bartlett, Henry Kenneth
Bartlett, Howard James
Bartlett, Ian Howard
Bartlett, James Charles Dommett
Bartlett, John Alexander Peach
Bartlett, John Edward
Bartlett, John Frederick
Bartlett, John Percival
Bartlett, John Stuart
Bartlett, Kenneth Charles
Bartlett, Maurice Leslie Perry
Bartlett, Maurice Leslie Perry
Bartlett, Ralph William
Bartlett, Raymond Neil
Bartlett, Rodney Claude
Bartlett, Ronald Keith
Bartlett, Ronald William
Bartlett, Sidney Kendal
Bartlett, Sidney Thomas
Bartlett, Sidney William
Bartlett, Vivian Herbert
Bartlett, William Henry
Bartlett, William Henry
Bartlett, William Kenvyn Jack
Bartley, Donald
Bartley, Edward Lawton
Bartley, Frederick William
Bartley, Herbert Arthur
Bartley, Joseph
Bartley, Maxwell Logan
Bartley, Walter Robert
Bartling, Heinrich August Hermann
Bartman, Gordon Harold
Bartman, Lloyd Wallace
Bartnik, Witold
Bartolain, Gerhard
Bartolotti, Roy
Barton-Smith, Hugh
Barton-Smith, Reginald Lionel
Barton, Abel
Barton, Albert Hamilton
Barton, Albert Henry Dickebusch
Barton, Allan Ernest Ross
Barton, Andrew Basil
Barton, Anthony James
Barton, Anthony Richard Henry
Barton, Arthur James Douglas
Barton, Arthur Robert
Barton, Arthur Thomas
Barton, Benjamin Joseph
Barton, Bruce George
Barton, Charles Henry
Barton, Clarence Joseph
Barton, Clifford Barnaby
Barton, Colin William Bidwell
Barton, Cyril Joe
Barton, Desmond
Barton, Donald Edward
Barton, Dorothy
Barton, Douglas Charles Paterson
Barton, Druce Hawthorn
Barton, Dudley Ware Alexander
Barton, Edwin Charles
Barton, Frank William
Barton, Frederick Dennis
Barton, Harold Ernest
Barton, Harry
Barton, Henry Harvey Molyneux
Barton, Herbert Ronald
Barton, Hugh Hartil
Barton, Hugh Sterling
Barton, James
Barton, James Edgar
Barton, James Henry
Barton, James Jeffrey
Barton, James Robert Carl
Barton, John
Barton, John
Barton, John
Barton, Joseph Henry
Barton, Kenneth Frederick Fisher
Barton, Kenneth Judson
Barton, Leonard Arthur
Barton, Miles Hunter
Barton, Pamela Espeut
Barton, Percy
Barton, Peter Sayer
Barton, Raymond Allan
Barton, Ronald George
Barton, Ronald James
Barton, Ronald Pascoe
Barton, Samuel
Barton, Stafford Alfonzo
Barton, Thomas
Barton, Thomas George
Barton, Thomas Granston
Barton, Wallace Stanley
Barton, Walter
Barton, Walter Frederick
Barton, William Arthur
Barton, William Frank
Barton, William Kenneth
Barton, William Seymour
Bartos, Jindrich
Bartosiak, Eugeniusz
Bartram, Charles Herbert
Bartram, Christopher Edward Thomas
Bartram, Harold
Bartram, Harry Parker
Bartram, Richard Roy Clements
Bartram, Ronald
Bartrip, Douglas Arthur
Bartrum, Jack Edward
Bartrum, Sydney Herbert
Barts, Roy Joseph
Bartsch, George Murray
Bartsch, Robert Alexander
Bartschi, George Joseph
Barty, Bernard Keith
Barty, William Edward Heaton
Barvir, Rudolf
Barwell, George Francis Astley
Barwell, George Thomas
Barwell, Philip Reginald
Barwick, Ian Munro
Barwick, Percy John William
Barwise, William
Barwood, Edgar Ernest Vincent (Marc)
Bary, Arthur Valentine
Bary, Ronald Edward
Barzdo, Rajmund
Basan, Lawrence Wallace
Basarab, Louis
Bascom, Charles Stanley
Bascombe, John Alexander Henlen
Basebe, Frank Douglas Athelstan
Baseby, Ronald Arthur
Baseden, Geoffrey Thomas
Baseley, Arthur Leonard
Baseley, John
Baser, Wylie
Basevi, Bernard Athelstan
Basey, Roger William
Basford, Leslie Eric
Basford, Ronald Barnard
Basham, John Angus
Basham, Reginald Walter William
Basham, William Thomas
Bashford, Edgar Valetta
Bashford, Eric Hulbert James
Bashford, Henry Edward
Bashford, Percival Valentine
Bashford, Thomas Henry
Bashforth, Alan Peyman
Bashi, Edward
Bashir Ahmed,
Bashir Mian,
Baskerville-Atkinson, Henry
Baskerville, John Brian
Baskerville, John Edward
Baskerville, Norman George
Baskott, Anthony William
Basnett, Harold
Bass, Dudley Cecil
Bass, Eric George
Bass, Ernest Frederick
Bass, Frederick John
Bass, George Keech
Bass, John William
Bass, Noel Gordon
Bass, Reginald Frederick
Bassage, Charles Thomas
Bassam, George William
Bassan, Trevor William
Bassett, Charles David
Bassett, Charles David
Bassett, Claude Stanley
Bassett, David John
Bassett, Derek Alfred
Bassett, Donald James
Bassett, Edwin Ray
Bassett, Elgar
Bassett, Francis Bernard
Bassett, Frederick James
Bassett, Goronwy Amman
Bassett, James
Bassett, Joseph Henry
Bassett, Joseph Peter
Bassett, Robert
Bassett, Robert George
Bassett, Ronald Herbert
Bassett, Sidney Leslie
Bassett, Stanley Arthur
Bassett, Thomas George
Bassett, Trevor Norman
Bassman, Leon Asher
Bassnett, Herbert
Basso, Victor David
Bassom, Richard Charles Edgar
Basson, H C
Basson, Peter Henry
Bastable, Thomas Henry
Bastable, William Herbert
Bastarache, Joseph Edgar
Basten, Henry George
Basten, John
Baster, Alan Rupert
Baster, Bronislaw
Bastian, Leopold Edgar
Bastian, Peter Spencer
Bastian, Walter
Bastick, Howard Anthony
Bastick, Norman Arthur Albert
Bastick, Richard Stanley
Bastin, Stuart George
Baston, Thomas James
Bastow, Edward Henry
Bastow, Richard
Batch, Alexander Richard
Batch, Derrick William Edward
Batch, Ronald Frederick (Ron)
Batcheldor, Ronald
Batcheler, Harry George Walter
Batchellor, Cecil Ridge
Batchelor, Albert Edward
Batchelor, Arthur William Jesse
Batchelor, C
Batchelor, Christopher Richard
Batchelor, Denis D'Arcy
Batchelor, Frederick Urquhart
Batchelor, Frederick William
Batchelor, Geoffrey Edwin
Batchelor, George Hay
Batchelor, George William Frederick
Batchelor, Gordon Herbert
Batchelor, Harold Bernard
Batchelor, Harold Ockenden
Batchelor, Lionel Algie
Batchelor, Stanley
Batchen, Alexander George
Batchen, Ronald Tait
Batchouski, William Joseph
Bate, Alan
Bate, Alfred Vincent Eric
Bate, Arthur John
Bate, Charles Reginald
Bate, Ernest
Bate, Frederick Walter
Bate, George
Bate, Harold
Bate, Herbert Abraham
Bate, Howard Joseph
Bate, John Oakden
Bate, Kenneth Oswald
Bate, Owen Warren
Bate, Peter St. Clair
Bate, Richard Arthur
Bate, Thomas Cecil
Bate, William George
Bateman-Champain, Peter John Christopher
Bateman, Albert John
Bateman, Albert Leroy
Bateman, Arthur
Bateman, Arthur Thomas
Bateman, Charles Geoffrey Gordon
Bateman, Charles Ronald
Bateman, Clarence Kenneth
Bateman, Cyril Mcculloch
Bateman, Derek
Bateman, Donald Scrimgeour
Bateman, Donald William
Bateman, Francis
Bateman, Francis Wilson
Bateman, George
Bateman, George Frederick
Bateman, George William
Bateman, Harry Norman
Bateman, James Richard
Bateman, John Haythornthwaite
Bateman, John Herbert
Bateman, John William
Bateman, John William Hobson
Bateman, Kenneth
Bateman, Kenneth Harrison
Bateman, Laurence Frederick
Bateman, Lawrence David
Bateman, Mervyn William
Bateman, Peter Daubeny
Bateman, Robert
Bateman, Thomas
Bateman, William Frank
Bater, Edwin Arthur
Bater, Henry John
Bates-Brownsword, Reuben Henry
Bates, Alan Frederick
Bates, Albert
Bates, Albert Henry Charles
Bates, Albert Peter
Bates, Alfred
Bates, Arthur
Bates, Bernard Samuel
Bates, Bernard William Frederick
Bates, Colin Frank
Bates, Cyril Arthur
Bates, Cyril Walter
Bates, David
Bates, David Henderson
Bates, David Ralph
Bates, Dennis Archibald
Bates, Derek Arthur
Bates, Derek Jones
Bates, Derrick George
Bates, Donald Horace (Don)
Bates, Donald Stuart
Bates, Douglas
Bates, Dudley Clive
Bates, Edgar Cyril Shipley
Bates, Edward Percy
Bates, Edward Percy
Bates, Edwin
Bates, Eric William Hardy
Bates, Ernest
Bates, Ernest William
Bates, Francklin Blakiston
Bates, Fred
Bates, Frederick William Alfred
Bates, George
Bates, James Dennis
Bates, John
Bates, John
Bates, John Alec
Bates, John Charles
Bates, John Dickson
Bates, John Donald
Bates, John Esprey
Bates, John Frederick
Bates, John Sydney
Bates, John William
Bates, Kelvin Arthur
Bates, Kenneth Templeton
Bates, Lionel Kendall
Bates, Matthew
Bates, Michael
Bates, Michael Joseph
Bates, Nigel Ivor
Bates, Norman Frederick
Bates, Peter Anthony
Bates, Philip Charles
Bates, Raymond Arthur
Bates, Raymond George
Bates, Raymond Leonard
Bates, Reginald Arthur
Bates, Reginald Edward
Bates, Roger Edward
Bates, Sidney
Bates, Sydney Arthur
Bates, Theodore Scribner
Bates, Thomas Arthur
Bates, Wilfrid Armstrong
Bates, William Albert
Bates, William Albert
Bates, William Alexander
Bates, William David
Bates, William Henry
Bates, William John
Bates, William Voss
Bateson, Benjamin William
Bateson, John
Bateson, John Allen
Bateup, John Edwin
Batey, George
Bath, Albert Thomas
Bath, Edward John Leslie
Bath, Edwin Donald
Bath, Harry
Bath, Oswald Ferguson
Bath, Percy Horace
Bath, Peter Thomas
Bath, Richard William Raven
Bath, Victor William
Batham, Raymond John
Bathe, John Raymond
Bathgate, Alexander
Bathgate, James Robertson Grant
Bathgate, John Cecil
Bathmaker, Francis Henry
Batho, Reginald Frank
Bathurst, Alan Lennox
Batkin, William Charles
Batley, Arthur Raymond
Batley, David Marcus
Batley, Trevor
Batman, Ralph
Batson, Douglas
Batson, Kenneth
Batson, WilliaMilitary Medalurly
Batt, Harold Weston
Batt, James Henry
Batt, Robert Hector
Battaglia, Jean E
Batten Wilkins, Bernard Henry
Batten-Smith, John
Batten, Charles
Batten, Charles William
Batten, Douglas Walter
Batten, Gilbert Herbert Mcdonald
Batten, Gordon George
Batten, Harold Royston
Batten, Hector Austin Charles
Batten, Henry Thomas
Batten, Herbert James
Batten, Raymond Herbert
Batten, Ronald Victor
Batterbee, Ernest Arthur
Batterbee, Roy
Batterham, Jack Alexander
Batterham, James Robert
Batters, Harold Mark
Battersby, Francis
Battersby, Geoffrey Wilkinson
Battersby, Harry Chappell
Battersby, James
Battersby, John
Battersby, Leonard
Battersby, Ronald Charles
Batterton, John Martin
Batting, Ronald
Battison, Gilbert George May
Battle, Edward Hulme
Battle, Ernest Frederick
Battle, Ernest John
Battle, James Joseph
Battler, Ralph Oscar
Batton, Ian William
Battram, Arthur
Battram, Norman
Battrick, Denis Henry
Battrick, Reginald Henry John
Batts, Frederick William
Batty, Archie Verdun
Batty, Arthur Henry Dennis
Batty, Benjamin
Batty, Edgar
Batty, George
Batty, Harry Willan
Batty, James John Castleman
Batty, Joseph Henry
Batty, Kenneth James
Batty, Robert
Batty, Robert Allan
Batty, Ronald John Morton
Batty, William James
Battye, Edmund
Battye, George
Battye, Harold Knowles
Battye, Jack Thomas
Battye, Reginald Harold
Baty, Frederick Alphonsus
Batzloff, Douglas William
Batzofin, Hymen
Baudinette, Ivan Sydney
Bauer, Ernst
Bauer, Heinz
Bauer, Jiri
Bauer, Lavergne Henry
Bauer, Louis Walter Allan
Bauer, Oskar
Bauer, Oskar
Bauer, Wilbert Francis
Bauerek, Zygmunt
Baugh, Harry Jeffrey
Baugh, Henry William
Baugh, Kenneth George
Baugh, Norman Lee
Baughan, Leslie Kilminster
Baughan, Robert Leonard
Baughen, Clifford Walter Henry
Baulderstone, Dennis Leslie
Baulderstone, Thomas Henry
Bauldie, Dandy
Baulf, Ivan Harry William
Baum, Alfred James
Baum, Dennis Jacob
Baum, Hyman
Baum, William George Rex
Bauman, Donald Compton
Baumann, Albert Elvin
Baumann, George Robert
Baumann, Walter
Baumber, Robert Charles
Baumgart, Max
Baumgart, Paul
Baumgarten, Raymond Lamport
Baumruk, Bohumil
Baumung, Wolfgang
Baush, Charles William
Bave, Frederick Edwin
Bavin, Douglas Frederick
Bawden, Donald Robert
Bawden, Edward Semmens
Bawden, Harry Heald
Bawden, Reginald Vernon
Bawden, Reginald William Henry
Bawler, Reginald Charles Arthur
Baworowski, Michal Rudolf
Bawtinheimer, Earl Gordon
Bawtree, Arthur Cecil
Bawtree, Joseph Eric
Bax, Derrick Thomas
Bax, Reginald Charles
Baxendale, Francis Leo
Baxendale, Montague Andrew
Baxendale, Robert
Baxter, Alan John
Baxter, Alan Russell
Baxter, Alexander John Knox
Baxter, Alexander Kirk
Baxter, Allan Robert
Baxter, Allan William
Baxter, Arie Gordon
Baxter, Arthur Douglas
Baxter, Basil
Baxter, David
Baxter, Denis George
Baxter, Douglas Frank Jakes
Baxter, Edward
Baxter, Edward
Baxter, Edward Alexander
Baxter, Eric
Baxter, Eric Anthony Henry James
Baxter, Frank George
Baxter, George
Baxter, George Alexander Gorden
Baxter, George Edward Albert
Baxter, Harold Albert
Baxter, Harry
Baxter, Henry Alfred
Baxter, Jack Alexander
Baxter, James
Baxter, James William
Baxter, John
Baxter, John
Baxter, John Charles
Baxter, John David
Baxter, John Frederick
Baxter, John Lawrence
Baxter, John Robert
Baxter, John Robert
Baxter, John Ross
Baxter, John Samuel
Baxter, Joseph Stevenson Thomson
Baxter, Kathleen Jessie
Baxter, Kenneth William
Baxter, Kenneth William John
Baxter, Lawrence Heaton
Baxter, Leonard Earl
Baxter, Lloyd James
Baxter, Malcolm
Baxter, Malcolm Wilfred
Baxter, Montague Frank
Baxter, Murray Alexander
Baxter, Neville Gordon
Baxter, Patricia
Baxter, Ray John
Baxter, Robert George Leslie
Baxter, Robert Leroy
Baxter, Robert Wilson
Baxter, Ronald William Hazard
Baxter, Sidney
Baxter, Stanley
Baxter, Thomas Edward
Baxter, Victor
Baxter, Walter
Baxter, William
Baxter, William
Baxter, William Allan
Baxter, William Bethune
Baxter, William Parker
Baxter, William Samuel
Bay, Dennis William Sydney
Bay, Otto
Bayard, John William
Bayard, Richard Lewis
Baybut, Richard William
Baybutt, Thomas
Bayer, Edward Granville
Bayer, Wengel Matthew
Bayes, Joseph Thomas
Bayfield, Sidney Albert
Bayford, Charles Sydney Herbert
Bayford, Cyril
Bayford, Frederick Vincent
Bayldon, Richard Anthony
Bayles, Thomas Richard
Bayley, Alan Frederick
Bayley, Deckland Archibald
Bayley, Edward
Bayley, Edward Alan
Bayley, Eric Simonds
Bayley, Ernest Douglas
Bayley, Florence Ethel
Bayley, George Corbett
Bayley, George Reginald
Bayley, Gilbert
Bayley, H J
Bayley, H J P
Bayley, Leslie William
Bayley, Lindsay Arthur
Bayley, Richard Frederick
Bayley, Robert
Bayley, Samuel John
Bayley, Samuel Mitchell
Baylis, Anthony
Baylis, Gerald Percy
Baylis, Harry William
Bayliss, Albert Henry
Bayliss, Alfred
Bayliss, Bertram Leonard
Bayliss, Cyril Ernest
Bayliss, Dennis Alfred
Bayliss, Donald George
Bayliss, Edward Percy George
Bayliss, Ernest John
Bayliss, Frank Raymond
Bayliss, Gilbert Louis
Bayliss, Harold Arthur
Bayliss, Jack
Bayliss, Jack Bernard
Bayliss, John
Bayliss, Keith Albert
Bayliss, Lenn
Baylor, Richard Kenneth
Bayly, Francis Paul
Bayly, Frank Brenner Byron
Bayly, George Lee Morris
Bayly, Gordon Goodenough
Bayly, Reginald Sydney
Bayly, Ronald Lawrence
Bayman, Alfred Robert William
Baynes-Cope, Beryl
Baynes, Charles James
Baynes, Melville Collinson
Baynes, Roy
Baynham, Howard
Baynton, Cyril
Baynton, Thomas James
Bayram, Clarence Herbert
Bays, Henry James
Bays, Leslie
Bayston, John Charles Eric
Baythorp, Albert John
Baythorp, Thomas
Bayton, Jack Colbrook
Bazak, Bronislaw
Bazalgette, Frederick Sidney
Bazalgette, Ian Willoughby
Bazeley, Douglas Stanley
Bazeley, John Selwyn Standish
Bazell, Harry Everard
Bazire, John Reay
Bazley, G C
Bazley, Reginald
Bazley, Reginald
Bazley, Sydney Howarth
Beabey, Harold William
Beach, Alfred Ernest
Beach, Alfred Kenneth
Beach, Benjamin
Beach, Carl Adrian
Beach, Charles Herbert
Beach, Earl Victor
Beach, George Henry
Beach, Harold Lagor
Beach, John Albert
Beach, Lawrence Irwin
Beach, Rex Edward
Beach, Ronald William
Beach, Roy Bernard
Beach, William
Beacham, Alan
Beacham, Derrick Oliver
Beacham, Ernest Cecil
Beacham, Ernest George Ronald
Beacham, Neville Thomas George
Beachus, Frederick James
Beacock, Eric Charles
Beaddie, Robert Lovie
Beadle, Bernard James
Beadle, Donald Joshua
Beadle, Neville Graham
Beadle, Robert Eugene
Beadman, Edric Arthur Bernel
Beadman, Frank William
Beadnall, George
Beadon, Stanley David
Beadsmoore, Wilfred Reginald
Beagle, Charles
Beagley, Derek Mordaunt
Beagley, James Daniel
Beagley, John Oliver
Beagley, Ronald
Beairsto, Carl Phillips
Beairsto, Frank James
Beake, Harry James
Beal, Arthur Robert
Beal, David Charles
Beal, Donald Newbegin
Beal, George
Beal, John David Andrew
Beal, John Derrick
Beal, Norman George
Beal, Robert Charles Henry
Beal, Ronald Andre
Beale-brown, George Reginald
Beale, Arthur Alfred
Beale, Donald
Beale, Douglas David
Beale, Edmund Arthur
Beale, Edward
Beale, Ernest Peter
Beale, Francis Bruce
Beale, Frederick Allen
Beale, Frederick George
Beale, Harold Frid
Beale, Harold Joseph
Beale, Heathcote Huia Butler
Beale, Herbert Eldon
Beale, Ilma Joyce
Beale, Jack Allen
Beale, James William
Beale, Kenneth Herbert (Ken)
Beale, Norman Nice (Bubs)
Beale, Robert Noel
Beale, Roy Cuthbert
Beale, Walter Stanley
Beale, Wilfred Bennett
Beales, Christopher Day
Beales, Deryck Bonney
Beales, Fred
Beales, Harry George Arthur
Beales, Leonard Neville Arthur
Beales, Rex
Beales, Robert Henry
Beales, Robert Walter
Beales, Ronald
Beales, William Arthur
Bealey, Donald Jack
Beall, Gordon Scowcroft
Beaman, Denis
Beaman, John Edward
Beaman, Robert Carleton
Beament, Thomas Hubert
Beament, William Harold
Beames, Frank Ennis
Beames, Frederick William
Beames, George Norman
Beames, Henry Denys
Beames, Kenneth Herbert
Beames, Norman Stuart
Beamish, Francis Victor
Beamond, Alfred George
Beamont, Sydney Leslie
Bean, Arthur Francis
Bean, Arthur Kennedy
Bean, Bruce George Harold Robert
Bean, David Arthur
Bean, Frederick Jack
Bean, Harold Dennis
Bean, Harold John
Bean, Harry
Bean, Ronald Arthur
Bean, Walter
Beane, Francis Alfred
Beane, Harold
Beaney, Victor Douglas
Beange, Keith Thomas
Beanland, Charles Alec
Beanland, Henry
Beanland, John
Beanlands, Alec
Beans, George
Bear, Lawrence Howe
Bearcroft, Albert Bramwell
Bearcroft, Edward Michael Fraser
Bearcroft, Kenneth Richard
Beard, Albert John
Beard, Alexander Sherlock
Beard, Alfred
Beard, Alfred Joseph
Beard, Alvery
Beard, Anthony Austin
Beard, Arthur Brentall
Beard, Bernard Charles
Beard, Charles
Beard, Edward John
Beard, Edwin George
Beard, Eric
Beard, Frank Rufus Henry
Beard, Harold
Beard, Harold Hayward
Beard, Harold Norman
Beard, John Lawrence
Beard, Leslie Thomas
Beard, Oliver
Beard, Peter Franklyn
Beard, Richard Glendenning
Beard, Robert
Beard, Roy James George
Beard, William Allan
Beardall, Charles Arthur
Beardall, Donald Roy
Beardall, Robert Haig
Beardmore, John Clifford
Beardmore, John Thomas
Beardmore, William Frederick
Beardon, Graham Derek Herbert
Beardsell, Norman Wardley
Beardshaw, Herbert
Beardshaw, John George
Beardsley, Bruce
Beardsley, John
Beardsmore, Ernest Geoffrey
Beardsmore, Joseph David
Beardsmore, William James Henry
Beardwell, Frederick George
Beardwood, George
Beare, Adrian
Beare, Donald Sylvester
Beare, Eric Sydney
Beare, Kathleen Mabel
Beare, Royston John
Beare, Walter Percy
Bearman, Cecil Ernest (Pete)
Bearne, Hugh William Vaughan
Bearne, Wilfred
Beary, William Francis
Beasley, Dennis Harold
Beasley, Ernest John
Beasley, Herbert William
Beasley, John Edgar St. Valentine L.
Beasley, John Henry
Beasley, John William
Beasley, Joseph Ronald
Beasley, William Harold
Beastall, Arnold Geoffrey
Beasty, Robert Francis (Bobbie)
Beatey, Thomas Atkinson
Beath, James Hay Armstrong
Beaton, Alexander Collie
Beaton, Alexander Farquhar
Beaton, Charles Norman
Beaton, Derrick John Harry
Beaton, Donald
Beaton, Harry Spence
Beaton, Herbert John
Beaton, Ian Ronald Aird
Beaton, James Alexander
Beaton, John Mackenzie
Beaton, Robert Allen
Beaton, Stanley
Beatson, Alexander Purdie
Beatson, Cyril
Beatson, Earl Hume
Beatson, Jack
Beatson, Rex Vivian
Beatson, Walter Gordon Clement
Beattie, Alan
Beattie, Albert John
Beattie, Alexander Campbell
Beattie, David
Beattie, Donald Charles
Beattie, Donald William
Beattie, Edgar William
Beattie, Evan Bruce
Beattie, Frederick Donald
Beattie, George Liddell Carruthers
Beattie, George William
Beattie, Glen Patrick
Beattie, Harold David
Beattie, Harold James
Beattie, Harry Cameron
Beattie, Hedley
Beattie, Hugh
Beattie, Hugh Donald
Beattie, James Elliot
Beattie, John
Beattie, John
Beattie, John
Beattie, John
Beattie, John Leslie
Beattie, John Milton
Beattie, John Nesbitt
Beattie, John Stainton
Beattie, Joseph
Beattie, Joseph Davidson
Beattie, Leonard Frank
Beattie, Lyall Kenneth
Beattie, Maxwell
Beattie, Robert
Beattie, Robert Henry
Beattie, Roy Mcdowall
Beattie, Samuel Sinclair
Beattie, Stanley Grieve
Beattie, Thomas
Beattie, Thomas
Beattie, Tudor
Beattie, William
Beattie, William Henry Taylor
Beattie, William Stuart
Beattie, William Walker
Beatty, Alvin Marshall
Beatty, Argyle Donald
Beatty, Charles Arnold
Beatty, Colin John
Beatty, Donald Lyall
Beatty, George David
Beatty, Harold Creighton
Beatty, James Murray
Beatty, Maurice Alfred Albert
Beatty, Walter Bennett
Beatty, Walter Stanley
Beaty, Arthur
Beaty, Henry Glendinning
Beauchamp, Alfred
Beauchamp, Arthur William
Beauchamp, Harry Francis (Jim)
Beauchamp, John Samuel
Beauchamp, Leonard Anthony Lasseter
Beauchamp, Warwick Melville
Beaudoin, Charles Howard Michael
Beaudry, Eloi Joseph Emile
Beaudry, Joseph Emile Roland
Beaudry, Joseph Victor Raoul
Beaufoy, Michael Henry
Beaulieu, Arthur Joseph
Beauman, Arthur Richard Hugh
Beaumont, Arthur
Beaumont, Arturo
Beaumont, Barrington William
Beaumont, Charles Robert
Beaumont, Derrick
Beaumont, Edward Miles
Beaumont, Ernest Lockey John
Beaumont, Ernest Victor
Beaumont, Francis Thomas
Beaumont, Francis William Lionel C.
Beaumont, Frederick Henry
Beaumont, Geoffrey Keith
Beaumont, George William
Beaumont, Gerard Anthony
Beaumont, Harold
Beaumont, Howard Eric
Beaumont, John Edward
Beaumont, John Ernest George
Beaumont, Lawrence Herbert
Beaumont, Leonard
Beaumont, Leys Middleton
Beaumont, Owen Ralph
Beaumont, Reginald Claud
Beaumont, Robert Charles
Beaumont, Ronald
Beaumont, Ronald Alfred William
Beaumont, Ronald Francis
Beaumont, Samuel
Beaumont, Sidney Victor
Beaumont, Thomas Francis
Beaumont, Walter
Beaumont, William Peter
Beaupert, Rene Harold
Beaupre, Jean
Beauregard, Charles Marie
Beauregard, Joseph George Wilfred
Beavan, Alfred Edwin
Beavan, William Walter
Beaven, Albert Edward
Beaven, Alfred Ronald
Beaven, Douglas Albert
Beaven, James Wilfred
Beaven, Roy
Beaver, Gordon Findlay
Beaver, Warwick Hilson
Beavers, William Robert Noel
Beavis, Frank James Robert
Beavis, Hugh Walter
Beavis, James
Beavis, Kenneth William
Beavis, Patrick Albert
Beavis, Victor Frederick
Beavis, William
Beavo, William Edward
Beazer, Herbert William
Beazer, Mark Aulde
Beazer, Ronald Charles Ostend
Beazleigh, Arthur James
Beazley, Alan Osborne
Beazley, Harry
Bebarfald, Brian Arthur
Bebb, John Lloyd
Bebbington, Arthur Dennis
Bebbington, Gerald William
Bebbington, Richard John
Bebe, Robert Charles
Bebensee, Douglas Glenn
Bebington, Ernest Egerton
Bebington, John Harry Samuel
Beblo, Josef
Becalick, Stanley Alfred
Bechard, Louis Joseph Raymond
Becher, John Henry
Becherel, Roland Jean
Bechgaard, Ole
Bechter, Martin
Bechthold, Valentin
Beck, Albert John
Beck, Alfred
Beck, Anthony
Beck, Ashley
Beck, Charles Douglas
Beck, Dennis Maurice
Beck, Friedrich
Beck, George Henry
Beck, Guenter
Beck, Hans
Beck, Harry James
Beck, Herbert
Beck, Herbert John
Beck, Howard
Beck, Hugh Denis
Beck, James Andrew
Beck, James Arthur Gordon
Beck, John Creighton
Beck, John Douglas
Beck, John Gilbert
Beck, John William
Beck, Leonard
Beck, Leslie Thomas
Beck, Norman Charles
Beck, Norman Croxen
Beck, Oswell
Beck, Richard Colvin Seddon
Beck, Richard William
Beck, Ronald Cecil Victor
Beck, Rudolf
Beck, Terence Ray
Beck, William Christie
Beckensall, William
Becker, Adam
Becker, Adam
Becker, Bertram Ernest William
Becker, Byron Jeremiah
Becker, Hermann Hirsch
Becker, Horst
Becker, Horst
Becker, Leslie Alderman Edward
Becker, Peter
Becker, Philip August
Becker, Robert Douglas Albert
Becker, S I
Becker, Stanley Victor (Stan)
Becker, Walter George Edward
Beckering, Hermanne Jacobus Jan
Beckett, Albert
Beckett, Albert John
Beckett, Alfred Francis
Beckett, Arthur
Beckett, Arthur Carleton
Beckett, Francis Norman
Beckett, Geoffrey
Beckett, George
Beckett, George William
Beckett, Gerald Alfred
Beckett, Herbert Walter
Beckett, John Archibald
Beckett, John Frank
Beckett, John Rogers
Beckett, Kenneth Douglas
Beckett, Leslie Arthur
Beckett, Percy Herbert
Beckett, Robert Francis
Beckett, Robert John
Beckett, Samuel John
Beckett, Samuel Nicoll
Beckett, Thomas
Beckett, William Oliver
Beckford, Frank Aubrey
Beckford, Victor Elliott
Beckhouse, Gordon Edwin
Beckingham, Clarence Walter
Beckington, Bernard Oliver
Beckley, Maurice George
Beckley, Robert James
Beckley, Ronald Charles
Beckley, Thomas William
Beckman, Leslie John William
Beckmann, Eberhard
Beckmann, Hans
Becko, Stanislaw
Beckoff, George
Beckthold, William
Beckwall, August Leroy
Beckwith, Edgar Alan
Beckwith, Edward Peter
Beckwith, Frederick William Walter
Beckwith, George Joseph
Beckwith, Norman Thomas
Beckwith, Robert Olaf Stranghan
Becvar, Karel
Bedale, Arthur James
Bedard, Harry Hector
Bedard, Joseph Donat Marcel
Bedard, Joseph Jean Paul Marcel
Bedard, Joseph Philippe
Bedbrook, Anthony Richard Duncan
Beddall, Harold
Bedding, Arthur Frederick
Beddison, Brian Derek
Beddoe, Anthony Claude (Tony)
Beddoe, Donald Cosmo
Beddoe, Leonard
Beddoe, Robert Henry
Beddow, Douglas Corbett
Beddow, William Whittingham
Beddowes, Lemuel Walter
Beddows, Leslie
Bedell, Cecil Ford
Bedell, Ernest Frederick
Bedell, Lyle Eugene
Bedell, Patrick Edwin
Bedell, Reginald Hudson
Bedford, Donald George
Bedford, Edgar Buckler
Bedford, Ernest Lionel
Bedford, Francis
Bedford, Frank
Bedford, Frank Reginald
Bedford, Geoffrey
Bedford, George Albert
Bedford, Harold
Bedford, Harold Ernest
Bedford, Harry
Bedford, Horace
Bedford, Michael Frederick
Bedford, Ronald Ernest Edward
Bedford, Thomas
Bedggood, Arthur Henry
Bedkowski, Ryszard
Bednal, Arthur
Bednar, Antonin
Bednar, Antonin
Bednarek, Alexander
Bednarski, Piotr
Bednarz, Jozef
Bednorz, Stefan
Bedward, Alfred Arthur Charles
Bedwell, Arthur Edward
Bedwell, George Frederick Kenneth
Bedwell, Horace Kempton
Bee, Alan Mowlem
Bee, Albert Lawrence
Bee, Charles Robert
Bee, Derek Alan Raikes
Bee, Irene
Bee, Kenneth Clifford
Bee, Morris Mcintyre
Bee, Patrick Alfred
Bee, Robinson
Beebar, John
Beebe, Henry Craig
Beebe, Jack Heaton
Beebe, John
Beeby, Augustus Spencer
Beeby, Bert Arthur
Beeby, Derek James
Beeby, Frank
Beech, Alfred Christopher
Beech, Charles Trask
Beech, Cyril
Beech, Edwin Walter
Beech, Frederick Ronald
Beech, Gerard Mckee
Beech, Jack Stear
Beech, James
Beech, Kenneth Albert
Beech, Leslie Joseph
Beech, Stanley Percy
Beech, William Lionel
Beecham, Maurice Stanley
Beecher, John Edward Arthur
Beecher, Thomas Francis
Beechey, Bruce
Beechey, Cecil Francis
Beechey, David Henry
Beechey, Walter Ronald
Beeching, Charles Franklin
Beechinor, Francis John
Beechinor, Thomas James
Beecroft, Alma
Beecroft, Jack
Beecroft, Robert Gordon
Beeden, Arthur William Richard
Beedham, Joseph Jeffery Ian
Beedie, Rosemary
Beedie, Stuart William Stott
Beedie, Thomas Sim
Beedim, James Arthur
Beedle, George
Beedle, Stanley
Beedles, John Edward
Beeg, Robert
Beeger, Pawel
Beeken, Graham
Beel, Hans
Beelaerts Van Blokland, Jack Cornelius Emil
Beeley, David
Beeley, John Stuart
Beeley, William
Beemer, Frederick Hill
Beeney, Bertram Arthur
Beer, Allan John
Beer, Archibald Augustus James
Beer, Bernard Arthur William
Beer, Cyril Sydney Frank
Beer, Eric Clarence
Beer, Ernest Jack
Beer, Gordon William
Beer, Harold George
Beer, Henry Albert
Beer, Howard Ernest
Beer, Jack Alfred
Beer, Jack Garfield
Beer, James Bennion
Beer, Joseph Denham
Beer, Leslie William
Beer, Lloyd Stuart
Beer, Norman
Beer, Norman Clive
Beer, Philip Jack Frank
Beer, Raymond Henry
Beer, Reginald Henry
Beer, Ryszard Aleksander
Beer, William James
Beere, Ian St. John
Beere, Walter Harold
Beers, Frederick Kenneth
Beesley, Alec Henry
Beesley, Alfred Godfrey
Beesley, Donald John
Beesley, Douglas Richard
Beesley, Hugh Lawrence
Beesley, John Patrick
Beesley, John Thomas
Beesley, Joseph Francis Terence
Beesley, Lewis Victor
Beesley, Peter Carey
Beesley, Peter Leslie
Beesley, Ralph
Beesley, Thomas Alfred
Beesly, Leonard James
Beeson, Harold
Beeson, Jack
Beeson, Jack Edward
Beeson, John Leslie
Beeson, Joseph
Beeson, William Joseph
Beeston, Alfred Gordon
Beeston, Edward James
Beeston, Frank Lynford
Beeston, James Macfadden
Beeston, Richard Denison
Beeston, Walter Keith
Beet, Cyril Hardwick
Beetch, Alan Victor
Beeton, Edwin Harold
Beeton, Wilfred Roy
Beeton, William Arthur Thomas
Beetz, Max Albert
Beetz, Wilhelm
Beetz, Wilhelm
Beever, Eric
Beever, George Francis
Beever, Joe
Beevers, George Henry
Beevers, Kenneth
Beevers, Richard George
Beevers, Walter
Beevers, William Scott
Befeler, Yosek
Befinger, Mieczyslaw Franciszek
Befus, Albert
Begbie, F W
Begbie, Ian Mouland
Begbie, James Errol
Begbie, Kendall Bell
Begernie, Albert Henry James
Begg, Andrew Mcalpine
Begg, C G
Begg, Colin Boyd
Begg, James
Begg, James Aldo Bartlett
Begg, James Hope
Begg, John
Begg, John
Begg, Reginald Kenneth
Begg, Stephen
Begg, William
Beggs, Jane Grant
Beggs, Nathaniel Ross
Beggs, Robert Charles
Beggs, William John
Begin, Joseph Henri Paul Rogers
Begin, Mariette Francoise Yolande C.
Begley, Desmond
Begley, Wilson Patterson
Behal, Frantisek
Behan, Patrick Bernard
Behan, Thomas Fraser
Behan, William John Thomas
Beharrie, David
Behman Rattanshah Sanjana,
Behn, John Frederick Peter
Behrens, Ronald James
Behrent, Ernest Henry
Behrndt, Raymond Carl
Beil, Lorenz
Beilby, John George
Beilby, Peter Raymond
Beilhartz, Ronald Earl
Beingessner, Elmer Stephen
Beinke, Dudley Raymond
Beirnes, Donald Wood
Beirnes, Jack Rife
Beise, James Arnold
Beiser, Herbert
Beisiegel, Donovan John
Beitz, Cecil Francis
Beitz, Gordon Thomas
Beken, James Frederick
Beker, Raymond
Bekker, M C
Bekker, Petrus
Belanger, Frank James
Belanger, Jean Baptiste
Belanger, Jean Joseph Donnelly
Belanger, Joseph Adelard Roland
Belanger, Joseph Leo Gerard
Belanger, Joseph Leonin Lionel
Belanger, Joseph Marcel
Belasco, Albert Edwin
Belbin, Sydney Frank
Belc, Marian
Belcham, Dennis Harvey
Belcham, Lawrence George
Belcher, Arthur Henry
Belcher, Bernard Albert
Belcher, Charles Llwyd
Belcher, Edward Joseph
Belcher, Ernest Leonard
Belcher, George
Belcher, Leonard Ralph
Belcher, Marcel Pietro
Belcourt, Frank
Beldam, Ian Robert
Belderson, John Buchanan
Beldon, Eric Nigel Nicholson
Belec, Gilbert Gerard
Belec, Gordon
Belec, Jerome Gerard
Belecky, John Anthony
Beley, Robert Wilfred Garth
Belfield, Albert Henry
Belfield, Eric
Belfield, James Philip
Belfield, W E
Belford, Thomas David
Belford, William Noel
Belgrove, Derrick Morris
Belina-Prazmowski, Janusz Josef
Beliveau, Joseph Henri Alphonse
Belk, Doreen Frances
Belk, Edward Leslie
Belkin, Paul
Bell-Berry, Raymond
Bell-Irving, Roderick Keith Faulkner
Bell-Syer, Russel Alfred
Bell-towers, Wadya Wellesley
Bell, Alan
Bell, Alan Francis
Bell, Alan Frank
Bell, Albert
Bell, Albert
Bell, Albert Henry
Bell, Albert Rennison
Bell, Alex Joseph
Bell, Alexander
Bell, Alexander Clark
Bell, Alexander Matthew James
Bell, Alfred Ronald
Bell, Alistair Walker
Bell, Alvin Donald Gould
Bell, Andrew
Bell, Andrew Allan
Bell, Andrew Paul
Bell, Angus Douglas
Bell, Angus Fyfe
Bell, Angus Hugh
Bell, Anthony Arthur
Bell, Arthur
Bell, Arthur
Bell, Arthur
Bell, Arthur Ewart
Bell, Bewsher Eric
Bell, Brian
Bell, Brian Atkinson
Bell, Brian Stallard
Bell, Bruce Edwin
Bell, Bryan Esmond
Bell, Charles Armstrong
Bell, Charles Edward
Bell, Charles Harold
Bell, Charles Henry
Bell, Charles Henry
Bell, Charles Herbert Leslie
Bell, Charles Hindmarsh
Bell, Charles Robert
Bell, Clarence Edgar
Bell, Claude Stephen
Bell, Clephan William Hamilton
Bell, Clifford Allan
Bell, Clive Ronald Murray
Bell, Colin Douglas
Bell, Cyril
Bell, David
Bell, David
Bell, David Frank Boyce
Bell, David Gordon
Bell, David John
Bell, David Mackintosh Moore
Bell, David Marshall
Bell, David Mathison
Bell, David Mcfarlane Forsyth
Bell, David Patrick Murray
Bell, David Robertson
Bell, Derek
Bell, Derek Reginald
Bell, Deryck Addison
Bell, Donald
Bell, Donald
Bell, Donald Raymond
Bell, Douglas
Bell, Douglas Charles
Bell, Douglas Crawford
Bell, Douglas Mackenzie
Bell, Duncan Neilson
Bell, Earl Theodore
Bell, Edmund
Bell, Edward Burrow
Bell, Edward Ross
Bell, Emmerson
Bell, Eric Courtney
Bell, Eric James
Bell, Eric Wilfred
Bell, Ernest
Bell, Ernest
Bell, Ernest George
Bell, Ernest Maxwell
Bell, Ethelbert Oswald Peter
Bell, Francis Aubrey
Bell, Francis Douglas
Bell, Francis George
Bell, Francis Wilfred
Bell, Frank Desmond
Bell, Frank George
Bell, Frederick Claude
Bell, Frederick George
Bell, Frederick James
Bell, Frederick Joseph
Bell, Frederick Judson
Bell, G R
Bell, Geoffrey
Bell, Geoffrey George
Bell, George
Bell, George
Bell, George
Bell, George
Bell, George Alexander
Bell, George Ernest
Bell, George Goodall
Bell, George Henry
Bell, George Hutchinson Rennie
Bell, George Samuel Crawford
Bell, George Sydney
Bell, George William
Bell, George Wilson
Bell, Gilbert
Bell, Godfrey Vernon John
Bell, Gordon
Bell, Gordon Ross
Bell, Gordon Ross
Bell, Harold Alfred (Dick)
Bell, Harold Barnard
Bell, Harold Copeland
Bell, Harry
Bell, Henry Greenwell
Bell, Henry Hedley
Bell, Hilton Craig
Bell, Hugh
Bell, Hugh Bernard
Bell, Ian
Bell, Ian Redmayne
Bell, J E
Bell, Jack
Bell, Jack Gordon Stewart
Bell, James
Bell, James
Bell, James
Bell, James
Bell, James Bond (Jimmie)
Bell, James Bulman
Bell, James Charles Alfred
Bell, James Colin
Bell, James Hogg
Bell, James Leslie
Bell, James Lloyd
Bell, James Logan
Bell, James Morland Forrester
Bell, James Richard
Bell, James Rutherford Hutton
Bell, James William
Bell, John
Bell, John
Bell, John
Bell, John
Bell, John
Bell, John
Bell, John
Bell, John
Bell, John
Bell, John Anthony Martin
Bell, John Beaumont
Bell, John Clydesdale
Bell, John Courtney
Bell, John Douglas
Bell, John Douglas Campbell
Bell, John George
Bell, John Hardie
Bell, John Joseph
Bell, John Joseph Henry
Bell, John Lowery
Bell, John Mcclelland
Bell, John Morling
Bell, John Napier
Bell, John Peter Ogilvie
Bell, John Robson
Bell, John Rogerson
Bell, John Studholme
Bell, John Swift
Bell, John William
Bell, John William
Bell, Joseph Ashbridge
Bell, Joseph Dixon
Bell, Joseph William
Bell, Keith Selwyn
Bell, Kenneth
Bell, Kenneth Foster
Bell, Kenneth Kirby
Bell, Kenneth Thomas
Bell, Lawrence Stanley
Bell, Leonard Alan
Bell, Leslie Edwin
Bell, Lionel Horace
Bell, Malcolm Owen Morley
Bell, Matthew William
Bell, Maurice
Bell, Maurice Perrott
Bell, Maxwell Herron
Bell, Merton John
Bell, Murray Richard
Bell, Norman Andrew
Bell, Norman Robert
Bell, Orten Clem
Bell, Paton
Bell, Patrick Carnegie
Bell, Patrick Henry
Bell, Peter Anthony Charles
Bell, Peter Charles
Bell, Peter Edwin
Bell, Peter Hastings
Bell, Peter Lindsay
Bell, R B
Bell, Raisbeck Dennis
Bell, Ralph Douglas
Bell, Raymond Melvin
Bell, Richard
Bell, Richard
Bell, Richard Frederick
Bell, Richard Lancelot
Bell, Robert
Bell, Robert
Bell, Robert
Bell, Robert Alfred
Bell, Robert Allan
Bell, Robert Curragh
Bell, Robert Ernest
Bell, Robert John
Bell, Robert Leslie
Bell, Robert Ronald
Bell, Robert Stanley
Bell, Robert Taylor
Bell, Ronald
Bell, Ronald
Bell, Ronald Arthur
Bell, Ronald Charles
Bell, Ronald George
Bell, Ronald Hamilton
Bell, Ronald James Mcclean
Bell, Ronald Joshua
Bell, Ronald Peter
Bell, Ronald Sample
Bell, Russell
Bell, Sidney Herbert
Bell, Stanley John
Bell, Stephen
Bell, Stuart
Bell, Sydney Philip
Bell, Thomas
Bell, Thomas
Bell, Thomas
Bell, Thomas
Bell, Thomas
Bell, Thomas Hylton
Bell, Thomas Learmonth
Bell, Tom
Bell, Tom
Bell, Vanegmond Robert
Bell, Victor
Bell, W D
Bell, Walter John
Bell, William
Bell, William
Bell, William
Bell, William
Bell, William
Bell, William
Bell, William
Bell, William
Bell, William Alexander
Bell, William Henry
Bell, William Henry
Bell, William Henry James
Bell, William John
Bell, William Samuel
Bellaby, Leslie Percival Joseph
Bellamy, Arthur George Oliver
Bellamy, Charles Edward
Bellamy, Charles Victor
Bellamy, Dudley William
Bellamy, Eric Wilfred
Bellamy, Frank William
Bellamy, Glenn Crawford
Bellamy, James Edward
Bellamy, John Alwin
Bellamy, John Edward
Bellamy, John Ernest
Bellamy, John Henry
Bellamy, Paul Reynell
Bellamy, Roland Horace
Bellamy, Ronald Arthur
Bellamy, Ronald Edward
Bellamy, Samuel Henry
Bellamy, William Henry (Bill)
Bellantino, Dominico
Bellchambers, Frederick George
Beller, Wladyslaw H
Bellerby, Arthur Lawrence
Bellerby, Douglas Arnold
Bellerby, John Reginald
Bellerive, Gomer Couture
Bellert, Morris Ambrose
Bellew, Henry Benedict
Bellew, Reginald Victor Walker
Bellhouse, Edward Whitley
Bellhouse, Reginald
Bellhouse, William Henry
Bellin, Harold
Bellingan, Leslie
Bellinger, James
Bellinger, William George
Bellinger, William James
Bellingham, Adam Sidney
Bellingham, Hugh Walter
Bellingham, Kenneth George
Bellingham, Leslie Horace
Bellingham, Ronald Charles
Bellingham, William Henry Laurie
Bellis, Charlie
Bellis, Gordon Worsley
Bellis, Robert Samuel
Bellis, Sydney
Bellis, William Edward
Bellisle, Joseph Louis Alphonse Roland
Bellman, George Charles
Bellman, Norman Edwin
Bellotti, Alphonse Michael
Bellows, William Charles
Bellringer, Leslie Hubert
Bellwood, Harold
Bellwood, Lawrence
Beloe, Charles Edward
Beloe, Peter Colston
Beloe, Stephen Edward
Belot, Denis
Belot, Theodore Albert
Belous, Wesley Leonard
Belpaire, Roger Marie Paul Joseph
Belser, Walter
Belsey, Robert Peter
Belsham, Albert Edward
Belsham, David William
Belshaw, Arthur Ernest
Belshaw, Arthur Maurice
Belshaw, Reginald Peter
Belshaw, Richard Watt
Belsher, Harold Donovan
Belt, Dallas Eugene
Belt, Victor Stanley James
Belton, Alfred Johnson
Belton, Frederick William
Belton, John
Belton, John
Belton, Kenyon Charles
Belton, Robert Edward
Belton, Spencer Lewis Smith
Belton, Thomas William
Belton, Wilfred Thomas
Belton, William
Beltz, Eric Louis
Belyea, Allan Conway
Belz, Robert
Belza, Stefan Stanislaw
Beman, Harold James
Bembridge, Benjamin Leslie
Bembridge, Harold Victor
Bembridge, John William
Bemi, Frederick
Bemrose, Ernest Edward
Ben-Hertz, Maxwell
Benbow, Frederick Charles
Benbow, Hubert Francis
Benbow, Trevor Rees
Bence, Leslie John
Bend, William George
Bendall, Douglas James
Bendall, Jabez Kevin
Bendall, Jack
Bendall, John Bayliss
Bendell, John Reginald
Bender, F H J
Bender, Francis Everett
Bender, Joseph
Bender, Laurie George
Bender, Milton Harold
Bendig, Horst
Bending, Dennis Ronald
Bending, Henry William
Bendix, Jack Lindsay
Bendix, John Frederick
Bendix, Peter Rudolf Robert
Bendixson, Sylvester
Bendon, John Hartley
Bendwig, Richard Alanson
Bendy, Wilfred Alan
Benedikt, Frantisek
Benedyk, Jozef
Benefield, Clifton Francis
Benefield, Victor Dominic
Beney, David Levick
Beney, Eric Thomas
Benfell, Leslie
Benfield, Norman
Benfield, Rolph Joseph
Benfield, Victor Harold
Benfold, Sidney Henry
Benge, Stanley Philip
Bengston, John
Benham, Albert Clifford
Benham, Jack Elkan David
Benham, Thomas
Beningfield, Anthony Stephen
Benison, Phillip Mervyn
Benjamin, Colin George
Benjamin, D
Benjamin, Eric Arthur
Benjamin, Israel Perach
Benjamin, Kenneth
Benjamin, Lionel Louis
Benjamin, Maurice
Benjamin, Mervyn
Benjamin, Sydney Hyman
Benjamin, Thomas Evan Edward
Benn, Edward
Benn, Harland Trevor
Benn, James
Benn, John Walter
Benn, Kenneth Joseph
Benn, Reuben John
Benn, The Hon. Michael Julius W.
Bennee, P W
Bennell, Richard James
Benner, David Stanley
Bennet, William Arthur James
Bennett, Alan
Bennett, Alan W.
Bennett, Albert Everall
Bennett, Albert Frank Reuben (Robin)
Bennett, Alec Henry
Bennett, Alexander
Bennett, Alexander Colin
Bennett, Alfred
Bennett, Alfred
Bennett, Alfred Edwin
Bennett, Alfred John
Bennett, Alfred Stephenson
Bennett, Alfred Thomas
Bennett, Allan
Bennett, Arthur
Bennett, Arthur
Bennett, Arthur Charles
Bennett, Arthur Godfrey
Bennett, Arthur O.
Bennett, Benjamin Michael
Bennett, Brian Percival
Bennett, Bruce William
Bennett, Cecil Gordon
Bennett, Cecil Joseph
Bennett, Charles Albert
Bennett, Charles Whitfield
Bennett, Clarence Anthony
Bennett, Clarence Charles
Bennett, Clifford William
Bennett, Cyril Douglas
Bennett, Cyril Herbert
Bennett, Cyril Victor
Bennett, David
Bennett, Denis
Bennett, Denis Vernon Foss
Bennett, Dennis Anthony
Bennett, Dennis Leon
Bennett, Donald Edward
Bennett, Donald Howard
Bennett, Donald Jack
Bennett, Donald Malcolm
Bennett, Donald Ward
Bennett, Douglas Gordon
Bennett, Douglas Leonard
Bennett, Edmund
Bennett, Edward
Bennett, Edward
Bennett, Edward Bryan
Bennett, Edwin Frank
Bennett, Eric
Bennett, Eric Walter John
Bennett, Ernest William
Bennett, Frank Maurice
Bennett, Frank Robertshaw
Bennett, Fred
Bennett, Frederick
Bennett, Frederick George
Bennett, G
Bennett, Geoffrey Albert
Bennett, Geoffrey Charles
Bennett, Geoffrey Harcourt
Bennett, George
Bennett, George
Bennett, George Alfred
Bennett, George Frederick
Bennett, George Henry Sydney
Bennett, George Herbert
Bennett, Gordon
Bennett, Gordon Henry
Bennett, Gordon Herbert
Bennett, Gordon N.
Bennett, Gordon Richard
Bennett, Gordon William
Bennett, Harold James
Bennett, Harold Whitney
Bennett, Harry
Bennett, Harry
Bennett, Harry
Bennett, Harry Curd
Bennett, Harry James
Bennett, Harry James
Bennett, Hector Ernest
Bennett, Henry
Bennett, Henry Edward
Bennett, Henry James
Bennett, Henry James Thomas
Bennett, Henry Thomas Leonard
Bennett, Herbert Sidney
Bennett, Hubert Bapaume
Bennett, Jack Norman Ernest
Bennett, Jack William Augustus
Bennett, James
Bennett, James
Bennett, James Edward
Bennett, James Frederick Morgan
Bennett, James Gordon
Bennett, James Gordon
Bennett, James Jack William
Bennett, James Lindsay
Bennett, John
Bennett, John
Bennett, John
Bennett, John
Bennett, John Charles
Bennett, John Galway
Bennett, John Henry
Bennett, John Keith
Bennett, John Lindsay
Bennett, John Samuel
Bennett, John Thomas
Bennett, John Wallace
Bennett, Joseph Edward
Bennett, Joseph Eric
Bennett, Keith Campbell
Bennett, Kenneth
Bennett, Kenneth
Bennett, Kenneth Brian
Bennett, Kenneth Edwin Harold
Bennett, Kenneth Hugh
Bennett, Kenneth Jack
Bennett, Kenneth Rupert
Bennett, Kenneth Walton
Bennett, Kenneth William
Bennett, Leon Herbert Bernard
Bennett, Leonard
Bennett, Leonard William
Bennett, Leonard William
Bennett, Leslie Charles
Bennett, Leslie Clive
Bennett, Leslie Gordon
Bennett, Leslie Gordon
Bennett, Leslie Montague
Bennett, Lionel John
Bennett, Lionel Leslie
Bennett, Lloyd Douglas
Bennett, Michael John
Bennett, Michael Oliver Douglas
Bennett, Norman Oliver
Bennett, Norman Reginald
Bennett, Pamela Gladys
Bennett, Paul Kenneth Ernest
Bennett, Percy James
Bennett, Peter Anthony
Bennett, Peter Edward
Bennett, Peter Elkins
Bennett, Peter Maxwell
Bennett, Philip Charles Knill
Bennett, Ralph Stephen
Bennett, Raymond Frederick
Bennett, Reginald Joseph
Bennett, Richard Albert John
Bennett, Richard Edward
Bennett, Richard Henry Montague
Bennett, Richard Jack
Bennett, Richard Stewart
Bennett, Richard Trevor
Bennett, Robert
Bennett, Robert Edward
Bennett, Robert Francis
Bennett, Robert John
Bennett, Robert John
Bennett, Robert Julian
Bennett, Robert Sidney
Bennett, Robert William
Bennett, Robert William
Bennett, Roland
Bennett, Ronald
Bennett, Ronald James
Bennett, Ronald Jeffrey
Bennett, Ronald Sidney
Bennett, Ronald Sidney
Bennett, Ronald William
Bennett, Rowland
Bennett, Roy Clement
Bennett, Russell Gordon
Bennett, Sidney Lewis
Bennett, Stanley Albert
Bennett, Stanley Bertram
Bennett, Stanley Claude
Bennett, Stanley George
Bennett, Sydney
Bennett, Terence
Bennett, Thomas
Bennett, Thomas Herbert
Bennett, Thomas Lloyd
Bennett, Thomas Samuel Eric
Bennett, Vickers Lavender
Bennett, Victor
Bennett, Walter James
Bennett, Wilfred Stuart
Bennett, William
Bennett, William
Bennett, William
Bennett, William Alan
Bennett, William Gerald
Bennett, William Graham
Bennett, William John Bowles
Bennett, William Keith
Bennett, William Oswald Victor
Bennette, Geoffrey Ryding
Bennetto, Murray Arthur
Bennetton, Frederick Horace
Bennetts, Geoffrey Andrews
Bennetts, James Samuel
Bennetts, Robert John
Bennie, James
Bennie, James Hogg
Bennie, William Pretsell
Bennier, Frank Harold
Benniman, Donald Edward
Benning, Donovan Geoffrey
Benning, Ernest
Benning, Forbes Govan
Benning, Ronald Douglas
Bennington, Douglas Edward
Bennington, Ian Campbell
Bennis, Henry
Bennitt, Neville Arthur
Benny, John Henry
Benoit, Andreas
Benoit, Wieslaw
Bensemann, John Rudolph
Bensimon, Leslie Brian
Bensley, Charles Brightmore
Bensley, George Gilbert
Bensley, Marcus
Bensley, Robert
Benson, Alwyn Thomas Charles
Benson, Arthur
Benson, Arthur Herbert
Benson, Charles Maconnochie
Benson, Charles Selwyn
Benson, David Bernard
Benson, David Howard
Benson, Donald Douglas
Benson, Frank Norman
Benson, George Alfred
Benson, George Edward
Benson, George Henry
Benson, Harold George
Benson, Herbert John (Jack)
Benson, Ivor Bruce
Benson, Johann Aubrey
Benson, John Edward
Benson, John Gibson
Benson, John Warner
Benson, Kenneth George
Benson, Laurence Trevor
Benson, Leslie
Benson, Leslie Bernard
Benson, Noel John Victor
Benson, Peter Henry
Benson, Philip William
Benson, Reginald
Benson, Robert Burns
Benson, Robert Lowell
Benson, Sydney William
Benson, Thomas Laidlaw
Benson, Wilfred
Benson, William
Benson, William
Benstead, Charles Edward
Benstead, Gerald Robert
Benstead, Peter Charles
Bensted, Basil Godfrey
Bensted, Lionel Maurice
Bensted, Philip Sidney
Bent, Arthur Lea Baldwin
Bent, Elroy Fenwick
Bent, Ernest
Bent, George
Bent, James Walter
Bent, Matthew
Bent, Robert John
Bent, Thomas Edward
Bent, William Thomas
Bente, John Francis
Bentham, Alan
Bentham, Daniel Gerald
Bentham, Henry
Bentham, Thomas
Bentick, Raymond Cyril Walter
Bentinck, George Henry
Benting, Alan William
Bentley, Alan Frank
Bentley, Alexander Weatherall
Bentley, Alwyn
Bentley, Calman
Bentley, Charles George
Bentley, Donald Hepworth
Bentley, Douglas George
Bentley, Frederick
Bentley, Frederick Earl
Bentley, George Leslie
Bentley, George William
Bentley, Gordon Joseph
Bentley, Harold
Bentley, Harry
Bentley, Harry
Bentley, Harry Roderick
Bentley, Herbert
Bentley, Jack Edward Sedgwick
Bentley, James William
Bentley, John Henry
Bentley, Joseph Harold
Bentley, Leslie George
Bentley, Lloyd Sinclair
Bentley, Loch Lomond
Bentley, Logan Carmon
Bentley, Michael
Bentley, Michael Amor
Bentley, Murray Waldron
Bentley, Peter
Bentley, Robert Geoffrey
Bentley, Robert Henry Waldron
Bentley, Ronald
Bentley, Ronald William
Bentley, Rupert
Bentley, Samuel Frederick
Bentley, Sidney
Bentley, Stanley George
Bentley, Thomas Lloyd
Bentley, William John
Benton, George
Benton, Jack Ernest
Benton, John Hudson
Benton, Norman Harold
Bentz, John Anthony
Bentz, Wilbur Boyd
Benville, Lawrence John
Benwell, Henry Edward
Benyon, Joseph Michael
Benz, Arnold
Benzie, James Macadam
Benzie, John
Benzies, Roy
Beranek, Stanley Joseph
Bercuson, Bernard
Berdecha, Jan
Berdys, Stefan
Bere, Claude Henry
Beresford, Arthur
Beresford, Arthur Henry
Beresford, Charles Stanley
Beresford, Douglas Harold
Beresford, Eric Stanton
Beresford, Frank
Beresford, Frank Lester
Beresford, George James
Beresford, Graham
Beresford, Hugh Richard Aden
Beresford, John Bosworth
Beresford, John Francis
Beresford, John Stewart
Beresford, Lawrence R.
Beresford, Ronald William
Beresford, Thomas Jack
Beresford, Tristram Edward Oliver De
Berg, Carl Martin
Berg, Erik Christian
Berg, George Theodore
Berg, Gilbert Louis Oscar
Berg, John Joseph
Berg, Maurice Lloyd
Berg, Norman William
Bergau, Waldemar
Bergel, John Graham
Bergelin, Rupert William
Bergen, Oliver Eugene Debs
Berger, Antoni
Berger, Colin Bruce
Berger, Cyril Seymour
Berger, David
Berger, Erich Ignaz
Berger, Heinrich
Berger, Herbert Otto
Berger, Josef
Berger, Nathan Louis
Bergeron, John Albert
Berges, Claude Gerald
Berghoff, Wilhelm
Berghouse, Maxwell Dawson Raymond
Bergin, James Michael
Bergin, Joseph Stanley
Bergland, Norval
Berglund, John Roger
Bergmann, Gustav
Bergmann, Mordechai
Bergna, Eugene Joseph Patrick
Bergner, Mieczyslaw Jozef
Bergquist, Bertil Wilfred
Bergquist, Edwin Robert
Bergson, Julius
Bergsten, Carl Alexis
Berkeley-Hill, Owen William Hugh
Berkeley, Nicholas George
Berkeley, Thomas Colquhoun Edmonds
Berkey, Edward Roy
Berkey, George Robert
Berkin, Robert Irwin
Berkley, Robert Ernest
Berkowitz, Oscar
Berks, Irene Clara
Berlage, Johannes
Berliner, Jack Joseph
Berlinguette, Joseph Jean Paul Osias
Bermingham, Cecil Cedric Osmonde
Bermingham, Daniel Charles
Bernal, Stanley Hope
Bernaldo, Jack
Bernard-smith, George Christopher Bernard
Bernard, Alexander Russell
Bernard, Arthur George
Bernard, Clifford Sidney
Bernard, Clive Robert
Bernard, David
Bernard, William
Bernard, William
Bernaski, Ladimer Jacob
Bernatowicz, Franciszek
Bernd, Rudolf
Berndt, Evan James
Berndt, Fritz Ernst Willi
Berndt, Thomas Desmond
Berner, Helmut
Bernett, Neville
Berney, Richard Bruce
Bernhard, Godfrey
Bernhardt, Douglas Paul
Bernhardt, Wolfgang
Bernhart, Pierre Nicholas
Bernick, Lloyd Adolf
Bernie, Walter Burford
Bernier, George Emile Nicholas Henri
Bernier, Joseph Stanislas Emile M.
Bernier, Joseph Wilfrid Laurier F.
Bernini, Thomas
Bernstein, David Elias
Bernstein, Maurice
Bernstein, Paul Cleveland
Bernstein, Ralph Isaac
Bernthal, Leslie Lawton
Bernyk, Michael
Bernyk, Victor Hector
Berrange, L J P
Berresford, Derrick Lewis
Berrett, Eric Albert
Berrett, Reginald Hughes
Berrey, William Herbert
Berridge, Gordon Frederick
Berridge, John Turner
Berridge, Leslie Askham
Berridge, Walter William
Berriedale-johnson, Edward William
Berrigan, Leonard Thomas
Berrill, Edward Reginald
Berrill, Thomas Archibald (Tom)
Berriman, Cecil Kenneth
Berriman, Vincent Gerald
Berrington, Douglas John Davies
Berrington, John Raynor
Berrington, Robert
Berrisford, Dennis Charles
Berrisford, Norman Chesworth
Berry, Alan
Berry, Alan
Berry, Alan John
Berry, Albert
Berry, Albert James
Berry, Albert Warren
Berry, Alex Edward
Berry, Alexander Mitchell
Berry, Alfred
Berry, Andrew Wallace
Berry, Arnold
Berry, Arthur
Berry, Arthur John Newton
Berry, Charles
Berry, Clinton Blackwell
Berry, Douglas Elliott
Berry, Edmund Hughes
Berry, Edmund Maurice
Berry, Edwin Carl Julius
Berry, Edwin Henry
Berry, Eric
Berry, Eric
Berry, Eric Gordon
Berry, Ernest
Berry, Ernest Graham
Berry, Ernest Reginald
Berry, Frank
Berry, Frank Joseph
Berry, Frederick George
Berry, Frederick Reginald
Berry, Geoffrey Pohlman
Berry, George Harry
Berry, Graeham William
Berry, Harold Arthur James
Berry, Henry Norman
Berry, Herbert
Berry, Herbert James
Berry, Hugh
Berry, Jack
Berry, James
Berry, James
Berry, James Charles
Berry, John
Berry, John Claude
Berry, John Daniel
Berry, John James
Berry, John La Pointe
Berry, Joseph
Berry, Joseph
Berry, Keith Gregory
Berry, Kenneth Cresswell
Berry, Kenneth George
Berry, Kenneth Herbert
Berry, Laurence Noel
Berry, Leonard
Berry, Leonard
Berry, Leslie Frederick
Berry, Lloyd Joseph
Berry, Maurice Joseph
Berry, Michael John
Berry, Michael Joseph
Berry, Montague Victor
Berry, Nathaniel
Berry, Nathaniel Addison
Berry, Owen James
Berry, Peter
Berry, Peter Warren
Berry, R B
Berry, Raymond Alan
Berry, Richard Alan
Berry, Richard Charles James
Berry, Robert William
Berry, Rodney
Berry, Ronald
Berry, Royston Willett
Berry, Sidney Albert
Berry, Stanley George
Berry, Stanley James
Berry, Stanley Joseph
Berry, Thomas Cromwell
Berry, Thomas George
Berry, Thomas Nelson
Berry, Timpron Martin Kenneth
Berry, Wallace Llewellyn
Berry, Walter
Berry, Walter
Berry, Weston Robert
Berry, William
Berry, William Arthur
Berry, William Charles
Berry, William Glover
Berry, William Henry
Berry, Winston Seymour
Berryman, Arthur Albert William
Berryman, Bernard
Berryman, John Theodore
Berryman, Stuart
Bertelsen, Frederick Castell
Bertenshaw, Clifford
Berthelsen, Mervin Lee
Berthiaume, Joseph Francois Exavier Gilles
Berthoud, George Esmond
Bertie, Alan
Bertie, Sidney Albert
Bertlin, John Anthony Roden
Bertoia, Ciro
Bertram, Arthur Edward
Bertram, Douglas
Bertram, Eric Charles
Bertram, Frederick Clifford
Bertram, Hans
Bertram, John Rutledge
Bertram, Norman
Bertram, Richard Edgar
Bertram, Robert
Bertran, Ross Herbert
Bertrand, Joseph Guy
Bertrand, Joseph Herve Theodore R.
Bertrand, Lorenzo
Bertuch, Ernest James
Berube, Joseph Jean Baptiste
Berube, Joseph Jean Thomas
Beruldsen, Kenneth Cupples
Berven, Bruce Martin
Berwick, Cecil James
Berwick, Edward
Berwick, George Alfred
Berwick, Robert Charles
Berwick, Thomas Alfred
Berwig, Heinz
Besant, Ronald Cuthbert
Bescoby, Leonard
Beskeen, Henry Ronald
Besley, Gordon Wilmer
Bess, Albert
Bessant, George Harold
Bessant, John William
Bessant, Leslie George
Besschops, Alexis Jean
Besse, Claude Andrew
Bessell-Browne, John
Bessent, Henry Roberts
Besser, Heinz
Bessette, Bertie Joseph August
Bessette, Gordon Macmillan
Bessey, Terence Ivan
Besso, Walter Edward
Best, Alec Patrick (search for Beste)
Best, Alexander Gordon (search for Beste)
Best, Arthur Edwin (search for Beste)
Best, Arthur Ernest (search for Beste)
Best, Arthur Raymond (search for Beste)
Best, Aubrey Ross (search for Beste)
Best, Brian Bertram Horace (search for Beste)
Best, Charles Brian (search for Beste)
Best, Charles Henry (search for Beste)
Best, Derek Wilfred (search for Beste)
Best, Frederick Gordon Stuart (search for Beste)
Best, Gerald Richard (search for Beste)
Best, Gordon Cooper (search for Beste)
Best, Harold Francis Sargent (search for Beste)
Best, Herbert Henry (search for Beste)
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Best, Joseph (search for Beste)
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Bester, Ronald Henry
Bestick, Frank Frederick
Bestwick, Eric
Bestwick, Frank
Bestwick, John
Bestwick, Richard Bernard
Bestwick, Walter Edward
Bestwick, William Henry
Beswick, Arthur
Beswick, George Edward
Beswick, Harold Joseph
Beswick, Herbert Russell
Beswick, James Henry
Beswick, Norman
Beswick, Oliver Percy
Beszant, Peter Theobald
Betbeder, Gaston Louis
Betchley, Richard Kendrick
Bethel, Stanley James
Bethell, Alfred William
Bethell, Peter Edwin
Bethridge-topp, Edward
Betleja, Wladislaw
Betley, Roland Desmond Ernest
Betson, John Louis Ward
Bett, Raymond Cecil
Bettaney, Leslie
Bettany, Frederick Lawrence
Betteridge, Arthur Frank
Betteridge, Arthur Frederick
Betteridge, Arthur Joseph
Betteridge, Eric Edward
Betterton, David
Betterton, Victor Edward
Bettin, Wendelin Bernard
Bettington, Max Milson
Bettinson, Donald William
Bettis, Leonard Edgar
Bettles, Kevin Joseph
Betton, John Edgar
Bettridge, Austin Victor James
Bettridge, Frank
Bettridge, Oliver Augustus
Bettridge, Ronald Stacey
Bettridge, Thomas William
Betts, Albert Edward
Betts, Albert John
Betts, Alfred Francis
Betts, Bruce George
Betts, Cyril Whitby
Betts, Donald
Betts, Douglas George
Betts, Douglas Henry
Betts, Elmer
Betts, Eric William
Betts, Ernest George
Betts, George Arthur
Betts, Henry Frederick
Betts, Ivan Harold
Betts, John Carleton
Betts, John Herbert
Betts, Kenneth George
Betts, Leslie Robert
Betts, Norman Garnet
Betts, Reginald Claude
Betts, Richard Walter
Betts, Ronald
Betts, Stanley
Betts, Sydney James
Betts, Thomas Alfred
Betts, Thomas Ivan
Betty, Rowland David
Beubler, Guenther
Beudel, Erich
Beukema, Richard
Beukes, C L
Beukes, L. Von S.
Beukes, Matheus G.
Beukes, S P
Beule, Alfred
Beutel, Heinrich
Beutel, William
Beuting, Harald
Beuttell, Robert Gerard
Bevan-John, Spencer Rhys
Bevan, Alwin Woodgate
Bevan, Charles Albert Leslie
Bevan, Clifford John William
Bevan, Clifford Owen
Bevan, Cyril James
Bevan, Cyril John
Bevan, David Charles
Bevan, Derek Charles
Bevan, Douglas Oliver
Bevan, George Norman
Bevan, Gordon
Bevan, Herbert Cyril Claude
Bevan, James Eric Singleton
Bevan, John Curtis
Bevan, Keith Harry
Bevan, Kenneth Charles Lansbury
Bevan, Kenneth Clement
Bevan, Kenneth David
Bevan, Kenneth William
Bevan, R W
Bevan, Thomas Ralph
Bevan, William Hughes
Bevand, Raymond William
Bevans, John Henry
Beveridge, Alan Reid
Beveridge, Graham Thomas
Beveridge, James
Beveridge, James Ralph
Beveridge, John
Beveridge, John
Beveridge, Massey Williamson
Beveridge, Robert Graham Webster
Beveridge, Robert Walter
Beveridge, Roy Stuart
Beveridge, Thomas
Beverley, Albert
Beverley, Albert Edward Rathbone
Beverley, Douglas Bernard
Beverley, Frederick Dennis
Beverley, George
Beverley, Robert
Beverley, Victor
Beverley, William
Beverstock, Albert
Beverton, Harry Albert
Beves, Norman Cecil
Bevin, Arthur
Bevis, Kenneth Jack
Bevis, Peter Edward
Bew, John Desmond
Bewg, Walter Henry
Bewick, Christopher
Bewick, John Winship
Bewley, Donald Glenn
Bewley, Edward
Bewley, Edward William Carpenter
Bews, Stanley
Bewsher, Robert
Beyak, Alexander Edward
Beyer, Edwin Harry
Beyer, Frederick Avery
Beyer, Harry Malcolm
Beyer, Hugo
Beyer, Maxwell Sydney
Beyerer, Eugen
Beyerle, Alfred
Beynon, Arthur Winston
Beynon, David Edmund
Beynon, Elvie
Beynon, Ronald
Beynon, Trevor George
Bezanson, Ralph Stanley
Bezant, Arthur John
Bezant, Edwin George
Bezuidenhout, E R
Bezuidenhout, F L J
Bezuidenhout, M M
Bezuidenhout, M P W
Bezzant, William Ernest
Bhabataram Das,
Bhagan Lal,
Bhagat Ram,
Bhagwati Prasad,
Bhajan Lal,
Bharat Misra,
Bhaskar Dutt,
Bhaskar Krishnan Joshi,
Bhikhaji Shapurji Dastur,
Bhuch Masalchi,
Bhudeo Singh,
Bhupender Nath,
Bhupendra Nath Biswas,
Bialecki, Roman
Bialobrzeski, Kazimierz
Bialoszewski, Adam Szczepan
Bialy, Czeslaw
Bibb, Charles Selwood
Bibb, Neville Urbane
Bibby, Edric
Bibby, Francis Joseph
Bibby, Richard
Bibby, William Gerald
Bibby, William Victor
Bibeau, Joseph Willie Yvon
Bicat, Victor Jack Foch
Biccard, Noel Thalman
Bice, Aubrey Archdale
Bice, Frederick Cyril
Bicha Ram,
Bichard, Derrick Gordon
Bichard, Frederick James William
Bick, Douglas Lowain
Bick, Frederick George Albert
Bickel, Ronald George
Bickel, Walter
Bickell, Richard William James
Bickell, Sidney
Bickerdike, Herbert Frank
Bickerdike, John Laurence
Bickers, Frank
Bickers, Kenneth George
Bickers, Thomas
Bickerton, George Stanley
Bickerton, Hugh Geoffrey
Bickerton, John William
Bickerton, Joseph Roy
Bickerton, Norman Victor
Bickford, Alfred Musgrave Potter
Bickford, Douglas Fitzgerald
Bickford, Peter William
Bickford, Richard
Bickford, Ronald Frederick
Bickham, Charles John
Bickle, William Douglas
Bickley, Alan Henry Norman
Bickley, Geoffrey Arthur
Bickley, Gordon William
Bickley, John Frederick
Bickmore, Frederick William Albert
Bickmore, Kenneth
Bicknell, Aubrey Griffith
Bicknell, Bernard Charles Frederick
Bicknell, Donald Francis
Bicknell, Donald Trevor
Bicknell, Edward Stanley
Bicknell, George Alfred
Bicknell, James
Bicknell, John Conway
Bicknell, Kenneth John Albert
Bicknell, Terence James
Biddell, John Gordon
Biddell, William Hugh
Bidder, Donald Vincent
Biddiscombe, Laurence George
Biddiss, Ronald Herbert
Biddle, Ernest Reginald
Biddle, Frederick John
Biddle, John Edward
Biddle, Ronald Rees
Biddlecombe, Charles William George
Biddlecombe, Conrad Peter Vivian
Biddlecombe, Robert William Antony
Biddulph, Arthur Orchard
Biddulph, Edward John
Biddulph, Frederick Brian
Biddulph, Hugh Watson
Biddulph, Sidney
Biddulph, William James
Biden, Byron Stanley
Biden, Guy William Vernon
Biden, Ross
Bidgood, Eric George
Bidgood, Francis William
Bidgood, Harry Walter Trevor
Bidgood, Ivor Kenneth Jack
Bidgood, Maurice Alfred
Bidlake, Victor Marcel
Bidstrup, George Ferguson
Bidwell, Donald David George
Bidwell, Jack
Bidwell, Ronald Charles
Bieber, Wilbert Jacob
Bieganski, Tadeusz Jan
Biehl, William Mckay
Bielawski, Jozef
Bielby, Keith Thomas
Bielec, Stanislaw
Bielicki, Jozef
Bielkiewicz, Bogdan
Bielski, Antoni
Bienkowski, Jan Zenon
Bienvenue, Jean Bernard Herbert
Bier, Donald Sutherland
Bieri, Ernest Charles
Bierling, Georg Alfred
Bieroth, Heinrich Alexander
Biers, Robert Lloyd
Bierwirth, Heinrich
Bieschke, Jan
Biesiot, Leslie Hendrik
Biesterfeld, Heinz
Biffen, Harold
Biffen, Jack Stanley
Biffin, Albert Samuel
Biffin, Francis Roy
Bigg, Frederick John Raymond
Bigg, Peter
Biggane, Denzil Francis Heriz
Biggar, Donald Charlton
Biggar, John Matthew
Bigger, Reginald Austin
Biggerstaff, Richard Alan
Biggin, Geoffrey Moyle
Biggin, Harry
Biggin, Louis Arthur
Biggins, Barry
Biggins, George Kenneth
Biggins, Jeffery Patrick
Biggins, Walter Barron
Bigglestone, George Milburn
Biggs, Albert Frederick
Biggs, Albert Henry
Biggs, Alfred Henry George
Biggs, Anthony Kent
Biggs, David Louis
Biggs, Donald Northy
Biggs, Douglas Gordon
Biggs, Edwin Arthur
Biggs, Ernest Roy
Biggs, Frederick Seymour
Biggs, Horace William
Biggs, Jack
Biggs, James William
Biggs, John Rollo Forbes
Biggs, Kenneth Arthur Henry
Biggs, Kenneth Guy
Biggs, Kenneth Stanley
Biggs, Percival Frederick
Biggs, Robert William
Biggs, Sidney Charles
Biggs, Stanley John
Biggs, William
Biggs, William Frank
Biggs, William Frederick
Bigham, Douglas John
Bigham, John Robert
Bigland, John Bigland Tulk-Hart
Biglands, Reginald John
Bigmore, David
Bigmore, Gordon William
Bigmore, Thomas Herbert
Bignall, Leonard Eric
Bignell, Claude Jose Hubert
Bignell, Jack Cecil Robert
Bignell, John Edward
Bignell, Marjorie Rose
Bignell, Peter Gorbell
Bignell, Roy Arthur Frank
Bignold, John Noel
Bigoray, William Walter
Bigsby, Ernest William
Bihr, Rudolf
Bijowski, Jan
Bijoy Krishna Ghosh,
Bijur, Robert Duff
Bikram Lal,
Bilbe, John
Bilbow, Joseph Robert
Bilderbeck, Anthony
Biles-Barford, Maurice Wildred
Biles, Albert James
Bilham, Reginald Percival
Bilke, George Edward
Bilkey, James Dalton
Bill, Leonard
Bill, Victor Edward
Bill, William James
Billard, Charles Edward
Billen, Leslie John
Billenness, Albert Frederick
Billens, Hewitt Elliot
Biller, John William
Biller, Martin
Billett, Clive
Billett, Cyril William
Billett, James Ford
Billett, John Victor
Billett, Percy Thomas
Billimoria, Vicoo Jehangir
Billing, Albert Norman James
Billing, Alfred
Billing, Gordon
Billing, James Milne Monro
Billing, James William
Billing, John Urban
Billing, Kelvin Cholwill
Billing, Philip Leslie
Billing, Ralph Wesley
Billing, Stuart Bertram
Billing, William Charles
Billing, William Henry
Billingham, Frank
Billingham, John Anthony Geoffrey
Billingham, Tom Harold
Billingham, Wilfred
Billinghurst, Derek John William
Billings, Donald
Billings, Lawrence Eric
Billings, Reginald George
Billings, Robert Arnold
Billingsley-dooley, William Bernard
Billingsley, Forast Deloise
Billingsley, Henry Kenneth
Billingsley, Percy Raymond
Billington, Arthur Reuben
Billington, Cedric Leslie
Billington, Charles Siel
Billington, Edward Norman
Billington, Harold Joseph
Billington, John
Billington, John Leonard
Billington, Leslie Ernest
Billington, Robert Anthony
Billington, Thomas Hornby
Billington, Walter
Billington, William
Billman, Douglas Payne
Billows, Ralph Bernard Beresford
Bills, Bernard Waldemar
Bills, James William
Billson, Dennis Roland
Billson, George Ernest
Bilney, Frank George Stanley
Bilney, Raymond Thomas James
Bilodeau, Joseph Laurent Willie
Bilsborough, Peter William
Bilsby, Ralph Trenham
Bilse, Denis Oswald
Bilson, Frederick William
Biltcliffe, William Durham
Biltcliffe, William Edward
Biltoft, Arthur Henry
Biltoft, Tom Tate
Bilton, John
Bilton, John Norman
Bilton, Richard Lewis
Bilton, Victor John Herbert
Bilverstone, Louis Alan Walter
Bimson, John
Binch, Victor Hugh
Binder, Frantisek
Binder, Hector Frederick
Binder, Jack Percival George
Binder, Johannes
Binder, Kenneth William
Binder, Walter
Binderman, Sidney
Binding, Donald James
Bindley, Thomas Albert
Bing, Gerrard Roy
Binge, Joseph Christopher
Bingham-hall, Donald Vincent
Bingham, Clifford Marvin
Bingham, Clive Frederick
Bingham, Clive Thomas
Bingham, James Henry Gordon
Bingham, John
Bingham, John Michael
Bingham, Kenneth Richard
Bingham, Kevin Joffre
Bingham, Norman
Bingham, Percival Henry
Bingham, Robert Byron
Bingham, Ronald Albert
Bingham, Samuel
Bingham, Stanley Harold
Bingham, Vincent William
Bingham, William
Bingham, William Alfred
Bingham, William John
Bingham, William Nicholas
Bingley-Pullin, John Joyce
Bingley, Ben
Bingley, Dennis Gordon
Bingley, George Cuthbert
Bingley, Leslie George John
Binham, Ronald James
Binks, Esther Mary Ada
Binks, Frederick
Binks, George Arnold
Binks, George James
Binks, Ronald Douglas
Binks, Stanley Parsons
Binnersley, William Charles
Binnie, Charles William
Binnie, Colin Muir
Binnie, James
Binnie, James
Binnie, Keith Cedric
Binnie, Neil Arlie
Binnie, William George Ronald
Binning, Lionel Hubert Rogers
Binning, Terence William
Binning, William Robert
Binnington, William Russell
Binns, Albert
Binns, Albert Frederick
Binns, Edward
Binns, Frank
Binns, Harry
Binns, Harry Fletcher
Binns, Herbert Denis
Binns, John Bentley
Binns, Stanley
Binoth, Basil
Binoy Charan Chakravarti,
Binstead, Colin Gordon
Binstead, Jack
Bint, Dennis Edward John
Bint, Thomas William
Bint, Walter John
Bintley, Sydney Bruce
Binyamin Shamisdin,
Binyamin Tooma,
Biollo, Peter Joseph
Bipul Bikram Singha,
Bir Bahadur,
Bir Inder Singh Brar,
Birbeck, Douglas Brigg
Birbeck, Douglas Haig
Birbeck, John Lancelot
Birch, Albert Henry
Birch, Angus Henry
Birch, Arthur Montague Aubrey
Birch, Charles Frederick
Birch, Colin Granville
Birch, Cyril Stephen John
Birch, Edna Ruth
Birch, Edward
Birch, Eric
Birch, Eric Eyles
Birch, Ernest Hugh
Birch, Frank
Birch, Frank
Birch, Frederick
Birch, George Herbert Arthur
Birch, Harold Charles
Birch, Harold Ralph
Birch, Harry
Birch, Harry Vincent
Birch, Jack
Birch, James Rathbone
Birch, James Ronald
Birch, John Dudley
Birch, John Raymond
Birch, Kenneth Alan
Birch, Norman
Birch, Norman
Birch, Norman Stanley
Birch, Paul
Birch, Raymond Harry
Birch, Raymond Robert Grenville
Birch, Robert Horace
Birch, Sidney
Birch, Sidney Harold
Birch, Stanley
Birch, Terence
Birch, William Alfred
Birch, William Kenning
Birch, Wyndham Thomas
Birchall, Albert
Birchall, Eric
Birchall, Frederick George
Birchall, George Colquhoun Hamilton
Birchall, Roland
Birchenall, John Wardley
Bircher, Richard Hubert
Birchley, Henry William
Birchnall, Richard Fletcher
Birchwood, Alan James
Birchwood, Frank
Bird, Alan William Porteous
Bird, Alec
Bird, Alexander Norman
Bird, Alfred Henry
Bird, Alfred James
Bird, Anthony Golding
Bird, Arthur
Bird, Arthur
Bird, Arthur
Bird, Arthur Reginald
Bird, B A
Bird, Campbell David
Bird, Charles
Bird, Charles Alec
Bird, Colin Ray
Bird, Cyril Percival
Bird, David Holley
Bird, Dennis Robert
Bird, Derek Albert
Bird, Derry Gates
Bird, Donald Charles
Bird, Edgar George
Bird, Eric Norman
Bird, Francis Derek
Bird, Frank
Bird, Gerald Oscar Ladler
Bird, Harold William
Bird, Henry James
Bird, Herbert Maurice
Bird, Herman Albert Benjamin
Bird, Hugh Alexander
Bird, Jack Hume
Bird, James Snelgrove
Bird, John
Bird, John Edward
Bird, John Edward Henry
Bird, John Lambert
Bird, John Powell
Bird, John Stanbridge
Bird, Joseph Ronald
Bird, Kenneth Maurice
Bird, Kenneth Sidney
Bird, Kenneth Suckling Hardwick
Bird, Leonard George
Bird, Maurice Edward Charles
Bird, Montague Thomas
Bird, Newton
Bird, Norman Brian
Bird, Peter Charles Stuart
Bird, Peter Reginald Stephenson
Bird, Raymond
Bird, Raymond Harry
Bird, Richard Henry
Bird, Robert Francis
Bird, Robert Walters
Bird, Samuel Edward
Bird, Sidney
Bird, Sidney Alfred
Bird, Stanley George
Bird, Surry Philip Victor
Bird, Sydney
Bird, Sydney Dennis
Bird, Thomas Aldroyd
Bird, Thomas Arthur
Bird, Thomas Cunningham
Bird, Thomas Hodgson
Bird, Walter Douglas Wilberforce
Bird, Walter James
Bird, William
Bird, William
Birdsall, Richard Manning
Birdsall, Stephen Dale
Birdsall, William
Birdsell, George Benjamin Holt
Birdsey, Keith Charles
Birdseye, Alexander Frederick
Birk, Doric Phillip
Birk, Hilary Eldred
Birkbeck, Alburn Frederick
Birkbeck, Eric Gordon
Birkbeck, Howard Derek
Birkbeck, John
Birkby, Edwin
Birkby, Ronnie
Birkby, Tom
Birkett, Arthur
Birkett, Jack Smith
Birkett, John
Birkett, John Eveleyn Wreford
Birkett, Joseph
Birkett, Laurence Arthur
Birkett, Leslie Arthur
Birkett, Sydney Edmund
Birkett, Thomas
Birkett, William Norman
Birkett, William Ritson
Birkhead, Denis
Birkhead, George Thomas
Birkhead, Robert Neville (Bob)
Birkin, Frank
Birkin, William
Birkinshaw, Leonard William
Birkland, Henry
Birkmeier, Hans
Birks, Frederick Richard
Birks, Frederick William
Birks, John Geoffrey
Birks, Richard Salisbury
Birks, William Sidney Atkinson
Birkutt, Gerald
Birky, John Jacob
Birley, Alan Fay
Birlison, Gordon
Birmingham, Frederick Brook
Birmingham, Harold John
Birmingham, Joseph Patrick
Birmingham, William John
Birnbaum, Elizabeth (Buzsuka)
Birndorfer, Jakob
Birnie, Arthur Harold
Birnie, George Ronald
Birnie, Hugh Waldie
Birnie, John
Birnie, Robert
Birrell, Alexander Bruce
Birrell, Andrew James
Birrell, Eric Alfred
Birrell, Ian Ashley
Birrell, James Briggs Elder
Birrell, James Wingate Sellars
Birrell, John Rupert
Birrell, Richard Buckley
Birrell, Wilson John
Birse, John Middleton
Birt, Alexander Arthur
Birt, Allan Maurice
Birt, Desmond Robert
Birt, George Robert
Birt, Lynton Vennell Howard
Birt, Peter John
Birt, Peter Norham
Birt, Phillip Mclaughlin
Birt, William Alfred Maurice
Birtch, George Ernest Percy
Birtill, Henry Roy
Birtles, Alfred John
Birtles, Cuthbert Albert Ernest
Birtles, Cyril
Birtles, James John
Birtles, Ronald Boswell
Birtles, Ronald Joseph
Birtles, Stanley Haslop
Birtwell, David Norman Sharp
Birtwhistle, Douglas Stuart
Birtwhistle, James
Birtwhistle, Thomas
Birtwistle, Frederick Richard
Birtwistle, Herbert Joseph
Birtwistle, Norman
Bisang, Dr Lothar
Bischlager, Harold
Bischoff, Gerhard
Bischoff, John Nicolas
Biscoe, James Walter
Bisgood, Ashley
Bisgood, Douglas Leonard
Bish, Arthur Reginald
Bish, Claude Frederick
Bisheff, George Edward
Bishell, Henry Stuart Fell
Bishna Nath Kujur,
Bishop, Alfred James
Bishop, Alfred Thomas
Bishop, Alfred William
Bishop, Anthony Pearce
Bishop, Arthur Henry
Bishop, Arthur John
Bishop, Benjamin Harvey
Bishop, Cecil Thomas
Bishop, Charles Clifford
Bishop, Clarence Leslie
Bishop, Colin Ernest
Bishop, Colin Lisle
Bishop, Cyril Arthur
Bishop, David Wilfred
Bishop, Denis Clive
Bishop, Denzil Yorke
Bishop, Donald Robert
Bishop, Douglas Vernon
Bishop, Edward Archibald
Bishop, Edward Laurence
Bishop, Edwin Charles
Bishop, Eric Granville
Bishop, Ernest Frederick
Bishop, Ernest Howard
Bishop, Frank
Bishop, Frank Elliott
Bishop, Frederick Alan
Bishop, George
Bishop, George
Bishop, George Henry
Bishop, George Stanley
Bishop, George Thomas
Bishop, Gifford John
Bishop, Gordon Eugene
Bishop, Harold William
Bishop, Harry Willis
Bishop, Henry Bartlett
Bishop, Henry Edward
Bishop, Henry William
Bishop, Horace M.
Bishop, Hubert George
Bishop, Jack
Bishop, James Douglas
Bishop, James John
Bishop, John
Bishop, John
Bishop, John Dillon
Bishop, John Philpott
Bishop, John Scrymgeour
Bishop, John William
Bishop, Kenneth Gordon
Bishop, Kenneth William
Bishop, Leon Eric Gordon
Bishop, Leslie
Bishop, Leslie Francis George
Bishop, Leslie George
Bishop, Leslie Walter
Bishop, Lloyd George
Bishop, Maurice Arthur
Bishop, Noel Edwin
Bishop, Norman Derek
Bishop, Norman Reginald
Bishop, Omer Wilbur John
Bishop, Peter Conway
Bishop, Peter Derek
Bishop, Peter Frank
Bishop, Peter William
Bishop, Reginald Charles
Bishop, Richard William
Bishop, Robert
Bishop, Robert Albert
Bishop, Robert Charles
Bishop, Robert George
Bishop, Ronald Frederick
Bishop, Ronald William
Bishop, Roy
Bishop, Sidney Thomas
Bishop, Stanley Adolfson
Bishop, Stanley Buckland Stewart
Bishop, Stephen William George
Bishop, Thomas Anthony
Bishop, Thomas Benjamin
Bishop, Thomas David
Bishop, Verdun
Bishop, William John Barrie
Bishop, William Mather
Bishop, Willie Beaumont
Bishwa Nath,
Bispham, Harry
Biss, Cyril William Alfred
Biss, Ronald Wilfred
Biss, Stanley
Bissel, Alfred William
Bissell, Albert Frank
Bissell, Donald Clifford
Bisset, Anthony Sinclair
Bisset, David
Bisset, George Alexander
Bisset, Kenneth Payne
Bisset, Robert Clare
Bisset, Stuart Richard
Bisset, Thomas Neish Watters
Bisset, William Mcmanus
Bissett, Jack Montgomery
Bissett, John Alexander
Bissett, Peter
Bissett, Robert
Bissett, Victor Gerald
Bissett, William Slater
Bisson, Albert James George
Bisson, Keith Cecil
Bisson, Raymond Louis
Bissonnette, Guy Andre Rene
Bitcon, James Alexander
Bithell, Frederick
Bitmead, Edward William
Bitmead, Peter Arnold
Bitten, Frederick Charles
Bittiner, Henry Mark
Bittner, John Drake
Bittner, Josef
Bittner, Joseph Francois Xavier Jean
Biver, Fernand
Bjarnason, Albert Lloyd
Bjork, James Elwood
Blaber, Arthur Clarence
Blaber, Herbert Sidney William
Blach, Tadeusz
Blachford, Glenn Hugh
Blachowski, Marian
Black, Alastair Milner Hood
Black, Alexander Campbell
Black, Allan
Black, Andrew Orman
Black, Angus John
Black, Archibald William
Black, Brian Henry
Black, Bruce Graham
Black, Byard Broder
Black, Charles
Black, Charles Noola
Black, Charles Thomas
Black, Clarence Alwin
Black, Clifford Robertson
Black, David
Black, David Stenhouse
Black, Donald
Black, Douglas Allan
Black, Douglas John
Black, Dudley Victor
Black, Duncan Rodger
Black, Edgar Richard
Black, Edwin John
Black, Ernest Frank
Black, F E
Black, Foster Wilson
Black, Frank Alexander
Black, Frederick Lawson
Black, George Roderick Hartwell
Black, Gordon Ronald
Black, Gregory James
Black, Harold Gibson
Black, Harold John
Black, Harris
Black, Harry Gordon
Black, Harry Penrice
Black, Henry
Black, Herbert Ernest
Black, Horace Philip
Black, Hugh James Waller
Black, Ian Campbell Bennett
Black, Ivy Craig Haining
Black, James
Black, James Calvin
Black, James Dallas
Black, James Mcdonald
Black, John
Black, John Charles Eric
Black, John Hannah
Black, John Morton Burroughs
Black, John Robert
Black, John William
Black, Joseph
Black, Joseph
Black, Kennedy Boyd
Black, Lindsay Stuart
Black, Lionel
Black, Neil Michael
Black, Norman Scott
Black, Patrick Adair
Black, Percy Alfred William
Black, Peter George
Black, Peter Noble
Black, Reginald Thomas
Black, Richard Bursleigh
Black, Robert
Black, Robert
Black, Robert
Black, Robert Hammond
Black, Robert Loughlan Greens
Black, Robert Shirra Spratt
Black, Roland Edward
Black, Ronald Erskine
Black, Russell Lindsay
Black, Sidney
Black, Stanley Kevin
Black, Stuart Corliss
Black, Thomas Alexander Hamilton
Black, Thomas Bowes
Black, Thomas Wilson
Black, Vincent St. Clair
Black, Wendell Clifford
Black, William
Black, William Anderson
Black, William Andrew
Black, William Desmond
Black, William Roy
Black, William Smith
Blackadder, William Smith
Blackall, Hugh
Blackband, Norman Charles
Blackbarow, Ernest Bernard
Blackbeard, John
Blackbourn, Barry Frank
Blackbourn, Beresford Lionel
Blackbourn, Geoffrey Robert Percival
Blackburn, Adrian John
Blackburn, Alan John
Blackburn, Alfred
Blackburn, Allen Martin
Blackburn, Arthur
Blackburn, Arthur Douglas
Blackburn, Charles Arthur
Blackburn, Clement Peter
Blackburn, Edmund
Blackburn, Edward
Blackburn, Edward Arnold
Blackburn, Edward Bradley
Blackburn, Frederick
Blackburn, George William
Blackburn, Herbert Frank
Blackburn, Horace
Blackburn, Ian Harold
Blackburn, Jack
Blackburn, John
Blackburn, John Eric
Blackburn, John Sydney
Blackburn, Joseph
Blackburn, Keith Israel
Blackburn, Kenneth William George
Blackburn, R A
Blackburn, Robert Allan Mcculloch
Blackburn, Robert Guy
Blackburn, Stanley
Blackburn, Thomas
Blackburn, Thomas Benson
Blackburn, William Alan
Blackburn, William Reay
Blackden, Vyvian Quentery
Blackden, Walter Anthony Seton
Blacker, Ian Bruce
Blackert, Willy
Blackett, Anthony Rex
Blackett, George
Blackett, Harold Elliott
Blackett, Henry
Blackett, Jack
Blackford, Harry William
Blackford, Leonard Douglas
Blackford, Walter Frederick
Blackford, William Kenneth
Blackhall, Leonard John
Blackhall, Robert Orin
Blackhall, Stanley Mcintyre
Blackhall, William Barnett
Blackham, Kenneth Leslie
Blackham, Peter Douglas
Blackhurst, John Brian
Blackhurst, Sydney
Blackhurst, Thomas Anthony
Blackie, Archie Pearson
Blackie, David
Blackie, Ian Donald
Blackie, John
Blackie, Raymond Jack
Blackie, William
Blacklaw, Edward
Blacklaws, A R
Blackledge, Raymond George
Blackler, Richard Alan
Blackler, Robert Stanley
Blackley, Allan Neil
Blackley, David Andrew
Blackley, David Ian
Blackley, Edward John
Blacklock, Edward Francis
Blacklock, Henry Wales
Blacklock, Norman Peter
Blacklock, Thomas
Blacklock, Thomas
Blackman, Alan
Blackman, Alfred Douglas
Blackman, Donald William
Blackman, Eric Charles
Blackman, Frederick Edward
Blackman, George Augustus
Blackman, George Joseph
Blackman, Henry Francis
Blackman, Horace Cecil Donald
Blackman, Robert Alfred
Blackman, Stuart Edward
Blackmore, Alfred Henry
Blackmore, Charles Allen
Blackmore, Davy George
Blackmore, Derek John
Blackmore, Douglas George
Blackmore, Douglas Henry
Blackmore, Francis Leonard Henry
Blackmore, Geoffrey Livingstone
Blackmore, George Ralph
Blackmore, Herbert George Percy
Blackmore, Hubert Waddy
Blackmore, John Charles
Blackmore, Kenneth Thomas Frederick
Blackmore, Lester John
Blackmore, Percival Francis
Blackmore, Ralph Loudon
Blackmore, Rex Neville
Blackmore, Sidney Frederick Ogeley
Blackmore, William Alfred
Blackmore, William Henry
Blackmore, Winston Woolley
Blackshaw, Arthur Trevor
Blackshaw, Colin
Blackshaw, George William
Blackshaw, Gwynne Lewis
Blackshaw, Herbert John
Blackshaw, John
Blackshaw, John Douglas
Blackshaw, John Robert
Blackshire, Alfred Stephen Edgar
Blackstock, Frederick John Edward
Blackstock, William David
Blackwell, Arthur Edward
Blackwell, Charles Albert
Blackwell, Eric Wright
Blackwell, Frank James
Blackwell, Frank Sylvester
Blackwell, George William
Blackwell, Harold Benjamin
Blackwell, Harry Charles
Blackwell, Henry Westbrook
Blackwell, Hubert Leslie
Blackwell, James Terrence
Blackwell, Leonard Joseph
Blackwell, Leonard Richard
Blackwell, Leslie Robert
Blackwell, Pauline Margaret
Blackwell, Richard Alick
Blackwell, Richard Shuttleworth
Blackwell, Ronald Arthur
Blackwell, Stephan
Blackwell, William Alfred
Blackwell, William Donald
Blackwood, David
Blackwood, Francis John
Blackwood, George Alexander
Blackwood, Henry William Arthur
Blackwood, James Blair
Blackwood, James Lawson
Blackwood, James Richmond
Blackwood, John Gladstone
Bladen, William Egbert Trevor
Bladen, William Michael
Blades, Basil Norman
Blades, Jack
Blades, John Wilfred
Blades, Robert Whitaker
Blades, Ronald Edward Frank
Blades, William Henry
Bladon, Albert
Bladon, James Stanley
Blagborne, Charles Ward
Blagden, Arthur Sanderson
Blagdon, Alfred Thomas
Blagrove, Stanley
Blaha, Jan
Blaha, Josef
Blaha, Oldrich Dennis
Blahacek, Eduard
Blahna, Vaclav
Blaikie, Donald Victor
Blaikie, Ian Armstrong
Blaikie, John Smith
Blaikley, Anthony Frederick Barnard
Blain, David Edward
Blain, David Thompson
Blain, Harry
Blain, Jack
Blain, John
Blain, Leonard Manley
Blain, Norman Philip
Blain, William Ross
Blair, Charles
Blair, Charles Edward
Blair, Charles Forbes
Blair, Colin Campbell
Blair, Colin Paget
Blair, David
Blair, David Jack
Blair, David Michael
Blair, Ernest Anthony
Blair, Ernest Bramwell
Blair, Errol Francis Gordon
Blair, Frederick Charles
Blair, George Alexander
Blair, Henry Haddow
Blair, Herbert Douglas
Blair, Ian F.
Blair, Jack Frederick
Blair, James
Blair, John
Blair, John
Blair, John Arthur
Blair, John Coulter
Blair, John Edward
Blair, John Lawrence
Blair, John Spencer
Blair, Kenneth Sinclair
Blair, Lawrence
Blair, Noel Hensley
Blair, Reginald George
Blair, Robert
Blair, Robert Alexander Walton
Blair, Robert Edward
Blair, Robert Robb
Blair, Robert Wallace
Blair, Saxby Winburn Laurie
Blair, Timothy Clayton
Blair, William
Blair, William George
Blairon, Arnold Jose
Blais, Joseph Laurent Andre
Blake-Hales, George
Blake, Alan Albert
Blake, Albert Edward
Blake, Albert Edwin
Blake, Albert William
Blake, Alfred George
Blake, Alfred Henry
Blake, Arthur
Blake, Arthur Nairne
Blake, Arthur Samuel
Blake, Arthur Wilfred
Blake, Arthur William
Blake, Charles Eric Ferdinand
Blake, Cyril Howard
Blake, Desmond
Blake, Edward Albert
Blake, Edward George
Blake, Edward Raymond
Blake, Edward Thomas
Blake, Eric George
Blake, Eric Stuart
Blake, Ernest Cecil Allan
Blake, Errol Walter Joseph
Blake, Frank Grenfell
Blake, Frederick Charles
Blake, Frederick Charles
Blake, Frederick Henry
Blake, Frederick John
Blake, Gefforey Alan Stanford
Blake, Geoffrey Arthur
Blake, George Victor
Blake, Gordon Eric
Blake, Harold Roger
Blake, Henry Thomas
Blake, James Henry Banning
Blake, James William Cowan
Blake, John Christopher Howell
Blake, John Leslie Edward
Blake, John Michael
Blake, Lawrence Alan
Blake, Leonard Ernest Charles
Blake, Leonard Herbert
Blake, Norman Harold
Blake, Peter Hardey
Blake, Peter James Widdell
Blake, Peter Reginald James
Blake, Philip
Blake, Reginald Alfred
Blake, Richard Barnett
Blake, Robert
Blake, Robert Johnstone
Blake, Ronald
Blake, Ronald Ernest
Blake, Ronald Sydney
Blake, Stewart William
Blake, Terence David Brian
Blake, Thomas Christopher
Blake, Vernon Arthur
Blake, Walter Steward
Blake, Wilfred Albert
Blake, William Enos
Blake, William Percy
Blake, William Vincent
Blakeley, Anthony
Blakeley, George
Blakeley, Stanley Robinson
Blakeley, Wallace John Robert
Blakeley, William Henry
Blakely, Alfred George
Blakely, Robert Albert
Blakely, Wallace Bennett
Blakely, William John
Blakeman, Alec William
Blakeman, Ernest Walter
Blakemore, Trevor Morgan
Blakeney, Lester Ferguson
Blakey, Alexander Douglas
Blakey, Allen Douglas
Blakey, Frank
Blakey, Frederick
Blakey, Harry Vernon
Blakey, Jack
Blakey, John William
Blakiston-Houston, Barbara Kathleen
Blakney, Donald Keans
Blamey, Claude Cecil
Blamey, James Richard Gerald
Blamey, Peter Arthur
Blamey, Richard Cubitt
Blamires, Ronald Garland
Blampied, Philip Henry
Blanc, J P
Blanc, Thomas Walter
Blance, Ian Edward
Blanch, Gordon Francis
Blanch, Keith Charles
Blanch, Oliver John
Blanch, Percy
Blanchard, Albert Sheppard
Blanchard, Arthur
Blanchard, Arthur Charles
Blanchard, Cyril Francis
Blanchard, Eric William
Blanchard, Ernest Stephen
Blanchard, Frank
Blanchard, James William
Blanchard, Joseph Jerome
Blanchard, Merton Campbell
Blanchard, Norman
Blanchard, Peter James
Blanchard, Ramon Keith
Blanchard, Raymond Arthur Oswald
Blanchard, Rex
Blanchard, Roger Joseph
Blanchard, Sedley Stewart
Blanchard, Westley Lawrence
Blanchette, Charles Edward
Blanchette, Clifford Eugene
Blanchfield, John James
Blanckenberg, Charles
Blanckensee, Lewis Mervyn
Blanckley, George William
Bland, Albert Edward
Bland, Brian John
Bland, Dennis John
Bland, Eric
Bland, Eric Boys
Bland, Ernest Arthur
Bland, George Leslie
Bland, George Roxberry
Bland, Gordon Leslie
Bland, John Wellburn
Bland, Joseph Arthur
Bland, Leonard
Bland, Leonard Alvin
Bland, Leslie Daniel
Bland, Peter Windermere
Bland, Ralph Miller
Bland, Reginald Alfred
Bland, Stanley
Bland, William
Blandford, Gerald Edward
Blandford, Stanley Kendal
Blandon, Cyril George
Blandy, Robert Henry Pettiplace
Blane, James Higgins
Blane, John Donald
Blaney, Laurence Allen
Blaney, William John
Blank, John Frederick
Blanks, Dennis William
Blanks, Edwin Henry
Blanks, Leonard Frederick
Blanksby, Allan
Blankstein, M L M
Blanshard, Gordon
Blashill, Leonard
Blasinski, Wladyslaw
Blasius, Kurt
Blaskett, Edward John
Blaskey, Kenneth Rushton
Blasko, Joseph Arthur
Blaszczak, Kazimierz
Blaszczyk, Jan
Blatch, Alfred Frederick
Blatch, Benjamin George
Blatch, Norman William Edward
Blatchford, Basil Farrel
Blatchford, Frederick Edward
Blatchford, Howard Peter
Blatchford, James
Blatchford, Leonard Glendenning
Blatchford, Robert Charles Henry
Blatchley, Ronald Bennet
Blatherwick, George
Blatherwick, J J
Blatherwick, Reginald A. W.
Blatny, Benedikt
Blatt, P A
Blaubaum, Maxwell Bibra
Blaxall, Albert Walter
Blay, Leslie Edward Harcourt
Blaydes, Herbert
Blaydon, Reginald William
Blaylock, Jack
Blaylock, Stanley
Blayney, Alfred Goodman-Wells
Blayney, Walter Percival Stanley
Blazeiko, Panko Peter
Blazejewski, Jan
Blazejewski, Wawrzyniek
Blazer, Alec Hayward
Blazier, John Kenneth
Blazley, Thomas William
Bleach, John Frederick
Bleackley, Charles Jellicoe
Bleakley, Austen
Bleakley, D J
Bleakley, Fred
Bleasdale, George John
Blease, John Thomas
Blease, Thomas Henry
Bleau, L. Andrew Eugene
Bleazard, Alan
Blechynden, Roger Vincent
Bledge, Hugh Aitken Galloway
Bleeks, William James
Bleiber, Walter
Bleich, James Arthur
Bleich, Siegfried
Bleier, Jiri
Bleksley, Harold Francis
Blencoe, John Kenneth
Blencowe, Arthur Frank
Blencowe, Dennis James
Blencowe, John Dawson
Blenkarn, Alexander Neil
Blenkarn, Ronald James
Blenkhorn, Charles Robert Sayre
Blenkinsop, Edward Weyman
Blenkinsop, Henry
Blenkinsop, Mathew
Blenkinsopp, Frederick John
Blennerhassett, Joseph William
Blerkom, Francis Alfred William
Blesky, Michael Harris
Blessing, William Walter
Blessing, Wilson George
Blevins, R J
Blewett, Alwyn
Blewett, Hubert
Blewett, Richard
Blewett, Richard Trevor
Blewett, Terence Douglas
Bleyney, Dudley Oswald
Blezard, Ernest Robert James
Blick, Claude Wynter Arthur
Blick, Leslie
Bligh, Arthur
Bligh, Norman Nicholas
Bligh, Orley Whitney
Bligh, Peter Ivo
Bligh, Rex William
Bligh, Sydney James Norman
Blight, Ambrose Edward
Blight, Frederick Richard
Blight, John
Blight, Leslie Edwin
Blight, Norman Charles Philip
Blight, Norman Eric
Blight, Peter Harden Goyen
Blight, William Gerald
Blignaut, Jochemus Johannes
Blignaut, Peter Gerhard
Blincoe, Kenneth Howard 
Blindell, David Victor Francis
Blinkhorn, H P
Blinman, Hugh Cecil
Bliss, Alan Lawrence
Bliss, Frederick John
Bliss, Harry
Bliss, Harry Alfred
Bliss, Jack Fenton
Bliss, John Miller
Bliss, Laurence Esmond
Bliss, Maurice George
Bliss, Osborne Lloyd
Bliss, W J K
Blissett, Harold Edgar
Blitz, Morris
Blizard, Hugh Conway
Bloch, Harold Sidney Ralph
Bloch, Harry
Bloch, L B
Bloch, Willys Roland
Block, Dalton Irvon
Block, David
Block, Michael Lewrance
Block, Noel Herbert
Block, S
Block, Samuel
Blockey, Robert Charles
Blockley, David Ellis
Blockley, Maurice William
Blockley, Richard Barry
Blofield, Bernard Reginald
Blofield, Edwin Ellis
Blogg, Archibald Charles
Blok, David Isaac
Blom, George Henry
Blom, Pieter Hendrik
Blom, W D
Blom, Walter Michael
Blome-jones, David
Blome, Herwart
Blomeley, Eric Edwin
Blomfield, Arthur Samuel Barton
Blomfield, Richard Graham
Blomley, Lionel Douglas
Blomson, Bernard
Blondeau, Louis
Blood, Frank
Blood, Ronald Geoffrey
Bloodworth, Charles Oscar
Bloom, Basil Bartholomew
Bloom, Benjamin
Bloom, Francis Gerald Durrant
Bloom, Lionel Leslie
Bloom, Roy Benjamin Charles
Bloomer, George Taylor
Bloomer, John Edwin
Bloomer, Peter
Bloomfield, Albert Francis
Bloomfield, Albert George
Bloomfield, Alec Peter
Bloomfield, David IAnson
Bloomfield, Dennis Bertram
Bloomfield, Frank Harry
Bloomfield, Geoffrey John
Bloomfield, George William
Bloomfield, Harry William
Bloomfield, John Alfred
Bloomfield, Mandel
Bloomfield, Mendel Gilbert
Bloomfield, Michael
Bloomfield, Richard Henry
Bloor, Albert Edward
Bloor, Brian Cotter
Bloor, Clarence Ernest
Bloor, Ernest
Bloor, Frank Bennett
Bloor, Gordon Elijah
Bloor, Harry
Bloor, Reginald Albert
Bloor, Richard
Blore, Eric Albert
Blore, William Edward
Bloss, Fred
Blossom, David Charles
Blount, Charles Hubert Boulby
Blow, Donald Edwin
Blow, Kenneth Leslie Owen
Blower, Frederick Drummond
Blower, Leonard George
Blower, Ronald Kenneth
Blower, Stephen Hugh
Blowers, Bernard Paul
Blowes, Stanley Charles George
Blowfield, Philip Harvey
Blows, Victor Arthur
Bloxham, Arthur Frederick
Bloxham, John Lewis
Bloxham, Malcolm Victor
Bloxwich, James Henry
Bloy, Ronald Frederick
Bloyce, William Roy
Bluck, F
Bluck, Harry George
Bluck, John
Bluck, Norman Bradford
Bluck, William
Bluczynski, Witold
Blue, Alastair Farquhar
Blue, Donald Archibald
Blue, Dugald
Blue, Garth Mervyn
Blue, Martin
Blue, William Gibson
Blueher, Erich
Bluett, Peter Frederick Barlow
Bluhm, Horst
Bluj, Feliks Antoni
Blum, Denis
Blum, Joseph Maurice
Blumbergas, Asrielis
Blumenkranz, Hanoch
Blumer, Michael Francis
Blumer, Paul John
Blumer, Richmond Antony Barrett
Blumfield, Dennis William
Blumfield, Eric Emlyn
Blumire, William
Blumrick, A A
Blumsom, Sidney William
Blundall, Barriemore Smallwood
Blundall, Hubert
Blundell-Hill, Christopher John
Blundell, Cecil Leonard
Blundell, Colin Frazer
Blundell, Derek Webb
Blundell, Harold Edwin
Blundell, John Crayley
Blundell, John James
Blundell, John Mortimer
Blundell, Kenneth William Frazer
Blundell, Phillip
Blundell, Robert
Blundell, Thomas John
Blundell, Thomas William
Blundell, William James
Blunden, Arthur Thomas
Blunden, Charles Henry
Blunden, Frank
Blunden, Jack
Blunden, Kenneth Oswald
Blunden, Neil Ralph
Blunderfield, William Edward
Blundred, Harold
Blunn, Geoffrey Boyd
Blunn, Rowland James Scott
Blunsdon, Alan Richard
Blunstone, Frank
Blunt, Charles John Harvey
Blunt, Donald Edward
Blunt, Geoffrey Chichely
Blunt, George
Blunt, John George
Blunt, John Sculthorpe
Blunt, Leonard
Blunt, Malcolm James Larke
Blunt, Walter Leonard
Blurton, Philip Jones
Bluston, Hyam Maurice
Bluszcz, Jerzy
Blute, Frederick John
Blynn, Arnold Raymond
Blyskal, Franciszek
Blyth, Alan
Blyth, Alfred Maurice (Bob)
Blyth, Arthur Daniel
Blyth, Charles Ernest John
Blyth, Charles Frederick
Blyth, Charles Thomas
Blyth, Colin John
Blyth, David Nairn
Blyth, George
Blyth, Jack
Blyth, Jack Samuel
Blyth, Jack William
Blyth, James Paterson
Blyth, John Christopher
Blyth, John William
Blyth, Johnstone William
Blyth, Kenneth Digby
Blyth, Kenneth Whinray
Blyth, William
Blyth, William Purves
Blythe, Benjamin
Blythe, Richard
Blythe, Ronald Charles
Blythe, Thomas Francis
Boad, Albert Alan
Boaden, Frank Bruce
Boag, George
Boag, Jack
Boag, Robert James
Boags, George
Boak, Andrew Stenhouse
Boak, Rennie Charles Edward
Boak, Roderick Cawthorn
Boakes, Edward James
Boakes, George Arthur
Boal, Harold James
Boal, Samuel Mccaughey
Boal, William Morton
Boalch, Frederick Ernest
Boaler, Eric
Boam, Albert Montague
Boam, Alfred George
Boan, Thomas
Boanas, Jack William Robinson
Boanson, John George Shepherd
Boar, Arthur John
Boar, Geoffrey Crisp (Geoff)
Board, Richard George
Board, Ronald William Henry
Boardley, Harold
Boardman, Clifford
Boardman, Edward James
Boardman, Frederick
Boardman, Gerald Mortimer
Boardman, Harold
Boardman, Harry
Boardman, Harry
Boardman, Hubert Stanley
Boardman, Joe
Boardman, Leonard
Boardman, Robert Cecil
Boardman, Ronald
Boardman, Roy
Boardman, Terrance King
Boardman, William Edward
Boarer, Leslie Samuel
Boase, Leonard John
Boase, Peter Leonard
Boast, William Edwin Herbert
Boates, Robert Melbourne
Boatswain, James Attewood
Bobbett, Arnold Hannam
Bobby, Cyril Roy
Bobby, Frank Edward
Bocca, John William
Bochaczek, Antoni
Bochenski, Kazimierz
Bochove, Jilles Pieter
Bock, Allan James Henry
Bock, Earl William
Bock, Eric Alan
Bock, Ernst-August
Bock, Heinz
Bock, Richard Norman Walker
Bocking, Ronald John
Bocking, Stanley
Bockowski, Zygmunt
Bocock, Arnold Geoffrey
Bocock, Eric Percy William
Bocock, Ian Maxwell Theodore De Kaap
Boddam-whetham, Arthur Jack Tudor
Bodden, Frank William
Bodden, Geoffrey
Bodden, Keith Desmond
Bodden, Richard Raymond
Boddie, Donald George
Bodding, Carl Olaf
Boddington, Jack Thomas Stillman
Boddington, John Percy
Boddington, Robert Anthony
Boddy, Charles
Boddy, David
Boddy, Frank William
Boddy, Geoffrey Arthur
Boddy, Howard Bruce
Boddy, Hutson Alexander
Boddy, John
Bode, John William
Bode, Peter Harold
Bodell, Edwin John
Bodemeide-Burbage, George Albert
Boden, George Rex
Boden, George Rex
Boden, John Stuart
Boden, Stanley
Bodenham, John Edward
Bodenham, Vivian Henry
Bodfish, Bernard Luke
Bodfish, Frank William
Bodger, Colin Basil Lynch
Bodger, Harry
Bodie, Crelin Arthur Walford
Bodie, Ronald Lionel Lister
Bodimeade, Frederick Charles
Bodin, Hugh Alexander Andrew
Bodington, William Vernon
Bodinnar, John Kenneth
Bodkin, Alvin Graham
Bodkin, Franr Sidney
Bodkin, William Fred
Bodlak, Milos
Bodlak, Milos
Bodley, Francis
Bodley, Ronald William Frederick
Bodley, William
Bodman, Howard
Bodmer, Frances Bernard Miles
Bodsworth, George Henry
Bodsworth, Jack Arthur William
Bodsworth, Reginald William
Body, Geoffrey Deller
Body, James Howard
Body, James Joseph
Body, John
Body, Raymond William
Body, Stephen
Bodycot, Gordon Harry
Boe, Bernard
Boe, Russell Merlin
Boeck, Josef
Boecker, Hugo
Boehlke, Willi
Boehm, Donovan Gerhard
Boehm, Hedley Colin
Boehm, Helmut
Boehm, Wolfgang
Boehme, Kurt
Boehmer, Albert Edward Charles
Boehnemann, Alfred
Boehnig, Johann
Boekenstein, Olaf Ruprechl
Boelitz, Dietrich
Boellert, Werner
Boellinghaus, Kurt
Boese, Frank Arthur
Boeson, Jack Ludwig
Boettcher, Arthur Harold
Boettge, Kurt
Boffey, George Henry
Boffey, Ronald
Bogan, Amos Frederick
Bogan, Edward Anthony
Bogard, Joel
Bogg, William James Thomas
Boggess, George William
Boggis, John William Rolfe
Boggon, Michael Gordon
Boggs, William Ferguson
Bogie, William Greig
Bogle, Charles Ripley
Bogle, Charles Stewart
Bogle, Ernest Anthony
Bogue, James Joseph Aloysius
Bogusiak, Jozef
Boguszewski, Boleslaw
Boguszewski, Wladyslaw Sylwester
Boham, Frederick Leonard
Bohane, Brian Joseph
Bohanes, Stefan
Bohemier, Joseph Eloi
Bohl, William Dennis
Bohling, Cyril Norman Byron
Bohlmann, Werner Herbert Hans
Bohn, Arthur Reginald
Bohn, Hermann
Bohnisch, Frantisek
Bohun, Roy Charles
Bohush, Eugene
Boileau, Frank
Boileau, Joseph Paul Roger
Boilstone, John William
Boily, Joseph Omer Emile Jules
Boire, Leo Albert
Boissevain, Henry Glen
Boissonneault, Roger Serge Guy
Boiston, John Rochester
Boisvert, Joseph
Boisvert, Joseph George Louis
Boisvert, Wilfred Leger
Boitel-gill, Derek Pierre Aumale
Boivin, John Louis
Boivin, Leslie Claude William
Bojarczuk, Romauld
Boklazec, Mikolaj
Bokobza, Roger
Bolam, George Ewin
Bolam, Victor George
Bolam, Warwick Hall
Boland, Alfred Edward
Boland, Donald Edward Joseph
Boland, Friedhelm Wilhelm
Boland, John
Boland, John Robert
Boland, Milton Desmond
Boland, Thomas
Boland, Thomas
Boland, Thomas Lindsay
Bold, Peter Frederick
Bolder, Cyril
Bolderston, George Thomas
Bolderstone, Peter Frederick
Bolding, Theodore
Boldy, David Adrian
Bole, Samuel
Boler, Albert Edward
Boler, Herbert Henry
Boles, Francis
Boles, William Harold
Boles, William Robert King
Boleslawski, Jerzy
Bolfik, Rudolf
Bolger, Alexander Gordon
Bolger, Christopher Kevin
Bolger, Edward
Bolger, Hugh Burke
Bolger, Ray Kethel
Bolger, Thomas John
Bolingbroke, Ernest Joseph Leonard
Bolingbroke, Hale Winter
Bolitho, Richard
Boll, Roderick James Joseph
Bollan, David
Bolland, George Albert
Bolland, George Eric
Bolland, George James
Bolland, Reginald Charles
Bolland, Ronald Harold
Bolle, John Albert
Bollen, Lewis Cecil Theodore
Bollert, Frank Dowler
Bolleurs, H J
Bolsover, Alan Richard
Bolstad, Kenneth Wallace
Bolster, Cyril Leslie
Bolster, Richard Vary Campbell
Bolsworth, Bernard
Bolsworth, John Harold
Bolt, Bobbie
Bolt, Ellis William
Bolt, Henry Francis
Bolt, Henry Marcus
Bolt, Leslie Arthur
Bolt, Nelson
Bolt, Ronald
Bolt, William Frederick Donald
Bolt, William Thomas
Bolte, Johan Berend
Bolter, Alec John
Bolter, John
Bolter, Peter
Bolter, Sidney Ronald
Boltman, Hendrick
Bolton, Alexander
Bolton, Alfred Harry
Bolton, Arthur Frank
Bolton, David Malcolm
Bolton, Derek
Bolton, Douglas Charles
Bolton, Edward William Roberts
Bolton, Elwood Maurice William
Bolton, Eric
Bolton, Frank
Bolton, Frank
Bolton, Frank Alan
Bolton, George
Bolton, George Frederick
Bolton, Gordon Stuart
Bolton, Harold James Alfred
Bolton, Harry
Bolton, Henry Albert
Bolton, Idris Edward
Bolton, Jack Willman
Bolton, James William
Bolton, John Albert
Bolton, John Alexander
Bolton, John Henry
Bolton, John Randolph
Bolton, John Stanley
Bolton, Joseph
Bolton, Joseph Hagan
Bolton, Kenneth
Bolton, Kenneth Stanley
Bolton, Lawrence Herbert
Bolton, Lawrence William
Bolton, Leslie Arthur
Bolton, Montague Harry Slade
Bolton, Peter George
Bolton, Richard Michael
Bolton, Robert Burns
Bolton, Robert John
Bolton, Samuel
Bolton, Sidney David
Bolton, Sydney Arthur
Bolton, Sydney Arthur
Bolton, Thomas
Bolton, Thomas Bernard
Bolton, Thomas Everest
Bolton, Thomas Owen
Bolton, Vernon Harry
Bolton, Warren Percy
Bolton, William Frederick
Bolton, William Frederick
Bolton, William Henry
Bolton, William James (Bill)
Bolus, Arthur Herbert
Bolwell, Joseph Henry
Bomby, John
Bomford, Charles Powell
Bomford, John Hamilton
Bon Behari Chackerbutty,
Bon Seigneur, Camille Robespierre
Bonakis, Basil Demetrius
Bonany, Albert Louis
Bonar, Colin Niven
Bonar, Robert James
Bonar, William Selby Pace
Bonard, Ian Numa
Bonass, Albert Edward
Bonathan, Lewis Clifford
Bond, Alan Campbell
Bond, Alan Denis
Bond, Alfred Charles
Bond, Alfred Leslie
Bond, Anthony David
Bond, Arthur George
Bond, Arthur William
Bond, Aubrey Alexander
Bond, Aubrey Fraser
Bond, B C
Bond, Bernard John
Bond, Bruce Alexander Godley
Bond, Cecil Jacques
Bond, Charles James
Bond, Clifford
Bond, David Watson
Bond, Dennis Langdown
Bond, Deryck Hunter
Bond, Edward Hunter
Bond, Eric William
Bond, Ernest John William
Bond, Francis Charles
Bond, Francis Lewis
Bond, Geoffrey William
Bond, George Robert
Bond, George William
Bond, Gerald Peter Robert
Bond, Harold
Bond, Harold Frederick
Bond, Harold Walter Charles
Bond, Ivor Hexter
Bond, Jack Gordon
Bond, James
Bond, James Alfred
Bond, James Edward
Bond, John Basil
Bond, John Cecil
Bond, John Crewdson Ashton
Bond, John Keith
Bond, John Kendal
Bond, John Norman
Bond, Kenneth Frank Pennington
Bond, Leslie James
Bond, Norman Philip
Bond, Peter Henry
Bond, Peter Mccall
Bond, Philip
Bond, Ralph
Bond, Raymond James
Bond, Richard Bert
Bond, Richard Samuel
Bond, Robert
Bond, Robert Armstrong
Bond, Robert Meredith
Bond, Ronald Arthur
Bond, Ronald Douglas
Bond, Ronald Sidney
Bond, Stanley George
Bond, Thomas John
Bond, Victor Cyril
Bond, Walter Frederick
Bond, Walter George
Bond, Wilfred Sidney
Bond, William Alan Charles
Bond, William David Gordon
Bond, William George
Bondada Bhaskara Koteswara Rao,
Bondar, Jozef
Bonder, Hymie
Bonds, Ronald John
Bone, Alan Cameron
Bone, Alexander Victor
Bone, Anthony
Bone, Arthur
Bone, Charles Verdun
Bone, David Thomas
Bone, Edmund Douglas
Bone, Edward John
Bone, Eric
Bone, George
Bone, Henry George
Bone, John
Bone, John Brayam
Bone, John Henry
Bone, Megan
Bone, Peter Knowles
Bone, Robert
Bone, Stanley Cornelius Henry
Bone, Tom
Bone, William Andrew Irving
Bonell, William Stewart
Bonenfant, Joseph Oscar Rosario
Bones, Frank Leonard
Bones, John Ralph Vigurs
Boness, Herman Peter
Bonest, Harry Edwin
Bonfield, John James Dew
Bong Sye Chong,
Bongard, Harper Mervyn
Bonham, Frank Oliver
Bonham, Gordon Loversidge
Boniface, Geoffrey James
Boniface, Ronald John
Bonin, Ernest Donald
Bonisch, Lester Lascelles
Bonk, Leon Stanislaw
Bonn, Peter Michael
Bonnar, George Alexander
Bonnar, Kenneth Whyte
Bonnar, Norman John
Bonnar, William Mckee
Bonnefin, Joseph Marcel
Bonnell, Russell Lee
Bonner, Albert Carey
Bonner, Albert Robert
Bonner, Alfred James
Bonner, Bessie Eileen Eva
Bonner, Charles Aidan
Bonner, George Arnold
Bonner, George Henry
Bonner, Gilbert Frederick Cummings
Bonner, Harry Frederick Charles
Bonner, Ivanhoe Frederick
Bonner, Jack
Bonner, James Albert
Bonner, Kenneth Harding
Bonner, Murray Wallace
Bonner, Sidney
Bonnet, Lewis Freddy
Bonnett, Alan Chester
Bonnett, Alwynn Lincoln
Bonnett, Dorian Dick
Bonnett, Henry John
Bonnett, Hubert
Bonnett, Leonard Douglas
Bonnett, Raymond James
Bonneville, John Raymond
Bonnewit, Jacques L
Bonney, Albert Milvron
Bonney, Edwin Jones
Bonnick, Edward Robert
Bonnick, Richard Albert
Bonnick, Robert Frederick
Bonniface, Harry Arnold
Bonniface, Robert John
Bonokoski, Daniel
Bonorino, Carlos Frederick
Bonser, Alfred Kenneth
Bonser, Clifforde Winfield
Bonser, Edgar Frederick
Bonser, Fred
Bonser, Frederick George
Bonser, Maurice Reginald
Bonsey, William Bruce George
Bonson, James Edward
Bonter, Stewart Millen
Bonus, Sidney Owen
Bonython, Ronald George
Boocock, Arthur Beaumont
Boocock, John Hargrave
Boocock, Walter
Boodrie, James Clinton
Book, Archibald Neville
Book, Archibald Neville
Booker, Alan John
Booker, David Robert
Booker, Dennis
Booker, Frank Louis
Booker, Fred
Booker, Harold William
Booker, John Owen
Booker, Leonard Percy
Booker, Myrtle Rose
Booker, Raymond Stanley Royden
Booker, Sidney James
Booker, Thomas William
Booker, William Richard
Bookhout, Earl Wesley
Booklass, James Gordon
Bool, Leslie
Bools, Charles Ronald Kernick
Bools, Geoffrey Maurice
Bools, John Stafford
Bools, Martin
Boomer, Carl Stirling
Boomer, Kenneth Arthur
Boon, Arthur Howard
Boon, Arthur Reuben
Boon, Denis Murdock
Boon, Ernest Moreton
Boon, Gordon Milton
Boon, John
Boon, John Frederick
Boon, John William
Boon, Ronald Owen
Boon, Roy James Alfred
Boon, Stanley John Albert
Boon, Walter Henry
Boon, William
Boon, William Lawton
Boone, Cecil Jack Walton
Boone, Ronald Henry
Boonzaier, Hermanus
Boorman, Cecil Edmund
Boorman, George Edward
Boorman, Robert Edward Lewis
Boorman, Robert James
Boot, Wilfred Charles
Booth-Russell, Stanley Stuart
Booth-Smith, Peter William
Booth, Alan
Booth, Albert Edward
Booth, Albert William
Booth, Alfred Bertram Ernest
Booth, Alfred Ernest
Booth, Alfred Stanley
Booth, Allan
Booth, Anthony Foster
Booth, Arnold
Booth, Arthur
Booth, Arthur Frank Calvert
Booth, Arthur Roland
Booth, Bryan Seymour
Booth, Charles Henry
Booth, Charles Royce
Booth, Charlie
Booth, Christopher Richard
Booth, Clifford
Booth, Colin
Booth, Colin
Booth, David Morriss
Booth, Denis
Booth, Derek Arnold
Booth, Derek Atherton
Booth, Donald George
Booth, Dorothy
Booth, Edgar Clark
Booth, Eric
Booth, Eric
Booth, Eric Foster William
Booth, Ernest
Booth, Ernest
Booth, F J
Booth, Frances
Booth, Frank
Booth, Frank
Booth, Frank Josiah
Booth, Fred
Booth, Fred
Booth, Frederick Oliver
Booth, Frederick Stephen
Booth, Frederick William
Booth, Geoffrey
Booth, Geoffrey
Booth, George
Booth, George
Booth, George
Booth, George
Booth, George Arnold
Booth, George Edward
Booth, George Francis Herbert
Booth, George Vincent Cyril
Booth, Glendon Bulmar
Booth, Gordon
Booth, Harry
Booth, Henry Arnold
Booth, Hubert Allan
Booth, J H
Booth, Jack
Booth, James Bradshaw
Booth, James Robert
Booth, James William
Booth, John
Booth, John
Booth, John
Booth, John
Booth, John Calvert
Booth, John Charles Mortimer
Booth, John Herbert
Booth, John Mcdowell
Booth, John Milton
Booth, Joseph Donald
Booth, Joseph Donald
Booth, Kenneth Stanley
Booth, Leonard
Booth, Leslie
Booth, Lewis Alfred
Booth, Margaret
Booth, Maurice William
Booth, Neville George Richardson
Booth, Norman
Booth, Norman
Booth, Norman Robert
Booth, Peter Waring
Booth, Philip George Nathan
Booth, Philip Watson
Booth, Ralph Edwin
Booth, Reginald
Booth, Robert Alexander
Booth, Robert Carter
Booth, Ronald
Booth, Ronald
Booth, Ronald James
Booth, Sidney Dominic
Booth, Stanley
Booth, Stanley Keable
Booth, Stanley Thomas
Booth, Stephen Dion
Booth, Sydney
Booth, Thomas
Booth, Thomas Burton
Booth, Thomas Gervais
Booth, William
Booth, William
Booth, William Henry Charles
Booth, Wyman Alexander
Boothby, Cyril Denys
Boothby, Ernest Aquila
Boothe, John Gordon
Boothman, Arthur
Boothman, Patrick John
Boothman, Robert Arthur
Boothroyd, James Kenneth
Boothroyd, Stanley
Bootland, John Thomas
Bootle, Joseph Frederick
Boots, Henri Jean
Boots, William John
Bootsma, Donald Hill
Booty, Cameron Harrison
Booty, Cyril Anderson
Booty, Eric Denis
Booty, George Albert
Booy, Frank Edward
Booyse, Frans
Booysen, Charles M. De V.
Booysen, Garth William
Booyzen, C P
Borain, James Oliver
Boraine, R B
Boram, Brian Thomas
Borchardt, Hugo Hysert
Bordeleau, Joseph Jacques Bernard
Bordeleau, Joseph Oscar Roger
Bordeleau, Pierre Paul Enee
Border, Stanley
Border, William
Bordewick, Henry
Bordiss, Ronald John
Bordycott, Kenneth Winchcombe
Bore, Herbert Frederick
Bore, Keith Armstead
Bore, Stanley Robert
Boreham, Alfred Norman
Boreham, Clifford John
Boreham, Edward Roy
Boreham, Eric Herbert
Boreham, Joseph Wendell
Boreham, Lawrence Frederick George
Boreham, Peter Frederick Joseph
Boret, Robert John
Borg-Banks, Thomas  Humphrey
Borg, Giuseppe
Borgen, T F
Borham, Geoffrey Hart
Borkett, Gerald
Borkett, Thomas Robert
Borkofsky, Edward
Borkovec, Miroslav
Borkowski, Gustav
Borkowski, Stanislaw
Borland, Alexander George
Borland, Ernest
Borland, James
Borland, John Harold
Borland, John Hinds
Borland, Noel Vincent
Borland, Robert James
Borlase, Raymond Silk
Borley, Edwin Alfred
Borley, Ian Edward Maitland
Borley, Leonard Henry James
Born, Dirk Herman Jacob
Born, Karl Kurt
Boroon Ghosh,
Boroski, Frank
Borowicz, Ludomir Kazimierz
Borowski, Jan
Borowski, Karl-Heinz
Borradaile, Gavin Carfrae
Borras, Cyril John Samuel
Borrett, Arnold Harvey
Borrett, Claude Charles
Borrett, Frederick Britain
Borrett, William Fleming
Borrill, Stanley
Borrow, Alexander Norman
Borrow, Herbert Edward
Borrowdale, Joseph Lewthwaite
Borrowes, Robert Dean
Borrowman, William Thomas
Borrows, James Francis
Borrows, Norman
Borsberry, Ernest Richard
Borthwick, David
Borthwick, George Wilson Syme
Borthwick, John Mayo
Borthwick, Robert
Borthwick, William
Bortolussi, Aldo
Borton, Eric Edward
Borum, John William
Bosch, D C
Bosch, Johannes Carolus
Bosch, Peter Herman
Boschen, Jonny
Bosek, Henryk Gerwazy Jozef
Boseley, William Frederick
Bosher, Frank Christopher
Boshoff, Christian Gresse
Boshoff, Cornelia
Bosley, Percy Raymond James
Bosley, Walter William
Bosloy, Philip
Bosman, A C
Boss, Norman Holmes
Boss, Ronald William
Boss, Walter Desmond
Bossdorf, Hans
Bosse, Hubert
Bosse, Joseph William Robert
Bostock, Albert
Bostock, Alexander Thomas
Bostock, James Trueman
Bostock, John Oliver
Bostock, Leslie Frederick
Bostock, Walter Bert
Bostock, William Charles
Boston, Brian James
Boston, Charles Henry
Boston, Dennis Joseph
Boston, Douglas James
Boston, Jack Northwood
Bostwick, Stanley Edward
Bosuener, Gerhard Gottw Karl
Boswell-Kitching, Jack Lambert
Boswell, Alan
Boswell, Arthur Leigh
Boswell, Charles
Boswell, Felix Paget
Boswell, Frank
Boswell, Frederick James
Boswell, George Thomas
Boswell, George William
Boswell, Grahame Percy
Boswell, Herbert Geoffrey
Boswell, Jack Edward
Boswell, John Mclaren
Boswell, Robert Mcbain
Boswell, Roy Gerald
Bosworth, Charles Homer
Bosworth, Gerald
Bosworth, Norman
Bosworth, Peter
Bosworth, Ronald Albert John
Bosworth, Sidney
Botcher, Albert John
Botcher, Raymond Brinley
Botell, Henry Slade
Botfield, Edward John
Both, Walter
Botha, Adriaan Jacobus
Botha, C J
Botha, C J
Botha, C M
Botha, Christoffel J.
Botha, D L
Botha, Louis Cecil
Botha, R A
Botha, T G
Botha, Thennis J. P.
Botha, Willem
Botham, Gerald Evelyn
Botham, James Harold
Botham, Phillip Alwyn
Bothe, William Gilbert
Bothma, A M
Bothma, Paul Wilhelm De Beer
Bothwell, Alexander Edward
Bothwell, James Roger (Jim)
Bothwell, Percival Roy
Botkin, Richard Trent
Botsford, Kenneth Charles James
Botsford, Laurence Neill
Botsford, Robert Longworth
Bott, Allan Theodore
Bott, Dryden Ernest Mountney
Bott, James Edwin Warwick
Bott, James Wilfred
Bott, John Albert
Bott, Kenneth Victor
Bott, Max Stanley
Bott, Norman
Bott, Norman Kelvin
Bott, Raymond John
Bott, Stuart Frank Beeching
Bott, William James
Botten, Eric Douglas Ralph
Botterill, Harold Wallace
Botterill, Harry
Botterill, Robert Ernest
Botterill, Thomas Ala
Botterill, William Henry
Botterman, Leslie Charles
Botting, Arthur Francis
Botting, Eric Piggott
Botting, Hubert Edwin
Botting, John Charles
Botting, John James Arthur
Botting, John William Lloyd
Botting, Joyce Nadene
Botting, Norman Arthur
Botting, Ronald Douglas
Botting, Ross Malcolm
Bottle, Kenneth Charles
Bottle, Robert Edward Charles
Bottom, Joseph
Bottomley, Colin
Bottomley, Donald Ernest
Bottomley, Eric Burton
Bottomley, George Langdon
Bottomley, Handel
Bottomley, Harry Frederick
Bottomley, Herbert
Bottomley, Jack Wilson
Bottomley, John Edward
Bottomley, Marian
Bottomley, Martin Walter
Bottomley, Ronald
Bottomley, Samuel Royden
Bottomley, William
Bottoms, Frank
Bottrell, Gerard Alp
Bottrell, William John
Bottrill, Keith
Bottrill, Kenneth Hulbert
Boucaut, Peter Le Rey
Bouch, Albert
Bouch, Robert Leonard
Bouchard, Frederick Henry
Bouchard, Harry Oscar
Bouchard, Joseph Alphonse Camille
Bouchard, Joseph Edmond Yvon
Bouchard, Omer Herve
Bouchard, Vernon John
Boucher, Arthur Fred
Boucher, Ernest George
Boucher, George Edwin
Boucher, George Joseph Antoine
Boucher, Gerald Joseph
Boucher, Hilliard Ernest
Boucher, Joseph Henry
Boucher, Norman Alfred
Boucher, Raymond
Boucher, Rodolphe Joseph Lorenzo
Boucher, Thomas Gerald
Boucher, William Royce
Bouchet, Cecil Thomas Tobias
Bouchier, Anthony Wallace
Bouchier, Harry Stanger
Bouck, George Walter
Bouckley, Harold John
Boucock, Kenneth George
Bouda, Frantisek
Boudreau, Gerald Charles
Boudreau, Joseph Rufin
Boudreau, Lawrence Joseph Henry
Boudreault, Joseph Edouard Roch
Boudreault, Joseph Raoul Alphonse
Bouffler, Keith Arnold
Bough, Roy Edward
Boughey, Frank
Boughey, Frank
Boughey, L E
Boughey, William Francis
Boughton, Clifford
Boughton, George William
Boughton, Sydney Jack
Boughtwood, Alan Gilbert
Bougin, John Montague Charles
Bougourd, Lloyd Francis
Bougourd, William George
Boulanger, Joseph Francois Yves Albert
Bould, John Davenport
Bould, John Edward
Boulden, Arthur Walter Edward
Boulden, Sylvia Peggy
Boulding, Harry
Boulger, Kevin
Boult, Adam Desmond Stanley
Boult, Patience
Boulter, Harold George
Boulter, Hugh Herman
Boulter, John
Boulter, John Clifford
Boulter, Philip Pullyn
Boulter, Roy Russell
Boulter, Sadie Bell
Boulton, Alfred
Boulton, Arthur William Thomas
Boulton, Ben
Boulton, Clive Arkoll
Boulton, David Graham Smith
Boulton, Douglas Paul
Boulton, Frank Nelson
Boulton, Fred
Boulton, Gordon
Boulton, John
Boulton, John Eric
Boulton, Kenneth George (Ken)
Boulton, Maurice Frank James
Boulton, Philip Hugh
Boulton, Raymond Herbert
Boulton, Rex
Boulton, Russell Charles Heath
Boulton, Sidney
Boumphrey, Arnold
Boumphrey, Eric Harold
Bound, Eric Guy
Boundary, George William
Bounds, Edwin Jackson
Bounds, William Charles Kenneth
Boundy, John Gordon
Boundy, John Thomson
Boundy, William Allan
Boundy, William Henry
Boundy, William Leonard
Bourassa, Joseph Adrien Armand Lionel
Bourdon, Gregory Ross
Bourgeau, Joseph Raymond Frederick
Bourgeault, John Arthur
Bourgeois, Arthur Edmond Quentin
Bourgeois, Laurie Alban
Bourke, Algie John
Bourke, Cyril Wellesley
Bourke, Joseph Patrick
Bourke, Lawrence Philip
Bourke, Norman Leslie
Bourke, Patrick
Bourke, Patrick John
Bourke, Paul Arthur
Bourke, Peter James
Bourke, Robert
Bourke, Thomas Harrison
Bourke, William
Bourke, William Stanley
Bourne, Alistair Hugh Richmond
Bourne, Cyril
Bourne, Cyril
Bourne, David
Bourne, David Barclay
Bourne, Dennis Arthur
Bourne, Ernest William
Bourne, George Victor
Bourne, Henry Fred
Bourne, John Norman
Bourne, Kenneth Charles George
Bourne, Kenneth Reid
Bourne, Leonard Bertie
Bourne, Leonard Henry
Bourne, Percy Roy
Bourne, Reginald James
Bourne, Roderick Kenneth
Bourne, Roy Stuart
Bourne, William Thomas
Bourner, Albert Edward James
Bourner, Derrick Lawrence
Bourque, Joseph Hebert
Bourque, Theodore Phillip
Bourton, Eric
Bourton, Sidney Jack Holyfield
Bousfield, Derick
Bousfield, Edward Ronald
Bousfield, Ernest Charles
Bousfield, Francis Frederick
Bousfield, George Raymond
Bousfield, Jack Matthew
Bousfield, James William
Bousfield, John Henry
Bousfield, Stanley
Bousher, Frederick Leonard
Bouskill, Russell Reginald
Bousquet, Elbert Cyril
Boustead, Colin Joseph Edward
Boustead, Frederick William
Boustead, Ronald Geoffrey
Bouston, Roy Desmond
Boutcher, Donald Gerald
Boutcher, William Edward
Boute, Freddy Eugene Leopold
Boutilier, Eric Patrick
Boutin, Joseph Louis Paul
Boutle, Cecil Norman
Boutle, Jack
Bouttell, Robert Lawrence
Bouttell, Roy Hedley David
Bouvier, Joseph Maurice Leopold
Bouwens, Adrian
Bouwens, John Theodore
Bouwman, Antonius
Bovaconti, Michael Joseph
Bovaird, Walter Le Roy
Bovett, George William
Bovier, Jack Armand
Bovingdon, Frederick Henry
Bovingdon, Henry Frederick
Bovington, John Charles Francis
Bovis, Denis Clarke
Bow, Henry Herbert
Bow, Lambert Philip
Bow, William Desmond Stuart
Bowack, Norman Hamilton
Bowcock, Frederick Hamilton
Bowcock, Frederick Henry
Bowd, Donald Maurice
Bowd, Kevin Anthony James
Bowd, Lawrence William
Bowden, Bernard Thomas
Bowden, Brian Edward Ratcliffe
Bowden, Charles Henry
Bowden, David Roy
Bowden, Donald Ivan
Bowden, Donald Stewart
Bowden, Douglas Joseph
Bowden, Edwin Robert
Bowden, Frederick Harold
Bowden, Frederick Samuel
Bowden, Geoffrey
Bowden, Geoffrey Bernard Denzil
Bowden, George Vernon
Bowden, Harry
Bowden, Irvine Charles Randolph
Bowden, James Eric
Bowden, John Alonzo
Bowden, John Bruce
Bowden, John Lawrence
Bowden, Leonard Douglas
Bowden, Noel Oswald
Bowden, Peter
Bowden, Peter Lewis
Bowden, Richard Albert
Bowden, Robert Paine
Bowden, Ronald Cecil
Bowden, Ronald Sydney
Bowden, Rupert James
Bowden, Samuel
Bowden, Stanley Jarvis
Bowden, Terence
Bowden, Walter Samuel
Bowden, Wilfrid Edgar
Bowden, William Heyer
Bowden, Woodrow Wilson
Bowdidge, Donald Henry
Bowditch, Bryan Robert
Bowditch, John Alexander
Bowe, Donald Mcfarlane
Bowell, Douglas Walter
Bowell, Peter John
Bowen-Chennell, Philip
Bowen-davies, Caradoc
Bowen, Alan George
Bowen, Alwyne Robert
Bowen, Arthur Henry
Bowen, Bryan Victor
Bowen, Charles Earle
Bowen, Charles Ronald
Bowen, Cyril Keith
Bowen, David Benjamin
Bowen, David Dunleigh
Bowen, David John
Bowen, Donald Joseph
Bowen, Edwin Buckley
Bowen, Edwin Stanley
Bowen, Geoffrey Hugh
Bowen, Gerald Matthew
Bowen, Harry Elizah
Bowen, Henry John
Bowen, Hugh Blakiston
Bowen, Ian William
Bowen, J B A
Bowen, Jack
Bowen, James Arthur
Bowen, James Thomas
Bowen, John Beedie
Bowen, John Evan
Bowen, Lawrence Milbert
Bowen, Nigel Greenstreet
Bowen, Peter Duncan
Bowen, Philip Hubert
Bowen, Pryce Oliver
Bowen, Raymond Joseph
Bowen, Raymond Thomas
Bowen, Richard Ivor
Bowen, Robert Henry
Bowen, Robert Michael
Bowen, Roland John
Bowen, Thomas Brendan
Bowen, Thomas Francis Allen
Bowen, Trevor Edward
Bowen, William Benjamin
Bowen, William Donald
Bowen, William Edwin
Bowen, William Gerwyn
Bowen, William Howard
Bower, Bertram
Bower, Cyril Norman
Bower, Eric William
Bower, Ernest William
Bower, Frank Geoffrey
Bower, Frank Graham
Bower, Frederick Charles
Bower, Frederick Norman
Bower, Graham Westwood
Bower, Henry Charles Malcolm
Bower, John Bernard William
Bower, John Frank
Bower, Julian
Bower, Kenneth Oswald
Bower, Leonard
Bower, Peter
Bower, R D
Bower, Robert Denis
Bower, Thomas Charles
Bower, Tom Duncan
Bower, William Houston
Bower, William Richardson
Boweren, Dennis Arthur
Bowering, Frank Edgar
Bowering, Gordon
Bowering, Hedley
Bowering, John Ernest Ralph
Bowering, Norman Edward
Bowerman, Bevill Cyril
Bowerman, Kenneth Ivor
Bowerman, Oswald Robert
Bowerman, Raymond John Nicholas
Bowerman, Richard Venville Thomas
Bowerman, Roger Edmund Lewis
Bowern, Donald Anderson
Bowers, Arthur
Bowers, Bernard
Bowers, Cecil Stanley
Bowers, Charles William
Bowers, Edward John
Bowers, Evelyn George William
Bowers, Frank
Bowers, Frederick John
Bowers, Henry
Bowers, Horace George
Bowers, John Douglas
Bowers, Reginald Hubert
Bowers, Robert Sidney
Bowers, Stephen
Bowers, Thomas Henry
Bowers, William
Bowers, William Henry
Bowery, Edwin Maurice
Bowery, Fred
Bowes-cavanagh, Brian Derek
Bowes, Anthony John Lee
Bowes, Cyril Alfred
Bowes, Donald Stuart Maxwell
Bowes, George Henry
Bowes, Gordon David
Bowes, James Weston
Bowes, John
Bowes, John William
Bowes, Kenneth
Bowes, Laurence
Bowes, Lyle Edward
Bowes, Michael Reginald
Bowes, Reginald James
Bowes, Roderick Russell Herbert
Bowes, Samuel
Bowey, Cecil Leslie
Bowey, William
Bowhay, Samuel Leslie
Bowhay, William Edward
Bowick, Leonard Jack
Bowie, David
Bowie, David Orr
Bowie, David Price
Bowie, John Walker Coutts
Bowie, John Walker Coutts
Bowie, Robert Frederick John
Bowie, Valance Trent
Bowker, Alan
Bowker, Arthur Patrick
Bowker, Bryan
Bowker, Christopher Hogden
Bowker, Harlow Wilbur
Bowker, John Nesbitt
Bowker, Miles Brunette
Bowker, Norman Charles
Bowker, Ronald Arthur
Bowker, Stanley Charles
Bowker, Thomas Layton
Bowker, William Arthur
Bowkett, Ronald Herbert George
Bowlen, William Michael
Bowler, Albert Henry
Bowler, Fred Ernest
Bowler, Frederick Nelson
Bowler, Harry Conrad
Bowler, Jack
Bowler, James Arthur
Bowler, James Edwin
Bowler, John Alfred
Bowler, John Thomas
Bowler, Kenneth
Bowler, Kenneth George
Bowler, Kenneth John
Bowler, Lancelot Gordon
Bowler, Leslie Edwin
Bowler, Raymond
Bowler, Reginald Patrick
Bowler, Reginald William
Bowler, Ronald Edgar
Bowler, William Henry
Bowles, Arthur James
Bowles, Cecil James
Bowles, Cyril
Bowles, Frederick George
Bowles, Frederick James
Bowles, G A
Bowles, Gordon Stanley
Bowles, Harold Douglas
Bowles, Harold Sidney
Bowles, Harry
Bowles, Herbert Reginald
Bowles, Irvine Douglas
Bowles, Jessie Jack
Bowles, Leslie Norman
Bowles, Mervyn Alan
Bowles, Ronald Alfred
Bowles, Thomas Henry
Bowles, Thomas Patrick
Bowles, Thomas William
Bowley-Booth, Horace
Bowley, Irvin
Bowley, Kenneth
Bowley, Michael Lyon
Bowley, Robert George
Bowling, Colin Baxter
Bowling, Harold
Bowling, Thomas John
Bowman, Alan Mcdonald
Bowman, Alan Peter
Bowman, Alastair Allan Stewart
Bowman, Anthony Ellis
Bowman, Bliss Eugene Strader
Bowman, Brian Walter
Bowman, Cyril Thomas
Bowman, Edward Albert
Bowman, Edward Max
Bowman, Eric Ritchie
Bowman, Florence Mary
Bowman, Fred
Bowman, Geoffrey Alexander
Bowman, George William
Bowman, H E
Bowman, Henry Cyril Francis
Bowman, James Ferguson
Bowman, John James
Bowman, John Vickery
Bowman, Lindsay William Chalmers
Bowman, Lloyd Douglas
Bowman, Nelson Ellis
Bowman, Ninian
Bowman, Norman Jack
Bowman, Norman Ray
Bowman, Robert Anthony
Bowman, Thomas
Bowmer, Harry Alexander
Bowmer, Joseph Desmond
Bown, Bruce Oswald
Bown, Bruce Oswald
Bown, Douglas Elliott Guy
Bown, George
Bown, George Archie
Bown, Gerald Macness
Bown, Leslie Walter
Bown, P M
Bown, Sidney Keith
Bown, Thomas
Bowness, Marshall Vivian Muir
Bowran, Robert Bernard
Bowrey, Cyril Kenneth George
Bowrey, James
Bowring, Bertie
Bowring, Eric
Bowring, Frances Charles
Bowring, Norman Harvey
Bowring, Robert Abner Hugh
Bowring, William Arthur Reginald
Bowron, Robin Overton
Bows, Ronald
Bows, Thomas
Bowsher, Norman Frederick
Bowsher, William Henry John
Bowskill, Joseph Thomas
Bowtell, James Henry Raymond
Bowtell, Richard Thomas
Bowthorpe, Dennis Frederick
Bowyer, Albert
Bowyer, Clifford Charles John
Bowyer, Frank Aston
Bowyer, Jack
Bowyer, Joseph Angus
Bowyer, Norman Hugh
Bowyer, Raymond Marshall
Bowyer, Richard
Bowyer, The Hon. Richard Laurence Grenville
Bowyer, Walter Stafford
Box, Alfred Joseph
Box, Denis Grant
Box, Edward John
Box, Francis Gerald Oldfield
Box, Frederick Ernest Arthur
Box, George Walter
Box, John Alexander
Box, John Arthur George
Box, Leonard John
Box, Leslie Bowen
Box, Malcolm
Box, Peter William Bisset
Box, Wallace Howell
Boxall, Charles Frank
Boxall, Charles Henry George
Boxall, George Edward
Boxall, George Lascelles
Boxall, George Robert
Boxall, James David
Boxall, James Roy
Boxall, John
Boxall, Stanley Edward
Boxer, George Ernest
Boxer, Henry Leonard Percival
Boxshall, Norman George
Boxshall, Stuart Osmond Joseph
Boxwell, Noel Francis
Boy, Werner
Boyall, John Fred Reginald
Boyall, John William
Boyce, Albert Gerald
Boyce, Allan John
Boyce, Charles David
Boyce, Charles John Roger
Boyce, Dallas
Boyce, Donald George Neville
Boyce, Edward Ernest
Boyce, Ernest Bertin
Boyce, Francis Allan
Boyce, Frederick Clifford
Boyce, Harold Ernest
Boyce, Henry
Boyce, John Samuel
Boyce, John Scott
Boyce, John William
Boyce, Joseph
Boyce, Kenneth Arthur
Boyce, Kenneth Dudley
Boyce, Norman George Wood
Boyce, Peter Alexander
Boyce, Richard Francis
Boyce, Robert James
Boyce, Robert Knight Gibson
Boyce, Robert Richardson
Boyce, Trevor Wilmot
Boyce, William George
Boyce, William Gilchrist
Boyce, William James
Boyce, William John
Boycott, Frank Mellard
Boyd Orr, Noel
Boyd-Clark, John Bartram
Boyd, Albert Bartram
Boyd, Allan Bernard
Boyd, Archie Gordon
Boyd, Athol Stewart
Boyd, Austin Stanley
Boyd, Bernard Charles Louis
Boyd, Bruce Allan
Boyd, C W L
Boyd, Cecil Ritchie
Boyd, Charles Arthur
Boyd, Daniel David
Boyd, Donald Mcmillan
Boyd, Frank Lawrence
Boyd, Frederick
Boyd, G S
Boyd, George Daniel
Boyd, George Kilpatrick
Boyd, George Patrick
Boyd, Gordon Alex
Boyd, Gordon John Percy
Boyd, Harold William
Boyd, Harry James
Boyd, Harry Wilfred
Boyd, Herbert Ewart
Boyd, Jack Marshall
Boyd, Jack Stewart
Boyd, James
Boyd, James
Boyd, James
Boyd, James
Boyd, James John
Boyd, James Owen
Boyd, James Thomas
Boyd, Jamie Ralph
Boyd, John
Boyd, John
Boyd, John Duncan
Boyd, John Fisher
Boyd, John Livingstone
Boyd, Joseph Arthur William
Boyd, Kenneth Leslie
Boyd, Leslie Cyril
Boyd, Lorne Graham
Boyd, Nigel Barclay
Boyd, Norman Collis
Boyd, Owen Tudor
Boyd, Peter Delamere
Boyd, Raymond Vernon
Boyd, Reginald
Boyd, Robert Douglas
Boyd, Robert James
Boyd, Ronald Douglas
Boyd, Ronald Gordon
Boyd, Ronald Howard
Boyd, Roy Vincent
Boyd, Thomas
Boyd, Thompson Neville Digby
Boyd, Trevor Barkley
Boyd, Victor Leslie
Boyd, W B
Boyd, Walter Dawson Carl
Boyd, William
Boyd, William James Stonard
Boyd, William James Victor
Boyde, Arthur Leslie
Boyde, Russell
Boydell, Alfred
Boydell, Charles Broughton
Boydell, Eric
Boydell, John Charles Broughton
Boydell, Ronald
Boyden, Charles
Boyden, William Henry
Boydon, Ronald Arthur Blake
Boyer, Gilbert Davies
Boyer, H P F
Boyer, Henry
Boyer, Jack Sinclair
Boyer, Joseph Paul Albert
Boyer, Joseph Rene Roland
Boyer, Maurice William
Boyers, James Carey
Boyes, Arthur Singleton
Boyes, George Hunter
Boyes, Gordon Ediss
Boyes, Harold William
Boyes, Harry Thomas
Boyes, Henry
Boyes, James Riby
Boyes, Joseph Edward
Boyes, Kathleen
Boyes, Mary
Boyes, Roland Leslie
Boyes, William
Boyes, William Henry
Boylan, Alexander Bremner Dunbar
Boylan, Martin
Boylan, Michael Joseph
Boylan, Sidney
Boyle, Alan John
Boyle, Alexander David
Boyle, Allan
Boyle, Anthony Raymond
Boyle, Bernard Francis
Boyle, Brian John Waldron
Boyle, Brian Phillip
Boyle, Clair Patrick
Boyle, Daniel Patrick
Boyle, Douglas
Boyle, Edmund F
Boyle, Ernest Elroy
Boyle, Francis Patrick
Boyle, Gerald
Boyle, Harry Vern
Boyle, Jack
Boyle, John
Boyle, John
Boyle, John George Ypres
Boyle, John Greer
Boyle, John Joseph
Boyle, Malcolm
Boyle, Mary Williamson
Boyle, Michael Innes
Boyle, Michael John
Boyle, Neil Colin (Jim)
Boyle, Norman Stanley
Boyle, Robert
Boyle, Samuel
Boyle, Thomas
Boyle, Thomas Charles
Boyle, William
Boyle, William Columba
Boyle, William Donald
Boyles, Andrew Joseph
Boylin, Edward David
Boylson, William Wrixon
Boyne, Alexander John
Boynton, Geoffrey Vernon
Boynton, Maurice Frederick
Boynton, Thomas Frank Patrick
Boynton, Thomas William
Boys-stones, John Boys
Boys, Howard Raymond
Boys, Josepha Constance
Boys, Nigel G.
Boys, Robert John Kitchener
Boyse, Bernard Alan James
Boyson, Geoffrey Arthur Taylor
Boyter, Peter Vincent
Boyton, Basil
Bozeat, Joseph Edward
Bozer, Donald Machell
Bozier, George Alfred
Bozier, Laurence Herbert
Bozier, Reginald Thomas
Bozworth, Clifford Edwin
Braakensiek, Rudolf Theodoor
Braaten, Sterling Lorne
Braathen, Harold
Braatz, Wilhelm
Brabant, Roy Ledlay
Brabender, Elton Duncan
Brabham, Robert Chester
Braby, Richard Samuel
Bracchi, Ronald
Brace, Adrian Colebrook
Brace, Alexander Albert
Brace, Aubrey Ronald
Brace, Charles Raymond
Brace, Edward Alexander
Brace, Elwyn Harry
Brace, Norman Edmund
Brace, Patrick Lewis
Brace, Richard Henry James
Bracegirdle, James
Bracegirdle, John
Bracegirdle, Julian Charles
Bracegirdle, Phil
Bracegirdle, Thomas
Bracewell, John Hopkinson
Bracey, Arthur
Bracey, Maurice John
Bracey, Thomas Stafford Benedict
Bracher, Charles Derek
Bracher, Horace Walter
Bracher, John Michael
Bracher, William Alan
Brachi, Basil John
Brack, Robert John Edward
Bracken, Edward
Bracken, John William
Bracken, William David
Bracken, William Henry
Brackenbury, Christopher Charles
Brackenbury, Kenneth Stephen
Brackenbury, Norman James
Brackenridge, Douglas Matthew
Brackenridge, Gilbert Keith
Brackenridge, William
Brackstone, Ethel Blanche Teresa
Brad, Harold Arthur
Bradbeer, Ivor
Bradbrook, Lawrence Harold
Bradbrook, Thomas Clifford
Bradbrooke, Francis Delaforce
Bradburn, Donald Olivier
Bradburn, George
Bradburn, Henry Keith
Bradburn, James Leslie
Bradburn, John Henry
Bradburn, Joseph
Bradburn, Leonard
Bradburn, Leonard Sinclair
Bradbury, Charles Everitt
Bradbury, Clifford Douglas
Bradbury, Derek Arthur
Bradbury, Edward
Bradbury, Francis
Bradbury, Frank Ronald
Bradbury, Frederick Shaw
Bradbury, Gordon Stephenson
Bradbury, Hugh
Bradbury, Jack
Bradbury, John Leslie
Bradbury, Keith Robert James
Bradbury, Leslie Elmer
Bradbury, Nigel Hinchcliffe
Bradbury, Richard Forrest
Bradbury, Robert
Bradbury, Robert Douglas
Bradbury, Robert Stanley
Bradbury, Roy
Bradbury, Roy Charles
Bradbury, Stanley
Bradbury, Thomas Xavier
Bradd, Dennis George
Bradden, Harry Leo
Braddock, Bryant
Braddock, Eric Frederick
Braddock, Graham
Braddock, Robert Jack
Brade, Frank Victor
Brader, Jack
Brades, Cyril Frederick
Bradey, George Edward Francis
Bradey, John Charles
Bradfield, George Raymond
Bradford, Colin Arthur
Bradford, Cyril Samuel
Bradford, Edward Albert John
Bradford, Edward Thomas
Bradford, Frederick Hiley
Bradford, Gerald Ward
Bradford, Jack
Bradford, James Gibson
Bradford, John Dennis
Bradford, John Mckinnon
Bradford, Kenneth Norman
Bradford, Michael Albert Edward
Bradford, Reginald Alfred J.
Bradford, Richard
Bradford, Ridley Lewkenor
Bradford, Robert Fred
Bradford, Robert Watson
Bradford, Thomas William
Bradford, William Rowland
Brading, Ronald James
Bradley, Albert Gaston Thomas
Bradley, Alfred
Bradley, Alick Ronald
Bradley, Allan George
Bradley, Allen Catto
Bradley, Anthony Alfred Arthur
Bradley, Arthur Andrew
Bradley, B
Bradley, Basil George Sheridan
Bradley, Charles
Bradley, Charles Carrol
Bradley, Charles Raymond
Bradley, Clinton Llewellyn Thomas
Bradley, David Burton
Bradley, David John Peter
Bradley, David Leslie
Bradley, Desmond George
Bradley, Douglas
Bradley, Douglas Reginald
Bradley, Edward Patrick
Bradley, Eric
Bradley, Eric
Bradley, Eric George
Bradley, Ernest
Bradley, Frank
Bradley, Frank William
Bradley, Frederick
Bradley, Frederick George
Bradley, George Beedham
Bradley, George Edward
Bradley, George Edwin
Bradley, George Hosford
Bradley, George Richard
Bradley, Gordon Clark
Bradley, Harold
Bradley, Herbert
Bradley, Howard Eldon
Bradley, Hugh Ernest
Bradley, Hugh Hutchinson
Bradley, Ian Duncan
Bradley, Irvine Clifford
Bradley, Irvine Clifford
Bradley, Ivor Hall
Bradley, James
Bradley, James
Bradley, James Calvert
Bradley, James Reid
Bradley, James Sydney
Bradley, James Wilson
Bradley, Jim
Bradley, John
Bradley, John Dennett
Bradley, John Edward
Bradley, John Frederick Michael
Bradley, John Patrick
Bradley, John Whitfield
Bradley, John William
Bradley, Jonathan Riley
Bradley, Joshua Arthur
Bradley, Keith James
Bradley, Kenneth
Bradley, Lloyd Latimer
Bradley, Louis Bernard
Bradley, Neville
Bradley, Percy
Bradley, Percy Frederick George
Bradley, Peter Angus
Bradley, Peter William
Bradley, Phillip George
Bradley, Reginald Gilbert
Bradley, Robert
Bradley, Robert Cecil
Bradley, Robert Joseph
Bradley, Roy Gordon
Bradley, Roy Harris
Bradley, Royden Garfield
Bradley, Samuel Greer
Bradley, Selwyn Fitzgerald
Bradley, Sidney
Bradley, Sidney
Bradley, Snowdon Cawood
Bradley, Terence Patrick Armstrong
Bradley, Thomas Wallace
Bradley, Victor Thomas
Bradley, William
Bradley, William
Bradley, William Arthur
Bradley, William Frederick
Bradley, William Leslie
Bradley, William Roy
Bradly, Albert Thomas
Bradly, William Stanley
Bradmore, Alan Edmund Wilkie
Bradsell, Bert James
Bradshaw, Albert Richardson
Bradshaw, Allan James
Bradshaw, Arthur
Bradshaw, Arthur Leslie
Bradshaw, Bernard
Bradshaw, Dennis Charles
Bradshaw, Donald
Bradshaw, Donald Peter
Bradshaw, Douglas James
Bradshaw, Edward
Bradshaw, Eric
Bradshaw, Eric Arthur
Bradshaw, Ernest William
Bradshaw, Frederick John
Bradshaw, Geoffrey
Bradshaw, Geoffrey Allen
Bradshaw, George Gordon
Bradshaw, George Thomas
Bradshaw, George William
Bradshaw, George William
Bradshaw, Gordon Charles Arthur
Bradshaw, Gordon Hamer
Bradshaw, Henry Easton
Bradshaw, James
Bradshaw, James Samuel
Bradshaw, John
Bradshaw, John Arthur
Bradshaw, John Charles
Bradshaw, John Olav
Bradshaw, John Richard
Bradshaw, John William
Bradshaw, Keith Gittus
Bradshaw, Malcolm
Bradshaw, Neville
Bradshaw, Reginald Eric
Bradshaw, Robert Alfred
Bradshaw, Robert Leonard
Bradshaw, Robert Ranui
Bradshaw, Ronald
Bradshaw, Ronald Thomas
Bradshaw, Sidney Victor
Bradshaw, Stanley Wyard
Bradshaw, Sydney Edward
Bradshaw, Walter Hall
Bradshaw, William
Bradshaw, William George
Bradshaw, Winston Francis
Bradstock, Joseph Alfred
Bradstreet, Raymond Harold
Bradwell, Gladys Wendy
Brady De Maynard, Michel
Brady, Alan John
Brady, Bernard John Richard
Brady, Cecil Thomas Theobald
Brady, Charles John
Brady, Francis
Brady, Francis Joseph Desmond
Brady, Francis Patrick Joseph
Brady, George
Brady, Henry George
Brady, James Maxwell
Brady, James Nicholas
Brady, John
Brady, John Bernard
Brady, John William
Brady, Joseph Francis
Brady, Joseph Gordon
Brady, Laurence Roy
Brady, Lawrence Edward Joseph
Brady, Neville William Barton
Brady, Noel Stuart
Brady, Owen Nugent
Brady, Patrick John
Brady, Patrick John
Brady, Ralph Poston
Brady, Robert
Brady, Terence John
Brady, Thomas George
Brady, Thomas Scullion
Brady, Tom
Brady, William
Brady, William
Brady, William George
Brager, Kenneth Lloyd
Bragg, Alfred Leonard
Bragg, Clifford George
Bragg, Richard Edward
Bragg, Ronald Vincent
Bragg, Samuel Arthur
Bragg, Wilfred Spencer
Bragger, John Harold
Braham, David Frederick
Braham, Michael
Braid, Alexander
Braid, Alexander Albert
Braid, Eric William
Braik, Robert William
Brailey, Clifton Robert
Brailsford, Harold John
Brailsford, Kenneth Hartle
Braima Senency,
Brain, Albert Leslie
Brain, Clifford George
Brain, Clifford Sydney
Brain, Dennis Ingham
Brain, Frank Maxwell
Brain, Gordon
Brain, Leonard Arthur
Brain, Philip Cecil John
Brain, Stanley List
Brain, William Thomas
Brain, William Walter D'Arcy
Braine, Alfred Richard
Braine, Hope
Braine, Sydney Walter Morley
Braines, Murray Ronald
Braithwaite, Charles Roberts William
Braithwaite, Dennis
Braithwaite, Donald
Braithwaite, Frederick Arthur
Braithwaite, George William
Braithwaite, John Sidney
Braithwaite, Robert Noel
Braithwaite, Thomas Leyland
Brakeman, Jesse Clemence
Braley, Raymond Sydney
Brall, F W
Bramall, Frank
Bramble, Anthony John
Bramble, James Alfred
Bramble, Kenneth Walter
Brambleby, James Edwin
Brameld, Arthur Herbert
Brames, Ronald
Bramhall, John Vincent
Bramhall, Joseph Dennis
Bramhall, Ronald
Bramham, Charles Orfeur
Bramham, Harry
Bramley, Clifton Elswood
Bramley, Ennis Frederick
Bramley, Enos Frederick
Bramley, Francis Peter
Bramley, George William
Bramley, John
Bramley, Reginald
Bramley, Ronald Arthur
Bramley, Terence Charles
Bramley, Thomas Craig
Brammall, John Alfred
Brammall, Trevor Ernest
Brammer, Dennis Archibald
Brammer, Ralph Bruce
Brams, Gerald Charlesbeth
Bramwell, Cecil Arthur
Bramwell, Jack
Bramwell, John Ivan
Bramwell, Ronald Hollis
Bramwell, Walter
Branch-Clark, J C
Branch, Albert Charles
Branch, Colin Rex
Branch, Derrick Robert
Branch, Guy Rawstron
Branch, Sydney James
Branchflower, Norman Arthur
Branchflower, Ronald William (Ron)
Brancker, Henry Paul
Brand, Adam Cubie
Brand, Albert Charles
Brand, Andrew David
Brand, Cuthbert
Brand, Daniel Archibald
Brand, David
Brand, Frederick James
Brand, Gordon
Brand, Helen Ross
Brand, J E
Brand, James Eric
Brand, John Basil
Brand, John Richard
Brand, John Smith
Brand, Kurt
Brand, Lorne William
Brand, Norman
Brand, Peter Healey
Brand, Ray George
Brand, Roland Jutland
Brand, Ronald Charles Henry
Brand, Stanley Sherwen
Brand, Walter
Brand, William
Brandenberg, Helmut
Brandenburg, Hans-Juergen
Brander, Anthony Phillip
Brander, Harry Sutton
Brander, Huntley Donald
Brandish, Russell Stanley
Brandon-Trye, Philip
Brandon, Alan Alfred
Brandon, Alan George
Brandon, Arthur Richard
Brandon, Charles Harold
Brandon, Charles Henry
Brandon, Charles James
Brandon, Francis Donald
Brandon, George Henry
Brandon, Harry William
Brandon, John Ernest
Brandon, Melvyn Hamilton
Brandon, Reginald Stanley
Brandon, Sydney John
Brandon, William John
Brandow, Roy Leonard
Brandreth, Marshal
Brandrick, Derek Malcolm
Brands, Francis Wilson
Brandser, Raymond Avard
Brandsma, D B
Brandt, Augustus Ludwig
Brandt, Clarence Elmer
Brandt, Laurent Frederick Ronald
Brandt, Sidney
Brandwood, Frank Bertram
Braniff, Allan Patrick
Branker, Ronald
Brannam, Frank
Brannan, John Robert
Brannigan, Augustine
Brannigan, Stewart Gordon
Brannon, John M.
Brannon, Walter Alan Frederick
Brans, Sidney
Bransby, Alfred Henry
Bransby, Stanley Bertram
Branscombe, John Viner
Bransgrove, Alfred Ernest
Bransgrove, Ronald Thomas
Bransgrove, William Edward
Branson, Basil Eustace
Branson, Charles Frederick
Branson, Geoffrey Victor
Branson, John Peter Leslie
Branson, Richard Arthur
Branston, Leonard Frank
Branszted, Jan
Brant, Albert Ronald
Brant, Clifford Willson
Brant, Edgar James
Brant, Edward
Brant, Gordon William
Brant, Harry
Brant, Joseph Eric
Brant, Kenneth Douglas
Brant, Ronald Arthur
Brant, Roy Robert
Brant, William Raymond
Branton, John Royal
Branton, Leonard
Brash, George Brown
Brash, Robert Hugh
Brash, William Hendry Stewart
Brasher, Edward Keith Forbes
Brasington, George Charles
Brasnett, Raymond Gerard
Brason, James
Brass, George Wilson
Brass, James Gladstone
Brassel, Terence Joseph
Brassington, John Gordon
Brassington, Norman Frederick
Bratherton, Wilfred
Brathwaite, Robert George Ashley
Bratley, Peter Henry Hay
Bratt, Douglas Stuart
Bratt, Eric Clement
Bratt, Norman Ernest
Bratt, Wilfred John
Brattan, Harold
Bratton, Harry
Braun, Edward Charles
Braun, Howard Charles
Braun, Michael Ryves
Braun, Robert Percy
Braun, William Thomas
Braund, Charles Gage
Braund, Ernest John
Braund, John Prower
Braund, Marwood Paul
Braunton, John Henry
Brautigam, Ernest Henry
Brawley, James Burrows
Brawley, Paul Franklin
Brawn, Bernard John
Brawn, Henry
Brawn, Leonard Thomas
Brawn, Roy Arthur
Bray, Alan
Bray, Alfred Robert
Bray, Arthur Donald
Bray, Charles Henry
Bray, Charles Lorne
Bray, Douglas
Bray, Earl Clarence
Bray, Edward Raymond
Bray, Edward Raymond
Bray, Eric William
Bray, Ernest James
Bray, Frederick John
Bray, Frederick Peter William
Bray, Geoffrey Edward
Bray, Gilbert Stanley
Bray, Gordon Page
Bray, Henry John
Bray, Jack
Bray, John Terry
Bray, Kenneth
Bray, Kenneth Arthur
Bray, Leonard Charles
Bray, Leonard Redvers
Bray, Leslie
Bray, Leslie Robert
Bray, Maxwell
Bray, Percival Blewitt
Bray, Peter
Bray, Reginald Shore
Bray, Ronald Cecil
Bray, Ronald Norman Geoffrey
Bray, Ronald Thomas
Bray, Sidney Alfred (Sid)
Bray, Thomas Charles David
Bray, Thomas Edmund
Bray, Victor Guy
Bray, Ward
Bray, William
Bray, William Henry
Bray, William Richard
Bray, William Thomas
Braybrook, Bertram Stanley
Braybrook, Frederick Arthur
Braybrook, Stanley
Braybrooke, Fulke Henry Arthur
Braybrooks, John Hosken
Braybrooks, Sidney Charles
Braye, Igor William
Braye, Robert Allan Ross
Brayford, Lloyd Willis
Brayley, Edward
Brayne, Frederick Charles
Brayne, Kenneth
Brayne, Ronald Percy
Brayshaw, Charles Ellis
Brayshaw, Graham
Brayshaw, Harry Willis
Brayshaw, John Charles
Brayshay, Oscar
Brazda, Prokop
Brazeau, Joseph Philipe Rene Fernand
Brazell, Bertram Victor
Brazenall, William Henry
Brazendale, Ernest Godfrey
Brazenor, Arthur Ferris
Brazer, Daniel
Brazier, Alfred John
Brazier, Bernard Oswald
Brazier, Christopher William
Brazier, George
Brazier, George Henry
Brazier, Harold
Brazier, Harold Vivian
Brazier, John Bryan Russell
Brazier, William Joseph
Brdsky, Peter
Breach, Cyril Wallace Frederick
Breach, Reginald George Andrew
Breach, Robert Henry
Breach, William Albert
Breach, William John
Breachmore, Graham Bevis
Breadner, Donald Lloyd
Breadner, John Arnold
Breadon, James Theodore
Breaker, John
Breakey, Andrew
Breakey, T. J. Mcd.
Breaks, Raymond
Breakspear, Albert Roland
Breakspear, Allan Rothery
Breakwell, Raymond
Bream, Eric James
Brear, Basil
Brear, James
Breare, John Barrie
Brearley, Edgar
Brearley, Elias Cyril
Brearley, Geoffrey Michael
Brearley, Reginald
Brebner, Jack Lucien
Brebner, John Robert
Brechin, Angus Edward
Brechin, James Maxwell
Brechin, Manley Lyall
Breck, Duncan Ewart
Brecka, Ladislav
Breckell, Ralph Hollesley
Breckels, George Stanley
Brecknell, Leonard Harold
Breckon, Kenneth
Bredemeier, Heinrich
Bredenkamp, J M
Bredin, Mark Webster
Breed, John Leonard
Breedon, Joan Constance
Breedon, Samuel Henry Dennis
Breedt, L A
Breen, Frank Vincent
Breen, Frederick James
Breen, Harold Vincent
Breen, James Gerald
Breen, Leonard
Breen, Michael Joseph
Breen, Patrick John
Breen, Roy Frederick
Breen, Thomas David Mcintosh
Breen, William John
Breene, Patrick Joseph
Brees, Alec
Breese, Charles Dempster
Breese, Gerald
Breese, Henry Francis Dempster
Breet, J A
Breeze, Donald
Breeze, Harold Arthur Alexander
Breeze, John Richardson
Breeze, Lionel Bradley
Breeze, Reginald Arthur
Breeze, Robert
Brehaut, George Lester
Brehaut, Lowell Milton
Brehem, A R P
Brehn, Thomas John
Breier, Harry Patrick
Breier, Viktor
Breitcetl, Jindrich
Breithaupt, William Ransom
Breivis, John
Brejcha, Vaclav
Breley, Leonard Sidney
Brelsford, Harold
Brelstaff, Kenneth Alan
Brember, Peter
Bremer, Herbert
Bremner, Alexander
Bremner, Archibald Ferguson
Bremner, Charles Kennedy
Bremner, David Alexander Edward
Bremner, Donald
Bremner, Eric
Bremner, Frank Cecil
Bremner, Ian
Bremner, Ian Mackenzie
Bremner, James Francis
Bremner, John
Bremner, John Donald
Bremner, N
Bremner, Ronald William
Bremner, William Sinclair
Bremridge, Godfrey
Bremser, Karl
Brench, Ernest John
Brenchley, George Henry
Brenchley, Harold Bryan Spencer
Brenchley, Peter Reginald Dann
Brener, Henry
Brener, John Ian
Brennan, Arthur Benjamin
Brennan, Arthur Patrick
Brennan, Charles
Brennan, Charles Arthur
Brennan, Cornelius Alfred
Brennan, Cyril
Brennan, Denis Cecil
Brennan, Edmund Keith
Brennan, Edward Michael
Brennan, Francis James
Brennan, Frederick Vincent
Brennan, Gerard Vincent
Brennan, Herbert John Patrick
Brennan, Ian Eric
Brennan, Jack Stephen
Brennan, James Bernard
Brennan, John Joseph
Brennan, John Joseph
Brennan, John Robert
Brennan, Kevin Barry
Brennan, Lawrence William
Brennan, Leonard James
Brennan, Leonard Reginald
Brennan, Martin
Brennan, Martin
Brennan, Michael Francis
Brennan, Michael James
Brennan, Patrick
Brennan, Patrick Joseph
Brennan, Thomas John
Brennan, Virgil Paul
Brennan, William John
Brennan, William Stanley
Brennand, Henry
Brennen, Dennis
Brennen, William Edward
Brenner, Frederick Charles
Brenner, Sidney
Brent, James Lawrence
Brent, Jeremiah Louis Ronald Hartley
Brent, John William Lewis Goldie
Brent, Trevor Montague
Brentnall, Alfred Sidney
Brentnall, Anthony Boyre
Brentnall, Kenneth Thomas
Brenton, Edward Harry
Brenton, Edwin Swayne
Brenton, Kenneth Stickney
Brenton, Leo Arthur
Brenton, William Frederick
Brereton, Charles James
Brereton, Clarence
Brereton, Geoffrey
Brereton, Gilbert William
Brereton, Joseph Patrick
Breslin, Daniel
Bresnahan, Daniel
Bressloff, Sidney Isaac
Brest, Clarence Samuel
Bretherton, Francis Victor
Bretherton, Robert James
Bretscher, Eric Maxwell
Brett, Alfred George
Brett, Allan Francis
Brett, Anthony Leonard
Brett, Arthur C.
Brett, Arthur Theodore
Brett, Bruce Thomas
Brett, Collan Michael Anthony Bawden
Brett, David
Brett, David Thompson
Brett, Donald Lloyd
Brett, Donald William
Brett, Edward Samuel John
Brett, Ernest Edward
Brett, George Arthur
Brett, Harold Beverly
Brett, James Albert
Brett, James Vincent
Brett, John
Brett, John
Brett, John Harding
Brett, Kenneth William
Brett, Leslie Thomas
Brett, Maurice Alfred
Brett, Michael Kerslake
Brett, Phillip James
Brett, Raymond William
Brett, Richard George
Brett, Robert Arthur
Brett, Ronald Oswald Charles
Brett, Ronald William
Brett, Roy Harry
Brett, Stanley Herbert
Brett, Thomas Edward
Brett, Thomas Edwin
Brett, Walter James
Brett, William Henry
Brett, William James
Brettell, Arthur
Brettell, David Graham Macduff
Brettell, Edward Gordon
Brettell, Kenneth John
Brettell, William Anthony Macduff
Bretten, Sidney Harold
Bretter, Albert
Brettle, Leslie Robert
Brevitt, Robert William
Brew, James Robert
Breward, Noel
Brewer, Alfred
Brewer, Cyril
Brewer, David John
Brewer, Dennis Henry
Brewer, Donald Victor
Brewer, Eric Clive
Brewer, Frank Edgar
Brewer, Gordon William
Brewer, Harold Lockhart Spencer
Brewer, Hedley Royden
Brewer, Horace Charles Jack
Brewer, James Eric
Brewer, John Edward Darrell
Brewer, John Harrison
Brewer, Leslie Francis
Brewer, Lewis
Brewer, Morley Junior
Brewer, Paul Middleton
Brewer, Robert Jack
Brewer, Ronald Leslie
Brewer, Stanley Charles
Brewer, Thomas James
Brewer, William John
Brewerton, Elijah William Briggs
Brewin, Alan Howard
Brewin, Patrick Hope
Brewin, Raymond Thomas
Brewin, Richard Whittington
Brewin, Thomas
Brewington, Robert Alexander
Brewis, Alan Geoffrey
Brewis, Lancelot
Brewis, Victor George
Brews, John Beveridge
Brewster-Livett, John Harold
Brewster, Archibald
Brewster, Clifford Moore
Brewster, Geoffrey William
Brewster, James Edward
Brewster, John
Brewster, John Walker
Brewster, William
Brewster, William Edward
Breyner, Stanislaw
Breytenbach, Johan Hendrik E.
Brezina, Frederick George
Brian, Alan Ellis
Brian, Edward Joseph
Brian, Edward Owen
Brian, Raymond Frank
Brian, William Leslie Fred
Briand, Alfred Louis
Briant, Alfred Campbell
Briant, Edward Arthur Rutherford
Briant, Neville James
Briant, Victor George Edward
Brice, Albert
Brice, Cecil John
Brice, E B
Brice, Francis Thomas Sargent
Brice, John Robertson
Brice, Kenneth Oliver
Brice, R D
Brice, Reginald Edwin
Brice, Vincent Leslie
Brichta, Philip Sibbald Ogilvie
Brick, Eric David
Brick, George
Brickell, Harold
Bricker, Gordon Charles
Brickett, Reginald Hermon
Bricklebank, Bernard
Brickles, Rowland
Brickman, Frederick John
Brickwood, William Douglas
Briddock, David
Briddon, William
Briden, Michael Franklin
Bridewell, Maurice Edward
Bridewell, Terence Alfred Evelyn
Bridgart, Reginald Albert
Bridge, Basil Dewdrey
Bridge, Bernard
Bridge, Bernard Stanley
Bridge, Ernest
Bridge, Frederick
Bridge, Harry
Bridge, James
Bridge, James Arthur
Bridge, James Frederick
Bridge, John Desmond
Bridge, Richard Gordon
Bridge, Robert
Bridge, Silas Harry
Bridge, Stanley William
Bridge, William Mortimer
Bridgeman, Edward Garrod Joshua
Bridgeman, Marcel Rene
Bridgeman, Robert Vale
Bridgen, William
Bridger, Bernard Edward
Bridger, Cyril Jack
Bridger, David Bruce
Bridger, Geoffrey Peter
Bridger, Lawrence Mattinson
Bridger, Leslie Walter
Bridger, Roger Thomas
Bridges, Carrie
Bridges, Edward John (Ted)
Bridges, Henry George
Bridges, Herbert
Bridges, John Reginald
Bridges, Leslie Samuel
Bridges, Neal
Bridges, Norman George
Bridges, Sidney
Bridges, Thomas Greville
Bridges, William
Bridgett, Cyril John
Bridgewater, George William
Bridgland, Maurice Everest
Bridgman, Arthur Mervyn
Bridgman, Donald Charles
Bridgman, Francis Harley
Bridgman, Lewis Arnold
Bridgman, Sidney William
Bridgman, William Frederick
Bridgwood, John William
Bridle, Horace Stanley
Bridle, Thomas Stanley
Bridson, Allan
Bridson, Harold
Brief, Josef
Briegel, James Stuart
Brieger, Erwin
Brien, Henry Herbert
Brier, Roland Frank
Briercliffe, Charles Frederick
Brierley, Alan
Brierley, Albert
Brierley, Charles
Brierley, Denison
Brierley, Dora Elsie
Brierley, Edmund
Brierley, Fred
Brierley, James
Brierley, John Harrison
Brierley, John Robert
Brierley, Laurance William
Brierley, Peter Darrell Walter
Brierley, Thomas Barry
Brierley, Willie
Briers, David George Allaker
Briers, John Keith
Briers, John William
Briese, Richard Gustav
Briffett, George William
Briffett, Kenneth Caleb
Briffett, Sydney John
Brigden, Alan Longland
Brigden, Clifton Macleay
Brigden, Donald Andrew
Brigden, Donald Andrew
Brigden, Robert Oliver
Briggs-Jude, Robert William
Briggs, Albert
Briggs, Anthony Ernest Kirby
Briggs, Arthur
Briggs, Arthur Geoffrey
Briggs, David Abel
Briggs, Dennis Rushworth
Briggs, Douglas
Briggs, Douglas Eric
Briggs, Edgar Tong
Briggs, Eric Sydney
Briggs, Francis Evan Robert
Briggs, Frank
Briggs, George Arthur
Briggs, George Maxwell
Briggs, Godfrey Henry James
Briggs, Harry
Briggs, Harry Rowan
Briggs, Henry Albert
Briggs, Herbert Henry
Briggs, Horace Alfred
Briggs, Jack
Briggs, Jack Hanson
Briggs, James
Briggs, John
Briggs, John Lionel
Briggs, John Stanley
Briggs, John  Maurice Winnington
Briggs, Leonard
Briggs, Lloyd Edward
Briggs, Michael Featherstone
Briggs, Peter Stafford
Briggs, Ronald
Briggs, Stanley
Briggs, Thomas
Briggs, Thomas Simpson
Briggs, Thomas Watt
Briggs, Wilfred Arthur
Briggs, William
Briggs, William
Briggs, William
Briggs, William Edmund
Brigham, Jack Mccrae
Brigham, Kenneth
Brighouse, Malcolm Stanley
Bright, Brian Robert
Bright, David
Bright, Ernest William
Bright, Francis Henry
Bright, Frederick Charles
Bright, Harry Sidney
Bright, Henry George
Bright, John Alexander
Bright, John Edmund
Bright, Joseph Allen
Bright, Keith Mortimer
Bright, Kenneth Ernest
Bright, Lawrence Stanley James
Bright, Leslie Raymond
Bright, Reginald Francis Jack
Bright, Roland Bernard
Bright, Stanley
Bright, Tom
Bright, Vernon Maxwell
Bright, William John
Bright, William Wycliffe
Brighton, Albert Edward
Brighton, Charles Edmund
Brighton, Kenneth
Brighton, William Job
Brighton, William Lawrence
Brightwell, Edward Thomas
Brightwell, Frederick Charles Guy
Brightwell, Geoffrey Charles
Brightwell, John Mostyn
Brightwell, Norman Joseph
Brighurst, Archibald William
Briginshaw, Oswald ONeil
Brignell, Cyril
Brignell, Dennis Horace Albert
Brigstocke, Andrew Lawrence
Brikha Nanno,
Brill, David James
Brill, Eugeniusz
Brill, James Kemble
Brillinger, Donald Stewart
Brimacombe, Rafe Sherme
Brimberry, Paul Russell
Brimble, George William
Brimble, John Joseph
Brimble, John Joseph
Brimble, William Stanley
Brimelow, Ronald
Brimer, Stanley
Brimfield, Dennis George
Brimicombe, Ronald Alfred James
Brimley, Charles John
Brimmicombe, Norman Charles
Brims, John
Brind, George Ambrose
Brind, James Robert
Brind, William Walter
Brindell, Robert George
Brindle, Alfred
Brindle, Eric
Brindle, Frank
Brindle, Geoffrey Alexander
Brindle, Henry Alec
Brindle, Nathaniel
Brindley, Alfred
Brindley, Anthony Harley
Brindley, Edward
Brindley, Francis Bernard
Brindley, Kenneth Lindon
Brindley, Neville Francis
Brindley, Philip Bernard
Brindley, Russell Walter
Brindley, William Norman
Brine, Frederick Reginald
Brine, Lindsay Russell
Brine, Ross Lawrence
Brine, William Edward
Bringloe, James Henry
Brining, John
Brink, G S
Brinkhurst, Anthony Joseph William
Brinkhurst, John Derrick
Brinkley, Ronald Cecil
Brinkmann, Heinrich
Brinkmann, Karl
Brinkworth, Ernest Peter
Brinkworth, Philip Sydney
Brinkworth, Rowland George
Brinn, Charles John Westley
Brinsdon, Bernard
Brinton, Eric Alfred
Brinton, Leslie Ronald
Brinton, Reginald Herbert
Brisbane, Norman James
Brisbane, William Christie
Brisbourne, Edward
Brisco, Frederick Lionel
Brisco, Robert Hylton
Briscoe, Benjamin
Briscoe, Henry Whitby
Briscoe, Ian Mackenzie
Brislan, John Glen
Brissenden, Frederick Scott
Brissenden, Joseph
Brisson, Joseph Paul Guy
Brister, John
Brister, John Archibald
Brister, William
Brister, William Edward
Bristol, Beverly Ward
Bristow, Alfred John
Bristow, Anthony Edwin
Bristow, Arthur Ernest
Bristow, Arthur George
Bristow, Charles Wilfred Symons
Bristow, David Harold
Bristow, Donald Alexander
Bristow, Ernest William
Bristow, Frederick David
Bristow, George Alan
Bristow, Henry William Sydney
Bristow, Kenneth Frank
Bristow, Lester Jack Duncan
Bristow, Peter Alexander
Bristow, Ronald Percy
Bristow, William Frederick
Britain, Alfred Edward
Britchford, Arthur Thomas
Britland, George Douglas
Britland, Lionel Poston
Britnor, Stanley
Brits, A E B
Brits, J H S
Brittain, Albert Grosvenor
Brittain, Albert Leonard
Brittain, Albutt
Brittain, David Bernard
Brittain, Eric James
Brittain, Francis Charles
Brittain, George
Brittain, Henry Leonard
Brittain, Jack Vivian
Brittain, John Charles
Brittain, John Goodworth
Brittain, Paul Herman
Brittain, Thomas William
Brittain, William Philip
Brittan, Donald William
Britten-Jones, Ansell Edward
Britten, Aubrey Ginders
Britten, Frank Terry
Britten, Peter
Britter, John Stapleton
Brittingham, Raymond Arthur
Brittle, George Henry
Brittle, Kenneth Henry
Brittlebank, Geoffrey Franklin
Brittliff, Joseph Willoughby
Britto, Daniel William Anthony
Britto, Raymond
Britton, Alfred Samuel
Britton, Allan Walter Naylor
Britton, Arthur James
Britton, Charles Alfred
Britton, Clarence William Arthur
Britton, Eric Ivor
Britton, Frederick James
Britton, Harry Edward
Britton, Henry Wilfred Arthur
Britton, John Paul Newbery
Britton, Joseph John
Britton, Leonard James
Britton, Maurice Henry
Britton, Reginald Ewart
Britton, Ronald David
Britton, Ronald Victor
Britts, Alfred Joseph
Britz, Johannes Frederick
Brixius, Guenter
Briza, Vitezslav
Broad, Alfred Stanley
Broad, Cecil Lionel
Broad, Charles
Broad, Donald Glen
Broad, Edgar Geroge
Broad, Edwin Charles William
Broad, Edwin George William
Broad, Ernest Roy
Broad, Frederick Heath
Broad, Frederick John
Broad, Harold Douglas
Broad, Harry Christopher
Broad, Jack Stanley
Broad, John Haig
Broad, John Thomas
Broad, Leslie Allan
Broad, Leslie Henry
Broad, Norman Owen
Broad, Raymond Cecil
Broad, Robert John
Broad, Rodney
Broad, Ronald Charles William
Broad, Ronald Eric
Broad, Ronald Frederick
Broad, Thomas Mortlock
Broadbear, William Arthur
Broadbent, Alan Stewart
Broadbent, Albert Eric
Broadbent, Alec Bridgewater
Broadbent, Allan Robinson
Broadbent, Arthur
Broadbent, Bertram Clifford
Broadbent, Eric
Broadbent, Francis Robinson
Broadbent, Gerald Francis
Broadbent, Harold
Broadbent, Harold Cyril Frederick
Broadbent, James Carson
Broadbent, John Frank
Broadbent, Joseph George
Broadbent, Raymond
Broadbent, Robert Charles
Broadbent, Stanley
Broadbent, Trevor Richmond
Broadbent, Walter Rule
Broadbridge, Roland Percival
Broadfield, Clarence Leslie
Broadfoot, Clifford Mcneil
Broadfoot, Colin Mcdonald
Broadfoot, James Graham
Broadhead, Eric
Broadhead, Harry Mayo Richard
Broadhead, John Hugh
Broadhurst, Donald
Broadhurst, Eric
Broadhurst, Eric Mark
Broadhurst, Fred
Broadhurst, Granville
Broadhurst, Henry
Broadhurst, James
Broadhurst, James
Broadhurst, John
Broadhurst, John Charles
Broadhurst, John William
Broadhurst, Kenneth
Broadhurst, Michael
Broadhurst, Rodolphe Burford
Broadhurst, Stanley
Broadley, John Alan
Broadley, John Duncan
Broadley, John William Robinson
Broadley, Richard Henry
Broadley, Ronald
Broadmore, Alfred George
Broadmore, Jack Alfred
Broadmore, Wilfred Henry
Broadsmith, Harold Emmett
Broadway, John Alexander Collingridge
Broady, Raymond Herbert John
Brochard, Dalibor
Brochu, Joseph Willrod Marcel
Brochu, Victorien Armand Gilbert
Brock, Cyril John
Brock, Derek Guy
Brock, Edward Irvin
Brock, Frederick Albert
Brock, Frederick Hubert
Brock, George Herbert
Brock, H B E
Brock, Halcombe George
Brock, Harold Eric
Brock, Henry James
Brock, Herbert
Brock, James
Brock, John Alexander
Brock, Raymond
Brock, Reginald William Thomas
Brock, Robert George
Brock, Ronald Arthur
Brock, Thomas William
Brockbank, John Richard
Brockbank, John Thomas
Brockbank, Samuel
Brockbank, Samuel
Brocket, John Crawford
Brockett, Leonard Reginald
Brockett, William Dunbar
Brockhoff, Ralph Lindsay
Brockhouse, Norman
Brockhurst, Colin Desmond
Brockhurst, Eric David Thornton
Brocking, George Thomas
Brockington, Charles Benjamin
Brockington, George Stanley
Brocklebank, Cyril Stanley
Brocklebank, Ernest
Brocklehurst, Eric Thomas
Brocklehurst, Geoffrey Rainsford
Brocklehurst, John Hobson
Brocklehurst, Norman
Brocklehurst, Norman
Brocklehurst, Thomas
Brockley, Donald Charles
Brockman, Alfred Henry William
Brockman, George Reginald Henry
Brockman, Percy John Friend
Brockman, Robert Norman
Brocksopp, John Bentley
Brockway, Alfred James
Brockway, George William
Brockway, Harry Stanley
Brockway, Leonard Thomas
Brockway, Ronald Charles
Brockway, Stanley George
Brodby, John Robert
Broddle, Donald
Broddy, James Morley
Broden, Malcolm Henry
Broder, John Gordon
Broderick, Frank Edward
Broderick, George Adrian Leonard
Broderick, John
Broderick, John James
Broderick, Kenneth James
Broderick, Leo Joseph Martin
Broderick, William
Brodie, Albert Edwin
Brodie, Andrew Moore
Brodie, Aubrey Norman
Brodie, Basil Hubert
Brodie, Charles Milne
Brodie, Ellis Joseph
Brodie, George Stuart
Brodie, Hugh Rowell
Brodie, Ian George
Brodie, Ian James Duncan
Brodie, James
Brodie, James Martin
Brodie, John Duncan
Brodie, John Mcandrew
Brodie, John Toles
Brodie, Richard Frederick Charles
Brodie, Richard William
Brodie, Robert Evelyn
Brodie, Robert Gerald Campbell
Brodie, Warren Argo
Brodie, William
Brodie, William Craig
Brodie, William Forbes Petrie
Brodie, William James Totten
Brodley, Ronald
Brodribb, Anthony John
Brodribb, Francis Anthony Bower
Brodrick, Geoffrey Austin
Brodrick, Noel George
Brodrick, Warren Robert
Brodziak, Gordon Ward
Brodzikowski, Witold Jan
Broe, Bernard
Broecker, Hans
Broege, Max
Broemeling, Alvin John
Broening, Helmut
Brogan, Albert Charles
Brogan, James Anthony
Brogan, John Joseph
Brogan, Michael Andrew
Brogan, Patrick George
Brogden, Ernest William
Brogden, Fred William
Brogden, George
Brogden, John Peter
Brohm, Richard
Brokefield, Laloo
Brokensha, William Owen
Brokenshire, Edward Dewar
Brokenshire, Nicholas John
Broll, James
Bromage, Herbert Kitchener
Bromage, Leslie Alfred
Bromby, Arthur
Bromfield, John Henry
Bromfield, John Trevor
Bromham, Clifford George
Bromham, John William Thomas
Bromhead, Donald Thomas
Bromley, Alan Stevens
Bromley, Charles Frederick
Bromley, David Francis
Bromley, Edward
Bromley, Harold Herbert Joseph
Bromley, Harry Leighton
Bromley, Jack
Bromley, John Stuart Mee
Bromley, Kenneth Robert
Bromley, Neil Ballingal Reid
Bromley, Reginald
Bromley, Reginald Ernest
Bromley, Roger Arthur
Bromley, Stanley Gordon
Bromley, Thomas
Bromley, Thomas Leslie
Bromwich, Alfred Theodore Cuthbert
Bromwich, Emery Esmy
Brondgeest, Lloyd John
Bronsky, Harold
Bronson, Clifford Robert
Bronstein, Abraham Ralph
Broodbank, Ronald Arthur
Brook, Anthony Kingsmill
Brook, Charles Cyril
Brook, Charles Edward
Brook, Claude
Brook, Cyril William Hugh
Brook, Dennis
Brook, Dennis Herbert
Brook, Donald
Brook, Eric
Brook, Frederick Victor
Brook, George Elliott
Brook, George Henry
Brook, Harold Wignell
Brook, Henry John
Brook, Hubert Charles Gerard
Brook, Jack
Brook, John Edward
Brook, Kenneth Richard
Brook, Niel
Brook, Norman
Brook, Patrick (Pat)
Brook, Peter Frederick
Brook, Philip Munro
Brook, Raymond Leslie
Brook, Richard William
Brook, Robert
Brook, Robert
Brook, Roy Edward
Brook, S J
Brook, Stanley
Brook, Walter Charles
Brooke Turner, George Evelyn
Brooke-Alder, Stella Mary Caroline
Brooke-Norris, Sisson William
Brooke-Taylor, Keith
Brooke-Taylor, Rex
Brooke, Alan Leslie
Brooke, Dudley Sherwood
Brooke, Edward George
Brooke, Francis Haydn
Brooke, Horace
Brooke, Jack
Brooke, Jack
Brooke, John
Brooke, John North Hewlett
Brooke, Kenneth Arba
Brooke, Paul Rigby Sinclair
Brooke, Peter Upton
Brooke, Ronald
Brooke, Vincent Christopher
Brooker, Albert Frederick
Brooker, Alec Albert
Brooker, Bernard Chapman
Brooker, Bertram Alfred Charles
Brooker, Dennis Frank
Brooker, Donald Archie
Brooker, Douglas
Brooker, Edward George
Brooker, Francis John
Brooker, Frank Lloyd
Brooker, Geoffrey Mein
Brooker, Gerald
Brooker, Gordon Roy
Brooker, Gregory Bernard
Brooker, Horace Edward
Brooker, Kenneth Angus
Brooker, Leslie Vernon Carey
Brooker, Maurice Dudley
Brooker, Philip Leonard
Brooker, Richard Edgar Peter
Brooker, Robin Neville Benedict
Brooker, Ronald
Brooker, Ronald Stephen
Brooker, Stanley Frederick
Brooker, Sydney George
Brooker, William John
Brookes, Alan Fincher
Brookes, Alec
Brookes, Archibald
Brookes, Birt
Brookes, Brian Stuart Todd
Brookes, Charles Albert
Brookes, Charles Stanley James
Brookes, David Alan Rufus
Brookes, Dennis William
Brookes, Duncan William
Brookes, Eric
Brookes, Eric
Brookes, Eric William
Brookes, Ernest Albert
Brookes, Frederick
Brookes, Frederick George
Brookes, George Henry
Brookes, James
Brookes, John Robert
Brookes, John West
Brookes, Joseph Cecil
Brookes, Leonard Edwin
Brookes, Melvin John Halls
Brookes, Norman
Brookes, Reginald
Brookes, Robert George
Brookes, Sydney
Brookes, Thomas Robert
Brookes, Walter Leslie
Brookes, Wilfred
Brookes, Wilfred James
Brookes, Wilfrid Mark Hamilton
Brookfield, Ronald Kenneth
Brookfield, Thomas Sandford
Brookhouse, John Neville
Brooking, Alexander Thomas
Brooking, Arthur Ralph
Brooking, Charles Curtis
Brooking, Leslie Trewin
Brooking, Sydney Gibbs
Brookman, Herbert John Redrup
Brookman, Kenneth
Brookman, Leonard Peter
Brookman, Richard Waller
Brookman, Ronald Charles
Brooks Clarke, Eric Roy
Brooks, Alan William
Brooks, Albert James Jarvis
Brooks, Alexander Campbell
Brooks, Alexander Thomas
Brooks, Alfred
Brooks, Alfred Bryan
Brooks, Alfred Victor
Brooks, Angus Vivian
Brooks, Arthur George
Brooks, Arthur James
Brooks, Arthur Leslie
Brooks, Bernard Frank
Brooks, Brynley Howell
Brooks, Charles Harry Sidney
Brooks, Charles Willie
Brooks, Clare Edward
Brooks, Cyril
Brooks, Dennis
Brooks, Dennis Brian
Brooks, Donald Charles
Brooks, Donald Charles
Brooks, Douglas Arthur
Brooks, Douglas Foulsham
Brooks, Douglas Perry
Brooks, E J
Brooks, Edward Charles Grimley
Brooks, Edward Owen
Brooks, Ernest Allen
Brooks, Ernest Ross
Brooks, Francis Conn
Brooks, Francis Gilbert
Brooks, George Edward
Brooks, George Henry
Brooks, George Newcombe
Brooks, Gerald Horace
Brooks, Glenn Wesley
Brooks, Gordon Vincent
Brooks, H. H. (Michael)
Brooks, Harry
Brooks, Henry George
Brooks, Herbert Gordon
Brooks, Hiram George
Brooks, James
Brooks, James Chassels
Brooks, James Lennox
Brooks, Jerry Eaton
Brooks, John
Brooks, John Alexander
Brooks, John Alfred
Brooks, John Charles
Brooks, John Cunningham
Brooks, John Henry
Brooks, John Hooper
Brooks, John Livingstone
Brooks, John Mccallum
Brooks, John Philip
Brooks, John William
Brooks, Joseph Edward
Brooks, Keith Bishop
Brooks, Kenneth Alfred
Brooks, L E
Brooks, Leonard John
Brooks, Lloyd William
Brooks, Lucien David
Brooks, Malcolm Hutton
Brooks, Maxwell Anderson
Brooks, Philip Gardner
Brooks, Reginald Maurice
Brooks, Robert Gordon
Brooks, Robert Lomas
Brooks, Ronald Charles
Brooks, Ronald Douglas
Brooks, Ronald Edward
Brooks, Ronald Frank
Brooks, Walter
Brooks, Walter Paul
Brooks, Wilfred Henry
Brooks, Wilfred Stanley
Brooks, Wilfred Stanley
Brooks, William
Brooks, William Albert
Brooks, William Albert
Brooks, William Booth
Brooks, William Charles
Brooks, William Ernest
Brooks, William Gwynfryn
Brooksbank, Alfred Clifton
Brooksbank, Denis
Brooksbank, John Parrington
Brooksbank, R O D
Brookson, Victor James William
Broom, Frank Adrian
Broom, Howard
Broom, John Coventon
Broom, Thomas
Broom, Wilfred Henry
Broome, Alfred Thomas
Broome, Charles George
Broome, Derek Christopher
Broome, Sidney
Broome, Stewart
Broomfield, Albert Edward
Broomfield, Dennison Pierce
Broomfield, Ernest John Adams
Broomfield, John
Broomfield, Leonard Stuart
Broomfield, Leslie
Broomfield, Leslie Alfred
Broomhall, Charles Henry
Broomhall, Francis George
Broomhead, Charles James
Broomhead, David Alfred
Broomhead, William Colin Eugene
Brophey, Burton Orval
Brophy, Allan Charles Vincent
Brophy, Bernard Anthony
Brophy, James Joseph
Brophy, John Lawrence Douglas
Bros, Wladyslaw
Brosig, Herbert
Brosko, Peter Paul
Brosnahan, Frederick Timothy
Brosnan, John Lane
Brosnan, Patrick
Brossler, Bruno
Brossmer, Robert Vincent
Brotchie, David
Brotchie, George Francis
Brotherhood, Harry William
Brotherhood, Leonard
Brotherick, David Dunn
Brothers, George
Brothers, Monty Holt
Brothers, Peter Grenville
Brothers, Warwick
Brotherston, James William
Brotherston, William Morley
Brotherstone, Thomas Sutherland
Brotherton, Alwyn
Brotherton, Denis James
Brotherton, Leslie Arthur
Brotherton, Norman Frederick
Brotherton, Robert
Brothwell, George
Brothwell, George William
Brothwell, Jack
Brothwell, Robert Sidney
Brothwood, Richard
Brough, Colin David
Brough, Derek Walter
Brough, Frederick Harold
Brough, Harold Selwyn
Brough, Herbert
Brough, Ian Clark
Brough, John Edward
Brough, Leonard
Brough, Leslie Bennett
Brough, Richmond
Brough, Robert
Brough, Robert Horace
Brough, Ronald
Brough, Sidney
Brough, Valentine George
Brougham-Faddy, Patrick Langston
Brougham, Geoffrey Graham
Broughton, Derrick Graham
Broughton, Donald
Broughton, Douglas Oliver
Broughton, Geoffrey Eyre
Broughton, Geoffrey James
Broughton, George Arthur
Broughton, Gordon Stanley
Broughton, James William
Broughton, John Du Vernet
Broughton, Leslie
Broughton, Rowland
Broughton, Walter
Brouillette, Joseph Ross Eugene
Brouillette, Sidney Phillipe Richard
Broun, Alan Stewart
Broun, Ronald Richmond
Bround, Earl Douglas
Brouse, David Lorne
Brouwer, Hamish Peter
Brovender, Jack Lionel
Browe, William Dalton
Browell, Frank Vincent
Browell, William Herbert
Browett, Donald Henry Gilbert
Brown, Abraham Lawson
Brown, Alan
Brown, Alan Dennis
Brown, Alan Francis
Brown, Alan John
Brown, Alan Mckeand
Brown, Alan Norman
Brown, Alan Walter
Brown, Alastair Boyd
Brown, Albany
Brown, Albert
Brown, Albert
Brown, Albert Edward
Brown, Albert Ernest
Brown, Albert Ernest Edward
Brown, Albert Henry
Brown, Albert Henry
Brown, Albert Joseph
Brown, Albert Sidney Harrison
Brown, Aldewin Arthur
Brown, Alexander
Brown, Alexander
Brown, Alexander George
Brown, Alexander George
Brown, Alexander Raymond Selsby
Brown, Alexander Ronald
Brown, Alfred
Brown, Alfred
Brown, Alfred Charles
Brown, Alfred Edward
Brown, Alfred Ernest
Brown, Alfred Errol
Brown, Alfred George
Brown, Alfred George Greenwood
Brown, Alfred Henry
Brown, Alfred Ronald Vernon
Brown, Allan
Brown, Allan Edward
Brown, Allan John James
Brown, Andrew Alexander
Brown, Andrew Angus
Brown, Andrew Finlayson
Brown, Andrew James Ewen
Brown, Anthony Carr Harle
Brown, Arnold
Brown, Arthur
Brown, Arthur
Brown, Arthur
Brown, Arthur
Brown, Arthur
Brown, Arthur
Brown, Arthur Charles
Brown, Arthur Edward
Brown, Arthur Edward
Brown, Arthur Henry
Brown, Arthur Herbert
Brown, Arthur Hugh Steyning
Brown, Arthur John
Brown, Arthur John
Brown, Arthur Reginald
Brown, Arthur William Charles
Brown, Austen Kenneth
Brown, Basil Sydney
Brown, Benjamin Francis
Brown, Bernard Edward
Brown, Bernard Vincent
Brown, Brian Arthur Keith
Brown, Brian Edward
Brown, Brian William
Brown, Bromley John William
Brown, Bruce Harold
Brown, Carlos Manuel
Brown, Carol Herbert
Brown, Cecil Allan
Brown, Cecil Henry
Brown, Cedric Tyson
Brown, Charles
Brown, Charles Bernard
Brown, Charles Davis
Brown, Charles Derek
Brown, Charles Desmond
Brown, Charles Douglas
Brown, Charles Douglas Grant
Brown, Charles Frederick
Brown, Charles Frederick
Brown, Charles Harold Latshaw
Brown, Charles Henry John
Brown, Charles Raymond
Brown, Charles Thomas
Brown, Charles Victor
Brown, Charles Walter Dryburgh
Brown, Charles William
Brown, Charles William
Brown, Clarence Fred
Brown, Clayton Penrose Lindon
Brown, Clayton Perry
Brown, Clement Hector
Brown, Clifford
Brown, Clifford Althea
Brown, Clifford Harris
Brown, Cyril
Brown, Cyril
Brown, Cyril Douglas
Brown, Cyril John Ambrose
Brown, Cyril Macdonald
Brown, Daisy Winifred
Brown, Daniel Frank
Brown, David
Brown, David
Brown, David Campbell
Brown, David Cornfoot
Brown, David Fergus Hamilton
Brown, David James
Brown, David Keith
Brown, David Lloyd George
Brown, David Oscar
Brown, David Reid
Brown, David Robert
Brown, David Roderick Llewellyn
Brown, David Stuart
Brown, David Thomas
Brown, De Willett Francis
Brown, Denis James
Brown, Denis Norman
Brown, Dennis
Brown, Dennis
Brown, Denys
Brown, Denys Hugh
Brown, Derek
Brown, Derek Frank Paston
Brown, Derek Murray Arthur
Brown, Desmond Crighton
Brown, Desmond Mccooey
Brown, Donald
Brown, Donald Arthur
Brown, Donald Arthur
Brown, Donald Arthur
Brown, Donald Brooke
Brown, Donald George Wentworth
Brown, Donald Horace
Brown, Donald James
Brown, Donald James
Brown, Donald John Morgan
Brown, Donald Robert
Brown, Donald Rowland Rennie
Brown, Douglas
Brown, Douglas
Brown, Douglas
Brown, Douglas Edwin William
Brown, Douglas Frederick
Brown, Douglas Frederick
Brown, Douglas George
Brown, Douglas Harold
Brown, Douglas Macgillvary
Brown, Douglas Roy
Brown, Douglas Stewart
Brown, Douglas Walter
Brown, Duncan Stewart
Brown, E R
Brown, Earl Herbert
Brown, Eddie Hester
Brown, Edgar Alec
Brown, Edgar Barwood
Brown, Edgar Harold
Brown, Edward
Brown, Edward
Brown, Edward
Brown, Edward George
Brown, Edward George
Brown, Edward James
Brown, Edward John
Brown, Edward Peter Seton
Brown, Edward Sharrott
Brown, Edwin Hanlon
Brown, Edwin Ryland
Brown, Elizabeth
Brown, Enid Stanley
Brown, Ephraim Hugh
Brown, Eric
Brown, Eric
Brown, Eric Ansell
Brown, Eric Ernest
Brown, Eric Gregson
Brown, Eric John
Brown, Eric Lindsay
Brown, Eric Ronald
Brown, Eric Wilfred
Brown, Eric William
Brown, Eric William
Brown, Erlin Leslie Ross
Brown, Ernest
Brown, Ernest Charles
Brown, Ernest Henry
Brown, Ernest Logan
Brown, Erwin Bruce
Brown, Eugene Deverle
Brown, Ferdinand Ernest
Brown, Francis Ferneaux
Brown, Francis George
Brown, Francis George Chaplin
Brown, Francis Henry
Brown, Francis Joseph
Brown, Francis Norman
Brown, Francis Patrick
Brown, Frank
Brown, Frank
Brown, Frank Arthur
Brown, Frank Charles
Brown, Frank Colin
Brown, Frank Edward
Brown, Frank Harry
Brown, Frank Percival
Brown, Frank Thorburn
Brown, Frank William
Brown, Fred Harvey
Brown, Frederic Raymond
Brown, Frederick Alexander Byron
Brown, Frederick Charles
Brown, Frederick Edward
Brown, Frederick George
Brown, Frederick Harold
Brown, Frederick Joseph
Brown, Frederick Tom
Brown, Frederick William
Brown, Geoffrey
Brown, Geoffrey Alan
Brown, Geoffrey Albert
Brown, Geoffrey Alexander
Brown, Geoffrey Campbell
Brown, Geoffrey William
Brown, Geoffrey William
Brown, George
Brown, George
Brown, George Alfred
Brown, George Allan
Brown, George Benjamin
Brown, George Chahoon
Brown, George Douglas
Brown, George Dunlop
Brown, George Edward
Brown, George Frank
Brown, George Frederick
Brown, George Hamilton
Brown, George Henry
Brown, George Henry
Brown, George Henson
Brown, George James
Brown, George Kennedy
Brown, George Kirtley
Brown, George Mellis Leiper
Brown, George Oswald
Brown, George Pierrepont
Brown, George Rawson
Brown, George Spalding
Brown, George Thirlwell
Brown, George Warden
Brown, George Wilfred
Brown, George William
Brown, George William
Brown, George William
Brown, George William
Brown, George William
Brown, Gerald Edwin
Brown, Gilbert Francis
Brown, Gilbert Frederick
Brown, Godfrey Allison
Brown, Gordan
Brown, Gordon Fred Cyril
Brown, Gordon Harry
Brown, Gordon Scott
Brown, Gordon Wilfred
Brown, Guy Richard
Brown, H S
Brown, Harold
Brown, Harold Alexander
Brown, Harold Allan
Brown, Harold Dennis
Brown, Harold Earl
Brown, Harold Henry
Brown, Harold Leonard
Brown, Harold Mervyn
Brown, Harold Stanley
Brown, Harold Sterling
Brown, Harry
Brown, Harry
Brown, Harry
Brown, Harry Arthur Bulger
Brown, Harry Charles
Brown, Harry Lyle
Brown, Hedley
Brown, Hedley
Brown, Henry
Brown, Henry
Brown, Henry
Brown, Henry Beveridge
Brown, Henry David
Brown, Henry Edward
Brown, Henry Ernest
Brown, Henry Shaw
Brown, Herbert
Brown, Herbert
Brown, Herbert Douglas
Brown, Herbert George
Brown, Herbert Haig
Brown, Herbert James
Brown, Herbert Kenith
Brown, Herbert Victor Sidney
Brown, Horace Stanley
Brown, Hubert
Brown, Hubert Henry
Brown, Hugh Card
Brown, Hugh Mcbeath
Brown, Hugh Stainger
Brown, Ian Browning
Brown, Ian Mcdonnell Sutherland
Brown, Ian Stewart
Brown, Ivan
Brown, Ivor Morrison
Brown, J
Brown, Jack
Brown, Jack
Brown, Jack
Brown, Jack Leonard
Brown, James
Brown, James
Brown, James
Brown, James
Brown, James
Brown, James
Brown, James
Brown, James
Brown, James Albert
Brown, James Alexander
Brown, James Angus
Brown, James Arthur
Brown, James Bernard Frederick
Brown, James E.
Brown, James Edward
Brown, James Francis
Brown, James Gerald
Brown, James Gordon
Brown, James Hardie
Brown, James Henry
Brown, James Herbert
Brown, James Marshall
Brown, James Moyes
Brown, James Nelson
Brown, James Pirie
Brown, James Sydney
Brown, James Waldron
Brown, James Walter
Brown, James Watson
Brown, James Wilfred Henry
Brown, James William
Brown, James William Kenwick
Brown, James Wood
Brown, John
Brown, John
Brown, John
Brown, John
Brown, John
Brown, John
Brown, John
Brown, John
Brown, John
Brown, John Albert Campbell
Brown, John Alderton
Brown, John Alfred
Brown, John Armagh Charles
Brown, John Arthur
Brown, John Arthur
Brown, John Arthur
Brown, John Baldwin Foulger
Brown, John Barnet Mathieson
Brown, John Benjamin
Brown, John Daniel
Brown, John Donald
Brown, John Downie
Brown, John Edward
Brown, John Eyre
Brown, John Francis
Brown, John Francis
Brown, John Frederick
Brown, John Garthwaite
Brown, John George
Brown, John George
Brown, John Gibb
Brown, John Henry
Brown, John Henry
Brown, John Henry
Brown, John Henry
Brown, John Henry
Brown, John Herbert
Brown, John Hilton
Brown, John James
Brown, John Keith
Brown, John Keith Macdonald
Brown, John Laurence
Brown, John Lukies
Brown, John Martin
Brown, John Matheson
Brown, John Maxwell
Brown, John Raeburn
Brown, John Raymond
Brown, John Roland
Brown, John Stanley
Brown, John Thomas
Brown, John Thomas
Brown, John Thomas Hopper
Brown, John Tiplady
Brown, John Wesley
Brown, John William
Brown, John William
Brown, John William
Brown, Joseph
Brown, Joseph
Brown, Joseph Godfrey
Brown, Joseph Henry
Brown, Joseph Henry
Brown, Joseph Merrick Towers
Brown, Joyce Alethea
Brown, Keith Lawrence
Brown, Kelvin Arthur Roy
Brown, Kenneth
Brown, Kenneth
Brown, Kenneth Alfred
Brown, Kenneth Charles
Brown, Kenneth Charles
Brown, Kenneth Edward
Brown, Kenneth George Vale
Brown, Kenneth Joseph
Brown, Kenneth Neville
Brown, Kenneth Reginald Mcleod
Brown, Kenneth Thomas
Brown, Kenneth William
Brown, Laurence Ernest
Brown, Lawrence
Brown, Lawrence Rex Frank
Brown, Leo Frederick Joseph
Brown, Leonard
Brown, Leonard Charles
Brown, Leonard Charles George
Brown, Leonard George
Brown, Leonard Newall
Brown, Leonard William Percival
Brown, Leslie
Brown, Leslie Albert
Brown, Leslie Atkinson
Brown, Leslie Douglas
Brown, Leslie George
Brown, Leslie William
Brown, Leslie William Henry
Brown, Lionel Cedric
Brown, Lionel James
Brown, Lloyd Nelson
Brown, Logie Watson
Brown, Lorne Edwin
Brown, Louis
Brown, Malcolm Penvil
Brown, Margaret
Brown, Mark Henry
Brown, Marvin Kitchener
Brown, Mathew Parkinson
Brown, Matthew
Brown, Maurice Arthur William
Brown, Maurice Charles
Brown, Maurice George
Brown, Maurice George
Brown, Max Otto
Brown, Nevil Ward
Brown, Nigel Stuart Hally
Brown, Norman
Brown, Norman Colenso
Brown, Norman Conway
Brown, Norman David
Brown, Norman Francis Townshend
Brown, Norman James
Brown, Norman John
Brown, Norman Leslie
Brown, Norman Warrener
Brown, Norman Wells
Brown, Norman Wilson
Brown, Orlan Roderick
Brown, Owen Mcdavid
Brown, Patrick Spencer
Brown, Percy James
Brown, Percy Sharp
Brown, Peter
Brown, Peter
Brown, Peter Campion
Brown, Peter Charles
Brown, Peter Charles
Brown, Peter Charles Russell
Brown, Peter Edwyn Elkford
Brown, Peter George Fleming
Brown, Peter Gregory
Brown, Peter Henry
Brown, Peter John
Brown, Peter Norman
Brown, Peter Robert Duncan
Brown, Philip
Brown, Philip John
Brown, R F
Brown, Raeside Harley
Brown, Ralph
Brown, Ralph
Brown, Ralph Chaytor
Brown, Ray Edward
Brown, Raymond Cecil Evans
Brown, Raymond Clifford
Brown, Raymond Edward Stanford
Brown, Raymond Martyn
Brown, Reginald
Brown, Reginald
Brown, Reginald Alfred
Brown, Reginald Archibald Percival
Brown, Reginald Arthur
Brown, Reginald Ellis
Brown, Reginald George
Brown, Reginald Henry
Brown, Reginald John
Brown, Reginald Leslie Arthur
Brown, Reginald Thomas
Brown, Reginald Victor
Brown, Reginald William
Brown, Reginald Wiseman
Brown, Richard
Brown, Richard
Brown, Richard
Brown, Richard Arnold
Brown, Richard Henry
Brown, Richard Job Thomas
Brown, Richard William
Brown, Robert
Brown, Robert
Brown, Robert
Brown, Robert
Brown, Robert
Brown, Robert
Brown, Robert
Brown, Robert Aitken
Brown, Robert Allan
Brown, Robert Augustus
Brown, Robert Burns
Brown, Robert Francis
Brown, Robert George
Brown, Robert Gordon
Brown, Robert Henry
Brown, Robert John
Brown, Robert Lewis
Brown, Robert Nodin Plessay
Brown, Robert Oswald
Brown, Robert Paul Scott
Brown, Robert Phillip Henry
Brown, Robert Steedman
Brown, Robert Thomas
Brown, Robert William
Brown, Robert William
Brown, Robert William
Brown, Robert William Burdon
Brown, Robert Wishart
Brown, Roland
Brown, Ronald
Brown, Ronald
Brown, Ronald
Brown, Ronald
Brown, Ronald Charles J.
Brown, Ronald David
Brown, Ronald Douglas
Brown, Ronald Douglas
Brown, Ronald Edward
Brown, Ronald Jack
Brown, Ronald James
Brown, Ronald Joshua
Brown, Ronald Oscar
Brown, Ronald Westland
Brown, Ronald William
Brown, Roy
Brown, Roy
Brown, Roy
Brown, Roy
Brown, Roy
Brown, Roy
Brown, Roy Arthur
Brown, Roy Ernest
Brown, Roy Kenneth
Brown, Roy Styan
Brown, Roy Thomas
Brown, Roye Wilmott
Brown, Russell Gordon
Brown, Russell Howard
Brown, Russell Victor Henry
Brown, Seymour Villiers
Brown, Sidney
Brown, Sidney
Brown, Sidney Arthur
Brown, Stanley
Brown, Stanley
Brown, Stanley Albert
Brown, Stanley Alfred
Brown, Stanley James
Brown, Stanley Kenneth
Brown, Stanley Victor Douglas
Brown, Stanley Wilfred Robert
Brown, Stephen Henry Russell
Brown, Stephen Hugh Colin
Brown, Stephen Watson
Brown, Sydney
Brown, Sydney
Brown, Sydney Crowther
Brown, Sydney Walter
Brown, Sydney Walter Percy
Brown, The Rev. James Gordon
Brown, Thomas
Brown, Thomas
Brown, Thomas Anderson
Brown, Thomas Andrew
Brown, Thomas Anthony Victor
Brown, Thomas Beatty
Brown, Thomas David
Brown, Thomas Deathers
Brown, Thomas Dryburgh
Brown, Thomas Henry
Brown, Thomas Henry
Brown, Thomas Henry
Brown, Thomas Leslie
Brown, Thomas Lloyd
Brown, Thomas Pollitt
Brown, Thomas Wilfred
Brown, Victor
Brown, Victor Gordon
Brown, Victor John
Brown, Victor Kingsley
Brown, Victor Lewis Clarke
Brown, Vincent De Paul
Brown, Vincent Leigh
Brown, Vivian William
Brown, Vivian William
Brown, W G
Brown, Wallace Hilton
Brown, Wallis Arrmit
Brown, Walter
Brown, Walter
Brown, Walter
Brown, Walter
Brown, Walter Bagshaw
Brown, Walter Edward
Brown, Walter Forsyth Prins
Brown, Walter Gordon
Brown, Walter Gowans
Brown, Walter Louis
Brown, Wesley
Brown, Wilfred
Brown, Wilfred David
Brown, William
Brown, William
Brown, William
Brown, William
Brown, William
Brown, William
Brown, William
Brown, William
Brown, William
Brown, William
Brown, William
Brown, William
Brown, William Adam
Brown, William Alfred
Brown, William Alfred
Brown, William Austin
Brown, William Beaumont
Brown, William Charles Thomas
Brown, William Clyde
Brown, William Donald
Brown, William Earle
Brown, William Edgar
Brown, William Edward Harold
Brown, William Elliott
Brown, William Ernest
Brown, William George
Brown, William George Charles
Brown, William Gordon Leslie
Brown, William Henry
Brown, William Henry
Brown, William Hubert Hart
Brown, William James
Brown, William John
Brown, William John
Brown, William John
Brown, William John Mcdonald
Brown, William Mcintosh
Brown, William Norman Waldron
Brown, William Raymond James
Brown, William Richard
Brown, William Stanley Francis
Brown, William Sydney
Brown, William Wallace
Brown, William Wood Lindsay
Brown, Willis Stewart
Brownbill, Albert Edward
Browne, Adrian Victor
Browne, Alarik
Browne, Allan John
Browne, Anthony Doughty
Browne, Anthony John
Browne, Arnold George
Browne, Barry Stewart
Browne, Cecil Edmond
Browne, Cyril Dennis
Browne, David Dorey
Browne, David Ronald
Browne, Dennis Owen Matthew
Browne, Derek John
Browne, Derek Malcolm
Browne, Derrick Gordon
Browne, Donald Garforth
Browne, Douglas Jack
Browne, Edmund William
Browne, Edward Oliver
Browne, Edward Whitby Henry
Browne, Esmond Elliott
Browne, Francis Merer
Browne, Francis Valentine
Browne, Geoffrey Seymour
Browne, George Wilfred
Browne, Graham Watson
Browne, Grant Wallace
Browne, Guy Fountain
Browne, Henky Ernest
Browne, Henry Gallaugher
Browne, Herbert John
Browne, James Arthur Gerald
Browne, John Bonser
Browne, John Geoffrey Stewart
Browne, John Michael Godfree
Browne, Joseph Edward
Browne, Joseph Ernest
Browne, Kenneth Hugh Cecil
Browne, Mary Josephine
Browne, Maxwell
Browne, Michael Vincent
Browne, Neville Tasman
Browne, Patrick Donovan
Browne, Patrick Edgar Sempill F M.
Browne, Patrick Joseph Vincent
Browne, Peter Leighton
Browne, Richard Desmond
Browne, Richard William
Browne, Robert Langford Percival
Browne, Roland Henry
Browne, Roslyn Lloyd George
Browne, Terance Patrick
Browne, Thomas Chamberlain Molineux
Browne, Vincent John
Browne, William
Browne, William Alexander Coulson
Browne, William Desmond
Browne, William Joseph
Browne, William Newell
Browne, William Thomas
Brownett, Henry John
Brownfield, Oscar David
Brownfield, Thomas Robert
Brownhill, Anthony
Brownhill, Frank
Brownhill, Jack Thomas
Brownhill, Stanley
Brownie, James Millar
Browning, Albert Charles
Browning, Anthony Charles
Browning, Brian Mortimer
Browning, Cyril Mac
Browning, Cyril Reginald Arthur
Browning, Edwin James
Browning, Geoffrey James
Browning, Henry James
Browning, James Eden (Jim)
Browning, James Ronald
Browning, John Raymond
Browning, Lionel James
Browning, Peter Lear
Browning, Richard Samuel Henry
Browning, Robert John
Browning, Ronald Sacheverell
Browning, Thomas Cecil Mcdonald
Browning, William
Browning, William Edward
Browning, William Samuel Ralph
Brownjohn, Bruce Allan
Brownjohn, Hilton George
Brownlee, Archibald Fleming
Brownlee, Colin Crawford
Brownlee, David Ellis
Brownlee, Edith Mary
Brownlee, Irvin Gordon Thomas
Brownlee, John
Brownlee, John Peter Hughes
Brownlee, William
Brownless, Thomas
Brownlie, Andrew Mcmillan Smith
Brownlie, Archibald Halliday
Brownlie, Ralph James
Brownlie, William
Brownlow, Frederick Charles
Brownscombe, Morley Craig
Brownsell, John Stewart
Brownson, James Benjamin
Broxap, Ralph
Broxham, Walter Ernest
Broxholme, Reginald George
Broyd, Stanley Henry
Broz, Antonin
Broz, Jaromir
Brubaker, Donald Warren
Bruce, Alfred Eric Andrew
Bruce, Alistair Ferguson
Bruce, Allan
Bruce, Andrew
Bruce, David Alexander Fraser
Bruce, David Alistair
Bruce, David Campbell
Bruce, David William James
Bruce, Derek James
Bruce, Donald
Bruce, Donald
Bruce, Donald Macdonald
Bruce, Douglas Earl
Bruce, Eric Gordon
Bruce, Eric Oakden
Bruce, Frederick Thomas Robert
Bruce, Frederick Thompson
Bruce, George
Bruce, George Robert
Bruce, George Russell
Bruce, Haddo Eric Von
Bruce, Henry Morrison
Bruce, Ian Henderson
Bruce, James
Bruce, James Chisholm
Bruce, James Douglas
Bruce, James George
Bruce, James Harold
Bruce, John
Bruce, John Alexander
Bruce, John Charles William
Bruce, John Henry
Bruce, John Joseph
Bruce, John Nigel Grey
Bruce, John Samuel
Bruce, John William
Bruce, Kenneth
Bruce, Kenneth Douglas
Bruce, Kenneth Rupert
Bruce, Norman
Bruce, Norman
Bruce, Patrick David
Bruce, Robert
Bruce, Robert Emerson
Bruce, Robert George
Bruce, Robert Henry
Bruce, Robert Simpson
Bruce, Robert Wallace
Bruce, Thomas Reid
Bruce, Tristram Knight Pryce
Bruce, Wallace
Bruce, William
Bruce, William
Bruce, William Irvin
Bruce, William Stewart
Bruck, Henry Edward
Bruck, Raymond Athol
Bruckner, Maxwell Bright
Bruckshaw, James
Bruderlin, Douglas Albert
Bruegeman, Cecil Baden Powell
Bruegeman, Raymond Glen
Bruen, James Gerard
Brueninghausen, Josef
Bruetzam, Karl-guenther
Bruford, George Roland
Bruggeman, Joseph Aloysius
Bruhn, Werner
Bruhns, Harold Henry
Bruijne, Gerard
Bruines, Arnold
Brum, Frederick Miller
Brumby, Charles Herbert
Brumby, George Alma
Brumby, Norman
Brumfitt, Thomas
Brumhead, Stanley
Brummer, M J W
Brummitt, Charles Herbert
Brumpton, John Robert
Brumpton, Thomas Kenneth
Brumwell, Albert Norman
Brumwell, John Edward
Brumwell, Richard Arthur
Brumwell, Thomas William
Brumwell, William
Brundall, Maurice Arthur
Brundell, Donald Arthur
Brundell, John Henry
Brundish, Eric Norman
Brundish, George William
Brunelle, Jean Paul
Brunet, Ernest Charles
Brunette, Louis Raymond
Brunning, George Edward
Brunning, Joseph Charles
Brunning, Norman Charles
Brunning, Thomas Charles Joseph
Brunning, Walter Henry
Brunning, William Bullock
Brunsdon, Edward Ronald
Brunsdon, Kenneth Arthur
Brunsdon, Peter Sydney
Brunskill, Anthony George Stewart
Brunskill, Edward
Brunt, Arthur Havelock
Brunt, Edward
Brunt, Geoffrey
Brunt, George Arthur Devonshire
Brunt, Mark Edward
Brunt, Norman Richards
Brunt, Peter Douglas Willebrord
Brunt, Ronald
Brunt, Sidney Percival
Brunton, Alexander Brodie
Brunton, Alexander Cunningham
Brunton, Andrew Turnbull
Brunton, Anthony Martin
Brunton, Derrick Augustus
Brunton, Frederick Arthur
Brunton, George Charles
Brunton, John
Brunton, John Fraser
Brunton, Peter
Brunton, Peter Charles Lindsay
Brunton, Ronald Lewis
Brunton, Thomas Louitt
Brunton, William Edward
Brunyee, Tom
Brutey, Ronald Charles
Bruton-Simmonds, C R
Bruton, Cecil Gilbert
Bruton, Ernest Sidney
Bruty, Donald Sidney
Bruxner-randall, Julien Walter Lowndes
Bruyns, Paul Joseph Henry
Bryan-Brown, Arthur Guy
Bryan-Smith, Anthony
Bryan-Smith, Martin
Bryan, Albert George
Bryan, Arthur
Bryan, Cecil Charles
Bryan, Charles Edward Thomas
Bryan, Clifford Bagnell
Bryan, Douglas
Bryan, Eric
Bryan, Eugene Albert
Bryan, Gerald George
Bryan, Graham Herbert
Bryan, Guy Nelson
Bryan, Herman Constantine
Bryan, Isaac Roland
Bryan, James
Bryan, James Edmund
Bryan, James Harry
Bryan, Jeffrey
Bryan, John
Bryan, John Michael
Bryan, John William
Bryan, Kenneth Edward
Bryan, Lawrence Stanley
Bryan, Maurice
Bryan, Robert Harry
Bryan, Thomas
Bryan, Trevor
Bryan, Walter Joseph
Bryan, William Henry
Bryans, Robert John
Bryans, William Robert
Bryans, William Stewart
Bryant, Benjamin Lawrence
Bryant, Charles
Bryant, Charles Edward
Bryant, Charles Frank
Bryant, Clifford Henry
Bryant, Cyril Arthur
Bryant, Dennis Charles
Bryant, Derek Arthur
Bryant, Desmond
Bryant, Donald John
Bryant, Donald Wallace
Bryant, Edward Cecil
Bryant, Edward Maines
Bryant, Edward Oscar
Bryant, Eric William Capel
Bryant, Ernest William
Bryant, Francis Egerton
Bryant, Francis Thomas James
Bryant, Frederick
Bryant, Frederick George
Bryant, Frederick John
Bryant, Frederick Robert
Bryant, George Arthur
Bryant, George Percy Fitzgerald
Bryant, Gordon Henry
Bryant, Gordon Louis
Bryant, Grahame John Deveney
Bryant, Harold Cherberd
Bryant, Harry Douglas
Bryant, James
Bryant, James Alfred
Bryant, James Roy
Bryant, John Derrick
Bryant, Keith
Bryant, Kenneth Roy
Bryant, Llyn David
Bryant, Margaret Stuart
Bryant, Patrick
Bryant, Peter
Bryant, Peter Williams
Bryant, Ralph Joseph
Bryant, Richard William George
Bryant, Robert George Frederick
Bryant, Robert Maxwell
Bryant, Robert Murray
Bryant, Ronald Owen
Bryant, Sidney Frederick Ballam
Bryant, Sydney Herbert
Bryant, Tom
Bryant, Trevor John
Bryant, Walter Edward George
Bryant, Walter George
Bryant, William David
Bryant, William Harry
Bryant, William Henry
Bryant, William Thomas
Bryce-Jeffery, Henry Edmund
Bryce, Adam Veitch
Bryce, Alec
Bryce, Alexander Collingwood
Bryce, Alexander Frederick
Bryce, Andrew
Bryce, Henry William Mcburney
Bryce, James
Bryce, Joseph
Bryce, William
Brychcy, Werner
Bryde, Geoffrey Nigel James
Bryden, George St. Clair
Bryden, Herbert
Bryden, John Alexander
Bryden, John Martin Cullen
Bryden, Richard Arthur
Bryden, William Edward
Brydon, Edward Dale
Brydon, Francis Samuel
Brydon, James Stenhouse
Brydon, John Lovat
Brydon, Wilbert Alexander
Brydone, John R
Brydson, John Alexander
Bryer, Dennis George Albert
Bryer, Royston Sidney
Bryers, Robert Bruce
Brygider, Roman Marian
Brymer, Leonard William
Bryon, Frederick Harry
Bryson, Basil John Maitland
Bryson, Charles Kenneth Lesbirel
Bryson, David
Bryson, David Campbell
Bryson, Donald
Bryson, Frank Rayner
Bryson, George
Bryson, Hugh Douglas
Bryson, Hugh Ferguson
Bryson, Jack Gilbert
Bryson, James
Bryson, James Gilmour
Bryson, John Samuel
Bryson, Norman Albert
Bryson, Robert
Bryson, Robert Hardie
Bryson, Robert Robertson Paton
Bryson, Robert Strang
Bryson, William Armit
Bryson, William Sutherland
Brzazgacz, Aleksander B
Brzezina, Stanislaw
Brzezinski, Jan
Brzezinski, Jozef
Brzezinski, Waclaw
Brzostowski, Marian Zenon
Brzozowski, Tadeusz
Brzozowski, Wladyslaw Franciszek
Bubb, Frank Lonoy
Bubel, Richard
Bubke, Thomas Louis
Bucek, Karl
Buch, H J
Buch, I L
Buchan-Hepburn, Ronald Henry
Buchan, Alastair William
Buchan, Alexander
Buchan, D Mcd.
Buchan, David Adye
Buchan, Edward John
Buchan, Edward Peter
Buchan, Frank
Buchan, Frederick
Buchan, George Banks
Buchan, George Danskin Findlay
Buchan, Herbert
Buchan, John Sydney
Buchan, John Taylor
Buchan, Robert Murray
Buchan, Torrance
Buchan, Victor Noel
Buchan, Wilfred
Buchan, William
Buchan, William Alexander
Buchanan, Alexander Gibson
Buchanan, Alexander Keir
Buchanan, Alister Whyte
Buchanan, Angus
Buchanan, Archibald Douglas
Buchanan, Colin Hugh
Buchanan, David
Buchanan, David
Buchanan, David Graham
Buchanan, David Mitchell
Buchanan, Douglas Gardner
Buchanan, Douglass John Alexander
Buchanan, Frederick
Buchanan, George
Buchanan, George David Wills
Buchanan, George Harry
Buchanan, George Henderson Pepper
Buchanan, Ian Archibald
Buchanan, Jack
Buchanan, James
Buchanan, James Gilliam
Buchanan, James Richebourg
Buchanan, James Thomas
Buchanan, John Alexander
Buchanan, John Archibald
Buchanan, John Donald
Buchanan, John George
Buchanan, John George
Buchanan, John Gilbert Ross
Buchanan, John Kenneth
Buchanan, Kenneth
Buchanan, Lindsay Basil
Buchanan, Malcolm Stjernqvist
Buchanan, Margaret Lindsay
Buchanan, Neil Alexander
Buchanan, Norman Ross
Buchanan, Norman William
Buchanan, Robert Hugh Macfarquhar
Buchanan, Robert Munro
Buchanan, Robert Murray
Buchanan, Rodney Godfrey
Buchanan, Stanley
Buchanan, Stanley Lloyd George
Buchanan, Stuart
Buchanan, Thomas Alexander Stuart
Buchanan, Walter John Fergus
Buchanan, William George Elliott
Buchanan, William Joseph
Buchanan, William Lysle
Buchanan, William Stewart
Buchart, Andrew Joseph
Buchegger, Basil Paul
Buchholz, Charles John
Buchholz, Friedrich
Buchhorn, Maxwell Henry
Buchin, Maurice Simon Henri Charles
Buchkowski, Taras Stefan
Buchner, Charles Wesley
Buchner, Friedrich
Buchwald, Niels Juul Rysen Steen
Buchwalter, Frederick David
Bucirde, Reginald John
Buck, Alex Allan
Buck, Anthony Frederick
Buck, Arthur William
Buck, Douglas William
Buck, Edward Samuel
Buck, Francis Pierce
Buck, Francis Tate
Buck, Frederick Sinclair
Buck, Frederick Walter
Buck, George Field
Buck, Harold George
Buck, Herbert Arnold
Buck, Herbert Roy
Buck, James Alan
Buck, John
Buck, John Anthony
Buck, Kenneth Howard
Buck, Leonard Edward Gordon
Buck, Leslie Albert
Buck, Percy Lloyd
Buck, Peter Leighton
Buck, Robert Alfred
Buck, Robert Moscrop
Buckbarrow, Michael Frederick Collier
Buckberrough, Robert Clarke (Bob)
Buckby, Ernest Middleton
Buckby, John Alan
Buckby, Noel
Buckby, Peter
Buckel, William
Buckerfield, John Henry Harold
Buckeridge, Clement Ralph
Buckeridge, Norman Frank Dennis
Buckham, John Alexander
Buckham, John Andrew
Buckham, Robert Andrew
Buckie, Douglas Stuart
Buckingham, Alfred Thomas
Buckingham, Arthur Victor Mcdonald
Buckingham, Donald William Arthur
Buckingham, Edward Graham
Buckingham, Eldon William
Buckingham, Eric Montague
Buckingham, Francis Thomas
Buckingham, George Ellis
Buckingham, Henry Francis
Buckingham, John Alexander
Buckingham, Kenneth
Buckingham, Robert John
Buckland, Alfred Neil
Buckland, Arthur Keith
Buckland, Charles Ernest
Buckland, Edward Cyril
Buckland, Eric Joseph
Buckland, Ernest
Buckland, Francis John
Buckland, Frank Edwin
Buckland, Frank William
Buckland, Frederick William
Buckland, George
Buckland, Gordon
Buckland, Graham George
Buckland, James
Buckland, James Crompton
Buckland, John Alexander
Buckland, John William James
Buckland, Peter George
Buckland, Ronald George
Buckland, Ronald Walter
Buckland, Ronald William
Buckland, William Henry
Buckle, Arthur
Buckle, Charles Joseph
Buckle, Cuthbert Jermy Stuart
Buckle, Douglas John
Buckle, Dudley Gordon George
Buckle, Francis Arthur
Buckle, John Morton
Buckle, Kenneth Ronald
Buckle, Michael John
Buckle, Ronald Oswald
Buckle, Roy William John
Buckle, Terence Arthur
Buckler, Henry Charles Joseph
Buckley, Alexander
Buckley, Allan Edward
Buckley, Arthur
Buckley, Bayne
Buckley, Clifford
Buckley, Cornelius Curran
Buckley, David Greville Litt
Buckley, Derek Neil
Buckley, Edgar William
Buckley, Edward
Buckley, Edward
Buckley, Francis Charles
Buckley, Frank
Buckley, Fred
Buckley, George Edwards
Buckley, George Herbert Eversley
Buckley, Henry
Buckley, Herbert Samuel
Buckley, Howell James
Buckley, Hubert Donald
Buckley, Jack
Buckley, James Mathew
Buckley, John
Buckley, John Arthur
Buckley, John Bowyer
Buckley, John Cyril
Buckley, John Peter Burton
Buckley, John Thomas
Buckley, John William
Buckley, Kenneth Allan
Buckley, Maurice William
Buckley, Millard Fillmore
Buckley, Morton Haist
Buckley, Percy William
Buckley, Philip Hyde
Buckley, Robert Andrew
Buckley, Ronald John
Buckley, Ronald Leach
Buckley, Ross Cameron
Buckley, Samuel
Buckley, Sydney Smith
Buckley, Thomas
Buckley, Thomas Roland
Buckley, Thomas Wadeson
Buckley, Wallace Edward
Buckley, William
Buckman, Derek William Ellerton
Buckman, Gerald Ivor
Buckman, Henry Ernest
Buckman, John Arthur
Buckman, Patrick John
Buckman, Ronald Arthur
Buckman, Ronald Frank William
Buckmaster, John
Buckmaster, Ronald Joseph
Bucknall, Geoffrey James
Bucknell, Brian Wentworth
Bucknell, Geoffrey Charles
Bucknell, Horace
Bucknell, Phillip Crocker
Bucknell, Ronald
Buckner, Bennie Edward
Buckner, Ronald George Edwin
Bucknole, John Stanley
Buckolz, Rollie Ernest
Bucks, John
Bucksch, Rudolf
Bucksey, Valentine Richard
Buckstone, John Walter
Buckthorpe, Leonard Alfred
Buckton, Albert
Buckton, Eric John
Buckton, Eric William Vincent
Buckton, John
Buckton, Leslie Albert George
Buckton, William
Buckwell, Walter Herbert Secretan
Buczynski, Stanislaw
Buda, Franciszek Jan
Budd, A. G. Macr.
Budd, Colin Anthony
Budd, Edward John
Budd, Eric Daniel
Budd, Hamilton Roland Dacre
Budd, Henry Ellwood
Budd, Herbert George
Budd, Jack Albert
Budd, John Comyns
Budd, Peter Antony
Budd, Peter Roy
Budd, Phil Clive
Budd, Robert William Harry
Budd, William Charles
Budd, William Charles
Budd, William Hayward
Budd, Wrinch Joseph Charles
Budden, Aubrey Ernest Walter
Budden, David Hastings
Budden, Frederick Alfred
Budden, Philip Henry James
Budden, Trevor
Budge, Herbert Eric Victor
Budge, William Finlay
Budgell, Edward Rosslyn
Budgell, Owen Archibald
Budgen, Cyril Frederick
Budgett, Robert Allan
Budig, Fritz
Budrat, Rudolf
Budreau, Jack Gale
Budzalek, Czeslaw
Buechler, Maurice Emanuel
Buell, Chester Merrill
Buers, Geoffrey Frank
Buescher, Georg
Buettel, Keith Edward
Buettner, Gerhard
Buettner, Johann
Buffery, William Henry
Buffey, Reginald
Buffham, Roy
Bufton, John Raymond
Bugden, Arthur Wilbert Chesley
Bugden, Eric Theodore
Bugg, Albert Samuel Thomas
Bugg, Bernard Stanley George
Bugg, Leslie William
Bugg, Theordore Alexander
Bugg, William Leonard
Bugge, Ronald
Buglass, Eric Alexander
Buglass, Gilbert Clark
Bugram, Gerd
Buhler, Ivan Frederick
Buhr, Otto
Buhts, Herbert Alfred
Buick, Jessie Adam
Buick, John Albert
Buie, Robert Montgomery
Buirski, A L
Buiskool, Henry Francis
Buist, Clement Neville
Buist, Denis Frederick
Buist, Gerald Leonard
Buist, Robert Mcnaughton
Bujac, Bernard Gordon David
Bukowiecki, Grzegorz Jerzy
Bulanda, Joseph Peter
Bulcock, Eric
Bulcock, Francis Edward
Bulcraig, John Alec
Bule, Edward Owen
Bule, Edward Owen
Buley, George Rowley Merriman
Bulger, Alan Patrick
Bulger, John Percy
Bulgin, Anthony Frederick
Bulis, Frantisek
Bull, Albert Edward
Bull, Alec John George
Bull, Arthur David
Bull, Arthur Dennis
Bull, Arthur Reginald
Bull, Cecil Halford
Bull, Charles Gordon
Bull, Charles Henry
Bull, Clifford Frank
Bull, Dennis James
Bull, Donald Harry
Bull, Douglas Maxwell
Bull, Douglas Walter Westlake
Bull, Edward George
Bull, Ernest
Bull, Ernest James
Bull, Francis Charles William
Bull, Francis William
Bull, Frederick Cecil
Bull, Frederick Cradock
Bull, George William
Bull, Glyn
Bull, Harry William James
Bull, Henry Ellis
Bull, James Henry
Bull, John
Bull, John Bartlett
Bull, Joseph Bagnall
Bull, Kenneth Frederick
Bull, Lawrence Joseph
Bull, Leon Emile
Bull, Leonard James
Bull, Leslie George
Bull, Leslie Laurence
Bull, Leslie Reginald
Bull, Maurice Henry
Bull, Michael Inman
Bull, Nugent Joseph
Bull, Peter Edward Tucker
Bull, Peter Ernest
Bull, Peter James
Bull, Roland
Bull, Roland Montgomery
Bull, Ronald
Bull, Ronald Bernard
Bull, Ronald Eric
Bull, Sir Stephen John
Bull, Thomas William
Bull, Walter Charles
Bull, Walter Henry
Bull, Wilfred John Francis
Bull, William
Bull, William Charles
Bull, William George
Bull, William Sharman
Bullamore, Stanley
Bullard-Davies, Royston Henry
Bullard, Francis
Bullard, William Frederick
Bullen, Albert Reginald
Bullen, Donald Victor
Bullen, Edwin Gordon Kingsley
Bullen, Francis Walkden
Bullen, Frederick Sidney Herbert
Bullen, Harry Bircham
Bullen, James Jeffrey
Bullen, Noel Joseph
Bullen, Raymond Maurice
Bullen, Richard John
Bullen, Royston William
Bullen, William
Buller, Alexander John Stuart
Bulley, Richard Lawrence
Bulley, Richard Lawrence
Bullimore, Kenneth
Bullimore, Philip
Bullion, George Roy
Bullis, Edmund Holmes
Bullivant, Albert Edward
Bullivant, Christopher James
Bullivant, Ian Arthur
Bullivant, Walter Roy
Bullman, Bertie Allan
Bullman, John Edward
Bullmore, Herbert James
Bulloch, Alexander
Bulloch, Anthony Alexander Talbot
Bulloch, Earl Kitchener
Bulloch, Hugh Larmor Mclearn
Bulloch, John
Bullock, Albert
Bullock, Arthur Robert
Bullock, Clement
Bullock, Derek Vaughan
Bullock, Donald
Bullock, Donald
Bullock, Douglas Albert
Bullock, Douglas James
Bullock, Frank
Bullock, Frederick
Bullock, Frederick Roger
Bullock, Gordon Alan
Bullock, Henry John
Bullock, Jack
Bullock, James
Bullock, James Rudolph
Bullock, Marquis Roland
Bullock, Philip Harold
Bullock, Reginald Clifford A.
Bullock, Thomas Carolus
Bullock, Tom Edward
Bullock, Veral Clarence
Bullock, Walter Albert
Bullock, William
Bullocke, Raymond Theodor Moorcroft
Bullot, Frank Reidhaar
Bulman, Eric Anthony
Bulman, Frederick Lloyd
Bulman, Gordon Thomas
Bulman, Harry
Bulman, Raymond Paul
Bulman, William
Bulmer, Alan
Bulmer, Albert Derek
Bulmer, Arnold Hall
Bulmer, Bernard Victor Hiram
Bulmer, Edward Charles
Bulmer, Leslie Francis
Bulpitt, Arthur Norman
Buls, Bruce Lyndon
Bulsara, Kerssie Nowshirwan
Bult, Sidney Reginald
Bumfrey, Desmond
Bumpstead, Alan
Bumpstead, John
Bumstead, Charles Harold
Bumstead, George William
Bunbury, John Shirley
Bunce, Edward Lewis
Bunce, Ernest Alfred
Bunce, Gordon
Bunce, H H
Bunce, Jack
Bunce, Ronald Seward
Buncher, James Arthur
Bunclark, Frank Charles
Bunclark, Peter
Bundara, Collin Royal
Bundara, Noel Lewis John
Bundey, Gordon Frederick
Bundle, James Thomas
Bundock, Alfred Richard
Bundock, Frank Vyvyan
Bundock, Leonard Ernest Eric
Bundy, Arthur William Samuel
Bundy, Francis William
Bundy, Lincoln Delmar
Bundy, Robert Oswald
Bung, Archibald Leslie
Bungay, William
Bunge, Marius
Bungey, Robert Wilton
Bunhill, Henry Arthur
Buning, Johannes Jacobus
Bunkenburg, Ernst
Bunker, Alfred Alan
Bunker, Anthony St. John
Bunker, John Dennis Gordon
Bunker, Lancelot Gordon Bew
Bunker, Richard Henry
Bunker, Ronald Ralph
Bunn, Albert William
Bunn, Anthony Hylton
Bunn, Cecil James
Bunn, Cyril Leonard
Bunn, Donald Victor
Bunn, Edward Bernard
Bunn, Ivor George
Bunn, James Ewart
Bunn, John Gillam
Bunn, Kenneth James
Bunn, Maurice Alec
Bunn, Myrl Ellwood
Bunn, Sidney John
Bunn, Stanley Victor
Bunn, William George
Bunnagar, Maurice
Bunnett, George
Bunney, Kenneth Ralph
Bunning, Bruce Alan
Bunning, Geoffrey Charles
Bunt, Edward Trezise
Bunt, Eugene
Bunt, James Edward
Buntain, William Robert
Buntin, James
Buntine, Robert Athol
Bunting, Audrey Mabel
Bunting, Barnard Angus
Bunting, Dennis Ernest Victor
Bunting, Edward Arthur
Bunting, Edward Carrington
Bunting, Edward Nigel
Bunting, George Leslie
Bunting, James Arthur
Bunting, James Frederick
Bunting, James Joseph
Bunting, John (Jack)
Bunting, Malcolm
Bunting, Margaret Irene
Bunting, Sydney Harold
Bunting, William Frederick
Bunting, William James
Bunton, Hector Macdonald
Bunyan, John Walter Robert Andre
Bunyan, William
Bunyar, Herbert
Bunzl, Antonin
Burak, Antoni
Burbeck, Kenneth Rees
Burbidge, George Frederick
Burbidge, Hugh Edward
Burbidge, Kenneth Alfred
Burbidge, Reginald Charles
Burbidge, Ronald Vincent
Burbidge, William Laurence
Burbridge, Albert George
Burbridge, Eric James
Burbridge, Frank Peter
Burbulla, Wilhelm Paul
Burch, Bertram Sidney
Burch, Cyril Robertson
Burch, Geoffrey Harry
Burch, George John
Burch, Ian Mcgregor
Burch, Roy Victor
Burcham, Alfred John
Burchard, Kenneth
Burchardt, Cyril George
Burchell, Donald Fred
Burchell, Geoffrey Maurice
Burchell, Orval Henry
Burchell, Peter
Burchell, Robert Lloyd
Burcher, George Peter
Burcher, John Edward
Burcher, Leslie James
Burcher, Reginald Maxwell
Burcher, William Edward
Burchett, Arthur Robert
Burchett, Mervyn Keith
Burchfield, Lowell Luther
Burckett, Gideon Leslie
Burd, James Bolland
Burd, Wilson Draper
Burdall, James William
Burden, Daniel
Burden, Dennis
Burden, Dudley Albert
Burden, George Franklin
Burden, Harry Thomas
Burden, Joseph William Samuel
Burden, Leo Ewart
Burden, Leslie Herbert
Burden, Robert John
Burden, Robert Thomas
Burden, Ronald Arthur James
Burdett, Arthur Patrick
Burdett, Donald William
Burdett, Frank William
Burdett, Geoffrey George
Burdett, Henry Frederick James
Burdett, John Charles
Burdett, Norman William Ellison
Burdis, Wallace Victor John
Burdis, William
Burdon-Murphy, Brian Joseph
Burdon, Edith May
Burdon, James Macgillivray
Burdon, John
Burdon, Stanley
Burdon, V R
Burdus, Reginald Stanley
Bures, Oldrich
Bures, Oldrich
Bures, Paul
Burfield, Charles Mervyn
Burfield, Harold William
Burfield, John Ray Richard
Burfoot, Wilfred Arthur
Burford, Lawrie Mayman
Burford, Sydney Ronald
Burford, Unich Edward Thomas
Burgan, Geoffrey Shuttleworth
Burge, Dennis John
Burge, Joseph Frank
Burge, Marguerite Beatrice
Burge, Mark John Ford
Burge, Ronald William
Burge, Stanley Percy
Burge, Walter Francis
Burger, Franz
Burger, P A
Burger, P C R
Burger, Thomas
Burges, Norman George Albert
Burges, Robert
Burgess, Alan
Burgess, Alan Stewart
Burgess, Albert Edward
Burgess, Alec Arthur
Burgess, Alexander Addison
Burgess, Alexander Rennie
Burgess, Alfred Brian
Burgess, Alfred Charles
Burgess, Allison Burnett
Burgess, Anthony Richard
Burgess, Arnold George
Burgess, Arthur
Burgess, Arthur
Burgess, Arthur Bolwell
Burgess, Arthur Christopher
Burgess, Aubrey Edward
Burgess, Charles Sidney
Burgess, Clifford Henry
Burgess, Clifford Leonard
Burgess, Colin Ward
Burgess, Cornelius
Burgess, Desmond Riversdale Anthony
Burgess, Douglas Mcintosh
Burgess, Ebenezer
Burgess, Edgar Heaton
Burgess, Ernest
Burgess, Ernest Charles
Burgess, Francis George
Burgess, Frank Tranter
Burgess, Fred
Burgess, Fred Andrew
Burgess, Frederic Ralph Percival
Burgess, George Frederick
Burgess, George Henry Frederick
Burgess, George Leonard
Burgess, George Richard
Burgess, Hector George
Burgess, Herbert Thomas
Burgess, Hugh Thomas Blakeley
Burgess, Humphrey George
Burgess, Ivor Charles
Burgess, James Edward
Burgess, James Henry
Burgess, James Michael
Burgess, James Russell
Burgess, John
Burgess, John
Burgess, John Ellis Morton
Burgess, John Frederick
Burgess, John Raymond
Burgess, John Royston Mcdonell
Burgess, Joseph Emil Leo
Burgess, Joseph Thomas
Burgess, Lawrence Edmund
Burgess, Leonard Gordon
Burgess, Leslie
Burgess, Malcolm Robert
Burgess, Neil Conway
Burgess, Neville Edward
Burgess, Noel Vincent
Burgess, Norman Frank
Burgess, Philip Sidney
Burgess, Raymond Charles
Burgess, Raymond Richard
Burgess, Reginald Charles
Burgess, Reginald Royle
Burgess, Richard Arthur
Burgess, Robert Rattray
Burgess, Robin Harold Croucher
Burgess, Ronald Frank
Burgess, Rowland
Burgess, Roy
Burgess, Roy Eric
Burgess, Roydon Walfred
Burgess, Samuel
Burgess, Thomas James
Burgess, Thomas Mountford Adie
Burgess, Thomas Oakley
Burgess, Walter Arthur
Burgess, William Charles
Burgher, Reginald Silvester
Burgin, Harry
Burgin, Henry Baden Powell
Burgis, Arthur Edwin
Burgoine, Michael Charles
Burgon, James
Burgon, James Cuthbert
Burgon, Peter Gordon
Burgon, William Walker
Burgoyne, Eric
Burgoyne, Henry
Burgum, Robert Edward
Burgum, William Arnold
Burgwal, Rudolph Frans
Burini, Kenneth Alan
Burk, Leslie Alexander
Burkart, Heinz
Burke, Arnold Bradley
Burke, Bernard William
Burke, Bruce Clifford
Burke, Cuthbert Worcester Graham
Burke, David Warnock
Burke, Dennis
Burke, Douglas Leopold
Burke, Edgar Lawrence
Burke, Ernest Patrick
Burke, Francis James
Burke, Franklyn Roy
Burke, George Henry
Burke, Gordon Cragg
Burke, Harry Squire
Burke, Harry St. George
Burke, Hugh
Burke, Ian Campbell
Burke, James
Burke, James Edward Stanley
Burke, James Joseph
Burke, James Orr
Burke, John
Burke, John
Burke, John
Burke, John Edward
Burke, John Joseph
Burke, John Parnell
Burke, John Richard Powell
Burke, John William
Burke, Joseph Gerard
Burke, Joseph Paul Ernest
Burke, Joseph Y.
Burke, Laurie Francis
Burke, Leonard Joseph
Burke, Lloyd George
Burke, Mervyn Kevin
Burke, Peter
Burke, Raymond Geoffrey
Burke, Reginald Joseph
Burke, Richard George
Burke, Robert Edward John
Burke, Robert Ernest
Burke, Robert Weaver
Burke, Robert William
Burke, Ronald Ernest (Ron)
Burke, Roy Norman Victor
Burke, Thomas Herbert
Burke, Wesley Ray
Burke, Wilfred Ivanhoe Harris
Burke, William
Burke, William
Burkes, Leslie Charles
Burkett, George Hector
Burkhard, Howard John
Burkholder, Gordon Wesley
Burkiewicz, Henryk Marian
Burkill, Clifford
Burkill, Ronald Frederick
Burkinshaw, Derek
Burkitt, Albert Edward
Burkitt, Harry
Burkitt, Ivor James
Burkitt, John Alan
Burkitt, William Frederick
Burkle, Gordon James
Burks, Lionel Lodowick
Burkwood, Robert William
Burl, Alan Ponsonby
Burland, Clifford John
Burlefinger, Francis Cecil Rudolph
Burleigh, Frank Kenneth
Burleigh, Herbert Keith
Burleigh, Robert James
Burleigh, Terence John
Burley, Albert Royston
Burley, Aubrey Jesse
Burley, Herbert Thomas Campbell
Burley, James Percival Dennis
Burley, John Edward
Burley, Lloyd Ernest
Burley, Peter Richard Kenneth
Burley, Philip Kenneth
Burley, Roland Henry
Burley, Stanley Hudson
Burley, Stewart Dennis
Burley, William Charles
Burling, Albert James
Burling, Charles George
Burlingam, David Garrett
Burlinson, Robert Melville
Burlison, James Richard
Burman, Dennis Cecil
Burman, Harold Alfred
Burman, Leslie
Burman, Richard Thomas
Burman, Robert Alfred
Burman, Thomas Howard
Burman, William Richard
Burmeister, August
Burmester, E St. L
Burn, Arthur Henry
Burn, Arthur Robert
Burn, Denis Riddel
Burn, Dennis Gilbert
Burn, Leonard Henry
Burn, Robert Horace
Burn, Thomas Frederick
Burnaby, Michael Adrian
Burnam-Richards, Sydney George
Burnard, James Fry Leslie
Burnard, Melvin Ellwood
Burne, Alexander Charles
Burne, Colin
Burne, Peter Harold
Burnell-phillips, Peter Anthony
Burnell, Aubrey William Alexander
Burnell, Benjamin
Burnell, Brian Dudley
Burnell, Charles John
Burnell, Douglas Arthur
Burnell, Douglas Claude Robert
Burnell, Ernest William George
Burnell, Harold Hamlyn
Burnell, John Ralph
Burnell, Noel George
Burnell, Sidney
Burnell, William
Burnep, Harold
Burnet, Adam Wilson
Burnet, Jack Bruce
Burnett, Alfred G.T.
Burnett, Basil Nora N.
Burnett, Cecil Royston Forster
Burnett, David Mark Tyndall
Burnett, Edward
Burnett, Eric George
Burnett, Eric William
Burnett, Ernest John
Burnett, Henry Brown
Burnett, Joan
Burnett, John Chalmers
Burnett, John James
Burnett, Kenneth John
Burnett, Laurence
Burnett, Leslie Gordon Emanuel
Burnett, Niall Hope
Burnett, Norman Whitmore
Burnett, Ralph
Burnett, Reginald
Burnett, Robert Alfred Charles
Burnett, Robert Gordon
Burnett, Ronald Arthur Courtenay
Burnett, Sir Charles Stuart
Burnett, Thomas Alfred
Burnett, Vernon Francis
Burnett, Walter Henry
Burnett, Walter Hensley
Burnett, Walter Mcgregor Halliday
Burnett, William Alexander
Burnett, William Thomas David
Burney, Henry Frederick
Burney, Henry George
Burnham, Arthur
Burnham, Basile Ronald Martin
Burnham, Hubert John
Burnham, James Stanley
Burnham, John
Burnham, Phyllis Anne
Burnham, Walter Harvey
Burnham, Wilfred Henry
Burnie, Andrew
Burnie, Glenn David Welsh
Burnley, Bernard
Burnley, John Douglas
Burns, Aaron
Burns, Alan
Burns, Albert
Burns, Alexander
Burns, Alfred John
Burns, Andrew
Burns, Angus John
Burns, Bobbie De Savary
Burns, Charles Withers Mcleod
Burns, Daniel James
Burns, Denis Patrick
Burns, Edward Robert
Burns, Eric
Burns, Francis William
Burns, George Brodie
Burns, George Francis
Burns, George Jeffrey
Burns, Gerald Charles
Burns, Gerald Joseph
Burns, Huia Nelson
Burns, Ian Crawford
Burns, James
Burns, James Conway
Burns, James Gerald
Burns, James Williamson
Burns, John
Burns, John
Burns, John
Burns, John Francis
Burns, John Joseph
Burns, John Joseph Wilfred
Burns, John William
Burns, Kenneth James
Burns, Kevan John
Burns, Lloyd Reginald Alexander
Burns, Malcolm Carrol
Burns, Melvin John (Mel)
Burns, Mervyn Albert Thomas
Burns, Murray Mckenzie
Burns, Norman John
Burns, Philip Maxwell
Burns, Raymond Edmund Thomas
Burns, Robert
Burns, Robert
Burns, Robert
Burns, Robert
Burns, Robert Dennis
Burns, Robert James
Burns, Robert John
Burns, Robert John Ernest
Burns, Robert William
Burns, Stanley
Burns, Stephen
Burns, Walter Arthur
Burns, Walter Eric
Burns, Walter William
Burns, William
Burns, William
Burns, William
Burns, William Henry
Burns, William Robinson
Burns, William Stalker
Burns, William Stead
Burns, William Stirling
Burnside, David
Burnside, David George Davidson
Burnside, Girvan
Burnside, Harold
Burnside, Henry Charles
Burnside, John
Burnside, John Kean
Burnside, John Lawrence
Burnside, John Stanley
Burnside, Lloyd Weldon
Burnside, Samuel
Burnside, Walter
Burpee, Lewis Johnstone
Burr, Arthur Henry
Burr, Douglas Harold
Burr, Harold
Burr, Jeffery James Kellaway
Burr, Norman Albert
Burr, Percy William
Burr, Robert Henry
Burr, Ronald Henry
Burr, Sidney
Burr, Terence Michael Vaughan
Burr, William Cecil
Burrage, Cyril Lawrence
Burrage, John Allan
Burrage, Kenneth
Burrage, Raymond Gilbert
Burrage, Roy Inglis
Burran, Colin Anthony Campbell
Burras, Charles Eric
Burraston, Jack Clarence
Burrell, Arthur Charles
Burrell, Dennis Samuel Martin
Burrell, Derek Thomas
Burrell, Edmund Robert John
Burrell, Edward Frederick
Burrell, Frank
Burrell, George Alexander
Burrell, George Jonathan
Burrell, John Dominic
Burrell, Peter Arthur Merrick
Burrell, Phillip Gordon
Burrell, Reginald Arthur
Burrell, Robert
Burrell, Roy
Burrell, William Ezra
Burrett, Hugh Faringdon
Burrett, James Robert
Burridge, Colin Frederick Peter
Burridge, H J
Burridge, Harry Lewis
Burridge, Robert
Burrill, Frank
Burrill, Henry Alfred
Burrill, Roger Johnstone
Burrington, Trevor John
Burriss, Dora
Burrluck, Alfred Owen
Burrough, John Hardy
Burrough, Thomas Noel Challoner
Burroughs, Francis Augustine
Burroughs, Frederick Alfred
Burroughs, Harry
Burroughs, Jeffrey
Burroughs, John George
Burroughs, Keith Douglas
Burroughs, Norman Arthur
Burroughs, Phillip Fothergill
Burrow, Archibald Raymond
Burrow, John
Burrow, Joseph Howard
Burrow, Lionel Frederick Walter
Burrow, Peter Stanley
Burrow, Sydney Harold
Burrowes, Bertram Errol
Burrowes, Mavis Myrtle
Burrowes, Thomas
Burrowes, Thomas Bernard
Burrows, Albert
Burrows, Albert Edward
Burrows, Alfred John
Burrows, Alfred John Arthur
Burrows, Bernard Arthur
Burrows, Charles Thomas
Burrows, Donald Eugene
Burrows, Donald Terence
Burrows, Edith May
Burrows, Edward Stanley
Burrows, Edwin William
Burrows, Felix Milton
Burrows, Francis Arthur James
Burrows, Frank Reginald
Burrows, Frederick Arthur
Burrows, Harry
Burrows, Harry
Burrows, John Benjamin
Burrows, John Stanley
Burrows, John William
Burrows, John Woollatt
Burrows, Kenneth Reginald
Burrows, L. Arthur Vyvyan
Burrows, L. Arthur Vyvyan
Burrows, Leonard Robert
Burrows, Leslie Bertram
Burrows, Martin Allan
Burrows, Noel
Burrows, Noel Alfred
Burrows, Norman Frederick
Burrows, Norman Rupert
Burrows, Peter Ian
Burrows, Raymond Benjamin
Burrows, Robert Brandwood
Burrows, Robert Edward
Burrows, Ronald George Stanley
Burrows, Stanley Herbert
Burrows, Wilfrid Gordon
Burrows, William Brandwood
Burrows, William Charles
Burrows, William John
Burry, Charles Frederick Morris
Burry, Frederick Charles
Burry, Lloyd George
Burse, Russell Ervine
Bursill, John Alan
Burson, Aaron
Burson, Basil Harold
Burston, Frank Lorne
Burston, Glen Richard
Burston, Henry Arthur
Burston, Herbert
Burston, Maynard Hargrave
Burston, Philip Henry
Burt-Gerrans, Harold Francis
Burt, Alan Gladstone
Burt, Andrew Sweeting
Burt, Brian William
Burt, Charles Frederick
Burt, Charles Sydney
Burt, Christopher Frederick
Burt, Christopher James
Burt, Colin William
Burt, Edward Callen
Burt, Edward George
Burt, Eric
Burt, Eric Cyril
Burt, Harry Leister
Burt, Henry Andrew
Burt, Horace William
Burt, J
Burt, Kenyon Oswald
Burt, Leonard John
Burt, Newman Blackburn
Burt, Peter
Burt, Philip Richmond
Burt, Raymond Charles
Burt, Reginald Ernest
Burt, Rex Theodore
Burt, Richard Percy
Burt, Robert Erskine
Burt, Robert George Alfred
Burt, Ronald Douglas
Burt, Vernon Clifford
Burt, Victor Edward George
Burt, Walter
Burt, William
Burt, William
Burt, William Henry
Burtenshaw, Allan Anthony
Burtenshaw, Dennis Frederick
Burtenshaw, Henry John Harry
Burtis, Marvin Edson
Burton-Burgess, Frederick Edward
Burton-chadwick, Noel Kenneth
Burton-Fanning, Ralph
Burton-Gyles, Peter Robert
Burton, Albert Cyril
Burton, Albert William
Burton, Allen Henley
Burton, Archibald Charles George
Burton, Arnold
Burton, Arthur
Burton, Arthur Blackburn
Burton, Barry Charles
Burton, Bruce Goulden
Burton, Brydon Albert
Burton, Charles
Burton, Clarence Sydney
Burton, Cyril
Burton, Cyril Kitchener
Burton, Dennis Henry Francis
Burton, Derrick Charles North
Burton, Derrick Percy
Burton, Douglas
Burton, Douglas Herbert
Burton, Earl Allen
Burton, Edward
Burton, Edward George
Burton, Edward George
Burton, Edward Nichols
Burton, Edwin Erle
Burton, Edwin Herbert
Burton, Francis John
Burton, Francis Leslie
Burton, Frank
Burton, Frank Earl
Burton, Frank Mason
Burton, Frederick
Burton, Frederick Ronald
Burton, Frederick William
Burton, George Charles
Burton, George Harold
Burton, Graeme Ernest Charles
Burton, Harold Edwin
Burton, Harold James
Burton, Harold William
Burton, Harry
Burton, Harry
Burton, Hazel
Burton, Herbert Eric
Burton, Herbert Frank
Burton, Howard Frizelle
Burton, Howard Houston
Burton, James
Burton, James Richard
Burton, James Roberts
Burton, James Tasman
Burton, Joan
Burton, John
Burton, John Bernard
Burton, John Francis
Burton, John Frederick
Burton, John George
Burton, John Henry
Burton, John Raymond
Burton, John Raymond
Burton, Joseph William
Burton, Joy
Burton, Kenneth Reginald
Burton, Leonard William
Burton, Leslie Gilbert
Burton, Mark Charles
Burton, Noel Huckman
Burton, Norman Lee
Burton, Owen Albert
Burton, Percival Ross Frances
Burton, Peter Marsh
Burton, Philip Alfred
Burton, Ralph Charles
Burton, Reginald James
Burton, Robert
Burton, Robert Edward Halliburton
Burton, Robert Elwood
Burton, Robert William
Burton, Roger William
Burton, Ronald
Burton, Ronald Garnet
Burton, Ronald George
Burton, Ronald Louvain
Burton, Rowland
Burton, Royce Reginald
Burton, Stanley
Burton, Stanley George
Burton, Thomas Gray
Burton, Wallace Bruce
Burton, Wallace Patrick
Burton, Walter Matthew
Burton, William Harvey
Burton, William Thomas
Burton, William Westbrooke
Burtt, Henry John
Burtt, Marcus Heppell
Burtt, Robert Petchell
Burtwell, Sydney
Burville, Harold William
Burwell, Adrian James
Burwood, Geoffrey Hubert Stephen
Burwood, Glyndwr
Bury-Burzymski, Jan
Bury, Charles Patrick Anthony
Bury, Clifford
Bury, David Stuart Harold
Bury, Ernest Martin
Bury, Glyn Norman
Bury, Michael
Bury, Ronald Stancliffe
Bury, Stanley William
Burzynski, Jan Wilhelm
Burzynski, Kazimierz
Busbridge, Alan Henry
Busbridge, George Norcott
Busby, Arthur Edward
Busby, Denis George
Busby, Desmond Clive Camden
Busby, Frank Rumsey
Busby, Harold Edward
Busby, John Harold
Busby, Peter
Busby, Stanley
Busby, William Gordon
Busch, Albert Clifford
Busch, Heinrich
Busch, Herbert
Buschbeck, Hans
Buscombe, Edwin George
Buse, Geoffrey Burridge
Bush, Arthur
Bush, Barrister John
Bush, Charles Edward
Bush, Charles Eric
Bush, Charles William
Bush, Colin Graham
Bush, Cyril
Bush, Derrick John Mckenzie
Bush, Douglas Gordon
Bush, Eddie Frederick
Bush, Edward John
Bush, Francis Joseph
Bush, Frank Henry Stuart
Bush, Fred
Bush, George Justin
Bush, Graham Francis
Bush, John Eric
Bush, John Francis
Bush, Kenneth John
Bush, Kenneth Stanley
Bush, Laurence Wortley
Bush, Leonard James Stafford
Bush, Richard Edward
Bush, Robert
Bush, William Alfred
Bush, William Andrew
Bush, William Charles
Bush, William Henry
Bush, William Richard
Bushby, Joan Mary
Bushby, John
Bushby, Joseph Bryan
Bushell, Alfred John
Bushell, Brian Frederick
Bushell, Christopher
Bushell, David John
Bushell, Edwin James
Bushell, Frank Walter
Bushell, George
Bushell, Gordon Downs
Bushell, Gregory James
Bushell, Henry Bernard
Bushell, Herbert Randall
Bushell, Jack Reginald
Bushell, John Merrett
Bushell, Keith Stephen
Bushell, Kenneth
Bushell, Peter Douglas
Bushell, Philip Edward
Bushell, Roger Joyce
Bushell, Ronald Ernest Herbert
Bushell, Sidney Samuel
Bushell, Sydney Charles
Bushell, William James
Bushfield, Frank Campbell
Bushford, Charles Edward
Bushill, Arthur Sidney
Bushnell, George Aubrey
Bushnell, Patrick WilliaMilitary Medalichael
Busk, Jack
Busse, Bernhard
Bussell, Arthur Allen
Bussell, Henry Chaytor
Bussell, Kent Bligh
Bussell, Raymond Harold
Bussell, William Thomas
Bussenschutt, Douglas Linden
Bussey, Reginald Thomas
Bussey, Richard Selwyn
Bussey, Sidney Arthur
Bussio, John
Bussy, Geoffrey Moir
Bustard, John
Bustin, John William Arthur
Busuttil, John William
Buswell, Hubert Davenport
Buswell, Leonard
Buszko, Eugeniusz
Butchart, Alexander
Butchart, Bruce Ferguson
Butchart, Gordon Van Allen
Butchart, John M.
Butcher, Alan Kenneth
Butcher, Alfred Frank
Butcher, Arthur Gordon
Butcher, Arthur Sydney
Butcher, Arthur William
Butcher, Charles Merton
Butcher, Charles Sydney
Butcher, Cyril George Raymond
Butcher, David Cowan
Butcher, David Henry
Butcher, Ernest Edmund
Butcher, Francis John
Butcher, Frederick Lloyd
Butcher, Geoffrey Robert
Butcher, George Frederick
Butcher, Harold James
Butcher, Horace
Butcher, Jack Ernest
Butcher, Jack Richard
Butcher, John Ambrose
Butcher, John Kenneth
Butcher, John Owen
Butcher, John William
Butcher, Joseph Goodwin
Butcher, Kenneth Charles
Butcher, Kenneth Hardy
Butcher, Kenneth Henry
Butcher, Kenneth Richard
Butcher, Leonard Arthur
Butcher, Leslie Charles
Butcher, Leslie Frederick
Butcher, Norman
Butcher, Norman Arthur
Butcher, Peter John
Butcher, Philip Bertie Joseph
Butcher, Raymond Edward Norton
Butcher, Reginald Alfred
Butcher, Rodney Victor
Butcher, Sidney
Butcher, Sidney John
Butcher, Spencer Christopher John
Butcher, Stanley Clifford
Butcher, Thomas Derrick
Butcher, Vernon Frederick
Butcher, Vernon Frederick
Butcher, Walter Harvey James
Butcher, William Albert
Buthee, William Frederick Harry
Butland, Frederick Dick
Butland, Stanley Wallace
Butler-Williams, Geoffrey Hugh
Butler, Alexander Hugh Ormonde
Butler, Alexander Langlois
Butler, Alfred Charles William
Butler, Alfred Eric William
Butler, Alfred Frederick
Butler, Alfred John Archibald
Butler, Arthur Cecil
Butler, Arthur Leslie True-Love
Butler, Basil
Butler, Benjamin
Butler, Bertie
Butler, Bertrand William
Butler, Brian Leonard
Butler, Cecil Arthur
Butler, Charles
Butler, Charles Edward
Butler, Charles Edward
Butler, Charles Henry
Butler, Charles Herbert
Butler, Colin
Butler, Cyril
Butler, Cyril John Edmund
Butler, Cyril Joseph
Butler, Dell Alfred
Butler, Denis William
Butler, Dennis Raymond
Butler, Donald Frederick
Butler, Douglas Edward
Butler, Edward John David
Butler, Eric Davies
Butler, Eric Henry John
Butler, Eric James
Butler, Ernest Herbert
Butler, Ernest John
Butler, Francis Charles
Butler, Francis Charles Joseph
Butler, Francis Knightley
Butler, Frank William
Butler, Frederick James
Butler, George Edwin Charles
Butler, George Henry
Butler, George Henry Anthony
Butler, George Herbert
Butler, George Ramsden
Butler, Gerald James
Butler, Grenville Humphrey
Butler, Harold
Butler, Harold Linthorne
Butler, Harold M.
Butler, Harold Stuart
Butler, Harry Clegg
Butler, Iden Alois John
Butler, Ivan William
Butler, Jack Albert
Butler, James
Butler, James Geoffrey Gleadall
Butler, James Henry
Butler, James Wilfred
Butler, James William Jesse
Butler, John David
Butler, John Joseph
Butler, John Joseph
Butler, John Perceval
Butler, John Robert
Butler, John Ronald
Butler, John Stanley
Butler, Joseph Gipson
Butler, Joseph Harrison
Butler, Kenneth
Butler, Kenneth
Butler, Kenneth Frank
Butler, Kenneth Herbert
Butler, Laurie Licence
Butler, Leonard Maurice Stewart
Butler, Leslie Booker
Butler, Leslie Hugh
Butler, Lionel Roy
Butler, Lionel Wembley Henry
Butler, Maurice
Butler, Maurice Percival
Butler, Murray Anderson
Butler, N
Butler, Neville Edward
Butler, Noel O'Brien
Butler, Norman Arthur
Butler, Norman Grenville
Butler, Patrick Frederick
Butler, Patrick Maurice
Butler, Percival Ernest
Butler, Peter Joseph
Butler, Peter Ross
Butler, Peter Saumarez
Butler, Philip Neville
Butler, Ralph Blackton
Butler, Reginald Edward Stanley
Butler, Reginald Eric
Butler, Reginald Lewis
Butler, Richard
Butler, Richard William
Butler, Richard William
Butler, Robert
Butler, Robert
Butler, Robert
Butler, Robert Edwin
Butler, Robert John
Butler, Ronald Francis
Butler, Ronald Harris
Butler, Roy
Butler, Roy Wallace
Butler, Samuel
Butler, Terence John
Butler, Vernon Bartlett Groves
Butler, Vernon Stanley
Butler, Victor John Arthur
Butler, Walter Donald
Butler, Wilfred Leonard
Butler, William
Butler, William Cairns
Butler, William Charles
Butler, William Charles
Butler, William Francis
Butler, William James
Butler, William Manley
Butler, William Stanley
Butler, William Valentine
Butler, Willis
Butlin, Dennis Charles
Butlin, George Alfred
Butson, Charles
Butson, Graham Frederick
Butson, James Frederick
Butson, John Moreton
Butt, Charles Henry
Butt, Edward Leslie
Butt, Gordon Eric
Butt, Graham
Butt, Harry Roy
Butt, Henry Wright
Butt, Jack Eric
Butt, John Weldon
Butt, Leslie George
Butt, Raymond George
Butt, Robert Edward
Butt, Thomas Alfred George
Butt, Victor Arthur Frederick
Butt, Walter Robert
Butt, Warren Henry
Butt, William George
Buttel, Albert Francois
Buttell, Harold Bernard
Butterfield, Alfred Henry
Butterfield, Derek William Hanson
Butterfield, Douglas Alan
Butterfield, Frank
Butterfield, Guy
Butterfield, James Wild
Butterfield, John
Butterfield, Samuel Leslie
Butterfield, Thomas
Butterfield, Thomas Ian
Butterfield, Thomas Preston
Butterfield, William Ronald
Butterill, Clarence
Butterley, Thomas
Butterly, John Desmond
Butters, Cecil Raymond
Butters, Uriah Bernard
Butterweck, Friedrich
Butterworth, Cyril
Butterworth, Douglas
Butterworth, Ernest
Butterworth, Ernest Rex
Butterworth, Francis Norman
Butterworth, Frank Harrison
Butterworth, Frank Howard
Butterworth, George William
Butterworth, Harry
Butterworth, Henry Roy
Butterworth, James
Butterworth, James Richard
Butterworth, James William
Butterworth, Jesse
Butterworth, John
Butterworth, John
Butterworth, John
Butterworth, John Bernard
Butterworth, John Campbell
Butterworth, John Leslie Gilbert
Butterworth, John Maurice
Butterworth, Peter
Butterworth, Reginald Edmund Compton
Butterworth, Robert Stuart
Butterworth, Thomas Arthur
Buttery, Arthur
Buttery, Donald John William
Buttery, Geoffrey Leighton
Buttery, Harold
Buttery, Lionel Paul
Buttery, Robert Thomas Lothian
Buttery, Thomas Leslie
Buttfield, Edwin Henry Frederick
Buttimore, Leslie Norman
Buttle, Eric Charles
Buttle, John Edward Charles
Buttling, Anthony George
Buttolph, Basil Owen
Button, Cyril
Button, Denis George
Button, Douglas Frederick
Button, Edna Lenna
Button, Edward Lionel
Button, Frederick Albert Jonathan
Button, Frederick Oswald
Button, Geoffrey Sydney
Button, Gordon William Frederick
Button, Kenneth Edwin
Button, Lyle Ewart
Button, Richard Arthur
Button, Thomas Henry
Buttrey, Harold
Buttrey, John William
Buttrum-Gardiner, Edward Percival
Buttrum-Gardiner, Edward Percival
Butts, Nolan
Buttsworth, John Leighton
Butz, Josef
Buxcey, Wilfred Allan
Buxmann, Johan Heinrich
Buxton, Alan
Buxton, Alfred William
Buxton, Arthur John
Buxton, Bernard John
Buxton, Frederick Henry Edwin
Buxton, George Cornelius
Buxton, Gordon
Buxton, Harold
Buxton, Harry Gilbert
Buxton, Jack
Buxton, James Leonard
Buxton, John Edward
Buxton, John William
Buxton, Lawrence
Buxton, Leonard Reginald James
Buxton, Martin Levi
Buxton, Reginald Kenneth
Buxton, Stanley Leonard
Buxton, Thomas Roose
Buzan, Jack
Buzan, Wilfred Claud
Buzik, Joseph Paul
Buzza, James Alexander
Buzza, Reginald Ernest
Byars, John Adams
Byas, H H
Byass, Reginald Anderson
Byatt, Colin Victor
Byatt, Harold
Byatt, John
Byck, Muriel Tamara
Bye, Garth William Beresford
Bye, George Allan
Bye, Henry John
Bye, John Henry
Bye, Verner Charles
Byer, Stanley Thomas
Byerley, Alfred Wallace John
Byerley, Christian Sherley William
Byerley, Douglas Hardy
Byerley, Frank Eric
Byers, Alan Gordon
Byers, Charles Ross
Byers, Clyde Willis
Byers, Colin Edward
Byers, Edmund
Byers, George
Byers, George James
Byers, Harold
Byers, James Edward
Byers, Kenneth Mcgeorge
Byers, Patrick Joseph Anthony
Byers, Peter William
Byers, Robert William
Byers, Vernon William
Byers, William Harold Stanley
Byers, William Ridley Pearson
Byfield, Ferdinand David
Byford, Edward Thomas William
Bygrave, Graham Edgar
Bygrave, Ivor Pestell
Bygrave, Leonard
Bylczynski, Stanislaw
Bylinski, Eugeniusz
Byng, Clarence Aden
Byng, Geoffrey Meallin
Byrczak, Mieczyslaw Jozef
Byrd, Clifford Howard John
Byrd, Harold Chauncey
Byrd, William Alfred
Byres, Neil Erskine
Byrne, Calvert Philip
Byrne, Desmond Cody
Byrne, Donald Joseph
Byrne, Edward Leslie
Byrne, Felix
Byrne, Francis Dermot
Byrne, Frank Paul
Byrne, Frederick George
Byrne, Garry Brendan
Byrne, Grayham Bancroft
Byrne, James
Byrne, James Edward
Byrne, James Ian Francis
Byrne, John
Byrne, John Clifford
Byrne, John Garnet
Byrne, John Gordon
Byrne, John Riley
Byrne, Kenneth Edward
Byrne, Lawrence
Byrne, Louis
Byrne, Martin John
Byrne, Matthew Joseph
Byrne, Nial Thurlow
Byrne, Patrick Joseph
Byrne, Patrick Joseph John
Byrne, Phillip Denis
Byrne, Ray Owen
Byrne, Reginald Elwyn
Byrne, Robert James
Byrne, Roger
Byrne, Roy Michael
Byrne, Terence Patrick
Byrne, Thomas Patrick Joseph
Byrne, William John
Byrnes, Francis Joseph
Byrnes, Kerry Gavan
Byrnes, Patrick William Westley
Byrnes, Robert Wentworth
Byrom, Albert
Byrom, Harry Martin
Byron, Billy
Byron, Kenneth George Arthur
Bysouth, Dennis Norman
Bysouth, Raymond Walter
Byth, Robert
Bytheway, John
Bywater, Arthur Harold
Bywater, Maurice
Bywaters, Harry Francis
Bywaters, Thomas Bernard
Bywood, Alan
Cabana, Joseph Louis Etienne
Cabeldu, James Norman
Cable, George
Cable, John Duncan Skelton
Cable, Leonard Edward
Cable, Peter George
Cable, William Douglas Vernon
Cabot, Joseph Francis Charles
Cabush, Gordon Harold
Cachia, George
Cachia, John
Cadd, John Jesse
Cadd, Kenneth Francis
Cadd, Leslie
Cadd, William Glen
Cadden, Andrew
Cadden, Edward
Cadden, John
Caddick, Grace
Caddick, John Edward
Caddie, John Worthington
Caddy, John Giblin
Caddy, Mervyn
Caddy, Peter Giblin
Cade, Douglas Frank
Cade, Edwin George
Cade, William Harry
Cadeau, Albert Joseph
Cadel, William Arthur
Cadell, John Donald
Cadey, Frederick Richard
Cadge, Frank Thomas
Cadger, William John
Cadham, Frederick Orchard
Cadle, Philip George
Cadman, Arthur Robert
Cadman, Derek William
Cadman, James Wilfred
Cadman, John
Cadman, Peter Eric
Cadman, Peter Marshall
Cadman, Robert
Cadman, Ronald William
Cadman, William Guy
Cadmore, Edgar
Cadmus, George Austen
Cadney, William Morrant
Caesar, Cecil Claude
Caesar, Gerald Coodon
Cafferty, Anthony
Caffery, Norman
Caffrey, Francis
Caffyn, Murray Cameron
Cagienard, Robert Roland
Cahill, Clement Bernard
Cahill, Clyde Mccartney
Cahill, Dennis
Cahill, Donald Laurence
Cahill, Edward James
Cahill, George Timothy John
Cahill, Gerald Patrick
Cahill, John
Cahill, John Joseph
Cahir, James Gordon
Cahoon, Grant Alder
Caie, Andrew
Caiger, Victor Keith
Cail, Frederick George
Cail, John Lorne
Caile, Albert
Cailes, Norman George
Cain, Alexander John
Cain, Anthony Richard
Cain, Barry
Cain, Eileen May
Cain, Francis Joseph
Cain, George Alexander
Cain, Ivan William
Cain, John Chatt
Cain, John James
Cain, Lance
Cain, Leonard William
Cain, Nigel Harold
Cain, Peter Hixon
Cain, Ronald
Cain, Thomas
Cain, Thomas Edward
Cain, Thomas Leonard
Cain, William Edward
Caine, Bernard James
Caine, Frederick William
Caine, Gerrard
Caine, K P
Caine, William Michael
Caines, John Anthony Drayson
Cains, Frederick Lighthall Pulsford
Cains, Sidney William
Caird, David Francis
Caird, Stewart C.
Cairncross, Gideon Jamieson
Cairns, Allan Grant
Cairns, Andrew Twaddle
Cairns, Charles Gordon
Cairns, Douglas Martin James
Cairns, Eon Arthur
Cairns, Frank
Cairns, Herbert Laurence Wray
Cairns, John
Cairns, John Caldwell
Cairns, John Desmond
Cairns, John George (Ian)
Cairns, John Marley
Cairns, John Weldon
Cairns, Joseph Davison
Cairns, Louvain Trevor
Cairns, Richard Foote
Cairns, Ronald
Cairns, Roy Winfield
Cairns, Thomas David Stoddart
Cairns, Thomas Robert
Cairns, Vickers Kitchener
Cairns, William Brydon
Cairns, William Denmark
Cairns, William Fordyce
Cairns, William Louis Pretsell
Caitcheon, Gordon Edwin
Cake, David Edward
Cakebread, Cecil
Caladine, Keith Jervis
Calcraft, Norman James
Calcutt, Clarence Gilbert
Calcutt, Frank Kert
Calcutt, Fred Irving
Calcutt, Richard
Caldecourt, Ronald Dennis
Caldecutt, Tom Houghton
Calder, Alexander Fraser
Calder, Cecile Hazel
Calder, Charles Maclean
Calder, David James
Calder, Dorothy Ethel
Calder, Douglas Hector
Calder, Edward Louis
Calder, George Douglas
Calder, George Sinclair
Calder, Gordon Alexander
Calder, J G
Calder, James Alexander
Calder, James Reginald
Calder, James Stanley
Calder, John Philip Sargent
Calder, Lewis Walter
Calder, Peter John
Calder, Robert George
Calder, Robert Harvey Donald
Calder, Ronald Somerville
Calder, Thomas Sawers
Calder, Walter Allen
Calder, William Henry
Calderbank, Thomas Kitchener
Calderbank, William Frederick
Calderhead, George Douglas
Calderhead, Leslie Wilbur
Calderhead, Raymond Francis
Calderhead, Thomas Wallace
Calderone, Dominico Guiseppe
Calderwood, Alexander
Calderwood, Donald John
Calderwood, Jack Sidney Alexander
Calderwood, Leonard John
Calderwood, Thomas Mcwhirter
Caldow, Lindsay Allan
Caldow, William Henderson
Caldwell, Andrew Glen
Caldwell, Carleton Ernest
Caldwell, Charles Denis
Caldwell, David Alexander
Caldwell, David Kenneth
Caldwell, Donald F.
Caldwell, Eldon Howard
Caldwell, Esmond Russell
Caldwell, George
Caldwell, Gordon Miles
Caldwell, Hilary Charles
Caldwell, Ian Mckenzie
Caldwell, James
Caldwell, James Andrew
Caldwell, James Clelland
Caldwell, James Humphrey
Caldwell, John Hamilton
Caldwell, Leslie James
Caldwell, Robert Charles
Caldwell, Robert George
Caldwell, Walter Alexander
Caldwell, William Donaldson
Caldwell, William Frazer
Caldwell, William Morton
Caldwell, William Reginald
Caldwell, Wilson Gilmore
Cale, Adrian Laurence William
Cale, Francis Walter
Cale, Ronald Philip
Caley, Arthur Ashton
Caley, Brian Philip
Caley, George Frederick
Caley, Harold
Caley, John Reginald
Calford, Robert James
Calhoun, John Caldwell
Calhoun, Maxwell Boyd
Calice, Graf Franz
Calinski, Stanislaw
Calitz, M
Call, Douglas Frederick
Callaby, Kenneth
Callaby, Ronald Frederick
Calladine, Francis William
Callaghan, Douglass
Callaghan, Felix Leonard
Callaghan, Francis James
Callaghan, Frank William
Callaghan, G B
Callaghan, Harry
Callaghan, James Benedict
Callaghan, James Edward
Callaghan, Keith Baines
Callaghan, Margaret
Callaghan, Matthew
Callaghan, Michael Augustine
Callaghan, Richard Howell
Callaghan, Robert Archie Dennis
Callaghan, Sidney
Callaghan, William Desmond
Callaghan, William Edward
Callaghan, William James
Callahan, John
Callahan, Peter Ross
Callan, James Richard
Callan, John Arthur
Callan, John Patrick
Callan, Morris Kolesky
Callan, Neville John
Callanan, James
Calland, John
Callander, Alexander Donaldson
Callander, Edward
Callander, James Cowan
Callander, Robert
Callander, William
Callard, William Andrew James
Callas, Manoel
Callaway, Joseph Aloysius
Callaway, Martin Philip
Callcut, Jack Sidney
Callear, Raymond Elvin
Callender, Charles Francis
Callender, Douglas Gordon
Callery, Vincent
Callick, Basil Bernard
Callick, John Alan Richard
Callicott, Kenneth Stanley
Callicott, Percival
Callin, Harold John
Callinan, John William
Callinan, Reginald Stephen
Callingham-Woods, Philip
Callister, Ian Hope
Callister, Norman Watling
Callister, William Ross
Callon, Gordon Frederick
Callow, Gerald Ivor
Callow, Herbert Reginald
Callow, Horace
Callow, John Karlo
Callow, Leslie Algernon
Callow, Peter
Calloway, Cedric Jack
Calloway, Thomas Michael
Callum, Charles David
Calman, Denis Henry
Calman, Lawrence Gordon
Calnan, Ronald Frank
Calnon, John Henry
Caloren, Donald Robert
Calpin, John Lawrence
Calton, Douglas Leslie
Calveley, George Henry
Calver, William
Calver, William John
Calverley, Ivor John
Calverley, Walter John
Calvert, Alan Hodgson
Calvert, Arthur
Calvert, Arthur
Calvert, Arthur James
Calvert, Cecil
Calvert, Clive Percival
Calvert, Cyril
Calvert, Cyril Desmond
Calvert, Edward Hilary
Calvert, Eric Douglas
Calvert, Ernest Norman
Calvert, Frank Ian
Calvert, Harold Phillip
Calvert, James Lionel
Calvert, John Lennox
Calvert, John Reginald Gallimore
Calvert, John William
Calvert, Joseph
Calvert, Kenneth George
Calvert, Robert William
Calvert, Sidney
Calvert, Thomas
Calvert, Thomas Lowes
Calvert, Victor Delancey
Calvert, William
Calvesbert, John Frederick
Calvetti, Stanley Vivian
Calway, Frederick George
Camberg, David
Cambray, John Percival Basil
Cambridge, Thomas Hudson
Cambridge, William James Cecil
Cambridge, William Percival
Cambrook, Ronald Arthur
Camburn, Alec Reginald
Cameron-Rose, Hugh Adam Campbell Rose
Cameron, Adam Mitchell
Cameron, Alan Sherwood
Cameron, Alexander
Cameron, Alexander Angus
Cameron, Alexander Douglas
Cameron, Alexander Henry
Cameron, Alexander John
Cameron, Alexander Lindsay
Cameron, Alexander Robert
Cameron, Allan Reid
Cameron, Andrew
Cameron, Andrew Austin
Cameron, Andrew Greenhill
Cameron, Angus
Cameron, Anthony Carlyle
Cameron, Archibald Boyd
Cameron, Bruce Clarke
Cameron, Charles Fraser
Cameron, Charles Jackson
Cameron, Clare Reid
Cameron, Colin Charles
Cameron, Colin Samuel
Cameron, Colin Stewart
Cameron, Cyril Charles
Cameron, David Ian
Cameron, David Lyon Scott
Cameron, David Mclean
Cameron, David Mclean
Cameron, David Peacock Robertson
Cameron, Donald
Cameron, Donald
Cameron, Donald Alexander Joseph
Cameron, Donald Archibald
Cameron, Donald Arnott
Cameron, Donald Byron
Cameron, Donald Cantrol
Cameron, Donald James
Cameron, Donald John
Cameron, Donald Macphail
Cameron, Donald Maxwell
Cameron, Donald Urquhart
Cameron, Douglas
Cameron, Douglas Alexander
Cameron, Douglas Charles
Cameron, Douglas Hunter
Cameron, Douglas Newlands
Cameron, Douglas Seaman
Cameron, Douglas Stuart
Cameron, Duncan Cedric
Cameron, Duncan Gordon
Cameron, Duncan James
Cameron, Edward Colin Joseph
Cameron, Ewen Eric
Cameron, Forbes
Cameron, Francis Alexander Barclay
Cameron, Frederick John Alastair
Cameron, George
Cameron, George Alexander Duncan
Cameron, Gibson
Cameron, Gilbert Harry
Cameron, Gilbert Keith
Cameron, Gilleasbuig Kilmichael
Cameron, Gordon Everett
Cameron, Gordon Oliver
Cameron, Gordon Russell
Cameron, Gregor
Cameron, Henry
Cameron, Hugh
Cameron, Ian Monteath
Cameron, Ian Nicol Ferguson
Cameron, Ivan Mcleod
Cameron, Jack Burton
Cameron, James Barkess
Cameron, James Douglas
Cameron, James Gordon
Cameron, James Graham
Cameron, James Lindsay
Cameron, James Otty
Cameron, James Sharp
Cameron, James Spalding
Cameron, James Whamond
Cameron, James William Keith
Cameron, John
Cameron, John
Cameron, John
Cameron, John
Cameron, John Charles
Cameron, John Colin
Cameron, John Duff
Cameron, John Edward
Cameron, John Glen
Cameron, John Mcdonald
Cameron, John Richard
Cameron, John Stewart
Cameron, John Wesley
Cameron, Kenneth John
Cameron, Laurence Emmett
Cameron, Laurence Hilton
Cameron, Leslie Charles
Cameron, Lloyd Henry
Cameron, Michael Cecil
Cameron, Morley Luallan
Cameron, Norman Davidson
Cameron, Patrick
Cameron, Patrick Blair
Cameron, Peter Talmage
Cameron, Philip Gordon
Cameron, Phillip Greig
Cameron, Richard Beauchamp
Cameron, Robert
Cameron, Robert
Cameron, Robert
Cameron, Robert Dyce
Cameron, Robert Edgar Hall
Cameron, Robert Joel
Cameron, Roderick Hugh
Cameron, Ronald
Cameron, Ross
Cameron, Ross Hugh
Cameron, Royston Richard
Cameron, Scott
Cameron, Sidney Anthony
Cameron, Stanley Laidler
Cameron, Stewart Dewar
Cameron, Stuart Francis
Cameron, Thomas Henry
Cameron, Walter Stanley
Cameron, Waverley Edward
Cameron, Wilfred Lawrie
Cameron, William
Cameron, William
Cameron, William Alexander
Cameron, William Allan
Cameron, William Beauchamp
Cameron, William Caverhill
Cameron, William Donald Leslie
Cameron, William Douglas
Cameron, William Gray
Cameron, William Hugh Iain
Cameron, William Johnstone
Cameron, William Muir
Cameron, William Parmenas
Cameron, William Wilson
Camfield, Harold Reuben
Camier, Ronald Sutton
Camille, Philippe Emmanuel
Camire, Joseph Edouard Philippe Edmond
Camlin, Brian Buchanan
Camlin, William John Henry
Camm, Douglas Arthur
Camm, Gilbert Simpson
Camm, Marjorie Lilian
Camm, Philip Otley
Camm, Reginald Henry William
Cammaart, Frederick Peter
Cammaerts, Pieter Emile Gerald
Cammies, Donald Thomas William
Cammock, Raymond John
Camp, Alan Walter
Camp, Alfred
Camp, Edgar William
Camp, Hermann
Camp, John Arthur
Camp, John Henry
Camp, Sydney Clarence
Campain, Gordon
Campany, Eric William
Campbell-Irons, Ian
Campbell-martin, Peter Clifford
Campbell-rogers, Leonard Herculese
Campbell, Adam Gray
Campbell, Alan
Campbell, Alan
Campbell, Alan Andrew
Campbell, Alasdair Butchart
Campbell, Alastair William
Campbell, Alexander
Campbell, Alexander
Campbell, Alexander Bruce
Campbell, Alexander Colin
Campbell, Alexander Craven
Campbell, Alexander Grant
Campbell, Alexander Lyon
Campbell, Alexander Peter
Campbell, Alexander Vernon Charles
Campbell, Alexander Whyte
Campbell, Alistair
Campbell, Allan
Campbell, Allan
Campbell, Allan Frederick
Campbell, Allan Paul
Campbell, Allan Robert
Campbell, Allan William
Campbell, Andrew
Campbell, Andrew Seton
Campbell, Archibald
Campbell, Archibald Burton
Campbell, Archibald Dethridge
Campbell, Archibald Norman
Campbell, Archibald Sinclair
Campbell, Archibald Thomas Wilson
Campbell, Archie
Campbell, Arnold
Campbell, Arthur David Andrew
Campbell, Arthur Harold
Campbell, Arthur Russell
Campbell, Ashley
Campbell, Beatty Elwood
Campbell, C
Campbell, C C
Campbell, C E S
Campbell, Charles Gerrard
Campbell, Charles John
Campbell, Christopher Gordon
Campbell, Christopher Nicholas
Campbell, Clarence
Campbell, Clelland Mackenzie
Campbell, Clifton James
Campbell, Clifton James
Campbell, Colin
Campbell, Colin Alexander
Campbell, Colin Blair
Campbell, Colin David Evander
Campbell, Colin Desmond Harry
Campbell, Colin Hamilton
Campbell, Colin Herbert
Campbell, Colin Ian Duncan
Campbell, Colin James
Campbell, Colin James
Campbell, Colin Macaulay
Campbell, Colin Millis
Campbell, Colin Reynolds
Campbell, Colin Summers
Campbell, Collin Arthur
Campbell, D B
Campbell, D J
Campbell, D N
Campbell, Daniel
Campbell, Daniel Mclean
Campbell, David
Campbell, David Adams
Campbell, David Ferguson Sharpe
Campbell, David Mark
Campbell, David Mason
Campbell, David Sinclair
Campbell, Donald
Campbell, Donald
Campbell, Donald
Campbell, Donald Allister
Campbell, Donald Edward
Campbell, Donald Fletcher
Campbell, Donald George
Campbell, Donald Gordon
Campbell, Donald James
Campbell, Donald Stirling
Campbell, Dougald Alexander
Campbell, Douglas
Campbell, Douglas
Campbell, Douglas George
Campbell, Douglas Granville Joseph
Campbell, Douglas Noel
Campbell, Douglas Reid
Campbell, Douglas William
Campbell, Duncan
Campbell, Duncan
Campbell, Duncan Archie
Campbell, Duncan Eric
Campbell, Earl Kenneth
Campbell, Earl Leslie
Campbell, Edgar Edwin Mackenzie
Campbell, Edmund Fraser
Campbell, Edward
Campbell, Edwin Archibald
Campbell, Eric Archibald Owen
Campbell, Eric John
Campbell, Eric William
Campbell, Ernest
Campbell, Ernest
Campbell, Everard
Campbell, F. Russell
Campbell, Frederick Archibald
Campbell, Frederick Fincastle
Campbell, Frederick William
Campbell, Frederick Yorston
Campbell, George
Campbell, George Hollands
Campbell, George Law
Campbell, George Mcneill
Campbell, George Thomas
Campbell, Gilbert
Campbell, Gillian Lorne
Campbell, Gordon Ernest
Campbell, Gordon Roch
Campbell, Gordon Ronald
Campbell, Graeme Kennedy
Campbell, Halan Donald Richard Leroy
Campbell, Henry
Campbell, Henry Rupert
Campbell, Herbert Thomas
Campbell, Hudson Cecil
Campbell, Hugh
Campbell, Hugh
Campbell, Hugh
Campbell, Hugh
Campbell, Hugh Charles
Campbell, Hugh Colin
Campbell, Hugh Donald
Campbell, Hugh John Munro
Campbell, Hugh Mcnaughton
Campbell, Ian
Campbell, Ian
Campbell, Ian
Campbell, Ian Alexander Calthrop
Campbell, Ian Melville
Campbell, Jack
Campbell, James
Campbell, James
Campbell, James Bertram
Campbell, James Cameron
Campbell, James Campbell
Campbell, James Chippindall
Campbell, James Commodore
Campbell, James Duncan
Campbell, James Duncan
Campbell, James Easdale
Campbell, James Gilmour
Campbell, James Gordon
Campbell, James John
Campbell, James Kenneth
Campbell, James Mcleod
Campbell, James Reith
Campbell, James Roger
Campbell, James Ross
Campbell, James Russell
Campbell, James Smith Crichton
Campbell, Jeanie Jessie
Campbell, Jeffrey William
Campbell, John
Campbell, John
Campbell, John
Campbell, John
Campbell, John
Campbell, John
Campbell, John
Campbell, John
Campbell, John
Campbell, John Alexander
Campbell, John Allan
Campbell, John Archibald
Campbell, John Bertram
Campbell, John Erik
Campbell, John Francis
Campbell, John Gilbert
Campbell, John Gordon
Campbell, John James
Campbell, John James
Campbell, John Jeffrey
Campbell, John Leslie Gordon
Campbell, John Louis
Campbell, John Mcdougal
Campbell, John Michael
Campbell, John Murdoch
Campbell, John Parker
Campbell, John Patterson
Campbell, John Philip
Campbell, John Samuel Mcclelland
Campbell, John Steen
Campbell, John Thompson
Campbell, John Waran
Campbell, Joseph
Campbell, Joseph Edmund
Campbell, Joseph Henry
Campbell, Joseph William
Campbell, Joseph William
Campbell, Keith Dooks
Campbell, Keith Lauchlan
Campbell, Kenneth
Campbell, Kenneth Alfred John
Campbell, Kenneth Charles
Campbell, Kenneth John
Campbell, Kenneth Munro
Campbell, Kenneth Patrick
Campbell, Kenneth Peter
Campbell, Kenneth Stevenson
Campbell, Lawrence Gordon
Campbell, Lewis Duthie
Campbell, Macquarie James
Campbell, Margaret
Campbell, Marshall
Campbell, Maurice Melton
Campbell, N S
Campbell, Neil Donald
Campbell, Neil James Herbert
Campbell, Nigel Douglas
Campbell, Norman Mccallum
Campbell, Norman Neil
Campbell, Norman Robert Heron
Campbell, Paul
Campbell, Paul Brewer
Campbell, Peter
Campbell, Peter Duncan
Campbell, Peter Hay
Campbell, Peter Mortimer
Campbell, Ralph Patrick
Campbell, Richard Alvin
Campbell, Richard Edward John
Campbell, Richard Gladstone
Campbell, Robert
Campbell, Robert Alexander
Campbell, Robert Allison
Campbell, Robert Balmain
Campbell, Robert Dallas Joseph
Campbell, Robert George
Campbell, Robert Hepburn
Campbell, Robert Hugh
Campbell, Robert Jackson
Campbell, Robert Joseph Gordon
Campbell, Robert Mcmillan
Campbell, Robert Richard
Campbell, Robert Roy
Campbell, Roderick
Campbell, Ronald Bertram
Campbell, Ronald Fawcett
Campbell, Ronald William
Campbell, Roy
Campbell, Russell Archibald
Campbell, Samual Stevenson
Campbell, Staffa Kinloch
Campbell, Staffa Kinloch
Campbell, Stephen Gordon
Campbell, Stewart
Campbell, Stuart Somerville
Campbell, Sydney
Campbell, Sydney Neam
Campbell, The Rev. George Adam Gordon
Campbell, Thomas
Campbell, Thomas
Campbell, Thomas
Campbell, Thomas
Campbell, Thomas George
Campbell, Thomas Henderson
Campbell, Thomas Jepson
Campbell, Thomas Joseph
Campbell, Thomas Marnoch
Campbell, Thomas Mccord
Campbell, Victor Robert
Campbell, Vincent Daniel
Campbell, William
Campbell, William
Campbell, William
Campbell, William Andrew
Campbell, William Archibald
Campbell, William Clayton
Campbell, William Crawford
Campbell, William Douglas
Campbell, William Freeman
Campbell, William Gavin
Campbell, William Geoffrey
Campbell, William Gordon
Campbell, William Hastings Russell
Campbell, William Howard
Campbell, William Mcdonald
Campbell, William Robert
Campbell, William Robert
Campbell, William Ronald
Campbell, William Sidney
Campbell, William Smith
Campbell, William Warren
Campbell, William Wright
Campbell, Wilson
Campeau, Joseph Alphonse Carmen
Campeau, Joseph Lucien Almasse
Campey, Walter
Campin, Kenneth Charles
Campion, Alfred Norman
Campion, Michael Patrick
Campion, William
Camplin, Arthur Mussendine
Campling, Eric Frank Knowles
Campling, Frederick Stratford
Campling, Richard David
Camps, Albert
Camps, Hubert John
Camps, Kenneth William
Campsall, Rodney Sigsworth
Campton, Albert Spencer Blair
Campton, Clifden Homer Foch
Camsell, Philip Stuart
Canard, Ernest Herbert
Canard, Henry John
Canavan, James
Canavan, John
Canavan, Reginald Francis
Canday, Charles Richard
Candish, Eugene John
Candler, Cecil George
Candler, Peter Thorne
Candler, Reginald Arthur
Candler, William John
Candlin, Geoffrey William Clifton
Candline, Albert Edward
Candlish, Clifford
Candlish, James Wilson
Candlish, John Muir
Candy, Arthur Robert
Candy, Ernest
Candy, Percival George
Candy, Richard Stafford
Candy, Roy Percy
Cane, Bernard Percy
Cane, Edward George
Cane, Frederick
Cane, Maurice John Thomas
Cane, Philip Henry Frederick
Cane, William George
Canet, David
Canfield, Glen Ross
Canham, Albert Edward
Canham, George James
Cann, Allan Parker
Cann, Frank Glanrill
Cann, George Gordon
Cann, John Charles
Cann, John Osmond Gilbert
Cann, John Osmond Gilbert
Cann, Leonard William
Cann, Lindsay Northcote Beavis
Cann, Peter Norman
Cann, Robert Leslie
Cann, Ronald Maclean
Cann, Stanley Richard
Cann, Walter Ypres
Cannar, Basil Richard
Cannard, John Edward
Cannell, Alfred John
Cannell, Dudley Roy Cluett
Cannell, Peter George
Cannell, Stanley William Charles
Cannell, Sydney Walter Briggs
Cannell, Walter William
Cannell, Winston Stanley
Canney, Peter John Campbell
Cannicott, Peter Reginald
Canniff, James
Canning, Albert George
Canning, Andrew
Canning, Cornelius Daniel Mccolgan
Canning, Donald
Canning, Frank Hill
Canning, Geoffrey Maurice
Canning, Jack
Canning, Thomas
Canning, Thomas Kenneth
Canning, William
Canning, William John Woodfield
Cannings, Fred Curtis
Cannings, Kenneth Leverne
Cannock, George
Cannock, Lionel Eric
Cannon, Charles Henry
Cannon, Cornelius Charles
Cannon, David Armstrong
Cannon, Dennis
Cannon, Douglas Harold Percival
Cannon, Edward Dennis
Cannon, Ernest Albert
Cannon, Francis Thomas George
Cannon, John Aloysius
Cannon, John William
Cannon, Leslie
Cannon, Percival George
Cannon, Roy Albert Arthur
Cannon, William
Cannon, William
Cannon, William Arthur
Canovan, Stanislaus Ignutius
Cansell, George Edward
Cansick, William
Cant, George
Cant, James Sutherland
Cant, Leslie Ronald
Cant, Norman William
Cant, Thomas David
Cant, Wilfred
Cant, William Joseph
Cantell, Norman Walter Sydney
Canterbury, Gerald Thomas
Canterbury, William John
Cantillion, Andre Joseph Emile Gregoire
Cantin, Clement Francis Amedee
Cantin, Joseph Edward Leo
Cantin, Maurice Raoul
Cantin, Richard Claud Harold
Cantlay, William Grant
Cantle-Jones, Allan
Cantle-Jones, John
Cantle, Arthur Basil
Cantle, John Christopher
Cantley, Alexander Crawford
Cantlin, Charles Patrick
Canton, Victor Edwin
Cantor, Colin Vivian
Cantor, Jack Marshall
Cantor, Oswald Terence
Cantrell, John Douglas
Cantrill, Charles Stanley
Cantrill, Charles Tom
Cantwell, Anthony James
Cantwell, Christopher Felix
Cantwell, Gerard Joseph Michael
Cantwell, Michael James Wallace
Cantwell, Nicholas William
Cantwell, Reginald Horace
Cantwell, Richard Power
Canty, Arthur William
Canty, Edwin Albert
Canty, James Bernard
Canty, Malcolm Allen
Caouette, Joseph Earl Walter
Cap, Miroslav
Capaldi, William Domenico
Capek, Vaclav
Capel, Brinley George
Capel, Cyril Frank
Capel, David Farquhar
Capel, Douglas John
Capel, Michael George
Capel, Royston Arthur
Capel, Stanley George
Capeling, Robert
Capes, Frederick Walter
Capewell, Denis Claude
Capewell, Doris
Capewell, Edward Hugo
Capewell, Samuel
Capewell, William Donald
Capham, Ronald George Peter
Capin, Edward Butler
Caplan, Maynard Meyer
Caplin, Vivian Max
Capon, Alfred Lawrence
Capon, Cardale Frederick Alexander
Capon, Cardale Frederick Alexander
Capon, John
Capon, Maurice George Wilfred
Capon, Philip John
Capon, Reginald Brian
Capon, Walter Stanley
Capp, John
Capp, Leslie Stanley
Capper, Kenneth Frederick
Cappleman, Walter Henry
Capron, Lionel Manton
Capron, Roderick Halliley
Capstick-Dale, Stanley Hall Elphinstone
Capstick, Francis Leo
Capstick, Joseph W.
Capstick, Nicholas Jackson
Capton, Leslie James
Carbarns, A
Carberry, John
Carberry, John Henry
Carberry, Stephen John
Carbery, Alan Martin Howard
Carbery, John
Carbines, Richard Paynter
Carbutt, Denis
Carcary, Albert Alexander
Card, Arnold Lindsay
Card, Arthur
Card, Benjamin William
Card, Harry Duncan
Card, Marshall William
Card, Martin Sydney
Cardell, John Sommerville
Cardell, Nevill Southwell
Cardell, Philip Melville
Carden, Gordon Edward
Carden, John
Carden, Percy Theodore
Carden, Thomas Herbert Boothman
Carder, David Clayton
Carder, Wilfred George
Cardinal, Barrie Phillip
Cardinal, Joseph Jacques Bruno
Cardnell, Charles Frederick
Cardno, William Guyan
Cardoo, Alexander Rodger
Cardwell, Douglas Eric
Cardwell, John
Cardwell, Philip
Cardy, Dennis Alfred
Care, Donald Burton
Care, Ernest Charles
Carefoot, Garnet Oliver
Carefoot, Herbert Reginald
Caren, Henry Victor
Carew-Gibbs, Alan Michael
Carew, Dominick (Domenic) Thomas
Carew, Norman Kenneth
Carey-hill, Anthony
Carey, Albert Moore
Carey, Basil
Carey, Basil
Carey, Bernard
Carey, Douglas Mintie
Carey, Garth Wells Fuller
Carey, Gordon Hunter Mckenzie
Carey, John Henry Roy
Carey, John James
Carey, John Joseph
Carey, Leslie Ernest
Carey, Leslie John
Carey, Margaret Jones
Carey, Orran Willard
Carey, Peter Denzil ODonoghue
Carey, Peter Leslie
Carey, Robert William Burdell
Carey, Roy Herbert
Carey, Stanley Edward
Carey, Thomas Briton
Carey, Wilfred Henry
Carey, William Frederick
Carfoot, Norman Henry
Cargill, Arthur Sydenham Tremenheere
Cargill, Harry James Scutchings
Carine, Victor Laurence
Carington-Smith, Edward
Carington, Graham Arthur Cecil
Carius, Leonard Robert
Carkner, Clifford Mccormick
Carkner, Duncan Mcvey
Carl, Alfred John
Carl, Richard
Carless, Alfred Austin
Carless, Alfred George
Carless, Clifford
Carless, John
Carleton, Dudley Conway
Carleton, Edmund Bruce
Carleton, Hugh Basil
Carleton, Reginald Harvey
Carley, Edmund
Carley, Edward Claremont
Carley, Henry Joseph
Carley, John William
Carlick, David Brynmor
Carlier, Reuben Walter
Carlile, Derek Reginald
Carlile, John Vyvyan
Carlile, Neville William
Carlile, Samuel Shannon
Carlile, William David
Carlill, Ronald John
Carlin, George
Carlin, Gerald Joseph
Carlin, Joseph Ernest
Carlin, Mark Francis
Carlin, Sydney
Carling, Christopher
Carling, Mary Archibald
Carling, Peter
Carling, Rodney Patrick
Carling, Ronald David John Campbell
Carling, Thomas
Carling, Thomas Parrington
Carling, Thomas Sandeland
Carlisle, Elden Fleetwood
Carlisle, Hilda
Carlisle, John Philip
Carlisle, Peter Francis
Carlon, Patrick John Paul
Carlon, Ronald
Carloss, Don Lionel
Carlsen, Irving Fairfax
Carlson, Alfred
Carlson, Denis George
Carlson, Earl William
Carlson, Elmer Kenneth
Carlson, Eric Ferdinand
Carlson, Ernest William Bernard
Carlson, John Arvid
Carlson, Robert Brownlee
Carlson, Stanley Carl Walter
Carlsson, Kenneth Charles
Carlton, Albert George
Carlton, Arthur
Carlton, Arthur Ernest
Carlton, Howard Francis John
Carlton, Norman Douglas
Carlton, Robert Claude
Carlton, Robert Wilson
Carlyle, Hubert George
Carlyle, James Clifford
Carlyle, John Fairfax
Carlyle, Stanley
Carlyle, Walter Beattie
Carlyle, William James
Carlyon, Paul Winstanley Manners
Carman, Cyril
Carman, Dennis Mark
Carman, Geoffrey
Carman, Stanley Thomas
Carman, Thomas Frederick
Carmichael, Andrew
Carmichael, Billie
Carmichael, Brian Withers
Carmichael, David Norris
Carmichael, Douglas John
Carmichael, Duncan Alexander
Carmichael, Duncan Mcdonald
Carmichael, Eoghan Lyon
Carmichael, Ernest Donald
Carmichael, Evory William
Carmichael, George Michael
Carmichael, Harry
Carmichael, Ian Ross
Carmichael, James Thomson
Carmichael, John Arthur Lloyd
Carmichael, John Hervey
Carmichael, John Howard
Carmichael, John Smart
Carmichael, John William
Carmichael, Reginald
Carmichael, Robert Pollock
Carmichael, William
Carmody, Arthur John
Carmody, Cornelius John
Carmody, John Patrick
Carmody, John Patrick Joseph
Carn, Leslie Albert
Carn, Norman George Gilbert
Carnaby, William Fleming
Carnall, Albert Kenneth
Carnall, George Mitchell
Carncross, Murray Ellis
Carncross, Norman
Carnduff, Thomas
Carne, Roy Dempsey
Carnegie, David Stuart
Carnegie, Henry
Carnegie, Robert Campbell
Carnegie, Ronald Forbes
Carnegie, Thomas
Carnell, Basil
Carnell, Samuel James
Carney, Joseph Robert
Carney, Kevin
Carney, Richard Alexander
Carney, Robert Patrick
Carney, William Charles
Carney, William Michael
Carnie, Ian David
Carnie, Robert
Carnie, Wilfred Leslie
Carnley, James William
Carnovski, Leonard Adam
Caro, J L
Carol, Roy Frank
Carolan, Arthur Grattan
Carolan, Francis Joseph
Caron, Aime Leon
Caron, Gerald Alexandre Arthur A.
Caron, Joseph Aurele Roland
Carpendale, Mark Kerr St. John
Carpender, John Francis
Carpenter, Albert John
Carpenter, Albert John
Carpenter, Alfred George
Carpenter, Anthony
Carpenter, Anthony Thorpe
Carpenter, Arthur Vincent
Carpenter, Cecil Thomas William
Carpenter, Charles Arthur
Carpenter, Charles Louis
Carpenter, Cyril Nelson
Carpenter, David James
Carpenter, Donald Edmund (Don)
Carpenter, Douglas Arthur
Carpenter, Edward George
Carpenter, Eric Charles
Carpenter, Eric James Lovelace
Carpenter, Ernest William
Carpenter, George Henry
Carpenter, George Ralph
Carpenter, Gordon John
Carpenter, Herbert Colin
Carpenter, Jack Clifford
Carpenter, James Clement
Carpenter, John Alexander
Carpenter, Leonard Albert Gordon
Carpenter, Leonard Stanley
Carpenter, Peter John
Carpenter, Reginald William
Carpenter, Roland Douglas
Carpenter, Ronald Frank
Carpenter, Sheila Ursula
Carpenter, Sydney
Carpenter, Wilfred
Carpenter, William James
Carpenter, William Thomas
Carr-Harris, Brian Gethryn
Carr, Albert
Carr, Albert Edward
Carr, Albert Nelson
Carr, Alfred
Carr, Alfred George
Carr, Arthur
Carr, Bindon John
Carr, Charles
Carr, Clarence Milton
Carr, Clifford
Carr, David Hounsell
Carr, Douglas
Carr, Edmund
Carr, Edward
Carr, Edward
Carr, Francis
Carr, Frank
Carr, Frank Emmerson
Carr, Frank Herbert
Carr, Frederick George
Carr, George Percival
Carr, George Robert
Carr, Harry
Carr, Harry Lascelles
Carr, James Baxter
Carr, James Frederick
Carr, James Henry
Carr, James Roy
Carr, James William
Carr, John
Carr, John
Carr, John
Carr, John Edward
Carr, John Franklin
Carr, John Harrison
Carr, John Herbert
Carr, John Thomas
Carr, John Toplis
Carr, John Wooltorton
Carr, Kenneth Claude
Carr, Kenneth Stanway
Carr, Lawrence
Carr, Lenard
Carr, Leo Augustave
Carr, Leslie George
Carr, Lewis Francis
Carr, Norman Nixon
Carr, Peter Norman
Carr, Philip William
Carr, R W F
Carr, Raymond
Carr, Raymond Arthur
Carr, Reginald
Carr, Rex Lionel
Carr, Richard Saxon
Carr, Robert Henry
Carr, Robert Henry
Carr, Robert Stonehouse
Carr, Robert Taylor
Carr, Ronald Richard
Carr, Stuart Allan
Carr, Sydney
Carr, Thomas Edward
Carr, Thomas Edward
Carr, Thomas Stanley
Carr, Trevor
Carr, Walter
Carr, Walter Horace
Carr, Wilfrid Gordon
Carr, William Alan
Carr, William Alfred John
Carr, William Henry
Carr, William Joseph
Carr, William Laurence
Carragher, Francis Dean
Carrall, Nigel Bruce
Carran, Frederick Sydney
Carrapiett, Ronald Mccoy
Carreau, Alfred
Carreau, Paul Eugene
Carreck, Raymond Walter
Carrel, Noel Ernest Robertson
Carrell, Gerald
Carrell, Ronald Mark
Carrick, Alan Russell
Carrick, Alexander Sterling
Carrick, Bruce William Gardner
Carrick, Duncan
Carrick, John Hammond
Carrick, Martyn Lowther
Carrick, Robert
Carrick, William Donald
Carrie, William Gordon
Carrier, Joseph Louis Phillipee Denis
Carrier, William John
Carriere, Joseph Charles Lionel
Carriere, Pierre Joseph Andre Denis
Carrigan, Joseph Thomas
Carriline, Victor
Carrington, Charles Gordon
Carrington, Dennis John
Carrington, George Edward
Carrington, Henry Joseph
Carrington, James Llewellyn
Carrington, Lawrence Vernon
Carrington, Robert Charles
Carrington, Royston Denis William
Carrodus, Ralph Franklin
Carrodus, Robert James
Carroll, Bernard
Carroll, Bernard
Carroll, Charles Edward
Carroll, Colin Stewart
Carroll, Daniel
Carroll, E E
Carroll, Edward John
Carroll, George Henry
Carroll, Gerald Dennis
Carroll, Gerard
Carroll, Howard Bertram
Carroll, James Maurice
Carroll, John Adrian
Carroll, John Alan
Carroll, John Aloysius
Carroll, Leonard Albert
Carroll, Marmion Wilfred
Carroll, Maurice Mannix
Carroll, Neville
Carroll, Ralph William
Carroll, Richard Francis
Carroll, Richard Valentine
Carroll, Robert
Carroll, Thomas Joseph
Carroll, Victor
Carroll, Victor John
Carroll, Wilfred John
Carroll, Wilfrid Patrick
Carrothers, Robert George
Carrott, Derek Charles
Carrott, Hubert Edward
Carrott, James Edward
Carrott, Robert James
Carruthers, Albert Leslie
Carruthers, Alexander
Carruthers, Carl Stuart
Carruthers, Donald Perry
Carruthers, Edgar Roy
Carruthers, Ford Ross
Carruthers, George William
Carruthers, Harold Allen
Carruthers, Henry Ramsay
Carruthers, James Thomson
Carruthers, James William
Carruthers, John David Rupert Bernard
Carruthers, John Mackison
Carruthers, John Robert
Carruthers, Kenneth Edmondson
Carruthers, Richard
Carruthers, William
Carruthers, William Alan
Carruthers, William Maurice
Carscadden, Andrew Steel
Carscadden, Cyril Hudson
Carson, Adrian Leslie Bernard
Carson, Alexander
Carson, Allan Edwin
Carson, Arthur Frederick Copithorne
Carson, Arthur Stewart
Carson, David Ellis Murray
Carson, Douglas Alexander
Carson, George Howard
Carson, Harvey George
Carson, Illtyd Thomas Holden
Carson, John James
Carson, John Leadbetter
Carson, Lawrence Bartlett
Carson, Lewis Gerard
Carson, Macduff Stuart
Carson, Reginald
Carson, Richard
Carson, Robert Samuel
Carson, Rodney Austin
Carson, Samuel
Carson, Sidney Thomas
Carson, Thomas Hulton
Carson, Thomas Walter
Carson, William Albert
Carson, William Donald
Carss, Edward Boon
Carstairs, Alexander
Carstens, J D
Carstens, Willem Johannes Tobias
Carswell, Albert Stewart
Carswell, James
Carswell, James Cannon
Carswell, James Richard
Carswell, John Jackson
Carswell, Robert
Carswell, William
Cartan, Frederick Paul
Carter, Alan
Carter, Alan Douglas
Carter, Albert Charles
Carter, Albert Edward
Carter, Albert Henry Haydon
Carter, Albert Leslie
Carter, Albert Martin
Carter, Albert Victor
Carter, Alec Edward
Carter, Alexander Charles
Carter, Alfred Kyrwood
Carter, Algernon Donovon
Carter, Allan
Carter, Ambrose Thomas
Carter, Andrew Joseph
Carter, Anthony
Carter, Anthony Edward
Carter, Anthony Pearson
Carter, Arnold
Carter, Arnold George
Carter, Arthur
Carter, Arthur Reginald
Carter, Bernard Keith Falls
Carter, Charles Bindon
Carter, Conan Frampton
Carter, Constance Ethel
Carter, Daniel Newton
Carter, David Beatty
Carter, Denis Frank
Carter, Dennis Charles Alfred
Carter, Dennis John
Carter, Derek Dudley James
Carter, Derek Guy
Carter, Deric Henry Mervyn
Carter, Desmond Charles Reid
Carter, Donald John
Carter, Donald Nicholas
Carter, Donovan Yukin
Carter, Douglas
Carter, Douglas Alfred
Carter, Douglas Barfield
Carter, Douglas Frederick
Carter, E P
Carter, Edmund William
Carter, Edward Albert
Carter, Edward Frederick (Ted)
Carter, Edward Godfrey
Carter, Edward James
Carter, Edward Ronald
Carter, Edwin
Carter, Edwin Rowland
Carter, Eric
Carter, Eric William
Carter, Ernest
Carter, Evan Vivian
Carter, F S
Carter, Francis Edward
Carter, Francis Raymond
Carter, Francis Robert
Carter, Frank Ernest
Carter, Frank Lionel
Carter, Fred Moncrieff
Carter, Frederick Samuel
Carter, G
Carter, Geoffrey
Carter, Geoffrey Hardman
Carter, Geoffrey John Hamilton
Carter, Geoffrey Wiliam
Carter, George Alfred
Carter, George Arthur
Carter, George Frederick
Carter, George Henry
Carter, George Walter Dennis
Carter, George William
Carter, George William
Carter, Gerald Ambrose
Carter, Gilbert William
Carter, Godfrey
Carter, Gordon
Carter, Gordon Kenneth
Carter, Guy Lloyd
Carter, Harold
Carter, Harold
Carter, Harold Gordon
Carter, Harold Leslie
Carter, Harold Leslie
Carter, Harold Marcus
Carter, Harold Norman
Carter, Hedley Walter
Carter, Henry
Carter, Henry Hamilton
Carter, Henry William Tilson
Carter, Herbert
Carter, Hilton Mackay
Carter, Hughie William
Carter, Jack Manning
Carter, James Alexander
Carter, James Henry
Carter, James Marshall
Carter, James Wilson
Carter, Jean Florence
Carter, Joe
Carter, John
Carter, John
Carter, John Alfred
Carter, John Arthur
Carter, John Denis
Carter, John Edward
Carter, John Hamilton
Carter, John Hunter
Carter, John Lewis
Carter, John Lundy
Carter, John Nemours
Carter, John Noel
Carter, John Noel Graydon
Carter, John Patrick
Carter, John Philip
Carter, John R
Carter, John Thomas
Carter, John Thomas
Carter, John Whitfield
Carter, Jonathan Wallace
Carter, Joseph Burnett
Carter, Joseph George James
Carter, Joseph John
Carter, Joseph William
Carter, Keith
Carter, Kenneth Raymond Chambion
Carter, Kenneth Ross
Carter, Laurence Richmond
Carter, Leo Gabriel
Carter, Leonard Alfred
Carter, Leonard Charles
Carter, Leonard Thomas
Carter, Leslie
Carter, Leslie
Carter, Leslie Ernest
Carter, Leslie Herbert
Carter, Leslie Raymond
Carter, Leslie Thomas
Carter, Leslie Wilfred
Carter, Mark Medley
Carter, Mathew Cecil
Carter, Maurice Henry
Carter, Neville Jack Hussey
Carter, Nicholas
Carter, Nicholas Cecil James
Carter, Norman Edward
Carter, Norman Henry
Carter, Norman William John
Carter, Paul
Carter, Paul John
Carter, Peter
Carter, Peter Edward George
Carter, Philip Arthur
Carter, Philip Charles
Carter, Phillip John
Carter, Raymond George
Carter, Reginald Gordon
Carter, Reginald Jack
Carter, Reginald James
Carter, Reginald John
Carter, Reginald Leslie
Carter, Richard Douglas
Carter, Richard Edward
Carter, Richard Jeffery
Carter, Robert Charles
Carter, Robert Edward
Carter, Robert Frederick
Carter, Robert Gordon
Carter, Robert James
Carter, Robert Maxwell
Carter, Robert Richard
Carter, Robert Wynn Hunton
Carter, Ronald George
Carter, Ronald Graham White
Carter, Ronald Graham White
Carter, Ronald Ross
Carter, Rothney Alex
Carter, Roy Edward
Carter, Roy Kenneth
Carter, Sidney
Carter, Sidney Arthur
Carter, Stanley Albert
Carter, Stanley Arthur
Carter, Stanley Charles
Carter, Stanley Childs
Carter, Stanley Stewart
Carter, Stephen Hodge
Carter, Sydney Ernest Arthur
Carter, Thomas
Carter, Thomas
Carter, Thomas Maughan
Carter, Tony Kevin
Carter, Victor Charles
Carter, Victor George
Carter, Wallace
Carter, Walter Frederick
Carter, Wilfred
Carter, Wilfrid Stanley Townsend
Carter, William Charles
Carter, William Edwin
Carter, William Harry
Carter, William Jesse
Carthew, Eric Frank
Carthew, Ewin Garth
Carthew, John James
Carthew, William George
Carthew, William John
Carthy, Michael Francis
Carthy, Sydney John
Cartier, Joseph Louis Raymond Ferrier
Cartledge, Eric Kenneth
Cartlidge, Harold
Cartlidge, Richard Matthew
Cartmale, Albert
Cartmale, Charles Henry
Cartman, James Edward
Cartmel, Brian
Cartmell, Frank
Cartmell, Jack
Cartmell, John
Cartmell, Joseph Leadbetter
Cartmell, Joseph Milburn
Cartmell, Leonard Grizzelle
Cartmell, Mark Watson
Cartmell, Robert Joseph
Cartner, George Richard
Carton, William Bertram
Cartter, W C
Cartwright, Bernard
Cartwright, Cecil William
Cartwright, Charles Henry
Cartwright, Charles Horace
Cartwright, David IAnson
Cartwright, Edward Thomas Albert
Cartwright, Edwin
Cartwright, Eric
Cartwright, Eric
Cartwright, Frank
Cartwright, Geoffrey
Cartwright, Geoffrey Andrew
Cartwright, George
Cartwright, George Alfred
Cartwright, George Stevenson
Cartwright, Gordon
Cartwright, Harold
Cartwright, Harold
Cartwright, Henry
Cartwright, James
Cartwright, James
Cartwright, John Edward
Cartwright, John Neville
Cartwright, Laird Wallace
Cartwright, Lancelot Cyril
Cartwright, Leslie Henry
Cartwright, Lionel Leslie
Cartwright, Louis Richard Conway
Cartwright, Norman Byng
Cartwright, Roy Donald
Cartwright, Roy Victor
Cartwright, William
Cartwright, William Ernest
Carty, Arthur William
Carty, Harry Dennis Gordon
Carty, Joseph Francis
Carty, Martin
Caruth, Richard Alexander Yule
Carvajal, Earl Randolph
Carvalho, Paul D.
Carvell, John Frederick
Carvell, Reginald Cecil
Carver, Anthony Hugh
Carver, Herman Joe
Carver, John
Carver, John Champion
Carver, Joseph
Carver, Reginald Walter
Carver, Walter Leslie
Carvil, Lawrence Samuel
Carvill, Richard Douglas
Cary, Albert Ernest
Cary, Earl Stanley
Cary, Geoffrey Russell
Cary, Norris Robert
Cary, Sydney Leslie
Caryer, Paul Arthur Charles
Caryi, Charles Joseph Anthony
Caryll-Tilkin, Marcel Cuthbert
Caryll, Ian Brian
Casajuana, Ramon Dennis
Casaubon, Joseph Jean Jacques Fernand
Casaubon, Joseph Noe Gustave Robert
Casbolt, Terence William Henry
Casburn, Robert Hardie
Case, Emerson Earl
Case, Herbert Robert
Case, James Godfrey
Case, John Henry
Case, Kenneth
Case, L D
Case, Norman John
Case, Thomas Edward
Casebrook, Joseph
Caselberg, John Hart
Caseley, Reginald Job
Caselton, Kenneth
Caselton, Victor John
Casely, Norman Lewis
Casely, Reginald Henry
Casey, Allan James
Casey, Allan James
Casey, Andrew Dougall
Casey, Arthur Joseph Patrick
Casey, Barry William
Casey, Brian Anthony
Casey, George Francis
Casey, Hubert William
Casey, J J
Casey, James
Casey, James
Casey, James Nelson
Casey, John
Casey, John Alfred
Casey, John Austral
Casey, John Edwin
Casey, Leonard James
Casey, Michael James
Casey, Michael Ronald
Casey, Murray Gordon
Casey, Raymond Francis
Casey, Raymond Thomas
Casey, Terence Anthony
Casey, Theadore Edgar James
Casey, Trevor Kevin
Casey, William Aloysius
Casey, William Anthony
Casey, William Patrick
Cash, Alfred Valentine
Cash, Christopher
Cash, Desmond Terence
Cash, Eric Laurence
Cash, George Henry Joseph
Cash, John Francis
Cash, Louis
Cash, Noel
Cashen, Peter Henry
Casher, Frederick Einar
Cashin, John William
Cashin, Patrick
Cashion, George Allan
Cashion, Patrick Leslie
Cashman, Simon Michael
Cashman, William Michael
Cashmore, Horace
Cashmore, Philip
Casimiri, Harry
Caskey, Irvine Nathaniel
Caskey, Robin William
Caskie, John
Cason, Frederick George William
Casparius, Heinz Max
Casper, Leonard Charles
Cass, Douglas Arthur
Cass, Ernest George
Cass, Jeremy
Cass, Raymond
Cass, Robert Marwood
Cass, Ronald Foster
Cass, Sydney Evan Wallace
Cass, Walter Eric
Cass, William Ian
Cassady, John Melburne
Cassam, Arthur Henry
Cassan, John Douglas
Cassar, Carmello
Cassar, Henry John
Cassavetti, Ian Mckenzie
Cassell, John Edwin ONeil
Cassell, Peter
Cassell, Ronald Geoffrey
Cassell, Stephen Joseph
Cassell, William Arthur
Cassells, Andrew Stanley
Cassells, Francis John
Cassells, James
Cassells, William Hogg
Casselman, Donald John
Casselman, John Halifax
Cassels, James Jackson
Cassels, James King
Cassely, Albert Harold
Casserley, Norman James
Cassey, Sidney Reginald
Cassey, Tom
Cassidy, Bernard Hugh
Cassidy, Clyde Allen
Cassidy, Eric Arthur
Cassidy, Ethel
Cassidy, Frederick Reginald
Cassidy, Frederick William
Cassidy, George John
Cassidy, James
Cassidy, Joseph Charles
Cassidy, Lawrence Edward
Cassidy, Lorne Francis
Cassidy, Maxwell Harold
Cassidy, Michael Joseph
Cassidy, Patricia
Cassidy, Patrick
Cassidy, Ralph Beverley
Cassidy, Ronnie George
Cassidy, Thomas Cornelius
Cassie, Elena Juana
Cassin, James Patrick
Cassingham, Ernest
Cassini, Carl Winston
Casson, Brian Maurice
Casson, Frank Albert
Casson, John
Casson, John Hubert
Casson, William Harry
Casstles, John Hamilton
Casswell, William
Cassy, Colin Campbell
Castell, Arthur Edward Backhouse
Castell, Richard Albert
Castell, Ronald William
Castellari, Reginald Lionel
Castello, William Deryk
Castells, Nigel Paul Ivan
Castelow, Ben Hall
Castle-Hall, Reginald Alfred
Castle, Alfred
Castle, Barrington Vincent
Castle, Charles Frederick
Castle, Charles Frederick
Castle, Charles John
Castle, Colin Ewart Patrick
Castle, Eric Alexander
Castle, Frederick Arthur
Castle, Frederick John
Castle, Herbert
Castle, Hugh Wilfred
Castle, Ivor
Castle, James Armistice
Castle, John Gordon
Castle, Leonard
Castle, Leslie Walter
Castle, Melville Maxwell
Castle, Percy John
Castle, Stanley David
Castle, Sydney Harry Leonard
Castleman, D S
Castling, John Graham
Caston, Cyril Leon
Caston, Ronald Arthur
Caston, Thomas Walker
Castor, Ernest John
Caswell, Ebborn Ernest
Caswell, Garth Elliot
Caswell, Harry Cosgreave
Caswell, James John
Caswell, Joseph Henry
Catanach, James
Catch, Henry
Catchpole, John Frank
Catchpole, Joseph Ernest
Catchpole, Thomas William
Catchpole, Walter John
Cater, Frederick William
Cater, Leslie
Cater, Ronald Arthur
Cater, Ronald Charles George
Cater, Samuel
Cater, Wilfred Ernest
Caterer, James
Cates, Lawrence Reginald
Catford, Gilmour Sydney
Cathcart, Norman Carrel
Cathcart, Raymond Bertie
Catherall, Alan Edmond
Catherall, Charles Victor
Catherall, Ralph George Hall
Catheralle, Lloyd John Gordon
Catherine, L F H
Cathles, Noel Alfred Campbell
Cathrine, John
Cathrow, Rene Fisk
Catley, Basil Maccormack
Catley, Frederick Norman Colin
Catley, Raymond
Catlin, Ernest West
Catlin, James Frederick William
Catlin, Reginald William
Catling, George Walter
Catling, William Robert
Catlow, Ronald
Catmore, George Edward
Cato, Donald Antony
Cato, Hugh Orme
Cato, Malcolm Vernon
Cato, Percy Charles
Cato, Raymond Leonard
Cato, Reginald Hubert
Caton, Archie Ernest
Caton, Ernest Bernard
Caton, George Anthony Carlisle
Caton, George Arthur
Caton, John Edwin
Catron, William Alan
Catselis, Theofanis G
Catt, Arthur Rowland
Catt, Henry Nathaniel
Cattell, Edwin Annesley
Cattell, James Clark
Cattell, Leslie Philip
Cattemull, Eric Ernest Thomas
Catterall, Derrick Vivian
Catterall, Harry
Catterall, Robert
Catterick, James Henry
Cattermoul, Frank Harold
Catterns, John Burleigh Compton
Catterson, Charles Edgar
Catterwell, John Thomas George
Cattle, Aubrey Edward Henderson
Cattle, Thomas Robert Manard
Cattle, William James
Cattley, Alfred Patrick
Catto, George Symon
Catto, John Harrison
Catto, Patrick Tawse
Catto, Stuart George
Catton, Anthony Charles
Catton, Arthur Aspinall
Catton, Norman
Cattrall, Philip Rodney
Cattrall, Walter Bramley
Cauchi, Anthony William
Cauchy, Louis Augustin Marie
Caudell, William Ernest
Caudle, Ronald Hartlebury
Caudrey, Dennis Edward
Caughlin, Irene May
Caulderwood, John Samuel Davidson
Caulfield, Gordon John Joseph
Caulfield, J
Caulfield, William James
Caulkin, Thomas Henry
Caulley, Keith Mcclement
Caulton, Ivan
Caunt, Robert William
Caunt, William Edward
Caunter-jackson, Frederick Arthur
Caunter, Leonard James
Causer, Daniel Robert George
Causer, Edward
Causer, George Thomas
Causeway, Victor Horace
Causier, Russell George
Causley, Herbert William
Causley, Leonard
Causon, John Albert
Cauthers, William Austin
Cavadino, Francis Anthony
Cavaghan, Eric Graham
Cavan, Brian Moore
Cavanagh, Edward
Cavanagh, George Clayton
Cavanagh, James Healy
Cavanagh, Leonard Ernest
Cavanagh, Peter Wilkinson
Cavanagh, Ronald James
Cavanagh, William Timothy
Cavanaugh, Frank Napoleon Smith
Cavanaugh, Robert Joseph
Cave-Browne, Edward Henry
Cave, Alan Frederick
Cave, Albert Ferdinand
Cave, Arthur Ernest
Cave, Cyril George
Cave, Edward Colin
Cave, Edward James
Cave, Edward Norman
Cave, Francis Neville
Cave, Frederick
Cave, George
Cave, Jack Milton
Cave, Obadiah
Cave, Raymond
Cave, Ronald
Cave, Sidney Henry
Cave, Verner Grenville
Cave, William
Cave, William Walter
Cavelius, Gerhard
Caveney, Thomas James
Caveridge, Gergo
Caverley, Leon John
Caverly, Robert Joseph
Cavers, Robert Franklin
Cavie, Jack George
Cavill, Edward
Cavill, James Scott
Cavill, William Horace James
Cawdery, Victor Norman
Cawfield, Henry George
Cawker, Douglas Earl
Cawkwell, Maurice
Cawley, Claud Ronald Bond
Cawley, Francis
Cawley, Patrick Joseph
Cawley, Robert Jack
Cawse, Frederick Norman
Cawsey, Arthur Rogerson
Cawsey, John Nicholson
Cawson, Hugh Desmond
Cawthen, Douglas Allan
Cawthorn, Lewis Charles Liversedge
Cawthorne, Alan
Cawthorne, Colin
Cawthorne, Donald
Cawthorne, Frederick William
Cawthorne, John Thomas
Cawthorne, Philip Edward
Cawthra, Norman Algar Musgrove
Cayer, Albert Jean William
Caygill, Frank
Cayless, George Reuben Stacey
Cayley, William Edgar
Cayton, Thomas Arthur
Cazalet, Alexander Brise Travers
Cazalet, Michael Peter
Cazaly, Cuthbert Keith
Cebrzynski, Arsen
Cebrzynski, Wiktor
Cebula, Edward
Cech, Josef
Cechrzycki, Jerzy
Cecil, Mervyn Leslie
Cecil, The Hon. Richard Hugh Vere
Ceeley, Arthur Frederick
Ceely, George William
Ceeney, George Edmund Henry
Ceglinski, Kazimierz
Ceglowski, Edward
Celliers, Gustav Carel
Cembala, Antoni
Cenitch, Alexander
Cent, Walerian
Cephas Simoni,
Cermak, Jaroslav
Cernohorsky, Ladislav
Cerny, Vaclav
Cervi, Louis
Cervinka, Miroslav
Ceybird, Wilson John
Chabara, Alexander James
Chabot, Charles Warden Ernest
Chabot, John Joseph Graham
Chabot, Leonard Joseph Reynold
Chabot, Marc Roger
Chabrowski, Stanislaw Antoni
Chace, Quentin Burl
Chacksfield, Douglas Geater
Chadaway, John Alfred
Chadbond, Austin
Chadbourne, Frank
Chadburn, Edward Frank
Chadburn, Iris
Chadburn, Lloyd Vernon
Chadd, Denis Thomas
Chadd, Edwin Bruce
Chaddock, Horace Albert
Chadfield, George Edward
Chadwick-Bates, Arthur George Jackson
Chadwick, Alfred
Chadwick, Allan Masheder
Chadwick, Barton
Chadwick, C A E
Chadwick, Charles Geoffrey
Chadwick, Cyril
Chadwick, Eric
Chadwick, Ernest
Chadwick, George Kenneth
Chadwick, Harold
Chadwick, Harry
Chadwick, Harry
Chadwick, James William
Chadwick, John Edwin
Chadwick, John Grant
Chadwick, John Messiter
Chadwick, John Taylor
Chadwick, Leslie Anwyl
Chadwick, Richard
Chadwick, Ronald William
Chadwick, Roy Blackwell
Chadwick, Stanley
Chadwick, Stanley Frederick
Chadwick, Thomas Noel
Chadwick, Thomas Patrick
Chadwick, Tom
Chadwick, Vivian Raymund
Chadwick, William Henry
Chadwick, William Robert
Chafer, Stanley Robert
Chaffe, Arthur Ernest
Chaffe, George
Chaffe, George Richard
Chaffe, Ronald Ivor
Chaffey, Arthur Vivan Knight (Gerry)
Chaffey, Frederic Munroe
Chaffey, George Henry
Chaffey, Hector Clayton
Chakravarti, K B
Chakravarti, M
Chalcraft, Stanley William
Chalcroft, Walter James George
Chaldecott, Eric William John
Chalder, Harry Hutchinson
Chalice, Leonard Harry
Chalifour, Joseph Maurice
Chalk, Albert Edward
Chalk, Charles Frank
Chalk, Edward Eugene
Chalk, Everett William
Chalk, Frederick Gerald Hudson
Chalk, Frederick Rodney Albert
Chalk, Jeffrey Thomas Ernest
Chalk, Kenneth William
Chalke, Eric Harry Geoffrey
Chalken, Christopher Norman
Chalker, Charles Leslie
Chalkley, Edward John
Chalkley, Frank Douglas
Chalkley, John
Chalklin, Stanley Kenneth
Challen, Arthur Henry
Challender, Arthur
Challenger, Albert Edward
Challenger, Clifford James
Challenger, Spencer George
Challes, John Thomas Irvine
Challicombe, Henry George (Pem)
Challinor, Arthur Frederick
Challinor, George
Challinor, James Edward
Challis, Albert Clifford
Challis, Brian William
Challis, Donald Clive
Challis, Donald Maurice
Challis, Edgar Glynn
Challis, Edward
Challis, George Christopher
Challis, Harold
Challis, Harold
Challis, John Frederick
Challis, Keith Leonard
Challis, Michael Bruce Henry
Challis, Norman David
Challoner, Charles Stuart
Challoner, Thomas William
Chalmer, Edward Dawson
Chalmers, Alan
Chalmers, Alfred Reid
Chalmers, David
Chalmers, David
Chalmers, David Longmore
Chalmers, David Rainnie
Chalmers, Frederick Lorne
Chalmers, Gerald Graham
Chalmers, Gordon
Chalmers, Henry Edward
Chalmers, Ivor Fredric
Chalmers, Ivor Ramsay
Chalmers, James
Chalmers, James Chute
Chalmers, James George William
Chalmers, James Redfearn
Chalmers, John
Chalmers, John Geoffrey
Chalmers, Kenneth Stuart
Chalmers, Murray Alexander
Chalmers, Peter William Simpson
Chalmers, Robert Allan Arthur
Chalmers, Robert James
Chalmers, Robert William
Chalmers, Thomas
Chalmers, Thomas Harvey
Chalmers, William
Chalmers, William
Chalmers, William
Chalmers, William Elder
Chaloner Lindsey, Patrick
Chaloner, George
Chalton, Harold
Chalupa, Jan
Chamberlain, Croyden Jelfs Edinborough
Chamberlain, Edward
Chamberlain, Edward Adlington
Chamberlain, Eric Frank
Chamberlain, Frederick Sydney
Chamberlain, Gordon Arthur
Chamberlain, Herbert Edward
Chamberlain, Jack
Chamberlain, James Erroll
Chamberlain, John Alfred
Chamberlain, John William
Chamberlain, Lloyd Montgomery
Chamberlain, Noel Austin
Chamberlain, Paul Burton
Chamberlain, Richard
Chamberlain, Richard John
Chamberlain, Stanley David
Chamberlain, Thomas Henry
Chamberlain, Walter James
Chamberlain, Walter William
Chamberlain, William Eric
Chamberlain, William James
Chamberlain, Willie Austin (Bill)
Chamberlin, Guy Hesketh
Chamberlin, John Gardner
Chambers, Albert
Chambers, Albert Edward
Chambers, Arthur Alfred
Chambers, Charles Ernest
Chambers, Clarke Munro
Chambers, Colin Frederick
Chambers, Cyril Henry
Chambers, David William Arlidge
Chambers, Douglas Edward Cyril
Chambers, Francis Thomas
Chambers, Frank
Chambers, Frederick
Chambers, Geoffrey
Chambers, Geoffrey Pender
Chambers, George Henry
Chambers, George James
Chambers, George William
Chambers, Graham Lambert
Chambers, Harry
Chambers, Henry
Chambers, Hunter
Chambers, Jack Harvey
Chambers, John Albert
Chambers, John Anthony
Chambers, John Claridge
Chambers, John Mcdonald
Chambers, John William
Chambers, Joseph Arthur
Chambers, Joseph Maccrae
Chambers, Joseph Robert
Chambers, Kenneth Eric
Chambers, Leonard John
Chambers, Madge Wilson
Chambers, N A
Chambers, Patrick Kelly
Chambers, Ralph
Chambers, Reginald John
Chambers, Richard
Chambers, Richard Douglas Clutterbuck
Chambers, Richard Eric
Chambers, Robert Lloyd
Chambers, Roy Arthur
Chambers, Samuel William
Chambers, Stanley Victor
Chambers, Sydney
Chambers, Sydney John Albert
Chambers, Thomas
Chambers, Thomas William
Chambers, Thomas William
Chambers, Walter Owen Earl
Chambers, William
Chambers, William
Chambers, William
Chambers, William Edmund
Chambers, William Frederick
Chambers, William Helm
Chambers, William Henry
Chambers, William John
Chambers, William John
Chambers, William Martin
Chambers, William Thomas Charles
Chambers, William Victor
Chambers, Williams Charles
Chamier, Patrick Anthony
Chamney, Burnet Montieth
Champ, Sidney George
Champ, Wilfred Stanley
Champagne, Roland Marcel Joseph
Champion-Jones, Peter Smithard
Champion, Albert George
Champion, Dudley Sydney
Champion, Ellwin Clair
Champion, Frederick John Joseph
Champion, Harry Mathew
Champion, John Ghrimes
Champion, Philip Arthur
Champion, Wilfred Albert
Champion, William James
Champkin, Douglas George
Champness, Edward Frank
Champness, John Alec
Champoux, Joseph Lucien Anatole
Chan Khey Thye,
Chan, Oswald
Chance, Albert Donald
Chance, Albert Edward
Chance, Horace Ramsdall
Chance, Ivor Wyndham
Chancellor, Charles Richard
Chancellor, Peter Rees
Chancellor, Robert Nevin
Chancellor, Roland Niall
Chancey, Wallace Wilbur
Chand Bhai,
Chand, N C
Chandler, Alan Victor
Chandler, Albert William
Chandler, Alfred George
Chandler, Alfred James
Chandler, Beverley Kilgour
Chandler, Charles Arthur
Chandler, Cyril Frank
Chandler, Cyril Harry
Chandler, David John
Chandler, Dennis Raymond James
Chandler, Edward Fred
Chandler, Evelyn Joyce
Chandler, Ewart Vincent
Chandler, Frederick John
Chandler, George Neville
Chandler, Gordon Emery
Chandler, Harold John
Chandler, Henry George Ernest
Chandler, James
Chandler, James John
Chandler, Joan Phillis (Judy)
Chandler, John Derek
Chandler, John Frank
Chandler, John Harold
Chandler, John Henry
Chandler, John Joseph
Chandler, John Lincoln
Chandler, John Noel Thomas
Chandler, Joseph
Chandler, Keith John
Chandler, Kenneth Ernest
Chandler, Leslie Albert
Chandler, Leslie Victor
Chandler, Leslie Victor
Chandler, Reginald
Chandler, Reginald
Chandler, Robert Barcham
Chandler, Roger Staniforth
Chandler, Ronald
Chandler, Ronald William
Chandler, Rowland John Paul
Chandler, Roy Edward
Chandler, Sydney Therald
Chandler, Thomas Herbert
Chandler, William Charles
Chandler, William Thomas
Chandos, Ronald George
Chandran Valiathodigil,
Chaney, George Edwin
Chanin, Robert Arthur
Chaning-Pearce, Paul
Chanler, Peter George Victor
Channer, Richard William
Channing, Cyril Oscar
Channing, Denys William Birkett
Channon, Alfred Charles
Channon, Francis Edward
Channon, Gordon
Channon, Oswald John
Channon, Peter
Chant, Cyril Dinham
Chant, Dennis Vivien
Chant, Leslie
Chant, Richard Anthony
Chant, William Gordon
Chant, William Morton
Chantler, Betty Edwina Violet
Chantler, Edward Dan
Chantler, John Alexander Ansell
Chantler, John Christopher
Chantler, Robert Edward
Chantrell, Arthur Stuart
Chantrell, Kenneth Walter
Chantry, Frederick Patrick
Chantry, Richard
Chap, Norman Richard
Chaplin, Arthur Russel
Chaplin, D M
Chaplin, Ernest Frederick
Chaplin, G
Chaplin, George Ernest
Chaplin, Harry
Chaplin, Jack
Chaplin, James Walter
Chaplin, Kenneth Walter
Chaplin, Norman Frederick
Chaplin, R E
Chaplin, Robert
Chaplin, Ronald James
Chaplin, Sidney John
Chaplin, Stephen
Chapman, Alan Osborn
Chapman, Alan Vivien Samuel
Chapman, Alan Wilson
Chapman, Alfred Charles Richard
Chapman, Alfred Sidney
Chapman, Alfred William Musgrave
Chapman, Ambrose Arthur
Chapman, Anthony William
Chapman, Antony Dutton
Chapman, Arthur
Chapman, Arthur Edward
Chapman, Arthur George
Chapman, Arthur Henry
Chapman, Arthur Rex
Chapman, Arthur Stanley
Chapman, Benjamin
Chapman, Cecil
Chapman, Cedric Arthur
Chapman, Charles
Chapman, Charles Henry
Chapman, Chelmsford Edward
Chapman, Christopher Geoffrey Blomfield
Chapman, Clifford Frederick
Chapman, Colin Deans
Chapman, Colin Frank Mortlock
Chapman, Cyril
Chapman, David
Chapman, David Vant
Chapman, Donald Harold
Chapman, Donald Hugh John
Chapman, Douglas Elliott
Chapman, Douglas Launcelot Blackmore
Chapman, Drummond
Chapman, E B
Chapman, Earl William (Bill)
Chapman, Edward Ferguson
Chapman, Edward Geoffrey
Chapman, Edwin Alan
Chapman, Edwin Delaney
Chapman, Eric
Chapman, Eric
Chapman, Eric Percy
Chapman, Ernest Harrington
Chapman, Ernest John
Chapman, Ernest Walter James
Chapman, Francis Blomfield
Chapman, Frank
Chapman, Frank
Chapman, Frank Edward Walter
Chapman, Frank Louis
Chapman, Frederick George
Chapman, Frederick John
Chapman, Frederick Russell Forbes
Chapman, Geoffrey Bertrand
Chapman, Geoffrey George
Chapman, Geoffrey Thomas
Chapman, George
Chapman, George
Chapman, George
Chapman, George Alfred
Chapman, George Charles
Chapman, George Edward
Chapman, George Ernest
Chapman, George William
Chapman, Gordon Lawrence
Chapman, Gordon Lindsay
Chapman, Gordon Victor
Chapman, Harold
Chapman, Harold Augustus
Chapman, Harold Edward
Chapman, Harold Ernest Leslie
Chapman, Harry
Chapman, Harry Denzil
Chapman, Harry Waller
Chapman, Henry Charles Alfred
Chapman, Henry Eric
Chapman, Henry Godfrey
Chapman, Henry Holmes
Chapman, Henry Raymond Gordon
Chapman, Herbert James Marriott
Chapman, Hilda Grace
Chapman, Hubert Harry
Chapman, J B
Chapman, Jack Routledge
Chapman, James Alexander
Chapman, James Douglas
Chapman, John
Chapman, John
Chapman, John Austin Charles
Chapman, John Ernest
Chapman, John Henry
Chapman, John Henry Abel
Chapman, John Randall
Chapman, John William
Chapman, John William
Chapman, John Wynne
Chapman, Joseph Ernest
Chapman, Keith Gordon
Chapman, Kenneth
Chapman, Kenneth
Chapman, Kenneth Dudley
Chapman, Kenneth F.
Chapman, Kenneth Herbert
Chapman, Kenneth John
Chapman, Kenneth Louis
Chapman, Kenneth Sidney James
Chapman, Leonard Arthur
Chapman, Leonard Frank
Chapman, Leonard Tyne
Chapman, Leslie
Chapman, Leslie George
Chapman, Leslie Harold
Chapman, Lewis William
Chapman, Lloyd Edwin
Chapman, Maurice Allen
Chapman, Neil Procter
Chapman, Norman Richard
Chapman, Patrick James
Chapman, Paul Geoffrey
Chapman, Percy
Chapman, Peter Lewis
Chapman, Philip Albert
Chapman, Philip Arthur
Chapman, Philip Hayne
Chapman, Philip Pedrick
Chapman, Raymond Henry
Chapman, Reginald Benjamin Walter
Chapman, Reginald Clifford
Chapman, Reginald Montague
Chapman, Richard James
Chapman, Richard Kenneth
Chapman, Robert Alfred
Chapman, Robert Eric
Chapman, Robert Herbert
Chapman, Robert Scott
Chapman, Ronald
Chapman, Ronald Arthur
Chapman, Ronald Ellis
Chapman, Roy Benjamin
Chapman, Roy William
Chapman, Russell Ernest
Chapman, Russell Jesse
Chapman, Sidney William
Chapman, Stanley
Chapman, Stanley
Chapman, Stanley
Chapman, Thomas Arnold
Chapman, Thomas Charles
Chapman, Tudor
Chapman, W J
Chapman, Walter James
Chapman, Wilbur Henry
Chapman, Wilfred
Chapman, Wilfred George
Chapman, William
Chapman, William Arthur Hargreaves
Chapman, William Geoffrey
Chapman, William John
Chapman, William Laing
Chapman, William Merton
Chapman, William Patrick Delaney
Chapman, William Risden
Chapman, William Stevenson
Chapman, William Waddell
Chappel, Albert James Aidan
Chappell, Alan Lancaster
Chappell, Albert
Chappell, Boyce Herbert
Chappell, Charles John
Chappell, Charles Lancelot
Chappell, Charles Robert
Chappell, Denis
Chappell, Douglas Stanley Knox
Chappell, George Edward
Chappell, Harry
Chappell, Howard Douglas
Chappell, James Etherington
Chappell, John Arnold
Chappell, Keith Ernest Ansell
Chappell, Leonard Arthur
Chappell, Leslie Frank
Chappell, Peter Anthony
Chappell, Peter Clarence
Chappell, Raymond Charles
Chappell, Ronald Sidney
Chappell, Sidney
Chappell, Stanley
Chappell, Stanley Frederick Walter
Chappell, William Edwin
Chappell, William Harold
Chappise, Richard Robert
Chapple, Charles Hilton
Chapple, Douglas William Ernest
Chapple, Ellicott Alfred Hunter
Chapple, Ivan
Chapple, Ivor
Chapple, Paxton
Chapple, Peter Bernard
Chapple, Robert Harry George
Chapple, Victor Newell
Chapple, Walter James
Charalambous, Christakis
Charalambous, Panagis
Charan Das Sharma,
Charbonneau, Ivan Lee
Charbonneau, Joseph Milton Lorraine
Charbonneau, Regis Fernand
Chard, Donald Horace
Chard, Humphrey Yule
Chard, Wilfred Thomas
Chard, William Francis
Charde, William Crawford
Charest, Joseph Marie Antoine Laurent
Charker, John Eskrett
Charland, Robert Albert
Charlebois, Edward William Leon
Charlebois, Gordon Phillip
Charles Benoni Addico,
Charles Nyazua,
Charles-jones, John Kenneth
Charles, David Arthur
Charles, David Owen
Charles, Derek Elliott Stafford
Charles, Edward Christopher
Charles, Eric Arthur
Charles, Frederick William Rodney
Charles, Guy Pendrill
Charles, Gwilym
Charles, Haydn Melville
Charles, Haydn Rendal
Charles, Hilton David
Charles, James Wyreman
Charles, John Hamilton
Charles, Peter Sherriff
Charles, Ralph Terence
Charles, Richard Brian
Charles, Robert
Charles, Thomas Eric
Charles, Thomas William
Charles, Vincent
Charles, Walter James
Charles, William James Donald
Charleson, George Slater
Charlesworth, Alan
Charlesworth, Derek
Charlesworth, Douglas Neal
Charlesworth, Edgar Richard
Charlesworth, George Elliott
Charlesworth, Gilbert Alan
Charlesworth, Harold Walley
Charlesworth, Jack
Charlesworth, John Henry
Charlesworth, Kenneth
Charlesworth, Richard Brian
Charlesworth, Tom
Charlesworth, Trevor George William
Charlesworth, William Hustler
Charleton, Robert
Charley, John
Charley, John Ross
Charlick, David Harold Victor
Charlick, Dean Gordon
Charlier, John Marcel
Charlier, Martin Joseph Julien
Charlier, Peter Joseph
Charlish, Malcolm
Charlottes, Reginald Alfred
Charlton-Jones, Cecil
Charlton, Alexander Nelson
Charlton, Douglas
Charlton, Eric Howard
Charlton, Frank
Charlton, Frederick
Charlton, Herbert Percy Durtnall
Charlton, James Ferguson
Charlton, John
Charlton, John Lawrence
Charlton, John Robert
Charlton, John Thomas
Charlton, Leslie Albert
Charlton, Norman
Charlton, Norman Quentin
Charlton, Raymond
Charlton, Raymond Clyde
Charlton, Raymond Cyril Frederick
Charlton, Ronald
Charlton, Ronald
Charlton, Ross Conger
Charlton, Stanley
Charlton, Thomas Trevor
Charlton, Vivian Basil
Charlton, William Frederick Dixon
Charlton, William Frederick Samuel
Charlton, William Kenneth
Charlton, William Roy Kenneth
Charlwood, Anthony Thomas
Charman, Edward George
Charman, George Charles
Charman, Keith
Charman, Peter James
Charmer, Herbert
Charnaud, Laurence Edward
Charnell, Nathaniel
Charney, Frederick Richard Howard
Charnley, Thomas
Charnley, Thomas Ignatius
Charnley, William
Charnock, Frederick Robert
Charnock, James Hannan
Charnock, John Frederick
Charnock, Kenneth Robert
Charnock, Leonard
Charnock, Sydney
Charron, Arthur Ernest
Charron, Joseph Hilarion
Charron, Philip Marcel
Charron, Ronald Edward Oscar
Charrosin, Eric William Frederick
Charrott, Charles William
Chart, George Arthur
Charter, Richard Alfred
Charteris, Walter Ian
Charters, Aubrey Bute
Charters, Cecil Deryck
Charters, John Bennett
Charters, Ralph David
Charters, Robert John
Charters, Robert William
Charters, William
Chartier, Joseph Leon Triffle
Charton, Moses
Chartrand, John Louis Edmond
Chase-casgrain, Marie Guy Alexandre
Chase, Albert John
Chase, Derek John
Chase, Howard Winfield
Chase, Raymond Eustace Gordon
Chase, Robert Fleming
Chase, William Mclaurin
Chase, Wilmot George
Chasmar, Maurice Dudley
Chaston, Dennis Alfred
Chaston, Frederick
Chaston, Lionel Greer
Chaston, Thomas William
Chataway, Cosmo Clive
Chatburn, Ronald
Chater, Roy Edward
Chater, Thomas George Gibbon
Chatfield, Charlie William Noel
Chatfield, Herbert Arthur George
Chatfield, Kenneth Charles
Chatfield, Ronald Arthur
Chatfield, Russell Edmund
Chatfield, Thomas Charles
Chatfield, Walter Lawrence
Chatson, Raymond
Chatt, Eric
Chattaway, Albert
Chattell, David Gifford
Chatteris, William George
Chatterley, Cecil William
Chatters, William Albert Alfred
Chatterton, Edward
Chatterton, Eric Frank
Chatterton, Haigh
Chatterton, Henry John
Chatterton, Lawrence Albert
Chattin, Peter Warren
Chatto, Harry Stewart
Chatwin, Francis Reginald
Chatwin, Rex Joseph
Chaudhury, Kali Prasad
Chaulk, Artillus
Chauncy, Peter Anthony Reginald
Chaundy, George Raymond Peter
Chaundy, Maurice Leonard
Chauvin, Joseph Leon Alfred
Chave, Frederick Stanley Hubert
Chave, Owen Cecil
Chawanski, Adam Philip
Chaytor, Dennis
Cheadle, Alfred Ronald
Cheadle, George
Cheadle, Richard John
Cheal, Geoffrey Laurence
Cheal, William Edward
Cheale, Warren Herbert
Cheasman, Harold Alma
Cheatle, Allen Leonard
Cheatle, Raey Hilton
Cheatley, George Johnston
Checchi, David Alwyn
Checketts, Cecil Walter
Checketts, Ernest Edward
Checketts, Frank Reginald William
Checkley, Francis
Checkley, Ivor Arthur
Checkley, Jack Ernest
Chee Hock Hoi,
Cheek, Richard Leslie William
Cheers, Alfred Edward
Cheese, Alfred Charles
Cheese, Charles Albert
Cheese, William Desmond
Cheesebrough, John Sidney
Cheeseman, Harold Norman
Cheeseman, Kenneth Leslie (Kell)
Cheeseman, Raymond Edward William
Cheeseman, Sidney Arthur
Cheeseman, Sydney Hatfield
Cheesewright, Albert George Frederick
Cheesman, A E F
Cheesman, Alan Merton
Cheesman, Alfred Jack
Cheesman, Gordon Roy
Cheesman, J E D
Cheesman, Ronald Charles James
Cheesman, Ronald Frank
Cheesman, William
Cheesman, William Rowland
Cheetham, Alfred
Cheetham, Arnold Foster
Cheetham, Arthur James
Cheetham, Ernest
Cheetham, Frank Alan
Cheetham, George Thomas
Cheetham, Gerald Harry
Cheetham, Herbert Thomas
Cheetham, James Arthur
Cheetham, John Cowper
Cheetham, Norman
Cheetham, Ronald William
Cheetham, Thomas Harry Wentworth
Cheetham, Walter Callwood
Cheetham, William Harris
Chegwidden, Elias Stout
Chegwyn, R L
Chell, David Graham
Chell, John Francis
Chell, Lional Hawkins
Chellew, John Albert
Chellew, Thomas William
Chelman, William Ossian
Chelu, Robert William
Chenery, Charles Aaron
Chenery, Leslie Charles
Chenery, Roy Alan Frederick
Chenery, Victor Stanley (Vic)
Cheney, Clarence Albert
Cheney, David Leopold
Cheney, Frederick
Cheney, Jack
Cheney, Kenneth
Cheney, Norman James
Cheng Kok Hung,
Chenoweth, Colin Maxwell
Chenoweth, Eric
Chenu, John Corrie
Cheong Yong Kwan,
Chepil, Mack
Chequer, George Joseph
Cherer, Kenneth Claude
Cherkinsky, Arthur David
Cherkinsky, Joseph
Cherniuk, George
Cherns, Harold
Cheropita, William Thomas
Cherrie, Alexander William
Cherrington, Geoffrey Inglesby
Cherrington, R L
Cherrington, Richard Arthur
Cherrington, Richard Lenard
Cherry, Arthur John
Cherry, Charles Sydney
Cherry, Frederick John
Cherry, James Stuart
Cherry, Norman Frank
Cherry, William
Chesher, Cyril George
Cheshire, Harry William
Cheshire, Kenneth George
Cheshire, Kenneth William
Cheshire, William John
Chesman, George Hall
Chesman, John Hoole
Chesnutt, Cyril
Chesnutt, George
Chess, James Barry
Chesser, Ronald Etheridge
Chesshire, Neville Leigh
Chesson, Frederick John Charles
Chesson, Lawrence George
Chesson, Robert Frank
Chessor, Edward William
Chessum, Kenneth Stanley
Chessun, Laurent Harry
Chester-Master, Julian Paul
Chester, Albert George
Chester, Arthur
Chester, Arthur John
Chester, Augustus Bryan
Chester, Charles Whitley
Chester, Donovan Joseph
Chester, Harold James
Chester, Herbert William
Chester, Hurll Fontayne
Chester, Ivan Isadore
Chester, Jack
Chester, John William
Chester, Joseph Harold
Chester, Kenneth George
Chester, Lambert Albert
Chester, Leonard Harry
Chester, Ralph Owen
Chester, Richard George
Chester, Richard Howard
Chester, Robert Edward Frederick
Chester, Stanley Charles
Chester, Walter
Chester, William Roy
Chesterfield, Anthony Frank
Chesterman, Eric
Chesterman, Humphrey William Albert
Chesterman, Robert Charles
Chesterman, Sydney Noel
Chesters, Colin Platt
Chesters, John Christopher
Chesters, Peter
Chesters, Ralph Sherwin
Chesters, Walter Ernest
Chesterton, Paul Fulton
Chestnut, Guy Alexander
Chesworth, Harold
Chetham, Charles Arthur Copeland
Chetney, Rolf Arthur
Chetter, Alan Ernest
Chetwynd-Stapylton, Edward Miles
Chevalier, Joseph Bruno Vianney
Chevalier, Joseph Frederic
Chevers, William John
Cheverton, Charles James
Cheverton, Oliver Frank
Chevrier, George Albert
Chevrier, Joseph Adelard Real
Chevrier, Joseph Armand Jacques
Chevrier, Lawrence Theodore
Chew, Alan David
Chew, Bernard
Chew, Clifford Archibald
Chew, Frank
Chew, Norman Alfred Pinxton
Cheyne, Alexander
Cheyne, Alexander Wilson
Cheyne, F
Cheyne, George James
Cheyne, Ian Mcdonald
Cheyne, James Linklater Birnie
Cheyne, Richard John
Cheyne, William David
Chhotu Ram,
Chia Kim Liang,
Chiappa-Sinclair, Alfred Joseph
Chiasson, John Charles
Chiazzari, Keith Bartram
Chibanoff, Alexander
Chick, Charles Horace Gordon
Chick, Donald Walter
Chick, Laurence Guy
Chick, William John Stockwell
Chicken, John
Chicoine, Joseph Vincent
Chiddenton, Arthur Dickens
Chiddick, William Edward Ambrose
Chidell, Lawrence Francis
Chidgey, Frank Stanley Guest
Chidgey, Maurice Ivor
Chidlow, Frederick Erick
Chidwick, Jeffrey James
Chignell, Robert Alexander
Chigwidden, John Joseph
Chilcott, Charles Henry
Chilcott, Fernley Graham
Chilcott, Roy Anthony
Child, Alan James
Child, Arthur George
Child, Bertram John
Child, Charles Colby
Child, Colin Gartrell
Child, Frank Cecil
Child, George
Child, Harry Ian
Child, James Sydney
Child, Norman
Child, Roy Craven
Child, Royston James
Childe-Freeman, Edwyn Ralph
Childe, Frederick Richard
Childe, Leslie Eric
Childs, Alfred J.
Childs, Arthur Henry
Childs, Brian Austin
Childs, Charles Phillip Dent
Childs, Edward Horace
Childs, Eric Borlase
Childs, Flora Alice
Childs, Francis George
Childs, Frank
Childs, Frank
Childs, Jack Leslie
Childs, Jack Whitney
Childs, John Rowlison
Childs, Robert William
Childs, Stanley Thomas
Childs, Thomas Harry
Childs, Victor George
Chiles, Kenneth
Chillingworth, Bernard John
Chillingworth, Charles Walter George
Chilmaid, George William
Chilman, Peter Ernest
Chilton, Albert
Chilton, Eric George
Chilton, Frank
Chilton, Frank
Chilton, Philip Stanley
Chilver, Kenneth Graham
Chilvers, George Alfred
Chilvers, Harry
Chilvers, John Ernest
Chilvers, John George Bruce
Chilvers, William James
Chin Ah Yin,
Chin, Arthur Charles
Chinchen, Henry James
Chinery, Jack
Chinery, Raymond Trevor
Chinery, Roy William
Ching, Alan Harold
Ching, William Michael
Chinn, Edward James
Chinn, Peter
Chinn, Richard Thomas
Chinner, John Edward
Chinnery, Bruce Charles
Chinnery, Lavington Edmund John F.
Chinnery, Roy Victor
Chinnick, John David
Chipchase, Kenneth William
Chiplin, Arthur
Chipling, Alban Philip Sidney
Chipman, Charles Anthony
Chipp, Henry Thomas William
Chippendale, Geoffrey Brian
Chippendale, Malcolm George Rea
Chipperfield, Charles Townsend
Chipperfield, Gordon Frederick
Chippindale, Kenneth James
Chipps, W D
Chirighin, Cecil David
Chirnside, Arthur Leslie
Chirnside, John Walter
Chisamore, Joseph Alexander
Chisholm, Alexander Frederick
Chisholm, Allan Robert John
Chisholm, Colin Alexander
Chisholm, Colin Laidler
Chisholm, David Galt
Chisholm, Donald Alexander
Chisholm, Gordon Thomas Lister
Chisholm, J A
Chisholm, John Harry Mackellar
Chisholm, John Norman
Chisholm, Robert Stanley
Chisholm, Robert William Tylden
Chisholm, Roderick James
Chisholm, Ronald Frederick
Chisholm, Wallace
Chislett, Edward Arthur
Chislett, Herbert Alfred
Chislett, Kenneth Edwin
Chislett, Raymond Colin
Chisman, Arthur Langley
Chisnall, Brian Nevill
Chisnall, James
Chisnall, Leslie Malcolm
Chisnell, Robert Hilliard
Chittaranjan Roy,
Chittenden, Peter
Chittenden, Walter John
Chittick, Jack Charles
Chitticks, Dennis Harold Albert
Chittim, Richard Hugh
Chittock, Isaiah Lewis
Chittock, Jack Gordon
Chittock, Victor Charles
Chittock, Wesley Victor
Chitty, Cyril Chilton
Chitty, Donald James Dupree
Chitty, Edward
Chitty, Francis Frederick William
Chitty, John Thomas
Chitty, Richard Lawrence
Chitty, Ronald James
Chitty, Walter Evan
Chitty, William Campbell
Chivers, Albert Dudley
Chivers, Ernest Keele
Chivers, Eugene George Frederick
Chivers, Frank
Chivers, John
Chivers, Peter
Chivers, Raymond Harold
Chiverton, Frank George
Chiverton, Harold George Raymond
Chiverton, Max Haslehurst
Chlistowski, Jan
Chlopik, Tadeusz Pawel
Chlosta, Stanislaw
Chlup, Jaroslav
Chmielowiec, Andrzej
Chmielowiec, Theodore Edward
Choak, Kenneth Henry
Chobaniuk, Nicholas
Chocholin, Vladislav
Chodzicki, Jerzy
Cholette, Joseph Henri Jacques
Cholmeley, Anthony Hugh
Choma, Constantin Robert
Chomley, John Allison George
Chope, Arthur Valentine
Chope, Christopher Augustine
Chope, Norman John
Choppen, Norman John
Chopping, Ralph Campbell
Chopping, Stanley George
Chorley, Robert Alexander
Chorley, Verdun James
Chorlton, Hugh Gartside
Chorneyko, Athanazie
Chornous, William
Chote, Arthur Haydn Frederick
Chote, Keith Gilbert
Chouchoux, H J E
Chouinard, Joseph Henri Jules Elie
Chouiniere, Eugene Edward
Chouteau, Henri
Chowen, William Ronald
Chown, Douglas Gordon Cameron
Chown, William Robert
Chowns, Nurden Anderson
Chrimes, Oswald Kenneth
Chrisp, Robert Brown
Christ, Walter Alfred
Christensen, Arnold George
Christensen, Carlyle George
Christensen, Daniel Joseph
Christensen, Edward Manton
Christensen, Gavin Keith Henry
Christensen, George
Christensen, Severin
Christenson, Floyd Raymond
Christian, Arnold Louis
Christian, Charles David Gordon
Christian, Douglas
Christian, Harold David
Christian, Henry Lisle
Christian, Kenneth Cregeen
Christian, Percival Clarke
Christian, Philip Arthur
Christian, Roy James
Christian, Thomas J J
Christiansen, Friedel
Christiansen, John Horace
Christiansen, William
Christianson, Chris Zane Robert
Christie, Alan Wright
Christie, Alastair
Christie, Alec Macnaughton
Christie, Alexander Anthony
Christie, Alexander Baxter
Christie, Allen Frederick
Christie, Andrew
Christie, Arthur Stafford
Christie, Burton Roxborough
Christie, Charles
Christie, Charles Alexander Peter
Christie, Charles Cecil
Christie, Charles Wellington
Christie, David Darling
Christie, Elizabeth Margaret
Christie, Ernest Tastard
Christie, Frederick
Christie, George
Christie, George Patterson
Christie, Harry Dean
Christie, Henry
Christie, Herbert George
Christie, James
Christie, James Alexander
Christie, James Balfour
Christie, James Oliver
Christie, John
Christie, John
Christie, John
Christie, John Charles Grant
Christie, John Mcbean
Christie, John Millar
Christie, John Webster
Christie, Leslie
Christie, Malcolm Keith
Christie, Paul Anthony
Christie, Ralph Vigne
Christie, Richard Morley
Christie, Robert
Christie, Robert Craig
Christie, Robert Dougall
Christie, Robert Foster
Christie, Robert George Merson
Christie, Robert Gunn
Christie, Robert Stanley
Christie, Robert Thomas
Christie, Ronald Cecil
Christie, Sidney Edward
Christie, Stanley Alexander
Christie, Trevor Alan Mackenzie
Christie, William August
Christie, William Blair
Christie, William Douglas
Christie, William James
Christie, William Morton
Christie, William Templeton
Christien, William Roderic
Christine, Wilbert Ronald
Christison, Barrett
Christison, Ian Harry
Christison, Thomas Hanson
Christison, William Ritchie
Christman, Lorne Smith
Christman, Rudolf K
Christmas, Frederick Merville
Christmas, James William
Christmass, Lewis Havelock
Christoff, Wolfgang
Christon, Ernest
Christon, James Frederick
Christoph, Harald
Christopher, Henry Morton
Christopher, Horace Victor George
Christopher, John Faill
Christopher, Kenrick William Marshall
Christophers, Derrick Harold
Christophersen, Sigfred Johannes
Christopherson, Clifford Thoralf
Christopherson, Peter Wilkie
Christsen, Walter Irvine
Christy, Charles Gordon Alexander
Christy, Elmo Foster
Christy, Peter Mcmartin
Christy, Richard Roland Thomas
Christy, Robert
Chrystal, John
Chrystal, Kenneth Hugh
Chrystall, Donald
Chrzan, Stanislaw
Chrzanowski, Bernard
Chrzanowski, Gustaw
Chua Cheng Swee,
Chua Eng Kiat,
Chua Keng Chin,
Chua Seng Yong,
Chubb, Albert Edward
Chubb, Alfred William
Chubb, Peter
Chubb, Robert William
Chubb, William Ronald John
Chuck, Herbert George
Chuckerbutty, Purnendu
Chudleigh, Frank Donald
Chudleigh, Sidney John
Chudzik, Stanley Frank
Chudzik, William Joseph
Chugg, George Edward
Chumbley, Robert Alfred
Chuna, G
Chuni Lal,
Chunilal Ray,
Church, Arthur Frederick
Church, Bernard Henry
Church, Cecil Arthur Jeffery
Church, Charles Edward
Church, Charles Joseph
Church, David
Church, David Campbell
Church, Dorothy
Church, Eric Arthur
Church, Eric Cyril
Church, Eric Rodger
Church, Frederick William
Church, George Norman
Church, Gerald Arthur
Church, Harold William
Church, James Ernest
Church, James Mayson
Church, Maurice Gordon
Church, Patrick Clisby
Church, Philip Johnson
Church, Reginald Harry
Church, Reginald Lionel
Church, Ronald Lester
Church, Russell Thomas
Church, Thomas
Churchal, Mieczyslaw
Churchard, George
Churchard, James
Churcher, Almer Ebart
Churcher, Frederick Charles
Churcher, Gerald Leonard
Churcher, Leslie Alexander
Churcher, William John
Churches, Edward Walter Gillies
Churchill, Arthur Charles
Churchill, Arthur John Frank
Churchill, Arthur Leslie
Churchill, Cecil Stephen
Churchill, Denis Claude William
Churchill, Dennis Arthur
Churchill, Henry Dixie
Churchill, Joan
Churchill, John Frank Dawes
Churchill, Robert William
Churchill, Ronald Frederick
Churchill, Thomas
Churchill, Walter Myers
Churchley, George Harry
Churchman, George Frederick
Churchman, John Walter
Churchman, Maurice
Churchouse, David John Kenneth
Churms, James William
Churn, Thomas Bernard
Churu Ram,
Chute, Clinton Melville
Chute, George Edward
Chwalibog, Zygmunt Marian
Chylewski, Franciszek
Ciarlo, John
Ciaston, Franciszek
Cibor, Czeslaw
Cibulka, Josef Frantisek
Cichowicz, Stanislaw
Cichowski, Wladyslaw Henryk
Cicinski, Edmund
Ciechanowski, Wladyslaw Marya Maurycy
Cielinski, Stanislaw Tadeusz
Cieplinski, Filip
Cieslicki, Stanislaw Leopold
Cieslik, Stanislaw
Ciglander, Raymond Charles
Cigler, Miroslav
Cilliers, A H
Cilliers, Edward Malherbe
Cioch, Stanislaw
Ciolek, Jakub
Cipriani, Mervyn Eugene
Cipriani, Thomas Michael
Ciurkot, Henryk Eugeniusz
Cizek, Evzen
Clabburn-detrez, Dennis Arthur
Clack, Basil Alfred
Clack, Edward Andrew
Clack, George Lionel
Clack, Harry William
Clack, Kenneth Arthur
Clack, Leslie Reginald
Clack, Matthew Henry
Clack, Norman William Stanley
Clack, Sidney Arthur
Cladis, Lionel George
Claesen, Antoine Eliza Leon
Claessen, Rupert Settatree
Clague, Arthur John
Clague, Robert Walker
Clague, William Francis Collister
Clague, William Henry
Clamp, Clifford
Clamp, Ronald Richards
Clamp, Walter William John
Clampin, Spencer Charles
Clampit, James
Clampitt, Edward Blake
Clancey, John Peter
Clancey, Richard William
Clancy, Harold Paul
Clancy, James Harold
Clancy, Robert Peter
Clancy, Thomas William
Clandillon, Derek Robinson
Clandillon, James Albert
Clapham, Allan Charles
Clapham, Arthur
Clapham, Dorothy
Clapham, Gladys Mary
Clapham, John
Clapham, John Stanley
Clapham, Philip Charles
Clapham, Thomas Herbert
Clapham, Victor Clement
Clapham, William Paterson
Clapham, William Roy
Clapinson, Henry William
Clapp, Alexander Frederick
Clapp, Thomas Hill
Clapperton, Horace Paige
Clapperton, James Denys
Clapperton, John
Clapperton, Kenneth-William
Clapperton, Robert White
Clapperton, Thomas
Clapson, Anthony George
Clapson, Reginald Arthur
Clapton, Gerald Frederick Arthur
Clapton, Ian Rosse
Claque, John Edward
Clare, Arthur Alexander
Clare, Basil Frederic
Clare, Cedric William
Clare, David Forbes
Clare, Edward
Clare, Frederick William
Clare, Henry Joseph Albert
Clare, Norman
Clare, Norman Austin
Clare, Richard
Clare, Seymour
Clare, Victor Henry
Clarence, Arthur
Clarence, B V
Clarey, Colin Mervyn
Clarey, Ronald Edward
Claridge, Albert Edward
Claridge, Eric Edward
Claridge, Sidney Arthur
Claridge, William Thomas
Claringbold, Leslie William
Claris, Gordon Keith
Clark-Hall, Robert William
Clark, A E I
Clark, Alan
Clark, Alan
Clark, Alan Albert
Clark, Alan Gerald
Clark, Alan Grant
Clark, Alan John
Clark, Albert Arthur
Clark, Albert Brinley
Clark, Albert Dennis
Clark, Albert Edward
Clark, Albert George
Clark, Albert William
Clark, Alexander
Clark, Alfred Charles
Clark, Alfred Charles Stanley
Clark, Alfred Graham (Bill)
Clark, Alfred Howard Mayhew
Clark, Alfred John
Clark, Alfred Stanley
Clark, Alfred William
Clark, Andrew
Clark, Andrew
Clark, Andrew Milne
Clark, Andrew William
Clark, Anthony William
Clark, Anthony William John
Clark, Archibald Mclaren
Clark, Ari Bergthor
Clark, Arthur Charles
Clark, Arthur Douglas
Clark, Arthur Harold
Clark, Arthur John
Clark, Arthur John
Clark, Aston Alfred
Clark, Austin Thomas
Clark, Basil Elliott
Clark, Ben
Clark, Bernard
Clark, Bernard Allison
Clark, Bernard Roy
Clark, Brian
Clark, C H
Clark, Campbell
Clark, Cecil Christian
Clark, Cecil Philip
Clark, Charles Edward
Clark, Charles Frederick (Bobby)
Clark, Charles Hampton (Charlie)
Clark, Charles Henry Arthur
Clark, Charles Peter
Clark, Christopher Arthur
Clark, Clarence Taylor
Clark, Colin Anthony Gordon
Clark, Colin Edward
Clark, Cyril James
Clark, Darwin Jackson
Clark, David
Clark, David
Clark, David Buchanan
Clark, David Marshall
Clark, David Thorburn
Clark, Denis
Clark, Denis
Clark, Dennis Frederick Stephen
Clark, Dennis Townsend
Clark, Derek Alfred
Clark, Donald Carpenter
Clark, Donald Grant
Clark, Donald Hartford
Clark, Donald Kenneth
Clark, Donald Thomas
Clark, Dorothy Margaret
Clark, Douglas
Clark, Douglas Charles Walter
Clark, Douglas Ford
Clark, Douglas Haig
Clark, Douglas Ward
Clark, E M
Clark, Earl William
Clark, Edwin Spencer Charles
Clark, Eric George
Clark, Eric Godfrey
Clark, Ernest
Clark, Ernest Leslie
Clark, Ernest William
Clark, Frank
Clark, Frank Joel
Clark, Fraser Dudley
Clark, Frederick Allan
Clark, Frederick Edward
Clark, Frederick George
Clark, Galifreda Alice Petre
Clark, Geoffrey Francis
Clark, Geoffrey John Reader
Clark, George Charles
Clark, George Dixon
Clark, George Ellis
Clark, George Frederick
Clark, George Gordon
Clark, Gerald Arthur
Clark, Gerald Madison
Clark, Gerard
Clark, Gilbert Milroy
Clark, Glenn Greaves
Clark, Gordon
Clark, Gordon Francis Joseph
Clark, Graham Russell
Clark, Grahame Gordon
Clark, Harold
Clark, Harold
Clark, Harold
Clark, Harold Alexander
Clark, Harold Arthur
Clark, Harold Frederick Power
Clark, Harold Luther
Clark, Harold Moffat
Clark, Harry
Clark, Harry Raymond
Clark, Henry
Clark, Henry Alan
Clark, Henry Alan
Clark, Henry David
Clark, Henry Victor
Clark, Herbert Edgar
Clark, Herbert James
Clark, Hilary Daniel
Clark, Hollis Andrew Taylor
Clark, Horace Alexander
Clark, Horace Alfred
Clark, Howard Bevan
Clark, Hubert Reginald
Clark, Hugh Ernest
Clark, Hugh Mackenzie
Clark, Hugh Maxwell
Clark, Ian
Clark, Ian Patterson
Clark, Ian Ronald Wentworth
Clark, Irwin James
Clark, Ivan Henry
Clark, James
Clark, James
Clark, James
Clark, James
Clark, James
Clark, James Alexander Leckie
Clark, James Anderson
Clark, James Crichton
Clark, James Haldane
Clark, James Harrison
Clark, James Michael Robert
Clark, James Murdoch
Clark, John
Clark, John
Clark, John
Clark, John
Clark, John Alexander Dallas
Clark, John Allen
Clark, John Baker
Clark, John Braithwaite
Clark, John Calder
Clark, John David
Clark, John David
Clark, John Duncan
Clark, John Francis
Clark, John George
Clark, John Harvey
Clark, John Hope
Clark, John James
Clark, John Leonard
Clark, John Leslie
Clark, John Pirie
Clark, John Ronald
Clark, John Taverner Wilson
Clark, John Wemyss
Clark, John William Cockbain
Clark, Joseph
Clark, Joseph James Richard
Clark, Joseph Norman
Clark, Keith James
Clark, Keith Joseph
Clark, Kenneth
Clark, Kenneth Edward
Clark, Kenneth Edward
Clark, Kenneth Edwin Arthur
Clark, Kenneth Ernest
Clark, Kenneth Lynch
Clark, Kenneth Rosebrook
Clark, Kenneth William
Clark, Kenneth William Charlton
Clark, Kevin George
Clark, Lawrence Maurice
Clark, Leo
Clark, Leonard
Clark, Leonard
Clark, Leonard Arthur
Clark, Leonard Herbert
Clark, Leonard Stanley
Clark, Leslie Albert
Clark, Leslie Newell
Clark, Lloyd Denzil
Clark, Lloyd William
Clark, Maurice Arthur
Clark, Maurice Robert
Clark, Mervyn Oliver
Clark, Neville Roy Maslen
Clark, Norman
Clark, Norman Baxter
Clark, Norman George
Clark, Norman Will Hilton
Clark, Patrick Hourston Moar
Clark, Percy Cecil
Clark, Percy Ernest
Clark, Peter
Clark, Peter
Clark, Peter Maxwell
Clark, Philip George
Clark, Philip Robert Colfox
Clark, Phillip Charles Headley
Clark, Ralph Edward
Clark, Raymond
Clark, Raymond Arthur
Clark, Raymond Donald Birt
Clark, Raymond Ernest William
Clark, Reginald John
Clark, Reginald Mervin
Clark, Richard
Clark, Richard Edward
Clark, Richard Geoffrey
Clark, Robert
Clark, Robert
Clark, Robert Charles
Clark, Robert Ernest
Clark, Robert Henry
Clark, Robert Henry
Clark, Robert John
Clark, Robert Lindsay
Clark, Robert Mair
Clark, Robert Michael Godfrey
Clark, Robert Stanley
Clark, Robert William John
Clark, Ronald
Clark, Ronald
Clark, Ronald Belmore Gower Edward
Clark, Ronald Francis
Clark, Ronald Henry Charles
Clark, Ronald Leslie
Clark, Ronald Thornton
Clark, Ross Edgerton
Clark, Ross Lewis
Clark, Roy Arnold
Clark, Roy Reginald
Clark, Roy Stanley
Clark, Russell
Clark, Russell Stanley
Clark, Samuel Stewart
Clark, Sarah Docherty
Clark, Scott
Clark, Sidney John William
Clark, Stanley Arthur
Clark, Stanley Percy
Clark, Stanley Wilfred
Clark, Stanley William
Clark, Sydney Ewan Carswell
Clark, Sydney Frank
Clark, Sydney John
Clark, Temple Frederick Sinclair
Clark, Terence George
Clark, Theodore Marcus
Clark, Thomas
Clark, Thomas Henry
Clark, Thomas Hitchcock
Clark, Thomas Jackson
Clark, Thomas Kinnear
Clark, Thomas Plato
Clark, Tom Barnett
Clark, Vernon Edward
Clark, Victor James
Clark, Victor James
Clark, Walter Alexander Graham
Clark, Walter Henry
Clark, Walter Norman
Clark, Wilfred
Clark, Wilfred Ernest Fuller
Clark, William
Clark, William
Clark, William
Clark, William
Clark, William Alfred
Clark, William Andrew Alcwyn
Clark, William Arthur
Clark, William Brown
Clark, William Douglas
Clark, William Edward
Clark, William Ernest
Clark, William Garfield
Clark, William George
Clark, William George
Clark, William Graham
Clark, William Harry
Clark, William Henry
Clark, William Henry Robert
Clark, William Howard
Clark, William James
Clark, William Leonard John
Clark, William Mitchell
Clark, William Reid
Clark, William Richard
Clarke, Adrian George Evelyn
Clarke, Alan Helyer
Clarke, Albert
Clarke, Albert
Clarke, Albert Morriss
Clarke, Alfred
Clarke, Alfred Bruce
Clarke, Alfred George
Clarke, Alfred Robert
Clarke, Alfred Thomas
Clarke, Alfred Warner
Clarke, Alwyn Joseph
Clarke, Andrew Herbert Henry
Clarke, Archibald Erle
Clarke, Arthur Albert
Clarke, Arthur George
Clarke, Arthur Henry
Clarke, Arthur John
Clarke, Arthur Kenneth
Clarke, Arthur Tracey
Clarke, Arthur William
Clarke, Aubrey John
Clarke, Bennett Winthrop
Clarke, Brent Taylor
Clarke, Brian Edward
Clarke, Brian Hamilton
Clarke, Cecil
Clarke, Cecil Amos
Clarke, Cecil Bertram
Clarke, Charles John
Clarke, Charles John
Clarke, Charles Owen
Clarke, Charles William
Clarke, Ciaran Anzlony
Clarke, Claude Venables
Clarke, Clifford
Clarke, Cyril James
Clarke, Daniel Joseph
Clarke, Derek John Stanley
Clarke, Desmond De Villiers
Clarke, Donald Ashley
Clarke, Donald Basil
Clarke, Donald Mason
Clarke, Donald Wallace
Clarke, Douglas
Clarke, Douglas Albert Edward
Clarke, Douglas Augustine William
Clarke, Douglas Charles
Clarke, Douglas Gordon
Clarke, Douglas Joseph
Clarke, Edward
Clarke, Edward Allan
Clarke, Edward John
Clarke, Edward Joseph Taylor
Clarke, Edward Tucker
Clarke, Edward W. John
Clarke, Edwin Jack
Clarke, Eric
Clarke, Eric
Clarke, Eric George
Clarke, Eric Hugh Paul
Clarke, Eric Stanley
Clarke, Ernest
Clarke, Ernest Charles
Clarke, Ernest Dowling
Clarke, Ernest Reginald
Clarke, Ernest Sumner
Clarke, Fernley William
Clarke, Francis Callender
Clarke, Francis Desmond
Clarke, Francis Henry
Clarke, Francis Royden
Clarke, Frank
Clarke, Frank Richard
Clarke, Frank Sidney
Clarke, Fred Marsden
Clarke, Frederick Charles
Clarke, Frederick Charles
Clarke, Frederick Francis
Clarke, Frederick George
Clarke, Frederick Marcus
Clarke, Geoffrey Leonard
Clarke, Geoffrey Owen
Clarke, George
Clarke, George
Clarke, George Allen
Clarke, George Edward
Clarke, George Gavin Cedric
Clarke, George Gilbert
Clarke, George John Isiah
Clarke, George Mcferran
Clarke, George Ramon
Clarke, George Walter
Clarke, Gerald Francis
Clarke, Gordon Dennis
Clarke, Gordon Harvey
Clarke, Gordon Stuart
Clarke, Gordon Walter
Clarke, Guy Archer
Clarke, H J E
Clarke, Harold Frank
Clarke, Harold George
Clarke, Harold Thomas
Clarke, Harold William
Clarke, Harold William
Clarke, Harry
Clarke, Harry
Clarke, Henry
Clarke, Henry James
Clarke, Henry James
Clarke, Henry Thomas
Clarke, Herbert Arthur
Clarke, Herbert Bond
Clarke, Herbert George
Clarke, Herbert Mitchell
Clarke, Horace
Clarke, Horace Bernard
Clarke, Ivan Trevor
Clarke, Jack
Clarke, Jack Albert
Clarke, Jack Mortimer
Clarke, James Clifford
Clarke, James Cunningham
Clarke, James Duffey
Clarke, James Ernest
Clarke, James Herbert Stevenson
Clarke, James Joseph
Clarke, James Robert
Clarke, James Thomas
Clarke, James William
Clarke, John
Clarke, John
Clarke, John
Clarke, John
Clarke, John Anthony Creemer
Clarke, John Butterworth
Clarke, John Charles
Clarke, John Charles Everett
Clarke, John Clifford Alfred
Clarke, John Douglas
Clarke, John Edward
Clarke, John Ernest
Clarke, John Frederick William
Clarke, John Lionel
Clarke, John Michael Alexander
Clarke, John Peter Dixon
Clarke, John Raymond Joseph
Clarke, John Seymour Macleod
Clarke, John Shedrick
Clarke, John Stanley
Clarke, John Tully
Clarke, John William
Clarke, John William
Clarke, John Yorke
Clarke, Joseph Desmond
Clarke, Joseph Gordon
Clarke, Joseph William
Clarke, Kenneth Harold John
Clarke, Kenneth Roy
Clarke, Kenneth William
Clarke, Kevin James
Clarke, Lancelot Edward Hilmer
Clarke, Lawrence Henry
Clarke, Leo Thomas
Clarke, Leonard
Clarke, Leonard George
Clarke, Leslie
Clarke, Leslie Ernest
Clarke, Leslie Francis
Clarke, Leslie Frank Albert
Clarke, Leslie George
Clarke, Leslie Roland
Clarke, M R B
Clarke, Maxwell John
Clarke, Michael Terence
Clarke, Michael Wilfred Peter
Clarke, Morris Rex
Clarke, Norman
Clarke, Norman George
Clarke, Norman Louis
Clarke, Patrick (Paddy)
Clarke, Patrick Francis
Clarke, Patrick Lovell Aldford
Clarke, Percy Henry
Clarke, Peter John
Clarke, Peter Mark
Clarke, Peter Puleston
Clarke, Philip
Clarke, Philip Henry
Clarke, Ralph
Clarke, Ralph William
Clarke, Raymond
Clarke, Raymond Albert
Clarke, Raymond Walter
Clarke, Reginald
Clarke, Reginald Allen
Clarke, Reginald George Henry
Clarke, Reginald Joseph
Clarke, Reginald Kenneth
Clarke, Richard James
Clarke, Richard Joseph
Clarke, Richard Towers
Clarke, Richard William Tudor
Clarke, Robert
Clarke, Robert
Clarke, Robert Barclay
Clarke, Robert Charles
Clarke, Robert Douglas
Clarke, Robert Edward
Clarke, Robert Edward
Clarke, Robert Hugh
Clarke, Robert John
Clarke, Robert Joseph
Clarke, Robert Mayo
Clarke, Robert Mckenzie
Clarke, Robert William
Clarke, Ronald Charles
Clarke, Ronald Frederick
Clarke, Ronald Frederick
Clarke, Ross William
Clarke, Roy Desmond Edward
Clarke, Roy Leslie
Clarke, Russell Beverley
Clarke, Samuel Edward
Clarke, Stanley
Clarke, Stephen Frank
Clarke, Stephen Wallace
Clarke, Stuart Robertson
Clarke, Sydney
Clarke, Sydney Campbell
Clarke, Sydney Mervyn
Clarke, Terence Cecil
Clarke, Terence Vincent Gerard
Clarke, Terence William
Clarke, Thomas
Clarke, Thomas
Clarke, Thomas Alfred
Clarke, Thomas Brian
Clarke, Thomas Ezra
Clarke, Thomas Frederick Courtney
Clarke, Thomas Harry
Clarke, Thomas Johnstone
Clarke, Thomas Kenneth
Clarke, Thomas Lewis
Clarke, Trevor Hermon
Clarke, Trevor Hermon
Clarke, Trevor Turner
Clarke, Victor Robert
Clarke, Victor William
Clarke, Walter Ernest
Clarke, Wilfred Victor
Clarke, William
Clarke, William
Clarke, William
Clarke, William
Clarke, William Charles
Clarke, William Charles
Clarke, William Ernest
Clarke, William Harold
Clarke, William James
Clarke, William Joseph Henry
Clarke, William Keith
Clarke, William Kendall
Clarke, William Leslie
Clarke, William Robertson
Clarkin, Lionel Joseph
Clarkin, Philip Peter
Clarkson, Andrew
Clarkson, Bertrand David
Clarkson, Clifford
Clarkson, Francis
Clarkson, Fred
Clarkson, Frederick John Henry
Clarkson, George Henry
Clarkson, Harold
Clarkson, Henry Paul
Clarkson, James William
Clarkson, John James
Clarkson, Joseph Walter
Clarkson, Kenneth
Clarkson, Kenneth
Clarkson, Mabel Joan
Clarkson, Peter Wilberforce
Clarkson, Robert Guy
Clarkson, Robert Leon
Clarkson, Stanley John
Clarkson, William
Clarkson, William Brownlie
Clarson, Hugh Allan
Clarson, Ian David Henry
Clarson, Kenneth David
Clarson, Owen Munro Wovenden
Clary, Edgar Leroy
Clasper, John Percy
Clasper, Robert
Classen, B D
Classen, William George
Clatworthy, Douglas Roy
Clatworthy, Edward Robert John
Clatworthy, Eric Jones
Claughton, Stanley George
Clausen, Arthur Kevin
Clausen, Basil Ivan
Clauser, Erich
Clauson, Peter Douglas
Clavering, James Mackenzie
Clavery, Robert Boyd
Clavey, William Arthur
Clawley, George William
Claxson, William George
Claxton, Donald Young
Claxton, Ebenezer Roy
Claxton, Jack Lionel
Claxton, Oliver George Frederick
Claxton, Ronald
Claxton, Ronald Henry
Clay, Alfred Edward
Clay, Antony Dennis Warden
Clay, Cain
Clay, Charles Norris
Clay, Charles Thomas
Clay, George Eric
Clay, Gilbert Frederick
Clay, Harry Charles
Clay, Henry
Clay, John
Clay, John Anthony
Clay, Leonard Douglas
Clay, Lionel Francis
Clay, Ronald Edgar
Clay, Thomas
Clay, Thomas Spender
Clayden, Antony Godfrey
Clayden, Douglas Jobson
Clayden, Ernest
Clayden, Francis Joseph Staff
Clayden, Frank Arthur
Claydon, Anthony John
Claydon, David Arthur
Claydon, Frank Edward
Claydon, Gordon William
Claydon, Leslie William
Claydon, Maurice Leonard
Claydon, Richard George
Clayes, Norman
Claypole, John
Claypole, Sidney
Claypole, William
Clayson, Christopher John Karl
Clayson, David Hugh
Clayton, Alan Harvey
Clayton, Albert
Clayton, Alfred James Herbert
Clayton, Arthur Norman
Clayton, Cyril Marsden
Clayton, Dennis Henry
Clayton, Donald
Clayton, Edward
Clayton, Eric Wilfred
Clayton, Ernest
Clayton, Frank
Clayton, Frank Albert
Clayton, Frank C.
Clayton, Fred
Clayton, Fred Vigars
Clayton, Frederick Ronald
Clayton, Gerald Lawrence
Clayton, Harold Leonard
Clayton, Henry
Clayton, Herbert Reginald
Clayton, Jack
Clayton, James
Clayton, James
Clayton, James Henry
Clayton, John
Clayton, Joseph Thomas
Clayton, Kenneth
Clayton, Kenneth Parfitt
Clayton, Lawrence Samuel
Clayton, Lawrence Samuel
Clayton, Leslie Arthur
Clayton, Leslie Ernest
Clayton, Leslie Sheridon
Clayton, Maurice
Clayton, Michael James
Clayton, Neil Douglas
Clayton, Peter Levinge
Clayton, Ralph John Henry
Clayton, Robert John (Bob)
Clayton, Robert Victor
Clayton, Roy
Clayton, Samuel Joseph
Clayton, Sydney Ernest
Clayton, Thomas James
Clayton, Thomas Roy
Clayton, Victor Neville
Clayton, Walter Henry
Clayton, William
Clayton, William Hugh
Clayton, William Robert
Clayworth, Albert
Clayworth, Eric Raymond
Cleak, Frederick Bernard
Cleal, Philip Douglas
Cleall, Wilfred Ernest
Clear, Arthur William
Clear, Edward George
Clear, George William
Clear, Gordon Sampson
Clearwater, Desmond
Clearwater, Ray Lloyd
Cleary, Alastair Grant
Cleary, Albert Edward
Cleary, Eric Francis
Cleary, Henry Joseph
Cleary, Jack Alexander
Cleary, James Joseph
Cleary, Joseph Francis
Cleary, Martin
Cleary, Richard
Cleary, William Laurence
Cleasby, Frederic James
Cleave, Archibald Henry
Cleave, Maurice George
Cleave, Robert Arthur Gordon
Cleaver, Arthur Leonard
Cleaver, Donald Scott
Cleaver, Donald Vincent
Cleaver, Earl William
Cleaver, Francis James (Frankie)
Cleaver, Frank Charles
Cleaver, John Barry
Cleaver, John Sisman
Cleaver, Norman Claude
Cleaver, Richard Bath
Cleaver, Stanley Franz
Cleburne, Patrick Brian Neil
Clee, Reginald Owen
Cleeland, James Rayson Wallace
Cleeton, Barrington Farr
Cleeve, Anthony Thomas Russell
Cleeve, Desmond Maxwell
Cleeve, Ronald George
Clegg, Alan Bernard
Clegg, Archibald Sidney
Clegg, Bernard
Clegg, Bernard Maxwell
Clegg, Brian Chadwick
Clegg, Cyril George
Clegg, Eric Gordon
Clegg, Ernest
Clegg, Frank Peter
Clegg, Geoffrey Addison
Clegg, Harold Creighton
Clegg, Harry
Clegg, Herbert
Clegg, Herbert
Clegg, Jack
Clegg, James
Clegg, John
Clegg, John Verdun
Clegg, Kenneth
Clegg, Philip
Clegg, Richard
Clegg, Richard
Clegg, Ronald
Clegg, Ronald Frank
Clegg, Roy Richard
Clegg, Stanley
Clegg, Tom Ransley
Clegg, William Alexander
Clegg, William Arthur
Clegg, William Edward
Clegg, William Joseph
Cleghorn, Alan Hall
Cleghorne, Howard Herbert
Cleland, Andrew Mcneill
Cleland, Calder Leper
Cleland, Hugh Wynston
Cleland, Sidney George
Cleland, William Robert
Clelland, Barbara Mona
Clelland, Gordon
Clelland, Harry James
Clelland, James Gowans
Clelland, John Baxter
Clelland, John George
Clelland, Kenneth Stewart
Clelland, Thomas
Clemenhagen, Thomas Frederick
Clemens, Eric Frederick
Clemens, Gerald Royce
Clemens, Philip Leonard
Clement, Charles
Clement, Charles Roy
Clement, Charles Thomas Leslie
Clement, David Edward
Clement, Donald Jack
Clement, Edward John
Clement, Edwin Leslie
Clement, Frederick Cecil Walter
Clement, George Bruce
Clement, George Olaf
Clement, George William
Clement, Harry
Clement, Henry Eifion
Clement, James Mcvicar
Clement, James Percival
Clement, Julian
Clement, Oliver Hobgen
Clement, Roger Albert
Clement, Ronald Denis
Clements, Albert Henry Thomas
Clements, Alfred Albert
Clements, Clement Frederick
Clements, Colin Harry John
Clements, Desmond Bracken
Clements, Gerard William
Clements, Gordon Reginald Albrighton
Clements, Henry John
Clements, Herbert Allan
Clements, Horace Herbert
Clements, Howard Glen
Clements, Hugh
Clements, Hugh
Clements, John Anthony
Clements, John Dawson
Clements, John Earl
Clements, John Frederick
Clements, John Gordon
Clements, John Russell
Clements, John Sinclair
Clements, Laurence Alleyne
Clements, Maurice Freeman
Clements, Neville Oxynham
Clements, Raymond Arthur
Clements, Raymond Arthur James
Clements, Raymond Frederick
Clements, Raymond Thomas
Clements, Reginald B.
Clements, Reginald George
Clements, Robert Kelly
Clements, Robert Lionel
Clements, Roger Bentley
Clements, Ronald Cyril Saville
Clements, Sidney Herbert
Clements, Sydney Charles
Clements, Thomas Finlay
Clements, Walter
Clements, William Luther
Clements, William Raymond
Clementson, Frank Houghton
Clementson, William Sandison
Clemerson, William Herbert
Clemett, John Alfred
Cleminson-Passey, John Harold
Cleminson, James Harold Nimmo
Cleminson, Owen Frederick
Clemo, Thomas Charles Reginald
Clemo, William Lindsay
Clemow, Bernard Anthony
Clemow, William John
Clemson, Alan James
Clemson, Albert Thomas
Clemson, Henry
Clenahan, Robert Lonsdale
Clench, Peter Kingsley
Clench, Stanley Vincent
Clennan, Harriet
Clennell, Dennis Herbert
Clennell, Geoffrey James Ian
Clenshaw, Ian Charles Cooper
Clenton, James Sidney
Clephane, Donald Alexander
Clerc, Jacques Oliver
Clerke, Frederick John
Clermont, Justin Gerard
Clethero, Arthur Norman
Cletheroe, Charles
Cleugh, William Edward
Cleveland, Archie
Cleveland, Cyril Herbert
Cleveland, Francis Allan
Cleveland, Scott Grover
Cleveland, Vincent Alton Francis
Cleverdon, Robert John Albert
Cleverley, William George
Cleverly, George Edward
Cleversley, Norman Charles
Cleves, Stanley Irwin
Clevey, William Alfred
Clewer, Roland
Clewes, Robert Bolam
Clewley, Robert John
Cleworth, James Reginald
Cleworth, Stanley Franklin
Clews, Ernest Alfred
Clews, Walter
Clezy, William
Cliburn, Eric Percy
Cliff-Mcculloch, Alexander Peter
Cliff, Geoffrey Denys Maynard
Cliff, John William
Cliff, Ronald
Cliff, Stanley
Cliffe, Francis Albert Harry
Cliffe, Frank Gerald
Cliffe, Harold
Cliffe, Jack
Cliffe, Jack
Cliffe, James Frederick Colin
Clifford-jones, Bruce Innes
Clifford-reade, Alfred Pearsall
Clifford, Anthony Arthur
Clifford, Arnold Charles
Clifford, Clive Edward Wigram
Clifford, Daniel Joseph
Clifford, Denis Frederic
Clifford, Dennis John
Clifford, Henry Keatch
Clifford, John Thomas
Clifford, Leslie
Clifford, Lewis Banks
Clifford, Maurice Miller
Clifford, Michael
Clifford, Nicholas Hugh
Clifford, Noel Anthony John
Clifford, Norman John
Clifford, Peter William
Clifford, Ralph Colin
Clifford, Ralph Henry
Clifford, Richard
Clifford, Robert Henry
Clifford, Ronald Geoffrey
Clifford, Ronald Henry
Clifford, Ronald John
Clifford, Samuel William
Clifford, Seymour Fitzclare
Clifford, Thomas Ashall
Clifford, Timothy John
Clifford, Walter Paul
Clifford, Wilfred
Clifford, William Henry
Clift, Alexander
Clift, Eric Henry Albert
Clift, John Edgar
Clift, Richard
Clift, Ronald Edwin George
Clifton, Albert Edwin
Clifton, Alfred John
Clifton, Arthur Augustus
Clifton, Bernard
Clifton, Charles
Clifton, Charles Thomas
Clifton, Frederic Allan Newell
Clifton, Geoffrey John
Clifton, John James
Clifton, John Kenneth Grahame
Clifton, John Lowrey
Clifton, John William
Clifton, Kenneth Welby
Clifton, Leonard
Clifton, Leslie
Clifton, Reginald Jack
Clifton, Talbot Charles Cyril
Clifton, William Ronald
Climenhage, Robert Arthur
Climie, Colin Black
Climie, William Benzie Forbes
Climo, Frederick Walter Percival
Climo, Rendle George William
Climpson, Thomas Charles
Clince, Eric Joseph
Clinch, Denys Stanley
Clinch, Desmond Henry
Clinch, Ernest James
Clinch, Frederick William
Clinch, John Joseph
Clinch, Kenneth
Clinch, Robert Druce
Cline, Gordon Alton
Cline, Grant Depew
Cline, Verle Edmond
Cline, Wesley Reuben
Clinging, Brodie John
Clingings, George
Clinkard, Derek Charles Gray
Clinker, Frances Elsie May
Clinkskill, James Thomas
Clinnick, Cyril Thomas
Clinton, Basil
Clinton, Basil Vivian
Clinton, James Milne
Clinton, William James
Clinton, William Robert
Clipsham, Archibald Charles
Clipsham, Oliver Jack
Clipson, Arthur Lascelles
Clipstone, Reginald Matthew
Clisby, Derek
Clisby, Leslie Redford
Clithero, Kenneth
Clitheroe, Arthur
Clitheroe, Brendan
Clitheroe, Roger Victor
Clitheroe, Thomas Craske
Clive-Davies, Arthur Corfield Somerset
Cloake, Stephen Patrick
Clode, Gordon Elmore
Clogg, Alan Leslie
Cloke, Lewis Arthur
Clokie, Clifford
Close, Alan Croxton
Close, Brian Arthur
Close, Dennis
Close, Donald Jones
Close, Douglas Eston
Close, George Albert
Close, Gerald Charles Neil
Close, James Joseph
Close, James Raymond
Close, James Reuben
Close, Leslie
Close, Peter Thrale
Close, Sidney Maynard
Closon, Roger Henri Lucien
Closs, Leonard Francis Andrew
Clostre, Daniel Henry Jules
Clothier, Grahame Hilton
Clothier, Harry Eli
Clothier, Henry Garfield
Clothier, John George
Clothier, Robert Alfred
Clothier, Thomas Malcolm
Clotworthy, Harold
Cloud, Allan
Clouder, Victor Alfred
Clough, Alan Raymond
Clough, David
Clough, David Nicholson
Clough, Denis Graham
Clough, Ernest Arthur
Clough, Ernest Arthur
Clough, Frank
Clough, Fred
Clough, Frederick Kenneth
Clough, George Frederick
Clough, Henry Denton
Clough, James Algernon
Clough, James Thomas Bartle
Clough, John Alfred
Clough, John Arnold
Clough, Kenneth
Clough, Kenneth
Clough, Robert Angas
Clough, Roger Byrom
Clough, Stanley
Clough, Thomas
Clough, William
Clough, William Leonard
Clough, Winston Pescod
Clouston, Alfred Raymond
Clouston, Falcon Nelson
Clouston, John Greville
Clouston, Ross Cuthbert
Clouston, Warwick Ashling
Clout, Charles Frederick
Clout, Norman Charles Herbert
Clouter, Geoffrey Thomas
Cloutier, Albert Edward
Cloutier, Joseph Darie Louis
Cloutier, Joseph Edmond
Cloutier, Joseph Edward Roland
Cloutier, Joseph Fernand Oscar
Cloutier, Louise Philippe
Cloutier, William Blaise Burke
Clouting, Albert
Clover, Arthur
Clover, Arthur James
Clover, Brian Robert
Clover, George Edward
Clover, Harry William
Clover, Jack Samuel
Clow, Charles
Clow, Charles Bernard Everett
Clow, David John
Clowes, George Arthur
Clowes, Vera Armistice
Clowes, Wallace Arthur
Clowry, Felix Ffrench
Clubb, Frederick John
Clubb, George
Clubb, Oswald Lindsay
Clubb, Selwyn James
Clubb, Stanley
Clubley, Lewis William
Clucas, Frank Cottier
Clucas, Joseph Kenneth
Clucas, Philip Harold
Clucas, Thomas Kean
Cluderay, Elvin Newton
Cluer, Roger
Cluff, Edward Burgess
Cluff, John Murray
Cluff, Robert Fraser
Clugston, Kenneth William
Clulee, Leigh Walter Denis
Clulee, Mildmay Victor
Clulow, George Frederick
Clunas, Eric Clark
Clunes, Douglas Ian
Clunie, Harry Allen
Clutterbuck, B S
Clutterbuck, Julian Dennes William Hugh
Clutterbuck, Leonard Charles
Clutterbuck, Robert Frank
Clutterbuck, William George
Clyde, Alexander Thomas
Clyde, Eric Alston
Clyde, John Stewart
Clyde, William
Clyne, David Johnston Robertson
Clyne, Geoffrey Albert
Clyne, Michael Frederick Winton
Clynes, Michel George
Coad, Alan James
Coad, Graham Bruce
Coad, Jack Ian
Coad, John Martin
Coad, Joseph Walter (Johnny)
Coade, Charles Frederick
Coady, Francis Anthony
Coady, Patrick John Nelson
Coady, Terence Patrick Okelly Thomas
Coaker, Frederic Peter
Coaker, John
Coaker, Ronald Lee
Coakes, Albert Edward
Coakey, Andrew Michael
Coakley, Cyril Hugh
Coakley, Francis
Coakley, Kenneth James
Coakley, Martin Patrick
Coalbran, Alfred Henry
Coales, Daniel
Coales, John William
Coales, William James
Coalter, Richards
Coard, David
Coaster, Kenneth William
Coates, Alan Edward
Coates, Albert Lance
Coates, Alfred
Coates, Allan Cyrenius James
Coates, Arthur Henry
Coates, Bernard
Coates, David Harrison
Coates, Derek Joseph
Coates, Donald Marsden
Coates, Dudley Dobson
Coates, Eddie Donald
Coates, Edward William Petie
Coates, George Hugh Hamilton
Coates, Gordon
Coates, Grossett Keith
Coates, Harold Kenneth
Coates, Herbert John Alexander
Coates, Jack
Coates, Jack
Coates, James Arthur
Coates, John Bernard
Coates, John Edward
Coates, John Henry
Coates, John Ross
Coates, John William
Coates, Kenneth
Coates, Kenneth John
Coates, Kenneth Wilson
Coates, Lionel David Ian
Coates, Oscar Edward
Coates, Percy Hornby
Coates, Percy John
Coates, Peter Buckle
Coates, Raymond
Coates, Raymond
Coates, Raymond Aubrey
Coates, Raymond James
Coates, Rex
Coates, Richard
Coates, Richard Edward
Coates, Ronald
Coates, Sidney
Coates, Stanley
Coates, Walter
Coates, William Charles
Coates, William Darby
Coates, William Edward
Coates, William Ernest
Coates, William Henry Roy Addison
Coatesworth, Norman
Coath, Jack Rua
Coathup, Clifford Harvey
Coathup, George Richard
Coathup, Leslie Selkirk
Coatman, Richard Alfred
Coats, Glen Lewis
Coats, James John Exley
Coatsworth, Eric
Coatsworth, Mark Arthur William
Cobb, Arthur Kenneth
Cobb, Arthur Norman Eldridge
Cobb, Cyril Thomas
Cobb, Dennis
Cobb, Floyd Bryson
Cobb, Harry
Cobb, Joseph Albert George
Cobb, Nelson Alexander
Cobb, Peter
Cobb, Reginald Ernest
Cobb, Thomas Albert
Cobb, Timothy Francis (Tim)
Cobb, Victor Albert
Cobb, William
Cobbe, Alexander William Locke
Cobbett, Bernard Victor
Cobbett, Charles Howard
Cobbett, Frederick William
Cobbett, John Arthur
Cobbett, John Frederick
Cobbin, David Webb
Cobbledick, Dudley
Cobby, Arthur Victor Edward
Cobby, Geoffrey Raymond
Cobden, Donald Gordon
Cobden, Gerald
Cobden, Walter Theophilus George
Cobell, Walter
Cobern, Charles Alan
Cobern, Geoffrey Charles
Cobham, Edward Alexander
Coble, Percy Sidney
Cobley, Clifford
Cobley, Frank
Cobley, Maxwell John
Coburn, Albert Joseph
Coburn, Alfred Robert
Coburn, Clifford Goodall
Coburn, Harold
Coburn, Thomas William
Cochran, Betty Helen Stewart
Cochran, Dennis Herbert
Cochran, Jack Haley
Cochran, James Cumming
Cochran, Joseph Andrew
Cochran, Robert Hearne
Cochrane, Alexander Wilson
Cochrane, Archibald George Alexander
Cochrane, Arnold Wallace
Cochrane, Arthur Charles
Cochrane, Douglas Charles
Cochrane, Dundonald Nelson
Cochrane, Ellis Arthur Gilbert
Cochrane, Frank Ernest
Cochrane, George Noel
Cochrane, James Raymond Henry
Cochrane, John
Cochrane, John Blair
Cochrane, John Henry Forrester
Cochrane, Keith Merton
Cochrane, Norman Douglas
Cochrane, Robert Donald Keiler
Cochrane, Ronald
Cochrane, Ronald Thomas
Cochrane, Spencer George
Cochrane, Thomas Donald
Cochrane, W. Mck.
Cochrane, William Ernest
Cochrane, William John
Cochrane, William Lindley Bloomer
Cochrane, William Thomas
Cochshott, Frederick Lewis
Cock, Alfred Edward
Cock, Colin Edwin Abbott
Cock, J H
Cock, Norman Isaac
Cock, Walter Downes
Cockaday, Cecil William
Cockayne, Arthur Clarence
Cockayne, Colin George
Cockayne, George Angus
Cockayne, Harold John
Cockayne, John Basil
Cockayne, Ronald Cust
Cockbain, Henry
Cockbain, Stephen Legh
Cockbaine, Michael William
Cockbone, George Daykin
Cockburn, Alexander Bridges
Cockburn, Andrew Mcnab
Cockburn, C T M
Cockburn, Charles Lynn
Cockburn, Donald Wilfred
Cockburn, George Hamilton
Cockburn, George Hamilton
Cockburn, George Younnie
Cockburn, James William Bingham
Cockburn, James Wilson Blackie
Cockburn, John
Cockburn, John
Cockburn, John Gillies
Cockburn, John Malcolm
Cockburn, John Thomas
Cockburn, John Thomas
Cockburn, Joseph
Cockburn, Peter
Cockburn, Raymond Edgar George
Cockburn, Stanley George
Cockburn, William
Cockburn, William Atkinson
Cockburn, William Hugh
Cockcroft, Arthur Clarence
Cockcroft, Bernard Harold
Cockcroft, Ernest Forsyth
Cockcroft, Kenneth Henry
Cockcroft, Robert Vernon
Cockcroft, Victor
Cockel, Hiram Stanley
Cocker, Eric Royston
Cocker, Leonard
Cocker, Vernon
Cockerell, Kenneth Andre
Cockerham, Lester
Cockerill, Douglas
Cockerill, Walter John
Cockerton, Jack Percy William
Cockie, Alastair Mackenzie
Cockin, Edwin Mills
Cockin, John Alexander
Cocking, Arthur Bernard
Cocking, Francis
Cocking, Leslie
Cocking, Norman
Cocking, Ronald Francis
Cockington, Percival
Cocklin, Albert George
Cocklin, Peter Gordon
Cockman, Vincent Henry
Cockram, Charles Havill
Cockram, Dennis Harold
Cockram, Frederick John
Cockram, Leslie Gordon
Cockram, Ronald Alfred William
Cockram, William Ewart
Cockrem, Harry William George
Cockren, Leonard Charles
Cockroft, George Geoffrey
Cockroft, James Alfred
Cockroft, John
Cockroft, Robert
Cockroft, Verne Edward
Cocks, Allan Oscar John
Cocks, Charles Wilfred Hurman
Cocks, Cyril
Cocks, Doreen Rita
Cocks, Frank Robert
Cocks, John Gilbert
Cocks, Ronald Joseph
Cocks, William Edward
Cocksedge, George Thomas Watson Hugh
Cocksey, Frank
Cockshott, Jack
Cockshott, Robert John
Cockshott, Wright
Cockwill, Wilfred Glen
Cocozza, Raphael Michael
Codd, John Herbert
Codd, Peter William
Codd, Roy Donald Ernest
Codd, William Reginald Leslie
Coddington, Hubert Geoffrey John
Code, John Edward
Code, Peter Bryson
Codling, Frederick James
Codling, Ronald
Codrington, Douglas Gerald
Codville, James Francis
Cody, Bernard Francis
Cody, Herbert Arthur
Cody, James Doan
Cody, Martin
Coe, Albert
Coe, Arthur John
Coe, Cecil Albert
Coe, Colin
Coe, Cyril Rupert
Coe, David Richard
Coe, Eric Hugh
Coe, Eric John
Coe, George Demetrius
Coe, George Ernest
Coe, Gordon Roy
Coe, Lawrence William Hamilton
Coe, Richard
Coe, Robert
Coe, Robert Ernest
Coe, Sidney
Coen, Joseph Leo
Coenen, Werner
Coeshott, Stanley Herbert
Coetzee, J A
Coetzee, J C
Coetzee, Jacob
Coetzee, Jan
Coetzee, Jasper L.
Coetzee, M B
Coetzee, P
Coetzer, C J
Coetzer, James Ramage
Coetzer, John Jacobus
Coffee, Derrick James
Coffey, Brian Edward
Coffey, Charles
Coffey, Frederick
Coffey, Harry Morley
Coffey, James Carleton
Coffey, John Bracken
Coffey, John Robert
Coffey, Robert Ellsworth
Coffey, Robert Francis
Coffin, Albert Glyn
Coffin, Hubert Watson
Coffin, Ronald Idris
Coffin, Stewart Alexander
Cofield, Clarence Leonard
Coflin, John George
Coford, Denis
Cogbill, Arthur James
Cogdell, Charles James Bertram
Cogdell, Cyril Norman Victor
Coggans, George Muirhead
Cogger, Walter Leonard
Coggin, Harold Leslie
Coggin, Stanley Alfred
Coggins, John
Coggins, Roland John
Coggins, Ronald William Welch
Coggins, William Roger
Coggon, Harold
Coghill, Clarence Malcolm Mcgregor
Coghill, Kelvin
Coghlan, Clifford Denis
Coghlan, Horace Stanley
Coghlan, John
Coghlan, John Hunter
Coghlan, Lawrence William
Coghlan, Nicholas
Cogman, Ernest
Cogman, William Curwin Gavine
Cohen, Abraham
Cohen, Arnold
Cohen, Ashton Irving
Cohen, Aubrey Hubert
Cohen, Benjamin
Cohen, Benjamin
Cohen, Colin Edward
Cohen, Cyril Branston
Cohen, David Anthony
Cohen, David Isadore
Cohen, Edward Charles
Cohen, Geoffrey Landas
Cohen, George
Cohen, Harry
Cohen, Harry
Cohen, Henry
Cohen, Herbert Cyril
Cohen, Issac Ivan
Cohen, Jack
Cohen, John Laurence
Cohen, John Moss
Cohen, Joseph
Cohen, Leonard
Cohen, Leonard
Cohen, Lionel Rees
Cohen, Louis
Cohen, Maurice
Cohen, Maurice
Cohen, Melville David
Cohen, Murray
Cohen, Nathan
Cohen, Nathan
Cohen, Reuben
Cohen, Robbert Simon
Cohen, Robert Sidney
Cohen, Samuel
Cohen, Samuel George
Cohen, Syd
Cohen, Sydney
Cohrs, Ewald
Coish, Frederick Charles
Cojocar, George
Coke-Kerr, Walter Harold
Coke, Bert
Coke, Ronald Arthur Engelbretson
Coke, The Hon. David Arthur
Coker, Arthur
Coker, Charles Kenneth
Coker, Ernest Edward
Coker, Frederick Charles
Coker, Henry John
Coker, Hugh
Colahan, Donald Campbell
Colan, Anthony Owen
Colangelo, William
Colarossi, Lucien Angelo
Colbear, George Harold
Colbert, Edward
Colbert, Stanley Riswin
Colbert, Sydney
Colborn, Edward Albert
Colborne, Cyril George
Colborne, William Frederick
Colbourn, Cecil Ernest
Colbourn, Francis Leman Jesse
Colbourne, Andrew
Colbourne, Donald
Colbourne, Hugh Anthony
Colbourne, John Leslie
Colbourne, Paul Douglas
Colbourne, Victor Charles Henry
Colbran, Lester Owen
Colbridge, Stephen Colin
Colburn, Claude Maurice
Colby, Walter James
Colclough, Maurice James
Colclough, Stewart
Colcomb, Edwin Claude
Coldham-Fussell, Humphrey
Coldham, Geoffrey Thomas
Coldicott, Albert Douglas
Coldicott, Cedric Nils
Coldicott, Dennis John
Coldicutt, Edward Cecil
Coldrey, George Edwin
Coldrey, Jeffrey Cyril
Coldrey, Norman William Jacobus
Coldridge, Geoffrey Anthony Conway
Coldron, George Edward Cragg
Coldwell-Horsfall, George David
Coldwell, George Eric
Coldwell, Gordon Willard
Coldwell, Philip Robert
Coldwell, Walter
Coldwell, William Francis
Cole-Hamilton, John Beresford
Cole, Albert Stanley
Cole, Alexander Nelson
Cole, Arthur George
Cole, Arthur George
Cole, Arthur Ronald Stanley
Cole, Arthur Thomas
Cole, Bernard John
Cole, Cecil
Cole, Cecil
Cole, Charles Albert
Cole, Charles Thomas
Cole, Clarence Nathan
Cole, David Llewellyn
Cole, Douglas Arthur
Cole, Douglas Neville
Cole, Douglas Owen
Cole, Edward
Cole, Edward Cecil
Cole, Edward Cyril
Cole, Edward Frank
Cole, Edward Mortimer
Cole, Edwin Robert
Cole, Elliot Livesey
Cole, Eric James
Cole, Eric James
Cole, Eric Walter
Cole, Francis Charles
Cole, Frank Murray
Cole, Frank Walter
Cole, Frank Walter
Cole, Frank William Richard
Cole, Frederick Marsden
Cole, Frederick William
Cole, George
Cole, George Arthur
Cole, George Cecil
Cole, George Stanley
Cole, George William
Cole, Graham George
Cole, Herbert Thomas
Cole, James Clement
Cole, James Edward
Cole, James Frederick
Cole, James William
Cole, John
Cole, John Alexander
Cole, John Arthur
Cole, John Denis
Cole, John Dennis
Cole, John Percival Victor
Cole, John Stanley
Cole, John Stuart
Cole, Kenneth Arthur
Cole, Kenneth Frederick Lancelot
Cole, Kenneth Ian
Cole, Norman
Cole, Percival Charles
Cole, Percy William
Cole, Ralph Stewart
Cole, Ray Osmond
Cole, Raymond
Cole, Raymond Frederick
Cole, Richard Derrick
Cole, Richard Martyn
Cole, Robert Alec
Cole, Robert Arnold
Cole, Robert Henry
Cole, Robert John Levi
Cole, Robert Longster
Cole, Robert Samuel
Cole, Robert Sidney
Cole, Roger Gordon
Cole, Ronald Leslie
Cole, Ronald Sydney
Cole, Roy Archibald
Cole, Roy Douglas
Cole, Saxon Millis
Cole, Sidney
Cole, Stuart Vivian
Cole, Thomas Arthur
Cole, Thomas John
Cole, Wallace Howard
Cole, Walter Douglas
Cole, William Dudley Linter
Cole, William Frederick Lessey
Cole, William Henry Montague
Cole, William Herbert Cyril
Cole, William John
Cole, William Joseph
Colebatch, Norman Henry
Colebourne, William Arnold
Colebrook, Bertie Archibald Wallace
Colebrook, Christopher
Colebrooke, John Roy
Coleby, Richard Neville
Colegate, Cecil Alfred James
Colegate, Donald Alfred Ross
Colehan, Robert Arthur
Coleman, Alan Joseph
Coleman, Andrew John
Coleman, Arthur Henry
Coleman, Bernard Joseph
Coleman, Brian
Coleman, Charles
Coleman, Charles Francis
Coleman, Christopher Leonard
Coleman, Cyril
Coleman, Donald Lancelot
Coleman, Douglas Ernest Charles
Coleman, Edward Jack
Coleman, Elizabeth Joyce
Coleman, Elwood Lincoln Joseph
Coleman, Eric
Coleman, Ernest Almon (Jnr.)
Coleman, Ernest William
Coleman, Geoffrey Everard
Coleman, George Alfred
Coleman, George Edward
Coleman, George William Thomas
Coleman, Gerald
Coleman, Harold Albert Pearce
Coleman, Ian Stanley
Coleman, Jack Allenby
Coleman, John Arthur
Coleman, John Eric
Coleman, John Henry
Coleman, John Herbert
Coleman, John Redmond
Coleman, John Ronald
Coleman, John Wallace
Coleman, Kenneth George
Coleman, Leonard Walter
Coleman, Lloyd Watt
Coleman, Maxwell John
Coleman, Noel Eric Henry
Coleman, O
Coleman, Philip Basil
Coleman, Philip John
Coleman, Phillip James
Coleman, Ronald F.
Coleman, Ronald Frank
Coleman, Ronald Sidney
Coleman, Royce Norval
Coleman, Sidney Harry
Coleman, Stanley Albert
Coleman, Stanley George
Coleman, Stanley Victor
Coleman, Sydney Francis
Coleman, Wesley Percival
Coleman, William Harcourt
Colenbrander, A M
Colenutt, Hubert James
Coles, Alan George
Coles, Charles Cunningham
Coles, Colin Alfred
Coles, Dennis
Coles, Denys Geoffrey Groeme
Coles, Edward Thomas
Coles, Eric Charles
Coles, Ernest Henry William
Coles, Francis Albert William
Coles, Frederick
Coles, George Henry
Coles, Gordon Desmond
Coles, Harold William
Coles, Ivan
Coles, Jack
Coles, James
Coles, Leslie James
Coles, Leslie Peter
Coles, Montague Ernest
Coles, Olive Ruth
Coles, Peter Ernest
Coles, Raymond George
Coles, Raymond Martin
Coles, Robert John
Coles, Rodney Maxwell
Coles, Ronald Alfred
Coles, Ronald Henry
Coles, Ronald Stuart
Coles, Ronald William
Coles, Samuel Albert
Coles, Sidney Edwin
Coles, Stuart Mcalpine
Coles, Sydney Charles
Coles, Thomas Edward
Coles, Trevor Charles
Coles, William George
Coleshill, Geoffrey Ronald
Coley, Aubrey Wilson
Coley, Harold James
Coley, Raymond Charles
Colfe, William Kenneth
Colgan, Francis Herbert
Colgan, Lionel James
Colgate, Harold George
Colgate, Herbert Edgar William
Colgrave, Wilfred George
Colhoun, John
Colhoun, William Andrew Lawrence
Collaery, Edward Francis
Collard, Cornelius
Collard, Edward Douglas Haig
Collard, G A
Collard, Gaetan Gerard
Collard, Peter
Collard, Robert Henry
Collas, Cyril
Collaton, John Francis
Colledge, Douglas Murton
Colledge, Leonard
Colledge, Maule William
Colledge, William Wilson
Collen, Desmond Owen
Collen, Frank
Collender, Ronald Gordon
Collenet, Francois Benigne
Collenette, Frank De Beauchamp
Collenette, Michael De Beauchamp
Collens, Reginald Joseph
Collens, William Wallace
Collershaw, Herbert Duncan
Collerton, William
Colless, Gordon Sydney
Collett, Albert Leslie
Collett, Alexander Albert
Collett, Alfred John
Collett, Anthony Ewart
Collett, George Richard
Collett, Henry William Amner
Collett, Irene Daisy
Collett, Joseph Harrington
Collett, Malcolm Ernest
Collett, Russell Thomas Joshua
Collett, Stanley John
Collett, Vincent James
Collett, Wilfred Ira
Colley, Douglas George
Colley, Douglas Sherwin
Colley, Edward Leslie
Colley, Henry John Pomeroy
Colley, James
Colley, James Roger
Colley, John Charles
Colley, John Henry
Colley, John William
Colley, Noel Sidney Caesar
Colley, Robert Charles
Colley, Ronald
Colley, Ronald Jack (Ron)
Colley, William Charlesworth
Collie, Frederick
Collie, John
Collier, Albert Thomas Stanley
Collier, Alfred
Collier, Clarence Melville
Collier, Donald Kenneth
Collier, Gordon Harry
Collier, Harold
Collier, Hector Cyril
Collier, Herbert Edwin
Collier, James Keith
Collier, Kenneth Roy
Collier, May Elizabeth
Collier, Peter Marlow
Collier, Ralph
Collier, Raymond
Collier, Richard Alfred James
Collier, Richard Theobald
Collier, Robert James
Collier, Ronald Frank
Collier, Samuel Stephen John
Collier, Sidney
Collier, Sydney George
Collier, Thomas
Collier, Thomas Phillips
Collier, William
Collier, William Richard
Collier, William Roy
Collin, Henry Oswald
Collin, Marjorie Ada
Collin, Thomas
Colling, Arthur
Colling, Henry
Colling, Paul Cecil John
Colling, Robert
Colling, Vincent Lee
Collingborn, Eric Percival
Collinge, Douglas Owen
Collinge, Frank Donald
Collinge, Harry Kenneth
Collinge, John Desmond
Collinge, Philip
Collinge, Robert Victor
Collingham, John Raymond
Collingham, Ralph Gordon
Collingridge, John
Collings, Arthur Frederick
Collings, Arthur Vernon
Collings, Cyril
Collings, Donald Herbert
Collings, Henry Philemon
Collings, Herman George
Collings, Kenneth Brown
Collings, Kenneth Victor George
Collings, Leonard George
Collings, Leslie James
Collings, Marshall Bailey
Collings, Ronald Charles
Collings, William Frederick
Collingwood, Albert Edward
Collingwood, Anthony Leonard Frederick
Collingwood, Charles Norman
Collingwood, Eric
Collingwood, Ernest William Joseph
Collingwood, Joseph Vincent
Collingwood, Lewis
Collingwood, Maurice
Collingwood, Peter Edward
Collingwood, Richard Anthony
Collingwood, Thomas
Collingwood, William
Collins-Campbell, Norman
Collins, Alan Arthur
Collins, Alan Noel John
Collins, Alan Ronald
Collins, Albert Charles
Collins, Albert George
Collins, Albert Henry
Collins, Albert Stanley
Collins, Alexander James
Collins, Alfred Edward
Collins, Allan James
Collins, Allan Waddingham
Collins, Anthony Thomas
Collins, Archibald Kenneth Barnett
Collins, Arthur
Collins, Arthur
Collins, Arthur Victor
Collins, Arthur Vincent
Collins, Arthur William
Collins, Austin James
Collins, Basil Osborn
Collins, Bertram Percival
Collins, Brian
Collins, Cathleen Ada
Collins, Cecil Howard
Collins, Charles August Desmond
Collins, Charles Lloyd Allan
Collins, D H
Collins, Darrel George
Collins, David Charles
Collins, David Norman
Collins, Denis Michael Hector
Collins, Dennis
Collins, Dennis James
Collins, Derek
Collins, Edward Charles John
Collins, Edward Frank
Collins, Edward Gordon Melville
Collins, Ernest Lewis
Collins, Francis Albert
Collins, Francis George Tims
Collins, Francis Godfrey
Collins, Frederick Charles
Collins, Frederick James
Collins, Frederick Reginald
Collins, Frederick William Arthur
Collins, Geoffrey Arnold
Collins, George
Collins, George Barrowby
Collins, George Edward
Collins, Gilbert Alan
Collins, Gilson Edmund
Collins, Glencoe Henry George
Collins, Gordon Robert
Collins, Hamish Gordon
Collins, Harold George
Collins, Henry John
Collins, Henry William
Collins, Herbert Harry James
Collins, Herbert William
Collins, Horace Henry
Collins, Howard Frank
Collins, James
Collins, James Andrew
Collins, James Francis
Collins, James Francis
Collins, James Geoffrey
Collins, James Joseph Frederick
Collins, James Thomas
Collins, John
Collins, John
Collins, John
Collins, John Cyril
Collins, John Edward Martin
Collins, John Garfield
Collins, John James
Collins, John Joseph
Collins, John Kenneth
Collins, John Noel
Collins, John Oliver Ross
Collins, John Robert
Collins, John Russell
Collins, John William Fitzclarence
Collins, John Wyndham
Collins, Joseph Louis
Collins, Keith Clayton
Collins, Kenneth
Collins, Kenneth Mcroberts
Collins, Kenneth Sidney
Collins, Laurence
Collins, Laurence Snowden
Collins, Lawrence Steele
Collins, Leonard John
Collins, Leslie
Collins, Leslie
Collins, Leslie
Collins, Leslie Felix
Collins, Leslie Norman
Collins, Lindsay
Collins, Maurice
Collins, Maxwell Ritchie
Collins, Melvin Wilson
Collins, Michael Denis
Collins, Neil James
Collins, Noel Briggs
Collins, Norman Joseph
Collins, Norman Pine
Collins, Norman Reginald
Collins, Norman Sidney
Collins, Owen Eastwood
Collins, Patrick Herbert
Collins, Percival John
Collins, Peter Ambrose
Collins, Peter Robert
Collins, Philip Louis
Collins, Rae Warren Buddy
Collins, Raymond Noel
Collins, Reginald Noah
Collins, Richard
Collins, Richard Arthur
Collins, Richard Charles
Collins, Robert Charles
Collins, Robert William
Collins, Roger Trevithick
Collins, Ronald Alfred
Collins, Ronald George
Collins, Ronald Howard George
Collins, Ronald Thomas
Collins, Roy Frederick
Collins, Russell Thomas Frederick
Collins, Sidney
Collins, Stanley
Collins, Stanley Alan
Collins, Stuart Gordon
Collins, Terence Patrick
Collins, Thomas
Collins, Timothy
Collins, Tom
Collins, Victor Denis William
Collins, Victor George
Collins, Vincent
Collins, Vincent
Collins, Walter Norman
Collins, Walter Pinder
Collins, Walter Thomas Douglas
Collins, Wilford John
Collins, Wilfred Arthur
Collins, Wilfred Henry
Collins, William
Collins, William
Collins, William Alfred
Collins, William Bernard
Collins, William Bradley
Collins, William Edward
Collins, William Edwin
Collins, William Frederick
Collins, William Richard
Collins, William Stewart
Collins, William Victor
Collinson, Bernard
Collinson, Cyril Reginald
Collinson, George Thomas
Collinson, James
Collinson, Kenneth Frederick
Collinson, Kenneth Lloyd
Collinson, Leslie John
Collinson, Raymond Gibson
Collinson, Reginald Henry Edward
Collis, Francis Hugh Gordon
Collis, Frederick Charles
Collis, Gordon
Collis, John Arundel
Collis, Leslie
Collis, Leslie John
Collis, Paul Fraser
Collis, Raoul Derek
Collis, Reginald Stephen
Collis, Robert Humphrey
Collis, Samuel Thomas
Collis, William Edward
Collishaw, Charles William
Collison, George Alec
Collison, John
Collister, John William
Collman, Edward George
Collopy, John Henry
Colloredo-Mansfeld, Count Franz Ferdinand
Colloton, William
Colls, Leslie John
Colls, Peter Raymond
Colls, William Logan
Collum, John Arthur
Collumbell, John
Collver, Joseph Beemer
Collyer, Albert Henry
Collyer, Bernard
Collyer, Cyril Thomas
Collyer, Denis Ralph
Collyer, John William
Collyer, Walter Robert Laidlow
Collyer, William C.
Collyns, Basil Gordon
Colman, Alan Rees
Colman, Cyril Henry Arthur
Colman, Edward Norman
Colman, Henry Everest
Colman, Percival Leonard
Colman, Richard Pilbeam
Colman, Thomas
Colman, Thomas Arthur
Colman, William Peter
Colmer, James Cecil Valentine
Colmer, William Leonard
Colmore, Cyril Lancelot Fellowes
Colmore, David Martin
Colnet, John Robert
Colombo, Donald Arthur
Colonna, Adriano Alfred Robert
Colp, Eric Leonard
Colpitts, John William
Colquhoun-Thomson, Ian Douglas
Colquhoun, Carman Mackenzie
Colquhoun, Douglas
Colquhoun, Duncan
Colquhoun, Ian Alister
Colquhoun, Ian Lorne
Colquhoun, James
Colquhoun, Kenneth Charles
Colquhoun, Ray Ormond
Colquhoun, Robert
Colquhoun, Thomas Dickie
Colquhoun, William Love
Colrein, Sidney Robert
Colson, Frederick Arnold
Colson, William Alfred
Colston, Arthur William
Colston, Thomas James
Coltart, Donald Pemberton
Colter, James Cecil
Colthrup, James Frederick
Colthurst, John Buller
Coltman, John
Coltman, Paul Everett
Colton, Edgar
Colton, Edwin Charles Dale
Colton, William George
Coltsman-cronin, Edward
Columbine, Alfred Bernard
Columbus, Basil Edgar
Colve, Hans-Ulrich
Colverd, John Arthur Taylor
Colverson, Raymond Leonard
Colville, Alexander Colborne
Colville, Fred
Colville, Gavin David
Colville, James
Colville, John Spencer
Colville, William Freeborne
Colvin, Alfred
Colvin, David Alexander
Colvin, Ian William
Colvin, James Mackenzie
Colvin, John
Colvin, Raymond
Colvin, Richard John Todd
Colvin, Robert Stevenson
Colvin, Walter
Colwell, Albert William James
Colwell, Claude Arthur
Colwell, Harry George
Colwell, Robert Edwin
Colwell, Thomas Bell
Colwill, Malcolm Charles
Colwill, Wallace James
Colwill, William Clifford
Colyer, Gordon William
Colyer, John Edward
Comba, William Minor
Combaz, Alfred Joseph
Combe, George Ernest
Combe, Robert William Stenhouse
Combe, Thomas Smith
Comber-higgs, Edward Dmitri
Comber, Douglas Ralph
Comber, Norman Seton
Comber, William Edward
Combes, Alan Chester
Combes, Eric
Combes, John Cresswell
Combres, Maurice Emile
Comeau, Joseph Napoleon Pascal Eugene
Comelio, Robert Bertram
Comely, Anthony Hugh Basil
Comely, Peter Woodruff
Comer, Dennis Henry
Comer, Edward Cecil
Comer, George Allen
Comer, Leonard John
Comer, Lionel Frederick
Comer, Martin John
Comer, Vincent
Comery, Arthur
Comery, Leonard
Comeskey, Leo James
Comfort, Alexander Charles
Comins, Thomas Edward
Comley, Irene
Comley, Philip Reginald
Commes, Eduard
Commins, Oliver Frederick
Commins, Walter Joseph
Common, Eric Norman
Commons, Arthur
Complin, Charles Moore
Compton, Anthony Wilfred Alwyne
Compton, Denis James Williams
Compton, Francis Cyril
Compton, John
Compton, John Frederick
Compton, Lewis John
Compton, Lionel Arthur
Compton, Orville Francis
Compton, Peter Robert
Compton, Stanley James
Compton, William Walter Stanley
Comrie, Archibald Finlay
Comrie, Cyril Henry
Comrie, Peter
Comrie, Wilfrid Phelps (Bill)
Comroe, Paul
Comyn, Douglas Gordon
Comyn, John Courtney
Comyn, Reginald Daniel
Comyns, L F
Comyns, Wilfred Hugh
Conacher, Murray Blair
Conaghan, Frederick Hugh
Conard, Fernand Albert Hegisippe
Conchie, James Edward
Cond, Leslie Charles
Cond, Rex Hinton
Cond, Stanley George
Condie, Andrew Young
Condie, Robert
Condie, William
Condliffe, Arthur
Condne, Rudolf
Condon, Herbert James
Condon, John James
Condon, Patrick Ronald
Condon, William Harry
Condron, Harold
Condron, John
Condry, Peter James
Cone, George Herbert
Coney, Kenneth
Confait, Armand Emile
Congdon, Donald Willard
Congdon, Sydney John
Congreve, Robert Lance
Conibear, David Henry
Conibear, Sydney Arthur
Conisbee, Albert Allan
Conisbee, Gordon Hubert Charles
Conkey, Milton Hubert
Conkie, Robert
Conley, Douglas Frederick
Conley, Graham Richard
Conley, Ronald John
Conley, Ronald Thomas (Ron)
Conley, Roy Clifford
Conley, Walter Fred
Conlin, Hugh Thomas
Conlon, Basil James
Conlon, Jack
Conlon, John Bernard
Conlon, John Ralph
Conlon, John Vincent
Conlon, Patrick
Conlon, Sidney James
Conlon, William Michael
Conly, William Morrow
Conn, Francis Leslie
Conn, John Kenneth
Conn, John Robert
Conn, William Alford
Conn, William Bruce
Connacher, Stuart Mcintyre
Connah, Cyril
Connah, John Aidney
Connatty, Terence Robert
Connaughton, Patrick Francis
Conneff, Sidney Robert
Connel, James Hamilton
Connell, Bernard Bradley
Connell, Bernard Thomas
Connell, David
Connell, Douglas
Connell, Eugene Hastings
Connell, Francis Aloysius
Connell, Geoffrey Maurice
Connell, George Arthur
Connell, George Roy
Connell, Gordon
Connell, Henry
Connell, Jack
Connell, Joan
Connell, Joseph Walter
Connell, Kenneth
Connell, Leslie Franklin
Connell, Peter
Connell, Robert
Connell, Robert Alexander Crawford
Connell, Robert Desmond
Connell, Samuel Patrick
Connell, Stanley Jerome
Connell, Thomas Samuel
Connell, William
Connell, William Paterson
Connellan, Vincent Thomas
Connelly, Edward
Connelly, Harry Ian Forsyth
Connelly, Henry
Connelly, John
Connelly, Joseph
Connelly, Thomas
Connelly, William
Connely, James Robert
Conner, Alfred Norman
Conner, Frederick Ronald
Connett, Ernest Lewis
Connett, John Henry
Connew, Albert Arthur
Conning, Robert Harold
Connock, Ernest
Connoley, Edward Joseph
Connolly, Cyril William
Connolly, Daniel Francis
Connolly, Darrell Owen
Connolly, David Aubrey
Connolly, Donald Joseph
Connolly, Earl Wellington
Connolly, Francis
Connolly, Francis Aloysius
Connolly, Francis Martin
Connolly, Frank Andrew
Connolly, Harry
Connolly, Hugh Henry Mills
Connolly, James Aloysius
Connolly, John Joseph
Connolly, John Raymond
Connolly, Kieran
Connolly, Michael Vincent
Connolly, Patrick Edward Geoffrey G.
Connolly, Thomas Jack
Connolly, Thomas Leo
Connon, George Christie
Connon, R J
Connon, Robert
Connop, Donald
Connor, Albert Edward
Connor, Anthony Charles
Connor, Anthony Cordery
Connor, Arthur Albert
Connor, Bernard
Connor, Bernard
Connor, Clare Arthur
Connor, David Gordon
Connor, Desmond William
Connor, Donald Daubney
Connor, George Ronald
Connor, Harold
Connor, James Gibson
Connor, James Lawrence
Connor, John
Connor, John
Connor, John Norman
Connor, Josiah Robert
Connor, Laurence Peter
Connor, Les William Higgs
Connor, Leslie Norman
Connor, Raymond Francis
Connor, Robert Henry
Connor, Robert Owen
Connor, Terence William
Connor, Thomas
Connor, Thomas
Connor, Thomas William
Connor, Walter Campbell
Connor, William
Connor, William Henry
Connors, Frank Earl
Connors, Herbert Edwin
Connors, Leslie James
Connors, Oswald Mosley
Connors, Patrick Thomas
Connors, Stanley Dudley Pierce
Conolan, Bernard Leslie Reid
Conolly, John Louis De Vere
Conquest, Henry John
Conrad, Clarence Arthur
Conrad, Henry
Conrad, Johannes
Conrade, Neil Loraine
Conradie, Johannes Jacobus
Conroy, Bernard Keith
Conroy, Charles Ewart
Conroy, Daniel
Conroy, Desmond James
Conroy, Frank
Conroy, John
Conroy, Patrick Hector
Conroy, Reginald Matthew
Conroy, Robert Fitzgerald
Conroy, Ronald Samuel
Conry-Candler, George Felix
Conry, Edmund Joseph
Conry, Herbert Francis Joseph Patrick
Considine, Anthony Talbot Percy
Considine, James Patrick
Constabaris, James
Constable, Arthur
Constable, Donald Frank
Constable, John Charles
Constable, John Edgar
Constable, John Smith
Constable, Melvyn Ralph
Constable, Patrick Millar
Constable, Percy Reginald
Constable, Thomas Alfred
Constable, William John
Constable, William Lucas
Constable, William Mackie
Constable, William Ronald
Constan, Derrick
Constance, Dennis Winstone
Constant, Ion Brancovan
Constant, Jack
Constantin, Charles Henry Arthur
Conte, Alexander R.
Conter, David
Conuel, Reginald William
Convey, Anthony Christopher
Convey, Leo Joseph
Convoy, James Frederick
Convy, Michael
Conway, Arnold Francis
Conway, Basil Robert Coffin
Conway, Edmund Joseph
Conway, Francis James
Conway, Frank Ronald
Conway, George David
Conway, Henry Edward
Conway, James
Conway, James Leslie Joseph
Conway, James Patrick
Conway, John
Conway, Joseph William Henry
Conway, Kenneth David
Conway, Mary Jane
Conway, Norman James
Conway, Patrick Joseph
Conway, Patrick Michael
Conway, Patrick Richard Barrington
Conway, Robert Warren
Conway, Thomas
Conwell, Edward Victor
Conwell, Philip Joseph
Conybear, Edward Arthur
Conyers, John
Conyers, William Henry
Conze, Heinrich
Cooch, Charles William
Coochey, Ronald Joseph
Coogan, James Patrick
Coogan, James Stephen
Coogan, Laurence Dominick
Coogan, Thomas Edward
Cooil, John Robert
Cook, Alan
Cook, Alan Ramsay
Cook, Alan Ronald
Cook, Alastair John
Cook, Albert
Cook, Albert Arthur John
Cook, Albert Charles
Cook, Albert George
Cook, Albert Royal Felken
Cook, Alec Ernest
Cook, Alec Victor Ibbetson
Cook, Alexander
Cook, Alexander
Cook, Alexander Fisher
Cook, Alfred
Cook, Alfred Harold
Cook, Allan Alfred
Cook, Andrew Harry Theodore
Cook, Anthony John
Cook, Anthony Leonard Roger
Cook, Anthony Martindale
Cook, Arthur James
Cook, Arthur Malcolm Frederick
Cook, Arthur Sydney
Cook, Aubrey Edgar
Cook, Basil Martin
Cook, Benjamin
Cook, Benjamin Dean
Cook, Brian Alistaire
Cook, Bryan Manssen
Cook, Cecil Harold
Cook, Charles
Cook, Charles Henry David
Cook, Charles Owen
Cook, Charles Owen
Cook, Charles Smith
Cook, Clifford Eugene Leroy
Cook, Clifford Fletcher
Cook, Clifford Henry
Cook, Colin Walter
Cook, Cyril
Cook, Cyril Albert
Cook, Cyril Douglas
Cook, Cyril Ernest
Cook, Cyril Henry
Cook, David
Cook, David Frederick
Cook, Derek Alfred
Cook, Donald Herbert William
Cook, Donald Kenlow
Cook, Douglas Richard
Cook, Edward
Cook, Edward Cecil
Cook, Edward James
Cook, Edward John
Cook, Edward John
Cook, Edwin
Cook, Eric Charles
Cook, Eric John
Cook, Eric William
Cook, Ernest Desmond
Cook, Ernest Newton
Cook, Francis John
Cook, Francis Ross
Cook, Francis Stewart Crichton
Cook, Frank Henry
Cook, Frank Rene Malyon
Cook, Fred Arthur
Cook, Geoffrey
Cook, Geoffrey Ernest
Cook, Geoffrey Robert
Cook, George
Cook, George
Cook, George Albert
Cook, George Alfred
Cook, George Arthur
Cook, George Thomas
Cook, George Victor
Cook, George William
Cook, George William
Cook, George William
Cook, George Wood
Cook, Gordon Frederick
Cook, Gordon Thomas
Cook, Harold Alexander
Cook, Harold Leslie
Cook, Harry
Cook, Harry Owen
Cook, Harry William
Cook, Henry Arthur
Cook, Henry George
Cook, Henry Spencer
Cook, Herbert
Cook, Herbert
Cook, Herbert James
Cook, Horace James
Cook, Howard John
Cook, Ivy May
Cook, Jack
Cook, James
Cook, James
Cook, James Albert
Cook, James Alfred
Cook, James Douglas
Cook, James Edward
Cook, James Falshaw
Cook, James Howard
Cook, James Roland
Cook, John
Cook, John Alfred
Cook, John Christopher Frederick
Cook, John George
Cook, John William
Cook, Joseph Edward
Cook, Joseph Thomas
Cook, Keith Thomas
Cook, Kenneth Alan
Cook, Kenneth Charles
Cook, Kenneth Edward
Cook, Lawrence Henry
Cook, Leo Frederick
Cook, Leonard George
Cook, Leonard Thomas
Cook, Leslie
Cook, Leslie Ernest
Cook, Leslie Frank
Cook, Leslie Frederick
Cook, Leslie John
Cook, Lorne Frankland
Cook, Matthew
Cook, Michael Arthur
Cook, Michael John
Cook, Neil
Cook, Neil Caldwell
Cook, Norman Earl
Cook, Norman Edward
Cook, Norman Percival
Cook, Norman Wallace
Cook, Oliver Alexander Meredith
Cook, Patrick Joseph
Cook, Percy Molyneux
Cook, Percy Victor
Cook, Peter Allen Grenville
Cook, Peter Jackson
Cook, Peter Trevor-roper
Cook, Ralph Edward
Cook, Raymond
Cook, Raymond Keith
Cook, Reginald John
Cook, Reginald Wilson
Cook, Richard
Cook, Richard Henry
Cook, Robert
Cook, Robert Bertram Roy
Cook, Robert Donaldson
Cook, Robert Douglas
Cook, Robert Geoffrey
Cook, Robert James
Cook, Roger
Cook, Ronald Anthony
Cook, Ronald Herbert
Cook, Ronald Hermond Downes
Cook, Ronald James
Cook, Ronald John
Cook, Roy James
Cook, Royston Garfield
Cook, Russel Gordon
Cook, Samuel
Cook, Samuel Gordon
Cook, Samuel Thomas
Cook, Sidney George
Cook, Spencer Waddy
Cook, Stanley
Cook, Stanley
Cook, Stanley Arthur James
Cook, Stanley Charles
Cook, Stanley Harold
Cook, Stephen Astley
Cook, Sydney
Cook, Thomas Elliott
Cook, Thomas Hawthorn
Cook, Thomas John Donald
Cook, Thomas Joseph
Cook, Thomas Joseph
Cook, Thomas Victor
Cook, Thomas Wesley
Cook, Tom
Cook, Victor
Cook, Victor Emile
Cook, Walter Herbert
Cook, Walter Le Roy
Cook, Walter Randall
Cook, Walter Stuart
Cook, Wilfred
Cook, Wilfred Julian
Cook, William Alexander
Cook, William Arthur
Cook, William Arthur
Cook, William Emerson
Cook, William Henry
Cook, William James
Cook, William Rogerson
Cook, William Walter
Cook, William Walter Rufus
Cook, William Wilfred
Cooke, Alan John
Cooke, Albert
Cooke, Alexander
Cooke, Alexander William
Cooke, Alfred
Cooke, Arnold William
Cooke, Arthur
Cooke, Arthur Allen
Cooke, Arthur Wallace
Cooke, Aubrey Stanley
Cooke, Basil Roper
Cooke, Cedrick Arthur
Cooke, Charles William
Cooke, Christopher William
Cooke, David Clifford
Cooke, Dennis Arthur
Cooke, Desmond
Cooke, Douglas Marvin
Cooke, Edgar Jack
Cooke, Edred Rodney Fitzpatrick
Cooke, Elizabeth
Cooke, Eric
Cooke, Eric Thomas
Cooke, Ernest George
Cooke, Evan Roy
Cooke, Frank Oswald
Cooke, Frank Stewart
Cooke, Frederick John
Cooke, George Albert
Cooke, George Cecil
Cooke, George Moore
Cooke, George Reeson
Cooke, Gerald Frank Russell
Cooke, Grimwood Choke
Cooke, Harold
Cooke, Harry William Frederick
Cooke, Horace
Cooke, Hubert William
Cooke, Humphrey Desmond
Cooke, Ivan Ernest
Cooke, Jackson C.
Cooke, James Frederick
Cooke, John Charles
Cooke, John Grant
Cooke, John Joseph
Cooke, John Leo
Cooke, John Peter
Cooke, John Robert Alfred
Cooke, Kenneth Bryan
Cooke, Kenneth Crossley
Cooke, Leonard Alexander
Cooke, Leonard Frank
Cooke, Leonard James
Cooke, Leonard James
Cooke, Leslie Charles
Cooke, Leslie William Percy
Cooke, Louis Charles
Cooke, Matthew John Goldie
Cooke, Maurice
Cooke, Michael John Hedley
Cooke, Nicholas Gresham
Cooke, Norman Eric
Cooke, Norman John
Cooke, Patrick
Cooke, Percy Frederick Meadows
Cooke, Ralph William
Cooke, Randolph Graham
Cooke, Raymond Joseph
Cooke, Reginald
Cooke, Reginald Graydon
Cooke, Robert
Cooke, Rolla Maxwell
Cooke, Ronald Llewellyn
Cooke, Roy Edward
Cooke, Simon Russell
Cooke, Stanley Edwin
Cooke, Stanley Harold
Cooke, Stanley James
Cooke, Sydney
Cooke, Sydney Garside
Cooke, Terence Raymond
Cooke, Thomas Henry
Cooke, Trefor Nicholas
Cooke, Victor James Thomas
Cooke, Violet Rose
Cooke, Wilfred Harold
Cooke, William
Cooke, William Edmund Stuart
Cooke, William Frederick
Cooke, William Leslie
Cooke, William Markland
Cookman, Basil Thornton
Cookman, Frederick Charles
Cookman, Harry
Cooksey, James Brett
Cooksey, Joseph
Cooksey, Robert Frederick
Cooksey, Sydney Mark
Cooksey, William Henry
Cookson, Arthur Alan
Cookson, Christopher
Cookson, David
Cookson, Edward Oswald
Cookson, Ernest
Cookson, Henry
Cookson, John
Cookson, John
Cookson, John Stewart
Cookson, Reginald Harry
Cookson, Stanley
Cookson, Thomas Phillip
Cookson, William Remington
Coole, Douglas Albert Frederick
Coole, Pamela Constance Mary
Cooles, Douglas Reginald
Cooley, John
Cooley, John Morgan
Cooley, Peter
Cooley, William George
Cooling, Charles David
Cooling, John
Cooling, Keith Newman
Cooling, Ronald Victor
Coombe, Antony Paul
Coombe, Doreen Louisa Dennis
Coombe, Douglas James
Coombe, Harold Roy
Coombe, Henry Gordon
Coombe, Herbert Keith
Coombe, Keith Anzac
Coombe, Malcolm John
Coomber, Oliver Rye
Coomber, Ronald Harold
Coombes, Albert John
Coombes, Clifford
Coombes, Donald George John
Coombes, Eric Arthur
Coombes, Geoffrey Cedric
Coombes, George Thomas
Coombes, George William Henry
Coombes, Harold James
Coombes, Jack Arthur
Coombes, Reginald Richard
Coombes, Robert Charles
Coombes, Rodney Dennis
Coombes, Stanley John
Coombes, Thomas Bishop
Coombes, Walter Benjamin
Coombes, Wilfred Francis Ernest
Coombes, William Rodney Louis
Coombridge, Trevor Walter
Coombs, Allton John Richard
Coombs, Cyril Ernest
Coombs, Francis Alma
Coombs, George Edward William
Coombs, Grahame Frederick
Coombs, Herbert Martin
Coombs, John
Coombs, John Elliott
Coombs, Robert John
Coombs, Robert Victor
Coombs, Robert William
Coombs, Ronald Frank
Coombs, Stanley Albert
Coombs, Victor Joseph
Coombs, W G
Coomes, Albert Lawrence
Coomes, Roy John
Coon, George Adrian
Coonan, Thomas Gerard
Coone, Ernest Herbert
Coones, Maxwell Warren
Cooney, Arthur
Cooney, Cecil John
Cooney, Frank
Cooney, James
Cooney, James Daniel OLeary
Cooney, Kenneth
Cooney, N
Cooney, Patrick John Denis
Cooney, Thomas
Coons, Clyde Ezra
Coons, Dexter Brand
Coons, Willis Wylie
Coop, Samuel
Coope, Joseph
Coope, William Edwin
Cooper-Key, Aston Maurice
Cooper, Alan Ernest
Cooper, Alan Norman
Cooper, Albert Bertram
Cooper, Albert Digby
Cooper, Albert Edward
Cooper, Albert Edward
Cooper, Albert Edward
Cooper, Albert Ross
Cooper, Alexander Nicholson
Cooper, Alfred
Cooper, Alfred Ernest Stanley
Cooper, Alfred Frank
Cooper, Alfred Henry
Cooper, Alfred Percy
Cooper, Alfred Richard
Cooper, Allan Edward
Cooper, Allan Frederick
Cooper, Archibald Douglas
Cooper, Arthur Douglas
Cooper, Arthur John Macfarlane
Cooper, Arthur Kenneth
Cooper, Arthur Walvin
Cooper, Arthur Wilfred
Cooper, Arthur William
Cooper, Baden Harry
Cooper, Basil John
Cooper, Bernard Horace
Cooper, Bernard William David
Cooper, Bertram George Arthur
Cooper, Billie Bartusek
Cooper, Boyd
Cooper, C
Cooper, Charles Clifton
Cooper, Charles Frederick
Cooper, Charles John
Cooper, Charles Joseph
Cooper, Charles Stanley
Cooper, Clifford
Cooper, Colin Thomas
Cooper, David
Cooper, David
Cooper, David Jesse (Jimmy)
Cooper, David Norman Anthony
Cooper, Dennis John
Cooper, Dennis Lionel
Cooper, Dennis Ray
Cooper, Desmond Arthur
Cooper, Donald Kevan
Cooper, Douglas Alexander
Cooper, Douglas John
Cooper, Douglas Roland
Cooper, Edgar Frederick John
Cooper, Edgar Harvey
Cooper, Edgar Harvey
Cooper, Edmond Saffery Campbell
Cooper, Edna Lily May
Cooper, Edward Charles
Cooper, Edward James
Cooper, Edward John
Cooper, Edward Joshua
Cooper, Edward Roy
Cooper, Edwin George
Cooper, Eric
Cooper, Eric Franklin
Cooper, Eric Harold
Cooper, Eric Neil
Cooper, Ernest
Cooper, Ernest
Cooper, Ernest George
Cooper, Ernest John
Cooper, Ernest Ronald Peter Shackle
Cooper, Ernest William Laurie
Cooper, Eugene Joseph
Cooper, Everett Elwyn
Cooper, Francis Weeks
Cooper, Frank
Cooper, Frederick Arthur
Cooper, Frederick Edgar Howard
Cooper, Frederick Terrance
Cooper, Frederick William
Cooper, Garnet Charles
Cooper, Geoffrey
Cooper, Geoffrey Edmund
Cooper, Geoffrey Elliot
Cooper, George
Cooper, George Albert
Cooper, George Edgar
Cooper, George Hartley
Cooper, George James
Cooper, George Leslie
Cooper, George William
Cooper, Gerald Charles
Cooper, Gerald Douglas
Cooper, Godfrey Storian
Cooper, Gordon
Cooper, Harold
Cooper, Harold
Cooper, Harold James
Cooper, Harry Barron
Cooper, Harry Thomas David
Cooper, Hector Thomas Moore
Cooper, Henry George
Cooper, Herbert Allen
Cooper, Herbert Wright
Cooper, Hugh Boys
Cooper, Hugh James (Jim)
Cooper, Ivan Brian
Cooper, Ivan Sydney
Cooper, Jack
Cooper, Jack
Cooper, Jack Frankland
Cooper, James
Cooper, James Bernard Turville
Cooper, James Daniel
Cooper, James Enerton
Cooper, James Francis
Cooper, James Henry
Cooper, James Hyndman
Cooper, James Laing Robert
Cooper, James William
Cooper, James William
Cooper, Joan Allard
Cooper, Johannes W.
Cooper, John
Cooper, John Albert Basil
Cooper, John Arkell Harding
Cooper, John Donald
Cooper, John Douglas Laing
Cooper, John Findlay
Cooper, John Gerald
Cooper, John Henry
Cooper, John James
Cooper, John Orbell
Cooper, John Robert
Cooper, John Stanley
Cooper, John Stewart
Cooper, John William Edward
Cooper, Joseph
Cooper, Joseph Arthur Gordon
Cooper, Joseph Herbert
Cooper, Joseph John
Cooper, Joshua
Cooper, Kathleen Elsie
Cooper, Kenneth
Cooper, Kenneth Bevan
Cooper, Kenneth John
Cooper, Kenneth John
Cooper, Kenneth John
Cooper, Kenneth Thomas
Cooper, Kenneth Tyrrell
Cooper, Kingsley Gerard
Cooper, Leon Harvey
Cooper, Leslie Ernest Henry
Cooper, Leslie Frank
Cooper, Leslie George Albert
Cooper, Leslie Harold
Cooper, Maurice Wilfred
Cooper, Neville George William
Cooper, Nicholas Aitken
Cooper, Norman
Cooper, Norman
Cooper, Norman Arthur Barrett
Cooper, Norman Athol
Cooper, Norman Ernest
Cooper, Norman Frederick
Cooper, Norman Leslie
Cooper, Norman Maylin
Cooper, Norman Percival
Cooper, Norman Stuart
Cooper, Patrick George
Cooper, Patrick Russell
Cooper, Peter Shaw
Cooper, Raymond
Cooper, Raymond Lester
Cooper, Raymond Thomas
Cooper, Regan
Cooper, Reginald Gordon
Cooper, Reginald Henry
Cooper, Robert Alfred
Cooper, Robert Chisholm
Cooper, Robert Morse
Cooper, Robert Ward
Cooper, Roger Hughes
Cooper, Ronald
Cooper, Ronald Bertram
Cooper, Ronald Gill
Cooper, Ronald Hyde
Cooper, Ronald Jack
Cooper, Ronald William Riverston
Cooper, Roy Norman
Cooper, Roy William
Cooper, Samuel George
Cooper, Stanley
Cooper, Stanley Coulston
Cooper, Stanley Frederick
Cooper, Stanley James
Cooper, Stephen Percy
Cooper, Sydney
Cooper, Sydney
Cooper, Sydney Arthur
Cooper, Sydney Francis
Cooper, Tancred Eric
Cooper, Thomas
Cooper, Thomas Bruce
Cooper, Thomas Henry
Cooper, Thomas Kenneth
Cooper, Thomas Noel
Cooper, Thomas William
Cooper, Victor James
Cooper, W
Cooper, Walter Arthur
Cooper, Walter Charles Stewart A. G.
Cooper, Walter David Dick
Cooper, Walter Edward
Cooper, Walter Robert
Cooper, Walter William
Cooper, William
Cooper, William Allen
Cooper, William Donald
Cooper, William Frank
Cooper, William George
Cooper, William James
Cooper, William John
Cooper, William Joseph
Cooper, William Kenneth
Cooper, William Mcgregor
Cooper, William Reuben
Cooper, William Richard
Cooper, William Warren
Coopey, Cecil Rhys
Coopey, Wilfred Martin
Coopman, Peter
Coote, Alfred
Coote, Arthur William
Coote, Denys Osmond Gilbert
Coote, Douglas Charles
Coote, Frederick Samuel
Coote, George Alfred
Coote, Kenneth Percy
Coote, Leonard Edward Morgan
Coote, Leslie William
Coote, Michael Andean
Coote, Patric Bernard
Coote, Sam
Coote, William John Francis
Coott, William Arnold
Copas, Kenneth Richard
Copas, Vernon Gregory Hanrahan
Copcutt, Richard
Cope, Arthur Reginald
Cope, Ellis Victor
Cope, Francis Sidney
Cope, Geoffrey Thomas Peter
Cope, George Alfred Victor
Cope, George Arthur
Cope, George Robert
Cope, Horace Clarence
Cope, James
Cope, John Anthony Stephens
Cope, John Francis
Cope, Josiah Wilmore
Cope, Kenneth Charles Westbear
Cope, Kenneth Frank
Cope, Maurice Henry
Cope, Raymond
Cope, Robert Claude
Cope, Ronald
Cope, Rupert A.
Copegog, Allan Joseph
Copeland, Alan Russell
Copeland, Arthur Alfred
Copeland, Ben Bales
Copeland, Donald Johnston
Copeland, George Lewis
Copeland, Gerald Ware
Copeland, Herbert Redvers
Copeland, James Coulter
Copeland, John George
Copeland, John King
Copeland, K
Copeland, Percy
Copeland, Reginald
Copeland, Thomas Donovan
Copeland, Thomas William John
Copeman, Jack Harry Hamilton
Copeman, Ronald John
Copes, David
Copestick, Arthur
Copier, Adriaan Anthonius
Copland, Frank
Copland, James Ross
Copland, William Davies
Coplestone, Anthony Drake
Copley, Alfred Thomas
Copley, Dennis
Copley, George Edward
Copley, James
Copley, John James Hawke
Copley, Leonard
Copley, Robert Davies
Copneigh, James
Copp, Frederick Tom
Copp, Peter Frederick John
Copp, Phillip Bernard
Copp, William Edwin
Coppard, Ronald
Copper, Harry Gordon
Coppersmith, Raymond Patrick
Copperwaite, Derrick
Coppin, Clifford Somerville
Coppin, Robert Leslie
Coppin, William Hodgson
Copping, Albert John
Copping, Alfred James Thomas
Copping, Clarence Lummis
Copping, Dennis Charles Hughmore
Copping, Frederick Stanley
Copping, Harold James Langford
Copping, Peter George
Coppins, Albert Edward
Coppins, Leonard John
Copplestone, Alan Frank
Copplestone, Edward Sidney
Copsey, Ernest Francis Victor
Copsey, Leonard George
Copsey, Tom
Copson, Kenneth
Corah, Geoffrey Peter
Corbally, Joseph Charles
Corbet, Walter Henry
Corbett-thompson, Bruce Francis Patrick
Corbett, Bruce Sherwood
Corbett, Cyril Laurie
Corbett, Dalton Morgan
Corbett, Edward Cuthbert
Corbett, Edward Salter
Corbett, Ernest Clayton
Corbett, Ernest Humphries
Corbett, Frank
Corbett, George Arthur
Corbett, George Henry
Corbett, Guy Trevor
Corbett, Horace Kenneth
Corbett, Hugh Christopher
Corbett, Jack Windsor
Corbett, James Brownlie
Corbett, John Alexander
Corbett, John Edwin
Corbett, John Joseph
Corbett, John Turner
Corbett, Kenneth Raymond
Corbett, Peter Barnard
Corbett, Robert Archibald
Corbett, Ronald Spencer
Corbett, Vaughan Bowerman
Corbett, William David
Corbett, William Howard
Corbett, William James
Corbett, William James
Corbey, Alfred Edward
Corbin, Harold
Corbishley, Frederick Leslie
Corbisier, Roger Leon Hermann
Corbitt, Daniel
Corbould, Irvine Charles
Corbould, Kenneth Bruce
Corboy, Ivy Ellen
Corby, Alfred William
Corby, George Arthur
Corby, John Cyril
Corby, Sidney Charles
Corck, Arthur George
Corcoran, Evan Kenneth
Corcoran, Henry
Corcoran, James Michael
Corcoran, John
Corcoran, Martin Michael
Corcoran, Reginald Robert
Corcoran, Roger Leon
Corcoran, Stanislaus Vincent
Cordall, Robert Oswald
Cordell, Harold Henry
Cordell, Ronald Arthur
Corden, Dennis George Stanley
Corden, Samuel
Corder, Frank Wallace
Corderoy, Edwin Arthur
Corderoy, John James Stephen
Cordery, John Charles
Cordery, Percy Charles
Cordery, Sidney
Cordery, Victor Clement
Cordey, Lewis Woodward
Cordick, John Morgan
Cordiner, John
Cordingley, Ronald
Cordingley, Ronald Stott
Cordle, Ralph Sunei Wallace
Cordner, J. Herald
Cordon, Granville Trevor
Cordon, Leslie Theodore
Cordrey, Ryall Edward
Cordy, Peter Morton
Cordy, Stanley Christopher
Core, Frederick Albert
Corelli, Fernald Michael Clifford
Corewyn, William George
Corey, Douglas Earle
Corey, Hugh
Corfe, Douglas Frederick
Corfe, Dudley Anstruther
Corfield, Jack William
Corfield, James Wilmot
Corfield, Leslie John
Corfield, Norman
Corin, Henry George
Corin, James Edgar Norman
Cork, Francis Edwin
Cork, Kenneth James
Cork, Richard Thomas
Cork, William Norman
Corke, Eric Charles
Corke, Jim
Corke, John Frederick
Corke, Kenneth Clarence Edward
Corker, Alfred Willie
Corker, Maurice Stanley Douglas
Corker, William John Cheshire
Corkery, Bernard John
Corkhill, William Ronald
Corkill, Charles William Maxwell
Corkill, Ronald Blair
Corless, Alvin Van Dyke
Corless, John
Corless, Joseph Horrace
Corless, Thomas
Corless, Victor James
Corlett, Arthur Ian
Corlett, Arthur Leonard
Corlett, Arthur Stanley
Corlett, Edmund Murray
Corlett, Fred
Corlett, Geoffrey Scott
Corlett, John
Corlett, John Cedric
Corlett, John Norman
Corlett, Philip Duncan
Corlett, William Charles
Corley, Colin James
Corley, Louie Elmo
Corley, Percival Maurice
Corley, William Arthur
Corlis, John Edwin
Corlyon, Donald Joy
Corlyon, John Tutkey
Cormacey, Ronald Cedric
Cormack-Beatson, Charles Edward
Cormack, Alexander Adam
Cormack, Alexander Mcgee
Cormack, Alexander Valentine
Cormack, Archibald Mckay
Cormack, Donald Shaw
Cormack, Douglas Waitt Whitehurst
Cormack, Ian Charles
Cormack, Ian Maxwell
Cormack, James Archer
Cormack, John
Cormack, Phillip Hector
Cormack, William George
Cormack, William Thomas
Corman, John
Corman, John Ronald Merwin
Cormie, Thomas
Cormier, Gerald Patrick
Cormier, Joseph Erval Eric
Cormier, Simon Pierre
Cornall, Clifton
Cornbloom, Lionel
Cornelison, John Edgar
Cornelius-wheeler, John Arthur George
Cornelius, Ernest Dean
Cornelius, Ernest Thomas
Cornelius, Marc Stanley
Cornelius, Raymond Summers
Cornelius, Reginald Wilfred
Cornelius, Ronald Michael
Cornelius, Roy Charles
Cornelius, Thomas John
Cornelius, Wallace Walter Howard
Cornell, Alfred Charles
Cornell, Bryant Thomas
Cornell, Eric Raymond Ivan
Cornell, George Arthur
Cornell, John Luther
Cornell, Jonathon Robert
Cornell, Michael Henry
Cornell, Norman James
Cornell, Reginald Henry
Corner, Frank Leonard
Corner, Hugh Wolfe
Corner, Leonard
Corner, Malcolm Charles
Corner, Philip Lawson
Corner, Roy Henry
Corner, William
Cornes, Denis Claridge
Cornes, Gerald Geoffrey
Cornes, Howard Melville
Cornes, Sydney John
Cornes, William James
Corney, Anthony Joseph
Corney, Edwin Noel
Corney, George Wiliam Valentine
Corney, James
Corney, Leslie Russell
Corney, Max
Cornfield, Edward Albert
Cornfield, Joseph Samuel
Cornfield, Maurice
Cornfoot, Jeffrey Graham
Cornfoot, Radford Claude
Cornford, Kenneth Rupert
Cornforth, James William
Cornforth, Stanley
Cornhill, Boris Frederick
Cornish, Clifford Harry
Cornish, Dennis James
Cornish, Eric
Cornish, Frederick Keith
Cornish, Geoffrey
Cornish, George Frederick
Cornish, George Herbert
Cornish, Gordon William
Cornish, Herbert
Cornish, Howard Norman
Cornish, James Henry
Cornish, John Charles
Cornish, Milton John
Cornish, Neil
Cornish, Oliver Mansell
Cornish, Vernon Charles
Cornish, Walter Richard Samuel
Cornish, William George
Cornish, William John
Cornock, William Edward
Corns, Alexander
Corns, Edward
Corns, Harry Ashley
Cornthwaite, James William
Cornwall, Geoffrey Walton
Cornwall, George Simpson
Cornwall, J R
Cornwall, James Alex
Cornwall, James Raymond
Cornwallis, Peter Brownell
Cornwell, Colin Albert
Cornwell, Frederick George
Cornwell, Frederick William
Cornwell, George Francis
Cornwell, Herbert Leonard
Cornwell, Keith Stanley
Cornwell, Kenneth Frank
Cornwell, Leslie Charles
Cornwell, Reginald Sydney
Cornwell, Robert
Cornwell, Ross George
Coronel, Paulus Senor
Corps, Alfred George Shelton
Corpus, Heinz-Georg
Corr, Rodney Ernest
Corr, Thomas Anthony
Corr, William Duncan
Corran, Brian
Corran, Stanley
Correll, John Dunham
Corrie, Cyril Charles
Corrie, Glen Howard
Corrie, John
Corrie, John Edward
Corrie, Kenneth Edward
Corrie, Michael
Corrie, Robert Leslie
Corrie, Thomas Reginald Byron
Corrie, William Pulteney
Corrigall, Bernard William
Corrigan, Dennis Victor
Corrigan, Eugene Patrick
Corrigan, H A
Corrigan, Peter
Corrigan, Robert James
Corrigan, Thomas Edward
Corrigan, Thomas Joseph
Corrigan, William
Corrin, Frank Watterson
Corris, Douglas
Corriveau, Arthur Jeffrey
Corriveau, Joseph Thomas Raymond
Corry, Daniel Patrick
Corry, Edward
Corry, George Stanley
Corry, John Henry
Corry, John Simpson Blair
Corsby, Arthur Gilbert
Corsellis, Timothy John Manley
Corser, Arthur Henry Cadell
Corser, Edward Geoffrey Manson
Corser, Henry Graham Ronaldson
Corsie, Eric William Clouston
Corton, Kenneth George
Corvan, Peter William
Cory, Gordon Johnson
Cory, John Edwin
Cory, John Keith
Cory, Percival Gordon
Cosby, Bertie Harry
Cosens, Charles
Cosens, Frank William
Cosford, Frederick
Cosford, John Evans
Cosford, Thomas
Cosgrave, Frances William George
Cosgrave, Robert Gerald
Cosgriff, Brian Patrick
Cosgrove, Alfred Edward
Cosgrove, David James Clark
Cosgrove, Gilbert
Cosgrove, James Patrick
Cosgrove, John
Cosgrove, John Percival
Cosgrove, Joseph Patrick
Cosgrove, Michael William
Cosgrove, Peter Michael
Cosgrove, Robert James
Cosgrove, William Nicholas Pax
Cosgrove, William  (Bill)
Cosh, Edward Warren
Cosh, Robert Monteith
Coshall, Stanley
Cosham, Brian Chester
Cosham, Kenneth Frank
Cosman, William Nathan
Cosnett, Eric William
Cosoff, Joseph
Cossart, James Bowes
Cossens, Robert Edward
Cossette, Roland Adelore
Cossey, Charles Edward
Cossey, Dennis Alfred
Cossey, Edward William
Cossey, Hedley John
Cossey, Sidney
Cossins, Albert John
Cossins, Geoffrey Douglas
Cossins, John Gordon
Cossins, Reginald Frederick Henry
Cosson, Terence
Costello-Bowen, Edgar Alfred
Costello, Andrew Gordon
Costello, Charles
Costello, George Arnold
Costello, John
Costello, John Terrance
Costello, John Thomas
Costello, Joseph John
Costello, Maurice Henry
Costello, Michael
Costello, Patrick Arthur
Costello, Ralph Matthew
Coster, Alfred George
Coster, Arthur Leslie
Coster, Edgar Stanley
Coster, Frederick George
Coster, George Leslie
Coster, John Robert
Coster, John Stewart
Coster, William Robert
Costigan, John
Costigan, Norman Edward
Costigan, William Archibald
Costin, Neville James
Costin, Philip Eric
Costine, John Tannock
Costley, Harry Ernest
Coston, Charles Ernest (Mick)
Cosulich, Wilfred Francis
Cote, Charles Edward
Cote, Joseph Arthur Raymoral
Cote, Joseph Edmond Romeo
Cote, Joseph John Edward
Cote, Joseph Leandre Gilles
Cote, Joseph Richard
Cotnam, Harold Clinton
Cotnam, Royden Leslie
Coto, Alexander James
Coton, Frank Valentine
Cottam, Alden Preston
Cottam, Henry Atkin
Cottam, Hubert Weatherby
Cottam, James
Cottam, John
Cottam, Sylvester
Cottar, Robert
Cottee, Fred
Cottell, George James
Cotter, Daniel Joseph
Cotter, David Grenfell
Cotter, Donald Joseph
Cotter, Douglas Andrew
Cotter, John James
Cotter, Owen Richard OHara
Cotter, Patrick Claud
Cotter, Paul Stuart
Cotter, Philip Sidney
Cotter, Thomas Anthony
Cotterell, Anthony Robert
Cotterell, Cyril Harold William
Cotterell, Desmond Edward Thomas
Cotterell, Eric
Cotterell, Marvyn
Cotterell, Maurice Charles
Cotterell, Norman Clifford
Cotterell, Norman Ivor
Cotterell, Peter Samuel
Cotterell, Robert Max
Cotterill, Arthur
Cotterill, Colin Wynne
Cotterill, David Keith
Cotterill, George William
Cotterill, Ronald
Cotterill, Stanley Herbert Ross
Cotterill, Thomas Henry
Cotterill, William Hobson
Cottew, Richard Graham
Cottham, Cleveland
Cottier, Alan James
Cottier, James William
Cottier, John Colin
Cottier, Thomas George
Cottingham, Cyril Morgan
Cottingham, Edward
Cottingham, James Charles
Cottingham, Miles
Cottle, Charles George
Cottle, John Ronald
Cottle, William Waterson
Cottman, John Dennis
Cottom, Wilfred
Cotton Minchin, Christopher Humphrey
Cotton, Arthur Francis
Cotton, Charles Frederick
Cotton, David Neville
Cotton, David Nicolson
Cotton, Dennis Montague Carrington
Cotton, Edward John
Cotton, Edward Russell
Cotton, Edwin Arthur
Cotton, Ernest James
Cotton, Eugene
Cotton, Frederick William
Cotton, Godfrey Allenby Douglas
Cotton, Graham Hardy
Cotton, Henry Cumberland Stapleton
Cotton, Ivor
Cotton, Jesse Ernest
Cotton, John
Cotton, Kenneth Albert Charles
Cotton, Leonard
Cotton, Leslie
Cotton, Leslie John Victor
Cotton, Maxwell Tylney
Cotton, Paul Temple
Cotton, Percy
Cotton, Percy
Cotton, Reginald Ernest Richard
Cotton, Robert George
Cotton, Roy Douglas
Cotton, Stanley Harry
Cotton, Walter
Cotton, Willie
Cottrell, Bernard
Cottrell, David Edward
Cottrell, David Edward
Cottrell, Dennis Owen
Cottrell, Donald William Foulkes
Cottrell, Edward Cyril
Cottrell, Gilbert Valentine
Cottrell, Gordon
Cottrell, Henry
Cottrell, Norman
Cottrell, Norman Richard
Cottrell, Randall Tyrone
Cottrell, Rex Frederick
Cottrell, Royston William
Cottrell, Spence Grainger
Cottridge, Eric James
Coubrough, George Thomas
Couch, Albert George
Couch, Albert Thomas
Couch, Arthur Frederick Conroy
Couch, Clifford Carrington
Couch, George Frederick Hoberton
Couch, James Harry
Couch, John Edmund
Couch, Matthew Meikle
Couchman, George Richard
Couchman, Leonard Neil
Couchman, Raymond Bruce
Coucill, Charles Stephen
Coudray, Charles
Coughlan, J J
Coughlan, John
Coughlan, Leo
Coughlan, Leonard Arthur
Coughlin, Bernard
Coughlin, Gerald Philip
Coughlin, John Enos
Coughtrey, Frank
Coughtrey, James Algernon
Coukell, Bruce Adams
Coulbeck, Leonard
Coulby, Frank Gerald
Couldrey, Gordon
Couldwell, Edward
Coules, Edwin Charles Alfred
Couling, Alfred George
Couling, Herbert John
Coull, Alexander
Coull, Angus William Adams
Coull, John
Coulman, Cyril James
Coulman, Richard Maxwell
Coulombe, Joseph Rosario Arthur
Coulsey, John Robert
Coulson, Frank
Coulson, Fred George
Coulson, Frederick
Coulson, Frederick Ernest
Coulson, Harold
Coulson, Herbert Francis
Coulson, Joseph Frederick
Coulson, Kenneth
Coulson, Raymond
Coulson, Robert
Coulson, Robert Frederick
Coulson, Ronald
Coulson, Snowdon
Coulson, Thomas
Coulson, Ward Douglas
Coulson, Wilfrid Francis
Coulson, William George Allen
Coult, Ernest Joseph
Coulter, Arthur Howard
Coulter, Arthur Lawson
Coulter, Barry Herbert
Coulter, Everett Malcolm
Coulter, Frederick Thomas
Coulter, Hubert Vincent
Coulter, Jack Ronald
Coulter, James
Coulter, James Stewart
Coulter, John Thomas
Coulter, Kenneth Boyd
Coulter, Kenneth Gillis
Coulter, Richard Leslie
Coulter, Robert Earl
Coulter, Robert Leslie
Coulter, William James
Coulthard, Alan Maxwell
Coulthard, John
Coulthard, John Charles
Coulthard, Peter Cyprian
Coulton, George Howey
Coulton, Harry
Coulton, James
Coumbis, Alexander
Counihan, John Ernest
Counsell, Gladys Louise
Counsell, Stanley
Counter, Michael John
Countess, Ray Edgerton
Countryman, James Franklin
Coup, John
Coupe, Arthur Henry
Coupe, Harold
Coupe, Harry
Coupe, Ian George
Coupe, Leonard Peter
Coupe, Thomas
Couper, Alfred Ernest
Couper, Frederick Andrew
Couper, James Arthur
Couper, James Robert
Couper, Mungo William
Couper, Neil Banks
Couper, Thomas Mackintosh
Coupland, George Callander
Coupland, John Waugh Frazer
Coupland, Lorenzo Diaz
Coupland, Robert Knyvett
Coupland, Ronald Alfred
Coupland, Thomas Keith
Courage, William Roy
Cournoyer, Joseph Jacques Omer
Court, Alexander William
Court, Donald Alexander
Court, Edgar William Peter
Court, Ernest
Court, Fred Ivor
Court, Frederick
Court, Frederick John
Court, Jack
Court, James Ross
Court, Kenneth Owen
Court, Leonard Ashby
Court, Patrick James
Court, Ronald
Court, Thomas Roger
Courteau, Jean Louis De Gonzague
Courtenay, Donald Harold
Courtenay, Ernest John
Courtenay, Stanley William
Courthope, John Edward Ray
Courtis, Ernest Edward
Courtis, Jack Burall
Courtman, Daniel William
Courtman, Thomas Samuel
Courtney-Cox, William Baker
Courtney, Charles Henry
Courtney, Clayton George
Courtney, Cyril Ernest Charles
Courtney, Geoffrey Vincent
Courtney, Ian Harper
Courtney, James Boyd
Courtney, James Geen
Courtney, John Joseph
Courtney, Leonard
Courtney, Robert
Courtney, Robert John
Courtney, Robert Richard
Courtney, Ronald Clifton
Courtney, Victor
Courtois, J E J A
Couse, George Fitzgerald
Cousens, Alan George Seymour
Cousens, Richard Allinson
Couser, Archibald Campbell
Couser, David
Couser, Robert James
Cousin, Cyril
Cousin, Harry
Cousin, James Muir
Cousin, Joseph Ridley
Cousin, Robert Frederick
Cousineau, Joseph Alfred Emile Thomas
Cousins, Alec Henry
Cousins, Alfred
Cousins, Andrew Smeaton
Cousins, Anthony Young
Cousins, Arthur James
Cousins, Arthur William Charles
Cousins, Austin
Cousins, Cecil Lawrence
Cousins, Floyd John
Cousins, Frank William
Cousins, Herbert Leslie
Cousins, James
Cousins, John Desmond
Cousins, John Runnacles
Cousins, Leslie
Cousins, Norman Edward
Cousins, Oliver
Cousins, William George
Coutanceau, Maurice Gaston Emile
Coutie, Alan Vincent
Coutie, Barton Irving
Coutts-Wood, Stewart Farquharson
Coutts, Alexander Taylor
Coutts, Andrew Edward
Coutts, Benson Arnold Wilson
Coutts, David Strang
Coutts, Desmond Christian Frederick
Coutts, Ernest Philip
Coutts, George Alec
Coutts, Harold Alexander
Coutts, James Arthur Sangster
Coutts, Lorne Ronald
Coutts, Percy Gordon
Coutts, Russell Murray
Coutts, Stanley
Couture, Joseph Arthur Leo
Couture, Joseph Jean Maurice Marcel
Couturier, Joseph Robert Marcel Armand
Couturier, Paul Martin
Couzens, Garnett
Couzens, George Alfred Frederick
Couzens, George Frederick
Couzens, Robert Henry
Cove, Donald Charles
Covell, Donald Walpole
Covell, George
Covell, James Eric
Coveney, Albert James
Coveney, Cecil Charles
Coveney, John Patrick
Coveney, Richard
Coveney, Walter Richard
Coventon, Alan Walter
Coventry, Charles Robey
Coventry, Geoffrey William
Coventry, Henry Reginald
Coventry, John
Coventry, K T
Coventry, Lawrence Andrew
Coventry, Robert George
Coventry, Roy Cameron
Cover, John Albert
Coverdale, Ernest Leslie
Coverdale, John
Coverdale, Reginald Francis
Coverley, John Charles
Coverley, William Hugh
Covey, Sidney Arthur
Covey, William Walter
Covic, Robert Anthony
Covill, Cyril John
Covington, Frank
Cowan-Hunt, James George
Cowan, Alfred Julius
Cowan, Andrew
Cowan, Andrew Learmonth
Cowan, Charles
Cowan, Charles Robert
Cowan, Colin Robert
Cowan, Edward
Cowan, Edwin Richard
Cowan, Elizabeth
Cowan, Emerson Weldon
Cowan, Frederick Robert
Cowan, George Edward
Cowan, George Hamilton
Cowan, Hamilton
Cowan, Henry
Cowan, Henry
Cowan, Henry Hugh
Cowan, Hugh Wilson
Cowan, Ian Rees
Cowan, James
Cowan, James
Cowan, John
Cowan, John Connell
Cowan, John Edward
Cowan, John Henry
Cowan, John Muir
Cowan, John Robert
Cowan, John William Cannell
Cowan, Leo Martin
Cowan, Marcus James
Cowan, Nicholas Edgar John
Cowan, Percy Noel
Cowan, Peter Phillip
Cowan, Reginald
Cowan, Robert
Cowan, Robert John Alexander
Cowan, Robert William Mcgavin
Cowan, Roland Reginald
Cowan, Ronald Hodgson
Cowan, Thomas
Cowan, Walter Sidney
Cowan, Warren Frank
Cowan, William
Cowan, William Boyle
Cowan, William Francis
Cowan, William Ramsay
Cowan, William Robertson
Cowans, Robert
Cowap, John
Cowap, Ronald Bye
Coward, Archibald Cyril
Coward, Bernard
Coward, Charles Theodore Godfrey
Coward, Clifford William
Coward, Ernest Charles
Coward, Geoffrey Fitton
Coward, Harry Edwin
Coward, John Liversedge
Coward, Joseph
Coward, Richard Alfred
Coward, Robert
Coward, Ronald Albert
Coward, Stephen Massingberd
Coward, William John
Cowburn, James Frank
Cowcher, Sidney Frederick
Cowden, John Duncan Forbes
Cowdery, Eric Clement
Cowdrey, Alfred George Robert
Cowdrey, George
Cowdrey, Jack Ernest Frederick
Cowdrey, Reginald Sidney William
Cowe, James
Cowe, William David
Cowell, Albert Edward
Cowell, Antony Robert
Cowell, C L
Cowell, Donald
Cowell, Douglas Bruce
Cowell, Frederick
Cowell, George Albert
Cowell, George Frederick
Cowell, James Eric Curdon
Cowell, John Roger
Cowell, Leslie
Cowell, Lewis Wethey
Cowell, Richard Bryan Barney
Cowell, Roy
Cowell, Walter Robert
Cowell, Wilfred John
Cowen, Dorothy
Cowen, Geoffrey Brian
Cowen, J F
Cowen, James
Cowen, John Robert
Cowen, John Robert
Cowen, Leon
Cowen, Peter
Cowen, Stanley
Cowen, Wilfred James
Cowern, William
Cowey, Wallace James
Cowgill, Albert Moore
Cowgill, Peter James
Cowgill, Stanley
Cowham, Ralph
Cowham, Stanley William
Cowie, Alexander
Cowie, Alexander Bruce
Cowie, Alexander Grant
Cowie, Alexander Keith
Cowie, Arthur
Cowie, Douglas
Cowie, Douglas Borthwick
Cowie, Douglas George
Cowie, Eric Edmond
Cowie, Frank Norman Simpson
Cowie, Frederick Mollison
Cowie, George Wellington
Cowie, Henry Francis
Cowie, James
Cowie, James Hector
Cowie, James Lindis
Cowie, James Moore
Cowie, John Boyle
Cowie, John Campbell
Cowie, Peter
Cowie, Robert
Cowie, Robert James
Cowie, Robert Norman
Cowie, Ronald Enoch
Cowieson, John Harrison
Cowin, Albert
Cowin, Douglas James
Cowin, Norman Richard
Cowin, Robert
Cowin, Thomas Lewis
Cowing, Gordon Lloyd
Cowings, George Hendry
Cowitz, Arnold
Cowler, Frederick George
Cowles, George Henry
Cowles, Reginald Clifford Andrew
Cowles, Robert Melland John
Cowley, Cyril Arthur
Cowley, George Christopher
Cowley, Harold
Cowley, Jack Desborough
Cowley, John Albert
Cowley, John Dennis
Cowley, John Duncan
Cowley, Kenneth
Cowley, Nathaniel Albert T. Rumball
Cowley, Norman Coatner
Cowley, Robert Henry
Cowley, Robert Hurst
Cowley, Ronald
Cowley, Ronnie
Cowley, Samuel
Cowley, Stuart Harold
Cowley, Thomas Baxter
Cowley, Victor Charles
Cowlin, Ernest
Cowlin, Graham Grant
Cowling, Arthur
Cowling, Aubrey Francis
Cowling, Donald Leonard
Cowling, Henry
Cowling, Herbert Edwin
Cowling, John Wesley
Cowling, Kenneth Roy
Cowling, Lionel Richard
Cowling, Peter Radford
Cowlishaw, Harold
Cowlishaw, John George
Cowlrick, Andrew Jack
Cowman, James Allan
Cowman, William Harris
Cownden, Albert Ernest
Cownden, Vincent Joseph
Cowood, Charles
Cowper, Edwin Francis
Cowper, Robert William Douglas
Cowperthwaite, Edward Morris
Cowperthwaite, Lonsdale
Cowsill, James Roy
Cox, Albert
Cox, Albert
Cox, Albert William
Cox, Alex Robert Temple
Cox, Alexander Lewis
Cox, Alfred Douglas
Cox, Allan Charley
Cox, Alwyn Trevor
Cox, Anthony Graham
Cox, Anthony Howard Caldicott
Cox, Arthur
Cox, Arthur
Cox, Arthur Charles
Cox, Arthur Cromwell Llewellyn
Cox, Arthur David
Cox, Arthur Meaker
Cox, Barry Mortimer
Cox, Benjamin
Cox, Bernard Daniel Charles
Cox, Bernard Leslie
Cox, Brian James
Cox, Bryan Stephen
Cox, Cecil Edward
Cox, Cecil Harold
Cox, Charles
Cox, Charles Cedric
Cox, Charles Ian
Cox, Charles Valentine
Cox, Christopher Austen George
Cox, Christopher Frederick
Cox, Clive Arthur
Cox, David Reid
Cox, David Spencer
Cox, Dennis Bertram
Cox, Derrick
Cox, Donald Arthur
Cox, Douglas Graham
Cox, Dudley Vincent
Cox, Eddy Stewart
Cox, Edmund Thomas
Cox, Edward James
Cox, Edward Ronald
Cox, Eric Clarence
Cox, Eric Edgar
Cox, Ernest
Cox, Ernest Alfred
Cox, Ernest Walter
Cox, Ernest Wilkin
Cox, Everard Thomas
Cox, Francis Victor
Cox, Frank Geoffrey
Cox, Frank Harold
Cox, Frank Mitchell
Cox, Frank Trevor
Cox, Frederick George
Cox, Frederick William
Cox, Geoffrey
Cox, Geoffrey Thomas
Cox, Geoffrey William
Cox, Gerald
Cox, Gerald Norman
Cox, Godfrey Denis
Cox, Godfrey Hippesley
Cox, Gordon William
Cox, Gurth Ernest
Cox, Harold
Cox, Harold Robert Irving
Cox, Harold Russell
Cox, Harry Harwood Derrington
Cox, Harry Kenny
Cox, Hazel Pamela Irene
Cox, Henry
Cox, Henry Francis
Cox, Henry Moncrieff
Cox, Henry Thomas
Cox, Henry Wilfred Sylvester
Cox, Henry William
Cox, Herbert
Cox, Herbert
Cox, Herbert
Cox, Herbert Lionel
Cox, Horace James
Cox, Horatio Leslie
Cox, Jack Scott
Cox, James Henry
Cox, James Lawford
Cox, James Leslie
Cox, James Leslie
Cox, James William
Cox, Jeffrey
Cox, John Alfred Arthur
Cox, John Allen
Cox, John Christopher
Cox, John Desmond
Cox, John Edward
Cox, John Geoffrey Hayler
Cox, John Grant
Cox, John Herbert Arthur
Cox, John James
Cox, John Kevin
Cox, John Maynard
Cox, John Richard
Cox, John Roger Talbot
Cox, John Stanley Hastings
Cox, John William Richard
Cox, Keith Frederick
Cox, Keith Kipling
Cox, Kenneth Denison
Cox, Kenneth George
Cox, Kenneth Henry
Cox, Kenneth James
Cox, Kenneth Stanley
Cox, Kevin Desmond
Cox, Leonard Arthur
Cox, Leonard Edgar
Cox, Leonard Edward
Cox, Leonard Peter
Cox, Leonard Roy Victor
Cox, Leonard William
Cox, Leslie Arnold
Cox, Leslie Robert
Cox, Leslie Roy
Cox, Lisle
Cox, Manassah
Cox, Maurice Ivan
Cox, Maxwell
Cox, Michael Francis Joseph
Cox, N. Mcd.
Cox, Neville Holt
Cox, Norman
Cox, Owen Jones
Cox, Paul Conroy
Cox, Peter Kenneth
Cox, Philip Anthony Neville
Cox, Ralph Cyril Rupert
Cox, Ralph James Mitchell
Cox, Raymond Charles
Cox, Reginald
Cox, Reginald George
Cox, Richard Belton
Cox, Robert Ernest
Cox, Robert Leith
Cox, Robert Louis
Cox, Robert William
Cox, Ronald
Cox, Ronald
Cox, Ronald Christopher
Cox, Ronald Edwin
Cox, Ronald Frederick
Cox, Ronald George
Cox, Ronald Harry
Cox, Ronald Leslie
Cox, Ronald William
Cox, Rosemary Elizabeth
Cox, Rowland Branston
Cox, Roy Henry
Cox, Roy Le Masurier
Cox, Russell Kenneth
Cox, Samuel
Cox, Samuel Thomas
Cox, Stanley
Cox, Stanley James
Cox, Stephen
Cox, The Rev. James Ernest
Cox, Thomas
Cox, Thomas George Henry
Cox, Thomas Hugh
Cox, Thomas Rawson
Cox, Trevor John
Cox, Walter James
Cox, Walter John
Cox, Walter John
Cox, Walter Thomas
Cox, Wilfrid Leonard
Cox, William
Cox, William Augustus
Cox, William Edwin John
Cox, William Frederick
Cox, William Henry
Cox, William Henry
Cox, William Lawrence
Cox, William Roland
Coxe, James
Coxetter, James Geiger
Coxhead, Frank Ernest
Coxon, Geoffrey Lewis
Coxon, James Metcalfe
Coxon, John Harry
Coxon, Matthew William
Coy, Donald
Coy, James
Coy, Thomas William
Coyle, Douglas Edward
Coyle, Gerald
Coyle, John James
Coyle, John William
Coyle, Leonard
Coyle, Michael George
Coyle, Michael John
Coyle, Thomas John (Jack)
Coyles, Alexander
Coyne, Edward Kenneth
Coyne, Joseph
Coyne, Lawrence
Coyne, Michael Joseph
Coyne, Stephen George
Coyne, Vincent Harold
Coysh, David Whittier
Coyte, William Alfred
Cozens-Hardy, Graham Sydney
Cozens, Alan Duncan
Cozens, Geoffrey Eric
Cozens, George Arthur
Cozens, Paul Joseph
Cozens, Reginald Herbert
Cozens, Robert Alban
Cozens, William Arthur
Crabb, Douglas Brooks
Crabb, Frank James
Crabb, George
Crabb, George James Leonard
Crabb, John Malcolm
Crabb, Lawson Terence
Crabb, Peter Henry
Crabb, Ronald Alfred Sinclair
Crabb, Ronald George (Ron)
Crabb, William Thomas
Crabbe, Colin Bernard
Crabbe, Ernest Stanley
Crabbe, James Douglas
Crabtree, Alan
Crabtree, Charles Maurice
Crabtree, Charles William
Crabtree, Edmond Clay
Crabtree, Edward Jeptha
Crabtree, George
Crabtree, Harry
Crabtree, James Douglas
Crabtree, John Athelstan
Crabtree, John Calverley
Crabtree, John James
Crabtree, Kenneth
Crabtree, Kenneth
Crabtree, Neil Watson
Crabtree, Norman Geoffrey
Crabtree, Peter James
Crabtree, Ronald Hugh
Crabtree, Thomas James
Crack, Roy William
Cracknell, Albert Wilfred
Cracknell, Brian Thomas
Cracknell, Derrick Michael
Cracknell, Evan John
Cracknell, Harold Edward
Cracknell, Richard Stephen
Cracknell, Stanley Arthur
Cracknell, Walter Charles
Craddock, Alan Fullerton
Craddock, Edward Frank
Craddock, Ernest Charles
Craddock, George
Craddock, George
Craddock, Ronald Gerrard
Craddock, Sydney
Craddock, Thomas Eugene
Craddock, Thomas Finbar
Craddock, William George
Craddock, William John
Cradduck, Clifford William
Cradduck, Stanley Walter
Craft, Charles
Craft, George William
Crafts, Robert Harland
Cragg, Archibald Douglas
Cragg, Edward Franklin
Cragg, Eric William
Cragg, Frank Raymond
Cragg, Kenneth Leonard
Cragg, Terence Bowers
Cragg, William Philip
Craggs, David
Craggs, George James
Craggs, Matthew Frank
Crago, William Thomas Roy
Craib, A C
Craib, George Richard Robert Henry
Craig-Adams, Michael Alexander
Craig, Alan James
Craig, Albert Douglas Foch
Craig, Alexander Gray
Craig, Alexander Milne
Craig, Alfred Burton
Craig, Angus
Craig, Anthony
Craig, Arthur Ernest
Craig, Charles Fairweather
Craig, David Carnegie
Craig, David George
Craig, David Leslie Thomas
Craig, Donald Mcpherson
Craig, Douglas Earl
Craig, Douglas John Robert
Craig, Francis William
Craig, Frederick Henry
Craig, Henry John
Craig, Hugh
Craig, Hugh Cuthbert
Craig, Hugh Howie
Craig, James
Craig, James
Craig, James
Craig, James
Craig, James
Craig, James Anderson
Craig, James Ferrie
Craig, James Fraser
Craig, James Hubert
Craig, James Ian
Craig, James William Barrie
Craig, James Wilson
Craig, John
Craig, John
Craig, John David
Craig, John Desmond
Craig, John Donald
Craig, John Edwin
Craig, John Macdonald
Craig, John Malcolm
Craig, John Nicol
Craig, John Richard
Craig, John Robert William
Craig, John Teasdale
Craig, John William
Craig, Lawrence William Harward
Craig, Lincoln Leslie Arnold
Craig, Malcolm James Courtland
Craig, Marie Eileen
Craig, Michael Joseph
Craig, Norman Harold
Craig, Norman Spooner
Craig, Peter
Craig, Robert
Craig, Robert
Craig, Robert Gerald
Craig, Robert Grainger
Craig, Robert Kenneth
Craig, Robert Samuel Carson
Craig, Ronald Henry
Craig, Stanley Maynard
Craig, Walter
Craig, Walter David
Craig, Wilfred Gordon
Craig, William
Craig, William Gordon
Craig, William Howie
Craig, William Joseph
Craig, William Kirkland
Craig, William Neilson
Craig, William Warren
Craigie-Halkett, Lionel Montague
Craigie, Andrew
Craigie, Arthur Percival
Craigie, Charles Cleghorn Brockie
Craigie, Colin
Craigie, Douglas Hugh
Craigie, James Edgar Donald
Craigie, John Edward Bruce
Craigie, John Norman
Craigmile, Harry George
Craik, David Stewart
Craik, Donald Mcleod
Craik, James Fraser
Craik, Murray Clayton
Craik, Robert Lawrie
Crail, William David
Craill, David George
Crain, Alan Irvine
Crain, William Gilbert
Craine, Alexander Robert
Crake, Geoffrey Guy
Cram, Duncan
Cram, John Samuel
Cram, Mervyn
Cram, William
Cramb, Elizabeth Violet Buttery
Cramb, Peter William
Cramer, E H
Cramer, Oscar Rene
Cramer, Patrick Joseph
Cramer, William Frederick
Cramm, Hendrik Charles
Cramm, Reginald Harrison
Crammond, Alexander James
Crammond, John
Cramp, Alan Frederick
Cramp, Dennis
Cramp, Douglas Louis (Duggie)
Cramp, Ernest Reginald
Cramp, John Robins
Cramp, Philip
Cramp, Roy
Crampin, Alan Joseph
Crampton, Charles Ernest
Crampton, Dorothy Lilian
Crampton, Harold Thomas
Crampton, Leonard Robert
Crampton, William Francis
Crampton, William Henry
Cran, Franklyn Bertram
Cran, Kenneth Peter Mcleod
Cranch, Francis Edward
Crane, Albert George
Crane, Alfred John Vaughan
Crane, Arthur Elwood
Crane, Barrie Lincoln
Crane, Beverley Dwight
Crane, Charles
Crane, Charles William
Crane, Clifford John
Crane, Donald Alfred
Crane, Francis Neville
Crane, Gerald
Crane, Herbert
Crane, Jack Henry
Crane, James
Crane, John Frederick Ryder
Crane, John Stewart
Crane, Kenneth Walter
Crane, Laurence George (Larry)
Crane, Lionel James
Crane, Noel Irvine
Crane, Peter
Crane, Robert William
Crane, Thomas
Crane, Wilburt Mclarty
Crane, William Edward
Crane, William Henry
Crane, William Maurice
Crane, William Mcdonald
Cranefield, Robert Arthur Godwin
Craner, John Joseph
Cranfield, Astley Arthur
Cranford, Robert Geoffrey
Cranham, Jasper Robert
Cranidge, Thomas Johnson
Crank, Arthur Allan
Crank, James Shackleton
Crank, Philip James
Crankshaw, A H
Crankshaw, Turner
Cranmer, Paul Augustus
Cranna, William Thomas
Cranson, Albert
Cranston, David Charles
Cranston, Dion Graeme
Cranston, Gordon
Cranston, James
Cranston, James Francis
Cranston, Joseph
Cranston, Robert John
Cranston, Thomas George James
Cranstoun, John Pugh
Cranswick, Alec Panton
Cranswick, Douglas
Cranswick, Ernest
Cranz, William August
Crapp, Arthur Geoffrey
Crapp, Errol Clifton
Crapp, Francis George
Crapper-Bovey, Derrick Roy Lionel
Crapper, Charles Allan
Crapper, Vincent Bertram
Crarer, Thomas Eric
Crate, Roy Stuart
Crate, Stanley Ralph
Craven, Alec Henry
Craven, Alfred
Craven, Alfred
Craven, Arnold John
Craven, Arthur
Craven, Cyril
Craven, Derek Joseph
Craven, Frank
Craven, Frederick John
Craven, George Edward James
Craven, George Philip
Craven, Hammond
Craven, Henry Eric Archibald
Craven, James Richard
Craven, Leonard
Craven, Louis James
Craven, Lyndley Dawson
Craven, Ronald
Craven, Stanley
Craven, Terence
Craven, Thomas Lockerbie
Craven, Walter Edward
Craw, Hector Lawrence
Crawford-Watson, Lewis Stanley
Crawford, Albert Victor
Crawford, Alexander
Crawford, Allan Bruce
Crawford, Bernard Verdun
Crawford, Charles Innes
Crawford, Charles Wallace
Crawford, Christopher Nigel Charles
Crawford, David Gordon
Crawford, David Maxwell
Crawford, David Nicholson
Crawford, David Robert
Crawford, Derrick
Crawford, Douglas
Crawford, Edna Mary
Crawford, Finlay Ewart Munro
Crawford, Forcer Douglas
Crawford, Francis Joseph
Crawford, Francis Sirius
Crawford, Frank
Crawford, Frank Patrick
Crawford, Frederick Arthur
Crawford, George
Crawford, George Bernard
Crawford, George Ernest
Crawford, George Gordon
Crawford, George Hamilton
Crawford, George Morris
Crawford, Gordon Robert
Crawford, Harry
Crawford, Harry James
Crawford, Hector Hugh
Crawford, Henry
Crawford, Henry Varley Gibb
Crawford, Hugh Irvine
Crawford, Ian Douglas
Crawford, Ian Kieran
Crawford, Jack Simon Gustave
Crawford, James
Crawford, James
Crawford, James
Crawford, John
Crawford, John
Crawford, John Brian
Crawford, John Frederick
Crawford, John Geoffrey
Crawford, John Joseph
Crawford, John Maxwell
Crawford, John Miller
Crawford, John Mitchell
Crawford, Joseph
Crawford, Kenneth
Crawford, Kent Elliott
Crawford, Leonard Wallace
Crawford, Nathan
Crawford, Nathaniel Hugh
Crawford, Norman Willard
Crawford, Ormond Frederick Ewald
Crawford, Orville Everett
Crawford, Peter
Crawford, Peter John Sprague
Crawford, Richard St. John Trevor
Crawford, Robert Cree
Crawford, Robert John
Crawford, Ronald Aubrey
Crawford, Ronald Peter
Crawford, Thomas Alvin
Crawford, Thomas James Larmour
Crawford, Thomas Richard
Crawford, Vincent
Crawford, Walter Edmond
Crawford, William
Crawford, William Andrew
Crawford, William Arthur
Crawford, William Dunlop Cram
Crawford, William George
Crawford, William John
Crawford, William Samuel
Crawforth, Bernard Lawrence Terrance
Crawforth, Paul
Crawhall, Stanley Joseph
Crawley, Charles Douglas
Crawley, Charles Henry
Crawley, Christopher William
Crawley, Clifford Charles
Crawley, Clifford Tom
Crawley, David
Crawley, Edward George
Crawley, Frederick William
Crawley, George Walter
Crawley, Gordon Joseph
Crawley, John Sidney Francis Victor
Crawley, Joseph Kenneth
Crawley, Randolph Miller
Crawley, Roland
Crawley, Samuel Edward
Crawley, Terence John
Crawshaw, Desmond William Machray
Crawshaw, Harry Winston
Crawshaw, Lawrence Edward
Crawshaw, Luther
Crawshaw, Maurice Smith
Crawshaw, Robert Ashworth
Crawshaw, Ronald
Crawshaw, Stanley Raynor
Crawshay-Fry, Peter William
Craxton, Charles William Mark
Cray, Geoffrey Haughton
Cray, Trevor Haughton
Crayston, Kerry Milton
Craze, Henry Edward Lawrence
Creamer, Aubrey Herbert
Creamer, Keith Thornton
Crean, John
Creaney, John
Crease, Charles Henry
Crease, Ronald
Creaser, George
Creasey, Henry Ernest
Creasey, Leslie Wallace
Creba, John Frederick
Crebbin, Alan Francis
Crebbin, Gordon James
Crebbin, James Harry (Jim)
Crebbin, John Percival
Crebbin, Ronald
Crebbin, William Donald
Creber, Edward Alan
Creber, Robert Thomas
Creber, Ronald Gordon
Creber, William Sidney
Credland, Alan Raymond
Credland, Ralph Hilton
Cree, Robert Edward
Creed, Albert John
Creed, Douglas
Creed, Edwin
Creed, Eric William Cuthbert
Creed, Ernest Edward
Creed, Francis Howard
Creed, Frank Charles
Creed, Jack Lester George
Creed, Terence Hugh
Creed, William George
Creed, William Henry
Creede, Joseph Daniel
Creeden, James Waldron
Creedy, Dennis William Ernest
Creedy, Thomas Frank
Creek, Ronald Arthur
Creene, Leslie Arthur
Creer, George Edward
Crees, Jack Bertram
Crees, Peter William
Creevy, Douglas William
Crehan, Thomas
Creighton-Kelly, Geoffrey Keith Henry
Creighton, Allan David
Creighton, B W
Creighton, Francis Albert
Creighton, John
Creighton, John
Creighton, John Traquair
Creighton, Noel Vaughan
Creighton, Ronald
Crellin, Albert Edwin
Crellin, Ewart Harrison
Cremen, Thomas William Alfred
Cremer, Edward Brandon
Cremer, Jeffrey Martin
Cremer, Josef
Cremin, Daniel Edward
Cremins, Ronald Vincent
Cremins, Thomas David
Crerar, Alexander
Crerar, Daniel
Crerar, George Taylor
Cressey, Stanley Webb
Cressman, Charles Herbert
Cresswell Turner, Anthony
Cresswell, Andrew
Cresswell, Arthur Bryce
Cresswell, Bernard Barton
Cresswell, Charles Ernest
Cresswell, Cyril
Cresswell, Denis George
Cresswell, Donald William
Cresswell, Frederick Allan
Cresswell, Jack Raymond
Cresswell, John Douglas
Cresswell, Kenneth John
Cresswell, Ronald Victor
Cresswell, Vernon
Cressy-Marcks, William Roy
Cressy, Ronald Hector Laurence
Creswell, Albert Edward
Creswell, George Elliott
Creswell, Jack
Creswell, Philip Henry
Creswell, Ralph Nelson Adams
Creswick, Reginald John
Creutzberg, Lodewijk Gerard Theodoor
Creux, P A
Crew, Basil Glynn
Crew, George Cecil
Crew, Kenneth Burton
Crew, Sydney James
Crew, William Denys
Crewe, Ernest Llewellyn
Crewe, Kenneth Edward
Crewe, Robert Edward
Crewe, Wilfred
Crews, Ralph Harry
Cribb, Anthony Campbell
Cribb, Henry Lanwarne
Cribb, Peter
Cribb, Stanley Bridson
Cribbes, George Deryk
Cribbin, George
Cribbin, George Norman
Crich, Harvey Lewis
Crichton-Miller, Campbell
Crichton, Archibald
Crichton, Cecil Ernest
Crichton, Charles William Douglas
Crichton, David George
Crichton, David Lecky
Crichton, Goerge Owen
Crichton, John
Crichton, Rita Marjorie
Crichton, Ronald Macalister
Crichton, William Gray
Crichton, William Mclaren
Crick, George Walter William
Crick, Lawrence Eric
Crickmay, Peter William Hedley
Criddle, Aubrey Albert
Criddle, Percival Richard
Cridge, Alfred Victor Gordon
Cridge, Gurwyn Malcolm
Cridge, Robert John
Cridland, Alan Thomas
Cridland, Francis Herbert
Cridland, John Ryan
Crighton, Allan
Crighton, Frank
Crighton, Frederick Gordon
Crighton, Richard Hilary
Crilly, Thomas
Crilly, Thomas
Crimes, Brian Francis Frederick
Crimmins, John Allan Cameron
Crimmins, Martin Alexander
Crimmins, Raymond Thomas
Crimmins, William Dennis
Crimp, Darel Spofford Lydston
Cringle, Robert Morrison
Crinkley, Arthur
Cripps, Basil Robert
Cripps, Cyril Henry
Cripps, George Bertram Robert
Cripps, Leslie George
Cripps, Raymond Frank
Cripps, Reginald Augustus
Cripps, Walter Ephraim
Crisfield, Kenneth Solman
Crisford, Raymond Gavin
Crisp, Basil George
Crisp, Bernard Douglas
Crisp, Christopher Norman Birch
Crisp, Claud Eric
Crisp, Elwyn Derek
Crisp, Eric Ernest
Crisp, Geoffrey Ernest
Crisp, Harry Alfred Charles
Crisp, John Anthony
Crisp, John Charles
Crisp, John Lawrence
Crisp, Joseph Robert
Crisp, Maxwell Robert (Max)
Crisp, Neville Frank
Crisp, R L
Crisp, Robert Philling
Crisp, Thomas Charles
Crispin, Gordon Sanson
Crist, Brian Vincent
Criswick, Maurice Leonard Charles
Critcher, Edmund Russell
Critchison, Stanley Bryan
Critchley, Denis James
Critchley, Edward
Critchley, George Gordon
Critchley, John Robert Murray
Critchley, Kenneth Arthur
Critchley, Lawrence Archibald
Critchley, Ronald
Critchley, Walter
Critchley, William
Critchlow, Alfred
Critchlow, Alfred Derrick
Critchlow, Kenneth
Critchlow, Leslie John
Critchlow, Richard Noel Pickwell
Crites, Clinton Arnold
Crittall, Daniel Percy
Crittenden, Arthur John
Crittenden, Herbert Henry
Crittenden, Philip George
Cro, David Harry
Croad, George Partridge
Croad, Leslie Herbert
Croal, Edward
Croall, George Alexander
Croall, William Tait
Croasdell, George Reuben
Crock, Herbert Windsor
Crockart, Norman David
Crockart, William Finlay
Crockatt, David Edward
Crocker, Albert Thomas
Crocker, Arthur John
Crocker, Basil Colin Hely
Crocker, Bryan
Crocker, Francis Gerald
Crocker, Frank Wilson
Crocker, Gordon Edward
Crocker, Henry Bert
Crocker, John Henry Albert
Crocker, Malcolm
Crocker, Murray Rowe
Crockett, Alexander Gordon
Crockett, Douglas Thomas
Crockett, Earle Grant
Crockett, Ivor Douglas
Crockett, James Grant
Crockett, John Joseph
Crockett, Murray Bernard
Crockett, Ronald Charles
Crockett, Ronald Frederick
Crockett, William Vernon
Crockford, Alfred Derrick
Crockford, Anthony
Crockford, Charles Edward
Crockford, William Stanley
Crocombe, John
Crocombe, Sidney
Croft, Alan Ridley
Croft, Albert Francis William Noble
Croft, Allan Blyth
Croft, Arthur Cornelius
Croft, Barry Alan
Croft, Cedric Robert
Croft, Charles Edward
Croft, Claude William
Croft, Donald Edward
Croft, Edward Michael
Croft, Ernest Alfred
Croft, Harold
Croft, Harold Taylor
Croft, Herbert
Croft, Jack Millen
Croft, James
Croft, James Bracewell
Croft, John Ernest Norman
Croft, John Francis
Croft, John Francis
Croft, Joseph Kenneth
Croft, Kenneth Norman Joseph
Croft, Lawrence Furby
Croft, Leonard George (Len)
Croft, Lewis Raymond
Croft, Morris William
Croft, Peter Frederick
Croft, Phillip
Croft, Robert Mckerlie
Croft, Ronald Percy
Croft, Thomas
Croft, Walter Steven
Croft, Wesley Bethel
Croft, William Alexander
Croft, William Denman
Crofton, Arthur Colin
Crofton, Cecil Charles William
Crofton, Richard Mervyn Echlin
Crofton, Robert Denis
Crofts, Arthur
Crofts, Arthur Albert
Crofts, Donald Albert
Crofts, Edward Ernest
Crofts, Edward Teoreorehua
Crofts, Frank Gordon
Crofts, Fred
Crofts, Jack Henson
Crofts, Kenneth George
Crofts, Peter Guerin
Crofts, Reginald
Crohill, Alfred Francis
Croisdale, John
Croke, Francis Bernard
Croker, Arthur James
Croker, Denys William
Croker, Desmond Rimmer
Croker, Duncan
Croker, Eric Eugene
Croker, Jack Price
Croker, John Newport
Croker, Leonard Francis
Croker, Michael Edward Jackson
Croker, Sydney Albert
Croley, Arthur John
Croll, Alexander Harvey
Croll, Arthur Leland
Croll, Ian Bruce
Croll, James Macgregor
Croll, John
Crollie, Richard George
Cromack, Hubert Cecil
Cromar, Donald
Cromarty, John Donald Range
Cromarty, Joseph
Cromarty, Joseph Fraser
Cromb, Ian Taylor
Crombie, Charles Arbuthnot
Crombie, Charles Stuart Gibsone
Crombie, Donald Charles Cameron
Crombie, George
Crombie, James
Crombie, James Duncan
Crombie, Mervyn Cobbe
Crombie, Peter Kirk
Crombie, Robert
Crome, David
Cromie, Noel George
Cromie, Robert Stevenson
Crompton, Alfred
Crompton, Eric
Crompton, Eric
Crompton, Ernest Ewart
Crompton, Frank
Crompton, George Arthur
Crompton, George William Sergio
Crompton, James
Crompton, John Anthony
Crompton, Joseph
Crompton, Ralph Kenyon (Ken)
Crompton, Richard
Crompton, Richard Clifford
Crompton, Robert
Crompton, Samuel
Crompton, Thomas Donwy
Crompton, William Roland
Cromwell, Leonard Neil
Cronan, John Richard
Cronan, Thomas
Cronchey, Henry Richard
Crone, James Edmund
Crone, John Henry
Crone, Joseph Kenneth
Crone, Robert Duncan
Crone, Thomas William Archibald
Cronin, Cornelius Patrick Finbarr
Cronin, Gerald Patrick
Cronin, John
Cronin, John Michael
Cronin, Maxwell Joseph
Cronin, P
Cronin, Patrick Edmund
Cronin, William Joseph
Cronje, Jan Abraham
Cronje, S I
Cronk, Ernest Frank
Cronk, Gavin John
Cronk, George Edward
Cronk, John Henry
Cronk, Leslie William
Cronyn, Peter Hume
Crook, Albert Leslie
Crook, Allan
Crook, Basil John France
Crook, Cyril Norman
Crook, David Moore
Crook, Eric Charles
Crook, Eric William Alfred
Crook, Frank
Crook, George William Arthur
Crook, Harry Robert
Crook, John
Crook, John Lionel
Crook, John Vincent
Crook, Lawrence Bater
Crook, Lynford Colin
Crook, Reginald Wilfred
Crook, Robert Harold George
Crook, Robert Herbert Charles
Crook, Roger Ernest
Crook, Ronald Derek
Crook, Roy Henry Mark
Crook, Sidney James
Crook, Sydney
Crook, Walter Marshall
Crook, William
Crooke, Arthur Woodrow
Crookes, Charles
Crookes, Raymond
Crookes, Vincent
Crooks, Arthur
Crooks, David Alexander Cummings
Crooks, Eric
Crooks, Howard Measor
Crooks, John
Crooks, John Hodgson
Crooks, Leonard Arthur
Crooks, Leslie
Crooks, Malcolm Bruce
Crooks, Raymond William John
Crooks, Reginald Herbert
Crooks, Robert Leslie
Crooks, Stanley Edward
Crooks, William
Crooks, William
Crooks, William Wilson
Croom-Johnson, Oliver Powell
Croom, Lionel Pearcey
Croome, John Charles
Croot, Arthur James
Croot, Douglas
Croot, George William
Cropley, Alan Arthur
Cropley, Leslie John
Cropper, Clifford Frederick
Cropper, Douglas Lindsay
Cropper, Harry
Cropper, Richard Stephen
Crory, Albert Victor
Crory, Weir
Crory, William Samuel
Crosbie, Charles Hamilton
Crosbie, Charles Henry
Crosbie, David Aloysius
Crosbie, Douglas Alexander
Crosbie, Francis
Crosbie, James
Crosbie, James Aitken
Crosbie, Jeffrey David
Crosbie, John Johnston
Crosbie, Leonard John
Crosbie, Norman John
Crosbie, Percy George
Crosbie, Vincent
Crosbie, William Francis
Crosbie, William Mitchell
Crosby, Archie L.
Crosby, Arthur Edward
Crosby, Bertram
Crosby, Charles Gordon
Crosby, David Young Nurse
Crosby, George Leslie
Crosby, Nicholas Frederick
Crosby, Norman
Crosby, Peter Alan
Crosby, Vincent Brian
Crosby, William Clive
Crosdale, Charles Joseph
Croser, Charles
Crosier, Edward Rutherford
Crosier, Frank
Croskell, Geoffrey Arthur Austin
Crosland, Alfred Hirst
Crosland, Arthur
Crosland, Bryan
Crosland, Derek Ernest Thomas
Crosland, Douglas
Crosland, Elwyn
Crosland, Jack
Crosland, Peter
Cross, Albert
Cross, Albert Alan
Cross, Arthur
Cross, Arthur Laurence
Cross, Brian
Cross, Charles
Cross, Charles
Cross, Charles William
Cross, Clifford Donald
Cross, Dennis Harold James
Cross, Donald
Cross, Donald William
Cross, Edgar Hillman
Cross, Edward
Cross, Edward Albert
Cross, Eric Samuel Collins
Cross, Ernest
Cross, Frank
Cross, Frederick George
Cross, Frederick Percy Charles
Cross, Frederick Thomas
Cross, Frederick William Samuel
Cross, Geoffrey
Cross, George
Cross, George Sidney
Cross, Gerald Charles George
Cross, Harold Joseph
Cross, Henry
Cross, Henry Frederick
Cross, Herbert Ernest
Cross, Herbert Francis
Cross, Hubert David
Cross, Hugh James
Cross, Ian Kingston Pembroke
Cross, Ivor John May
Cross, James
Cross, James Arthur
Cross, James Orville
Cross, James Wilfred
Cross, John
Cross, John Davies
Cross, John Richard
Cross, John Stanley
Cross, John William
Cross, Leslie
Cross, Michael Fraser
Cross, Michael Govier
Cross, Michael John Carlton
Cross, Norman James
Cross, Percy Robert
Cross, Peter James
Cross, Raymond Jack
Cross, Raymond Wilfred
Cross, Reginald Alfred Richard
Cross, Richard Ambrose
Cross, Richard Major
Cross, Richard Percy Yeo
Cross, Robert
Cross, Robert Courtney
Cross, Ronald Claude
Cross, Ronald Frank
Cross, Rosier M.
Cross, Sidney
Cross, Stanley
Cross, Stanley Esmond
Cross, Stanley William
Cross, Stanley William
Cross, Sydney Nelson
Cross, Thomas Richard
Cross, Vance Everett
Cross, Walter
Cross, Walter Herbert
Cross, William
Cross, William Andrew
Cross, William Macpherson
Cross, William Norman
Crossan, George Stewart
Crossan, Philip Bernard
Crosse, Derek Edward Lang
Crosse, Geoffrey
Crosse, Geoffrey Samuel
Crosse, William Peter
Crossfield, Francis John
Crossfield, Raymond Jack
Crossgrove, Ralph
Crossing, John Keith
Crossing, Murray Herbert
Crosskey, Roger Bensley
Crossland, Albert Alfred Ellis
Crossland, Dan
Crossland, Frederick Rollin
Crossland, Harry
Crossland, Tom
Crossland, Walter
Crossland, Wilfred
Crossley, Arnold Erol
Crossley, Dennis Leslie Ronald
Crossley, Donald Marshall
Crossley, Edmund Forbes
Crossley, Edward
Crossley, Edwin
Crossley, Ernest
Crossley, Francis Kenneth
Crossley, Frederick Wood
Crossley, Harry
Crossley, Ian William
Crossley, James Foxall
Crossley, Joe
Crossley, John Miles
Crossley, Lennox Ashton
Crossley, Richard
Crossley, Ronald John
Crossley, Stanley Victor
Crossling, Herbert
Crossman, Cyril Dennis
Crossman, Edward Francis
Crossman, John Dallas
Crossman, Mervyn Edward
Crossman, Richard George
Crossman, Thomas Edward Stafford
Crossman, Thomas James
Crossman, Walter James Thomas
Crosson, Arthur James
Crosson, Victor Gilbert
Crossthwaite, Daniel
Crossthwaite, Ernest
Crosswell, Percy Bruce
Crosswell, William Arthur
Crosthwaite, Douglas Charles
Crosthwaite, Thomas Banks Rendell
Croston, David Payne
Croston, Thomas
Crosweller, Derek James
Crote, William James
Croteau, Joseph Fernand Raymond
Crothers, Basil
Crothers, Frederick
Crothers, Kenneth Denzel
Crothers, Leonard Ferguson
Crothers, Ronald Kenneth
Crothers, Samuel Alexander Mcclean
Crothers, Thomas Edward
Crotty, Michael
Crotty, Raymond John
Crotty, William Joseph
Crouch-Baker, Stanley Albert
Crouch, Alan John
Crouch, Alexander Headley
Crouch, Allan Victor
Crouch, Arthur George Bernard
Crouch, Arthur Lewis
Crouch, Colin Glynn Eustace
Crouch, David Arthur Donald
Crouch, Dennis William
Crouch, Douglas Henry
Crouch, Eric
Crouch, Ernest Walter
Crouch, Frank Edward
Crouch, Gordon Maxwell
Crouch, Herbert Charles
Crouch, John Lowes
Crouch, Kenneth
Crouch, Kenneth John
Crouch, Kevin Harold
Crouch, Leonard James
Crouch, Leonard Robert
Crouch, Marston Winthorpe
Crouch, Robert Geoffrey
Crouch, Ronald Cecil Alexander
Crouch, Sydney H
Crouch, Thomas Edward Nelson
Crouch, Walter
Croucher, Albert Edward
Croucher, Gordon
Croucher, Henry
Croucher, John Harold
Croucher, John Rhodes
Croucher, Lionel Charles
Crouchman, John Arthur
Croud, Joseph Edward Henry
Croudis, Jack Wallace
Croudis, Peter
Crouse, Harold Banford
Crouse, Henry Arthur
Crouse, O V
Crout, George Edgar
Crout, Harry Ronald
Crow, Arthur Maurice
Crow, Edmund Thomas
Crow, George Arthur
Crow, John Thomas Marcham
Crow, Martin Harvey Christie
Crow, Percy
Crow, Robert King
Crow, Stanley Gerald
Crow, Thomas James Russell
Crowcroft, Charles Lever
Crowder, L P
Crowdle, Thomas Patrick
Crowdy, Charles William Cyril
Crowe, Alexander
Crowe, Aubrey Gerald
Crowe, Charles David
Crowe, Clifford
Crowe, Donald Mcbean
Crowe, Edgar
Crowe, Edward James
Crowe, Eric
Crowe, Eric Arthur
Crowe, George Alfred
Crowe, George William
Crowe, Harold
Crowe, Harold James
Crowe, Herbert Roy
Crowe, James Franklin Karl
Crowe, Joseph George
Crowe, Leo Ralph
Crowe, Matthew
Crowe, Mostyn Maurice
Crowe, Robert Frederick
Crowe, Robert William
Crowe, Thomas Alfred Reginald
Crowe, William Herbert
Crowe, William Smith
Crowell, Richard Alvinzie
Crowest, Walter Reginald
Crowfoot, Thomas Bernard
Crowfoot, William
Crowhurst, David Lawrence
Crowhurst, Eric Frank
Crowhurst, Jack
Crowhurst, Robert Frederick James
Crowhurst, Samuel Victor
Crowle, Clifford Austen
Crowley, Cornelius Joseph
Crowley, Dennis William Arthur
Crowley, Donald Francis
Crowley, Francis Joseph
Crowley, George
Crowley, George Rex Busteed
Crowley, John William
Crowley, Michael John
Crowley, Patrick Joseph
Crowley, Paul Anthony
Crowley, Reginald August Peterson
Crowsley, Dennis Arthur
Crowsley, William John Vincent
Crowther, Alan Ross
Crowther, Allister Dalton
Crowther, Crighton John
Crowther, Dennis Arthur
Crowther, Douglas Arthur
Crowther, Ernest
Crowther, Frank Jessop
Crowther, Fred
Crowther, Fred
Crowther, Frederick Edward William
Crowther, Frederick Stephen
Crowther, George
Crowther, Gordon Alfred
Crowther, Harold Kenneth
Crowther, Joan Annie Sumner
Crowther, Joshua
Crowther, Lance Dixon
Crowther, Maurice
Crowther, Peter Kempthorne
Crowther, Richard Kirby
Crowther, Thomas Raymond
Crowther, Victor Edward
Crowther, William Longster
Crowther, William Royal
Croxall, James Frederick
Croxford, Colin Desmond
Croxford, Derek Hugh
Croxford, Donald Stanyon
Croxford, Reginald John Claude
Croxon, Kenneth Eric
Croxon, Stanley
Croxton-Davis, Robert
Croxton, Dennis Frederick
Croxton, William Leslie
Croy, Douglas Marchbank
Croydon, George
Croydon, Harold Leslie
Crozier, Alexander
Crozier, Alexander Walter
Crozier, Andrew Johnston Morrow
Crozier, Charles Chilton
Crozier, Cyril Johnson
Crozier, David Macleod
Crozier, Frederick Charles Eric
Crozier, Gilbert
Crozier, John Francis
Crozier, John Wilson
Crozier, Leonard Aubrey
Crozier, Lloyd Donald James
Crozier, Noel Henry
Crozier, Peter
Crozier, Peter
Crozier, Robert
Crozier, Roger Dennis
Crozier, William James
Cruddas, Archibald
Crudden, Terence Frederick James
Cruden, George Stevenson
Crudge, William John
Crudgington, John Arthur
Cruickshank, Alexander
Cruickshank, Charles Edward
Cruickshank, David Alexander
Cruickshank, David James Williamson
Cruickshank, Donald Ian
Cruickshank, Douglas
Cruickshank, G B
Cruickshank, George
Cruickshank, Gilbert
Cruickshank, James Alexander
Cruickshank, James Robert
Cruickshank, John
Cruickshank, John Duncan
Cruickshank, John Milne Rigg
Cruickshank, John Mitchell
Cruickshank, Raymond Alfred
Cruickshank, William Alexander
Cruickshank, William George
Cruickshanks, Grahame Lawrence
Cruickshanks, Ian James Alexander
Cruickshanks, William Allen
Cruikshank, Bernard Herbert
Cruikshank, John Vincent
Cruise, Arthur
Cruise, Richard Sweet
Cruit, Richard Noel
Crum, Wallace Watson
Crumbley, William Michael
Crummey, Cyril Bertram
Crummey, James Gladstone
Crummey, Patrick Joseph
Crummy, George Kenneth
Crump, Edward Reginald
Crump, Ernest Edwin Gordon
Crump, Gilbert Frederick
Crump, John Colvin
Crump, Owen Charles Bellamy
Crump, Peter William
Crump, Reginald George
Crump, Reginald Robert Terance
Crump, Sidney
Crump, Thomas Hill
Crump, Tom
Crumpler, George Edward
Crumplin, Cyril Gordon
Crumpton, Albert Charles
Crundwell, Frank Henry
Cruse, Edward Charles
Cruse, Roy Frederick John
Cruse, Thomas
Cruse, William Lorne
Crush, Philip Anthony
Crush, Richard Hope
Crussell, Albert William
Crust, Hillyar Raymond
Crutcher, Morris Robert James
Crutcher, Ronald William
Crutchfield, Edward Arthur
Crutchfield, Peter Neller
Crutchley, Dennis William
Cruttenden, Cyril Leslie
Cruttenden, Eric Charles
Cruttenden, Harold Sidney
Cruttenden, John
Cruwys, Gerald Herbert
Crux, Cecil Charles
Cruxton, George Henry
Cruze, Henry Eric
Cryderman, Lawrence Elwood
Cryer, Alan
Cryer, Edward Francis
Cryer, Eric Alfred
Cryer, Guy Eric
Cryer, Jaques Edward (Ted)
Cryer, Leslie Edward
Cryer, Noel Desmond
Cryer, Robert Pickering
Cryer, William Henry
Crymes, Smith Edward
Crystal, Aubrey Samuel
Crystal, Rowland Henry
Ctvrtlik, Jan
Ctvrtlik, Miroslav
Cuany, Cyril Alexandre
Cubbage, Brion Stanley
Cubbon, Edmond Sprainger
Cubbon, William Henry
Cubey, John Kenneth
Cubitt, Colin Lloyd
Cubitt, Eaton Geoffrey
Cubitt, John Charles
Cubitt, Lewin Stevens
Cubitt, Thomas
Cudd, Alan Francis
Cuddehay, Clarence George
Cuddie, William Arthur
Cuddihy, Nevil Thomas
Cuddon, Brian Anthony Frederick
Cude, Basil Vincent
Cudlipp, Leonard William
Cudmore, Lorne Albert
Cudney, Herbert Wilfred
Cudworth, Thomas
Cudworth, Warwick George
Cuer, Frank Wilson
Cueto, Frank
Cuff, D C
Cuff, Edward Harold
Cuff, Philip John
Cuff, Philip John
Cuff, Roland Walter John
Cuffey, Frederick
Cuffey, Jonathan
Cugley, Sidney
Cuke, Mark Radford
Culbert, Bernard Douglas
Culbert, Frederick Campbell
Culbert, Joseph
Culbert, Wilfred John
Culcheth, William Ernest
Culf, Bernard Frederick
Culff, Edward Richard
Culham, Frank Arthur
Culhane, Maurice Michael
Cull, Albert James
Cull, Billie Richard Gordon
Cull, Edwin Louis
Cull, George Christopher
Cull, Lloyd John
Cull, Stanley Victor
Cullen, Aidan Francis
Cullen, Albert Edward
Cullen, Arthur Samuel
Cullen, Charles
Cullen, Charles Leslie
Cullen, Clifford Lorne
Cullen, David Neil
Cullen, Douglas Raymond
Cullen, Edward
Cullen, Herbert Sidney George
Cullen, Hylton George
Cullen, James Alderson
Cullen, James Warren
Cullen, John Francis George
Cullen, John Kennedy
Cullen, Joseph Patrick Leonard
Cullen, Kenneth Earle
Cullen, Laurence James Francis
Cullen, Norman James
Cullen, Peter Guthrie
Cullen, Richard Nigel
Cullen, Robert William
Cullen, Sidney Herman
Cullen, Stanley
Cullen, Sydney Henry Ambrose
Cullen, Thomas Patrick
Cullen, Walter Percy
Cullen, Walter Thomas
Cullener, Gordon Alfred
Culler, W F
Cullern, Reginald Herbert
Cullerne, Allan Percival
Cullerne, Mervyn Wyndham
Culleton, John David
Culley, Albert
Culley, Arthur Leslie
Culley, Edward James
Culley, Geoffrey Matthew
Culley, Jack
Culley, Leonard Pinfold
Culley, Ronald Frank
Culley, William John
Culliford, Ronald Firth
Culligan, Patrick Joseph
Cullimore, Edward Lionel
Cullinane, Edmund
Culling-Mannix, Francis Thomas
Culling, Charles William
Culling, Edward John
Culling, Maurice Ferguson
Cullingham, Robert Dudley
Cullington, Augustine Frederick
Cullingworth, Dennis Osborne
Cullip, Roy Charles
Cullis, Thomas Edward
Cullom, Philip George
Cullum, Clarence John
Cullum, Douglas Cyril
Cullum, Jack Leonard
Cullum, James Frederick William
Cullum, Noel John
Cully, Victor Charles
Cully, Wilbert
Culmer, Archibald Henry Holton
Culmer, Edwin John
Culmer, Stanley Wilson Charles
Culmsee, William
Culnane, Terence John
Culp, Reginald Harley
Culpan, Noel Somervell
Culph, Peter Brehaut
Culpin, Henry Richard
Culshaw, Alfred William
Culshaw, Donald Owen Colwell
Culshaw, James Stephen
Culshaw, John Richard
Culshaw, Raymond
Culshaw, Thurston
Culver, Alfred Charles
Culver, Donald George
Culver, Ronald Alfred
Culverson, Donald Harvey
Culverwell, Edward
Culverwell, John Henry
Culverwell, Oswald Drury
Culyer, Harry
Cumberbatch, Grey Doyle
Cumberland, Geffrey Stephen
Cumberland, Russell Lloyd
Cumberland, Walter James Eric
Cumberlege, Patricia Mary Bridget
Cumberworth, Leslie
Cumberworth, Provis
Cumbor, Thomas Shaftsbury
Cuming, Edward James
Cuming, Lloyd Wesley
Cuming, Richard William
Cuming, Robert Wylie Burns
Cuming, William John
Cumins, Oliver
Cummer, Franklin Howard
Cummer, John Allenby
Cummine, Gordon
Cumming-Bart, Jerome Thomas Ellis
Cumming, Alister Godfrey
Cumming, Allen Boyce
Cumming, Charles Gordon
Cumming, Douglas Anderson
Cumming, Duncan Herbert
Cumming, Ernest Robert
Cumming, George Galbraith
Cumming, Gordon Farrell
Cumming, Gordon Murray
Cumming, Hugh Francis
Cumming, James
Cumming, James Duncan
Cumming, James Graig
Cumming, James White
Cumming, John
Cumming, John William
Cumming, Leonard Allan
Cumming, Philip Henry
Cumming, Raymond Stanley
Cumming, Robert Alexander
Cumming, Robert Morison
Cumming, Roderick
Cumming, Thomas Robson
Cumming, William
Cumming, William Seymour
Cummings, Alexander Mckay
Cummings, David Grenada
Cummings, Denis Frederick George
Cummings, Edward Nicholas
Cummings, Ellard Alexander
Cummings, Franklin Walter
Cummings, Gordon
Cummings, Harold Arthur John
Cummings, Jack William
Cummings, James Alan
Cummings, James Clyde
Cummings, James Gerrard
Cummings, James Maurice
Cummings, John Kilby
Cummings, John Strachan
Cummings, Kenneth George
Cummings, Max Keiran
Cummings, Michael Philip Stowe
Cummings, Reginald George
Cummings, Robert
Cummings, Robert Millar
Cummings, Ronald Irving
Cummings, Sydney Edward
Cummings, Thomas Henry
Cummings, Wesley Elmore
Cummings, William
Cummins, Alfred Peter
Cummins, Dorothy
Cummins, Ethel
Cummins, Francis Rodney
Cummins, Henry George Thomas
Cummins, Horace Andrew
Cummins, Ivan Frederick
Cummins, John Paterson
Cummins, John Thomas Desmond
Cummins, Manley Morton
Cummins, Richard Charles Luke
Cummins, Robert Paul
Cummins, Thomas Francis
Cummins, Thomas Henry
Cummins, Victor Charles
Cummins, William
Cummock, Vincent Patrick
Cumpsty, Frederic William Raukawa
Cundick, George William
Cundiff, Victor Ronald
Cundill, Thomas Cedric
Cundill, William Bernard
Cundy, Neil Edward
Cundy, Raymond Leslie
Cundy, Robert Michael
Cunliffe, Benjamin Robert
Cunliffe, Charles
Cunliffe, Charles
Cunliffe, Eric Gordon
Cunliffe, Frances Ann
Cunliffe, Henry Norman
Cunliffe, Herbert Lister
Cunliffe, James
Cunliffe, Robert
Cunliffe, William Edward
Cunneen, James Moore
Cunneen, James Noel
Cunning, James Erskine
Cunningham, Alan Forster
Cunningham, Alan Henry
Cunningham, Andrew Hannay (Drew)
Cunningham, Arthur Peter
Cunningham, Charles Allan
Cunningham, Colin Sinclair
Cunningham, Donald Henry James
Cunningham, Edward Andrew
Cunningham, Elson Wright
Cunningham, Francis Leo
Cunningham, Francis Lindsay
Cunningham, Frank
Cunningham, George
Cunningham, George
Cunningham, Godfrey Melville
Cunningham, Gordon Strachan
Cunningham, Harold Thomas
Cunningham, Harry Joseph
Cunningham, Henry
Cunningham, Isaac Henry
Cunningham, James Adrian
Cunningham, James Alfred
Cunningham, James Arthur
Cunningham, James Charles
Cunningham, James Dutton
Cunningham, James Hill
Cunningham, James Lawrence
Cunningham, James Lawton
Cunningham, John
Cunningham, John
Cunningham, John
Cunningham, John
Cunningham, John Campbell Nelson
Cunningham, John Charles
Cunningham, John Charles
Cunningham, John Charles
Cunningham, John Denis Harold
Cunningham, John Laurence Gilchrist
Cunningham, John Meynell
Cunningham, John Strange
Cunningham, Joseph John
Cunningham, Leonard John
Cunningham, Leonard Roy
Cunningham, Malcolm
Cunningham, Pennell Stilis
Cunningham, Peter
Cunningham, Peter Chris
Cunningham, Philip Edmund
Cunningham, Philip Thomas
Cunningham, Ralph Joseph
Cunningham, Raymond Leslie
Cunningham, Richard Alexander
Cunningham, Richard Frederick
Cunningham, Robert
Cunningham, Robert
Cunningham, Robert David
Cunningham, Robert Keith
Cunningham, Robert Nixon
Cunningham, Robert Norval
Cunningham, Roland George
Cunningham, Ronald Percy
Cunningham, Stanley Oswald
Cunningham, Sydney Daniel
Cunningham, Thomas
Cunningham, Thomas Wallace
Cunningham, Vernon Allan
Cunningham, Walbey John
Cunningham, Walter Garfield
Cunningham, Walter George
Cunningham, Wilfred James
Cunningham, William
Cunningham, William Alexander
Cunnings, Ronald Everett
Cunnington, Eileen
Cunnington, Jim
Cunnington, William George
Cunnold-Cook, Arthur Ronald
Cunynghame, Wilfred Bertram Stuart
Cuprvk, Stanislaw
Curatolo, Louis
Curchin, John
Curd, Charles Daniel
Curd, John
Curd, Neville Robert
Curd, Nichol
Cure, George Arthur
Curl, John Smethurst
Curle, Edwin
Curle, George Clarence
Curle, John Garfield
Curle, Joseph
Curle, Richard Alexander
Curle, Robert
Curless, George
Curlet, William
Curlewis, Raymond Fullerton
Curley, Albert George
Curley, Arthur Charles John
Curley, John Henry
Curley, Joseph
Curley, Joseph George
Curling, Christopher Higham
Curling, Denis James
Curling, Edwin Donald
Curner, Reginald Hawies
Curnick, Denis
Curnock, Samuel David James
Curnow, Cecil
Curnow, Eric Arthur
Curnow, John Pentreath (Peter)
Curnow, Lancelot Douglas
Curnow, Richard
Curnow, Ronald Edwin
Curnuck, Brinley Ivor
Curnyn, James
Curphey, Albert Leonard
Curphey, Lewin Henry
Curphey, Robert Maurice
Curphey, Thomas George
Curr, Angus Douglas Willis
Curr, Francis Lawrence
Currah, George
Currall, Howard Brian
Curran, Andrew Peter
Curran, Eric Humphrey
Curran, James
Curran, John
Curran, John Graham
Curran, Joseph
Curran, Kenneth Raymond
Curran, Robert Hugh
Currey, George Donald
Currey, John Armstrong
Currie, Alan Livingstone
Currie, Alexander
Currie, Alfred James
Currie, Alfred Ross
Currie, Andrew
Currie, Arthur Archibald
Currie, Brian Earp
Currie, Charles
Currie, Charles Ernest
Currie, David
Currie, David Fraser
Currie, David Porter
Currie, David Robson
Currie, Donald Russell
Currie, Duncan Jamieson Mccormick
Currie, Edgar James
Currie, Edward Albert
Currie, Ernest Robert William
Currie, Ewen Cameron
Currie, Fay T.
Currie, Gordon
Currie, Hall Mckenzie
Currie, Harold Stewart
Currie, Hugh
Currie, Ian Riach
Currie, James
Currie, James
Currie, James
Currie, James
Currie, James Alexander
Currie, John
Currie, John
Currie, John
Currie, John
Currie, Joseph
Currie, Kirkwood Dundee
Currie, Lorne
Currie, Moresby
Currie, Philip Raymond
Currie, Robert Eldyrn
Currie, Robert Macdonald
Currie, Ronald James
Currie, Roy Alexander
Currie, Russell Tyrrell
Currie, Stanley Bernard
Currie, Thomas Hugh
Currie, Vivian Lester
Currie, W H
Currie, William
Currie, William
Currie, William
Currie, William Bryce
Currie, William Matthew
Currie, William Sharpe
Currier, Wilfred Herbert
Currigan, Stanley William Guy
Currigan, Stanley William Guy
Currill, William
Currin, Albert James
Curror, Ian Munro
Currums, William Norman
Curry, Allan Marshall
Curry, David
Curry, Derek
Curry, Fred Burpee
Curry, Frederick
Curry, Geoffrey Adamson
Curry, James
Curry, John Henry
Curry, John Llewellyn
Curry, John Llewellyn
Curry, John Veitch
Curry, Leslie George
Curry, Lorne Franklin
Curry, Norman
Curry, Patrick Joseph
Curry, Samuel Walter
Curry, Stephen Edward Frederick
Curry, Thomas Bertram
Curry, William
Curry, William Richard Fortesque
Cursett-Sutherland, Anthony Frederick Phillip
Cursiter, John Robert
Cursley, Leslie Jack
Curson, Harold
Curson, John
Cursons, Grahame Walter
Curtice, Albert Edward
Curtice, Edward Guy
Curtin, Donald Joseph
Curtin, Leo Patrick
Curtin, Richard Lewis
Curtis, Albert Percival Linden
Curtis, Arthur Ernest
Curtis, Aubrey Glen
Curtis, Basil Arthur
Curtis, Bernard Castle
Curtis, Charles Dennis
Curtis, Christopher Douglas
Curtis, Christopher Douglas
Curtis, Claude Francis
Curtis, Colin Hubert
Curtis, Derrick Frederick
Curtis, Desmond De Burgh
Curtis, Donald
Curtis, Donald Wilfred
Curtis, Douglas
Curtis, Duncan
Curtis, Edward John
Curtis, Edward Robert
Curtis, Edward William
Curtis, Elizabeth Audrey
Curtis, Eric Frederick
Curtis, Ernest Frank Wilton
Curtis, Frazer
Curtis, Frederick Charles
Curtis, Gilbert Alfred John
Curtis, Gordon Herbert
Curtis, Harry Arthur
Curtis, Harry John
Curtis, Herbert Edward
Curtis, Herbert William
Curtis, Hugh Maurice
Curtis, Jack William
Curtis, James
Curtis, James Arthur
Curtis, James Edward
Curtis, James Gerrard
Curtis, John Franklin
Curtis, John Guy
Curtis, John Maxwell
Curtis, John Richard
Curtis, Kenneth George
Curtis, Kenneth George
Curtis, Kenneth Lawrence
Curtis, Leslie Harold
Curtis, Lewis William
Curtis, Maurice George
Curtis, Maurice Henry James
Curtis, Max Laurie Thomas
Curtis, Michael Bryce
Curtis, Noel Stuart
Curtis, Oliver
Curtis, Peter Mason
Curtis, Peter Thomas
Curtis, Raymond Henry
Curtis, Reginald Richard
Curtis, Reginald Stanley
Curtis, Richard Osborne
Curtis, Robert Geoffrey
Curtis, Robert James
Curtis, Robert Julian
Curtis, Ronald Frank
Curtis, Ronald William
Curtis, Roy
Curtis, Sidney Alexander
Curtis, Stanley Arthur
Curtis, Stanley Noel
Curtis, Stanley Raymond
Curtis, Trevor James
Curtis, Victor Farley
Curtis, Wendell Stuart
Curtis, William Arthur
Curtis, William Henry
Curtis, William John
Curwood, Geoffrey Mcdowall
Curzon, Dennis Rupert Humphrey
Curzon, Ernest William
Curzon, Raymond
Curzon, Russell Keesing
Cusack, Charles
Cusack, Joseph Edmund
Cusack, Patrick Joseph
Cusack, William Harold Leonard
Cusden, Sydney Howard
Cusden, Victor Herbert
Cusens, Alexander Adolphus
Cushing, Charles
Cushing, Gordon Pinder
Cushing, Hugh
Cushing, Jack Ernest
Cushing, Keith
Cushion, John Peter Boston
Cushman, Nicholas
Cushon, George Robert
Cushway, Arthur William
Cushway, Reginald Cecil
Cusick, Milford James
Cussen, Richard James
Cussens, Alan Sudbury
Cusson, Thomas Frederick
Cust, Peter James
Cust, Philip Gordon
Custance, Charles
Custance, Geoffrey James
Custance, John Patrick
Custance, Robert Corrie
Custerson, Donald
Cusworth, Albert John
Cusworth, Frank Harrower
Cusworth, John Frederick
Cusworth, John Philip
Cutchie, John Westrope
Cuthbert, Allan David
Cuthbert, David Duncan
Cuthbert, Elias
Cuthbert, George
Cuthbert, George Alfred
Cuthbert, Gerald Ivo
Cuthbert, James Forbes
Cuthbert, John Edward Ashfield
Cuthbert, John Rowland
Cuthbert, Leonard Shelton
Cuthbert, Maurice Crosby
Cuthbert, Robert Guy
Cuthbert, Ross Walter
Cuthbert, Sidney Bertram
Cuthbert, Valera Shaun Pearce (Val)
Cuthbert, Walter Ernest
Cuthbert, William
Cuthbertson, Alexander Calder
Cuthbertson, Alfred
Cuthbertson, Denis Melville
Cuthbertson, Doreen
Cuthbertson, Frederick William
Cuthbertson, Hugh
Cuthbertson, James Boe
Cuthbertson, James Brown
Cuthbertson, James Gordon
Cuthbertson, John Turner
Cuthbertson, Mary Rose
Cuthbertson, William Roberts
Cuthbertson, William Tait
Cuthill, Edwin Orville
Cuthill, Frederick John
Cuthill, Ronald Allan
Cutler, Albert Charles
Cutler, Dennis George
Cutler, Eric Herrington
Cutler, Harold Stanley
Cutler, James Ferdinand
Cutler, Joseph
Cutler, Nelson Harcourt
Cutler, Robert Edgar Leslie
Cutler, Robert Frank
Cutler, Stanley Albert Charles
Cutmore, Jack
Cutmore, John Henry Howard
Cutmore, Maurice Hyde
Cuttell, Henry Richard
Cutten, Harry Edgar
Cutten, Henry Richard (Dick)
Cutter, George
Cutter, George Robert
Cutter, Joseph Savage
Cutting, Cecil James
Cutting, Edward John
Cutting, John
Cutting, Robert Mitchell
Cutts, Douglas Benjamin
Cutts, John Wintringham
Cutts, Kenneth Loveday
Cuzner, Ross Lloyd
Cybulski, Stanley Julian
Cybulskie, Adolph Joseph
Cymbala, Kazimierz
Cymborski, Jan-adam
Cyples, James Wilmot
Cyples, William Harold
Cyster, Kenneth John
Czajkowski, Franciszek
Czajkowski, Mieczystaw
Czapinski, Jozef
Czaplicki, Waclaw S
Czaplicki, Zbigniew
Czarkowski, Henryk Kazimierz
Czarniecki, Tadeusz
Czempas, Jerzy
Czepik, Horst Guenther
Czepinski, Franciszek
Czerniawski, Stanislaw
Czerniejewski, Marion Jozef
Czerny, Eduard
Czerwinski, Tadeusz
Czerwonka, Jozef
Czipin, Johann
Czommer, Paul
Czopik, Roman Stefan
Czternastek, Stanislaw
Czyzewski, Jan
Czyzewski, Stefan
Czyzyk, Henryk Tadeusz
D'Amour, Gerald Roch
D'Arcy, Jack Basil
D'Arcy, John
D'Arcy, Patrick Devlin Asquith
D'Arcy, William
D'Assonville, Guy Joseph
D'Avril, Henri Jean Maurice Joseph
D'Cruz, J S
D'Silva, F
D'Souza, Basil Erakine
D'Souza, Egbert Joseph
D'Souza, Lawrence
Daanen, Hermanus Jan Hendrik
DAbadi, Maurice Shehata
Dabbs, Alan
Dabbs, Arthur John
Dabbs, Howard Earl
Dabbs, John
Dabbs, John Edward
Dabbs, Ronald Ernest Ronnie
Dabinette, Tahu William
Dabnor, Roy Alfred
Daborn, Alfred Edward George
Dabrowski, Andrzej
Dabrowski, Jozef
Dabrowski, Tadeusz
Dabrowski, Waclaw
Dabrowski, Zygmunt Zdzislaw
Dabson, Cyril Claude
Dacey, Alan
Dacey, Clement Cyril
Dacey, Frank
Dacey, Frederick Verdun
Dacey, George
Dacey, Marjorie
Dack, Kenneth Peter
Dack, Phillip Robert Arthur
Dackombe, Frederick Albert
Dackus, Ronald Walter
Dacombe, Charles Thomas
Dacre, Arthur Kenneth
Dacre, Dennis Percival
Dacre, Desmond Aubrey
Dacre, James Harold
Dacre, Kenneth Fraser
Dadabhoy, Edulji Hormusji
Dadabhoy, Manek Hormusji
Dadan Lama,
Dadd, Frank
Dadd, Roy Ernest
Daddo-Langlois, William Raoul
Dadds, Bernard George
Dadds, Kenneth
Dadds, Lincoln Clapcott
Daden, Edward Albert
Dadge, William George Henry
Dadson, Donald Seymour
Dadson, John Vincent
Dadson, Victor Charles
Dadswell, David Allan
Dadswell, John Douglas
Daehne, Kurt Hubertus
Daer, Harold Crawford
Dafforn, Robert Chippindall
Dafoe, Jack Stanley
Dafoe, Walter Willard
Daft, Christopher Harry George
Daft, William
Dagenais, Joseph Jacques Guy
Dagenais, Roger Jean Marie Joseph
Dagg, Charles Canada Kirby
Dagg, Theodore Ivan Lishman
Dagger, Douglas Walter
Daggett, Harry
Daggett, John Francis
Daggett, Sydney
Dagless, Leonard Eagles
Daglish, George
Dagnall, Robert Neville
Dagnall, Thomas Stanley Roy
Dahl, Calvin Warren
Dahle, Truman Helmer
Dahlquist, Walter
Dahyabhai Amichand Shah,
Daiken, Alex John
Dailey, Edward Henry
Dailly, Robert Whitton
Daines, Albert Henry
Daines, Arthur Henry
Daines, Gwyn Barrington
Dains, John Kenneth
Daintith, Clifford
Daintith, Edward Terence
Dainton, John Samuel
Dainty, Eric
Dainty, Frederick William
Dainty, Samuel
Daisley, Lionel Charles William
Daitz, Leslie Bernard
Daix, Georges Joseph Chislain
Daker, Kenneth Douglas
Daker, Leslie John
Dakers, William
Dakers, William Arthur
Dakin, Boyd Allison
Dakin, Thomas Alfred
Dakin, Thomas Dunbar
Dakin, William Charles George
Daking, Francis Ernest
Dal Bahadur Sing,
Dalby, Frederick Ernest
Dalby, George William
Dalby, Harry Mitton
Dalby, Jack
Dalby, James Edward
Dalby, William Edwin
Dalco, William George
Daldy, Gordon Alfred Joffre
Dale-Baugh, Barbara
Dale, Albert Edward
Dale, Arnold
Dale, Arthur
Dale, Arthur
Dale, Arthur John
Dale, Arthur Phillips
Dale, Arthur Robert
Dale, Clive Alan Gillions
Dale, Donald Arthur
Dale, Frederick
Dale, Geoffrey Ernest
Dale, George Anthony
Dale, George Henry
Dale, George Raynor
Dale, Gordon James
Dale, Harry
Dale, Henry
Dale, Herbert Reginald
Dale, Ivor Gordon Easton
Dale, Jack
Dale, Jack Cranwell
Dale, Jack Ralph
Dale, James Atkinson
Dale, James Ronald
Dale, John
Dale, John Albert Harold
Dale, John Douglas
Dale, John Randall
Dale, Joseph William
Dale, Kenneth Lyle
Dale, Kenneth Thornton
Dale, Leonard
Dale, Peter Alan
Dale, Ronald Charles
Dale, Sidney
Dale, Sydney Herbert
Dale, Thomas Francis
Dale, Thomas Wilson
Dale, Vernon
Dale, William
Dale, William Cochrane Morrison
Dale, William Denis
Dale, William Edward
Dale, William Gordon
Dales, Anastasios
Dales, Douglas Frank
Dales, Jack Haverfield
Dales, William Philip
Daleski, Cyril Paul
Dalessandro, Frank Joseph
Daley, Arthur
Daley, Bernard Joseph
Daley, Carol James
Daley, Charles Francis
Daley, Daniel
Daley, Edward Arthur
Daley, Ernest
Daley, Francis Raymond
Daley, James
Daley, James David Thomas
Daley, John Campbell
Daley, John N.
Daley, Joseph Patrick
Daley, Patrick
Daley, Thomas James
Dalgarno, William
Dalgleish, Edward
Dalgleish, Leslie George
Dalgleish, Lloyd George
Dalgleish, Neil John
Dalgleish, Robert Carl
Dalgleish, Stuart Daniel John
Dalgliesh, John Wilson
Dalgliesh, William Ian
Dalglish, Allan
Dalglish, W B
Dalglish, William Logan
Dalgress, Arthur Stuart
Dall, James Mitchell
Dall, Robert Howells
Dall, Robert James
Dallamore, John Walter
Dallamore, P W
Dallas, Arthur Fraser
Dallas, John Reviere
Dallaway, Douglas Demas Russell
Dallen, Jesse Gray
Dallenger, Ben
Dalley, George William Neill
Dalley, John
Dallimore, Clifford Stephen
Dallimore, Leonard William
Dallimore, Toni Charles George
Dalling, James Edwin
Dallwitz, Raymond Ernest
Dally, Aubrey Raymond
Dally, James William
Dally, John Douglas
Dally, Paul Spencer
Dallyn, James Boustead
Dalmais, Stanley Bernard
Dalman, Alan Charles
Dalrymple, Angus
Dalrymple, John
Dalton, Albert Colin
Dalton, Arthur Hammond
Dalton, Bertie Victor
Dalton, Dennis Edward
Dalton, Derrick
Dalton, Douglas Vernon
Dalton, Edmund
Dalton, Ernest
Dalton, Ernest John
Dalton, Francis Cyril
Dalton, Frank Albert
Dalton, Frank Roy
Dalton, George Arthur
Dalton, George Henry
Dalton, George William
Dalton, George William Rupert
Dalton, Gordon Edwin
Dalton, Jack Proctor
Dalton, James Edward
Dalton, John Anthony
Dalton, John Charles
Dalton, John Patrick
Dalton, John Phillip Sinclair
Dalton, Joseph Michael
Dalton, Joseph Stanley
Dalton, Kenneth
Dalton, Kenneth Haldane
Dalton, Leslie Charles
Dalton, Neil Maxwell
Dalton, Percy Arthur
Dalton, R C
Dalton, Rae Charles
Dalton, Richard Stanley
Dalton, Thomas Lancey
Daltry, William George
Daly, Alan Reginald Harold
Daly, Arthur Owen
Daly, Arthur Timothy
Daly, Bernard Brian St. George
Daly, Brian Ignatius Joseph
Daly, Denis
Daly, Edward James
Daly, Henry
Daly, Hilson Christopher Newton
Daly, James
Daly, James Lorne Kenneth
Daly, James Terence
Daly, James Wiley
Daly, John
Daly, John
Daly, John Raymond
Daly, Kenneth Lavery
Daly, Maurice Joseph
Daly, Michael
Daly, Patrick Gerard
Daly, Peter
Daly, Robert
Daly, Wilfred Herbert Aloysius
Daly, William John
Daly, William Patrick
Dalzell-Mckean, Michael Hugh
Dalzell, Errol Thomas Paterson
Dalzell, Henry Arnold
Dalzell, Johnstone Christian
Dalzell, William Madine
Dalziel, Jack Chaldecott
Dalziel, James Samuel Kevin
Dalziel, John Routedge
Dalziel, Thomas William Hodgson
Dalziel, William Edward
Dalziel, William Mcinroy (Roy)
Damant, Frederic Hugh Ainslie
Damant, Frederick Korsten
Damant, Jack Frederick
Damant, Reginald Frank
Dame, John (Jack) Mcdonald
Damen, William
Damerius, Helmut
Dames, Geoffrey Laurence
Damm, Alfred John
Damms, Robert Arthur
Damodar Menon,
Dampier-Crossley, Edward
Dampier, Ronald Eric Arthur
Damschen, Heinz
Damsell, Walter Anthony
Damwijk, Jacques Francois
Dan, Nicholas
Danahy, Sylvester
Danbury, Geoffrey Albert
Danby, Alan
Danby, Francis
Danby, John Noel
Dancaster, Arthur Frank
Dance, A E
Dance, Alfred Thomas
Dance, Frank William
Dance, George Edward
Dance, Harry Edward
Dance, John James
Dance, Mervyn Francis
Dance, Raymond Ernest
Dancer, Elton Arthur
Dancey, Glen Allen
Dancot, Gaston Louis Marie Ghislain
Dand, Robert Matthew
Dandele Williams,
Dando, Eric John
Dando, Ronald William
Dando, Thomas Mcelligott
Dandridge, Alfred Clarence
Dandy, Gerald Edward
Dandy, Gower
Dandy, Rodney George
Dane, Eric John
Dane, George Alfred
Dane, Gerald Herbert
Dane, Henry
Dane, Stanley William
Dangerfield, Edwin
Dangerfield, Jack Edmund
Dangerfield, John
Dangerfield, John Charles
Dangerfield, Peter Edward Hay
Dangerfield, Richard Desmond
Daniel Markus,
Daniel, Allan Wilfred
Daniel, Anthony Ashby
Daniel, Brian Philip
Daniel, Charles Trevor
Daniel, Clifford
Daniel, Edward Gough
Daniel, Eric Francis
Daniel, Ganasundaram
Daniel, George Cedric
Daniel, Gilbert
Daniel, Harry
Daniel, Henry
Daniel, Herbert Kenneth
Daniel, Jack Bays
Daniel, Keith Edmund
Daniel, Noel Buchanan
Daniel, Patrick Sidney William
Daniel, Robert
Daniel, Robert Norman Victor
Daniel, Ronald Basil
Daniel, Ronald Giles
Daniel, Stanislaw J
Daniel, Thomas Steadman
Daniel, Thomas William Reynold
Daniel, Wili Iam Kenneth
Daniel, William Anthony
Daniel, William Henry
Daniel, William Neville
Daniell, Allex Paul
Daniell, Charles Henry Mckenzie
Daniell, John William
Daniell, Leonard Wescott
Daniell, Michael Charles
Daniells, Alexander Thomas Edward
Daniels, Albert Frederick
Daniels, Albert Frederick
Daniels, Arnold Douglas
Daniels, Arthur
Daniels, Augustus George
Daniels, Augustus George
Daniels, Charles William Arthur
Daniels, David Richard
Daniels, Edward
Daniels, Edward
Daniels, Edward James
Daniels, F C
Daniels, Frederick Charles
Daniels, Frederick Lester Bagridge
Daniels, George Emanuel
Daniels, George James
Daniels, Gerald Ernest Deane
Daniels, Gwilym
Daniels, Harold William
Daniels, Harry Joseph
Daniels, John Gordon
Daniels, John Michael Ewan
Daniels, Leslie
Daniels, Leslie Oram
Daniels, Michael Kay
Daniels, Norman
Daniels, Norman
Daniels, Raymond Valentine Montigue
Daniels, Raymond Vivien
Daniels, Ronald Denver
Daniels, Sam Tunnicliffe (Peter)
Daniels, Theron Elwyn
Daniels, W O
Daniels, William Lawrence
Danielsen, Christopher Hugh
Danielsen, Peter John
Danielson, Alexander John Scott
Danielson, Gordon Daniel
Danielson, Wesley Bruce
Danieluk, Jan
Danihelka, Karel
Danik, Jan
Danino, Moshe
Dankenbrink, Walter
Danks-Brown, Keith John
Danks, Cecil
Danks, George Richard
Danks, Harry Edward
Danks, Ian Duncan Brodie
Dann, August Hermann Adam
Dann, Frank Arthur
Dann, Frank Henry
Dann, Frederick Harold
Dann, George Martin
Dann, Leonard William
Dann, Lindsay Alfred James
Dann, Roland Edison
Dann, William Edward
Dannatt, Gwendoline Joan
Dannich, Franz
Danniger, Harry Allen
Dansey, Charles
Dansey, John Edward
Dansie, Jack
Dansky, Robert
Danson, Alban Duckett
Danvers, Frederick Charles
Danzenberg, Fritz
Daoust, Rene Victor
Daoust, Richard Cecil
Daoust, Roger Henry Jules
DAperng, Hans
Daplyn, Frederick William
Dapp, Herbert
Dara Phirozshah Majoo,
Daragon, John Alexander
Daragon, Peter
Darbar Singh,
Darben, Leonard George
Darbishire, Charles Francis
Darbishire, Peter ONeill
Darbon, Douglas
Darby, Alan
Darby, Albert
Darby, Arthur William Charles
Darby, Basil Frederick Gooch
Darby, Cecil Benham
Darby, Charles Edmond
Darby, David John
Darby, Edward Thomas
Darby, James Lloyd
Darby, Leslie John
Darby, Norman
Darby, Norman William
Darby, Percy Edward
Darby, Reginald
Darby, Robert George Douglas
Darby, Robert John
Darby, Victor Vernon
Darby, Walter
Darby, Wilfred Kenneth
Darby, William
Darbyshire, Eric
Darbyshire, Frank
Darbyshire, George
Darbyshire, Harold
Darbyshire, Herbert
Darbyshire, John
Darbyshire, Rupert Stanley
Darcey, Richard Joseph
Darch, Frank Edwin
DArcy-Irvine, Brian William Jesse
DArcy-Wright, Gerald
Darcy, Desmond Philip
Darcy, James Marcus
Dards, Monty Richard
Dare, Dorothy
Dare, Edgar Alan
Dare, George Francis
Dare, Henry William Julius
Dare, Jack
Dare, Keith Edward
Daren, Nathan
Dargavel, Robert William
Darge, William Henry
Darge, William Henry
Dargie, Albert Mcdonald Smith
Dargie, Leo Malcolm
Dark, Montague Eric
Darke, Albert Thomas
Darke, Kenneth Charles
Darke, Roy Samuel
Darken, Raymond De Champfleur
Darkin, George William
Darkin, Victor Alfred
Darler, William Thomas
Darley, Frederick Walter
Darley, Henry Francis Stain
Darley, Joseph Harold
Darling, Albert William
Darling, Alex Thomas
Darling, Andrew Smitton
Darling, Anthony
Darling, Chester Coburn
Darling, Donald Frederick William
Darling, Edward Vivian
Darling, Gordon Johnston
Darling, John Clark
Darling, Richard Maxwell
Darling, Robert Donnisthorpe
Darling, Robert Samuel
Darling, William
Darling, William Russell
Darlington, Francis William
Darlington, Frank Lawrence
Darlington, James
Darlington, John
Darlington, Leslie
Darlington, Ralph William
Darlington, Stanley
Darlington, William
Darlow, Arthur Eric
Darlow, Cecil Geoffrey Nigel
Darlow, Jack Wilfred
Darlow, John Michael
Darmodh Singh,
Darnell, Frederick Edward
Darnell, Frederick Walter
Darnell, James Herbert
Darnell, Reginald Clifden
Darnell, Stanley John
Darney, Jack Neville
Darney, Thomas Brown
Darr, Norman Clarence
Darragh, Francis William
Darragh, Thomas Foster
Darrah, Kenneth William
Darrah, Norman Graham
Darrell, Arthur Cyril
Darrell, Edward Lindsay
Darroch, John
Darroch, John Baillie
Darroch, John William
Darroch, Sym
Darrock, John
Darshan Singh Legha,
Dart, Denis
Dart, Henry Raymond
Dart, Kenneth Charles Daymond
Dartnall, George Herbert
Dartnall, John Victor
Dartnall, Ronald Lawrence
Darton, Thomas William
Darvall, Alfred
Darvall, John Walter Charles
Darvall, Joseph Henry James
Darvell, Hector
Darvill, Montague
Darville, George Thomas
Darwen, Geoffrey George
Darwen, John
Darwen, Louis Reginald
Darwin, Charles John Wharton
Darwin, Charles William
Darwin, Christopher William Wharton
Darwin, Clifford Francis
Darwin, Joseph
Darwish, Derwish Haj
Darwood, Charles Sidney
Darwood, John Thomas
Darycott, Frank
Das, B
Das, S N
Daschuk, Billy
Dasent, John Grant
Dash, Leonard Thomas
Dash, Ronald
Dash, Rowland Josiah
Dasher, William Douglas
Dashper, Robert Bruce
Dastur, Rustom Nariman
Date, David William
Date, Gerald
Date, John Matthew
Datson, Edgar Jack
Datson, Eric John
Datson, John
Datson, Sydney John
Datta, Ramesh Chandra
Dattatraya Venkatesh Mahajan,
Datzert, Herbert
Daubner, Herbert Andrew (Jnr.)
Daubner, Joseph William
Daugherty, Wesley Keith
Daughney, John Haliburton
Daughters, George David
Daughton, Frank Roy
Dauk, Hironimus Dominik Alouise
Dauncey, Harold
Dauncey, Phillip Bruce
Dauncey, Reginald Matthew
Dauncey, William George Hugh
Daunt, Acton Farquhar
Dauphin, William Ralph
Dauphin, William Ralph
Dauphinee, George Alfred Osborn
Dauplaise, Joseph Adolphe Maurice
Daut, Gerhard
Davany, Edward Francis
Davenport-Jones, Garton Vincent
Davenport, Albert Leslie
Davenport, Allan Jack
Davenport, David
Davenport, Frank
Davenport, Frank Sydney
Davenport, Harold
Davenport, Harold
Davenport, James George
Davenport, James Riches
Davenport, John Bruce Thornley
Davenport, John Johnson
Davenport, John Joseph
Davenport, Michael Orme
Davenport, Ralph Frederick
Davenport, Richard Charles
Davenport, Robert Edward
Davenport, Roy Victor Malcolm
Davenport, Thomas
Daventry, Monica Madeleine
Davern, Owen William John
Davey, Albert Arthur
Davey, Alfred Mervyn
Davey, Allan Edward Dearlove
Davey, Allan John
Davey, Allan Walter
Davey, Arthur Allen Hugh
Davey, Arthur Ernest
Davey, Arthur John
Davey, Brian
Davey, Cecil Albert
Davey, Charles Kenneth
Davey, Charles Raglan
Davey, Charles Thomas
Davey, Clarence William Edward
Davey, Cyril Norman Victor
Davey, Dennis Arthur
Davey, Derrick Joseph
Davey, Desmond
Davey, Donald James
Davey, Douglas William Henry
Davey, Edward Victor
Davey, Edwin Francis
Davey, Eric James
Davey, Eric William
Davey, Ernest Raymond
Davey, Frederick James
Davey, Geoffrey
Davey, George Albert
Davey, George Frank
Davey, George Frederick
Davey, George Robson
Davey, Gordon Henry Norman
Davey, Harvey Gordon
Davey, Henry Jules
Davey, Herbert Charles
Davey, Hugh Augustine
Davey, Jack
Davey, James Gordon
Davey, Jim Boyce
Davey, John Arthur
Davey, John Arthur Joseph
Davey, John Edwin
Davey, John James
Davey, John Vernon
Davey, Joseph
Davey, Keith Gilmour
Davey, Kellems Richards
Davey, Leonard Frank
Davey, Leslie Gerald
Davey, Mervyn Bertrand
Davey, Percival James
Davey, Peter John
Davey, Raymond Thomas
Davey, Renford Percy
Davey, Robert Eric
Davey, Ronald William
Davey, Rupert Henry
Davey, Terence John Frederick
Davey, Thomas John
Davey, Walter Edwin
Davey, Walter James
Davey, William
Davey, William Harold
Davey, William Richard
David, Alan John Meredith
David, Albert Edgar
David, Alexander Noel
David, Arthur
David, Brian
David, C
David, Evan George
David, Gordon Alfred
David, Jack Norman
David, John Martin
David, Joseph Jean Baptiste Sylvio Paul Henri
David, Mervyn James
David, Raymond John
David, Ronald Cameron
David, Samuel
David, Trevor Ephraim
David, William Thomas
Davidge, Allen Herbert
Davidge, John James
Davidge, Shirley Vincent
Davids, M H
Davidson, Alan
Davidson, Alan Fleming
Davidson, Alan Johnston
Davidson, Alexander
Davidson, Alexander Campbell
Davidson, Alexander Mcnaught
Davidson, Alexander Suttie
Davidson, Alfred Milne Hunter
Davidson, Allan Godfrey
Davidson, Andrew
Davidson, Archibald Cattanach
Davidson, Arthur George
Davidson, Arthur Scarlett
Davidson, Brian Bruce
Davidson, Charles
Davidson, Charles Grant
Davidson, Charles Peers
Davidson, Charles Peter
Davidson, Cyril Edwin
Davidson, Daniel
Davidson, Daniel Roy Ferguson
Davidson, David
Davidson, David Turnbull
Davidson, David William
Davidson, Denzil
Davidson, Douglas Arthur Mark
Davidson, Douglas Mackenzie
Davidson, Duncan Williams
Davidson, Edward Ian Ross
Davidson, Edward Reginald
Davidson, Edward Vicary
Davidson, Edward Wills
Davidson, Emily
Davidson, Francis
Davidson, Francis Henry
Davidson, Francis Joseph
Davidson, Frank Edward
Davidson, Frederick
Davidson, Geoffrey Henry
Davidson, George
Davidson, George Edmund
Davidson, George Garrett
Davidson, George Leslie
Davidson, George Russell
Davidson, George Walker
Davidson, Gideon
Davidson, Gordon Walter
Davidson, Haraldur Johannes
Davidson, Henry Eugene
Davidson, Henry John
Davidson, Ian George Elwin
Davidson, Ian Nicholson
Davidson, James
Davidson, James
Davidson, James Ernest
Davidson, James Mearns
Davidson, James Stuart
Davidson, John
Davidson, John
Davidson, John
Davidson, John Charles
Davidson, John Donald
Davidson, John Edmund
Davidson, John Ewart
Davidson, John Lavery
Davidson, John Macdonald
Davidson, John Mcintosh
Davidson, John Mcnally
Davidson, John Peter Archibald
Davidson, John Tapscott
Davidson, John Thomson
Davidson, John William
Davidson, Joseph
Davidson, Joseph William
Davidson, Keith Benedict
Davidson, Kenneth Mcnab
Davidson, Kevin
Davidson, Lancelot Vernon
Davidson, Leonard Harold
Davidson, Lyall James
Davidson, Malcolm Stuart
Davidson, Matthew
Davidson, Maurice Edward
Davidson, Neil Douglas
Davidson, Neil Ramsey
Davidson, Norman James
Davidson, Norman Sinclair
Davidson, Oswald
Davidson, Paul Alexander
Davidson, Percival Matthew
Davidson, Richard
Davidson, Richardson Kinnear
Davidson, Robert
Davidson, Robert
Davidson, Robert Cunningham Foss
Davidson, Robert Dunlop
Davidson, Robert Elder
Davidson, Robert Hay
Davidson, Robert Martin
Davidson, Robert Patrick Shene
Davidson, Robert William
Davidson, Ronald (Ronnie)
Davidson, Ross Walker
Davidson, Roy
Davidson, Roy Leverton Sidney
Davidson, Rudolf Dey
Davidson, Stuart Hugh
Davidson, Thomas
Davidson, Thomas
Davidson, Thomas
Davidson, Thomas
Davidson, Thomas Raymond
Davidson, Trevor Ewart
Davidson, Valentine
Davidson, Vincent Campbell
Davidson, Walter Cecil
Davidson, Wilfred Ian
Davidson, William
Davidson, William
Davidson, William
Davidson, William
Davidson, William
Davidson, William Alexander
Davidson, William Alfred
Davidson, William Cameron
Davidson, William Gordon
Davidson, William Harry
Davidson, William Howard
Davidson, William Robert Norval
Davie-Speirs, Robert
Davie, Alexander James
Davie, Andrew
Davie, Arthur Collins
Davie, Charles
Davie, Colin William Hebron
Davie, Donald Cameron Stewart
Davie, Donald James
Davie, Douglas Gordon
Davie, George Alexander
Davie, James Anderson
Davie, James Campbell
Davie, James Douglas
Davie, James Robertson
Davie, John Henry Clarence
Davie, Peter
Davie, Robert Curtis
Davie, Stanley Richard
Davie, William Douglas Bow Symington
Davies-Cooke, Paul John
Davies, Alan
Davies, Alan
Davies, Albert
Davies, Albert Alexander
Davies, Albert Ernest
Davies, Albert Henry Thomas
Davies, Albert Roy
Davies, Alec Youlton
Davies, Alfred Eric
Davies, Alfred George
Davies, Alfred Henry
Davies, Alfred Ridley
Davies, Alfred William
Davies, Allan Gordon
Davies, Ally Cecil Clifton
Davies, Ann Joan
Davies, Anthony John
Davies, Anthony John
Davies, Anthony John Maxwell
Davies, Arnold
Davies, Arnold Ernest
Davies, Arthur
Davies, Arthur Edward
Davies, Arthur Garnet
Davies, Arthur Gwynne
Davies, Arthur Haydn
Davies, Arthur Henry
Davies, Arthur Howell
Davies, Arthur Illingworth
Davies, Arthur James
Davies, Arthur John
Davies, Arthur John
Davies, Arthur Picton
Davies, Arthur Reginald
Davies, Arthur William
Davies, Arthur William Bowen
Davies, Aubrey
Davies, Basil Douglas
Davies, Brian Tristram
Davies, Brinley
Davies, Brinley Oliver
Davies, Brynmor Hywel
Davies, Cecil Brian Powell
Davies, Cecil David
Davies, Cecil Harold
Davies, Cecil Rhys
Davies, Charles
Davies, Charles
Davies, Charles
Davies, Charles Christopher
Davies, Charles Frederick
Davies, Christopher William
Davies, Colin Lewis
Davies, Colin Walton
Davies, Cyril
Davies, Cyril
Davies, Cyril Caradoe
Davies, D D O
Davies, D R
Davies, D R
Davies, Dafydd Cynfal
Davies, Dalis George
Davies, David
Davies, David
Davies, David Clifford
Davies, David Edward
Davies, David Emrys
Davies, David Fisher
Davies, David George
Davies, David Gordon
Davies, David Gwyn
Davies, David Gwynne
Davies, David Haydn
Davies, David Henry
Davies, David John
Davies, David John
Davies, David John
Davies, David John
Davies, David Maxwell
Davies, David Norman
Davies, David Oswald
Davies, David Tudor
Davies, David Wyndham
Davies, Deiniol
Davies, Dennis
Davies, Dennis Albert
Davies, Dennis Howell
Davies, Dennis Vivian
Davies, Dennis William
Davies, Dennis William
Davies, Denzil Meecham
Davies, Desmond Roy Morgan
Davies, Dewi Madoc
Davies, Digby Charles
Davies, Digby Gwilym St. John
Davies, Dilwyn Rhys
Davies, Donald Leslie
Davies, Doris
Davies, Dorothy Frances
Davies, Douglas Gabriel
Davies, Douglas Graham
Davies, Douglas Griffith
Davies, Douglas Hugh
Davies, Douglas Idris
Davies, Edgar William
Davies, Edmund Alfred John
Davies, Edward
Davies, Edward Daniel
Davies, Edward John
Davies, Edward Kenneth
Davies, Edward Raymond
Davies, Edward Whelan
Davies, Edwin
Davies, Edwin Charles Thomas
Davies, Edwin Guy
Davies, Ellen Phyllis
Davies, Ellis
Davies, Elwyn Arnold
Davies, Emlyn Barclay
Davies, Eric
Davies, Eric
Davies, Eric Haddon
Davies, Eric Mchugh
Davies, Ernest Arthur
Davies, Ernest Arthur
Davies, Ernest Edgar Cyril
Davies, Ernest Lewis
Davies, Ernest Morton Gwynne
Davies, Evan
Davies, Evan
Davies, Evan Aneurin
Davies, Evan Arthur
Davies, Evan Bertram
Davies, Evan David
Davies, Evan Hugh
Davies, Evan Lloyd
Davies, Francis Arnold
Davies, Francis James
Davies, Frank
Davies, Frank
Davies, Frank
Davies, Frank
Davies, Frank Arthur
Davies, Frank Leonard
Davies, Frank Sidney
Davies, Frank Thomas
Davies, Frank Wells
Davies, Frederick Cobden
Davies, Frederick Eugene
Davies, Frederick Herbert
Davies, Frederick Isaac
Davies, Frederick Neville
Davies, Frederick Randall Egerton
Davies, Frederick Ronald
Davies, Frederick Shaylar
Davies, G W
Davies, Garfield
Davies, Geoffrey Preston
Davies, Geoffrey Stuart
Davies, George
Davies, George Albert
Davies, George Bruce
Davies, George Chamberlain
Davies, George Clarence
Davies, George Devereux
Davies, George Edward
Davies, George Glyn
Davies, George Henry
Davies, George Ian Frederick
Davies, George Josiah William
Davies, Gerald
Davies, Gerald Mayella
Davies, Gilbert Howard
Davies, Gladys Mary
Davies, Glyn
Davies, Glyndwr
Davies, Glyndwr
Davies, Gordon
Davies, Gordon Atwood Tregaskis
Davies, Gordon Ernest
Davies, Gordon Ewart
Davies, Gordon Paul
Davies, Goronwy Wynne
Davies, Graham
Davies, Griffith John
Davies, Gwilym Leonard
Davies, Gwyn
Davies, Gwynn Towyn
Davies, Gwynne
Davies, Gwynneth
Davies, Harold
Davies, Harold
Davies, Harold Lewis
Davies, Harry Nevill
Davies, Harry Robert
Davies, Henry Carlton
Davies, Henry Lewis
Davies, Herbert
Davies, Herbert George
Davies, Herbert Russell
Davies, Herbert Victor
Davies, Herbert William
Davies, Hiley Rhys
Davies, Hiram Edwin
Davies, Hiram Tom
Davies, Howard
Davies, Howard Stanley
Davies, Hughie Francis
Davies, Ian Forbes
Davies, Ian Wynn
Davies, Idris
Davies, Idwal James
Davies, Ilfrick George
Davies, Ivon George James
Davies, Ivor Bowen
Davies, Ivor Glyn
Davies, Ivor John
Davies, Ivor Lewis
Davies, Ivor Owen
Davies, Ivor Wynne
Davies, J I
Davies, James
Davies, James
Davies, James
Davies, James Glyn
Davies, James Mcdonell
Davies, James Owen
Davies, James William Elias
Davies, John
Davies, John
Davies, John
Davies, John
Davies, John
Davies, John
Davies, John
Davies, John Albert
Davies, John Alfred
Davies, John Cecil
Davies, John Charles
Davies, John Charles Henry
Davies, John Derrick Edwards
Davies, John Edward
Davies, John Edwin Henry
Davies, John Elwyn
Davies, John Elwyn
Davies, John Francis Matthew
Davies, John Harold
Davies, John Harold
Davies, John Herbert
Davies, John Herbert
Davies, John Herbert Morgan
Davies, John Hywel
Davies, John Ivor Evans
Davies, John Jaggard
Davies, John Malcolm
Davies, John Merfyn
Davies, John Milton
Davies, John Montague
Davies, John Osborn
Davies, John Outram
Davies, John Rees
Davies, John Richard
Davies, John Richard
Davies, John Robert
Davies, John Samuel
Davies, John Scott
Davies, John Struthers
Davies, John William
Davies, John William
Davies, John William Thomas
Davies, Joseph Henry
Davies, Joyda Howell
Davies, June Catherine
Davies, Keith Lloyd
Davies, Keith Selwyn
Davies, Kenneth Allen
Davies, Kenneth Digby
Davies, Kenneth Frederick
Davies, Kenneth George Charles
Davies, Kenneth Godfrey Howard
Davies, Kenneth Harry
Davies, Kenneth James
Davies, Kenneth Nigel Bishop
Davies, Kenneth William
Davies, Lancelot Walter
Davies, Lawrence
Davies, Lawrence Albert
Davies, Lawrence Ward
Davies, Leonard
Davies, Leonard
Davies, Leonard
Davies, Leonard Alfred
Davies, Leonard Charles
Davies, Leonard John
Davies, Leslie
Davies, Leslie
Davies, Leslie Douglas
Davies, Leslie Hugh
Davies, Leslie Robert
Davies, Leslie Stuart
Davies, Leslie William Laurence
Davies, Lewis Ivor
Davies, Llewellin Thomas Morris
Davies, Llewellyn Alfred
Davies, Lorne Graham
Davies, Malcolm Charles
Davies, Malcolm Haydn
Davies, Maldwyn Wallace
Davies, Maurice John Morris
Davies, Max Howard
Davies, Mervyn
Davies, Milson Clifford
Davies, Morris
Davies, Morris
Davies, Murray Charles
Davies, Noel Francis Lloyd
Davies, Norman Arthur
Davies, Norman Arthur
Davies, Norman Clifford
Davies, Norman Hinton
Davies, Oliver Geoffrey
Davies, Owen Geraint
Davies, Owen Walton
Davies, Paul Patrick
Davies, Paul Wright
Davies, Percival Allan
Davies, Percy Gilbert
Davies, Percy Kenyon
Davies, Peter Arnold
Davies, Peter Groucutt
Davies, Peter Howard Rowe
Davies, Peter Leslie George
Davies, Peter Morley
Davies, Philip Edmund
Davies, Philip Edward
Davies, Philip Francis
Davies, Philip Thomas
Davies, Ralph
Davies, Ralph Anthony
Davies, Ralph Perry
Davies, Raymond David
Davies, Raymond Henry
Davies, Raymond James
Davies, Reginald Ivor Havard
Davies, Reginald Thomas
Davies, Reynold
Davies, Richard
Davies, Richard Allan
Davies, Richard Bruce
Davies, Richard Edward
Davies, Richard Edward
Davies, Richard Evan
Davies, Richard Forrester
Davies, Richard George
Davies, Richard Harold
Davies, Richard Jones
Davies, Robert
Davies, Robert
Davies, Robert Edwin
Davies, Robert George
Davies, Robert Henry
Davies, Robert Meirion
Davies, Robert Thomas
Davies, Robert Thomas Edward
Davies, Robert Wray
Davies, Roderick
Davies, Roland Ernest
Davies, Ronald
Davies, Ronald
Davies, Ronald
Davies, Ronald Allison
Davies, Ronald Campbell
Davies, Ronald Cecil
Davies, Ronald David
Davies, Ronald John
Davies, Ronald Noel
Davies, Roy
Davies, Roy Ellis
Davies, Roy Joseph
Davies, Roy Joseph
Davies, Roy Percival
Davies, Royston George
Davies, Rythwyn Ivor
Davies, Saunders Christmas
Davies, Sidney
Davies, Sidney Edward
Davies, Sidney Frank
Davies, Stanley
Davies, Stanley Frank Burdwood
Davies, Stanley Ivor
Davies, Stanley Pumpsaint
Davies, Stanley Thomas
Davies, Sydney Hartley
Davies, Taliesyn
Davies, Theophilus
Davies, Thomas
Davies, Thomas
Davies, Thomas
Davies, Thomas Albert
Davies, Thomas Albert
Davies, Thomas Anthony Frederick
Davies, Thomas Benjamin
Davies, Thomas Clifford
Davies, Thomas Emlyn
Davies, Thomas Eric
Davies, Thomas Henry
Davies, Thomas Henry
Davies, Thomas Henry
Davies, Thomas Henry Albert
Davies, Thomas Herbert
Davies, Thomas Hubert
Davies, Thomas Irwin
Davies, Thomas Ivor
Davies, Thomas John
Davies, Thomas John
Davies, Thomas John Glanville
Davies, Thomas Lynn
Davies, Thomas Patrick
Davies, Thomas Percy Willoughby
Davies, Thomas Stanley
Davies, Thomas William
Davies, Tommy
Davies, Trefor
Davies, Trefor Glyn
Davies, Trevor
Davies, Trevor Rhys
Davies, Trevor Sylvester
Davies, Trevor Vaughan
Davies, Tudor
Davies, Vaughan
Davies, W G
Davies, Walter
Davies, Walter
Davies, Walter Cecil
Davies, Walter Houghton
Davies, Wilfred
Davies, William
Davies, William
Davies, William Alfred Cyril
Davies, William Arthur
Davies, William Arthur
Davies, William Brett
Davies, William Daniel
Davies, William Daniel Roydon
Davies, William Edward
Davies, William Edward
Davies, William Eric
Davies, William Eric
Davies, William Ernest
Davies, William Evans
Davies, William George
Davies, William Gordon
Davies, William Harold
Davies, William Haydn
Davies, William Henry
Davies, William James
Davies, William John
Davies, William John
Davies, William John
Davies, William John
Davies, William John Emmanuel
Davies, William John Ross
Davies, William Lloyd
Davies, William Michael
Davies, William Morgan
Davies, William Price
Davies, William Raymond
Davies, William Reginald Stanley
Davies, William Ricard
Davies, William Richard
Davies, William Robert
Davies, William Seymour
Davies, William Stuart
Davies, William Thomas Patrick
Davies, William Twiston
Davies, WilliaMilitary Medalichael Arlingham
Davies, Wyndham Henry
Davies, Wynford
Davigdor, Michael Henry Haggard
Davis, Alan
Davis, Alan Roland Newnham
Davis, Alan Williamson
Davis, Albert Charles Arthur
Davis, Albert Edward
Davis, Albert Percival
Davis, Albert Russell
Davis, Alexander
Davis, Alexander Frederick
Davis, Alfred Edward
Davis, Alfred George
Davis, Allan
Davis, Arnold Percy
Davis, Arthur
Davis, Arthur Joseph
Davis, Arthur Reginald
Davis, Arthur Stanmore
Davis, Arthur Sydney
Davis, Arthur Wilfrid
Davis, Basil Owen
Davis, Benjamin John
Davis, Beresford Milton Troy
Davis, Bernard Dominic
Davis, Bernard Thomas
Davis, Bertram George
Davis, Billy
Davis, Brendon John
Davis, C P
Davis, Carl Raymond
Davis, Cecil Clement Hood
Davis, Charles John
Davis, Charles Kingsley
Davis, Charles Trevor
Davis, Charles William
Davis, Chester Andith
Davis, Christopher
Davis, Clifford Arthur
Davis, Clifford Francis Charles
Davis, Daniel George
Davis, David Henry
Davis, David Weiss
Davis, Delmar Murray
Davis, Dennis Melville
Davis, Dennis Walter
Davis, Derek Henry Victor
Davis, Derek Rudyard
Davis, Doreen Ellen
Davis, Douglas Victor
Davis, Edgar John
Davis, Edward Addy
Davis, Edward Peverell Meggs
Davis, Edward Robert
Davis, Edward Simeon Colbeck
Davis, Edward Strangways
Davis, Edward Vaughan
Davis, Edwin Kenneth (Ken)
Davis, Eric
Davis, Eric Alfred
Davis, Ernest John Walter
Davis, Ernest Leroy
Davis, Ernest Rene
Davis, Errington George Mcevoy
Davis, F E
Davis, Francis Montagu
Davis, Francis William
Davis, Frank Edward
Davis, Fred
Davis, Fred Hugh
Davis, Frederick
Davis, Frederick Albert
Davis, Frederick Peter
Davis, Frederick Victor
Davis, Frederick William
Davis, Geoffrey Charles Clifton
Davis, Geoffrey Herbert
Davis, Geoffrey Richard
Davis, George Albert
Davis, George Alvin
Davis, George Edward
Davis, George Frederick
Davis, George Henry
Davis, George Jordon
Davis, George Robert
Davis, George Robert Coxworth
Davis, Gerald Joseph
Davis, Gerald Robert James
Davis, Gordon Alfred
Davis, Gwynena
Davis, Harry George Ernest
Davis, Harry Llewellyn
Davis, Harry Samuel
Davis, Harry Walter
Davis, Henry John
Davis, Henry Lawrence
Davis, Henry Lawrence Newsom
Davis, Herbert Edgar
Davis, Herbert Percy
Davis, Herbert Summersell
Davis, Hershel Homer
Davis, Horace Henry George
Davis, Howard Elfric
Davis, Howard Leslie
Davis, Hugh Ross
Davis, Ian Herbert Gordon
Davis, Jack
Davis, Jack Clarence
Davis, James Albert
Davis, James Eric
Davis, James George Edward
Davis, James Ithel
Davis, James Neville
Davis, Jesse
Davis, Jim Jack
Davis, John
Davis, John Ashby
Davis, John Bernard
Davis, John Campbell
Davis, John Clement
Davis, John Clifton
Davis, John Darby
Davis, John Gordon
Davis, John Harry
Davis, John Henry
Davis, John Lumsden
Davis, John Terence Joseph
Davis, John William
Davis, Joseph
Davis, Joseph Anthony
Davis, Joseph Gerald
Davis, Kenneth
Davis, Kenneth
Davis, Kenneth
Davis, Kenneth Aubrey
Davis, Kenneth Frederick
Davis, Kenneth George
Davis, Kenneth Graham
Davis, Kenneth William Douglas
Davis, Lance George
Davis, Lawrence
Davis, Lawrence Arthur
Davis, Lawrence Fortnam
Davis, Leonard
Davis, Leonard Frank Rogers
Davis, Leonard George
Davis, Leslie
Davis, Leslie George
Davis, Lewis George
Davis, Louis Leslie
Davis, Mark Anthony Hamilton
Davis, Martin David
Davis, Maurice
Davis, Maurice Robert
Davis, Mervyn Desmond Sylvester
Davis, Michael Ludlow
Davis, Neville Edward
Davis, Noel
Davis, Noel Michael
Davis, Norman
Davis, Norman
Davis, Norman Edwin
Davis, Norman Harold
Davis, Percival Albert
Davis, Percy George
Davis, Percy Reginald
Davis, Peter Brian Newsom
Davis, Peter William
Davis, Philip
Davis, Philip John
Davis, Philip Meyer
Davis, Philip Oscar
Davis, Philip Weir
Davis, Raymond
Davis, Raymond James
Davis, Raymond Walter
Davis, Reginald Austin
Davis, Richard Paterson
Davis, Robert Charles
Davis, Robert Edward
Davis, Robert Henry
Davis, Robert Siderfin
Davis, Robert William
Davis, Roland Folford
Davis, Ronald
Davis, Ronald Fraser
Davis, Ronald Jack
Davis, Ronald Wilfred Charles
Davis, Roy Dudley
Davis, Roy Thomas
Davis, Royston Sydney
Davis, Russell Alfred
Davis, Samuel Percy
Davis, Sidney Hubert
Davis, Stanley
Davis, Stanley James
Davis, Stanley Vincent
Davis, Stewart James
Davis, Stewart Palmer
Davis, Sydney Bernard Thomas
Davis, Sydney Dennis
Davis, Sydney John
Davis, Thomas
Davis, Thomas Edward
Davis, Thomas Edward William
Davis, Thomas Rhodes
Davis, Thomas Robert
Davis, Thomas William
Davis, Thomas William
Davis, Trevor Hugh
Davis, Valentine Arthur
Davis, Victor Allenby
Davis, Vincent
Davis, Wilfred
Davis, Wilfred Anthony Michael
Davis, William
Davis, William
Davis, William
Davis, William Albert James
Davis, William Alderson
Davis, William Arthur
Davis, William Arthur Mathias
Davis, William Charles
Davis, William Corley
Davis, William George
Davis, William John Arthur
Davis, William Lee
Davis, William Norman
Davis, William Thomas
Davison, Alan
Davison, Alfred
Davison, Anthony William Curling
Davison, Arthur Sisterton
Davison, Charles Clement
Davison, Charles Stanley
Davison, Colin
Davison, David Arthur Keith
Davison, Dennis Howard
Davison, Edward
Davison, Edward Anderson
Davison, Elsie Joy
Davison, Frederick George
Davison, Frederick Terence
Davison, George
Davison, George
Davison, George
Davison, George
Davison, George William John
Davison, Gordon Hudson
Davison, Harold Hastings
Davison, Harry
Davison, Herbert Leonard
Davison, James
Davison, James Stewart
Davison, John
Davison, John Leslie
Davison, John Ronald
Davison, Joseph
Davison, Joseph
Davison, Joshua
Davison, Kenneth Arthur Frederick
Davison, Leonard Frederick
Davison, Norman
Davison, Peter Ewart
Davison, R H S
Davison, Raymond
Davison, Reginald Alvan
Davison, Richard
Davison, Robert
Davison, Robert Fairbairn
Davison, Robert William
Davison, Ronald William
Davison, Stewart
Davison, Thomas
Davison, Thomas
Davison, Thomas Riddle
Davison, Ulric John Gerry
Davison, William Oliver
Davoren, Vincent Joseph
Davy, Alan Churchill
Davy, Charles Frederick
Davy, Edward Humphrey
Davy, Frederick Edwin Thomas
Davy, Harry Denis
Davy, Henry William
Davy, Thomas Daniel Humphrey
Davy, William Thomas
Daw, Gilbert Francis
Daw, Lawrence Edward
Daw, Percy John
Dawbarn, Alexander Andrew Marshall
Dawbarn, Brian Proctor
Dawber, P O
Dawdy, Louis Donald
Dawe, Arnold William
Dawe, Edgar Harold
Dawe, Harry Olsen
Dawe, Harry Victor
Dawe, John Alexander Goad
Dawe, Mark Seymour
Dawe, Robert William
Dawe, Thomas Henry
Dawe, Wallace Arthur
Dawes, Denziel Thomas St. Hugh
Dawes, Edward
Dawes, Elias
Dawes, Eric Arthur
Dawes, Gordon Stephen
Dawes, Henry Dennis
Dawes, Jack Evelyn
Dawes, John Leonard
Dawes, Lance
Dawes, Ralph
Dawes, Reginald Arthur
Dawes, Ronald Victor
Dawes, Spencer Sidney
Dawes, Thomas
Dawes, Thomas Leslie
Dawes, Vincent Edwin
Dawes, Walter Richard
Dawes, Walter William Ronald
Dawes, William Edward
Dawid Marogle,
Dawid Odisho,
Dawkins, Alexander Harold
Dawkins, Evelyn Arthur Crane
Dawkins, Glyndwr
Dawkins, Harry Blinman
Dawkins, James Jeremiah
Dawkins, John Arthur Norman
Dawkins, Leslie John
Dawkins, Norman Wilfred
Dawkins, Robert Alfred Walter
Dawn, William
Dawnay, Michael
Dawns, Wilfred Octavius
Daws, Arthur Sydney
Daws, Frederick John
Dawson Jones, Francis Desmond
Dawson-Damer, George Lionel Seymour
Dawson-Scott, Keith Desmond
Dawson, Albert
Dawson, Albert Walter
Dawson, Alexander George
Dawson, Alexander Robertson
Dawson, Allan
Dawson, Anthony Kyle
Dawson, Archibald Douglas
Dawson, Arthur
Dawson, Bertha Josephine
Dawson, Cedar Alfred
Dawson, Charles Henry
Dawson, Christopher
Dawson, Clifford George
Dawson, Colin T.
Dawson, Dan Oliver Richard
Dawson, Dennis Arthur
Dawson, Dennis Bruce
Dawson, Dennis Charles
Dawson, Donald James
Dawson, Donald James
Dawson, Donald James Vens
Dawson, Donald Norman
Dawson, Donald William
Dawson, Dora Rhoda
Dawson, Douglas
Dawson, Douglas
Dawson, Douglas Albert
Dawson, Douglas Arnold
Dawson, Edmund
Dawson, Edward Alexander
Dawson, Edward Ernest
Dawson, Edward Kerfoot
Dawson, Edward Trevor
Dawson, Eileen
Dawson, Eric Henry
Dawson, Eric Sidney
Dawson, Ernest Albert Wesley
Dawson, Frank
Dawson, Frank
Dawson, Frank
Dawson, Frank Lockwood
Dawson, Frank Maurice
Dawson, Frederick Edward
Dawson, Frederick Joesph
Dawson, George
Dawson, George
Dawson, George Harold Desmond
Dawson, George Henry
Dawson, George Robert
Dawson, George Walter
Dawson, George William
Dawson, Gerald Obenauf
Dawson, Gilbert Lacy
Dawson, Gilbert Tannahill
Dawson, Godfrey Douglas
Dawson, Gordon Forbes
Dawson, Graham Newstead
Dawson, Grahame George
Dawson, Harold Clyde
Dawson, Harry
Dawson, Harry Nichols
Dawson, Henry
Dawson, Herbert
Dawson, Herbert
Dawson, Horace Sydney
Dawson, Hugh
Dawson, Ian Maclaren
Dawson, J G
Dawson, James George
Dawson, John
Dawson, John
Dawson, John
Dawson, John Clark
Dawson, John Frederick Blair
Dawson, John Richard Pexton
Dawson, John Robert
Dawson, John William
Dawson, Joseph
Dawson, Joseph
Dawson, Kenneth George
Dawson, Leon Wilfred Joseph
Dawson, Leonard Bert
Dawson, Leslie Roy
Dawson, Michael Anthony Rodgers
Dawson, Michael Benedict
Dawson, Neville Roy
Dawson, Norman Frederick
Dawson, Peter Hamilton
Dawson, Peter John
Dawson, Philip
Dawson, Ray Alexander
Dawson, Raymond
Dawson, Raymond
Dawson, Raymond Carter
Dawson, Raymond Woodrow
Dawson, Reginald
Dawson, Richard Fabian
Dawson, Richard John Secord
Dawson, Roland Herbert Leslie
Dawson, Ronald
Dawson, Ronald George
Dawson, Ronald Gordon
Dawson, Roy
Dawson, Sidney Kenneth
Dawson, Stanley
Dawson, Stanley James
Dawson, Sydney
Dawson, Thomas
Dawson, Thomas
Dawson, Thomas Brown
Dawson, Thomas Clough
Dawson, Thomas Derwent
Dawson, Thomas Myles
Dawson, Tom
Dawson, Walter
Dawson, Wilfred John
Dawson, William Frederick George
Dawson, William Gorden
Dawson, William Waller
Day, Albert Edward
Day, Albert George
Day, Albert Thomas
Day, Alfred Charles
Day, Alfred Frederick Sidney
Day, Alfred George
Day, Arthur Edward
Day, Arthur Harvey Diamond
Day, Arthur Sidney
Day, Bernard John
Day, Cecil George
Day, Charles
Day, Charles Frederick
Day, Clifford William
Day, Colin James
Day, Cyril James
Day, Desmond
Day, Donald
Day, Donald Douglas
Day, Douglas Arthur
Day, Douglas Edward
Day, Douglas Frederick Gordon
Day, Douglas George Black
Day, Edmund Kenneth
Day, Edred Frederick
Day, Edward George Havelock
Day, Edwin Atholwood
Day, Eric Albert
Day, Eric Charles
Day, Eric John
Day, Francis Edward James
Day, Francis John
Day, Frank
Day, Frank Samuel
Day, Frank William
Day, Frederick Ernest Victor
Day, Frederick William Robert
Day, Geoffrey
Day, Geoffrey Cyril
Day, George
Day, George
Day, George Charles Adolphus Ernest
Day, George Herbert
Day, Gordon Robert
Day, Gordon William
Day, Graham Fowler
Day, Harold
Day, Harold Edwin
Day, Harold Henry
Day, Harold Thomas
Day, Harry
Day, Harry John Joffre
Day, Herbert Harry
Day, Isaac John
Day, James
Day, James Arthur Baxter
Day, James William Ison
Day, John Alfred
Day, John Brian
Day, John Forbes Andre
Day, John Francis
Day, John Gilbert
Day, John Harold
Day, Joseph Robert George
Day, Joseph William
Day, Kenneth Anthony Ian
Day, Kenneth George
Day, Kenneth Henry
Day, Kenneth Julian
Day, Lawrence Keith
Day, Leonard Francis
Day, Leonard Frederick Charles
Day, Leonard Henry
Day, Louis Oswald
Day, Maurice Charles
Day, Maurice Ronald
Day, Michael
Day, Michael Irvine Ryder
Day, Michael John
Day, Norman Buckenham
Day, Norman Leslie Terrett
Day, Oswald George
Day, Patrick George Frederick
Day, Peter
Day, Peter John
Day, Raymond
Day, Raymond Edward Buckenham
Day, Raymond Samuel Louis
Day, Reginald James
Day, Richard Chester
Day, Richard George Charles
Day, Richard Harvey
Day, Richard Jock
Day, Robert Lionel Frank
Day, Robert Ogilvie
Day, Ross Vernon
Day, Roy Noel
Day, Stanley Valentine
Day, Sydney John
Day, Thomas Charles
Day, Victor Charles
Day, Vivian Robin
Day, Walter Frederick
Day, Walter Harold
Day, Walter James
Day, Warren Meredith
Day, Wilfred Arthur
Day, Wilfred Francis
Day, Wilfred Robert
Day, William
Day, William
Day, William Edward
Day, William George Thomas
Day, William Henry Robert
Day, William Herbert (Bill)
Day, William John
Dayanand Bhawanishankar Kagal,
Daye, Ronald Ernest
Dayman, Harold Gordon
Daymond, Keith William
Daymond, Thomas Albert Charles
Daynes, Harold Eric
Daynes, Norman Robert
Daynes, Ronald Claxton
Daynton, Cyril John
Dayton, Fawcett Calvert
Dayton, James Edward
Daze, John Cletus
De Angelis, John Alexander
De Bartok, Ernest Akos Frederick
De Bathe, Sir Christopher Albert
De Beer, J H R
De Bellefeuille, Joseph Paul Guy Marcel
De Bij, Henri Mari
De Blommaert De Soye, Alain Hubert Edmond Marie
De Boos, Vernon Edward
De Bosschere, Felix Marie Joseph
De Botte, Leo
De Bourke, Richard
De Brath, Dennis Napier Neville
De Bressey, Bernard Albert Zadock
De Bretigny, Lionel Doria
De Bruin, Cyril Alexander
De Bruin, T P
De Burgh, Desmond Herlouin
De Bussac, George Henri
De Cann, Albert John
De Cannart DHamale, Roger Emile
De Casagrande, Raphael Edward
De Celles, Leo Lorne Norman
De Charmoy, Paul Joseph
De Clercq, John Mary Fernand
De Clifford, Mervyn Charles
De Cordoue, Comte Jacques Fernand Gabriel
De Cosier, Matthew Henry Ivor
De Coster, Andree
De Courcy, John Arthur Gerald
De Courcy, Robert Cecil William
De Courcy, Thomas Joseph
De Cruyenaere, Albert Joseph
De Cruz, Francis A.
De Dauw, Andrew Francis
De Douallier, O D
De Fraine, George Ross
De Freitas, Henry Anselm
De Freitas, Wilfrid Albert Antony
De Garis, Derek Gordon
De Garis, Lewis Clement
De Garis, William James
De Garis, William Sowden
De Goede, G A
De Greef, Gideon Johannes
De Groot, J
De Gruchy, Douglas Hugh
De Gruchy, Francis Anthony
De Haan, Hilman Johannes
De Haast, Fred Duckworth
De Hasse, Raymond Gustave Hector
De Haven, Ben Perry
De Havilland, Victor George
De Hemptinne, Baudovin Marie Ghislain
De Hemricourt De Grunne, Count Rudolphe Ghislain
De Hepcee, Michel
De Iongh, Conrad Theodor
De Jager,
De Jager, C J
De Jager, Hendrik Christiaan
De Jager, L J
De Jager, Paul Joris
De Jenko-Sokolowski, Jeizy Marian Ryszard
De Jong, A
De Jonge, F J
De Jongh, Oscar Geoffreij
De Kerdrel, Michael
De Keyser, John Lionel
De Klerk,
De Klerk, B J
De Klerk, Denys
De Klerk, G E
De Klerk, Ian Isaac
De Klerk, Johannes Stephanus
De Klerk, L
De Klerk, M J
De Klerk, W P
De Kock, Frans
De Kock, Hendrik
De Kock, Josias Alexander John
De Kock, W J
De Kretser, Dirk Bertram
De La Bastita, Henri Jeanne Paul
De La Coze, John Rushbrook
De La Haye, Nelson John
De La Rue, Thomas Patrick
De Labouchere-Sparling, Francis Albert Gabriel Joseph
De Laney, Douglas Howard
De Lange, A J
De Lange, George Ivor
De Laspee, Harold Ralph Hutchinson
De Lengerke, Kenneth Harold Fontain
De Leuze, Regis Charles
De Lima, Joseph Charles
De Lisle, Sydney Sapenne
De Lisser, Louis Stanhope
De Lorme, Emile
De Lucia, John
De Macedo, John Bernard Joseph
De Macedo, Joseph M.
De Mancha, Ricardo Adriani
De Marco, Joseph Julius
De Marco, Wilfred Tarquinas
De Marigny, Galtan Joseph George
De Marillac,
De Martino, Walter
De Maus, Walter Robert
De Meillac, Guy Maurice Marie Legarrigue
De Meillac, Yves
De Meillon,
De Menten De Horne, Georges Marie Ghislain
De Mestre, Peter Morrice
De Mier, Sebastian Bernard
De Molitor, William Daniel
De Montmorency, Herbert
De Montmorency, Reymond Hervey
De Mowbray, John Bohun
De Naeyer, Francis
De Neve, Gilles Pieter Cornelis
De Nevers, Frank Holmes
De Pierres, Raymond Baudoin
De Pinna, James
De Pledge, John Hayward
De Podesta, Rupert Victor
De Preter, Eduard Emile George
De Puysseleyr, Joseph
De Renzi, Godfrey
De Reux, Andre Henri
De Roeck, Joseph Kevin
De Roeck, Leo Frank
De Rooij, Johannes Leonardus Antonius
De Rozario, Rene
De Rzonca, James Richard Waclaw
De Sachy, Maurice Paul
De Saint Aubain, Camille Albert Joseph
De Saulles, Norman
De Selys Longchamps, Baron Jean Michel P. M. G.
De Sieyes, Jean Galt
De Silva, Desmond Michael
De Silva, Joe Herbert Wejies
De Smidt, Francis Foster
De Smidt, J B
De Smidt, Owen Douglas
De Souza, Gerald Anthony
De Souza, Kenneth Mitchell Alves
De Spirlet, Francois Xavier Egenoff
De Steenhault De Waerbeek, Albert Marie Louis Adhemar
De Sylva, William Alexander
De Theux De Meylandt Et Montjardin, Pierre Marie Raoul Ghislain
De Vere, George William
De Villers, Louis S.
De Villiers-Lubbe,
De Villiers, David
De Villiers, Douglas John
De Villiers, Johan Phillip
De Villiers, Paul
De Villiers, Peter Hendrik
De Villiers, Petrus Johannes
De Vis, Selwyn George
De Vos, Cecil Du Toit
De Vries, Henry Andrew
De Vries, Terence
De Vrye, Leslie Lucien Frederick
De Waal, G L
De Waal, J O
De Wall, Heinrich Ewald
De Wallens, Victor Pierre
De Wet, Hendrik F. D.
De Wet, Johan Louis Venter
De Wet, Petrus
De Wever, Charles Erasme
De Winter, Reginald Samuel (Rex)
De Witt, William Norton
De-Shane, Charles Wilbert
De, Amar Chandra
Dea, Martin
Deacock, Victor Alfred
Deacon, Aird Arthur
Deacon, Charles Henry
Deacon, Edward Raymond
Deacon, Edwin Albert
Deacon, Edwin Thomas Arthur
Deacon, George Edward
Deacon, Howard Kenneth Grosvener
Deacon, Jack James Hampton
Deacon, John William
Deacon, John William
Deacon, Kenneth George
Deacon, Kenneth Walter
Deacon, Kenneth William
Deacon, Norman Tudor
Deacon, Richard Lionel
Deacon, Robert
Deacon, Ronald Albert
Deacon, Ronald Horace
Deacon, Stanley Alfred
Deacon, Sylvaine Janet Elliott
Deacon, Thomas
Deacon, Victor George
Deacon, Victor George
Deacon, William Henry James
Deacon, William John
Deacon, William Rees
Deadman, Ernest Frederick
Deadman, Kenneth David
Deakin, Arthur Keelinge
Deakin, Geoffrey Francis
Deakin, Harold James
Deakin, Harry
Deakin, Kenneth Lea
Deakin, Ronald Edward
Deakin, Ronald Victor
Deakin, William Matthew
Deal, Clifford Dallas
Dealing, Ernest Frances
Deall, Basil Aubrey Ronald
Dean, Alan
Dean, Alan Arthur
Dean, Alan Walter
Dean, Albert Frederick
Dean, Albert Frederick
Dean, Alec Charles
Dean, Alfred William
Dean, Arnold Keith Michael
Dean, Arthur
Dean, Bryan Charles Frederick
Dean, Charles Henry
Dean, Clifton Marlyn
Dean, Cyril Armstrong
Dean, David Erskine Ellis
Dean, Dennis Lawrence
Dean, Douglas Alfred
Dean, Douglas Delbert
Dean, Edgar Albert
Dean, Edward Hodgson
Dean, Edward Victor
Dean, Eric Alfred
Dean, Eric Frank
Dean, Francis George
Dean, Frank Henry
Dean, Frederick Bert
Dean, Frederick Spendlove
Dean, Frederick William Christian
Dean, Geoffrey Reginald
Dean, George
Dean, George Albert Earl
Dean, George Ernest
Dean, George Henry Peter
Dean, George James
Dean, George Walker
Dean, Gordon Harry
Dean, Gordon William Davidson
Dean, Harold
Dean, Harry Galloway
Dean, Henry
Dean, Henry Jennings
Dean, Henry William
Dean, Herbert Anthony Joseph
Dean, Hubert James
Dean, Jack
Dean, James Patrick
Dean, Jessie
Dean, Joachim Charles
Dean, Joel Frederick
Dean, John
Dean, John Anthony
Dean, John Ellis
Dean, John Gordon Kennedy
Dean, John Nicholson
Dean, Josiah Arthur
Dean, Keith Reginald
Dean, Kenneth Albert
Dean, Kenneth Henry
Dean, Kenneth Vickery
Dean, Lloyd Henry
Dean, Michael James
Dean, Michael James
Dean, Philip Richard
Dean, Raymond
Dean, Raymond Frederick Charles
Dean, Raymond Harry
Dean, Richard Edward
Dean, Richard Philip
Dean, Robert Geoffrey
Dean, Robert Trevor
Dean, Roderick John Charles
Dean, Ronald
Dean, Ronald
Dean, Ross Walker
Dean, Samuel Douglas
Dean, Sidney John
Dean, Stanley Frederick
Dean, Stanley Thomas
Dean, Stanley William
Dean, Thomas
Dean, Thomas Charles Harold
Dean, Thomas Mcivor
Dean, Tom
Dean, Walter Kenneth (Jnr.)
Dean, Wilfred Clarence
Dean, Wilfred Thomas
Dean, William
Dean, William
Dean, William Erin Millar
Dean, William Frederick
Dean, William Henry
Dean, William Hugh Ferrier
Dean, William Thomas
Deane-Freeman, Brian
Deane, Alick George
Deane, Anthony David
Deane, Cecil Thomas
Deane, Clarence Hubert
Deane, David Sewall Wooding
Deane, G S
Deane, John William Frederick
Deane, Kenneth Ignatius Joseph
Deans, Arthur John
Deans, David Francis
Deans, Donald
Deans, Erneste
Deans, Harry Linton
Deans, Henry Lewis Rabon
Deans, James Lyall
Deans, James Mccormack
Deans, John Humfrey
Deans, John William
Deans, Robert
Deans, Robert James
Dear, Brian Douglas George
Dear, Cecil Gordon
Dear, Cyril Barry
Dear, Edward Dudley
Dear, Jack
Dear, Kenneth
Dear, Michael Francis
Dear, Paul Draycott
Dear, Robert Henry
Dearden, Arnold Delday
Dearden, Arthur John
Dearden, Clifford Herbert
Dearden, Ernest Noel
Dearden, Frederick Harry Ewart
Dearden, Geoffrey Knowles
Dearden, Robert
Dearden, Robert Francis
Deards, Reginald Eric
Dearing, Ian
Dearing, Lysle Herbert Hungerford
Dearlove, Charles George Edwin
Dearlove, Cuthbert Joseph Stanley
Dearlove, Henry Herbert Arthur
Dearlove, Lewis Nelson
Dearlove, Walter Albert John
Dearman, Derrick Roy
Dearman, Victor Leo
Dearman, William Anthony
Dearmer, Anthony
Dearnaley, Edgar Vincent
Dearnley, Hubert
Dearnley, Richard
Dearsley, Cyril Bernard
Deas, Elizabeth
Deas, James Henderson
Deas, William Inglis
Dease, Richard Edmund
Deasley, George Leonard Albert
Deason, Robert Stanley
Death, Alwyn
Death, Arthur Henry
DEath, Denis Murray
Death, Ernest Norman
Death, Ernest William
Death, Leslie Frederick
DeAth, Leslie James
Death, Leslie James
DeAth, Stanley Albert
Deatherage, George Edward
Deatherage, Walter David
Deaton, James Frederick
Deaves, Edmund James
Deaves, Peter George
Deavin, Frank Ernest
Deavy, Arthur William
Debarr, Frederick Henry
Debben, Roy Ernest
Debenham, Alfred Gordon
Debenham, Geoffrey Lancaster
Debenham, John Spencer
Debenham, Kenneth Barry Lempriere
Debenham, Kevin Frederick
Debenham, Raymond Jack
Debeurier, Wilfred Eric
Debnam, Geoffrey Bernard Andrew
Debnam, Herbert John Harry
Debonnaire, Anthony George William
Debonnaire, Donald William
Debono, Nichols
Debowski, Ireneusz
Debrock, F C G
Dec, Jozef Wincenty
Decent, John Dugdale
Deck, Charles George Frederick
Deck, Harold Frederick
Deck, James Frederick
Deck, Paul Dalralph
Decker, Hermann
Deckman, Harry Naughton
Declerck, Albert George
Decloedt, Jean Verdon Marie Aime
Decloux, Marcel Auguste
Dedman, Harold George Day
Dee, Barbara Mary
Dee, Cyril
Dee, Eric Hubert
Dee, Frederick James
Dee, John Samuel
Dee, Orlando John
Dee, Timothy IAnson
Dee, William John
Deebank, Percy John
Deeble, Robert James
Deed, Cyril Keith
Deed, Leonard Laurence
Deed, Sydney Victor
Deedman, John Adrian
Deegan, Joseph
Deehan, Owen
Deeken, Leon
Deeley, Frank Denys
Deeley, Geoffrey Raymond
Deeley, George
Deeley, Iris Miriam
Deelman, Arnold Frederick
Deem, Fred James
Deemer, Amor Meade
Deemer, Edward John
Deeny, Henry
Deere, Aubrey Wilfred
Deere, Maurice
Deere, Robert Cuthbert
Deere, Thomas Howell
Deering, George Andrew
Deering, Vernon John
Deery, Henry George
Deery, Robert James
Deery, Ronald James
Deester, Henry James
Deeth, Laurence Walter
Deetlefs, T P
Deffontaine, Christian Georges Auguste J.
Deforest, John Kenneth
Defosse, Leon
Defraigne, Charles Albert Henri Francois
Defroand, Ronald Ernest
Degaris, Alfred Keith
Degenhardt, Charles George
Deges, Carl
Degnan, Stephen Joseph
Degryse, Denis Gerard
Dehnke, Gustav
Dehoux, Joseph Fernand Gustave Rene
Dehoux, Joseph Laurier
Deibler, Ernst
Deighton, Andrew Peter
Deighton, Frederick Ernest
Deighton, Garry
Deighton, Mary Mcrae
Deighton, Maurice
Deighton, Raymond Sidney
Deignan, Eric Alan Mervyn
Deiring, Richard
Deiseroth, Heinrich
Deitch, R
Dejace, Leonard Joseph
Dekema, J R
Dekenah, D C
Dekkers, Zeger Willem Casper
Del Marmol, Baron Rene Joseph Marie G. G.
Delacour, Herbert Samuel
Delafons, John Wallace Molyneux
Delahay, Hedley Probert
Delahunt, Robert William
Delahunty, James Roderick
Delahunty, John
Delahunty, Martin
Delahunty, Myles Joseph
Delamere, Eric Robert
Delamore, Arthur Frank
Deland, Hartley Banks
Delaney, Bertie Arthur Steel
Delaney, Colin
Delaney, Edmund James
Delaney, John Michael Hugh
Delaney, Lincoln William
Delaney, Luke Sylvestre (Duke)
Delaney, Maxwell Raymond
Delaney, Thomas Alfred
Delaney, Thomas Joseph
Delaney, William Edward
Delaporte, Eric Arnold
Delarue, Jack Edmon
Delatorre, Melville George
Delatte, Jules Gustave Ghislain
Delaunay, Frederick
Delaveleye, C A
Delbridge, Ralph Balkwill
Delbrouck, Richard Alexis Jean Francois
Delehanty, Joseph Ignatius
Delehaunt, Arthur George James
Delemare, Fred Herbert
Delfs, Hans-Hinrich
Delgouffre, Robert Frederic
Delhaye, Hubert Francis
Delhaye, Roger Amedee
Delieu, Albert William
DeLima, Dercas Peter
Dell, Frederick Arthur
Dell, Frederick John
Dell, George Frederick
Dell, Harley James
Dell, Harry Frederick
Dell, I B
Dell, Ivan Frederick
Dell, John Franklin
Dell, John William George
Dell, Ronald Frank
Della Longa, Luciano
Dellar, Joseph Charles Edward
Dellar, Thomas George
Deller, Dorothy Ruby
Deller, Edwin
Dellis, Donald Livingstone
Dellit, Lionel
Dellow, Cyril William
Dellow, James
Delmage, Ray John
Delong, Robert William
Delorme, Leopold Thomas Philippe
Delorme, Louis Thomas
Delorme, Paul
Delorme, Paul Jules Joseph
Deloughry, Laurie Daniel
Delp, Gustav
Delperdange, Jean
Delve, Arthur Archibald
Delve, Richard James
Delves, Llewellyn James Samuel
Demades, Demosthenes
Demaine, Douglas
Dembrey, Maurice John
Demel, John Glassford
Demers, Joseph William Raoul
Demetriadi, Richard Stephen
Demont, Marcel Auguste Henri
Demoulin, Rene Jean Ghislain
Dempsay, Ronald
Dempsey, Berte
Dempsey, Dennis James
Dempsey, Ernest Anthony
Dempsey, James
Dempsey, James
Dempsey, James Henry
Dempsey, Philip Damon
Dempsey, William Charles Thomas
Dempsey, William Herbert
Dempster, Allan Boylan
Dempster, Charles James
Dempster, David Dand
Dempster, Elizabeth Smith
Dempster, George Wilson
Dempster, John Mcbride
Dempster, Norman Mclean
Dempster, Richard
Dempster, Tom
Dempster, William Joseph
Demsteader, Louis
Den Hollander, Eric Hendrik
Denault, Joseph Lucien Edgar
Denbee, Thomas Edwin
Denbigh, Arnold
Denby, Alfred William
Denby, Gordon Alfred
Denby, Herbert Hartley
Denby, John William
Denby, Lawrence
Denby, Warren Steen
Dench, Francis George Hurleston
Dench, Frederick Kenneth
Dench, Michael Victor Cornelius
Dench, Walter
Denehy, R H
Deneys, Joseph Alfonse
Denham, Frank George
Denham, G M A
Denham, John Kenneth
Denham, Joseph
Denham, Maurice Thorpe
Denham, Walter
Denhart, Wilfred Gordon
Denholm, James
Denholm, James Lloyd
Denholm, Robert Alexander
Denholm, Robert Russell
Denholm, Thomas William Jackson
Denier, Desmond Ernest George
Dening, John Glen
Denis, Joseph Jean Real
Denison, Arthur Cecil
Denison, Holman Thomas
Denison, Leslie Albert
Denison, Maurice Hamilton
Denison, Richard Wright
Denkman, Ken Raymond Ernest
Denley, Richard Charles
Denman, Brian
Denman, Gilbert Charles
Denman, Percival Lawrence
Denman, Robert Holder
Denmark, Edward William George
Denmark, Samuel
Denmeade, John James
Dennant, James Edward
Dennant, Victor Charles
Dennehy, Denis
Dennehy, Desmond John
Dennehy, Patrick Daniel
Dennerly, Norman
Dennerly, Peter
Denness, Bernard
Denness, Kenneth
Dennett, Arthur
Dennett, Charles Trevor
Dennett, David Greig
Dennett, Peter Buck
Dennett, Ronald George
Dennett, Thomas Arthur
Dennett, William James
Denney, George Albert
Denney, Ronald Frederick
Denning, James Albert
Denning, John Arihur
Denning, Leslie Watson
Denning, Randolph Frederick
Dennington, Edwin Stanley
Dennis-smither, Derek Godfrey
Dennis, Brian Hilton
Dennis, Bryan Hedley
Dennis, Charles Ernest
Dennis, David Wesley
Dennis, Donald Arthur Gladstone
Dennis, Donald Basil
Dennis, Edgar Cowley
Dennis, Ernest Arthur
Dennis, Ernest Arthur
Dennis, Ernest Edward
Dennis, Ernest Joseph Gregor
Dennis, Francis Basil
Dennis, Frank Harry
Dennis, Frederick Edmund
Dennis, Frederick Kenneth
Dennis, Frederick Stanley
Dennis, Frederick William
Dennis, George Charles
Dennis, George Thomas
Dennis, Harry
Dennis, Henry Edgar
Dennis, James Henry
Dennis, John Cecil
Dennis, John Hugh
Dennis, John Mervyn
Dennis, Kenneth Victor
Dennis, Patrick William
Dennis, Peter John
Dennis, Pierce James Axel
Dennis, Robert George
Dennis, Ronald Victor George
Dennis, Roy
Dennis, Russel Edward
Dennis, Stewart Leigh
Dennis, Terence Raymond
Dennis, Thomas Owen
Dennis, Thomas Owen
Dennis, Walter Frederick
Dennis, William
Dennis, William Jack Evans
Dennis, William Lewis
Dennison, Alexander Beveridge
Dennison, Francis Hurst
Dennison, Frederick
Dennison, George
Dennison, Gordon Joshua
Dennison, Patrick Blake
Dennison, Robert Campsall
Denniss, Leonard Guy
Denny, Albert John
Denny, Arthur Henry
Denny, Bernard Moreland
Denny, James
Denny, Peter Frederick
Denny, Russell Charles
Denovan, Amos Edwin Botsford
Densem, Geoffrey Maclennan
Densham, Arthur Roy
Densham, Edward
Densham, Raymond Steven
Densham, Robert Wilfred
Densham, Ronald Richard
Densham, William Morton
Densham, William Newcombe
Denslow, Donald George
Densmore, George Robert
Denson, George James
Denson, William Peter
Dent, Ainslie Ivor
Dent, Christopher
Dent, Christopher Joseph
Dent, Clifford Leonard
Dent, Eric Arthur
Dent, George Lewis
Dent, Hal Ian Comer
Dent, Harold Charles
Dent, Harry
Dent, Henry Charles
Dent, Horace William
Dent, Ian Wilshire
Dent, John Anthony
Dent, John Joseph Emerson
Dent, Lancelot
Dent, Laurence
Dent, Leslie
Dent, Malcolm Llewellyn
Dent, Richard Ewer
Dent, Robert
Dent, Roland
Dent, Terence Roy
Dent, Walter Gilbert
Dent, William Arthur
Denton, Alan
Denton, Albert Henry
Denton, Arthur William
Denton, Clare
Denton, Dennis Austin
Denton, Edward John
Denton, Frank Henry
Denton, George Clingan
Denton, Jack Banfield
Denton, James William
Denton, Thomas
Denton, Thomas Frederick
Denton, Victor William
Denville, Dennis Charles Alfred Peter
Denyer, Ernest Claude
Denyer, Frederick William John
Denyer, John
Denyer, Kenneth Ernest Victor
Denyer, Neil Howard
Denyer, Robert Gordon
Denyer, William George
Denzey, Albert Ronald
Denzin, Gerhard
Deo Nandan Gope,
Deo Narayan,
Depenheuer, Herbert
Depew, Douglas George
Depew, Francis Neil
Deplanche, Earl Joseph
Depotex, Harry James
Deppe, R E
Depper, Clifford Lloyd
Derby, Frank Kenneth
Derby, Frederick Pilkington
Derbyshire, Arthur
Derbyshire, Donald
Derbyshire, Donovan Emmerson
Derbyshire, George Edward
Derbyshire, Harold
Derbyshire, James Edward
Derbyshire, John
Derbyshire, John
Derbyshire, Walter
Derewienko, Jozef Antoni
Derges, Arthur Henry
Derham, Norman
Derham, William
Dermody, Bernard John
Derome, Jean Maurice Julien
Deroo, Victor Louis
Derrett, Denis Sydney Bertram
Derrick, Albert James
Derrick, Leonard James
Derrick, Melvin Ralph
Derrick, Reginald Clive
Derrington, Howard Edmund
Derrington, Trevor Radley
Derry, Francis Thomas
Derry, Kenneth Frank
Derry, Richard Ironmonger
Derulski, Zdzislaw
Derwin, Harry Duhamel
Des Baillets, Charles
Des Raj,
Desai, S J
Desbiens, Jean Jacques Adrien Leonidas
Desbiens, Joseph Georges Hector
Desborough, Roy Vernon St. G.
Desborough, William Edward
Deschamps, Joseph Adrien
Deschamps, Joseph Andre
Deschamps, Leo Joseph
Descoteaux, Louis Joseph
Deshon, Frederick Popham
Desico, Pascal Albert Joseph
Desilets, Albert Antoine
Desjardins, Joseph Ernest
Desloges, Jean Paul Joseph
Desmarais, Benoit
Desmarais, Joseph Eugene Gerard
Desmarais, Joseph Raymond Jean Marie
Desmond, Augustus Harold James
Desmond, Dennis Alexander
Desmond, Donald
Desmond, Douglas Wallace
Desmond, John Matthew
Desmond, Sydney
Desnos, William Thomas
Desourdy, Vincent George
Desroches, Joseph Omer Leopold
Desroches, Joseph Paul Lucien Wilfrid Leon
Desrosiers, Joseph Claude Marcel
Dessert, Leon Albert
Dessertine, Claudien Paul Joseph
Detal, Charles Firmin Joseph
Detley, Frederick Charles
Detlor, Perry Byard
Detmold, Percy George
Dettmann, Ronald Alexander Kenneth
Dettmer, Heinrich
Deuchars, William
Deugard, Robert Douglas
Deugo, Robert Henry
Deutsch, Rudolf Hubert
Deutscher, Christopher Joseph
Deva Singh,
Devall, Bruce Thomas
Devall, Kenneth Joseph
Devalle, Arthur Thomas
Devalle, Joshua Arnold
Devaney, Edward Philip
Devaney, Patrick Aloysius
Develin, Robert Charles
Devendra Nath Chatterjee,
Deveney, Patrick Joseph
Devenish-meares, Russell
Devenish, Denis Anthony
Devenish, J St. L
Devenish, James William
Devenish, Keith Hugh
Dever, William Kenneth
Devereau, George Stephen
Devereaux, Frank Gerrard
Devereese, Dennis
Deverell, Anthony John
Deverell, Eric Ernest
Deverell, John Edward Steadman
Deverell, Mansell Ramsay
Devereux-Mack, Norman Sydney
Devereux, David Michael Victor Peter
Devereux, Eric Rowland
Devereux, John Stuart
Devereux, Leslie William
Devereux, Maurice Victor Denver Derwent
Devereux, Sidney John
Deverill, Ernest Alfred
Deverson, Ernest Alfred
Deverson, Victor John
Devery, Keith Thomas
Deveson, Albert Ernest
Deveson, Edward Oliver
Deveson, Walter George
Devevey, J P
Devi Dutt,
Deville, Edward Patrick
Devine, Bernard Peter
Devine, Edward James
Devine, Eena Norman
Devine, Evan Campbell
Devine, James Leo
Devine, John Edward
Devine, Phillip Eena
Devine, Ronald George
Devine, Stewart
Devine, Thomas
Devine, Victor Bartlett
Devine, William Douglas Matthew
Devine, William John
Devins, William Anselm
Devitt, James Frederick
Devitt, Laurence Michael
Devitt, Robert Francis
Devlin, Donald Charles
Devlin, Frank Devine
Devlin, George James
Devlin, Henry William
Devlin, James
Devlin, John
Devlin, Kevin John
Devlin, Lewis James
Devlin, Michael
Devlin, Peter T.
Devlin, Reginald Edward George
Devlin, Richard
Devlin, Samuel Edward
Devon, Harold Alan
Devon, Joseph Patrick
Devonport, George Adam
Devonshire, Peter Satterswaite
Devoto, David
Devoy, Alexander Gordon
Devries, James Paul
Dew, Archibald Henry Everett
Dew, Brian Ernest
Dew, Harold George
Dew, James Victor
Dew, Norman Hylton
Dew, Thomas Albert
Dew, Thomas George William
Dewan Balwant Rai,
Dewar, Alexander
Dewar, Alexander Shaw
Dewar, Charles
Dewar, Charles Eric
Dewar, David
Dewar, David Wallace
Dewar, Donald George
Dewar, Douglas Robertson
Dewar, Duncan Hugh Alexander
Dewar, Frank
Dewar, Gordon James Masterton
Dewar, James Norman Denis
Dewar, John Berry
Dewar, John Fraser
Dewar, John Michael Firth
Dewar, John Scatliffe
Dewar, John Walter
Dewar, Kenneth Barrie
Dewar, Murray Stewart
Dewar, Percy Charles Thomas
Dewar, Peter
Dewar, Thomas Cuthbert
Dewar, Walter William
Dewar, William C.
Dewar, William Ramsay
Dewart, Douglas Lyle
Dewdney, Charles James
Dewdney, Peter Frank
Dewey, Kenneth Welland
Dewey, Robert Basil
Dewey, Ronald
Dewhirst, Joseph Arthur
Dewhirst, William Arthur
Dewhurst, Douglas Poultney
Dewhurst, Edgar
Dewhurst, Harold
Dewhurst, James Sidney
Dewhurst, John Edward
Dewhurst, Jonathan Harold
Dewhurst, Joseph Langley
Dewhurst, Lawrence
Dewhurst, Vernon Bramwell
Dewhurst, William (Billy)
Dewin, Ronald George James
Dewing, Maurice Stafford
Dewings, Phillip John
Dewis, Frederick Sayre
Dewitt, Arthur Melvin
Dews, Clarence Alfred
Dewson, William John
Dexter, Amos Richard Albert
Dexter, Frank Keighley
Dexter, Harvey Kenneth
Dexter, John
Dexter, Keith Inger
Dexter, Peter Grenfell
Dexter, Richard Eric
Dexter, Wallace
Dey, Archibald
Dey, Arthur Alexander
Dey, David George
Dey, Denis Herbert
Dey, Philip Alexander
Dey, Robert
Deyes, Charles Matthew
Deyes, Eric Edmund
Dezall, Raymond Purdy
Dhani Lal,
Dharam Singh,
Dharamraj Aheer Goordeen,
Dharma Das,
Dharmu, M J
Dhering, Robert Joseph William
DHondt, Thadde Ignace
Dhowa, H
Dhrubendra Chandra Bhanj Deo,
Di Filippo, Adam Matthew
Di Marco, Leo John David
Di Persio, Querino
Di Pesa, Arthur
Di Pinto, John Henry
Diack, Alexander
Diack, James Rankine
Dial, Wilfred George Barrett
Diamant, Albert Marc
Diamond, David
Diamond, George Macdonald
Diamond, Johannes
Diamond, Joseph Francis
Diamondopoulos, Nikolaos
Diaper, Eric Patrick
Dias, Vivian Peter
Dibb, Geoffrey Wigton
Dibb, Thomas Hartley
Dibben, Arthur Cleave
Dibben, Ronald Oswald
Dibbins, Douglas Robert
Dibble, John Millar
Dibbs, George Robert
Dibbs, James William Henri
Dibden, Clifford John
Dibden, Leon George Mills
Dibley, Grace Adeline
Diblik, Hans
Dicaire, Joseph Olivain Gerald
Dicerbo, Philip
Dick-Cleland, Donald Peter
Dick, Alan John Steven
Dick, Alexander Mcdonald
Dick, Alexander Ronald James
Dick, Andrew Campbell
Dick, Ann Henderson
Dick, D B
Dick, David Cornelius
Dick, Frederick
Dick, Hugh Robert
Dick, Ian Hillman
Dick, James Andrew Taylor
Dick, James Johnston
Dick, James Mcnab
Dick, James Stewart
Dick, John Norrie Gordon
Dick, John Thomson
Dick, La Verne John
Dick, Malcolm
Dick, Norman Henry
Dick, Owen Robert Bruce
Dick, Peter
Dick, Robert
Dick, Robert Ballantyne
Dick, Thomas
Dick, Thomas
Dick, Thomas
Dick, William Rattray Allan
Dickel, Alfred Henry
Dickel, Theodor
Dicken, Albert Edward
Dicken, John Radford
Dicken, Michael Perry Stowell
Dicken, Raymond Leslie
Dickens, Charles William
Dickens, Emily Marjorie
Dickens, Frederick Donald
Dickens, Richard George
Dickens, William Henry
Dickenson, Alfred George
Dickenson, Derrick Leslie
Dickenson, Francis
Dickenson, George Kenneth
Dickenson, Gordon Leonard
Dickenson, Max Elwin
Dickenson, Peter George Scott
Dicker, Albert Raymond
Dicker, Harold George
Dicker, John
Dicker, John Arthur David
Dicker, John Stuart
Dickers, Basil Henry Seth
Dickerson, Alfred James
Dickerson, Dennis Frank
Dickerson, Edgar Lawrence
Dickerson, Jack Robert
Dickerson, Kevin Leslie Thomas
Dickerson, Reginald William
Dickeson, Cyril Raymond
Dickhart, Edgar Alfred
Dickie, Adam
Dickie, Alex Morrison
Dickie, Alexander Gordon
Dickie, Alexander Mckeen
Dickie, Charles Richard
Dickie, David Gray
Dickie, Donald Alan
Dickie, Gordon Douglas
Dickie, John
Dickie, John Dundas
Dickie, John Galt
Dickie, Kenneth Dickson
Dickie, Robert
Dickie, Robert James
Dickie, Robert John
Dickie, Robert Lloyd
Dickie, Ross Meredith
Dickie, Thomas Lynas
Dickie, William
Dickie, William Gordon
Dickie, William James
Dickin, Roy Caswell
Dickins, Charles John Scott
Dickins, George Edward Albert
Dickins, Kenneth Shirley
Dickins, Thomas Edward
Dickinson, A
Dickinson, Albert
Dickinson, Alfred John
Dickinson, Arthur
Dickinson, Arthur Cyril
Dickinson, Arthur George
Dickinson, Arthur Montague
Dickinson, Cecil
Dickinson, Charles
Dickinson, Clifford
Dickinson, Donald
Dickinson, Earl Willard
Dickinson, Eric
Dickinson, Francis
Dickinson, Frank
Dickinson, Frank
Dickinson, Franklin Matthew
Dickinson, George Charles
Dickinson, George Henry
Dickinson, George Robert
Dickinson, Harold
Dickinson, Harold
Dickinson, Harry
Dickinson, Harry
Dickinson, Harry
Dickinson, Harry Alleyn Francis
Dickinson, Joan Elizabeth
Dickinson, John
Dickinson, John
Dickinson, John
Dickinson, John Edward
Dickinson, John Edward William
Dickinson, John Holt
Dickinson, John Russell
Dickinson, Keith Ernest
Dickinson, Kenneth
Dickinson, May
Dickinson, Michael Tom
Dickinson, Norman
Dickinson, Percy Edward
Dickinson, Raymond Stuart
Dickinson, Richard Cuthbert
Dickinson, Robert Harry
Dickinson, Robert James
Dickinson, Ronald
Dickinson, Ronald Frank
Dickinson, Roy Rowlett
Dickinson, Sydney
Dickinson, Thomas
Dickinson, Vernon Francis
Dickinson, William Alexander Caleb
Dickinson, William Henry
Dickinson, William Henry
Dickinson, William Stanley
Dickinson, Winston James
Dickison, Albert William
Dickman, Ewart Wentworth
Dicks, Leonard George
Dicks, Ronald
Dicks, Simon Sydney
Dicks, Sydney William
Dickson, Alexander
Dickson, Alexander David
Dickson, Alexander Fernie
Dickson, Allan
Dickson, Andrew Stanley
Dickson, Andrew Young Prentice
Dickson, Annie
Dickson, Anthony
Dickson, Archibald Mcdermid
Dickson, Beaumont Churchill
Dickson, Cecil Alexander
Dickson, Cecil Coope
Dickson, Colin
Dickson, Colin Kenneth
Dickson, David
Dickson, Desmond
Dickson, Douglas James
Dickson, Duncan Kirkpatrick
Dickson, Frederick Oscar
Dickson, George Bamforth
Dickson, George Middleton
Dickson, Gwen
Dickson, Harry
Dickson, Harry George
Dickson, Harry Thomson
Dickson, Hugh Gilchrist
Dickson, James
Dickson, James Seatter
Dickson, John
Dickson, John
Dickson, John Arthur
Dickson, John Campbell
Dickson, John Charles
Dickson, John Edwin
Dickson, John Ernest
Dickson, John George Thomson
Dickson, John William
Dickson, K F
Dickson, Kathleen Mary
Dickson, Mathew Gibb
Dickson, R F
Dickson, Robert Jewett
Dickson, Robert Walker
Dickson, Robert William
Dickson, Ronald James
Dickson, Thomas Stewart
Dickson, Vivian
Dickson, Walter Edward
Dickson, Walter Sydney
Dickson, William Alexander
Dickson, William Rodger
Didluck, William Albert
Didsbury, Colin Mcdougall
Didsbury, Cyril Joseph
Didsbury, Sidney Rowland
Diehm, William George
Diemer, Arthur Colin
Dieno, Gustaf Adolph
Dier, Alan Claude
Diercks, Frederick Arthur Donald
Dierden, Kenneth John
Diesel, Kenneth Forbes
Dieterle, Herbert
Dietl, Josef
Dietman, John Arthur
Dietrich, H A
Dietrich, Johannes
Dietrich, Thomas
Dietrichson, Gustay
Dietz, Ewald Johannes
Dietzel, Werner
Dietzsch, Willi
Diffey, Gordon
Diffley, James Hugh
Difford, Ivor Benison
Digby-Worsley, Maxwell Paul
Digby, Alexander Charles Frederick
Digby, Francis Arthur
Digby, Malachy
Digby, Percy William
Digby, Ronald Ernest
Digby, Wilfred Charles
Digges, Charles Richardson
Diggin, Thomas Stephen
Diggins, Arthur Ernest
Diggins, John Andrew
Diggins, Leslie George
Diggle, Arthur
Diggle, Frank Charles
Diggle, John Wilson
Diggle, Lawrence
Diggle, Raymond
Diggles, Ray Silvester
Diggory, John
Digh Ram Sharma,
Dight, Raymond George
Dignan, George Alfred
Dignan, Terence De Valera
Digney, Roderick Joseph
Dignum, Arthur Edmund
Dignum, Robert Edward
Dikeman, William Rees
Dil, William Robert
Dilawar Singh,
Dilgert, Henry William
Dilkes, Maurice Francis
Dill Russell, Benjamin Fasham
Dill-Russell, John David
Dilley, Dennis Arthur
Dilley, Murray Benjamin (Jnr.)
Dillicar, John Collins
Dillinger, Karl
Dillingham, Horace Charles
Dillip Kumar Bose,
Dillnutt, George Walter
Dillon, Anthony Michael
Dillon, Beresford George Douglas
Dillon, Charles Thomas
Dillon, Edwin Bertram
Dillon, George William
Dillon, James Mckenzie
Dillon, John
Dillon, John Henry
Dillon, John Vinton
Dillon, L P
Dillon, Michael Frederick
Dillon, Patrick Joseph
Dillon, Philip
Dillon, Raymond James
Dillon, Spencer Inglis
Dillon, William
Dillon, William Frederick
Dillon, William John
Dillow, Wallace Edward Charles
Dilloway, William Layton
Dilnot, Alan Arthur
Dilnutt, Leslie Stewart
Dilthey, Karl
Dilworth, Arthur Joseph
Dilworth, Gordon Allen
Dilworth, Herbert
Dilworth, John Frederick
Dilworth, Maurice Thomas
Dimakopoulos, Andreas
Dimakopoulos, Georgios
Dimbleby, Ralph Ronald
Dimelow, William Bruce
Diment, Ralph Francis
Dimitriades, Ioannis
Dimma, Thomas William
Dimmer, David Michael
Dimmick, Douglas Ronald John Elton
Dimmock, Harold Edgar
Dimmock, Thomas Frank
Dimmock, William Herbert
Dimock, Arthur Edward
Dimock, Hedley Gilbert
Dimock, Vallance Albert Oliver
Dimon, Donald William
Dimond, Dennis Alfred
Dimond, Edgar Robert
Dimond, Francis James Raymond
Dimond, Francis John
Dimond, Jack
Dimond, Leonard Gordon Charles
Dimond, Sydney Stephen
Dimou, Konstantinos
Dindorf, Karol
Dineen, Bertrand Patrick
Dineen, Cecil John
Dineen, Jeremiah Francis
Dines, Frederick Albert
Dines, Gerald Hugh
Dines, James Frederick
Dines, Leslie Albert Edward
Ding, Eric John
Ding, Kenneth Thomas
Ding, Leslie Arthur
Dingfelder, Ferdinand
Dingle, Alvin Messines
Dingle, Arthur Collins
Dingle, Bryan Norman
Dingle, Dudley John
Dingle, G A
Dingle, John Tregenna
Dingle, Ronald Leslie
Dingle, Russell Hieland
Dingley, Albert Henry
Dingley, Edwin
Dingley, Gordon
Dingley, Leonard Douglas
Dingley, Linwood Alton
Dingwall, Fred Thompson
Dingwall, John
Dingwall, Thomas Melville Law
Dingwall, William Herman
Dinham, Gerald Albert
Dini, Antonio Simmons
Dinkha Daniel,
Dinkha Oraham,
Dinmore, Hubert Dunstan
Dinnage, Charles Eric
Dinnage, Frederick Henry
Dinnage, Harold Ernest
Dinnage, Harry Alexander
Dinnage, Joseph Thomas
Dinnen, Robert Louis
Dinnie, Alastair Easson
Dinning, John Hector
Dinnis, Arthur Desmond
Dinsdale, George
Dinsdale, George Colin
Dinsdale, Thomas William
Dion, Joseph Jacques Louis Philippe
Dion, Raymond Bernard
Dion, Walter Leon
Dionne, Ernest Bernard
Dionne, Francis Roger
Diplock, Ernest John
Diplock, Frederick Samuel
Dippenaar, R M
Dipple, Arthur Richard
Dipple, Ernest Henry
Dipple, Richard Walter Albert
Diprose, Peter Henry Frederick
Disbrowe, Henry Alington
Disbrowe, Walter (Martin)
Disbury, Geoffrey Francis
Dishman, William Ronald
Disley, Ronald Max
Disley, William
Dismore, Sidney Albert
Dismore, Walter Clement
Dismore, William Alfred
Disney, Anthony Markham De La Poer
Disney, Douglas Haig
Disney, Leslie Walter
Disney, Philip Allan
Diss, Robert William
Dissing, Jens Lawrence
Ditch, Arthur Samuel
Ditchburn, Philip Wedgwood
Ditchburn, Roy
Ditcher, Donald
Ditcher, Geoffrey Peter
Ditchfield, Richard Leonard
Ditmarsch, Eric
Ditmas, Patrick Harold Devereux
Dittberner, L P
Dittmer, Donald Franklin
Dittrich, Erich
Dittrich, Frantisek
Dittrich, Kurt Johannes
Ditz, Wilhelm
Ditzler, Donald Willoughby
Divall, William George
Dive-Robinson, Leonard Charles
Dive, Peter Benjamin
Divens, John
Divers, Peter
Diversi, James Patrick
Divitcoff, Alexander
Diwell, Joseph Walter
Dix, Albert Llewellyn
Dix, Alfred Benjamin
Dix, Bernard William
Dix, Francis Herbert
Dix, Gordon Edward
Dix, Jack
Dix, James Ernest
Dix, Meri
Dix, Peter Newman
Dix, Raymond Henry Wattie
Dixey, Eric Rowland
Dixey, Henry Charles
Dixon-spain, Peter
Dixon-Wright, Frank William
Dixon, Alan Everard
Dixon, Alan Norris
Dixon, Albert
Dixon, Alec Paul
Dixon, Alfred Ross
Dixon, Arnold
Dixon, Arthur Allen
Dixon, Arthur Thomas
Dixon, Benjamin Robert
Dixon, Calvin Daniel
Dixon, Carman Garfield
Dixon, Charles Righter
Dixon, Chester Brockie
Dixon, Christopher Norman
Dixon, Colin James
Dixon, Cyril Vernon Thomas
Dixon, Cyril William
Dixon, David Albert Henry
Dixon, Denton Percy
Dixon, Derek Arthur
Dixon, Derek Richard Sidney
Dixon, Donald
Dixon, Donald Ivan
Dixon, Donald William Robert
Dixon, Edwin
Dixon, Elton Lascelles
Dixon, Eric
Dixon, Eric
Dixon, Eric
Dixon, Fred
Dixon, Frederick Allen
Dixon, Frederick Burgess
Dixon, Frederick John Powell
Dixon, Garth Lavain
Dixon, George
Dixon, George Alexander
Dixon, George Wallace
Dixon, Gordon
Dixon, Gordon Henry
Dixon, Gregory Wills
Dixon, Griffith Wynne
Dixon, Harold
Dixon, Harold
Dixon, Harry
Dixon, Henry Peter
Dixon, Herbert
Dixon, Herbert Dixon
Dixon, Herbert Donald
Dixon, Herbert Edwin
Dixon, Herbert Horace
Dixon, Hilliard Craig
Dixon, Hubert James
Dixon, Ian James
Dixon, J
Dixon, James
Dixon, James Alonzo
Dixon, James Edward Manners
Dixon, John
Dixon, John
Dixon, John
Dixon, John
Dixon, John
Dixon, John Alfred
Dixon, John Arthur Glanville
Dixon, John Askew Chartres
Dixon, John George
Dixon, John Harley
Dixon, John James
Dixon, John Joseph
Dixon, John Joseph
Dixon, John Martin
Dixon, John Michael
Dixon, John Russell
Dixon, John Walter
Dixon, John William
Dixon, John William
Dixon, Keith Marius
Dixon, Kenneth Thomas
Dixon, Lancelot Steele
Dixon, Leonard Henry Joseph
Dixon, Leonard Thomas
Dixon, Leslie
Dixon, Leslie
Dixon, Lorne Emerson
Dixon, Margaret Henrietta
Dixon, Maxwell Wintringham
Dixon, Michael Ralph
Dixon, Morris
Dixon, Murray Allen
Dixon, Nelson Alexander
Dixon, Norman
Dixon, Norman
Dixon, Norman Franklin
Dixon, Norman Frederick
Dixon, Norman Frederick
Dixon, Norman Harold
Dixon, Norman Harpham
Dixon, Raymond Eric
Dixon, Reginald Robinson
Dixon, Richard Norman
Dixon, Robert
Dixon, Robert
Dixon, Robert Henry
Dixon, Robert Leslie
Dixon, Robert Philip
Dixon, Robert Samuel
Dixon, Robert Thomas Cyril
Dixon, Ronald Amyas
Dixon, Ronald Coverdale
Dixon, Ronald John
Dixon, Roy
Dixon, Stanley
Dixon, Stanley
Dixon, Sydney
Dixon, Terence Albert
Dixon, Thomas
Dixon, Thomas
Dixon, Thomas Alexander
Dixon, Thomas David
Dixon, Thomas Geoffrey
Dixon, Thomas Geoffrey Frank
Dixon, Thomas Henry
Dixon, Thomas Stanley
Dixon, Thomas Wilkinson
Dixon, Walter Alexander
Dixon, Wilfrid
Dixon, William
Dixon, William
Dixon, William Allison
Dixon, William Beattie
Dixon, William Dennis
Dixon, William Edward
Dixon, William George
Dixon, William Henry
Dixon, William James
Dlusy, Nathan
Dmytruk, Peter
Doak, David Phillip
Doak, James Basil
Doak, James Basil
Doak, Joseph
Doak, Robert Victor
Doan, James Edgerton
Doan, William Cecil
Dobb, Kenneth Herbert
Dobbie, Carl Bernard
Dobbie, Ernest William
Dobbie, Fred
Dobbie, Kenneth James
Dobbie, Kenneth William
Dobbie, Malcolm
Dobbie, Robert John Cleland
Dobbin, Laurence St. George
Dobbins, John Henry Rosser
Dobbins, Ronald Williams
Dobbs, Fernand Walter
Dobbs, Gilbert Stanley
Dobbs, John Edward Fearnley
Dobbyn, Henry Augustine
Dobbyn, Joseph Lloyd
Dobbyn, Robert Joseph
Dobell, Sidney
Dobesch, Burghardt Hans
Dobie, Albert Sidney David
Dobie, John Scott
Dobie, Leslie Arnold
Dobie, Paul Nelson
Dobie, Robert Charles
Dobie, Wilfred
Dobinson, Julian
Dobinson, Laurence
Dobinson, Walter Beattie
Doble, I J
Doble, Michael Eugene
Dobromirski, Krzysztof Leon
Dobrowolski, Stefan
Dobson, Alan Thomas
Dobson, Albert
Dobson, Alexander
Dobson, Amos Rowe
Dobson, Arthur J.
Dobson, Charles Dudley
Dobson, Clifford
Dobson, Denis Frank
Dobson, Dennis Eric
Dobson, Edwin
Dobson, Ernest
Dobson, Everett Archibald
Dobson, F H
Dobson, Frank David
Dobson, Frank Horace
Dobson, Frederick Arthur
Dobson, Frederick Edward Henry
Dobson, George Albert
Dobson, George Granville
Dobson, George Norman
Dobson, Herbert
Dobson, James
Dobson, James
Dobson, James Howe
Dobson, James Robert
Dobson, John Fisher
Dobson, John Maxwell
Dobson, John Maxwell
Dobson, Joseph Adlington Ballantyne
Dobson, Lancelot Spencer
Dobson, Leonard
Dobson, Leslie Noel William
Dobson, Lorne Gerald
Dobson, Maurice
Dobson, Norman James John
Dobson, Peter Gerald
Dobson, Reginald Frederick
Dobson, Reginald Patrick
Dobson, Ronald Frank Alfred
Dobson, Ronald Welburn
Dobson, Thomas
Dobson, Thomas Reginald
Dobson, Thomas Trotter
Dobson, Walter Arthur
Dobson, Warren Lee
Dobson, Willem Castor
Dobson, William
Dobson, William Henry
Dobson, William Trevor
Docherty, Colin Frank
Docherty, David
Docherty, Edward
Docherty, George William
Docherty, Henry
Docherty, James
Docherty, James
Docherty, James Crawford
Docherty, Joseph
Docherty, Norman
Docherty, Thomas
Docherty, William
Docherty, William
Docherty, William Mcnaughton
Dock, Edward Cecil
Dock, Frank William
Dockendorff, Edgar Jacob
Docker, Alan Robert
Docker, Frederick Alfred Macdonald
Docker, John
Docker, Richard John Robert
Dockerill, John Peter
Dockerty, Bradford William Owen
Dockery, Graeme Mark
Docking, Robert George
Docking, Robert Owen
Docking, Stanley Holbrook
Dockray, Fred
Dockray, Henry
Dockrey, Cyril Bernard
Dockrill, Charles James Ernest
Dockrill, Joseph Frederick
Dod, Harold Frederick
Doda, Wladyslaw
Dodd, Alan Dowson
Dodd, Alan Joseph Ainsley
Dodd, Alick Charles
Dodd, Allen
Dodd, Charles
Dodd, Clifford William
Dodd, D W
Dodd, Edward Gerard
Dodd, Edward Laurence
Dodd, Eric Charles
Dodd, Frank
Dodd, Frank Craighton
Dodd, Frederick George
Dodd, Frederick Joseph
Dodd, George Frederick
Dodd, Gerard Dominic
Dodd, Jack
Dodd, James William
Dodd, John
Dodd, John Desmond
Dodd, John Dodgson
Dodd, John Robert
Dodd, Leslie Joseph
Dodd, Maurice Leslie
Dodd, Raymond Cyril
Dodd, Reginald Henry Noel
Dodd, Reginald Thomas
Dodd, Robert Edward Hebburton
Dodd, Stanley Maurice
Dodd, Thomas Henry Francis
Dodd, Thomas Wilfred
Dodd, Victor John
Dodd, Victor Stuart
Dodd, W J
Dodd, William Cecil Friscourt
Dodding, James David
Doddington, Robert Edward
Dodds-forrest, John
Dodds, Clifford
Dodds, David Laing
Dodds, Edna
Dodds, Edward
Dodds, George Alfred
Dodds, George Noon
Dodds, Gilbert Derrick
Dodds, Gordon Harry
Dodds, Harry
Dodds, Ivan Geoffrey Henderson
Dodds, James
Dodds, James Angus
Dodds, James Keith
Dodds, John Bonnell
Dodds, John David
Dodds, John Reginald
Dodds, John William
Dodds, Joseph
Dodds, Joseph
Dodds, Kenneth Lindsay
Dodds, Martin
Dodds, Percy
Dodds, Richard
Dodds, Richard
Dodds, Richard Denis
Dodds, Robert Leslie
Dodds, Roy Alexander
Dodds, Stephen
Dodds, Thomas Doddridge
Dodds, Thomas Weatherburn
Dodds, Vernon Fairbank
Dodds, Walter Edward
Dodds, Walton Clavering
Dodds, William
Dodds, William George
Dodds, William George
Dodds, William John
Dodge, George William James
Dodge, James Harper
Dodge, Lloyd Eldon
Dodge, Stanley Wilbur
Dodgshun, John Henry
Dodgshun, Ronald Charles
Dodgshun, Truby Edward
Dodgson, David James
Dodgson, Harold
Dodla Ranga Reddy,
Dodrill, Kevin Sean
Dods, Charles Leslie Auckland
Dods, William Stodart Espie
Dodson, Alfred Shurrock
Dodson, Cyril Ingram
Dodson, Edward Reid
Dodson, George David
Dodson, Gordon Thomas
Dodson, Herbert Leslie George
Dodson, John
Dodson, Peter Patman
Dodson, Ronald Eric
Dodson, Ronald George
Dodsworth, Henry
Dodsworth, James
Dodsworth, Joseph Dick
Dodsworth, Ronald Herbert
Dodwell, Charles Raymond
Dodwell, Ian Francis
Dodwell, Terence Edgar
Doe, Bruce Elbert
Doe, Frederick Harry
Doe, James Harrington
Doe, James Henry
Doe, Leslie Hubert
Doe, Stanley Allen Victor
Doe, Walter
Doehn, Norman Clifford
Doehring, Erich
Doel, Alfred William
Doelling, Kurt
Doepel, John Frederick Francis
Doering, Willi
Doery, James Frank
Doettlinger, Gottfried
Doggart, Thomas Watters
Doggett, Charles William
Doggett, Gordon Edgar
Doggett, Harry
Doggett, John
Doggett, John Leonard
Doggett, Philip Leslie
Dogue, George
Dohaney, George Francis
Doherty, Andrew Clark
Doherty, Andrew Joseph
Doherty, Anthony
Doherty, Arthur John
Doherty, Edmund Brian
Doherty, Edward Charles Hibbs
Doherty, Francis Aloysius
Doherty, Hilary Louis
Doherty, James Spence
Doherty, John Anthony
Doherty, John Christopher
Doherty, Laurence Aloysius
Doherty, Leo Benedict
Doherty, Nicholas
Doherty, Patrick Clifford
Doherty, Robert
Doherty, Robert Aubrey Alexander
Doherty, Robert Spencer
Doherty, Samuel Arthur
Doherty, Thomas Ernest Victor
Doherty, William Joseph
Dohnal, Jaroslav
Dohoo, Ernest George
Doidge, Anthony Frederick
Doidge, George Lewis
Doidge, Ronald William
Doig, Alexander
Doig, Henry Myles
Doig, Irene Marguerita
Doig, John
Doig, Peter Hartley
Doig, William Amos Scott
Doiron, Harley William
Doke, William
Dolamore, Frank Leonard
Dolan, Edward Robert
Dolan, James John
Dolan, John
Dolan, John
Dolan, Michael David
Dolan, Raymond Charles
Dolan, Robert Alfred Henry
Dolan, Stephen Joseph
Dolan, William
Dolata, Hans
Dolbear, Ronald
Dolby, David
Dolby, Douglas J. V.
Dolby, Earle George
Dolby, Harold
Dolby, Lawrence Albert
Dolby, W
Dold, Derek Owen Leach
Dolden, Kenneth Stuart
Dolden, Robert Herbert
Dolding, Arthur John
Dolejs, Adolf
Dolewski, Wojciech Jaco
Dolezal, Ferdinand
Dolezal, Frantisek
Dolezal, Frantisek
Dollar, Ralph Edmund
Dollard, Edward John
Dollery, Arthur George
Dollery, Trevor Percival
Dolley, William Henry Uriah
Dollin, Kenneth
Dolling, Leslie John
Dolling, Raymond Edgar
Dollinger, Alois
Dolman, Horace Edward
Dolman, Ian Humphrey
Dolman, James Heber
Dolman, Percy Charles
Dolman, Robert Lucas
Dolphin, Arnold Victor
Dolphin, Douglas James
Dolphin, Edgar
Dolphin, Francis Gordon
Dolphin, Gordon Meadows
Dolter, Francis Wilfred
Domaille, William Edward George
Doman, Gerald Anthony
Doman, Reginald Eric
Doman, Ronald Frank
Domanski, Jozef
Domanski, Ludwik
Domanski, Stanislaw H
Domanski, Zbigniew Jan
Domansky, Jan
Dombrain, Peter Charles Lewis
Dombroski, Theodore
Domenech, Francisco Patricio
Domenig, Walter
Dominy, Ralph Henry
Domiter, Zygmunt
Domleo, Stanley Victor
Domnitz, Jacob
Domschke, Hannes
Domville, Henry De Gaspe
Don, Ralph Stidston
Don, Robert Macfarlane
Donaghy, Alexander James
Donaghy, Andrew Gerrard
Donaghy, Patrick Joseph
Donaghy, Robert Bertram
Donaghy, Thomas Rodgers
Donahue, Arthur Gerald
Donahue, Carroll Joseph
Donahue, Dennis
Donahue, Walter Vernard
Donald, A. Mcp.
Donald, Alexander Watt
Donald, Archibald
Donald, Charles Douglas
Donald, Douglas Nugent
Donald, Frederick (Fred)
Donald, George
Donald, Harley William Edwards
Donald, Ian David Grahame
Donald, James
Donald, James Corke
Donald, James Cowie
Donald, James Leo
Donald, James Middleton
Donald, James Richard
Donald, James Walker
Donald, John
Donald, John Abbott
Donald, John Neal
Donald, Keith Courtney
Donald, Keith Langford
Donald, Kenneth Neville
Donald, Norman Gilbert
Donald, Peter Laird
Donald, Robert Stewart
Donald, Thomas Brown
Donald, William
Donald, William A. M.
Donald, William Horatio
Donaldson, Alex Robert Dewar
Donaldson, David Alexander
Donaldson, David James
Donaldson, David Stuart
Donaldson, Frederick Arthur
Donaldson, G M K
Donaldson, George
Donaldson, George Barr
Donaldson, Gordon Edward
Donaldson, Hugh Henry
Donaldson, James
Donaldson, James
Donaldson, John
Donaldson, John
Donaldson, John
Donaldson, John
Donaldson, John
Donaldson, John
Donaldson, John
Donaldson, John Clifford
Donaldson, John Storrar
Donaldson, John William
Donaldson, Leslie George Raymond
Donaldson, Leslie John
Donaldson, Malcolm Forrest
Donaldson, Michael
Donaldson, Robert
Donaldson, Robert Graham
Donaldson, Robert Roy
Donaldson, Robert Walker
Donaldson, Robert Wiseman
Donaldson, Roy
Donaldson, Stewart Leslie
Donaldson, Vincent John Mervyn
Donaldson, William Henry
Donaldson, William John
Donaldson, William Matthew
Donaldson, William Robert
Donbavand, Brian Gray
Doncaster, Arthur
Doncaster, Francis Herbert
Doncaster, Ivan Keith
Doncaster, John Phipps
Doncich, Joseph
Donda, Zdenek
Donder, Otto
Done, George Francis
Done, Reynold Alfred
Donechy, Martin
Donehue, Cyril Edgar
Donelan, Peter John Henry
Donelan, Thomas
Donen, Samuel Jacob
Doner, Archibald Donald
Doney, Sydney Robert
Donk, Annes Eward
Donkersley, Harry Woodward
Donkin, Alexander Tait
Donkin, Alfred Victor
Donkin, Dixon David
Donkin, Ernest William
Donkin, Harold
Donkin, Jack Cecil
Donlevy, Patrick
Donlin, Edward Alan
Donlon, James Frederick
Donn-Patterson, James
Donnachie, John
Donnachie, Joseph James
Donnachie, Thomas
Donnan, James Caston
Donne, Edward Henry
Donne, Graham Lucas
Donne, Michael Stephen
Donnelley, Norman Wilfred
Donnelly, Alex Mcroberts
Donnelly, Austin
Donnelly, Charles Swift
Donnelly, Earl Brown
Donnelly, Edward John
Donnelly, Henry
Donnelly, Hugh Joseph
Donnelly, Hugh Mclauglin
Donnelly, James Edward
Donnelly, James Patrick
Donnelly, James William
Donnelly, John
Donnelly, John Gordon
Donnelly, John Todd
Donnelly, Joseph
Donnelly, Owen
Donnelly, Patrick
Donnelly, Peter Joseph
Donnelly, Sydney William
Donnelly, Terence Eugene
Donnelly, Thomas Edward Ramsay
Donnelly, Thomas Henry
Donnelly, William Archibald
Donnelly, William Henry
Donnelly, William Paul
Donner, Roderick William
Donner, Wilfred Bates
Donner, William John
Donnison, Frederick Ritchie
Donnolly, V A
Donocik, Jozef
Donoghue, Daniel Anthony
Donoghue, Edward Thomas
Donoghue, James Edward
Donoghue, John Granville
Donoghue, Kenneth Frederick
Donoghue, Michael Gerald Edmund
Donoghue, Patrick
Donoghue, Peter John
Donoghue, Stephen Philip
Donohoe, Albert Beauvais
Donohoe, Frederick Max
Donohoe, James Blackman
Donohoe, Martin Luke
Donohue, John Richard Charles
Donohue, Thomas James
Donovan, Charles Albert
Donovan, Edward Terence
Donovan, Francis Patrick Alexander
Donovan, Irvine Irwin
Donovan, John Henry
Donovan, John Henry
Donovan, Joseph Arthur
Donovan, Michael
Donovan, Ralph William
Donovan, Robert Leonard
Donovan, Walter Spruce
Donovan, William Edward
Donovan, William Harry
Donowa, Rex Valentine
Donson, Hugh Edwin
Donzyk, Gerhard
Doodey, Frederick William
Doodson, Harold Vincent
Doodson, William Leslie
Doolan, Gregory Mcgowan
Doolan, Patrick John
Doolan, Terence James Hibbard
Doole, David Giffin
Dooley, Peter Lawrence
Dooley, Vincent
Doolittle, Edward Francis
Doonan, Francis William
Doonan, H. Ernest
Doore, Robert Sidney
Doorly, Patrick Braund
Dootson, Frederick
Dootson, Herbert
Dopere, Raymond
Doppelfeld, Anton
Dopson, Ivor Bertie
Doram, Eric Colston
Doran, Albert
Doran, Arthur Joseph
Doran, James
Doran, James John Pierre Hector
Doran, John
Doran, Patrick Bryan
Doran, Terence Henry
Doran, Thomas Joseph
Doran, Vincent Arthur
Doran, Wesley Greg
Doran, Willard Lawrence
Doran, William Henry Charles
Doran, William Lawrence
Dorawa, Paul
Doray, Joseph Leonard
Dore, Ernest Ralph
Dore, Gordon Leslie
Dore, Harry
Dore, Joseph Alphonse Raymond
Dore, Maurice Ivan
Dore, Ronald
Doreen, Arthur William
Dorey, Alan Matthew
Dorey, Albert
Dorey, Dennis Archibald
Dorey, Edmund Henry Stephen
Dorey, Philip William
Dorey, William Donald
Dorfschmid, Josef
Dorge, Louis Oscar
Dority, Joseph Raymond Stuart Earl
Dorling, Norman William
Dorman, Charles
Dorman, Edward Jack
Dorman, Eric
Dorman, Hugh
Dorman, James
Dorman, Jan Piotr
Dorman, Peter Anselm
Dormand, Arthur William
Dormer, John Francis
Dormer, Percival Frank
Dormer, Reginald
Dormer, Richard Percy
Dormon, Oliver Richard Edward
Dormon, Peter Wren
Dormon, Robert Edwin
Dorn, Bernard Henry
Dorn, David
Dorn, Helmuth
Dorn, Raymond John
Dorn, Thomas Andrew Cuthbertson
Dornauer, Anton
Dornbusch, John Edwin
Dorney, Lyn Williams
Dorney, Thomas
Dorniak, Martin
Dorniak, Martin
Dornin, George Humphreys
Dornio, Harry
Dornsaft, Mojzesz David
Dorosz, Stanislaw
Dorrell, Alan Blair
Dorrell, Jack Wilfred
Dorrell, Matthew
Dorrell, Stanley George
Dorrell, Walter William
Dorricott, Kenneth John
Dorrien Smith, Lionel Roger
Dorrington, Frank William
Dorrington, Jack Brereton
Dorrington, Percy
Dorrington, Ronald Kingston
Dorrington, William Charles
Dorris, David Lawson
Dorrity, John
Dorsett, John William Albert
Dorsett, Kenneth
Dorsett, Ronald Arthur
Dorval, Joseph Edward Johnston
Dorville, George Kenneth
Dorward, David Taylor
Dorward, Douglas Kircaldy
Dorward, Leslie Clement
Dorward, Thomas Fairgrieve
Dorzek, Anthony Alloysius
Dos Santos, Theophilus
Dose, Richard Herman
Dossett, Albert
Dostal, Frantisek Karel
Dostal, Hugo
Dotchin, Norman
Doten, Glen Oscar
Dott, Archibald Sutherland
Dott, Hugh Fraser
Dott, William
Dotten, Frank Edmond
Dotzenroth, Hugo Henry
Doubassoff, Theodore
Double, Cyril William Stockwell
Double, Robert Leonard
Double, Roy Franklin
Double, William Edwin
Doucet, Joseph Geoffrey
Doucette, Alexandre Theodore
Douch, Ronald Eardley
Doucha, Jan
Doude, William John
Douds, Douglas
Dougal, Wilson
Dougall, Agnes C.
Dougall, George Alan
Dougall, John Ralph
Dougall, Thomas
Dougan, Jack Llewelyn
Dougan, Samuel Vincent
Dougan, Stephen Nelson
Dougherty, Alfred
Dougherty, George Switzer
Dougherty, Hazen Edward
Dougherty, Leonard David
Dougherty, William John
Doughton, Leonard Clarence
Doughty, Arthur William
Doughty, Dennis Gordon
Doughty, Edward Alfred
Doughty, George Alfred
Doughty, Harry
Doughty, Herbert
Doughty, James Charles
Doughty, Joseph
Doughty, Leonard George
Doughty, Reginald James
Doughty, Sidney William
Doughty, Walter James Bernard
Doughty, William John
Douglas-Cooper, John Stainforth
Douglas-Hamilton, Lord David
Douglas-Home, George Cospatrick
Douglas-Pulleyne, Ian Richard Montagu
Douglas, Adrian Vincent
Douglas, Albert Leslie
Douglas, Angus
Douglas, Angus Ward
Douglas, Anthony Stewart
Douglas, Archibald Gordon
Douglas, Arlie Berton
Douglas, Benjamin
Douglas, Brian Roderick
Douglas, Charles Harold
Douglas, Clifford Bennett
Douglas, Colin
Douglas, Colin Frederick
Douglas, Colin Trevor
Douglas, Daniel Gordon
Douglas, David
Douglas, David
Douglas, David Cowan
Douglas, David East
Douglas, Donald Banbury
Douglas, Donald Harold
Douglas, Eric Hayden
Douglas, Francis William
Douglas, George
Douglas, George
Douglas, George Elmer
Douglas, George Robert
Douglas, George Robertson
Douglas, Glenn Thomas
Douglas, Gordon
Douglas, Hamilton Alexander
Douglas, Hamish Ian
Douglas, Harold Frederick
Douglas, Harry Lawrence
Douglas, Henry Beirne
Douglas, Herbert Walter
Douglas, James Irwin
Douglas, James Kenneth
Douglas, James Wallace
Douglas, James Watkins
Douglas, John
Douglas, John
Douglas, John
Douglas, John Angus
Douglas, John David Maccullough
Douglas, John Dempsey
Douglas, John George
Douglas, John James
Douglas, John Keith
Douglas, John Marshall Noad
Douglas, Joseph
Douglas, Kenneth Alfred Reid
Douglas, Norman
Douglas, Norman Evan Paul
Douglas, Philip Hulme
Douglas, Robert Burns
Douglas, Robert Cooper Mills
Douglas, Robert Gordon
Douglas, Robert James
Douglas, Robert William
Douglas, Roderick Swift
Douglas, Ronald Graham
Douglas, Ronald Thomas
Douglas, Samuel Robert Bruce
Douglas, Shane
Douglas, Stanley Ernest Ross
Douglas, Stanley Norman
Douglas, Thomas
Douglas, Wallace John
Douglas, Walter Lester
Douglas, Walter Morrison
Douglas, Walter Norman
Douglas, Walter Thomas
Douglas, Wilfred Stanislaus
Douglas, William Ernest
Douglas, William John
Douglas, William John
Douglas, William W.
Douglass, Albert
Douglass, Allyn Clive
Douglass, Charles Knowlton
Douglass, Cuthbert Earl
Douglass, Edward Reed
Douglass, Lenard Walter
Douglass, Peter Norman
Douglass, William Ewart
Doull, Alexander Sinclair
Doull, Hedley Forbes
Doull, Ronald Henry
Doulton, Michael Duke
Doupe, Richard Vernon
Douthwaite, Arthur Bond
Douthwaite, Dennis Arthur
Doutrepont, Georges Louis Joseph
Dovaston, Leslie
Dove, Arthur Reginald
Dove, Benjamin James
Dove, Charles
Dove, Cyril Bertie
Dove, Edward
Dove, George
Dove, George
Dove, James
Dove, Roy Kenneth
Dove, William
Dover, Cyril William James
Doveton, Jack Lambe
Dovey, Cyril William
Dovey, Edward William John
Dovey, James Ewart Gladstone
Dovey, William Kenneth
Dow, Alexander
Dow, Douglas Cameron
Dow, Eric Francis
Dow, Francis Charles Anderson
Dow, James Robert
Dow, John Charles Du Burgh
Dow, Ronald
Dow, Thomas Edgar Stirley
Dow, Thomas Roy Asquith
Doward, Edwin Charles
Dowd, Mortimer John
Dowd, Phillip Paul
Dowdall, Eric Alfred James Charles
Dowdall, Leonard James
Dowdall, William Frederick
Dowdell, Edwin Frederick
Dowdell, Stanley Geddes
Dowdell, William James
Dowden, Donald John
Dowden, Max E
Dowden, Norman Edwin
Dowdeswell, Harcourt Edward
Dowding, Alexander Francis
Dowding, Fred Charles
Dowding, Herbert Reginald
Dowding, John
Dowding, John Frederick
Dowding, John Henry
Dowding, Kenneth Butler
Dowding, Leslie Thomas Magson
Dowding, Michael Mcloughlin
Dowding, Richard Boyd
Dowds, Herbert Joseph
Dowds, James Patrick
Dowds, John
Dowds, Robert
Dowds, William James
Dowe, David Jesse
Dowe, Edward Albert
Dowe, Ronald Arthur
Dowell, Ronald William Bruce
Dowell, William Gordon Bruce
Dowell, William Joseph
Dowen, Robert Ernest
Dower, John Robert
Dowie, Arthur
Dowie, Nevill William
Dowland, Frederick Henry
Dowland, Herbert Lloyd
Dowland, John Noel
Dowle, Alfred Albert Gilbert
Dowle, Alured Harry
Dowle, Edward James
Dowle, Henry Edward
Dowle, William Joseph
Dowlen, Norman Frederick
Dowler, Norman Garth
Dowley, Joseph Henry
Dowling, Alan Albert
Dowling, Albert Nelson
Dowling, Alison Edward
Dowling, Arthur Patterson
Dowling, Bryan James
Dowling, Desmond Walter
Dowling, Eric Claude
Dowling, George Edward
Dowling, Harold Joseph
Dowling, Ian Macmillan
Dowling, John Alfred
Dowling, Joseph Ronald
Dowling, Leslie Francis
Dowling, Lionel George
Dowling, Ralph Andrew
Dowling, Reginald Albert
Dowling, Roy William
Dowling, Rupert Oscar
Dowling, Terence Eric
Dowling, Victor John
Dowling, Walter George
Dowling, Wilbur James
Dowling, William
Down, Alexander John Mckenzie
Down, Alfred James
Down, Aubrey John
Down, Charles James
Down, Frederick Henry
Down, Hubert Cecil
Down, Selwyn John
Down, Victor Eric
Down, William Downes
Downard, Henry William Manfred
Downe, Alwyn Raymond
Downe, Geoffrey William
Downer, Alan Richard
Downer, Desmond James
Downer, George Lionel
Downer, Irvin William
Downer, James
Downer, William John
Downer, William Watson
Downes, Albert Ronald
Downes, Allan
Downes, Arnold Richard
Downes, Cecil William Sinclair
Downes, David William
Downes, Frederick George Clifton
Downes, Henry Lyndon
Downes, Henry Thomas Herbert
Downes, John
Downes, Patrick
Downes, Ronald Frederick
Downes, Rupert Frederick Arding
Downes, Stanley William
Downes, Stuart
Downes, Thomas Kenneth
Downes, Thomas Neville
Downey, Bernard
Downey, George
Downey, James Michael
Downey, Joseph
Downey, Orville Piere
Downey, William Edward
Downey, William Howarth
Downham, Edward Alan
Downham, George Herbert
Downie, Alan
Downie, Albert James
Downie, Andrew
Downie, Andrew Scot
Downie, James Alexander
Downie, John
Downie, Thomas
Downing, Albert Edward (Bert)
Downing, Albert Theodore
Downing, Arthur Ernest
Downing, Arthur William
Downing, Clifford Albert
Downing, Cyril Thomas William
Downing, Darryl
Downing, Dennis
Downing, Frank Chace
Downing, George Neville
Downing, Horace Robert John
Downing, James
Downing, Jeffrey John
Downing, John Wallace
Downing, Kenneth Dean
Downing, Norman Ivor
Downing, Robert
Downing, Sidney Alfred
Downing, Stanley
Downing, Tom
Downing, Wilfrid Bernard
Downing, William Robert
Downs, Albert Edward
Downs, Alexander Irvine Lewis
Downs, Charles Harold
Downs, Charles Norman Frederick
Downs, Dudley Howard
Downs, Edward Birley
Downs, Ernest John Hamlin
Downs, Frederick
Downs, Harry Chapman
Downs, Henry
Downs, Henry Thomas
Downs, James
Downs, James Arthur
Downs, James Leslie
Downs, John Philip
Downs, John Thomas
Downs, John William
Downs, Joseph Hart
Downs, Robert
Downs, Robert Cardwell (Bob)
Downs, Robert Vernon
Downs, Stanley Edmund
Downs, William
Downton, Charles Murray
Downton, George Edgar
Downton, John Edwin Lawrence
Downward, Alan Quilliam
Downward, Arthur Cyril Reid
Downward, George Norman
Dowse, Albert James
Dowse, Arthur Michael
Dowse, Arthur Patrick
Dowse, Bewick Johnston
Dowse, Charles Douglas
Dowse, Condor Charles
Dowse, Ernest Edward
Dowse, Henry James
Dowse, Herbert Richard
Dowse, Leonard
Dowse, Ralph Kell
Dowsett, Alfred William
Dowsett, Arnold William
Dowsett, Colin
Dowsett, Geoffrey Edward
Dowson, Derek Oswald
Dowson, Geoffrey George
Dowson, John Douglas
Dowson, Roy
Dowson, William
Dowthwaite, Basil Philip
Dowton, Allen Robert
Dowzer, Robert
Doxey, George Arthur
Doy, Jack
Doye, Peter James
Doyle, Brian
Doyle, Dennis Thomas Frank
Doyle, Desmond Patrick
Doyle, Douglas Brian
Doyle, Douglas Robert
Doyle, Edward
Doyle, Francis Joseph
Doyle, Francis Kingsley
Doyle, George Temple
Doyle, Gordon James
Doyle, James
Doyle, John
Doyle, John Christopher Patrick
Doyle, John Francis
Doyle, John Patrick
Doyle, John Peter
Doyle, John William
Doyle, Joseph
Doyle, Joseph Garrett
Doyle, Joseph William
Doyle, Kenneth Patrick Cochrane
Doyle, Kevin Norman
Doyle, Martin Louis
Doyle, Michael Macannon
Doyle, Peter Francis
Doyle, William Edward
Doylend, Angus Samuel
Draayer, Jan Johannes Theodorus
Drabble, Charles Noel
Drabble, George
Drabble, Kenneth John
Drabble, Maurice Louis Seth
Dracass, Hugh
Dracoulis, Constantine Pericles
Draffin, Ronald John
Draganiuk, William
Drage, Kenneth
Drage, William Frank
Drago, Richard Edward
Draheim, Leonard John
Drain, Gordon Edward
Drain, John Arthur
Drainer, John
Drake-Brockman, Desmond James
Drake-Brockman, Francis Richard
Drake-Carnell, Francis John
Drake, Alan George
Drake, Albert
Drake, Albert James
Drake, Andrew Conway Emil
Drake, Arthur Reginald Sheriff
Drake, Basil
Drake, Bernard William
Drake, C F
Drake, Charles Samuel
Drake, David John
Drake, Donald Frank
Drake, Edwin
Drake, Felix Arthur
Drake, Francis Ernest
Drake, Frank Kenneth
Drake, Frederick Douglas
Drake, George
Drake, George James
Drake, Henry (Harry) Reginald
Drake, Herbert Ernest
Drake, Howard Ralph
Drake, James Isaac
Drake, James Marshall
Drake, John Beatty
Drake, John Harry Thomas
Drake, John Joseph
Drake, John Randal
Drake, Kenneth Noel
Drake, Norman Richard
Drake, Richard Ellsworth
Drake, Robert
Drake, Ronald Cecil
Drake, William
Drake, William Bruce
Drake, William John
Drake, William Robert
Drakeford, Caleb Hugh
Drakes, David Baron
Drakes, Stewart Ian
Drame, Hermann
Dramnitzki, Eldore
Drane, Albert Patrick
Drane, Peter James
Drane, R J
Dranicki, Mieezyslaw Kazimierz
Dransfield, Harry Oxley
Dransfield, Kenneth Joe
Dransfield, Maurice
Drapala, Roman
Draper, Alfred Segar
Draper, Arthur
Draper, Bryan Vincent
Draper, Clarence Oscar
Draper, Cornelius George
Draper, Dennis
Draper, Douglas Urban
Draper, Edwin
Draper, Eric George
Draper, George Edward
Draper, Gordon William
Draper, Ivor Reginald
Draper, J A
Draper, James
Draper, John Dudley
Draper, John Henry
Draper, Kenneth Raymond
Draper, Raimund Sanders
Draper, Robert Arthur Conrad
Draper, Roger Maxwell Temple
Draper, Sidney Charles
Draper, Thomas Maynard
Draper, Thomas William
Draper, Walter Leslie
Draper, Zadoc Calais
Drapper, Roy Alfred
Dravers, Peter Colchester
Drawbridge, Henry William Nevil
Drawbridge, Herbert John
Drawwater, Matthew Infield
Dray, Dennis Bernard
Dray, William James
Draycott, Charles William
Draycott, George Arthur
Draycott, Harold Francis
Draycott, Kenneth Alfred Edward
Draycott, Norman
Draycott, Sydney
Draysey, Lloyd
Drayton, Denis Albert
Drayton, John
Drayton, Philip Charles Bradley
Drayton, Stanley Lawrence
Drayton, Victor Alfred
Drayton, William George
Drayton, William John
Drcka, Josef
Dreaper, Basil
Dreaver, Bruce Colin
Drecki, Wladyslaw
Dredge, Allan Sydney
Dredge, Eric William
Dredge, Evelyn May
Dredge, Walter Frank
Drees, Ludwig
Dreger, Frederick Richard
Dreher, Alfred
Dreher, Augustus Alfred
Dreher, Johann
Drennan, Alfred Thomas
Drennan, Alfred Wallace Jack
Drennan, Gerald Maxwell
Drennan, James Douglas
Drennan, John Charles
Drennan, Samuel John
Drennan, Thomas Edward
Drennan, Thomas Harry
Dresser, Robert Edward
Dreveny, Pavel
Drever, Frederick Irving
Drew, Alec Benjamin
Drew, Alfred
Drew, Anthony Clayton
Drew, Charles Cyril
Drew, Corbett Norman George
Drew, Cornelius Stanley
Drew, David Arthur
Drew, Dennis Waterman
Drew, Deryck Allnutt
Drew, Douglas
Drew, Edgar Frederick
Drew, Edward John
Drew, Ethel Mary
Drew, George Thomas
Drew, Gordon
Drew, James Edward
Drew, John Francis
Drew, John Francis
Drew, John Samuel
Drew, Leslie Roy
Drew, Leslie Samuel
Drew, Peter Edward
Drew, Richard Ernest
Drew, Robert Henry
Drew, Roy Arthur
Drew, Sydney Trevor
Drew, Thomas Alexander
Drew, Thomas John
Drew, Vincent Thomas
Drew, Wendell Pierce
Drew, William Albert
Drew, William Albert
Drew, William Edward
Drew, William Farinton
Drew, William George
Drew, William John
Drewcock, William Henry Arthur
Drewe, Arthur Douglas
Drewer, Clifford Harris
Drewery, Bertram Ernest
Drewery, Clifford John
Drewett, Arthur Jack
Drewett, Ronald Edwin
Drewett, Walter Andrew
Drewitt, Mervyn Arthur Frederick
Drewry, Francis George
Drewry, John Richard
Drews, Gerhard
Drewsen, Jeffrey
Drexhage, Werner
Drexler, Harry
Dreyer, J G
Dreyer, John Frederick
Dreyer, Lenard Charles Underwood
Dreyer, Raymond Wesley
Dries, Alfred
Dries, Paul William
Driessen, Johann
Drimmie, George Keith Ross
Drimmie, Gordon Robert
Dring, Frederick Frank
Dring, Norman Douglas
Dring, Thomas
Dring, Walter
Drinkall, Austin
Drinkwater, Derek
Drinkwater, Fred
Drinkwater, Fred
Drinkwater, John Willard
Drinkwater, Kenneth Gordon
Drinkwater, Robert James
Drinkwater, Thomas Henry Desmond
Drinnan, Victor
Dripps, Donald Campbell
Driscoll, Cornelius Desmond
Driscoll, Daniel
Driscoll, Daniel
Driscoll, Edgar Smith
Driscoll, Henry Albert
Driscoll, John Joseph
Driscoll, Leonard Cornelius Edward
Driscoll, Patrick Thomas
Driscoll, Robert Douglas
Driscoll, Robert Silvester
Driscoll, Stanley Albert
Driscoll, Thomas John
Driscoll, Walter George
Driscoll, William Roy
Dritsas, Dimitios
Driver, Charles Joseph
Driver, D
Driver, Donald Arthur
Driver, Donald Stanley
Driver, George Alfred
Driver, James
Driver, Kenneth Weeks
Driver, Leonard George
Driver, Leslie Keith
Driver, Paul Edward
Driver, Peter Rodney
Driver, Raymond Bertram Hamilton
Driver, Richard Henry
Driver, Sidney Charles
Driver, Stacey Pilgrim
Driver, William Richard
Drmelka, Jaromir
Drnek, Miroslav
Drobig, Eric Geoffrey Raymond
Dromgoole, Alfred George
Dromgoole, Ian
Dromgoole, Sydney Houston
Dron, Charles Phillips
Dron, William
Dronfield, Harold
Drongeson, Robert Sydney
Drope, William John
Drouillard, Roy Henry
Drower, Raymond Victor Pidsley
Drower, Samuel
Drozdiak, William
Drozdziok, Pawel
Druce, David James
Druce, David Mervyn Boughey
Druce, Geoffrey Henry David
Druett, Dennis James
Druhan, Kenneth Francis
Drumm, Kenneth Wesley
Drummond, Augustine Francis
Drummond, David Watt
Drummond, Donald Peter
Drummond, Dougal
Drummond, Frederick Agnew Vance M.
Drummond, Hugh Cecil
Drummond, Hugh Kendrick Arthur
Drummond, James Anthony Patrick
Drummond, John
Drummond, John Fraser
Drummond, John James
Drummond, Joyce
Drummond, Kenneth
Drummond, Kenneth Noel
Drummond, Lawson
Drummond, Leonard Arthur
Drummond, Noel Gibson Sterling
Drummond, Robert John Heugh
Drummond, Simon Fullard
Drummond, Sir Peter Roy Maxwell
Drummond, William
Drummond, William Mcfarlane
Drummond, William Peter Watt
Drury, Allen
Drury, Arthur
Drury, Charles
Drury, Charles Alfred
Drury, Dennis
Drury, Douglas James
Drury, George Ivan
Drury, Herbert
Drury, Herbert
Drury, Jack Burton
Drury, Norman Patrick
Drury, Norman Richard
Drury, Richard Charles
Drury, Robert William
Drury, Robert William
Drury, Ronald Archibald
Drury, Rupert Joseph Norman
Drury, William H. E.
Drury, William Horsman
Drussel, Donald Patrickson
Dry, William
Dryburgh, Neil George
Dryburgh, Walter Thomas
Dryburgh, William Glencross
Dryburgh, William Reid
Dryden, Alexander Stevenson
Dryden, Alfred Ernest
Dryden, Douglas Fletcher
Dryden, Frank Charles
Dryden, George Sydney
Dryden, Henry Kelso
Dryden, John Robert
Dryden, John Robert
Dryden, Margaret Ridley
Dryer, Howard Raymond
Dryer, Leslie
Dryerre, Harry Winton
Dryland, Edward James
Drymael, Jean Jules
Drynan, Gerald Clarence
Drysdale, Adam Thomas
Drysdale, Alan
Drysdale, David
Drysdale, James Douglas
Drysdale, James Kenneth Montague
Drysdale, James Leonard
Drysdale, Robert Elmer
Drysdale, Thomas Andrew Hillock
Drysdale, William
Drywood, Leslie Walter
Dsilva, George John Howard
Du Bose, Thomas Coke
Du Boulay, Denis Claude Desmond
Du Broy, Joseph William
Du Broy, Thomas Edmund
Du Pasquier, Renaud C.
Du Piesanie, G S
Du Plessis,
Du Plessis, G M H
Du Plessis, Izak G J.
Du Plessis, Izak G J.
Du Plessis, J H
Du Plessis, J H
Du Plessis, Jan
Du Plessis, Mornie Andre
Du Plessis, Paul Aroma
Du Plessis, Schalk W.
Du Plessis, Stephen Arnold
Du Plessis, Willem Jacobus
Du Plooy,
Du Plooy, F
Du Pont, Jacques
Du Pre, Gerard William
Du Pre, Kenneth George
Du Pre, Phillip Peter Francis
Du Preez, A P
Du Preez, J K
Du Preez, Pieter G.S.
Du Preez, Pieter G.S.
Du Preez, Rudolf
Du Preez, W J
Du Sablon, Joseph Lionel Ulderic Gerard
Du Toit, C
Du Toit, Francois Meyer
Du Toit, Francois Petrius
Du Toit, J B
Du Toit, J H
Du Toit, Jacobus Stephanus
Du Toit, Johannes Christiaan Frederick
Du Toit, L W M
Du Toit, P
Du Toit, P J
Du Vivier, Reginald Albert Lloyd
Du-Plat-Taylor, Philip Corbet
Duane, Gregory Terence
Dubas, Stefan Michal
Dubas, Zbigniew Jan
Dubben, Arthur James
Dube, Armand Leon
Dube, Henri Edouard
Dube, Joseph Lucien Marcel
Dube, Joseph Paul Henri
Dubeau, Edward David
Dubeau, Robert Joseph
Dubery, Charles Donald Bernard
Dubesh Chandra Chakravarti,
Dubetz, Lawrence
Dubiak, Karl
Dubnick, Harry
Dubois, Evariste Pierre
Dubois, John
Dubois, Joseph Edward Lawrence
Dubord, Joseph Emilien Jean Cyriaque
Dubowski, Stanley
Dubowski, Tadeusz
Dubroy, William Edmond
Dubuc, Louis Romeo
Duce, Cyril Cubitt
Duce, Ronald Arthur
Ducharme, Joseph Jean Andre
Duchemin, Marcel Louis
Duchen, Michael
Duchene, Edmond Alexis
Duchesne, G F J
Duck, Frederick William (Freddie)
Duck, Gerald Ernest
Duck, Robert Edward
Duckenfield, Stanley John
Ducker, Benjamin Victor Lloyd
Ducker, Cecil Herbert
Ducker, DArcy Clive Melville
Ducker, Francis Edward Robert
Duckers, Glyn George
Duckers, Peter Ernest
Duckett, G J
Duckett, George William Francis
Duckgeischel, Jakob
Duckitt, Harold Wood
Duckitt, Van
Duckles, Stanley
Ducklin, Henry Walter Stanley
Ducklow, Vernon Rupert
Duckmanton, George William
Duckmanton, Henry Cavell
Duckworth, Alan Murray
Duckworth, Bruce Allen
Duckworth, Derek Dinshaw
Duckworth, Ernest Richard
Duckworth, Ernest Verdon
Duckworth, Gladys
Duckworth, Harry
Duckworth, Harry Leslie
Duckworth, Herbert
Duckworth, Jack
Duckworth, Lawrence
Duckworth, Maurice
Duckworth, R
Duckworth, Robert James
Duckworth, Sidney
Duckworth, Walter
Duclos, Joseph Jean
Duda, Gordon Murray
Dudding, Keat
Duddle, Charles William
Duddles, Stephen Victor
Duddridge, Jeffrey Alfred
Duder, Michael Sedgwick
Dudgeon, John
Dudley, Cecil Thomas Oswald
Dudley, Charles William
Dudley, Cyril George
Dudley, Frederick Douglas
Dudley, Frederick Eric
Dudley, George William Leslie
Dudley, Gordon H.
Dudley, James Richard
Dudley, John
Dudley, John Dudley Edward
Dudley, Laurence
Dudley, Leighton Rex
Dudley, Leonard Charles
Dudley, Ronald
Dudley, Stanley John
Dudley, Thomas Kem
Dudley, Ulva Neil
Dudman, James
Dudziak, Jozef
Due, Einar Ernest
Duel, Allan Robert
Duell, Bernard John
Duell, James Baird
Duemler, Kurt
Duench, Floyd Arthur
Duensing, Fritz
Duerden, Charles
Duerr, Ernest Augustus
Duessel, Alexander
Duff-Fyfe, Malcolm John
Duff, Albert
Duff, Arthur Herbert
Duff, Daniel James Stewart
Duff, Ernest
Duff, Frank Alexander
Duff, Frederick Francis
Duff, George Gordon
Duff, George Mckenzie
Duff, Gordon Alexander
Duff, Hector Anthony Campbell
Duff, Henry
Duff, Henry Leggat
Duff, Ian Mackenzie
Duff, Jack Holman
Duff, James Alastair
Duff, James Eyval
Duff, Joseph
Duff, Louis Macadam
Duff, Peter
Duff, Peter Rutherford
Duff, Peter Stanley
Duff, Robert
Duff, Robert Alexander
Duff, Robert Alfred
Duff, Robert Campbell
Duff, Stanley Douglas
Duff, The Rev. Percy Gordon
Duff, Thomas
Duff, Thomas Handley
Duff, William George
Duffell, Albert Bartholomew
Duffett, Gordon
Duffett, James
Duffey, Bennett Lorel
Duffey, Gerard
Duffie, Robert Daniel
Duffield, Alfred James
Duffield, Arthur Clarence
Duffield, Edwin
Duffield, Frank Barker
Duffield, Henry William
Duffield, Jack Rudd
Duffield, John Alvin
Duffield, Kenneth Victor
Duffield, Neville William
Duffield, Phyllis Mary
Duffield, Richard Arthur
Duffield, Ronald Alan
Duffield, Royden William
Duffield, Thomas William Attlessey
Duffill, Frederick William
Duffill, James Gilbert
Duffin, Edward Roy
Duffin, James
Duffin, James Douglas
Duffin, John William
Duffin, Kenneth Isaac
Duffus, George Morton
Duffus, Jack Duncan
Duffy, Charles Oswald
Duffy, Donald Maclachlan
Duffy, Edward Colin
Duffy, Francis John
Duffy, J J
Duffy, Jack
Duffy, James
Duffy, James Dowling
Duffy, James William Alexander
Duffy, John
Duffy, John Francis
Duffy, John Laurence
Duffy, John Philip
Duffy, John Rutherford
Duffy, Mathew Douglas
Duffy, Michael Hugh
Duffy, Patrick James
Duffy, Phillip Paul
Duffy, Robert
Duffy, Rodney Ernest
Duffy, T
Duffy, Thomas
Duffy, Thomas Michael
Duffy, Warren Alvin
Dufour, Joseph Theodore Gaston Gerard
Dufresne, Edward Charles
Dufton, Charles Theodore
Dufton, Donald William
Dufton, Gladys
Dufton, John Alexander
Dufton, Victor Reginald
Dufty, Arthur David
Dufty, Bruce Fawkner
Dufty, Robert James
Dufty, Thomas Brian
Dugal, Joseph Jean Baptist Albert
Dugan, James Ezekiel
Dugan, John
Dugan, John Henry
Dugard, Harry Welland
Dugard, Leonard James
Dugas, Jean Rene Euclide Raoul
Dugdale, Alfred
Dugdale, Charles Fred
Dugdale, Cyril Peter
Dugdale, Jack
Dugdale, James
Dugdale, Joseph
Dugdale, Leonard
Dugdale, Martin Victor
Duge, Paul Edgar
Duggan, Bernard Leo
Duggan, Daniel Joseph
Duggan, Daniel Patrick
Duggan, Denis Cecil
Duggan, Douglas
Duggan, Francis Anthony
Duggan, Frederick Charles
Duggan, Gordon William
Duggan, John Bernard
Duggan, John Frederick
Duggan, John Philip
Duggan, Maurice Daniel
Duggan, Maxwell George
Duggan, Rennie Frank
Duggan, Thomas Dennis
Duggan, Thomas Douglas
Duggan, Thomas Joseph
Duggleby, Alan Milne
Dughan, J
Dugmore, O L
Duguid, Douglas Robertson
Duguid, Duncan Coutts
Duguid, James Irving
Duguid, James Scott
Duguid, John
Duhamel, John James
Duhamel, Joseph Alphonse Clement
Duhamel, Joseph Andrew Jean
Duhr, William Graham Lloyd
Duigan, Brian James
Dujay, Edmund Ronald
Dukas, N G
Duke, Allan Thomas
Duke, Eric Cecil
Duke, George Henry
Duke, Gilbert Noel
Duke, Harvey Mckerr
Duke, John Lawrence
Duke, M A
Duke, Robert Walter Edward
Duke, Ronald Edward
Duke, Ronald Walter
Duke, Samuel Alfred
Duke, Stanley George
Duke, William Ernest
Dukelow, Peter James
Dukelow, Robert Burnaby Alexander
Dukes-Smith, Harold Frederick
Dukes, Frederick James Benjamin
Dukes, John Stuart
Dukes, Joseph
Dukes, Reginald
Dukick, Joseph George
Dulait, Andre Joseph Julien Christain
Duley, Michael Walter Warren
Dulgarn, Cyril George
Dulieu, Henry Eugene Middleton
Dullaghan, Stephen Patrick
Dulley, Dennis Noel
Dulson, Eric
Dulwich, William Howard
Dumaresque, John Anley
Dumas, Charles John
Dumas, Joseph Laurent Gerard Gilbert
Dumas, Keith Russell
Dumas, Richard Alexandre
Dumble, David Storar
Dumbleton, Albert
Dumbleton, Frank Louis
Dumbreck, Oliver William
Dumbrill, Herbert Charles
Dumbrill, Ronald Bruce
Dumbrill, Wilfred Henry
Dumm, Oskar
Dummer, Cyril Albert Reginald
Dummett, Neil
Dummett, Quinton Rowland
Dummigan, Francis William
Dumont, Dennis Henry George
Dumont, Frank Jules
Dumont, Norman Charles
Dumont, Stanley Charles
Dumschat, Allen John
Dumville, Allister George
Dumville, Gordon
Dunae, Alexander
Dunajski, Francis Xavier Joseph
Dunand, Emile Joseph Francis
Dunaway, George Mason
Dunbar, Alexander
Dunbar, Alexander Glass
Dunbar, Geoffrey James
Dunbar, George Irving Herbert
Dunbar, George Pillar Watson
Dunbar, Harry Smith
Dunbar, Henry
Dunbar, Hugh
Dunbar, Ian Stoddart
Dunbar, James Laird
Dunbar, John Alexander
Dunbar, John Mcarthur
Dunbar, Loyd Anson Gray
Dunbar, Maxwell
Dunbar, Richard Archibald
Dunbar, Ronald
Dunbar, Thomas Guild
Dunbar, William Alexander
Dunbar, William Frederick
Dunbar, William Parker
Dunbavand, Edward Cecil
Duncalf, James
Duncan-Smith, Anthony
Duncan, Alan James
Duncan, Alan Matheson
Duncan, Alec Edward
Duncan, Alexander
Duncan, Alexander
Duncan, Alexander Frank James
Duncan, Allan Uriah
Duncan, Andrew
Duncan, Andrew Kyle
Duncan, Cecil Macdonagh
Duncan, Charles Sidney
Duncan, Clarence Delmer
Duncan, Colin Campbell
Duncan, David Mcm. B.
Duncan, Donald
Duncan, Donald James
Duncan, Donald Watt
Duncan, Frank
Duncan, Frederick Colin
Duncan, G L
Duncan, George
Duncan, George Robert Peebles
Duncan, George Ross
Duncan, George William
Duncan, George William Martin
Duncan, Gordon Robert
Duncan, Harry Horatio
Duncan, Henry
Duncan, Hugh Geoffrey
Duncan, Ian
Duncan, Ian Laddie
Duncan, James Bowman
Duncan, John
Duncan, John
Duncan, John
Duncan, John Bryce
Duncan, John David Mcalpine
Duncan, John George
Duncan, John Gilchrist
Duncan, John Hubert
Duncan, John Rodger
Duncan, John William
Duncan, John Williamson
Duncan, Joseph Henry
Duncan, K A
Duncan, Keith Presgrave
Duncan, Kevin John Patrick
Duncan, L
Duncan, Leslie
Duncan, Leslie Kitchener
Duncan, Malcolm
Duncan, Mervyn
Duncan, Michael
Duncan, Peter Morison
Duncan, R
Duncan, Robert
Duncan, Robert Allison
Duncan, Robert Arnold
Duncan, Robert Bryson
Duncan, Robert Fortune Jamieson
Duncan, Robert Grant
Duncan, Robert Joseph
Duncan, Robert Mcintosh
Duncan, Stanley Logan
Duncan, Stanley Maxwell
Duncan, Thomas Samuel
Duncan, Wallace Geoffrey
Duncan, Walter
Duncan, William
Duncan, William
Duncan, William Francis
Duncan, William Garfield
Duncan, William Howard
Duncan, William Jack
Duncan, William Walter
Duncanson, Alan Rendal
Duncanson, Leonard
Duncanson, Robert Hay
Duncanson, William
Dunckley, Raymond Harold
Duncombe, David Garnet
Duncombe, Robert Benjamin
Duncombe, Robert Paul
Duncombe, Walter
Duncombe, Walter Charles
Dundas, Gordon Bannerman
Dundas, John Charles
Dundas, Kenelm Crispin Vivian
Dundas, Lord Bruce Thomas
Dundas, Richard
Dundera, Frantisek
Dunderdale, William Royce
Dundon, Richard Anthony
Dunfee, Geoffrey Edgar
Dunford-Wood, Hugh Diarmid Sherbrooke
Dunford, Edward Roy
Dunford, Edward William Albert
Dunford, John Reginald
Dunford, John William
Dunford, Joseph Reginald
Dunford, Kenneth Frederick
Dunford, Leslie Henry
Dunford, Patrick John
Dunford, Richard Jack
Dungate, Alfred William
Dunger, Kenneth James
Dunger, Peter John
Dungey, Jack Douglas
Dungey, Stanley Albert
Dunham-treble, Ronald
Dunham, Donald William
Dunham, John George Henry Mather
Dunham, Leslie Ronald
Dunham, Lewis Melvin
Dunham, Peter Francis
Dunham, William Matthie Gillam
Duni Chand,
Dunin-Horkawicz, Konstanty
Dunin, Piotr Jerzy
Dunion, Patrick
Dunk, Edgar Vernon
Dunk, Roy
Dunk, Thomas William
Dunkeld, William Thomas
Dunkelman, George Amos
Dunkels, Cedric Owen
Dunkerley, Allan Roy Frank
Dunkerley, Henry Hall
Dunkerley, Kenneth
Dunkerley, Michael Percivall
Dunkerley, Rex Kenilworth
Dunkerley, William
Dunkin, Frank
Dunkinson, Jack
Dunkley, George Cyril
Dunkley, Jack
Dunkley, Joseph Hert
Dunkley, Leonard
Dunkley, Robert Frederick Stanley
Dunkley, Robert Henry
Dunkley, Ronald William
Dunkling, Leonard George
Dunks, Geoffrey Frederick
Dunlea, Allen Richard
Dunleavy, Alfred Scott
Dunlevie, John Sidney
Dunlop-Mackenzie, Robert Jack
Dunlop, Adam Mcduff
Dunlop, Alistar Cameron
Dunlop, Andrew Peter Cathcart
Dunlop, Bruce
Dunlop, Charles Esbith Armour
Dunlop, Charles John Lindsay
Dunlop, Cyril Ernest
Dunlop, Dawson Aubrey
Dunlop, Derek Frederick
Dunlop, Duncan Campbell
Dunlop, Duncan Darrock
Dunlop, Durrant Vern
Dunlop, Edward Anzac
Dunlop, George
Dunlop, George Ernest
Dunlop, George James Talbot
Dunlop, Guy Rerenui
Dunlop, J P
Dunlop, James
Dunlop, James Black
Dunlop, James Lennox Scott
Dunlop, James Mather
Dunlop, James Miller
Dunlop, John George
Dunlop, John Leonard
Dunlop, John Mcclymont
Dunlop, John Mcintyre
Dunlop, Lawrence Gay
Dunlop, Leslie Horton
Dunlop, Norman Kenneth
Dunlop, Robert
Dunlop, Robert
Dunlop, Robert Duncan
Dunlop, Robert Osbourne Mitchell
Dunlop, Ronald Albert
Dunlop, Thomas Edwin
Dunlop, Thomas Norman
Dunlop, Thomas Russell
Dunmore, Albert Arthur Thomas
Dunmore, Jack Townley
Dunmore, Leslie Allan
Dunn, Albert Robinson
Dunn, Alexander
Dunn, Allan John
Dunn, Andrew Graham
Dunn, Andrew Woodrow
Dunn, Bryan
Dunn, Charles
Dunn, Charles Douglas
Dunn, Clifton Stuart
Dunn, Cyril John
Dunn, Denis Macrorie
Dunn, Derek John
Dunn, Donald Ian
Dunn, Douglas Ashton
Dunn, Douglas Chapman
Dunn, Douglas James Morrison
Dunn, Edric La Dell
Dunn, Ernest Leslie
Dunn, Eustace Hedley
Dunn, Francis Ernest
Dunn, Frederick
Dunn, Frederick Miles
Dunn, Frederick Thomas
Dunn, Frederick William Oliver
Dunn, Geoffrey James
Dunn, George
Dunn, George Bannatyne
Dunn, George Edward
Dunn, Glen Richard
Dunn, Gordon Henry
Dunn, Gordon Mcleod
Dunn, Harold
Dunn, Harold Alexander
Dunn, Harold William
Dunn, Harvey Adam
Dunn, Henry
Dunn, Henry Mcculloch
Dunn, Horatio James Rennie
Dunn, Ian Clarke
Dunn, Jack Thomas
Dunn, James
Dunn, James
Dunn, James
Dunn, James Henderson Whitfield
Dunn, James Selwyn
Dunn, John
Dunn, John Clifford
Dunn, John Frederick William
Dunn, John Henry
Dunn, John Humphrey (Bud)
Dunn, John Norman George
Dunn, John Robert Leslie
Dunn, John William Kirkwood
Dunn, Joseph Richard
Dunn, Kenneth Gordon
Dunn, Laurie James
Dunn, Leonard Acton
Dunn, Leslie Joseph
Dunn, Leslie Turner
Dunn, Leslie William
Dunn, Leslie William
Dunn, Malcolm James
Dunn, Maurice
Dunn, Norman Neville
Dunn, Orval Clarence
Dunn, Patrick
Dunn, Peter Mcintosh
Dunn, Peter Wingate
Dunn, Phillip Wesley
Dunn, Ralph Gordon
Dunn, Raymond Frank
Dunn, Richard Applegarth
Dunn, Richard John
Dunn, Robert
Dunn, Robert
Dunn, Robert
Dunn, Robert Ernest
Dunn, Robert Wyndham
Dunn, Rodney Howard
Dunn, Ronald
Dunn, Sidney Gordon Ellis
Dunn, Stuart St. Helier Gwyllym
Dunn, Terence John
Dunn, Thomas
Dunn, Thomas
Dunn, Victor
Dunn, William
Dunn, William
Dunn, William Alfred
Dunn, William Joseph
Dunn, William Peter
Dunn, William Stuart
Dunnachie, James
Dunne, Charlotte
Dunne, David
Dunne, Desmond Colbert Kent
Dunne, Eric Francis
Dunne, Frederick Dorian
Dunne, Horace Stanley
Dunne, James
Dunne, James Barry
Dunne, James Bernard
Dunne, John Desmond
Dunne, John Joseph
Dunne, John Kevin
Dunne, John Robert
Dunne, Leslie Walter
Dunne, Patrick Michael
Dunne, Robert Noel
Dunne, Thomas Rathband
Dunnet, Charles William
Dunnett, David
Dunnett, Harry Norman
Dunnett, Reginald
Dunnett, Stanley Edward
Dunnett, Stephen Falconer
Dunnigan, Vincent James
Dunnigan, William John
Dunning, Albert Henry
Dunning, Colin William
Dunning, Guy Ernest
Dunning, John
Dunning, John Arnold
Dunning, Kenneth Valentine
Dunning, Rayden Kingsley Ross
Dunning, Robert Victor
Dunning, Walter Thomas
Dunning, William John Anderson
Dunningham, Hugh
Dunnington, Harry
Dunnington, Lawrence
Dunphy, Boyne Hogan
Dunphy, Clifford Alexander
Dunphy, Cyril Thomas
Dunphy, Hugh Ashley
Dunphy, Robert Ronald
Dunphy, Roderick James
Dunphy, Thomas Anthony
Duns, James Robert Cockburn
Duns, Joseph Pearson
Dunscombe, Raymond Douglas
Dunsford, Ronald Henry Edward
Dunshea, Clifford Joseph
Dunsheath, William John
Dunsmuir, John Murray
Dunsmuir, Richard Brian
Dunstan, Arthur Francis
Dunstan, Arthur Meredith
Dunstan, Bruce Paul
Dunstan, Percy James
Dunstan, Reginald Herbert
Dunstan, Robert Alexander
Dunstan, Ronald James
Dunster, John Henry
Dunster, Ruben Joseph
Dunstone, Clive Colin
Dunstone, Edwin Hartley
Dunstone, Frank Victor James
Dunthorne, Cecil Blanchard
Dunthorne, Derrick William
Dunton, Edward James
Dunton, Frederick Ross
Dunville, Joseph Charlton
Dunwell, Henry Howes
Dunwoody, Terence Alfred
Dunzelt, Hans-Hellmut
Dupe, Reginald Frederick Cyril
Dupen, Ronald William
Duplin, Wilfred Joseph Alexander
Dupont, Joseph Arthur Charles
Dupraz, Rene Jean Charles Alfred
Dupre, Frederick Louis Edward
Dupree, David Arthur
Dupreez, Cornelious Johannes
Dupret De Beco, Guy Marie Jules
Dupueis, Charles Gordon
Dupuis, Irenee Adelard Joseph
Duquette, Frederick Albert
Duquette, Myles Edward
Duran, Corney Anthony J.
Durant, Edward Robinson
Durant, G J
Durant, John Leslie
Durban, Nicholas Frederick
Durber, Josiah Reeves
Durber, William Edgar
Durbin, Louis
Durbridge, Robert Keep
Durbridge, Ronald Charles
Durdey, John George
Durdin, Garnet Walter
Durdin, Reginald Wilton
Dureau, George Alfred
Durham, Anthony Stuart
Durham, Donald
Durham, Eric Victor
Durham, George Henry
Durham, Jack Groover
Durham, James Alfred
Durham, John George
Durham, Lennox
Durham, Patrick George
Durham, Robert
Durham, Thomas
Durham, Victor Digby
Durie, Alan Richard Brett
Durie, George Christopher
Durie, Roy Alwin
Durie, Thomas Kerr
Durie, Thomas Wilkie
Duringer, Alfred Herbert
Duringer, Charles Henry
Durk, Norman Allen
Durk, Wilfrid Brazier
Durkan, Norman John
Durkin, Jack Garfield
Durkin, James Alexander
Durkin, James Patrick
Durling, Maurice Leonard
Durling, Maurice Vaughn
Durling, Russell David
Durman, Peter Edward
Durn, Maurice
Durnan, Francis Leo
Durnan, Grant
Durnan, Hamilton
Durne, Ronald Richard Frank
Durnell, Archibald Bertram Charles
Durnford, Roy Earle
Durnin, Alan Howard
Durnin, Graham William
Durning, Joseph Hermile
Durno, Joseph Edward
Duro, Hector
Duroe, William Henry
Durose, Alan Sydney
Durose, Rupert Alan
Durrant, Alan Bevan
Durrant, Allan John
Durrant, Carroll Ronald
Durrant, Charles Henry
Durrant, Edmund Anthony
Durrant, Ernest William
Durrant, Harold Davison
Durrant, Harold Vivian
Durrant, James Edward
Durrant, James Harry William
Durrant, James William
Durrant, John Chetwynd
Durrant, Kenneth Michael Garton
Durrant, Leonard Henry
Durrant, Norman Wilfred
Durrant, Robert Harold
Durrant, Robert Henry
Durrant, Robert Joseph
Durrant, Ronald William
Durrant, Stanley Frederick
Durrant, Vernon Colin
Durrell, Alan Howard
Durrell, Donald
DUrsel, Count Jacques Marie Joseph A.
Dursley, Percival Ivor
Durst, Austin George
Durston, Eric John
Durston, George Henry
Durston, Ivan George
Durston, John Reginald
Durston, Kenneth George
Durston, Owen Roy
Durtnall, Rex Ronald Boyce
Durward, Denis
Durward, James Sydney
Durward, Joseph Henderson
Dusek, Frantisek
Dushman, David
Dusson, Neville John
Dusten, Roy George
Dustin, Ian Henry
Dustow, Ernest Gerald
Dusza, Edward Ryszard
Dusza, Stanislaw
Dutchak, Peter
Dutfield, Herbert Charles
Dutfield, Ian David
Duthie, Alan
Duthie, Andrew Masson
Duthie, George Robert James
Duthie, James Russell
Duthie, John
Duthie, John Davidson
Duthie, William
Duthie, William Peter
Duthoit, Cyril
Dutkiewicz, Karol Zygmunt
Dutneall, Ralph Alan
Dutton, Allen
Dutton, Charles George Henry
Dutton, Charles Richard
Dutton, Charles William
Dutton, Edward John
Dutton, Ernest Alderson
Dutton, Frederick
Dutton, Gordon David Hankinson
Dutton, H C
Dutton, Harry
Dutton, James Roy
Dutton, John Arthur
Dutton, John Clement
Dutton, John Edgar
Dutton, John George Stanley
Dutton, Joseph Mervyn
Dutton, Kenneth
Dutton, Kenneth
Dutton, Kenneth Lister
Dutton, Kenneth Robert Ernest
Dutton, Kenneth Trevor
Dutton, Leonard
Dutton, Leslie Alfred
Dutton, Leslie Frederick
Dutton, Peter Hiley
Dutton, Raymond Samuel
Dutton, Reginald
Dutton, Robert Austin
Dutton, Robert Edward
Dutton, Robert Ernest
Dutton, Ronald Leslie James
Dutton, Theodore Edward
Dutton, Thomas Alexander
Dutton, Thomas Royle
Dutton, Wilfred
Dutton, William Arthur
Duus, Frederick John Lawrence
Duval, Bernard Paul
Duval, Henry Percy (Harry)
Duval, John Edward
Duval, Philip Horace
Duvall, Stanley Valentine
Duvauchelle, Rene
Duvenage, P
Duvenhage, G C
Duxbury, Albert George
Duxbury, Fred
Duxbury, Frederick Ronald
Duxbury, Ivan Peter
Duxbury, Norman Thomas
Duxbury, Thomas Lincoln
Duxbury, Vincent
Duxbury, William
Duxfield, Dennis
Dvorak, Alois
Dvorjetz, George Arthur
Dwan, Leonard Stanley
Dwelly, Esmond Dassett
Dwelly, John Aldridge
Dwight, Charles Robert Rob
Dworski, Stanislaw
Dwyer, Brian Robert
Dwyer, Earl Stewart
Dwyer, Eric
Dwyer, Francis Dalton
Dwyer, Francis James
Dwyer, Frank
Dwyer, John Gordon
Dwyer, John Henry Patrick
Dwyer, Lawrence Thomas
Dwyer, Maurice Robert France
Dwyer, Norman Falkner
Dwyer, Roger John Kennedy
Dwyer, Roy Orson
Dwyer, Walter
Dwyer, William Edward
Dyas, Maurice Arthur
Dyason, William Henry
Dyball, Douglas Arthur
Dyball, Roy Eric
Dyce, Edward John
Dyce, Kenneth Douglas
Dyckhoff, George Edward
Dyde, Frederick William
Dye, Bertram Ernest
Dye, Brian James
Dye, Jack Ellsworth
Dye, Kenneth Reginald
Dye, Leonard Charles
Dye, Leslie Richard
Dye, William Henry
Dyelle, Gyles Raymond
Dyer, Alan
Dyer, Arthur Richard
Dyer, Basil A.
Dyer, Bruce Douglas
Dyer, Charley Gordon
Dyer, Edward Harold George
Dyer, Eric
Dyer, Ernest James
Dyer, Francis Charles
Dyer, Francis James
Dyer, Harold George
Dyer, Hedley James Allen
Dyer, Henry David Patrick
Dyer, Jack
Dyer, James Reginald
Dyer, John Harold
Dyer, John Henry
Dyer, John Hugh
Dyer, John Phillip
Dyer, Kenneth Busbridge
Dyer, Kenneth Charles
Dyer, Lawrence Stanley
Dyer, Lloyd Sydney
Dyer, Maurice Ballard
Dyer, Michael Rossiter Cotton
Dyer, Percy Andrew (Perce)
Dyer, Ralph Oswald
Dyer, Richard George Patrick
Dyer, Robert James
Dyer, Samuel George
Dyer, Sydney Allan
Dyer, William Agustus
Dyer, William Arthur Charles
Dyer, William Herbert
Dyer, William Victor
Dyerson, Harold Edward
Dygryn, Josef
Dyhouse, James Ladas
Dyjas, Tadeusz Jan
Dyke, Alexander Macgregor
Dyke, Arthur Pearson
Dyke, George Clifford
Dyke, Hedley
Dyke, James
Dyke, Leslie Arthur
Dyke, William Horace
Dyker, Allan Lloyd
Dykes, Bernard John
Dykes, Fred
Dykes, Ralph Eric
Dykes, Stanley Clarence
Dykes, Thomas
Dykes, William Arthur
Dylewski, Stefan
Dymek, Stanislaw
Dyment, Leslie Roy
Dymick, Alfred George
Dymock, John Meikle
Dymond, Charles Vernon
Dymond, Derek Michael
Dymond, Francis Stephen
Dymond, William Lawrence
Dymott, Basil Christie
Dynarski, Edward Frank
Dyne, Henry
Dynes, Charles Laurie
Dynes, George Charles
Dynes, Harry
Dynes, William Thomas
Dyning, James John Quiller (Bill)
Dyon, Theodulle Elsi Nicolas
Dyre-Matthews, Irvine
Dyroff, Karl
Dyson, Arthur George
Dyson, Carson Lyle
Dyson, Dudley Harnett
Dyson, Edwin
Dyson, Eric Stanley
Dyson, Francis Victor
Dyson, Frank
Dyson, Fred
Dyson, James Thomas
Dyson, Jean
Dyson, John
Dyson, John Albert
Dyson, John Duncan
Dyson, John Henry
Dyson, Muriel Helen
Dyson, Norman
Dyson, Robert Samuel
Dyson, Ronald
Dyson, William John
Dyszkant, Stanislaw
Dyte, Alan Charles
Dziadula, Franciszek A
Dzialowski, Stanislaw
Dziekonski, Czeslaw
Dzierzbicki, Lech Stanislaw
Dziubek, Jan Edward
Dziubinski, Tadeusz Kazimierz
Dzwigajowski, Bogdan
Dzwon, Franciszek
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