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Alamein Allied Forces Memorial Database
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The campaign in the Western Desert was fought between the Commonwealth forces (with, later, the addition of two brigades of Free French and one each of Polish and Greek troops) all based in Egypt, and the Axis forces (German and Italian) based in Libya. The battlefield, across which the fighting surged back and forth between 1940 and 1942, was the 1,000 kilometres of desert between Alexandria in Egypt and Benghazi in Libya.

It was a campaign of manoeuvre and movement, the objectives being the control of the Mediterranean, the link with the east through the Suez Canal, the Middle East oil supplies and the supply route to Russia through Persia.

Alamein is a village, bypassed by the main coast road, approximately 130 kilometres west of Alexandria on the road to Mersa Matruh.

The Air Forces panels commemorate more than 3,000 airmen of the Commonwealth who died in the campaigns in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Greece, Crete and the Aegean, Ethiopia, Eritrea and the Somalilands, the Sudan, East Africa, Aden and Madagascar, who have no known grave. Those who served with the Rhodesian and South African Air Training Scheme and have no known grave are also commemorated here.

The Alamein Memorial bears the names of 8500+ individuals from all Allied armed services. This database extracts those serving in Allied Air Forces from the Commonwealth.

There are other memorials to the fallen with no known grave, namely the Runnymede Memorial, the Malta Memorial and the Ottawa Alled Air Forces Memorial, all of which are to be found on this site under the Databases menu.
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1 MesserAllan Kenneth BurtFlying Officer406570RAAF221943-01-29EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 277.Son of Kenneth Durward Messer and Hilda Maud Messer; Husband of Katherine Elizabeth Messer, of Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia.
2 WrightKenneth AllanSergeant1334532RAFVR38Sqn
211944-01-06EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 281.Son of Vic and Elsie Wright, of Cambridge.
3 WrightAllan Lyal FrenchWarrant Officer415400RNZAF38Sqn (RAF)221944-05-07EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 281.Son of Robert French Wright and of Janet Renwick French Wright (Nee Allan), of Christchurch. Canterbury, New Zealand.
4 WiseAllan HerbertPilot Officer401737RNZAF45Sqn (RAF)251941-05-18EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 245.Son of William Henry Wise and of Violet Mary Wise (Nee Sheat), of Nelson, New Zealand.
5 WhyteAllan FraserSergeant1571167RAFVR221945-01-09EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 284.Son of Allan G. And Agnes Whyte, of Rothes, Morayshire.
6 WalkerAllan DussardSergeant1256126RAFVR104Sqn
321942-03-20EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 262.Son of Mr. And Mrs. C. A. D. Walker, of Jamaica; Husband of Edith Walker, of Harwell, Berkshire.
7 TurnerSidney Allan GeorgeWarrant Officer Class IR/67875RCAF37Sqn (RAF)211942-09-07EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 263.Son of Archie S. And Lily Turner, of Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
8 SuttonAllan ArthurSergeant755978RAFVR14Sqn
211941-05-21EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 244.Son of Leonard A. And Jessie Sutton, of Worcester Park. Surrey.
9 RudgeCyril JamesWarrant Officer401215RNZAF24Sqn (SAAF)261945-03-05EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 285.Son of Allan Archibald and Alice Rudge, of Papatoetoe, Auckland, New Zealand.
10 PottieJohn CampbellPilot Officer402134RAAF301942-07-15EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 265.Son of Herbert Allan Pottie and Ethel Brenda Pottie; Husband of Norma Beatrice Pottie, of South Yarra, Victoria, Australia.
11 AllanBruce Cartwright De GardannePilot Officer84982RAFVR45Sqn1941-04-28EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 241.
12 McmillanNorman ArchibaldFlight Sergeant411426RNZAF14Sqn (RAF)261943-02-21EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 278.Son of George Allan Mcmillan and Lucy Isabella Mcmillan, of Thames, Auckland, New Zealand.
13 KempnichAllan Wilfred JosephFlight SergeantMiD413608RAAF251944-03-03EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 282.Son of Joseph G. Kempnich, and of Elsie Ruby Kempnich, of Rose Bay, New South Wales, Australia.
14 HuttonAllanPilot OfficerJ/87713RCAF14Sqn (RAF)1944-04-19EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 281.
15 HumphrisAllan ArthurSergeant1575512RAFVR231944-09-30EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 280.Son of William Arthur Humphris, and Gertrude May Humphris, of Birmingham.
16 CrookAllanSergeant1684903RAFVR211944-04-12EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 280.Son of James and Kate Crook, of Bolton, Lancashire.
17 ClementsHerbert AllanSergeant404025RAAF221942-02-19EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 266.Son of Herbert and Elsie Clements, of Alderley, Queensland, Australia.
18 CawthenDouglas AllanSergeant745239RAFVR45Sqn241941-07-10EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 242.Son of Ernest and Florence Cawthen; Husband of Ada Cawthen, of Grimsby, Lincolnshire.
19 CaldowLindsay AllanFlying Officer409078RAAF231944-02-14EgyptAlamein Memorial, Column 281.Son of Montague William Leak Caldow and Edith Caldow, of Caulfield, Victoria, Australia.

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