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NOTE ON DATES: IMPORTANT: For consistency, the Date is given as the date the mission TOOK OFF since the precise time of a loss is not always certain. Take Off date is unambigous and fixed in the official records, but obviously in those cases where the incident occurred before midnight UK time, then the Take Off Date will be the same as the Incident Date. Of course, most Bomber Command missions flew through midnight, therefore a Luftwaffe claim against a plane - or a locally generated crash report - may record the incident as occurring on the day following our Take Off Date. Bear this in mind when cross-referencing to our Luftwaffe Victories by Name/Date Database and other Luftwaffe sources. In some cases other sources may quote the date following our date, using locally generated reports as their source. To add to the potential for confusion, remember to take into account a Luftwaffe recorded date will be in local time, 1 hour ahead of UK time. When we discover a validated Incident Date we change our record if necessary

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Polish Air Force personnel have a supplementary database containing more information and many more entries. Check the following:
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Archiwum: PSP 1939 -1947 Database 17,000+ Polish Air Force Entries

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#Name*First NamesTitleRankRAF Equivalent RankService No.BornNationalityRoleAwardsAir ForceCommandUnitDateofIncident *See NoteAircraftTypeSerialCodeVictories (Fighters)BaseTimeMission                        Incident                        FateCommemoratedPhoto (Click to Expand)Referring Database                        Notes                        Links/Archive Reports
1051 BenisonPhillip MervynSergeant11065AustraliaRAAF10Sqn RAAF
1942-06-21RAAF Honour Roll
1052 BenjaminColin GeorgePilot OfficerAUS/403855PilotRAAFFighter Command3Sqn
1943-07-01TyphoonIbDN589QO-ARAF Manston, Kent1125RoadsteadSee archive report for further detailsKilledRotterdam General Cemetery (Crooswijk). Plot LL. Row 2. Grave 47Read Archive Report
1053 BenjaminColin GeorgePilot Officer403855AustraliaRAAFAttached 3Sqn RAF
1943-07-01RAAF Honour Roll
1054 BennJ WSergeantRAAFBomber Command207Sqn
1055 BennJohn WalterSergeant404881AustraliaRAAF207Sqn RAF
1942-08-12RAAF Honour Roll
1056 BennettFredFlight Sergeant4344925th April 1917 in Branxholm, TasmaniaAustralianWireless Operator/Air GunnerRAAFBomber Command218 (Gold Coast) Sqn
1944-12-31LancasterING330HA:MRAF Chedburgh, Suffolk11:15VohwinkelSee archive report for further detailsKiAReichswald Forest War Cemetery. Grave 1.E.13
1057 BennettB WFlying OfficerA420637RAAFBomber Command460Sqn RAAF
1943-06-11LancasterIW4960UV-Binbrook2147DusseldorfCrashed at Sluipwijk HollandKilledJonkerbos War Cemetery
1058 BennettJ RFlight SergeantRAAFBomber Command460Sqn RAAF
1059 BennettKFlight SergeantRAAFBomber Command460Sqn RAAF
1942-09-13WellingtonIVZ1385UV-ZBreighton.0017.Bremen?KilledRehinberg War Cem
1060 BennettR SFlying OfficerRAAFBomber Command463Sqn RAAF
1945-03-20LancasterIPB845JO-CWaddington2349BohlenKilledBerlin 1939-45 War CemeteryRead Archive Report
1061 BennettK E HFlying OfficerRAAFBomber Command463Sqn RAAF
1944-12-17LancasterILL847JO-DWaddington1631MunchenCrashed at le Gros-Theil {Eure}Killedle Gros-Theil Communal Cemetery Read Archive Report
1062 BennettB PFlight SergeantRAAFBomber Command463Sqn RAAF
1063 BennettCharles RaymondFlying OfficerAUS/409886AustralianPilotRAAFBomber Command623Sqn
1943-11-18StirlingIIILJ454IC-ERAF Downham Market, Norfolk17:15MannheimAbandonedPoW No: 1543 Stalag Luft Barth-Vogelsang
(courtesy 623 Squadron)
Born on the 26th March 1923 in Invercargill, New Zealand. Died 25th April 1999, age 78. Husband of Shirley Bennett (née Herd - died 07th May 2019, age 93). Parents of Roslyn and . Judith.Liberated by the Russians on the 14th May 1945.
1064 BennettA CSergeantRAAFBomber Command7Sqn
1941-11-15StirlingIW7445MG-VOakingtonKielCrashed on take offKilled
1065 BennettJames Frederick MorganSergeantAus/404195Wireless Operator/Air GunnerRAAF - Middle East CommandFighter11Sqn
1941-11-28BlenheimIVL1317Not knownArmy Co-operationShot down by ground fire near Tobruk-Bardiyah Road, 13km east of Gambut, Libya.PoW No.80031 Stalag G̦rlitz - 8A - Killed 19 February 1945 when unmarked train carrying sick PoWs was attacked by RAF.Berlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery - Grave 6-C-27Read Archive Report
1066 BennettHenry EdwardFlying Officer145380Air GunnerRAFVRBomber Command460Sqn RAAF
1944-01-02LancasterIIIJB606AR-HRAF Binbrook, LincolnshireNot knownBerlinExploded and crashed near Mückendorf; 30 miles south of BerlinKilledBerlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery - Grave 3.F.30Read Archive Report
1067 BennettW RFlight LieutenantPilotFighter453Sqn RAAF
1944-12-24SpitfireXVISM187NAbandoned near HaquerharlotPoW
1068 BennettGSergeantBomber Command467Sqn RAAF
1944-05-10LancasterIIIEE143PO-JWaddington2208LilleExploded & crashed Lezennes RonchinKilledHellemmes-Lille Communal Cemetery
1069 BennettJames Frederick MorganWarrant Officer404195AustraliaRAAF11Sqn RAF
on RAF
1945-02-19RAAF Honour Roll
1070 BennettKenneth JackFlying Officer401409AustraliaRAAF14Sqn RAF
1943-01-03RAAF Honour Roll
1071 BennettAlexander Flight Sergeant418698AustraliaRAAF148Sqn RAF
1944-08-05RAAF Honour Roll
1072 BennettLeon Herbert BernardLeading Aircraftman439559AustraliaRAAF15 Service Flying Training School RCAF1944-07-20RAAF Honour Roll
1073 BennettWilfred StuartFlight Sergeant432937AustraliaRAAF1667 Conversion Unit Air Crew School, United Kingdom RAF1945-04-05RAAF Honour Roll
1074 BennettFred Flight Sergeant434492AustraliaRAAF218Sqn RAF (Goldcoast Squadron)
1944-12-31RAAF Honour Roll
1075 BennettClarence CharlesPilot Officer42097AustraliaRAF248Sqn RAF
RAAF Honour Roll
1076 BennettAlfred StephensonSergeant407818AustraliaRAAF407Sqn RCAF
1942-06-21RAAF Honour Roll
1077 BennettBruce WilliamFlying Officer420637AustraliaRAAF460Sqn RAAF
1943-06-12RAAF Honour Roll
1078 BennettKeith CampbellFlight Sergeant407992AustraliaRAAF460Sqn RAAF
1942-09-14RAAF Honour Roll
1079 BennettBrian PercivalFlight Sergeant425264AustraliaRAAF463Sqn RAAF
1944-02-20RAAF Honour Roll
1080 BennettKenneth Edwin HaroldFlying Officer424117AustraliaRAAF463Sqn RAAF
1944-12-18RAAF Honour Roll
1081 BennettRichard StewartFlying Officer436327AustraliaRAAF463Sqn RAAF
1945-03-21RAAF Honour Roll
1082 BennettRichard TrevorFlying Officer411272AustraliaRAAF5 Elementary Flying Training School Narromine1943-12-02RAAF Honour Roll
1083 BennettWilliam KeithPilot Officer37471AustraliaRAAF69Sqn RAF
1945-03-24RAAF Honour Roll
1084 BennettArthur CharlesSergeant402217AustraliaRAAFAttached 7Sqn RAF
1941-11-15RAAF Honour Roll
1085 BennettAllan WilfredLeading Aircraftman89121AustraliaRAAFRAAF TTMO Madang1946-08-08RAAF Honour Roll
1086 BenningtonDouglas EdwardSergeant33244AustraliaRAAF10Sqn RAAF
1943-08-11RAAF Honour Roll
1087 BensleyMarcus Flight Sergeant425586AustraliaRAAF70Sqn RAF
1944-08-15RAAF Honour Roll
1088 BensonSydney WilliamSergeantAUS/402499ObserverRAAFCoastal Command233Sqn
1942-03-08HudsonVAM535ZS-ERAF St EvalPMTraining exerciseSee archive report for detailsKilledSt. Columb Major Cemetery. Grave 659 Read Archive Report
1089 BensonP WFlight SergeantRAAFBomber Command467Sqn RAAF
1944-07-20LancasterILM101PO-JWaddington2329CourtraiCrashed at Marke {West-Vlaanderen}KilledWevelgem Communal Cemetery
1090 BensonDonald DouglasFlight Sergeant435604AustraliaRAAF12Sqn RAAF
1945-05-20RAAF Honour Roll
1091 BensonSydney WilliamSergeant402499AustraliaRAAF233Sqn RAF
1942-03-08RAAF Honour Roll
1092 BensonDavid BernardWarrant Officer402487AustraliaRAAF30Sqn RAAF
1945-03-31RAAF Honour Roll
1093 BensonPhilip WilliamFlight Sergeant424949AustraliaRAAF467Sqn RAAF
1944-07-21RAAF Honour Roll
1094 BensonJohn WarnerLeading Aircraftman29274AustraliaRAAFRAAF Pearce W Aust1942-10-21RAAF Honour Roll
1095 BenstedLionel MauriceeSergeant404428AustraliaRAAF215Sqn RAF
1942-06-10RAAF Honour Roll
1096 BentT EFlight SergeantRAAFBomber Command460Sqn RAAF
1097 BentThomas EdwardFlight Sergeant415066AustraliaRAAF460Sqn RAAF
1943-07-30RAAF Honour Roll
1098 BentleyCharles GeorgeSergeantAUS/401361Air/GnrRAFVRCoastal Command461Sqn RAAF
1942-08-12Sunderland T9090UT-BRAF Mount Batten, Devon1945Air Sea Rescue See archive report for further details Missing - believed killedRunnymede Memorial. Panel 111 Read Archive Report
1099 BentleyR ESergeantBomber Command466Sqn RAAF
1943-02-14WellingtonXHE164HD-Leconfield1832KolnCrashed SE of MeerhoutPoW
1100 BentleyCharles GeorgeFlight Sergeant401361AustraliaRAAFCoastal Command461Sqn RAAF
1942-08-12RAAF Honour Roll

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