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NOTE ON DATES: IMPORTANT: For consistency, the Date is given as the date the mission TOOK OFF since the precise time of a loss is not always certain. Take Off date is unambigous and fixed in the official records, but obviously in those cases where the incident occurred before midnight UK time, then the Take Off Date will be the same as the Incident Date. Of course, most Bomber Command missions flew through midnight, therefore a Luftwaffe claim against a plane - or a locally generated crash report - may record the incident as occurring on the day following our Take Off Date. Bear this in mind when cross-referencing to our Luftwaffe Victories by Name/Date Database and other Luftwaffe sources. In some cases other sources may quote the date following our date, using locally generated reports as their source. To add to the potential for confusion, remember to take into account a Luftwaffe recorded date will be in local time, 1 hour ahead of UK time. When we discover a validated Incident Date we change our record if necessary

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#Name*First NamesTitleRankRAF Equivalent RankService No.BornNationalityRoleAwardsAir ForceCommandUnitDateofIncident *See NoteAircraftTypeSerialCodeVictories (Fighters)BaseTimeMission                        Incident                        FateCommemoratedPhoto (Click to Expand)Referring Database                        Notes                        Links/Archive Reports
2751 BishopDSergeantRCAFBomber Command10Sqn
1944-12-09HalifaxIIIMZ309ZA-BMelbourne1617MunsterCrash landed at Woodbridge Suffolk on returnParadie Archive Database
2752 BishopGFlying OfficerJ/23710RCAFFighter406Sqn RCAF
1944-07-25MosquitoNF30MM736RangerKilledRunnymede Memorial United KingdomParadie Archive Database
2753 BishopA GSergeantRCAFBomber Command431Sqn RCAF
1944-08-26HalifaxIIIMZ509SE-CMemburyTransitCrashed on take off Paradie Archive Database
2754 BishopErnest HowardPilot OfficerJ/86577Born on the 30th June 1921 Age23CanadaNavigator RCAFBomber Command432Sqn RCAF
1944-07-28HalifaxVIINP702QO-BRAF East Moor, North Yorkshire2241Hamburg See archive report for full details Missing - believed killedRunnymede Memorial. Panel 249
Paradie Archive Database Read Archive Report
2755 BishopJFlying OfficerRCAFBomber Command432Sqn RCAF
1944-10-23HalifaxVIIINP722QO-NEast Moor1604EssenCrashed at Manston Kent on returnParadie Archive Database
2756 BishopJ DWarrant Officer Class 2RCAFBomber Command50Sqn
1944-07-07LancasterIIIPA996VN-JSkellingthorpe2203St-LeuCrashed at Mesnil-Mauger {Seine-Maritime}KilledMesnil-Mauger Communal Cemetery Paradie Archive Database
2757 BishopS BFlying OfficerRCAFBomber Command90Sqn
1944-12-21LancasterING323WP-JLossiemouthTransitCrashed at Tuddenham Paradie Archive Database
2758 BishopC APilot OfficerBomber Command106Sqn
1944-04-26LancasterIIIND853ZN-JMetheringham2137SchweinfurtCrashed target areaKilledDurnbach War Cemetery
2759 BishopW J BFlight SergeantBomber Command115Sqn
1944-05-02LancasterIIDS827KO-BWitchford1826TrainingCrashed at Gt Dunmow EssexKilled
2760 BishopW BSergeantBomber Command138Sqn (Special)
1944-06-07HalifaxVLL416NF-QTempsfordSOECrashed near la Ferte-St-Cyr {Loir-et-Cher}Killedla Ferte-St-Cyr Communal Cemetery
2761 BishopG TFlight SergeantBomber Command158Sqn
1944-07-17HalifaxIIIMZ286NP-XLissett334CaenCrashed in Bridlington BayKilled
2762 BishopE LSergeant544381Fighter264Sqn
1944-07-17MosquitoNFXIIIHK471PatrolCollided with next over Etchingham, SuffolkKilledHawkhurst (St- Laurence) Churchyard United Kingdom
2763 BishopE GSergeantBomber Command44Sqn
1944-07-07LancasterILM631KM-WDunholme Lodge2230St-LeuCrashed at Lucy {Seine-Maritime}Evader
2764 BishopA WPilot OfficerBomber Command49Sqn
1944-11-21LancasterIIIPB300EA-KFulbeck1744GravenhorstKilledReichswald Forest War Cemetery
2765 BishopP WSergeantBomber Command51Sqn
1944-05-24HalifaxIIILV784MH-SSnaith229AachenCrashed WesiweilerKilledRheinberg War Cemetery
2766 BishopD YFlight SergeantBomber Command625Sqn
1944-04-20LancasterIME731CF-SKelstern2347KolnCrashed off HollandKilledRunnymede
2767 BishopN DSergeantBomber Command626Sqn
2768 BishopR WFlight SergeantBomber Command630Sqn
1944-08-18LancasterILM269LE-IEast Kirkby1542BordeauxCrashed at St-Crepin {Charente-Maritime}KilledSt-Crepin Communal Cemetery
2769 BishopW JFlight SergeantBomber Command640Sqn
1944-09-23HalifaxIIIMZ640C8-NRAF Leconfield1110TrainingCrashed on take off - Aircraft a total loss.Survived Corrected information submitted by 640 Squadron archivist Keven Turner - November 2017
2770 BishopS TSergeantBomber Command75Sqn RNZAF
2771 BishopFWarrant OfficerBomber Command76Sqn
1944-05-24HalifaxIIIMZ623MP-PHolme on Spalding Moor2241AachenCrashed Arendonk {Antwerpen}PoW
2772 BishopJames JohnFlight Sergeant419406AustraliaRAAF159Sqn RAF
1944-09-12RAAF Honour Roll
2773 BishopFrederick C 2nd LtO-767032USAPilotUSAAF358th Fighter Group365th Fighter Squadron
1944-11-25P-47 Thunderbolt1 Luftwaffe destroyedSource:
ETO (European Theatre)
2774 BishopRichard D 1st LtO-756455USAPilotUSAAF55th Fighter Group343rd Fighter Squadron
1944-09-11P-51 Mustang1 Luftwaffe destroyedSource:
ETO (European Theatre)
2775 BishopR JFlight Sergeant1290705Wireless Operator/Air GunnerRAFVRAirborne Forces, 38 Group295 Sqn
1944.03.14AlbermarieIIV17118Z:? or 8E:?RAF Hurn, Dorset00:15Special Operations SortieThe aircraft was on a special operational sortie (map reading by torchlight has been anecdotally reported) on the 13th March 1944 and landed "successfully" on the Isle of Wight at 03:20 hrs on the 14th. The report that the aircraft landed successfully was incorrect as it was later reported that the aircraft flew into high ground near St. Catherine’s Point on the Isle of Wight and was written off, beyond economical repair.SurvivedFrom other information in the ORB it is confirmed that the crew survived, three of the crew, Pilot, Wireless Operator, and Air Gunner returned to flying almost immediately, the Navigator returned to flying in June and the Bomb Aimer in July. AC2 Griffiths was not listed as part of the crew but anecdotal reports indicate that he had been aboard the aircraft and died in the crash. It should be noted that no corroborating evidence has been found that he was aboard has been found to date.
2776 BismanRoyden ThomasSub/Lr. (A)Age 24New ZealanderPilotRNZNVRFleet Air Arm889Sqn
1944-06-29SeafireIICMB253-HMS Atheling (Aircraft Carrier)1645PatrolLanding accident - See archive report for further brief detailsKilledNew Zealand Naval Memorial, Devonport, Auckland. Panel 8

Born on the 27th February 1920 at Invercargill. A salesman for Para Rubber Company prior to service. After 3 months in the NZ Territorial army joined RN/FAA to undertake pilot training on the 28th August 1941. Pilots badge and commissioned on the 20th November 1942 after training in Canada. Son of James Thomas and Ivy Lillian Bisman (née Anderson), of New Brighton, Christchurch. New Zealand. Also served with 752, 772 and 733 Squadron before joining 889 on the 05th April 1944. Involved in a landing accident on the 04th June 1944 but suffered no injuries.
2777 BissellDonald CliffordFlying OfficerJ/24280NavigatorRCAFFighter Command418Sqn RCAF
1944-01-03MosquitoVILR268RAF Ford, Sussex315Intruder See archive report for further information Missing - believed killedRunnymede War Memorial. Panel 245Paradie Archive Database Read Archive Report
2778 BissetDavidSergeant650022Air/GnrRAFVRBomber Command50Sqn
1944-05-03LancasterIIIED870VN-JSkellingthorpe2158Mailly-le-Camp Shot down over Poivre. Crashed Poivres {Aube} KilledPoivres ChurchyardRead Archive Report

Lancaster ED870, piloted by Pilot Officer A. Handley, was shot down and crashed over Poivres, whilst on a bombing raid to the German military base at Mailly-Le-Camp, on 3-4 May 1944. All the crew were killed.

The Bomber Command War Diaries by Martin Middlebrook states: ‘Late on 3 May 1944, 346 Lancasters of 1 and 5 Groups along with pathfinder Mosquitoes attacked the large German military base at Mailly-Le-Camp. The control of this raid in the target area failed to operate according to plan. The initial low level markers were accurate and well backed up by Lancaster marker aircraft. The Marker leader (Wing Commander G. L. Cheshire) ordered the main force to come in and bomb but the main force Controller (Wing Commander L. C. Deane) could not transmit the order to do so to the waiting Lancasters because his VHF set was being drowned by an American Forces Broadcast and his transmitter was wrongly tuned. German fighters arrived during the delay and bomber casualties were heavy. The main attack eventually started when Deputy Controller (Squadron Leader E. N. M. Sparks) took over. Approximately 1500 tons of bombs were dropped with great accuracy. 114 barrack buildings, 47 transport sheds and some ammunition buildings in the camp were hit; 102 vehicles including 37 tanks were destroyed 218 German soldiers were killed and 156 were injured.’ Because of the delay Luftwaffe Night Fighters arrived in force and managed to shoot down 42 Lancasters. 50 Squadron lost four aircraft during this operation with 24 crewman losing their lives.
2779 BissetThomas Neish WattersFlight Lieutenant1214301920Wireless Operator/Air GunnerRAFVRBomber Command78 Sqn
1944-06-07HalifaxIIIMZ568EY:EBreighton22:52Rail communications at JuvisyClaimed by 1./Flak Abt. 911 and exploded at 02:00hrs. (Nachtjagd Combat Archive (12 May 1944 - 23 July 1944) Part 3 - Theo Boiten). Debris falling between Corbell-Essones and Courances a village some 10 km awayKilledCourances Communal Cemetery, Grave 1

Flt Lt. Bissett was the squadron's Signals Leader

Son of Shepherd and Williamina Bisset, of Cellardyke, Fife
2780 BissettJack MontgomerySquadron LeaderJ/16991CanadaPilotDFM


RCAFBomber Command427Sqn RCAF
1944-03-30HalifaxIIILV898ZL-DLeeming2220NurnbergShot down by a night fighter and crashed over Herhahn whilst on a bombing raid to Nuremberg. Crashed HerhohnKilled Age 23Rheinberg War Cemetery 14. E. 8.
Personnel date on Paradie RCAF ArchiveHalifax LV898, piloted by Squadron Leader J. M. Bissett, DFM was detailed to attack Nuremberg, as part of the main force of 795 aircraft, and was shot down by an enemy night-fighter and crashed at Herhahn, 4km north west of Schleiden, on 30-31 March 1944. All the crew were killed.

The raid on Nuremberg on the night of 30-31 March 1944 was the blackest night for Bomber Command in the whole of the War, with some 96 aircraft lost. 'The Bomber Command War Diaries' by Martin Middlebrook gives the following account: ‘This would normally have been the moon and stand down period for the main bomber force but a raid on the distant target of Nuremberg (8 hours round trip) was planned on the basis of a forecast predicting protective high cloud on the outward route. 795 aircraft were despatched. The German Controller ignored all diversions and assembled his fighters at 2 radio beacons which happened to be astride the route to Nuremberg. The first night fighters appeared just before the bombers reached the Belgian border and a fierce battle in the moonlight lasted for the next hour. 82 bombers were lost on the outward route. The action was much reduced on the return flight, when most of the night fighters had had to land but 96 bombers were lost in total, the largest Bomber Command loss of the war. The main raid over Nuremberg was a failure, the city was covered in thick cloud and a fierce cross wind which developed on the final target approach made the Pathfinder aircraft move too far to the East, little damage was caused. Subsequent research showed that 120 aircraft had bombed Schweinfurt, 50 miles to the North West of Nuremberg and that there had been a 10 mile ‘creep back’ in the main bombing.’ Three Halifax’s from 427 Squadron were lost in the raid with only two crew members surviving. 'The Nuremberg Raid' by Martin Middlebrook gives additional information onLV898: ‘At least nine flight commanders went missing, all killed. 427Sqn lost both A and B flight commanders- Squadron Leader’s Bissett, DFM, and Laird, DFC both Manitobans. Bissett’s crew had already caused anxiety on the squadron when starting their second tour by their apparent unconcern at the importance of keeping on course and his loss was not unexpected. In fact, Bissett’s Halifax had crashed almost exactly on track south of Aachen.’
2781 BjarnasonStefan AgustFlying OfficerIcelandAir BomberRCAFBomber Command106Sqn
1944-08-07LancasterIIILM641ZN-DMetheringham2130SecquevilleCrashed at Quetteville {Calvados}Evader

Courtesy Oleg Marin

Paradie Archive Database
2782 BjornstadBCaptainPilotRNoAFFighter331Sqn Norwegian
1944-01-04SpitfireIXBS148BRamrodCollided with last near North Weald
2783 BjornstadB FCaptainPilotRNoAFFighter331Sqn Norwegian
1944-05-07SpitfireIXRamrod 843Damaged
2784 BjornstadH ESergeantPilotFighter332Sqn Norwegian
1944-06-08SpitfireIXNH172Abandoned near MoutebourgEvaded
2785 BlaberHerbert Sidney WilliamFlying Officer Navigator152948RAFVRBomber Command166Sqn
1944-07-25LancasterIIILM386AS-VRAF Kirmington, Lincolnshire2125StuttgartCrashed near Aubigny {Yonne}KilledTaingy Communal Cemetery. Grave 1. Read Archive Report
2786 BlachfordGlenn HughFlying OfficerJ/2791317 Mar 1917CanadianPilotRCAFBomber Command431 Sqn RCAF
1944-06-16HalifaxIIINA514SE-BRAF Croft, Yorkshire2224Sterkrade, GermanySee Archive ReportKilledUden War Cemetery Grave 5.B.2Paradie Archive Database
2787 BlackStanley KevinFlight Sergeant Air BomberAus/418790RAAFBomber Command106Sqn
1944-06-06LancasterIIINE150ZN-HRAF Metheringham, Lincolnshire0.25CaenHit badly by flak. Crashed at St-Jean-de-Daye {Manche}Killed 11.6.1944 at the Battle of Graignes, FranceBayeaux War Cemetery France. Grave No. XVI.C.8 Read Archive Report
2788 BlackC APilot OfficerRAAFBomber Command218Sqn
1944-09-12LancasterIPD262HA-GMethwold1835FrankfurtCrashed at FlombornKilledRheinberg War Cemetery
2789 BlackW SFlying OfficerRAAFBomber Command462Sqn RAAF
1944-10-09HalifaxIIILL604Z5-DDriffield1742BochumCrashed at GiesbeekPoW
2790 BlackD VFlying OfficerRAAFBomber Command467Sqn RAAF
2791 BlackFrank AlexanderFlight Sergeant429371AustralianWireless Operator/Air GunnerRAAFBomber Command57 Sqn
1944-12-06LancasterIPD264DX:KRAF East Kirkby, Lincolnshire16:39GiessenSee archive report for further detailsKilledHanover War Cemetery. Collective grave 11. E. 1-4
2792 BlackFWarrant OfficerRAAFBomber Command9Sqn
1944-09-11LancasterILL884WS-QBardney1700TransitForce landed 6423N 4120E
2793 BlackJosephSergeant1531244Flight EngineerRAFVRBomber Command514 Sqn
1944-06-15LancasterIILL690JI:JRAF Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire23:14Railway yards at ValenciennesSee Archive report for detailsKilledRieux Communal Cemetery. Joint grave 1.
2794 BlackHarold GibsonSergeant1517655PilotRAFVRBomber CommandNo. 2 Flying Instructors School1944-12-28Airspeed OxfordIIED188Not knownRAF Montrose1305Training exerciseSee archive report for detailsKilledCarnmoney Cemetery. Sec. D.D. Grave 200. Read Archive Report
2795 BlackBruce GrahamFlying OfficerJ240252nd December 1921 in Toronto, OntarioCanadianBomb AimerRCAFBomber Command158 Sqn
1944-06-02HalifaxIIILV921NP:BLissett22:13TrappesLV921 was claimed as a possible Abschuss by: Hptm. Herbert Rauh Stab II/NJG4 – Mants/Rambouilet area (AD-BD): 3,500m at 01:01. Oblt Jakob Schaus 4/NJG4 – 30km around Dreux (AC-AD-BC-BD): 500m at 01:06. Hptm Herbert Rauh Stab II/NJG4 – Evreux/Chartres (AC-BC): 2,500m at 01:10. ((Nachtjagd Combat Archive (12 May 1944 - 23 July 1944) Part 3 - Theo Boiten)). Crashed alongside woods near Emance 11km South West of Rambouilet.KilledSt-Desir War Cemetery Plot VIII Row A Grave 9-14
Paradie Archive DatabaseSon of William Graham and Lily Blanche (née Rachar) Black; husband of Gloria Morgan Forbes Black, of New York City, USA.

According to W R Chorley Fg Off Black was an American who came from New York City. The confusion may has arisen because his wife Gloria Erica Forbes Black married an American E Carney in June 1946 and went to live in New York City.
2796 BlackW AFlight LieutenantJ/1444PilotAFC

1944-06-27MustangIFR902SortieAbandoned near AlenconKilledLe Mans West Cemetery FranceParadie Archive Database
2797 BlackRichard BursleighFlying OfficerJ/11844Age 23CanadaAir GunnerRCAFBomber Command426Sqn RCAF
1944-03-15LancasterIIDS771OW-P RAF Linton-on-Ouse, North Yorkshire 1906Stuttgart See archive report for further details KilledDurnbach War Cemetery. Grave 4.F.12
Paradie Archive Database Read Archive Report
2798 BlackJ HFlying OfficerRCAFBomber Command426Sqn RCAF
1944-05-12HalifaxIIILK883OW-ELinton on Ouse2207LeuvenCrashed Londerzeel {Brabant}PoW Paradie Archive DatabaseAttacker
2799 BlackAngus JohnFlying OfficerJ24704CanadianBomb AimerRCAFBomber Command57 Sqn
1944-06-21LancasterIIILM573DX:URAF East Kirkby, Lincolnshire23:10WesselingSee archive report for further detailsKilledBergen-Op-Zoom War Cemetery Grave. 27.B.5
Paradie Archive Database
2800 BlackC WFlight SergeantRNZAFBomber Command9Sqn
1944-12-11LancasterILM448WS-TLossiemouth308TirpitzForce landed at Vaudnas-berget SwedenInterned

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