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#Name*First NamesTitleRankRAF Equivalent RankService No.BornNationalityRoleAwardsAir ForceCommandUnitDateofIncident *See NoteAircraftTypeSerialCodeVictories (Fighters)BaseTimeMission                        Incident                        FateCommemoratedPhoto (Click to Expand)Referring Database                        Notes                        Links/Archive Reports
301 BunceRonald Seward Sergeant9061901919Air GunnerRAFVRBomber Command9Sqn
1941-06-09WellingtonIcT2620WS-GHonington1536Reconnaissance Intercepted NE of Calais by Bf-190s and shot down into the sea of Zeebrugge, BelgiumKilledRunnymede Memorial, Panel 40. Archive Report

Son of Arthur and Daisy Bunce. Husband of Barbara Britton Bunce of Boscombe, Hampshire
302 BunneyNorman ASergeant373575961924AmericanTail GunnerUSAAF8th Air Force358th Bomber Squadron (303rd Bombardment Group (H))1944-08-15B-17 Bad pennyG42-31183VK-YMolesworth (Station #107), Cambridgeshire, EnglandWiesbaden airfields (Mission #554), GermanySee Archive report for detailsPoW, Stalag Luft 4 Gross-Tychow, Pomerania
303 BuntingMalcolmFlight Sergeant544647Age ?Air GunnerRAFFighter Command418Sqn RCAF
1942-04-02BostonIIIW8351TH-H2Night Intruder See archive report for further details KilledMontdidier French National Cemetery Grave 5798
Read Archive Report
304 Burbridge Bransome Arthur ("Branse")PilotDSO

Fighter Command85Sqn

21½20 Victories as a night fighter
305 BurchettArthur R 'Bill'Flight LieutenantPilotAFC

RAFBomber Command51Sqn
1943-12-20HalifaxIIHR948MH-WSnaith1659FrankfurtCrashed near RaunheimKilledDurnbach War CemeteryParticipated in the famous Hamburg ‘firestorm’ raids prior to making the supreme sacrifice on a raid to Frankfurt in December 1943, when his magnificent bravery allowed three of his crew to bale out.

AFC Citation London Gazette 1.1.1944. The immediate award recommendation states: ‘On the night of 30 August 1943, this Officer was Captain of an aircraft which attacked a target at Munchen-Gladbach. On the return flight, while in the neighbourhood of Ossington at about 4000 feet, Flying Officer Burchett’s aircraft was involved in a collision with a Lancaster. Both port propellors were badly damaged, the port fin and rudder knocked off, one propellor of the Lancaster cutting through the top of the fuselage, the flaps rendered unserviceable and the tail turret damaged. The port outer engine was feathered but the port inner engine continued to give some thrust. All three motors were therefore opened up fully and it was found that control could be maintained with full aileron and rudder flying at 180 miles per hour, though losing height. At any less speed the aircraft became uncontrolllable. It was decided to make an emergency landing at Ossington and an approach was made at 185 I.A.S. with wheels down but without flap. In spite of the fact that the aircraft swung uncontrollably as soon as the motors were cut out, and that the runway was only 1400 yards long, the aircraft was successfully landed without further damage. In performing this feat Flying Officer Burchett showed superb skill and courage.’

Damage to Halifax

Commenced his operational tour with 51Sqn with a sortie to Aachen on the night of 13-14 July 1943. Between then and his death in action in December of the same year, he acted as Captain of Aircraft on 19 missions, the raid on Hamburg on the night of 27-28 July being among the more notable - his aircraft’s entry in the Squadron’s Operational Record Book describes the whole target area as a ‘mass of flames ... the glow from the fires could be seen for close on 200 miles on the way back.’ Burchett and his crew would return there two nights later, and again on the night of 3-4 August, the latter strike marking the end of a concerted effort that resulted in the famous ‘firestorm’ that caused over 40,000 casualties.

Later that month, on a trip to Berlin on the night of 23rd-24th, his Halifax was badly shot up by an enemy night fighter, an incident once more described in the Squadron’s Operational Record Book: ‘Just as the target was approached, an enemy night fighter attacked a Halifax on the starboard side. This Halifax took evasive action and the enemy then turned on our own aircraft. Enemy opened fire at 300 yards, and was replied to by both Gunners, who fired about 200 rounds each. During the attack the Flight Engineer and Rear-Gunner were wounded, and the aircraft sustained damage to the tailplane, rear turret and mainplane, and intercom which became unserviceable. Regardless of this, our Halifax threw off the attacker, who was not seen again, and then went on to bomb the target. The Flight Engineer and Rear-Gunner have been recommended for immediate Distinguished Flying Medals as a result of their devotion to duty in carrying on though wounded.’

It was shortly after this engagement - and an uneventful sortie flown to Nuremburg on the night of 27-28 August - that Burchett won his immediate AFC. The period September to November witnessed raids on Cannes, Frankfurt, Kassel (twice), Mannheim, Munich and Hannover (thrice). Tragically, however, Burchett’s luck ran out in December, on a raid to Frankfurt on the night of the 20th, an incident best described by fellow crew member, Flight Sergeant Brookes: ‘About 30 miles from the target I looked out of the astro dome and I saw another Halifax on the port side above, too close for comfort. I told the skipper and he said “Thanks, Ted,” and moved our aircraft to starboard. Just after this there was an explosion on the starboard side. It sounded like glass bottles bursting and a handful of gravel being thrown on the wing. Arthur called out “Flak” and then checked with each one of us in turn to see that we had not been hit. Then the starboard outer engine burst into flames. We stopped the engine and operated the fire extinguisher button but this had no effect. Then we were hit in the bomb bay and this caught fire, so we jettisoned the bomb load. The Wireless Operator and I were trying to put out the fire when Arthur told Pilot Officer Widdowson [who was a passenger that night] to go because he was in the way. I cannot understand why he did not survive since he went out long before we did. By this time we were coned by the searchlights and there was no way we could continue. The skipper ordered “Abandon” and I was left standing by his side, helping him as best I could. Then he pointed to the port outer engine which had also caught fire and said “Get out, Ted.” The Navigator later said he didn’t know how I made it because we were already at 500 feet when he left. Arthur must have known that when he let go of the control column he wouldn’t have had time to make it to the escape hatch, but he sat there as calmly as if he was driving a bus down the main road. He made the supreme sacrifice for his crew. I wonder how many times this happened over Germany? As I left [to bale out] I looked down towards the rear and I remember seeing red, woolly balls of fire bouncing around inside the fuselage ... as I left the aircraft I could see a long, long trail of fire behind it, like a comet ...’

Mr. and Mrs. Burchett attended an Investiture at Buckingham Palace on 20 February 1945, the former receiving from the King his late son’s AFC It would not be until September 1947, however, that the Air Ministry were in a position to confirm to his parents his last resting place: ‘The aircraft in which he was flying crashed on the bank of the River Main between Raunheim and Russelsheim at about 7.45 p.m. on 20 December 1943, and the four crew members who lost their lives were buried several days later in the cemetery at Raunheim. Individual identification was unhappily impossible and our Officers in Germany have been instructed to have the graves marked collectively with the service particulars of all four crew members ...’
306 BurdettArthur PatrickSquadron Leader78272PilotRAFVRBomber Command76Sqn
1942-03-30HalifaxIR9453MP-KTain1832TirpitzCrashed 16 miles S of Sumburgh HeadKilled Some details on this report: Read Archive Report
307 BurgessArthur BolwellSergeant402726AustraliaRAAF457Sqn RAAF
1942-04-04RAAF Honour Roll
308 BurnellDouglas ArthurPilot OfficerJ/19998Age 25CanadianPilotRCAFBomber Command408Sqn RCAF
1944-11-09On ground at baseRAF Linton-on-Ouse, YorkshireDied from self-inflicted injuriesDied of injuriesHarrogate Cemetery (Stonefall). Plot E Row D Grave 15.
Courtesy Oleg Marin

Paradie Archive DatabaseBorn on the 17th September 1918. Enlisted on the 07th February 1942

Son of Arthur William (died 30th October 1927, age 45) and Maude Evelyn Burnell née Shaw - died 1929), of 178 Maple Avenue, Hamilton, Ontario. Nephew of Ernest Burnell, of Hamilton. Grave inscription: 'And While He Lies In Peaceful Sleep His Memory We Will Always Keep'.

309 BurnsAlfred JohnFlight Sergeant42471118 June 1922 in Mascot, NSW, AustraliaAustralianAir GunnerRAAFBomber Command77 Sqn
1944-06-16HalifaxIIIMZ715KN:ZFull Sutton23:26SterkradeProbable claim by Hptm Adolf Breves Stab IV./NJG1 - near Rhenen (JM 14): 4,000m at 01:50. (Nachtjagd Combat Archives 1944 Part 3 - Theo Boiten). Debris was scattered between Ochten (Gelderland) and Dodewaard, two small villages on the North bank of the Waal 18km NW of Nijmegen. The aircraft exploded in the air, throwing WO Owen clear. He spent some time in hospital.KilledDodewaard General Cemetery Joint Grave 316.The bodies of four crew members were discovered close to the wreckage. The four crew members who perished were buried by the Germans with military honours at the cemetery in Uden on 20 June 1944. Two crew members - Air Gunners Flt Sgt Burns and Flt Sgt Tiernan were found under the wreckage a few days later. Transport difficulties prevented their burial in Uden and instead they were buried here in Dodewaard at the Municipal Cemetery on June 24, 1944

Son of Arthur James Burns and Emily Adelaide Burns, of Lidcombe, New South Wales, Australia
310 BurnsW ESergeantBomber Command226Sqn
1942-08-04BostonIIIAL275MQ-ZSwanton MorleyTrainingTook off from RAF Swanton Morley for RAF Ouston for Operation Dryshod.

The crew was faced with the loss of both of the a/c engines while in the circuit. They remained with the a/c and made a belly landing at Great Whittington at 1940 hours
SurvivedThe names of the other three crew members are not known

Operation Dryshod - This was an Allied amphibious training exercise by elements of what would become Lieutenant General Kenneth Arthur Noel Anderson’s Allied 1st Army in preparation for ‘Torch’ (August 1942)
311 BurpeeLewis JohnstonePilot OfficerJ/17115CanadaPilotDFM

RCAFBomber Command617Sqn
1943-05-16LancasterIIIED865AJ-SRAF Scampton, Lincolnshire.0011.Chastise: Dambusters RaidCrashed near Gilze Rijen HollandKilledBergen op Zoom War Cemetery. Grave 23.B.3

Paradie Archive DatabaseSon of Lewis Arthur and Lilian Agnes Burpee of Ottawa and husband of Lillian Emily Burpee of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

DFM Citation P/O. Burpee had gained his D.F.M. while flying with 106 Squadron, details being gazetted on 18th May 1943. This airman has successfully completed a number of operational sorties against targets which include the naval ports of Wilhelmshaven, Brest and Hamburg and also industrial centres in Italy He has also taken part in raids on Berlin, Nuremburg and Stuttgart. He has constantly displayed the utmost determination to complete his allocated task, whatever hardships or dangers are encountered. From raids on Lorient and St Nazaire secured valuable photographs. Flt Sgt Burpee was invariably exhibited coolness and courage and has performed his duties conscientiously and efficiently.

Courtesy John Jones

312 BurrellReginald ArthurSergeant1392530Air/BmrRAFVRBomber Command10Sqn
1943-07-15HalifaxIIIJD211ZA-YRAF Melbourne, Yorkshire2147Montbeliard See archive report for further details Missing - believed killedRunnymede Memorial. Panel 144 Read Archive Report
313 BurrowsArthur ESergeantW/Op/Air GunnerRAFVRBomber Command7Sqn
1941-07-14StirlingIN6022MG-DRAF Oakington, Cambridgeshire2300Hannover See archive report for further details Safe - killed later on Stirling I W7433 MG-USee that report Read Archive Report
314 BurtenshawDennis FrederickFlight Sergeant13214861924Bomb AimerRAFVRBomber Command156Sqn
1944-01-01LancasterIIIJB640GT-VWarboys9BerlinThere were two claims for 4 engined aircraft over Berlin- Ofw. Eduard Ries 2/JG 302 and Ofw. Kurt Welter 5/JG 302. Both flew Fw 190 fitted with FuG 217 radar. (Nachtjagd - War Diaries Vol 1 - Dr. Theo E.W. Boiten)KilledRunnymede Memorial Panel 216The MOD released a statement in April 2016. "We have discovered the identity of some unknown airmen who are buried in communal graves in Berlin War Cemetery. We have unfortunately not been able to pinpoint which crew members are contained within the grave but we do know that they came from Lancaster JB640 (156 Squadron) and Halifax LK709 (77 Squadron). We are now in the process of changing the headstone to reflect that the graves contain the crew members of these two planes. We are planning to hold a re-dedication service on 27 April at 1100 for Lancaster JB640 and 14:00 for Halifax LK709. The re-dedication services will concentrate on commemorating all of the crew members for each aircraft lost during WW2. We have several family members attending, including the widow of one of the pilots. The Defence Attaché will also be present. Wreaths will be laid and our Berlin Branch of the Royal British Legion will be in attendance. (Further information available on request)

Son of Arthur F. and Florence Burtenshaw; husband of Bridget A. Burtenshaw, of Morden, Surrey. Native of Australia
315 ButlerArthur CecilSergeant1836613Flight EngineerRAFVRBomber Command138Sqn (Special)
1944-12-02StirlingIVLK143NF-BRAF Tempsford, Bedfordshire35SOE See Archive report for further details Missing - believed killedRunnymede Memorial. Panel 226 Read Archive Report
316 ButlerWilliam ValentineWarrant Officer1318348Age 28PilotRAFVRBomber Command166Sqn
1944-01-14LancasterIIIEE137AS-C2RAF Kirmington, Lincolnshire1629BraunschweigSee archive report for further brief detailsKilledHanover War Cemetery, Lower Saxony, Germany. Grave Reference. 16. J. 3
Son of William Arthur Butler and of Lucy Ayling Butler of Copnor, Portsmouth, Hampshire. William is remembered on the War Memorial panel in the old Northern Grammar School, Portsmouth (now Mayfield School)
317 ButlerVictor John ArthurSergeant567473RAFBomber Command97Sqn (Straits Settlements)
1942-08-24LancasterIR5537OF-BWoodhall Spa2310Frankfurt Shot down by nightfighter of Hptm. Kurt Loos. Crashed Westmalle Belgium Killed Age 24Westmalle ChurchyardLancaster R5537 was detailed to attack Frankfurt on 24-25 August 1942, on the second ever Pathfinder led raid. It was not a success. Aircraft was intercepted and shot down by the German ace Hptm. Kurt H Loos, crashing near the Trappist Abbey at Westmalle, Belgium. All the crew were killed. The crew are all buried here in the small churchyard.

Attacker Kurt Loos
318 ButterissArthur WilliamSergeant1272144UKAir GunnerRAFVRMiddle East40Sqn RAF
1942-10-07WellingtonIcDV504BL-GRAF Kabrit22:40Bombing TobrukDamaged by flak over Tobruk, engines caught fire exiting target, parachuted safely.Captured. PoW No. 229191 Camp: Stalag Luft Sagan.Accident report
319 BuxtonArthur JohnSergeant785082Air/GnrRAFVRBomber Command90Sqn
1943-05-12StirlingIIIBF523WP-GRAF Ridgewell, Essex30DuisburgShot down by nightfighter of Emil Heinzelmann. See Archive Report for further detailsKilledAmersfoort (Oud Leusden) General Cemetery. Plot 13. Row 7. Grave 132
Read Archive Report
320 BuxtonMartin LeviSergeant1199580Air GunnerRAFVRBomber Command431Sqn RCAF
1943-05-29WellingtonXHE203SE-HRAF Burn, Yorkshire2310WuppertalCrashed Heers, BelgiumKilledJonkerbos War Cemetery. Grave 7.H.3 Read Archive Report
321 CadmanArthur RobertFlight Lieutenant1920NavigatorDFM

Bomber Command97Sqn (Straits Settlements) Pathfinder Force
1944-03-30LancasterIIIND390OF-SBourn2215NurnbergShot down by a night fighter of Maj Martin Drewes lll./NJG1 and crashed over Coburg whilst on a bombing raid to Nuremberg. Crashed AhornKilled Age 24Durnbach War CemeteryLancaster ND390, piloted by Flight Lieutenant D. H. Rowlands, DFC, was detailed to attack Nuremberg, as part of the main force of 795 aircraft, and was shot down by an Me.110 flown by Major Martin Drewes, III./NJG1, and crashed in the south west suburbs of Coburg, on 30-31 March 1944. All the crew were killed. 'Nuremberg, the Blackest Night in RAF History' by Martin Bowman gives the following account: ‘At 01:20 a.m. Drewes and his crew singled out their third victim of the night. It was Lancaster III ND390 NF-S of 97 Squadron which was being flown by 23 year old Flight Lieutenant Desmond Harold Rowlands DFC of Kenton Middlesex. “At 700 metres” said Handke “we could see it was another Lancaster. We were about to attack from the rear again when Petz announced that he had cleared the stoppage in our cannon. With the oblique cannon now working we could attack from below and to the side of the bomber with less risk of being seen. Drewes edged the night fighter closer and for a few seconds we were almost on a parallel course. Unaware, the Lancaster flew on. Then Drewes raked it with a long burst aimed into the wing. Flames fanned from the engines to acknowledge the accuracy of his shooting.”

Rowlands and his crew were mostly second tourists who were on their third operation with the Pathfinders. The bodies of 19 year old Sergeant Robert Myall Lane, the flight engineer of Richmond Surrey; Arthur Robert Cadman DFM the 24 year old navigator of Kingswinford Staffordshire (whose award had been granted in 49 Squadron in 1940); Albert Stanley McFadden the 28 year old bomb aimer of Walton, Liverpool and Flying Officers Edgar James Currie the 32 year old wireless operator and Fred Coleville the mid upper gunner of Chester-Le-Street, County Durham were found near the main fuselage on the edge of a wood at Ahorn in the South West suburbs of Coburg. The tail came down some distance away and the body of 28 year old Flight Lieutenant Richard Algernon Dacre Trevor Roper DFC DFM was found still in the rear turret.’

Attacker Maj Martin Drewes lll./NJG1
322 CaleyArthur AshtonSergeant1377873W/op/Air/GnrRAFVRBomber Command7Sqn
1943-06-24StirlingIIIEF392MG-NRAF Oakington, Cambridgeshire2328Wuppertal See Archive report for further details Missing - believed killedRunnymede Memorial. Panel 144 Read Archive Report
323 CallardArthur EdwardFlight Lieutenant1382994PilotRAFVRBomber Command515 Sqn
1944-09-30MosquitoVINS9933P:TForward Operating Base St. Dizier12:00RangerDay Ranger to the München-Linz-Wein area with PZ440. Developed severe engine problems and landed 16:00 at Dübendorf airfield near Zürich, Switzerland. The Mosquito had suffered debris damage to the Starboard radiator when they destroyed a Bf109. They were intercepted by Swiss fighters when they entered Swiss airspace and forced to land.InternedNote: the Squadron code was hasterly added to the aircraft but had been incorrectly painted as "P3"

Escaped to France on the 2nd October 1944 and reached the UK on the 21st October 1944. He flew one more operation on the 5th January 1945.,
324 CampbellMaurice MeltonPilot OfficerNZ/405230Age 27New ZealandObserverRNZAF1942-01-12None - lost at sea after U'Boat attack on the transit ship Yngaren400In transitSee archive report for further detailsMissing - believed killedOttawa Memorial Panel 2. Column 1. Son of Arthur Campbell and of Alice Campbell (née Jones), of Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand.
(Photo used under licence Auckland Library Heritage Collection 11 March 1942 : AWNS19420311-25-11)
Read Archive Report
325 CampbellCollin ArthurLeading Aircraftman425831AustraliaRAAF5 Elementary Flying Training School1943-05-24RAAF Honour Roll
326 CampbellArthur RussellCorporal3650AustraliaRAAF8Sqn RAAF
1941-02-14RAAF Honour Roll
327 CampbellRobert Dallas JosephFlying OfficerNZ/415817Age 27New ZealandPilot (Inst)RNZAFTraining Command1 Elementary Flying Training School

1943-08-25Tiger MothIINZ789-RNZAF Taieri, New Zealand1110TrainingSee archive report for further details and photographs

Mid-Air collision with NZ784

KilledHavelock North Cemetery. Grave 79.0
Courtesy Air Museum of New Zealand

Born on the 12th May 1916 in Havelock North. Educated at St. Patrick's Collage. Worked as a silver stream air photographer for New Zealand Airial Mapping in Hastings. Hawkes Bay and East Coast Aero Club for training as a pilot around May 1937'A' Licence awarded on the 14th March 1939. Enlisted at Levin as a pilot under training on the 18th October 1941. With No. 2 Elementary Flying Training School on the 29th October 1941. With No. 3 Service Flying Training School.

No. 3 Service Flying Training School on the 10th January 1942. Nav. 1 Service Flying Training School on the 08th March 1942. His pilot badge awarded on the 04th March 1942 and commissioned on the 24th April 1942. To Levin on an officers course on the 06th May 1942. Flying Instructor School on the 25th May 1942. To No. 1 Elementary Flying Training School as flying instructor on the 22nd July 1942. A total of 1280 solo flying hours with 1040 on the Tiger Moth.

Son of Arthur Gore Campbell (died 07th February 1920, age 46) and Mary Agnes Ethel Campbell (née Smith, of Havelock North, Hawke's Bay. Husband of Mary Aadelia Campbell (née McFarlane, later Kennedy), father of a son of Hastings, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand.

328 CantyArthur WilliamSergeant1531915Flight EngineerRAFVRBomber Command51 Sqn
1944-01-28HalifaxIIILW466MH:HSnaith00:30BerlinLW466 was claimed as a probable by Ofw Erich Kaschig, his 1st Abschuss, from 10./NJG5, north of Berlin at 02:46 hrs. (Nachtjagd Combat Archive (1 January - 15 March 1944) Part 1 - Theo Boiten)KilledBerlin 1935-1945 War Cemetery Coll. grave 9.Z.9-12Husband to Alice (née Sheen) Canty of Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England.
329 CardallLeslie ArthurSergeant1383679Flight EngineerBomber Command158Sqn
1944-01-28HalifaxIIIHX333NP-JLissett43BerlinHit by Flak at 19,000ft over Berlin sustaining very severe damage to the tail assembly. The aircraft made a successful emergency landing at Zandeweer in northeast Groningen. Six men bailed out of the damaged bomber before the pilot, Sgt Robinson and Flight Engineer, Sgt Cardall made the emergency landing. The Germans arrived quickly after the crash and arrested the eight-man crew.PoW No. 1912, Stalag Luft 6
330 CarltonArthur ErnestFlight Lieutenant130876Bomb AimerDFC

RAFVRBomber Command97 Sqn
1944-05-03LancasterIIIND706OF:AConingsby21:59Mailly-le-CampClaim by Oblt Walter Riedlberger 1/NJG4 - Gallardon-Ablis area (BD 8/9): 1,800m at 01:07. (Nachtjagd Combat Archives 1944 Part 2 - Theo Boiten) Crashed 3km South West of Allainville 20km SSE of Rambouillt.KilledSt-Desir War Cemetery Plot 8 Row B Collective Grave 5-8Flt.Lt. Carlton was awarded the DFC whilst with 97 Squadron. Gazetted 19th May 1944

Son of Edward and Eleanor Carlton; husband of Doris Maud Carlton, of Seven Kings, Essex
331 CarltonArthur Corporal19673AustraliaRAAF2 Air Navigation School Nhill1943-11-10RAAF Honour Roll
332 CarmichaelJohn Arthur LloydFlight SergeantAUS/420537Age 25AustralianAir GunnerRAAFBomber Command51Sqn
1944-02-24HalifaxIIILV778C6-BRAF Snaith, Yorkshire 1825Schweinfurt See archive report for further details KilledDurnbach War Cemetery 9.E.28.
Read Archive Report
333 CarmichaelJohn Arthur LloydFlight Sergeant420537AustraliaRAAF51Sqn RAF
1944-02-24RAAF Honour Roll
334 CarmodyArthur JohnFlight Lieutenant409510AustraliaRAAF150 Squadron att RAF1947-05-06RAAF Honour Roll
335 CarpenterCharles ArthurSergeantR/8251131 Jan 1915CanadianPilotRCAFBomber Command405Sqn RCAF
1942-10-01HalifaxIIW7780LQ-QTopcliffe1757FlensburgConed by 2/Res Flakscheinw Abt 609 (Werfer 24). Hit by 2-4/Res Flak Abt 306, 1-3/lei Flak Abt 755 and lei. Marinefalkzug Murwik. Crashed Flensburg-Weiche at 2229hrsKillledKiel War Cemetery Plot 2 Row G Grave 5Initially buried at Flensburg

The crew belonged to 425 Sqn and were attached to 405 Sqn to gain operational experience on the Halifax. 425 Sqn were not issued with the Halifax until Dec 1943

Son of Thomas W. and Mary Lillian Carpenter, of Mille Roches, Ontario, Canada
336 CarpenterArthur VincentSergeant984207Age 20W/Op/Air/GnrRAFVRBomber Command51Sqn
1941-11-07WhitleyVZ9130MH-FRAF Dishforth2221BerlinSee archive report for further brief detailsMissing - believed killedRunnymede Memorial. Panel 40.

Son of Arthur Herbert and Mabel Theresa, of Manchester, England
337 CarrollArthur C CaptainO-416268USAPilotUSAAF353rd Fighter Group351st Fighter Squadron
1944-11-27P-51 Mustang1 Luftwaffe destroyedSource:
ETO (European Theatre)
338 CarterStanley ArthurSergeant9028101921Air GunnerRAFVRBomber Command106Sqn
1942-08-11LancasterIW4109ZN-Coningsby2300MainzCrashed Koblenzer Strasse near BAD camp Waldesch 9km SSW of Koblenz (Flak?).KilledRheinberg War Cemetery Plot 10 Row E Grave 18.The crew were initially laid to rest in the French Friedhof Koblenz

Son of Arthur Charles and Lilian May Carter, of Exmouth, Devon
339 CarterArthur CharlesFlight Lieutenant61006PilotDFC


RAFVRBomber Command109 Sqn
1944-06-02MosquitoXVIML962HS:?Little Staughton23:28LeverkusenHit by flak which damaged the controls and the port engines. Regained the south coast, but was abandoned circa 02:50 near Caterham, Surrey, crashing into the front garden of a house in Ridgemount Avenue, Coulston. A blazing fuel tank was thrown into the roof of a dwelling in Woodlands Grove, killing 18 month old Alan Roote and injuring his parents who were admitted to Purley Hospital.Survived DFC awarded whilst with 109 Sqn, gazetted 7th July 1944. Citation reads "Flight Lieutenant Arthur Charles CARTER (61006), R.A.F.V.R., 109 Sqn. Flying Officer Ernest Walter GARRETT (Can/J. 16299), R.C.A.F., 109 Sqn. These officers were pilot and navigator respectively of an aircraft detailed to attack Leverkusen one night in June, 1944. When nearing'the target the aircraft was hit by anti-aircraft fire which damaged the port tail plane. Just afterwards both the port engines were affected when ano'ther shell burst underneath' the aircraft. Nevertheless, Flight Lieutenant Carter maintained a steady run and the target was successfully attacked. Almost immediately the aircraft was again hit. The elevator and aileron controls were severed. A measure of control was lost but' Flight Lieutenant Carter succeeded in bringing the bomber level and a course was set for home. Soon after leaving the target one of the damaged engines, caught fire and had to be. put out of action. The aircraft gradually lost height but Flight Lieutenant Carter held resolutely to.his course and finally reached an airfield. This officer dispayed skill, gallantry and devotion to duty of a high order. Flying Officer Garrett also proved himself to be a valiant and devoted member of aircraft crew.' In the face of most harassing circumstances he navigated his aircraft with unerring skill and also rendered other assistance >to his pilot in his endeavours to reach this country."

Bar to DFC awarded to Sqn.Ldr. Carter, whilst with 109 Sqn, gazetted 16th January 1945
340 CarterDenis FrankFlight Sergeant658594Age 24UKPilot U/TRAFTraining Command5 (Pilots) Advanced Flying Unit. 21 Group1943-11-07Miles MasterIEM281-RAF Tern Hill, Shropshire1325TrainingSee archive report for further brief detailsKilledBraintree Cemetery. Grave 8179.Son of Arthur and Lois Hannah Carter, of Guilden Morden, Cambridgeshire. Grave inscription: 'So He Passed Over And All The Trumpets Sounded For Him On The Other Side'.
341 CarterArthur ReginaldFlight LieutenantJ/15673CanadianPilotDFC
RCAFFighter Command409Sqn RCAF
1944-08-09MosquitoXIIIHK406KP-4RAF Hunsdon15:30Test flightStarboard engine sheared off aircraft causing spin and fatal crashKilledBrookwood Military Cemetery, 43. A. 6. United Kingdom
Accident report
342 CassidyJack ArthurFlight Sergeant41382321st December 1921 in Croydon Park, New South WalesAustralianWireless Operator/ Air GunnerRAAFBomber Command460Sqn RAAF
1944-01-20LancasterIIIJB739AR:ERAF Binbrook16:14BerlinAbandoned after being engaged by Uffz. Franz Zawadka, his 1st Abschuss from 4./NJG5 at 1919 hrs (Nachtjagd Combat Archive (1 January - 15 March 1944) Part 1 - Theo Boiten). The aircraft crashed near MecklenburgPoW No 919, Stalag Luft 6
343 CastonRonald ArthurPilot Officer187018NavigatorRAFVRBomber Command161Sqn1945-03-22StirlingIVLK209MA-TRAF Tempsford2300SOE See archive report for further details KilledVlieland General Cemetery. Grave 77 Read Archive Report
344 CaswellHarry CosgraveFlight SergeantAUS/413735Age 28AustralianAir BomberRAAFBomber Command76Sqn
1944-06-02HalifaxIIIMZ604MP-WRAF Holme on Spalding Moor2231TrappesSee archive report for further brief detailsKilledBretigny-Sur-Orge Communal Cemetery. Grave 10
Born on the 29th October 1915 at Coonamble, NSW. Enlisted 13th September 1941. Son of Arthur Thomas Caswell and Ethel Gertrude Caig Caswell of Brewarrina, NSW. Grave inscription: 'Loved Son Of The Late Arthur And Mrs. Caswell Of Brewarrina, N.S.W.'.
345 CatchpolePeterWarrant Officer658202NavigatorDFC


RAFVRFighter604 Sqn
1944-08-11MosquitoNFXIIIMM496RangerRan into HK516 during landing run at A.8 Picauville (After midnight). Written off from fireSafeDFC awarded to to 179137 Plt Off wihilst with 604 Sqn, Gazetted 24th October 1944 Citation redas: These officers have completed very many sorties in the role of Pilot and Observer repectively. They displayed a high degree of skill and resolution and destoyed 3 enemy aircraft at night. Pilot Officer Catchpoile has also assisted in the destruction of another enemy aircraft.

Bar to DFC awarded to 179137 Plt Off Catchpole with 604 Sqn, Gazetted 27th October 1944. Citation reads: Bar to Distinguished Flying Cross. Flight Lieutenant Reginald Arthur MILLER, D.F.C. (123201), R.A.F.V.R., 604 Sqn. Distinguished Flying Cross. Pilot Officer Peter CATCHPOLE (179137), R.A.F.V.R., 604 Sqn. These officers have completed very many sorties in the role of pilot and observer respectively. They have displayed a high degree of skill and resolution and have destroyed 3 enemy aircraft at night. Pilot Officer Catchpole has also assisted in the destruction of another enemy aircraft
346 CatlinErnest WestSergeant1076033Age 22Air GunnerRAFVRBomber Command61Sqn
1942-09-10LancasterIR5888QR-?Syerston2030DusseldorfSee archive report for further brief detailsKilledReichswald Forest War Cemetery. Grave 16.G.13Son of Arthur Harold and Evelyn Catlin, of Leicester, England
347 CattArthur RowlandSergeant1252994Wireless Operator/Air GunnerRAFVRCoastal Command228 Sqn RAF

1942-08-25SunderlandlllW4026DQ:MRAF Invergordon, Cromarty Firth13:05Special Mission to IcelandSee archive report for detailsKiAEnfield (Hertford Road) Cemetery, Sec. C. Cons. Grave 7630

Eagle's Rock Memorial, Dunbeath Caithness
Son of Edward Rowland and Elizabeth Catt, of Enfield; husband of Irene Margaret Catt, of Enfield.
348 CattyArthur WellesleyFlight Sergeant Air Bomber1585325Bomber Command460Sqn RAAF
1943-12-02LancasterIW4881AR-KRAF Binbrook, Lincolnshire1644BerlinAttacked and shot down by 2 night fighters. Crashed at Paderdam, Gottin, Brandenburg, GermanyPoW No. 267152 Stalag Muhlberg-Elbe - 4B Read Archive Report
349 CavanaughRobert JosephSergeantR/135149Air GunnerRCAFBomber Command405Sqn RCAF
1942-11-17HalifaxIIbW1096LQ-O RAF Beaulieu, Hampshire, England Not knownTrainingAircraft accident/malfunctionKilledSaffron Walden Cemetery. Compt. 39. Grave 23Paradie Archive Database Read Archive Report
350 CaveArthur ErnestFlight Sergeant615262W/Op/Air GunnerRAFBomber Command142Sqn
1941-07-30WellingtonIIW5364QT-HRAF Binbrooke, Lincolnshire1K̦ln See archive report for full details KilledWallesey (Rake Lane) Cemetery Sec 19C. Grave 362A Read Archive Report

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