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Allied Losses and Incidents Including All USAAF Claims
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A'Court (Acourt) G A Lancaster ED532
A'Court (Acourt) G H Mosquito ML985
A'Court (Acourt) Gladstone Arthur
Aageberg James B P-47 Thunderbolt
Aal Olger I P-51 Mustang
Aalborg K I Lancaster NE126
Aarflot B L B Spitfire PT906
Aarflot A E. Spitfire NH531
Aaron Elmer Oscar Lancaster LL891
Aaron J Lancaster PB486
Aaron Arthur Louis Stirling EF452
Aas A A B Spitfire
Aasberg B Spitfire NH425
Abakanowicz Leon Brunon Wellington Z1468
Abbas P R Wellington Z8833
Abberton J Stirling W7568
Abbey Donald George
Abbiss Leslie William Stirling BK688
Abbott Sydney Charles Bertram Ventura AJ454
Abbott B T Vickers Wellington R1298
Abbott Stanley James Lancaster LL853
Abbott Geoffrey Frederick Wellington MF375
Abbott C R Typhoon DN587
Abbott William Gibbs Mustang FB148
Abbott A R Hampden P1156
Abbott J R Halifax LV906
Abbott P J Lancaster ND993
Abbott F B Battle L5230
Abbott F B Battle P2176
Abbott R Blenheim N6202
Abbott H Wellington X3554
Abbott H Lancaster JB709
Abbott A W Wellington Z8521
Abbott Douglas Alan Lancaster DV404
Abbott F J Lancaster NG417
Abbott N W S Fortress SR382
Abbott F H Blenheim YP-X
Abbott R T Halifax LK995
Abbott Wilfred Halifax MZ628
Abbott L C Halifax MZ313
Abbott A R Hampden AE251
Abbott Hampden P1317
Abbott C Stirling BF467
Abbott C H Halifax LW293
Abbott Arthur Frank Lancaster JB365
Abbott Geoffrey David
Abbott Bruce Andrew Stanley
Abbott Neville
Abbott Lewis James
Abbott Stanley Arthur
Abbott Sydney Charles Bertram
Abbott Roy Edgar
Abbott Willia Noel Beaufort W6493
Abbott Earl L
Abbott George W. B-26 Miss Eveready 41-34881
Abbott Earl Leroy P-51 Mustang 44-14710 Flossie III
Abbott Earl L
Abbott Earl L P-47 Thunderbolt
Abbott Earl L P-47 Thunderbolt
Abbott Earl L P-47 Thunderbolt
Abbott Earl L P-51 Mustang
Abbott Earl L P-51 Mustang
Abbott Earl L P-51 Mustang
Abbotts J E Spitfire
Abbs R C Lancaster PB243
Abdallah Edward A P-47 Thunderbolt
Abe Bernard Victor
Abecassis G E Stirling LK238
Abel Leslie Fancis Lancaster R5895
Abel Sydney Lancaster ED451
Abel G T Halifax NA611
Abel J S Wellington BJ898
Abel S Lancaster LM285
Abel R Hampden P4340
Abel Victor
Abel Luther J P-47 Thunderbolt
Abel Luther J P-47 Thunderbolt
Abell D R Lancaster ME667
Abell R E Halifax LV862
Abell F Lancaster DS722
Abell Douglas Roy
Abels A Halifax HR911
Abels A Halifax V9978
Abels A Halifax L9526
Abercrombie Laurence Norman Wellington HF906
Abercrombie R R Lancaster W4262
Abercrombie Peter Fleming
Abercromby William Lancaster ND354
Aberle D B Lancaster ED664
Aberle Douglas Buchanan
Abernathy Robert W P-51 Mustang
Abernathy Robert W P-51 Mustang
Abernathy Robert W P-51 Mustang
Abernathy Robert W P-51 Mustang
Abernathy Robert W P-51 Mustang
Abernethy R F Hampden X3030
Abernethy J A S Wellington R1323
Abery E S Blenheim R3842
Abery F J Lancaster JB241
Abey Mitchell George Boston W8326
Ablamowicz Stanisław Wellington Z1495
Ablett J S R Halifax JB834
Ablett H G Wellington P2524
Ablett C Lancaster DV401
Ablett P D Halifax DT768
Ablewhite E J Lancaster W4942
Abraham Julian Vickers Wellington R3280
Abraham J H Lancaster LM119
Abraham Charles Frederick Lancaster ED359
Abraham R B Wellington Z8410
Abraham R G Lancaster LM645
Abraham A L Lancaster W4234
Abraham B A Stirling EE887
Abraham James Hedley
Abraham Clayton S. B-26 42-107747
Abrahams Alec (Aleck) Halifax LL185
Abrahams F J Whitley P5082
Abrahams Leo Reginald
Abrahams A.J. Wellington BK467
Abrahamsen T B Spitfire PL393
Abramik Zygmunt Wellington BK150
Abrams A Lancaster NG133
Abrams R W Lancaster PD403
Abrams S W Halifax JD465
Abrams S E Lancaster PB637
Abrams R W Stirling LK385
Abrams B C Whirlwind P7099
Abrams Kevin Kenny
Abramson Mark Leslie Lancaster ME726
Abrey Cyrill William Wellington W5452
Abrey G J Ventura AJ171
Ace J H Lancaster PB200
Acezat L Halifax NA529
Acheson G V Mosquito PZ226
Acheson J S Halifax HR654
Acheson J McF Lancaster W4987
Achtymichuk Alexander Halifax LK802
Acker J G Halifax JB923
Ackerley D B Halifax JD207
Ackerman Ronald F. Wellington L7852
Ackerman G W Lancaster LM653
Ackernley P R Wellington DV892
Ackers R D Typhoon MN595
Ackland W E Halifax LW290
Ackland L J Mosquito DK318
Ackland Wellington Z8904
Ackland Albert Halifax LK906
Ackland P Lancaster LM260
Ackley John W P-38 Lightning
Ackley John W P-38 Lightning
Ackroyd John Thomas Wellington X9763
Ackroyd I L T Mosquito RV298
Ackroyd H Lancaster JA704
Ackroyd J O Halifax MZ570
Ackroyd E Halifax JB857
Acland W R Lancaster EE180
Acland Ion Hugh Blenheim T2443
Acombe-Hill C A Lancaster W4315
Acorn C W Lancaster JB222
Acorn J W Halifax JD174
Acosta Money J Jr P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Acourt H G Wellington X3749
Acourt B C Halifax MZ679
Acquier J F Halifax LL134
Acres R J Lancaster LM587
Acres Leonard Hampden AD756
Acres E P Lancaster KB816
Acres Robert Joseph
Acthem J Lancaster LL791
Acton J H Stirling LK386
Acton George Nelson Halifax JB858
Acton G A Blenheim L9413
Acton N Stirling W5780
Acton E P Blenheim V5822
Acton-Hill Ian Rex Locke Halifax HR752
Acworth George F Lancaster LL803
Acworth D H Mosquito DZ468
Acworth Richard Alvin
Ada Alan Fletcher
Adach Henryk Hawker Hurricane V6566
Adair C E Lancaster DV233
Adair David Kenneth Lancaster LM474
Adair Leslie James Lancaster JB553
Adair A D Wellington X3713
Adair R Lancaster DS627
Adair H H Hurricane V7602
Adair S Lancaster ME596
Adair E Lancaster JB546
Adair R S Halifax L9492
Adair S W Blenheim R3604
Adair Charles Edward
Adam W J Lancaster LL861
Adam B J Blenheim V6391
Adam R E Stirling EE946
Adam Joseph Paul Hector Lancaster PB451
Adam R F Lancaster KB753
Adam T J S Mosquito PF404
Adam J C Stirling R9282
Adam W S Wellington T2885
Adam J D Halifax HR662
Adam J G Wellington HZ357
Adam W W Blenheim L9249
Adam R K Typhoon MN239
Adam D D Lancaster PB921
Adam K A Halifax DT734
Adam G C Stirling BF415
Adam Walter Joseph
Adam Basil John
Adam Rea Douglas Porter
Adam John Phillip
Adam Gordon Ross
Adamczyk Ignacy Wellington Z1468
Adamek Mieczysław Supermarine Spitfire ML275
Adamiak Jan North American P-51d Mustang FZ147
Adamik Wilhelm Vickers Wellington N2852
Adamina Robert E P-47 Thunderbolt
Adamowicz Klemens Vickers Wellington HF208
Adamowski Jan Maria Lancaster NN718
Adams Ronald Arthur Lancaster RF230
Adams John Alfred Lancaster DV292
Adams R H Hurricane
Adams Denis Gordon Blenheim Z7296
Adams W K Lancaster LM226
Adams S Lancaster LM219
Adams J C Lancaster DV178
Adams Frank Percy Lancaster ND995
Adams Peter Edward Frederick Blenheim N3593
Adams James Campbell Wellington R3162
Adams John Harvey Millar Wellington LP547
Adams Basil Andrew Wellington W5417
Adams Frank Henry Halifax BB364
Adams Desire Ernest Charles Wellington X3309
Adams Andrew Mill Halifax NA259
Adams Hugh Charles Hurricane V6612
Adams Gilbert Ernest Lancaster LM424
Adams Walter Waldron Wellington MS471
Adams Kenneth Cyril Christopher Lancaster ED858
Adams Peter Alexander Blenheim R3884
Adams George Halifax DT672
Adams Clifford Halifax LW715
Adams Kenneth Thomas John Lancaster R5916
Adams Cyril Gilbert Roy Wellington LP197
Adams John Henry Wellington HE898
Adams Ronald Wellington LN928
Adams Reginald Liberator KH245
Adams J J W Lancaster W4108
Adams V R Lancaster HK756
Adams F G W Hampden P5330
Adams H A Lancaster KB759
Adams F E Halifax NA186
Adams J C Lancaster NG331
Adams G P Lancaster ED602
Adams Frederick Coulson Whitley Z6667
Adams Robert Mercer Catalina FP239
Adams Lloyd John Wellington JA563
Adams Thomas Gordon Huie Lancaster LM286
Adams James Main Lancaster LM167
Adams W Lancaster PB415
Adams W Lancaster PD139
Adams W Lancaster PA992
Adams A J Whitley BD193
Adams S B Halifax JD315
Adams D H G Halifax HR696
Adams J A Halifax JD366
Adams A E Halifax JD467
Adams S G Halifax HX150
Adams R Whitley T4136
Adams P W Lancaster ED384
Adams Battle P2315
Adams D Lancaster LM314
Adams G R C C Lancaster JB746
Adams R R Hampden P2099
Adams A E Lancaster R5608
Adams H T Lancaster W4102
Adams R C Lancaster LM215
Adams T H Lancaster DV196
Adams Boston W8387
Adams P E F Blenheim R3686
Adams A E Lancaster HK555
Adams J Lancaster LL651
Adams F J Wellington BJ730
Adams D E Lancaster PD207
Adams P M Lancaster ED995
Adams P D Hampden X3047
Adams M T H Hampden AD905
Adams G R N Wellington R1512
Adams M E Wellington T2737
Adams D A M Stirling LK383
Adams J Stirling EF412
Adams E J Lancaster ED473
Adams F T Halifax HR719
Adams W A Lancaster ME829
Adams A J Lancaster PA179
Adams R B T Typhoon MN977
Adams J E Lancaster ND555
Adams T G Blenheim N3564
Adams R W Stirling BK653
Adams I G Battle P2249
Adams F C Wellington Z1069
Adams W S Wellington R1368
Adams F C Wellington Z8910
Adams B H G Stirling EF425
Adams W S C Hurricane N2654
Adams Horace John D.G. Wellington BK559
Adams Reginald Thomas Halifax W1113
Adams D A Spitfire N3267
Adams G Lancaster KB800
Adams J R B Hampden AD915
Adams C Halifax LW413
Adams D A Halifax LK657
Adams F T H Lancaster ED949
Adams D G Lancaster ND537
Adams D Lancaster ND498
Adams Hampden X3125
Adams S G Halifax DT686
Adams R H Halifax LV777
Adams L R Halifax LV822
Adams K E C Halifax LW538
Adams K E C Halifax MZ581
Adams P A I Lancaster LM455
Adams H H Lancaster ND475
Adams J W Mosquito ML968
Adams Charles Corringham Mosquito HJ661
Adams L S Hampden P4356
Adams G Stirling BF511
Adams K Lancaster PB286
Adams R Lancaster ND531
Adams W E Halifax DT511
Adams K A Halifax JB839
Adams L Halifax JB873
Adams H J Halifax DT775
Adams A W Whitley Z6664
Adams D A Blenheim R3756
Adams Hampden X3059
Adams R A Lancaster JB461
Adams D Boston Z2260
Adams Blenheim Z7454
Adams Blenheim R3844
Adams Blenheim V6028
Adams D J E Lancaster JA896
Adams N E Lancaster EE188
Adams D Lancaster PD269
Adams Roydon James
Adams Raymond James
Adams Phillip Paul
Adams Richard Harry
Adams Arthur Ernest
Adams Edmund Arthur
Adams Eric Kenneth
Adams Frank Percy
Adams John Methven Robertson
Adams John Lawrence
Adams George Charles
Adams Leslie Clarence
Adams William David Liberator KH214
Adams Fletcher Eugene P-51 Mustang 43-12468 'Southern Belle'
Adams Herbert Charles Wellington LB221
Adams George W
Adams William A. B-24 Wham Bam! Thank You, Ma'm 42-110107
Adams Frederick Raymond Wellington P9277
Adams Fletcher Eugene P-51 Mustang
Adams Fletcher Eugene P-51 Mustang
Adams Fletcher Eugene P-51 Mustang
Adams Fletcher Eugene P-51 Mustang
Adams Fletcher Eugene P-51 Mustang
Adams Fletcher Eugene P-51 Mustang
Adams Fletcher Eugene P-51 Mustang
Adams Fletcher Eugene P-51 Mustang
Adams George W P-47 Thunderbolt
Adams Louis W Jr P-38 Lightning
Adams Louis W Jr P-38 Lightning
Adams Louis W Jr P-38 Lightning
Adams Martin E P-47 Thunderbolt`
Adams Robert G P-47 Thunderbolt
Adams Thomas H P-51 Mustang
Adams Thomas H P-51 Mustang
Adams Thomas H P-51 Mustang
Adams Thomas H P-51 Mustang
Adams Thomas H P-51 Mustang
Adams William G Jr Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Adams William G Jr Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Adams Jr. Franklin W. B-17 43-38445
Adams-Langley J A Lancaster PB144
Adamson John Lancaster DS709
Adamson William Ian Lancaster DV264
Adamson J McL Lancaster JB233
Adamson R H Lancaster JB724
Adamson D M Stirling EH877
Adamson W Wellington AD605
Adamson G R Lancaster LL649
Adamson W T Lancaster ED995
Adamson R W Blenheim R3666
Adamson W Stirling EH895
Adamson Wellington X9810
Adamson Wellington Z1103
Adamson J W Lancaster PB561
Adamson J A Stirling W7579
Adamson J Halifax JD465
Adamson Leonard George
Adamson Robert David
Adamson Kenneth Ebenezer
Adauist F Halifax I MZ984
Adcock T Lancaster LM116
Adcock William Jeffery Lancaster PB126
Adcock William Jeffrey Lancaster ND995
Adcock R S Tempest EJ812
Adcock Lawrence Rockliffe Halifax W7886
Adcock R Manchester L7494
Adcock Thomas
Adcock Ronald John Henry
Adcock William Jeffrey
Adcock Frederick William
Addems C C Lancaster ME792
Addenbrooke D Blenheim N3552
Adderley T H Lancaster ND404
Adderley T Blenheim L1325
Addie P A F Hampden L4063
Addinsall G W Lancaster DV164
Addinsall G W Lancaster EE199
Addinsall Geoffrey William
Addinsell P Mosquito W4069
Addis John Henry Wellington X3652
Addis R G Wellington R1349
Addis H W Mosquito ML918
Addis T F N Lancaster ND962
Addison T W S Lancaster R5746
Addison William Walter George Lancaster ED627
Addison Joseph Horace Lancaster W4827
Addison D G Halifax LK632
Addison H A S Halifax JD366
Addison P Wellington R1167
Addison W E Halifax LW460
Addison J E Ventura AE713
Addison C E Lancaster ED950
Addison Henry James
Addison Alexander Gordon
Addison Thomas William Sheridan
Addy D Lancaster DV290
Addyman Dennis Edwalds Halifax NR246
Addyman D E Halifax NA627
Adelsrein J J Lancaster LM333
Aderton J M Blenheim L9247
Adey I Wellington R1167
Adey J W Hampden AT142
Adey F Lancaster R5691
Adger A S Lancaster W4825
Adilman B M Lancaster KB821
Adilman B L Wellington X3963
Adkin L S J Lancaster DS706
Adkins Henry Charles Stirling W7635
Adkins I H Blenheim Z5902
Adkins A E C Halifax L9501
Adkins Boyd N Jr P-51 Mustang
Adkins Boyd N Jr P-51 Mustang
Adkins Frank E P-47 Thunderbolt
Adkins Jesse O P-47 Thunderbolt
Adkison T J Lancaster ND671
Adlam R G D Lancaster PB872
Adlam K F Wellington Z8833
Adlam P R Wellington Z8833
Adlam R P Blenheim T1881
Adlam A A A Halifax JB904
Adlam O P E R J Wellington BJ778
Adlam L F P Whitley T4171
Adlam Frank Percival Spitfire RM635
Adlard William Robert Halifax LV963
Adler Wilhelm Lancaster LM487
Adler W L Lancaster JB540
Adler M Lancaster ND576
Adler Halifax W7669
Adnams Cyril George Halifax W7925
Adnet J Halifax NR153
Adolf Wacław
Adolph Arthur Albert
Adrain R R A Lancaster NX584
Adrian Florian Edmund
Adrian William Wynward
Adrianse Lyle A P-47 Thunderbolt
Adrianse Lyle A P-47 Thunderbolt
Adsett Frederick Charles Wellington BK271
Adsetts Jack Lancaster ED979
Adshead P J N Hampden AE266
Adye C F G Hurricane
Aeberhardt R A C Spitfire R6912
Aedy R G Halifax L9489
Aegerter Henry Jr P-47 Thunderbolt`
Affleck J Mosquito HK203
Affleck D Halifax LW513
Afflick W R Lancaster W4896
Agar B W Halifax DT617
Agar Gilbert Harry Lancaster ND700
Agar W Wellington Z5171
Agar W Wellington X3708
Agar G B S Wellington R1507
Agar J Wellington
Agar John Robert Wellington BJ987
Agassiz Roland Ernest Garnault Halifax HR832
Agate J V Wellington HE728
Agate G E Halifax HR810
Agazarian Noel Le Chavalier 'Aggy")
Ager W G A Lancaster W4275
Ager Peter Dennis Victor Halifax LW433
Ager V R Lancaster ED307
Ager E D Stirling BF478
Agg C E Lancaster PB407
Agg Richard William Lancaster LL853
Aggers William R
Aggers William R P-47 Thunderbolt
Aggett A H R Wellington BJ961
Aggle P Mosquito HJ715
Agnew R M Lancaster LM303
Agnew David Renwick Halifax JD215
Agnew J G Halifax LV998
Agnew C Lancaster LL949
Agnew A Halifax JD198
Agnew W H Lancaster PD274
Agnew K L Lancaster DV306
Agnew H J Whitley P5042
Agnew Robert
Agrell J D Wellington T2880
Agur P G Halifax MZ302
Ahearn Donald Algernon Joseph
Ahearn John
Ahern J Spitfire W3409
Ahern Edmund James Kiely
Ahern Kevin Joseph
Ahern John Arthur
Aherne P Blenheim L9217
Aherne J B Lancaster PB521
Ahrens W C Typhoon MN879
Aiano Robert Harold Halifax MZ529
Aichison C E J Wellington T2805
Aicken J N Halifax NR249
Aicken M N Wellington X3203
Aicken K R Lancaster W4378
Aide Louis Lynde Avro Anson 12478
Aiken David Halifax JB858
Aiken D E Lancaster ND751
Aiken A Wellington R3236
Aikens S J Halifax NP759
Aikens Leonard A P-47 Thunderbolt`
Aikman W McA Lancaster ND441
Ailey J D Halifax W1175
Ailwood Hampden P4351
Ainge John Albert Spitfire MH470
Ainger Stan Robert J. Hampden AT156
Ainger T B Wellington X3485
Ainley H Lancaster NN726
Ainsbury Wellington R1096
Ainscough H T M Wellington W5729
Ainscow William Lancaster JB400
Ainsley Alan Halifax MZ813
Ainsley S Typhoon MN775
Ainsley R W Typhoon RB438
Ainsley L C Halifax MZ624
Ainslie R A Wellington Z8517
Ainslie Hudson Garth
Ainsworth Sydney Wilson Lancaster DV275
Ainsworth N Lancaster W4784
Ainsworth B C Lancaster ED660
Ainsworth R T Battle L4952
Ainsworth L P Halifax JB860
Ainsworth R E Halifax MZ807
Ainsworth D B Hampden X3141
Ainsworth S Halifax HR782
Ainsworth K W Lancaster NG386
Ainsworth G Lancaster JB284
Ainsworth David McMillan
Ainsworth Keith Walter
Ainzstein R Lancaster PD309
Air J Lancaster PA993
Air/Bmr: Fl/Sgt. Davey Age 23 Leonard Wallace Halifax JP179
Aird R I H Whitley Z6793
Aird K Wellington X3448
Aird J S Lancaster ED492
Aird Kenneth
Aires E K Blenheim V6512
Airey Eric Lancaster W4334
Airey Leslie Lancaster ED377
Airey M T Halifax LW317
Airey D V Lancaster ND976
Airey R W Halifax LW509
Airs W Lancaster ND897
Airy A B R Wellington HF544
Airy A R Lancaster W4278
Airy Andrew Basil Reginald
Aiston Aidan Halifax LW621
Aiston A W Lancaster ND637
Aistrop C S Typhoon MN805
Aitcheson Allan Graham
Aitchison James Dougal Wellington P2520
Aitchison K M Stirling EH908
Aitchison E G Spitfire TB737
Aitchison H M Wellington X9759
Aitchison C E J Wellington X3282
Aitchison R J Lancaster ME321
Aitchison R Halifax MZ289
Aitchison A S Halifax DT644
Aitchison H L J Mustang AP192
Aitchison A S Typhoon JP6492
Aitchison R S Wellington X3370
Aitchison K M Stirling EF179
Aitken John Wellington W5452
Aitken John Lancaster ED429
Aitken Leonard Lancaster ME814
Aitken Alan Henderson Stirling LK209
Aitken J W Lancaster KB786
Aitken G E Halifax LK959
Aitken J M Lancaster LM446
Aitken R N Lancaster DV267
Aitken K D Lancaster LM215
Aitken C Wellington X3989
AItken J Battle L5249
Aitken J D Stirling W7437
Aitken R L Stirling W7431
Aitken R B Lancaster LM575
Aitken W C Manchester L7278
Aitken G S Spitfire W3564
Aitken G D Spitfire BR630
Aitken A Halifax HR789
Aitken H M Lancaster ND572
Aitken T N Mosquito HK289
Aitken R J Lancaster LL785
Aitken Sir John William Maxwell ("Max")
Aitken Arthur Matthew
Aitken Robert James
Aitken John Jr P-51 Mustang
Aitken John Jr P-51 Mustang
Aitken-Quack R W Typhoon JP924
Aitkenhead G S Wellington R1721
Aitkenhead W Halifax JN921
Aitkenhead A Lancaster LL884
Aiton H Halifax LK907
Aiton Keith Andrew
Ajrekar Laxman Shripad Mitchell HD329
Akehurst J Wellington X3169
Akehurst B S J Lancaster LL689
Akeister C W Lancaster W4949
Akenhead T S Lancaster NG324
Akerman Frederick Samuel Lancaster R5550
Akeroyd Terence Clifton Wellington HF307
Akeroyd Wilfred Stubley Blenheim
Akers R G Stirling EE883
Akers J A Lancaster ND982
Akers Stanley Charles
Akes Vernon Charles
Akhurst S J Lancaster LM596
Akin Thomas Bernard Avro Anson 12478
Akrill W E Wellington BJ756
Akroyd H J Spitfire N3039
Alabaster R C Whitley T4299
Alavoine A Halifax NA121
Alba Michael P-51 Mustang
Alba Michael P-51 Mustang
Albans A Lancaster RF196
Albers M M Halifax LV828
Albert Joseph Henry Yvon Halifax LW395
Albert John Amos Halifax EB251
Albert M H Lancaster DV308
Albert David John
Albert Edgar J P-47 Thunderbolt
Alberti Stefan Karol Vickers Wellington BK471
Alberti Stefan Karol PZL-23B Karas D1
Alberts Edward Lloyd Lancaster JB684
Albery R L Wellington BK313
Albery A R Lancaster JB462
Albiston S Wellington R1393
Albiston K Stirling EH936
Albon Robert Beckett Catalina FP232
Albon Eric Halifax LV820
Albon E J Halifax LK790
Albon Robert Beckett
Albone A R Halifax LW481
Albonice R A Hurricane L1856
Albrecht O J Lancaster LL750
Albrecht John Martin Beart Halifax W7913
Albrecht V M Whitley Z6749
Albrecht J Wellington N2771
Albright Frederick Bruce Wellington W5618
Albright Robert Baker Halifax W7769
Albright Edward M P-47 Thunderbolt
Albright Jr. S/Sgt Oren D. B-17 42-97480
Albrighton E T Wellington Z8805
Albutt O L Lancaster JA918
Alcazar W E Halifax W7715
Alcock G A Whitley Z6584
Alcock E H Lancaster DV231
Alcock John Perry Lysander V9748
Alcock S R Lancaster ME806
Alcock G T Lancaster LM360
Alcock J Halifax JD263
Alcock F K Stirling BF564
Alcock P F G Whitley N1490
Alcock S H Lancaster JB724
Alcock John Edward
Alcorn J W Lancaster JB460
Alcorn James Alexander
Alcorn James William
Alcorn Estel C P-47 Thunderbolt
Alcorn Lavern R P-47 Thunderbolt
Alcott A J Lancaster LL960
Aldcorn W F Spitfire BL587
Alden Arthur John Halifax NA578
Alden J L Hampden P2068
Alder George Stirling N3655
Alder C D Wellington HE771
Alder K C R Lancaster PB848
Alder J N Stirling N3663
Alderdice William Yarr Hampden AE426
Alderdice J Halifax DT690
Alderdice G F Lancaster ED613
Aldersley R G F Wellington Z8835
Aldersley J A Lancaster ED487
Alderson John Gordon Lancaster ED451
Alderson E H Halifax JB841
Alderson R Halifax NP686
Alderson K Battle L4952
Alderson W C Lancaster NE112
Alderson R Lancaster PB520
Alderson Edward Henry Thomas
Alderson Arthur Edward
Alderson-Hiller J Lancaster JA686
Alderton K H W Wellington X3371
Alderton S V Whitley Z6510
Alderton E Whitley Z6842
Alderton P W Lancaster JB658
Alderton M Lancaster ME805
Alderton P H Lancaster W4269
Alderton E H Whitley Z6752
Alderton Whitley T4169
Alderwick T E S Wellington R3210
Aldhous B J Lancaster PA254
Aldis B C Halifax LV786
Aldiss H D D Lancaster JB715
Aldom D R Hampden P4335
Aldous Robert Frederick Wellington Z1097
Aldous E S Spitfire X4345
Aldous G E Lancaster DS689
Aldous E S Hurricane Z3028
Aldred P N Lancaster PB379/G
Aldred Norman Frederick Lancaster ME732
Aldred Jeffrey Stirling LJ930
Aldred W M Halifax LK833
Aldred B G Lancaster JB603
Aldred C J Spitfire MH935
Aldred F G Lancaster ED624
Aldrich O.M. Stirling EF204
Aldrich Keith R P-51 Mustang
Aldrich Keith R P-51 Mustang
Aldrich Keith R P-51 Mustang
Aldridge Elliot Richmond Lancaster ED349
Aldridge Alan Stirling W7509
Aldridge Geoffrey Mitchell FL182
Aldridge T Halifax HR941
Aldridge Ventura AJ171
Aldridge N H Lancaster DV162
Aldridge J E Lancaster NG491
Aldridge F H Lancaster LL955
Aldridge A C Lancaster PD274
Aldridge Stirling N6076
Aldridge E W Wellington HE631
Aldridge R W Halifax NP974
Aldridge H Hampden AD739
Aldridge J Lancaster PB519
Aldridge K R Hurricane L1865
Aldridge A J Lancaster ME854
Aldridge R S E Hampden AD732
Aldridge H W Stirling W7629
Aldridge Alfred Ramsey
Aldus R M Lancaster NE163
Aldworth Frank Carter Lancaster PB899
Aldworth R G Mosquito HJ784
Aleo J Lancaster W4261
Alessi Salvatore L P-47 Thunderbolt
Alexander D S Halifax HX233
Alexander E D Lancaster LM291
Alexander R J Wellington Z8781
Alexander James R Halifax BB216
Alexander R L Halifax W7921
Alexander J R Halifax LW173
Alexander I S Halifax LW596
Alexander J W Lancaster NG240
Alexander I H Lancaster ED476
Alexander Thomas Arthur Hughes Oxford R6226
Alexander J McK Lancaster DV288
Alexander H Spitfire W3706
Alexander T Lancaster ED629
Alexander R D Halifax HR665
Alexander John Campbell Stirling LJ503
Alexander G W Stirling N6082
Alexander H Wellington X3304
Alexander J W E Hurricane L2005
Alexander E S Lancaster ND357
Alexander K J Wellington X3345
Alexander R J Wellington T2958
Alexander D R Halifax HR685
Alexander Halifax W1154
Alexander J L Blenheim P4920
Alexander R McK Halifax DK271
Alexander R C Lancaster ND741
Alexander C Lancaster LM237
Alexander L G Lancaster ED440
Alexander T E Lancaster LL841
Alexander W H T Halifax LW481
Alexander H Lancaster W4377
ALexander G A Lancaster LM537
Alexander R L Lancaster NE131
Alexander James Michie Lancaster ND365
Alexander K M Lancaster JA971
Alexander R W P Halifax L9561
Alexander J O Blenheim Z7445
Alexander Blenheim Z7445
Alexander Blenheim Z7454
Alexander W E Lancaster ND500
Alexander F N Lancaster JA923
Alexander A J Lancaster ND367
Alexander William Robert Edward
Alexander James Norman
Alexander Wilfred Wilson
Alexander Jack Shaw
Alexander David Sydney
Alexander Jack Arnold
Alexander Edward David
Alexander Arthur Eugene B-17 43-37888
Alexander Arthur K P-51 Mustang
Alexander Frederick H P-38 Lightning
Alexander Cyril Halifax PN243
Alexandra G P Lancaster NN739
Alexandratos D Lancaster JB739
Alexandre R A G Spitfire AA720
Alexandrowicz Antoni Bristol Beaufighter V8551
Aley H G Lancaster JB221
Alford T D H Lancaster JB608
Alford J D Lancaster DS736
Alford O Wellington Z1466
Alford D E Stirling MZ261
Alford R A Halifax MZ882
Alford R A Halifax JD459
Alford Thomas Derek Hudson
Alfred J McK Lancaster ME450
Algar A Hampden X2920
Alger Percy Arthur Vickers Warwick BV290
Alger A A Halifax LW394
Alger J K Lancaster R5666
Algie W F Battle L5231
Alison W H D Halifax JB791
Alkemade Nicholas Stephen Lancaster DS664
Allain Leroy J Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Allais L P E Lancaster W4123
Allaker K H Halifax MZ622
Allam F J Blenheim L9175
Allamby Walter Vernon Lancaster NF908
Allamby Walter Vernon Wilfred
Allan W J Lancaster ME624
Allan Stanley Gordon Stirling BF565
Allan F B Halifax JD410
Allan R N Lancaster JB702
Allan Reginald Connell Spitfire AD356
Allan Norman Sinclair Lancaster DV194
Allan John Cecil Owen Mosquito MM451
Allan David Henry Wellington R1500
Allan Kenneth Cecil Fortress HB805
Allan Robert Wellington HZ437
Allan G I Mosquito KB463
Allan Frances Frederick George Lancaster DV220
Allan J L Typhoon MN702
Allan James McGregor Lancaster R5695
Allan W C Lancaster JB477
Allan J Lancaster PB229
Allan W B Halifax NP781
Allan J A L Halifax JB923
Allan J W Lancaster NG346
Allan Ralph Grant Wellington HE294
Allan R Halifax MZ284
Allan J Halifax DK250
Allan R E Lancaster ME587
Allan William Everitt Stirling N6020
Allan McK Lancaster ED481
Allan D C Stirling N6035
Allan J C Wellington X3718
Allan S Stirling EE969
Allan R Wellington BJ973
Allan Typhoon
Allan K T P Wellington HE682
Allan K T P Wellington HE422
Allan J Halifax EB210
Allan J Lancaster ND869
Allan A Lancaster ME755
Allan A Lancaster ED449
Allan D Lancaster ED387
Allan A Halifax MZ767
Allan Wellington R1441
Allan Ian Whitley Z6841
Allan J M Lancaster ED808
Allan L A Halifax W7678
Allan H B Halifax LV916
Allan I G Lancaster JB453
Allan R Fortress AN533
Allan J C O Mosquito HK414
Allan Williamina Lancaster PA278
Allan Douglas Edmund
Allan William James
Allan Stanley Gordon
Allan Reginald Connell
Allan Francis Barker
Allan Peter Douglas
Allan Robert Norman
Allan Fergus Alister
Allan Ross Thompson
Allan George Logan
Allan John Gibson
Allan David Malyon Tiger Moth NZ724
Allan Charles King Avro Anson TX175
Allan James D P-47 Thunderbolt
Allan Harry Wellington X3704
Allanson G Hampden AD738
Allanson T Lancaster NG190
Allanson Thomas Hessey
Allard W J Spitfire R7221
Allard Geoffrey ("Sammy")
Allard Geoffrey Havoc BJ500
Allard Scott R P-47 Thunderbolt
Allardice K G Whitley P5012
Allasson T E Halifax L9508
Allatson D Lancaster JA874
Allaway Thomas George Richard Wellington X3590
Allberry C R C A Halifax JB845
Allbon D G Lancaster PB281
Allbon Douglas George
Allchin J C A Whitley Z9128
Allchin Graham William Charles
Allcock P O D Hurricane P2879
Allcock T Stirling R9266
Allcock F T Whitley N1485
Allcot R J Lancaster PB379/G
Allden B E E Halifax LW301
Alldis S Lancaster LM581
Alldis S C Lancaster LL939
Alldrick R Wellington R1323
Alldritt Terence Halifax MZ675 (some publications list it incorrectly as LW673)
Allegre F M Halifax NA616
Allely W H Halifax W7926
Allen R Lancaster LM525
Allen C F Lancaster R5485
Allen K Manchester L7387
Allen F W R Manchester L7471
Allen C F Lancaster W4155
Allen K F Stirling LJ480
Allen John James Spitfire AR426
Allen Arthur George Wellington X9917
Allen Norman William Lancaster DV378
Allen R J Lancaster NF923
Allen Alistair Gordon Wellington X9643
Allen Percy Frank Wellington R1699
Allen Frederick Lancaster LL943
Allen John Alban Lancaster PA236
Allen Robert Francis Halifax NA108
Allen J C Halifax NA108
Allen Charles Martin Halifax LV782
Allen Charles Lowery Mosquito MM562
Allen Reginald ‘Plugs’ Godfrey Halifax HR686
Allen Lawrence Stirling EH926
Allen Frank Halifax W7933
Allen S Lancaster DS683
Allen T W Spitfire W3645
Allen B P Halifax HR725
Allen W W J Lancaster LM385
Allen H G Wellington HE385
Allen J Typhoon
Allen R A H Mosquito MM740
Allen A G Halifax NP718
Allen J B Halifax LV944
Allen H L Halifax DK237
Allen J A Lancaster DS739
Allen J A Lancaster DS832
Allen John Francis Lancaster ME591
Allen E A Stirling R9275
Allen A Lancaster LM158
Allen Everett Brock Avro Anson 12478
Allen G E Manchester L7309
Allen John Herbert Hurricane V7159
Allen Alistair William Hector K9706
Allen R B Halifax JD119
Allen E Halifax R9374
Allen C A L Halifax HX326
Allen S R Lancaster PA237
Allen V Lancaster JA863
Allen T A Lancaster LM459
Allen R E C Halifax W7934
Allen S W Lancaster LM116
Allen D Battle
Allen Wellington R1043
Allen D G Lancaster JB612
Allen F E Boston AL725
Allen F A Boston AL715
Allen Boston AL744
Allen E G H Blenheim V5635
Allen Norman Oswald Blenheim T1858
Allen W S Wellington X3647
Allen R Lancaster LL909
Allen K Lancaster JB540
Allen W E Lancaster JB540
Allen W Hampden AT187
Allen Basil Derrik Stirling W7566
Allen Stirling N3684
Allen R E Stirling BF571
Allen J H L Hurricane P3275
Allen D F Lancaster PB486
Allen E A Halifax DK119
Allen P H Lancaster ND614
Allen J W K Blenheim L9188
Allen L R Typhoon JP968
Allen J Typhoon R8966
Allen J Manchester L7381
Allen R J Lancaster EE141
Allen A H Blenheim R3636
Allen R S Stirling EF329
Allen D C Lancaster PD296
Allen D W Stirling N3712
Allen R N G Typhoon MN624
Allen D A Hurricane L1591
Allen W G Halifax W7873
Allen R G Wellington Not known
Allen Wellington W5489
Allen L Lancaster JA976
Allen D A Halifax DT682
Allen F J Wellington BJ658
Allen A G Wellington BK163
Allen J Wellington HZ312
Allen E J Typhoon MN553
Allen Stanley Lancaster ED318
Allen G. Lancaster W4841
Allen E C Lancaster W4124
Allen A P Lancaster LM545
Allen D J Lancaster DV396
Allen F McI Lancaster ED547
Allen J Lancaster L7567
Allen F H Lancaster ED450
Allen D R Lancaster LM210
Allen L Halifax HR733
Allen R J Whitley Z6488
Allen J L Spitfire R6812
Allen E S Lancaster NF932
Allen F Lancaster LM439
Allen H J Lancaster ME671
Allen C R Halifax LW553
Allen J Halifax RG367
Allen B C Stirling EF136
Allen B J Lancaster W4272
Allen C F Lancaster LL962
Allen W Lancaster PD375
Allen F N Lancaster JB743
Allen C L E Lancaster ND657
Allen H R Spitfire P7492
Allen H R Spitfire P7504
Allen F F Stirling BK604
Allen B Lancaster ME702
Allen E F F Stirling BK609
Allen R G Wellington X3462
Allen C Lancaster PB520
Allen W Q Halifax LW290
Allen D B Whitley P5046
Allen V G Whitley N1522
Allen F G Halifax W1018
Allen F E P Halifax JN974
Allen E Halifax DT771
Allen C W Hampden X3144
Allen H E Lancaster ED984
Allen Richard William Lancaster ND354
Allen D H Hurricane P2828
Allen D H Hurricane P2701
Allen J G Lancaster PD269
Allen N J Stirling LJ460
Allen S J Lancaster R5675
Allen John Watson ("Ian")
Allen Hubert Raymond ("Dizzy")
Allen John Lawrence
Allen James A. Sandeman ("Sandy")
Allen Derek Hurlestone
Allen Percy Frank
Allen L C Liberator EV941
Allen Alfred Jack
Allen Harold Keegan
Allen Percival
Allen Thomas Walter
Allen Robert Kelvin
Allen William Alexander McMeekin
Allen Keith Fowler
Allen John McLennon
Allen Keith Stanley Franz
Allen John James
Allen Russell
Allen Colin Frederick
Allen Keith
Allen George Arthur
Allen Geoffrey William Farnham
Allen Colin Frederick
Allen James Jeffery
Allen Leo James
Allen James Frederick
Allen John Ogilvy
Allen George Urquart 'Scotty'
Allen Haydn Wellington JA471
Allen Dean C. B-17 Hard to Get 42-97946
Allen Edward Glenelg Blenheim L9394
Allen Ivan Charles Wellington R1389
Allen Clinton Loftin B-24 42-52506
Allen Glen J. B-17 Return Ticket 42-97065
Allen Bernice A P-51 Mustang
Allen Gus W P-51 Mustang
Allen Gus W P-51 Mustang
Allen Gus W P-51 Mustang
Allen Merle F Jr P-51 Mustang
Allen Merle F Jr P-51 Mustang
Allen Merle F Jr P-51 Mustang
Allen Robert K P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Allen Wilbur G P-47 Thunderbolt
Allen William H P-51 Mustang
Allen-White A J F Spitfire W3308
Allenby George Halifax NA513
Allenby T P Wellington DV867
Allers Lorne W P-51 Mustang
Allesbrook R A P Hampden AE397
Alletson D Lancaster DV406
Alleway F W Wellington W5656
Alleway Wellington L7849
Alleyn F R Lancaster DS776
Allford F C Lancaster PB148
Allfrey Frederick William James Whitley Z9134
Allgood H H Hurricane L1898
Allies W D Fortress KJ112
Alligier A Spitfire MK346
Alligier A Spitfire PL190
Allin G J Mosquito NS906
Allin R Lancaster ED450
Allind Thomas L P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Allingham William George Halifax MZ494
Allison Douglas Bellamy Wellington N2941
Allison H D C Lancaster ME742
Allison R F N Lancaster ND391
Allison R Lancaster W4863
Allison R A Lancaster LM367
Allison R F W Halifax JD150
Allison G A Blenheim R3606
Allison W R Wellington AD605
Allison J W Blenheim L8749
Allison G F Lancaster JB287
Allison J Halifax LL387
Allison J K Typhoon MN821
Allison J Lancaster PB742
Allison G E Mosquito HK515
Allison G E Mosquito MM553
Allison E Wellington BK343
Allison J Lancaster ND366
Allison A H Lancaster LM284
Allison S H Lancaster ED667
Allison J Lancaster PA983
Allison E C Lancaster HE664
Allison J W Spitfire N3229
Allison F Lancaster JB712
Allison John Leonard
Allison Wilfred Ernest
Allison Fred M P-47 Thunderbolt
Alliston A. William Halifax LV858
Alliston E A Halifax LW343
Alliston E A Halifax JN924
Allitt R Hampden P1326
Allman Leonard Ralph Typhoon MN428
Allman J Lancaster NG391
Allman A Lancaster LM281
Allman H E Lancaster LM184
Allman George Gregory
Allman James
Allmark Wellington N2767
Allnatt Edward Ernest Wellington P9248
Allom S Lancaster ED547
Allon R Wellington N2986
Allott Robert Maxwell
Alloway F V G Wellington HE290
Allport R B Wellington R3222
Allport Valentine Mosquito DZ388
Allred R Lancaster ND801
Allsebrook Percy John Lancaster PD287
Allsebrook R A P Lancaster EE130
Allsep Sydney James
Allso Gerald Walter Halifax HR876
Allson A E Stirling EF153
Allsop W A Halifax W1147
Allsop S J Lancaster LM547
Allsop J W Whitley K9018
Allsop A Stirling EF336
Allsop A Lancaster W4268
Allsop John William
Allsop Richard Wyke
Allsopp B N Halifax HR776
Allsopp W F Lancaster ED521
Allsopp A Stirling R9161
Allsopp Alan Frederick
Allsopp William Arthur
Allsopp William Frederick
Allstaedt Kenneth C P-47 Thunderbolt
Allstaedt Kenneth C P-47 Thunderbolt
Allum L J Whitley T4299
Allum Leslie James Lancaster JB480
Allum K G Lancaster ME642
Allum L J Whitley T4217
Allwell P Lancaster DS760
Allwood P D Lancaster PB192
Allworth William Henry Wellington Z1078
Allworth W H Wellington BK331
Allwright E F Lancaster ED931
Allwright H Lancaster JB556
Allwright Peter Francis Wellington JA506
Alm E R Halifax MZ452
Almas R H Lancaster RA500
Almas R M Halifax MZ377
Almond J N Halifax LW157
Almond G F Whitley P4933
Almond J S Halifax W7747
Alp Percy Leonard Halifax MZ628
Alp F A Lancaster W4938
Alpe J F Stirling R9265
Alphonse Louis G P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Alsbury W T Lancaster PB209
Alsop N F Lancaster KB701
Alsop E B Lancaster LM304
Alsopp K G Lancaster DV227
Alston Thomas Reid Blenheim R3884
Alston W A G Lancaster PB512
Alston E R Lancaster LM359
Alston I R Whitley Z9461
Alstrom Francis Norman Wellington IA N2912
Alt Colin Albert Wellington Z8529
Alterson J Whitley Z6801
Altha P Lancaster JB563
Althan R Lancaster KB804
Altic W I Halifax LW373
Altman Robert G. B-26 Miss Furie 42-96182
Altoft Robert Henry
Alton F Lancaster NG223
Alton W Hampden AD984
Alton J P Lancaster LM107
Alton E C Oxford N4647
Altree A I Lancaster R5541
Altus H F Lancaster DV284
Altus Hector Ferdinand
Alty F R Lancaster KB859
Alverson J R Stirling W7434
Alverston J R Stirling N6085
Alves Joseph Emmanuel Lancaster DV364
Alvey Raymond Henry Hampden P2063
Alward F L Halifax NP818
Alward Robert P P-47 Thunderbolt
Alway Cecil George Wellington R1500
Ambler W F Beaufighter X7714
Ambler K E Lancaster NG466
Ambler K Halifax JB846
Ambler J M Blenheim V6454
Ambler Robert
Ambridge E E A Lancaster ED734
Ambrose P J Halifax LW177
Ambrose Richard Hurricane V7406
Ambrose Sam Lancaster ND571
Ambrose Benjamin South Lancaster W4983
Ambrose E Lancaster LM373
Ambrose C F Hurricane P3066
Ambrose C F Hurricane P3429
Ambrose S Fortress AN523
Ambrose F W Lancaster W4139
Ambrose H.
Ambrose Benjamin Southam
Ambrose Patrick Joseph
Ambrose David Searle
Ambrose Talmadge L P-47 Thunderbolt
Ames E J Spitfire AA741
Ames W E Halifax NP739
Ames R L Lancaster PD274
Ames A J H Stirling BK595
Ames R H Lancaster ND502
Ames Lloyd Haig
Ames Victor Ethelbert Sunderland W4032
Amesbury R L Wellington HE326
Amess John Walter Bissett
Amey F W Lancaster DV234
Amey R R Typhoon EK209
Amey R E Lancaster LM676
Amey Alan William
Ameye Emile Rene Lucien Maria Ameye Lancaster NG191
Ameye E R L M Lancaster LM683
Amies A Lancaster LL752
Amies P Lancaster ME737
Amirault A B Stirling BK662
Amirault Alphe Baptiste Stirling R9165
Amiss James Collier Short Sunderland EJ134
Amlin A H Wellington Z1411
Ammon Robert H P-51 Mustang
Ammon Robert H P-51 Mustang
Ammon Robert H P-51 Mustang
Ammon Robert H P-51 Mustang
Amond K A Mosquito DZ643
Amor E W J Lancaster ED720
Amor H D F Typhoon R7689
Amory R G Lancaster ND413
Amos Clifford Oswald William Sunderland T9075
Amos C R Liberator AL577
Amos Walter David Wellington W5482
Amos L H Lancaster KB822
Amos O E Stirling EF333
Amos R G Halifax JB894
Amos R J Halifax BB327
Amos G Wellington BK163
Amos D L Lancaster PB254
Amos N Halifax MZ409
Amos E R Stirling N3663
Amos A Lancaster RA564
Amos D W S Lancaster LW740
Amos L E Stirling EF159
Amos Clifford Oswald William
Amoss Dudley M P-51 Mustang
Amoss Dudley M P-51 Mustang
Amoss Dudley M P-51 Mustang
Amoss Dudley M P-51 Mustang
Amphlett W V Lancaster ME797
Amphlett J Wellington X3287
Amphlett J Wellington X3370
Amphlett Jack B P-38 Lightning
Amstein N W Halifax MZ652
Amstell Raymond Henry Stirling BK614
Amy H T Halifax HX314
Amy K C Wellington W5360
Anaka Peter John Lancaster HK550
Ananian Stephen C P-51 Mustang
Anastassiades M C Lancaster W4854
Ancell R H Lancaster ED813
Anderle L Wellington N2773
Anderle Leo Halifax W1002
Anderlie Wellington R1378
Anders Bohdan Miles Magister R1838
Andersen A A L Lancaster PB558
Andersen Peter Stewart Quirk Boston W8318
Andersen Kenneth Peder Christian Lancaster ND917
Andersen E K A Wellington BJ774
Andersen Robert Charles
Andersen Thomas Mervyn
Andersen Paul Christian B-24 42-50511
Anderson Donald W. B-24 Hell’s-Bells 42-52358
Anderson Thomas Lancaster RF230
Anderson R C Lancaster ND754
Anderson G H Hampden AT194
Anderson K M Halifax MZ366
Anderson W W Hurricane Z3331
Anderson E J Wellington X3966
Anderson Neville Jack Lancaster W4881
Anderson E H Lancaster ED369
Anderson P R Lancaster ED750
Anderson C B Lancaster JA689
Anderson L D Halifax HX345
Anderson E J Halifax LW538
Anderson T R B Mustang FB160
Anderson J M Lancaster JB190
Anderson David Campbell Hudson V9127
Anderson James Falconer Blenheim R3912
Anderson Charles Harold Blenheim Z9595
Anderson Alastair Macdonald Halifax W1098
Anderson William Blenheim L8779
Anderson Frederick Lancaster W4373
Anderson J R Liberator AL577
Anderson Reginald Stephen Hampden P4323
Anderson Alan Herbert Lancaster LL864
Anderson James Williamson Stuart Wellington HF835
Anderson James Wellington R1142
Anderson John Wellington HE527
Anderson Adam Lancaster ED620
Anderson Richard Lancaster JB366
Anderson Walter A Halifax W7930
Anderson John Wellington R1379
Anderson David Angus Lancaster LM436
Anderson Archibald Halifax NP744
Anderson J A Hampden AE382
Anderson Sydney Ross Lancaster NF992
Anderson Howard Leroy Halifax JD367
Anderson L R Lancaster ED322
Anderson R F L Mosquito DZ320
Anderson S A Lancaster DS680
Anderson F Halifax LL287
Anderson W D Hampden L4131
Anderson J Wellington Z1487
Anderson J S Halifax W7766
Anderson A A Lancaster ND956
Anderson P M Lancaster ME472
Anderson Richard Frank Wellington R1047
Anderson R J Stirling N3718
Anderson R E V Wellington R1442
Anderson B O Stirling BF578
Anderson J B Halifax L9572
Anderson J B Halifax L9497
Anderson R W Spitfire MJ980
Anderson E A Halifax W1109
Anderson F R W Halifax DT699
Anderson G B Halifax W7763
Anderson J I Halifax HR813
Anderson Hugh John Lancaster PB129
Anderson Nels Peter Helin Halifax NP711
Anderson M W Halifax NP770
Anderson Bruce Benjamin Halifax MZ603
Anderson George Halifax MZ922
Anderson H G Wellington Z1091
Anderson J A Halifax JD159
Anderson Howard Francis Lancaster KB708
Anderson William Smith Halifax NA179
Anderson Robert Allan Halifax LW692
Anderson Mark Sylvester Harold Halifax MZ845
Anderson L L Wellington X3699
Anderson William Frank Halifax NP709
Anderson Robert Desmond (Bob) Halifax LK915
Anderson William Brodie Halifax LW128
Anderson Les L. Halifax MZ529
Anderson E E V Halifax NP689
Anderson W Typhoon MN936
Anderson P Lancaster PB206
Anderson Peter Gordon Lancaster LL741
Anderson L E Lancaster NF919
Anderson A J Lancaster PA998
Anderson W C Lancaster ED978
Anderson Lloyd George Lancaster W5009
Anderson W D Halifax JD454
Anderson C H Lancaster ED551
Anderson B A Stirling EF439
Anderson A C Wellington W5721
Anderson John Graham Lancaster NF979
Anderson Ronald Claude Lancaster ED780
Anderson H H W Lancaster JB466
Anderson R B Lancaster PA165
Anderson William James Stirling W7569
Anderson Lindsay Douglas Wellington T2463
Anderson Alexander Stuart Mosquito HR248
Anderson W G Lancaster LL750
Anderson J D Wellington Z1115
Anderson J W Lancaster DV270
Anderson R Lancaster DV265
Anderson C T R Whitley Z6800
Anderson E G M Whitley Z6837
Anderson E G M Whitley Z6820
Anderson G H Lancaster W4340
Anderson W H Wellington W5362
Anderson G S Lancaster R5697
Anderson J T Lancaster DS725
Anderson P J P Spitfire P8511
Anderson C B Lancaster W4374
Anderson J McI Lancaster JB536
Anderson N Halifax BB378
Anderson M B Hampden AD845
Anderson P G Hampden AE225
Anderson W C Hampden X2998
Anderson G D Stirling R9320
Anderson V G Wellington W5439
Anderson Wellington R1159
Anderson H R Lancaster W4854
Anderson W Lancaster JB223
Anderson A McN Halifax JD115
Anderson Alfred Halifax W7862
Anderson B G Halifax LW317
Anderson A Halifax W1214
Anderson T J Halifax HX335
Anderson Stewart McKenzie Halifax DG285
Anderson C R Lancaster PA179
Anderson J C Halifax LV955
Anderson R Stirling BF453
Anderson P J Fortress HB803
Anderson J Stirling R9357
Anderson J Stirling R9189
Anderson A I P Wellington X9753
Anderson F A Stirling EE885
Anderson N Spitfire AR369
Anderson J A Blenheim Z7352
Anderson T B R Mustang AG601
Anderson W F Typhoon MN8090
Anderson H T J Hurricane L1674
Anderson J A Hurricane P3804
Anderson D J Halifax HR906
Anderson L M Halifax HR813
Anderson J Lancaster JB222
Anderson W J Spitfire MJ275
Anderson T G Mosquito
Anderson P J Wellington BK270
Anderson N T Halifax LK968
Anderson R M Lancaster ED759
Anderson F P Lancaster ME454
Anderson K Lancaster ND536
Anderson C T Lancaster ED702
Anderson A L Lancaster JB241
Anderson A F Lancaster JA892
Anderson J Hampden X2908
Anderson J J Halifax HR788
Anderson P A Halifax MZ624
Anderson S M Lancaster HK571
Anderson L D Mosquito N5895
Anderson J R Battle K9398
Anderson William G Lancaster RA502
Anderson A Lancaster EE193
Anderson E D Lancaster ND954
Anderson J W T Lancaster ME585
Anderson A D Lancaster W4315
Anderson W F Hampden L4112
Anderson A D M Lancaster JA695
Anderson J E Spitfire P8520
Anderson F V Lancaster EE110
Anderson W A M Lancaster ME587
Anderson W R Halifax LW550
Anderson W Spitfire RK868
Anderson V Stirling W7533
Anderson R A J Wellington R3165
Anderson W Wellington X3794
Anderson C N Wellington BJ828
Anderson D Halifax DT511
Anderson J D Halifax W1065
Anderson F W Halifax W7660
Anderson F W Halifax L9611
Anderson J Halifax LK789
Anderson H Halifax DK147
Anderson C B Halifax JD152
Anderson J A Halifax RG529
Anderson R Hampden AD734
Anderson R Hampden X2901
Anderson E Lancaster ND414
Anderson Jack Lancaster ND330
Anderson W Lancaster EE121
Anderson C C Battle L5467
Anderson J Wellington T2473
Anderson Wellington T2964
Anderson Wellington R1499
Anderson J S Lancaster LM453
Anderson R Manchester L7323
Anderson Titus Courlander
Anderson William
Anderson David Campbell
Anderson David
Anderson Robert Barclay
Anderson Sydney Louis
Anderson Andrew Charles
Anderson Edwin Laurence
Anderson Francis O'Connell
Anderson Maurice Reuben John
Anderson George Alexander
Anderson Axel Henning
Anderson Geoffrey Hamilton
Anderson Ronald Goodwin
Anderson Colin Neville
Anderson John Colin William
Anderson Charles Vernon
Anderson William Wallace
Anderson Alexander Henry
Anderson John Charles
Anderson Royston Charles Keith
Anderson William Robert George
Anderson Donald Albert
Anderson Charles Beatty
Anderson Peter Robert
Anderson Leslie Dean
Anderson Eric James
Anderson Anton David
Anderson Finlay Emmerson
Anderson Charles William
Anderson Clarence William
Anderson Thomas Robert Bowden
Anderson William Edward
Anderson Lancelot Murray
Anderson Bruce Horace
Anderson William George
Anderson John Lionel
Anderson Jack Fallow
Anderson Robert Mitchell Sunderland
Anderson Alan Ford Hector bi-plane, Lysander, Tomahawk, Mustang
Anderson James Wellington LP545
Anderson Robert H. B-17 Flying Fortress 42-31941 Big Stoop
Anderson Beringer A P-47 Thunderbolt`
Anderson Charles F P-47 Thunderbolt
Anderson Charles F P-47 Thunderbolt
Anderson Charles F P-47 Thunderbolt
Anderson Charles F P-47 Thunderbolt
Anderson Charles F P-47 Thunderbolt
Anderson Charles F P-47 Thunderbolt
Anderson Charles F P-47 Thunderbolt
Anderson Charles F P-47 Thunderbolt
Anderson Clarence E Jr P-51 Mustang
Anderson Clarence E Jr P-51 Mustang
Anderson Clarence E Jr P-51 Mustang
Anderson Clarence E Jr P-51 Mustang
Anderson Clarence E Jr P-51 Mustang
Anderson Clarence E Jr P-51 Mustang
Anderson Clarence E Jr P-51 Mustang
Anderson Clarence E Jr P-51 Mustang
Anderson Clarence E Jr P-51 Mustang
Anderson Clarence E Jr P-51 Mustang
Anderson Clarence E Jr P-51 Mustang
Anderson Clarence E Jr P-51 Mustang
Anderson Clifford P-51 Mustang
Anderson Clifford P-51 Mustang
Anderson Delynn E P-38 Lightning
Anderson Edward W P-47 Thunderbolt
Anderson John W Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Anderson John W Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Anderson Lanoy D P-51 Mustang
Anderson Lanoy D P-51 Mustang
Anderson Merrill E P-47 Thunderbolt
Anderson Milliard O P-51 Mustang
Anderson Milliard O P-51 Mustang
Anderson Raymond A Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Anderson Raymond A Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Anderson Raymond A Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Anderson Richard B P-47 Thunderbolt
Anderson Richard B P-47 Thunderbolt
Anderson Richard B P-47 Thunderbolt
Anderson Richard B P-47 Thunderbolt
Anderson Richard D P-47 Thunderbolt
Anderson Robert H P-47 Thunderbolt
Anderson Sheldon P-47 Thunderbolt`
Anderson Stanley M Spitfire
Anderson Stanley M Spitfire / P-47 Thunderbolt
Anderson Stanley M Spitfire
Anderson Stanley M Spitfire
Anderson William Jr P-47 Thunderbolt`
Anderson William Jr P-47 Thunderbolt`
Anderson William Jr P-47 Thunderbolt`
Anderson William Y P-51 Mustang
Anderson William Y P-51 Mustang
Anderson William Y P-47 Thunderbolt
Anderson William Y P-47 Thunderbolt
Anderson William Y P-47 Thunderbolt
Anderson William Y P-47 Thunderbolt
Anderson Woodrow W P-47 Thunderbolt
Anderson Woodrow W P-47 Thunderbolt
Anderson Woodrow W P-47 Thunderbolt
Anderson Woodrow W P-47 Thunderbolt
Anderson Woodrow W P-47 Thunderbolt
Anderson Woodrow W P-47 Thunderbolt
Anderson-Smith T Mosquito RS507
Andersz Tadeusz 'Honey'
Andersz Tadeusz P-47 Thunderbolt
Anderton J A Lancaster NE149
Anderton J T Lancaster EE171
Anderton C Halifax HX154
Anderton K Lancaster ND680
Anderton J H Stirling EH941
Anderton J B Halifax MZ310
Anderton James Joseph Lancaster R5686
Andes Lloyd M P-38 Lightning
Andet R J Spitfire PL430
Andet R J Spitfire MK950
Andre E G F G Lancaster PB646
Andre R L Halifax BB204
Andre John Jeffery
Andreae C J D Spitfire R6990
Andrew J B Halifax NA174
Andrew K A Hampden P5326
Andrew Neville Halsey Whitley P4964
Andrew Stanley Hurricane P3525
Andrew Prentis Blair Wellington L7894
Andrew G V Lancaster LL630
Andrew C M Lancaster ND766
Andrew J A Lancaster NG189
Andrew J F Hurricane KZ401
Andrew D Wellington HE385
Andrew E J Ventura AE852
Andrew R W Boston AL685
Andrew C F Halifax HR851
Andrew J F Halifax NP681
Andrew E S Halifax JD253
Andrew A D Halifax JB792
Andrew J N Lancaster LM392
Andrew J G Blenheim R3750
Andrew E W Halifax LV799
Andrew James Richard
Andrew David Thomas
Andrew Lance Lorimer
Andrew John Tasman
Andrew Keith Alexander
Andrew William Ronald
Andrew Stephen W P-47 Thunderbolt
Andrew Stephen W P-47 Thunderbolt
Andrew Stephen W P-47 Thunderbolt
Andrew Stephen W P-47 Thunderbolt
Andrew Stephen W P-47 Thunderbolt
Andrew Stephen W P-47 Thunderbolt
Andrew Stephen W P-47 Thunderbolt
Andrew Stephen W P-47 Thunderbolt
Andrew Stephen W P-47 Thunderbolt
Andrewes P L Lancaster ND399
Andrews William Charles Wellington HZ552
Andrews R T Halifax LW513
Andrews Frank Henry Halifax LW298
Andrews P C Halifax HR816
Andrews Richard Walter Lancaster LM515
Andrews John French Lancaster PB258
Andrews W M Lancaster R5638
Andrews W H Halifax V9993
Andrews G A Lancaster ME641
Andrews C R Wellington HE277
Andrews J W Halifax BB361
Andrews D R Halifax MZ686
Andrews E J Halifax MZ502
Andrews D J Halifax NP795
Andrews Edward Joseph Halifax EB274
Andrews W Halifax JD250
Andrews W H Lancaster JB311
Andrews Clifford Bruce Stirling EF495
Andrews E R Spitfire MJ481
Andrews P Halifax MZ793
Andrews P R Lancaster JB148
Andrews W Lancaster ED419
Andrews E J Lancaster JD346
Andrews F G Lancaster DS725
Andrews D S Lancaster DS604
Andrews J F Lancaster DS616
Andrews E G Lancaster PB243
Andrews G F Spitfire EP547
Andrews J F E Hampden P4345
Andrews L A Wellington P9245
Andrews Ronald Albert Lancaster ED826
Andrews S E Battle P2136
Andrews R J Lancaster NE143
Andrews R W Whitley Z6629
Andrews E J Blenheim V6382
Andrews Spitfire P7379
Andrews R H Mustang AM217
Andrews C W Wellington R1507
Andrews W L Stirling EF299
Andrews R A Halifax HR871
Andrews J M Halifax NA185
Andrews J M Halifax NR249
Andrews K G Lancaster ME694
Andrews D G Spitfire W3305
Andrews J H Lancaster ND971
Andrews D J L Lancaster LM267
Andrews W H T Hampden AT174
Andrews E J Hampden X2993
Andrews T N Spitfire EP398
Andrews V H Halifax NP932
Andrews George Edward Lancaster W4247
Andrews H C Wellington X9787
Andrews Wellington R1722
Andrews R S Wellington X3542
Andrews D W Halifax MZ583
Andrews J N Mosquito NT119
Andrews F B Lancaster W4767
Andrews R Lancaster R5699
Andrews R J Lancaster ND368
Andrews D E Lancaster LL921
Andrews J S Stirling BK721
Andrews R F Stirling EE891
Andrews E L Halifax LK911
Andrews R E Blenheim R3765
Andrews E W Blenheim V6421
Andrews W R Lancaster ME757
Andrews W Lancaster PD211
Andrews L A Lancaster PD341
Andrews A S Stirling EE887
Andrews A J Spitfire AB378
Andrews T Lancaster JB275
Andrews S R Wellington R1372
Andrews Wellington R3167
Andrews Cecil Humphrey
Andrews Harold James
Andrews Roy Ernest
Andrews Athol Martin
Andrews Thomas Philip
Andrews William Charles
Andrews Jack Clifford
Andrews Reginald Thomas
Andrews Neville Bruce
Andrews Richard James
Andrews George Stewart
Andrews Thomas J Spitfire / P-47 Thunderbolt
Andrews William A Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Andrews William A Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Andrus Kenneth Shenton
Andruszkiewicz Kazimierz Avro Lancaster JA683
Andruszków Tadeusz Hurricane P3939
Andruszków Marian Julian North American Mitchell FV941
Andruszków Tadeusz Hawker Hurricane V6665
Andrzejczyk Wacław
Andrzejewski Edward
Andrzejewski Franciszek Westland Lysander T1535
Anekstein Hampden P4285
Anekstein Cyril Lancaster JA936
Angel A A Wellington BJ583
Angel L A Hampden AE420
Angelini Samuel Typhoon MN589
Angell J L Wellington W5522
Angell D Whitley N1485
Angell L A C Lancaster ED997
Angell D W Lancaster JB275
Anger A B Halifax NA601
Angers J A A A B Wellington X3359
Angier D S Tempest EJ695
Angill S R Lancaster NN715
Angland Michael Patrick None - lost at sea after U'Boat attack on the transit ship Yngaren
Angles W G Lancaster PD224
Anglik Henryk North American Mitchell FV941
Anglin William Sherron Wellington HZ471
Angus Ian MacKenzie Wellington HZ375
Angus Kenneth Lancaster NN750
Angus F J Lancaster PD201
Angus D C B Halifax HR817
Angus R A Spitfire P7322
Angus J H Hampden P2121
Angus C W Halifax HX296
Angus Allan Benjamin Hurricane N2472
Angus J N Halifax JD145
Angus J W Halifax MZ577
Angus Allan Benjamin Hurricane L1641
Angus Ian Mackenzie
Angus Colwyn Parker
Angus John Vernon
Angwin Gordon Arthur Lancaster W5002
Anivitti M E Wellington Z1486
Anivitti Maurice
Ankeny Harry R P-51 Mustang
Ankeny Harry R P-51 Mustang
Ankers George Cyril Blenheim R3904
Ankers Ronald Thomas Wellington HZ375
Annable H C Lancaster KB735
Annable E Halifax W1037
Annals A J Whitley P5004
Annan William Donald Francis Wellington R3235
Annan R S Battle K9176
Annand G R Halifax DK271
Annat D J Lancaster ND654
Annear E M Lancaster ME423
Annear T F Typhoon MN268
Annells Harold Paull Stanfield Martin Baltimore AG941
Annells Robert Harvey
Annells Harold Paul Stanfield
Annesley D B Stirling N6016
Annesley Sydney Kenneth
Annett H C Lancaster ED452
Annett H C Lancaster PB450
Annetts Percy Anson EG269
Annetts J W Halifax HR865
Anning William John Battle K9485
Annis Leslie Halifax LW461
Annis L D Lancaster JA974
Annis L D Wellington HE771
Annis C W Lancaster W4364
Annison Edward James
Anscomb R J Lancaster ND572
Ansdell N A Lancaster PB476
Ansdell G R Lancaster NN696
Ansell J Lancaster LL791
Ansell Gerald Lancaster PD316
Ansell Frederick Neale Lancaster LL690
Ansell D J Lancaster NF982
Ansell B E Lancaster LL640
Ansell H E W Wellington W5458
Ansell H G Halifax JD179
Ansell E J R Typhoon DN299
Ansell R F Halifax W1175
Ansell A A Lancaster JB178
Ansell K R Lancaster ME556
Ansell W H S Lancaster EE193
Ansell A V Lancaster ED706
Anset D C Lancaster JB304
Ansfield A S Lancaster JB303
Ansford Edward Drake Wellington Z8643
Ansley D Halifax BB283
Anslow Blenheim T2277
Anslow James Reese B-24 42-52506
Anson G Lancaster ME296
Anson George Albert Whitley Z9231
Anson R K Wellington Z8426
Anstee Leslie John Halifax JP206
Anstee B R Wellington X9983
Anstee J Lancaster JB720
Anstey William Stanley Mitchell FW127
Anstey T E Blenheim V6429
Anstey W J Blenheim Z7278
Anstey W J Halifax MZ452
Anstey Wellington R1210
Anstey F W Lancaster JA971
Anstey P J Whitley T4226
Anstey J A Spitfire BL410
Anstey Frederick William
Anstruther Jack De-La-War Halifax W7863
Anstruther J D-L-W Halifax W1214
Antcliffe K Lancaster PB517
Antcliffe W Wellington BK489
Antehley H Wellington X9884
Antell W F Wellington N2886
Anthony Henry Roy Lancaster ME773
Anthony Raymond Gwilym Gwyn Lancaster W4265
Anthony A H Lancaster JA920
Anthony E Lancaster ND851
Anthony Ernest Alfred Lancaster ND710
Anthony J Hampden L4126
Anthony Battle L5247
Anthony K Spitfire R7342
Anthony W Y Lancaster HK570
Anthony D Lancaster NG336
Anthony T H Lancaster W4267
Anthony C R Lancaster NE115
Anthony D N W L Hurricane
Anthony D T Stirling BF456
Anthony Ronald David
Anthony Frederick Henry
Antoine J Stirling W7616
Anton F R Lancaster ED387
Antonek C J Lancaster NG458
Antonio R Halifax NA174
Antonowicz Jerzy Bristol Beaufighter T3025
Antoszczyszyn Michał Avro Lancaster PD383
Antwis P W N Lancaster PD237
Anunsskos T Halifax LK733
Anweiler R R Halifax NR177
Anwyl Paul Illtyd
Anyan John Richard Hampden P4398
Apanasik Stanisław Vickers Wellington R1697
Apitz Kenneth John Nielsen
Apleton R K Lancaster LM207
Aplin W G J Wellington BJ920
Aplin J H Lancaster DS850
Aplin J Lancaster DS851
Aplin D P Lancaster PB382
Apostilides J G Lancaster ND638
Appel Edward Walter B-24 42-50511
Apperley N H Wellington LN284
Apperley H H Wellington HF543
Apperley P S G Lancaster LM226
Apperson Maxwell Warnock Halifax W7769
Apperson E T Hampden P4352
Appleby Thomas Gaufrey Wearmouth Wellington N2904
Appleby William Hudson P5152
Appleby N W Blenheim V6336
Appleby E E Lancaster ED610
Appleby R B Stirling DJ973
Appleby Robert Reginald George Halifax JP123
Appleby T Wellington T2514
Appleby J R Hampden AE393
Appleby F Lancaster EE145
Appleby Charles William Halifax LW637
Appledore Frank Harold
Appleford A N R L Spitfire P9316
Applegarth T A Lancaster LM580
Applegarth K Lancaster ME740
Applegate E A Lancaster ED714
Appleton Edward Robert Myddleton Stirling BF517
Appleton George Edward Hampden P1162
Appleton Roy Henry Stirling EF232
Appleton L.J. Tempest EJ752
Appleton C H Typhoon MN928
Appleton R M Lancaster DV184
Appleton A S Spitfire RM699
Appleton D J Lancaster W4304
Appleton L J Tempest EJ7524
Appleton Hampden L4043
Appleton E R M Stirling BK721
Appleton J Halifax W1236
Appleton L L Hurricane P2537
Appleton Edward Francis
Appleton-Bach E Spitfire
Appleyard William David Lancaster ND684
Appleyard D R C Halifax JD314
Appleyard G Lancaster R5683
Appleyard Robert Lancaster NG186
Appleyard Manchester L7306
Appleyard Manchester R5783
Appleyard William David
Applin D J Lancaster KB731
Apps Percy John Stirling W7578
Apps R D Halifax MZ408
Apps K Lancaster ND325
Apps P J Stirling BF352
Apps W Lancaster R5699
Apps George Edward Wellington LB221
Aquaviva J Halifax PN179
Arabas Jan L
Aranowski Tadeusz Wellington R1212
Arbic H C Wellington Z1660
Arbon H E Lancaster PD260
Arbon H G Halifax LW177
Arbon F J Halifax MZ593
Arbon Colin Bentley
Arbour J E J G Halifax LW682
Arbuckle I Halifax W7854
Arcand J J R Halifax PN172
Arch P Lancaster EE181
Archambault J R Halifax DT772
Archard Theodore Edward Lancaster ED870
Archard L T Halifax ME753
Archay K E Lancaster ME580
Archay Kenneth Edgar
Archer G A Halifax W1040
Archer Raymond Leonard
Archer Harold Thorpe Stirling N6001
Archer Charles Ronald Wellington N2865
Archer William Frederick Wellington N2784
Archer Reginald Frederick Whitley Z6934
Archer Austin William Lancaster LL745
Archer J C Halifax HR658
Archer W E Halifax LV998
Archer R W Lancaster LM455
Archer Kenneth Anson EG110
Archer J T Halifax LV882
Archer Whitley Z9162
Archer K Lancaster JA855
Archer A Hampden P1290
Archer Wellington P9247
Archer Albert John Owen Lancaster ED758
Archer A D Lancaster DV184
Archer V H Stirling MZ261
Archer W G Wellington DV941
Archer D W Halifax HR863
Archer D P D Halifax W7906
Archer P L I Spitfire LZ996
Archer K A Lancaster ND516
Archer J D Lancaster JA899
Archer J W Halifax LL584
Archer J Hampden AE247
Archer A Lancaster LM191
Archer R A Stirling W7500
Archer G W M Wellington Z1616
Archer W Halifax R9457
Archer R E Halifax DK137
Archer F Blenheim L9389
Archer P L I Spitfire R7195
Archer P L I Spitfire W3330
Archer Philip Leslie Irving
Archer Rodney Bainbridge
Archer Rodney Bainbridge Beaufort AW383
Archibald T Halifax JB865
Archibald William Bruce Halifax R9496
Archibald William Bruce Halifax R9440
Archibald William Alexander Mclean Stirling BF448
Archibald L P Lancaster DS846
Archibald J S Halifax LK786
Archibald W J Spitfire W3233
Archibald D Typhoon DN534
Archibald J Lancaster PB253
Archibald David Typhoon DN543
Archibald J Lancaster ED919
Archibald K Lancaster ND969
Archibald Ronald Earle Lancaster R5627
Archibald W Lancaster DV381
Archibald Alan Greeves
Archibald Thomas
Archibald David B P-51 Mustang
Archie Steve Halifax JB854
Archison Cresswell Halifax W1106
Arcimowicz Jarosław
Arct Bohdan Stanisław Mustang FB351
Arcus L D Lancaster LM119
Ardelli Kazimierz Jan Vickers Wellington Z8339
Arden B Lancaster JA844
Ardent R J Halifax JD303
Arderne P V Blenheim N6213
Arderne P V Blenheim R3670
Arding Richard Geoffrey Wellington HF279
Ardis D C Lancaster LM636
Ardis Beverley Donn (Joe) Halifax JP113
Ardis V Wellington R1618
Ardis David Corry
Ardron W F Lancaster JA873
Arel Luther J P-47 Thunderbolt
Arends W A Spitfire EP168
Arentowicz Tadeusz Aleksander Supermarine Spitfire P8502
Argent Edward J Lancaster ED721
Argent S J Lancaster ED566
Argent Edward James Lancaster ED700
Argue E B Spitfire AD206
Argument G A Spitfire NH318
Aries Ellis Walter
Aris J B Halifax DT579
Arkigg B Manchester L7316
Arkinson Alfred Stanley Hampden X3117
Arkle J N P Typhoon PD566
Arkless L N Lancaster LM277
Arksey W L Lancaster ME696
Arkwright D W Whitley N1493
Arlen A Stirling BF437
Arlett G W Lancaster EE170
Arlidge W G Halifax DK239
Arliss F G Lancaster ED836
Arlotte Sidney George Halifax NP819
Arlow J H Lancaster LM330
Arlow T A Halifax MZ409
Armanowski Józef Douglas Havoc AW395
Armer G W Stirling EF347
Armer E W Hampden AE380
Armes H I S Wellington T2967
Armet Ian George Lancaster ED303
Armin A M Lancaster NE127
Armitage I Halifax LK702
Armitage S Lancaster NG491
Armitage B H Lancaster LM106
Armitage Dennis Lochart Spitfire
Armitage J L Mosquito DZ387
Armitage J F Spitfire P7569
Armitage Harry Wellington W5492
Armitage P S Lancaster HK769
Armitage D Stirling EH902
Armitage L P Lancaster EE105
Armitt G Lancaster R5729
Armitt John Lancaster PB183
Armitt George
Armon A J T Lancaster ND328
Armour W J Halifax EB252
Armour James Alexander Halifax LL280
Armour J K Lancaster LM472
Armour E W Lancaster ME848
Armour W G Lancaster PB428
Armour E G Halifax LL178
Armour W G Mosquito PZ245
Armour C H Lancaster JB710
Armour William John
Armour Robert Douglas
Armsby J A Halifax L9503
Armsby Sherman P-47 Thunderbolt
Armsby Sherman P-47 Thunderbolt
Armsby Sherman P-47 Thunderbolt
Armsby Sherman P-47 Thunderbolt
Armson Bernard George
Armstrong J E Lancaster LM534
Armstrong M L Lancaster ME784
Armstrong H B Lancaster PB459
Armstrong Hugo Throssell Spitfire BS425
Armstrong H T Spitfire BM384
Armstrong G A Halifax NA508
Armstrong Donald Noel Robert Wellington T2992
Armstrong Thomas Wellington R1455
Armstrong Robert Lancaster DV276
Armstrong David Lancaster HK550
Armstrong Gordon Dyson Beaufighter X7878
Armstrong Alexander Halifax MZ348
Armstrong Michael Francis Lancaster PD383
Armstrong D S Halifax W1116
Armstrong John David Mosquito RV306
Armstrong G Stirling N6018
Armstrong Thomas James Wellington DV736
Armstrong Arthur Ronald Halifax HX268
Armstrong G E Wellington HE923
Armstrong Robert Alfred Wellington DV843
Armstrong D R Spitfire
Armstrong A T Lancaster ND352
Armstrong J L D Mosquito HJ830
Armstrong G K Wellington Z1146
Armstrong E L Halifax JB805
Armstrong D M Halifax MZ910
Armstrong Curwood Neville Lancaster RF150
Armstrong John Marshall Wellington X3943
Armstrong H R Halifax LW574
Armstrong H A Lancaster KB737
Armstrong G H Halifax EB137
Armstrong G E Halifax RG476
Armstrong William Ernest Wellington LN285
Armstrong J K Halifax MZ816
Armstrong J S Halifax EB276
Armstrong L W Lancaster KB835
Armstrong Oswald Walter Lancaster SW251
Armstrong J A Lancaster JB485
Armstrong J A Lancaster LM439
Armstrong J B Lancaster ND910
Armstrong A W Lancaster R5562
Armstrong R H Lancaster PA174
Armstrong John Frederick Lancaster LM221
Armstrong G Wellington X3287
Armstrong G W Lancaster ED928
Armstrong L J Spitfire BS107
Armstrong J W Lancaster JB732
Armstrong P E Fortress HB787
Armstrong C E Lancaster ND768
Armstrong G Halifax HR952
Armstrong A J Lancaster JB563
Armstrong R Lancaster ME799
Armstrong D S Lancaster ND613
Armstrong F T Lancaster NE136
Armstrong D H Lancaster ND990
Armstrong R L Lancaster LL953
Armstrong G H Lancaster LL948
Armstrong D Wellington N2949
Armstrong C Lancaster DS660
Armstrong Charles Anthony Mosquito DZ609
Armstrong K G Wellington W5387
Armstrong R J Halifax MZ734
Armstrong R Typhoon MN314
Armstrong R I Blenheim L8737
Armstrong R Stirling W7535
Armstrong J Stirling DJ974
Armstrong C A G Spitfire W3563
Armstrong R J Mosquito W4084
Armstrong J W Halifax HR929
Armstrong J G Hampden AE239
Armstrong J H Lancaster W4936
Armstrong J G Hampden P4285
Armstrong J G Hampden AD755
Armstrong R G Lancaster ND687
Armstrong A Lancaster ND683
Armstrong A Lancaster ND676
Armstrong R Lancaster W4824
Armstrong T Lancaster ED390
Armstrong G R Halifax MZ619
Armstrong G R Halifax MZ559
Armstrong F A Hampden AD825
Armstrong E N Lancaster PD233
Armstrong R Lancaster ED983
Armstrong J G Stirling W7430
Armstrong R Stirling W7500
Armstrong G E Lancaster JB652
Armstrong G E Lancaster JB225
Armstrong W Spitfire P7386
Armstrong J Lancaster ME752
Armstrong C B Stirling EF215
Armstrong J D Halifax W1236
Armstrong John Robert Halifax JB842
Armstrong P H Halifax LL229
Armstrong J Halifax LL235
Armstrong Whitley Z6877
Armstrong Whitley Z6648
Armstrong G R Whitley P4996
Armstrong T R Lancaster ED311
Armstrong Robert Harvey Wellington X3638
Armstrong A Stirling BF414
Armstrong J Stirling LJ509
Armstrong Battle L5541
Armstrong Arthur Ray
Armstrong John Thomas
Armstrong Basil Kemp
Armstrong James Edward
Armstrong Donald Noel Robert
Armstrong Peter William Alexander
Armstrong Horace Dudley
Armstrong Neville Gerrard
Armstrong Herbert Barnard
Armstrong Gertrude Magdalen
Armstrong James
Armstrong Gordon Arthur
Armstrong Brian Andrew
Armstrong Clifford F P-47 Thunderbolt
Armstrong Clifford F P-47 Thunderbolt
Armstrong Clifford F P-47 Thunderbolt
Armsworth R G Stirling EE882
Armytage Peter Charles Tustin Lancaster ME684
Armytage M F Spitfire EN974
Arneil Adam Scott Halifax LW647
Arneil A S Halifax DK174
Arnell Algot Leon Lancaster ME565
Arnell John Leonard
Arnett S Halifax R9491
Arnett D S Lancaster LM648
Arnett A D Spitfire P7537
Arnett R Halifax DT574
Arnett John Burniston
Arney H J Lancaster PA973
Arney Harold James
Arnfield S J Spitfire R6686
Arnold V J Lancaster ME526
Arnold Alan Lancaster ME625
Arnold Roy George Claringbould Wellington R1758
Arnold Keith Fergus Hudson AE640
Arnold Gideon George Halifax HR752
Arnold William Harry Wellington X3670
Arnold John Henry Stirling W7471
Arnold James Peter Halifax EB250
Arnold Robert Halifax NA184
Arnold R S Lancaster LM638
Arnold W H Lancaster LM336
Arnold Victor Charles Miles Master T8780
Arnold W R Halifax MZ487
Arnold A E Halifax DT491
Arnold T Halifax HX295
Arnold P S Lancaster ND680
Arnold R A Wellington W5442
Arnold S J Lancaster ND447
Arnold R F Lancaster ME643
Arnold A F Stirling R9355
Arnold E R Halifax L9489
Arnold J T Halifax W1242
Arnold T Wellington Z8839
Arnold R G Wellington T2718
Arnold J F Lancaster ED432
Arnold F R Lancaster ND527
Arnold P Hampden L4051
Arnold L E J Lancaster ND818
Arnold P E Lancaster JA690
Arnold E A Stirling BK627
Arnold A J Wellington W5680
Arnold Gordon Arthur
Arnold Vincent James
Arnold George
Arnold Allan Edward
Arnold William Morris
Arnold Alexander Kenn
Arnold Raymond
Arnold Robert George
Arnold Alan
Arnold Vernon Claude Ventura 2193
Arnold William James B-17 Fortress FK209
Arnold John H P-51 Mustang
Arnold John H P-51 Mustang
Arnold Max C P-47 Thunderbolt
Arnold Richard H P-47 Thunderbolt`
Arnot C Lancaster ME623
Arnot Donald Mackenzie Halifax LL139
Arnot Arthur Gordon Herbert
Arnott H M Stirling LK388
Arnott Kenneth Stirling W7524
Arnott G D Lancaster ED370
Arnott P Stirling BK611
Arnott A P Lancaster JB217
Arnott A P Halifax JD246
Arnott J W Manchester L7310
Arnott W McG Lancaster W4194
Arnott H Stirling R9259
Arnott Alan Ross Airly
Arnott Kenneth John
Arnston F A Halifax LW420
Aronson K J Wellington X3712
Arpin J J C Wellington BK435
Arrache-Quesne R Halifax PN366
Arrieta C M Mosquito KB199
Arriett C M Halifax BB192
Arrowsmith J C Halifax HX158
Arrowsmith J R St G Wellington Z8833
Arrowsmith V Blenheim T1794
Arrowsmith J R Stirling BF470
Arrowsmith H L Lancaster DV365
Arscott J E J Halifax LL243
Arscott Percy Richard
Arsenault J A Halifax LW672
Arsenault J C Halifax LK968
Arseneaut J D H Halifax JD159
Arter A E Halifax JB786
Arthan Frederick Ralph Wellington X3473
Arthan F R Wellington X3651
Arthaud Charles C P-38 Lightning
Arthaud Charles C P-38 Lightning
Arthaud Charles C P-38 Lightning
Arthur C G Lancaster ME558
Arthur M J Wellington HF589
Arthur Ernest Mortimer Martin Marauder HD477
Arthur Rober Peter Halifax MZ572
Arthur Jackson Dunbar Whitley LA879
Arthur George Eric De Havilland Mosquito HR191
Arthur N G Wellington X3488
Arthur James Lamb Lancaster ED865
Arthur S Halifax JB961
Arthur D A Halifax JD470
Arthur Douglas Invicta Lancaster ED544
Arthur J A Lancaster ED320
Arthur G A Lancaster LL756
Arthur J L L Wellington X3394
Arthur L J Lancaster ME839
Arthur C J Blenheim
Arthur S R Halifax L9508
Arthur W G Halifax DK135
Arthur R G Halifax MZ512
Arthur L C Lancaster ED558
Arthur Keith
Arthur Colin Tolhurst
Arthur Cecil Glen
Arthur Paul Druce
Arthur William Charles
Arthurs K N Wellington L7810
Arthurson J W Lancaster JB531
Artley Carvel R P-47 Thunderbolt
Artus A G Halifax RG553
Artymuik J Wellington R1184
Artyniuk J P Halifax MZ602
Artz Donald D P-47 Thunderbolt
Arundel John Stanley George Defiant V1117
Arundel D R Halifax LV790
Arundell D R Halifax LV792
Asbrey G F Hampden AD720
Asbury R A Lancaster ED351
Asbury Richard W P-51 Mustang
Asbury Richard W P-51 Mustang
Asbury Richard W P-51 Mustang
Ash R W Lancaster HK535
Ash Ronald George Hampden X3117
Ash Norman Andrews Wellington BJ894
Ash A C Wellington HE743
Ash J W Halifax MZ807
Ash G H Hudson T9463
Ash R C V Defiant L7021
Ash W F Spitfire AD281
Ash M S Manchester L7429
Ash J T Lancaster ND459
Ash C J K Lancaster JB239
Ash R D Whitley Z9214
Ash B
Ash Robert Charles Addison
Ash Richard William
Ash Ronald George
Ashbolt Harry Shepherdson
Ashburner N Lancaster DV158
Ashby R F Wellington W5367
Ashby B P Blenheim V6035
Ashby F C Halifax DK135
Ashby A Lancaster PB250
Ashby Clifford T P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Ashby Clifford T P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Ashby-Peckham S D J Stirling BK712
Ashby-Peckham R E Wellington T2550
Ashcroft Alfred Edward David Mosquito MM678
Ashcroft Daniel Draper Airspeed Oxford BM718
Ashcroft P K Lancaster NG420
Ashcroft E R V Lancaster ED626
Ashcroft Wellington R1508
Ashcroft F R Lancaster LL827
Ashcroft B P Lancaster W4140
Ashcroft C C G Blenheim L9192
Ashcroft A H Mosquito DZ256
Ashcroft T A Halifax LK657
Ashcroft Charles Lancaster ME726
Ashdown F J M Ventura AE692
Ashdown Edward Thomas Lancaster RF150
Ashdown W R Lancaster KB778
Ashdown R Stirling R9279
Ashdown L E Halifax DT748
Ashdown E F Mustang AG664
Ashdown M H C Stirling EE892
Ashdown H I Lancaster LM329
Ashdown Maxwell
Asher C D Wellington R1794
Ashfield Leslie James Hampden P4286
Ashfield Glyn
Ashfield Frederick William Hampden P4400
Ashfield L J Hampden P1331
Ashfield Richard Arthur
Ashford F H A Boston Z2255
Ashford C M Halifax MZ352
Ashford A R Whitley Z6940
Ashford E W J Lancaster ME749
Ashford W Lancaster NG417
Ashford D M Mustang FD505
Ashford A H Lancaster JA924
Ashford A E Halifax LW377
Ashford Clive Albert
Ashford James R P-47 Thunderbolt
Ashforth L E Hampden L4188
Ashill Denis Edward Guy Stirling W7585
Ashleigh D D Spitfire MH872
Ashley A G Lancaster W4987
Ashley A E Lancaster ED664
Ashley Borden Bramshott Lancaster ME581
Ashley H L Lancaster ED409
Ashley C Lancaster NF967
Ashley N C Blenheim L9183
Ashley F H Stirling N3723
Ashley A H Halifax HR782
Ashley E Lancaster PD312
Ashley J R Wellington X9981
Ashley W Halifax JB973
Ashley R Y Blenheim L8787
Ashley Aubrey George
Ashman G L Lancaster ED874
Ashman G L Lancaster ED873
Ashman R W Typhoon JR376
Ashman A C Wellington R3209
Ashman F E Lancaster JB362
Ashman Herbert Leonard Lancaster JB313
Ashman C G Wellington N3004
Ashmead-Bartlett D L Stirling R9185
Ashmore J Q Halifax DT797
Ashmore Hampden P2124
Ashmore J N Manchester L7384
Ashplant Blenheim T1826
Ashplant G Wellington BK460
Ashplant G Wellington HZ314
Ashplant W L Wellington Z1327
Ashplant L C Stirling LJ454
Ashpole G J J Lancaster ND815
Ashton Robert Alexander Stirling LJ503
Ashton Stanley William Blenheim R3697
Ashton John Henry Hurricane P2723
Ashton Cyril James Halifax JD367
Ashton Jack Halifax RG443
Ashton H C Halifax W1217
Ashton J F Wellington R1703
Ashton D A Blenheim N6210
Ashton R H Lancaster W4954
Ashton F H J Spitfire EN891
Ashton L Halifax LL284
Ashton D E Stirling EJ106
Ashton D K Lancaster W4996
Ashton E Lancaster LM388
Ashton E Lancaster EE200
Ashton L Lancaster PB595
Ashton D G Spitfire P9333
Ashton T R Hampden AT139
Ashton J N S Halifax HR910
Ashton J N S Halifax JD381
Ashton T Lancaster ME629
Ashton J G Lancaster W4360
Ashton S R Lancaster LM117
Ashton Leo Halifax HR946
Ashton J C Lancaster LM302
Ashton J H Hurricane L1775
Ashton John Henry
Ashton Robert Alexander
Ashun W P Wellington Z8527
Ashun K C Lancaster RA530
Ashurst Thomas Eldon Blenheim T2329
Ashurst F Hampden AD899
Ashurst Spitfire R7273
Ashurst K Manchester L7433
Ashurst Hampden AE259
Ashurst W Lancaster R5702
Ashurst J J Blenheim V5824
Ashwell R H Wellington X3988
Ashwell H Halifax MZ768
Ashwin Harold James Bowen Lancaster DS780
Ashwin E L Stirling BF400
Ashwood John Wellington MP615
Ashworth Harry Mosquito ML928
Ashworth Harold John Vincent Stirling W7530
Ashworth Donald William Wellington Z1611
Ashworth Alan Stirling BF577
Ashworth William James Halifax DT509
Ashworth C J Fortress HB787
Ashworth F M Lancaster ME372
Ashworth C P Mustang FB208
Ashworth E Typhoon MN995
Ashworth Lancaster LM521
Ashworth H J V Stirling R9313
Ashworth V E Wellington R1507
Ashworth C H Wellington HE443
Ashworth W S Lancaster ED663
Ashworth R Typhoon JP409
Ashworth E Lancaster LL777
Ashworth T Lancaster ND735
Ashworth D Lancaster JB303
Ashworth L Lancaster W4982
Askam C Lancaster R4816
Askelson Howard S P-47 Thunderbolt
Askelson Howard S P-47 Thunderbolt
Asken G W Halifax JD256
Asker F W Halifax RG367
Asker W F Lancaster ND966
Askew M V Lancaster EE126
Askew R Wellington HE322
Askew R Wellington MS481
Askew R Stirling EF163
Askew George W Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Askey Victor Lancaster R5665
Askham L Whitley N1523
Askham C Lancaster ED837
Askie R E L Lancaster LM512
Askill N D Lancaster LM654
Askquith-Ellis Ralph Blanshard Hudson N7217
Askwith D Halifax MZ592
Askwith R Halifax JD305
Aslett P R Lancaster W4999
Aslett Percy Ronald Lancaster ND592
Aslin M R Hurricane P3324
Aslin D J Hurricane P2960
Aslin P R Lancaster PD211
Aspden J H Halifax DT725
Aspden K R Mosquito MM151
Aspden L W Lancaster DV187
Aspden E J Wellington HE182
Aspell K J Lancaster LL949
Asper Harold E P-51 Mustang
Asper Harold E P-51 Mustang
Aspey William Lancaster ND460
Aspey H E Hampden L4178
Aspin Thomas Wellington HZ375
Aspin J D Lancaster ME588
Aspin V E Lancaster JB356
Aspinall Glyn Robert (Bob) Lancaster W4103
Aspinall L E Halifax LW240
Aspinall J S A Lancaster ND963
Aspinall K Lancaster JB310
Aspinall T R Lancaster LM259
Aspinall W Lancaster DV279
Aspinall H A Lancaster LM476
Aspinall William Moore
Aspinell D C E Lancaster PB131
Asplen Raymond John Lancaster ND767
Aspley A A Bathurst Halifax DT542
Asprey J L Whitley
Asprey J L Whitley Z6823
Asprey John Lambert
Asquith D B Lancaster ME637
Asquith D Lancaster NE114
Asselin J E T Spitfire W3182
Assheton W R Spitfire K9993
Assman Ludwik Karol Wellington W5720
Assman Ludwik Karol Vickers Wellington X9764
Asson William Hampden X3120
Asson Manchester L7495
Asson Edward B-24 Betsy II 42-50842
Astall C Halifax LW695
Astbury J W Lancaster JA974
Astbury T E Lancaster LL913
Astbury R C Whitley N1362
Astell W Lancaster ED864
Astell-Burt H Stirling W7579
Astill A E Halifax LL598
Astill Alan Edwin
Astin A Halifax JD322
Astle Alfred Lancaster PB177
Astle C W Wellington BK489
Astle Arthur William Whitley T4203
Astles John James Lancaster DS788
Astley W E Lancaster ND761
Astley S Lancaster PB345
Astley Bruce
Aston J E G Lancaster DV221
Aston J W Wellington W5355
Aston M R Lancaster ED968
Aston A E Lancaster ME335
Aston A Halifax R9482
Aston J D Halifax DK245
Aston R L Stirling BK784
Aston G W Spitfire R6923
Aston G W Spitfire P8532
Astramowicz Teofan Vickers Wellington R3216
Astrosky P C Stirling BF408
Asutin J Halifax JD305
Atack Dallas Wellington P9288
Atcherley R L R Spitfire BM235
Atcherley David Francis William
Atcheson S C Lancaster JB474
Atchison J M Lancaster NG458
Atchison W J Wellington R1450
Atchison I A N Whitley Z6944
Atchison T T Whitley N1366
Atchison Whitley T4158
Ateński Stanisław Wellington Z1314
Atha J L Halifax HR775
Atherton John Carman Lancaster ED730
Atherton Thomas Beaufort L4508
Atherton Blenheim L4833
Atherton J L Lancaster LL903
Atherton J S Wellington MS468
Atherton Cyril Stirling EF505
Atherton T Lancaster LM527
Atherton William Samuel Charles
Atherton Henry Marinus
Atherton John Carman
Atherton John
Athey Stanley Tallintyre Lancaster LM341
Athey R W Lancaster NE129
Atkin Charles Carr Wellington Z1109
Atkin Alwyne Wellington HZ719
Atkin H Halifax LW166
Atkin J W F Wellington BJ625
Atkin R Lancaster DS846
Atkin J H Whitley Z9205
Atkin D Lancaster HK574
Atkin Charles Carr
Atkin-Berry Harold Leslie Blenheim L9468
Atkins Frederick Thomas George Stirling EJ108
Atkins Samuel Stephen Lancaster HK547
Atkins Jack Frederick Battle L5288
Atkins Clarence Leslie Lancaster PB586
Atkins Reginald Clifford Cooke Lancaster PB398
Atkins N Halifax LV908
Atkins M W Lancaster R5499
Atkins R J Halifax LV879
Atkins J I Halifax LW499
Atkins O M Lancaster ED647
Atkins D B Halifax DT702
Atkins D V Halifax JB867
Atkins Kenneth Leslie Lancaster ND363
Atkins N A Lancaster ME692
Atkins B H Halifax BB378
Atkins F P J Defiant L7015
Atkins L J Wellington R1606
Atkins John Frederick Wellington HE220
Atkins E H Hurricane P5186
Atkins J C Wellington R1328
Atkins G Halifax W7748
Atkins W G Lancaster LL724
Atkins A R Hampden L4154
Atkins G T Hampden AD896
Atkins C E Lancaster PD346
Atkins N Whitley P5011
Atkins E Lancaster ED352
Atkins J R M Halifax LW540
Atkins C G Halifax NA603
Atkins W Halifax RG367
Atkins J E Lancaster PA964
Atkins J S Lancaster R5630
Atkins W J Wellington N2870
Atkins Dudley Reginald
Atkins Henry Lendrum
Atkins James Bernard
Atkins Ronald Frederick Wellington LN690
Atkins Rolandard Wellington LB221
Atkins Robert B--17 Lucky Lady 42-39941
Atkinson William James Spitfire MB887
Atkinson W E Mosquito HK312
Atkinson John Edgar Wellington N2872
Atkinson H P Wellington L4232
Atkinson Joseph Wellington BK198
Atkinson Cyril Taylor Wellington R1243
Atkinson Eric Lancaster DV190
Atkinson Wilfrid Venus Whitley Z6951
Atkinson Donald John Lancaster EE177
Atkinson Thomas Donald Lancaster R5847
Atkinson Joseph Lancaster KB738
Atkinson John Joffre Halifax LW461
Atkinson George Thomas Halifax BB325
Atkinson Robert Edward Wellington HZ863
Atkinson Jack Holder Halifax R9388
Atkinson R D Halifax NP806
Atkinson John Leslie Halifax PN228
Atkinson J N Halifax NP778
Atkinson A E Wellington LN439
Atkinson J McK Lancaster R5662
Atkinson R E Stirling EF394
Atkinson Merle William Halifax W7812
Atkinson R B Lancaster JA690
Atkinson Donald Keith Lancaster ED563
Atkinson Leslie Noel Halifax LV778
Atkinson R Halifax R9492
Atkinson J P Whitley N1496
Atkinson J M Wellington T2846
Atkinson R Halifax JB840
Atkinson R Halifax JB921
Atkinson G Battle K9189
Atkinson Charles Mosquito DK303
Atkinson D Lancaster LL622
Atkinson H T G Lancaster LM225
Atkinson R Wellington W5365
Atkinson R A P Hampden AD921
Atkinson R Hampden AD922
Atkinson M R Wellington X9812
Atkinson M R Wellington Z9812
Atkinson J Stirling BK799
Atkinson S H Stirling R9318
Atkinson G Hurricane P3310
Atkinson W G Stirling LK207
Atkinson J L Mosquito DD629
Atkinson J H Mitchell FL175
Atkinson J W Lancaster R5755
Atkinson R G Lancaster ME680
Atkinson M Lancaster W4120
Atkinson W J Ventura AE784
Atkinson H D Hurricane P3200
Atkinson R Hurricane P3174
Atkinson G A Stirling EF445
Atkinson H P Halifax DT741
Atkinson R Halifax NP945
Atkinson S K Wellington HE817
Atkinson R I Halifax MZ863
Atkinson R H Hampden AE290
Atkinson C Lancaster ND860
Atkinson T M Wellington HF544
Atkinson J A Lancaster ED803
Atkinson E C Hampden AE419EA-T
Atkinson E C Hampden AD856
Atkinson J C Lancaster JB360
Atkinson A S Hampden X2994
Atkinson J C Lancaster W4382
Atkinson D Manchester L7486
Atkinson J B Lancaster ED415
Atkinson T G Typhoon MM969
Atkinson T Beaufighter X7556
Atkinson J Hampden L4113
Atkinson D L Manchester L7369
Atkinson G A Hampden P4339
Atkinson J Lancaster W4127
Atkinson J L Lancaster JB356
Atkinson T R Halifax LW505
Atkinson E D Halifax MZ409
Atkinson G A Lancaster JA936
Atkinson A H L Halifax DK176
Atkinson D Halifax MZ812
Atkinson Rolf Edgar Halifax W7822
Atkinson Rolf Edgar Halifax W1252
Atkinson Whitley Z9320
Atkinson E R Lancaster LM184
Atkinson Halifax W7670
Atkinson Harold Derrick
Atkinson Horace Reiby Elliott
Atkinson Phyllis Mary
Atkinson William James
Atkinson Wilfred George
Atkinson Richard Ashley
Atkinson Bruce Albert
Atkinson Walter Edward
Atkinson John Anthony
Atkinson Shirley Francis
Atkinson Gerald Von B-17 Henn’s Revenge 44-8427
Atteberry Ray N P-51 Mustang
Atteberry Ray N P-51 Mustang
Attenborrow E Lancaster LL827
Atter C E Lancaster NG350
Atter D W Halifax DT796
Atterby E Lancaster NX567
Atterton A W Halifax LL308
Attew K V Blenheim Z7451
Attewell A E Lancaster KB759
Attfield R A Hampden X2975
Attreed Robert Reginald Liberator KH245
Attwater R E Wellington Z1576
Attwell A J Whitley Z6656
Attwell J A Whitley Z9308
Attwood R H Stirling W7530
Attwood Cecil Alfred Victor Wellington N2945
Attwood D W Stirling W7560
Attwood Boston W8388
Attwood G G Lancaster ED426
Attwood Derek Allan Mosquito HJ816
Attwooll P R Spitfire RR255
Atwell Kenneth John Stirling BK620
Atwell W J Whitley Z9423
Atwell Gerald Joseph
Atwood B E Lancaster W4338
Atyeo Gene Mitchell Lancaster PB258
Aubert C O Lancaster JR216
Aubert R D Spitfire
Aubert R D Spitfire
Aubert Charles Oscar
Aubiet H Halifax I MZ984
Aubin J G M Halifax HR776
Aubin Joseph Gilbert Dollard Halifax LW395
Aubourg V E Lancaster LM746
Aubrey D G Wellington HE230
Aubry J S A Halifax DT680
Aubry J A A Halifax LK798
Auchincloss Bayard C P-51 Mustang
Auchincloss Bayard C P-51 Mustang
Audet Richard Joseph Spitfire
Audley Denis James Halifax JD309
Audy J E Wellington BK334
Auerbach Merle B-17 43-38107
Augarten Rudolph P-47 Thunderbolt
Augspurger Harold F Bristol Beaufighter
August D C Wellington DV707
Augusta F K Halifax MZ453
Augusta F K Halifax LV965
Augustinus Alfred Leslie
Augustyn Włodzimierz Handley Page Halifax JN895
Auld J B Lancaster ED731
Auld G S Stirling EH961
Auld W Halifax JB792
Auld Tom Allan
Aulens J M G Halifax NA260
Auliff Wellington R1043
Ault Roy Elkington Lancaster EE196
Ault W G Lancaster ME619
Aumell A D Lancaster PB208
Aumell A D Lancaster LM418
Aumond M J A J Wellington BK340
Aune C N Halifax MZ796
Aungiers G B Lancaster ED908
Austeen A Mustang KH478
Austen Walter Gorden Lancaster ME418
Austen F J Lancaster DV201
Austen D W Whitley P5008
Austen J Halifax LW549
Austerberry F F Lancaster HK602
Austerberry Francis Frederick
Austin R A Lancaster LL776
Austin W E J Lancaster W4837
Austin Clifton Edward Lancaster W4273
Austin E P Halifax LL599
Austin James Lancaster NG191
Austin J Lancaster LM683
Austin Guy Paul Wentworth Wellington T2464
Austin Herbert Ingle Halifax LK802
Austin Albert Sydney Wellington R1785
Austin Dominie X7354
Austin Leslie Ernest Lancaster LM724
Austin John Beech
Austin F C Spitfire AD498
Austin J D Halifax NP745
Austin R W Halifax LV951
Austin K H Lancaster PB120
Austin R S Whitley ZA-?
Austin J A Wellington HE152
Austin W H Lancaster LL751
Austin W F Lancaster W4361
Austin W H Lancaster ED701
Austin J P Lancaster PB363
Austin W W Mosquito DZ460
Austin J Wellington Z1113
Austin H W Wellington BK495
Austin L E Lancaster W4789
Austin F J Stirling BF312
Austin A Stirling W7452
Austin Blenheim R3614
Austin Lancaster LM307
Austin G J Lancaster NX567
Austin H W Wellington HZ582
Austin C E Typhoon JR143
Austin R E Halifax JD147
Austin A W G Halifax LK970
Austin W E Hampden AE257
Austin H Lancaster R5901
Austin A S Wellington R1765
Austin T M Tempest JN877
Austin J Hampden AE230
Austin D Lancaster PA996
Austin W T Halifax JD253
Austin F H Halifax DT686
Austin G F Halifax LW287
Austin Whitley P4984
Austin M Lancaster NG192
Austin J W Lancaster ND921
Austin A L Blenheim L6782
Austin G W B Hurricane N2349
Austin G H Stirling EJ113
Austin K H Lancaster PB687
Austin F E Wellington X9981
Austin C Halifax L9562
Austin G Halifax MZ680
Austin L Halifax LW321
Austin S Havoc A
Austin John Sanger
Austin Arthur Neville
Austin Rhubert Mellor
Austin William
Austin Walter Edmund Joseph
Austin Edward Phillip
Austin James
Austin Lewis Herbert
Austin James
Austin Richard Scott Whitley Z6932
Austin Elmore Lathrop B-24 Wham Bam! Thank You, Ma'm 42-110107
Austin Lewis Walter Castle Lancaster PB591
Austin Harold P-47 Thunderbolt
Austin James C Jr P-38 Lightning
Austin John G P-38 Lightning
Austin-Johnson J E Blenheim V6430
Authousen K B Spitfire MJ834
Autret P J M Spitfire BM312
Auty Eric Lancaster ND404
Avaan R J Lancaster ED695
Avant A F Halifax LV913
Avedisian J T Stirling R9161
Aveline Lancaster EE150
Avent John William Halifax DT732
Avent D J Blenheim P6911
Avent S W G Wellington DV768
Avent Wellington R1712
Avent K J Halifax MZ512
Aver Francis Alfred Lancaster ED867
Averill Kenneth
Avern Geoffrey Lennox
Avery J D Lancaster PB301
Avery Reginald Arthur Charles Lancaster W4373
Avery Harold Frederick Manchester L7489
Avery G Battle N2253
Avery P H Whitley Z9282
Avery W N Halifax JD246
Avery B P Mustang
Avery J V Wellington HE374
Avery C Halifax BB223
Avery A N Lancaster ND987
Avery J Stirling BK773
Avery A Blenheim R3756
Avery George Douglas Rutherford
Avey G R Lancaster ED549
Aveyard A Lancaster LM542
Aveyard Colin Wellington L7815
Aviet P B Lancaster NE144
Avis A H Stirling EF181
Avis G V Hereford L6007
Avis Roy Frederick Halifax JD248
Avn der Honert R Spitfire P8780
Avon J L G Lancaster JB746
Avory G A Whitley Z6558
Awad Philip Peter Lancaster LM751
Awad C M S Wellington HE737
Awcock T L Lancaster PB535
Awcock James Peter Mitchell FW127
Awcock Terrence Lansdowne
Awrey D McL Halifax HX272
Axby Leslie Frederick Wellington HE471
Axe F A Spitfire P7680
Axford Cecil Halifax LK915
Axford H F Halifax MZ556
Axford J L Wellington L7791
Axford N F Hampden AE202
Axon James Robert
Axtell Dennis Halifax HR784
Axtell Eugene D Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Axtell Eugene D Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Axtell Eugene D Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Axtell Eugene D Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Axten D Whitley P5074
Axton R H Halifax LW441
Axup G A Lancaster R5575
Ayer W B Lancaster DS716
Ayers R J Stirling BK798
Ayers R B Wellington X9696
Ayers D H Spitfire P7362
Ayers Leslie Judson Blenheim EH374
Ayers Ralph James
Ayers James W * P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Ayers James W ** P-47 Thunderbolt
Ayers James W ** P-47 Thunderbolt
Ayers Jerry H P-47 Thunderbolt
Ayerst F D Lancaster EE195
Ayerst Peter Vigne
Aylard A C Lancaster ED629
Ayles Russel James Halifax W7780
Aylesworth R M Halifax MZ907
Aylieff J M Lancaster ME361
Ayliffe H D Mosquito PZ186
Ayling K A C Stirling EE964
Ayling C A H Spitfire P7303
Ayling Hurricane L1737
Aylmer A A Halifax LW195
Aylmer A A Halifax MZ659
Aylott G J Spitfire MH362
Aylott A V Mosquito
Aynsley C S Stirling N6045
Ayotte J H Lancaster KB835
Ayoub Lee S P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Ayoub Lee S P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Ayre George Francis Mosquito MM128
Ayre A E W Lancaster LM454
Ayre Harold Woolgar ("Harry")
Ayre George Francis
Ayre Roy Eric
Ayres Leonard Lancaster ME725
Ayres L J Halifax MZ903
Ayres A A Halifax LL197
Ayres R A Wellington X3754
Ayres K J Lancaster PB347
Ayres K A Lancaster RA526
Ayres L R Lancaster PD397
Ayres N S Liberator TS526
Ayres R J Halifax HR795
Ayres V H Hampden L4063
Ayres G A Lancaster ED668
Ayres A W W Lancaster ND636
Ayres R F Lancaster ND985
Ayres A Halifax MZ510
Ayres R K Wellington X3716
Ayrey Edward Stanley Ventura NZ4520
Ayscough P E Halifax W1182
Ayton R A Lancaster LM289
Ayton R Halifax MZ312
Ayton G F Mosquito
Ayton G T Halifax HR840
Ayton E S Whitley Z9280
Ayton R S Manchester L7323
Azema J Halifax NA174
Baartz John Edward
Baatsen Arnoldus Albert Whitley T4166
Baba Frank Joseph B-24 Stinky 42-110138
Babbage C F Spitfire X4188
Babbage Cyril Fredrick
Babeck P Wellington R1371
Baber S E Wellington LN397
Baber T J D Wellington X3585
Baber D G Whitley Z6826
Babiacki Stanisław Handley Page Halifax JN967
Babianski Mieczyslaw
Babiański Tomasz
Babiarz Jozef Avro Lancaster NG501
Babicek Z Wellington R1015
Babington F G Halifax LK638
Babington R V Wellington HE152
Babington-Browne K D Lancaster W4903
Babraj Zdzislaw Vickers Wellington X9764
Baccus Donald A P-47 Thunderbolt
Baccus Donald A P-51 Mustang
Baccus Donald A P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Baccus Donald A P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Baccus Donald A P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Baccus Donald A P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Bachant J F J Lancaster KB782
Bachard J G Halifax HR910
Bache K Spitfire MK182
Bache M G Lancaster PA169
Bache L L Spitfire AB826
Bache D F Lancaster R5483
Bachelder A L Stirling N6072
Bachelor A E Lancaster LM120
Bachurek S Spitfire
Back P J Q Mosquito MM224
Backhouse Francis Langhorne Lancaster ED303
Backhouse E Lancaster HK579
Backhouse D A Typhoon DN274
Backhouse J W Mosquito MM710
Backhouse R Halifax HR929
Backhouse E R Wellington X9756
Backhouse E R Wellington R1706
Backhouse Gerald Ian Dacres
Backhouse Herbert Frederick
Backhurst G.W. Lancaster ED916
Backler H Lancaster LM439
Backler A F Lancaster ED689
Backlog C P Lancaster ED550
Backway Henry George Lancaster ND861
Bacon Phyllis Kathleen Doris Lancaster PA278
Bacon S R Lancaster RA533
Bacon Lindsay Page Lancaster PB667
Bacon Charles Harvey Spitfire K9818
Bacon William Charles Halifax V9992
Bacon Basil Albert Stirling BF523
Bacon William Charles Halifax W7670
Bacon D R Stirling LJ477
Bacon R A Lancaster LL887
Bacon S G Lancaster W4368
Bacon Hampden AE141
Bacon L W Blenheim T1814
Bacon P F Lancaster W4864
Bacon D J Lancaster LL899
Bacon D A Lancaster ME797
Bacon H Stirling BF511
Bacon H W Lancaster JB398
Bacon J A Halifax JD195
Bacon J E Lancaster JB275
Bacon David Bruce Ernst
Bacon Sydney Raymond
Bacon Lindsay Page
Bacon Philip E Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Baczak Tadeusz
Bączak (Barrington) Tadeusz Wellington LN508
Baczkiewicz Egon Vickers Wellington N2806
Badcock David Herbert William Stirling EE872
Badcock Alan Frederick Lancaster W4165
Badcock J O Wellington X3795
Badcock J Hampden AD734
Badcoe H C Halifax JD385
Baddeley D H Wellington DV721
Baddeley R A Hampden AE420
Badełek Stefan Wellington Z1291
Badell C F Lancaster ND854
Bader D R S Spitfire K9858
Bader D R S Spitfire W3185
Bader Douglas Robert Steuart
Baderski Zenon Sylwester Wellington T2625
Badge H Lancaster ED412
Badger Victor John Lancaster LM386
Badger J V C Hurricane V6548
Badger C R Lancaster LM105
Badger John Vincent Clarence ("Tubby")
Badger William
Badger Neil Thomson
Badgery David George
Badgley J C Halifax NR114
Badham Colin Wellington BB503
Badkin R W Spitfire BM335
Badley John Warren Lancaster W4109
Badman Roy Francis Crossley
Badowski Zygmunt Avro Lancaster EE124
Badshaw D J Wellington BJ768
Baecke A J Spitfire SM246
Baer John W P-47 Thunderbolt
Baer John W P-47 Thunderbolt
Baerlein A Whitley Z9145
Baetz H L Hurricane KZ377
Baetz Henry Laurence
Baffico P Halifax NA512
Bage N Spitfire EP756
Bagenal B Lancaster PP672
Bagg A J Stirling BK697
Baggaley Joseph Lancaster NG191
Baggaley R F F Halifax W1217
Baggaley J Lancaster LM683
Baggie J W B Lancaster LL740
Baggs Francis Henry
Baghurst R J Wellington N2953
Bagley Ronald Lewis Stirling LJ930
Bagley Wellington Z8800
Bagley D Wellington Z1399
Bagley A E Lancaster W4257
Bagnall Trevor Horace Stirling BF396
Bagnall D S Hampden AD914
Bagnall Hampden P1320
Bagnall G Lancaster ND708
Bagnall Trevor Horace Wellington R1331
Bagnall D R Whitley T4160
Bagnall Trevor Horace Wellington R1622
Bagot J M A Halifax NA197
Bagot E C Lancaster LM344
Bagot Edward Christopher
Bagott R R Lancaster PA964
Bagrowski Tadeusz (Swinka)
Bagshaw G M Lancaster RF143
Bagshaw G L C Whitley P4963
Bagshaw C Lancaster ND334
Bagshaw G E Whitley Z6819
Bagshaw Graham Morris
Baguley P Lancaster NF911
Baguley P Stirling EF249
Baguley J Whitley P4992
Baht R E Lancaster JB174
Baigent P H Lancaster ND867
Baile Evelyn Bruce
Bailes R J Lancaster ED396
Bailes Blenheim L8744
Bailes R Lancaster ND553
Bailey G J Lancaster R5608
Bailey L W Stirling N6126
Bailey V L Wellington X3700
Bailey R O Lancaster NG275
Bailey Eric George B.25 Mitchell FL193
Bailey R A Blenheim V6020
Bailey John Brian Godfrey Wellington HF518
Bailey Donald Charles Ephraim Wellington N2941
Bailey John Clarence Wellington L4239
Bailey James Lancaster LM467
Bailey J N D Whitley T4297
Bailey F C Hampden X2983
Bailey John Howard Lancaster ED484
Bailey J Lancaster LM310
Bailey Denis Reginald Stirling EH996
Bailey Allan Edward Blenheim Z7962
Bailey Reginald Charles Lancaster ND551
Bailey Douglas James Lancaster LM213
Bailey H J Halifax LV920
Bailey S J Wellington X3477
Bailey W A Lancaster KB717
Bailey J A Wellington BJ762
Bailey H R Wellington BJ1919
Bailey Elmer Lincoln Halifax MZ295
Bailey Robert Gordon Wellington HZ471
Bailey W G Wellington HZ355
Bailey W G Wellington HE414
Bailey N Halifax MZ589
Bailey D H Halifax LW584
Bailey Albert George Wellington HE294
Bailey W G Halifax LK634
Bailey George Cooley Lancaster JB368
Bailey H R Lancaster ND879
Bailey Merrill George Stirling N3706
Bailey M Stirling EE955
Bailey Anthony Harold Tempest NV932
Bailey R Stirling EF137
Bailey A Halifax DT783
Bailey P A G Lancaster ME670
Bailey R S Lancaster ND644
Bailey H W Lancaster DV308
Bailey James Edwin Wellington BJ689
Bailey C A Halifax JB864
Bailey A W Halifax W7922
Bailey Arthur Wilfred Halifax W1248
Bailey S J Halifax ME753
Bailey P Lancaster W4788
Bailey G I Lancaster ED878
Bailey W Lancaster ED720
Bailey J A J Wellington W5459
Bailey G E Lancaster LL667
Bailey E A Wellington X3589
Bailey S A J Lancaster ED967
Bailey J R A Beaufighter
Bailey R F G Stirling LK131
Bailey S L Hampden AD841
Bailey P F Hampden P4361
Bailey Hampden AE121
Bailey A Hurricane N2711
Bailey J Wellington R3136
Bailey M H Stirling EH985
Bailey William J Lancaster PB872
Bailey W E Halifax HR928
Bailey G Halifax LV786
Bailey A R Lancaster ME627
Bailey J Wellington HF589
Bailey P G Mosquito NS995
Bailey Mosquito NS995
Bailey C R Lancaster DV371
Bailey J H Stirling N3762
Bailey K W Fortress SR381
Bailey A Battle P2201
Bailey R K Mosquito HJ714
Bailey V Typhoon R8879
Bailey H J Tempest EJ653
Bailey R C Halifax HX317
Bailey R H M Mustang AG426
Bailey F C Lancaster ND344
Bailey R L Lancaster NG345
Bailey J B G. Wellington. HE198
Bailey T W Lancaster JB598
Bailey E Lancaster JB647
Bailey E Lancaster ND860
Bailey R Lancaster ED525
Bailey C Lancaster JB680
Bailey C J Halifax JD253
Bailey J H Halifax HR948
Bailey P B Lancaster DS787
Bailey H J Lancaster NG251
Bailey W H Lancaster ED947
Bailey R W Lancaster LL950
Bailey R W Lancaster JB556
Bailey H Mosquito NT365
Bailey R J Hampden P1260
Bailey R G Stirling BF398
Bailey B C Halifax LK645
Bailey J F A Halifax LW269
Bailey G D Whitley T4328
Bailey D B Whitley Z9312
Bailey G P Halifax W7764
Bailey H E Whitley T4147
Bailey H Whitley Z6492
Bailey D Lancaster ED876
Bailey F J Lancaster JA686
Bailey A Lancaster ED836
Bailey Thomas Leon Ford
Bailey Garnet James
Bailey Lester Maxwell
Bailey Eric George
Bailey Edwin Alfred
Bailey Lloyd Wilson
Bailey Valden Leonard
Bailey Lloyd Maxwell
Bailey Robert Owen
Bailey Ronald Summerson
Bailey John Pretty
Bailey Albert John
Bailey Norman John
Bailey L.W.F. Douglas DC-3 Dakota KG397
Bailey Harry Russell Wellington BJ919
Bailey Harry L P-47 Thunderbolt
Bailey Thomas F P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Bailey William B P-47 Thunderbolt
Bailey William B P-51 Mustang
Bailhache Mark Proctor Lancaster DS843
Bailie Cyril Philip Stirling EH928
Bailie J Stirling N6034
Baillargeon Joseph Louis Halifax MZ899
Baillargeon Ernest L P-38 Lightning
Baillargeon Ernest L P-38 Lightning
Baille Ralph Cameron Halifax JB798
Baillie William John Milne Lancaster RA515
Baillie T Wellington X3799
Baillie T Lancaster KB709
Baillie Ralph Cameron Halifax DT509
Baillie J H Stirling R9310
Baillie J E Stirling W7528
Baillie A S H Mosquito HK288
Baillie C W Typhoon MM981
Baillie R Lancaster LM133
Baillie Mervyn James Headen
Baillon L Halifax MZ489
Baillon Paul Abbott Spitfire P9503
Baillon Paul Abbott Spitfire R6631
Baily G H Lancaster PB370
Baily N G Halifax NP743
Baily J H Lancaster DS685
Baily George Hadley
Bain R G Lancaster PB152
Bain James Fortune Lancaster ED377
Bain Victor Albert Blenheim L9172
Bain James Stuart Lancaster NG258
Bain Victor Albert Beaufighter JL943
Bain George Stobie Preston Spitfire X4931
Bain Victor Albert DC-3 Dakota KN500
Bain John Douglas Norman Wellington X3598
Bain D T Halifax JD174
Bain D L Wellington BK540
Bain G E J Lancaster ME811
Bain A Lancaster ND527
Bain D P Lancaster ND581
Bain J F Lancaster ED446
Bain S L Blenheim R3606
Bain Stirling W7431
Bain C G S Stirling W7536
Bain F G L Lancaster R5570
Bain D J Halifax W7709
Bain Wellington W5581
Bain A Stirling EE938
Bain F J R Halifax JB855
Bain C G S Lancaster W4155
Bain Douglas Elgin Withers
Bain Leslie Neil
Bain Donald Hunter
Bainblatt Norman Halifax JB790
Bainbridge Ernest Blenheim T2437
Bainbridge G H Lancaster DV244
Bainbridge W Halifax NA114
Bainbridge J Wellington W5715
Bainbridge R B Halifax LW333
Bainbridge G H Wellington T2559
Bainbridge T J Stirling R9286
Bainbridge F K Halifax JB849
Bainbridge E Halifax MZ310
Baines John Lewis Blenheim T2443
Baines L W E Lancaster NG455
Baines Lloyd E.W. Lancaster LL844
Baines A W Mosquito ML917
Baines A P Lancaster ND810
Baines W Halifax LL244
Baines C Lancaster R5564
Baines Ian Aubrey
Baines Samuel James Watkin Hudson N7217
Baird Robert Alexander Graville Lancaster DS690
Baird Robert (Ronnie) Stirling BK690
Baird J D Halifax V NP757
Baird N G Halifax NP718
Baird W G Halifax LW123
Baird R H Halifax W7660
Baird W A Wellington W5458
Baird D W Manchester L7456
Baird A G G Wellington W5360
Baird Donald Robert Lancaster ED820
Baird Douglas Drennan Wellington BK339
Baird W J Wellington R1713
Baird E R Boston Z2265
Baird G M Blenheim P6952
Baird A H Tempest EJ783
Baird Angus Bruce Wellington W5456
Baird A Hampden P4352
Baird W J Hampden P4299
Baird D W Manchester R5788
Baird A R Halifax JD264
Baird J H Halifax LW505
Baird Hugh Mosquito LR331
Baird Stanley Frederick James
Baird Francis Stephen Ventura NZ4520
Baird-Smith M J Lancaster ND368
Bairnsfather R McP Lancaster PB537
Bairnsfather Ralph McPherson
Bairstow Edward Akeroyd Wellington W5440
Bairstow John Leslie
Baittle Horace David Wellington DF673
Baize Bruce Q P-38 Lightning
Baj Władysław Airspeed Oxford BG174
Bak Franciszek (Bonk František) Vickers Warwick HG226
Bak Jan Vickers Wellington Z1265
Bakalar John E P-47 Thunderbolt
Bakalarski P Wellington Z1270
Bakas Kazimierz Tadeusz Airspeed Oxford PH145
Bake A G Lancaster R5844
Bake E. Halifax LW555
Bakeman E H Lancaster ED714
Baker R M Lancaster ND446
Baker J A Lancaster PB428
Baker M Wellington X9669
Baker R H Lancaster W4879
Baker R H Lancaster ED711
Baker J Lancaster JB679
Baker Norman Keith Spitfire MK260
Baker Norman Keith Spitfire NH254
Baker Eric Neil Whitley T4264
Baker George Lancaster DV275
Baker James Howard Beaufighter Not known
Baker Alfred Lancaster ME723
Baker Donald Lancaster LM424
Baker Thomas Henry William Wellington X3646
Baker A Halifax MZ470
Baker Frederick William Hampden X3058
Baker Victor Charles Rudkin Wellington X3604
Baker Herbert Charles Halifax JD458
Baker Victor George Halifax LL141
Baker William James Lancaster ED621
Baker Albert Wallace Manchester L7518
Baker John Lancaster ND845
Baker N Lancaster ME618
Baker W L Stirling LM394
Baker N Lancaster LM687
Baker E D Wellington Z8842
Baker E D Wellington X9939
Baker A W Stirling EF139
Baker E Lancaster ND526
Baker Ralph Murray Lancaster PB451
Baker J J Lancaster DS849
Baker W A Halifax NR209
Baker D H Mosquito HK463
Baker R E Mustang AP197
Baker H D Boston W8325
Baker George Raymond Wellington X3284
Baker Frank Greenaway Wellington HZ476
Baker E C Halifax JD333
Baker D G Lancaster KB822
Baker S W F Lancaster LL618
Baker Johial William (CWGC list his name as Jonial) Wellington HE630
Baker Douglas Charles Wellington LN451
Baker T L Halifax MZ863
Baker Clifford Stanley Lancaster DV378
Baker W L Lancaster LL627
Baker W M Stirling W7436
Baker Carl George Lancaster JA937
Baker E S Lancaster JA682
Baker Joseph Kenneth Halifax W1153
Baker Ronald Lavender Spitfire EN559
Baker P S Lancaster ND471
Baker Bernard Charles Lancaster HK567
Baker J G Stirling EF501
Baker C Stirling EF236
Baker A D Lancaster LM733
Baker Colin Roy Wellington LP651
Baker G H Halifax W1057
Baker G Halifax JD368
Baker T H Halifax JB930
Baker A E F Halifax MZ789
Baker J A Lancaster ED583
Baker J V Blenheim Z5801
Baker J K Halifax R9532
Baker R W Lancaster NG420
Baker E W Wellington DV831
Baker W Mosquito ML986
Baker W E Lancaster W4118
Baker F E Lancaster RA503
Baker M R F Hampden AD895
Baker G W F Lancaster ED596
Baker T H Blenheim Z7430
Baker Wellington Z8848
Baker A V Lancaster DS793
Baker C H Lancaster LL693
Baker E G Lancaster DS663
Baker E G F B Lancaster DS655
Baker F W Lancaster W4369
Baker W H Spitfire BS446
Baker H R Blenheim N6223
Baker Frederick Walter Wellington Z1214
Baker D A Hampden AD846
Baker E D Hurricane P3381
Baker E R Typhoon MN754
Baker G Stirling W7512
Baker D A Stirling W7572
Baker D A Stirling W7589
Baker Stirling W7461
Baker H S Lancaster LL752
Baker K J Stirling EE954
Baker Blenheim R3603
Baker L T Wellington X3279
Baker A R Lancaster W4850
Baker C R H Halifax HX329
Baker W G Mosquito KB529
Baker L M G Lancaster DV367
Baker E G Blenheim L8864
Baker P D Blenheim V6250
Baker E R Typhoon R8931
Baker A R Lancaster RA533
Baker R V Wellington BK507
Baker F R Lancaster PD318
Baker G A Lancaster DV361
Baker G Lancaster ND567
Baker J H A Wellington X9979
Baker R Stirling EF430
Baker W F Liberator TS520
Baker R Wellington L7802
Baker B Defiant L6985
Baker B Defiant L6985
Baker A S Mustang AG519
Baker E T Halifax HR676
Baker R G Halifax W7658
Baker Halifax W7761
Baker Blenheim P4917
Baker R E Halifax JB897
Baker C P Halifax JB805
Baker H Hampden AD915
Baker J C Halifax MZ452
Baker R E Halifax LK657
Baker Roy Barry Lancaster W4831
Baker A C Lancaster ME574
Baker F W Lancaster JB741
Baker E G Halifax MZ469
Baker C T Lancaster DV338
Baker G C Wellington HE397
Baker R D Wellington HZ270
Baker S F Lancaster ND473
Baker C Lancaster LL976
Baker John Hampden P4416
Baker T C Lancaster JB314
Baker G Manchester R5782
Baker F J Halifax HR732
Baker K R Lancaster DS818
Baker A D Lancaster LM647
Baker R D Hurricane N2667
Baker Arthur C H Lancaster LM522
Baker D Lancaster PD235
Baker A S Lancaster ND416
Baker H W Lancaster PB123
Baker V E Hampden AE263
Baker A W Manchester L7395
Baker Hampden P4399
Baker A C Spitfire X4011
Baker F J Lancaster NN695
Baker A K Lancaster LL784
Baker G A Lancaster NE151
Baker F B Lancaster ED424
Baker R Mosquito DZ627
Baker J D Lancaster LM260
Baker S Spitfire P7568
Baker T D Spitfire EP639
Baker S Stirling R9255
Baker R C Lancaster HK568
Baker H G Lancaster LL866
Baker D C Stirling BK618
Baker T H W Wellington BJ773
Baker H Halifax DK177
Baker Jack F. Halifax LW262
Baker V R Halifax JB872
Baker W G Halifax LW589
Baker W C Lancaster ED984
Baker W J Mosquito MV555
Baker J Hurricane Z2979
Baker J H Lancaster W4185
Baker F W Wellington T2900
Baker L J Lancaster LM519
Baker J Manchester L7459
Baker Manchester L7306
Baker Manchester R5783
Baker V Lancaster ED939
Baker R C W G Lancaster ND415
Baker H A B Lancaster NE121
Baker C Lancaster ND451
Baker Henry Collingham ("Harry"
Baker Alwyn Royce
Baker Robert Minton
Baker Louis Michael Gabriel
Baker Ivan Leslie
Baker James
Baker John Albert
Baker Elwyn Glynder
Baker William John
Baker Allenby Leslie
Baker Edgar Francis
Baker Robert Henry
Baker William "Bill" Stirling EF298
Baker William Milton B-17 Moonlight Serenade 43-37599
Baker N Lancaster ND800
Baker George F Jr P-51 Mustang
Baker George F Jr P-51 Mustang
Baker George F Jr P-51 Mustang
Baker Gordon E P-47 Thunderbolt
Baker Harry B P-51 Mustang
Baker Harry F P-47 Thunderbolt`
Baker Irvin C P-38 Lightning
Baker Maurice F P-51 Mustang
Baker Ray G P-51 Mustang
Baker Robert L P-47 Thunderbolt
Baker Royal N P-47 Thunderbolt
Baker Schuyler A P-51 Mustang
Baker Wilson K P-47 Thunderbolt
Baker Wilson K P-47 Thunderbolt
Baker Neville Percy Halifax NA111
Baker Alan James DH.98 Mosquito FB NS987
Bakewell Tom Halifax JD316
Bakewell J H Lancaster W4321
Bakewell L Halifax DT646
Bakinowski Robert Józef Lancaster PD257
Bakke F O Spitfire PT951
Bakker G W Spitfire 7290
Bakun Wacław Avro Lancaster LL807
Bala Eugeniusz Vickers Wellington Z8438
Balaam E Lancaster DV263
Balance Spitfire AB938
Balantyne A G Lancaster R5551
Balas A Halifax NA529
Balasse M A L Spitfire MB842
Balasse M A L Spitfire RM765
Balawaider Jan Adam Halifax LW617
Balcarek Wilhelm Andrzej Handley Page Halifax JP295
Balcer C R Wellington HE543
Balch G C Wellington N2745
Balchin David Henry Lancaster PB258
Balck J A Stirling BF461
Balcomb E O T Halifax L9527
Balcomb E O T Whitley T4204
Balcombe G R Lancaster ND391
Balcombe J K Lancaster RA523
Balcombe Alfred Alexander Lancaster JA850
Balcombe G Spitfire MK635
Balcombe Gordon Robertson
Bald Edward W. B-24 44-10493
Balderston John Percival Ernest Wellington MS496
Baldick A F Halifax HX247
Balding K T Stirling BF472
Balding Keith Todd
Baldock Richard Marlow Stirling R9169
Baldock F E Whitley Z6973
Baldock H W Stirling BK662
Baldock Lionel Edward
Baldock Harold Ivo McKensey
Baldock Edward Allen
Baldridge Arlen Richard ‘Baldy’ P-51 Mustang 43-6962
Baldry E F Halifax LW415
Baldry C M Halifax LW468
Baldwin E A Lancaster W4329
Baldwin W G Halifax HX278
Baldwin Frank Henry Whitley P5087
Baldwin Alexander James Mosquito ML988
Baldwin Peter Wellington MS471
Baldwin Bernard Oliver Halifax LW118
Baldwin Leonard Stanley Lancaster PB398
Baldwin W H Halifax HR918
Baldwin J S Lancaster DV401
Baldwin J M Lancaster JB671
Baldwin C T F Whitley Z6510
Baldwin C T F Whitley T4146
Baldwin C J D Lancaster ND408
Baldwin K G Beaufighter V8515
Baldwin J A Stirling BK805
Baldwin J A Stirling EH890
Baldwin Wellington T2618
Baldwin J Lancaster ND406
Baldwin Lancaster LM307
Baldwin B H J Lancaster ME633
Baldwin W A J Stirling EF180
Baldwin S A Halifax HR862
Baldwin S A Halifax LK931
Baldwin H V Wellington JA119
Baldwin J Hampden X2910
Baldwin A H Lancaster PD230
Baldwin A Lancaster ED617
Baldwin L S Halifax W7818
Baldwin L H Halifax LK750
Baldwin J R Typhoon DN560
Baldwin R W B Lancaster PA165
Baldwin C S Halifax NA511
Baldwin John Robert ("Johnny")
Baldwin Ernest William
Baldwin Godfrey Ernest William
Baldwin Jack St Ledger
Baldwin Edward Alexander
Baldwin Wilfred Guy
Baldwin Mark P-51 Mustang
Baldwin Oscar F Jr P-47 Thunderbolt`
Baldwinson W B Lancaster ND469
Bale Alan Dennis Lancaster W4232
Bale Frank Edwin Fricker Lancaster ME868
Bale D Lancaster NG351
Bale C F Lancaster EE110
Bale T Hampden P4402
Balerston P P Halifax HX345
Bales L P Wellington X3554
Bales A Typhoon MN714
Bales P R Halifax LV787
Bales John James
Bales William T Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Bales William T Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Bales William T Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Balflour F D K Halifax MZ487
Balfour Donald Campbell Lancaster DV369
Balfour Joseph Smillie Lancaster W4179
Balfour Andrew George Halifax NP771
Balfour Robert Hamish "Jimmy"
Balfour R D Lancaster ED728
Balfour A Lancaster PB265
Balfour Donald Campbell
Balfour John William
Balich L Lancaster W4123
Balicki Roman Vickers Wellington T2717
Balk Vilas D P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Balkam M E Wellington HE906
Balke Spitfire P9431
Balkin Morris Ernest Hampden P4389
Balkwill Henry John Wellington Z1214
Ball William Leonard Lancaster RF230
Ball Alfred Desmond John Halifax NA240
Ball Kenneth Rhodes Wellington R1513
Ball William Alfred Henry Lancaster L7546
Ball Frederick William Ewart Wellington DV773
Ball P J W Mustang KH860
Ball K C W Lancaster ME595
Ball Raymond Findlay Mosquito MM562
Ball N S Wellington X3418
Ball R J J Halifax JD107
Ball D G E Spitfire EP489
Ball J D Lancaster KB835
Ball J H Lancaster W4785
Ball William Sidney Lancaster DS823
Ball H L Halifax NR121
Ball H L Halifax MZ693
Ball E C Mosquito HK204
Ball R L H Halifax JB974
Ball D J Lancaster W4321
Ball T W Lancaster LM508
Ball F Halifax HR711
Ball J D P Halifax MZ871
Ball W L Hampden AE317
Ball R W Lancaster DV181
Ball H Lancaster LL910
Ball D A Halifax BB328
Ball R J Stirling LK279
Ball A Blenheim V6239
Ball John Potter Lancaster NN700
Ball W A C Lancaster W4856
Ball Kenneth Richard Lancaster JA702
Ball H Halifax LW721
Ball T Wellington HE346
Ball G F Typhoon JP400
Ball G E Spitfire K9854
Ball G E Spitfire
Ball G E Spitfire
Ball P W Lancaster ME827
Ball E G Manchester L7311
Ball J B Blenheim L8740
Ball B F Stirling W7503
Ball B F Stirling W7503
Ball A R Hurricane L1901
Ball A R Halifax JB786
Ball A R Halifax W7906
Ball R A A Wellington R3236
Ball R Hampden AD842
Ball W Wellington BJ778
Ball P A Lancaster R5603
Ball L Hampden X3024
Ball Hampden P4403
Ball G E Lancaster LM541
Ball F C Lancaster W4119
Ball D F Lancaster LM429
Ball L W Halifax JD123
Ball B Lancaster NN715
Ball A W C Lancaster JB681
Ball W Mosquito MM127
Ball F Lancaster W4123
Ball R W Lancaster DV365
Ball D A J W Lancaster NE165
Ball E F Lancaster ED754
Ball F Lancaster ED950
Ball George Eric
Ball Harold Edward William
Ball Dudley Edgar
Ball Eric
Ball John Howard
Ball Alfred Desmond John
Ball Melville R P-51 Mustang
Ball Sanborn N P-47 Thunderbolt
Ball Sanborn N P-47 Thunderbolt
Ball Henry S P-47 Thunderbolt
Ball Henry S P-47 Thunderbolt
Ball Henry S P-51 Mustang
Ball Henry S P-51 Mustang
Ball Henry S P-51 Mustang
Ballantine A Stirling R9326
Ballantyne John Battle L5334
Ballantyne Herbert Gregory Hudson N7401
Ballantyne J H Spitfire MJ876
Ballantyne W B Halifax LK647
Ballantyne R Wellington N2943
Ballantyne T Lancaster LL789
Ballantyne Raymond Robert Stanley Lancaster ND365
Ballantyne R Wellington X3226
Ballard V N Wellington X3991
Ballard George Edward John Lancaster DV387
Ballard Philip Sidney Hampden AE394
Ballard James Eric William 'Bill' Spitfire W3503
Ballard R C Blenheim V6336
Ballard W Wellington X3341
Ballard W A Halifax LW348
Ballard W J S Lancaster ND915
Ballard George James
Ballard Victor Norman
Ballard Russell Aubrey
Ballard Paul Gocht B-17 44-8437
Ballard Jerome J P-51 Mustang
Ballas-Anderson K Hampden X3027
Ballauff Roland Walter Wellington MS471
Ballauff Stirling W458
Ballauff T Stirling N3684
Balleine B G P L Wellington Z1388
Balleine Bernard George Paya Lovelock
Ballentine R E Halifax LL178
Balley Julian William Noel Halifax JB847
Ballingall D L Wellington X3665
Ballinger W S Lancaster ME617
Ballinger G Lancaster RA533
Balloch Albert Lancaster SW251
Balloch J H Halifax DK234
Balloch F Spitfire MK855
Balls William Ronald Wellington Z8845
Balls D A O Lancaster NG164
Balman J H Lancaster NG350
Balmanno D T Lancaster LL791
Balmer William Lockie Wellington P2520
Balmer John Hawes Blenheim L8870
Balmer J Lancaster JB641
Balmer D P Lancaster ND759
Balmer J R Lancaster LL792
Balmer John Raeburn
Balmforth T W Mosquito DK316
Balmforth D Halifax MZ568
Balon Władysław Supermarine Spitfire AD313
Balsden R C Lancaster ED863
Balsdon D E Lancaster NN697
Balsdon D F Manchester L7490
Balser C A Lancaster ND867
Balson A P Halifax HR685
Balster B G W Stirling R9260
Balster B G W Lancaster JA710
Balston James Peter Henry Anson K6249
Baltzer R L Halifax W7713
Balucki Jozef Vickers Wellington Z1213
Balyx G A Halifax MZ482
Balzer C S Blenheim V5875
Balzer Christian Samuel
Bamber H C M BlenheimIV R3896
Bamberger Cyril Stanley ("Bam")
Bamberough R Lancaster NG116
Bamblett W Lancaster JA966
Bambrick V G Lancaster HK689
Bambrick Virgil Gilbert
Bambridge J H Lancaster EE113
Bambury J J Mosquito DZ240
Bambury R H Lancaster R5512
Bamford J Lancaster JB596
Bamford T Lancaster HK552
Bamford J Spitfire MK969
Bamford C G Lancaster ED441
Bamford C Whitley P4991
Bamford P E Lancaster R5625
Bamford W Halifax W7764
Bamford N E Mosquito XV11
Bamford N L Mosquito
Bamford F B Lancaster LM108
Bamford Bernard Whitley Z9134
Bamforth W G Lancaster NG223
Bamkin Eric George
Bamsey A H Stirling EF402
Banachowicz Antoni Percival P.28 Proctor P6310
Banasik Tadeusz Kazimierz Handley Page Halifax JP180
Banbury J A Halifax MZ923
Banbury Richard Mostyn Graham
Bance Eric Stirling W7635
Bancescu G Halifax JB896
Bancroft B D Halifax LV792
Bancroft W S Lancaster ME674
Bancroft L Blenheim L8752
Band George Rupert Wellington X3704
Bandeen W R Halifax W7718
Bandeen F A Lancaster ED761
Bandle L Halifax LW593
Bandur S B Lancaster NN695
Bandy F A Stirling BK776
Bandy John Percy William
Baness J H H Hampden AT175
Banfield R C Lancaster ND922
Banfield A J Lancaster ED553
Banfield J K Lancaster R5498
Banfield J K Lancaster W4134
Banfield C W Lancaster LL639
Banfield Kenneth John
Banfield Raymond Charles
Banford J H Spitfire EN907
Bangor Jones Blenheim V6369
Bangs Eric Cecil Lancaster PB701
Bangs E Lancaster PB609
Bangs A R Stirling EF515
Banham Douglas Walter Whitley T4179
Banham E A Lancaster LL704
Banham A Lancaster LM126
Banham A J Hurricane P3124
Banham A J Defiant L6985
Banham A J Defiant L6985
Bank Raymond M P-51 Mustang
Bank Raymond M P-51 Mustang
Bank Raymond M P-51 Mustang
Bankey Ernest E Jr P-51 Mustang
Bankey Ernest E Jr P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Bankey Ernest E Jr P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Bankey Ernest E Jr P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Bankowski Piotr Ryszard Vickers Wellington W5665
Banks Ivan William Lancaster ED373
Banks M J Lancaster EE189
Banks Edwin Thomas Gladiator N5913
Banks Arthur Mustang (P-51B/C)
Banks Frank Wellington LN385
Banks Leslie Lancaster JA867
Banks Robert Arthur Wellington Z8845
Banks George Leslie Stirling N6077
Banks Eric Frank Avro Anson N5379
Banks K A Stirling EF427
Banks D E Halifax NR180
Banks Stirling David Hurricane BD867
Banks A Halifax MZ482
Banks L M Halifax DK230
Banks V Lancaster KB784
Banks J H Halifax HR924
Banks W Lancaster ND675
Banks G G Lancaster JB349
Banks E G Lancaster PB144
Banks E W Lancaster ED857
Banks D F R Halifax HR722
Banks W P Halifax HR933
Banks D E Halifax MZ817
Banks R C Lancaster ME473
Banks R G Blenheim Z7494
Banks C A Lancaster PB723
Banks H C Halifax JB897
Banks J Wellington HE369
Banks N L Hurricane
Banks R F Halifax LV781
Banks D J Lancaster JA676
Banks R Lancaster LM103
Banks P Lancaster NG294
Banks C Lancaster LL839
Banks R H Lancaster ED777
Banks R J L Lancaster NE126
Banks R J Blenheim V5824
Banks D N Blenheim V6457
Banks J Lancaster JB453
Banks T G Wellington X3370
Banks Ivan William
Banks Ronald Joseph
Banks Thomas Stephen
Banks Malcolm James
Banks Richard George
Banks John Charles Lyon Stirling W7501
Banks William H P-38 Lightning
Banks-Martin R A Halifax DT483
Bann Samuel Eric Hurricane V6776
Bannan J B Lancaster ND820
Bannatyne W W Lancaster ED651
Bannear Ronald Kenneth
Banner W T Fortress HB796
Banner B T Wellington R1328
Banner W T Halifax LK739
Bannerman Douglas Robert Lancaster W4191
Bannihir R H Halifax LW169
Banning J D J Halifax LW128
Banning A E F Halifax LK701
Bannister Harry Ernest Stirling BF347
Bannister Douglas Patrick Lancaster PD232
Bannister R H Lancaster ND798
Bannister L C Halifax LL134
Bannister J A Hampden AE300
Bannister H G Lancaster DS680
Bannister R A Stirling R9288
Bannister R A Stirling R9257
Bannister W G Lancaster HK610
Bannister John Russell
Bannister Rupert Theodore
Bannon James Lancaster JB480
Bannon Carlin Anthony Wellington DF566
Banting J A S Stirling W7506
Banting S J Lancaster DV228
Banton D Lancaster LM187
Banvill Norman Robert
Banville R T Lancaster LL896
Banville J Halifax MZ420
Banville Norman Catalina
Banyer J Stirling EF345
Banys Jan Avro Lancaster PB823
Baptist Robert Halifax LW546
Baptist Laurence L P-47 Thunderbolt
Bar Zbigniew Handley Page Halifax JN889
Barab Bernard R P-51 Mustang
Barabonoff Joseph Alexandern B-24 Liberator 3701
Baracatt K D Halifax MZ813
Baracz Eugeniusz Jerzy Vickers Wellington W5374
Baral Fred L Wellington X3556
Baran Ludwik
Baran M Lancaster KB734
Baranowski Franciszek
Baranowski Tadeusz Spitfire AD306
Baras M S Stirling EH927
Barass J Stirling EH890
Barbe M J Lancaster ED486
Barbeler G S Lancaster ME526
Barbeler Gerard Sydney
Barber R F L Lancaster ME526
Barber Charles Albert Mark Sunderland DW106
Barber G C Lancaster ND630
Barber B R Lancaster LM571
Barber B B Blenheim V6146
Barber James Ernest Blenheim L1535
Barber Brian Samuel Lancaster LM598
Barber Dennis Lancaster ND582
Barber Alfred Lionel Lancaster ED451
Barber John Stuart Halifax JD121
Barber J W Lancaster DV389
Barber Bernard Higson Beaufighter EL184
Barber R J Lancaster ND689
Barber R T Lancaster R5911
Barber Herbert Boyd Lancaster R5619
Barber F G Wellington R1078
Barber J W Whitley Z9162
Barber J Lancaster ME677
Barber J W Halifax R9528
Barber W H Halifax W1142
Barber R W Halifax HR919
Barber F E Wellington P9284
Barber D A Wellington B542
Barber R C Lancaster PA986
Barber A Stirling EF140
Barber G W Stirling BK648
Barber W Stirling EF195
Barber W J Halifax HR779
Barber H F Mitchell FL693
Barber D Battle K9383
Barber J L Walrus W2773
Barber Paul Halifax HX160
Barber P W Wellington N2992
Barber V E Spitfire RM875
Barber J D Lancaster ND552
Barber S B Lancaster ME727
Barber A R Lancaster LL792
Barber E J Whitley K8984
Barber A L H Wellington X3162
Barber L R Halifax MZ696
Barber K A Halifax LK891
Barber K A Halifax DK136
Barber W Hampden L4053
Barber D R Lancaster ED838
Barber J T Lancaster LM164
Barber L J R Whitley P4980
Barber Cedric Ivan
Barber Raymond Franklin Lindsay
Barber Leonard Percival
Barber Francis John McNeil
Barber Charles Albert Mark
Barber George Charles
Barber Bramwell Rockliff
Barber William Ronald
Barber Ross Gordon Norman
Barber Bruce Bertram
Barber Kenneth Page Sunderland W4032
Barber Donald L P-47 Thunderbolt
Barber Donald L P-47 Thunderbolt
Barber Julian G P-47 Thunderbolt`
Barber Kenneth E P-51 Mustang
Barbezat C L Halifax JD200
Barbour F D Wellington X3484
Barbour J Hudson
Barbour R R Lancaster DV344
Barbour Donald Crosbie
Barbour Arthur Alexander
Barbour Robert Carlisle
Barbour William Morgan
Barbrooke D J Battle P2246
Barcicki Jerzy
Barcikowski Jozef Avro Lancaster PA161
Barcikowski Jerzy Witold Miles Martinet EM412
Barclay R T Wellington HE990
Barclay George Lancaster ED620
Barclay John Bell Hampden X2983
Barclay Richard George Arthur Hurricane V6692
Barclay Richard George Arthur Spitfire W3816
Barclay Richard George Arthur Hurricane PB296
Barclay Richard George Arthur Hurricane BP296
Barclay William Scott Wellington R1783
Barclay Philip Grimshaw Wellington R1235
Barclay W P Halifax JD459
Barclay A S Halifax LV422
Barclay G S Wellington BK361
Barclay T S Wellington BJ625
Barclay O K Halifax W7677
Barclay P P Lancaster KB718
Barclay J Lancaster ND518
Barclay A Lancaster LM381
Barclay C E Lancaster HK621
Barclay Richard George Arthur
Barclay Thomas Hugh
Barcley D Lancaster PD312
Barcroft Richard Neilson Wellington W5485
Bardecki Antoni North American P-51b Mustang FB374
Barden Alfred Vernon Cecil Halifax LK664
Barden J L E Lancaster ED447
Barden A V C Halifax DK175
Barden H K Halifax LW518
Barden William Morris
Bardes E Halifax NA547
Bardill C Lancaster JB150
Bardley E Halifax W7766
Bardour F D Wellington Z1077
Bardsley E Lancaster W4245
Bardsley Keith Warren
Bardwell Charles Alfred Anson AX177
Bardwell Harley Russell
Bareham H J W Hampden AT121
Bareham A N Halifax W1039
Barfield Barwick Odessa B-17 Flying Fortress 42-31941 Big Stoop
Barfoot T B Halifax DT800
Barfoot A Lancaster NG241
Barfoot G E Halifax DT796
Barford W Boston Z2157
Barford A H Wellington X9752
Barford T R Mosquito
Barge A L Mosquito DD727
Barger Clarence R P-47 Thunderbolt
Bargielowski Jakub
Barham Douglas Reginald Lancaster ME666
Barham Stanley George Rayner Halifax LV820
Barham S Lancaster W4958
Barham H F Halifax HR735
Barham E F M Lancaster LM312
Barham L A Stirling LJ518
Barham L P Lancaster ME805
Barham W Stirling N3761
Barham William Edward
Baribeau Leo Joseph Wellington X3284
Baring Mosquito
Bariteau P Halifax NP921
Bark Eric Walter Lancaster JB313
Barker J N Wellington BJ777
Barker Spitfire AB255
Barker Roger Phillip Sunderland T9090
Barker David Conquest Hampden L4171
Barker Joseph Wellington P9227
Barker Atholl Lancaster JB155
Barker Thomas Wellington DF666
Barker Robert Walton Halifax HR713
Barker Dennis Halifax JD309
Barker Thomas Albert Lancaster LM724
Barker M M Lancaster RF188
Barker H Halifax LL419
Barker J C Stirling R9334
Barker J G Stirling BK696
Barker Frank Harvey Halifax W7857
Barker L R Halifax LL152
Barker Kenneth Hubert Lancaster PD265
Barker M E Lancaster W4944
Barker A C S Lancaster ME774
Barker Gareth Allan De Havilland Mosquito HR191
Barker R G Lancaster LL866
Barker Ralph Herbert Stirling BK809
Barker R F G Halifax HX159
Barker L Halifax HR692
Barker D M Lancaster ED587
Barker R Lancaster JB603
Barker S F Lancaster W4311
Barker F A Halifax R9528
Barker F Wellington N2770
Barker R R Lancaster ND680
Barker Boston W8388
Barker J B Mosquito MZ618
Barker J B Mosquito ML960
Barker J S Mosquito MM153
Barker D W Blenheim N6145
Barker F Wellington BJ660
Barker E A Hampden X2915
Barker E A Hampden X2988
Barker Gordon Thomas Battle P5232
Barker T R Battle P2336
Barker J K Spitfire
Barker K W Wellington Z8490
Barker D A Hudson T9439
Barker R B Blenheim R3741
Barker D E Lancaster NG308
Barker E H F Lancaster ED600
Barker J S Lancaster W4815
Barker R Lancaster ND575
Barker W D Blenheim V6398
Barker H S Stirling DJ973
Barker Spitfire P7922
Barker F Wellington DV707
Barker F J Defiant L7005
Barker R B Spitfire MK898
Barker A Mosquito NT117
Barker L Halifax JD147
Barker F C Halifax LK759
Barker L H Lancaster ME574
Barker A Lancaster PB346
Barker L Lancaster DV238
Barker R B Spitfire
Barker G G Lancaster ME785
Barker J W Lancaster DV337
Barker T A Hampden AD854
Barker J D Lancaster LL680
Barker L Lancaster JA910
Barker T W Typhoon DN619
Barker F Lancaster W4766
Barker F Lancaster EE190
Barker R G Lancaster LM512
Barker N Lancaster PB286
Barker R J Lancaster ND355
Barker W Spitfire RK918
Barker W J Wellington X9767
Barker R C Wellington W5663
Barker B D Halifax DT734
Barker D W F Hampden AD722
Barker D W F Hampden L4106
Barker D W F Hampden X2901
Barker W A Lancaster ED502
Barker W R Lancaster ED558
Barker G A Stirling EH944
Barker K S H Lancaster PA979
Barker Wellington T2803
Barker Frederick James
Barker Francis Reginald
Barker John Norman
Barker Carl Edmund
Barker Norman
Barker Gordon Ross
Barker Roger Phillip
Barker Nigel William
Barker Herbert William
Barker Robert John
Barker Harold Sunderland
Barker Bob V P-47 Thunderbolt
Barker Roy L P-47 Thunderbolt
Barker Ernest William Henry Halifax MZ337
Barkess P Fortress HB763
Barkham George William Harry Avro Anson TX175
Barkhouse D F Wellington X9916
Barkhouse D F Wellington R1518
Barking G E Halifax MZ449
Barklay Harold Edward
Barkley H A Y Halifax HX237
Barkley H A Y Halifax LW585
Barkley Eric Hamilton
Barkshire Albert L Lancaster NN700
Barkway P J W Lancaster DV281
Barkwell J H Halifax LW321
Barlegs S G Lancaster ED499
Barleigh S C Lancaster PB140
Barley Edward Halifax DG414
Barley W E Lancaster ED553
Barley F N Stirling R9275
Barling Grahame Wiliam Spitfire NH276
Barling Sydney Roy
Barlow J C Lancaster PD214
Barlow C A Lancaster ND913
Barlow D A Lancaster LM119
Barlow Reginald Dennis Wellington LN660
Barlow Ronald William Wellington X3596
Barlow Arnold Thomas Lancaster ED858
Barlow George Lancaster SW278
Barlow Raymond William Halifax JD413
Barlow John Hudson T9320
Barlow William Thomas Beaufighter ND180
Barlow J P Lancaster KB787
Barlow E S Halifax LK698
Barlow R M Wellington LN554
Barlow G M B Lancaster KB741
Barlow P Lancaster LM729
Barlow H D Typhoon MN891
Barlow J R Halifax DT784
Barlow O W Wellington Z8860
Barlow R K Lancaster ND844
Barlow Peter Sidney Halifax LK743
Barlow A K Lancaster ME637
Barlow D J Lancaster LM289
Barlow R A Wellington HE412
Barlow W N Boston AL459
Barlow E C Blenheim N6217
Barlow J G Wellington Z1182
Barlow P T Lancaster NG469
Barlow R Lancaster ED426
Barlow W G Lancaster PB231
Barlow A E Whitley Z6462
Barlow Robert Norman George Lancaster ED927
Barlow D V Lancaster R5625
Barlow L Lancaster ND840
Barlow John Colclough
Barlow Charles Alfred
Barlow James Robert
Barlow David Arnold
Barlow Robert Norman George
Barlow Albert W Jr P-51 Mustang
Barnaby M A Lancaster ND881
Barnaby Harold T P-47 Thunderbolt
Barnaby Harold T P-47 Thunderbolt
Barnaby Harold T P-47 Thunderbolt
Barnaby Harold T P-47 Thunderbolt
Barnard Leslie James Halifax LW620
Barnard Harry G. Stirling EE872
Barnard Leonard Joseph Stirling W7628
Barnard D R Lancaster KB775
Barnard W S Halifax LK803
Barnard Donald Beausire Wellington DF550
Barnard R Halifax HR740
Barnard S H Mustang AM225
Barnard M S Wellington HE230
Barnard Wellington R1712
Barnard L W A Stirling N6072
Barnard R Wellington X9753
Barnard F V Halifax BB361
Barnard A E Spitfire W3454
Barnard H W Lancaster R5890
Barnard J A Halifax W7861
Barnard J A Halifax W7855
Barnard E C Blenheim L1111
Barnard G H Halifax L9492
Barnard J O Halifax DT508
Barnard Robin Edgell
Barnden L R Lancaster ND822
Barnden J W Lancaster PD239
Barnden Leo Ronald
Barndt Elmer Joseph B-24 Miss Judy 42-52507
Barnes Norman Edward Stirling LJ503
Barnes K O Lancaster JB360
Barnes Richard J Manchester L7301
Barnes George Kenneth Lancaster ED621
Barnes Sidney James Stirling EF392
Barnes William George Halifax LV858
Barnes E C A Stirling BF519
Barnes E W Halifax JB915
Barnes Sydney Roy Wellington HZ437
Barnes A J G Halifax LL356
Barnes J F Halifax HR654
Barnes N E Halifax LW686
Barnes Wilfred Henry Halifax JD420
Barnes A C Halifax LK627
Barnes G J L Halifax MZ865
Barnes R H Halifax NR173
Barnes J B Lancaster PD320
Barnes R J Stirling W7469
Barnes William James Wellington HF915
Barnes Luke Spitfire TB739
Barnes J G Wellington Z1652
Barnes F Lancaster ED561
Barnes C C Lancaster LL751
Barnes A D A Halifax JB836
Barnes R H Halifax JB834
Barnes C Lancaster ND613
Barnes P A Lancaster JB527
Barnes J R Lancaster PB528
Barnes R Lancaster PB304
Barnes R A Boston AL737
Barnes T E Blenheim T2125
Barnes J H L Blenheim R3813
Barnes T E Blenheim R3744
Barnes R L Lancaster D658
Barnes C A Wellington Z8491
Barnes D M Mosquito DZ384
Barnes G Hampden AD791
Barnes W G Stirling N6082
Barnes W G Stirling W7461
Barnes H G Wellington R3136
Barnes Wellington R1229
Barnes R E Lancaster ND763
Barnes Wellington BK180
Barnes A D Lancaster JB317
Barnes H L Halifax HR737
Barnes R H Halifax HR737
Barnes R Halifax HX320
Barnes Albert Edward Lancaster DV404
Barnes K V Lancaster ME683
Barnes F J C Lancaster R5755
Barnes L J Lancaster EE173
Barnes H Wellington R1447
Barnes W Stirling EE902
Barnes Stirling N3715
Barnes W G Halifax HR984
Barnes L G Spitfire RM839
Barnes S Spitfire MA648
Barnes S Lancaster DS674
Barnes A Halifax LK918
Barnes E E Lancaster PB417
Barnes A M Lancaster JA861
Barnes J H Lancaster LM239
Barnes H R Lancaster ED800
Barnes Whitley T4218
Barnes W G Lancaster W4257
Barnes D A Lancaster ME792
Barnes D Stirling MZ264
Barnes L A Lancaster ND530
Barnes R L Lancaster JB224
Barnes C Lancaster JB225
Barnes L H Halifax DK231
Barnes V J Halifax JB865
Barnes A T Halifax MZ763
Barnes R H Lancaster PD205
Barnes Owen Cicero Charles Wellington X3638
Barnes P R Manchester L7459
Barnes Oxford BG208
Barnes Norman Edward
Barnes John Loughnan
Barnes Arthur
Barnes William Thomas
Barnes Vernon Stewart
Barnes Keith Omond
Barnes Peter Robert Blackmore
Barnes Richard B-24 Gawgia Peach 42-52709
Barnes Chester A P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Barnes Everett E P-38 Lightning
Barnes Harold T P-47 Thunderbolt
Barnes Harry H P-47 Thunderbolt
Barnes Harry H P-47 Thunderbolt
Barnes Harry H P-47 Thunderbolt
Barnes Roy A P-38 Lightning
Barnet W M F Halifax JD263
Barnett K H Lancaster PD206
Barnett L V Halifax LV919
Barnett R F Lancaster PB475
Barnett Michael Edward Fulton Fairey Battle P2273
Barnett Victor
Barnett Frederick William Lancaster ND715
Barnett Laurence Philip Stirling BK726
Barnett Thomas James Halifax LW718
Barnett Stanley Sutton Avro Lancaster ED327
Barnett T A J Halifax NP938
Barnett M G Spitfire BL699
Barnett W A Mosquito DZ599
Barnett William Henry Anson EG110
Barnett F E Wellington DV818
Barnett S S Wellington R1470
Barnett S S Wellington R3238
Barnett G A Hampden X2969
Barnett T E Hampden AD804
Barnett T Lancaster W4120
Barnett H R Spitfire P8714
Barnett N W Halifax HR929
Barnett W D Lancaster LM434
Barnett A J Lancaster LL746
Barnett C A S Lancaster ED432
Barnett T S Halifax LK834
Barnett A R Lancaster L7571
Barnett E A Lancaster PD117
Barnett W H P Lancaster LM207
Barnett K G Lancaster ND459
Barnett C D Halifax R9482
Barnett F E Mitchell FL206
Barnett Milton Howitt
Barnett Kenneth Henry
Barnett Leonard Victor
Barnett Ross Frederick
Barnett J Wellington LN652
Barnett Jesse P Jr P-47 Thunderbolt`
Barnett Louis E P-51 Mustang
Barneveld R Halifax DT769
Barnfather E R Stirling N6071
Barnfather William John Whitley P5090
Barnfather Douglas Allen Lancaster ED303
Barnfather E R Stirling W7507
Barnfather Eliot Ralph
Barnfield Harry Fortress HB815
Barnfield Kenneth William Wellington Z1202
Barnfield Colin Edward Hunter
Barnhardt James W P-47 Thunderbolt
Barnhart C P Halifax LV913
Barnhart Robert E P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Barnhart Robert E P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Barnhurst R E Lancaster DS845
Barnicke Peter Stirling LK198
Barnicoat J H Mosquito KB459
Barnicoat R E H Halifax W7770
Barnicoat R E Halifax MZ641
Barnicott A T J Wellington Z8505
Barnitt Heslop Miles Frederick Anson K6187
Barnitt Heslop Miles Frederick Blenheim T2112
Barnsdale F S Lancaster LL830
Barnsley Percy Lancaster JA713
Barnum Eugene E P-47 Thunderbolt
Barnum Eugene E P-47 Thunderbolt
Barnwell R A Whitley P5082
Barnwell J S Blenheim L6636
Barnwell Kenneth James
Barnwell Jack Weston
Baron R Halifax NR181
Baron Donald John Kelsall Avro Lancaster ED327
Baron E E Lancaster DV231
Baron N Blenheim Z7499
Baron R V Blenheim L1113
Baron E H Halifax NP934
Baron R Wellington X3478
Baron R J Halifax MZ810
Baron W G Halifax JP117
Baroni R B Lancaster PA970
Baroni R J Lancaster DV293
Barough J Lancaster ED468
Barr D R Lancaster ME728
Barr Ernest Henry Mackenzie Halifax NR195
Barr Adam John McDowall Halifax MZ642
Barr C R Halifax R9530
Barr R A Stirling EJ106
Barr R J Lancaster ME318
Barr A Typhoon MN769
Barr R L Lancaster DS797
Barr J J Halifax LK754
Barr W J Lancaster PB121
Barr Eric William Bristol Blenheim V5657
Barr C R Halifax W1099
Barr V H Whitley N1383
Barr D L S Lancaster W4363
Barr G H Mosquito ML922
Barr P R Boston Z2157
Barr P R Battle N2178
Barr R B Hampden AE225
Barr R E Stirling BF310
Barr G H Stirling EF400
Barr L R Stirling N6093
Barr D M Lancaster NF974
Barr H W J Wellington R1462
Barr Andrew Coulter Lancaster NG440
Barr K A Lancaster DV167
Barr S J Lancaster ME586
Barr L H J Halifax LW553
Barr P Lancaster LM241
Barr D Halifax MZ855
Barr D Halifax LK757
Barr Leslie Ronald Stirling W7630
Barr D S Lancaster RA564
Barr P Halifax R9485
Barr P R Blenheim L1342
Barr Robert Thomas
Barr Donald Leighton Spence
Barr Dennis Ronald
Barr Eric William Martin Marauder FK366
Barraball G J Halifax NP710
Barraball P J Lancaster JB364
Barraclough Oswald Lancaster R5487
Barraclough Stan Wellington Z1097
Barraclough R G V Spitfire P7544
Barraclough H Lancaster LM733
Barradell E B Lancaster PD296
Barralet A F Whitley T4239
Barran P H Spitfire L1069
Barras Alexander Edward Owen Wellington HF833
Barrass R Lancaster DV158
Barrass Stirling W7429LS-X
Barrass Wellington R1218
Barrass J M Lancaster PD397
Barrass A S G Hampden L4081
Barratt Reginald Harry Wellington R1758
Barratt J H Halifax JB869
Barratt E Lancaster ND682
Barratt R S Stirling EJ124
Barratt Mosquito PZ180
Barratt W Lancaster ND425
Barratt E Stirling N6012
Barratt E Stirling N6009
Barratt T Lancaster ND744
Barratt F H Halifax BB237
Barratt Frank Martin Marauder FK366
Barrault A Halifax NA512
Barre R F Lancaster DV191
Barrell Ernest Rowe Newton Lancaster ND826
Barrell R G Stirling ED595
Barrell R J P Halifax LL579
Barrell G P Halifax DK201
Barrell G P Halifax EB240
Barret Hugh Halifax LW640
Barrett A B Lancaster ME298
Barrett D G Lancaster ME563
Barrett N C Lancaster PD258
Barrett L F B Halifax NO969
Barrett Richard Lyndon Stirling N6001
Barrett Maurice Alfred Halifax R9442
Barrett William John Blenheim N3593
Barrett William Lancaster W4176
Barrett Ronald Charles Lancaster R5573
Barrett Robert Dennis Parker Halifax BB374
Barrett Fred Lancaster DV378
Barrett Michael Halifax MZ494
Barrett Henry Thomas Wellington T2973
Barrett Dennis Robert Stirling W7524
Barrett Warren Seymour Blenheim L9422
Barrett C R Wellington T2459
Barrett Francis Charles Liberator AL577
Barrett G D Halifax LL550
Barrett W C Halifax LV951
Barrett C K Halifax NA500
Barrett M Lancaster ED663
Barrett F H Halifax DT705
Barrett Norman Sunderland W6031
Barrett Richard Mustang FX993
Barrett Gerald Spencer Halifax W7871
Barrett J Whitley P5018
Barrett R A Lancaster JB148
Barrett W Wellington T2846
Barrett J G Lancaster ED697
Barrett D H J Whitley N1380
Barrett J W Lancaster ED922
Barrett F G Wellington W5362
Barrett W J Blenheim N6190
Barrett L C Lancaster ME632
Barrett T Wellington Z8499
Barrett Stirling W7452
Barrett W E Stirling N3659
Barrett K A Halifax HR758
Barrett G J Halifax LW501
Barrett G A Lancaster NG200
Barrett G Wellington HE228
Barrett A C Lancaster ND866
Barrett H B Stirling EH892
Barrett J H Halifax L9503
Barrett D H Hampden AE126
Barrett Hampden AE251
Barrett A E Whitley Z6937
Barrett J L Lancaster DV342
Barrett C Mosquito KB359
Barrett D M Hampden P4346
Barrett J F T Manchester L7388
Barrett J K Lancaster ED910
Barrett J E Halifax DT767
Barrett W G Halifax DT550
Barrett P W Lancaster R5620
Barrett W E Lancaster ED313
Barrett Layton Challander
Barrett Alwyn Walter Beves
Barrett June Patricia
Barrett Allen Bernard
Barrett Douglas George
Barrett Noel Charles
Barrett Lindon Frederick Beves
Barrett Richard Lyndon
Barrett William T. B-17 Insomnia 43-38396
Barrett-Lennard M G Lancaster DV219
Barrett-Lennard F G Lancaster ME838
Barrett-Lennard John Allen
Barrett-Lennard Michael Godfrey
Barrett-Lennard Francis Graham
Barrette J B G Halifax LK970
Barrey Raymond Barker
Barrie Ronald Harry Joseph Wellington Z1321
Barrie J D Halifax LL150
Barrie C S Stirling BF386
Barrie G C Wellington X3345
Barrie F W Stirling EF154
Barrie J I Halifax HR848
Barrie J I Halifax W7887
Barrie D L Hampden AE218
Barrie A Halifax DT628
Barrie A S Spitfire EE726
Barrie T B Lancaster ED982
Barrie R B Whitley N1357
Barrie Jack T P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Barrie-Smith William Stanley Beaufort L9810
Barrier J A Hampden X3028
Barringer R A Lancaster PB240
Barrington G H Lancaster JB654
Barrington J E Halifax LK911
Barrington-Taylor Maurice William Wellington N2889
Barritt J Wellington BJ789
Barritt J Lancaster PA179
Barrois R Halifax NR226
Barron H L Lancaster JB526
Barron John Faulds Halifax HX287
Barron Harry Halifax LV782
Barron P E Wellington MS484
Barron N J Halifax LK761
Barron A S Wellington X3347
Barron J F Stirling W7450
Barron James Fraser Lancaster ND845
Barron Mosquito DD636
Barron H B Lancaster PB298
Barron A V M Halifax JN904
Barron C N Manchester L7379
Barron A Blenheim Z5875
Barron J H Lancaster PD374
Barron L J Halifax HX233
Barron E H Stirling R9255
Barron H F Wellington R1341
Barron J A Wellington P9281
Barron Neville James
Barron Harold Lawrence
Barrons H J Lancaster JB654
Barrott C B Stirling BF442
Barrow B E Lancaster LL948
Barrow S Lancaster EE171
Barrow V St G Blenheim R3898
Barrow Blenheim L8838
Barrow V S G Blenheim L9179
Barrow S F Wellington HE699
Barrow L R Wellington HE277
Barrow H J R Hurricane P3349
Barrow G A Stirling R9350
Barrow C H Stirling BF338
Barrow R C Halifax NA174
Barrow W H Wellington HE376
Barrow Bruce Ernest
Barrow Richard Trathen
Barrow William A P-47 Thunderbolt`
Barrow William A P-47 Thunderbolt`
Barrowman A M Lancaster JB361
Barrows S W Lancaster LL799
Barrows Albert Edwin Wellington DV476
Barrows L Whitley T4334
Barry J L Lancaster W4818
Barry M R Lancaster DV229
Barry George Donald Halifax L9521
Barry William Halifax JB962
Barry George Richard Lancaster PB112
Barry J H Halifax W7923
Barry W J Halifax LW282
Barry J C G B R Halifax LW460
Barry William Alexander Renton Wellington DV819
Barry J H Lancaster W4262
Barry K W Lancaster ND336
Barry G Lancaster ND384
Barry E H Halifax HX148
Barry F Halifax JD365
Barry J Hampden AD930
Barry N J M Hurricane V6800
Barry T P Lancaster PB253
Barry D A Spitfire
Barry E T Halifax JB956
Barry James
Barry David Bernard
Barry John Lawrence
Barry Alfred Walter Fitzroy
Barry John Cashel
Barry John K. B-17 Pistol Packin’ Mama 42-31213
Barry David Bernard Wellington HZ262
Barsby Eric Arthur Whitley Z9141
Barsby G E Lancaster PB289
Barsby Edgar Alan
Barske P J Halifax LK969
Barson J F M Lancaster ME752
Barss Monty Lancaster LM598
Barstow John Arundel Wellington N2904
Barszcz Adam (Barsh) Wellington Z1471
Barszczewski Henryk Ludwig Miles Martinet JN66
Barteaux R C Halifax NA204
Barteczko Michał Vickers Wellington Z1405
Bartells J G Lancaster R5759
Barter A C T Wellington Z8839
Barter J J H Wellington LN435
Barter S P Lancaster ND985
Barter Reginald Thomas
Barth Merle B P-51 Mustang
Barth Merle B P-51 Mustang
Barthel P V Halifax R9450
Barthelemy J Halifax DT726
Bartholomew Cyril Edward Wellington BK559
Bartholomew D W Lancaster W4989
Bartholomew K Lancaster DV231
Bartholomew K F Wellington BK495
Bartholomew E Lancaster LM109
Bartholomew W B Lancaster ND728
Bartholomew J Stirling EF150
Bartholomew E F Lancaster ND368
Bartholomew B Spitfire AB915
Bartington John Percival Stirling LJ455
Bartkowiak Zenon Stefan Teofil Spitfire EN836
Bartlam C D W Blenheim R3893
Bartle H T Lancaster ND759
Bartle H G Halifax JB864
Bartle Albert James Alfred Lancaster W4247
Bartle T C Wellington Z8946
Bartle Peter Chadwick
Bartleet Francis Walter Wellington HZ260
Bartleman William Archibald Whitley Z6667
Bartlemay W A Lancaster KB737
Bartler A C Halifax BB378
Bartlett G K Blenheim V6422
Bartlett Edward Halifax EB251
Bartlett D A Lancaster EE186
Bartlett John Edward Wellington T2464
Bartlett William Henry Lancaster ED548
Bartlett Eric Edward DC-3 Dakota KN500
Bartlett Raymond Neil Lancaster ME743
Bartlett J Halifax W1038
Bartlett J P Lancaster ND613
Bartlett K C Lancaster ND397
Bartlett C A Lancaster JB292
Bartlett C A Blenheim R3810
Bartlett P J Lancaster EE142
Bartlett V H Halifax HR715
Bartlett J Halifax DG223
Bartlett L H Hurricane Z2704
Bartlett A E Lancaster RA533
Bartlett W K J Lancaster PB483
Bartlett G A Blenheim V6338
Bartlett R C Fortress HB788
Bartlett E A Stirling BF519
Bartlett A McK Wellington DV941
Bartlett F R Spitfire MJ732
Bartlett C S Halifax LW173
Bartlett F A Halifax LK894
Bartlett E W Lancaster ND520
Bartlett W H Lancaster EE166
Bartlett A Manchester L7519
Bartlett S D Lancaster PD294
Bartlett Lancaster W4119
Bartlett J S Whitley N1427
Bartlett R W Lancaster PB737
Bartlett C H Lancaster PD375
Bartlett Wellington Z8891
Bartlett Howard James
Bartlett Gordon Kenneth
Bartlett Frank McLaurin
Bartlett Sidney William
Bartlett Richard D P-51 Mustang
Bartley H L Mosquito KB210
Bartley Maxwell Logan Mosquito MM232
Bartley J Blenheim R3683
Bartley D Lancaster LM312
Bartley E L Typhoon MN175
Bartley J E Blenheim L8738
Bartley F W Halifax HX311
Bartley Hampden AE157
Bartley G Lancaster ED480
Bartley Herbert Arthur
Bartley Walter
Bartman G H Halifax HR712
Bartman Lloyd Wallace Stirling BK769
Bartnik Witold Miles Martinet HP419
Barto Vernon N P-51 Mustang
Barto Vernon N P-51 Mustang
Bartolomew J A Lancaster JB312
Barton Arthur Robert Hudson A16-67
Barton Robert A 'Butch' Hurricane V6625
Barton Harry Hampden P4389
Barton Cyril Joe Halifax LK797
Barton J F Lancaster PB540
Barton Benjamin Joseph Stirling EE913
Barton John Lancaster NG330
Barton R J Lancaster ME641
Barton Hugh Hartil Wellington X3932
Barton T G Halifax MZ641
Barton V A Halifax LK662
Barton James Edgar Hurricane BD766
Barton J H Lancaster JB409
Barton A J D Stirling BK617
Barton Colin William Bidwell Beaufort DE121
Barton T Lancaster LM116
Barton R P Lancaster PD214
Barton W F Blenheim M6184
Barton H H M Wellington R1016
Barton A H D Wellington X9814
Barton D E Lancaster ND446
Barton P S Typhoon EK218
Barton A E J Lancaster LL973
Barton K J Wellington R1609
Barton R J Stirling EF356
Barton A E Wellington T2806
Barton H R Wellington R1726
Barton P Stirling BK687
Barton A R H Hurricane R2686
Barton D C Lancaster ME594
Barton A R H Hurricane N2596
Barton W K Halifax HR662
Barton J Lancaster NF918
Barton S Hampden AE256
Barton T G Halifax HR731
Barton K F F Lancaster ND416
Barton T E Lancaster JA710
Barton J J Lancaster R5911
Barton Anthony Richard Henry
Barton Andrew Basil
Barton Hugh Sterling
Barton Arthur Robert
Barton Druce Hawthorn
Barton Raymond Allan
Barton Allan Ernest Ross
Barton Leonard Arthur
Barton Thomas F P-47 Thunderbolt
Barton-Smith Reginald Lionel Lancaster W4902
Barton-Smith H Stirling W7624
Bartosiak Eugeniusz Vickers Wellington HF606
Bartram R Halifax MZ292
Bartram E G Halifax LK914
Bartram Christopher Edward Thomas
Bartrip D A Blenheim V6086
Bartrum J E Lysander R9106
Bartsch George Murray
Bartsch Robert Alexander
Bartschi George Joseph
Barty William Edward Heaton Halifax MZ463
Barty W E H Halifax MZ900
Barty Bernard Keith
Bartys Piotr Spitfire EP328
Barugh C Lancaster LM510
Barwell E G Defiant L6972
Barwell G F A Battle P2274
Barwell Eric Gordon ("Dickie")[9][10]
Barwick Ian Munro
Barwise F Typhoon MM973
Bary Ronald Edward
Bary A J Spitfire RK921
Baryga Jan De Havilland Mosquito NS999
Barzdo Piotr Lancaster PB846
Barzdo Stanisław Wellington W5557
Barzdo Rajmund Avro Lancaster LL807
Barzdo Stanisław Vickers Wellington Z8406
Barzdo Władysław Handley Page Halifax BB309
Barzeele C S Halifax MZ629
Basan Lawrence Wallace Mosquito TA402
Basarab L Halifax NP810
Baseden Geoffrey Thomas Lancaster JB116
Baseley Arthur Leonard Lancaster ED820
Baser Wylie Blenheim R3903
Basevi B A Hampden AE191
Basey R W Lancaster LL671
Basford Leslie Eric Halifax LW463
Basford Ronald Barnard Halifax LW629
Basham J A Whitley Z6461
Bashford S Lancaster ED824
Bashford Percival Valentine
Bashi E Lancaster DV192
Baskerville John Edward Whitley N1405
Baskerville N G Lancaster ND575
Baskin Walter M P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Baskott A W Lancaster ND699
Basnett H Halifax JD405
Bass N G Wellington Z1259
Bass Frederick John Whitley N1500
Bass F J Whitley
Bass E G Stirling EF357
Bass G K Blenheim V6427
Bass R F Spitfire MK797
Bass D C Whitley Z6744
Bass Noel Gordon
Bass James Edward Liberator EW631
Bassage C T Lancaster JB463
Bassan Trevor William
Bassett Thomas George Blenheim L8847
Bassett Derek Alfred Lancaster LM189
Bassett Trevor Norman Lysander L4778
Bassett J F Whitley Z6477
Bassett Whitley Z6584
Bassett C D Lancaster NG332
Bassett R G Wellington X3762
Bassett J P Typhoon JP852
Bassett J H Lancaster JA897
Bassett Donald James
Bassett Edwin Ray
Bassett Francis Bernard Magisteer R1827
Bassett Milton Maurice B-17 Zamro 42-97365
Bassler Harry D P-47 Thunderbolt
Bassman L A Lancaster NF963
Bassom R C E Halifax W1055
Basson P H Stirling W5780
Bast Victor E P-47 Thunderbolt
Bastable Vernon James Wellington BJ883
Bastable H D Halifax LK866
Basten Henry George Lancaster DS844
Basten J Stirling EH925
Baster Bronisław Vickers Wellington HF492
Baster Alan Rupert
Bastian H Halifax LL557
Bastian H Halifax NA519
Bastian Peter Spencer Wellington DF624
Bastian Peter Spencer Wellington MS487
Bastian C O Stirling EF387
Bastick T W Halifax NA502
Bastick Richard Stanley Lancaster NF975
Bastick H A Wellington BJ973
Bastin L J Typhoon PD508
Bastings L A Halifax LK791
Baston Thomas James Whitley Z6479
Bastow MosquitoIV DK312
Bastow E H Wellington BK281
Bastow J Spitfire PL834
Bastow M Hampden L4034
Batchelder H E Halifax W7652
Batchelder H E Halifax W7677
Batchelor George William Frederick Lancaster LM424
Batchelor G W F Lancaster ED775
Batchelor C R Lancaster LL729
Batchelor C R Stirling N6015
Batchelor R H Halifax BB332
Batchelor Hampden P4403
Batchelor Hampden AD910
Batchelor H O Lancaster ED805
Batchelor F W Hampden L4065
Batchelor Spitfire R7269
Batchelor W J Spitfire R7301
Batchelor H W Lancaster NN806
Batchelor L G Lancaster PB249
Batchelor George Hay
Batchen R T Wellington X3602
Batchouski W J Halifax LV899
Bate William George Wellington DF666
Bate Harold Lancaster W4191
Bate A J Lancaster PB692
Bate H J Lancaster PB137
Bate F W Stirling EF158
Bate Alfred Vincent Eric
Batelka Karel Wellington T2971
Bateman G W Lancaster LM571
Bateman Cyril McCulloch Manchester L7304
Bateman J R Lancaster JB674
Bateman D W Halifax PN380
Bateman A L Halifax DT641
Bateman R Lancaster LM367
Bateman J W Lancaster JB747
Bateman F W Spitfire EE768
Bateman K Halifax LL466
Bateman Alan B Stirling W7514
Bateman L D Lancaster PB294
Bateman R Spitfire W3720
Bateman W G Lancaster DV331
Bateman C G G Lancaster LM393
Bateman D W Halifax DT734
Bateman G H Lancaster PB138
Bateman George William
Bateman Peter Daubeny
Bateman Mervyn William
Bateman James A P-51 Mustang
Bateman James A P-51 Mustang
Bateman Paul H P-47 Thunderbolt
Bateman Paul H P-47 Thunderbolt
Bateman-Jones P Typhoon SW523
Bates Colin Campbell Lancaster ED804
Bates A H C Stirling W7565
Bates D C Lancaster LM361
Bates Bernard Samuel Hudson A16-67
Bates William John Beaufort L9810
Bates Michael Lancaster W4762
Bates Sidney Lancaster JB542
Bates Arthur Charles Morris Lancaster NN744
Bates Albert Halifax LW137
Bates Edward Percy Lancaster NG223
Bates D H Halifax DK239
Bates L S Halifax DK267
Bates J D Halifax LK964
Bates C W Lancaster ED660
Bates A I N Lancaster LM293
Bates J F Lancaster W4256
Bates J A Wellington T2552
Bates C J Lancaster ND439
Bates S Lancaster JB354
Bates E Halifax LL287
Bates P A Mosquito PZ348
Bates P Stirling BK711
Bates T A Battle N2028
Bates J E Lancaster ND492
Bates F W A Halifax HR943
Bates P Lancaster RA501
Bates A P Wellington HF596
Bates J D Stirling EH884
Bates R A Halifax L9507
Bates R E Halifax JB787
Bates R E Wellington Z8782
Bates G F Wellington X9822
Bates J E Lancaster LL633
Bates E W H Halifax JD326
Bates J Wellington BJ755
Bates Raymond Leonard Halifax LK705
Bates D Lancaster NG469
Bates A W Lancaster ED546
Bates G M Hampden AD719
Bates G M Hampden X2900
Bates J A Lancaster ED800
Bates W A Halifax NR248
Bates W A Lancaster LL681
Bates R Lancaster RA530
Bates J S Stirling LK387
Bates H F K Halifax NA492
Bates Reginald Edward Stirling W7620
Bates C F Lancaster PB526
Bates P E Halifax MZ526
Bates P C Halifax LW636
Bates J A Halifax LW628
Bates S H Halifax ED244
Bates W A Whitley T4204
Bates D G Lancaster ND696
Bates M Wellington X3276
Bates Bernard Samuel
Bates Albert Henry Charles
Bates Alan Frederick
Bates Walter Voss
Bates Kelvin Arthur
Bates John Charles
Bates Dudley Clive
Bates Theodore A. B-17 Henn’s Revenge 44-8427
Bates Arthur W Jr P-51 Mustang
Bates Arthur W Jr
Bates Eldbridge C P-47 Thunderbolt
Bates-Brownsword Reuben Henry
Bateson John Blenheim N6206
Bateson B W Lancaster ND920
Bateson G W Lancaster LM540
Bateup J E Lancaster PB636
Bateup John Edwin
Batey George Lancaster DV156
Batey G Lancaster ED475
Batey N Lancaster ED886
Batger H Stirling EF491
Bath Victor William Halifax LV900
Bath Percy Horace Halifax W7822
Bath Victor William
Bath Richard William Raven
Batham R J Lancaster ED610
Bathe J R Halifax LK789
Bathgate James Robertson Grant Lysander V9673
Bathmaker F H Lancaster LL750
Batho R F Hampden P4377
Batholomew E E Lancaster W4244
Bathurst Alan Lennox
Bathurst John F P-47 Thunderbolt
Batkin W C Halifax BB323
Batman P Lancaster JB302
Baton Wellington R1159
Bator Ignacy Adam
Batrick H R Stirling BF348
Batson W T Lancaster ED828
Batson Samuel K P-47 Thunderbolt
Batson Samuel K P-47 Thunderbolt
Batson Samuel K P-47 Thunderbolt
Batt R H Blenheim L8836
Batt C S Halifax MZ645
Batt H W Lancaster LL826
Batt Leslie Gordon Hurricane P2989
Batten D W Halifax LW459
Batten Henry Thomas Stirling LK149
Batten Raymond Herbert Blenheim V5888
Batten G H McD Lancaster DS725
Batten Wellington T2716
Batten H R Halifax EB129
Batten K S Halifax LV779
Batten G G Stirling LK380
Batten R M Spitfire AD261
Batten H A C Wellington N2894
Batten Douglas Walter
Batten-Smith John Lancaster DV276
Battensby Kenneth Halifax MZ828
Batterbee R Wellington HE235
Batterbee E A Lancaster PB148
Batterham Jack Alexander
Batters Harold Mark Spitfire BS277
Battersby G W Lancaster EE193
Battersby Ronald Charles Lancaster LM720
Battersby J Halifax W1104
Batterton J M Halifax JD163
Battey J Halifax DG223
Battison G G M Boston A1284
Battison G G M Boston AL264
Battle J J Mosquito MM447
Battle E J Lancaster JA963
Battle A M A Stirling N3752
Battle E H Hampden X3141
Battle J R B Mosquito DK293
Battle James Joseph
Battle Ernest John
Battler Ralph Oscar Halifax NA190
Batton Ian Williams
Battram A Wellington BK495
Battrick R H J Blenheim L9242
Batts D Lancaster ED665
Batty Ronald John Morton Lancaster ME691
Batty Arthur Henry Dennis Hampden P1162
Batty William James Lancaster ED416
Batty F W Halifax DT805
Batty A V Lancaster KB780
Batty Wellington W5684
Batty Harry Willan Wellington X3591
Batty J J C Battle L5396
Batty J J C Wellington W5365
Batty J Halifax HR979
Batty E Wellington HE394
Batty G Lancaster W4110
Batty Kenneth James
Batty Robert Allan
Battye R H Lancaster NE133
Battye E Lancaster PB354
Battye H K Lancaster ND563
Battye Reginald Harold
Baty W J Halifax V NP757
Baty F A Wellington R1798
Batzloff Douglas William
Bauchop R J Lancaster LM746
Baucom Hoover Cleveland B-24 Slightly Dangerous 42-50681
Baudinette I S Lancaster PB557
Baudinette Ivan Sydney
Baudry Lysander V9490
Bauer J Spitfire NH570
Bauer W F Wellington BJ958
Bauer Louis Walter Allan
Bauer George L P-47 Thunderbolt
Bauer George L P-47 Thunderbolt
Bauer Harold M P-38 Lightning
Bauerek Zygmunt Supermarine Spitfire BL688
Baughan R D Hampden L4126
Baughan R L Hudson FK767
Baughman Robert A P-47 Thunderbolt
Baughn Richard M P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Baulderstone T H Lancaster NX584
Baulderstone Dennis Leslie
Baulderstone Thomas Henry
Bauldie D Halifax LK795
Baulf I H W Wellington BK435
Baum W G R Halifax DK184
Baum D J Lancaster JB699
Baum A J Hampden L4036
Bauman Donald Compton Lancaster ED935
Bauman V Spitfire AB497
Baumann G R Halifax MZ859
Baumann A E Lancaster EE188
Baumber C Lancaster EE105
Baumeister David K P-47 Thunderbolt
Baumer R C Wellington W5598
Baumgarten R L Wellington HE321
Baumruk S Wellington T2519
Bauset P Halifax LK967
Baush C W Lancaster PN852
Baverstock E Lancaster ED483
Baverstock D Stirling LJ473
Baveystock Leslie Harold Manchester L7301
Bavin Douglas Frederick
Bavington Raymond Eldon Typhoon R8224
Bavis C H Spitfire EP114
Bawden Harvey Hayward Lancaster PB853
Bawden Reginald Vernon Wellington R1627
Bawden J D Lancaster LM343
Bawden E S Halifax DK172
Bawden Donald Robert
Baworowski Michał Rudolf Handley Page Halifax JP180
Bawtree L Lancaster RF253
Bawtree J E Lancaster ME777
Bax Thomas Albert Wellington R1758
Bax J H D Halifax LL597
Baxendale R Lancaster NE131
Baxendale Francis Leo
Baxter K A Halifax W1116
Baxter J R Spitfire MD119
Baxter R W Wellington X3698
Baxter R W Wellington X3673
Baxter W S Lancaster PB180
Baxter Robert George Leslie Lancaster ED548
Baxter Merton Vivian Hawker Fury K2061
Baxter S Lancaster LL716
Baxter Jack Alexander Halifax JD413
Baxter L E Lancaster PA259
Baxter A G Lancaster KB768
Baxter F D Halifax RG476
Baxter F D Halifax NP721
Baxter D F J Lancaster LM532
Baxter W Lancaster JB672
Baxter A K Halifax EB249
Baxter M F Halifax JD146
Baxter C J Halifax HX186
Baxter J Halifax JB869
Baxter Kenneth William John Lancaster DS777
Baxter M W Lancaster ED386
Baxter W B Wellington W5419
Baxter W A Stirling LK131
Baxter G E A Whitley Z6728
Baxter W Blenheim L8852
Baxter J C Lancaster ND466
Baxter W P Wellington HE655
Baxter J F Stirling N6078
Baxter S Spitfire P9325
Baxter S Spitfire X4275
Baxter L H Lancaster L7536
Baxter G Lancaster ND973
Baxter D W Lancaster ND394
Baxter H A Lancaster ED606
Baxter J R Wellington HE530
Baxter N G Spitfire W3169
Baxter D G Halifax NA670
Baxter E Lancaster HK617
Baxter H Spitfire P8160
Baxter A R Halifax BB238
Baxter J W Halifax JB970
Baxter D Halifax JB924
Baxter M Halifax JD145
Baxter Hampden P2125
Baxter J D Wellington X3713
Baxter S Stirling BK664
Baxter Allan William
Baxter Robert Wilson
Baxter Murray Alexander
Baxter Kenneth William
Baxter William Samuel
Baxter Llewellyn Hunter B-17 43-38107
Bay D M Spitfire EN574
Bay Franciszek Vickers Wellington Z1267
Bay D W S Lancaster NF918
Baybut R W Lancaster JA672
Baybutt T Hampden L4172
Bayes Joseph Thomas Lancaster ND917
Bayfield S A Halifax DT744
Bayfield S Halifax DT492
Bayford C Lancaster LL939
Bayldon E A Lancaster DV293
Bayle P Halifax NA547
Bayles Thomas Richard Lancaster ED707
Bayless G E Lancaster LL947
Bayley Lindsay Arthur Lancaster NG235
Bayley Alan Frederick Lancaster LM115
Bayley Richard Frederick Lancaster ND562
Bayley Robert Wellington BJ606
Bayley George Corbett Stirling N3655
Bayley Edward Alan Hurricane V7537
Bayley Eric Simonds Liberator FK245
Bayley E Whitley Z6815
Bayley G R Manchester L7322
Bayley Ernest Douglas
Bayley Lindsay Arthur
Baylis G P Lancaster JB121
Baylis W H Halifax JB874
Bayliss Colin Evan Lancaster W4820
Bayliss J B Wellington X3965
Bayliss C E Lancaster PB303
Bayliss Defiant T3985
Bayliss E P G Lancaster ED485
Bayliss D A Lancaster PB745
Bayliss G L Blenheim R3811
Bayliss R C Mosquito MM743
Bayliss Donald George Lancaster NG238
Bayliss J Lancaster ED838
Bayliss Jack Bernard
Bayliss Lenn
Baylor Melvin W P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Baylor Melvin W P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Bayly F B Whitley BD193
Bayly R S Stirling R9258
Bayly G L M Wellington W5448
Bayly Francis Paul
Bayment D L Lancaster DS821
Bayne A W A Hurricane V7407
Bayne Alfred William Alexander
Baynes Roy Wellington R3162
Baynes C J Lancaster LL941
Baynes Hampden AE434
Baynton T J Ventura AE716
Baynton C H P Spitfire
Bayon M E Mosquito PF401
Bayram C H Lancaster JB550
Bays L Halifax JD408
Bayston Samuel James Lancaster RF230
Bayton J C Lancaster PB196
Bazak Bronisław
Bazalgette F S Battle P2183
Bazalgette Ian Willoughby Lancaster ND811
Bazeley D S Hampden L4180
Bazin James Michael
Bazinet J O Halifax MZ674
Bazley S H Spitfire P9312
Beach Jack Stear Wellington HE276
Beach E V Lancaster KB797
Beach R B Halifax LW618
Beach M F Halifax LV968
Beach C A Boston AI692
Beach A E Lancaster W4326
Beach Wellington X9746
Beach G H Halifax JD463
Beach A K Lancaster LM624
Beach W Lancaster W4315
Beach Rex Edward
Beach Victor P-47 Thunderbolt
Beacham D O Blenheim V6336
Beacham E G R Lancaster R5611
Beacham A Spitfire P7731
Beacham E C Lancaster DV309
Beacham Neville Thomas George
Beachcroft William Fortescue Bristol C4788
Beacock Eric Charles Stirling EH903
Beaddie R L Lancaster R5683
Beadle D J Mosquito MM680
Beadle R E Lancaster LL894
Beadle F V Halifax LK903
Beadle C H Halifax MZ750
Beadle J F Whitley Z9277
Beadle Bernard James Mosquito HR375
Beadman E A B Wellington R1438
Beadon S D Lancaster ED488
Beadsmore W R Halifax JD152
Beagles L C Stirling R9326
Beagley J O Lancaster ME670
Beaird Thomas E Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Beake H J Lancaster ED882
Beake Percy H Spitfire W3265
Beal E T Wellington DV763
Beal J D A Spitfire MJ981
Beal G Halifax LK763
Beal D N Wellington T2888
Beal Ronald Andre
Beal Elby J P-51 Mustang
Beal Elby J P-51 Mustang
Beal Harry E Jr P-51 Mustang
Beale Frederick Allen Whitley P4986
Beale W S Wellington Z1679
Beale E Wellington BJ698
Beale D R Halifax R9408
Beale D R Halifax LL287
Beale D Blenheim Z7273
Beale D Blenheim N3627
Beale R C Battle L5437
Beale R N Hampden L4140
Beale G Halifax NP686
Beale J W Halifax MZ321
Beale F G Lancaster R5670
Beale Ilma Joyce
Beale Herbert Eldon
Beale Francis Bruce
Beale Heathcote Huia Butler Wellington LN853
Beales Robert Walter Stirling W7562
Beales Fred Halifax MZ684
Beales William Arthur Stirling EH883
Beales R W Stirling W7568
Beales R Lancaster PD363
Beales A J Hurricane
Beales D B Stirling BF387
Beales D Stirling R9331
Beales A C Halifax LW229
Beales H Halifax BB239
Beales R Hampden P4376
Bealey D J Lancaster JB550
Beall G S Halifax MZ502
Beall Charles E P-38 Lightning
Beals J W Halifax JB857
Beaman R C Blenheim T2328
Beament T H Wellington X3694
Beames H D Halifax LL257
Beames H D Hampden AD845
Beames G N Stirling R9202
Beames F E Battle L5581
Beames K H Lancaster ED648
Beamish Francis Victor Spitfire W3649
Beamish Nigel R Halifax LW383
Beamon Norman V P-47 Thunderbolt
Beamond Alfred George
Beamont Roland Prosper ("Bee") Tempest EJ710
Bean B O Lancaster NG455
Bean F J Lancaster PB306
Bean H D Lancaster DS675
Bean Leonard F Halifax LW597
Bean W Halifax NA618
Bean D A Halifax LW657
Bean H Lancaster NE167
Bean Frederick Jack
Beane A H Spitfire MH905
Beane H Lancaster JB485
Beaney V D Hampden AE224
Bear P H Halifax JD160
Bearcroft A B Lancaster JB123
Beard R Halifax MZ283
Beard Eric Lancaster ME773
Beard Harold Lancaster PD383
Beard E G Halifax LK839
Beard H N Blenheim R3771
Beard J M B Hurricane N2440
Beard J M B Hurricane P3615
Beard E J Wellington X9974
Beard R Lancaster R5737
Beard J Manchester L7495
Beard J L Lancaster PB741
Beard A W Halifax JD371
Beard A W Halifax JB970
Beard P F Halifax LW512
Beard A Lancaster ED838
Beard O Stirling BK718
Beard L T Lancaster ED816
Beard John Morris Bentley
Beard William Allan
Beard Robert
Beardmore Eric Walter Hurricane P3859
Beardmore J D Halifax MZ469
Beardmore John Thomas Lancaster ND917
Beardmore J C Whitley Z6752
Beardsall K S Lancaster LM493
Beardshaw J G Lancaster LM626
Beardsley G Battle L5446
Beardsley G Battle N2253
Beardsmore W J H Lancaster NE117
Beardwell F G Lancaster W4240
Beardwell R W Lancaster ME739
Beardwood G Blenheim L8828
Beare R L B Halifax L9560
Beare H T Wellington W5576
Beare W P Halifax W1113
Beare F Halifax DT791
Beare Whitley Z6941
Beare E S Halifax MZ821
Bearisto C P Halifax DK139
Bearne H M V Lancaster JB748
Bearne V S Halifax HX321
Bearne W Wellington X9767
Bearnes K L Stirling BK657
Beasley J R Spitfire SM277
Beasley H W Lancaster W4830
Beasley J E St V L Spitfire AB461
Beasley William Carl B-24 42-50511
Beasom J A Halifax NR126
Beason S N Lancaster ED835
Beason Eugene M P-47 Thunderbolt
Beasse C Spitfire AD131
Beat R Lancaster NG189
Beath James Hay Armstrong Wellington HE471
Beatie Ernest D P-47 Thunderbolt
Beaton Donald Lancaster RF230
Beaton J J Lancaster DS689
Beaton C N Wellington X3699
Beaton E M Halifax LW135
Beaton A F Wellington HZ485
Beaton H J Lancaster KB858
Beaton M A Halifax LK990
Beaton R A Lancaster R5551
Beaton D J H Wellington BJ588
Beaton J M Lancaster ME856
Beaton D Lancaster LL677
Beaton A C Mosquito RV305
Beaton R G Lancaster JA917
Beaton James Alexander Lancaster W4230
Beatson Walter Gordon Clement Blenheim Z7309
Beatson R V Lancaster R5555
Beatson J Lancaster ED307
Beatson C Lancaster PB429
Beatson A Halifax JB873
Beatson Earl Hume
Beattie G P Lancaster JB298
Beattie C M Lancaster LM633
Beattie Albert John Halifax W1106
Beattie Leonard Frank Lancaster LM137
Beattie Evan Bruce Wellington R3293
Beattie Robert L. Halifax LW275
Beattie Harold James Lancaster DV387
Beattie H D Halifax JB966
Beattie John Leslie Halifax JD114
Beattie J W Halifax LW616
Beattie R O Lancaster PB687
Beattie K A Lancaster PB921
Beattie John Nesbitt Typhoon MN704
Beattie S G Halifax JB958
Beattie T Blenheim N6390
Beattie J S Wellington T2465
Beattie F D Lancaster JB463
Beattie E D Spitfire BS138
Beattie D W Wellington X3744
Beattie A Lancaster JB307
Beattie J E Lancaster JB302
Beattie J A Stirling EF464
Beattie T Manchester L7377
Beattie T Lancaster ME386
Beattie J A D Blenheim L8833
Beattie J A D Blenheim P4909
Beattie John Lancaster W4177
Beattie J D Hampden AT151
Beattie J M Hampden P4382
Beattie W W Lancaster ND994
Beattie George Liddell Carruthers Lancaster R5627
Beattie J Whitley T4292
Beattie R H Fortress AN525
Beattie W H T Stirling EF254
Beattie J Wellington P9281
Beattie Donald William
Beattie Roy Mcdowall
Beattie Glen Patrick
Beattie Harold David B-24 Liberator 3701
Beatty A D Manchester L7471
Beatty W B Lancaster LL863
Beatty D L Wellington HE590
Beatty Alvin Marshall Halifax LL138
Beatty Colin John
Beatty Argyle Donald
Beaty W S Halifax DT723
Beaty Wendell W P-51 Mustang
Beauchair R F Whitley N1528
Beauchamp P G H Wellington DF626
Beauchamp J S Blenheim Z7700
Beauchamp K H P Manchester L7422
Beauchamp A W Lancaster ND869
Beauchamp Hampden L4043
Beauchamp A Halifax BB223
Beauchamp Leonard Anthony Lasseter
Beauchamp Warwick Melville
Beauchesne N E Halifax LW582
Beauclair Robert Fochaig Whitley N1377
Beauclair Benjamin Gladstone B-17 Skunkface 42-29656
Beaudoin C H M Lancaster LM586
Beaudrault Valmore J P-47 Thunderbolt
Beaudry Joseph Victor Raoul Halifax DT576
Beaudry Joseph Emile Roland Halifax MZ845
Beaudry Eloi Joseph Emile Ventura AE688
Beaufoy M H Blenheim V5455
Beaumont H E Wellington L4232
Beaumont John Ernest George Wellington BK517
Beaumont Leys Middleton Lancaster W4105
Beaumont Lawrence Herbert Lancaster SW251
Beaumont E S Halifax HX286
Beaumont L Wellington N2849
Beaumont S Blenheim Z7319
Beaumont W Spitfire R6831
Beaumont W Spitfire R7016
Beaumont W H C Spitfire AD121
Beaumont A Halifax LK779
Beaumont R F Lancaster W4331
Beaumont J E Lancaster ND738
Beaumont R A W Lancaster NN696
Beaumont O R Blenheim L9180
Beaumont G A Lancaster JB303
Beaumont S J Blenheim P4903
Beaumont H E Wellington N2886
Beaumont The Hon.Walter
Beaumont J. W Blenheim T2112
Beaumont Ernest Victor
Beaumont Edward Miles
Beaumont Edward C P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Beaumont Edward C P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Beaumont Edward C P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Beaune R G Lancaster PB241
Beaupre J Halifax W1225
Beaupre H H F Lancaster R5484
Beauregard Joseph George Wilfred Stirling BF322
Beauregard C M Lancaster LM395
Beauvoit N Halifax NA558
Beavan W W Halifax HX267
Beavan William Walter
Beaven James Wilfred Wellington Z1566
Beaven A E Halifax DT799
Beaven R Lancaster R5622
Beaver G F Hampden L4140
Beaver T Stirling BF398
Beaver T E Stirling EH881
Beavers W R N Hampden P2098
Beavers C S G Battle L5531
Beavers Edward H Jr P-51 Mustang
Beavers Edward H Jr P-51 Mustang
Beavers Edward H Jr P-51 Mustang
Beavers Edward H Jr P-51 Mustang
Beavis H W Stirling BF567
Beavis F J R Blenheim N6202
Beavis J Wellington Z1595
Beavo W E Halifax HR856
Beazleigh A J Halifax JD454
Beazley A O Halifax HX243
Beazley Hugh John Sherard Hurricane P2988
Beazley H Lancaster LL945
Beazley Hugh John Sherard
Beazley Alan Osborne
Beazley Long A Lancaster LL801
Bebaeff Nick P P-51 Mustang
Bebbington R J Stirling W7611
Bebensee D G Halifax HR905
Beber Alfred Abraham Halifax W7750
Bebington E E Lancaster ND447
Bebout Russell W P-38 Lightning
Bebout Russell W P-38 Lightning
Becherel Roland Jean Lancaster NN694
Bechtold R C Halifax LL169
Beck J A G Lancaster RA533
Beck Norman Croxen Hampden L4127
Beck John Creighton Dakota KG366
Beck J W Boston Z2252
Beck C D Spitfire SM201
Beck A J Lancaster LM726
Beck Richard Colvin Seddon Wellington T2701
Beck H Halifax JB918
Beck R C V Lancaster DV224
Beck G H Stirling EF428
Beck L Wellington X3448
Beck A Stirling EH892
Beck P S Stirling BF505
Beck J A Lancaster EE194
Beck L T Lancaster ED753
Beck H J Halifax DT744
Beck D M Lancaster PB240
Beck W C Stirling EF397
Beck Norman Charles
Beck James Arthur Gordon
Beck Charles E P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Beckby M G Lancaster PB192
Becker Robert S. Halifax LL140
Becker R B Lancaster DS777
Becker B J Halifax HR802
Becker P A Lancaster NG145
Becker R S Halifax LL189
Becker Whitley Z6742
Becker Marvin H P-47 Thunderbolt
Becker Marvin H P-47 Thunderbolt
Becker Marvin H P-47 Thunderbolt
Becker Marvin H P-47 Thunderbolt
Becker Marvin H P-47 Thunderbolt
Becker Robert H P-51 Mustang
Becker Robert H P-51 Mustang
Becker Robert H P-51 Mustang
Becker Robert H P-51 Mustang
Becker Robert H P-51 Mustang
Becker Robert H P-51 Mustang
Beckett J R Mosquito HX823
Beckett G A Lancaster DV269
Beckett R F Halifax BB283
Beckett A C Lancaster KB717
Beckett G Lancaster DV283
Beckett R J Lancaster LM472
Beckett Wellington X9746
Beckett P H Wellington R1330
Beckett S N Wellington HE636
Beckett J F Lancaster L7548
Beckett Geoffrey Lancaster W4126
Beckett C S Halifax MZ562
Beckett L A Whitley P4950
Beckett J C Lancaster NN698
Beckett Albert
Beckett John Rogers
Beckett William Oliver
Beckford G J Halifax DK147
Beckham Walter C P-47 Thunderbolt
Beckham Walter C P-47 Thunderbolt
Beckham Walter C P-47 Thunderbolt
Beckham Walter C P-47 Thunderbolt
Beckham Walter C P-47 Thunderbolt
Beckham Walter C P-47 Thunderbolt
Beckham Walter C P-47 Thunderbolt
Beckham Walter C P-47 Thunderbolt
Beckham Walter C P-47 Thunderbolt
Beckham Walter C P-47 Thunderbolt
Beckham Walter C P-47 Thunderbolt
Beckham Walter C P-47 Thunderbolt
Beckham Walter C P-47 Thunderbolt
Beckhouse G E Lancaster LM117
Beckhouse Gordon Edwin
Beckingham C W Lancaster PD319
Beckingham W Blenheim V5825
Beckingham Clarence Walter
Beckley D J Lancaster PB113
Beckley Thomas William
Beckley Ronald Charles
Beckman Hurbert Charles Wellington T2472
Beckman L J W Halifax W1222
Beckman Jack McNider P-51 Mustang 44-14230 'Trigger III'
Beckman Jack McNider P-51 Mustang
Bećko Stanisław Miles Master AZ377
Beckoff George
Beckolt D H Mosquito MM182
Beckthold William Lancaster DV324
Beckwith Donald Lancaster ME684
Beckwith H Stirling BK607
Beckwith G J Wellington N2770
Beckwith E P Wellington R1394
Beckwith F W W Lancaster ME793
Becraft Myron A P-51 Mustang
Bedall C Hampden AD861
Bedard J R A Halifax LW460
Bedard J P Wellington BJ958
Bedard J D M Halifax NP805
Bedard J J P M Halifax LV990
Bedbrook A E D Lancaster ED755
Beddall H Wellington R3288
Beddis H J Lancaster JB732
Beddison B D Lancaster JA899
Beddoe A Halifax DT806
Beddoe Donald Cosmo
Beddoe Robert Henry
Beddow D C Whitley N1481
Beddow D C Whitley P5013
Bedell Tom James Edwin Wellington LP981
Bedell Lyle Eugene Lancaster ND644
Bedford G W Wellington HE771
Bedford G W Halifax NA510
Bedford H Lancaster LL948
Bedford H T Lancaster R5688
Bedford H Halifax LL308
Bedford R E E Wellington Z1316
Bedford E L Whitley Z9441
Bedford M F Wellington P9269
Bedford H E Halifax W7669
Bedford H E Halifax R9427
Bedford H G Whitley Z9129
Bedggood Arthur Henry Stirling LK151
Bedingham F T Lancaster JA961
Będkowski Ryszard Miles Magister T9831
Bednarski Piotr Handley Page Halifax DT627
Bednarski Zdzisław Supermarine Spitfire W3844
Bednarz Józef Supermarine Spitfire X4279
Bedward A A C Halifax HR863
Bedwell H K Wellington Z8525
Bedwell George Frederick Kenneth Lancaster JA711
Bedwell E J Lancaster EE129
Bedwell George F K Lancaster DV327
Bedwell Horace Kempton
Bee Charles Frederick Stirling N3759
Bee Charles Robert Stirling BF335
Bee A M Manchester L7456
Bee R Lancaster LM302
Bee Kenneth Clifford
Beebar John Dakota FZ597
Beebar John
Beebe H C Lancaster R5575
Beebe J Lancaster LM373
Beeby A S Blenheim T1934
Beeby A S Blenheim P6925
Beech C T Halifax LK792
Beech C Halifax LK683
Beech S P Halifax LK885
Beech G McK Wellington X3606
Beech J Lancaster PB294
Beech D C Lancaster DV243
Beech W L Spitfire N3191
Beech F R Halifax DT489
Beech J T H Halifax LK918
Beech K A Lancaster ED999
Beech L J Lancaster W4944
Beech C Stirling EF215
Beecher 'Frank' Thomas Francis Lancaster LM115
Beecher J E A Halifax LK904
Beecher Thomas Francis
Beechey D H Lancaster ME734
Beechey W R Halifax MZ409
Beecroft J M Halifax LW195
Beecroft J Wellington X3472
Beecroft J M Halifax MZ659
Beecroft R G Lancaster ND927
Beecroft B Stirling N6029
Beecroft J Lancaster PB123
Beeden Arthur William Richard Beaufort W6493
Beedham Spitfire P7435
Beedie S W S Hampden AE140
Beedim J A Wellington HE244
Beedle George Halifax DG414
Beedle S Lancaster LM365
Beedle S Lancaster ED775
Beedle D Halifax LW348
Beeger Paweł Wellington Z8645
Beeger Paweł Vickers Wellington HZ467
Beeken G Halifax DK265
Beeler Glenn D P-51 Mustang
Beeley K Halifax LM198
Beemer F H Wellington R1024
Beer Ryszard Aleksander Handley Page Halifax JP222
Beer A J Spitfire W3429
Beer A D D Lancaster PD215
Beer Leslie William Lancaster NG302
Beer Howard Ernest Lancaster DV276
Beer Bernard Arthur William Lancaster LL648
Beer Reginald Henry Wellington LN231
Beer L S Lancaster DS791
Beer N C Lancaster ED330
Beer R H Lancaster ND925
Beer R H Lancaster ND638
Beer R G W Lancaster ND710
Beer William Gordon Halifax MZ596
Beer R E Halifax LK903
Beer N Lancaster ED499
Beer Allan John
Beer Jack Garfield
Beer Eric Clarence
Beer William James
Beerbower Don M P-51 Mustang
Beerbower Don M P-51 Mustang
Beerbower Don M P-51 Mustang
Beerbower Don M P-51 Mustang
Beerbower Don M P-51 Mustang
Beerbower Don M P-51 Mustang
Beerbower Don M P-51 Mustang
Beerbower Don M P-51 Mustang
Beerbower Don M P-51 Mustang
Beerbower Don M P-51 Mustang
Beerbower Don M P-47 Thunderbolt
Beerbower Don M P-47 Thunderbolt
Beerbower Don M P-47 Thunderbolt
Beere W H Halifax LK726
Beere I St J Whitley K7225
Beers F K Lancaster PB185
Bees H G Halifax JB791
Beesley A H Halifax W1220
Beesley J F T Halifax LW382
Beesley P L Halifax DT701
Beesley Lancaster W4315
Beesley D R Lancaster JA695
Beesley J F Lancaster JA708
Beesley Alex Henry
Beeson J L Halifax NP973
Beeson W C J Lancaster ND797
Beeson S C Lancaster PA991
Beeson J Lancaster NE115
Beeson W J Lancaster JB728
Beeson J E Halifax MZ679
Beeson John Leslie
Beeson Duane W Spitfire / P-47 Thunderbolt
Beeson Duane W Spitfire / P-47 Thunderbolt
Beeson Duane W Spitfire / P-47 Thunderbolt
Beeson Duane W Spitfire / P-47 Thunderbolt
Beeson Duane W Spitfire / P-47 Thunderbolt
Beeson Duane W Spitfire / P-47 Thunderbolt
Beeson Duane W Spitfire / P-47 Thunderbolt
Beeson Duane W P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Beeson Duane W P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Beeson Duane W P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Beeson Duane W P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Beeson Duane W P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Beeson Duane W P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Beeson Duane W P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Beeson Duane W P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Beeson Duane W P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Beeson Thomas H P-47 Thunderbolt
Beeson Thomas H P-47 Thunderbolt
Beeston R D Wellington X3795
Beeston J M Lancaster PB541
Beeston Frank Lynford Lancaster DS666
Beeston A H Halifax HR750
Beeston Richard Denison
Beeston Walter Keith
Beeston James McFadden
Beetch A U Lancaster DV400
Beetham M J Lancaster W4119
Beeton E H Halifax JB836
Beetoning C W A Halifax MZ854
Beever J Lancaster JB282
Beever G F Blenheim T2232
Beevers Kenneth Harrow K7015
Beevers G A Lancaster ND595
Beevers G H Lancaster LL910
Beevers D Lancaster PD211
Befinger Mieczysław Franciszek Mustang KH540
Begbie B Halifax DK253
Begbie James Errol Halifax MZ798
Begernie Albert Henry James Lancaster JB186
Begg R K Lancaster JB460
Begg William Lancaster LL914
Begg R P McM Lancaster ME566
Begg James Halifax LK746
Begg J A B Whitley N1364
Begg Colin Boyd
Begg John
Begg Reginald Kenneth
Beggs J R Halifax LK969
Beggs H W Hurricane P3065
Beggs W J Lancaster ED665
Beggs J A Halifax LK645
Beggs Nathaniel Ross
Begin A Halifax NP938
Beguin D Spitfire PT965
Behal F Hurricane Z2921
Behan T F Whitley T4227
Beharrie D Lancaster PB234
Beharrie David
Behling George A P-51 Mustang
Behn John Frederick Peter Halifax W7703
Behrend William W P-51 Mustang
Behrndt Raymond Carl
Beilby John George
Beinke Dudley Raymond Wellington Z1344
Beinke Dudley Raymond
Beirnes Jack Rife Typhoon SW393
Beisley Robert Fletcher Wellington T2702
Beisley A R C Halifax HR945
Beisner Phillip J P-47 Thunderbolt
Beitz Gordon Thomas
Beitz Cecil Francis
Belanger F J Lancaster ED447
Belanger Joseph Adelard Roland Wellington MF375
Belbin S F Halifax W1220
Belbin Wellington N2767
Belbin Sydney Frank
Bełc Marian Miles Master W8664
Belcher L R Halifax MZ456
Belcher E J Battle N2178
Belcher M A Halifax MZ395
Belcher G Lancaster JB222
Beldin R J Stirling BF462
Beldon Eric Nigel Nicholson Lancaster JA937
Beley R W G Hurricane P3304
Belfield J P Halifax LW269
Belford T D Wellington Z1328
Belford A G Lancaster NG401
Belford W N Lancaster ME577
Belford W N Lancaster LM380
Belford E R Stirling BK647
Belford Thomas David
Belford William Noel
Belina-Prażmowski Janusz Józef Vickers Wellington HE291
Belitsos Peter S. B-24 Texas Rose 41-28922
Belk E L Stirling N3709
Belk Oscar M P-47 Thunderbolt
Bell Ralph Douglas Sunderland T9075
Bell Hilton Craig Lancaster ME668
Bell Keith Selwyn Lancaster DS834
Bell C D Spitfire PL326
Bell P Wellington X3744
Bell Maxwell Heron Mustang FX887
Bell A T Lancaster RA546
Bell J C Lancaster W4942
Bell J H Lancaster ND393
Bell R J Wellington T2554
Bell John Napier Supermarine Walrus L2312
Bell Peter Edwin Lancaster HE644
Bell John Robson Lancaster PB689
Bell Thomas Hylton Halifax W7930
Bell Ian Halifax LV794
Bell John 'Dinger' Lancaster LM230
Bell Ronald Sample Wellington X3407
Bell John Lancaster JA925
Bell P Whitley Z6730
Bell John Morling Wellington X3870
Bell John Anthony Martin Lancaster W4176
Bell Sydney Philip Lancaster PD287
Bell Andrew Lancaster PD383
Bell James Kingsley Lancaster JB300
Bell Brian Wellington LP465
Bell Alex Joseph Avro Anson AX538
Bell M R Stirling EF504
Bell E W Wellington X3201
Bell C H L Wellington R1616
Bell Frank George Halifax HR985
Bell J W Halifax W1113
Bell C H Wellington W5553
Bell J W Wellington Z8530
Bell J K Hampden AE366
Bell R G Hampden AE366
Bell Ronald George Halifax DG238
Bell A H Halifax JD159
Bell C E Wellington DF664
Bell A M J Lancaster DS741
Bell J I Halifax MZ291
Bell Neil Alan Halifax LW285
Bell E N Halifax LK913
Bell M O M Halifax JD326
Bell E M Wellington BJ755
Bell J W Halifax LV914
Bell David Halifax MZ288
Bell C Halifax MZ537
Bell N A Halifax LL181
Bell A D G Lancaster LL638
Bell D G Halifax LW614
Bell J B Halifax LW643
Bell J D Wellington HF493
Bell W A Halifax MZ821
Bell W O Halifax HX321
Bell H C Halifax LW495
Bell T Halifax NA524
Bell J Lancaster JB731
Bell Andrew Paul Stirling LJ882
Bell Lesley Edwin Lancaster W4138
Bell R J McL Lancaster LM289
Bell M P Wellington X3462
Bell G G Halifax BB373
Bell R Halifax JB930
Bell P G Halifax W1158
Bell J R Whitley K9018
Bell W J Lancaster DV192
Bell W Lancaster W4322
Bell Derek J Lancaster DV308
Bell F Halifax W7652
Bell J B Halifax W1181
Bell J Halifax W1167
Bell F Halifax W7677
Bell P A C Lancaster ME665
Bell J B Wellington X9665
Bell T Lancaster JB279
Bell D N Lancaster ND847
Bell D C Lancaster ND408
Bell T Wellington W5443
Bell G H R Lancaster W4922
Bell R Lancaster W4178
Bell R E Lancaster ED649
Bell J Lancaster ED125
Bell Sidney Lancaster ND331
Bell J Boston Z2164
Bell J L Blenheim Z7317
Bell M Lancaster LM127
Bell L W Lancaster PD274
Bell W Lancaster DS793
Bell E J Lancaster DS685
Bell C A Wellington W5458
Bell R Lancaster ED476
Bell Ernest Halifax LW275
Bell Wellington T2740
Bell W J Lancaster R5904
Bell W J Lancaster LL781
Bell J P O Lancaster LM468
Bell A E Halifax W1108
Bell G Halifax HR944
Bell D S Lysander V9605
Bell F D Halifax DG245
Bell H B Lancaster W4996
Bell W G Lancaster DV247
Bell P H Spitfire BM323
Bell G Wellington HE228
Bell K F Wellington HE398
Bell L S Typhoon MN463
Bell C S Wellington HF597
Bell W Lancaster W4121
Bell L H Lancaster W4121
Bell C Lancaster ND575
Bell A Stirling R9288
Bell A Stirling R9257
Bell E N Stirling N3725
Bell A R Wellington R1008
Bell Charles Armstrong Stirling BK716
Bell G W Lancaster PB643
Bell M W Lancaster PA214
Bell M W Lancaster PB610
Bell C H Spitfire N3101
Bell D P M Typhoon MN545
Bell C R M Typhoon R7686
Bell Beaufighter R2250
Bell I R Halifax L9600
Bell E Halifax DT804
Bell D M Lancaster LL623
Bell J R Wellington HE392
Bell J S Halifax NP992
Bell B E Typhoon MP145
Bell W Hampden P2087
Bell P H Hampden AE290
Bell F J Lancaster ND860
Bell H Lancaster W4988
Bell D McF F Lancaster ME675
Bell B E Lancaster ND533
Bell B S Hampden P4383
Bell D Hampden AE428
Bell K T Halifax MZ487
Bell R D Halifax MZ343
Bell E Lancaster ED931
Bell W H Halifax LW586
Bell J D Halifax LW348
Bell Whitley T4213
Bell P V Spitfire AB780
Bell J R H Lancaster W4798
Bell J S Spitfire K9948
Bell J S Spitfire R6632
Bell J S Spitfire X4248
Bell G Lancaster PD117
Bell T Lancaster ED977
Bell W E D Lancaster EE111
Bell J B Lancaster LM511
Bell A Lancaster JB141
Bell E I J Mosquito DK293
Bell G Stirling BK610
Bell F Lancaster ND353
Bell F Lancaster ND350
Bell H Wellington Z1168
Bell H Wellington R1177
Bell Wellington Z8945
Bell R Stirling BK783
Bell D R Halifax DK187
Bell J I M Halifax DK134
Bell J A Halifax HR659
Bell J Halifax LW223
Bell A A Halifax LV873
Bell D B Halifax LW519
Bell W I Halifax MZ340
Bell E Halifax MZ849
Bell J W Whitley Z6948
Bell R C Whitley Z9389
Bell J Whitley T4158
Bell J W Whitley Z6655
Bell J Blenheim V6513
Bell Alistair Walker Lancaster JB355
Bell S J Lancaster JA701
Bell F J Lancaster PB533
Bell G Lancaster LM520
Bell R Wellington Z1615
Bell W Stirling BK723
Bell J Lancaster R5575
Bell R R Hampden AE303
Bell J Lancaster ND807
Bell Wellington X9703
Bell John Douglas Campbell
Bell Albert
Bell David
Bell John Napier
Bell Ralph Douglas
Bell Douglas Crawford
Bell Hilton Craig
Bell Thomas
Bell Keith Selwyn
Bell William Samuel
Bell Colin Douglas
Bell Paton
Bell Maxwell Herron
Bell Frederick George
Bell Douglas Charles
Bell Alan Frank
Bell Orten Clem
Bell Charles Henry
Bell John Courtney
Bell John Hardie
Bell Jack Gordon Stewart
Bell Ronald Charles
Bell George Samuel Crawford
Bell John Douglas
Bell Merton John
Bell Ronald Joshua
Bell Bewsher Eric Spitfire K9896
Bell John George Wellington W5596
Bell Dale E P-38 Lightning
Bell Frank D P-51 Mustang
Bell-Berry Raymond Lancaster R5761
Bell-Berry R Lancaster R5860
Bell-Salter D B Hurricane N2545
Bell-Salter David B Hurricane V6640
Bell-Syer H B Hurricane L
Bell-Towers W W Whitley Z6829
Bell-Towers Wadya Wellesley
Bell-Walker H J Spitfire AB844
Bell-Walker J H Spitfire K9960
Bell-Walker H J Spitfire R6704
Bellamy G C Lancaster NG190
Bellamy J A Lancaster NG346
Bellamy J W Lancaster KB777
Bellamy D L F Halifax HX149
Bellamy J E Lancaster JB403
Bellamy J E Lancaster W4302
Bellamy D W Lancaster DS673
Bellamy W H Lancaster LM510
Bellamy F W Stirling LK385
Bellamy J E Lancaster R5860
Bellamy J E Liberator TS526
Bellamy N L Lancaster W4949
Bellamy C E Lancaster W4825
Bellantino D Lancaster NG346
Bellchambers Frederick George Lancaster R5703
Bellenger A Halifax LW233
Beller Władysław Henryk Avro Anson MG445
Bellerby Douglas Arnold Halifax W7871
Bellerby Wellington L7783
Bellert Morris Ambrose
Belles A W Lancaster NG460
Bellew Henry Benedict Halifax DG282
Bellewe J H Lancaster R5732
Bellhouse E W Halifax MZ352
Bellhouse W H Wellington HE277
Bellhouse Reginald
Bellinger James Wellington Z1338
Bellinger J H Halifax MZ364
Bellinger W G Halifax DK259
Bellinger W J Lancaster JB373
Bellingham W H L Spitfire PL159
Bellingham K G Lancaster LM570
Bellingham R F Halifax LK663
Bellingham Ronald Charles
Bellis Charlie Blenheim L8861
Bellis E Lancaster ED928
Bellisle A C Lancaster NN758
Bellman N E Lancaster DV155
Bellman W A Halifax LL119
Bellman G C Stirling BF408
Bellman G Lancaster ND685
Bellman Norman Edwin
Bellon Halifax NA549
Bellovary Jr. John Joseph B-17 43-37713
Bellow W S Stirling W7430
Bellwood L Lancaster NF994
Beloe P C Spitfire AD353
Belot D Lancaster NN741
Belot Theodore Albert
Belous Wesley Leonard Halifax W7670
Belsey A J Lancaster JA931
Belsham D W Lancaster ED467
Belshaw Emanuel L Lancaster RF230
Belshaw Arthur Ernest Lancaster ED392
Belshaw R W Stirling EE902
Belshaw R P Lancaster PD363
Belshaw William Dennis Lancaster ME846
Belshaw Arthur Maurice
Belsher Harold Donovan Whitley BD281
Belson A Stirling EF437
Belt Dallas Eugene Stirling LK133
Belton J S Wellington HE383
Belton Spencer Lewis Smith Hampden P4368
Belton Alfred Johnson Lancaster DS775
Belton R E Stirling BK774
Belton W S G Wellington X3822
Belton T W Wellington X9975
Belton F W Lancaster R5568
Belton W Lancaster ED370
Belton Wilfred Thomas Lancaster R5888
Belton J Lancaster ND508
Belton Whitley T1458
Beltz Eric Louis
Beluse J E M Halifax LK798
Belyea A C Lancaster ME721
Belyes D G Lancaster PB127
Belza Stanisław (Stefan Stanisław?) North American P-51D Mustang FB164
Beman Harold James
Bemben Edward Feliks (Bronikowski) Wellington HZ486
Bembridge Robert Allan Wellington LP981
Bembridge J W Lancaster ED599
Bemi F Wellington MS479
Bemister John Edward Halifax DT749
Bemrose P J Lancaster ED995
Bemrose M Halifax NA510
Bemrose E E Lancaster PA158
Bemrose F E Lancaster NG323
Ben A C Manchester L7456
Ben-Hertz M Halifax DG228
Benabo R Lancaster PA970
Benbow D R Lancaster ND970
Benbow H F Halifax LL356
Benbow F C Blenheim T2161
Benbow Lancaster JB243
Bence J Lancaster ED618
Bench Wellington Z8789
Bendall J K Lancaster PB646
Bendall Douglas James Blenheim L1280
Bendall J D Lancaster LM687
Bendall Jabez Kevin
Bender Joseph Halifax MZ642
Bender Milton Wood Lancaster ME663
Bender Frederick Hendrik Jacobus Boston Z2225
Bender G Wellington HE231
Bender L G Halifax JB971
Bender M H Lancaster JA680
Bender Milton S P-47 Thunderbolt
Bending Henry William Stirling W7475
Benditski Samuel Halifax R9383
Bendix Jack Lindsay Lancaster PB422
Benedict William C P-47 Thunderbolt
Benedyk Józef Miles Master W8503
Benefiel Robert E P-51 Mustang
Benefield V D Wellington DV612
Benefield C F Lancaster LM445
Beney Eric Thomas Stirling R9270
Beney D L Wellington W5663
Benfield H G Whitley Z6866
Benfield N Wellington R1007
Benford S M Halifax W1214
Benford S M Halifax BB209
Benge S P Mosquito HK120
Benge Hoyt W P-38 Lightning
Bengson Wallace Woodrow B-17 Insomnia 43-38396
Bengston J Lancaster JB134
Benham Albert Clifford Lancaster LL678
Benham J E D Whitley Z6728
Benham R P Stirling EF119
Beningfield A S Hampden AD856
Benison Phillip Mervyn
Benjamin Colin George Typhoon DN589
Benjamin Kenneth Wellington HE175
Benjamin Eric Arthur Mosquito KB401
Benjamin T E E Lancaster ED473
Benjamin M Lancaster PB535
Benjamin Battle L5541
Benjamin Colin George
Benjamin Swift T P-51 Mustang
Benn J W Lancaster R5760
Benn Manchester R5788
Benn Reuben John Whitney Z9153
Benn John Walter
Bennell R J Mosquito LR270
Benner D R Halifax W7858
Bennett Fred Lancaster NG330
Bennett B W Lancaster W4960
Bennett J R Lancaster NX585
Bennett K Wellington Z1385
Bennett R S Lancaster PB845
Bennett K E H Lancaster LL847
Bennett B P Lancaster DV338
Bennett C R Stirling LJ454
Bennett A C Stirling W7445
Bennett James Frederick Morgan Blenheim L1317
Bennett Leonard William Hurricane V6563
Bennett William Beaufort W6494
Bennett Benjamin Michael Whitley N1424
Bennett Brian Coghlan Lancaster PB474
Bennett Frederick Lancaster L7572
Bennett Thomas Lancaster W4334
Bennett Leslie Halifax LW298
Bennett Robert Sidney Lancaster PB397
Bennett John Wallace Sunderland JM763
Bennett Henry Edward Lancaster JB606
Bennett George Herbert Halifax JN920
Bennett Richard Edward Whitley Z6731
Bennett Vickers Lavender Halifax MZ541
Bennett William Wellington X9643
Bennett Peter Anthony Lancaster HK542
Bennett Harry Fortress HB815
Bennett Cyril Victor Mosquito PZ465
Bennett R.B. Lancaster LL956
Bennett Harold Herbert Halifax LW291
Bennett J G Lancaster DV289
Bennett D W Wellington X9879
Bennett T H Wellington Z8536
Bennett Donald Howard Lancaster ME647
Bennett J Lancaster LM687
Bennett G Lancaster ND526
Bennett G N Lancaster LL719
Bennett Kenneth Hugh Lancaster DS788
Bennett J B Halifax NP712
Bennett James Gordon Lancaster DS710
Bennett J A Halifax DT646
Bennett D E Wellington HE280
Bennett C J Wellington BK389
Bennett D J Halifax MZ903
Bennett J Wellington LN294
Bennett J N E Lancaster ND672
Bennett R J Lancaster DS813
Bennett R A J Lancaster LL627
Bennett Lloyd Douglas Lancaster LL956
Bennett R S Lancaster LM599
Bennett L J Fortress HB796
Bennett David Typhoon EJ976
Bennett R F Stirling BK647
Bennett R F Stirling BK776
Bennett Thomas Samuel Eric Halifax DT747
Bennett Arthur Godfrey Liberator BZ832
Bennett D C T Halifax W1041
Bennett A Halifax MZ576
Bennett Leonard Lancaster ED988
Bennett M J Lancaster ED618
Bennett W Lancaster JB150
Bennett W A Halifax W7918
Bennett J Halifax W1055
Bennett G E Halifax HR804
Bennett N J Whitley Z6820
Bennett Wellington R1539
Bennett P M Wellington R1396
Bennett R H M Blenheim R3823
Bennett A H M Blenheim R3685
Bennett G C Blenheim N6208
Bennett E Lancaster ME692
Bennett Wellington R1084
Bennett Wellington R1721
Bennett R W Lancaster DS673
Bennett R Blenheim L9402
Bennett R Blenheim L9386
Bennett J W A Wellington Z1480
Bennett G H S Hampden AE424
Bennett H Hampden P4362
Bennett A W Hampden L4135
Bennett Stirling W7429LS-X
Bennett E W J Halifax HR737
Bennett N R Halifax DT583
Bennett R Halifax LW296
Bennett W G Halifax NP973
Bennett C A Halifax MZ854
Bennett W Stirling W7442
Bennett L C Blenheim R3732
Bennett R J Wellington R3208
Bennett H W Stirling BK663
Bennett K Lancaster PB768
Bennett S G Stirling EE903
Bennett R F Blenheim Z7312
Bennett L W Mustang AM183
Bennett C C Blenheim R3626
Bennett J E Mosquito NT438
Bennett J T Halifax W1147
Bennett A T Halifax R9450
Bennett Albert Walter Halifax LV861
Bennett W H Halifax LK967
Bennett R G Hampden P2137
Bennett M O D Lancaster ED348
Bennett V Lancaster ND525
Bennett W R Spitfire SM187
Bennett R K Lancaster LM306
Bennett G Lancaster EE143
Bennett J K Hampden P1318
Bennett S C Lancaster PB385
Bennett J N Lancaster JB229
Bennett L L Lancaster DV325
Bennett T Halifax JD251
Bennett J H Halifax JD263
Bennett P C K Lancaster LL625
Bennett Alfred Edwin Lancaster DS823
Bennett H S Lancaster LM301
Bennett Frederick William Lancaster DV305
Bennett W J Lancaster ED970
Bennett G Lancaster JB370
Bennett E Lancaster PD235
Bennett Spitfire R7333
Bennett G C Spitfire L1087
Bennett G C Spitfire P7669
Bennett R W Lancaster LM729
Bennett R Lancaster ME568
Bennett L W Lancaster PB356
Bennett A Lancaster NG237
Bennett A Lancaster ME734
Bennett R B Lancaster PB815
Bennett R J Lancaster LM637
Bennett P E Halifax NA567
Bennett W J Halifax MZ539
Bennett C M Halifax LK922
Bennett J L Halifax LW264
Bennett J S Halifax MZ763
Bennett Blenheim P4855
Bennett H W Blenheim L1342
Bennett D Wellington P9205
Bennett A Lancaster LM528
Bennett J E Lancaster PD336
Bennett Mosquito MM511
Bennett Ronald Sidney Lancaster JB227
Bennett P J Lancaster JB726
Bennett N D Wellington T2721
Bennett James Frederick Morgan
Bennett Kenneth Jack
Bennett Alexander
Bennett Leon Herbert Bernard
Bennett Wilfred Stuart
Bennett Fred
Bennett Clarence Charles
Bennett Alfred Stephenson
Bennett Bruce William
Bennett Keith Campbell
Bennett Brian Percival
Bennett Kenneth Edwin Harold
Bennett Richard Stewart
Bennett Richard Trevor
Bennett William Keith
Bennett Arthur Charles
Bennett Allan Wilfred
Bennett W.R. Wellington LN858
Bennett Carroll W P-51 Mustang
Bennett Eugene E P-47 Thunderbolt
Bennett John R P-47 Thunderbolt
Bennett John R P-47 Thunderbolt
Bennett John R P-51 Mustang
Bennett Joseph H P-51 Mustang
Bennett Joseph H P-51 Mustang
Bennett Joseph H P-47 Thunderbolt
Bennett Joseph H P-47 Thunderbolt
Bennett Joseph H P-47 Thunderbolt
Bennette Geoffrey Riding Hurricane BP741
Bennette Charles J P-47 Thunderbolt
Bennette Charles J P-51 Mustang
Bennetton F H Stirling BF340
Bennetts E H Lancaster LM128
Bennetts G A Wellington W5400
Bennie J Wellington BK281
Benning R D Lancaster ED806
Benninger Robert James B-17 Susan Ruth 42-31499
Bennington Ian Campbell Lancaster ND906
Bennington G W Lancaster PB538
Bennington Douglas Edward
Bennink Donald T P-47 Thunderbolt
Bennion S Halifax LV786
Bennions George Herman Spitfire X4559
Bennions G H Spitfire N3113
Bennions George Herman ("Ben")
Bennis H Lancaster LL867
Bennitt N A Stirling N6076
Bennitt N A Stirling W7629
Benny J H Stirling EE940
Benoit Michał Wellington Z1314
Benoit Wiesław Supermarine Spitfire BS438
Benoit J P Halifax HX275
Benoit F J Lancaster PB687
Benoit Norman R P-51 Mustang
Benoit Norman R P-51 Mustang
Benoit Norman R P-51 Mustang
Bensley G G Hampden AD859
Bensley Marcus
Benson Sydney William Hudson AM535
Benson P W Lancaster LM101
Benson Peter Henry Wellington Z8646
Benson L J Wellington X9824
Benson H.W Stirling LJ451
Benson R L Wellington BE161
Benson P H Halifax LW559
Benson I B Halifax MZ452
Benson C S Lancaster R5739
Benson H J Lancaster ND595
Benson J E Lancaster LM459
Benson James Frederick G Lancaster R5665
Benson R Wellington R1084
Benson J Lancaster LM289
Benson A Wellington HE655
Benson F N Lancaster NG325
Benson G H Fortress HB702
Benson Leslie B Lancaster LL900
Benson A H Hampden L1319
Benson J Halifax NR191
Benson N J V Spitfire N3105
Benson T L Lancaster ME474
Benson G E Lancaster PB244
Benson L Lancaster JB728
Benson G E Halifax DT774
Benson Oxford B211
Benson Donald Douglas
Benson Sydney William
Benson David Bernard
Benson Philip William
Benson John Warner
Benson Aldrich M P-38 Lightning
Benstead Charles Edward Halifax W1219
Benstead W C Lancaster ND402
Bensted Wellington X9677
Bensted B G Mosquito WJ779
Bensted Lionel Mauricee
Bent T E Lancaster JA689
Bent William Thomas Wellington BJ711
Bent V E Halifax HE777
Bent J J Lancaster NF913
Bent J W Wellington R1063
Bent Thomas Edward
Bent Thomas E. B-24 42-95047
Bente J F Stirling N3665
Bentham H Blenheim N3620
Bentham T Stirling BF358
Bentham T Stirling W7445
Bentham Stirling N6074
Bentinck G H Lancaster ND497
Benting Alan William Lancaster NF923
Bentley Harry Roderick Blenheim V6366
Bentley Gordon George Lancaster W4191
Bentley Charles George Sunderland T9090
Bentley T L Halifax JB920
Bentley D G Halifax NA500
Bentley W J Spitfire ML303
Bentley L C Wellington Z8946
Bentley L L Wellington Z8834
Bentley L G Lancaster EE169
Bentley W Lancaster EE140
Bentley H E Halifax JD296
Bentley R Lancaster ME832
Bentley Stanley George Lancaster ND710
Bentley Sidney Stirling N6047
Bentley L J Lancaster LM456
Bentley D Mosquito DD616
Bentley R G Stirling EF402
Bentley M A ?
Bentley Ronald W Lancaster PB343
Bentley S F Hampden L4140
Bentley G W Lancaster DS674
Bentley J H Lancaster KB808
Bentley W Halifax NP692
Bentley J H Lancaster R5603
Bentley Alan Frank Lancaster W4177
Bentley R E Wellington HE164
Bentley J H Hampden P4403
Bentley E Halifax JB792
Bentley G L Wellington R1608
Bentley R H W Stirling BF340
Bentley H Halifax DT774
Bentley E Lancaster ND455
Bentley Charles George
Bentley James William
Bentley Calman Halifax W1002
Bentley Murray Waldron Spitfire ER544
Bentley John M P-47 Thunderbolt
Benton Jack Ernest Lancaster PB518
Benton G Blenheim V6261
Benton Alfred E P-47 Thunderbolt
Benton Alfred E P-47 Thunderbolt
Bentz W B Halifax LW682
Benville L J Halifax NR209
Benyon E Whitley K9040
Benzie J M Lancaster ME573
Benzie J Hurricane P2550
Benzie J Hurricane P2962
Benzie James MacAdam
Berand P M L Spitfire BS105
Beranek S J Hampden AT189
Beraud A Halifax NA549
Beraudo V Spitfire TB131
Beraudo V Spitfire TB289
Berckley R E Typhoon EK227
Bercuson Bernard Halifax MZ899
Berdeaux H A Halifax NA260
Berdecha Jan Vickers Wellington HF492
Berdys Stefan Vickers Wellington Z1265
Beresford Douglas Harold Lancaster ME621
Beresford J S Halifax JD317
Beresford J S Halifax MZ363
Beresford G Typhoon R8944
Beresford Hugh R A Hurricane P3049
Beresford C S Wellington T2986
Beresford G Halifax LL594
Beresford R W Lancaster JB680
Beresford A G Lancaster LL840
Beresford W C Halifax JD244
Beresford D H Halifax LW671
Beresford J D Spitfire W3323
Beresford J B Stirling EH877
Beresford A G Stirling BF454
Beresford John Francis
Bereskin Ben A. B-24 Miss Judy 42-52507
Berg R A Spitfire
Berg G T Halifax LK638
Berg N W Blenheim V5491
Berg R A Spitfire PV181
Berg J J Lancaster ME840
Berg-olsen Eylof Johannes Spitfire BS299
Bergan Finn Lancaster ED372
Bergelin R W Lancaster PB351
Bergelin Rupert William
Bergeon J Halifax NA512
Berger Antoni Vickers Wellington R1212
Berger H O Lancaster PA189
Berger D Wellington Z1408
Berger J Lancaster ND461
Berger Colin Bruce
Bergeron John Albert Lancaster DS688
Bergey D G Wellington HE228
Berghouse Maxwell Dawson Raymond
Bergin Joseph Stanley Lancaster W4852
Bergland Norval Lancaster ND525
Bergman V Hurricane P3960
Bergman J F Halifax MZ796
Bergman Halifax HR665
Bergmann Charles H P-47 Thunderbolt
Bergmann Charles H P-47 Thunderbolt
Bergner Mieczysław Józef Wellington HE807
Bergner Mieczysław Józef Avro Lancaster LM487
Bergquist Bertil Wilfred Lancaster DS785
Bergsland P Spitfire AB269
Bergson Julius Wellington Z8504
Berguist E R Lancaster R5911
Berkeley N G Lancaster PB131
Berkeley F R Halifax HR779
Berkeley F R Halifax HR779
Berkeley T C E Havoc AX848
Berkery George Robert Lancaster JB684
Berkey E R Hampden AD924
Berkley Robert Ernest
Berkshire Robert H P-47 Thunderbolt
Berkshire Robert H P-47 Thunderbolt
Berkshire Robert H P-47 Thunderbolt
Berlin Alpheus F P-47 Thunderbolt
Berman Milton R P-47 Thunderbolt
Bermingham E D Lancaster NG329
Bermingham G R Halifax HX296
Bermingham D C Lancaster NG143
Bernaldo J Lancaster ND420
Bernaldo Jack
Bernard David Harold Whitley T4264
Bernard David Lancaster R5552
Bernard A G Stirling LJ453
Bernard A R Hampden AE250
Bernard Hampden P1152
Bernard W Halifax MZ428
Bernard Clifford Sidney
Bernard Clive Robert
Bernard Sweet P-47 Thunderbolt`
Bernas Kazimierz Tyrus Vickers Wellington R1365
Bernasconi J Halifax NA166
Bernasiński Karol Wellington T2576
Bernaski L J Lancaster ME774
Bernatowicz Franciszek Miles Master N8002
Bernbaum M Halifax HX188
Berndsson N B Whitley Z6565
Berndt E J Halifax LK946
Berndt Thomas Desmond
Berney Richard Bruce Mosquito HR375
Bernhardt Douglas Paul Lancaster LL782
Bernick L A Lancaster ED520
Bernie Walter Burford
Bernier J W L F Halifax MZ538
Bernier J W Halifax LK880
Bernier C L Halifax LL191
Bernoske Robert P-51 Mustang
Bernstein B Boston A1280
Bernstein B Boston
Bernyk Michael Lancaster ME647
Bernyk V H Lancaster DV244
Berresford D L Lancaster ED660
Berrett Reginald Hughes Stirling LK151
Berrett E A Lancaster L7567
Berrey William Herbert Liberator JT985
Berridge Leslie Askham Blenheim P4914
Berridge G F Stirling BK607
Berridge G F Stirling BF515
Berridge G F Stirling BK666
Berridge G H Lancaster NN772
Berridge B H Lancaster ED948
Berrie D Lancaster ND984
Berrigan L T Lancaster ND581
Berrill Edward Reginald Wellington N3017
Berriman V G Lancaster NG342
Berriman W J H Stirling BK608
Berriman Cecil Kenneth
Berriman Vincent Gerald
Berrington W Halifax HX270
Berrington J R Lancaster ND576
Berrisford N C Mosquito KB390
Berry W R Lancaster W4791
Berry Graham Royston Lancaster W4273
Berry E H Wellington HZ531
Berry Harold Battle L5524
Berry Michael Joseph Oxford R5950
Berry Harold Arthur James Stirling BF479
Berry Ernest Lancaster DV190
Berry William Glover Lancaster ED543
Berry Frederick Reginald Lancaster PB373
Berry Winston Seymour Stirling BK592
Berry W L Halifax L9500
Berry J H Halifax W7885
Berry L J Mosquito RG571
Berry G R Lancaster KB869
Berry J L P Halifax LV944
Berry M D Halifax NP999
Berry D E Lancaster KB792
Berry G H Halifax MZ518
Berry G W Halifax LK756
Berry A B Lancaster ME704
Berry Alex Edward Hurricane AM286
Berry F G Hurricane P3276
Berry S A Halifax JD474
Berry A J Halifax MZ793
Berry R A Wellington R1701
Berry J L Halifax W1181
Berry J L Halifax W1238
Berry Kenneth Herbert Lancaster ND363
Berry T G W Hampden AE123
Berry A Lancaster ND682
Berry E R Blenheim N3620
Berry M V Blenheim T2047
Berry W C Lancaster DS720
Berry K G Lancaster DS627
Berry J W Wellington Z1607
Berry W A Lancaster NF928
Berry J Lancaster LM516
Berry A ? L7027
Berry N Blenheim Z5875
Berry A Defiant L7027
Berry W Halifax LK883
Berry A M Halifax LV919
Berry T C Lancaster PD230
Berry R W Lancaster PB370
Berry R W Lancaster LM539
Berry A W Lancaster ED800
Berry J Tempest EJ600
Berry L Halifax MZ933
Berry E Halifax NR248
Berry W Lancaster NG132
Berry J Lancaster W4173
Berry G A Lancaster ND867
Berry T H Spitfire EP298
Berry L F Lancaster ND926
Berry E Stirling R9248
Berry J J Halifax L9531
Berry W Halifax DK188
Berry W Halifax DK241
Berry T G Halifax JD471
Berry A Halifax LW321
Berry P E Wellington T2462
Berry E H Wellington R3199
Berry Ronald 'Ras'
Berry Weston Robert
Berry Stanley George
Berry Laurence Noel
Berry Kenneth Creswell
Berry Edwin Henry
Berry Edmund Hughes
Berry Timpron Martin Kenneth
Berry Raymond Alan Harvard Not known
Berry Lawrence J P-51 Mustang
Berry Jr. Emil B-24 Hula Wahine II 42-52467
Berryman A A N Lancaster LM450
Berryman Stuart Lancaster KB879
Berryman Arthur Albert William
Bertelsen F C Lancaster JA968
Bertenshaw C Mosquito ML993
Bertenshaw H Halifax MZ680
Bertera D Halifax HR779
Bertera D Halifax HR779
Berthelsen F J Stirling W7572
Berthelsen F J Stirling W7589
Berthelsen Mervyn Lee
Berthet C H Halifax NA606
Berthiaume J F E G Stirling EF361
Bertie M H Lancaster ME449
Bertoia C Halifax LW584
Bertram Norman Halifax HR699
Bertram John Rutledge Baltimore AG854
Bertram R E Wellington
Bertram A E Lancaster DS769
Bertram I C Lancaster DS728
Bertram R Wellington Z1616
Bertram F C Halifax JB846
Bertram Richard Edgar Wellington BJ987
Bertram Eric Charles
Bertrand J N Mustang FB389
Bertrand J H T R Halifax LW378
Bertrand L Wellington HE238
Bertrand John R P-47 Thunderbolt
Bertuch Ernest James
Bertza Emil P-47 Thunderbolt
Beruldsen Kenneth Cupples
Berven T Spitfire LZ917
Berwick Keith William Halifax MZ348
Berwick George Alfred Halifax DG252
Berwick S W Lancaster PB686
Berwick R C Whitley Z6661
Berwick T A Lancaster ED492
Besant R C Mosquito DZ375
Beschen Darrell A P-38 Lightning
Beseny Jr. John M. B-24 Perils of Pauline 42-95162
Besko Stanislaw
Besnard J M L Lysander V9490
Besse Claude Andrew Lancaster LL676
Bessell G E Blenheim L1226
Bessell-Browne John
Bessent H R Lancaster JB481
Bessette B J A Stirling BF474
Bessette B J A Stirling BK667
Bessette G M Halifax LW420
Best Gerald Richard Stirling EF204
Best C B
Best T Wellington Z8805
Best A G Halifax NR114
Best W F Lancaster JA690
Best H F S Lancaster LM183
Best Robert Augusta Stirling LK198
Best C H Lancaster ED705
Best E V Stirling N3644
Best J R Typhoon JR494
Best R B Lancaster HK680
Best F G S Lancaster PB723
Best H H Hampden L4079
Best D W Lancaster LM435
Best P A Halifax DT721
Best C D Mosquito PZ184
Best W G Whitley N1522
Best A E Lancaster JA927
Best Alan Halifax LW591
Bestel E G R Manchester L7309
Bester J F Halifax LW166
Bester J.D.P. Boston Z2225
Bestick F F Wellington P9269
Beston C M Lancaster JB566
Bestridge I W Stirling EF294
Bestwick William Henry Lancaster ED707
Bestwick R B Lancaster JB598
Bestwick F Lancaster ED703
Bestwick J Hampden AD727
Beswick Oliver Percy Lancaster R5613
Beswick W E Halifax DK260
Beswick A Stirling BF386
Beswick Herbert Russellce Wellington Z1682
Beszant P T Lancaster JA927
Betham A Wellington Z1048
Bethel Stanley James Lancaster PB542
Bethel R E Lancaster ND764
Bethel Stanley James
Bethell P E Halifax LW426
Bethridge-Topp Edward Wellington R1495
Betleja Władysław
Betley R D Lancaster LL888
Betounes Samuel G P-51 Mustang
Betson J L W Lancaster ED883
Betson John Louis Ward
Bett R Lancaster D658
Bett R C Lancaster JB224
Bettaney L Lancaster JA694
Bettany Frederick Lawrence Lysander N1202
Bettany J Lancaster PB815
Bettcher Jerzy Rysard Supermarine Spitfire P8311
Betteridge A J Halifax DT481
Betteridge R S J Lancaster ED667
Betteridge Arthur Frederick
Betterton D Lancaster ND973
Bettesworth C J Lancaster DS689
Bettington M M Halifax HX271
Bettington Max Milson
Bettinson Donald William Lancaster ED726
Bettles K J Stirling BK812
Bettney J Halifax I LW158
Bettney S Halifax MZ827
Betton Roland Albert Lancaster RF230
Bettridge Ronald Stacey Lancaster ME591
Bettridge O A Lancaster DS665
Betts W H Lancaster ND674
Betts Leslie Robert Lancaster W4983
Betts Sydney James Lancaster ED548
Betts Thomas Alfred Sunderland T9090
Betts B G Halifax MZ712
Betts N G Halifax EB255
Betts R Lancaster DV299
Betts R L Wellington T2846
Betts R C Halifax LW274
Betts E Lancaster W5012
Betts A E Halifax HR943
Betts W H Wellington Z8521
Betts Halifax DK206
Betts Halifax DG409
Betts Halifax DK232
Betts T I Wellington HE988
Betts E W Wellington HE157
Betts K G Hampden AE153
Betts Hampden X2982
Betts Hampden AD910
Betts I F Lancaster L7571
Betts D G Mosquito DZ627
Betts Ernest George
Betty Rowland David Lancaster LM428
Betzel Charles M. B-17 Skunkface 42-29656
Beutel W Lancaster LL975
Beutel William
Bevan Herbert Cyril Claude Battle P2162
Bevan Clifford John William Stirling EF495
Bevan Thomas Ralph Lancaster R5679
Bevan Leslie Sydney Wellington BJ596
Bevan C J Whitley Z6627
Bevan J E S Blenheim V6240
Bevan J C Spitfire EE732
Bevan A W Stirling W7472
Bevan F Wellington
Bevan Wellington R1096
Bevan W H Stirling BF410
Bevan G N Wellington T2957
Bevan Keith Harry
Bevans J H Hampden AD895
Beven H E Lancaster JB567
Beveridge Massey Williamson Mosquito MM587
Beveridge Massey Williamson Mosquito MM586
Beveridge James Ralph Halifax MZ879
Beveridge A R Whitley Z6584
Beveridge A W Lancaster ED374
Beveridge D Halifax W7859
Beveridge D Halifax W1253
Beveridge G T Halifax HR812
Beveridge R W Lancaster PA983
Beveridge J Halifax W1018
Beveridge Roy Stuart
Beverley D G Lancaster DV396
Beverley Victor Wellington P9242
Beverley Douglas Bernard Whitley T4231
Beverley Albert Edward Rathbone Wellington R1783
Beverley R L Mosquito
Beverstock Albert Smedley
Beverton H A Lancaster NF958
Beves Norman Cecil
Bevin A Lancaster PB612
Bevington P E Stirling EH909
Bevis P E Lancaster R5900
Bevis P E Lancaster ED125
Bevis K J Lancaster DV187
Bewg W H Typhoon DN553
Bewlay H R Blenheim L1325
Bewley Edward
Bews R D Wellington R1335
Bews A R Halifax NP691
Bews S Blenheim R3824
Bexton A E R Halifax HX148
Bexton A E R Halifax W7906
Beyak A E Halifax JD363
Beyer E H Wellington X3794
Beyer Maxwell Sydney
Beyer Harry Malcolm
Beyer Frederick Avery
Beyer William R P-47 Thunderbolt
Beyer William R P-47 Thunderbolt
Beyer William R P-47 Thunderbolt
Beyer William R P-47 Thunderbolt
Beyer William R P-47 Thunderbolt
Biaggi D Halifax NA585
Biaggi D Halifax LK955
Białecki Roman Adam Hawker Hurricane LE655
Białek Stanisław Vickers Wellington R1443
Biallosterski T M Spitfire RR213
Białobrówka Mikołaj Vickers Wellington HE985
Białobrzeski Kazimierz Vickers Wellington HF492
Białoszewski Adam Szczepan Handley Page Halifax BB389
Biały Czesław Vickers Wellington Z1282
Biały Lech Józef Vickers Wellington Z1475
Biard R H
Bibby T J Halifax NA629
Bibby C O Mustang FZ195
Bibby G H Halifax LK908
Bibby W Halifax LK835
Bibby W V Lancaster NF975
Bibby R Lancaster LM439
Bibby A Lancaster PB702
Bicat V J F Halifax W7759
Biccard Noel Thalman
Bice A A Wellington Z1483
Bice Aubrey Archdale
Bichard Frederick James William Hampden X3027
Bick Frederick George Albert Halifax W1106
Bick R W Halifax NP775
Bickel Carl G P-51 Mustang
Bickel Carl G P-47 Thunderbolt
Bickel Carl G P-47 Thunderbolt
Bickel Carl G P-47 Thunderbolt
Bickel Carl G P-47 Thunderbolt
Bickel Carl G P-47 Thunderbolt
Bickell Sidney Wellington HF352
Bickell H C Halifax JN891
Bickell George R P-51 Mustang
Bickell George R P-51 Mustang
Bickell George R P-47 Thunderbolt
Bickerdike H F Halifax LL125
Bickers K G Lancaster ME665
Bickers E G Lancaster ED724
Bickers T Lancaster W4124
Bickerton John William Lancaster NF999
Bickerton G S Wellington HD991
Bickerton N V Wellington Z1593
Bickerton Hugh Geoffrey
Bickford D F Halifax LW724
Bickford Peter William Lancaster LM693
Bickford R R Halifax L9518
Bickford Douglas Fitzgerald
Bickford Edward F P-51 Mustang
Bickham Cyril Adolphus Tregannon Heyford K4034
Bickham C J Stirling R9290
Bickle W D Lancaster ED702
Bickley L F Mosquito LR499
Bickley J F Stirling EF426
Bicknell N Blenheim
Bicknell N H Blenheim N3574
Bicknell T J Lancaster NG184
Bicknell D G Lancaster ME775
Bicknell C A Lancaster ED764
Bicknell G A Lancaster JB301
Bicknell E S Lancaster NN723
Bicknell K J A Halifax NZ360
Bicknell Aubrey Griffith
Bicknell Donald Francis
Bidden Byron Stanley Wellington Z1424
Biddinger Harold F. B-24 Lassie Come Home 42-51356
Biddiscombe L G Halifax LL191
Biddle F H Halifax MZ427
Biddle F J Halifax HR788
Biddlecombe Robert William Antony Hampden X3058
Biddlecombe Charles W H Lancaster RF182
Biddlecombe L R Hampden X3127
Biddulph Sidney Stirling BK701
Biddulph F B Typhoon R8767
Biden R M Blenheim T1889
Biden Ross
Biderman D Lancaster DS716
Bidgood H W T Stirling N3673
Bidgood Francis William
Bidmead W E Wellington HE213
Bidstrup George Ferguson
Bidwell N S Whitley Z7575
Bidwell J Halifax NR241
Biedrzycki Stanisław
Biedul Chester A P-51 Mustang
Biegański Tadeusz Jan Vickers Wellington N2848
Biehl William McKay Halifax LV820
Biel Józef Spitfire P7845
Biel Hipolitus T Spitfire / P-47 Thunderbolt
Biel Hipolitus T P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Biel Hipolitus T P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Biel Hipolitus T P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Biel Hipolitus T P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Biel Hipolitus T P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Bielawski Józef Vickers Wellington BJ656
Bielby Peter Raymond Lancaster W5009
Bielby K T Halifax LK839
Bielby R R Halifax LW377
Bielec Stanisław Vickers Wellington Z1255
Bielicki Józef Consolidated Liberator KG890
Bielkiewicz Bogdan Hawker Hurricane P3069
Bielok Adolf P-47 Thunderbolt
Bielski Antoni Adam Vickers Wellington HZ376
Bienenu R L Lancaster PB207
Bienkowski Jan Zenon De Havilland Mosquito HJ700
Bieńkowski Zygmunt Witymir Spitfire SM667
Bieńkowski Zygmunt Witymir Spitfire BL926
Biers Robert Lloyd Lancaster W5010
Bierton A Halifax LW245
Bierton A Halifax LW268
Biesiot Leslie Hendrik
Bieżuński Jan Adam
Biffen J S Lancaster W4984
Biffen Jack Stanley
Biffin Albert Samuel Stirling EF409
Bigby Hampden AE124
Bigg Charles Pierre de Ferrand Lancaster W4135
Bigg F J R Blenheim N6211
Bigg D R Halifax JD116
Biggane D F H Lancaster W4125
Biggar Donald Charlton Halifax NA111
Biggar John Matthew Lancaster LM268
Bigger A J Hurricane V6875
Bigger R A Whitley N1358
Biggerstaff Richard Alan Halifax NP793
Biggin Hampden P2085
Biggin H Lancaster ED432
Biggin Geoffrey Moyle
Biggins Barry Lincoln RF365
Biggs E R Lancaster ED725
Biggs William Halifax LK628
Biggs William 'Billy' Halifax EB247
Biggs H D Lancaster PA977
Biggs K S Lancaster PA969
Biggs S Lancaster W4848
Biggs W F Lancaster DV157
Biggs F A Lancaster NG362
Biggs E A Halifax DT679
Biggs A H Halifax JN966
Biggs J Lancaster DV375
Biggs D L Mosquito N5948
Biggs Ernest Roy
Biggs Anthony Kent
Biggs Oscar K P-51 Mustang
Bigham D J Lancaster EE180
Biglands Reginald John Wellington Z1394
Biglands Reginald John
Biglow Robert R P-51 Mustang
Bigmore Gordon William
Bignell S H Lancaster HK618
Bignell R A F Lancaster R5762
Bignell J C R Halifax MZ803
Bigoray William Walter Lancaster JB676
Bigoray William Walter Wellington DV819
Bigwood N Lancaster ME478
Bijowski Jan Vickers Wellington HZ376
Bilan J Lancaster LL956
Bilau Juliusz De Havilland Mosquito HR143
Bilbie J Halifax LV821
Bilbrough A Stirling EF195
Bilham R P Stirling R9327
Biliński Bolesław Kazimierz (Townsend) Wellington R1705
Bilkey James Dalton NA-64 Yale 64-2209
Billard C E Lancaster NG469
Billens H E Stirling EH943
Billett Clive Lancaster ME663
Billett C Lancaster JA680
Billett H C Halifax HR812
Billett C W Lancaster DV178
Billett Clive
Billing A N J Lancaster LM622
Billing J W Ventura AE680
Billing K C Lancaster R5564
Billing G D Spitfire ML135
Billing G Whitley Z6571
Billing Albert Norman James
Billing John Urban
Billingham Wilfred Beaufighter X8060
Billingham J A G Lancaster ED983
Billings L E Halifax W7767
Billings G E Lancaster PD317
Billingsley Percy Raymond Wellington MF144
Billingsley F D Lancaster PB239
Billington Robert Anthony. Hampden AE308
Billington Leslie Ernest Fortress HB815
Billington Arthur Reuben Lancaster R5916
Billington J Lancaster ED410
Billington J Whitley P5074
billington J Whitley T4273
Billington E N Stirling BK815
Billington T H Fortress HB702
Billington Walter Wellington HZ260
Billington C Stirling EF491
Billington W Lancaster R5526
Billington C L Lancaster R5526
Billington Charles Siel
Billman D P Lancaster LL915
Billman Douglas Payne
Billows C J Lancaster JB367
Bills J W Whitley Z6508
Billson D R Lancaster DV290
Billyeald P Wellington R1166
Bilney F G Halifax LW580
Bilney R T J Lancaster ED541
Bilodeau J A M Halifax NR178
Bilsborough P W Wellington X3287
Bilsby Ralph Trentham
Bilson F W Lancaster JA980
Biltcliffe W D Manchester L7426
Biltoft A H Lancaster ND783
Biltoft Tom Tate
Biltoft Arthur Henry
Bilton John Norman Blenheim L9264
Bilton W H B Halifax HR920
Bilton Wellington W5373
Bilton W J Lancaster NN721
Bilton J M Lancaster HK603
Bilton Victor John Herbert
Bilyard R G Halifax LW282
Bimson J Blenheim T1895
Binch V H Lancaster NG170
Binder K W Lancaster PB816
Binder Jack Percival George Halifax LV857
Binder Hector Frederick Lancaster LL797
Binder A Lancaster ND798
Binder P E Lancaster DV279
Binder Kenneth William
Bing Gerrard Roy Wellington X3808
Bing B Wellington T2606
Bingham James Henry Gordon Halifax W7661
Bingham R A Halifax BB204
Bingham Blenheim N6207
Bingham J Wellington BJ710
Bingham W N Lancaster PB621
Bingham J M Lancaster LM261
Bingham D E Blenheim Z7438
Bingham Kenneth R Lancaster ME299
Bingham E Hampden X2962
Bingham J H G Halifax L9604
Bingham J H G Halifax W1035
Bingham Whitley T4151
Bingham W Lancaster LM445
Bingham Vincent William
Bingham Clive Thomas
Bingham Kevin Joffre
Bingham Clive Frederick
Bingham Percy P-47 Thunderbolt
Bingham Walter E P-38 Lightning
Bingham-Hall Donald Vincent Whitley T4179
Bingley Dennis Gordon Halifax HR752
Bingley S R Stirling EF369
Bingley S R Lancaster JA978
Biniewski Julian F-6C Mustangs
Binion C E Lancaster ME791
Binkley Harold O P-38 Lightning
Binkley Harold O P-38 Lightning
Binks Esther Mary Ada
Binne G A V Halifax NR253
Binnie J F Lancaster ED737
Binnie Keith Cedric Lancaster LM136
Binnie N Halifax LW674
Binnie A E Wellington R1326
Binnie J Lancaster ND655
Binnie Neil Arlie
Binnie William George Ronald
Binnie Keith Cedric
Binning L H R Stirling EF330
Binning William Robert
Binning Terence William
Binnington W R Halifax JD116
Binnington W R Halifax DT622
Binns M R Lancaster ND566
Binns H D Halifax LL387
Binns S J Hampden AE118
Binns S Lancaster ND926
Binns A F Spitfire AB843
Binns J B Halifax HR684
Binns H Halifax JD151
Binstead J Halifax LW141
Binstead Jack
Bint T W Lancaster HK539
Bintley B Halifax DT512
Biollo P J Lancaster PB253
Bion Pierre Cecil Wellington Z8852
Birbeck A F Lancaster ED695
Birbeck J T Lancaster W4364
Birbeck C R Spitfire RK896
Birbeck E G Wellington HE810
Birbeck J L Stirling BF567
Birbeck C R Spitfire EN608
Birbeck D B Lancaster ND474
Birch E Halifax LV881
Birch E E Lancaster PD276
Birch Philip Vincent Wellington LP286
Birch Harry Lancaster ME442
Birch R Halifax MZ420
Birch C N Hurricane P3684
Birch C H Halifax RG424
Birch E Lancaster ND650
Birch T Mosquito HK505
Birch W Lancaster LM382
Birch R R G Spitfire R6688
Birch G H A Lancaster R5628
Birch N Manchester L7278
Birch S H Lancaster ND555
Birch F Blenheim L8759
Birch Frank Stirling N3714
Birch R H Halifax W1105
Birch K A Hampden AT219
Birch A H Lancaster LL846
Birch J R Whitley K9043
Birch J Lancaster DS781
Birch D E Halifax RG552
Birch W C A Lancaster ND523
Birch Whitley Z6582
Birch Whitley Z9147
Birch A J Halifax JB320 (to be confirmed)
Birch Eric Eyles
Birch Ernest Hugh
Birch Thomas John Paul Wellington NB831
Birchall Albert Stirling W7578
Birchall A Stirling BF352
Birchall Roland Halifax JB854
Birchall J W Lancaster ME741
Birchall Eric Lancaster R5669
Birchall Frederick George
Birchenough K R Wellington X9670
Bircher Richard Hubert Halifax W7661
Bircher R N Halifax W1035
Bird J P Lancaster ME640
Bird N G Lancaster PB301
Bird H W Halifax NA545
Bird Herman Albert Benjamin Hampden AE219
Bird Joseph Ronald Stirling R9160
Bird Surray Philip Victor Halifax JP286
Bird D G Wellington R1324
Bird D J Halifax NP768
Bird S D Lancaster ED453
Bird R F Lancaster ED332
Bird Alan William Porteous Wellington X9360
Bird T A Halifax HX190
Bird C Halifax MZ312
Bird C Lancaster LL960
Bird J A M Lancaster PB671
Bird J E H Lancaster DV266
Bird T A Lancaster ED608
Bird K M Blenheim V5726
Bird C R Wellington Z1620
Bird P R S Stirling N3654
Bird H L Lancaster JB667
Bird F W Halifax LV635
Bird C T Halifax MZ350
Bird B F Lancaster ND956
Bird A G Mustang FX999
Bird E N Stirling BK686
Bird D H Stirling W7506
Bird T C Stirling W7506
Bird L Stirling W7568
Bird K S Stirling BF514
Bird Samuel Edward Wellington W5456
Bird Hampden X3023
Bird J L Halifax NP932
Bird A R Lancaster DS817
Bird A H Whitley Z6644
Bird R H Lancaster W4769
Bird A Lancaster LM476
Bird E W Lancaster ME676
Bird A W D Lancaster ND355
Bird W D W Mosquito MM135
Bird Stirling N6074
Bird E G Halifax LK912
Bird G C Halifax DK200
Bird S G Halifax LW319
Bird R W Whitley Z9126
Bird H J Lancaster JA701
Bird N Lancaster ED502
Bird G O L Manchester L7324
Bird Hugh Alexander
Bird Campbell David
Bird Jack Hume
Bird John Powell
Bird Norman Brian
Bird Walter James
Bird Harold William
Bird-Wilson H A C Hurricane P3878
Bird-Wilson Harold Arthur Cooper
Birdsall W Stirling BF566
Birdsell G B H Blenheim T2439
Birdsey Keith Charles
Birdseye Alexander Frederick Stirling LK198
Birk D P Lancaster LM324
Birk Hilary (Larry) Eldred Wellington X9761
Birk Hilary (Larry) Eldred Liberator AL566
Birk Hilary Eldred
Birk Doric Phillip
Birkbeck Howard Derek Lancaster ME773
Birkby T Stirling EE879
Birkby R Fortress HB702
Birkes Wellington R1463
Birkett W N Halifax PP179
Birkett J S Boston BZ282
Birkett Hampden AD981
Birkett S E Stirling EH946
Birkhead D Halifax DT789
Birkin F Lancaster EE195
Birkin W Halifax LW621
Birkitt H Halifax LW508
Birkland Henry Spitfire W3367
Birks R S Typhoon R8799
Birks J B W Wellington BJ649
Birks Wellington Z8853
Birks William Sidney Lancaster JB186
Birks F R Lancaster JA913
Birley Alan Fay Halifax W7676
Birmingham W J Halifax W1218
Birmingham Joseph Patrick Halifax NA604
Birmingham William John
Birnie R Wellington R1765
Birnie H W Lancaster DS757
Birnie H W Halifax NP683
Birnie Robert Wellington R1785
Birnie J Lancaster LL667
Birnie Richard T P-47 Thunderbolt
Birrell Eric Alfred Lancaster HK540
Birrell J W Halifax DT787
Birrell I A Lancaster NX563
Birrell J B E Halifax LW269
Birrell J Halifax JD157
Birrell John Robert
Birrell Wilson John
Birrell Richard Buckley
Birrell Eric Alfred
Birt P N Lancaster ND970
Birt P McL Lancaster ED883
Birt G R Manchester L7377
Birt P J Halifax HX243
Birt A M Blenheim T2225
Birt Lynton Vennell Howard
Birt Peter Norham
Birtch G E P Halifax JD720
Birtles R J Lancaster JB239
Birtles Alfred John Halifax JD414
Birtles C Lancaster ED478
Birtles Ronald Joseph
Birtles Alfred John
Birtwell F Halifax LW634
Birtwhistle H Hampden AE134
Birtwhistle J Lancaster W4780
Birtwhistle Lancaster LM521
Birtwistle F R Lancaster W4175
Bisby T E Halifax HR921
Biscayart Jules D P-51 Mustang
Bischlager H Manchester L7490
Bischoff J N Halifax MZ972
Bisdale Ralph T B-17 42-31906
Bish C F Lancaster LL963
Bish A R Lancaster ED972
Bisheff G E Halifax DT772
Bishell H S F Lancaster R5749
Bishop B H Halifax DT748
Bishop Jack Wellington N2825
Bishop John William Halifax MZ470
Bishop Donald Robert Lancaster ED484
Bishop Norman Reginald Lancaster LM467
Bishop John Hampden P1305
Bishop Cecil Thomas Stirling LJ448
Bishop Thomas Benjamin Liberator EV817
Bishop D C Halifax I LV785
Bishop D Halifax MZ309
Bishop Stanley Adolfson Lancaster ED821
Bishop G Mosquito MM736
Bishop J H W Halifax JD209
Bishop M W Halifax DT634
Bishop J P Wellington HE771
Bishop John Philpott Wellington LN296
Bishop A G Halifax MZ509
Bishop G E Halifax LK701
Bishop H G Lancaster KB853
Bishop Ernest Howard Halifax NP702
Bishop J Halifax NP722
Bishop J D Lancaster PA996
Bishop G M Lancaster ED311
Bishop S B S Lancaster PA158
Bishop S B Lancaster NG323
Bishop E Lancaster KB832
Bishop L E G Lancaster ED537
Bishop O W J Blenheim V6435
Bishop P D Hampden P4414
Bishop C A Lancaster ND853
Bishop W J B Lancaster DS827
Bishop R F Wellington Z1563
Bishop J Wellington Z8523
Bishop G H Wellington W5375
Bishop W B Halifax LL416
Bishop G T Halifax MZ286
Bishop R Lancaster ED554
Bishop H W Lancaster NG399
Bishop R C Wellington T2471
Bishop E L Mosquito HK471
Bishop T D Halifax HR846
Bishop T D Halifax W7887
Bishop E G Lancaster LM631
Bishop A W Lancaster PB300
Bishop A T Halifax JD262
Bishop F J Halifax JN900
Bishop P W Halifax LV784
Bishop H E Lancaster PB906
Bishop R Lancaster DV235
Bishop D Y Lancaster ME731
Bishop N D Lancaster ME774
Bishop R W Lancaster LM269
Bishop W J Halifax MZ640
Bishop N E Spitfire W3511
Bishop L G Hurricane L1962
Bishop A J Stirling EH905
Bishop S T Stirling LJ462
Bishop F Halifax MZ623
Bishop R C Halifax W1157
Bishop G M Hampden AE154
Bishop E C Lancaster ED831
Bishop Spitfire EN230
Bishop Stephen William George Hudson NZ2055
Bishop Maurice Arthur
Bishop George
Bishop Benjamin Harvey
Bishop James John
Bishop Leslie Walter
Bishop Leslie
Bishop Thomas Anthony
Bishop Jack
Bishop Colin Lisle
Bishop Frank Elliott
Bishop Alan Frederick
Bishop Frederick C P-47 Thunderbolt
Bishop Frederick C P-47 Thunderbolt
Bishop Richard D P-51 Mustang
Bishops F E Halifax DT481
Bissell Donald Clifford Mosquito LR268
Bissell A F Wellington T2921
Bissell F Hampden X2987
Bisset David Lancaster ED870
Bisset W McM Wellington HE744
Bisset S R Stirling EF408
Bisset R C Whitley K8958
Bisset G A Lancaster ED533
Bisset R C Wellington W5476
Bisset T N W Halifax MZ568
Bissett J A Halifax V9986
Bissett Jack Montgomery Halifax LV898
Bissett E H Stirling EF142
Bisson G E Halifax HR809
Bissonnette G A R Halifax W1184
Bist A C Boston W8358
Bitmead M R Lancaster ME478
Bitmead E W Spitfire EE629
Bitsa Liberator KN736
Bitten F C Wellington Z1742
Bittner J D Wellington DF626
Bizley N C Whitley T4205
Bizley N C Whitley Z6642
Bizley N C Whitley T4172
Bjarnason S R Lancaster LM641
Bjelke-Petersen Harold Ridley Wellington R3164
Bjercke A R Halifax ED244
Bjornstad B Spitfire BS148
Bjornstad B F Spitfire
Bjornstad H E Spitfire NH172
Bjoroy H G Lancaster SW245
Blaber Herbert Sidney William Lancaster LM386
Blaber A C Lancaster ED520
Blach Tadeusz Supermarine Spitfire P8676
Błach Leon Wellington Z1333
Blachford Glenn Hugh Halifax NA514
Blachowski Zygfryd Vickers Wellington Z1320
Błachowski Zygfryd Wellington Z1282
Błachowski Jerzy Józef Vickers Wellington HZ575
Błachowski Marian Vickers Wellington R1585
Black Stanley Kevin Lancaster NE150
Black G J Lancaster W4894
Black C A Lancaster PD262
Black Charles Noola Halifax HR713
Black William Rex Halifax EB242
Black W S Halifax LL604
Black D V Lancaster LM552
Black Frank Alexander Lancaster PD264
Black W C Halifax MZ791
Black F Lancaster LL884
Black George Roderick Hartwell Whitley T4206
Black Reginal Thomas Wellington N2941
Black James McDonald Whitley P4954
Black Joseph Lancaster LL690
Black Harold Gibson Airspeed Oxford ED188
Black J Bruce R Whitley BD347
Black D I Halifax JD143
Black R E Lancaster JB401
Black G S G Boston Z2194
Black B G Halifax LV921
Black W A Mustang FR902
Black D A Halifax HR872
Black William Andrew Halifax DT680
Black J M Halifax V NP757
Black Richard Bursleigh Lancaster DS771
Black J H Halifax LK883
Black John Hannah Wellington DF624
Black John Hannah Wellington HZ260
Black H G Lancaster ED309
Black Gordon Ronald Lancaster ED305
Black Angus John Lancaster LM573
Black P N Lancaster PB699
Black J W Wellington X9976
Black N S Halifax DT767
Black C W Lancaster LM448
Black Lindsay Stuart Spitfire LZ924
Black H Whitley Z6816
Black H J Lancaster NG131
Black C Wellington Z8538
Black C Wellington Z8526
Black W Hampden AT149
Black R H Hampden X2963
Black J R K Typhoon MN824
Black Lionel Wellington R1717
Black J C E Wellington R1609
Black A Mosquito DZ239
Black R H Hampden P1239
Black I M Halifax LK918
Black J Wellington LN451
Black J Halifax LW596
Black F W Hampden AE153
Black H E Hurricane
Black H P Lancaster JB741
Black A W Lancaster JB466
Black A M H Halifax HR836
Black H Lancaster PD319
Black R Lancaster PD363
Black D R Whitley N1462
Black A W Spitfire P8752
Black P A W Lancaster PB531
Black J F Mosquito HK289
Black J M B Stirling W7533
Black C T Wellington X9976
Black H J W Blenheim L9389
Black I C B Lancaster EE188
Black H P Fortress AN522
Black A W Spitfire W
Black J D Mosquito MM557
Black T W Lancaster PB409
Black John Robert
Black Stanley Kevin
Black Gregory James
Black Douglas John
Black Russell Lindsay
Black Clarence Alwin
Black Patrick Adair
Black Charles Noola
Black Dudley Victor
Black Frank Alexander
Black William E. B-17 Big Barn Smell 42-32093
Black Chester To Jr P-47 Thunderbolt`
Black Richard H P-38 Lightning
Blackadder W S Blenheim Z7428
Blackadder William Francis
Blackall H Spitfire R7341
Blackband N C Lancaster PB197
Blackbarow E B Halifax JB958
Blackbee K A Lancaster LW740
Blackbourne R J Halifax JN947
Blackburn Arthur Liberator JT985
Blackburn Philip Wellington P9218
Blackburn Ian Harold Halifax LK664
Blackburn Thomas Benson Beaufighter X7751
Blackburn E Lancaster ME677
Blackburn G R P Lancaster PB572
Blackburn J S Stirling BK691
Blackburn J E Wellington R1463
Blackburn J Halifax MZ538
Blackburn E A Halifax LW364
Blackburn C P Wellington R1624
Blackburn W G Lancaster ND812
Blackburn R G Lancaster JB713
Blackburn R A McC Halifax LK904
Blackburn W A Whitley Z6956
Blackburn Adrian John
Blackburn Allen Martin
Blackden V Q Battle L5093
Blackden V Q Wellington W5375
Blackensee L M Blenheim R3676
Blacker Ian Bruce
Blackerrie Wellington DV806
Blacket G C Ventura AE734
Blackett Jack Lancaster JB132
Blackett H Halifax LL183
Blackett W S Lancaster HK608
Blackford Walter Frederick Martin Marauder HD477
Blackford D A Halifax LV906
Blackford C L Stirling EF327
Blackford C L Stirling BK708
Blackford H W Whitley BD266
Blackford Walter Frederick
Blackhall R O Halifax JB898
Blackham T H Lancaster LM480
Blackham P D Lancaster JA957
Blackham Kenneth Leslie
Blackhurst S Lancaster ED928
Blackie D Lancaster ND552
Blackie W Halifax JD250
Blackie Ian Donald
Blackie Raymond Jack
Blacklaw E Stirling W7467
Blackley A N Wellington X9812
Blackley A N Wellington Z9812
Blackley E J Lancaster R5669
Blackley R Lancaster PB158
Blackley Allan Neil
Blackley David Andrew
Blacklock T Halifax LV882
Blacklock H W Lancaster NF906
Blacklock N P Typhoon JR251
Blacklock Edward Sunderland W4026
Blackman Henry Francis Halifax LK993
Blackman George Joseph Stirling EF148
Blackman Eric Charles Wellington LN296
Blackman D W Lancaster JB550
Blackman H C D Spitfire P8374
Blackman W P Halifax DT556
Blackman Robert Alfred
Blackman Thomas A P-38 Lightning
Blackmore G L Lancaster DV342
Blackmore D G Lancaster LL793
Blackmore Hubert Waddy Whitley Z6943
Blackmore G R Wellington R1396
Blackmore W W Halifax DK238
Blackmore L J Stirling BF329
Blackmore J C Lancaster DV238
Blackmore A H Lancaster JB467
Blackmore S F O Wellington BJ673
Blackmore S F O Wellington X3746
Blackmore D M Lancaster W4999
Blackmore Francis Leonard Henry
Blackmore Geoffrey Livingstone
Blackshaw G W Lancaster NN758
Blackshaw H J Whirlwind P7094
Blackshaw A T Lancaster NN772
Blackshaw John Douglas
Blackstock William David
Blackstone M E Spitfire MK801
Blackweall E K Halifax JB915
Blackwell Willam Donald Lancaster LM372
Blackwell William Alfred Lancaster ED804
Blackwell F S Lancaster DS720
Blackwell H L Lancaster JB678
Blackwell S J Typhoon JP906
Blackwell L R Halifax L9533
Blackwell R A Halifax JB856
Blackwell R G Halifax MZ705
Blackwell A E Halifax HR687
Blackwell R A Halifax LW319
Blackwell L R Whitley P4937
Blackwell Leonard Joseph
Blackwell William Donald
Blackwell-Smith Raymond Lancaster HK540
Blackwood G D M Hurricane P3887
Blackwood J B Hampden AE253
Blackwood J G Lancaster ED321
Blackwood J L Stirling EF191
Blacladdy Blenheim T2277
Bladen Lancaster JA896
Bladen W E T Lancaster ND561
Blades Ronald E Halifax PN425
Blades W H Wellington X9826
Blades J W Lancaster KB770
Blades W Lancaster DS659
Bladowski Feliks Stanisław Avro Lancaster DV286
Blagborne C W Halifax JD326
Blagden A S Lancaster ED386
Blaha Jan Spitfire EP449
Blaha Oldrich Dennis Lancaster W4831
Blaha Oldrich Dennis Lancaster R5752
Blaikie I A Halifax LL248
Blaikie D V Lancaster JB714
Blain N P Lancaster PB848
Blain L M Wellington X3369
Blain D E Stirling LK379
Blain William Ross
Blair R A W Halifax NA508
Blair George Alexander Lancaster DV275
Blair Jack Frederick Halifax JN952
Blair Reginald George Stirling W7526
Blair Timothy Clayton Lancaster R5632
Blair R W Halifax LV985
Blair John Lawrence Lancaster W4111
Blair Noel Hensley Wellington X3596
Blair J L Stirling R9334
Blair P L Stirling BK696
Blair E F G Hurricane Z3744
Blair J E Lancaster ND559
Blair C E Wellington R1507
Blair R R Typhoon MN766
Blair D Spitfire TA837
Blair F C Wellington HZ271
Blair I Spitfire AB179
Blair E B Halifax LW557
Blair L Halifax L9615
Blair J Halifax LK732
Blair D Blenheim R2772
Blair J G Lancaster PB358
Blair Kenneth Hughes
Blair Robert Alexander Walton
Blair Charles W Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Blair Theodore R P-47 Thunderbolt
Blais Joseph Lauent Andrew Lancaster LL687
Blaize P M Hurricane Z2694
Błajda Józef Vickers Wellington HE985
Blake Minden Vaughan 'Mindy'
Blake Albert William Hampden P4323
Blake F H Halifax DT795
Blake William Vincent 'Bill' Halifax LW285
Blake J M Halifax LW330
Blake R B Stirling BF462
Blake Eric Stuart Whitley LA841
Blake H R Wellington DV701
Blake E G Lancaster EE185
Blake R J Halifax JN948
Blake D Wellington X9665
Blake W S Lancaster JB454
Blake E A Lancaster W4302
Blake A W Lancaster PD344
Blake Minden Vaughan Spitfire W3561
Blake J R Hampden AE265
Blake Reginald Alfred Stirling W7628
Blake A S Lancaster NX563
Blake A G Spitfire P7423
Blake W L Lancaster W4931
Blake R S Stirling BK659
Blake Minden Vaughan Spitfire P8015
Blake W H Halifax LL169
Blake Frederick John Lancaster DV331
Blake Leslie Albert Edward Spitfire SM465
Blake E G Lancaster PB432
Blake P J W Manchester L7519
Blake P R J Halifax DT685
Blake W P Lancaster LL731
Blake W Lancaster LL697
Blake P Halifax NR191
Blake W E Lancaster DV311
Blake E C A Lancaster JA874
Blake R E Lancaster NE163
Blake W A Stirling R9261
Blake W A Halifax LK795
Blake J C H Blenheim P4842
Blake Arthur Giles ("Admiral")
Blake Norman Harold
Blake Albert Edwin
Blake Alfred Henry
Blake Gordon J P-47 Thunderbolt
Blake Gordon J P-47 Thunderbolt
Blake-Hales George Lancaster DV226
Blakeley William Henry Mosquito DV690
Blakeley F A M Lancaster PB842
Blakeley William Henry
Blakely William John Lancaster ND330
Blakeman G Lancaster ED498
Blakeman H S Hampden P4357
Blakeman Alec William Lancaster JB355
Blakeman H S Manchester L7375
Blakemore Eric J Lancaster LL840
Blakeney L F Halifax LW420
Blaker Robert L P-47 Thunderbolt
Blaker Robert L P-47 Thunderbolt
Blakeslee Donald Jm P-51 Mustang
Blakeslee Donald Jm Spitfire
Blakeslee Donald Jm Spitfire
Blakeslee Donald Jm P-47 Thunderbolt
Blakeslee Donald Jm P-47 Thunderbolt
Blakeslee Donald Jm P-47 Thunderbolt
Blakeslee Donald Jm P-51 Mustang
Blakeslee Donald Jm P-51 Mustang
Blakeslee Donald Jm P-51 Mustang
Blakeslee Donald Jm P-51 Mustang
Blakeway R B Wellington X9759
Blakey Harry Vernon Lancaster PB704
Blakey Jack Lancaster PB126
Blakey Frederick Tempest MW799
Blakey Jack Lancaster ND995
Blakey Jack Liberator KL654
Blakey Alexander Douglas Spitfire BL538
Blakey R Halifax HX169
Blakey J W Stirling W7438
Blakey J W S Halifax W7805
Blakey Frank
Blakiston-Houston Barbara Kathleen Wellington X3599
Blamey R C Hampden AE256
Blamires Ronald Gordon Boston W8264
Blance Ian Edward Lancaster ND756
Blanch Gordon Francis
Blanch Percy
Blanchard A Halifax BB254
Blanchard S S Wellington X3420
Blanchard W L Halifax MZ601
Blanchard J J Halifax LK971
Blanchard C F Stirling EH887
Blanchard R W B Whitley Z9162
Blanchard R A O Lancaster ND903
Blanchard J W Lancaster LM570
Blanchard R Stirling BF470
Blanchard N Halifax DG405
Blanchard A Lancaster PB799
Blanchard E Halifax JN902
Blanchard L S Halifax JD168
Blanchard Roger Joseph
Blanchard James L P-51 Mustang
Blanchard Merle E P-38 Lightning
Blanchard Merle E P-38 Lightning
Blanchett J Pierre G Halifax W1048
Blanchette C E Lancaster ND384
Blanchette Clifford Eugene Oxford X7255
Blanckensee L M Blenheim P6888
Blanckensee L M Blenheim P6886
Blanckley G W Halifax LK839
Bland Eric Hampden AE308
Bland Joseph Lancaster ED799
Bland D F Halifax HR865
Bland L A Halifax LW542
Bland R W Lancaster LM542
Bland E B Halifax ME753
Bland S Wellington Z8595
Bland R A Hampden L4178
Bland E A Lancaster L7527
Bland G R Spitfire BL889
Bland E A Spitfire BS198
Bland J W Hurricane P3208
Bland H V Mosquito KB215
Bland P W Whitley Z9214
Bland Gordon Leslie
Blandford S K Halifax HX174
Blandford J G Lancaster DV285
Blandford J G Wellington X9816
Blandford G E Lancaster PB127
Blanding Leon M P-47 Thunderbolt
Blandon Cyril George Wellington R1040
Blane J D Halifax LV997
Blane J H Lancaster DV304
Blane T W Lancaster JB135
Blaney L A Lancaster KB804
Blank J F Stirling BK810
Blanks Edwin Henry Lancaster JB480
Blanks Blenheim L1396
Błasiński Władysław Boulton Paul Defiant N1679
Blaskey P H Lancaster R5725
Blaskey P H Lancaster L7535
Blasko Joseph Arthur Halifax MZ628
Blassiaux R Halifax PN366
Blaszczak Kazimierz Vickers Wellington Z1256
Błaszczyk Jan Hawker Hurricane BP135
Blatch A F Hampden L4049
Blatch A R Blenheim V6085
Blatch W E Halifax LK732
Blatch T P E Halifax W1144
Blatch Benjamin George
Blatchford L G Lancaster PB289
Blatchford H P Spitfire
Blatchford B F Lancaster PB148
Blatchford W Halifax RG622
Blatchford R C H Hampden X3062
Blatchford H P Spitfire EN971
Blatchford Frederick Edward
Blatchley R B Wellington Z1205
Blatherwick G Stirling W5780
Blattman Leonard John Halifax JP179
Blaubaum M B Lancaster LM511
Blaubaum Maxwell Bibra
Blay Leslie Edward Harcourt Halifax NR276
Blaydes Herbert Lancaster LL853
Blaydon R W Lancaster ND817
Blaydon R W Wellington R1244
Blayney Alfred Goodman Wells Halifax NP699
Blaze A H
Blazejewski Henryk Lech Vickers Wellington HE768
Blazejewski Jan Vickers Wellington R1064
Błażejewski Wawrzyniek Handley Page Halifax JP180
Błażeński Romuald Consolidated Liberator BZ589
Blazer Alec Hayward Lancaster EE112
Blazier J K Blenheim R3910
Bleach S R Halifax NA522
Bleakley C Halifax MZ576
Bleakley A Whitley T4269
Blease John Thomas Lancaster R5558
Blechynden Roger Vincent
Blee C E Tempest EJ550
Bleich J A Halifax RG476
Bleier George Ervin Anson EG269
Blencowe Arthur Frank Wellington DV579
Blencowe Antony Orlando Lancaster NG307
Blencowe J D Stirling EF307
Blencowe Dennis James Stirling EF298
Blenkarn A N Lancaster ME797
Blenkarn R J Boston W8262
Blenkinsop Mathew Lancaster PD293
Blenkinsop E W Lancaster JA976
Blerkom F A Lancaster PB456
Blessing W Mosquito ML964
Blessing William Walter
Blessing Wilson George
Blew D Whitley N1366
Blewett W C Lancaster DS691
Blewett J D Halifax DT674
Blewett J D Halifax DT678
Blewett R T Blenheim Z7317
Blewett T D Lancaster PB761
Blewett A Wellington LN293
Blewett H Halifax LL244
Bley A K Lancaster W4849
Blicharz Tadeusz Wellington R1215
Blick Claude Wynter Arthur
Blickenstaff Wayne K P-51 Mustang
Blickenstaff Wayne K P-51 Mustang
Blickenstaff Wayne K P-51 Mustang
Blickenstaff Wayne K P-51 Mustang
Bligh Peter Ivo Fairey Battle K9263
Bligh Peter Ivo Battle P2328
Bligh W A Mosquito W4074
Bligh Norman Nicholas Lancaster JA973
Bligh W C Whitley K7255
Blight Ambrose Edward Lancaster JB607
Blight William Gerald Wellington HE863
Blight L E Wellington HE553
Blight Norman Charles Philip
Blight Ambrose Edward
Blignaut Jochemus Johannes Stirling W7635
Blignaut J J Stirling BF384
Blincoe Kenneth Howard Stirling R9250
Blincoe K H Stirling BK608
Blinko E Halifax MZ576
Bliss O L Halifax HR928
Bliss J M Stirling BK707
Bliss H Stirling EF356
Bliss L E Typhoon R8972
Bliss E J Stirling N3716
Blizzard W B Halifax W1145
Bloch W R Halifax JD325
Bloch H Halifax NP704
Block D Manchester L7429
Block S Manchester R5831
Block D I Halifax MZ687
Block Noel Herbert
Blockey Robert Charles Lancaster ND380
Blockley M W Lancaster PD344
Blockley D E Halifax LK873
Blogg Archibald Charles Wellington Z1613
Blok Stanisław Józef Spitfire BS409
Blok Johannes
Blok David Issac
Blom Walter Michael Battle L5528
Blom Walter Michael Battle K9369
Blom George Henry
Blomeley E E Blenheim N3552
Blomely D H Hurricane P3315
Blood R G Wellington LN397
Bloodgood Donald L P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Bloom Benjamin Lancaster LL690
Bloom R B C Wellington Z1742
Bloom Lionel Leslie
Bloom Jay C P-47 Thunderbolt`
Bloomer G T Hampden P1185
Bloomer J H Stirling LJ999
Bloomer P Blenheim P6913
Bloomer J E Lancaster ND848
Bloomfield D L'A Spitfire AB187
Bloomfield Frank Henry 'Harry' Lancaster DV226
Bloomfield Alec Peter Halifax MZ806
Bloomfield D B Lancaster ND492
Bloomfield J A Lancaster R5516
Bloomfield M G Hampden AE427
Bloomfield R Lancaster LL911
Bloomfield A C Stirling N3716
Bloomfield H W Halifax LK912
Bloomfield G W Halifax JD377
Bloomfield E Lancaster ED816
Bloomfield David I'Anson
Bloor G E Blenheim P6924
Bloor H Wellington DV935
Bloor E Hurricane P3063
Blore E A Spitfire EP523
Blore W E Lancaster ME858
Blot G Halifax NR153
Blott D McG Halifax W1164
Blott W Lancaster W4355
Blount B Halifax JB860
Blount Delbert F P-51 Mustang
Blow A R Spitfire EE960
Blower Hampden AD719
Blower Leonard George Harvard Not known
Blowfield P H Battle L5396
Bloxham W H Halifax W7775
Bloxham M V Stirling EH936
Bloxham J L Stirling EE871
Bloxom James M. B-17 42-5893 Sad Sax
Bloxwich James Henry Wellington HE203
Bloy A J Lancaster PB158
Bloy N C F Lancaster ME630
Bloy R F Halifax NA171
Bloyce W R Spitfire P8370
Bluck HJ Wellington N2780
Bluck N B Stirling EH902
Bluczyński Witold Westland Lysander V9793
Blue J H Wellington X3563
Blue D Lancaster JB458
Bluett P F B Lancaster R5561
Bluett P F B Manchester R5834
Bluhm Roy B P-47 Thunderbolt
Bluj Feliks Antoni Vickers Wellington HF598
Blum Kenneth V P-38 Lightning
Blumer R A B Spitfire EN626
Blumer R A B Spitfire RM617
Blumer Paul John
Blumer Richmond Antony Barrett
Blumer Laurence E P-38 Lightning
Blumer Laurence E P-38 Lightning
Blumfield Dennis William Lancaster ND684
Blundall B S Halifax W1270
Blundell Colin Frazer Halifax LV861
Blundell R Halifax MZ402
Blundell Cecil Leonard Lancaster PB366
Blundell T H Mosquito HK122
Blundell J M Blenheim V6176
Blundell H E Ventura AE726
Blundell W J Wellington HE212
Blundell P Halifax HR731
Blundell L Halifax NA568
Blundell J J Lancaster PA967
Blundell Kenneth William Fraser
Blundell Colin Fraser
Blundell-Hill C J Spitfire RM871
Blunden Arthur Thomas Lancaster LL641
Blunden Kenneth Oswald Stirling N6020
Blunden Neil Ralph Halifax W1044
Blunden S G Lancaster ED480
Blunstone F Halifax LL558
Blunt M J L Wellington X3279
Blunt E G Stirling EF400
Blunt C J H Hampden AE430
Blunt Malcolm James Larke
Blurr T M V Mosquito NT148
Blurton P J Lancaster LM314
Bluszcz Jerzy
Blute F J Lancaster ND785
Blute J Wellington Z8491
Bly Frederick W P-47 Thunderbolt
Błyskal Franciszek Fairey Battle L5071
Blyth Alfred Maurice "Bob" Lancaster R5576
Blyth Kenneth Digby Halifax LW463
Blyth C J Lancaster JB707
Blyth K K Halifax NP806
Blyth W Lancaster ME316
Blyth C A Whitley Z9131
Blyth J S Stirling EH986
Blyth G Halifax JD158
Blyth T S Halifax JN923
Blyth R Lancaster LL698
Blyth J Lancaster R5625
Blyth K Whitley Z6656
Blythe D A Halifax ME752
Blythe B Lancaster NX584
Blythe R C Lancaster ED785
Blythe E E Stirling R9328
Boad A A Lancaster ND513
Boaden Frank Bruce Wellington BJ693
Boag R J Lancaster NF980
Boag Leslie Richard Lancaster JB365
Boag R J Stirling N3750
Boag J H Lancaster LM448
Boag G Fortress HB763
Boag Robert James
Boak A S Hampden P4417
Boakes Edward James Lancaster LM720
Boal Harold James Lancaster JB659
Boal E W Mosquito
Boal Harold James
Boam A G Lancaster ME620
Boan Thomas Halifax BB325
Boanas Jack William Robinson
Boanson John George Shepherd Lancaster DS822
Boanson J G S Lancaster LL683
Boar A J Lancaster EE121
Board William Alfred Higson Wellington LP547
Board L E Halifax HX334
Board Donald Maurice Halifax JD420
Board R W H Halifax JD323
Board H W Lancaster ME701
Board Kenneth Birt Lancaster HK567
Boardley H Lancaster ED539
Boardman E J T Lancaster JB358
Boardman L Halifax NA612
Boardman R Lancaster R5570
Boardman R Lancaster W4936
Boardman T K Hampden AD904
Boardman R C Lancaster W4110
Boardman F Lancaster ND553
Boardman H Lancaster NF917
Boardman G M Stirling R9199
Boardman J B J Whitley N1351
Boardman E J Lancaster JA701
Boardman Hubert Stanley
Boardsen John A. B-24 Hell’s-Bells 42-52358
Boase Peter Leonard Lancaster ED780
Boase Peter Leonard
Boast W E H Wellington R1333
Boatswain J A Lancaster ND995
Boatswain James Attewood
Bobb Howard B B-17 Flying Fortress 42-8514 Lassie Come Home
Bobby Frank Edward Wellington W5564
Bobek L Beaufighter V8749
Bober Mieczysław Eugeniusz Vickers Wellington R1390
Bobitko Michal Tiger Moth ?
Bobson R H Lancaster JA704
Bochaczek Antoni Vickers Wellington Z1262
Bocheński Kazimierz Boulton-Pail Defiant N3314
Bochicchio Vito Joseph B-24 Tell Me More 41-28754
Bochkay Donald H P-51 Mustang
Bochkay Donald H P-51 Mustang
Bochkay Donald H P-51 Mustang
Bochkay Donald H P-51 Mustang
Bochkay Donald H P-51 Mustang
Bochkay Donald H P-51 Mustang
Bochkay Donald H P-51 Mustang
Bochkay Donald H P-51 Mustang
Bochkay Donald H P-51 Mustang
Bochkay Donald H P-51 Mustang
Bochkay Donald H P-51 Mustang
Bochkay Donald H P-51 Mustang
Bochkay Donald H P-51 Mustang
Bocinfuso A J Lancaster LM131
Bock Harry Ludomir Vickers Wellington Z1405
Bock E A Lancaster ME733
Bock R N W Mustang FD542
Bock Allan James Henry
Bock Eric Alan
Bocking R J Lancaster LM569
Bocking A Whitley T4164
Bockma Jan Hudson FK780 (Also listed as FK790)
Boćkowski Zygmunt North American P-51d Mustang HB878
Bockus A W Lancaster DS845
Bocock A G Hampden AE306
Bocquin Victor E P-47 Thunderbolt
Bocquin Victor E P-47 Thunderbolt
Bodden K Typhoon MN917
Bodden G Halifax LK726
Boddington Robert Anthony Lancaster PB287
Boddington Peter? Whitley T4206
Boddington C W Halifax LW199
Boddington J P Battle
Boddington J T S Halifax LK911
Boddington E Lancaster W4278
Boddington Michael Christopher B.
Boddy H B Lancaster LL902
Boddy D Halifax R9491
Boddy W Wellington HE374
Boddy T I Stirling R9262
Boddy C W Halifax RG444
Boddy W Halifax JN974
Bode John William Wellington Z1566
Boden George Rex Lancaster PB894
Boden S Halifax DT668
Boden John Stuart
Bodenham Heyford K6900
Bodey Lancelot Ross Halifax LW383
Bodger H Lancaster PD260
Bodie C A W Spitfire X4321
Bodie Crelin Arthur W. ("Bogle")
Bodie Ronald Lionel Lister
Bodiford Hugh P-51 Mustang
Bodiford Hugh P-51 Mustang
Bodker C S Spitfire MV255
Bodkin W F Spitfire R7255
Bodkin F S Lancaster ND671
Bodley W Lancaster ED760
Bodley A J Stirling BK664
Bodley Francis
Bodman E H Halifax W1115
Bodnar B O Halifax HX325
Bodnoff Israel Joseph Canso 9754
Bodsworth J A W Lancaster LL743
Bodtker C Spitfire BS255
Body Geoffrey Deller Halifax LV818
Body A. Robert Lancaster KB726
Body J Wellington P9244
Body R W Wellington R1438
Body J H Halifax JB873
Bodycot G H Lancaster ME589
Bodycote R S Halifax EB242
Boe B Spitfire ML360
Boehm Hedley Colin
Boehm Donovan Gerhard
Boehmer G A Lancaster DS634
Boehmer Albert Edward Charles Halifax LW433
Boekenstein Olaf Ruprecht
Boese Frank Arthur Stirling R9250
Boese F A Stirling BK608
Boettcher Arthur Harold Lancaster LM372
Boettcher Arthur Harold
Boffey G H Lancaster JB534
Boffey R Halifax LL192
Boffin N Halifax LK701
Bogan Edward Anthony
Bogard J Lancaster R5746
Bogdanowicz Henryk Marian Consolidated Liberator EW278
Boge A Spitfire BR630
Boggess George William Blenheim L9206
Boggild C C Lancaster DS659
Boggis J W R Halifax L9533
Bogle C S Lancaster ME852
Bogle V F Halifax LV960
Bogle E A Lancaster LM324
Bogle Charles Steward
Bogue J Hampden X2914
Bogusiak Józef Vickers Wellington N2806
Bogusławski Stefan Mieczysław Vickers Wellington HZ438
Bogusz Kazimierz Avro Lancaster ED814
Boguszewski Bolesław Vickers Wellington Z1270
Boguszewski Wladyslaw
Bohane Brian Joseph
Bohanes Stefan Handley Page Halifax JP220
Bohl William Dennis
Bohling Cyril Norman Byron Beaufort W6474
Bohn Arthur Reginald Halifax LK635
Bohna Robert H P-38 Lightning
Bohr Thomas A P-47 Thunderbolt`
Bohrac M Halifax RG654
Bohun Roy Charles
Bohuszewicz Witold Wellington Z1317
Bohuszewicz Witold Consolidated Liberator BZ589
Boileau Joseph Paul Roger Lancaster ND462
Boily J E O J Lancaster DS737
Boire J D Halifax LW373
Boisseau John Eugene B-17 Insomnia 43-38396
Boissevain H G Halifax HX291
Boisvert J L R A Hampden AT141
Boisvert L.A. Wellington R1618
Boisvert E H Halifax HX162
Boitel-Gill B P A Spitfire K9954
Boitel-Gill Derek Pierre Aumale
Boivin Leslie Claude William Lancaster ND331
Bojakowski Tadeusz Vickers Wellington R1227
Bojarczuk Romauld Vickers Warwick HG273
Bojarczuk Romuald Vickers Wellington BK448
Bojeński (Bieschke) Józef Jan
Bojeński (born Bieschke) Bieschke
Bokłażec Mikołaj Percival Proctor DX188
Bokroś Jan Avro Lancaster DV286
Bolam W H Halifax HR941
Boland J A Stirling BK701
Boland John Robert Wellington Z8953
Boland John Halifax JN952
Boland D E J Lancaster W4361
Boland T Lancaster W4325
Boland A E Blenheim R3821
Boland Milton Desmond
Boland Jeremiah Murphy P-51 Mustang
Bolcewicz Henryk Wellington Z1277
Boldero R H Halifax HX335
Bolderson Joseph Lancaster ED821
Bolderston George Thomas Lancaster LM137
Bolderstone Peter Frederick Halifax MZ288
Boldy David Adrian Lancaster L7543
Bole James Whitley T4202
Bolefahr Wayne N P-51 Mustang
Bolefahr Wayne N P-51 Mustang
Boler Herbert Henry
Boles W H Lancaster DS679
Boles W R K Halifax LK902
Boles F Halifax JD179
Boles G R Anson N5196
Boles Edward F P-47 Thunderbolt
Bolesławski Jerzy
Bolfik R Wellington T2519
Bolger C K Lancaster JA861
Bolger H B Lancaster ED531
Bolger T J Mosquito PF393
Bolger T J Wellington BJ649
Bolger Ray Kethel
Bolger Christopher Kevin
Bolger Hugh Burke
Bolger Thomas John
Bolin L A Mosquito MM155
Bolinbroke D Lancaster JB560
Bolinder Robert G Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Bolinder Robert G Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Bolinder Robert G Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Bolinder Robert G Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Bolitho R Lancaster ED864
Bolke L C Wellington HE213
Bolland G E Lancaster PB530
Bolland R C Spitfire PL432
Bollwerk Val W P-38 Lightning
Bollwerk Val W P-51 Mustang
Bolshaw Wellington Z8971
Bolsover A R Lancaster ND384
Bolstad K D H Spitfire PT834
Bolstad Kenneth Wallace Wellington Z1682
Bolster C L Typhoon R7876
Bolster R V C Whitley P5016
Bolsworth B Halifax LW338
Bolt William Thomas Lancaster NE123
Bolt B Lancaster ND593
Bolt William Frederick Donald Lancaster DV267
Bolt R Lancaster PD397
Bolt E W Lancaster LL720
Bolt N Lancaster ED809
Bolt R J Halifax LW628
Bolt L A Stirling LJ509
Bolter Alec John Lancaster PB586
Bolter T F Halifax LL125
Bolton R J Mosquito KB348
Bolton David Malcolm Blenheim V5647
Bolton William Frederick Halifax RG373
Bolton John Henry Halifax MZ297
Bolton Kenneth Lancaster ED431
Bolton Les D A Stirling N6022
Bolton John Randolph Wellington R3293
Bolton D C Halifax JD470
Bolton L D A Wellington T2846
Bolton W K Halifax HR663
Bolton A Halifax HR811
Bolton E Halifax MZ772
Bolton J H Wellington W5721
Bolton J Mosquito MM450
Bolton F Mustang AM101
Bolton J A Stirling BF515
Bolton J A Stirling BK666
Bolton G F Wellington N2851
Bolton J S Halifax LV879
Bolton S D Lancaster PB354
Bolton T O Lancaster ME353
Bolton I D Lancaster DV325
Bolton D Lancaster LM684
Bolton H J Lancaster LM269
Bolton T E Stirling N6013
Bolton K S Halifax LW695
Bolton L W Halifax JB892
Bolton W Halifax JD247
Bolton G Halifax W1013
Bolton Henry A Hurricane V7200
Bolton F Lancaster LM422
Bolton Wellington X9703
Bolton Robert Burns
Bolton George Frederick
Bolton Robert John
Bolus A H Lancaster R5557
Bom Antoon Hudson V9036
Boman James H. B-24 Texas Rose 41-28922
Bomby J Lancaster NX584
Bomford Charles Powell Blenheim L9323
Bomford John Hamilton Stirling BF314
Bon Seigneur C R Hurricane P3518
Bonakis B D Mosquito PZ351
Bonar W S P Halifax LW131
Bonar C N Lancaster W4140
Bonard I N Wellington HE395
Bonathan R Halifax HX162
Bonchard H O Mosquito DD713
Boncher E G Typhoon JP500
Bonckoski Daniel Halifax LK963
Bond J K Lancaster W4789
Bond John Norman Halifax DG414
Bond A C Lancaster PB290
Bond J C Halifax LV875
Bond J C Halifax LW521
Bond Harold Wellington Z8652
Bond Alan Denis Hampden P5332
Bond Bernard John Halifax JD375
Bond J A B Stirling N3705
Bond W F Wellington Z1146
Bond T R Halifax NP817
Bond A T Halifax MZ284
Bond A H G Halifax MZ312
Bond R S Lancaster JB289
Bond Stirling N6121
Bond I H Lancaster PD268
Bond D H G Lancaster ED775
Bond P Lancaster JB153
Bond L F Blenheim T1860
Bond J C A Wellington W5375
Bond P Wellington BK298
Bond P Wellington Z1478
Bond C J Stirling R9329
Bond W G Stirling W7515
Bond G P R Lancaster ND384
Bond R J Lancaster ME799
Bond F C Halifax W1109
Bond A L Lancaster ED309
Bond E G M Hampden X2918
Bond Hampden X3008
Bond E H Lancaster W4329
Bond J W Lancaster W4301
Bond J G H Lancaster LM525
Bond R Wellington Z1290
Bond L J Lancaster ED471
Bond G Halifax W1185
Bond D W Wellington X3665
Bond H W Wellington X3387
Bond R A Mosquito NS942
Bond A W Lancaster W4898
Bond S G Stirling EE942
Bond S G Stirling BF466
Bond F J Lancaster PB212
Bond G A A Stirling EF501
Bond K F P Halifax LK710
Bond T J Lancaster OL-N
Bond G W Spitfire EN614
Bond George Robert
Bond John Keith
Bond John Norman
Bond Jack Gordon
Bond Ralph
Bond Alan Campbell
Bond John Cecil
Bond Richard Bert Stirling EF298
Bond Richard T P-38 Lightning
Bondar Józef Spitfire P8641
Bondar Józef Spitfire P8346
Bondarczuk Arkadiusz Supermarine Spitfire EE683
Bondett H J Halifax HR782
Bone Arthur Lancaster ED326
Bone George Lancaster DV364
Bone John Henry Stirling EH989
Bone E Lancaster NG420
Bone F C Mosquito NT173
Bone H G Lancaster L7547
Bone J Tempest SN189
Bone L A Halifax DK135
Bone F Lancaster NG329
Bone A V Lancaster ED427
Bone E D Lancaster LM191
Bone W A Halifax L9531
Bone E J Boston W8297
Bone Charles Verdun
Bonebrake Robert R P-47 Thunderbolt
Bonebrake Robert R P-47 Thunderbolt
Bonebrake Robert R P-47 Thunderbolt
Bonebrake Robert R P-47 Thunderbolt
Bonell William Stewart Lancaster LL733
Bonenfant J O R Wellington HZ312
Bones F L Halifax LL239
Boness H P Lancaster JA917
Boness L P Lancaster LM597
Bonest Harry Edwin Wellington HE368
Bonet J C Halifax LW343
Bonet J C Halifax JN924
Bonett Joseph P. Hampden AE382
Bonfield J J D Spitfire RB150
Bongard E N E Halifax DK196
Bonham Gordon Loversidge 'Snowy'
Bonham G L Tempest EJ590
Bonikowsky Arthur Lancaster ND493
Bonisch L L Lancaster ME702
Bonjean L T Spitfire BL927
Bonk Leon Stanisław Handley Page Halifax JD155
Bonkowski Roman Vickers Wellington R1365
Bonnar K W Halifax W1050
Bonnar Joseph T P-38 Lightning
Bonnefin Joseph Marcel
Bonner Alfred James Sunderland JM763
Bonner Albert Carey Wellington HE990
Bonner Kenneth Harding Mosquito PZ217
Bonner G H Wellington W5355
Bonner Gilbert Frederick Cummings Wellington X3674
Bonner H F C Lancaster ED601
Bonner S Halifax DT513
Bonner C A Lancaster LL810
Bonnet F Typhoon MN877
Bonnett L D Halifax LV966
Bonnett W Mosquito HJ944
Bonnett AC Blenheim T1814
Bonnett D D Lancaster W4306
Bonnett H J Lancaster NE129
Bonnett H Blenheim R3767
Bonnett Raymond James
Bonneville J R Lancaster LL720
Bonnewit Jacques Mosquito HK304
Bonney H V D Stirling N3656
Bonney E J Blenheim T2435
Bonnick Richard Albert Liberator BZ832
Bonotto Caryl P P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Bonser Alfred Kenneth Wellington X3649
Bonser F Wellington HF856
Bonson R Hampden P4344
Bonson J E Lancaster W4918
Bonstead S Halifax LK805
Bonter Kenneth Charles Wellington DV775
Bonter I W Lancaster NE119
Bonter S M Halifax NP689
Bonus Sidney Owen
Bonython Ronald George
Boobyer W R R Lancaster ME443
Boock Robert A Spitfire / P-47 Thunderbolt
Boock Robert A Spitfire / P-47 Thunderbolt
Boock Robert A Spitfire
Boocock W Lancaster LL796
Boocock John Hargrave Halifax MZ337
Booker Sidney James Halifax DK192
Booker Raymond Stanley Roydon Lancaster LM725
Booker S A Halifax MZ630
Booker J O Halifax LW192
Booker F L Halifax NA503
Booker B S Hampden AT157
Booker W R Stirling BK703
Booker D R Lancaster EE118
Booker D Halifax DT696
Booker D Halifax DT558
Booker Hampden AE218
Booker A J Lancaster PB533
Bookhout E W Lancaster LM532
Bools Charles Ronald Kernick Mosquito DK339
Bools M Lancaster DS782
Bools J S Whitley T4338
Bools Whitley T4293
Boomer Kenneth Arthur Mosquito PZ198
Boon A E Lancaster PD211
Boon J Battle P2182
Boon J Lancaster W4129
Boon R J A Lancaster LM470
Boon P C Mustang FB173
Boon W L Whitley T4338
Boone C J W Lancaster ED875
Boone R H Halifax JB785
Boone Walker L P-51 Mustang
Boone Walker L P-51 Mustang
Boord Thomas Kitchener Halifax EB242
Boorman E M Halifax NA602
Boorman R J Lancaster KB775
Boos R E Halifax JD720
Boosey R H Halifax DT750
Boosma A T Stirling EF362
Boot W C Lancaster ME593
Booth J M Lancaster W4337
Booth Hubert Allan Halifax W1020
Booth B N Whitley T4297
Booth Ernest Stirling BK698
Booth Ronald Halifax LV834
Booth Neville George Richardson Stirling W7531
Booth Maurice William Halifax W7676
Booth Denis Lancaster ME730
Booth Gerald Sinclair Whitley Z9424
Booth G E Stirling N3750
Booth Ronald Stirling BK614
Booth Leonard Wellington Z8469
Booth J R Lancaster LL682
Booth G V Wellington X3561
Booth D G Stirling EE877
Booth W A Lancaster HK756
Booth George Arnold Wellington HE213
Booth R E Stirling EE909
Booth A W Halifax HR697
Booth J C Lancaster PA969
Booth P W Blenheim P6905
Booth S K Blenheim P6955
Booth F Halifax R9491
Booth F R Halifax JD378
Booth G Lancaster JB527
Booth N Mosquito DZ361
Booth Norman Mosquito DK301
Booth A F C Blenheim Z7487
Booth G F Blenheim N6240
Booth J D Lancaster NG332
Booth F W Lancaster LL682
Booth M A Lancaster DS667
Booth T B Lancaster PB247
Booth A Lancaster ED972
Booth E F W Stirling N6084
Booth R Stirling W7634
Booth A S Lancaster PB137
Booth R Blenheim N6151
Booth C W K Battle K9390
Booth E O Wellington BK538
Booth H Halifax HR725
Booth L A Stirling W7442
Booth J H Lancaster ME775
Booth F J Lancaster NG297
Booth N R Lancaster ME835
Booth E W Wellington HE167
Booth F Lancaster ND567
Booth George Stirling R9194
Booth L Wellington X9670
Booth R A Wellington DV434
Booth N Halifax W7675
Booth R A Lancaster JA976
Booth S D Lancaster KB786
Booth A E Wellington BJ658
Booth H W Lancaster DS733
Booth S T Halifax DK139
Booth E Lancaster EE167
Booth E Lancaster ND332
Booth D A Lancaster ED529
Booth P W Lancaster JB467
Booth J W Lancaster NF984
Booth A B E Lancaster PB185
Booth F O Halifax NA501
Booth H Whitley T4239
Booth E V Lancaster R5682
Booth J Lancaster ND730
Booth S J Lancaster ND812
Booth F E Stirling N3679
Booth C Lancaster HK575
Booth W Halifax MZ530
Booth Halifax HR684
Booth D F Halifax LW320
Booth D F Halifax LW263
Booth G B Hurricane L2071
Booth C Lancaster NG252
Booth C W R Manchester L7459
Booth J Wellington P9234
Booth John McDowell
Booth James William
Booth Ronald James
Booth John Milton
Booth Robert Carter Stirling EF298
Booth Robert J P-51 Mustang
Booth Robert J P-51 Mustang
Booth Robert J P-51 Mustang
Booth Robert J P-51 Mustang
Booth Robert J P-51 Mustang
Booth Robert J P-51 Mustang
Booth Robert J P-51 Mustang
Booth-Smith P W Halifax LK738
Bootham R A Lancaster DV392
Boothby F.G Whitley P4989
Boothby C D Whitley Z9131
Boothby A Halifax LW320
Boothman A Lancaster PB251
Boothman B Lancaster LM381
Boothright Mosquito MM18
Boothroyd S Halifax BB329
Boothroyd J K Lancaster ED942
Boots A Lancaster PB474
Boots R P Lancaster ND502
Bootsma D H Whitley Z9477
Booty Cameron Harrison Lancaster ME424
Booty E D Stirling R9164
Booty C A Spitfire P8793
Booy F H Wellington HE506
Borain James Oliver
Boram B T Wellington N2886
Boratyński Kajetan Ludwik Wellington DV765
Borchardt H H Lancaster LM183
Borchardt Clarence F. B-17 42-5893 Sad Sax
Borchick Frank B-24 Osage Express 42-52497
Bordelais R V E Halifax NA260
Borden Leo Lucca B-17 43-38078
Borden Charles C P-47 Thunderbolt
Border W Halifax NP690
Bordier M J Halifax NA260
Bordiss R J Lancaster ND701
Bordycott K W Lancaster W4854
Bore S R Lancaster ME683
Bore H F Lancaster DV294
Borecki Bolesław Andrzej Vickers Wellington Z1285
Boreham Rex Stirling LJ882
Boreham Lawrence Frederick George Stirling W7562
Boreham Joseph Wendell Anson N5055
Boreham E R Lancaster ED969
Boreham L F W Stirling W7568
Boreham C J Lancaster EE185
Boreham P F Hampden AE427
Boreham G B Whitley T4322
Boreham E H Mitchell FL206
Borelli Bernard P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Borger Jr. Frederick Franklin ‘Freddy’ B-24 The Moose 44-40205
Borham G H Typhoon JP6820
Boring Lloyd D P-51 Mustang
Borkofsky E Halifax LW511
Borkowski Henryk Spitfire EN527
Borkowski Bronisław
Borkowski Stanisław Vickers Wellington BJ656
Borland A G Spitfire SM303
Borland A R A Halifax RG449
Borland James Lancaster JB553
Borland N V Typhoon RB423
Borland John Harold
Borlase Raymond Silk Wellington MP649
Borley Ian Edward Maitland Wellington L4268
Borley Leonard Henry James Halifax NA604
Borley John Henry Halifax DT749
Born David L P-51 Mustang
Borndy Spitfire MK204
Borne R Spitfire TB371
Borodej Mieczysław Karol Wellington Z1217
Boron Frank P-51 Mustang
Boroski F Blenheim V6239
Borossi P Spitfire AB489
Borowiak Józef Wellington W5573
Borowiak Józef Wellington Z8601
Borowicz Lubomir Kazimieriez Vickers Wellington Z1343
Borowski Kazimierz Wellington Z1471
Borowski Jan Hawker Hurricane P3930
Borradaile G C Lancaster ED772 (some publications have this aircraft code as ED722 which is a 61 Squadron Lancaster)
Borrett Arnold Harvey Stirling BF378
Borrett Frederick Britain Blenheim V5899
Borrett Frederick Britain Blenheim BA597
Borrett W F Halifax NR253
Borrett G Halifax LL134
Borrett Arnold Harvey
Borrett Frederick Britain
Borrodale G C Lancaster ED500
Borrossis Spitfire MJ853
Borrow H E Lancaster JB461
Borrowdale Wellington Z8865
Borrowes R D Lancaster ND617
Borrows N Wellington Z1243
Borsberry E T Whitley T4146
Borsberry E R Wellington X3710
Borsht C Lancaster NF977
Borst F C Lancaster LL629
Borthwick David Blenheim L9254
Borthwick W Halifax HX186
Borthwick R Lancaster LM329
Borthwick G W S Lancaster JB353
Borthwick John Mayo
Bortolussi A Halifax JD204
Borton Eric Edward Lancaster LM467
Borton James Arthur Lancaster W4275
Borusiewicz Zbigniew Supermarine Spitfire AD361
Borzęcki Stanisław Józef Vickers Wellington N2852
Borzemski Czesław Mosquito HJ700
Bosek Henryk Gerwazy Jozef
Bosley R A Lancaster NN768
Bosnakovic Rudolph B-24 Lassie Come Home 42-51356
Bossick H Stirling EH942
Bost Louis L Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Bost Louis L Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Bostle P Halifax JD369
Bostock D Spitfire MA764
Bostock J T Stirling BF408
Bostock L F Lancaster LL671
Bostock R Lancaster PB212
Bostock W C Halifax JB846
Boston D J Lancaster DS725
Boston B J Lancaster ND355
Boston J N Halifax LW430
Boston R G Lancaster JB191
Bostrom Ernest O P-51 Mustang
Bostrom Ernest O P-51 Mustang
Bostrom Ernest O P-51 Mustang
Bostrom Ernest O P-51 Mustang
Bostrom Ernest O P-51 Mustang
Bostwick S E Halifax MZ865
Bostwick George E P-47 Thunderbolt
Bostwick George E P-47 Thunderbolt
Bostwick George E P-47 Thunderbolt
Bostwick George E P-47 Thunderbolt
Bostwick George E P-47 Thunderbolt
Bostwick George E P-47 Thunderbolt
Boswell J McL Stirling BF340
Boswell G T Halifax LW297
Boswell A Wellington R1346
Boswell R McB Mitchell FL672
Boswell G W Lancaster ME678
Boswell D H Lancaster W4129
Boswell R G Wellington N2844
Boswell Hampden X2966
Boswell F J Lancaster ED651
Boswell H G Lancaster JB235
Boswell A Lancaster ND499
Boswell-Kitching Jack Lambert Lancaster LL673
Bosworth Sidney Lancaster JB684
Bosworth Ronald Albert John Halifax NA578
Bosworth Robert R P-47 Thunderbolt
Boteler George G P-47 Thunderbolt
Boteler Goerge G P-47 Thunderbolt
Bothe William Gilbert
Bothwell A E Wellington HE163
Bothwell James (Jim) Roger Halifax LK963
Bothwell Percival Roy
Botkin R T Lancaster JA980
Botsford R L Halifax MZ601
Botsford K C J Hampden AD735
Botsford Donald N P-51 Mustang
Bott Norman Kelvin Whitley N1489
Bott E C Lancaster ME521
Bott S F B Whitley Z6586
Bott R J Lancaster LM321
Bott Robert Lewis Hampden AT130
Bott J W Lancaster W4999
Bott W J Lancaster PB121
Bott James Wilfred Lancaster ND592
Bott Allan Theodore
Bott Max Stanley
Botten A Wellington R3164
Botterill Harry Lancaster PB287
Botterill H W Halifax MZ376
Botterill William Henry Halifax LW427
Botterill J Halifax RG552
Botting Ronald Douglas Wellington HF835
Botting Eric Piggott Sunderland DW106
Botting J C Lancaster NN708
Botting F M Typhoon MN185
Botting N A Lancaster EE130
Botting H E Lancaster LM528
Bottomley Eric Burton Wellington LB195
Bottomley Handel Stirling EH875
Bottomley H F Lancaster ND636
Bottomley C H Halifax MZ450
Bottomley Herbert Wellington Z8376
Bottomley G F Hampden AD924
Bottomley G Hampden X3007
Bottomley G L Lancaster ED600
Bottomley J E Halifax W7699
Bottomley D E Wellington Z1182
Bottomley J W Wellington R1648
Bottrell W J Lancaster DV370
Bottrill K H Blenheim V6454
Botz Joseph C Ii P-47 Thunderbolt
Boucaut Peter Le Rey
Bouch Albert Lancaster ND714 (some sources state NE172)
Bouchard J E Y Halifax LW428
Boucher G J Halifax MZ573
Boucher N A Halifax LW672
Boucher R J L Halifax LL579
Boucher G E Lancaster DV265
Boucher Hampden AE143
Boucher E G Typhoon JP547
Boucher William Royce Halifax LK906
Boucher R Whitley Z6948
Boucher R Whitley Z6655
Boucher R Whitley Z6625
Bouck G W Spitfire RM850
Boucock K G Halifax MZ687
Bouda František Mosquito NT182
Boudier M Spitfire PL137
Boudreau L J H Halifax LV962
Boudreau L J H Halifax LW347
Boudreau G V Spitfire SM313
Boudreault Joseph Raoul Alphonse Wellington BJ695
Boudry E Spitfire PV187
Bouffler K A Lancaster R5890
Boughton W T W Halifax JD474
Boughton C Lancaster ED553
Boughtwood Alan Gilbert Lancaster W4237
Bougin J M C Blenheim R2784
Bould G Stirling EF339
Bouldin Frank H Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Bouldin Frank H Jr P-51 Mustang
Bouldin Frank H Jr P-51 Mustang
Boulding H Lancaster ME316
Boulding R J E Spitfire W3251
Boulet William P P-47 Thunderbolt
Boulger K Lancaster ND766
Boullier S T Lancaster PD312
Boulter F C Lancaster LM345
Boulter H E Mosquito MM203
Boulter H E Mosquito PF437
Boulter J L Halifax JN900
Boulter P F Lancaster LL685
Boulter John Clifford
Boulter Harold George
Boulton J E Hurricane P3888
Boulton Joseph Armstrong Spitfire PL315
Boulton Sidney Blenheim L9172
Boulton George Lancaster ED620
Boulton Jack H. Stirling N6046
Boulton R G T Halifax NR233
Boulton C A Lancaster PB516
Boulton A E Stirling EH898
Boulton R A Lancaster JB530
Boulton G Blenheim N3617
Boulton A Lancaster ND871
Boulton Stanley H Lancaster ND597
Boulton F H Spitfire BS430
Boulton R H Lancaster HK535
Boulton A W T Halifax MZ767
Boulton F W Halifax LW722
Boulton Lancaster ND801
Boumphrey E H Stirling W5780
Bound E G Wellington BJ651
Bounds E G Wellington X3673
Bounds W C K Blenheim V6250
Boundy W H Stirling EH885
Boundy J T Typhoon JP482
Boundy W H Stirling EE875
Bouquillard H J Hurricane Z2757
Bourassa P E Lancaster KB735
Bourchier B J Halifax DT780
Bourcier Paul J.H.I.F. Halifax LW692
Bourdat W L Halifax LW420
Bourdeau H F Hudson T9439
Bourderotte R Halifax NR153
Bourdon G R Lancaster JA875
Bourelly L Halifax NR181
Bourgeau J R F Wellington W5561
Bourgeault J A Halifax LV840
Bourgeois L A Wellington HE729
Bourgeois Arthur Edmond Quentin Blenheim P8437
Bourges Y Spitfire BS123
Bourgue T P Halifax LV958
Bourke T H Wellington Z1388
Bourke Patrick John Halifax HX274
Bourke William Whitley Z9220
Bourke W S Wellington BK557
Bourke J M F Lancaster LL672
Bourke J H Stirling EF149
Bourke C W Wellington Z1606
Bourke Algie John
Bourke Joseph Patrick
Bourke Norman Leslie
Bourke Thomas Harrison
Bourke Patrick John
Bourke William
Bourne Alistair Hugh Richmond Wellington N2939
Bourne George Victor Whitley LA765
Bourne Percy Roy Lancaster ED815
Bourne R H S Halifax MZ427
Bourne K R Wellington HE348
Bourne Alan Halifax MZ828
Bourne N Lancaster PB538
Bourne J N Halifax W7746
Bourne D A Mustang FD548
Bourne C Halifax W7873
Bourne L B Lancaster PB335
Bourne H J Lancaster DS818
Bourne R S Lancaster ND657
Bourne Wellington Z8971
Bourne D B Lancaster W4955
Bourner G G E Lancaster ME739
Bournier D L Halifax LW200
Bourque Walter E P-47 Thunderbolt
Bourque Walter E P-47 Thunderbolt
Bourreau G Halifax NA547
Bourton E Lancaster PB429
Bousfield George Raymond Wellington LN285
Bousfield J H Halifax DT694
Bousfield E R Hampden AD897
Bousfield J M Lancaster ED488
Bousfield D Lancaster PB154
Bousfield Jack Matthew
Bousher F L Lancaster DV266
Bouskill R R Spitfire NH413
Bouskill R R Spitfire MJ300
Bousquet E C Halifax LW378
Boussa A L T J Spitfire EN769
Boussy E Halifax NR229
Boutcher W E Lancaster LM234
Boutcher William Edward
Boute F E L Spitfire EP240
Boutell R L Stirling EF445
Boutilier Eric Patrick Halifax MZ506
Boutilier E H Lancaster DS683
Boutiller E Wellington BJ595
Boutillier A M Halifax NA557
Boutle Donald Arthur Wellington R1471
Boutle J Lancaster LL758
Boutle C N Halifax LW236
Bouttell R H D Halifax HR666
Bouttell R L Lancaster ND766
Bouvier J M L Lancaster DS674
Bouzek J W Halifax RG367
Bovaconti M J Halifax JD328
Bovaird Walter Le Roy Halifax JD113
Bovard E W Wellington HE630
Bovee L M Lancaster ME742
Bovett George W Lancaster NN700
Bovie Verne H. B-26 42-107747
Bovill John Macauley Lancaster NF960
Bovington Lionel William Halifax L9521
Bovington L W Halifax L9498
Bovis Denis Clarke Lancaster W4983
Bow H H Lancaster DS741
Bow L P Hampden AD824
Bow J Hampden AE354
Bowack N H Halifax W1065
Bowater A H Wellington Z1069
Bowcock F H Stirling EE895
Bowd Kevin Anthony James
Bowden George Vernon Stirling LK594
Bowden Stanley Jarvis Lancaster SW251
Bowden D I Lancaster LL719
Bowden William Heyer Halifax DT672
Bowden E E Halifax LW240
Bowden V I Wellington R1219
Bowden W K H Whitley P5014
Bowden W W Mosquito ML996
Bowden D R Hampden AD785
Bowden Douglas Joseph Stirling W7628
Bowden P L Stirling BK707
Bowden J Halifax LK787
Bowden William Henry Stirling EF118
Bowden F H Halifax DK229
Bowden I C R Wellington HE817
Bowden Hampden X2900
Bowden S Lancaster LL939
Bowden F S Blenheim L1246
Bowden R S Lancaster JB550
Bowden T Lancaster W4315
Bowden I F Lancaster NG241
Bowden H Lancaster PB210
Bowden G Halifax JB801
Bowden Whitley Z6825
Bowden W E Wellington T2997
Bowden R J Wellington R1333
Bowden Noel Oswald
Bowden Robert Paine
Bowden John Lawrence
Bowditch John Alexander Blenheim BA597
Bowditch Bryan Robert Lancaster LL797
Bowditch P Lancaster ED983
Bowditch John Alexander
Bowdon L D Lancaster ND328
Bowe Donald McFarlane
Bowell P J Lancaster PD311
Bowell Peter John
Bowen J Lancaster LM633
Bowen Donald Joseph Battle K9483
Bowen Charles Ronald Wellington P2520
Bowen T H Battle K9372
Bowen Jack Halifax LK993
Bowen William Gerwyn Halifax LV952
Bowen Roland John Lancaster JA925
Bowen Geoffrey Hugh Oxford DF517
Bowen L M Whitley Z6946
Bowen R H Lancaster KB800
Bowen M G Wellington X9739
Bowen A R Wellington Z1606
Bowen W D Stirling W7518
Bowen D B Stirling EE940
Bowen P D Mosquito DD629
Bowen B V Lancaster PD267
Bowen N G Spitfire N3095
Bowen J A Lancaster PA971
Bowen J T Wellington P9213
Bowen R D Spitfire MA564
Bowen H J Lancaster ND518
Bowen P H Lancaster DV363
Bowen A G Lancaster NG350
Bowen F E Whitley Z6498
Bowen C E Hurricane P5205
Bowen C E Hurricane P2900
Bowen H E Lancaster LL897
Bowen Edwin Stanley Halifax JB842
Bowen Wellington L7777
Bowen J B Lancaster LL754
Bowen Ian William
Bowen Trevor Edward
Bowen William Howard
Bowen-Chennell P Lancaster ME704
Bowen-Morris B V (V B?) Lancaster PB3777
Bowen-Morris H Spitfire R6761
Bower F G Wellington Z9913
Bower A A Halifax MZ403
Bower G W Lancaster JA848
Bower P Blenheim L8749
Bower K O Wellington Z1477
Bower E W Stirling EF438
Bower W H Halifax DT583
Bower G E Lancaster PD252
Bower T C Lancaster ED908
Bower D Halifax JB865
Bower Frank Graham
Bower Henry Charles Malcolm
Bower Vincent A P-47 Thunderbolt
Bowering John Ernest Ralph Lancaster ME846
Bowering N E Hampden AD914
Bowering Frank Edgar
Bowerman K I Lancaster ED810
Bowerman D R C Halifax LV840
Bowerman R V T Lancaster JB535
Bowern Donald Anderson
Bowers W H Wellington X3411
Bowers J W
Bowers J A B Stirling N3705
Bowers R H Halifax JB794
Bowers C S Lancaster NN708
Bowers R S Stirling BK707
Bowers H Blenheim R3770
Bowers W Halifax LW580
Bowers A Stirling BK612
Bowers N Lancaster PB432
Bowers E G W Lancaster ME650
Bowers Clifford W P-51 Mustang
Bowers Elmer O P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Bowers James A P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Bowers James A P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Bowes L E Lancaster LM578
Bowes Samuel Spitfire X9787
Bowes Kenneth Lancaster ED357
Bowes L Lancaster JA973
Bowes L W
Bowes Cyril Alfred Lancaster R5728
Bowes John William Lancaster W4265
Bowes D S M Lancaster KB869
Bowes M R Whitley Z6863
Bowes Wellington T2560
Bowes Kenneth Wellington Z8532
Bowes A J L Stirling W5780
Bowes J Whitley P4934
Bowes A E Whitley P4983
Bowes Lyle Edward
Bowes Roderick Russell Herbert
Bowes-Cavanagh B D Manchester L7312
Bowey W Lancaster DS678
Bowhill W J Wellington R1511
Bowie V T Stirling R9202
Bowker Ronald Arthur Stirling W7520
Bowker Bryan Sunderland ML858
Bowker N C Lancaster JB609
Bowker F Halifax HR816
Bowker H W Spitfire BL425
Bowker H W Spitfire MK199
Bowker T L Stirling R9184
Bowker C Stirling LK131
Bowker D C Wellington BJ591
Bowker A P Halifax HR908
Bowker Stanley Charles
Bowkett R H G Halifax DT550
Bowlby A T Halifax JB913
Bowlby T L Stirling BF576
Bowler F E Lancaster JB614
Bowler R P Lancaster JB732
Bowler J A Halifax LW580
Bowler R W Stirling BF351
Bowler F A Wellington R1493
Bowler R E Lancaster DS791
Bowler J A Wellington R1176
Bowler J A Wellington R3167
Bowles Arthur James Lancaster LM467
Bowles Frederick James Ventura AE839
Bowles H Lancaster ED999
Bowles Frederick James Ventura AE913
Bowles J B Halifax LW685
Bowles G S Halifax JB869
Bowles C Battle K9338
Bowles C Blenheim L9339
Bowles T W Whitley K8984
Bowles T W Whitley P4980
Bowles R A Lancaster W4234
Bowles H R Lancaster W4245
Bowles H D Whitley Z6585
Bowles T P Lancaster R5738
Bowles Paul N P-51 Mustang
Bowley K W Halifax LK800
Bowley I Lancaster ME778
Bowley K Halifax DT701
Bowley Robert George
Bowlin Roy L Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Bowling C B Stirling EF162
Bowling T J Halifax HR817
Bowling J Ventura AE781
Bowling H Halifax LW544
Bowman N J Lancaster LM587
Bowman N E Halifax LM116
Bowman A E Lancaster ND949
Bowman Robert Anthony Blenheim L9323
Bowman Fred Halifax MZ642
Bowman Lloyd Douglas Boston AL284
Bowman Al M Halifax JD420
Bowman P V Lancaster KB814
Bowman J F Stirling EE904
Bowman N Lancaster JB549
Bowman J Halifax W7820
Bowman J Halifax JD111
Bowman H C F Spitfire BL596
Bowman Stirling W7462
Bowman Stirling N3684
Bowman E A Lancaster ED885
Bowman G W Lancaster W4137
Bowman J H Wellington T2554
Bowman Alan Peter
Bowman John Vickery
Bowman Norman Jack
Bowman Nelson Ellis
Bowman Anthony Ellis
Bowman Alan McDonald
Bowman John James
Bowman Ralph I P-51 Mustang
Bowman Vernon L P-38 Lightning
Bowman Nathan Mosquito ML991
Bown L W Lancaster ND364
Bown Brian Edward Whitley LA879
Bown D R Halifax W7876
Bown L G Lancaster PB192
Bown G M Lancaster ED527
Bown T Lancaster PB453
Bown G Halifax JD301
Bown Sydney Keith
Bown Leslie Walter
Bown Bruce Oswald
Bowness Marshal Vivian Muir
Bowring C M Halifax R9449
Bowring E Lancaster ME835
Bowring R A H Halifax HR673
Bowring R A H Halifax BB368
Bowring N H Lancaster JB222
Bowring B Whitley Z9301
Bowron Robin Overton
Bows R Lancaster ME637
Bowsher N F Halifax R9453
Bowskill T Lancaster LM383
Bowskill Hampden AE121
Bowtell J H R Lancaster LM128
Bowthorpe D W Halifax LW539
Bowyer Raymond Marshall Stirling EF364
Bowyer Norman Hugh Lancaster DV264
Bowyer J F Lancaster JA847
Bowyer W Halifax MZ908
Bowyer R Lancaster R5482
Bowyer S T K Lancaster ED417
Bowyer C C J Stirling BK704
Bowyer R L G Boston AL278
Bowyer D L Whitley T4298
Bowyer W G Lancaster ED489
Box George Walter Lancaster ND398
Box Frederick Ernest Arthur Halifax W7925
Box Douglas C. Stirling EE878
Box J A Halifax LK894
Box D G Whitley Z9307
Box A J Hampden AD905
Box Wallace Howell Wellington R1783
Box L B Blenheim V6427
Box Malcolm
Box Norman L P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Boxall George Lascelles Stirling W7562
Boxall Charles Henry George Stirling W7513
Boxall G R Lancaster ND328
Boxall J Halifax LW333
Boxall C F Mosquito LR476
Boxall J R Lancaster EE195
Boxall G E Wellington R1411
Boxell R H Stirling BF458
Boxsell W K Lancaster LM746
Boxshall S G J Lancaster JB478
Boy R Spitfire NH521
Boyall J F R Hampden X3153
Boyan Hampden P2117
Boyce W G Lancaster JB734
Boyce J R Halifax MZ448
Boyce J W Wellington X9826
Boyce C D Lancaster LM578
Boyce William John Halifax JD143
Boyce Robert Richardson Lancaster KB751
Boyce E B Lancaster HK769
Boyce T W Lancaster LM581
Boyce Wellington W5435
Boyce K A Lancaster LM218
Boyce P G Halifax JB786
Boyce W J Halifax JD463
Boyce R J Lancaster JB679
Boyce John Scott Halifax HR778
Boyce D B Lancaster NN715
Boyce D G N Halifax MZ518
Boyce D G N Halifax LK756
Boyce J I Hampden X2967
Boyce William George
Boyce Richard Francis
Boyce Frederick Clifford
Boyce Ernest Avery
Boyd Robert Douglas Lancaster ME863
Boyd F L Lancaster W4335
Boyd R H Lancaster ND905
Boyd James Owen Lancaster LM316
Boyd R T R Lancaster PD215
Boyd N C Lancaster HE664
Boyd Thomas Hurricane P2717
Boyd Thomas Hurricane P3419
Boyd George Patrick Lancaster ME595
Boyd F. Whitley Z9300
Boyd F R Lancaster RA523
Boyd H R Wellington X9762
Boyd Allan Bernard Halifax NP796
Boyd C A Wellington HE744
Boyd J L Wellington HE864
Boyd B A Lancaster W4307
Boyd Donald McMillan Lancaster PD283
Boyd J M Whitley Z6950
Boyd R G Stirling BF521
Boyd William James Victor Lancaster LM268
Boyd J C Halifax DK247
Boyd G J P Lancaster DS721
Boyd F Halifax HR665
Boyd J Lancaster W4854
Boyd F Halifax HX322
Boyd J T Lancaster ME806
Boyd R Manchester L7318
Boyd D L Tempest EJ887
Boyd R J Spitfire MB796
Boyd W J S Halifax BB283
Boyd P D Halifax DT617
Boyd T Halifax LK963
Boyd J Lancaster R5493
Boyd W A Lancaster JA892
Boyd R V Halifax DT513
Boyd J Whitley K9040
Boyd G K Lancaster DS706
Boyd R Spitfire W3187
Boyd R Spitfire W3187
Boyd J Halifax NR120
Boyd A B Halifax DT563
Boyd C R Halifax D730
Boyd A G Lancaster JB190
Boyd Adrian Hope 'Ginger'
Boyd Archibald Douglas McNeill ("Archie")
Boyd Robert Finlay
Boyd Robert Douglas
Boyd Frank Lawrence
Boyd Ronald Howard
Boyd Athol Stewart
Boyd John Livingstone
Boyd Archie Gordon
Boyd Harold William
Boyd Thompson Neville Digby
Boyd Harry James
Boyd Gordon Alex
Boyd Leslie Cyril
Boyd James John
Boyd James Owen
Boyd Roy Vincent
Boyd Norman Collis
Boyd Earl Holly B-17 Towering Titan 43-38085
Boyd Warren D P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Boyde Russell Lancaster ME635
Boyde Donald Clark B-24 42-51187
Boydell J C B Lancaster LM551
Boydell R A Halifax LW461
Boydell A Lancaster ED973
Boydell E Halifax NR121
Boydell R Halifax JB903
Boydell Charles Broughton
Boydell John Charles Broughton
Boyden D A G Halifax MZ403
Boydon Ronald Arthur Blake Lancaster R5895
Boyer Gilbert Davies Halifax JB866
Boyer M W Halifax LW425
Boyer J P A Wellington BJ958
Boyer Hurricane BE552
Boyer D L Whitley P4981
Boyers C W Halifax RG444
Boyes Joseph Edward Stirling BK701
Boyes James Riby Stirling BF383
Boyes Harry Thomas Wellington BK386
Boyes L C Lancaster LL910
Boyes W H Halifax JD253
Boyes J A Halifax MZ349
Boyes R L Stirling R9259
Boyes H Halifax LK922
Boyes Gordon Ediss
Boyes Haskell B-17 43-38853
Boyett Robert H Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Boylan Michael Joseph Halifax NP699
Boylan M Lancaster DV392
Boylan T H Lancaster L7531
Boyle Brian Phillip Lancaster JB736
Boyle J J Lancaster ND332
Boyle J Stirling W7565
Boyle Daniel Patrick Wellington HE468
Boyle William Donald Battle L5226
Boyle John Lancaster PD316
Boyle P N Lancaster DV234
Boyle Gerald Beaufort N1044
Boyle Ernest Elroy Lancaster LL862
Boyle H V Spitfire MK299
Boyle J A Wellington BJ602
Boyle A N Halifax LW436
Boyle B F Lancaster NG396
Boyle C P Lancaster HK769
Boyle M H Lancaster PB561
Boyle E F Halifax MZ514
Boyle M J Halifax BB252
Boyle T C Whitley Z6837
Boyle M Wellington Z1614
Boyle N C Wellington W5365
Boyle B J Wellington BK385
Boyle A H Halifax JD277
Boyle F P Lancaster PD318
Boyle J G Spitfire X4426
Boyle M I Lancaster ME679
Boyle Alexander David Halifax DT631
Boyle S Lancaster JB180
Boyle Wellington R1499
Boyle R C Lancaster HK603
Boyle Brian Phillip
Boyle Daniel Patrick
Boyle John Joseph
Boyle John
Boyle Alan John Boston BZ243
Boyle Alfred R P-51 Mustang
Boyle Herbert L P-47 Thunderbolt
Boyle Mark K P-47 Thunderbolt
Boyle Mark K P-47 Thunderbolt
Boyle William J P-51 Mustang
Boyle William J F-6C Mustangs
Boyles Frank R P-47 Thunderbolt
Boyles Frank R P-47 Thunderbolt
Boylson W W Mosquito KB329
Boylson W W Stirling BF316
Boylson William Wrixon
Boyne A J Lancaster R5863
Boynton Robert H. B-24 Gawgia Peach 42-52709
Boynton T S Lancaster ME649
Boynton T W Lancaster JB537
Boynton Geoffrey Vernon
Boys Robert John Kitchener
Boys Howard Raymond
Boys Josepha Constance
Boyson G A T Lancaster ME300
Boyter P V Halifax MZ524
Boyton H J Lancaster JB143
Boyton S C Battle P2247
Boyton Basil
Bozarth Walter L Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Bozeat J E Lancaster PD336
Bożek Władysław Spitfire P8313
Bozer D M Whitley Z6946
Bozier R T Lancaster W4313
Bozier L H Lancaster ND552
Bozier G A Halifax JB871
Braathen Harold Lancaster ME699
Brabant N K Halifax LK760
Brabbins Earl Stuart Halifax MZ454
Brabender Elton Duncan
Brabham Robert Chester
Brace A A Wellington X3634
Brace N E Wellington X3755
Brace A C Stirling EJ104
Brace J W Halifax DK240
Brace R H J Wellington N2986
Bracegirdle J Hampden P2087
Bracegirdle J C Lancaster LL833
Bracegridle J C Lancaster NN705
Bracewell J H Lancaster JB359
Bracey K G Lancaster DS728
Brachet Robert Claude Halifax LL590
Brachi Basil John Mosquito HJ935
Bracken William Henry Stirling W7520
Bracken William David Halifax LK906
Bracken E Lancaster ED931
Bracken John William
Brackenbury S B K Hampden P1165
Brackenridge D M Halifax HR655
Brackley M B Lancaster ME799
Brackley R A Hurricane L1655
Brad H A Lancaster ND853
Bradbeer Henry Septimus Halifax L9521
Bradbrook L H Halifax W7715
Bradburn C M Halifax W1116
Bradburn J L Lancaster JB748
Bradburn G Lancaster ND702
Bradburn J Lancaster ND515
Bradburn J H Halifax LW511
Bradbury K R Lancaster JB673
Bradbury J Sunderland T9075
Bradbury Clifford Douglas Anson N5055
Bradbury Hugh Halifax MZ532
Bradbury R F Halifax W7654
Bradbury R S Lancaster DV270
Bradbury H W Halifax LL279
Bradbury L E Halifax W7753
Bradbury L E Halifax DG225
Bradbury E D (Robert?) Lancaster ED318
Bradbury C S Hampden Z2917
Bradbury D A Halifax LL558
Bradbury M Halifax LW509
Bradbury R Whitley N1525
Bradbury R Whitley N1490
Bradbury Keith Robert James
Bradd D G Lancaster ND531
Braddock B Lancaster PB471
Braddock W E Wellington BJ767
Braddock Graham Airspeed Oxford V4158
Braddock Robert Jack Stirling LJ878
Braddock E F Halifax LW192
Braddock Bryant
Braden D Lancaster NN699
Bradey J C Lancaster W4766
Bradey George Edward Francis Wellington X3646
Bradfield L F Lancaster ED625
Bradford M A E Halifax HR678
Bradford J McK Lancaster DS625
Bradford Edward Albert John Lancaster DS780
Bradford W R Whitley Z6671
Bradford J G Lancaster HK560
Bradford J Stirling BK764
Bradford R L Wellington P9213
Bradford N W Mosquito HK459
Bradford F H Mustang KH685
Bradford C S Mosquito DZ649
Bradford D Halifax JD203
Bradford T W Lancaster R5744
Bradford J D Lancaster ED868
Bradford Robert Watson
Bradford Michael Albert Edward
Bradford Colin Arthur
Bradford Edward P P-38 Lightning
Bradford Frank D P-51 Mustang
Bradhurst J C Wellington W5438
Brading R J Hampden P4371
Bradley T W Lancaster ND420
Bradley A R Lancaster ME853
Bradley Ivor Hall Lancaster EE127
Bradley Herbert Lancaster W5003
Bradley James Calvert Halifax L9622
Bradley James Wilson Blenheim V5888
Bradley Arthur Andrew Halifax RG375
Bradley Norman J Fortress HB779
Bradley George Beedham Lancaster DV234
Bradley Joseph D Halifax W7679
Bradley C R Lancaster PB634
Bradley Gordon Clark Lancaster ED645
Bradley J E Lancaster W4371
Bradley J R Halifax JD156
Bradley R G Lancaster LM652
Bradley Allen Catto Halifax DT576
Bradley E Halifax DT808
Bradley R J Lancaster DS849
Bradley K W Halifax NR253
Bradley F Boston W8304
Bradley N W Wellington X3359
Bradley Allan George Halifax NP819
Bradley R I Halifax NP803
Bradley F W Lancaster NG363
Bradley R Lancaster ED661
Bradley John William Lancaster LM427
Bradley D R Wellington W5493
Bradley A H Stirling W7584
Bradley A H Stirling BF445
Bradley A H Stirling W7631
Bradley Desmond George Hampden P1212
Bradley Fortress AN522
Bradley H W Whitley P495?
Bradley W F Lancaster ED976
Bradley S Wellington X3472
Bradley W L Lancaster JB745
Bradley A Lancaster ME832
Bradley E Lancaster R5608
Bradley G E Hampden X3021
Bradley H Lancaster JB601
Bradley J W Blenheim V6249
Bradley John Wellington BJ711
Bradley R M Battle L5591
Bradley E G Halifax JD255
Bradley D R Halifax W7873
Bradley J S Lancaster JA976
Bradley R C Halifax DK249
Bradley A A Halifax MZ349
Bradley S C Lancaster W4267
Bradley G R Lancaster PB202
Bradley H Lancaster ME867
Bradley T P A Stirling N3640
Bradley V T Halifax DK207
Bradley V H Halifax JD383
Bradley D Whitley Z6752
Bradley A G T Halifax R9447
Bradley E Boston Z2224
Bradley R G Fortress AN534
Bradley James
Bradley Thomas Wallace
Bradley Roy Gordon
Bradley David Burton
Bradley Keith James
Bradley Charles Carrol
Bradley David Leslie
Bradley James
Bradley Alick Ronald
Bradley Basil George Sheridan
Bradley A.E. Boston BZ365
Bradley Howard Eldon Wellington MP629
Bradley W A Lancaster ND800
Bradley Jack T P-51 Mustang
Bradley Jack T P-51 Mustang
Bradley Jack T P-51 Mustang
Bradley Jack T P-51 Mustang
Bradley Jack T P-51 Mustang
Bradley Jack T P-51 Mustang
Bradley Jack T P-51 Mustang
Bradley Jack T P-51 Mustang
Bradley Jack T P-51 Mustang
Bradley Jack T P-51 Mustang
Bradley Jack T P-47 Thunderbolt
Bradley Jack T P-47 Thunderbolt
Bradley Jack T P-47 Thunderbolt
Bradley Jr Howard R. B-25 Ooh Brother 43-27489
Bradnury W E Lancaster RF120
Bradshaw George William Halifax NP702
Bradshaw John Olav Stirling EE873
Bradshaw D C E Halifax HX149
Bradshaw James Blenheim Z7309
Bradshaw R L Halifax R9439
Bradshaw S V Wellington MS484
Bradshaw A J Halifax LV822
Bradshaw R R Lancaster NF963
Bradshaw R E Halifax HR697
Bradshaw E W Halifax HX332
Bradshaw H E Halifax HR669
Bradshaw N Lancaster PB147
Bradshaw D C Lancaster JA672
Bradshaw J R Lancaster W4102
Bradshaw A Spitfire MH425
Bradshaw J C Hampden AD752
Bradshaw A L Wellington T2967
Bradshaw J R Halifax DG272
Bradshaw E A Lancaster NG391
Bradshaw R Lancaster ED692
Bradshaw Blenheim L8743
Bradshaw Edward Lancaster R5763
Bradshaw J Whitley Z6657
Bradshaw Whitley Z6808
Bradshaw S E Lancaster R5517
Bradshaw G H Lancaster ND389
Bradshaw Blenheim Z7488
Bradshaw Blenheim V6455
Bradshaw J O Stirling EF397
Bradshaw E Stirling EE887
Bradshaw G C A Stirling BF566
Bradshaw C A Lancaster JB531
Bradshaw Edward Liberator EV941
Bradshaw Donald Peter
Bradshaw Malcolm
Bradshaw Keith Gittus
Bradshaw Robert D Jr P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Bradstreet Raymond Harold
Bradwell C Stirling EF437
Brady J Lancaster PB572
Brady F P J Stirling EF188
Brady A J Lancaster LM583
Brady John Bernard Hudson AM663
Brady J W Lancaster LM691
Brady Noel Stuart Stirling BF390
Brady Patrick John Wellington R1455
Brady George Lancaster ED326
Brady Thomas George Lancaster DV388
Brady Francis Joseph Desmond Halifax DK243
Brady Albert Thomas Whitley Z9220
Brady C J Lancaster NN711
Brady Joseph Gordon Lancaster ED865
Brady M Stirling BF398
Brady M Stirling EH881
Brady Boston W8387
Brady Boston W8388
Brady A S Boston BZ260
Brady N S Blenheim N6144
Brady C T T Wellington X3485
Brady Wellington Z8904
Brady D T Halifax LW364
Brady H G Lancaster JB134
Brady T S Lancaster NE131
Brady John
Brady William
Brady Francis Patrick Joseph
Brady James Maxwell
Brady William George
Brady Alan John
Brady John Bernard
Brady Patrick John
Brady Neville William Barton
Brady John William
Brady Laurence Roy
Brady Thomas J. le B-17 Rationed Passion 42-30782
Brady Alvin William B-17 Big Barn Smell 42-32093
Brady Wendell D P-47 Thunderbolt`
Brager K L Lancaster DS758
Brager K L Lancaster DS732
Bragg Wilfred Spencer Stirling EF359
Bragg J P Stirling R9264
Bragg S A Lancaster PB243
Bragg C G Halifax LL358
Bragg A L Lancaster NG353
Bragg R V Lancaster JA696
Bragg D A Lancaster PB436
Bragg R E Halifax JB924
Braham John Randall Daniel 'Bob' Beaufighter V8284
Braham John Randall Daniel 'Bob' Mosquito N5989
Braham John Randall Daniel ("Bob")
Braham D F
Braham John Harold Collyer
Brahams David Frederick Whitley P4954
Braid Alexander Albert Halifax MZ715
Braid R W Lancaster LM423
Braid G M Lancaster LM423
Braid Alexander Albert
Braid Eric William
Brailey C R Wellington X3760
Brailsford R Lancaster LL739
Brain G Lancaster ME451
Brain E A Whitley Z9289
Brain William Walter D arcy Stirling LK276
Brain Ronald Ernest Wellington AD632
Brain Hampden P4407
Brain D I Lancaster LM279
Brain P C J Stirling R9154
Brain C J A C Wellington R3196
Brain J Wellington P9282
Brain Willie Thomas
Braine A W Stirling EF238
Braine A R Lancaster LM206
Braine Hope
Braines M R Lancaster W4279
Braithwaite J S Lancaster LL848
Braithwaite Walter Halifax NA107
Braithwaite Frederick Arthur Lancaster LL673
Braithwaite James Edward Lancaster LL782
Braithwaite C Stirling EF195
Braithwaite C R Fortress KJ112
Braithwaite H Lancaster ND344
Braithwaite J G N Hampden AD937
Braithwaite John Sidney
Braithwaite S.M. Douglas DC-3 Dakota KG397
Brakeman Jesse Clemence Wellington R1717
Brakes B E Halifax JD381
Brakes B E Halifax LW674
Braley Raymond Sydney Halifax W7870
Braley Byron K P-51 Mustang
Braley Byron K P-51 Mustang
Braley Byron K P-51 Mustang
Bramah H G K Hurricane N2541
Bramall Joseph Dennis Blenheim R3600
Bramall F Halifax DK244
Bramble James Alfred Stirling BK688
Bramble A J Lancaster LL915
Bramble K W Spitfire W3307
Brambleby James Edwin Halifax NP796
Brames R Hampden X3054
Bramfitt G L Halifax W7818
Bramhall Ronald Wellington R1627
Bramhall J V Lancaster LM493
Bramham C O Lancaster ED354
Bramham H Boston W8297
Bramley T C Lancaster LM364
Bramley R A Wellington R1606
Bramley G W Lancaster JA975
Bramley E M Stirling MZ263
Bramley F P Stirling EF336
Bramley F P Lancaster W4268
Bramley R Lancaster LL812
Bramley Clifton Elswood
Brammall J A Lancaster ND439
Brams G C Battle L5433
Bramwell C A Halifax LW364
Bramwell W Stirling EF398
Bramwell William 'Smasher' Halifax
Branch Guy Rawstron Hurricane P2951
Branch Colin Rex Lancaster RF159
Branch H J Halifax LV910
Branch G R Hurricane P2699
Branch A C Lancaster JB154
Branch Sydney James
Branchflower R W Halifax JD470
Brancker H P Blenheim Z7276
Brand N Halifax MZ298
Brand George Lancaster ME684
Brand L W Halifax MZ471
Brand Peter Healey Wellington HE899
Brand R N Halifax BB249
Brand A Blenheim R3824
Brand R C H Lancaster W4936
Brand A C Lancaster LM342
Brand D Hampden AD731
Brand W Lancaster NG257
Brand Ray George
Brand Norman
Brandau Otto H. B-17 42-97480
Brandenburg James H P-47 Thunderbolt
Brander H S Halifax DT481
Brander A P Lancaster DV400
Brander H D Stirling N3664
Brander Harry Sutton
Brander Anthony Phillip
Brandish R S Stirling N6129
Brandon T S Halifax W7782
Brandon Charles Henry Hampden AD795
Brandon T W Halifax DK244
Brandon A A Halifax HR726
Brandon A G Halifax NP933
Brandon F D Lancaster LL859
Brandon Reginald Stanley
Brandon Sydney John Wellington HF732
Brandon-Trye Philip Wellington BK235
Brandow W L Wellington X3814
Brandrick D M Stirling BF524
Brandsma D B Liberator EV941
Brandt A L Stirling W7448
Brandt J Typhoon MN474
Brandt Spitfire PL191
Brandt Augustinus Ludwig
Brandt Clifford E Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Brandt Floyd G P-51 Mustang
Brandt Floyd G P-51 Mustang
Brandt Floyd G P-51 Mustang
Brandwood F B Mosquito ML975
Branford J Stirling BK765
Braniff M S Halifax DT615
Branigan W E Lancaster JB295
Branigan A Halifax JB970
Branizza Robert (Roberto) John B-24 42-95186
Branker Ronald Liberator JT985
Branmer D A Lancaster NF961
Brannagan T A Spitfire NH233
Brannigan Stewart Gordon Spitfire EP128
Brannigan A Halifax JD371
Brannigan A Halifax BB380
Brannon W A F Wellington X3762
Brans S Lancaster W4170
Bransby J Halifax PN447
Bransby S B Blenheim R2791
Bransby Alfred Henry
Branscombe J V Halifax DT738
Bransgrove W E Halifax NA114
Bransgrove A E Wellington HE810
Branson K G Spitfire AR336
Branson Geoffrey Victor Lancaster ED373
Branson J P L Wellington R1493
Branston L F Halifax NP811
Branszted Jan Avro Lancaster ME744
Brant Harry Wellington W5485
Brant John Watson Lancaster W4905
Brant Whitley P4967
Brant K Spitfire MK146
Brant K Spitfire PT395
Brant R R Lancaster ND964
Branton J R Battle P2265
Branton H J Lancaster DS724
Brash Robert Hugh Lancaster R5619
Brash G B Blenheim R3626
Brasher E K F Wellington Z1385
Brasher Edward Keith Forbes
Brasher I P-47 Thunderbolt
Brasington G C Stirling EJ125
Brasington George Charles
Brasnett R G Stirling R9146
Brass J G Mosquito MM152
Brassard P A Halifax MZ493
Brassel T J Wellington HZ257
Brassel Terence Joseph
Brassey G A Halifax W1226
Brassington Wellington LN601
Braswell Homer Hildred B-24 'Lone Ranger' 44-40098
Bratherton Wilfred Hudson AE640
Brathwaite Robert George Ashley Wellington T2723
Brathwaite Robert George Ashley
Brathwaite Robert George Ashley Wellington Z8852
Bratkowski Marian Jan Wellington X9687
Bratley H W Wellington R1244
Bratley P H Wellington W5680
Bratt Douglas Stuart Lancaster ED431
Bratt E C Wellington Z8511
Bratton H Hampden L4073
Brault Edward E P-47 Thunderbolt
Braun Michael Ryves Wellington T2463
Braun Werner George B-24 42-52506
Braund M P Halifax MZ812
Braund J P Halifax MZ924
Braur H C Lancaster HK560
Brawley Paul Franklin Wellington BJ689
Brawn Roy Arthur Halifax LK681
Brawn Henry Halifax LW588
Brawn Leonard Thomas Halifax LK664
Brawn L T Halifax DK174
Brawn L T Halifax DK175
Brawn Roy Arthur
Bray John Terry Wellington BJ840
Bray R S Halifax HX231
Bray C L Wellington DV579
Bray E C Stirling BF578
Bray W Halifax DK184
Bray J Lancaster LM638
Bray C H Halifax DT800
Bray D Stirling EF502
Bray A R Spitfire BM486
Bray F J Halifax DT644
Bray E R Halifax JN884
Bray K Halifax HX349
Bray W R Stirling BF440
Bray W R Stirling EE937
Bray J Lancaster DS726
Bray Leslie Robert Halifax DT561
Bray D G Whitley Z9274
Bray L C Wellington Z1656
Bray G E Mosquito KB195
Bray K Halifax LK709
Bray E R Stirling BF524
Bray R T Manchester L7490
Bray W T Lancaster PB521
Bray William Henry
Bray John Terry
Bray Arthur Donald
Bray Henry John
Braybrook Bertram Stanley Halifax W1100
Braybrook F A Whitley Z6821
Braybrook Frederick Arthur Halifax W7886
Braybrook S Halifax DK165
Braybrook Bertram Stanley
Braybrooke Fulke Henry Arthur Albemarle P1400
Braybrooke F V Whitley T4146
Braye I W Blenheim V6177
Braye Robert Allan Ross
Brayford L W Lancaster W4384
Brayler W E J Halifax LW723
Brayley E Spitfire AB861
Brayne F C Wellington Z1328
Brayne K Halifax MZ825
Brayne R P Whitley P4992
Brayne Frederick Charles
Brayshaw C E Typhoon JP653
Brayshaw C E Typhoon JR258
Brayshaw J D Halifax MZ794
Brazda P Spitfire BM357
Brazeau J P R F Halifax LW425
Brazier William Joseph Wellington W5414
Brazier P V Wellington X9873
Brazier A J Lancaster ND399
Brazier S V Halifax EX167
Brazier E W B Lancaster LL703
Brazier Colin George Arthur Halifax W1248
Brazil J L Lancaster JA855
Brazill W Wellington BJ877
Breach Robert Henry Wellington LP197
Breach R G A Lancaster LL902
Breaden Geoffrey Malcolm Drysdale Lancaster JB488
Breaker J Halifax MZ508
Breakey A Blenheim T2396
Breaks R Lancaster PB186
Breakspear Allan Rothery
Breakwell G Lancaster ND962
Breakwell R Lancaster NG386
Bream E J Halifax JD476
Brear James Halifax LV857
Brear B Lancaster ED829
Breard R Halifax PN179
Breare John Barrie Lancaster JA715
Brearley E Whirlwind P6995
Brearley E W Halifax JD298
Brearley R Whitley Z6743
Breathwit Carl E P-51 Mustang
Breault A J Halifax NP942
Brechin J M Halifax JD249
Brechin Angus Edward
Breck A N Wellington W5356
Breckell R H Hampden AE317
Breckell W L Halifax HR906
Breckon G F Spitfire W3316
Breckon J Lancaster ED701
Bredin J C Wellington Z8839
Bredin M W Lancaster KB814
Breed M R Mosquito DZ558
Breed D E Stirling W7509
Breed John Leonard
Breedon S H D Lancaster ED532
Breedon G Stirling R9260
Breedon G N Lancaster JB184
Breen F J Wellington Z1483
Breen W.M Halifax LL380
Breen W J Halifax LK629
Breen J G Wellington HE392
Breen Roy Frederick Typhoon MP178
Breen Harold Vincent
Breen Leonard
Breen Frederick James
Breene P J Hampden AD727
Breene P J Hampden X3005
Brees A Mustang FD472
Breese J C Blenheim P6910
Breet R O C Lancaster ED412
Breeze Lionel Bradley Whitley P4943
Breeze H A A Halifax LL258
Breeze J T Stirling LJ999
Bregman Jerzy Józef Avro Lancaster PB171
Brehn Thomas John Wellington Z1682
Breir H P Halifax MZ456
Breithaupt W W Mosquito DZ254
Breivis John Lancaster R5897
Brejcha V Hurricane
Brelsford H Halifax L9501
Breman Laverne R P-38 Lightning
Breman Laverne R P-38 Lightning
Bremner Eric Lancaster HK538
Bremner John Halifax LW337
Bremner John Donald Halifax JN954
Bremner Robert Duff
Bremner I M Lancaster LM417
Bremner A Mustang FR895
Bremner A F Lancaster DV184
Bremner W S Lancaster ND523
Bremner Eric
Bren Robin H.D. Halifax BB205
Brenard W A Mustang AM216
Brenchley G H Lancaster PB463
Brener Henry Wellington X3638
Brennan Arthur Benjamin Lancaster NF960
Brennan Cyril Spitfire BM536
Brennan Leonard Reginald Wellington W5564
Brennan Kevin Barry Wellington N2897
Brennan Christopher Charles Lancaster ED925
Brennan C Wellington X3464
Brennan Michael Francis Wellington LP981
Brennan J R Whirlwind P7122
Brennan H J P Halifax LL419
Brennan A C Stirling EF452
Brennan H J Wellington LN896
Brennan E K Halifax W7714
Brennan Lawrence William Halifax MZ907
Brennan W T Halifax NP967
Brennan L J Mosquito PF393
Brennan J Halifax JD206
Brennan J B Lancaster R5904
Brennan P Stirling BF411
Brennan J B Lancaster LL781
Brennan T Stirling EF402
Brennan J F Lancaster PB537
Brennan M Lancaster ME321
Brennan Leonard Reginald
Brennan Arthur Benjamin
Brennan Cyril
Brennan John Joseph
Brennan John Joseph
Brennan William Stanley
Brennan Virgil Paul
Brennan Denis Cecil Wellington LP210
Brennen D Lancaster R5526
Brent J W Wellington L4232
Brent J L Lancaster DS784
Brent J W L G Wellington P9276
Brentnall Kenneth Thomas Lancaster W5002
Brenton Kenneth Stickney Mosquito HK382
Brenton L A Lancaster JB719
Brenton Edward Harry
Brenton William Frederick
Brereton R Le Gay Lancaster PB176
Brereton T F S Battle L5546
Brereton A S Lancaster ND759
Breslin Daniel Wellington BK235
Bresnahan Daniel
Bresslof B Lancaster ND453
Bresson J Halifax NA572
Brest Clarence Samuel Halifax LL135
Bretherton F J Halifax JD412
Bretscher E M Lancaster DS766
Brett P B Halifax LL610
Brett Beamish Gore Halifax HX273
Brett Anthony Leonard Lancaster LM263
Brett James Albert Lancaster W4905
Brett David Beaufort L9791
Brett H B Lancaster LM134
Brett T E Halifax W7852
Brett R H Halifax R9446
Brett D T Blenheim T1824
Brett D W Wellington Z8499
Brett J Wellington Z8598
Brett C M A B Wellington Z1243
Brett A F Stirling EE969
Brett M K Halifax DT681
Brett P W Stirling EH952
Brett J E L Lancaster ME386
Brett R W Lancaster ND552
Brett J A Lancaster ED475
Brett B T Halifax DT628
Brett B T Halifax DT506
Brett A C Lancaster LL939
Brett J Halifax NR120
Brett J Lancaster ED868
Brett Ronald Oswald Charles
Brettel E G Spitfire BS313
Brettell A Lancaster LL627
Brettell G E Spitfire W3709
Brettle Leslie Robert Lancaster W4799
Breuer Louis K Iii P-47 Thunderbolt
Brevitt R W Lancaster ED417
Brewer Robert Henry Halifax LL552
Brewer John Harrison Lancaster ED372
Brewer David John Lancaster HK538
Brewer Horace Charles Jack Blenheim L8616
Brewer Thomas James Brewer Lancaster JA921
Brewer D L Halifax NP773
Brewer E C Lancaster DS829
Brewer M J Halifax RG347
Brewer H R Halifax HX353
Brewer E C Hudson FK767
Brewer Ronald Leslie Spitfire P7327
Brewer Alfred Halifax R9383
Brewer Alfred Halifax W7871
Brewer Whitley Z9162
Brewer S C Lancaster W4335
Brewer P C Blenheim L9240
Brewer J Lancaster LL672
Brewer J Stirling EF149
Brewer C Lancaster NF980
Brewer W H H Lancaster LW740
Brewer Robert Edward B-24 42-51912
Brewerton Wellington W5727HA-V
Brewin R T Spitfire P7445
Brewin Alan Howard
Brewin Raymond Thomas
Brewin Patrick Hope
Brewington Robert A Lancaster ND597
Brewington Robert Alexander
Brewis V G Mosquito DD689
Brewis V G Mosquito NT122
Brewster J W Lancaster JB730
Brewster W E Wellington P9215
Brewster A J Whitley Z6563
Brewster C M Lancaster W4245
Brewster J E Stirling R9248
Brewster Archibald Wellington HE627
Breyner Stanisław Supermarine Spitfire MH45
Brezina F G Lancaster ME729
Brian E J Lancaster LM261
Brian Raymond Frank Blenheim Z7435
Brian W L F Stirling BK807
Briant A C Mosquito MM447
Briant E A R Halifax W1270
Briant V G E Halifax JN904
Briant N J Lancaster R5701
Briant Alfred Campbell
Brice Vincent Leslie Halifax L9622
Brice Francis Thomas Sargent Lancaster DS688
Brice A Halifax HX322
Brice A R Halifax LW720
Brice Kenneth Oliver Halifax JB866
Brice E W A Halifax DK200
Brichta P S D Wellington Z1084
Brick G Lancaster W4784
Brick E D Lancaster PB674
Brickell H Lancaster PB488
Brickenden “Brick” A.W. Lancaster LM513
Bricker John B P-47 Thunderbolt
Bricker John B P-47 Thunderbolt
Bricker John B P-47 Thunderbolt
Bricker John B P-47 Thunderbolt
Brickley T S Lancaster LL883
Brickman F J Lancaster PD272
Brickwood G C Mustang AM188
Brickwood W D Lancaster LL731
Brickwood D Lancaster LL697
Briddon William Fortress HB815
Bridekirk J H Mosquito NT331
Briden M F Wellington N2961
Bridewell Maurice Edward Halifax LK993
Bridewell Terence Alfred Evelyn Wellington Z8781
Bridewell T A E Wellington T2958
Bridge James Wellington P9288
Bridge Evelyn Liberator KH245
Bridge E A Halifax ED209
Bridge R C Halifax HR921
Bridge E Wellington X3668
Bridge S H Boston W8319
Bridge B D Ventura AE899
Bridge B S Lancaster W4798
Bridge Stanley William
Bridgeman Robert David Lancaster ME864
Bridgeman W G Halifax MZ910
Bridgeman P J Lancaster R5682
Bridgeman T B Halifax LV799
Bridgen J Stirling N3755
Bridger David Bruce Spitfire P9563
Bridger C J Stirling EE955
Bridger J C Halifax HR933
Bridger F N Halifax NP968
Bridger L M Halifax JB795
Bridges R K Lancaster LL750
Bridges D M Lancaster LL903
Bridges S Stirling N6017
Bridges M C Lancaster JA682
Bridgewater C B Halifax W1164
Bridgland Maurice Everest
Bridgman E F Lancaster DS667
Bridgman W F Spitfire SM279
Bridgman A M Stirling N6123
Bridgman F H Blenheim V6370
Bridgman S B Lancaster NG329
Bridgman A O Hampden L4049
Bridgman Sidney William Wellington LN335
Bridle W Halifax LL550
Bridson Allan Whitley P5087
Bridson Whitley P4961
Bridson H Blenheim L8831
Briegel James Stuart Lancaster DS831
Brien Henry Herbert Lancaster W4855
Brien Henry Herbert
Brien Cleveland J Jr P-51 Mustang
Brierley Edmund Mosquito HR464
Brierley Thomas Barry Stirling LJ982
Brierley K Stirling R9330
Brierley J R Lancaster W4837
Brierley D Halifax DT570
Brierley F Halifax DK266
Briers J W Lancaster NN705
Briers J M Lancaster LL833
Briers G R Halifax MZ316
Briffett G W Halifax LK644
Briffett Sydney John Halifax DT561
Brigaland R Halifax MZ742
Brigden C M Halifax HR787
Brigden D A Spitfire MK420
Brigden J C Stirling W7638
Brigden R O Mosquito N878
Brigden Clifton Macleay
Briggs James Lancaster LM490
Briggs Stanley Stirling N6068
Briggs Alfred Neil Blenheim Z6245
Briggs T S Beaufighter X7893
Briggs W E Halifax LW418
Briggs H H Halifax RG502
Briggs F Halifax W1213
Briggs Stirling N6093
Briggs E T Wellington T2561
Briggs H R Lancaster ME678
Briggs A G Halifax EX167
Briggs J H Halifax HR810
Briggs G H J Lancaster PB469
Briggs D A Lancaster LM431
Briggs H A Halifax HR733
Briggs T W Lancaster JB420
Briggs A G Halifax MZ583
Briggs E S Whitley Z9210
Briggs Hurricane Z2743
Briggs A Lancaster ED703
Briggs J Halifax LV422
Briggs J L Blenheim Z7445
Briggs Blenheim Z7445
Briggs Blenheim Z7454
Briggs George Maxwell
Briggs John Stanley
Briggs-Jude R W Halifax DK233
Brighouse Malcolm Stanley Hampden AT228
Brighouse E C Hampden P4392
Brighouse Malcolm Stanley
Bright K M Fortress HB788
Bright A L Lancaster LL789
Bright Kenneth Ernest Lancaster ED385
Bright Stanley Halifax DK192
Bright W H Wellington X3452
Bright J A Lancaster ED882
Bright Wellington T2618
Bright D S Wellington X3673
Bright R F J Lancaster ND755
Bright T J Halifax LW240
Bright Frederic Charles Lancaster JB186
Bright J B Lancaster LM112
Bright L R Halifax LK709
Bright J A Lancaster R5743
Bright Vernon Maxwell
Bright Harry Sidney
Bright Keith Mortimer
Bright Brian Robert
Brightmore P Hampden P1260
Brighton W J Stirling BF567
Brighton William Lawrence
Brightwell John Mostyn Beaufighter NT888
Brignell Dennis Horace Albert Halifax LW510
Brignell C Lancaster PB725
Brigstocke Andrew Lawrence Beaufort W6474
Brill Eugeniusz Vickers Wellington Z1325
Brill J K Mosquito HK348
Brill D J Lancaster JA963
Brillard R Halifax NA197
Brillinger Donald Stewart Halifax LV963
Brimble J J Hurricane P2542
Brimble W S Halifax DT511
Brimelow R Lancaster ND636
Brimfield D G Wellington X9983
Brimicombe V E Halifax NP999
Brimicombe R A J Lancaster PB401
Brims John Wellington X9792
Brind J R Wellington HE810
Brind T Stirling MZ263
Brindell Robert George
Brindle E Halifax DT701
Brindle J A Lancaster EE141
Brindley R W Halifax W7753
Brindley R W Halifax DG225
Brindley William Norman Whitley T4299
Brindley F W Wellington T2459
Brindley A Halifax W1058
Brindley K L Lancaster JB147
Brindley A H Lancaster PB347
Brindley Whitley P4984
Brindley Russel Walter
Brine L R Lancaster LL971
Brine Frederick Reginald Lancaster JB181
Brine J E Halifax LW417
Brine Ross Lawrence
Brine William Edward
Brine Lindsay Russell
Brining J Halifax MZ935
Brininstool Forrest W. B-24 Wham Bam! Thank You, Ma'm 42-110107
Brink James N P-51 Mustang
Brinkhurst John Derrick Lancaster R5914
Brinkhurst Donald Lancaster DV264
Brinkworth R G Halifax HR662
Brinkworth Ernest Peter Beaufort W6474
Brinn W G Blenheim R3683
Brinsden F N Spitfire R6958
Brinsden F N Mosquito HX826
Brinton Eric Alfred Lancaster JB181
Brinton Reginald Herbert Wellington LN296
Brisbane W C Halifax HR729
Brisbane Whitley N1406
Brisbane N J Spitfire R6609
Brisco F L Lancaster ED601
Brisco R H Wellington X3664
Briscoe James Walter Stirling EH908
Briscoe James Walter Stirling EF179
Briscoe Whitley T4165
Briscoe I M Typhoon JR293
Brisdoux Galloni d'Instria Pierre André Typhoon MN291
Brissenden Frederick Scott
Brisson J P G Halifax LW633
Brister John Archibald Wellington N2941
Brister C W Halifax JD379
Bristow T J Lancaster KB814
Bristow W F Lancaster ED583
Bristow R G Whitley T4216
Bristow A J Lancaster ND408
Bristow A N Mosquito DK328
Bristow A G Lancaster ED360
Bristow A E Stirling EF502
Bristow L J D Stirling EF438
Bristow Blenheim T2233
Bristow D E Blenheim T2282
Bristow D A Halifax LV995
Bristow A E Halifax LK948
Bristow J F H Blenheim T1827
Bristow Charles Wilfred Symons Wellington R1728
Bristow William E P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Bristow William E P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Britchford A T Lancaster ND702
Britland G D Lancaster LL675
Britnor Stanley Hampden P1305
Britt J L Halifax LL550
Britt Daniel T P-47 Thunderbolt
Brittain B W Lancaster LM117
Brittain George Blenheim Z7447
Brittain John Goodworth Lancaster RF230
Brittain P H Halifax LV912
Brittain W B Halifax MZ355
Brittain A Whitley Z6728
Brittain F C Stirling LJ531
Brittain W S Mosquito RS604
Brittain A Whitley P4972
Brittain H G Blenheim T2032
Brittain E J Lancaster LM519
Brittain J C Lancaster R5575
Brittain Jack Vivian
Brittain Albert Grosvenor
Brittain John Douglas DC-3 Dakota KG397
Brittan Wellington R1280
Brittan Wellington T2963
Brittan D W Mosquito KB353
Britten A G Lancaster LM640
Britten C A Lancaster ED528
Britten Frank Terry
Britten-Jones Ansell Edward
Brittingham R A Lancaster W4817
Brittingham Raymond Arthur
Brittle G H Lancaster JA864
Brittliff Joseph Willoughby
Britton Frederick James Stirling BK769
Britton C W A Halifax HX356
Britton H Halifax NP738
Britton M H Halifax HX164
Britton R V Blenheim N6231
Britton J J Wellington BJ979
Britton E I Lancaster PB672
Britton A J Lancaster ED770
Britts A J Lancaster PB174
Briza Vitezslav B-25 Mitchell FV953
Broach Richard H P-51 Mustang
Broad E G Wellington X9742
Broad Raymond Cecil Lancaster LM375
Broad Ernest Roy Lancaster ED833
Broad Frederick Heath Typhoon PD526
Broad J C S Halifax JD474
Broad S P Lancaster JB644
Broad R F Typhoon JP723
Broad H D Lancaster DV371
Broad Harold Peter Hampden X2997
Broad Harold Peter Hampden P1324
Broad L H Lancaster JB466
Broad J T Lancaster ND969
Broad Wellington T2820
Broad C Manchester R5779
Broad Donald Glen
Broad Edgar George
Broad Raymond Cecil
Broad Ronald Eric
Broadbank R A Wellington N2851
Broadbent John Frank Lancaster ED992
Broadbent G W Halifax EB250
Broadbent Lincoln RF365
Broadbent R C Stirling EE905
Broadbent Stanley Warhawk NZ3188
Broadbent E Lancaster NE117
Broadbent A S Lancaster ND996
Broadbent R E Lancaster ED361
Broadbent H Stirling BF381
Broadbent H C F Stirling W7474
Broadbent Halifax L9493
Broadbent C W Lancaster W4320
Broadbent L Lancaster ME357
Broadbent A B Lancaster ED483
Broadbent A R Lancaster JA905
Broadbent Francis Robinson
Broadbridge R F Stirling N6088
Broadfield Clarence Leslie Hudson VAM697
Broadfield W E Stirling BF441
Broadfoot J G Lancaster DS849
Broadfoot D F Halifax NP959
Broadfoot R R Halifax RG350
Broadfoot C McN Halifax LL255
Broadfoot Colin McDonald
Broadhead Donald Manchester L7489
Broadhead B H Stirling BK810
Broadhead D Lancaster NX584
Broadhead H M R Lancaster W4173
Broadhead E Stirling EF361
Broadhead Joseph E P-51 Mustang
Broadhead Joseph E P-51 Mustang
Broadhead Joseph E P-51 Mustang
Broadhead Joseph E P-51 Mustang
Broadhead Joseph E P-51 Mustang
Broadhead Joseph E P-51 Mustang
Broadhead Joseph E P-51 Mustang
Broadhead Joseph E P-51 Mustang
Broadhead Joseph E P-51 Mustang
Broadhurst Granville Wellington BK517
Broadhurst J Lancaster JB463
Broadhurst K Stirling BK703
Broadhurst J W Spitfire P9469
Broadhurst Wellington DV709
Broadhurst S Halifax L9489
Broadhurst R B Blenheim L8757
Broadhurst H Spitfire ?
Broadhurst Blenheim V6455
Broadie I J D Stirling BK609
Broadland E Blenheim L8738
Broadley John Duncan Wellington Z8869
Broadley J Mosquito ML932
Broadley John Alan Whitley Z9160
Broadley R Stirling EE892
Broadley J W R Lancaster W4157
Broadley Wellington R3200
Broadley John Alan 'Bill’ Mosquito HX922
Broadley Robert J P-47 Thunderbolt
Broadmore Wilfred Henry Lancaster ND641
Broadmore A G Lancaster ED878
Broadribb P F Stirling EF294
Broady R H J Stirling BF339
Broady Raymond Herbert John Stirling BF399
Brochu V A G Spitfire MK465
Brochu V A G Spitfire MJ301
Brochue J P B Halifax NP713
Brock Ronald Gerald Devereaux Lancaster ME725
Brock Frederick Hubert Wellington MF375
Brock W Halifax HX191
Brock H Lancaster ED587
Brock T W Lancaster W4304
Brock J A Lancaster ED712
Brock George Herbert Mosquito MT484
Brock Halcombe George
Brock James
Brock Harold Eric
Brock Henry James
Brock John Alexander
Brock Charles L P-51 Mustang
Brock Thomas C P-51 Mustang
Brockbank Samuel Lancaster PB134
Brocket John Crawford Stirling W7526
Brockett W D Lancaster NF952
Brockett L R Hampden AE369
Brockhoff Ralph Lindsay
Brockhurst E D T Liberator TS526
Brockhurst Colin Desmond
Brocking George Thomas Wellington L4275
Brocklehurst E E Wellington X9917
Brocklehurst Eric Thomas Anson EG110
Brocklehurst N Hudson FK767
Brocklehurst T Lancaster ED805
Brockley D C Manchester L7497
Brocksopp John Bentley
Brockway George William Lancaster JB722
Brockway R C Wellington R3279
Brockway A J Halifax JB862
Broda Jan Ludwik Wellington X9687
Brodby J R Spitfire PA893
Broddle A Halifax MZ855
Broddle A Halifax LK757
Broddy James Morley Wellington Z8428
Broden M H Lancaster NF982
Broderick William Lancaster JB129
Broderick L J M Halifax HR810
Broderick K J Lancaster R5861
Broderick J Stirling W7621
Broderick W Mosquito MM743
Broderick John James
Brodie I G Lancaster W4817
Brodie H R Wellington Z1249
Brodie Peter Gascoyne Whitley P4968
Brodie W A Lancaster PD378
Brodie R J Halifax NP686
Brodie W Lancaster W5007
Brodie Andrew Moore Wellington T2503
Brodie J D Lancaster W4796
Brodie J Lancaster LL955
Brodie W C Stirling W7528
Brodie H F Stirling BK805
Brodie H F Stirling EH890
Brodie A Mosquito NT130
Brodie A E Halifax HR788
Brodie B H Lancaster NN723
Brodie W J T Lancaster ED364
Brodie I J D Stirling BF437
Brodie Hugh Rowell
Brodie Ian George
Brodie Charles Milne Liberator KH214
Brodribb A F B Wellington R1411
Brodrick Noel George Wellington HE898
Brodrick W E Wellington X3477
Brodrick L C J Lancaster ED752
Brodrick Noel George
Brodrick Warren Robert
Brodzikowski Witold Józef Avro Lancaster NG269
Broe Bernard Lancaster L7578
Broemeling A J Lancaster ED360
Brogan J A Wellington Z1624
Brogan M A Halifax LL390
Brogan M A Stirling DJ972
Brogan M A Stirling LK312
Brogan P G Lancaster W4159
Brogden F W Halifax W1222
Broham J W T Hampden AE236
Brokaw Charles E P-47 Thunderbolt
Brokaw Van S P-51 Mustang
Brokenshire Nicholas John Catalina FP232
Broley D Wellington X9983
Broll J Lancaster PB208
Bromby A Wellington HF596
Bromfield John Joseph Halifax MZ432
Bromfield John Trevor Liberator KL654
Bromham Clifford George Halifax JP123
Bromiley J Hampden AE362
Bromiley J L Manchester L7423
Bromley R E Lancaster LL639
Bromley John Stuart Mee Defiant L6958
Bromley Alan Stevens Lancaster ME690
Bromley Harold Herbert J Lancaster LL914
Bromley Roy A Halifax LL380
Bromley R A Mustang AM251
Bromley T L Stirling BK691
Bromley N B R Mosquito PZ230
Bromley J A Halifax NP768
Bromley R Lancaster ED816
Bromley Edward
Bromley Charles Frederick
Bromley Reginald Ernest
Bromwich A T C Lancaster W4110
Bromwich A C Lancaster LM442
Brondgeest L J Halifax HR931
Bronicki Mieczysław Vickers Wellington HE327
Bronsky H Lancaster JB362
Bronson H E Halifax MZ867
Bronson C R Manchester L7466
Bronson Jack R P-47 Thunderbolt`
Broodbank Ronald Arthur
Brook P M Stirling EE912
Brook K R Lancaster JB699
Brook R E Lancaster JA906
Brook R Lancaster R5496
Brook Henry John Wellington Z1625
Brook John W. Hampden P4324
Brook Thomas Geoffrey Lancaster ED373
Brook George Elliot Lancaster NG307
Brook Derek Augustine Albemarle P1400
Brook Robert Lancaster PB527
Brook J R Stirling N6073
Brook Charles Cyril Halifax W7864
Brook A C Halifax LL152
Brook R G Lancaster ND876
Brook D Hampden AD784
Brook D H Lancaster ED650
Brook K A Lancaster JB278
Brook J E Mosquito ML996
Brook C E Lancaster DS684
Brook G H Blenheim Z7274
Brook F V Wellington X3672
Brook H W Wellington T2471
Brook S Lancaster NE175
Brook F G Hampden P4287
Brook K R Halifax DT742
Brook H C G Whitley P5021
Brook Jackie H Lancaster DV403
Brook N Halifax MZ347
Brook H C G Fortress AN534
Brook Philip Munro
Brook Kenneth Richard
Brook Roy Edward
Brook Raymond Leslie
Brook Robert
Brook Cyril William Hugh Wellington HF732
Brooke K S Lancaster NE136
Brooke W R Lancaster PD207
Brooke D Halifax DT772
Brooke H Lancaster NG466
Brooke F H Hampden AT142
Brooke P O Lancaster LM469
Brooke B Whitley P5058
Brooke P R S Wellington X3415
Brooke Baron Ainslie Wellington DV514
Brooke-Norris Sisson William Wellington Z1660
Brooke-Taylor Keith Hampden L4054
Brooke-Taylor Rex Oxford R6226
Brooker G R Mosquito DZ614
Brooker Sydney George Wellington T2505
Brooker H.V Stirling LJ451
Brooker R Halifax W7850
Brooker K A Blenheim T1881
Brooker R E P Tempest NV641
Brooker R E P Typhoon MN143
Brooker Hampden AE118
Brooker Spitfire P8579
Brooker M D Blenheim V6450
Brooker B C Lancaster ND697
Brooker J R Blenheim L8776
Brooker F J Hampden P4417
Brooker P L Lancaster NG133
Brooker R E Hurricane P3587
Brooker R E P Hurricane P3153
Brooker R E P Hurricane N2668
Brooker A A Hampden X2922
Brooker A A Hampden X2894
Brooker D F Lancaster LM393
Brooker R N B Stirling R9264
Brooker G B Mosquito TA400
Brooker B C Lancaster PB669
Brooker Frank Lloyd
Brooker Gordon Roy
Brooker William John
Brookershire H C Halifax MZ914
Brookes Frederick Halifax NA240
Brookes E C Lancaster W5003
Brookes Dominie X7354
Brookes R Lancaster LL887
Brookes C A Lancaster JB563
Brookes D W Halifax HR911
Brookes W J Spitfire EP747
Brookes J Battle P2333
Brookes Wellington N2853
Brookes Joseph Cecil Stirling R9201
Brookes J A Lancaster PB114
Brookes E W Halifax HX335
Brookes C H Halifax MZ945
Brookes L S Typhoon MP190
Brookes Stirling N3715
Brookes J R Halifax LV826
Brookes E Lancaster W4306
Brookes R Lancaster ED467
Brookes Hampden X2908
Brookes Eric Lancaster LM428
Brookes E Halifax HR948
Brookes A E Lancaster EE106
Brookes A E Lancaster EE150
Brookes E A Stirling R9259
Brookes M J H Halifax JB892
Brookes W Halifax W7698
Brookfield T S Lancaster R5904
Brookfield T S Lancaster LL781
Brookfield H Stirling W7584
Brookfield H Stirling BF445
Brookhouse J N Spitfire EN831
Brooking A R Mosquito HK296
Brooking Alexander Thomas
Brooking George R P-47 Thunderbolt
Brookins Richard C P-47 Thunderbolt
Brookins Richard C P-47 Thunderbolt
Brookins Richard C P-47 Thunderbolt
Brookins Richard C P-47 Thunderbolt
Brookins Richard C P-51 Mustang
Brookins Richard C P-51 Mustang
Brookman R C Lancaster LM587
Brookman Leonard Peter Whitley T4220
Brookman Herbert John Halifax LK898
Brookman Ronald Charles
Brooks H G Lancaster W4274
Brooks James Lennox Lancaster JB600
Brooks C C Halifax MZ914
Brooks Wilfred Stanley Wellington W5364
Brooks Blenheim L9332
Brooks Alexander Thomas Vultee Valiant Not Known
Brooks Herbert Gordon Wellington HX779
Brooks John Stanley Wellington R3157
Brooks Wellington W5710
Brooks John Alfred Lancaster ND534
Brooks Wilfred Stanley Lancaster ED858
Brooks William Ernest Halifax RG373
Brooks John Lancaster R5550
Brooks William Booth Mustang KH488
Brooks Derrick Augustine Whitley BD544
Brooks Ronald Edward Miles Magister R1891
Brooks Walter Paul Liberator AL577
Brooks Wilfred Henry Lancaster DV245
Brooks C E Lancaster PB456
Brooks Harry Beaufighter X8192
Brooks H Wellington X3467
Brooks Alfred Lancaster DS775
Brooks John Philip Lancaster DS771
Brooks G W Halifax NP739
Brooks R C Halifax DK261
Brooks H L Lancaster LM638
Brooks F C Halifax L9602
Brooks K B Halifax LK838
Brooks W A Halifax LV906
Brooks J C Whitley Z6749
Brooks J H Lancaster W4302
Brooks R J Lancaster LM166
Brooks Cyril Lancaster RF182
Brooks Cyril Lancaster ND324
Brooks S J Battle L5238
Brooks O V Lancaster ND763
Brooks F G Lancaster ME637
Brooks G D Stirling EH909
Brooks A L Stirling W7503
Brooks A L Stirling W7503
Brooks A W Typhoon DN551
Brooks L E Halifax JD468
Brooks J L Hampden P2077
Brooks P Lancaster PB417
Brooks A B Lancaster R5890
Brooks A B Hampden AD742
Brooks A B Hampden X3143
Brooks J H Halifax DT705
Brooks J Halifax LW579
Brooks J A Wellington Z8794
Brooks L E Wellington BJ619
Brooks J L Lancaster ED827
Brooks B Whitley T4150
Brooks F W Lancaster PD375
Brooks Maxwell Anderson Lancaster ME576
Brooks A G Lancaster LL753
Brooks E D Stirling N6091
Brooks D P Halifax R9457
Brooks D Halifax LL549
Brooks L J Whitley N1432
Brooks W A Hampden AD911
Brooks A J J Lancaster R5907
Brooks Charles Harry Sidney Lancaster W4182
Brooks A V Wellington X3713
Brooks E G Stirling EF397
Brooks A C Lancaster LM164
Brooks Ernest Al
Brooks William Charles
Brooks Philip Gardner
Brooks Charles Willie
Brooks John Livingstone
Brooks Hiram George
Brooks James Lennox
Brooks Edward Charles Grimley
Brooks Bline J P-51 Mustang
Brooks Joe B P-51 Mustang
Brooks John A Iii
Brooks Major M P-38 Lightning
Brooks Norman E P-47 Thunderbolt
Brooks Norman E P-47 Thunderbolt
Brooks Robert J P-51 Mustang
Brooks Robert J P-51 Mustang
Brooksbank J P Lancaster NG276
Brookshank A C Stirling EE949
Broom H Wellington BJ729
Broom F A Halifax DT557
Broom T Blenheim T1884
Broome Charles George Hudson N7301
Broome S Halifax DT539
Broome A T Lancaster JB715
Broome V J Mitchell FL705
Broome D C Lancaster NE146
Broomfield John Lancaster ME747
Broomfield E J A Mosquito PZ293
Broomfield L A Lancaster PD283
Broomfield A E Lancaster JB666
Broomfield L S Stirling BK814
Broomfield Leslie
Broomhall Charles Henry
Broomhead C J Wellington Z8403
Broomhead David Alfred
Brophey B O Lancaster L7527
Brophy B A Lancaster R5633
Brophy A C V Wellington X3717
Brophy George Patrick Lancaster KB726
Brophy J B Halifax DT770
Bros E H Whitley N1417
Broś Władysław
Brose Carl L P-47 Thunderbolt
Brosko Peter Paul Lancaster LM452
Brosnahan F T Lancaster JA929
Brosnahan J J Lancaster LM171
Brosnan J L Lancaster PB792
Brosnan John Lane
Brotchie D B Mosquito NT315
Brotherhood Harry William Lancaster LM140
Brotherhood L Lancaster KB780
Brothers P G Stirling DJ973
Brothers G Lancaster EE188
Brothers Peter Malam ("Pete")
Brothers Warwick Liberator EV822
Brotherton Leslie Arthur Halifax MZ532
Brotherton Robert Lancaster LL650
Brotherton D J Lancaster EE191
Brotherton A Stirling EF361
Brotherton N F Halifax L9531
Brothwell G W Wellington DF614
Brothwell J Stirling LJ453
Brothwell G Lancaster R5907
Brough George Valentine Wellington BJ600
Brough R Lancaster ED307
Brough H S Manchester L7394
Brough J E Lancaster PB359
Brough J F Halifax DT726
Brough R H Halifax MZ619
Brough Ronald Halifax JB842
Brough D W Lancaster LM329
Brough J F Wellington P9219
Brough Richmond Halifax DG413
Brougham G G Halifax LW544
Brougham Geoffrey Graham
Brougham-Faddy P L Lancaster W4854
Broughton D O Wellington HE913
Broughton J T Lancaster R5898
Broughton J du V Wellington W5375
Broughton D L Halifax NA611
Broughton W Halifax MZ617
Broughton J W Lancaster ND588
Brouillette J R E Lancaster NG190
Broulette J A G Wellington X3361
Brousseau J H N Wellington BJ918
Browell W H Wellington R3208
Browes Albert Edward Wellington Z8852
Browett D H G Lancaster LL841
Brown V L Whitley Z9128
Brown R W Wellington W5664
Brown William Norman Waldron Lancaster ND753
Brown W N W Lancaster DS796
Brown Bruce Oliver Wellington Z8643
Brown S V Lancaster ED972
Brown W Spitfire EP555
Brown Ernest Lancaster ME635
Brown H A B Lancaster ME777
Brown Gilbert Francis Halifax LL459
Brown E G Halifax HR908
Brown R N Lancaster ND755
Brown T L Wellington Z1312
Brown R Lancaster W4162
Brown E B Lancaster LL957
Brown R A Lancaster W4308
Brown J E Lancaster ME784
Brown A J J Lancaster JB611
Brown Frederick Thomson Lancaster ED658
Brown G S Lancaster PB301
Brown A E Wellington Z1216
Brown A H Halifax RG432
Brown E R Lancaster LL848
Brown J H Lancaster LL881
Brown S A Lancaster PB695
Brown Donald Edgar Lancaster LM375
Brown C Lancaster ME478
Brown D A Halifax LV826
Brown H A Lancaster L7574
Brown G A Lancaster LM636
Brown J E Lancaster ND732
Brown H K Lancaster ND729
Brown B Halifax JB806
Brown K J Halifax MZ581
Brown B H Lancaster LM624
Brown Ronald William Lancaster LL799
Brown S W Lancaster ND814
Brown G W Lancaster PB154
Brown K T Lancaster PB158
Brown V W Lancaster ND655
Brown Donald George Wentworth Lancaster LM221
Brown R Stirling EF458
Brown Ronald Jack Airspeed Oxford DF516
Brown Leo Frederick Joseph Lancaster EE127
Brown Mark Henry 'Hilly' Hurricane P3047
Brown Reginald William Lancaster ED469
Brown Maurice George Stirling N6001
Brown Norman Wilson Wellington R3235
Brown Hedley Wellington X3398
Brown Ronald Lancaster HK599
Brown Alfred Edward Whirlwind P7095
Brown Thomas Beatty Stirling R9351
Brown Reginald Alfred Halifax W1067
Brown Eric William Wellington HF482
Brown A C Blenheim L9332
Brown Blenheim L4876
Brown William Alfred Halifax JD272
Brown John Alan Gibbon Lancaster ME592
Brown Walter Halifax JD297
Brown Arnold Blenheim Z5794
Brown Wellington LN403
Brown Sidney Wellington HZ375
Brown Philip Harold Mosquito DZ519
Brown Arthur Edward Lancaster JB639
Brown Frederick Raymond Sunderland DW106
Brown Alfred Charles Lancaster DS709
Brown Thomas Anderson Halifax LK993
Brown Bernard Edward Hampden AE308
Brown Reginald John Lancaster W4232
Brown Charles Thomas Lancaster ED870
Brown Bert A Lancaster PB178
Brown J W Lancaster LM310
Brown Sidney Lancaster LM140
Brown David Robert Halifax NA513
Brown Norman Wells Lancaster LL853
Brown Ralph Lancaster ED799
Brown James Edward Lancaster LM169
Brown Alfred Ernest Lancaster W4334
Brown Hampden X3058
Brown Derek Frank Paston Lancaster DS668
Brown James Wilfred Henry Halifax DG252
Brown Andrew Angus Stirling EE872
Brown Victor Gordon Mosquito DZ755
Brown Roy Lancaster ED858
Brown Thomas Anthony Victor Halifax NA674
Brown Stanley Albert Halifax NA674
Brown Richard Arnold Wellington HP891
Brown L L Whitley Z6730
Brown Robert William Burdon Hampden AT156
Brown John Francis Halifax LV778
Brown John Henry Halifax MZ698
Brown Hugh McBeath Lancaster LM185
Brown Victor Lewis Clarke None - SS Suez Maru Not applicable
Brown Douglas Lancaster ED451
Brown Edward Hudson FH426
Brown Norman Leslie DC-3 Dakota KN500
Brown David James Liberator JT985
Brown C H Lancaster ME828
Brown J H Lancaster EE180
Brown Ian Stewart Lancaster ED563
Brown E H Wellington X3654
Brown George Chahoon Lancaster LM292
Brown D S Lancaster R5551
Brown Fred Harvey Blenheim V5490
Brown W E Wellington X3750
Brown Walter Gordon Lancaster RF181
Brown D W Halifax LL252
Brown J H Mosquito DZ470
Brown C H L Wellington Z8536
Brown D S Halifax NR233
Brown Thomas Lloyd Hampden AD826
Brown James Pirie Lancaster ME648
Brown R L Lancaster DV406
Brown A W Lancaster LM687
Brown R A Halifax LK874
Brown E H Stirling DJ973
Brown R E Wellington R1658
Brown Norman Conway Wellington HF628
Brown M W Halifax W1117
Brown O R Spitfire BS440
Brown N E Halifax W7763
Brown D H Lancaster PB229
Brown William Beaumont Hampden AT176
Brown C D Lancaster DS759
Brown H A Halifax JD107
Brown T N Halifax JB913
Brown J A Lancaster DS692
Brown A K Halifax NP712
Brown R O Mustang AG503
Brown Raymond Clifford Halifax NP936
Brown A J Mosquito HJ830
Brown H A Wellington X3360
Brown C P L Wellington Z1597
Brown K E Hampden AT248
Brown S Wellington HE550
Brown R W Halifax LV962
Brown E Halifax LV910
Brown R W Halifax LW347
Brown H M Wellington HE692
Brown R C Halifax LK798
Brown A W Wellington BK340
Brown J D Lancaster DS741
Brown J A C Halifax LW114
Brown G G C Halifax LW166
Brown J H Halifax DK142
Brown William Mcintosh Halifax DK196
Brown G S Halifax EB216
Brown D W Lancaster KB749
Brown Leonard George Lancaster KB751
Brown H MacN Halifax JD361
Brown Alan Francis Halifax LV989
Brown F N Halifax LV964
Brown F M Halifax MZ597
Brown R Halifax MZ509
Brown Wesley Halifax NP702
Brown R Halifax NP722
Brown O M Halifax HX275
Brown Herbert Halifax NR118
Brown G Halifax MZ626
Brown D W F Halifax NR114
Brown C A Halifax EB285
Brown C P Halifax EB218
Brown J A Typhoon MN345
Brown B F Lancaster W4829
Brown H Lancaster R5666
Brown William Wood Lindsay Spitfire NH178
Brown H L Lancaster ED525
Brown William Halifax HR835
Brown David Oscar Lancaster ME858
Brown William Earle Lancaster DS781
Brown J W Lancaster NG133
Brown E J Lancaster NG239
Brown D C Lancaster ND952
Brown H E Mosquito KB366
Brown L E Halifax L9562
Brown J B F Halifax W7663
Brown G Le R Lancaster ND494
Brown I A Oxford N4647
Brown D B Halifax DK134
Brown William Raymond James Wellington T2879
Brown Arthur Wellington HE524
Brown Charles Douglas Grant Blenheim V5433
Brown Mark Henry 'Hilly' Hurricane
Brown Robert Burns Wellington MS496
Brown George Thirlwell Wellington X3649
Brown S C Halifax HR740
Brown R W Mosquito HK517
Brown Douglas Gordon Elliot Spitfire BM200
Brown Andrew Alexander Typhoon EJ969
Brown George Halifax LW546
Brown H S Whitley Z9423
Brown K C Wellington BJ701
Brown C F P Stirling EF387
Brown J L Wellington X3282
Brown A S Wellington X3557
Brown R H Lancaster ND804
Brown A E Lancaster LM733
Brown Reginald Wellington T2520
Brown Alexander George Hampden AD795
Brown John Atkinson Sea Hurricane Z4550
Brown W H H Lancaster LL720
Brown H M Hurricane L1843
Brown W G Halifax JD109
Brown D Halifax HR697
Brown J L Halifax HX165
Brown B T B Halifax W7867
Brown J Halifax LW716
Brown N Halifax MZ773
Brown J W Halifax MZ789
Brown P S Halifax MZ789
Brown V D P Lancaster JB594
Brown J N Lancaster DV301
Brown P J Lancaster NF982
Brown C D Lancaster DV269
Brown Richard William Lancaster DV236
Brown E R Lancaster LM462
Brown S J Wellington X3656
Brown R S Lancaster DV283
Brown C R Blenheim R3846
Brown C D Blenheim T1825
Brown Blenheim
Brown W G Halifax JB921
Brown Erlin Leslie Ross Halifax W7913
Brown G H Halifax JD150
Brown S Halifax JB964
Brown F C Halifax JD169
Brown L Halifax HR711
Brown J W Halifax LW331
Brown H Halifax HR919
Brown J W Halifax R9530
Brown D H Halifax JB894
Brown J W Halifax W1099
Brown H Halifax NA504
Brown N N Halifax LL555
Brown A Halifax MZ450
Brown Robert Whitley Z6796
Brown J Lancaster ED528
Brown M B Wellington T2506
Brown W R Lancaster JB276
Brown H Lancaster JB403
Brown C M Lancaster ED882
Brown A McK Lancaster ED612
Brown R S Lancaster PB563
Brown Wellington W5491
Brown Thomas John Mosquito DK297
Brown J D Lancaster R5844
Brown W Hampden AD738
Brown W A Hampden AD763
Brown D Lancaster ED596
Brown W A Boston W8302
Brown R Blenheim L8748
Brown D McC Wellington Z1048
Brown R J W Hurricane P2885
Brown J E Blenheim R3897
Brown T W Blenheim L9464
Brown A B Wellington R1517
Brown H Wellington R1517
Brown C F Lancaster DS685
Brown G K Wellington BJ663
Brown F T Spitfire EN966
Brown J Wellington W5361
Brown W R Wellington W5394
Brown D Lancaster ND439
Brown R T Halifax JN921
Brown K H C Halifax DG253
Brown W Blenheim N6231
Brown R Blenheim P4926
Brown P Blenheim V6266
Brown A S C Mosquito DZ476
Brown P G Blenheim Z7363
Brown R Mosquito DZ406
Brown J H Hampden X2973
Brown S C Hampden AE265
Brown A A Wellington N2943
Brown W S F Wellington N2961
Brown J L Wellington P9245
Brown A H Stirling LK385
Brown I K Stirling LK386
Brown J W Stirling R9318
Brown D G Stirling N6015
Brown J Stirling W7437
Brown J W Stirling W7504
Brown Wellington R1218
Brown H G Stirling BK782
Brown D Stirling EF427
Brown Wellington BK331
Brown S C Lancaster W4140
Brown G W Lancaster ED885
Brown F G Wellington X3706
Brown A Lancaster PB505
Brown J W Halifax HR977
Brown O McD Halifax LV946
Brown J Halifax MZ759
Brown S V D Spitfire MK752
Brown Edward Sharrott Lancaster DV404
Brown T D Lancaster PD385
Brown R Wellington BK459
Brown P H Lancaster ND798
Brown N S H Wellington BK299
Brown R S Lancaster ND635
Brown T D Wellington HE752
Brown E G Lancaster LM749
Brown H S Typhoon JP793
Brown J R Blenheim BA805
Brown R C Mitchell FL678
Brown J A Typhoon JP838
Brown G C Typhoon JP681
Brown W C Lancaster NG308
Brown Spitfire P7421
Brown C B Wellington HF454
Brown G S Lancaster NG219
Brown F J Stirling EE964
Brown E G Stirling EE957
Brown R Lancaster ED533
Brown W Manchester L7314
Brown T D Lancaster W4129
Brown R Lancaster W4172
Brown W R M D Lancaster ND567
Brown K W C Lancaster EE173
Brown D O Ventura AJ220
Brown P Blenheim V6450
Brown J B M Blenheim R3876
Brown J A Stirling BF381
Brown J McD Stirling W7537
Brown V K Wellington R1614
Brown R Wellington T2542
Brown Wellington Z8858
Brown C B Stirling EF407
Brown C Stirling EF402
Brown C Fortress KJ103
Brown S Stirling W7535
Brown D J Stirling BF447
Brown W Stirling BF319
Brown A Stirling R9184
Brown S Lancaster LM187
Brown F W Stirling W7612
Brown J D Wellington R1442
Brown Wellington X9785
Brown A Stirling EH984
Brown M K Hurricane N2320
Brown K H Typhoon JR202
Brown G A Hurricane P3802
Brown R G Mustang FD449
Brown R G Mustang FD447
Brown H S Halifax L9503
Brown F H Halifax L9502
Brown E J Halifax HR878
Brown J H Halifax W7851
Brown G W Halifax W1117
Brown W G L Halifax HR799
Brown P G Halifax W1015
Brown T L Halifax HR678
Brown H A Halifax W1051
Brown E G Halifax W7887
Brown N Lancaster PB683
Brown J F Wellington L7791
Brown G R Spitfire LZ955
Brown T Wellington W5490
Brown R Hampden X3051
Brown Clifford Hampden AT176
Brown D L G Halifax DT769
Brown Richard Cyril Joseph 'Dick', 'Sid' Mustang AP205
Brown W Mosquito RG571
Brown T Halifax JB861
Brown H Halifax JD457
Brown K J Wellington Z1724
Brown H Halifax LV910
Brown John Francis Halifax LV831
Brown K A Halifax DK182
Brown H G Halifax DK196
Brown D Halifax DK257
Brown M P Wellington HE382
Brown G F Halifax EB137
Brown Robert J. Halifax EB256
Brown John Kerk Typhoon MP192
Brown A R Typhoon MN663
Brown C V Lancaster
Brown H D Hampden L4099
Brown D F Lancaster ND869
Brown P E G A Wellington Z1218
Brown G H Lancaster LL906
Brown H D Lancaster ED354
Brown S K Lancaster EE166
Brown P J Lancaster PB187
Brown T A Halifax RG432
Brown P C R Lancaster ME573
Brown A C Lancaster HK536
Brown E Lancaster ED772 (some publications have this aircraft code as ED722 which is a 61 Squadron Lancaster)
Brown G E Halifax LV781
Brown F C Halifax HX296
Brown N McA Halifax LV791
Brown F J Wellington HE531
Brown J T Lancaster PB234
Brown H S Hampden AD931
Brown J Hampden P2143
Brown P R D Hampden AD797
Brown G E Lancaster DV325
Brown F P Lancaster ND876
Brown C H Lancaster DV223
Brown E G Halifax DT685
Brown G H Halifax N885
Brown A Halifax HR853
Brown R D Halifax HR782
Brown F C Halifax LV783
Brown J Halifax LK835
Brown J R Whitley P4972
Brown F J C Whitley P4983
Brown G K Lancaster DS818
Brown F W Lancaster LL739
Brown R R Lancaster LL703
Brown C Lancaster PB185
Brown A R Lancaster PD319
Brown A H Lancaster LL810
Brown G E Lancaster LM461
Brown P C Tempest NV728
Brown D F Lancaster LM279
Brown R C Lancaster W4948
Brown E E Wellington Z8903
Brown L C Lancaster JB529
Brown F Lancaster PB360
Brown J Lancaster PA997
Brown R Halifax NR193
Brown P Halifax RG353
Brown D E W Whitley Z9205
Brown E H Whitley T4171
Brown Whitley P5098
Brown J E Lancaster ND880
Brown Ivor Morrison Spitfire P8787
Brown R Mosquito DZ714
Brown A L Lancaster W4920
Brown B J W Lancaster W4934
Brown J Lancaster R5488
Brown J Manchester R5789
Brown C D Lancaster ED782
Brown D Lancaster LM339
Brown T Lancaster ED470
Brown E P S Spitfire P7730
Brown C B Spitfire
Brown R Lancaster LL808
Brown R Lancaster ND728
Brown C A Lancaster W4272
Brown G W Lancaster NF964
Brown R J Lancaster ED364
Brown D Lancaster ND461
Brown F G C Lancaster PA983
Brown A W Lancaster ND812
Brown R T Halifax LW434
Brown D M A Halifax LW585
Brown Spitfire N3027
Brown C Spitfire SM236
Brown R V H Beaufighter V8619
Brown C W D Stirling N3664
Brown B S Stirling W7500
Brown R G Lancaster JA718
Brown W D Lancaster ND368
Brown R W Lancaster ND590
Brown E A Stirling EF366
Brown WJ Wellington DV564
Brown B W Spitfire X4063
Brown R Halifax L9516
Brown J W Halifax W1017
Brown S H C Halifax DT575
Brown W Halifax W1065
Brown G J Halifax MZ691
Brown J G Halifax DK177
Brown G Halifax DK165
Brown F G Halifax DT625
Brown W Halifax JB956
Brown E A Halifax JD162
Brown E A Halifax W1141
Brown E W Halifax LL130
Brown G W Whitley P5091
Brown D R Whitley Z6643
Brown E A Halifax LL127
Brown D N Halifax JB903
Brown R Halifax W7782
Brown W J Halifax JD151
Brown J R Halifax JB857
Brown W C Halifax LK840
Brown N W Halifax LV958
Brown A Whitley Z6752
Brown G C Whitley P5026
Brown S Hampden AD934
Brown A J E Lancaster JA927
Brown F W Lancaster ED907
Brown E R Lancaster PB616
Brown Blenheim V6380
Brown Blenheim V6380
Brown Blenheim V6453
Brown Blenheim V6453
Brown H V Lancaster W4155
Brown J R Wellington N2744
Brown J Wellington X3713
Brown H E Wellington Z1577
Brown D A Lancaster ED503
Brown H T Lancaster ED480
Brown Wellington Z1575
Brown J Fortress AN525
Brown J G Lancaster PA158
Brown T G Lancaster NN698
Brown J G Lancaster NG323
Brown D A Stirling LK379
Brown C W Lancaster R5541
Brown W A Manchester L7324
Brown W E Lancaster ND478
Brown K Lancaster JA923
Brown C M Lancaster JB221
Brown J H Lancaster JB174
Brown J T Lancaster JB243
Brown R R Lancaster ND421
Brown G W Wellington R1440
Brown Hurricane KW800
Brown M G Lancaster LL754
Brown Arthur Hugh Steyning Whitney Z9153
Brown Roy Thomas
Brown Arthur William Charles
Brown Ronald Edward
Brown Vincent Leigh
Brown Roye Wilmott
Brown William Norman Waldron
Brown Seymour Villiers
Brown Leo Frederick Joseph
Brown William
Brown Ernest
Brown Harry Arthur Bulger
Brown Gilbert Francis
Brown Donald John Morgan
Brown Keith Lawrence
Brown Norman David
Brown Erwin Bruce
Brown Joseph Henry
Brown Lionel James
Brown Cedrick Tyson
Brown Reginald Archibald Percival
Brown Kelvin Arthur Roy
Brown Robert Nodin Plessay
Brown Ronald Jack
Brown Norman John
Brown Edgar Harold
Brown Robert William
Brown Sydney
Brown James Sydney
Brown Brian William
Brown Thomas Leslie
Brown Albert Ernest
Brown Allan John James
Brown Edgar Barwood
Brown Gordon Scott
Brown Roy
Brown Edwin Ryland
Brown John Henry
Brown Sidney Arthur
Brown Geoffrey Albert
Brown Herbert Kenith
Brown John Eyre
Brown John Keith MacDonald
Brown Arthur Hugh Steyning
Brown Eric Lindsay
Brown Bruce Harold
Brown Ronald William
Brown Stephen Watson
Brown Geoffrey William
Brown Kenneth Thomas
Brown Vivian William
Brown Edwin Hanlon
Brown David Stuart
Brown Laurence Ernest
Brown Robert Paul Scott
Brown George Allan
Brown Joseph Merrick Towers
Brown Robert William
Brown Robert Phillip Henry
Brown Donald George Wentworth
Brown Ronald
Brown John Raeburn
Brown John Maxwell
Brown Alfred Ronald Vernon
Brown Bernard Vincent
Brown Willis Stewart Harvard P5963
Brown Kenneth B-17 42-97480
Brown Frank Harry Avenger NZ2521
Brown Sidney Eugene B-24 Wham Bam! Thank You, Ma'm 42-110107
Brown T L C Wellington X3591
Brown Alston L P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Brown Archibald S Jr P-47 Thunderbolt`
Brown Archibald S Jr P-47 Thunderbolt`
Brown Archibald S Jr P-47 Thunderbolt`
Brown Carey H Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Brown Carl F P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Brown Charles E ** P-47 Thunderbolt
Brown Charles E ** P-47 Thunderbolt
Brown Charles E Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Brown Charles R P-47 Thunderbolt
Brown Gerald P-47 Thunderbolt
Brown Gerald P-47 Thunderbolt
Brown Gerald P-51 Mustang
Brown Gerald P-51 Mustang
Brown Gerald P-51 Mustang
Brown Harley L P-51 Mustang
Brown Harley L P-51 Mustang
Brown Harley L P-51 Mustang
Brown Harley L P-51 Mustang
Brown Henry W P-47 Thunderbolt
Brown Henry W P-47 Thunderbolt
Brown Henry W P-47 Thunderbolt
Brown Henry W P-47 Thunderbolt
Brown Henry W P-47 Thunderbolt
Brown Henry W P-47 Thunderbolt
Brown Henry W P-47 Thunderbolt
Brown Henry W P-47 Thunderbolt
Brown Henry W P-51 Mustang
Brown Henry W P-51 Mustang
Brown Henry W P-51 Mustang
Brown Henry W P-51 Mustang
Brown Jack D P-47 Thunderbolt
Brown Jack F P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Brown John K P-51 Mustang
Brown John K P-51 Mustang
Brown Kirby M P-51 Mustang
Brown Lewis R P-47 Thunderbolt
Brown Philip A P-51 Mustang
Brown Quince L P-47 Thunderbolt
Brown Quince L P-47 Thunderbolt
Brown Quince L P-47 Thunderbolt
Brown Quince L P-47 Thunderbolt
Brown Quince L P-47 Thunderbolt
Brown Quince L P-47 Thunderbolt
Brown Quince L P-47 Thunderbolt
Brown Quince L P-47 Thunderbolt
Brown Quince L P-47 Thunderbolt
Brown Quince L P-47 Thunderbolt
Brown Quince L P-47 Thunderbolt
Brown Ralph A P-51 Mustang
Brown Richard H P-47 Thunderbolt
Brown Richard H P-47 Thunderbolt
Brown Robert B P-51 Mustang
Brown Robert D * P-51 Mustang
Brown Robert D * P-51 Mustang
Brown Robert D ** P-51 Mustang
Brown Robert H * P-51 Mustang
Brown Roy W Jr P-47 Thunderbolt`
Brown Russell S P-47 Thunderbolt
Brown Thomas H P-47 Thunderbolt
Brown Winfield H P-47 Thunderbolt
Brown Winfield H P-47 Thunderbolt
Brownbill A E Hampden AD986
Browne P L Wellington Z8844
Browne W J Halifax HR739
Browne M Lancaster ME300
Browne G S Lancaster PB155
Browne J E Halifax HX267
Browne D D Lancaster LM226
Browne James Arthur Gerald Lancaster ED428
Browne Adrian Victor Hurricane LF170
Browne Dennis Owen Mathew Hurricane P4075
Browne Cyril Dennis Halifax DT542
Browne Edmund William Lancaster RF176
Browne D E Stirling R9316
Browne T C M Wellington N2992
Browne S F Spitfire BM383
Browne G W Lancaster NF915
Browne Allen Edward
Browne Stanley Franklin
Browne D O M Hurricane P3471
Browne D Whitley N1483
Browne D R Lancaster ED410
Browne E W H Lancaster R5572
Browne R G Mosquito KB400
Browne W A C Hampden AT157
Browne O L Halifax W1214
Browne A Halifax LV635
Browne F A A Wellington R1297
Browne D J Lancaster ME386
Browne P E S F M Hurricane
Browne J B Lancaster ED783
Browne R H Lancaster NG197
Browne H G Whitley P5106
Browne C R D Whitley Z6498
Browne H J Lancaster LM102
Browne Halifax L9567
Browne D V Whitley N1522
Browne L Halifax LW519
Browne Richard Desmond
Browne Peter Leighton
Browne William Joseph
Browne Maxwell
Browne Francis Valentine
Browne Adrian Victor
Browne Allan John
Browne Neville Tasman
Browne Geoffrey Seymour
Browne Joseph Edward
Browne David Dorey
Browne James Arthur Gerald
Browne Robert Langford Percival
Browne Barry Stewart Airspeed Oxford LX152
Browne Charles Graham B-24 Tell Me More 41-28754
Brownell J F Halifax MZ454
Brownett H J Lancaster NG287
Brownfield Thomas C P-47 Thunderbolt`
Brownhall E E Lancaster PB234
Brownhill S Halifax W7911
Brownhill G I Lancaster W4172
Browning William Samuel Ralph Beaufort L9866
Browning J R Lancaster W4863
Browning W Halifax W1039
Browning J R Blenheim R3616
Browning A C Lancaster JA696
Browning Robert John
Browning James W P-51 Mustang
Browning James W P-51 Mustang
Browning James W P-51 Mustang
Browning James W P-51 Mustang
Browning James W P-51 Mustang
Browning James W P-51 Mustang
Browning James W P-51 Mustang
Brownjohn H G Lancaster DV162
Brownjohn W R Lancaster PD215
Brownjohn Hilton George
Brownjohn Bruce Allan
Brownl Donald Halifax LL280
Brownlee I G T Halifax LL578
Brownlee Colin Crawford Wellington HE368
Brownlee W Lancaster LL955
Brownlee J P H Halifax JB846
Brownless T Halifax HR849
Brownlie Andre McMillan Smith Liberator AL577
Brownlie William Hurricane P3623
Brownlie J Halifax JB869
Brownlie I M R Halifax W7886
Brownlie A H Lancaster ED426
Brownlow F C Halifax HR737
Brownson L K Boston AL680
Browse I V Lancaster JB704
Browse I V Lancaster LL850
Broxup W E Lancaster EE183
Broyd S H Stirling N3658
Broz Jaromir Wellington T2971
Brózda Zdzisław Supermarine Spitfire P8573
Brradshaw Blenheim V5503
Brubaker D W Wellington Z8795
Brubaker Thomas F P-47 Thunderbolt
Brubaker Thomas F P-47 Thunderbolt
Bruce F T R Lancaster ME685
Bruce Dominic Wellington R1758
Bruce Victor Walter Whitley P5108
Bruce William Stirling EH989
Bruce John Wellington LN231
Bruce H E V Halifax W1147
Bruce A Lancaster NG239
Bruce D J Lancaster ME566
Bruce G Lancaster ED417
Bruce J G Mosquito DZ416
Bruce W Lancaster ED409
Bruce D C Hurricane R4172
Bruce G R Wellington Z8863
Bruce D Wellington X3560
Bruce D C Lancaster JB358
Bruce J Halifax LW281
Bruce J B L Stirling W7437
Bruce A F Wellington W5721
Bruce N Wellington HE387
Bruce J H Blenheim V5855
Bruce G J Tempest EJ762
Bruce A R Halifax HR926
Bruce T M Halifax DT488
Bruce J S Lancaster PB239
Bruce A W A Halifax JD147
Bruce W S Halifax JN966
Bruce D M Hampden AD983
Bruce W Lancaster LM311
Bruce J W Halifax NR241
Bruce W G Halifax LV779
Bruce G D Halifax MZ624
Bruce R G Whitley K9040
Bruce A E A Spitfire L1051
Bruce J H Lancaster PB430
Bruce D Halifax LW224
Bruce Spitfire W3245
Bruce D A Spitfire W3657
Bruce Robert Wallace
Bruce Frederick Thomas Robert
Bruce Kenneth Rupert
Bruce Robert E P-51 Mustang
Bruce Robert E P-51 Mustang
Bruck Raymond Athol Lancaster NG258
Bruckner Maxwell Bright Lancaster JB286
Bruckner Maxwell Bright
Bruckshaw J Whitley T4233
Brudell Montague Anthony Thomas Lancaster DS831
Bruderlin Douglas Albert
Bruegeman R G Halifax LW436
Brueland Lowell K P-51 Mustang
Brueland Lowell K P-51 Mustang
Brueland Lowell K P-51 Mustang
Brueland Lowell K P-51 Mustang
Brueland Lowell K P-51 Mustang
Brueland Lowell K P-51 Mustang
Brueland Lowell K P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Brueland Lowell K P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Brueland Lowell K P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Brueland Lowell K P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Bruen John Martin
Bruggeman J A Lancaster PB402
Bruhn K C Lancaster ND733
Bruhus H H Stirling EH948
Bruland Palmer Merrill B-24 Texas Rose 41-28922
Brulet G Halifax NA166
Bruliński Wacław Lancaster NF959
Brulle Robert V P-47 Thunderbolt
Brumby Battle
Brumby N Hurricane V6686
Brummell T E Lancaster LM205
Brummitt Charles Herbert Lancaster R5502
Brummwell Wellington R1009
Brumwell R A Lancaster NG143
Brunale Vito J. B-17 Henn’s Revenge 44-8427
Brundell J H Lancaster JA686
Brundish G W Wellington P9269
Brundish E N Hampden X2999
Brunelle P M Spitfire MJ553
Brunet C Halifax MZ909
Brunet E C Lancaster JB348
Brunet J J C P Halifax LW127
Brunner G C Hurricane V7308
Brunning J C Lancaster ND805
Brunning W H Lancaster W4835
Bruno A Halifax LL573
Bruno A Halifax NA681
Bruno D Halifax JD361
Brunschwig M F Spitfire PL464
Brunsdon Edward Ronald Lancaster PB466
Brunsdon Peter Sydney Stirling N6068
Brunskill Edward Lancaster NG176
Brunskill Anthony George Stewart
Brunt Edward Lancaster ME723
Brunt Sidney Percival Mosquito ML959
Brunt A H Hampden AT134
Brunt R Lancaster JB362
Brunt R Lancaster JB411
Brunton Derrick Augustus Blenheim Z9595
Brunton Andrew Turnbul Wellington X3598
Brunton W E Lancaster PB425
Brunton R L Lancaster JB536
Brunton J F Stirling LJ504
Brunton A M Halifax MZ449
Brunton L D Stirling EF425
Brunton A C Halifax HR810
Brunton A B Lancaster ED985
Brunton Godfree Arnold Lancaster HK567
Brush George Vincent B--17 Lucky Lady 42-39941
Brushwood Earl C P-51 Mustang
Brushwood Earl C P-51 Mustang
Brusone J Halifax NP722
Brutey R C Hampden X3139
Bruton Cecil Gilbert Lancaster DS630
Bruton K J Mosquito MM420
Bruty D S Lancaster LL851
Bryan Kenneth Edward Lancaster DS822
Bryan K E Lancaster LL683
Bryan Eric Halifax LK783
Bryan J R Halifax EB217
Bryan R H Lancaster LM464
Bryan C S Whitley N1502
Bryan C E T Lancaster W4318
Bryan Charles Edward Thomas Lancaster ED645
Bryan G G Lancaster ND868
Bryan J M Typhoon MN415
Bryan D Hampden AD752
Bryan T Wellington BJ591
Bryan T J Battle P2324
Bryan W J Boston Z2295
Bryan A J Spitfire MJ645
Bryan J H D Lancaster ED432
Bryan J W Lancaster ED942
Bryan L S Halifax LK784
Bryan J Halifax W1144
Bryan A Halifax JD167
Bryan C B Mosquito MV565
Bryan Albert George Lancaster ED699
Bryan T Mosquito MM468
Bryan Kenneth Edward
Bryan Billy B P-47 Thunderbolt
Bryan Billy B P-47 Thunderbolt
Bryan Donald S P-47 Thunderbolt
Bryan Donald S P-47 Thunderbolt
Bryan Donald S P-47 Thunderbolt
Bryan Donald S P-47 Thunderbolt
Bryan Donald S P-47 Thunderbolt
Bryan Donald S P-47 Thunderbolt
Bryan Donald S P-51 Mustang
Bryan Donald S P-51 Mustang
Bryan Donald S P-51 Mustang
Bryan Donald S P-51 Mustang
Bryan Donald S 'Bush' P-51 Mustang
Bryan William E Jr P-51 Mustang
Bryan William E Jr P-51 Mustang
Bryan William E Jr P-51 Mustang
Bryan William E Jr P-51 Mustang
Bryan William E Jr P-51 Mustang
Bryan William E Jr P-51 Mustang
Bryan William E Jr P-51 Mustang
Bryan-Smith Martin Lancaster ND739
Bryan-Smith Martin Lancaster JB300
Bryan-Smith A Hampden L4043
Bryand R C Stirling LJ932
Bryans R J Stirling BK705
Bryans Stuart Francis Lancaster KB743
Bryans S F Lancaster KB740
Bryans W S Lancaster ND807
Bryans A Stirling EE885
Bryans W R Halifax JD216
Bryans H B Lancaster ME664
Bryant R D Whitley Z6796
Bryant Robert Maxwell Lancaster ED935
Bryant J D Lancaster PB187
Bryant Cyril Arthur Wellington L4288
Bryant F E Lancaster JA706
Bryant Charles Edward Stirling BK706
Bryant Donald John Halifax MZ636
Bryant Kenneth Roy Blenheim L9422
Bryant William Harry Stirling EH876
Bryant H D Wellington W5514
Bryant E M Lancaster ND634
Bryant S W Halifax DK142
Bryant P W Whitley ZA-?
Bryant R F C Halifax HR811
Bryant Blenheim
Bryant F G Blenheim L1219
Bryant W K Wellington Z1607
Bryant Halifax LL284
Bryant F Lancaster NN708
Bryant R W G Stirling EF140
Bryant A G Lancaster NE143
Bryant S H Fortress SR382
Bryant E F Wellington T2806
Bryant D Liberator TS520
Bryant J H Typhoon RB225
Bryant L D Halifax W7825
Bryant A E Halifax JD333
Bryant W H Halifax LL197
Bryant K Hampden Z3135
Bryant H C Lancaster LL732
Bryant J Lancaster ED770
Bryant E O Lancaster LM336
Bryant Wellington BJ593
Bryant F W Stirling N3672
Bryant G F Halifax LK645
Bryant R G F Stirling R9349
Bryant William David
Bryant Ronald Owen
Bryant Robert Maxwell
Bryant John Derrick
Bryant Peter Williams Whitley Z6932
Bryant Frederick John Dakota KN584
Bryant William G. B-24 Lassie Come Home 42-51356
Bryant John P P-47 Thunderbolt
Bryant John P P-47 Thunderbolt
Bryant Madison L Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Bryce Alexander Frederick Halifax LL280
Bryce C F Halifax NR205
Bryce A C Manchester L7399
Bryce A Lancaster ME575
Bryce Hampden P1317
Bryce Frederick Charles Halifax LK797
Bryce J Lancaster PB699
Bryce W Halifax NA563
Bryce J Manchester L7323
Bryceson A L Hampden X3001
Brych Ryszard Vickers Wellington Z1250
Bryde Geoffrey Nigel James
Bryden W E Halifax HR739
Bryden J A Wellington Z1216
Bryden H Wellington X3488
Bryden R Halifax MZ524
Bryden William Edward
Bryden John Alexander
Brydges Edwin S P-38 Lightning
Brydges Edwin S P-38 Lightning
Brydon W A Lancaster ME320
Brydon Edward Dale Typhoon RB429
Brydon Francis Samuel Lancaster LM427
Brydon J S Stirling R9306
Brydon J L Wellington Z1605
Brydon H Halifax LL610
Brydon R J Lancaster LL886
Brydson J A Spitfire TB884
Bryer Dennis George Albert Lancaster ND911
Bryer R S Havoc AW404
Bryes Manchester R5788
Bryett A E Halifax HR979
Brygider Roman Marian North American P-51d Mustang FX895
Bryk Antoni Vickers Wellington W5579
Bryks J Hurricane Z2508
Bryne Whitley T4143
Bryne K E Wellington W5574
Bryne P D Stirling W7576
Bryne L Halifax W1222
Bryne T P J Blenheim T1882
Bryne T P Lancaster LL790
Bryne V G Spitfire
Bryne J I F Halifax JD383
Bryne L Whitley Z6555
Bryne T P Hampden X2897
Bryne T P Hampden AD734
Bryom A Lancaster R5741
Bryon F H Mustang AG591
Bryon A G Blenheim N6191
Bryson Charles Kenneth Lesbirel Beaufighter T5164
Bryson G Lancaster JB562
Bryson N A Wellington X3714
Bryson William Sutherland Lancaster ND331
Bryson R C Spitfire AB938
Bryson J Lancaster PB906
Bryson J G Lancaster DV189
Bryson W A Halifax DT807
Bryson J S Spitfire X4037
Bryson R S Wellington P9234
Bryson William C P-47 Thunderbolt
Brzazgacz Aleksander Bolesław Westland Lysander V9714
Brzeski Stanisław Spitfire EP461
Brzezina Stanisław Douglas DC-3 Dakota KG397
Brzezina S Spitfire N3091
Brzeziński Józef Spitfire BL805N
Brzeziński Jan Consolidated Liberator KH126
Brzeziński Józef Supermarine Spitfire BL805
Brzeziński Wacław Avro Lancaster PA269
Brzezowski Michal Hawker Hurricane P3577
Brzezowski Stanley E. B-24 Osage Express 42-52497
Brzostowski Marian Zenon De Havilland Mosquito HJ942
Brzozowski Tadeusz Miles Master T8819
Brzozowski Wladysław Franciszek Vickers Wellington R1227
Brzozowski Maksymilian Longin Wellington Z1314
Bubke Thomas Louis
Bubowicz Walenty
Buchak T Lancaster DS659
Buchan K C Halifax LK958
Buchan Herbert Wellington T2909
Buchan David McDougal Lancaster ED429
Buchan William Alexander Halifax LW718
Buchan Alastair William Manchester L7518
Buchan Robert Murray Lancaster R5610
Buchan A Wellington LN554
Buchan A Halifax JD146
Buchan W Wellington R1701
Buchan G M Halifax DT805
Buchan F Halifax LV787
Buchan G B Lancaster ED755
Buchan T Halifax LK892
Buchan T Halifax DK148
Buchan E Lancaster PA974
Buchan-Hepburn Ronald Henry
Buchanan J T Lancaster W4946
Buchanan N W Lancaster JA691
Buchanan R G Manchester L7471
Buchanan M S Halifax MZ810
Buchanan J E G Stirling EH906
Buchanan George Liberator AL577
Buchanan A G Whitley Z9289
Buchanan George David Wills Wellington LP397
Buchanan G R Lancaster ND493
Buchanan D J A Lancaster KB787
Buchanan G H Lancaster DS679
Buchanan J G Halifax MZ452
Buchanan Stanley Lloyd George Wellington BJ830
Buchanan John Donald Typhoon MN494
Buchanan D H Lancaster NG144
Buchanan J McN Halifax HX173
Buchanan J K Blenheim N6204
Buchanan J K Blenheim N6200
Buchanan J K Blenheim L8753
Buchanan D Wellington X3946
Buchanan R H Wellington W5442
Buchanan J Stirling W7634
Buchanan J Stirling W7525
Buchanan J Stirling W7588
Buchanan K Wellington X3339
Buchanan T A S Wellington HE923
Buchanan N A Mosquito DD689
Buchanan W L Boston W8298
Buchanan W L Boston W8358
Buchanan A S Lancaster LM171
Buchanan W S Lancaster LM311
Buchanan W J F Lancaster PB250
Buchanan J R Spitfire N3023
Buchanan Alexander Keir Lancaster JB414
Buchanan F Halifax W7938
Buchanan J A G Halifax JD475
Buchanan G H P Whitley Z6752
Buchanan I A Lancaster LL785
Buchanan Robert Murray
Buchanan Norman Ross
Buchanan James Thomas
Buchanan Norman William
Buchanan Malcolm Stjernqvist
Buchanan John Alexander
Buchanan Cecil E P-51 Mustang
Buchanan Donald P P-38 Lightning
Buchanan Ralph H P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Buchanan William E P-47 Thunderbolt
Buchart G R Lancaster DS724
Buchholz K H Halifax JD374
Buchholz Charles John
Buchhorn Maxwell Henry
Buchin L
Buchin Maurice Simon Henri Charles Hurricane V7227
Buchner Charles Wesley Wellington HX566
Buchwald Bernard Karol Spitfire AD130
Buchwalter Frederick David Halifax W7924
Bucirde R J Lancaster LM622
Bucirde Reginald John
Buck C L Halifax JD143
Buck Leslie Albert Whitley LA879
Buck Frederick Sinclair Lancaster ED377
Buck K H Halifax HR667
Buck K H Wellington X9874
Buck Frederick Walter Wellington X3808
Buck P L Halifax NP741
Buck Peter John Oswald Stirling BF517
Buck George Rupert Wellington X3398
Buck E S Halifax JB958
Buck P L Halifax HR980
Buck S J Lancaster LM687
Buck W Manchester L7302
Buck R M Halifax JN966
Buck J A Hurricane P3531
Buck R A Wellington HE200
buck A W Lancaster ED702
Buck P J Stirling R9246
Buck P J Stirling
Buck J A Halifax LW301
Buck Alex Allan
Buckberrough R C Lancaster LL675
Buckby John Alan Lancaster ME804
Buckby P Wellington Z1099
Buckby Wellington Z8971
Buckby N Lancaster PD341
Buckby Ernest Middleton
Buckel W Lancaster LM373
Buckel A C Halifax LK791
Buckell Albert Edward Wellington DF550
Buckeridge C E Lancaster DV160
Buckeridge Clement Ralph
Buckfield John Whitley N1361
Buckham J A Halifax LV970
Buckham R M Wellington DF635
Buckham R J Stirling EF158
Buckham R B Spitfire EP489
Buckham H A Lancaster ME701
Buckie D S Spitfire RM811
Buckingham R J Wellington Z1383
Buckingham J A Halifax LV966
Buckingham R Blenheim V5517
Buckingham G T Wellington R1502
Buckingham F T Wellington T2476
Buckingham E M Halifax LV777
Buckingham Robert John
Buckingham Edward Graham Wellington R1728
Buckland John William James Lancaster LM436
Buckland R O J Halifax MZ408
Buckland Ronald George Lancaster PA234
Buckland Ernest Halifax LW517
Buckland R W Halifax JD208
Buckland J Halifax W7784
Buckland C R Halifax HR751
Buckland P G Fortress HB796
Buckland J C Anson N5073
Buckland Alfred Neil
Buckland Arthur Keith
Buckland John William James
Buckland Graham George
Buckland Edward Cyril
Buckland John Alexander
Buckland Gordon
Buckle R W Halifax HR804
Buckle R O Lancaster JB304
Buckle T A Halifax MZ567
Buckle K R Stirling BF516
Buckle F A Hampden X3004
Buckle C J Lancaster ED810
Buckle John Morton
Buckle Douglas John
Buckler D K Halifax LW559
Buckler H C J Lancaster ME839
Buckles R J Spitfire EN629
Buckles Clifford R P-51 Mustang
Buckley J W Lancaster PD368
Buckley Ronald Leach Blenheim L8789
Buckley Percy William Lancaster L7576
Buckley A Stirling N3705
Buckley J P B R Halifax R9438
Buckley Morton Haist Spitfire BS157
Buckley R C Stirling BK807
Buckley W E Wellington X3760
Buckley I S Blenheim V6374
Buckley Blenheim R3907
Buckley C Y Blenheim R3739
Buckley William Wellington DV480
Buckley J T Lancaster HK555
Buckley W E Lancaster PB780
Buckley Blenheim V6425
Buckley A Blenheim R3687
Buckley A Stirling N3762
Buckley H D Halifax L9600
Buckley J M Lancaster ND587
Buckley K Halifax LL604
Buckley L I Halifax LW540
Buckley J Manchester L7497
Buckley E H Lancaster ED314
Buckley J A Lancaster ED859
Buckley R T Hampden
Buckley Robert Andrew
Buckley Allan Edward
Buckley Theodore C P-47 Thunderbolt
Bucklitsch J M Lancaster JA855
Buckman P J Lancaster NG170
Buckman Ronald Frank William Halifax LW713
Buckman H E Stirling MZ264
Buckman Patrick John
Buckman John Arthur
Buckmaster J Lancaster PA995
Bucknall G J Halifax LV774
Bucknell G C Lancaster W4933
Bucknell G C Lancaster ND840
Bucknell R Hampden L4057
Bucknell Brian Wentworth
Bucknell Phillip Crocker
Bucknell Geoffrey Charles
Buckner R G E Halifax HX164
Buckner Bennie Edward
Bucknole J S Wellington N2770
Bućko Julian Consolidated Liberator BZ949
Bucksey V R Halifax JD323
Buckton E J Stirling BF320
Buckwell Walter Herbert Secretan Halifax JD113
Buckwell G L Whirlwind P7042
Bucwald N J R S Spitfire PT718
Buczylko Wacław PZL-23B Karas D1
Buczyński Stanisław
Buda Franciszek Jan Vickers Wellington JA116
Budd P C Stirling W7512
Budd A C D Lancaster PA988
Budd R E Halifax HX275
Budd H E Stirling BK709
Budd W C Wellington Z8644
Budd P A Stirling LM394
Budd C A Halifax JN904
Budd M B Halifax HR753
Budd W H Hampden AE257
Budd R O Lancaster W4999
Budd E W Whitley Z6570
Budd R A Lancaster PB345
Budd Hamilton Roland Dacre
Budd Wrinch Joseph Charles
Budd Robert William Harry Wellington Z1682
Budden H Wellington W5461
Budden F A Mosquito DZ420
Budden F A Mosquito DZ384
Budden D A Manchester L7302
Budden P H J Whitley N1362
Budge W F Wellington X3489
Budgen Cyril Frederick Halifax DG222
Budil B Spitfire MK248
Budinger A T Halifax DT634
Budnik Bernard Wellington Z1317
Budreau D H Halifax MZ403
Budreau J G Wellington HE652
Budrewicz Ryszard P Mustang FZ197
Budrewicz Ryszard P Mustang FZ163
Budzałek Czesław Supermarine Spitfire W3524
Budzik Kazimierz Spitfire NH339
Budzyński Jerzy Zdzisław Wellington R1705
Buechler M E Lancaster W4186
Buehl Frederick W P-38 Lightning
Buell C M Lancaster PB634
Buer Glendon J P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Buer Glendon J P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Buettel Keith Edward
Buettner Frank Carl B-24 Miss Judy 42-52507
Buffery William Henry Halifax JB782
Bufka B Wellington T2990
Bufton J R Hampden X3027
Bufton H E Wellington W5703
Bugden E T Wellington BK274
Bugden A W C Lancaster ND960
Bugg Theodore Alexander Typhoon MN538
Bugg Theodore Alexander Typhoon MN687
Bugg B S G Stirling BK760
Bugge O R Mosquito HK374
Buggey N F Lancaster W4822
Buglass G C Halifax MZ301
Buglass E A Spitfire EN969
Buhler Ivan Frederick
Buick J A Lancaster W4371
Buie R M Wellington BK436
Buie R M Wellington HE159
Buiskool Henry Francis Spitfire BM317
Buist A N Halifax MZ479
Buist C N Whitley N1460
Buist Clement Neville
Buitendijk K Halifax LL388
Bujac B G D Lancaster ME678
Bujak Jan Paweł Wellington R1373
Bujak Wincenty Vickers Wellington Z1377
Bujnowski Stanisław Avro Lancaster DV278
Bujold P L Wellington HE475
Buker James Ee P-47 Thunderbolt
Bukowiecki Grzegorz Jerzy Bristol Beaufighter R2449
Bukowski Jozef Avro Lancaster ED814
Bulanda Joseph Peter Stirling R9169
Bulcock Francis Edward
Bulcraig J A Lancaster JB318
Bulford J H Wellington R1065
Bulger J P Lancaster ND637
Bull W Lancaster PB469
Bull H E Lancaster ED759
Bull L J Lancaster PA973
Bull Allan Lindsay Spitfire R7274 ('West Riding')
Bull WJ Whitley T4134
Bull Leonard James Lancaster NN750
Bull R M Mosquito DZ743
Bull C G Halifax MZ628
Bull G Halifax MZ521
Bull Alex D.W. Lancaster ME684
Bull J B Lancaster ME558
Bull F W Lancaster PA999
Bull E Lancaster ND632
Bull L J Wellington T2565
Bull P E T Wellington P9284
Bull T W Wellington X9910
Bull G W Wellington W5378
Bull N J Wellington P9245
Bull K F Lancaster ME835
Bull R B Wellington HE230
Bull B C Stirling N3717
Bull B Stirling R9345
Bull Hurricane BD937
Bull R Lancaster KB710
Bull P E Hampden AE390
Bull H W Halifax LK693
Bull W S Hampden P4352
Bull A E Lancaster ND631
Bull J H Lancaster ME326
Bull Francis Charles William Lancaster HK537
Bull W C Lancaster NN694
Bull J B Hampden L4064
Bull A D Lancaster DV311
Bull G F Lancaster ED886
Bull Edward George Stirling EH878
Bull G Lancaster ED333
Bull L R Battle K9467
Bull Nugent Joseph
Bull Ronald Eric
Bull Henry Ellis
Bull William
Bull Leon Emile
Bull John Bartlett
Bull Douglas Walter Westlake
Bull Lawrence Joseph
Bulla John Alton B-24 Betsy II 42-50842
Bullamore S Lancaster JB724
Bullance H C Typhoon MN297
Bullard William Frederick Wellington LN857
Bullard-Davies R H Hampden L4137
Bullen M J Lancaster ED328
Bullen V Halifax NR179
Bullen Richard John Spitfire P7975
Bullen H B Wellington DV579
Bullen R W Stirling LK131
Bullen Wellington T2740
Bullen W Wellington BK368
Bullen W Stirling EF425
Bullen P G Halifax NR210
Bullen Noel Joseph
Bullen James Jeffrey
Buller A J S Blenheim P4912
Bullin Hampden AD902
Bullis H L Halifax HX162
Bullivant Bernard Ivor Albemarle P1400
Bullivant G Stirling BK809
Bullivant Bernard Whitley BD544
Bullivant R C Wellington MS491
Bullivant I A Blenheim V6428
Bullivant A E Lancaster JA964
Bullmore Herbert James
Bulloch C H Halifax HR850
Bulloch E K Lancaster LL789
Bulloch H L McL Wellington N2943
Bullock H F Battle K9372
Bullock M R Lancaster NG325
Bullock V C Lancaster NF964
Bullock G A Lancaster LM269
Bullock D V Stirling BF319
Bullock D A Halifax NA114
Bullock J R Halifax JD112
Bullock J R Halifax W7935
Bullock D Lancaster ME718
Bullock E Wellington X3749
Bullock J Lancaster JA704
Bullock P H Stirling W7506
Bullock A E Lancaster ME578
Bullock H R Lancaster ND355
Bullock C Lancaster ND801
Bullock H J Wellington X3369
Bullock Kenneth R P-47 Thunderbolt
Bullock James Herbert Tanswell Wellington HF840
Bulman F L Lancaster ND806
Bulman Elmer Leigh Halifax BB250
Bulman R P Mosquito HR152
Bulmar S T Stirling EH906
Bulmer J H Halifax MZ698
Bulmer A D Lancaster DS647
Bulmer G G R Hurricane N2670
Bulmer A Hampden X2985
Bulmer Leslie Francis Dix
Bulow K G Halifax LW135
Bulpitt A N Mosquito DZ643
Buls Bruce Lyndon
Bult S R Wellington W5491
Bumpstead A Lancaster ND463
Bumpstead Alan
Bumstead G A Halifax MZ802
Bumstead G W Lancaster LM181
Bumstead A E Halifax DK134
Bunbury John Shirley Lancaster R5639
Bunce Ronald Seward Wellington T2620
Bunce J Lancaster W4792
Bunce G Stirling W7428
Bunce R F Stirling EF136
Bunce Ernest Alfred
Buncher J A Lancaster LL903
Bunclark F C Lancaster R5724
Bunclark F C Lancaster W4244
Bunclark P Halifax JD310
Bunclark P Halifax JD203
Bundara Colin Royal
Bundara Noel Lewis John
Bundey G F Wellington X9828
Bundey Wellington R1088
Bundgaard P-51 Mustang
Bundgaard P-51 Mustang
Bundle J T Lancaster JB220
Bundock F V Blenheim T1896
Bundock L E E Wellington R1007
Bundy E H Lancaster R5666
Bundy F W Lancaster JB348
Bundy Lincoln Delmar P-51 Mustang 43-7153 'Rauk-et'
Bung A L Lancaster W4194
Bungay R W Hurricane V6889
Bungay William
Bungey Robert Wilton
Bungey Robert Wilton
Buning J J Lancaster PA158
Buning J J Lancaster NG323
Bunker Richard Henry Hampden X2895
Bunker Richard Henry Stirling LJ930
Bunker J D G Halifax JB961
Bunker A A Wellington W5391
Bunker Anthony St. John Blenheim P6933
Bunker R R Lancaster LL951
Bunn P M Lancaster PB518
Bunn William George Defiant V1117
Bunn M E Lancaster ED785
Bunn C J Hampden AT136
Bunn A H Lancaster PB845
Bunn Sidney John Halifax MZ811
Bunn S V Whitley Z6465
Bunn K J Halifax MZ736
Bunn I G Halifax LW367
Bunnagar M Lancaster ND951
Bunnell P J Halifax MZ847
Bunney Kenneth Ralph Hudson FK780 (Also listed as FK790)
Bunney Norman A B-17 Bad penny 42-31183
Bunning Bruce Alan
Bunster A H Halifax MZ510
Bunt Eugene Wellington Z1592
Bunt J E Lancaster R5497
Bunt E T Lancaster W4375
Buntain W R Lancaster JB656
Bunte Allen F P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Bunte Allen F P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Bunte Allen F P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Buntin J Lancaster ED589
Buntine Robert Athol
Bunting Malcolm Boston W8351
Bunting E N Mosquito MM467
Bunting T A Heyford K5183
Bunting J A Hampden AE393
Bunting Barnard Angus Halifax DT645
Bunting W F Lancaster ND810
Bunting D E V Lancaster JA905
Bunting Ira J P-47 Thunderbolt
Bunting Ira J P-47 Thunderbolt
Bunyan S Lancaster ED372
Bunyan W Fortress HB796
Bunyan R A Lancaster EE190
Bur Thomas G P-51 Mustang
Burak Antoni Vickers Wellington W5726
Burak Carl P-38 Lightning
Burbage E R Halifax EB213
Burbeck K R Lancaster ED883
Burberry W H Blenheim T2430
Burberry M S Wellington N2992
Burbidge George Frederick Wellington R1408
Burbidge K A Stirling EF399
Burbidge W L Lancaster NN741
Burbidge Hugh Edward
Burbridge Eric James Stirling R9245
Burbridge Albert George Wellington T2996
Burbridge J I Wellington X9884
Burbridge Frank Peter Lancaster JB227
Burbridge C H Mosquito MM140
Burbridge Bransome Arthur ("Branse")
Burch Roy Victor Halifax LW472
Burch G H Lancaster JA857
Burch B S Halifax BB317
Burch C R Wellington R1506
Burch G J Lancaster PB512
Burch W Halifax MZ732
Burch A P Halifax LL239
Burcham A J Lancaster ED610
Burchell E J Lancaster DV288
Burchell D F Wellington BK557
Burchell D H Whitley Z9202
Burchell Mosquito KB404
Burcher G M Halifax LV863
Burcher W E Lancaster PB637
Burcher Anthony Fisher Lancaster ED925
Burcher William Edward
Burcher Reginald Maxwell
Burcher George Peter
Burchett H F Lancaster NG401
Burchett Arthur R 'Bill' Halifax HR948
Burchett Mervyn Keith
Burchill J G Spitfire MJ660
Burda F Spitfire EP287
Burda Jerzy Vickers Wellington Z1387
Burdall J W Halifax RG591
Burden Dudley Albert Mosquito HR117
Burden G F Typhoon SW443
Burden J W S Lancaster ND708
Burden H J Halifax LL610
Burden D Lancaster LM423
Burden Rex R P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Burdett Donald William Lancaster ED416
Burdett Arthur Patrick Halifax R9453
Burdett N W E Lancaster ME581
Burdett F Lancaster LM723
Burdett A Lancaster JB423
Burdett F W Lancaster JB609
Burdett J C Halifax LW430
Burdett G A Halifax DK200
Burdgess N E Lancaster ED541
Burdick Clinton D P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Burdick Clinton D P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Burdick Clinton D P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Burdis W V J Spitfire SM295
Burdoff H C Halifax DK233
Burdon J Halifax JD408
Burdon S Blenheim Z7305
Burdon C Halifax R9444
Burdon J W S Halifax HX169
Burdsall G Halifax LW481
Burdus Reginald Stanley
Burel R Halifax NR226
Burfield J R R Halifax EB274
Burford Lindsay Rutland 'Sam' Lancaster LM180
Burford U E T Lancaster R5554
Burford Lawrie Mayman
Burgan Geoffrey Shuttleworth Blenheim L1317
Burgan Geoffrey Shuttleworth
Burge W F Halifax LK632
Burge R W Blenheim N3592
Burge D J Halifax LK909
Burge J F Hampden L4096
Burge Walter Francis
Burgeois H Stirling EE886
Burger T Lancaster JB717
Burges D W Spitfire BL832
Burges Norman George Albert
Burgess N G A Lancaster ND632
Burgess T J Lancaster ND564
Burgess A B Spitfire AB994
Burgess G L Lancaster PB187
Burgess C H Wellington Z1399
Burgess M R Lancaster ND874
Burgess T D Battle L5538
Burgess George Frederick Lancaster LL880
Burgess Alan Lancaster LL803
Burgess John Halifax HR754
Burgess Samuel Whitley Z9220
Burgess H T B Lancaster ND567
Burgess R R Mosquito MM728
Burgess C W Halifax LV883
Burgess Fred Andrew Halifax NP702
Burgess R C Lancaster DS847
Burgess James Michae Stirling R9201
Burgess J Lancaster ME752
Burgess Neil Conway Stirling LK488
Burgess F E Lancaster W4102
Burgess Whitley Z9188
Burgess A A Halifax JD165
Burgess A C Lancaster ED384
Burgess E H Lancaster W4340
Burgess R E Lancaster W4242
Burgess A S Lancaster DV271
Burgess T O Wellington W5360
Burgess J Mosquito MM238
Burgess A C Blenheim L8739
Burgess Hector George Wellington R1644
Burgess R F Halifax MZ286
Burgess A B Wellington X3544
Burgess A Wellington HE924
Burgess R O Mosquito DK327
Burgess G R Wellington HE170
Burgess B Fortress HB802
Burgess W H Halifax DT805
Burgess R C Wellington HF493
Burgess C S Halifax LK894
Burgess W C Lancaster W4841
Burgess C Lancaster ED999
Burgess A G Lancaster PB185
Burgess T M A Lancaster ED668
Burgess Lancaster JA896
Burgess F Lancaster ME586
Burgess N V Lancaster LM469
Burgess J E Spitfire EE743
Burgess Philip Sidney Lancaster ED927
Burgess J R Lancaster JB134
Burgess W J H Lancaster PA964
Burgess A Halifax JB851
Burgess E W Whitley T4212
Burgess H J Stirling BF414
Burgess R H Lancaster NE167
Burgess John Royston McDonnell
Burgess Colin Ward
Burgess Thomas James
Burgess Aubrey Edward
Burgess Arthur Bolwell
Burgess Clifford Henry
Burgess George Leonard
Burgess Malcolm Robert
Burgess James Russell
Burgess Frank Tranter
Burgher R S Halifax W7919
Burgin L R Stirling N3762
Burglass G T Stirling EH905
Burgoine M C Lancaster W4795
Burgon P G Halifax LW420
Burgon W W Spitfire W3186
Burgoyne L G Wellington Z8527
Burgoyne H Lancaster PB635
Burgoyne E Spitfire P9391
Burgoyne E Spitfire X4352
Burgum Robert Edward Halifax MZ565
Burgum W A Halifax HR980
Burgum William Arnold
Burgwal Rudolph Frans Spitfire MH370 - Some publications state MH730
Burini K A Wellington BJ920
Burk K Lancaster LM641
Burk Hill G Stirling BK697
Burkacki Roman Józef Lancaster PB722
Burke Ernest Patrick Lancaster ME296
Burke T W Stirling R9282
Burke Mervyn Kevin Halifax W1274
Burke Robert William Lancaster JB600
Burke E Lancaster LM589
Burke J A Wellington P2515
Burke James Lancaster PB125
Burke Hugh Halifax DG252
Burke Ronald Ernest Lancaster LL745
Burke John Richard Powell Halifax W7780
Burke Franklyn Roy Halifax JB866
Burke R W Halifax JD410
Burke R N V Wellington BJ764
Burke J G Halifax LV829
Burke D J Halifax LK786
Burke R J Stirling BK800
Burke D W Halifax LW500
Burke John R A Lancaster JB238
Burke D L Typhoon JP794
Burke D L Typhoon MN808
Burke James Joseph Miles Magister T9947
Burke Edgar Lawrence Lancaster ME690
Burke A B Lancaster JB594
Burke D T Mosquito ML964
Burke J W Lancaster DS678
Burke E J Lancaster LM714
Burke I C Wellington W5384
Burke W I H Blenheim R3746
Burke Typhoon
Burke D Halifax HR928
Burke C W G Wellington HE592
Burke J Lancaster R5903
Burke W Lancaster ME791
Burke J E S Hampden AD897
Burke H S Anson N9824
Burke H J Lancaster SW254
Burke T H Lancaster ME731
Burke J Y Mosquito DZ647
Burke T W Wellington Z8834
Burke Francis James
Burke Ernest Patrick
Burke Mervyn Kevin
Burke Robert William
Burke Robert Edward John
Burke Bruce Clifford
Burke John Parnell
Burke Lloyd K. B-17 42-97480
Burke Sylvester V P-47 Thunderbolt
Burke Sylvester V P-47 Thunderbolt
Burke Sylvester V P-47 Thunderbolt
Burkett George Hector
Burkhard Harold D P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Burkhart Morris C P-47 Thunderbolt
Burkiewicz Henryk Marian Avro Lancaster JA683
Burkitt Ivor James Wellington HF835
Burkitt A E Stirling W7615
Burkitt A E Stirling W7521
Burkitt A E Stirling N3753
Burkitt W F Lancaster LM430
Burkwood R W Lancaster ND987
Burl E W Lancaster DV188
Burland G H Stirling W7437
Burland J Stirling BK779
Burleigh D W Halifax LK967
Burleigh T J Lancaster ME619
Burleigh S C Lancaster DV243
Burleigh R J Spitfire W3111
Burleigh S C Lancaster PB188
Burleigh Herbert Keith
Burleson Thomas H Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Burley Roland Henry Hampden AT227
Burley A R Lancaster NF982
Burley P R K Wellington R1462
Burley W C Halifax EB137
Burley P K Mosquito MM147
Burley Stanley Hudson Whitley T4203
Burley Blenheim V6380
Burling William L P-47 Thunderbolt
Burling William L P-47 Thunderbolt
Burlingame Gordon S P-47 Thunderbolt
Burlingham D G Mustang AM151
Burlinson R M Blenheim V6380
Burman Leslie Stirling EF498
Burman D C Spitfire NH374
Burman R T Halifax JB974
Burn R M Blenheim L8776
Burn R H Lancaster JA873
Burn A E Lancaster LL921
Burn D R Wellington X3722
Burnard M E Lancaster ND565
Burne C Lancaster W4962
Burnell B D Lancaster JB598
Burnell William Henry Lancaster ME635
Burnell D A Halifax NP710
Burnell P J Halifax HX343
Burnell S Lancaster JB357
Burnell S Lancaster KB464
Burnell B Lancaster RF137
Burnell W Lancaster JA929
Burnell A W A Lancaster PA979
Burnell Noel George
Burnell Brian Dudley
Burnell Charles John Wellington MF241
Burnell-Phillips Peter Anthony
Burnes Robert G P-47 Thunderbolt
Burnet R Lancaster EE173
Burnett T A Lancaster NE177
Burnett R Halifax LW498
Burnett Walter McGregor Halliday Lancaster NE138
Burnett Reginald Lancaster ED726
Burnett Ernest John Lancaster DV156
Burnett William Alexander Lancaster NE145
Burnett W J Hampden AE393
Burnett W G Halifax NP712
Burnett L G E Lancaster DS676
Burnett D M T Mosquito DZ638
Burnett E G Lancaster DV159
Burnett P Lancaster LM634
Burnett B N Wellington X3694
Burnett A J Mosquito NL931
Burnett Laurence Lancaster W4855
Burnett G S Stirling BF312
Burnett W H Lancaster ND798
Burnett R G Wellington X9750
Burnett F T A Fortress HB803
Burnett E W Wellington P9213
Burnett N W Hurricane V6631
Burnett L H Halifax HR842
Burnett Ralph Hampden P4356
Burnett F F H Lancaster ND852
Burnett T Lancaster LM104
Burnett Thomas Alfred
Burnett Fred E Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Burney C D E Lancaster ED330
Burney Henry George
Burnham W H Wellington W5356
Burnham R C Lancaster ME634
Burnham John
Burnham Hubert John
Burnham-Richards Sydney George Lancaster JB181
Burnley J D Stirling W7512
Burnley J D Stirling W7462
Burnley Blenheim V6453
Burnley Bernard
Burns Alfred John Halifax MZ715
Burns Philip Maxwell Hudson AM773
Burns Alan Wellington X3604
Burns Aaron Lancaster ED992
Burns E R Halifax LW331
Burns J A Lancaster ED752
Burns Halifax L9497
Burns Jack C Lancaster PB413
Burns W C Lancaster DS726
Burns M J Halifax NA185
Burns J D Halifax LV997
Burns R J Halifax LV821
Burns J Wellington HE593
Burns J C Halifax MZ537
Burns W Halifax LK639
Burns J Halifax NP805
Burns G C Halifax LV990
Burns K O Halifax LK893
Burns W H Whitley Z9155
Burns William Stirling Lancaster ME732
Burns Whitley P4995
Burns I C Lancaster ED626
Burns D Lancaster ND853
Burns W E Boston W8302
Burns J Hampden AE200
Burns J Hampden AT116
Burns Hampden X3056
Burns J R Lancaster PB486
Burns R E T Lancaster PD239
Burns J Lancaster ME496
Burns Blenheim V6377
Burns J J W Wellington HE395
Burns W E Boston AL275
Burns A J Blenheim L8757
Burns T R Spitfire RM790
Burns J Wellington BJ755
Burns G J Lancaster NN697
Burns N A Spitfire PV154
Burns S G Lancaster DV171
Burns D R Lancaster DS787
Burns G B Lancaster PD363
Burns A Lancaster RF120
Burns S Lancaster DV398
Burns J W Halifax LW502
Burns A Halifax JB973
Burns J G Halifax MZ460
Burns K W L Halifax MZ340
Burns W D Stirling EH947
Burns W D Stirling EE974
Burns K H Lancaster JA916
Burns Daniel James
Burns Alexander
Burns Malcolm Carroll
Burns Robert John
Burns Phillip Maxwell
Burns Norman John
Burns Bobbie De Savary
Burns Huia Nelson
Burns Kevan John
Burns Alfred John
Burns John Joseph
Burns Dean R P-38 Lightning
Burns Gilbert C Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Burns Robert G P-47 Thunderbolt
Burns Robert G P-47 Thunderbolt
Burns Robert G P-47 Thunderbolt
Burns William H P-51 Mustang
Burnside H Lancaster NE129
Burnside John Stanley Wellington R1040
Burnside W M Lancaster W4102
Burnside D Hampden L4163
Burnside H C Lancaster PD374
Burnside D H Halifax DK144
Burnside J Lancaster ED785
Burnside J K Lancaster ME596
Burnside J L Halifax DK137
Burnside W M Lancaster PB521
Burnside Harold
Burpee Lewis Johnstone Lancaster ED865
Burr Norman Albert Wellington N2825
Burr R Lancaster ED392
Burr R S Halifax JB930
Burr R H Whitley T4330
Burr R H Wellington R1339
Burr P W Lancaster PB643
Burr R P V Lancaster LM579
Burr Whitley N1387
Burr W C Lancaster R5607
Burr-Thomas W K Hampden L4183
Burrage C L Mosquito WJ779
Burrage John Allan
Burras (some records have this as Burns) Charles Eric Halifax JD252
Burraston Jack Clarence
Burrell Reginald Arthur Halifax JD211
Burrell R Mosquito MM237
Burrell W E Hampden X2986
Burrell H J E Wellington W5421
Burrell G A Stirling R9352
Burrell Roy Lancaster ED758
Burrell P A M Blenheim L8834
Burrell A W Lancaster ND347
Burrell Robert Lancaster DV331
Burrell E R Lancaster R5615
Burrell G J Whitley N1358
Burrell E F Halifax W1245
Burrell Hugh Bartholom Tiger Moth NZ724
Burrett H F Stirling EE871
Burrett James Robert
Burridge Philip L Wellington X3652
Burridge R Wellington HE398
Burridge C F P Lancaster NG327
Burridge Harry J Halifax JD108
Burridge H J Halifax W7939
Burrill F Wellington BJ968
Burrill K Halifax PN447
Burrough T N C Hampden AD742
Burrough T N C Hampden X3143
Burrough T N C Manchester L7369
Burroughs Harry West Halifax JD176
Burroughs J R Lancaster ED734
Burroughs K D Lancaster ND517
Burroughs Phillip Fothergill
Burroughs Vernon A P-47 Thunderbolt
Burroughs Vernon A P-47 Thunderbolt
Burrow L F W Halifax MZ368
Burrow John "Jack" Whitley P5044
Burrow J H Wellington HE184
Burrow Lionel Frederick Walter
Burrowes Thomas
Burrowes Mavis Myrtle
Burrows Felix Milton Lancaster HK595
Burrows W G Lancaster W4372
Burrows A H Lancaster ED969
Burrows F R Lancaster ED808
Burrows John Benjamin Whitley BD544
Burrows Arthur E Stirling N6022
Burrows Albert Edward Stirling W7433
Burrows B A Halifax NP804
Burrows W J Lancaster LL647
Burrows J W Halifax LW592
Burrows D E Halifax MZ933
Burrows P I Blenheim T2439
Burrows R B Manchester L7390
Burrows L A V Typhoon JR261
Burrows R H Battle K9390
Burrows J S Blenheim L6694
Burrows N Halifax MZ342
Burrows S H Stirling EF365
Burrows S H Stirling BK722
Burrows D C Mosquito DZ689
Burrows J G Lancaster JB362
Burrows W B Hampden AE159
Burrows D E Halifax MZ624
Burrows N A Lancaster ME548
Burrows H Lancaster ME735
Burrows Hampden P2144
Burrows N R Lancaster ED937
Burrows G Lancaster LL839
Burrows R H Lancaster PD286
Burrows L R Stirling N3663
Burrows D E Halifax JD168
Burrows Felix Milton
Burrows Wilfred Gordon
Burrows Martin Allan
Burrows John Benjamin
Burrows Donald Terence
Burrows Frank Reginald
Burrows Ronald George Stanley
Burrows Robert Edward Wellington HP631
Burry Sydney Alexander Whitley K8950
Bursill John Alan
Burson T P Lancaster PB483
Burson A C Lancaster ED542
Burston M H Lancaster W4377
Burston Herbert
Burszewski Edmund (Burshe) Wellington Z1333
Bursztyn Kazimierz Augustyn Józef Morane 1047
Burt Rex Theodore Wellington W5618
Burt A G Manchester L7369
Burt Peter Lancaster ND950
Burt H A Lancaster PB247
Burt R G A Lancaster LL637
Burt Colin William Wellington LP609
Burt Spitfire EE746
Burt L J Hampden L4189
Burt J B Mosquito ML967
Burt C S Battle
Burt P R Halifax W1038
Burt A S Lancaster NG230
Burt C J Blenheim R3732
Burt H L Stirling BK663
Burt Philip R Lancaster ND846
Burt L J Hampden X2910
Burt Raymond Charles Halifax DT561
Burt K O Blenheim V6026
Burt B W Blenheim R3709
Burt E C Lancaster PA979
Burt Rex Theodore
Burt Alan Gladstone
Burt Richard Percy Wellington R1728
Burt Vernon Clifford Halifax DG413
Burt William C. B-17 Under Ground Farmer 44-6020
Burt Harold R P-51 Mustang
Burt Harold R P-51 Mustang
Burtenshaw Dennis Frederick Lancaster JB640
Burtenshaw A A Spitfire P7689
Burtis Marvin Edson Wellington T2973
Burton A Lancaster EE183
Burton L P Lancaster PB281
Burton W P Lancaster HK622
Burton W P Lancaster LM618
Burton R G Manchester L7471
Burton H E Lancaster ND949
Burton John Raymond Whitley BD280
Burton Walter Matthew Halifax LV952
Burton Bruce Goulden Sunderland W6031
Burton Percival Ross Frances Hurricane P3384
Burton Roger William Hurricane P2427 - some reports incorrectly state P3427
Burton Edward Nichols Lancaster JB645
Burton Edward George Lancaster R5897
Burton Derrick Percy Whitley BD280
Burton Ronald Louvain Blenheim L4899
Burton J R Lancaster ND626
Burton E A Halifax JD325
Burton R E Halifax NP706
Burton W H Halifax EB217
Burton Howard Houston Lancaster W4184
Burton C S Stirling N6123
Burton A B Halifax HX174
Burton J T H Halifax HX347
Burton Whitley P4961
Burton J R Lancaster LL750
Burton S G Lancaster DV270
Burton L Lancaster DV267
Burton A J Lancaster W4362
Burton W W Wellington W5416
Burton F J Wellington B542
Burton R G Wellington W5381
Burton J Wellington P9270
Burton H Wellington R3136
Burton C Stirling BK765
Burton F R Stirling BF475
Burton H J Lancaster NN785
Burton R G Lancaster NE143
Burton R R Wellington HE578
Burton A W Halifax MZ570
Burton J E Wellington BJ889
Burton E Wellington HF597
Burton C Lancaster W4959
Burton John Bernard Lancaster R5694
Burton A R Lancaster LM326
Burton Blenheim N3564
Burton K R Stirling W7621
Burton D L Blenheim P6952
Burton Percival Ross Frances Hurricane V6683
Burton J J Halifax MZ476
Burton G D Halifax NA528
Burton D H F Lancaster PB299
Burton R E H Lancaster DV235
Burton H F Lancaster W4192
Burton E H Spitfire W3433
Burton F Lancaster EE198
Burton G C Stirling EE942
Burton G C Stirling BF466
Burton R Lancaster LM511
Burton F W Lancaster DV281
Burton D Halifax LW644
Burton C K Halifax DK170
Burton N H Whitley N1487
Burton J Blenheim T2163
Burton H W Stirling BK814
Burton John Raymond
Burton Edwin Erle
Burton Wallace Bruce
Burton Wallace Patrick
Burton Ronald Garnet
Burton Herbert Eric
Burton Graeme Ernest Charles
Burton Herbert C P-51 Mustang
Burton Herbert C P-51 Mustang
Burton Herbert C P-51 Mustang
Burton-Burgess F E Lancaster ED926
Burton-Burgess F E Lancaster JB284
Burtonshaw F E P Halifax W1058
Burtonshaw Halifax V9978
Burtonshaw Halifax W1051
Burtt Marcus Heppell Stirling BF327
Burtt H J Lancaster ND752
Burtt Robert Petchell Lancaster LM428
Burtwell S Wellington R1789
Burwell G R Lancaster DS664
Burwood Geoffrey Hubert Stephen Halifax MZ541
Bury Glyn Norman Lancaster HK653
Bury D S H Hurricane L1734
Bury E M Blenheim Z7700
Bury F G Wellington T2509
Bury S W Lancaster JA905
Bury Glyn Norman
Bury-Burzymski Jan Hawker Hurricane V6807
Burzyński Jan Wilhelm De Havilland Mosquito HJ933
Burzyński Kazimierz Consolidated Liberator EW148
Busby J H Lancaster LM466
Busby Peter Stirling N3756
Busby A E Lancaster DS765
Busby G Battle L5459
Busby D C C Lancaster ED863
Busby S Halifax HR853
Busby D G Lancaster ED352
Busby W G Blenheim V6256
Busby F R Lancaster R5564
Busby John Harold
Busch Albert Clifford
Buscombe E G Lancaster W4954
Buse G B Wellington X9926
Busenbark Joseph S P-47 Thunderbolt
Busfield E H Hampden P2085
Bush J F Lancaster ME796
Bush K A Halifax LW549
Bush Charles Roy
Bush Cyril Lancaster ND470
Bush Walter J. Halifax LW137
Bush M Halifax MZ908
Bush R E Wellington T2501
Bush W A Lancaster LM318
Bush D J M McK Whitley Z6862
Bush A Whitley T4261
Bush K S Mosquito DZ483
Bush R E Spitfire
Bush R E Spitfire
Bush R Wellington Z1376
Bush E F Typhoon JR369
Bush G F Halifax W7700
Bush L W Mosquito HJ773
Bush K F Halifax LW413
Bush William Charles Wellington HE368
Bush W H Halifax MZ559
Bush G A Spitfire BS462
Bush R E Wellington L7868
Bush Barrister John
Bush John Francis
Bush Jerry P P-51 Mustang
Bushby Joseph Bryan Halifax R9438
Bushby J Lancaster ED311
Bushby J H Lancaster PB521
Bushell Roger Joyce Spitfire N3194
Bushell John Christopher Wyndowe Whitley N1377
Bushell Keith Stephen Hudson P5162
Bushell John H.L. Halifax LW337
Bushell H J Hampden P2070
Bushell William James Stirling R9317
Bushell C Spitfire W3959
Bushell H R Wellington BJ663
Bushell E J Hampden X3047
Bushell J R Stirling N6018
Bushell W J Stirling R9155
Bushell F G Halifax LW373
Bushell H B Lancaster JB656
Bushell George
Bushell Gregory James
Bushill A S Lancaster ED723
Bushnell P W M Master T9676
Bushord C E Wellington R1587
Busina E Wellington L7842
Buskirk Clair E P-38 Lightning
Buss G B Halifax MZ705
Buss F.R. Lancaster PB591
Bussell A A Wellington Z1565
Bussell H C Manchester L7394
Bussell R H Lancaster JB350
Bussell Kent Bligh
Bussenschutt Douglas Linden
Bussey Richard Selwyn Halifax LW262
Bussey M A Hurricane L1803
Bussy G M Whitley Z6583
Busuttin J V Wellington X3795
Buswell E J Lancaster PA964
Buswell Leonard
Buszko Eugeniusz Vickers Wellington W5557
Buszko Thaddeus S P-47 Thunderbolt
Butchart D C G Halifax W1053
Butchart L E Mustang AG553
Butchart Bruce Ferguson
Butcher R E N Wellington X3815
Butcher W H J Lancaster PD311
Butcher William Albert Lancaster ND797
Butcher Alfred Frank Lancaster PB586
Butcher C M Halifax LK915
Butcher S H Stirling N3752
Butcher L Halifax JD473
Butcher R V Whitley Z6627
Butcher G A Halifax JB921
Butcher L C Wellington T2621
Butcher Philip Bertie Joseph Halifax W1189
Butcher K R Lancaster DS765
Butcher Sidney John Stirling R9201
Butcher P J Halifax MZ567
Butcher K H Lancaster LM289
Butcher R D Lancaster NE112
Butcher D J Tempest EJ7662
Butcher D J Tempest NV681
Butcher K C Lancaster LL790
Butcher C H Hampden P1333
Butcher N Lancaster ED808
Butcher S C Halifax MZ733
Butcher E Halifax MZ530
Butcher E Halifax DK193
Butcher W H M Blenheim N3594
Butcher A W Lancaster ED481
Butcher S C J Lancaster LM183
Butcher Raymond Edward Norton
Butcher Walter Harvey James
Butcher Jack Ernest
Butcher Charles Sydney
Butcher Francis John
Butiste Leo F P-47 Thunderbolt
Butkiewicz Wacław Wellington R1492
Butland G H Lancaster ND538
Butler R W Lancaster DV292
Butler N E Lancaster PB459
Butler W C Lancaster DV344
Butler Murray Anderson Beaufort L9810
Butler Lionel Wembley Henry Lancaster ED372
Butler Reginald Colston Wellington R1047
Butler Francis Charles Joseph Wellington N2897
Butler Arthur Cecil Stirling LK143
Butler Charles Edward Lancaster SW278
Butler Leslie Booker Wellington R3293
Butler A R V Lancaster PD420
Butler Ronald Harris Lancaster ED366
Butler N A Halifax MZ456
Butler A H Halifax MZ910
Butler J Lancaster ME456
Butler D A Halifax MZ674
Butler P W Halifax HX277
Butler L H Stirling BK715
Butler B L Halifax MZ342
Butler Ivan William Spitfire PV311
Butler L L Stirling EH948
Butler G T Halifax BB192
Butler R B Lancaster W4989
Butler G Halifax MZ450
Butler R Lancaster JB350
Butler E J Hampden X3148
Butler R W Lancaster R5608
Butler R Boston BZ227
Butler Boston BZ241
Butler R F Wellington X3726
Butler K F Lancaster ED388
Butler C Lancaster ME316
Butler Charles J Lancaster ND324
Butler A H O Typhoon PD551
Butler E D Stirling N6081
Butler P E Wellington R1229
Butler Robert John Lancaster W4852
Butler C Lancaster JA697
Butler L A A Halifax MZ760
Butler W V Lancaster W4966
Butler S W Lancaster NF986
Butler William Valentine Lancaster EE137
Butler C J Halifax PN169
Butler J Mustang KM137
Butler Patrick M W Stirling R9194
Butler M Stirling EE959
Butler R Stirling R9187
Butler H Stirling BK650
Butler V S Boston Z2209
Butler W C Mosquito HJ709
Butler Alfred Eric William Wellington DV723
Butler J J Halifax JB786
Butler E F Halifax DT488
Butler C A Lancaster ME334
Butler Halifax W1145
Butler C J E Hampden P1239
Butler H Wellington Z1670
Butler K G Lancaster ND654
Butler R Lancaster ED538
Butler P S Hampden P1318
Butler J R Hampden AD729
Butler W C Halifax HR839
Butler P G Lancaster DS821
Butler M P Lancaster ME679
Butler F C Lancaster JB565
Butler D F Lancaster JB373
Butler W Hampden P4399
Butler W Hampden AD825
Butler P R Lancaster EE116
Butler D R Lancaster LM536
Butler N Lancaster R5915
Butler P F Stirling EF137
Butler L J Halifax L9494
Butler H D Halifax R9452
Butler C H Whitley N1432
Butler G H Halifax LV905
Butler J W Hampden AE358
Butler N Lancaster ND414
Butler R W Battle L5467
Butler J H Lancaster LM528
Butler Victor John Arthur Lancaster R5537
Butler R Lancaster JA963
Butler Thomas Roy
Butler Ronald Francis
Butler Roy Wallace
Butler Kenneth Herbert
Butler Joseph Gipson
Butler Phillip Neville
Butler Neville Edward
Butler William Charles
Butler Alfred John Archibald
Butler Terence John
Butler Bertrand William Tiger Moth NZ724
Butler Jack Albert Avro Anson TX175
Butler William Manley Spitfire P8644
Butler C.F. Wellington P9277
Butler George H P-47 Thunderbolt
Butler George H P-47 Thunderbolt
Butler George H P-47 Thunderbolt
Butler Joseph F P-47 Thunderbolt
Butler Lester A P-51 Mustang
Butler Nelson W P-51 Mustang
Butler Nelson W P-51 Mustang
Butler Ralph C P-51 Mustang
Butler Reed B P-47 Thunderbolt
Butler Robert K P-47 Thunderbolt
Butler-Williams G H Wellington Z8579
Butlin Dennis Charles Halifax DG408
Butlin A J Halifax JB783
Butson J F Lancaster PB180
Butson G F Lancaster DS719
Butson C Lancaster ND457
Butt W H Lancaster PB122
Butt R E Lancaster ND538
Butt Jack Eric Stirling BF479
Butt M G Wellington P9272
Butt L G Mosquito MM672
Butt W R Mustang AG611
Butt H R Tempest NV979
Butt R G Wellington X9981
Butt E J Halifax R9485
Butt T A G Stirling BF438
Butt Warren Henry
Butt Robert Edward
Buttel Albert Francois Manchester L7469
Buttel Albert Francois
Buttell H B Whitley Z9126
Buttell Whitley Z6655
Buttell H B Whitley Z6483
Butterfield Samuel Leslie Hurricane P2721
Butterfield Samuel Leslie Hurricane P3789
Butterfield W Stirling N6121
Butterfield D W H Lancaster DV222
Butterfield W R Mosquito PZ189
Butterfield F Lancaster W4944
Butterfield W R Stirling N6042
Butterfield W R Lancaster JA682
Butterfield T Lancaster DV334
Butterfield Samuel Leslie
Butterfield Thomas Ian
Butterfield S L
Butterly John Desmond Lancaster ED548
Butters Uriah Bernard Lancaster LM693
Butters K D Halifax DK201
Butterworth Douglas Graham Wellington Z1394
Butterworth J Lancaster JA853
Butterworth John Leslie Gilbert Blenheim L9329
Butterworth John Bernard Stirling W7531
Butterworth Robert Stuart Lancaster PB451
Butterworth H M Wellington HF856
Butterworth H R Lancaster LL832
Butterworth G W Halifax R9528
Butterworth E R Lancaster W4768
Butterworth F N Wellington X3644
Butterworth D Wellington W5356
Butterworth J Wellington Z1292
Butterworth P Stirling EE880
Butterworth P Stirling BF531
Butterworth L A Wellington HF589
Butterworth J Hampden AD719
Butterworth C Lancaster ED989
Butterworth T A Manchester R5787
Butterworth J W Lancaster LM183
Butterworth John
Buttery Harold Whitley N1500
Buttery R T L Battle P2360
Buttery Geoffrey Leighton
Buttery Lionel Paul
Buttigeig P S Manchester L7432
Buttimore Leslie Norman Hampden X3026
Buttke Robert L P-38 Lightning
Buttke Robert L P-38 Lightning
Buttke Robert L P-38 Lightning
Buttke Robert L P-51 Mustang
Buttke Robert L P-51 Mustang
Buttler L F Halifax EB214
Buttling A G Lancaster DS669
Button L E Lancaster NN708
Button C Lancaster DS685
Button J C Typhoon JR247
Button K E Typhoon MN696
Button D G Halifax HR798
Button F O Lancaster W4262
Button E L Lancaster EE188
Button Lyle Ewart
Buttrey J W Halifax NA612
Buttrey H Lancaster ED785
Buttrum-Gardiner E P Lancaster PB768
Butts N Stirling EH960
Butts N Wellington HE163
Butts Will T P-47 Thunderbolt
Butts Will T P-47 Thunderbolt
Butts Will T P-47 Thunderbolt
Butts Will T P-47 Thunderbolt
Butts Will T P-47 Thunderbolt
Buttsworth John Leighton
Buxton A W Lancaster JB153
Buxton Arthur John Stirling BF523
Buxton Martin Levi Wellington HE203
Buxton Gordon Lancaster LM526
Buxton T K Halifax LW207
Buxton H Lancaster ED752
Buxton B J Halifax LK629
Buxton H G Halifax HX245
Buxton L Lancaster DS633
Buxton J Lancaster PB652
Buxton R K Lancaster W4766
Buxton R K Lancaster EE190
Buxton J E Halifax DK177
Buxton Alfred William
Buys T F A Spitfire R7349
Buzan W C Lancaster JB458
Buzza James Alexander Halifax PN243
Buzza R E Lancaster ND915
Byars J A Lancaster JB710
Byars James R B-24 Slossie 44-40294
Byass R A Lancaster W4894
Byass Reginald Anderson
Byatt C V Halifax LK762
Bybee S C Wellington HE817
Bychowski Jan Ryszard Avro Lancaster LL857
Bydwell H W Wellington W5390
Bye V C Lancaster DV158
Bye G A Blenheim R2791
Bye Garth William Beresford
Byer S T Typhoon MN248
Byerley Douglas Hardy
Byers P W Lancaster ND626
Byers C W Lancaster NG335
Byers G J Halifax JD326
Byers G J Halifax JD327
Byers H Typhoon RB325
Byers Colin Edward Lancaster JB368
Byers V W Lancaster ED934
Byers J E Halifax LV915
Byers I H Lancaster LL777
Byers Robert William Wellington Z1613
Byers W H S Wellington R1757
Byers Peter William
Byers Bruce B P-47 Thunderbolt
Byers James F * P-38 Lightning
Byers James F * P-38 Lightning
Byers James F ** P-47 Thunderbolt
Byers Vic L Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Byers Vic L Jr P-51 Mustang
Byers Vic L Jr P-51 Mustang
Byers William E P-38 Lightning
Byers William E P-38 Lightning
Byfield B R Halifax DT526
Byford Edward Thomas William Halifax LV903
Byford H A Spitfire BM461
Bygrave L Halifax DT701
Bygraves Ivor Pestell Wellington X9614
Bylczyński Stanisław
Byliński Eugeniusz Fairey Battle N2060
Byng C A Halifax MZ844
Byrczek Mieczysław Józef
Byrd H C Spitfire SM208
Byrd C H J Lancaster R5623
Byrd Markrel L P-38 Lightning
Byres James Watt Seafire SX315
Byres G W H Halifax HR790
Byres N E Hampden AD969
Byrne N T Wellington Z1219
Byrne G B Lancaster PB541
Byrne John Gordon Wellington BK517
Byrne F P Mosquito NS949
Byrne M J Wellington BJ661
Byrne P J J Lancaster NF936
Byrne D C Mustang FB108
Byrne Graham Bancroft Halifax LL364
Byrne A R Stirling BF460
Byrne J A Halifax W1215
Byrne L M Halifax LV790
Byrne C T Stirling EE973
Byrne M T Halifax HR793
Byrne R M Halifax LW688
Byrne J R Lancaster NF932
Byrne T A Halifax L9516
Byrne E L Blenheim Z5721
Byrne Calvert Philip
Byrne Nial Thurlow
Byrne Roger
Byrne Ray Owen
Byrne Garry Brendan
Byrne John Garnet
Byrne Reginald Elwyn
Byrne Henry Peter Liberator EW631
Byrnes R W Lancaster LL847
Byrnes Robert Wentworth
Byrnes Kerry Gavan
Bysouth Raymond Walter Lancaster ED588
Bysouth H Lancaster ED383
Bysouth D N Lancaster ED566
Bystrzyński Witold Bristol Blenheim Z6242
Bywater M Blenheim T1881
Bywater A H Stirling W7617
Bywater A H Stirling W7563
Bywaters Thomas Bernard Stirling W7526
Bzowy M A Halifax NA510
Caban E G Blenheim Z7362
Cabana J L E Halifax JD374
Cable John Duncan Skelton Lancaster DS630
Cable W B Halifax MZ418
Cable H B Wellington W5356
Cable J Lancaster JB556
Cable W D V Halifax LK732
Cable George Halifax LL280
Cacchioni J Halifax LL251
Cachart E B Lancaster JB231
Cachia John Wellington BJ657
Cacko Kazimierz Vickers Wellington T2717
Cadd J J Lancaster ED332
Cadd William Glen
Cadd Kenneth Francis
Cadd Leslie
Cadden E Lancaster ED388
Cadden A Stirling W7472
Caddick J E Wellington R1437
Caddie A S Halifax NP968
Caddie J W Mosquito MN681
Caddon M S Halifax MZ877
Caddy M Lancaster R5663
Caddy Peter Giblin
Caddy John Giblin
Caddy Mervyn
Cade A S Lancaster DS691
Cade W H Lancaster ED981
Cadeau G Halifax NR226
Cadeau Albert Joseph Halifax EB213
Cadell John Donald
Cadge D E Stirling EF502
Cadge F T Halifax LW542
Cadger W J Halifax R9453
Cadman S Lancaster ME595
Cadman Robert Lancaster ND950
Cadman P E Mosquito ML921
Cadman W G Mosquito PZ348
Cadman J W Manchester L7309
Cadman P M Mosquito
Cadman R W Lancaster R5759
Cadman A Halifax LV868
Cadman Arthur Robert Lancaster ND390
Cadmore E Halifax DK200
Cadmus G A Halifax DK139
Cady D S Lancaster ME496
Caesar G C Wellington R1624
Caesar C C Mustang HB836
Caesar-Gordon Hampden AD926
Cafferty A E Lancaster ME587
Caffery N Halifax HX351
Caffrey F Halifax NR132
Caffyn Murray Cameron Lancaster ED658
Caffyn Murray Cameron
Cage R H Wellington T2846
Cagienard Robert Roland Lancaster DS734
Cahil C B Halifax LK629
Cahill John Frederick Wellington MS473
Cahill C McC Lancaster LM677
Cahill C McC Lancaster ND473
Cahill J A Halifax NA618
Cahill E J Lancaster EE178
Cahill J Halifax LW297
Cahill D Lancaster PB235
Cahill John Joseph
Cahill Clyde McCartney
Cahir Francis Shamus 'Jim' Halifax HX273
Cahir James Gordon Lancaster LM232
Cahoon G A Halifax NP682
Cahusac Whitley T4335
Caid Vernon L P-47 Thunderbolt
Caie A Halifax W1013
Caiger C Stirling R9330
Caiger Victor Keith
Caile A Lancaster LM390
Cailes L H Halifax W7824
Cailes L H Halifax W7706
Cain L W Halifax HX267
Cain D D Hampden P4344
Cain W E Lancaster ED365
Cain W E Lancaster W4167
Cain I W Typhoon MN376
Cain T E Lancaster JB674
Cain N H Spitfire MH441
Cain R Wellington T2956
Cain John James
Cain Lance
Cain Alexander John
Cain Leonard William
Cain Barry Beaufort AW383
Caine A M Halifax LW421
Caine G Stirling EF271
Caine J L Mosquito
Caine W M Whitley Z6666
Caines G T M Lancaster LM430
Cains S W Halifax DT696
Cains S W Halifax W7859
Cairn Leslie Albert Hampden AD830
Cairns Lancaster ED315
Cairns J D Halifax HX366
Cairns R I Halifax NP696
Cairns A W Halifax MZ291
Cairns L T Wellington X3714
Cairns J Whitley P5094
Cairns P L Lancaster DV291
Cairns J C Lancaster JB709
Cairns J D Lancaster LL752
Cairns Charles Gordon Lancaster ND380
Cairns J D Liberator TS526
Cairns J C Wellington HE737
Cairns G Lancaster PB407
Cairns R S Wellington T2804
Cairns Whitley Z6931
Cairns Whitley Z9211
Cairns John Lancaster ME591
Cairns T R Lancaster W4955
Cairns T D S Lancaster LM164
Cairns W D Lancaster NE149
Caister J R Spitfire X4260
Caister James Russell
Caitcheon G E Wellington X3664
Cakebread J A Halifax LW616
Caladine Keith Jervis
Calcraft N J Stirling EH927
Calcutt F K Hampden AD791
Calcutt Clarence Gilbert Wellington DV723
Calcutt Richard Lancaster ED318
Calcutt F I Lancaster ED331
Calcutt E A Halifax LL559
Caldecott Leslie H Stirling LJ982
Caldecourt R D Halifax JB855
Calder R H D Lancaster R5620
Calder Alexander Fraser Dakota KN584
Calder J R Lancaster ED720
Calder D H Halifax LW426
Calder W H Wellington HE981
Calder J P S Mosquito ML984
Calder J A Lancaster ME729
Calder G A Mitchell FL197
Calder Stirling BK707
Calder J P S Wellington T2506
Calder T S Lancaster ND552
Calder K V Spitfire BR603
Calder R M D Halifax LW681
Calder R H Hampden AD837
Calder R H Hampden AE188
Calder Edward Louis
Calder Lewis Walter
Calder George Douglas
Calder Peter John
Calder Robert Harvey Donald
Calder Cecile Hazel
Calderbank J R Halifax LV973
Calderbank W F Lancaster RA530
Calderhead L W Wellington X3656
Calderhead R F Lancaster LM455
Calderwood L J Lancaster LL892
Calderwood L J Lancaster L7574
Calderwood N Halifax NP678
Calderwood Donald John Lancaster W4104
Calderwood T McW Halifax W7709
Calderwood W Wellington HF493
Calderwood Leonard John
Caldicott H Wellington R1013
Caldow Lindsay Allan
Caldswell J A Hampden AE437
Caldwell J H Stirling R9328
Caldwell Frank Halifax BB205
Caldwell William Frazer Wellington R1235
Caldwell W G Whitley Z6973
Caldwell G M Wellington BJ730
Caldwell R G Wellington BK348
Caldwell A G Halifax LV996
Caldwell E R Lancaster ND400
Caldwell William Donaldson Halifax JD260
Caldwell W R Lancaster ED561
Caldwell T R Spitfire P7848
Caldwell T R Spitfire W3451
Caldwell L J Wellington W5431
Caldwell W A Halifax LL120
Caldwell Mosquito
Caldwell D A Hampden AD719
Caldwell J H Lancaster LM322
Caldwell R H Halifax JD475
Caldwell W F Lancaster R5754
Caldwell R C Battle L5519
Caldwell C D Wellington N2986
Caldwell Clive 'Killer'
Caldwell G. L.
Caldwell David Kenneth
Caldwell James Humphrey
Caldwell Merle F P-51 Mustang
Caldwell Robert E P-47 Thunderbolt
Caldwell-Horsfall J M Spitfire PL853
Cale F W Spitfire N3168
Cale A L W Lancaster ED486
Cale Ronald Philip Stirling W7501
Cale Francis Walter
Caley Arthur Ashton Stirling EF392
Caley G F Lancaster NG325
Calhoun M B Lancaster PA972
Calhoun M B Lancaster PB239
Caliński-Cap Stanisław North American P-51d Mustang FB179
Callaghan W D Lancaster ME388
Callaghan P A Halifax NP695
Callaghan Ron P Wellington BJ661
Callaghan J E Lancaster ED626
Callaghan M A Lancaster NN800
Callaghan W J Wellington W5361
Callaghan R H Wellington X9983
Callaghan J B Battle P2161
Callaghan J Battle K9383
Callaghan F J Halifax DT616
Callaghan H Lancaster ME453
Callaghan William Desmond
Callaghan Francis James
Callaghan Douglass Wellington AD625
Callaghan Robert E P-51 Mustang
Callahan P R Lancaster ND652
Callahan John
Callahan Peter Ross
Callahan Robert M P-47 Thunderbolt
Callan M K Halifax DT539
Callan N J Lancaster JB300
Callan J R Halifax BB363
Callan J A Lancaster ED355
Callan J P Lancaster HK594
Callanan J Lancaster W4836
Callander Edward Wellington X3466
Callander Robert
Callans Glenn G P-47 Thunderbolt
Callans Glenn G P-47 Thunderbolt
Callard S A Halifax LL612
Callard A S Mosquito NS993
Callas M Mosquito PZ436
Callas M Mosquito PZ436Z
Callas Manoel
Callaway Joseph Aloysius Lancaster DV388
Callaway F P R Lancaster JB562
Callaway M P Stirling EE871
Callaway David L P-47 Thunderbolt
Callaway David L P-47 Thunderbolt
Callcut J S Lancaster EE166
Callingham J Halifax NA568
Callister Ian Hope
Callon G F Lancaster PB335
Callow P Lancaster LL789
Callow John Karlo Stirling LJ455
Callow H Lancaster ME752
Callow John Karle
Callow Peter
Calloway R Halifax LV883
Calman Denis Henry Lancaster DV297
Calman L G Lancaster HK602
Calnan Ronald Frank Wellington LN181
Calnan B J Typhoon RB233
Calpin John Lawrence Hudson N7247
Calverley I J Lancaster LL952
Calvert Cecil Whitley Z6556
Calvert F I Stirling EF158
Calvert A H Halifax LV909
Calvert H P Whitley Z6805
Calvert Thomas Lancaster DV307
Calvert E H Lancaster ND624
Calvert L Lancaster W4842
Calvert G E Lancaster W4842
Calvert C P Lancaster ND682
Calvert J Lancaster DS773
Calvert J L Battle L5225
Calvert K W Wellington X3797
Calvert C Wellington BJ589
Calvert J L Spitfire P7693
Calvert G A Lancaster NG305
Calvert J R G Wellington HE166
Calvert A J Stirling R9187
Calvert J M Spitfire MK365
Calvert W Lancaster ED304
Calvert Hampden P4403
Calvert Hampden AD910
Calvert E D Stirling W7472
Calvert KE Wellington DV564
Calvert E N Halifax MZ347
Calvert C D Lancaster LM302
Calvert Clive Percival
Calvesbert John Frederick
Calvett W Blenheim L9332
Calvin B R Lancaster RA501
Calway F G Stirling BK687
Camaart F P Halifax LV780
Camberry V R Stirling EF181
Cambray J P B Wellington X9882
Cambridge W P Hurricane P3032
Cambridge E R Spitfire AD477
Cambridge W J C Lancaster LL957
Cambridge Thomas Hudson
Cambrook R A Typhoon JP441
Camburn A R Halifax JB783
Camden H J Wellington DV951
Camenzult M P Halifax HX291
Cameron A C Halifax MZ772
Cameron P T Lancaster ND754
Cameron R R Lancaster ME522
Cameron E R Lancaster NG275
Cameron Charles Jackson Lancaster PB806
Cameron J W K Lancaster ND732
Cameron A V Lancaster ME739
Cameron G O Lancaster ND696
Cameron Charles Jackson Lancaster LL844
Cameron Ivan McLeod Blenheim N6212
Cameron Colin Charles Wellington L4363
Cameron Douglas Stirling BF372
Cameron Walter Stanley Lancaster LL898
Cameron A J Whitley T4264
Cameron Dominie X7354
Cameron David Peacock Robertson Wellington NC594
Cameron D A J Halifax BB334
Cameron W L Hampden L4173
Cameron Roderick Hugh H Stirling LJ526
Cameron Donald Archibald Wellington R1783
Cameron Gilbert Keith Wellington Z1592
Cameron M L Mustang FB368
Cameron Jack G Stirling BK599
Cameron Jack G Wellington X9701
Cameron L M Spitfire MJ131
Cameron Bruce Clarke Lancaster JB737
Cameron J R Lancaster DS767
Cameron G E Lancaster LL725
Cameron J B Halifax DT682
Cameron J B Halifax DT673
Cameron G E Lancaster DS712
Cameron M C Lancaster KB993
Cameron William Donald Leslie Halifax W7857
Cameron W D L Halifax JD720
Cameron R B Lancaster KB722
Cameron S Halifax NA188
Cameron W A Halifax LW672
Cameron W A Halifax LW693
Cameron J B Lancaster DS717
Cameron W W Wellington Z1599
Cameron L H Halifax LK945
Cameron D J Halifax HR869
Cameron C R Lancaster EE193
Cameron William Parmenas Lancaster JA714
Cameron R E H Lancaster DV177
Cameron G Lancaster PB244
Cameron Douglas Newlands Halifax LW463
Cameron J E Halifax DK269
Cameron Donald Wellington R3293
Cameron R Halifax HX179
Cameron R Halifax HX163
Cameron D I Lancaster ED389
Cameron N Wellington T2610
Cameron Blenheim T1884
Cameron J P Mosquito ML987
Cameron Blenheim R3832
Cameron Wellington W5536
Cameron G Stirling EF502
Cameron J B Halifax LW297
Cameron J W Wellington LP284
Cameron F Lancaster LM722
Cameron D A Battle K9183
Cameron Spitfire BL693
Cameron J S Wellington L7793
Cameron G D Spitfire MJ854
Cameron A J G Wellington X3308
Cameron J W Halifax JD164
Cameron V Halifax LK786
Cameron A G Lancaster W4277
Cameron I N F Lancaster EE189
Cameron S Halifax LW466
Cameron E K Wellington W5616
Cameron J S Whitley Z6666
Cameron A Anson N5073
Cameron J C Lancaster PB121
Cameron S L Lancaster ND554
Cameron D Lancaster ND811
Cameron L C Stirling BF451
Cameron G Stirling EF399
Cameron E C J Wellington R3165
Cameron J McD Halifax W7747
Cameron A H Whitley Z9477
Cameron W J Halifax JD454
Cameron D Whitley Z6948
Cameron J S Whitley K8965
Cameron J D Wellington X3369
Cameron D Lancaster ED923
Cameron N D Lancaster JA960
Cameron N D Lancaster JB482
Cameron Matthew
Cameron Neil
Cameron Henry Wellington HZ544
Cameron John Duff
Cameron James Whamond
Cameron Colin Stewart
Cameron Anthony Carlyle
Cameron Ivan McLeod
Cameron Peter Talmage
Cameron Donald James
Cameron Royston Richard
Cameron Douglas Alexander
Cameron Stuart Francis
Cameron Alexander John
Cameron Donald Cantrol
Cameron Donald MacPhail
Cameron Gilbert Harry
Cameron Charles Jackson
Cameron James William Keith
Cameron William Beauchamp
Cameron James Graham
Cameron Richard Beauchamp
Cameron Phillip Greig
Cameron Ross Hugh
Cameron Gordon Oliver
Cameron Duncan Gordon
Cameron David McLean Dakota KN563
Camfield Harold Reuben Wellington X3674
Camier R S Lancaster ME852
Camier Ronald Sutton
Camille P E Lancaster JB320
Camlin B B Wellington DV709
Camm G S Lancaster W4162
Camm P O Lancaster JB727
Cammaerts P E G Blenheim T2281
Cammaerts Francis Charles Albert Halifax LW275
Cammell G W Lancaster DS655
Cammish H S Lancaster LL791
Cammish H S Lancaster ED468
Cammock Raymond John Tempest JN863
Camp P J Liberator AL511
Camp Sydney Clarence Whitley Z9424
Camp A J Halifax LV956
Campbell H D R L Halifax JB931
Campbell Patrick Archibald Tomlin W.B. Lancaster RF230
Campbell R H Halifax HX158
Campbell Nigel Douglas Halifax LW143
Campbell H Lancaster JB658
Campbell Robert Balmain Stirling N6038
Campbell H T Lancaster PB471
Campbell Colin Millis Wellington Z1412
Campbell Keith William Halifax LV833
Campbell D R Halifax HX271
Campbell C A Lancaster LM376
Campbell A D Lancaster R5546
Campbell W R Lancaster ME548
Campbell V R Lancaster LM653
Campbell M J Stirling EH946
Campbell R H Lancaster LL793
Campbell A C Halifax R9365
Campbell J J Lancaster ED654
Campbell H D Lancaster LM528
Campbell Gordon Wellington R1699
Campbell Kenneth Munro Stirling BF565
Campbell Thomas Halifax JB798
Campbell Kenneth Charles Hurricane L1955
Campbell George Law Lancaster JA709
Campbell John James Hampden AD830
Campbell Alexander Hampden P4389
Campbell John Mosquito KB360
Campbell Neil Mussen Hampden X3120
Campbell James Kenneth Halifax DT747
Campbell Douglas Noel Lancaster ED357
Campbell William Robert Lancaster ED588
Campbell Charles Gerrard Lancaster NN750
Campbell J Halifax MZ579
Campbell Colin David Evander Whitley Z9231
Campbell Robert Jackson Halifax LV820
Campbell Alexander Whyte Hudson P5132
Campbell Thomas Joseph Wellington HE468
Campbell Joseph Henry Baltimore AG854
Campbell F A Lancaster EE181
Campbell R P Lancaster ED447
Campbell D F Lancaster NN766
Campbell Donald Allister Lancaster ED303
Campbell A B Wellington BK274
Campbell G E Lancaster ED386
Campbell T G Halifax NA241
Campbell D J Typhoon MN487
Campbell J D Stirling LJ536
Campbell J B Wellington DV560
Campbell A W Typhoon MN883
Campbell Allan Paul Lancaster JB737
Campbell S E Lancaster DS724
Campbell M Halifax NA611
Campbell H H Halifax JB967
Campbell Patrick Wellington BK335
Campbell R R Lancaster KB713
Campbell R A Lancaster KB754
Campbell C Halifax NA580
Campbell C M Halifax LW418
Campbell G D Halifax LV951
Campbell K P Halifax MZ525
Campbell Thomas Murdoch Halifax LW210
Campbell J D Halifax NP682
Campbell H T Halifax LW209
Campbell K L Wellington BK268
Campbell H N Halifax MZ316
Campbell H W Halifax NR257
Campbell William Gavin Lancaster KB879
Campbell Colin Summers Wellington HZ260
Campbell D E Wellington HF542
Campbell C J Halifax MZ629
Campbell J M Lancaster KB817
Campbell W C Wellington HE353
Campbell J W Wellington JA119
Campbell R E J Halifax LW173
Campbell W R Spitfire MK826
Campbell Roy Lancaster LL741
Campbell David Sinclair Lancaster LL842
Campbell J S Halifax HR838
Campbell C A Lancaster DS828
Campbell E A Lancaster LL692
Campbell A G Lancaster LL830
Campbell F W Lancaster PB523
Campbell J L Lancaster PB629
Campbell V D H Lancaster NG239
Campbell K E Lancaster PB815
Campbell J C Lancaster LM596
Campbell D R Whitley Z9305
Campbell F Y Spitfire BL662
Campbell B A G Halifax JB915
Campbell C J Stirling BF343
Campbell R R Typhoon DN431
Campbell K J Mosquito PF386
Campbell I M Lancaster ND988
Campbell A Wellington X3664
Campbell Maurice Melton None - lost at sea after U'Boat attack on the transit ship Yngaren
Campbell J J R Spitfire MK919
Campbell D Halifax DT520
Campbell D Lancaster ED652
Campbell T Lancaster JB673
Campbell T Lancaster JB605
Campbell E A O Lancaster W4321
Campbell A Halifax JD112
Campbell E Halifax JD165
Campbell A Halifax W7935
Campbell J K Halifax DT779
Campbell D Wellington W5664
Campbell C S Wellington R1393
Campbell W A Hampden P2099
Campbell J W Manchester L7456
Campbell B D Hampden AD862
Campbell H J Lancaster R5899
Campbell C Blenheim R3739
Campbell A A Blenheim T1928
Campbell E Mosquito DK332
Campbell K P Wellington R1222
Campbell Wellington R1004
Campbell E Lancaster D658
Campbell C I D Lancaster LM533
Campbell W S Lancaster ND679
Campbell I I R Spitfire
Campbell W S Blenheim V6439
Campbell Wellington L7811
Campbell J E Lancaster HK612
Campbell D McL Stirling N3654
Campbell H Lancaster PD419
Campbell D E Stirling BK699
Campbell I Lancaster ND577
Campbell T Halifax W7766
Campbell R Lancaster PB118
Campbell G McN Lancaster ME627
Campbell John McDougal Lancaster ND522
Campbell R G Stirling BK493
Campbell R G Stirling BF441
Campbell Wellington Z8900
Campbell Thomas McCord Stirling N3714
Campbell I A Stirling N3717
Campbell Stirling N3713
Campbell John MIchael Stirling BK716
Campbell H Stirling EE888
Campbell N N Hurricane V6575
Campbell I G Typhoon R8230
Campbell J R Wellington DV829
Campbell A B Typhoon MN931
Campbell Hurricane Z3073
Campbell Kenneth Alfred John Halifax HX160
Campbell D G J J Halifax W1015
Campbell Donald J Lancaster PB308
Campbell D G Spitfire AD208
Campbell Wellington W5560
Campbell John Thompson Halifax W7780
Campbell L H D R Halifax JB893
Campbell A S Lancaster DS759
Campbell J C Spitfire MJ141
Campbell P Halifax BB384
Campbell W G Wellington X3488
Campbell G C Hampden AT144
Campbell J Halifax LK779
Campbell Jim D. Halifax LK656
Campbell K S Hampden AD899
Campbell R McM Lancaster W4935
Campbell Hampden P4285
Campbell Hampden X2982
Campbell E Lancaster LM645
Campbell J McL Lancaster ND566
Campbell J W Manchester R5788
Campbell A Halifax W7861
Campbell A Halifax DT581
Campbell A Halifax DT581
Campbell A Halifax W7855
Campbell A R McL Spitfire R6711
Campbell A R McL Spitfire X4019
Campbell D Lancaster DV343
Campbell E W Lancaster W4267
Campbell J N Mosquito PF379
Campbell R G Lancaster ND817
Campbell S S Mosquito RV359
Campbell Mosquito KB242
Campbell S S Mosquito KB411
Campbell Lancaster R5724
Campbell P Lancaster W4244
Campbell J S C Spitfire AD139
Campbell John Gordon Lancaster DV328
Campbell R A Lancaster R5702
Campbell C M Lancaster ND596
Campbell D S Halifax LW499
Campbell E Lancaster JB224
Campbell C N S Hurricane N2391
Campbell E F Halifax DK147
Campbell J E Whitley T4292
Campbell C R Halifax W7663
Campbell G Halifax W7939
Campbell G M Halifax JD108
Campbell A Halifax MZ763
Campbell J R Whitley Z9152
Campbell Whitley Z9213
Campbell J A Hurricane L1970
Campbell G Boston Z2230
Campbell S Lancaster PD269
Campbell Colin Desmond Harry Stirling EH900
Campbell W W Stirling LJ483
Campbell R A Lancaster JB218
Campbell T H Oxford B9207
Campbell Francis
Campbell Doug Liberator 586
Campbell John
Campbell Neil James Herbert
Campbell Nigel Douglas
Campbell Robert Hugh
Campbell Hugh
Campbell Edgar Edwin Mackenzie
Campbell Edwin Archibald
Campbell Donald George
Campbell Jeffrey William
Campbell Robert Balmain
Campbell Gordon Roch
Campbell Clarence
Campbell John
Campbell John Samuel McClelland
Campbell Henry Rupert
Campbell Archibald Dethridge
Campbell Allan Frederick
Campbell Gordon Ronald
Campbell Lawrence Gordon
Campbell Duncan
Campbell James Chippendall
Campbell Hugh John Munro
Campbell Staffa Kinloch
Campbell Donald Gordon
Campbell Allan
Campbell William McDonald
Campbell Colin Blair
Campbell John Murdoch
Campbell Sydney Neam
Campbell Colin Millis
Campbell Herbert Thomas
Campbell Collin Arthur
Campbell Kenneth John
Campbell Victor Robert
Campbell William Hastings Russell
Campbell Macquarie James
Campbell Robert Hepburn
Campbell Alexander Craven
Campbell Arthur Russell
Campbell Hugh Donald
Campbell James John
Campbell Peter Mortimer
Campbell Andrew Seton
Campbell William Geoffrey
Campbell W. Douglas DC-3 Dakota KG397
Campbell Graham Canso 9754
Campbell Nelson B-17 Woman’s Home Companion 42-39795
Campbell John C Jr P-51 Mustang
Campbell Raymond H P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Campbell Robert E P-38 Lightning
Campbell Robert E P-38 Lightning
Campbell-Colquhoun E W Defiant L7013
Campbell-Irons I Battle P2336
Campbell-Martin P C Wellington Z8862
Campbell-Rogers F L Blenheim Z7438
Campbell-Rogers Leonard Herculese Wellington P9277
Campeau J L A Lancaster NG345
Campey W Mosquito RV341
Campin W K Lancaster NG121
Campion T S Battle P2332
Campion A N Whitley P4965
Camplin A M Lancaster R5574
Campling R D Lancaster ND445
Camps A Stirling BF510
Campsall R S Lancaster LM493
Campton C H F Halifax LW199
Campton A S B Lancaster PA173
Camsell P S Lancaster ED718
Camsell G C Lancaster PD211
Camus J Spitfire PT673
Canada Frederick R P-47 Thunderbolt
Canada Frederick R P-47 Thunderbolt
Canady Leon B Jr P-51 Mustang
Canavan James Martin Baltimore AG966
Canavan J Hampden AT175
Canavan Reginald Francis
Cancea S J W Halifax LK949
Canday C R Lancaster LL890
Candelaria Richard G P-51 Mustang
Candelaria Richard G P-51 Mustang
Cander Witold Wellington HE345
Candish E J Lancaster W4818
Candish Eugene John
Candler P T Wellington Z1208
Candline A E Lancaster LL725
Candlish John Muir Halifax HR985
Candlish J W Whitley N1472
Candy Ernest Stirling EE873
Candy R P Lancaster NN766
Cane W G Lancaster ED881
Cane D W Lancaster R5763
Cane H V Hampden X3125
Cane M J T Mosquito RV357
Canet David
Canham Hampden P1320
Canham J Manchester L7306
Canham J Manchester R5783
Canham J L N Lancaster JA716
Canizares Arlington W P-47 Thunderbolt
Canizares Arlington W P-47 Thunderbolt
Cann Robert Leslie Halifax NP699
Cann P N Manchester L7390
Cann Y H Battle L5528
Cann L N B Lancaster PB675
Cann R J B Lancaster JB649
Cann S R Stirling BF438
Cann Leonard William
Cannell D A Halifax HR791
Cannell D R C Wellington T2912
Canniff James Lancaster R5684
Canning Frank Hill Hampden AT221
Canning Cornelius Daniel McColgan Wellington R3289
Canning Thomas Kenneth Lancaster DS710
Canning S Halifax MZ576
Canning W Lancaster PD268
Canning Donald Lancaster LL650
Canning A S Lancaster JB716
Canning G M Lancaster NE170
Canning D H Stirling EH952
Canning L W Stirling BF514
Canning Frank Hill
Cannings K L Halifax LW583
Cannock G Lancaster W4815
Cannock L E Halifax LL579
Cannon J G Lancaster PB351
Cannon Cornelius Charles Lancaster LM189
Cannon Ernest Albert Lancaster ED385
Cannon C H Lancaster LL860
Cannon J K Whitley K8951
Cannon D Lancaster ME665
Cannon E W Halifax MZ509
Cannon James Halifax LW597
Cannon W A Hampden X2920
Cannon L Lancaster ND727
Cannon W Halifax HR841
Cannon P G Lancaster ND961
Cannon C.W.D. Beaufort L9807
Cannon James P-51 Mustang
Cannon James P-51 Mustang
Cannon James P-51 Mustang
Cannon Thomas W P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Canny E K Halifax LW328
Cansell George Edward Lancaster NG180
Cansell G E Lancaster ME559
Cansfield P Lancaster DV233
Cansick William Wellington DV503
Cant Robert Bramley Lancaster ED751
Cant G F Mosquito NT121
Cant William Joseph Lancaster W4892
Cant J S Halifax LV422
Cant L R Stirling EH902
Cant J A Whitley Z6823
Cantara D R Stirling EE951
Cantell E T L Halifax LW388
Cantell N W S Halifax DG227
Canter W L Halifax HX291
Canter W L Halifax JB909
Canter H J S Halifax BB242
Canterbury G T Lancaster W4786
Canterbury William John
Cantillon Reginald James Halifax BB205
Cantin J G A B Halifax NR178
Cantin R R M Halifax MZ860
Cantin M R Lancaster DS814
Cantin R C H Lancaster W4198
Cantle A B Halifax MZ933
Cantle-Jones Allan Halifax LW517
Cantley Alexander Crawford Halifax JB854
Cantlon W L Halifax LW583
Canton N E Wellington L7807
Cantor Jack Marshall Lancaster DV305
Cantor Colin Vivian
Cantor Oswald Terence
Cantrell John Douglas Lancaster PB373
Cantwell R P Lancaster ND849
Cantwell Michael James Wallace Lancaster ME807
Cantwell C F Lancaster LL889
Cantwell G J M Halifax W1237
Cantwell R H Stirling LJ480
Cantwell Anthony James
Cantwell Richard Power
Canty E A Lancaster LM592
Canty E A Lancaster ND698
Canty A W Halifax LW466
Canty Edwin Albert
Canty James Bernard
Capar N C Lancaster PA994
Capdeville P Halifax MZ741
Cape J C Lancaster LM623
Capel Douglas John Wellington R1474
Capel D J Wellington L7840
Capel B G Lancaster DS767
Capel Michael George Lancaster DV345
Capel David Farquhar
Capeling R Hampden L4188
Capham R G P Stirling BF320
Capin E B Lancaster ED646
Caplan B A Halifax LK990
Caplin V M Wellington BJ886
Caplin S H E Whitley N1357
Capon John Lancaster NG302
Capon P J Lancaster ED725
Capon C F A Hurricane V7298
Capon R B Halifax HR848
Capon M G Lancaster W4331
Capon G B Lancaster NG287
Capon R J B Halifax LL559
Capp L S Lancaster W4958
Capp Merle R P-47 Thunderbolt
Capp Merle R P-47 Thunderbolt
Capper F B Halifax JP133
Cappleman W H Mitchell FL678
Capps H G Lancaster ME574
Capreol E L Halifax LK946
Capron Roderick Halliley Lancaster ED771
Capron R H Lancaster ED745
Capron Lionel Manton
Capstick F L Wellington Z8795
Capstick N J Lancaster LL693
Capton Leslie James Lancaster R5897
Capuston A Halifax LW128
Carabine R Halifax NR191
Carbine J Blenheim L9419
Carbonneau Henry J P-51 Mustang
Carbury Brian John George
Carbutt D Lancaster DV397
Carbutt D Blenheim P6925
Carbutt Blenheim L8858
Carbutts P Spitfire NH452
Carcione Anthony R P-47 Thunderbolt
Carcione Anthony R P-47 Thunderbolt
Carcione Anthony R P-47 Thunderbolt
Carcione Anthony R P-47 Thunderbolt
Carcione Anthony R P-47 Thunderbolt
Carcopino J Spitfire PL216
Card B W Lancaster W4949
Card S G Lancaster LL850
Card Robert Charles B-24 Maggie’s Drawers 42-50760
Card John B P-51 Mustang
Card John B P-51 Mustang
Card John B P-51 Mustang
Card John B P-51 Mustang
Card John B P-51 Mustang
Card John B P-51 Mustang
Card John B P-51 Mustang
Card John B P-51 Mustang
Cardall Leslie Arthur Halifax HX333
Cardell J S Hampden AE432
Cardell J S Stirling LJ567
Cardell N S Blenheim V5859
Cardell P M Spitfire L1020
Cardell P M Spitfire N3244
Carden L E Whitley Z6666
Carder R E Halifax LW481
Cardinal B P Stirling N3761
Cardinal Barry Phillip Stirling R9317
Cardinal Joseph Jacques Bruno Halifax LW365
Cardnell C F Blenheim L1448
Cardno William Guyan
Cardoo A R Stirling EF398
Cardwell N Lancaster PB474
Cardwell D E Lancaster ED380
Cardwell RNVR Robert Howard Wellington Z8703
Care D B Stirling W7518
Care E C Halifax MZ599
Care Raymond C Spitfire / P-47 Thunderbolt
Care Raymond C Spitfire / P-47 Thunderbolt
Care Raymond C Spitfire / P-47 Thunderbolt
Care Raymond C P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Care Raymond C P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Care Raymond C P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Care Raymond C P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Carefoot G O Halifax LK640
Carefott G O Halifax LK897
Careless D Whitley P5021
Carew Dominick Thomas
Carey D W Lancaster NF920
Carey B T P Battle P2332
Carey Basil Lancaster ED799
Carey J J Halifax BB214
Carey D M Lancaster ND441
Carey L E Halifax HR812
Carey J H R Stirling BF398
Carey J H R Stirling EH881
Carey R W B Lancaster PB130
Carey C E H Halifax HR734
Carey J J Lancaster PD261
Carey F R Hurricane L1932
Carey J W D Lancaster LM450
Carey F J Lancaster LL727
Carey J Lancaster DS735
Carey F J Lancaster DS821
Carey J P Halifax NA601
Carey G H M Halifax MZ733
Carey Frank Reginald
Carey Stanley Edward
Carey Margaret Jones
Carey James Rae B-17 Hard to Get 42-97946
Carey-Hill A Spitfire W3838
Carfoot N H Lancaster JB305
Cargill Harry James Scutchings
Carington-Smith Edward
Carino Pasquale J. B-26 Miss Furie 42-96182
Carins L R Lancaster ED545
Carius Leonard Robert
Carl Alfred John
Carless J Lancaster DS827
Carleton E B Lancaster KB870
Carleton F B Halifax EB148
Carleton J D H Stirling EE905
Carleton R H Halifax LW555
Carley Henry Joseph Halifax MZ932
Carley J W Halifax JB923
Carlick David Brynor Lancaster W5010
Carlile W D Lancaster JB742
Carlile S S Whitley Z6572
Carlile D R Lancaster JB665
Carlile N W Blenheim L8829
Carlile William David
Carlill A J Lancaster ED532
Carlill Ronald John
Carlin M F Halifax W1253
Carling Ronald David John Campbell Lancaster ME743
Carling Ray V. Liberator KN736
Carling R P Wellington N2854
Carling P Halifax DK269
Carling Thomas
Carling-Kelly F C Halifax NP768
Carlisle Blenheim Z7298
Carlisle Blenheim L9379
Carlisle Guernsey I P-51 Mustang
Carlon P J Halifax PN429
Carlon Wellington BJ591
Carlon R Wellington HF596
Carlon T E Halifax W7803
Carlon Patrick John Paul
Carlone Michele M P-47 Thunderbolt
Carloss Don Lionel
Carlson Donald C
Carlson E W B Halifax LL466
Carlson Roland Hampden L4109
Carlson A Lancaster LL721
Carlson E K Lancaster LM191
Carlson E L Halifax HR867
Carlson C Stirling EF154
Carlson Kenneth Charles
Carlson Eric Ferdinand
Carlson Carl R. B-17 Return Ticket 42-97065
Carlson Kendall E P-47 Thunderbolt
Carlson Kendall E P-51 Mustang
Carlson Kendall E P-51 Mustang
Carlson Kendall E P-51 Mustang
Carlson Kendall E P-51 Mustang
Carlson Kendall E P-51 Mustang
Carlson Melvin Q P-47 Thunderbolt
Carlson Roy D P-47 Thunderbolt
Carlson Roy D P-47 Thunderbolt
Carlton J M Halifax JB912
Carlton A R H Wellington BK310
Carlton H F J Lancaster PD336
Carlton A E Lancaster ND706
Carlton Arthur
Carlton Albert George
Carlyle H G Lancaster LM574
Carlyle Walter Beattie Lancaster R5576
Carlyle Hubert George
Carlyon P W M Stirling W7637
Carman G Whitley Z6881
Carman D M Lancaster LM279
Carman W G Lancaster ND455
Carmen W Halifax NP690
Carmichael D N Wellington Z1182
Carmichael R Lancaster ED541
Carmichael John Arthur Lloyd Halifax LV778
Carmichael P E J Lancaster DV303
Carmichael D J Hampden AE136
Carmichael J A Lancaster ME631
Carmichael D A Boston
Carmichael J S Spitfire MH471
Carmichael E D Lancaster LL827
Carmichael J S Halifax BB323
Carmichael J D Spitfire SM255
Carmichael H Mosquito PZ162
Carmichael Whitley Z9211
Carmichael Whitley Z9204
Carmichael W Whitley ED195
Carmichael David Norris
Carmichael Reginald
Carmichael John Arthur Lloyd
Carmody John Patrick Joseph
Carmody Arthur John
Carn N G G Tempest EJ629
Carnall R Hurricane P3029
Carncross M E Wellington BJ599
Carncross N Lancaster ME806
Carne R D Wellington HE386
Carne Roy Dempsey
Carnegie T Halifax LL419
Carnegie R C Halifax LV998
Carnegie R F Lancaster ME634
Carnegie D S Hampden P4358
Carnell Basil Stirling BF469
Carnell Samuel James
Carney R A Halifax HR856
Carney E J Stirling BK715
Carney W C Stirling BF480
Carney R A Halifax JB957
Carney Robert Patrick
Carney Kevin
Carnie Ian David
Carnie Wilfred Leslie
Carnill J S Halifax LK932
Carnley J W Lancaster R5909
Carnley James William
Carol R F Halifax LW382
Carolan A G Lancaster KB850
Caron A L Lancaster R5890
Carpender John Francis
Carpenter W J Lancaster PB175
Carpenter J F Wellington Z1290
Carpenter Cecil Thomas William Halifax MZ730
Carpenter Charles Louis Lancaster ME868
Carpenter K N Boston Z2194
Carpenter Donald Edmund Beaufort DE121
Carpenter E C Mosquito ML998
Carpenter C C Halifax LV870
Carpenter D J Lancaster ED410
Carpenter G R Lancaster JA855
Carpenter L C Lancaster W4842
Carpenter L R A G Lancaster DS659
Carpenter G R Lancaster DV168
Carpenter J O Spitfire MH972
Carpenter J M Spitfire P9375
Carpenter J M Spitfire P9378
Carpenter F R Halifax HR848
Carpenter G Halifax HX328
Carpenter Charles Arthur Halifax W7780
Carpenter P R Spitfire AB284
Carpenter H G Halifax LV968
Carpenter J C Hurricane P3201
Carpenter Arthur Vincent Whitley Z9130
Carpenter J C Lancaster ED616
Carpenter J A Lancaster ED861
Carpenter G H Lancaster DV330
Carpenter R W Lancaster ED977
Carpenter A T Stirling R9262
Carpenter E J L Lancaster JB535
Carpenter John Michael Vowles ("Chip")
Carpenter Jack Clifford
Carpenter William James
Carpenter George P-47 Thunderbolt
Carpenter George P-47 Thunderbolt
Carpenter George P-47 Thunderbolt
Carpenter George P-47 Thunderbolt
Carpenter George P-47 Thunderbolt
Carpenter George P-47 Thunderbolt
Carpenter George P-47 Thunderbolt
Carpenter George P-47 Thunderbolt
Carpenter George P-47 Thunderbolt
Carpenter George P-47 Thunderbolt
Carpenter George P-47 Thunderbolt
Carpenter Jesse E Jr P-38 Lightning
Carpenter Jesse E Jr P-38 Lightning
Carpenter James A. Wellington DV562
Carr R L Lancaster LL957
Carr Norman Robert Lancaster LM573
Carr Thomas Edward Halifax DG414
Carr Walter Lancaster ED469
Carr James Baxter Lancaster ME565
Carr John Harrison Hampden AD765
Carr Thomas Stanley Lancaster PB701
Carr Thomas Edward Lancaster ME296
Carr J Halifax MZ408
Carr R A Spitfire BL713
Carr L A Lancaster LL699
Carr K C Whitley Z6818
Carr C M Stirling EF158
Carr F Lancaster ED443
Carr J W Halifax LV863
Carr W A K Whitley N1496
Carr R B Lancaster ND595
Carr L F Halifax LW339
Carr Clifford Halifax W7924
Carr L W Halifax W7653
Carr V F M Halifax JD467
Carr B G Halifax MZ450
Carr C Whitley Z6871
Carr L W Whitley Z6868
Carr L W Whitley Z6958
Carr G R Lancaster JB746
Carr W G Lancaster HK555
Carr L G Wellington X3675
Carr P E A Battle L5391
Carr P W Wellington BJ608
Carr F G Halifax DT701
Carr Terence Edwin Frederick Halifax HR720
Carr P N Stirling LK236
Carr R S Lancaster ED604
Carr L Stirling W7637
Carr J H Blenheim Z7306
Carr B J B Lancaster ME335
Carr D W Mosquito
Carr D W J Mosquito MM421
Carr J H Lancaster ME629
Carr R H Lancaster
Carr R L Hampden AD930
Carr J Halifax MZ479
Carr David H Lancaster LL900
Carr H Lancaster JB235
Carr E Lancaster W4903
Carr K S Lancaster PB148
Carr R Havoc AX848
Carr A Stirling BK664
Carr R T Wellington N2956
Carr John
Carr Leonard
Carr Rex Lionel
Carr Sydney
Carr Albert Nelson
Carr Bindon John
Carr Bruce W P-47 Thunderbolt
Carr Bruce W P-47 Thunderbolt
Carr Bruce W P-47 Thunderbolt
Carr Bruce W P-47 Thunderbolt
Carr Bruce W P-47 Thunderbolt
Carr Bruce W P-47 Thunderbolt
Carr Bruce W P-47 Thunderbolt
Carr Bruce W P-47 Thunderbolt
Carr Bruce W P-51 Mustang
Carr Herbert M P-47 Thunderbolt`
Carr Jack H P-51 Mustang
Carr Vernon D P-51 Mustang
Carragher W A J Typhoon JP789
Carraline V Stirling R9307
Carrall N B Halifax LV771
Carrall Nigel Bruce
Carran F S Lancaster JB283
Carran Frederick Sydney
Carrapiett R McC Whitley T4145
Carrapiett R McC Whitley T4213
Carreau Paul Eugene Whitley Z6951
Carrel N E R Wellington Z1376
Carrel J Halifax HR914
Carrell Gerald P. Halifax LV834
Carrell R M Hampden X2910
Carrick John Hammond Halifax BB236
Carrick W D Wellington HX365
Carrick M L Typhoon JR125
Carrick J Stirling BF410
Carrie J M Spitfire TD2330
Carrie J Halifax DT698
Carrie J Halifax DK224
Carrier W J Lancaster ME650
Carrier J A R Marcel Halifax LW379
Carrier William John
Carrigan John William (Jimmy) Halifax JP113
Carrigan J T Halifax LW296
Carrigan C L Halifax JB959
Carriline Victor Stirling N6124
Carrillo William B-17 Flying Fortress 42-31941 Big Stoop
Carrington James Llewellyn Lancaster W5003
Carrington H J Lancaster LM539
Carrington Edgell R Halifax JD330
Carrington L V Mitchell FL693
Carrington R D W Halifax W1047
Carrington G E Lancaster NN714
Carrington G E Lancaster DV373
Carrington C G Halifax HR869
Carrington D J Stirling EF457
Carrington James Llewellyn
Carrington Henry Joseph
Carrodus R F Lancaster PD339
Carrodus Robert James
Carroll M W Lancaster LM523
Carroll J Lancaster NE130
Carroll John Adrian Wellington N3014
Carroll Bernard Halifax R9442
Carroll Ralph William Lancaster PB648
Carroll A S Halifax LW282
Carroll C E Hampden AE306
Carroll R V Lancaster LM321
Carroll R C Wellington R1219
Carroll W T Halifax JB867
Carroll J M Lancaster ED945
Carroll G D Halifax LL114
Carroll W P Hampden AD872
Carroll B Lancaster JB179
Carroll P A J Halifax NR190
Carroll H B Manchester L7321
Carroll R F Stirling W7503
Carroll R F Stirling W7503
Carroll Stirling N3715
Carroll M B Halifax LW497
Carroll R Lancaster ME795
Carroll G Stirling W7579
Carroll Wilfred John
Carroll Neville
Carroll Victor John
Carroll Maurice Mannix
Carroll Marmion Wilfred
Carroll Thomas Joseph
Carroll Edward John
Carroll Arthur C P-51 Mustang
Carroll Dennis A P-47 Thunderbolt
Carroll Wakefield J P-47 Thunderbolt
Carrothers Robert George Stirling LJ864
Carrott J E Lancaster ED383
Carrott R J Fortress HB796
Carrott D C Lancaster JB707
Carrott H E Lancaster DV239
Carrs Edward Boon Lancaster PB565
Carruthers William Alan Wellington T2723
Carruthers William Maurice Halifax LV794
Carruthers Percy Wilson Martin Baltimore AG843
Carruthers F R Wellington BJ691
Carruthers C S Stirling N3673
Carruthers Alexander Stirling BF469
Carruthers G W Lancaster KB731
Carruthers H A Halifax MZ805
Carruthers Donald Perry Spitfire X4588
Carruthers J R Lancaster KB713
Carruthers James Thomson Lancaster JA914
Carruthers John David Rupert Bernard
Carruthers H R Wellington LP130
Carscadden Andrew Steel Lancaster ED385
Carson Allan Edwin Halifax W7679
Carson R J Halifax LL252
Carson L B Stirling BF457
Carson H G Lancaster NF974
Carson J N Lancaster NG303
Carson R A Spitfire MK774
Carson W D Halifax LK879
Carson D A Halifax LV985
Carson S T Halifax RG347
Carson R A Halifax LK923
Carson Lewis Gerard Lancaster DV364
Carson Adrian Leslie Bernard Lancaster ND906
Carson A S Whitley P5016
Carson D E M Lancaster ED540
Carson Richard Halifax W1189
Carson I T H Blenheim L9265
Carson C W Wellington Z8491
Carson D E M Wellington HE578
Carson A F Blenheim N3564
Carson M F Hampden AE389
Carson R A Halifax DK181
Carson A Lancaster LL966
Carson A L B Lancaster JB735
Carson A Stirling EF135
Carson J E Halifax LV901
Carson Reginald
Carson Allan Edwin
Carson Kit L P-38 Lightning
Carson Leonard K P-51 Mustang
Carson Leonard K P-51 Mustang
Carson Leonard K P-51 Mustang
Carson Leonard K P-51 Mustang
Carson Leonard K P-51 Mustang
Carson Leonard K P-51 Mustang
Carson Leonard K P-51 Mustang
Carson Leonard K P-51 Mustang
Carson Leonard K P-51 Mustang
Carson Leonard K P-51 Mustang
Carson Leonard K P-51 Mustang
Carson Leonard K P-51 Mustang
Carson Leonard K P-51 Mustang
Carstairs A Wellington W5384
Carsten Ernest M P-38 Lightning
Carswell R Lancaster NG303
Carswell J C Wellington X3799
Carswell A G Lancaster W4379
Carswell M K Hurricane L1744
Carswell M K Hurricane N2584
Carswell M K Hurricane P3786
Carswell F Stirling BK664
Carswell John C. B-24 Hula Wahine II 42-52467
Cartago Daniel M P-51 Mustang
Cartan E P Halifax LW391
Carter Peter Edward George Hurricane P3931
Carter J M Halifax LW179
Carter W H Spitfire SM827
Carter L T Lancaster ED985
Carter A G Lancaster PB541
Carter A K Lancaster HK536
Carter P J Lancaster PB306
Carter D A Lancaster ND557
Carter John Hamilton Mosquito NS890
Carter John Alfred Halifax W1155
Carter Victor Charles Halifax LK736
Carter Peter Edward George Hawker Hurricane P3931
Carter John Noel Graydon Lancaster W4165
Carter G A C Stirling BK714
Carter Edward James Lancaster ND739
Carter Stanley Arthur Lancaster W4109
Carter Martin John Lancaster LM180
Carter Leslie Raymond Spitfire W3176
Carter J. J Halifax MZ932
Carter J A Lancaster JB733
Carter J A Lancaster ND402
Carter H W T Lancaster JB593
Carter J T Stirling EH990
Carter H M Fortress HB785
Carter G H F Halifax W7885
Carter G H F Halifax W7923
Carter G H F Halifax HX325
Carter G H F Halifax HX328
Carter Albert Martin Halifax W7710
Carter J W Lancaster PB239
Carter R E Halifax JB972
Carter A V Halifax LW200
Carter Charles Murray Halifax
Carter J H Lancaster KB763
Carter G C Wellington HE727
Carter N E Halifax LL197
Carter Roy Edward Halifax NA514
Carter R G Halifax MZ858
Carter D B Halifax LV971
Carter F E Halifax LK971
Carter R G Lancaster LM342
Carter F M Stirling EF119
Carter D N Lancaster LL972
Carter Cecil William Phair Wellington X3408
Carter S C Halifax BB207
Carter H W Whitley P4990
Carter T Lancaster ED709
Carter T M Halifax R9529
Carter N C J Whitley Z6837
Carter K S Whitley Z6866
Carter N C Whitley Z6746
Carter F E Lancaster LM131
Carter Gordon Kenneth Mosquito DK325
Carter A Hampden AE151
Carter G K Manchester L7474
Carter A C Mosquito ML962
Carter G W D Wellington N2987
Carter J A Lancaster PD201
Carter E F Wellington W5365
Carter J D Lancaster JB405
Carter T Lancaster W4992
Carter J W Typhoon MN145
Carter J Mosquito DD732
Carter R F Hampden L4163
Carter J W Hampden P4378
Carter C Hampden AD841
Carter C W Hampden AD737
Carter A T Stirling R9202
Carter Herbert Stirling W7566
Carter C S Stirling EE908
Carter D B Battle L5437
Carter K Wellington T2967
Carter N H Lancaster JB177
Carter G A Wellington X3422
Carter John Wellington Z1660
Carter T S Halifax MZ854
Carter C Halifax LL388
Carter J B Lancaster LM581
Carter W Wellington HE631
Carter D D J Typhoon MN875
Carter R W H Mustang AL972
Carter A J Manchester L7312
Carter F R Lancaster R5628
Carter L W Manchester L7318
Carter S W Lancaster ED698
Carter C B Lancaster PB644
Carter James Henry Whitley EB388
Carter N Typhoon JR151
Carter M M Hurricane N2534
Carter L R Spitfire X4554
Carter G F Halifax LL181
Carter R Lancaster ND517
Carter H W Lancaster LM306
Carter W H Lancaster ED420
Carter W J Lancaster W4378
Carter J P Manchester L7429
Carter D G Hampden AT177
Carter M C Lancaster ED472
Carter L T Halifax WR129
Carter G H Whitley N1481
Carter Whitley P4974
Carter G H Whitley P5013
Carter Whitley P4984
Carter Whitley P4934
Carter H G Lancaster DS813
Carter B G Lancaster W4201
Carter S G Wellington Z1096
Carter E R Wellington T2959
Carter D Lancaster LM522
Carter L Halifax NR150
Carter A L Lancaster PB371
Carter J C Spitfire AB795
Carter D J Lancaster PB405
Carter J Stirling EF150
Carter S C Stirling R9281
Carter J P Stirling BF387
Carter C F Stirling W7565
Carter J P Stirling BF316
Carter W F Stirling W7563
Carter E Lancaster JB175
Carter P E G Hurricane K
Carter W F Lancaster ND752
Carter C H Halifax DK241
Carter E Halifax JB804
Carter L C Halifax LL549
Carter S S Halifax NZ360
Carter G C Whitley Z6642
Carter Whitley T1458
Carter W G Whitley T4212
Carter S Hampden AD916
Carter J N Lancaster LM422
Carter R D Lancaster ND500
Carter J N Wellington N3006
Carter Wellington Z8947
Carter James Marshall
Carter Jack Manning
Carter Philip Charles
Carter John Whitfield
Carter Godfrey
Carter Harold Marcus
Carter Jean Florence
Carter Leo Gabriel
Carter Bernard Keith Falle
Carter Anthony Edward
Carter Kenneth Raymond Champion
Carter Rothney Alex
Carter Robert Maxwell
Carter Ronald Ross
Carter Geoffrey John Hamilton
Carter Arnold George
Carter Leonard Thomas
Carter Alfred Kyrwood
Carter John Hamilton
Carter Phillip John
Carter Douglas Alfred
Carter John Lundy
Carter Frederick W. B-17 Insomnia 43-38396
Carter Robert James Ventura NZ4520
Carter Lloyd Charles B-24 42-95047
Carter Charles J P-47 Thunderbolt
Carter James Richard* 'Jim" P-47 Thunderbolt
Carter James Richard* 'Jim" P-47 Thunderbolt
Carter James Richard* 'Jim" P-47 Thunderbolt
Carter James Richard* 'Jim" P-47 Thunderbolt
Carter James Richard* 'Jim" P-47 Thunderbolt
Carter James Richard* 'Jim" P-47 Thunderbolt
Carter James Richard* 'Jim" P-47D Thunderbolt
Carter James R ** P-47 Thunderbolt
Carter Johnnie L P-51 Mustang
Carter Johnnie L P-51 Mustang
Carter Johnnie L P-51 Mustang
Carter Johnnie L P-51 Mustang
Carter Joseph D P-51 Mustang
Carter Leonard D P-51 Mustang
Carter Lyle M P-51 Mustang
Carter Ray I P-47 Thunderbolt`
Carter James Richard* 'Jim" P-47D Thunderbolt 42-74622
Carter-Edwards E Halifax LV987
Carthew E G Lancaster EE138
Carthew E F Hampden P1320
Carthew W J Stirling LK279
Carthew Edwin Garth
Carthy Sydney John Wellington LN453
Cartier Joseph L. L. Lancaster KB715
Cartier J L R F Wellington BK564
Cartland K H Stirling W7626
Cartledge E K Whitley Z6836
Cartledge Whitley Z6835
Cartlidge J Lancaster ND566
Cartlidge R M Lancaster ND580
Cartmel Brian Meteor EE273
Cartmell J L Lancaster W4951
Cartmell M W Lancaster ED417
Cartmell J M Lancaster NN800
Cartmell Robert Joseph “Bobby” Stirling R9166
Carton William Bertram
Cartridge David Leslie
Cartside Blenheim V5596
Cartwright Gordon Lancaster NG398
Cartwright J Lancaster DV232
Cartwright Eric Lancaster R5632
Cartwright James Wellington X3643
Cartwright Alfred Sydney Wellington BB503
Cartwright G S Wellington BJ764
Cartwright L W Halifax LW135
Cartwright E M Halifax HR919
Cartwright G A Battle L5523
Cartwright Manchester L7317
Cartwright F Stirling LJ501
Cartwright W Wellington Z1608
Cartwright R Lancaster ED361
Cartwright R G Stirling W7560
Cartwright G Halifax R9450
Cartwright D L Wellington BK429
Cartwright P F Wellington HE379
Cartwright R Hampden P4350
Cartwright L H Lancaster JB235
Cartwright L C Lancaster R5725
Cartwright J E Halifax LW538
Cartwright John Christopher Lancaster ND396
Cartwright G F Lancaster LL777
Cartwright A W E Lancaster EE106
Cartwright George Alfred Lancaster LM384
Cartwright F Halifax JD370
Cartwright H Hurricane N2619
Cartwright N B Blenheim T2161
Cartwright J Wellington X3352
Cartwright H Stirling EE871
Cartwright N E Stirling EF147
Cartwright J Lancaster ND440
Cartwright C W Lancaster JB720
Cartwright Henry
Carty H D G Wellington BK540
Carvajal E R Wellington HE491
Carvell R C Halifax LW653
Carvell J F Halifax MZ449
Carvell A R Blenheim V6085
Carver Joseph Lancaster NF926
Carver Anthony Hugh Lancaster ED588
Carver Gerald de Lucie Wellington N2780
Carver A J Battle L5236
Carver J C Spitfire BL984
Carver K M Hurricane N2466
Carver R W Lancaster DV399
Carver G Halifax DT771
Carvill R D Hurricane Z3329
Cary Sydney Leslie Sunderland JM763
Cary E S Stirling LK383
Cary L N Stirling EH942
Cary L H Halifax HX247
Cary Albert Ernest
Cary Sydney Leslie
Cary Geoffrey Russell
Cary Guy F F-6C Mustangs
Caryer P A Lancaster LM648
Caryi Charles Joseph Anthony Lancaster NN803
Caryle S Lancaster ND706
Caryle S Lancaster JA966
Caryll Ian Brian Wellington BJ592
Caryll de Tilkin M C Whitley N1427
Caryll-Tilkin M C Whitley T4171
Casagrande Manuel L P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Casajuana R D Lancaster ND508
Casaubon J N G R Lancaster ND876
Casbolt Terence William Henry Halifax DT571
Casbolt Charles Edward ("Cas")
Case James Godfrey Stirling EH926
Case T E Lancaster ED485
Case W R Stirling EE970
Case E E Halifax LK640
Case T E Wellington X3811
Case J T R E Lancaster KB752
Case C W T Lancaster ED308
Case H R Spitfire P9338
Casebrook J Lancaster ND922
Caseley A R Lancaster NF915
Caseley R J Halifax D730
Caselli Lamar M P-47 Thunderbolt`
Caselton V J Stirling BK774
Caseman K H Halifax MZ732
Casey John Clutha Harvard P5791
Casey A J Mosquito PF404
Casey R T Typhoon SW472
Casey B W Halifax LV956
Casey J N Lancaster NE115
Casey Ronald Halifax W1100
Casey Allan James Spitfire P8600 (Lady Linlithgow)
Casey Stirling LJ932
Casey R F Halifax W1154
Casey E R O Lancaster KB784
Casey A M Halifax MZ521
Casey J J Lancaster KB859
Casey T E J Lancaster W4384
Casey T A Lancaster PB687
Casey William Aloyisius Wellington X9700
Casey G F Lancaster ND905
Casey E F Mosquito RV298
Casey J Lancaster DS728
Casey L J A Lancaster LL693
Casey W P Halifax LL284
Casey J Halifax HR846
Casey J Halifax W7887
Casey W A Lancaster LL671
Casey M J Blenheim L1141
Casey A J P Hampden X3128
Casey James Halifax DT631
Casey J Lancaster ED656
Casey Allan James
Casey Raymond Thomas
Casey Barry William
Casey James Nelson
Casey Trevor Kevin
Casey John Austral
Cash Noel Stirling W7523
Cash Desmond Terence Halifax LV903
Cash A V Lancaster NG458
Cash G B J Stirling W7621
Cash J C Wellington HE374
Cash G W Mosquito MM136
Cash J C Halifax JN974
Cash E L Blenheim V6445
Cash John Francis
Casher F E Halifax LW139
Cashion G A Spitfire MJ987
Cashion Patrick Leslie
Cashman W M Halifax HX337
Cashman Blenheim L8780
Cashman William Michael
Cashmore J T D Stirling EH906
Caskey Robin William Lancaster W4109
Casper L C Lancaster LL701
Cass Ronald Foster Lancaster LL803
Cass Raymond Lancaster JB352
Cass Jeremy Lancaster HK653
Cass Ernest George Lancaster LL919
Cass N Wellington W5552
Cass C E W Halifax LW675
Cass E G Lancaster EE168
Cass R M Halifax NA560
Cass William Ian
Cassady J M Lancaster JB277
Cassam A H Hampden AD959
Cassan J D Fortress SR382
Cassapi Vic B Lancaster RA502
Cassavetti I McK Manchester L7454
Casselden H J Wellington P9275
Cassell S J Lancaster ED647
Cassell W A Halifax LK666
Cassell J E Lancaster W4939
Cassell D B Lancaster LM111
Cassell James Ronald Mosquito LR505
Cassells F J Wellington Z9913
Cassells W H Blenheim R3915
Cassells Francis John
Casselman D E Lancaster JA899
Cassels James Jackson Stirling EF187
Cassels J K Wellington W5680
Casserley Norman James Beaufort DD886
Casserley L H Stirling EF327
Cassey S R Hampden AD789
Cassford T Halifax LL612
Cassibault N C Lancaster W4246
Cassidy C A Lancaster PB617
Cassidy J A Lancaster JB739
Cassidy George John Spitfire EP608
Cassidy D E Lancaster PB666
Cassidy L F Halifax HR923
Cassidy L F Lancaster LL725
Cassidy Frederick William Wellington X3711
Cassidy B M Halifax MZ503
Cassidy E A Halifax W1225
Cassidy T C Stirling EF438
Cassidy J Stirling BF522
Cassidy C Halifax MZ623
Cassidy Wellington R1499
Cassidy P Lancaster JB174
Cassidy Clyde Allen
Cassidy Maxwell Harold
Cassidy Frederick Reginald
Cassidy Ralph Beverley
Cassidy Charles W P-47 Thunderbolt
Cassie A Whitley Z9515
Cassim J P Lancaster LM222
Cassingham E Halifax JB785
Cassini C W Halifax NP934
Cassini C W Halifax LV865
Cassley A Lancaster HK686
Casson John Kittyhawk FX761
Casson William Harry Halifax W7933
Casson L H Spitfire R6778
Casson L H Spitfire P7753
Casson L H Spitfire W3458
Casson R T Whitley K7255
Casson Lionel Horwood ("Buck")
Cassy Colin Campbell Halifax LL141
Casteel Barney P P-47 Thunderbolt
Castel Alfred B P-38 Lightning
Castellari R L Wellington BK464
Castello W D Wellington Z8398
Castells N P I Lancaster R5687
Casterton E R Halifax MZ467
Castle G R Lancaster ED523
Castle J G Halifax JD310
Castle J G R Halifax JD203
Castle R B Mosquito DZ489
Castle H Lancaster LL948
Castle Hugh Wilfred Lancaster HK595
Castle F J Lancaster ND537
Castle F J Lancaster ND498
Castle A Lancaster ED981
Castle Melville Maxwell
Castle Percy John
Castle Charles Frederick Sunderland W4032
Castle Dorman L P-51 Mustang
Castle-Hall R A Halifax NA545
Castleberry Marvin H
Castleton G J Halifax LK732
Castling D H Stirling EH924
Caston Ronald Arthur Stirling LK209
Caston C L Lancaster LM722
Castor Ernest John
Caswell H C Halifax MZ604
Caswell J J Whitley P4993
Caswell Wellington R1009
Caswell D W Wellington DV707
Caswell Garth Elliot
Caswell Harry Cosgreave
Catanach James
Catch H Stirling BF381
Catchpole W J Lancaster ND504
Catchpole P Beaufighter V8593
Catchpole P Mosquito HK429
Cater Blenheim P6889
Cater Ronald Charles George Wellington X3361
Cater D C E Halifax HR945
Cater F W Lancaster W4761
Cater Emer H P-51 Mustang
Caterer J Lancaster JB728
Cates L R Halifax HR931
Catford G S Tempest EJ873
Catford Gilmour Sidney
Cathels E C Spitfire P8726
Catheralle Lloyd John Gordon Halifax NR197
Cathers Benjamin E P-47 Thunderbolt
Catley R Wellington DV715
Catley B MacC Lancaster NF911
Catley B Stirling EF249
Catley J A Halifax W7701
Catley F N C Hampden P2134
Catley W P Halifax JD371
Catley W F Halifax JB970
Catlin Ron H Lancaster PB413
Catlin J H Lancaster LM382
Catlin R W Beaufighter
Catlin Ernest West Lancaster R5888
Catling J C Halifax HR923
Catlow R Halifax HR978
Cato H O Lancaster NF916
Cato R L Lancaster LM463
Cato Malcolm Vernon Stirling R9299
Cato Percy Charles Halifax W1066
Cato D A Lancaster LM520
Cato Hugh Orme
Cato Reginald Hubert
Caton A E Wellington DF665
Caton J S Lancaster JA678
Catron William Alan
Catt N D Wellington W5395
Catt H N Halifax MZ367
Catt R E Halifax HX239
Catt Arthur Roland Sunderland W4026
Cattell J C Wellington T2542
Cattellier L Halifax MZ526
Catterall R Mosquito MM680
Catterick D Stirling
Catterick James Henry
Cattermoul F H Spitfire MK798
Catterwell J T G Halifax LW140
Cattle Aubrey Edward Henderson Oxford DF517
Cattle T R M Halifax W1111
Cattley D Lancaster ED920
Catto John Harrison Halifax DG282
Catto P T Wellington P9273
Catton Norman
Cattrall Philip Rodney Halifax HX330
Cattran K Halifax L9502
Catty Arthur Wellesley Lancaster W4881
Cauchy L A M Wellington Z1610
Caudell W E Lancaster DV155
Caudrey D E Lancaster JB135
Cauely J T R Halifax MZ860
Caulderwood John Samuel Davidson Wellington MS496
Caulfield G Fortress HB763
Caulfield T Mosquito HR355
Caulfield Anson K6187
Caulfield Peter A P-47 Thunderbolt
Caulfield Peter A P-47 Thunderbolt
Caulley Keith McClement
Caulton J J Spitfire MJ639
Caulton I Wellington BK299
Caunce Hampden AE250
Caunce Hampden P1202
Caunt G. Lee Halifax LW137
Caunt B Ventura AE910
Caunter-Jackson F A Hampden AD727
Caunter-Jackson F A Hampden X3005
Caurington W E
Causer G T Lancaster ED561
Causier J T Halifax HX345
Causley L Blenheim R3837
Causley L F Wellington Z1729
Causley H W Lancaster HK594
Causon J A Blenheim Z7424
Causton F Stirling EF339
Causton R H Halifax LW637
Cautherley E Stirling BK626
Cavadino F A Halifax HR662
Cavaghan E G Wellington X3715
Cavallo Anthony S P-47 Thunderbolt
Cavallo Anthony S P-47 Thunderbolt
Cavanagh L E Halifax JD259
Cavanagh William Timothy Blenheim L8847
Cavanagh E Lancaster DS715
Cavanagh H C Lancaster PB609
Cavanagh G C Stirling N6072
Cavanagh Ronald James
Cavanagh Peter Wilkinson
Cavanagh Leonard Ernest
Cavanaugh Robert Joseph Halifax W1096
Cavanaugh F M S Halifax DT679
Cavanaugh Dennis A P-51 Mustang
Cave Arthur Ernest Wellington W5364
Cave Jack Milton Blenheim T2246
Cave W J Stirling BF460
Cave Verner Grenville Liberator KH245
Cave B H Lancaster ME617
Cave Battle L5242
Cave K Lancaster JA704
Cave C G Defiant N3516
Cave W Hampden L4149
Cave E J Lancaster DV384
Cave R Halifax MZ935
Caveney T J Stirling EF333
Caveney T Stirling BF356
Caveridge G Lancaster PB263
Caveridge Gergo
Cavet A P E Spitfire TB496
Cavey R Stirling EH945
Cavie Jack George Halifax JD272
Cavill E Halifax HR795
Cavill James Scott
Cawdery V N Lancaster ND357
Cawdron H G Wellington X3352
Cawker D E Halifax LK779
Cawkwell S Whitley T4156
Cawley J G Lancaster ND654
Cawley Patrick Joseph
Cawse Frederick Norman Hurricane P3222
Cawsey J N Spitfire AD273C
Cawson C A Halifax LW551
Cawson H D Lancaster LM179
Cawthorne P E Lancaster PB949
Cawthorne Frederick William Dakota FZ597
Cawthorne J T Halifax JD263
Cawthorne W Whitley Z6939
Cawthorne C A Lancaster LM718
Cawthorne Philip Edward
Cawthorp R T Lancaster PD268
Cawthra N A Wellington BK159
Cawthra N A M Wellington HF594
Cayer A J W Halifax LW131
Cayford B D Lancaster JA678
Cayless G R S Lancaster ED363
Cazalet A B T Blenheim T1851
Cazaly W P Lancaster NN768
Cazaly C K Lancaster ED504
Cazenove Peter Frederick Spitfire P9374
Cebrzyński Wiktor Wellington W5665
Cebrzyński Arsen Hawker Hurricane V6667
Cebrzyński Wiktor
Cebula Edward
Cechrzycki Jerzy Marian Handley Page Hampden L4164
Cecil Mervyn Leslie
Cederbraun R Halifax LW323
Ceeley A F Mosquito PF387
Ceeney G E H Wellington BK194
Ceglarski George W
Cegliński Kazimierz Vickers Wellington R1641
Cegłowski Edward Vickers Wellington W5423
Celak Stanisław Spitfire MH883
Celani Silvio E. B-24 44-10493
Celeste Charles F. B-26 Miss Furie 42-96182
Cellar John E P-47 Thunderbolt
Cellar John E P-47 Thunderbolt
Cembała Antoni Bristol Blenheim V5500
Cent Walerian Avro Lancaster PA163
Center Roy F Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Cerat J Halifax LK907
Čermák Josef Wellington N3010
Cermalacce M Spitfire PL424
Cerny O Wellington R1718
Cerrito Dominick John B-24 Miss Judy 42-52507
Cervi L Lancaster ED769
Cesarz Wilhelm De Havilland Mosquito LR275
Cesky Charles J P-51 Mustang
Cesky Charles J P-51 Mustang
Cesky Charles J P-51 Mustang
Cesky Charles J P-51 Mustang
Cesky Charles J P-51 Mustang
Cesky Charles J P-51 Mustang
Cesky Charles J P-51 Mustang
Ceuleers George F P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Ceuleers George F P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Ceuleers George F P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Ceuleers George F P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Ceuleers George F P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Ceuleers George F P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Ceuleers George F P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Ceuleers George F P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Chabot J J G Boston Z2165
Chaboud M Halifax NA519
Chabourd M Halifax LL557
Chabres H Halifax NR287
Chabroud J Halifax NA546
Chabrowski Stanisław Antoni Avro Lancaster LM487
Chadburn L V Spitfire MJ824
Chadd G G Wellington T2610
Chaderton S Halifax MZ793
Chadfield G E Lancaster W4838
Chadwick W R Lancaster JB702
Chadwick T P Lancaster LM336
Chadwick Barton Wellington Z1611
Chadwick H Lancaster LM333
Chadwick R W Halifax LW274
Chadwick T N Mosquito DZ522
Chadwick J G Halifax LL306
Chadwick E Wellington DV786
Chadwick C Lancaster ED829
Chadwick R Blenheim V6423
Chadwick R B Halifax W7701
Chadwick R H Lancaster JA688
Chadwick D F Spitfire NH577
Chadwick F R Halifax HR948
Chadwick J Lancaster ME385
Chadwick J E Stirling N3677
Chadwick M W Whitley P4937
Chadwick F Lancaster JA928
Chadwick W Lancaster ED836
Chadwick A Stirling BF442
Chadwick William Robert
Chadwick Thomas Patrick
Chadwick-Bates A G J Lancaster ND361
Chadwick-Bates Arthur George Jackson
Chafer Stanley Robert Halifax LW640
Chaffe G Lancaster ND842
Chaffey G H Wellington Z1209
Chaffey F M Halifax JD160
Chalcroft W R Lancaster KB735
Chaldecott E W J Lancaster W4129
Chalder H H Spitfire X4409
Chalice L H Spitfire MH709
Chalk Frederick Gerald Hudson Spitfire BR585
Chalk J T E Lancaster JB644
Chalk E W Halifax LW242
Chalk W W N Wellington X3563
Chalk R G Halifax LW175
Chalk A E Halifax JD365
Chalk K W Halifax HR841
Chalk K W Lancaster ED490
Chalken Christopher Norman Hampden AT228
Chalker C L Stirling BK648
Chalkin S J Lancaster DV371
Chalkley John Halifax JD407
Chalkley D E J Lancaster PD376
Challenger C J Lancaster ED668
Challes John Thomas Irvine Wellington N2939
Challicombe H G Mosquito DD683
Challinor A F Lancaster LL701
Challinor G Lancaster NF986
Challinor James Edward
Challis E G Lancaster ND346
Challis Albert Clifford Wellington X3943
Challis H Blenheim R3801
Challis B E Stirling EF153
Challis E Stirling BF453
Challis J F Halifax LK639
Challis K L Lancaster PA265
Challis N D Lancaster LM241
Challis Edgar Glynn
Challoner Charles Stuart Lancaster ED559
Challoner T W Halifax DG244
Chalmer Edward Dawson
Chalmers M A Lancaster LL952
Chalmers I F Lancaster LM366
Chalmers I R Halifax DK265
Chalmers F L Lancaster R5739
Chalmers J B E J Stirling EE885
Chalmers J G W Halifax NP695
Chalmers D R Blenheim Z7445
Chalmers G G Lancaster R5638
Chalmers G S Typhoon MN344
Chalmers James Chute Stirling R9163
Chalmers J C Stirling R9258
Chalmers J A Spitfire RN208
Chalmers J C Wellington HE155
Chalmers T Lancaster ED768
Chalmers H E Lancaster NG113
Chalmers P W S Whitley N1347
Chalmers D Lancaster PB409
Chalmers Murray Alexander
Chalmers Robert James
Chalmers Ivor Fredric
Chalmers John
Chalmers Ivor Ramsay
Chalmers Christopher Walter Wellington
Chalmers James Chute Boston BZ243
Chalmers Robert Allan Arthur Wellington DV674
Chaloner G Lancaster PD326
Chaloner Lindsey P Hurricane P2753
Chaloupka C Hurricane Z3450
Chaloupka C Hurricane Z3085
Chamberlain John William Whitley N1470
Chamberlain John William Whitley T4159
Chamberlain Eric Halifax
Chamberlain Ronald Halifax LV963
Chamberlain L M Wellington X3588
Chamberlain W D Whitley T4130
Chamberlain Whitley P4965
Chamberlain William Eric Lancaster ED544
Chamberlain J A Wellington X3419
Chamberlain R J Blenheim Z7273
Chamberlain H E Hampden AD965
Chamberlain S O Wellington X9705
Chamberlain W T Stirling EE954
Chamberlain G H Wellington X3339
Chamberlain P L Halifax HX348
Chamberlain W J Wellington R1326
Chamberlain S D Spitfire W3639
Chamberlain H Halifax NP678
Chamberlain T H Hampden P4322
Chamberlain C M Lancaster ED886
Chamberlain Paul Burton Wellington X9981
Chamberlain Noel Austin
Chamberlain James Erroll
Chamberlain Dennis R P-38 Lightning
Chambers Hansford Ward
Chambers Colin Frederick Halifax DT620
Chambers Ralph Lancaster LM372
Chambers Albert Lancaster ND739
Chambers William Edmund Stirling N3703
Chambers Francis Thomas Halifax RG375
Chambers Douglas Edward Cyril Halifax JD143
Chambers William Victor Wellington LB237
Chambers William Frederick Wellington LN857
Chambers W O E Lancaster JB177
Chambers R E Spitfire MJ874
Chambers B K Wellington HE745
Chambers P K Wellington HZ481
Chambers William Martin Whitley Z9130
Chambers S V Lancaster ND932
Chambers G W Halifax LW434
Chambers C A Halifax DT568
Chambers C L Halifax HX190
Chambers W H Lancaster JB658
Chambers W Hampden P2098
Chambers K J Lancaster PD273
Chambers W E Stirling W7515
Chambers Stirling N6067
Chambers J C Wellington Z1651
Chambers H Halifax MZ734
Chambers L E Hurricane L1922
Chambers J Halifax DT731
Chambers S J Halifax HX353
Chambers D W A Hampden L4073
Chambers R Lancaster ED784
Chambers W J Halifax HR853
Chambers C A Halifax JB792
Chambers R Lancaster JB320
Chambers J H Lancaster JB372
Chambers W Hampden P4399
Chambers G L Spitfire N3274
Chambers J W Lancaster SW254
Chambers A Stirling N3666
Chambers A Stirling N6033
Chambers G J Halifax W1018
Chambers S D Lancaster NF938
Chambers J A Lancaster ND951
Chambers W J Lancaster ED654
Chambers Albert Edward
Chambers Reginald John
Chambers William Thomas Charles Halifax W1002
Chambers Henry Ventura 2193
Chamney B M Wellington BK468
Champ W S Stirling BF571
Champ F J Lancaster ED538
Champagne R M J Lancaster LM596
Champion E C Halifax LK920
Champion H M Lancaster W4920
Champion F J J Hudson T9463
Champion W J Stirling BF461
Champion William N P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Champion William N P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Champkin D G Lancaster LM523
Champness John Alec Whitley T4170
Champness J A Whitley P5089
Champness Edward Frank
Chance Albert Donald Halifax W7780
Chance Whitley N1352
Chancellor R N Stirling W7428
Chancellor R N Stirling N6043
Chancellor C R Lancaster RF159
Chancellor James W IV P-47 Thunderbolt
Chandler W C Lancaster ND955
Chandler R S Lancaster NE141
Chandler James Baltimore AG796
Chandler Gordon Emery Defiant L6960
Chandler John Frank Wellington L4363
Chandler George Neville Lancaster NF926
Chandler Rowland John Paul Wellington HE527
Chandler Cyril Harry Wellington R1513
Chandler Wellington T2963
Chandler W P Lancaster NE114
Chandler J J Stirling EH991
Chandler John Lincoln Spitfire AB504
Chandler Edward Fred Spitfire BM231
Chandler A A Mosquito ML940
Chandler K E Halifax LW717
Chandler A G Lancaster JB564
Chandler R W Halifax LW207
Chandler R W Halifax HR804
Chandler C Lancaster ND763
Chandler J N T Stirling EF407
Chandler G C H Halifax W7877
Chandler T H Halifax NP743
Chandler T N Halifax NP745
Chandler A W Halifax BB376
Chandler J Lancaster LM531
Chandler E B Hampden X3134
Chandler R W Lancaster LM393
Chandler J J Stirling EF398
Chandler F J Halifax DK171
Chandler Roy Edward Halifax W1002
Chandler Horatio Herbert
Chandler Keith John
Chandler Sydney Therold
Chandler William Charles
Chandler Beverley Kilgour
Chandler Roger Staniforth
Chandler James
Chandler Alfred James Ventura 2193
Chandler Richard E P-47 Thunderbolt
Chandler Van E P-51 Mustang
Chandler Van E P-51 Mustang
Chandler Van E P-51 Mustang
Chandler Van E P-51 Mustang
Chandler Van E P-51 Mustang
Chandos Ronald George Wellington W5492
Chandos Whitley Z6483
Chanecki Mieczysław Wellington R1178
Chanin R A Hampden P4405
Channing B W Wellington R1281
Channing D W B Stirling BK703
Channon G Halifax DK245
Channon Oswald John
Channon Francis Edward
Chanson J Halifax LL573
Chanson J Halifax NA681
Chant E G Halifax LL600
Chant W M Halifax LV921
Chant D V Manchester L7373
Chant L Halifax LV864
Chantler Robert Edward Lancaster ND753
Chantler R E Lancaster DS796
Chantler W J Manchester L7323
Chantler John Christopher
Chantrell A S Hampden AT146
Chantz F W Halifax NP804
Chapin Walter F Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Chaplin Kenneth Walter Lancaster JA703
Chaplin Robert Halifax MZ565
Chaplin F J Halifax LW648
Chaplin J Halifax JB801
Chaplin R J Halifax LW367
Chapman Arthur Edward Lancaster ED821
Chapman Neil Proctor Sunderland DW106
Chapman Christopher Geoffrey Blomfield Spitfire P7590
Chapman Leslie Harold Lancaster ME663
Chapman L H Lancaster JA680
Chapman Jack Routledge Lancaster ED534
Chapman C A Lancaster LM311
Chapman W H Lancaster DS824
Chapman R J Lancaster LM138
Chapman F N Halifax NR210
Chapman Alfred William Musgrave Wellington T2879
Chapman Walter James Wellington L4363
Chapman Harold Wellington R1474
Chapman Paul Geoffrey Blenheim P6917
Chapman Paul Geoffrey Fairey Battle K9359
Chapman Anthony William Lancaster R5677
Chapman Edward Geoffrey Halifax JP237
Chapman D J Lancaster LM310
Chapman Harold Edward Lancaster DV194
Chapman Peter Lewis Wellington Z1110
Chapman W Halifax MZ642
Chapman John Whitley Z6489
Chapman Raymond L Spitfire R7210
Chapman William Risden Halifax LK837
Chapman Frank Louis Lancaster JB155
Chapman Geoffrey Bertrand Whitley P5087
Chapman W M Lancaster PA189
Chapman D H Hampden L4131
Chapman Kenneth Frank Lancaster ME424
Chapman L Halifax JD256
Chapman Robert Scott Halifax HX318
Chapman A D Halifax MZ896
Chapman T B Halifax LV973
Chapman C E Halifax MZ427
Chapman E W Halifax LW596
Chapman G A Halifax LK801
Chapman R A Lancaster W4267
Chapman G L Wellington Z8868
Chapman F R Lancaster NG240
Chapman J R Lancaster JB708
Chapman John Wynne Wellington X3635
Chapman Kenneth Dudley Stirling R9201
Chapman Herbert James Marriot Beaufort DD886
Chapman H E Halifax W1057
Chapman L A Halifax HX295
Chapman E J Lancaster ED443
Chapman R E Halifax JD369
Chapman H A E Halifax W7884
Chapman P A Whitley Z6749
Chapman A L Whitley P4933
Chapman A L Whitley T4289
CHapman K H Lancaster W4361
Chapman G Lancaster JB454
Chapman F Manchester L7418
Chapman P A Lancaster DS647
Chapman S Lancaster DV168
Chapman H Wellington P9247
Chapman M A Stirling BK699
Chapman K W Lancaster LM575
Chapman C Wellington X3744
Chapman Kenneth Sidney James Lancaster JB640
Chapman F G Halifax HR718
Chapman W W Wellington W5575
Chapman J H Halifax W1182
Chapman Stanley Ernest Halifax HX333
Chapman J A C Lancaster LM748
Chapman D Lancaster ME835
Chapman A G Lancaster ND506
Chapman K J Halifax PN169
Chapman G B Typhoon RB331
Chapman F J Stirling EH960
Chapman C E Lancaster LL973
Chapman L T Wellington R1784
Chapman K Stirling EH895
Chapman R J Stirling EE895
Chapman R A Wellington DV475
Chapman R H Wellington X9876
Chapman C Spitfire TB290
Chapman R C Lancaster ME361
Chapman A R Wellington N2951
Chapman H R G Wellington X9619
Chapman J Wellington X9926
Chapman G E Halifax JD463
Chapman W J Hampden AE390
Chapman F R F Wellington BK330
Chapman C E Wellington BK401
Chapman E H Halifax JD323
Chapman W P D Lancaster ED391
Chapman R J Lancaster W4956
Chapman H G Lancaster DV374
Chapman J D Lancaster W4266
Chapman P A Lancaster ED617
Chapman A S Lancaster LM435
Chapman S Lancaster ED393
Chapman S Lancaster ME441
Chapman G L Halifax WR129
Chapman Whitley T4148
Chapman H C A Lancaster DS813
Chapman C Lancaster DV342
Chapman J E Lancaster DV294
Chapman C D Hampden P4396
Chapman L Lancaster NF912
Chapman K Lancaster LM518
Chapman A C R Lancaster EE117
Chapman F E W Lancaster W4272
Chapman H Lancaster NG324
Chapman W S Lancaster JB239
Chapman J H A Stirling N3709
Chapman J W Halifax MZ530
Chapman J W Halifax DK193
Chapman E F Halifax ME701
Chapman A R Whitley Z9515
Chapman S W Halifax JD328
Chapman G Blenheim P4855
Chapman G C Lancaster W4982
Chapman W G Lancaster R5673
Chapman G K Lancaster PB138
Chapman D Lancaster ED907
Chapman E W J Battle P2313
Chapman W Lancaster JB671
Chapman Arthur Edward
Chapman James Alexander
Chapman Francis Blomfield
Chapman Norman Richard
Chapman Neil Proctor
Chapman Christopher Geoffrey Blomfield
Chapman Leslie Harold
Chapman Robert Herbert
Chapman Cedric Arthur
Chapman Jack Routledge
Chapman Wilbur Henry
Chapman Henry Holmes
Chapman Colin Deans
Chapman Geoffrey George
Chapman Alfred William Musgrave
Chapman Douglas Launcelot Blackmore Beaufighter LZ435
Chapman Sylvanus B. B-24 Polyana 42-50374
Chapman Gerald C P-51 Mustang
Chapman Gerald C P-51 Mustang
Chapman Harry M P-47 Thunderbolt
Chapman Harvey H P-47 Thunderbolt
Chapman Harvey H P-47 Thunderbolt
Chapman Hugh D P-47 Thunderbolt
Chapman Hugh D P-47 Thunderbolt
Chapman John M P-51 Mustang
Chapmness Edward Frank Lancaster JB546
Chappel A J A Lancaster DS833
Chappell J A Halifax JD128
Chappell Henry S. Lancaster LL787
Chappell Douglas Stanley Knox Lancaster DV272
Chappell Douglas Stanley Knox Lancaster JA893
Chappell Howard Douglas Lancaster PB398
Chappell Clifford Daniel Robert Wellington HF833
Chappell Sidney John Wellington Z1566
Chappell S F Lancaster ED568
Chappell W E Wellington W5438
Chappell P A Typhoon JP581
Chappell D Wellington R1461
Chappell C L Lancaster DV338
Chappell N A Halifax HR843
Chappell Whitley T4148
Chappell C G Battle K9440
Chappell L A Lancaster JB356
Chappell George Edward Halifax LW464
Chappell P Spitfire MJ794
Chappell L N Stirling N6034
Chappell L F Lancaster DV395
Chappell A Lancaster LM447
Chappell H Lancaster JA963
Chappell John Arnold
Chappell Alan Lancaster
Chappell Laurence W. B-17 Insomnia 43-38396
Chapple I Lancaster HK535
Chapple D A Stirling EF509
Chapple James Hugh Dundas Halifax JB915
Chapple J K Lancaster PD210
Chapple P B Hampden X3051
Chapple D W E Stirling N6007
Chapple W J Lancaster LM329
Chapple Charls Hilton
Chapple Ivan
Chapps C M Halifax LW468
Chapron G Halifax LK728
Charaudeau R Halifax LK728
Charbonneau I L Stirling W7528
Charbonneau J M Lancaster KB870
Charbonneua R F Halifax NP805
Chard E G Halifax HR791
Chard H Y Wellington R1470
Chard B S Halifax NP975
Charde W C Mosquito HB151
Charest Joseph Marie Antoine Laurent Lancaster ND493
Charland R A Lancaster LM596
Charlebois P A Halifax JD164
Charlebois E W L Halifax DT739
Charles T E Lancaster JB535
Charles Walter James Lancaster RF181
Charles Eric Arthur Stirling EF364
Charles Charles McLaughlin Halifax HR686
Charles William James Donald Lancaster ND629
Charles J F Halifax NP759
Charles J H Lancaster R5561
Charles R D Wellington Z1612
Charles F W R Blenheim Z7486
Charles D E S Wellington E3174
Charles D A Lancaster LM130
Charles E C Lancaster PB799
Charles E F J Spitfire AR610
Charles R T Lancaster ND478
Charles Thomas Eric
Charles Vincent Wellington LN759
Charlesbos M J Halifax LL150
Charlesworth D N Lancaster PB541
Charlesworth Ronald Wellington Z8807
Charlesworth Edgar Richard Wellington BK364
Charlesworth G E Wellington Z1108
Charlesworth T Halifax LW621
Charlesworth D Halifax EB212
Charlesworth T G W Lancaster ND795
Charlesworth H C Spitfire SM294
Charlesworth H W Lancaster ND971
Charlesworth W H Halifax W1114
Charlesworth W H Halifax R9452
Charlesworth A Halifax JD247
Charlesworth G Lancaster LL883
Charlesworth Douglas Neal
Charley J R Halifax MZ310
Charley John Ross
Charlick D G Lancaster LM674
Charlick D H V Lancaster ED391
Charlick David Harold Victor
Charlick Dean Gordon
Charlier A Halifax LK728
Charlier M J J Spitfire AB912
Charlier J M Lancaster LM433
Charlton W R K Lancaster W4879
Charlton W R K Lancaster ED711
Charlton William Frederick Dixon Hampden AT191
Charlton Ronald Halifax NP771
Charlton R C Halifax MZ865
Charlton J R Halifax LV797
Charlton C Halifax R9374
Charlton D Lancaster ME566
Charlton J I Whitley T4334
Charlton S Wellington L7810
Charlton Wellington R1508
Charlton A N Stirling N6083
Charlton Halifax LK899
Charlton J F Lancaster NG417
Charlton J T Stirling R9333
Charlton J Typhoon MN296
Charlton E H Lancaster EE185
Charlton T T Lancaster PB143
Charlton R Stirling EE897
Charlton R Halifax LK730
Charlton J R Lancaster NF985
Charlton G G Lancaster NF985
Charlton E O Lancaster JB190
Charlton Philip Noel ("Freddie")
Charlton Raymond Clyde
Charlton William Roy Kenneth
Charlton-Jones C Stirling N6081
Charman E G Lancaster NF917
Charman R W Halifax DK243
Charman H E Hurricane BP768
Charman A F Halifax LW273
Charman Edward George
Charney Kenneth Langley
Charnock E Lancaster DV303
Charnock F R Mosquito MM737
Charnock J E Lancaster JB468
Charnock L Blenheim T1851
Charnock H W Spitfire P7430
Charnock W Lancaster ME811
Charnock H D Spitfire K9903
Charnock Harry Walpole
Charpentier J Halifax MZ830
Charriere P Halifax NA680
Charron J H Wellington Z1725
Charron P M Spitfire PL245
Charron Ronald Edward Oscar Halifax MZ845
Charrott J D Whitley Z6949
Charrott C W Halifax JN921
Charteris W D Lancaster ME868
Charters R B Stirling EE957
Charters J B Lancaster ED708
Charters R J Lancaster ND336
Charters Aubrey Bute
Charton Moses Whitley BD213
Chartrand J L E Lancaster KB711
Chase W McL Lancaster ND587
Chase R F Lancaster W4178
Chase A J Lancaster ND927
Chase D J Lancaster ND349
Chase Hampden AE251
Chase W G Halifax LW508
Chase Frederick John Allison
Chase William McLaurin
Chase Harold W P-51 Mustang
Chase Harold W P-51 Mustang
Chase-Casgrain Marie Guy Alexandre Hurricane Z2986
Chasinger J E Lancaster LL692
Chasmar M D Halifax LK917
Chaster J B Lancaster W4134
Chaston Dennis Alfred Lancaster EE174
Chaston L G Hampden P1244
Chaston T W Wellington X3305
Chaston R W Halifax HR979
Chataway Cosmo Clive
Chatfield R E Halifax NA582
Chatfield R E Halifax LW164
Chatfield W L Lancaster ED434
Chatfield R A Wellington R1380
Chatfield E B Halifax DT581
Chatfield E B Mosquito DZ608
Chatfield K C Whitley N1432
Chattaway William P P-47 Thunderbolt
Chattell D G Whitley X9922
Chatten C S Lancaster EE105
Chatterley Wellington T2547
Chatterley Archie W Spitfire / P-47 Thunderbolt
Chatterley Archie W P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Chatterley Archie W P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Chatterley Archie W P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Chatterley Archie W P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Chatterley Archie W P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Chatters W A A Lancaster ME453
Chatterton E Lancaster ME718
Chatterton R C Halifax JD467
Chatterton L W Wellington DV951
Chatterton H Lancaster ED590
Chatteway A Blenheim Z5877
Chattin P W Spitfire EN622
Chatto Harry Stewart
Chatwin E Lancaster KB799
Chatwin R J Lancaster PB347
Chatwin F R Stirling LJ518
Chaulk A Lancaster LL649
Chaundy George Raymond Peter Mosquito MM128
Chaundy J R Wellington X3701
Chaundy M L Wellington LP284
Chaut J H Halifax LK798
Chauvin J L A Halifax MZ466
Chauvin F Spitfire BS243
Chave Owen Cecil Stirling BF448
Chawanski A P Lancaster KB717
Chciuk Władysław Spitfire P8327
Cheadle G Lancaster ED659
Cheadle R J Halifax JB850
Cheadle A R Blenheim V5769
Cheal W E Lancaster JB400
Cheal D J H Halifax LW343
Cheal D J Halifax JN924
Cheasman H A Halifax W7880
Cheatle R H Lancaster ND961
Cheatle Allen Leonard
Cheatle Raey Hilton
Cheavlier J Halifax NR153
Checchi David Alwyen
Checketts John Milne
Checketts Ernest Edward None - SS Suez Maru Not applicable
Checketts John Milne Spitfire EN572
Checketts John Milne Spitfire BM259
Checketts J S Wellington MS491
Checketts F R W Lancaster W4819
Checkley F Blenheim P6901
Checkley Mosquito MM625
Chedd C J Wellington W5442
Cheek B G Stirling R9314
Cheese William Desmond Wellington Z1344
Cheese A C Halifax NA687
Cheese William Desmond
Cheeseman L H J Lancaster PB792
Cheeseman Harold Norman Lancaster PD232
Cheeseman G R Lancaster KB779
Cheeseman R E W Lancaster W4966
Cheeseman Raymond Edward William Lancaster EE137
Cheeseman J A Manchester L7312
Cheeseman S A Whitley BD266
Cheeseman S H Spitfire BL311
Cheeseman K L Halifax LV957
Cheesman W R Hampden AD804
Cheesman W G Lancaster NN724
Cheesman R F Hampden AD753
Cheesman A J Whitley N1434
Cheetham Arnold Foster Stirling N6124
Cheetham James Arthur Wellington Z8866 (some publications state Z8806)
Cheetham H T Halifax W7914
Cheetham A F Stirling R9307
Cheetham R W Mosquito DZ654
Cheetham W H Hampden AE224
Cheetham G T Hampden AD797
Cheetham A Lancaster ED478
Cheever Donald W P-51 Mustang
Chell Lional Hawkins Halifax RG443
Chell J F Blenheim T2234
Chell D G Wellington X3422
Chell F G Halifax JD385
Chellew John Albert
Chelman William Ossian
Chelmick Alfred Gordon Blenheim L9419
Chelu R W Lancaster ND921
Chemin A Halifax NR287
Cheminade J Spitfire MK373
Chenery L C Anson N5024
Cheney D Lancaster JB139
Cheney J Mosquito DZ688
Cheney Clarence Albert
Cheney James B P-47 Thunderbolt
Cheney James B P-47 Thunderbolt
Chenn R T Halifax BB317
Chennault Claire P P-47 Thunderbolt
Chennault Claire P P-47 Thunderbolt
Chenoweth Eric Lancaster PB958
Chenoweth Colin Maxwell
Chenoweth Eric
Chenu John Corrie
Chepil Mack Halifax EB274
Chequer G J Lancaster DS735
Cherkinsky A D Halifax DT641
Cherniuk George Stirling W7620
Cherrington Richard Arthur Martin Baltimore AG843
Cherrington Geoffrey Inglesby Hurricane N2582
Cherrington A Lancaster W4948
Cherrington Ronald Wesley B-24 Hell’s-Bells 42-52358
Cherry Arthur John Lancaster NE123
Cherry F J Halifax HR654
Cherry E Halifax LW263
Cherry Robert C P-47 Thunderbolt
Cherry Robert C P-47 Thunderbolt
Cherry Robert C P-47 Thunderbolt
Cherry Robert C P-47 Thunderbolt
Cheshire G L Whitley P5005
Cheshire W J Halifax LL466
Cheshire K G Halifax MZ342
Cheshire K W Lancaster JB123
Cheshire C C Halifax L9530
Cheshire H W Lancaster OL-N
Cheshire Geoffrey Leonard Lancaster
Chesman A L Lancaster PB152
Chesman G H Stirling N6091
Chesney Herbert A P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Chess J B Halifax JD466
Chess Alvin J P-51 Mustang
Chessel L T Stirling R9189
Chessell H Stirling EF450
Chessell L J Stirling R9357
Chesser R E Lancaster DS665
Chesshire Neville Leigh
Chesson N L V Lancaster ME788
Chesson L G Halifax HR979
Chesson F J C Stirling EH877
Chessun L H Wellington Z1622
Chester Lambert Albert Lancaster JB606
Chester L H Lancaster W4102
Chester S C Wellington T2471
Chester W Halifax W1047
Chester Augustus Bryan Lancaster DS794
Chester A J Wellington HE152
Chester J H Halifax MZ559
Chester H W Halifax DK150
Chester R O Halifax JD418
Chester H F Blenheim P6895
Chester Donovan Joseph
Chester Kenneth George
Chester Leonard Harry
Chester Ivan Isadore
Chester Lambert Albert
Chester Charles Whitley
Chester-Master J P Wellington P2524
Chester-Masters Robert ("Bob") Charles Lancaster LM180
Chesterman H W A Stirling BK760
Chesterman Sydney Noel
Chesters Ralph Sherwin 'Chris' Lancaster DS775
Chesters P Spitfire P7306
Chesters P Spitfire P7854
Chesters G W Lancaster PB249
Chesterton J H F Halifax JN947
Chesterton P F Lancaster JA704
Chestnut Guy Alexander Spitfire P8654
Chetham Charles Arthur Copeland Hurricane P3897
Chetham Charles Lancaster JB300
Chetneky Steve J P-51 Mustang
Chetney R A Lancaster ND872
Chętnicki Stefan Avro Lancaster NG501
Chetter A E Whitley N1434
Chettham G H Halifax DK166
Chetwood Kenneth P-47 Thunderbolt
Chetwood Kenneth P-47 Thunderbolt
Chetwynd-Stapylton E M Lancaster HK650
Chevalier R Halifax NR287
Chevalier J F Manchester L7454
Chevers N V Spitfire NH361
Chevrier L T Halifax NA612
Chevrier R J Lancaster KB778
Chew N A P Lancaster DV187
Chew A D Lancaster PD252
Chew B Lancaster DV238
Cheyne G J Lancaster PB688
Cheyne Ian McDonald Hurricane W9149
Cheyne George James
Cheyney M J Typhoon PD495
Chiasson John Charles Lancaster R5632
Chiasson J A Halifax NP781
Chibanoff A Halifax DK253
Chick L G Wellington X9635
Chick D W Lancaster LL904
Chick Laurence Guy
Chickering William E Jr P-38 Lightning
Chicoine J V Wellington DV611
Chiddenton Arthur Dickens Spitfire AB369
Chiddick W E A Wellington BK203
Chidester S H Lancaster LM469
Chidgey F S G Lancaster ME563
Chidgey E J Wellington T2958
Chidgey Frank Stanley Guest
Chidlow Frederick Erick
Chidwick J J Lancaster HK610
Chiericci P Halifax PN179
Chigwidden J J Lancaster LL859
Chigwidden John Joseph
Chilcott Fernley Graham Halifax JD272
Chilcott Roy Anthony Lancaster DV376
Child F C Stirling W7438
Child George Stirling LK488
Child C C Blenheim P4826
Child N Wellington BK298
Child R C Stirling BF478
Child A J Halifax W7657
Child Royston James Halifax HX160
Child J S Halifax EB246
Child R Lancaster JB468
Childs Arthur Henry Wellington DV775
Childs Frank Beaufort AW236
Childs A J Wellington W5379
Childs Charles Phillip Dent Mosquito NT490
Childs J L Lancaster ME573
Childs B A Whitley T4260
Childs J R Stirling EH893
Childs J W Stirling BK707
Childs J Ventura AE774
Childs V G Lancaster LL691
Childs E H Lancaster W4245
Childs Whitley Z6872
Childs Donald E P-47 Thunderbolt
Childs David A P-47 Thunderbolt
Chiles K Lancaster ND613
Chillingworth Bernard John Liberator BZ930
Chilman Peter Ernest Lancaster ND796
Chilton A Mosquito DZ719
Chilton Maurice Somerville Douglas DC-3 Dakota KG397
Chilvers Mosquito MM198
Chilvers George Alfred Halifax DG282
Chilvers H Wellington Z1156
Chilvers K G Wellington HZ485
Chilvers J E Stirling W7438
Chilvers J G B Lancaster ED436
Chinery R W Lancaster JB740
Chinery W Lancaster LL776
Ching W M Lancaster NG145
Ching Alan Harold Mosquito MM179
Chinn A J Lancaster ME805
Chinn E J Blenheim R3673
Chinner John Edward
Chinnery L E J F Halifax LV919
Chinnery R V Lancaster DV233
Chinnery Roy Victor
Chinnery Lavington Edmund John Freck
Chiofilo Phillip L. B-17 Insomnia 43-38396
Chipchase K W Lancaster ED313
Chiperfield G F Hampden AD827
Chipman P G Halifax LW204
Chippendale G B Ventura AE743
Chipperfield C T Hampden X3133
Chipping D J Spitfire X4057
Chir B Halifax HR943
Chirighin C D Lancaster ND765
Chirnside Arthur Leslie
Chisamore Joseph Alexander Halifax NP819
Chisholm R J Halifax R9439
Chisholm R E Lancaster ED978
Chisholm D A Stirling EE957
Chisholm A P Stirling EE957
Chisholm J A Liberator EW139
Chisholm R S Wellington T2996
Chisholm J H MacK Mosquito TA396
Chisholm W A Mustang FX990
Chisholm D A Stirling EF450
Chisholm J E Stirling EE970
Chisholm K B Spitfire
Chisholm D A Lancaster JA676
Chisholm G T L Lancaster W4360
Chisholm J N Whitley Z9226
Chisholm R Halifax JD328
Chisholm A F Lancaster JB284
Chisholm J A Wellington X3222
Chisholm Roderick Aeneas
Chisholm John Henry Mackellar
Chisholm Robert William Tylden
Chisholm Wallace
Chisholm Colin Alexander
Chisholm Colin Laidler
Chisick M Lancaster PA173
Chislett Herbert Alfred Lancaster R5735
Chislett R C Stirling EF401
Chislett K E Halifax JD253
Chisnall L M Wellington HE699
Chiswell D R Halifax HR687
Chiswell A D Halifax JB965
Chiszczyk T Halifax ED209
Chittenden Peter Lancaster W4897
Chittick J C Spitfire EP508
Chittim R H Lancaster ND635
Chittock W V Halifax HR787
Chittock I L Halifax LV784
Chittock Wesley Victor
Chitty Walter Evan Lancaster LL733
Chitty Walter Evan Lancaster LL645
Chitty Ronald James Wellington Z1747
Chitty D J D Halifax JB804
Chitty R L Lancaster W4843
Chitty Walter Evan
Chivers Ernest Keele Lancaster ED707
Chivers Mike W. Lancaster LL745
Chivers P Blenheim P4906
Chivers E G F Wellington L7809
Chivers M E Lancaster ED717
Chivers Albert Dudley
Chivers Ernest Keele
Chiverton H G R Halifax HR667
Chiverton T Halifax LW519
Chiverton Frank George
Chlevin Edward P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Chlistowski Jan Hawker Henley L3249
Chlopicki Antoni Kazimierz North American Mitchell KJ588
Chłopik Tadeusz Paweł Hawker Hurricane P2954
Chłosta Stanisław
Chlup J Spitfire EP127
Chmiel Roman Stanisław Wellington Z1337
Chmielewski Stefan Tadeusz Wellington Z1343
Chmielowiec Andrzej Vickers Wellington Z1696
Chmielowiec Theodore Edward Mitchell FV915
Chocholin V Spitfire AR335
Chocholin V Spitfire EP233
Chodyra Józef Tadeusz Halifax L9612
Chodzicki Jerzy E Tudor K3400
Chojnacki Wacław Supermarine Spitfire MJ281
Cholette J H J Wellington Z1729
Cholewka Marian Spitfire AR340
Choma C R Halifax EB191
Chomka Jan Wellington Z1282
Chomka Wacław Vickers Wellington HF198
Chomley G F Lancaster NG193
Chomley J A G Hurricane P3662
Choms Wiesław Spitfire P8473P
Choms Wiesław Supermarine Spitfire P8473P
Chopping Ralph Campbell Lancaster NE123
Chopping P G Lancaster LL649
Chopping S G Halifax NP932
Chorley G W Halifax MZ574
Chorley V J Lancaster ED630
Chorley R A Lancaster ED551
Chorlton H G Whitley Z6647
Chorneyko A Halifax JD363
Chornons W R Lancaster PD380
Chorny W Lancaster NF938
Choron M P C Spitfire BL761
Chote A H F Blenheim R3813
Chote Keith Gilbert
Chouiniere Eugene Edward Lancaster R5695
Chouler M R Blenheim R3692
Chowański Zygmunt Jan Vickers Wellington W5666
Chowen W R Spitfire MH756
Chown C M Blenheim V6139
Chown H W Halifax LK877
Chowns Nurden Anderson
Chretien G T Halifax W7803
Chrimes Oswald Kenneth Halifax LW521
Chrisp R B Hampden AE252
Chrissinger Donald E P-51 Mustang
Christ Walter Alfred
Christ Charles M P-47 Thunderbolt
Christensen John Ross Walker Wellington R1699
Christensen W I Wellington Z1143
Christensen L J Lancaster JA688
Christensen Gavin Keith Henry Lancaster LM232
Christensen H P Halifax LL610
Christensen S Blenheim P4898
Christensen George
Christensen Edward Manton
Christensen Elmer D P-38 Lightning
Christensen Fred J P-47 Thunderbolt
Christensen Fred J P-47 Thunderbolt
Christensen Fred J P-47 Thunderbolt
Christensen Fred J P-47 Thunderbolt
Christensen Fred J P-47 Thunderbolt
Christensen Fred J P-47 Thunderbolt
Christensen Fred J P-47 Thunderbolt
Christensen Fred J P-47 Thunderbolt
Christensen Fred J P-47 Thunderbolt
Christensen Fred J P-47 Thunderbolt
Christensen Fred J P-47 Thunderbolt
Christensen Fred J P-47 Thunderbolt
Christensen Fred J P-47 Thunderbolt
Christensen Fred J P-47 Thunderbolt
Christensen Richard D P-47 Thunderbolt`
Christensen Richard D P-47 Thunderbolt`
Christensen Richard D P-47 Thunderbolt`
Christenson F R Halifax JD332
Christian C D Lancaster KB735
Christian K C Halifax NR143
Christian A L Blenheim V5828
Christian H Lancaster RA532
Christian Harold David
Christian Robert W Jr P-38 Lightning
Christiansen Erik B-26 42-107747
Christiansen John Horace Lancaster LL673
Christiansen Arnold George Mustang AL977
Christianson Chris Zane Robert Lancaster JB181
Christie R S Lancaster W4960
Christie A A Lancaster HE664
Christie William Douglas Lancaster ED705
Christie W Stirling LJ559
Christie H D Halifax MZ805
Christie T W Halifax NP686
Christie R F Halifax LW124
Christie J H Halifax NP992
Christie T A M Halifax LM684
Christie R G Hampden P5328
Christie M K Halifax MZ562
Christie R G Lancaster ED868
Christie J Wellington HE201
Christie J H Mosquito HR211
Christie A S Wellington X3760
Christie J Halifax JN891
Christie G Whitley Z6624
Christie Whitley T4232
Christie J Hampden AD918
Christie Charles Wellington Lancaster ED826
Christie J M Spitfire K9882
Christie W J Halifax HX320
Christie Stirling N3713
Christie J C G Spitfire P8541
Christie J S Mosquito MM570
Christie A F Lancaster W4124
Christie C Halifax LW522
Christie E T Wellington X9978
Christie P A Lancaster NF939
Christie C C Lancaster HK539
Christie J Mosquito DZ636
Christie L Lancaster JB666
Christie G P Spitfire K9944
Christie W T Stirling BF379
Christie F Halifax W1275
Christie W H Mustang KH790
Christie Sidney Edwards
Christie William Morton
Christie Ronald Cecil
Christie Alec MacNaughton
Christie Robert Stanley
Christie Alexandra Anthony
Christison Alexander Halifax NA108
Christison R L Lancaster ND526
Christison Ian Harry
Christman Lorne Smith Hampden AD986
Christman Edward G P-38 Lightning
Christman Rudolf Karol Vickers Wellington R1212
Christmas Lewis Havelock Lancaster HK537
Christmas L G Halifax EB276
Christmas J W Lancaster JB678
Christmas Blenheim L9268
Christmass Lewis Havelock
Christoff C Halifax LW616
Christon J F Stirling BK664
Christopher Percy Frederick Lancaster PB466
Christopher K W M Whitley Z6799
Christopher H M Blenheim R3915
Christophers Hampden AD902
Christopherson O P F Spitfire NH544
Christsen Walter Irvine
Christy E F Lancaster ME866
Christy R E Lancaster W4771
Christy R Lancaster ED813
Christy Hampden AE305
Chrostowski Tadeusz Vickers Wellington X9676
Chrysler C K Mosquito DZ432
Chrystal J R G Stirling BK810
Chrzan Stanisław
Chrzanowski Bernard Vickers Wellington L7874
Chrzanowski Gustaw Vickers Wellington Z1271
Chubb J A Wellington W5576
Chubb F B Lancaster ME630
Chubb A W Wellington HE817
Chubbuck Fred W P-47 Thunderbolt`
Chubbuck Fred W P-47 Thunderbolt`
Chudek Aleksander Supermarine Spitfire AB271
Chudleigh F D Wellington BJ698
Chudleigh R N Mosquito PZ186
Chudy Stanisław Wellington Z1255
Chudzik S E Stirling EH884
Chudzik William J Halifax LW674
Chugg Gerald Alfred Halifax MZ451
Chumbley R A Lancaster JB234
Church Harold William Oxford EB506
Church G N Blenheim V5726
Church D C Lancaster LM271
Church Eric Arthur Halifax LW337
Church R W Fortress HB815
Church David Stirling W7513
Church Charles Edward Dakota FZ597
Church Arthur Frederick Lysander N1290
Church Lincoln RF365
Church J M Lancaster ED822
Church Maurice Gordon Halifax JB866
Church T H L Lancaster ED488
Church E R Lancaster PA998
Church E C Halifax W1217
Church J E Whitley Z6958
Church D G Heyford K6900
Church H A Lancaster R5608
Church C A J Lancaster HK773
Church B H Stirling BK767
Church S A Typhoon MN791
Church H D Lancaster JB305
Church J E Whitley Z6975
Church George Norman
Church David Campbell
Church Robert C P-47 Thunderbolt
Church Robert C P-51 Mustang
Churchał Mieczysław
Churcher J R Mosquito MM203
Churcher L A Hampden AE286
Churcher G L Mosquito NS953
Churcher W J Lancaster LM377
Churches Edward Walter Gillie Spitfire P7381
Churchill Richard Sidney Albion Hampden P4370
Churchill Thomas Lancaster DV245
Churchill N C Lancaster NG164
Churchill H D Lancaster ND449
Churchill R F Wellington X3360
Churchill C F Lancaster R5554
Churchill Hampden AD913
Churchill D A Halifax LW579
Churchill C S Manchester L7454
Churchill Walter Myers
Churchin J Spitfire P7292
Churchman M Lancaster DV386
Churchouse D J K Lancaster LM540
Churchward Denis Alban Thomas Halifax W1219
Churchward H G Stirling LJ567
Churchyard H. F. “Bud” Lancaster RF154
Churchyard C K Lancaster ND339
Churchyard F Halifax W7926
Churms James William Lancaster PB411
Chute G E Lancaster JB680
Chuter E R Wellington T2474
Chwalibóg Zygmunt Marian De Havilland Mosquito PZ333
Chwatek Frank W P-47 Thunderbolt`
Chylewski Franciszek Vickers Wellington Z1265
Ciach Marian Supermarine Spitfire EE654
Ciarns H L W Lancaster JB654
Ciastoń Franciszek Vickers Wellington HZ251
Cibor Czesław Miles Master AZ327
Cibulka J F Wellington R1802
Cichowicz Stanisław Vickers Wellington Z1401
Cichowski Władysław Henryk Vickers Wellington X9676
Cicilian Andrew
Ciciński Edmund
Ciechanowski Władysław Maria Supermarine Spitfire EP749
Ciechanowski Wiktoryn Zygmunt Vickers Wellington HF198
Cieliński Stanisław Tadeusz Beaufighter X7887
Ciepliński Filip Airspeed Oxford R6390
Cieślak (Cameron) Ludwik Tadeusz Wellington Z1217
Cieślicki Stanisław Leopold
Cieślik Maksymilian Vickers Wellington HZ438
Cieślik Stanisław Tiger Moth DE157
Cieszyński-Nałęcz Jan Leszek Vickers Wellington Z1343
Ciglander Raymond Charles
Cigos F Wellington L7842
Cioch Stanisław Vickers Wellington T2625
Ciołek Jakub Vickers Wellington Z1386
Cipirski Zygmunt Wellington HZ486
Cipirski Zygmunt Wellington Z1278
Cipriani M E Halifax LW297
Ciuchciński Jan Stefan Vickers Wellington HE985
Ciundziewicki Antoni B North American P-51d Mustang FB391
Ciurkot Eugeniusz Henryk Miles Martinet JN493
Clabburn-Detrez Dennis Arthur Wellington R1500
Clack G L Wellington BJ698
Clack M H Halifax JD144
Clack S A Lancaster LM225
Clack S A Lancaster LL917
Clack L R Halifax LW508
Clack B A Lancaster ME783
Clack K A Halifax LW696
Clack N W S Halifax DK200
Cladis L G Lancaster R5499
Claeson A R L Spitfire NH488
Clago Bruce Walter B--17 Lucky Lady 42-39941
Clague Alex Blenheim V6366
Clague W H Stirling BK650
Clague W F Lancaster W4985
Clague J E Halifax LK794
Clamp C Lancaster LL830
Clampitt E B Lancaster R5749
Clancey G D Battle L4952
Clancy F J Halifax HR844
Clancy R P Halifax MZ806
Clancy Harold Paul
Clandillon J A Beaufighter
Clandillon J A Beaufighter
Clapham Wiliam Paterson Halifax LV923
Clapham S Lancaster ND334
Clapham H D Hampden AE232
Clapham P C Lancaster PB356
Clapham J S Halifax W1143
Clapham Victor Clement
Clapin B P W Mustang FX944
Clapinson Henry William
Clapp W G Lancaster LM463
Clapp T H Lancaster JD346
Clapp Alexander Frederick
Clapperton Robert White Blenheim L9264
Clapperton K W Lancaster ME522
Clapperton R H Tempest EJ504
Clapperton J Lancaster JB236
Clapperton Raymond Hedley
Clapson D H W Halifax LW283
Clapton I R Lancaster NG294
Clare Frederick William Lancaster ND908
Clare J E S Lancaster LL672
Clare J E Stirling EF149
Clare B G Lancaster LM104
Clare R Mosquito DK336
Clare P A Halifax LW551
Clare V H Halifax LK710
Clare David Forbes
Clarence A Lancaster ME564
Clarey C M Lancaster ND913
Clarey Colin Mervyn
Claridge S A Halifax W1223
Claridge Harold George Stirling R9163
Claridge H G Stirling R9258
Clark Ronald Ernest Lancaster RF230
Clark I H Lancaster NE174
Clark R L Lancaster ND337
Clark Kevin George Lancaster PB958
Clark H Halifax DT771
Clark C Wellington P9227
Clark Donald Carpenter Lancaster LM616
Clark Cecil Philip Lancaster ME366
Clark George Frederick Lancaster ED841
Clark Henry Wellington N2825
Clark J R Wellington P2515
Clark Gerard Lancaster ND576
Clark William Henry Robert Halifax JD211
Clark Eric William Halifax W1190
Clark Ian Patterson Whitley BD379
Clark Ralph Edward Lancaster R5613
Clark Norman Arthur Wadham Lancaster ME684
Clark “Hugam” William Clark Lancaster ND641
Clark Frederick Allan Halifax DT632
Clark Hugh Maxwell Blenheim T2437
Clark Herbert Bond Douglas DC-3 Dakota KN271
Clark Albert Dennis Lancaster L7578
Clark Horace Alfred Wellington LN566
Clark J Lancaster ED659
Clark W B Wellington W5577
Clark Gerald Madison Wellington BJ592
Clark L M Wellington HZ278
Clark G C Wellington HE169
Clark D K Liberator TT336
Clark Samuel Stewart Halifax DT576
Clark C T Lancaster JB182
Clark W L J Lancaster JB280
Clark J F Lancaster JA920
Clark R S Lancaster DS737
Clark W J Halifax DT646
Clark James Anderson Wellington X3796
Clark Earl William Halifax NA184
Clark F J Spitfire NH415
Clark H A Lancaster DS852
Clark D A Lancaster DS733
Clark H L Lancaster KB763
Clark Edwin Spencer Charles Halifax MZ463
Clark R E Wellington HZ303
Clark H B Whitley Z6744
Clark A T Lancaster LM278
Clark T A Lancaster PB265
Clark J H Lancaster JB661
Clark A B Halifax MZ740
Clark D Halifax MZ531
Clark D A Halifax JD205
Clark Robert John Lancaster PB256
Clark Terence George Lancaster W4179
Clark A W Lancaster DS721
Clark W D Stirling EE879
Clark Lloyd Denzil Halifax W7862
Clark Joseph Norman Lancaster NF979
Clark Fraser Dudley Spitfire EN631
Clark I Mosquito HK367
Clark B A Wellington Z8794
Clark M O Stirling R9247
Clark Ronald Thomas Lancaster ND802
Clark W G Halifax JN883
Clark E W Lancaster ND995
Clark G G Lancaster LL758
Clark J W C Lancaster W4796
Clark A H Lancaster W4888
Clark J Lancaster DV231
Clark G C Halifax JN972
Clark J B Whitley K8996
Clark D Lancaster JB528
Clark A C Lancaster PB528
Clark H D Lancaster JB601
Clark S P Lancaster DS765
Clark A Wellington BJ595
Clark R Lancaster NF928
Clark F G Lancaster JB715
Clark T H Spitfire MJ307
Clark C A G Whirlwind P7091
Clark W L Stirling LJ999
Clark F B Halifax LL252
Clark R T Hampden AD903
Clark A W J Wellington R1587
Clark H N Stirling BF477
Clark R B G E Blenheim L9024
Clark J A Lancaster PB780
Clark A J Mosquito HR237
Clark P C H Lancaster NG184
Clark A Lancaster PB639
Clark W H Lancaster LM304
Clark A J Lancaster JA919
Clark W A G Lancaster JB304
Clark J L Lancaster ED877
Clark W T J Halifax MZ945
Clark C P Lysander V9749
Clark R Halifax LL183
Clark J Mosquito KB407
Clark G J R Lancaster ME799
Clark R L Lancaster ME720
Clark J C Wellington HF595
Clark A W Halifax NA241
Clark C G Mosquito DZ535
Clark L S Typhoon DN371
Clark L S Typhoon MN854
Clark R Lancaster DV370
Clark J J R Lancaster ME633
Clark A J P Lancaster ME386
Clark H A Stirling EE882
Clark James Wellington L7798
Clark J Stirling EE895
Clark R S Battle P2267
Clark G M Lancaster PB723
Clark R C Lancaster ME620
Clark R M G Wellington L4339
Clark T F S Blenheim L8828
Clark S F Hampden AD829
Clark H E Halifax NP810
Clark P Mosquito HR183
Clark B Halifax LL594
Clark T H Halifax LW382
Clark R Wellington X3390
Clark A D Hampden AD966
Clark A W Lancaster W4942
Clark J H Lancaster W4927
Clark James Lancaster PB542
Clark H W Halifax HX341
Clark T J Lancaster W4240
Clark H D Lancaster ND533
Clark F Lancaster ND537
Clark F Lancaster ND498
Clark J Lancaster ME578
Clark L Lancaster PD294
Clark F C Lancaster NF984
Clark D N Lancaster ED488
Clark W A Lancaster LM360
Clark J D Halifax WR129
Clark W G Halifax LW479
Clark H A T Lancaster DV279
Clark M A Lancaster NN696
Clark K W C Wellington X9923
Clark C D Wellington W5445
Clark W Lancaster LM522
Clark J C Wellington X3640
Clark H Lancaster JB373
Clark E S Halifax LK834
Clark N W H Lancaster W4766
Clark B Lancaster DV400
Clark S Hampden X3064
Clark G E Lancaster ED613
Clark W A Lancaster ME745
Clark R E W Lancaster LM241
Clark G F Lancaster LM421
Clark W A Lancaster ED777
Clark D G Stirling W7430
Clark H M Stirling W7579
Clark S E C Lancaster ND897
Clark W G Wellington X3587
Clark V J Lancaster ME321
Clark J Halifax DK167
Clark A B Halifax JD383
Clark P G Whitley Z9226
Clark J S Halifax LL122
Clark H M Halifax W1275
Clark C F Halifax DT525
Clark K E Halifax LV798
Clark R Whitley N1525
Clark R Whitley N1490
Clark A M Blenheim R3731
Clark J A D Hampden AD859
Clark H F P Lancaster R5640
Clark G D Hampden AD907
Clark H A Lancaster ED876
Clark H D Hurricane P2824
Clark C H A Stirling EF952
Clark J Stirling LJ480
Clark Keith Joseph
Clark Leonard Herbert
Clark Graham Russell
Clark Ashton Alfred
Clark William James
Clark Reginald Mervin
Clark William Ernest
Clark Ronald Henry Charles
Clark Bernard Roy
Clark Archibald McLaren
Clark Herbert James
Clark Kenneth
Clark Kenneth Edward
Clark Keith James
Clark Norman Baxter
Clark James Alexander Leckie
Clark Ivan Henry
Clark James
Clark Neville Roy Mablin
Clark Peter Maxwell
Clark Ronald Leslie
Clark Kevin George
Clark Tom Barnett
Clark Theodore Marcus
Clark Alfred John Douglas DC-3 Dakota KG397
Clark Richard Wellington W5613
Clark Albert J. B-24 Slossie 44-40294
Clark Alvin F P-38 Lightning
Clark Alvin F P-38 Lightning
Clark Charles R P-47 Thunderbolt
Clark Eugene L P-47 Thunderbolt
Clark Eugene L P-47 Thunderbolt
Clark Glenn R P-47 Thunderbolt
Clark Glenn R P-51 Mustang
Clark Jack W P-51 Mustang
Clark Jack W P-51 Mustang
Clark James A Jr Spitfire
Clark James A Jr Spitfire / P-47 Thunderbolt
Clark James A Jr Spitfire / P-47 Thunderbolt
Clark James A Jr Spitfire / P-47 Thunderbolt
Clark James A Jr P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Clark James A Jr P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Clark James A Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Clark James A Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Clark James A Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Clark James A Jr P-51 Mustang
Clark James A Jr P-51 Mustang
Clark James J P-47 Thunderbolt
Clark James J P-47 Thunderbolt
Clark Mccauley P-51 Mustang
Clark Mccauley P-51 Mustang
Clark Mccauley P-51 Mustang
Clark Mccauley P-51 Mustang
Clark Mccauley P-51 Mustang
Clark Mccauley P-51 Mustang
Clark Robert F P-38 Lightning
Clark Robert W P-47 Thunderbolt
Clark William C
Clark William D Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Clark Lloyd Loris Wellington AD632
Clark-Carter D C Halifax LK932
Clarke J Y Halifax JD298
Clarke A H Lancaster PB765
Clarke R R Spitfire PV160
Clarke T T Lancaster PB557
Clarke J R Halifax HX294
Clarke T K Lancaster LM222
Clarke Roy Leslie Lancaster JB132
Clarke R C Lancaster LM633
Clarke R M Lancaster ND653
Clarke R M Lancaster PB173
Clarke Roy Desmond Edward Whitley P4986
Clarke John Wellington HX399
Clarke Harold Thomas Lancaster ED377
Clarke Guy Archer Lancaster RF188
Clarke Ciaran Anzlony Blackburn Botha L6195
Clarke Charles William Lancaster W4762
Clarke William Lancaster ND582
Clarke Alfred Thomas Halifax LW620
Clarke Robert Stirling EE873
Clarke Frederick Francis Lancaster ED411
Clarke Harold Frank Lancaster R5632
Clarke Harold Halifax W1100
Clarke Jack Lancaster DS822
Clarke Richard William Tudor Hampden X3147
Clarke Frederick Charles Lancaster LM515
Clarke Derek John Stanley Lancaster LM136
Clarke Edward W John Hampden AE223
Clarke Thomas Brian Wellington LB237
Clarke Desmond De Villiers Wellington BK552
Clarke J F W Lancaster ND868
Clarke A W Wellington X9873
Clarke J H Lancaster PD275
Clarke A E Spitfire MH738
Clarke C Stirling EF412
Clarke W R Lancaster JB179
Clarke R W Typhoon PD494
Clarke D W Lancaster PD262
Clarke R W Mustang AM256
Clarke Gerald Francis Spitfire X4666
Clarke D M Halifax HR905
Clarke D M Halifax HR806
Clarke K W Lancaster PA981
Clarke H W Hampden X3051
Clarke Frederick Edsall Mustang AG375
Clarke J T Halifax MZ476
Clarke S E Halifax LW242
Clarke R F Lancaster KB707
Clarke G W Halifax MZ314
Clarke G W Halifax LW136
Clarke R G Wellington HF457
Clarke H W Wellington HE803
Clarke Edward Allan Halifax NP702
Clarke A K Halifax LW614
Clarke C J Lancaster NG363
Clarke Robert Edward Stirling W7569
Clarke T H Lancaster R5636
Clarke Wilfred Victor Wellington BJ876
Clarke J E Halifax DT787
Clarke A B Mosquito RV305
Clarke Reginald Leonard Wellington R1181
Clarke L C Spitfire EN784
Clarke H J Halifax JN883
Clarke Frederick Halifax W7871
Clarke F J Halifax W7867
Clarke Whitley Z9188
Clarke John Edward Lancaster DV300
Clarke A J Lancaster LL849
Clarke S R Lancaster W4326
Clarke R R Lancaster DV236
Clarke H J Blenheim T2039
Clarke G McF Halifax JB864
Clarke R J Halifax HX151
Clarke M A Halifax HX185
Clarke E G Halifax JD127
Clarke R J Halifax HR716
Clarke W C Whitley Z9128
Clarke W J Whitley Z6572
Clarke J G Lancaster W4922
Clarke A T Lancaster LL975
Clarke E R Lancaster W4238
Clarke R B Lancaster JB593
Clarke E G Blenheim L8777
Clarke F V Blenheim L8751
Clarke R K Blenheim Z7347
Clarke H W Lancaster ME692
Clarke E J T Wellington R3154
Clarke Wellington R1004
Clarke R N Lancaster ND923
Clarke T Wellington X3597
Clarke T Wellington BJ595
Clarke N A Lancaster NN800
Clarke L R Battle L5188
Clarke W E F Lancaster ED714
Clarke H M Blenheim Z7320
Clarke R Mosquito DZ515
Clarke A R Blenheim L9183
Clarke H G Hampden L4117
Clarke A M Wellington Z1480
Clarke C D Hampden P1172
Clarke F S Stirling R9329
Clarke A G Stirling EF412
Clarke G Lancaster ED323
Clarke L F Lancaster ME434
Clarke D Stirling N3667
Clarke L E Wellington Z1610
Clarke L R Wellington X3313
Clarke G T Hurricane P3273
Clarke P E Lancaster ND962
Clarke J P D Wellington W5562
Clarke E W Wellington W5431
Clarke D A E Wellington W5431
Clarke J Wellington Z8441
Clarke J S M Halifax LW653
Clarke N Stirling LK312
Clarke F F Lancaster ED422
Clarke William Harold Lancaster DV180
Clarke F D Wellington BK459
Clarke E J Blenheim BA805
Clarke A W Stirling EF464
Clarke K W Lancaster PD318
Clarke W Stirling R9282
Clarke H Lancaster PD262
Clarke A E Stirling BK606
Clarke Wellington Z8865
Clarke F R Spitfire AD427
Clarke G S Blenheim R3626
Clarke John Charles Everett Mosquito HK169
Clarke D A Halifax NA174
Clarke M W P Halifax W7878
Clarke R J Lancaster PB678
Clarke J A C Lancaster ND755
Clarke E Blenheim N6217
Clarke K W Halifax JB966
Clarke H T Lancaster JB182
Clarke G F Halifax JD381
Clarke A R Halifax LK880
Clarke J T Wellington HE205
Clarke J Halifax LK811
Clarke H P Hampden P2077
Clarke A J Hampden AD962
Clarke A G Lancaster ND515
Clarke James Cunningham Hampden P4416
Clarke E W A Lancaster ED468
Clarke A W Hurricane P3770
Clarke L F Halifax LW497
Clarke J J Whitley Z9311
Clarke Whitley P4974
Clarke Whitley P4934
Clarke F Lancaster NN775
Clarke C A Lancaster LL728
Clarke J Lancaster LL683
Clarke S M Lancaster ME581
Clarke J C A Lancaster W4189
Clarke J C Lancaster W4130
Clarke R T Lancaster ND954
Clarke C V Lancaster ND503
Clarke B E Lancaster LM381
Clarke A G Hampden AE247
Clarke G Spitfire EN558
Clarke M T Lancaster NG228
Clarke H G Lancaster LM482
Clarke C H Lancaster LM419
Clarke G H Stirling BK713
Clarke G A Lancaster RF145
Clarke R F Lancaster PD295
Clarke E Stirling W7430
Clarke J B Stirling N3643
Clarke L W Lancaster JB398
Clarke F A G Lancaster JA710
CLarke A Stirling EE955
Clarke D J Halifax BB237
Clarke P E Halifax DK188
Clarke P B Halifax DK241
Clarke S F Halifax LW224
Clarke C Halifax JD152
Clarke E J Whitley N1473
Clarke G B Whitley P5042
Clarke W L Halifax BB373
Clarke J W Halifax W1180
Clarke M Halifax DT775
Clarke E J Hampden P4376
Clarke E R Hampden L4152
Clarke Joseph Desmond Lancaster ND330
Clarke A R Stirling BK626
Clarke E S Lancaster JB535
Clarke F C Mosquito DZ304
Clarke Morris Rex
Clarke Gordon Walter
Clarke Reginald Allen
Clarke Geoffrey Leonard
Clarke Kenneth Roy
Clarke Harold George
Clarke John Yorke
Clarke Daniel Joseph
Clarke Kenneth Harold John
Clarke Leo Thomas
Clarke Arthur Henry
Clarke Robert Douglas
Clarke John Charles
Clarke Maxwell John
Clarke Lawrence Henry
Clarke Leslie Frank Albert
Clarke Joseph William
Clarke Trevor Turner
Clarke Thomas Kenneth
Clarke Roy Leslie
Clarke Robert Mayo
Clarke Sydney Campbell
Clarke Arthur John
Clarke George John Isiah
Clarke Arthur Albert
Clarke Eric George
Clarke William Ernest Gm
Clarke George Gavin Cedric
Clarke Lancelot Edward Hilmer
Clarke William Terence
Clarkin P P Lancaster EE107
Clarkson R L Halifax LK754
Clarkson R G Lancaster W4185
Clarkson H Halifax W7914
Clarkson A Lancaster ME778
Clarkson F Lancaster JB610
Clarkson F Lancaster JB704
Clarkson T W Lancaster DV394
Clarkson R H W Mosquito ML977
Clarkson H P Wellington X9634
Clarkson Peter Wilberforce
Clarridge William Thomas Halifax JN954
Clarson Kenneth David Boston BZ549
Clarson Ian David Henry Halifax NA513
Clarson Kenneth David
Clary J T Halifax DK259
Clary G A F Stirling BK595
Clary G Stirling LJ473
Clary Dallas J P-47 Thunderbolt
Clasper R Spitfire PT405
Classen W G Lancaster PB634
Classen E G Halifax BB238
Clatworthy Douglas Roy Lancaster HK556
Clatworthy W S Lancaster LM133
Claude R Spitfire EP289
Clausen H W N Lancaster JB220
Clausen Arthur Kevin
Clausen Ivan Basil Wellington R1005
Clauson Peter Douglas
Clawley George William Battle L5288
Claxton D Y Spitfire BL297
Claxton J R Lancaster ED320
Claxton E R Lancaster JB145
Claxton R Halifax MZ593
Claxton J L Spitfire P7817
Claxton Oliver George Frederick
Clay G E Halifax DT777
Clay Harry Charles Halifax LK746
Clay C Lancaster DV292
Clay C N Lancaster ED714
Clay P H J Spitfire
Clay P H J Spitfire RM766
Clay Leonard Douglas Stirling EF118
Clay D R Wellington R1013
Clay R E Lancaster LM592
Clay R E Lancaster ND698
Clay F T Lancaster NG329
Clay J H Lancaster EE145
Clay G E Halifax DY777 ??
Clay T S Lancaster PB345
Clay George Eric
Clayborne Millard M P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Clayborne Millard M P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Clayden D J Wellington Z8344
Clayden F A Lancaster PD341
Claydon Gordon William Lancaster ND327
Claydon Frank Edward Lancaster DV404
Claydon G R Spitfire PL385
Claydon L W Mosquito MM113
Clayes N Mosquito ML978
Clayton A J Spitfire AD300
Clayton William Wellington Z8652
Clayton A D Lancaster PB564
Clayton Robert John Whitley BD385
Clayton D A Lancaster R5483
Clayton A J H Lancaster LM463
Clayton R G Lancaster ED987
Clayton C M Whitley N1499
Clayton V N Lancaster ND993
Clayton L S Blenheim V6316
Clayton E W Lancaster DV187
Clayton J Blenheim V6048
Clayton F Mosquito ML912
Clayton P L Stirling W7508
Clayton W H Stirling EF330
Clayton W H Stirling R9334
Clayton D R Stirling BK692
Clayton H Lancaster PB137
Clayton A H Wellington BK301
Clayton S F G Wellington W5358
Clayton P G Whitley Z9131
Clayton J B Lancaster PB691
Clayton E Mustang FB159
Clayton E Blenheim V5463
Clayton S J Stirling EF259
Clayton G L Blenheim L8848
Clayton Michael James Wellington DV723
Clayton James Halifax EB256
Clayton J F Hampden AD962
Clayton J F Hampden P4393
Clayton H L Lancaster JA700
Clayton P H Hampden AE249
Clayton E Lancaster JA859
Clayton R F Wellington HZ271
Clayton F T Whitley Z6488
Clayton T R Lancaster ND468
Clayton R J H Lancaster ND445
Clayton J Halifax MZ428
Clayton C E Lancaster ED558
Clayton Robert Victor
Clayton Maurice
Clayton Lawrence Samuel
Clayton Frederick Ronald
Clayton Donald B Jr P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Clayworth E R Halifax LL356
Clayworth Albert Lancaster JB561
Clayworth Albert
Clayworth Eric Raymond
Cleak Frederick Bernard Wellington P9292
Cleal P D Halifax LW518
Clear G S Mosquito DZ496
Clearwater R L Lancaster NF928
Clearwater Desmond Stirling R9250
Clearwater D Stirling BK608
Cleary F J Lancaster LM239
Cleary D D Halifax HR865
Cleary Henry Joseph (Harry) Spitfire MH512
Cleary E D Lancaster LM259
Cleary J P Lancaster DS664
Cleary W L Lancaster NE168
Cleary M C Blenheim L8858
Cleary James Joseph
Cleary Jack Alexander
Cleary Walter Bristol Beaufighter
Cleary Walter Bristol Beaufighter
Cleasby F J Lancaster R5629
Cleaver J B Lancaster KB749
Cleaver D S Stirling BF386
Cleaver D V Blenheim L8734
Cleaver F C Halifax HR795
Cleaver R A Halifax JD214
Cleaver B Wellington Z8704
Cleaver A A B Mosquito PF379
Cleaver Gordon Neil Spencer ('Mouse') Hurricane P2800
Cleaver R B Spitfire BL520
Cleaver Gordon Neil Spencer ('Mouse') Hurricane P3232
Cleburne P B N Wellington W5386
Clee H A Halifax HR813
Cleeton B F Spitfire BL753
Cleeve Ronald George Lancaster JB219
Cleeve A W J Wellington R3295
Clegg B M Lancaster PB471
Clegg W A Wellington Z1404
Clegg Richard John Halifax DT542
Clegg Herbert Stirling BF327
Clegg William Arthur Lancaster JA935
Clegg Archibald Sidney Ventura AE688
Clegg W H Mosquito MM169
Clegg J Lancaster ME558
Clegg H Lancaster ED728
Clegg Battle K9338
Clegg J V Whitley Z6644
Clegg R Lancaster W4833
Clegg J Halifax DG423
Clegg Roy Richard
Clegg Bernard Maxwell
Clegg William Alexander
Cleghorn D G Typhoon MN581
Cleghorn A H Stirling EH936
Cleland H J Lancaster ME866
Cleland William Robert
Clelland John George Manchester L7518
Clelland E J Blenheim T1893
Clelland G Wellington Z1562
Clelland Hampden X3126
Clelland J G Manchester L7395
Clemenhagen T F Halifax LK908
Clemens C E Lancaster W4379
Clemens E P Lancaster W4927
Clement C Lancaster ND764
Clement D F Lancaster PB848
Clement H Lancaster ED498
Clement R A Lancaster W4129
Clement J McV Lancaster ND344
Clement H E Lancaster W4951
Clement F C W Lancaster JB641
Clement R D Halifax LL114
Clement C T L Lancaster W4815
Clement E J Lancaster JA970
Clement C R Halifax MZ310
Clement George Bruce
Clement Charles
Clements G B Lancaster ED990
Clements John Anthony Lancaster PA195
Clements Gerard William Whitley LA879
Clements J G Halifax W7911
Clements J R Manchester L7318
Clements H Lancaster PB768
Clements J E Halifax NP800
Clements H H Lancaster W4839
Clements R S Lancaster W4822
Clements R K Lancaster DV235
Clements H G Lancaster LM367
Clements R C Halifax LW168
Clements Heyford K6900
Clements R C S Lancaster DS725
Clements F Mosquito DD673
Clements M F Wellington X3544
Clements J S Stirling BK686
Clements W L Stirling EE902
Clements J S Stirling BF563
Clements S Halifax NA580
Clements C Halifax LW418
Clements R F Halifax DT670
Clements N O Whitley P5002
Clements C M Whitley P5098
Clements R S Lancaster PA993
Clements Wellington Z8971
Clements Herbert Allan
Clementson W S Halifax LV955
Clemerson William Herbert Hampden X2979
Clemett J A Whitley P5012
Clemett J A Whitley P4933
Cleminson James Harold Nimmo
Clemmons Billy P-51 Mustang
Clemmons Billy P-51 Mustang
Clemmons Billy P-51 Mustang
Clemmons Billy P-51 Mustang
Clemmons Billy P-51 Mustang
Clemo W L Halifax HX278
Clemo William Lindsay
Clemow William John Wellington MP510
Clemow William John
Clenahan Robert Lonsdale Lancaster ND714 (some sources state NE172)
Clenard A B Spitfire MK570
Clendinneng R S Halifax LK805
Clennell Dennis Herbert Typhoon DN309
Clenshaw I C C Hurricane P3359
Clenton J S Halifax HR739
Clephane D A Halifax W7674
Clerc Jacques Oliver Halifax MZ808
Clerides Glafkos Wellington BJ670
Clerke H G Halifax W1116
Clerke Rupert Francis Henry
Clerke Frederick John
Clermont Justin Gerard Typhoon JR257
Cletheroe C Lancaster LM674
Cleve F Spitfire AD373
Cleveland F A Lancaster ND419
Cleveland S G Stirling BF367
Cleveland V A F Halifax JD464
Cleveland A Stirling EE892
Cleveland J McG Spitfire MB768
Cleveland H D Mosquito NS855
Cleveland I B Lancaster LL629
Cleveland C H Lancaster ED718
Cleveland Francis Allan
Cleverdon R J A Whitley Z6953
Cleverley D H H Wellington T2509
Cleverley G E Lancaster EE202
Clevey W A Lancaster ND362
Clewes Wellington R1459
Clewley G C Lancaster ME318
Clewley R J Lancaster PB463
Cleworth James Reginald
Clews P H Halifax NA603
Clezy W Wellington X3588
Clibbery Alexander Rex (Alex) Halifax LK915
Clibbery A R Halifax LV986
Cliburn E P Lancaster JB539
Cliff I B Lancaster ME478
Cliff Geoffrey Denys Maynard Mustang AG584
Cliff W Halifax MZ623
Cliff-McCulloch A P Halifax LL276
Cliffe J Lancaster ED612
Cliffe F G Lancaster LM749
Cliffe Jack Lancaster W4177
Clifford C E W Lancaster R5493
Clifford Samuel William Hudson A16-67
Clifford G W Battle P5235
Clifford Ralph Henry Lysander N1202
Clifford Ralph Colin Lancaster ED411
Clifford Ronald Henry Lancaster ED588
Clifford Peter William Halifax JP239
Clifford Denis Frederic Liberator AL511
Clifford N H Lancaster JA976
Clifford A A Lancaster KB993
Clifford D J Wellington Z1330
Clifford Noel Anthony John Defiant N1745
Clifford Halifax L9619
Clifford M G W Heyford K6860
Clifford M G W Heyford K6898
Clifford R Lancaster DS684
Clifford H J Halifax HR719
Clifford D J Wellington HE519
Clifford J A Lancaster PD374
Clifford A C Wellington BJ778
Clifford J Lancaster ED475
Clifford J T Spitfire EN522
Clifford A V Lancaster LM599
Clifford W J Lancaster JA718
Clifford L B Halifax JD405
Clifford T A
Clifford Ronald John
Clifford Samuel William
Clifford Clive Edward Wigram
Clifford Michael
Clifford-Jones Bruce Innes Wellington L4320
Clifford-Reade A P Whitley T4260
Clifford-Reade C Whitley T4216
Clift J E Lancaster ND901
Clift T Typhoon RB228
Clift D E Ventura AE707
Clift A Stirling W7617
Clift A Stirling W7563
Clift Douglas Gerald ("Duggie")
Clifton J W Lancaster ND463
Clifton B A Lancaster PB382
Clifton Alfred John Lancaster DV245
Clifton Talbot Charles Cyril Wellington P9248
Clifton Leslie Lancaster JB659
Clifton B Halifax RG424
Clifton R R Stirling EF328
Clifton John James Wellington X3674
Clifton A E Mosquito DD783
Clifton Charles Stirling EF505
Clifton J K G Hurricane P5185
Clifton Wellington P2526
Clifton F A N Lancaster NE125
Clifton R J Stirling N6017
Clifton C T Lancaster R5913
Clifton L Stirling BK775
Clifton John William
Clifton-Mogg W S Stirling BF528
Climie W B F Halifax EB255
Climie C B Wellington Z8342
Climie W Halifax JB860
Climie Wellington R1177
Climo Frederick Walter Percival Lancaster ND756
Climo R G W Lancaster ND367
Clinch A H Spitfire MH601
Clinch John Joseph Manchester L7374
Clinch Kenneth Lancaster ND908
Clinch D H Halifax JB863
Clinch E J Halifax JD195
Clinch F W Lancaster HE664
Cline Wellington Z8891
Cline Richard A P-47 Thunderbolt
Clinging B J Halifax DT575
Clingly J Halifax LW301
Clinkard D C G Hampden L4111
Clinkskill James Thomas Halifax LL141
Clinton Richard Seymour Wellington BJ783
Clinton E O Halifax MZ302
Clinton W R Blenheim R3673
Clinton B V Typhoon MM9790
Clinton F E Halifax LW537
Clinton J F Lancaster NE177
Clisby Leslie Redford Hurricane P2546
Clisby L R Hurricane L1694
Clisby D Lancaster ND930
Clisby Leslie Redford
Clissold G A Typhoon EJ971
Clithero George Norton Halifax LK783
Clitheroe R V Halifax HR658
Clitheroe T C Lancaster LM107
Clitheroe B Lancaster ED604
Cloake Stephen Patrick
Cloarec J Halifax NA549
Clogg A L Halifax LW274
Clohessy K F Lancaster ND420
Cloke Marshall P-51 Mustang
Cloke Marshall P-51 Mustang
Cloran T H Lancaster LL782
Close D E Lancaster JB405
Close Leslie Whitley N1405
Close P T Hampden AD909
Close J J Stirling EF579
Close A C Blenheim S
Close Douglas Eston
Close Sidney Maynard
Close James Raymond
Closterman P H Tempest NV994
Clotfelter Raymond P P-47 Thunderbolt
Clotfelter Raymond P P-47 Thunderbolt
Clothier B A Lancaster DS621
Clothier J G Halifax RG475
Clothier H G Halifax W7666
Clothier H G Halifax W1143
Clothier R A Lancaster ED320
Clothier C Lancaster DV291
Clothier R A Lancaster JA977
Clothier Grahame Hilton
Cloud A Lancaster EE178
Cloud Carl E P-51 Mustang
Clouder V A
Clough James Algernon Stirling W7582
Clough John Alfred Stirling BF391
Clough W J Wellington DV434
Clough G F Lancaster LL717
Clough K Halifax MZ301
Clough H D Lancaster DS827
Clough W L Wellington Z1663
Clough K Lancaster ND625
Clough J T B Hampden AT124
Clough F Lancaster DV186
Clough W P Lancaster ND686
Clough D Lancaster ND919
Clough R Halifax LK948
Clough A R Wellington T2888
Clough Roger Byron
Clough Ernest Arthur
Clough Gerald C P-51 Mustang
Clouston Wilfred Greville
Clouston R C Lancaster LM596
Clouston J G Spitfire MK589
Clouston W Spitfire K9821
Clouston Falcon Nelson Hurricane P3489
Clouston W G Hurricane V
Clouston D J Halifax LW460
Clouston Warwick Ashling Spitfire AD559
Clout C F Lancaster W4384
Clouter G T Lancaster ME632
Clouter T Halifax LW539
Clouthier J D L Halifax JN910
Cloutier Joseph Edmond Mosquito DZ360
Cloutier W B B Lancaster ND341
Clow E Halifax HR665
Clow E Whitley Z9481
Clow W R Halifax HR981
Clow D J Whitley T4209
Clowes A V
Clowes W A Lancaster ME805
Clowes W A Halifax MZ831
Clowes J W Halifax LK800
Clowes Arthur Victor ("Darky")
Clowry Felix French
Clubb F J Lancaster NN697
Clubb S J Stirling BK721
Clubb Frederick John
Clubb Stanley Wellington LP210
Clucas F C Halifax EB252
Clucas P H Lancaster NE135
Clucas J K Typhoon DN447
Clucas Frank Cottier
Cluer R Lancaster PB374
Cluff R F Lancaster JB679
Cluff E B Lancaster R5493
Clulow George Frederick Lancaster LM436
Clulow P Typhoon MN915
Clunas Eric Clark Lancaster R5895
Clunas I C Lancaster W4858
Clunas Eric Clark
Clutterbuck Robert Frank Lancaster ED563
Clutterbuck L C Lancaster ND579
Clutterbuck W G Lancaster ED438
Clyde Alexander Thomas Halifax NR195
Clyde N W Wellington X9609
Clyde W Lancaster LL953
Clyde William Pancoast ("Billy")
Clydesdale W R Lancaster NX567
Clydesdale N H Lancaster PA978
Clyne G A Lancaster JA968
Clyne Geoffrey Albert
Clynes Wellington W5517
Clynes M G Halifax LK973
Coad C P Whitley N1502
Coad J I Lancaster ME300
Coad Graham Bruce
Coade C F Stirling EE895
Coaker Ronald Lee Lancaster LM263
Coaker F P Lancaster R5741
Coakes A E Manchester L7381
Coakley C H Lancaster R5724
Coakley C H Lancaster W4244
Coales D Wellington HE183
Coalter R Wellington P9246
Coard David Blenheim L6790
Coas A H Lancaster DV183
Coast G Blenheim Z7448
Coates J E Lancaster R5678
Coates Edwin Armstrong Wellington BJ842
Coates R Lancaster PB176
Coates E A Halifax DT777
Coates Donald Joseph Halifax MZ932
Coates Ronald Wellington JA563
Coates E D Wellington BJ658
Coates D M Wellington X3361
Coates P H Lancaster ED755
Coates Grossett Keith Wellington R1040
Coates D D Stirling BK602
Coates L D I Halifax NA114
Coates A Whitley T4265
Coates J Blenheim R3897
Coates R Lancaster ED926
Coates R Stirling W7442
Coates K W Wellington W5448
Coates J A Lancaster ED606
Coates Harold Kenneth Lancaster JB126
Coates William Edward Lancaster DV366
Coates J Lancaster NF975
Coates J Lancaster PB265
Coates J R Beaufighter V8554
Coates W H R A Mosquito MM528
Coates R Lancaster JB672
Coates H Halifax BB199
Coates W Halifax LK687
Coates W Halifax ME702
Coates J R Halifax DT516
Coates S Lancaster W4843
Coates W D Lancaster JB671
Coates John Edward
Coates Herbert John Alexander
Coates Albert Lance
Coates Percy John
Coates Rex
Coates Mark E P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Coathup C H Halifax LV789
Coatsworth Norman Blenheim Z7442
Cobb Reginald Ernest Wellington N2825
Cobb Peter Tempest MW811
Cobb N A Halifax HR850
Cobb Cyril Thomas Stirling BF506
Cobb V A Blenheim R2784
Cobb Harry Lancaster NG440
Cobb J A Halifax DT489
Cobb T A Lancaster W4194
Cobb W Lancaster ME568
Cobb D Lancaster ND455
Cobb Edward L. B-17 Woman’s Home Companion 42-39795
Cobb Arthur Kenneth Hudson AM617
Cobb William B P-47 Thunderbolt`
Cobb William G P-51 Mustang
Cobbe A W L Blenheim R3915
Cobbett John Frederick Typhoon JP600
Cobbett B V Lancaster PB634
Cobbett Charles Howard Wellington BJ844
Cobbett J A Lancaster DS739
Cobbin D W Lancaster DV306
Cobble R C Mosquito PF402
Cobbold C J Stirling W7441
Cobby A V E Stirling EF428
Cobby G R Lancaster ED917
Cobden Gerald Thomas Wellington X3309
Cobden W T G Lancaster ME386
Cobden D G Spitfire R6757
Cobell W Stirling W7519
Cobern C A Lancaster RA530
Cobern Geoffrey Charles
Cobern Charles Alan
Cobley Wellington X9923
Cobley F Lancaster JB347
Cobley C Halifax LW224
Cobley Peter Charles
Cobley Maxwell John
Coburn T W Typhoon EK289
Coburn A R Blenheim L8796
Coburn A J Halifax LV869
Coburn Thomas William
Cochbaine M W Halifax WR129
Cochran Joseph Wellington MF375
Cochrane J B Spitfire W3895
Cochrane A W Halifax DT797
Cochrane T D Lancaster DS758
Cochrane James Raymond Henr Halifax LW137
Cochrane A W G Lancaster PB486
Cochrane D C Halifax W1218
Cochrane G N Halifax DG405
Cochrane A W Lancaster W4945
Cochrane J Lancaster ME693
Cochrane J H F Lancaster JA685
Cochrane Spitfire W3232
Cochrane A G A Lancaster JB154
Cochrane A P Stirling EF509
Cochrane Keith Merton
Cock Walter Downes
Cock Colin Edwin Abbott
Cock Norman Isaac
Cockaday C W Wellington X3814
Cockaday A J Wellington HZ273
Cockayne Colin George Wellington X9875
Cockayne Ronald Cust Wellington BJ830
Cockayne A C Mosquito RS507
Cockbain Stephen Legh Lancaster
Cockbone G D Typhoon EK184
Cockburn William Stirling N6038
Cockburn J T Lancaster LL743
Cockburn D W Hampden AE420
Cockburn A McN Hampden P4343
Cockburn R C Halifax R9457
Cockburn W A Halifax LL125
Cockburn W Wellington N3004
Cockburn Robert E Jr P-38 Lightning
Cockcroft V E Lancaster LM338
Cockcroft Arthur Clarence Lancaster ME424
Cockcroft B H Halifax JB921
Cocker Halifax DG409
Cocker E R Lancaster LM158
Cocker Lynn W P-51 Mustang
Cockerham L Lancaster PA190
Cockie A M Lancaster R5628
Cockin E M Halifax BB376
Cocking Ronald Francis Stirling BF383
Cocking L Halifax HR711
Cocking F Blenheim Z9737
Cocking A B Halifax LW230
Cockington Percival Marauder FK367
Cockington Percival
Cockman M A Lancaster ME745
Cockram ???Freddie?۪ Frederick John Spitfire P7847
Cockrem H W G Halifax HX159
Cockrem Harry William George
Cockroft J Lancaster LM364
Cockroft Verne Edward
Cocks S G Stirling BK721
Cocks J G Wellington BK360
Cocks J G Wellington BJ829
Cocks A R Typhoon RB280
Cocks F R Halifax DT752
Cocks C W H Lancaster ED503
Cockshott W Lancaster LL751
Cockshott R J Stirling BF483
Cockwell D C Lancaster KB806
Cockwill Wilfred Glen Lancaster JB364
Cocozza Raphael Michael Lancaster NG398
Codd D A Halifax HR850
Codd J H Lancaster PB128
Codd W R L Halifax JB837
Code J E Halifax NA581
Code Ronald Morris Lancaster JB143
Coderre W H Halifax LW277
Coderre M A Lancaster PB573
Codling Ronald Lancaster R5895
Cody B F Lancaster EE143
Cody J D Anson N5177
Cody C T K Spitfire
Cody M Lancaster ME568
Cody Bernard Francis
Coe Arthur John Wellington W2783
Coe Arthur John Mosquito SZ990
Coe C R Lancaster PD344
Coe D R Halifax DK253
Coe G E Halifax NA500
Coe E J Lancaster NF914
Coe A Whitley K7260
Coe Jesse B-17 Dinah Might 42-97318
Coe Charles S P-51 Mustang
Coe Charles S P-51 Mustang
Coe James C P-47 Thunderbolt
Coedy H J W Lancaster ND752
Coen Stirling W7450
Coen O H Spitfire AB827
Coen Oscar H P-51 Mustang
Coen Oscar H P-47 Thunderbolt
Coen Oscar H Spitfire
Coenen John E P-47 Thunderbolt
Coffee Paul S P-47 Thunderbolt
Coffey S D Lancaster DS634
Coffey H M Lancaster ME664
Coffey J B Lancaster NX563
Coffey B E Wellington X3712
Coffey Robert Francis
Coffey Robert L Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Coffey Robert L Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Coffey Robert L Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Coffey Robert L Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Coffey Robert L Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Coffey Robert L Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Coffey Robert L Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Coffin Albert Glyn Lancaster ED834
Coffin J G Halifax EB246
Coffin R I Wellington DV737
Cofield L C Halifax NP804
Cogdell Charles James Bertram Lancaster DV297
Cogdell C N V Halifax HR786
Coggans G M Halifax LW338
Cogger W L Halifax EB211
Coggin S A Stirling DJ977
Coggin Harold Leslie
Coggins L E Halifax MZ638
Coggins R W W Halifax LW586
Coggins R J Halifax DK137
Coghill C M McG Lancaster ED334
Coghill Kelvin
Coghlan J F Halifax NR177
Coghlan L W Halifax NA504
Coghlan John Hunter
Coghlan Horace Stanley
Cogman William Curwin Gavine Whitley N1417
Cogman W C G Whitley K8985
Cohen L Boston AL285
Cohen M Lancaster LM371
Cohen C B Spitfire K840
Cohen A I Lancaster KB754
Cohen T Halifax NP805
Cohen S Lancaster LM108
Cohen M Halifax MZ433
Cohen L Lancaster ED555
Cohen A Halifax JD165
Cohen L R Wellington BJ881
Cohen B Lancaster LM529
Cohen I I Lancaster NG219
Cohen Edward Charles Wellington T2909
Cohen M Halifax W1015
Cohen N Ventura AE702
Cohen M Halifax HR782
Cohen M Halifax LL612
Cohen Abraham Lancaster JB364
Cohen L Lancaster PB412
Cohen S G Lancaster JB717
Cohen H C Halifax LK926
Cohen D I Lancaster LM447
Cohen Joseph
Cohen Geoffrey Landas
Cohen Colin Edward
Cohen Seymour B. B-24 44-10493
Cohen Robbert Simon Mosquito NT126
Cohen Phillip D P-47 Thunderbolt
Coignard Paul Charles René Spitfire BL908
Coish F C Blenheim L8848
Cojocar George B-17 Fortress FK209
Coke D A Hurricane P3776
Coker C K Lancaster DS627
Coker F C Wellington B542
Coker H Lancaster PA984
Coker H G Halifax LW550
Coker M S D Halifax W1065
Coker Joseph R P-51 Mustang
Colan A O Lancaster ME639
Colangelo W Halifax BB223
Colbeck Thomas C. Lancaster PB178
Colbeck Ralph Austin Seafire LR693
Colbert S Lancaster JA975
Colbert E Lancaster ED551
Colbert S R Lancaster R5738
Colborn E A Halifax LV859
Colborne C G Manchester L7315
Colbourn Cecil Ernest Blenheim P6917
Colbourn F L J Lancaster PB562
Colbourne Richard 'Dickie' Mosquito RL249
Colbourne A Halifax JD314
Colbourne Victor Charles Henry Stirling N6047
Colbourne J L Lancaster ND416
Colbran L D Wellington BJ724
Colburn L Halifax JB897
Colburn C M Halifax JD175
Colburn James E P-51 Mustang
Colby D Mosquito PF381
Colby Thomas W P-47 Thunderbolt
Colclough M J Wellington X3726
Coldham-Fussell Humphrey
Coldicatt A D Lancaster ED418
Coldicott Cedric Nils Lancaster R5679
Coldicott D J Lancaster ME673
Coldicutt Edward Cecil Halifax MZ675 (some publications list it incorrectly as LW673)
Coldrey Jeffrey Cyril Hudson A16-19
Coldrey George Edwin 'Ted' Lancaster ND507
Coldrey N W J Spitfire AB529
Coldrey Jeffery Cyril
Coldridge A S Halifax LL183
Coldridge Geoffrey Anthony Conway Wellington LP210
Coldron George Edward Cragg Hampden L4109
Coldwell Philip Robert Lancaster ND845
Coldwell G W Stirling R9310
Coldwell A L Lancaster NG363
Coldwell B Wellington Z8491
Coldwell P R Stirling R9255
Coldwell L C Hampden AD916
Coldwell-Horsfall G D Wellington LP155
Cole K I Lancaster ME828
Cole N Mosquito
Cole S V Lancaster JA861
Cole Ray Osmond Lancaster LM316
Cole Elliot Livesey Lancaster ED428
Cole Frank William Richard Stirling R9270
Cole George Stirling LK149
Cole Arthur George Lancaster W4881
Cole G S Lancaster ED432
Cole Douglas Neville Halifax LL577
Cole F M Lancaster ED688
Cole R J L Wellington X3960
Cole E M Stirling EH941
Cole F M Whitley BD266
Cole James Edward Halifax W1110
Cole K A Lancaster ME622
Cole H O Lancaster KB797
Cole G D Wellington HZ517
Cole R S Halifax LW572
Cole E W Ventura AJ169
Cole J A Halifax MZ568
Cole Saxon Millis Liberator JT985
Cole W R Halifax JD144
Cole F C Whitley Z6468
Cole G W Whitley Z6877
Cole J Lancaster DV196
Cole E W Blenheim V5515
Cole J F Lancaster JB463
Cole M J B Typhoon JR207
Cole Hampden AE141
Cole W F L Battle N2093
Cole C Lancaster NG201
Cole J D Halifax DT635
Cole G W Halifax HR722
Cole A W Halifax HR937
Cole G A Blenheim L8758
Cole Wellington X9939
Cole A C Liberator TS526
Cole R C Tempest EJ632
Cole R W Tempest JN822
Cole W H Wellington T2514
Cole C W Lancaster JA939
Cole F S Lancaster ND493
Cole E F Mosquito MM622
Cole R S Halifax LL150
Cole R L Lancaster W4839
Cole R L Hampden AE313
Cole A J Lancaster ND517
Cole Albert S Lancaster JB701
Cole H J E Lancaster ED719
Cole T B Lancaster LL840
Cole D O Hampden X2907VN-
Cole D O Hampden X3000
Cole M M Lancaster DV197
Cole J S Halifax HR934
Cole R S Lancaster LL732
Cole R S Lancaster R5759
Cole R D Lancaster ND988
Cole J P V Lancaster DV330
Cole F J Lancaster LM756
Cole R H Stirling BK801
Cole A T Stirling N6007
Cole G F Wellington W5663
Cole Wellington T2736
Cole W J Halifax R9482
Cole R A Halifax DK202
Cole J Halifax LK645
Cole D A Halifax LL229
Cole W J Halifax W1237
Cole Robert Walton
Cole Robert Bruce
Cole Kenneth Ian
Cole Norman
Cole Ray Osmond
Cole Stuart Vivian
Cole Elliot Livessy
Cole David Llewellyn
Cole Thomas Arthur
Cole G R Halifax MZ465
Cole Sydney Reginald Canso 9754
Cole Charles H Jr P-38 Lightning
Cole Charles H Jr P-51 Mustang
Cole Earl G P-47 Thunderbolt`
Cole Eugene P-47 Thunderbolt
Cole Gardner E P-47 Thunderbolt
Cole Gene H P-51 Mustang
Colebatch Norman Henry Lancaster JB640
Colebrook W J Lancaster ND733
Colebrook D G Typhoon JP900
Colebrook C Spitfire P7833
Colebrooke John Roy Halifax JD367
Colegate D A R
Colehan R A Stirling R9155
Coleman Mervyn John Halifax LV825
Coleman M J Lancaster NG234
Coleman K G Halifax HX242
Coleman A J Lancaster JB232
Coleman Gerald Halifax MZ400
Coleman D.E Wellington X3590
Coleman Noel Eric Henry Halifax L9521
Coleman Sidney Harry Halifax LW546
Coleman Eric Wellington X9761
Coleman J R Spitfire AD264
Coleman W C Halifax JD382
Coleman G S Halifax HX318
Coleman L U Halifax NP999
Coleman William Harcourt Wellington R3235
Coleman C L Lancaster W4326
Coleman W R Lancaster LM371
Coleman J Halifax I LW158
Coleman J Halifax MZ827
Coleman K Lancaster LM131
Coleman G Mosquito KB268
Coleman L W Stirling R9295
Coleman A Stirling P9289
Coleman V G F Blenheim
Coleman Halifax L9498
Coleman D E Halifax HE777
Coleman D E Lancaster ND762
Coleman W E Wellington HF543
Coleman R F Lancaster LM539
Coleman E J Spitfire P9390
Coleman J R Halifax LW495
Coleman V G F Lancaster ND810
Coleman R F Lancaster ND987
Coleman P J Lancaster DV330
Coleman E B Halifax LW464
Coleman J W Halifax DK169
Coleman G E Halifax W7764
Coleman J E Wellington X3606
Coleman P J Wellington X3415
Coleman George Byrne Stanislaus
Coleman Patrick Tuisley
Coleman Ian Stanley
Coleman Maxwell John
Coleman Kenneth George
Coleman Bernard Joseph
Coleman Alan Joseph
Coleman John B Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Coleman John B Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Coleman John B Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Coleman John B Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Coleman Sheftall B Jr P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Coleman Wayne L P-47 Thunderbolt
Coleman Wayne L P-47 Thunderbolt
Colenutt Hubert James Stirling EF187
Coles G S Wellington HF481
Coles Kenneth Robert Blenheim P4860
Coles F W Whitley Z6811
Coles Leslie Peter Lancaster PD265
Coles Robert John Hampden P2063
Coles Ernest Henry William Halifax JP206
Coles Edward Thomas Lancaster PB648
Coles M W Mosquito KB212
Coles G H Lancaster JA898
Coles T E Wellington BJ765
Coles T C Halifax W7879
Coles P Mosquito DD732
Coles R M Stirling EE940
Coles J Lancaster PB638
Coles R G Lancaster PD385
Coles H W Typhoon MN458
Coles S A Halifax DT489
Coles E.L Hampden P1212
Coles A Spitfire MJ169
Coles E C Lancaster LL620
Coles F W Stirling EF366
Coles D Halifax DK150
Coles M A Lancaster ED312
Coles M A Lancaster JB187
Coles N J Stirling BF471
Coles N J Stirling BK780
Coles Colin Alfred
Coles Alan Thomas Wellington HF840
Coletti Eugene ‘Gene’ Joseph B-24 Betsy II 42-50842
Coley Raymond Charles Lancaster PB567
Coley Aubrey Wilson Lancaster R5566
Coley Aubrey Wilson Lancaster L7584
Colfe W K Wellington X9910
Colfey F Halifax JN883
Colgan J Halifax W1041
Colgan Halifax L9506
Colgan J Halifax HR846
Colgan B T Spitfire RB175
Colgan Lionel James
Colgate H E W Spitfire PA933
Colgrave Wilfred George Wellington LP732
Colhoun H Wellington X3391
Colier A T S Lancaster LM301
Coling Eric Frederick Lancaster JB143
Colk F C G Lancaster JB317
Collaery Edward Francis
Collard G G Lancaster LM674
Collard C Wellington Z1679
Collard G M Lancaster ND990
Collard R C Wellington Z8591
Collard P Hurricane P3109
Collard E M Lancaster ND852
Collard T C Whitley P4980
Collard Peter
Collard Gaetan Gerard
Collas C Halifax NR241
Collas Cyril
Colledge V G Halifax HX334
Colledge Maule William Mosquito DZ598
Colledge W W Whitley P5004
Colledge D M Whitley Z9221
Colledge R Stirling BF414
Collen D O Halifax DK182
Collender R G Lancaster LL731
Collender R Lancaster LL697
Collenet F B Lancaster DS680
Collenette M de B Lancaster W4898
Collens W W Ventura AJ169
Collens Reginald Joseph Lancaster JB640
Collens William Wallace
Coller John Harold Halifax L9623
Coller John Harold Halifax LV858
Colless Gordon Sydney
Collet A E Typhoon MN318
Collett P G L Lancaster RA595
Collett Frank Lancaster LM546
Collett R T J Stirling R9356
Collett A J Lancaster ME696
Collett H W Lancaster W4326
Collett K P Lancaster LM525
Collett Maxwell Amner Spitfire PT856
Collett I H Wellington Z8946
Collett D S R Halifax DT572
Collett H W Wellington X3657
Collett G R Spitfire N3192
Collett G R Spitfire R6708
Collett W I Wellington R3176
Collett A L Lancaster ND499
Collett Malcolm Ernest
Colletti Anthony T P-47 Thunderbolt
Colley A G S Wellington P9227
Colley Ronald Jack Halifax LV778
Colley N S C Lancaster PB306
Colley E L Lancaster ME866
Colley James V Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Collie John Wellington Z1564
Collier Kenneth Roy Spitfire MK955
Collier Kenneth Roy Spitfire MK587
Collier C M Lancaster JB477
Collier R A J Lancaster DV290
Collier R F Halifax JN948
Collier R Whitley P5077
Collier R Whitley P4995
Collier Samuel Stephen John Blenheim V5490
Collier A Hampden P1295
Collier T Stirling EE879
Collier R T Wellington BJ789
Collier G F Halifax LW326
Collier W Wellington HE543
Collier W R Lancaster DS739
Collier T P Lancaster NG237
Collier R E Halifax MZ340
Collier Hampden P1334
Collier James Keith
Collier Albert Thomas Stanley
Collier Peter Marlow
Collier Kenneth Roy
Collignon L Spitfire NH716
Collignon L Spitfire RM690
Collin K R Lancaster PD286
Collin A C Halifax W7803
Collin C Halifax DT558
Collin H O Lancaster PA196
Collin T Lancaster LM440
Collin T H Lancaster PD139
Colling A Blenheim N6208
Collinge Frank Donald Stirling LK594
Collinge H K Blenheim R3914
Collinge R V Halifax L9507
Collinge J D Halifax DT489
Collinge D O Spitfire BL731
Collingham John Raymond Hampden P1336
Collingridge L W Spitfire N3042
Collings B L Lancaster PD338
Collings Henry Philemon Boston Z2179
Collings L G Wellington BJ756
Collings F J Halifax LK787
Collings R C Lancaster ND866
Collings M B Beaufighter R2184
Collings R Halifax HX294
Collings B B Halifax HR843
Collings A C Stirling R9266
Collings K V G Lancaster R5569
Collings Wellington Z8958
Collingwood C J Lancaster LM310
Collingwood Eric Lancaster R5684
Collingwood J V Lancaster PA174
Collingwood Ernest William Joseph Halifax JB962
Collingwood O E Stirling BF501
Collingwood C N Lancaster KB768
Collingwood R A Lancaster DV377
Collingwood F Lancaster LL727
Collins L Lancaster LM472
Collins W F Lancaster JB601
Collins E F Hampden N9062
Collins L C Stirling N6082
Collins R J Wellington W5586
Collins J C Lancaster JA681
Collins J G Lancaster ED421
Collins N T Lancaster LL911
Collins Allan James Lancaster LL775
Collins Harold George Hampden L4171
Collins Arthur Halifax LV794
Collins B.P. Blenheim Z5906
Collins L J Lancaster JB293
Collins Gilson Edmund Halifax BB261
Collins Noel Briggs Wellington BK198
Collins Norman Pine Stirling EH875
Collins David Norman Lancaster LM526
Collins Albert Henry Blenheim V6436
Collins Gordon Robert Lancaster ND767
Collins Arthur Halifax V9992
Collins Ronald George Halifax JD453
Collins George Edward Stirling EH989
Collins R L Halifax JN909
Collins G A Lancaster ND850
Collins J R Boston AL765
Collins J T Lancaster NF925
Collins K McR Spitfire AD180
Collins R A Halifax NR253
Collins A W Spitfire MJ387
Collins O R Halifax LW715
Collins R W B Lancaster ED755
Collins R F Lancaster W4254
Collins K C Halifax LK838
Collins R C Lancaster LM422
Collins O E Wellington X3965
Collins John Noel Wellington R3157
Collins W Halifax JD207
Collins L J Lancaster ED786
Collins T Lancaster EE180
Collins R A Lancaster W4313
Collins F G T Lancaster DV289
Collins R W Halifax ME753
Collins L Halifax MZ649
Collins F R Lancaster W4786
Collins D J Lancaster ED882
Collins T Lancaster LM538
Collins R N Mosquito W4070
Collins L G Mosquito DK308
Collins P R Lancaster ED409
Collins E L Lancaster JB593
Collins Blenheim V5515
Collins J J F Lancaster DS769
Collins R A Lancaster W4374
Collins R A Lancaster ED995
Collins J W C Typhoon JP736
Collins W Stirling R9310
Collins Stirling W7461
Collins Stirling W7462
Collins J Stirling EF438
Collins A V Stirling EF307
Collins Stirling N6093
Collins M Wellington Z1593
Collins A E Wellington Z1608
Collins B O Halifax W1211
Collins E E Halifax LV948
Collins F C Lancaster W4966
Collins F J Lancaster JB644
Collins Frederick Charles Lancaster EE137
Collins A V Lancaster DV247
Collins L Lancaster LM390
Collins E H Typhoon JP435
Collins J W Stirling EE947
Collins C V Lancaster ME472
Collins G H G Ventura AE717
Collins G H G Ventura AE794
Collins M R Wellington R1614
Collins D Stirling BF343
Collins C L A Wellington Z8853
Collins N S Stirling EH887
Collins M A Boston AL743
Collins J R Typhoon MN993
Collins W N Halifax L9572
Collins J Halifax L9582
Collins W N Halifax L9497
Collins R N Lancaster PA971
Collins R H G Wellington X9926
Collins A S Mustang
Collins D Wellington JA118
Collins P R Lancaster ED695
Collins William Stewart Lancaster R5763
Collins W A Hampden AT190
Collins J H Halifax DT742
Collins L W Wellington R1369
Collins W E Wellington X3371
Collins Whitley T4150
Collins H W Lancaster JA933
Collins M W G Lancaster LM283
Collins J K Stirling N6007
Collins G Stirling W7539
Collins A R Spitfire R6806
Collins Wellington T2736
Collins W B Halifax LW695
Collins P O Halifax NA623
Collins E Wellington N2744
Collins L F Lancaster JA896
Collins E F Wellington X3415
Collins C H Lancaster ED838
Collins Victor Denis William
Collins Geoffrey Arnold
Collins George
Collins Laurence
Collins William Frederick
Collins Derrel George
Collins George Barrowby
Collins Vincent
Collins John Cyril
Collins Austin James
Collins Alan Noel John
Collins Albert Stanley
Collins Ronald Thomas
Collins James Geoffrey
Collins Brian
Collins William Edward
Collins Allan James
Collins Lindsay
Collins Alan Ronald
Collins Edward Charles John
Collins John William Fitzclarence
Collins Ronald Thomas Wellington LN759
Collins John D. B-24 Perils of Pauline 42-95162
Collins Preston B P-47 Thunderbolt
Collins Robert J P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Collins Thomas E Jr P-47 Thunderbolt`
Collins William F P-51 Mustang
Collins William F P-51 Mustang
Collins Willmer W P-51 Mustang
Collinshaw C W Lancaster JB117
Collinson L J Halifax NP746
Collinson Bernard Lancaster HK595
Collinson K L Lancaster PA179
Collinson G T Mosquito PF384
Collis R B Lancaster PB237
Collis William Edward Wellington Z1611
Collis G Blenheim R3846
Collis Blenheim
Collis Blenheim
Collis R Spitfire ML366
Collis G F Mustang AM238
Collis M A Lancaster ND984
Collis P F Wellington X9619
Collis L J Lancaster LM471
Collis R G Mosquito
Collis R D Halifax JB970
Collis J A Spitfire RB187
Collis Robert Humphrey
Collison George Alec Lancaster JB664
Collison A H Wellington Z1319
Collister J W Lancaster ND699
Collman Edward George Wellington HZ471
Collopy G K Halifax DT741
Collopy J H Wellington R1326
Collopy J H Wellington T2885
Collorado-Mansfield F F Spitfire MH978
Colloton William Halifax W7769
Colls L J Boston Z2244
Collumbell D Halifax JP133
Collumbell J Stirling R9164
Collver J B Halifax MZ589
Collyer John William Halifax LW463
Collyer D R Halifax DT579
Collyer C T Halifax NP933
Collyer B Spitfire P8231
Collyer A C Battle P2251
Collyns Basil Gordon 'Buck'
Collyns B G Mustang F3194
Collyns B G Mustang FB236
Colman H W Halifax MZ370
Colman H W Halifax MZ402
Colman T A Halifax LW653
Colman G W Halifax LV828
Colman P L Lancaster ME582
Colman R K Lancaster PD204
Colman L W Halifax LW236
Colman Cyril Henry Arthur
Colmer W L Wellington R2699
Colombo D A Lancaster JB359
Colonna A R A Lancaster W4277
Colp E L Halifax LW208
Colpitts J W Wellington R1519
Colquhoun J M Halifax W7918
Colquhoun C M Stirling BK700
Colquhoun I L Halifax DK260
Colquhoun Lancaster L7570
Colquhoun J M Halifax W1238
Colquhoun W L Halifax RG436
Colquhoun R S Typhoon JP785
Colquhoun D Halifax NP689
Colquhoun W A Lancaster W4306
Colquhoun-Thomson Ian Douglas
Colson F A Hampden AD750
Colson W A Lancaster JB119
Colson Carl C P-47 Thunderbolt
Colson Carl C P-51 Mustang
Colson Donald T P-47 Thunderbolt
Colston Arthur William Liberator FK245
Colston T J Lancaster JB320
Colt A G S Spitfire SM242
Colter J C Boston W8262
Coltey Edward Zebulon B-24 Perils of Pauline 42-95162
Colthrup James Frederick
Colthurst J B Lancaster LL701
Coltman Paul Everett Halifax MZ295
Coltman J Wellington Z1738
Columbine A B Halifax W7656
Columbus G P Halifax LK931
Columbus R E Lancaster HK605
Colverson R L Halifax W7678
Colville Gavin David Wellington X9763
Colville A C Lancaster LL718
Colville J S Typhoon MN929
Colville A Halifax NR189
Colville J Halifax R9495
Colville Wellington X3355
Colville Fed Lancaster ND390
Colvin Alfred Lancaster JB479
Colvin Robert Stevenson Wellington HZ552
Colvin Robert Stevenson Wellington HZ552
Colvin J A Typhoon JP837
Colvin Richard John Todd Wellington BK335
Colvin M F Lancaster ED546
Colvin W W Lancaster PB668
Colvin D A S Spitfire BM294
Colvin John Lancaster JB313
Colvin R Wellington X3276
Colvon K M Halifax JB841
Colwart Jr. Louis L. B-17 Susan Ruth 42-31499
Colwell J H Halifax DT723
Colwell R Stirling N3679
Colwell T B Halifax DG244
Colwell H G Halifax MZ631
Colwell Claude Arthur
Colwill Ernest Lancaster DV369
Colwill W C Lancaster W4121
Colwill M C Wellington BK513
Colwill W J Lancaster ED818
Colyer G W Stirling BK768
Coman Joseph Paul Lancaster ND981
Coman Stirling W458
Coman Stirling N3726
Comans R V Lancaster ED648
Combaz A J Halifax RG353
Combe G E Lancaster ND445
Combeaud J Halifax NA174
Comber N S Wellington X3668
Comber D R Stirling EJ113
Comber-Higgs E D Whitley Z6506
Comber-Higgs E D Whitley Z6869
Combes J C Lancaster EE138
Combes Hampden AE203
Combes Alan Chester
Combres Maurice Emile Lancaster ED820
Comeau J N P E Halifax DT674
Comeau J A Spitfire PL204
Comely P W Hurricane P2872
Comely Peter Woodruff
Comer G A Stirling LK283
Comer Edward Cecil Avro Anson AX538
Comer C J Lancaster ME665
Comer J Mosquito DZ408
Comer L F Lancaster ED904
Comer J C V Blenheim V6422
Comer D A C Halifax LL612
Comer George Allen
Comery A Wellington BJ789
Cometti K A Wellington W5552
Comley J M Lancaster NE170
Commerford L P Spitfire ML420
Commins W J Lancaster ME865
Compston R Halifax JD461
Compton G A E Halifax LW121
Compton V J F Halifax MZ825
Compton G K Stirling BK667
Compton A W A Lysander V9749
Compton L J Manchester L7373
Compton J D Typhoon RB378
Compton D Typhoon RB344
Compton F C Halifax HR812
Compton W H S Lancaster JB469
Compton L A Whitley K9043
Compton B Halifax LL116
Compton S J Lancaster ND922
Compton James D. B-17 42-31906
Compton Gordon B P-47 Thunderbolt
Compton Gordon B P-51 Mustang
Compton Gordon B P-51 Mustang
Compton Gordon B P-51 Mustang
Compton Gordon B P-51 Mustang
Compton Gordon B P-51 Mustang
Compton Gordon B P-51 Mustang
Comrie W P Halifax JB848
Comroe P Stirling N6087
Comstock William Daniel B-24 42-95047
Comstock Harold E P-47 Thunderbolt
Comstock Harold E P-47 Thunderbolt
Comstock Harold E P-47 Thunderbolt
Comstock Harold E P-47 Thunderbolt
Comyn R D Mosquito DD749
Conacher R G A Lancaster HK617
Conaghan Frederick Hugh
Conard F A H L A Spitfire BL724
Conard Jule V P-47 Thunderbolt
Conard Jule V P-47 Thunderbolt
Conatser Jack D P-47 Thunderbolt
Cond R H Lancaster ME618
Cond L C Wellington N2951
Conde H Halifax LW443
Conde R Halifax LV870
Condie A Y Wellington Z1218
Condon A Lancaster RA595
Condon A J Wellington W5457
Condon J J Lancaster ED470
Condon L Lancaster DV291
Condon V E Lancaster LL947
Condon T Mosquito HK286
Condon Herbert James
Condon William Harry
Condon John James
Condron J Stirling BK699
Coney A Lancaster LL749
Coney K Hampden AD739
Confait Armand Emile Wellington HE110
Congdon D W Wellington BJ775
Congdon S J Halifax JD180
Congdon S J Whitley T4217
Congerton V B Lancaster LL756
Congreve C H Halifax MZ598
Conisbee A A Wellington R1234
Conkey Milton Hubert
Conklin N F Lancaster W4320
Conklin Cyril D P-51 Mustang
Conklin Joseph E F-6C Mustangs
Conley G R Lancaster HK769
Conley Ronald John Lancaster ND739
Conley R C Lancaster KB765
Conley J Halifax DT702
Conley Graham Richard
Conley Ronald John
Conlin Hugh Thomas Halifax HR686
Conlon J V Lancaster W4308
Conlon P Blenheim V5502
Conlon W M Lancaster ND577
Conlon J R Lancaster ED393
Conlon John Vincent
Conly W M Lancaster PB130
Conn F L Lancaster PB572
Conn John Robert Manchester R5795
Conn W A Stirling N6043
Conn Francis Leslie
Conn Max W P-47 Thunderbolt`
Conn Max W P-47 Thunderbolt`
Connacher S McI Spitfire BS145
Connaghan Frank J P-51 Mustang
Connah Cyril Lancaster ED988
Connatly T R Lancaster ND537
Connatly T Lancaster ND498
Connearn D J Stirling R9282
Connect John E P-47 Thunderbolt`
Connect Richard E P-47 Thunderbolt
Connect Richard E P-47 Thunderbolt
Connect Richard E P-47 Thunderbolt
Connect Richard E P-47 Thunderbolt
Connect Richard E P-47 Thunderbolt
Conneff S R Lancaster ED697
Connell Geoffrey Maurice Whitley LA856
Connell Samuel Patrick Hampden P1340
Connell W Wellington N2849
Connell J H Wellington HE578
Connell J Lancaster PB644
Connell J M Mosquito
Connell J M Mosquito MM421
Connell T S Halifax LW579
Connell P Lancaster PB556
Connell L F Halifax MZ812
Connell W T Whitley Z9229
Connell Douglas
Connell Bernard Bradley
Connell Geoffrey Maurice
Connell George Roy
Connell Francis Aloysius
Connell Joan
Connellan Vincent Thomas
Connelly H I F Stirling BF348
Connelly J Lancaster LL792
Connelly Dick D P-47 Thunderbolt
Connelly Dick D P-47 Thunderbolt
Conner A N Halifax W7880
Conner N Halifax MZ476
Conner A M Halifax W1167
Conner A M Halifax R9531
Conner F H P Spitfire X4016
Connery L B Lancaster LL883
Connett E L Lancaster ND920
Conning R H Lancaster PB780
Connochie H R Lancaster NX585
Connoley J H Halifax LK762
Connolly D O Lancaster LM622
Connolly J F Boston W8355
Connolly F A Lancaster LM431
Connolly Hilary James Halifax MZ470
Connolly M J Halifax LW277
Connolly T L Lancaster ME641
Connolly Earl Wellington Lancaster PB183
Connolly D F Halifax MZ768
Connolly H Hurricane BD947
Connolly F M Lancaster JB594
Connolly D J Spitfire P7324
Connolly D H G Wellington P9272
Connolly H Hurricane HL860
Connolly J Lancaster JA980
Connolly J J Halifax JD174
Connolly E Halifax DT540
Connolly J A Hampden AD983
Connolly H H M Lancaster NF962
Connolly P E G G Lancaster LL837
Connolly C W Lancaster LM168
Connolly J R Halifax R9484
Connolly Darrel Owen
Connolly Frank Andrew
Connolly Francis
Connolly Francis J P-38 Lightning
Connolly Francis J P-38 Lightning
Connon George Christie Lancaster DV308
Connop D Halifax MZ583
Connor E A Stirling EH987
Connor A A Lancaster ME614
Connor D D Lancaster KB817
Connor G R Halifax EB285
Connor J G Halifax LW287
Connor T W Lancaster W4311
Connor D W Mustang HR827
Connor R H Lancaster W4962
Connor B Battle K9472
Connor A E Halifax L9582
Connor J N Lancaster EE184
Connor L N Lancaster W4329
Connor Whitley N1459
Connor Anthony Charles Lancaster LL782
Connor T W Lancaster ND655
Connor W C Lancaster JA970
Connor J E Halifax LK711
Connor R O Halifax MZ577
Connor Clare Arthur Hampden L4093
Connor P M Lancaster JB187
Connor D G Lancaster R5744
Connor J R Wellington N2894
Connor Clare Arthur Hampden P1355
Connor Les William Higgs
Connor Arthur Albert
Connors Stanley Dudley Pierce Hurricane R4187
Connors B Lancaster DV191
Connors Stanley Dudley Pierce
Connors Leslie James
Connors Oswald Mosley
Connors Patrick Thomas
Conolan Bernard Leslie Reid
Conolly D J Wellington N2983
Conolly J L De V Lancaster NF921
Conquest H J Lancaster PB535
Conquest Henry John
Conrad A H Wellington BK361
Conrad W C Spitfire LZ997
Conrad H Lancaster JB727
Conrad Clarence Arthur
Conrade Neil Loraine Blenheim V6447
Conran J E M Stirling W7514
Conran J E M Stirling N3656
Conran G C Wellington R1770
Conrey J H Halifax JD127
Conroy B K Wellington HF481
Conroy R M Stirling EF128
Conroy J J Halifax MZ686
Conroy R F Halifax LV914
Conroy R F Wellington BJ755
Conroy R F Wellington HE593
Conroy J Lancaster ED375
Conroy D Lancaster LM472
Conroy Stirling N3684
Conroy P H Stirling EE904
Conroy Desmond James
Conroy Bernard Keith
Conroy Reginald Matthew
Conry E J Whitley Z6671
Consentino G Halifax NA174
Considine B B Hurricane V6792
Considine A T P Hampden AE421
Consin C Lancaster LM479
Constable Donald Frank Halifax LV903
Constable M R Wellington BJ724
Constable W M Lancaster PB595
Constable J C Lancaster HK544
Constable J E Lancaster ED522
Constable H V Lancaster PD378
Constable E W Halifax L9512
Constable Halifax L9506
Constable R I Halifax HX235
Constable P M Lancaster DS828
Constable F A Hampden P4402
Constable F G Hampden L4104
Constable T A Stirling BK627
Constable Donald Frank
Constable-Maxwell Michael Hugh
Constance D W Lancaster W4765
Constantine L S
Content J M Halifax MZ657
Content J M Halifax MZ658
Conter D Halifax R9530
Conter E Halifax W1099
Contos George G P-51 Mustang
Contos George G P-51 Mustang
Conture J J M S Halifax HX283
Conuel R W Stirling BK773
Convey L J Wellington Z9913
Convy Michael Lancaster LL880
Conway N J Lancaster W4988
Conway Patrick Joseph Halifax LV833
Conway W J Lancaster LM450
Conway N F Halifax NA522
Conway J W H Mustang FD502
Conway J Halifax BB324
Conway L Lancaster NG303
Conway W G Spitfire TB923
Conway J Lancaster ME811
Conway T G Lancaster JA847
Conway Alfred Gordon
Conway Henry Edward
Conway Norman James
Conway Patrick Joseph
Conwell P G Wellington HE166
Conwell E V Hampden AT189
Conwell E V Hampden AE139
Conybear Edward Anthony Wellington Z8652
Cooch Charles William Lancaster ND906
Coogan Thomas Edward Whitley T4206
Coogan L D Wellington W5513
Coogan J P Lancaster ND399
Coogan T E Whitley N1356
Cook A Wellington R1135
Cook F R M Spitfire MH907
Cook Ronald Anthony Lancaster JB366
Cook K A Lancaster NN722
Cook Francis John Lancaster LM165
Cook James Falshaw Stirling BF448
Cook J H Hampden AD756
Cook Alistair John Lancaster ND562
Cook Thomas Bertram Lancaster ME451
Cook William Alexander Lancaster ED620
Cook Herbert Mosquito MM124
Cook Harry William Halifax MZ572
Cook Peter Halifax RG443
Cook S W Halifax NA108
Cook Ernest Desmond Stirling BF513
Cook Joseph Thomas Whitley BD385
Cook William John Lancaster LM724
Cook Donald Kenlow Mitchell FW127
Cook Norman Percival Sunderland W6031
Cook Robert Bertram Roy Lancaster PB565
Cook Oliver Alexander Meredith Wellington LP732
Cook Spencer Waddy Lancaster ME613
Cook A Lancaster ED914
Cook C E Lancaster PB303
Cook H L Wellington W5570
Cook W W Halifax HX356
Cook A Halifax W7700
Cook R G Wellington HE592
Cook O Halifax NP800
Cook H J Halifax MZ304
Cook N E Halifax EB246
Cook W A Halifax LK697
Cook Robert Geoffrey Halifax LK898
Cook James Halifax NP702
Cook Gordon Thomas Halifax NP723
Cook L F Wellington HE817
Cook W H Halifax MZ807
Cook H J Hampden AE152
Cook M A Lancaster LM628
Cook W H Lancaster PD221
Cook W Le R Lancaster LM290
Cook W A Halifax BB363
Cook B M Blenheim Z7428
Cook George Wood Stirling R9250
Cook P J Lancaster LL888
Cook Stephen Astley Lancaster ND802
Cook W R Lancaster W4919
Cook V Lancaster ED307
Cook A R Wellington X3391
Cook W L Halifax JD296
Cook R E Halifax MZ301
Cook W J Halifax MZ298
Cook A L Whitley T4273
Cook F S C Lancaster W4336
Cook E J Lancaster W4361
Cook S Lancaster PB528
Cook C O Hampden L4189
Cook N C Wellington R1222
Cook G A Wellington R1798
Cook A M Lancaster ME632
Cook P W Battle P6597
Cook Wellington W5536
Cook E C Lancaster DV225
Cook C A Spitfire BR640
Cook G Mosquito DZ373
Cook J R Hampden AE140
Cook Stirling W7461
Cook Wellington P9247
Cook G T Stirling BF510
Cook G V Stirling EE877
Cook D W Lancaster ME434
Cook Stirling W7431
Cook R J Stirling N6097
Cook A S Lancaster JB242
Cook R J Halifax HR724
Cook R J Halifax HX338
Cook A E Lancaster W4996
Cook E J Wellington LN397
Cook R Mustang ED475
Cook P T R Blenheim T2232
Cook D F Lancaster PA197
Cook R H D Wellington HE702
Cook W W R Lancaster ED569
Cook S A J Lancaster W5001
Cook A J Stirling W7473
Cook A M F Mosquito DD684
Cook H S Mosquito HK300
Cook S Spitfire P8188
Cook D T Halifax JB967
Cook W F Spitfire BS532
Cook H R Wellington BK436
Cook C Halifax EB246
Cook R Lancaster W4125
Cook C H D Lancaster
Cook P V Wellington HF569
Cook D A Hampden P1226
Cook M J Lancaster LM676
Cook C A Lancaster LM285
Cook A H T Wellington Z8985
Cook P D Lancaster NF914
Cook C S Lancaster DV381
Cook P J Lancaster EE113
Cook C S Lancaster EE106
Cook E G Lancaster HK770
Cook A D Lancaster PD375
Cook R J Lancaster ND461
Cook D R Lancaster RF159
Cook H Lancaster ME589
Cook L G Lancaster NF961
Cook C Lancaster LM637
Cook H Spitfire X4543
Cook Eric Hubert Stirling W7630
Cook R N Stirling W7563
Cook F L Lancaster JB414
Cook A Halifax RG541
Cook J W Whitley ED195
Cook C F Whitley Z6661
Cook Robert Donaldson Blenheim L9468
Cook Albert George Lancaster W4104
Cook J R Hurricane V7233
Cook Wellington L7777
Cook E W Lancaster ED694
Cook Alec Victor Ibbetson Stirling EH900
Cook D H W Lancaster JB726
Cook F H Wellington T2997
Cook Harry
Cook W B Lancaster L7584
Cook Alfred Harold
Cook George William
Cook Allan Alfred
Cook Arthur Sydney
Cook Francis John
Cook Edward James
Cook Keith Thomas
Cook Alfred
Cook Alan
Cook Frank Rene Malyon
Cook William Walter
Cook Thomas Wesley
Cook Robert James
Cook Walter Stuart
Cook James Edward
Cook Leonard Thomas
Cook Andrew Harry Theodore
Cook Ronald Anthony
Cook Colin Walter
Cook Ernest Newton
Cook James Albert
Cook Thomas Joseph
Cook Kenneth Alan
Cook Arthur James Wellington W5613
Cook Robert Douglas Wellington DV840 (some publications list it as DV480)
Cook Lorne Frankland Wellington Z1682
Cook Emery C P-51 Mustang
Cook Walter V P-47 Thunderbolt
Cook Walter V P-47 Thunderbolt
Cook Walter V P-47 Thunderbolt
Cook Walter V P-47 Thunderbolt
Cook Walter V P-47 Thunderbolt
Cook Jr. Harry J. B-17 Bad penny 42-31183
Cooke Terence Raymond Wellington X3225
Cooke Desmond Spitfire K9907
Cooke Reginald Wellington W5417
Cooke Eric Wellington N2865
Cooke Eric Thomas Halifax JD211
Cooke Evan Roy Wellington R1474
Cooke Gerald Frank Russell Wellington BJ592
Cooke John Robert Alfred Halifax LV782
Cooke Wellington W5436
Cooke J C Lancaster LL964
Cooke J C Lancaster PB465
Cooke J L Lancaster ME392
Cooke L F Wellington DV715
Cooke W D Halifax NP710
Cooke G H Wellington HE690
Cooke John Joseph Halifax LK842
Cooke J L Lancaster PA190
Cooke W H Lancaster LM138
Cooke H Whitley AD689
Cooke T A Wellington R3295
Cooke C W Blenheim R2788
Cooke E M Whitley T4330
Cooke G C Lancaster R5574
Cooke R E Lancaster W4770
Cooke Hampden AD746
Cooke R E Lancaster R5900
Cooke L C Blenheim R3775
Cooke F O Blenheim L8800
Cooke N C Wellington R3276
Cooke H Battle P2243
Cooke R Lancaster JB407
Cooke Thomas Charles Seymour Halifax LW275
Cooke A S Mosquito DZ379
Cooke R J Wellington P9244
Cooke R J Halifax MZ367
Cooke D C Lancaster LM261
Cooke M J H Lancaster LL902
Cooke F S Lancaster W4815
Cooke Mosquito RS608
Cooke E R F Mosquito DD748
Cooke G B Mosquito
Cooke N G Defiant L6975
Cooke W J Halifax EX167
Cooke J G Lancaster ND731
Cooke H W Halifax HR817
Cooke D N Lancaster DS692
Cooke F T Mustang AM166
Cooke K B Wellington HE693
Cooke D E Halifax RG475
Cooke A Hampden L4034
Cooke Hampden X3151
Cooke H W F Lancaster EE189
Cooke A Lancaster LL698
Cooke P F M Wellington R1757
Cooke G Lancaster ME561
Cooke C A Spitfire R6689
Cooke J P Lancaster ND904
Cooke L J Lancaster ME321
Cooke W Halifax JB863
Cooke D Halifax LW233
Cooke A Whitley Z6484
Cooke T H Blenheim V5375
Cooke T H Blenheim L9389
Cooke W L Wellington X3411
Cooke R L Wellington L7873
Cooke Charles Alfred
Cooke Nicholas Gresham ("Lanky")
Cooke Leslie Charles
Cooke Rolla Maxwell
Cooke Arthur Wallace
Cooke Terence Raymond
Cookman H Stirling EE969
Cookman Frederick Charles
Cooksey J B Stirling EH902
Cooksey R F Lancaster W4310
Cooksey J A F Lancaster ED314
Cooksey J S Lancaster PB434
Cooksey J Lancaster LM423
Cooksley B L Stirling EE890
Cooksley B W Lancaster ME642
Cookson W R Halifax PN380
Cookson D G Halifax L9605
Cookson W B Halifax MZ296
Cookson A A Wellington HF595
Cookson S Wellington DF614
Cookson R H Lancaster ED712
Cookson J Halifax HR835
Cookson C Spitfire R7268
Cookson T P Lancaster LM279
Coole S G Lancaster LM521
Coole D A P Lancaster ND921
Cooledge L D Halifax ME752
Cooles Douglas Reginald Lancaster JB455
Cooley P Lancaster HK773
Cooley J C Stirling BF336
Cooley George W P-51 Mustang
Cooley George W P-51 Mustang
Cooley Warren C P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Cooley Warren C P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Cooley Warren C P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Cooling C D Wellington Z8373
Cooling J Lancaster PD341
Cooling Keith Newman
Coombe H K Lancaster HK622
Coombe H K Lancaster LM618
Coombe M J Typhoon JP447
Coombe Anthony Paul Lancaster ED999
Coombe D J Lancaster ED539
Coombe Herbert Keith
Coombe Keith Anzac
Coomber Ronald Harold Blenheim V6171
Coomber D Lancaster ED981
Coombes G B Halifax HX345
Coombes G E Wellington X3418
Coombes D G J Lancaster W4829
Coombes W F E Hampden P1338
Coombes H J Lancaster ED766
Coombes F W Lancaster PB668
Coombes C Lancaster NE165
Coombridge T W Lancaster NN710
Coombs Cyril Ernest Stirling EE873
Coombs Francis Alma Lancaster ME648
Coombs A J R Lancaster PB510
Coombs J E Oxford R5945
Coombs R V Lancaster W4836
Coombs G F Lancaster W4824
Coombs V J Halifax DT496
Coombs G E W Lancaster ED950
Coomes Albert Lawrence
Coon G A Lancaster ND910
Coon M T Stirling N6041
Coon John S P-51 Mustang
Coonan John F P-51 Mustang
Coonan John F P-51 Mustang
Coonan John F P-51 Mustang
Coone E H Lancaster R5571
Coones Maxwell Warren Halifax NP793
Cooney J D O'L Lancaster R5678
Cooney P Wellington Z1251
Cooney K Whitley P4993
Cooney T Halifax RG502
Cooney C J Hurricane P3879
Coons Dexter Brand Wellington X3284
Coons Merle M P-51 Mustang
Coons Merle M P-51 Mustang
Coons Merle M P-51 Mustang
Cooombs J R Halifax JD301
Coop S Stirling W7611
Coop P B Lancaster W4819
Coope A Halifax LW168
Coope W E Spitfire P7901
Coope W E Spitfire P8034
Coope W E Hurricane L1813
Cooper J A B Lancaster JA855
Cooper E N Lancaster ED391
Cooper C G Lancaster NG468
Cooper Sydney William Lancaster JB600
Cooper R G S Lancaster NF977
Cooper J A G Lancaster LM624
Cooper Gerald Louis Fairey Battle K9469
Cooper Kempton R Stirling R9324
Cooper Ernest William Laurie Blenheim P6912
Cooper H D H Blenheim V6396
Cooper Kingsley Gerard Hampden AD723
Cooper William Richard Lancaster ND327
Cooper Thomas Noel Mosquito PZ217
Cooper Roger Hughes Lancaster NE173
Cooper William George Stirling EF362
Cooper George Hartley Lancaster LM316
Cooper James Henry Lancaster ME690
Cooper James Enerton Spitfire R7276
Cooper David Norman Anthony Lancaster NG412
Cooper E J Lancaster JA977
Cooper H T M Wellington X3709
Cooper J Halifax HR717
Cooper R W Lancaster PB573
Cooper Frederick Terrance Wellington HF628
Cooper D T Lancaster DS733
Cooper T W Halifax LW551
Cooper E E Lancaster KB768
Cooper D A Halifax LW572
Cooper J H Halifax NP706
Cooper H Halifax HX272
Cooper Norman Percival Lancaster HK537
Cooper B H Lancaster HK570
Cooper James Francis Lancaster R5682
Cooper John Donald Stirling BF390
Cooper K E Halifax LW273
Cooper E H Lancaster NG252
Cooper G A Wellington X3475
Cooper Boston BZ282
Cooper S G Halifax W1021
Cooper T E Blenheim Z7488
Cooper John William Terence Blackburn Roc L3073
Cooper B G A Halifax JB961
Cooper W A Halifax JD322
Cooper J Halifax JD200
Cooper D B Halifax HX326
Cooper B W D Lancaster ED557
Cooper C J Lancaster PB117
Cooper W J Lancaster LL779
Cooper E J Lancaster ED320
Cooper R B Lancaster LM325
Cooper N M Lancaster LM389
Cooper S Halifax W1055
Cooper F Halifax W7879
Cooper F S Halifax W1238
Cooper E Lancaster ED384
Cooper W A Battle L5010
Cooper J Lancaster ED614
Cooper C J Lancaster ED646
Cooper G C Lancaster ED358
Cooper J J Lancaster R5748
Cooper K J Lancaster R5604
Cooper W J Lancaster RA503
Cooper V V Hampden AE123
Cooper K Blenheim R3776
Cooper A R Wellington X9673
Cooper G W Lancaster DS655
Cooper F Wellington X3726
Cooper F Wellington BJ796
Cooper E J Wellington DV951
Cooper F H Lancaster W4368
Cooper R Mosquito KB268
Cooper G L Wellington Z1461
Cooper A B Hampden AE225
Cooper R A Stirling BF483
Cooper R W Stirling BF512
Cooper F W Stirling W7448
Cooper B E Stirling BK611
Cooper H C Stirling BK704
Cooper C Battle K9369
Cooper John Robert Wellington X3674
Cooper G S Lancaster W4849
Cooper A J M Lancaster PB621
Cooper W V Lancaster JB217
Cooper S Halifax W1222
Cooper J A Halifax LV786
Cooper F W Mosquito KB568
Cooper Alfred Ernest Stanley Lancaster ND825
Cooper H Mosquito DZ491
Cooper J S Manchester L7487
Cooper G D Lancaster ND567
Cooper E H Stirling W7567
Cooper D F Wellington X9884
Cooper Wellington R1611
Cooper H J Wellington Z8373
Cooper R Fortress HB702
Cooper M C Stirling EH895
Cooper N Fortress KJ112
Cooper Kenneth John Stirling W7613
Cooper S F Hurricane P2631
Cooper E R P S Halifax L9507
Cooper A E Halifax L9489
Cooper E G Halifax JB786
Cooper W B Halifax W1226
Cooper N S Spitfire PL787
Cooper J R Halifax DT646
Cooper G Halifax LW282
Cooper K T Lancaster R5669
Cooper F S Lancaster ND741
Cooper D J Lancaster ED354
Cooper D J Lancaster ND687
Cooper W Lancaster PB354
Cooper K T Hampden AE256
Cooper R G Lancaster ED755
Cooper R Halifax JD244
Cooper A Halifax MZ916
Cooper K J Whitley N1481
Cooper P G Lancaster DS818
Cooper J Mosquito NS944
Cooper J F Spitfire P7371
Cooper G Lancaster ED770
Cooper N Lancaster PN852
Cooper B J Lancaster NG126
Cooper G Lancaster W4201
Cooper G J Lancaster LM120
Cooper A W Lancaster DV365
Cooper D Halifax LL584
Cooper A W Whitley Z9154
Cooper Whitley Z6931
Cooper C F Blenheim L4905
Cooper F E H Hampden X2981
Cooper H W Lancaster DV304
Cooper M H F Spitfire BR167
Cooper M H F Spitfire BR159
Cooper M H F Spitfire BR987
Cooper M H F Spitfire MD178
Cooper J L Lancaster DV394
Cooper R L Lancaster ED983
Cooper R G Stirling EF457
Cooper H B Lancaster W4999
Cooper L H Lancaster JB236
Cooper N L Halifax LW430
Cooper E Mustang FZ135
Cooper Stirling N6074
Cooper Hugh Boys Lancaster ND592
Cooper B Lancaster JA685
Cooper L G Lancaster JA678
Cooper E R Lancaster NF980
Cooper L Lancaster LM104
Cooper A N Halifax JB800
Cooper Norman Ernest Halifax LV874
Cooper E F J Blenheim V6440
Cooper J H Blenheim R3618
Cooper R W Manchester R5779
Cooper Blenheim R3844
Cooper Blenheim V6453
Cooper Blenheim V6399
Cooper Blenheim V6028
Cooper R W R Lancaster NG257
Cooper A N Stirling BK628
Cooper J S Lancaster R5496
Cooper R E Lancaster ND351
Cooper Wilfred Gordon Lancaster JA966
Cooper J A H Wellington N2956
Cooper Donald Kevan
Cooper John Albert Basil
Cooper Alan Ernest
Cooper James William
Cooper Maurice Wilfred
Cooper Ronald Jack
Cooper Albert Ross
Cooper Eric Neil
Cooper Norman Percival
Cooper Raymond Thomas
Cooper Joseph Arthur Gordon
Cooper Norman Athol
Cooper Charles Clifton
Cooper Gordon
Cooper Garnet Charles
Cooper William John
Cooper John Findlay
Cooper Harold
Cooper George E P-47 Thunderbolt
Cooper George E P-47 Thunderbolt
Cooper Roy E P-51 Mustang
Cooper-Slipper T P M Hurricane L2012
Cooper-Slipper Thomas Paul Michael
Coopey W M Stirling EF394
Coopman P Lancaster JB670
Cooreman P H M Typhoon MN322
Coote Patric Bernard Blenheim L4819
Coote C E Blenheim L8748
Coote K P Lancaster LM127
Coote G A Lancaster DV281
Coote Arthur William Lancaster ED974
Coote F S Lancaster LM447
Coote Douglas Charles
Coote William John Francis
Copas Vernon Gregory Hanrahan
Copcutt R Blenheim P6952
Cope G R Lancaster EE167
Cope James Lancaster R5566
Cope Ellis Victor Lancaster R5502
Cope J L Lancaster PB413
Cope J E Wellington X3675
Cope G A Lancaster HK773
Cope R Lancaster ED427
Cope J F Halifax LW364
Cope H C Halifax BB282
Cope A J Halifax LK911
Cope D E Lancaster ND963
Cope F S Lancaster DV293
Cope George Robert
Cope Arthur Reginald
Copeland Gerald Ware Halifax W7662
Copeland Ben Bales Halifax W7710
Copeland D J Lancaster ND347
Copeland H R Hampden AT136
Copeland James Coulter Halifax MZ463
Copeland J C Halifax MZ900
Copeland Thomas Donovan Lancaster KB834
Copeland Thomas Donavan Wellington BJ783
Copeland G L Lancaster LM585
Copeland R Blenheim Z7486
Copeland H Spitfire AD348
Copeland T W A Lancaster ED363
Copeland P Spitfire K9827
Copeland A A Stirling BK778
Copeland Gerald Ware
Copeman J H H Hurricane P3105
Copeman H J Hampden AD803
Copeman G D Lancaster ND471
Copinger W P Whitley N1357
Copland Frank Stirling LJ882
Copland James Ross Lancaster NG238
Copland L Halifax W7667
Copland D R Lancaster PB686
Coplestone Anthony Drake Blenheim L8610
Copley R A Battle L5324
Copley R A Wellington W5421
Copley E H Lancaster NN724
Copley L Stirling BK612
Copley D Stirling EJ125
Copley J J Stirling W7441
Copley A T Whitley Z6484
Copp P J F Mosquito MM628
Coppersmith R P Wellington X3714
Copperwaite R A C Lancaster PD368
Coppin William Hodgson
Copping H J L Halifax JD411
Copping F S Lancaster JB670
Copping A J Wellington R1519
Copping Clarence Lummis B-17 Fortress FK209
Copplestone A F Stirling BF403
Coppolino Domenic A P-47 Thunderbolt
Copsey T Hampden AE377
Copsey L G Stirling EH880
Copson Thomas William Wellington R1618
Copson D Lancaster JB351
Copus P J Lancaster ND351
Coqueron J Halifax LL587
Corah G P Boston AL725
Coram T S Halifax NA568
Corbally Joseph Charles Halifax LV923
Corbally E J Halifax DT512
Corbet Cyril Mansford Lancaster KB743
Corbet C M Lancaster KB740
Corbett Frank Hampden L4129
Corbett James Brownlie Lancaster ED834
Corbett John Joseph Lancaster DS630
Corbett J A Wellington BK296
Corbett W D Halifax MZ815
Corbett W D Halifax LW590
Corbett V J Halifax RG432
Corbett Vaughan Bowerman Hurricane P3869
Corbett K R Halifax HR952
Corbett W J Halifax JD127
Corbett J T Stirling N3658
Corbett P E Mosquito
Corbett J Lancaster NG327
Corbett F Hampden L4077
Corbett C R Lancaster ED393
Corbett E H Lancaster W4244
Corbett E H Lancaster R5724
Corbett G H Spitfire N3049
Corbett G H Spitfire R6779
Corbett P B Fortress AN525
Corbett Robert Archibald
Corbett William James
Corbett Edward Cuthbert
Corbett Richard K P-51 Mustang
Corbett-Thompson Bruce Francis Patrick
Corbiell Joseph Clement Aloysius (Clem) Halifax LK915
Corbin William James 'Jimmy'
Corbin Henry L P-38 Lightning
Corbishley H Halifax W1115
Corbisier Guy Joseph Florent Hudson FK803
Corbitt Daniel Lancaster JA867
Corbould Irvine Charles
Corby R C Halifax HX295
Corcoran Len G Sunderland T9075
Corcoran R R Lancaster ED803
Corcoran M M Halifax LW549
Corcoran D J Halifax JD331
Corcoran H Blenheim L1300
Corcoran E Halifax W1021
Corcoran Stanislaus Vincent
Corcoran Reginald Robert
Corcoran Martin Michael
Corcoran Martin E P-47 Thunderbolt
Cordall R O Wellington X3475
Cordell R A Stirling EE940
Corderoy E A Hampden AE237
Cordery Derek Albert Arthur Stirling BK809
Cordery S Lancaster W4156
Cordery J C Halifax MZ559
Cordick J M Typhoon MN801
Cordingley Ronald Lancaster W4327
Cordle R S W Hampden L4096
Cordner J Lancaster PD273
Cordner Joseph F P-47 Thunderbolt
Cordner Joseph F P-47 Thunderbolt
Cordon Leslie Theodore Stirling LK594
Cordon A Lancaster ED871
Cordwell John D. Hampden P1201
Core F A Wellington P9286
Corelli F M C Battle K9387
Corewyn William George Lancaster LM720
Corey Harry R P-51 Mustang
Corfe D A Lancaster R4816
Corfe D F Spitfire R6695
Corfe D F Spitfire R6603
Corfe Dudley Anstruther
Corfield Jack William Lancaster R5619
Corfield N Lancaster JB150
Corfield J W Blenheim V5874
Corin H G Stirling R9290
Corina Errante P-47 Thunderbolt
Cork C S Halifax MZ711
Cork Alfred John Mosquito ML961
Cork Kenneth James Stirling EF390
Cork Wellington X9672
Cork Richard John ("Dickie")
Corke Hugh Walter Charles Hotspur BT505
Corke J K Halifax R9374
Corke J Lancaster W4789
Corke J K Halifax W7886
Corke K C E Whitley Z6975
Corker William John Cheshire Blenheim L8870
Corker A W Stirling BF348
Corkett Alan Henry Typhoon DN357
Corkhill C W M Stirling BK798
Corkhill R B Halifax MZ514
Corkill Charles William Maxwell
Corless A V D Lancaster ME683
Corless J Lancaster LM292
Corless T Stirling BK724
Corless Victor James
Corlett Geoffrey Scott Stirling BF577
Corlett A I Lancaster JB609
Corlett E M Stirling W7584
Corlett E M Stirling W7631
Corlett A S Halifax LW224
Corley L E Lancaster W4854
Corley P M Wellington X3420
Corley E E Wellington BJ619
Corley Colin James
Corlis J E Lancaster NF906
Corlis John Edwin
Cormack William George Wellington X3473
Cormack Alexander McGee Lancaster R5679
Cormack William Thomas Wellington X3598
Cormack J Wellington W5427
Cormack A Halifax DT731
Cormack W E Lancaster LL921
Cormack J A Blenheim V6452
Cormack A McK Wellington BK158
Cormack A A Wellington Z8839
Cormack James Archer
Cormack Phillip Hector
Cormack Donald Shaw
Cormack Ian Charles
Cormack Donald Shaw Ventura AE665
Cormer A A Halifax LK798
Cormier C Halifax NR181
Cormier J L Halifax LK627
Cornall Clifton
Cornelison John Edgar Typhoon PD479
Cornelius C B Halifax LW121
Cornelius E D Halifax EB243
Cornelius R W Halifax JD368
Cornelius Lancaster LL849
Cornelius Ronald Michael
Cornelius Marc Stanley
Cornell Eric Raymond Ivan Stirling EH875
Cornell Norman James Lancaster ND551
Cornell R H Mosquito KB215
Cornell B T Lancaster PB761
Cornell Johnathan Robert
Cornell William H P-47 Thunderbolt
Cornell William H P-47 Thunderbolt
Corner Frank Leonard Lancaster NE150
Corner H W Spitfire BM187
Cornes D C Lancaster ND360
Cornes H M Stirling BF519
Cornes William James
Cornett G M Lancaster ND812
Cornett Jack B P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Cornfield E A Halifax LK697
Cornfield Joseph Samuel Wellington Z1695
Cornfoot Jeffrey Graham
Cornford S E Lancaster JA910
Cornforth J W Wellington T2552
Cornhill Boris Frederick Blenheim EH374
Cornick Ray L P-47 Thunderbolt
Cornish H N Lancaster LM512
Cornish Herbert Whitley N1470
Cornish L Blenheim V6384
Cornish J C Lancaster W4316
Cornish O M Lancaster R5629
Cornish D J Stirling LJ993
Cornish G H Hampden AE440
Cornish W G Stirling LK236
Cornish G J Hampden AD789
Cornish E Lancaster ND590
Cornish V C Lancaster ND752
Cornish R Stirling EF236
Cornish William John Hudson NZ2055
Cornish Milton John
Cornish Frederick Keith
Cornish Walter Richard Samuel
Cornish Howard Norman
Cornlius R S Lancaster DV395
Corns Alexander Lancaster DS666
Corns E Lancaster R5620
Cornthwaite J W Wellington Z8511
Cornwall G S Blenheim R2787
Cornwall H L Lancaster JB369
Cornwall James Alex Lancaster PB667
Cornwall C H Lancaster NF938
Cornwall Geoffrey Walton
Cornwallis Peter Brownell Stirling LK272
Cornwell R G Lancaster LL944
Cornwell C A Wellington W5431
Cornwell Reginald William Battle L5502
Cornwell R S Lancaster LM367
Cornwell K F Lancaster ND382
Cornwell F W Lancaster DV201
Cornwell R Stirling EF158
Cornwell Ross George
Cornwell Colin Albert
Coronel Paulus Senor
Coronios Harry P-47 Thunderbolt
Corporaal Bernard Hudson AM863
Corps A G Halifax DT729
Corr W O Lancaster W4774
Corran S Halifax LV821
Corre Howard John
Correll J D Lancaster W4792
Correlli S Halifax NA164
Corrie Michael Mosquito MT489
Corrie Kenneth Edward Blenheim V5647
Corrie C H Lancaster R5913
Corrie John Edward Lancaster W4188
Corrie C C Lancaster JA700
Corrigan Peter Lancaster LM140
Corrigan R J Boston AL736
Corrigan G L Lancaster RF153
Corrigan J L Halifax LW207
Corrigan W Lancaster JB481
Corrigan E P Hampden L4146
Corrigan L R Mosquito PF450
Corrigan Thomas Joseph
Corrigan Donald J P-47 Thunderbolt
Corris D Lancaster HK569
Corriveau J T R Halifax LL150
Corriveau A J Halifax NA492
Corrs A S S Halifax DT648
Corrs A S S Halifax W1185
Corry K C Lancaster W4107
Corry J S B Halifax MZ599
Corry E Wellington N2986
Corsbee J H Lancaster PB561
Corsby A G Halifax LW225
Corser E G M Lancaster JB611
Corser Edward Geoffrey Manson
Corser Henry Graham Ronaldson
Corser Arthur Henry Cadell
Corson James William B-24 Lassie Come Home 42-51356
Corson Charles O P-47 Thunderbolt
Corson John R P-51 Mustang
Cortis W Spitfire NH419
Cortner Alexander W P-47 Thunderbolt
Coruvalin C Halifax LL557
Corvan P W Wellington N3006
Cory J K Lancaster LL958
Cory John Edward Stirling LK272
Cory G J Wellington BK348
Cory John Keith
Coryton P D O Halifax JD264
Cosby B H Wellington X3698
Cosby T C Halifax LW540
Cosby E T Mosquito
Cosby Ivor Henry
Cosens Heather Cosens Lancaster PA278
Cosens Frank William Lancaster ND510
Cosford D E Halifax JN908
Cosford T Lancaster ED352
Cosgriff B P Halifax MZ581
Cosgriff Brian Patrick
Cosgrove J P Wellington Z1290
Cosgrove Peter Michael Lancaster ED821
Cosgrove J P Lancaster ME734
Cosgrove M W Halifax LW656
Cosgrove A E Wellington Z8397
Cosgrove W Wellington L7809
Cosgrove R J Hampden L4065
Cosgrove G Lancaster LL653
Cosgrove H J Lancaster LL696
Cosgrove D J C Lancaster LM466
Cosgrove William Nicholas Pax
Cosgrove John Percival
Cosgrove Robert James
Cosh Edward Warren
Coshall S Ventura AE684
Coshall S Ventura AE824
Coslett Franklin Dent B-24 42-52506
Cosnett Eric William Lancaster R5677
Cossar A E Halifax JP125
Cossar R C Halifax HX284
Cossart J B Lancaster LL948
Cossart James Bowes
Cossens E J Lancaster LL635
Cossey H J Lancaster NE151
Cossins R F H Lancaster ND871
Cossins J G Halifax MZ599
Cossins G D Wellington BK463
Cossins A J Lancaster ED950
Coste Robert M. ' Gonga' Hampden L4132
Costello A G Spitfire P8085
Costello Maurice James 'Morrie'
Costello John Terrance Lancaster ED366
Costello R M Wellington HZ582
Costello George Arnold Spitfire PL207
Costello M Stirling EE891
Costello Spitfire AB846
Costello John Aston Lancaster PB804
Costello J J Halifax JD262
Costello Andrew Gordon
Costello John
Costello-Bowen Edgar Alfred Mosquito DK297
Costello-Bowen Edgar Alfred Ventura AJ454
Costello-Brown E A Blenheim T1884
Coster J S Lancaster PA973
Coster E F Lancaster ME385
Coster D A Lancaster LM448
Coster A G Wellington X3167
Coster E S Halifax HR840
Coster C H E Halifax DK203
Coster John Stewart
Costigan John Lancaster ME366
Costigan Edward Norman Wellington X3723
Costigan William Archibald
Costin Neville James
Coston R G V 'George' Liberator
Cota Norman D Jr P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Cote Leonard Elric Joseph Halifax HX333
Cote P E Halifax JB796
Cote J E B A Halifax LW131
Cote C E Halifax LW378
Cote J A Halifax MZ860
Cote M J A Typhoon MN375
Cote M J A Typhoon RB204
Coter P C Lancaster ED784
Cotes-Preedy Digby Vawdre Cartmel ("Digger")
Cothran Charles Bluford B-17 42-5893 Sad Sax
Cotnan W B Halifax LW444
Coto Alexander James
Coton E H Hampden L4067
Coton E Lancaster W4278
Cotsell D Halifax L9561
Cottam A P Lancaster ED937
Cottam William Winston Lancaster JA702
Cottam S Lancaster LM163
Cottard D F Halifax I MZ984
Cotte D W Lancaster NN777
Cottenden M Halifax BB323
Cotter D W Lancaster ME745
Cotter Robert Halifax MZ698
Cotter T A Lancaster RF143
Cotter E J Lancaster HK686
Cotter D A Lancaster PB189
Cotter John Beaufighter, Mosquito
Cotter John A P-51 Mustang
Cotter John A P-51 Mustang
Cotter John A P-51 Mustang
Cotter William W P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Cotterell Peter Samuel Halifax NR195
Cotterell N C Battle L5324
Cotterell C H W Lancaster JB113
Cotterell A R Manchester L7381
Cotterell N I Hampden AD850
Cotterell M C Blenheim L4873
Cotterill S H R Mosquito HR351
Cotterill R Halifax EB129
Cotterill G E Halifax JD332
Cotterill W H Halifax LK662
Cotterill A Halifax JB851
Cottew R G Lancaster LM440
Cottew Richard Graham
Cottham C Whitley P5091
Cottier Alan James Liberator JT985
Cottier T G Wellington X9747
Cottier T G Wellington Z1145
Cottier John Colin
Cottingham Cyril Morgan Lancaster JB368
Cottingham J C Wellington X9753
Cottingham Leonard
Cottle J R Halifax MZ283
Cottle W W Halifax LW333
Cottle P F Lancaster W4798
Cottle John Ronald
Cottman J D Lancaster PA973
Cottman John Dennis
Cotton W Lancaster LL858
Cotton M T Whirlwind P6981
Cotton M T Whirlwind P6974
Cotton Maxwell Tylney Whirlwind P7000
Cotton Edward Whitley K9039
Cotton Leonard Halifax LK635
Cotton Willie Lancaster W4826
Cotton Ivor Mosquito HJ658
Cotton Jesse Ernest Halifax NP953
Cotton D N Halifax LV938
Cotton E J Halifax HR789
Cotton J Halifax RG424
Cotton B A Whitley P5014
Cotton E H B Blenheim R3739
Cotton P Lancaster NN741
Cotton G H Wellington R1587
Cotton L Lancaster ME720
Cotton G A D Wellington R1609
Cotton G A D Wellington W5450
Cotton W Halifax LL178
Cotton K A C Lancaster EE166
Cotton R W Stirling N6042
Cotton L J V Halifax JD201
Cotton F W Lancaster ND696
Cotton Maxwell Tylney
Cotton Michin Christopher Humphrey Lancaster ND562
Cottrell Gilbert Valentine Lancaster ND714 (some sources state NE172)
Cottrell B Stirling BK711
Cottrell K G Halifax HR840
Cottrell L Halifax LV792
Cottrell E C Halifax MZ570
Cottrell N R Lancaster ND568
Cottrell N Lancaster JB419
Cottrell D O Halifax LK749
Cottrell Rex Frederick Mosquito HK399
Coubrough G T Mitchell FL708
Coubrough Whitley N1427
Couch A T Lancaster DV301
Couch J E Lancaster ED389
Couch A C Whitley Z6953
Couch Frederick I P-47 Thunderbolt
Couchman L N Halifax MZ452
Couchman R Wellington X3822
Couchman W B Lancaster ND984
Couchman E Lancaster LM117
Couchman Raymond Bruce Sunderland
Coughenour Robert To Jr P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Coughlan J Wellington HF489
Coughlan L Halifax LV783
Coughlin J A Halifax JB964
Coughlin G P Halifax NR143
Coughlin B Halifax LW341
Coughtrey F Battle P2250
Coul J Halifax NA164
Coulam A G M Halifax W7851
Coulby F G Whitley T4233
Coulcombe J Lancaster R5900
Couldwell E Stirling BF438
Coules E C A Halifax DT487
Coulhoun W A L Lancaster JB466
Coull Angus William Adams Battle K9481
Coull John Thomson Wellington JA563
Coull A Stirling BK799
Coull J Typhoon MM951
Coulman Richard Maxwell Anson K8813
Coulombe K J R A R Lancaster W4770
Coulsey J R Lancaster ED434
Coulson William George Allen Hudson T9320
Coulson Frederick Ernest Wellington X3398
Coulson F Lancaster NG131
Coulson E Lancaster HK574
Coulson J Lancaster LM131
Coulson K Lancaster W4849
Coulson S Wellington Z1622
Coulson R Lancaster ED478
Coulson R Lancaster DV239
Coulson J F Lancaster JB470
Coulston Halifax LL251
Coultatd P C Blenheim V6071
Coulter Kenneth Boyd Lancaster ED377
Coulter R L Lancaster LL694
Coulter James Stewart Hampden AE150
Coulter E M Halifax LK763
Coulter Richard Leslie Wellington Z8469
Coulter J Lancaster LL893
Coulter B H Wellington X3587
Coulter Jack Ronald
Coulter Jack W P-47 Thunderbolt
Coulter Jack W P-47 Thunderbolt
Coulthard J C Halifax DT517
Coulthard J Mosquito
Coulthard A M Lancaster ED806
Coulthart T W Lancaster DS722
Coulton J Lancaster JB638
Coulton H Lancaster ME334
Counell V Lancaster ND752
Counter M J Blenheim Z9737
Countess Ray Edgerton Lancaster LL688
Coup John Lancaster ND767
Coupe A H Wellington W5585
Coupe H Wellington HE634
Coupe H P Halifax EB252
Coupe R Halifax DK203
Coupeau M Halifax NA585
Coupeau M Halifax LK955
Couper F A Wellington DV892
Couper M W Halifax LV915
Couper James Arthur Stirling BF577
Couper C C F Typhoon JP791
Couper Frederick Andrew
Coupland T K Hurricane
Coupland T J Halifax JB909
Courage D Mosquito KB444
Coursey Richard R Jr P-51 Mustang
Court L G Lancaster PA169
Court Frederick John Halifax LL552
Court Jack Lancaster PB586
Court A W Wellington T2459
Court G L Lancaster ND507
Court D A Spitfire AA840
Court J R Lancaster ME802
Court K O Lancaster W4886
Court T R Stirling LK200
Court A W Wellington R1526
Court H F Halifax HR750
Court R Lancaster W4233
Court P J Stirling BK800
Courtenay E J Lancaster PB346
Courtenay S W Lancaster ME581
Courtis Ernest Edward Halifax NP771
Courtis Jack Burall Hurricane P3470
Courtman Stefahia Lancaster PA278
Courtman T S Blenheim Z5901
Courtman Daniel William
Courtnall J S Wellington W5521
Courtney James Geen Wellington X9830
Courtney Victor Halifax BB325
Courtney J B Stirling R9271
Courtney D Halifax JD461
Courtney R N H Hurricane P3321
Courtney J J Halifax BB311
Courtney B Lancaster PB737
Courtney D H Lancaster ND508
Courtney Robert
Courtney Ronald Clifton
Courtney James Geen
Courtney Geoffrey Vincent
Courtney David H P-51 Mustang
Courtney David H P-51 Mustang
Courtney David H P-51 Mustang
Courtois J H R Halifax MZ864
Courtois J E J A Lancaster LL954
Courvalin C Halifax NA519
Cousens Wellington P2526
Cousens G B F Lancaster ED718
Cousens A G S Lancaster ND508
Cousin Robert Frederick Lancaster ND797
Cousin H Halifax HR940
Cousineau J T Halifax DK196
Cousineau J A E T Spitfire NH489
Cousins John Runnacles Wellington LB195
Cousins Alec Henry Lancaster PB366
Cousins W L Halifax LW121
Cousins A J Lancaster W4325
Cousins A S Lancaster ED617
Cousins J Whitley Z6663
Cousins F W Lancaster ME702
Cousins C H Halifax DK169
Cousins A Lancaster JA927
Cousins Anthony Young
Cousser R J Whitley N1521
Coutie Barton Irving
Coutie Alan Vincent
Coutter F T Lancaster JB731
Coutts Harold Alexander Halifax NA111
Coutts L R Wellington HZ365
Coutts A E Ventura AE956
Coutts D C F Whitley T4227
Coutts D C F Whitley P5005
Coutts R W Hampden X2962
Couture J A L Halifax MZ617
Couzens G A F Wellington BK306
Couzens R H Halifax LV964
Couzens G F Blenheim P6930
Couzin-Wood Keith Rollason Hampden AT113
Covell G Lancaster LM258
Covell D W Wellington LN288
Covell James Eric
Covelle Lloyd K Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Covelle Lloyd K Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Coveney Walter Richard Whitley K9039
Coveney A J Stirling LK207
Coventry R C Lancaster PB263
Coventry Henry Reginald Halifax JD297
Coventry S W J Lancaster W4998
Coventry L A Blenheim Z7436
Coventry P P Boston AL459
Coventry C R Anson N5073
Coventry Geoffrey William
Coventry Roy Cameron
Coventry Charles Robey
Coveny R C Lancaster PB407
Coverdale John Fairey Battle K9263
Coverdale John Wellington HF518
Coverdale Reginald Francis Lancaster R5677
Coverley W H Spitfire P9381
Coverley W H Spitfire
Coverley J C Lancaster LM676
Coverley H D Halifax LK795
Coverly D W R Halifax W1244
Covey W W Wellington Z8426
Coveyduck V A Hampden P4375
Covill Cyril John
Covington A R Hurricane R4099
Covington A R Hurricane V6777
Covington W I Lancaster JA716
Cowan C R Wellington HZ580
Cowan R R Lancaster ND729
Cowan Thomas Halifax L9622
Cowan Leo Martin Lancaster R5742
Cowan N E Halifax JD317
Cowan H Spitfire RN204
Cowan W Spitfire PL252
Cowan R E Halifax MZ362
Cowan N E Halifax LW437
Cowan R J A Halifax DT483
Cowan C P Mitchell FL174
Cowan W B Lancaster LL863
Cowan A J Whitley T4165
Cowan J R Wellington Z3288
Cowan J Wellington HE464
Cowan A Stirling EF401
Cowan Hurricane Z3744
Cowan R W McG Halifax LK640
Cowan Henry Lancaster ED444
Cowan G E Hampden X3128
Cowan J F Hampden P4358
Cowan J P C Lancaster LM466
Cowan H W Mosquito KB366
Cowan G H Lancaster PB344
Cowan F C Stirling EH877
Cowan J Wellington Z1575
Cowan J E Lancaster PB409
Cowan Colin Robert
Cowan Warren Frank
Cowan Ian Rees
Cowan Charles Robert
Cowan Roland Reginald
Cowan Percy Noel
Cowan Edward Sunderland W4032
Cowan Oliven T P-47 Thunderbolt
Cowan-Hunt James George
Cowap J Stirling BK711
Coward Robert Lonsdale Lancaster PB620 (some publications have this loss as PD259)
Coward J R Halifax LW277
Coward J L Spitfire AD470
Coward E C Halifax LK909
Coward C N Lancaster LL899
Coward B Lancaster HK602
Coward Charles Theodore Godfrey
Coward Robert
Coward Charles Theodore Godfrey Hurricane KW920
Cowd J Halifax LK835
Cowden John Duncan Forbes Lancaster PB287
Cowdrey A G R Lancaster DS835
Cowdrey R S W Lancaster JB419
Cowe A M Lancaster R5898
Cowe William David
Cowell Walter Robert Wellington L7795
Cowell George Albert Hampden AE185
Cowell Robert Bryan "Barney" Wellington X3556
Cowell W J Wellington X9826
Cowell J R Lancaster JB462
Cowell A J Stirling BK606
Cowell R M Typhoon EK429
Cowell A E Lancaster JA902
Cowell R Halifax DK187
Cowell Dennis W.G. Halifax JD108
Cowell F Halifax NA167
Cowell Douglas Bruce
Cowen Peter Hurricane Z3322
Cowen L Stirling BF353
Cowen J Stirling W7464
Cowen J Halifax HX269
Cowen J R Halifax LW321
Cowen J R Lancaster JB218
Cowen W J Lancaster PB450
Cowen Noah N P-51 Mustang
Cowey Wallace James
Cowgill S Lancaster R5572
Cowgill P J Mosquito MV549
Cowham S W Lancaster W4945
Cowie John Campbell Halifax JN920
Cowie Arthur Wellington X3870
Cowie Douglas Borthwick Hudson T9320
Cowie J H Lancaster HK620
Cowie J M Typhoon JP931
Cowie R J Halifax MZ516
Cowie James Lindis Stirling EF148
Cowie Whitley P4960
Cowie F N S Lancaster DS725
Cowie J B Lancaster JB460
Cowie P Lancaster ND742
Cowie W Whitley N1351
Cowie D Lancaster ED494
Cowin D J Halifax HX233
Cowin Thomas Lewis Halifax JD316
Cowin A Halifax NA174
Cowin N R Stirling W7438
Cowin Douglas James
Cowings G H Blenheim T2038
Cowler F G Halifax HR920
Cowles R C Halifax HX163
Cowles R C A Lancaster NG350
Cowley John Albert Lancaster ED935
Cowley Stuart Harold Lancaster W4138
Cowley R Wellington X3356
Cowley M J Blenheim T1893
Cowley N C Lancaster NG175
Cowley Spitfire P7813
Cowley T B Lancaster ND520
Cowley R H Blenheim N3583
Cowley D Halifax DT574
Cowley V C Whitley N1425
Cowley T Halifax LV817
Cowley J Hurricane P3465
Cowley Jack Desborough
Cowley John Dennis
Cowling Aubrey Francis Halifax LW546
Cowling J W Mustang AM201
Cowling P R Lancaster ED555
Cowling H E Lancaster LL941
Cowling D Lancaster DS675
Cowling D L Lancaster R5903
Cowling Kenneth Roy
Cowling Henry Beaufort L9784
Cowlishaw H Lancaster W4843
Cowlrick A J Stirling N3728
Cowman W H Halifax HR655
Cownden V J Halifax LL243
Cownie N J V Wellington E3174
Cowpe F F Spitfire MH736
Cowpe F F Spitfire PL254
Cowper E F Halifax DT701
Cowper Robert Barson
Cowper Harold W P-47 Thunderbolt
Cowper Harold W P-47 Thunderbolt
Cowsill J R Hurricane N2432
Cowtan Thomas H. Lancaster KB715
Cox N H Wellington R1162
Cox Alexander Lewis Wellington R1775
Cox D V Lancaster DV219
Cox Gurth Ernest Wellington N2939
Cox Walter Edward Defiant L6965
Cox Godfrey Hippesley Stirling EF392
Cox John James Wellington R1397
Cox Kenneth Stanley Vickers Warwick BV290
Cox Ralph James Mitchell Lancaster ED799
Cox John Edward Lancaster DV226
Cox David Spencer Wellington R3160
Cox L Stirling W7509
Cox Arthur Lancaster RA542
Cox Harry' Henry William Lancaster ED543
Cox Alfred Douglas Hampden X3147
Cox Arthur Cromwell Llewellyn Lancaster LM137
Cox William Halifax JB962
Cox Horace James Wellington Z8866 (some publications state Z8806)
Cox R L Wellington Z1410
Cox R L Lancaster KB767
Cox E T Wellington BJ658
Cox P C Lancaster DS776
Cox J R T Halifax LK633
Cox J S Mustang AG465
Cox H Halifax HX281
Cox D M Stirling R9149
Cox L E Stirling EF147
Cox John Grant Lancaster JB129
Cox H G F Stirling EH946
Cox Kevin Desmond Spitfire P7758
Cox T Halifax JD105
Cox G L J Halifax HR922
Cox L Lancaster PD420
Cox D B Lancaster ND328
Cox R Blenheim N6238
Cox W R Halifax JD303
Cox F W Halifax W7880
Cox T J Halifax W7919
Cox M I Lancaster ME738
Cox W F Lancaster JB349
Cox G Wellington W5443
Cox Ronald Harry Mosquito DZ407
Cox R E Anson N5177
Cox R L Blenheim V6334
Cox R Le M Wellington R1798
Cox J W Lancaster NG116
Cox G W Blenheim T2254
Cox J Spitfire BL286
Cox J H Whitley Z9275
Cox A R Stirling LK388
Cox D Lancaster RA526
Cox W A Lancaster JA697
Cox L A Lancaster PB468
Cox A Halifax HR980
Cox A Halifax MZ927
Cox H L Wellington HF852
Cox H F Lancaster LM748
Cox C A Lancaster JB145
Cox G Halifax NA687
Cox S Blenheim V6523
Cox D G S R Spitfire X4237
Cox T H Halifax LW626
Cox R W Lancaster R5501
Cox G T Manchester L7321
Cox N McD Lancaster ME522
Cox R J Stirling R9350
Cox S Wellington Z1148
Cox K R Stirling W7474
Cox Wellington W5727HA-V
Cox G D Stirling EE903
Cox B J T Lancaster ME759
Cox R C R Blenheim
Cox D L Mosquito MV526
Cox H M Hurricane V7235
Cox J C Defiant T3995
Cox J A A Halifax L9500
Cox A G Halifax HR673
Cox A G Halifax BB368
Cox A W Lancaster ND762
Cox A Halifax HR809
Cox R Wellington W5527
Cox A E Wellington Z1145
Cox A C Halifax DK250
Cox R T Halifax LL179
Cox L Lancaster W4819
Cox E S Hampden X2921
Cox F G Lancaster JA700
Cox A J Halifax HX267
Cox L E Lancaster ME808
Cox J L Lancaster PB195
Cox K Lancaster PD294
Cox A B Hampden P4287
Cox P A N Hurricane P3808
Cox Ernest Walter Halifax DT561
Cox A T Lancaster ME679
Cox Wellington R1722
Cox K H Spitfire P9511
Cox R B Lancaster LM378
Cox D G Lancaster EE147
Cox J K Lancaster LM423
Cox J Lancaster PD393
Cox C E Halifax NP931
Cox G Stirling R9331
Cox Q T Stirling EF387
Cox G N Halifax LW321
Cox R E Halifax MZ460
Cox Whitley Z9277
Cox W L Manchester R5781
Cox G Hampden AE365
Cox A H C Wellington T2472
Cox H Spitfire W3710
Cox A M Lancaster L7573
Cox Graham James
Cox David George Samuel Richardson
Cox Neill Dudley
Cox Leonard Arthur Wellington HZ544
Cox Charles
Cox Bernard Leslie
Cox Walter James
Cox Maxwell
Cox Harold Robert Irving
Cox Reginald George
Cox James Leslie
Cox Charles Ian
Cox Neville Holt
Cox James Leslie
Cox James Henry
Cox John Allen
Cox Christopher Frederick
Cox Alexander Lewis
Cox Dudley Vincent
Cox Frank Mitchell
Cox Barry Mortimer
Cox Keith Frederick
Cox Keith Kipling
Cox Thomas Rawson
Cox Reginald George Halifax W1272
Cox Eric Clarence Liberator AL548
Cox Kenneth Denison Liberator KH214
Cox William Biggs B-17 43-38107
Cox Harold D P-47 Thunderbolt`
Cox Harold D P-47 Thunderbolt`
Cox Ralph L P-51 Mustang
Cox Ralph L P-47 Thunderbolt
Cox Ralph L P-47 Thunderbolt
Cox Rufus To Jr P-47 Thunderbolt`
Cox Thomas E P-47 Thunderbolt
Cox Leslie Denzil Wellington DV514
Coxhead Frank Ernest Lancaster ND981
Coxhead D J Typhoon JP380
Coxhill L E J Lancaster PB263
Coxon J H Wellington DV699
Coxon W T Lancaster HK686
Coxon G L Lancaster ED442
Coy James Stirling N6102
Coy Donald Lancaster W4826
Coy Thomas William Blenheim V5433
Coy Jack Lawrence Wellington X3408
Coy Fred E Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Coyle Douglas Edward Stirling W7433
Coyle M J Lancaster JB242
Coyle M G Mitchell FL212
Coyle J J Lancaster LM511
Coyne Edward Kenneth Lancaster NG229
Coyne J Wellington BJ777
Coyne Patrick Lancaster JA702
Coyne S G Stirling EE942
Coyne S G Stirling BF466
Cozens George Arthur Stirling BF530
Cozens Paul Joseph Wellington HE863
Cozens W J G Lancaster ME456
Cozens A D Lancaster ND388
Cozens R H Lancaster ME790
Cozens E B Stirling R9357
Cozens E B Stirling R9189
Cozens W A Halifax LL191
Cozens W A Halifax DK181
Cozens-Hardy G S Lancaster LM731
Cpoas K R Halifax JN921
Crabb B Lancaster KB763
Crabb R G Lancaster ND413
Crabb P H Wellington DV447
Crabb J M Typhoon JR436
Crabb G J L Wellington X9747
Crabb B Lancaster PB519
Crabb Frank James
Crabbe E S Lancaster EE178
Crabbe Colin Bernard
Crabree Kenneth Avro Anson EG113
Crabtree E J Lancaster R5700
Crabtree John Athelstan Lancaster ND398
Crabtree Kenneth Liberator FK245
Crabtree C M Halifax MZ674
Crabtree Ronald Hugh Stirling W7569
Crabtree N W Typhoon JP972
Crabtree H Halifax JP200
Crabtree D B Spitfire P7980
Crabtree T J Lancaster PB401
Crabtree J D Lancaster ND453
Crabtree J C Lancaster NN745
Crabtree M Halifax DT734
Crabtree Edward Jeptha
Crackart N D Hampden P1329
Cracknell Stanley Arthur Vickers Warwick BV290
Cracknell Richard Stephen Wellington Z1592
Cracknell Richard Stephen Wellington Z1592
Cracknell Walter Charles Lancaster DS840
Cracknell A W Halifax MZ645
Cracknell H E Halifax DT807
Craddock T E Lancaster PB678
Craddock Thomas Finbar Halifax LL577
Craddock G Blenheim R3813
Craddock J L Mosquito KB430
Craddock N S Stirling R9274
Craddock N Stirling BF380
Craddock S Lancaster NG201
Craddock R G Lancaster ED424
Craddock W J Lancaster JB720
Craddock Alan Fullerton
Craddock Thomas Eugene
Cradduck Whitley Z6582
Craft C Halifax DG227
Craft George William Stirling N3727
Crafts R H Wellington R1343
Cragg W P Stirling EJ125
Cragg K L Lancaster DS736
Cragg Archibald Douglas Wellington P9277
Cragg Ernest T P-38 Lightning
Cragg Ernest T P-38 Lightning
Craggs J B Stirling BK704
Craggs D Lancaster ND810
Crago J D Lancaster HK621
Crago William Thomas Roy
Craib G R R H Lancaster KB806
Craig Thomas Hudson T9320
Craig Ellen Margaret Florence Hudson T9320
Craig Arthur Ernest Blenheim L9325
Craig James William Barrie Blenheim N3528
Craig David Carnegie Whitley P5087
Craig R K Whitley Z9283
Craig Michael Joseph Wellington HZ110
Craig W D Halifax HR928
Craig William Warren Halifax R9489
Craig J Lancaster ND640
Craig J F Lancaster LL852
Craig F H Wellington R1702
Craig H C Wellington X3634
Craig W Lancaster DV269
Craig W Lancaster DV283
Craig J MacD Halifax LW195
Craig J M Halifax MZ659
Craig R K Whitley Z6821
Craig J W Wellington X9816
Craig J D Halifax W1270
Craig J F Lancaster JB276
Craig A D F Wellington W5477
Craig A D F Wellington W5362
Craig D J R Blenheim L9272
Craig J T Hurricane L1607
Craig J T Hurricane P2888
Craig J W Wellington L7805
Craig D L T Wellington X3414
Craig D G Lancaster JA697
Craig J D Lancaster NG391
Craig A E Blenheim L9191
Craig J G Stirling LJ567
Craig A M Lancaster R5509
Craig W N Stirling DJ973
Craig A Lancaster LM258
Craig D R Halifax W7906
Craig J W Wellington W5581
Craig J N Halifax LW114
Craig K A Halifax JD327
Craig G H Lancaster R5903
Craig R Lancaster PA968
Craig W H Halifax JD123
Craig Whitley N1459
Craig G D Hurricane BE418
Craig W Lancaster DV294
Craig H H Lancaster ED624
Craig J R Halifax LW459
Craig R G Wellington T2805
Craig R S C Wellington N2854
Craig P Halifax LW638
Craig R H Lancaster ND948
Craig A D F Wellington N2957
Craig John Teasdale ("Bobby")
Craig James Ian
Craig William Gordon
Craig John Malcolm
Craig Norman Harold
Craig Marie Eileen
Craig Horace C P-47 Thunderbolt
Craig-Adams M A Gladiator N5633
Craigie R A Lancaster ED771
Craigie J E D Lancaster W4256
Craigie Charles Cleghorn Brockie Halifax NP936
Craigie R A Lancaster ED745
Craigie C Lancaster JB599
Craigie D H Lancaster JA686
Craigie John Edward Bruce
Craigie-Halkett L M Wellington T2559
Craigmile Harry George Wellington R1005
Craik James Fraser Lancaster PB287
Craik M C Lancaster EE135
Crail W D Mosquito MM143
Craill D G Wellington BJ701
Crain Alan Irvine Halifax MZ715
Crain W G Halifax LK959
Crain Alan Irvine
Craine R M Halifax BB199
Craine Alexander Robert
Cram H R Lancaster KB752
Cram W H Halifax LV951
Cram W Lancaster ED973
Cram D Lancaster W4305
Cram Jr. Chester David B-24 Gawgia Peach 42-52709
Cramb P W Halifax JN903
Cramer P J Lancaster ED614
Cramer O R Halifax LW695
Cramer Patrick Joseph
Cramer Darrell S P-51 Mustang
Cramer Darrell S P-51 Mustang
Cramer Darrell S P-51 Mustang
Cramer Darrell S P-51 Mustang
Cramer Darrell S P-51 Mustang
Cramer Darrell S P-51 Mustang
Cramer Darrell S P-51 Mustang
Crameri A R A Lancaster PD309
Cramm Hendrick Charles Spitfire RK891
Crammond J Halifax JD365
Cramp R Lancaster DV239
Cramp D Whitley Z6958
Cramp D Lancaster ED331
Cramp D D Lancaster LM285
Cramp P J F Halifax LK790
Cramp D L Lancaster JB180
Cramp Roy
Crampin A J Lancaster PD272
Crampton Leonard Robert Lancaster JA709
Crampton H T Lancaster LL697
Crampton W F Wellington Z1614
Crampton R A V Mosquito DZ465
Crampton J G Wellington R1613
Crampton C E Halifax DK267
Crampton W F Wellington W5703
Cran Kenneth Peter McLeod Halifax JP286
Cran F B Wellington X3462
Cranch F E Halifax LW614
Crandell T M Halifax JB912
Crandell William Alfred B-24 42-95047
Crandell Jack L P-51 Mustang
Crandell Jack S P-47 Thunderbolt
Crane R J Halifax MZ767
Crane Jack Henry Halifax MZ579
Crane T Lancaster LM462
Crane E R Halifax JD127
Crane W M Halifax W1225
Crane L G Lancaster JB536
Crane J Halifax NR177
Crane B Halifax DG283
Crane R A Typhoon JP430
Crane S C Halifax MZ638
Crane K N Halifax RG373
Crane W E Lancaster NG144
Crane J F R Battle L5422
Crane J F R Battle K9357
Crane J S Wellington R1007
Crane W McD Lancaster R5568
Crane C J Lancaster PB250
Crane Gerald Wellington X9700
Crane Noel Irvine
Crane Albert George
Crane William Henry
Crane Robert William
Cranefield R A G Lancaster PD283
Craner John Joseph
Cranfield A A Lancaster JA859
Cranfield Astley Arthur
Cranfill Niven K P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Cranfill Niven K P-51 Mustang
Cranfill Niven K P-51 Mustang
Cranfill Niven K P-51 Mustang
Cranham J R Halifax DT787
Cranidge S Lancaster ME671
Cranidge T J Blenheim T1827
Crank N S Lancaster ME738
Crank A A Lancaster EE121
Cranmer P A Halifax MZ760
Cranmer Paul Augustus
Cranna W T Wellington R1616
Cranston D G Lancaster LL971
Cranston Thomas George James Blenheim L8870
Cranston D C Hampden X3021
Cranston J E Lancaster NG399
Cranston G Lancaster LL906
Cranston Robert John
Cranston Dion Graeme
Cranstoun John Pugh Whitley EB388
Cranswick D Wellington Z1610
Cranswick Alec P Lancaster ND846
Cranswick A P Halifax DT623
Cranswick G Halifax DT782
Cranswick A Halifax LL128
Cranwell Halifax W1181
Cranz W A Wellington X3957
Cranz William August
Crapp Errol Clifton Lancaster ED559
Crapp Frances George Stirling W7635
Crapp E C Wellington X9876
Crapp Errol Clifton
Crapper M Lancaster PB384
Crapper-Bovey D R L Lancaster DV222
Crarer T E Wellington X3452
Craske B S Whitley Z6805
Crate S R Lancaster LL848
Crate Gerald Watson Halifax LK797
Craton James Douglas Crawfors Lancaster KB846
Craven C R Lancaster W4320
Craven Frank Stirling W7639
Craven Robert B
Craven P D Halifax HX159
Craven W E Whitley Z6468
Craven W Whitley T4216
Craven T L Halifax JD246
Craven L J Halifax LW724
Craven Halifax DK206
Craven C Lancaster LM743
Craven A Lancaster PB346
Craven H Lancaster ME640
Craven Jack Lancaster LL840
Craven L Lancaster LM429
Craven R H Whitley Z9481
Craven H E A Whitley N1461
Craven A J Mosquito PZ386
Craven T Hampden AE263
Craven Wellington R3169
Craven J D Lancaster LW740
Craven Lyndley Dawson
Craven George Edward James
Cravoisier J P Hurricane
Crawford D R Lancaster DV178
Crawford K E Lancaster ND986
Crawford William Brian Lancaster W4902
Crawford Ronald Aubrey Halifax LV825
Crawford David Nicholson Sunderland JM763
Crawford George Bernard Blenheim Z7304
Crawford J Lancaster ME789
Crawford William Samuel Wellington BK386
Crawford V Lancaster PA981
Crawford N Lancaster PB477
Crawford O E Wellington X3715
Crawford F S Lancaster KB752
Crawford J J Halifax JD275
Crawford K Lancaster DS739
Crawford D H Halifax LW173
Crawford W G Lancaster ND926
Crawford Bernard Verdun Stirling BF378
Crawford J Lancaster PA197
Crawford H V R Wellington X3867
Crawford R B Lancaster ND801
Crawford F P Halifax DT778
Crawford R J Lancaster ME564
Crawford J S G Whitley T4136
Crawford G E Lancaster JB730
Crawford F A Lancaster ED922
Crawford W A Lancaster ND760
Crawford A Wellington W5437
Crawford I K Halifax W7751
Crawford H J Halifax EB239
Crawford G B Blenheim Z7283
Crawford D R Typhoon PD561
Crawford J B Spitfire X4231
Crawford W A Stirling EE946
Crawford J M Lancaster ED361
Crawford G M Stirling EE895
Crawford W E Lancaster ND734
Crawford F D Halifax NP688
Crawford S Manchester R5782
Crawford A V Lancaster ED810
Crawford J S G Lancaster LM392
Crawford A F Halifax MZ987
Crawford J Manchester L7494
Crawford J Lancaster LM726
Crawford I R B Halifax LK865
Crawford Christopher Nigel Charles Lancaster PB357
Crawford I D Halifax JB803
Crawford F Whitley N1425
Crawford F Whitley N1384
Crawford C W Halifax MZ310
Crawford P J S Halifax LW589
Crawford P Blenheim T2161
Crawford J L Lancaster ED558
Crawford J M Lancaster PB450
Crawford James Dawson Wellington X3599
Crawford Gordon Robert
Crawford Ormond Frederick Ewald
Crawford David Maxwell
Crawford John Brian
Crawford Kent Elliott
Crawford Finley Ewart Munro
Crawford Francis Sirius Hudson N7279
Crawford Thomas Alvin Blenheim L8755
Crawford Kenneth I P-51 Mustang
Crawford-Compton William Vernon 'Bill'
Crawford-Marks S Wellington L7807
Crawford-Watson L S Stirling BK778
Crawley Charles Douglas Hampden P4286
Crawley Gordon Joseph Wellington LP196
Crawley Clifford Tom Martin Baltimore FW553
Crawley Terence John Hudson T9277
Crawley Aidan Merivale Hurricane V7802
Crawley F W Halifax LK839
Crawley David Halifax LW427
Crawley F W Mosquito KB498
Crawley J S F V Lancaster ED599
Crawley T S J Halifax HR781
Crawley R F Stirling R9282
Crawley E Hampden AE437
Crawley S E Halifax MZ372
Crawley R J Lancaster JB652
Crawley J K Blenheim P4853
Crawley C H Lancaster ED311
Crawley Christopher William
Crawley Paul R P-47 Thunderbolt`
Crawshaw R A Lancaster DS684
Crawshaw M S Lancaster ND382
Crawshaw L Wellington W5448
Crawshaw S R Lancaster PB370
Crayden B Halifax MZ644
Crayston K M Lancaster NN706
Craze H E L Halifax MZ352
Craze W R J Lancaster JA685
Creamer Kenneth Archibald Typhoon JP535
Creamer Aubrey Herbert
Creamer John M P-51 Mustang
Creaney C Halifax BB239
Crearer D L Lancaster DV223
Crease Ronald Lancaster JA935
Crease H S Hurricane Z3421
Crease A C Wellington Z8985
Creaser G Lancaster HK697
Creasey Leslie Wallace Wellington HE898
Creba J F Halifax LW558
Crebbin William Donald Lancaster PD293
Crebbin G J Halifax LK925
Crebbin G J Wellington HE476
Crebbin W N Stirling N6042
Crebbin J P Lancaster ED312
Crebbin J P Lancaster JB284
Crebbin J P Lancaster JB187
Crebbin Ronald Wellington BK467
Creber W S Wellington BK463
Creber R G Lancaster JB747
Creber William Sidney
Creed E W C Wellington Z1143
Creed W H Stirling W7611
Creed Ernest William Durham ("Bill")
Creed Eric William Cuthbert
Creede Joseph Daniel Halifax W1186
Creedy D W E Whitley Z6803
Creekmur Thomas C P-51 Mustang
Creer G Halifax JD118
Creer G E Halifax LW515
Crees P S Halifax DK260
Creevy D W Lancaster ED967
Creighton Alan D Lancaster LL900
Creighton N V Lancaster LL860
Creighton Richard D P-51 Mustang
Creighton Richard D P-51 Mustang
Creighton-Kelly G K H Halifax EB212
Crellin E H Blenheim L6694
Crellin Albert Edwin
Cremer J M Spitfire AD575
Cremin Daniel Edward Spitfire AB462
Cremin Daniel Edward
Cremins T D Lancaster PB461
Crengh S C Spitfire EP198
Crenshaw Claude J P-51 Mustang
Crenshaw Claude J P-51 Mustang
Crenshaw Claude J P-51 Mustang
Crenshaw Claude J P-51 Mustang
Crerar Alexander Lancaster R5495
Crerar D Halifax LW511
Cresswell Arthur Bryce Halifax JD375
Cresswell R N A Wellington DV701
Cresswell V Lancaster DV195
Cresswell Halifax L9526
Cresswell Cyril Hampden AT224
Cresswell A Wellington HE440
Cresswell K J Lancaster LL893
Cresswell J D Stirling BK800
Cresswell F A Lancaster PD336
Cresswell Bernard Barton
Cresswell Donald William Halifax DG413
Creswell G E Halifax RG476
Creswell P H Wellington X3370
Creswell A E Whitley P5112
Creswell A E Whitley T4201
Creswell A E Whitley N1414
Creswell Raymond H P-51 Mustang
Creswell-Turner A Spitfire RB185
Crew B G Halifax NR257
Crew K B Blenheim L1415
Crew George Cecil Lancaster JB313
Crew Blenheim V5596
Crew G G Stirling EE196
Crew C G Stirling BF504
Crew E D Mosquito MM499
Crew E D Mosquito MM448
Crew Edward Dixon
Crew Joseph F Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Crewe R E Spitfire BM152
Crewe K E Wellington Z1623
Crewe F J Spitfire AD320
Crews R H Wellington W5525
Crews C A R Battle P2326
Cribb R J Halifax HR936
Cribb R F Halifax HR747
Cribb H L Halifax LW656
Cribb Peter
Cribb Stanley Bridson
Cribbin G Lancaster ED504
Cribbin G N Halifax MZ568
Crich W R Wellington T2610
Crich W R Stirling BK595
Crichton D L Wellington Z8860
Crichton Cecil Ernest Whitley Z6479
Crichton A Wellington X3472
Crichton F G Stirling N3728
Crichton M I Stirling EE959
Crichton W McL Hampden AE230
Crichton David Lecky
Crichton Rita Marjorie
Crichton George Owen
Crick W R Halifax LW472
Crick L E Stirling EE957
Criddle Percival Richard
Cridge A V G Stirling EF329
Cridge F W Lancaster PB242
Cridge R J Hampden AE132
Cridland R G Lancaster DS760
Cridland J Spitfire AB512
Cridland Alan Thomas
Cridland Francis Herbert
Crighton A B Wellington X3467
Crighton Allan Kittyhawk P40E
Crighton J Lancaster LM514
Crighton A M Halifax LK850
Crilly T Blenheim Z7700
Crimes B F F Stirling LJ993
Crimmins J A C Spitfire MK853
Crimmins R T Wellington Z1670
Crimmins Raymond Thomas Wellington HE423
Crimmins William Dennis Crimmins Lancaster LM424
Crimmins W J Mosquito DK327
Crimmon D J Spitfire BS351
Cringle R M Lancaster ND650
Crintinacce G Spitfire TB864
Cripps R F Lancaster W4371
Cripps Walter Ephraim Spitfire BR125
Cripps B R Lancaster ED584
Cripps Raymond Frank
Crisfield K S Halifax HX149
Crisford R G Mosquito MM650
Crisford R G Mosquito MM650
Crisford C Typhoon DN623
Crisford Raymond Gavin
Crisp P D Mosquito PF517
Crisp Harry Alfred Charles Liberator KH245
Crisp J R Lancaster NE119
Crisp J Halifax NA175
Crisp J A Lancaster PB303
Crisp R P Wellington BK336
Crisp J L Spitfire BL814
Crisp J L Hurricane L1736
Crisp Whitley T4207
Crisp R G Stirling EE891
Crisp C E Halifax JB850
Crisp J Lancaster L7570
Crisp Eric Ernest
Crisp Elwyn Derek
Crispin Jean Paul Halifax LW379
Crisswell P Halifax MZ526
Cristadoro Maurice A Jr P-38 Lightning
Criswick M L C Stirling BK648
Critch H L Whitley Z6672
Critcher Edmund Russell
Critchett E D L Ventura AE742
Critchison Stanley Bryan Wellington Z1324
Critchley J A Lancaster ME784
Critchley J Lancaster PD287
Critchley R Wellington N2770
Critchley Lawrence A Lancaster ME859
Critchley D J Halifax MZ461
Critchley G T Lancaster ND516
Critchley G G Lancaster LM322
Critchlow R N P Lancaster JB182
Critchlow A Halifax L9531
Crittenden P G Wellington Z1218
Crittenden Philip George
Cro David Harry Lancaster DV275
Croad G P Halifax LL356
Croad I A H Halifax NR251
Croad L H Halifax JD148
Croaker John Lancaster W4270
Croal E Lancaster ED355
Croal P Halifax LW324
Croal Edward
Croall C Wellington X3452
Croall G A Spitfire EP123
Crobian M Halifax LK955
Crock H W Wellington BJ969
Crockart William Finlay Whitley T4287
Crockatt D E Halifax JB920
Crocker Francis Gerald Wellington MP629
Crocker Murray Rowe Lancaster W4138
Crocker B Wellington W5419
Crocker F W Halifax L9600
Crocker Halifax L9579
Crocker Malcolm Lancaster LL900
Crocker D H Whitley P4972
Crocker Lancaster R5864
Crocker Basil Colin Hely
Crocker Henry Bert
Crocker Reyburn F P-38 Lightning
Crocker Sherman N P-47 Thunderbolt`
Crockett J G Halifax W1220
Crockett E G Lancaster JA958
Crockett R C Lancaster JB302
Crockett R Halifax LW650
Crockett James Grant
Crockett Murray Bernard
Crockford A L Stirling W7565
Crockford Anthony Lancaster JA713
Crockford W S Lancaster ND505
Crockford Alfred Derrick
Croft Robert McKerlie Lancaster LL882
Croft William Denman Halifax LV833
Croft Kenneth Norman Joseph Halifax RG373
Croft Wesley Bethel Wellington DF636
Croft L F Lancaster PB630
Croft A F W N Lancaster ED652
Croft J E N Lancaster ED540
Croft A C Lancaster LL974
Croft J M Wellington R3202
Croft C W Lancaster LM516
Croft W A Hampden X2969
Croft P N Halifax HR799
Croft A B Lancaster R5516
Croft L G Lancaster W4778
Croft P F Lancaster NN726
Croft D E Lancaster EE172
Croft Barry Alan
Croft Cedric Robert
Croft Robert McKerlie
Croft William Denman
Croft Charles Edward
Croft Joseph Kenneth
Crofton Cecil Charles William Halifax W7822
Crofton Cecil Charles William Halifax W1252
Crofton R M E Boston Z2285
Crofts Donald Albert Stirling BK692
Crofts Wellington W5450
Crofts F Lancaster DS791
Crofts R Halifax N885
Crofts P G Hurricane V6699
Crofts R Halifax JD379
Croker Arthur James Beaufort L9835
Croker M R Lancaster PB649
Croker Eric Eugene Spitfire P8163
Croker D R Lancaster ND570
Croker Denys William Wellington LN329
Croker Robert C P-51 Mustang
Croll J MacG Lancaster LL953
Croll A H Halifax I MZ335
Croll A H Halifax MZ689
Crollie B C Halifax NR126
Cromar D Lancaster JB114
Cromarty John Donald Range Lancaster JB640
Cromarty D R Halifax HX331
Cromarty L W Lancaster PB743
Cromb L D Lancaster DV272
Crombie Donald Charles Cameron Lancaster DS863
Crombie R Defiant L6974
Crombie G Hampden AD901
Crombie J D Stirling BK607
Crombie J D Hampden AT158
Crombie Peter Kirk
Crombie Charles Arbuthnot Beaufighter A19-198
Crombie Mervyn Cobbe
Crombie William S Jr P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Crombie William S Jr P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Crombie William S Jr P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Crombie William S Jr P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Crombie William S Jr P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Crome D A Halifax DK119
Cromer James A Ii P-38 Lightning
Cromie J A Lancaster LM301
Crompton George William Sergio Wellington HX580
Crompton Douglas Halifax JD414
Crompton Richard Clifford Halifax LK649
Crompton F Lancaster ND388
Crompton W R Lancaster ND996
Crompton R K Spitfire N3064
Crompton Eric
Crompton George William Sergio
Crompton A. Wellington BK467
Crompton Douglas Wellington Z8852
Crompton-Batt R E
Cromwell L N Halifax LW505
Cronan T Lancaster NG144
Crone John H Lancaster PB802
Crone R D Lancaster ND651
Crone R D Lancaster LM335
Crone T W A Whitley Z6578
Crone John Henry
Croney Leo Lancaster LM742
Croney H Lancaster JA682
Cronin Cornelius Patrick Finbarr Mosquito DD777
Cronin P E Halifax LV959
Cronin Maxwell Joseph Wellington Z1097
Cronin John Michael
Cronin Timothy J P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Cronk G J Lancaster LL752
Cronk George Edward Wellington BJ657
Cronk L W Lancaster W4261
Cronk E F Wellington BJ651
Cronk Charles M P-47 Thunderbolt`
Cronyn P H Halifax LV821
Crook William Hampden L4171
Crook E C Lancaster W4256
Crook L C Hampden AD871
Crook Wellington P9270
Crook B J F Wellington HE167
Crook J W Wellington R1166
Crook E Wellington X9669
Crook R D Lancaster EE185
Crook W M Lancaster LM592
Crook W M Lancaster ND698
Crook R E Lancaster DV160
Crook L B Tempest NV921
Crook David Moore
Crooke A W Lancaster PB147
Crooke S R Lancaster W4894
Crookel G J Lancaster PA171
Crookes Norman Mosquito
Crookes C Lancaster PB488
Crookes V Lancaster EE109
Crookes V Lancaster EE149
Crooks Raymond William John Halifax DG222
Crooks L Lancaster DV291
Crooks L A Lancaster DV268
Crooks A Wellington W5365
Crooks W W Wellington R3175
Crooks J H Lancaster ME835
Crooks Malcolm Bruce Wellington L7798
Crooks D A C Whirlwind P6989
Crooks L Lancaster DS681
Crooks L Wellington HE867
Crooks R H Lancaster JA848
Crooks H M Lancaster EE148
Crookston D A Lancaster W4162
Croome Allan James Campbell Lancaster PB302
Croome Albert Eric Lancaster W4135
Croot Douglas
Cropley Alan Arthur
Cropper D L Spitfire P8745
Croquet J L J Spitfire AB175
Crory A V Typhoon RB252
Crory W Halifax LW500
Crosbie P A Lancaster JA680
Crosbie D A Halifax LV962
Crosbie D A Halifax LW347
Crosbie P G Wellington Z8863
Crosbie Norman John
Crosbie Jeffery David
Crosbie Leonard John
Crosbie David Aloysius Blenheim V5525
Crosby Peter Alan Lancaster ME663
Crosby Vincent Brian Lancaster ND714 (some sources state NE172)
Crosby D Y N Wellington X9974
Crosby R G Typhoon MP134
Crosby R G Typhoon JP446
Crosby B Lancaster LM464
Crosby G L Wellington L4339
Crosby C G Lancaster DV401
Crosby Peter Alan
Crosdale Charles Joseph
Crosier P Lancaster ND339
Crosier Edward Rutherford
Crosland A H Halifax LV879
Crosley R. Michael ("Mike")
Cross R F Lancaster LM100
Cross W N Lancaster ED304
Cross Peter William Bristol 164 Brigand VS839
Cross James Arthur Lancaster ED469
Cross John Davies
Cross R H Lancaster LM137
Cross A L Spitfire EN932
Cross W A Stirling N3673
Cross Garfield Wallace Halifax MZ432
Cross Clifford Donald Spitfire MJ140
Cross Sydney Nelson Stirling BF463
Cross H E Halifax HR697
Cross I K P Wellington Z8714
Cross L Lancaster ED881
Cross A Lancaster ND447
Cross P L U Mosquito DZ465
Cross P L U Mosquito KB218
Cross W Hampden AD866
Cross N J Wellington R1294
Cross M M Stirling EH903
Cross W Stirling EF202
Cross H Stirling LK388
Cross D Stirling R9151
Cross C W Lancaster NN743
Cross F T Wellington LP284
Cross W Typhoon JR319
Cross R J Lancaster ND575
Cross F Wellington X3179
Cross Wellington L7859
Cross G Mosquito HR207
Cross G H Halifax HX325
Cross G Lancaster ME333
Cross Wellington P2526
Cross J Halifax LK909
Cross R W Hampden L4102
Cross A Hampden P4375
Cross L P Lancaster JB700
Cross G R Lancaster NN806
Cross G W Lancaster EE170
Cross J S Lancaster JB710
Cross Walter Herbert Lancaster JA936
Cross T R Wellington X3462
Cross M J C Manchester R5779
Cross M F Hampden AD898
Cross J R Hampden AD978
Cross D H J Lancaster ND818
Cross M G Lancaster ND464
Cross J W Lancaster PA973
Cross Robert Walter
Cross Stanley William
Cross Ronald Frank
Cross William Norman
Cross Hugh James
Cross James F P-47 Thunderbolt
Cross Richard G Jr P-51 Mustang
Crosse W P Wellington R1326
Crossen Morris C P-47 Thunderbolt
Crossgrove R Lancaster JB243
Crossing J K Wellington DV475
Crossing Murray Herbert
Crossland N Blenheim P6889
Crossland Tom Halifax JB847
Crossland H R Wellington X3203
Crossland J Mustang FZ131
Crossland A A E Whitley P5008
Crossley F W Halifax LK699
Crossley R Lancaster JB528
Crossley L A Lancaster W4178
Crossley R C Blenheim N6199
Crossley J L Typhoon RB194
Crossley J S Hampden AD846
Crossley Hampden AE118
Crossley M N Hurricane N2461
Crossley M N Hurricane P3481
Crossley Ernest Lancaster KB782
Crossley F K Wellington W5434
Crossley E F Lancaster ND475
Crossley R Lancaster EE147
Crossley Michael Nicholson
Crossley Arnold Erol
Crossman Thomas Albert Halifax LV858
Crossman J D Hurricane V6748
Crossman L C Lancaster JB231
Crossman T J Lancaster NG324
Crossman Mervyn Edward
Crossman John Dallas
Crosson A J Stirling EF327
Crosson A J Stirling BK708
Crossthwaite Daniel Lancaster W4799
Crosswell Percy Bruce Halifax LK802
Crosthwait Edwin M P-47 Thunderbolt
Crosthwaite D C Halifax LK884
Crosthwaite Douglas Charles
Crostin David Payne Lancaster LL882
Croston Walter Lancaster RF230
Croston L A Lancaster LM366
Croston R Lancaster W4246
Croston David Payne
Croteau Joseph Fernand Raymond Wellington BJ894
Crothers Thomas Edward Hampden P5332
Crothers Frederick Halifax JN899
Crothers Kenneth Denzel Lancaster LL946
Crothers Ronald Kenneth
Crotty Raymond John
Crotty William Joseph
Crouch D H Lancaster EE167
Crouch C N Lancaster RA516
Crouch Alan John Halifax MZ575
Crouch R.F. Whitley Z9300
Crouch Leonard Robert Wellington Z8866 (some publications state Z8806)
Crouch J W Halifax W7921
Crouch J W Halifax W1181
Crouch D A D Hampden X3002
Crouch K Wellington Z8409
Crouch E W Lancaster JB282
Crouch W Halifax EB239
Crouch R C A Typhoon MN649
Crouch E Halifax JB922
Crouch R G Wellington HE692
Crouch J L Lancaster ME727
Crouch P J Whitley T4338
Crouch A G B Blenheim P4854
Crouch Alexander Headley
Crouch Kevin Harold
Crouch Marston Winthorpe
Crouch Douglas Henry
Crouch Gordon Maxwell
Crouch Thomas Edward Nelson
Croucher John Rhodes Whitley Z6574
Croucher Gordon Lancaster LL687
Croucher L C Lancaster KB786
Croucher N S Halifax LW391
Croucher Henry Lancaster PB851
Croucher G Lancaster DS768
Croucher J H Lancaster LM260
Croud Joseph Edward Henry
Crouse H A Halifax DK169
Crout H R Lancaster EE143
Crout Harry Ronald
Crow Arthur Maurice Mosquito NS791
Crow R K Lancaster NG335
Crow M H C Halifax DT799
Crow E F L Stirling EH903
Crow P Lancaster DV155
Crow Thomas James Russell
Crowcroft T S Halifax LW265
Crowdy C W E Halifax LW622
Crowe Alfred James Spencer Lancaster RF230
Crowe John Walter Stirling EF495
Crowe H R Wellington X9878
Crowe Eric Arthur Wellington Z1592
Crowe W A Halifax LV968
Crowe C D Halifax NP719
Crowe L R Wellington HE155
Crowe D F Lancaster LL961
Crowe J F K Halifax BB324
Crowe E Hampden AE253
Crowe R F Lancaster LM142
Crowe D McB Lancaster HK650
Crowe E J Stirling EE902
Crowe A Tempest NV663
Crowe P M Wellington W5390
Crowe G A Lancaster ED777
Crowe F C Lancaster JB236
Crowe Halifax L9567
Crowe M M Halifax BB200
Crowe W S Mitchell FL179
Crowe Joseph George
Crowfoot T B Lancaster W4771
Crowhurst S V Hampden AE391
Crowhurst E F Wellington HE531
Crowley H E Lancaster EE186
Crowley Michael John Lancaster W4176
Crowley John William Lancaster JA709
Crowley P A Lancaster KB758
Crowley F J Typhoon MN637
Crowley F J Typhoon MP124
Crowley P J Blenheim P4919
Crowley D F Spitfire BS546
Crowley Reginald August Peterson
Crowley Patrick Joseph
Crowley-Milling D Spitfire W3455
Crowley-Milling Denis
Crownrich Roscoe L Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Crowsley D A Lancaster DS662
Crowsley W J V Wellington X9750
Crowther A D Wellington Z1385
Crowther Joshua Halifax HR749
Crowther G C Wellington HE550
Crowther F S Lancaster LL758
Crowther W L Halifax R9491
Crowther A R Stirling BK711
Crowther J H P W Typhoon EK498
Crowther T R Lancaster W5008
Crowther E Lancaster LM595
Crowther F E W Stirling BF459
Crowther Lance Dixon
Crowther Allister Dalton
Croxall A Stirling LJ578
Croxford R J Lancaster JB398
Croxon Kenneth Eric Lancaster LM593
Croxon E Lancaster ED993
Croxson Hal Lancaster LL745
Croxton W L Wellington X3554
Croxton-Davies R Spitfire W3901
Croxton-Davis Robert
Croy Douglas Marchbank Spitfire AB126
Croy Manford O Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Croy Manford O Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Croydon H L Wellington Z8511
Croydon Harold Leslie
Croydon George Wellington LP545
Croysdill Mosquito MM499
Crozier Leonard Aubrey Vickers Warwick HG342
Crozier David Macleod Lancaster R5680
Crozier W J Halifax HR849
Crozier J H T Stirling EH931
Crozier A W Stirling BK656
Crozier Noel Henry Lancaster W4230
Crozier Alexander Mosquito LR253
Crozier Robert Hudson VAM697
Crozier W A Lancaster NG171
Crozier Blenheim R3618
Crozier L A Hurricane N2389
Crozier John Francis
Crucikshank R A Stirling N6009
Cruden George Stevenson Wellington LP499
Cruickshank A D Lancaster NF913
Cruickshank W E Halifax LW421
Cruickshank J D Lancaster KB822
Cruickshank D J Lancaster NF984
Cruickshank J A Lancaster ND632
Cruickshank G Stirling W7631
Cruickshank J R Mustang AG537
Cruickshank J M R Halifax L9507
Cruickshank C Halifax W7873
Cruickshank J M Lancaster PB199
Cruickshank D Lancaster LL637
Cruickshank D A Hampden X3001
Cruickshank W Lancaster LM362
Cruickshank A Stirling N6012
Cruickshank A R Spitfire LA203
Cruickshank William George
Cruickshanks G L Wellington R1784
Cruikshank A. R.
Cruikshank John Vincent
Cruise W L Halifax LV899
Crum Wallace Watson Halifax MZ506
Crum Walter S P-51 Mustang
Crumbley W M Lancaster JB729
Crummey P J Stirling BF576
Crump Reginald Robert Terance Sunderland DW106
Crump J C Wellington W5537
Crump D Halifax JN908
Crump E E G Manchester L7318
Crump Wellington X9785
Crump R G Lancaster NF932
Crump G F Lancaster LM454
Crump J Halifax MZ711
Crump James T P-51 Mustang
Crumpler G E Lancaster LL936
Cruse LeRoy Desmond B-17 Black Magic 42-31721
Crush Richard Hope Hampden AD796
Crutch V J Halifax DT556
Crutchfield P N Lancaster JB733
Crutchfield P N Lancaster ND402
Crutchfield Wilfred B P-47 Thunderbolt
Crutchfield Wilfred B P-47 Thunderbolt
Crutchley Dennis William Lancaster PB373
Crutchley C S Halifax W1226
Cruttenden J Hurricane
Cruttenden J Hurricane P3781
Cruttenden Cyril Leslie Stirling BF463
Cruwys Gerald (Gerry) Herbert Lancaster ND826
Crux C C Lancaster NG144
Cruxton G H Halifax JB804
Cruze Henry Eric Wellington X3607
Cryderman L E Hurricane V6823
Cryer A Lancaster ME323
Cryer R P Lancaster ED818
Cryer Eric Alfred Lancaster ND825
Cryer J E Fortress HB803
Cryer Alan
Crystal R H Lancaster ED710
Crystal R H Lancaster DV244
Ctvrtlik J Wellington R1371
Cubbage B S Lancaster ND445
Cubberey A N Lancaster PB474
Cubberley W R Lancaster R5610
Cubbon W H Manchester L7487
Cubey J K Lancaster ED417
Cubitt E G Whitley T4140
Cubitt J C Wellington DV778
Cubitt T Lancaster JB424
Cubitt Colin Lloyd
Cubitt Lewin Stevens
Cudd A F Halifax LK909
Cudd John W Jr P-51 Mustang
Cuddihy Nevil Thomas
Cuddy Norman J. B-24 Texas Rose 41-28922
Cude B V Lancaster JA862
Cudlipp L W Lancaster ND814
Cudlipp L Stirling LJ473
Cudmore L R Halifax LK925
Cudmore L R Wellington HE476
Cudney H W Halifax LK666
Cudworth T Wellington DV786
Cue H D Blenheim L9240
Cueto F Typhoon JR442
Cuff Edward Harold Stirling EH934
Cuff R W J Halifax LW202
Cuffe G L Halifax MZ859
Cuffey J Halifax LV870
Cuffey F Lancaster DS652
Cufley N B Halifax JD247
Cugley S Halifax HR918
Culberson Dave H P-51 Mustang
Culberson Dave H P-51 Mustang
Culbert Frederick Campbell Halifax JB858
Culbertson Omer W P-51 Mustang
Culbertson Omer W P-47 Thunderbolt
Culff E R Wellington HE385
Culham G W Halifax NR177
Culhane Maurice Michael
Cull D O Halifax LK645
Cull A J Halifax NP776
Cull R Lancaster JB602
Cull S V Lancaster LM322
Cullen Barbara Diana Lancaster PA278
Cullen C R Halifax LV943
Cullen J K Lancaster W4116
Cullen James Roy 'Jimmy'
Cullen Edward Wellington R1513
Cullen S H Lancaster DS852
Cullen W C Lancaster KB756
Cullen Joseph Patrick Leonard Halifax NR197
Cullen J A Lancaster JB536
Cullen C L: Lancaster PB636
Cullen P G Lancaster NG297
Cullen A F Blenheim N3629
Cullen J R Typhoon SW454
Cullen R W Blenheim L1226
Cullen M F Typhoon MN367
Cullen M H Mustang FD552
Cullen W Lancaster ED500
Cullen H S G Wellington X3588
Cullen Richard Nigel ("Ape")
Cullen Arthur Samuel
Cullen Douglas Raymond
Cullen John Francis George
Cullen Stanley
Cullen Norman James
Cullen John Kennedy
Cullen David Neil
Cullen Richard Nigel
Cullerne Allan Percival Lancaster L7543
Cullerne M N Wellington Z8903
Cullerton J D Halifax DT746
Cullerton William J P-51 Mustang
Cullerton William J P-51 Mustang
Cullerton William J P-51 Mustang
Culley J M Whitley T4297
Culley Jack Lancaster R5761
Culley W J Wellington W5721
Culley E J Halifax HR773
Culley J Lancaster R5860
Culley J W Lancaster ED975
Culliford R F Lancaster ND475
Culliford Ronald Firth
Cullinan Clair T P-47 Thunderbolt
Cullinan Clair T P-47 Thunderbolt
Culling W H Blenheim Z5794
Culling M F Stirling EJ124
Cullington A F Lancaster PB428
Cullis E Halifax LW277
Cullity J A Lancaster LM597
Cullum Douglas Cyri Lancaster PB112
Cullum J F W Lancaster ED919
Cullum A T L Lancaster ED435
Cullum J L Halifax L9492
Cullum Clarence John
Cully V C Lancaster ND683
Cully V C Lancaster ND676
Cully W Lancaster LL801
Culmer S W C Hampden AT110
Culmer Archibald Henry Holton
Culmsee W Halifax R9487
Culmsee William
Culp Reginald Harley Wellington Z1214
Culp Jack H Sr P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Culpan N S Lancaster LM626
Culpan W J R Wellington X9704
Culph Peter Brehaut
Culshaw T Lancaster NE163
Culshaw J R Stirling EE955
Culver D G Halifax W1253
Culver D G Halifax W7859
Culver D G Wellington HE280
Culver Wellington R1441
Culverson D H Lancaster PD260
Culverwell Oswald Drury Halifax LK740
Cumberbatch G D Lancaster ED549
Cumberland R L Lancaster R5691
Cumberland W J E Halifax LW626
Cumberland Russell Lloyd
Cumberlidge Roy B Lancaster NE164
Cumbers Ronald Walter Whitley P4989
Cumbie Lynwood W P-38 Lightning
Cumbor Thomas Shaftsbury Halifax LW588
Cuming L W Lancaster DV400
Cuming Robert Wylie Burns
Cummer F H Lancaster PB650
Cummine C Halifax LK701
Cumming A B Lancaster DV174
Cumming James White Hampden L4121
Cumming J W Stirling BF512
Cumming A G Stirling R9185
Cumming C G Spitfire AS145
Cumming D H Typhoon MN665
Cumming L A Lancaster ED527
Cumming R A Spitfire MJ219
Cumming R M Lancaster W4339
Cumming W H Spitfire BL728
Cumming J D Lancaster LM208
Cumming J G Halifax HX291
Cumming G M Wellington R3165
Cumming R F Halifax W7926
Cumming R S Halifax MZ799
Cumming John Lancaster ED862
Cumming Douglas Anderson
Cumming Allen Boyce
Cumming Hugh Francis
Cumming-Bart J T E Lancaster DS770
Cummings Harold Lancaster RF230
Cummings Ronald Irving Halifax LV900
Cummings M K Lancaster OL-N
Cummings J.J. Liberator KH245
Cummings K G Halifax JN972
Cummings Wesley Elmore Spitfire MJ982
Cummings R Lancaster ED825
Cummings Whitley P4966
Cummings Whitley P4952
Cummings E N Lancaster ED976
Cummings J M Lancaster LM365
Cummings J W Lancaster ED904
Cummings D G Halifax JD370
Cummings Lancaster L7570
Cummings V Lancaster PB358
Cummings Harold Arthur John
Cummings Ronald Irving
Cummings Max Keiran
Cummings Franklin Walter
Cummings Donald M P-51 Mustang
Cummings Donald M P-51 Mustang
Cummings Donald M P-51 Mustang
Cummings Donald M P-51 Mustang
Cummings Donald M P-51 Mustang
Cummins F R Wellington X3988
Cummins H A Lancaster LM219
Cummins W Lancaster PD365
Cummins S C Stirling EF430
Cummins T F Wellington LN288
Cummins A P Halifax LV777
Cummins T H Blenheim P4838
Cummins R C L Stirling BF566
Cummins Francis Rodney
Cummins Horace Andrew
Cummins Charles R P-47 Thunderbolt
Cummins Charles R P-47 Thunderbolt
Cummock V P Wellington X9787
Cumpstey H G Hampden P4363
Cumpstey H G Hampden P4364
Cumpsty F W R Stirling BF458
Cundall H G Wellington T2565
Cundall I P Halifax MZ349
Cundick G H Lancaster PD227
Cundill W B Blenheim Z7424
Cundill T C Hampden P4335
Cundy Arthur C P-51 Mustang
Cundy Arthur C P-51 Mustang
Cundy Arthur C P-51 Mustang
Cundy Arthur C P-51 Mustang
Cuningham J C Lancaster ED498
Cunliffe Henry Norman Lancaster DS844
Cunliffe J Lancaster DV182
Cunliffe W E Lancaster W4791
Cunliffe D O Spitfire
Cunliffe F Halifax HX341
Cunliffe-Lister P I Mosquito LR502
Cunneen James Moore
Cunnick John W Iii P-51 Mustang
Cunnick John W Iii P-51 Mustang
Cunning E W Wellington BJ883
Cunning C H Lancaster JB487
Cunning J E Hampden X3118
Cunning W Hampden AE365
Cunningham W A Lancaster ME326
Cunningham J M Halifax HX239
Cunningham A F Halifax MZ343
Cunningham James Charles Hampden L4134
Cunningham Wallace Spitfire P8439
Cunningham Peter Chris Anson N5055
Cunningham J Halifax BB236
Cunningham Edgar W Lancaster ME592
Cunningham H T Spitfire EE689
Cunningham Francis Leo Halifax W7082
Cunningham H J Lancaster DS759
Cunningham J C Halifax NP769
Cunningham J H Halifax LK964
Cunningham R N Lancaster LM429
Cunningham J A Lancaster ND459
Cunningham W Lancaster LL921
Cunningham Alan Henry Wellington BK339
Cunningham A B Lancaster LL739
Cunningham S D Typhoon JR144
Cunningham L E Halifax I LV785
Cunningham A Halifax MZ309
Cunningham E A Lancaster ME558
Cunningham Vernon Allan Battle L5516
Cunningham D H J Lancaster ND334
Cunningham J L Lancaster W4238
Cunningham Stirling W7450
Cunningham Mosquito HK350
Cunningham J A Lancaster LM135
Cunningham W Spitfire P9546
Cunningham G S Stirling EF154
Cunningham W J Fortress KJ112
Cunningham J D Spitfire SM239
Cunningham J M Halifax LW127
Cunningham C A Lancaster ME696
Cunningham J C Hampden AD867
Cunningham R L Manchester L7519
Cunningham J L G Spitfire R6751
Cunningham R P Lancaster DV344
Cunningham R N Lancaster DV397
Cunningham J Lancaster R5915
Cunningham J Lancaster LM491
Cunningham G Lancaster HK575
Cunningham L R Stirling BF456
Cunningham R F Lancaster ED494
Cunningham F S Stirling EF952
Cunningham P A Lancaster ND451
Cunningham P C Wellington P9276
Cunningham John ('Cats Eyes')
Cunningham Wallace ("Jock")
Cunningham Godfrey Melville Mustang AP164
Cunningham William Alexander
Cunningham Alan Forster
Cunningham Francis Lindsay
Cunningham Robert Keith Wellington HX771
Cunningham Harold D P-51 Mustang
Cunningham Murdoch R P-47 Thunderbolt
Cunnings Ronald Everett Halifax LW366
Cunnliffe Robert Lancaster NF996
Cunnliffe B R Lancaster PB402
Cunyinghame W B S Wellington T2559
Cupryk Stanisław Vickers Wellington R3216
Curatolo L Lancaster R5729
Curchin John
Curchin John
Curd Nichol Lancaster W4265
Cure George Arthur Wellington HE468
Curl C P Lancaster LM376
Curle Richard Alexander Lancaster ED559
Curle John Garfield Halifax MZ756
Curle J Stirling R9190
Curle J Stirling W7636
Curle E A Wellington X9876
Curle R Lancaster DS736
Curle George Clarence
Curless G Lancaster LM168
Curlewis R F Wellington Z8909
Curlewis Raymond Fullerton
Curley A G Defiant L6995
Curley J G Hampden AD899
Curling E D Wellington HE170
Curling D J Spitfire AR405
Curling D J Spitfire BL768
Curner Reginald Hawies
Curness W H Halifax LW323
Curnick D Whitley Z9305
Curnock R M Halifax LW431
Curnow L D Halifax LW369
Curnow J M Lancaster W4860
Curnow Ronald Edwin
Curnow Lancelot Douglas
Curphey A L Halifax LW195
Curphey A L Halifax MZ659
Curphy T G Lancaster LM210
Curr A D W Blenheim V6026
Curr Francis Lawrence
Currah G Boston AL278
Curran Jane Simpson Annand Lancaster PA278
Curran A R Lancaster PB348
Curran B P Lancaster PB842
Curran Robert Hugh Lancaster R5728
Curran K R Halifax BB207
Curran B Halifax W1037
Curran A P Wellington B542
Curran J Halifax EB207
Curran J Stirling EH925
Curran Howard J P-47 Thunderbolt`
Currant C F Hurricane
Currant Christopher Frederick ("Bunny")
Currell Leslie Herman Halifax RG375
Currey G D Lancaster NE135
Currey J A Lancaster ED328
Currey George Donald
Currie A McG Wellington W5578
Currie C E Lancaster PD230
Currie Duncan Jamieson McCormick Sunderland ML760
Currie Andrew Halifax LW517
Currie James Alexander
Currie W M Wellington BK166
Currie J M Halifax MZ945
Currie R E Wellington BK159
Currie R E Wellington HF594
Currie R J Typhoon MN623
Currie D R Lancaster PB678
Currie G Lancaster DS790
Currie J Lancaster ED486
Currie D F Lancaster LM452
Currie Alfred Ross Halifax JD205
Currie J Halifax LK753
Currie A Manchester L7394
Currie W Lancaster ND870
Currie R A Wellington Z1113
Currie J Lancaster DS627
Currie A J Wellington Z8398
Currie J Stirling R9310
Currie R Stirling LJ560
Currie J R Manchester L7311
Currie V L Whirlwind P7035
Currie Blenheim R3693
Currie W B Lancaster EE179
Currie D P Lancaster PB344
Currie W Lancaster JB677
Currie J Halifax JB865
Currie J Halifax LK730
Currie E J Halifax JB857
Currie B W Whitley K8965
Currie H Manchester L7384
Currie Edgar James Lancaster ND390
Currie James
Currie Alan Livingstone
Currie Edward Robert William
Currie Charles Ernest
Currie Harold Stewart
Currie William Sunderland W4032
Currier W E Lancaster W4782
Currier W H Lancaster DS769
Currigan Stanley William Guy Lancaster NG223
Currin Albert James Wellington LP465
Currums W N Halifax MZ592
Curry M F Halifax LK958
Curry John Henry Spitfire BM518
Curry John Henry Spitfire AR609
Curry D G Halifax JD468
Curry L F Spitfire MK941
Curry A Halifax JD467
Curry D Stirling BK707
Curry W T H Lancaster JA910
Curry J Lancaster JA923
Curry Geoffrey Adamson
Cursett-Sutherland A F P Lancaster R5662
Cursiter J R Lancaster ND762
Cursley L J Halifax DT563
Curson Harold Lancaster R5550
Curson John Stirling EF448
Curtain L S Lancaster LM112
Curtes R F Mosquito ML967
Curtes R J Lancaster LL732
Curties M C Hampden AE229
Curtin Leo Patrick Lancaster RA515
Curtin D J Lancaster W4886
Curtin O J Hampden L4117
Curtin Leo Patrick
Curtis Leonard William Stirling LJ882
Curtis D de B Lancaster ED990
Curtis S N Wellington X3965
Curtis Neil William Lancaster ME367
Curtis James Gerard Whitley P5090
Curtis Francis Ronald Lancaster ND470
Curtis Colin Hubert Wellington Z1110
Curtis Lewis William Stirling BF530
Curtis John Richard Lancaster ED935
Curtis Charles Dennis Stirling EF409
Curtis K G Lancaster W4340
Curtis W S Spitfire
Curtis W S Spitfire NH556
Curtis J S Stirling BF470
Curtis W Lancaster HK574
Curtis E R Halifax JB960
Curtis R M Halifax JB867
Curtis W H Lancaster R5861
Curtis C K Stirling LJ932
Curtis S R Halifax LL308
Curtis E F W Battle
Curtis R J Hampden X2998
Curtis P Stirling R9308
Curtis E F Stirling BK815
Curtis F J Halifax MZ854
Curtis B A Wellington HE395
Curtis R O Typhoon JR361
Curtis M H J Lancaster NG143
Curtis P J Fortress HB763
Curtis K L Lancaster LL717
Curtis G A J Halifax MZ602
Curtis L H Lancaster ED309
Curtis D Lancaster LM306
Curtis D Lancaster W4331
Curtis Ronald William Hampden AE367
Curtis R Halifax MZ507
Curtis L Lancaster NG410
Curtis C F Wellington X3410
Curtis J B Halifax NA574
Curtis A Lancaster JB139
Curtis A E Lancaster LM378
Curtis S A Stirling BK770
Curtis J N D Halifax DT545
Curtis F Halifax LW518
Curtis B C Wellington T2957
Curtis Raymond Henry
Curtis John Maxwell
Curtis Desmond De Burgh
Curtis Stanley Noel
Curtis John Franklin
Curtis Victor Farley
Curtis Max Laurie Thomas
Curtis Peter Thomas
Curtis Aubrey Glen
Curtis Joseph R P-47 Thunderbolt
Curtis Joseph R P-47 Thunderbolt
Curtis Joseph R P-47 Thunderbolt
Curtis Rupert George Halifax JP228
Curtiss Halifax W1013
Curtois Harold Leonard Wellington HF840
Curwood Geoffrey McDowall
Curwood Geoffrey McDowall Wellington LB221
Curzen E W Lancaster ND505
Curzon Dennis Rupert Humphrey Halifax NP820
Cusack C Halifax NA528
Cusden Victor Herbert Lancaster W4180
Cusden Sydney Howard Hampden P5312
Cush H Mustang FB118
Cushing Charles Lancaster ED411
Cushing Jack Ernest Wellington LP465
Cushing K Halifax DG272
Cushing C Lancaster ED422
Cushing Hugh
Cushion John Peter Boston Halifax L9560
Cushman N Halifax MZ713
Cushway Arthur William Stirling N6069
Cushway R C Wellington Z8533
Cusick M J Lancaster ND463
Cusick Milford James
Cusin A Halifax NA551
Cussen R J Wellington Z9913
Cussen O A Whitley Z9160
Cussens D A Halifax DG409
Cusson T F Halifax MZ711
Cust Peter James
Custance C Lancaster W4967
Custance R C Lancaster LM389
Custance Geoffrey James
Custance Geoffrey James Wellington LP130
Custeau R O Halifax MZ466
Custeau J M Halifax DK252
Custers A M Mosquito MM710
Cusworth John Frederick Whitley LA765
Cusworth J P Wellington T2542
Cutchey Peter Henry Lancaster PB466
Cuthbert Jock S. Wellington BJ783
Cuthbert Lloyd Halifax LW719
Cuthbert R W Lancaster PD344
Cuthbert E Lancaster ED485
Cuthbert W Hampden L4163
Cuthbert J E A Stirling LK383
Cuthbert E Wellington X3811
Cuthbert D D Halifax HR735
Cuthbert Hampden X2995
Cuthbert R Lancaster ND517
Cuthbert J R Lancaster PB253
Cuthbert G I Hurricane P2618
Cuthbert A V Manchester R5785
Cuthbertson H Lancaster PB633
Cuthbertson W R Lancaster DV301
Cuthbertson F W Typhoon PD477
Cuthbertson Frederick William Typhoon R7771
Cuthbertson J G Lancaster EE191
Cuthbertson A Halifax JB856
Cuthbertson William Tait
Cutherbertson H Lancaster NG184
Cuthill E,J. Lancaster NG412
Cuthill F J Lancaster PB403
Cuthill Ronald Allan
Cutler Nelson Harcourt Lancaster W4232
Cutler E H Halifax LK964
Cutler J Hampden X2915
Cutler R F Mosquito NT194
Cutler E J Wellington BK460
Cutler A C Blenheim V6437
Cutler R L Stirling EF138
Cutler D G Halifax LW549
Cutler J F Halifax LW513
Cutler S A C Halifax JB855
Cutler J F Lancaster ED495
Cutler Frank A P-47 Thunderbolt
Cutler Frank A P-47 Thunderbolt
Cutler Frank A P-47 Thunderbolt
Cutler Frank A P-47 Thunderbolt
Cutler Frank A P-47 Thunderbolt
Cutmore M H Lancaster ND732
Cutmore J Hampden X2986
Cutmore J H H Hampden AD903
Cutmore Maurice Hyde
Cuttance J L Fortress HB802
Cutten Harry Edgar
Cutter G R Stirling BK713
Cutting A M B Lancaster ME799
Cutting E J Halifax DT487
Cutting J Lancaster ND986
Cutting K C Halifax MZ791
Cuttle V H S Lancaster PB345
Cuttler S G Lancaster LL672
Cuttler S Stirling EF149
Cutts H V Stirling LJ501
Cutts J W Spitfire X4278
Cwenar Stanisław Avro Lancaster PB854
Cwiklinski Arthur C P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Cwiklinski Arthur C P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Cwojdziński Bolesław Michał Avro Lancaster ED814
Cwynar Stanisław Wellington R1273
Cwynar Michał Mustang FB188
Cybulski Stanley Julian Wellington BK386
Cybulski M A Mosquito DZ757
Cybulskie A J Halifax ML422 other sources quote it as MZ422
Cymbała Kazimierz Avro Lancaster PB846
Cymborski Jan Adam Vickers Wellington R1014
Cynkier Konstanty North American P-51d Mustang FB381
Cytulski Mieczysław Kazimierz Lancaster LM141
Czabański Stanisław Avro Lancaster DV278
Czachla Stefan Spitfire AD581
Czachla (Curtis) Stefan Miles Master W8710
Czachowski Józef Spitfire P7835
Czajkowski Franciszek
Czajkowski Edmund Jan
Czajkowski Franciszek Hurricane P3301
Czajkowski Mieczystaw Halifax JD260
Czapiewski Jan Artur Hawker Hurricane Z2456
Czapiński Józef Hawker Henley L3265
Czaplicki Wacław Stanisław
Czaplicki Zbigniew Modest Miles Master DK857
Czaplinski Wieslaw Koolhoven FK-58
Czapski Zdzisław Vickers Wellington Z1204
Czarkowski Henryk Kazimierz Vickers Wellington HF591
Czarnecki Ludwik Wellington Z8599
Czarnecki Stanisław Jan Spitfire ML116
Czarnecki Kazimierz Vickers Wellington HZ638
Czarnecki Ludwik Wellington W5573
Czarniecki Tadeusz Kazimierz Harvard F366
Czarnota Jan Consolidated Liberator KH151
Czech Józef Wellington W5563
Czekalski Wacław Wellington Z8599
Czekalski Wacław Vickers Wellington HF188 (A188?)
Czempas Jerzy Hawker Hurricane Z4720
Czepiński Franciszek Wojciech
Czerniak Jerzy Michał Spitfire P8506
Czerniawski Stanisław Vickers Wellington HF208
Czerniawski Roman
Czernichowicz (Carmichael) Witold Wellington HF605
Czerniejewski Marian Józef Vickers Wellington N2840
Czernin M B Hurricane V7500
Czernin M B Hurricane L1640
Czernin Count Manfred Beckett
Czerwiński Tadeusz Spitfire EN826
Czerwiński Andrzej Jan Wacław Spitfire AA935
Czerwiński Andrzej Jan Wacław North American P-51D Mustang HB857
Czerwonka Józef Vickers Wellington Z1331
Czołowski Tadeusz Mieczysław Wellington W5519
Czopik Stefan Roman Vickers Wellington T2903
Czternastek Stanisław Hurricane V7598
Czura Stanisław Lancaster LM141
Czwojda Jan Józef Wellington W5566
Czyżewski Jan Vickers Wellington HZ251
Czyżewski Stefan Bristol Beaufighter ?
Czyżyk Henryk Tadeusz Avro Lancaster PB252
D'Albenas (Dalbenas) P W Typhoon MN452
d'Aligny (Daligny) ? Spitfire MK369
D'Amour (Damour) G R Halifax NP781
D'Andrea (Dandrea) D A Halifax LW583
d'Aperng (Daperng) Hans Halifax JD331
d'Aperng (Daperng) Hans Wellington BK335
D'Arcy (Darcy) A Lancaster ND394
D'Arcy (Darcy) G Halifax NP683
D'Arcy (Darcy) F J Wellington X3798
D'Arcy (Darcy) J Lancaster LL902
D'Arcy (Darcy) J M Hampden P1206
D'Arcy (Darcy) J B Lancaster LM394
D'Arcy-Irvine (Darcy-Irvine) B W J Hurricane P3058
D'Arcy-Wright (Darcy-Wright) G Hampden X2920
D'Ath-Weston (Dath-Weston) E H Wellington BJ723
D'Avril (Davril) Henri Jean-Maurice Halifax PN173
D'Eath (Death) D M Halifax JD322
D'Hautecourt (Dhautecourt) H J B Mosquito DD758
D'Ombrain Peter Charles Lewis
D'Oyley (Doyley) A A Lancaster NG126
d'Ursel (Dursel) J M J A Halifax W1237
Daab Mieczysław Feliks Wellington Z1488
Dabadie E Halifax NA121
Dabbs H E Lancaster ED322
Dabbs J Stirling BF512
Dabbs Alan Lancaster R5902
Daber John
Dabinette T W Wellington R1442
Dabney Lewis S P-47 Thunderbolt`
Dabnor R A Halifax LW333
Daborn H S F Stirling BK595
Dabrowski Antoni B Vickers Wellington BK305
Dąbrowski Andrzej Jerzy North American P-51d Mustang FX903
Dąbrowski Józef Supermarine Spitfire BL290
Dąbrowski Tadeusz Fairey Battle V1228
Dąbrowski Zygmunt Zdzisław Handley Page Halifax PP232
Dąbrowski Wacław Harvard FX381
Dabson C A C Lancaster ED553
Dacci William K P-47 Thunderbolt
Dacey George Halifax MZ432
Dacey Frederick Verdun Lancaster R5902
Dacey F Hampden AD859
Dacey Clement Cyril
Dack Irwin John Lancaster PB620 (some publications have this loss as PD259)
Dack Phillip Robert Arthur Halifax LL179
Dack A W Lancaster LM723
Dack R D Lancaster JB566
Dack K P Fortress HB702
Dacre D A Wellington R1713
Dacre K F Mosquito HJ790
Dadd Roy Ernest Lancaster ED326
Dadd Wellington R1368
Daddo-Langlois Raoul William
Dadds K Halifax LV777
Dadds Lincoln Clapcott
Dade A W Halifax ME702
Dade Lucien To Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Dade Lucien To Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Dadej Mieczysław Zdzisław Wellington Z1343
Dadej Stanisław Hawker Hurricane HU821
Dadson V C Hampden AD782
Dadson R C Stirling EF299
Dadswell D A Wellington T2476
Dadswell J D Lancaster ND637
Dafforn R C Hurricane R4219
Dafforn Robert Chippindall
Dafoe J S Hampden AE297
Daft Christopher Harry George Halifax JD330
Daft G Halifax W7658
Dagan N Halifax NR181
Dagenais J J G Lancaster ND352
Dagg Theodore Ivan Lishman Halifax JB907
Dagger D W Lancaster PD205
Daggett S Halifax JP133
Daggett H Lancaster ME636
Daggett John Francis
Dagless L E Lancaster LL796
Dagnall H T G Halifax LK787
Dagnall T S R Halifax LK928
Dahl C W Lancaster W4257
Dahl Roald
Dahl Jr. Fred R. B-17 Dinah Might 42-97318
Dahlberg Kenneth H P-47 Thunderbolt
Dahlberg Kenneth H P-47 Thunderbolt
Dahlberg Kenneth H P-47 Thunderbolt
Dahlberg Kenneth H P-47 Thunderbolt
Dahlberg Kenneth H P-47 Thunderbolt
Dahlberg Kenneth H P-47 Thunderbolt
Dahlberg Kenneth H P-47 Thunderbolt
Dahle T H Halifax MZ372
Dahle H J Stirling R9288
Dahle H J Stirling R9257
Dahlstrom Kenneth E P-47 Thunderbolt
Dailey H R Lancaster KB809
Daines A H Lancaster ND408
Daines G B Stirling N6126
Daines A H Lancaster LM469
Daintith E D Wellington BK312
Daintith C Lancaster NN741
Dainton J S Wellington R1395
Dainty E Lancaster W4989
Dainty E Hampden X3007
Dainty F W Lancaster PD314
Daisley L C W Defiant L6953
Daitz L B Lancaster ND840
Daix G J C Typhoon JR374
Daker Leslie John Lancaster ED834
Dakin T W Halifax LW502
Dalby Spitfire AB282
Dalby W E Lancaster RF138
Dalby J W Lancaster R5689
Dalby J Lancaster PD263
Dalby G W Manchester R5779
Dalby T Hampden AE365
Dalco William George
Daldy G A J Lancaster JB153
Daldy Gordon Alfred Jaffre
Dale Frederick Beaufort L9810
Dale Reginald Lancaster ND802
Dale Kenneth Thornton Lancaster DV217
Dale D W Halifax MZ796
Dale J R Halifax JD204
Dale C A G Defiant T3985
Dale T W Stirling LJ531
Dale G E Lancaster R5759
Dale James Atkinson Lancaster LM593
Dale J A H Lancaster EE169
Dale H Lancaster ND456
Dale H Lancaster LM621
Dale D V Lancaster LL756
Dale H R Stirling N3654
Dale R C Typhoon JR502
Dale W Fortress HB785
Dale P A Beaufighter R2309
Dale G A Wellington Z8901
Dale G Halifax HR929
Dale I G R Ventura AJ224
Dale J R Stirling N3664
Dale A G Halifax DK169
Dale J W Whitley Z9293
Dale S Hampden L4057
Dale G R Lancaster ED479
Dale Jack Cranwell
Dale Arthur Robert
Dale William Edward Blenheim L9394
Dale Jack D P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Dale Sam B P-47 Thunderbolt
Dales Douglas Frank Halifax MZ644
Dales J W Stirling EF401
Dales A E Lancaster PB666
Dales J H Halifax NP768
Dales W P Spitfire AB984
Dalessandro F J Halifax MZ712
Daley A E Lancaster JB608
Daley J Lancaster ND448
Daley Daniel Halifax MZ584
Daley Thomas James Lancaster ED733
Daley Frank Shannon Halifax RG455
Daley C F Lancaster ED703
Daley B J Wellington X9975
Daley A Lancaster ED614
Daley E Lancaster PB612
Daley James David Thomas
Daley Edward Arthur
Daley Carol James
Daley John
Daley John Campbell
Daley William C P-47 Thunderbolt
Daley William C P-47 Thunderbolt
Daley William C P-47 Thunderbolt
Dalgarno W Lancaster PB371
Dalgleish Edward Lancaster ME807
Dalgleish W L Halifax LL387
Dalgleish J D Halifax LW460
Dalgleish Hampden X2919
Dalgleish Leslie George
Dalgliesh John Wilson Wellington X3398
Dalgliesh W I Stirling N3653
Dalglish Allan
Dalglish James B P-47 Thunderbolt
Dalglish James B P-47 Thunderbolt
Dalglish James B P-47 Thunderbolt
Dalglish James B P-51 Mustang
Dalglish James B P-51 Mustang
Dalglish James B P-51 Mustang
Dalglish James B P-51 Mustang
Dalglish James B P-51 Mustang
Dalglish James B P-51 Mustang
Dalgress A S Hampden L4187
Dalik C E Lancaster PB629
Dalkins R Stirling EF491
Dall J M Hampden X2990
Dall J M Hampden L4104
Dall Robert Howells
Dallas Charles William MacPherson Wellington Z8469
Dallas A F Blenheim T2229
Dallas John Reviere
Dallaway D D R Lancaster JB727
Dallen Jesse Gray Lancaster ME814
Dallenger Ben Stirling W7569
Dallimore L W Lancaster ED919
Dallin R V Halifax MZ355
Dallin W C Halifax HR798
Dallwitz Raymond Ernest
Dallwotz R E Lancaster JA906
Dally J W Halifax JD158
Dally A R Wellington BJ841
Dally P S Whitley N1434
Dally John Douglas
Dallyn J B Lancaster LL723
Dalman A C Lancaster NE151
Dalphond Melville Hermes Joseph Wellington W5551
Dalrymple A Halifax LW515
Dalseg P I Lancaster NE127
Dalton J E Wellington X3988
Dalton K H Hurricane BN185
Dalton W Halifax MZ310
Dalton G E Stirling EE901
Dalton G A Lancaster PB692
Dalton A C Wellington T2506
Dalton ? Spitfire BM119
Dalton F A Stirling EF579
Dalton A C Lancaster JB177
Dalton P A Wellington X3706
Dalton G H Halifax LK877
Dalton J A Wellington HZ278
Dalton L S P Halifax HR807
Dalton G W R Halifax DK183
Dalton John Halifax NP759
Dalton R C Hurricane V6919
Dalton J P Lancaster JB529
Dalton D E Lancaster W5000
Dalton G W Lancaster NE146
Dalton J M Halifax W1157
Dalton K Blenheim T2031
Dalton James Edward
Dalton John Phillip Sinclair
Dalton Rae Charles
Dalton Leslie Charles
Dalton Douglas Vernon
Dalton Rae Charles Wellington LN759
Dalton-Morgan T P Hurricane P3972
Dalton-Morgan Thomas Frederick
Dalva Morris B-25 41-13126
Daly H J W Halifax R9372
Daly J T Lancaster DS813
Daly H Wellington LP155
Daly James Henry Stirling R9312
Daly W P Mosquito DZ712
Daly K L Blenheim R3755
Daly J Halifax NR209
Daly B I J Lancaster L7536
Daly A T Hampden AT181
Daly P Lancaster ED970
Daly J V P Spitfire AR509
Daly J Stirling EE906
Daly Wilfred Herbert Aloysius
Daly Hilson Christopher Newtown
Daly Maurice Joseph
Dalzell Henry Arnold Wellington BK309
Dalzell E T P Wellington BJ708
Dalzell W M Stirling BK806
Dalzell J Spitfire ML200
Dalzell J C Halifax LL239
Dalzell Henry Arnold
Dalziel J S K Lancaster ED659
Dalziel N H Halifax NP938
Dalziel J Lancaster D658
Dalziel C T Lancaster RF120
Dalziel J R Lancaster JB224
Dalziel James Samuel Kevin
Damboise J J G Stirling EF348
Damewood Lawrence D P-47 Thunderbolt
Damgaard H E Halifax LW396
Damm Andrzej Kazimierz Supermarine Spitfire BL574
Damm Alfred John
Damman Ronald Gustave Wellington R1281
Damms R A Halifax DT704
Dampier R E A Lancaster ED554
Dampier-Crossley Edward Lancaster EE112
Dampier-Crossley Edward
Dams V B Lancaster LL704
Damsell W A Mustang AP181
Dan N Wellington Z1463
Dan Nicholas
Danahy S Lancaster R5913
Danberger J L Halifax LW421
Danbury G A Halifax LW656
Danby A Halifax W1175
Danby F Halifax JB863
Dance J J Halifax EB218
Dance A T Stirling EE897
Dance R E Lancaster ND575
Dance V J Blenheim R3802
Dance H E Wellington R3222
Dancer S T Stirling EF138
Dancey Glen Allen Halifax LV841
Dancot G L M G Spitfire BM468
Dand R M Lancaster LM437
Dando Laurence Laver Lancaster R5510
Dando Thomas McElligott Wellington Z1076
Dando R W Halifax JD416
Dandy C M Halifax HX275
Dandy G E Lancaster ND572
Dane E J Lancaster ND905
Dane S W Wellington X9878
Dane G H Halifax JB873
Danes A E Halifax W7803
Danes F G Lancaster PB751
Danes J Halifax MZ623
Dangel Jerzy Marian Vickers Wellington HZ638
Dangerfield John Charles Lancaster W4365
Dangerfield R D Lancaster W4306
Dangerfield P E H Wellington R1024
Dangerfield E Lancaster ED453
Dangerfield John Charles
Dangerfield Richard Desmond
Daniel Stanisław Jerzy Consolidated Liberator KG890
Daniel Ronald William Halifax HR985
Daniel W N Lancaster PB123
Daniel Gilbert Halifax MZ684
Daniel T K Halifax NR253
Daniel R Blenheim T2038
Daniel W A Halifax NA114
Daniel R B Lancaster LL863
Daniel A W Wellington BJ841
Daniel J B Lancaster JB401
Daniel R N V Lancaster JB711
Daniel S Halifax LK850
Daniel P S W Typhoon JP730M
Daniel T S Lancaster JB467
Daniel G C Spitfire AD112
Daniel C Halifax ED244
Daniel T W R Halifax W7932
Daniel W K Halifax W1184
Daniel E G Tempest EJ531
Daniel Stephen Walter ("Dan")
Daniel Edward Gough
Daniel Anthony Ashby
Daniel Keith Edmund
Daniel William Henry
Daniel William Neville
Daniel Ronald Giles
Daniel George L. B-17 Woman’s Home Companion 42-39795
Daniel Robert J P-47 Thunderbolt
Daniel Robert J P-47 Thunderbolt
Daniel William W P-47 Thunderbolt`
Danielewicz Jerzy Wellington X9639
Daniell Charles Henry McKenzie
Daniell John William
Daniell J S P-51 Mustang
Daniels Harry Joseph Whitley T4231
Daniels R F Halifax LW394
Daniels A Wellington Z1650
Daniels L F Lancaster JB564
Daniels D R Lancaster JA863
Daniels Hampden X3056
Daniels J B Halifax HX334
Daniels Raymond Valentine Montigue Halifax LV861
Daniels R D Lancaster ND587
Daniels D Halifax HR747
Daniels J Whitley T4174
Daniels S P Whitley T4336
Daniels N Lancaster PB453
Daniels R F Stirling EF369
Daniels R F Lancaster JA978
Daniels V C Halifax ED244
Daniels L Halifax LW507
Daniels L J Lancaster PB249
Daniels B J Stirling BF524
Daniels Raymond Vivien
Daniels William Lawrence
Daniels Edward
Daniels Richard L. B-17 Susan Ruth 42-31499
Daniels John O P-47 Thunderbolt
Daniels John O P-47 Thunderbolt
Danielson G D Lancaster LM676
Danielson P J Hurricane P3581
Danielson C H Manchester L7465
Danieluk Jan Avro Lancaster PB252
Danihelka K Wellington Z1167
Danik Jan Vickers Wellington Z1467
Danino J. Lancaster PB591
Danks Ian Duncan Brodie Halifax NR276
Danks H E Whitley P5082
Danks S W Halifax MZ867
Danks J D Halifax DK166
Danks-Brown K J Wellington Z1216
Danks-Brown Keith John
Dann G M Lancaster LL881
Dann C L Lancaster PB751
Dann L W Manchester L7369
Dann Lindsay Alfred James
Dann George Martin
Danniger H A Halifax JD210
Danno James W. B-17 43-37909
Dansey Arthur Patrick Wellington Z1344
Dansie J Halifax HX231
Dansie Jack
Danskin John Halifax LW285
Danson Richard Lancaster RF230
Danson A D Lancaster LM755
Danzey Raymond Jack 'Dan'
Danzey R J Tempest EJ560
Daoust Richard Cecil Wellington DV775
Daplyn Frederick William Halifax HX230
Daragon J A Halifax DT721
Daragon K A Halifax DT506
Darbins A R Spitfire W3127
Darbins R G Spitfire BL262
Darbishire P O'N Whitley T4226
Darbon D Mosquito PZ456
Darby C E Mosquito KB212
Darby L J Lancaster PB359
Darby D T Lancaster LL923
Darby W Lancaster LM628
Darby H G Lancaster DS863
Darby A W C Lancaster JB719
Darby R J Lancaster ED836
Darby Wilfred Kenneth
Darby Victor Vernon
Darbyshire John Wellington W5436
Darbyshire F Wellington HE469
Darbyshire E Halifax HR917
Darbyshire F Wellington HF601
Darbyshire H Lancaster ME454
Darcey Richard Joseph
Darcy G J Lancaster PA970
Dards F P Halifax DT670
Dare K E Lancaster R5861
Dare G F Lancaster R5759
Dare C F Wellington X9670
Dare H W J Halifax HR917
Dare S C Lancaster ME634
Dare Keith Edward
Dare George Francis
Dargan Archie S Jr P-51 Mustang
Dargenton P Halifax MZ986
Dargie L M Lancaster JA861
Dargie Leo Malcolm
Dark GW Whitley Z9361
Darke K C Lancaster PB724
Darken Raymond De Champfleur Lancaster W4365
Darken Raymond De Champfluer
Darkin V A Lancaster ED415
Darkin G W Halifax MZ406
Darley H F S Wellington X3484
Darley F W Wellington Z1480
Darley Horace Stanley ("George")
Darling W R Lancaster LM716
Darling R M Wellington DF667
Darling W R Wellington Z1182
Darling D F W Mosquito DZ367
Darling A W Lancaster ND387
Darling G W Halifax HR685
Darling E V Spitfire AR389
Darling E V Spitfire X4409
Darling A S Spitfire P7368
Darling A S Spitfire P7615
Darling Edward Vivian ("Mitzi")
Darling Henry B Jr P-38 Lightning
Darling Henry B Jr P-38 Lightning
Darlington F L Lancaster W4118
Darlington W Halifax LV955
Darlington John Anson AX177
Darlington L F G Wellington X3726
Darlington L F G Wellington BJ796
Darlington J Typhoon MN319
Darlington R W Lancaster ED492
Darlison L F Lancaster JB282
Darlow D F Wellington R1328
Darlow A E Lancaster ND347
Darlow C G N Lancaster PD269
Darnell Frederick Edward Hampden P4394
Darnell R C Boston Z2265
Darnell Frederick Walter
Darney Thomas Brown Lancaster NG147
Darney J N Stirling EE915
Darr Norman Clarence
Darragh T F Lancaster NG450
Darrah K W Halifax JD465
Darroch S Lancaster HK683
Darroch John Baillie Halifax BB336
Darroch J W Lancaster LM327
Dart H R Lancaster NG267
Dart D Lancaster ED624
Dart A J Lancaster JA678
Dart K Wellington HF352
Dartnall J V Stirling BF561
Dartnall G H Wellington X3280
Dartnall Ronald Lawrence
Darton T W Stirling BK602
Darvall J W C Lancaster JB307
Darvall J H J Halifax JD123
Darvill G R Halifax JD368
Darvill M Lancaster R5683
Darvill T W Lancaster DV233
Darwin J Halifax LW362
Darwin C F Halifax V9986
Darwin P C P Hampden AD733
Darwish D H Lancaster EE142
Darwood C S Hurricane L2051
Darwood J T Halifax HX293
Darycott F E Lancaster JB302
Dash Rowland Josiah Lancaster R5740
Dash R Lancaster ED922
Dash R Lancaster W4106
Dashwood W S Hampden P1341
Dashwood R P Tempest NV648
Dastur R N Wellington W5577
Daszewski Jan Kazimierz Michał Spitfire AD455
Daszewski Jan Kazimierz Michał Hurricane P3890
Daszewski Jan Kazimierz Michał Supermarine Spitfire AD455
Daszuta Czesław Spitfire W3701G
Date J M Halifax NA508
Date David William Blenheim T2433
Date John Matthew
Datson John Lancaster ME621
Datson J Halifax LW671
Datson Edgar Jack
Datta R C Lancaster ED923
Daudistel William H P-51 Mustang
Daughney J H Hampden AE237
Daughters G D Halifax NP718
Daughters R K Halifax LL600
Daughton William M P-47 Thunderbolt
Daulby G Stirling EE970
Daulby P Halifax JB928
Dauman Aleksander Lancaster NN718
Dauncey Reginald Matthew Stirling LK276
Dauncey P B Wellington X3701
Dauncey P B Wellington X3651
Dauncey W G H Wellington R1506
Dauncey H Lancaster R5615
Dauphinee George Alfred Osborn Lancaster ND644
Daussac J Spitfire TB284
Davany E F Stirling LK380
Davenport F S Lancaster W4240
Davenport Les E J Stirling N6022
Davenport Lesley Ernest John Stirling N6046
Davenport F Halifax HR805
Davenport J J Hampden AT120
Davenport R F Lancaster KB853
Davenport R B Wellington X3451
Davenport R E Halifax MZ948
Davenport Halifax BB365
Davenport J B T Lancaster PB304
Davenport Roy Victor Malcolm Lancaster W4855
Davenport Wellington T2618
Davenport V Halifax MZ760
Davenport R M Spitfire MH827
Davenport R M Spitfire ML142
Davenport T Lancaster PB174
Davenport H Halifax HR654
Davenport E Stirling R9266
Davenport J J Lancaster JB677
Davenport J G Halifax LK789
Davenport Richard Charles
Davenport Frank Sydney
Davenport Allan Jack
Davenport William O Jr P-51 Mustang
Davenport-Jones Garton Vincent Hampden X3028
Davern Owen William John
Daveson E O Lancaster ND704
Davey D J Lancaster PD202
Davey A J Stirling EE946
Davey J J Hampden AT181
Davey R E Lancaster NG502
Davey A E D Stirling EF198
Davey Cecil Albert Lancaster W4191
Davey Jack Halifax W7670
Davey W H Halifax JD369
Davey J B Lancaster PB814
Davey H G Halifax LV821
Davey Leslie Gerald Halifax LV841
Davey C R Stirling BF437
Davey C R Wellington BJ837
Davey J A J Hurricane P3172
Davey W R Wellington R1800
Davey E J Lancaster W4336
Davey D J Hampden X3154
Davey R S Wellington X3169
Davey T D H Battle L5241
Davey W E Stirling EF343
Davey A G Lancaster LM748
Davey E V Stirling N6078
Davey E F Lancaster W4332
Davey A E Lancaster ED810
Davey A A Lancaster LM435
Davey C K Lancaster PB382
Davey P D Spitfire AB370
Davey D Halifax NR204
Davey Wellington X3487
Davey J Halifax DT511
Davey G H N Hurricane Z5151
Davey F J Lancaster PB138
Davey D W H Lancaster LM184
Davey P J Lancaster W4835
Davey Kellems Richards
Davey Mervyn Bertrand
Davey Donald James
Davey Allan John
Davey George Frank
Davey Keith Gilmore
Davey John James
Davey Robert Eric
Davey Alfred Mervyn
Davey Walter James
Davey Allan Edward Dearlove
Davey (Davy?) Peter John Wellington W5486
David J A A M Halifax JB871
David Raymond John Wellington W5485
David Bruce Arnold Lancaster LM658
David J M Lancaster JB347
David J B S P H Lancaster ED928
David E G Halifax DT789
David A J M Hurricane Z2513
David J N Lancaster PB155
David T E Halifax PN429
David Halifax W1062
David M J Whitley N1525
David D E Lancaster LM128
David William Dennis
David Gordon Alfred
Davidge R W Typhoon
Davidge S V Stirling W7473
Davidner D H Wellington DV611
Davids D C Stirling BK665
Davidson D W Beaufighter 790
Davidson D W Lancaster PD338
Davidson N M Lancaster LM589
Davidson A C Lancaster PB241
Davidson Barry Anderson Blenheim R3662
Davidson Richard Oxford N6296
Davidson James Stuart Lancaster PB287
Davidson Joseph Mustang KH818
Davidson Ronald William Stirling BK599
Davidson Edward Reginald Lancaster W4317
Davidson Ronald Wellington BK135
Davidson E W Lancaster R5572
Davidson W H Blenheim L9382
Davidson J W Lancaster NN706
Davidson Gideon Lancaster DS666
Davidson Alexander Suttie Lancaster DS668
Davidson K B Lancaster W4791
Davidson J L Spitfire AB850
Davidson Frank Edward Stirling N3759
Davidson R D Spitfire MJ428
Davidson R D Halifax HR656
Davidson W C Halifax MZ896
Davidson J E L Halifax LW633
Davidson Thomas Lancaster KB743
Davidson D Lancaster KB740
Davidson K Halifax NP805
Davidson L J Wellington HF568
Davidson John Ewart Halifax HX230
Davidson E V Halifax LK638
Davidson Norman James Lancaster DV382
Davidson A Stirling EE938
Davidson N A Halifax LW518
Davidson Frank Edward Stirling BF335
Davidson L N Lancaster LM395
Davidson N R Lancaster HK569
Davidson A L Stirling BK647
Davidson A L Stirling BK776
Davidson J W Whitley P5018
Davidson Whitley Z6867
Davidson D H Wellington Z1612
Davidson G Blenheim P4912
Davidson W H Halifax DT517
Davidson N G Halifax BB365
Davidson R D Whitley T4269
Davidson R D Whitley T4140
Davidson G R Whitley T4330
Davidson H Whitley P5005
Davidson A Lancaster DV221
Davidson W R N Boston A1284
Davidson T L Wellington R1509
Davidson J Lancaster LM514
Davidson J T Hurricane KZ578
Davidson H E Halifax BB363
Davidson P M Blenheim T1794
Davidson P N Blenheim N6226
Davidson R T P Typhoon MM957
Davidson K McN Wellington P9273
Davidson D Stirling LK388
Davidson A G Stirling BK696
Davidson Wellington X3708
Davidson J Wellington Z8600
Davidson B B Lancaster ED904
Davidson L Lancaster ED993
Davidson T A Lancaster ED361
Davidson G Stirling BF337
Davidson C H Wellington Z1052
Davidson J T Stirling W7464
Davidson T R Stirling BF502
Davidson R M Tempest NV750
Davidson J Halifax DT804
Davidson G R Halifax HR986
Davidson Francis H Lancaster PB308
Davidson F J Halifax LW239
Davidson J F Spitfire MJ928
Davidson J McI Halifax RG350
Davidson J McN Lancaster R5493
Davidson W R Hampden L4088
Davidson D A M Wellington HZ530
Davidson A G Hampden AE400
Davidson J E Halifax JD251
Davidson A M Halifax JB792
Davidson V C Lancaster NG336
Davidson O R Lancaster ME800
Davidson R C F Halifax MZ512
Davidson W Halifax LK834
Davidson S E Whitley Z6729
Davidson Robert Lancaster LL782
Davidson D H Stirling BF387
Davidson A Lancaster JA678
Davidson R Halifax R9452
Davidson N C Halifax NA163
Davidson A J Whitley P4948
Davidson J Halifax MZ791
Davidson Whitley Z6872
Davidson F Wellington X3722
Davidson John Charles Stirling EH900
Davidson J P A Wellington L7783
Davidson Wellington W5449
Davidson Henry John
Davidson Duncan William
Davidson James Ernest
Davidson Alfred Milne Hunter
Davidson Geoffrey Henry
Davidson Douglas Mackenzie
Davidson John Donald
Davidson David William
Davidson Stuart Hugh
Davidson Ross Walker
Davidson Kevin
Davidson Archibald Cattanach
Davie J H C Stirling BK686
Davie J A Stirling EF579
Davie J D Lancaster R5683
Davie C K Halifax HR751
Davie G A Stirling BK612
Davie A J Halifax L9499
Davie D C S Halifax LK957
Davie A Lancaster ED939
Davie Robert Curtis
Davie John Henry Clarence
Davie Donald James
Davies Leon Howard B--17 Lucky Lady 42-39941
Davies E L Halifax W1220
Davies H W Lancaster ME777
Davies G A F Lancaster PB301
Davies S H Halifax HX243
Davies K N B Lancaster JB140
Davies R F Manchester L7471
Davies L A Lancaster R5558
Davies Ivan Henry Halifax W7750
Davies Harold Whitley P5044
Davies Trevor Vaughan Wellington Z8780
Davies Basil Douglas Blenheim L8788
Davies John Alfred
Davies Robert Thomas Lancaster ND398
Davies Hiram Edwin Lancaster W4367
Davies Thomas Anthony Frederick Wellington W5482
Davies William George Halifax MZ730
Davies Arthur James Stirling LK594
Davies James Owen Lancaster ED416
Davies John Albert Lancaster W4232
Davies Evan Arthur Lancaster ED484
Davies John Lancaster NG398
Davies Richard Edward Lancaster JB132
Davies Reginald T Halifax JD330
Davies Alan Lancaster NG492
Davies Vaughan Lancaster ND629
Davies Thomas Herbert Lancaster DV272
Davies Thomas Herbert Lancaster JA893
Davies Maurice John Morris Wellington X3635
Davies Leslie Lancaster LM725
Davies D W Whitley T4264
Davies John Harold Blenheim L9422
Davies Lancelot Walter Stirling EE913
Davies Frank Wells Lancaster W4171
Davies David Edward Lancaster JA703
Davies William Arthur Lancaster JA851
Davies David Gwynn Lancaster ED730
Davies Malcolm Charles Lancaster W4111
Davies William John Lancaster JB480
Davies Hiram Tom Halifax LW629
Davies Trevor Rhys Halifax MZ715
Davies E A J Lancaster NG131
Davies William Robert Halifax W7651
Davies L G Lancaster PD380
Davies L W Lancaster PD260
Davies Walter Cecil Halifax HR832
Davies D P Halifax HR923
Davies F C Lancaster ND526
Davies D M Halifax NP761
Davies D S Halifax NP773
Davies G P Halifax LW327
Davies R H Halifax MZ687
Davies P W Lancaster NG346
Davies P P Halifax NA581
Davies N Wellington BK557
Davies A C Lancaster DS762
Davies D W Oxford DF471
Davies R P Wellington HF542
Davies J C Halifax LW364
Davies J C Halifax LW679
Davies J I Whitley Z6957
Davies D I Halifax LV915
Davies I W Wellington W5562
Davies William Evans Wellington HX779
Davies G S Lancaster NG113
Davies T S Halifax JD364
Davies V W Halifax JD368
Davies W R C Halifax JP133
Davies E Halifax JD473
Davies K C Halifax HX343
Davies J H Lancaster ED609
Davies C C Lancaster ND785
Davies D S Lancaster ED549
Davies E Lancaster ED375
Davies L Lancaster W4796
Davies I G Wellington R3295
Davies J McD Lancaster LM417
Davies W E Wellington X3655
Davies J A Lancaster DV267
Davies J Halifax JB799
Davies I Halifax HX149
Davies E Halifax I LW158
Davies H Halifax JN919
Davies V B Halifax DT512
Davies A B Halifax MZ699
Davies R Halifax MZ827
Davies A G Whitley P5073
Davies N W Whitley T4140
Davies N W Whitley P5014
Davies E Whitley P4933
Davies George Geoffrey Whitley, later Lancaster Z6820
Davies T L Lancaster W4338
Davies Wellington W5612
Davies Wellington R1043
Davies T H Lancaster JB279
Davies R G Manchester L7399
Davies F W Hampden AE300
Davies S A T Hampden X3153
Davies Hampden P2071
Davies E W Lancaster JB592
Davies W G Boston AL288
Davies P A Blenheim Z7347
Davies F R E Wellington BJ663
Davies R I H Lancaster ND745
Davies G W Wellington Z8656
Davies B O Lancaster W4992
Davies N D Lancaster ND424
Davies G W Spitfire NH526
Davies W S Halifax JD179
Davies F R Halifax JD180
Davies O J Halifax BB317
Davies W T Whitley Z9230
Davies David Fisher Halifax LK743
Davies J O Hampden AD959
Davies I G Stirling BF334
Davies E E C Stirling EF307
Davies K G H Stirling N6030
Davies F W Stirling EH88
Davies W E Blenheim L8849
Davies C Wellington R1016
Davies E W Lancaster PB633
Davies C H Lancaster W4850
Davies G G Lancaster PA984
Davies D M Lancaster JA975
Davies A W Halifax JN903
Davies D Halifax LW720
Davies W D Halifax LV948
Davies D C Lancaster JB699
Davies J R Lancaster ME839
Davies J Lancaster ND382
Davies J F M Lancaster JA865
Davies J G Lancaster LM722
Davies R Lancaster ED993
Davies E M L Lancaster DV247
Davies P T Wellington LN397
Davies H Typhoon MN900
Davies R D Blenheim L9255
Davies John Lancaster RA517
Davies J O Lancaster PB743
Davies ? Spitfire P8255
Davies E R Spitfire BM542
Davies E R Mustang FB168
Davies I J Typhoon JR197
Davies David Gwynne Stirling EF187
Davies L J Stirling EF153
Davies A H Lancaster LM261
Davies A H Lancaster W4276
Davies D O Lancaster DV188
Davies S Wellington HE116
Davies W J Stirling R9350
Davies W Wellington R1784
Davies G T Stirling BK659
Davies J R Stirling BF315
Davies G M Lancaster NF994
Davies H R Stirling W7615
Davies L D Battle K9353
Davies H R Stirling N3753
Davies J Stirling BK705
Davies J H Wellington R1658
Davies G G A Spitfire N3295
Davies G G A Spitfire P9337
Davies A E Spitfire N3119
Davies P K Battle P2265
Davies T E Boston W8334
Davies T C Blenheim Z7291
Davies A G Typhoon PD506
Davies W Tempest EJ652
Davies R C Halifax HR863
Davies S E Halifax R9439
Davies R C Halifax JP121
Davies Eric McH Lancaster ND846
Davies E M Lancaster ND697
Davies G E Wellington R1770
Davies G I F Wellington X9974
Davies Wellington Z8904
Davies J W T Wellington W5488
Davies H Hampden AD782
Davies D V Lancaster LL718
Davies R C Halifax JD365
Davies T Halifax LV961
Davies G Lancaster DS689
Davies W J R Wellington BK401
Davies H F Wellington BJ668
Davies D C Halifax DK184
Davies C Wellington BK163
Davies R Wellington HE182
Davies E H Halifax LK945
Davies T Halifax LK634
Davies W D R Lancaster DV331
Davies L Lancaster W4838
Davies H N Lancaster ND518
Davies D H Lancaster PB251
Davies J Lancaster DV173
Davies C C Wellington Z1327
Davies B A Lancaster PD231
Davies K N B Lancaster ED994
Davies P H R B Ventura AE716
Davies M H Hampden X3050
Davies G R Hampden X3029
Davies J H Lancaster PB463
Davies A H Hampden X2993
Davies I D Hampden AE429
Davies A Hampden AE137
Davies P M Lancaster ME572
Davies D A Lancaster DV363
Davies F Halifax N885
Davies C Halifax W7861
Davies I G Halifax HR732
Davies W P Halifax HR853
Davies C Halifax W7855
Davies J S Halifax NP932
Davies K Halifax LW539
Davies A G Whitley N1414
Davies D R M Lancaster DV309
Davies L C Lancaster LM229
Davies N A Lancaster LM647
Davies J E H Lancaster LM647
Davies P F M Hurricane N2429
Davies D L Lancaster LM284
Davies N C Wellington Z8704
Davies S H Lancaster JB311
Davies W G Lancaster ND503
Davies A H Wellington BJ673
Davies A H Wellington X3746
Davies R E Lancaster PB360
Davies G Lancaster PA173
Davies G C Whitley Z6506
Davies K L Hurricane
Davies G J Lancaster R5565
Davies A J M Lancaster RA560
Davies H C Hampden P4336
Davies F J Lancaster LM476
Davies Spitfire V
Davies P B G Spitfire EP393
Davies E C T Lancaster ME568
Davies W A Lancaster EE198
Davies J M Lancaster PB405
Davies R T E Lancaster ED983
Davies D W Stirling EH931
Davies W H Lancaster R5483
Davies R J Lancaster LM174
Davies L I Lancaster PA174
Davies R E Lancaster ME676
Davies V Lancaster ME676
Davies G Lancaster PD295
Davies G H Lancaster DV244
Davies H G Lancaster LL966
Davies W Lancaster ME795
Davies W Lancaster ND563
Davies J A Lancaster PB668
Davies R M Halifax MZ925
Davies J Stirling W7632
Davies J M Stirling R9286
Davies L A Stirling BF387
Davies C Stirling R9149
Davies J Stirling N6120
Davies M Lancaster JB677
Davies R Wellington X9767
Davies R J Lancaster ND768
Davies G C Stirling EE915
Davies R D Stirling LJ462
Davies W J Lancaster ND800
Davies M A T Halifax JB871
Davies S M Halifax DK224
Davies D T Halifax JB838
Davies E A Halifax LW290
Davies D A R Halifax RG501
Davies A R
Davies T A Halifax HR684
Davies R A Halifax LW229
Davies E K Halifax BB200
Davies F A Halifax W7938
Davies R Halifax W7929
Davies T P W Halifax R9391
Davies M H Halifax JD201
Davies D Halifax LV868
Davies J I E Whitley Z9389
Davies K W Whitley Z6508
Davies J W E Hurricane
Davies G Blenheim R3802
Davies G L Lancaster ED311
Davies Peter Groucutt Lancaster JA967
Davies E A Lancaster ND963
Davies John Charles Henry Lancaster JB365
Davies T J G Lancaster ND505
Davies Blenheim V6032
Davies Blenheim V6032
Davies Blenheim L9379
Davies Blenheim
Davies R Lancaster LM715
Davies E R Lancaster JA852
Davies C E Stirling EH944
Davies D J Stirling EE887
Davies D G St J Stirling BK655
Davies H L Lancaster R5571
Davies W G Lancaster JB300
Davies G S Lancaster JB731
Davies Royston George Lancaster ME625
Davies Wellington L7868
Davies James William Elias
Davies Stanley Frank Burdwood
Davies Arthur John
Davies Ernest Lewis
Davies Thomas Henry
Davies Murray Charles
Davies George Bruce
Davies Herbert William
Davies Norman Arthur
Davies Gordon Atwood Tregaskis
Davies Sydney Hartley
Davies Kenneth Nigel Bishop
Davies Ernest Arthur
Davies Richard Evan
Davies Frederick Cobden
Davies Ally Cecil Clifton
Davies Ronald Campbell
Davies Llewellyn Alfred
Davies Ralph L. Bostin BZ267
Davies Edwin Guy Wellington JA520
Davies William Thomas Patrick Dakota KN584
Davies Emlyn Barclay Halifax W1002
Davies Richard Edward Hampden AD798
Davis B H Lancaster ME722
Davis G E Lancaster ME323
Davis V Lancaster HK626
Davis Noel Michael Stirling EF448
Davis William Arthur Mathias Stirling BK688
Davis N C W Lancaster ND759
Davis R P Wellington Z1388
Davis L A Lancaster LM223
Davis T E W Lancaster R5485
Davis Arthur Lancaster W4324
Davis Albert Percival Hudson T9320
Davis David Henry Blenheim L8792
Davis Carl Raymond Hurricane P3363
Davis Alan Leigh Wellington N2780
Davis R.E. Beaufighter LZ134
Davis John Clement Lancaster PB853
Davis James George Edward Halifax W7745
Davis Frederick Peter Halifax JD458
Davis Lawrence Fortnam Lancaster PB899
Davis Derek Henry Victor Halifax JD261
Davis Sydney Bernard Thomas Wellington DF673
Davis Bertram George Stirling LK488
Davis Geoffrey Richard Mitchell FL182
Davis F H Lancaster JA930
Davis M D Lancaster W4863
Davis E L Halifax LW179
Davis G J Spitfire AA921
Davis William Corley Wellington LP397
Davis Delmar Murray Wellington BK559
Davis H H Hampden AD869
Davis C A Spitfire BL896
Davis H F Halifax DK271
Davis R H Halifax LK995
Davis Mervyn Halifax LK963
Davis George Henry Lancaster KB815
Davis Harry Walter Halifax MZ588
Davis F A Halifax LK893
Davis W G Typhoon RB435
Davis Daniel George Lancaster LL690
Davis F S Lancaster ME843
Davis K H Lancaster ND897
Davis K G Lancaster JA913
Davis C A Lancaster R5744
Davis Edward Addy Wellington DF566
Davis Alfred George Proctor P6064
Davis Robert Charles Blenheim Z7442
Davis M D S Lancaster PB153
Davis R F Wellington X3664
Davis F M Halifax W7674
Davis M McF Halifax W1058
Davis K C Halifax LW716
Davis K C Halifax MZ847
Davis J Halifax PN447
Davis H J Whitley N1497
Davis P G Lancaster JB614
Davis V F Lancaster DV162
Davis W Lancaster DV389
Davis H P Lancaster LM389
Davis A Whitley T4330
Davis H A Mosquito ML939
Davis K A Blenheim Z7500
Davis D E Lancaster DS691
Davis E A Lancaster NE134
Davis G A Lancaster JB287
Davis T W Blenheim N6216
Davis W Wellington Z1380
Davis H L Stirling N6084
Davis A C A Wellington X9878
Davis J A Lancaster ED383
Davis R T Stirling BK815
Davis N Lancaster LM468
Davis R Lancaster JB317
Davis J Halifax HR738
Davis J G Halifax HR937
Davis T H Lancaster PD261
Davis R Lancaster ED875
Davis S A T Wellington HZ280
Davis C F C Lancaster ND568
Davis W T Stirling BK767
Davis J W Stirling W7535
Davis W A J Wellington R1339
Davis D G Stirling EE944
Davis P O Spitfire R6773
Davis W L Hurricane V6682
Davis W L Hurricane V7171
Davis P Halifax R9444
Davis Halifax W1049
Davis F W Wellington L7809
Davis G A Lancaster JB222
Davis H L Wellington BK436
Davis O J Halifax JD275
Davis Robert W. Halifax LK656
Davis W A Lancaster DV174
Davis B M T Lancaster W4984
Davis E S Lancaster ED504
Davis V G T Lancaster ED523
Davis L Hampden AT126
Davis J A Hampden AD828
Davis J C Lancaster ED482
Davis A W Halifax DT690
Davis J Halifax MZ933
Davis J H Whitley Z6957
Davis G J Lancaster DS817
Davis E Lancaster ND572
Davis B O Mosquito MM115
Davis A S Lancaster ND416
Davis J H Halifax LW495
Davis V A Lancaster PB184
Davis A R N Typhoon R8837
Davis J Lancaster W4769
Davis B J Lancaster R5662
Davis D H Hampden P4343
Davis T Lancaster ED613
Davis Mark Anthony Hamilton Lancaster ME846
Davis L G Lancaster ED982
Davis H A Lancaster LM283
Davis C G Lancaster LM362
Davis G J Lancaster NF961
Davis L G Lancaster ND531
Davis N Lancaster PB911
Davis H S Lancaster ND524
Davis A J Stirling R9281
Davis F V Stirling W7436
Davis L H Stirling R9331
Davis K G Lancaster JB468
Davis J J Stirling W7469
Davis S Halifax R9453
Davis V A Halifax L9517
Davis S M Halifax DT698
Davis R W Halifax LK784
Davis T W Halifax LK948
Davis J K Halifax LK932
Davis A W Halifax DK176
Davis L L Halifax MZ750
Davis Whitley T4169
Davis H A Whitley T4204
Davis Frank Edward Blenheim V6451
Davis L F Manchester L7423
Davis E R Hampden AD935
Davis S J Lancaster JB284
Davis E T Lancaster ND966
Davis L G Lancaster JB724
Davis J B Lancaster W4133
Davis E J W Lancaster ED492
Davis T R Lancaster ED656
Davis C Lancaster ED648
Davis R J Stirling BK814
Davis L L Lancaster LM327
Davis R H Wellington R1537
Davis Charles Trevor
Davis Maurice Wellington HE627
Davis Alexander Frederick
Davis John Clifton
Davis Kenneth
Davis Brendon John
Davis George Edward
Davis Frederick
Davis Vincent
Davis Albert Russell
Davis Reginald Austin
Davis Noel Michael
Davis William Arthur Mathias
Davis Ian Herbert Gordon
Davis Allan
Davis Albert Edward
Davis Charles John
Davis Philip
Davis Beresford Milton Troy
Davis Richard Paterson
Davis Lawrence Arthur
Davis Thomas Edward William
Davis Lance George
Davis James Neville
Davis Gwynena
Davis Charles W. B-24 42-50511
Davis Albert J P-51 Mustang
Davis Albert J P-51 Mustang
Davis Arnold E P-47 Thunderbolt
Davis Arthur J Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Davis Clayton E P-47 Thunderbolt
Davis Clayton E P-47 Thunderbolt
Davis Clayton E P-47 Thunderbolt
Davis Clifford H P-47 Thunderbolt
Davis Currie B P-47 Thunderbolt
Davis George R P-47 Thunderbolt
Davis Glendon V P-51 Mustang
Davis Glendon V P-51 Mustang
Davis Glendon V P-51 Mustang
Davis Glendon V P-51 Mustang
Davis Glendon V P-51 Mustang
Davis Glendon V P-51 Mustang
Davis Glendon V P-51 Mustang
Davis Hubert P-47 Thunderbolt
Davis Hubert P-47 Thunderbolt
Davis Jack E P-38 Lightning
Davis Jesse C Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Davis Jesse C Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Davis Marvin L P-51 Mustang
Davis Ramon R P-47 Thunderbolt
Davis Ramon R P-47 Thunderbolt
Davis Raymond K P-38 Lightning
Davis Richard P P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Davis Riegel W P-47 Thunderbolt
Davis Robert O P-51 Mustang
Davis William H Iii P-47 Thunderbolt
Davis William I P-51 Mustang
Davis William I P-51 Mustang
Davis William I P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Davis William I P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Davis William I P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Davis Young M P-51 Mustang
Davis Leonard Wellington LN335
Davis Wayne R. B-24 'Lone Ranger' 44-40098
Davis-Cooke P J Spitfire N3068
Davison Andrew Graham Lancaster DS777
Davison Stewart Spitfire P9322
Davison Charles Clement Halifax LW262
Davison David Arthur Keith Lancaster LL853
Davison Arthur Sisterton Wellington HZ719
Davison Ronald William Wellington X9701
Davison Richard Lancaster ND975
Davison K L Lancaster DS724
Davison A Lancaster JB614
Davison G W J Lancaster ED307
Davison T Lancaster ED701
Davison J R Lancaster DS773
Davison J Halifax W1012
Davison F M Halifax HR718
Davison E Battle P2201
Davison M M Mosquito HK516
Davison Joseph Wellington HE391
Davison C Lancaster JB178
Davison J Lancaster LM209
Davison J L Lancaster ND789
Davison R Halifax R9456
Davison P Halifax W1141
Davison P Halifax LL127
Davison F W Lancaster DV334
Davison Michael Metcalfe
Davlin J Lancaster RA524
Davoren Vincent Joseph
Davoy G A Lancaster DV304
Davy Henry William Lancaster JB230
Davy H D Lancaster PA977
Davy F E T Halifax NA687
Davy Wellington Z1144
Davy Dennis Henry
Daw P J Lancaster ND853
Daw Victor George ("Jack")
Daw Gilbert Francis
Dawbarn Peter Leslie Hurricane P3482
Dawbarn Alexander Andrew Marshall Hurricane V7066
Dawber Norman Ewart Typhoon MP131
Dawdy Louis Donald Halifax BB216
Dawe R W Halifax JD249
Dawe J A G Lancaster EE122
Dawe H V Stirling EF154
Dawe W A Lancaster ED592
Dawe Arnold William
Dawes S S Wellington Z8842
Dawes S S Wellington X9939
Dawes H D Lancaster ED386
Dawes J E Mosquito KB185
Dawes J K Stirling EF328
Dawes W R Lancaster PD292
Dawes K E Lancaster PD368
Dawes Lance
Dawkins A F A Halifax W1012
Dawkins N W Wellington Z1408
Dawkins Leslie John Halifax JN905
Dawkins G B Manchester L7309
Dawkins A H Lancaster ME853
Dawkins J J Halifax HR728
Dawkins G Whitley Z9461
Dawkins F O A Lancaster JB190
Dawkins Harry Blinman
Dawn Robert L P-38 Lightning
Daws D J Halifax MZ594
Daws A S
Dawson Paul Evan Rodgers Dakota FZ597
Dawson H E Halifax HX341
Dawson Raymond Woodrow Whitley Z6489
Dawson Douglas Albert Lancaster HK559
Dawson Graham Newstead Mustang AG418
Dawson William Gordon Stirling EE873
Dawson Raymond Halifax LL139
Dawson William Waller Lancaster W4317
Dawson Frank Lancaster EE112
Dawson John Stirling EH994
Dawson Peter John Wellington HZ863
Dawson Gordon Forbes Lancaster HK595
Dawson Douglas Lancaster LM693
Dawson L W J Stirling BF571
Dawson J F B Wellington W5496
Dawson H C Stirling EE892
Dawson Donald James Vens Halifax LL184
Dawson Ronald Gordon Mosquito NT490
Dawson A Lancaster ND681
Dawson A Lancaster ND388
Dawson D W Whitley N1499
Dawson R F Lancaster PA985
Dawson R Wellington W5435
Dawson J G Mosquito DZ407
Dawson E H Blenheim R3753
Dawson Oxford P6805
Dawson T Hampden X2915
Dawson T Hampden X2988
Dawson M B Wellington L7800
Dawson F L Stirling EH943
Dawson T B Stirling EH893
Dawson I M Spitfire BM374
Dawson T Halifax HR757
Dawson C G Halifax DT635
Dawson W F G Lancaster LM749
Dawson H Blenheim Z7283
Dawson J G Wellington BK514
Dawson D O Stirling BK612
Dawson John William Stirling W7613
Dawson J Wellington Z1084
Dawson R H L Typhoon R7815
Dawson S Lancaster DS767
Dawson A R Wellington HE690
Dawson L B Halifax LW169
Dawson S Lancaster DS717
Dawson A D Halifax DK228
Dawson H Halifax LW124
Dawson R Halifax LK800
Dawson T Lancaster ND361
Dawson G W Halifax MZ299
Dawson C M Halifax LM116
Dawson R B Manchester R5782
Dawson A K Whitley P4982
Dawson P Wellington Z1656
Dawson T C Lancaster PB467
Dawson E Halifax LL559
Dawson E S Lancaster PB630
Dawson J Spitfire N3222
Dawson R Manchester L7454
Dawson W W Lancaster R5859
Dawson E Lancaster LM139
Dawson D A Lancaster ND532
Dawson R Halifax MZ691
Dawson E Halifax JB852
Dawson F Halifax LL549
Dawson R C Whitley N1425
Dawson J M Whitley N1476
Dawson D O R Lancaster W4765
Dawson J R Lancaster R5701
Dawson Peter Hamilton
Dawson Neville Roy
Dawson Donald Norman
Dawson Ronald George
Dawson Thomas Myles
Dawson Cedar Alfred
Dawson Leslie Roy
Dawson Kenneth George
Dawson Godfrey Douglas
Dawson Harry Liberator KH214
Dawson Jones F D Blenheim L8852
Dawson-Paul Francis
Day A J Wellington T2563
Day E A Lancaster W4837
Day Graham Fowler Lancaster PB255
Day J A Mosquito DZ599
Day Kenneth George Wellington L4275
Day Harry 'Wings' Melville Arbuthnot Blenheim L1138
Day Raymond Lancaster L7572
Day Peter Lancaster PB397
Day Walter Frederick Halifax LL577
Day Geoffrey Cyril Halifax W1044
Day R Halifax HR867
Day Frederick William Robert Stirling EE894
Day James Lancaster ND707
Day Eric John Lancaster RF176
Day Edmund Kenneth Lancaster NG169
Day R S L Lancaster W4962
Day J F Halifax W1147
Day R C Halifax DK184
Day A D Whitley Z6826
Day J F Lancaster LM623
Day D F G Lancaster ME865
Day C J Blenheim R2788
Day F W Halifax HR712
Day R H Halifax JN909
Day D E Lancaster ED358
Day E G H Lancaster W4242
Day R E B Lancaster ND682
Day A S Wellington R1065
Day S V Lancaster LM107
Day R L F Spitfire ML120
Day J R G Halifax JN921
Day R O Mosquito KB367
Day F W Wellington Z1211
Day P J Lancaster HK620
Day J T Stirling N6029
Day J A Lancaster JB721
Day H F D Halifax HR722
Day D R Halifax LK875
Day A Halifax NR190
Day D G B Lancaster ED422
Day J B Mustang AP241
Day N L T Lancaster LL968
Day F E V Blenheim L4880
Day E H Wellington DV560
Day C J Tempest EJ687
Day Michael John Halifax HR876
Day R L F Defiant V1137
Day F Mosquito NS855
Day W H Lancaster R5554
Day H Hampden X2965
Day R B Lancaster PB751
Day W H Lancaster L7568
Day L F C Lancaster W4316
Day H H Lancaster NE141
Day W E Lancaster ME808
Day W R Lancaster JB545
Day Hampden X2896
Day H H Lancaster ED691
Day R J Lancaster LL684
Day J G Lancaster PD320
Day W G T Lancaster ED781
Day D Wellington R1437
Day M C Halifax MZ696
Day A G Lancaster ED977
Day E C Lancaster ME867
Day Wellington R3158
Day M I R Stirling LJ442
Day H Lancaster JB344
Day A E Blenheim V6421
Day Blenheim Z7445
Day K H V Wellington L7777
Day Alfred Frederick Sidney Lancaster ED699
Day F J Wellington T2984
Day William
Day Edwin Atholwood
Day Graham Fowler
Day John Alfred
Day Ross Vernon
Day Lawrence Keith
Day Kenneth Henry
Day Warren Meredith
Day Leonard Francis
Day E A Baltimore FW544
Daybook Louie M. B-17 Towering Titan 43-38085
Daye R E Lancaster DV266
Dayhuff Harry J P-47 Thunderbolt
Dayhuff Harry J P-47 Thunderbolt
Dayman M G Wellington HE201
Daymond Keith William Lancaster PD275
Daymond Thomas Albert Charles
Daymont W Lancaster PD420
Daynes Harold Eric Lancaster LM428
Dayton J E Halifax JB971
Dayton C A Lancaster PB417
Daze John Cletus Lancaster ME647
De Angelis John Alexander Lancaster LM167
De Bardeleben William Alfred Lancaster W4892
De Bartok Ernest Akos Frederick Wellington BJ689
de Beaumont d'Autichamp C Spitfire BR621
De Beer J L Mosquito MM226
De Belleroche H R A Lancaster PB510
De Bij Henri Mari Halifax MZ856
De Bloeme D R Lancaster LL629
de Blommaert de Soye Alain Hubert Edmond Marie Typhoon RB250
de Boote L Stirling BF501
De Bourbon P L M D Halifax JB806
de Brath D N N Hampden AE313
de Bressey B A Z Hampden L4051
de Bressey B A Hampden P1334
De Breyne Arthur Lancaster KB726
De Bruin A E Lancaster ME796
De Bruyn J Typhoon MN360
De Bussac G H Wellington HZ517
de Callatay J G P M Typhoon JP439
de Cannart-d'Hamale R E Hurricane V6549
de Casagrande R E Lancaster ME683
De Celles L L Lancaster LM315
de Cherade de Montbron E Spitfire X4476
de Cordoue Comte Jacques Fernand Gabriel Stirling LJ982
de Cosier Mathew Henry Ivor Spitfire BL899
De Cosier Matthew Henry Ivor
de Courcy R C W Hampden AE392
De Courcy R C W Hampden AD923
de Courcy R C W Hampden AE441
De Croix P Spitfire PV134
De Cruyenaere Joseph Andre Jean Halifax MZ845
de Dampierre E Lysander V9605
de Dauw A F Halifax LW593
de Forest Hardie Grosvenor Wellington T2501
de Forest H C Wellington L7868
De Forrest John Kenneth
De Fraine G R Halifax HX231
De Fraine George Ross
de Freitas C L Stirling W7560
De Garis W S Lancaster NG230
de Garis D G Stirling R9197
De Garis Alfred Keith
De Garis William Sowden
De Garis Lewis Clement
de Gramont G A A Boston BZ324
de Grunne R G C de H Hurricane V6535
de Grunne R G C de H Spitfire P7436
De Hasse R G H Spitfire W3425
de Hepcee M Spitfire BM652
de Iongh Conrad Theodore (Coen) Spitfire BM379
De Kerdrel M Typhoon PD532
De L'Ara Louis George Charles
de la Haye N J Lancaster LM179
de la Parelle Victor Breton Hurricane
de la Perrelle V B Hurricane D
de Labouche-Sparling Francis Albert Gabriel Joseph Wellington R3157
de Labouchere F Spitfire BL803
de Large Bolesław Aleksander Wellington LN393
de Larminat B Spitfire TB497
de Lart E C Blenheim T1934
De Laspee H R H Wellington Z1751
De Laurier D R P Halifax HR725
de Lengerke K H F Lancaster JA712
De Leuze R C Tempest EJ775
De Leuze R C Spitfire BM593
de Lijn Hendrikus Wilhelmus Hudson V9036
De Loire F E D Lancaster W4275
de Longeville M Spitfire NH218
De Lorme P J Spitfire W3369
De Luca J M Halifax NP741
De Lueze E Halifax LL557
de Macedo J M Halifax NR143
De Mancha R A Hurricane P3973
De Marco W T Lancaster LM756
de Marigny Galtan Joseph George Lancaster ND710
De Meillac G M M L Stirling R9199
De Meillac Y Stirling BK723
de Menten de Horne Georges Marie Ghislain Lancaster DV345
de Merode W P Spitfire AD550
de Mestre P M Hampden P2089
De Mestre Peter Morrice Manchester L7469
De Metz P Halifax MZ355
de Mier Sebastian Bernard Boston W8318
de Molenes H J M Spitfire BL230
de Molitor W D Halifax JD257
De Mone H E Wellington DV763
de Montmorency R H Blenheim L9179
De Moulin C J G Typhoon JP543
De Naeyer F Spitfire EP384
de Neve Gilles Pieter Cornelis Spitfire AD428
de Nevers F H Wellington R1588
De Pape R A C Halifax LK925
De Patoul G R J Spitfire RM618
De Pellepont F Hurricane Z3840
De Pierres Raymond Baudoin
De Pinna James
de Renzy Thomas David Mosquito HK399
De Sachy Maurice Paul Wellington HE467
De Saint Aubain C A J G Spitfire PT841
de Saint Mare L Halifax NA555
de Sauvebeuf G Halifax NA572
de Saxce A Spitfire TB381
de Scitivaux de Gresche P Spitfire BL909A
de Selys Longchamps J M P M G Typhoon EJ950
de Sieyes J G Halifax LK648
De Silva D M Stirling BK607
De Silva D M Stirling EH925
De Silva J H W Lancaster W4379
De Souza K M A Blenheim L9411
de Souza Arthur Kenneth Newnes Wellington HF840
de Spirlet F X E Spitfire W3116
De Taris D G Stirling N3723
De Veill(?) W Lancaster ED655
De Vere Stanley Bruce Spitfire PT540
De Vere Stanley Bruce Spitfire PT540
De Ville E P Stirling W7431
De Ville E P Stirling W7435
De Villiers P Lancaster EE172
de Vis S G Halifax RG529
De Vis Selwyn George
De Vries Henry Andrew Lancaster JA867
de Vries T Lancaster LM676
De Vries W Spitfire
De Wallens V P Wellington X9982
de Wesselow G Lancaster JA966
de Wever R Spitfire AA835
De Winter Leon Chislain Hudson FK803
De Witt W N Lancaster KB845
De Witt A M Halifax LW429
De-Jongh O G Wellington LN601
De'ath E W Blenheim N3570
De'ath L J Stirling BF522
Dea M Lancaster LL812
Deacock V A Stirling EE877
Deacon F S Lancaster HK621
Deacon John William Mosquito DZ472
Deacon Victor George Lancaster EE196
Deacon R M Lancaster JB473
Deacon A H Hurricane N2340
Deacon A H Hurricane N2651
Deacon J W Lancaster ED432
Deacon N T Lancaster NG145
Deacon R A Lancaster R5915
Deacon T Lancaster JB275
Deacon Albert Henry
Deacon Edward Raymond
Deacon Kenneth Walter
Deacon Stanley Alfred
Deadman K D Wellington R1135
Deadman Roy Emmett B-17 42-5893 Sad Sax
Deakin C Lancaster DS764
Deakin E Lancaster LL631
Deakin A G Lancaster ND344
Deakin H Lancaster ED949
Deakins N W Lancaster PB298
Deakyne Theodore A Bristol Beaufighter
Dean D E E Lancaster W4946
Dean Jack Martin Baltimore FW553
Dean George James Lancaster W4191
Dean Edward Hodgson Boston AL690
Dean W B Halifax HX185
Dean G A E Halifax LW228
Dean Frederick Spendlove Stirling BF314
Dean A Halifax LW339
Dean A W Halifax HX187
Dean A Lancaster NG414
Dean E A Wellington T2509
Dean G E Moaquito DZ605
Dean H Wellington P9225
Dean H Wellington P9267
Dean W H Lancaster L7527
Dean J C Wellington X3448
Dean J G K Lancaster W4854
Dean R P Halifax HR776
Dean W T Halifax HR719
Dean R J C Halifax JD208
Dean F Wellington T2606
Dean B C F Halifax LL358
Dean A K M Halifax LL388
Dean G W D Wellington HF596
Dean A C Wellington HF453
Dean T Blenheim V6512
Dean D L Stirling EF393
Dean S F Stirling BF381
Dean A W Wellington R3208
Dean D F E Halifax W7906
Dean J E Halifax JD258
Dean R E Wellington Z1599
Dean R G Lancaster PB346
Dean W T Lancaster NG466
Dean J H Lancaster PB804
Dean Raymond Frederick Charles Spitfire AD129
Dean K A Whitley Z6803
Dean R K Tempest EJ545
Dean J A Wellington Z1650
Dean K H Lancaster ND727
Dean W E M Lancaster NF964
Dean F B Lancaster LL962
Dean E V Halifax DK223
Dean Whitley Z6568
Dean E H Boston AL718
Dean G H Spitfire BL536
Dean G H P Lancaster R5496
Dean G H P Manchester L7459
Dean Manchester L7306
Dean Manchester R5783
Dean R Wellington X9739
Dean Ernest Henry ("Dixie")
Dean Geoffrey Reginald
Dean Alan Arthur
Dean Henry Jennings
Dean John Nicholson
Dean David Erakine Ellis
Dean Raymond Harry
Dean Harry Galloway Wellington LN853
Dean Clifford H P-47 Thunderbolt
Dean Clifford H P-47 Thunderbolt
Dean Clifford H P-47 Thunderbolt
Dean John L P-38 Lightning
Dean John L P-38 Lightning
Deane A P Wellington X3348
Deane A D Halifax DK139
Deane R Lancaster KB911
Deane J W F Lancaster LM363
Deane C H Blenheim T2234
Deane A A Halifax LL169
Deane A G Lancaster ED761
Deane J H K Whitley Z7575
Deanesley Edward Christopher ("Jumbo")
Deanesly E C Spitfire K9982
Deans Robert Halifax HR752
Deans K D Lancaster DS815
Deans R J Wellington X3313
Deans J L Stirling EH960
Deans J L Wellington HE163
Deans D Stirling EH884
Deans J A Whitley P5042
Deansley E C Spitfire K9901
Dear B H K Beaufighter
Dear C A Wellington L7793
Dear J Halifax LW589
Dear Kenneth
Dearden Robert Francis Lancaster JA867
Dearden T A Halifax JD302
Dearden F H E Wellington Z8844
Dearing Lysle Herbert Hungerford
Dearling M B Lancaster ND566
Dearlove L N Halifax W7715
Dearlove C G E Stirling W7616
Dearman D R Lancaster ND564
Dearman Victor Leo
Dearnaley E V Lancaster ED532
Dearnaley Edgar Vincent
Deas G C T Typhoon PD515
Deas B N Lancaster JB485
Deas W I Lancaster ND688
Dease M Lancaster LL740
Deasley G L A Lancaster LM328
Death Arthur Henry Halifax LW647
Death L A Whitley P4931
Death L F Lancaster NN697
Death Ernest Norman
Deatherage G E Lancaster NG131
Deatherage W D Hampden L4131
Deaton J F Wellington HX365
Deaves Peter George Mosquito NT126
Deaves E J Lancaster ED883
Deavin F E Lancaster EE119
Debac A G Y Spitfire BM584
Debarr F H Lancaster ME372
Debben R E Halifax JD262
Debeer A G Lancaster PB123
Debenham Alfred Gordon Whitley LA841
Debenham K F Stirling W7469
Debenham K B L Hurricane R4183
Debenham Geoffrey Lancaster
Debeurier W E Lancaster ED447
Dębiec Jan Wellington R1762
Dębkowski Eryk Wellington R1696
Debonnaire D W Lancaster RF188
Deboos Vernon Edward
Dębowski Ireneusz Vickers Wellington HE291
Debrock F C G Lancaster PA984
Debroise M A Halifax LW443
Dec Józef Wincenty Supermarine Spitfire AR385
Deck R A Halifax MZ427
Deck P D Lancaster DS652
Deck C G F Tempest EJ883
Deck H F Boston AL746
Decker Leopold
Decker Edmund L P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Decklar Carl E P-51 Mustang
Decklar Carl E P-51 Mustang
Deckman H N Hampden AT158
Declerck Albert George
Decorby R J Halifax LK893
Dedieu J Halifax PN366
Dedman H G D Lancaster JB657
Dedman Hampden AD981
Dedman Harold George Day
Dee G K Lancaster PB486
Dee E H Halifax JD322
Dee W J Lancaster HK773
Dee F J Lancaster LM694
Dee T A Lancaster DS737
Deed L L Lancaster PB209
Deed Cyril Keith Lancaster PB255
Deed Wellington BJ649
Deed S V Lancaster R5512
Deed Leonard Laurence
Deed Cyril Keith
Deeds Alvin L P-51 Mustang
Deeds Frederick B P-51 Mustang
Deegan Robert Cyril (Bob) Halifax LK915
Deegan Robert Cyril 'Bob' Halifax EB247
Deehan O Hampden X2975
Deeley G R Halifax LW675
Deelman Arnold Frederick Wellington HE627
Deemer E J Lancaster LL694
Deen Grover C P-51 Mustang
Deere Alan Christopher
Deere A W Hampden AE123
Deere Alan Christopher Spitfire N3180
Deere Alan Christopher Spitfire N3183
Deere Alan Christopher Spitfire R6981
Deere Alan Christopher Spitfire R6832
Deere Alan Christopher Spitfire R6895
Deere Maurice
Deering G A Lancaster EE144
Deester Henry James
Deeth L W Mosquito DZ313
Defraigne C A H F Lancaster NG114
Defrance Jesse E P-47 Thunderbolt
Degain William J P-51 Mustang
Degain William J P-51 Mustang
DeGaris Alfred Keith DH86B AX844
Degenaro August V P-47 Thunderbolt
Degenhardt Charles George
Degeorge John J Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Deges C Wellington W5656
Degg W Stirling BF316
Degraffenried Tom L P-47 Thunderbolt
Degroff Ellis I P-47 Thunderbolt
Degroff Ellis I P-47 Thunderbolt
Dehon William B Jr P-51 Mustang
Dehoux J L Hurricane KX698
Dehoux J F G R Halifax LW327
Deighton F E Mosquito ML978
Deighton M Wellington Z8398
Deighton G Lancaster LL699
Deighton A P Halifax HR714
Deignan Eric Alan Mervyn
Deinboll P Stirling LJ993
Dej (Dey) Czesław Wellington R1640
Dejaeger G C Spitfire AA853
Dek de Bocock I M T Mosquito DZ714
Dekkers Cornelis Martinus Hudson V9155
Dekkers Z W C
Dekur W Halifax NA611
Delacour Herbert Samuel 'Bert' Lancaster LL678
Delacour Herbert Samuel
Delager Herman H P-51 Mustang
Delager Herman H P-51 Mustang
Delahay Hedley Probert Stirling EH878
Delahunt Robert William
Delahunty J R Lancaster ME853
Delahunty M Halifax MZ492
Delahunty James Roderick
Delamore Arthur Frank Magisteer R1827
Delanchy Louis M Boston AH740
Deland Hartley Banks
Delaney Colin Lancaster PB958
Delaney M B C Whitley Z6826
Delaney D B Whitley Z6871
Delaney D B Whitley Z6821
Delaney T J Boston W8355
Delaney L W Lancaster JB716
Delaney R A Wellington W5611
Delaney E W Wellington HE243
Delaney D T Halifax NP933
Delaney T Lancaster NN698
Delaney Colin
Delaney Maxwell Raymond
Delaney Sanders E P-47 Thunderbolt
Delaney Sanders E P-47 Thunderbolt
Delange P G Spitfire BL344
Delap M V Blenheim P4852
Delaporte Eric Arnold
Delaroche R Halifax NR235
Delaroy-Hall V Halifax DT770
Delarue Jack Edward
Delatorre M G Lancaster ED365
Delatorre M G Lancaster W4167
Delatorre Melville George
Delauzun M Halifax MZ909
Delavan Robert E B-24 41-29363
DeLaveleye C A Lancaster ME503
Delayen N P Lancaster PB230
Delery F Spitfire TB359
Deleuze F Halifax NA519
Delgado A C S Wellington R1030
Delieu A W Lancaster PB780
Dell Francis Humphrey Mosquito MM184
Dell H J Wellington X3488
Dell R F Lancaster PB143
Dell D J Lancaster R5738
Dell J F Wellington BJ970
Dell F A Lancaster EE179
Dellar Thomas George Wellington BK559
Dellar J C E Lancaster W4918
Dellar Thomas George
Deller E Lancaster NE168
Deller A L M Hurricane V7309
Dellit V M Lancaster JB610
Dellit Lionel
Dellitt V W Lancaster JB704
Dellow Stanley W.G. Beaufighter KV930
Dellow C W Stirling N6082
Dellow C W Stirling W7461
Dellow E Lancaster NG286
Delmorme Joseph Albert Wellington BJ783
Deloach Robert P-51 Mustang
Delong G R Halifax NP999
Delorme Louis Thomas Lancaster R5677
Delorme J A Wellington BJ764
Deloughry Laurie Daniel Halifax MZ588
Deltour G F Spitfire
Delve R J Lancaster W4774
Delvin P T Lancaster PB143
Demaine D Lancaster EE114
Demas C Spitfire MK140
Dembrey M J Lancaster R5748
Demcoe P Halifax DK239
Demerit Merrill W Jr P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Demers Joseph William Raoul Halifax EB256
Demers Raymond F P-47 Thunderbolt
Demetriadi R S Hurricane R4092
Demont M A H Boston AL685
Demont M A H Boston AL278
Demouchel J A P Halifax MZ495
Demoulin C J G Typhoon PD470
DeMozay Moses Morlaix
Dempsay Ronald Wellington X9701
Dempsay Ronald Stirling BK599
Dempsey William Charles Thomas Halifax HR785
Dempsey S W Lancaster DS724
Dempsey P D Wellington Z1650
Dempsey Dennis James Wellington X3170
Dempsey Halifax W1045
Dempsey J H Lancaster ME622
Dempsey William Herbert
Dempsey Berte
Dempsey Peter P-38 Lightning
Dempster W J Stirling R9355
Dempster R Halifax JB971
Dempster C J Halifax MZ825
Dempster John McBride Lancaster DV382
Dempster W J Stirling R9264
Dempster D D Halifax JD123
Dempster Norman McLean
Demsey J Wellington R3202
Denamore G R Wellington BJ755
Denbeigh A Lancaster PB475
Denby Warren Steen Wellington W5485
Denby J W Lancaster ED485
Denby L Wellington HZ357
Denby A W Lancaster HK602
Denby Warren Steen
Dench F G H Blenheim R3768
Dench R L H Typhoon JP552
Dench F K Lancaster LM442
Dench W Halifax W1090
Dench Whitley Z9127
Denchfield Herbert David Spitfire N3249
Denham K H Stirling EF150
Denham W Stirling EF361
Denholm R R Lancaster HK544
Denholm Thomas William Jackson Spitfire BM299
Denholm J Halifax JD107
Denholm R Lancaster PB348
Denholm G L Spitfire L1067
Denholm G L Spitfire R7019
Denholm George Lovell
Denholm Robert Russell
Denholm Robert Alexander
Denier D E G Wellington X9633
Denier Desmond Ernest George
Deniey J A Halifax MZ864
Dening J G Lancaster ED355
Dening John Glen
Denison Leslie Albert Wellington LN928
Denison W H Halifax NP799
Denison H T Blenheim R3870
Denison H T Blenheim R3685
Denison W Y Hurricane BE684
Denison A C Blenheim N3583
Denison Maurice Hamilton Lancaster R5627
Denison Leslie Albert
Denkman K R E Spitfire W3952
Denley I Halifax NA618
Denley Richard Charles
Denman Percival Lawrence Whitley BD281
Denman G C Lancaster JB678
Denman Hampden AE218
Denman B Halifax LV816
Denman B Halifax LV817
Denmeade John James
Dennehy D J Lancaster ME627
Dennehy F W Lancaster LL716
Dennehy Bernard L P-47 Thunderbolt
Dennes C L Wellington Z1211
Denness B Stirling EE944
Denness P C Lancaster EE184
Denness Kenneth Lancaster ED699
Dennett W J Lancaster LM324
Dennett P B Lancaster LM537
Dennett T A Lancaster LM645
Dennett E G Lancaster ME556
Dennett William James
Dennett Peter Buck
Denney R F Lancaster JB145
Denning D G Stirling EF494
Denning L W Halifax LW584
Denning R F Wellington P9243
Dennis S P Typhoon DN585
Dennis S L Lancaster PB209
Dennis E A Lancaster ED753
Dennis R Mosquito KB406
Dennis Frederick Edmund Not applicable N/A
Dennis Frederick Edmund HMS Glorious
Dennis Bryan Hedley Airspeed Oxford LB415
Dennis David Wesley Blenheim T1929
Dennis A D Halifax RG472
Dennis F S Lancaster KB753
Dennis W L Halifax NA188
Dennis F B Halifax LV789
Dennis R E Lancaster PB121
Dennis R V G Wellington X3701
Dennis W F Whitley P5012
Dennis R G Lancaster LL644
Dennis Blenheim V5521
Dennis J C Wellington Z8358
Dennis F Lancaster KB767
Dennis A J Halifax LV960
Dennis F J A Halifax DK141
Dennis Terence Raymond Halifax HX330
Dennis G C Lancaster NG251
Dennis T O Hampden P1260
Dennis J M Lancaster JB653
Dennis H Stirling BK617
Dennis J R Halifax EB253
Dennis J R Halifax DK195
Dennis R C W Halifax HR659
Dennis C G Halifax W1059
Dennis Whitley Z6825
Dennis A D Lancaster W4847
Dennis F H Lancaster JA896
Dennis Frederick William
Dennis Stewart Leigh
Dennis Ernest Arthur
Dennis Henry Edgar
Dennis James Gordon B-17 Flying Fortress 42-31941 Big Stoop
Dennis Brian Hilton Wellington W5596
Dennis-Smither D G Blenheim V6176
Dennison F H Hurricane KX540
Dennison G J Stirling LJ536
Dennison Borden Carrrick Halifax BB250
Dennison P B Lancaster KB859
Dennison A B Lancaster NF932
Dennison G Lancaster W4765
Dennstedt W G Halifax LV840
Denny W C Lancaster DV396
Denny H N Stirling N6120
Denny H N Stirling N3672
Denny E F K Blenheim T2430
Denny James Stirling W7526
Denny E M Typhoon JP856
Denny G A Lancaster ED307
Denny Bernard Moreland Stirling N3727
Denny J R Whitley P5026
Denny P F Lancaster ND395
Denny Russell Charles
Denomy Bernard Charles Canso 9754
Densham Ronald Richard Mosquito HK413
Denslow D G Wellington BK368
Densmore G R Wellington HE593
Denson G J Lancaster LM433
Dent Ian Wilshire Halifax NA259
Dent R W Lancaster LM675
Dent A N Halifax BB340
Dent Lancelot Wellington X3725
Dent W G Halifax HR773
Dent J J E Halifax PN437
Dent R Lancaster ME636
Dent H C Stirling BF331
Dent M L Whitley N1460
Dent Ian Wilshire
Dent Ainslie Iver
Dent Hal Ian Comer
Dent Terence Roy
Denton R F H Lancaster PD377
Denton J B Halifax HR696
Denton I P B Whitley Z6866
Denton F H Hampden P4414
Denton J N Lancaster W4842
Denton A H Halifax JD363
Denton J A Lancaster NE130
Denton F H Wellington R3168
Denton R F Stirling EH944
Denton Edgar Alonza B-17 43-37888
Dentz Howard R Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Dentz Howard R Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Dentz Howard R Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Dentz Howard R Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Dentz Howard R Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Denvant Boston AL743
Denver R Wellington X3304
Denyer N H Lancaster JA681
Denyer Kenneth Ernest Victor Wellington X3556
Denyer J A Ventura AE742
Denyer E C Stirling EE892
Denyer Neil Howard
Denzey A R Stirling BF413
Depew D G Halifax MZ825
Deplus J Halifax MZ830
Depot M H Halifax MZ495
Depotex H J Lancaster LM191
Depper C L Halifax HX289
Deprez R Halifax LL287
Derby F K Lancaster HK689
Derbyshire Roye Vincent Wellington L7852
Derbyshire J Lancaster PD227
Derbyshire D E Lancaster KB717
Derbyshire J Whitley Z6468
Derbyshire J Whitley N1528
Derbyshire A Stirling EE880
Derbyshire A Stirling BF531
Derbyshire J E Lancaster W4815
Dereniuk H Halifax LK913
Derewienko Józef Antoni Handley Page Halifax BB389
Derham N Lancaster ME858
Derham J Lancaster LM139
Dermody B J Wellington L7873
Dermond P A Halifax LL600
Dernam R A Halifax JD365
Derrington H E Halifax LW167
Derrington T R Halifax LW271
Derry R I Wellington HX375
Derry Francis Thomas
Derulski Zdzisław Vickers Wellington Z1401
Des Courtis J Spitfire PT755
Desaga Witold Kamil
Desautels R V Lancaster DV312
Desbiens Jean Jacques Adrien Leonidas Halifax PN173
Desborough W E Halifax MZ589
Deschaine G E Lancaster EE106
Deschamps L J Spitfire BS120
Deschamps A R A Typhoon JR294
Deschenes J V M Wellington X3361
Descousis J Halifax NR226
Deserteaux C A Boston AL285
Desessard C Halifax LL587
Deshon Frederick Popham
Deskin Millard M P-38 Lightning
Desloges Jean-Paul JosephC/788 Hurricane N2530
Desmarais J R J M Halifax MZ538
Desmarais Joseph Eugene Gerard Halifax MZ506
Desmarns J R M Halifax MZ621
Desmond J M Lancaster ED504
Desmond H W M Typhoon MN819
Desmond A H J G Lancaster R5701
Desmond Douglas Wallace
Desmond John Matthew
Desplaces A Halifax NA166
Desroches J O L Wellington X3763
Desroches J P L W L Halifax LV990
Desrosiers J C M Wellington DF615
Desrosiers J Y Halifax LW633
Desrumeaux J Halifax NA529
Detley F C Stirling BF507
Detlor P B Whitley Z6862
Detmold P G Stirling W7506
Dettasse R Spitfire EN769
Dettle Whitley N1406
Dettmann Ronald Alexander Kenneth
Dettre Rexford H Jr P-38 Lightning
Deugard R D Lancaster ED982
Deugo Robert Henry Typhoon JP486
Deugo Robert Henry Typhoon R7678
Deutscher J Stirling BF449
Deutscher Christopher Joseph
Devall Bruce Thomas
Devalle J A Manchester R5831
Devaney E P Halifax LK916
Devenish J W Lancaster DV294
Devenish Keith Hugh
Devenish-Meares Jack Wellington BJ842
Devenish-Meares Russell
Deverall M R Wellington HZ518
Deveraux F S Halifax BB192
Devereau G S Lancaster NN743
Devereaux J
Devereaux Frank Gerrard Halifax LV831
Deverell Eric Ernest Halifax JD453
Deverell A J Lancaster NG182
Deverell Eric Ernest
Devereux S J Stirling EH88
Devereux Leslie William
Deverill E A Lancaster JB243
Deverill Hudson N7319
Deveson Albert Ernest Liberator JT985
Deveson Edward Oliver
Devetter L Halifax LK866
Devich John E B-24 'Lone Ranger' 44-40098
Deviell W H Lancaster LL783
Deville E P Stirling R9286
Devine E N Lancaster LM511
Devine Edward James Lancaster JB299
Devine W H Lancaster KB719
Devine Thomas William Wellington BJ596
Devine J C Lancaster ME526
Devine F Lancaster ND344
Devine B P Lancaster ED666
Devine Phillip Eena
Devine Stewart
Devine Eena Norman
Devine Gerald P P-51 Mustang
Deviney H A Stirling EF438
Devitt J F Lancaster PA977
Devitt Laurence Michael
Devlin John Lancaster JB455
Devlin K J Wellington BJ974
Devlin D J Lancaster JB554
Devlin Richard Lancaster PB802
Devlin G J Hampden X2965
Devlin J Stirling N6087
Devlin Henry William
Devlin Donald Charles
Devlin Reginald Edward George
Devlin George Vincent B-17 43-38046
Devon J R Halifax JD459
Devon H A Lancaster ME629
Devonshire J.C. Wellington BB503
Devonshire Peter Satterswaite
Devoto D Battle P2244
Devoy Alexander Gordon Lancaster DS840
Devries Paul K P-51 Mustang
Devries Paul K P-51 Mustang
Devtt R F Stirling EH941
Dew Thomas George William Lancaster RF153
Dew J V Lancaster PA969
Dew B E Wellington X3394
Dew T A Wellington HE385
Dew J H Wellington HD991
Dew N H Lancaster HK553
Dew F B Halifax LW519
DeWahl Edmund Merlin B-17 43-38046
Dewar John Scatliffe Hurricane V7306
Dewar Thomas Cuthbert Wellington BJ600
Dewar D H A Lancaster W4261
Dewar P Lancaster KB713
Dewar J F Typhoon MP122
Dewar H Lancaster ED947
Dewar W W Lancaster PD403
Dewar D R Halifax DT569
Dewar A Stirling BF330
Dewar F Battle K9252
Dewar J M F Hurricane V6872
Dewar W Q Spitfire BM262
Dewar John Scatliff
Dewdney P F Lancaster DV224
Dewdney C J Lancaster PA196
Dewey K W Lancaster LM174
Dewey A A S Lancaster LM343
Dewey R Lancaster W4305
Dewey R B Spitfire P7365
Dewey Ryland T P-47 Thunderbolt
Dewhurst K S Spitfire R6967
Dewhurst H Lancaster ND919
Dewhurst W Halifax W1059
Dewhurst J L Hampden
Dewhurst Edgar
Dewhurst John Edward
Dewhurst Douglas Roultney
Dewin R G J Blenheim V5502
Dewing M S Blenheim V5853
Dewport Whitley Z6646
Dews A Lancaster W4861
Dewsbury R F Stirling BK663
Dewson W Lancaster ED731
Dexter K I Lancaster ED945
Dexter P G Spitfire P9553
Dexter P G Spitfire P8581
Dexter A R A Manchester L7466
Dey R Lancaster ND903
Dey P A Beaufighter T3014
Dey L N Halifax LK846
Dey Phillip Alexander
Dey Arthur Alexander
Dey David George
Deyell J Halifax NP686
Deyell Douglas Keith Stirling N6022
Di Clacca D A A Halifax HR949
Dial W G B Lancaster ME853
Dial Wilfred George Barrett
Diamond R C Halifax NP801
Diamond Brack Jr P-51 Mustang
Diamond Walker G P-51 Mustang
Diamond Walker G P-51 Mustang
Dias Vivian Peter Wellington LP760
Dibben A R Halifax JD198
Dibben R O Stirling BF339
Dibben Ronald Oswald Stirling BF399
Dibbins D R Halifax LK789
Dibbs George Robert
Dibden L G M Hurricane P2689
Dick J N G Spitfire MJ563
Dick J N G Mustang KH764
Dick L V J Mosquito DZ640
Dick W H A Halifax HX188
Dick A J Halifax JD206
Dick D L Whitley N1376
Dick W L M Halifax RG498
Dick A H Lancaster PB686
Dick T Lancaster PD273
Dick Robert Ballantyne Wellington Z1076
Dick D L Lancaster ED875
Dick H R Lancaster ED418
Dick F Stirling DJ974
Dick N R D Spitfire R7260
Dick Spitfire BL708
Dick A McD Lancaster JA917
Dick A R J Blenheim Z7277
Dick W R A Wellington R1176
Dick W R A Wellington R3167
Dick Norman Henry
Dickel A H Halifax LL289
Dicken A E Lancaster ND683
Dicken A B Lancaster ND676
Dicken J R Lancaster ME739
Dicken Michael Perry Stowell
Dickens F D Lancaster EE118
Dickens J D Halifax LV943
Dickens C W Lancaster W4155
Dickens C J S Wellington T2803
Dickenson M L Stirling BF357
Dickenson J E Halifax LL169
Dickenson M E S Wellington X3169
Dickenson H Hampden L4135
Dickenson G L Lancaster ME386
Dickenson G K Lancaster R5909
Dickenson Peter George Scott Whitley Z9130
Dickenson R C Hampden X2922
Dickenson R C Hampden X2894
Dickenson J Stirling EE909
Dickenson G R Stirling R9262
Dickenson C Stirling EF135
Dickenson Max Elwin
Dicker John Wilfred Lancaster R5610
Dicker A R Wellington X3991
Dickerson K L T Lancaster ME755
Dickerson Alfred James Hampden P4398
Dickerson R W Lancaster JB534
Dickerson Wellington Z8815
Dickerson Wellington X9811
Dickerson R G Halifax LL584
Dickerson E L Spitfire BR605
Dickerson E L Spitfire BR602
Dickerson H Hampden AE154
Dickerson Kevin Leslie Thomas
Dickerson Charles G P-47 Thunderbolt
Dickeson R V Lancaster PB609
Dickeson C R Wellington Z1327
Dickey H N Lancaster NG303
Dickey D O R Lancaster RF181
Dickey E W G Whitley Z6759
Dickey Robert M. B-24 Slossie 44-40294
Dickhard E A Lancaster JB541
Dickie Robert John Lancaster PB255
Dickie Alex Morrison Wellington N2940
Dickie David Gray Hampden AD863
Dickie No details Wellington LN403
Dickie A G Lancaster ND675
Dickie A McK Lancaster ED467
Dickie Robert Lloyd Lancaster W4840
Dickie R J Lancaster JB312
Dickie J D Lancaster R5678
Dickie T L Stirling EF464
Dickie K J Typhoon MN377
Dickie W Lancaster W4123
Dickie W G Hurricane L2057
Dickie John
Dickie Robert John
Dickin R C Lancaster PB510
Dickins K S Lancaster DS720
Dickins T E Lancaster ED919
Dickins D S Blenheim R3598
Dickinson Clifford Lancaster ME743
Dickinson Albert Lancaster JB722
Dickinson J R Halifax W1061
Dickinson John Edward William Lancaster LM189
Dickinson W J Halifax W1113
Dickinson R W Halifax LV961
Dickinson F Halifax NP818
Dickinson A J Halifax LV821
Dickinson R Halifax NP738
Dickinson Earl Willard Wellington HE524
Dickinson Wellington Z8441
Dickinson J Halifax DT778
Dickinson R J Whitley T4143
Dickinson B N Lancaster LM493
Dickinson A L Lancaster W4771
Dickinson Blenheim T2253
Dickinson T Mosquito ML909
Dickinson H Hampden P4365
Dickinson S Stirling LJ501
Dickinson G C Lancaster HK620
Dickinson W H Stirling EF579
Dickinson J H Hurricane P3213
Dickinson J Lancaster DS851
Dickinson Ronald Lancaster W4831
Dickinson J R Lancaster LL908
Dickinson H Mosquito PZ184
Dickinson R S Lancaster LM120
Dickinson F Lancaster JB743
Dickinson K Lancaster JB672
Dickinson C Halifax JD301
Dickinson H Manchester R5837
Dickinson J P Wellington T2554
Dickinson Ronald Frank
Dickinson Harry Alleyn Francis
Dickinson Keith Ernest
Dickinson William Stanley
Dickison A W Lancaster ED125
Dickman E W Halifax LL121
Dickmeyer Robert A P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Dickmeyer Robert A P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Dicks Leonard George Wellington L4363
Dicks John Bartlett Wellington X9761
Dicks L G Blenheim T1824
Dicks Ronald Stirling R9166
Dicks Robert D P-47 Thunderbolt
Dickson D.W.H Whitley BD544
Dickson A S Lancaster RA544
Dickson Robert Walker Ventura AE759
Dickson D L Lancaster NG193
Dickson C D Lancaster JA901
Dickson W A D Lancaster PB412
Dickson H Wellington P9227
Dickson Eric Donald Lancaster ED751
Dickson Harry Thomson Lancaster LL880
Dickson John Edwin Halifax JD215
Dickson Hugh Gilchrist Hurricane KZ656
Dickson H G Stirling N3659
Dickson A F Manchester L7321
Dickson R J Wellington LN896
Dickson R S Lancaster KB722
Dickson Walter Edward Halifax LK635
Dickson W S Lancaster KB809
Dickson J A Lancaster NG267
Dickson John William Beaufighter T3142
Dickson G R Spitfire MA596
Dickson Douglas James Wellington LP651
Dickson R Lancaster LL832
Dickson H G Stirling N3661
Dickson R H Halifax NR251
Dickson D Lancaster ND579
Dickson D G Mustang
Dickson D G Typhoon JP919
Dickson G M Blenheim R3811
Dickson J G T Hampden AE129
Dickson E W Lancaster ED764
Dickson F G Whitley K9040
Dickson A Lancaster PB208
Dickson A Lancaster LM418
Dickson W G Stirling BK626
Dickson Andrew Stanley
Dickson James Seatter
Dickson Beaumont Churchill
Dickson Robert Walker
Dickson Colin Kenneth
Dickson Colin
Dickson Vivian
Dickson William Alexander
Dickson Gwen
Dickson William Rodger Halifax MZ633
Dickson John Stirling EF298
Dickson James B P-47 Thunderbolt
Dickson James B P-47 Thunderbolt
Dickson James B P-47 Thunderbolt
Dickson John W P-47 Thunderbolt
Dicon M Wellington HZ478
Didier Robert C P-47 Thunderbolt`
Didsbury C McD Wellington X9750
Didsbury G F Lancaster ED720
Didsbury C McD Wellington W5450
Didsbury S R Mosquito HJ790
Diebel H M Stirling EE970
Dieckmann Elmer W P-51 Mustang
Dieckmann Elmer W P-51 Mustang
Diefendorf Allen J P-38 Lightning
Dieffenwierth Hal W P-47 Thunderbolt
Diehl Maurice Alvin B-17 You Never Know 42-32086
Diehm William George
Diemer A C Lancaster PB669
Dieno G A Halifax MZ601
Dier A C Hampden L4175
Diercks Frederick Arthur Donald
Dierkes W J Lancaster R5699
Dieterich Virgil C P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Dieterich Virgil C P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Dieterich Virgil C P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Dietman J A Lancaster ND419
Dietman John Arthur
Dietrichson G Lancaster PA285
Difford I B Hurricane L1728
Digby F A Lancaster W4178
Digby A C F Wellington X3697
Digby W C Lancaster W4110
Digby R E Lancaster LM181
Digby P W Halifax W7805
Digby-Worsley M P Blenheim L9457
Digges Charles Richardson
Diggins W W Stirling W7588
Diggins A E Typhoon R7820
Diggle A Lancaster LL694
Diggle F C Lancaster LM379
Diggle John Wilson Lancaster JA714
Diggle L Lancaster JB597
Diggle L Lancaster ND813
Diggles Ray Silvester
Diggory J Hampden AD862
Digle R Lancaster JA875
Digman Wellington Z8947
Dignan Terence De Valera Wellington X3643
Digney R J Halifax LV944
Dignum R E Lancaster W4384
Dil W R Whitley X9922
Diley J A Lancaster JB473
Dilkes Maurice Francis Halifax LV820
Dill D Stirling EF135
Dill-Russell J D Lancaster LL689
Dilley Dennis Arthur Halifax BB254
Dilley William G Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Dillicar J C Stirling EF428
Dilling Donald K P-47 Thunderbolt
Dilling Donald K P-47 Thunderbolt
Dilling Donald K P-47 Thunderbolt
Dillingham H C Stirling BK648
Dillmutt G W Lancaster EE114
Dillnutt F C Halifax W1141
Dillnutt F C Halifax LL127
Dillon J McK Lancaster LM722
Dillon W Wellington Z1485
Dillon B G D Lancaster LM587
Dillon Maurice Lancaster LL755
Dillon Patrick Joseph Halifax W1162
Dillon Terence Halifax MZ351
Dillon J H Halifax HR757
Dillon Raymond James Hampden AT224
Dillon J V Halifax LW242
Dillon M F Lancaster JB732
Dillon John Lancaster ED988
Dillon P Lancaster LM307
Dillon A M Hurricane L1802
Dillon G W Lancaster R5607
Dillon James McKenzie
Dillon William John
Dillon William
Dillon Beresford George Douglas
Dillon William Frederick
Dillon Edwin Bertram
Dillon Richard M
Dillon Robert D Jr P-38 Lightning
Dillow W E C Halifax HR986
Dilnot A A Blenheim L6694
Dilon S I Halifax EB249
Dilworth John Frederick Lancaster ED815
Dilworth A A Lancaster LM641
Dilworth A J Spitfire TA739
Dilworth John Frederick
Diman William C P-47 Thunderbolt
DiManno Carmine Gerard B-24 Tell Me More 41-28754
Dimelow William Bruce
Dimma Thomas William Wellington HF732
Dimmock T F Lancaster ED386
Dimmock H E D Wellington Z8533
Dimmock Harold Edgar
Dimmock Thomas Frank
Dimock A E Lancaster LL679
Dimock V A D Wellington BJ725
Dimond R Lancaster NG410
Dimond L G C Wellington R1778
Dimond E R Manchester L7394
Dimond F J Halifax LW343
Dimond F J Halifax JN924
Dimond D J Stirling EE196
Dimond J Stirling BF504
Dimond Francis James Raymond
Dindorf Karol Fairey Battle L5072
Dineen W W Lancaster LM631
Dineen Cecil 'Johnny' Lancaster ND597
Dineen B P Lancaster ED624
Dineen J F Lancaster LM183
Ding Leslie Arthur Lancaster LL733
Ding Eric John
Dingey V G Lancaster NG193
Dingle B N Hampden P4367
Dingle W R J Halifax HX270
Dingle A C Wellington R3150
Dingle D P Lancaster ED942
Dingle Dudley John
Dingley L D Halifax HX158
Dingley L A Wellington HE656
Dingley K W Halifax LW328
Dingman R B Wellington HE733
Dingwall J Halifax NP716
Dingwall F T Wellington HE553
Dingwall P F Hampden L4090
Dingwall P F Hampden L4098
Dini Antonio Simmons Hurricane L2117
Dinnage F H Boston Z2295
Dinnage H E Wellington BK463
Dinnen Robert Louis Halifax NA190
Dinner Earl G P-51 Mustang
Dinney William Lancaster NE164
Dinning John Hector Lancaster R5502
Dinning J B Lancaster DS790
Dinning John Hector
Dinsdale T M Lancaster LM267
Dinsdale Wellington Z8800
Dinsdale G C Mustang FZ193
Dinse Charles W P-47 Thunderbolt
Dinse Charles W P-47 Thunderbolt
Dinsmore G T Halifax LW431
Dint D C Lancaster LM527
Dion R B Lancaster W4250
Diplock S A F Lancaster PB690
Dippie J G Halifax LW497
Dipple Wellington X9740
Dirks Howard A P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Disbrowe H A Stirling EE904
Disher J R Lancaster NG305
Disley R M Stirling N3673
Disney Philip Allan Mosquito RS577
Diss R W Halifax MZ533
Dissette Lawrence J P-47 Thunderbolt
Disson T Mosquito KB447
Ditchburn F H Halifax DK257
Ditchburn F W Stirling R9253
Ditlev-Simonsen J Spitfire PT945
Ditmarsch E Spitfire RK892
Ditson M T Lancaster NF998
Dittmar Robert A. B-24 Slossie 44-40294
Dittmer Arthur H B-24 'Lone Ranger' 44-40098
Dittmer Karl K P-51 Mustang
Dittrich Frantsek K Wellington T2624
Ditzler D W Lancaster DS713
Divall W G Lancaster JA874
Dive Peter Benjamin
Dive-Robinson L C Stirling EE915
Divens J Halifax MZ310
Diver R A Halifax LK863
Divers J G Halifax LV635
Diversi James Patrick Mitchell FL182
Diversi James Patrick
Divitcoff Alexander Halifax NR118
Divoy L Spitfire BM191
Dix K Wellington HE990
Dix Francis Herbert Fortress HB805
Dix J E Lancaster ED830
Dix J Wellington Z8863
Dix J H J Halifax JD298
Dix F M Stirling BF445
Dix F H Stirling W7631
Dix J E Halifax LW378
Dix A L Lancaster LL894
Dix Gordon Edward
Dixey H C Lancaster LM520
Dixie Lancaster
Dixon Robert Kitchener Lancaster LM548
Dixon G W Halifax NR179
Dixon H B Lancaster LM226
Dixon F W Lancaster ED764
Dixon John Wellington Z1596
Dixon Benjamin Robert Stirling W7562
Dixon Colin James Wellington Z8780
Dixon Leslie Reginald Marauder FK367
Dixon Eric Halifax MZ813
Dixon B Hampden X2983
Dixon Herbert Horace Lancaster ND403
Dixon Alan Joseph Patrick Hudson N7301
Dixon John Arthur Glanville Lancaster JB664
Dixon Thomas Wilkinson Stirling BK688
Dixon Leonard Henry Joseph Lancaster DV240
Dixon Norman Frederick Lancaster JA711
Dixon Raymond Eric Wellington DV503
Dixon J M Wellington X9705
Dixon T D Stirling BK765
Dixon M R Wellington X3334
Dixon A R Stirling EE882
Dixon C D Stirling W7573
Dixon G L Wellington R1658
Dixon C B Halifax JB920
Dixon A Halifax DK183
Dixon A A Lancaster KB798
Dixon R W Halifax LK970
Dixon J Lancaster ND503
Dixon N A Lancaster DV333
Dixon W A Halifax MZ508
Dixon Calvin Daniel Wellington R1618
Dixon M W Wellington BK513
Dixon G C Mosquito PF505
Dixon L S Lancaster JA717
Dixon N Lancaster LM728
Dixon S Lancaster R5898
Dixon R R Halifax HX165
Dixon R N Lancaster ED728
Dixon R Lancaster LM464
Dixon J H Wellington X3709
Dixon J R Wellington X3391
Dixon S Lancaster W4318
Dixon E Boston AL286
Dixon J H Halifax BB329
Dixon D A H Mosquito DZ379
Dixon Herbert Peter Hurricane P2952
Dixon J M Wellington N2853
Dixon P L Wellington T2737
Dixon J Lancaster PB872
Dixon Thomas Lancaster ME418
Dixon L T Blenheim L8860
Dixon E Wellington Z8805
Dixon J C Stirling BK663
Dixon T G F Beaufighter
Dixon G H Battle L5247
Dixon J J Wellington DV709
Dixon A Halifax JD163
Dixon R Halifax LK976
Dixon H E Lancaster W4325
Dixon F D Lancaster DV173
Dixon C N Wellington Z1254
Dixon A N Lancaster ED441
Dixon J P Lancaster PB537
Dixon H Lancaster PA994
Dixon W D Lancaster LM480
Dixon F J P Hurricane N2485
Dixon J Halifax HR728
Dixon D Halifax MZ870
Dixon H Lancaster ME679
Dixon Derek Arthur Lancaster JB364
Dixon T S Lancaster PB360
Dixon C A H Lancaster PB652
Dixon P Hurricane P2573
Dixon W B Lancaster JB599
Dixon A T Lancaster LM726
Dixon D Lancaster PB911
Dixon J J Stirling W7632
Dixon L S Lancaster JA931
Dixon K T Halifax JD310
Dixon H D Halifax JB870
Dixon K T Halifax JD203
Dixon A G E Whitley K8965
Dixon N F Lancaster DV327
Dixon C W Stirling BK628
Dixon G Blenheim Z5721
Dixon Henry Peter
Dixon John Russell
Dixon Donald William Robert
Dixon Ian James
Dixon Gregory Wills
Dixon James Edward Manners
Dixon William G P-47 Thunderbolt
Dixon William G P-47 Thunderbolt
Dixon Townsley E Mosquito NS993
Dixon-Wright F W Wellington BJ615
Dixonet B Halifax MZ849
Djonne O Spitfire AD325
Długajczyk Franciszek Andrzej Wellington LN707
Dmochowski Myron J. B-17 Rationed Passion 42-30782
Dmytruk P Halifax DT745
Doak Francis George Liberator KN736
Doak W E Lancaster JB407
Doak J B Spitfire MJ877
Doan E V Lancaster ED737
Dobb K H Blenheim R3892
Dobbie Hampden AE141
Dobbie A L H Mitchell FL198
Dobbie Kenneth William
Dobbie Carl Bernard
Dobbin Laurence St. George Wellington BJ767
Dobbing J A D Blenheim L4876
Dobbins R W Lancaster DV187
Dobbs F W Halifax MZ805
Dobbs W Spitfire RM756
Dobbs W Spitfire RM865
Dobbs K Halifax HX322
Dobbs Gilbert Stanley
Dobbyn R J Lancaster ND818
Dobbyn J L Lancaster DV384
Dobbyn Robert Joseph
Dobie Wilfred Liberator EW139
Dobie J R Halifax DK260
Dobie J S Lancaster W4860
Dobie E C Halifax HR908
Dobie I A Mosquito MV541
Dobie Ian Alexander
Dobinson John Lancaster JB738
Dobinson L Whitley Z6630
Dobinson Julian
Dobney Richard Norris Halifax EB256
Dobosz Aleksander
Dobromirski Krzysztof Leon Halifax DT542
Dobrowolski Stefan
Dobrowolski Kazimierz JM Consolidated Liberator BZ589
Dobrowolski Joseph A P-38 Lightning
Dobrut-Dobrucki Tadeusz Spitfire W3941
Dobrut-Dobrucki Tadeusz Supermarine Spitfire AB363 (AB363R?)
Dobrzynski Witold Caudron CR714 ?
Dobson R P Lancaster L7567
Dobson John Fisher Hampden L4148
Dobson W L Lancaster JB481
Dobson C D Stirling N6081
Dobson J E Halifax HX312
Dobson P G
Dobson F A Halifax JD951
Dobson Reginald Frederick Lancaster RA515
Dobson J M Blenheim V6179
Dobson J R Hampden AT194
Dobson A T Lancaster HK620
Dobson H Stirling EH990
Dobson W Lancaster LM468
Dobson L N W Wellington Z5171
Dobson R W Mosquito DZ535
Dobson D F Stirling W7567
Dobson E Fortress HB702
Dobson E Fortress HB796
Dobson J Wellington Z1069
Dobson J Wellington Z8910
Dobson W E Halifax LW582
Dobson J Lancaster ED348
Dobson G G Lancaster W4785
Dobson A Lancaster NG271
Dobson W F Lancaster ND953
Dobson T R Halifax HR869
Dobson E B Stirling N6095
Dobson R W Whitley Z9305
Dobson E S K Lancaster ED495
Dobson A Lancaster HK604
Dobson N J J Stirling EF159
Dobson Cyril Ingram
Dobson William
Dobson Frank David
Dobson Reginald Patrick
Dobson Grover L. B-24 'Lone Ranger' 44-40098
Dochambeau M O Halifax LK968
Docherty William Halifax HX318
Docherty R Wellington Z1623
Docherty C F Boston W8355
Docherty T Lancaster JB476
Docherty E Stirling W7537
Docherty J Halifax NP683
Docherty Joseph
Docjerty N Lancaster ME633
Dock Frank William Lancaster DV324
Dock F W Lancaster DV197
Docker John Wellington L7799
Docker F Lancaster ND880
Docker R J R Lancaster JA900
Dockerill J P Halifax BB375
Dockerty B W O Halifax MZ492
Dockery G M Lancaster PB812
Dockery C B Lancaster LM191
Dockery Graeme Mark
Docking R O Wellington R1517
Docking Robert George
Dockrill C J E Battle P2203
Dod H F Lancaster PB195
Doda Władysław Vickers Wellington Z1696
Dodd T H F Lancaster PD258
Dodd Frank Craighton Wellington Z8781
Dodd T W Lancaster LL627
Dodd E L Blenheim P6924
Dodd J R Wellington R1061
Dodd A Lancaster NG116
Dodd J E Stirling N6045
Dodd G Lancaster ME850
Dodd E G Halifax DG227
Dodd J Stirling MZ261
Dodd L J Stirling BF406
Dodd D Typhoon PD528
Dodd F J Wellington X9635
Dodd W V Halifax LV791
Dodd Robert Edward Hebburton
Dodd Thomas Henry Francis
Dodding J D Lancaster LL681
Dodds J R Lancaster ND409
Dodds David Laing Lancaster JA681
Dodds James Blenheim Z9588
Dodds R L Fortress HB702
Dodds V F Lancaster PB174
Dodds G D Hampden AD966
Dodds R Halifax MZ531
Dodds G H Mosquito KB205
Dodds P Halifax LL555
Dodds J Halifax JD304
Dodds J R Lancaster DS667
Dodds M Lancaster ND761
Dodds C N Lancaster DV421
Dodds R V Mosquito LR475
Dodds J Wellington Z8439
Dodds Wellington W5560
Dodds J K Wellington HE743
Dodds H Lancaster PD319
Dodds J D Lancaster JA692
Dodds T D Wellington N2986
Dodds James ("Hamish")
Dodds David Laing
Dodds John Reginald
Dodds James
Dodds Richard
Dodds-Forrest J Wellington R1609
Dodge L E Wellington Z8419
Dodge J H Lancaster DS686
Dodge J S H Halifax NR257
Dodge Stanley Wilbur Wellington HE110
Dodge Robert O P-47 Thunderbolt`
Dodgshun J H Lancaster ED521
Dodgshun G T Wellington P9297
Dodgshun Ronald Charles
Dodgshun John Henry
Dodgson N C R Halifax NR132
Dodgson David James Halifax LL577
Dodgson H Blenheim L8838
Dodgson W K Mustang AG477
Dodgson H S Lancaster JB680
Dodgson J Lancaster ME357
Dods William Stodart Espie
Dodson A D Lancaster EE194
Dodson R E Lancaster LM533
Dodson C Lancaster PB538
Dodson J Halifax LK892
Dodson J Halifax DK148
Dodson H L G Lancaster ND414
Dodson Alfred Shurrock
Dodsworth H Wellington R1016
Dodsworth J D Lancaster R5564
Dodwell T E Mosquito MM136
Doe Leslie Hubert Halifax LL135
Doe B A Wellington W5372
Doe James Harrington Lancaster L7576
Doe R F T Hurricane P3984
Doe D J Halifax DK207
Doe Robert Francis Thomas
Doel A W Lancaster DV157
Doel R Halifax NA164
Doepel John Frederick Francis
Doersch George Albert P-51 Mustang
Doersch George Albert P-47 Thunderbolt
Doersch George Albert P-47 Thunderbolt
Doersch George Albert P-47 Thunderbolt
Doersch George Albert P-47 Thunderbolt
Doersch George Albert P-47 Thunderbolt
Doersch George Albert P-47 Thunderbolt
Doersch George Albert P-47 Thunderbolt
Doersch George Albert P-47 Thunderbolt
Doery James Frank
Doggart T W Lancaster NG396
Doggett G E Halifax LV827
Doggett H Halifax LK879
Doggett Gordon Edgar
Dogue (some publications spell his name as Drogue) George Hudson FH378
Dohaney G F Lancaster ED689
Doherty O J Halifax LV943
Doherty W J Lancaster NG183
Doherty L A Mustang AP172
Doherty R S Hampden AT139
Doherty Francis Aloysius Lancaster ED723
Doherty Eric Steele
Doherty M Wellington Z1612
Doherty R A A Whitley T4273
Doherty R A A Wellington W5435
Doherty E B Wellington P9266
Doherty H L Lancaster LL620
Doherty R A A Mosquito KB350
Doherty J C Lancaster ED920
Doherty Nicholas
Doidge R W Typhoon MN257
Doidge R W Typhoon PD469
Doidge G L Halifax HR712
Doidge T W Lancaster LL905
Doig J Halifax LV879
Doig P H Lancaster LM442
Doig A I Whirlwind P7054
Doig C S Stirling EH896
Doig C S Stirling BK720
Doiron Harley William Halifax LV963
Dolamore F L Lancaster DS781
Dolan John Wellington R3162
Dolan J Lancaster JA863
Dolan W T Halifax JD378
Dolan S J Lancaster LL923
Dolan W Lancaster RF138
Dolan Gordon D P-47 Thunderbolt
Doland M D Whitley N1380
Doland R J Wellington Z1478
Dolata Edmund Józef Vickers Wellington Z1377
Dolbear R Wellington BJ920
Dolby R E Wellington HE530
Dolby E G Lancaster JA916
Dolby B H Lancaster ED363
Dolby L A Lancaster LL970
Dolby H Lancaster LL754
Dold William F. B-17 43-37909
Dolding Arthur John Halifax W1096
Dole Lyle E B-17 43-38701
Doleac Cyril B P-51 Mustang
Dolecek Victor Donald B-24 42-95186
Dolejs A Wellington R1516
Dolewski Wojciech Jan Consolidated Liberator KG846
Dolezal F Spitfire N3046
Doll John Christopher Shaboe
Dollar R E Lancaster W4956
Dollar Ralph Edmund
Dollard E J Lancaster W4796
Dollery T P Spitfire TB327
Dollery A G Halifax LW129
Dollin Kenneth Sunderland
Dolling F R Halifax HR907
Dolling F R Halifax HR803
Dolman Robert Lucas
Dolman Horace Edward
Dolman Percy Charles Halifax JP287
Dolman Jan Dirk Hudson V9036
Dolphin Arnold Victor
Dolter F W Halifax LW157
Dolton F Wellington X3414
Dolton A K Spitfire MB913
Domagała Marian Bogusław Hurricane Z2523
Doman Gerald Anthony Halifax W7676
Domański Józef Vickers Wellington W5665
Domański Ludwik Vickers Wellington Z1386
Domański Stanisław Hawker Tempest JN752
Domański Witold Supermarine Spitfire BL375
Domański Zbigniew Jan Bristol Beaufighter V8551
Domaradzki Tadeusz Józef Consolidated Liberator BZ949
Dombrain Peter Charles Lewis Lancaster LM121
Domigan B Halifax DT769
Domin Zdzisław
Dominy R H Lancaster R5621
Domiter Zygmunt Stefan Miles Master T8782
Domke A F Halifax MZ910
Domleo S V Lancaster JB467
Dommitz J Halifax DK170
Domogala John W. B-24 'Lone Ranger' 44-40098
Domone E V Beaufighter V8454
Don R S Mosquito KB463
Don R S Hurricane P3646
Donagby M Typhoon JP508
Donaghue C D Lancaster PB237
Donaghue B A Lancaster NG275
Donaghy T R Lancaster HK553
Donaghy Patrick Joseph
Donahue Arthur Gerald Spitfire X4018
Donahue Arthur Gerald Spitfire BL511
Donahue Walter Vernard Whitley Z9512
Donahue Duncan R P-47 Thunderbolt
Donald H W E Halifax MZ298
Donald K C Halifax MZ915
Donald J R Lancaster PB228
Donald Peter Laird Lancaster W4787
Donald D N Fortress HB785
Donald J L Halifax JD456
Donald R S Lancaster R5497
Donald D Whitley P4963
Donald G Mosquito ML919
Donald G Mosquito MM225
Donald G Mosquito PF431
Donald I D G Defiant L7009
Donald J Lancaster NG263
Donald J A Wellington R1713
Donald W Tempest NV698
Donald G Lancaster ND538
Donald Hampden AE262
Donald K N Stirling BK713
Donald James Middleton Halifax JB842
Donald J Lancaster R5512
Donald Harley William Edwards
Donald John Neal
Donald Keith Courtney
Donald James Richard
Donaldson D R Lancaster LM597
Donaldson Vincent John Mervyn Lancaster ED319
Donaldson D B Halifax W1067
Donaldson J Wellington Z1730
Donaldson G E Halifax BB376
Donaldson Malcolm Forrest Halifax LK906
Donaldson R G Halifax NP817
Donaldson K J Halifax LK801
Donaldson John Clifford Wellington HE175
Donaldson P R Whitley N1496
Donaldson R Wellington L7800
Donaldson D W Wellington T2740
Donaldson G B Lancaster NF952
Donaldson E M Hurricane P3787
Donaldson D J Halifax HR722
Donaldson G Spitfire
Donaldson L J Lancaster ME636
Donaldson M Spitfire
Donaldson D Wellington R1511
Donaldson J W Gladiator N5681
Donaldson A H Whirlwind P7044
Donaldson R W Mosquito HK529
Donaldson J Lancaster R5687
Donaldson M W Hampden L4083
Donaldson W A Lancaster LL692
Donaldson David Stuart Stirling R9272
Donaldson A Stirling W7441
Donaldson A Wellington T2474
Donaldson J Halifax MZ812
Donaldson L G Halifax JD108
Donaldson L Halifax W7939
Donaldson Whitley Z9127
Donaldson Edward Mortlock
Donaldson Georges Millar 'Paddy'
Donaldson Arthur Hay
Donaldson David Alexander
Donaldson Stewart Leslie
Donaldson Robert Roy
Donaldson John
Donaldson David Alexander Liberator AL548
Donaldson Herbert Allison Stirling
Doncaster Ivan Keith Lancaster EE196
Doncaster F H Lancaster ED539
Donda Z Spitfire MH354
Done R A Typhoon MP203
Done G F Lancaster ED481
Donehue C E Wellington L7810
Donelan P J H Wellington BJ878
Donhone F M Hampden P5329
Donkersley G I Halifax DT526
Donkin Dixon David Stirling BK690
Donkin Ernest William Halifax LW546
Donkin J Wellington W5561
Donkin P L Mustang FD448
Donkin A V Lancaster LM626
Donkin H
Donkin H
Donlan P Halifax NP938
Donlan J Stirling N3666
Donlan J M Stirling N6033
Donlevy P Lancaster LM311
Donlin E A Wellington X3308
Donlon Battle K9188
Donlon J F Blenheim T1897
Donmall N E Halifax NA501
Donn-Patterson J Wellington N2851
Donn-Patterson James
Donnan N Halifax LV987
Donnan J E Lancaster DV189
Donnan R Halifax JD160
Donnan James Caston
Donne Michael Stephen Hawker Hurricane N2556
Donne E H Typhoon PD473
Donnell A C Halifax MZ522
Donnell John C Jr P-51 Mustang
Donnell Ridley E P-51 Mustang
Donnelly Clarence Armfield Lancaster ME725
Donnelly Hugh McLauglin Lancaster ND476
Donnelly T H Lancaster JB280
Donnelly J W Halifax LL255
Donnelly E B Halifax JB850
Donnelly N W Lancaster PB245
Donnelly W W Lancaster ED597
Donnelly J P Stirling EE942
Donnelly J P Stirling BF466
Donnelly W A Halifax JD258
Donnelly P Lancaster PD294
Donnelly J T Hampden AD797
Donnelly W S Whitley P4991
Donnelly J G Hampden AD827
Donnelly Hampden X3006
Donnelly T E Lancaster R5907
Donnelly Sydney William
Donner W J Lancaster ND358
Donner R W Lancaster LM105
Donner Blenheim Z7454
Donner Blenheim R3844
Donner Blenheim V6028
Donner William John
Donnett D J Mosquito DD628
Donnison Frederick Ritchie Wellington X3723
Donocik Józef Franciszek North American P-51d Mustang FB225
Donoghue J E Mosquito HK481
Donoghue M G E Halifax LK699
Donoghue J G Lancaster R5513
Donoghue S P Whitley Z6819
Donoghue D A Lancaster LM647
Donoghue P Lancaster ND987
Donohoe James Blackman Lancaster W4983
Donohoe Albert Beauvais
Donohoe Frederick Max
Donohoe James Blackman
Donohoe Donald J P-47 Thunderbolt
Donohue John Richard Charles Lancaster PB287
Donohue C J Lancaster JB682
Donohue Thomas James
Donovan George Alfred Stirling W7524
Donovan John Henry Lancaster LM115
Donovan Walter Spruce Mosquito DZ550
Donovan I I Lancaster LL860
Donovan G H Halifax LW436
Donovan William Harry Lancaster W4166
Donovan W Halifax LV863
Donovan J A Blenheim N6390
Donovan R L Lancaster DS662
Donovan P E Lancaster LM743
Donovan R W Mosquito NT444
Donovan C A Halifax LW478
Donovan Ralph Charles B-24 Miss Judy 42-52507
Donovan David A P-47 Thunderbolt
Donovan Fuller D M Whitley Z9221
Donowa Rex Valentine Lancaster ND715
Donowa Rex Valentine
Donson H E Whitley Z9155
Doodey F W Blenheim N6150
Doolan Gregory McGowan Stirling LJ448
Doolan Gregory McGowan
Doole David Giffin Beaufort N1160
Dooley Peter Lawrence Lancaster LM693
Dooley JP Lancaster ME315
Dooley V Stirling EF443
Dooley Charles H P-51 Mustang
Doolittle E F Lancaster ED838
Doolittle Gordon L P-51 Mustang
Doolittle Gordon L P-51 Mustang
Doonan F W Halifax LW330
Doonan Francis William
Doore R S Lancaster W4359
Doorly E Spitfire BS276
Doorly Eric P-47 Thunderbolt
Doorly Eric P-47 Thunderbolt
Dootson H Halifax LL356
Dop C Spitfire AA847
Dopere R Typhoon R8812
Dopson I B Stirling N3709
Dopson Geoffrey William Tempest
Doram E C Lancaster ND789
Doran W L Lancaster LL637
Doran A J Halifax LM684
Doran W L Lancaster DV327
Doran Willard Lawrence Lancaster JA711
Doran K C Blenheim L9242
Doran J Hampden L4065
Doran W H C Lancaster ED861
Doran P B Mosquito MM182
Doran J Lancaster ED503
Doran Terence Henry
Doran Wesley Greg
Doran Vincent Arthur
Doran Thomas Joseph
Dore Harry Wellington L4268
Dore M I Blenheim T1989
Dore Blenheim T1930
Dore Maurice Ivan Ventura AE737
Dore Gordon Leslie
Dorey A Lancaster KB859
Dorey W D Lancaster W4371
Dorey E H S Lancaster HK645
Dorey C W Halifax LK638
Dorey D A Lancaster NG381
Dorian J Lancaster ED452
Dorman Jan Piotr Vickers Wellington R1322
Dorman Peter Anselm Anson R9640
Dorman A V Spitfire P8674
Dorman Blenheim P4853
Dorman R E Halifax DT567
Dorman Eric
Dormand A W Wellington X3203
Dormand D A C Halifax LV871
Dormer J F Lancaster PB638
Dormer P F Battle P2203
Dorn David Wellington HE391
Dorn T A C Halifax JD476
Dorn Raymond John
Dornburgh Edmund L. B-17 Insomnia 43-38396
Dorney Thomas
Dorosz Stanislaw Vickers Wellington Z1272
Dorrell Matthew Lancaster KB782
Dorrell J W Lancaster KB808
Dorrell S G Lancaster EE119
Dorrell P G Wellington X3661
Dorrett A E C Lancaster PB558
Dorrian Thomas George B-24 Tell Me More 41-28754
Dorrien-Smith L R Hurricane L2145
Dorrington S Lancaster L7584
Dorrington F W Halifax JB848
Dorrington J B Blenheim N3619
Dorrington Ronald Kingston
Dorris D L Blenheim R3893
Dorrity J Lancaster ME738
Dorsett J W A Lancaster W4896
Dorward L C Lancaster R5701
Dorward Leslie Clement
Dos Santos T Lancaster DS681
Dose R H Spitfire EP394
Dossett W S Boston AL288
Dossett K S F Mustang FB365
Dossetter W C Wellington W5534
Dotchin Norman Wellington X9700
Dothie H J Halifax JD244
Dotrice R L Manchester R5840
Dott H F Lancaster ND927
Dotten F E Lancaster PB785
Double William Edwin Wellington LP465
Doubt R H Halifax LK883
Doucette A T Wellington X3763
Douch Ronald Eardley
Doucha J Spitfire AR502
Doude William John
Douds D Lancaster EE167
Douds Douglas
Douetil B N Lancaster JA862
Dougall T F Wellington Z8344
Dougall J Halifax LK800
Dougall J Spitfire W3183
Dougall George Allen
Dougan Jack Llewelyn Halifax MZ756
Dougan K Stirling BF384
Dougan S N Lancaster ND789
Dougan Blenheim P4853
Dougan Samuel Vincent
Dougherty John Hanham Halifax LW433
Dougherty G S Lancaster JA929
Dougherty L D Wellington R1438
Dougherty Ralph Edwin B-24 Slightly Dangerous 42-50681
Dougherty Kenneth W P-47 Thunderbolt
Dougherty Kenneth W P-47 Thunderbolt
Dougherty Kenneth W P-47 Thunderbolt
Dougherty Paul A Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Doughty Herbert Blenheim L6790
Doughty R B Lancaster ED991
Doughty R J Lancaster LL771
Doughty J C Halifax MZ647
Doughty D G Hampden L4137
Doughty H Stirling W7515
Doughty W J B Lancaster PA968
Doughty J Wellington X3641
Douglas Clifford Stanley Wellington Z1344
Douglas John Keith Lancaster NG455
Douglas J W Lancaster LM512
Douglas Herbert Walter Lancaster LM140
Douglas W M Lancaster PB564
Douglas Alfred Graham Spitfire AD234
Douglas D B Lancaster ND644
Douglas Glenn Thomas Lancaster LL862
Douglas R G S Lancaster DS852
Douglas William Ernest Wellington HZ476
Douglas A B Wellington HE177
Douglas H J Halifax MZ858
Douglas Harry Lawrence Halifax DK251
Douglas Adrian Vincent Stirling EE872
Douglas R O Fortress HB802
Douglas Wallace John Hampden AT258
Douglas A G Halifax JD166
Douglas A P Halifax DT572
Douglas R C A Halifax W7916
Douglas Wellington R1004
Douglas C B Lancaster PB243
Douglas J Stirling BF483
Douglas S E R Stirling EH893
Douglas J W Wellington BJ716
Douglas R T Wellington HF488
Douglas T Lancaster R5616
Douglas N Stirling BF381
Douglas E R Stirling W7503
Douglas A W Lancaster DS723
Douglas A S Boston W8304
Douglas R G Halifax DT669
Douglas N M Halifax W7817
Douglas W J Lancaster LL724
Douglas G Lancaster JA856
Douglas Gordon Lancaster PB755
Douglas K A R Lancaster JB541
Douglas G Lancaster LM133
Douglas W A Spitfire W3110
Douglas John Lancaster LM720
Douglas W J Lancaster EE113
Douglas R C M Halifax HR714
Douglas D H Halifax LW269
Douglas W M Whitley P4992
Douglas Whitley N1352
Douglas B Whitley Z6466
Douglas M L Lancaster W4184
Douglas C H Wellington P9243
Douglas William Anderson
Douglas Henry Beirne
Douglas James Kenneth
Douglas Robert James
Douglas John Angus
Douglas Francis William
Douglas John Keith
Douglas Hamilton Alexander
Douglas James Watkins
Douglas Robert Burns
Douglas John Marshall Noad
Douglas Arner M P-47 Thunderbolt`
Douglas Arner M P-47 Thunderbolt`
Douglas Paul P Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Douglas Paul P Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Douglas Paul P Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Douglas Paul P Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Douglas Robert E P-38 Lightning
Douglas-Cooper J S Wellington L7800
Douglas-Pulleyne I R M Halifax LK763
Douglass Albert Stirling W7523
Douglass P N Blenheim L8849
Douglass E R Stirling W7503
Douglass R Halifax DT508
Douglass Allyn Clive
Doull Ronald Henry Lancaster DV190
Doulton M D Hurricane R4215
Doust L B Halifax HX312
Douthwaite B Spitfire R6710
Doutrepont G L J Hurricane N2537
Dovaston L Lancaster PB516
Dove George Lancaster ED377
Dove Whitley P4957
Dove R K Lancaster LL915
Dove B J Wellington W5371
Dove A S Halifax JN910
Dove C B Wellington T2847
Dove W Wellington HE692
Dove A R Wellington HE744
Dove J Halifax LL255
Dove G Lancaster JB654
Dove Wellington T2964
Dove Charles M B-24 Texas Rose 41-28922
Dovell Ronald Leonard
Dovey William Kenneth Liberator KL654
Dovey C W Lancaster ND897
Dovey D M Boston Z2230
Dow J C Du B Lancaster DV243
Dow H R Halifax MZ858
Dow R Halifax LK696
Dow J R Manchester L7497
Dow G H Wellington X3169
Dow T R A Mosquito KB349
Dow Ronald
Dow John Charles De-Burgh
Dow Eric Francis
Dow Delbert W Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Dowbiggin Thomas William Spitfire MH483
Dowd P P Lancaster JB599
Dowd A H A Halifax MZ748
Dowd J Manchester L7423
Dowdall L J Halifax HR669
Dowdell S G Halifax LW577
Dowdell L C Lancaster ED824
Dowdell W J Lancaster LM313
Dowdell E F Lancaster W4108
Dowden “Max” Eugene Lancaster LM513
Dowden N E Lancaster W4187
Dowdeswell John Leslie Wellington X9917
Dowdeswell P Halifax LW723
Dowding Allan William Spitfire NH494
Dowding R B Halifax LW200
Dowding A F Halifax HX311
Dowding J Lancaster DS706
Dowding K B Lancaster ED762
Dowding K B Lancaster ED668
Dowding M McL Lancaster NN710
Dowds John Wellington R3235
Dowe R A Lancaster PD397
Dowe E A Lancaster DS776
Dowe D J Lancaster LM574
Dowe Ronald Arthur
Dowell William Gordon Bruce
Dowell Ronald William Bruce
Dowell Charles W P-51 Mustang
Dower John Robert
Dowgalski (Grant) Eugeniusz Mustang FB350
Dowie N W Halifax DT554
Dowie Donald Alexander Hudson A16-19
Dowie A W Stirling BK714
Dowie Nevill William
Dowker G B Halifax LW551
Dowl F H Lancaster DS739
Dowler N G Lancaster LM387
Dowler J C Spitfire BR592
Dowling G L Wellington X3966
Dowling T E Lancaster LM306
Dowling G E Lancaster HK536
Dowling B J Halifax HX242
Dowling George Edward Stirling LJ524
Dowling Wilbur James Short Sunderland EJ134
Dowling Desmond Walter Wellington R1597
Dowling R A Lancaster LM628
Dowling J A Wellington X3356
Dowling Rupert Oscar Wellington Z1202
Dowling A J Halifax HX328
Dowling V J Halifax BE244
Dowling E F Wellington X3478
Dowling P L Lancaster LL962
Dowling F P Spitfire
Dowling H J Whitley Z6583
Dowling H J Whitley T4293
Dowling H J Whitley T4169
Dowling L G Halifax W1184
Dowling Roy William
Dowling Terence Eric
Dowling Wilbur James
Dowling George Edward
Dowling Bryan James
Dowlman C F Halifax JN901
Down Victor Eric
Down William Downes
Down J W R Lancaster LM450
Down F H Wellington Z8499
Down K W C Lancaster ED562
Downe Geoffrey William Mosquito DK309
Downe E H Typhoon DN562
Downe Geoffrey William
Downe Alwyn Raymond
Downer George Lionel Wellington X3649
Downer George Lionel Lancaster LL673
Downer I W Spitfire
Downer I W Spitfire EN782
Downer D J Lancaster W4178
Downer E D Spitfire SM229
Downes J Hurricane KZ607
Downes T N Lancaster PB158
Downes J M Typhoon EJ989
Downes H T H Blenheim V5493
Downes D W Lancaster ED708
Downes C W S Lancaster ED408
Downes T K Hampden P5324
Downes S W Lancaster R5702
Downes A R Halifax JD465
Downes A R Halifax JB320 (to be confirmed)
Downes Rupert Frederick Arding
Downes John
Downes Alan
Downes Thomas Neville
Downey W C Halifax LW209
Downey G Halifax JD207
Downey E W D Lancaster DV371
Downey T W Lancaster PB530
Downey B Halifax LW396
Downey J Mosquito MM125
Downey M A Spitfire NH470
Downey W H Wellington N2911
Downey Edward J P-47 Thunderbolt
Downey Lawrence E P-47 Thunderbolt
Downey Lawrence E P-47 Thunderbolt
Downham Edward Alan Wellington P9288
Downie A J Lancaster LM101
Downie N D Halifax DT678
Downie John A. Lancaster LM658
Downie A Wellington Z8490
Downie J Lancaster R5554
Downie Albert James
Downing J J Lancaster PB812
Downing Darryl Wellington Z1381
Downing John Wallace Lancaster ME690
Downing Tom Lancaster W5002
Downing John Richard Lancaster NN744
Downing Stanley Halifax V9992
Downing J Lancaster LM107
Downing F C Boston
Downing A E Halifax LW200
Downing Edmund James Halifax LW433
Downing J B Stirling W7572
Downing J B Stirling W7589
Downing W R Wellington X3422
Downing R Spitfire MK778
Downing R Typhoon MN255
Downing G N Wellington HE980
Downing Kenneth Dean Wellington HE110
Downing K Hampden AD732
Downing Alwyn Berriman ("Berry")
Downing Darryl
Downing Jeffrey John
Downing Arthur William
Downing Harry L P-51 Mustang
Downing Harry L Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Downs A I L Wellington DV867
Downs John Philip Wellington HF307
Downs Robert Vernon Halifax HX181
Downs F C Lancaster DS764
Downs A J Wellington BK495
Downs H C Blenheim V6440
Downs C H Lancaster W4923
Downs C H Lancaster LM370
Downs James Arthur Halifax HX155
Downs J B Halifax W1142
Downs R C Halifax LW140
Downs E J H Lancaster DS835
Downs R Lancaster DV421
Downs B C Spitfire BL239
Downs A Lancaster LM521
Downs H Wellington R1789
Downs A E Ventura AE798
Downs A E Ventura AE877
Downs Dudley Howard
Downs Alexander Irvine Lewis
Downton C M Wellington DF626
Downward A Q Lancaster LM685
Downward A C R Wellington DV818
Dowse H J Lancaster LM166
Dowse C D Lancaster NN706
Dowse C C Halifax LL308
Dowse B J Halifax W7878
Dowse E E Manchester L7388
Dowse A P Halifax DT773
Dowse A P Halifax W1063
Dowse Ralph Kell
Dowset A W Lancaster DS765
Dowsett C Wellington T2549
Dowsett Arnold William
Dowsing J F Halifax HR799
Dowson W Lancaster LM301
Dowthwaithe B P Halifax JB894
Dowton Allen Robert
Doxey George Arthur Douglas DC-3 Dakota KG397
Doy J Halifax BB363
Doye P J Lancaster JB420
Doyle John Christopher Patrick Lancaster JB736
Doyle Kenneth Patrick Cochrane Lancaster PB177
Doyle Desmond Patrick Mosquito DZ270
Doyle James Lancaster SW278
Doyle W A Spitfire NH575
Doyle G T Halifax LK738
Doyle G J Halifax NA582
Doyle G J Halifax LW164
Doyle K J Halifax LW592
Doyle J G Spitfire MJ464
Doyle John Peter Lancaster R5487
Doyle E Mosquito DK336
Doyle Joseph William Lancaster ED708
Doyle W A Spitfire NH575
Doyle F K Stirling W7515
Doyle T J Wellington W5490
Doyle J Halifax JN973
Doyle G J Spitfire MH718
Doyle J P Lancaster JA689
Doyle J I Hampden P2089
Doyle D T F Halifax HR874
Doyle W E Lancaster ED816
Doyle Douglas Brian
Doyle Francis Joseph
Doyle John Francis
Doyle Kevin Norman
Doyle Gray Hartwell P-47 Thunderbolt 44-19573
Drabble Maurice Louis Seth Stirling BK706
Drabble K J Battle K9264
Drabble A Wellington BJ829
Dracass H Manchester L7454
Draee A W Lancaster JB732
Draffin R J Halifax MZ510
Draffin Ronald John
Draftz Robert C P-51 Mustang
Draheim Leonard John
Drain J A Lancaster W4234
Drake Reginald George Blenheim Z7289
Drake Bernard William Lancaster PD431
Drake Francis Ernest Wellington R3293
Drake William John Lancaster ED935
Drake George Lancaster ED411
Drake S Lancaster W5003
Drake Albert Halifax LW629
Drake Norman Richard Wellington LP981
Drake H R Wellington HE157
Drake W B Wellington X3390
Drake F D Ventura AJ171
Drake R E Wellington R1369
Drake B Hurricane ?
Drake E L D Mosquito LR496
Drake D J Lancaster ED715
Drake K N Wellington HF918
Drake A R S Mosquito KB425
Drake John Randal Stirling W7613
Drake H Lancaster ME620
Drake R E Hampden AD828
Drake R E Hampden P4411
Drake C A Lancaster DS821
Drake Lancaster JB315
Drake G J HurricaneI P2728
Drake E A Lancaster LL784
Drake A G Lancaster ME664
Drake H A Lancaster ED871
Drake Billy
Drake John Joseph
Drake Howard W P-47 Thunderbolt
Drake Olin P P-51 Mustang
Drake Walter M P-51 Mustang
Drake Carrell F J Hampden P4378
Drake-Brockman Francis Richard
Drake-Brockman Desmond James
Drakeford Hampden AD747
Drakes D B Hampden AE224
Drakes Hampden L4068
Drakes Stewart Ian
Drakesford Hampden X2966
Dramnitzki E Lancaster LL720
Drane P J Mosquito KB263
Drane A P Hampden X3133
Dranicki Mieczyław Kazimierz Vickers Wellington Z8438
Dransfield M Lancaster R5750
Dransfield W I Lancaster PB266
Drapała Roman Vickers Wellington BK353
Draper Thomas Maynard Lancaster NG186
Draper C O Lancaster DS791
Draper P G Halifax MZ573
Draper C R Halifax HX337
Draper J D Spitfire AB813
Draper Marshall D. Boston AL677
Draper J Halifax LV909
Draper L C Wellington T2506
Draper W Battle L5585
Draper E C Mosquito DZ314
Draper K R Wellington T2613
Draper A S Wellington Z8598
Draper C G Lancaster JB297
Draper H J Halifax LK760
Draper E G Halifax LK874
Draper G G F Spitfire P7282
Draper G G F Spitfire W3635
Draper G A Lancaster NG171
Draper B V Spitfire P7355
Draper I R Halifax LW638
Draper P H Hampden AD835
Draper E Stirling EF191
Draper Bryan Vincent
Drapper R A Spitfire PL831
Drapsiak Boguslaw Waclaw ? ?
Draqaniuk W Halifax LV968
Drawbridge H J Lancaster ND748
Drawbridge T Lancaster NG132
Drawwater Matthew Infield Wellington N2935
Dray Ron H. Lancaster ND571
Dray A A Mosquito DZ425
Draycott G A Lancaster ED951
Draysey L Lancaster LM624
Draysey Lloyd
Drayton V A Stirling BK806
Drayton P C B Lancaster ED600
Drayton W G Spitfire BL710
Drayton John
Dreams Gordon E P-51 Mustang
Drecki Władysław Maciej Supermarine Spitfire ED112
Dredge W F Halifax LK826
Dredge E W Halifax JD418
Dredge Alan Sydney
Dreger C J Lancaster PA169
Dregne Irwin H P-51 Mustang
Dregne Irwin H P-51 Mustang
Dregne Irwin H P-51 Mustang
Dregne Irwin H P-51 Mustang
Dregne Irwin H P-51 Mustang
Dregne Irwin H P-51 Mustang
Drejtnar ? Spitfire BL517
Dreka Jozef Fairey Battle N2924
Drennan Alfred Thomas Halifax BB212
Drennan Alfred Wallace Jack Halifax MZ899
Drennan J C Lancaster R5557
Drennan T E Lancaster ME453
Dreschsier William W. 'Wally' Wellington BJ877
Dresser Robert Edward Halifax LK628
Dressler R E Halifax BB311
Drever F I Lancaster ND989
Drever N G Spitfire P8027
Drew Edgar Frederick Stirling N6020
Drew Douglas Lancaster ND753
Drew Dennis Waterman Halifax W7662
Drew E D Mosquito NT456
Drew T A Wellington N2778
Drew W P Lancaster JB707
Drew E B Lancaster JB481
Drew T J Lancaster LM417
Drew G T Blenheim R3815
Drew D M Lancaster DS796
Drew Spitfire
Drew Robert Henry Stirling R9201
Drew T E Stirling BK663
Drew P E Blenheim N3601
Drew W A Wellington R1324
Drew W J Lancaster JA897
Drew S T Hampden AT174
Drew C S Mosquito PZ189
Drew C N G Lancaster ND783
Drew F E Lancaster DV394
Drew D H Lancaster PB842
Drew D A Mustang KH460
Drew J E Wellington W5729
Drew Roy Arthur
Drew William George
Drew Leslie Roy
Drew Urban Leonard P-47 Thunderbolt
Drew Urban Leonard P-47 Thunderbolt
Drew Urban Leonard P-47 Thunderbolt
Drew Urban Leonard P-47 Thunderbolt
Drew Urban Leonard P-47 Thunderbolt
Drew Urban Leonard P-47 Thunderbolt
Drewe Arthur Douglas
Drewer C H Lancaster ND590
Drewer Clifford Harris
Drewery Bertram Ernest Halifax NR197
Drewett R Halifax RG424
Drewett Ronald Edwin Halifax LK746
Drewett W A Lancaster NF965
Drewry John Richard Hampden P2117
Drewsen Jeffery Wellington W5486
Dreyer L C U Wellington Z1328
Dreyer Raymond Wesley Hampden AT224
Dreyer Leonard Charles Underwood
Dreyer Alton William B-17 Dinah Might 42-97318
Dries P W Lancaster JB218
Driesler Morris M P-47 Thunderbolt
Drimmie Gordon Robert Lancaster ND423
Drimmie G K R Blenheim P6930
Dring T Lancaster ED524
Dring F F Lancaster LM446
Drinka C Lancaster KB722
Drinkall A Lancaster ND930
Drinkwater John Willard Lancaster W4177
Drinkwater F Battle L5010
Drinkwater Thomas Henry Desmond Mustang FZ164
Drinkwater W R Stirling EF400
Drinkwater R C Lancaster W4853
Drinkwater R C Lancaster ED840
Drinkwater R C Wellington HE914
Drinkwater R J Halifax JD476
Drinkwell Hampden AE262
Drinkwell Hampden X3060
Drinnan R K Lancaster JB413
Dripps D C Lancaster ED652
Dripps D C Lancaster DV343
Dripps Donald Campbell
Driscoll S A Stirling BK687
Driscoll C J Halifax MZ355
Driscoll E S Halifax LK915
Driscoll D Wellington DV447
Driscoll R D Lancaster LM648
Driscoll P T Mustang FX884
Driscoll Daniel Typhoon DN265
Driscoll Wayne H P-47 Thunderbolt
Driver Charles Ronald (Ronnie) Wellington N2983
Driver P E Halifax LW592
Driver L K Lancaster PA190
Driver R B H Wellington W5523
Driver Lancaster NG263
Driver G H Halifax LW245
Driver G H Halifax LW268
Driver J W Halifax NA569
Driver L G Halifax LK733
Driver R C Lancaster R5621
Drobny Jan Wellington LN508
Drobny Jan Wellington Z8537
Dromgoole S H Wellington X3667
Dromgoole Ian Lysander Not known
Dromlewicz Andrzej Szymon Spitfire MJ787
Dron W Lancaster ME353
Dronfield Harold Halifax W1067
Drong Jerzy Consolidated Liberator BZ589
Drongeson R S Lancaster JB649
Droogenbroeck F A J Halifax MZ362
Drope W J Spitfire MJ554
Drossaert A E Spitfire EN961
Drover J E Lancaster W4824
Drower T A Halifax W1021
Drozd Walter T P-51 Mustang
Drozdiak William Roy Wellington JA343
Drozdowicz Romuald Lancaster PB823
Drożdż Józef Vickers Wellington R1392
Drozdzik Karol Jozef Vickers Wellington Z1377
Droździok Paweł Vickers Wellington HX384
Druciak Włodzimierz Vickers Wellington HF198
Drucquer Seth Dakota FZ597
Druett D J Halifax DT799
Druett E J Halifax LK801
Drumm K W Halifax LK883
Drumm W C Halifax LL179
Drummond D P Typhoon DN248
Drummond A F Lancaster LL839
Drummond Frederick Agnew Vance Mansfield Spitfire R6619
Drummond Vance Mirage Not known
Drummond William MacFarlane Wellington HF915
Drummond Wellington W5710
Drummond J W Halifax W7715
Drummond K Lancaster LL653
Drummond M K P Lancaster NE148
Drummond J A P Lancaster ED688
Drummond D W Halifax LL466
Drummond J A Battle K9357
Drummond D Typhoon JP925J
Drummond R R Halifax L9603
Drummond John Fraser Hurricane L1794
Drummond P Halifax LK946
Drummond Blenheim V5596
Drummond J F Spitfire R6616
Drummond L A Lancaster JB220
Drummond John Fraser
Drummond Noel Gibson Sterling
Drummond Frederick Agnew Vance
Drummond Kenneth Noel
Drummond Donald Peter
Drummond Augustine Francis
Drummond Peter Roy Maxwell (Sir)
Drummond Joyce
Drummond John Fraser Spitfire R6616
Drummond-Hay A B Wellington HF457
Drury James R Lancaster NE164
Drury R W Lancaster ED309
Drury Charles Wellington BJ689
Drury D J Wellington N2946
Drury J B Wellington R1135
Drury A Wellington BK489
Drury D Halifax DT554
Drury R A Lancaster LL810
Drury A Hampden AD732
Drury R Lancaster ED765
Drury F A Whitley Z6643
Drury E A Halifax W7937
Drury Rupert Joseph Norman
Drury Robert William
Drussel D P Wellington R1349
Dry William P. B-17 Big Barn Smell 42-32093
Drybrough Thomas R P-51 Mustang
Drybrugh W T Spitfire ML372
Dryburgh W R Halifax MZ925
Dryden I M Halifax HX185
Dryden R P Halifax NP706
Dryden K C Hurricane N2659
Dryden J R Lancaster R5517
Dryden F C Lancaster EE115
Dryden Henry Kelso
Dryer H R Lancaster PB525
Dryer L Halifax JD470
Dryhurst H G Halifax BB214
Dryland Edward James Lancaster LL802
Dryland Rodney Tempest EJ747
Drylie John Lancaster NE150
Drysdale James Kenneth Montague Wellington W5526
Drysdale R Blenheim T1922
Drysdale James Leonard Lancaster ED723
Drysdale T A H Blenheim R3801
Drysdale R E Blenheim T1922
Drysdale R Lancaster ED715
Drysdale W Lancaster NG230
Drysdale A T Wellington X3653
Drysdale David
Du Bose T C Ventura AE726
du Boulay D C D Lancaster DS676
Du Broy J W Halifax W1058
Du Broy T E Mosquito HJ722
du Fretoy M H Hurricane HL705
Du Pre P P F Wellington T2967
Du Preez C J Stirling N6076
Du Preez C J Stirling N6097
Du Toit Johannes Christiaan Frederick Stirling W7613
Du Toit J C F Stirling N3717
Du Vivier R A L Hurricane W9307
Du Vivier D A R G LE R Hurricane P3903
Du-Plat-Taylor P C Halifax HR715
Duane Gregory Terence
Dubas Stefan Michał Fairey Battle R7407
Dubas Zbigniew Jan Kazimierz Vickers Wellington Z1345
Dubay Elmo B P-51 Mustang
Dubay Elmo B P-51 Mustang
Dube J P H Lancaster JB226
Dubé Henri Edouard Halifax LW591
Dubeau R J Halifax MZ466
Dubeau E D Halifax LW135
Dubetz L Halifax JB783
Dubetz Alexander B-24 42-51912
Dubiel Józef Liberator BZ858
Dubnick H Spitfire EN908
Dubois John Lancaster LL898
Dubois J E L Halifax MZ538
Dubois Philip Alfred (Phil) Halifax LK915
Dubois A Wellington HF493
Dubois Battle
Dubois S Spitfire PT738
Dubois Evariste Pierre
Duboulay D Stirling LK386
Dubourgel V J Spitfire W3705
Dubowski Tadeusz Wellington LN508
Dubowski Tadeusz Consolidated Liberator KG890
Dubroy William Edmond Halifax LW395
Dubroy Joseph Leonard Halifax LW395
Ducat L Lancaster JB177
Duce C C Hampden AD824
Duchaczek Jan Avro Lancaster DV282
Duchaczek Jan Vickers Wellington BJ645
Ducharme Joseph Jean Andre Lancaster JB736
Ducharme A J Lancaster DS634
Duchene E A Lancaster ED599
Duchesnay A A H J N A Halifax HR921
Duchesnay A A H J N A Halifax LV867
Duchesne G F J Spitfire MH428
Duchnicki Stanisław Feliks Vickers Wellington R1443
Duck Frederick William Wellington NC713
Duck R A Halifax LW317
Duck G E Blenheim L8872
Duck R T Lancaster ME560
Duck R E Lancaster LM118
Ducker F E R Blenheim P6924
Ducker B V L Wellington HE503
Duckers P E Lancaster DV159
Duckers Battle P2327
Duckers P W Wellington Z1211
Duckers G G Whitley Z6741
Duckett J D Stirling BK694
Duckett G W F Halifax JD179
Duckham G R Wellington Z8410
Duckham P F Lancaster JA892
Duckiewicz M Wellington HE345
Duckmanton H C Wellington HE167
Duckmanton G W Halifax L9518
Duckworth John S Stirling R9324
Duckworth Hampden X2963
Duckworth H L Stirling BF312
Duckworth E R Stirling EF188
Duckworth D D Lancaster PD278
Duckworth S Boston AL746
Duckworth Maurice Halifax HX330
Duckworth L Manchester L7388
Duckworth H Halifax LW505
Duckworth Bruce Allan
Duda Wellington W5529
Dudding K Lancaster HK568
Dudek Ignacy Walenty Vickers Wellington R1227
Duder M S Wellington Z8409
Duderstadt Ernest H P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Duderstadt Ernest H P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Dudley Ronald Lancaster JB299
Dudley G H Halifax LK644
Dudley William G. Halifax LK842
Dudley Thomas Kem Halifax JD273
Dudley C G Lancaster LM417
Dudley J Halifax DT800
Dudley J K Spitfire AB972
Dudley S Lancaster HK663
Dudley R J Lancaster LM743
Dudley P Stirling LJ578
Dudley C Lancaster W4931
Dudley C W Lancaster ED584
Dudley C T O Lancaster W4798
Dudley L C Lancaster ND588
Dudley Stanley
Dudley Ulva Neil
Dudley Irving Lutes B-17 Zamro 42-97365
Dudley Lawrence M Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Dudley Lawrence M Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Dudley Lawrence M Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Dudley-Jones D T Wellington HE182
Dudman J Lancaster ND742
Dudwal Hieronim Franciszek
Dudziak Janusz Avro Lancaster LL855
Dudziak Józef Consolidated Liberator EW275
Due E E Wellington W5578
Due Einar Ernest
Duel Allen Robert
Duell J B Halifax NA502
Duell James Baird
Duerden C Halifax HX326
Duerden H Lancaster NG410
Duerr E A Lancaster LM439
Dufaure Halifax I MZ984
Duff G A Lancaster W4948
Duff Anthony Thomas Wellington ME990
Duff Peter Lancaster HK559
Duff Frederick Francis Halifax V9987
Duff T A S Halifax W7748
Duff Frank Alexander Spitfire BL782
Duff Peter Stanley Wellington X9660
Duff B Lancaster ED374
Duff T H Lancaster LM508
Duff G G Wellington W5431
Duff D J Lancaster LM326
Duff T Lancaster DV311
Duff G R Spitfire W3443
Duff J Halifax LW650
Duff E Whitley K7225
Duff Gordon Alexander
Duff James Eyval
Duff-Fyfe Malcolm John
Duffee G W H Halifax JB855
Duffell Albert Bartholomew Oxford NZ262
Duffell B W Halifax MZ767
Duffett James Lancaster NG258
Duffie Claire Ap P-38 Lightning
Duffie Claire Ap P-51 Mustang
Duffield Henry William Wellington R1775
Duffield K V Halifax LW417
Duffield John Alvin Lancaster R5679
Duffield J G W T Lancaster W4362
Duffield H G Halifax MZ566
Duffield A R Wellington X3478
Duffield R A Lancaster LM477
Duffield J W Halifax L9561
Duffield R A Mitchell FL708
Duffield Neville William
Duffill Arthur Victor Ventura AE916
Duffill J G Lancaster W4321
Duffin E R Halifax LW135
Duffin James Douglas Halifax NA578
Duffin Kenneth Isaac
Duffus G M Blenheim V6248
Duffy R E Stirling EJ105
Duffy J H Wellington X3464
Duffy Edward Colin Halifax LW640
Duffy G L Stirling MZ262
Duffy D MacL Whitley Z6564
Duffy P J Lancaster JB350
Duffy F J Wellington HE693
Duffy D C Halifax NP803
Duffy C Halifax NP692
Duffy W A Mosquito NT202
Duffy J L Lancaster LL694
Duffy T P Wellington X9951
Duffy T Lancaster DV271
Duffy P P Battle L5113
Duffy R Lancaster ME688
Duffy T Stirling N3763
Duffy P J Hampden AE236
Duffy L P Lancaster LM234
Duffy James Laurence Halifax HR946
Duffy M H Lancaster ND706
Duffy Rodney Ernest
Duffy Charles Oswald
Duffy Thomas Michael
Duffy James William Alexander
Duffy James E Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Duffy James E Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Duffy James E Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Duffy James E Jr P-51 Mustang
Duffy James E Jr P-51 Mustang
Duffy James E Jr P-51 Mustang
Duffy James E Jr P-51 Mustang
Dufour H V Stirling W7509
Dufour J T G G Halifax LW672
Dufour John G P-47 Thunderbolt
Dufreane Lorne E Halifax MZ828
Dufresne Edward Charles Lancaster SW251
Dufresnoy F Halifax MZ830
Dufton D W Halifax JD195
Dufton V R Wellington Z1205
Dufton C T Wellington Not known
Dufty T B Lancaster PD273
Dufty A D Lancaster JB406
Dufty Bruce Fawkner
Dugal J J B A Wellington BK334
Dugan John Henry Lancaster JA850
Dugan James Ezekiel
Dugan John Henry
Dugan Harry E Jr P-51 Mustang
Dugard Leonard James Halifax JD252
Dugard H W Lancaster ED419
Dugardin C Halifax NR235
Dugas Maurice J Halifax LW379
Dugas J M D J Halifax LK967
Dugdale Cyril Peter Blenheim T1892
Dugdale K J Halifax NP741
Dugdale G Halifax LL388
Dugdale J Stirling EE904
Duget Eugene H P-51 Mustang
Duggan Gordon William Lancaster PB134
Duggan Francis Anthony Beaufighter NE480
Duggan J P Lancaster KB808
Duggan William James Nathaniel Halifax JD113
Duggan T D Lancaster LL863
Duggan D Wellington P9298
Duggan L H Halifax JD720
Duggan D C Lancaster DV263
Duggan D P Lancaster LL744
Duggan R F Whitley Z9152
Duggan T D Stirling EF162
Duggan Maurice Daniel
Duggan Maxwell George
Duggan Bernard Leo
Duggan Gordon William
Duggin G J Lancaster PB140
Duggin G J Lancaster DV243
Duggleby Alan Milne Halifax MZ642
Duggleby Alan Milne
Dugid J I Lancaster LM178
Dugiud A G Wellington HE469
Dugnat G Halifax NA547
Duguid J Lancaster ND391
Duguid D C Whitley Z6749
Duhr William Graham Lloyd
Duigan B L Lancaster ED715
DuJay Edmund Ronald Halifax JN954
Duke Ronald Walter Wellington R1500
Duke George Henry Lancaster L7543
Duke Ronald Edward Stirling EF232
Duke Gilbert Noel Wellington R1027
Duke M McK Wellington BJ658
Duke R R Lancaster KB777
Duke A J Wellington X3822
Duke R C Lancaster ND614
Duke R C Lancaster ND614
Duke E C Lancaster PB477
Duke Whitley Z6937
Duke J L Lancaster ME450
Duke Neville Frederick
Duke William A. 'Billy’ B-24 The Iron Duke 44-10491
Duke-Wooley Raymond Myles Beecham
Duke-Woolley Raymond M G Spitfire
Dukelow R B A Lancaster PB572
Dukelow P J Lancaster LL851
Dukes Frederick James Benjamin Stirling R9272
Dulait A J G Lancaster DS772
Dulieu H E M Lancaster JB424
Dullaghan S P Stirling EH943
Dumaresque John Anley Lancaster LL802
Dumas R A Halifax HX279
Dumas Charles John
Dumas Keith Russell
Dumbreck O W Blenheim L1427
Dumbrell Alex G Lancaster DS704
Dumbrill H C Halifax EB252
Dummer Cyril Albert Reginald Halifax LV825
Dummett G F Stirling EF501
Dumolo Blenheim V6196
Dumont Frank Jules
Dumont William A. B-24 Wham Bam! Thank You, Ma'm 42-110107
Dumphy C A Wellington BJ966
Dumschat Allen John
Dumville G Halifax MZ657
Dunae A Lancaster ND415
Dunajski Francis Xavier Joseph Halifax W7870
Dunand A Halifax NR235
Dunand E J F Lancaster ED440
Dunbabin N S Lancaster JB413
Dunbar Geoffrey James Lancaster NF908
Dunbar M Lancaster ME717
Dunbar R Spitfire BS196
Dunbar W P Halifax LW426
Dunbar L I Stirling EE905
Dunbar W A Halifax HX165
Dunbar W A Halifax JD105
Dunbar J E Lancaster DV291
Dunbar H Blenheim T1896
Dunbar A Lancaster R5680
Dunbar J L Lancaster DS633
Dunbar John Alexander Lancaster ED862
Dunbar John McArthur
Dunbar Geoffrey James
Dunbar Maxwell
Dunbar William D P-47 Thunderbolt
Dunbar William D P-47 Thunderbolt
Duncan A J Lancaster PB266
Duncan W F Halifax PN429
Duncan A Halifax LV936
Duncan Ian Halifax W7651
Duncan M Wellington W5372
Duncan William Howard Halifax W7082
Duncan R A Halifax NP769
Duncan G R Lancaster KB745
Duncan F C Lancaster ED467
Duncan R McI Halifax HR841
Duncan J Halifax LK667
Duncan J D Lancaster ED480
Duncan Gordon Robert Hudson V9127
Duncan Colin Campbell Mosquito MM551
Duncan Leslie Kitchener Oxford P1930
Duncan Stanley Logan P-40 Warhawk NZ3084/42
Duncan Sholto Russell De Havilland Devon NZ1811
Duncan J J Halifax HR811
Duncan J J Halifax JD127
Duncan L Halifax MZ699
Duncan G R P Mosquito ML923
Duncan A Hampden L4188
Duncan T S Battle L5582
Duncan J G Wellington BK301
Duncan J Halifax RG436
Duncan A S Manchester L7379
Duncan F A Hampden AE246
Duncan J L Typhoon PD523
Duncan J G Lancaster ED800
Duncan J B Halifax BB223
Duncan Whitley Z9274
Duncan M Lancaster LM181
Duncan A C Halifax NA601
Duncan R F Whitley N1521
Duncan J H Lancaster EE170
Duncan J Lancaster PD317
Duncan J D McA Spitfire BM129
Duncan G M Stirling BF518
Duncan J W Halifax LW695
Duncan W Halifax LV915
Duncan A U Lancaster DV332
Duncan W G Lancaster JB312
Duncan Alan James
Duncan George William
Duncan William Francis
Duncan Alexander
Duncan Ian Laddie
Duncan Colin Ronald Spitfire AR523
Duncan John Bishop B-17 Black Magic 42-31721
Duncan Cecil E P-47 Thunderbolt
Duncan Daniel Da P-47 Thunderbolt
Duncan Earl D P-51 Mustang
Duncan Earl D P-51 Mustang
Duncan Glenn E P-47 Thunderbolt
Duncan Glenn E P-47 Thunderbolt
Duncan Glenn E P-47 Thunderbolt
Duncan Glenn E P-47 Thunderbolt
Duncan Glenn E P-51 Mustang
Duncan Glenn E P-51 Mustang
Duncan Glenn E P-51 Mustang
Duncan Glenn E P-51 Mustang
Duncan Glenn E P-51 Mustang
Duncan Glenn E P-51 Mustang
Duncan Glenn E P-51 Mustang
Duncan Glenn E P-51 Mustang
Duncan Glenn E P-51 Mustang
Duncan Glenn E P-51 Mustang
Duncan Glenn E P-51 Mustang
Duncan John D P-47 Thunderbolt
Duncan John F P-51 Mustang
Duncan John F P-51 Mustang
Duncan John F P-51 Mustang
Duncan John F P-51 Mustang
Duncan-Smith Anthony Whitley BD385
Duncan-Smith. Wilfred George Gerald
Duncanson Robert Hay Halifax NA513
Duncanson W Stirling EH985
Duncanson R W Halifax DT673
Duncanson R Halifax RG501
Duncanson Leonard
Duncanson Alan Rendal
Dunckley R H Stirling R9155
Duncombe D G Lancaster DV384
Duncombe W Halifax W1270
Duncombe E F Wellington T2703
Duncombe J Lancaster ND788
Duncombe A Halifax NA164
Duncombe David Garnet
Dundas John Charles Spitfire X4586
Dundas Wellington W5432
Dundas B T Hampden X2969
Dundas H S L Spitfire R6926
Dundas R Wellington X9977
Dundas Hugh Spencer Lisle ("Cocky")
Dundas John Charles
Dundee P E Blenheim N6226
Dundera Frantisek Fairey Battle N2924
Dunderdale William Royce
Dundon R A Wellington X9619
Dunfee G E Mosquito HK291
Dunford P J Lancaster ME614
Dunford E R Lancaster LL771
Dunford J W Halifax LV990
Dunford Patrick
Dunford-Wood H D S Blenheim L9023
Dunger K J Halifax JD467
Dunger P J Wellington HE913
Dungey Stanley Albert Hampden AT121
Dungey E B Halifax JB913
Dunham D W Lancaster PB209
Dunham W M G Blenheim R3666
Dunham G E Halifax MZ302
Dunham Wellington Z8957
Dunham L R Lancaster LL851
Dunham W Lancaster EE168
Dunham W Lancaster EE150
Dunham P F Lancaster PD336
Dunham Lewis Melvin
Dunham Donald William
Dunhill Walter Edward Halifax
Dunin Piotr Jerzy Westland Lysander V9472
Dunin-Horkowicz Konstanty Handley Page Halifax JP295
Dunin-Rzuchowski Zbigniew Adam Jozef De Havilland Mosquito RS608
Dunismuir J M Lancaster ME700
Dunk Thomas William Lancaster LM575
Dunk J Spitfire SM283
Dunkeld W T Typhoon PD462
Dunkelman G A Lancaster LM628
Dunkels C O Hampden P4372
Dunkerley A R F Lancaster NN745
Dunkerley M P Mustang AP169
Dunkerley W Wellington HE281
Dunkerley H H Lancaster NG466
Dunkerley Allan Roy Frank
Dunkin Frank
Dunkleberger Eldon L P-47 Thunderbolt`
Dunkleberger Eldon L P-47 Thunderbolt`
Dunkley Robert Frederick Stanley Lancaster ND707
Dunkley G C Lancaster ME680
Dunkley D Wellington R1065
Dunkley E M Stirling N3729
Dunkley R H Halifax LV865
Dunkley D Lancaster PA998
Dunkley R W Whitley Z9150
Dunkling E W Hampden X2918
Dunkling L G Boston Z2260
Dunks G F Wellington Z8600
Dunlap Elmer N P-47 Thunderbolt
Dunleavy William A. Halifax JD406
Dunleavy Blenheim L8780
Dunley L S Wellington R1493
Dunlop Norman Kenneth Lancaster PB397
Dunlop E A Halifax EB257
Dunlop Cyril Ernest Lancaster NG302
Dunlop Charles Espeth Armour Blenheim V6311
Dunlop John Leonard Halifax DG222
Dunlop Thomas Edwin Halifax W7864
Dunlop Bruce Halifax MZ295
Dunlop G J T Halifax LM684
Dunlop C J L Halifax HR920
Dunlop James Miller Halifax HR920
Dunlop R D Lancaster PB724
Dunlop J M Wellington Z8517
Dunlop L S Wellington Z8397
Dunlop T R Lancaster ND625
Dunlop Leslie Horton Lancaster ND510
Dunlop I D M Typhoon MN300
Dunlop J B Halifax W1015
Dunlop J McC Lancaster ND394
Dunlop T N Lancaster PN852
Dunlop R Halifax LW441
Dunlop D F Wellington R1038
Dunlop James Halifax LL184
Dunlop R O M Halifax JB845
Dunlop J McI Lancaster JB453
Dunlop Norman Kenneth
Dunlop Edward Anzac
Dunlop Dawson Aubrey Wellington Z1682
Dunlop William R P-51 Mustang
Dunlop William R P-51 Mustang
Dunlop William R P-51 Mustang
Dunlop William R P-51 Mustang
Dunlop William R P-51 Mustang
Dunlop-Mackenzie R J Manchester L7390
Dunmall C Lancaster JB538
Dunmall Kenneth John Stirling BK620
Dunmore Jack Townley Miles Master T8780
Dunmore L A Lancaster R5611
Dunn I C Wellington Z8579
Dunn L W Lancaster ND976
Dunn Philip Wesley Lancaster W4327
Dunn R W Lancaster W4985
Dunn V Lancaster PB301
Dunn D C Lancaster ED949
Dunn A J Halifax LW172
Dunn D A Wellington HF481
Dunn Robert Wyndham Stirling LJ524
Dunn George Ballentyne Blenheim L8788
Dunn William Alfred Fairy Battle L5438
Dunn Harry Wellington R1213
Dunn Allan John Halifax DG408
Dunn G E Halifax W7809
Dunn Francis Ernest Wellington Z1110
Dunn James Mosquito KB266
Dunn S G E Halifax W7858
Dunn J H Hampden AE353
Dunn R G Lancaster EE175
Dunn L A Spitfire MJ794
Dunn Charles Douglas Hampden AT176
Dunn Harvey Adam Halifax W7857
Dunn F A Halifax JB862
Dunn L J Halifax LW558
Dunn J W K Halifax LW572
Dunn E M Lancaster ND795
Dunn S H Wellington R1271
Dunn R. Jack Lancaster EE174
Dunn J R Lancaster JA930
Dunn P T Lancaster LM634
Dunn L G Halifax JD408
Dunn F T Halifax LW333
Dunn S J E Halifax W7706
Dunn R J Hampden AE300
Dunn A G Wellington BK513
Dunn L W Lancaster LM749
Dunn E F Lancaster PB765
Dunn J C Wellington R1789
Dunn S Stirling BF401
Dunn Battle P2265
Dunn ?? Hurricane Z3339
Dunn R Halifax L9499
Dunn R Halifax NP696
Dunn B Wellington BJ778
Dunn R W Spitfire MK468
Dunn F S Lancaster W4301
Dunn R Lancaster ED651
Dunn G L Halifax HR852
Dunn D J Whitley P5112
Dunn D J Whitley T4201
Dunn G F Lancaster ED718
Dunn L T Lancaster LM139
Dunn H Lancaster ME589
Dunn D I Stirling W7466
Dunn W R Spitfire P7308
Dunn L Wellington X3585
Dunn W J Lancaster ND800
Dunn T Halifax DK241
Dunn A W Whitley P5046
Dunn A W Whitley N1384
Dunn A W Whitley N1372
Dunn A W Whitley N1476
Dunn A W Whitley
Dunn G E Halifax W7089
Dunn A R Lancaster JB180
Dunn C J Lancaster ND740
Dunn H J R Hurricane L1619
Dunn H J L Hurricane L1620
Dunn Blenheim L9379
Dunn J R L Wellington T2984
Dunn Patrick Hunter ("Paddy")
Dunn Clifton Stuart
Dunn Ian Clarke
Dunn Robert Wyndham
Dunn Norman Neville
Dunn Leslie William
Dunn Phillip Wesley
Dunn Victor
Dunn Douglas Chapman
Dunn Douglas Ashton
Dunn John Norman George
Dunn Patrick
Dunn James Major Barracuda P9728
Dunn Carl W P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Dunn Donald A P-51 Mustang
Dunn William R P-47 Thunderbolt`
Dunne J J Lancaster NF937
Dunne James Barry Lancaster JB737
Dunne D C K Hampden AD873
Dunne M G Wellington R1502
Dunne J K Halifax LV921
Dunne J D Mustang AL981
Dunne T R Lancaster ME300
Dunne P M Beaufighter V8281
Dunne J Ventura AJ188
Dunne J B Hampden AT174
Dunne Eric Francis
Dunne Frederick Dorian
Dunne John Joseph
Dunnet C W Lancaster ED497
Dunnett Stanley Edward Lancaster LM137
Dunnett W H Lancaster JB191
Dunnett E G Stirling BK646
Dunnett H J Stirling N6045
Dunnett C A Lancaster ND341
Dunnicliffe Charles McKenzie Lancaster JB300
Dunnicliffe D A Lancaster DS818
Dunning Guy Ernest Lancaster ND739
Dunning Robert Victor Lancaster PD383
Dunning Robert Victor
Dunning Halifax LK736
Dunning W T Halifax HR735
Dunning A C Typhoon DN580
Dunning J Blenheim V5855
Dunning Rayden Kingsley Ross
Dunning Colin William
Dunning-White P W Hurricane Z2410
Dunning-White Peter William
Dunningan W J Halifax NP946
Dunoan D D Lancaster DS728
Dunphy H A Halifax MZ796
Dunphy R J Lancaster LL630
Dunphy D C Hampden X3052
Duns Joseph Pearson Lancaster NE173
Dunseath Joseph Lancaster ME666
Dunseth J I Lancaster LM178
Dunsford J R Lancaster NN706
Dunsford P R Halifax W7915
Dunshea Clifford Joseph
Dunski Zygmunt Consolidated Liberator BZ949
Dunsmore William Martin Beaufort L9820
Dunsmore W E Spitfire BM489
Dunsmore Chester L P-47 Thunderbolt`
Dunstan R C Lancaster W4927
Dunstan P J Lancaster ND625
Dunstan R J Lancaster PB672
Dunstan B P Spitfire W3565
Dunstan B P Spitfire P8645
Dunstan R H Stirling BF508
Dunstan Robert Alexander
Dunstan Bruce Paul
Dunster R J Lancaster PD263
Dunstone F V J Lancaster PB382
Dunstone Edwin Hartley
Dunstone Clive Colin
Dunt D H Hampden P4363
Dunton F R Lancaster PD261
Dunville J C Lancaster ME300
Dunwoodie W H Halifax NP781
Dupe R F C Whitley K7255
Dupont L J Halifax NP773
Dupont J A C Halifax LK666
Dupont Jacques
Dupre F L E Wellington HE545
Dupree D A Blenheim V6193
Dupree Charles W P-51 Mustang
Dupreez C J Stirling W7629
Dupueis Charles Gordon Halifax LW337
Dupuis I M Lancaster DS739
Duran P Halifax MZ489
Durand A A Spitfire
Durant E Halifax HR779
Durant E Halifax HR779
Durant E R Lancaster PA162
Durban N F Stirling N3680
Durban N F Stirling W7444
Durber W E Lancaster LM269
Durbin T Lancaster ND353
Durbin T Lancaster ND350
Durbin Richard M P-47 Thunderbolt
Durbridge Robert Keep Wellington Z8428
Durbridge Ronald Charles Whitley T4287
Durbridge Robert Keep
Durdin Garnet Walter Lancaster ED559
Durdin Reginald Wilton Wellington W2783
Durdin Charles Newton Halifax HX333
Durdin G W Wellington X9876
Durdin Garnet Walter
Durdin Reginald Wilton
Durdin Oliver William Douglas DC-3 Dakota KG397
Dureau George Alfred
Durfee A B Lancaster PA988
Durham Archibald Norman Lancaster DS822
Durham A N Lancaster LL683
Durham George Henry Wellington Z1592
Durham Duncan Wellington HE471
Durham R Lancaster DV157
Durham R McD Wellington W5433
Durham E V Hampden AE236
Durham L Lancaster ND876
Durham R Wellington Z8792
Durham J G Lancaster LM691
Durham V D Halifax L9531
Durie T K Lancaster LM181
Durie T W Lancaster LM387
Durie G C Blenheim L8750
Duringer Alfred Herbert Lancaster DV307
Durk K I Halifax NP761
Durkin James Alexander Lancaster ME723
Durkin J G Spitfire BM352
Durkin J P Halifax MZ896
Durland Ellis George Lancaster LM180
Durling M V Lancaster PB515
Durling M L Halifax JB795
Durn Maurice Lancaster ME625
Durn F E Lancaster JB531
Durnam H Whitley Z9386
Durnan Grant Lancaster PB851
Durne R R F Wellington HE500
Durnell K W Stirling EF430
Durnford P E G Spitfire BR509
Durnford Peter Edward George
Durnin Alan Howard Lancaster LL687
Durnin G W Halifax LW382
Durnin A H Lancaster DS768
Durning J H Whitley Z9202
Duro H Stirling R9262
Duroe W H Stirling EF451
Durrant Charles Henry Wellington W5414
Durrant F G Lancaster ND990
Durrant J C Lancaster KB755
Durrant T Lancaster LM138
Durrant N W Halifax JD366
Durrant H V Lancaster ED818
Durrant D Mosquito LR501
Durrant L W J Stirling BF480
Durrant S A Halifax HR926
Durrant S F Lancaster NN711
Durrant K M G Lancaster PB378
Durrant Ronald William
Durrant Allan John
Durrant Carroll Ronald Liberator AL548
Durrell D Lancaster JB416
Durrell Alan Howard
Durst Austin George
Durston Ivan George Lancaster ED867
Durston G H Halifax LW553
Durston K G Lancaster ME317
Durston Ivan George
Durtnall R R B Hampden X3126
Durtnall R R B Hampden AE266
Durward J S Lancaster ED443
Dušek František Wellington N3010
Dushman D Lancaster JB731
Dussaut A Halifax MZ741
Dusson N J Mosquito NS953
Dustin Harry H P-47 Thunderbolt
Dusza Edward Ryszard
Dusza Stanisław Vickers Wellington T2903
Duszyński Stanisław Hawker Hurricane R2682
Dutchak P Lancaster ND686
Dutfield I D Lancaster PD311
Dutfield Herbert Charles Lancaster NG147
Dutfield Ian David
Duthie John Wellington BJ840
Duthie W P Halifax DT630
Duthie George James Robert Halifax HR720
Duthie C Halifax MZ450
Duthie W Stirling BF381
Duthie J D Wellington T2514
Duthie I C Lancaster ED813
Duthoit C Lancaster LL788
Dutka R S Halifax DK233
Dutler Donald A P-51 Mustang
Dutneall Ralph Alan Spitfire MK421
Dutneall Ralph Alan
Dutton Kenneth Lister Lancaster ME424
Dutton J R Halifax LL279
Dutton J M Wellington X3486
Dutton Leonard Wellington HE863
Dutton T A Wellington X3390
Dutton R A Halifax MZ626
Dutton J G S Halifax HR667
Dutton P H Boston AH740
Dutton G D H Wellington X3394
Dutton T R Lancaster ND504
Dutton W Lancaster ND621
Dutton R E Stirling BF331
Dutton E J Halifax DK182
Dutton F G Hampden L4088
Dutton F Wellington Z1327
Dutton Kenneth Lancaster LL900
Dutton R L J Hampden P4305
Dutton W A Lancaster ED497
Dutton K T Lancaster W4384
Dutton J A Lancaster JB651
Dutton Roy Gilbert
Dutton John Clement
Duval W Stirling EH890
Duval J G Hurricane Z3346
Duval B P Lancaster JB372
Duvall V R Lancaster DV232
Duvall Stanley Valentine Halifax W1155
Duvall J G Lancaster ME724
Duvall R V Lancaster ND440
Duxbury William Beaufighter LX798
Duxbury T L Wellington X9619
Duxbury Albert George
Dvorak B Spitfire BL340
Dvorak Spitfire P8074
Dvorak Edward J P-51 Mustang
Dvorjetz George Arthur Blenheim V6267
Dwan L S Halifax LV792
Dwelly J A Lancaster JB740
Dwelly E D Wellington HE243
Dwight H C Stirling EF515
Dworakowski Wacław Lancaster LM141
Dwornik Karol
Dworski Stanisław Supermarine Spitfire MH320
Dwyer F D Mosquito HJ823
Dwyer R O Halifax JP202
Dwyer J A Halifax LW460
Dwyer Earl Stewart Halifax MZ297
Dwyer John Henry Patrick Lancaster W4247
Dwyer Wellington R1441
Dwyer W Lancaster JB485
Dwyer Francis James
Dwyer John Gordon
Dwyer Norman Falkner
Dwyer Lawrence Thomas
Dwyer Maurice Robert France
Dwyer Robert H Jr P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Dyball D A Halifax JD208
Dyce K D Lancaster W4984
Dyce Kenneth Douglas
Dyck A G Halifax MZ594
Dyckhoff G E Lancaster ND625
Dycus William E P-47 Thunderbolt
Dyde E R H Stirling EF362
Dyde E R H Lancaster JB278
Dyde F W Lancaster DV184
Dydo Antoni Kazimierz Wellington R1492
Dydziul Marian Józef Vickers Wellington Q441
Dye B Wellington HE332
Dye William Henry Wellington L4239
Dye Leslie Richard Wellington X3309
Dye K R Lancaster LL826
Dye B E Beaufighter V8715
Dye James D P-47 Thunderbolt
Dye James D P-47 Thunderbolt
Dye James D P-47 Thunderbolt
Dye Rufus Jr P-38 Lightning
Dye Rufus Jr P-38 Lightning
Dyelle G R Lancaster PA981
Dyer B D Lancaster NF952
Dyer J M Halifax NP968
Dyer A R Lancaster ND346
Dyer D E H Wellington HE202
Dyer John Harold Lancaster JB645
Dyer Wallace Harry Wellington X9761
Dyer M B Lancaster ND903
Dyer W A Halifax NP804
Dyer H G Lancaster W4800
Dyer K C Lancaster ND557
Dyer K D P Wellington R1536
Dyer Sydney Allan Wellington R3171
Dyer Lloyd Sidney Hampden P1352
Dyer J Lancaster PP673
Dyer H J A Stirling N6021
Dyer F J Halifax MZ703
Dyer W A Lancaster LM258
Dyer Raymond H H Lancaster PB3777
Dyer E Hampden AE152
Dyer A H G Halifax LW286
Dyer L S Whitley T4279
Dyer C G Halifax DT774
Dyer R J Manchester R5837
Dyer J H Stirling BF410
Dyer J P Wellington L7803
Dyer Bruce Douglas
Dyer Arthur Richard
Dyer William Arthur Charles
Dyer Kenneth Charles
Dyer John R P-47 Thunderbolt`
Dyer Raymond A P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Dyerson H E Lancaster ND873
Dygryn (Ligoticky) Josef Hurricane Z3183
Dyhouse James Ladas Wellington BJ689
Dyjas Tadeusz Jan
Dyke E J Halifax JD296
Dyke H Lancaster W4339
Dyke Hampden AD737
Dyke L A Spitfire X4032
Dyke J Halifax RG529
Dyke W H Lancaster JB453
Dyke G C Lancaster ND840
Dyke Samuel E P-47 Thunderbolt
Dyke Samuel E P-47 Thunderbolt
Dykes William Arthur Lancaster DV220
Dykes Edward D 'Ted' Lancaster KB793
Dykes E D Wellington BJ790
Dykes R E Lancaster ED969
Dykes F Halifax HR717
Dykes B J Whitley Z9227
Dykes Spitfire AB893
Dykes K W Lancaster W4239
Dykins T Lancaster PA197
Dylewski Stefan Westland Lysander T1585
Dymek Stanisław
Dyment L R Halifax LV873
Dymick Alfred George Wellington BK432
Dymitrowicz-Mendel Jan Westland Lysander V9580
Dymock J M Mosquito DZ685
Dymond C V Halifax ME293
Dymond W L Hurricane P3875
Dymond William Lawrence
Dynarski E F Lancaster ED714
Dyne Henry Halifax BB325
Dynes G C Halifax W7907
Dynes Charles Laurie B-24 Liberator 3701
Dynott B C Wellington X9882
Dyrmont-Jussewicz Eugeniusz Mustang FB117
Dyson J H Wellington W5516
Dyson D J Lancaster ND674
Dyson Dudley Harnett Wellington X9682
Dyson Edwin Lancaster R5679
Dyson C L Wellington HE353
Dyson A G Halifax HX158
Dyson W A Stirling BK657
Dyson F Halifax LK874
Dyson R F Lancaster PB745
Dyson R F Lancaster PB840
Dyson P Stirling EF494
Dyson J D Lancaster ND568
Dyson R Wellington MS484
Dyson F Lancaster W4307
Dyson W Lancaster PB425
Dyson Charles Harold
Dyson Francis Victor
Dyson Dudley Harnett
Dyson John Henry
Dyson John
Dyszkant Stanisław
Dyte Alan Charles
Dywan J Wellington LN424
Dziaduła Franciszek Handley Page Halifax JP288
Działowski Stanisław Józef
Dzięgiel Zdzisław Wellington R1492
Dzięgielewski Antoni De Havilland Mosquito DZ288
Dziekoński Czesław Vickers Wellington Z1215
Dzierzbicki Lech Stanisław Vickers Wellington X9829
Dziubek Jan Edward Boulton Paul Defiant N3390
Dziubiński Tadeusz Kazimierz Vickers Wellington T2518
Dziuś Kazimierz Ludwik Lancaster PB730
Dziwak Władysław
Dźwigajewski Bogdan
Dzwon Franciszek
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