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Allied Losses and Incidents Including All USAAF Claims
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Eade F H Halifax MZ674
Eade E W Lancaster DS685
Eade J C Lancaster ED715
Eades J H Wellington R1221
Eades A H Mosquito DK302
Eades A E Lancaster ND626
Eades G H T Wellington HE503
Eades W F Halifax DT700
Eades S E Lancaster R5513
Eadie D S Typhoon MP180
Eadie R D Halifax LL610
Eadie J Hampden P4390
Eadie John McIntyre
Eadie Robert Hampden P1348
Eadinger J M Halifax LK833
Eadline Lloyd L P-47 Thunderbolt
Eagar Kingsley John
Eager H R Lancaster KB799
Eager W G H Lancaster LM307
Eagland Kenneth Cook Lancaster ED326
Eagle R W G Lancaster NG197
Eagle Arthur Douglas Halifax LW143
Eagle W G Typhoon JR291
Eagle Leonard Reil Stirling W7501
Eagle William Geoffrey
Eaglen Edgar Louis Stirling BF469
Eagles William Albert Wellington HZ552
Eagles Clarence Gordon Halifax BB216
Eagles P B Halifax LW208
Eaglesham W D Wellington HE184
Eagleson Owen David 'Ginger'
Eagleson O D Tempest NV722
Eagleston Glenn T P-51 Mustang
Eagleston Glenn T P-47 Thunderbolt
Eagleston Glenn T P-47 Thunderbolt
Eagleston Glenn T P-47 Thunderbolt
Eagleston Glenn T P-47 Thunderbolt
Eagleston Glenn T P-47 Thunderbolt
Eagleston Glenn T P-47 Thunderbolt
Eagleston Glenn T P-47 Thunderbolt
Eagleston Glenn T P-47 Thunderbolt
Eagleston Glenn T P-47 Thunderbolt
Eagleston Glenn T P-47 Thunderbolt
Eagleston Glenn T P-47 Thunderbolt
Eagleston Glenn T P-47 Thunderbolt
Eagleston Glenn T P-47 Thunderbolt
Eagleston Glenn T P-47 Thunderbolt
Eagleston Glenn T P-47 Thunderbolt
Eagleston Glenn T P-47 Thunderbolt
Eaglestone Walter Reginald Halifax MZ633
Eaglestone F Wellington X3936
Eagleton I L Wellington Z8979
Eagleton M Mitchell FL165
Eakins P R Spitfire BM406
Ealden Frederick William Stirling EH900
Eales S B Lancaster LL849
Eales W N Lancaster R5512
Ealey Robert E P-47 Thunderbolt
Ealey Robert E P-47 Thunderbolt
Eames E L Lancaster LL960
Eames P G Lancaster W4919
Eames P F Blenheim R3764
Eames P K Blenheim V6338
Eames E A Wellington HZ520
Eames J J W Whitley T4298
Eames G F Spitfire EE633
Eames R Lancaster ND781
Eames K H Lancaster PD295
Eanes John W P-51 Mustang
Eardley S Halifax DT680
Eardley W M A Hampden AE400
Eardley L J Lancaster JB713
Earl E J Lancaster NG275
Earl Charles Edward Beaufort AW197
Earl Colin Stuart None - SS Suez Maru Not applicable
Earl E W Wellington Z1659
Earl H J Lancaster ED822
Earl D Wellington LP345
Earl J A Lancaster DS717
Earl R A Halifax LK634
Earl J C Lancaster ND860
Earl R P Hampden P2090
Earl Peter Richard Lancaster LM720
Earl H Halifax LW644
Earl Harold John
Earl Raymond Patrick
Earle H M Lancaster PD326
Earle Peter Halifax DT542
Earle Frederick Joseph Stirling BF506
Earle J C M Typhoon JR188
Earle J W B Spitfire MJ784
Earle J A Lancaster DS767
Earle R N Spitfire PT964
Earle J Wellington X3585
Earle T Lancaster DS789
Earle J Lancaster DV392
Earle Harold Murray
Earley B Lancaster HK612
Earley J G Whitley N1525
Earley Joe C P-47 Thunderbolt
Earlham D Halifax MZ794
Early F F Wellington P9247
Early M F Lancaster R5862
Earman John Miller Halifax LK842
Earnest Wallace H P-51 Mustang
Earngey Edward Joseph Stirling W7471
Earnshaw Kenneth Lancaster ED925
Earnshaw S Hampden AE250
Earnshaw N Halifax NR191
Earnshaw R Halifax LW506
Earnshaw P Lancaster JB154
Earnshaw B Lancaster R5558
Earon James A. B-17 Bad penny 42-31183
Earp A W Whitley Z6624
Earp G G Spitfire RM750
Earp Whitley Z9211
Earp Frederick Wentworth
Earwaker Samuel David Spitfire BS109
Easdon Leonard Lancaster DV287
Easdown L R Lancaster ED483
Easen R F Lancaster LL691
Easey George Wellington X3870
Easley G Lancaster R5499
Easom Ronald Lancaster W4180
Easom R Lancaster R5489
Eason James Ernest
Easson R Lancaster JB706
East David John Stirling W7514
East Michael George King Stirling EH876
East P M Stirling EF142
East E H Hampden L4173
East Stirling W7429LS-X
East D R Wellington X3697
East W R Spitfire EN612
East A J Halifax JN902
East A G Halifax HR750
East T H Lancaster LM262
East R A Halifax LL239
East K F Lancaster ED907
East E St H G Lancaster LM448
East A C Lancaster ND421
East Clyde B F-6C Mustangs
East Clyde B F-6C Mustangs
East Clyde B F-6C Mustangs
East Clyde B F-6C Mustangs
East Clyde B F-6C Mustangs
East Clyde B F-6C Mustangs
East Clyde B F-6C Mustangs
East Clyde B F-6C Mustangs
Eastabrook R J Typhoon MN980
Eastall Ernest Lochlan
Eastcott T F Halifax HX293
Eastcott D W Lancaster ND506
Eastcott Thomas Frederick
Easter R J H Lancaster ND583
Easterbrook Sidney Dalton
Easterlow B G Lancaster ND951
Easterly William S P-51 Mustang
Eastgate C H Lancaster LL881
Eastgate Mervyn Louis
Eastgate Colin Henry
Eastham J S Lancaster ME674
Eastham E V Wellington HZ412
Eastham D J Lancaster JB241
Easther Leonard Alfred
Easthope F A Lancaster LL945
Easthope H Lancaster NE126
Eastick D F Battle P2200
Easting J Stirling R9321
Eastley F C Halifax NA560
Eastman John Watson Halifax MZ541
Eastman J G Lancaster LL801
Eastman J A Lancaster PD378
Eastman R A Halifax LW500
Eastment Arthur Herbert Whitley BD385
Eastment R S Wellington L7840
Eastoe Eric Richard Wellington N2945
Eastoe L F Halifax DT644
Easton T S Lancaster W4968
Easton D M Lancaster RA560
Easton Alexander Lancaster PB620 (some publications have this loss as PD259)
Easton Ronald Herbert Lancaster JB488
Easton James Harley Blenheim T1831
Easton Cecil Lancaster EE127
Easton Eric John Hurricane P3864
Easton H R Wellington R1380
Easton Keith Henry Iveson Hurricane HL655
Easton Joan Marjorie Stirling BK809
Easton E C Wellington R1494
Easton S J Hampden AE119
Easton A Wellington N2782
Easton G H Blenheim R3609
Easton Alan James Lancaster W4259
Easton S Lancaster LL847
Easton J K Whitley N1472
Easton D Lancaster W4934
Easton Frederick William Spencer
Easton Ivan Nelson Luke
Easton Hilford Charles
Easton Donald Murray
Eastwell Frederick Stanley Halifax MZ451
Eastwood Albert Mosquito DZ248
Eastwood William Benjamin Halifax W1044
Eastwood Jack Lancaster PB422
Eastwood J L Halifax MZ626
Eastwood G Lancaster W4784
Eastwood W J M Halifax JD461
Eastwood S Lancaster DS684
Eastwood E D Wellington HZ478
Eastwood K Mosquito PZ177
Eastwood C S Halifax MZ597
Eastwood R I Hampden P4299
Eastwood J Lancaster ED471
Eastwood J H Lancaster LM454
Eastwood G H Lancaster ME588
Eastwood Basil Gilbert
Eather Allen Richard
Eaton Henry Allen Lancaster JA713
Eaton J G Lancaster NN724
Eaton George Howard Lancaster LM598
Eaton Harry Lancaster ND454
Eaton D A Halifax LL140
Eaton George Kingston Dominie X7354
Eaton R G Halifax LK954
Eaton William Bligh Lancaster JA706
Eaton John Burgess Halifax JD386
Eaton Harry Charles Halifax JN899
Eaton W M Hampden P2098
Eaton E D Stirling EF188
Eaton A E J Stirling BK658
Eaton E A Lancaster ND409
Eaton J J Lancaster ME720
Eaton J R Lancaster ND678
Eaton E R Wellington Z1600
Eaton R W Halifax LK638
Eaton F Halifax L9615
Eaton D A Halifax LL189
Eaton W Halifax LW290
Eaton J D Stirling EF198
Eaton W Lancaster ND748
Eaton Brian John
Eaton Roger Leigh
Eaton Robert James
Eaton Albert Neville Barracuda P9728
Eaude L Lancaster EE109
Eaude L Lancaster EE149
Eaves A J D Lancaster W4198
Eaves A Whitley Z6743
Eaves John B P-47 Thunderbolt
Eaves John B P-47 Thunderbolt
Eaves John B P-47 Thunderbolt
Eaves John B P-47 Thunderbolt
Eayres Raymond Lancaster HK599
Ebbage F H Lancaster PB741
Ebber R A Lancaster KB798
Ebbers H B Halifax EB255
Ebbers H Halifax JB860
Ebbett Edwin Pattison Booth De Havilland Devon NZ1810
Ebbott E C Lancaster W4942
Ebbott Edwin Cyril
Ebbs C A Lancaster ME320
Ebden H Halifax MZ433
Ebeling F C Halifax JB872
Ebeling Frederick Clive
Ebenrytter Eugeniusz Zdzisław Spitfire ML358
Eberhardt Karol Westland Wallace K6030
Eberhardt Karol Wallace K6030
Eberhardt Donald E P-38 Lightning
Eberle A J Lancaster PB515
Eberle R F Stirling EF139
Eberley H Lancaster PB568
Ebert G H Battle P5238
Ebert G H Lancaster ED586
Eborall Hampden X3006
Ebsworth Ronald William Wellington Z8953
Ebsworth E W Lancaster ME593
Ebsworth W N Stirling LJ480
Eburne T A Halifax MZ649
Eby W Stirling R9151
Eccles William Arthur Wellington T2620
Eccles Raymond Gordon Wellington R1494
Eccles J Stirling EF579
Eccles J Stirling R9271
Eccles G S Wellington R1411
Eccles G S Wellington R1503
Eccles John Stoppard
Eccleston Stanley Lancaster NF979
Eccleston A Halifax NP701
Eccleston J T Wellington HZ531
Ecclestone E C Halifax LW228
Ecclestone S Lancaster DV370
Ecclestone T S Mosquito NS932
Eccleton W D Spitfire
Eccleton William Davies
Echin Henry Adolphus
Echin - served as Chinn Henry Adolphus - served as Harry Halifax W1113
Echin - served as Chinn Henry Adolphus - served as Harry Wellington Z8530
Eckel C E B Typhoon JP381
Eckersley J A Blenheim V5769
Eckersley George Keith
Eckersley Cecil Gordon
Eckert Tadeusz De Havilland Mosquito HJ655
Eckert R Spitfire NH525
Eckett B J Lancaster R5749
Eckfeldt Robert T P-47 Thunderbolt
Eckfeldt Robert T P-47 Thunderbolt
Eckfeldt Robert T P-47 Thunderbolt
Eckford Robert Ivor Peter Lancaster LM725
Eckford Alan Francis
Eckhardt P Halifax LK728
Eckhardt Józef Mieczysław De Havilland Mosquito WR276
Eckhold M C Lancaster LL796
Eckoff N S D Halifax DK203
Eckton Alfred Raymond Wellington BK364
Eddie K S Lancaster LL895
Eddington W Wellington HE398
Eddison F L H Wellington R1226
Eddison Edward Dalkeith
Eddleston W Wellington P9215
Eddleston M C Halifax MZ924
Eddowes F Whitley P5112
Eddowes F Whitley T4201
Eddy J Q Lancaster KB769
Eddy C Lancaster LL867
Eddy E C Stirling EE886
Eddy W E M Lancaster ND417
Eddy T B D Wellington Z1113
Eddy Albert George
Ede Sidney William Halifax MZ856
Ede R B Lancaster ND852
Ede A J Lancaster ED734
Ede J E R Lancaster LM101
Ede D N Lancaster ND985
Edelson J A M Lancaster W4368
Edelsten Frederick John
Eden William Harry Blenheim R3742
Eden F Lancaster ME864
Eden Blenheim
Eden F J Halifax W7911
Eden C Stirling EE895
Eden S J Halifax LW420
Eden L R Hampden AD748
Eden John Jerram
Edens Billy G P-47 Thunderbolt
Edens Billy G P-47 Thunderbolt
Edens Billy G P-47 Thunderbolt
Edens Billy G P-47 Thunderbolt
Edens Malcolm B P-51 Mustang
Edeson William Ross
Edey J A Lancaster HK686
Edgar Dermot David Samuel Spitfire X4159
Edgar J D Halifax NR177
Edgar J W Lancaster LM529
Edgar A W Halifax LK968
Edgar F S Stirling BF521
Edgar A M Battle L4980
Edgar F Mosquito MM195
Edgar Alan Jackson Stirling R9312
Edgar A R Wellington Z8577
Edgar J A Mosquito HK501
Edgar C R M Halifax EB257
Edgar E Hampden X2995
Edgar J H R Hampden P4375
Edgar E Hampden X2997
Edgar A K Halifax JB908
Edgar A. H.
Edgar Richard B-17 43-38107
Edge Leslie James Halifax LW510
Edge William Frederick George Lancaster SW278
Edge B F Lancaster JA929
Edge E Lancaster JB642
Edge E Whitley Z6653
Edge W H Lancaster NG230
Edge G R Hurricane P2958
Edge G R Hurricane N2557
Edge A R Spitfire R6636F
Edge W D Whitley Z6466
Edge H N Spitfire W3137
Edge Gerald Richmond
Edge Whitley EB328
Edgecombe G E Lancaster JA973
Edgehill S P Stirling N3656
Edgehill S P Stirling N6040
Edgehill S P Stirling N6097
Edgehill D F Hurricane
Edgehill C M Halifax DT525
Edgeley William John Halifax W1098
Edgeley A W Stirling BK611
Edgeley A Hurricane P2677
Edgell Thomas Robert Halifax NP709
Edgerley M W Lancaster R5485
Edgett G H Wellington BK281
Edgeworth Robert Lancaster LL797
Edghill C M Halifax JD454
Edghill Douglas Frank Kitchener
Edginton W T C Lancaster LL746
Edginton William Thomas Charles
Edgley H E Lancaster ND447
Edgoose R L Stirling BF501
Edgoose Tom Alfred
Edinborough B Stirling EF147
Edinburgh William Henry Lancaster PB177
Edinburgh Wellington Z8789
Edinger P E Wellington W5598
Edington Wellington X3451
Edington Wellington Z8900
Edington George P. Typhoon MN579
Edis H G Lancaster JB150
Edis K G Wellington Z8782
Edis Herbert George
Edison R Lancaster W4833
Edlin H Halifax HX154
Edlington R Halifax DT579
Edlington R Halifax DG225
Edll Frank Eric
Edlund John Eric
Edmands D R Lancaster DS833
Edmeades J E Halifax DT644
Edmeads Anthony Charles Henry Hampden P4370
Edmends William Colin Clifford
Edmison K J Halifax NA567
Edmond D S Wellington Z1115
Edmond W Halifax JD116
Edmond W Halifax DT622
Edmond N D Hurricane Z2632
Edmond N D Hurricane V6785
Edmond Philip Llewellyn
Edmonds N J Lancaster JB472
Edmonds W M Lancaster R5616
Edmonds S A Lancaster ME688
Edmonds W E Lancaster W4301
Edmonds John Dudley Hurricane L1931
Edmonds Edward Henry Wellington HF482
Edmonds Harold Vincent Stirling W7523
Edmonds G B Halifax LV971
Edmonds P J Lancaster LM533
Edmonds James Oswald Wellington Z1202
Edmonds P H Spitfire P8668
Edmonds R A Lancaster R5867
Edmonds K Wellington HX375
Edmonds L F Lancaster KB787
Edmonds L F Halifax DK252
Edmonds R A Lancaster W4199
Edmonds J W Wellington HF569
Edmonds W G C Hampden P1270
Edmonds A F Halifax LW341
Edmonds Neville John
Edmonds William Alexander
Edmonds Stanley Allan
Edmonds Wilfrid Milton
Edmonds Lloyd George
Edmonds William Edward
Edmonds Cedric John
Edmonds Roy Marmaduke
Edmondson N T Lancaster ND492
Edmondson G H Hampden AD975
Edmondson J P Lancaster PB117
Edmondson Thomas Eric Lancaster ED820
Edmondson D S Whitley N1408
Edmondson Eric
Edmondson James G P-38 Lightning
Edmonston W S M Halifax HX148
Edmunds David William Blenheim N6185
Edmunds L E Lancaster ND798
Edmunds H F Lancaster PD210
Edmunds Everest George Blenheim Z7802
Edmunds Wellington R1044
Edmunds C E W R N Wellington L4339
Edmunds J Lancaster W4822
Edmundson D M Stirling EE973
Edquist John
Edridge H P M Spitfire K9939
Edridge S C Halifax LK633
Edsall E F Spitfire X4548
Edsall E F Spitfire X4236
Edsall D W H Halifax LW638
Edser F J Halifax HR874
Edson Stewart William
Edward John Andrew Lancaster DV403
Edwards Agnes Lancaster PA278
Edwards Thomas James Lancaster RF230
Edwards W C Halifax NA627
Edwards J G Spitfire BL774
Edwards C H Lancaster DV296
Edwards C Lancaster W4844
Edwards S Lancaster JB734
Edwards Philip Edwin Lancaster PB542
Edwards Patrick John Halifax HX273
Edwards G B Lancaster LM205
Edwards S L Lancaster JB239
Edwards R M Lancaster JB347
Edwards C H Lancaster ME757
Edwards Peter Colin Halifax NR246
Edwards Robert Howard Battle L5502
Edwards George Grant Lancaster ME666
Edwards Arthur William Halifax DT509
Edwards Malcolm Finney ("Eddie") Tempest EJ803
Edwards John Ernest Blenheim P4913
Edwards Gordon James Lancaster PB527
Edwards Ivor Lancaster R5510
Edwards Frederick William Lancaster W4103
Edwards J B Lancaster DV190
Edwards Frederick John Halifax JD316
Edwards Thomas Arthur Stirling W7523
Edwards ‘Reg’ Ernest Reginald Lancaster PD421
Edwards Kenneth Charles Wellington R1495
Edwards Francis Bernard Halifax EB213
Edwards Clifford Beecroft Lancaster JA703
Edwards John Frederic Lancaster W4317
Edwards John Arthur Stirling N3710
Edwards Leonard Lancaster R5566
Edwards Frank Richard Wellington L7787
Edwards John Ogilvy Lancaster NG270
Edwards Joseph Edmund DC-3 Dakota KN500
Edwards George Harold Lancaster ED771
Edwards Norman John Wellington X3473
Edwards Robert Lesley Hurricane P3874
Edwards M A Halifax LW297
Edwards R I Wellington HX263
Edwards M O Wellington X3799
Edwards J H Halifax DT699
Edwards W S Lancaster ME622
Edwards R G Halifax JD365
Edwards R W Halifax JD466
Edwards B F Lancaster KB713
Edwards Emery Kenneth Wellington HE899
Edwards J H Wellington LN424
Edwards G F Halifax DK264
Edwards Albert Gordon Lancaster KB815
Edwards J A Lancaster NG271
Edwards P C Halifax LK667
Edwards W E Halifax LW330
Edwards J F Lancaster W4185
Edwards S McC Lancaster ED939
Edwards A J Spitfire BM508
Edwards A J Spitfire
Edwards Thomas Sylvester Typhoon MN599
Edwards Denis Henry Wellington R1235
Edwards Ernest Frank Mosquito HK363
Edwards John Alfred Blenheim V6493
Edwards F G G Lancaster ED587
Edwards P J Lancaster W4322
Edwards T J Lancaster NF936
Edwards I Halifax W7653
Edwards T I M Halifax W7884
Edwards H Halifax BB249
Edwards S J Whitley Z6746
Edwards C B Lancaster W4364
Edwards J W Wellington DV611
Edwards H G Wellington DV818
Edwards Wellington R1217
Edwards K F Halifax W1216
Edwards W A Lancaster ND925
Edwards H A Lancaster JB744
Edwards W A Lancaster ND638
Edwards Hughie Idwal Blenheim
Edwards F J Lancaster R5680
Edwards S T F Blenheim R3801
Edwards W H Blenheim P4905
Edwards E N Blenheim N6210
Edwards R Wellington R3276
Edwards C S R Wellington R1063
Edwards W V L Lancaster LL729
Edwards G M Lancaster ND760
Edwards E Wellington Z1614
Edwards W E Lancaster LM106
Edwards F A Typhoon RB193
Edwards A G Wellington BK536
Edwards E T Wellington Z1261
Edwards N V Hampden AD871
Edwards D H Hampden P4367
Edwards E D Stirling EF327
Edwards E D Stirling BK708
Edwards G T Wellington X3279
Edwards D R R Lancaster W4849
Edwards G A P Lancaster ED885
Edwards J N Mosquito TA392
Edwards R C Halifax HR718
Edwards E G Halifax W1108
Edwards D J Lancaster R5862
Edwards R G Wellington X3334
Edwards K W Wellington X3544
Edwards T L Wellington BK464
Edwards D J Lancaster DV247
Edwards C T Lancaster PB242
Edwards C Lancaster ME496
Edwards B Lancaster PB743
Edwards P J Manchester L7309
Edwards J F P Lancaster ND570
Edwards S Ventura AE734
Edwards W B Stirling EF445
Edwards E H Stirling EE944
Edwards P T Lancaster PA214
Edwards F G Lancaster PB666
Edwards W B Typhoon JR429
Edwards P G B Wellington R1770
Edwards W G Blenheim P4909
Edwards W G Blenheim L8833
Edwards A H Wellington Z8358
Edwards P L Hampden AT154
Edwards B Halifax JB965
Edwards Richard Halifax LV831
Edwards F J Halifax LV789
Edwards M Halifax DK257
Edwards S C Hampden AE239
Edwards G A Lancaster L7536
Edwards A W F Lancaster W4961
Edwards R A Lancaster W4137
Edwards S C Hampden AD755
Edwards L Lancaster R5732
Edwards G H Lancaster ED745
Edwards D Lancaster NG352
Edwards C A Lancaster ED497
Edwards W F Lancaster ND536
Edwards F C Lancaster JA899
Edwards R P Lancaster ED486
Edwards J G Halifax HR729
Edwards J L Halifax HR835
Edwards R J Halifax HR732
Edwards F A J Halifax HR934
Edwards D Lancaster LL671
Edwards J P Lancaster LL728
Edwards R S J Hurricane P3088
Edwards T E Lancaster W4307
Edwards T Lancaster ND960
Edwards Blenheim L1147
Edwards E C Lancaster LL830
Edwards E J Mosquito HX968
Edwards V A Lancaster ME443
Edwards O G Lancaster W4774
Edwards J F Lancaster R5859
Edwards P J Lancaster LM241
Edwards H A Lancaster HK617
Edwards E T Lancaster R5702
Edwards R F Lancaster NF907
Edwards E J Lancaster PB880
Edwards S A Lancaster JB597
Edwards A J Spitfire BL762
Edwards R J Spitfire TB714
Edwards G S Stirling N6034
Edwards Jeffrey Hugh Stirling W7501
Edwards I J Stirling W7564
Edwards I P Lancaster NE129
Edwards J L Stirling BK646
Edwards A C Wellington Z8909
Edwards Wellington T2820
Edwards H W Halifax BB282
Edwards T Halifax DT563
Edwards D H Halifax LW696
Edwards G L Halifax LW696
Edwards T E Halifax JB795
Edwards J A Halifax JD247
Edwards R B Whitley Z6630
Edwards T E Halifax LK709
Edwards William James Halifax RG529
Edwards G M Halifax R9391
Edwards L W Halifax LW507
Edwards R Hurricane L2068
Edwards Kenneth Edward Lancaster ED353
Edwards J H Hampden L4152
Edwards Thomas William Lancaster JB365
Edwards J E Hurricane P2538
Edwards C A Battle P2313
Edwards T G Blenheim L9379
Edwards Blenheim L9379
Edwards E W Lancaster JA679
Edwards A H Lancaster PA158
Edwards A H Lancaster NG323
Edwards A V Stirling BK661
Edwards T Stirling EF497
Edwards W E Stirling BF471
Edwards W E Stirling BK780
Edwards J B Spitfire EN844
Edwards H D Spitfire P9464
Edwards F Lancaster JB190
Edwards H W J Lancaster PA979
Edwards S A Lancaster ND813
Edwards Edward Walter
Edwards Henry Grahame ("Nick")
Edwards Hughie Idwal Blenheim T1826
Edwards Roy Cecil
Edwards Frederick Lister
Edwards Neville William Allan
Edwards Keith Thomas
Edwards Peter Colin
Edwards Edgar Bruce
Edwards David Richard James
Edwards Michael Whittam
Edwards Christopher Lynton
Edwards Kenneth William
Edwards James
Edwards George Jarvis
Edwards Terence Oliver
Edwards William John
Edwards James George
Edwards Clifford
Edwards Colin Howard
Edwards Philip Edwin
Edwards Patrick John
Edwards George Beith
Edwards Allen Grayson
Edwards Stuart Lacey
Edwards Charles Herbert
Edwards Owen
Edwards Rita
Edwards L H Hudson K6183
Edwards Junior Hugh B-17 Black Magic 42-31721
Edwards David V P-47 Thunderbolt
Edwards Edward B Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Edwards Edward B Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Edwards Edward B Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Edwards Edward B Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Edwards Harry L P-51 Mustang
Edwards Harry L P-51 Mustang
Edwards James W P-51 Mustang
Edwards James W P-51 Mustang
Edwards James W P-51 Mustang
Edwards James W P-51 Mustang
Edwards James W P-51 Mustang
Edwards John C P-51 Mustang
Edwards John C P-51 Mustang
Edwards Robert F P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Edwards-Cross John Charles Wellington Z8335
Edwin E F Hampden X3006
Edworthy John Duncan Stirling N6020
Edworthy G H Hurricane P3064
Edy A L Spitfire X4658
Edye B H Wellington HX375
Edye Bruce Henry
Edyvean D Mosquito HK315
Edyvean-Walker P G Lancaster ED422
Eeles F Stirling BF576
Efemey F A Lancaster JB145
Effement C A E Spitfire NH380
Egan A E Lancaster ED528
Egan J J Stirling MZ261
Egan A E Lancaster JB293
Egan James Brian Wellington LP286
Egan J C Lancaster JB477
Egan E B Lancaster L7537
Egan A E Lancaster ED879
Egan J W Mosquito DZ369
Egan A E Lancaster PB114
Egan V E Wellington Z8951
Egan J P Lancaster ED768
Egan E J Hurricane P3820
Egan D R Lancaster PD393
Egan G A Halifax W7805
Egan John Francis Halifax JD248
Egan E Lancaster DV293
Egan P J Stirling BF415
Egan Daniel Francis
Egan John Joseph
Egan Joseph L Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Egan Joseph L Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Egan Joseph L Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Egan Joseph L Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Egan Joseph L Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Egan Joseph L Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Egan-Wyer B O Halifax MZ428
Egar E Hampden AD864
Egeland Howard B P-51 Mustang
Egenes Hubert I P-51 Mustang
Egerton Tom A Sunderland T9075
Egerton R G Blenheim L9204
Egerton Robert Wellington HE391
Eggar L G Wellington X9628
Eggbear H G Stirling BK784
Eggert J Halifax MZ795
Eggertson E Halifax W7763
Eggington A W Battle K9245
Eggins R B Lancaster LM677
Eggins R B Lancaster ND473
Eggins R K Lancaster ND856
Eggins Robert Bruce
Egginton Victor Ronald
Eggleson Frederick Charles Lancaster W4897
Eggleston D Lancaster NE169
Eggleston W H Halifax MZ531
Egglestone R Lancaster NN726
Eggleton C J Wellington
Eggleton D L N Stirling BF502
Eggleton Cleveland John Wellington BJ987
Egierski Tadeusz Fairey Battle L5499
Egleston J Lancaster EE183
Egley R A Typhoon RB376
Egli H D Halifax MZ316
Eglinton E E Wellington X3759
Egri William Ernest Stirling N3756
Egri William Ernest Lancaster LL716
Ehrhart Loring Charles Stirling N6077
Ehrlich Stanisław Vickers Wellington HZ640
Ehrman L Lancaster JB666
Ehrsam James Raymond B-25 Ooh Brother 43-27489
Eichar G E Spitfire BM646
Eichelberger William R P-47 Thunderbolt
Eichler B Mosquito KB460
Eichler B Mosquito KB397
Eight Crew killed Lancaster L7545
Eike George Waldon B-17 Susan Ruth 42-31499
Eilertson F H Halifax NP815
Einarson H B Lancaster R5628
Einarson Johann Walter Lancaster LL775
Einsaar Leonard Alexander Marauder FK367
Eisberg Frederick J. Lancaster PD265
Eisenhart Lee D P-51 Mustang
Eitel E L Lancaster PB198
Eitzen F Spitfire BS388
Eitzen F Spitfire BS471
Eivers F O'K Wellington DV579
Ekbery Joseph Scarisbrick
Eke Raymond Lancaster NG179
Eke Edward William Stirling BF523
Eke E H Lancaster W4962
Ekelund J H Stirling BF392
Ekers L C B Lancaster ND459
Ekin H Lancaster R5662
Ekins V H Hurricane V6672
Ekins Frank
Eklund K H Hampden AT194
Eklund Karl Hugo
Ekstrom Carl F P-47 Thunderbolt
Eland Alfred Lancaster ND403
Eland Fred Halifax LW472
Elbogen A Spitfire AR441
Elborn R Lancaster ME759
Elby W G Wellington Z8517
Elcoat Norman Hampden P2117
Elcoat Hampden L4143
Elcoate W R Lancaster NG331
Elcoate Robert Terence Wolfenden
Elcock Norman Lysander V9721
Elcock Arthur Richard ("Big")
Elcombe R Lancaster JB700
Elcome W F H Lancaster LM130
Elcome Douglas William Spitfire R6839
Elcox A G Lancaster ED931
Eld G V Lancaster W4931
Elden B R Halifax HR933
Elder J H Halifax HX243
Elder E Halifax MZ570
Elder W J Wellington R1759
Elder A Wellington LN896
Elder H W Halifax NP800
Elder W E Halifax DK241
Elder W E Halifax DK188
Elder D C Lancaster W4318
Elder Douglas Cunningham Lancaster ED645
Elder C E Blenheim V6322
Elder J D Wellington R1016
Elder W A S Lancaster ED356
Elder E V A Halifax LK917
Elder H M Wellington Z8794
Elder R W Halifax LK948
Elder S Halifax LW264
Elder T W Lancaster JB712
Elder Jack Herbert
Elder John L Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Elder John L Jr P-51 Mustang
Elder John L Jr P-51 Mustang
Elder John L Jr P-51 Mustang
Elder John L Jr P-51 Mustang
Elder John L Jr P-51 Mustang
Elder John L Jr P-51 Mustang
Elder John L Jr P-51 Mustang
Elder Robert A P-51 Mustang
Elderfield H Lancaster ED784
Elders G S Lancaster ND626
Elderton F E Halifax MZ362
Eldred C J Blenheim L9304
Eldred P J Halifax DK244
Eldred Harlow R Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Eldrid M K Spitfire AB982
Eldridge Jesse Jame Wellington P9218
Eldridge Gordon Frederick Stirling N3759
Eldridge Gordon Frederick Stirling BF335
Eldridge P H Halifax DT795
Eldridge J G Wellington HF486
Eldridge R C Stirling N6129
Eldridge H P M Spitfire K9826
Eldridge D R G Halifax HR839
Eldridge P C Halifax LW434
Eldridge P E Whitley N1425
Eldridge A H Halifax LV957
Eldridge John A P-38 Lightning
Eleftherion Eleutherios Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Eleftherion Eleutherios Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Elelman M Wellington T2841
Eley Norman James Lancaster LM724
Eley Douglas Raymond Lancaster HK540
Eley A E Lancaster JB233
Eley F E Lancaster LM676
Eley F W Spitfire P9398
Elfberg Millard J P-47 Thunderbolt`
Elfner P J Typhoon JR264
Elford R O Halifax DT801
Elford N R Stirling BF482
Elgar W R Lancaster ME740
Elgar E H Whitley BD281
Elgar William Ralph
Elger Anthony Charles Lancaster W4259
Elgie S W Halifax MZ456
Elholn H B Wellington HE422
Eliades Jordan P-51 Mustang
Elias Lancelot Benjamin Albert DC-3 Dakota KN500
Eliot N S Stirling EF259
Eliot Eric Marshall Hudson FK780 (Also listed as FK790)
Eliot H W Hurricane P2875
Eliot Hugh William ("Chubby")
Eliot Ivan Aubrey
Eliott J L Wellington X3369
Elkin D Halifax NR209
Elkington John Francis Durham 'Tim' Hurricane P3173
Elkington James Manchester L7374
Elkington C S Wellington Z1594
Elkington G F Lancaster PB463
Elkington Kenneth Neal Lancaster ME576
Elkington A Halifax LW585
Elkington Leopold Albert
Elkins V H Halifax JB836
Elkins R G Lancaster ED614
Elkins K McK Boston Z2244
Elkins K M Blenheim Z7484
Elko P F Halifax DK196
Elks G R Halifax DK269
Ella James Maurice Lancaster ME672
Ellacombe J W L Hurricane BP707
Ellacott F H Mosquito DD748
Ellam K Lancaster JB466
Ellard C W Halifax HR658
Ellecombe J L W Hurricane P3312
Elleman C Stirling LK151
Ellement C A E Spitfire PL283
Ellen C V Lancaster W4788
Ellen R A G Blenheim R3802
Ellen Walter James
Ellenor J Lancaster LL908
Ellens Herbert Vincent Lancaster NG191
Ellens H V Lancaster LM683
Ellens Herbert Vincent
Elleray Desmond Barton
Ellerby H D Halifax W7766
Ellerker L H Lancaster JB644
Ellerker Harry Victor Liberator AL548
Ellers Frederick Leonard
Ellerslie R Halifax LW682
Ellerton Montague David
Ellery E J Lancaster EE202
Ellesmore R O Lancaster ND706
Elleson H Lancaster ND681
Ellias C P Stirling EH935
Ellick M Lancaster ND535
Ellick F Lancaster ED718
Ellicott Denis Alfred Lancaster ME621
Ellicott R J S Blenheim R3804
Ellicott D Halifax LW671
Ellingham Frederick Thomas Wellington R1597
Ellingham W L Whitley P5097
Ellingham T E Lancaster W4945
Ellingham L E Stirling EF366
Ellingson J P Halifax MZ516
Ellingson Bertrum E P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Ellingson Bertrum E P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Ellingson Robert W P-47 Thunderbolt`
Ellingstad S A Halifax JD460
Ellington Paul M P-47 Thunderbolt
Ellington Paul M P-51 Mustang
Ellins J F Lancaster W4242
Elliot Walter Alfred Halifax W1100
Elliot H.W. Lancaster NG412
Elliot T J Stirling EF387
Elliot N H Halifax HR937
Elliot D F Blenheim L1415
Elliot P A F Wellington LN292
Elliot A W Blenheim P4828
Elliot Burton Hampton
Elliott S B Lancaster ED528
Elliott Frank Burton Mustang FX989
Elliott O B Lancaster NG469
Elliott B H Lancaster LM100
Elliott Joseph Halifax EB247
Elliott John Halifax LK628
Elliott Raymond Graham Wellington N2897
Elliott H L Blenheim V5875
Elliott H J Wellington X3203
Elliott H W Lancaster PB403
Elliott H M Halifax MZ452
Elliott V D Lancaster NG290
Elliott F E Lancaster NE170
Elliott T H Halifax LW622
Elliott J C Spitfire BR637
Elliott W G Halifax DT794
Elliott C A Lancaster KB786
Elliott W J Halifax HX313
Elliott G W Wellington HE491
Elliott T J Halifax EB214
Elliott J D Halifax EB252
Elliott K E Halifax NP706
Elliott John William Wellington X3599
Elliott T E Wellington X9977
Elliott D C Halifax JD405
Elliott Donald James Lancaster ND330
Elliott A C Lancaster LM158
Elliott M H Stirling BF328
Elliott T I Lancaster NN745
Elliott R F Stirling BF442
Elliott J C Wellington HE803
Elliott T T Halifax NR131
Elliott F S Lancaster JB603
Elliott T D Whitley P5072
Elliott J F W Whitley T4146
Elliott A C Whitley T4273
Elliott T A Wellington DV611
Elliott Wellington W5612
Elliott F W Lancaster PB563
Elliott G L Wellington R3279
Elliott W E Wellington T2613
Elliott V G Hampden AD761
Elliott Hampden AE143
Elliott J N Stirling LJ504
Elliott C H Wellington R3288
Elliott Wellington BK180
Elliott R F A Lancaster ED840
Elliott G P Wellington W5525
Elliott D V Halifax JD259
Elliott A Halifax NR251
Elliott B S W Lancaster ND634
Elliott H Wellington BK464
Elliott F Wellington LP345
Elliott J H Lancaster ED537
Elliott R W G Stirling EH895
Elliott G F Stirling BF309
Elliott E D Hurricane P3552
Elliott P C Halifax W7877
Elliott H R G D Halifax W7699
Elliott Halifax W1051
Elliott Halifax W1154
Elliott ? Spitfire BL989
Elliott H E Hampden AD980
Elliott A E Lancaster DS790
Elliott J R Hampden AE202
Elliott R W Lancaster LL628
Elliott G A Halifax LW415
Elliott S F Hampden X3023
Elliott T Lancaster ED664
Elliott P D Halifax MZ296
Elliott R F Lancaster W4116
Elliott J R Lancaster LM429
Elliott R H Halifax JD251
Elliott G H Halifax NP932
Elliott T K Halifax MZ624
Elliott A J Lancaster DS815
Elliott L Lancaster NG132
Elliott T Lancaster LM229
Elliott J E Lancaster ED562
Elliott A C Lancaster LL893
Elliott J McP Lancaster W4822
Elliott R Halifax LW542
Elliott P C Whitley N1459
Elliott N W Lancaster PB434
Elliott J G Stirling N6013
Elliott R D Spitfire
Elliott R D Spitfire N3070
Elliott R B Wellington T2550
Elliott R P Wellington R3158
Elliott J Stirling EH935
Elliott M A S Halifax W1236
Elliott D M Halifax DT508
Elliott H R Whitley Z6950
Elliott Whitley T4158
Elliott T W Boston AL268
Elliott T W Lancaster PD205
Elliott D A Wellington T2880
Elliott James Franklin
Elliott Stanley Brown
Elliott Philip Thornton
Elliott Frank Burton
Elliott Walter John
Elliott Percy William
Elliott Walter Clarence
Elliott Richard Valentine
Elliott Osric Brown Rigg
Elliott C E Halifax L9618
Elliott Franklin Hicks B-24 Liberator 3701
Elliott M Leo Jr P-51 Mustang
Elliotte Jack MacGregor Lancaster HK567
Ellis T D Stirling EJ105
Ellis E C Lancaster NG197
Ellis D A Lancaster PB369
Ellis Henry Arthur Laurence Halifax LL143
Ellis Alan Eason Blenheim Z9614
Ellis Helton Daniel Wellington T2520
Ellis Douglas Walter Liberator JT985
Ellis Arthur Hubert Wellington HF307
Ellis William Charles Blackburn Botha L6195
Ellis William Henry Stirling BF506
Ellis Kenneth Custance Blenheim Z7304
Ellis Leslie Jewitt Lancaster LM316
Ellis Herbert William Lancaster NG229
Ellis W M Halifax HR717
Ellis R O Lancaster JB729
Ellis Harry Sinclair Mosquito HK512
Ellis G H Hampden AT185
Ellis H Lancaster DS686
Ellis S F Halifax LW114
Ellis R G Halifax LW127
Ellis G R Halifax NP688
Ellis C W Halifax LW654
Ellis Arden Ivan Wellington X3646
Ellis A J Lancaster JA972
Ellis S J Lancaster DS721
Ellis Alexander Leslie Stirling N6068
Ellis George Ivan Stirling BK698
Ellis W T Halifax W1271
Ellis J Stirling W7632
Ellis G S Lancaster JB673
Ellis G W Lancaster JB605
Ellis D M Lancaster ED328
Ellis N Lancaster ED650
Ellis A S G Halifax R9495
Ellis R Halifax HX173
Ellis H T Halifax HX150
Ellis K H Lancaster R5731
Ellis H S Hampden AT146
Ellis L H Wellington X9673
Ellis J A K Lancaster LL651
Ellis A F Wellington BJ688
Ellis F H Wellington X3718
Ellis L J Lancaster DV225
Ellis J L Mosquito KB353
Ellis W J Wellington N2962
Ellis F S Wellington X9633
Ellis A J Stirling BF457
Ellis D Wellington X3339
Ellis J Lancaster ND978
Ellis P N Stirling LK236
Ellis E L Lancaster ND506
Ellis D W Wellington HF453
Ellis T O E Lancaster PB743
Ellis R H G Stirling EE917
Ellis W H Lancaster R5570
Ellis R Lancaster ND556
Ellis A Battle K9325
Ellis Henry William Mosquito HK413
Ellis H T Wellington T2986
Ellis J C Lancaster DS713
Ellis R F Halifax JP199
Ellis L Halifax MZ520
Ellis Leslie James Lancaster ED783
Ellis H C Lancaster ED783
Ellis J Halifax HX239
Ellis R L A Hampden X3054
Ellis J E Lancaster JB469
Ellis E Lancaster ME353
Ellis J R Lancaster ED308
Ellis A T Halifax HR981
Ellis G T Whitley Z9301
Ellis W H Lancaster NG121
Ellis J Lancaster LL826
Ellis P M C Lancaster LM322
Ellis R O Typhoon JR147
Ellis H Lancaster PD233
Ellis J W Halifax LW722
Ellis V A L Stirling R9305
Ellis M P Stirling R9272
Ellis L Stirling BK760
Ellis R Wellington Z1570
Ellis S Stirling BK664
Ellis W C Halifax LK892
Ellis W C Halifax DK148
Ellis G B Halifax DT555
Ellis R Whitley AD698
Ellis W T Blenheim V6026
Ellis Gabriel Hitch Mosquito NS998
Ellis John Hugh Mortimer Hurricane L1915
Ellis John Hugh Mortimer Ellis Hurricane P2673
Ellis W T Spitfire X4552
Ellis John
Ellis Ronald Vernon ("Monty")
Ellis Alfred James
Ellis Reginald Arthur
Ellis Ronald Ethelbert Edward
Ellis Leslie Albert
Ellis Frank Howard
Ellis William Donald Revell
Ellis Thomas Douglas
Ellis William Stevens
Ellis Rowland Valentine
Ellis Murray Charles
Ellis Patrick John
Ellis Robert
Ellis Derek Atkinson
Ellis Douglas William
Ellis Henry Arthur Laurence
Ellis Stanley Herbert
Ellis John Charles Liberator EV822
Ellis John R Jr P-51 Mustang
Ellis John R Jr P-51 Mustang
Ellis Roddy S Jr P-47 Thunderbolt`
Ellis Roddy S Jr P-47 Thunderbolt`
Ellis Stanley H P-38 Lightning
Ellis-Buxon B L Lancaster R5604
Ellis-Gittins Lumley Hugh Halifax EB250
Ellison H G Spitfire NH366
Ellison F Whitley K9018
Ellison R C Wellington HZ355
Ellison R C Wellington HE414
Ellison Keith Thomas
Ellison Charles E P-51 Mustang
Ellmer H R Lancaster W4948
Ellmers Lincoln JohnS Defiant N1745
Ellner E E Wellington T2806
Ells E H Halifax LK893
Ells K A Stirling EF184
Ellsley W Hampden AE234
Ellsworth Gordon Leroy Halifax W7745
Ellwart Richard J. B-24 Maggie’s Drawers 42-50760
Ellwood J Whitley N1421
Ellwood Dermot Ezra Read Beaufort W6494
Ellwood Mowbray Lancaster NF992
Ellwood W R Halifax LL258
Ellwood G E Blenheim T1861
Ellwood T Halifax HE777
Ellwood G B Halifax JB897
Ellwood Gerald Halifax MZ596
Ellwood T Halifax DT770
Ellwood Reginald Lancaster JB355
Ellyard Ronald Victor
Ellyatt John Halifax MZ684
Elmerych Stanisław Spitfire AD124
Elmes Eric Selwyn Blenheim V6515
Elmes S Wellington X3702
Elmes Charles Robert Henry
Elmhirst-Baxter John Charles Lancaster PB126
Elmhirst-Baxter John Charles Lancaster ND995
Elmis R Halifax JB968
Elmore B A Halifax LK954
Elmore Robert O Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Elmore Robert O Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Elmore Robert O Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Elmore Robert O Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Elms Arthur Ernest Lancaster LL648
Elms Francis John Halifax LK740
Elms P C Lancaster ND439
Elms Henry
Elmslie J A Wellington X3456
Elmy Gordon Lancaster ND476
Elphick H E Stirling EE917
Elphick J R H Spitfire
Elphick Sidney Charles
Elphlick D Lancaster JA957
Elrick Alexander Edward
Elrington R D Wellington Z1485
Elrington Richard Douglas
Elsbury H R Lancaster LL951
Elsbury Alexander Eric John
Elsden T A F Hurricane Z3840
Elsdon Harry Donald Buchanan Blenheim L6779
Elsdon C B Wellington W5552
Elsdon T A F Spitfire X4254
Elsdon Thomas Arthur F. ("Jimmy")
Else J S Wellington R1614
Else E J Lancaster ED314
Else Peter
Elsley Henry Cecil Stirling EH934
Elsley C I Halifax LW426
Elsley W E Lancaster JB151
Elsley Henry Cecil
Elsom N J Lancaster R5914
Elsome D H Halifax NA237
Elson A Wellington BJ767
Elson J F Lancaster PB724
Elson A Hurricane P2723 ???
Elson F R Lancaster PB453
Elson P J Halifax JD416
Elston A M Typhoon JR141
Elstub Thomas Clifford
Elsworthy A A E Lancaster JB642
Elsworthy G Lancaster ED408
Elt Halifax W1145
Elt K W Halifax DT745
Elton Francis Raymond Whitley P4943
Elton P J Stirling EF333
Elton C Lancaster ND643
Eltringham G Wellington X3425
Elvin R C Halifax LW593
Elvin W Lancaster HK564
Elvin L R Wellington R1410
Elvin Joseph Daniel Liberator BZ930
Elvish N Lancaster ME692
Elwall E Lancaster NG171
Elwell Bertram Stirling BF513
Elwell J Halifax HR846
Elwell Ronald
Elwell Arthur Joseph
Elwin R N Lancaster ND761
Elwing A G Lancaster ED369
Elwood F Lancaster LL886
Elwood John Stephen
Elworthy Arthur James Wellington MF399
Ely V C Halifax MZ461
Ely G Lancaster JB681
Ely Ronald Walter Stirling LJ524
Ely Arthur Blevyn Halifax NP796
Ely Stirling N6067
Ely Halifax W7761
Ely T R Halifax LW713
Ely Ronald Walter
Ely Ronald Charles
Ely Vivian Clive
Ely George
Emans Albert Edward Lancaster EE177
Emarsson Sigurjon Lancaster ND493
Embelin R C Wellington Z1595
Emberg ? Hurricane BE471
Emberson T E Stirling BK782
Emberson Edwin Norton
Emblem Lawrence Denis Albemarle P1400
Embley A Halifax JD464
Embling John Robert Andre Halifax W7916
Embry B E Blenheim L9391
Embsary S H Wellington Z1266
Embury C V C Lancaster ME595
Emden H L Blenheim N6199
Emeny D Stirling BF351
Emerslund William Young Lancaster R5679
Emerson A F Lancaster LM310
Emerson J D Lancaster ND417
Emerson Armour John Lancaster DS844
Emerson R F Lancaster KB754
Emerson Ivor Halifax LW210
Emerson R H Halifax MZ740
Emerson G Wellington HE410
Emerson G E Halifax PP179
Emerson J F W Lancaster ND682
Emerson T H N Halifax HR905
Emerson J Halifax HR731
Emerson R V Lancaster W4254
Emerson A Lancaster PD314
Emerson B Halifax RG444
Emerson J M Halifax DK266
Emerson R S Lancaster JB312
Emerson Alexander
Emerson Donald R P-51 Mustang
Emerson Donald R P-51 Mustang
Emerson Donald R P-51 Mustang
Emerson Donald R P-51 Mustang
Emerson Warren S P-51 Mustang
Emerson Warren S P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Emerson Warren S P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Emerson Warren S P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Emerson Warren S P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Emerton James Gibson
Emery W E Lancaster LM324
Emery Arthur Francis Lancaster PB567
Emery S G Lancaster ND732
Emery Horace Samuel Halifax BB254
Emery J L Lancaster ND352
Emery J A Stirling ED595
Emery R F Lancaster JB563
Emery E G Lancaster LM623
Emery T G Wellington BK274
Emery G H Battle L5383
Emery G F Halifax MZ286
Emery A K Lancaster W4276
Emery R T Lancaster ND556
Emery Norman George Halifax JP123
Emery N G Halifax HE777
Emery J M Spitfire
Emery A A Halifax DT686
Emery A A Whitley K8984
Emery M S C Lancaster DS736
Emery F Stirling EH945
Emery R Spitfire MK198
Emery R H Wellington X3489
Emery Kenneth Halifax HR946
Emery A C Boston W8297
Emery Donald Arthur
Emery John Marsh
Emery Arthur Francis
Emery William Edward
Emery Simon Grover
Emery George Owen
Emery Alec Grieve Wellington LN335
Emes D J Halifax HR790
Eminson F J R Whitley BD275
Emm K Hampden X2907VN-
Emm K Hampden X3000
Emmanuel V Hampden L4113
Emmer Wallace N P-51 Mustang
Emmer Wallace N P-51 Mustang
Emmer Wallace N P-51 Mustang
Emmer Wallace N P-51 Mustang
Emmer Wallace N P-51 Mustang
Emmer Wallace N P-51 Mustang
Emmer Wallace N P-47 Thunderbolt
Emmer Wallace N P-47 Thunderbolt
Emmer Wallace N P-47 Thunderbolt
Emmer Wallace N P-47 Thunderbolt
Emmer Wallace N P-47 Thunderbolt
Emmerson R H Stirling EF163
Emmerson Norman Whitley N1424
Emmerson B Mustang AM124
Emmerson Wellington R1712
Emmerson Wellington R1441
Emmerson M Halifax JD454
Emmerson L Hampden X3124
Emmerson Ronald Harry
Emmerson Frederick
Emmet B D Lancaster KB831
Emmett W C E Halifax MZ945
Emmett F Blenheim Z7455
Emmett J H Lancaster W4332
Emmett J E Lancaster ED532
Emmett P W R Whitley T4147
Emmett Geoffrey Raymond
Emmett Keith Roy Norman
Emmons K E Halifax JB898
Emmott T W B Wellington T2921
Emmott D Lancaster LM225
Emmott D Lancaster LL917
Emmott Jack Harrison
Emms Philip Leslie Halifax
Emms Jack W Lancaster PB564
Emms R J Lancaster W4302
Emms G D Hurricane
Emms A F M Wellington Z1143
Emms A E Stirling R9263
Emond Joseph Edward Hector Wellington Z1324
Emonson Richard Lancaster NF908
Emonson Richard
Emory Frank N P-47 Thunderbolt
Emory Frank N P-51 Mustang
Empey H C Wellington Z1411
Empey E D Halifax MZ629
Empey Wellington X3451
Empson T A Mosquito PF412
Empson G E Stirling BF578
Emrose R K Lancaster PB299
Emrose Robert Keith
Emrys-Jones Louis Gordon
Emsley Ernest George Lancaster ME747
Emsley J Wellington Z8344
Emsley Fred
Emslie A W Typhoon MN468
Emson R Lancaster ND705
Emson J W Lancaster R5901
Endean D E Lancaster ND687
Enderby P Mosquito MM134
Enderby J Hampden AD930
Enders V L Stirling EF457
Endersby J S Mosquito KB349
Endicott A G Halifax JD168
Endley Harold John Lancaster R5502
Endresen P S Spitfire AR291
Endsor D F Hampden AE318
Enever H Halifax JB791
Enfield Richard Gerald Lancaster KB743
Enfield R Lancaster KB740
Engard Robert W. B-17 43-38853
Engel Wellington Z8966
Engel R Lancaster DS762
Engel P Lancaster EE110
Engel Whitley P4947
Engel Whitley T4205
Engel Gardner W P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Engelbreit Joseph C P-47 Thunderbolt`
Engelhardt W H Lancaster LM462
Engelhorn Homer M P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Engemoen Lyle Kenneth Halifax NA629
England K H Lancaster R5621
England N Lancaster LM330
England Norman Lancaster ME595
England Peter Ayrton Visart Halifax W7752
England R W Halifax LW391
England G A Halifax JP199
England G A Lancaster JB403
England S D Stirling R9321
England K Wellington X9810
England K Wellington Z1103
England R Halifax HX243
England R W Lancaster LM519
England Kenneth Hayne
England Edward Maxwell
England John B P-51 Mustang
England John B P-51 Mustang
England John B P-51 Mustang
England John B P-51 Mustang
England John B P-51 Mustang
England John B P-51 Mustang
England John B P-51 Mustang
England John B P-51 Mustang
England John B P-51 Mustang
England John B P-51 Mustang
England John B P-51 Mustang
England John B P-51 Mustang
Englebach P S Mosquito DD787
Englefield D Halifax LV957
Englefield Francis John
Engler Martin R P-47 Thunderbolt
Englesen F R Spitfire BR594
English Edmund Zygmunt Zbigniew Wellington Z1326
English James Herbert John Lancaster W4881
English W W Lancaster LM547
English Charles Edward Hurricane P3677
English Thomas Henry Wellington N2939
English Robert Henry
English J K Lancaster JB366
English M F Halifax W1042
English Peter Frederick Lancaster KB750
English H R L Halifax LW129
English J A Lancaster KB911
English L F Lancaster EE147
English T A Lancaster JB128
English R Halifax LL597
English D D Wellington R3213
English L Lancaster ED904
English R G G Stirling N3729
English W Lancaster JB665
English H M Wellington T2474
English James Herbert John
English William Newth
English Francis Gregory
English Wilfred Wellington JA520
Engman E H Halifax NA611
Engstrom V G W Blenheim R3692
Enna P F P Blenheim Z6186
Ennals G F Lancaster ND872
Ennion M A E Whitley Z9477
Ennis Patrick Joseph William Whitley Z6573
Ennis Anthony Stewart Reginald Wellington HZ719
Ennis J F Lancaster ME558
Ennis C J Halifax LL466
Ennis A G Wellington X3640
Ennis A C Hampden P4341
Ennor Rupert Vivian Pereira Wellington W5440
Ennor J R Lancaster HE664
Enns Benjamin Hugo Halifax DT576
Eno L H Halifax LW497
Enoch Dillwyn Halifax JD211
Enright E G Spitfire
Enright Brian Patrick Wellington Z1695
Enright L D Stirling W7632
Enright D F Lancaster JB746
Enright G W B Lancaster W4256
Enright J N Halifax DT775
Enright Cecil Tom
Enright Peter Edward
Enright Edwin George
Ensell A C S Spitfire
Ensor W F Halifax W1108
Ensor J Lancaster LL887
Ensor P S B Havoc
Ensor Philip Stephen Baddesly
Enticott J G Mosquito PZ409
Entract T H F Lancaster JA675
Entwhistle Ian William Lancaster HK545
Entwhistle C Halifax HR697
Entwhistle H Halifax JD149
Entwhistle J Wellington BK385
Entwhistle D Halifax LV774
Entwhistle H Halifax LW266
Entwhistle I W Stirling EE974
Entwhitsle I W Stirling EH947
Entwisle Herbert Lancaster ED628
Entwisle D M B R Halifax LK891
Entwisle D M B R Halifax DK136
Entwistle Ronald Whitley P4968
Entwistle G F Blenheim Z7426
Entwistle R Wellington N2957
Enwright W J Lancaster HK767
Epathite J W Halifax DT668
Eperon A G Whitley T4289
Eperon G A Halifax L9527
Eperon G A Halifax L9498
Eplett F Halifax RG367
Epoch JeromeAquinius Halifax NA184
Eppler E W Halifax LV789
Epps Charles Thomas
Epps Loris Charles
Epstein A I Lancaster PD274
Erasmus C D Typhoon RB381
Eratt R E Lancaster KB753
Erb Russell W Jr P-51 Mustang
Erbacher Norman Louis
Erben H J Mosquito KB273
Erby E H Wellington Z8842
Erby E H Wellington X9939
Erby Phillip A P-51 Mustang
Ercolani L B Wellington X3206
Erdbeer W J Halifax HR775
Erdt Józef Vickers Wellington Z1183
Erdwin F H Hampden AD730
Eret Tadeusz Miles Master S710
Erfkamp Willard G P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Erfkamp Willard G P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Erich Milton Benjamin B-17 43-37713
Ericksen M A Stirling
Erickson William Lancaster LL880
Erickson H Halifax DT783
Erickson Roy Stanley Halifax W7703
Erickson S G Halifax LK990
Erickson E H Halifax JB850
Erickson Charles J Lancaster ND846
Erickson D W Lancaster W4838
Erickson Earl E P-51 Mustang
Erickson Earl E P-51 Mustang
Erickson Milton F P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Eriksen M Spitfire BS255
Erly William Jerome Halifax JN905
Erly James Paul Hampden AE220
Ermatinger Henry L P-51 Mustang
Erne A W Stirling BF501
Erne K F Stirling BF515
Erne K F Stirling BK666
Ernst H R Wellington DF626
Ernst Lloyd Sylvester Halifax W7822
Ernst Neville Lawrence
Ernst George Joseph
Ernst Jack Douglas Lysander T1696
Ernst Carl V P-51 Mustang
Ernst Herman E Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Ernst Herman E Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Ernst Herman E Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Ernst Herman E Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Ernst Herman E Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Errington Norman George Halifax NA107
Errington George Wellington HE501
Errington Sydney Arthur Stirling EF392
Errington Thomas Hunter Wellington X3643
Errington J B Lancaster JB226
Errington Gordon R. Typhoon PD476
Erritt C Lancaster PB230
Erskine William Wellington LP609
Erskine N Wellington W5514
Erskine J Hampden AE265
Erskine Russell Arcot Wellington HF352
Erskine Ralph Langley
Ertel Raymond C. B-24 Hell’s-Bells 42-52358
Ervin William John
Erwin J F H Lancaster DS665
Erwin Kenneth James
Erwin Donald G. B-17 Mohawk 42-31128
Erwood F A Lancaster JB536
Erza W A Halifax MZ855
Erzinger J D Halifax JB799
Esam C E Mosquito HR179
Eschweiler Robert C P-47 Thunderbolt
Escreet Raymond Frankish (Ray) Stirling W7525
Escreet Raymond Frankish (Ray) Hudson FK803
Escreet R F Stirling W7588
Escritt W H Lancaster LL771
Escritt B Lancaster ME697
Eselgroth Richard Martin B-24 The Iron Duke 44-10491
Eshelby R A Wellington Z8714
Eshelman Francis L P-47 Thunderbolt`
Eskil O J Spitfire NH272
Eskridge John R P-51 Mustang
Esler R A Mosquito ML997
Esler William James
Eslick Joseph Norman Lancaster R5696
Esling R J E Wellington X3560
Esnouf G G Halifax L9527
Espelid H Spitfire BL588
Espin-Hempsall B Lancaster LM731
Esplen W Wellington R1784
Espley E C Lancaster LM470
Espley W C Whitley N1434
Espy H J Halifax W7907
Esquilat A Halifax NA547
Esres J A Halifax DT726
Essam Thomas
Essar William Lancaster LL836
Essby (Easby?) Norman Wilson Lancaster JB664
Essen S F Lancaster ED520
Essenburg E Halifax NP942
Essenligh E S Lancaster PB335
Esser Michael M P-47 Thunderbolt
Essex A W Lancaster NG491
Essex V T Hampden X3002
Essex K A Lancaster LM319
Essex Adrian West
Esson Stephen George Blenheim R3688
Esson P A Halifax MZ508
Est D K Mosquito HX852
Estcourt K T Stirling EF349
Estcourte Arthur Henry Stirling EH989
Este J D A Halifax DK233
Estell J E Lancaster LL958
Estell John Edward
Estepp Jack L P-47 Thunderbolt
Ester J Spitfire MK130
Ester J Spitfire AB980
Estes Ervin Richard B-24 Miss Judy 42-52507
Etchells Robert Mather Lancaster PB302
Ethell Frederick Colin Wellington T2701
Ethelston J G Stirling BF411
Etherden N G Stirling R9145
Etheridge James Frederick Lancaster ED317
Etheridge Laurence Peter
Etheridge F G Lancaster PB241
Etheridge N P Lancaster NG175
Etheridge J A Lancaster HK683
Etheridge R Hampden L4113
Etherington Arthur Frederick Blenheim T1883
Etherington L F Lancaster RF154
Etherington John Robert Wellington W5574
Etherington J S Mosquito MM196
Etherington K J Lancaster LM726
Etherington H M Halifax JD167
Etherington Evelyn Graham Ivor
Etherton R H Halifax LL578
Etherton Randall Roy Lancaster PB256
Etherton John Hill
Etherton Philip
Etherton Ronald Henry
Ethier J P O Wellington HE697
Etienne F Halifax LW622
Etienne H T Stirling BK662
Ettershank P R V Blenheim P4898
Ettin R Spitfire TB388
Ettinger Cecil R P-47 Thunderbolt
Ettlesen Charles C P-51 Mustang
Ettlesen Charles C P-51 Mustang
Ettlesen Charles C P-51 Mustang
Eubank Frederick Henry Wellington X3423
Eubanks Jack O P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Eunson Leonard Allan Stirling LJ878
Eunson Leonard Allan
Eustace Francis Edwin Manchester L7374
Eustachiewicz Kazimierz Marian Vickers Wellington HP891
Eva Charles Percy Wellington X9643
Eva Ernest Richard
Eva John Oliver
Evan J Lancaster NG352
Evan Neil Grosvenor
Evans Hugh Legar B-17 43-37713
Evans Brian Peter John Westland Whirlwind XL869
Evans K W Lancaster JB563
Evans John Granville Escourt Lancaster ME366
Evans W S Lancaster NG200
Evans L M J Wellington R1695
Evans Neil Vernon Halifax NA240
Evans E E Lancaster NG193
Evans J E Halifax HX296
Evans H C Halifax HX271
Evans R J Halifax MZ313
Evans T R Lancaster PD215
Evans J W Lancaster JB121
Evans Harold Thomas Lancaster NG229
Evans Francis Owen Lancaster PB126
Evans Francis Owen Lancaster ND995
Evans Raymond Blenheim Z7289
Evans Jack Lancaster W4324
Evans G Halifax BB340
Evans William Charles Whitley T4166
Evans John James Stirling EF409
Evans Reginald Gordon Halifax NP820
Evans Eric Stanley Wellington X9792
Evans Eric Walter Lancaster NF999
Evans Emrys Wellington X3598
Evans Frank Lancaster NG176
Evans Kenneth Edgar Lancaster DS740
Evans Gordon Joseph Lancaster ED620
Evans John Blenheim Z9595
Evans Stanley Lancaster JB722
Evans John Hugh Fairchild Cornell FJ654
Evans Owen Prys Blenheim L9239
Evans Thomas George Wellington X9830
Evans William David Wellington BJ840
Evans Arthur Wellington T2992
Evans Harry Halifax NA179
Evans James Leonard Whitley Z6479
Evans Ernest Edward Lancaster PB554
Evans William Herbert Halifax JD453
Evans Edward Victor Hudson FH426
Evans Harrell Goldsworthy Liberator JT985
Evans T G Halifax LW717
Evans W A Whitley Z6973
Evans G C Wellington DV831
Evans D A Lancaster ME789
Evans Conrad Cromer Lancaster ND528
Evans D L Stirling W7576
Evans R C Halifax LL183
Evans J W Stirling BF478
Evans J S Wellington X9696
Evans C E Halifax W1147
Evans J H Halifax HR872
Evans R S Halifax NA185
Evans R A Halifax MZ686
Evans I T H Wellington Z1597
Evans D F Wellington MS479
Evans E G Halifax LW435
Evans A L Halifax NP768
Evans Eearle Robert Lancaster KB846
Evans H E Halifax DK265
Evans J T Halifax LW115
Evans D C Halifax LL178
Evans P H Lancaster DV189
Evans L G Lancaster LM209
Evans H A Lancaster LL897
Evans G T Spitfire W3259
Evans P B L Spitfire BM227
Evans B G Wellington T2563
Evans F E O Halifax LL308
Evans A W S Halifax W7656
Evans M Wellington T2986
Evans C J Lancaster PD339
Evans C O Halifax MZ577
Evans J E Whitley Z6815
Evans J G F Lancaster LL915
Evans W L Lancaster DV192
Evans E Lancaster ED540
Evans G T Lancaster DV162
Evans E W Lancaster ED609
Evans R G Lancaster JB602
Evans W H Lancaster LM723
Evans H Lancaster ED379
Evans J W C Lancaster W4919
Evans A H Lancaster DV265
Evans R J Lancaster LM459
Evans D I Whitley X9922
Evans J Halifax JD169
Evans A R Halifax R9528
Evans E W B Halifax JD461
Evans A C Halifax DT702
Evans D I J Lancaster JB458
Evans D W Lancaster JB530
Evans H E Mosquito DK322
Evans W F Lancaster JB601
Evans J V Mosquito PF447
Evans R Blenheim N6199
Evans Blenheim N6213
Evans H P Wellington P9229
Evans W M Wellington Z8863
Evans A Y Wellington R1517
Evans L T Lancaster DS715
Evans D H Wellington BJ962
Evans J H Wellington BJ650
Evans D D Wellington LN293
Evans L R Lancaster ED522
Evans E F Lancaster LM225
Evans E F Lancaster LL917
Evans D Wellington Z8579
Evans D J Lancaster ND842
Evans A Lancaster JB536
Evans J Blenheim V6196
Evans J Blenheim V6069
Evans R A Wellington Z1408
Evans L N Hampden AE424
Evans R D Stirling EF357
Evans M R Stirling W458
Evans M R Stirling N3726
Evans T E Wellington R1439
Evans D C Wellington DV737
Evans B Wellington R1791
Evans Ivor Llewellyn Stirling N6047
Evans R E Stirling BF353
Evans D G Lancaster R5904
Evans K A Stirling W7528
Evans S F Stirling BF460
Evans H Wellington R1606
Evans R Lancaster NG185
Evans G W Lancaster ED829
Evans N R J Lancaster JB483
Evans D H Lancaster JB177
Evans T L Halifax JD115
Evans S W Halifax JN903
Evans A F Halifax HR791
Evans H J Wellington W5431
Evans J H Halifax HX334
Evans E E Halifax HX329
Evans H Lancaster PB118
Evans H J Lancaster LL916
Evans T T Lancaster JB151
Evans J E Mosquito NT148
Evans A D Blenheim V6432
Evans L F Blenheim V6250
Evans B G Mitchell FL175
Evans R W Typhoon MN432
Evans W G Lancaster RA533
Evans E L Lancaster PB743
Evans E A Stirling LJ617
Evans E V Lancaster DV360
Evans D W H Lancaster W4938
Evans D T Wellington BJ970
Evans Blenheim L8737
Evans R F Stirling R9197
Evans Ronald Frank Stirling R9165
Evans T S Battle P2326
Evans R H A Boston W8354
Evans W H Typhoon MN713
Evans D F Typhoon R8923
Evans D A N Halifax DT488
Evans E E C Halifax W7699
Evans D M Wellington N2843
Evans W R Blenheim L9326
Evans W L Wellington W5476
Evans R Halifax JB913
Evans R Mosquito DZ694
Evans D H Spitfire MK462
Evans G H Halifax LW693
Evans D Halifax LW558
Evans M Halifax EB274
Evans J T Halifax MZ859
Evans J S Lancaster DS850
Evans J Lancaster DS851
Evans R O Halifax LK919
Evans R W G Lancaster DV331
Evans L E Lancaster R5557
Evans K Lancaster L7533
Evans J H Hampden P1173
Evans W H G Hampden P1173
Evans N J Lancaster PB235
Evans L J Lancaster ND795
Evans A Lancaster ND565
Evans C J Lancaster ND565
Evans N S Lancaster PB541
Evans E Lancaster NF990
Evans T Halifax LV791
Evans W H V Wellington HE376
Evans R W J Lancaster LM431
Evans B K H Lancaster ED531
Evans A R Tempest NV988
Evans Hampden L4195
Evans B H Hampden P4404
Evans W L Hampden P4350
Evans Hampden X3151
Evans H T Lancaster JB467
Evans G R Lancaster ED813
Evans L W Lancaster PB463
Evans I G Lancaster ME797
Evans C D Hampden P4383
Evans R Hampden AD843
Evans A C Hampden AD728
Evans G W Lancaster ND953
Evans M I Lancaster ED691
Evans G E Halifax HR788
Evans H J Halifax HR783
Evans E H Halifax JN902
Evans J T Whitley Z6957
Evans M M Spitfire W3620
Evans D V H Lancaster LM461
Evans A R Lancaster W4252
Evans A W Wellington R1624
Evans E D Wellington R1589
Evans J C Lancaster ED943
Evans T J Lancaster JB539
Evans F N Lancaster PB425
Evans G Lancaster ED913
Evans A E Lancaster LM470
Evans A A S Lancaster LM469
Evans D Halifax NR193
Evans T I M Halifax MZ559
Evans T A Halifax LW478
Evans D C Lancaster PB512
Evans P J S Mosquito
Evans D Hurricane P3554
Evans G Spitfire W3115
Evans T A Manchester L7369
Evans S Hampden X2981
Evans G T Spitfire W3442
Evans E S I Lancaster JB123
Evans R Lancaster ED978
Evans E S Lancaster EE150
Evans E W Stirling EF457
Evans P J Lancaster ME697
Evans R G Lancaster LM512
Evans Thomas Randall Lancaster LM384
Evans F K Mosquito W4072
Evans C J Lancaster NF961
Evans J E Lancaster JB665
Evans P E Lancaster ND693
Evans M Lancaster ND895
Evans M Halifax NA560
Evans Charles Denis Stirling R9169
Evans Lloyd Francis Stirling N3727
Evans W J Lancaster JB398
Evans Richard Roy Lancaster PB667
Evans J E Spitfire AD196
Evans I R H Lancaster NG113
Evans Wellington T2736
Evans R C G Stirling EE915
Evans H Halifax LW681
Evans J S Halifax NA623
Evans I G Halifax LK732
Evans R H Halifax DK166
Evans H D Halifax JB850
Evans A G Halifax MZ321
Evans C M Whitley Z6824
Evans S A Whitley Z6752
Evans E Halifax LW313
Evans A H Halifax DT770
Evans C D Halifax LK838
Evans A Blenheim R3756
Evans Hampden X2978
Evans L R Hampden AD748
Evans A H Hampden X2901
Evans A E Lancaster JB154
Evans George Rhys Lancaster ND330
Evans G H Lancaster ED694
Evans F C Wellington X3695
Evans W D Lancaster ED551
Evans J Lancaster LM329
Evans F C Wellington X3603
Evans E R Stirling R9306
Evans D G Stirling EE904
Evans C H Spitfire
Evans P C Lancaster EE172
Evans B M Wellington T2997
Evans Wellington P9274
Evans Charles L. G. ("Crash")
Evans Kenneth William Samuel
Evans George
Evans Colin Ware Baltimore FW740
Evans Brynmer
Evans David Hugh
Evans Rhys James
Evans Maurice James
Evans Harry William
Evans Kenneth Winston
Evans William Stanley
Evans David Henry Robert
Evans Thomas
Evans Bruce Sydney
Evans Thomas Guy
Evans Bruce Aitken
Evans Norman Arvon
Evans William Edward
Evans Colin Ware
Evans Neil Vernon
Evans Brian Patrick
Evans David Geoffrey
Evans William Walter
Evans Harold Thomas
Evans James
Evans Alfred William
Evans Neale Eustace
Evans Frederick Arthur
Evans R F Halifax L9618
Evans Andrew J Jr P-51 Mustang
Evans Andrew J Jr P-51 Mustang
Evans Andrew J Jr P-51 Mustang
Evans Andrew J Jr P-51 Mustang
Evans Francis T Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Evans Francis T Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Evans James R P-51 Mustang
Evans James R P-51 Mustang
Evans Roy W P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Evans Roy W Spitfire
Evans Roy W P-47 Thunderbolt
Evans Roy W P-47 Thunderbolt
Evans Roy W P-47 Thunderbolt
Evans Roy W P-47 Thunderbolt
Evans Roy W P-47 Thunderbolt
Evans Wilbur L P-47 Thunderbolt
Evans Wilbur L P-47 Thunderbolt
Evans Lawrence Brooks B-17 Woman’s Home Companion 42-39795
Evans John Graham Halifax JP228
Evans Jr. Charles Howard B-17 Hard to Get 42-97946
Evans-Evans A C Wellington R3238
Evans-Evans A C Lancaster NE165
Evanson W G Lancaster LL849
Evast K A Lancaster PA171
Evatt George Ashmore Leeton
Evatt John Ward
Eve P H Stirling N6018
Eve J Lancaster PB785
Eveleigh H P P Lancaster LL785
Eveline J H Wellington X3420
Evelle J D Wellington W5719
Even Y Halifax MZ489
Evenden W Lancaster LM728
Evens A L Liberator TT336
Evensen N C Lancaster SW245
Evensen J E H Lancaster ND815
Evenson John Henry
Everard H J Spitfire MJ852
Everard H Lancaster LL740
Everard M C Lancaster W4262
Everatt F E Lancaster PB306
Everatt G H Wellington Z8598
Everatt G W Hampden L4065
Everatt Frank Edgar
Everden L L Stirling BF451
Evered F W Lancaster ND995
Evered L L Blenheim T2141
Everest E J Lancaster NF936
Everest D Lancaster R5700
Everest W Wellington W5513
Everest A E G Whitley T4208
Everest Edward James
Everett Norman Wade Lancaster PB807
Everett E C Lancaster ND733
Everett J R Halifax LW481
Everett George Walter Lancaster W4165
Everett R E Halifax JB930
Everett H W Hampden AT155
Everett D C Lancaster ME633
Everett A P Wellington Z1081
Everett D B Lancaster ME361
Everett E W Lancaster LL976
Everett J C F Wellington T2804
Everett G T Lancaster PB652
Everett R C Lancaster W4830
Everett A C Lancaster ND524
Everett P G W Whitley Z9515
Everett J Halifax LW223
Everett E W Halifax HX355
Everett W S Battle K9242
Everett Norman Wade
Everett John Raymond
Everett Herbert James
Everett Dudley Tabor
Everett Norman Brewster
Everett Harold M P-51 Mustang
Everett Harold M P-51 Mustang
Everett Harold M P-51 Mustang
Everill J M Wellington BK459
Everingham Howard Durrell
Everiss S F Stirling BK725
Everiss Carlyle Gray Spitfire P9497
Everist Wilfred Thomas Hurricane Z3269
Everist Geoffrey Ian
Everitt Maurice Vivian Battle L5482
Everitt Cecil Thomas Wellington R1455
Everitt Geoffrey Charles Lancaster R5761
Everitt Stanley Charles Catalina FP232
Everitt J Halifax W1057
Everitt D E Halifax DT746
Everitt J O Halifax LW497
Evers Orval Clare Lancaster RF230
Evers G D Lancaster PD296
Evers Edwin
Evers Alfred Lloyd
Evers Albert J Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Eversfield S E Lancaster W4958
Evershed Edwin Charles Halifax W1190
Evershed A Spitfire L1093
Everson D G Lancaster ND965
Everson W H A Hampden AE144
Everson Hampden L4174
Everson P M Stirling R9202
Everson D J Lancaster LL911
Everson G A Halifax MZ562
Everson J E Whitley P5026
Everson L. G.
Everson Kirke B Jr P-51 Mustang
Everson Kirke B Jr P-51 Mustang
Everton L H Lancaster W4958
Every E D P Lancaster ED753
Every D J Halifax LW540
Eves J A Hampden L4178
Eves R G Hampden X3051
Evetts L A Whitley Z6569
Evill W A S Whitley Z6564
Evison Ernie Lancaster LM546
Evison R G Wellington BJ768
Evison P Lancaster ED365
Evison P Lancaster W4167
Evison Wellington T2547
Evitt H G Battle P2313
Evoritt Jerrald P P-47 Thunderbolt
Evoritt Jerrald P P-47 Thunderbolt
Evoritt Jerrald P P-47 Thunderbolt
Evoy L W Halifax MZ594
Evrard P J N Spitfire BM427
Ewan E Lancaster ED702
Ewanko W Stirling EH945
Ewans Alan
Ewart Samuel Lancaster LM573
Ewart William Arnott Wellington HE266
Ewart W J Wellington Z8867
Ewart Niel Hudson N7279
Ewaschuk M Mosquito PZ235
Ewen James Alwyn Lancaster ME851
Ewen George Whitley BD201
Ewen John Bruce Halifax LW690
Ewen T R Stirling EH990
Ewen T R Stirling EF131
Ewen James Alwyn
Ewen John Bruce Halifax LK734
Ewer H F Lancaster ED884
Ewing A C Halifax DT487
Ewing William Robert Halifax MZ920
Ewing P H Lancaster JB114
Ewing L E Lancaster ND555
Ewing W M Lancaster W4944
Ewings E Wellington Z1096
Ewington E G Lancaster NG237
Ewins K S Mustang FD534
Ewins R H S Spitfire EP364
Ewins Percy Alfred
Exel G W Lancaster ME392
Exelby R Stirling N3665
Exelby A H Spitfire EN606
Exell Tom Ellis Marauder FK367
Exell Tom Ellis
Exley H M Wellington Z1243
Exley H T Lancaster ME631
Exley H Stirling BF440
Exley H Stirling EE937
Eyers J A Wellington AD605
Eyjilfson H C Halifax JD381
Eyjolfson H C Halifax JP125
Eykyn Jack W Lancaster LM724
Eyles T H A Halifax W1041
Eyles S C Lancaster ED663
Eyles C E Lancaster PB699
Eyles W Halifax JD151
Eyles P R Spitfire N3248
Eynon Ronald Owen Lancaster W4334
Eynon B W Lancaster PB699
Eyrand J Halifax NA606
Eyre T F Lancaster NF917
Eyre R M Halifax NP811
Eyre S Halifax HX179
Eyre S Halifax HX163
Eyre P C Whitley Z6970
Eyre P C Whitley Z6748
Eyre A Spitfire BL661
Eyre S H Lancaster L7547
Eyre H C Stirling BF567
Eyre H F Wellington X9822
Eyre J W Halifax JP199
Eyre L F Lancaster DS814
Eyre A Hurricane
Eyre K C Stirling N6123
Eyre Anthony
Eyre Thomas Frank
Eyre Isadore Leslie
Eyres E G M Lancaster ED424
Eyrich Harold E P-47 Thunderbolt
Ezard G Stirling ED911
Ezra W A Halifax LK757
Fabb D E Lancaster ME810
Faber P N Wellington R1297
Faber Kenneth B-17 43-37909
Fabian J C K Lancaster ND763
Facer P A T Lancaster ND852
Facey Harold G. Halifax LW715
Facey H G Halifax LW413
Fadden N G Lancaster KB850
Fadden L R Wellington HE995
Fadden D F Lancaster DV189
Fagan Joseph Anthony Lancaster PB466
Fagan L W D Halifax JD315
Fagan A F J Lancaster ME805
Fagan J Halifax JD148
Fage R T Wellington DV935
Fagg E C Lancaster PB175
Fagg Ernest John Blenheim P6917
Fagg J R Lancaster LL945
Fagg Eric Clifford
Fahey F F Mosquito DZ616
Fahey Robert Edward Wellington L7894
Fahey Edwin Anthony
Fahey Francis Felix
Fahey Michael John
Fahner S Halifax DK227
Fahringer John C P-47 Thunderbolt
Fahringer John C P-47 Thunderbolt
Fahringer John C P-47 Thunderbolt
Fahselt R E Lancaster PB639
Fahy Edward Lancaster KB728
Faichnie Ian
Faint D W D Wellington W5379
Faint R D Lancaster NF952
Fair W T Lancaster ED771
Fair T W Lancaster LL848
Fair W T Lancaster ED745
Fair D R Hampden AE429
Fair D E Spitfire R7208
Fair Gene R P-38 Lightning
Fairall Maurice Elmer Halifax MZ899
Fairbairn G S Lancaster JB149
Fairbairn C R Lancaster PD346
Fairbairn John Lancaster ND981
Fairbairn Leonard John Halifax W7863
Fairbairn D T G Lancaster ND594
Fairbairn K McL Lancaster ED942
Fairbairn N J Lancaster ME693
Fairbairn R K Y Spitfire EN618
Fairbairn Murray
Fairbairn George Stuart
Fairbairn Charles Ridley
Fairbank E T Blenheim V5517
Fairbanks D C Tempest NV943
Fairbanks Philip Haig Lancaster R5888
Fairbon D W R Halifax MZ362
Fairbrother W W Manchester L7433
Fairbrother Defiant L7019
Fairbrother Hampden X2900
Fairbrother A L Halifax LK726
Faircloth Alfred Williams Lancaster ND975
Faircloth L J Lancaster ND424
Fairclough L S Lancaster ED545
Fairclough M J Halifax LV880
Fairclough Leonard Thomas Lancaster W5010
Fairclough T Lancaster ME449
Fairclough R Lancaster LL902
Fairclough R Halifax R9487
Fairclough Lindsay Samuel
Faires D J Lancaster LM578
Fairey E R Halifax MZ641
Fairey Blenheim V6031
Fairey W R Halifax DT488
Fairfax Randolph Loring
Fairfax Allan Graham
Fairfield Charles Ernest Spitfire MK284
Fairfield William Ross St George Stirling W7566
Fairfield E Halifax DK234
Fairfield E H Spitfire MJ444
Fairgrieve William ‘Bud’ Chard Lancaster KB751
Fairgrieve Wellington P9225
Fairgrieve T D Stirling BF567
Fairhall H C Stirling W7567
Fairhead L H E Lancaster PB672
Fairhead Leslie Herbert Ephriam
Fairhurst T A Lancaster LM321
Fairhurst E E Wellington W5664
Fairhurst R Stirling BF313
Fairhurst N L Stirling BK596
Fairhurst Lancaster PD204
Fairhurst T Wellington R1440
Fairhurst Wellington R1459
Fairless A G Halifax MZ520
Fairless Alan Halifax W7082
Fairley Ronald Victor Lancaster ND386
Fairley J A Halifax MZ867
Fairley D C Wellington X3963
Fairley J A Lancaster R5699
Fairlie K Lancaster ED950
Fairlie David Gow Lancaster ED431
Fairlie Kenneth
Fairmaid Allan Henderson Wellington HZ863
Fairman E A L Spitfire AA938
Fairmaner Alfred William Halifax JD261
Fairplay R Halifax LW580
Fairweather Edgar Lloyd Wellington HE524
Fairweather R J G Halifax W1057
Fairweather W A Stirling BK805
Fairweather S J Mosquito MM574
Fairweather P Lancaster JA682
Fairweather G W Lancaster JB180
Fairweather Gordon
Fairweather Paul D P-51 Mustang
Fairweather Paul D P-51 Mustang
Faith D H Wellington Z1563
Faithorn L E Lancaster ND854
Faithorn L E Lancaster JB344
Faithorn Lawrence Edward
Fajtl J Spitfire BL769
Fakeley D G Halifax DT666
Falahey William John
Falck George Frederick Alfred John Lancaster JB368
Falckh C W Halifax JB852
Falcon-Scott C Wellington T2474
Falconbridge K R Stirling BK596
Falconer Arthur James Wellington T2503
Falconer D B Hampden P5321
Falconer D B Lancaster PB621
Falconer D B Lancaster PB609
Falconer A Lancaster NF986
Falconer G C Wellington X9975
Falconer K J Wellington R1784
Falconer K J Wellington W5450
Falconer Stirling N3713
Falconer P Mosquito PZ245
Falconer J Lancaster ME563
Falconer D B Hampden X3060
Falconer J A R Spitfire R7300
Falconer J A R Spitfire P8786
Falconer A D Lancaster HK617
Falconer J F Lancaster PB362
Falconer J F Lancaster ND465
Falconer-Taylor J R Mustang HB858
Falcus Reystone Halifax JD108
Falcus R Halifax W7939
Faliński Kazimierz Marceli Wellington Z1270
Falk V A B Wellington X2313
Falk F H Hampden P2116
Falkenmire F J Lancaster ED391
Falkinder Wellington Z1077
Falkiner Philip Stirling EJ108
Falkiner P Lancaster HK558
Falkiner ? Spitfire W3704
Falkiner John Alexander
Falkiner John Alexander Halifax W1272
Falkingham P Lancaster W5001
Falkingham O Stirling BF379
Falkins L M Lancaster JB612
Falkowski J Spitfire BS281
Falkowski Jan Paweł Hurricane P2984
Falkson J Gladiator N5908
Falkus H.E.L. Spitfire P9317
Fall R Halifax HR943
Fall Mack D P-38 Lightning
Fallas H Wellington Z8403
Fallis J Lancaster ED388
Fallis A H Stirling BF401
Fallon E J Lancaster LM589
Fallon L P Wellington BJ756
Fallon D Lancaster NE144
Fallon G Lancaster PB523
Fallon G Lancaster NE130
Fallon J T Lancaster R5517
Fallon Colin
Fallon John James
Fallon Lloyd
Falloon James Garnett Dakota KG366
Falloon H R Lancaster JA933
Falloon G H Lancaster JB735
Fallowdon K R Wellington LN601
Fallows R F Wellington P9229
Fallows James Levi Lancaster RA517
Fallows S Lancaster ED781
Falls Tom Montague Spitfire ER884
Falls H H Lancaster DS793
Fancey E J Lancaster DV177
Fancy J Blenheim L9214
Fane-Sewell P G Mosquito HX826
Fannan L P Lancaster DS665
Fanning John Black Fraser Halifax W7661
Fanning J B Halifax L9604
Fanning J B F Halifax W1035
Fanning Francis Nelson
Fanshawe B V Wellington N2987
Fansher H F Lancaster ED388
Fanson G W N Halifax DK230
Fantani L C Halifax W7706
Fantanti L C Halifax R9449
Fantini L C Halifax W7916
Faraday O P Tempest EJ626
Faragher J Halifax MZ372
Farah G Halifax W7880
Farara G G H Lancaster ND688
Farbrace W J J Halifax MZ406
Farcher T P Spitfire AA973
Farden K Lancaster NF967
Fardoe T E Lancaster LM171
Fardon J C Halifax LL289
Fardon John Charles
Fare A R Halifax JD463
Fare E F Halifax JD126
Fareloe C V Stirling BF515
Farey H G Lancaster NG464
Fargher George Frederick Halifax W7752
Fargher George Frederick Halifax W7752
Faria Raymond
Farington Fred E P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Farish F Lancaster PB200
Farish William James
Farlam Alan Kenneth
Farley Walter Ronald (Wally) Halifax V9976
Farley Anthony Frederick William Lancaster HK545
Farley L L J Stirling W7474
Farley A W V Lancaster LL832
Farley G A Wellington T2610
Farley Whitley BD228
Farley C Lancaster LL743
Farley S R Wellington HE545
Farley E R Lancaster PB192
Farley W R Hurricane V6922
Farley H F Halifax LW286
Farley C F Lancaster PB412
Farley D C Stirling R9261
Farley F A Halifax MZ516
Farley K W J Blenheim R3690
Farley John William
Farley Robert H P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Farlie C D C Halifax NA687
Farlow Allan W P-47 Thunderbolt
Farman Charles Raymond Wellington HF153
Farman S G T Wellington R1606
Farmeb K E L Lancaster JB461
Farmer J S Lancaster W4301
Farmer A Halifax LL599
Farmer W T Lancaster DV233
Farmer Daniel Gilfillan Whitley Z6556
Farmer Kenneth Lancaster ND753
Farmer Raymond Spitfire AR294
Farmer W H T Spitfire AD454
Farmer Alan Lancaster ND573
Farmer K A Halifax LW239
Farmer K Lancaster DS796
Farmer J T Wellington X9633
Farmer C D Stirling BF477
Farmer R Stirling BK607
Farmer J E Halifax EB215
Farmer L Lancaster W4829
Farmer E D Hampden L4085
Farmer C D Halifax DT705
Farmer H L Lancaster NG132
Farmer T W Lancaster PB562
Farmer S J Blenheim L1246
Farmer V D Lancaster ED390
Farmer B A Lancaster R5682
Farmer J A Stirling EF136
Farmer L D Lancaster ND840
Farmer Jack Henry
Farmer Donald Craig
Farmer Ronald Roy
Farmer Allan
Farmer Walter Theodore
Farmer Owen P Jr P-51 Mustang
Farmer Owen P Jr P-51 Mustang
Farmer William L P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Farmer William L P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Farmery R B Halifax HR751
Farmery G A Wellington Z8975
Farmery Clifford John Halifax LL190
Farnan M E Wellington R1332
Farnbank R H Halifax LK877
Farndale B Lancaster ME718
Farndell B E Lancaster JB537
Farndell David Lindsay
Farnell Paul Richardson Lancaster ED833
Farnell F W Halifax DT789
Farnell E A Lancaster JB288
Farnen R Stirling BF500
Farnes E Defiant L7001
Farnes Paul Caswell Powe
Farney Robert J P-47 Thunderbolt
Farney Robert J P-47 Thunderbolt
Farney Robert J P-47 Thunderbolt
Farnham John Arlo Wellington HE294
Farnham J Halifax LK907
Farnham F Lancaster NE136
Farnhill J Lancaster PB384
Farnier R Halifax MZ738
Farns A V M Blenheim L9270
Farnsworth Roy Eric
Farnsworth Everett W P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Farnsworth Everett W P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Farnsworth Everett W P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Farnum C A Lancaster JA980
Farnworth J Lancaster LL866
Farquhar A R A Wellington JA114
Farquhar J J Halifax MZ805
Farquhar I Wellington HZ269
Farquhar J A Manchester L7432
Farquhar A D Spitfire K9962
Farquhar Wellington R3168
Farquhar W Halifax NA163
Farquhar Andrew Douglas
Farquharson Charles Frederick Lancaster LL648
Farquharson C MacQ Stirling N6129
Farquharson C MacQ Stirling R9313
Farquharson Ley H Halifax W7879
Farr Norman Sidney Wellington HE175
Farr G.E Halifax BB236
Farr T W Halifax LV987
Farr H P Halifax EB218
Farr F A L Lancaster ND642
Farr M A Halifax LL251
Farr E G Lancaster DS676
Farr F R Lancaster JB243
Farrag J Lancaster JA717
Farrag J Lancaster JA931
Farragut P D Wellington W5419
Farrall Frederick Arthur Halifax MZ579
Farrall D Lancaster JB728
Farran G C Lancaster JB595
Farrand William Leonard Lockheed Hudson Not known - are you able to assist?
Farrands E L Hampden L4087
Farrands E L Hampden L4089
Farrands Leonard Leslie
Farrant C W Lancaster JB357
Farrant C W Lancaster KB464
Farrant D J Lancaster ND820
Farrar A J Lancaster ND364
Farrar D W Halifax MZ487
Farrar J D Mosquito MM679
Farrar Francis William
Farrar Allan John
Farrar Donald L P-47 Thunderbolt
Farrel J A Halifax DT794
Farrell G T W Stirling EE954
Farrell Arthur Harknes Lancaster W4232
Farrell George Garnet Halifax MZ588
Farrell E J Halifax NP701
Farrell J P Lancaster NG233
Farrell J T Lancaster PA989
Farrell W R Halifax D730
Farrell J M Halifax JB924
Farrell F H J Halifax W7677
Farrell P A L Battle N2088
Farrell R J Lancaster DV338
Farrell J McF Lancaster PB450
Farrell Stanley William
Farrell Patrick John
Farrell Raymond William
Farrell Denis James Wellington W5596
Farrell Thomas V. B-17 You Never Know 42-32086
Farrell Everett N P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Farrell Everett N P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Farrell Everett N P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Farrell Thomas P P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Farrell Thomas P P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Farrell Thomas P P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Farrelly W J Lancaster W4266
Farrelly J F Stirling BK697
Farren F S Lancaster ME474
Farren Edmund Blake Spitfire R6968
Farren Frederick Stanley
Farrer A W Lancaster LM674
Farrer Henry Thomas
Farrer Albert Wilson
Farrer Matthew Cameron Seafire NN193
Farrimond J Stirling W7573
Farrimond C A Lancaster R5497
Farrington John Edward Hudson A16-12
Farrington George Lancaster ME592
Farrington E M Halifax EB250
Farrington Harry Gregory Stirling BK716
Farrington S T Hampden AE440
Farrington E H Lancaster PB400
Farrington A L Lancaster PB202
Farrington C A Lancaster ND897
Farrington H M Halifax DK134
Farrington D A Stirling EH906
Farrington John Edward
Farrington Allan Leonard
Farrow G H Lancaster NG329
Farrow Ernest George Wellington HE468
Farrow Kenneth Douglas Lancaster PB648
Farrow T E Lancaster NG503
Farrow L R Lancaster JB184
Farrow J P Mosquito MM139
Farrow J R Lancaster R5620
Farrow V G Blenheim Z7439
Farrow R W Blenheim N6157
Farrow E A J Halifax PN437
Farrow A W Halifax DT798
Farrow K N Hampden P1333
Farrow R E Spitfire AB186
Farrow R E Spitfire W3766
Farrow J R Lancaster ND696
Farrow Robert William
Farthing John Warren Alexander Lancaster JB738
Farthing John Warren Alexander
Farvis C H Blenheim T1825
Fasang F Halifax NA611
Fasmer Frank P-47 Thunderbolt
Fathers R T Lancaster JB218
Fatyga Stanislaw Vickers Wellington T2903
Fauchet C Halifax MZ909
Fauges A L Halifax NA557
Faulk Ivor George Arthur Lancaster W4820
Faulkner Arthur Halifax HR832
Faulkner A J Lancaster PA999
Faulkner E J Halifax MZ860
Faulkner W Halifax LW685
Faulkner R N Lancaster DV221
Faulkner K J Stirling BF356
Faulkner R J Lancaster JB667
Faulkner G Lancaster PD206
Faulkner J G Lancaster PB683
Faulkner D A Lancaster KB831
Faulkner R E Lancaster LM264
Faulkner W J Lancaster NF921
Faulkner D F Lancaster JB373
Faulkner C R Lancaster PD283
Faulkner J Halifax NR121
Faulkner J A Spitfire LA229
Faulkner J. A.
Faulkner Robert S P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Faulkner Robert S P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Faulks Raymond Wesley
Faull Stanley Winter
Faunt L G Wellington R3222
Faunt Lindsay Gordon
Fauquier J E Lancaster JA920
Faurat B J Blenheim Z7292
Fausett Kenneth George Wellington AD632
Faust Charles
Fautley S Halifax HR911
Fauvel Spencer Francis Lancaster ND908
Fauvel N L Stirling BF442
Fauvet J Halifax PN179
Faux G R Lancaster EE106
Faux John Gregory Wellington HX653
Favager V Lancaster ND681
Favager R Lancaster LL693
Faviell Jack Bonfield
Favier R E Lancaster ED819
Favors Marcus W P-47 Thunderbolt`
Fawcett James Charles Lancaster ME592
Fawcett Rowland Eden Lancaster JA925
Fawcett Selwyn Lancaster LM526
Fawcett M A Wellington Z1610
Fawcett C D Halifax HR758
Fawcett A G Stirling EE897
Fawcett D S Lancaster JB740
Fawcett H A Mosquito KB218
Fawcett S L Wellington Z1600
Fawcett S Lancaster EE197
Fawcett J R Lancaster NF906
Fawcett F Stirling EF365
Fawcett F Stirling BK722
Fawcett C S Lancaster PD398
Fawcett Nicoll Brian Hampden P4416
Fawcett G Hampden L4064
Fawcett D P Wellington X9759
Fawcett James Edward Gerard
Fawcett Walter Douglas
Fawcett Frederick Dempster
Fawkes J A Wellington W5537
Fawkes D Wellington Z1218
Fawkes J Lancaster PA994
Fawkes S G H Spitfire P8603
Fawkes R G Lancaster R5561
Fawkes R G Manchester R5834
Fawley Robert B P-38 Lightning
Fawns Herman Stanley Wellington HF518
Fawthrop D A Spitfire RK910
Fay Willard Bewley B-17 43-38046
Fay Arthur Edward Halifax W1061
Fay William C P-51 Mustang
Fayers R J Halifax DK231
Fayle E A Lancaster DV338
Fayle J S Lancaster ED356
Fayle Ernest Athol
Fayolle E F R Hurricane HV557
Fazackerley Raymond Lancaster ME804
Fazackerley T Lancaster ED435
Fazackerley F Stirling R9281
Fazackerley Phillip Gordon Wellington R1005
Fazakerley J S Blenheim V5491
Fazakerley H C Lancaster W4254
Fazan N G Mosquito NT380
Fazel Jack Eric
FCurry S E Whitley P5007
Feagan J W Lancaster W4932
Feagans Joseph R. B-17 Flying Fortress 42-8514 Lassie Come Home
Feakes R Wellington LN288
Feakes Rex
Feakins F J Lancaster ND702
Fealy F Lancaster JB736
Fealy Herbert Henry
Fear H E Hampden AE140
Fear B A Halifax JD364
Fear J Lancaster LM218
Fear T Stirling EE938
Fearman G C Lancaster DS815
Fearn John Murdoch Lancaster DS780
Fearn Bert Henry Lancaster DS718
Fearn J E Lancaster PB235
Fearn Hurricane Z2574
Fearneyhough N A Halifax JB783
Fearnley F Spitfire P8707
Fearnley F A S Spitfire MJ534
Fearnley F Halifax MZ948
fearnley J Lancaster PD326
Fearnley F Blenheim P4851
Fearns F Lancaster LL725
Fearnside Alfred Kitto Wellington N2940
Feary Alan Norman Spitfire N3238
Feary K J Lancaster HK579
Feary Alan Norman
Feast H R Wellington Z8523
Feather John Leslie Beaufort L4508
Feather E Lancaster ND901
Featherston R L Lancaster W4368
Featherstone W M Whitley T4297
Featherstone William Lancaster ED833
Featherstone R W Halifax HR852
Featherstone R W Halifax DT648
Featherstone R W Halifax W1185
Featherstone A Wellington T2554
Featherstone H Lancaster JD346
Featherstone R F J Hampden AD900
Featherstone J A Lancaster EE111
Featherstone T Halifax NR204
Featherstone N F J Lancaster PD213
Featherstone Dennis Geoffrey
Featherstonhaugh C B Halifax BB252
Feaver Thomas Edward Lancaster PB357
Fecher Louis A P-51 Mustang
Fechtner E Hurricane P3889
Fedak Jerzy Vickers Wellington HZ575
Fedak Józef
Feddersen M J Lancaster NN714
Feddersen Murray James
Fedderson M J Lancaster DV373
Federico Joseph Halifax LW379
Fedi F Halifax DT793
Fedorchuk W Halifax MZ865
Fedorońko Aleksander Avro Lancaster LL855
Fedoruk Michael Lancaster ME672
Fedziński Włodzimierz Sergiusz Handley Page Halifax JP288
Fee J Lancaster PB359
Fee G I Wellington R1658
Fee J C Spitfire BS135
Fee R A Stirling R9150
Fee T Lancaster ED307
Fee J E D Halifax MZ286
Feeley John Henry Lancaster KB793
Feeley J H Wellington BJ790
Feeley Brian William Spitfire R7277
Feeley A Lancaster NE166
Feeley R R Lancaster ED694
Feely D R Halifax EB239
Feenan A J Stirling BF437
Feeney K G Lancaster ND732
Feeney H Lancaster DV289
Feeney Kenneth George
Feeney John W P-47 Thunderbolt
Fegan John Samuel Victor Halifax W1106
Fegan Forrest H P-47 Thunderbolt
Fehrman D A Lancaster KB993
Fehsenfeld Fred M P-47 Thunderbolt
Fehsenfeld Fred M P-47 Thunderbolt
Fehsenfeld Fred M P-47 Thunderbolt
Feil Isaak Józef Avro Lancaster DV286
Feilberg R F Halifax NP975
Feilberg Ronald Frederick
Feilden Randle Blenheim V5490
Feilden Randle
Fein Vernon O P-47 Thunderbolt
Fein Vernon O P-47 Thunderbolt
Fein Vernon O P-47 Thunderbolt
Feindell Lewis Leslie Lancaster LL919
Feinstein Sam Wellington BJ964
Feirn J R Manchester L7423
Fejfar Stanislav Spitfire BL972
Felc Tadeusz Bartłomiej Spitfire AD137
Felce H M Stirling EF329
Felce P C Wellington N2782
Felczykowski Konrad
Feldhans H J Lancaster KB858
Feldman Israel Lancaster JB116
Feldman A L Lancaster LL667
Feldman J Lancaster KB765
Feldman J Lancaster ND580
Feldon E W W Mustang FD470
Feleijevas J Halifax JD167
Felgate I L Lancaster ME526
Felgate J M Lancaster ME667
Felgate Ian Lindsay
Felgate John Mervyn
Fell Alwyn Kevin Dudley Halifax HX330
Fell George Gardiner Manchester R5795
Fell W E Halifax LK739
Fell Martin Costin Liberator AL566
Fell Ronald Halifax W7867
Fell J C Halifax JN908
Fell D Lancaster PB637
Fell J A Lancaster PD214
Fell J A Stirling BF441
Fell M O Lancaster NG449
Fell J C Halifax LV873
Fell H Lancaster W4847
Fell J A Lancaster JB412
Fell Alwyn Kevin Dudley
Fellner A M Halifax DK183
Fellows Alfred Roy Lancaster ME732
Fellows Joseph Harold Lancaster ME807
Fellows W A Wellington HZ517
Fellows J Stirling R9247
Fellows A J Mustang FZ140
Fellows H Halifax LW377
Fellows G Lancaster W4795
Fells D Lancaster ED550
Felman S Wellington R1437
Felsen M R Lancaster ED472
Felstead W E Lancaster LL788
Felstead Stirling W458
Felstead Stirling N3726
Felstead William Eldred
Felstenstein G C Halifax JB836
Felt D O Wellington Z1606
Feltham P B Lancaster PB347
Feltham H K Lancaster ND729
Felton A W Wellington W5380
Felton N L G Lancaster NG342
Felton H W Lancaster NG228
Feluś Kazimierz Miles Martinet HP318
Fender Edwin Stewart Beaufighter Not known
Fender J Wellington P9272
Fender I S Lancaster PB745
Fenemore S A Hurricane V6722
Fenger Augustyn Vickers Wellington Z1337
Fengler Dominik Battle L5597
Fengler Dominik Fairey Battle L5597
Fenlaw H S Spitfire AB900
Fenley J Lancaster R5739
Fenly Leonard Charles
Fenn C G Lancaster JB116
Fenn H L Lancaster R5903
Fenn M C Wellington R3211
Fennell Emery Orville Whitley N1405
Fennell John Eric George Anson K6249
Fennell Gordon Richard Boston (Havoc DB-7) W8257
Fennell L R Lancaster ME681
Fennell R E Halifax NP799
Fennell F G F Lancaster JB128
Fennell R W Lancaster NF967
Fennell R B Lancaster ME624
Fennell Hampden L4068
Fennell Wellington T2541
Fennell Arthur James
Fennell William S P-51 Mustang
Fennell William S P-51 Mustang
Fennell William S P-51 Mustang
Fenner R C Halifax MZ794
Fennessey James Francis Halifax LK802
Fenney S Lancaster ME634
Fenning F Stirling LJ617
Fenning E H Halifax HR727
Fenske Kenneth Gordon Lancaster ME863
Fenson R H Lancaster PB401
Fenson S J Stirling N3677
Fentiman Douglas Charles Lancaster ED862
Fenton Leonard Clinton Stirling R9324
Fenton David Wellington BJ592
Fenton R G Lancaster ND360
Fenton J W Boston A1284
Fenton Graeme Holt Spitfire BL785
Fenton W J Blenheim N3552
Fenton K Blenheim V6258
Fenton G W Wellington X9705
Fenton H C F Hurricane L1799
Fenton J A Lancaster ME835
Fenton M F Lancaster ND806
Fenton H A Hurricane P2947
Fenton F Halifax HR851
Fenton J T Lancaster ND643
Fenton Roy C Lancaster ED318
Fenton I H Whitley P4934
Fenton I H Whitley P4974
Fenton W Whitley Z9205
Fenton Whitley T4285
Fenton Stirling N6074
Fenton J C Stirling BK626
Fenton C H Stirling EH907
Fenton William Rose Browner
Fenton Gordon Keith
Fenton Vivian Neville
Fenton Ronald Franklin
Fenwick John Handley David Lancaster DS785
Fenwick Albert Halifax LW629
Fenwick H E Spitfire NH207
Fenwick M W Wellington X3656
Fenwick J E W Lancaster NG332
Fenwick E Wellington R3279
Fenwick V J Mosquito MM640
Fenwick S R Halifax NA687
Fenwick J R Wellington X9742
Fenwick T P Lancaster ND689
Fenwick T Lancaster LM735
Fenwick T P Hampden X2911
Fenwick E P Hampden X3064
Fenwick C R Stirling BF454
Fenwick Clifford Richard Stirling BK804
Fenwick John
Fenwick George Walter John
Fenwick N. Douglas DC-3 Dakota KG397
Fenwicke-Clennell E Lancaster W4185
Ferebee P I Wellington W5419
Fereday Baden B Wellington BJ670
Fereday J C Halifax MZ537
Fereday S L Lancaster LM422
Ferenc Stefan Vickers Wellington Z1088
Fergus T Halifax LL387
Fergus G A Lancaster PB467
Ferguson N Lancaster ED622
Ferguson R C Lancaster ND394
Ferguson K McD Wellington Z1335
Ferguson H W R Lancaster LL788
Ferguson F G Lancaster W5005
Ferguson G R Lancaster LM511
Ferguson K D Lancaster LM633
Ferguson Kenneth Francis Whitley T4230
Ferguson Brown Wellington R1627
Ferguson James Robb Lancaster DV234
Ferguson Ian Woodman Wellington DV697
Ferguson L W Lancaster NN712
Ferguson Robert Chrysler Stirling BF479
Ferguson L A Lancaster ME686
Ferguson G J Lancaster LM383
Ferguson J H Lancaster ND643
Ferguson Jack Kenneth Spitfire BS159
Ferguson W K Spitfire EN183
Ferguson R Halifax JB966
Ferguson C Lancaster PA972
Ferguson J McM Wellington Z1597
Ferguson D A Wellington BK343
Ferguson R S Halifax MZ363
Ferguson D C Halifax LV883
Ferguson J A Wellington LN424
Ferguson D C Halifax LV871
Ferguson J Halifax LL134
Ferguson J H Lancaster DS764
Ferguson V W Lancaster ED472
Ferguson R N Lancaster PB699
Ferguson A A Lancaster ND804
Ferguson Richard Dillicar Sunderland ML858
Ferguson P J H Halifax JN883
Ferguson K F Whitley P4966
Ferguson K F Whitley P4952
Ferguson H Lancaster JB605
Ferguson J Lancaster JB128
Ferguson T W Lancaster PB363
Ferguson D A H Lancaster ED396
Ferguson J Lancaster LL667
Ferguson R Wellington Z8533
Ferguson G M Spitfire AB208
Ferguson R W Beaufighter V8803
Ferguson J A Hampden X2973
Ferguson D Stirling W7428
Ferguson I D Stirling R9318
Ferguson D Stirling N6043
Ferguson F Wellington BK301
Ferguson H Lancaster PB638
Ferguson G Halifax LV835
Ferguson A B Blenheim Z5901
Ferguson A A Wellington Z1156
Ferguson A A Wellington Z8858
Ferguson J Stirling BF519
Ferguson J J Mosquito NT315
Ferguson R D Halifax HR880
Ferguson D J Halifax HX162
Ferguson D A Lancaster DV263
Ferguson James Humphrey Spitfire MJ223
Ferguson D A Hampden AE380
Ferguson E H Defiant AA417
Ferguson J S Tempest EJ741
Ferguson G Lancaster ND960
Ferguson A Lancaster ND622
Ferguson R Stirling N6042
Ferguson D Stirling BK760
Ferguson R Lancaster ND523
Ferguson P Halifax DT621
Ferguson A Y Halifax MZ604
Ferguson A Halifax DK245
Ferguson J Whitley Z9209
Ferguson A E Halifax LW229
Ferguson T Halifax JD148
Ferguson J Blenheim N3594
Ferguson R Lancaster JB191
Ferguson Ferguson Hudson NZ2055
Ferguson Colin Scott
Ferguson Oswald Edward
Ferguson Ronald Irvine
Ferguson Bruce McKenzie
Ferguson Archibald Henry
Ferguson Eric Kenneth
Ferguson Gordon Reid
Ferguson Noel
Ferguson Donald William
Ferguson Keith McDowell
Ferguson Ronald Cedrick
Ferguson Herbert William Reid
Ferguson Norman Stewart
Ferguson George Robert
Ferguson James B P-47 Thunderbolt
Ferguson John P-51 Mustang
Ferguson John P-51 Mustang
Ferguson John P-51 Mustang
Ferguson John W Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Ferić Mirosław Stanisław 'Ox' Supermarine Spitfire BL432
Fermanian E C Lancaster ED419
Ferme H Halifax JD476
Ferme Alexander Wightman Halifax NA111
Ferme Harold
Fermor R S Lancaster ED444
Fermor S C Beaufighter
Fern Raymond John Lancaster KB834
Fern J St K B Lancaster R5691
Fernance Darcy James
Fernand A H Halifax DK227
Fernandes Irwin W P-38 Lightning
Fernandez G Halifax MZ742
Fernandez J J Halifax LV790
Fernandez Joseph P P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Fernandez de Leon M A Halifax LW124
Fernando V F Wellington HE464
Fernee George Richard Halifax JB908
Fernie P J Halifax W7654
Fernie C W J Spitfire W3603
Fernie J M Halifax MZ882
Fernie C Lancaster LL909
Fernie R B Halifax W1108
Fernie Wellington X3487
Fernley-Stott N C Lancaster NG234
Fernley-Stott Norman Charles
Fernquist V J Lancaster
Fernstrom Harold Lawson Wellington JA343
Fernyhough W Halifax MZ591
Fernyhough Samuel Wellington LP651
Fernyhough G W Halifax HR921
Fernyhough G W Halifax LV867
Ferrans Robert Jeffrey Lancaster NE145
Ferrelly R J Halifax LW259
Ferrer R L W Wellington X9874
Ferrero P Halifax NP921
Ferres Torres Davey Lancaster JA858
Ferrie Hampden AE157
Ferrie Hampden X2991
Ferrier Roy Wilson Wellington BJ919
Ferrier R W Wellington BJ1919
Ferrier W R Halifax LK686
Ferrier G N Halifax LK945
Ferrier James Stewart Lancaster ND443
Ferrier Wellington W5531
Ferrier J P Lancaster DV337
Ferris N S Lancaster ME478
Ferris J Lancaster LL704
Ferris S Halifax LW293
Ferris J O W K Wellington W5378
Ferris Wilfred John “Tink” Stirling R9241
Ferris F P Spitfire X4594
Ferris W Halifax HX236
Ferris Reginald Arthur Wellington HE368
Ferris L J Wellington T2804
Ferris Wellington R3176
Ferris C F Whitley Z9389
Ferris D C Lancaster ED589
Ferris Arthur B Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Ferriss H M Hurricane R4193
Ferriss Henry Michael
Ferry Roderick Roland Wellington Z1413
Ferry D H Wellington HE176
Ferry G L Wellington X3456
Feruga Józef North American P-51d Mustang FB120
Fessler M W Spitfire AA855
Fetchison M Lancaster PB198
Fethers Willard Noel Wellington DV562
Fetherston Thomas Richard Norman Halifax W7864
Fetherston G H Halifax NP682
Fetherston H Manchester L7497
Fetherston William Hugh Magister L8162
Fetherstone W H Lancaster NN758
Fetrow G B Spitfire BM401
Fetrow Gene B Spitfire
Fettell Mervyn Byron
Fetterhoff Willard R B-24 Ginger 41-29177
Fettis R J Lancaster ND637
Feveyear R A Lancaster JB649
Few Jesse Manchester R5792
Few E S Mosquito RV359
Few E S Mosquito KB411
Few G F W Lancaster JB651
Fewkes H W Hampden AE427
Fewson F A J Halifax LK932
Fewster Herbert Lancaster DV404
Fewtrell G H Halifax LW202
Fewtrell R N Halifax JD149
Fewtrell R G Halifax DG227
Fewtrell E C S Hampden P4390
Fey B Spitfire BL333
Feyton E J F J Spitfire
ffrench-Mullen D A Whitley N1496
Fiander J W Spitfire BS536
Fiander J W Spitfire BM199
Fichtner J R Lancaster KB712
Fickel Paul D P-51 Mustang
Fiddes J D Lancaster LM529
Fiddes R Halifax JD467
Fiddes H C Stirling BK691
Fiddick R L Lancaster L7576
Fiddler Jack Halifax HR861
Fiddler George Leyton Lancaster W4169
Fidge H S Lancaster LL681
Fidge H S Ventura AE876
Fidge Harold Stanley
Fidgeon F C Halifax DT575
Fidgin L P Typhoon MN155
Fidler Alfred Defiant L6968
Fidler Edwin Gordon Lancaster ND649
Fidler R Lancaster LM333
Fidler G A Lancaster ND569
Fidler F G Lancaster ED949
Fidler R Mosquito PZ440
Fidler G M Hurricane P3535
Fidock Robert Clive Lancaster PB125
Fidock Robert Clive
Fiebelkorn Ernest C P-38 Lightning
Fiebelkorn Ernest C P-38 Lightning
Fiebelkorn Ernest C P-38 Lightning
Fiebelkorn Ernest C P-38 Lightning
Fiebelkorn Ernest C P-38 Lightning
Fiedler Clemens A P-47 Thunderbolt
Fiedler Clemens A P-47 Thunderbolt
Fiedler Clemens A P-47 Thunderbolt
Fiedler Clemens A P-47 Thunderbolt
Fiedler Clemens A P-47 Thunderbolt
Fiedorczuk Eugeniusz Spitfire W3761
Fiedorczuk Eugeniusz Hurricane R4122
Fiedorczuk Eugeniusz Supermarine Spitfire BL751
Fiegert Frederick Murray
Field Frederick James Battle P2162
Field Max Lightfoot Stirling N6068
Field W H G Lancaster HK756
Field W E N Halifax W1175
Field W R Halifax MZ452
Field P H Halifax HX332
Field D A Mosquito MM152
Field J Hampden AD861
Field Hampden AD919
Field L R Wellington N2984
Field F J Halifax HR718
Field D B Hampden P1279
Field E L Lancaster HK767
Field A G Halifax MZ795
Field Leonard Alfred Lancaster ND510
Field Blenheim V6381
Field F Stirling BK717
Field Halifax W1049
Field V M V Wellington X9619
Field F J Wellington HZ256
Field A Lancaster ND970
Field W Lancaster NG287
Field R Lancaster NG410
Field D W Lancaster JB652
Field D B D Hampden P1348
Field T B Lancaster ND448
Field L J G Lancaster ED551
Field Peter
Field William Henry
Field Allan Thompson
Field Patrick
Field Herbert K P-47 Thunderbolt
Field Herbert K P-51 Mustang
Fielden John Mosquito MM231
Fielden S S Wellington Z8328
Fielden Hudson T9465
Fielden D Lancaster LM342
Fielder William Ewart Wellington LN453
Fielder J E Halifax NA612
Fielder R J Halifax HX179
Fielder R E Lancaster ND760
Fielder G B Stirling BK686
Fielder C K Halifax NP965
Fielder D J Hampden P2097
Fieldhouse Cyril William Lancaster HK550
Fieldhouse Edward Wellington T2879
Fieldhouse I Lancaster ED334
Fielding D S Lancaster ME451
Fielding Salvin Lancaster LM122
Fielding J W Lancaster ND526
Fielding G F Halifax HX269
Fielding R V Lancaster ED987
Fielding F E Lancaster ED569
Fielding G Lancaster DS723
Fielding A H R Halifax LK659
Fielding L Lancaster PB253
Fielding H Lancaster W4163
Fielding R B Wellington X3280
Fielding Ronald Smith Whitney Z9153
Fielding Ian Harris
Fielding Tom Illenden
Fieldman J D Blenheim Z7306
Fields A H Whitley P4963
Fields H W Wellington HE655
Fields James E P-47 Thunderbolt
Fields James E P-47 Thunderbolt
Fields James E P-47 Thunderbolt
Fields James E P-47 Thunderbolt
Fields James E P-47 Thunderbolt
Fieldsend E Whitley Z9306
Fiery Elmer N Jr P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Fietz Clive Henry Charles
Fife M G Halifax LV998
Fife Frederick James Sunderland W4032
Fifield J S Spitfire
Fifield Robert S P-51 Mustang
Fifield Robert S P-51 Mustang
Fifield Robert S P-51 Mustang
Figg Arthur Harry Wellington R1213
Figg E D Lancaster LM107
Figg H R Battle P2136
Figg L F Lancaster LM273
Fighter K F Wellington HE157
Figura Ryszard Consolidated Liberator KG941
Fijal A Wellington BK514
Fijałkowski Jerzy Antoni North American P-51d Mustang FX977
Filaratoff Volek Edward Lancaster RA517
Filbey R H Lancaster DS760
Filby J A Halifax LW501
Filby W G L Lancaster LL972
Filek Jacek Avro Lancaster NG501
Filer Frederick Albert Walter Stirling LK143
Filer William Gordon Lancaster LL688
Filipchuk S Lancaster KB763
Filipek Adam Avro Lancaster NG266
Filipiak Bolesław Avro Lancaster NG501
Fill H W Halifax BB343
Filleul G A Lancaster ED493
Fillingham Thomas Ashton Halifax HR797
Fillingham Thomas Ashton Halifax HR806
Fillingham W V Blenheim V6372
Fillion P E Lancaster DS845
Filliter B F Boston Z2210
Fillmore S R Stirling EE885
Filluel P R S Fortress HB702
Filmer Jasper Mayton Watson Halifax HX155
Filmer H J Lancaster KB704
Filmer E Lancaster LM339
Filmer Owen Stewart
Filmore K M Hampden AE266
Filot H Halifax LL307
Fina J Wellington R1802
Fina J Wellington W5682
Finale W Halifax NA585
Finale W Halifax LK955
Finbow H C Spitfire SM818
Finch E H Stirling EF343
Finch J Lancaster JB725
Finch Keith Lancaster JB129
Finch Leonard Vickers Warwick BV290
Finch Patrick Austin Gwyer Wellington X3604
Finch Thomas Arthur Lancaster JB542
Finch Leslie William Lancaster PD383
Finch D D Lancaster LL686
Finch G F Lancaster PA968
Finch C H Halifax HX332
Finch R St C Wellington R1778
Finch E A Halifax LW192
Finch E W Manchester L7456
Finch S E Lancaster DS662
Finch H C Wellington BJ663
Finch T A Lancaster JB354
Finch E Lancaster PB642
Finch W J T Lancaster LM390
Finch R J Stirling W7537
Finch Raymond Edward Wellington L7798
Finch F J Lancaster JB241
Finch E W Manchester R5788
Finch F E Lancaster PB436
Finch A Lancaster JA844
Finch A Lancaster LM430
Finch H T Lancaster JB174
Finch Wellington N3015
Finch Albin James Blenheim T2112
Finch George William
Finch Ronald James
Finch Edward Henry
Finch Colin Geoffrey
Finch Jack
Finch Keith
Fincham C L: Lancaster PB695
Fincham L B Halifax LK662
Fincham P Wellington R1772
Fincham A W Stirling EH887
Fincham R E Lancaster W4778
Fincham Charles Leslie
Fincher J F Lancaster LM270
Fincher James O P-38 Lightning
Findala J Typhoon EK370
Finder Kazimierz Roman Consolidated Liberator BZ589
Findlater Harold Alfred Halifax LV963
Findlater Frank Desmond
Findlay A C Lancaster PD398
Findlay Dennis John Lancaster ND329
Findlay G F Wellington X9665
Findlay W S Wellington Z1319
Findlay G W Stirling R9356
Findlay E Q Boston
Findlay B E Halifax EB246
Findlay J B Halifax JD275
Findlay J Lancaster JB150
Findlay J A Lancaster ME681
Findlay Stirling R9319
Findlay D D Halifax LK800
Findlay F Halifax LK804
Findlay W Lancaster DV155
Findlay P W Lancaster W4985
Findlay A C Lancaster PB299
Findlay A Whitley N1362
Findley D C Battle P2256
Findley J Lancaster LM208
Findley A McG Lancaster PB385
Findley W Halifax JD253
Findley S Lancaster LM522
Findley John Ellis
Findlow R G Lancaster ND532
Findlow C P Mosquito HR212
Findon E C Whitley Z6466
Fine Bernard David
Fingland W J Lancaster ME650
Fingleton James Halifax MZ646
Finighan Clifford Leslie Lancaster ND700
Fink B J Halifax W7878
Fink J F Halifax LK794
Fink Frank M P-47 Thunderbolt
Finkbeiner C H Hampden AE297
Finlason D S Lancaster EE167
Finlason Donald Scott
Finlay J A Wellington Z1463
Finlay James Jackson Blenheim R3880
Finlay Thomas Mosquito MM200
Finlay Thomas Mosquito PF501
Finlay F S Lancaster JA679
Finlay D W Lancaster JB152
Finlay G P Halifax LW259
Finlay G P Halifax LW283
Finlay H R Spitfire EP206
Finlay W A Lancaster ED421
Finlay Donald Osborne Spitfire X4053
Finlay E Lancaster ND636
Finlay Donald Osborne
Finlay James Alexander
Finlayson A D Stirling EE917
Finlayson William David Battle K9481
Finlayson Dixon Halifax JP237
Finlayson Robert Hamilton Lancaster LM588
Finlayson Joseph Duthac Mosquito KB416
Finlayson Stuart Scott Typhoon JR311
Finlayson C G Mosquito HR351
Finlayson C G Mosquito
Finlayson W C Lancaster KB710
Finlayson William John Wellington P9292
Finlayson Hampden AD919
Finlayson J K Lancaster PB642
Finlayson R C Lancaster ND506
Finlayson J Lancaster HK650
Finlayson R W 'Finny' Wellington R1330
Finlayson Don D Lancaster ME299
Finlayson J K Lancaster JB229
Finlayson W A Halifax L9529
Finlayson Alexander Douglas
Finley P H Halifax MZ313
Finley C R Halifax DT550
Finley A R Spitfire TD293
Finley Douglas Milne
Finley Daniel L P-51 Mustang
Finn D J Stirling EF184
Finn Basil Bernard Stirling N3757
Finn K G Halifax NP712
Finn R J Halifax LW507
Finn T V Lancaster ME563
Finn J P T Halifax MZ313
Finn M J T Stirling EH931
Finn R B Mosquito HK296
Finn Vincent Bernard Joseph
Finn Eric Morgan B-24 Liberator 3701
Finnane B Lancaster W4330
Finnane Brian
Finncane B E Spitfire BL548
Finnegan P H Lancaster JB148
Finnegan James J P-47 Thunderbolt
Finnerty Austin Lancaster NG352
Finnerty T Lancaster DV386
Finney K M Lancaster ME853
Finney J V Halifax MZ647
Finney H E Halifax LV835
Finney Keith Macdairmid
Finnie Alister McKenzie Spitfire MH730
Finnie J E Halifax LW166
Finnie J R Halifax JD198
Finnie A Spitfire R6816
Finnie Alistair Mackenzie
Finnigan D P M Halifax MZ342
Finnigan A Lancaster ME503
Finnigan P Halifax MZ930
Finster Mervyn Nelson
Finucane Brendan E F 'Paddy' Spitfire BM308
Finucane Brendan Eamon Fergus ("Paddy")
Fiorito Leonard J P-51 Mustang
Fiorito Leonard J P-51 Mustang
Fiquiere C Spitfire H548
Firlej-Bielański Stanisław Fairey Battle L5356
Firman John Evans Wellington DV773
Firman G A Lancaster R5603
Firman Stanley Charles
Firmin H C Halifax NA584
Firminger L D Wellington X3312
Firth Sydney Ewbank Hampden P1336
Firth Dennis William Halifax JB835
Firth J A Lancaster ED561
Firth E J Halifax LK738
Firth M N Halifax NP967
Firth D C Hampden P1290
Firth E A Lancaster PB298
Firth P G Blenheim Z6084
Firth G Lancaster W4780
Firth C M Lancaster LM125
Firth J A G Halifax W1050
Firth J R B Beaufighter X8222
Firth H Boston W8350
Firth C Lancaster EE114
Firth R Lancaster LL866
Firth E Halifax LK630
Firth J Halifax LV868
Firth Wellington Z8958
Firth Louis James
Firth George Wellington MF517
Fiscalini Ronald James
Fisch Henryk ? ?
Fischer F E Lancaster ME615
Fischer A E Lancaster ME308
Fischer A A Halifax LK686
Fischer John Marcus
Fischer Frank Edgar
Fischer Arthur Benjamin
Fischil George Otto Lancaster DV236
Fish Hilton William Whitley Z6573
Fish E Halifax BB252
Fish J R Halifax W1270
Fish A K Wellington Z1396
Fish Stirling W7536
Fish F S Wellington X3313
Fish R S Lancaster ED822
Fish C B R Lancaster ME561
Fish L Halifax L9618
Fish Frank A P-47 Thunderbolt
Fish Wesley G P-51 Mustang
Fishel Robert R P-47 Thunderbolt
Fisher R W Blenheim V6227
Fisher Russell Gardiner Stirling EH934
Fisher J W Halifax HX311
Fisher V F Stirling EF336
Fisher D R Lancaster PB180
Fisher Frank John Lancaster W4787
Fisher Arthur Vivian Battle L4943
Fisher Frederick William Lancaster LM386
Fisher Donald Wellington X9786
Fisher Harry Lancaster ED385
Fisher J H Wellington R1181
Fisher J Stirling N6073
Fisher Ronald Montague Sunderland W6031
Fisher Richard Charles Humphrey Wellington MP813
Fisher G W Wellington Z8532
Fisher H R Wellington HZ278
Fisher J G M Mosquito DK292
Fisher F C Spitfire BL623
Fisher S T Halifax L9503
Fisher C H Lancaster PB239
Fisher R G Lancaster PB113
Fisher C H Lancaster PA972
Fisher G C Hampden AE197
Fisher J E Mosquito HJ827
Fisher F G Halifax RG347
Fisher R E Halifax EB247
Fisher A R Halifax LK739
Fisher R H Lancaster NG345
Fisher Thomas Francis Halifax NP723
Fisher J Halifax LL225
Fisher W J K Lancaster LM685
Fisher Hugh Alexander Lancaster HK788
Fisher William Charles Lancaster DS831
Fisher L Lancaster ND413
Fisher W R Wellington W5715
Fisher D R Halifax MZ301
Fisher F G Lancaster NG276
Fisher L Lancaster JB732
Fisher N S Wellington W5576
Fisher F M Mosquito LR506
Fisher B M Hurricane P3944
Fisher E G Blenheim R3672
Fisher E Wellington T2613
Fisher E T Lancaster PB130
Fisher J Wellington X3644
Fisher D I B Stirling LJ993
Fisher M J Wellington E3174
Fisher L R Stirling EE879
Fisher C G Stirling BF386
Fisher Stirling N3667
Fisher G Mosquito W4090
Fisher R V Lancaster PB675
Fisher E G G Lancaster EE122
Fisher W S Lancaster JR216
Fisher L W Lancaster JA697
Fisher E H Halifax HR735
Fisher G M Typhoon MN368
Fisher A N Typhoon JR493
Fisher J E Lancaster LM129
Fisher K G Wellington Z8865
Fisher H H J Stirling EH942
Fisher W A Stirling EF425
Fisher C H Halifax DT489
Fisher R W Halifax W1105
Fisher W Wellington T2514
Fisher R V Halifax BB332
Fisher E V Halifax LK657
Fisher R A Lancaster LL965
Fisher A Lancaster ME696
Fisher W R Wellington HE410
Fisher J R Lancaster W4240
Fisher I M T Hampden AD739
Fisher H E Hampden X3001
Fisher A G Lancaster JB416
Fisher P S Lancaster W4800
Fisher R J Hampden AE320
Fisher M O Hampden P4408
Fisher Guy Halifax HR778
Fisher Whitley N1406
Fisher Spitfire P3355
Fisher A E Lancaster ED761
Fisher D A J Lancaster JB233
Fisher F G Halifax RG367
Fisher A M Hurricane
Fisher N J Lancaster EE148
Fisher C E F Lancaster ND952
Fisher A L Stirling EF361
Fisher J M Halifax LL116
Fisher H Halifax LL116
Fisher R Halifax LL128
Fisher W G F Halifax HR659
Fisher W Mosquito
Fisher J N Wellington T2473
Fisher H Lancaster ED871
Fisher S G Stirling BK627
Fisher F Lancaster ED880
Fisher Henry Heath
Fisher Robert Wilson
Fisher Osborne Kirkton
Fisher James Wharton Severn
Fisher Russell Gardiner
Fisher Douglas Carl Raymond
Fisher Geoffrey Walter
Fisher John William
Fisher Noel
Fisher David Ralston
Fisher Frank Hugg
Fisher L S Liberator BZ930
Fisher Frank Robert B-24 Liberator 3701
Fisher Donald C P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Fisher Donald C P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Fisher Earl Jr P-47 Thunderbolt`
Fisher Edwin O P-47 Thunderbolt
Fisher Edwin O P-47 Thunderbolt
Fisher Edwin O P-47 Thunderbolt
Fisher Edwin O P-47 Thunderbolt
Fishpool R V Lancaster PB378
Fishwick Fred Wellington Z1202
Fishwick K W Lancaster ND924
Fisk R J Blenheim R3662
Fisk D S Wellington Z8946
Fisk George Charles Manchester L7427
Fisk J G A Stirling EH905
Fisk J Whitley N1523
Fisk K F Blenheim L1209
Fisk L C A Lancaster ED754
Fisk James David
Fisk Harry E P-51 Mustang
Fisk Harry E P-51 Mustang
Fisk Harry E P-51 Mustang
Fisk Harry E P-51 Mustang
Fiske Edward Lloyd Wellington X9830
Fiske William Meade Lindsley 'Billy' Hurricane P3358
Fisken Geoffrey Bryson
Fisken Geoffrey Bryson Brewster Buffalo
Fitch J H Lancaster ED379
Fitch J R Lancaster ED884
Fitch W Hurricane BE582
Fitch A Lancaster LL781
Fitch A R Wellington R1030
Fitch R A Halifax HX341
Fitch J D Hampden AD856
Fitch W C Lancaster NE165
Fitch Hedley William Wellington LN329
Fitch John C P-51 Mustang
Fitchett James Parker Lancaster ED821
Fitchett R Lancaster LM173
Fitchett L E Mosquito MM453
Fitchett L E Mosquito MM589
Fitchett A J Halifax JD250
Fitchett E A Manchester R5837
Fitness Gordon William Lancaster LM167
Fitsell R J Whitley P5109
Fitt V G Halifax LL555
Fitt L C Lancaster DS604
Fittall Ronald Ernest Lancaster DV280
Fittall V C Typhoon
Fitton Edmond Halifax LL577
Fitton N F Halifax LV995
Fitton O Lancaster NG351
Fitton J Stirling BK705
Fitton A F Halifax LV836
Fitton Keith Alexander
Fitton Stewart
Fitz-Gibbon G D Wellington Z1680
Fitzgerald Richard T Lancaster ND597
Fitzgerald G D Lancaster ME640
Fitzgerald W H Lancaster ED986
Fitzgerald M M Wellington Z1311
Fitzgerald B W Lancaster L7574
Fitzgerald W F Lancaster ED426
Fitzgerald T B Battle K9374
Fitzgerald Eddie Hudson N7401
Fitzgerald Michael Joseph Wellington Z8953
Fitzgerald Maurice Isidore Joseph Lancaster ND908
Fitzgerald Arthur Marcus Lancaster ED627
Fitzgerald Charles Kirwan Wellington HF279
Fitzgerald J C Stirling W7576
Fitzgerald J E Lancaster LM694
Fitzgerald G W Wellington HE464
Fitzgerald R C Halifax W1175
Fitzgerald B McK Halifax DK229
Fitzgerald F J Halifax NA603
Fitzgerald P J Halifax MZ987
Fitzgerald W V Stirling BF405
Fitzgerald J Lancaster HK594
Fitzgerald W J Stirling BK725
Fitzgerald T B
Fitzgerald D F Wellington BK312
Fitzgerald M J Halifax HR722
Fitzgerald K B Blenheim Z5875
Fitzgerald G A Halifax JD327
Fitzgerald M J Halifax W1157
Fitzgerald P A Halifax NZ360
Fitzgerald Lancelot Lloyd
Fitzgerald Henry Parker
Fitzgerald Kenneth George
Fitzgerald Patrick John
Fitzgerald Richard Thomas
Fitzgerald Bryan Edmund Richard
Fitzgerald Edward Charles
Fitzgerald Maurice Michael
Fitzgerald William Hugh
Fitzgerald Francis Vincent
Fitzgerald Leslie Brian
Fitzgerald Lyle Winston B-17 Woman’s Home Companion 42-39795
Fitzgerald Edward P P-47 Thunderbolt
Fitzgibbon R H Typhoon EK119
Fitzhardinge A B Lancaster PD346
Fitzhardinge Allan Berkeley
Fitzhenry S H Lancaster PB477
Fitzhenry Stanley Herbert
Fitzner L C Lancaster JB124
Fitzner Leonard Charles
Fitzpatrick B Lancaster PD309
Fitzpatrick A T Mosquito DZ521
Fitzpatrick James Lancaster LM386
Fitzpatrick Patrick Lancaster ND707
Fitzpatrick L J Lancaster PD380
Fitzpatrick R J Halifax LK883
Fitzpatrick C P Halifax DK260
Fitzpatrick J S P Halifax MZ617
Fitzpatrick J H Halifax LW388
Fitzpatrick L J Stirling EH935
Fitzpatrick T Lancaster R5760
Fitzpatrick A A Stirling BF515
Fitzpatrick A A Stirling BK666
Fitzpatrick T S Lancaster ME299
Fitzpatrick J Lancaster NG182
Fitzpatrick J C Lancaster NF961
Fitzpatrick Whitley Z6877
Fitzpatrick Whitley Z6654
Fitzpatrick Allan Thomas
Fitzsimmonds John B P-47 Thunderbolt
Fitzsimmons G R Halifax HX351
Fitzsimmons L Halifax W1188
Fitzsimmons Defiant T3995
Fitzsimmons D J Lancaster HK621
Fitzsimmons J Halifax JD213
Fitzsimmons F Lancaster LM447
Fitzsimons H D J Wellington Z1605
Fixter W H Manchester R5840
Fjaervoll B Halifax EB253
Flaaten O L Lancaster PB612
Flach Ferdinand E. B-24 Texas Rose 41-28922
Flack L Lancaster ME365
Flack A W Stirling BF507
Flack D E Lancaster ED776
Flack A G Lancaster PD394
Flack John E Stirling R9163
Flack J E Stirling R9258
Flack J H Stirling EF191
Flack V S Lancaster JB191
Flack Jack O P-51 Mustang
Fladmark Oscar R P-51 Mustang
Flagg Walter L P-47 Thunderbolt
Flagg Walter L P-47 Thunderbolt
Flaherty Edward John Lancaster LM185
Flaherty M J Stirling BF482
Flaherty D K Mosquito DZ636
Flaherty Raymond James
Flamand G Halifax NA529
Flanagan Dominick Hampden X2979
Flanagan T E Lancaster JA712
Flanagan M Halifax LV912
Flanagan T Wellington X9979
Flanagan E T Typhoon
Flanagan P Hampden P2143
Flanagan J L S Whitley P4991
Flanagan G E Halifax JD460
Flanagan Ernest Alfred
Flanagan John Francis
Flanagan William Richard
Flanagan Kevin Francis
Flanders D B Whitley Z6463
Flanders Whitley P5111
Flanek Leopold ? ?
Flanigan K A Lancaster PB573
Flanigan G E Wellington P9298
Flannery P W C Wellington X3226
Flannigan J Halifax L9567
Flannigan J Halifax L9518
Flanningan J Halifax L9602
Flansburgh A W Halifax W7879
Flashman A C R Lancaster LM324
Flashman Alfred Charles Ronald
Flater Alfred M P-47 Thunderbolt
Flather G E H Halifax LK807
Flatman S R Stirling EF114
Flatt W H Lancaster ED692
Flatt A L Halifax MZ896
Flatters A R Halifax JN921
Flattery F J Lancaster ME326
Flavel Donald Algernon
Flavell Joseph Lancaster ME635
Flavell H Wellington Z8644
Flavell S Lancaster NE114
Flavell D V Whitley Z6643
Flavelle Robert Earnest Stirling BF390
Flaxman George F K Lancaster PB851
Fleay Alan Kenneth
Fleck A Halifax NA557
Fleck G Lancaster R5755
Flecknoe John Edwin Wellington LB195
Flecknoe John Edwin
Fleet A G Mosquito LR477
Fleet S Lancaster NF912
Fleet S Lancaster ND902
Fleet Stuart Henry Lysander T1696
Fleetwood-May John Halifax W1233
Flegel G Lancaster LM652
Fleger W W Wellington X3963
Flegg Robert Barnes
Flegg Robert Barnes Wellington MF138
Flegier Henryk Andrzej Supermarine Spitfire BL922
Fleischel M Spitfire NH594
Fleischfresser C A Lancaster JA929
Fleischfresser Colin Albert
Flello J C Lancaster NG199
Fleming R C Lancaster ED697
Fleming I H Lancaster PD331
Fleming Paul Stewart Lancaster JB600
Fleming James Tayne Taine Hudson P5152
Fleming Basil Anthony Oxford V3395
Fleming Gordon James Walter Wellington Z8953
Fleming William Lancaster JB606
Fleming Donald Bannerman Wellington R3282
Fleming P F Lancaster RF122
Fleming Voltelin Van der Bijl Wellington N3010
Fleming James Percival Wallace K6030
Fleming J B Stirling W7567
Fleming A Stirling BF330
Fleming G H Wellington W5496
Fleming R H Halifax RG477
Fleming D Spitfire R7213
Fleming W Halifax LW164
Fleming A G Halifax LW435
Fleming V B Halifax MZ452
Fleming W E Halifax NP817
Fleming M H Halifax MZ863
Fleming S A Lancaster PA998
Fleming J A Wellington W5585
Fleming T R Mosquito KB198
Fleming James Allan Lancaster LM593
Fleming John Stuart Selby Stirling EH996
Fleming William Hurricane R4183 (R4101)
Fleming C B Lancaster ED976
Fleming J A Halifax W1213
Fleming A R Lancaster JB730
Fleming C R Lancaster DS627
Fleming Hampden AD901
Fleming G B Wellington L7800
Fleming J C F Halifax HR791
Fleming R Halifax LK850
Fleming J Wellington LN349
Fleming R D S Hurricane R4114
Fleming A S Lancaster PB197
Fleming A S Lancaster PB683
Fleming J Halifax W1111
Fleming J W Spitfire MK737
Fleming J McM Halifax HX278
Fleming N Lancaster JB301
Fleming R A Halifax HR940
Fleming W Halifax DT686
Fleming J Hurricane L2061
Fleming N D Halifax DG423
Fleming A R Halifax LW229
Fleming Hampden X2901
Fleming Raymond Charles
Fleming Ian Hunter
Fleming Jack Byrne
Fleming William Nathanial Higham
Fleming Alan John Redmond
Fleming William
Fleming Paul Stuart
Fleming Edwin William
Fleming Neville Alexander Thomas
Fleming Gilbert McKenzie
Fleming D.F.C. Douglas DC-3 Dakota KG397
Fleming R T Halifax L9618
Flesch Arnold Leo Wellington X3477
Fletcher Alan Noel Lancaster RA515
Fletcher C A Wellington W5570
Fletcher M S Lancaster JB703
Fletcher William John Percival Wellington L7815
Fletcher E J B Lancaster W4274
Fletcher E G Lancaster ME614
Fletcher J J Lancaster DV229
Fletcher K E Wellington HE154
Fletcher Donald Halifax LL143
Fletcher Alexander William Whitley N1489
Fletcher Alexander Stirling W7433
Fletcher S Halifax DG282
Fletcher J R Lancaster PB540
Fletcher John Lionel Howe Wellington Z8781
Fletcher Arthur Halifax JD309
Fletcher Derrick Lancaster NN750
Fletcher William Halifax MZ579
Fletcher Martin Cargill Hampden AE133
Fletcher John David Lancaster ME625
Fletcher Ronald Sunderland T9090
Fletcher F R Lancaster RA523
Fletcher L R Lancaster ME738
Fletcher D Wellington Z1411
Fletcher R C Lancaster PB517
Fletcher J L Boston Z2266
Fletcher Grant Alexander Halifax JB866
Fletcher William Johnson Kennedy Halifax JD420
Fletcher James Leonard Halifax DK243
Fletcher L W Halifax R9453
Fletcher John Douglas Wellington X3652
Fletcher Andrew Crawford Lancaster ME691
Fletcher G Whitley T4234
Fletcher F A S Blenheim L9258
Fletcher G R Halifax HR919
Fletcher A C Whitley Z6510
Fletcher S G Lancaster JA866
Fletcher A Lancaster JB487
Fletcher I D Lancaster JB152
Fletcher E E Lancaster JB593
Fletcher G Lancaster PB122
Fletcher W F G Blenheim V6227
Fletcher J H Wellington X3750
Fletcher R Lancaster W4992
Fletcher P O Stirling EF438
Fletcher R J Stirling W7576
Fletcher C Mosquito HR243
Fletcher E W Lancaster PB638
Fletcher E Lancaster JB307
Fletcher E A Wellington X3672
Fletcher J Lancaster ED990
Fletcher W Halifax DT694
Fletcher J A Halifax MZ854
Fletcher J Lancaster PD227
Fletcher G F Wellington HE168
Fletcher E H Typhoon DN545
Fletcher A S Lancaster NG399
Fletcher K J Fortress HB788
Fletcher D H Wellington DV740
Fletcher Deryk Wellington R1330
Fletcher Charles Harold Wellington W5492
Fletcher Harold Lancaster KB728
Fletcher S Halifax LW396
Fletcher N E Halifax LK636
Fletcher G C Wellington DF635
Fletcher J Lancaster R5489
Fletcher G W G Lancaster DV160
Fletcher I B Lancaster DV171
Fletcher J F Lancaster ED441
Fletcher E McG Lancaster ME572
Fletcher A Halifax LV775
Fletcher J G Beaufighter R2275
Fletcher J G B Blenheim L6782
Fletcher A Hampden P1253
Fletcher J A Lancaster R5625
Fletcher J Lancaster NG294
Fletcher G H Lancaster PD295
Fletcher J L Halifax DT556
Fletcher J Halifax LW224
Fletcher R E Whitley K8947
Fletcher R B Halifax BB373
Fletcher E H Halifax NA167
Fletcher R S Blenheim R3730
Fletcher A G Lancaster ED603
Fletcher D W C Lancaster ED997
Fletcher E J Lancaster JA928
Fletcher J Lancaster ND696
Fletcher T S Lancaster W5006
Fletcher J D Spitfire W3132
Fletcher R A Lancaster JA708
Fletcher E A Wellington N2767
Fletcher Edward John
Fletcher Robert John
Fletcher Alan Noel
Fletcher Colin Alais
Fletcher Mervyn Sylvester
Fletcher Charles Thomas
Fletcher David James
Fletcher Dennis
Fletcher William John Percival
Fletcher John
Fletcher Eric John Benjamin
Fletcher Ernest Gatenby
Fletcher Joseph John
Fletcher Kenneth Edwin
Fletcher Donald
Fletcher Norman Cummins
Fletcher Harold Jackson
Fletcher Ernest Russel B-24 44-10493
Fletcher Robert C P-51 Mustang
Fletcher Westwood H Jr P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Flett R H Lancaster ED622
Flett W A Typhoon JP504
Flett Stewart MacKenzie Halifax W1251
Flett J D M Lancaster ED410
Flett A H Mosquito DZ440
Flett D A Halifax MZ602
Flett Roderick Henry
Fletton W S Lancaster ED774
Fleurquin P C DeG Spitfire MK582
Fleury Joseph Oscar Rolland Halifax LW395
Flewell P W Halifax DK231
Flewelling Murray Franklin Halifax EB256
Flewelling C C Lancaster LL977
Flewelling R L Whitley P4994
Flewin C E Lancaster DS713
Flexman A R Halifax LV794
Flick J H Halifax HR923
Flight R J Spitfire AR433
Flinders John Layton ("Polly")
Fling Roy T P-47 Thunderbolt
Flint George Lancaster PB398
Flint Alfred Wellington L4348
Flint H F G Lancaster ND785
Flint A H Lancaster LM510
Flint R S L Stirling BF328
Flint F E Halifax W1101
Flint J Hampden AE239
Flint J Hampden AD755
Flint J Hampden AD856
Flint J Hampden AE203
Flint R G Lancaster LL635
Flint C S Lancaster ND924
Flint W Halifax MZ336
Flint L W Whitley Z6585
Flint Harry James
Flintoft J Typhoon PD592
Flisher L C Battle K9353
Fliśnik Adam Stefan Supermarine Spitfire AD304
Flitcroft N O B Lancaster W5007
Flitcroft F C Halifax LW636
Flitcroft Noel Oliver Boyd
Flitt G W Lancaster ME473
Flitton Derek Noel Lancaster LL643
Flockhart C K Lancaster ND957
Flockhart J S Stirling R9321
Flockhart C B Halifax L9516
Flockhart Colin Kelvin
Flohimont L V Spitfire AR592
Flohm L W Lancaster PB469
Flohm Lionel Wilfred
Flood Donald George Lancaster LM693
Flood J McV Spitfire ML308
Flood G R Lancaster LL949
Flood R Halifax DT696
Flood A C Typhoon MN771
Flood M T Lancaster PB742
Flood F W Blenheim ?
Flood R A Wellington X3748
Flood P E C Stirling BK773
Flood Frederick William
Floody Clarke Wallace Chant Spitfire W3964
Florczak Franciszek Wellington R1026
Florczak Edward Wellington Z8372
Floren H A Lancaster JA974
Florence R Stirling N3729
Florence Ronald Lancaster ED735
Florence W J Lancaster NN768
Florent V B Halifax LW140
Florey E J C Lancaster ED367
Florigny A A Whitley T4265
Florigny C E E Whitley T4261
Floripe R A Halifax NR126
Florkowski Jan Consolidated Liberator EW275
Flory Maxwell Alfred Lancaster PB567
Flory Maxwell Alfred
Floryanowicz Stefan Vickers Wellington T2517
Flous B Halifax NR229
Flower Ian Arthur Wellington Z8953
Flower W H Wellington DV778
Flower Alan Frederick Halifax W7871
Flower W L Wellington P9297
Flower V S Lancaster LM109
Flower L N Stirling LK238
Flower G W Lancaster HK663
Flower P J Halifax EB207
Flower W H Lancaster R5493
Flower Whitley P4981
Flower F W Lancaster ED624
Flower F T Lancaster ED334
Flowerday Hampden P4413
Flowerday H S Stirling BK658
Flowerdew J R Halifax HR667
Flowers L W Wellington R1234
Flowers K W Lancaster ND408
Flowers Sydney Thomas
Flowers Donald S P-47 Thunderbolt
Floyd Alan St. John Lancaster ED992
Floyd W A A Halifax HR665
Floyd G Halifax MZ740
Floyd Charles Richard Wellington LN181
Floyd R W Halifax DT799
Floyd P N Manchester L7290
Floyd H G Lancaster HE664
Floyd Charles Willott
Floyd Paul D P-47 Thunderbolt
Fluck H W Wellington Z8502
Flude F W Lancaster LM222
Flutter R C Lancaster PD385
Flux Robert James Lancaster R5510
Flux R J Hampden X2964
Fly Charles Paton Eric
Flyn J D Typhoon JP668
Flynn A Lancaster NG468
Flynn W J Lancaster NE116
Flynn Denis Lancaster ND714 (some sources state NE172)
Flynn F L Stirling W7442
Flynn J P Lancaster ND816
Flynn R C Lancaster NG252
Flynn J Lancaster W4318
Flynn James Lancaster ED645
Flynn Hampden L4183
Flynn D Hurricane
Flynn P Halifax W7851
Flynn G Wellington P9269
Flynn J W Lancaster LL630
Flynn W G Halifax LW172
Flynn J P Lancaster JA961
Flynn Brian Henry
Flynn Lawrence Andrew
Flynn Ignatius Joseph
Flynn Robert S P-38 Lightning
Flynne V Whitley Z6957
Flynt William F P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Flynt William F P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Foale W G Stirling W7579
Foale W C R Halifax W7932
Foczpaniak Mieczysław Witold Consolidated Liberator EW278
Foddering E J Lancaster LM547
Foden D R Halifax MZ692
Foden F F Lancaster W4982
Foderingham Clifford Wellington BJ844
Foderingham Clifford Lancaster JA915
Foers G C Halifax W1275
Foers G C Halifax W1013
Foers Frank Harold
Fogarty K G Lancaster LL966
Fogarty Kevin Gregory
Fogaty T N H Lancaster LL704
Fogden E S Mosquito KB359
Fogden Edmund Daniel
Fogdn E D Wellington LN442
Fogelstrom Eugene B. B-24 'Lone Ranger' 44-40098
Fogg E D Halifax LW239
Fogg K A Wellington Z1254
Fogg A Lancaster DV265
Fogg J V O Stirling N3714
Foggin R Stirling R9288
Foggin R Stirling R9257
Foggo D R Lancaster LM321
Foggon J Halifax DT769
Foinette E N Wellington Z8410
Foissac L Spitfire SM422
Foisy L O Halifax NR288
Fojer Henryk Handley Page Halifax JD154
Fokes R H Typhoon MN372
Fokes Ronald Henry ("Ronnie")
Folbigg Samuel Albert
Folder W D Halifax JB959
Foley M J Wellington Z1335
Foley W H Lancaster ND921
Foley Alfred James Lancaster PB126
Foley Alfred J. Lancaster ND995
Foley W J Halifax DT704
Foley T L Lancaster NG457
Foley B G Halifax DT807
Foley W Halifax JB918
Foley R D Lancaster W4880
Foley J Wellington Z8529
Foley B L J Typhoon JR223
Foley J Lancaster JB416
Foley K A Lancaster NG199
Foley Mosquito KB467
Foley L G Lancaster JB402
Foley Bernard Edward
Foley Max James
Foley Martin John Frusher
Foley Cornelius
Foley Ethel Jean
Foley John J P-47 Thunderbolt
Folger John M P-51 Mustang
Folkard Neville Arnold Foster Beaufort L9791
Folker P J Lancaster W4920
Folkersen J B Halifax NP806
Folkes R W Halifax JD385
Folland H J Lancaster JB608
Follett Ronald William Arthur Stirling W7475
Follett J D Wellington X3754
Follett T H Halifax W7914
Follett E G Wellington BJ688
Folley F S Mosquito DS615
Folliott E W Halifax LV961
Follitt J W B Wellington X9884
Followes C P Whitley P4936
Follows Sidney Wallace Halifax HX287
Follows L N Hampden AE400
Foltz R R Wellington BJ764
Foltz Charles R P-47 Thunderbolt
Fone A T Wellington X3633
Fong George
Fong Frank S P-51 Mustang
Fonger O W Halifax JB967
Fonseca D E Lancaster ND564
Fontaine P Lancaster PB152
Fontaine J D L Wellington BJ918
Fontaine R W Lancaster DS784
Fontaine D J E Lancaster ND527
Fontaine Peter
Fonteix A Halifax MZ738
Foody James Peter
Fooks Ernest Berjeu Mitchell FR396
Fooks Harry Gordon Compton Whitley N1527
Foolkes P Stirling BF414
Foot J E T Halifax W7715
Foot R G Lancaster W4936
Foote Arthur James Wellington X9905
Foote R H Boston W8358
Foote A D Lancaster W4159
Foote Arthur James
Foote Kenneth Ernest
Foote Warren E P-47 Thunderbolt
Footman D A Lancaster ED691
Footman W A C Lancaster ME697
Footner Kenneth Douglas Battle L5227
Foottit K A M Halifax LK730
Fopp D Hurricane P3673
Foran T W Stirling BF500
Foran J A Boston W8394
Forbes W A Lancaster PB804
Forbes James Francis Lancaster ND460
Forbes Robert George Cameron Stirling EH934
Forbes John Manchester L7385
Forbes A P Lancaster PB363
Forbes H A Mosquito MM131
Forbes F M Halifax MZ882
Forbes J G Wellington X3715
Forbes W C Wellington BK334
Forbes W D Lancaster PA162
Forbes Allan Leighton Stirling EF364
Forbes A S Stirling R9274
Forbes C R S Halifax W1041
Forbes T B Lancaster LM328
Forbes A S Stirling BF380
Forbes A S Hurricane V7465
Forbes W J Halifax W7708
Forbes D G Hampden AD939
Forbes H Halifax LV826
Forbes D Lancaster PN852
Forbes N Hurricane L2119
Forbes D Lancaster W4903
Forbes John Wellington DF639
Forbes W Halifax I MZ335
Forbes W Halifax MZ689
Forbes J D R Halifax MZ321
Forbes W R Halifax W1143
Forbes E Blenheim L9268
Forbes Athol Stanhope
Forbes Donald McPherson
Forbes John Ronald
Forbes William Dennis Keith
Forbes William Alexander
Forbes Walter B P-47 Thunderbolt
Forby Jack
Ford Patrick Raymond Lancaster W4373
Ford J A Lancaster ND783
Ford D J Halifax NA618
Ford Gordon James Whitley N1463
Ford Harry Thomas Lancaster HK599
Ford George Ross Wellington HF835
Ford Harry George Lancaster ED347
Ford George Reginald Michael Wellington R3160
Ford W L Lancaster DV234
Ford Arthur Hanley Halifax MZ698
Ford William Henry Lancaster PD431
Ford William Wallace Wellington LP651
Ford Bernard Halifax MZ932
Ford Arthur Wilfred Wellington X9905
Ford Harold Joseph Halifax W1251
Ford L S Spitfire AA980
Ford R E Halifax MZ831
Ford Roy Douglas Halifax LV831
Ford E M Halifax MZ355
Ford C W Halifax LV987
Ford Charles George (Chuck) Halifax JP113
Ford Harry Kennedy Lancaster R5659
Ford G E Wellington BJ878
Ford W C Halifax DT788
Ford D Lancaster DV230
Ford H C Lancaster ED380
Ford W V Lancaster ME721
Ford M Hampden AD895
Ford D S Lancaster PB122
Ford S L Lancaster ED522
Ford J E Spitfire NH435
Ford F J Stirling LJ993
Ford A Halifax HR758
Ford D M Wellington LN716
Ford J I P Wellington HE395
Ford A J Lancaster NF911
Ford A J Stirling EF249
Ford J D Hurricane L1600
Ford J D Hurricane
Ford E J Wellington DV707
Ford E J A Halifax EB255
Ford N M Halifax LK907
Ford A L Wellington HE326
Ford R A Lancaster JB416
Ford E Lancaster NG342
Ford D C Halifax HR940
Ford E Whitley P5008
Ford J Whitley Z6947
Ford ? Spitfire W3897
Ford ? Hurricane Z3081
Ford W J Stirling EE905
Ford J Lancaster ED777
Ford W H Halifax JB956
Ford C H R Whitley Z6654
Ford A A Blenheim Z5818
Ford C J Lancaster ED312
Ford J B Stirling BK725
Ford W K Spitfire BL961
Ford Patrick Raymond
Ford Herbert Frank
Ford Errol Percival
Ford Clarence Frederick
Ford Bruce Edward Charles
Ford Eric Valentine
Ford Douglas Edwin
Ford William Hendrie
Ford Cecil Richard
Ford Delmar R P-47 Thunderbolt
Ford Delmar R P-47 Thunderbolt
Ford John C P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Ford John C P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Ford John C P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Ford Vincent P
Ford Herbert Frank Martin Marauder FK366
Ford-Hutchinson R F S Halifax L9517
Forde D N Hurricane N2710
Forde D N Spitfire P8712
Forde P J Halifax EB212
Forde E G Halifax LK971
Forde F M Lancaster ED364
Forden H H Lancaster JA901
Forden Hilton Hardcastle
Forder J R Halifax LV798
Fordham Arthur Stanley Halifax MZ584
Fordham E N Lancaster KB701
Fordham H F Blenheim T1921
Fordham L B Spitfire P8544
Fordham D F Halifax JB970
Fordham D A Blenheim P4851
Fordwych W D Lancaster R5863
Fordyce Horace Spencer Wills Wellington HX580
Fordyce Gordon William Lancaster JB293
Forehand Willard F P-51 Mustang
Forehand William C P-51 Mustang
Foreman E K Lancaster NG469
Foreman G J Spitfire BS349
Foreman R W Halifax DT511
Foreman G H Stirling EJ125
Foreman T A Blenheim L8827
Foreman W C Halifax NA522
Foreman T R Stirling LJ460
Foreman Wallace Roy
Foreshaw Harold Stirling R9160
Foreshaw T H T Spitfire P8796
Forest Joseph Elland Halifax JB790
Forest J K Halifax LL122
Forester K Stirling BK693
Forga James H Jr P-51 Mustang
Forgan William Wallace Wellington R1785
Forgan W J Lancaster ED922
Forgan William Wallace
Forgie Robert Halifax W1162
Forgie R Wellington Z8441
Forguson Loyce E P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Forkin Thomas J P-47 Thunderbolt
Forknall D A Mustang AP195
Forland D W Wellington HE905
Forland D W Halifax W1167
Forland J W Halifax R9531
Forman David Crawford Dakota FZ597
Forman R W Defiant T3931
Forman B W Hurricane BE485
Forman C M Lancaster LM178
Forman C W Wellington Z8344
Forman J M Halifax LK913
Forman G W Ventura AJ224
Forman John Wellington DF639
Forman G Halifax LV793
Forman B F Lancaster W4829
Forman E Lancaster L7537
Forman David Crawford
Formaniewicz Edmund Vickers Wellington BJ645
Formby George Lancelot
Formile W W Halifax HX295
Formison G T J Manchester L7307
Fornusek L Whitley Z9125
Forrest J L Lancaster ED521
Forrest P A Lancaster ND463
Forrest R R N Halifax NP968
Forrest J A Lancaster LM518
Forrest John Reid Lancaster JB132
Forrest J F J Lancaster LL783
Forrest Gavin Browning Lancaster NX583
Forrest W Lancaster LM456
Forrest F Halifax JP119
Forrest C S Halifax PN231
Forrest J Wellington Z1210
Forrest J Stirling BF502
Forrest A S Stirling EH986
Forrest Gladiator ?
Forrest J G Lancaster ND822
Forrest A F Halifax NA601
Forrest R A Lancaster ME568
Forrest D T Lancaster NF965
Forrest J F J Lancaster ED655
Forrest J Lancaster JA932
Forrest J N Lancaster ED950
Forrest James
Forrest David John
Forrest Robert
Forrest John
Forrest Allan Frederick
Forrest James Lowrie
Forrest Russell Richard Napier
Forrest John Augustus
Forrest James B P-47 Thunderbolt
Forrest James R P-47 Thunderbolt
Forrester S M Lancaster EE138
Forrester W Lancaster ND949
Forrester James Leonard Lancaster PB689
Forrester T Stirling EF181
Forrester C O Wellington DV447
Forrester I H Typhoon MN361
Forrester W Halifax LW369
Forrester R C Lancaster DV325
Forrester G M Hurricane L2059
Forrester Norman Smith
Forrester Sydney Milton
Forrester Leonard
Forrester William
Forsayth John Mynderse Keys
Forsberg M S Halifax LW382
Forsblad Richard W P-51 Mustang
Forsdick R V Lancaster JB133
Forsdyke Whitley P4995
Forse A Wellington X9826
Forshaw J Halifax JP225
Forshaw J C N Mosquito DS615
Forshaw B Lancaster LL906
Forshaw H Lancaster ED980
Forshew F E Lancaster ED721
Forster Herbert Roy Lancaster R5576
Forster J K Lancaster JA926
Forster William Lancaster ED935
Forster F W Whitley AD675
Forster I R Spitfire
Forster B N Halifax LL197
Forster R H Lancaster ND596
Forster D G Halifax LW274
Forster D Lancaster JB593
Forster T H A Lancaster ME632
Forster F A Lancaster ND627
Forster Ralph Wellington DF550
Forster B H Wellington Z1283
Forster K Stirling BF353
Forster T W Lancaster W4355
Forster T R Halifax JD259
Forster J M Wellington DV763
Forster S Halifax NA612
Forster M Blenheim P6954
Forster Wellington R1368
Forster W Lancaster PD311
Forster R Lancaster PB360
Forster C S Stirling BK724
Forster F Lancaster ND703
Forster J G Lancaster PB241
Forster A Halifax DK134
Forster R Halifax W1157
Forster T N Halifax W7937
Forster W Whitley T4209
Forster G P Lancaster R5640
Forster J C Wellington N3006
Forster Anthony Douglas ("Bunny")
Forster Milton Melrose
Forster Harry Phillip
Forster Douglas Godfrey Vincent
Forsyth T K Mosquito DZ597
Forsyth F S Lancaster W4987
Forsyth I D Lancaster JB233
Forsyth Gerald Edwin Wellington P9218
Forsyth John Lancaster R5696
Forsyth Charles Henry Mitchell FR396
Forsyth Harold Earl Stirling BK726
Forsyth John Hamilton Wellington W5618
Forsyth Albert Carmen Halifax LK993
Forsyth T R Halifax MZ536
Forsyth D A Lancaster LM139
Forsyth J A G Blenheim V6452
Forsyth S Halifax MZ638
Forsyth Wellington Z8853
Forsyth I N Blenheim V5854
Forsyth A V Halifax HR907
Forsyth A V Halifax HR803
Forsyth J G Halifax MZ815
Forsyth D S Lancaster W4136
Forsyth G A Whitley P4996
Forsyth R Wellington N2886
Forsyth Thomas Kevin
Forsyth Leslie Thomas
Forsyth Thomas Jeffrey
Forsyth Francis Smith
Forsyth John Malcolm
Forsyth Frank A P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Forsyth Frank A P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Forsyth-Johnson John Frederick Wellington LB237
Forsythe T H Stirling BF309
Forsythe A Hampden AD966
Forsythe William Kennedy B-17 Pistol Packin’ Mama 42-31213
Fort John Lancaster JA981
Fort Clifford Gurney
Forte R A A Halifax LK922
Forth Kenneth Lancaster DV280
Forth Norman Louis Lancaster HK542
Forth Harold Michael Wellington X9763
Forth William Norman Stirling BF505
Fortier Wellington T2546
Fortin E Wellington X3312
Fortin J M W Halifax W7713
Fortin E C E Halifax LW633
Fortin J G F Halifax HR727
Fortin M K Halifax LK753
Fortune H Stirling BK691
Fortune T Battle P2182
Fortune W Lancaster JB473
Fortune S H Lancaster PB668
Forty L A Hampden P2083
Forty M R Wellington W5393
Forward Edward John Stirling N6077
Forward J Lancaster PD264
Forward A H Lancaster JB463
Forward J M P Stirling BF312
Forward R V Hurricane P3622
Forwell E Spitfire PA870
Fosbery Stephen Michael
Fosh Benjamin Joseph Catalina FP232
Foskett B H Halifax HX311
Foskett J B Halifax JB843
Foskett Bruce William
Foskett Russell George
Fosse G Spitfire NH479
Fossitt K A P Mosquito KB509
Fossleitner Louis Victor Stirling BF334
Fossleitner Louis Victor Stirling W7582
Foster M H Lancaster ME627
Foster C R H Halifax MZ467
Foster Harold Arthur Lancaster LL864
Foster Frederick Sunderland ML760
Foster Frederick Albert Lancaster DS734
Foster Francis Charles Lancaster LM137
Foster Cedric Arthur Whitley Z6934
Foster T Lancaster LM479
Foster A G Halifax BB334
Foster W W Mosquito HJ711
Foster L A Lancaster JA976
Foster G E Lancaster JB668
Foster A B Halifax JB796
Foster P C Boston
Foster D F Halifax LV987
Foster Leslie Lancaster R5728
Foster Alfred Louis Stirling BK769
Foster E Ventura AJ478
Foster C G Lancaster ND425
Foster R O Wellington Z8942
Foster Claude Allan Lancaster R5566
Foster J B Halifax JN891
Foster C L Lancaster ME670
Foster L L Lancaster LM623
Foster K Lancaster ME449
Foster S Lancaster W5012
Foster R Boston
Foster G W Blenheim N6242
Foster Wellington X9672
Foster Wellington R1468
Foster E A N Lancaster DS609
Foster K Lancaster W4366
Foster W Wellington W5424
Foster W Wellington W5437
Foster Gilbert T Whitley Z9232
Foster R H Wellington Z1316
Foster E R Hampden AD866
Foster B H Hampden P4365
Foster A G Wellington N2961
Foster L F Wellington P9267
Foster D C Stirling EE880
Foster D C Stirling BF531
Foster D W Whitley Z9307
Foster J D Lancaster ND449
Foster E W Halifax DG244
Foster A F Halifax DG406
Foster R N Typhoon MM964
Foster J W Spitfire BL573
Foster A J Mosquito DZ405
Foster T C Stirling EE964
Foster Wellington T2841
Foster D A J Battle P2324
Foster J S Stirling EF430
Foster E Lancaster PB610
Foster J L Typhoon JP514
Foster L J P Halifax V9979
Foster D A Lancaster ND691
Foster J E A Wellington N2953
Foster L Spitfire MA844
Foster V W G Halifax JB913
Foster C St C Halifax BB283
Foster L Spitfire MJ394
Foster G C Lancaster DS837
Foster V G Halifax LK970
Foster C A Lancaster R5732
Foster J Lancaster ND463
Foster S F Lancaster ND687
Foster R N P Lancaster ED427
Foster D R Lancaster PD326
Foster W Whitley K9008
Foster D K Mosquito NS931
Foster D J Lancaster PD255
Foster F Lancaster ND471
Foster J W Lancaster ME671
Foster A L Lancaster W4136
Foster R Lancaster ED782
Foster J J W Lancaster LM466
Foster A E Lancaster ND531
Foster W M Spitfire SM210
Foster W G Stirling W7563
Foster H G Halifax DK195
Foster K Halifax JD126
Foster C E Halifax I MZ335
Foster C E Halifax MZ689
Foster Charles Sidney Halifax LL184
Foster P H Manchester L7423
Foster J E Hampden X3059
Foster W A Hampden X2899
Foster P N Hampden AE374
Foster C W Lancaster JB154
Foster K J Lancaster JA708
Foster J. K.
Foster Reginald John ("Jack")
Foster Robert William
Foster William Morley Culver
Foster George Atkinson
Foster Max Harvey
Foster Cecil Reginald Henry
Foster Keith Reginald
Foster William Ernest Lyall
Foster Stanley
Foster Roy Ebenezer
Foster William Alan Wellington R1728
Foster James W P-38 Lightning
Foster Justus D P-47 Thunderbolt
Foster Justus D P-47 Thunderbolt
Foster Thomas J P-47 Thunderbolt`
Foster (Formerly Fenster) Philip Herbert Blenheim Z6245
Fostey A M Lancaster ND912
Fothergill D G Hampden AE137
Fothergill W B Lancaster LL754
Fotheringham I Lancaster ME856
Fotheringham Robert Ewen Ernest Wellington R3171
Fotheringham N Lancaster W4311
Fotheringham A C Hurricane V7651
Fotheringham Andrew Henry
Fotheringham Ian
Fotheringham-Parker J Mosquito NS942
Foubert J L Spitfire MA842
Fouet E T Wellington BJ961
Foulds Reuben Edward Lancaster ME565
Foulds L Lancaster W4945
Foulkes G G Lancaster ND759
Foulkes L Lancaster LM539
Foulkes E L Lancaster ED809
Foulkes E D Halifax MZ677
Foulkes J G Wellington X9759
Foulkes Geoffrey Grant
Foulkes Howard W Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Foulser J D Wellington N2953
Foulsham J F Stirling N6043
Foulsham J Lancaster ED908
Foulston James Arthur Halifax DG282
Foulston J V F Halifax HR843
Fountain Irwin Dale Stirling W7630
Fountain W A H Lancaster ND790
Fountain G L Lancaster W4366
Fountain N Wellington Z1576
Fountain Ronald Edward Robert
Fountaine F E Lancaster ND620
Fouracres T C Lancaster W4368
Fournier S C Halifax MZ742
Fournier M A G Halifax JD456
Fournier A M Halifax NR172
Fournier L L Halifax LK950
Fournier R M Halifax JD363
Fournier B M Hampden AE126
Fourse R G Lancaster DV218
Fouts Malcolm M. B-17 Bad penny 42-31183
Foweather E Lancaster PB456
Fowell A E Halifax JB972
Fowell G D Typhoon MN605
Fowke A F Lancaster DS813
Fowle James M P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Fowle James M P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Fowle James M P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Fowle James M P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Fowler L J Lancaster NN724
Fowler G S M Fortress HB796
Fowler J W Lancaster DV337
Fowler G C Lancaster JA852
Fowler Leslie Gordon Fortress HB805
Fowler Edward Graham Hampden P4400
Fowler Frank Lancaster ME864
Fowler Colin Richard Lancaster LM268
Fowler William Wellington NC573
Fowler Ian 'Rusty' H Mosquito HJ943
Fowler C A Lancaster LM716
Fowler J F Lancaster DS712
Fowler J B Halifax LV798
Fowler Harry Wilfred Halifax JD215
Fowler G H Stirling EF308
Fowler G H Stirling EH904
Fowler J A C Spitfire PT8762
Fowler R C Halifax MZ948
Fowler W M W Whitley P5018
Fowler R Halifax JN908
Fowler E J R Wellington Z8370
Fowler F D Wellington R1524
Fowler R F Stirling BF457
Fowler T K Stirling BF571
Fowler M Lancaster ND349
Fowler D P Halifax LV773
Fowler R J Mitchell FL211
Fowler J A L Blenheim V5638
Fowler D Spitfire BL992
Fowler R J L Halifax JD258
Fowler H Lancaster LL847
Fowler F R Lancaster ED453
Fowler H N 'Bill' Hurricane P2622
Fowler S J Spitfire
Fowler J A Lancaster DV381
Fowler B A A Stirling N6035
Fowler F A Lancaster ND457
Fowler P D Stirling R9248
Fowler H Halifax W1244
Fowler P Halifax LW300
Fowler K F Boston W8297
Fowler Noel Louis Hudson NZ2055
Fowler Harry John
Fowler Archibald McPherson
Fowler George Swan Murray
Fowler Thomas
Fowler James Walter
Fowler Ernest John
Fowler Gordon Charles
Fowler Headley Nevile
Fowler Gordon W P-47 Thunderbolt`
Fowler William E P-47 Thunderbolt
Fowler William E P-51 Mustang
Fowles J S W Halifax JB964
Fowles Graham Moseley
Fowlie Robert William Whitley N1470
Fowlie R D Whitley K8965
Fowlie W A Stirling R9271
Fowlow N R Spitfire MK834
Fowlow Norman Ralph
Fowls R L Lancaster JB241
Fowlston R Lancaster JA691
Fox Charles Douglas Wellington R3282
Fox C R Halifax R9451
Fox George Edward Wellington W5440
Fox Cedric Charles Halifax LV918
Fox Kenneth Edward Arthur Lancaster PB178
Fox Cedric Charles Halifax W7750
Fox Frederick J. Halifax MZ351
Fox Leslie Henry Lancaster W4180
Fox R Lancaster LL645
Fox Leonard Armstrong Hampden AE133
Fox Dennis Frederick Lancaster LM724
Fox William Wellington LN928
Fox H W G Stirling EF188
Fox M D Wellington HE169
Fox G G Lancaster PB525
Fox Herbert Ronald Wilkinson Halifax NA609
Fox E G Halifax LW209
Fox G Halifax NP692
Fox Arthur John Dennis Lancaster DV194
Fox V A Stirling R9149
Fox Albert Lloyd Halifax DT509
Fox John Joseph Blenheim V5645
Fox Thomas Tristram Spitfire P8724
Fox John Joseph Oxford NZ1246
Fox A M Lancaster EE171
Fox L H Lancaster JB128
Fox W H Lancaster ME848
Fox S H Halifax W1188
Fox D J Lancaster JB153
Fox W Lancaster ND397
Fox H Lancaster JB400
Fox E C Lancaster LL974
Fox S G Blenheim L8749
Fox J C Wellington Z8863
Fox D P Lancaster DS647
Fox Wellington T2716
Fox R W Wellington X3485
Fox S W Halifax LK841
Fox F G M Halifax MZ367
Fox F A Lancaster PB840
Fox A C Lancaster NG204
Fox Spitfire AD203
Fox J D Mosquito HK480
Fox E C Halifax HR906
Fox F E Lancaster DS789
Fox T R Halifax LK636
Fox G F Halifax LK914
Fox G Wellington BJ798
Fox George Wellington MS487
Fox H W Halifax LV971
Fox Sydney Frederick Norman Lancaster ED535
Fox A E Lancaster LL790
Fox R W Wellington HE326
Fox Hampden L4068
Fox R Lancaster LL727
Fox P H Hurricane N2434
Fox C V Lancaster ND783
Fox E W Halifax LK846
Fox F J Spitfire NH203
Fox B J Lancaster JA873
Fox C L Lancaster PB416
Fox P Lancaster EE113
Fox T A Lancaster ND530
Fox C E R Lancaster ND711
Fox R R Stirling BK709
Fox E Wellington X9634
Fox A W G Halifax JB956
Fox H Halifax ME701
Fox A R Whitley T4292
Fox P R Halifax JD416
Fox W W Blenheim L9270
Fox C W Lancaster JA692
Fox L W Mosquito MM557
Fox D E Manchester L7383
Fox Arthur Leonard
Fox Robert Graham
Fox Harry Donald
Fox Lloyd Alan
Fox Basil Lincoln Peter
Fox Albert Ernest William
Fox William John
Fox Frederick Delaney
Fox Ronald Mark
Fox Francis John
Fox K W Baltimore FW544
Fox Kenneth Wilson Wellington MF517
Fox Clyde P-38 Lightning
Fox Clyde P-38 Lightning
Fox David B P-47 Thunderbolt
Fox David B P-47 Thunderbolt
Fox Edward F P-51 Mustang
Fox Edward J P-47 Thunderbolt
Fox Bernard Allan Marvin Halifax JP225
Fox Richard Henry Halifax MZ337
Foxcroft K E Lancaster JB117
Foxcroft P S Mosquito DZ468
Foxcroft Kenneth Edgar
Foxlee E W Wellington R1604
Foxley Albert Cecil Mosquito DZ360
Foxley Arthur Harold
Foxley-Norris C N Hurricane Z2754
Foxon D G F Hampden P5324
Foy W W Lancaster PB158
Foy J H Halifax HR854
Foy T S Halifax MZ316
Foy Blake Gordon Stirling LJ882
Foy Edgar Joseph Beaufighter NT888
Foy J E Lancaster W4958
Foy J H Wellington Z1077
Foy V B Lancaster ND985
Foy T J Lancaster ND930
Foy C Lancaster PA254
Foy Walter William
Foy Robert W P-51 Mustang
Foy Robert W P-51 Mustang
Foy Robert W P-51 Mustang
Foy Robert W P-51 Mustang
Foy Robert W P-51 Mustang
Foy Robert W P-51 Mustang
Foy Robert W P-51 Mustang
Foy Robert W P-51 Mustang
Foy Robert W P-51 Mustang
Foy Robert W P-51 Mustang
Foye Robert F P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Foyle K Lancaster LL680
Foyle G V Lancaster ME783
Foyle Raymond Charles
Foyston F S Blenheim, Beaufighter, Mosquito
Fraas R J Wellington W5490
Frąckiewicz Kazimierz Boulton Paul Defiant N3314
Frąckiewicz (Frankson) Zbigniew Spitfire BS411
Frączek Wacław Spitfire PS925
Fradley J R Halifax JB894
Fradley G Lancaster ED721
Fradley George Lancaster ED700
Frahm R P Spitfire AB375
Frahm Chester H P-51 Mustang
Frahm Chester H P-51 Mustang
Frair H K Halifax NR173
Frakes Robert L P-38 Lightning
Fraleigh M I Typhoon R8927
Frame Jock' G.M. Whitley Z6561
Frame Robert Day Lancaster LL920
Frame William Steel Stirling EH875
Frame J H Lancaster ND526
Frame G M Hampden AE385
Frame L W A Lancaster KB718
Frame Daniel Lancaster KB777
Frame D F Lancaster R5739
Frame W V Boston AL268
Frame Robert Hicks Sunderland W4032
Frampton J A Lancaster DS788
Frampton A S Lancaster LL640
Frampton L A Wellington Z1570
Frampton A G Halifax W1107
Frampton A G Halifax R9532
Frampton J T Lancaster NG421
Frampton C E J Lancaster W4785
Frampton J H Whitley Z6462
Frampton Alfred Ernest Thomas Christopher Wellington HF840
Franaszczuk Stanisław Vickers Wellington R1365
France Geoffrey C. Lancaster PD265
France R S Stirling BK764
France J R Wellington X9828
France Wellington R1088
France E B H Hampden P4366
France W Wellington DV593
France W Lancaster LM652
France W E Lancaster JB288
France L A Stirling BK664
France Victor J Spitfire / P-47 Thunderbolt
France Victor J Spitfire / P-47 Thunderbolt
France Victor J P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
France Victor J P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
France Victor J P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
France Victor J P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Franchuk S Lancaster ED322
Francis John Charles Sunderland T9075
Francis Raymond Leslie Halifax LL459
Francis S Lancaster W4927
Francis A H Lancaster PB541
Francis K W P Lancaster ED803
Francis M G Lancaster ND732
Francis J E Lancaster JA906
Francis A L Halifax NA173
Francis E S Lancaster NF939
Francis Douglas Halifax R9496
Francis Kenneth Geoffrey Lancaster ND443
Francis Robert Lewis Lancaster ND753
Francis R L Lancaster DS796
Francis D W Stirling MZ260
Francis W G Halifax DT641
Francis R W Lancaster KB714
Francis J C Lancaster NE149
Francis Donald Victor Roy Wellington LN660
Francis A Lancaster ME450
Francis D Lancaster JB563
Francis J Lancaster ED647
Francis J S Lancaster ME613
Francis J D Halifax MZ651
Francis C R Lancaster ME722
Francis J A Lancaster R5572
Francis S F Lancaster ND790
Francis S Halifax JD156
Francis E Halifax LL287
Francis E J Stirling EH990
Francis T H G Halifax HR941
Francis E H Spitfire MH796
Francis J T Wellington HE235
Francis E G Wellington HE168
Francis L Stirling LJ560
Francis E N J Lancaster PD296
Francis T J Spitfire BL769
Francis C D Hurricane L1965
Francis Wellington Z8530
Francis J I D Halifax DK196
Francis W H Halifax MZ915
Francis T T B Lancaster EE135
Francis L T Lancaster PB369
Francis J B Lancaster LM285
Francis E G Lancaster JA900
Francis C B Lancaster ED982
Francis A J Stirling BF398
Francis H W Hampden X3062
Francis J G Lancaster PB138
Francis R D Lancaster ED694
Francis I Lancaster ED479
Francis R D Wellington X3702
Francis G C W Lancaster W4175
Francis John Charles
Francis Bryan Gordon Grosvenor
Francis Raymond Leslie
Francis Dean Walter
Francis Leonard Malvern Delbridge
Francis Hugh Benjamin
Francis Alan Henry
Francis John Edmund
Francis Kenneth William Perry
Francis Max Gordon
Francis Edgar Davy
Francis Eoin Samuel
Francis Frank Reginald Douglas DC-3 Dakota KG397
Francis Donald Lancaster W4239
Francis Joseph Ernest Wellington HX653
Francis Richard Eugene B-17 Black Magic 42-31721
Francis Douglas Halifax R9440
Francisone A Lancaster ED824
Franco J L Hampden AD750
Francoeur W C Halifax W7747
Franczak Aleksander Stanisław Spitfire P8524
Franczak Stanisław Mieczysław Vickers Wellington HF121
Franczak Stanisław Zbigniew Consolidated Liberator EW278
Frangolacci R Halifax MZ986
Franish K T Lancaster PB351
Frank Murray Halifax NA240
Frank Norman Harry Stirling BF479
Frank Kenneth Lancaster LL919
Frank M Lancaster NG335
Frank R Lancaster W4175
Frank R L Hampden AD846
Frank A D Battle L5583
Frank Murray
Frank Andrew
Frank Wallace B P-47 Thunderbolt
Frank William J Jr P-51 Mustang
Frankal B M Halifax NP968
Frankcomb J C Stirling N3725
Frankcomb J C Stirling N3753
Frankcomb John Clarence
Frankfurth Robert Louis Lancaster ND975
Frankiewicz Mieczyslaw Józef Vickers Wellington BK353
Frankish Claude Randolph Blenheim P6912
Frankish R Halifax JD951
Frankish C Lancaster JB638
Frankish Robert Walter-Wetherall
Frankish Kenneth Thomas
Frankland Eric Vernon Halifax HR699
Frankland R H Halifax DT668
Frankland S E Lancaster NG351
Frankland R K Halifax BB200
Franklin Harold Kendall Halifax RG564
Franklin R J Wellington HE527
Franklin Robert William Whitley T4166
Franklin Harold Ralph Halifax W1044
Franklin Lloyd Stuart Halifax LW476
Franklin G R Lancaster LM576
Franklin K G Lancaster ND409
Franklin Benjamin Allan Stirling R9245
Franklin L C Wellington L4339
Franklin A W Lancaster DV162
Franklin S J W P Halifax LL597
Franklin R H Lancaster ME692
Franklin D Lancaster DS683
Franklin F J Lancaster LM533
Franklin B Wellington W5356
Franklin L S Whitley Z9230
Franklin R Stirling BK703
Franklin G Lancaster ED383
Franklin J J Lancaster PB137
Franklin W H J Battle L5528
Franklin W H Halifax DG244
Franklin R E Whitley Z9131
Franklin G T Lancaster ND956
Franklin R J Lancaster ED372
Franklin R Wellington HE914
Franklin K D Wellington HE636
Franklin Geoffrey E Lancaster JB701
Franklin R F J Halifax LW538
Franklin W H Spitfire R6978
Franklin B A Stirling B9245
Franklin Whitley Z9277
Franklin William Henry
Franklin David Horace
Franklin Harold Kendall
Franklin George W P-51 Mustang
Franklin Rc Jr P-38 Lightning
Franklin Rc Jr P-38 Lightning
Frankling G R Lancaster DS621
Frankowski Antoni Józef Vickers Wellington Z1386
Frankowski (Franks) Tadeusz Jan Wellington Z1245
Frankowski (Franks) Tadeusz Jan Wellington W5723
Franks George William Lancaster RF230
Franks John Robert Halifax HR754
Franks J H Wellington Z1578
Franks A L Spitfire T
Franks L W Lancaster NF920
Franks Fortress AN523
Frankton J G Stirling EF299
Fransden Whitley Z6825
Fransden Whitley Z6742
Fransham George James Mosquito KB560
František Josef Hawker Hurricane R4175
Frantz Carl M P-51 Mustang
Frantz Carl M P-51 Mustang
Frantz Carl M P-51 Mustang
Frantz Carl M P-51 Mustang
Frantz Carl M P-51 Mustang
Frantz Carl M P-51 Mustang
Frantz Carl M P-51 Mustang
Frantz Carl M P-51 Mustang
Frantz Carl M P-51 Mustang
Frantz Carl M P-51 Mustang
Frantz Earl R P-47 Thunderbolt
Frantz Earl R P-47 Thunderbolt
Frapwell Arthur Wesley Whitley EB346
Fras(i)er Joseph Frederick
Fraser H R Typhoon R8942
Fraser A T Halifax BB249
Fraser Augustus Charles Halifax HR867
Fraser N R Lancaster ED972
Fraser Bryan Patrick Lancaster ND628
Fraser W Wellington Z1069
Fraser C N Lancaster NX585
Fraser J D Halifax MZ370
Fraser J D Halifax MZ402
Fraser G G Lancaster W4251
Fraser Peter Aird Halifax JB798
Fraser James Munro Mearns Wellington DV697
Fraser Alexander William Wellington HF352
Fraser Ivor Roderick Hampden AD936
Fraser Douglas Halifax L9560
Fraser Bertram Lancaster LL882
Fraser Andrew Taylor Wellington HF915
Fraser Alexander Ramsay Lancaster JA854
Fraser Walter Whitley T4230
Fraser Dave W. Wellington R1379
Fraser ‘Jock’. I.F. Lancaster RF121
Fraser James Wellington R3289
Fraser Rhoda Alice Lancaster PA278
Fraser A J Hampden AT123
Fraser G W Lancaster DV158
Fraser R D Lancaster ED476
Fraser C C D Wellington Z1466
Fraser John H. Lancaster DV369
Fraser J A M Halifax NP750
Fraser William Macmillan Hampden AE219
Fraser C G Halifax LW373
Fraser J Halifax MZ376
Fraser D G Wellington HE905
Fraser R A Halifax LK629
Fraser D J Halifax MZ867
Fraser J D Wellington DF635
Fraser C W Lancaster KB853
Fraser J A Halifax NP803
Fraser James Bruce Halifax HX230
Fraser I Lancaster ED471
Fraser B A M Halifax LK885
Fraser W M Wellington Z1565
Fraser James William 'John' Lancaster ED925
Fraser W F Lancaster LM676
Fraser J M Lancaster JB743
Fraser Harold Seymour Thomas Hudson FK443
Fraser M F G Wellington X3482
Fraser A A Wellington X3760
Fraser G R Halifax HX190
Fraser T Halifax MZ844
Fraser W Whitley P4966
Fraser W Whitley P4952
Fraser D C Lancaster ME564
Fraser J A Halifax R9446
Fraser J S Halifax HX150
Fraser G Halifax ME753
Fraser J R Whitley Z6510
Fraser J G Halifax PP179
Fraser H I Wellington R1061
Fraser J McL Hampden P1259
Fraser G E Lancaster JA871
Fraser W G Lancaster ND850
Fraser J N Battle L5200
Fraser Hampden P4407
Fraser T J Wellington X9920
Fraser A B Wellington X3414
Fraser W C Stirling W7614
Fraser M J Wellington R1713
Fraser J H M Stirling BK702
Fraser R H B Hurricane V6851
Fraser J E Tempest NV731
Fraser J Lancaster JB668
Fraser J G Typhoon MN547
Fraser W J Lancaster ED304
Fraser J Lancaster R5689
Fraser J Lancaster DS633
Fraser Whitley Z9204
Fraser J Hampden P4336
Fraser E Lancaster ED314
Fraser R D Manchester L7472
Fraser G Lancaster PB725
Fraser T D Lancaster ME843
Fraser C V Stirling N6017
Fraser W Lancaster JA718
Fraser T Halifax LK922
Fraser H Whitley Z6578
Fraser K E Lancaster ED596
Fraser R J Wellington X3276
Fraser C R Spitfire MB852
Fraser D A Lancaster ND748
Fraser Albert Thomas
Fraser James Munro Mearns
Fraser Bryan Patrick
Fraser Lindsay Hubert Skene
Fraser Simon John
Fraser Hugh Gavin
Fraser Robert Eric
Fraser Colin Angel
Fraser Alan James
Fraser Gilbert Gordon
Fraser Alexander John
Fraser Ian Lovat
Fraser Peter Aird
Fraser Thomas Press
Fraser Donald Joseph St Clair
Fraser Harris Robert
Fraser Alexander William
Fraser Herbert John
Fraser Douglas Ian
Fraser Thomas E P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Fraser Walter C P-47 Thunderbolt
Fraser-Pethebridge J S Typhoon MN815
Frater N Lancaster W4786
Frauts Clarence William Lancaster DS710
Frauts D J Halifax MZ858
Fray D B Lancaster DS625
Fray F C Stirling R9355
Fray F C Stirling R9266
Frayling D W Halifax LV828
Frayn Francis Edward Blenheim L9323
Frayn S T Halifax LW421
Frayne J Lancaster LM108
Frazee Kenneth Ellsworth B-24 42-50511
Frazer L J Lancaster W4844
Frazer John Wheelhouse Stirling BF327
Frazer R Lancaster W4880
Frazer R Lancaster ND499
Frazer Norman Roscoe
Frazer Alan Richard
Frazer Jack Edward
Frazer George McKinley
Frazer Lancelott James
Frazer John Alfred
Frazer Jr. Charles B-24 The Iron Duke 44-10491
Frazer-Hollins G A J Lancaster LM363
Frazier John F P-47 Thunderbolt
Freak Roy Wellington X3604
Freak Charles Ronald
Freakes Kenneth Lancaster LM725
Freakley N I Typhoon MN705
Freame E J Lancaster LM119
Freame Edward Jack
Frearson F J Lancaster HK612
Freberg Philip Gustav Stirling W7630
Freberg Philip Gustav Stirling R9275
Freckleton H R Lancaster JB278
Freckleton J McG Lancaster ME808
Frederick Merle Omer Lancaster PB183
Frederick R G Mosquito NT117
Frederick M D Halifax DT540
Frederick A A Halifax MZ912
Frederick G F Halifax DT736
Frederick Harold H P-51 Mustang
Frederick Nicholas J P-51 Mustang
Frederick Nicholas J P-51 Mustang
Frederick Nicholas J P-51 Mustang
Frederick Walter R P-47 Thunderbolt
Frederickson A Stirling BK650
Frederickson T Halifax LW197
Frederickson Russell P-47 Thunderbolt
Frederickson Russell P-47 Thunderbolt
Fredman N H Mosquito ML958
Fredman L Hurricane P2564
Freear D R Wellington Z8525
Freebain J E Lancaster PA985
Freeborn D B Lancaster PD378
Freeborn J W Lancaster PB639
Freeborn John Connell Spitfire
Freeburger Edward P P-47 Thunderbolt
Freeburn A H Lancaster DS633
Freeburn Roy Marsden
Freed B.V. (per Squadron records) (DV per BCL) Halifax NA184
Freeden Sidney Lancaster PB302
Freedman Harry H Lancaster PB802
Freedman Halifax W7761
Freedman David I P-51 Mustang
Freegard M L Wellington X3561
Freegard M L Wellington X3555
Freel J Halifax HR692
Freeland W W Stirling BK610
Freeland J R Wellington R12179
Freeland D H Whitley Z9275
Freeland R Stirling BK718
Freeman K H Halifax LV912
Freeman M J Lancaster ED664
Freeman Roger Nelson Halifax HR785
Freeman Carl Robert Lancaster PB689
Freeman Robert Walter Wellington DV930
Freeman Richard Albert Stirling EE894
Freeman William Thomas Lancaster ND573
Freeman T P Lancaster LM548
Freeman J H Lancaster PB186
Freeman W M Halifax HX356
Freeman H Typhoon MN410
Freeman J W Halifax W7885
Freeman J W Halifax W7923
Freeman J E Halifax NP745
Freeman G F Halifax HX313
Freeman A E Halifax LK968
Freeman H G Halifax HR836
Freeman A McC Lancaster ND583
Freeman E F Halifax MZ311
Freeman P P D Stirling BK617
Freeman Neville Austin Whirlwind
Freeman F C G Wellington Z1751
Freeman R W Lancaster W5012
Freeman D Lancaster R5608
Freeman W E Lancaster ED408
Freeman R J Stirling LJ526
Freeman W C Halifax HR721
Freeman R P Halifax HX320
Freeman A R B Wellington LN397
Freeman John Anthony Lancaster ND522
Freeman H A Lancaster ED442
Freeman L G Stirling BF528
Freeman G A Halifax JD209
Freeman R L Lancaster EE132
Freeman E A Lancaster PB695
Freeman L F Lancaster JA691
Freeman L W Tempest EJ761
Freeman C G Wellington R1271
Freeman C G Wellington X3665
Freeman W Mosquito NT119
Freeman D C Lancaster NF914
Freeman F M Stirling
Freeman R J Halifax NA584
Freeman R C H Halifax LK891
Freeman R C H Halifax DK136
Freeman W Halifax DK175
Freeman E G S H Whitley Z9151
Freeman G E Lancaster ND948
Freeman A W Stirling BK625
Freeman M I Stirling EF952
Freeman Keith Herbert
Freeman Hubert Thomas
Freeman Reginald Thomas Arthur
Freeman Maurice Joseph
Freeman Harry
Freeman Lloyd George
Freeman Sidney Beaufighter LZ435
Freeman Trevor Owen P-40N NZ3153
Freeman Cecil M P-51 Mustang
Freeman Joseph J Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Freeman Robert L P-38 Lightning
Freemantle Gerald Thomas Wellington HE527
Freemantle A B Halifax NA545
Freer K B Lancaster ND691
Freer William Harold Halifax LV874
Frees John Robert Lancaster NG176
Frees John Robert
Freese L E Spitfire P7561
Freestone Ronald Albert Blenheim R3600
Freestone John Handel Wellington X3711
Freestone Thomas Harold Wellington X9660
Freeth John Samuel
Freeze W F Lancaster ED876
Frehner N E Spitfire MH351
Freiburger R H Lancaster JB241
Freifeld George R P-47 Thunderbolt
Freisner S Stirling EF412
Frels Herbert Finley B-24 Gawgia Peach 42-52709
Fremaux Edward C P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Fremlin Erle Rutherford Defiant T3955
French G A Lancaster DV195
French R Y Stirling LK279
French K C Lancaster LM334
French J W Halifax HX366
French G Lancaster NF917
French R Lancaster NN699
French Geoffrey Charles Wellington LN928
French Jesse Robert Sunderland ML760
French Leonard Percy James Stirling BF391
French Herbert John Stirling EE894
French Raymond Alfred Lancaster PB183
French Richard Otway Lancaster JA854
French R L Lancaster LM493
French H A Wellington W5595
French J O Wellington BJ723
French F M Lancaster ND805
French E L Lancaster JB463
French R V Stirling LK386
French K H Lancaster PB505
French R W Lancaster ND806
French Victor Raymond Halifax BB212
French G R Halifax MZ593
French P H Lancaster W4127
French W E Lancaster PA964
French W F Wellington X9628
French G F H Halifax MZ680
French E G O Halifax JB839
French G F Lancaster ND469
French L A Lancaster LM111
French C V Stirling EH906
French W D Lancaster ND478
French Geoffrey Charles
French Gordon Albert
French William James
French Richard York
French Keeble Charles
French George
French David J P-51 Mustang
French David J P-51 Mustang
French Harold R P-38 Lightning
French Lloyd J P-51 Mustang
Frencham R M C Mosquito
Freney Bernard John
Frenkel A Mosquito DZ474
Freshwater N E Halifax NA114
Freshwater W F Typhoon JP801
Freshwater J M Lancaster W4847
Fretter G J Lancaster LL774
Fretwell R A Boston Z2261
Fretwell A Lancaster NE169
Frew G S Lancaster ED856
Frew G C Wellington W5379
Frew R A F Halifax V9979
Frew R G Halifax MZ758
Frew A McW Lancaster R5856
Frew A McW Lancaster JB351
Frew W E Lancaster PB292
Frew H McA Lancaster W4825
Frew Harold George
Frew Robert Gordon
Frewen S D Wellington HE177
Frewer J H Lancaster JA849
Frewin Lawrence William Arthur Halifax HR832
Frewin A Lancaster JA971
Frey Frederick John Alec Lancaster PB129
Frey Raymond Edward B-24 Polyana 42-50374
Frey Jesse R P-51 Mustang
Frey Jesse R P-51 Mustang
Frey Royal D P-51 Mustang
Frey Royal D P-51 Mustang
Freyn Lawrence Wellington JA471
Freysteinson H T F Wellington Z1650
Frick Alfred O F-6C Mustangs
Frick Alfred O F-6C Mustangs
Fricker A W Wellington Z1650
Frickers Oxford N4647
Friday Jack William Lancaster KB726
Friday John Henry
Friday Arthur Ian
Fried Alfred Józef Wellington HE347
Friedel Leopold Marian Armstrong Whitworth Whitley K7229
Friedman Joseph Aaron Lancaster PB112
Friedrich L T Lancaster PB526
Friedt J Lancaster LM459
Friel P Lancaster JB612
Friend George Thomas Stirling N6038
Friend Kenneth Charles Hampden L4129
Friend Ian Ignatious Stirling W7475
Friend Walter Lancaster JA858
Friend H T Stirling EF445
Friend H Beaufighter R2309
Friend Walter Wellington Z8735
Friend E G Lancaster ME441
Friend J E A Hampden L4119
Friend J D Lancaster PD314
Friend A W Lancaster R5675
Friend Ray K P-51 Mustang
Friendly J Mosquito DZ464
Friendship Alfred Henry Basil
Fries Jr. Lawrence L. B-17 Henn’s Revenge 44-8427
Friesen Andrew Richard B-17 You Never Know 42-32086
Friesner Alec Halifax MZ541
Frieze Berrol Samuel
Friker W L Halifax NP781
Frink J D Lancaster LM621
Frink J D Lancaster ND456
Fripp A F C Halifax LV792
Fripp A W G Lancaster LM551
Fripp A G Blenheim L1141
Fripp Alan Wesley Giles
Frisby H B Halifax HR725
Frisby Albert John Lancaster NG302
Frisby A B Wellington X9951
Friskey R Halifax LW431
Friswell L Lancaster PB360
Frith S R Lancaster NF921
Frith E G Wellington X3954
Frith A W Wellington BJ897
Frith E J Halifax W7919
Frith P Lancaster ND799
Frith L Wellington W5433
Frith C J Wellington DV829
Frith A Lancaster DS741
Frith J B Lancaster LL922
Frith S F Lancaster LL698
Frith J W Halifax MZ563
Frith M W Spitfire MJ303
Frith E T G Spitfire X4597
Frith Ernest Francis Hamilton
Frith Rex
Frith Robert Hamilton
Frith Evan James
Frith John Francis Cokeyne
Frizell C G Hurricane L1703
Frizell Herbert Lindsay
Frizzell C R Lancaster JB140
Frizzell L W Halifax NP810
Frizzell H A Halifax LK779
Frizzell J C Lancaster JA958
Frizzell W C Wellington BJ723
Frizzell G A C Lancaster LL847
Frizzell E C J Lancaster W4194
Frizzell Cecil Roland
Frizzle Wellington W5489
Froats T Stirling BF511
Frobes R A L Lancaster KB731
Frobisher M P Halifax MZ772
Frodin L Mosquito NS951
Frodsham J Blenheim R3841
Froggatt Douglas William Lancaster DV303
Frogley T F Lancaster PB245
Frohlich B Spitfire MK725
Frombold A Typhoon MP183
Fromings A J Halifax W7753
Fromings A J Halifax DG225
Fromm Frederick Thomas
Fromont J J M Spitfire AR490
Frond L F Halifax NA627
Froneman Everill Edwin Bristol C4788
Frost R R Wellington W5570
Frost John Thomas Naldrett Typhoon MN719
Frost W G Lancaster NF975
Frost K Lancaster PA974
Frost Colin George Charles Wellington W5444
Frost Robert Wellington BJ877
Frost Harold Fortress HB779
Frost Reginald Roy Lancaster ND878
Frost J B Lancaster R5750
Frost W D Hampden AE355
Frost H W Halifax DK253
Frost R J Halifax DK180
Frost Laurence James Liberator BZ832
Frost F A Halifax R9495
Frost G E Halifax LW159
Frost N H Lancaster JB423
Frost S W Lancaster W4370
Frost C D Hampden P4363
Frost C D Hampden P4364
Frost A J Stirling R9310
Frost A J Stirling W7462
Frost A W D Stirling N6030
Frost H C Lancaster ND466
Frost W A Halifax PN380
Frost H Lancaster LM748
Frost K J Lancaster ED600
Frost H F H Stirling R9190
Frost H F H Stirling W7636
Frost F W R Wellington HE803
Frost J R Halifax LV871
Frost C A Lancaster ME629
Frost W J Hampden AE377
Frost R Lancaster ED434
Frost W C Lancaster ND396
Frost A C Wellington R1608
Frost A Wellington Z8792
Frost C Hampden L4119
Frost F J Stirling EE905
Frost H W Stirling BF358
Frost Arthur Henry Lancaster PB357
Frost A G A Halifax LW648
Frost A Halifax RG507
Frost J T Halifax JN974
Frost C R Manchester L7426
Frost R C Stirling R9276
Frost Rae Rees
Frost John Thomas Naldrett
Frost Eric Austin
Frost William Donald Garland
Frost William Gordon
Frost Kenneth
Frost Robert Arthur Lancaster
Frost Reginald Arthur Whitley EB328
Frost Lionel S P-51 Mustang
Froud Arthur Martin Hudson T9320
Froud Denis Percy John Lancaster W5010
Froud Leonard P. Halifax HR754
Froud H G Halifax DK190
Froud P Lancaster ND691
Froud K P Halifax JB838
Frowde B Wellington R1519
Fruchtl John George Hotspur HH232
Frudd F W Halifax HR813
Fruechtenicht Richard W P-51 Mustang
Fruechtenicht Richard W P-51 Mustang
Fruh Robert K P-38 Lightning
Fruh Robert K P-38 Lightning
Fruh Robert K P-51 Mustang
Frutiger W E Hampden P4405
Fry H J G Lancaster ME740
Fry J R Lancaster ME785
Fry H J Lancaster JB662
Fry W Halifax HR844
Fry C W Halifax BB378
Fry J R Halifax JB912
Fry E J Halifax BB282
Fry T W Halifax MZ361
Fry J R Wellington R1447
Fry F J Lancaster ED775
Fry A H Lancaster ED626
Fry O J H Lancaster ND417
Fry A G Lancaster JA857
Fry F A Manchester L7394
Fry Hampden AD746
Fry E C Lancaster JB292
Fry D R Stirling EF427
Fry F J Lancaster ED969
Fry P W Mosquito MM646
Fry P W Mosquito MM646
Fry F G Wellington X9982
Fry P A Halifax DK206
Fry P A Halifax DK232
Fry D W Lancaster R5760
Fry Wellington X3206
Fry D P Spitfire MJ602
Fry L J Halifax MZ314
Fry L J Halifax LW136
Fry A F Halifax EB218
Fry P D Lancaster ME728
Fry Harold Leonard Lancaster ED867
Fry M C Lancaster ED500
Fry J F Mosquito PZ349
Fry D J Halifax MZ345
Fry R S Halifax EB249
Fry F J Lancaster JB424
Fry Wellington T2803
Fry Kenneth Gregson
Fry Herbert James George
Fry James Rollo
Fry Victor Morwick
Fry Dwight A P-47 Thunderbolt
Fry Dwight A P-47 Thunderbolt
Fry Robert M P-47 Thunderbolt
Fry Robert M P-47 Thunderbolt
Frychel Maksymilian Boulton Paul Defiant N3390
Frye James E P-51 Mustang
Fryer G Lancaster LM458
Fryer A D Lancaster NE133
Fryer John Mario Joseph Wellington HF835
Fryer Hubert Halifax DG414
Fryer L R Halifax LK739
Fryer R Lancaster ME670
Fryer J L Lancaster NF925
Fryer G R Wellington R3213
Fryer Peter Henry Lancaster DV366
Fryer Manchester R5789
Fryer A Whitley N1432
Fryer John Edmund
Fryer Arthur David
Fryer Graham
Fryer Earl R P-51 Mustang
Fryer Earl R P-51 Mustang
Fryett J Halifax W1153
Fuce A H Halifax W1050
Fuce Whitley Z6504
Fuce Frederick William Liberator BZ930
Fuchs Walery Stanisław North American Mitchell FV941
Fuchs C C A Boston AL269
Fuchs C C A Blenheim T1887
Fuchs Marion J P-51 Mustang
Fudala Józef Hawker Typhoon EK370
Fudali Władysław Avro Lancaster ED814
Fudge Howard Philip Stirling BF479
Fudge Bruce Samuel Wellington HF518
Fudge D C H Stirling BK799
Fudge T J Halifax LV817
Fueggle F G Stirling N6073
Fuge A J Halifax HR779
Fugere C M Halifax LK752
Fuggle David Gordon Spitfire AD541
Fuggle R Lancaster DS675
Fugiel Franciszek Vickers Wellington Z1377
Fuglesang N J Spitfire BS540
Fuhr H A Halifax LK840
Fuhrmann H L Lancaster JA689
Fuhrmann Herbert Leonard
Fuidge Ernest William Lockheed Hudson Not known - are you able to assist?
Fulbeck C W Stirling W7441
Fulbrook S J Blenheim L8830
Fulcher R E Lancaster PB848
Fulcher L T Lancaster ED524
Fulcher J V Wellington L7805
Fulcher W H Hampden Z3135
Fulford D F Ventura AJ169
Fulford John Michael Wellington R1374
Fulford Roy Warren Melvin Lancaster LM588
Fulford G U Lancaster PD239
Fulford David
Fulford Dudley Francis
Fulham S J A Halifax LK685
Fulker L Halifax HX329
Fulker A A Lancaster DV397
Fulkerson J E Whitley Z6794
Fullager D R Lancaster ED663
Fullar Richard John Wellington DV717
Fullard F Wellington R1222
Fullard H W Lancaster ED492
Fullbrook Arthur Bartholemew Lancaster
Fuller A L Halifax HR924
Fuller A L Halifax DT792
Fuller S R Halifax LL598
Fuller K R Lancaster W4198
Fuller Alfred Eric Short Sunderland EJ134
Fuller Geoffrey William Lancaster ED377
Fuller James Roe Lancaster PA195
Fuller Frank Tilden Lancaster ND443
Fuller R Halifax LK923
Fuller D Lancaster ME810
Fuller J A Wellington BK360
Fuller D J Lancaster ME677
Fuller F A Lancaster JB564
Fuller A R Lancaster ND413
Fuller W L Lancaster ED710
Fuller R H Lancaster ND334
Fuller W A J Lancaster R5748
Fuller H J Blenheim V6179
Fuller L E Lancaster DS673
Fuller A A Blenheim V6258
Fuller William E Lancaster PB802
Fuller Harry William Lancaster ME418
Fuller W H C Lancaster ME388
Fuller R H Wellington BJ969
Fuller J Halifax L9572
Fuller J Halifax L9497
Fuller M O'D Halifax W7825
Fuller A W Halifax LL243
Fuller G A Lancaster PD339
Fuller K W L Lancaster LL837
Fuller M V Lancaster ME301
Fuller H Lancaster PB523
Fuller M J D Lancaster ED937
Fuller F E Lancaster ND730
Fuller C Lancaster EE109
Fuller C Lancaster EE149
Fuller G M Stirling N6035
Fuller D P C Stirling EF369
Fuller D P C Lancaster JA978
Fuller A C Halifax LK946
Fuller R E Halifax JD465
Fuller A R Stirling EE901
Fuller C T H Lancaster ND440
Fuller Leonard Graham
Fuller Donald John
Fuller Kenneth
Fuller Clifford Jack
Fuller Sydney Robert
Fuller Lloyd Deacon
Fuller Kenneth Rosslyn
Fuller Alfred Eric Sunderland DV968
Fuller Harrel William B-24 Stinky 42-110138
Fuller Charles H P-40 Warhawk
Fuller Leonard B P-51 Mustang
Fuller Leonard B P-51 Mustang
Fuller Leonard B P-51 Mustang
Fuller Sam G P-51 Mustang
Fullerton Thomas Blenheim N6212
Fullerton B Blenheim L9020
Fullerton George Noile Hudson AM715
Fullerton Melville Lloyd Wellington LN181
Fullerton Lawrence Ventura AE688
Fullerton J Lancaster JB376
Fullerton William Arthur 'Boy' Wellington DV843
Fullerton W A Whitley T4213
Fullerton E Lancaster LM528
Fullick A E Lancaster ED724
Fullum W J Lancaster ND745
Fullum J E M Halifax LW431
Fullwood T H Lancaster ME314
Fulsher F H Lancaster ND456
Fulsher F H Lancaster LM621
Fulton E C Lancaster W4864
Fulton D B Stirling BK687
Fulton W T Lancaster DS797
Fulton J D L Halifax LV995
Fulton V Halifax W1062
Fulton R O Lancaster W4847
Fulton W J Wellington W5458
Fulton A Hampden AE392
Fulton I T S Stirling EF327
Fulton J T S Stirling BK708
Fulton J Lancaster LM126
Fulton J K Mitchell FL696
Fulton J K Mitchell FL676
Fulton H Lancaster ED442
Fulton H W Halifax HR806
Fulton J Wellington X3488
Fulton B T M Hampden X3024
Fulton J Lancaster LM290
Fulton Halifax L9604
Fulton Edgar Claude
Fulton Joseph O Jr P-51 Mustang
Funcheon Donald M P-47 Thunderbolt
Funcheon Donald M P-47 Thunderbolt
Funcheon Donald M P-47 Thunderbolt
Funk P J Lancaster HK663
Funk M Wellington BJ864
Funk George E Jr P-51 Mustang
Funkhouser H G Halifax EB212
Funnell Victor Frank DC-3 Dakota KN500
Funnell J C Lancaster LL754
Funnell D E Halifax DT746
Funnell R E Lancaster W4140
Funnell R G Stirling EF299
Furbach Wellington N2773
Furber F M Typhoon R8804
Furber A G Lancaster NG251
Furby W Blenheim L9410
Furby C G Manchester L7497
Furey Ronald John Wellington R1775
Furey Rex Patrick Stirling LK488
Furey B J J Halifax BB323
Furey Ronald John
Furley K S Hampden AE383
Furley K S Hampden AE229
Furlong P Halifax LW429
Furlong J R Spitfire BL923
Furlong D Spitfire BR622
Furlong James Raymond
Furlong Walter Thomas Dominic
Furlong Harry J P-47 Thunderbolt`
Furman R M Lancaster DV183
Furmaniak Józef Vickers Wellington Z1401
Furneaux Robert Vernon Halifax LW715
Furneaux J D Mustang FD530
Furneaux John W P-51 Mustang
Furnell R E Wellington BJ607
Furness J H Lancaster HK626
Furness R Spitfire MA839
Furness R G Wellington P9273
Furness D H Halifax W1215
Furness W E Blenheim Z7372
Furness John Howell
Furness Joseph F P-47 Thunderbolt
Furness Joseph F P-51 Mustang
Furniss O S Lancaster JA901
Furniss J W Halifax DT579
Furniss H T Wellington HE810
Furniss H M Spitfire EN569
Furniss B B Lancaster ND854
Furniss Oscar Skelton
FurnIss-Roe William Spitfire W3719
Furniss-Rowe A Spitfire EN575
Furnival J Lancaster LM738
Furnival A Lancaster LM209
Furr William W P-47 Thunderbolt
Furr William W P-47 Thunderbolt
Furr William W P-47 Thunderbolt
Furrer Jr. John K. B-17 Flying Fortress 42-8514 Lassie Come Home
Furrie F A Lancaster JB670
Furse W W Lancaster ME667
Furse William Walter
Furze A E Whitley N1463
Furze L J Whitley N1478
Furzer Clarence
Fusche F Spitfire TB597
Fusiara Ryszard North American P-51d Mustang FB220
Fusiński Jan Mieczysław Wellington Z1276
Fusiński Jan Mieczysław Mosquito DZ758
Fuśniak Józef Wellington Z1406
Fuss N H Wellington HZ531
Fuss Newton Hasalby
Fussell M A Lancaster W4319
Fussell P G Wellington Z3288
Fussell L V Lancaster JB665
Fussell Roscoe J P-47 Thunderbolt
Fussell Roscoe J P-47 Thunderbolt
Fussell Roscoe J P-47 Thunderbolt
Fussey L A Blenheim V6337
Fussey Philip Stirling R9166
Futch Sidney B P-47 Thunderbolt
Futcher S M Lancaster ME832
Futiranski J Lancaster KB776
Futter N Z Halifax NA522
Fyfe William Lancaster ND582
Fyfe Jack Leslie Lancaster LL864
Fyfe J Halifax NA108
Fyfe A B Lancaster ME622
Fyfe J B Blenheim T1850
Fyfe J G Halifax HR740
Fyfe W S Mosquito DD713
Fyfe H L Wellington HZ271
Fyfe N W Lancaster ED453
Fyfe J S Lancaster LM633
Fyfe Garnet Alexander
Fyffe D W Lancaster ED435
Fyfield B R Halifax DT506
Fylfes T R Wellington X9749
Fynn Leonard Martin Baltimore FW553
Fynn T H Lancaster ND576
Fyson B J Wellington R1061
Fytton R W Lancaster PA259
Fyvie K Hampden AE320
Gaba William Halifax NA190
Gabbitas H C Hampden AD912
Gabbott Walter Lancaster PB287
Gabbuley R B Mosquito DZ469
Gabe Thomas Albert Mosquito DK299
Gabel Albert Lloyd Halifax MZ529
Gaboury J A P H Lancaster DS797
Gabreski Francis 'Gabby' Spitfire
Gabreski Francis S P-47 Thunderbolt
Gabreski Francis S P-47 Thunderbolt
Gabreski Francis S P-47 Thunderbolt
Gabreski Francis S P-47 Thunderbolt
Gabreski Francis S P-47 Thunderbolt
Gabreski Francis S P-47 Thunderbolt
Gabreski Francis S P-47 Thunderbolt
Gabreski Francis S P-47 Thunderbolt
Gabreski Francis S P-47 Thunderbolt
Gabreski Francis S P-47 Thunderbolt
Gabreski Francis S P-47 Thunderbolt
Gabreski Francis S P-47 Thunderbolt
Gabreski Francis S P-47 Thunderbolt
Gabreski Francis S P-47 Thunderbolt
Gabreski Francis S P-47 Thunderbolt
Gabreski Francis S P-47 Thunderbolt
Gabreski Francis S P-47 Thunderbolt
Gabreski Francis S P-47 Thunderbolt
Gabreski Francis S P-47 Thunderbolt
Gabriel G R Lancaster ED392
Gabriel T A Halifax LV964
Gabszewicz Aleksander Klemens
Gackowski (Gachowski?) Ludwik Wellington T2517
Gacoń Ignacy Wellington T2625
Gadd A W Lancaster DV285
Gadd W C Spitfire SM244
Gadd H A G Lancaster PD255
Gadd R Halifax DT508
Gadd Arthur Carveath
Gaddes J McL Halifax NR210
Gaddess A Lancaster KB745
Gadek Mieczysław Wellington Z1488
Gaden Charles Burton
Gadkin V M Lancaster KB725
Gadomski Stefan Aleksander Handley Page Halifax DT725
Gadsby J D Hampden AE203
Gadsby J M Blenheim N3569
Gadsby W C Lancaster ND421
Gadsby A E Lancaster JB174
Gadsden D Lancaster EE119
Gadsden John Geoffrey Norman
Gadsden Noel Wilkinson
Gadsden Ernest Ronald
Gadsdon Kenneth William Lancaster ED377
Gadsen N W Lancaster ME733
Gadson R B Lancaster R5903
Gadus Romuald Hawker Hurricane Z2962
Gaff John W Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Gaffee L Stirling BF477
Gaffney Thomas Stanislaus Hampden P5312
Gaffney J Lancaster W4195
Gaffney Thomas Stanislaus
Gafford R Lancaster EE169
Gaffray E W Halifax PN226
Gągała Edward Consolidated Liberator KH151
Gage John Wellington T2501
Gage Peter’ Henry Albert John Lancaster PD421
Gage G G M Halifax MZ522
Gage D I Lancaster ND919
Gage J W Lancaster JA902
Gage D F Wellington HE506
Gage F H Lancaster W4123
Gage D H Spitfire W3126
Gaggin E H Halifax LV826
Gaggin Eric Henry
Gagnon G A Halifax DK180
Gaha Francis Clive
Gahagan Gordon Francis Wilson Blenheim V6087
Gahan Geoffrey Russell Stirling N3710
Gahan Stirling N6097
Gahan Geoffrey Russell
Gaiger A R J Halifax DK253
Gaik Zygmunt Paweł Vickers Wellington L4297
Gailer Frank L P-51 Mustang
Gailer Frank L P-51 Mustang
Gailer Frank L P-51 Mustang
Gailer Frank L P-51 Mustang
Gailer Frank L P-51 Mustang
Gailer Frank L P-51 Mustang
Gailer Frank L P-51 Mustang
Gailey Hampden AE311
Gailey C E Hampden AE353
Gaines Philip Halifax MZ532
Gains F G Lancaster ND446
Gains J A Lancaster JB370
Gainsborough-Allen J H Lancaster ND414
Gainsford G P Blenheim R3776
Gair Ronald William Beaufort W6493
Gairns R H Halifax EB254
Gaisford E G Stirling BK725
Gait L J Halifax DT778
Gait David Taylor Lancaster W4273
Gait R C Lancaster W4769
Gait David Taylor Sunderland DV968
Gaiter J A Wellington Z1249
Gaiter James Albert
Gajek Wacław William Bristol Beaufighter X8149
Gajewski Antoni Józef
Gajewski Henryk Feliks De Havilland Mosquito HK230
Gajosiński Jerzy
Galas Mieczyslaw Kazimierz Vickers Wellington HE295
Gałas Mieczysław Kazimierz Wellington Z8438
Gałas Mieczysław Kazimierz Wellington Z8537
Gałat Kazimierz Avro Lancaster PB252
Galavan C V Lancaster ED904
Gałązka Jan Spitfire BL677
Galbraith Robert Alfred Wellington R1495
Galbraith R F Typhoon SW552
Galbraith B E Lancaster ME622
Galbraith D I Lancaster PB516
Galbraith R H Halifax RG350
Galbraith T F Lancaster LM484
Galbraith L J Halifax LW681
Galbraith J E Lancaster W4379
Galbraith G Halifax W7820
Galbraith D Halifax JD111
Galbraith D Halifax LW179
Galbraith G M Halifax JB787
Galbraith W Halifax LW131
Galbraith T R Halifax W7764
Gałczyński Zbigniew Mieczysław Wellington R1212
Gale Kenneth William Gale Mosquito DZ353
Gale W J R Halifax NA186
Gale Alex Edward Halifax JD330
Gale Norman Hathway Stirling BK809
Gale L J Halifax MZ831
Gale G C Stirling R9199
Gale W A Typhoon JP898
Gale J J Whitley P5097
Gale N Lancaster JB146
Gale B Mosquito TA446
Gale S Lancaster NG200
Gale L C Stirling EE959
Gale P A Wellington Z8329
Gale S F Lancaster LM171
Gale R M Halifax LW172
Gale J K Lancaster ED530
Gale G A Hampden AE431
Gale N L E Lancaster JB318
Gale J Lancaster PB652
Gale J W Stirling BF458
Gale Whitley Z9277
Gale Whitley Z6742
Gale J Mitchell FL197
Gale Wellington L7868
Gale Lionel Albert
Gale Herbert Lewis
Gale David Ross
Gale Walter William Beresford
Gale Alan Rutherford
Gale Kenneth William
Gale John James Wellington AD625
Gales P F W Stirling R9187
Gales Stirling N3712
Galewicz Roman Marian Wellington Z8601
Galewicz Roman Marian Wellington W5573
Galiczyn Stanisław Vickers Wellington HZ486
Galiga John W P-47 Thunderbolt
Galiga John W P-51 Mustang
Galipeau R H Wellington R1588
Galipeau J Halifax MZ674
Gall H M Halifax W1180
Gall M W Lancaster KB855
Gall John Hudson V9155
Gall C N Spitfire P8747
Gall R S Lancaster ED420
Gall W J Halifax MZ791
Gall Herbert Maurice
Gallacher J E Halifax LK753
Gallacher P Lancaster JB350
Gallacher P J Lancaster W4833
Gallagher Francis Alexander Kevin Lancaster W4365
Gallagher R D Lancaster ED803
Gallagher R W F Lancaster PB230
Gallagher R W F Lancaster PB140
Gallagher Maurice Patrick Lancaster R5639
Gallagher John Halifax LW142
Gallagher Halifax MZ932
Gallagher John Douglas Lancaster NE173
Gallagher J P Halifax LL419
Gallagher Gordon John Wellington X3932
Gallagher F J Wellington
Gallagher James Halifax NP936
Gallagher H Halifax ML422 other sources quote it as MZ422
Gallagher J C Halifax NP719
Gallagher W J Halifax LL257
Gallagher C J Lancaster NG321
Gallagher J S Lancaster LL679
Gallagher A Wellington BJ595
Gallagher R T P Stirling N6082
Gallagher R T P Stirling W7461
Gallagher F W Lancaster ME827
Gallagher F W Lancaster EE197
Gallagher G B Stirling BK653
Gallagher J Stirling BF408
Gallagher Wellington Z8904
Gallagher V Lancaster PB231
Gallagher J Lancaster DS633
Gallagher D C Lancaster ND879
Gallagher G C Halifax NA163
Gallagher M Halifax LL244
Gallagher Frank John Wellington BJ987
Gallagher Anthony Joseph
Gallagher Francis Alexander Kevin
Gallagher Robin George
Gallagher Ronald David
Gallagher Robert William Francis
Gallagher James Dunstan Fisher Wellington LN318
Gallaher Whitley Z6808
Gallaher Arnold P-47 Thunderbolt
Gallaher Arnold P-47 Thunderbolt
Gallan A J Hampden AE433
Galland George Joseph William Wellington AD632
Gallant J L Lancaster ME865
Gallant J Halifax NP722
Gallant Morris E P-51 Mustang
Gallantree F J Halifax JD195
Gallantry T Halifax DT492
Gallaugher R C Halifax HX279
Gallaway Lloyd George Lancaster R5703
Gallaway J Halifax BB428
Gallaway Horace
Galle Americo S. B-17 43-38107
Gallery S D Blenheim V6428
Gallewski M M Blenheim R3882
Galley A F Wellington X3345
Galley S Lancaster JA912
Galley J G Liberator TT336
Galley P Spitfire PT996
Galley Arthur Joseph
Galliard J D Lancaster ND932
Gallie Rollo William Wesley Defiant DR919
Galliers G A Halifax HR852
Galligan P J Lancaster ED307
Galligan E R Stirling EE949
Galligan Patrick James
Galligan Edwin Richard
Gallimore John James Lancaster R5695
Gallion Frank D P47D Thunderbolt 42-7924
Gallivan Thomas Edward Lancaster SW251
Gallivan W F Lancaster NE177
Gallogly V J Wellington DV818
Gallogly Vincent John
Gallon J E Spitfire AD202
Gallop Philip Arthur Hudson FK791
Gallop W C D Wellington Z8714
Gallop A C Stirling P9289
Gallop Roy Lancaster JB122
Galloway E A Whitley N1377
Galloway R L Hampden L4121
Galloway Ernest Norman Stirling W7618
Galloway J Lancaster DS713
Galloway K A Lancaster ND986
Galloway D A Halifax JD200
Galloway M Halifax JD112
Galloway M Halifax W7935
Galloway K A Mustang FB349
Galloway Wellington R1218
Galloway J Halifax W1271
Galloway J Halifax DK239
Galloway J Halifax LK699
Galloway S R Lancaster ME353
Galloway A Halifax HR838
Galloway R Lancaster DS736
Galloway R T Lancaster NF988
Galloway R T Lancaster ND902
Galloway A B Lancaster LM163
Galloway T H Mosquito MM138
Galloway A D Halifax LW273
Galloway-Wilson Bryan Geoffrey Lancaster R5659
Galloway-Wilson G G Hampden AE188
Galltly A R Lancaster ND904
Gallup R Boston Z2211
Gallup A.W. Douglas DC-3 Dakota KG397
Gallup Kenneth W P-51 Mustang
Gallup Kenneth W P-51 Mustang
Gallup Kenneth W P-51 Mustang
Gallup Kenneth W P-51 Mustang
Gallup Kenneth W P-51 Mustang
Gallup Kenneth W P-51 Mustang
Gallup Kenneth W P-51 Mustang
Gallus Paweł Spitfire MK200
Galt K R Lancaster JA859
Galt R B Blenheim V6253
Galt Kenneth Rae
Galt David Taylor
Galvin Glenburne George Halifax HR861
Galvin K F Halifax ME701
Galvin L P Lancaster PB127
Galvin John Anthony
Galvin Kevin Francis
Galvon Thomas Michael Stirling LJ864
Galway G G Spitfire EN786
Gamage Walter George Lancaster ED366
Gamble C Hampden P1203
Gamble J I Lancaster LM552
Gamble Wilfred Sidney Lancaster NG147
Gamble Robert Hodgson Perry Halifax HR713
Gamble A T Lancaster ME434
Gamble N Halifax LV835
Gamble W A Lancaster PB691
Gamble R Fortress HB802
Gamble Wellington R1007
Gamble A W H Halifax W1013
Gamble H Halifax JB973
Gamble Clarence Augustine Reginald
Gamble Leonard
Gamble John
Gamble James Ian
Gamblen D R Spitfire N3038
Game Malcolm Dennis Reginald Spitfire Not known - are you able to assist?
Game J D Lancaster JB148
Game R A Lancaster W4266
Game H E Lancaster W4233
Gamesby N F C Halifax NP678
Gamey T C Spitfire NH157
Gamilton R A Whitley Z9315
Gammage L Lancaster ED731
Gammie Colin
Gammon R T Wellington X3201
Gammon V F Wellington R3219
Gammon H E Halifax LW390
Gammon P C Hampden P4406
Gamon Cyril Montague Wellington T2472
Gamsby A G Lancaster ND343
Gander Owen Sandford Hampden P1171
Gander A Whitley Z6653
Gander A F Halifax LK976
Gander N T Whitley Z9389
Ganderton V F Halifax EB148
Ganderton J R F Halifax W1143
Ganderton Halifax R9492
Ganderton A Lancaster ND708
Ganderton R B Lancaster R5544
Gandor Władysław Wellington Z1491
Gandurski Wiktor Zbigniew Boulton Paul Defiant N3401
Gandy P J Halifax MZ602
Gandy D Hampden AT192
Gandy K R Stirling EF509
Gane Geoffrey Arnold Wellington Z8643
Gane G L Whitley P5055
Gane G B Wellington Z1610
Gane Sidney Russell Blenheim L9453
Gane Albert Leslie
Ganer P Lancaster LM623
Ganes Joseph Wayne Boston AL690
Ganghran W Lancaster ND817
Ganley Whitley Z6808
Ganley Daniel Joseph Francis
Ganly C G W Halifax R9450
Gannon G G Lancaster ED658
Gannon Stephen Frederic Halifax DT576
Gannon J Wellington T2565
Gannon S Lancaster NG502
Gannon R F Lancaster LM117
Gannon Ronald Dillon
Gannon Benjamin Peter
Gansberg Raymond H P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Gansberg Raymond H P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Gansberg Raymond H P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Ganschow Edward B-17 Towering Titan 43-38085
Gansler C E Whitley Z6585
Gant Maurice George Mosquito RV326
Gantschi N V Lancaster JB641
Gapes J D Halifax MZ350
Gapp James Frederick Wellington L7799
Gapp D E Lancaster PD294
Gapp R A Hampden P4405
Gapper P Lancaster LL952
Gapper A J Mosquito NS875
Garai Erle Stanley Stirling BF565
Garalick A Halifax EB274
Garback Alfred A P-47 Thunderbolt
Garbacz Wincenty Wellington DV437
Garbacz Wincenty Vickers Wellington Z1088
Garbas F A Lancaster ED864
Garbatt Tomasz Ryszard Vickers Wellington MP541
Garben J W Spitfire PL1625
Garber D Lancaster PB115
Garbett D D Lancaster W4195
Garbett H T Blenheim N6229
Garbett S G Stirling EH892
Garbutt Milton Edwin Lancaster ED621
Garbutt Sydney Manchester L7489
Garbutt J A Lancaster LM640
Garbutt William Harrison Wellington HE524
Garbutt J R Lancaster W4268
Garbutt Wellington R1043
Garbutt R H Halifax LW369
Garbutt J Stirling BK800
Garbutt F K Stirling EH896
Garbutt F K Stirling BK720
Garbutt Norman Herbert
Garbutt Milton Edwin
Garcia Baldamore B-24 The Iron Duke 44-10491
Garcia-Webb Joseph Mosquito ML907
Garcka J E Blenheim L9410
Garczyński Edmund Wellington BJ609
Garczyński Edmund Vickers Wellington HZ486
Gard R W Lancaster W4370
Gard G Stirling BK707
Gard R L Lancaster NN721
Gard P J Whitley P4948
Gard Jack L P-38 Lightning
Garde D G Lancaster ED657
Garde J M Lancaster ND391
Garde F Wellington Z8909
Garde Douglas Graham
Garden J Mustang KM482
Garden A Lancaster ED604
Garden Mowbray
Garden Harold Alexander
Gardener C E Lancaster JB699
Gardener C C Halifax HR739
Gardener D E Hampden P4335
Gardham R Lancaster DS722
Gardinder H Lancaster W4363
Gardiner Walter Ronald Wellington W5526
Gardiner Frank Henry Battle K9283
Gardiner Walter Ronald
Gardiner William Reginald Catalina FP232
Gardiner Frank (Freddie) Edward Halifax W7765
Gardiner Kenneth Lancaster ND476
Gardiner Kenneth Gerald Stirling LJ930
Gardiner John George Stratford Wellington Z8504
Gardiner J Lancaster PB295
Gardiner G P Halifax W1050
Gardiner J E Spitfire AR439
Gardiner R A Lancaster JA939
Gardiner W H Lancaster KB734
Gardiner L H Hampden AE399
Gardiner L H C Lancaster KB709
Gardiner A T Halifax JD411
Gardiner G W Halifax LW127
Gardiner Kenneth Frederick Lancaster W4165
Gardiner C Stirling EF236
Gardiner W A Lancaster JA930
Gardiner W A Halifax W7910
Gardiner D T Lancaster LM343
Gardiner A D Boston Z2255
Gardiner C E W Lancaster LL644
Gardiner D Wellington X3726
Gardiner D Wellington BJ796
Gardiner M E Wellington R1044
Gardiner V Lancaster ND466
Gardiner S R G Lancaster ME627
Gardiner H P Stirling N6072
Gardiner A McD Boston BZ282
Gardiner P Lancaster L7533
Gardiner L T Lancaster LL680
Gardiner W J Blenheim L9246
Gardiner E F Lancaster W4236
Gardiner S A G Lancaster JA695
Gardiner F T Spitfire R6595
Gardiner F T Spitfire K9931
Gardiner M G Stirling W7434
Gardiner Whitley Z6648
Gardiner Edward Arthur Lancaster W4182
Gardiner F G Stirling LJ483
Gardiner John Douglas
Gardiner Desmond Edward James
Gardiner Francis Joseph
Gardiner Keith Harold
Gardiner Austin Herbert Dickson
Gardiner Trevor Lloyd Wellington JA456
Gardiner William B. B-24 Maggie’s Drawers 42-50760
Garding L Halifax MZ420
Gardner Alan Toulson Boston BZ243
Gardner J W Lancaster EE191
Gardner K X J Halifax NA522
Gardner John Vincent Gardner Lancaster PA234
Gardner Anthony De Faye Wellington X3670
Gardner Reginald George Mosquito KB261
Gardner Edwin Charles Hampden X2979
Gardner J Lancaster R5697
Gardner W H Wellington X9980
Gardner J E Halifax LK845
Gardner L T A Lancaster PA993
Gardner G E J Lancaster ND765
Gardner R Halifax LV867
Gardner E E Lancaster ED705
Gardner A H Hampden AT123
Gardner N P Lancaster DS665
Gardner A F Wellington BK306
Gardner J R Defiant L7016
Gardner A J Halifax JD277
Gardner J Lancaster PD267
Gardner H C Manchester L7487
Gardner N A Ventura AE848
Gardner J Stirling R9190
Gardner J Stirling W7636
Gardner J W Wellington DV703
Gardner P M Hurricane N2464
Gardner G H Halifax W7876
Gardner R W Spitfire AA925
Gardner H Halifax HR849
Gardner Douglas Dean Halifax DG238
Gardner N J Wellington HE503
Gardner C N Lancaster L7537
Gardner E W Lancaster LM631
Gardner G W Lancaster LM650
Gardner P M Spitfire P8754
Gardner Wellington R1441
Gardner A E W Lancaster JB418
Gardner R C Lancaster LM359
Gardner L Lancaster ED981
Gardner H C Lancaster LM466
Gardner C C A Lancaster ND985
Gardner J Lancaster JB706
Gardner R Halifax NA623
Gardner J Halifax JD205
Gardner J C Stirling BK628
Gardner Peter Melvill
Gardner Richard Exton ("Jimmy")
Gardner James William
Gardner Edward
Gardner John Kennedy B-17 44-8437
Gardner Grover J P-38 Lightning
Gardner William R P-51 Mustang
Gardner William R P-51 Mustang
Gares E J Halifax JP202
Garfield Walter James Bristol Blenheim L9451
Garfield Lawrence William Lancaster PD287
Garfield W V Wellington MS494
Garfield Benjamin Robert Halifax LL184
Garfit J L Stirling EH88
Garforth Eric Marshall Lancaster LM593
Garforth N Halifax NA574
Gargini E J Lancaster LM333
Gargrave D F Halifax DT752
Gariepy P E Lancaster KB708
Garinder Wellington W5531
Garland D R Wellington Z1312
Garland J D Lancaster W4139
Garland D H A Halifax JD464
Garland H E Wellington HE733
Garland E F Lancaster LL692
Garland J F Wellington BK338
Garland J W Lancaster LM364
Garland J H Wellington Z1594
Garland W C Wellington X3639
Garland Donald Edward Battle P2204
Garland R S Mosquito PZ351
Garland P J Spitfire RM803
Garland B Stirling BF480
Garland J W Tempest NV676
Garland M L Spitfire ML83
Garland G F Lancaster ND565
Garland D W Manchester R5833
Garland V H Halifax HR727
Garland F P C Halifax LV775
Garland J D Lancaster NG192
Garland Richard McDougall
Garlette P J Halifax LW233
Garlick Russel Tonson Lancaster JB604
Garlick A R Halifax BB428
Garlick J M Wellington W5514
Garlick S R Lancaster LM514
Garlick G R Lancaster PD205
Garlick K M Lancaster JB190
Garlick Horace Noel
Garling J R Lancaster SW245
Garling Leslie Gordon Stewart
Garling Leslie Chester Master
Garling John Roger
Garlish Reginald James Whitley Z6493
Garlish R J Whitley P4937
Garman K L Stirling BK705
Garment Raymond Kenneth Lancaster ED992
Garment H H Lancaster DV173
Garn D A Whitley Z6461
Garnder W Whitley P4946
Garner Kenneth Lancaster LM515
Garner L L Hampden AE227
Garner A M Halifax NP945
Garner W F Lancaster JA969
Garner M G Halifax L9500
Garner E Halifax W7825
Garner C H Halifax W7876
Garner P F G A Lancaster ME317
Garner C W Lancaster ND982
Garner G C Halifax LW267
Garner James M P-38 Lightning
Garner James M P-38 Lightning
Garnet A W Lancaster PA265
Garnett Francis Campbell Wellington Z8428
Garnett W N Halifax DT630
Garnett F H Lancaster JB642
Garnett W J Wellington AD605
Garnett F H Lancaster LM738
Garnett B R Halifax MZ703
Garnett K P Wellington HE543
Garnett R Lancaster ED764
Garnett Whitley P5013
Garnett K Lancaster DV332
Garnett R E Stirling R9271
Garnett Joseph K P-38 Lightning
Garnett Joseph K P-51 Mustang
Garnett Joseph K P-51 Mustang
Garnham J S Halifax JD262
Garnham P W Lancaster W4920
Garnham H G S Manchester R5831
Garnier G C Halifax LK729
Garnsey J E Lancaster ND689
Garos A Manchester L7387
Garoutte B H Wellington HE745
Garoutte B H Wellington HZ481
Garrahy Lawrence Martin
Garrard R Lancaster NG192
Garrard G H Halifax JD152
Garrard John Percival
Garratt H Lancaster LL853
Garratt L Lancaster HK627
Garratt R H H Manchester R5794
Garratt J C Lancaster ND425
Garratt W G Halifax JB852
Garraway J Halifax W7653
Garraway D P Halifax LV873
Garrett Keith Fairy Battle P2330
Garrett Charles William Halifax MZ879
Garrett Robert Anthony Halifax LW588
Garrett C H J Halifax LW245
Garrett C H J Halifax LW268
Garrett Eric Thomas Halifax PN228
Garrett E W Mosquito ML962
Garrett F B Lancaster LM342
Garrett M J C Lancaster PB463
Garrett S C Lancaster R5689
Garrett A T Lancaster DV294
Garrett J M Wellington R3211
Garrett George Edwin
Garrett Alfred William
Garrick C R Halifax JD276
Garrick J A Blenheim L1415
Garrick J H G Wellington W5704
Garrick F J H Lancaster JB725
Garrington A M Lancaster W4991
Garrioch William R. Wellington T2702
Garriock H L Lancaster KB870
Garriock H L Lancaster DS762
Garriock Walter
Garrison Howard C. B-17 43-38445
Garrison Robert William B-17 Flying Fortress 42-8514 Lassie Come Home
Garrison Vermont P-47 Thunderbolt
Garrison Vermont P-47 Thunderbolt
Garrison Vermont P-47 Thunderbolt
Garrison Vermont P-47 Thunderbolt
Garrison Vermont P-47 Thunderbolt
Garrison Vermont P-47 Thunderbolt
Garrison Vermont P-51 Mustang
Garrison Vermont P-51 Mustang
Garrity Daniel Cameron Hampden P1344
Garrity J J Halifax W7748
Garrity Richard C.B. Halifax LK837
Garrity Neville Hugh Banning Stirling EF498
Garrod Robert Stanley Lancaster ED870
Garrod Robert John Whitley Z6478
Garrod R Wellington DV593
Garrod J W Stirling BF309
Garrod R F Stirling BF501
Garrould John Aubrey Trevor Whitley Z6493
Garrow J D Wellington W5589
Garrow James David
Garroway J Whitley Z6748
Garry William J P-47 Thunderbolt
Garry William J P-47 Thunderbolt
Garry William J P-47 Thunderbolt
Garry William J P-47 Thunderbolt
Garscadden J Stirling W7474
Garshowitz Abram Lancaster ED864
Garside S V Typhoon MN548
Garside J Halifax HR978
Garside R F Lancaster W4363
Garside R B Lancaster NE117
Garside R Lancaster JB298
Garside D W Lancaster LM290
Garside Ian Waldock
Garske L J Halifax LV943
Garson James Gordon Bertie Halifax W1098
Garstin Edward William Maitland Blenheim V6378
Garstka Stanisław Wellington X3164
Garstka Stanisław Wellington DV423
Gartell P E Wellington Z1578
Gartery D Halifax JB862
Gartlan John Alexander Wellington X9786
Gartlan G P Stirling LJ567
Gartland G A Stirling EF180
Gartland J Halifax NP933
Garton J C Halifax DT623
Garton J W Spitfire R6705
Garton Geoffrey William
Garton Willard Field
Garton Maurice W P-47 Thunderbolt`
Gartrell H S Lancaster LL909
Gartside Wallace Mallory Hampden AE150
Gartside C D A Mosquito DK317
Garven A A Lancaster W4785
Garven Arthur Anderson
Garves B N Lancaster PB211
Garvey P K Blenheim R3770
Garvey L A Spitfire P7375
Garvey W J T Lancaster DS850
Garvey J Lancaster DS851
Garvey K Lancaster JB121
Garvey Charles J Jr P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Garvin G D Defiant L7021
Garvin W H Stirling EE890
Garwell Arthur John Lancaster R5510
Garwell A J Hampden P4381
Garwell A J Hampden X2964
Garwood George James Whitley T4206
Garwood G J Fortress AN522
Gasak Stanisław Douglas Havoc AW395
Gascoigne J Lancaster LM508
Gascoigne T W Lancaster NF907
Gascoyne G Wellington Z8867
Gascoyne J P Lancaster PB568
Gąsecki Józef Stanisław Wellington HE347
Gąsecki Józef Stanisław De Havilland Mosquito HK194
Gash Fred
Gasior Bolesław Stanisław Boulton Paul Defiant L7029
Gaskell H E Lancaster R5604
Gaskell T Lancaster ME670
Gaskell R S Defiant L6965
Gaskell J Lancaster ED648
Gaskell T R Spitfire X4062
Gaskell Henry Elliott
Gaskin R A Typhoon MN851
Gaskin Halifax LK899
Gaskin S Wellington HF589
Gaskin A L Wellington Z1656
Gaskin Frederick Walter
Gaskin Ernest George
Gaskins L C Stirling EE897
Gasper C M Stirling N6092
Gasperetti Raymond B-24 'Lone Ranger' 44-40098
Gasser James A P-51 Mustang
Gasson A C Halifax W7747
Gastoł Edward Vickers Wellington HF490
Gaston J M Lancaster LM510
Gaston J S Halifax HR711
Gaston Jack T P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Gate Allan Irving Hurricane Z3260
Gatensbury R P Lancaster ND459
Gates J Typhoon MN586
Gates R I Lancaster ED363
Gates Frederick William Lancaster ED377
Gates Frank Arthur Edwin Wellington N2945
Gates B D Wellington Z1148
Gates J S Halifax HR923
Gates E L Halifax NA611
Gates M E Lancaster KB714
Gates A S Lancaster LL638
Gates W R Halifax L9615
Gates F W Lancaster ED835
Gates A E Lancaster JA698
Gates T Halifax JD208
Gates E C Spitfire PL441
Gates D P Lancaster NF962
Gates D H Whitley P4996
Gates Brian Metcalfe
Gates Edward Clason
Gates Robert Ingersole
Gates Thomas L P-51 Mustang
Gates Thomas L P-51 Mustang
Gatfield T Lancaster PB519
Gatheral G H Defiant N3500
Gathercole D H H Mosquito NS941
Gatis Edward Halifax W7777
Gatland Frank Ellison Stirling R9194
Gatlin Wayne C P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Gatling Blenheim V5503
Gatmill L Mosquito PF436
Gatrill L Mosquito NL931
Gatterdam Richard P P-38 Lightning
Gatterdam Richard P P-38 Lightning
Gatterdam Richard P P-38 Lightning
Gatterdam Richard P P-38 Lightning
Gatterdam Richard P P-51 Mustang
Gatward Alfred 'Ken' Beaufighter
Gatward Alan Arthur
Gaubert J Halifax NA551
Gaudet Reginald Carl Wellington HF311
Gaudon A Spitfire PK996
Gaudry H P Wellington HE906
Gaudyn Józef Tiger Moth T7747
Gaughan P Lancaster ME759
Gaughan G B Lancaster PB880
Gaughran Laurence C P-47 Thunderbolt`
Gaughran Laurence C P-47 Thunderbolt`
Gaughran Laurence C P-47 Thunderbolt`
Gauld A A Hampden AT174
Gauld E A Lancaster W5006
Gauley J F Wellington Z1210
Gauley G A Whitley AD675
Gault J A Halifax NP690
Gault L W F Lancaster ME800
Gaulton K J F Manchester L7432
Gaum P Wellington Z1615
Gaunce L M Spitfire AB858
Gaunce L M Hurricane P2966
Gaunce L M Hurricane R4111
Gaunt D B Halifax MZ501
Gaunt D B Halifax DK244
Gaunt D Wellington HE995
Gaunt G N Spitfire R6690
Gaunt Henry Harrington
Gauntlett Norman Richard Halifax JB835
Gauntlett H. H. Boston. BZ227
Gauntlett Maurice Lowden Wellington R3289
Gaut Richard Arthur Lancaster ME807
Gaut H J Whitley K8996
Gautheret P Halifax MZ489
Gauthier Joseph Omer Romain Wellington BJ919
Gauthier J P A Lancaster KB723
Gauthier J V L Wellington BK334
Gauthier R C Halifax MZ538
Gauthier J O R Wellington BJ1919
Gauthier L A J Lancaster NG363
Gauthier J A V Wellington BK340
Gautier George J P-47 Thunderbolt
Gauze Czesław Hawker Hurricane V6951
Gavagan J M Halifax HR684
Gavegan J R Wellington X3557
Gavin H Lancaster LM570
Gavin Keith Alexander Cameron Munro Halifax RG373
Gavin Thomas Donald Lancaster JB737
Gavin C D Blenheim T1890
Gavin B Lancaster RF196
Gavin Howard
Gawąd Stanisław
Gawienowski John J P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Gawienowski John J P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Gawith Alan A
Gawith Peter Masters Hurricane HL858
Gawith E V Hampden P4390
Gawith Arnold Wellington JA506
Gawith Murdoch John
Gawkowski Józef Miles Master W8474
Gawlak Feliks Wellington Z1245
Gawler R H Lancaster NG116
Gawler H E V Halifax JB851
Gawler Robert Haynes
Gawlik Jan Vickers Wellington BK448
Gawlik Konstanty Vickers Wellington HZ576
Gawlik Paweł Ludwik
Gawlikowski Jan Kazimierz Bristol Blenheim L1298
Gawłowski Leon Vickers Wellington Z1696
Gawne Terence John
Gawthorp K G Lancaster DS674
Gawthorp W G Lancaster ED330
Gay Clifford Samuel Lancaster ND411
Gay K Lancaster ED421
Gay S F Lancaster ME831
Gay S F Lancaster LM549
Gay W C Lancaster KB756
Gay C S Stirling LJ460
Gay L C Halifax JN910
Gay K V Battle K9387
Gay R E Halifax W1117
Gay D F Lancaster LM676
Gay J C Lancaster PB148
Gay Kenneth Stanley
Gay Clifford Samuel
Gay John Eric
Gayfer J B Wellington W5589
Gayfer Roscoe Napier Bunning
Gayford R A Wellington N2949
Gayland J B Lancaster NG170
Gayler R Whitley Z6871
Gayler R Whitley Z6868
Gayner J R H Hurricane P2878
Gaythorpe K Lancaster ME674
Gayton J D Lancaster W4841
Gayton Erla Rae
Gaywood S J Halifax DT789
Gayzler Witold Józef Bristol Beaufighter R2442
Gaze Frederick Anthony Owen 'Tony' Spitfire AR281
Gaze Wharton Owen
Gaze William McPherson
Gaze Scott Spitfire
Gazo J Halifax RG477
Gazzard R G Spitfire AB785
Gazzard James Frederick Wellington JA343
Gazzard R V Defiant AA429
Gazzard C B Stirling EF458
Gazzard Richard George
Geach D G Lancaster DS678
Geach T J Whitley N1432
Geach T J Whitley N1357
Geake S H Halifax LW586
Geake William Henry Gregory
Geakes G S Halifax DK249
Geale Basil Alfred Alexander Wellington HE423
Geappen Noel Sherrin
Geappen James Townsend Thorpe
Gear S R Wellington R1473
Gear Stanley Robert Vickers Wellington R1473
Gear F G Halifax MZ453
Gear K F Typhoon MN179
Gear S R Hampden P1354
Gear Geoffrey
Gear Frank W P-51 Mustang
Gearing Leonard Thomas Lancaster LM121
Gearing A J Halifax JB861
Gearing J S Whitley Z7575
Gearing L C Halifax DK177
Geary T Halifax JB897
Geary J Whitley Z6823
Geary Cornelius Vincent Joseph Lancaster R5686
Geater R.A Beaufighter KV930
Geater R J W Hampden P4399
Gębaczka Czesław Vickers Wellington Z1495
Gebbard C W Halifax HR737
Gebbie Gordon John
Gebhardt William P P-51 Mustang
Gębicki Henryk Wellington R1002
Gębicki Jan Fairey Battle L5499
Gębik Karol Piotr Wellington Z8427
Gębik Karol Piotr Handley Page Halifax JD154
Gęca Bolesław Spitfire AD119
Gęca Bolesław Mustang FZ189
Gęca Bolesław Spitfire BS189
Gedak J I Stirling BK661
Geddes R H Halifax HR697
Geddes R H Halifax JD105
Geddes F J Lancaster LM674
Geddes George Warne Wellington N2889
Geddes Peter Innes Lancaster LL802
Geddes A G Wellington W5595
Geddes Jack Lancaster JB186
Geddes L Halifax W1062
Geddes L G Halifax W7698
Geddes A McP Stirling LJ504
Geddes D Lancaster ME759
Geddes E J Mustang AM145
Geddes Whitley Z9127
Geddes Keith Irvine
Geddes Roy Hamilton
Geddes Francis John
Geddie W N Halifax R9365
Geddie W N Halifax BB195
Gedge E Lancaster JB609
Gedge W G Lancaster ME452
Gedling E Lancaster PB467
Gee F E Stirling EE917
Gee M H W Typhoon MN478
Gee M E Lancaster DS713
Gee H W Lancaster ND594
Gee R R Stirling LK238
Gee L G E Lancaster ED904
Gee P Wellington HE980
Gee H Lancaster LL965
Gee A H Hampden AE430
Gee L R Halifax LW499
Gee Frank Ernest
Gee Howard Walter
Geer N A Blenheim L9270
Geesink ???Dick?۪ Cornelis Spitfire EP349
Geeson W P Lancaster LM139
Geeves G E Lancaster PB477
Geeves J Lancaster NE169
Geeves Bruce Colin
Geffney R M Lancaster JB674
Gegg J H K Battle L5581
Gehrig Con L Sunderland T9075
Gehrig R L Stirling EJ105
Gehrig Roy Lawrence
Gehrmann Kenneth Joseph
Gehrmann Ronald Edward
Geiger W D Spitfire W3763
Geiger Everett E P-51 Mustang
Geiger Manual N P-51 Mustang
Geikie W G McD Lancaster LM223
Geikie Walter George McDonald
Geisel George Morris
Geisler M Lancaster ND530
Geissman B M Hurricane AD430
Geissmann Bernard Malcolm
Geist Lloyd J P-47 Thunderbolt`
Gelder N F Lancaster ME615
Gelder Norman Francis
Gelfand R Halifax NA516
Gelinas J E Halifax LW596
Gell George William Lancaster NG447
Gell H J F Wellington Z1620
Gell H E Halifax JB924
Gell Allan Thomas
Gellatly Charles Dewitt Manchester L7427
Gellatly W R Boston AL710
Gellatly W R Boston Z2258
Gembicki (later Gembey) Amurat Lancaster
Gemborski John J. B-17 Rationed Passion 42-30782
Gemmill R I Wellington R1537
Gench L H Lancaster ED490
Gendebien M M L M J G Spitfire NH241
Genders George E. Clifford ("Jumbo")
Genders David Eustace
Gendron J R Halifax NA204
Genesis R H Stirling R9275
Genever D A Lancaster ED600
Gengos William
Gennett F W Wellington T2561
Genney J Lancaster JA936
Gennis Max Lancaster JA867
Gennon P Whitley Z6508
Gensert Thomas A. B-24 Osage Express 42-52497
Gent Alfred Charles Dempsey Lancaster PB193
Gent R P Stirling R9310
Gent N Lancaster JA698
Gent R G Mustang FR898
Gent D S Lancaster W5007
Gent Lionel Alexander
Gentile Don S P-47 Thunderbolt
Gentile Don S P-47 Thunderbolt
Gentile Don S P-47 Thunderbolt
Gentile Don S P-51 Mustang
Gentile Don S P-51 Mustang
Gentile Don S P-51 Mustang
Gentile Don S P-51 Mustang
Gentile Don S P-51 Mustang
Gentile Don S P-51 Mustang
Gentile Don S P-51 Mustang
Gentile Don S P-51 Mustang
Gentile Don S P-51 Mustang
Gentle H H Lancaster ED362
Gentzler Victor J P-51 Mustang
Gentzler Victor J P-51 Mustang
Genung Linwood D P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Geoghegan M G Manchester L7424
Geoghegan John Thomas
George Charles Leslie Lancaster PB740
George Constantine Lancaster ND467
George Lloyd Wellington Z8504
George David Wellington L4239
George R E H Whitley T4156
George J C Manchester L7463
George Wellington X3423
George Aneurin Glyndwr Liberator JT985
George W H Lancaster ED564
George L J Wellington N2844
George R M Wellington
George E O Lancaster DS762
George Andrew Lorne Lancaster PB178
George James William Mosquito MM567
George Henry Arthur Halifax W1056
George Whitley P4957
George G V Lancaster ME828
George S P Lancaster ED710
George J H Blenheim N3574
George B R Blenheim R3916
George C C O Blenheim V6261
George T A Stirling W7508
George L H J Lancaster LM575
George D B Lancaster NG185
George W Halifax HR840
George G Halifax DG405
George Halifax DG409
George R L Stirling EF464
George H R Stirling EF153
George D O Wellington Z1156
George W A Lancaster ME326
George J J Halifax HX242
George A Wellington HE397
George M G Lancaster LM286
George R V G Lancaster LM476
George R T Spitfire K9832
George W D R Halifax R9484
George H R Whitley Z6661
George P H Lancaster PB188
George Richard Melvin Wellington BJ987
George Lloyd
George William Donald
George Charles Leslie
George Norman Grantley
George William Parsell
George Jr. Sam Edward B-17 Moonlight Serenade 43-37599
Georges G M Lancaster W4319
Georgeson L R Halifax HX314
Georgeson F Lancaster ND856
Georgeson Colin Herbert
Geraghty G F Lancaster LL758
Geraghty W A Lancaster ED383
Geraghty Eric William Lancaster ED699
Geraghty Gerald Francis
Gerald V J P Halifax MZ291
Gerard P Halifax NR153
Gerard S W Halifax LM198
Gerard Douglas DC-3 Dakota KG397
Gerard Francis R P-51 Mustang
Gerard Francis R P-51 Mustang
Gerard Francis R P-51 Mustang
Gerard Francis R P-51 Mustang
Gerathy Kevin James
Geraud J J V Spitfire MH476
Geravais Edward Emile Halifax BB212
Gerbe William T Jr P-51 Mustang
Gerbe William T Jr P-51 Mustang
Gerber Zdzisław Miles Master T8383
Gerber Donald E P-51 Mustang
Gerbrand Halifax HR665
Gerdes Kenneth Albert
Gerding C L Lancaster ED329
Gerein A J Wellington BJ583
Geren Lloyd F P-47 Thunderbolt
Gergley S J Wellington BJ966
Gerick Steven P-47 Thunderbolt
Gerick Steven P-47 Thunderbolt
Gerick Steven P-47 Thunderbolt
Gerick Steven P-47 Thunderbolt
Gerick Steven P-47 Thunderbolt
Gericke P K R Lancaster ED610
Gericke D B Blenheim R3905
Gericke Phillip Kenneth Ross
Germain G H Hampden AD786
Germain G H Hampden P1187
Germain E L Mustang FX955
Germain Cecil
German Charles Kenneth Wellington W5417
German Maurice Blenheim Z9614
German Harold Wallace Halifax LK638
German Wellington R1159
Germasiński Karol Wellington Z1326
Germasiński Karol Handley Page Halifax DT627
Germein Joseph Francis
Germerau Lucien Lysander V9748
Germing John William Lancaster ND796
Germiquet G E Halifax MZ372
Gerner Christian Henry
Gernon A R Lancaster ME307
Gerow W J Halifax LW239
Gerow Arthur H P-47 Thunderbolt
Gerrard J M Lancaster RA524
Gerrard W H Lancaster PA234
Gerrard E A Lancaster ED419
Gerrard R A Lancaster ND763
Gerrard D B Lancaster ND734
Gerrard W V Halifax JD175
Gerrard Norman Clive
Gerrard John Michael
Gerrard John Ashton
Gerrie V C Halifax LV959
Gerrie A Lancaster R5506
Gerry R T Wellington R3202
Gerry J Halifax JB865
Gerry James L P-51 Mustang
Gerry James L P-51 Mustang
Gershater E Wellington X3802
Gerst Joseph L P-47 Thunderbolt
Gerstel Jan Wellington Z1495
Gerty F A G W Halifax W7713
Gerty Stanley Fitzherbert
Gertzel W K Halifax LV919
Gertzel William
Gervais Edward Emile Halifax W1274
Gerwatowski Jan Stefan Lancaster PB846
Gess Edward Ernest
Gething J S Hampden AE260
Getliffe R D Halifax DT581
Gettings Thomas Halifax JD114
Gettings F Halifax JD144
Gettings Wellington X3673
Gettings D G Halifax LK875
Getty F Lancaster ND627
Getty Ronald Claire Typhoon MN298
Getz Stuart H P-47 Thunderbolt
Gevorkian Sam D P-51 Mustang
Gevorkian Sam D P-51 Mustang
Geyer Kent C P-47 Thunderbolt
Geyer Kent C P-47 Thunderbolt
Geyer Kent C P-47 Thunderbolt
Gheyssens J L M P Spitfire MK252
Ghisletta A D Lancaster PD318
Giacomelli F G Stirling R9334
Giacomelli J Stirling BK696
Gibas Ludwik Jan Wellington DV437
Gibault oseph Leon Wellington Z1682
Gibb William Lancaster RF121
Gibb George Muir Halifax JD252
Gibb G W Wellington Z8833
Gibb W E Wellington X3220
Gibb J S M Lancaster PB785
Gibb C W Lancaster ED555
Gibb J M Lancaster ME316
Gibb J W Lancaster ND358
Gibb D J G Lancaster NG175
Gibb G M Lancaster EE173
Gibb G L Stirling EE902
Gibb M Halifax DT526
Gibb G D Halifax NR191
Gibb G Wellington T2900
Gibb W S Lancaster JB238
Gibb Walter Frame
Gibb Clifford Marshall
Gibb Gordon Keith
Gibbens G H P Fortress HB763
Gibberd James Ernest
Gibberson Frank H Lancaster ME859
Gibbes Augustus Rodney Wellington HE266
Gibbes W E Stirling BK604
Gibbes A R Wellington R3154
Gibbes Wellington X9810
Gibbes Augustus Rodney
Gibbes Robert Henry Maxwell 'Bobby' Kittyhawk, Spitfire, Hurricane
Gibbin T Hampden L4090
Gibbings G R Typhoon RB251
Gibbings G J Lancaster ED502
Gibbins P Wellington N2853
Gibbins E W Lancaster NG201
Gibbins A J Lancaster NG271
Gibbins Bruce Addison
Gibbney R M Stirling R9242
Gibbon M V Lancaster PD268
Gibbon J R Wellington W5433
Gibbon Homfray Reece Lancaster DV180
Gibbon C S Lancaster PB3777
Gibbon W D Halifax W7718
Gibbon F G Halifax RG501
Gibbons A L Lancaster W4946
Gibbons Lancaster ME834
Gibbons Henry James Liberator AL577
Gibbons J D Lancaster PA189
Gibbons A J Stirling EF428
Gibbons F E Halifax W7709
Gibbons B B Lancaster DS692
Gibbons Noel James Mosquito PZ198
Gibbons J W Halifax LK974
Gibbons J R Lancaster R5689
Gibbons C Lancaster DV266
Gibbons M G Halifax HR669
Gibbons E Halifax LL119
Gibbons D C Lancaster LM388
Gibbons D C Lancaster EE200
Gibbons E Typhoon JR332
Gibbons H P Typhoon MN486
Gibbons Wellington N2802
Gibbons C O Lancaster ND708
Gibbons D G Spitfire X4054
Gibbons R E Lancaster W4201
Gibbons B Lancaster ND949
Gibbons D A Whitley P5046
Gibbons A N Lancaster EE172
Gibbons Arthur Leonard
Gibbons James Albert Liberator AL548
Gibbons Leonard J P-47 Thunderbolt
Gibbs W L Lancaster W4955
Gibbs Ronald A Halifax RG443
Gibbs Eric William Lancaster RF176
Gibbs J A Lancaster KB787
Gibbs Jack Edward Hampden P5332
Gibbs M P (Johnny) Halifax LK915
Gibbs W R Typhoon RB338
Gibbs J T Lancaster LM738
Gibbs K Lancaster PB634
Gibbs A E J Halifax JB868
Gibbs D E Whitley K8996
Gibbs F Blenheim Z5903
Gibbs J V F Hampden L4180
Gibbs E A Wellington R1509
Gibbs E A Lancaster DS725
Gibbs F G R Lancaster ED325
Gibbs D F Lancaster W4836
Gibbs J A Blenheim N3627
Gibbs S G Stirling EE940
Gibbs L E Lancaster ND577
Gibbs J W Lancaster ND570
Gibbs N P Spitfire MB845
Gibbs N P Spitfire RM767
Gibbs A T Spitfire PT535
Gibbs C C Halifax EB276
Gibbs R W A Lancaster JA676
Gibbs H J Halifax HR836
Gibbs R A Halifax MZ918
Gibbs R A Halifax LV819
Gibbs W E Lancaster PB143
Gibbs R L Lancaster NN715
Gibbs J A Halifax MZ518
Gibbs E P P Spitfire P8070
Gibbs W E Stirling BK609
Gibbs Jack Wellington P9292
Gibbs P D Halifax DT796
Gibbs H J Whitley Z6740
Gibbs E W T Halifax W7782
Gibbs H Halifax LV958
Gibbs Blenheim V6445
Gibbs R G V Spitfire AD458
Gibbs Eric Malcom
Gibbs Ronald Arthur
Gibbs William
Gibbs William Lionel
Gibbs Harold John
Gibbs Richard G P-51 Mustang
Gibbs Richard G P-51 Mustang
Gibby John Llewellyn Wellington AD625
Gibian Richard P-47 Thunderbolt
Giblett P T Hampden AD784
Giblett R L Halifax LW175
Giblin D W Halifax DT750
Giblin James Raymond Halifax NR197
Giblin H A F Whitley N1499
Giblin N J Blenheim V6225
Giblin J A E Stirling EE970
Giblin F J Lancaster ND788
Giblin N J Blenheim R3765
Gibney J C Halifax JD475
Gibney James Crompton
Gibson E R Lancaster PA170
Gibson J M Wellington X3414
Gibson J G Lancaster DV341
Gibson R K Typhoon RB311
Gibson Whitley T4299
Gibson John Albert Axel
Gibson Marshall Gow Lancaster PB540
Gibson Ronald Wellington X3464
Gibson Christopher Lancaster JB479
Gibson William Lancaster SW278
Gibson Arthur Lancaster JB552
Gibson John Charles Halifax JD375
Gibson G Halifax W1067
Gibson James Whitley LA879
Gibson John Blenheim V5961
Gibson William Graham Halifax W1106
Gibson D J Lancaster DV299
Gibson Albert Graham Lancaster R5576
Gibson R D Wellington X3762
Gibson A R A Halifax LW723
Gibson Rodney David Wellington DV736
Gibson John William Halifax JB925
Gibson S J Halifax JP119
Gibson D R Halifax JD459
Gibson W R Lancaster KB727
Gibson L G Wellington BK330
Gibson W J C Halifax MZ376
Gibson J Halifax MZ641
Gibson A J Lancaster DS676
Gibson R W Stirling BK802
Gibson J Lancaster HK539
Gibson Arthur Leach Patterson Halifax LK921
Gibson T L Lancaster W4157
Gibson R W Lancaster HE664
Gibson J L Manchester L7490
Gibson Alexander Cameron Anson R9640
Gibson W P Lancaster LL952
Gibson D Lancaster ND681
Gibson J A Lancaster LL773
Gibson G F Lancaster LM479
Gibson K V Blenheim N6174
Gibson A Halifax DT702
Gibson A Halifax JB867
Gibson J C Halifax MZ292
Gibson G B Halifax MZ289
Gibson D F Whitley P5014
Gibson W R Whitley Z6866
Gibson G Whitley N1502
Gibson J Lancaster JB350
Gibson C F Battle L5585
Gibson J S Lancaster ND799
Gibson C F Halifax BB281
Gibson H J Wellington Z1211
Gibson A Hampden AE392
Gibson A Hampden AE441
Gibson C Hampden X2963
Gibson R L Lancaster LL805
Gibson M A Halifax HR773
Gibson W M Halifax HX322
Gibson G B Wellington X3991
Gibson T Lancaster ME521
Gibson R C Blenheim BA818
Gibson R Typhoon R8970
Gibson H R Halifax MZ570
Gibson H R Halifax MZ564
Gibson E J Lancaster PD322
Gibson A W Wellington R1462
Gibson G P Beaufighter R2250
Gibson J N Halifax L9512
Gibson Wellington W5489
Gibson J D Halifax JB966
Gibson R C Lancaster JA924
Gibson C G Hampden P5392
Gibson G T Halifax LW390
Gibson K Lancaster ED998
Gibson H Ventura AJ200
Gibson J B Lancaster NG352
Gibson J A A Hurricane P3582
Gibson J A A Hurricane P3102
Gibson J N Halifax JD262
Gibson Whitley Z6938
Gibson J M Whitley Z6482
Gibson T L Lancaster DS633
Gibson A Blenheim P6928
Gibson C G Mosquito PZ390
Gibson James Lancaster LL802
Gibson Guy Penrose Mosquito KB267
Gibson A G Anson N5073
Gibson T A Halifax MZ492
Gibson J C McK Wellington X9951
Gibson G Halifax RG591
Gibson D Whitley Z6585
Gibson C Halifax LW266
Gibson D J Halifax DT768
Gibson J A A Tempest NV966
Gibson J W C Hampden L4093
Gibson R Hurricane
Gibson T H Lancaster PB409
Gibson R Lancaster ED880
Gibson Guy Penrose Lancaster
Gibson Thomas Michael
Gibson John Arthur
Gibson James Maxwell
Gibson Ian Stuart
Gibson Henry Lincoln
Gibson Alfred Charles
Gibson Douglas Clarke
Gibson Graham Ian
Gibson John Richardson
Gibson Philip Leslie Boyce
Gibson James Geoffrey
Gibson Donald Murray
Gibson Colin Cuthill
Gibson Raymond Kennedy
Gibson Trevor Leslie
Gibson Ian Stuart Wellington HX771
Gibson William R P-47 Thunderbolt
Gidaszewski Walerian Feliks Vickers Wellington W5423
Giddens Harold Richard Halifax R9489
Giddens J D Wellington X3840
Giddens D C Halifax W1216
Giddens Wellington Z1144
Giddey R S Lancaster ED695
Giddings L V Lancaster LM636
Giddings B W Lancaster ND764
Giddings L G K Halifax JN972
Giddings R G Lancaster EE116
Giddings N F F Battle
Giddings Kenneth Charles Michael
Giddings Noel Elford
Giddings Lindsay Vernon
Giddings Bryan Wilba
Giddy Peter Radcliffe
Gidley Alfred Henry
Gidman C Lancaster LM284
Giedryś Zenon Wellington W5590
Gielstrup J H Spitfire P8545
Gielty A P Halifax BB343
Gierczycki Jerzy Janusz Supermarine Spitfire AR382
Giermer Wacław Spitfire P8427
Giersch Eric Heinrich Wellington DV503
Giersch E H Lancaster ME701
Gierulski Ted Charles Lancaster LL676
Giffard C A Lancaster W4245
Giffard S A Lancaster ND596
Giffin Stephen Graham Wellington HE863
Giffin Robert Roy Lancaster LL692
Giffiths G H Lancaster JB710
Gifford C J Lancaster NG256
Gifford B H Lancaster LM551
Gifford C Lancaster L7574
Gifford R M Hampden P1218
Gifford R M Hampden AE305
Gifford V C Blenheim T1897
Gifford Pat Hurricane L1610
Gifford Pat Hurricane P2825
Gifford A L Spitfire P8380
Gifford Gordon Lindsay Charles
Gifford Beverley Hudson
Gifford Pat Spitfire
Gigg R P Lancaster DS845
Gigger D J Lancaster W4833
Giggs E G L Wellington HZ530
Gignac Edward J P-47 Thunderbolt
Gignac Edward J P-47 Thunderbolt
Giguere J E R Halifax HR655
Giguere George Joseph Wellington X3361
Giguere J T E P Halifax NP939
Gil Józef Supermarine Spitfire BS455
Gilberd M S Stirling BF392
Gilbert R D Typhoon MN920
Gilbert Laurence Edward Hope Avro York MW288
Gilbert Alfred Basil Sunderland JM763
Gilbert James Walter Lancaster JB479
Gilbert Ronald Lancaster EE127
Gilbert Dennis William Lancaster PD431
Gilbert Charles Henry Stirling EF204
Gilbert R C Stirling ED911
Gilbert George Lyon Halifax NP723
Gilbert J R Halifax W1180
Gilbert Gerald Harman Wellington LN660
Gilbert M Halifax MZ773
Gilbert A O Halifax W7880
Gilbert R A Hampden L4185
Gilbert L H Lancaster PB609
Gilbert R W Halifax LK841
Gilbert J H Lancaster PB635
Gilbert V O Typhoon EJ946
Gilbert W A Stirling EF114
Gilbert P N Lancaster PB174
Gilbert J H Lancaster DS719
Gilbert C L Wellington Z1254
Gilbert E Lancaster ND498
Gilbert R C Lancaster PB537
Gilbert V C Halifax MZ765
Gilbert H C Lancaster DV305
Gilbert S A Halifax LL558
Gilbert H T Hurricane V7260
Gilbert H T Hurricane V6647
Gilbert J C Spitfire L1081
Gilbert C L Wellington T2820
Gilbert Whitley T4138
Gilbert D H Whitley T4164
Gilbert Whitley T4151
Gilbert R R Halifax BB373
Gilbert G R Lancaster ED694
Gilbert C S Lancaster ME852
Gilbert Humphrey Trench
Gilbert Eric Kenneth
Gilbert Bruce Napoleon
Gilbert Ronald Desmond
Gilbert John Allan
Gilbert Leslie John
Gilbert Leon Patrick
Gilbert Colin Leslie
Gilbert John Richard
Gilbert Maxwell Albert John
Gilbert John Leslie
Gilbert Allan P-47 Thunderbolt
Gilbert Olin E P-47 Thunderbolt
Gilbert Olin E P-47 Thunderbolt
Gilbert William T P-51 Mustang
Gilbert William T P-51 Mustang
Gilbert William T P-51 Mustang
Gilbert William T P-51 Mustang
Gilbertson John Booth Lancaster JB352
Gilbertson J E Wellington BJ661
Gilbertson Merle J P-38 Lightning
Gilbertson Merle J P-38 Lightning
Gilbertson Merle J P-38 Lightning
Gilbertson Merle J P-38 Lightning
Gilbertson Merle J P-38 Lightning
Gilbey James Frank Lancaster ND423
Gilbey W Hampden AD804
Gilbey K Lancaster W4961
Gilby Fred Wellington T2973
Gilby J N Halifax W1225
Gilby A E J Lancaster LM129
Gilby G T Halifax LW263
Gilchrist A A Lancaster NE143
Gilchrist Donald Richard Lancaster W4138
Gilchrist C C Lancaster LL890
Gilchrist W J Lancaster PB113
Gilchrist J C Halifax BB323
Gilchrist W C Halifax LK632
Gilchrist H G Lancaster PD222
Gilchrist P A Halifax L9489
Gilchrist P A Wellington W5551
Gilchrist J T Halifax HX278
Gilchrist W J Halifax LW522
Gilchrist T Lancaster LM735
Gilchrist D R Halifax W7813
Gilchrist Donald Richard
Gildare A J B Halifax JD470
Gildea J J Lancaster ND983
Gildea Frederick Stephen
Gilder F Halifax DT570
Gilders John Stanley
Gilderthorp T R Manchester L7316
Gilding L C Halifax JD315
Gilding Wellington X9634
Gile Jr. Ray Jay Halifax LW427
Giles E A J Halifax LW688
Giles C H Lancaster LM242
Giles P K Lancaster ED545
Giles P B Halifax MZ283
Giles A R Lancaster ME854
Giles C A Lancaster W4903
Giles Reginald Frederick Arthur Lancaster HK547
Giles Wilfred Hampden AE352
Giles Montague Ewart Lancaster ED730
Giles D E Wellington HZ278
Giles William Herbert Halifax NA179
Giles J R Halifax NP688
Giles John Patrick Arthur Lancaster LM268
Giles E H Halifax LW167
Giles W E J Lancaster ED583
Giles E D Lancaster ED922
Giles E A Wellington Z1477
Giles A J Hampden P4367
Giles F Lancaster ED857
Giles S F Lancaster NG230
Giles Wellington W5449
Giles Arthur Ernest Fuce Halifax DG238
Giles I Halifax NP799
Giles C A Manchester R5789
Giles B R Stirling EH931
Giles R Lancaster JB710
Giles W H Lancaster ND588
Giles J C Stirling EE918
Giles E T H Halifax LW655
Giles F L Halifax MZ748
Giles Leslie Lloyd
Giles Ronald Leslie
Giles David Arthur
Giles William Arthur Mackie
Giles Edgar Albert James
Giles Donald Bruce
Giles Paul Baily
Giles Arthur Ronald
Giles Clifford Argo
Giles Allan Francis
Gilfeather Patrick Anthony Halifax LK993
Gilfillan George Ross Lancaster LM682
Gilfillan W Stirling LJ442
Gilfillan William John
Gilfoy J E Whitley Z9312
Gilham R J C Halifax HX331
Gilham W H Typhoon MN294
Gilhaus J B Tempest EJ746
Gilis Leonard Spitfire W3839
Gilje Leif Birk Spitfire BS468
Gilkes L F Lancaster ED493
Gilkeson Fenwick Moselly
Gilkeson Charles Aubrey Jim
Gilks Clarence James
Gill J T Lancaster JB566
Gill Henry John Lancaster JB738
Gill Phillip Roy Lancaster ED867
Gill Reginald Thomas Lancaster LL775
Gill R D Lancaster NF907
Gill Hector McNeill Halifax JD406
Gill Alexander Thomas Lancaster LM167
Gill J Lancaster JA862
Gill Leslie Mathers Lancaster LM169
Gill Christopher James John Lancaster W4826
Gill Wellington W5436
Gill J D Wellington BJ891
Gill A H C Stirling BF330
Gill W B Halifax NA204
Gill E P Halifax MZ597
Gill George H Halifax MZ808
Gill John Trevor Vivian Wellington X3396
Gill Harold John Halifax W1056
Gill N I Wellington BJ891
Gill K J Manchester L7418
Gill J Blenheim V5426
Gill J V Wellington R1509
Gill T Wellington X3597
Gill L Lancaster W4925
Gill A A Lancaster W4791
Gill H W Wellington W5365
Gill J Lancaster ND842
Gill E F G Blenheim Z7300
Gill W A Wellington BK298
Gill G D Lancaster W4355
Gill A J Lancaster ED473
Gill W E Lancaster ND978
Gill L F Lancaster JB476
Gill D Stirling LJ578
Gill E J Blenheim Z9737
Gill K Beaufighter
Gill D R Whirlwind P7043
Gill L G Typhoon R8835
Gill R H J Lancaster ND734
Gill C S Wellington R1166
Gill J T Lancaster ND587
Gill G Wellington BK162
Gill R F Spitfire
Gill C F Halifax NP719
Gill H V Lancaster L7536
Gill J Halifax MZ915
Gill R T Manchester R5833
Gill F Whitley Z6819
Gill R Lancaster LL652
Gill A T Lancaster ME301
Gill D Wellington X3331
Gill K Lancaster PD117
Gill R L Stirling EF155
Gill J W Lancaster ND686
Gill Whitley T4293
Gill J C Halifax RG541
Gill A Halifax LK840
Gill F K Hampden X3062
Gill T H Lancaster ED666
Gill John Thomas
Gill Joseph Thomas
Gill Robert Lester
Gill Norman Bruce
Gill Neil Stewart
Gill Leslie
Gill Henry John
Gill John William Joseph
Gill Phillip Roy
Gill Reginald Thomas
Gill Robert Douglas
Gill Harold Albert
Gill Harry Lewis Hurricane W9150
Gillam David James Halifax LL141
Gillam D J Beaufighter V8460
Gillam D E Typhoon
Gillam L G Wellington R1439
Gillam D E Hurricane
Gillam D E Hurricane Z5078
Gillam D E Spitfire X4181
Gillam R A F Lancaster JB459
Gillam J D W Battle L5519
Gillam Denys Edgar
Gillam Herbert Thomas
Gillam Arnold Bruce
Gillan F B Lancaster W4925
Gillan G L Lancaster ND752
Gillan J Hurricane P3783
Gillan P J Stirling BF358
Gillan J W Spitfire W3715
Gillan James
Gillan Frank Bruce
Gillan Keith
Gilland B F Typhoon JP840
Gillander D S Hudson FK767
Gillanders R E Halifax LK905
Gillanders W A Lancaster ED522
Gillard W A Halifax LV919
Gillard L E Blenheim T1928
Gillard K S Stirling EH882
Gillard G P Lancaster ND515
Gillard J W Stirling EH902
Gillard William Andrew
Gillcash E F Halifax LL279
Gilleade R N Lancaster LL889
Gilleland William Campbell Wellington LN928
Gilleland H Lancaster W4266
Gillen William Albert Lancaster ED319
Gillen E Lancaster JB603
Gillender H Lancaster RA503
Giller Edward B P-38 Lightning
Giller Edward B P-38 Lightning
Giller Edward B P-51 Mustang
Giller Edward B P-51 Mustang
Gillespie A E Mosquito KB568
Gillespie M G Lancaster ME613
Gillespie W C C Lancaster JB152
Gillespie John Lancaster W4171
Gillespie W L Halifax LW127
Gillespie W B Halifax LW539
Gillespie R Wellington W5664
Gillespie I M Lancaster ND745
Gillespie R Halifax LW479
Gillespie A J Wellington Z8792
Gillespie A J S Wellington X3542
Gillespie Alan Lancaster ED927
Gillespie R R Spitfire BL721
Gillespie A D Halifax JB928
Gillespie J R Halifax LV796
Gillespie E A Lancaster PB345
Gillespie Anthony Edward
Gillespie John Alexander
Gillespie Barry William
Gillespie John Harrison
Gillespie Frederick James
Gillett A O Lancaster ME614
Gillett F S Lancaster ND871
Gillett Wellington X3642
Gillett H E H Mustang FX971
Gillett F G Lancaster LM285
Gillett D S Lancaster W4192
Gillett Archie Oswald
Gillett Geoffrey Gordon
Gillette Orwin Rene Halifax HX268
Gillette Richard W P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Gillette Willard G P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Gillette Willard G P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Gillette Willard G P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Gillham Roy William Patrick Lancaster ME621
Gillham R G Whitley BD368
Gillham R W Halifax LW671
Gillian Robert Hugh
Gilliard J G Halifax LK761
Gilliat Wellington R3238
Gilliat C D Lancaster W4856
Gilliatt P A Lancaster ND527
Gilliatt E G Lancaster LL888
Gillibanks A Halifax L9512
Gillibrand A D W Lancaster NN706
Gillicker T Halifax JD151
Gillies James Henry Lancaster PB853
Gillies John Spitfire N3290
Gillies John Halifax V9992
Gillies J A Halifax MZ525
Gillies Gordon Menhennick Halifax BB236
Gillies R Lancaster ED652
Gillies N Halifax HR781
Gillies H Wellington R1447
Gillies M J Lancaster ED483
Gillies R Lancaster DV343
Gillies K McL Spitfire X4320
Gillies D W Whitley Z6668
Gillies James
Gillies Kenneth McLeod
Gillies Andrew Arthur Whitney Z9153
Gillies Harold John
Gilligan Rodnam Charles
Gilliland Leown A P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Gillin James William Lancaster ED726
Gilling J H Blenheim N6178
Gilling J H Hampden P4361
Gillingham E T Lancaster PD201
Gillingham H J Stirling BK692
Gillingham L F Halifax LK926
Gillingham M H Blenheim T1934
Gillings G F Halifax HX351
Gillis Angus Joseph Lancaster ND410
Gillis Norman Montague Halifax LL115
Gillis B L Halifax DK257
Gillis Robert Kane Lancaster KB813
Gillis John Archibald Hudson AM773
Gillis H D Lancaster ND577
Gillis D Stirling EE887
Gillis Mailon A P-51 Mustang
Gillis Mailon A P-51 Mustang
Gillissie W G Lancaster KB821
Gillitt Frank Norman Spitfire BM573 - Presentation Spitfire, 'Abeokuta Province' - from Nigeria
Gillitt F N Spitfire EN771
Gilliver F L R Lancaster ED667
Gilliver J H Lancaster LM484
Gillman K R Hurricane P2755
Gillman J R Lancaster R5629
Gillman E Lancaster JA707
Gillman Mervyn Durham
Gillmeere J H Lancaster W4312
Gillmeister W A Halifax NP761
Gillmore J H Lancaster JB184
Gillott H Wellington P9246
Gillott D Halifax LK696
Gillow J G Halifax ST577
Gilman John Leonard (Jack?) Whitley Z6731
Gilman J P W Halifax LK945
Gilman R B Spitfire
Gilmar L K Lancaster DV306
Gilmartin T Halifax MZ631
Gilmer John Martin Whitley K9039
Gilmore William James Halifax NP711
Gilmore H B Halifax LV950
Gilmore F O Lancaster PA162
Gilmore R G M Blenheim L8742
Gilmore Edward Gerard Halifax BB336
Gilmore D Lancaster DS741
Gilmore H Lancaster LL716
Gilmore Blenheim L1148
Gilmore J Stirling R9260
Gilmore D Wellington T2736
Gilmore C G Wellington T2516
Gilmore Aloysius Patrick
Gilmore William Emerson
Gilmore Chester R Jr P-51 Mustang
Gilmour "Gill" Liberator 586
Gilmour H E Lancaster ND915
Gilmour Noel Perrin Liberator KN736
Gilmour J Blenheim R3662
Gilmour William John Blenheim T2329
Gilmour A Wellington Z1292
Gilmour R S Stirling W7536
Gilmour W Wellington X3728
Gilmour B T Spitfire MK687
Gilmour O M Halifax LK918
Gilmour R Lancaster EE184
Gilmour J Lancaster LL841
Gilmour Hampden X2977
Gilmour J Lancaster ND856
Gilmour B M Lancaster LM445
Gilmour A P Stirling BK718
Gilmour William MacMillan
Gilmour Sydney Charles
Gilmour Charles Edward
Gilmour Neville George
Gilmour Hugh Edward
Giloran Andrew Lancaster LM375
Gilpin George Edward Lancaster ED870
Gilpin S R Lancaster PA174
Gilpin John Alexander
Gilpin Richard Ronald Robinson
Gilpin Henry J Bristol Beaufighter
Gilpin Henry J Bristol Beaufighter
Gilroy W Wellington HE527
Gilroy C Halifax LK680
Gilroy G K Spitfire X4271
Gilroy George Kemp 'Sheep'
Gilson E W J Stirling R9153
Gilson Vernon Beverley Halifax NP744
Gilson J Halifax MZ536
Gilson Stirling W7504
Gilson Wellington N2776
Gilson K E Lancaster LL791
Gilson K E Lancaster ND560
Giltner Joe H P-51 Mustang
Gilvarry Joseph
Gilvary John Kevin Halifax JD458
Gimbel E L Spitfire BS110
Gimby W E Halifax HR817
Gimenz F Halifax NA174
Ginder John W P-47 Thunderbolt
Gindera Jan Piotr
Gingell W B Blenheim
Gingell Blenheim N3574
Gingles J Wellington X3222
Gingold Sidney Gordon Wellington BK135
Gingras P H Lancaster ND352
Gingras J R G Wellington HZ518
Gingrass J J R Halifax MZ466
Ginn N L Lancaster JB608
Ginn Edwin Robert Stirling BK698
Ginn R H Lancaster PB127
Ginno L Lancaster LM100
Ginns A J Boston AL721
Ginns Francis
Ginson R H Lancaster DS762
Ginter Tadeusz Wellington W5573
Ginter Tadeusz Wellington Z8372
Ginter Tadeusz Halifax DT725
Ginter Tadeusz
Ginter C Lancaster KB814
Giortz F S Halifax LK949
Giovetti P A Hampden AD872
Gipson A H Lancaster W4848
Girard Herman Norman Halifax LW591
Girard G Spitfire PT899
Girardeau Spitfire TB363
Giraudon B Halifax MZ909
Girdler A Halifax HR776
Girdler Eric Arthur
Girdlestone Alfred Charles Halifax W7870
Girdwood John Edward Lancaster ME565
Girdwood A G Hurricane P3708
Girdwood A G Hurricane V6852
Girdwood W McC Lancaster EE198
Giri Vincent Noel Lancaster W4259
Girling C J Lancaster PA974
Girling C E Halifax LV859
Girling Clyde Joseph
Girolami A R Halifax LK884
Girouard Donald Alfred Wellington BJ695
Giroud H Halifax NA680
Giroulle A Halifax LL287
Giroux Joseph Antonio Lucien Wellington Z8578
Giroux J Z Halifax LW672
Giroux Gerald Grant Wellington X3607
Girrbach K Lancaster ED615
Girrbach Karl
Girty L G Ventura AE715
Girvan I S Mosquito
Girvan T E Blenheim R3829
Girvin S M Lancaster R5496
Girzi Henry E Jr P-51 Mustang
Gisby Michael Lancaster PB554
Gislason Norman Halifax W7703
Gisman Adam Edward Vickers Wellington N2852
Gissing Wacław
Gissing C Halifax W1211
Gissing Frederick William
Gitsham Stewart Burton
Gittings William George Hampden AE150
Gittins Thomas Henry Stirling BK614
Gittins Harold Bryan Livingstone Wellington X3170
Gittins G H Lancaster LM370
Gittins J E Whitley Z6657
Gittoes Jenkin Morgan Lancaster ME864
Gittus R Typhoon JP788
Gittus R Typhoon JP732
Given Frederick Gordon Lancaster W4273
Given S Halifax MZ638
Given Ernest R Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Given Ernest R Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Givens R L Halifax MZ679
Gizzi Peter Camino Halifax LL185
Gjestland A Stirling LJ993
Gladders T H Lancaster DV188
Gladen R A Hampden AE136
Gladish J J Lancaster KB869
Gladstein Harold B-24 Lassie Come Home 42-51356
Gladstone William Bert Lancaster ME668
Gladstone Robert B-17 44-8437
Gladwell Michael George Lancaster LL648
Gladwell W J Lancaster LL890
Gladwin Kenneth Bruce Wellington T2505
Gladwin Lewis Lee Stirling BF448
Gladwish Reginald Edwin Lancaster W4176
Gladych Michael P-47 Thunderbolt
Gladych Michael P-47 Thunderbolt
Gladych Michael P-47 Thunderbolt
Gladych Michael P-47 Thunderbolt
Gladych Michael P-47 Thunderbolt
Gladych Michael P-47 Thunderbolt
Gladych Michael P-47 Thunderbolt
Gladych Michael P-47 Thunderbolt
Gladych Michael P-47 Thunderbolt
Gładych Bolesław Kazimierz Spitfire P8330
Glaister A J Wellington X9635
Glaister S Stirling EF159
Glaister W A Spitfire MJ351
Glaister Albert John
Glance Albert
Glancy Alexander Noel
Glancy John Charles Wellington MF138
Glanfield John Leonard
Glann V Lancaster ED698
Glansford H M Lancaster ME858
Glanvill J E Lancaster ND497
Glanville W A I Halifax V9986
Glanville P T Mustang FZ112
Glanville G A Hampden AE286
Glare Geoffrey John Lancaster W4171
Glasby H Lancaster NE121
Glasby Harvey
Glascock O K Wellington HE693
Glaser Ernest D 'Dave' Spitfire BL427
Glaser Kenneth M P-51 Mustang
Glasgow S N Halifax BB195
Glasgow Graham Henry
Glasheen T G Mosquito NT331
Glasper J H Lancaster NF985
Glass Mieczysław Vickers Wellington HE327
Glass R F Halifax BB249
Glass William James Lancaster LM213
Glass H Halifax LW132
Glass H Halifax LK804
Glass D Blenheim L8758
Glass S Halifax LW579
Glass R Lancaster PA987
Glass Ronald Albert
Glass Otey M Jr P-51 Mustang
Glassberg J Wellington BK334
Glassborow K P Whitley Z6510
Glassbrook G Lancaster R5562
Glasscock Clarence Parsons
Glasscoe H S Mosquito NS830
Glasse Basil Henry Wellington BJ831
Glasser L C Halifax LK752
Glassman D Halifax HR788
Glasson R A Lancaster ND705
Glasson R P Hampden L4111
Glasson Rex Arthur
Glasspool L H Lancaster ND409
Glasspool S A H Lancaster DS723
Glaus Louis Godfrey Lancaster ND365
Glaus L G Lancaster JA971
Glaves Albert Leslie Hampden AD863
Glaves J Wellington X3745
Glaysher Victor Robert Halifax LW472
Glaze Ivan E. B-17 Rationed Passion 42-30782
Glazebrook J G L Lancaster LM419
Glazebrook S Lancaster R5499
Glazebrook James George Leslie
Glazzard J J H Lancaster DS616
Gleadle A F Lancaster DV344
Gleason Michael Arnold Halifax BB254
Gleason George W P-51 Mustang
Gleason George W P-51 Mustang
Gleason George W P-51 Mustang
Gleason George W P-51 Mustang
Gleason George W P-51 Mustang
Gleason George W P-51 Mustang
Gleason Robert S P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Gleave T P Hurricane P3115
Gleaves Vernon Lw P-47 Thunderbolt
Gledhill Ernest 'Sunny' Lancaster DS682
Gledhill Victor Halifax MZ715
Gledhill D G Mosquito KB198
Gledhill J Hampden AT157
Gledhill H G Wellington R3175
Gledhill G Hurricane P2978
Gledhill Beaufighter X7544
Gledhill K D Spitfire BL937
Gledhill J L Lancaster DV395
Gledhill Thomas Frederick
Gledstone Robert Lancaster PB126
Gleed G W G Blenheim N3592
Gleed Ian Richard
Gleeson A G Lancaster ND993
Gleeson T J Lancaster DV158
Gleeson P A Lancaster PB230
Gleeson John Bryant
Gleeson Joseph Michael
Gleeson Eric John
Glen Thomas Halifax LW620
Glen W R Lancaster LL699
Glen Kenneth David Stirling BK620
Glen C Lancaster ME636
Glen A Wellington R3236
Glen Arthur Allan ("Pinkie")
Glencross A R Wellington L7793
Glenday L D Stirling BF569
Glendening J J Lancaster R5691
Glendenning Albert Lancaster DS688
Glendenning W N Stirling W7564
Glendinning J R Lancaster DS652
Glendinning J N Spitfire P7506
Glendinning J T Stirling BF467
Glendinning John Nixon
Glendinning William
Glenfield J L Lancaster LM156
Gleninning H D Wellington P9297
Glenn Keith Fereday Wellington R1495
Glenn J A Halifax MZ311
Glenn T W Hampden L4194
Glenn A Halifax JD117
Glenn T D Fortress SR384
Glenn W D Lancaster LL957
Glenn Hampden AD902
Glenn Hampden X2919
Glenn W J Lancaster ED828
Glenn Raymond Colin
Glenn Neville Taylor
Glennie D G Hampden AD827
Glenny C J Lancaster ND859
Glenny R E Wellington R1135
Glensor Raymond Edwin Wellington DF550
Glenton-Wright M L Wellington N2851
Glenton-Wright Michael Lotherington
Glentworth L Halifax LK891
Glentworth L Halifax DK136
Glenville P Lancaster NG321
Glenwright Edwin Campbell Stirling N3655
Glenwright Albert Clive
Glessner Milton F P-47 Thunderbolt
Glew C A Lancaster ME704
Glew Norman Vipan ("Sticky")
Glew Wallis Conrad
Glew John William
Glibbery E H Halifax LV816
Glibbery E Halifax LV817
Gliddon A E H Lancaster JA689
Gliddon Arthur William Howard
Glinz H S Lancaster R5859
Glinz Harvey Sterling Lancaster R5699
Glinz Harvey Sterling Lancaster ED927
Glithero C W H Spitfire MK698
Glock K F Wellington R1406
Głód Mieczysław Avro Anson 6729
Glodkowski Józef Wellington Z1488
Gloeckler J E Halifax LV950
Gloeckler James R P-47 Thunderbolt`
Gloor Thomas W P-47 Thunderbolt`
Gloor Thomas W P-47 Thunderbolt`
Glossop D R C Halifax MZ813
Glossop Victor Thomas Halifax MZ572
Glossop E W Lancaster LM162
Glossop E W Lancaster LM360
Glossop C H Lancaster JB408
Gloster E F Lancaster ED949
Gloster Michael John
Gloster Edward Fitzgibbon
Glotham W J Lancaster ED706
Gloury John Danckert Lancaster JB286
Gloury John Danckert
Glover K R R Lancaster ED420
Glover E A Halifax LK750
Glover Derek Humphrey Lancaster W4109
Glover Charles Frederick Wellington Z1078
Glover Laurence Trevor Manchester L7304
Glover Maurice Charles Halifax W7661
Glover Brian Lancaster HK540
Glover E A Typhoon R7863
Glover John Whitley Z6574
Glover R B Wellington Z1330
Glover V R Halifax NP959
Glover W A Halifax LK699
Glover C G Lancaster JB118
Glover Kenneth Wilfred Lancaster ND908
Glover F Halifax JB930
Glover C H Lancaster ED561
Glover G Lancaster ED976
Glover R E Blenheim Z5801
Glover J Whitley Z6749
Glover J T Whitley N1376
Glover J Whitley Z6935
Glover P E Lancaster DS663
Glover S Wellington BJ608
Glover M J Spitfire BM240
Glover A Spitfire EP756
Glover D W Wellington HE634
Glover A Wellington R1536
Glover L T Wellington R1406
Glover H P Halifax W7709
Glover J B Lancaster R5555
Glover A Lancaster ED440
Glover F Lancaster ND953
Glover R H Halifax DT628
Glover H D Lancaster DV311
Glover C W Hampden L4119
Glover R Lancaster PB556
Glover H R Stirling R9281
Glover P Stirling W7563
Glover M C Halifax L9604
Glover M C Halifax W1035
Glover R W Halifax LK932
Glover Bevil Milton
Glover Kenneth Robert Ralph
Glover Edward Andrew
Glover Donald Ivan Douglas DC-3 Dakota KG397
Glover Roy Elbert B-24 Slightly Dangerous 42-50681
Glover Fred W P-51 Mustang
Glover Fred W P-51 Mustang
Glover Fred W P-51 Mustang
Glover Fred W P-51 Mustang
Glover Fred W P-51 Mustang
Glover Fred W P-51 Mustang
Glover Fred W P-51 Mustang
Glover Fred W P-51 Mustang
Glover-Price L J Halifax DK150
Glowacki Adam Kazimierz Vickers Wellington Z1405
Glowacki Jan
Glowacki A Hurricane V6540
Głowacki Jerzy Jan Hawker Hurricane BN270
Głowacki Wincenty Vickers Wellington R1615
Głowacki Witold Józef Hawker Hurricane P3832
Główczewski Jerzy Eligiusz Spitfire ML316
Główczyński Tadeusz Vickers Wellington Z1415
Gluck M Halifax JB896
Glücklich Henryk Franciszek Wellington R1641
Gluyas Russell James
Glyde R L Hurricane L1628
Glyde R L Hurricane P3387
Glyde Richard Lindsay
Glydon W C Halifax LW245
Glydon W C Halifax LW268
Głydziak Piotr North American Mitchell HD352
Glynn M J Lancaster R5554
Gmiter-Gmitrewicz Michał Airspeed Oxford L9699
Gmur Feliks Hawker Hurricane R4213
Gnida M Halifax NA567
Gnius Mike Halifax LL135
Gnyś Władysław Spitfire NH365
Goad L R Wellington Z1751
Goad J Wellington Z1607
Goad G E Wellington P9266
Goalen Laurance Walter Lancaster W4237
Goat L T Wellington Z1594
Goat F J Whitley Z9210
Goatcher R E Halifax LW421
Gobbie A F Lancaster JB418
Gobel L Halifax NR114
Goble Cyril Christian Halifax NP709
Goblet T H R Typhoon EK380
Gocher A N Halifax HR915
Godard Pierre Halifax LK728
Godbehere D G Whitley Z9307
Godbold K H Halifax BB327
Godby Ivor Michael Wellington HF482
Goddard C J Wellington LN349
Goddard O J Lancaster LL738
Goddard J E Lancaster PB123
Goddard Arthur Parvin Lancaster PB540
Goddard Wilfred Lancaster PB129
Goddard James Walter Hampden AE220
Goddard J L Lancaster RF154
Goddard R S Lancaster PB921
Goddard D M Whitley Z9306
Goddard Harry Oldfield Stirling W7569
Goddard Whitley T4232
Goddard Whitley P5094
Goddard J E Lancaster JA863
Goddard K D Lancaster ND955
Goddard R Halifax HR718
Goddard K Typhoon RB364
Goddard E Ventura AE687
Goddard J H Lancaster PD292
Goddard H Halifax DT685
Goddard G Lancaster DS828
Goddard A A F Lancaster ND622
Goddard C A Lancaster JB133
Goddard P Lancaster LM102
Goddard R Lancaster PB911
Goddard G Lancaster ND811
Goddard A G Halifax MZ855
Goddard A G Halifax LK757
Goddard J Stirling BK610
Goddard A E J Lancaster HK569
Goddard R G Halifax JB873
Goddard H R Halifax LV916
Goddard C J Battle
Goddard M J F P Lancaster PA158
Goddard M J Lancaster NG323
Goddard J L Lancaster R5571
Goddard Albert William
Goddard John William
Goddard William Carlisle
Goddard John Endacott
Goddard Osmond John
Goddard John Edward
Goddard Oswald Ernest
Goddard H Halifax L9618
Godden Barry Mathews Lancaster ED916
Godden F L Lancaster DS625
Godden R L Lancaster ED737
Godden F S Halifax DT637
Godden F S Halifax LW586
Godden D A Lancaster LM241
Goddin W Lancaster LM728
Gode L O Spitfire PT936
Godefroy J Halifax NA557
Godefroy Hugh Constant Spitfire EN130
Godefroy Hugh Constant Spitfire MA467
Godfray M G Lancaster PB180
Godfrey J W Halifax MZ283
Godfrey L W L Lancaster W4337
Godfrey R G Lancaster ND765
Godfrey S E Halifax LL287
Godfrey Herbert Edward Halifax W1162
Godfrey Whitley P4960
Godfrey T W G Whitley Z6941
Godfrey M C Lancaster NF909
Godfrey O Wellington DV818
Godfrey R K Wellington W5380
Godfrey E G Mosquito W4090
Godfrey S C P Lancaster JB242
Godfrey K E Halifax JB898
Godfrey S J Lancaster LM480
Godfrey A K Halifax LW468
Godfrey Spitfire SM405
Godfrey R F Lancaster EE148
Godfrey C R Lancaster ND811
Godfrey M F Halifax LW550
Godfrey J H Wellington T2805
Godfrey J H Wellington X3282
Godfrey Douglas Charles Halifax DT631
Godfrey W E Whitley P4947
Godfrey P L Tempest EJ519
Godfrey Donald Ling
Godfrey John Frederick
Godfrey Richard Roy
Godfrey William Allen
Godfrey Ronald Palmer
Godfrey John William
Godfrey Lloyd William Lewis
Godfrey David Kirke
Godfrey Richard Gerard
Godfrey John T P-47 Thunderbolt
Godfrey John T P-47 Thunderbolt
Godfrey John T P-51 Mustang
Godfrey John T P-51 Mustang
Godfrey John T P-51 Mustang
Godfrey John T P-51 Mustang
Godfrey John T P-51 Mustang
Godfrey John T P-51 Mustang
Godfrey John T P-51 Mustang
Godfrey John T P-51 Mustang
Godfrey John T P-51 Mustang
Godfrey John T P-51 Mustang
Godfrey John T P-51 Mustang
Godin Joseph Jean Robert Theobald Halifax HX160
Godin John Joseph Halifax MZ519
Godlewski Jerzy Marian Tadeusz Supermarine Spitfire W3411
Godlewski Sylwester Jerzy Supermarine Spitfire P8725
Godley C C Lancaster JA873
Godley A G W Lancaster DV195
Godley Colin Cortland
Godly W J Wellington Z1219
Godly William Bernard Turley
Godrey Norman Sydney Halifax MZ828
Godsall Herbert Marshall
Godseff G J Lancaster ED555
Godsell Alfred James Battle L5226
Godsell Peter Edward Halifax JP206
Godsell G H Halifax MZ649
Godson H E Wellington W5585
Godwin K J Lancaster JB610
Godwin R F Halifax MZ307
Godwin Gerald Patrick Lancaster DV226
Godwin A J Halifax W1040
Godwin C A Halifax L9527
Godwin Wellington X3355
Godwin H T Halifax MZ705
Godwin Kenneth James
Godwin Gerald Patrick
Godwin Lester B P-51 Mustang
Goebel Gerhard Fairey Battle L5356
Goebel E R Lancaster PD377
Goebel Anthony H P-51 Mustang
Goehring E H Lancaster NN696
Goemans C J M Halifax MZ930
Goeson R P Halifax LW682 - MZ504?
Goetsch Harold Walter B-17 43-37888
Goetz Joseph P-47 Thunderbolt
Goff Stuart John Stirling BF396
Goff J A Lancaster LL964
Goff J A Lancaster PB465
Goff C C Lancaster DV159
Goff A F Boston Z2164
Goff M Halifax W1242
Goff R G W Lancaster DV167
Goff Raymond John Ventura NZ4520
Goff Dorset J P-47 Thunderbolt`
Goff Walter L P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Goffe D Blenheim P4920
Goffin R W Halifax W7882
Goffin Hector Halifax LK743
Gofton Cyril Campbell Halifax EB251
Gofton A M Blenheim P4838
Goggin D A Lancaster ME677
Goheen A L Halifax NP775
Gohl James Garfield Typhoon MN115
Göhres Walenty Vickers Wellington Z1386
Gohsler Harry R P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Gohsler Harry R P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Going R C Stirling N6123
Gokey John W P-51 Mustang
Gołąbek Bougusław Vickers Wellington R1064
Gołacki Czesław Stanisław Vickers Wellington W5374
Golaszewski Mieczysław Vickers Wellington Z1262
Gołaszewski Jerzy Marcian
Golczewski Aleksander Roman Vickers Wellington W5423
Gold Wacław Avro Lancaster LM632
Gold L Halifax MZ568
Gold D Whitley Z6728
Gold E L Lancaster ED323
Gold E H Stirling EH990
Gold E M Wellington HE150
Gold D A Halifax DT569
Gold C Lancaster LM111
Goldberg D Spitfire MJ356
Goldberg N M Lancaster NE125
Goldberg W W Halifax DK223
Goldbery H Lancaster LL904
Goldby J L Halifax MZ939
Golden J G Stirling EF438
Golden B W Lancaster ME335
Golden C R Spitfire AD255
Golden W P Spitfire
Golden John T P-51 Mustang
Golder R W Stirling W7448
Golder R W Stirling N6094
Golder James William Halifax LK783
Golder A J P Blenheim L9041
Golder Reginald William
Goldfinch J H E Lancaster KB754
Goldfinger Z Stirling BF478
Goldflust J Halifax JD122
Goldhaar Jerzy Wellington Z1252
Goldhaar Jerzy Mieczysław Mosquito KB475
Goldie John Hunter Wellington N2825
Goldie Thomas Hampden X3028
Goldie J A Lancaster RA500
Goldie L G Wellington T2549
Goldie P C H Manchester L7322
Goldie N Wellington HF572
Goldie T Hampden X2900
Goldie H Halifax RG552
Goldie H E Wellington X3794
Goldie J Manchester L7383
Goldie John Hunter
Goldie Peter Charles-Herbert
Golding Derrick Walter Lancaster ME723
Golding W H Halifax W1153
Golding Joseph Albert Stirling LK143
Golding A Wellington W5372
Golding Geoffrey George Wellington X3310
Golding S J Hampden P4339
Golding W R Halifax W7678
Golding R Halifax LW657
Golding R C S Lancaster ED917
Golding John James
Golding Richard Henry
Goldingay Leslie Dennis Lancaster JB676
Goldingay L D Wellington R1244
Goldman William Wellington R1775
Goldman M Lancaster LM315
Goldman William
Goldney R E Halifax DT704
Goldney Murray Rufus
Gołdowski Lucjan Stanisław Avro Lancaster PA185
Goldrick M Stirling R9276
Goldring C E Manchester L7387
Golds James Delbert Lancaster R5665
Goldsack H E Wellington X3954
Goldsbrough R Halifax LW550
Goldsbrough W Halifax JB839
Goldsbury R Lancaster PB468
Goldsmid P E Stirling EH882
Goldsmid P Halifax LK846
Goldsmid Peter Ernest
Goldsmit H M Spitfire PT963
Goldsmith P M Lancaster EE117
Goldsmith George Howard Hudson N7368
Goldsmith John E Lancaster PB302
Goldsmith L Lancaster DS675
Goldsmith P D Whitley T4232
Goldsmith W C Hampden L4187
Goldsmith G Lancaster JB285
Goldsmith B F Stirling R9167
Goldsmith B F Stirling W7508
Goldsmith O L Stirling BK715
Goldsmith N E Lancaster W4266
Goldsmith C W Spitfire P7439
Goldsmith Fortress AN523
Goldsmith Peter Mylrea
Goldsmith Alan Leslie Dakota KN584
Goldson Alan J Fortress KJ106
Goldspink J J Halifax BB283
Goldspink W E Lancaster JB120
Goldstein G L Halifax LL600
Goldstein Robert Philip Halifax EB213
Goldstein M A Halifax W1253
Goldstein J Lancaster RF154
Goldstein D H Halifax JD253
Goldstein Charles Bernard B-17 44-8437
Goldstein George G P-47 Thunderbolt
Goldstein George G P-47 Thunderbolt
Goldstraw R Lancaster ED472
Goldstraw E E Lancaster ED861
Goldsworthy Maxwell John
Goldsworthy John Howard
Goldthorpe C Lancaster W4984
Goldthorpe Roy Charles Thomas Lancaster PD287
Goldthorpe K R Mosquito NT176
Goldwater Mark Lancaster PB112
Goldwyn L Lancaster R5630
Gołębiowski Konstanty Vickers Wellington R1227
Golec Michał Lancaster LL857
Golec Michał Avro Lancaster JA683
Golightly F J Wellington R1349
Golightly John William Lancaster ME591
Gołko Jerzy Wellington R1035
Gollogly R W Lancaster EE115
Golmour J M Wellington Z1663
Golsby-Smith Maxwell Frederick
Golston A Hampden AE313
Golton J P Spitfire BL812
Golub M M Lancaster LL890
Goman Kevin Ansell
Gomersall E E R Stirling EH893
Gomersall J Lancaster JB300
Gomes Lewis Charles
Gomez S Halifax NA174
Gomez George B-17 Under Ground Farmer 44-6020
Gomm P C Spitfire TD154
Gomm C L Lancaster ED998
Gomm C L Whitley P5111
Gommo J Lancaster ND803
Gompertz P A L Mustang AM134
Gonay H A C Typhoon MN661
Gonce H B Lancaster W4854
Gondreau C J J L Halifax LW378
Gonnam Jesse W P-47 Thunderbolt
Gonnam Jesse W P-47 Thunderbolt
Gonnam Jesse W P-47 Thunderbolt
Gonnam Jesse W P-47 Thunderbolt
Gonnett L A Halifax DT630
Gonroski P F Halifax LV996
Gonthier A F Halifax MZ741
Gonzales Adolph M. B-17 Under Ground Farmer 44-6020
Gooby D P Lancaster R5857
Gooch Daniel Last Lancaster ED559
Gooch Ernest Lancaster NF960
Gooch F J Lancaster NG116
Gooch R W Lancaster JB726
Good M R Lancaster EE194
Good Michael Harvey Stirling BF391
Good Ralph Edward Lancaster KB743
Good William Adrian Halifax LW433
Good F E Stirling BK802
Good H R Lancaster PA989
Good F E Lancaster ME802
Good G J Lancaster ED564
Good K Hampden X3002
Good W H Wellington Z8499
Good W Lancaster JB188
Good D C F Hampden AD728
Good D Hampden AE318
Good G F Lancaster DS787
Good Robert James
Good Peter Raymond
Good Christopher Marshall
Good Melville Ross
Good Duncan Charles Frederick
Good John Burns B-24 Hula Wahine II 42-52467
Good Robert E P-38 Lightning
Goodacre A V Lancaster PB538
Goodacre William Ernest Halifax JB798
Goodacre R Lancaster LM538
Goodacre A Lancaster LM570
Goodacre A Lancaster JB417
Goodale Frederick James Lancaster LL946
Goodall James Alexander Lancaster DV264
Goodall Ernest Hugh Whitley T4326
Goodall Harold Ingham Defiant N1627
Goodall Arthur Manley Lancaster ME576
Goodall Bernard Bryn Spitfire P8607
Goodall H Lancaster ME677
Goodall G L H Stirling R9308
Goodall A K Halifax NA241
Goodall N H Spitfire P7779
Goodall A F Halifax MZ502
Goodall F G Halifax LK659
Goodall J J Lancaster ED719
Goodall W M Stirling BF511
Goodall Wellington N2767
Goodbody T R Blenheim
Goodbody W J Lancaster ND735
Goodbourne P D Stirling BF329
Goodbrand J Hampden AT115
Goodbrand A R Lancaster PB725
Goodchap M F Spitfire BL932
Goodchild C N Stirling BF411
Goodchild K A Halifax JB806
Goodchild L W Halifax NA511
Goodchild Harold Stanley
Goode Ray Marston Short Sunderland EJ134
Goode John Graham Hudson A16-7
Goode K F Lancaster ED647
Goode Blenheim V5823
Goode J D Blenheim R3898
Goode P G W Spitfire MH375
Goode C F Halifax W1117
Goode R J Lancaster ND731
Goode L V Wellington W5522
Goode W G Wellington DF615
Goode R G Hampden P2121
Goode Edmund Charles William Lancaster ME851
Goode H F Lancaster ED651
Goode C A Halifax MZ513
Goode R J Spitfire BM254
Goode J.
Goode John Graham
Goode Ray Marston
Goode Ray Marston Sunderland DV968
Goodenough Albert George Wellington N2941
Goodenough Frederick William Reece Lancaster PB704
Goodenough Carlton Stokes Liberator AL577
Goodenough N R P Wellington R1339
Goodenough R G Halifax JD168
Gooderham D S Wellington HE183
Gooderham A T Hurricane V6789
Gooderham A T Hurricane Z3841
Gooderham Geoffrey Arthur
Gooderick Clifford John Blenheim T2246
Goodey J H Wellington X9910
Goodey Sydney D.P. Lancaster RF121
Goodey S G Stirling R9326
Goodey James Henry
Goodfellow G Lancaster NF917
Goodfellow J R Halifax DK228
Goodfellow D G Halifax LK971
Goodfellow L T Lancaster R5623
Goodfellow W D L Ventura AE956
Goodfellow Wallace Albert Halifax JN899
Goodfellow C G Blenheim Z7487
Goodfellow E G Halifax HR737
Goodfellow Keith
Goodfellow John Nicol
Goodfellow Geoffrey
Goodfleisch Don M P-47 Thunderbolt
Goodfleisch Don M P-47 Thunderbolt
Goodger Patrick Francis
Goodhand A Lancaster W4954
Goodhew W Lancaster PB211
Goodhew S V Halifax W1223
Goodhew K R Typhoon RB279
Goodhew Reginald Allan
Goodhill W Hampden X2913
Goodier C A Lancaster KB777
Goodier S Lancaster NG294
Gooding R Lancaster W4310
Gooding B H Lancaster W4854
Gooding B H Lancaster W4853
Gooding B L Lancaster ED809
Gooding N F W Halifax LK726
Gooding Beaumont Ray
Gooding Harold Allan
Gooding Ronald
Gooding Leonard William
Goodings Manchester L7317
Goodisson John Francis
Goodkey Leonard Earl Lancaster LL797
Goodkey Leonard Earl Lancaster ED392
Goodlet Leslie John Wellington ME990
Goodley L L G Lancaster W4856
Goodman Bessie Lancaster PA278
Goodman William Edward Stirling W7471
Goodman Arthur Henry Wellington HZ110
Goodman Hubert Reginald Lancaster ND700
Goodman G E Hurricane P2686
Goodman G H Mosquito HK377
Goodman E A Lancaster DV360
Goodman K M Lancaster PB143
Goodman C E Lancaster LM269
Goodman F V S Halifax MZ711
Goodman C Halifax LV872
Goodman D Manchester R5837
Goodman E Hampden AE362
Goodman R F Lancaster PB533
Goodman George Ernest ("Randy")
Goodman Geoffrey Horace
Goodman Lawrence (Sonny) F. B-17 Dinah Might 42-97318
Goodman Charles E P-51 Mustang
Goodman Charles E P-51 Mustang
Goodman Charles E P-51 Mustang
Goodman Orville E P-51 Mustang
Goodman Orville E P-51 Mustang
Goodmundsen R D Spitfire BS292
Goodnight Robert E P-51 Mustang
Goodnight Robert E P-51 Mustang
Goodnight Robert E P-51 Mustang
Goodnight Robert E P-51 Mustang
Goodnight Robert E P-51 Mustang
Goodnight Robert E P-51 Mustang
Goodnight Robert E P-51 Mustang
Goodrich Orin K
Goodridge N Lancaster LL889
Goodridge E S Lancaster JB609
Goodridge Noel
Goodrum W H Stirling DJ977
Goodrum L E Halifax W1015
Goodsell H R Halifax MZ368
Goodsell K E Lancaster ED361
Goodson J C Halifax HR833
Goodson James A P-47 Thunderbolt
Goodson James A P-47 Thunderbolt
Goodson James A P-47 Thunderbolt
Goodson James A P-51 Mustang
Goodson James A P-51 Mustang
Goodson James A P-51 Mustang
Goodson James A P-51 Mustang
Goodson James A P-51 Mustang
Goodson James A P-51 Mustang
Goodwill H I Halifax W7751
Goodwin J I Lancaster ME640
Goodwin K J Lancaster JB704
Goodwin Frederick Albert Lancaster JB479
Goodwin John Lancaster ED627
Goodwin Harry James Halifax LW379
Goodwin Charles Henry Wellington R1181
Goodwin George Joseph Stirling N6047
Goodwin L F B Lancaster HK756
Goodwin D W Whitley AD701
Goodwin W H Lancaster DS772
Goodwin E A Lancaster DS634
Goodwin D H Halifax NR144
Goodwin J R Lancaster LL618
Goodwin V A Lancaster JB672
Goodwin George Nicholas John Liberator BZ832
Goodwin G C R Wellington Z1108
Goodwin C S V Spitfire P7594
Goodwin D C Lancaster ED987
Goodwin B C Lancaster R5574
Goodwin Hampden AD746
Goodwin T G Lancaster ED819
Goodwin P R Lancaster ND466
Goodwin R E Lancaster ED598
Goodwin S L Lancaster W4938
Goodwin R O Halifax JD147
Goodwin D W Spitfire
Goodwin P W Whitley Z6644
Goodwin W J Lancaster ND849
Goodwin H MacD Spitfire N3024
Goodwin H Lancaster W4168
Goodwin C W Lancaster LL977
Goodwin K Lancaster LM446
Goodwin E C Halifax LK957
Goodwin J C Whitley Z6647
Goodwin A C Halifax LK730
Goodwin T I Halifax JD409
Goodwin E B Lancaster R5571
Goodwin F G Wellington N2911
Goodwin H A Wellington X9739
Goodwin Arthur Gordon
Goodwin Joseph Ignatious
Goodwin John Andrew
Goodwin Ronald Bede
Goodwin Stanley Harold James Dakota KN584
Goodwyn P A Wellington R3199
Goodwyn John W P-47 Thunderbolt
Goodwyn John W P-51 Mustang
Goodyear Paul Albert Urquhart Lancaster ED726
Goodyear H C C Lancaster LM476
Goodyear W J Lancaster ME867
Goodyear R E Halifax JD122
Goodyear Sidney Mosquito
Goodyer Alexander Lewis Lancaster W4169
Goodyer E J Lancaster ME783
Googfellow W J Wellington BK310
Gookey T Stirling EF437
Goold G C Wellington Z1084
Goold Arthur Frederick Wellington LN660
Goold E A Blenheim V5595
Goom H E St H Halifax LW225
Gooravitch J B Lancaster JB740
Goord S B Wellington Z1463
Goozee J T Lancaster ED583
Góra Michał Wellington Z8427
Gorak T Lancaster PB363
Gorbert Edward Stirling EH875
Gorczycki Antoni Lancaster PB722
Gordge H Lancaster ND954
Gordon C R Lancaster EE181
Gordon J G Halifax MZ647
Gordon R G Wellington Z8342
Gordon James Anthony Cathcart Hampden P1201
Gordon H V Lancaster RA524
Gordon A Lancaster W4316
Gordon H L Lancaster EE167
Gordon John Irvine Lancaster DV382
Gordon William Hugh Gibson Spitfire X4035
Gordon Norman Charles Lancaster PB256
Gordon Ronald Lancaster PB689
Gordon Terence Michael Lancaster ME833
Gordon Samuel John Mosquito HK182
Gordon F P Liberator EW139
Gordon William Campbell Wellington BJ844
Gordon William Campbell Lancaster JA915
Gordon M S Stirling ED911
Gordon A D Halifax DT699
Gordon Fred Merrill Lancaster PB183
Gordon Richard Lawrence "Dick" Hampden AE426
Gordon J R Halifax NP959
Gordon H P Halifax MZ757
Gordon E D Halifax MZ626
Gordon J P C Lancaster LM336
Gordon R T Lancaster PB265
Gordon J N Lancaster ME774
Gordon K W Lancaster LL839
Gordon J S Lancaster ND950
Gordon W F Stirling BF387
Gordon D H Wellington X3946
Gordon L B Spitfire BM513
Gordon D B Whitley T4152
Gordon A S Lancaster JB603
Gordon R B Lancaster LL773
Gordon John Mosquito DZ587
Gordon K J Mosquito ML911
Gordon G A O Hampden AE144
Gordon I P McH Wellington R1798
Gordon G R S Whitley Z9385
Gordon P R Blenheim L9413
Gordon J H Blenheim P6913
Gordon John Arthur Gerald Hurricane P3941
Gordon J A G Hurricane P3940
Gordon W H Lancaster ED599
Gordon J R Wellington BK459
Gordon T D Wellington BE161
Gordon J S Lancaster ND872
Gordon A J Stirling W7621
Gordon A B Stirling R9345
Gordon Wellington Z8853
Gordon A C Stirling EF299
Gordon Typhoon
Gordon G V Wellington P9215
Gordon H H Mustang AG661
Gordon D J Wellington W5561
Gordon H A Halifax EB216
Gordon H Lancaster KB709
Gordon H Halifax JD333
Gordon J A D Typhoon JR431
Gordon N L Typhoon MN403
Gordon N L Typhoon MN817
Gordon D C Spitfire MH728
Gordon D B Lancaster W4985
Gordon R Lancaster PB845
Gordon C W Lancaster ME298
Gordon G H M Lancaster L7567
Gordon N Lancaster PB195
Gordon J F Halifax HR728
Gordon H Lancaster JB541
Gordon H Whitley Z6465
Gordon D Lancaster NF914
Gordon W Spitfire M8929
Gordon J R Lancaster JB713
Gordon J A G Spitfire BL939
Gordon W S Stirling R9331
Gordon D T Lancaster EE188
Gordon John Arthur Gerald Spitfire BL936
Gordon Donald Carlos
Gordon Colin Ross
Gordon John Grieve
Gordon Robert George
Gordon Ian Samuel
Gordon Francis Colin
Gordon George Wallace
Gordon Ian Stanley
Gordon Horace Palmer
Gordon Reginald Lloyd
Gordon Malcolm James
Gordon Kenneth Lewis
Gordon Andrew
Gordon Henry Vincent
Gordon Hugh Lyons
Gordon William John
Gordon John Irvine
Gordon Noel Leslie
Gordon Lewis A Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Gordon Lewis A Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Gordon Richard J P-47 Thunderbolt
Gordon William P Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Gordon Powell S E Halifax HR812
Gordon-Dean Peter Lee Defiant N1794
Gordon-Glassford Terence Harry
Gordon-Peiniger Anthony Anson K8813
Gordy James F P-38 Lightning
Gore Hugh Mustang AG656
Gore James Halifax NR195
Gore Don W Lancaster ME691
Gore K Halifax JB843
Gore P C Lancaster ND925
Gore W E Hurricane P2572
Gore W E Hurricane P3108
Gore P A J Lancaster ED613
Gore K Lancaster JB175
Gore John Arran
Górecki Ryszard Spitfire P8463
Górecki Jerzy Vickers Wellington Z1279
Goreham Rodney Shand Halifax NP771
Gorell H Lancaster ED369
Gorfunkle Norman Halifax DT515
Gorham Walter P P-47 Thunderbolt`
Gorian Martin G P-51 Mustang
Gorias J Halifax MZ738
Gorick N Wellington HE173
Gorieu R A A Halifax W7714
Goring Jill Lancaster PA278
Goring J A Wellington Z1319
Goring C A Halifax HR915
Goring F C Mustang AG455
Goring N Lancaster ME664
Górka Franciszek Vickers Wellington HZ638
Gorman John Joseph Lancaster LM467
Gorman William Wellington R1047
Gorman W M Lancaster LM345
Gorman J R Lancaster PB184
Gorman R E Wellington BJ968
Gorman B Lancaster JA863
Gorman W Halifax W1047
Gorman R F Lancaster ME548
Gorman L Lancaster JB541
Gorman Brian William
Gormely M Lancaster ME642
Gormley H D W Anson N5073
Gornall Leonard John Stirling LK272
Gornall Leonard John Stirling N3703
Gornall F J Beaufort AW197
Gornall Leonard John (Len) Halifax LW275
Gornall Edward Cuthbert Lancaster DV376
Gornall George Herbert
Górny Stanisław Spitfire AA839
Górny Kazimierz Maciej Vickers Wellington Z1281
Górny Kazimierz Maciej Wellington Z8427
Gorrie Peter Creighton Hudson A16-12
Gorrie Charles Gordon Sunderland W6031
Gorrie J Halifax LK733
Gorrie Peter Creighton
Gorringe Douglas Lowther Eric
Gorse W F Lancaster JA917
Górski Józef Miles Master W8706
Górski Józef Jakub Supermarine Spitfire AD330
Górski Kazimierz Szczepan
Gorton J Lancaster ED996
Gorton M D Wellington DV890
Gorton W H Hampden P2116
Gorton W A Halifax HR937
Gorton R A Halifax LV771
Gorton C Halifax JD258
Gorton H Lancaster PB369
Gorton John Ronald
Gorton Sydney Victor Wellington R1389
Gorwood J E Hampden L4049
Gorzeński Mieczysław Wellington Z8372
Gorzeński Mieczysław Vickers Wellington W5423
Gosbell Donald James
Gosden W L Vickers Wellington R1298
Gosden D Whitley BD275
Gosden E B Halifax LW264
Gosden Gordon Russell
Gosfrey S H Halifax LW286
Gosiewski Antoni Henryk Miles Master W8479
Gosiewski Stanisław Vickers Wellington Z1387
Goskirk J D Halifax LW537
Gosling Keith Lancaster LL862
Gosling G Stirling EE902
Gosling E A Halifax LW339
Gosling A S Halifax JD116
Gosling A S Halifax DT622
Gosling Graham Noel Stirling EF187
Gosling P E M Halifax HR936
Gosling P E Halifax HR747
Gosling Whitley T4207
Gosling R J Lancaster JB133
Gosling E A Halifax JD157
Gosman A D Battle L5242
Gosman A D Wellington W5433
Gosnay W A Halifax LK885
Gosnell W H Halifax DT774
Gosnell Earl S Jr P-38 Lightning
Gosney Leonard David Lancaster W4892
Gosney K A Wellington BK206
Gosney J K Wellington BK310
Gosnold Peter Andrew Lancaster PD265
Gospel L W Lancaster LM337
Gosper Lee Gordon Stirling R9270
Gosper Lee Gordon
Goss Ian Edward Wellington HX399
Goss L C Halifax EB242
Goss Eric Arthur Halifax LV963
Goss Harold Sidney Douglas Wellington L4348
Goss N J Lancaster JB468
Goss V E G Wellington Z8600
Goss N T Mosquito HK499
Goss J E Lancaster JB182
Goss A A J Whitley Z6498
Goss Arthur L B-17 Bad penny 42-31183
Gossard Philip D P-51 Mustang
Gosselin J S D B Stirling N6078
Gossip Arthur Bennett Lancaster DV280
Gossip Arthur Bennett
Gostick T W Wellington P9286
Gostling F E Halifax R9372
Gostling A P Lancaster ND880
Gostomski Walerian Wellington R1178
Gostomski Walerian
Gotch Christopher Llewellyn Hurricane BE495
Goth V Hurricane P2903
Gotham A W Halifax JD271
Gotham E R Halifax NA501
Gott Merle Wellington L7795
Gott A N Halifax HR948
Gott F V Lancaster LM545
Gott J Lancaster PB360
Gottheimer Sidney Walter Lancaster PD383
Gottlieb A I Lancaster R5516
Gotto P G Lancaster ND446
Gotto Phillip George
Gottowt Eugeniusz Hawker Typhoon JP704 (some list it as JP404)
Gotts R A Lancaster R5909
Gotts Rex Alfred
Gottschalk George F B-17 42-31906
Gouby R B Spitfire MA755
Goucher Richard Tannatt
Goude D C Spitfire
Goudge Ivor Philip Chester Lancaster ED996
Goudie Ernest Albert Halifax LL577
Goudie Nathaniel Robert
Goudy G H Lancaster ND932
Goudy C M Halifax JB856
Gough S E Lancaster LM156
Gough Maurice Hampden AD723
Gough Harold Wray Stirling BF372
Gough Arthur Edward Stirling N6077
Gough T R Stirling N3705
Gough Philip Whitley P4989
Gough Kenneth Adrian Lancaster JA850
Gough Terence Arthur Harold Hurricane L1758
Gough Douglas William Wellington T2515
Gough P B Whitley P5048
Gough R B Whitley P4994
Gough D A H Halifax JB843
Gough E G Halifax JD150
Gough Stirling W7536
Gough B T Lancaster NG201
Gough C D Lancaster ND358
Gough G A Typhoon MN522
Gough J Lancaster LM281
Gough Patrick Francis Halifax LW692
Gough H P Halifax EB210
Gough P D Lancaster HK770
Gough R Halifax JB839
Gough E W E Hampden AD911
Gough W E Lancaster DV332
Gough R V Lancaster ED666
Gough William John
Gough William Ernest Myrie
Gough John Alfred Livingstone
Gough Bernard Daniel
Gough Sydney Ernest
Gough Archer Thomas George Whitley Z9388
Gough-Calthorpe Ronald Arthur Somerset Mustang HB867
Gough-Calthorpe Ronald Arthur Somerset Mustang KH566
Gouinlock J Halifax LK811
Goulboura J W Lancaster JB721
Gould Francis Edwin Lancaster LM548
Gould I F Halifax MZ305
Gould R Lancaster ME577
Gould R Lancaster LM380
Gould Frank Hustler Halifax JB835
Gould Richard John Halifax LW298
Gould Edgar George Spencer Stirling N3703
Gould A N Lancaster ME865
Gould J R Lancaster W4326
Gould Innis Lindsay Elwin (Harry) Halifax NA514
Gould H J Lancaster ED499
Gould R J Halifax W1055
Gould W H Hampden AE227
Gould J D Wellington X3720
Gould T Halifax MZ630
Gould D'A Lancaster ED618
Gould A N Mosquito MM194
Gould J Stirling BF474
Gould J Stirling BK667
Gould Battle L5528
Gould R D Halifax LW653
Gould R A Halifax MZ447
Gould J W Wellington HZ270
Gould D E Whitley K9040
Gould J R Lancaster LL635
Gould J C Lancaster PB475
Gould A H Hampden P4358
Gould F Lancaster LM478
Gould G Lancaster ME739
Gould T Halifax MZ912
Gould W V J Stirling R9260
Gould S W Lancaster W4981
Gould D F Stirling BF462
Gould Derrick Leslie
Gould Gordon James
Gould Walter Herbert
Gould Clifford Roy
Gould Francis Edwin
Gould Ian Frederick
Gould Robert
Gould Clifford C P-51 Mustang
Gould Norman D P-47 Thunderbolt
Gould Norman D P-47 Thunderbolt
Gould Norman D P-47 Thunderbolt
Gould Norman D P-47 Thunderbolt
Gould Norman D P-47 Thunderbolt
Gould (Gold) R Lancaster DS668
Goulden D A Lancaster JA918
Goulden D Halifax JD200
Goulden E Wellington X3701
Goulder P S Blenheim N6198
Goulder A Hampden X2998
Goulder Kenneth
Goulding James Lancaster ED326
Goulding Stanley Herbert Halifax JN954
Goulding J H Halifax MZ895
Goulding C P Stirling N3665
Goulding J Halifax JD460
Goulding R Whitley Z6793
Goulding W Lancaster ME596
Goulding N J Y Lancaster JB135
Goulding A L Lancaster NE129
Gouldon E Wellington X3651
Gouldstone Victor Charles William Arras Lancaster W4103
Gouldstone Ronald Joseph Blenheim L1330
Goule J R A Wellington BK340
Goule H W Lancaster JB283
Goulet W A Halifax LK696
Goulette J B Lancaster W4125
Goulevitch J Lancaster ED369
Goulston Sydney Whitley Z6934
Goulter John Leslie
Goundrey T A Halifax NA500
Goupil J D Halifax NR172
Gourd A E E Halifax EB216
Gourde R R Halifax JB923
Gourdeau A E Halifax LW618
Gourlay William Wellington LP760
Gourlay William Leslie Blenheim R3900
Gourlay R F Halifax DT520
Gourlay J L Lancaster LM306
Gourley W H J Halifax L9529
Gourley William Henry James
Gourlie H A Stirling LJ454
Gout Geoffrey Kenneth Spitfire P9493
Gove R G Wellington R12179
Gove William Julius Henderson
Gover C C W Lancaster LL751
Gover G H P Halifax JD951
Gover J E L Mosquito ML971
Gover Leroy P-51 Mustang
Govett D D Lancaster PB362
Govett D D Lancaster ND465
Govett Leslie Jack Robert
Govett Leonard Evelyn Romaine Liberator EW631
Gow Denholm Beaufort L4501
Gow G Lancaster LM519
Gow J G Stirling W7638
Gow J G Stirling BF389
Gow J G Hampden L4189
Gow I F Blenheim V6248
Gow G A Stirling DJ974
Gow C H Lancaster JA843
Gow I Lancaster ME795
Gow I Lancaster ME717
Gow David Murray
Gowan Thomas Francis Hampden P1228
Gowan R B Lancaster LM261
Gowan A W Halifax HR793
Gowan Hampden AD746
Gowan Wellington Z8800
Gowan J H Lancaster ED546
Gowans William Halifax LW719
Gowans J G Stirling EF307
Goward R P Stirling BK712
Gowdey Alan William Lancaster PB527
Gowdie Robert St Clair
Gowdy W J Halifax LV787
Gowen C G Halifax JB799
Gower J.D. Lancaster PB591
Gower G R Wellington Z1335
Gower Jack Gerald Halifax NR246
Gower Hampden P2085
Gower Leslie Percy Lancaster PD216
Gower J G Halifax NA627
Gower D de C C Hurricane P2676
Gower D de C C Hurricane P3546
Gower R F Hampden L4036
Gower T D Halifax LW301
Gower F P C Mitchell FL197
Gower Garth Richard
Gowers Arthur Vincent Typhoon JP396
Gowers J B Halifax W7660
Gowers A V Hurricane V7343
Gowers G B
Gowing R P Whitley Z6746
Gowing R Halifax DT635
Gowing K J Lancaster LM631
Gowing-Scopes Alistair Whitley T4159
Gowland J H Halifax LW544
Gowland Alfred William Lancaster LL749
Gowland Hampden AT226
Gowland K S Hampden X2907VN-
Gowland K S Hampden X3000
Gowland J C Whitley Z6957
Gowlett Kennedy
Gowling G R Halifax JB862
Gowrie C B Lancaster DV398
Goyen Frank McKenzie
Goyen Frank McKenzie Sunderland W4026
Goyne Alan Kenneth
Gozdecki Dariusz Marian Hawker Hurricane Z3856
Góźdź Czesław Vickers Wellington BJ645
Graaf H Lancaster JB217
Graaff Dewhurst Lancaster ME859
Graafstra J W Hurricane P2809
Grabarczyk Stanisław Izydor Vickers Wellington DV804
Grabek Roman Hampden L4109
Grabham A J Hampden AT136
Grabham Arthur James
Grabowski Krzysztof Jerzy Wellington Z1317
Grabowski Stanisław Avro Lancaster DV278
Grabski Walenty
Grace H F Wellington Z1651
Grace J P M Lancaster ED622
Grace J M Halifax LL599
Grace Raymond Archibald Lancaster ED979
Grace John Peter Halifax MZ901
Grace J N Wellington T2737
Grace J W Manchester L7318
Grace M J Lancaster ED706
Grace C H Whitley Z6956
Grace Hilary Francis
Grace James Pearce Massey
Grace Gerald J P-47 Thunderbolt
Gracey H Halifax HX165
Gracey R J Lancaster LM458
Gracie W B Halifax LL594
Gracie B McG Halifax DK191
Gracie W Halifax LW120
Gracie E J Mosquito HJ707
Gracie E J Hurricane R2689
Gracie Edward John ("Jumbo")
Graczyk Władysław Stanisław Wellington R1035
Graczyk Władysław Stanisław Wellington X9687
Gradner G C Ventura AE852
Gradwell R S Lancaster JA690
Gradwell David Prenton
Grady J J Lancaster ND473
Grady J J B Lancaster LM677
Grady L T W Wellington W5367
Grady J B Halifax LL358
Grady John Arthur Wellington T2973
Grady J Lancaster DS766
Grady J E A Halifax MZ467
Grady Ernest John
Grady Francis Mosquito PZ178
Grady John Edward B-17 44-8437
Graebner Everard Charls
Graff Bolesław Handley Page Halifax JD171
Grafton S R Stirling EE951
Graham C A Mosquito DZ320
Graham R C Lancaster W4864
Graham W A Lancaster ED606
Graham J F Whitley N1421
Graham Cyril Halifax LW285
Graham William Monteith Vickers Wellington R1473
Graham W M Wellington R1473
Graham Albert Edward Lancaster ED996
Graham Robert Coats Halifax LW298
Graham F W Halifax W7765
Graham Clyde Euan Miles Lancaster NF923
Graham J W Lancaster JA926
Graham Neil Lancaster ND329
Graham James Halifax LK842
Graham Granville Whitley P4943
Graham J C Halifax JD165
Graham H R Lancaster ED769
Graham R R Stirling R9161
Graham I P Wellington X9879
Graham Norman M. Wellington BJ877
Graham R MacF Wellington W5562
Graham W C Halifax LW720
Graham Frederick George Lancaster ME807
Graham J H Halifax HR799
Graham G K Mosquito PZ394
Graham G T Halifax LW240
Graham L T Lancaster KB779
Graham R Wellington HE280
Graham Donald Curry Lancaster KB846
Graham G A Halifax MZ509
Graham H J Halifax NP801
Graham G T Lancaster R5666
Graham D D Halifax HX239
Graham G A Lancaster DV284
Graham J A Wellington X3167
Graham Ian Dundee Lancaster NG176
Graham R E Stirling BF351
Graham A J Halifax DT512
Graham W B Lancaster LL913
Graham J C Lancaster JB592
Graham J S Blenheim V5455
Graham J Lancaster LL936
Graham W Wellington BJ710
Graham Laurence James Alexander Wellington BJ964
Graham M Spitfire NH529
Graham D A Stirling R9295
Graham G C Lancaster NG362
Graham J Lancaster ME850
Graham L T Stirling BF470
Graham T E H Lancaster ND978
Graham R H Mosquito HJ660
Graham J B Halifax LK826
Graham J Stirling W7442
Graham F J Lancaster ME839
Graham W A J Typhoon RB392
Graham H G Wellington HE162
Graham M D L Mustang AP237
Graham G R Liberator TS520
Graham K A G Whirlwind P6969
Graham J L Halifax W7760
Graham J P Lancaster NE175
Graham I Lancaster ND759
Graham ? Hurricane Z5005
Graham Wellington W5489
Graham J J B Halifax JB904
Graham P Spitfire EN238
Graham P B Spitfire MB831
Graham J F Halifax JD159
Graham J Halifax LK644
Graham T Halifax LK908
Graham J Lancaster W4935
Graham I Lancaster PB417
Graham C G Lancaster ME740
Graham E Lancaster ED985
Graham A Lancaster PB471
Graham J M Hampden AE159
Graham L W Hurricane V7368
Graham A H Halifax MZ617
Graham T Lancaster W4934
Graham P G Hampden L4113
Graham J W W Hampden X3127
Graham Manchester R5834
Graham W F Lancaster PD425
Graham E Lancaster LM484
Graham H Lancaster R5483
Graham A D Stirling W7616
Graham John Thompson Stirling W7501
Graham H R Stirling N6041
Graham R W Lancaster JA682
Graham E Spitfire
Graham A Stirling R9290
Graham G Halifax JD383
Graham W Halifax NA511
Graham Benjamin Alexander Blackie Halifax LL190
Graham Charles William George Halifax LL143
Graham C W G Halifax JB320 (to be confirmed)
Graham R Halifax LV877
Graham J R Halifax HX355
Graham J F Blenheim V6455
Graham T Blenheim T1889
Graham J Lancaster DV334
Graham T E B Lancaster JA852
Graham N Stirling BF454
Graham R Stirling EF439
Graham Newell Stirling BK804
Graham J Lancaster JB218
Graham Michael
Graham Norman Stirling
Graham Charles Andre
Graham Frank
Graham Kevin Malcolm Ford
Graham Walter Osborne
Graham Maurice Anthony
Graham Richard Lewis
Graham John Oswald
Graham Kenneth George
Graham Edward William Davies
Graham John Alexander
Graham Ross Clive
Graham William Alexander
Graham William Arthur
Graham James Albert
Graham Peter Francis Ralph Beaufort
Graham Colbert W. B-17 Flying Fortress 42-31941 Big Stoop
Graham Howard S. B-17 43-37909
Graham Clarence H P-51 Mustang
Graham Donald W P-47 Thunderbolt
Graham Ethelbert H Jr P-51 Mustang
Graham Ethelbert H Jr P-51 Mustang
Graham Gerald E P-51 Mustang
Graham Gordon M P-51 Mustang
Graham Gordon M P-51 Mustang
Graham Gordon M P-51 Mustang
Graham Gordon M P-51 Mustang
Graham Lindol F P-38 Lightning
Graham Lindol F P-38 Lightning
Graham Lindol F P-38 Lightning
Graham Robert F Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Graham Robert F Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Graham Robert F Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Graham Robert F Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Graham Robert F Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Graham Bell Frank Wellington MS471
Graham-Hogg D Blenheim Z7502
Graham-Hogg H G Blenheim L9465
Grahame Donald Lyle
Grail Frank Wellington Z8781
Graillot G Spitfire TB335
Grain A J Lancaster LL826
Grain J W Lancaster ED499
Grain Thomas Henry Hudson EW921
Grainger A R Lancaster L7547
Grainger A B Stirling EF409
Grainger J G Halifax JB918
Grainger James Kennedy Stirling BF513
Grainger J Halifax JD315
Grainger R K A Lancaster JB554
Grainger R Hampden L4184
Grainger H Lancaster JB567
Grainger W E Spitfire W3329
Grainger I L Lancaster W4163
Grainger E Stirling EH889
Grainger E Stirling BF455
Grainger Cyril
Grainger Athol Richard
Grainger James Charles
Grainger James Charles Sunderland DV968
Grainger Lester M P-51 Mustang
Grajnert Dominik Marian Vickers Wellington X9764
Gramiak Grzegorz Piotr Vickers Wellington Z1172
Gramnes H P Spitfire BS531
Gramson W J Halifax MZ539
Granata Rudolph J. B-17 43-38445
Granbois M E Lancaster PB295
Granbois A B Halifax DT723
Granbois W L Lancaster DS828
Grand George Albert Wellington Z1422
Grand Albert George
Grandy J Hurricane R4229
Grange E A Lancaster JA675
Grange A H Lancaster NE166
Grange R Lancaster ME394
Grange A Lancaster JB468
Grange T Stirling EF501
Grange L J Halifax LW232
Granger Frank Dow Halifax HR720
Granger P C Lancaster ND691
Granger Robert John
Granger Geoffrey Sunderland
Granier M Halifax MZ489
Granka B Lancaster KB741
Grannum C W Blenheim T1891
Grannum E Lancaster JB650
Granshaw G G Stirling W7472
Grant Bryce Gordon B-17 Easy Does it 43-38623
Grant Ian Maxwell Stirling LJ882
Grant D C Halifax HX186
Grant Charles Robert Gordon Mosquito DZ435
Grant N R Halifax MZ350
Grant F N Blenheim V5463
Grant John Alexander Lancaster ED804
Grant D R Lancaster DV160
Grant G A Lancaster ND419
Grant J P Lancaster JB298
Grant L W Lancaster PB155
Grant A C W Lancaster ND744
Grant Donald Gordon Wellington BK135
Grant George Alan Ashley Stirling BK688
Grant Reginald Joseph Cowan
Grant James Hampden AD756
Grant Arthur Gordon Wellington LP286
Grant Alexander Lancaster ND645
Grant Christopher Ignatius Halifax RG455
Grant Geofrey Davis Halifax MZ920
Grant Edward Wellington L4288
Grant JoHN Lancaster NG492
Grant C E L Lancaster W4827
Grant Ronald Frank Gordon Stirling N6102
Grant Donald Cameron Kitchener Lancaster ME690
Grant J V Halifax NR233
Grant J J Halifax LK839
Grant D M Mustang AG577
Grant F E Spitfire MA838
Grant W S Halifax W7770
Grant Charles Wellington HF311
Grant A G Halifax JB972
Grant W A Halifax HR658
Grant B A Wellington MS484
Grant M C Halifax LV998
Grant M McL W Halifax MZ822
Grant M K Halifax NP682
Grant J S Halifax MZ903
Grant R H Halifax JD374
Grant T H Halifax MZ597
Grant W A Wellington HE817
Grant J E Halifax MZ807
Grant William Douglas Lancaster ND386
Grant A F Lancaster ME737
Grant D A Lancaster LM117
Grant D R Lancaster LL970
Grant L K A Lancaster JB176
Grant A Wellington LN601
Grant Frederick Percy Wellington DV819
Grant Ian Alexander Wellington DV480
Grant Reginald Joseph Cowan Mustang FX996
Grant Ian Allan Charles Spitfire BM482
GRant D I Lancaster PB245
Grant R H Lancaster ND588
Grant Horace Llewellyn Wellington X3396
Grant James Sutherland Stirling EE878
Grant Boyd Sutcliff Boston AL741
Grant A Halifax LV912
Grant C H Wellington BJ897
Grant P A J Halifax W7911
Grant D E Halifax HR667
Grant P A J Halifax
Grant P A J Halifax L9584
Grant D M Lancaster ED773
Grant Hugh Kerr Lancaster LL946
Grant I H Hampden X2960
Grant Boston AL291
Grant J R Lancaster ND923
Grant D L Battle L5396
Grant F Lancaster LM313
Grant R C Lancaster ED408
Grant G Stirling R9320
Grant G Stirling N3719
Grant S C Wellington R3175
Grant W P Stirling N6015
Grant R B Lancaster LM576
Grant T G Stirling EH941
Grant L D Battle L5112
Grant F W Halifax LV920
Grant W A Halifax LW721
Grant Halifax LL120
Grant W G Lancaster ME777
Grant V M Mosquito NT444
Grant F W Halifax BB332
Grant D Beaufighter V8454
Grant G B Halifax MZ686
Grant John William Halifax DT639
Grant J Wellington X3416
Grant J M Hampden AD962
Grant J Lancaster W4838
Grant E D Lancaster PB187
Grant J Lancaster ED813
Grant J Lancaster R5546
Grant E J F Beaufighter R2275
Grant R G Typhoon JP966
Grant W McK Lancaster JA873
Grant J M Lancaster EE130
Grant L C Stirling EF156
Grant L G Stirling EF499
Grant H Lancaster JB597
Grant A Stirling N6087
Grant A H Lancaster PB526
Grant W M Halifax LK867
Grant W J Halifax JD301
Grant A E Halifax LK730
Grant P Lancaster NG252
Grant H Lancaster ND813
Grant J Blenheim L8787
Grant Stanley Bernard
Grant Herbert Blackman
Grant Sinclair August
Grant Lewis
Grant Donald Gordon
Grant Frederic Norman
Grant Donald Ross
Grant Graham Athol
Grant John Alexander
Grant Joseph Peter
Grant Llewellyn William
Grant John Charles
Grant Clive Douglas
Grant David Charles
Grant Alan Charles William
Grant George Beresford
Grant Govan G Spitfire R7295
Grant-Crawford I D Wellington P9270
Grant-Ede H T Gladiator N5699
Grantham J H Mosquito HJ711
Grantham F A Typhoon MN577
Grantham J R Stirling EF259
Grantham W E Lancaster ND867
Granville S L Lancaster W4863
Granville Richard John Cecil
Grapes R T Halifax LV955
Grasby B G Lancaster LL788
Grasby Brian Gordon
Grasshoff Hans J P-38 Lightning
Grasshoff Hans J P-51 Mustang
Grasshoff Hans J P-51 Mustang
Grassie C R Lancaster LM648
Grassom John Wellington R1213
Gration Frank Halifax EB213
Grattan N Wellington DV701
Grattan G R Blenheim L9175
Gratton V R Lancaster PB254
Gratton J R Wellington X3452
Gratton J J Stirling BF564
Gratwick R Lancaster ED993
Gratwicke Bernard Francis Lancaster DV328
Gravel Thomas George Halifax LW591
Gravel Marcel Halifax MZ756
Gravel L V J Halifax LK884
Graveley R C Battle K9242
Gravell William Alyn Wellington X3704
Graver Hampden AE124
Graves A F Lancaster DV303
Graves Edward George Lancaster ND878
Graves Edward Arthur Blenheim L9262
Graves G I Liberator EW139
Graves G R Wellington W5531
Graves F T Halifax MZ476
Graves L D Wellington Z8538
Graves L D Wellington Z8526
Graves C W Mitchell FL705
Graves R C Hurricane V6621
Graves E W Lancaster JB372
Graves M A Spitfire MD104
Graves P S Lancaster ND957
Graves T K Lancaster EE111
Graves T B Lancaster NG453
Graves Robert Stanley
Graves-Hook P R Lancaster NE125
Graveson G S Stirling EH882
Gravet-Chapman J B Lancaster KB709
Gravett R G Typhoon JP392
Gravette Edgar B P-51 Mustang
Gray Harry Lancaster ND645
Gray H P Lancaster W4274
Gray M C N Lancaster PB459
Gray I H Lancaster NN714
Gray I H Lancaster DV373
Gray D Lancaster R5746
Gray D Lancaster ND728
Gray John Lancaster JA867
Gray Kenneth Neil Whitley N1500
Gray William Alfred Wellington L7791
Gray Colin Falkland
Gray Leslie Charles Wellington X3725
Gray John Phillip Lancaster ED713
Gray John Lancaster ND911
Gray John Davidon Lancaster PB302
Gray Jack Gillard Lancaster DS688
Gray Leonard George Airspeed Oxford BM718
Gray L C U Wellington T2459
Gray W G Lancaster ED991
Gray H L Lancaster DS678
Gray J B Hampden L4178
Gray Peter Ritchie Halifax DG282
Gray R W Manchester L7316
Gray R R Stirling R9155
Gray W A Liberator TT336
Gray K MacG Halifax HR872
Gray C Lancaster JB707
Gray William Reid Halifax DT639
Gray D L Halifax DT616
Gray John Douglas Halifax JD143
Gray M F Halifax DT615
Gray Harry Joseph Thomas Wellington DF636
Gray H H Lancaster LL647
Gray Leonard Samuel Halifax LL139
Gray L S Halifax DK227
Gray Bruce Burrard Lancaster KB846
Gray R W S Lancaster KB737
Gray J Halifax NP805
Gray W G Halifax LW681
Gray R A Halifax DK188
Gray Stanley Goddard Halifax W7822
Gray R W Stirling BK764
Gray Wilfred John Halifax W7750
Gray T H Wellington R1450
Gray H G Halifax LW626
Gray T H Wellington X9976
Gray James Cornwall Lancaster W4230
Gray Peter Maxwell Whitley N1527
Gray G E Halifax JD474
Gray I Lancaster ND983
Gray K N Whitley
Gray C W Lancaster LM314
Gray R F Lancaster LM215
Gray B Blenheim L8753
Gray Blenheim R3828
Gray L A L Blenheim R3837
Gray C H Blenheim Z7276
Gray R H Wellington R1221
Gray R M Wellington W5459
Gray S J Wellington BK166
Gray Thomas Battle P2204
Gray H I Lancaster ND799
Gray W J Mosquito HK284
Gray J Spitfire BM472
Gray T M Whitley Z9230
Gray P C Blenheim N6219
Gray R E Mosquito DD717
Gray J W Stirling N6081
Gray D G Wellington R1587
Gray A N Blenheim R3768
Gray Wellington T2618
Gray E McL Lancaster ED877
Gray E M Wellington BK203
Gray T L Halifax DT681
Gray E E Stirling LK312
Gray Ronald Halifax DG285
Gray S N Halifax DK206
Gray S N Halifax DK232
Gray R M Wellington BK515
Gray W N Hurricane P3424
Gray Stirling R9319
Gray K W Mosquito HK354
Gray J Whirlwind P6986
Gray W D Halifax W7876
Gray J A B Spitfire MB834
Gray J N Halifax DT641
Gray H Wellington HE475
Gray H W G Wellington HZ303
Gray C K Hurricane P3202
Gray J M Halifax HX265
Gray B Halifax DK258
Gray W A Typhoon PD458
Gray J Lancaster W4137
Gray E N W Spitfire BS400
Gray D M Lancaster W4785
Gray W A Hampden AT148
Gray W Manchester R5833
Gray N Hampden P4408
Gray D G Lancaster R5546
Gray W J Lancaster PD237
Gray E J Lancaster ED423
Gray J S Lancaster DV324
Gray T Whitley P5112
Gray T Whitley T4201
Gray T Whitley N1414
Gray Whitley Z9304
Gray R I Lancaster LM286
Gray D A A Lancaster LL703
Gray R Lancaster NN715
Gray S D C Wellington Z8903
Gray S D Wellington R1792
Gray J K Lancaster ME810
Gray R M Lancaster NG464
Gray D McI Spitfire X4102
Gray ? Spitfire W3247
Gray D M Lancaster EE113
Gray R W H Lancaster ME697
Gray W E Lancaster LM731
Gray A Halifax MZ492
Gray M Spitfire N3093
Gray J S Halifax MZ740
Gray M Halifax JD195
Gray K Whitley Z6578
Gray J Whitley T4160
Gray K N Whitley N1368
Gray W M Halifax LW338
Gray R W Halifax LV814
Gray C K Halifax MZ361
Gray J E Stirling EF129
Gray W L Stirling BK775
Gray W F Lancaster R5496
Gray F B Lancaster JB482
Gray William Napier
Gray Neil Francis
Gray Alan George
Gray Maxwell Clifford
Gray Oberlin Benjamin Plester
Gray George Campbell
Gray Brian Chadwick
Gray George Henderson
Gray Andrew Robert
Gray Harry
Gray Ernest Philip Jeffrey
Gray John
Gray Edward James
Gray Herbert Peace
Gray Maurice Claude Norfolk
Gray Ian Hutchinson
Gray David
Gray Dean
Gray Neal Morton
Gray William Thomas
Gray Halifax L9618
Gray Charles Wilfred Hampden AD798
Gray Stephen J. B-24 Texas Rose 41-28922
Gray Frederic C Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Gray John P P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Gray John P P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Gray Richard R Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Gray Rockford V P-47 Thunderbolt
Gray Rockford V P-51 Mustang
Gray Rockford V P-51 Mustang
Gray Rockford V P-47 Thunderbolt
Gray Rockford V P-47 Thunderbolt
Graydon M H Halifax MZ622
Graydon Malcolm Henry
Grayland G J Wellington X3672
Grayshan J Halifax MZ793
Grayson Charles Liberator KH183
Grayson R Halifax MZ433
Grayson R H R Lancaster PB197
Grayson H L Halifax BB332
Grayson V H Lancaster LL785
Grayson James Edward
Grayson Walter
Grayston Ray E Lancaster JB144
Greabvison H R Lancaster JB118
Greager C S Wellington T2804
Grealy Desmond de Largy Hampden AT130
Gream L A Halifax LV827
Gream Leonard Arthur
Greary L E Lancaster PB510
Greasley W E Lancaster W4862
Greasley Norman Edward
Greathead Kenneth George Lancaster PD232
Greatrex Barnaby Ryder Lancaster LL775
Greatrex D T Lancaster DS719
Greatz E H Lancaster ME694
Greatz Walter Paul
Greaves William James Wellington R1474
Greaves John Stewart Hudson FH426
Greaves R Stirling BK655
Greaves W H Lancaster ED725
Greaves W G Wellington BK536
Greaves L W Halifax MZ449
Greaves S D Halifax L9512
Greaves T H Halifax JB956
Greaves Douglas Haig
Greaves Alick
Greb H C Lancaster ME774
Grebby Lancaster PB360
Greedy James Charles
Green S L Wellington X3410
Green J D Spitfire SM473
Green Francis Douglas Lancaster ME725
Green J M Lancaster ND727
Green K C Lancaster ND337
Green M R R Stirling W7466
Green Erroll Edwards Stirling N3754
Green Norman Franklyn Dakota KN649
Green Cyril John Lancaster W4324
Green John Bryan Wellington X9830
Green Wifrith Peter Mosquito MM729
Green B Hampden L4087
Green Charles Stirling BF523
Green Harry Dale Hudson N7247
Green Alexander William Valentine Blenheim L9396
Green Wilfrith Peter MM706
Green John Wellington LN385
Green Douglas Keller Lancaster PB177
Green William Arthur Lancaster DV387
Green Ivan John Wellington W5452
Green Ernest Lancaster DS666
Green A W Stirling W7530
Green William Lancaster W5003
Green Alan William Lancaster DS682
Green Alfred Joseph Wellington T2463
Green Reginald Thomas Charles Stirling BF513
Green Thomas Frederick Wellington LN231
Green Percy Oliver Valentine Hurricane Z4173
Green Jack Roland Mosquito NS886
Green F S Lancaster DV182
Green A C E Lancaster ED969
Green Arthur Monson Halifax W7710
Green R L Mosquito MM708
Green A S Halifax JB862
Green M Halifax JD459
Green E S Wellington DF664
Green W H Halifax DK142
Green T K Halifax DK249
Green Edward Calvin Halifax LK837
Green W H Lancaster LL618
Green James William Halifax NP699
Green R J Lancaster KB911
Green H A Lancaster EE135
Green A F Lancaster PB629
Green William Munroe Leckie Lancaster NG447
Green E Halifax LV872
Green C L Typhoon MP156
Green Harold Lewis Boston W8264
Green W R Lancaster JB178
Green W J Lancaster ND636
Green G A Lancaster PB412
Green Cyril Vincent Wellington X3646
Green P B Halifax JD314
Green W C Halifax L9614
Green Whitley K9032
Green Whitley N1497
Green C A Lancaster ED583
Green W Stirling N6121
Green W M Lancaster DV299
Green L Lancaster ED379
Green H E Blenheim N6236
Green Blenheim
Green P G Halifax LL555
Green G Halifax W1216
Green L J L Lancaster PA985
Green J A Lancaster PB563
Green G E Blenheim R3707
Green R Blenheim T1894
Green G E Lancaster R5731
Green J Lancaster JA871
Green L Lancaster JA871
Green P E Lancaster ND682
Green D R D Anson N5158
Green H W Wellington R3279
Green Wellington R1721
Green R E Lancaster DS827
Green E W Wellington W5437
Green Malcolm Lionel Lancaster ED820
Green L E F Lancaster DV421
Green N S Mustang FZ176
Green F W Halifax BB329
Green F G Whitley Z9275
Green R J G Mosquito MM132
Green Battle L5428
Green W J C Mosquito KB472
Green W J C Mosquito KB449
Green Stirling W7452
Green W Stirling N6083
Green S M Wellington R1791
Green W Stirling BF569
Green N O Wellington BK331
Green J A Lancaster JB667
Green A Lancaster ND444
Green G A F Halifax JD117
Green W Halifax HR928
Green W R Halifax JD259
Green P Halifax LL388
Green R A Lancaster ME643
Green G Lancaster LL954
Green R T Lancaster RF154
Green P L Typhoon JP965
Green A F Typhoon MN485
Green G W Stirling EE957
Green G O Stirling EF138
Green J W Wellington HE495
Green H A L Lancaster R5760
Green Blenheim T2233
Green E W Blenheim T2282
Green E A Stirling BF315
Green Arthur Stirling BF322
Green J V Stirling N6072
Green C L Stirling R9345
Green A W Stirling R9313
Green Beaufort N1146
Green R W J Blenheim Z7291
Green P I Lancaster PB666
Green Maurice David Blenheim L9453
Green Wellington DV709
Green P C N Typhoon MN600
Green P C N Typhoon MN206
Green H F Wellington P9287
Green W G Wellington R1406
Green C F Mosquito DZ683
Green F E Spitfire MK790
Green C P Spitfire P7441
Green M A Halifax LW559
Green R S Halifax LK746
Green R D Halifax HX282
Green H Halifax LK909
Green J D Hampden X2996
Green K W Lancaster LM638
Green K E Lancaster ND361
Green C G Lancaster PB845
Green F W R Wellington HE154
Green G C Wellington HF544
Green E G Hampden AE396
Green G W Lancaster PB799
Green J H Hampden X3001
Green J H Hampden X2962
Green G J Lancaster ED702
Green C T Lancaster ED719
Green G Lancaster ED452
Green R I Lancaster ED452
Green Michael Elliott Lancaster DV376
Green Hampden P4411
Green Hampden P1317
Green William James Hurricane R4223
Green T H Halifax HR836
Green B F K Halifax HR787
Green D L Halifax DT742
Green J A Halifax MZ794
Green Charles G Halifax MZ811
Green B G Lancaster LL732
Green J W Lancaster PD320
Green W J Lancaster LM392
Green W J Tempest EJ544
Green S C Lancaster LL939
Green F L Wellington R1369
Green L H Lancaster JB539
Green A L Lancaster DV365
Green N W Lancaster NE171
Green C S G Whitley T4171
Green Whitley P5058
Green P F Spitfire BM228
Green D J Lancaster W4173
Green G F R Lancaster ED809
Green G Lancaster HK621
Green J Lancaster HK617
Green P W Lancaster ND561
Green A R Halifax LW434
Green F H M Spitfire
Green G R Mosquito ML969
Green P Stirling N3643
Green W Stirling N6120
Green L C Wellington X9976
Green P H B P Halifax DT647
Green V G Halifax BB238
Green L L Halifax LW290
Green Albert Victor Halifax DT631
Green R A Halifax W1141
Green J L Halifax LK726
Green R A Halifax LL127
Green A G Halifax RG507
Green J K M Halifax HX355
Green R S Whitley Z6664
Green J H Hampden X2978
Green E W Lancaster JA928
Green L A Wellington X3358
Green P E Stirling EF509
Green C P Spitfire N3167
Green K F Lancaster ED754
Green Wellington Z8947
Green Charles Patrick ("Paddy")
Green Wilfrith Peter
Green John Harold
Green Harry Thompson
Green James Tasman
Green Bruce Drysdale
Green John Joseph
Green Fletcher William Randall
Green Bryant Francis Kingdom
Green Stirling Lindfield
Green Maurice Isaac
Green Jack Dawson
Green John Michael
Green Kelvin Carlyle
Green Garnham Frederick
Green James Alfred
Green Mervyn Richard Roberts
Green Raymond Sydney
Green Desmond Thomas
Green Alan William
Green George Raymond B-24 Slightly Dangerous 42-50681
Green Arthur L P-38 Lightning
Green James S P-47 Thunderbolt
Green Marion L P-47 Thunderbolt`
Green Ralph E P-51 Mustang
Green Robert T P-47 Thunderbolt
Green Robert T P-47 Thunderbolt
Greenacre E R Lancaster PB407
Greenacre Gordon Charles George Halifax LW647
Greenacre G C G Halifax DK174
Greenacre A Halifax W1180
Greenall T Battle
Greenall J B Hampden L4119
Greenan J F Lancaster R5894
Greenaway L G Lancaster W4988
Greenaway A J Hampden AE355
Greenaway W R Lancaster LL638
Greenaway R Hampden AE129
Greenaway W J Spitfire AD188
Greenaway C W Lancaster ND987
Greenaway C C Stirling BK664
Greenaway Leslie Harold
Greenaway Clifford Stephen Hudson N7270
Greenbeck Stanley Stirling R9351
Greenburgh L Lancaster LL727
Greenburgh L Lancaster DS821
Greene Peter Alexander Halifax JB847
Greene W Lancaster NG190
Greene P S Lancaster ND343
Greene H E Halifax L9503
Greene W A Halifax HX189
Greene S H Stirling W7539
Greene Franklyn N P-47 Thunderbolt
Greene Franklyn N P-47 Thunderbolt
Greene Franklyn N P-51 Mustang
Greene Jack E P-47 Thunderbolt
Greene Richard Arthur Wellington HX580
Greener T Lancaster HK544
Greenfield A M Halifax W1040
Greenfield Albert Paulton Lancaster RF121
Greenfield Harry Moxon Lancaster ME804
Greenfield Rex Edward Lancaster JB722
Greenfield J C Whitley P5109
Greenfield H Lancaster ND847
Greenfield Spitfire
Greenfield J Wellington HE398
Greenfield J Wellington HE181
Greenfield E E Lancaster ED433
Greenfield G C A Lancaster ND519
Greenfield K H Lancaster LM260
Greenfield G B Halifax LW233
Greenfield Alastair Mackay
Greenfield Albert Paulton
Greenfield Thomas J
Greengrass Stanley Walter Lancaster LM230
Greenhalgh Frederick D Defiant L6977
Greenhalgh Leslie Catalina FP239
Greenhalgh B E Lancaster KB712
Greenhalgh G F E Hampden L4185
Greenhalgh E Stirling BF453
Greenhalgh D N Spitfire BL594
Greenhalgh R E Hampden AE376
Greenhalgh J Lancaster JB474
Greenhalgh C Halifax DK172
Greenhalph L J Typhoon JR289
Greenhill George Dalgetty Halifax LW629
Greenhill B O Lancaster ED586
Greenhill Thomas John
Greenhorn W Halifax DT729
Greenhough Arthur William Lancaster LL755
Greenhough C C Lancaster NG113
Greenhough Lancaster NG256
Greenhous Defiant L6977
Greenhous Patrick E J Defiant L6977
Greenidge J A Halifax HR912
Greening Frederick Charles Lancaster W4762
Greening G V Halifax MZ289
Greening J L Ventura AE902
Greening J W Wellington W5621
Greening G J Halifax JD126
Greening Joseph Wesley
Greenleaf Laurie J P-47 Thunderbolt
Greenless S Halifax LW293
Greenley D Lancaster LM209
Greenmon P J Halifax JD314
Greenough R J Blenheim R3767
Greenough Thomas Joseph
Greenshields Henry Lafone Spitfire N3240
Greenshields William Alexander
Greensides W E Halifax JD331
Greensides A Wellington T2996
Greensides F G Wellington L7802
Greenslade W R Stirling R9167
Greenslade J Halifax MZ849
Greenslade Charles Peter Wellington JA506
Greensmith Richard Barton Halifax W7863
Greenstein M Lancaster NN766
Greenstreet I S Hampden AE132
Greenup Douglas Ronald Wellington Z1747
Greenway J K Halifax LK875
Greenway J Lancaster ED612
Greenway G T Lancaster ND990
Greenwell R E Wellington W5578
Greenwell John Lancaster DS779
Greenwell C R Lancaster JB747
Greenwell J Lancaster DV375
Greenwell F A Lancaster JB565
Greenwell C E Hampden P1178
Greenwell Clement Ralph
Greenwell Robert Eric
Greenwell Francis William
Greenwood C J Lancaster PB688
Greenwood Bruce Frederick Halifax MZ348
Greenwood J D Stirling EF443
Greenwood Victor Lancaster R5914
Greenwood Harry Stansfield Halifax W7812
Greenwood F
Greenwood R A Lancaster JA926
Greenwood Desmond Halifax RG375
Greenwood Geoffrey Terence Lancaster NG235
Greenwood R E Lancaster PA999
Greenwood R E Lancaster JB744
Greenwood Battle P2190
Greenwood J E Blenheim T1891
Greenwood Blenheim N6200
Greenwood Stirling N6093
Greenwood J W Stirling BK691
Greenwood E A Wellington BJ716
Greenwood A S Halifax V9979
Greenwood F J Halifax JB785
Greenwood J Lancaster KB724
Greenwood K H Halifax LK698
Greenwood A Lancaster ND741
Greenwood J Lancaster LM311
Greenwood G E Lancaster JB360
Greenwood E Lancaster PB250
Greenwood K Lancaster NG121
Greenwood A H Wellington Z8868
Greenwood Wellington R1706
Greenwood S S Lancaster ME687
Greenwood John Stirling W7630
Greenwood R Halifax R9457
Greenwood H S Halifax BB195
Greenwood W Blenheim R2772
Greenwood Norman Lancaster R5686
Greenwood E W Lancaster ND469
Greenwood T F Wellington X3370
Greenwood D S Lancaster ED648
Greenwood John Peter Bowtell
Greenwood Herbert Walter Maurice
Greenwood Edward Joseph
Greenwood Stanley Wheatley
Greenwood Clement Joseph
Greenwood William Edward
Greenwood Bruce Frederick
Greenwood John Douglas
Greep R S Lancaster R5750
Greer A W Wellington Z8901
Greer J M Wellington X3814
Greer C Lancaster KB758
Greer Sydney Raymond Hampden X3026
Greer S J Stirling BK686
Greer T H Halifax MZ623
Greer Arthur William
Greer Jack P P-47 Thunderbolt
Greer Nile C P-51 Mustang
Greer Nile C P-51 Mustang
Greest Thomas Henry Halifax JD272
Greet J Hampden L4083
Greet J Halifax JB874
Greeves J W Lancaster NG305
Greeves S G Hampden X3050
Greeves A J Lancaster ND740
Greey D M Wellington W5656
Gregan F Lancaster PB348
Gregg S A Lancaster R5691
Gregg Robert Halifax W7870
Gregg H Lancaster ME637
Gregg W H Stirling N6070
Gregg M E Lancaster ND530
Gregg Stanley Alfred
Gregg Eugene S P-51 Mustang
Greggans H Blenheim P4906
Grego C C Wellington HE444
Grego E I L Wellington Z8903
Grego E I L Wellington X9923
Gregoire L J R Lancaster LM750
Gregor N F Halifax DK237
Gregor R D S Mosquito DZ296
Gregory George Henry Ford Goodwin Lancaster ED925
Gregory Harold Stirling LJ982
Gregory R T Lancaster DV155
Gregory E O Wellington HF481
Gregory Cyril Elvett Stirling EE913
Gregory William Snowden Lancaster R5905
Gregory William Snowden Lancaster R5664
Gregory William Roy Douglas DC-3 Dakota KN271
Gregory Norman John Whitley Z6561
Gregory E G Halifax MZ495
Gregory K H Halifax W1037
Gregory M L Lancaster LM395
Gregory J W Halifax HX149
Gregory C H Lancaster NG491
Gregory A H Spitfire P7750
Gregory Wellington R1468
Gregory F W Blenheim N6215
Gregory G R E Wellington BK536
Gregory W E Wellington Z1208
Gregory Wellington X9746
Gregory J Lancaster HK620
Gregory H T Lancaster ND651
Gregory L Wellington BJ961
Gregory H T Lancaster LM335
Gregory W P Ventura AE940
Gregory W R Stirling N3712
Gregory K G Battle P2203
Gregory E C Mosquito DD677
Gregory A F Halifax HR849
Gregory D Lancaster DV377
Gregory J Halifax MZ349
Gregory F Lancaster LL698
Gregory T J Lancaster ED778
Gregory G F Hurricane Z3026
Gregory P W Lancaster R5615
Gregory J Lancaster NG241
Gregory J P Halifax MZ736
Gregory J K Halifax W1036
Gregory A Whitley Z6484
Gregory Donald Swift
Gregory William
Gregory Gerald Ross
Gregory Raymond Trevor
Gregory Eric Otho
Gregory-Coleman William Patrick Joseph Lancaster R5752
Gregory-Coleman William Patrick Joseph
Gregson William Victor Halifax JD406
Gregson Norman Percy Stirling R9162
Gregson H Hampden AD829
Gregson H Whitley P5011
Gregson L H Halifax DT767
Gregson Richard
Gregson Frank
Grehon L T Halifax LW120
Greig K O Halifax DT674
Greig K O Halifax DT678
Greig B V Lancaster LL632
Greig Colin Johnson Lancaster ND756
Greig A Lancaster W4788
Greig Wellington Z8904
Greig Hampden X2982
Greig R Lancaster ND536
Greig W H M Lancaster ND859
Greig J W Hampden P4341
Greig J C Whitley N1478
Greig J F J Lancaster PB240
Greig D R Wellington W5729
Greigg Wellington Z8910
Grein Bernard Edward Lancaster W4109
Greiner J Spitfire BL903
Grejciun Bolesław Miles Master DL890
Grellier Richard William Lancaster W4247
Grellier R W Wellington Z1618
Gremillion Glenn B P-51 Mustang
Grems A C Lancaster ND516
Grenfell Kenneth Hugh Lancaster W4327
Grenfell R J Wellington Z1616
Grenfell Kenneth Hugh
Grenning Harold F Jr P-51 Mustang
Grenon A J Wellington HE177
Grenon T B Blenheim T1921
Grenyer A J Halifax L9533
Gresham E F Whitley Z9205
Gresham Walter V Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Gresham Walter V Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Gresham Walter V Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Gresham Walter V Jr P-51 Mustang
Gresswell Ronald Halifax MZ572
Gresty K G Blenheim T2141
Gresty J Lancaster ED908
Gretkierewicz Władysław Spitfire SM488
Gretkierewicz Władysław Spitfire TB395
Gretton H Blenheim T1832
Gretton R H Spitfire R6720
Gretz Jr. Charles Eugene B-24 The Iron Duke 44-10491
Greville Donald Glyndwr Beaufighter R2304
Grevstad M C Lancaster EE191
Grew G C Lancaster ED861
Grew W T Halifax MZ763
Grey R C Halifax LW292
Grey James Leslie Rixon Halifax HR720
Grey L J Lancaster PB176
Grey Llewellyn Lancaster ED428
Grey Thomas Allison Lancaster R5487
Grey D G Halifax NP806
Grey D Lancaster R5611
Grey W Typhoon JR128
Grey F Lancaster LM342
Grey R Halifax JB924
Grey R Halifax DT525
Grey R Halifax W1059
Grey F B Lancaster JA960
Grey Linley Joseph
Grey Llewellyn
Grey Frederick Gwilym
Grey-Noble H Whitley Z9423
Grey-Smith G E Blenheim N6219
Gribben T Lancaster PA986
Gribble E H Halifax HX296
Gribble Arthur Horace Lancaster HK595
Gribble D G Spitfire R7275
Gribble Dorian George
Gribble Edward Henry
Gribouva J Halifax MZ830
Grice J W Lancaster PD272
Grice Dennis Neve Blenheim L8665
Grice I C Halifax DT797
Grice H G Lancaster KB701
Grice Douglas Hamilton Hurricane P3353
Grice Douglas Hamilton Hurricane N2459
Grice J Lancaster ND954
Grice H Lancaster LM291
Grice Douglas Hamilton ("Grubby")
Grice John William
Gridele W P Halifax RG592
Gridley R H Spitfire AD268
Grieg G T Halifax MZ536
Grieg Johan Nordahl Brun Lancaster LM316
Grieg W Wellington N2943
Grieg C F Hampden AD904
Grier G K Halifax NR249
Grier T Hurricane Z3237
Grier J Lancaster ND395
Grier Thomas
Grierson Q T R Halifax NP716
Grierson J J Blenheim L9210
Griesbach Arthur Kieth
Grieve Allan Fleming Lancaster LM221
Grieve J M Halifax LK644
Grieve D C Halifax R9529
Grieve D C Whitley Z9281
Grieve R E P Wellington DV699
Grieve J S Wellington X3633
Grieve William John Wellington R1644
Grieve I G Mosquito DD623
Grieve H L W Halifax HR944
Grieve Bertram Scott Watt Stirling R9241
Grieve F G Lancaster LL675
Grieve Keith
Grieve Jeffrey James
Grieve Ronald McLennan
Grieveson J Lancaster LM733
Griffen J R Halifax BB209
Griffey K W Halifax NA612
Griffin James Noel Lancaster PB853
Griffin W A Lancaster ME631
Griffin F I Wellington HE444
Griffin Norman Nowell Lancaster JB639
Griffin James John Lancaster W5002
Griffin William Edmund George Wellington HZ719
Griffin John Joseph Hudson FH426
Griffin Neville Wellington R1597
Griffin M F Lancaster ME392
Griffin J D Halifax NA583
Griffin E H W Halifax JD204
Griffin W F Lancaster DS716
Griffin T J Halifax LW466
Griffin R G Lancaster ED766
Griffin Whitley P4961
Griffin G W Whitley Z6565
Griffin R M G Wellington W5656
Griffin N J Blenheim L9041
Griffin H G Wellington R3152
Griffin J D Lancaster NN712
Griffin G C Spitfire EP381
Griffin A C M Ventura AJ444
Griffin J Lancaster LM187
Griffin J R Halifax HR878
Griffin J Halifax W7906
Griffin John Wellington R1331
Griffin C A F W Wellington HE733
Griffin D A J Halifax EB215
Griffin A D Lancaster ND695
Griffin J Lancaster PB463
Griffin A Whitley K8984
Griffin P R Whitley Z6819
Griffin Walter William Lancaster W4247
Griffin C Lancaster NG410
Griffin A A Stirling N3640
Griffin J J Hurricane
Griffin H G Lancaster W4761
Griffin David Francis Liberator 586
Griffin John Joseph
Griffin Cuthbert
Griffin James Noel
Griffin Felix Ivor
Griffin Henry Thomas George
Griffin Joseph H P-38 Lightning
Griffin Joseph H P-38 Lightning
Griffin Joseph H P-38 Lightning
Griffith J B De B Halifax MZ592
Griffith Ernest Hamilton Spitfire P7677
Griffith Ernest Hamilton Mosquito DV690
Griffith Colin John Sunderland ML760
Griffith R K Wellington BJ897
Griffith A G Wellington X3697
Griffith Leslie George Halifax NP709
Griffith E O Lancaster NX563
Griffith J A T Halifax LV772
Griffith J G Stirling EH960
Griffith W D Halifax HR787
Griffith R E Stirling LJ442
Griffith T Lancaster R5629
Griffith Hugh Phillip
Griffith Reginald David
Griffith Ernest Hamilton
Griffith John Bryant De Burgh
Griffith Horace Edward
Griffith John Carmichael
Griffith Arthur Wellington LN853
Griffith Robert L P-47 Thunderbolt
Griffith Walter B P-51 Mustang
Griffith-Jones J M Stirling N3653
Griffiths T L Lancaster W4272
Griffiths Daniel Brooke Whitley LA841
Griffiths A K Wellington P9232
Griffiths Arthur James Hampden P4368
Griffiths George A. Halifax LW337
Griffiths Ernest Reginald Hylton Lancaster R5740
Griffiths Edward William Whitley Z9525
Griffiths Halifax L9623
Griffiths Alan Lancaster W4275
Griffiths Wilfred Ambrose Halifax DT747
Griffiths Henry J. Halifax MZ798
Griffiths William Roch Lancaster R5613
Griffiths Leslie Douglas Lancaster NF992
Griffiths B D R (N D R ?) 'Griff' Wellington R1335
Griffiths Thomas Howell Brian Halifax JD176
Griffiths R T Halifax JB971
Griffiths C A Lancaster DS760
Griffiths J W A Whitley Z9229
Griffiths Rex Vernon Lancaster DS780
Griffiths W H J Wellington W5358
Griffiths Spitfire W3643
Griffiths A H Halifax NA237
Griffiths S G Halifax LV878
Griffiths D W Whitley Z6671
Griffiths O Lancaster ND388
Griffiths J L Halifax W7677
Griffiths N A Halifax W7922
Griffiths J W R Whitley Z6870
Griffiths J Whitley Z6746
Griffiths E Lancaster ED773
Griffiths P G Blenheim V6336
Griffiths J Mosquito DZ489
Griffiths H Hampden AT115
Griffiths T D Wellington X9910
Griffiths F C Halifax JD180
Griffiths H E L Mosquito DZ644
Griffiths G Mosquito DZ406
Griffiths Stirling N6043
Griffiths J A Wellington BJ666
Griffiths G Lancaster JB310
Griffiths E I Halifax DT644
Griffiths T R L Lancaster PD226
Griffiths J H Wellington HF486
Griffiths J Stirling EH961
Griffiths B Wellington HE171
Griffiths R V Manchester L7322
Griffiths M Stirling N3763
Griffiths A Spitfire P8561
Griffiths A Spitfire AB240
Griffiths R W Halifax HR880
Griffiths P J Halifax JD214
Griffiths E Lancaster W4106
Griffiths J P Halifax MZ307
Griffiths Sidney John Lancaster ED867
Griffiths M Hampden AT126
Griffiths A T Manchester R5782
Griffiths A A Spitfire EP559
Griffiths J E L Halifax DT483
Griffiths D Halifax HR859
Griffiths F H Whitley K9001
Griffiths A Lancaster NG121
Griffiths A C Lancaster ME556
Griffiths H De G Lancaster ND960
Griffiths N J Mosquito MM127
Griffiths J S Lancaster LM527
Griffiths B T Halifax NA569
Griffiths M P Whitley N1521
Griffiths R V Manchester R5787
Griffiths L D Lancaster EE131
Griffiths A Lancaster ME568
Griffiths J W Lancaster W4272
Griffiths Lancaster LM270
Griffiths W E Lancaster ME796
Griffiths D Lancaster PA987
Griffiths B Lancaster LL888
Griffiths G Halifax DT574
Griffiths G F Halifax LW644
Griffiths G N J Halifax MZ530
Griffiths D G Halifax LK891
Griffiths D G Halifax DK136
Griffiths G Halifax DK193
Griffiths M Halifax JD195
Griffiths D Halifax DT807
Griffiths I B Halifax W1245
Griffiths Halifax W1059
Griffiths F Lancaster ND966
Griffiths R L Lancaster JA928
Griffiths L M Stirling LK380
Griffiths R L Lancaster ED880
Griffiths Beaufighter
Griffiths Glyn
Griffiths Daniel Brooke
Griffiths John Jefferson
Griffiths Harold Charles
Griffiths Trevor Llewellyn
Griffiths Raymond D R
Griffiths Thomas Bonham
Griffiths Frederick William Wellington LN652
Griffiths Charles E Jr P-51 Mustang
Griffiths Robert A P-47 Thunderbolt`
Griffiths-Buchanan A N Halifax LW236
Griffiths-Jones J M Wellington P9267
Grigg R J Spitfire NH183
Grigg W H Wellington LN435
Grigg L J Lancaster JB487
Grigg G L Halifax L9600
Grigg J S Halifax LV787
Grigg G A Lancaster PB208
Grigg G A Lancaster LM418
Grigg Russell Henry
Grigg Colin Davies
Grigg Allan Joseph
Grigg Allan Joseph Wellington HZ262
Griggs F M Stirling N3751
Griggs Raymond William Lancaster LL643
Griggs F W Halifax DT746
Griggs G R Blenheim T1860
Griggs O L Wellington X3795
Griggs Dennis Harold B-24 Gawgia Peach 42-52709
Grillage F G Lancaster PB629
Grillett G Halifax MZ310
Grillis J Halifax RG436
Grills F A Boston Z2255
Grimaud J Halifax PN366
Grimble Henry Halifax MZ899
Grimbly G L Lancaster JB548
Grime J D Lancaster ME522
Grime W J O Lancaster PB804
Grimer J A Halifax LK710
Grimes H D Wellington W5663
Grimes L D Halifax HX245
Grimes Donald Leonard Lancaster W4265
Grimes R A Halifax R9531
Grimes W C Stirling W7568
Grimes Walter Crawford Lancaster ED735
Grimes G L Lancaster ND581
Grimes George Perse
Grimes Harold Dawson
Grimes Howard E P-47 Thunderbolt
Grimes Howard E P-47 Thunderbolt
Grimes Wilbur K P-47 Thunderbolt
Grimley W E Wellington X3590
Grimley D Lancaster JB360
Grimley Robert Keith
Grimmett J F Stirling W7466
Grimoldby N Halifax R9488
Grimsdale F E Lancaster PB568
Grimsdell G R Halifax PP179
Grimsdick E O R Spitfire P7901
Grimsey Dudley Frank
Grimshaw C J Lancaster ED568
Grimshaw L T Lancaster R5604
Grimshaw D Halifax W7817
Grimshaw C E Lancaster DV160
Grimshaw John L P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Grimson George John William Wellington L7792
Grimson A M Lancaster JB458
Grimston B Lancaster ED615
Grimstone A R Mosquito MV541
Grimwade J W Lancaster R5683
Grimwade James William
Grimwood Eric Norman Lancaster R5487
Grimwood Eric Norman Lancaster R5553
Grimwood P Halifax HR696
Grimwood L Halifax RG424
Grimwood P J W Lancaster W4850
Grimwood F L Mosquito PZ174
Grimwood E Halifax LK696
Grimwood L Stirling BK778
Grimwood Frank Lockyer
Grindlay J Halifax RG353
Grindley William Edward Lancaster JA914
Grindley Arthur Richard Blenheim T1858
Grindrod John Carter Lancaster JB604
Grindrod B J Lancaster PD286
Grint J R Lancaster PB294
Grinter R D Lancaster NG502
Grisdale Robert James Lancaster PB903
Grisdale H Lancaster W4967
Grisdale C L Lancaster JB276
Grisdale E Lancaster NE118
Grisdale P T Spitfire P8713
Grisedale T W Halifax DT557
Grisham Lendon L. B-17 Under Ground Farmer 44-6020
Grisman Wellington T2565
Grist J G Halifax NA175
Grist Ronald James Lancaster HK537
Grist T C J Lancaster W4795
Grist R S Lancaster ND812
Grist Leonard Leslie
Griswold W E Wellington T2956
Gritten R J Halifax DK229
Gritty G K Lancaster LM531
Gritty G K Wellington HE171
Grivell R G Lancaster PB768
Grivell M S Lancaster ED829
Grivell Robert Garfield
Grob N C Halifax LL122
Grob Nicholas Charles
Grobelny Władysław Spitfire AD351
Groblicki Andrzej Jakub Avro Lancaster EE124
Groce Walter R P-47 Thunderbolt
Groce Walter R P-47 Thunderbolt
Groce Walter R P-47 Thunderbolt
Groce Walter R P-47 Thunderbolt
Grochowski Stanisław Wojciech Hudson FK459
Grocock Bernard William Stirling N6001
Grocock Joseph Stanley Whitley LA841
Grocock D C Wellington HE166
Grocock J Lancaster R5615
Grocott Joseph Alan Wellington R3220
Grodecki Joseph Lancaster JB684
Grodzicki Sławomir Auster RT621
Grodzicki Stanisław Douglas DC-3 Dakota KG397
Grodzki Alfred Bolesław Vickers Wellington Z1337
Groennou Harry Thomas
Groensteen J H P Spitfire NH686
Groff W Hampden AE298
Grogan K F Lancaster ND927
Grogan G S Lancaster PD214
Grogan R J Halifax MZ711
Grogan Vincent Edward
Grogan Kevin Francis
Grognet S Halifax HR726
Groh N H Halifax MZ768
Gronbach Alvin E P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Gronbeck N Lancaster PA968
Grondowski Stanisław Supermarine Spitfire W3427
Gronek Tadeusz
Gronier J Halifax PN395
Gronow K E Lancaster LM477
Gront R G Halifax MZ363
Groom George Jabez Arthur Lancaster PB134
Groom J A Whitley Z6800
Groom S R Whitley P5072
Groom Robert Henry Wellington DV480
Groom E W Halifax HR933
Groom F Halifax DG405
Groom P W Lancaster DV361
Groom S Halifax DT488
Groom H J Whitley Z9202
Groom P W Lancaster PB416
Groom P Halifax JB872
Groom Rae
Groome L D Mosquito KB271
Grose K Halifax MZ916
Grose Kenneth
Groshong Douglas N P-51 Mustang
Gross Józef Vickers Wellington Z1496
Gross Stanisław Marian Vickers Wellington Z8406
Gross D H Typhoon MN131
Gross B W Halifax EB129
Gross Arthur William Ronald Lancaster DV376
Gross R G W Manchester L7459
Gross Manchester L7306
Gross Manchester R5783
Gross Clayton K P-51 Mustang
Gross Clayton K P-51 Mustang
Gross Clayton K P-51 Mustang
Gross Clayton K P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Gross David L Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Gross David L Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Grossmith Alan Thomas Lancaster R5696
Grossnickle Earl S. B-17 Under Ground Farmer 44-6020
Grosvenor T Hampden X3007
Grosvenor Robert Archer
Grosvenor Francis Walker
Groszewski Bernard Supermarine Spitfire BL323
Grottick ? Mustang KH728
Groucott Stanley Joseph Halifax LK649
Grounds J Whitley Z6942
Grounds Ira E P-51 Mustang
Grounds Ira E P-51 Mustang
Grounds Ira E P-51 Mustang
Grounds William R P-47 Thunderbolt
Groundsell Arthur Edward Halifax W7676
Groundwater Melvin Douglas Lancaster NG119
Grout Dennis Lancaster JA858
Grout J E Halifax LW281
Grout David Beaufort
Grove D H Wellington N2943
Grove William G Lancaster LM441
Grove E G Lancaster ED599
Grove E F Lancaster JA865
Grove W G Stirling BK653
Grove A S Wellington DF614
Grove H C Hurricane V6805
Grove R F Stirling EH938
Grove S Lancaster ME724
Grove Harley McColl
Grove Reginald Frank Charles
Grove Francis M P-51 Mustang
Grove Lindsay W P-51 Mustang
Grove-Palmer Basil Leonard Wellington X3170
Grover H A Wellington BK270
Grover J C Wellington X3563
Grover S H Halifax MZ760
Groves Robert B Lancaster ME859
Groves K K Lancaster ND569
Groves G C Lancaster PB792
Groves Eric Charles Wellington Z1321
Groves Alfred William Mosquito DK309
Groves H E Lancaster DV375
Groves A L Wellington X3867
Groves P H Halifax MZ699
Groves John Denis Lancaster LL650
Groves G H Wellington Z8370
Groves Wellington R1009
Groves I F Lancaster JB529
Groves N B Lancaster PB558
Groves J V Lancaster R5734
Groves K H G Stirling BF451
Groves S E Halifax DT508
Groves E Hampden P4380
Groves M W Wellington X3475
Groves James Reginald
Groves Reginald Arthur
Groves Charles Edward
Groves Robert Bruce
Groves George Caleb
Grow Richard L P-47 Thunderbolt
Groyecki Zbigniew Wellington R1705
Grubb J H Lancaster PB840
Grubb J H Whitley T4237
Grubb A E Lancaster JB486
Grubb Leslie Fred
Gruber Rufus Isaacs Lancaster W4180
Gruber Rufus Isaacs Lancaster L7584
Gruber Maurice Manchester L7489
Gruber J Stirling BF315
Gruber M Hampden AE398
Gruber William W P-51 Mustang
Grubert A R Halifax JB959
Grubisa George J. B-24 42-95186
Grubski Wiesław Maria Vickers Wellington HE993
Gruchy C A Halifax DT569
Gruchy A Wellington Z1615
Grudzien J Halifax HR981
Grudziński Bohdan Avro Lancaster LM488
Grudziński Władysław Spitfire W3896
Grueber Arnold A.H B-24 'Lone Ranger' 44-40098
Gruer L H Blenheim V6176
Grugeon S C Lancaster ME575
Grugeon Stephen Charles
Grulkey H Halifax MZ802
Grundy Ernest George Lancaster JB129
Grundy Geoffrey Halifax MZ932
Grundy F B Wellington X3700
Grundy D H Lancaster LM273
Grundy R Lancaster DV291
Grundy S Lancaster ED618
Grundy A P J Hampden AE302
Grundy Lancaster JB638
Grundy R Wellington X9874
Grundy R Stirling EE908
Grundy Wellington T2960
Grundy F Halifax LW296
Grundy E Lancaster PB814
Grundy E H Halifax LW199
Grundy K Lancaster PB187
Grundy J A Halifax HR728
Grundy D B Whitley Z9299
Grundy Leonard Lancaster R5537
Grundy G Lancaster JB176
Grunsell E A Whitley Z6470
Grunsell E A Whitley N1485
Grunsell E A Whitley T4204
Gruntman H J Halifax DT767
Grunwell S Manchester L7426
Gruszczak Stefan Spitfire R7343
Gruszecki Stanisław Botha L6213
Gruszka Franciszek Supermarine Spitfire R6713
Gruszka Jerzy Spitfire
Gruszka Józef
Grut H J Whitley Z9315
Grycz Czesław Vickers Wellington Z1262
Gryglewicz Julian Lancaster PB730
Gryglewicz ((Michajłowicz)) Maria
Grygo Antoni ? ?
Grynkiewicz Henryk Boleslaw Lancaster RF176
Grzanka Roman De Havilland Mosquito DD644
Grzech Jan Supermarine Spitfire AB934
Grzechnik Szymon
Grzegorz Rudolf Avro Anson N9886
Grzesiak Zygmunt Vickers Wellington JA117
Grześkowiak Stefan Marian Vickers Wellington HZ467
Grzéskowiak Stefan Marian Wellington HF472
Grzeszczak Bohdan Miles Master T8581
Grzymski Mieczysław Wellington R1026
Grzywacz Feliks Supermarine Spitfire EN128
Guan Charles Allen Whitley Z9220
Guan C A Whitley Z6474
Guan Charles Allen
Guay J J A Halifax BB343
Guay F J Halifax EB218
Gubb J F Wellington BJ762
Gubbings Frederick Charles Mosquito SZ963
Guckeyson John W P-47 Thunderbolt
Guckeyson John W P-47 Thunderbolt
Guckeyson John W P-47 Thunderbolt
Gudgeon A H Stirling N6078
Gudgeon John Bernard Lancaster LM268
Gudmunsen K Stirling R9316
Guedez A Halifax MZ489
Guellen J M J Typhoon JP750
Guenois L Halifax LL573
Guenois L Halifax NA681
Guepin Yvon Jean Baptiste Stirling BK726
Guerin Matthew Lancaster ED372
Guerin M A M Spitfire TB996
Guerin C P Hurricane V7163
Guerin Donald Sydney
Guerin James Joseph
Guernsey Lorne Stanley Halifax MZ879
Guernsey Frank D P-51 Mustang
Guerrero Thomas P-47 Thunderbolt
Guerrier G Halifax W7882
Guertin E L Halifax LK903
Guertin Halifax L9619
Guesford Arthur Edwin Blenheim V6375
Guest D W D Typhoon JP672
Guest Thomas Henry Lancaster LL836
Guest Douglas Anthony Percy Stirling EE872
Guest George William Lancaster ND327
Guest C H Mosquito ML908
Guest G R Whitley P4946
Guest R B Wellington R3213
Guest P Wellington HE752
Guest J Blenheim R3676
Guest J Blenheim P6886
Guest D C L Stirling BF502
Guest D N Spitfire MK421 ??
Guest J Hampden AE226
Guest F Lancaster NG350
Guest T F Hurricane Z2763
Guest Whitley T4150
Guest R Hampden AD725
Guest C F Lancaster ME855
Guest Douglas William Dorey
Guest Lionel Joseph Wellington MF241
Guggemos Robert J P-51 Mustang
Guichard James Louis Lancaster R5695
Guichard J Spitfire SM212
Guichard J Spitfire TB280
Guigat M Halifax LL550
Guignion J W Halifax LV840
Guiheneuf Philip
Guild Robert Douglas Halifax MZ901
Guild F W Lancaster W4839
Guild E J D Stirling N6021
Guild E J D Stirling W7435
Guild H Halifax LV973
Guilder P V Halifax LK752
Guile J Lancaster ND870
Guile R Lancaster LL848
Guilfoyle M A Lancaster ND424
Guilfoyle H Blenheim Z7433
Guillemette A F Wellington Z1742
Guiller R E Halifax NA174
Guillermin R Spitfire BM463
Guilleux Spitfire BM301
Guillicuddy P C Boston W8298
Guillocheau L Halifax NA585
Guillot Joseph Rolland Louis Nazaire Spitfire MJ347
Guinan E Halifax MZ520
Guinness T L E Hurricane L2034
Guise R Halifax NA121
Guiton Ernest Stuart Lancaster ND462
Guiver Sydney Jack Wellington LN281
Gulevich P Halifax LV957
Guley Harry Raymond Robertson Whitley P4989
Guley H R R Halifax HR859
Gullery H F Lancaster ED496
Gulley Alfred Richard Battle L5524
Gullick R F Stirling R9242
Gullick R W Lancaster KB770
Gulliford R L Lancaster DS735
Gulliksen W G Lancaster SW245
Gulliocheau L Halifax LK955
Gulliver Alfred John Wellington Z8703
Gulliver J D Lancaster JA965
Gulliver L H Halifax LK750
Gulliver T G H Wellington X3641
Gulliver Donald Keith Hamilton
Gully E G Lancaster LM212
Gumbley Arthur Howard Hampden AE196
Gumbley B A Lancaster PD117
Gumbley R G Halifax W1105
Gumbrell H Lancaster JB530
Gumley Albert Ian
Gumm E W Halifax JD471
Gumm Charles F Jr P-51 Mustang
Gumm Charles F Jr P-51 Mustang
Gumm Charles F Jr P-51 Mustang
Gumm Charles F Jr P-51 Mustang
Gumm Charles F Jr P-51 Mustang
Gumm Charles F Jr P-51 Mustang
Gummer E L Wellington HE440
Gunby Charles Herbert Wellington MF845
Gunders E H Lancaster ED722 (some publications have this aircraft code to a 463 Squadron Lancaster - which is ED772
Gunders Ernest Harold
Gundersen E A Spitfire PK997
Gunderson R B Halifax NP799
Gundry W C Lancaster DV189
Gundry Donald Charles
Gundy D C Lancaster LM589
Gundy R Y Fortress SR384
Gunell S D Lancaster R5724
Gunn J A Mosquito HK203
Gunn William Mckenzie Blenheim N6206
Gunn Richard Francis Halifax MZ348
Gunn John Fraser McKenzie Stirling MZ262
Gunn D A Lancaster KB785
Gunn Oxford V4154
Gunn G R Lancaster PB430
Gunn E S Lancaster ND334
Gunn W R S Beaufighter X7680
Gunn K G Stirling EH985
Gunn T G Halifax W7714
Gunn J R Lancaster KB735
Gunn A D Halifax JD264
Gunn D Lancaster ME301
Gunn T R Halifax MZ511
Gunn F W Lancaster DV177
Gunn H R Spitfire P9379
Gunn F J Lancaster NN710
Gunn S M Halifax LL128
Gunn Ernest Robert
Gunn Philip Maurice
Gunn Alistair Donald Mackintosh Spitfire AA810
Gunnell Anthony F. Lancaster DS834
Gunnell J G Halifax MZ530
Gunner E Lancaster PB483
Gunnill B Beaufighter V8402
Gunning W A Wellington LN288
Gunning Frank Vivian Blenheim R3747
Gunning Clinton E. Wellington Z1109
Gunning Kenneth Stewart Stirling W7566
Gunning Richard Samuel 'Dickie' Blenheim R3683
Gunning J W Wellington Z8505
Gunning R R Boston AL459
Gunning P S Hurricane N2480
Gunning E C Halifax MZ933
Gunning L G Lancaster W4769
Gunning Boston
Gunning Milton Robert
Gunning William Alfred
Gunning Violet May
Gunningham G R L Halifax LW313
Gunningham G R L Halifax JD161
Gunnis Stanley Frederick Maude Blenheim V6436
Gunnis Herbert H. Kitchener ("Alec")
Gunson Alan William Morphett
Gunson Paul Coles
Gunston R G Halifax LW502
Gunston A R Whitley K8947
Gunter Richard Ivor Lancaster W4259
Gunter E M Hurricane V6645
Gunter B J Lancaster W4903
Gunter L B Lancaster ME855
Gunton A Stirling R9151
Gunton James Edward Wellington LP545
Gunzi Guy Godfrey Charles Lancaster LL919
Guppy F R Wellington BJ828
Guppy John Flower
Gurd P L Wellington T2959
Gurd Ronald Edward Eric Wellington DF636
Gurdin F E R Lancaster NG244
Gurdon P W B Lancaster JB742
Gurdon Peter William Bedford
Gurevitch C Lancaster KB806
Gurmin E C Halifax L9530
Gurnell P Manchester L7307
Gurney A E Stirling BK712
Gurney J L Lancaster LM269
Gurney Charles Raymond
Gurney Denis Albert
Gurr Anthony John Stirling EF359
Gurr E J H Wellington X3475
Gurr G F Wellington Z8329
Gurr T R Spitfire MK291
Gurry A H Halifax JB863
Gurteen J V Hurricane N2481
Gurton H W Halifax JD166
Gurton J L Lancaster ND504
Guscott R T C Lancaster PB153
Gusowski Alojzy Paweł Wellington Z8427
Gusowski Alojzy Paweł Wellington Z8601
Gusowski Alojzy Paweł Vickers Wellington Z8339
Gustafson R G H Stirling EH990
Gustafson J K Halifax LK845
Gustafson J K Halifax LK918
Gustard H N Lancaster W4242
Gustavsen P B Wellington BK564
Guster Peter Frederick
Gustke Russell F P-38 Lightning
Gustke Russell F P-38 Lightning
Gustofson J F Stirling EF397
Gutcher J R C Lancaster ND527
Gutensohn K G Lancaster LM714
Guterman J Lancaster ED910
Guthrie Robert Edmund Hampden P5322
Guthrie Archibald John Wellington N2872
Guthrie J T Halifax NP716
Guthrie George Scott Lancaster PB899
Guthrie L L Lancaster NG239
Guthrie A E Halifax LK667
Guthrie T A Wellington R1065
Guthrie N D Halifax W7674
Guthrie A Lancaster DV225
Guthrie R Typhoon MP144
Guthrie Thomas Crerar Halifax NA609
Guthrie J R Hampden P4336
Guthrie R M Lancaster ME664
Guthrie J C Lancaster JB356
Guthrie Giles Connop McEachern
Guthrie Robert Edmund
Guthrie Loranza D. B-17 Flying Fortress 42-8514 Lassie Come Home
Guthrie John L P-51 Mustang
Gutierrez J Stirling EF339
Gutowski Zbigniew Spitfire AB985
Gutowski Mieczysław Vickers Wellington HE993
Gutteridge D Lancaster PB127
Gutteridge J Whitley Z6666
Guttormson H Lancaster KB858
Guttridge D W Typhoon MP125
Guttridge D V Halifax LK884
Gutzewitz J L Halifax NA167
Guy K B Lancaster LM270
Guy W T Stirling BK723
Guy Henry Lester Stirling LJ882
Guy Walter Austin Halifax LV857
Guy Charles Mathieson Lancaster LL733
Guy Robert Calder Lancaster DS822
Guy Robert Calder Lancaster LL645
Guy D F Halifax NP949
Guy J A Spitfire AA757
Guy T C Halifax MZ531
Guy J H Lancaster PA189
Guy G W Halifax JD303
Guy J P Lancaster LM142
Guy Wellington T2618
Guy Frank Wellington HE220
Guy R S Wellington BK367
Guy T Stirling EF452
Guy R K Halifax DT738
Guy R K Halifax DT506
Guy G P Lancaster LM580
Guy L N Hurricane R4191
Guy F W C Lancaster LL886
Guy A Halifax BB237
Guy A J Halifax JB928
Guy Leonard Northwood ("Len")
Guy Charles Frederick
Guy Frank Edward
Guy Arthur Edward
Guy William Trevor
Guy G Lancaster W4239
Guy John B P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Guyatt E C M Wellington HE733
Guymer H N Stirling N6029
Guymer L R Wellington R1229
Guymer Harry Robert Alfred
Guyon George G P-38 Lightning
Guzowski Adam Marian Wellington T2517
Guzowski Adam Marian Vickers Wellington T2518
Gwalter Gordon Edward Lancaster RF176
Gwillam D V Halifax W7882
Gwilliam J P Halifax MZ692
Gwilliam Lowell Kennedy Lancaster LL862
Gwilliam C W Stirling N3672
Gwin Reginald (NMI) B-17 43-37713
Gwóźdź Zdzisław Vickers Wellington R1322
Gwyer H H S Lancaster PB799
Gwyn H J C Halifax LW466
Gwynne William James Lancaster JB736
Gwynne John Draper Defiant L7010
Gwynne L J Stirling BK656
Gwynne J V Lancaster DS776
Gwynne E Halifax JD332
Gwynne P J B Lancaster PB290
Gwyther J F Stirling W7508
Gwyther J F Stirling W7452
Gyles N R Lancaster W4898
Gyles Nathanial Robert
Gynane John Lancaster PB851
Gynther C L Lancaster JB476
Gynther Clarence Lloyd
Gzell Henryk Leon Vickers Wellington Z1392
Haabjoern E Typhoon MN406
Haabjoern E Typhoon MN542
Haabjoern E Typhoon R7853
Haabjoern E Typhoon DN360
Haacke G A Halifax NA183
Haagensen F Lancaster PB612
Haaland C B Lancaster PA968
Haase G T Lancaster PA977
Habberley C E Halifax JD412
Habbershaw F Lancaster JB302
Habday W T Lancaster ED552
Habela Adam Tadeusz Supermarine Spitfire W3774
Haberecht Leonard Burtham
Haberfield I R F Lancaster LL784
Habergham A W Lancaster LM378
Haberlin M F Lancaster JB728
Haberman Dale F
Haberman Dale F
Haberman Dale F
Habez C Halifax LL590
Habgood Frederick Harold Lancaster NE164
Habgood G W Halifax LL588
Habiluk M Halifax LK792
Habiluk M Halifax LK683
Habkirk G S Lancaster R5899
Hablot J Halifax NA555
Habron H Lancaster LM529
Hack Lionel Adrian Basil Stirling W7523
Hack Frederick Nelson Halifax JP206
Hack A R Typhoon MN596
Hack E J Lancaster HK570
Hack Lionel Barton
Hackbart Alfred Harvey Halifax JD114
Hacker B Halifax MZ795
Hacker G M Wellington HE443
Hacker Raymond Albert Wilfred Lancaster R5902
Hackett Michael John Lancaster DV275
Hackett D G Halifax DG228
Hackett Douglas Lancaster ND462
Hackett Frederick Charles Lysander N1252
Hackett F J Lancaster ED736
Hackett R E Lancaster JB638
Hackett A J Lancaster JB317
Hackett G Mosquito RS604
Hackett J H Lancaster L7548
Hackett Hampden AD933
Hackett Michael John
Hackett Leonard Jack
Hackett Barrie John Nigel Wellington LP130
Hacking Alan Egbert Halifax W7679
Hacking A E Halifax W7673
Hacking A E Halifax W1054
Hacking A E Whitley Z6867
Hackler James F Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Hackman J L Halifax NR177
Hackney Thomas Gerald Lancaster L7584
Hackney Thomas Gerald Lancaster R5566
Hackney C Wellington Z8536
Hackney H B Spitfire
Hackney Henry Horace
Hackney Claude J Jr P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Hackney Claude J Jr P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Hackshaw Edward Arthur Wellington HF482
Hackwood Gerald Henry
Hadaway G A Hampden AD729
Hadden W A Halifax EB207
Hadden D A Lancaster ND905
Hadden Leslie George Stirling BK710
Hadder Leslie Arnold Fortress HB815
Haddlesey E F Lancaster R5485
Haddleton W D Wellington X3647
Haddock E A Typhoon R8866
Haddock D Hampden AT189
Haddock Hampden AT112
Haddock R E Lancaster LM317
Haddon William John Lancaster RF121
Haddon C Halifax DK233
Haddon A Typhoon R7872
Haddon Leslie Raymond
Haddow J Halifax JD366
Haddow J L Lancaster ED408
Haddow A Lancaster W4252
Haddow Douglas Euan
Haden Francis Seymour Wellington X9614
Haden A F Lancaster W4192
Haden W Halifax LW500
Hadfield G S Stirling LJ462
Hadfield J M Lancaster W4888
Hadfield G Halifax LW192
Hadfield H Stirling EE906
Hadfield J Whitley Z6466
Hadfield Allan Alfred
Hadgett G E A Halifax LW281
Hadgraft G W J Lancaster R5506
Hadiken A A Stirling EH986
Hadingham Eric G Wellington HE862
Hadingham D A C Whitley P5091
Hadland James Thomas Halifax LK921
Hadland D F Lancaster ME334
Hadland M R Wellington HE379
Hadland L G A Lancaster ED648
Hadley G A Lancaster DV174
Hadley Trevor Harold Whitley T4134
Hadley Ronald Arnold Whitley T4137
Hadley J C Wellington X9980
Hadley James Frederick Lancaster KB777
Hadley Wilson Orchard Lancaster LM268
Hadley John Ross Harvard NZ933
Hadley N Halifax LV912
Hadley A W H Battle L5585
Hadley F N Wellington DF667
Hadley R Lancaster JR216
Hadley R Wellington HF483
Hadley R Wellington HE922
Hadley L H M Lancaster W4329
Hadley T H Whitley P5002
Hadley R A
Hadley A W Manchester L7472
Hadley Harold Herbert Keith
Hadley George Arthur
Hadley Lloyd Henry Moorehead
Hadlington J A Halifax NR250
Hadlington J D Lancaster NE124
Hadlow H A Lancaster JB282
Hadlow D W Halifax N885
Hadlow D H Lancaster PD403
Hadravek Jan B-25 Mitchell FV953
Hadwen J H Halifax R9447
Hadwin Derrick Halifax JD375
Haeberle Eugeniusz Spitfire TB715
Haegi Frederick Henry Wellington HZ552
Hafenden M E Halifax LW224
Hafferden J F Whitley T4209
Haffner Ernest Louis
Hagan W J Lancaster LM242
Hagan Robert Edward Wellington HE899
Hagan J F L Lancaster JB536
Hagan C E Wellington Z1466
Hagan E Spitfire BL960
Hagan Alfred Halifax JD205
Hagan Benjamin M Iii P-51 Mustang
Hagan Harry N P-51 Mustang
Hagan Harry N P-51 Mustang
Hagan Kenneth E P-51 Mustang
Hagan John Gerard Wellington LN335
Hagarty Daniel D P-47 Thunderbolt
Hagarty Daniel D P-47 Thunderbolt
Hagborg R V Wellington X3417
Hage Robert Leo Wellington X9786
Hagel F E Hampden AT141
Hagell J G Halifax MZ434
Hageman R Halifax HR795
Hagen Frederick D. Halifax LW715
Hagen H D Halifax LW413
Hagen E Spitfire NH597
Hagen Wellington R1441
Hagen Orville N P-47 Thunderbolt
Hagerman G E Halifax LV797
Hagerty N E Lancaster LM106
Hagerty Stuart Samuel Stirling LK272
Hagerty C W Halifax HX326
Hagerty R C Lancaster HK770
Hagg Albert L Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Haggard Jack W P-38 Lightning
Haggart Donald Cameron
Haggarty P A Halifax HR880
Hagger Frank Lancaster W4105
Hagger P C Halifax JD255
Hagger C L Halifax ME702
Hagger Ronald Arthur
Haggerstone H A Lancaster LM478
Haggett Harry Whitley P4986
Haggins A Wellington LN554
Haggis D S Lancaster ND805
Haggis D C Lancaster LM258
Haggitt C E C Blenheim Z7312
Haggrerg R O G Whirlwind P7093
Hagley J A Lancaster ND733
Hagon William Henry Frederick George Halifax LL190
Hague Arnold Halifax W1043
Hague A Halifax LK711
Hague J P Halifax BB365
Hague J Lancaster PD210
Hague J Lancaster ND676
Hague C R Stirling N3716
Hagyard W D Spitfire W3178
Hagyard E H Lancaster ME301
Hahn Mieczysław Avro Lancaster LL807
Hahn H J Lancaster ED774
Hahn L G Lancaster LM671
Hahn Clifford B P-47 Thunderbolt
Hahn Robert F P-51 Mustang
Haig Gordon Carruthers Halifax W7925
Haig D B Lancaster ND655
Haig David George
Haigh Fred Lancaster ND645
Haigh Alec Oxford NZ1276
Haigh G Lancaster JB150
Haigh J D Halifax DT799
Haigh A Beaufighter X7714
Haigh R C Stirling EE912
Haigh E W Lancaster DS781
Haigh C Blenheim L6782
Haigh J Lancaster PB842
Haigh A Stirling BK724
Haigh Beaufighter
Haigh Wellington T2820
Haigh A C Blenheim L4875
Haight H Stirling EF339
Haile W Halifax NP967
Hailey K I Lancaster ED657
Hailey F W B Halifax HX349
Hailey K S Stirling EF356
Hailey Keith Ian
Hailey Kenneth Walter
Hailey David R P-51 Mustang
Hailstone Kenneth Whitley T4166
Hailstone William Charles Wellington MP629
Hain N C Halifax R9495
Hain Noel Clive
Hain Alan Wesley
Haine Richard Cummings Blenheim L1514
Haine K J Spitfire W3757
Haine R Lancaster ND874
Haine Richard Cummins
Hainee B S Lancaster DS784
Haines Frederick John Stirling EF392
Haines Alfred Roy Halifax W7916
Haines L G Halifax BB343
Haines Frank Ernest Defiant N3364
Haines V Y Halifax JD411
Haines A O Lancaster ND334
Haines S S J Stirling EH943
Haines S S J Stirling MZ260
Haines E Lancaster NG183
Haines L A Spitfire X4059
Haines I C Lancaster ED351
Haines F R Halifax DT513
Haines G Whitley Z6488
Haines G C P Blenheim V5634
Haines Leonard Archibald
Haines Norman Dudley
Hainin L Stirling BF346
Hainin L Stirling BF346
Hains G J Stirling R9352
Hains Charles George Duval
Hains Albert Leonard
Hainsworth N Lancaster LM636
Hainsworth R B Lancaster LL908
Hainsworth E Wellington X3489
Hair John Gardiner Blenheim Z5734
Hair D G Halifax MZ291
Hair G McM Lancaster W4767
Haire John Keatinge Hurricane V6888
Haire John Keatinge Hurricane V6627
Haire O Whitley N1347
Haire Reginald Joseph
Hairsine J E Halifax LW327
Haithwaite G Whitley N1383
Hajduk Józef Supermarine Spitfire MK177
Hakanssen I F Spitfire RB153
Hakansson I F Spitfire MH822
Hake A H Spitfire AD258
Hake Albert Horace
Hakewell James Austin
Halahan P J H Hurricane L1671
Halamasek E Spitfire AR397
Halastra Jan Vickers Wellington R1615
Halbert E J Halifax LW577
Halbert R L R Blenheim L9413
Halbert T D Lancaster ND499
Halbert James Bruce
Halcro J A Mosquito KB227
Halcrow A F Spitfire MJ899
Haldane S J Wellington T2559
Haldenby Frederick James Halifax LW433
Hale H Lancaster JB743
Hale H R (Bob) Blenheim P4860
Hale Dennis William Lancaster LL803
Hale F L Lancaster JA862
Hale Charles Thiepval Halifax LL138
Hale R Whitley Z6730
Hale W N Boston AL756
Hale H Wellington R1524
Hale Warren Macauley Hudson V9155
Hale E E Wellington R1759
Hale Raymond Wallace (William?) Lancaster KB715
Hale L E Lancaster LL888
Hale K G M Halifax DT557
Hale R R Halifax JB868
Hale E R Blenheim P6929
Hale Blenheim P4923
Hale R H Stirling BK692
Hale Joseph Edward William Halifax W7777
Hale George Edwin Halifax HX333
Hale F M Lancaster PB483
Hale H B Liberator TS526
Hale L Boston W8334
Hale V J Wellington X9974
Hale A F Lancaster PD338
Hale C N Lancaster DV375
Hale Spitfire
Hale A H Lancaster JA685
Hale E S Blenheim R3803
Hale E R Blenheim R3821
Hale A M Wellington X3358
Hale Cecil Clive
Hale Robert Ronald
Hale Alfred Thomas Bruce
Hale Harry
Hale Alfred R P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Halenda Władysław Stefan
Hales H A Lancaster LM729
Hales D W Halifax W7674
Hales A Lancaster LM328
Hales R D Lancaster LM534
Hales H F Lancaster W4780
Hales Richard Benjamin Halifax MZ806
Hales F W Stirling R9189
Hales J H E Lancaster LM539
Hales R R Tempest EJ546
Hales W R Halifax LV814
Hales Hilton Alfred
Halestrap Geoffrey George Oxford DF517
Halestrap E Wellington R1604
Halestrap R A Halifax JB892
Halewski Tadeusz Stanislaw Vickers Wellington N2995
Haley C S Whitley T4150
Haley John Lancaster PB567
Haley J F Wellington Z1608
Haley A W Lancaster PB525
Haley W St C Halifax LV985
Haley Byron Leo Lancaster ED543
Haley R Blenheim V6266
Haley V G Wellington R1511
Haley F S Mosquito MM574
Haley M F Lancaster ED497
Haley L Halifax MZ563
Haley Peter John
Haley Allan Henry
Haley Francis Olef
Halferty Robert M P-51 Mustang
Halferty Robert M P-51 Mustang
Halfnight R J Halifax NR114
Halford Louis F.R. Wellington DV514
Halfpenny A Manchester L7381
Halhead A J Lancaster LM631
Haliburton W Halifax NA528
Haliburton G P Lancaster KB911
Halifax N D Hurricane N2422
Halik Piotr Consolidated Liberator BZ949
Halikowski J W Halifax DT808
Halke D J Lancaster LM315
Halken W M Halifax JD174
Halkett Charles De Vic Blenheim T1831
Halkier H Lancaster LM339
Halkyard Ralph Callister Lancaster NG229
Halkyard Ralph Callister
Hall L L Halifax MZ948
Hall R V Wellington DF664
Hall N J Halifax PN429
Hall R N Lancaster NE133
Hall G B Halifax HX337
Hall H M Halifax LV880
Hall D F Lancaster JB548
Hall Stanley George Lancaster DV382
Hall Clive Major Stirling N6046
Hall K D Whitley T4134
Hall Thomas Halifax JD367
Hall James Whitley Z6489
Hall George Hampden AD723
Hall Bevan Mason
Hall Leslie Ronald Lancaster LM341
Hall George Edgar Whitley T4137
Hall A R Lancaster PB564
Hall Gilbert Townsend Hampden AD796
Hall Eric Archibald Halifax W1043
Hall Walter Halifax W1043
Hall Edward Ralph Hampden AD863
Hall John Charles Stirling W7531
Hall John Wellington T2702
Hall James Stirling EF359
Hall Colin James Murray Lancaster R5847
Hall Gordon Albert Fortress HB779
Hall J J Lancaster NG296
Hall Eric Wellington X3696
Hall Reginald Stephen Halifax HX273
Hall Douglas Sinclair Lancaster DV217
Hall William Thomas George Wellington BJ876
Hall A G Lancaster DV264
Hall C W Wellington BJ730
Hall Bertram Edward William Lancaster ND342
Hall G Wellington Z1487
Hall J H Wellington Z1203
Hall D A Halifax W1211
Hall C W Halifax PN380
Hall H G Halifax MZ927
Hall Charles Burnham Typhoon MN881
Hall Maxwell Palmer Halifax BB336
Hall C R Wellington Z8419
Hall R E Halifax BB232
Hall S N Halifax DT617
Hall R M Halifax JD143
Hall Alfred Henry Benbow Halifax LW476
Hall Paul John Halifax MZ454
Hall G B Halifax LW693
Hall S G Halifax MZ304
Hall A E Halifax LW165
Hall William Churchill Halifax LV898
Hall W C Halifax LV828
Hall J B Halifax LW132
Hall J C Halifax LK804
Hall R S Halifax LK811
Hall J D Spitfire MK397
Hall Clowes Edwin Halifax JN920
Hall J W K Stirling EH991
Hall W T Whitley Z6953
Hall G Lancaster KB832
Hall J M Wellington W5704
Hall D R Typhoon R8979
Hall Bevan Mason Tempest EJ627
Hall A D Lancaster LL738
Hall S F Wellington X3347
Hall Peter Francis Locker
Hall W D Halifax JD314
Hall A Halifax W1217
Hall R H Lancaster ME619
Hall H W Lancaster DV236
Hall D Lancaster DV236
Hall A H Halifax HX151
Hall A H Halifax HR716
Hall E L G Whitley N1376
Hall E L Lancaster JB153
Hall W Lancaster ND511
Hall T W J Lancaster JB566
Hall G F Blenheim L8761
Hall K Lancaster W4925
Hall E Spitfire
Hall P F Mosquito DZ316
Hall G J C Stirling EF343
Hall E W Wellington R1024
Hall W Wellington R1159
Hall A D Stirling BK703
Hall E W Stirling BF510
Hall J W Lancaster HK620
Hall J Stirling EF579
Hall H R Blenheim P6914
Hall G A Battle L5528
Hall P R Wellington BK180
Hall J Spitfire BM415
Hall D S Wellington X3417
Hall M T Lancaster ED822
Hall W Lancaster JB317
Hall J J G Wellington Z8490
Hall R C Halifax HR781
Hall E J Halifax HR715
Hall J E Halifax W1040
Hall F W W Halifax MZ760
Hall R B Halifax LL248
Hall J Lancaster PD385
Hall P R Wellington BK464
Hall T P F Lancaster LM382
Hall G R Blenheim V6523
Hall J D Lancaster NG353
Hall C T Lancaster NX567
Hall C G Lancaster RF132
Hall I E G Lancaster ED600
Hall A F Lancaster LM208
Hall E G Lancaster NG144
Hall C F Manchester L7380
Hall R E Blenheim V5463
Hall H E Stirling EF393
Hall J R Wellington L7843
Hall G L Wellington Z8373
Hall J Stirling BK653
Hall H E Stirling BF516
Hall F C Stirling R9184
Hall Philip Louis Stirling BF322
Hall A J Stirling EF365
Hall J E Spitfire BS405
Hall H P Boston AL269
Hall E A Wellington BJ969
Hall N M Hurricane P2981
Hall J N Halifax L9487
Hall H B Halifax HR798
Hall R T Halifax W7825
Hall D R Lancaster ND731
Hall Wellington Z8904
Hall D E Spitfire BS308
Hall D I Spitfire MK265
Hall E Halifax JB793
Hall J W F Lancaster KB745
Hall P N Lancaster KB722
Hall G R D Wellington BK296
Hall G E Wellington HE771
Hall G W Wellington HE547
Hall R C H Halifax MZ597
Hall C H Wellington HE198
Hall D W Halifax EB217
Hall K E Hampden AD868
Hall A G Lancaster ND689
Hall D J Spitfire
Hall R A Lancaster W4331
Hall B D Wellington HE153
Hall F L J Wellington HZ269
Hall T A Lancaster ME675
Hall S Hampden P2135
Hall K Lancaster W4800
Hall W Hampden AD867
Hall M Lancaster ED693
Hall N Halifax HR950
Hall R Halifax NP934
Hall R Halifax LV865
Hall J W Lancaster DS787
Hall N Lancaster DS736
Hall R F J C Lancaster LL732
Hall N Lancaster LL674
Hall H K Spitfire P8178
Hall E R Lancaster ME556
Hall A G Lancaster LL810
Hall D H Lancaster JB315
Hall T J Lancaster DV201
Hall D F Lancaster ED941
Hall H A Lancaster PA265
Hall J A Halifax MZ513
Hall R K Lancaster W4920
Hall E A Lancaster ED722 (some publications have this aircraft code to a 463 Squadron Lancaster - which is ED772
Hall L A Lancaster ME866
Hall F H Lancaster LM536
Hall A H Lancaster LM595
Hall J E Lancaster LM491
Hall A W Lancaster PD388
Hall B Lancaster RF124
Hall L Lancaster ND583
Hall R S Halifax NP953
Hall W T Hurricane Z3094
Hall Thomas John Lancaster HK567
Hall J Wellington R3169
Hall R E Stirling EH948
Hall F P G Halifax LW628
Hall S Halifax JB970
Hall J Halifax JB856
Hall R C Halifax LK726
Hall R Whitley N1352
Hall T Whitley Z9151
Hall T Whitley Z6483
Hall W A Lancaster R5564
Hall S J Lancaster ND963
Hall S G W Lancaster JA701
Hall J Lancaster W4186
Hall B P Wellington N2744
Hall G E Lancaster ED551
Hall P Lancaster ED487
Hall A E Lancaster LM184
Hall Thomas Edwin Stirling BF463
Hall Manchester L7383
Hall D E Wellington L7873
Hall C W Wellington R1440
Hall W W Wellington P9281
Hall Archibald Robert ("Bobbie")
Hall John Anthony Sanderson
Hall Edward John
Hall Roy John
Hall Ernest Mervyn
Hall Cedric Ernest
Hall Howard William
Hall Horace William
Hall Leonard Douglas
Hall Garrick Ridley
Hall William Eric
Hall John Patrick
Hall Rex Victor
Hall Norman Joseph
Hall Ronald Norman
Hall Horace Mervyn
Hall Derek Maitland
Hall Stanley George
Hall Alfred Cyrus
Hall Marshall
Hall Samuel James
Hall Lionel Leslie
Hall Charles
Hall Ernest Wellington LP210
Hall L J Liberator BZ930
Hall Joseph George Oxford LX745
Hall George F P-47 Thunderbolt
Hall George F P-47 Thunderbolt
Hall George F P-47 Thunderbolt
Hall George F P-47 Thunderbolt
Hall George F P-47 Thunderbolt
Hall George W P-51 Mustang
Hall George W P-51 Mustang
Hall Glen R P-51 Mustang
Hall Hugh P-47 Thunderbolt
Hall Hugh P-47 Thunderbolt
Hall Richard G P-47 Thunderbolt
Hall Thomas H Jr P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Hall Thomas H Jr P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Hall William W P-47 Thunderbolt
Hall-Jones Frederick William Blenheim V5689
Hallam R H Lancaster EE194
Hallam Walter Thomas Wellington R3164
Hallam Reginald Stirling LJ455
Hallam G T Halifax MZ906
Hallam H R Wellington DV452
Hallam Manchester L7278
Hallam A Lancaster ED546
Hallam J W Hampden AT148
Hallam H L Lancaster LM684
Hallam B Halifax LW265
Hallam J N Blenheim V6524
Hallam Raymond Henry
Hallas J W Halifax LK648
Hallas Vincent Whitley T4326
Hallas John William
Hallatt W H Spitfire ML207
Hallberg Chester A P-51 Mustang
Hallberg Chester A P-51 Mustang
Hallberg Chester A P-51 Mustang
Hallbrooks K Stirling EF153
Hallding E C Stirling R9263
Hallet A L S Typhoon MN295
Hallett R M Lancaster ME367
Hallett Alfred Norman Blenheim L4926
Hallett Arthur John Brian Wellington Z8335
Hallett William Alfred Martin Lancaster LM221
Hallett C L Halifax MZ630
Hallett N F Lancaster ED760
Hallett B T Lancaster ED549
Hallett R T Lancaster PB242
Hallett C A Lancaster LM125
Hallett W W Fortress SR384
Hallett J F Lancaster JA696
Hallett C R Hampden L4066
Hallett Nigel George ("Buster")
Hallett Peter Thomas Leeds
Hallett William Leonard Verdun
Hallett Jack H P-38 Lightning
Halleux G Spitfire
Hallewell A Whitley Z9159
Halley C S Whitley P5058
Halley George Charlton Beaufort AW236
Halliburton Keith Stirling W7513
Halliday R A G Spitfire AA851
Halliday G A Halifax LW172
Halliday Neville Anthony Roy Sunderland T9090
Halliday John Visger Anson K6249
Halliday Christopher Ian Dunbar Lysander N1290
Halliday Douglas Stephen Manchester L7469
Halliday R B Wellington Z1148
Halliday J J Lancaster PB363
Halliday J T Lancaster ND990
Halliday N M Halifax DT488
Halliday G R S Lancaster ND525
Halliday C Wellington HF569
Halliday W Lancaster W4384
Halliday Whitley T4322
Halliday D L R Battle P2247
Halliday S A Battle K9205
Halliday Alexander Garden
Halliday William John
Halliday Richard Arthur George
Halliday George Alan
Halligan Brian Thomas Wellington LN318
Halliman T H O Spitfire NH325
Halliwell Henry Wellington DV773
Halliwell J H Wellington BJ973
Halliwell A E Lancaster HK697
Halliwell D H Stirling LJ560
Halliwell P A Tempest NV660
Halliwell F Lancaster JB369
Halliwell H Halifax LW614
Halliwell J F C Lancaster PB189
Halloran William Richard Lancaster ND354
Hallowell J G Lancaster PA190
Hallowes H J L Hurricane N2585
Hallowes Herbert James L. ("Darkie")
Hallows A Halifax JB868
Hallows G Lancaster ME687
Hallows G Lancaster ME703
Hallows E St I Wellington T2546
Halls A W Lancaster PB816
Halls Vivian M B Lancaster PB343
Halls L O Lancaster R5516
Halls A J F Lancaster NF989
Halls R Hampden L4097
Hallworth A W Halifax JD210
Hallyburton W Wellington Z1605
Halnan K Lancaster NG464
Halperin R Lancaster ND345
Halpin C M Halifax MZ914
Halpin M P Halifax LK919
Halpin J L Lancaster LL977
Halpin Clement Thistleton
Halpin Bernard C P-38 Lightning
Halsall G L Lancaster PB671
Halsall J Lancaster NG450
Halsall W Lancaster ED450
Halsall E S C Whitley P5013
Halsall E S C Whitley N1481
Halse Brian Joseph Spitfire AB495
Halse Brian Joseph
Halsey Alan Leonard Whitley Z6574
Halshaw John Edward 'Eddie' Lancaster LL853
Halstead Lancaster ED369
Halstead W K Lancaster JB657
Halstead V H Lancaster LL959
Halstead A F Wellington HE913
Halstead J Lancaster DV396
Halstead W A Mosquito NS992
Halstead K Stirling BK724
Halstead W D T Lancaster HK604
Halstead William Kevin
Halsted R H Lancaster PB688
Halsted Roger Hubert
Halston E G Halifax JB960
Halton D W Hurricane P2801
Halton William T P-47 Thunderbolt
Halton William T P-51 Mustang
Halton William T P-51 Mustang
Halton William T P-51 Mustang
Halton William T P-51 Mustang
Halton William T P-51 Mustang
Halton William T P-51 Mustang
Halton William T P-51 Mustang
Halton William T P-51 Mustang
Halverson G P Whitley BD368
Halvorsen J D Wellington R1324
Halvorsen A C B Lancaster JB652
Halvorsen A C B Lancaster JB225
Halvorson C J Lancaster KB993
Halward J F Hampden P1187
Halward O Hampden AD785
Haly R F E Lancaster ND519
Haly E F H Halifax W7818
Halyard William Henry
Ham H D Lancaster JB146
Ham Geoffrey William
Hamale R E Hurricane V7616
Hamankiewicz Jerzy Roman Supermarine Spitfire JF394
Hamar Jack Royston
Hambel Lawrence Allen ‘Red’ B-24 Polyana 42-50374
Hambleton Clifford Wellington R1717
Hamblett S Hurricane N2492
Hamblett L S Lancaster W4233
Hambley Blenheim V6399
Hamblin Reginald Halifax HR861
Hamblin S E Wellington W5612
Hamblin S E T Wellington R1494
Hamblin A R Mosquito DZ646
Hamblin B. W.
Hamblin Herschel Orval B-24 42-95186
Hambling Ernest (Butch) Lancaster ND826
Hambling H C Lancaster DV181
Hambly R S Blenheim Z7488
Hambly A Lancaster ME808
Hambly Blenheim R3844
Hambly Blenheim V6453
Hambly Blenheim V6028
Hambly L Joseph Lancaster LL901
Hambly Howard Kenneth B-24 Liberator 3701
Hamblyn E C Lancaster DS721
Hamblyn D C W Halifax JB970
Hambrook M D Lancaster W4846
Hambrooke Linton Arthur Sydney (Served as Lionel Wilfred Lawrence Hambrooke) Stirling LK133
Hamby R Wellington HE205
Hamby P H Lancaster ND557
Hamby Ronald P-47 Thunderbolt
Hamel Orlando Delmar Conrad Halifax DT576
Hamel J J L Halifax LW574
Hamer Samuel Spitfire P7501
Hamer J T Halifax EB216
Hamer W D Manchester L7388
Hamer J Lancaster JB376
Hamer R C Beaufighter V8265
Hamer R N Hampden AT112
Hamer D V Stirling BK807
Hamer Frank Lancaster W4184
Hamer F A Stirling BK665
Hamer John Cranston Wellington LB221
Hamersley Leslie Hugh
Hamersley James Sharpe
Hamiaux G E Lancaster DV374
Hamill Ross Curtis Lancaster KB846
Hamill E Lancaster EE142
Hamilton John William Lancaster PB565
Hamilton M W Spitfire AA849
Hamilton D B Lancaster PB175
Hamilton R W Lancaster ND822
Hamilton R M Hurricane BD831
Hamilton Mervyn Edgar Lancaster LL844
Hamilton Ronald Angus Wellington R1618
Hamilton Thomas Arthur Wellington HF307
Hamilton Robert Lancaster HK599
Hamilton W C Wellington R1473
Hamilton John Bryce Lancaster ED327
Hamilton James Robertson Halifax LK974
Hamilton William Stanley Whitley P5090
Hamilton I Manchester L7463
Hamilton Hugh Graham Lancaster PD216
Hamilton J Wellington DV439
Hamilton William Lancaster DS779
Hamilton William Clark Vickers Wellington R1473
Hamilton Ian Blenheim V5961
Hamilton I M Lancaster PB692
Hamilton D McG Lancaster ND805
Hamilton H R Wellington Z8420
Hamilton J Halifax LL416
Hamilton G B Lancaster NG185
Hamilton W N Stirling BF472
Hamilton W H Halifax JD204
Hamilton R J Halifax DT616
Hamilton P C Halifax LW121
Hamilton G S Halifax NP696
Hamilton J D Halifax DK141
Hamilton D G Halifax JD361
Hamilton A Halifax NA500
Hamilton W C Lancaster W4251
Hamilton I M Halifax LK866
Hamilton H B Halifax MZ311
Hamilton D A S Wellington X9979
Hamilton C T Halifax HR656
Hamilton G E Lancaster JA964
Hamilton A C Halifax LW367
Hamilton T Lancaster ND404
Hamilton S Halifax HX332
Hamilton K J Lancaster ME828
Hamilton C L Lancaster JA969
Hamilton A Lancaster JB291
Hamilton R G Lancaster W4951
Hamilton J D Whitley Z6842
Hamilton A M Lancaster W4339
Hamilton E W Lancaster JB745
Hamilton S Lancaster PB363
Hamilton J C Lancaster ED878
Hamilton P J Lancaster LL936
Hamilton A C Defiant L7009
Hamilton R J Hampden X3066
Hamilton L A Lancaster PA170
Hamilton J Halifax JD277
Hamilton J Lancaster W4780
Hamilton R Blenheim Z7483
Hamilton Wellington X3206
Hamilton W Stirling BF514
Hamilton J C Halifax L9582
Hamilton J Wellington R3219
Hamilton H E Spitfire BL972
Hamilton H K Spitfire MJ385
Hamilton R Halifax NP804
Hamilton J S Spitfire MJ136
Hamilton D A C Lancaster PB189
Hamilton P J M Wellington Z1218
Hamilton A F Lancaster ND674
Hamilton H Lancaster LM205
Hamilton D G Hampden L4149
Hamilton W W B Halifax HR732
Hamilton T Lancaster NF962
Hamilton A Lancaster JB539
Hamilton T A W Whitley Z9154
Hamilton W Beaufighter V8554
Hamilton R S E Hampden P2082
Hamilton G Lancaster ED718
Hamilton M L Lancaster ME560
Hamilton C W C Lancaster LM691
Hamilton R C Mustang KH446
Hamilton C Blenheim R3910
Hamilton C B Mosquito NT494
Hamilton Harry Raymond Hurricane V6623
Hamilton Claud Eric ("Hamish")
Hamilton Irvine Margetts
Hamilton Thomas Bruce
Hamilton William James
Hamilton Gordon Lewis
Hamilton John William
Hamilton Stewart Alfred
Hamilton Colin Henry
Hamilton Charles Douglas
Hamilton Robert Maxwell
Hamilton David
Hamilton Malcolm Wallace
Hamilton Andrew
Hamilton Keith Lambert
Hamilton Frank Drury
Hamilton Douglas Boyd
Hamilton Reginald William
Hamilton Mervyn Edgar
Hamilton Roy James
Hamilton James Ballingall Dundas
Hamilton William McKenzie
Hamilton Ian Chatwood
Hamilton Ronald Martin
Hamilton John David
Hamilton Robert Wellington LP499
Hamilton Matthew Millar Boston BZ365
Hamilton Clayton E. B-17 44-8437
Hamilton Henry B P-47 Thunderbolt
Hamilton Henry B P-47 Thunderbolt
Hamilton Ralph W P-47 Thunderbolt
Hamilton Ralph W P-47 Thunderbolt
Hamilton Ralph W P-47 Thunderbolt
Hamilton Samuel D Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Hamilton Samuel D Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Hamilton-Fox R S Stirling R9199
Hamlet Joseph Aylmer
Hamley H C S Halifax LW229
Hamlin Howland Joseph B-24 Hell’s-Bells 42-52358
Hamlin J Lancaster ME629
Hamlyn Albert Joseph Stirling N3706
Hamlyn W A Blenheim R3822
Hamlyn H J Halifax DK134
Hamlyn E Halifax LW223
Hamlyn Ronald Fairfax Spitfire
Hamlyn-Lovis C E S Mosquito MM735
Hamman A C Wellington R1714
Hamman A C Hampden L4102
Hammarlund Carl O. B-17 Henn’s Revenge 44-8427
Hammat Benjamin Horace Theodore
Hammersley F D Whitley Z6507
Hammersley S R E Blenheim Z7488
Hammersley Blenheim R3844
Hammersley Blenheim V6453
Hammersley Blenheim V6455
Hammersley Blenheim V6399
Hammersley Blenheim V6028
Hammet V G Halifax HR945
Hammett L S Halifax LW466
Hammett G B Halifax DK224
Hammett R H Halifax DK224
Hammett E G Halifax BB363
Hammett Stirling N3713
Hammett Charles E P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Hammett Charles E P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Hammill M H J Halifax JB931
Hammond G G Lancaster ME434
Hammond P J Lancaster LL792
Hammond L J Halifax DT721
Hammond Thomas Cecil Blenheim N6212
Hammond William Arthur Lancaster DS771
Hammond Phillip Stevenson Wellington BJ600
Hammond Charles Neville Lancaster EE196
Hammond Leonard Douglas Halifax LW277
Hammond John Bentley Stirling N3756
Hammond Albert Edward Halifax L9521
Hammond F W Lancaster DV240
Hammond Kenneth Arthur Avro Anson N5379
Hammond H W E Mosquito ML904
Hammond A E Lancaster ND447
Hammond A E Halifax W1117
Hammond J A Halifax HR656
Hammond D W Halifax LW618
Hammond K M Lancaster KB792
Hammond Derek Harold
Hammond A Whitley BD353
Hammond F J Lancaster JB149
Hammond R A C Lancaster ND511
Hammond F C Boston Z2269
Hammond J E Lancaster LL694
Hammond B J Spitfire BL847
Hammond P A Hampden AD903
Hammond R R Wellington N2962
Hammond J G Lancaster NG421
Hammond K C Halifax DT681
Hammond E V Lancaster LM652
Hammond N Stirling W7631
Hammond Halifax L9498
Hammond A Wellington R1013
Hammond A H Halifax NA510
Hammond Hampden X2997
Hammond C L: Lancaster PB463
Hammond W W Lancaster NG381
Hammond J Lancaster ED784
Hammond B A Whitley Z6729
Hammond F S Typhoon JP494
Hammond F S Typhoon JP858
Hammond W G Lancaster ND952
Hammond S F Halifax JD168
Hammond Whitley T4138
Hammond J W Wellington N2744
Hammond R Stirling BF454
Hammond S Stirling BF462
Hammond Reginald Stirling BK804
Hammond George Noel Lancaster ED862
Hammond Robert Meath
Hammond Walter Lawrence
Hammond Norman Robert
Hammond Ronald Frank
Hammond Joseph
Hammond George Hardy De Beauvoir
Hammond Peter John
Hammond Louis James
Hammond Warren George B-17 Easy Does it 43-38623
Hammond Jr. George Willis B-25 43-27537
Hamol W H Halifax DK265
Hamon Victor Arthur Lancaster R5502
Hamond F N Wellington LN442
Hamood Frank Norman
Hampel Leon Vickers Wellington R1443
Hampnett L S Lancaster W4168
Hampshire R J Halifax MZ813
Hampshire H R Mosquito HJ941
Hampshire Keith Macdermott Mosquito HK286
Hampson D E J Whitley Z6877
Hampson J R Mosquito ML904
Hampson A N Wellington T2716
Hampson Lancaster LM307
Hampson J B Mosquito MM705
Hampson J W Halifax NA505
Hampson M Halifax HR732
Hampson R P Halifax MZ821
Hampson R P Halifax HX321
Hampson E Whitley AD698
Hampson S Halifax LW512
Hampson S Halifax LV817
Hampton G V Lancaster ED391
Hampton R Lancaster LL842
Hampton John Stirling EH996
Hampton Halifax L9623
Hampton Arthur Oliver Lancaster PD383
Hampton W E Halifax JD361
Hampton W G Halifax LW688
Hampton Leslie Jones Halifax W7867
Hampton R T Lancaster JA859
Hampton G A Lancaster ND671
Hampton G Halifax LW338
Hampton Thomas Raymond
Hampton Gordon Vivian
Hampton George Alfred
Hampton Loren Gilbert B-17 You Never Know 42-32086
Hamrick Joseph W.S. B-24 Polyana 42-50374
Hamstead Lessel John
Hamy A Halifax MZ526
Hanafy J T Mitchell FL175
Hanagan R A Hurricane HL544
Hanah S Wellington HE382
Hanavan P Lancaster ED358
Hanberger P F Stirling BK782
Hanbridge R D K Lancaster PB851
Hanbridge R T Lancaster ED367
Hanbury Philip Hugh Capel
Hanbury Bruce Alexander Beaufighter T3142
Hanbury Osgood Villiers
Hanby J Halifax HX154
Hanby J G Lancaster ED693
Hance J D Lancaster NF916
Hance C J Lancaster NG396
Hance John Donald
Hanchar C A G Lancaster DS772
Hancock Leslie Pierson Stirling N6102
Hancock W S Lancaster LL788
Hancock Charles Ronald
Hancock James Lancaster W4367
Hancock John Patrick Hampden AD826
Hancock C O Halifax DT615
Hancock H A Lancaster DS776
Hancock N P W Hurricane P3590
Hancock J E G Halifax DT746
Hancock J Lancaster ND594
Hancock P G Lancaster JB454
Hancock H F Blenheim V5828
Hancock G W Lancaster ED752
Hancock D Lancaster ND913
Hancock W H A Wellington X3560
Hancock A J Mustang FZ121
Hancock F Spitfire
Hancock B L Wellington HE116
Hancock L Wellington X9884
Hancock H A Stirling EE885
Hancock H W Wellington Z1725
Hancock L Halifax L9499
Hancock C W Hampden AD788
Hancock F G Hampden AT177
Hancock G Lancaster NN715
Hancock D J Halifax LW654
Hancock S A Lancaster ND804
Hancock R C S Whitley Z9280
Hancock Whitley Z6654
Hancock D Lancaster ND696
Hancock J B Wellington R1372
Hancock John Allan
Hancock Leslie Pierson
Hancock William Stanley
Hancock James H P-47 Thunderbolt
Hancock James H P-51 Mustang
Hancocks Jack Douglas Wellington Z1470
Hancocks H Stirling R9146
Hancocks Jack Douglas
Hancox Alan Herbert Wellington Z1110
Hancox R S Lancaster PB247
Hancox H S Lancaster PB463
Hand H R Lancaster PD316
Hand Roy Owen Halifax JD121
Hand D T Halifax HR922
Hand G Halifax LW594
Hand G W Halifax LL257
Hand Ronald Thomas
Hand Harold O P-51 Mustang
Hand Harold O P-51 Mustang
Hand Harold O P-51 Mustang
Handcock W G Lancaster ME566
Handfield Peter Paul
Handford D Boston Z2249
Handford A J Lancaster LL977
Handforth S W Halifax JD256
Handkamer P Halifax NP690
Handley Frederick Walter Dakota FZ597
Handley Albert Lancaster ED870
Handley H G Spitfire
Handley C D Mosquito DZ386
Handley Blenheim T1799
Handley C M Lancaster JB703
Handley A W Blenheim V6225
Handley J Lancaster DV324
Handley A E W Stirling N3764
Handley F B Stirling EF369
Handley F B Lancaster JA978
Handley R E Lancaster JA963
Handley Frederick Walter
Hands H W Whitley Z9386
Hands P L Lancaster JA965
Hands N Wellington BJ724
Hands W J Lancaster PA170
Hands J Halifax LW292
Hands J E Lancaster LM390
Hands R G Halifax W7876
Hands R L Lancaster ED999
Hands G E D Lancaster JB178
Hands K Lancaster ED450
Hands Bruce Alfred
Hands Lincoln Joseph
Handy John Bennett Liberator EV817
Handyside Ian Graeme Mustang HB841
Handyside I G Typhoon RB200
Handzuk J H Halifax LM684
Hanes W H Halifax MZ829
Hanet J P Fortress HB702
Haney B W Lancaster LM385
Haney J Wellington W5416
Hangen John J P-47 Thunderbolt
Hangen John J P-47 Thunderbolt
Hanigan James Neate
Hanish F N Stirling DJ977
Hankey Stephen Alers Lysander V9674
Hankey J Lancaster RF196
Hankin J Stirling N3750
Hankin J Stirling N3679
Hankin J T Stirling R9190
Hankins J P Halifax W7759
Hankins W E Wellington LN293
Hankinson Eric Arthur Lancaster LM598
Hanks James Edward Halifax LW640
Hanks P P Hurricane N2380
Hanks A E Manchester L7399
Hanks W J Halifax W7859
Hanks C R Lancaster ME688
Hanks V M Halifax HX317
Hanks R A Halifax LW425
Hanks J Halifax LW439
Hanks Peter Prosser
Hanley J E Lancaster KB845
Hanley A Halifax DK171
Hanley Claude W Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Hanley Claude W Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Hanley Claude W Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Hanlin J M Lancaster KB911
Hanlin J G Wellington Z8897
Hanlon Thomas Whitley T4170
Hanlon Daniel Halifax W7651
Hanlon I M Mosquito W4072
Hanlon G Whitley N1499
Hanlon J B P Blenheim R3895
Hanlon J Lancaster PD365
Hanlon B Wellington N2745
Hanmer V A Lancaster PD318
Hanmer R B Hampden X3119
Hann M Lancaster RA595
Hann D L Lancaster PB643
Hann C J Blenheim T2223
Hann G E Spitfire R7346
Hann Francis Lawrence
Hanna C L Stirling R9356
Hanna Charles Murray Lancaster HK653
Hanna J E Halifax W7662
Hanna George Robert Lancaster R5576
Hanna S R Lancaster LM716
Hanna Norman Edmond Sunderland DW106
Hanna J Halifax HR872
Hanna D Lancaster KB804
Hanna C S A Lancaster KB752
Hanna W E Lancaster KB831
Hanna Stirling N3719
Hanna Stirling W7462
Hanna J Stirling BF516
Hanna J Lancaster ND685
Hanna Colin Leslie
Hannaby J Wellington BJ878
Hannaby T Lancaster NG399
Hannaford D C Lancaster NN721
Hannaford W A Stirling LK385
Hannaford H J Wellington X3456
Hannaford Jack Coulson
Hannaford Hector Roy
Hannah Neil Lancaster ME833
Hannah R S Lancaster ED356
Hannah Harold Allan Lancaster PB413
Hannah T J Hampden AE390
Hannah Lloyd Albert Lancaster LL956
Hannah Wilfred James Stirling R9201
Hannah C W Stirling EF123
Hannah A J Lancaster JB408
Hannah Bernard John Ewart Mosquito HX912
Hannah W Halifax MZ844
Hannah A J Lancaster LL774
Hannah K T Whitley P5012
Hannah K T Whitley P4933
Hannah E Blenheim N6208
Hannah J J Halifax LW280
Hannah Raymund Joseph Lancaster R5694
Hannah N Manchester L7516
Hannah H Spitfire AR428
Hannah J Stirling LJ473
Hannah H Whitley AD698
Hannah N M Lancaster ME579
Hannah W Lancaster PA979
Hannah John Hampden P1355
Hannam R N Wellington R1135
Hannam L Halifax JB803
Hannan T B Spitfire MH390
Hannan Edmond Thomas
Hannaway B Lancaster R5843
Hannay Patrick Claude Blenheim L1516
Hannay Sydney James Wellington MF144
Hannay A Halifax MZ349
Hannay H Whitley Z6657
Hanne J H Blenheim P4859
Hannell Edward Lancaster R5573
Hannell K Lancaster LL863
Hannesdouche R Halifax NA558
Hannesson Jack Edward Kristjan Lancaster PB178
Hanney R H Tempest EJ583
Hannigan W H Manchester L7472
Hannigan A J Whitley Z6824
Hannigan W P Manchester L7324
Hannold Frank C P-47 Thunderbolt
Hannon J J Lancaster ED654
Hannon W E Lancaster PB369
Hanon I M Lancaster LL779
Hanrahan A A Lancaster NE139
Hanrahan George Joseph Halifax HR785
Hanrahan T P Stirling BK704
Hanrahan J F Stirling R9281
Hanrahan E P Whitley Z9293
Hanrahan C J Lancaster ED816
Hanrahan Ronald Alexander
Hans S W Lancaster DV389
Hansard Samuel E P-51 Mustang
Hanscom H R Spitfire SM664
Hanscomb C K Lancaster LM374
Hanscombe D E Lancaster PB281
Hanscombe Donald Edwin
Hansel A J Stirling W7445
Hansell Richard Neville
Hansell H E Halifax LK917
Hansell H J Stirling EF180
Hansell R N Lancaster LM172
Hanseman Chris J P-51 Mustang
Hanseman Chris J P-51 Mustang
Hanseman Chris J P-51 Mustang
Hansen V N Halifax LK875
Hansen R H Lancaster DV219
Hansen E H Lancaster NE165
Hansen L L H Lancaster DS767
Hansen E M Lancaster KB779
Hansen H A Wellington BK468
Hansen G Q Halifax MZ536
Hansen W I Stirling EF387
Hansen C F J Mustang AM109
Hansen H K Spitfire AB906
Hansen E Spitfire AB848
Hansen L H Lancaster DS717
Hansen James Foster
Hansen Vernon Nelson
Hansen Stewart James
Hansen Ronald Hans
Hansen Jens Henning Fisker 'Morian' Wellington
Hansen Charles R P-47 Thunderbolt`
Hansen John W P-38 Lightning
Hansen John W P-51 Mustang
Hansen Leslie G P-47 Thunderbolt
Hansez Jose Louis Arthur Spitfire W3626
Hansford Roland Philip Halifax HR785
Hansford A H Stirling W7634
Hansford A Halifax MZ503
Hansford R J Lancaster LM138
Hansford C E Lancaster ND948
Hanshaw R Wellington HE922
Hanslow D Lancaster ED830
Hanson P E Lancaster JA973
Hanson L W Halifax R9453
Hanson Joseph Edward Lancaster R5703
Hanson Arthur Howard Halifax W7745
Hanson Robert Anson R3408
Hanson John Richard Lancaster ND826
Hanson J R Lancaster LL723
Hanson H E Lancaster NG286
Hanson R R Whitley P4946
Hanson R R Whitley Z6477
Hanson J R Lancaster W4238
Hanson G C Stirling LK131
Hanson H Beaufighter V8402
Hanson Stirling W458
Hanson Stirling N3726
Hanson T E G Mosquito DD257
Hanson C R Lancaster LM126
Hanson D H W Hurricane R4174
Hanson R L Lancaster PB742
Hanson S E Lancaster NN724
Hanson L Halifax LV780
Hanson C E Lancaster DV173
Hanson F Lancaster W4378
Hanson R S Lancaster LM437
Hanson F J L Lancaster R5562
Hanson W
Hanson R G Blenheim V6256
Hanson Allan Harold
Hanson Kenneth John
Hanson Noel Charles
Hanson Peter Edward
Hanson Leonard William
Hanson James R P-51 Mustang
Hanson James R P-51 Mustang
Hanson Robert D P-38 Lightning
Hanson Allan Harold Hampden L4110
Hanstock Thomas Henry Lancaster W4273
Hanstock C Halifax JB795
Hanton L G Lancaster LL623
Hanton F E Mustang
Hanton F E Spitfire PL797
Hanton J N Lancaster PD212
Hanwell H P Wellington X3472
Hanzelka Piotr Tadeusz Tiger Moth T7458
Hanzl V Wellington Z1167
Hanzlíček Otto Hurricane L1547
Hanzlik John Robert B-24 Maggie’s Drawers 42-50760
Hapala R Wellington R1516
Happel James R P-47 Thunderbolt
Happel James R P-47 Thunderbolt
Happel James R P-51 Mustang
Happel James R P-51 Mustang
Happel James R P-51 Mustang
Happold W B J Halifax JB869
Haques G T Lancaster LM103
Hara Jerzy Mosquito HJ650
Haragan W M Stirling LK279
Haralambides S C Lancaster NG229
Haralson Oliver John Halifax DT672
Harber H C Halifax HR980
Harber Harley Cecil
Harberenke W Lancaster R5732
Harberger Desmond Frederick
Harbeson Richard B P-47 Thunderbolt
Harbord T J Wellington HX365
Harbord Blenheim T2032
Harborow D R Halifax LK899
Harbottle C T Wellington Z8897
Harbottle J Halifax DT544
Harbottle G R Lancaster W4252
Harbottle Phillip Grant Francis
Harbour William Lancaster ND715
Harbour R Lancaster ED688
Harbour E H M Lancaster ED782
Harbour R J Blenheim L4873
Harbridge W E Lancaster ED383
Harbridge K T Whitley Z6653
Harbridge J M Typhoon JP499
Harbutt E Typhoon MN657
Harchwell J G Halifax LK644
Harcombe C M Halifax W7878
Harcourt V R G Mosquito DZ464
Harcourt J G W Lancaster PB911
Harcourt Godfrey Simon Wellington MP649
Harcus L H Wellington BJ723
Harcus L J Stirling W7500
Hard F H Lancaster ME867
Hard F A Wellington T2880
Hardacre J R Hurricane P3555
Hardacre J R Hurricane P3414
Hardacre John Reginald
Hardaker W Lancaster DS773
Hardaker Francis Ira
Hardaway Ben F Jr P-38 Lightning
Hardcastle William Gordon Lancaster ME668
Hardcastle A V J Wellington T2996
Hardcastle J Blenheim T2229
Hardcastle J W Halifax LW293
Hardee E T D Wellington HE168
Harden J B Wellington BJ776
Harden Robert Cecil Spitfire ML403 - Some publications state NH493
Harden L A Halifax JN947
Harden J L Lancaster LL892
Harden G J Lancaster DV394
Harden Jack Bruce
Harder John Worthington Spitfire MK258
Harder Robert Lancaster ED621
Harder F N Lancaster ME579
Hardestry Benedict Joseph Halifax W1189
Hardesty G P M Wellington R1395
Hardey Gladys Sara
Hardham Keith
Hardick R E Lancaster PD207
Hardie Robert Blackburn Stirling LJ503
Hardie Hugh Wright Wellington N2784
Hardie J D Halifax DT705
Hardie W D C Wellington R1701
Hardie D Fortress HB788
Hardie Whitley T4336
Hardie W Stirling N6007
Hardie R S Lancaster ME704
Hardie Robert Blackburn
Hardil F Spitfire N3265
Hardiman F J Wellington W5380
Hardiman Leo George
Hardiman James Valentine
Hardin William J P-47 Thunderbolt
Harding R E Lancaster PD261
Harding E E 'Lofty' Wellington T2807
Harding John Charles Halifax LL140
Harding Walter Thomas Halifax NA513
Harding Norman Walter Wellington R1040
Harding Sidney George Hampden AT122
Harding Maurice Frederick Cleave Lancaster PD216
Harding Lynn Hampden AE148
Harding Ronald William Lancaster PD265
Harding O L Halifax LV871
Harding Reginald C Lancaster DV202
Harding R J Halifax HX235
Harding O Lancaster NG267
Harding H H Lancaster PD204
Harding A C Lancaster JA970
Harding E G Whitley P5001
Harding J Halifax LL597
Harding G W Whitley K8946
Harding H G Lancaster RA503
Harding E T Lancaster W4256
Harding E R Wellington X3724
Harding J Lancaster W4370
Harding C S Wellington HF918
Harding R D Halifax HR753
Harding L W Lancaster ME829
Harding G F Blenheim L1405
Harding B M Blenheim R3590
Harding B M Blenheim R3598
Harding N L Blenheim R3666
Harding L D Typhoon JP386
Harding W Lancaster ED330
Harding W R Fortress HB788
Harding E J Stirling BF315
Harding Wellington X9785
Harding E J Halifax L9499
Harding S J Halifax W1105
Harding F G Beaufighter X8222
Harding R O Spitfire RM819
Harding M A B Halifax MZ802
Harding S Lancaster NF990
Harding S F Lancaster PB207
Harding W C Hampden L4078
Harding M F Spitfire W3412
Harding M F Spitfire RN120
Harding A C Lancaster PA987
Harding S V Stirling W7500
Harding F W Lancaster JA905
Harding J C Halifax LL189
Harding G F Halifax LK838
Harding N M Halifax LV869
Harding L A Lancaster LL901
Harding K L Stirling EF443
Harding J Wellington W5400
Harding A R Halifax DT567
Harding Kenneth Bruce Wellington JA506
Harding Ross Norman
Harding Robert Edward
Harding Edwin Mews
Harding William Thomas Robertson
Harding Cyril Ernest
Harding Graham Murray
Harding-Browne Richard Blenheim V6378
Harding-Browne Richard
Harding-Haydon W J Lancaster ED914
Harding-Smith D Stirling R9316
Hardingham Robert Edward Stirling BF383
Hardisty W J Lancaster ND339
Hardisty T H Hampden AD805
Hardman E T Fortress KJ103
Hardman Alan Wellington L4239
Hardman Joseph Lancaster ED996
Hardman Eric Arthur Lascelles Lancaster R5659
Hardman Frank Spitfire PV291
Hardman G E B Lancaster ED389
Hardman T Stirling LK382
Hardman J Lancaster LM545
Hardman S V Wellington Z8834
Hardman Frank Herbert
Hards Blenheim L8780
Hards W F Stirling BF381
Hards Maurice Sydney
Hardstaff M V Stirling W7446
Hardwick P P Lancaster LM450
Hardwick Gerald Thomas Beaufort W6494
Hardwick Robert Edward Halifax LV918
Hardwick Blenheim L9310
Hardwick W J Lancaster KB758
Hardwick Harry Halifax MZ811
Hardwick Vernon Holloway
Hardy M H Lancaster LM373
Hardy N M Manchester L7289
Hardy R Lancaster LM685
Hardy Leonard William Wellington T2505
Hardy Richard Spitfire N3277
Hardy Frederick Donald Wellington L7787
Hardy William Halifax JD297
Hardy R E Spitfire BL462
Hardy J E Wellington HE658
Hardy W A G Halifax DT741
Hardy L G Lancaster PA981
Hardy H D Halifax NP750
Hardy Harry Skeet Halifax LW366
Hardy J T Halifax MZ304
Hardy Owen Leslie
Hardy F R Lancaster LM173
Hardy R R Lancaster PB147
Hardy W Lancaster LL953
Hardy R H Stirling W7536
Hardy Harry Halifax W7862
Hardy F T Halifax W1040
Hardy D E J Wellington BK515
Hardy H Lancaster NF906
Hardy Defiant N3369
Hardy A V Lancaster ND697
Hardy A C Mosquito MM453
Hardy A C Mosquito MM589
Hardy L G Wellington LN435
Hardy H J Typhoon MP149
Hardy W E Lancaster ND474
Hardy D W E Lancaster ND695
Hardy H W J Lancaster ME353
Hardy J Hampden AT216
Hardy O A Lancaster LL838
Hardy J E C Mosquito KB235
Hardy R H Mosquito KB388
Hardy R H Mosquito KB393
Hardy H P L Lancaster LL777
Hardy H E Manchester R5785
Hardy T E Lancaster DV304
Hardy J Lancaster JA907
Hardy W A Stirling BF455
Hardy A J Blenheim Z7445
Hardy Blenheim Z7445
Hardy Blenheim Z7454
Hardy George Arthur Ross
Hardy Ian Griffiths
Hardy Milton Charles
Hardy Maxwell Henry
Hardy Niel Malcolm
Hardy Ronald
Hardy Fred Wellington JA471
Hardy Preston B P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Hardy Preston B P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Hare E N Wellington Z1485
Hare T W Stirling W7448
Hare T W Stirling N6094
Hare Henry Beaufighter EL184
Hare Christopher Edwin Lawrence Wellington HF833
Hare Phillip Edgar Wellington R3171
Hare H E Typhoon JP376
Hare J Lancaster ND751
Hare W R Lancaster LL792
Hare S F Lancaster LM362
Hare J A Lancaster JB191
Hare William Henry
Hare Eric Noel
Hare William George Nelson Wellington R1728
Hares Frank Fortress HB815
Hares R N Halifax L9499
Harfoot W C P Stirling R9328
Harford Richard Joseph Lancaster PB704
Harford P E G Lancaster PB385
Hargest J P V Stirling BF367
Hargill H (Allen?) Lancaster ND331
Hargood C A Wellington B542
Hargrave Arthur Peter Roy Wellington X9682
Hargrave Ronald (Ronnie) Charles Wellington P9232
Hargrave G M Lancaster ED941
Hargrave A B Lancaster PB148
Hargrave Arthur Peter Roy
Hargraves F Whitley K9048
Hargreaves C H Lancaster ND738
Hargreaves John W Lancaster R5905
Hargreaves Eric William Martin Baltimore AG843
Hargreaves K Halifax LV797
Hargreaves W H Lancaster ED760
Hargreaves E W Halifax W1181
Hargreaves A V Mustang FB107
Hargreaves D Halifax LL289
Hargreaves J D Wellington P9225
Hargreaves J D Wellington P9267
Hargreaves G Lancaster NG421
Hargreaves J A Lancaster LL903
Hargreaves R Stirling BF408
Hargreaves John W Lancaster R5664
Hargreaves P J Halifax NR150
Hargreaves E T Lancaster EE170
Hargreaves J Stirling BK802
Hargreaves J Stirling BK720
Hargreaves J W Halifax MZ748
Hargreaves H Blenheim V5769
Hargreaves J McG Lancaster W4981
Hargreaves F N Spitfire K9793
Hargreaves Charles Haley
Hargreaves Jack A P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Hargrove Basil Eldon Lancaster W4799
Hargrove Jasper E P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Hargrove Jasper E P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Hargroves J H Blenheim N6140
Harivel John Arthur
Hark H Lancaster ME450
Harker John Hammond Hudson V9127
Harker Thomas Nathaniel Wellington Z8866 (some publications state Z8806)
Harker H H F Stirling BF309
Harker B M Beaufighter B8718
Harker J Hampden AE134
Harker A Wellington Z1396
Harker F V Wellington X3798
Harker B L G Anson N5096
Harker Alan Stuart ("Budge") Spitfire P7922
Harkin B F Halifax MZ855
Harkin B F Halifax LK757
Harkin J T Stirling W7636
Harkin D R Lancaster ND984
Harkins J Halifax LK931
Harkins Roy Gordon Wellington X9682
Harkness Leslie Lancaster LM548
Harkness A Wellington R1332
Harkness C Wellington X3558
Harkness J A M Lysander T1771
Harkness A Halifax DG227
Harkness D J Wellington Z8577
Harkness J E Lancaster ED989
Harkness W Stirling BF340
Harkness Geoffrey Clyde
Harland Garnet Robson Liberator 586
Harland Charles Antony Hampden AE291
Harland I W Stirling EF140
Harland J H G Lancaster LM286
Harland N Lancaster JB565
Harland R Lancaster NF964
Harland Michael Anthony
Harland Charles Antony
Harland Edward John
Harle R Halifax MZ903
Harle S H Wellington DV579
Harlem A A Stirling EE917
Harlem Athol Asher
Harler Horace William
Harley H K Halifax LW716
Harley Roy Whitley N1527
Harley R W Lancaster W4848
Harley E V Lancaster ED601
Harley A E Spitfire AA851
Harley W T Lancaster PB401
Harley D H Wellington P9281
Harley Harry Kenneth
Harley Edwin H P-47 Thunderbolt
Harling D W A Spitfire SM304
Harling R Halifax DT615
Harling A Wellington X3308
Harling J E Mosquito PZ161
Harlington Carl Wellington HF482
Harlock George Robert
Harlow R G Lancaster DS656
Harman Fred Lancaster W5010
Harman Arthur Samuel Halifax HX274
Harman Frederic Cuthbert Halifax MZ879
Harman F A Halifax HR918
Harman E Lancaster ED361
Harman A H Wellington Z8862
Harman R T Lancaster W5007
Harman R S Lancaster ED784
Harman J Lancaster LM277
Harman L T Lancaster ND895
Harman R J Halifax JB850
Harman Charles James
Harmer F A Wellington W5513
Harmer J R Spitfire BM350
Harmer H J S Wellington HE153
Harmer K W Lancaster NN695
Harmes Sidney Edward Wellington HF906
Harmes J F Lancaster ED874
Harmes J F Lancaster ED873
Harmes G E Wellington HE386
Harmon A Tempest EJ868
Harmon D Wellington HE553
Harmston Colin Lancaster W4259
Harmsworth H T Fortress HB803
Harmsworth R D A Halifax LK807
Harmsworth F Lancaster LL828
Harmsworth-Smith Frederick R Lancaster PB308
Harmuszkiewicz Czesław Wellington Z1468
Harmuszkiewicz (Howard) Czesław Wellington Z1318
Harnden William Henry
Harner G H Lancaster JB406
Harnett F L Halifax W1218
Harnett R V Whitley Z6866
Harnett R E Lancaster JB416
Harnett Geoffrey William
Harney Edmund Murray Wellington X3796
Harney Hampden P1317
Harniman Robert J Halifax JD176
Harniman F J Mosquito W4065
Harnish C R Lancaster ME618
Harp C W Spitfire BL982
Harp T A Stirling BF309
Harpell A R Lancaster JB473
Harper C R Wellington W5525
Harper F G Spitfire
Harper W Wellington HZ580
Harper John Halifax HX181
Harper Eric Ronald Manchester L7523
Harper Arthur Clifford Mosquito LR441
Harper Eric Lancaster ED979
Harper James Lancaster PB569
Harper H W Halifax MZ403
Harper J R Halifax MZ603
Harper W J Mosquito N5855
Harper A B Wellington X3758
Harper A C Lancaster LM471
Harper M A Lancaster R5512
Harper J H Lancaster LM365
Harper P J C Wellington X3391
Harper D W F Halifax JB848
Harper E C B Lancaster JB562
Harper N T W Battle L5439
Harper L H A Lancaster W4991
Harper Halifax LK736
Harper K A Stirling EH943
Harper J B Wellington W5586
Harper R Stirling N6045
Harper R T Lancaster ND492
Harper S S Lancaster PD224
Harper B G Lancaster JB151
Harper L S Lancaster NG321
Harper H K Lancaster NF955
Harper J F P Lancaster PB612
Harper G C Halifax LK976
Harper J D Lancaster PB235
Harper L Lancaster ND733
Harper E Halifax LV781
Harper A V Wellington HE212
Harper J P Lancaster ED432
Harper R N Lancaster PA996
Harper K H Lancaster JB681
Harper J Lancaster ND935
Harper R Stirling EF128
Harper W N Halifax HX244
Harper A B Halifax DK202
Harper E Halifax DK166
Harper J F Halifax JD329
Harper G T Whitley Z6508
Harper C J Blenheim V6086
Harper D H Lancaster R5754
Harper G K Lancaster JB353
Harper Noel James
Harper Colin Raymond
Harper Roderick Macmillan
Harper Roy Anderson
Harper Francis Gilbert
Harper Wilfred
Harper John
Harpham S Hampden P4376
Harpman F A Lancaster PB138
Harps-Burt Ernest Albert
Harpur B D C Whitley Z6568
Harran M A Lancaster W4307
Harrap Horace Robert Halifax DT620
Harrard G E O Halifax HX366
Harrell W J Halifax W1113
Harrell Wilson L P-38 Lightning
Harrett L Halifax JD455
Harries Kenneth James Stirling LJ970
Harries R Lancaster JB293
Harries R E R Lancaster ED384
Harries J H Wellington X3593
Harries T S Halifax BB334
Harries T M Mustang FD509
Harries D H Ventura AE902
Harries Wellington Z8789
Harries J S Spitfire EN892
Harries F T J Stirling EH905
Harries W Stirling EF515
Harries J R Halifax JB804
Harries W H Halifax JB801
Harries E F Halifax JD160
Harries G Blenheim L8867
Harries C W R Lancaster PD336
Harries Raymond Hiley
Harrigan J F Lancaster DS833
Harrigan T R Lancaster PB525
Harrill E C Lancaster JA930
Harriman D S R Blenheim L8856
Harriman D S R Blenheim P6913
Harrington James Whitley Z6556
Harrington Arthur Robert Whitley Z9148
Harrington Frederick Douglas Liberator JT985
Harrington M C Halifax LK900
Harrington M A Halifax NP801
Harrington J Stirling R9286
Harrington Timoth Ambrose Lancaster LL914
Harrington A G Lancaster ND814
Harrington W J Wellington HZ412
Harrington W W Lancaster JB611
Harrington Wellington Z8945
Harrington D W Lancaster L7573
Harrington Ernest
Harrington Archibald A Mosquito HK521
Harrington Archibald A
Harrington Archibald A
Harrington Francis E P-47 Thunderbolt
Harrington Francis E P-47 Thunderbolt
Harrington James C P-47 Thunderbolt
Harrip R A Halifax MZ305
Harrip Ronald Albert
Harris Frederick James Dennis Wellington HZ375
Harris J O Lancaster LM459
Harris L G Lancaster DV195
Harris E A Halifax LW259
Harris E A Halifax LW283
Harris James Morgan Mustang FB115
Harris Allan Harold John Spitfire MJ503
Harris K J H Lancaster W4274
Harris A J Lancaster W4968
Harris K E Lancaster PB407
Harris T C Wellington Z1216
Harris A G Halifax DT554
Harris R M Lancaster ED657
Harris A A Lancaster DV342
Harris H W Lancaster DV339
Harris J A Lancaster LL793
Harris Charles William Supermarine Walrus L2312
Harris G McB Whitley BD201
Harris W M Blenheim V6020
Harris George Blenheim L9315
Harris Thomas Harold Stirling W7639
Harris Leonard Frank Wellington R1374
Harris F. Max Lancaster ND802
Harris Myer Lancaster W4373
Harris Gilbert John Lancaster LM213
Harris Edwin Fuller Lancaster DV185
Harris John George Stirling LK143
Harris Warrington Lancaster LL749
Harris Kenneth Ephraim Lancaster ND649
Harris Alfred Charles Lancaster KB815
Harris Ernest Edward James Lancaster LM573
Harris Leonard Francis James Stirling BK769
Harris Ronald Lancaster R5495
Harris Harold Wellington LP981
Harris Alfred Frank None - SS Suez Maru Not applicable
Harris C C Halifax W7759
Harris J A Lancaster ND585
Harris V H Stirling R9279
Harris W G Whitley AD701
Harris R B Mosquito DZ753
Harris J R Halifax JD410
Harris Arnold Harvey Wellington X3723
Harris W E Halifax MZ822
Harris P H Halifax LW204
Harris W S Wellington HE176
Harris J F Halifax MZ597
Harris H R Lancaster KB858
Harris G R Halifax RG475
Harris R D Lancaster NF998
Harris R D Lancaster ME428
Harris V K Stirling BK802
Harris R L Lancaster PA989
Harris W A Manchester L7426
Harris D K Halifax LW716
Harris Willis Mark Lancaster ED628
Harris Alan Richard Wellington R1495
Harris Albert Douglas Stirling EF390
Harris H R Spitfire EE724
Harris R J Wellington X3487
Harris C J Wellington X3462
Harris W H Wellington X3661
Harris L F Stirling EF129
Harris R P Halifax JN883
Harris J H Halifax DT778
Harris R H Halifax DT787
Harris S V Halifax HX165
Harris D G Lancaster ND642
Harris W H Lancaster JB674
Harris C H Lancaster EE181
Harris E H Lancaster DV308
Harris G H G Lancaster LL756
Harris S Lancaster JA965
Harris A S J Halifax JD128
Harris F G Halifax JB918
Harris A H Whitley K8996
Harris C C Halifax V9982
Harris P G Lancaster ED419
Harris B W Wellington Z1141
Harris A A S F Wellington R1061
Harris Wellington T2999
Harris E C Lancaster ED646
Harris J F Lancaster ND535
Harris A Lancaster PB303
Harris E C E Lancaster JB468
Harris H G Blenheim V6429
Harris A Blenheim Z7319
Harris Blenheim V6397
Harris R J Lancaster DS720
Harris J Lancaster DS782
Harris K Lancaster DS833
Harris L G Wellington X3639
Harris J T Wellington Z1607
Harris J S Lancaster W4925
Harris L D Wellington Z8420
Harris W A Lancaster LM516
Harris A J Lancaster JB285
Harris S R Lancaster ME316
Harris G Stirling LK283
Harris Stirling R9295
Harris R B Stirling R9321
Harris D H Stirling R9329
Harris J Halifax DT748
Harris G V W Halifax LW317
Harris D J Halifax PN437
Harris Mosquito KB476
Harris F H J Lancaster NG183
Harris B S Wellington HE578
Harris R E Hurricane N2408
Harris P B Blenheim L1410
Harris C E Blenheim P6934
Harris Peter Raymond Blenheim P6933
Harris C N Blenheim L8864
Harris I W Mustang FD500
Harris W J Lancaster W4134
Harris A G Manchester L7322
Harris Herbert Allengy Stirling R9194
Harris W A Wellington R3209
Harris W H Battle P2183
Harris W A R Battle L5232
Harris W H Battle K9357
Harris S J Stirling BF472
Harris John Frederick Stirling BK716
Harris H M Wellington BJ618
Harris J A Wellington R1461
Harris T W Halifax DT679
Harris Albert Charles Halifax JD331
Harris G L B Hampden AT134
Harris W L Halifax LV951
Harris W Wellington HE475
Harris S de G Lancaster DS677
Harris F A C Halifax LV836
Harris J C Lancaster KB792
Harris G W Halifax MZ377
Harris N T Halifax LK634
Harris G E Hampden P2077
Harris D C Lancaster DV174
Harris P Lancaster NG329
Harris H R Halifax MZ299
Harris M Wellington HE152
Harris E A Hampden L4036
Harris T Lancaster NN694
Harris Peter Lancaster DV376
Harris F G Lancaster LM222
Harris R G Halifax BE244
Harris R O Halifax HR838
Harris J J Halifax MZ343
Harris A J Whitley P5007
Harris J S Spitfire AB808
Harris M R F Lancaster NG192
Harris G H R F Lancaster LM379
Harris M Wellington Z8792
Harris C A Lancaster PB384
Harris H H Lancaster PB425
Harris Whitley Z6835
Harris H Lancaster ND502
Harris C L Mosquito MM503
Harris T Mosquito N878
Harris A Lancaster W4766
Harris E Lancaster PB436
Harris R Spitfire BR978
Harris W Lancaster ED765
Harris S E Lancaster ED978
Harris D Stirling BK802
Harris R B V Lancaster NE146
Harris L G Lancaster PB556
Harris S Lancaster PD317
Harris W L Halifax MZ345
Harris M Halifax LW650
Harris Herbert Adams Stirling R9169
Harris J N Stirling R9328
Harris F W Lancaster JA932
Harris Arthur Lancaster JA937
Harris S B Spitfire MK672
Harris Wellington T2820
Harris P M J Halifax DT782
Harris L Halifax DK137
Harris G C Halifax LK949
Harris D L Halifax DT734
Harris D M M Halifax LL235
Harris F R Halifax LW223
Harris W Halifax W1252
Harris E H Halifax MZ311
Harris J H Whitley Z6560
Harris K H Blenheim P6910
Harris Blenheim P6915
Harris G R Lancaster JB114
Harris Blenheim Z7488
Harris Blenheim V6455
Harris L N Lancaster ED871
Harris W G Stirling BK664
Harris A C Stirling BK813
Harris A R Lancaster ED923
Harris C.W. Martinet JN554
Harris James Noel
Harris Charles William
Harris Donald
Harris John Osborne
Harris Herbert Hargraves
Harris Lloyd George
Harris Waverley William
Harris James Abraham
Harris Edwin Arthur
Harris George Albert
Harris James Morgan
Harris Ronald William
Harris Allan Harold John
Harris Ronald Oswald
Harris John Mackenzie Oberlin
Harris Laurence Louis
Harris John Matthew
Harris Kennington John Hythe
Harris Terence Claude
Harris Ronald George
Harris Alan Grant
Harris Robert Maxwell
Harris Charles Loxley
Harris John
Harris Albert Alfred
Harris Hector William
Harris James Alfred
Harris Allen Dawe
Harris John Chaster
Harris Leonard Keith
Harris George James
Harris Keith
Harris John Allan
Harris A.W. Wellington R1005
Harris Colin Albert Wellington JA471
Harris Arthur Hugh Liberator KH214
Harris Brainard H. B-17 Towering Titan 43-38085
Harris Billie D P-51 Mustang
Harris Billie D P-51 Mustang
Harris Ollie E P-51 Mustang
Harris Thomas L P-51 Mustang
Harris Thomas L P-51 Mustang
Harris Thomas L P-51 Mustang
Harris Thomas L P-51 Mustang
Harris Thomas L P-51 Mustang
Harris Roland Osborne Charles Wellington W5564
Harris-Ward J C Halifax DT637
Harrison A
Harrison W S Wellington R1297
Harrison E Halifax EB129
Harrison W P Lancaster W4780
Harrison G T Lancaster ME749
Harrison H R Lancaster LM523
Harrison L E Lancaster EE166
Harrison M W Lancaster ME615
Harrison L Lancaster ME614
Harrison T Halifax LM116
Harrison G W M Lancaster R5689
Harrison Graeme Elliott Stirling LJ982
Harrison Henry Herbert Wellington R3160
Harrison Robert Arthur Wistour Lancaster JA715
Harrison Charles William Cavey Fleming Whitley N1489
Harrison H K Lancaster ED841
Harrison L A Lancaster LM330
Harrison Charles Lancaster ED804
Harrison Trevor Gordon Halifax MZ572
Harrison Robert Norman Wellington L7799
Harrison Clifford Wellington N2865
Harrison Clifford Maundrell Lancaster JA926
Harrison Robert Hawley Blenheim T1929
Harrison Robert Lancaster DS785
Harrison Charles Leslie Spitfire P8604 (Jamshedpur Golmari III)
Harrison Ronald Spitfire R7296 Presentation Spitfire, 'Newbury 2'
Harrison Henry Basil Whitley EB346
Harrison Roland William James Liberator FK245
Harrison Arthur Lancaster DV221
Harrison H H Wellington W5397
Harrison O D Halifax LW261
Harrison G R Halifax HR980
Harrison G L Whitley Z6629
Harrison R R Wellington R1714
Harrison John Wilfred Halifax HR985
Harrison F P Halifax JB896
Harrison G K Halifax HR813
Harrison J McL Halifax JB931
Harrison A R Wellington HZ273
Harrison R W Halifax LW199
Harrison J R Halifax LK633
Harrison B R Halifax DK249
Harrison F A Lancaster KB780
Harrison Donald Halifax MZ529
Harrison R W Halifax MZ657
Harrison N R W Halifax MZ658
Harrison R V Halifax LL152
Harrison S A Halifax RG449
Harrison James Robert Halifax MZ828
Harrison R S Halifax EB255
Harrison Gordon Fletcher Stirling LJ878
Harrison H W Spitfire BL815
Harrison A H Wellington X9977
Harrison J A Whitley Z9221
Harrison Lester Louis Manchester L7462
Harrison M Halifax HR696
Harrison C E Halifax W1058
Harrison Halifax W1045
Harrison Whitley Z6721
Harrison R A I Lancaster ED786
Harrison R W Wellington BJ891
Harrison D Halifax JB864
Harrison W G Wellington Z8833
Harrison J A Lancaster PA999
Harrison J C Lancaster ME630
Harrison D S Blenheim R3823
Harrison Blenheim V5517
Harrison D S Blenheim P4919
Harrison S I Battle P6597
Harrison D McL Lancaster PD207
Harrison K Wellington W5536
Harrison E D Lancaster ED476
Harrison A E Wellington Z1728
Harrison Lancaster JB465
Harrison S Mosquito MM196
Harrison G Stirling LK283
Harrison T C R Blenheim N6229
Harrison Blenheim L9183
Harrison C M Mosquito KB205
Harrison C M Wellington Z1410
Harrison R N Hampden X3065
Harrison R N Hampden AD745
Harrison J H Spitfire R4180
Harrison F M G Lancaster NN708
Harrison A R J Wellington R1343
Harrison W Wellington W5439
Harrison G Stirling LM394
Harrison E H Lancaster LM142
Harrison J Stirling BF475
Harrison P C Wellington X3552
Harrison R H Mosquito PZ218
Harrison R Lancaster W4849
Harrison K C Lancaster ED857
Harrison J Halifax DT644
Harrison R M E Halifax HR781
Harrison B S Halifax HX342
Harrison W D Halifax MZ734
Harrison A C Lancaster PA179
Harrison H G Lancaster NG325
Harrison B H Halifax MZ806
Harrison J Typhoon PD597
Harrison H F Stirling EE910
Harrison W G Lancaster ND871
Harrison J E Ventura AE784
Harrison N Stirling N3761
Harrison J Lancaster NF906
Harrison E E Stirling R9185
Harrison D H Wellington R1713
Harrison Blenheim Z7287
Harrison J W Lancaster RA546
Harrison J C Hurricane
Harrison D S Hurricane V6778
Harrison C G Lancaster ND984
Harrison L J Wellington X9360
Harrison G G Spitfire PL433
Harrison M A Halifax JB862
Harrison E Hampden AE260
Harrison J Wellington HE369
Harrison R W Lancaster KB788
Harrison A J Lancaster L7548
Harrison F V Lancaster ED354
Harrison F Lancaster JB700
Harrison J B Lancaster EE135
Harrison J Hampden P1318
Harrison J Lancaster R5752
Harrison D Lancaster PB429
Harrison J E Lancaster ED444
Harrison T M Lancaster ME357
Harrison L Manchester L7519
Harrison J D Lancaster DS669
Harrison J P Lancaster LM461
Harrison J F Lancaster JA875
Harrison A B Manchester L7388
Harrison J R Lancaster ED722 (some publications have this aircraft code to a 463 Squadron Lancaster - which is ED772
Harrison G A Spitfire MD121
Harrison J A Lancaster NN723
Harrison C Stirling BK713
Harrison H R Lancaster LM174
Harrison W J Lancaster PD388
Harrison Stanley John Lancaster JB122
Harrison C R Lancaster LM421
Harrison E Lancaster NF907
Harrison H Lancaster PB687
Harrison P Mustang FX973
Harrison P Stirling W7539
Harrison David Ernest Lancaster JB414
Harrison J B Stirling BK647
Harrison W F Stirling EF137
Harrison N M Halifax LK789
Harrison S B H Halifax NA171
Harrison J J Halifax LW270
Harrison Jackson Osbourne Halifax W1233
Harrison J N Blenheim R3812
Harrison C B Hampden AD800
Harrison J Hampden AD837
Harrison W E Lancaster NF985
Harrison H R Wellington X3716
Harrison E A Stirling EF162
Harrison H S Spitfire
Harrison L Lancaster R5513
Harrison K H Lancaster R5701
Harrison R L Battle K9238
Harrison Geoffrey Austen
Harrison Hudson N7319
Harrison George Herbert
Harrison Robert
Harrison Ernest
Harrison Wintfred Patten
Harrison John Emmerson
Harrison Charles Henry
Harrison Frank
Harrison Hilda Coral
Harrison Kelvin Elliott
Harrison Richard Oliver
Harrison Maxwell Charles
Harrison Hector Ronald
Harrison Leonard Eric
Harrison Launcelot
Harrison Mervyn Walter
Harrison Thomas
Harrison George William Marshall
Harrison Alan Lindsay
Harrison Brian Reginald
Harrison James
Harrison Allan John
Harrison Norman Douglas
Harrison Maurice George Halifax JP287
Harrison Walter Spitfire PRU AA781
Harrison Charles R P-47 Thunderbolt
Harrison Charles R P-47 Thunderbolt
Harrison Charles R P-47 Thunderbolt
Harrison Jack U F-6C Mustangs
Harrison-Broadley G Halifax PN429
Harrison-Owen J Wellington HZ580
Harrison-Owen Jack
Harrison-Smith F C Wellington Z1099
Harritt J E Wellington Z1203
Harrod R V Halifax LW132
Harrold C P Mosquito ML939
Harrold J C Blenheim V5635
Harrold J C Typhoon MN133
Harrold E H Lancaster W4819
Harrold F C Hurricane P3417
Harrold R K Stirling EE892
Harrop Frank G Halifax LW674
Harrop E Lancaster ND456
Harrop E Lancaster LM621
Harrop F S Boston BZ227
Harrop K Lancaster PB353
Harrop E Lancaster PA223
Harrop S J Mosquito NT254
Harrop S J Mosquito NT254
Harrop A C F Wellington T2516
Harrow William Duncan Halifax LV909
Harrowby I G H Wellington T2516
Harrowell L F Blenheim V5455
Harrower Charles Malcolm Lancaster ED451
Harrower H G Lancaster ED374
Harrower T H Wellington W5378
Harrower T Lancaster ED394
Harrup A R Wellington HE901
Harry E A Hampden AE437
Harry J W Stirling EH948
Harsant Malcolm Alexander Bruford Avenger NZ2521
Harsh George R Halifax W7824
Harsley R B Lancaster LL777
Harsley J H S Lancaster JA913
Harsley Ralph Martin
Harston C T Lancaster JB234
Hart R W L Lancaster LM472
Hart Clifford Seymour Lancaster NF909
Hart I E Wellington Z1251
Hart R A Spitfire MD133
Hart Allan Robert Lancaster JB659
Hart David Adrian Lancaster ED559
Hart Robert Stevenson Stirling BF396
Hart Alfred William Henry Whitley N1500
Hart John Lewis Wellington R1374
Hart Ronald Edward Wellington X3670
Hart Wellington W5710
Hart Kenneth Harry Lancaster L7543
Hart Leslie Halifax MZ348
Hart Eric George Lancaster ND386
Hart Jack Percy
Hart S Lancaster PB595
Hart R E Halifax JB966
Hart Gerald Charles Wellington X3711
Hart G G Wellington HZ485
Hart F C Halifax LK799
Hart F C Halifax MZ420
Hart L W J Whitley Z6803
Hart Thomas George Lancaster ME782
Hart C F Stirling W7438
Hart William Alfred
Hart K Halifax JD105
Hart B G Halifax W1039
Hart S W Halifax MZ826
Hart A R M Lancaster PD420
Hart F S Lancaster EE171
Hart W F Lancaster PB572
Hart R A Lancaster LM387
Hart R I Lancaster R5844
Hart C Mosquito PF437
Hart E C Halifax JN910
Hart K F H Halifax LL279
Hart S A Wellington Z1211
Hart H J Stirling BF348
Hart R H S Stirling LK385
Hart A J Stirling BF531
Hart Francis Joseph Wellington R1644
Hart D W Lancaster LM304
Hart E J R Halifax DT644
Hart R W Wellington BK361
Hart Donald Underwood Lancaster ME418
Hart D F Mustang FB168
Hart W Manchester L7311
Hart Blenheim L9269
Hart E D Stirling BK712
Hart W A Stirling BK700
Hart C S Battle K9183
Hart N Hurricane P2806
Hart W G Halifax HR926
Hart E K Wellington BK540
Hart W Lancaster JA688
Hart W A Tempest EJ535
Hart T P Lancaster PD237
Hart B L Whitley Z9311
Hart C Lancaster ND859
Hart G Lancaster PB475
Hart L J Lancaster NG294
Hart K G Spitfire K9920
Hart K G Spitfire K9912
Hart K G Spitfire R6818
Hart D R Stirling R9305
Hart J D Stirling N6120
Hart F Halifax DT782
Hart F G Fortress AN525
Hart F Wellington N3006
Hart Whitley T4270
Hart Kenneth Graham
Hart Richard Craigton
Hart Thomas Harley
Hart Rochester Warren Lee
Hart Clifford Seymour
Hart Albert Roy George
Hart Morris David
Hart Kevin Leslie
Hart Philip Wesley
Hart James Herbert
Hart Graham Melville
Hart Alexander Barr
Hart Stanley John
Hart Ian Eric
Hart Noel Henry Raybould
Hart Robert Arthur
Hart Allan Robert
Hart Roy F. B-17 42-97480
Hart Cameron M P-47 Thunderbolt
Hart Cameron M P-47 Thunderbolt
Hart Cameron M P-47 Thunderbolt
Hart Cameron M P-47 Thunderbolt
Hart Cameron M P-47 Thunderbolt
Hart Donald C P-47 Thunderbolt
Hart Robert S P-47 Thunderbolt
Hart Wesley M Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Harte J H Halifax W1104
Harte Allan S Jr P-51 Mustang
Hartell W Lancaster PB671
Hartell R R Lancaster R5499
Harten J W E Spitfire RR256
Hartfield J W Blenheim P4828
Hartgroves R S Hampden AE151
Harthill James Cameron Wellington HZ552
Harthill John Cameron Halifax LV778
Harthill W Lancaster PB237
Hartill John Edward Anthony Mustang FB135
Hartin C W Halifax DG405
Hartland Geoffrey William Wellington T2466
Hartland R Blenheim N6165
Hartland W T Lancaster HK697
Hartland E E Stirling EE959
Hartland K Halifax L9502
Hartland E E Wellington R1271
Hartle A E Whitley Z6746
Hartlett G J P Hampden AD905
Hartley J C Lancaster LM293
Hartley John Claude Lancaster NN744
Hartley A B Lancaster LM101
Hartley C A V Hampden AT126
Hartley Henry Herbert Lancaster HK556
Hartley A Halifax V9987
Hartley Norman Rhodes Lancaster R5613
Hartley C T Halifax LV880
Hartley T J C Halifax HX347
Hartley D W Halifax ME752
Hartley G A Whitley T4334
Hartley M Lancaster JB658
Hartley E Lancaster R5637
Hartley J L Mosquito KB210
Hartley A Stirling EF308
Hartley A Stirling EH904
Hartley W Halifax LW259
Hartley W Blenheim L8872
Hartley L Stirling BF338
Hartley J Stirling W7473
Hartley J R Lancaster KB985
Hartley Hampden AD874
Hartley Martin Lancaster DV376
Hartley H Lancaster ME301
Hartley J D Anson N9824
Hartley F Manchester R5785
Hartley E A Lancaster LM482
Hartley S Lancaster ND985
Hartley F Lancaster ME867
Hartley S Hampden AD850
Hartley R R Stirling EF511
Hartley G H Manchester L7459
Hartley G H Manchester L7306
Hartley G H Lancaster R5486
Hartley G H Manchester R5783
Hartley C H Tempest EJ530
Hartley James
Hartley Lewis James
Hartley Alan Brian
Hartley Clement Alfred Victor
Hartley William Henry B-17 Easy Does it 43-38623
Hartley Alexander S P-51 Mustang
Hartley Alexander S P-51 Mustang
Hartley Alexander S P-51 Mustang
Hartley Raymond E Jr P-51 Mustang
Hartman J Spitfire MH843
Hartman Lawrence Charles Lancaster JA935
Hartman C L Lancaster EE119
Hartman E J Lancaster NG131
Hartman J M Hudson T9405
Hartman J Halifax LW439
Hartmann Cecil Joseph
Hartmann Robert P-47 Thunderbolt`
Hartnell Richard Sidney Wellington N2945
Hartnell William Perryman
Hartnell-Beavis F J Halifax JD207
Hartnett Timothy Typhoon RB342
Hartnett T J Wellington BJ674
Hartnett F Halifax JD456
Hartney W D Wellington BK343
Hartney N J P Stirling R9306
Hartog M Lancaster KB859
Hartop W C Hampden X3129
Hartop Hampden X3056
Hartop R Liberator TT336
Hartop C W Hampden P2137
Hartridge H P Blenheim V6321
Hartry W J H Wellington R1222
Hartshorn Alfred Henry Lancaster JB552
Hartshorn J H Lancaster KB716
Hartshorn J R Lancaster PB572
Hartshorn J L Halifax W7880
Hartshorn J L Halifax W1167
Hartshorn J L Halifax R9531
Hartshorn W N Lancaster PD377
Hartstein Philip Lancaster JA706
Hartstein P Stirling EE886
Hartstone R H Wellington W5621
Hartwell R C Stirling EH895
Hartwell R C Stirling BK808
Hartwell H Halifax NA623
Hartwig G A Lancaster NE177
Hartwig Allen George
Hartwig Horace M P-38 Lightning
Hartwright F Stirling LJ560
Hartwright V R Stirling N3664
Harty J C Halifax HR797
Harty J C Halifax JB957
Harty William Francis Marcus
Hartzell Neil S
Harvell T H Lancaster LM206
Harvey A H Halifax MZ647
Harvey Leslie Vincent Halifax W1215
Harvey D V Lancaster ME624
Harvey A M Halifax DT488
Harvey B H Lancaster W4330
Harvey G H Lancaster DV399
Harvey Stafford Arthur Hampden AD726
Harvey James Lancaster ND715
Harvey T H Lancaster W4943
Harvey Cyril James Beaufort L4508
Harvey Richard Lancaster W4135
Harvey Alexander Albert Stirling BF390
Harvey J A Lancaster LL779
Harvey M R F Lancaster PB147
Harvey J D Lancaster DS724
Harvey R A Halifax LW595
Harvey R E Halifax NR205
Harvey F V Halifax NA528
Harvey E G Halifax LV951
Harvey A J Halifax MZ802
Harvey A G Halifax LK905
Harvey E P Halifax NP701
Harvey J E Halifax NP701
Harvey B M Ventura AE945
Harvey A B Lancaster ME700
Harvey S A Lancaster LL692
Harvey L W Lancaster PA995
Harvey Benjamin Campbell Wellington Z1747
Harvey J R Wellington LN293
Harvey A T Lancaster RA546
Harvey W L Lancaster LL685
Harvey Edgar William Stirling R9245
Harvey R F Stirling BK721
Harvey R S Wellington X3452
Harvey D Lancaster LM320
Harvey E B Lancaster JA969
Harvey Donald Bruce Lancaster DV300
Harvey W G Lancaster W4156
Harvey B Hampden X2914
Harvey S J Hampden P2099
Harvey J R G Blenheim V5491
Harvey G Hampden AE252
Harvey C V Lancaster JB223
Harvey C V Lancaster ED926
Harvey R G A Halifax HX349
Harvey R J Wellington DV775
Harvey L Halifax LL182
Harvey L C Lancaster LL954
Harvey V Blenheim
Harvey Wellington R1712
Harvey E A Stirling EF402
Harvey K B Stirling N3712
Harvey J J Stirling BK606
Harvey P Whirlwind P7090
Harvey Halifax W1051
Harvey Halifax R9445
Harvey W S Spitfire RM906
Harvey S N Wellington W5522
Harvey A G Wellington W5427
Harvey G R Lancaster LL725
Harvey F V Halifax LW396
Harvey J Wellington HE376
Harvey K Lancaster JA675
Harvey A M Hampden AT148
Harvey K J S Halifax HR852
Harvey Charles Elmer Halifax HX330
Harvey O S Halifax MZ566
Harvey G R Whitley P5007
Harvey W Lancaster NN772
Harvey R D Lancaster JB237
Harvey R C W H Halifax NR193
Harvey Whitley N1459
Harvey A B Beaufighter
Harvey F M Lancaster ND735
Harvey R S Stirling N6012
Harvey R S Stirling N6009
Harvey J W Lancaster EE119
Harvey Laurence George Halifax W1228
Harvey J Halifax JD247
Harvey F W Halifax LL235
Harvey H Lancaster LL883
Harvey M C Hampden AE303
Harvey D J Manchester L7323
Harvey D E D Lancaster JB708
Harvey K T A Wellington T2546
Harvey Robert Joseph
Harvey Alfred Henry
Harvey Douglas Venning
Harvey Raymond Oliver
Harvey John Neal
Harvey Jack Hyland
Harvey Reginald Victor
Harvey John George
Harvey Alain Morison
Harvey Albert Arnold
Harvey Bruce Harold
Harvey George Henry
Harvey Francis William
Harvey John Dwight Liberator EW631
Harvey Jacobs K C Blenheim L1275
Harvie L G Wellington HF852
Harvie J D Halifax LW123
Harvie R Lancaster ED471
Harvie G De L Wellington X3410
Harvie John Alfred
Harville Douglas A
Harwood Raymond Guy Lancaster ME782
Harwood Henry Stirling R9270
Harwood E J F Halifax LW200
Harwood C F J Typhoon MN453
Harwood H G Spitfire EP705
Harwood J Lancaster ED701
Harwood M J C Hampden AE301
Harwood F Blenheim N6185
Harwood D G Spitfire
Harwood S Lancaster NG256
Harwood F B Manchester L7278
Harwood D A Mosquito HK354
Harwood W E Wellington BJ886
Harwood W R Wellington BJ604
Harwood J L Wellington LN292
Harwood Whitley Z9204
Harwood R T W Lancaster PB245
Harwood J W H Halifax L9581
Harwood W H E Whitley Z6642
Harwood J W Whitley Z6877
Harwood Whitley T4158
Harwood Hampden X2978
Harwood Philip Edward Liberator AL548
Harwood Reginald John Whitley Z9388
Harwood Maxwell Roy Avro Anson TX175
Harwood-Smith K Whitley Z6820
Harwood-Smith K Whitley Z6821
Harwood-Smith N H Blenheim R3910
Haryett W H Halifax NP704
Hasbrouck Ralph C P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Hase R C Lancaster PB672
Hasek Ivan S P-47 Thunderbolt
Hasek Ivan S P-47 Thunderbolt
Hasekian C R Lancaster R5857
Haselden H C McL Wellington X9834
Haselden J K Mustang FD565
Haselden J K Mustang FR925
Haseldine D W Halifax JP125
Haselhurst A W Lancaster LM309
Haselhurst Arthur Wilfred
Haseman P J Lancaster ED354
Hasenohr Robert
Hasiński Mieczysław (Adam) Wellington R1373
Haskell William Hilton B-17 43-37713
Haskell H T Halifax HE777
Haskell W R Lancaster ED989
Haskett G F J Halifax LW655
Haskett F A J Halifax RG622
Haskey P G Halifax JD459
Haskings G E Halifax JN947
Haskins R H Lancaster JA896
Haskins Eric Lancaster LL914
Haskins Reginald Alfred Wellington BJ689
Haskins Blenheim V6369
Haskins J D Hampden P4350
Haskins Ronald Henry
Haslam Gerald Stalker Lancaster NG147
Haslam W J Whitley Z6642
Haslam C B Lancaster ED436
Haslam W E Lancaster DV159
Haslam H C Lancaster JB403
Haslam M E F Lancaster PB528
Haslam F R Lancaster LL973
Haslam W G Mosquito XV11
Haslam R Lancaster ED529
Haslam E Lancaster ND523
Haslam G F Lancaster NN710
Haslam Colin Arthur Lee
Haslam Albert John
Haslar Bertie Ronald Stirling LK149
Haslegrave M Lancaster JB242
Haslemore Francis Sydney Manchester L7304
Hasler J Lancaster ME850
Hasleton P Halifax MZ765
Haslett S Lancaster DV389
Hasling Jack T P-47 Thunderbolt
Haslip R J N Hampden X2918
Haslock Hubert Frederick
Hass M L V Ventura AE702
Hass Mervyn Lionel Vivian
Hass Floyd N P-47 Thunderbolt
Hassall B Wellington X9360
Hassall H Lancaster ED538
Hassan A L Wellington W5553
Hassan L R Lancaster PB463
Hassan J R Lancaster NG381
Hassel R G S Spitfire PV208
Hassell Geoffrey William
Hassett G A Stirling EF259
Hassett Michael Melville James
Hasson G Lancaster ME579
Hast Reginald Alfred
Haste J A Lancaster R5734
Haste Harry Scott Hampden X2895
Haste E Hampden AE136
Haste D F Lancaster NF967
Haste H S Hampden L4057
Haste James Arthur
Hastie W A Mosquito PZ342
Hastie B V Hampden P2134
Hastie G M Lancaster DV178
Hastie E H Halifax LV783
Hastie Peter Douglas
Hastie Doyle W P-47 Thunderbolt`
Hastin James D P-47 Thunderbolt
Hastings I A Lancaster EE119
Hastings William Lancaster PD421
Hastings Thomas Edward Stirling BK592
Hastings G V Halifax DK259
Hastings A B Lancaster R5755
Hastings T H Lancaster LL630
Hastings M E G Wellington X9756
Hastings M E G Wellington R1706
Hastings M Whitley P4948
Hastings M Whitley N1387
Hastings H Blenheim V6524
Hastings I.
Hastings Ian Angus
Haswell G W Lancaster LM534
Haswell J A Wellington W5719
Haszard Henry Hayden (Hap) Stirling R9324
Hatala Paul R P-51 Mustang
Hatala Paul R P-51 Mustang
Hatala Paul R P-51 Mustang
Hatala Paul R P-51 Mustang
Hatala Paul R P-51 Mustang
Hatch Norman Morgan Lancaster ED996
Hatch Ernest Samuel William Whitley BD213
Hatch A E Wellington HE321
Hatch G C Halifax LL257
Hatch E A Lancaster JB601
Hatch J Wellington X9982
Hatch John Frederick. Blenheim P6933
Hatch G H Spitfire K9813
Hatch C F Halifax MZ912
Hatch John E Jr P-38 Lightning
Hatch John E Jr P-38 Lightning
Hatch John J P-51 Mustang
Hatch John J P-51 Mustang
Hatch John J P-51 Mustang
Hatchard T H Lancaster JA929
Hatchard V H Halifax JB964
Hatcher Leslie Lancaster PB533
Hatcher P H Lancaster RF138
Hatcher L Whitley Z6483
Hatcher Ivor Clarence
Hatchett D J Lancaster EE186
Hatchman F Halifax MZ514
Hateley A P Lancaster JB182
Hatfield T G H Wellington Z1113
Hatfield H B Lancaster DS832
Hatfield P A Lancaster DS766
Hatfield J E Defiant L6969
Hatfield J E Defiant L7007
Hatfield A Lancaster ME582
Hatfield James Henry
Hatfield Ronald Arthur
Hatfield Clive P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Hathaway W E Lancaster PB176
Hathaway Thomas Stanley Wellington W5364
Hathaway Arthur William Lancaster PD275
Hathaway Robert Froude Stirling BF530
Hathaway P L S Lancaster ME676
Hathaway R J Boston AL754
Hathaway M E Lancaster HK620
Hathaway S F Halifax DK119
Hathaway H T Stirling BK806
Hathaway S A Lancaster W4955
Hathaway William Edward
Hather G Lancaster ND788
Hatherall R Halifax NP998
Hatherley R W Lancaster JB487
Hatherly L W Wellington T2807
Hathersich G K Manchester, Lancaster, Wellington, Stirling, Hastings (Post War)
Hathway Randal B P-47 Thunderbolt
Hatle Clifford Oscar Halifax JB925
Hatle C O Halifax DT790
Hatsell S H Mosquito PZ343
Hatt A S Lancaster W4768
Hatt R H W Lancaster W4192
Hatter C C Lancaster LM580
Hatter Robert B P-51 Mustang
Hatter Robert B P-51 Mustang
Hattersley C R Wellington BK514
Hattersley Stanley Jack
Hattey Don Hubert (Panama) Halifax NA514
Hattie R G Typhoon MN171
Hattie R G Typhoon MN715
Hatton George William Ventura AE759
Hatton William Lancaster JA981
Hatton Thomas Henry Lancaster NF996
Hatton Arthur Thomas Wellington R1513
Hatton T G Halifax JD412
Hatton H Battle L5238
Hatton A S Boston W8355
Hatton E C Wellington X9705
Hatton J A J D Wellington N2778
Hatton J E Wellington W5586
Hatton P J Lancaster ND565
Hatton F A Whitley N1462
Hatton N Lancaster EE148
Hatton G W Lancaster PB921
Hatton S Lancaster JA927
Hatton J S Stirling BF449
Hattrem P Spitfire ML495
Hatzfeld E Lancaster LM237
Haub D L C Stirling EE918
Hauber David Halifax MZ465
Haugen W M Halifax HR817
Haugh G Lancaster DS766
Haughton E H Halifax PN226
Haun John W P-47 Thunderbolt
Haun John W P-47 Thunderbolt
Hauptman Władysław Wellington Z1291
Hauptman Władysław Vickers Wellington Z1291
Hausladen Kenneth Lewellyn B-17 44-8437
Hausvik S J Lancaster PB612
Hautcoeur F Halifax NA166
Hautecoeur G Halifax NP921
Hauver Charles D P-51 Mustang
Hauver Charles D P-51 Mustang
Hauver Charles D P-51 Mustang
Hauxwell S Halifax W7931
Hauzenberger A A Halifax NP716
Havard D I Wellington LN439
Havard Stanley Charles
Havell W J Lancaster JA857
Havelock C A C Whitley Z9306
Havelock Whitley Z6654
Havenhand J C Lancaster R5725
Havenhand L Halifax DT744
Havercroft W C Stirling EE877
Havercroft Ralph Edward
Havighurst Robert C P-51 Mustang
Haviland David Reginald Ferrers Wellington N3014
Haviland J K Mosquito DZ377
Haviland Fred R Jr P-51 Mustang
Haviland Fred R Jr P-51 Mustang
Haviland Fred R Jr P-51 Mustang
Haviland Fred R Jr P-51 Mustang
Havill C H Halifax LL258
Haville Edward Hampden AT227
Havlik O Wellington Z1098
Havyatt Harry Geoffrey
Haw Robert Roy Lancaster KB815
Haw V A Spitfire BL422
Haw K R Lancaster RA503
Haw P S Tempest EJ668
Haw Charlton ("Wag")
Haward T L J Halifax DT623
Haward Lewis Boyd Lancaster W4184
Hawdon J O Lancaster PD206
Hawdon John Beresford
Hawdon Charles Milton
Hawes William George Lancaster R5632
Hawes George Alan Lancaster R5703
Hawes Albert Henry Halifax JD261
Hawes S Lancaster ND683
Hawes F Halifax JD251
Hawes William George
Hawgood G Lancaster EE119
Hawke W C Wellington X3966
Hawke William Edward Halifax W7924
Hawke J E F Halifax LW415
Hawke Raymond Richard Lindsay
Hawken S A Lancaster ME796
Hawken Ian Douglas Hurricane Not known 'B' Flight
Hawken D W C Lancaster ND705
Hawken Halifax R9445
Hawker A Typhoon MN312
Hawker R F Halifax LK974
Hawker E J Lancaster ND817
Hawker Ruth Muriel
Hawkes F S Lancaster ND807
Hawkes Charles E Hampden X3120
Hawkes Ronald George Lancaster HE644
Hawkes Richard James Travers Lancaster NE145
Hawkes Ronald James Wellington L4297
Hawkes Vernon Lorraine Halifax JD420
Hawkes E S Lancaster LL628
Hawkes L M Halifax LW618
Hawkes R C Lancaster ME742
Hawkes A W Whitley Z6877
Hawkes D P Wellington X9665
Hawkes R C Blenheim V6448
Hawkes T B Halifax LW280
Hawkes R Hampden L4117
Hawkes W D Lancaster ED418
Hawkes E S Lancaster DS714
Hawkes E P Lancaster ND519
Hawkes T R H Hampden P4299
Hawkes J W Whitley Z9209
Hawkes D F Whitley Z6577
Hawkes Hampden X2977
Hawkes Frank Sidney
Hawkesworth J G Halifax HR753
Hawkings W E Lancaster KB712
Hawkings R P Hurricane L1990
Hawkins H M Wellington X3457
Hawkins F B Lancaster ED533
Hawkins Gordon Thomas Lancaster W4787
Hawkins Stanley Wellington L4288
Hawkins George Blenheim L9325
Hawkins Robert Arthur Stirling R9299
Hawkins James Addison Airspeed Oxford LB415
Hawkins Albert James Halifax HR713
Hawkins Harry Victor Lancaster W5003
Hawkins J D Halifax HR856
Hawkins C M Lancaster DS731
Hawkins S A Halifax LW594
Hawkins James Reid Halifax MZ879
Hawkins Walter Lancaster ND365
Hawkins K Spitfire AD548
Hawkins J V Stirling BK656
Hawkins W T Mustang AP254
Hawkins R G Boston Z2285
Hawkins A F Whitley BD353
Hawkins E H Lancaster ED769
Hawkins R Battle
Hawkins V B Lancaster JB279
Hawkins G C G Blenheim R3606
Hawkins D C Blenheim L9467
Hawkins W G F Blenheim Z7307
Hawkins Blenheim L8838
Hawkins G E Lancaster HK579
Hawkins R Lancaster DS835
Hawkins K W Wellington Z8579
Hawkins D J Spitfire NH2721
Hawkins E W Hampden AD965
Hawkins W D Halifax DT795
Hawkins G Blenheim L9191
Hawkins J A Wellington HE168
Hawkins R R Lancaster EE173
Hawkins Leo Henry Stirling BF322
Hawkins E G Stirling EF259
Hawkins W S Wellington R1714
Hawkins D E S Blenheim Z7286
Hawkins K J O Mosquito DD677
Hawkins B Hurricane Z3470
Hawkins R L Typhoon JR323
Hawkins R Typhoon JP733
Hawkins J E Wellington Z8782
Hawkins H C Lancaster LL631
Hawkins Hampden AE157
Hawkins Hampden X2991
Hawkins Samuel Halifax HR778
Hawkins J H Halifax JN901
Hawkins P Lancaster NG386
Hawkins E C Lancaster W4233
Hawkins F C Lancaster LM482
Hawkins G J Lancaster LM423
Hawkins A V Stirling EE909
Hawkins John Henry Lancaster JA714
Hawkins A D Lancaster LM102
Hawkins Spitfire P7778
Hawkins A H R Wellington X9759
Hawkins F J Stirling BK817
Hawkins A S Halifax R9485
Hawkins G H Halifax LW636
Hawkins R E Halifax JB783
Hawkins V H Halifax LV877
Hawkins Boston
Hawkins Hedley Maurice
Hawkins Albert Edgar
Hawkins David Philip Lee
Hawkins Frank Bryce
Hawkins Charles William George
Hawkins Garnet Allenby
Hawkins Francis Sylvester B-24 The Moose 44-40205
Hawkins Anthony G P-51 Mustang
Hawkins William C P-47 Thunderbolt
Hawkinson Robert W P-51 Mustang
Hawkridge H J Lancaster ED689
Hawksley H W Lancaster W4853
Hawksley Eric Norman
Hawksley-Hill J H Lancaster JB407
Hawkswood J D Lancaster LM527
Hawksworth F Lancaster LL622
Hawksworth R W A Halifax R9487
Hawksworth R J Lancaster DV395
Hawley L R Wellington L7858
Hawley F B Spitfire N3189
Hawley S B Halifax JB966
Hawley J C M Fortress AN522
Haworth Geoffrey T Halifax LL138
Haworth J R Lancaster ED320
Haworth J R Lancaster JA977
Haworth K Stirling W7464
Haworth J F J Hurricane P3964
Haworth J H T Lancaster LM650
Haworth L Lancaster NG121
Haworth J Wellington X3469
Haworth Russell C P-51 Mustang
Haworth Russell C P-51 Mustang
Haworth Russell C P-51 Mustang
Haworth Russell C P-51 Mustang
Haworth Russell C P-51 Mustang
Haworth Russell C P-51 Mustang
Hawreliak M Lancaster RA500
Hawryszków Karol Kazimierz
Hawter Edgar Horace
Hawthorn R T Lancaster PB290
Hawthorn R G Halifax W1216
Hawthorn K Stirling R9153
Hawthorn Richard Thurston
Hawthorne C R Halifax LW168
Hawthorne A A Mosquito KB529
Hawthorne K Halifax LK950
Hawthorne J T Hampden P1328
Hawthorne Stirling W7504
Hawthorne Frederick G. Halifax JD205
Hawtin J S Halifax JB966
Hawxby N Wellington N2951
Hawxby T W Hampden X2996
Haxby W B Halifax W7921
Haxton R B Halifax LW594
Haxton A S Stirling BF440
Haxton A S Stirling EE937
Hay J E Lancaster W4242
Hay James Lancaster DV328
Hay Colin Wellington T2464
Hay Evander William Cameron Lancaster PB302
Hay James Vincent Avro Anson AX538
Hay John Arthur Wellington X3796
Hay Stanley Arthur Halifax NA179
Hay D N Halifax LW378
Hay C W Halifax LW417
Hay D F Halifax MZ302
Hay G Halifax LV964
Hay C M Halifax RG475
Hay C M Halifax NP692
Hay Balfour Richard John Mosquito KB266
Hay B H Hurricane
Hay G Lancaster LM318
Hay P Whitley Z6949
Hay I C Whitley Z6862
Hay B R J Mosquito DZ428
Hay J A Whitley Z6629
Hay A J Typhoon JP427
Hay J C Typhoon JP797
Hay E A G Lancaster ME805
Hay A W Wellington T2470
Hay F Halifax HR678
Hay H Mosquito HJ822
Hay P J Halifax LK657
Hay F Wellington MS494
Hay I A Lancaster NF988
Hay T M Lancaster ED722 (some publications have this aircraft code to a 463 Squadron Lancaster - which is ED772
Hay I A Lancaster ND902
Hay Ronald Cuthbert
Hay John Edwin
Hay John Alexander
Hay John Douglas
Hay Phillip Carlisle
Hay Robert Claude
Hay James
Hay George Leslie Lachlan
Hay Roy Neville
Hay Trevor Neil
Hay-Drummond-Hay P Spitfire R6637
Haycock Roy Clifford Lancaster DS840
Haycock N W Halifax R9408
Haycock D H Stirling BK691
Haycock R E Wellington W5621
Hayday T Lancaster ME850
Hayden S F Liberator AL577
Hayden W G Halifax NA107
Hayden W J Stirling W7530
Hayden Randolph James
Hayden J G Lancaster LM389
Hayden C K Mosquito DZ469
Hayden A D Lancaster R5904
Hayden W J Stirling R9313
Hayden R J Lancaster LM172
Hayden T F Halifax DT670
Hayden E J Lancaster LL635
Hayden R Whitley Z6939
Hayden Lawrence Hamilton
Hayden John Percival
Hayden Kevin Patrick
Haydock Philip Frank Charles Halifax MZ756
Haydock D Lancaster ED383
Haydon Jeffrey Peter Meurisse Halifax W7750
Haydon Gerald Barrington Spitfire P8361
Haydon J H Stirling EE918
Haydon Desmond John Wellington Z8646
Haydon E L Wellington X3538
Haydon F J Hampden P1178
Haydon Clement William
Haydon Gerald Barrington
Haydon Edward R P-51 Mustang
Haye J B M Lancaster ED667
Hayek Bohuml Halifax W1002
Hayes J Lancaster ME478
Hayes Lionel Vincent Bristol 164 Brigand VS839
Hayes George Stirling N3759
Hayes Bernard Michael Lancaster ME672
Hayes Patrick Francis Alfred Lancaster ND582
Hayes J B Lancaster PB564
Hayes F J Stirling EH908
Hayes F J Stirling EF179
Hayes Richard Kellett Hampden AD726
Hayes Dennis Willian Lancaster NF996
Hayes Ronald Thomas Lancaster PB211
Hayes George Stirling BF335
Hayes John Aubrey Wellington HZ863
Hayes T E Lancaster PB247
Hayes W A Spitfire BS195
Hayes J D Lancaster JB729
Hayes Ernest Lancaster PB451
Hayes R D Halifax JD210
Hayes H B Lancaster KB718
Hayes Ronald Wellington BJ657
Hayes N D Wellington HZ261
Hayes R T Halifax DK142
Hayes J C A Halifax ED209
Hayes E A Halifax RG475
Hayes J Wellington X3367
Hayes P M Halifax HX164
Hayes A Halifax HX186
Hayes K Halifax W7667
Hayes E W Lancaster LM620
Hayes J H T Lancaster W4919
Hayes R W Lancaster LM364
Hayes J F Whitley N1383
Hayes Ralph Gamble Mosquito DZ587
Hayes R J Lancaster DS667
Hayes C C Halifax W7775
Hayes R L Hampden X2915
Hayes R L Hampden X2988
Hayes E E Stirling N3728
Hayes Stirling N6043
Hayes Stirling N6093
Hayes Wellington X3797
Hayes E S Lancaster ED863
Hayes P Wellington BJ716
Hayes S G Halifax HR735
Hayes Kenneth Blenheim Z7435
Hayes R W S Wellington Z8979
Hayes L V Mosquito HK292
Hayes D Wellington R3150
Hayes I H S Lancaster W4308
Hayes T W Lancaster R5763
Hayes P F Lancaster LL840
Hayes S Halifax JN901
Hayes M D Lancaster ME301
Hayes T E Lancaster JB460
Hayes S Halifax LW586
Hayes H T Halifax NR150
Hayes R J Lancaster ND781
Hayes P S Spitfire N3129
Hayes F A Stirling W7579
Hayes R L Stirling R9305
Hayes A Halifax DK203
Hayes A E Halifax HR684
Hayes B A Lancaster W4846
Hayes B J F Lancaster PB188
Hayes G A Stirling BK655
Hayes N C Lancaster R5513
Hayes John Joseph
Hayes John Henry Terence
Hayes Timothy Felix
Hayes Stuart James
Hayes Douglas Lionel
Hayes Edwin Sautelle
Hayes Harold John
Hayes Maurice Charles Supple
Hayes Stuart James Stirling LJ503
Hayes John W. B-17 Under Ground Farmer 44-6020
Hayes Jack W Jr P-51 Mustang
Hayes Paul M P-47 Thunderbolt
Hayes Thomas L Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Hayes Thomas L Jr P-51 Mustang
Hayes Thomas L Jr P-51 Mustang
Hayes Thomas L Jr P-51 Mustang
Hayes Thomas L Jr P-51 Mustang
Hayes Thomas L Jr P-51 Mustang
Hayes Thomas L Jr P-51 Mustang
Hayes Thomas L Jr P-51 Mustang
Hayes Thomas L Jr P-51 Mustang
Haygood Earnest Ray B-17 Moonlight Serenade 43-37599
Hayhoe E G Whitley Z9275
Hayhurst Reginald James Halifax LW472
Hayhurst T S Lancaster JB405
Hayhurst C Wellington HE500
Hayhurst Joseph Lancaster JB313
Hayhurst D A E Hampden P1355
Hayle J R Lancaster ED125
Hayler Edwin John Lancaster HK567
Hayles R P Lancaster LM456
Hayles William Robert
Haylett G M Lancaster ED710
Hayley C Lancaster DV181
Hayley-Bell Dennis
Hayllar W F Lancaster W5001
Haylock F R Lancaster ME454
Haylock B J Wellington X9787
Haylock J A Halifax LW459
Hayman D A Halifax LL289
Hayman Frederick William Lancaster W4273
Hayman Geoffrey Lancaster PB740
Hayman Arthur George Beaufort L9835
Hayman Kenneth Charles Morris Halifax LV820
Hayman Francis Ernest Stirling MZ262
Hayman W C Wellington W5445
Hayman W J Lancaster LM395
Hayman R E Wellington BJ898
Hayman F W Halifax LW557
Hayman M W Spitfire N3047
Hayman Douglas Anthony
Hayman Geoffrey
Haymer C E Lancaster NN698
Haymes L J Lancaster ED986
Haymes Leslie Jack
Hayne W K Wellington Z8426
Hayne William Keith
Haynes J B Halifax JD378
Haynes D L Lancaster NE135
Haynes J W Wellington L4232
Haynes Derek Cecil Wellington Z8780
Haynes Arthur Lancaster DV276
Haynes S Lancaster PB430
Haynes Wellington W5684
Haynes C J Wellington X3591
Haynes E C Stirling W7437
Haynes R H Lancaster ME749
Haynes Kenneth William Halifax BB336
Haynes F W D Mosquito HJ722
Haynes G T Lancaster ND525
Haynes G C Manchester L7429
Haynes Manchester L7495
Haynes T K Stirling N3709
Haynes D Stirling N6095
Haynes F L Halifax LW270
Haynes Whitley T4169
Haynes W C Blenheim Z5818
Haynes C Stirling EF458
Haynes F A B Wellington P9234
Haynes Michael Courthope
Haynes Douglas Leslie
Haynes Arthur Bruce
Haynes Harry E P-51 Mustang
Haynes William M P-51 Mustang
Hays J W Halifax L9503
Hays G A Lancaster LM338
Haysom Albert Rowland
Hayter Norman Wood Halifax JD179
Hayter James Chilton Francis
Hayter W D Halifax LL255
Hayter A C Wellington X9828
Hayter Wellington R1088
Hayter S H Lancaster NF963
Hayter J C F Hurricane P2916
Hayter Wellington R3168
Hayter J E R Lancaster JA972
Hayter Norman Wood
Hayter Harold Edgar
Hayter Keith Grant
Haythorn Jack
Hayton Gilbert McLean 'Gillie'
Hayton Cyril Wellington Z1566
Hayton J W Lancaster JA969
Hayton Robert William Stirling EF298
Hayton Gilbert McLean
Hayward Desmond David Stirling R9250
Hayward Leonard William Wellington HE175
Hayward John Victor Lancaster HK547
Hayward V C Lancaster LM303
Hayward A H Wellington W5387
Hayward A H Lancaster JB310
Hayward F R Halifax JD206
Hayward E G Battle L5514
Hayward D C Wellington W5595
Hayward E L Lancaster ED596
Hayward A E Hampden AD918
Hayward F A Lancaster LL945
Hayward D F Lancaster ND449
Hayward N Halifax LL388
Hayward E L Lancaster R5867
Hayward C H Halifax DK250
Hayward R E Lancaster PB557
Hayward L C Lancaster ED764
Hayward H W Lancaster PB300
Hayward B W Whitley K9048
Hayward H S Lancaster JA937
Hayward B D Stirling BK608
Hayward Battle
Hayward M E Lancaster LL901
Hayward E E Lancaster R5675
Hayward Robert Kitchener
Hayward Laurence Rex
Hayward Roy Stephen
Haywood Walter Frank Whitley N1382
Haywood Henry Ernest Oxford BG555
Haywood Herbert Stanley 'Bub' Lancaster DS682
Haywood Ronald Lancaster JA935
Haywood Jack Ferris Lancaster ND380
Haywood W F Whitley N1385
Haywood G C Lancaster ME788
Haywood R E Lancaster LM313
Haywood Stirling N3719
Haywood R A Mustang FZ140
Haywood A W Wellington HE228
Haywood D Spitfire EN607
Haywood D Spitfire EN611
Haywood G B Lancaster W4936
Haywood J A Lancaster NF990
Haywood G Lancaster ED861
Haywood J Halifax MZ935
Haywood A G Halifax LW515
Haywood P Lancaster R5673
Haywood D Battle
Haywood W E Lancaster ED654
Hazael Royal Edwin Halifax MZ529
Hazard Ivan Henry Lancaster ED377
Hazard W F Lancaster HK564
Hazard I H Lancaster ED446
Hazel S T Halifax HR977
Hazel Elton O P-47 Thunderbolt
Hazelby C R Lancaster KB778
Hazelden-French Edmund Stirling BF479
Hazeldene Jack Arthur
Hazeldine J T C Whitley Z9283
Hazeldine J T C Whitley Z9289
Hazeldine W Lancaster JB537
Hazeldine Leslie Youle Wellington HP631
Hazelgrove J C Wellington Z1341
Hazelgrove H F Stirling LK386
Hazell L J Lancaster ED360
Hazell C W Stirling R9161
Hazell Leslie Albert Halifax LV861
Hazell A W Lancaster JA700
Hazell H W Lancaster PD388
Hazell G R Halifax DT700
Hazell Leslie Charles Lancaster W4182
Hazell H W Lancaster HK605
Hazell A Lancaster JB720
Hazelton W J R Halifax DT481
Hazelton J R T Whitley Z6559
Hazelton William John Ronald
Hazelwood K R Lancaster ED615
Hazeu Wouter Wellington NB831
Hazle Neville John
Hazlehurst Alan Lancaster ND462
Hazlehurst W B Lancaster PB184
Hazleton S F Halifax W1105
Hazlewood R D Lancaster ED827
Hazzard S B Halifax MZ406
HCross G Halifax HX328
Heacock E F C Lancaster NG271
Head K E J Lancaster JB604
Head Frederick Arthur Percy Blenheim R2274
Head L F Lancaster KB727
Head R G Halifax W7764
Head M R Lancaster JA679
Head P E Lancaster DV299
Head L W Lancaster ED325
Head A R Mosquito DZ614
Head P D Stirling BF386
Head D Lancaster RA526
Head A E Lancaster LM344
Head J A Stirling EF356
Head H G Spitfire MA304
Head F A P Blenheim R2774
Head L R Halifax JD323
Head G J Halifax LK789
Head R J Halifax MZ622
Head Norman Sidney
Head John
Head Graham Neil
Head Thomas
Head Colin Wilfred
Head Hayden W P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Head Hayden W P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Head Hayden W P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Head Hayden W P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Head James E P-47 Thunderbolt
Headford R T H Halifax HX236
Heading B D Halifax LW330
Heading Bronson Donald
Headlam J P Lancaster JB288
Headlam Roswell Aubrey
Headland D G Lancaster HK602
Headley George Mathew Lancaster JA925
Headly Michael Francis Halifax JN952
Heads George
Heady John Joseph OBrian Lancaster NN803
Heagerty J L H Ventura AE910
Heagerty J L H Blenheim V6028
Heaher W Stirling EF159
Heal Dudley Percy Fortress HB779
Heal J J V Halifax JD200
Heal F S G Halifax NA504
Heal R J Lancaster DS773
Heal R W Stirling EE969
Heal F C Stirling LJ621
Heal J F Stirling BK595
Heal W A Lancaster ED415
Healas H E H Lancaster ND691
Heald Douglas Lewis Beaufort AW236
Heald K F Wellington X3640
Heald H Wellington W5380
Heald R Halifax MZ628
Heald S Lancaster DV339
Heald Everett H P-47 Thunderbolt
Heale N W Spitfire RM914
Healey F C W Lancaster JA912
Healey William Leonard Halifax LW546
Healey J P Halifax LW281
Healey H A Lancaster ED554
Healey W A Lancaster ND553
Healey Joseph M. Halifax JD386
Healey C Halifax HX158
Healey J M Lancaster JB376
Healey E F G Lancaster R5680
Healey H R Lancaster ND853
Healey L R Walrus W2773
Healey R P Halifax DG224
Healey A Lancaster
Healey L Lancaster ED630
Healey F W Lancaster NE131
Healey E Stirling EF294
Healey Lancaster L7570
Healey J E K Wellington N2886
Healey Edwin Landseer
Healey Dana F P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Healing F D Hampden P1253
Healy R D Lancaster PB263
Healy Jeremiah Lancaster ME868
Healy Patrick James Fortress HB815
Healy T W R Typhoon MN259
Healy J Lancaster LM458
Healy J Lancaster HK603
Healy Patrick John
Healy Percy Badon
Healy Robert Delmage
Healy Eric Wellington W5596
Heaney A Halifax LK909
Heaney M J D Blenheim T2039
Heaney W T Blenheim V6318
Heaney J Stirling EF195
Heaney L G Halifax LW315
Heap E T Halifax W7677
Heap A V Lancaster ED420
Heap A E Lancaster ND346
Heap R E Halifax NR131
Heap A Lancaster LM363
Heap J C Halifax LW207
Heap D Lancaster LM304
Heap J O Stirling N6070
Heap H A Mosquito HK504
Heap R Lancaster JB597
Heap R Lancaster ND813
Heap Arthur William
Heap Albert Edward
Heape J S H Blenheim T1895
Heard G T Stirling N3709
Heard Eric Thome Halifax LW118
Heard Douglas Thomas Wellington P9242
Heard John William Wellington BK235
Heard Edwin Francis Hamilton Lancaster ED543
Heard S M Halifax JD158
Heard P T Halifax MZ533
Heard G E Halifax DT801
Heard D J Typhoon RB2852
Heard K W Hampden AE396
Heard G T Stirling N6095
Heard A H Wellington X9834
Heard Geoffrey Thomas
Hearle W E Wellington Z8897
Hearle Herbert Frederick
Hearle William Edward
Hearn H J Lancaster JB530
Hearn S F Lancaster NE134
Hearn E R Halifax LL387
Hearn D C N Lancaster PB137
Hearn E F Lancaster PB114
Hearn J W Stirling BF450
Hearn S C H Halifax LK909
Hearn E H E Lancaster LL922
Hearn W E Lancaster ND703
Hearn J W Lancaster LM430
Hearne P J Spitfire BL978
Hearne Peter Joseph
Hearne James Frederick
Hearne Philip William
Hearsey F G Halifax LL134
Hearst S A Halifax NR177
Heasman Ray Lancaster LM115
Heasman B H Lancaster JA912
Heasman G E Lancaster DV401
Heasman J H C Lancaster NF914
Heason L W Stirling LK379
Heason H L Lancaster PB240
Heason Leonard William
Heath R B P H Stirling BF343
Heath G S Halifax NA502
Heath L D Lancaster PD226
Heath Gordon Leonard Lancaster ND628
Heath J Lancaster W4960
Heath William George Noel Lancaster ME592
Heath Gilbert Thomas J Lancaster DV303
Heath John Ettock Mosquito KB401
Heath H E Wellington Z1466
Heath J Lancaster ME840
Heath A L R Wellington R3295
Heath B Lancaster LM131
Heath P C Halifax W1188
Heath D P Lancaster DS675
Heath A G Lancaster PB476
Heath F Mosquito NS984
Heath P G R Wellington X3706
Heath W C Spitfire PL845
Heath A F Lancaster LM540
Heath G Stirling R9258
Heath J K L Stirling DJ974
Heath D G Stirling BF406
Heath G Stirling BK607
Heath R W E Lancaster NN714
Heath R W C Lancaster DV373
Heath P F Lancaster LM579
Heath A L Lancaster NG228
Heath G E Mosquito DZ516
Heath R R Halifax MZ930
Heath A D Lancaster ND736
Heath F Lancaster LM361
Heath Jeffrey Allan
Heath Gordon Leonard
Heath Laurence David
Heath Peter Ronald
Heath Jack
Heath Roy Davidson
Heath Geoffrey Ernest
Heath Douglas James Halifax JP228
Heath-Brown J A Blenheim R3822
Heathcote Clifford Clark Typhoon JR196
Heathcote Roy Alan Stirling R9351
Heathcote G D Lancaster LL754
Heathcote G G Stirling N3665
Heathcote Clifford Clark
Heathcote Raphael Rex
Heathcote Martin B-17 42-5893 Sad Sax
Heathcote-Peirson G F Stirling BF346
Heathcote-Pierson G F Stirling BF346
Heather Whitley BD190
Heather D C Lancaster ED470
Heatherington R Lancaster DV271
Heathfield F J H Halifax JD244
Heathman C W Wellington X9762
Heathman Jimmie Ray B-17 43-38046
Heatley Ian Victor Lancaster W4855
Heatley W G Lancaster PB197
Heatley Ian Victor
Heatley Wilfred Pearson
Heaton Roy 'Bill' William Lancaster DS704
Heaton Albert Kencil Halifax LK740
Heaton B Lancaster JB596
Heaton K A Halifax BB365
Heaton A R Wellington Z8398
Heaton G W Halifax LK877
Heaton E Halifax LL182
Heaton W W Typhoon MN449
Heaton H Wellington R1013
Heaton J F Manchester L7432
Heaton F B Lancaster W4822
Heaton C G S Halifax LK791
Heaton-Nicholls D G Hudson N7219
Heaven S F Lancaster LL911
Heavener H J Lancaster LL910
Heavens R J Hampden AD969
Heaver F S Lancaster JB474
Heayes C R Whitley N1465
Heaysman G E Wellington N2745
Hebb W St C Lancaster JA958
Hebblethwaite G Wellington X3367
Hebblethwaite A H Lancaster ND524
Hebblethwaite E C L Halifax R9391
Hebblewhite Geoffrey Alfred
Hebden W A Stirling BK775
Hebditch R A Lancaster DV285
Hebditch F E Lancaster LL728
Hebdon J G Lancaster R5497
Hebeler C R Whitley N1347
Heberlein Robert M P-51 Mustang
Hebert H R Halifax MZ713
Hebron Fred Halifax W7670
Hechcherik P Halifax LW673
Heck James William
Heckathorn Ira M Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Heckel Charles C P-38 Lightning
Heckendorf John Llewelyn Lancaster DV217
Heckendorf John Llewelyn
Heckert John D P-38 Lightning
Hector Ferdiland A Lancaster KB715
Hector D K J Lancaster KB853
Hector A E Lancaster PB737
Hedderwick Peter John
Heddle G C Halifax MZ531
Heddle J D R Wellington X3345
Heddon J C Wellington BJ653
Heddon J C Wellington Z1342
Hedge Alfred William Halifax W7662
Hedge John Clem Wellington HE468
Hedge Hardie George Wellington T2702
Hedge H Lancaster LM337
Hedge Alfred William
Hedgecock H E Lancaster ND745
Hedgecoe E R Mosquito HK123
Hedgecoe E R Mosquito XV11
Hedgecoe Edward Richard
Hedger Halifax L9623
Hedger A R Spitfire W3725
Hedger John Henry
Hedges V A M Lancaster JB483
Hedges Henry Ernest Hudson
hedges W S Halifax DT739
Hedges Peter Oscar Mosquito DZ548
Hedges L W Manchester L7302
Hedges R E Lancaster JA853
Hedges W N Halifax LW657
Hedges Graham John
Hedges Victor Archibald Maudaley
Hedicker Ronald Walter Halifax JB847
Hedin Sigurd Edgar Blenheim Z7802
Hedler Robert W P-51 Mustang
Hedler Robert W P-51 Mustang
Hedley V J Lancaster PB816
Hedley L P Spitfire RM821
Hedley W J Lancaster R5911
Hedley R T Lancaster R5911
Hedley Battle
Hedley L Wellington DV703
Hedley Halifax L9566
Hedley W H Lancaster JB348
Hedley C H Hurricane V7594
Hedley R T Lancaster R5725
Hedley D H Lancaster NE129
Hedley D C Hampden AD911
Hedley Vernon James
Hedlund Earl C P-38 Lightning
Hedrich John Halifax LW366
Heel Rowland Lancaster LM548
Heel Walter Raymond Liberator EW139
Heeley D Lancaster ME365
Heeley F R Lancaster JA972
Heeney R T Spitfire BS290
Heers James Graeme
Hefferman W O Halifax MZ513
Heffernan R J Lancaster EE166
Heffernan J A F Lancaster JB123
Heffernan A F Lancaster W4251
Heffernan Robert Jarvis
Hefferon A V Lancaster JB118
Hefner Carl E P-47 Thunderbolt`
Hegan ‘Sonny’ Francis Joseph Lancaster LM725
Hegan Wellington W5435
Hegan J G G Wellington X3539
Hegarty V J Lancaster W4927
Hegarty D J Lancaster ND464
Hegarty P W Halifax LV880
Hegarty T J Stirling BF459
Hegarty Dermot John
Hegenbarth Tadeusz Ryszard Supermarine Spitfire P7500
Hegg W N Halifax LV836
Heggarty John Halifax NA240
Heggarty J Halifax DK188
Heggaton Knox William
Heggie D H Lancaster NG466
Heggie Robert Manchester L7518
Heggie R Manchester L7395
Heggie A A S Halifax L9572
Heggie A A S Halifax L9497
Heggison A D Stirling LJ536
Heglund S Spitfire BS144
Hegman John Alfred Lancaster JB414
Hegman William T Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Hehir Martin Randolph Wellington BK198
Hehir J Wellington HE652
Hehir Robert Joseph
Hehir Martin Randolph
Hehir James Hassett
Heiberg T Spitfire R7262
Heiden R W F Halifax NA602
Heiden Arthur W P-38 Lightning
Heider G Halifax EB137
Heidman W H O Halifax LW426
Heidtman Kenneth Frederick Lancaster PB125
Heidtman Kenneth Frederick
Heighton H R Whitley Z6816
Heilman-Rawicz Jan Supermarine Spitfire P8237
Heimbecker Harry Lyle Halifax LW690
Heimbecker Harry Lyle Halifax LK734
Heimiller Francis L. B-17 42-31906
Hein John Halifax HX230
Hein W J Stirling EH882
Hein Donald Ley B-24 44-10493
Heineman Richard M P-47 Thunderbolt
Heineman Richard M P-47 Thunderbolt
Heinen F W Lancaster LL638
Heinig J P Halifax JD322
Heinish Morton Ralph Manchester R5795
Heinrich E P Lancaster ED471
Heinrich Esmond Peter
Heins Alfred Ronald
Heitmann A W Mosquito MM194
Heitmann Alan Walter
Hejna J Wellington T2990
Hejne Walenty Marian Avro Lancaster PB823
Hejnowski Jan Karol Wellington T2517
Hejnowski Jan Vickers Wellington W5579
Hejnowski Jan Karol Vickers Wellington T2518
Helcke D A Hurricane
Helding Arnold G P-51 Mustang
Helean J A Typhoon JP845
Helfer Terence Hudson FK803
Helfer Wellington X9810
Helfer Wellington Z8910
Helfer Wellington Z1103
Helies E C Spitfire BS535
Hellan A Spitfire
Helland J Spitfire NH304
Hellegers P C M Halifax NA563
Hellekson L C Lancaster KB993
Heller Władysław Eugeniusz Avro Anson N5372
Heller P K Mustang FZ108
Heller A J Halifax L9507
Heller A J Whitley K9008
Heller Edwin L P-47 Thunderbolt
Heller Edwin L P-47 Thunderbolt
Heller Edwin L P-47 Thunderbolt
Heller Edwin L P-51 Mustang
Heller Edwin L P-51 Mustang
Hellewell Laurence Harry
Hellier Harry Thomas Wellington T2503
Hellig G Lancaster ND983
Helling Raymond Julien
Helliwell John Alfred Lancaster PB211
Helliwell William Stirling W7520
Helliwell A R Halifax HR788
Helliwell R Lancaster LL703
Helliwell F Lancaster ME729
Helliwell Stirling W7445
Hellmuth R Halifax MZ741
Hellyer C C O Mosquito DZ348
Hellyer D Wellington X3671
Hellyer Colin Cecil Oliver
Helm Francis Lancaster ND398
Helm William Oakley Oxford BG555
Helm E J Halifax JD326
Helm G V Stirling EH905
Helma O Wellington R1516
Helmer R H Stirling BK606
Helmore H V T Wellington W5391
Helmore P E Spitfire BS112
Helsby D A Hampden P4339
Helstrip T Lancaster PD231
Helton Edwin M. B-24 Osage Express 42-52497
Helvard A R Stirling BK712
Hely Reginald Ross Wellington N2865
Hely Reginald Ross
Helyar R Stirling BF329
Helyer R K Stirling N6129
Hemas L J Lancaster W4156
Hembrow R H Fortress SR381
Hembry J Halifax MZ591
Hemelik D S Halifax LW301
Hemery M Halifax NA680
Heming C D Halifax DT752
Heming George Chetwynd Halifax JB854
Heming Keith Ronald
Hemingway C Lancaster JA902
Hemingway Rowland Lancaster ED916
Hemingway Battle L5250
Hemingway H Lancaster PB299
Hemingway M Hampden X3141
Hemingway F Lancaster ED970
Hemingway L Spitfire P8539
Hemingway F Halifax LK957
Hemingway W E Wellington BK463
Hemingway J A Hurricane L1979
Hemingway J A C Hurricane V7249
Hemingway Colin
Hemmant E C Lancaster PB572
Hemmens P D Lancaster ND533
Hemming K R Stirling R9333
Hemming G W Wellington LP284
Hemming C Halifax NP722
Hemming D L Wellington X3552
Hemming E F J Halifax LL122
Hemming Whitley Z6648
Hemmings R B Typhoon JP7920
Hemmings E Lancaster W4836
Hemmings B Hampden AE304
Hemmings G C Lancaster ND444
Hemmings G N T Lancaster R5725
Hemmings J A Lancaster JB418
Hemmings D J Lancaster ND355
Hemmings C B Stirling EF408
Hemmings F Halifax W7932
Hemmings H Halifax LW367
Hemmingway J A Hurricane P3966
Hempenstall Terence John
Hempseed R K Stirling R9274
Hempseed M Lancaster KB766
Hempstead John Neil Halifax HR720
Hempstock D R Halifax HR980
Hemsley Derek Joseph Halifax LW718
Hemsley P G V Blenheim L1219
Hemsley G W Halifax LL419
Hemsley W A Lancaster HK680
Hemsley E Halifax NP722
Hemsley W Stirling EF135
Hemsworth E W Lancaster PB475
Hemsworth R E Halifax DK171
Hemsworth Godfrey Ellard
Hemsworth Ellis Wilby
Hencke W C Wellington HZ365
Henden C D Wellington Z1412
Hender Russell Glentworth
Hender Edward Keith
Henderson Thomas Whyndam Halifax MZ532
Henderson E H Lancaster R5681
Henderson W D Lancaster R5843
Henderson B J Lancaster PD322
Henderson R M Lancaster W4162
Henderson J L Lancaster PB290
Henderson William Gordon DH86B AX844
Henderson Robert Fordell Blenheim BA597
Henderson Selby Roger Hudson N7368
Henderson Robert Wellington L4268
Henderson Ian Stuart Wellington R1045
Henderson Ian John Argo Stirling W7578
Henderson Ivor Howard Arthur Wellington W5532
Henderson Thomas Donald Halifax LV834
Henderson James Shirlaw Halifax MZ451
Henderson Stanley Lancaster DV190
Henderson Norman Randall Halifax MZ532
Henderson W Whitley Z6730
Henderson William Frederick Stirling BF565
Henderson John Lancaster DV217
Henderson Thomas Wellington BJ830
Henderson Wellington X3599
Henderson George Lancaster ND694
Henderson Cecil Blenheim L8789
Henderson G W Lancaster JB549
Henderson R R Wellington X9704
Henderson A J Lancaster ND634
Henderson Harry Leonard Fortress KJ106
Henderson C O Halifax W7803
Henderson D L Hampden AE286
Henderson B G Mosquito HJ829
Henderson W Lancaster KB866
Henderson D A Halifax NR288
Henderson C S Stirling LJ518
Henderson R W Stirling BK604
Henderson H W Stirling EF215
Henderson Matthew Roland Lancaster ND796
Henderson G Stirling BK813
Henderson D Lancaster LM620
Henderson G A Halifax HX188
Henderson T C Lancaster JB487
Henderson L Lancaster JB746
Henderson J Hampden AD862
Henderson J Hampden AD760
Henderson J Mosquito DZ492
Henderson K M Lancaster PD344
Henderson B M S Wellington Z1283
Henderson R R Wellington Z1266
Henderson J Wellington R1294
Henderson W Lancaster NF916
Henderson I J A Stirling BF352
Henderson R Blenheim R3614
Henderson I G Lancaster NG189
Henderson W Wellington Z1619
Henderson C Halifax HR775
Henderson P G R Halifax PN169
Henderson H Lancaster NG417
Henderson A Lancaster ME473
Henderson J McK Wellington Z8805
Henderson J Fortress KJ106
Henderson N Stirling N3763
Henderson D F Wellington R1442
Henderson J Spitfire EE688
Henderson J Mosquito HK256
Henderson J A M Hurricane V6601
Henderson J P Halifax L9582
Henderson D Halifax HR914
Henderson J Halifax W7803
Henderson M Lancaster LL723
Henderson J R Halifax LW242
Henderson A H Halifax MZ453
Henderson A H Halifax LV965
Henderson J G Hampden AD868
Henderson T V Hampden P2121
Henderson R B Spitfire MJ455
Henderson A J Hampden AD739
Henderson A McD Hampden L4034
Henderson R M Lancaster NG352
Henderson W B Halifax JB806
Henderson Whitley P4974
Henderson Spitfire
Henderson D Wellington X3410
Henderson A K Lancaster ED970
Henderson J Lancaster LM653
Henderson Whitley P5058
Henderson Whitley T4150
Henderson Mosquito KB467
Henderson J H Lancaster ED978
Henderson R M Lancaster ND461
Henderson J M Lancaster LL950
Henderson A M Lancaster ND685
Henderson J Lancaster JB556
Henderson J Halifax LW549
Henderson W G Spitfire W3258
Henderson J Halifax LV905
Henderson F Halifax LK749
Henderson F Halifax JP117
Henderson J Blenheim N3578
Henderson R Lancaster ED313
Henderson J H Lancaster W4846
Henderson R Lancaster JB424
Henderson J Lancaster ND854
Henderson J Lancaster JB344
Henderson A I Lancaster ND951
Henderson W J Lancaster LM111
Henderson R Fortress AN534
Henderson G Lancaster R5512
Henderson H H Wellington X9739
Henderson Thomas Whyndam
Henderson Edward Hamilton
Henderson William Douglas
Henderson Bryan John
Henderson Valentine Stewart
Henderson John Hartley
Henderson Robert Malcolm
Henderson Joslyn Lavarre
Henderson John Standish
Henderson James Morphett
Henderson John Robert Dunlop
Henderson William Gordon
Henderson Robert Fordell
Henderson John Randolph Fleming
Henderson William Henry Sunderland W4032
Henderson Roger Arnold Avro Tutor K8171
Henderson Harvey E P-51 Mustang
Henderson Jack J P-38 Lightning
Henderson Jack J P-38 Lightning
Henderson Richard L P-51 Mustang
Hendery A R C Halifax NA524
Hendley-Cross Claud Christopher Wellington HE110
Hendon H E Halifax DT778
Hendon P G W Lancaster ND439
Hendon W R Wellington HE212
Hendra P D Mosquito DD643
Hendren Keith Robert Lancaster PB256
Hendren Keith Robert
Hendrian William E P-51 Mustang
Hendrian William E P-51 Mustang
Hendrian William E P-51 Mustang
Hendricks Garland W P-51 Mustang
Hendricks Randall W P-47 Thunderbolt
Hendricks Randall W P-47 Thunderbolt
Hendricksen I.M. Wellington Z8735
Hendrickson Peter Albion
Hendrickson Edwin M P-51 Mustang
Hendrie A R Lancaster W4116
Hendriks L W M Spitfire RK883
Hendrix George D P-38 Lightning
Hendry J Lancaster PB564
Hendry A.J. Whitley Z9300
Hendry R E Lancaster DS719
Hendry J L Lancaster ED409
Hendry William Nisbet Spitfire P8470
Hendry A G Halifax HX326
Hendry J Halifax HX295
Hendry G H Lancaster JB549
Hendry M F Blenheim T1794
Hendry D H Stirling EE940
Hendry A W Lancaster LL947
Hendry T Lancaster ME614
Hendry R L Lancaster ED617
Hendry J Halifax JD123
Hendry A J Halifax HR786
Hendry J K Halifax JB783
Hendry Wellington R1333
Hendy G K Lancaster ND653
Hendy G K Lancaster PB173
Hendy C Wellington T2803
Hendy Kenneth Roy
Hendy Geoffrey Kenneth
Hendy George Allan
Henery A Halifax L9512
Heney H W Lancaster ND814
Henigman Clarence Francis Stirling W7471
Heninger H F Spitfire EN223
Henkel Edgar Roy
Henley Douglas Charles Stirling EE878
Henley W J H Mosquito KB407
Henley P E Lancaster ED541
Henley L J Lancaster JA691
Henley F N Lancaster NE127
Henley M B Lancaster LL949
Henley Robert Stephen
Henley Ernest Halifax MZ633
Henley David W P-51 Mustang
Henley David W P-51 Mustang
Henley Donald Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Henley Donald Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Henley Donald Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Henly R W Stirling W7632
Henly John Creed Douglas
Henman Arthur Reginald Halifax W1044
Henman C W C Typhoon JR388
Henn C Lancaster LL639
Henn Clement Herbert
Hennan S Halifax HX312
Henneberg Zdzisław Karol Supermarine Spitfire P8029
Hennessey James Wellington HE527
Hennessey F A Lancaster JB610
Hennessey E A Lancaster JB704
Hennessey H R J Lancaster KB814
Hennessey A P Lancaster LM542
Hennessey B P Wellington T2552
Hennessey W P Halifax HR776
Hennessey J P Lancaster LL899
Hennessey Francis Arthur
Hennessy T W Lancaster LL640
Hennessy Kevin William Halifax LL459
Hennessy T A Lancaster PB401
Hennessy M C Lancaster PA969
Hennessy F E Lancaster PB266
Hennessy B F Lancaster PB251
Hennessy M D Wellington R1369
Hennessy Thomas William
Hennessy Kevin William
Hennessy James
Henning Charles Masterman Boston Z2213
Henning James Darien
Henningan P L Wellington Z8862
Henningham J R Lancaster ND416
Henningham John Romer
Hennis J W Lancaster LL679
Hennys W Halifax HX180
Hennys W Halifax HR804
Henocq G Whitley T4208
Henri W J Mosquito MM792
Henrichon P E A Lancaster KB822
Henrichsen P Spitfire MK720
Henrion L L Typhoon JP662
Henriquez A G Lancaster LL972
Henry A J Halifax W7767
Henry J C Lancaster R5748
Henry Andrew Lancaster JB600
Henry A Lancaster RF181
Henry Gerard John Peter Halifax W1020
Henry Alan Paul Telford Lancaster NG270
Henry V R Ventura AE734
Henry F Halifax NP743
Henry F Halifax NP745
Henry R W Spitfire MH714
Henry R L Oxford DF471
Henry R L Halifax DK140
Henry Meredith Allen Halifax
Henry R J Halifax LK968
Henry E F Stirling BF458
Henry D J V Spitfire RM842
Henry F L Mosquito ML942
Henry F L Mosquito PF398
Henry John Wallace Lancaster W4230
Henry Whitley K9032
Henry L Whitley P4993
Henry A E Lancaster LM333
Henry G J Whitley K8985
Henry W Lancaster LM303
Henry H J Lancaster W4768
Henry C R Mosquito DZ427
Henry Blenheim L9310
Henry C H Lancaster ME788
Henry J Wellington P9266
Henry H F Stirling BK595
Henry Stirling N6094
Henry J W Lancaster ND492
Henry J W Typhoon JR195
Henry M T G Halifax L9487
Henry A A Lancaster NN694
Henry A C Hampden L4083
Henry Walter Lancaster DS823
Henry P R Lancaster JB398
Henry T J Lancaster ED503
Henry Hazel Veronica Rose
Henry Valentine Ernest Michael
Henry Ambrose James
Henry Hugh Patrick
Henry Raymond Cherrington
Henry Keith Braybrook
Henry Gordon Allan
Henry Andrew
Henry Lance Eric Gordon
Henry Claude Joseph
Henry James Joseph
Henry Arlo C Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Henry Arlo C Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Henry Carroll D P-51 Mustang
Henry Carroll D P-51 Mustang
Henry Carroll D P-51 Mustang
Henry Ivan R P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Henry Patrick H P-51 Mustang
Henry Patrick H P-51 Mustang
Henschel W A Halifax DT511
Hensey C A Halifax LW506
Henshall Peter Wellington BK135
Henshall H J Halifax DK250
Henshall M M Whitley Z9389
Henshaw D B Stirling W7464
Henshaw W A Lancaster PB649
Henshaw A V Wellington Z1261
Henshaw R Wellington HF483
Henshaw L Lancaster ME441
Henshaw D F Lancaster DS824
Hensley Alan Gordon
Henson Leslie Allan Lancaster R5552
Henson G K Stirling N3659
Henson George Borden Halifax RG455
Henson K Lancaster ED650
Henson George William Lancaster ND710
Henson G K Stirling N3661
Henson E Halifax HR937
Henson D H Lancaster NG416
Henson B Hurricane N2342
Henson R W Lancaster PB799
Henstridge Leslie Lancedene
Hentges Francis A B-17 Skunkface 42-29656
Henthorn Jack A Halifax LW647
Henthorn J A Halifax DK174
Hentsch F C Lancaster ND650
Henvey W B Wellington X3356
Hepburn William Hendry Lancaster LM122
Hepburn E J Lancaster ED426
Hepburn D S R Lancaster L7573
Hepburn J F N Halifax LV779
Hepburn A Whitley N1406
Hepburn Kenneth Edward
Heppall J W Halifax JD315
Heppell Phillip W. Ellis ("Nip")
Heppenstall P Wellington Z8951
Heppenstall R D Lancaster PA223
Hepper B Lancaster NG468
Hepple T Wellington X3721
Hepplewhite Davidson William Hampden P2063
Heptonstall A Halifax BE244
Hepworth W M Halifax HR805
Hepworth E Wellington X3647
Hepworth H L Lancaster ND406
Hepworth R Halifax MZ507
Hepworth A Lancaster PD233
Hepworth Walter Allan
Herapath R M Lancaster HK697
Herapath Ronald Martin
Herbert J W M Lancaster NG420
Herbert William Henry Wellington BJ600
Herbert Richard Vivian Blenheim L4819
Herbert Henry Ernest Lancaster W4103
Herbert Reginald Ernest Halifax NR276
Herbert Garnet McMillan Halifax EB213
Herbert W J Lancaster PD211
Herbert G A Blenheim V6261
Herbert S I D Lancaster LM259
Herbert L V W Halifax DT800
Herbert G A Halifax NA503
Herbert C Lancaster W4369
Herbert F W Halifax LL306
Herbert C D Stirling BK703
Herbert Christopher Reginald Wellington R1644
Herbert E H Wellington BK331
Herbert G B Halifax DT696
Herbert G B Halifax DT558
Herbert D Wellington BE161
Herbert A Wellington HZ582
Herbert Wellington Z8900
Herbert G R Halifax JB785
Herbert S E Wellington HE243
Herbert T C Wellington HE150
Herbert D W Lancaster ED445
Herbert C P Halifax LW539
Herbert P R Wellington Z1618
Herbert P N Mosquito KB195
Herbert G R Halifax L9604
Herbert L E Halifax DT570
Herbert C H Halifax JB846
Herbert W Lancaster ND922
Herbert John Wallace Mills
Herbert John Frederick
Herbert James Joseph
Herbert William Valentine
Herbert Donald Norrie
Herbert Ronald Ernest Wellington DV840 (some publications list it as DV480)
Herbert (Clive) Mervyn Horation Mosquito DZ248
Herberte John Henry Draper
Herbertson W Lancaster NE141
Herbertson William
Herbst Witold Aleksander Spitfire MA795
Herd M J Lancaster ND676
Herd Ronald Ernest Hampden L4134
Herd T B Hampden AD932
Herd A Halifax LK863
Herd Mervyn James
Herdman Roy Metcalfe Dakota KN584
Herdman G Hampden X2985
Hereford P Lancaster W4187
Hereford Louis R P-51 Mustang
Herfjord K M Spitfire NH312
Herfjord K Spitfire TA838
Hergert Thomas M P-47 Thunderbolt
Hergott G A Halifax LW618
Herin Reginald A P-47 Thunderbolt
Hering J H Halifax MZ461
Hering John Hubert
Heritage H F Wellington P9275
Herkes J Lancaster LL951
Herman Otton Vickers Wellington R1642
Herman J B Halifax LV936
Herman G P Lancaster LM370
Herman W H Lancaster KB712
Herman W P Whitley Z6560
Herman James Alexander
Herman Ronald McGregor
Hermanowski Stanisław Avro Anson R9708
Hermansen Harry H P-51 Mustang
Hermels A R Blenheim L8845
Hermitage A G Halifax JD466
Hermon S R O Wellington HE167
Hermon W D Hampden P2090
Hernan Thomas John
Herne F M Halifax LW372
Herne Frank Malcolm
Heron R G Hampden AE381
Heron ‘Bill’ Thomas William Lancaster PD421
Heron F B G Blenheim V5851
Heron K Halifax MZ713
Heron J P Halifax LW202
Heron W Anson N5024
Heron Stirling W7452
Heron Stirling W7461
Heron H W Wellington HE988
Heron F H Lancaster ME452
Heron K R Lancaster LL620
Heron J Lancaster ED920
Heron A G Lancaster ME689
Heron F W Halifax LL579
Heron Royal George
Herps John Raymond Wilbur
Herreman A M L Spitfire BM363
Herren James M Jr P-51 Mustang
Herren James M Jr P-51 Mustang
Herrick Michael James De Havilland Mosquito NS913
Herrick Michael James
Herrick Peter Gershom Hurricane BD738
Herrick V R Halifax NA516
Herrick Dennis Trevelyan Blenheim V6087
Herrick Brian Henry Blenheim Z5734
Herrick R Hurricane L2140
Herrick Eli Hedley
Herrick Harold J P-47 Thunderbolt
Herrick Lawrence H P-38 Lightning
Herridge Cyril Bernard Halifax NR276
Herrin P G Lancaster ED692
Herring G B Lancaster ED557
Herring G W Stirling BK714
Herring Jack Routledge Wellington BJ600
Herring C Halifax LV828
Herring Robert Stephen Wellington W5486
Herring A Halifax LW634
Herring Stirling N3712
Herring S W Lancaster ME443
Herring K Halifax DK247
Herring Guy Bamford
Herrington G W Halifax DT679
Herrington T Wellington W5443
Herriot C R Halifax LW327
Herriot N B Battle L5232
Herriot A J Wellington P9274
Herriott A J Halifax DT641
Herrity H Stirling R9151
Herrmann Ray Francis P-51 Mustang
Herrmann Ray F P-51 Mustang
Herrmann Ray Francis P-51 Mustang 44-11745 'Happy III'
Herrod W G Wellington T2957
Herron Arnold Raymond Lancaster ED820
Herron J D M Lancaster L7571
Herron Robert Weir Lancaster ND796
Herron J G Halifax JB959
Herron J Halifax NA524
Hersey G F Lancaster PB117
Hersey A G Wellington Z8495
Hersey David
Herter Glenn A P-51 Mustang
Herter Glenn A P-51 Mustang
Hertzberg J S Spitfire P8722
Herway Loren W P-47 Thunderbolt
Herwin E C Halifax W1242
Heseltine R S Halifax MZ765
Hesford B Lancaster LM624
Hesford Brian
Hesketh H T Lancaster ME314
Hesketh Harry Walker Wellington MF845
Hesketh H H Halifax HR867
Hesketh F H Lancaster ME788
Hesketh J Lancaster ND513
Hesketh R D Wellington X3220
Hesketh L M Halifax MZ428
Hesketh E Lancaster ED806
Hesketh T G Lancaster R5738
Hesketh Harold Thomas
Heslin Brendan Michael
Heslip W D Wellington HE432
Heslop Douglas Alfred Thomas Wellington R1288
Heslop Stanley Harry Wellington X3407
Heslop J R Stirling W7472
Heslop T Halifax JD149
Heslop R A Lancaster ED945
Heslop Wellington X9672
Heslop T Lancaster ME688
Heslop R Lancaster ED449
Heslop Norman Lancaster PB357
Heslop Desmond Baker Fearon Lancaster JB313
Heslop G V Whitley T4279
Heslop Whitley Z6559
Heslop J R Halifax JB973
Heslop R Lancaster ND966
Heslop J Wellington X3641
Heslop Alexander Oliver Hudson K6183
Hesmondhalgh E J Wellington R1702
Hesp W J Wellington X3647
Hess A Hurricane R4085
Hess G W Lancaster DV298
Hess Lawrence To Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Hess William P P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Hesse Marian Vickers Wellington DV802
Hessel ? Halifax L9623
Hesselden F J A Wellington W5390
Hesselden T Lancaster JB367
Hesselyn Raymond Brown
Hesselyn Raymond Brown Spitfire MH783
Hessey B S F Lancaster NG324
Hessian A Halifax LK656
Hession W J
Hester G D Lancaster W4371
Hetherington David Lancaster JB664
Hetherington G D F Lancaster PB633
Hetherington E A S Lancaster DS845
Hetherington C G Lancaster DS741
Hetherington S G Halifax LW120
Hetherington William Moffatt Tattersall Halifax JB798
Hetherington W Wellington R1509
Hetherington J S Spitfire AR527
Hetherington G D Lancaster LM540
Hetherington L W Lancaster KB749
Hetherington J Lancaster W4939
Hetherington R Halifax MZ461
Hetherington E J Wellington N2957
Hetherington Erik Lawson
Hetherwick P Halifax MZ925
Hetland T Spitfire MH760
Hetterley H O Halifax LW286
Hettle Robert McGregor Battle L5584
Hettrick N G Wellington Z8373
Heubner W Halifax JN974
Heuchert W R Halifax LV959
Heugh R Halifax MZ310
Heughan A W Lancaster PB691
Heurtley J T Stirling R9352
Hevisides S N Halifax JD377
Heward W J Lancaster LL805
Hewardine Ernest Sunderland W4026
Hewatt Aubrey C P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Hewer R T Wellington T2465
Hewerdine James Joseph Lancaster ED919
Hewerdine James Joseph
Hewes M H Lancaster LL751
Heweston E Halifax LW296
Hewetson W R Halifax LL181
Hewetson H Wellington X3755
Hewetson E Halifax BB209
Hewetson A J Lancaster LL962
Hewetson Robert Thomas
Hewett H M Lancaster ND919
Hewett J P M Wellington P9225
Hewett E Wellington P9270
Hewett J P M Wellington P9267
Hewett C M Lancaster ME472
Hewett T H Lancaster NG385
Hewett E I Anson N9824
Hewett R J Lancaster JB653
Hewett A T Halifax MZ812
Hewett Edward William F. ("Ted")
Hewett Harold Max
Hewett Maxwell James
hewett Norman Lindsay Ventura NZ4520
Hewett Sidney H P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Hewett Sidney H P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Hewett Sidney H P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Hewett/Allcroft Frederick Charles Lancaster JB355
Hewettt William Upton None - lost at sea after U'Boat attack on the transit ship Yngaren
Hewish A L Wellington Z1312
Hewish F L Lancaster ND531
Hewish Arthur Leslie
Hewitson John Hamilton Lancaster ED815
Hewitson John Halifax W7662
Hewitson K Stirling BK700
Hewitson C Halifax HR810
Hewitson C Halifax JB865
Hewitson F Wellington T2721
Hewitt Francis Sunderland T9075
Hewitt W P R Lancaster JB665
Hewitt Robert (Bob) Wellington N2983
Hewitt J A Whitley N1500
Hewitt Francis Peter Halifax W1190
Hewitt William Hutchinson Hampden X2979
Hewitt Robert Wellington L7787
Hewitt David Hudson AM663
Hewitt John Henry Lancaster ND714 (some sources state NE172)
Hewitt Peter Derrick Halifax LW142
Hewitt I Halifax W1048
Hewitt Thomas Raymond Stirling EH989
Hewitt Ronald Bateman Wellington Z8335
Hewitt Walter Frank Halifax R9388
Hewitt R W Halifax ME293
Hewitt W R Halifax HR733
Hewitt Issac Manchester R5795
Hewitt A H Whitley K8943
Hewitt S T Lancaster W4786
Hewitt B A W Lancaster LM215
Hewitt P V Wellington BJ777
Hewitt M Lancaster JB357
Hewitt M Lancaster KB464
Hewitt E S Wellington P9270
Hewitt K W Lancaster JA688
Hewitt C W Wellington HE326
Hewitt H H Lancaster LL976
Hewitt D A Hurricane P3084
Hewitt K W Lancaster PB141
Hewitt S Lancaster ND910
Hewitt H Lancaster R5759
Hewitt K A J Lancaster NG228
Hewitt R W Stirling EF394
Hewitt D A Stirling BF521
Hewitt D Lancaster ND637
Hewitt L B Lancaster LM262
Hewitt W Lancaster ND508
Hewitt G W Lancaster JA685
Hewitt Lancaster JB735
Hewitt R Wellington T2547
Hewitt G A Halifax MZ711
Hewitt P W Whitley Z9299
Hewitt Francis
Hewitt Kenneth Hemsley
Hewitt William Philip Revenall
Hewitt David Llewellyn Halifax MZ465
Hewitt Richard A P-47 Thunderbolt
Hewitt Richard A P-47 Thunderbolt
Hewitt Richard A P-47 Thunderbolt
Hewlett Ernest George Lancaster PD383
Hewlett R A Blenheim V5426
Hewlett L G Hampden AE141
Hewlett Halifax L9493
Hewlett C A Halifax HR907
Hewlett C A Halifax HR803
Hewlett M A Halifax MZ479
Hewlett K J R Lancaster PA991
Hewlett R D Lancaster ND848
Hewson W H Lancaster JB724
Hewson C D Hampden AD784
Hewson S D Lancaster KB798
Hewson G W Typhoon MP152
Hewson J M Battle
Hewson J F Mosquito DZ478
Hewson K Halifax DK176
Hewson William Henry
Heximer H P Halifax DK191
Hextall S Wellington W5575
Hextell G J E Halifax DT705
Hexter Robert William Halifax W7769
Hey T C Spitfire
Heycock L Halifax DG224
Heycock Defiant N1803
Heydon J E W Wellington BK429
Heyer Sheldon L P-51 Mustang
Heyes A B Lancaster DS684
Heyes G G Halifax HR725
Heyes J Halifax LV946
Heyl Rodney W P-47 Thunderbolt
Heyman Richard M P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Heys Daniel Sutcliffe Lancaster JB722
Heyward C C Blenheim R3748
Heywood W N Halifax MZ283
Heywood William Nelson
Heywood Richard Alexander Baltimore AG796
Heywood Wray William Wellington R1374
Heywood Wellington R1009
Heywood N B Hurricane R4195
Heywood E K Spitfire AB961
Heywood C Beaufighter V8281
Heywood E W Lancaster LM264
Heywood W F Lancaster HK769
Heywood P Stirling N3764
Heywood R Wellington N2870
Heywood William Nelson
Heyworth W P Lancaster ED620
Heyworth E O Halifax LV882
Heyworth C Halifax LK913
Heyworth R M Whitley N1478
Hiatt L U M Lancaster KB822
Hibbard H R Wellington X3703
Hibben A R Halifax NA186
Hibben R C F Halifax JB840
Hibberd Maxwell James Halifax NA240
Hibberd D Battle K9343
Hibbert Edward Battle P2356
Hibbert Harry Halifax R9489
Hibbert John Henry Blenheim Z7627
Hibbert N P Lancaster ND962
Hibbert N P Lancaster PB186
Hibbert S Halifax NR190
Hibbert F R Hampden AD733
Hibbert E Lancaster JB372
Hibbert K Lancaster ND931
Hibbert Ivan Alderwin Lancaster ND811
Hibbert Walter James ("Jesse")
Hibbin A E Wellington P9281
Hibbins Leonard Henry
Hibbitt A Hampden AT129
Hibbs R W Halifax DK224
Hibbs H L Stirling BK693
Hibbs Ronald Verdun
Hibburt E C Halifax HR753
Hibden N A Stirling BK691
Hibell Bert Gordon Whitley Z9148
Hibell A J Hampden AE249
Hick E G Halifax PP179
Hick Albert Norman
Hicken P Halifax MZ501
Hickey Bernard Peter Wellington R1785
Hickey N G Wellington Z8979
Hickey A R Halifax BB327
Hickey J M Lancaster JA957
Hickey B P Wellington R1765
Hickey J S Lancaster NN758
Hickey Max Milton
Hickey John Daniel
Hickey Dudley John
Hickey Bernard Peter
Hickey William Joseph
Hickey Glen O P-38 Lightning
Hickford L C Lancaster PA967
Hickley P F Stirling N6082
Hicklin K N Lancaster DV285
Hickling W L C Lancaster JA674
Hickling E H Lancaster LM360
Hickling Peter Frank Stirling W7475
Hickling Bernard George Lancaster ED543
Hickling A W Lancaster PB127
Hickling J Lancaster W4120
Hickling F H Lancaster LM162
Hickling F C Lancaster LM381
Hickling R E Lancaster LM446
Hickling J D Stirling LK387
Hickling N V Halifax JB852
Hickling G E Halifax LW230
Hickling William Liness Charles
Hickman Guy Lewis Defiant L6968
Hickman Frederick William Halifax LK921
Hickman G W Blenheim V5493
Hickman H J Wellington X3419
Hickman L W Wellington X3351
Hickman T Stirling N6081
Hickman S W Halifax DK266
Hickman C A Stirling EF254
Hickman G P Spitfire R7161
Hickman G P Spitfire W3179
Hickman William Rupert
Hickman Arthur Charles Wellington JA520
Hickmott E Halifax N885
Hickok Gene G P-38 Lightning
Hickon W Halifax MZ502
Hicks Ernest Dakota FZ597
Hicks K M Hurricane Z3845
Hicks S R Lancaster NG439
Hicks Gerald Lambert Ventura AE839
Hicks Gerald Lambert Ventura AE913
Hicks Douglas Frederick Lancaster JB659
Hicks K B Mosquito NT418
Hicks R McL Halifax JB796
Hicks Herbert Ernest Wellington BK335
Hicks J M Hampden P5330
Hicks Lyle Wilmot Lancaster DS794
Hicks Orville Wesley Lancaster DS794
Hicks Earl William Halifax NP820
Hicks Winford Gordon Halifax LK746
Hicks H S Wellington HZ521
Hicks C W Typhoon MN313
Hicks D J Lancaster NF998
Hicks D J Lancaster ME428
Hicks D E Halifax LK948
Hicks Harold George Lancaster LL648
Hicks W J Halifax RG424
Hicks T A Halifax JB834
Hicks P M C Lancaster ND397
Hicks F E M Mosquito DZ313
Hicks A J Blenheim R3813
Hicks C W Lancaster JB359
Hicks A B Halifax JD115
Hicks F A Halifax LW268
Hicks F A Halifax LW245
Hicks R E Lancaster W4996
Hicks N Lancaster PD278
Hicks H J Stirling EF139
Hicks A Wellington R1438
Hicks M J Halifax LV968
Hicks E F Wellington HZ256
Hicks E F Wellington HZ271
Hicks M D S Lancaster ED828
Hicks R Wellington X3542
Hicks S C Mosquito DZ616
Hicks K A Halifax LK912
Hicks T I Wellington T2957
Hicks John Arthur
Hicks Herbert John
Hicks Duncan Richard
Hicks Kenneth Marshall
Hicks Francis Leslie
Hicks Stanley Charles
Hicks Bruce Ian Hamilton
Hicks Barry R P-47 Thunderbolt
Hickson L Lancaster W4368
Hickson Joseph Lamarsh Halifax NA629
Hickson J W Halifax MZ815
Hickson W H Halifax HR799
Hickson F J N Halifax JP202
Hickton Henry Thomas Wellington R1699
Hiddleston G A Lancaster ED968
Hiddleston Travis Arnold Hutton
Hide K J Wellington
Hide D C Whitley K9008
Hide R A Lancaster ND457
Hider Robert Henry
Hidges O H Lancaster ED541
Hie Eric Halifax HX324
Hiesler Francis James
Hifson W F Wellington Z1728
Hiftts H D Lancaster PB198
Higdon J W Lancaster ME679
Higgie Keith William
Higgin J S Halifax W1142
Higginbotham W C Halifax NR143
Higginbottom J C Stirling LJ531
Higginbottom Roy
Higginbottom Foy E P-47 Thunderbolt
Higginbottom Foy E P-47 Thunderbolt
Higginbottom Foy E P-47 Thunderbolt
Higgins Alfred George Miles Martinet EM412
Higgins Graham Henry David Halifax W1233
Higgins N J Lancaster ND818
Higgins Eric Vincent Keiran Wellington R3171
Higgins Clarence William Stirling BF347
Higgins Anthony John Stirling N3710
Higgins William Henry Blenheim L9314
Higgins Christopher William Stirling W7639
Higgins Frank Lewis Lancaster ME669
Higgins John James Villiers Halifax NA674
Higgins Sidney William Halifax NA604
Higgins Clarence Victor Lancaster HK788
Higgins J H Halifax DT797
Higgins W B L Halifax LK915
Higgins J A Halifax LK953
Higgins Luke Anthony Stirling LJ864
Higgins R H Stirling W7519
Higgins J H Mosquito PF399
Higgins F L Typhoon RB487
Higgins F C Blenheim R3616
Higgins Howard Daniel Blenheim V6515
Higgins J V Lancaster HK618
Higgins W Lancaster RA544
Higgins R G Halifax DG405
Higgins C Lancaster PD210
Higgins E Lancaster ED412
Higgins T G Lancaster DV361
Higgins R T Stirling W7573
Higgins W B Hurricane P5184
Higgins G K Wellington W5581
Higgins A A J Halifax MZ525
Higgins F J Halifax DK190
Higgins P Lancaster EE185
Higgins W Lancaster LL976
Higgins Lancaster W4119
Higgins G A Lancaster DV227
Higgins A E Lancaster NG336
Higgins C H Lancaster RF137
Higgins H R Halifax R9482
Higgins J Halifax DT492
Higgins Whitley T4172
Higgins R J C Lancaster HK602
Higgins L W Stirling BF524
Higgins William Burley
Higgins Jack Maxwell
Higgins John Campbell
Higgins Brian Hartley
Higgins Thomas John
Higgins Douglas Vernon
Higgins Eric Vincent Keiran
Higgins Laurence Alfred
Higgins Graham Henry David
Higgins Newman Jack
Higgins Donald H P-47 Thunderbolt
Higginson Ronald Yarwood Lancaster ED799
Higginson George Wilfred Lancaster PB256
Higginson L G Halifax DG224
Higginson A J Stirling N6030
Higginson Brian Purdy Stirling EF118
Higginson J B Wellington DV703
Higginson H Wellington X9974
Higginson F W Hurricane P3547
Higginson F W Hurricane Z2575
Higginson Frederick William ("Taffy")
Higgott Frederick Rex Stirling R9241
Higgs Kenneth George Wellington HZ476
Higgs Kenneth Albert Halifax W7676
Higgs J Lancaster DS832
Higgs D G J Lancaster LM367
Higgs Thomas Peter Kingsland Hurricane P3671
Higgs D R Stirling EF343
Higgs A J Lancaster ND349
Higgs A H Blenheim V6339
Higgs W G Halifax W7657
Higgs W C Lancaster JB182
Higgs T F Spitfire RM736
Higgs P W C Stirling BK801
Higgs J A Lancaster DV390
Higgs W J Halifax W7938
Higgs R M Lancaster PB409
Higgs Donald Ernest
High D Lancaster KB718
High E J C Lancaster W4771
High D Wellington HE244
High Thomas M. B-25 41-13126
Higham Stanley Halifax BB364
Higham F D Stirling EE955
Higham J C Halifax W1057
Higham R Wellington R1065
Highet R Lancaster ED522
Highet Clive Dudley Alfred P-40N NZ3183
Highfield G A Wellington R1219
Highfield J C Wellington X3475
Highland W T E Stirling BF470
Highland William Thomas Emmerick
Highlett I T Wellington Z1312
Highman Gordon Francis
Hight Cecil Henry Spitfire R6988
Highton C Lancaster JB470
Highton T Hampden P4380
Hightower C E Halifax JD207
Higman F J Halifax MZ646
Higman N D Lancaster JB146
Hignell G K Typhoon JP426
Hignell W S Lancaster R5738
Hignett K K Halifax LK759
Hignett K Halifax EB148
Higson Cyril Whitley Z6951
Higson K H Whitley N1497
Higson C Whitley Z6565
Higson Geoffrey William Ardern Lancaster W4230
Higson William Frank
Higson Jack Douglas Wellington LB221
Hilaire A Halifax NA606
Hilborne R A Lancaster LM537
Hilchey Ray Bertram Lancaster RF230
Hildebrand H W J Halifax NP934
Hildebrandt Stefan Vickers Wellington W5579
Hilder S N Lancaster LL953
Hilder C A Lancaster DS664
Hilder W L Lancaster PB153
Hilder Alfred Vindin
Hildersley R Lancaster PB196
Hildick Robert Taverner Hudson
Hilditch W W Stirling BK768
Hildreth C C Wellington HE321
Hildreth J A Lancaster LM470
Hildreth Frank Forden Liberator EW631
Hildrew P D R Lancaster ME791
Hildrow Leonard Edward Liberator JT985
Hiles W H B Stirling BK607
Hiles W H B Stirling EH925
Hiles Christopher Cyril
Hiley A E Lancaster W4313
Hiley F S Hampden P1187
Hiley F S Hampden AD786
Hiley E Lancaster ND595
Hiley H Halifax LW313
Hiley Alan Ernest
Hilgard N F Mosquito PF518
Hilgenberg Raymond P-51 Mustang
Hilken C G Spitfire P7426
Hilken G G Spitfire P7614
Hilken G G Spitfire W3252
Hilker D E Lancaster LL631
Hill Andrew K. B-25 41-13126
Hill A K Lancaster JB128
Hill E A Stirling BK774
Hill R T Lancaster ME785
Hill J W Lancaster NX584
Hill R McP Lancaster ED532
Hill Arthur Henry Spitfire BM560
Hill Clement Ambrose Whitley K8950
Hill Alexander Maxwell Wellington N2888
Hill Howard Perry Spitfire X4417
Hill Norman Arthur
Hill V C Vickers Wellington R1298
Hill Howard Perry
Hill Cyril Stirling W7582
Hill John Edward Stirling BK701
Hill Frank David Halifax LW298
Hill James Douglas Lancaster ED372
Hill Henry Bolton Halifax LL135
Hill Ernest Lancaster ME732
Hill James Lancaster ED347
Hill Henry Thomas Manchester R5792
Hill Farnham Wellington X3649
Hill David Halifax JD316
Hill Richard Francis Wellington BK198
Hill Lawrence Abraham Lancaster PB704
Hill Frank William Gosnell Halifax W1020
Hill Thomas Arthur Halifax MZ519
Hill Victor Lancaster JA981
Hill Frank Halifax JB907
Hill Wallace Roy Dakota KJ817
Hill F I R B Lancaster LL964
Hill F I R B Lancaster PB465
Hill W H Lancaster R5611
Hill J B Wellington Z1330
Hill H E Stirling BF384
Hill Hugh Ernest Stirling R9168
Hill D W Lancaster NG183
Hill A L Lancaster ME775
Hill J B Lancaster ND626
Hill Swante Oliver Blenheim Z7344
Hill R G Wellington R1588
Hill W A Halifax W7709
Hill F C Halifax NP776
Hill J S Mosquito LR327
Hill L M Halifax JD256
Hill R H Halifax DT630
Hill L G Halifax LK879
Hill J M Halifax MZ522
Hill A M Wellington HE503
Hill J T Lancaster JB360
Hill Wellington Lancaster JB227
Hill T H Halifax LK760
Hill R I Stirling N6071
Hill D J Stirling EH955
Hill Leslie George Lancaster ND802
Hill A G Typhoon JR296
Hill S H Halifax JD364
Hill C M Halifax HR805
Hill E B Halifax JD105
Hill A F Whitley K9018
Hill W W Lancaster ED609
Hill R T Lancaster ME857
Hill L Wellington R1800
Hill F L I Lancaster LM318
Hill A E T Lancaster EE192
Hill R H Wellington BJ897
Hill C E Blenheim Z5801
Hill Halifax W7879
Hill T E Halifax MZ292
Hill J S Lancaster W4340
Hill J Lancaster ME741
Hill D J Lancaster ME741
Hill E Lancaster JB349
Hill Battle L5250
Hill C E Lancaster W4302
Hill A E Hampden AT115
Hill K Manchester L7390
Hill J J Hampden L4180
Hill Blenheim R3828
Hill Wellington R1084
Hill R B D Wellington R1772
Hill Joseph Lancaster LL650
Hill N E Lancaster W4958
Hill R G Wellington W5598
Hill E Wellington W5523
Hill C C Mosquito MM220
Hill S G Blenheim V5521
Hill Blenheim L9416
Hill C S H Wellington BJ768
Hill H B Wellington Z1466
Hill C Stirling N3755
Hill R Wellington W5586
Hill W J Lancaster ND446
Hill A R Wellington X3728
Hill T H A Lancaster ND444
Hill J Lancaster JB711
Hill G A Halifax HR735
Hill R Halifax HR980
Hill J Halifax HX335
Hill J H Halifax LL248
Hill E C Lancaster PD394
Hill T W Lancaster DV367
Hill N G Lancaster JB649
Hill A Halifax PN169
Hill C G Blenheim R3841
Hill G H Blenheim V6423
Hill E A C Hampden L4205
Hill M R Mustang KH444
Hill R Wellington HE387
Hill R E Lancaster PB765
Hill L S Stirling W7537
Hill F C Stirling N3729
Hill F W N Stirling R9190
Hill H Stirling EF365
Hill F W N Stirling W7636
Hill H Stirling BK722
Hill R L Hurricane P3266
Hill T B Mosquito DD661
Hill F W Halifax L9501
Hill T W Halifax HX157
HIll T W Halifax HX317
Hill A Wellington N2951
Hill G M Halifax DT752
Hill A G Lancaster KB711
Hill C E Lancaster DV329
Hill R P G Lancaster ND795
Hill G U Spitfire MK519
Hill W M Lancaster LL790
Hill T W Lancaster ED304
Hill E R Lancaster LM475
Hill J R Lancaster ME675
Hill R C Lancaster LM539
Hill J K Hampden AD730
Hill J E Lancaster W4932
Hill G L Lancaster ED753
Hill T L Lancaster ME441
Hill J H Hurricane P3551
Hill F P Halifax LV777
Hill John Halifax LK844
Hill G J Halifax MZ758
Hill E Lancaster NG350
Hill H R Lancaster DS863
Hill F B Lancaster LL652
Hill C G Lancaster JA696
Hill J V Wellington X3665
Hill H A E Lancaster JA875
Hill R C Lancaster ME735
Hill H W Halifax LW348
Hill E Whitley N1472
Hill M Whitley P5002
Hill A F Lancaster ND817
Hill F D Lancaster PB512
Hill S J Spitfire W3211
Hill Gordon Anthony Lancaster R5888
Hill J E Hampden P4405
Hill A F Hampden AE189
Hill H G Hampden P4356
Hill E G Spitfire RB149
Hill J Lancaster ND730
Hill H Lancaster ME577
Hill H Lancaster LM380
Hill J M Lancaster PA993
Hill G J Lancaster JB597
Hill W R Lancaster PB228
Hill G Spitfire
Hill Geoffrey Spitfire P7665
Hill C B Lancaster HK594
Hill R W J Halifax L9517
Hill N J Halifax DT508
Hill B G Halifax MZ732
Hill G R Halifax DT700
Hill H O Halifax LL229
Hill E P Whitley T1458
Hill F A Whitley P5042
Hill T W Halifax JB320 (to be confirmed)
Hill R Halifax JD416
Hill F Halifax LV796
Hill C G Whitley N1487
Hill S D Hampden P4340
Hill A M Mosquito TA400
Hill D C Stirling EF129
Hill E Lancaster ND640
Hill G J Lancaster ND813
Hill Wellington T2546
Hill Howard Perry
Hill Gordon
Hill John Henry
Hill John Donald
Hill William Noel
Hill Frederick Lewis Ian
Hill Charles Gifford
Hill Eric Allan
Hill Ronald James
Hill Charles Stanford
Hill Dennis
Hill Stanley George
Hill Robert Trevor
Hill James William
Hill Rowland McPherson
Hill Sydney George
Hill Arthur Henry
Hill Dennis Robert
Hill Clyde Douglas
Hill Archie W P-47 Thunderbolt
Hill Byron L P-47 Thunderbolt
Hill Cowan S P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Hill Cowan S P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Hill Cowan S P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Hill Francis R P-51 Mustang
Hill Hershel L P-51 Mustang
Hill James E * P-47 Thunderbolt
Hill James E * P-47 Thunderbolt
Hill James E ** P-51 Mustang
Hill James E ** P-51 Mustang
Hill John L P-47 Thunderbolt
Hill P Blenheim Z7433
Hill-Cothingham E F Lancaster LL893
Hill-Jones George Ivor
Hillary Robert Halifax JB915
Hillary W S Whitley K9022
Hillary R H Spitfire L1021
Hillary R H Spitfire X4277
Hillary Richard Hope Spitfire
Hillcoat H B L Hurricane P3044
Hillebrant Wellington R1438
Hiller John Edward
Hiller Geoffrey Edward
Hillhouse John Brown Lancaster ED359
Hilliard T W Lancaster DS774
Hillier Henry Outred Lancaster ED534
Hillier Eric Bernhard Blenheim L1138
Hillier William John Wellington LP286
Hillier Clifford Frederick Lancaster ND861
Hillier L D Halifax L9619
Hillier L D Halifax DT487
Hillier George Frederick Miles Master W8594
Hillier H R Lancaster NG144
Hillier R Lancaster LL784
Hillier W C Halifax BB242
Hillier T Lancaster JA686
Hillier Henry Outred
Hilling Frederick Herbert Catalina FP239
Hillis K M Halifax MZ466
Hillis J Halifax HX241
Hillis Fred L P-47 Thunderbolt
Hillman Geoffrey Hugh Lancaster JA715
Hillman Donald Ernest Halifax JP237
Hillman G T Lancaster W4895
Hillman James Gordon Lancaster DS844
Hillman J A Lancaster DS829
Hillman R F Lancaster LM532
Hillman B I Mustang FX993
Hillman R V Lancaster JB317
Hillman S A Hurricane
Hillman R Boston W8284
Hillman Donald E P-47 Thunderbolt
Hillman Donald E P-47 Thunderbolt
Hillman Howard K P-47 Thunderbolt
Hillmer C E Wellington W5476
Hillrich V P Halifax LW140
Hills George Edward Stirling W7639
Hills Henry Thomas Halifax LV820
Hills CH Halifax DG282
Hills J O Wellington HF457
Hills W J Stirling EF361
Hills W C Lancaster JB534
Hills M Lancaster LM468
Hills A W Manchester L7300
Hills O L R Mosquito
Hills D J Lancaster W4107
Hills J E Hampden X2911
Hills F J Halifax BB237
Hills J Halifax DK200
Hills G L Halifax LL125
Hills K J H Lancaster ED975
Hills W J Lancaster ED917
Hills John
Hills Ruth Ada
Hills Robert L P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Hillwood P Hurricane L1899
Hillwood P Hurricane R4093
Hillyard E G Battle L5541
Hillyard Edward Peter Lancaster DV180
Hillyer Ronald George James Wellington Z1625
Hillyer F G Wellington DV740
Hillyer A W Mosquito MM708
Hilsdon William Charles Wellington L4320
Hilthon Karl C P-47 Thunderbolt
Hilton R W Halifax LV772
Hilton A Lancaster W4818
Hilton Toderick Edmund
Hilton F Stirling ED595
Hilton R Whitley P4935
Hilton A Halifax LW339
Hilton A Halifax JN949
Hilton A Halifax JN949
Hilton H C Blenheim V6048
Hilton E Wellington T2561
Hilton P A Halifax R9444
Hilton J B Lancaster EE132
Hilton J A Halifax HX235
Hilton E Lancaster PB207
Hilton J Halifax LW364
Hilton C A Halifax LV422
Hilton F Lancaster JB408
Hilton F W Lancaster JB538
Hilton W J Whitley Z9209
Hilton C H Halifax JB874
Hilton R Lancaster JB284
Hilton G R Stirling EF426
Hilton Raymond William
Hilton Alan
Hilton Chelsea Gordon
Hilton L Halifax L9618
Hilton-Jones Richard Hammer Wellington R1471
Hiltz R A Typhoon MN357
Hiltz R A Typhoon MN124
Hiltz Lawrence Donald Wellington DF673
Hiltz J C Whitley Z9150
Himr J Spitfire BP561
Hinch L G Halifax MZ482
Hinch L A Lancaster DV361
Hinch L A Lancaster JB714
Hinchcliffe W E Lancaster DS676
Hinchcliffe A T Halifax NP689
Hinchcliffe H Lancaster ED784
Hinchcliffe P C Halifax MZ933
Hinchey James F P-51 Mustang
Hinchliffe Walter Edmund Hampden AE367
Hinchliffe A Wellington N2946
Hinchliffe Arnold
Hincks C H Lancaster W4139
Hind Peter Clinch Lancaster W4191
Hind R F Blenheim V6428
Hind R A Halifax NP712
Hind P Spitfire R7307
Hind S N Hampden AD788
Hind M Blenheim V6435
Hinde K Lancaster JA964
Hinde Lawrence Rex Hampden P4389
Hinde G H D Lancaster DS736
Hinde G W Lancaster DV309
Hinde J W Lancaster JB373
Hinde D F J Boston AL718
Hinde R Lancaster ND351
Hinder R H Battle P2336
Hindle Thomas Edward Hampden AE426
Hindle J Halifax LK827
Hindle F R Wellington W5586
Hindle J N Halifax W1050
Hindle H Lancaster PD208
Hindle J Halifax LW439
Hindley Norman Halifax LW718
Hindley F Lancaster DV159
Hindley J Lancaster ED649
Hindley E J Spitfire P8699
Hindley J T Wellington HF457
Hindmarch John Ernest Lancaster ED548
Hindmarsh F C Halifax LW614
Hindmarsh R Stirling EF439
Hindmarsh Keith
Hindrup F G Wellington T2997
Hinds A McC Halifax LL416
Hinds W V Blenheim Z7371
Hinds J F Halifax HR781
Hinds Spitfire W3937
Hinds D F J Boston AI692
Hinds Thomas Davies Albert
Hindson W Wellington BK159
Hine R E Lancaster NG131
Hine C J J Halifax W1217
Hine Paul William Wellington Z1076
Hine H G A Lancaster LM385
Hine A Stirling EE884
Hine D A Wellington HE394
Hine M H E Spitfire R6982
Hine H D F Stirling BF471
Hine Alexander John
Hiner James W P-38 Lightning
Hines W A Halifax LV791
Hines Bernard John Lancaster PB588
Hines Ronald Ernest Travers Lincoln RF365
Hines S Stirling EF437
Hines C R Lancaster NG164
Hines A C D Mustang FR891
Hines J C Lancaster ME852
Hines A V D Stirling BF410
Hines Mervyn Arthur
Hines Albert Henry
Hinett Henry Halifax DG408
Hinett William Frederick Lancaster JB186
Hingley G Lancaster LM508
Hingley L G H Mitchell FL672
Hingley W Lancaster R5570
Hingston F W B G Halifax JD361
Hinks John Olding Wellington T2464
Hinks Brinley Charles Lancaster JA925
Hinks Cecil Charles David Wellington L7894
Hinks J C Halifax LK893
Hinscliffe A Lancaster ND617
Hinshelwood George Allan Stirling R9241
Hinshelwood George Allan Stirling BF505
Hinsley Davis James
Hinson H O Halifax RG477
Hinson P Halifax HR874
Hinson F Battle K9467
Hinten Lachlan Douglas
Hinton L J Lancaster JB279
Hinton John Herbert Halifax NA674
Hinton Fred Wellington R1785
Hinton I P Battle P2256
Hinton S E Blenheim P6894
Hinton F W Wellington LP284
Hinton J N Halifax LW553
Hinton D C Mosquito PZ409
Hinton R Stirling N3653
Hinton J W Wellington X3462
Hinton J Lancaster PB702
Hinton C G Lancaster ED656
Hinton Reginald Richard
Hinton Leonard John
Hinwood Wellington Z8957
Hipkins Maxwell Alexander
Hipp Tadeusz Adolf Vickers Wellington T2961
Hipps A Stirling N6018
Hipsher Charles W P-47 Thunderbolt
Hipson H C Lancaster W4379
Hipwell Frederick Roberts Halifax W7662
Hipwell H W Stirling BF476
Hirak Joseph Michael Lancaster PB903
Hirchsfield G W Lancaster PD373
Hircock W F Spitfire AR500
Hircock Edward Morris
Hird John Richard Darbyshire Hampden P2063
Hird L Whitley P5055
Hird Whitley P4995
Hird K Lancaster PP673
Hird E G Stirling BK799
Hiro Edwin W P-51 Mustang
Hiro Edwin W P-51 Mustang
Hiro Edwin W P-51 Mustang
Hiro Edwin W P-51 Mustang
Hiro Edwin W P-51 Mustang
Hirons R E Hampden AD791
Hirons A W Mosquito NS957
Hirsch S Halifax JB852
Hirsch (Krzyżowski) Gerhard
Hirschinger Kurt B-24 Maggie’s Drawers 42-50760
Hirshbien I Halifax HR928
Hirshfield S D Hampden AE137
Hirst Thomas Johnson Lancaster JB722
Hirst A C Lancaster KB785
Hirst Harvey Ellis Halifax LW427
Hirst R J Wellington X3720
Hirst R F Hampden P4414
Hirst S D Stirling BF482
Hirst G H Halifax JD298
Hirst D S Lancaster DV174
Hirst W Hampden X2962
Hirst E Lancaster PD212
Hirst William
Hirst-Gee V Lancaster R5700
Hirstich Bruce Mackenzie Spitfire BR571
Hirsz Zdzisław Wacław Douglas DC-3 Dakota KN271
Hirszbandt Robert Juliusz Vickers Wellington Z8583
Hirszbandt R J Wellington Z8583
Hiscock W W Lancaster PD226
Hiscock A E Lancaster R5899
Hiscock J R Wellington X9882
Hiscock R G Lancaster LL623
Hiscock W C H Halifax DT491
Hiscock W L Blenheim V6524
Hiscock William Warren
Hiscott W Halifax MZ576
Hiscox H J Lancaster HK569
Hisette Andre Jean Julius Halifax LW461
Hisick B B Stirling R9189
Hiskens Edwin Tytler
Hiskilson W St C Halifax MZ603
Hiskins Ernest Joseph
Hiskins Kevin James
Hisley Maurice James Halifax W1233
Hislop D Lancaster EE143
Hislop B E Blenheim V6380
Hislop Edward Halifax LW168
Hislop J Battle L5383
Hislop G L Fortress HB787
Hislop J C Lancaster DS681
Hislop Douglas
Hislop Bruce Elwell
Hissey P B Blenheim T1861
Histon H Blenheim P6895
Hitchcock Norman Peter Wellington LN231
Hitchcock G E Lancaster ND790
Hitchcock D Halifax NP701
Hitchcock W J J Halifax JD150
Hitchcock C M F Wellington T2542
Hitchcock N C Lancaster ED434
Hitchcock T L V Halifax DK172
Hitchcock R C Lancaster ED494
Hitchcock Robert Edward
Hitchcock Roger Billingsley
Hitchcock Walter Henry 'Wally' Lancaster Pathfinder
Hitchcock Carl Edward B-24 Tell Me More 41-28754
Hitchcox Albert Douglas Halifax LW719
Hitchen George Arthur Lancaster W4270
Hitchen John Gregson Blenheim T2246
Hitchen S Lancaster EE130
Hitchen K Halifax W7678
Hitchen J T Lancaster JB114
Hitchin M W Halifax JD323
Hitchin R C Halifax NP934
Hitchin C Halifax LV865
Hitchings A T Halifax LW265
Hitchings S J Hampden P1347
Hitchins Eric Douglas Wellington LP651
Hitchins J A Stirling EE883
Hitchman S W Stirling EF202
Hitchmough R J H Stirling EE879
Hitchmough William Grice Wellington P9292
Hively Howard D Spitfire / P-47 Thunderbolt
Hively Howard D P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Hively Howard D P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Hively Howard D P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Hively Howard D P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Hively Howard D P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Hively Howard D P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Hives S A Stirling N6012
Hives S A Stirling N6009
Hix Lester Eugene B-24 Miss Judy 42-52507
Hjelm Rex P P-51 Mustang
Hkun U Sao Liberator KH214
Hlavac J Hurricane P3421
Hlouzek J Spitfire EP560
Hlouzek J Spitfire AR606
Hmenia Jan Wellington Z1409
Hoad Harry George Wellington R1243
Hoad Norman Edward Lancaster ME595
Hoad J Whitley Z6470
Hoad B J Lancaster ND520
Hoad J N Lancaster ND988
Hoad K C Lancaster LM445
Hoad Burton Paget
Hoafe M Lancaster ED521
Hoar W G Stirling BK702
Hoar A MacM Halifax ME702
Hoar W J Stirling EF952
Hoare A C Whitley T4265
Hoare R G Lancaster JB650
Hoare R Spitfire BL907
Hoare M F Mosquito HK471
Hoare S R Spitfire BM566
Hoare C J Halifax LK693
Hoare H D Lancaster PB206
Hoare P S Lancaster DS815
Hoare D S Spitfire K9821
Hoare A W Halifax W1063
Hoare J G A Halifax W1237
Hoare A W Halifax DT773
Hoare R M Spitfire BL423
Hoare Bertie R. O'Bryen ("Sammy")
Hoare Leslie Thomas
Hoare John Kelvin
Hoarty J Lancaster KB706
Hoas N V Lancaster KB799
Hoban W J Lancaster R5890
Hoban J F Lancaster DV230
Hoban J Wellington T2986
Hoban Walter John
Hoban Maurice Francis
Hobart Bernard Dakota KN584
Hobba Lancaster JB138
Hobbins Eric Clement
Hobbis W A Halifax JB868
Hobbis D O Mosquito
Hobbs R H Lancaster ME728
Hobbs Jack Allen Stirling EE894
Hobbs J N Halifax R9452
Hobbs C E Lancaster R5484
Hobbs James Wellington BK339
Hobbs S J Blenheim N3540
Hobbs V H R Halifax HX148
Hobbs V H R Halifax HR914
Hobbs A C Halifax RG476
Hobbs R D Hampden L4085
Hobbs Hampden L4154
Hobbs V F Lancaster ND689
Hobbs H Hampden AE249
Hobbs R J Wellington R1765
Hobbs D J Lancaster DV296
Hobbs E G Lancaster LM212
Hobbs D G Lancaster ED592
Hobbs F J Lancaster ED468
Hobbs F Halifax LV777
Hobbs B A Halifax MZ758
Hobbs J Lancaster PB425
Hobbs J Lancaster ND471
Hobbs V G Lancaster PB523
Hobbs Mosquito KB264
Hobbs L N Mosquito KB406
Hobbs C C Hampden L4111
Hobbs W J Lancaster ND867
Hobbs Gerrard H Lancaster DV403
Hobbs F J Lancaster ND583
Hobbs J Halifax NA492
Hobbs F J Stirling EF408
Hobbs P Halifax JD167
Hobbs J T Halifax NR210
Hobbs G M Halifax W1275
Hobbs K B Lancaster W4765
Hobbs A M Lancaster ED831
Hobbs A R Lancaster ED566
Hobbs D E J Stirling BF566
Hobbs D F A Stirling EE904
Hobbs E J Lancaster PB461
Hobbs Joseph Bedo
Hobbs Richard George
Hobbs Ronald Henry
Hobbs Robert P-47 Thunderbolt
Hobby Walter Francis Godfrey Blackburn Botha L6195
Hobby G Lancaster ND516
Hobby Ernest Alfred
Hobday H S Lancaster JB144
Hoben G F J Whitley Z6746
Hobert Robert D P-47 Thunderbolt
Hobert Robert D P-51 Mustang
Hobgen J E Wellington W5574
Hobgen C W Halifax LK710
Hobgen John Edward
Hobgen Thomas Cunnan
Hobkirk K S Halifax DT685
Hobler J F Battle P2246
Hobsbawn G R D B Halifax W7652
Hobshawn G Halifax W7677
Hobson James William Sunderland ML760
Hobson Kenneth Edward Wellington X3477
Hobson G H Lancaster LM437
Hobson William Allen Wellington DF566
Hobson L Lancaster ED659
Hobson G J Hampden X2913
Hobson G A Lancaster ED394
Hobson A G Hampden X2902
Hobson Hampden X3143
Hobson C A Blenheim L4905
Hobson Frank Lancaster R5888
Hobson A Lancaster PD317
Hobson S M Lancaster ED596
Hobson Arthur Bruce
Hobson Kenneth L P-51 Mustang
Hockaday D R Whitley Z9214
Hocken F R Halifax LL130
Hockenhull J Wellington BK313
Hocker Orville Kenneth B-17 You Never Know 42-32086
Hockery John J P-47 Thunderbolt
Hockery John J P-47 Thunderbolt
Hockery John J P-47 Thunderbolt
Hockery John J P-47 Thunderbolt
Hockery John J P-47 Thunderbolt
Hockery John J P-47 Thunderbolt
Hockey G B Lancaster ND927
Hockey Leonard Phillip Redcliffe Wellington R3157
Hockey J E Halifax LL134
Hockey Gordon John Robert
Hockey Keith Lewis
Hockin F G Halifax JB973
Hocking James Wallace Stirling LJ451
Hocking E C Halifax LV794
Hocking W F J Lancaster LL650
Hocking J C Halifax MZ592
Hocking James Wallace
Hocking Ronald Arthur
Hocking James Douglas
Hocking Geoffrey Edward
Hocking Alfred Roland
Hockings Thomas
Hockings George
Hockler W Halifax JP117
Hockley A J N Fortress SR384
Hockley Charles Cornelius Lancaster W4165
Hockley H H Halifax LW139
Hockley R Stirling R9330
Hockley T F Wellington BK158
Hockley P D Halifax NR241
Hockley Allan James Neville
Hockly R C Lancaster PB141
Hockong J D Lancaster ED986
Hodder L J Halifax HX235
Hodder John Walter Lancaster ME863
Hodder H Halifax LW616
Hodder F S Lancaster DV182
Hodder Blenheim R3828
Hodder C C Mitchell FL212
Hodder H B Lancaster ME300
Hodder-Williams G Lancaster LM135
Hoddinott John Robert Halifax LL115
Hoddinott W H Halifax DT723
Hoddinott H H Wellington HE727
Hoddle G B Lancaster ED942
Hoddle R L Halifax W7934
Hoddle Gordon Bruce
Hodek Henry W P-47 Thunderbolt
Hodge C J Lancaster LM177
Hodge Frederick Stanley Lancaster ME663
Hodge C F Lancaster JA680
Hodge Parker Henry Russell (Joe) Hudson A16-46
Hodge Lional Arthur Sydney Lancaster NG447
Hodge John Stephen Arthur Liberator AL566
Hodge F W Halifax JD124
Hodge D W Lancaster NG233
Hodge Robert George Avro Anson 12478
Hodge Roy Alexander Stirling BF530
Hodge Roy Alexander Dakota FL650
Hodge D G Wellington W5580
Hodge A C L Wellington Z8795
Hodge R W Halifax DT804
Hodge S C Wellington X9926
Hodge John S Lancaster ME859
Hodge J Lancaster NF989
Hodge G Lancaster W4116
Hodge J G Lancaster DV244
Hodge E T H Halifax W7782
Hodge D G Wellington N2911
Hodge Donald H Wellington R1411
Hodge Charles John
Hodge Frederick Thomas
Hodge Parker Henry Russell
Hodge Kevin Leonard
Hodge Thomas Elliott Mays
Hodge Jack D P-47 Thunderbolt
Hodgen T C Wellington Z1422
Hodgens Lawrence J Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Hodges J P Lancaster JB486
Hodges Ronald Horace Lancaster JB293
Hodges W G Spitfire RN118
Hodges R G R Wellington BJ625
Hodges A M Lancaster ED557
Hodges S C Lancaster EE140
Hodges K W J Lancaster LM723
Hodges R A Wellington T2563
Hodges W H Lancaster DS673
Hodges H F Halifax DT726
Hodges C W Lancaster JA919
Hodges J Lancaster PB723
Hodges J E Wellington R1461
Hodges B M Halifax NP817
Hodges G S Lancaster ED943
Hodges Eric Frank Elkanah Whitley Z6841
Hodges G A Lancaster W5000
Hodges Blenheim T1813
Hodges O W D W Lancaster ED499
Hodges M R Wellington BJ674
Hodges M R Wellington X3388
Hodges L M Hampden P1347
Hodges Lyle William
Hodges Arthur George
Hodges Jack Paul
Hodges John Groves
Hodges Curtis Eugene B-24 42-50511
Hodges William R P-47 Thunderbolt
Hodges William R P-47 Thunderbolt
Hodges William R P-47 Thunderbolt
Hodges Jr. John Fleming B-24 Maggie’s Drawers 42-50760
Hodgetts D B J Wellington BJ918
Hodgingham R Hereford L6005
Hodginkinson G A E Lancaster ED691
Hodgins M E Lancaster DS731
Hodgins R B Lancaster ND742
Hodgins Leslie Nellis Stirling N3727
Hodgkins Frank Grafton Lancaster DV194
Hodgkins Albert John Halifax EB213
Hodgkins G A Lancaster ND634
Hodgkins J Stirling LJ501
Hodgkins W W L Halifax LW550
Hodgkinson Victor Alean Sunderland T9075
Hodgkinson Patrick Stirling BF530
Hodgkinson J Lancaster DV232
Hodgkinson Duncan Edward Hampden AT122
Hodgkinson Brian Gilmore Spitfire W3955
Hodgkinson A K Halifax LK954
Hodgkinson J G Halifax HR952
Hodgkinson F A Lancaster JB407
Hodgkinson A Lancaster JB416
Hodgkinson S Lancaster PB353
Hodgkinson C G S Spitfire MJ117
Hodgkinson E T Lancaster LM322
Hodgkinson K H Lancaster LM120
Hodgkinson R G W Manchester L7424
Hodgkinson Arthur John ("Hodge")
Hodgkison Owen Douglas
Hodgson W Stirling EF509
Hodgson Matthew Roscoe Hudson A16-7
Hodgson Richard Arthur Wellington T2807
Hodgson William Henry
Hodgson William McKellar Mosquito ML961
Hodgson Ronald Hudson V9127
Hodgson Geoffrey Wellington X3225
Hodgson Robert Cyril Hampden AE150
Hodgson Arthur Lancaster LL797
Hodgson Leslie Stirling LK133
Hodgson R Halifax BB428
Hodgson J Spitfire MK742
Hodgson G R Lancaster KB723
Hodgson Richard William Lancaster KB750
Hodgson R Y Halifax LW199
Hodgson R C C Halifax EB254
Hodgson Keith Jonathan Lancaster ED484
Hodgson G T Halifax MZ617
Hodgson Thomas Rupert Lancaster LM427
Hodgson G I Halifax MZ767
Hodgson S Halifax MZ948
Hodgson Ernest Lancaster ED544
Hodgson R W Lancaster DV289
Hodgson J Lancaster LM462
Hodgson R L Lancaster ED736
Hodgson T E Lancaster R5844
Hodgson T Halifax DT668
Hodgson J R A Wellington HE545
Hodgson F E Lancaster PD206
Hodgson P N Lancaster ED586
Hodgson A W Wellington L7849
Hodgson J A Typhoon MN865
Hodgson G F Halifax DK238
Hodgson R G Halifax MZ448
Hodgson J W Halifax NR250
Hodgson J Lancaster LM552
Hodgson P B Hampden AD797
Hodgson P B Hampden AD742
Hodgson P B Hampden X3143
Hodgson R G Halifax MZ581
Hodgson J Lancaster ED706
Hodgson J A Lancaster ED947
Hodgson G Halifax LK846
Hodgson K Lancaster PB630
Hodgson L Hampden P2089
Hodgson R Halifax MZ510
Hodgson J Halifax LK946
Hodgson W Halifax DT491
Hodgson W F Halifax W7937
Hodgson W Lancaster JB726
Hodgson Matthew Roscoe
Hodgson Thomas
Hodgson William Henry Havoc BJ500
Hodgson William Henry Hurricane N2544
Hodkinson C Hampden AD971
Hodnett K G Typhoon MN760
Hodnett V M Lancaster LM281
Hodsell J H Wellington X3698
Hodson Alfred John Shirley Halifax DK192
Hodson N E Wellington X3653
Hodson D Halifax HX191
Hodson A Halifax W7922
Hodson Albert Halifax W1248
Hodson D D R Blenheim T1894
Hodson Maurice Albert Nicholas Stirling EF118
Hodson K L Spitfire BS120
Hodson A C K Lancaster LL718
Hodson A R Lancaster DS736
Hodson A A H Lancaster ME703
Hodson F Lancaster JA848
Hodson W F Stirling N6010
Hodson W F Stirling N6014
Hodson W H Lancaster JA692
Hodson Douglas Arthur
Hodson Raymond Knight
Hodson Norman Harold Halifax JP287
Hodson Leslie James Hudson AM617
Hoe E R Halifax LW328
Hoefker John H F-6C Mustangs
Hoefker John H F-6C Mustangs
Hoefker John H F-6C Mustangs
Hoefker John H F-6C Mustangs
Hoefker John H F-6C Mustangs
Hoefker John H F-6C Mustangs
Hoefker John H F-6C Mustangs
Hoefker John H F-6C Mustangs
Hoefker John H F-6C Mustangs
Hoehn George J Jr P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Hoehn George J Jr P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Hoelscher William B P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Hoelscher William B P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Hoeper Paul E P-38 Lightning
Hoesten Luther P P-47 Thunderbolt
Hoey W C Wellington L4388
Hoey J W D Stirling BF501
Hoey J E Stirling EH935
Hoey Charles J P-47 Thunderbolt
Hofer Ralph K Spitfire / P-47 Thunderbolt
Hofer Ralph K P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Hofer Ralph K P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Hofer Ralph K P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Hofer Ralph K P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Hofer Ralph K P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Hofer Ralph K P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Hofer Ralph K P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Hofer Ralph K P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Hofer Ralph K P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Hofer Ralph K P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Hofer Ralph K P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Hofer Ralph K P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Hofer Ralph K P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Hofer Ralph K P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Hoffberg M M Stirling EH906
Hoffman Adolf David Leon Lancaster HK542
Hoffman K H Lancaster W4946
Hoffman C R Halifax LW582
Hoffman L E Lancaster KB809
Hoffman W Halifax NP738
Hoffman T R Halifax JB956
Hoffman W G Halifax MZ340
Hoffman R G Lancaster ME676
Hoffman Adolf David Leon
Hoffman William
Hoffman Douglas George
Hoffman Kevin Herbert
Hoffman Garlyn C P-51 Mustang
Hoffman Harold J P-47 Thunderbolt
Hoffman Ted E P-51 Mustang
Hoffman William R P-47 Thunderbolt
Hoffmann Owen Ernest Curroll
Hoffmann Herbert Charles
Hofforth B M Lancaster DS634
Hoffos P C Lancaster LM158
Hofman R Lancaster W5005
Hofto Thomas Halvor
Hogan P J Lancaster W4960
Hogan P Halifax NR179
Hogan E A Lancaster LM291
Hogan Francis Joseph Halifax W7870
Hogan F E Lancaster KB792
Hogan J D Lancaster LM336
Hogan J R Lancaster ME739
Hogan D P Wellington BJ708
Hogan R W G Lancaster W4322
Hogan Blenheim V5823
Hogan L Mosquito LR506
Hogan P R Wellington HE500
Hogan W T Halifax L9502
Hogan H A V Hurricane V6620
Hogan F J Lancaster HK617
Hogan R E Lancaster DV281
Hogan E P Halifax L9562
Hogan W E Halifax JB956
Hogan J Lancaster DV198
Hogan F J Fortress AN533
Hogan Henry Algernon Vickers
Hogan Leonard Francis
Hogan William Joseph
Hogan Thomas James
Hogan Austin John
Hogan Thomas Joseph
Hogan John Sidney
Hogan Thomas Leo
Hogan Phillip William
Hogan Peter John
Hogan Edwin Albert
Hogan Michael
Hogan Leo Matthew
Hogan James Lionel
Hogan Clifford S Jr P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Hogan James P Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Hogan James P Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Hogarth Robert Hawker Hurricane V6544
Hogarth W R Lancaster EE194
Hogarth L Whitley P5072
Hogarth L Whitley T4135
Hogarth K H Lancaster ED356
Hogarth R H W Spitfire EN235
Hogarth T Hampden L4092
Hogben R S Lancaster W4325
Hogben Donald Lorne Wellington HE391
Hogben L G Lancaster W4863
Hogben R Lancaster HK624
Hogben Reginald Stanley
Hogg A Lancaster LL913
Hogg William GGeorge Lancaster ND586
Hogg George Frank Halifax JD297
Hogg Adam Blenheim R3912
Hogg Basil Jack Mosquito LR262
Hogg Gordon Davidson Halifax HR861
Hogg Thomas Leslie Mosquito DZ422
Hogg Geoff W. Wellington R1379
Hogg R S Halifax HR865
Hogg W D 'Jock' Lancaster RA542
Hogg Basil Jack
Hogg Murray Leonard Lancaster LM167
Hogg W N Halifax DT572
Hogg L H Halifax MZ674
Hogg D A Halifax JD325
Hogg John Douglas Halifax NP723
Hogg Douglas Allen 'Jack' Wellington LN285
Hogg William James Lancaster ED484
Hogg Wylie MacDonald Airspeed Oxford NZ1263
Hogg T C Halifax LV870
Hogg E L Lancaster ND680
Hogg P J H Lancaster W4369
Hogg G Lancaster LM516
Hogg R C Halifax W1012
Hogg R C Halifax DG271
Hogg R M Spitfire R6810
Hogg W C M Halifax HX348
Hogg R D Hurricane P2794
Hogg B Manchester L7278
Hogg G Lancaster NG450
Hogg D W Blenheim L1512
Hogg J Halifax W7825
Hogg R Lancaster EE184
Hogg C G Lancaster NN775
Hogg D H Lancaster ME671
Hogg Whitley P5089
Hogg R J Lancaster NN723
Hogg R M Lancaster JA923
Hogg Graham Angus
Hogg Richard Malzard
Hogg Robert Dudley
Hogg Jack Hamilton
Hogg Aubrey
Hogg Arthur James
Hogg William George
Hogg Charles Halifax
Hogg James Easson Typhoon MP138
Hoggard R J Lancaster PB115
Hoggard G A Halifax PN380
Hoggard W H Spitfire EE632
Hoggard R H Lancaster LL850
Hoggard Robert John
Hoggett Stanley Lancaster PD316
Höhne Zygmunt Hawker Hurricane V6565
Hohnen M Blenheim R3771
Hoidas Irvine Frank Stirling W7520
Hoiland R Spitfire MJ299
Hojden Tadeusz Hawker Hurricane V7656
Hokan Junius Lyman Edward Spitfire BR981
Hoken L E Spitfire EP238
Hokinson Leroy V Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Holack Joseph Walter
Holbeach K A Wellington BK429
Holben J Halifax HX188
Holbert Roy K. B-17 Susan Ruth 42-31499
Holborow I G Wellington Z1388
Holborow Richard Frank Bernard Lancaster W4852
Holbourn Edwin Cecil Lancaster JB645
Holbrook H E Spitfire EE720
Holbrook D F S Whitley N1380
Holbrook F Lancaster PA984
Holbrook W H Lancaster NG200
Holbrook J C Lancaster ME639
Holbrook I G Stirling LJ453
Holcomb Charles N P-38 Lightning
Holcomb Joseph R P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Holcombe H Halifax HR757
Holcombe Richard Herbert
Holcroft J C A Halifax JD302
Holcroft D Halifax LW648
Holdaway Neville Charles Wellington BJ831
Holdaway R D Lancaster JB150
Holdaway R F Lancaster JB124
Holdaway Neville Charles
Holdaway James William Mosquito DZ359
Holdcroft J S Lancaster ME802
Holden Robert George Kenyon Wellington Z8376
Holden R P P Lancaster LL812
Holden Abraham Wellington HE213
Holden Brendan James Whitley T4287
Holden K Wellington R3164
Holden John Kenneth Tempest JN808
Holden Willie Wellington W2783
Holden T D Spitfire AD117
Holden W Stirling BK773
Holden L Lancaster JB614
Holden John Edgar Lancaster ND411
Holden R Wellington X2313
Holden A E A Stirling EH893
Holden S C Wellington DF667
Holden J Lancaster W4966
Holden J Lancaster EE137
Holden M B Stirling BF406
Holden C C Stirling BK650
Holden D Stirling EF430
Holden A J Lancaster LM345
Holden T Halifax MZ291
Holden E J Lancaster ME701
Holden J Lancaster ND533
Holden C C Lancaster ND695
Holden E Hurricane L2050
Holden R Halifax NP934
Holden R Halifax LV865
Holden F W Hampden AD732
Holden J G Lancaster DV401
Holden T A Hampden AD806
Holden G W Lancaster EE144
Holden Eustace J. ("Gus")
Holden Kenneth
Holden Robert George Kenyon
Holden Edmund Geoffrey
Holden Richard Paul Percival
Holden Ashley Roy Thomas
Holden Paul C P-47 Thunderbolt
Holden Paul C P-47 Thunderbolt
Holden Paul C P-47 Thunderbolt
Holder Maurice Henry Miles Master W8664
Holder J C Typhoon JR511
Holder Robert Hurricane R4184
Holder Donald Fraser Lancaster HK556
Holder R M Whitley Z6942
Holder A E Wellington X3596
Holder K LeR Spitfire
Holder Alfred Samuel John Halifax RG373
Holder T M Lancaster ND701
Holder C M Lancaster JB222
Holder J A Halifax LK945
Holder G P Halifax HX337
Holder S J Halifax JN900
Holder N L Halifax LL244
Holder Maurice Henry ("Blondie")
Holder Sydney John
Holder Harry
Holder Kenneth George
Holderman Eugene M P-51 Mustang
Holderman Eugene M P-51 Mustang
Holderness J A Lancaster W4850
Holding J L Lancaster ED442
Holding W Halifax HR787
Holding J Lancaster PD221
Holding Arthur David Lancaster ED918
Holding A D Lancaster EE106
Holding A E Halifax DT496
Holding D C H Lancaster ED923
Holditch Robert William Stirling EF204
Holdom L T Halifax DT788
Holdom A J Lancaster W4996
Holdren Edward Cooper B-17 43-38046
Holdstock James Adrian
Holdsworth H M Spitfire PT360
Holdsworth Benjamin Halifax HX181
Holdsworth John Barry Stirling R9317
Holdsworth Donald Alfred Lancaster W4317
Holdsworth E Wellington Z1620
Holdsworth Wellington P9270
Holdsworth J BlenheimIV R3896
Holdsworth J B Stirling N3761
Holdsworth Wellington X3206
Holdsworth C W Halifax JD327
Holdsworth A P Spitfire P8756
Holdsworth D H Lancaster LM241
Holdsworth J N Stirling N3653
Holdsworth Frank David
Hole L Lancaster LM177
Hole Clifford Frederick John Lancaster NG398
Hole A G Blenheim Z7274
Hole A C Halifax DT668
Hole J G Lancaster ED363
Hole J A Mitchell FL207
Hole J A Mitchell FL165
Hole Lincoln
Holeman R Lancaster L7533
Holenchuk W Halifax LW598
Holes Peter William Raymond Lancaster W4103
Holford L J Lancaster PB518
Holford H A R Whitley Z6477
Holford D W Lancaster JB560
Holford J E Lancaster JB595
Holford W L Lancaster ND400
Holfrod Wellington R3176
Holgate H W Wellington Z1651
Holgate A S Wellington W5367
Holgate M M Halifax LV958
Holgate Harold William
Holgate Raymond Edgar
Holhedge F R Halifax LK630
Holian Joseph Patrick
Holke A G Lancaster ND730
Holker Maurice Wellington L7799
Holl W E Whitley P5097
Hollamby E Halifax JB970
Hollamby D L Stirling LK379
Holland A Wellington Z1404
Holland H E Lancaster ED691
Holland John William Edward Lancaster R5761
Holland Alan James Wellington Z1344
Holland Frank Wilfred Stirling EF390
Holland Ernest John Wellington T2897
Holland Kenneth Christopher Spitfire N3173
Holland Christopher Thomas Lancaster W4169
Holland James Vincent Lancaster W4105
Holland Kenneth Noel Whitley Z6479
Holland L E Wellington Z1380
Holland G A Mosquito NS928
Holland R S Lancaster PB401
Holland W N Wellington R1078
Holland M C Lancaster JB178
Holland Christopher Lancaster LM658
Holland Frank Mosquito DK326
Holland A E Lancaster R5637
Holland W Hampden AT146
Holland C J Blenheim L9414
Holland W B Wellington Z8529
Holland D Lancaster ND710
Holland L E Blenheim R2793
Holland Frank G Lancaster LM441
Holland D R Wellington X3485
Holland B F Halifax LL248
Holland J de B Typhoon JR260
Holland F E Typhoon MN667
Holland A N E Lancaster PB289
Holland R F Lancaster HK689
Holland F Lancaster DV370
Holland Manchester L7278
Holland J W E Lancaster R5860
Holland O H S Blenheim T2233
Holland J Stirling R9356
Holland Stirling R9319
Holland E Lancaster PD296
Holland G B Stirling BF401
Holland Spitfire P8185
Holland A E Typhoon MM953
Holland E A Halifax W7760
Holland L G Lancaster ME333
Holland F Halifax W7803
Holland R D Halifax W1111
Holland G C Lancaster JB222
Holland J J F Halifax W1271
Holland Arthur H Lancaster ME859
Holland Hampden AE157
Holland Hampden X2991
Holland R A Lancaster ED488
Holland A J Halifax MZ794
Holland J C Lancaster JB565
Holland W F Lancaster NG241
Holland G E Mustang FX980
Holland D F Spitfire X4410
Holland R J Halifax LW511
Holland R D Halifax LK762
Holland R J H Tempest NV982
Holland G R Stirling EF443
Holland R H Spitfire ?
Holland Robert Hugh
Holland Kenneth Christopher
Holland Allen
Holland Keith Ross
Holland Keil G. B-24 44-10493
Holland Ernest C Jr P-51 Mustang
Hollander R H P Lancaster LM476
Hollands J A Lancaster LL958
Hollands S A Lancaster LL860
Hollands James Albert
Hollas R Lancaster W4363
Hollaway Kenneth George
Hollaway Joe R Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Hollebon Ernest William Montgomery
Holledge Francis Reginald Lancaster ND694
Holledge N R Halifax JB863
Holleman Tunis H P-51 Mustang
Holleman Tunis H P-51 Mustang
Hollenback Fraser Clarke Lancaster LL943
Holleren L J Lancaster W4829
Hollerin S H Lancaster W4240
Hollett William Alfred Lancaster W4171
Holley Thomas William Wellington N2936
Holley R W E Lancaster ED365
Holley R W E Lancaster W4167
Holley D C Wellington X9981
Holliday Malcolm Keith Halifax HR832
Holliday D A Lancaster PB516
Holliday R H Lancaster NG420
Holliday Henry L Whitley Z9232
Holliday D J Battle
Holliday E M Lancaster NG353
Holliday G Wellington P9287
Holliday W D Lancaster ED977
Holliday M Halifax JD385
Holliday Maurice Sydney
Holliday Lloyd Henry
Holliday John Henry
Holliday Frank W P-51 Mustang
Hollidge Harry Keith Lancaster EE177
Hollidge R L Hampden X2967
Holliger D A Halifax W7760
Holliman S M Stirling EF356
Hollingdale Ian Eustace
Hollinger G J Lancaster KB845
Hollings R C Halifax LV909
Hollings George Bentley
Hollingshead C W Wellington BJ966
Hollingshead R E Blenheim R2786
Hollingshead M A Hampden X2899
Hollingsworth James Wellington LN403
Hollingsworth Derrick Reginald Lancaster NE173
Hollingsworth J A Lancaster W4786
Hollingsworth Alec
Hollingsworth Gilbert B Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Hollingsworth Gilbert B Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Hollingum R S Lancaster ND366
Hollingum R S Lancaster JB409
Hollingworth A Whitley Z9289
Hollingworth R M Halifax D730
Hollingworth C E Lancaster ED384
Hollingworth J A Typhoon PD516
Hollingworth J F Whitley Z6558
Hollingworth J F Whitley N1490
Hollingworth Alexander
Hollingworth Robert Mead
Hollinhsworth C H Lancaster JA932
Hollinrake R H Halifax JD198
Hollinrake K Lancaster LM576
Hollinrake R Halifax NP775
Hollins K Lancaster PB761
Hollins John K P-38 Lightning
Hollis John Henry Lancaster DV280
Hollis W J Lancaster JB721
Hollis H E Blenheim V6256
Hollis John Austin
Hollis Terrell Leonard B-24 Betsy II 42-50842
Hollis Harold D P-47 Thunderbolt
Hollison J J Halifax LV973
Hollister Berkley E P-38 Lightning
Hollobone R J Wellington W5488
Hollocks R A Halifax LW675
Holloman John James
Hollow J T Lancaster LM444
Holloway K G Lancaster NF907
Holloway Frederick George Lancaster PD367
Holloway Ian Allison Mervyn Stirling BK698
Holloway Peter Lancaster DV185
Holloway Arthur John Lancaster DV156
Holloway E J Lancaster NG449
Holloway D A J Lancaster W4326
Holloway R C Blenheim Z7320
Holloway G Mustang AP263
Holloway F C Stirling W7464
Holloway T W Battle L5422
Holloway R J Boston W8334
Holloway Vincent Sydney Halifax LV898
Holloway J E Wellington Z1676
Holloway J H Lancaster ME740
Holloway J Halifax MZ447
Holloway R Lancaster JB545
Holloway J L Whitley Z6567
Holloway D A Lancaster PD317
Holloway Edwin George
Holloway Jack
Holloway Sylvester Claude
Holloway John G P-51 Mustang
Hollowell E M Wellington Z1724
Hollowell W E Wellington Z1618
Hollowell Irwin T P-47 Thunderbolt
Hollows E Wellington Z8600
Holly Frederick Stanley Beaufighter Not known
Holly Richard M P-47 Thunderbolt
Hollyer P Halifax HR684
Hollywood Ronald Leslie Lancaster W4827
Hollywood F Whitley
Holm G R Lancaster ED766
Holman W J Halifax MZ408
Holman A R Stirling N3705
Holman W Lancaster NN785
Holman A W Wellington X3694
Holman W J Halifax JB799
Holman S G Lancaster ED646
Holman E J Hampden AD738
Holman H R W Lancaster DS766
Holman Battle L5391
Holman K S Wellington W5433
Holman A J V Stirling W7512
Holman H Lancaster EE178
Holman W F M Lancaster ME806
Holman S H Hurricane
Holman T A Lancaster JA873
Holman Whitley Z6559
Holman George William
Holmberg Paul E P-51 Mustang
Holme Harold R Hampden AE133
Holme H T Hampden AD843
Holme G S Spitfire EE687
Holme H P Stirling BK807
Holme K Halifax DK207
Holme William George Wellington LN329
Holmes I M P Halifax JD364
Holmes J H Lancaster RA524
Holmes J C Lancaster PB557
Holmes R P Lancaster W4946
Holmes L B Lancaster PB231
Holmes Edward James Wellington MF137
Holmes Harold James Wellington BK552
Holmes Geoffrey Vernon Lancaster DS740
Holmes Jack Wellington HE630
Holmes Dennis Aubrey Lancaster NG191
Holmes Laurence Henry Halifax JB925
Holmes Kenneth John Lancaster NG169
Holmes A W Wellington T2472
Holmes F A Halifax R9491
Holmes R N Stirling BF384
Holmes Russell Neal Stirling R9168
Holmes A Wellington DF665
Holmes J G Wellington Z1597
Holmes G E Lancaster KB704
Holmes S Halifax NP696
Holmes A P R Halifax LK807
Holmes E Halifax NP722
Holmes A S Halifax LV990
Holmes A W Lancaster NG177
Holmes J A C Stirling EE938
Holmes S Stirling BF403
Holmes E R Whitley P495?
Holmes F Halifax BB324
Holmes F W Lancaster ED561
Holmes A E Lancaster ME613
Holmes A Lancaster LL849
Holmes G Halifax HX188
Holmes E K Halifax R9449
Holmes A R Whitley Z6576
Holmes D R G Wellington Z8714
Holmes R Lancaster ND624
Holmes A G Lancaster ED724
Holmes C A Lancaster R5678
Holmes E F Lancaster R5604
Holmes A R Wellington Z8342
Holmes T W R Halifax HR665
Holmes C Hampden P5321
Holmes J C Wellington Z1342
Holmes Ernest Edward Charles Stirling W7628
Holmes G C C Stirling LJ621
Holmes C W Stirling LJ477
Holmes A N Blenheim R3614
Holmes J R Lancaster NG164
Holmes J H Wellington DV715
Holmes H A Lancaster PB505
Holmes F W Halifax W1164
Holmes F E Halifax HR758
Holmes K T S Halifax HX342
Holmes S W Halifax LW501
Holmes T W Halifax HX335
Holmes L G Lancaster JB142
Holmes R W Wellington HE901
Holmes M P C Blenheim R3590
Holmes F Blenheim V6389
Holmes J S Lancaster RF132
Holmes R G Halifax LV955
Holmes R Lancaster HK686
Holmes M P C Typhoon JR529
Holmes R W E Lancaster R5760
Holmes J A Lancaster PB814
Holmes A J Lancaster ND567
Holmes J Stirling R9146
Holmes F B Stirling BK705
Holmes E Halifax HR866
Holmes E Lancaster ND762
Holmes J Halifax HR807
Holmes F A Wellington BK162
Holmes T Halifax MZ362
Holmes H V Wellington HZ520
Holmes R Halifax LK973
Holmes K A Hampden AE290
Holmes W Lancaster ND518
Holmes M F Lancaster ED772 (some publications have this aircraft code as ED722 which is a 61 Squadron Lancaster)
Holmes D A Lancaster LM683
Holmes S C Lancaster ND533
Holmes R T Hurricane P2725
Holmes A A Lancaster DS816
Holmes H R Whitley N1442
Holmes F N Lancaster ND910
Holmes R H Typhoon MN818
Holmes W T Manchester R5787
Holmes N T Lancaster W4236
Holmes P Lancaster R5627
Holmes Manchester L7495
Holmes G P Lancaster PA216
Holmes R Lancaster ND508
Holmes W H Lancaster JA905
Holmes D Halifax DT621
Holmes D W Halifax NA171
Holmes A E H Halifax LK891
Holmes A E H Halifax DK136
Holmes S W Halifax DK193
Holmes R Halifax RG622
Holmes J W Halifax JB865
Holmes B E Halifax MZ321
Holmes J S Lancaster R5743
Holmes L B Lancaster ED349
Holmes H Wellington X3695
Holmes D H Wellington X3226
Holmes E H Stirling BF410
Holmes A L Halifax DT567
Holmes Kenneth Gladstone
Holmes Edward James
Holmes George Wilson
Holmes Ernest Douglas
Holmes Jeffrey Howard
Holmes John Cecil
Holmes Ross Primrose
Holmes Lester Bertram
Holmes Ian Mervyn Patterson
Holmes George Edward Oxford X7255
Holmes Ralph D P-51 Mustang
Holmes Robert B P-47 Thunderbolt
Holmes A'Court Walter Alexander Lancaster W4831
Holmes A'Court (Holmes Acourt) Brian
Holmewood N F J Lancaster LL776
Holms Alexander Hunter Stirling EE872
Holmwood A A Lancaster ME799
Holmwood R A Hurricane Z2354
Holmwood J W Lancaster ND704
Holmwood Raymond Arthur
Holness R E Spitfire MJ146
Holness N E Lancaster ED527
Holohan Joseph
Holowaychuk L Halifax LW674
Holroyd Frederick William Halifax MZ636
Holroyd S G Halifax HR740
Holseth G C Lancaster NF921
Holswich Lyle Charles Macquarie
Holt M H Hampden AE240
Holt Robert Hampden L4148
Holt Hugh Stirling LK276
Holt Edward 'Teddy' Hampden P1201
Holt Albert Arthur Lancaster ME557
Holt Fred Manchester R5792
Holt Alan Lancaster HK542
Holt W P Oxford DF471
Holt P G Lancaster EE123
Holt W A Lancaster LM694
Holt A E S Lancaster ME681
Holt J Wellington R1226
Holt F Hurricane ?
Holt K Halifax LW343
Holt G Lancaster ME634
Holt W G Lancaster ED538
Holt K Halifax JN924
Holt G H Lancaster ME858
Holt G M Lancaster LM265
Holt D A Stirling EH880
Holt J Lancaster ED907
Holt A Stirling R9276
Holt H H Lancaster NE177
Holt S J Wellington T2721
Holt Jack
Holt Jack
Holt Mervyn Harry
Holt Eric James
Holt Arthur Leslie
Holt Andrew Kenneth Lancaster
Holt Frank W. B-24 42-95047
Holt Donald G P-47 Thunderbolt
Holt Richard R P-38 Lightning
Holt Richard R P-38 Lightning
Holtby R A Halifax LK701
Holtby Wellington X9669
Holtby L M Halifax HR806
Holten Robert William
Holter A H Spitfire ML144
Holter Paul C Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Holtman R H Halifax DT679
Holton J Lancaster NG239
Holton Ronald George Lawry
Holtrop Hilbrand Gerrit Mosquito HK358
Holtz Raymond K P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Holtze J Lancaster KB782
Holub M Wellington HE116
Holway D F Halifax JB320 (to be confirmed)
Holwech J E Spitfire PL393
Holyk Nicholas Halifax JP237
Holyman R C Wellington W5443
Holyoak G Lancaster LM521
Holyoak D G Lancaster NF961
Holyoke G R Blenheim R3882
Homan Jerzy Westland Lysander V9472
Homard L W Hampden P4299
Homard Keith
Hombsch Ronald Victor
Homburg Aart Albert Spitfire RR249
Home A L Lancaster ED778
Home B T Lancaster ED776
Homer C H Wellington DV951
Homer T W G Lancaster PB621
Homer M G Hurricane P2967
Homer Donald Mauldon Blenheim EH374
Homersham W P Halifax JB851
Homersham G J Lancaster EE172
Homes A C Wellington X9888
Homewood R W Lancaster JB681
Homewood J W Lancaster JB294
Homolle J Spitfire MK234
Homuth Robert H P-51 Mustang
Hond R S Lancaster ND904
Hone Sidney George Lancaster PB689
Hone E Lancaster JA975
Hone E Lancaster ED926
Hone D H Hurricane V6564
Hone D H Hurricane Z2698
Hone S F Lancaster JB275
Honey John Richard Lancaster ED317
Honey E C Halifax LW265
Honey S G Halifax JD206
Honey W G Fortress AN525
Honeybill E Stirling EE908
Honeychurch C L Stirling R9326
Honeycombe R B Spitfire BS132
Honeyman Wellington X9677
Honeyman Archibald Cowen
Hong J Whitley AD701
Honig Herbert Walter Lancaster NG180
Honig H W Lancaster ME559
Honig Amichai
Honor L Lancaster ND842
Honor D G S Hurricane V7422
Honor Dudley Sandry Garton
Honour S J Lancaster PB147
Hood Robert Thomas Lancaster JA915
Hood Walter Halifax MZ348
Hood Claude Lionel Geoffrey Whitley P5044
Hood John Spurgeon Wellington JA343
Hood William Andrew Halifax JD215
Hood Frederick William Lancaster JB723
Hood R F Lancaster PA173
Hood W H Stirling BF386
Hood S D L Lancaster ED316
Hood Gerald Lancaster LM658
Hood G Lancaster JB287
Hood J F S Stirling BK765
Hood L H Lancaster LL945
Hood J R Lancaster W4853
Hood J R Lancaster ED715
Hood K F Blenheim Z7310
Hood Halifax V9978
Hood N H Halifax W1050
Hood H R L Spitfire P9428
Hood E J Halifax HX269
Hood H C Manchester L7287
Hood W J Lancaster DV167
Hood P J K Lancaster LL696
Hood I H R Lancaster EE193
Hood R Lancaster PB128
Hood L Lancaster ND921
Hood T R Halifax MZ604
Hood C C O Halifax LV916
Hood R Lancaster ME579
Hood Wellington Z8947
Hood Robert Thomas
Hood Donald
Hood George Howard
Hood John McGerchie
Hood Thomas McCauley
Hood Aubrey O P-51 Mustang
Hood-Morris R E H Lancaster W5001
Hood-Morris R E H Lancaster W4201
Hooey Gilbert Campbell Lancaster R5537
Hook A T Lancaster JB372
Hook P Spitfire AB928
Hook E F Lancaster NG327
Hook R S Hampden P2124
Hook R S Hampden X2896
Hook J B J Stirling BK773
Hook K Stirling EH880
Hook K Stirling EF236
Hooke B E Mosquito KB118
Hooker A Stirling EE912
Hooker D R Lancaster LM270
Hooker Ernest Leslie Lancaster LM167
Hooker E M Lancaster NG345
Hooker R Halifax MZ658
Hooker F Halifax MZ699
Hooker D Blenheim R3809
Hooker P A Stirling EF494
Hooker R Halifax MZ657
Hooker D A Halifax LW478
Hooker E H Lancaster LM207
Hooker F G Wellington N2956
Hooker Robert Hendry
Hooker Allan
Hooker Freeman F P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Hooker Verne E P-51 Mustang
Hookings Eric William Lancaster LM742
Hookings Donald Jack
Hooks J Halifax LK885
Hookway A F Lancaster ND588
Hookway S G Lancaster LM304
Hookway S O Whitley P5095
Hookway S D Whitley P4984
Hookway Arthur Frederick
Hool W E Whitley T4261
Hoole R Lancaster ND474
Hooley J R Halifax DK180
Hooley H Wellington Z8598
Hooley R D Stirling N6045
Hoolihan Patrick Gordon Thomas
Hooper R N Lancaster LM597
Hooper Albert Whitley Z9525
Hooper David Henry Halifax LW463
Hooper G T Halifax JN947
Hooper G C Wellington Z1316
Hooper W A Halifax HE777
Hooper J Halifax JB841
Hooper G R Halifax JD361
Hooper Percival James 'Percy' Lancaster R5632
Hooper Garnet J Michael 'Gus'
Hooper H C Lancaster ED835
Hooper F T Wellington DV612
Hooper A H Wellington P9298
Hooper L T Wellington BK166
Hooper C B Lancaster ED967
Hooper R W J Halifax JB802
Hooper F W Stirling N6094
Hooper B J Wellington BJ666
Hooper R W J Lysander V9548
Hooper H F Stirling EH986
Hooper J Beaufighter V8560
Hooper T D Lancaster PB643
Hooper R L Halifax HR880
Hooper C J Wellington N2992
Hooper W Mosquito RS569
Hooper G J Tempest EJ787
Hooper R A C Whitley Z6569
Hooper T J Lancaster NG251
Hooper E H Lancaster W4130
Hooper A E Lancaster ED913
Hooper J C I Mosquito MM621
Hooper J W Lancaster DV281
Hooper R C Lancaster ME843
Hooper G W S Lancaster ME739
Hooper F G Stirling BF561
Hooper E M Whitley Z9229
Hooper F Lancaster LL884
Hooper William Max
Hooper Ronald John
Hooper Thomas Charles
Hooper Dudley Reed
Hooper Douglas Egbert
Hoornaert R C Spitfire P7984
Hoornaert R C Spitfire RB183
Hoos Wellington R1009
Hoos R Halifax DT804
Hooson J Halifax DT785
Hooson J Halifax HR986
Hooton Francis Halifax DT576
Hopcraft Ernest Lancaster JA921
Hope John Charles William Hurricane EZ228
Hope Nigel Hampden L4203
Hope A D Lancaster DV217
Hope Arthur Christian Wellington LP609
Hope H M Mosquito PZ388
Hope W J Lancaster ME802
Hope C L Lancaster JB117
Hope L B H Wellington Z8942
Hope Frederick William Halifax W7864
Hope J Halifax JD296
Hope T R Halifax HR928
Hope P Blenheim V5855
Hope J Battle P2353
Hope W Lancaster DV375
Hope A R Lancaster HK570
Hope A P Hurricane L2141
Hope A P Hurricane R
Hope R Hurricane P3828
Hope R Hurricane P3107
Hope T W Lancaster JB239
Hope R B Lancaster R5526
Hope E J L Hurricane Z3224
Hope Norman Edward Supermarine Walrus L2312
Hope Archibald Philip 'Archie'
Hope Robert Edward Herbert
Hope Colin Strvan
Hope-Robertson A T Halifax MZ511
Hopes Denis Beach Whitley N1424
Hopewell James Defiant N3388
Hopewell James
Hopf C S Halifax LW139
Hopgood C B Lancaster ND394
Hopgood B A Battle L5226
Hopgood John Vere Lancaster ED925
Hopgood C L Spitfire P9450
Hopgood Harry Thomas
Hopgood Clifford Berger
Hopkin G Lancaster ED650
Hopkin S D Lancaster ED665
Hopkin William P. (“John Willie")
Hopkin Roy Reus
Hopkins T A Lancaster DV292
Hopkins Reginald William Beaufort N1044
Hopkins Reginald Albert Fairy Battle P2330
Hopkins George Lancaster ED534
Hopkins William Richard Stirling BF327
Hopkins I V Halifax DT731
Hopkins F R Lancaster PA996
Hopkins T B Wellington R1038
Hopkins A G Halifax LW167
Hopkins D Lancaster ED659
Hopkins D Lancaster LL913
Hopkins P G Halifax W1270
Hopkins W H Lancaster JB276
Hopkins R G Blenheim L8853
Hopkins H Halifax HX338
Hopkins M Mosquito DD779
Hopkins S H Stirling EF401
Hopkins E E Battle P2161
Hopkins E E Battle K9383
Hopkins W J Halifax W7701
Hopkins E G Lancaster ND560
Hopkins J Hampden X3064
Hopkins G Lancaster PB561
Hopkins James F Halifax JD413
Hopkins Herbert Peter Halifax HR946
Hopkins Thomas Alan
Hopkins Reginald William
Hopkins Wallace E P-51 Mustang
Hopkins Wallace E
Hopkinson William Arthur Blenheim V5961
Hopkinson Samuel Lancaster ND454
Hopkinson Leslie Lancaster ED548
Hopkinson H Halifax LW324
Hopkinson K W Blenheim Z7499
Hopkinson S H Stirling R9253
Hopkinson C Lancaster JB136
Hopkinson D Lancaster RF196
Hopkinson E Lancaster LL744
Hopkinson R A Blenheim R3750
Hopkinson E B Mosquito MM503
Hopkinson D Lancaster ED864
Hopkinson William Arthur
Hopley A F Wellington HE697
Hopley K M Typhoon DN267
Hoppe J R Wellington T2501
Hoppe J R Wellington L7868
Hoppe Herman Patrick
Hopper John Hamilton Whitley N1500
Hopper Harry Donald Lancaster PD293
Hopper E E Wellington Z1487
Hopper J Whitley AD701
Hopper G I Halifax NP778
Hopper L J Halifax NP800
Hopper L H Halifax LK794
Hopper L H Halifax LK756
Hopper D A Halifax JD456
Hopper C Halifax DK181
Hopper P C Lancaster ME441
Hopper W W Lancaster JA918
Hopper William Wallace
Hopper Joseph Albert
Hopperton Edgar Anson K8813
Hopps F T Lancaster JB401
Hopps R J Lancaster ED880
Hoppus Williard Henry Lancaster DS740
Hopson D J Stirling BF457
Hopson G E Lancaster W5001
Hopson S H Halifax LK959
Hopton C G Lancaster ND577
Hopwood N C Lancaster ED664
Hopwood William Neville Halifax W7925
Hopwood Verner James Hampden AD783
Hopwood John Lancaster RF122
Horabin J Wellington R1332
Horahan L M Wellington HE682
Horak Andrzej Vickers Wellington X9639
Horak Wellington R1378
Horan James Henry
Horan A D
Horanic Frederick L P-51 Mustang
Horbaczewski Eugeniusz P North American P-51d Mustang FB355
Horbajczuk Emil Vickers Wellington R1590
Horbik Witold Lancaster PD361
Horden R Lancaster W4819
Horden A P B Hampden L1319
Horder R D Stirling N6129
Horder Vada Amelia
Hordern H C S Wellington L7859
Hordern S S Hurricane Z3561
Hordern Francis William
Hordern Alfred Peter Burdett
Hordley T J Lancaster ND567
Hore R W Lancaster PD230
Hore S L Stirling R9154
Hore C Lancaster ME791
Hore E V Hampden AE431
Hore N E Hampden L4112
Hore Peter Malcolm
Hore Sydney Ross
Hore Hector Richard
Hore Kenneth Vernon
Hore Ronald Wentworth
Hore Samuel Leach
Horg H A Spitfire MA748
Horgan J B Halifax LW557
Horgan D G G Stirling LJ473
Horgan D Halifax W1184
Horgan John Byrne
Horgan John Allan Spitfire JG805
Horgan Michael C P-47 Thunderbolt
Horgan Michael C P-47 Thunderbolt
Horkheimer Milton Halifax JN905
Horler I L Halifax LK866
Horley J M Hampden AE420
Horley H R Typhoon EJ962
Horlock Richard John Hampden P5312
Horlock Richard John Hampden AD798
Horlor W Lancaster NN743
Horman Elmer H P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Horman Elmer H P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Horn Zdzisław Supermarine Spitfire R6904
Horn J R Wellington W5527
Horn Joseph Kenneth Lancaster NE145
Horn Vincent Eastwood Halifax LW298
Horn J Lancaster DS833
Horn C L Halifax JB898
Horn W W Wellington HF568
Horn D L W Lancaster DS725
Horn D C Typhoon R8688
Horn Hampden X3126
Horn A A Hampden AD806
Horn B W T Halifax W7926
Horn John Read
Hornabrook Royden Sargood
Hornbrook James Hillman
Hornby Albert William Halifax LK740
Hornby J C Lancaster LL701
Hornby J R Stirling LK385
Hornby W H Spitfire X4183
Hornby Norman Halifax MZ295
Hornby E Lancaster JA898
Hornby R Lancaster LM362
Hornby N H Mosquito MM143
Hornby Henry Wilmot
Horne Aubrey Abraham Blackburn Botha L6509
Horne M H Lancaster NN766
Horne Robert Ernest Lancaster KB815
Horne Alexander Manson Lancaster ED431
Horne J C Lancaster LL904
Horne D A P Halifax DT739
Horne W J Mosquito DK338
Horne C B Lancaster W4302
Horne K A Lancaster RF132
Horne A J Wellington HE980
Horne W D Stirling R9326
Horne A E Halifax JB931
Horne C Mosquito MM787
Horne J W Lancaster LM654
Horne U D H Lancaster W4329
Horne J W H Lancaster W4116
Horne T D Lancaster JB229
Horne J E Whitley Z6944
Horne Whitley T4285
Horne J Lancaster EE109
Horne L W Halifax DT515
Horne R G Whitley Z9477
Horne G H C Halifax LW321
Horne K G Stirling BF346
Horne K G Stirling BF346
Horne L A Lancaster W4825
Horne L A Lancaster ED880
Horne Angus William
Horne Cedric Alfred Venner
Horne Leslie John
Horne Albert Elliott
Horne Urquhart Douglas Haig
Horne Charles N Jr P-47 Thunderbolt`
Horne Claude G P-38 Lightning
Horne Francis W P-47 Thunderbolt
Horne Francis W P-47 Thunderbolt
Horne Francis W P-47 Thunderbolt
Horne Francis W P-47 Thunderbolt
Horne Francis W P-47 Thunderbolt
Horne Francis W P-47 Thunderbolt
Horne Francis W P-47 Thunderbolt
Hornell David Ernest Canso 9754
Horner J Lancaster RA595
Horner E T Wellington HZ257
Horner G I Lancaster LM270
Horner D C Halifax JD107
Horner D C Halifax DT750
Horner Hampden AE425
Horner C F Lancaster JB703
Horner J B Battle K9353
Horner A W Typhoon JP933
Horner G Wellington HX375
Horner Wilf R Lancaster ND846
Horner L Lancaster PB195
Horner F G Spitfire P8504
Horner K V Halifax MZ930
Horner A W Stirling LJ462
Horner C H Halifax L9529
Horner M D Lancaster LM323
Horner Hugh Vaughan
Horner Edward Thomas
Hornfeck P W Lancaster PD322
Hornibrook H K Halifax HR979
Hornibrook A K Lancaster ED470
Hornibrook Harold Kevin
Hornibrook Albert Keith
Hornidge J N C Stirling BF403
Horniman J K E Wellington T2996
Horning F A Lancaster LM628
Hornsby N Hampden L4040
Hornsby N Hampden P1175
Hornsey D G Halifax LK932
Hornung B Halifax LK685
Horobin Alan James Lancaster DV272
Horobin Wellington N2776
Horobiowski Jan Roman Avro Lancaster NG501
Horoch Jan Wojciech Vickers Wellington Z1258
Horrell H A Lancaster ED528
Horrell J A Halifax JD264
Horrex E A Mosquito PZ218
Horricks T B R Lancaster PD252
Horridge A Lancaster PD344
Horrigan J B Halifax NR249
Horrigan L V H Lancaster LM508
Horrigan D G Whitley N1383
Horrigan W Stirling EH938
Horrigan Patrick Daniel
Horrigan James Denis
Horrobin Royd Pascoe Whitley BD281
Horrocks B W Halifax NP975
Horrocks Thomas Anderson Lancaster NG180
Horrocks William Stirling LK209
Horrocks T Lancaster ME617
Horrocks J W Wellington Z8795
Horrocks D W Wellington R1406
Horrocks L Lancaster R5565
Horrocks T Lancaster ME559
Horrocks J Halifax MZ622
Horrocks P Halifax JB801
Horrox L B Lancaster PB780
Horrox P H T Halifax L9530
Horsaman G Lancaster RF143
Horsburgh George Lancaster ND460
Horsburgh R Halifax JB786
Horsburgh D M Spitfire ML307
Horsburgh Donald George James
Horseman A W Hampden P1341
Horseman Jack Douglas
Horsey Harry Alfred Tempest SN138
Horsfall L G Hurricane Z3918
Horsfall W E Wellington Z1335
Horsfall A A Hampden L4079
Horsfall D T Lancaster ED887
Horsfall Lloyd George
Horsfield Peter Wellington MP813
Horsfield J E Wellington R1408
Horsfield A Lancaster LM394
Horsfield G W Lancaster ED765
Horsford R S Lancaster HK568
Horsham J F Blenheim T1829
Horsham P J Lancaster EE117
Horsky V Hurricane P3098
Horsleman D M Wellington X3795
Horsley Robert Milham Manchester L7301
Horsley Ronald Sydney Liberator FK245
Horsley Ivan Albert Lancaster PD421
Horsley J M Wellington X9888
Horsley J Lancaster ND382
Horsley J H V Lancaster DV184
Horsley V Lancaster ED434
Horsley Lancaster DV223
Horsley H W Lancaster NF912
Horsley H W Lancaster LM718
Horsnaill Leslie Alfred
Horspool J H Lancaster PA994
Horstman R L Lancaster ME323
Horstmann Ronald Leslie
Horswell K A Stirling LM394
Horswill R S Oxford ED154
Horswill Oxford ED154
Horswill R E Halifax DT798
Horten Reginald W. Halifax JB835
Horter G M Spitfire MJ504
Hortie R H Lancaster W4127
Horton Sydney Lancaster ED751
Horton William Henry Lancaster NG302
Horton Edward Derek Halifax MZ506
Horton R E Lancaster LL955
Horton A L Halifax MZ598
Horton H A Lancaster ED367
Horton Arthur John Hudson FK443
Horton T W Mosquito ML924
Horton C Halifax HX190
Horton R C Lancaster ED736
Horton R J Halifax W1181
Horton R J Halifax W1238
Horton R J Whitley Z6958
Horton E Lancaster DV181
Horton A Lancaster DS683
Horton E Hampden AE304
Horton Hampden AD926
Horton G A Lancaster ED473
Horton L J Blenheim L9469
Horton Blenheim L9030
Horton L A Halifax LW501
Horton W H A Lancaster HK697
Horton P W Spitfire P9366
Horton P W Spitfire N3061
Horton H E J Wellington HZ355
Horton H E J Wellington HE414
Horton P K Lancaster LM552
Horton J Lancaster LM522
Horton R J Halifax NA574
Horton Thomas Lancaster ND592
Horton R A Halifax LK762
Horton G J T Lancaster JA972
Horton Blenheim V6373
Horton Blenheim V6028
Horton Blenheim V6399
Horton Blenheim Z7361
Horton L H Mitchell FL206
Horton Lawrence Reginald
Horton Robert
Horton Alfred Clive
Horton Franklin W P-47 Thunderbolt
Horwacki Eugeniusz Avro Lancaster LM488
Horwood J H Lancaster W4960
Horwood D R Wellington HE321
Horwood A J Lancaster W4839
Horwood R W Lancaster DV228
Horwood Murray
Horwood Ronald Stuart
Horwood John Harold
Hosband Robert Henry Holloway
Hoscher Rex Allan Charles
Hosea R L G Wellington X3419
Hosfield H Lancaster LM343
Hosgood F E Lancaster LL729
Hosie Bruce James Lancaster NG180
Hosier John Stanley Lancaster JB600
Hosier F Lancaster PB128
Hosier John Stanley
Hosken C D A Halifax JB801
Hoskin E C Whitley Z9188
Hoskin S Lancaster NN806
Hoskin Richard Chessel Lister
Hoskin Christopher George
Hosking Leslie Dennis Halifax HR985
Hoskings Edward
Hoskins R C L Halifax JD115
Hoskins D D Lancaster PB515
Hoskins W A Wellington Z1108
Hoskins A L T Lancaster W4939
Hoskins S R Hampden X3052
Hoskins W J H Wellington R1589
Hoskins J S Lancaster ME321
Hoskins B F Halifax BB199
Hoskins John Richard
Hoskisson R T Lancaster NF912
Hoskisson R T Lancaster LM718
Hossack I M Hampden P4366
Hossack Crawford McKerrow Lancaster JA941
Hossie L J Halifax NP815
Hostetler C W Halifax LW202
Hotchkis George Stewart Stirling EF495
Hotchkis George Stewart
Hotchkiss F M Blenheim P4908
Hotchkiss A H Stirling BF316
Hotchkiss Courtlyn W P-47 Thunderbolt
Hothersall F E J Halifax LW330
Hothersall H E Halifax R9487
Hotson B F R Stirling R9145
Houben D A Lancaster DV360
Houdelot B Halifax MZ738
Hough L M Lancaster PD374
Hough Maurice Stirling LK594
Hough Edward Lancaster W4762
Hough Frank Bernard Wellington X3455
Hough G Lancaster ED835
Hough F B Wellington DF642
Hough A E Wellington R1328
Hough G W Lancaster R5568
Hough W J Lancaster PB206
Hough R F Hampden AD759
Hough R Halifax DT721
Hough J Lancaster PD208
Hough W J Lancaster PB629
Hough H B L Blenheim L1111
Hough J Lancaster JA970
Hough Bernard Austin
Hough Leslie Markland
Hough William
Hough Gordon Fairfax
Hough James Eric Wellington DV840 (some publications list it as DV480)
Hough Clarence L P-47 Thunderbolt
Houghan J Lancaster ED720
Houghton D R Stirling EE970
Houghton Harold Maitland Halifax BB364
Houghton Oliver Vincent Hurricane V6646
Houghton Claud Morley Lancaster PB121
Houghton E G Lancaster LM142
Houghton E L Hampden AE433
Houghton G Wellington N2849
Houghton H J Boston AL288
Houghton L H Wellington Z1203
Houghton Stirling N6093
Houghton J T Wellington BJ979
Houghton W Mosquito KB502
Houghton H D Typhoon R8893
Houghton C H Lancaster ME667
Houghton K H L Manchester L7373
Houghton K H Boston AL704
Houghton G Wellington Z1391
Houghton J Lancaster PB354
Houghton Thomas Harry
Houghton Douglas Conway
Houghton-Brown R Hampden P4346
Houison Frank Elmer Halifax JD420
Houlahan John F P-51 Mustang
Houlden E Lancaster LM437
Houlden L Lancaster LM493
Houlden S J Lancaster ME790
Houldey R H Halifax PN437
Houlding E C Lancaster JA974
Houldsworth Harold Edward Lancaster ND551
Houldsworth E Wellington N2986
Houlgrave J W Stirling EF327
Houlgrave J W Stirling BK708
Houliston G W Lancaster W4828
Houlston J E Mosquito DZ387
Houlston J R L Halifax HR839
Hoult W H Stirling BF441
Hoult G P Wellington X9747
Hoult R P Wellington X3411
Hoult Lionel Herbert
Houlton John Arthur
Houlton Louis Verdon Lancaster DV303
Hounam Joseph Edward Halifax LV918
Hounsome H Lancaster NF916
Hounsome R A Lancaster LL703
Hourigan I P Lancaster PB535
Hourigan E Halifax LV943
Hourigan Ivan Patrick
Hourse B E Halifax NP745
Housden E G Lancaster ME673
Housden R M Spitfire NH543
House B E Halifax NP743
House F C Whitley P4944
House E A Wellington X3655
House C W Typhoon RB396
House G S Lancaster NG351
House T C Halifax NA574
House P C Halifax NA601
House D V Hampden AD731
House Wellington R1096
Housego V B Whitley P4973
Houseley W Lancaster DV232
Housely J Lancaster KB832
Houseman J W Lancaster LM633
Houseman Ronald Lancaster ME699
Houseman Eric Frederick Liberator EV817
Houseman R E Wellington P9244
Houseman John William
Housholder William T P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Housholder William T P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Housing Raymond S P-38 Lightning
Housley W Lancaster ND440
Houslow Douglas Sidney Halifax DT542
Houson W A R Halifax NP975
Houston W L Lancaster NN714
Houston W L Lancaster DV373
Houston James Wesley Houston Lancaster JB488
Houston Walter Adams Lancaster ED826
Houston R V Fortress KJ103
Houston A J Wellington LN896
Houston J Y Halifax HR807
Houston G M Halifax NP710
Houston Edward James 'Ed' Lancaster DS775
Houston James Talbert 'Jim' Halifax LW285
Houston J A Halifax LK905
Houston S J Lancaster ED557
Houston G G Halifax LL289
Houston A J Typhoon JP735
Houston J K Mosquito DZ239
Houston R G Halifax HR793
Houston C E Halifax NP682
Houston A M Halifax W1236
Houston J Blenheim R3709
Houston William David
Houston William Leonard
Houston James Wilson Rook
Houston Ross S. B-24 The Moose 44-40205
Houtley A J Lancaster LL958
Hovanec William Joseph B-24 42-51187
Hovde William J P-47 Thunderbolt
Hovde William J P-47 Thunderbolt
Hovde William J P-47 Thunderbolt
Hovde William J P-51 Mustang
Hovde William J P-51 Mustang
Hovde William J P-51 Mustang
Hovell D J Halifax NP932
Hovell George Albert Wellington HF906
Hovenden Kenneth James
Hover A W Lancaster ED477
Hoverstad G Halifax EX167
Hovey Vernon Earl Halifax NP796
Hovey C Y Halifax DK259
Hovey W E Hurricane BE401
Hovey Bernard James
Hovinen M O Lancaster DV181
Hovis A R Lancaster RF188
How Frederick Winston Lancaster KB738
How H G Halifax W1041
How T F Wellington HE697
How G F Wellington HE867
How D J Hampden X2922
How D J Hampden X2894
How R B Wellington X3280
Howald Carl Herbert Lancaster PA219
Howard N D Typhoon JP483
Howard G J Typhoon JP604
Howard A W Wellington Z1422
Howard H Lancaster LM309
Howard B C Lancaster NE133
Howard R Lancaster ND346
Howard Henry Clifford Wellington W2783
Howard Edward Davis Guildford Hudson A16-46
Howard Cyril Marrison Halifax W1016
Howard Eric John Charles Halifax DT732
Howard B H Halifax
Howard Stanley Gordon Wellington T2520
Howard Leslie Pinnington Lancaster DS630
Howard George Herbert Blenheim R3900
Howard J P O Mosquito KB222
Howard D S Lancaster LM716
Howard J H G Halifax W7718
Howard D M Halifax NP713
Howard E R Wellington X3467
Howard R J Wellington HE491
Howard Donald William Halifax LK758
Howard G W Halifax JD363
Howard R Halifax NP690
Howard M W Halifax LK894
Howard J W Halifax NA173
Howard B D Lancaster ND338
Howard Kenneth Laverne Stirling R9169
Howard G B Stirling EF162
Howard G A Stirling R9274
Howard J A Typhoon JP922
Howard Edward John Francis Lancaster ND917
Howard Philip Newbury Wellington X3408
Howard C H Spitfire W3568
Howard R E Halifax HX286
Howard H H G Whitley P4990
Howard B V Lancaster ME566
Howard Halifax BB365
Howard D A Hampden AT123
Howard C O Wellington Z8505
Howard C A Halifax W7775
Howard Wellington W5381
Howard P N Mustang FB147
Howard Stirling N3667
Howard G Stirling BF380
Howard J Lancaster PB872
Howard Lancaster ND387
Howard W Blenheim V6523
Howard L A Halifax NR180
Howard L A Halifax MZ817
Howard J S Stirling BF367
Howard E T R Stirling BK702
Howard J D Blenheim T1990
Howard B Halifax NP938
Howard F H G Halifax LW598
Howard E L Lancaster NG177
Howard S M Halifax MZ758
Howard E M Lancaster DV386
Howard C Lancaster R5856
Howard C Lancaster JB351
Howard C J G Lancaster LM482
Howard F Lancaster ME733
Howard G R Stirling R9149
Howard J Spitfire P8364
Howard B L Halifax DK137
Howard L Halifax LL121
Howard Whitley T4335
Howard D H Halifax DT780
Howard S Halifax JP117
Howard K Blenheim R3690
Howard L Hampden L4066
Howard D W Stirling BK664
Howard J G Whitley K7260
Howard Donald Ridgwell ("Podge")
Howard George Hector
Howard William Alan
Howard Vivian Arthur
Howard Godfrey Denzil Vaugman
Howard George John
Howard Henry Clifford
Howard Charles William
Howard Basil
Howard Albert William
Howard Oliver Lawrence Ismay
Howard Bert Charles
Howard Russell
Howard Herbert B
Howard Herbert B
Howard James H P-51 Mustang
Howard James H P-51 Mustang
Howard James H P-51 Mustang
Howard James H P-51 Mustang
Howard James H P-51 Mustang
Howard-Bangs Jeffrey Hudson AM773
Howard-Williams P I Spitfire AA964
Howard-Williams P I Spitfire P7318
Howard-Williams Peter Ian
Howarth Leslie Halifax JB907
Howarth J Halifax JB958
Howarth R L Lancaster W4989
Howarth N Halifax MZ292
Howarth B J Lancaster NF958
Howarth J Lancaster PB840
Howarth J Lancaster ND361
Howarth R D Hampden AT151
Howarth A Halifax DT738
Howarth K T Wellington BJ607
Howarth R Lancaster DV201
Howarth Whitley Z6865
Howarth W Lancaster EE145
Howarth A V Lancaster JA844
Howarth J K Halifax W7805
Howarth A V Lancaster PB292
Howarth J Stirling EF458
Howarth Frank Simpson
Howarth G.C. Douglas DC-3 Dakota KG397
Howat R Wellington Z1396
Howat A B S Stirling BF567
Howatson G F Halifax LK846
Howatson James Leonard
Howchin A E R Lancaster W4357
Howcroft A Halifax MZ514
Howden Andrew Mackenzie Mosquito DZ370
Howden C V Stirling BK703
Howden C Blenheim R3663
Howden Roy David McAlister
Howden Owens McAllister
Howdle D G Lancaster PB306
Howe Edward Albert Lancaster ND470
Howe Jack Lancaster DV387
Howe Jack' John Thomas Manchester L7523
Howe Vivian Stirling W7475
Howe Edward Frederick Lancaster DS740
Howe Leonard John Wellington X3635
Howe P E J Wellington BJ583
Howe M Wellington Z8527
Howe T E G Lancaster ND986
Howe M Lancaster ED705
Howe R A A Lancaster EE183
Howe G L Hampden L4180
Howe Mervyn James Stirling W7526
Howe F C Halifax DT694
Howe A C Halifax DT668
Howe F C Halifax BB209
Howe N C R Typhoon JP538
Howe M M Lancaster ME452
Howe R S Lancaster NG186
Howe John Thompson Lancaster W4365
Howe R P Mustang FD531
Howe S G Halifax DT805
Howe H W F Lancaster ND691
Howe B G Halifax DT680
Howe D H Hampden Z2917
Howe G T Lancaster ED308
Howe A Halifax BB223
Howe A E A Lancaster PD199
Howe J Lancaster JB135
Howe R Lancaster LL888
Howe L C Wellington X9628
Howe D L Lancaster R5623
Howe Blenheim V6373
Howe Blenheim Z7454
Howe Blenheim V6028
Howe Blenheim R3844
Howe Blenheim V6399
Howe Blenheim V6028
Howe Blenheim Z7361
Howe Alfred William
Howe Edward Matthew
Howe Alexander Maxwell
Howe Graydon Raymond
Howe Donald Stanley Pearse
Howe David W P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Howe David W P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Howe David W P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Howe David W P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Howe David W P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Howe David W P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Howe Raymond B P-47 Thunderbolt
Howe-Browne F D K Lancaster JB608
Howell R M Lancaster PB792
Howell Thomas Leach Stirling BK714
Howell Donald James Lancaster DV387
Howell Kenneth Brian Lancaster LM165
Howell Gordon Charles Halifax LV858
Howell Cecil Moreton Lancaster W4179
Howell Frederick John Lancaster PD421
Howell W J Halifax JB791
Howell J E Halifax MZ641
Howell J Halifax LK964
Howell D W Halifax HX284
Howell W C Lancaster R5562
Howell E H Stirling BF392
Howell Alexander Clunie Stirling W7513
Howell E Lancaster PA967
Howell E Lancaster ND914
Howell T V Halifax HX286
Howell R H Lancaster ED724
Howell F J Lancaster R5611
Howell G R Lancaster PB144
Howell E Halifax BB378
Howell E Stirling LJ993
Howell J Hampden X3066
Howell J Hampden X3065
Howell D L Lancaster ME434
Howell T Wellington BK538
Howell L P Lancaster PB486
Howell J G Halifax LV772
Howell T H Lancaster NG114
Howell T L Stirling BF445
Howell Robert Frederick Hampden AT176
Howell E W Lancaster JB301
Howell H Hampden AD721
Howell R T Halifax HR790
Howell J C Whitley Z6936
Howell F J Spitfire R6634
Howell R G Lancaster ED825
Howell E L C Lancaster PA987
Howell Ronald Frederick Halifax LW464
Howell N R Lancaster PB526
Howell Whitley Z9129
Howell F V Hurricane L1632
Howell Frank Jonathan
Howell Arthur Edward George
Howell Alan Frederick
Howell Robert Magnay
Howell Cleve Jackson B-24 42-95186
Howell Harry R P-51 Mustang
Howell Harry R P-51 Mustang
Howell Horace P P-51 Mustang
Howell John C P-51 Mustang
Howell John C P-51 Mustang
Howell John C P-51 Mustang
Howell Lester L P-47 Thunderbolt
Howell Lester L P-47 Thunderbolt
Howells F J Lancaster NG469
Howells John Gordon Wellington X3943
Howells J C Wellington X3412
Howells H.J Stirling N6008
Howells D Lancaster LL963
Howells R W S Lancaster JB454
Howells D L D Blenheim N6189
Howells W T Blenheim N6214
Howells R Lancaster LL730
Howells R Lancaster DS629
Howells R Wellington X9983
Howells B Hampden AT133
Howells A Lancaster W4832
Howells D Lancaster LM654
Howells D Lancaster PB348
Howells J D Mustang FB223
Howells G E W Lancaster NE121
Howells Francis John
Howerton Davis M Jr Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Howerton Davis M Jr Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Howerton Davis M Jr Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Howes Thomas Edward White Wellington DV564
Howes George William Wellington Z8578
Howes William Robert Stirling BK688
Howes Charles Keith Lancaster RF150
Howes A J Wellington HE177
Howes J K Halifax W1061
Howes C M Halifax MZ311
Howes V C Stirling R9290
Howes P R G Blenheim V6334
Howes D V Stirling W7503
Howes J F Stirling W7503
Howes D W Stirling W7503
Howes J F Stirling W7503
Howes ? Stirling N3715
Howes A J Lancaster DS681
Howes J H D Wellington Z8985
Howes P Spitfire X4323
Howes H N Hurricane
Howes B Lancaster EE198
Howes W Stirling EH945
Howes S A L Lancaster PD432
Howes H G Lancaster JB356
Howes Walter John Wellington DF639
Howes K J Wellington X3355
Howes A J Halifax L9533
Howes E Y Halifax JD167
Howes C Lancaster ND448
Howes Harold Norman ("Harry")
Howes Kevin Vincent
Howes Bernard H P-51 Mustang
Howes Bernard H P-51 Mustang
Howes Bernard H P-51 Mustang
Howes Osborn P-51 Mustang
Howett J Hampden AE427
Howey Edward Clayton Halifax LK705
Howgill R R Lancaster ED705
Howick V C Halifax W1057
Howie C G Lancaster JB657
Howie James Cyril Halifax DT732
Howie A Lancaster LL745
Howie Wilfred Herbert Lancaster ME592
Howie H S Lancaster JB283
Howie C W Wellington L7805
Howie J N Lancaster ME796
Howie G T Halifax MZ736
Howie G A Halifax DK188
Howie Douglas Gordon
Howie Charles Gordon
Howie Robert H P-47 Thunderbolt
Howison A Lancaster R5762
Howiss W J Lancaster JB742
Howiss Gordon Stewart
Howiss William John
Howitson G A Halifax LW231
Howitson Whitley Z9308
Howitt William Iselin Wellington MF375
Howitt I Lancaster LM110
Howitt E J Halifax HR941
Howitt W G Lancaster ME385
Howitt Geoffrey Leonard
Howland Edward Lane Halifax LV963
Howland H S Stirling EF347
Howland R P Stirling BF476
Howle J O L Halifax LW378
Howles H H Lancaster PA999
Howlett F J Lancaster ND949
Howlett A D Stirling EH936
Howlett S Wellington BJ777
Howlett Thomas Samuel Halifax LK743
Howlett R R Mitchell FL705
Howlett D F Stirling BF514
Howlett A E Stirling BF437
Howlett Lochlan James
Howlett Frederick James
Howlett Thomas Henry
Howlett Wilfred B-24 Liberator 3701
Howley R A Defiant L6995
Howley Edward Raymond
Howling H L Lancaster PB242
Howling L H Lancaster JB237
Howling L H G Lancaster ED827
Howorth S D J Wellington R1267
Howorth J H Lancaster ED494
Howroyd David William Southam Lancaster DV272
Howroyd David William Southam Lancaster JA893
Howsam H E Lancaster ED603
Howsan M A G Wellington Z8527
Howsan Moheddeen Abdull Ghias
Howse Derek George Halifax JD261
Howse A A V Lancaster NG399
Howse C C Blenheim T1990
Howser L A Halifax HR802
Howship Francis Mervyn
Howson Paul Terence Stirling BF378
Howson Charles Ashton Halifax BB374
Howson Ronald Edward Lancaster ND802
Howson H Halifax LK697
Howson W J Lancaster PD221
Hoxford Fred Carson Lancaster ND411
Hoy Arthur Lancaster HE644
Hoy J C Halifax HX331
Hoy Wellington R1004
Hoy Maurice Harry Tiger Moth NZ724
Hoyland F Stirling N3752
Hoyland J Lancaster PD199
Hoyle Percy Henry Anson AX177
Hoyle T Lancaster JA681
Hoyle K Lancaster LL896
Hoyle Frank Henry Lancaster DS718
Hoyle F H Halifax JB959
Hoyle J I Halifax LW209
Hoyle G V Hurricane Z2587
Hoyle R Lancaster PA173
Hoyle J W Lancaster ND848
Hoyle P J L Wellington X3276
Hoyle Robert W P-38 Lightning
Hoyne H C Halifax JD195
Hoynes R B Halifax JD467
Hoyt Gordon Ray Wellington X3873
Hrabowski Władysław Michał Vickers Wellington MP541
Hradil F Spitfire P7545
Hradil B Wellington Z1070
Hrbacek H Spitfire MJ798
Hrdina J Wellington Z8838
Hrico George J P-51 Mustang
Hrunkiw W Halifax JD118
Hrycak Roman Spitfire AR279
Hryncewicz Henryk Wellington Z1288
Hryniewicz Lucjusz North American P-51d Mustang FX981
Hryniewiecki Stanisław Tadeusz Vickers Wellington Z1696
Hrynkiw W Halifax LV813
Hubacek J Hurricane R4087
Huband D L Lancaster DS686
Huband E G Halifax NR190
Hubbard John Ralph Manchester L7518
Hubbard Edward George Lancaster JB219
Hubbard V J Halifax MZ645
Hubbard D Halifax W1181
Hubbard D Halifax W1238
Hubbard D Halifax
Hubbard W F Battle L5514
Hubbard M Hampden X3154
Hubbard K Halifax BB328
Hubbard K Whitley Z9158
Hubbard J G Wellington X3965
Hubbard H T G Stirling BF405
Hubbard F Wellington X3308
Hubbard Hampden X2966
Hubbard F W Lancaster ND537
Hubbard G A Lancaster DS787
Hubbard S G Lancaster ED942
Hubbard T E Hurricane P2684
Hubbard T E Hurricane P3484
Hubbard S C Mosquito MM621
Hubbard J Manchester L7395
Hubbard J T Lancaster EE147
Hubbard G A Halifax MZ803
Hubbard C R Whitley T4164
Hubbard F C Blenheim V5876
Hubbard Thomas Edward ("Tom")
Hubbard Bernard James
Hubbard Guy
Hubbard Max Leslie
Hubbard Mark E P-38 Lightning
Hubbell William R P-51 Mustang
Hubbert J M Wellington X3759
Hubbert E Lancaster ED920
Hubbs F H Halifax JB793
Hubicki Edward Wellington R1373
Hubidos P R Spitfire BS312F
Hubley Cecil David Benjamin Lancaster KB738
Hucker J A N Lancaster JA980
Hucker F W Halifax JD476
Hucker Charles Douglas
Huckett R H Wellington X9888
Huckin P E Mosquito HJ660
Huckins Blenheim L8743
Huckle Alan William Halifax MZ494
Huckle H G Wellington W5457
Huckle H G Wellington T2958
Hucklesby E H Lancaster R5903
Hudd Richard Alfred Wellington Z8578
Huddart W G Typhoon RB361
Huddart R Lancaster JB423
Huddart William Grayson
Huddless Harold Halifax W7750
Huddleston Virgil R. B-24 Hula Wahine II 42-52467
Huddlestone John Nevil Wellington R1288
Huddlestone A Halifax W7706
Huddlestone A Halifax R9531
Huddy Walter Agar Leopold Halifax HR749
Hudec J Wellington T2519
Hudema Michael Halifax W7703
Hudgell K N Halifax L9533
Hudock John George Wellington BJ840
Hudson Richard Julian Lancaster ED858
Hudson R M Blenheim Z7493
Hudson George Wellington LN660
Hudson William Peel Stirling R9270
Hudson William Ernest Wellington Z1324
Hudson Harold Hermon Whitley BD379
Hudson Douglas Liberator AL511
Hudson W G Halifax V NP757
Hudson C H Halifax MZ805
Hudson John Henry Halifax MZ633
Hudson D H Halifax NA601
Hudson H McC Halifax HX241
Hudson J G Lancaster DS828
Hudson Gordon David Mosquito RV326
Hudson M
Hudson P Halifax LV906
Hudson J Lancaster LM320
Hudson R F Halifax MZ772
Hudson F J Lancaster W4848
Hudson R E C Wellington W5443
Hudson L G Lancaster W4918
Hudson P Hampden AD735
Hudson E V Lancaster DS604
Hudson G H Battle P2269
Hudson M J Halifax BB281
Hudson C F Stirling EE908
Hudson R J Lancaster JB703
Hudson J M Lancaster ED734
Hudson R T A Wellington HE634
Hudson H Ventura AE743
Hudson A J Battle K9325
Hudson W J J Lancaster LM259
Hudson R H Lancaster LL637
Hudson H J Halifax JD410
Hudson G Lancaster DS716
Hudson R H Lancaster LL908
Hudson J Hampden AE429
Hudson Hampden AT173
Hudson Lancaster DS820
Hudson G Wellington Z8868
Hudson Wellington X9923
Hudson K Wellington Z1654
Hudson Benjamin Johnson Lancaster ME726
Hudson R A Lancaster ME314
Hudson F W Mosquito MM135
Hudson Stirling W7445
Hudson Stirling N6074
Hudson H J Stirling ED595
hudson E F Stirling EF130
Hudson V Halifax RG444
Hudson G E A Halifax DK167
Hudson A L Halifax MZ711
Hudson G D G Hampden X3062
Hudson J W Lancaster PB702
Hudson E B Lancaster LM520
Hudson J Stirling BF566
Hudson G Stirling EE196
Hudson G Stirling BF504
Hudson Robert James
Hudson Richard Julian
Hudson Raymond Meredith
Hudson Robert Bruce
Hudson Dorothy Edith
Hudson George Harold
Hudson Donald Jerome B-24 Miss Judy 42-52507
Hudson Arthur E P-51 Mustang
Hudspeth D G Lancaster PB557
Hudspeth B Halifax NR193
Hudspeth Donald George
Hudspith N Wellington HE697
Hue-Williams Ian Victor Wellington N2904
Huebotter Richard Charles B-17 Hard to Get 42-97946
Huens Robert Nicolas Spitfire NH711
Hueston E F Wellington HF852
Huet J J G Halifax NR178
Huether H L Lancaster ED566
Huff W D Lancaster ND343
Huff Donald H P-47 Thunderbolt
Huffman G L Lancaster LL629
Huffman Lee R.J. B-24 Texas Rose 41-28922
Hugal R L Manchester L7289
Hugall Robert Leslie
Huggan B Halifax HR731
Huggard J S Lancaster W4954
Huggard J B O'C Halifax JB795
Huggard John Stephen
Huggett N G Lancaster LL861
Huggett A G Wellington Z1247
Huggett M C Stirling BF476
Huggett V D Wellington R1044
Huggett D J D Lancaster PB556
Huggett L C R Halifax LL239
Huggett Norman Grenfell
Huggins W Hampden X2914
Huggins L H Stirling EH952
Huggins K Lancaster LL686
Huggins M W Mosquito NS944
Huggins Eric
Huggins Norman Walter
Hugh Hampden AD981
Hughes Wilfred Stirling LJ970
Hughes Geoffrey Hampden AT113
Hughes M R Lancaster ME571
Hughes R D Halifax HX345
Hughes A M Lancaster LM239
Hughes J M Lancaster LM450
Hughes G S Lancaster LL738
Hughes P F Stirling EF123
Hughes G W Lancaster PB188
Hughes G H Stirling EF458
Hughes William Stanley Stirling W7639
Hughes William Whitley T4134
Hughes Peter Herbert Frederick Lancaster HK599
Hughes Paterson Clarence Spitfire X4009
Hughes Frank Stirling W7582
Hughes Humphrey Watkin Lancaster JA921
Hughes James Halifax NP796
Hughes T Lancaster LM122
Hughes Richard Lloyd Lancaster ED713
Hughes H Halifax MZ470
Hughes Ronal William Wellington HE332
Hughes Bernard John (Pat) Lancaster LM230
Hughes Albert Halifax DG252
Hughes Alfred George Mosquito NS733
Hughes Michael Henry Hudson V9155
Hughes Idris Hampden AT113
Hughes Raymond Lancaster DS831
Hughes Donald John Lancaster NG352
Hughes T W E Lancaster DV234
Hughes Patrick Anthony Lancaster PB554
Hughes Frederick Halifax LL185
Hughes Mervyn Frank Lancaster R5495
Hughes Harold Eric Stirling LJ524
Hughes R P Halifax R9492
Hughes George Pryce Mosquito DK299
Hughes Owen Peter Lancaster HK550
Hughes W A Halifax LV946
Hughes W A Halifax LV835
Hughes Frederick James Lancaster DV220
Hughes J T Stirling EF138
Hughes G D Lancaster W4129
Hughes R Wellington R1616
Hughes D M Wellington W5488
Hughes J R Lancaster LL633
Hughes R G Halifax V NP757
Hughes R J Halifax NP806
Hughes G R Lancaster KB752
Hughes A J Lancaster DS679
HUghes D Halifax LM684
Hughes G L Halifax LW315
Hughes B F Halifax BB214
Hughes W F Lancaster ME637
Hughes H Wellington HE410
Hughes D E Blenheim L4905
Hughes C Lancaster ND457
Hughes E L Halifax W7852
Hughes L W Halifax LW717
Hughes Whitley P4967
Hughes J Lancaster ED322
Hughes W Lancaster ED374
Hughes S H Wellington Z1751
Hughes F W Lancaster DV298
Hughes E A Halifax DT739
Hughes W Halifax JB840
Hughes W Halifax LW333
Hughes R D Battle L5230
Hughes R D Battle P2176
Hughes K W Wellington P9298
Hughes D H Lancaster DS782
Hughes G Wellington Z8403
Hughes J E Wellington W5458
Hughes George Percival Wellington Z1202
Hughes W A Hampden P4291
Hughes F L Stirling R9167
Hughes W M Stirling N6081
Hughes D Stirling LJ526
Hughes R J Lancaster ND955
Hughes P L N Blenheim R2786
Hughes J A Wellington Z1593
Hughes Gordon Shotton Halifax W7862
Hughes G S Halifax W1214
Hughes W A Halifax LW653
Hughes S Halifax LW634
Hughes D M Lancaster PD239
Hughes A W Lancaster ME638
Hughes Hurricane Z2670
Hughes D L Blenheim Z7436
Hughes J Blenheim Z7496
Hughes V Blenheim R3741
Hughes W Blenheim V6038
Hughes J Lancaster ME452
Hughes D T Stirling LJ536
Hughes R Wellington HE702
Hughes R Lancaster LM366
Hughes P R Wellington Z1081
Hughes D C Stirling EF445
Hughes E C Stirling EH898
Hughes A F Stirling EE888
Hughes W K Wellington Z1084
Hughes D P Hurricane V7240
Hughes C G Wellington L7802
Hughes W Halifax HR812
Hughes C D Halifax HR851
Hughes Stuart Fred Halifax HR819
Hughes A J Wellington L7809
Hughes J C Spitfire BM296
Hughes James John Halifax W1110
Hughes J J Wellington W5581
Hughes C A Lancaster LL632
Hughes P M Lancaster LL723
Hughes T V Wellington BK330
Hughes J P Halifax LW598
Hughes T I Halifax DK239
Hughes P R Lancaster R5729
Hughes M J Hampden AE257
Hughes E A Lancaster JA973
Hughes Harold Halifax LV900
Hughes R D Lancaster ED764
Hughes J N Lancaster JB229
Hughes W D Hampden X3133
Hughes J Lancaster ED423
Hughes C Lancaster ED445
Hughes R Halifax MZ319
Hughes A Halifax MZ765
Hughes E Whitley N1481
Hughes E Whitley P5013
Hughes Whitley P4984
Hughes P Lancaster LL639
Hughes D J Lancaster LL627
Hughes D Lancaster DV309
Hughes R E Lancaster NG336
Hughes J B Lancaster W4201
Hughes Wellington Z8789
Hughes Eryl Rowlands Lancaster JB364
Hughes J Lancaster ME783
Hughes W Lancaster W4934
Hughes W D Hampden X3127
Hughes S R Lancaster ED630
Hughes J E Lancaster PD388
Hughes D W Lancaster NF907
Hughes J D Mosquito DZ551
Hughes F Lancaster LL949
Hughes R Lancaster ED777
Hughes E R Lancaster ND338
Hughes T Lancaster ND337
Hughes J Spitfire MH455
Hughes C A Stirling EF387
Hughes E S Spitfire AR347
Hughes V S Stirling LJ453
Hughes R Stirling EF236
Hughes F A Halifax DT621
Hughes R R Halifax MZ524
Hughes W C Halifax LK957
Hughes J F Halifax DK169
Hughes J H Halifax JB795
Hughes J McG Halifax LW228
Hughes W E Halifax DT700
Hughes D W Halifax MZ347
Hughes J F Whitley Z6461
Hughes D V Whitley P4992
Hughes L E Halifax JD476
Hughes K Halifax LW313
Hughes L E Halifax JD157
Hughes J Hampden AE187
Hughes A M B Lancaster ND696
Hughes T Lancaster ED806
Hughes S Lancaster ED480
Hughes K Lancaster ND948
Hughes C W Stirling EF349
Hughes F A Lancaster JB220
Hughes L F Lancaster ND706
Hughes David Price
Hughes Dennis Lawrence
Hughes Fredrick Desmond
Hughes Arthur Austin
Hughes David
Hughes Jack Thorpe
Hughes Peter Roger Forrest
Hughes John Childe
Hughes Harold Eric
Hughes Keith Frederic
Hughes Clifton Lawrence
Hughes Paterson Clarence
Hughes Colin
Hughes George Campbell
Hughes Reginald John
Hughes Albert Clifford
Hughes Francis Rodney
Hughes Mervyn Royce
Hughes Garth Stewart
Hughes David Keith
Hughes Frank Kingsley
Hughes Peter Francis
Hughes Leonard James
Hughes Gordon Henry
Hughes William Robert
Hughes Douglas George Liberator BZ930
Hughes E. Whitley BD534
Hughes Bernard J P-47 Thunderbolt
Hughes George C P-47 Thunderbolt`
Hughes Hubert H F-6C Mustangs
Hughes Melvin J P-47 Thunderbolt
Hughes Robert F P-47 Thunderbolt
Hughes Thomas E P-51 Mustang
Hughes Thomas E P-51 Mustang
Hughes Francis Rodney Wellington LP120
Hughes-Games A S Lancaster DS757
Hughes-Games R Lancaster LM133
Hughes-Games N E Lancaster ND954
Hughes-Rees J A Spitfire W3239
Hughes-Rees John Anthony ("David")
Hughesdon P G Lancaster PB572
Hughff J E Hampden AE127
Hughson L B Wellington N2984
Hugil Vincent Armand Halifax W7857
Hugill Herbert Lancaster LL643
Hugill H J Wellington Z1652
Hugill F Battle
Hugill G T Spitfire
Hugill N Stirling MZ264
Hugli William Paul Halifax HX318
Hugo Petrus Hendrik Spitfire P2963
Hugo Petrus Hendrik Hurricane R4221
Hugo D Spitfire TB521
Hugo F Stirling EF366
Hugo Kenneth Colin
Huin R J Spitfire PK993
Huins J P Halifax MZ638
Huish Ronald John Lancaster W4902
Huish Billy Hugo B-17 Skunkface 42-29656
Huish Heber M P-51 Mustang
Huk Edward Kazimierz Lancaster PD361
Huke R Halifax DT698
Huke R Halifax DK224
Hukes R R Halifax EB254
Hułas Bronisław Wellington Z1291
Hułas Bronisław Liberator BZ858
Hulbert E V Battle K9252
Hulbert C V L R Lancaster ED307
Huleatt R R H Halifax W7931
Hull Caeser Barraud Hurricane V6641
Hull Leslie Lancaster RA516
Hull Bernard John Spitfire AB533
Hull Alfred Anthony Stirling LJ878
Hull William Francis Hampden AE148
Hull J G Halifax LW379
Hull Archibald John Oxford NZ262
Hull N W Hampden L4194
Hull G L B Blenheim Z7430
Hull A J Lancaster LL694
Hull Mosquito HJ652
Hull E W Lancaster RF154
Hull J E Battle K9448
Hull R D Wellington R1614
Hull C B Gladiator
Hull H Halifax LK805
Hull W E Lancaster ND860
Hull D F Lancaster RA531
Hull G Lancaster W4377
Hull G J Lancaster ND727
Hull A H Halifax JB871
Hull T S Whitley Z6570
Hull M Lancaster W4765
Hull O P Lancaster NG257
Hull Bernard John ("Johnnie")
Hull Frederick Herbert Hudson P5133
Hull Alfred John Hudson N7270
Hull Thomas A Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Hullah A H Lancaster ME641
Hulland J E Lancaster PA285
Hulland F S Lancaster ND465
Hullett William Roy Lancaster PB125
Hullett William Roy
Hulley G Lancaster LL729
Hullinger Max Milton B-24 Betsy II 42-50842
Hulls A H Wellington X9910
Hulme W M Halifax MZ759
Hulme J E M Halifax NA503
Hulme R H Lancaster ME790
Hulme J Stirling LK200
Hulme W D Lancaster PA171
Hulme D K Boston Z2224
Hulme H Wellington N2870
Hulme William Henry
Hulme Ernest George
Hulmes A Lancaster DV186
Hulmes James Maxwell
Hulse C L Battle L5249
Hulse T M F Stirling BF320
Hulse A L Halifax LW245
Hulse L Halifax LW268
Hulthin Leif Woodrow Halifax LK664
Hulthin (Hutchins?) L E Halifax DK175
Hulton John William Lancaster ME557
Hulton H S P Blenheim L1427
Hulton-Harrop O P de L Hurricane N2405
Hulton-Harrop M L Hurricane L1985
Hum Gerald Desmond
Human F Lancaster ME326
Humber E J Lancaster LM106
Humber L E Lancaster R5857
Humber L E J Lancaster ED313
Humberstone G A Lancaster NG290
Humberstone John R Halifax HX324
Humbert M Halifax LL590
Humble John Henry Halifax LW383
humble A L Halifax LW261
Humble G Lancaster ED805
Humble C G Whitley Z6657
Humble Halifax JP239
Humble-Smith A O Wellington X3347
Humbles R J Stirling BF477
Humblestone S Mosquito RS520
Humby Whitley N1483
Hume R G Halifax HR714
Hume F Lancaster PD365
Hume W G M Spitfire MK179
Hume O C Blenheim L1129
Hume D A B Manchester L7454
Hume G W Mosquito DZ638
Hume John James Oliver
Humes E L Lancaster LL639
Humhreys F R Wellington X9756
Humm H Stirling W7519
Humpherson J B W Fortress AN522
Humpherson John Bernard William
Humphrey V L Lancaster PD252
Humphrey John Charles Leleux Sunderland ML760
Humphrey David Alfred Wellington T2620
Humphrey T Wellington Z8807
Humphrey John Brown Halifax JP239
Humphrey James William Stirling EF204
Humphrey M S Whitley Z6837
Humphrey G F Typhoon JR148
Humphrey John Weir Wellington Z8869
Humphrey J W Wellington X9703
Humphrey Lyle W Lancaster R5553
Humphrey W E G Mosquito DZ595
Humphrey J W Stirling BF351
Humphrey D I Lancaster LM281
Humphrey K R Hampden X2971
Humphrey W H Lancaster ED982
Humphrey Alan Frank Lancaster JB313
Humphrey D H Wellington R1267
Humphrey L J Stirling R9349
Humphrey Andrew Henry
Humphrey Vernon Leicester
Humphrey George Donald
Humphreys A S Lancaster ED606
Humphreys Bruce Lettington Lancaster W4232
Humphreys George Desmond Lloyd Halifax W1016
Humphreys E O E Halifax HR912
Humphreys P R Halifax HX245
Humphreys F R Wellington R1706
Humphreys R G Halifax W1226
Humphreys Noel Robert Shakespeare Stirling EH878
Humphreys James Samuel Hurricane P2765
Humphreys J E Halifax DT557
Humphreys J P Lancaster W4238
Humphreys E S Blenheim T1860
Humphreys E S Blenheim R3737
Humphreys J E Blenheim L8778
Humphreys S J Lancaster DV421
Humphreys J D Mosquito
Humphreys W E Stirling EF401
Humphreys A G L Stirling N6071
Humphreys A G L Stirling W7507
Humphreys G F Halifax JB805
Humphreys A E Halifax DK225
Humphreys H W Halifax MZ305
Humphreys Whitley Z9304
HUmphreys G Lancaster ME811
Humphreys J D Havoc BJ489
Humphreys J Lancaster LM283
Humphreys H Stirling R9286
Humphreys D G W Lancaster ND457
Humphreys H Blenheim L8830
Humphreys Alfred Samuel
Humphreys Bruce Lettington
Humphries K W Lancaster NE144
Humphries Kenneth Albert Lancaster DV234
Humphries H F C Lancaster R5748
Humphries M Mustang FX983
Humphries A V D Halifax DK255
Humphries A L Lancaster NG449
Humphries F P Lancaster DV230
Humphries A W Blenheim Z7300
Humphries A G Wellington R1439
Humphries D O Stirling BK648
Humphries P L Mosquito DD607
Humphries W J Halifax MZ795
Humphries W L Stirling BF441
Humphries R F Tempest NV776
Humphries J W Lancaster ED367
Humphries L J Hurricane L1693
Humphries P R Halifax JD371
Humphries P R Halifax JB970
Humphries J Whitley Z6647
Humphries Wellington X9740
Humphries Arnold James Birrell
Humphries Keith Eric
Humphries Gordon P P-47 Thunderbolt
Humphry E H Hampden L4072
Humphry Raymond Alexander
Humphrys C L Wellington R1275
Humpries Wellington R3176
Hundy W A Lancaster LM675
Hungate Max B P-51 Mustang
Hungate Max B P-51 Mustang
Hunkin G H Lancaster ME793
Hunkin William Henry Clement Wellington P9227
Hunkin Gregory Herbert
Hunking Elwin Thomas Hampden P5322
Hunn N Lancaster ED871
Hunniford G Beaufighter R2154
Hunnisett H R S Lancaster LM183
Hunphries H L Halifax DT525
Hunstone G E Halifax W7656
Hunswicks R H Lancaster PB761
Hunt C C Lancaster LL774
Hunt L T Lancaster ME777
Hunt W J Stirling EH991
Hunt Theodore Moseley Blenheim Z9582
Hunt A Wellington L7852
Hunt Peter Anthony Cavendish Sunderland ML760
Hunt Kenneth William Percival Lancaster ME747
Hunt Leslie Lancaster ND342
Hunt Clifford Oliver Victor Halifax LW588
Hunt Clifford Halifax JD453
Hunt Nigel Frederick Manchester L7462
Hunt William James Lancaster ND981
Hunt Kenneth Edward Liberator FK245
Hunt L W Stirling BK648
Hunt Clarence Albert Halifax BB205
Hunt Stirling BF357
Hunt V T Halifax RG472
Hunt J J B B Halifax LW425
Hunt S G Halifax MZ573
Hunt T J Halifax NP778
Hunt P R Halifax MZ531
Hunt Laurence Warren Wellington Z1078
Hunt E W D B Lancaster JA865
Hunt A J V Lancaster W4121
Hunt C W Ventura AE784
Hunt G W Wellington L7840
Hunt M L Lancaster RA546
Hunt N J
Hunt G A Whitley AD689
Hunt P H R B Lancaster ED653
Hunt R E J Lancaster ED564
Hunt Wellington X9601
Hunt J H Wellington X3694
Hunt Wellington X3651
Hunt J W Halifax HR669
Hunt R L Lancaster W4880
Hunt K A I Lancaster NG420
Hunt J T Lancaster LM303
Hunt J T Lancaster W4102
Hunt H E Blenheim Z7498
Hunt R Wellington Z1048
Hunt G T Wellington X9744
Hunt S G Wellington BK495
Hunt P M H S Battle P2243
Hunt B A C Halifax HR666
Hunt E S Wellington Z1341
Hunt L A V Lancaster HK645
Hunt R W Stirling N6126
Hunt E A R Stirling R9265
Hunt E G Stirling EF327
Hunt E G Stirling BK708
Hunt James Douglas Stirling W7585
Hunt R L Wellington T2967
Hunt K Lancaster JB310
Hunt T L Mosquito MV551
Hunt L Lancaster LM586
Hunt D E Lancaster ED731
Hunt K E Lancaster ME521
Hunt E G Lancaster HK688
Hunt S P Lancaster NG219
Hunt G T Wellington R1609
Hunt D W Hurricane L1585
Hunt W R Halifax W7658
Hunt C R E Halifax JD326
Hunt C R D Lancaster L7533
Hunt H G Halifax HX233
Hunt R A Lancaster ED768
Hunt C H J Lancaster DV167
Hunt H N Hurricane V6730
Hunt B O Lancaster LM284
Hunt Melville John Hyland Whitley Z6841
Hunt H A Lancaster NF988
Hunt T E Lancaster R5856
Hunt T E Lancaster JB351
Hunt W Lancaster LM269
Hunt D A C Spitfire N3028
Hunt A R J Stirling R9281
Hunt T W Stirling BK773
Hunt R B Lancaster ND736
Hunt R T Lancaster JB653
Hunt W H Halifax L9561
Hunt D C H Halifax DT621
Hunt J H Halifax W1036
Hunt J D Hampden P2097
Hunt W Hampden AD837
Hunt Hampden P2125
Hunt W Lancaster W4186
Hunt Cyril Lancaster ED699
Hunt A Beaufighter
Hunt G J Lancaster W4835
Hunt Gladstone Montague
Hunt Colin Charles
Hunt Harry Chapman
Hunt Edmund Freeman
Hunt Leslie Thomas
Hunt John Penboss
Hunt Allan William John
Hunt Donald Eric
Hunt James Thomas
Hunt John Alexander Richard
Hunt Campbell Vernon
Hunt Walter James
Hunt Stanley Burfield
Hunt Mervyn Cyril Wellington LP130
Hunt Edward E P-51 Mustang
Hunt Edward E P-51 Mustang
Hunt Edward E P-51 Mustang
Hunt Edward E P-51 Mustang
Hunt Edward E P-51 Mustang
Hunt Edward E P-51 Mustang
Hunt Edward E P-51 Mustang
Hunt Edward E P-51 Mustang
Hunt Gilbert W P-51 Mustang
Hunt Jerome G P-47 Thunderbolt
Hunt Jerome G P-47 Thunderbolt
Hunt Robert S Jr P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Hunt William F P-47 Thunderbolt
Hunt Graham Humphreys Wellington Z8703
Hunter George T. B-24 Hell’s-Bells 42-52358
Hunter F D'O Halifax W1101
Hunter Malcolm Ross Lancaster ND645
Hunter L G L Lancaster LM571
Hunter R I Lancaster JA901
Hunter Reginald Anthony Desmond Hudson A16-7
Hunter William Thomas Robert Lancaster ME616
Hunter John Raymond Blenheim L1280
Hunter Geoffrey Colin Devas Mosquito MM231
Hunter James Halifax LW246
Hunter John Halifax DG408
Hunter Robert Lancaster HE644
Hunter B V Halifax W1153
Hunter Robert Charles Typhoon JR304
Hunter Donald Lancaster NE164
Hunter T McL M Halifax W7852
Hunter A G Halifax W7696
Hunter A R Halifax JD408
Hunter R P Spitfire BL766
Hunter R J Stirling BK815
Hunter R O Halifax DK119
Hunter D C Hampden AD842
Hunter John Douglas Bruce Halifax JB858
Hunter W L Halifax LW231
Hunter John Thompson Wellington X3723
Hunter R O Halifax MZ802
Hunter William George Halifax LV989
Hunter A J Halifax RG476
Hunter H Halifax MZ420
Hunter D N Lancaster ED782
Hunter James Albert Halifax DT509
Hunter D C Lancaster ED520
Hunter Harold Eric Wellington X3599
Hunter I H Stirling W7445
Hunter I Stirling N6085
Hunter Patrick Torre Stirling W7513
Hunter A Halifax LV882
Hunter I P Whitley Z6510
Hunter B V Halifax
Hunter M Lancaster JA871
Hunter E W Mosquito ML900
Hunter J A Wellington X3718
Hunter J S Lancaster W4372
Hunter A B Lancaster JB359
Hunter A Lancaster PB476
Hunter T K Lancaster LM110
Hunter W Lancaster PB115
Hunter R E Blenheim R3706
Hunter R E Blenheim L8851
Hunter L J Wellington HF918
Hunter E W Lancaster PB209
Hunter R Halifax JD255
Hunter H B Whitley K8960
Hunter J Blenheim V6038
Hunter R Halifax RG375
Hunter J Fortress HB803
Hunter J Stirling BF401
Hunter W Stirling EF425
Hunter T Whirlwind P7009
Hunter P A Defiant N1535
Hunter J Halifax W1109
Hunter F J Halifax DK190
Hunter W A W Wellington HZ357
Hunter D R Lancaster LL724
Hunter J Lancaster W4832
Hunter C H Lancaster ND741
Hunter K Lancaster PB235
Hunter B Hampden P5324
Hunter W Lancaster NF919
Hunter A Lancaster ED828
Hunter L Halifax MZ319
Hunter G Lancaster ND396
Hunter H P Lancaster W4257
Hunter W J Halifax RG353
Hunter Spitfire
Hunter E H Lancaster LM536
Hunter A I G Lancaster ND820
Hunter R Halifax JD460
Hunter J H Halifax LK730
Hunter R T Halifax JD475
Hunter R J Lancaster JB114
Hunter K Lancaster JB402
Hunter D A Wellington X3606
Hunter A Lancaster JB119
Hunter W H Lancaster NE121
Hunter T Wellington N2870
Hunter Philip Algernon
Hunter William Carnaby
Hunter Ian McIntyre
Hunter Irwin
Hunter Ian Walter
Hunter Reginald Anthony Desmond
Hunter Donald Harry
Hunter Archibald William James
Hunter Frederick D'Orsa
Hunter Malcolm Ross
Hunter Arthur Jack
Hunter Richard James
Hunter Lionel Gregory Leslie
Hunter William Keaton
Hunter Ronald William
Hunter Alexander John
Hunter Owen Frederick Hudson FH414
Hunter Thomas Matthew Ventura AE665
Hunter Paul E. B-17 Return Ticket 42-97065
Hunter Charles M P-51 Mustang
Hunter Harry F P-47 Thunderbolt
Hunter Joe E P-47 Thunderbolt
Hunter Joe E P-47 Thunderbolt
Hunter John B P-51 Mustang
Hunter John B P-51 Mustang
Hunter John C P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Hunter John C P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Hunter Kenneth W Jr P-38 Lightning
Hunter Kenneth W Jr P-38 Lightning
Hunting Ernest Francis Stirling EH928
Hunting William Karl Blenheim Z7644
Hunting E R Wellington X3794
Huntingford A E Lancaster LM337
Huntley Francis Hindmarch Lancaster W4762
Huntley Frederick Hope Lancaster W4138
Huntley Donald Norman Lancaster W4169
Huntley S L Lancaster LM464
Huntley C O Lancaster PB295
Huntley F G Wellington Z1205
Huntley N Halifax LL388
Huntley D A Blenheim Z7440
Huntley R W Mosquito HJ915
Huntley F W Halifax W7760
Huntley J L G Halifax MZ406
Huntley K Stirling N6013
Huntley W J Halifax JD471
Huntley W R Halifax JB872
Huntley Arthur John
Huntley-Wood I McA Lancaster ED832
Huot J W J P Lancaster PB198
Hupalo Aleksander Vickers Wellington Z1267
Hupman Arnold Freeman Lancaster KB728
Huppert S B Mosquito MM570
Hur Paweł Wellington Z1386
Hurd E J Lancaster DS724
Hurd L O Manchester R5840
Hurd William A P-47 Thunderbolt
Hurdiss Thomas James Lancaster NG180
Hurditch Douglas David Wellington Z1412
Hurford G Blenheim L8776
Hurko Boleslaw
Hurl Carl Norman Wellington LN451
Hurl W T Stirling R9333
Hurlburt Don M P-47 Thunderbolt
Hurlbut N M Lancaster HK605
Hurle W C Lancaster JB124
Hurle C H Halifax JB799
Hurle William Grover
Hurley M J Lancaster R5739
Hurley E W J Lancaster JB637
Hurley J A Lancaster ME628
Hurley P J Lancaster KB859
Hurley T P Wellington DV890
Hurley R Lancaster DV298
Hurley J A Halifax RG502
Hurley W G Lancaster LM292
Hurley F A Mosquito DK295
Hurley E Stirling EH893
Hurley J D Halifax MZ501
Hurley C M Lancaster R5570
Hurley A R Mosquito DZ247
Hurley G J Halifax HR846
Hurley G J Halifax W7887
Hurley I E Lancaster NE175
Hurley H J Lancaster DS846
Hurley J R Lancaster ME794
Hurley C H T Lancaster NN696
Hurley C H T Lancaster JB373
Hurley J J W Wellington X3347
Hurley Max James
Hurley Ernest William Joseph
Hurley Frank Louis
Hurley Ronald Leonard
Hurley T K
Hurley James C P-51 Mustang
Hurley William S Jr P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Hurley William S Jr P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Hurlston M F Whitley T4164
Hurlston Whitley T4151
Hurlston Whitley T4293
Hurn H A R Lancaster DS782
Hurn W A Stirling R9306
Hurr Ernest John Halifax BB374
Hurrell H G Halifax RG426
Hurrell William Wellington X3310
Hurrell W R S Typhoon MN582
Hurrell S A Wellington HE163
Hurrell R Lancaster JA856
Hurrell H L Hampden X2993
Hurrell S V F Halifax DT775
Hurrell Blenheim V6032
Hurrell Blenheim V6032
Hurrell Blenheim
Hurrell Eric
Hurry C A L Hurricane P3816
Hursey F G Halifax MZ510
Hurson J M Lancaster W4982
Hurst N G Lancaster LM223
Hurst Tom Battle K9485
Hurst R N Halifax HR924
Hurst R N Halifax DT792
Hurst D S Spitfire BM162
Hurst Neil Arbuthnot Lancaster PA219
Hurst D P P Lancaster JA863
Hurst H D Wellington Z1595
Hurst J R Lancaster ED990
Hurst K Lancaster ED366
Hurst G G Stirling BF472
Hurst R G Blenheim Z7291
Hurst J W N Halifax DK229
Hurst P J Hampden L4040
Hurst P J Hampden P1175
Hurst W F Whitley T4298
Hurst W F Whitley P4981
Hurst P H Lancaster LM461
Hurst J Lancaster JA853
Hurst I J Halifax LK867
Hurst John
Hurst Norman George
Hurst Wilford F P-47 Thunderbolt
Hurst Wilford F P-47 Thunderbolt
Hurst William M P-51 Mustang
Hursthouse John Wilson
Hurstwaite F J Lancaster LM309
Hurstwaite Fred Joseph
Hurt Karel Wellington T2624
Hurt Charles Edward 'Ted' Spitfire BM194
Hurt H F Whitley N1528
Hurt J R Wellington R1517
Hurt H Stirling EE886
Hurt H F Wellington T2900
Hurteau Alfred Eugene Halifax JD113
Hurteau J F R Halifax LW633
Hurtubise P E Spitfire NH189
Hurworth G F Wellington T2847
Husband M J Halifax MZ447
Huser Oliver S Jr P-38 Lightning
Huskins Sam J Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Huspeka J Halifax NP718
Hussey J S Lancaster LL948
Hussey J E Lancaster ED610
Hussey Roy Jack Hubert
Huston Reginald Vere Whitley P5108
Huston H T Halifax HR854
Huston G S Halifax DK183
Huston John Clarke Wellington R1340
Huston Dean M P-51 Mustang
Huston Dean M P-51 Mustang
Hustwit Earl F P-51 Mustang
Hutcheon Donald Robert Halifax EB256
Hutcherson James E P-47 Thunderbolt
Hutcheson H J Lancaster PB637
Hutcheson Ian Cameron Typhoon MN803
Hutcheson R Halifax LV859
Hutcheson Hampden AE425
Hutcheson Harold Joseph
Hutcheson Jack
Hutchesson Clarence Lenord
Hutchin E G Typhoon SW391
Hutchin R E Halifax L9567
Hutchings K Lancaster ND822
Hutchings William Cyril Stirling W7582
Hutchings J F Halifax DK142
Hutchings C G Spitfire NH404
Hutchings M L Halifax HR747
Hutchings W E Stirling LJ454
Hutchings Kelvin
Hutchings Mervyn Walter
Hutchins K M Lancaster LM622
Hutchins N R Stirling LJ932
Hutchins M L Halifax DT568
Hutchins D R Lancaster JB661
Hutchins D Hampden P4365
Hutchins C J K Stirling LK385
Hutchins D Halifax LW617
Hutchins G D Lancaster LM341
Hutchins Kenneth Millett
Hutchins Bernard George
Hutchins John Richard
Hutchins Lloyd A P-47 Thunderbolt
Hutchinson F E Lancaster W4274
Hutchinson L T Wellington W5434
Hutchinson Jack Pierce Lancaster LL797
Hutchinson Jack Pierce Lancaster ED392
Hutchinson John Henry Lancaster R5698
Hutchinson Kenneth Wellington W5532
Hutchinson GA Wellington BK250
Hutchinson William Wellington X3398
Hutchinson Ronald Wellington T2897
Hutchinson Leslie John Harry Lancaster ME628
Hutchinson J L Wellington X3724
Hutchinson A D Halifax HR799
Hutchinson David Hester Halifax JB790
Hutchinson A R Halifax HX353
Hutchinson John Alexander Wellington DV873
Hutchinson M G Lancaster LM463
Hutchinson Geoffrey Douglas Manchester L7427
Hutchinson O A Battle K9270
Hutchinson K Wellington W5517
Hutchinson Manchester L7317
Hutchinson D J Lancaster HK624
Hutchinson E D Lancaster LL944
Hutchinson D S Wellington W5395
Hutchinson E S Lancaster JB748
Hutchinson J A Halifax JD179
Hutchinson J T Halifax BB313
Hutchinson J Blenheim V6177
Hutchinson A G Wellington Z3288
Hutchinson J R Ventura AE774
Hutchinson E T Stirling BF528
Hutchinson H Wellington R1713
Hutchinson I Spitfire R6772
Hutchinson I Spitfire P9492
Hutchinson W Halifax HR917
Hutchinson E B Wellington X3308
Hutchinson R Halifax NA188
Hutchinson R A Lancaster DS850
Hutchinson R Lancaster DS832
Hutchinson K W Halifax NP801
Hutchinson J Lancaster W4277
Hutchinson L J Lancaster ME794
Hutchinson T A Lancaster ND553
Hutchinson A Halifax MZ915
Hutchinson J Lancaster ED584
Hutchinson J S F Halifax LW540
Hutchinson Hampden P4339
Hutchinson R E G Lancaster EE144
Hutchinson A H Whitley T4208
Hutchinson C Whitley Z6461
Hutchinson A J Halifax JB928
Hutchinson Harold Henry Halifax W1002
Hutchinson Frank
Hutchinson Jock Mackenzie
Hutchinson Terence Joseph
Hutchinson Eric Ebsworth
Hutchinson Francis Ebsworth
Hutchinson Jack Pierce
Hutchison G J Lancaster ED447
Hutchison Alick Matheson Halifax LW210
Hutchison Kenneth William Hurricane AP524
Hutchison J W Boston W8350
Hutchison J Halifax LW177
Hutchison D J Halifax ME701
Hutchison Ross Orlando
Hutchison Lindsay Thomas
Hutchison Joseph Neilson
Hutchkiss Ronald Edward Battle L5502
Hutley R R Hurricane P2720
Hutshison J A Hampden AT110
Hutson Norman Charles Stirling N6068
Hutson L J Lancaster PB505
Hutson G G Hampden L4185
Hutson K F Halifax LK958
Hutt Raymond Harold Lancaster LL690
Hutt G A Wellington BJ599
Hutt G Halifax LL178
Hutt R K Wellington Z8794
Hutt K J Manchester L7324
Huttlestone George Henry Lancaster PB667
Hutton R W C Halifax MZ370
Hutton P W Halifax MZ479
Hutton J S Halifax LV949
Hutton Wallace Kenneth Lancaster JB488
Hutton Ernest Charles Manchester R5792
Hutton Grantley Charles George Stirling R9168
Hutton G E Halifax NP999
Hutton C M Lancaster PB652
Hutton J Halifax HX179
Hutton J Halifax HX163
Hutton J W Wellington R1703
Hutton T H Lancaster W4306
Hutton A Wellington W5395
Hutton G C G Stirling BF384
Hutton G C Stirling BK656
Hutton Thomas William Albert Halifax HX160
Hutton M R Halifax LK990
Hutton R Wellington HZ269
Hutton K T Halifax MZ556
Hutton R Stirling R9260
Hutton R Lancaster JB184
Hutton F Blenheim P4843
Hutton Gordon William
Hutton Frank Grainger Vincent
Hutton Ross Westlake
Hutton Wallace Kenneth
Hutton Ernest Charles
Huxen F J Stirling LJ509
Huxham H J Lancaster ED394
Huxley W L Wellington Z8342
Huxley N J Halifax LK629
Huxley William Bruce
Huxley Harold Francis Swordfish
Huxtable G J Lancaster JB366
Huxtable J F Wellington L7849
Huxtable G Lancaster ED941
Huxter E E Stirling EE949
Huycke A H S Halifax MZ649
Huycke Andre E P-51 Mustang
Huynen H P F Mosquito MM792
Hvinden A A Spitfire
Hyam Stanley Edwin Hudson AM535
Hyam A Wellington T2471
Hyam J L Lancaster ED668
Hyatt D Halifax NP738
Hyatt G A Halifax HR692
Hyatt V L Halifax JD276
Hyatt Joseph Montague
Hyde J Lancaster ME526
Hyde G L Halifax ME701
Hyde Geoffrey Cochane Spitfire BL777
Hyde Reginald H J Wellington HE276
Hyde William J. Lancaster ND756
Hyde Norbron Basil Wellington T2701
Hyde R M Lancaster NE119
Hyde K T Hampden AE246
Hyde John William Halifax MZ454
Hyde P Halifax NP768
Hyde E H Halifax NP775
Hyde D B Lancaster LL828
Hyde R C Halifax DT771
Hyde George Gordon Hurricane P2971
Hyde G M D Stirling R9185
Hyde J R Stirling LJ442
Hyde Reginald Jack
Hyde J J Spitfire PL316
Hyde T E Blenheim L9416
Hyde G C Wellington Z1477
Hyde D J A Stirling BF474
Hyde D J A Stirling BK667
Hyde C Lancaster NG164
Hyde N C Manchester L7302
Hyde A J Wellington DV768
Hyde A Halifax LW502
Hyde Horace Robert Lancaster JA967
Hyde H R Lancaster JA686
Hyde A A Spitfire MJ623
Hyde L V Lancaster ND640
Hyde Edmund McArthur
Hyde John
Hyde James
Hyde Jack Robert
Hyde Gordon Leslie
Hyde-Parker A E Battle N2093
Hyden P Halifax DT775
Hyder Leslie Anderson Stirling BF372
Hydes G G Lancaster LM580
Hydes D Lancaster DV239
Hydes R Lancaster ME724
Hyenne A Halifax NA546
Hyett H W E Lancaster ED723
Hyett E Halifax DK269
Hyland asil Paul Malcolm Lancaster W4171
Hyland George Albert Halifax MZ922
Hyland P J Lancaster LM462
Hyland P J Lancaster NE134
Hyland R C Hampden L4149
Hyland Francis Ettiene
Hylton James Gavin
Hyman Wellington T2999
Hyman B Stirling EF407
Hyman Edward D P-51 Mustang
Hymas C Lancaster DV374
Hymas J H Spitfire MB832
Hymers Al F Lancaster LM213
Hynam Graham Stanley Wellington X3704
Hynam C C Wellington W5553
Hynd J H Lancaster PD252
Hynd Eric Leslie Stirling N3754
Hynd W Lancaster W4862
Hynd Eric Leslie
Hyndman Orrie Frank Wellington HF307
Hyndman B D Lancaster KB779
Hyndman John Thomas William Mosquito HX916
Hyndman G B Halifax LV784
Hynds H J W Lancaster DV235
Hyne D A Halifax LW338
Hynes Keith Frederick Mosquito MM178
Hynes William Joseph Lancaster ED826
Hynes Brian Maurice Lancaster NF960
Hynes Brian Maurice Whitley BD351
Hynes Keith Frederick Mosquito DZ435
Hynes F J Blenheim V6365
Hynes T G Hampden P4372
Hynes Thomas Joseph Lancaster ME591
Hynes T G Hampden L4147
Hynes Keith Frederick
Hynes John Patrick
Hynes Arthur Joseph
Hynes John A P-51 Mustang
Hyrons A L Stirling EF347
Hysing-Dahl P Lysander V9490
Hyslop R G Halifax RG426
Hyslop W M Whitley T4270
Hyslop Douglas Cruickshank Blenheim V5525
Hyson Arnold Wentworth Halifax W7748
Hyt N E Lancaster DV389
Hytch D I Lancaster ME357
Hytka Zdenek Fairey Battle N2060
Ianuziello Dominic Lancaster LL862
Iball W H Lancaster PA987
Ibbitson F
Ibbotson D T Lancaster ME694
Ibbotson Ernest Claude Lancaster R5897
Ibbotson Thomas Karl Spitfire BS104 “Corps of Imperial Frontiersman”.
Ibbotson Thomas Karl Spitfire BS104 “Corps of Imperial Frontiersman”.
Ibbotson H Halifax LW594
Ibbotson W Lancaster ED887
Ibbotson Geoffrey Halifax LL190
Ibbotson J R Whitley N1347
Ibbotson Desmond
Ibbott Herbert Wellington MS471
Icard Joe W P-47 Thunderbolt
Icard Joe W P-47 Thunderbolt
Icard Joe W P-47 Thunderbolt
Icard Joe W P-47 Thunderbolt
Icard Joe W P-47 Thunderbolt
Icard Joe W P-47 Thunderbolt
Iddon W Halifax LV798
Idema W D Spitfire MH852
Iden Paul S P-51 Mustang
Idle H Lancaster ND627
Idrian Ryszard Spitfire RN130
Idzikowski Zbigniew Augustyn Halifax DT542
Idzikowski Zbigniew Augustyn Wellington W5723
Idzikowski (Morrel Robert) Zbigniew R Wellington R1492
Ievers R V Boston Z2165
Ife Alan Lancaster ND878
Ifield Milton Robert
Ifould Mary Doreen Mosquito HX916
Ifould Elton Murray
Iglesias Victor D P-51 Mustang
Iglesias Victor D P-51 Mustang
Ignaszak Antoni Henryk Fairey Battle L5071
Ignatowski Kajetan Wellington Z1288
Ikin F R (Dick) Lancaster R5550
Ikin Clyde Albert
Iles R G Wellington T2509
Iles R J C Lancaster LL668
Ilfrey Jack M P-38 Lightning
Ilian C Halifax W7660
Ilian C
Iliffe J M Halifax DT705
Iliński Olgierd Supermarine Spitfire R7161
Illa J Halifax LV908
Illand O D Wellington R1463
Illaszewicz Władysław Bristol Beaufighter X8131
Illg Mieczysław De Havilland Mosquito HX908
Illingsworth J L Wellington Z1108
Illingworth Irvine Halifax JD406
Illingworth Peter Bartley Stirling EF498
Illingworth J D Halifax DT788
Illingworth G S Whitley Z9166
Illingworth A M Wellington Z1622
Illingworth D R Lancaster JA698
Illingworth A Halifax LL225
Illingworth R A Wellington LN404
Illingworth G E Lancaster PB369
Illingworth T Lancaster NG271
Illingworth W Halifax JB870
Illingworth Edward Hope
Illius A B W Lancaster ED829
Ilsley I W R Hampden AD907
Image L Halifax MZ712
Imart P Halifax NA549
Imber Dennis Sydney Hampden L4129
Imber D S Hampden P4351
Imber B G Lancaster LM377
Imber G Mitchell FL708
Imbert P C Halifax NA174
Imbert André Norbet Spitfire EE603
Imeson G A D Wellington R1219
Imeson R S Lancaster JB401
Imiołek (Imiałek) Henryk Vickers Wellington Z1387
Imison G P Hampden AE303
Imlay C G Beaufighter R2312
Immelman Roy Hoole Hudson T9320
Imms J Halifax DK183
Imperious T K Lancaster RF188
Impey W Halifax HX267
Impey E B H Liberator EV941
Imrie G J Lancaster PB130
Imrie John Alexander Kay Lancaster LL687
Imrie I G Halifax DT680
Imrie G B Stirling BK778
Imrie A M Battle L5235
Imrie J A Lancaster DS768
Imrie W Lancaster W4125
Imrie Allister Andrew Thomas Liberator 586
Ince Roy Allwyne Halifax HX274
Ince Charles Desmond Stirling R9266
Ince C D Stirling R9355
Ince I M Hampden AT119
Ince Ian MacPherson
Ince Roy Alleyne
Inch T H Wellington DV475
Inch D F Halifax DT670
Inches J D Typhoon PD593
Ind R V Lancaster DV374
Inder E C Wellington Z8901
Inder A G Halifax NA511
Inderwick A G Whitley Z6836
Indge C Halifax NA568
Indseth B Halifax DT647
Ineson James Frank Lancaster LL787
Ineson Allan Clifford Halifax NP744
Ing J Battle L4946
Ingalls Ross Baxter Lancaster JB300
Inganni L L Lancaster ME631
Ingeberg N W Lancaster RA523
Ingelido Michael J P-47 Thunderbolt
Ingelido Michael J P-47 Thunderbolt
Ingelido Michael J P-47 Thunderbolt
Ingelido Michael J P-47 Thunderbolt
Ingelido Michael J P-47 Thunderbolt
Ingelido Michael J P-47 Thunderbolt
Ingell L R Lancaster ND657
Ingerson Quentin F. B-17 43-37909
Inggs D E Lancaster ED978
Ingham Kenneth Victor Sunderland JM763
Ingham Brian Samuel Lancaster LL803
Ingham Frederick Gordon Wellington HE332
Ingham R J Lancaster HK624
Ingham R J Halifax NA670
Ingham J R Lancaster ND910
Ingham Francis William Lancaster ND592
Ingham J P Stirling BF459
Ingham B W Halifax DT770
Ingham Leonard Jack
Ingham Frank Lawson
Ingham Kenneth Victor
Ingle A R Stirling EF428
Ingle S L Lancaster ED417
Ingle Alec Typhoon JP436
Ingle G Halifax LK826
Ingle T D Lancaster NG200
Ingle A Hurricane V7599
Ingle A Hurricane V7609
Ingle A Typhoon R7752
Ingle Alec
Ingle Ian James
Ingleby Cyril Wellington R1181
Ingleby H Blenheim V5725
Ingleby P Mosquito NT202
Ingles Arthur Norman Lancaster JA941
Ingles W Halifax DT780
Ingles Arthur Norman
Ingling Zdzisław Handley Page Halifax HR657
Inglis R E Lancaster JB472
Inglis David Wilson Lancaster JB639
Inglis E R Lancaster ND570
Inglis W G L Wellington BJ625
Inglis I B Halifax HR696
Inglis R G Blenheim R3620
Inglis J D Wellington BJ780
Inglis J A Typhoon MN258
Inglis A C Tempest EJ781
Inglis S S Lancaster PB207
Inglis G J Lancaster W4769
Inglis R Lancaster R5699
Inglis R Lancaster JB135
Inglis J R Stirling BF456
Inglis Samuel Lindsay
Inglis Robert Ernest
Ingmire M F Lancaster PB533
Ingoldby Peter Norrison
Ingraham W C Halifax LK914
Ingram W R Lancaster ED986
Ingram Charles Joseph Liberator AL577
Ingram E H Stirling BF331
Ingram G Lancaster PB768
Ingram A G Wellington BJ714
Ingram W R Lancaster LL949
Ingram Mervin Robert 'Bruce'
Ingram J N Lancaster ED830
Ingram J A Wellington X9609
Ingram R H Lancaster W5012
Ingram P A Hampden AD760
Ingram N J Battle P2136
Ingram L A Halifax HX349
Ingram W D Wellington R3209
Ingram P Halifax L9499
Ingram G F H Lancaster ND734
Ingram S B Lancaster ND689
Ingram J H Lancaster ME808
Ingram Kenneth Herschel Callender Lancaster LL840
Ingram A J D Hampden P1329
Ingram D St C Lancaster LM429
Ingram J O Lancaster W4763
Ingram D T M Lancaster EE129
Ingram E R Whitley Z6664
Ingram N J Blenheim V5997
Ingram A E Lancaster ED662
Ingram D J Lancaster PB198
Ingram C Stirling EE196
Ingram G Stirling BF504
Ingram Lester Neil
Ingram Robert John
Ingram Ian Ross
Ingram William J P-51 Mustang
Ingram William J P-51 Mustang
Ingrey Philip Alan Lancaster ND460
Ingrey R Stirling BF461
Ings Robert Verdun Halifax LL578
Ings Gerald Antony Lancaster R5761
Ings G A Lancaster R5860
Ings C B Halifax DT690
Inkpen William Hampden AE223
Inkster J M Lancaster PB306
Inkster James Magnus
Inkster George Frederick
Inman J W Lancaster NG114
Inman L M Lancaster PB643
Inman D A Wellington DV806
Inman P F Stirling BF313
Inman H Stirling N3709
Inman H Stirling N6095
Innes F F Lancaster DS715
Innes A C Lancaster NG416
Innes I R C Halifax MZ692
Innes Eric Moir Stirling N6069
Innes Arthur Joseph Halifax LK783
Innes Leslie Liberator KH245
Innes Stuart Laban Wellington Z1202
Innes A G Halifax JD318
Innes L J Halifax MZ906
Innes O A Stirling EF398
Innes H A Wellington P9267
Innes H G Lancaster JA919
Innes D A W Stirling R9357
Innes J G Spitfire AD205
Innes A Lancaster W4825
Innes Wellington X9740
Innes Frank Faulkes
Innes Auburn Clyde
Innes-Jones E M Spitfire BM182
Inness George Mathew Halifax W7909
Inness R McK Lancaster DV284
Inness W I C Wellington X3289
Inniss G H F Hampden AD750
Inniss Aubrey Richard de Lisle
Innocent O H T Lancaster JA930
Inns J H Lancaster ND785
Inns George Stirling EH878
Insch J D Stirling W7474
Insell J P Lancaster LM634
Inskip J Wellington DV890
Inskip D R Spitfire EN613
Insley H Lancaster ND728
Insole J C Halifax DG244
Inston J Lancaster ND336
Instone R Wellington R1613
Instone T S Lancaster KB804
Inthout Duane D P-47 Thunderbolt`
Intravartola Leonard V P-51 Mustang
Inverarity William Halifax HX160
Inverarity John Alexander Lancaster LL643
Inverarity Thomas Halifax LW433
Inwood Robert Typhoon DN598
Inwood E W Lancaster W4384
Ion J P Lancaster PB176
Ion John Parr
Iredell Joseph Hall
Ireland L Lancaster ND925
Ireland L Lancaster ND638
Ireland S J Lancaster JB607
Ireland John Macmillan Avro Anson EG113
Ireland Nicolas Arthur Lancaster ME621
Ireland Peter Halifax PN243
Ireland D G H Lancaster NG131
Ireland Willard Vernon Lancaster LM474
Ireland P J Halifax BB327
Ireland R A Halifax NA188
Ireland Bertram Leslie Wellington LN403
Ireland John Lancaster DV300
Ireland D G Lancaster PB528
Ireland D B Halifax HR666
Ireland J R Halifax LL466
Ireland E W Wellington X9677
Ireland D S Halifax HR850
Ireland N A Halifax LW671
Ireland E K Lancaster NG503
Ireland N L Halifax MZ526
Ireland Lawrence
Ireland Leslie Keith
Ireland Geoffrey
Ireland Clarence Gordon
Ireland Stanley James
Ireland Alfred E Jr P-47 Thunderbolt`
Iremonger J H Typhoon JR667
Iremonger J H Tempest JN754
Ireson W H Spitfire W3128
Ireson F L T Hampden AD835
Ireton J G Halifax L9494
Irion Robert E P-51 Mustang
Irish J W Halifax W1109
Irish J R Halifax LV950
Irish E E O Spitfire
Irish E E O Tempest EJ657
Ironmonger Leonard Richard Lancaster PB256
Ironmonger Ernest James Halifax W1016
Irons R G Lancaster W4858
Irons George Harold Halifax JD375
Irons S W Lancaster ED913
Irvin G H Lancaster JB298
Irvin George Henry
Irvin John D P-47 Thunderbolt
Irvin John D P-47 Thunderbolt
Irvin John D P-47 Thunderbolt
Irvine A R Fortress HB802
Irvine James Melville Dundas Hampden P1336
Irvine R J Halifax HX149
Irvine J F Wellington HX365
Irvine N Halifax NR180
Irvine R R Halifax LW382
Irvine W H Wellington X3389
Irvine Thomas Walter Wellington Z1078
Irvine Ian Hamilton Hurricane BD725
Irvine J P Lancaster LL779
Irvine J L Lancaster W4156
Irvine M M Wellington Z5171
Irvine N Halifax MZ817
Irvine J Mosquito
Irvine T G Lancaster R5857
Irvine Frederick Jack
Irvine Thomas James
Irvine John Murray
Irvine Harold Oliver Liberator KH214
Irvine-Brown Maxwell
Irving D J Lancaster LL861
Irving Colin Howe Lancaster RF181
Irving Donald Atherton Whitley Z6943
Irving F C Lancaster NG335
Irving A N Wellington X9974
Irving H C Halifax MZ456
Irving R M Halifax NP681
Irving G N Halifax EB285
Irving A E Lancaster ND919
Irving D R Lancaster JB117
Irving Walter Nelson Stirling LJ878
Irving J B McM Halifax HR712
Irving J A Halifax JD369
Irving G R Mosquito HR207
Irving H Hampden L4045
Irving J R Lancaster ND989
Irving J D Lancaster W4359
Irving M M Hurricane R4189
Irving S Halifax LK957
Irving G Halifax W7926
Irving J M Blenheim N3569
Irving David Hampden AD916
Irving Donald James
Irving Colin Howe
Irving Donald Atherton
Irwin J P Lancaster JB419
Irwin Thomas Wilson Mosquito LR329
Irwin K A Whitley P5109
Irwin W J Mustang AP232
Irwin R M Halifax LW674
Irwin W N Halifax NA509
Irwin R A Halifax HX313
Irwin F H Halifax MZ482
Irwin T R C Wellington BJ918
Irwin T R C Wellington HE733
Irwin H C Wellington HE432
Irwin Harvey Roland Lancaster KB813
Irwin K Lancaster LM171
Irwin W D Mosquito DZ642
Irwin D L Halifax LK840
Irwin W A Lancaster ND590
Irwin G J Stirling EH955
Irwin William Francis Oxford V3581
Irwin A J Lancaster ND413
Irwin J Lancaster DV164
Irwin J Lancaster EE199
Irwin J E Halifax HR666
Irwin J A Typhoon JP836
Irwin R H F Typhoon MN608
Irwin C A Spitfire P9305
Irwin C J Wellington X9890
Irwin R P Halifax MZ601
Irwin W T Halifax HR728
Irwin J C B Wellington R1589
Irwin P J Lancaster R5915
Irwin J G Lancaster PA983
Irwin S G Beaufighter V8619
Irwin A K Lancaster PB140
Irwin Alexander William
Irwin Jack Hector
Irwin John Percival
Irwins J R Spitfire NH349
Isaac M G Halifax LL598
Isaac Lewis Reginald Spitfire L1029
Isaac G H Halifax LV961
Isaac J Lancaster ND868
Isaac P F Hampden P1165
Isaac S J Ventura AE701
Isaac K H Halifax JN900
Isaac R T Halifax DK176
Isaac R T Halifax DK167
Isaac Mervyn George
Isaacs G H Lancaster W4363
Isaacs Canon Frederick Lancaster R5684
Isaacs J E Wellington HE682
Isaacs R Lancaster ED533
Isaacs F R Whitley Z9301
Isaacs W A Lancaster ND532
Isaacs Gerald Henry
Isachsen H R Typhoon MN690
Isachsen R I Spitfire MK588
Isfan J T Lancaster ND951
Isfield I A Mosquito DK337
Isham S A Lancaster DV274
Isherwood Stanley Hampden L4132
Isherwood Leonard Whitley N1424
Isherwood Samuel Lancaster DV403
Isherwood Joseph Stirling EH928
Isherwood S J G Wellington Z1168
Isherwood S J Wellington R1177
Isherwood R Halifax LW273
Isherwood S Hampden AE362
Ising Geoffrey Ernest
Isle William Henry
Isles J L Lancaster PD231
Isles H E Stirling BF524
Isles James Love
Ismay G L Whitley T4130
Ison W J Hampden L4099
Ison H Lancaster PB121
Israel J L Lancaster ME793
Israel L Halifax DK244
Israel Jack Lewis
Ista Leroy W P-47 Thunderbolt
Isted E C Stirling W5780
Isted W C Lancaster ND466
Itarder J Spitfire AD565
Itzerott Arthur Rupert
Ivatt Harold Moseley Lancaster W4762
Ivatt R S C Hampden X2987
Ive G C Halifax LK958
Ive L A Lancaster LL645
Ive George Corbett
Ivelaw-Chapman R Lancaster ND783
Ivens Douglas Hickling Blenheim Z7962
Iverhue I Blenheim V6034
Ivers D A Halifax DT520
Iverson B A Stirling N3750
Iverson B A Stirling N3679
Iverson J E W Lancaster JA865
Iverson W Halifax LK949
Iverson Charles Malbon
Ives Hubert Geoffrey Wellington N2945
Ives G Halifax NP696
Ives J L Whitley Z6569
Ives S H Stirling N3725
Ives Herbert Wellington X3408
Ives J K Lancaster ND360
Ives J H Wellington W5578
Ives F A Hurricane
Ives A G Stirling BF480
Ives H Wellington Z8834
Ives Cecil Albert
Iveson W J M Mustang AG433
Iveson Edwin Halifax LV900
Iveson T C Spitfire L1036
Iveson D Whitley T4212
Iveson Edwin
Ivett Philip Frederick Lancaster RF153
Ivey G Lancaster ND637
Ivey L W Spitfire EE164
Ivin John Henry
Ivins D V Mosquito DZ712
Ivins F Whitley Z7575
Ivins F Whitley Z6504
Ivor W A Halifax DT674
Ivor W A Halifax DT678
Ivory H J Wellington BJ881
Ivory L Lancaster EE175
Ivory H T Whitley Z6492
Ivory James Richard
Ivy Thearon Ott B-24 Gawgia Peach 42-52709
Iwanicki Leopold
Iwanowicz Bolesław Stanisław Wellington Z1271
Izatt H J Mosquito ML917
Izatt J Lancaster ED333
Izod L G A Lancaster JB601
Izor Edward F P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Izor Edward F P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Izor Edward F P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Izor Edward F P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Iżycki Jan Piotr Halifax BB340
Izzard L T Stirling R9253
Jaaskelainen William P-51 Mustang
Jabara James P-51 Mustang
Jabara James P-51 Mustang
Jablonski Wellington W5529
Jablonski Tadeusz
Jabloński Jan Wellington Z1377
Jabłoński Wiktor Handley Page Halifax JD154
Jabłoński Wiktor Wellington Z1472
Jabour Roy John
Jacenik Roman Vickers Wellington HE985
Jacewicz Sergiusz Vickers Wellington HF606
Jachacz Henryk Eustachiusz Lancaster PA161
Jachna Ludwik Vickers Wellington R1298
Jack D G Whitley Z6973
Jack R K Lancaster PB131
Jack R A Lancaster ME810
Jack V E Lancaster W4886
Jack P Lancaster LL622
Jack George McPherson Stirling LJ503
Jack J Wellington X3728
Jack J G Stirling R9145
Jack W C Lancaster ND576
Jack P D Halifax LW372
Jack Henry Lancaster JB126
Jack T A M Blenheim V6455
Jack Douglas Gordon
Jack Russell Stuart
Jack Andrew Sunderland W4026
Jack Joseph V P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Jacka C H Spitfire P8046
Jackes J C Wellington BJ589
Jackett William George Halifax HR861
Jackett P H Wellington W5367
Jacklin Hampden L4191
Jacklin John Francis
Jackman F D Halifax DK252
Jackman T A Halifax LW132
Jackman E L Halifax W1111
Jackman W J Spitfire R7227
Jackman Blenheim V5375
Jackman Vivian Lugton
Jackowski Antoni Lancaster PA160
Jacks A E Whitley LA787
Jacks W A Halifax LK710
Jackson F R Mosquito DZ434
Jackson Allen Stewart Lancaster HK556
Jackson E P Spitfire AB852
Jackson A J Lancaster PB379/G
Jackson F G Lancaster LM523
Jackson L E Lancaster LL740
Jackson S E Lancaster JA906
Jackson A R Lancaster ND783
Jackson F M Lancaster SW254
Jackson John Angus Hampden P1305
Jackson Roy Wellington N3017
Jackson R J Lancaster W4943
Jackson Robert Renwick Boston AL766
Jackson Frank Bertram Wellington LN285
Jackson Ernest Halifax W7651
Jackson Norman Cyril Lancaster ME669
Jackson Sidney Halifax LW118
Jackson William E. Stirling N6077
Jackson Robert Lancaster NG296
Jackson Thomas Leslie Lancaster ME699
Jackson Douglas Halifax LV778
Jackson Stuart William Wellington N2784
Jackson Bernard Bernstein Halifax R9451
Jackson C W Halifax LW629
Jackson W Halifax W7911
Jackson D C Wellington W5552
Jackson H N Lancaster ND504
Jackson W R Lancaster ND620
Jackson Lawrence Kendall Typhoon SW412
Jackson W H Spitfire AD245
Jackson L H Wellington Z8419
Jackson L D Halifax W7713
Jackson H F Halifax W1096
Jackson B G D Lancaster JB241
Jackson Ross Banting Lancaster DS778
Jackson R H B Mosquito HJ927
Jackson T E Halifax JB912
Jackson A R Lancaster KB775
Jackson R H Halifax LW426
Jackson C W Wellington HE422
Jackson A J Halifax LW208
Jackson O L Halifax LW577
Jackson Henry Alfred Halifax LK628
Jackson G Halifax LW572
Jackson Alan Benjamin Halifax DK251
Jackson D E Halifax LL178
Jackson L MacC Lancaster LM431
Jackson R J Wellington Z1578
Jackson Duncan John Halifax LW640
Jackson A H Stirling R9199
Jackson Leonard Thomas Lancaster W4799
Jackson Frederick Grant Dakota FZ597
Jackson K Lancaster PB563
Jackson J Wellington W5433
Jackson B L Stirling EF428
Jackson A T B Stirling W7560
Jackson K C Stirling EE918
Jackson H T Typhoon EK245
Jackson H Halifax BB201
Jackson D A Halifax JD470
Jackson B Halifax NA114
Jackson S Halifax MZ773
Jackson N F Whitley Z6557
Jackson J H Lancaster PB237
Jackson T H Halifax JD303
Jackson L Halifax DT517
Jackson Samuel Harry Halifax W7752
Jackson D J G Halifax JD378
Jackson L Whitley Z9289
Jackson G D Whitley Z6759
Jackson Samuel Harry Halifax W7752
Jackson J F Lancaster NN758
Jackson Crossley Lancaster LL946
Jackson E H G Lancaster PB363
Jackson George William Mosquito DK339
Jackson J H Mosquito LR499
Jackson M G Blenheim N6390
Jackson L J Blenheim Z7319
Jackson M G Blenheim R3672
Jackson H Lancaster ND447
Jackson J Lancaster DV222
Jackson M E Spitfire BS279
Jackson W N Mosquito KB162
Jackson A D Whitley Z6727
Jackson J J Hampden X2988
Jackson R Stirling EH885
Jackson Francis Charles Stirling W7585
Jackson Stirling W7450
Jackson Athur R Lancaster LM441
Jackson D Stirling EF437
Jackson W Wellington X3279
Jackson A J Lancaster ED622
Jackson L E W Halifax DG223
Jackson E Halifax DT694
Jackson H Halifax R9372
Jackson H Lancaster NG200
Jackson C R Lancaster JA704
Jackson G W Wellington BK515
Jackson F Wellington HE901
Jackson E G Mosquito TA394
Jackson B Lancaster PA197
Jackson F W Wellington MS468
Jackson F Wellington HE171
Jackson J A Stirling EF271
Jackson W E Wellington HE277
Jackson A D Lancaster ED586
Jackson L F Lancaster LM578
Jackson E L Lancaster EE175
Jackson G W Wellington Z8979
Jackson J M S Fortress HB788
Jackson N Stirling N6129
Jackson Wellington R1210
Jackson Wellington R1368
Jackson T R Typhoon SW425
Jackson A Blenheim L6637
Jackson R F Halifax L9502
Jackson E H Halifax L9566
Jackson P McG Halifax HR685
Jackson S Halifax HX169
Jackson Halifax W1154
Jackson L Lancaster PB612
Jackson S Lancaster ND734
Jackson G H Wellington N2992
Jackson L A
Jackson A E Halifax MZ598
Jackson N Halifax NP818
Jackson F C Halifax LK915
Jackson A Halifax EB210
Jackson K H Halifax LW124
Jackson B P Halifax LK897
Jackson Edward Lancaster W4259
Jackson T Wellington Z1218
Jackson R J Lancaster NG502
Jackson D A Lancaster ED664
Jackson R W Halifax HX341
Jackson Wilfred Wellington HE471
Jackson E W Hampden AT217
Jackson A Hampden AE396
Jackson L Hampden L4045
Jackson R A Lancaster ED440
Jackson A L Lancaster PB354
Jackson P F C Lancaster PB374
Jackson D Lancaster PD292
Jackson H Hampden AE226
Jackson N Lancaster ND876
Jackson C Lancaster DV227
Jackson J R Lancaster DV384
Jackson T J Halifax JD123
Jackson F Halifax HR859
Jackson R Whitley K8984
Jackson R Whitley K8984
Jackson H Whitley K9043
Jackson A Whitley P5106
Jackson Whitley T4148
Jackson A V Lancaster DS815
Jackson J Lancaster LL747
Jackson L Tempest EJ552
Jackson A B Lancaster W4262
Jackson G W T Wellington X9978
Jackson S H Wellington T2959
Jackson T Lancaster LM626
Jackson A C Lancaster LM381
Jackson W J Lancaster W4795
Jackson J L Lancaster W4244
Jackson T C Hurricane N2338
Jackson A Lancaster EE131
Jackson F Lancaster SW254
Jackson R Stirling EE875
Jackson L Stirling EH931
Jackson D S Lancaster LL753
Jackson T R Lancaster JA864
Jackson A T Lancaster ND580
Jackson A L Halifax LW441
Jackson W N Halifax LW585
Jackson J L Halifax NA560
Jackson R Stirling N3640
Jackson R T Spitfire NH461
Jackson K E Lancaster HK553
Jackson E Wellington
Jackson F J Halifax DK187
Jackson L F Halifax DK240
Jackson G A Halifax MZ428
Jackson H Halifax LW589
Jackson V L Halifax MZ361
Jackson F C Blenheim P4852
Jackson A E Hampden P4376
Jackson A E Hampden X2899
Jackson R J H Lancaster PB181
Jackson J H Stirling R9349
Jackson W Lancaster JB367
Jackson F Lancaster JA716
Jackson P H Wellington W5400
Jackson Derek Ainslie
Jackson John Edward
Jackson Wilfred
Jackson Frederick Roy
Jackson Allen Stewart
Jackson Leonard Alfred
Jackson Maxwell Hedley
Jackson Geoffrey Francis
Jackson Roland Edward
Jackson Edgar Purton
Jackson Harold Angus
Jackson Francis Gordon
Jackson Sydney Edward
Jackson Arthur Reginald
Jackson Frank Martin
Jackson John Francis
Jackson Cyril Wattie
Jackson Florence May
Jackson Carl E P-38 Lightning
Jackson Carl E P-38 Lightning
Jackson Donald G P-51 Mustang
Jackson Earl E Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Jackson Leonard E P-51 Mustang
Jackson Marion E Spitfire Vb
Jackson Michael J P-47 Thunderbolt
Jackson Michael J P-47 Thunderbolt
Jackson Michael J P-47 Thunderbolt
Jackson Michael J P-47 Thunderbolt
Jackson Michael J P-47 Thunderbolt
Jackson Michael J P-47 Thunderbolt
Jackson Michael J P-47 Thunderbolt
Jackson Michael J P-47 Thunderbolt
Jackson Thomas W
Jackson Willie O Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Jackson Willie O Jr P-51 Mustang
Jackson Willie O Jr P-51 Mustang
Jackson Willie O Jr P-51 Mustang
Jackson Willie O Jr P-51 Mustang
Jackson Willie O Jr P-51 Mustang
Jackson Willie O Jr P-51 Mustang
Jackson-Baker Terence Walter Lancaster JB552
Jacob Herbert Alfred Halifax HX274
Jacob Vernon Russell Lancaster ED303
Jacob Jack Morton Halifax LK906
Jacob H R S Lancaster NF994
Jacob L M Hampden AE431
Jacob Herbert Alfred
Jacobi D L Halifax NA192
Jacobs B S 'Jake' Wellington R1281
Jacobs Alec Victor Blenheim T1831
Jacobs D S Lancaster LL723
Jacobs A Halifax MZ376
Jacobs J M Halifax EB210
Jacobs Daniel Louis Wellington LN181
Jacobs I D Lancaster LM395
Jacobs J H S Wellington L7810
Jacobs H Beaufighter V8284
Jacobs W H Spitfire BL430
Jacobs T F Hampden AD909
Jacobs J A C Halifax HR790
Jacobs H E Lancaster PB184
Jacobs Mosquito KB264
Jacobs R L Lancaster DV392
Jacobs M S Stirling N6091
Jacobs H E Lancaster JB225
Jacobs O Hampden AE191
Jacobs E R Lancaster ND414
Jacobs P Boston Z2231
Jacobs Henry
Jacobs Geoffrey Rex
Jacobs David
Jacobs Stanley George
Jacobs Cyril Thomas Arthur Harvard P5963
Jacobs James E. B-25 43-27537
Jacobs Jerome P-51 Mustang
Jacobs Jerome P-51 Mustang
Jacobsen K M Spitfire BL637
Jacobsen Alexander Lancaster ED319
Jacobsen W L Wellington R1726
Jacobsen Harold Thomas Halifax DT639
Jacobsen E F Spitfire MK890
Jacobsen G F Wellington X9747
Jacobsen L R Gladiator N5906
Jacobson George Alexander Lancaster DS682
Jacobson Joseph Alfred Hampden AT122
Jacobson G H Stirling BF400
Jacobson Norman Blenheim L1330
Jacobson George Alexander
Jacobson Gail E P-51 Mustang
Jacobson Gail E P-51 Mustang
Jacobson Gail E P-51 Mustang
Jacobson Gail E P-51 Mustang
Jacoby M Wellington W5378
Jacoby M Wellington W5373
Jacoby R H Blenheim L8834
Jacoby Garis Phillip B-17 Moonlight Serenade 43-37599
Jacombs R M N Lancaster LM444
Jacombs E M W Lancaster W4157
Jacombs Richard Mortimer Newark
Jacotine C H Spitfire BM302
Jacques Ronald Lancaster LL882
Jacques D H M Wellington Z1148
Jacques J G Whitley AD701
Jacques J A Wellington Z8862
Jacques J C Lancaster ED447
Jacques B M Lancaster ND866
Jacques G R Stirling EH898
Jacques J Lancaster JB595
Jacques H V Halifax LL128
Jacques R Wellington X3415
Jacquot J Halifax NP921
Jaeckels Arthur Edward Wellington R1047
Jaeger B L Mosquito MM468
Jaekel D N Lancaster W4818
Jaekel Desmond Nelson
Jaffe Abraham P-51 Mustang
Jaffray W N Halifax JD214
Jager William Russell Lancaster W4852
Jager William Russell
Jaggar W R Stirling BF379
Jaggard C F Halifax JD453
Jaggard H R Lancaster JB682
Jagger David Colin Tansley Halifax HR699
Jagger D Lancaster ME613
Jagger John Jack Halifax HX324
Jagger B Lancaster ND553
Jagger G E Lancaster ME797
Jagger J Spitfire AA755
Jaggers A F Whitley Z6946
Jaggers A F Whitley Z6821
Jaggs W V Wellington T2613
Jagiełło Jan Avro Lancaster LL855
Jagiełło Władysław Vickers Wellington HZ640
Jagiełło Władysław Avro Lancaster JB561
Jago J L Lancaster PB175
Jago Francis Derek Stirling N6124
Jago J B C Wellington X3167
Jago T Lancaster LM527
Jago Edgar Charles
Jago John Leonard
Jaguszczak Stanisław Handley Page Halifax LL126
Jahnke Walter Robert Albert Wellington X3796
Jahnke Jerome E P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Jakeman A P A Lancaster KB749
Jakeman C I Halifax MZ748
Jakeman L Lancaster DV192
Jakeman Whitley T4237
Jakes Leslie Halifax DT777
Jakeway W R Lancaster ED502
Jakimowicz Władysław Zbigniew Vickers Wellington X9639
Jakimowicz Władysław Lancaster PB722
Jakins C Wellington Z1243
Jaklewicz Kazimierz Wellington R1696
Jaksztas Ludwik De Havilland Mosquito LR275
Jakubiec Józef Vickers Wellington Z1320
Jakubowicz Douglas DC-3 Dakota KG397
Jakubowski Franciszek Vickers Wellington Z1269
Jakubowski Jan Hawker Hurricane V6544
Jakusz-Gostomski Franciszek Józef Handley Page Halifax JD154
Jama Stefan Vickers Wellington HE327
Jambor O Wellington N2894
Jameliniec Aleksander Avro Lancaster PA185
James D A Halifax LW366
James W C Lancaster NG353
James K Lancaster W4330
James L H Wellington Z1486
James F H Halifax MZ370
James F H Halifax MZ402
James L F Wellington HE530
James S E Lancaster R5483
James B R Halifax LK733
James John Franklin Whitley Z6489
James Horace Gwyn Blenheim L9254
James Claud Roy Lancaster LL802
James Bertram Arthur (Jimmy) Wellington P9232
James George Lloyd Lancaster JA711
James Ronald H Lancaster LM474
James Iestyn Wellington X3309
James Charles Albert Halifax BB374
James Thomas Lancaster NG179
James Haydn Walter Wellington LN751
James Raymond George Halifax LL138
James Frederick Henry William Lancaster LM165
James Bernard Rees Halifax LW142
James Howard Lancaster W4109
James Cyril Henry Robert Lancaster NF926
James George Reginald Lancaster PD232
James William McPherson Lancaster NG258
James Stanley Lancaster LL745
James Robert Keith Wellington JA563
James N T Lancaster LM243
James A F Wellington X3305
James J S Lancaster LL632
James R G Halifax JD210
James S E Halifax JD464
James L K Lancaster KB821
James D E Halifax HX282
James R W Halifax MZ816
James J E Halifax EB257
James R Halifax LK907
James G W Lancaster DV279
James C Stirling BK778
James H G Halifax MZ773
James L Halifax JD366
James Joseph Sydney Halifax W1066
James F A Halifax JB964
James A R Halifax W7919
James M Wellington Z8714
James F L Lancaster ND613
James F T Lancaster PB203
James E O Lancaster ND851
James N F Wellington DV612
James K T Wellington LP155
James T I Lancaster W4792
James M H Wellington W5424
James D S Spitfire BM329
James A F P Spitfire AB819
James G M Spitfire RR248
James W H Halifax HR666
James K N Halifax LL119
James L C Mosquito DZ597
James Howard Matthew Wellington DF550
James A Stirling BF510
James C W Stirling BF457
James L A Stirling BF474
James L A Stirling BK667
James A Wellington BJ881
James W L Lancaster LM750
James S S Lancaster PB636
James T S Lancaster ED822
James R V Wellington DF667
James E Halifax JN903
James R E Halifax LW580
James C F Hurricane BP649
James J C Lancaster PB488
James A L Lancaster PB840
James W M Lancaster HK689
James G W C Wellington HE162
James A M Manchester L7314
James Geoffrey Watkin Lancaster DV191
James R G Stirling R9258
James T W Wellington R1462
James W H Wellington T2476
James D E Stirling BK653
James F J Stirling W7573
James G Lancaster RA532
James B S Mosquito HK292
James O B Typhoon JP434
James S H Typhoon JP799
James R Halifax L9508
James Donald Seymour Halifax JP123
James Halifax R9445
James F B Lancaster ND701
James Maurice C.F. Wellington Z8735
James R W Wellington L7809
James E Wellington Not known
James B B Blenheim L9410
James R Wellington W5561
James W R Spitfire PT357
James G B Mosquito NT142
James C C Lancaster W4961
James T H R Lancaster JA897
James Willie J Lancaster ME299
James A F Hampden L4092
James M Lancaster ME808
James T J Hampden AT196
James C L Lancaster ED441
James R Lancaster LM337
James B Lancaster ED805
James E R Hampden AE383
James E R Hampden AE229
James Brian Hugh Halifax HR778
James A W Halifax N885
James W K Halifax LV822
James W B Whitley Z6566
James H R Whitley Z6566
James J N A Whitley T4298
James Andrew Lancaster RA502
James A M Lancaster ED390
James E R Lancaster ND880
James W D Lancaster R5565
James W N Lancaster R5734
James S W Lancaster JA900
James M Lancaster ED717
James Sidney Joseph Lancaster LM720
James F E Lancaster LM168
James D E Lancaster JB654
James I E Stirling EF142
James J C R Halifax DK150
James P S Whitley P4937
James O B Hampden X3132
James Brian Andrew Lancaster JA967
James Walter John Lancaster ND354
James G L Lancaster DV327
James L V Wellington X3713
James H Wellington X3722
James C D Fortress AN533
James J D S Lancaster NE149
James D A Stirling EF458
James S Stirling BK661
James R A V Lancaster ND840
James W P Wellington T2721
James Halifax JD154
James G Hampden P1355
James John Franklin
James Selby Ronald
James Walter Thomas David
James Fred Edmond
James William Charles
James Ralph Reginald
James Walter John
James Joffre David
James Douglas Reginald
James Graham Stanley
James Stanley Joseph
James John Robert
James Kenneth
James Lionel Heyman
James Beverley Galbraith
James Stanley Ernest
James Raymond Edwin
James Brian Russell
James Claude Thomas-Royal
James Philip Montague
James Robert Stuart Seymour Sunderland
James Selby Ronald Wellington LP499
James Stanley Joseph Ventura AE665
James Eugene W P-51 Mustang
James Frank B P-51 Mustang
James Harold M P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
James Wayne W P-51 Mustang
Jameson George Edmond 'Jamie'
Jameson Patrick Geraint
Jameson Ronald David Whamond Lancaster ED317
Jameson George Walter Lancaster ND684
Jameson George Edmond 'Jamie' Mosquito MM466
Jameson D B Lancaster JB594
Jameson O M Wellington X9744
Jameson J G B Lancaster ED606
Jameson D M Wellington R1437
Jameson A Lancaster ME693
Jameson E H Halifax MZ939
Jamieson T G Lancaster PD258
Jamieson J R U Lancaster NF965
Jamieson John Alexander Barrie Whitley Z6811
Jamieson Samuel Hampden AE148
Jamieson J. Lancaster NG412
Jamieson G A Lancaster LL890
Jamieson J R Wellington X9360
Jamieson John Murray Blenheim Z6245
Jamieson D C Lancaster KB797
Jamieson L S Halifax MZ831
Jamieson D G Lancaster DS757
Jamieson D S Halifax NP683
Jamieson J H Halifax W7937
Jamieson Donald Sinclair Lancaster DS779
Jamieson Walter Xavier Halifax JP206
Jamieson Laurence Seymour Lancaster LM121
Jamieson H A Halifax DT805
Jamieson Douglas James Wellington R1040
Jamieson W B Lancaster ED774
Jamieson A P Lancaster R5638
Jamieson J Lancaster ND535
Jamieson J Lancaster PB403
Jamieson T A Stirling BF367
Jamieson D R C Spitfire MJ136
Jamieson A L Lancaster ED859
Jamieson A J N Halifax LW500
Jamieson Gordon Thomas
Jamieson Ronald Keith
Jamieson Thomas George
Jamieson Stewart Hugh
Jamieson John Robert Umphelby
Jamison Clement John
Jamison Gilbert L P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Jamison Gilbert L P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Jamison Gilbert L P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Jamison Gilbert L P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Jamison David Henderson Halifax JP225
Janas Brunon Benedykt Avro Lancaster PB823
Janas Stanisław Karol Vickers Wellington Z1250
Janca F Wellington Z1167
Janczewski Leopold Tiger Moth T7689
Janczyk Aleksander Hawker Hurricane N2661
Jander Witold
Jandron G M Halifax HR841
Janek Stanisław Vickers Wellington Z1244
Janek J Whitley Z9125
Janes Jeffrey William Hawker Hurricane V6544
Janes Halifax W1154
Janicki J Wellington R1184
Janicki Fryderyk Wellington HF590
Janicki Bronisław Vickers Wellington HF121
Janicki Fryderyk Avro Lancaster PB171
Janicki Henryk
Janicki Zbigniew P-47D Thunderbolt ?
Janicki Zygmunt Vickers Wellington HE576
Janik Edward Wellington Z1397
Janik Józef Wellington W5590
Janik Józef Vickers Wellington R1230
Janik Józef Vickers Wellington Z1245
Janiszewski Franciszek Lancaster R5742
Janita K Spitfire EN453
Janke B Halifax LV794
Jankiewicz Henryk Aleksander Vickers Wellington Z8339
Jankiewicz Jerzy Stanisław Supermarine Spitfire AD233
Jankiewicz J S Hurricane R4214
Jankowiak Kazimierz Avro Lancaster LM487
Jankowiak Wiktor Vickers Wellington R1590
Jankowski Antoni Vickers Wellington Z8406
Jankowski Antoni Józef Vickers Wellington HE993
Jankowski Bernard Avro Lancaster DV282
Jankowski Edward Supermarine Spitfire AA919
Jankowski Jan Vickers Wellington BK150
Jankowski Tadeusz North American P-51d Mustang FB367
Jankowski Władysław Vickers Wellington X9829
Jankowski Witold M Vickers Wellington HZ374
Jankowski Stanley A. B-24 Polyana 42-50374
Janney W H Lancaster KB780
Janney Harold
Janney Raymond B Ii P-51 Mustang
Janota-Bzowski Jerzy Vickers Wellington W5726
Janousek J Wellington T2577
Janowicz Edward Robert Airspeed Oxford U3644
Janssen M J Spitfire RK897
Januj Otakar Wellington T2624
Janus Stefan Władysław Spitfire BS241
Janusz Erwin Supermarine Spitfire AB508
Januszewicz Wojciech Hawker Hurricane P3892
Januszkiewicz Wacław Vickers Wellington W5723
Janzen Leslie Homer Halifax NR118
Jaques Ronald Thornley Halifax RG564
Jaques C R Lancaster JB670
Jaques Frank Arnold
Jaquinot R R S Boston AL285
Jarand A H Halifax LW179
Jardine C Lancaster LM653
Jardine Basil Robinson Halifax MZ644
Jardine J D Halifax LV986
Jardine W B Lancaster ND415
Jardine W Halifax MZ826
Jardine L A Hampden AT129
Jardine Hampden AE203
Jardine T T Halifax JB783
Jardine Cyrus
Jardins D Halifax DT773
Jaremko Adam Józef Wellington HF605
Jarkowski Bolesław Zenon Wellington W5563
Jarkowski Bolesław Zenon Wellington Z8372
Jarman F M Hudson T9405
Jarman Ernest James Emrys Halifax JD272
Jarman Arthur Lancaster ED556
Jarman Thomas Handley Lancaster ME442
Jarman H P Halifax HR751
Jarman A N Wellington BK514
Jarman T G S Blenheim R3612
Jarman E G D Lancaster LM523
Jarman W P Lancaster LM537
Jarman E G D Wellington X3487
Jarman Eric George Delancey
Jarnell Alan Lancaster RA502
Jarnicki Henryk Juliusz Handley Page Halifax HR657
Jarno Ryszard Marian Vickers Wellington Z1172
Jarnot A Wellington R1015
Jarosek H Wellington L7844
Jarosz Lesław Józef Lancaster NN718
Jarosz Jan Franciszek Wellington R1212
Jarosz Włodzimierz Antoni Miles Martinet HP227
Jaroszyk Witold Stanisław Vickers Wellington Z1262
Jarratt L P Halifax NA503
Jarred Arthur Kittyhawk AK821
Jarrell J M Blenheim L9240
Jarrett W W Wellington Z1212
Jarrett J C Lancaster LM100
Jarrett Donald Leslie Halifax HR713
Jarrett P W Wellington Z8844
Jarrett F M Wellington X3167
Jarrett R W E Hurricane N2702
Jarrett Blenheim Z7445
Jarrett G W J Lancaster ED479
Jarrett Warren Wallace
Jarrett Hedley Vicas
Jarvie Rodger Bingham Lancaster ND423
Jarvie J C Halifax ME752
Jarvie C Lancaster ED934
Jarvis N E Lancaster EE186
Jarvis W L Stirling EH935
Jarvis Donald Edward Wellington L4275
Jarvis Paul Leonard Hurricane L1616
Jarvis Alan Aubrey Lancaster PB704
Jarvis T P Spitfire MJ662
Jarvis W I B Halifax NP811
Jarvis A N Lancaster ED387
Jarvis E F Lancaster ED619
Jarvis Alfred William Stirling R9201
Jarvis C J F Wellington BJ765
Jarvis R W Halifax NR189
Jarvis J S Wellington BJ590
Jarvis H C M Wellington X3169
Jarvis G F Mosquito DZ610
Jarvis A Lancaster LM576
Jarvis P Wellington R1044
Jarvis E C Typhoon DN549
Jarvis W D Lancaster EE126
Jarvis R A Hurricane
Jarvis F J Halifax HR793
Jarvis G Wellington JA118
Jarvis E C Lancaster LM273
Jarvis S A Lancaster LL851
Jarvis B W Lancaster LM491
Jarvis W L Lancaster ME731
Jarvis P W Lancaster LL972
Jarvis W J Stirling BF387
Jarvis W G Stirling R9331
Jarvis S Lancaster JA718
Jarvis F Halifax HR841
Jarvis Wellington Z8958
Jarvis Max Irvernia Thomas
Jarvis Vincent Jack Edwin
Jarvis Harold Edward
Jarvis Vincent Edward
Jarvis William Louis
Jarvis Wilbur L Iii P-38 Lightning
Jarvis William C P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Jarvis William C P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Jarzembowski Stanislaw Bristol Beaufighter X7935
Jaś Józef Handley Page Halifax BB389
Jasiński Bolesław Antoni Stanisław Handley Page Halifax JD171
Jasiński Stanisłas Konrad Vickers Wellington X9676
Jasiński Wawrzyniec Supermarine Spitfire BS459
Jasiński Władysław Marian Avro Lancaster LL855
Jasiński Zygmunt De Havilland Mosquito LR261
Jasiński Tadeusz Jan Halifax L9612
Jaśkiewicz Józef Emil Franciszek Vickers Wellington T2717
Jaśkowiak Stanisław Miles Master 7805
Jasper J E Lancaster ME580
Jasper A G Halifax HX243
Jasper J W Wellington X3759
Jasper R O Stirling EE875
Jasper James Ernest
Jasper Alfred George
Jastrzębski Aleksander Jan Wellington R1214
Jastrzębski Franciszek Hawker Hurricane V7593
Jaszczak S J
Jaszczak Mieczysław
Jauncey Cyril James Halifax MZ798
Javaux Lucien Leon Gustav Mosquito LR441
Jaworosiuk Józef (Rogers) Wellington R1215
Jaworski Eugeniusz Supermarine Spitfire P8079
Jaworski Kazimierz Emil Franciszek De Havilland Mosquito HK223
Jaworzyn Eugeniusz Spitfire P8079
Jawoszek Stanisław Vickers Wellington HF606
Jay B P Halifax HR758
Jay J M Lancaster PA169
Jay Francis Norman Lancaster ED916
Jay Edward James Sunderland DW106
Jay R H Halifax BB311
Jay B L Lancaster LM731
Jay Dudley Trevor
Jay Stanley Laurence
Jay Brinley Pearce
Jay Noel Swanston
Jay Morris Dean B-17 Insomnia 43-38396
Jaye Thomas Lancaster ED865
Jaye A G Manchester L7465
Jaynes A Halifax W7817
Jeal E Stirling LJ504
Jeal J L Halifax HR684
Jeannelle G Halifax NA174
Jeanneret P W Wellington X3420
Jeans George Rex Stirling EH926
Jeans D T Stirling BF329
Jeans G A Lancaster NG170
Jeapes S A Lancaster LM445
Jeary G G Stirling N3718
Jeary G H Lancaster LM477
Jeavons D Lancaster ME302
Jeavons W E Lancaster W4201
Jebb M Hurricane N2705
Jebb M Hurricane P3586
Jednaki Józef Vickers Wellington Z1387
Jednaki Stanisław Bristol Beaufighter T3445
Jędrzejczyk Władysław Ryszard Wellington W5591
Jędrzejczyk Władysław Ryszard Avro Lancaster PA269
Jee D T Lancaster DV197
Jeeves D H Stirling N6018
Jeeves G E Lancaster ME734
Jefcoat R Halifax HR950
Jeff R D Halifax PP179
Jeff J E P Hampden AD864
Jeff R V Hurricane V7231
Jeffcoat A Lancaster PB671
Jeffcoat Harry Jeffrey Hampden AE196
Jeffcoate F R Stirling EF308
Jeffcoats F R Stirling EH904
Jeffcock C Lancaster JA861
Jeffcote T B Hampden AD966
Jeffcote Rufus A P-38 Lightning
Jefferies John Massey Lancaster W4820
Jefferies L J Stirling EH985
Jefferies Michael Charles Wellington HE990
Jefferies W E Lancaster JB564
Jefferies E N Halifax DG224
Jefferies J Lancaster ME828
Jefferies B Lancaster DV224
Jefferies L F Lancaster EE199
Jefferies W A Halifax HR914
Jefferies W A Halifax LV834
Jefferies C S Hampden AE288
Jefferies D W Wellington HE636
Jefferies D R Lancaster ND953
Jefferies H Lancaster NE163
Jefferies N Wellington Z1577
Jefferies Charles G. StDavid ("Porky")
Jefferies John Massey
Jefferies Ross Wilson
Jefferies David Scott
Jefferies Arthur Harrington Lancaster LM425
Jefferies George Beaufort AW383
Jefferis Douglas John Frederick Whitley Z6479
Jefferson T G Mosquito ML911
Jefferson T G Blenheim V6519
Jefferson S F Halifax HR798
Jefferson T Lancaster PA997
Jefferson J Stirling EF162
Jeffery C B Lancaster R5862
Jeffery D B Lancaster LM101
Jeffery Donald Ernest Halifax LK635
Jeffery Henry William Edward Lancaster ND739
Jeffery Arthur John Stirling LK198
Jeffery K A Lancaster HK571
Jeffery Mervyn Ronald Lancaster ND644
Jeffery J R Lancaster ED375
Jeffery J D Halifax JD149
Jeffery F C Halifax BB313
Jeffery J D Stirling N3659
Jeffery J D Stirling N3661
Jeffery Leslie John Lancaster ME447
Jeffery A Wellington BK460
Jeffery A E Wellington HZ314
Jeffery K A Lancaster ND795
Jeffery L McN Lancaster ED415
Jeffery A H Lancaster ED478
Jeffery W E A Lancaster ME317
Jeffery G W Lancaster ME664
Jeffery R Lancaster LM260
Jeffery W G Halifax NA563
Jeffery J G Stirling BF379
Jeffery L L Halifax LL127
Jeffery Alistair John Oswald
Jeffery Horace Ewen Kingsbury
Jeffery Clarence Bruce
Jeffery Keith Edward
Jeffery Douglas Bruce
Jeffery Percy Thomas
Jeffery Ralph Ernest Halifax DG413
Jefferys G W Hurricane V7442
Jeffree W J R Lancaster PB674
Jeffrey Dennis Sydney Lancaster LM425
Jeffrey S A Lancaster LM177
Jeffrey L Lancaster PB115
Jeffrey James Ernest Stirling BF372
Jeffrey Frank Armstrong Lancaster ND528
Jeffrey W L Halifax LL419
Jeffrey G W Stirling N3658
Jeffrey C C Lancaster JB593
Jeffrey F W Lancaster DS715
Jeffrey H T Halifax LW723
Jeffrey D R Wellington HE167
Jeffrey C E Stirling N3763
Jeffrey J H Stirling W7568
Jeffrey J S Spitfire NH341
Jeffrey W Hampden P1325
Jeffrey A J O Spitfire P9421
Jeffrey Sidney Alexander
Jeffrey Frank William
Jeffrey Charles William lan Wellington LN853
Jeffrey Arthur F P-38 Lightning
Jeffrey Arthur F P-38 Lightning
Jeffrey Arthur F P-38 Lightning
Jeffrey Arthur F P-38 Lightning
Jeffrey Arthur F P-51 Mustang
Jeffrey Arthur F P-51 Mustang
Jeffrey Arthur F P-51 Mustang
Jeffrey Arthur F P-51 Mustang
Jeffrey Arthur F P-51 Mustang
Jeffrey Arthur F P-51 Mustang
Jeffrey Arthur F P-51 Mustang
Jeffrey Robert A F-6C Mustang
Jeffreys Arthur Lancaster W4820
Jeffreys Edmund Henry Mosquito HR117
Jeffreys Herbert Arthur Lancaster NG179
Jeffreys K A Stirling W7428
Jeffreys R E Stirling BK702
Jeffreys T L Typhoon JR135
Jeffreys Gordon Sidney Lancaster R5752
Jeffreys Gordon Sidney Lancaster ED444
Jeffreys G C Stirling EH937
Jeffreys Gordon Roger
Jeffreys John Alan
Jeffries Frank Gordon Roy Wellington BJ693
Jeffries A A Halifax LW517
Jeffries J H Halifax V9986
Jeffries Blenheim
Jeffries L F Lancaster DV164
Jeffries A Lancaster DV191
Jeffries C D St G Hurricane L1908
Jeffries F Lancaster ME755
Jeffries W T Lancaster ME326
Jeffries L A Lancaster LM431
Jeffries A W Wellington R1757
Jeffries T A Lancaster W4136
Jeffries P R Halifax MZ492
Jeffries Robert James Daniel
Jeffs Donald John Stirling W7531
Jeffs Alfred Edward Lancaster HK788
Jeffs H Halifax PN447
Jeffs R W Lancaster ND397
Jeffs E Wellington HE924
Jeffs P J Halifax MZ501
Jeffs F R Hampden AT118
Jehan V J D Lancaster PB141
Jeka Józef Spitfire ML254
Jeka J Hurricane V7535
Jekyll G D Halifax LW140
Jekyll George Donaldson
Jelfs A S Halifax JB801
Jelinek V Whitley Z9125
Jelley W C I Wellington BJ778
Jelley P W N Hampden L4036
Jelley C Lancaster ME731
Jelley C F Lancaster PB228
Jelley E A Wellington R3168
Jelly Alfred Wellington Z1321
Jellyman Harry Champion Wellington T2701
Jelonek Zenon Wellington Z1489
Jemm J Lancaster DS659
Jemmett J Wellington BJ688
Jemmett Frank
Jencka Tadeusz Consolidated Liberator EW275
Jenger R Halifax NA606
Jenke Leslie Harold
Jenkin David William Hurricane Z3424
Jenkin R F Stirling EF163
Jenkin Bryant Leonard McKenzie Lancaster R5694
Jenkin R W Spitfire P8474
Jenkins A K Lancaster LL968
Jenkins A E Lancaster PB471
Jenkins Arthur Hedley Lancaster ME851
Jenkins Kenneth Avon Halifax W7909
Jenkins William Lancaster JB532
Jenkins Harold Lancaster ED799
Jenkins Samuel Lancaster W4275
Jenkins Tom Edward Lancaster NE138
Jenkins Owen Michel Hurricane V6980
Jenkins Islwyn Stirling EH994
Jenkins William Howard Roger Lancaster RF122
Jenkins Stanley Halifax NA578
Jenkins Wycliffe Lancaster ND443
Jenkins Alger Hampden AE219
Jenkins T C Halifax LW123
Jenkins S D Halifax LK971
Jenkins A N Wellington X3352
Jenkins B D Lancaster PB526
Jenkins Frederick Francis Arthur Lancaster ND756
Jenkins E R Stirling BF467
Jenkins S H Halifax JN883
Jenkins R L Halifax JB974
Jenkins J G Halifax HR924
Jenkins J G Halifax DT792
Jenkins A J Lancaster ND642
Jenkins R H Lancaster ME617
Jenkins T Lancaster ED374
Jenkins W H Halifax JB848
Jenkins R G Halifax BB428
Jenkins G F Halifax R9491
Jenkins E Mosquito DZ408
Jenkins J P J Lancaster JB592
Jenkins J F K Blenheim Z7276
Jenkins T J Stirling W7572
Jenkins P E J Stirling R9329
Jenkins T J Stirling W7589
Jenkins T E Lancaster HK773
Jenkins R F Lancaster PB486
Jenkins J H Halifax HR725
Jenkins W J Halifax HR779
Jenkins S J Wellington HE349
Jenkins W J Lancaster HK688
Jenkins J C Wellington R1613
Jenkins E B D Wellington L7849
Jenkins P C H Stirling W7612
Jenkins D N O Hurricane P3921
Jenkins F Mustang FD563
Jenkins K O Mustang FD504
Jenkins K O Mustang FR930
Jenkins R M Lancaster ME334
Jenkins F Wellington X9822
Jenkins E R Halifax DT731
Jenkins V Halifax LK685
Jenkins M A Hampden AE243
Jenkins G R Hampden AT124
Jenkins R J Lancaster ED449
Jenkins J S Lancaster LL747
Jenkins S H Halifax LW495
Jenkins C H Spitfire MH722
Jenkins P D Spitfire L1062
Jenkins G L Stirling EE909
Jenkins E E Lancaster PA216
Jenkins T E Lancaster LM112
Jenkins W H Lancaster ND789
Jenkins S S Halifax NR204
Jenkins J F Mosquito HK345
Jenkins D W Halifax LK709
Jenkins S W Hampden L4055
Jenkins E H Lancaster ND930
Jenkins H G Lancaster W4157
Jenkins L H Stirling BF415
Jenkins M Lancaster JB731
Jenkins C A Lancaster LM108
Jenkins William Joseph
Jenkins Douglas Vaughan
Jenkins Charles Peter
Jenkins Allan Keith
Jenkins Norman Lloyd
Jenkins Bede William
Jenkins Ronald Frank
Jenkins John Evan
Jenkins Arthur Hedley
Jenkins James Vincent
Jenkins Allen Phill Boston BZ365
Jenkins William Brake B-17 43-38107
Jenkins Arthur James Anson LT741
Jenkins Franklin Elwood B-24 Liberator 3701
Jenkins Harold M P-51 Mustang
Jenkins Jack S P-38 Lightning
Jenkins Jack S P-38 Lightning
Jenkins Otto D P-51 Mustang
Jenkins Otto D P-51 Mustang
Jenkins Otto D P-51 Mustang
Jenkins Otto D P-51 Mustang
Jenkins Otto D P-51 Mustang
Jenkins Ralph C P-47 Thunderbolt`
Jenkinson Arnold Halifax DT747
Jenkinson D M Blenheim V6448
Jenkinson L P Halifax JD166
Jenkinson H Lancaster ED568
Jenkinson W Whitley K8996
Jenkinson F Wellington X9878
Jenkinson P R Lancaster PB638
Jenkinson L Lancaster R5843
Jenkinson J N Ventura AE910
Jenkinson W Mosquito PZ248
Jenkinson Ventura AE685
Jenkinson K Lancaster EE131
Jenkinson J Halifax JD151
Jenks John Alfred Hatton Spitfire P8272
Jenks R Lancaster JB358
Jenks I S Lancaster ED770
Jenkyns Reginald Maurice Peter Wellington T2992
Jennens L W V Stirling W7436
Jenner Edward William Lancaster LL733
Jenner D A Hampden X3047
Jenner E Lancaster PB486
Jenner S G Halifax W1108
Jenner E Halifax DG409
Jenner Kenneth Sydney Wellington R1331
Jenner R F Stirling W7564
Jenner A A Wellington R3199
Jenner John Desmond
Jennings D R Lancaster LM166
Jennings D A Lancaster W4119
Jennings M N Lancaster W4337
Jennings D A Lancaster PB188
Jennings H Wellington HE332
Jennings William George Halifax JD407
Jennings Brian Roland Stirling BF469
Jennings John Edward Lancaster NE173
Jennings Geoffrey James Edward Fortress HB805
Jennings Ralph Vincent Stirling BK769
Jennings Henry Rupert Liberator FK245
Jennings R D Fortress SR382
Jennings R W Halifax JB896
Jennings Harold Jack Halifax BB250
Jennings N E Halifax NP775
Jennings R G Halifax LL257
Jennings I D Lancaster DV237
Jennings G S Wellington BJ891
Jennings P S Halifax LK874
Jennings R G Typhoon MN288
Jennings J Lancaster EE181
Jennings D W Halifax MZ292
Jennings P J Whitley Z6748
Jennings Halifax
Jennings H M Lancaster ND923
Jennings Blenheim V5826
Jennings W Stirling EF345
Jennings P J Lancaster ED969
Jennings P M Halifax HX351
Jennings Blenheim P6890
Jennings Blenheim P6887
Jennings C M Battle P2326
Jennings B A W Stirling EH898
Jennings A H Hampden P1244
Jennings G Halifax HR654
Jennings E M Hampden AT192
Jennings R J Hampden P4377
Jennings N Lancaster DV384
Jennings J Lancaster ED856
Jennings D W Wellington X9978
Jennings D A Lancaster LM580
Jennings H F Whitley Z6465
Jennings H W Lancaster LM718
Jennings C L Lancaster W4999
Jennings J Stirling R9149
Jennings H Stirling EE955
Jennings J G Halifax MZ679
Jennings Bernard James
Jennings Charles Conroy
Jennings Edward Douglas Reginald
Jennings Norman Edward
Jennings Roger Maurice Herbert
Jennings Donald James
Jennings Murray Noel
Jennings Donald William
Jennings Stanley Thomas
Jennison G C Halifax LV826
Jennison Alexander Glenn
Jensen Stanisław Halifax BB340
Jensen A P Halifax NP769
Jensen F W M Typhoon JP513
Jensen Albrecht Maxwell
Jensen Eric Maxwell
Jensen Howard W P-47 Thunderbolt
Jensky J Wellington JA118
Jensky J Wellington HF540
Jenson S Halifax DT572
Jenson S G Spitfire
Jenvey D E Typhoon RB201
Jenyns R L Lancaster NF955
Jenyns Robert Lance
Jephson R S Mosquito MM510
Jepps A C Lancaster ED412
Jepson H F Halifax NA173
Jepson A A Lancaster ND819
Jepson S Wellington HE281
Jepson A Whitley Z6558
Jerabek Jan Spitfire AD372
Jeram Dennis Mayvore
Jerdein Guy Inglis Blenheim L1535
Jeremy Ithel David Wellington W5526
Jeremy Ithel David
Jerman J A Stirling N3752
Jermey N S Halifax MZ589
Jermond Sidney George Whitley N1382
Jermond S G Whitley N1385
Jernigan Jimmie M P-38 Lightning
Jernigan Jimmie M P-38 Lightning
Jernigan Jr. Jack B-17 Woman’s Home Companion 42-39795
Jerome J O Halifax JD163
Jerome F R Halifax W1012
Jerome Eric Stanley Halifax PN228
Jeronim Stanisław Lancaster PB730
Jerram J Wellington X3639
Jerram C G Halifax NA618
Jerrard J E Wellington R1604
Jerrard H D Lancaster JB295
Jerritt R A Wellington R3175
Jerrum E W Halifax JN908
Jerry Thomas Halifax LW285
Jervis Ivor Armstrong Lancaster ED707
Jervis I H Halifax NP992
Jervis A Lancaster LL913
Jervis T J Blenheim L1148
Jervis T J Blenheim R3847
Jervis T J Blenheim L1147
Jerwood C R Lancaster LM537
Jespersen F V Lancaster ND815
Jess S H A Whitley T4273
Jessamy S R Halifax LK733
Jesse W C B Halifax L9487
Jessiman W H Mustang AP191
Jessiman G H Halifax LK928
Jesson Wilfred George Wellington R1040
Jessop D R Lancaster JB740
Jessop W Wellington T2847
Jessop R F Wellington DV434
Jessop W Mosquito PZ397
Jessup A A Whitley Z6937
Jessup V Halifax LW439
Jessup John E P-51 Mustang
Jesup Nelson R P-51 Mustang
Jesup Nelson R P-51 Mustang
Jesup Nelson R P-51 Mustang
Jete J C E Wellington MS481
Jetson E T Lancaster NN768
Jetson Ernest Thomas
Jett Shelby N P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Jette G A Halifax LL550
Jette J L Halifax LW574
Jette J C E Wellington HE322
Jetten Wellington Z8865
Jew R W Lancaster ED698
Jewell Kenneth James Lancaster ED327
Jewell John Gillian Lancaster ED469
Jewell L G Halifax LW435
Jewell V J Wellington LN294
Jewell F L C Blenheim Z7273
Jewell E J Lancaster LL973
Jewell W J Wellington Z8901
Jewell H L Hampden AE432
Jewell N W Lancaster DS677
Jewell F D Lancaster ND989
Jewell John Leslie Manton
Jewell H. Douglas DC-3 Dakota KG397
Jewell David F Jr P-51 Mustang
Jewell David F Jr P-51 Mustang
Jewels W H Wellington HF804
Jewett A B Spitfire MJ453
Jewiss W J Lancaster NG491
Jewkes Dale L P-47 Thunderbolt
Jewson E A Wellington R1493
Jewson Robert Leonard
Jeżewski Konrad Vickers Wellington Z1256
Jezierski Feliks Vickers Wellington X9676
Jeziorowski Zbigniew Antoni Avro Anson DJ382
Jeżowicz Józef Antoni Boulton Paul Defiant V1131
Jeżycki (Jayson) Jan Wellington W5519
Jezzard P Lancaster LL828
Jillett G G Wellington R1339
Jillings Douglas George Halifax W1179
Jillings J A Lancaster NE116
Jimenez D Halifax JD249
Jindra M Wellington R1371
Jinks William Pryce Wellington R1045
Jira A G Halifax HX283
Jiroudek M Hurricane V7588
Jirsak O Wellington L7844
Job Walter Heyford K4034
Job J Blenheim
Job D J Lancaster HK697
Job B Mosquito
Jobes S B Wellington HF486
Joblin George Russell Lancaster ND797
Joblin F J L Stirling BK783
Jobling Walter Stephen 'Steve' Lancaster R5698
Jobling George Charlton Wellington X9830
Jobling P P Stirling BF343
Jobson P Lancaster NG401
Jobson R Lancaster DV218
Jobson S H H Lancaster RA546
Jobson A Lancaster LM163
Jobson G T Stirling BF339
Jobson George Trueman Stirling BF399
Joce C S Lancaster LM729
Joda Antoni Boulton Paul Defiant N3401
Jodis Edward Handley Page Halifax JD362
Jodrell N F Halifax LK838
Joel W V Lancaster ND526
Joel L H Lancaster PB468
Joel Robert Edmondson
Joel Milton P-47 Thunderbolt
Joel Milton P-47 Thunderbolt
Joel Milton P-47 Thunderbolt
Johannesen Jack Wellington BJ606
Johannesen Jack
Johannesson G A Halifax HR658
John G L Stirling W7629
John G K E Lancaster ME296
John David Alan Vaughan Halifax W7676
John G Lancaster JB740
John G O Wellington R1393
John W F Mosquito ML912
John Stirling N6076
John W D Halifax HX338
John M L Halifax EB191
John H T Mosquito DZ377
John F E Lancaster PB369
John H Lancaster LL684
John J E Lancaster ED989
John W D Halifax MZ987
John D J Battle K9242
John Noel Edward
John Gordon Lewis
John Glanville Owen Wellington BK467
John W Postle P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnason K C Lancaster ED527
Johncock R F Lancaster W4782
Johns "Johnny" Liberator 586
Johns S Lancaster LL846
Johns A C Lancaster LM422
Johns Charles Philip Halifax W7930
Johns Robert Thomas Lancaster ME367
Johns David Lewis Halifax LW461
Johns Royce Allen Typhoon MN765
Johns K W Ventura AE899
Johns I L Halifax NA574
Johns A G Wellington Z1570
Johns K F F Stirling EF397
Johns A I Halifax NA602
Johns R Lancaster LM343
Johns J S Lancaster ED360
Johns D C Spitfire PL201
Johns R G Lancaster ND425
Johns Robert Henry
Johns Mervyn William Cecil
Johns Henry Bennett Langman
Johns Russell Archie
Johns Allan Clyde
Johnsen Finn Lancaster ND476
Johnsen J M C Halifax W7861
Johnsen J M C Halifax W7855
Johnsen T Spitfire MK614
Johnson R N Lancaster DV288
Johnson Leslie Ronald Lancaster R5573
Johnson L J Lancaster JB179
Johnson Carl Edwin Lancaster NG404
Johnson Alan James Lancaster ED535
Johnson D W Wellington Z1385
Johnson J Lancaster ME298
Johnson C J Lancaster DV274
Johnson R R Halifax NR179
Johnson M M Halifax MZ368
Johnson E G Manchester L7289
Johnson Allan Wilson Whitley Z9363
Johnson J G Spitfire AB894
Johnson Charles Edward Hampden L4171
Johnson T Wellington L7792
Johnson Stanley Blenheim P4913
Johnson Robert Newton Lancaster LL891
Johnson George Lancaster JB293
Johnson Kenneth G.R. Manchester L7489
Johnson Albert Halifax LW498
Johnson Edward Lancaster ND403
Johnson Johnny H G Hampden X3120
Johnson Arthur Douglas Lancaster ND470
Johnson Harry Lancaster LM169
Johnson Howard Edward Lancaster W4826
Johnson N H Lancaster ME669
Johnson Norman Francis Lancaster R5684
Johnson Wellington W5710
Johnson Graham Lancaster DS834
Johnson Ronald Joseph Lancaster ED780
Johnson Theo Faire Storrier Whitley P4968
Johnson E C 'Johnnie' Lancaster JB144
Johnson Cecil Lancaster DV388
Johnson Douglas Norman Mosquito KB416
Johnson John Elliot Lancaster JB676
Johnson D.E Stirling LJ451
Johnson Robert Cummin Robson Wellington MF845
Johnson Henry Scurr Hudson FK803
Johnson H Lancaster ND360
Johnson William Harvey Lancaster ND644
Johnson W L Wellington R3295
Johnson J W Lancaster ED697
Johnson H W Lancaster NG276
Johnson A M B Wellington BK338
Johnson D G H Wellington X3597
Johnson Melvin Florin Wellington Z1424
Johnson W E Stirling BF353
Johnson W Q Stirling BF482
Johnson L J Lancaster ED822
Johnson J G Wellington BK501
Johnson C T Lancaster PD365
Johnson F E Lancaster ED731
Johnson F E Wellington X9696
Johnson W H Wellington X9932
Johnson W A Lancaster RA546
Johnson W R C Wellington N2851
Johnson H E Wellington DV941
Johnson O O Lancaster JB348
Johnson J J R Lancaster PB174
Johnson A B Lancaster PA972
Johnson Benjamin Peter Mosquito NT140
Johnson F S Halifax JB805
Johnson J B Halifax JD147
Johnson R O Lancaster KB761
Johnson F C Lancaster KB724
Johnson P G Spitfire MK809
Johnson G W Halifax LV961
Johnson M M Halifax PN226
Johnson R T Halifax DK243
Johnson W K Halifax JN973
Johnson M J Halifax DK252
Johnson D W Wellington HE864
Johnson H L Halifax NR173
Johnson Elmer Orville Halifax LK837
Johnson D W Halifax NP688
Johnson Donald Wilfred Lancaster SW251
Johnson W G W Lancaster NE125
Johnson C M Halifax HR783
Johnson L K Lancaster LM278
Johnson D J Halifax LK846
Johnson J K Lancaster PB245
Johnson J G Lancaster ME697
Johnson Donald Hugh Lancaster PB411
Johnson J R Halifax L9602
Johnson H C Halifax LK784
Johnson J D Whitley Z6656
Johnson H W Wellington LN601
Johnson H L Stirling N6088
Johnson Ross Eveleigh N/A N/A
Johnson Russell Edward Halifax LW719
Johnson Wilfred Sydney Sunderland W6031
Johnson J Lancaster KB832
Johnson M Lancaster ND616
Johnson Ian Sinclair Wellington BK432
Johnson K J Lancaster W4199
Johnson K J Lancaster W4137
Johnson Eric William Peter Wellington BJ596
Johnson A A Lancaster W4356
Johnson A A Lancaster JB367
Johnson Samuel Graham Stirling LJ455
Johnson Henry Peter Stirling R9299
Johnson Gerald Bruce Havoc BB893
Johnson G P Lancaster ED662
Johnson Edward Francis Lancaster DV297
Johnson A Halifax MZ433
Johnson A H Lancaster JB678
Johnson S Wellington Z1115
Johnson E G Lancaster LM463
Johnson J W Lancaster LM395
Johnson R N Lancaster ED736
Johnson W G Lancaster ND983
Johnson Blenheim L4887
Johnson D Halifax W7914
Johnson William Frederick Halifax HX155
Johnson T E Halifax R9528
Johnson H Halifax W7916
Johnson H Halifax W7706
Johnson H Halifax R9449
Johnson Joseph Battle L5516
Johnson H E Wellington W5416
Johnson E R Mosquito W4064
Johnson S P L Mosquito DZ314
Johnson T K Blenheim R3809
Johnson G J Blenheim N6150
Johnson A M Lancaster DS647
Johnson A G Battle P5229
Johnson H Lancaster JB478
Johnson L Lancaster JB748
Johnson R Lancaster ND844
Johnson W F Lancaster JB716
Johnson S Lancaster JB405
Johnson R G Halifax BB313
Johnson R W Halifax LL119
Johnson D H Hampden AT218
Johnson D H Hampden AT226
Johnson W F Stirling R9334
Johnson P H Stirling EE877
Johnson W F Stirling BK696
Johnson J M Stirling W7437
Johnson John A Lancaster LM441
Johnson W G Stirling BK694
Johnson L Wellington DV786
Johnson Cyril Lancaster JA858
Johnson K L Lancaster JB483
Johnson William Harold Lancaster JA941
Johnson G C Lancaster JA975
Johnson George Halifax W7863
Johnson F R Halifax HR719
Johnson G R Halifax MZ734
Johnson D A Halifax LK738
Johnson John Lancaster ME447
Johnson E J Lancaster RA501
Johnson P R Whitley K8960
Johnson A D Wellington HE752
Johnson P L Mosquito DD779
Johnson Royce Lancaster ME418
Johnson F C Typhoon SW495
Johnson B C Lancaster ME452
Johnson B W Spitfire P7535
Johnson K Typhoon JP727
Johnson K R Lancaster ED356
Johnson B Lancaster ED365
Johnson J Lancaster ME522
Johnson G E Stirling R9282
Johnson J L Stirling W7464
Johnson I Lancaster RA532
Johnson P R Stirling BF519
Johnson R J Stirling EH892
Johnson J I Spitfire R6628
Johnson R B Spitfire L1010
Johnson R B Spitfire X4249
Johnson R W Liberator TS520
Johnson M G Boston W8371
Johnson S F F Defiant N3520
Johnson Defiant L6980
Johnson C E Defiant L7026
Johnson H Halifax W1047
Johnson J R Halifax DT488
Johnson C E Halifax R9450
Johnson C Lancaster ND755
Johnson A E Lancaster ME334
Johnson T F Wellington N2951
Johnson B F T Wellington X9360
Johnson S W Blenheim R3693
Johnson P E Blenheim L8836
Johnson A H Wellington X3360
Johnson B W Hampden AT128
Johnson R Hampden P1239
Johnson G D Hampden AD786
Johnson K A Hampden AT219
Johnson G D Hampden P1187
Johnson R S Halifax LK636
Johnson E A Halifax DK140
Johnson A F Wellington HE547
Johnson F Halifax LK656
Johnson A J Lancaster ME629
Johnson A E Lancaster W4124
Johnson B W Hampden AD917
Johnson W P Lancaster EE179
Johnson R Lancaster ND576
Johnson R A Lancaster ME728
Johnson G P Lancaster ED750
Johnson J Lancaster NG234
Johnson G R Wellington HF544
Johnson W Lancaster ED524
Johnson W G Lancaster PB234
Johnson G Lancaster LM376
Johnson E W H Lancaster ED584
Johnson D T Hampden AD721
Johnson E A Lancaster ME798
Johnson W Lancaster LL922
Johnson R Hampden AE218
Johnson W A Hampden L4097
Johnson C A Halifax JD250
Johnson J Halifax W7818
Johnson M F Whitley P4973
Johnson A W Lancaster LL684
Johnson W E Lancaster DV279
Johnson R Lancaster ND425
Johnson G H Wellington W5445
Johnson G Lancaster ED827
Johnson J B Lancaster ND471
Johnson G W Lancaster PB360
Johnson H Lancaster ED913
Johnson R M W Lancaster PB128
Johnson H Halifax LW508
Johnson G Halifax MZ511
Johnson I G Whitley P5098
Johnson Reginald Alfred Whitley Z6841
Johnson D Lancaster NE166
Johnson D A Hampden AD806
Johnson F Hampden X2967
Johnson E Lancaster DV228
Johnson T W Lancaster JA898
Johnson P Lancaster LL808
Johnson W Lancaster PB405
Johnson A Lancaster ND728
Johnson E Stirling EF150
Johnson David Walter Thomas Lancaster JB122
Johnson L Lancaster PB531
Johnson F R Lancaster ED951
Johnson Albert Alexander Lancaster ME576
Johnson A G G Lancaster JB288
Johnson D Halifax LW654
Johnson A H Spitfire
Johnson J Lancaster HK596
Johnson J E Wellington X9767
Johnson R V C Stirling EH938
Johnson L T Halifax JD405
Johnson L Halifax JB908
Johnson N F Whitley N1493
Johnson R E Halifax LK710
Johnson P Whitley Z9209
Johnson R W Halifax W1036
Johnson R T Halifax LW315
Johnson J E Halifax HX355
Johnson S Halifax LW507
Johnson Blenheim T2442
Johnson F Lancaster R5629
Johnson N C Lancaster R5754
Johnson Lancaster R5857
Johnson N Hampden L4069
Johnson Hampden P1334
Johnson H O Lancaster ND494
Johnson F W Lancaster ME757
Johnson J E Lancaster NF938
Johnson J E Wellington T2900
Johnson F T Lancaster ED490
Johnson J Wellington X3469
Johnson D R Stirling EE871
Johnson H D Spitfire EN622
Johnson G A Lancaster JA960
Johnson M A Lancaster ND706
Johnson J J Lancaster JB238
Johnson G A Lancaster JB482
Johnson G S Lancaster ND961
Johnson F J Wellington N2911
Johnson D M Wellington N2894
Johnson P J V Oxford R6057
Johnson Herbert Dennis
Johnson James Edgar 'Johnnie'
Johnson Stanley B.
Johnson William John ("John")
Johnson Mervyn
Johnson Charles Leslie Kenneth
Johnson Philip Leslie
Johnson Leslie Ronald
Johnson Stanley Charles
Johnson Harold William
Johnson Leslie Joseph
Johnson Robert Vincent
Johnson James Geoffrey
Johnson Brian John Troy
Johnson Alan James
Johnson Carl Edwin
Johnson Douglas Westbury
Johnson Clifford James
Johnson John
Johnson Roger Robert
Johnson Edgar Griffiths
Johnson Alan Francis
Johnson Alfred Carrington
Johnson Bernard
Johnson Allan Wilson
Johnson James Gilbert
Johnson Conrad Ervin
Johnson Darwin N. B-17 42-31906
Johnson Bertil S. B-24 42-95186
Johnson Thomas William Anson LT741
Johnson Robert A. B-17 43-38078
Johnson Alvin A P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Boyd E P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Carl J P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Clarence O P-51 Mustang
Johnson Clarence O P-38 Lightning
Johnson David C Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson David C Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Donald W * P-51 Mustang
Johnson Earl W P-51 Mustang
Johnson Emory G P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Emory G P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Evan Mv P-51 Mustang
Johnson Evan Mv P-51 Mustang
Johnson Evan Mv P-51 Mustang
Johnson Evan Mv P-51 Mustang
Johnson Evan Mv P-51 Mustang
Johnson Gerald W P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Johnson Gerald W P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Gerald W P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Gerald W P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Gerald W P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Gerald W P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Gerald W P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Gerald W P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Gerald W P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Gerald W P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Gerald W P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Gerald W P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Gerald W P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Herbert E Jr P-38 Lightning
Johnson Herbert E Jr P-38 Lightning
Johnson Herbert E Jr P-38 Lightning
Johnson Herbert E Jr P-38 Lightning
Johnson Herbert E Jr P-51 Mustang
Johnson Jack V P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Johnson James K P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson John H P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Lewis P P-51 Mustang
Johnson Lloyd L P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Louis A P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Johnson Louis A P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Johnson Martin H Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Oris B Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Johnson Oris B Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Johnson Ralph A P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Ralph A P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Raymond G P-51 Mustang
Johnson Richard O P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Robert S P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Robert S P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Robert S P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Robert S P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Robert S P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Robert S P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Robert S P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Robert S P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Robert S P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Robert S P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Robert S P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Robert S P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Robert S P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Robert S P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Robert S P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Robert S P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Robert S P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Robert S P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Robert S P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Willard D P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Willard D P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson William E Jr P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Johnson William E Jr P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Johnson William R P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Willie K P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Wilton W P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnson Wilton W P-51 Mustang
Johnson Wilton W P-51 Mustang
Johnson Jr. Carl B. B-17 43-38078
Johnson-Barrett Wellington R3158
Johnson-Biggs W Stirling R9355
Johnston Anthony Collyer Typhoon R8876
Johnston J M Lancaster NG170
Johnston A C Lancaster R4816
Johnston Arthur Maxwell Wellington Z1381
Johnston W W Halifax DT554
Johnston C G Halifax HX312
Johnston A D Lancaster LM475
Johnston D E Spitfire MD116
Johnston G A Lancaster ND557
Johnston E L Halifax MZ692
Johnston R Blenheim V5876
Johnston James Alexander Ventura AE688
Johnston Douglas Stewart Blenheim L9314
Johnston John McAllister Lancaster ME863
Johnston James Guy Lancaster JB736
Johnston P Halifax DT745
Johnston James Halifax LW620
Johnston Harry Bruce Stirling Wellington R1455
Johnston C G Mosquito RV351
Johnston James Mossman Blenheim V5689
Johnston H C Lancaster W4178
Johnston R S Lancaster ND805
Johnston Norman Lachlan Wellington Z8788
Johnston Arnold Ney Lancaster LM693
Johnston T V Wellington Z8328
Johnston A Lancaster NG204
Johnston T A Lancaster PB643
Johnston W L N Wellington Z8419
Johnston N Lancaster ND507
Johnston C L: Halifax NP743
Johnston C L Halifax NP745
Johnston J W Spitfire PL130
Johnston W G Halifax NR249
Johnston D D Mosquito HJ823
Johnston D M Halifax LW328
Johnston Clifford Stanley Lancaster KB728
Johnston Lloyd George Halifax LW366
Johnston J G Halifax NR144
Johnston G N Halifax LV910
Johnston A A Lancaster DS837
Johnston J D Halifax NR257
Johnston J H Halifax MZ377
Johnston K McL Wellington HE803
Johnston J M Halifax NA516
Johnston G McI Halifax EB276
Johnston E I Lancaster R5762
Johnston Howard Robert Franklin Whitley Z6811
Johnston L L Lancaster LM439
Johnston James Ian Lancaster DV403
Johnston J D Lancaster NG503
Johnston N H Lancaster LM756
Johnston Ernest Carl Lancaster W5009
Johnston A L Halifax LW644
Johnston A G Halifax W1237
Johnston G R Halifax W7931
Johnston Lorne Herbert Wellington LN181
Johnston J Stirling BK721
Johnston N R Whitley P4990
Johnston A O Lancaster LM463
Johnston J S Lancaster ED528
Johnston T F Lancaster JB745
Johnston J D Lancaster JB528
Johnston J Lancaster LL689
Johnston H Halifax JD156
Johnston C D Halifax LL251
Johnston R D Mosquito KB447
Johnston C H Stirling W7512
Johnston J St G Wellington Z8795
Johnston John Lancaster ED826
Johnston J T Hurricane P3941
Johnston A C Lancaster ED837
Johnston K H Halifax MZ286
Johnston Andrew Stirling EF505
Johnston Edward William Hargreaves Lancaster DV191
Johnston A G Mosquito DZ654
Johnston P Halifax HR793
Johnston W Lancaster DS790
Johnston F E Halifax DT623
Johnston J F Halifax JD332
Johnston A Lancaster JA843
Johnston J Lancaster DV171
Johnston W J Hampden P1202
Johnston R A Spitfire W3325
Johnston T B Lancaster ED910
Johnston J O Lancaster LL977
Johnston C C Lancaster ME745
Johnston D C Lancaster ND368
Johnston H C Lancaster PB526
Johnston P S D Wellington X9767
Johnston R R Halifax W1236
Johnston J S Halifax MZ460
Johnston Whitley Z9308
Johnston G A F Stirling EF397
Johnston R A Stirling R9276
Johnston Hugh Anthony Stephen ("Tim")
Johnston Errol Baltimore FW740
Johnston William Reginald Bell
Johnston Russell Edward
Johnston Stanley Murray
Johnston Stanley Maxwell
Johnston Colin Harold
Johnston Harry Byron
Johnston Alexander Clive
Johnston Allan Stewart
Johnston James Malcolmson
Johnston Arthur Henry
Johnston Leslie Robert
Johnston William Leo Newton
Johnston Errol
Johnston Arthur Maxwell
Johnston James Alexander
Johnston Conrad George
Johnston William Whitelaw
Johnston Alastair Dale
Johnston Donald Edward
Johnston Raymond Dalwood
Johnston Robert
Johnston George Alfred
Johnston Jay Syver B-24 Liberator 3701
Johnston Alec Clare B-24 Liberator 3701
Johnston Ben D Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnston Ben D Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnston Ben D Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnston Curtis G P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnston Edward R P-51 Mustang
Johnston Edward R P-51 Mustang
Johnston James C P-38 Lightning
Johnston Philip To Jr P-51 Mustang
Johnston Philip To Jr P-51 Mustang
Johnston Philip To Jr P-51 Mustang
Johnston Robert D P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnston Robert D P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnston Robert D P-47 Thunderbolt
Johnstone G J M Lancaster DV292
Johnstone Victor William Wellington R1785
Johnstone John Henry Wilcox Hampden X3026
Johnstone Fitzroy Montague Veitch Blenheim Z7289
Johnstone Thomas Lancaster R5740
Johnstone John Wellington LP197
Johnstone Erle Ernest Edward Halifax W1106
Johnstone R A Typhoon MN156
Johnstone R J H Lancaster PB595
Johnstone W T Spitfire P8715
Johnstone A T Hampden AE267
Johnstone M M Halifax MZ537
Johnstone R E Lancaster W4245
Johnstone A I Lancaster ND924
Johnstone G E Whitley Z9515
Johnstone D S Halifax LL306
Johnstone G A Wellington W5439
Johnstone R N Stirling EF308
Johnstone R N Stirling EH904
Johnstone E Halifax W1164
Johnstone J Halifax LV908
Johnstone W Halifax DT517
Johnstone R S Lancaster ND408
Johnstone N B Lancaster W4118
Johnstone G Hampden AT187
Johnstone R J A Wellington DV434
Johnstone J W Wellington Not known
Johnstone J Hampden AT141
Johnstone W Halifax LW390
Johnstone K J A Hampden P1173
Johnstone T Lancaster W4106
Johnstone A Lancaster LM212
Johnstone R D Halifax DT526
Johnstone W Lancaster ME582
Johnstone G A Hurricane V6864
Johnstone J Lancaster NN711
Johnstone I A B Whitley Z9227
Johnstone W A M Lancaster NG182
Johnstone A L E Manchester L7433
Johnstone J A Stirling EF156
Johnstone John Peacock Craig Lancaster JB546
Johnstone P Stirling N6091
Johnstone G Lancaster HK574
Johnstone J M Halifax NA171
Johnstone A D Halifax JD409
Johnstone Alexander Vallance Riddell ("Sandy")
Johnstone John Henry Willox
Johnstone Geoffrey James Munro
Johnstone David Buglass Leggatt
Johnstone Robert James
Johnstone William Vernon
Johnstone Harold Wilmot
Johnstone Victor William
Johnstone John Edward
Johnstone George Alexander Stuart Liberator EV822
Join Joe E P-51 Mustang
Join Joe E P-51 Mustang
Join Joe E P-51 Mustang
Join Joe E P-51 Mustang
Joiner R C Lancaster KB817
Joiner J S Lancaster NN699
Joiner John Henry
Joint H A Lancaster JB747
Joisce L Wellington BK158
Jolicoeur F L Lancaster KB770
Jolin C J Hampden AE159
Joll Ian Kenneth Sefton Blenheim L1517
Joll I K S Beaufighter R2091
Joll Ian Kenneth Sefton
Jolley K A Lancaster JB706
Jolley J P Wellington BK270
Jolley E D B Halifax LW175
Jolley H F Lancaster ED857
Jolley D I Halifax HX352
Jolley Kenrey Alfred
Jolliffe P G Halifax LK976
Jolliffe D W Spitfire PA947
Jolliffe C B Lancaster JA907
Jolliffe H T Lancaster ED721
Jolly S D Lancaster JA901
Jolly M Wellington R1726
Jolly S Whitley BD275
Jolly T Lancaster DV225
Jolly R Hampden P1326
Jolly R Hampden P4345
Jolly C Lancaster NF955
Jolly J Halifax HR673
Jolly J Halifax BB368
Jolly E N Lancaster PB239
Jolly W F Lancaster PB113
Jolly E N Lancaster PA972
Jolly Harold Keith Wishart
Jolly Owen Ralph Westland Lysander V9666
Jolly Warren H P-47 Thunderbolt
Jolly Warren H P-47 Thunderbolt
Joly R Halifax NR153
Jonas Adrian Conway Typhoon R8897
Jonas J G Halifax NP695
Jonasson D H Halifax LV829
Jonasson L N Halifax DT575
Jończyk Józef Vickers Wellington R1014
Jone E Blenheim L9023
Jones V Halifax PN425
Jones J R Lancaster LM569
Jones Rhys Webb Lancaster HK547
Jones H C Halifax LL306
Jones H S Lancaster PD373
Jones T J Lancaster ED986
Jones M A Lancaster NE141
Jones Pax Lloyd Evan Lancaster ED535
Jones W A Lancaster JA860
Jones G O Lancaster LL881
Jones R A Lancaster DV171
Jones C A Halifax LM116
Jones M R Lancaster LM119
Jones C C Lancaster LM338
Jones Godfrey Rees Lancaster R5735
Jones Edgar Frederick Halifax LW546
Jones M W Lancaster W4337
Jones S W Lancaster HK539
Jones R Stirling EF236
Jones Norman Rex Halifax BB236
Jones J R Halifax LW273
Jones Whitley Z6864
Jones H I Stirling LK380
Jones Trevor William Robert Wellington W5564
Jones HAJ Blenheim P6889
Jones Raymond James Stanley Hampden P4394
Jones Harry A Wellington N2936
Jones Kenneth Hampden P4344
Jones Harold Frederick Lancaster HE644
Jones Frederick William Wellington Z8578
Jones Howard William Lancaster JB479
Jones Peter Thomas Wellington N2889
Jones Arthur William Halifax R9451
Jones John Reginald Arthur Blenheim L8788
Jones B P Hampden L4148
Jones Stanley Blenheim Z7644
Jones Frederick Lancaster DS780
Jones A.I (?A.L.) Wellington HF833
Jones Ronald Watcyn Wellington R3289
Jones Aeron Halifax DT732
Jones Vernon Llewelyn Bowen Lancaster JB604
Jones Benedict Warren Melvill Wellington W5485
Jones William Llewellen Wellington N3014
Jones Elwyn Lancaster PD367
Jones Edward Neilan Lancaster R5698
Jones T W Halifax BB261
Jones Harold Halifax BB261
Jones Victor Lancaster PA234
Jones Norman Owen Lancaster ED841
Jones Edward Ellis Lancaster EE196
Jones Kenneth David Wellington X9786
Jones Randall Vincent "Joey" Halifax LV834
Jones Edward Scott (Eddie) Halifax JP113
Jones Robert Hugh Lancaster PB125
Jones Percival Henry Minton Lancaster DV280
Jones Lewis James Manchester L7469
Jones G A Lancaster ED469
Jones Peter Richard Lancaster PD316
Jones Phillip Llewellyn Lancaster LL775
Jones Dennis Crosby Lancaster PB466
Jones Stanley Lewis Lancaster W5010
Jones T W R Lancaster JA926
Jones Dan Davies Hampden P1228
Jones Haydn Blenheim Z7309
Jones Laurence Havard Lancaster DS834
Jones John Glynn Lancaster DV185
Jones Harold Lancaster ED858
Jones Elwyn Knowles Wellington X3870
Jones Thomas John Lancaster PD216
Jones George Leeson Lancaster ME807
Jones Benjamin Bryn Lancaster W4171
Jones Iorwerth Beynon Lancaster W4171
Jones Stanley Lancaster LM436
Jones John Richard Davies Ventura AE759
Jones Allan Milton Fortress HB805
Jones Stanley Llewellyn Fortress HB805
Jones Glyn Halifax HR816
Jones Rowland Woolley Halifax LK837
Jones Charles John Halifax LL141
Jones Roy Cyril Morgan Lancaster NE138
Jones Harold Ernest Wellington HE501
Jones Eric James Halifax HR749
Jones Harry Lancaster NE164
Jones Stanley Wellington X3607
Jones John Lewis Lancaster RF176
Jones Peter Manchester L7518
Jones Norman Lancaster LM546
Jones Joseph Henry Lancaster PB894
Jones David Daniel Lancaster PB894
Jones Henry Lancaster PB134
Jones Archibald Donald Lancaster LL914
Jones Leslie Frederick Walter Lancaster W4764
Jones William Joseph Lancaster JB659
Jones George Douglas Spitfire X4642
Jones J.W. Stirling BF517
Jones Cyril Wellington LB237
Jones Evan John Defiant L6974
Jones Lloyd Havoc BB893
Jones D W E Liberator EW139
Jones Frank Thomas Liberator EW139
Jones W S Halifax HX326
Jones N S Whitley Z6942
Jones J R Lancaster JB594
Jones A C P Lancaster JB291
Jones D R Lancaster ME857
Jones H C Halifax BB211
Jones W T Wellington X3351
Jones L H Spitfire EN975
Jones T M Mosquito KB446
Jones S B Halifax LK877
Jones Harold Arthur Halifax HX268
Jones Robert Henry Typhoon PD471
Jones Edward James Whitley Z9512
Jones Joseph Halifax DT576
Jones R J Halifax DT699
Jones R B Lancaster PB516
Jones W L Halifax NP713
Jones L W Spitfire EE747
Jones Jack MacDonald Halifax MZ907
Jones William Harvey Halifax NP936
Jones E C L Boston W8304
Jones G J Lancaster KB866
Jones Lloyd Ingram Halifax NA179
Jones William James Wellington DF636
Jones H R Halifax NA505
Jones N H Halifax LW428
Jones G M Lancaster DS837
Jones J H Halifax LK883
Jones R E Halifax NP775
Jones Lloyd William Wesley Halifax LL139
Jones Greville Llewellyn Lancaster KB743
Jones P R Lancaster KB780
Jones F L Lancaster KB740
Jones R R Lancaster NG345
Jones H K Mustang AG377
Jones K W Halifax MZ858
Jones R A Halifax LK967
Jones A M Halifax NP704
Jones B S Halifax LK648
Jones O J Lancaster ND989
Jones E R Lancaster LL692
Jones C J Lancaster PA995
Jones R R Lancaster ND637
Jones R J Lancaster PB561
Jones W F Lancaster PB244
Jones E G Halifax DT570
Jones A Halifax LW657
Jones Dudley Mackenzie Proctor P6064
Jones Rex Nigel Hugh Wellington BK271
Jones O K Lancaster DV157
Jones Russell Royl Alwyn Lancaster R5847
Jones Louis Arthur Stirling R9160
Jones K W Lancaster ME675
Jones D L Wellington T2804
Jones R L Mosquito PZ406
Jones F C Lancaster JB224
Jones R S Stirling EF215
Jones R K Lancaster ND800
Jones Charles Glynn Oxford BG270
Jones Ercil Lancaster DV307
Jones G P Halifax BB201
Jones W Halifax JD207
Jones J L Halifax BB207
Jones David Morris Halifax W1056
Jones H T S Halifax NR189
Jones R G Whitley P5055
Jones A L Whitley P5001
Jones A J Whitley Z6477
Jones M P Lancaster LL952
Jones H Lancaster ED652
Jones D Lancaster ND328
Jones D M Lancaster LM620
Jones T E Lancaster ED564
Jones D G Lancaster EE169
Jones W A Lancaster ED557
Jones F T E Lancaster ME617
Jones D Lancaster LL756
Jones K Lancaster W4923
Jones G W Lancaster ED736
Jones K Lancaster LM370
Jones S J Lancaster JB128
Jones G M Halifax W1142
Jones J J Halifax JD128
Jones Henry Halifax W7924
Jones E F Halifax HR919
Jones T Halifax HR804
Jones T H Halifax JB869
Jones C S Halifax DT799
Jones G A Halifax DT779
Jones R O Halifax NA602
Jones T Halifax MZ772
Jones R Halifax LL597
Jones H Whitley K8996
Jones J T Halifax LL597
Jones M N F Whitley T4269
Jones T I Lancaster ME722
Jones W E Lancaster ME722
Jones W R Lancaster ED419
Jones J W M Lancaster ED773
Jones R Lancaster NF909
Jones A Wellington T2921
Jones W K Wellington DV452
Jones Wellington R1217
Jones W K Lancaster ND613
Jones A V M Lancaster ND925
Jones C W Lancaster ED701
Jones D J Lancaster ND624
Jones R T Lancaster JB528
Jones I E Lancaster PA985
Jones A V M Lancaster ND638
Jones E S Wellington W5595
Jones A E Battle L4980
Jones S Blenheim T1895
Jones W Mosquito ML924
Jones G C Lancaster W4770
Jones K V Lancaster R5731
Jones T G Hampden AD984
Jones S J H Hampden AD932
Jones F T B Lancaster R5681
Jones T H Lancaster ME630
Jones Manchester L7317
Jones S H Lancaster ND868
Jones H Lancaster ED752
Jones J E Lancaster JB146
Jones W A Mosquito PF429
Jones E T W Blenheim V6236
Jones Wellington R3238
Jones I M Lancaster LL651
Jones M Lancaster DS660
Jones M J Lancaster DS721
Jones D L Lancaster LL667
Jones E H Wellington X3593
Jones K I Wellington X3602
Jones H T Lancaster ND754
Jones W Wellington Z1574
Jones S A Spitfire EP413
Jones J Lancaster ME632
Jones L Lancaster W4836
Jones H R Wellington Z8398
Jones D J Wellington Z8656
Jones R T Wellington Z8656
Jones C E Lancaster JB537
Jones G F Lancaster ED818
Jones J P Lancaster ND404
Jones W L C Spitfire AD463
Jones S Spitfire SM273
Jones H G Spitfire
Jones G Spitfire AD329
Jones G Spitfire RM655
Jones G T Halifax JD156
Jones C Halifax LL419
Jones E E Whitley Z6728
Jones N S D Blenheim N6229
Jones J T ? L6966
Jones T Battle P5238
Jones J G Wellington W5384
Jones B S Mosquito KB437
Jones H O Hampden L4067
Jones T S Hampden AD804
Jones A E Hampden L4172
Jones L W Hampden P2079
Jones D M P Stirling W7508
Jones L Lancaster PP673
Jones L Stirling N3723
Jones F C Stirling R9314
Jones H H Lancaster NG362
Jones C G Wellington X9704
Jones G D K Wellington R1506
Jones N Wellington T2716
Jones Wellington R1229
Jones D E W Stirling LK388
Jones L Stirling BK759
Jones G Stirling BF512
Jones G E Wellington N2778
Jones T H B Stirling N6021
Jones E T Lancaster LL752
Jones H R Stirling R9279
Jones J H Stirling W7518
Jones M L Lancaster LL890
Jones J D Lancaster NF958
Jones D G Lancaster HK618
Jones A W I Stirling W7429LS-X
Jones T H B Stirling W7435
Jones A W I Wellington R1218
Jones P C Lancaster ED473
Jones T G Lancaster ED473
Jones M G Blenheim L8851
Jones D E Battle N2093
Jones F Lancaster NG421
Jones H G Wellington Z1593
Jones J S B Spitfire R6614
Jones R Lancaster PD380
Jones D L Lancaster NG189
Jones O M C Lancaster PB638
Jones A E Lancaster PB636
Jones L Lancaster W4856
Jones L J Lancaster ED598
Jones J E Wellington Z1619
Jones H B Lancaster ND978
Jones P V Lancaster ND449
Jones R L Mosquito HJ820
Jones R Halifax W1108
Jones J C Halifax DT795
Jones S W Halifax HR776
Jones R E Halifax NP973
Jones S D Halifax HX349
Jones W L Halifax LK877
Jones W J Halifax RG436
Jones H E Halifax HX351
Jones W Halifax LW634
Jones J H Wellington X3991
Jones E Halifax LL183
Jones M E Typhoon JR363
Jones P K Lancaster W4108
Jones W T Lancaster ME643
Jones A P Lancaster ME624
Jones W F W Lancaster PD239
Jones J H Lancaster NF986
Jones T M Lancaster LM586
Jones B C Lancaster ND620
Jones P G Lancaster ND621
Jones G D Lancaster ND651
Jones H N Lancaster ED904
Jones G D Lancaster LM335
Jones W T Hurricane
Jones C T Halifax LK874
Jones C H Blenheim V6432
Jones H P G Blenheim T1829
Jones A B Blenheim R3842
Jones J K Blenheim Z7283
Jones R H G Blenheim L9378
Jones A B Blenheim L9251
Jones G J F Typhoon MN200
Jones J O Typhoon MN990
Jones W S Lancaster PA197
Jones E L Wellington HE230
Jones F J Wellington LP345
Jones D F Lancaster NG305
Jones R H Typhoon MN629
Jones R H Typhoon MP143
Jones A R A Typhoon JP509
Jones W Stirling HF453
Jones L M Wellington HE519
Jones J E Manchester L7322
Jones A N Lancaster ME631
Jones H C Lancaster ND575
Jones H Blenheim T2233
Jones W H Stirling BF330
Jones G T Wellington R1609
Jones H E Wellington R1613
Jones A N Wellington X9884
Jones Wellington W5450
Jones T Stirling EE883
Jones R A D Fortress KJ112
Jones J T Stirling N3763
Jones A W I Stirling W7535
Jones W T Stirling BF447
Jones K Lancaster PB674
Jones L Stirling W7568
Jones Harry B Battle P2183
Jones P L Wellington R1511
Jones I I Stirling EF504
Jones C Stirling MZ263
Jones R J Battle K9176
Jones T J Lancaster ME372
Jones J R Wellington DV475
Jones Blenheim L1226
Jones F C H Mosquito HR236
Jones D F Hurricane L1746
Jones J R Mosquito MV530
Jones G B Typhoon MN868
Jones E J Defiant L6957
Jones J T Defiant L6966
Jones D A E Hurricane L1609
Jones R W Tempest EJ895
Jones D I C Lancaster LL947
Jones Hurricane N2533
Jones J E Halifax HR908
Jones J R Halifax W1117
Jones J R Halifax DT806
Jones D J Halifax BB361
Jones R J G Halifax R9450
Jones J R Halifax HR833
Jones R W Halifax HR914
Jones Halifax W7761
Jones Halifax R9445
Jones D S Lancaster NE175
Jones F G Wellington N2951
Jones A E Wellington T2912
Jones Henry Wellington T2515
Jones E Wellington W5534
Jones Wellington W5489
Jones M D Wellington W5427
Jones D E Wellington Z8358
Jones M Hampden AE393
Jones A E Lancaster DS849
Jones H D Lancaster DS790
Jones W B Halifax LW231
Jones B Lancaster KB755
Jones O Lancaster KB717
Jones G T Lancaster KB701
Jones T C Halifax NA183
Jones L G Wellington X3814
Jones F W Halifax HX311
Jones A Wellington X3763
Jones R V Lancaster DS789
Jones A C Halifax LK883
Jones J H Wellington HE995
Jones G H Halifax LV836
Jones James Ivor Halifax LL176
Jones P C Halifax DK255
Jones K W Halifax LK914
Jones J I Halifax LK915
Jones W H Wellington BJ920
Jones D T W Halifax NR114
Jones William Thomas Lancaster KB834
Jones Thomas Merville Typhoon RB323
Jones W H Hampden P1338
Jones Gordon William Lancaster W4126
Jones T R Lancaster ED307
Jones P O Lancaster R5557
Jones R H Lancaster L7533
Jones H Lancaster R5516
Jones A A Hampden L4102
Jones R W Lancaster EE179
Jones A H Lancaster ND515
Jones G G Lancaster JA895
Jones S Lancaster ED723
Jones T M Lancaster JA843
Jones Maldwyn Lancaster ME299
Jones W J Lancaster ND631
Jones J D Mosquito HK317
Jones Hampden AE434
Jones A T G Lancaster LL906
Jones D O Lancaster DV341
Jones W F Lancaster ED521
Jones R G Lancaster ED370
Jones P L Lancaster ED369
Jones G Lancaster ND738
Jones J M Lancaster JA860
Jones T E Lancaster ND364
Jones A H Lancaster W4988
Jones J Lancaster ND553
Jones E L Lancaster W4968
Jones R R Lancaster ED750
Jones R A P Wellington Z1391
Jones L J Halifax MZ296
Jones R R Lancaster ME563
Jones R W Lancaster NE133
Jones T H Lancaster ED606
Jones A S Wellington HE154
Jones C W Wellington MS473
Jones J M Lancaster JB124
Jones N L Hampden L4040
Jones J Hampden P4377
Jones Hampden AD805
Jones N L Hampden P1175
Jones E G Lancaster NE125
Jones D G C Lancaster ED625
Jones F E Lancaster PB369
Jones A W Lancaster NG342
Jones T Lancaster W4194
Jones A Lancaster PD292
Jones N G Lancaster PD346
Jones E S Lancaster ND876
Jones D G Lancaster LM480
Jones J Halifax HR835
Jones N E Halifax DT685
Jones D L Halifax DT690
Jones G V Halifax DT729
Jones R M Halifax JD264
Jones G Halifax DT637
Jones H B Halifax NP934
Jones L J Halifax MZ972
Jones J A Halifax NR248
Jones A S Halifax LK835
Jones P O G Halifax LV862
Jones J N A Whitley P4981
Jones W A Whitley Z9481
Jones M H Whitley P4973
Jones T E Lancaster LM277
Jones F S Lancaster LM206
Jones R Lancaster LM206
Jones S E Lancaster LL728
Jones G R Lancaster DS828
Jones W L W Lancaster LL732
Jones T D Lancaster PB185
Jones C A Mosquito NS992
Jones Spitfire R7303
Jones E C Lancaster LL826
Jones I Lancaster NG336
Jones F G Lancaster NN715
Jones D L Lancaster JA934
Jones S J L Lancaster EE107
Jones R C Hurricane P3123
Jones F A Lancaster W4360
Jones B S Wellington X9978
Jones T Wellington R1608
Jones L Wellington W5445
Jones Thomas Abel Wellington X3584
Jones J Lancaster ED989
Jones Hugh Ivor Lancaster JA914
Jones C L Lancaster ND859
Jones D F Halifax MZ511
Jones G H Halifax MZ511
Jones C F Whitley T4145
Jones J B Whitley N1472
Jones C J T Whitley N1461
Jones J B Whitley N1462
Jones E E Whitley Z9204
Jones G Lancaster ND816
Jones G S Spitfire MH721
Jones R E Spitfire L2122
Jones R E Hurricane P2560
Jones K H Hurricane Z2329
Jones E Lancaster ME783
Jones R S Manchester L7369
Jones P Manchester L7395
Jones R Hampden P4349
Jones T R Lancaster W4168
Jones R Lancaster LM518
Jones R C H Lancaster LM359
Jones C A T Spitfire X4055
Jones R N Lancaster ED825
Jones I G Lancaster EE130
Jones E P Lancaster JA848
Jones R Lancaster JA848
Jones M Lancaster EE114
Jones S E J Lancaster EE106
Jones D V Lancaster JA844
Jones T A Lancaster EE116
Jones F A Stirling EH931
Jones G Stirling EE906
Jones D B Lancaster RF145
Jones D R Lancaster NG294
Jones H Lancaster LM163
Jones J Lancaster PB154
Jones J T Lancaster NF907
Jones J Lancaster ME795
Jones S Lancaster ME795
Jones J Lancaster ME717
Jones S Lancaster ME717
Jones W D Lancaster ND337
Jones L Lancaster JB546
Jones D G Lancaster JB713
Jones D Halifax LW516
Jones S Halifax LW459
Jones O Halifax NA492
Jones J G Stirling N3764
Jones W L Stirling R9150
Jones K N Stirling W7539
Jones W R Stirling BF316
Jones D H Stirling R9158
Jones F P Lancaster JB398
Jones G B Lancaster LL866
Jones E F Stirling BK646
Jones A Lancaster HK574
Jones H Wellington W5621
Jones H E Wellington X3587
Jones D V Stirling BF456
Jones Stirling BF518
Jones S Halifax L9494
Jones Halifax L9518
Jones H D Halifax W1114
Jones H D Halifax R9452
Jones A Halifax MZ539
Jones S Halifax LK902
Jones R Halifax DK147
Jones W H Halifax DK240
Jones G H Halifax DK176
Jones J H S Halifax DK176
Jones G M Halifax RG622
Jones C R Halifax W1144
Jones R J Halifax JD321
Jones G Halifax LW270
Jones T Whitley N1366
Jones Colin Edward Halifax LL184
Jones Whitley P5111
Jones E A L
Jones O A Whitley AD698
Jones A W Halifax R9447
Jones H R Halifax JB874
Jones G Halifax HR874
Jones P J Halifax R9364
Jones E C Halifax BB239
Jones W Halifax JD118
Jones F G Halifax MZ361
Jones K H Halifax HX355
Jones W Halifax LV813
Jones Whitley Z6864
Jones K I Whitley Z6664
Jones Whitley Z6941
Jones Whitley Z6625
Jones N C Blenheim T1827
Jones G W Hampden L4094
Jones G Lancaster PB230
Jones J A Lancaster ND963
Jones G M Lancaster ND854
Jones A P Lancaster ND414
Jones G H Lancaster JA686
Jones C J Mosquito MM648
Jones J R A Battle
Jones Battle
Jones Blenheim L9379
Jones Blenheim L9379
Jones J E Lancaster LL970
Jones A H Lancaster W4765
Jones T W Lancaster ED436
Jones W J Lancaster LM448
Jones R E Lancaster DV334
Jones W F Wellington
Jones H L Lancaster ED596
Jones H L Wellington BJ674
Jones R E Lancaster ED975
Jones H S Lancaster ED481
Jones R H Lancaster ED493
Jones W E Lancaster ED656
Jones P W Lancaster ME852
Jones D Lancaster NN698
Jones O N Stirling EH944
Jones W E Stirling EF497
Jones R L Stirling EH937
Jones E Stirling BF471
Jones E Stirling BK780
Jones L G Lancaster R5741
Jones L W Manchester L7490
Jones R W Manchester L7424
Jones L C Lancaster JB708
Jones A Lancaster ED917
Jones C R W Lancaster JB232
Jones L G Lancaster JB353
Jones C A Lancaster NE167
Jones T E Wellington N2911
Jones K Oxford V3948
Jones F H Blenheim R3764
Jones David Rhys Wellington LP204
Jones Edward Gordon ("Tap")
Jones Norman Garston
Jones Philip Marsden Whitney Z9153
Jones Ronald Stephen
Jones Leonard Ernest
Jones John Graham Leighton
Jones Claud Edward
Jones Frank Howard
Jones John Herbert
Jones John Trevor Reid
Jones Edward Kennion
Jones Jeffrey Ross
Jones Trevor William Robert
Jones Arthur Edward
Jones Rhys Webb
Jones Robert Douglas
Jones Herbert Clifford
Jones Ivor George
Jones Ivor Hawkins
Jones Thomas Noel Ian
Jones Bertram John
Jones William Hesketh
Jones Kelvin
Jones Alfred Russell
Jones Herbert Archibald John
Jones Thomas Stephen
Jones Frederick Charles Henry
Jones Trevor Tudor
Jones Edward Albert
Jones Robert Leonard Frederick
Jones Trevor John
Jones Lloyd George
Jones Herbert James
Jones Jack Lundie
Jones Henry Sylvester
Jones Thomas Ellis
Jones William Jones
Jones Morris Albert
Jones Pax Lloyd Evan
Jones Russell Allen Pera
Jones Trevor John
Jones George Oswald
Jones Clarence Archibald
Jones Clifford Cecil
Jones Maurice Robert
Jones Richard Allan
Jones Godfrey Rees
Jones Edgar Frederick
Jones Maurice William
Jones Winston Trevor
Jones David Wise Stirling LJ970
Jones Stanley William
Jones Basil Goodwin
Jones Allen Leslie
Jones Edward Austin
Jones Mervyn Francis
Jones Norman Rex
Jones Cedric Neville
Jones Keith John
Jones Clifford Desmond
Jones Edward Lloyd
Jones Howell Idris
Jones Arthur Selwyn
Jones Herbert George
Jones Leslie Horace Halifax W1272
Jones William Royston Sunderland W4026
Jones J B Baltimore FW544
Jones Rowland Eames Wellington LP198
Jones Willis W. B-17 Big Barn Smell 42-32093
Jones Donald J. B-17 43-38853
Jones Stanley Arthur Hurricane NF716
Jones Albert L
Jones Albert L
Jones Alma R P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Jones Billy K P-47 Thunderbolt
Jones Carter L P-51 Mustang
Jones Charles O P-38 Lightning
Jones Cyril W Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Jones Cyril W Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Jones Cyril W Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Jones Cyril W Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Jones Dale N P-38 Lightning
Jones Edward C P-38 Lightning
Jones Edward C P-38 Lightning
Jones Frank C P-47 Thunderbolt
Jones Frank C P-51 Mustang
Jones Frank C P-51 Mustang
Jones Frank C P-51 Mustang
Jones Frank C P-51 Mustang
Jones Grant L P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Jones Halvor K P-47 Thunderbolt
Jones Henry H P-47 Thunderbolt
Jones James M Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Jones James M Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Jones James M Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Jones John V
Jones Kennard Ka P-38 Lightning
Jones Kenneth T P-47 Thunderbolt
Jones Miles P-40 Warhawk
Jones Randall L P-47 Thunderbolt`
Jones Reps D P-38 Lightning
Jones Reps D P-38 Lightning
Jones Robert P-51 Mustang
Jones Robert E P-47 Thunderbolt
Jones Robert G P-47 Thunderbolt`
Jones Theodore I Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Jones Theodore I Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Jones Thomas W P-47 Thunderbolt
Jones Vernon Y P-47 Thunderbolt
Jones Vernon Y P-47 Thunderbolt
Jones William A P-51 Mustang
Jones William A P-51 Mustang
Jones Evan Ffoulkes Halifax JP179
Jones-Ford J A Lancaster ED492
Jones-Roberts Eric Whitley N1463
Jonkers Jan Spitfire MK520
Joński Edward Handley Page Halifax JD155
Jonssen S G Spitfire
Jonsson Thorsteinn Elton ("Tony")
Jonston H D Lancaster HK564
Jonston K J Wellington R1346
Jope Leslie Richard
Joplin S J Halifax LK803
Joplin A E Lancaster ME561
Jopling R H Lancaster ND654
Jopling T Stirling BK596
Jopling J T Lancaster JA897
Jopling J R Hampden L4081
Jopling R Whitley Z6577
Jopling R Whitley Z6625
Jopp A D Halifax MZ822
Jordan Michael Edward Halifax MZ351
Jordan M E Halifax LW617
Jordan A Halifax ME701
Jordan Ronald Merrick Lancaster ME782
Jordan R F Lancaster ND470
Jordan Sidney John Stirling N3703
Jordan William Hansford Wellington T2702
Jordan Harold Graham Wellington DV819
Jordan Leslie George Liberator AL577
Jordan Joseph Anthony Lancaster ND327
Jordan Gordon Richard Lancaster W4324
Jordan W F Halifax DT704
Jordan R C Halifax EB285
Jordan H C Wellington LN288
Jordan Lawrence Henry Lancaster W4764
Jordan R H Whitley Z6793
Jordan Eric Ronald Edward Lancaster DV300
Jordan E B Lancaster ED708
Jordan C B Blenheim L9464
Jordan W R Hampden AD845
Jordan T E Stirling N6126
Jordan H F Stirling W7512
Jordan Wellington N2853
Jordan S J Stirling EE940
Jordan G H Wellington X3305
Jordan H W F Lancaster PB742
Jordan V Lancaster NG305
Jordan A Blenheim V5822
Jordan Wellington N2802
Jordan R B Wellington W5450
Jordan J J Wellington T2806
Jordan I A Stirling BF480
Jordan J W F Lancaster PB723
Jordan H H Wellington DV721
Jordan A R Halifax HR926
Jordan H. Wellington R1331
Jordan K M Wellington LN435
Jordan R M Lancaster JA895
Jordan L C Lancaster EE189
Jordan L F Blenheim L9245
Jordan D V Lancaster EE198
Jordan J W Lancaster ND703
Jordan Wellington R1518
Jordan W H Halifax JD145
Jordan P J Manchester L7522
Jordan J F Lancaster NF937
Jordan L E Stirling EE196
Jordan L E Stirling BF504
Jordan A H J Lancaster LL754
Jordan Reginald Charles
Jordan Victor Keith
Jordan Bernard Thomas
Jordan Henry Stan
Jordan Aidan
Jordan Herbert H P-51 Mustang
Jordan Herbert H P-51 Mustang
Jordan William J P-47 Thunderbolt
Jordan William J P-47 Thunderbolt
Jordin D F Lancaster ND424
Jorgensen Stanley Johannes Halifax JB854
Jorgensen Murray Osborne Typhoon EK225
Jorgensen Leslie Hunter
Jorgensen Kenneth B P-38 Lightning
Jorgenson L Halifax NP805
Jory W illiam Edward Halifax MZ901
Jory A Lancaster LL693
Jory A D Hampden AT142
Jose G B Halifax MZ602
Joseph G H Lancaster ED737
Joseph Collins Alwyn Spitfire RM760
Joseph A A Lancaster ND653
Joseph D Halifax LW655
Joseph L Stirling EF254
Joseph Graham Harris
Josey B C Halifax LW628
Joshua F J Whitley T4336
Joslin K R Lancaster JB661
Joslin Peter Clement Vellacott Lancaster R5682
Joslin P C V Manchester L7395
Joslin J D C Hurricane P2756
Josling J B Lancaster ED946
Josling Norman Herbert ("Jos")
Josliu H H Whitley P5018
Joslyn K S Lancaster ND341
Joslyn K S Lancaster JB477
Joss N Mosquito MM512
Joss D McL Lancaster EE110
Jossa J C Lancaster DV268
Josse P W Hampden L4055
Josset W Lysander V9822
Jost B N Halifax JD147
Joszt Kazimierz Wellington Z8586
Joszt Kazimierz Vickers Wellington Z1279
Jottard A R I G Hurricane P3167
Joubert C C O Hurricane P3479
Joubert des Ouches J Spitfire W3843
Joumas N Halifax NA547
Jouzier Edmond Jean Halifax LL590
Jowers Albert
Jowett H A Halifax MZ581
Jowett W B Lancaster W4861
Jowett W Whitley Z9226
Jowett Harold Ernest Wellington X9905
Jowett G Lancaster DS760
Jowett H F Lancaster EE138
Jowett John Hall Lancaster DV366
Jowett J H Lancaster ED468
Jowett R F Lancaster ND561
Jowett Noel Lascelles
Jowett Henry Anthony
Jowitt E G Lancaster NG401
Jowitt Harold Lancaster ED544
Jowitt G Whirlwind P7118
Jowitt D St J Whirlwind P7115
Jowitt Frank Halifax W7777
Jowitt L Hurricane P2557
Jowsey M E Spitfire PT725
Joy Terence Wong Wellington X9875
Joy K W Halifax NP967
Joy F R Lancaster JB406
Joy W G Beaufighter X7846
Joy D V Lancaster NE174
Joy F H Lancaster JB134
Joy Carroll H P-38 Lightning
Joyce Thomas Gracie Sunderland T9075
Joyce E A Lancaster ED994
Joyce E A Lancaster JB140
Joyce B M Lancaster DV363
Joyce L Stirling EF123
Joyce Alan Francis Halifax JP239
Joyce Michael J. Hampden P4324
Joyce Ernest Leslie 'Nipper' Mustang FX986
Joyce Reginald William Halifax LW143
Joyce George Robert Lancaster R5698
Joyce Trevor Francis Lancaster JB132
Joyce Alexander John
Joyce David Dudley Plaister Halifax W1098
Joyce J A Lancaster ME318
Joyce R W Spitfire AB854
Joyce F C Spitfire MA543
Joyce D A Hampden X2913
Joyce J V Lancaster W4987
Joyce N Halifax MZ972
Joyce E P Hurricane L1646
Joyce Thomas Gracie
Joyce Alan Francis
Joyce John Anthony
Joyce Eric Albert
Joyce Brian Martin
Joyce Leslie
Joyce Robert Gray Douglas DC-3 Dakota KG397
Joyce Thomas E P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Joyce Thomas E P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Joynson P E Halifax LV961
Joynson J L Mosquito PZ334
Joynt John Millar Wellington X3808
Józefiak Stanisław Wellington R1392
Józefowicz Eugeniusz Stanisław Avro Lancaster JA683
Jozepajt Jon Vickers Wellington R3216
Jubb R V Halifax LL610
Jubb A J Lancaster LM422
Jubb B McM Stirling BK659
Jubb Angus James
Juby G W J Wellington P9284
Juchheim Alwin M P-47 Thunderbolt
Juchheim Alwin M P-47 Thunderbolt
Juchheim Alwin M P-47 Thunderbolt
Juchheim Alwin M P-47 Thunderbolt
Juchheim Alwin M P-47 Thunderbolt
Juchheim Alwin M P-47 Thunderbolt
Juchheim Alwin M P-47 Thunderbolt
Juchheim Alwin M P-47 Thunderbolt
Judd W B Lancaster PA196
Judd N K Wellington R1526
Judd Jack Edward Lancaster PA195
Judd D H Wellington BJ828
Judd T E Halifax JB843
Judd G G Stirling EF427
Judd J F Lancaster LM572
Judd C N Lancaster ED332
Judd J Halifax LW441
Judd S E Halifax MZ705
Judd K C Blenheim Z7277
Judd Michael Thomas
Judd Trevor Macleay
Judd William Bruce
Judd Norman Keith
Jude William Lancaster PD383
Judell Maurice Leopold
Judge H H Wellington R1511
Judge R B Lancaster ND869
Judges G Halifax MZ829
Judiesch John F Halifax
Judson Donald Lancaster PB172
Judson Donald Lancaster PB172
Juffs Reginald Frederick Sunderland JM763
Juggins F E Lancaster ED884
Jukes Alfred Edgar Halifax LV782
Jukes A C Wellington BJ651
Jukes J L A Lancaster LL886
Julian Ivon
Julian R H Lancaster ND868
Julian W B Stirling EE917
Julian Harry Wilfred
Julian William H P-47 Thunderbolt
Julian William H P-47 Thunderbolt
Julian William H P-47 Thunderbolt
Julian William H P-47 Thunderbolt
Julian William H P-47 Thunderbolt
Julien J A G Halifax MZ925
Julier E W Lancaster LL896
Julski Tadeusz Bristol Blenheim AZ890
Julyans P Boston Z2261
Juneau Alfred Roger Halifax DG222
Jung A Halifax HR914
Jung P R Halifax HX317
Junge Walter Lawrence
Jungowski Jerzy Leon Antoni Wellington W5567
Juniper K S Lancaster ED331
Junkin Samuel F Jr Spitfire / P-51 Mustang
Junttila Wilbert H P-47 Thunderbolt
Junttila Wilbert H P-47 Thunderbolt
Jupe R M Wellington BK468
Jupp Anthony Charles Stirling N6011
Jupp Gordon Archibald Hurricane W9197
Jupp L C Halifax W1061
Jupp H E Lancaster ME639
Jupp Whitley Z9213
Jura Edmund Vickers Wellington X9676
Jurd M K Lancaster PB816
Jurd Milton Keith
Jure James M P-47 Thunderbolt
Jure James M P-47 Thunderbolt
Jure James M P-47 Thunderbolt
Jure James M P-47 Thunderbolt
Jure James M P-47 Thunderbolt
Jurewicz Henryk Spitfire W3440
Jurewicz Feliks Avro Lancaster ME744
Jurewicz Henryk Supermarine Spitfire W3440
Jurewicz Zenon Hawker Hurricane LB650
Jurgensen C H Lancaster R5680
Jurka Stanisław Handley Page Halifax LL126
Jurkowski Józef
Jury Jack Leslie Wellington BJ767
Jury K W Lancaster LM313
Jury R D Spitfire R7291
Jury E Halifax JB912
Jury J K Lancaster ND971
Jury Ivor Hilton
Jury Allen Victor Tiger Moth NZ724
Just R Halifax NA519
Just D E Lancaster LM112
Justason B R Halifax NP678
Juste R Halifax LL557
Justice W J Wellington X3654
Justice D L P Stirling EH961
Juszczak Stanisław Jerzy Supermarine Spitfire X4065
Juszczyk Edmund J P-51 Mustang
Juza Stanisław Harvard KF164
Kabaciński Władysław Vickers Wellington JA117
Kabaciński Władysław Vickers Wellington BK448
Kabulski Jan Avro Lancaster PB252
Kaby Norman Blenheim Z7442
Kaczalski Czesław Vickers Wellington W5726
Kaczan Henryk Tadeusz De Havilland Mosquito Z374
Kaczmarczyk Stanisław Vickers Wellington Z1256
Kaczmarek Bolesław Jan Spitfire TB140
Kaczmarek Stefan
Kaczmaryk (Radley) Jan Vickers Wellington Z1291
Kaczmarz Antoni Avro Lancaster PA185
Kaczorkiewicz Jan
Kadwill H J Halifax LW515
Kaechele Emmet Solomon Halifax NA190
Kaesemodel E R Lancaster PB525
Kahle Dayne P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Kahler H C M Stirling EH955
Kahler Ross L. B-17 Susan Ruth 42-31499
Kain Edgar James 'Cobber' Hurricane
Kain G D Lancaster JA871
Kain Edgar James 'Cobber' Hurricane L1808
Kain Edgar James 'Cobber' Hurricane L1766
Kain Brian Joseph
Kairton D B Mustang FX882
Kairton Donald Bertram
Kaiser Stanley Keith Halifax MZ297
Kajor Eugeniusz Rudolf Airspeed Oxford L4590
Kalarus Stefan Westland Lysander V9604
Kałat Kazimierz
Kalen J Typhoon MN574
Kalen Kenneth E P-47 Thunderbolt
Kalensky Wellington Z8838
Kalheim B I Lancaster PB363
Kaliciecki Eugeniusz Ludwik Vickers Wellington N2806
Kalina Stefan Vickers Wellington BK511
Kalinejko Stanley J. B-24 41-29363
Kalinowski Bronisław
Kalinowski Kazimierz
Kalinowsky Eugene B-24 Maggie’s Drawers 42-50760
Kalka William Arthur Tempest EJ606
Kalka William Arthur Tempest NV981
Kalka William Arthur 'Wacky'
Kalkus Władysław Jan
Kalkus Wacław Stanisław Handley Page Halifax BB379
Kall A D Lancaster NN785
Kallas Paul W P-51 Mustang
Kalle R A Halifax NA528
Kalmes M Y Z Lancaster LL718
Kalpas Rajmund ? ?
Kalpas Roland Antoni
Kalyta P Lancaster DS759
Kamaroff Beaufighter X7826
Kamecki Ryszard Edward North American P-51d Mustang FX930
Kaminek A Spitfire MA226
Kaminski Zdzisław
Kaminski Leo J. B-26 Miss Eveready 41-34881
Kaminski Rudolph B P-47 Thunderbolt
Kamiński Józef Miles Master DL577
Kamiński Stanisław Vickers Wellington BK305
Kammerlohr Morton A P-51 Mustang
Kamyszek Tadeusz Vickers Wellington Q441
Kan Alexander Elias Lancaster W4881
Kan Alexander Elias
Kanake George Rupert Anzac
Kanakos T J Halifax DK119
Kanciak Stanisław
Kandis Andrew N P-47 Thunderbolt
Kane M M Whitley Z6672
Kane T Hampden P2099
Kane Patrick Lancaster ME418
Kane G E Stirling EF114
Kane S F Lancaster R5633
Kane T M Spitfire R6896
Kane Vincent Gregory
Kane-Maguire Noel Andrew Patrick
Kanelakos J Lancaster JA849
Kaniewski Zdzisław Antoni Airspeed Oxford V3536
Kannengiesser Halifax NA572
Kano P H Lancaster ME843
Kanowsky R V Spitfire MH616
Kantor Henry B-17 Zamro 42-97365
Kantowski Jan Handley Page Halifax JN895
Kapa Kazimierz Jerzy Vickers Wellington Z1345
Kapanauik E A Halifax V NP757
Kapciuk Zdzisław Avro Lancaster ME744
Kapel B G Lancaster DS717
Kapuscinski William George Halifax JB925
Kapuscinski W G Halifax DT790
Kapuściński Władysław
Karaim Tony John Wellington HZ110
Karalun Władysław Avro Lancaster LM486
Karasek Laurence Robert Blenheim L8369
Karasek L R Blenheim S
Karasek J R Spitfire NH150
Karasiński Wiktor Piotr Spitfire TB733
Karbowski Bronisław
Karbowski Bronislaw Halifax V9976
Karcz Ludwik Vickers Wellington R1322
Karcza G Stirling BF576
Karczewski Leszek Jerzy Vickers Wellington X9620
Karczmarz Józef Paweł Spitfire EN184
Kardasiewicz Zdzisław Wellington LN707
Kardasiewicz Zdzisław Avro Lancaster PA163
Karger Dale E P-51 Mustang
Karger Dale E P-51 Mustang
Karger Dale E P-51 Mustang
Karger Dale E P-51 Mustang
Karger Dale E P-51 Mustang
Karger Dale E P-51 Mustang
Karger Dale E P-51 Mustang
Kark Donald E P-47 Thunderbolt
Karl Russell George B-17 You Never Know 42-32086
Karleff J V Whitley P5004
Karloff J V Halifax LV883
Karnkowski Tadeusz
Karny Jan Vickers Wellington Z1482
Karpowicz Kazimierz
Karrel C Halifax LK833
Karsmann Rolf Gunnar Lancaster ND476
Karstens W R Lancaster KB745
Karubin Stanisław Hurricane V7290
Karubin Stanislaw Hawker Hurricane V7742
Karwood L Lancaster D658
Karwowski Lech Teodor Jan Andrzej Beaufighter T3025
Kasal Spitfire BL343
Kaschula T L Hampden AD868
Kasher Frank Halifax LV857
Kashmar W Halifax DK190
Kasianowski Gustaw Vickers Wellington T2518
Kasper Billy D P-51 Mustang
Kasprzak Eugeniusz Paweł Handley Page Halifax BB309
Kasprzyk Tomasz Wellington R1214
Kasprzyk T ? ?
Kasprzyk Alfred HF150
Kastnet J J M Halifax NP959
Kasubeck William James Typhoon MN694
Kaszny Franciszek ? ?
Kater Robert George Ephraim Beaufort DE121
Katz Robert William B-17 42-5893 Sad Sax
Katzenmeyer Charles L Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Kau J R J Halifax DT583
Kaucharik Joseph Anthony Lancaster PB183
Kaucharik Joseph Anthony Halifax BB216
Kauer J Spitfire MH878
Kaufman W J Hampden AE355
Kaufman H K Halifax LK786
Kaufman John Hyman Halifax W1274
Kaufmann G H Typhoon MN762
Kavanagh J P Wellington BK368
Kavanagh S L Stirling BK776
Kavanaugh J G S Lancaster JA939
Kavanaugh John W P-51 Mustang
Kavanaugh John W P-51 Mustang
Kaviza J F Lancaster PB186
Kavucha J F Lancaster ND842
Kawczyński Julian Supermarine Spitfire BL624
Kawczyński Olech Antoni Hawker Hurricane Z2324
Kawczyński Zygmunt Supermarine Spitfire BL763
Kawenoki Abram Vickers Wellington HZ251
Kawiński Andrzej Jan North American P-51d Mustang FB396
Kawnik Erwin Stanisław Supermarine Spitfire P8525
Kay T L H Lancaster JB670
Kay Archibald Bristol Blenheim L9451
Kay Desmond Hayward Sidley Defiant L6974
Kay Dave Christie Hampden AT156
Kay Alfred Lancaster DS785
Kay S Lancaster JB241
Kay John Henry Lancaster KB879
Kay H L Lancaster KB770
Kay G H Lancaster EE179
Kay L R Halifax NA567
Kay Thomas Wellington X3674
Kay A L Lancaster ND804
Kay H Halifax DT788
Kay W Halifax HX332
Kay W Lancaster ND456
Kay W Lancaster LM621
Kay L L Lancaster LL863
Kay Harold Wellington W5486
Kay Desmond Hayward Sidley Mosquito MM178
Kay L H Lancaster NN708
Kay A V Wellington Z8439
Kay H Halifax DT694
Kay P F Wellington N2993
Kay Desmond Hayward Sidley Defiant L6957
Kay B Wellington R1770
Kay R J Halifax MZ376
Kay K Lancaster PB251
Kay H Lancaster ED467
Kay R Lancaster ME840
Kay James Rodney Halifax LK797
Kay D S Whitley Z6507
Kay W Spitfire P7697
Kay J Halifax DK177
Kay J Halifax DK165
Kay H Hampden X3144
Kay J Stirling BK814
Kay P Wellington R3222
Kay J H Wellington W5454
Kay John William
Kay Thomas Leslie Hobson
Kay John
Kaye P A Lancaster PB362
Kaye P A Lancaster ND465
Kaye C E Halifax JD378
Kaye G A Blenheim T2047
Kaye B Spitfire BL312
Kaye G H Lancaster W4337
Kaye I G Lancaster JB735
Kaye I Stirling EF135
Kaye M M Halifax LW232
Kaye Wellington L7777
Kaye Laurence Peter
Kayes I A Whitley Z6826
Kayes I A Whitley Z6568
Kayll Joseph Robert Spitfire R7259
Kayll A G R Lancaster JB307
Kayll Joseph Robert ("Joe")
Kayser R P N Lancaster LM454
Kayser Henry R P-51 Mustang
Kazimierczak Józef Wellington BJ609
Kazimierczuk Kazimierz Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress ?
Kaźmierczak Władysław Bronisław Wellington Z1495
Keable N H C Spitfire X4663
Keable B F Halifax DG423
Keable-Buckle F Lancaster HK618
Keach Francis Edward
Keal W B Halifax I MZ335
Keal W B Halifax MZ689
Kealey D H Stirling BK775
Kealley Lance Radford
Kealy J W Stirling BK723
Kealy Francis Alfred
Kealy John William
Kean J A Lancaster R5725
Kean E J Spitfire
Kean A M Lancaster LM586
Kean J T McC Halifax DK244
Kean Raymond Thomas Hudson P5133
Kean Raymond Thomas Anson K6187
Kean Raymond Thomas Hudson N7319
Keane Wellington Z8800
Keane D G Blenheim V6248
Keane D G Halifax JD244
Keane Gordon Verdon
Keane John Russell
Keane James P P-51 Mustang
Keane James P P-51 Mustang
Keane James P P-47 Thunderbolt
Keane James P P-47 Thunderbolt
Kear Ronald Lancaster PB134
Keard J A Lancaster ME564
Kearey J A Whitley P4983
Kearl Eldon Eastham Lancaster DS709
Kearley J W Lancaster LL730
Kearley B J Halifax LK729
Kearnes R T H Halifax JD322
Kearney A M Stirling EF336
Kearney A M Stirling EJ113
Kearney R E Lancaster NG183
Kearney J J Lancaster ME832
Kearney F T Wellington R1408
Kearney R Lancaster JB667
Kearney L J Mosquito HK459
Kearney J E Lancaster PB253
Kearney Bernard Wilson
Kearney Neville Patrick Peter
Kearney Francis Charles
Kearney Augustine Michael
Kearney Keith Henry
Kearney John Joseph
Kearns R D T Stirling EF362
Kearns W R Lancaster KB787
Kearns T M Wellington JA119
Kearns Gerald John Patrick Stirling W7520
Kearns F E Wellington X3754
Kearns T S F Spitfire EN573
kearns J J Wellington DV867
Kearns Max Frederick
Kearns John Howard
Kearse P H Typhoon PD601
Kearsley H Halifax JB974
Kearsley B T Wellington Z8839
Keartland H G Manchester L7311
Keary R M Lancaster ND453
Keast Leslie Arthur Whitley P4954
Keast Francis John Baptist Whitley T4264
Keast Francis John Blenheim L8665
Keast Percy Hudson AE640
Keast H A Lancaster DS770
Keast L A Whitley K9022
Keast Dixon Ross
Keat W H Halifax LW643
Keates J A Lancaster KB874
Keates H M Lancaster JB709
Keates J A Wellington R1506
Keates A K R Blenheim L8734
Keating J P Halifax BB328
Keating J A Lancaster KB725
Keating J G O'H Wellington R1798
Keating Wellington R1721
Keating L W Lancaster W4369
Keating R Lancaster ND559
Keating R H Lancaster ED994
Keating R H Lancaster JB140
Keating T A Hampden L4034
Keating Robert Henry
Keating James C P-51 Mustang
Keatley Robert Samuel Lancaster LL802
Keatley Leslie John Stirling N3706
Keatley W S Wellington Z8505
Keatley Whitley T4213
Keatley H C Lancaster LM676
Keatley S G Stirling ED595
Keatley Ivan H P-47 Thunderbolt
Keats G C Wellington Z8585
Keats G C Wellington Z8531
Keats S B Hampden P1259
Keats Gilbert Carrington
Keats Owen Gilbert
Keavers D R Wellington HZ582
Keay Peter John Lancaster W4317
Keay C W Wellington HZ521
Keay D G Stirling EH903
Keay J M Halifax LL182
Keay E T J Lancaster HK683
Keay P J Lancaster R5859
Keay J S Lancaster R5526
Keay Peter John
Keayes James Brian
Kebelman Frank L Jr P-51 Mustang
Kebelman Frank L Jr P-51 Mustang
Keck Frederick Abbey Hampden AT221
Keck Harry Kingwell Blenheim Z7627
Keck Harry Kingwell
Keck Frederick Abbey
Keddie E L Halifax MZ336
Keddie J Lancaster JA916
Keddie J M Wellington L7783
Keddy C W Wellington Z1411
Keddy W B Wellington Z8329
Kedgley P Wellington Z1287
Kedward D Lancaster NF906
Kedwell Horace Russell Stirling N6069
Kedzierski Stanisław Vicker Wellington Z1314
Kędzierski Zygmunt
Kędzior Zdzisław Supermarine Spitfire ?
Kedziora Jozef
Kee Kevin Anthony Lancaster PB853
Kee J R Lancaster W4862
Kee R J Halifax LK905
Kee R J Lancaster W4769
Kee J Beaufighter
Kee P B Spitfire P7699
Kee R Hampden AD915
Kee Kevin Anthony
Keeble Kenneth Stuart (Ken) Stirling BF378
Keeble J G C Wellington X9673
Keeble T D Lancaster ED856
Keeble G W E Lancaster PA190
Keeble E J Blenheim N3621
Keeble D A Lancaster ED700
Keeble William Henry
Keech W A Boston Z2249
Keech G M Halifax RG477
Keech T A Halifax DT550
Keech Kenneth Gordon
Keedwell Osborne Harvey Blenheim L4899
Keedwell Osborne Harvey Blenheim P4914
Keedwell John Halifax HR754
Keefe R D Mosquito TA402
Keefe C F Stirling BK693
Keefer R G Wellington T2506
Keefer G C Spitfire
Keeffe Norbert Clement Lancaster ED326
Keeffe Norbert Clement
Keegan J B Blenheim P4826
Keegan Francis Joseph
Keehn Mervyn Noel
Keel George Ernest Blenheim N3530
Keel A T Lancaster LL682
Keel R E Lancaster PB768
Keele J K Halifax JN909
Keele B R Mosquito MV525
Keele Brian Rushworth
Keeler Ervin Leroy Lancaster ED758
Keeler F J Wellington W5575
Keeler P H Lancaster ND859
Keeler Hyrum Grant B-17 43-37888
Keeley J H Stirling EE904
Keeley D Lancaster DS678
Keeley Stirling N3684
Keeley T F Whitley T4164
Keeling Harry Vernon Lancaster LL803
Keeling Charles Trevor Lancaster PB258
Keeling R Whitley T4218
Keeling L C Lancaster JB123
Keeling A E Lancaster PB138
Keeling David North Beaufort AW383
Keely A J Lancaster PB182
Keely L J Halifax LK805
Keely Paul John Wallace
Keen Gerald Francis Dakota FZ597
Keen Herbert Bruce Wellington LN318
Keen Stanley Allan Halifax R9489
Keen Lester Michael Halifax NA108
Keen F J Wellington X3669
Keen K W Wellington BK160
Keen R T Lancaster LM110
Keen J B Stirling BK694
Keen J H Wellington R1394
Keen R V Lancaster ND620
Keen J A Lancaster PB483
Keen D Lancaster LM648
Keen R G Lancaster ND514
Keen V A Lancaster PB195
Keen Whitley Z6808
Keen R W Halifax W7931
Keen Sidney
Keen Robert J P-47 Thunderbolt
Keen Robert J P-47 Thunderbolt
Keenan J P Lancaster ND850
Keenan J I J Lancaster JB729
Keenan D Wellington HE545
Keenan P Halifax LV783
Keenan J R Lancaster DS824
Keenan W Halifax LV877
Keenan N C Oxford B9207
Keene John Walter Wellington Z1394
Keene Eric Douglas Lancaster JA711
Keene H A Hurricane BE419
Keene G W L Halifax DK266
Keene E D Lancaster DV327
Keene Peter
Keene David George
Keene John Walter
Keenen S D Lancaster NE116
Keenleyside W S Lancaster PB642
Keenor A G A Lancaster LM179
Keens G A Lancaster LM212
Keens G W Spitfire BS113
Keep E M Halifax LL252
Keep J G Typhoon JR3812
Keeper G J Halifax MZ910
Keeping A T Halifax LW131
Keeping K S Lancaster DV192
Keeping John Blane
Keer John Archibald
Keesey John S P-51 Mustang
Keet Hampden X2911
Keetch R A W Lancaster JA698
Keeting M Stirling N3723
Keetley E Wellington R1470
Keetley E Wellington R3238
keeton A E Wellington BK507
Kehl E C Stirling R9185
Kehl P G Lancaster ED329
Kehoe D N Halifax MZ447
Kehoe G D Halifax LK701
Kehoe T J Wellington DV786
Kehoe P B Lancaster NG399
Kehoe Desmond Noel
Kehrer Merlin R P-51 Mustang
Keig Gordon Wilson
Keighan J E Oxford DF471
Keighan J L Halifax LK928
Keighley J A Lancaster W4901
Keighley R Wellington Z8835
Keighley G Spitfire E
Keighley G Spitfire N3201
Keighley F W S Blenheim R3619
Keighley Charles Walter Wellington MF241
Keighley-Peach Charles Lindsay
Keighley-Smith T Blenheim V6370
Keightley Frederick Lancaster LM436
Keightley A C Lancaster ED650
Keightley R W Lancaster ND957
Keightley Malcolm Clair
Keigwin W J C Lancaster ME624
Keik C E Stirling BK704
Keikibelt Halifax W1059
Keil J Lancaster PA989
Keil George Alvin Hudson EW921
Keiller A C Lancaster DS731
Keilty J. Ross Lancaster LM751
Keir Kenneth George Vincent Lancaster LM316
Keir A Wellington Z1594
Keir James M Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Keirl C J Halifax JB874
Keirle Stanley Arthur Lancaster LM425
Keirnan William Reid Halifax HR784
Keirs S G Lancaster ED695
Keirs D Halifax MZ767
Keisow J Lancaster PA992
Keith G A Wellington BJ771
Keith D B N Lancaster LL955
Keith Charles John William
Keith-Thomas A Mustang FZ114
Kelaher C R Lancaster EE138
Kelaher Kevin Henry
Kelaher Carl Richard
Kelbrick W J Lancaster JA961
Kelby Whitley P5095
Kelcher W F Wellington BJ974
Kelgard Howard C P-47 Thunderbolt
Kelham Walter Arthur Whitley P4968
Kelhoe J E Hampden P1206
Kell Geoffrey Avro York MW288
Kell W L Whitley P4931
Kell L Lancaster LL679
Kell W R Stirling LJ442
Kellar D G Halifax NP781
Kellard A Halifax MZ401
Kellaway L E Wellington BK468
Kellaway W H Lancaster ED765
Kelleher F M Lancaster JB283
Kelleher M J Stirling W7508
Kelleher J B M Lancaster NG335
Kelleher G P Lancaster NF998
Kelleher G P Lancaster ME428
Kelleher W H P Lancaster ED333
Keller Ross Whaley Typhoon PD503
Keller R J Mosquito NT116
Keller W E N Wellington P9243
Keller Ronald Frederick Spitfire ES147
Keller Hubert John Hudson N7284
Keller Raymond Henry B-24 42-50511
Kellet Ronald Gustave
Kellett Ronald Gustave Hurricane
Kellett James Harry Beaufighter X7878
Kellett A F Stirling EF348
Kellett J Lancaster DV381
Kelleway H H Blenheim L8867
Kelley R R Lancaster ND446
Kelley David Austin Lancaster ND507
Kelley S F H Halifax MZ577
Kelley ‘Ted’ Alfred Theodore Stirling W7635
Kelley L L Stirling BK717
Kelley T Lancaster JB652
Kelley A L Lancaster NF938
Kelley Raymond Arthur
Kelley Frederick W P-51 Mustang
Kelley Wendell J P-51 Mustang
Kellie J W Halifax LW157
Kellie S A B Stirling W7506
Kellington C Hampden AD872
Kellner N Halifax JD209
Kellock R W Halifax NR233
Kellond J C Halifax NP761
Kellough Wellington T2999
Kellow R G Lancaster JB144
Kellow A L Lancaster EE171
Kellow W L F Wellington X3715
Kellow L G Lancaster JB314
Kellow Stanley William Beaufighter LZ435
Kelloway E Lancaster DV187
Kells Sherwood L. B-24 41-29363
Kellum J R Lancaster ND935
Kelly C D Mosquito W4065
Kelly S N Lancaster ME790
Kelly J E J Lancaster PD331
Kelly B A Halifax HR738
Kelly W D Lancaster PB840
Kelly B E Lancaster LM571
Kelly D V Lancaster R5485
Kelly D P Spitfire MB767
Kelly L J Lancaster LL793
Kelly Reginald Stanislaus Halifax LW510
Kelly Roland Hugh Stirling N3706
Kelly Hugh Alphonsus Wellington R1213
Kelly Stanley Edward Halifax DT542
Kelly Fred Leslie Cecil Stirling BK698
Kelly Ronald Glendinning Lancaster DV272
Kelly Ronald Glendinning Lancaster JA893
Kelly Charles Philip Lancaster DS734
Kelly William Leonard Hampden AD783
Kelly David Richard Lancaster ND551
Kelly I W Lancaster PB517
Kelly R G Lancaster LL719
Kelly A E Halifax JB796
Kelly A C Spitfire
Kelly W. James Lancaster KB726
Kelly T R Halifax LV985
Kelly F J Halifax LK900
Kelly P G Wellington HE656
Kelly Karl Emerson Halifax NR197
Kelly J A Halifax LW436
Kelly W Halifax LL225
Kelly C Whitley Z6839
Kelly E S Halifax JN908
Kelly R J S Wellington X3667
Kelly Keith Leslie Mosquito KB194
Kelly J J Lancaster LM363
Kelly L M Halifax LW320
Kelly W Whitley Z6671
Kelly F J Lancaster ED776
Kelly E Lancaster LM177
Kelly W Lancaster LL963
Kelly D D A Wellington N2849
Kelly F C Lancaster LM303
Kelly M Blenheim V6139
Kelly D T N Typhoon MN351
Kelly B C Wellington T2703
Kelly J B Halifax HR753
Kelly P Stirling LK207
Kelly M T Lancaster ME678
Kelly J A Lancaster DV243
Kelly E G Fortress HB788
Kelly L A Stirling R9187
Kelly E A Wellington DF614
Kelly D Halifax W7877
Kelly E D Spitfire MH719
Kelly E D Spitfire MJ951
Kelly J J Halifax DT769
Kelly J Halifax JD457
Kelly D P Wellington HE443
Kelly G Lancaster L7537
Kelly F D Lancaster NG502
Kelly J A Lancaster ED467
Kelly P Lancaster PB300
Kelly G Lancaster LM212
Kelly R F Halifax LW579
Kelly G A Halifax MZ643
Kelly J D L Whitley P5060
Kelly T Wellington Z8897
Kelly L C Halifax MZ563
Kelly G H R Halifax NA501
Kelly J W Spitfire ML252
Kelly W Lancaster NF939
Kelly S L W Lancaster ND926
Kelly T Lancaster ND735
Kelly C Stirling N6007
Kelly D H R Halifax JD213
Kelly R A Halifax R9447
Kelly Leonard Halifax W1233
Kelly J Whitley N1478
Kelly J H Blenheim R3604
Kelly J A Lancaster PB140
Kelly L G Lancaster NG252
Kelly Joseph Colwyn
Kelly Charles Dermett
Kelly Sydney Norris
Kelly Terence Joseph
Kelly John Edmund Joseph
Kelly Ronald Rhodes
Kelly Brian Arthur
Kelly Ronald John Clement
Kelly William Desmond
Kelly James Fitzgerald
Kelly Robert Henry
Kelly Brian Charles Francis
Kelly Arthur Keith
Kelly Bernard Edward
Kelly Lester James
Kelly Reginald Stanislaus
Kelly James John
Kelly Raymond Alfred
Kelly Melvin Ernest B-25 43-27537
Kelly Dale E P-51 Mustang
Kelly George W P-47 Thunderbolt
Kelly John J Iii P-51 Mustang
Kelly Joseph A Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Kelly Lonnie D P-51 Mustang
Kelman J F Spitfire PV264
Kelman William Ronald Lancaster ED758
Kelsall J Neil Ventura AE743
Kelsall K B Halifax JB965
Kelsall Thomas Hastie
Kelsey Wellington X3204
Kelsey G D Mosquito MM438
Kelsey Howard Charles
Kelsick Osmond R. Typhoon DN408
Kelso S R Halifax JD374
Kelso R G Halifax LW173
Kelso J G W Halifax MZ292
Kelso T Lancaster ND699
Kelso A D Blenheim R3778
Kelso Norma Helen June MacDonald
Kelso Duane F P-38 Lightning
Kelter H F Halifax LV816
Kelter H Halifax LV817
Keltie I G Spitfire BS202
Keltie I G Spitfire
Kelusky R M Halifax NP939
Kelway C Halifax NR257
Kelway C Halifax MZ867
Kember H G Lancaster LM118
Kemish E J Lancaster LM518
Kemmery C Stirling EJ105
Kemmis Kenneth Barry
Kemmis Patrick William Beaufighter V8438
Kemp K K Halifax MZ923
Kemp F H R Lancaster HK603
Kemp Stanley None - SS Suez Maru Not applicable
Kemp Robert Reginald Wellington LN660
Kemp Percy Charles Hampden P4389
Kemp H L Lancaster ND593
Kemp D S Lancaster PD394
Kemp K D Lancaster PB239
Kemp K D Lancaster PA972
Kemp R W Halifax HR910
Kemp A F Lancaster PB244
Kemp H K Mosquito MM505
Kemp R J Lancaster JA717
Kemp Reginald Andrew Whitley Z9231
Kemp P A Lancaster ND594
Kemp R V Wellington X3356
Kemp H R Halifax DT739
Kemp C S Blenheim T2138
Kemp D J A Halifax LL306
Kemp B C Mosquito DZ428
Kemp J C Hampden L4131
Kemp J R Defiant L6974
Kemp C R Stirling LK382
Kemp T R Stirling BK595
Kemp K G Halifax RG436
Kemp L J Stirling BK806
Kemp J R M Blenheim V5595
Kemp J L Stirling W7637
Kemp J C Lancaster ME620
Kemp P L Hampden AD829
Kemp George Halifax LK906
Kemp G S Lancaster JB136
Kemp T W M Halifax MZ299
Kemp W Mosquito HK204
Kemp W Lancaster JB413
Kemp D W Halifax HR869
Kemp B W Halifax DT666
Kemp G H Lancaster DS633
Kemp J L Spitfire N3184
Kemp K W Halifax MZ987
Kemp B J Whitley Z6947
Kemp Whitley T4336
Kemp Whitley Z6835
Kemp J Lancaster EE111
Kemp R W Lancaster ND964
Kemp F J Mosquito MM679
Kemp R J Lancaster JA931
Kemp D G Whitley Z6668
Kemp G E Halifax LL588
Kemp E A L Lancaster ND854
Kemp A Lancaster ED754
Kemp Francis Peter
Kemp Gilbert Peter
Kemp Francis Henry Ross
Kemp John Fodin Manchester
Kemp William T P-47 Thunderbolt
Kemp William T P-47 Thunderbolt
Kemp William T P-47 Thunderbolt
Kemp-Welch R Lancaster JB349
Kempen P G Lancaster JB666
Kemper George To Jr P-51 Mustang
Kempka Wictor Spitfire BS180
Kempka Wictor Spitfire BM565
Kempnich Allan Wilfred Joseph
Kempsell R A Halifax DT806
Kempski Wojciech Jerzy Vickers Wellington DV783
Kempson K K Halifax LW538
Kempson Eric Lancaster JA706
Kempson J Wellington LN896
Kempson Leo Albert
Kempson Keith Knowles
Kempster C M P Blenheim L1410
Kempthorne R D Wellington HE444
Kempton Arthur Frederick Halifax LK802
Kempton J N Halifax DG245
Kempton J W Blenheim P4855
Kemsley Ross Newcombe
Kenard J A Lancaster DV221
Kench Robert Harold Lancaster NG330
Kench Robert Harold
Kendall William Wellington Z1394
Kendall Norman Stirling EH934
Kendall Francis James Lancaster ME592
Kendall R D R Lancaster NG114
Kendall J T Lancaster W4236
Kendall R G Halifax W1245
Kendall G H Lancaster PB461
Kendall C J Stirling R9247
Kendall H Manchester L7399
Kendall F A Lancaster PB122
Kendall N E T Blenheim R2787
Kendall E W Lancaster ME788
Kendall R B Stirling BF320
Kendall A W Stirling R9318
Kendall R P E Lancaster NF958
Kendall E G Halifax W7753
Kendall J H Liberator TS520
Kendall Whitley Z9277
Kendall C F Hampden L4095
Kendall H H Lancaster ND497
Kendall Philip Stanley
Kendall Arthur Didrik
Kendall Richard Daniell
Kendall William Gordon
Kendel E G Wellington BJ966
Kendlan M Stirling EH902
Kendray Leslie Oxford R5950
Kendrew Albert Gross Hampden P1340
Kendrew Clarence Depledge Lancaster JB126
Kendrew L Lancaster PB562
Kendrick H Lancaster LL622
Kendrick Harold James Wellington BJ964
Kendrick Blenheim N6223
Kendrick A C Lancaster ND406
Kendrick G E Halifax HR933
Kendrick William Patrick Halifax LK844
Kendrick George Aldred Lancaster PD233
Kendrick J M Halifax MZ733
Keneally Jack
Kenealy E J Lancaster PB152
Kenealy Edward Joseph
Kenihan Michael Leonard
Kenley C J Lancaster LM108
Kenley H J S Halifax NP678
Kenmure C Hampden P1259
Kennaby G A Halifax LW313
Kennard W D Mosquito W4064
Kennard K Wellington R1221
Kennard H Spitfire BL234
Kennard P Spitfire NH376
Kennard L J Wellington R1167
Kennard V F R Halifax BB237
Kennard H M Stirling BK627
Kennard Robert Millar
Kennard-Davis P F Spitfire L1039
Kennedy T W Lancaster NE143
Kennedy R C Tempest NV942
Kennedy A Lancaster R4816
Kennedy A Lancaster JB296
Kennedy William Joseph Wellington Z1413
Kennedy Cameron Duff Lancaster R5728
Kennedy Donald Newton Mustang AG536
Kennedy Jock Halifax NA514
Kennedy Eric Douglas Blenheim V5888
Kennedy Patrick Arthur Halifax JB962
Kennedy William John Lancaster PA278
Kennedy J C Lancaster LM542
Kennedy L F Lancaster RA523
Kennedy M J Lancaster DV289
Kennedy Lancelot Stanley Lancaster ND629
Kennedy F L Lancaster LL701
Kennedy William John Lancaster LM616
Kennedy F J Stirling W7515
Kennedy J L Whitley AD675
Kennedy G Halifax W7658
Kennedy William Wallace Spitfire PL925
Kennedy John Ballantyne Mosquito NT495
Kennedy E E Halifax DT794
Kennedy D L Wellington X3699
Kennedy R S Halifax NP683
Kennedy J C Wellington HE591
Kennedy P Halifax LK976
Kennedy J F Halifax MZ302
Kennedy R J Halifax MZ591
Kennedy G A Lancaster NG233
Kennedy C G Halifax MZ626
Kennedy L T Lancaster ND687
Kennedy J R Halifax R9391
Kennedy Jack Matthew Wellington R1597
Kennedy Isaac Wellington BJ711
Kennedy M Y Hampden AT218
Kennedy A B Lancaster ME452
Kennedy A A Lancaster PB196
Kennedy John Bernard Hampden AD783
Kennedy G M Lancaster JA940
Kennedy George Mervyn Lancaster ND467
Kennedy Halifax HR698
Kennedy A Halifax LV859
Kennedy J Lancaster LL757
Kennedy Sidney Ivor Lancaster DV307
Kennedy J Whitley T4227
Kennedy W R Lancaster ND870
Kennedy M N McF Blenheim R3895
Kennedy T Wellington R3152
Kennedy D T Lancaster ND927
Kennedy Harry Murray Halifax LK743
Kennedy R J Wellington Z1330
Kennedy B D J Wellington R1408
Kennedy F S Stirling EH88
Kennedy R W Halifax LW626
Kennedy I Stirling LJ567
Kennedy J Lancaster NE168
Kennedy B A Stirling BF528
Kennedy Ronald Stirling BK716
Kennedy J C Hurricane P2950
Kennedy J A Mosquito DZ254
Kennedy J G Halifax DT804
Kennedy I F Spitfire MK311
Kennedy D Halifax EB211
Kennedy P W Lancaster ND631
Kennedy D R Lancaster LM676
Kennedy S W Halifax JD251
Kennedy D W Halifax LW522
Kennedy F M Lancaster PB562
Kennedy B G N Lancaster ED931
Kennedy J S Lancaster DV399
Kennedy L Lancaster NN723
Kennedy E S Stirling R9331
Kennedy R A Stirling EH889
Kennedy J J O'N Halifax LW341
Kennedy J A Halifax MZ321
Kennedy A L Whitley P4947
Kennedy A L Whitley N1372
Kennedy A L Whitley
Kennedy G M Whitley Z6558
Kennedy J Stirling BF438
Kennedy J Stirling EE196
Kennedy J Stirling BF504
Kennedy Peter
Kennedy Frederick Robert Anthony
Kennedy Terence William
Kennedy Albert Alexander
Kennedy John Connolly
Kennedy Roy Campbell
Kennedy William Joseph
Kennedy Cameron Duff
Kennedy Eric David
Kennedy Edward Matthew
Kennedy Edgar James Dakota KN584
Kennedy Charles J Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Kennedy Michael J P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Kennedy John Halifax JP179
Kennell B J Stirling EE946
Kennell G T Tempest EJ709
Kennelly John James Lancaster PB958
Kennelly F J Mosquito PF409
Kennelly F J Mosquito KN354
Kenner P L Defiant L7026
Kennersley William Gordon Wellington X3407
Kennesy K McK Wellington DV737
Kennett Ronald Franck Halifax BB250
Kennett L G Stirling EF457
Kennett S B Halifax LW513
Kenney J R Halifax HX164
Kenney Harold M P-51 Mustang
Kenney James W P-51 Mustang
Kenney Paul H P-47 Thunderbolt
Kenney Paul H P-47 Thunderbolt
Kenningham D A Stirling LK283
Kennington G T Stirling BF408
Kennison J E Lancaster ND416
Kennison James D P-51 Mustang
Kenny C J Lancaster ND332
Kenny John Henry Mosquito KB202
Kenny John William Halifax MZ813
Kenny H Stirling BF314
Kenny Jack Lancaster PB256
Kenny W B Lancaster W4792
Kenny A J Lancaster W4843
Kenny J H Whitley Z9188
Kenny M T Wellington W5439
Kenny A J Stirling W7442
Kenny J P Lancaster ME643
Kenny J H Typhoon JP650
Kenny G P Lancaster HK663
Kenny P R Lancaster R5760
Kenny J Ventura AE760
Kenny Douglas Lancaster DS823
Kenny T B Whitley N1384
Kenny J Lancaster JA707
Kenny John Eardley
Kenny Leo John
Kenny Esmond Patrick
Kenny Kieren
Kenny Colin Joseph
Kenrick B Lancaster LM476
Kenrick F W Halifax DT736
Kensall G Halifax LK928
Kensett J H Lancaster LL622
Kensett A F C Lancaster R5628
Kent L A Lancaster JB611
Kent Malcolm Edward Wellington L4348
Kent Stanley Arthur Hampden P4323
Kent Donavan Peter George Manchester L7470
Kent E D Halifax JP200
Kent G A Halifax LK803
Kent H B Wellington BK389
Kent G R Halifax R9374
Kent B S Lancaster ME828
Kent A L Lancaster JA969
Kent Lancaster W4923
Kent D T Lancaster PB298
Kent K C Lancaster ND844
Kent J C Stirling R9318
Kent S Lancaster NG164
Kent R Wellington R1613
Kent R W G Halifax L9600
Kent D H Halifax LV787
Kent E Lancaster DS758
Kent S M Spitfire MA312
Kent G E Halifax HX296
Kent G E Halifax LM116
Kent R B L Lancaster R5687
Kent E C Halifax LW287
Kent E Halifax DT513
Kent O V Lancaster DV392
Kent H M Lancaster JB597
Kent S W Halifax JD305
Kent V M Hampden X3139
Kent H M Lancaster ND813
Kent Malcolm Edward
Kent James Frederick Stamford
Kent Leslie Arnold
Kent George Edward Alexander Edmund Sunderland W4026
Kenton F S Lancaster NG331
Kenvin Gwilym John Arthur Lancaster NG169
Kenvin R H Wellington X9879
Kenward S W G Lancaster PD398
Kenward Vivian Frederick Roy Halifax, Lancaster
Kenway Lesland Arthur
Kenwell D E Halifax JD214
Kenwood Spitfire
Kenworthy J Lancaster ND342
Kenworthy P Halifax MZ450
Kenworthy K R F Halifax L9531
Kenworthy J C Whitley Z9209
Kenyon T J Halifax LW372
Kenyon Harold Blenheim L8754
Kenyon Arthur Thomas Lancaster PB366
Kenyon Robert Francis Hughes Halifax W7913
Kenyon E Lancaster ND446
Kenyon B L Wellington Z1077
Kenyon B L Halifax LW240
Kenyon R Lancaster PD326
Kenyon J Halifax MZ566
kenyon T W Wellington BJ673
Kenyon Wellington X3746
Kenyon W O Lancaster ME792
Kenyon Terence James
Kenyon Robert P P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Kenyon Robert P P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Kenzie C R Whitley Z6629
Keogh W G Hampden AE385
Keogh A S Mosquito KB421
Keogh Brian James De Havilland Devon NZ1810
Keogh P G Halifax JD315
Keogh M Lancaster W4998
Keogh J E Lancaster LM508
Keogh R A W Battle K9398
Keogh Gerard Michael
Keon Felix Edward
Keopple Jack Richard B-24 42-51912
Keough W J Lancaster R5571
Keough V C Hurricane V7606
Keown J L Halifax NP945
Kepa Wacław
Kepák Vladimír De Havilland Mosquito DZ302 (/g?)
Kępiński Stefan Krystyan Vickers Wellington T2903
Keplinger Eugene W P-47 Thunderbolt
Keppler Charles N P-47 Thunderbolt
Keppler Charles N P-47 Thunderbolt
Keppler Charles N P-47 Thunderbolt
Keprt J Hurricane L1644
Ker-Ramsey R G Blenheim Z5721
Kerby J A Lancaster JB637
Kerby Harold Wilmer Wellington LN294
Kerby James Allan
Kercher J O C Halifax ME752
Kercher Victor L P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Kerchner Frank S P-47 Thunderbolt
Kerchner Frank S P-47 Thunderbolt
Kerckhove R A Lancaster LM327
Kerevan J J Lancaster ED396
Kerfoot A H Lancaster JB297
Kerfoot J Lancaster LM453
Kerlan S Spitfire BL765
Kerlan G Spitfire
Kerleroux J B Lancaster PB113
Kerley R C Lancaster ED472
Kerley Arnold Ray
Kerlin B Lancaster EE194
Kerlin Bernard
Kerluk William Lancaster LM213
Kermack J T Lancaster LL837
Kermack J J Lancaster LL838
Kermode Kenneth William
Kermonde B Stirling EF365
Kermonde B Stirling BK722
Kern Elton V P-47 Thunderbolt`
Kern Elton V P-47 Thunderbolt`
Kernaghan J G Lancaster JB347
Kernaghan C G Mitchell FL696
Kernaghan C G Mitchell FL676
Kernaghan T G Halifax MZ594
Kernaghan J W Halifax NR250
Kernahan K I Lancaster ND679
Kernahan J Lancaster LM541
Kernan V D Wellington W5358
Kerner J R W Halifax LK902
Kernick R J Halifax JB845
Kernon A P Mosquito LR502
Kerns Leo H P-51 Mustang
Kerourio A Spitfire PL202
Kerr Alexander McBride Wellington R1379
Kerr H C Spitfire AA863
Kerr Donald Lancaster W4855
Kerr R A Stirling BK659
Kerr Ernest James Lancaster ED804
Kerr George Jeffreys Lancaster HK537
Kerr Philip Charles Copeland Mosquito HX912
Kerr John Noel Wilmot Whitley LA856
Kerr George Donald Hampden P1294
Kerr Stewart Gray Lancaster R5847
Kerr R H Lancaster JB528
Kerr Bertram Clarence Lancaster PD275
Kerr W C Halifax W7708
Kerr C G Halifax LV997
Kerr W S Halifax DK267
Kerr John William Halifax MZ588
Kerr D S Lancaster LL686
Kerr R A Halifax LK699
Kerr L W Halifax LK894
Kerr J K Halifax LW557
Kerr L N L Halifax EB253
Kerr Henry James Forster Wellington R1181
Kerr J McB Wellington R1537
Kerr J H Lancaster ED991
Kerr J Lancaster NP954
Kerr T C Lancaster JA965
Kerr D P Lancaster W4340
Kerr W T Mosquito PF382
Kerr Wellington R1238
Kerr N J Hampden X3066
Kerr N J Hampden X3065
Kerr G L Stirling EF238
Kerr L Halifax DT622
Kerr J L Halifax NA241
Kerr E W J Stirling EH952
Kerr B F Fortress KJ112
Kerr T C Halifax LV793
Kerr T Wellington P9215
Kerr J B Mosquito HR183
Kerr J W Wellington BJ920
Kerr A R Hampden X3023
Kerr A R Hampden P4290
Kerr R W Lancaster W4864
Kerr H W G Lancaster ED441
Kerr R E Whitley Z6741
Kerr H G S Lancaster NN775
Kerr R Lancaster ME503
Kerr F M Whitley T4239
Kerr F M Whitley N1427
Kerr G M T Spitfire L1000
Kerr S T Lancaster LM103
Kerr A G Lancaster PA989
Kerr G J S Stirling EH880
Kerr T M Halifax RG529
Kerr W E Whitley Z6823
Kerr E Blenheim V6455
Kerr L L Hampden P1348
Kerr F Y D Manchester L7490
Kerr P G L Lancaster JB720
Kerr Jack Vage Whitney Z9153
Kerr Donald Beviss
Kerr Alan Leslie Colin
Kerr John
Kerr Hardy Caldwell
Kerr Donald
Kerr Robert Albert
Kerr Roderick Thomas
Kerr Ernest James
Kerr George Jeffreys
Kerr Philip Charles Copeland
Kerr Robert Ernest
Kerr John Thomas
Kerr Edward George
Kerr William M P-47 Thunderbolt
Kerr-Wilson J Spitfire N3289
Kerridge B R Battle L5247
Kerridge Keith Edward
Kerrigan M J Lancaster NN722
Kerrigan Thomas J. Lancaster ME725
Kerrigan A B Lancaster ED863
Kerrigan Allan John
Kerrigan John Patrick
Kerrigan Ronald Stephen
Kerrigan Michael John
Kerrisk A W Wellington Z1207
Kerrison J E Blenheim Z7278
Kerruish R W R Wellington T2560
Kerruish G A Halifax MZ733
Kerry J N Halifax NP710
Kerry P W Mosquito DK308
Kerry E H Whitley Z9230
Kerry W A Lancaster JB177
Kerry R Stirling BF330
Kerry J G Halifax W1047
Kerry Whitley T4207
Kersey Douglas William Veal Lancaster ME747
Kersey Brandon Boyce
Kershaw A Hurricane Z2759
Kershaw C Lancaster JB276
Kershaw S Hampden L4073
Kershaw W Lancaster JB133
Kershaw J B Stirling EH925
Kershaw E G Stirling R9154
Kershaw N Halifax L9494
Kershaw J Halifax JB837
Kershaw J Halifax W1063
Kershaw W Wellington T2880
Kershaw Henry Burton
Kerslake Walter Lancaster DS778
Kerslake T E Lancaster ED602
Kerslake H W R Stirling EH945
Kerslake R J Lancaster LM442
Kerslake R H Halifax RG541
Kersten Kenneth Irving
Kertson R A Wellington BJ602
Kerwin R T Lancaster PD318
Kerwin B V Hurricane P3963
Kerwin E Lancaster LL667
Kerwin E S Lancaster W4960
Kerwin B V Whitley P5026
Kerwin Raymond Thomas
Keryluk Julian Vickers Wellington R1725
Kęsicki Kazimierz Edward De Havilland Mosquito HJ928
Kesler Gilbert L P-51 Mustang
Kesselman M Stirling LJ536
Kessler John P P-47 Thunderbolt
Kessler John P P-47 Thunderbolt
Kesson J C Whitley Z6583
Kesson Whitley T4335
Kesten G Lancaster ME865
Kester John E P-51 Mustang
Kestin I H Hurricane P3155
Kesting K M Whitley T4174
Keswick M McL Wellington X9705
Ketcham W H Halifax LW394
Ketchell Ronald Stirling N3754
Ketchell Brian John Halifax W7925
Ketchell C J Halifax DT518
Ketchen J B Lancaster KB808
Ketcher G R Lancaster LL628
Ketcher G R Lancaster DS714
Ketchley E S Halifax HR943
Ketley L A Lancaster ED423
Ketley-Rolph R J Lancaster PB674
Ketteringham L W Halifax L9600
Ketterson A B Spitfire MJ306
Kettle Roger Malcolm Brennen Harvard P5792
Kettle Matthew Charles
Kettle Andrew Murray
Kettles-Roy P Halifax LV954
Kettlety S T Stirling BK655
Kettlewell K R Halifax W1098
Kettlewell G H Battle
Kettlewell A Hampden AE236
Kettlewell A Hampden AE262
Kettlewell George Victor Wildeman
Kettley C J V Halifax HR864
Kettley C Halifax LW481
Keur John E P-51 Mustang
Keur John E P-51 Mustang
Kevan Harold James
Keveren A J Lancaster ND650
Kevis A J Lancaster JB674
Kew A A Halifax JB924
Kewell J S Halifax MZ487
Kewin Alfred Lancaster LL673
Kewish R H Whitley K7203
Kewish Walter Kenneth
Kewish Douglas William
Kewley William Edward Lancaster ME730
Kewley C H Lancaster ED445
Kewley G D Lancaster JB599
Kewn P R Lancaster ND993
Key Josias Melville Fletcher Wellington N2872
Key S J L Lancaster PB902
Key E L J Halifax JD303
Key H Blenheim T1881
Key J A Wellington X9762
Key A F Manchester R5779
Keyes T E E Boston W8394
Keyes Robert Joseph Wellington X3870
Keyes Heyford K4874
Keyes Raymond John
Keymer Robert Sydney Langston Whitley Z6493
Keymer J G Wellington R1512
Keymer H G Lancaster JB611
Keymer M Spitfire K9909
Keys F R Halifax DT481
Keys Ian Frederick Wellington Z1413
Keys J N Halifax LV875
Keys J N Halifax LW521
Keys N R Lancaster ND807
Keys G C Mosquito DZ646
Keys Graeme Connell
Keys Frederick Raymond
Keys John Neville
Keys Noel Richard
Keys Cameron Henry
Keys Fred A P-47 Thunderbolt
Keyser V F Wellington Z1335
Keyser Vernon Frank
Keyte D F Lancaster PA986
Keywan Richard V P-47 Thunderbolt
Khare Frank C F-6C Mustangs
Khosla C P Wellington W5577
Kibbey K D Lancaster ME799
Kibble D Whitley Z6871
Kibble K S Lancaster ED443
Kibble W A G Lancaster DV267
Kibble D C Lancaster LM158
Kibby R H Lancaster LM364
Kibler Ralph E Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Kibler Ralph E Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Kiciak Władysław Proctor P6253
Kid Whitley Z6646
Kidby A D Lancaster HK558
Kidby D A Halifax DT574
Kidd Leslie Lancaster ND460
Kidd Cyril Addison Halifax BB364
Kidd L D Spitfire MJ339
Kidd L D Spitfire MH339
Kidd L D Spitfire MJ305
Kidd E D Lancaster NE151
Kidd T L Halifax W1275
Kidd R M Stirling R9248
Kidd N Lancaster JB153
Kidd P S Lancaster ND761
Kidd John Allan Halifax LL364
Kidd F L Hampden AE253
Kidd W H C Wellington N2946
Kidd C A Lancaster ND409
Kidd W Halifax HR738
Kidd H H Lancaster LL896
Kidd G W A Lancaster ME353
Kidd G H Whitley Z6482
Kidd H Lancaster JB710
Kidd T H Lancaster W4765
Kidd D W Lancaster PB669
Kidd Leslie
Kidd Ernest Byard B-17 Skunkface 42-29656
Kidd Roland O P-51 Mustang
Kidder G A Wellington BJ775
Kiddey Archie R. Halifax L9521
Kiddie H M Lancaster LM111
Kiddle L E Blenheim T2281
Kidds C H Halifax LW195
Kidds C H Halifax MZ659
Kidgell James Ian Stirling LK276
Kidgell James Ian
Kidger T Halifax JB792
Kidley A R Lancaster DV196
Kidley Robert Arthur Lancaster W4831
Kidman R T Spitfire N3092
Kidman J H Lancaster R5915
Kidman Frederick Henry
Kidman Anthony Sully
Kidney Walter Charles
Kidson Frank Wilfred Lancaster W4111
Kidson R Defiant L7015
Kidson Albert Colwyne
Kidziak Kazimierz Handley Page Halifax BB379
Kieff M Lancaster ME802
Kieffer Louis Howard B-24 Slightly Dangerous 42-50681
Kiehl Bauch A Lancaster KB850
Kiejko Edmund Lancaster PD361
Kielan Sylwan Józef Vickers Wellington HZ638
Kielich Kazimierz Maciej Vickers Wellington W5723
Kiely E J Lancaster ND755
Kiely George Francis B-17 Black Magic 42-31721
Kier Edward L P-51 Mustang
Kierath Reginald Victor
Kiernan J Lancaster W4800
Kiernan Rita Irene
Kiernan Thomas Jr P-51 Mustang
Kiernan Thomas Jr P-51 Mustang
Kiernan Thomas Jr P-51 Mustang
Kierse Peter Denis
Kierski Kazimierz Maksymilian Supermarine Spitfire AR431
Kieruczeńko Władysław Halifax JD312
Kieswetter Emerson Harvey Stirling R9168
Kiewnarski Antoni Władysław Wellington W5566
Kiewnarski Antoni Władysław Wellington Z8537
Kiewnarski Antoni Wladysław Vickers Wellington Z1245
Kiewswetter E H Stirling BF384
Kiff A E S Lancaster JB477
Kiff A E S Lancaster ND912
Kift R S Halifax HR926
Kift R L Halifax LK805
Kift K K Halifax MZ479
Kift Robert Stanley
Kilbank Kenneth Wilkinson Liberator JT985
Kilburn H E Lancaster EE115
Kilburn G Wellington T2984
Kilburn Michael Plaistowe
Kilby W A Stirling EF501
Kilcoyne T Stirling LK383
Kilcrease Curtis E P-38 Lightning
Kilday Hugh Joseph
Kildea John Alexander
Kiley T W Mustang
Kilfoyle T G Stirling R9288
Kilfoyle T G Stirling R9257
Kilfoyle J Stirling EF366
Kilgo Lee E P-51 Mustang
Kilgore Walter Thomas B-24 42-52506
Kilgore Forrest To Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Kilgour Leonard Alfred Arthur Stirling LJ882
Kilgour J Lancaster ME674
Kilgour W H Blenheim T1852
Kilgour J S Lancaster ND789
Kilian John Rutherford Clark
Kilian V Wellington L7788
Killan J L Lancaster W4240
Killby K N Wellington R1266
Kille P F Lancaster EE202
Kille Reginald H Lancaster ND846
Killeen Kenneth Barton
Killen John Gordon Treatt Lancaster PB569
Killen John Lancaster JB219
Killen J Wellington R3288
Killen John Gordon Treatt
Killen Richard Lyle
Killen Keith Leonard James
Killen Richard Lyle Wellington R1622
Killham E J J Hampden AE297
Killian Roy Q P-51 Mustang
Killick D E Halifax JB787
Killick C K Wellington HF572
Killigrew S Halifax HX349
Killigrew S Halifax HX331
Killilea J F Halifax DT496
Killin R D Wellington W5553
Killingback John Harold Bruce Halifax LV874
Killingback F W G Hurricane R4230
Killingbeck M G Halifax W7674
Killner W H Lancaster KB780
Killner W H Halifax JD333
Killpack C G Mosquito MM189
Killworth W D D Lancaster LM338
Killworth William Deldon Douglas
Killwyn R G Wellington Z1612
Kilmartin I G Hurricane L1843
Kilmartin John Ignatus 'Killy'
Kilminster A R Halifax L9603
Kilner C F Lancaster ED878
Kilner G D R Hampden L4062
Kilner D J Lancaster LL653
Kilner Joseph Richard
Kilpatrick W R Hurricane KX828
Kilpatrick W F Mosquito MM740
Kilpatrick J A Wellington BK343
Kilpatrick George Halifax DG222
Kilpatrick A W Typhoon MN535
Kilpatrick G Lancaster NF955
Kilpatrick R H Wellington DV867
Kilpatrick J H C Halifax JD410
Kilpatrick T S Halifax RG507
Kilpatrick Herbert Spencer
Kilpatrick William Robert
Kilpatrick Brian Andrew
Kilpatrick George
Kilpatrick Stephen Leigh
Kilpatrick Charles D P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Kilsby N W Halifax JP133
Kilsby A E Halifax LW138
Kilsby A G Lancaster HK579
Kilsby P H Stirling EE944
Kilsby H S Lancaster ME755
Kilsby Gordon Frederick Lancaster ED699
Kilsby Maxwell Bentley
Kilsby Neville Western
Kiltie J Lancaster ND956
Kiltie A M Lancaster ND686
Kilvington L Lancaster JA912
Kilvington L Halifax MZ925
Kilvington H Stirling BK610
Kilyon J W Halifax W7880
Kimbell R J Whitley Z6956
Kimber Donald David Liberator KH245
Kimber Ronald Ernest Wellington X3646
Kimber John Evan Samuel Stirling EF359
Kimber M P Halifax JD258
Kimber H G Lancaster NG175
Kimber P R Stirling BK662
Kimber J H Wellington HE182
Kimber P C Lancaster NG193
Kimber B M Lancaster ED424
Kimber F C Lancaster ED424
Kimber P L Halifax RG501
Kimber D Halifax W1115
Kimber Donald David
Kimber John C P-51 Mustang
Kimberley E J Halifax BB363
Kimberley J K Lancaster LM118
Kimberley K E Stirling BK604
Kimberley K E Stirling BK609
Kimgdon John Daniel Wellington X3423
Kimmel S G Mosquito DZ413
Kimmel Frederick George
Kimmer A W Wellington HE159
Kimmins G P J Lancaster ND362
Kimmins Edward George
Kimpton G W Halifax LL287
Kimpton A S Halifax HX338
Kimpton D E D Lancaster EE123
Kincaid J J Wellington BJ698
Kinch J H Lancaster R5615
Kinch F W Halifax LK790
Kinchin E W Mosquito HJ644
Kinchington K Lancaster ND742
Kind A W Halifax HR721
Kindelt Carl B-17 Easy Does it 43-38623
Kinder William Royle Halifax MZ565
Kinder James Frederick Halifax MZ828
Kinder H R Wellington X3991
Kinder D S Hurricane P3226
Kinder John William
Kindred R T Manchester R5787
Kindred E W Lancaster DV198
Kindret A Lancaster KB804
Kindt Cecil John Edgar Lancaster DV388
Kinel Jacek Miles Martinet HP362
Kinel Zygmunt Jan Hawker Hurricane Z3095
Kinerman Edward Frederick Halifax DT645
King Dale Eugene B-26 Miss Eveready 41-34881
King S G R Lancaster LL861
King F J Lancaster JB359
King J G Lancaster ND705
King R D Lancaster PA259
King J C Halifax LK918
King E R Lancaster W4942
King R S Lancaster W4956
King K L Lancaster ME696
King R J Lancaster ND393
King J K Wellington Z1216
King G W Lancaster DV229
King K J Lancaster LM100
King B J V Lancaster JB545
King S J Lancaster ED475
King R V Lancaster ND817
King Wilfred John Edgar Lancaster PB126
King R Lancaster JB461
King Wilfred John Edgar Lancaster ND995
King James Ernest Wellington R1627
King Stanley E Manchester L7301
King Frederick Edward Halifax JD297
King Guy Desmond John Lancaster ED916
King Richard Lander Spitfire BS350
King William Euerby Hampden P1305
King George William Blackburn Botha L6195
King George Gibson Beaufort L9939
King Benjamin Wellington HE203
King Frank Severne Halifax JD330
King Frank Desmond Lancaster DS734
King Leonard Francis Lancaster DS668
King Herbert Donald Halifax LL115
King Edward Arthur John Stirling R9351
King Edward Henry Wellington T2992
King Michael Rodney Warr Lancaster W5003
King Albert Audrey Lancaster DV226
King John Robert Lancaster RF121
King Harry John Halifax JB915
King Alfred George Halifax PN243
King Henry Joseph Halifax NR276
King Arthur James George (Jimmy) Stirling EH926
King Frederick Charles Stirling LJ930
King L C Halifax BB252
King Harold Herbert Lancaster ME616
King S G Wellington R1078
King J Lancaster DS833
King J F Wellington BJ979
King John Nelson Secoro Lancaster W4138
King G McG Stirling EF139
King D C Wellington HD991
King F J Lancaster DS797
King T C Halifax NP712
King William D Mosquito HK512
King J C Wellington X3703
King J A S Lancaster KB845
King J R Halifax LW421
King J L Halifax MZ822
King F H Halifax MZ418
King A J Halifax LV938
King D Wellington BK564
King Douglas M. Halifax LK842
King E C Lancaster PB206
King F E Ventura AJ196
King D S Halifax L9615
King Rolph Henry Halifax JD205
King D S Whitley Z9213
King George Frederick Liberator AL577
King D G Wellington X3721
King D A R Halifax JB320 (to be confirmed)
King L L Stirling EF349
King J W T Halifax W1217
King I W Halifax I LV785
King J S Halifax DT788
King J Halifax MZ309
King Whitley Z6805
King J Lancaster JA930
King D Lancaster PB634
King L F Lancaster ND983
King G B H Halifax W7914
King J Halifax JB848
King W D Wellington X9609
King Brian Charles Henry Halifax W1189
King Charles Sidney Lancaster ED916
King M H Lancaster JB527
King R M Lancaster ND417
King D Lancaster ME392
King C H Blenheim Z5903
King L F D Mosquito MM170
King W Hampden P1290
King T F F Lancaster DS728
King G P Wellington Z8502
King D W O'D Wellington Z8533
King G Lancaster DV187
King K H Mosquito KB199
King C C Spitfire BL938
King A H Halifax BB363
King E G Stirling R9327
King Frederick Henry Stirling BF334
King D Lancaster LL805
King R F Lancaster ED323
King E B Hurricane V7369
King D J Spitfire
King F P Lancaster JB223
King C R Lancaster JB310
King P C Lancaster JA698
King E W Halifax W1182
King Gordon Harry Halifax HR720
King G E Lancaster LM126
King G Lancaster ND614
King W R Typhoon JP590
King W J Wellington HX263
King P N Lancaster ND556
King G S Blenheim R3757
King J Stirling R9155
King C W G Wellington X9762
King W A Stirling EE959
King M A Hurricane P3616
King C P Whirlwind P7117
King F H ? N1535
King F H Defiant N1535
King J E Wellington Z8839
King L R Halifax HR918
King H Halifax HR872
King W H Halifax HR871
King L R Lancaster JA920
King W P J Halifax JP200
King L J Wellington BK435
King T R Lancaster DS686
King P J Halifax LK920
King G C Halifax JD363
King R S Halifax JD333
King W C W Halifax LW593
King S A Lancaster W4778
King F B K Lancaster PB175
King H F Halifax NO969
King R A J Lancaster ED525
King W Lancaster ED994
King W Lancaster JB140
King Hampden X3151
King J C Lancaster PB429
King D N Lancaster NF918
King O T P Lancaster W4800
King C Lancaster W4119
King W J Lancaster LM435
King Charles Lionel Halifax DT645
King W J Halifax JD263
King C A Halifax LW481
King J Halifax LV775
King K A Whitley Z6741
King J C W Whitley Z6505
King K G Lancaster DS814
King E W Lancaster LM273
King P C M Lancaster JA712
King G R Halifax NA569
King T C Lancaster PB737
King L V Spitfire MH363
King Les W J Lancaster DV403
King J J Lancaster ED808
King H B Lancaster LM105
King P J C Spitfire
King A W D Lancaster EE129
King D A S Lancaster HK594
King D W Lancaster LW740
King Thomas Halifax HR946
King G S Blenheim V6430
King L Hampden P5393
King A L Lancaster JB118
King M H Lancaster JA913
King C R Lancaster ME579
King E J Wellington X3456
King T S R Stirling LJ509
King G J Stirling EF294
King C V Lancaster ED923
King Frederick Harry
King George James ("Jimmy")
King Leonard John
King John Essery
King Stanley George Richard
King Frederick John
King Ian MacDougall
King John Granville
King William John
King Gordon Sydney James
King Robert Ian Maxwell
King Stuart Patrick
King Clyde Leonard
King Francis Cairo
King Neil Danskine
King Thomas
King Edwin Robert
King James Kevin
King Kenneth Leslie
King Reginald John
King Robert Samuel
King Kenneth John
King Bede James Veitch
King Leon Newman
King David Hugh
King Sidney James
King Elwyn Roy
King Claude Verchmans
King Adam Fraser Hudson N7270
King A I Liberator BZ930
King Benjamin H P-51 Mustang
King Benjamin H P-51 Mustang
King David E P-51 Mustang
King David L P-51 Mustang
King David L P-47 Thunderbolt
King David L P-47 Thunderbolt
King David L P-47 Thunderbolt
King Edwin V P-47 Thunderbolt
King Herman E P-47 Thunderbolt
King William B P-51 Mustang
King William B P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
King William B P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
King William B P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
King William B P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
King-Clark C Blenheim X
King-Meggat J R Typhoon JP902
King-Patrick James Gordon William
Kingaby Donald Ernest Spitfire R6721
Kingaby Donald Ernest
Kingcombe Charles Brian Fabris
Kingcome C B F Spitfire X4418
Kingdom A G Halifax NA175
Kingdom M F Lancaster NG184
Kingdon Sidney James Lancaster PB565
Kingdon R V Fortress HB785
Kingerlee Kenneth George Wellington MF137
Kingham J E T R Halifax HX242
Kingham Ernest Arthur Lancaster LL690
Kingham T G F Halifax HX186
Kingham R F Stirling EF357
Kingham A J Halifax DG245
Kingham W G Halifax HR926
Kingham W Halifax LK680
Kingham John Ernest Thomas Ridgeway
Kingham Peter Ronald James Wellington LN690
Kinghorn H H Lancaster JB483
Kinghorn John Lancaster R5666
Kingman T J Lancaster W4194
Kingman P R Lancaster PD255
Kingman E R Lancaster LM454
Kings R A Hurricane P3830
Kings R A Hurricane L1702
Kingsbury L C Lancaster EE129
Kingsbury Allan Albert Wellington LN690
Kingsford Peter Reginald Wellington HX399
Kingsford-Smith P Halifax W1012
Kingsford-Smith Whitley Z6504
Kingshott Melville John
Kingsland E H Halifax DT539
Kingsland R R Halifax MZ864
Kingsland R G Halifax JB852
Kingsley W C Halifax LL279
Kingsley W Halifax HR816
Kingsley Joseph Leopold Rene Halifax DT509
Kingsley Ronald George
Kingsley-Strack Peter
Kingsmill C R Lancaster ED664
Kingsmill John Allen
Kingsmill Stanley George Wellington JA456
Kingsnorth D J Lancaster ED537
Kingsnorth C L Lancaster LM336
Kingston R A Lancaster ME627
Kingston P N Lancaster LM383
Kingston J S Lancaster ME789
Kingston J S Lancaster JA921
Kingston P A Halifax LK792
Kingston P Halifax LK683
Kingston W J W Hampden AE392
Kingston J W J Hampden AD923
Kingston W J W Hampden AE441
Kingston H G Stirling W7519
Kingston D Manchester L7380
Kingston E J Halifax W1244
Kingston D A Halifax W1245
Kingston Roy Albert
Kingston Patrick Noel
Kingston Kennerley Birch
Kingston Douglas Mason Wellington Z8703
Kingswood Frederick Henry William
Kington W F Stirling EE951
Kingwell I H Hampden AE316
Kingwell J L Lancaster LL681
Kinkade Orville A P-47 Thunderbolt
Kinkade Orville A P-47 Thunderbolt
Kinkade Orville A P-47 Thunderbolt
Kinloch William Albert
Kinman Jack Lancaster PB554
Kinmon George H Jr P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Kinmonth Michael William
Kinnaird W J Spitfire EP177
Kinnaird Eugene W P-47 Thunderbolt
Kinnane J Stirling N6013
Kinnane John
Kinnard Claiborne H Jr P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Kinnard Claiborne H Jr P-51 Mustang
Kinnard Claiborne H Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Kinnard Claiborne H Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Kinnard Claiborne H Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Kinnard Claiborne H Jr P-51 Mustang
Kinnear G F Halifax MZ903
Kinnear G P Halifax MZ566
Kinnear J A Lancaster W4989
Kinnear A Lancaster W4768
Kinnear R P Halifax LW672
Kinnear A G Whitley Z6818
Kinnear J Lancaster ED864
Kinnee Ronald Alfred Wellington X3796
Kinnery J F Mosquito MM519
Kinnes W D Lancaster ND475
Kinney I J Lancaster PB949
Kinney Wellington W5684
Kinniburgh A Wellington X3339
Kinninburgh W Wellington X3334
Kinnis Arthur George Lancaster ME668
Kinross Kenneth Charles Spitfire PL206
Kinross C J Stirling EF163
Kinross Kenneth Charles
Kinsella William James Typhoon MP181
Kinsella P J Halifax MZ512
Kinsella P D Stirling W7616
Kinsella P Halifax LV814
Kinsey William Noel Lancaster JB480
Kinsey R W Halifax W1153
Kinsey J S Lancaster ME857
Kinsey R W Halifax
Kinsey R Wellington X3417
Kinsey H G Typhoon RB289
Kinsey W E Lancaster ND355
Kinsler T F Spitfire P4240
Kinsman William Clifton
Kinton B Hampden L4066
Kipfer R M Halifax LW206
Kipling M G Halifax V9979
Kipling B Whitley P5106
Kipling Guy Stirling BK804
Kipp T R Wellington W5483
Kipp W M Halifax LL135
Kippen Ernest McClure Lancaster DV264
Kipperie J Halifax LK955
Kipperle J Halifax NA585
Kirby Albert Edward Stirling BK809
Kirby Gilbert Thomas Lancaster LL789
Kirby William Mosquito RL249
Kirby William George Stirling BK706
Kirby Charles Frederick Lancaster PB620 (some publications have this loss as PD259)
Kirby James Halifax JB968
Kirby Jeffery George Halifax LK681
Kirby Erlyn Everard Wellington X3407
Kirby W G Stirling R9150
Kirby Vincent Xavier Wellington DV717
Kirby A J Lancaster JB291
Kirby J Lancaster R5637
Kirby G B Lancaster PD214
Kirby Arthur William Blenheim V6515
Kirby H Hampden AD761
Kirby Hampden X3056
Kirby T Lancaster ND806
Kirby L W Mustang AG576
Kirby James Burton Halifax NA184
Kirby R Lancaster W4936
Kirby D F Lancaster LM234
Kirby Whitley T4207
Kirby E R S Lancaster LM102
Kirby L N Lancaster LM362
Kirby R G Stirling BK646
Kirby P C Halifax LW228
Kirby R A P Battle P2261
Kirby K L Lancaster JB119
Kirby Cecil Rhodes
Kirby John Albert
Kirby Gilbert Thomas
Kirby William Wilson
Kirby John Whitley BD276
Kirby Henry H Jr P-51 Mustang
Kirby-Green T G Wellington Z8862
Kircher Cecil Bertram Wellington L7787
Kircher Gordon Kenneth Blenheim V5647
Kirdy Matthew John Alexander Battle L5584
Kirk G A Lancaster W4985
Kirk I C Hampden P4370
Kirk Eric Halifax JD407
Kirk Eric Austin Stirling N6068
Kirk G W Lancaster ME296
Kirk Edwin Lancaster ED833
Kirk John Wellington HZ262
Kirk J N Wellington W5534
Kirk Earl Edward Halifax LW715
Kirk E E Halifax LW413
Kirk R A Halifax EB243
Kirk C F Halifax LK634
Kirk Aubrey Charles 'Winkie' Lancaster ND756
Kirk H Hampden AE232
Kirk C W Lancaster LL781
Kirk L J Wellington R3288
Kirk R G H Lancaster LM586
Kirk S W Lancaster ME496
Kirk Hampden AE434
Kirk W J R Wellington HE164
Kirk D A Halifax HR842
Kirk V F D Whitley Z6567
Kirk A J Lancaster DV386
Kirk J F Lancaster RF159
Kirk T B Spitfire P7370
Kirk William
Kirk Lawrence Arthur
Kirk Robina Guild
Kirk Ian Ewing
Kirk Ivanhoe
Kirk John A Iii P-47 Thunderbolt
Kirk John A Iii P-47 Thunderbolt
Kirk John A Iii P-47 Thunderbolt
Kirkbride J W Lancaster JB285
Kirkbridge Sydney Chapman Wellington L7792
Kirkby George Wellington LP196
Kirkby J S Halifax JB921
Kirkby G J Lancaster NE112
Kirkby T H B Lancaster NG182
Kirkby George Henry
Kirkcaldie N M K Wellington R1226
Kirkcaldie Kenneth Hurricane N2406
Kirkcaldie John Allan
Kirkcaldy Alexander Lancaster PB451
Kirke Frank Skipwith Lancaster R5510
Kirke Hampden X2964
Kirkham Bertram Arnold Martin Baltimore AG966
Kirkham B D Halifax DT616
Kirkham T Y Wellington HE906
Kirkham E B Lancaster W4778
Kirkham Jack Lancaster R5665
Kirkham T R Wellington P9229
Kirkham L Lancaster LM529
Kirkham R M Halifax MZ624
Kirkham C Halifax DK195
Kirkham B Halifax LW225
Kirkilewicz Mikołaj Avro Lancaster PB854
Kirkland R N Lancaster LM545
Kirkland H N Mosquito DZ413
Kirkland D J Ventura AE760
Kirkland S E Lancaster ND913
Kirkland C Beaufighter X7826
Kirkland D S Halifax MZ345
Kirkland H Stirling N3672
Kirkland R A Lancaster HK603
Kirkland Kenneth Herbert William
Kirkland Ronald Neville
Kirkland Edward R P-47 Thunderbolt
Kirkland Lenton F Jr P-38 Lightning
Kirkland Lenton F Jr P-38 Lightning
Kirkland Lenton F Jr P-38 Lightning
Kirkman J Lancaster ED498
Kirkman Eric John
Kirkness D J Wellington N2943
Kirkpatrick P L Lancaster PB382
Kirkpatrick John Halifax NA674
Kirkpatrick James Charles Blenheim N3530
Kirkpatrick H J Wellington X3486
Kirkpatrick J G Halifax NP799
Kirkpatrick R N Lancaster DS669
Kirkpatrick Norman Robert Stirling N3655
Kirkpatrick K H Halifax W7910
Kirkpatrick S Lancaster NG362
Kirkpatrick Blenheim V6377
Kirkpatrick W W Halifax W7803
Kirkpatrick S Halifax MZ603
Kirkpatrick George E Lancaster JB701
Kirkpatrick L H Lancaster DV333
Kirkpatrick W L C Lancaster ND561
Kirkpatrick Peter Leeton
Kirkpatrick Norbert W F-6C Mustangs
Kirkup J E Lancaster EE175
Kirkup R D Lancaster W4841
Kirkup Ronald Affleck Tiger Moth NZ724
Kirkus N M Hampden L4126
Kirkus C E Wellington BJ789
Kirkwood F G Halifax LV880
Kirkwood Mark Tyzack Spitfire P7285
Kirkwood James Halifax R9442
Kirkwood James Lancaster JB219
Kirkwood D S Lancaster LL960
Kirkwood A B Typhoon JP747
Kirkwood Donald Clarence
Kirkwood Alfred Buckley
Kirla John A P-51 Mustang
Kirla John A P-51 Mustang
Kirla John A P-51 Mustang
Kirla John A P-51 Mustang
Kirla John A P-51 Mustang
Kirla John A P-51 Mustang
Kirland K H W Lancaster ND336
Kirsch A L Lancaster HK605
Kirsch C F Lancaster DS723
Kirschner Ainsley Rupert Lancaster SW278
Kirschner Irving Jack Lancaster KB708
Kirsh Henry William Lancaster JB286
Kirtland C H A Halifax LK950
Kirton B W Lancaster ED416
Kirton David Ian Spitfire K9911
Kirton H J Beaufighter MM918
Kirton W D Lancaster ND624
Kirton J S Lancaster ND399
Kirton Lloyd Halifax MZ295
Kirton J K Halifax LW655
Kirts Benjamin E P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Kirts Benjamin E P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Kirwan K P J Lancaster JB370
Kirwan P B Lancaster DV329
Kirwan J A Lancaster LM541
Kisielewicz Jerzy Szymon Handley Page Halifax LL126
Kisilowsky Edward Lancaster PD216
Kissack Laurence Douglas Wellington W5452
Kissick V R D Lancaster ED449
Kissling James L. B-24 Polyana 42-50374
Kissner Cyril Christian
Kistler W W Typhoon MN416
Kita Marian Wellington W5573
Kita Marian De Havilland Mosquito NT226
Kita Marian Wellington Z8601
Kita S Hurricane P3678
Kitchen D G Wellington Z1486
Kitchen S C Lancaster JB320
Kitchen George Henry Lancaster W4820
Kitchen H A N Stirling EF114
Kitchen John Colwell Halifax W7710
Kitchen J Lancaster KB842
Kitchen A E Mosquito ML979
Kitchen A L Lancaster R5753
Kitchen A D Halifax HR729
Kitchen R Halifax R9484
Kitchen P W Halifax JB851
Kitchen E E Halifax LW263
Kitchen David Gordon
Kitchen Stanley Charles
Kitchen John Edward
Kitchener H R Halifax JD467
Kitchener H H Whirlwind P6985
Kitchener Herbert Horatio
Kitchens Benjamin F P-47 Thunderbolt`
Kitcher E Blenheim L8800
Kitchin Jack Hurst Halifax MZ288
Kitchin J R Wellington LK4256
Kitchin P J R Wellington X3588
Kitching Stephen Tom Stirling BK614
Kitching G A Wellington W5391
Kitching A L Lancaster ED486
Kitching P Lancaster NG386
Kite G R G Halifax MZ574
Kite F W Lancaster JB638
Kite J A C Whitley Z6653
Kite E D Lancaster ED442
Kiteley J A Lancaster PB203
Kiteley J R J Halifax LK627
Kitley J E Blenheim Z7500
Kitley Edward T P-47 Thunderbolt
Kitney R Wellington Z8979
Kitney Wellington R1712
Kitson C A Halifax W7770
Kitson C M Wellington HE519
Kitson G G Lancaster W4377
Kitson W Lancaster DV386
Kitson W S Wellington R12179
Kitt E Wellington HE491
Kitto R V T Battle P2246
Kitto R V T Battle
Kitto P M Lancaster PB250
Kitto H Lancaster NE166
Kiwacz Rajmund Vickers Wellington R1615
Klaassen Peter W P-47 Thunderbolt
Klank Walter C Jr
Klapkew Francis Joseph Mosquito R5561
Klassen Wellington N2802
Klatman J Lancaster HK756
Klatt Bronisław Vickers Wellington N2840
Klatt Quintus P-38 Lightning
Klecha Bolesław Jan Wellington R1178
Kleczyński Bohdan
Kleeberg Andrzej Włodzimierz Wellington Z1217
Klees Paul H P-47 Thunderbolt
Klein Zygmunt Spitfire P9363
Klein Zygmunt Supermarine Spitfire P9427
Klein W J Halifax JB791
Klein I G Halifax LL152
Kleinberg G Lancaster ED692
Kleiner H Lancaster ED970
Kleinheinz James E Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Kleinheinz James E Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Kleinhorn M Lancaster R5622
Kleinig Theodore Victor Benno
Kleinmayer Robert Gordon 'Dutch'
Kleinschmidt Marian Vickers Wellington HZ438
Kleisdorff Murray Ralph
Kleisgorff M R Halifax W1175
Klem J Lancaster NG457
Klemas Joseph J. B-24 Perils of Pauline 42-95162
Klemm E J L Lancaster LM226
Klemm Eric James Leopold
Kleniewski Alfred Edmund Halifax DT542
Kleniewski Stefan Gabriel Handley Page Halifax JD362
Klepacki Lucjan Vickers Wellington Z1696
Klewicz Tadeusz Józef Wellington X3164
Klewicz Tadeusz Józef Wellington DV423
Kleybor Stanisław Consolidated Liberator KH126
Kleynhans C W Lancaster ED554
Klezel R C Halifax LW372
Klezel Ronald Charles
Klibbe Frank W P-47 Thunderbolt
Klibbe Frank W P-47 Thunderbolt
Klibbe Frank W P-47 Thunderbolt
Klibbe Frank W P-47 Thunderbolt
Klibbe Frank W P-47 Thunderbolt
Klibbe Frank W P-47 Thunderbolt
Klibbe Frank W P-47 Thunderbolt
Klich Feliks
Klimczak Jan
Klimczyk Jan Vickers Wellington DV783
Klimiuk Ryszard Vickers Wellington N2852
Klimt K Wellington L7844
Kline Russell H P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Kling Ralph F P-47 Thunderbolt
Klingner Albert Charles Frederick
Klink Dirk Jacobus Spitfire R7334
Klink John E P-51 Mustang
Klippel John Owen
Klipsch P H Spitfire P9373
Klisiewicz Mieczysław Józef Wellington Z8537
Klisz Roman Stanisław Douglas DC-3 Dakota FD866
Klitscher L S B Lancaster LW740
Klocek Jan Tadeusz Vickers Wellington Z1281
Klokow W Liberator EV941
Klopotek Robert J P-51 Mustang
Kłosin Bronisław Spitfire P8205
Klosiński Antoni Vickers Wellington BJ656
Klosinsky W Spitfire R7015
Kloske Godfrey Henry
Kłosowski Stanisław Halifax W1229
Kłosowski Stanisław Halifax W7774
Kłosowski Stanisław Halifax W7776
Kłosowski Stanisław Halifax DT727
Kłosowski Bronisław Handley Page Halifax JN895
Klucha Lucjan Józef Avro Lancaster JA683
Kłus Zenon Jan Wellington R1230
Klusky G Wellington R1604
Klvana J Wellington Z1098
Kłyszcz Karol Avro Anson L9150
Kmiecik Edward
Knafelz Albert P P-47 Thunderbolt
Knaggs W R Lancaster LL975
Knaggs K Wellington HE500
Knap F Wellington R1718
Knape A H Whitley P5016
Knapman L D Lancaster PB724
Knapman C R Lancaster ME856
Knapman R M Hampden AT148
Knapman R A Lancaster ED838
Knapman Alfred Sydney
Knapp R S Wellington BK463
Knapp Alan Wilfred Lancaster ME726
Knapp F N Lancaster PB128
Knapp Jack Frederick
Knapp George Robert
Knapp Robert H ** P-47 Thunderbolt
Knappett Robert Arthur
Knapton R Lancaster ND800
Knauer Louis George
Kneale Derek Halifax LK681
Kneale T M Lancaster DS837
Knebloch Tadeusz Vickers Wellington HZ438
Kneebone E Lancaster PD377
Kneeshaw J Stirling W7535
Kneeshaw A C Wellington HE155
Kneil H C Lancaster PB266
Knell A J Wellington Z1656
Kneller A F Halifax LV954
Kńiazycki Tadeusz Władysław Zbigniew Vickers Wellington HE148
Knibb D L Stirling W7560
Knickle R J Fortress KJ103
Knier Earl W P-51 Mustang
Knier Earl W P-51 Mustang / P-47 Thunderbolt
Knight J E Lancaster LM472
Knight A Lancaster W4832
Knight G H Lancaster ND519
Knight Frederick James Lancaster JB700
Knight A E W Lancaster NN721
Knight Leslie Gordon Lancaster JB144
Knight ???Tex?۪ Earl Allan Mosquito DZ270
Knight John Wellington R3162
Knight J W Whitley T4156
Knight J W Lancaster ND398
Knight Frederick T. Wellington P9218
Knight John Geoffrey Stirling EF390
Knight Jack Harris Whitley Z9141
Knight Bernard Ellis Mosquito ML988
Knight Walter David Lancaster ME565
Knight William Robson Wellington LN566
Knight A J Wellington W5476
Knight A N Halifax MZ907
Knight Martin Allan Halifax LW427
Knight R E Halifax MZ713
Knight D R Halifax LK956
Knight R C Lancaster KB737
Knight J F Spitfire AB856
Knight J F Spitfire P7822
Knight R B Lancaster ND554
Knight P G Stirling BF398
Knight Leon Gaston Wellington Z1573
Knight P G Stirling EH881
Knight K Halifax I LW158
Knight D C Halifax HR663
Knight K Halifax MZ827
Knight D Halifax W1271
Knight N A Blenheim T1891
Knight C H G Hampden L4188
Knight E Hampden L4188
Knight S Lancaster JB537
Knight F J Lancaster EE195
Knight H C Typhoon JR433
Knight F R Lancaster JA919
Knight F C R Halifax HR941
Knight R J Halifax MZ927
Knight W P Wellington HE349
Knight H Typhoon RB282
Knight K J Lancaster ED832
Knight J F P Stirling W7537
Knight W F C Stirling BF440
Knight F J Stirling BF514
Knight W F C Stirling EE937
Knight S J Halifax DT806
Knight K Halifax HX325
Knight G Wellington X9749
Knight S M Mustang AM187
Knight R A L Spitfire
Knight V A Halifax HR871
Knight A T Halifax JB904
Knight D Halifax NP738
Knight T H Lancaster R5669
Knight Hampden AD913
Knight R H Lancaster JB598
Knight H Manchester R5782
Knight J B Lancaster JA961
Knight L R Spitfire AA733
Knight R F Halifax JD262
Knight F H Halifax DT666
Knight A L G Halifax JB806
Knight G E Lancaster LL681
Knight H R Lancaster LM735
Knight H Whitley Z6507
Knight Whitley T4285
Knight E Lancaster R5488
Knight C J Hampden X2894
Knight W Lancaster NG228
Knight A G Lancaster LM419
Knight G E Stirling BF521
Knight J Lancaster LM168
Knight J J Halifax JD418
Knight L H Halifax JB855
Knight E P Halifax LV796
Knight R A Lancaster R5744
Knight J W Lancaster NF937
Knight J B Lancaster ND451
Knight Wellington P9219
Knight Leslie Gordon Lancaster
Knight Edwin Omer
Knight Frank
Knight Noel Joseph
Knight James Bell
Knight Frederick Benbow
Knight Donald Erskine
Knight Norman John
Knight Alan
Knight Gordon Henry
Knight Frederick James
Knight Albert Ernest William
Knight John Maxwell
Knight Leslie Gordon
Knight Lyn Geoffrey Reginald
Knight Clifford William Douglas P-40N NZ3200
Knight Ralph G Jr P-51 Mustang
Knight-Brown Noel Henry
Knight-Clarke R S Typhoon JR444
Knightbridge Henry John Lancaster NG119
Knighton Thomas Halford Whitley Z6556
Knighton Leslie Wellington LN231
Knighton V G Wellington R1606
Knights John Kingsley Lancaster PB183
Knights H J Lancaster JB233
Knights J Lancaster LL625
Knights Henry Edward
Knights Walter William Nelson
Knilands B Lancaster W4879
knilands B Lancaster ED711
Knilands Bruce
Knill L Lancaster R5743
Knipe J C Stirling W7528
Knisley Clyde V P-47 Thunderbolt`
Kniveton Blenheim T2281
Knoble Joseph L Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Knoble Joseph L Jr P-51 Mustang
Knoble Joseph L Jr P-51 Mustang
Knobloch D L Lancaster PA971
Knobloch R E Wellington X3748
Knobovitch H Halifax MZ603
Knock T J Lancaster ED552
Knocker K D Stirling BF313
Knocker William Rodney Alexander Defiant N1547
Knocker W R A Defiant N3369
Knodler Keith Jack
Knoesen B G Lancaster EE172
Knoke J Halifax LW204
Knoll Bernard P-47 Thunderbolt
Knoll (Knoll-Kownacki) Feliks Henryk Kittyhawk AK892
Knorr E M Halifax MZ831
Knotek F Wellington L7788
Knott Witold Józef Supermarine Spitfire AR250
Knott Sidney Kenneth Lancaster ED372
Knott R C Wellington X3394
Knott J D Wellington R1726
Knott L S Wellington HE636
Knott G W Lancaster ME784
Knott H W Halifax LV936
Knott J E Lancaster NG192
Knott J M Lancaster ME731
Knott Clarence W P-51 Mustang
Knott Clarence W P-51 Mustang
Knowler G V Halifax LK874
Knowles Arthur Cecil Peter Wellington HF915
Knowles J A E Lancaster NG296
Knowles Wilfred Martin Lancaster ND975
Knowles Thomas DC-3 Dakota KN500
Knowles George Alfred Halifax RG564
Knowles William Leslie Hampden AE120
Knowles D J Halifax HX347
Knowles J S Whitley Z9166
Knowles M H Lancaster ED568
Knowles R H Lancaster JB289
Knowles J G L Mosquito DK317
Knowles D R Lancaster ND447
Knowles G N Stirling EF412
Knowles J A Stirling EF154
Knowles J B J Halifax W7876
Knowles B E S Wellington P9213
Knowles E O Halifax DK252
Knowles J C Lancaster DV233
Knowles J J Lancaster ND474
Knowles E Lancaster JB417
Knowles L Lancaster PD317
Knowles E R Halifax NP931
Knowles T Halifax DK172
Knowles A V Blenheim P4853
Knowles R L Stirling R9276
Knowles Lindsay Eric Shaw
Knowles Jr. Charles L. B-24 Osage Express 42-52497
Knowling J H Hampden P5321
Knowling Hampden X3060
Knowlton Wesley R. Halifax MZ529
Knox C W Lancaster JA674
Knox P E Lancaster ME846
Knox V A Halifax HX189
Knox Roy Vincent Bernard Stirling EH994
Knox Vincent Cooke Lindsay Lancaster ED700
Knox A J Stirling BF459
Knox F S B Blenheim T2047
Knox K F Lancaster NF916
Knox J A Halifax W1230
Knox K E Spitfire R7222
Knox K E Spitfire R7222
Knox C M Lancaster JA898
Knox J Halifax LW232
Knox Cyril William
Knox Robert Walter
Knox Malcolm Thomas Foster
Knox Baird M P-47 Thunderbolt
Knudsen B Spitfire PT848
Knudson Robert F P-51 Mustang
Knupp G W Lancaster ND587
Knupp Daniel Francis P-51 Mustang 42-106738
Knupp Daniel F P-47 Thunderbolt
Knuttila A G Lancaster DS677
Knutty Harold P P-51 Mustang
Knyvett Barrington Armitage Lancaster JB738
Knyvett Edmund Murray Hugh
Knyvett Barrington Armitage
Kobiela Zdzisław Jan Wellington Z1270
Kobyliński Janusz Włodzimierz Spitfire LZ993
Koc Tadeusz Spitfire BL977
Koch Tadeus Henryk Supermarine Spitfire L1018
Koch T Spitfire MH886
Kocher C E Mosquito DD758
Kociencki Boleslaw P-47 Thunderbolt`
Kocoń Eugeniusz Vickers Warwick HG226
Kocoń Józef De Havilland Mosquito HR143
Kocoń Wacław Miles Master W8443
Koczak Alexander S P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Koczapski Władysław Karol Vickers Wellington HF492
Koczor Ryszard Hawker Hurricane V7071
Koczwara-Bielka (Bielka) Jerzy
Kodes K Wellington Z8838
Koehler Leonard F Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Koehler Leonard F Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Koehn Arthur Ferdinand Stirling BF314
Koek E G Lancaster R5901
Koenig Charles W P-51 Mustang
Koenig Charles W P-51 Mustang
Koenig Charles W P-47 Thunderbolt
Koenig Charles W P-47 Thunderbolt
Koenig Charles W P-47 Thunderbolt
Koenig Charles W P-47 Thunderbolt
Koenig Charles W P-47 Thunderbolt
Koes J C G
Koetsveld Norman Henry
Kofoed P J J Lancaster JB653
Kofoed P J J Lancaster JB652
Kofoed P J J Lancaster JB225
Kogan M Halifax DK252
Kogel G H Stirling EF464
Kogut Stanisław ? ?
Kogut Stanisław Andrzej
Kogut Stanisław Andrzej
Kohler Colin Henry Halifax JD176
Kohler Colin Henry Halifax PN425
Kohlhaas Thomas Knapp B-17 43-37713
Kohnke L D Halifax HR871
Kohut Stanisław Aleksander De Havilland Mosquito HK115
Kohut F Lancaster PA998
Koivu J O Lancaster DS789
Kołacz Henryk De Havilland Mosquito NS901
Kolanowski Włodzimierz Adam Wellington Z1277
Kolar Charles Caesar Manchester L7462
Kolbe John E P-51 Mustang
Kolbe John E P-51 Mustang
Kołecki Tadeusz Marian Supermarine Spitfire MA754
Koleda P Halifax LW165
Kołek Władysław Supermarine Spitfire BL459
Kolendorski Stanley Michel 'Mike' Hurricane Z3186
Kolitz L P Wellington R1726
Kołkowski Antoni Vickers Wellington HE747
Kollar Roland M P-51 Mustang
Koller J Blenheim Z7275
Kołodyński Stefan Michał Spitfire AA940
Kołodziej Włodzimierz Vickers Wellington HF121
Kołodziejski Tadeusz Wellington HF150
Kołoszczyk Tadeusz Józef North American P-51d Mustang FZ196
Kolter Mark H P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from mid 1944)
Komaiko W K Lancaster ED525
Komaroff L A Mosquito MM463
Komenda Henryk Boulton Paul Defiant N3402
Kominek J Hurricane L1842
Komiski R W Lancaster R5488
Komłacz Jan Vickers Wellington R1064
Kommes J J Lancaster LM643
Komorowski Antoni Eugeniusz
Kon W E M Lancaster LL758
Konantz Walter J P-51 Mustang
Konantz Walter J P-51 Mustang
Konantz Walter J P-51 Mustang
Konarzewski Stanisław Wellington R1705
Konarzewski Jan Avro Lancaster PB722
Konas Jędrzej
Konderak Izydor Vickers Wellington Z1409
Kondracki Stanisław
Kondracki Lech Andrzej Spitfire BS457
Kondracki Lech Andrzej North American P-51d Mustang FZ187
Kong R S Halifax LW172
Kong Wah Kau P-51 Mustang
Kong Wah Kau P-51 Mustang
Konieczka Stefan
Konieczko Tadeusz
Konopasek Kazimierz Wacław Wellington Z8586
Konopasek Kazimierz Wacław Wellington Z8645
Konstacky V Wellington T2990
Konstacky Wellington R1378
Kontny Jerzy Tiger Moth T8207
Konvicka J Spitfire MJ940
Koontz Glenn W P-47 Thunderbolt
Koontz Glenn W P-47 Thunderbolt
Koontz Wayne A P-47 Thunderbolt
Kooy C Spitfire RK840
Kopa Walenty Supermarine Spitfire W3820
Kopacek V Spitfire AB133
Kopacz W A Halifax DT679
Kopal G Wellington L7842
Kopchuk J Wellington HZ519
Kopecky V A Hurricane Z2909
Kopecky V Spitfire
Koper Bogdan Airspeed Oxford PG994
Kopka Józef
Kopp J W Lancaster KB809
Kopperu K M Spitfire PV153
Kopriva J Hurricane P8811
Kopsel Edward H Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Kopsel Edward H Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Kopsel Edward H Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Kopsel Edward H Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Kopsel Edward H Northrop P-61 Black Widow
Korab-Brzozowski Hubert Wellington R1348
Korab-Brzozowski Hubert Vickers Wellington R1373
Koraleski Walter J Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Koraleski Walter J Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Koraleski Walter J Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Koraleski Walter J Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Koraleski Walter J Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Koransky Michael Blenheim Z7296
Korber K Spitfire EN960
Korbosky Mark Richard
Korbyl P F Lancaster DV244
Korczyk Tadeusz Vickers Wellington W5557
Korczyński Jerzy
Korczyński Marian Vickers Wellington R1535
Kordasiewicz Marian Supermarine Spitfire BS443
Kordys Stanisław Avro Lancaster NG269
Kordyś Władysław Wellington R1641
Kordyś Władysław Vickers Wellington HF490
Korecki Edward Roman Vickers Wellington LN393
Korecky James R P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Koren G K H Spitfire BS444
Korepta Jan Stanisław Vickers Wellington Z1281
Korinek George P-38 Lightning
Kormanovic I Wellington Z1070
Kormylo J Wellington DV816
Kornafel Florian Vickers Wellington Z1482
Korol Sergiusz Vickers Wellington HE993
Korosy Francis B P-47 Thunderbolt
Korpela O G Lancaster ME700
Korpowski Bolesław Halifax BB340
Kortendick Edward W P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Kortright N H Stirling R9321
Korwel Wacław Spitfire BM137
Korwin-Kossakowski Mikołaj Harvard KF164
Koryciński Józef Vickers Wellington L7874
Korzeniowski Antoni Eugenius Vickers Wellington L4379
Korzoń Zbigniew Vickers Wellington Z1257
Kos Mieczysław Supermarine Spitfire P8267
Kosarz Wilhelm Hawker Hurricane P3538
Koschade Robert Walter
Koscheski Nelson W. P-47 Thunderbolt
Koścień Bolesław Wellington Z1488
Kościk Bronisław Supermarine Spitfire P8564
Kościukiewicz (Lennard) Albert Lancaster PA160
Kosh George Edward Tempest JN765
Kosiarski Roman Wellington HZ376
Kosiń Piotr Wellington Z1337
Kosinski Bronisław Kazimierz Spitfire AA747
Kosiński Wiktor Halifax JD312
Kosior Edmund Stanisław Vickers Wellington Z1257
Koslow Stanley L P-47 Thunderbolt`
Koslulic V J J Wellington R1599
Kosmalski Grzegorz Spitfire W3698
Kosmalski Czesław Vickers Wellington Z1285
Kosmowski Janusz Bogdan Spitfire P8334
Kosmowski L Spitfire EN125
Kosmowski Leon Supermarine Spitfire EN125
Kosowski Marian Bolesław Vickers Wellingron W5579
Koss C Lancaster ND923
Kossatz T C Lancaster KB835
Kossick Arnold Hampden P4310
Kostański Edward Supermarine Spitfire EP360
Kostenuk William Michael Halifax DT576
Kostuch Marian Wellington R1268
Kostuch Tadeusz P Mustang FX939
Kosturkiewiez Antoni Vickers Wellington Z1072
Kosturko George Lawrence B-17 42-5893 Sad Sax
Kostyshyn W M Wellington BJ615
Kosznik Edmund Anson R3408
Kosznik Edmund Avro Lancaster EE124
Kot Franciszek Lancaster PD361
Kot Bernard Vickers Wellington HF591
Kot Bolesław Handley Page Halifax HR657
Kot Franciszek De Havilland Mosquito DZ302 (/g?)
Kot Roman Vickers Wellington BK471
Kotarba Henryk De Havilland Mosquito HJ942
Kotarski Stanisław Wellington LN393
Kotewicz Ignacy
Kotlarz Marian Spitfire EN554
Kotrch J Wellington Z1070
Kotyk M Halifax MZ316
Kotz Max
Koughlan J Wellington HE201
Koukal Josef Hurricane V7437
Kouns Lloyd K. B-17 Flying Fortress 42-31941 Big Stoop
Kovacich A M Lancaster ME718
Kovacs Elmer A P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Kovarik B Beaufighter V8749
Kowal Cezary Vickers Wellington Z1262
Kowal S Lancaster LM634
Kowala Paweł Spitfire P7536
Kowalak Tadeusz Vickers Wellington Z1320
Kowalchuk T Halifax NR143
Kowalcze Stanisław Vickers Wellington R1017
Kowalczyk Stanisław Marek Wellington Z1314
Kowalczyk Stanisław Vickers Wellington HF458
Kowalewicz Paweł Vickers Wellington HF208
Kowalik Wacław Wellington DV765
Kowalówka Mieczysław Wellington R1390
Kowalski Piotr Józef Wellington R1705
Kowalski Henryk Kazimierz Wellington Z1409
Kowalski Tadeusz Mariusz Wellington R1585
Kowalski Michał Ryszard Wellington W5593
Kowalski T M Spitfire P8383
Kowalski Alfons Vickers Wellington Z1392
Kowalski Czesław Avro Lancaster NG266
Kowalski Edward Vickers Wellington Z1088
Kowalski Edward Jozef Supermarine Spitfire W3599
Kowalski Tadeusz
Kowalski Zygmunt Supermarine Spitfire W3569
Kowalski L Stirling R9295
Kowalski J Halifax DT641
Kowalski Stanley J. B-24 41-29363
Kozaczka Felix P-51 Mustang
Kozaczka Felix P-51 Mustang
Kozak Jan Vickers Wellington Z1331
Kozakiewicz Adam Edward Vickers Wellington Z1401
Kozanecki Kazimierza Feliks Avro Lancaster LM487
Kozieł Andrzej Vickers Wellington Z1377
Kozik R Halifax JD312
Kozinski M Wellington R1184
Koziol Wladyslaw Handley Page Halifax JD171
Koziołek Jerzy Kazimierz Avro Lancaster DV282
Kozlik John J P-38 Lightning
Kozloski Frank T P-38 Lightning (P-51 Mustang mid 1944)
Kozlowski Z Wellington Z1421
Kozlowski Wellington R1373
Kozlowski Franciszek Hurricane P3815
Kozlowski Czeslaw Halifax W7776
Kozlowski Czeslaw Handley Page Halifax W7773
Kozlowski Franciszek Supermarine Spitfire EN171
Kozlowski Mieczyslaw Handley Page Halifax JN967
Kozlowski Wladyslaw Aleksander Vickers Wellington T2961
Kozlowski Zenobiosz Vickers Wellington Z1421
Kozlowski S J Lancaster ND994
Kozłowski Bernard Vickers Wellington Z1392
Kozłowski Edward Vickers Wellington T2625
Kozłowski Mieczysław Jarosław Handley Page Halifax JP222
Kozłowski Tolimir Władysław Vickers Wellington Z1415
Kozłowski Zdzisław Vickers Wellington DV783
Kozłowski Zbigniew Jerzy Handley Page Halifax JP288
Kozocki W W Halifax JD323
Kozuba-Kozubski Marian Lancaster PA160
Kracemer F Wellington R1599
Kraciński Henryk Mirosław Wellington Z1282
Kraehe Ernest Hubert
Kraemer J R Lancaster EE105
Kraemer J A Lancaster JB402
Kraemer John Robert
Kraft Glen Albert B-17 43-37888
Krajewski J Spitfire MH853
Krajewski Thaddeus J. B-24 44-10493
Krakovsky (name changed later to Carson) Max Halifax NP699
Krakowski Antoni
Krakowski Stanislaw Hawker Hurricane HU819
Krakowski A Spitfire RN125
Kral J O Wellington T2519
Kral C Wellington DV515
Kraljevich M Wellington Z1570
Kramarczyk K J Wellington BK516
Kramarczyk Karol Jerzy Vickers Wellington BK516
Kramarz Julian Vickers Wellington BK305
Kramer William Russell B-24 Perils of Pauline 42-95162
Kramer Marcus Blenheim L1514
Kramer Marcus Tiger Moth N6853
Kramer J Lancaster ND987
Kramer H W Spitfire ML295
Kramer Vincent D P-47 Thunderbolt
Kramerewicz Charles Boston AL741
Kramin Jan Vickers Wellington Q441
Krampe W E Halifax LW435
Krasiński Stefan Piotr Avro Lancaster LM632
Krasnodebski Z Hurricane P3974
Krasnodębski Henryk Vickers Wellington Z1204
Krassowski Jerzy P Vickers Wellington R1365
Kratka T Spitfire BL627
Kratkoruky Bedrich Spitfire AR546
Kratochwil Kazimierz Julian Wellington W5563
Kraus Jan Miles Master W8503
Krause J A Stirling BF336
Krause P J Halifax MZ525
Krause Herbert Oswald
Krauss Richard E P-51 Mustang
Krauss William H P-51 Mustang
Krauz Jozef Boulton Paul Defiant N1762
Krawcewicz Aleksander Wellington W5590
Krawchuk Stephen Lawrence Lancaster PB172
Krawcyzk F Wellington Z1393
Krawczyk J Wellington R1017
Krawczyk Stanisław Wellington Z8599
Krawczyk Jerzy Vickers Wellington R1017
Krawczyk Franciszck Kazimierz Vickers Wellington Z1272
Krawczyk Stanislaw Vickers Wellington R1716
Krawczynski Edmund Supermarine Spitfire P8183
Krawiec Józef Michał Wellington W5567
Krcha Viktor Halifax W1002
Krebs William Max Spitfire W3577
Krecher C W Halifax NA582
Krecik Jan
Kredba M Hurricane P8814
Kreft Willard L P-47 Thunderbolt
Krefter John Julius Halifax NR195
Krefter John Julius
Krefting R M Wellington X3360
Krełowski Czesław Krysztof Vickers Wellington HE291
Kremski Jan Bernard Spitfire P8310
Kremski Jan Bernard Supermarine Spitfire P8310
Krentz H Halifax LK680
Krenz Marian Supermarine Spitfire P8095
Krenżel Paweł Konrad Vickers Wellington Z1265
Krepski W Spitfire R6901
Krepski Walenty Supermarine Spitfire R6901
Kress Lester F P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Kress Lester F P-47 Thunderbolt. (P-51 Mustang from Nov 1944)
Kresta O Spitfire AD384
Kretkowski Zbigniew Leon Vickers Wellington HF591
Krewenchuk M A Lancaster ND388
Krieg C V Lancaster DV301
Krieg Carl Victor
Krieger Spitfire AB892
Krieger Tadeusz Adam Supermarine Spitfire BM140
Kriescher D M Halifax HR945
Kriesky Leonard John B-17 Black Magic 42-31721
Krig Harry E P-47 Thunderbolt`
Kriger L Wellington BJ716
Krill Richard L P-47 Thunderbolt
Kristiani Michal
Kristoff F Halifax HX286
Krivda J Wellington T2577
Krizek K Wellington L7842
Krochak J Halifax RG622
Kroczynski Brunon Hurricane Z2965
Kroczynski Brunon Spitfire R6770
Kroeker Walter Lancaster ND324
Kroeker Walter Lancaster RF182
Krogh William Oscar George Oxford NZ262
Krohn H J Halifax HR799
Krohn Henry John
Krol S Halifax W7774
Krol Stanislaw ? ?
Krol Stanislaw Zygmunt 'Danny' Supermarine Spitfire W3263
Krol Tadevsz Boulton Paul Defiant 1811
Krol Tadeusz PZL P.23 Karas
Król Marian Wellington Z1318
Król Stanisław Mieczyslaw Halifax L9612
Krolikowski Stanislaw
Krome Theodore Anton Hampden AD848
Krome Theodore Anton
Krompiewski Bronislaw Airspeed Oxford T8769
Krone H Lancaster ND393
Krone J D Halifax ME701
Krone Henry
Krone John Duncan
Kroon G Halifax LL388
Kropacz Jan Vickers Wellington Z1256
Kropenick John J P-47 Thunderbolt
Kropf L E Halifax W7770
Kropiwnicki E Hurricane Z2913
Kropiwnicki Eugeniusz Hawker Hurricane Z2913
Kroschel C H Lancaster LL896
Krotz Percy Earl Halifax W1251
Kruck Norman Thomas
Krueger John Warren B-24 Gawgia Peach 42-52709
Kruger C W Lancaster ND441
Kruger C W Lancaster JB465
Kruger Charles H P-51 Mustang
Kruger Charles H P-51 Mustang
Kruk-Schuster Stanisław Józef Wellington W5666
Krukowski Leonard Vickers Wellington Z1414
Krukowski B Lancaster JB534
Krulicki Louis John Stirling R9261
Krup Paul B-17 43-38853
Krupa Czesław Jan Wellington W5567
Krupowicz (Kavell) Wacław Leon Wellington R1642
Krus Leonard North American P-51d Mustang FB210
Kruse Norman Clifford
Kruszczak Franciszek Handley Page Halifax LL126
Kruszyna Edward Consolidated Liberator KG994
Kruszynski Franciszek De Havilland Mosquito NS901
Kruszynski Franciszek
Krutli R A Lancaster PB152
Krutli Reginald Arthur
Kruzel Joseph J
Kruzel Joseph J
Kruzel Joseph J
Kruzel Joseph J
Krwawicz Mieczyslaw Airspeed Oxford HN378
Krynski A
Krynski T Lancaster ME793
Kryński Stefan Wellington R1035
Kryszczuk Franciszek Handley Page Halifax UL187
Krzawiecki Stanisław Wellington R1215
Krzeczewski Eugeniusz Stnislaw Handley Page Halifax UL187
Krzehlik J Halifax JD312
Krzehlik J A Halifax W1229
Krzehlik J A Halifax DT727
Krzeminski Edmund Franciszek Supermarine Spitfire MJ551
Krzeminski Franciszek
Krzepisz Edmund Wellington LN707
Krzesiński Tadeusz Vickers Wellington HE993
Krzo J G Halifax LW117
Krzystiniak S M Wellington R1619
Krzystopinski J Spitfire W3631
Krzystyniak Stanisław Michał Wellington Z1468
Krzysztoszek Jozef Fairey Battle L5717
Krzywon Tadeusz Wellington W5720
Krzywoń Tadeusz Wellington HF198
Krzyzagorski Spitfire ?
Krzyżanowski Włodzimierz Wellington Z1488
Krzyztyniak S Wellington Z1479
Ksendz G E Halifax HX348
Księżyc Jan Vickers Wellington R3216
Kubacik Franciszek Vickers Wellington R1413
Kubacki Maksymilian Wellington Z1326
Kubera Wladysław Kazimierz Vickers Wellington N2806
Kubiak Kazimierz Ludwik
Kubiak Teofil Jerzy Vickers Wellington Z1204
Kubica Franciszek North American P-51d Mustang FB383
Kubicek V Wellington R1599
Kubin J R Lancaster ME456
Kubiznak A Wellington T2519
Kuć Henryk Vickers Wellington Q441
Kucharski Stefan Paweł Avro Lancaster LM632
Kucheman Henry B Jr P-47 Thunderbolt
Kucheman Henry B Jr P-51 Mustang
Kucheryk Peter Halifax W7082
Kuchta Jozef Tiger Moth T7742
Kucinsky Joseph Wendelin Halifax HR816
Kucza Kazimierz Wellington Z1406
Kuczak J Wellington Z1213
Kuczkowski Zdzisław Handley Page Halifax JD154
Kudelko H Wellington R1640
Kudełko (Edmunton) Henryk Wellington Z1271
Kuderski Piotr Wellington Z1406
Kudlo Stanley J. B-24 Hula Wahine II 42-52467
Kudrewicz B Spitfire P7883
Kuebler F G Whitley Z6951
Kuebler F G Halifax W7677
Kuehl Richard I P-47 Thunderbolt
Kuehl Richard I P-47 Thunderbolt
Kuehl Richard I P-47 Thunderbolt
Kuenen Gerrit Jan Hudson V9155
Kuflik J Wellington R1184
Kuflik Naftali Hirsz Paweł Vickers Wellington HF208
Kuhlman Keith Cowie Spitfire MK905 (some publications list as MJ343)
Kuhn Edmund Eric Geddes
Kuhn Joseph A P-38 Lightning
Kuhn Philip G P-47 Thunderbolt
Kühn Kazimierz Franciszek Handley Page Halifax JP222
Kujawa Czeslaw Vickers Wellington N2848
Kujumdzic N Lancaster W4333
Kukurowski Tadeusz Vickers Wellington BK305
Kula Kazimierz Vickers Wellington R1642
Kula J Wellington R1802
Kulagowski Piotr Vickers Wellington HE289
Kulakowski K Lancaster NN718
Kułakowski Andrzej Vickers Wellington Z1467
Kulan Franciszek ? ?
Kularatne Ananda Halifax HX155
Kulbacki Hieronim Vickers Wellington T2518
Kulczycki Wlodzimierz
Kuleski Stephen Halifax MZ506
Kulesza Feliks Leon Hawker Hurricane BD918
Kulhnek J Spitfire BL336
Kulicki Józef Vickers Wellington HZ640
Kulik Jozef Boulton Paul Defiant N3375
Kulik Mikołaj Avro Lancaster PB854
Kulikowski Edmund Avro Lancaster NG501
Kulikowski Eugeniusz Vickers Wellington HZ374
Kulinska Anastazja
Kulinski Józef Stanisław Fairey Battle L5351
Kullberg E N Lancaster NE151
Kulpinski Zdzislaw Ludwik
Kumar V Halifax LV882
Kummer G T Lancaster W4357
Kunda K Wellington L7788
Kunka Feliks Vickers Wellington BJ656
Kunkle Gerald S P-47 Thunderbolt
Kunkle James K P-38 Lightning
Kunowski Gerard Roman Izydor Wellington Z8537
Kunowski Gerard Roman Izydor Wellington W5566
Kunz Leonard A P-51 Mustang
Kupersmith Bernard L P-47 Thunderbolt
Kurch T A J Tiger Moth T7742
Kurek Janisz Augustyn Kenryk Vickers Wellington Z1082
Kurek Zdzisław Beaufighter R2446
Kurman M Lancaster NN718
Kuroczycki Florian Supermarine Spitfire BE352
Kuropatwa Stanisław Vickers Wellington R1641
Kurowicki Stanislaw H Supermarine Spitfire BL406
Kurowski Jan Kazimierz Supermarine Spitfire ML215
Kurowski Ludwik Józef Avro Lancaster LM486
Kurowski Ludwik Tadeusz Jozef Vickers Wellington Z1386
Kurowski Zdzisław Vickers Wellington W5374
Kurpiel Franciszek Avro Anson EF806
Kurring Edwin Halifax DT672
Kurtz D H Wellington HF852
Kurtz Edgar John
Kurtz Robert G P-47 Thunderbolt
Kurtzhals Allan Edward Halifax NR118
Kuryllowicz Piotr Władysław Spitfire BS410
Kurylowicz L Spitfire BS456
Kurzak Jerzy Handley Page Halifax DT627
Kusek Franciszek Vickers Wellington T2717
Kusmierski Wlodzimierz Konstantly
Kusmierz Józef Jan Vickers Wellington Z1267
Kusoma H P Halifax MZ683
Kustrzynski Z Spitfire AD824S
Kuszczyński Bronisław Vickers Wellington R1392
Kuviak W Lancaster PA970
Kuykendall Charles E P-47 Thunderbolt
Kuzian Boleslaw Vickers Wellington N2840
Kuźmicki Mieczysław Wellington Z1397
Kuźmicki Mieczysław Consolidated Liberator BZ589
Kuzminski T Wellington BK516
Kuzminski Tadeusz Vickers Wellington BK516
Kuzniacki Andrezej Czeslaw Consolidated Liberator EW148
Kuznicki Zdzislaw
Kuzyk Eugene Wellington BJ695
Kwak Tadeusz Jan (Jan Tadeusz?) Vickers Wellington X9829
Kwas MichaelM Lancaster LL688
Kwasney W Halifax DT752
Kwasniewicz Jozef
Kwasniewski Zbigniew Czeslaw Hawker Henley L3431
Kwiatknowski J Halifax MZ658
Kwiatkowski J S Wellington Z1479
Kwiatkowski Henryk Rafał Vickers Wellington R1298
Kwiecien Andrzej Vickers Wellington Z1082
Kwiecinski Jozef Hawker Hurricane P3391
Kwieciński Jerzy Vickers Wellington Z1269
Kwiencinski J Spitfire P3391
Kwint Peter Hudson FK780 (Also listed as FK790)
Kwinter Samuel Noah Halifax JP228
Kybird S G Wellington T2986
Kydd G Lancaster PD274
Kydd C J F Manchester L7310
Kydd T O Lancaster PB690
Kydd J T Wellington HE422
Kydd James
Kyle T E R Lancaster ND457
Kyle C H Halifax LW173
Kyle E S Lancaster LL773
Kyle J F Stirling LJ999
Kyle A V Halifax HR725
Kyle K G W Whitley P4947
Kyle Thomas Edmund Bede
Kyle James A P-47 Thunderbolt
Kyle-Little David Knox
Kyler Russell S P-47 Thunderbolt
Kyler Russell S P-47 Thunderbolt
Kyler Russell S P-47 Thunderbolt
Kynaston M J Stirling R9164
Kynaston N A Spitfire MK909
Kynaston Norman Arthur
Kynnersley G J Lancaster R5687
Kysiak (Krysiak?) Karol Avro Lancaster LM486
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