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Allied (non British) in Europe Cemeteries Managed by CWGC
These are the Cemeteries in which Allied Air Force burials may be found,
followed by the names found in the Allied(NonBritish)AirForceGraves.CWGC database.
You can use this list to check the spelling of a name you are looking for.


Aabenraa Cemetery
Aalestrup Churchyard
Aalst Communal Cemetery
Aardenburg General Cemetery
Aarestrup Churchyard
Aarhus West Cemetery
Abbeville Communal Cemetery
Abbotshall Parish Churchyard, Kirkcaldy
Aberdeen (Allenvale) Cemetery
Aberdeen (Springbank) Cemetery
Aberdeen (Trinity) Cemetery, Broadhill Extension
Aberdeen Crematorium,
Aberystwyth Cemetery
Accrington Cemetery
Achiet-le-petit Communal Cemetery
Adegem Canadian War Cemetery
Adinkerke Military Cemetery
Agira Canadian War Cemetery, Sicily
Aiglemont Communal Cemetery
Airel Churchyard,
Airth Cemetery
Alderley Edge Cemetery
Allainville Communal Cemetery
Allemont (Le Rivier) Communal Cemetery
Almelo General Cemetery
Ambly Communal Cemetery
Ambt-delden General Cemetery
Ameland (Nes) General Cemetery
Ameland (Nes) General Cemetery
Amersfoort (Oud Leusden) General Cemetery
Amesbury Cemetery
Amsterdam New Eastern Cemetery
Ancerville Communal Cemetery
Ancona War Cemetery
Andijk Eastern General Cemetery
Andijk Western General Cemetery
Andover Cemetery
Andreas (St. Andrew) Churchyard
Angle (St. Mary) Churchyard
Anholt Cemetery
Annan Cemetery
Annappes Churchyard,
Anzegem Communal Cemetery
Anzio War Cemetery
Apeldoorn (Ugchelen-heidehof) General Cemetery
Appleton Thorn (St. Cross) Churchyard
Arbroath Eastern Cemetery
Arc-et-senans Communal Cemetery
Ardagh Cemetery
Ardglass (St. Nicholas) Church of Ireland Churchyard
Arendal Hogedal Cemetery
Arezzo War Cemetery
Argenta Gap War Cemetery
Arnhem (Moscowa) General Cemetery
Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery
Arnold Cemetery
Arras Communal Cemetery
Ars-en-re Communal Cemetery, Ile De Re
Artolsheim Communal Cemetery
As Communal Cemetery
Aseral Churchyard
Ashbourne Cemetery
Asnieres-sur-oise Communal Cemetery,
Assens (Fyn) New Cemetery
Assisi War Cemetery
Atcham (St. Eata) Churchyard
Atherton Cemetery
Attigny Communal Cemetery
Aubergenville Communal Cemetery
Aubermesnil Churchyard
Aubers Ridge British Cemetery
Auberville-la-renault Churchyard
Auchinleck Parish Churchyard
Auger-st. Vincent Communal Cemetery
Auneau Communal Cemetery
Autheuil Communal Cemetery
Autrans Communal Cemetery
Auzebosc Churchyard
Avant-les-marcilly Churchyard
Avereest (Oud Avereest) General Cemetery
Avesnes-les-aubert Communal Cemetery
Avesnes-sur-helpe Communal Cemetery
Avord Communal Cemetery
Avranches Communal Cemetery
Aylesbury Cemetery
Aylesham Cemetery
Ayr Cemetery, Ayrshire
Bagenkop Cemetery
Baginton (St. John the Baptist) Churchyard
Baisy-thy Communal Cemetery, South-east part.
Baisy-thy Communal Cemetery, South-east part.
Ballyconneely Catholic Cemetery,
Ballycranbeg (Mount St. Joseph) Roman Catholic Churchyard
Ballyhalbert (St. Andrew) Church of Ireland Churchyard
Banbury Cemetery, Grave 11571.
Banbury Cemetery
Banff Cemetery, Banffshire
Banneville-la-campagne War Cemetery
Bantry Abbey Cemetery
Barbatre Churchyard
Barendrecht General Cemetery
Bari War Cemetery
Barking (Rippleside) Cemetery
Barkingside Cemetery, Ilford
Barmby-on-the-moor (St. Catherine) Churchyard
Barnstaple Cemetery
Barradeel (Pietersbierum) Protestant Churchyard
Barradeel (Wijnaldum) Protestant Churchyard
Barrow (St. Bartholomew) Churchyard Extension
Barrow-in-furness (Thorncliffe) Cemetery and Crematorium
Barsingerhorn (Kolhorn) General Cemetery
Barton-upon-humber New Cemetery
Barville Churchyard
Bas-oha Communal Cemetery
Bassingbourn Cum Kneesworth Cemetery
Bassu Communal Cemetery
Bath (Haycombe) Cemetery
Bathmen General Cemetery
Bayeux War Cemetery
Beach Head War Cemetery, Anzio
Beaconsfield Cemetery, Buckinghamshire
Beauchery Communal Cemetery
Beaumont-le-roger Communal Cemetery
Beauval Communal Cemetery, Row C. Grave 1A.
Beck Row (St. John) Churchyard
Bedford Cemetery, Bedfordshire
Beesd General Cemetery
Beilen General Cemetery
Belfast (Milltown) Roman Catholic Cemetery
Belfast City Cemetery, Glenalina Extn.
Belgrade War Cemetery
Belleville-sur-mer Churchyard,
Bellie Burial Ground
Belval Communal Cemetery
Benestroff Communal Cemetery
Benson (St. Helen) Churchyard Extension
Beny-sur-mer Canadian War Cemetery
Bergen (Mollendal) Church Cemetery
Bergen General Cemetery
Bergen-op-zoom Canadian War Cemetery
Bergen-op-zoom War Cemetery
Bergh (Beek) Roman Catholic Churchyard
Bergh (Kilder) Roman Catholic Churchyard
Bergh (Zeddam) Protestant Cemetery
Bermering (Bermerange) Communal Cemetery
Bernay (Ste. Croix) Communal Cemetery
Berou-la-mulotiere Communal Cemetery
Beverley (Queensgate) Cemetery
Beverwijk General Cemetery
Bexhill Cemetery
Bexley (St. Mary) Church Cemetery
Bezinghem Churchyard
Biache-st. Vaast Communal Cemetery
Bicester Cemetery
Biddulph (St. Lawrence) Churchyard
Bidford-on-avon Burial Ground
Biencourt-sur-orge Communal Cemetery
Bievres Communal Churchyard
Biguglia War Cemetery
Bilbao British Cemetery
Bilton (St. Mark) Churchyard
Binbrook (St. Mary) Churchyard
Birkdale Roman Catholic Cemetery
Birkenhead (Landican) Crematorium,
Birmingham (Brandwood End) Cemetery
Birmingham (Brandwood End) Jewish Cemetery
Birmingham (Lodge Hill) Cemetery
Birmingham (Quinton) Cemetery, Warley
Birmingham (Witton) Cemetery
Birmingham (Witton) Jewish Cemetery
Birstwith (St. James) Churchyard
Black Bourton (St. Mary) Churchyard
Blackpool (Carleton) Cemetery
Blackpool (Layton) Cemetery
Blamont Communal Cemetery
Blandford Cemetery
Blankenberge Town Cemetery
Blargies Communal Cemetery Extension
Blevy Communal Cemetery
Blundeston (St. Mary) Churchyard
Blyth (Cowpen) Cemetery
Boffles Churchyard
Bogo Churchyard
Boissy-sous-st. Yon Communal Cemetery
Bolbec Communal Cemetery
Boldre (St. John) Churchyard
Bologna War Cemetery
Bolsena War Cemetery
Bolton (Astley Bridge) Cemetery
Bona Communal Cemetery
Bonnebosq Churchyard
Boran-sur-oise Communal Cemetery
Borculo General Cemetery
Borne (Bornerbroek) Roman Catholic Churchyard
Bottesford (St. Mary) Churchyard
Bottisham Cemetery
Boulogne Eastern Cemetery
Boult-aux-bois Communal Cemetery
Bourguignon-sous-coucy Churchyard
Bournemouth (Wimborne Road) Cemetery
Bournemouth North Cemetery
Bowmore New Parish Churchyard, Isle of Islay
Brabant-le-roi Churchyard
Bradford (North Brierley) Cemetery
Bradford (Scholemoor) Cemetery
Bradwell-near-the-sea (St. Thomas the Apostle) Church Cemetery,
Braine-le-comte Communal Cemetery
Brandesburton (St. Mary) Churchyard
Bransgore (St. Mary) Churchyard
Bredene Churchyard
Brest (Kerfautras) Cemetery
Breteniere Churchyard
Bretigny-sur-orge Communal Cemetery
Bretteville-sur-laize Canadian War Cemetery
Breuvery-sur-coole Churchyard
Breux Communal Cemetery
Bridgnorth Cemetery
Bridgwater (Quantock Road) Cemetery
Bridgwater (St. John's) Cemetery
Brigg Cemetery
Brighton (Downs) Crematorium
Brillac Communal Cemetery
Bristol (Arnos Vale) Cemetery
Bristol (Canford) Cemetery
Bristol (Greenbank) Cemetery
Brookwood Cemetery, Muhammadan Sec.
Brookwood Cemetery, Old Rc Sec
Brookwood Military Cemetery
Brummen (Hal) General Cemetery
Brussels Town Cemetery
Bubwith (All Saints) Churchyard
Bucharest War Cemetery
Buckhurst Hill (St. John the Baptist) Churchyard
Buckland Monachorum Cemetery
Budapest War Cemetery
Budleigh Salterton Church Cemetery
Burdinne Communal Cemetery
Bure Churchyard
Burnham-on-sea Cemetery
Burton-on-the-wolds Burial Ground
Burton-upon-trent Cemetery
Bury Cemetery, Huntingdonshire
Bussus-bussuel Communal Cemetery
Bussy-le-chateau Churchyard
Buxton Cemetery
Bygland Churchyard
Byley (St. John) Churchyard
Cadder Cemetery
Cagliari (St. Michele) Communal Cemetery
Cairnbulg and Inverallochy Burial Ground, Rathen
Caister Old Cemetery
Calais Canadian War Cemetery
Camaret-sur-mer Communal Cemetery
Cambrai (Route De Solesmes) Communal Cemetery
Cambridge American Cemetery
Cambridge City Cemetery
Cambridge Crematorium
Camelon Cemetery
Campbeltown (Kilkerran) Cemetery
Canada Cemetery, Tilloy-lez-cambrai
Cannock Cemetery
Cardiff Western Cemetery
Carew (St. Mary) New Churchyard
Carhaix Communal Cemetery,
Carignan Communal Cemetery
Carlisle (Dalston Road) Cemetery
Carluke (Wilton) Cemetery
Carnmoney Jewish Cemetery
Carnwath New Cemetery
Caserta War Cemetery
Cassel Communal Cemetery Extension
Cassino War Cemetery
Castiglione South African Cemetery
Castillon-en-auge Churchyard,
Castricum Protestant Churchyard
Catania War Cemetery, Sicily
Catterick Cemetery
Caumont Churchyard
Caversfield (St. Laurence) Churchyard
Cayeux-sur-mer Communal Cemetery
Cement House Cemetery
Cesena War Cemetery
Ceuta (Santa Catalina) Municipal Cemetery, Spanish Morocco
Chadwell Heath Cemetery
Chaintreaux Communal Cemetery
Chalford Tabernacle Graveyard
Chalk (St. Mary) Churchyard
Chalons-en-champagne East Communal Cemetery
Champignol-lez-mondeville Churchyard
Chantilly (St. Pierre) Communal Cemetery
Chapelle-vallon Communal Cemetery
Charleroi Communal Cemetery
Charleval Communal Cemetery,
Charmes Military Cemetery, Essegney
Chassericourt Churchyard
Chateau-voue Communal Cemetery
Chateaudun Eastern Communal Cemetery
Chauffourt Churchyard
Chaumousey Communal Cemetery
Cheam (St. Dunstan) Churchyard
Cheltenham Cemetery, Prestbury
Chelveston (St. John the Baptist) Churchyard
Cheniers Churchyard
Cherbourg Old Communal Cemetery
Cheronvilliers Churchyard
Chessington (St. Mary) Churchyard
Chester (Blacon) Cemetery
Chevillon Communal Cemetery
Chevington Cemetery
Chichester Cemetery
Chievres Communal Cemetery
Chippenham (London Road) Cemetery
Choloy War Cemetery
Christchurch Cemetery
Cirencester (Chesterton) Cemetery
City of London Cemetery and Crematorium, Manor Park
Clapham (St. Thomas of Canterbury) Churchyard
Cleethorpes Cemetery
Clermont-ferrand (Des Carmes-dechaux) Communal Cemetery
Clichy Northern Cemetery
Clyffe Pypard (St. Peter) Churchyard, S.E. corner.
Clymping (or Climping) (St. Mary) Churchyard,
Coeuvres-et-valsery Communal Cemetery, Grave 6.
Coeuvres-et-valsery Communal Cemetery, Grave 8.
Cognac (Crouin) Communal Cemetery, Row 2. Grave 6.
Colerne (St. John the Baptist) Churchyard
Colijnsplaat General Cemetery, Grave 1.
Comrie Cemetery, Grave 233/1.
Concarneau Communal Cemetery
Conde-sur-aisne Communal Cemetery
Coningsby Cemetery
Connantre Communal Cemetery,
Consigny Communal Cemetery, Coll. grave 5-7.
Copenhagen (Bispebjerg) Cemetery
Corbais Communal Cemetery, Coll. grave 1-5.
Corbais Communal Cemetery, Coll. grave 1-5.
Corbeil Communal Cemetery, Plot 4. Row 10. Grave 1.
Coriano Ridge War Cemetery
Corneville-sur-risle Churchyard, Joint grave 1.
Cornimont Communal Cemetery, Grave 3.
Cottesmore (St. Nicholas) Churchyard
Coulonces Churchyard,
Coulonvillers Communal Cemetery, Grave 3.
Coulvain Churchyard, Coll. grave 3.
Cour Leveque Churchyard
Courances Communal Cemetery, Grave 2.
Courgent Communal Cemetery
Courtisols (St. Memmie) Churchyard
Couterne (Lignou) Churchyard,
Couvonges Churchyard, Coll. grave 3.
Couvron-et-aumencourt Communal Cemetery
Cowley (St. Mary) Churchyard, South of Church.
Coxyde Military Cemetery
Cramoisy Communal Cemetery,
Cramoisy Communal Cemetery,
Cranwell (St. Andrew) Churchyard
Cranworth (St. Mary) Churchyard,
Crathie Cemetery, Grave 357.
Creil Communal Cemetery
Crewe (Coppenhall) Cemetery, Grave 2712.
Criquebeuf-la-campagne Churchyard,
Criquetot-sur-longueville Churchyard
Croisilles British Cemetery, 7. A. 6.
Cronenbourg French National Cemetery
Croydon (Mitcham Road) Cemetery
Crozon Communal Cemetery
Cugny Communal Cemetery, Grave 1.
Cuissy-et-geny Churchyard, Coll. grave.
Culey-le-patry Communal Cemetery,
Cussy-les-forges Communal Cemetery, Coll. grave.
Dalen Protestant Churchyard
Dalfsen General Cemetery, Plot 6. Row 1. Grave 12.
Dalfsen General Cemetery
Dalnottar Cemetery, Sec. E. Grave 55.
Dalton-in-furness Cemetery, Sec. F. Grave 440.
Dantumadeel (Damwoude) General Cemetery
Darlington West Cemetery
Dartford (East Hill) Cemetery, Sec. A. Grave 1766.
Dartford (Watling Street) Cemetery, R.C. Grave 6105.
Davenescourt Communal Cemetery, Row 1. Grave 1.
De Wijk General Cemetery, Row South. Grave 141.
Dejbjerg Churchyard,
Delfzijl General Cemetery
Den Ham General Cemetery, Grave 765.
Denton Cemetery, Sec. G. Grave 107.
Diepenveen General Cemetery, Row 2, Grave 1.
Diepenveen General Cemetery, Row 2, Grave 14.
Dieppe Canadian War Cemetery
Diever General Cemetery
Diksmuide Communal Cemetery, Grave 1031.
Dilsen Churchyard, Rear of church, middle left.
Dinant (Citadelle) Military Cemetery
Dinard English Cemetery, Row G. Grave 14.
Dirleton Cemetery
Dishforth Cemetery
Dodewaard General Cemetery, Joint Grave 316.
Dodewaard General Cemetery, Joint Grave 316.
Doetinchem (Loolaan) General Cemetery
Dommartin-lettree Churchyard, Coll. grave 2-3.
Dommartin-lettree Churchyard, Coll. grave 2-3.
Doncaster (Rose Hill) Cemetery
Donington (St. Cuthbert) Churchyard, Albrighton
Donnemain-saint-mames Communal Cemetery, Coll. grave 3.
Dontilly Communal Cemetery, Coll. grave.
Doornspijk General Cemetery, Coll. grave 2-5.
Doornspijk General Cemetery, Grave 1.
Douvres-la-delivrande (Douvres) Churchyard
Downham Market Cemetery, Row 5. Grave 1.
Downham Market Cemetery, Row 5. Grave 2.
Dreux Communal Cemetery
Driffield Cemetery
Drosay Churchyard
Drumachose (Christ Church) Church of Ireland Churchyard
Drunen (Elshout) Roman Catholic Churchyard, Grave 1.
Druten (Puiflijk) Roman Catholic Churchyard, Grave 1.
Dumbarton Cemetery
Dumfries (St. Andrew's) Roman Catholic Cemetery
Dundee (Balgay) Cemetery
Dundee Eastern Necropolis, Sec. G.G. Grave 664.
Dundee Eastern Necropolis, Sec. X.E. Grave 643.
Dunfermline (Douglas Bank) Cemetery, Sec. A. Grave 259.
Dunfermline (Douglas Bank) Cemetery.
Dunfermline Cemetery, Ed Grave 2612.
Dunkirk Town Cemetery
Duns Cemetery, Sec. R. Grave 2.
Duns Cemetery, Sec. R. Grave 3.
Dunure Cemetery
Durham (St. Oswald's) Burial Ground, Row K. Grave 56.
Durrington Cemetery, Grave 760.
Durrington Cemetery, Grave 828.
Dyce Old Churchyard
East Finchley Cemetery and St. Marylebone Crematorium
East Kilbride Cemetery, Sec. U. Grave 2444.
East Wemyss Cemetery, Sec. D. Grave 31 Middle.
East Wickham (St. Michael) Churchyard, Spec. Memorial.
East Wretham (St. Ethelbert) Churchyard
Eastbourne (Langney) Cemetery, Section B Grave 147.
Ecorcei Churchyard
Ecouche Communal Cemetery,
Ecquetot Communal Cemetery, Coll. grave.
Ecquevilly Communal Cemetery
Ecuisses Communal Cemetery Ede General Cemetery
Edinburgh (Corstorphine Hill)
Edinburgh (Morningside) Cemetery, Sec. F. Grave 464.
Edinburgh (Mount Vernon) Roman Catholic Cemetery
Edinburgh (Newington or Echo Bank) Cemetery.
Edinburgh (Warriston) Crematorium, Panel 1.
Edinburgh Eastern Cemetery, Sec. J. Grave 71.
Edmonton Cemetery, Middlesex, Sec. W. Grave 30.
Eelde General Cemetery, Plot 3. Grave 1330.
Eernegem Communal Cemetery, Eastern Side.
Eernegem Communal Cemetery, Eastern Side.
Egersund (or Ekersund) Churchyard
Eggewaartskapelle Churchyard, Coll. grave.
Eglantine Church of Ireland Cemetery
Eiken Churchyard, Coll. grave.
Eiken Churchyard, Coll. grave.
Eindhoven (Woensel) General Cemetery
Elan Churchyard,
Elburg General Cemetery
Elgin New Cemetery
Ellecourt Communal Cemetery
Ely Cemetery
Emance Communal Cemetery, Grave 1.
Enkhuizen General Cemetery
Enschede Eastern General Cemetery
Epe General Cemetery
Epernon Communal Cemetery, Coll. grave.
Epinac Churchyard
Epinay Churchyard,
Epping Cemetery
Equennes Churchyard, Coll. grave.
Eragny Communal Cemetery, Grave 5.
Ereac Communal Cemetery
Esbjerg (Fourfelt) Cemetery
Escoublac-la-baule War Cemetery
Esquelbecq Military Cemetery.
Essey-les-nancy Churchyard
Essoyes Communal Cemetery,
Etaples Military Cemetery
Etreville Churchyard
Eturqueraye Churchyard,
Everton (St. Mary) Churchyard, New Part.
Everton (St. Mary) Churchyard, New Part.
Evesham Cemetery
Evreux Communal Cemetery
Exeter Higher Cemetery
Exeter Jewish Cemetery, Central part. Row 12, Grave 3.
Eye Cemetery (or Aignish Burial Ground), Isle of Lewis
Faaborg New Cemetery, Grave 38.
Faaborg New Cemetery, Grave 39.
Faarevejle Churchyard, Grave E. 866.
Faenza War Cemetery
Fairfield (St. Peter) Churchyard, Row 6. Grave 15.
Falkenberg Forest Cemetery, Sec. III. 102.
Falkenberg Forest Cemetery, Sec. III. 99.
Farges-en-septaine Communal Cemetery
Farsley Baptist Burial Ground, Sec. D. Grave 840.
Farsund Cemetery, 866
Faubourg D'amiens Cemetery, Arras, Special Memorial.
Faughanvale (St. Canice) Church of Ireland Churchyard
Fawley (All Saints) Churchyard, New Portion. Grave 4.
Fecamp (Le Val Aux Clercs) Communal Cemetery
Feigneux Communal Cemetery, Mil. Row. Grave 3.
Feigneux Communal Cemetery, Mil. Row. Grave 6.
Felixstowe New Cemetery
Felpham (St. Mary) Churchyard
Feltwell (St. Nicholas) Churchyard
Ferwerderadeel (Hallum) Protestant Churchyard
Fettercairn Cemetery
Filey (St. Oswald) Churchyard
Fillievres British Cemetery, Plot 1. Row D. Grave 1.
Finningley (Holy Trinity and St. Oswald) Churchyard
Flavacourt Churchyard,
Flookburgh (St. John the Baptist) Churchyard, Grave 87.
Florence War Cemetery
Florennes Communal Cemetery
Flushing (Vlissingen) Northern Cemetery
Fogo Churchyard
Foiano Della Chiana War Cemetery
Foncquevillers Military Cemetery
Fontaine-la-louvet Churchyard, Coll. grave.
Fontenay-le-fleury Communal Cemetery,
Forenville Military Cemetery
Forest-sur-marque Communal Cemetery
Forfry Communal Cemetery,
Forli War Cemetery, I, B, 18.
Forli War Cemetery
Formby (Our Lady of Compassion) Roman Catholic Churchyard
Formby (St. Peter) Churchyard, Sec. F. Grave 88.
Fort George Military Cemetery, St. Peter Port, Guernsey
Fourdrain Communal Cemetery, Grave 2.
Fourmetot Churchyard,
Fradley (St. Stephen) Churchyard
Franeker General Cemetery, Plot K. Row 1. Grave 1.
Franekeradeel (Dongjum) Protestant Churchyard,
Fransu Churchyard, Coll. grave 1.
Fredericia Northern Churchyard, I. P. 16.
Frederikshavn Cemetery
Frenouville Churchyard,
Fresquienne Churchyard,
Fretin Communal Cemetery
Friaize Churchyard,
Frindsbury (All Saints) Churchyard,
Fruges Communal Cemetery
Fulford Cemetery
Gaasterland (Bakhuizen) Roman Catholic Cemetery
Gaasterland (Nijemirdum) General Cemetery
Gamaches Communal Cemetery,
Gambais Churchyard, Coll. grave.
Gannes Communal Cemetery
Gavres Communal Cemetery
Gendringen Roman Catholic Cemetery
Genk Communal Cemetery, Grave 4464.
Gennes-ivergny Churchyard, Joint grave 3.
Genouilly Communal Cemetery
Gent City Cemetery, 18. 6. 3.
Geraardsbergen Communal Cemetery
Gibraltar (North Front) Cemetery
Gibraltar Memorial
Gillingham (St. Mary) Churchyard, Norfolk, Spec. Memorial.
Gilze-en-rijen (Gilze) Roman Catholic Cemetery
Givenchy-en-gohelle Communal Cemetery, Grave 1.
Gl. Rye Churchyard, II. 9. Coll. grave 14.
Glasgow (Cardonald) Cemetery
Glasgow (Craigton) Cemetery
Glasgow (Glenduffhill) Jewish Cemetery
Glasgow (Riddrie Park) Cemetery,
Glenavy Roman Catholic Churchyard
Gloucester Old Cemetery
Gloucester Old Cemetery
Goirle Roman Catholic Cemetery
Golders Green Crematorium
Goose Green (St. Paul) Churchyard, Row 1. Grave 25.
Gording Churchyard,
Gorssel General Cemetery
Gosport (Ann's Hill) Cemetery
Gosselies Communal Cemetery
Goudriaan General Cemetery
Graasten Cemetery,
Gradara War Cemetery
Graffigny-chemin Communal Cemetery
Gram Churchyard
Gramsbergen General Cemetery
Grand-seraucourt British Cemetery
Grandcourt War Cemetery
Grandcourt War Cemetery, Joint grave E, 3.
Grangemouth (Grandsable) Cemetery
Granges-sur-aube Churchyard
Granges-sur-vologne Communal Cemetery
Grantham Cemetery
Granville (St. Paul) Communal Cemetery,
Gravesend Cemetery, Plot B.14. Grave 1481.
Great Bircham (St. Mary) Churchyard
Great Malvern Cemetery, Plot 6. West. Grave 6685.
Greenham (St. Mary) Churchyard, Grave 78.
Grevillers British Cemetery, 17. B. 23.
Grimsby (Scartho Road) Cemetery
Grimsby Hebrew Congregation Cemetery, Grave 258.
Grimstad Cemetery, 387
Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery
Groningen (Esserveld) General Cemetery
Grootegast (Opende) Protestant Churchyard
Guemicourt Churchyard, Coll. grave.
Gueures Communal Cemetery,
Guidel Communal Cemetery
Guilers Churchyard, Coll. grave.
Guines Communal Cemetery
Gunnerside Methodist Chapelyard, Grave 342.
Guyancourt Communal Cemetery,
Haaksbergen General Cemetery
Haarlemmermeer (Zwanenburg) General Cemetery
Haasrode Churchyard, Grave 4.
Haddenham (St. Mary) Churchyard,
Haddenham Baptist Burial Ground, Row 13. Grave 1.
Haddington (St. Martin's) New Burial Ground
Hale Cemetery, Sec. X. Grave 429B.
Halton (St. Michael) Churchyard
Hammersmith Old Cemetery
Hamnavoe Churchyard, Coll. grave.
Handzame Communal Cemetery, Grave 514.
Hardenberg Protestant Cemetery
Harderwijk General Cemetery
Hardinghen Churchyard
Haren General Cemetery, Plot 1. Row G. Grave 6.
Hargnies Communal Cemetery, Ardennes, Coll. grave.
Harlingen General Cemetery
Harpswell (St. Chad) Churchyard, Row A. Grave 4.
Harrogate (Stonefall) Cemetery
Harrow (Eastcote Lane) Cemetery
Harrow Cemetery, Sec. 13. Grave 2091.
Hartlepool (Stranton) Cemetery
Harwell Cemetery
Hasselt (Kruisveld) Communal Cemetery
Hatfield (Woodhouse) Cemetery
Haudricourt Communal Cemetery, Grave 4.
Haugesund (Rossebo) Var Frelsers Cemetery
Haut Nistos Communal Cemetery, Memorial Plaque
Haverfordwest (City Road) Cemetery
Haverhill Cemetery
Haverigg (St. Luke) Churchyard, Millom
Haverskerque British Cemetery
Hawarden (St. Deiniol) Churchyard
Hawarden Cemetery
Hawkinge Cemetery
Hazelrigg Jewish Cemetery, Grave 189.
Heanor Cemetery, Plot Class a Grave 2508.
Heanton Punchardon (St. Augustine) Churchyard
Hebburn Cemetery, Sec. G. Grave 44.
Heddon-on-the-wall (St. Andrew) Churchyard,
Heemskerk Protestant Churchyard, Plot 1. Grave 308.
Heerde General Cemetery
Heerenveen (Nieuwehorne) Protestant Cemetery
Heesch Roman Catholic Cemetery, Grave 19.
Hei-en-boeicop (Heicop) General Cemetery
Heiltz-le-maurupt Churchyard, Plot B. Row 4. Grave 5.
Heinerscheid (Hupperdange) Churchyard
Helleland Churchyard, 4
Hellemmes-lille Communal Cemetery
Hellendoorn General Cemetery
Helsingborg (Palsjo) Municipal Cemetery.
Helston Cemetery
Hemblington (All Saints) Churchyard,
Hemelumer Oldeferd (Koudum) General Cemetery
Hemelumer Oldeferd (Scharl) General Cemetery
Hendon Cemetery and Crematorium
Hengelo (Gelderland) General Cemetery
Henley-on-thames (Fairmile) Cemetery
Henlow (St. Mary) Churchyard, near East Boundary.
Herbisse Churchyard
Hereford Cemetery
Hermanville War Cemetery
Herwen-en-aerdt (Tolkamer) General Cemetery
Hesdin Communal Cemetery
Hessle Cemetery, Comp. 53. Plot 13. Grave 1.
Het Bildt (St. Jacobiparochie) General Cemetery
Heteren General Cemetery
Hethe (Holy Trinity) Roman Catholic Cemetery
Heverlee War Cemetery
High Blantyre Cemetery, Sec. G. Grave 28.
High Ercall (St. Michael) Churchyard
Hillsborough (St. Malachi) Church of Ireland Churchyard
Hilsenheim Communal Cemetery
Hindeloopen Protestant Churchyard
Hindhead (St. Alban) Churchyard
Hitchin Cemetery, N.W.Extn. Grave 408.
Hither Green Cemetery, Sec. G.G. Grave 376.
Hixon (St. Peter) Churchyard
Holme-upon-spalding Moor (All Saints) Churchyard
Holten Canadian War Cemetery
Holton-cum-beckering (All Saints) Churchyard
Holyhead (Maeshyfryd) Burial Board Cemetery
Honington (All Saints) Churchyard, Suffolk
Hooe (St. John) Churchyard Extension
Hoogeveen (Hollandscheveld) General Cemetery
Hoogezand-sappemeer (Kropswolde) Protestant Churchyard
Hook of Holland General Cemetery
Hooton (St. Paul) Churchyard, Sec. C. Row 3. Grave 6.
Horley (St. Bartholomew) New Churchyard
Horncastle Cemetery
Horsens West Church Cemetery, Plot A. Grave 547.
Hotton War Cemetery
Hottot-les-bagues War Cemetery
Houdan Communal Cemetery
Houffalize Communal Cemetery, Coll. Grave 1C-1B.
Houffalize Communal Cemetery, Grave 2.
Houghton (St. Martin) Churchyard,
Houghton and Wyton Burial Ground
Houlgate (Beuzeval) Communal Cemetery
Hounslow Cemetery
Hourtin Communal Cemetery,
Hove New Cemetery, Block 1. Grave 21.
Hoven (Brande) Cemetery
Hucknall Cemetery
Huddersfield (Edgerton) Cemetery
Huelva British Cemetery, Grave 112.
Huiron Churchyard Huldenberg Churchyard
Hull Eastern Cemetery Hull Northern Cemetery
Hune Churchyard, Grave 208.
Hunsel Roman Catholic Churchyard, Grave 2.
Huntingdon (Priory Road) Cemetery, Y.Y. 24.
Hylton (Castletown) Cemetery
Ibstock Cemetery, Row U.3. Grave 1.
Ibstock Cemetery, Row V.3. Grave 1.
Idum Churchyard
Ijlst General Cemetery Ijsselmuiden (Grafhorst) General Cemetery
Ijzendijke General Cemetery, Grave 1.
Ilford (Buckingham Road) Cemetery
Ilfracombe (Marlborough) Cemetery
Illeville-sur-montfort Churchyard
Illogan (St. Illogan) Churchyard
Ilminster Cemetery Inveresk Parish Churchyard
Inverness (Tomnahurich) Cemetery
Ipswich New Cemetery
Irvinestown (Sacred Heart) Roman Catholic Churchyard
Irvinestown Church of Ireland Churchyard
Is-sur-tille Communal Cemetery,
Janval Cemetery, Dieppe
Jemeppe-sur-sambre Communal Cemetery.
Jonkerbos War Cemetery
Jurby (St. Patrick) Churchyard
Jussecourt-minecourt Churchyard
Juvincourt-et-damary Churchyard,
Kaaskerke Communal Cemetery
Kaggevinne Communal Cemetery
Kalundborg General Cemetery, E. 3. 17 East.
Kappel Churchyard, Row 9. Grave 8.
Karlslunde Churchyard, Grave 607.
Kemble Church Cemetery Kempston Cemetery
Kensal Green (St. Mary's) Roman Catholic Cemetery
Kersbeek-miskom Churchyard, Coll. grave.
Kersbeek-miskom Churchyard, Coll. grave.
Kidlington Burial Ground
Killay (St. Hilary's) Churchyard
Killead (St. Catherine) Church of Ireland Churchyard,
Killead Presbyterian Churchyard
Kilmurray Cemetery
Kiltearn Parish Churchyard
Kingston-on-soar (St. Winifreds) Churchyard,
Kingston-upon-thames Cemetery
Kinloss Abbey Burial Ground
Kirkby Wharfe (St. John the Baptist) Churchyard
Kirkcaldy (Bennochy) Cemetery, Sec. M. Grave 147.
Kirke Vaerlose Churchyard,
Kirke Vaerlose Churchyard,
Kirkeby Churchyard
Kirkinner Cemetery
Kirknewton (St. Gregory) Churchyard
Kirkwall (St. Olaf's) Cemetery
Kirton-in-lindsey Cemetery
Knighton Cemetery, Row K. Grave 71.
Kollumerland (Westergeest) Protestant Churchyard
Kortrijk (St. Jan) Communal Cemetery
Krakow Rakowicki Cemetery
Kuinre General Cemetery, Row 22. Grave 40A.
Kviberg Cemetery
La Boissiere-ecole Communal Cemetery
La Boissiere-st. Martin Communal Cemetery,
La Boissiere-sur-evre Communal Cemetery
La Bussiere-sur-ouche Communal Cemetery
La Celle-les-bordes Communal Cemetery, Grave 1.
La Delivrande War Cemetery, Douvres
La Ferte-st. Cyr Communal Cemetery
La Fleche Communal Cemetery, Row 3. Grave 6.
La Fleche Communal Cemetery, Row 3. Grave 7.
La Malleraye-sur-seine Communal Cemetery
La Malmaison Communal Cemetery
La Ville-aux-bois British Cemetery, 3. B. 1A.
Laastrup Churchyard, Coll. grave 99.
Laastrup Churchyard, Coll. grave 99.
Lachalade Churchyard
Lakenham (St. John the Baptist and All Saints) Churchyard
Lamastre Protestant Cemetery
Lamerton Cemetery, Lower Sec. Grave B. 18.
Landeville Churchyard
Landewednack (St. Winwallow) Churchyard
Laneuville-a-bayard Churchyard, Coll. grave 1-7.
Langdorp Churchyard, Coll. grave 4-5.
Langdorp Churchyard, Coll. grave 4-5.
Langon Communal Cemetery
Lanklaar Communal Cemetery
Lanveoc Communal Cemetery
Laon (St. Just) Communal Cemetery, Coll. grave 16-20.
Laon (St. Just) Communal Cemetery, Grave 15.
Laons Communal Cemetery
Larbert Cemetery, Sec. 2. Grave 224.
Laren (Barchem) General Cemetery
Larvik Civil Cemetery, VII. 405.
Laval (Valfleury) Communal Cemetery
Le Chesne Communal Cemetery, Grave 7.
Le Conquet Communal Cemetery, Coll. grave 1-3.
Le Gros-theil Communal Cemetery
Le Gue-de-la-chaine Communal Cemetery,
Le Mans West Cemetery
Le Pertre Communal Cemetery, British Sec. Grave 4.
Le Thour Communal Cemetery, Grave 1.
Le Thour Communal Cemetery, Grave 2.
Le Treport Military Cemetery, I. P. 1.
Le Vaudoue Communal Cemetery, Grave 5.
Le Verdon-sur-mer Communal Cemetery, Joint grave 1.
Le-bois-plage-en-re Communal Cemetery, Ile De Re, Grave 5.
Leconfield (St. Catherine) Churchyard
Leeds (Gelderd Road) English Hebrew Cemetery
Leeds (Harehills) Cemetery, Sec. G. Coll. grave 87.
Leek (Zevenhuizen) General Cemetery
Leeming (St. John the Baptist) Churchyard
Leens General Cemetery, De Marne, Row 14. Grave 4.
Leeuwarden (Huizum) Protestant Churchyard
Leeuwarden Northern General Cemetery
Leeuwarderadeel (Jelsum) Protestant Churchyard
Leicester (Saffron Hill) Cemetery
Lemsterland (Lemmer) General Cemetery
Lemvig Cemetery
Lennel Old Churchyard, N.E. Extn. Grave 1500.
Leopoldsburg War Cemetery
Leros War Cemetery, 2. C. 8.
Leros War Cemetery, Coll. grave 2. C. 4-6.
Lerwick New Cemetery
Les Breviaires Communal Cemetery, Coll. grave.
Les Gonards Cemetery, Versailles
Les Hautes-rivieres Communal Cemetery, Grave 3.
Les Hayons Churchyard, Coll. grave.
Les Hogues Communal Cemetery, Coll. grave 439 C.
Les Martres-de-veyre Communal Cemetery,
Les Mesnuls Churchyard, Coll. grave.
Les Moutiers-hubert Churchyard,
Les Sables-dolonne (La Chaume) New Communal Cemetery,
Les Souhesmes Communal Cemetery, Coll. grave 6-7.
Lesges Churchyard, Grave 6.
Lesquin Communal Cemetery
Lessay Communal Cemetery
Leuchars Cemetery
Leulinghem Churchyard, Grave 3.
Leuven Communal Cemetery
Leysdown (St. Clement) Churchyard, Grave 144.
Lezennes Communal Cemetery
Lichtenvoorde General Cemetery
Liesse Communal Cemetery
Lignieres-de-touraine Communal Cemetery
Lile-dyeu (Port Joinville) Communal Cemetery,
Lille Southern Cemetery
Limavady (St. Mary) Roman Catholic Church Cemetery
Limmen Protestant Churchyard, Grave 79.
Lincoln (Newport) Cemetery
Lincoln (Newport) Cemetery
Linne Roman Catholic Churchyard Lisbon (St. George) British Churchyard
Lisburn Cemetery, Sec. A. Grave 390.
Lisieux Communal Cemetery, Sec. A ter. Row 1. Grave 1.
Little Massingham (St. Andrew) Churchyard,
Little Rissington (St. Peter) Churchyard
Littlehampton Cemetery
Liverpool (Anfield) Cemetery
Liverpool (Kirkdale) Cemetery
Liverpool (Long Lane) Jewish Cemetery
Liverpool (West Derby) Cemetery
Llanbeblig Public Cemetery
Llanbedr (Moriah) Calvinistic Methodist Chapelyard,
Llangadwaladr (St. Cadwaladr) Churchyard
Llantwit Major Cemetery
Lochem New General Cemetery, Row 1. Grave 6.
Loches-sur-ource Communal Cemetery
Lombardsijde Churchyard, Grave 224.
London Cemetery and Extension, Longueval
Long Bennington (St. Swithun) Churchyard
Long Lawford (St. John's Chapel) Churchyard
Long Marton (Ss. Margaret and James) Churchyard
Longside Cemetery
Longue Communal Cemetery
Longueau British Cemetery, 5. A. 1.
Longueil Churchyard
Longuenesse (St. Omer) Souvenir Cemetery
Loos British Cemetery, Plot 18. Row G. Grave 32.
Loppersum General Cemetery, Plot B. Row 11. Grave 10.
Lorient (Kerentrech) Communal Cemetery
Loriga Cemetery
Losser (De Lutte) Roman Catholic Churchyard
Losser Roman Catholic Churchyard, South side of Church.
Lossiemouth Burial Ground
Louppy-le-chateau Communal Cemetery
Luray Communal Cemetery,
Luray Communal Cemetery,
Lurgan (Dougher) Roman Catholic Cemetery,
Lusanger Communal Cemetery, Joint grave.
Lusigny-sur-barse Communal Cemetery
Luton General Cemetery, Grave 224.
Luxembourg (Hollerich) Communal Cemetery
Lyneham (St. Michael) Churchyard
Lyon (La Doua) French National Cemetery
Lyonshall (St. Michael and All Angels) Churchyard
Lytham St. Anne's (Park) Cemetery
Maastricht General Cemetery
Magleby Churchyard, Langeland
Magny Churchyard, Eure-et-loir
Maidstone Cemetery, Kent
Malbork Commonwealth War Cemetery
Maldon Cemetery
Mallow (St. Gobnaits) Cemetery, Goulds Hill,
Malmo Eastern Municipal Cemetery
Malmo Jewish Cemetery
Malta (Capuccini) Naval Cemetery
Malta Memorial
Manby (St. Mary) Churchyard
Manchester Crematorium, Panel 18.
Manchester Southern Cemetery
Mandal Churchyard
Mansfield (Nottingham Road) Cemetery, Grave 2603.
Mantes-gassicourt Communal Cemetery
Marcilly Communal Cemetery, Grave 6.
Marcols-les-eaux Communal Cemetery
Maresfield Church Cemetery,
Mareuil-caubert (Mareuil) Communal Cemetery
Margate Cemetery, Kent
Margerie-hancourt Churchyard, Grave 156.
Margny Communal Cemetery, Mil. Plot. Coll. grave 1.
Marham (Holy Trinity) Churchyard, Grave 68.
Marham Cemetery
Marigny-le-grand Churchyard
Marigny-leglise Communal Cemetery
Marissel French National Cemetery
Markelo General Cemetery
Market Drayton Cemetery
Market Harborough (Northampton Road) Cemetery
Marlow Cemetery, Sec. F. Row C. Grave 95.
Marolles Sur Seine Communal Cemetery, Grave 1.
Marquise Communal Cemetery
Marsal (Moselle) Churchyard
Marson-sur-barboure Churchyard, Coll. grave 1-4.
Marton (St. Paul) Church Burial Ground
Marville-les-bois Communal Cemetery,
Mataro Roman Catholic Cemetery
Matignicourt-et-goncourt Churchyard
Maubert-fontaine Communal Cemetery
Maubeuge-centre Cemetery
Maucourt French National Cemetery, Grave 3.
Maulusmuhle Isolated Graves, Coll. Grave.
Mazargues War Cemetery, Marseilles.
Medemblik General Cemetery
Meharicourt Communal Cemetery
Meldola War Cemetery, I, E, 26.
Melilla Cemetery, Spanish Morocco, Coll. grave.
Menil-hubert-sur-orne Communal Cemetery
Merthyr Tydfil (Cefn) Jewish Cemetery, Row 2. Grave 4.
Merthyr Tydfil (Ffrwd) Cemetery, Penderyn
Merville Communal Cemetery
Mesmont Churchyard, Coll. grave 12.
Mesnil-mauger Communal Cemetery
Mesnil-st. Laurent Churchyard,
Mezerolles Communal Cemetery, Grave 3.
Middelharnis Protestant Cemetery
Middelkerke Communal Cemetery
Middlesbrough (Linthorpe) Cemetery
Middlesbrough (Thorntree) Roman Catholic Cemetery
Middleton St. George (St. George) Churchyard
Middleton Stoney (All Saints) Churchyard
Midhurst Cemetery, Sussex, Uncons Grave 81.
Mierlo War Cemetery
Mignault Communal Cemetery, Grave 1.
Mignault Communal Cemetery, Grave 2.
Milan War Cemetery
Milizac Churchyard
Mill Hill Cemetery
Milland (St. Luke) Churchyard, Grave 679.
Millebosc Communal Cemetery,
Millery Communal Cemetery
Millom (Holy Trinity) Churchyard, Grave 1120.
Millom (St. George) Churchyard, Plot E Grave 18.
Milsbeek War Cemetery, II. B. 15.
Minchinhampton (Holy Trinity) Churchyard
Minster (Thanet) Cemetery, Grave 453.
Minturno War Cemetery
Molenbeersel Churchyard, Grave 3.
Moliens Communal Cemetery
Monchy-breton Churchyard,
Monchy-breton Churchyard,
Monkton and Prestwick Cemetery
Montchalons Churchyard
Montchauvet Communal Cemetery, Coll. grave.
Montcony Churchyard
Montcornet Military Cemetery
Montdidier French National Cemetery
Montecchio War Cemetery
Montfoort General Cemetery
Montiers-sur-saulx Communal Cemetery
Montoir-de-bretagne Communal Cemetery,
Montreuil-aux-lions British Cemetery
Montrose (Sleepyhillock) Cemetery
Mook War Cemetery
Moorthorpe Cemetery, Sec. L. Grave 234.
Morden Cemetery.
Moreton-in-marsh New Cemetery
Morienval Communal Cemetery, Mil Row. Grave 4.
Morigny-champigny Communal Cemetery
Moro River Canadian War Cemetery
Morpeth (Ss. Mary and James) Churchyard
Morwenstow (St. John the Baptist) Churchyard,
Mosevraa Churchyard, Grave 115.
Mosside Presbyterian Churchyard, Grave 169.
Moulin-sous-touvent Communal Cemetery
Mount Jerome Cemetery, Grave B. 12-368.
Muiden General Cemetery, Row E Grave 85.
Muiden General Cemetery, Row E. Grave 83.
Munster Communal Cemetery
Murie Cemetery, Sec. B. Grave 374.
Muron Communal Cemetery,
Murton Cemetery, Sec. G. Row K. Grave 4.
Mussey-sur-marne Communal Cemetery
Mussig Churchyard, Coll. grave.
Nantes (Pont-du-cens) Communal Cemetery
Naples War Cemetery
Nassogne Communal Cemetery, North West Part.
Naujac-sur-mer Communal Cemetery
Nederweert War Cemetery
Neerpelt Communal Cemetery, South East Part.
Nesbyen Churchyard, XII. G. 4.
Neufchatel-hardelot (Neufchatel) New Communal Cemetery
Neuilly-lhopital Churchyard,
New Hunstanton Cemetery
New Shildon (All Saints) Churchyard
Newark-upon-trent Cemetery
Newbold (St. John) Churchyard,
Newcastle-upon-tyne (All Saints) Cemetery
Newcastle-upon-tyne (St. Andrew's and Jesmond) Cemetery
Newcastle-upon-tyne (West Road) Crematorium
Newhaven Cemetery
Newmarket Cemetery
Newquay (Fairpark) Cemetery
Newry Old Chapel Roman Catholic Cemetery
Newton Stewart Cemetery
Newton-on-ouse (All Saints) Churchyard
Newtownards (Movilla) Cemetery
Nice (Caucade) Communal Cemetery,
Nice (Caucade) Communal Cemetery,
Nicosia War Cemetery
Nieuw-scheemda Protestant Churchyard
Nieuwe-schans General Cemetery
Nieuwolda General Cemetery
Nogent-le-rotrou Communal Cemetery
Nointel Communal Cemetery, Coll. grave.
Noirmoutier-en-lile Communal Cemetery
Noord-oost-polder (Emmeloord) General Cemetery
Noordwijk General Cemetery
Norg General Cemetery, Plot 6 South. Row 2. Grave 3.
Normee Churchyard, Coll. grave 1.
Norre Havrvig Churchyard,
Norre Vorupor Cemetery
North Cotes (St. Nicholas) Churchyard
North Luffenham (St. John the Baptist) Churchyard
North Petherton Cemetery, Sec. 4. Grave 2049.
North Sheen Cemetery, Sec. U.C. Grave 18.
North Walsham New Cemetery, Sec. J.J.J. Grave 2.
North Weald Bassett (St. Andrew) Churchyard
Northallerton Cemetery, Grave 2062A.
Northwood Cemetery
Norwich Cemetery, Norfolk
Nossegem Communal Cemetery
Nottingham (Wilford Hill) Jewish Cemetery
Nottingham Church Cemetery, Rock Sec. Grave 12589.
Nottingham Crematorium, Panel 2.
Nottingham Southern Cemetery
Noyellette Communal Cemetery, Coll. grave 2-3.
Noyers-bocage Old Churchyard, In south east part.
Noyers-le-val Communal Cemetery,
Numansdorp Protestant Cemetery, Row E. Joint Grave 2.
Nuneaton (Oaston Road) Cemetery
Nunton Old Churchyard, Isle of Benbecula
Nyborg New Cemetery, Grave G2.
Nysogn Churchyard,
Nysogn Churchyard,
Oban (Pennyfuir) Cemetery
Ockero Churchyard, Coll. grave.
Ockero Churchyard, Coll. grave.
Odden (Overby) Churchyard, Coll. grave 3J.
Odder Sogns Churchyard
Odense (Assistens) Cemetery
Oegstgeest Protestant Churchyard
Oisy-le-verger Communal Cemetery
Old Church Cemetery, Isles of Scilly
Old Weston (St. Swithin) Churchyard
Oldebroek General Cemetery
Oldenzaal Roman Catholic Cemetery
Olizy Communal Cemetery,
Ollerton Cemetery
Olonne-sur-mer Communal Cemetery
Olrig New Cemetery
Olst (Duur) General Cemetery
Omerville Communal Cemetery
Onstwedde (Stadskanaal) General Cemetery
Oostduinkerke Communal Cemetery
Oostelbeers Roman Catholic Churchyard
Oostende New Communal Cemetery
Oosterwolde General Cemetery, Oldebroek
Oostvleteren Churchyard
Oostvoorne Protestant Cemetery
Oploo (Westerbeek) Roman Catholic Cemetery
Oporto (St. James) British Churchyard
Orleans Main Cemetery
Orslev Churchyard
Oscott College Cemetery, Birmingham
Oslo Western Civil Cemetery
Oswestry General Cemetery
Oterleek (Stompetoren) Churchyard
Ouddorp General Cemetery
Oudenaarde Communal Cemetery
Oudewater Protestant Cemetery, Plot 6. Grave 68.
Ouistreham-riva-bella Communal Cemetery, Grave 57.
Oulins Churchyard, Grave 3.
Ove Churchyard,
Over Wallop (St. Peter) Churchyard, Row B Grave 1.
Overijse (Tombeek)
Oxford (Botley) Cemetery
Oye-plage Communal Cemetery
Padua War Cemetery
Paisley (Hawkhead) Cemetery
Papendrecht General Cemetery
Pargny-sur-saulx French National Cemetery
Parkhurst Military Cemetery
Pecy Communal Cemetery, Coll. grave 2-4.
Peel Green Cemetery, Sec. G. Grave 18147.
Pembrey (St. Illtyd) Churchyard
Pembroke Dock (Llanion) Cemetery
Pembroke Dock Military Cemetery
Pembroke Military Cemetery, Coll. grave 1. 4. 17.
Pendlebury (St. John) Churchyard, Plot B. Grave 229.
Pentyrch (St. Cattwg) Churchyard,
Peronnes (Charbonnage) Communal Cemetery
Perreuse Chateau Franco British National Cemetery
Perros-guirec Communal Cemetery
Pershore Cemetery
Perth (Wellshill) Cemetery
Pervijze Churchyard, Grave 14.
Perwez Churchyard
Peterborough (Eastfield) Cemetery
Petitmont Communal Cemetery, Grave 3.
Petty Parish Churchyard
Phaleron War Cemetery
Pihen-les-guines Communal Cemetery
Plevenon Communal Cemetery,
Ploudalmezeau Communal Cemetery
Ploudaniel Churchyard
Plougastel-daoulas Communal Cemetery
Plougoumelen Communal Cemetery
Plouguerneau Communal Cemetery
Plouzane Churchyard, Grave 5.
Plymouth (Efford) Cemetery
Plymouth (Weston Mill) Cemetery
Plymouth Jewish Cemetery,
Pocklington Burial Ground
Poigny-la-foret Communal Cemetery, Joint grave.
Poivres Churchyard
Poix-de-picardie Churchyard
Pollington (St. John the Baptist) Churchyard
Pont-audemer Communal Cemetery
Pontavert Communal Cemetery,
Pontchateau Communal Cemetery
Pontgouin Communal Cemetery, Grave 3.
Pontoise Communal Cemetery, Row A. Coll. grave 3-6.
Poole (Parkstone) Cemetery, Row R. Grave 50.
Pornic War Cemetery
Porthcawl Cemetery
Porthmadog Public Cemetery
Portree (Stronuirinish) Cemetery
Poullan-sur-mer Communal Cemetery,
Poznan Old Garrison Cemetery
Prague War Cemetery
Prez-sur-marne Churchyard, Coll. grave.
Pulverbatch (St. Edith) Churchyard
Putten General Cemetery
Pwllheli Borough Cemetery
Quend Communal Cemetery, Row 1. Grave 17A.
Quetteville Communal Cemetery,
Quiberon Communal Cemetery
Quiberville Churchyard
Quinquempoix Communal Cemetery
Raalte General Cemetery
Rachecourt-sur-blaise Churchyard
Rainsough Jewish Cemetery, North Manchester Synagogue
Ramsbury (Holy Cross) Churchyard, South of church.
Ramsey Cemetery
Randbol Churchyard, Grave 244.
Randers North Cemetery, In front of church.
Ranville War Cemetery
Rapsecourt Churchyard, Joint grave 3.
Rashee New Cemetery, Sec. D. Grave 24.
Ravenna War Cemetery
Reading (Henley Road) Cemetery
Reau Communal Cemetery,
Reay New Cemetery, East Border.
Rebrechien Communal Cemetery, Coll. grave.
Redhill (Redstone) Cemetery, Grave 58.
Rekem Communal Cemetery, Coll. grave 1-3.
Rekem Communal Cemetery, Coll. grave 1-3.
Renfrew (Arkleston) Cemetery
Rennes Eastern Communal Cemetery
Repton (St. Wystan) Churchyard, Grave 409.
Reykjavik (Fossvogur) Cemetery
Rheden (Heiderust) General Cemetery, Grave 9.
Rhodes War Cemetery
Riaille Communal Cemetery
Rieux Communal Cemetery
Rimsdorf New Communal Cemetery,
Ringshall (St. Catherine) Churchyard
Ringwood Cemetery
Ripon Cemetery
Risor Civil Cemetery
Robert Magny Churchyard
Robeston Wathen Churchyard,
Rockanje (Zeeweg) General Cemetery
Rockfield (St. Cenhedlon) Churchyard, N.W. part.
Rocquigny Communal Cemetery
Roermond (Kapel in t Zand) Roman Catholic Cemetery
Rogecourt Communal Cemetery
Rom Communal Cemetery
Rome War Cemetery
Romescamps Churchyard, Grave 2.
Roosendaal-en-nispen General Cemetery, Row 2. Grave 1.
Roscoff Communal Cemetery,
Rosskeen Parish Churchyard
Rothesay Cemetery, Service Plot Section L Grave 1805.
Rotterdam (Crooswijk) General Cemetery
Rowley Regis (St. Giles) Churchyard
Royan Roman Catholic Cemetery
Roye New British Cemetery
Rozendaal Private Cemetery, Grave 666.
Rugby (Whinfield) Cemetery
Rugles Communal Cemetery, Grave 4.
Ruinerwold General Cemetery, Grave 450.
Runnymede Memorial
Rushden Cemetery, Grave 4.
Rutherglen Cemetery, Div. E. Grave 745.
Ruurlo General Cemetery, Grave 452A.
Ryes War Cemetery, Bazenville, II. D. 6.
Saffron Walden Cemetery
Sailly-flibeaucourt Churchyard
Salerno War Cemetery
Salford (Agecroft) Cemetery, Sec. 28. Grave 59.
Salford (Weaste) Cemetery, Sec. J. Grave 2351.
Salisbury (Devizes Road) Cemetery, Sec. 6. Grave 314.
Salisbury (London Road) Cemetery
Sande in Vestfold Cemetery
Sandefjord (Ekeberg) Churchyard
Sandwick Cemetery, Orkney, Sec. N. Grave 57.
Sangro River War Cemetery
Sarrewerden Communal Cemetery
Sassenay Churchyard
Sassy Churchyard,
Saulxures-les-bulgneville Communal Cemetery
Saumur Communal Cemetery
Scampton (St. John the Baptist) Churchyard
Schaffen Communal Cemetery
Schaffen Communal Cemetery, Grave 2.
Schiermonnikoog (Vredenhof) Cemetery
Schoondijke General Cemetery, Grave 303B.
Schoonebeek (Oud Schoonebeek) General Cemetery
Schoonselhof Cemetery
Scopwick Church Burial Ground
Scottow Cemetery
Scropton (St. Paul) Churchyard
Secheval Communal Cemetery,
Sejero Cemetery, Grave 153.
Selby Cemetery
Sept-saulx Churchyard, Grave 7.
Septmonts Churchyard
Seraincourt Churchyard
Seris Communal Cemetery
Sessenheim Communal Cemetery
Severomorsk (Vaenga) Cemetery,
Shawbury (St. Mary the Virgin) Churchyard
Sheffield (City Road) Cemetery,
Sheffield (Tinsley Park) Cemetery
Shelford (Ss. Peter and Paul) Churchyard
Shepperton Church Cemetery, Old Part.
Shepshed Cemetery, Plot 69. Grave 54.
Shorncliffe Military Cemetery, Sec. M. Grave 1132.
Shrewsbury General Cemetery
Silloth (Causewayhead) Cemetery, Holme Low
Sittingbourne Cemetery.
Skagen Cemetery, Coll. grave M. 2.
Skaro Cemetery, Grave 74.
Skarrild Churchyard
Skegness (St. Clement) Churchyard
Skerton Cemetery
Sleaford Cemetery, Sec. A.A. Grave 137.
Sleen General Cemetery
Slinfold (St. Peter) Churchyard,
Smallingerland (Drachtstercompagnie) Protestant Churchyard
Smallingerland (Rottevalle) Protestant Churchyard
Socx Churchyard,
Sofia War Cemetery
Sohier (Froidlieu) Communal Cemetery, Near North boundary wall.
Sola Churchyard
Solihull Cemetery, Section A4 North Grave 324.
Sommelsdijk General Cemetery
Somsois Churchyard, Grave 4.
Sonderby (Assens) Churchyard
Sondre Nissum Churchyard, Mil. Plot. Row A. Grave 5.
Sorneville Communal Cemetery,
Soroby Burial Ground
Souain Communal Cemetery, Grave 5.
Soude-notre-dame-ou-le-petit Churchyard, Grave 2.
Soufflenheim Communal Cemetery, Coll. grave.
Souilly Churchyard, Grave 3.
Soulaires Communal Cemetery,
South Ealing Cemetery, Sec. D. Grave 4.
South Shields (Harton) Cemetery, Sec. K. Grave 4037.
Southall (Havelock) Cemetery, Sec. Ha. Grave 75.
Southend-on-sea (Sutton Road) Cemetery
Southend-on-sea (Sutton Road) Cemetery
Southport (Duke Street) Cemetery
Souzy-la-briche Communal Cemetery
Spanbroek Churchyard
Spangereid Churchyard, 31. 1.
St. Agnan Communal Cemetery
St. Andre-de-leure Communal Cemetery
St. Arnoult-des-bois Churchyard
St. Aubin-le-cauf Churchyard
St. Brieuc Western Communal Cemetery
St. Brisson Communal Cemetery, Grave 2.
St. Charles De Percy War Cemetery
St. Clears (St. Mary) Churchyard,
St. Cloud-en-dunois Communal Cemetery,
St. Columb Major Cemetery
St. Cyr-en-val Communal Cemetery
St. Desir War Cemetery
St. Doulchard Communal Cemetery
St. Erblon Communal Cemetery, Grave 2.
St. Erme Communal Cemetery
St. Eval Churchyard, Row 2. Grave 10.
St. Eval Churchyard, Row 2. Grave 11.
St. Georges British Cemetery, Malaga, Grave 499.
St. Germain Communal Cemetery,
St. Germain-au-mont-dor Communal Cemetery
St. Germain-la-ville Churchyard, Grave 3.
St. Gibrien Churchyard, Coll. grave 1-2.
St. Gibrien Churchyard, Grave 3.
St. Gilles Churchyard, Grave 2.
St. Helens Cemetery, Sec. 14. Grave 411.
St. Helens Cemetery, Sec. 14. Grave 611.
St. Hellier Churchyard, Coll. grave.
St. Hellier Churchyard, Coll. grave.
St. Hilaire Sur Rille Communal Cemetery
St. Hilaire-de-talmont Churchyard, Grave 2.
St. Hilarion Communal Cemetery, Grave 6.
St. Joris Communal Cemetery
St. Just Methodist Chapelyard, New ground.
St. Lambert Churchyard,
St. Maclou-de-folleville Churchyard
St. Maclou-la-briere Churchyard,
St. Manvieu War Cemetery, Cheux
St. Martens-voeren (Fourons St. Martin) Churchyard
St. Martin-au-bosc Communal Cemetery
St. Martin-de-re Communal Cemetery.
St. Martin-des-entrees (St. Germain) Cemetery,
St. Mary Cray Cemetery
St. Marychurch (St. Mary) Churchyard, Torbay
St. Mawgan (Lanherne) Roman Catholic Cemetery
St. Mesmin New Communal Cemetery, Grave 3.
St. Michielsgestel Roman Catholic and Protestant Cemetery
St. Niklaas Communal Cemetery
St. Ouen-en-domprot Churchyard
St. Oulph Churchyard, Coll. grave.
St. Palais-sur-mer Communal Cemetery
St. Pancras Cemetery
St. Philbert-sur-risle Communal Cemetery,
St. Pierre Cemetery, Amiens
St. Pierre-de-jards Communal Cemetery
St. Pierre-dentremont Communal Cemetery,
St. Pierre-en-port Communal Cemetery,
St. Pol War Cemetery
St. Remy-sous-barbuise Churchyard
St. Samson Churchyard, Calvados,
St. Samson-de-la-roque Churchyard,
St. Sever Cemetery Extension
St. Sylvain Churchyard, British Plot, Coll. grave 1-4.
St. Symphorien New Communal Cemetery
St. Valery-en-caux Franco-british Cemetery
St. Valery-sur-somme Communal Cemetery, Grave 895A.
St. Viatre Communal Cemetery
Stafford Cemetery, Plot G. New portion. Grave 21.
Staglieno Cemetery, Genoa
Stamfordham (St. Mary) Churchyard
Staphorst (Rouveen) New General Cemetery
Startforth (Holy Trinity) Churchyard, North side.
Stavanger (Eiganes) Churchyard
Staveren General Cemetery
Ste. Gauburge-ste. Colombe Communal Cemetery,
Ste. Gemme-moronval Churchyard, Grave 6.
Ste. Gemmes-le-robert Communal Cemetery,
Ste. Genevieve Communal Cemetery, Mil. Plot. Grave 3.
Ste. Marguerite-des-loges Churchyard
Ste. Marie Cemetery, Le Havre
Steenderen (Baak) Roman Catholic Cemetery
Steenderen General Cemetery
Steenwijkerwold (Kallenkote) General Cemetery
Stevenston (New Street) Cemetery
Stockton-on-the-forest (Holy Trinity) Churchyard
Stoke-on-trent (Tunstall) Cemetery, Section Ddm Grave 9.
Stoke-upon-tern (St. Peter) Church Cemetery
Stoneykirk Cemetery
Stotfold (Three Counties Hospital) Cemetery, Grave 4212.
Stradishall (St. Margaret) Churchyard,
Stranraer (Glebe) Cemetery
Stratford-on-avon Cemetery
Strijen Protestant Cemetery
Suda Bay War Cemetery
Sunderland (Ryhope Road) Cemetery
Sunderland (Southwick) Cemetery, Sec. 2. Grave 588.
Sutton Bridge (St. Matthew) Churchyard
Sutton Coldfield New Cemetery, Grave 3.
Sutton-on-the-forest (All Hallows) Churchyard Extension
Svendborg General Cemetery
Svino Churchyard
Swanton Morley (All Saints) Churchyard
Syracuse War Cemetery, Sicily
Tacoignieres Churchyard
Tain (St. Duthus) Cemetery
Tamlaght Finlagan Church of Ireland Churchyard
Tangmere (St. Andrew) Churchyard
Tankersley (St. Peter) Churchyard,
Tarm Isolated Graves, Joint grave 1-2.
Taule Communal Cemetery, Joint grave 1-2.
Taunton (St. Mary's) Cemetery
Ten Boer Protestant Cemetery
Terlincthun British Cemetery, Wimille.
Terramesnil Communal Cemetery
Terschelling (West-terschelling) General Cemetery
Texel (Den Burg) Cemetery
Thames Ditton (St. Nicholas) Churchyard
The Hague (Westduin) General Cemetery
The Maidenhead Register
Theillay Communal Cemetery, Coll. grave 1.
Therouldeville Churchyard,
Theuville Communal Cemetery
They-sous-montfort Churchyard, Grave 4.
Thorembais-st. Trond Communal Cemetery, Grave 1.
Thornaby-on-tees Cemetery
Thorney (St. Helen) Churchyard, Grave 540.
Thure Communal Cemetery, Mil. Plot. Row 1. Grave 1.
Thurlby (St. Germain) Churchyard
Tidworth Military Cemetery, Section F Row C of E Grave 104.
Tietjerksteradeel (Bergum) Protestant Churchyard
Tilburg (Gilzerbaan) General Cemetery
Tildonk Churchyard, Grave 2.
Tillieres-sur-avre Communal Cemetery, Coll. grave.
Tilly-sur-seulles War Cemetery
Tirana Park Memorial Cemetery
Togny-aux-boeufs Communal Cemetery, Plot 1. Row 5. Grave 3.
Tonsberg Old Cemetery, 10. 7.
Topcliffe Church Cemetery
Torquay Cemetery
Torrisholme Cemetery
Tortefontaine Communal Cemetery,
Tottenham Cemetery, Park Sec. Grave 2814.
Toulouse (La Fourguette) Communal Cemetery
Tourville-la-campagne Communal Cemetery
Tourville-les-ifs Communal Cemetery
Towcester Cemetery, Row G. Grave 8.
Tramont-lassus Communal Cemetery,
Tranebjerg Churchyard, Plot K, Grave 3
Tranebjerg Churchyard, Plot K, Grave 3
Tring Cemetery, Sec. K. Grave 3.
Trondheim (Stavne) Cemetery
Troon Cemetery, Ayrshire, Sec. K.1. Grave 187.
Troqueer Cemetery
Trouan-le-petit Churchyard
Tubbergen (Albergen) Roman Catholic Cemetery
Tubbergen (Reutum) Roman Catholic Cemetery
Tubbergen Roman Catholic Cemetery
Tunbridge Wells Cemetery
Tungelroij Roman Catholic Churchyard,
Turnhout (Zevendonk) Churchyard
Tuxford Cemetery, Grave 448A.
Tved (Mols) Churchyard,
Tynemouth (Preston) Cemetery, Sec. K. Grave 13257.
Tywyn Cemetery
Uden War Cemetery
Udenhout (Biezenmortel) Roman Catholic Cemetery
Udine War Cemetery
Ugny-sur-meuse Communal Cemetery, Grave 4.
Uithuizermeeden General Cemetery, Row 16 Grave 25.
Ulrum General Cemetery, De Marne, Grave 7.
Upavon Cemetery
Uphall Cemetery, Sec. F.F. Grave 45.
Upper Heyford Cemetery
Usquert General Cemetery.
Ussy-sur-marne Communal Cemetery
Utingeradeel (Akkrum) General Cemetery
Utrecht (Soestbergen) General Cemetery
Vadum Cemetery, Coll. grave A.
Vale of Leven (or Bonhill) Cemetery, Sec. D2. Grave 197.
Valenciennes (St. Roch) Communal Cemetery
Vannes (Boismoreau) Communal Cemetery
Vanse Churchyard
Varberg Church New Cemetery
Vassimont-et-chapelaine Churchyard, Grave 1.
Vavincourt Communal Cemetery
Veauville-les-baons Churchyard
Veel Churchyard, Coll. grave 4.
Veenendaal General Cemetery,
Veghel Roman Catholic Churchyard, Grave 2
Venray War Cemetery
Verdun-sur-meuse (Faubourg Pave) French National Cemetery
Vergetot Churchyard,
Vernou-en-sologne Communal Cemetery
Verrieres Churchyard
Veurne Communal Cemetery Extension, G. 7.
Vevey (St. Martins) Cemetery
Vieux-berquin Communal Cemetery
Villars-le-pautel Communal Cemetery
Ville-sur-retourne Churchyard, Joint grave.
Villenave Dornon (St. Bris) Communal Cemetery
Villeneuve-en-montagne Communal Cemetery, Coll. grave.
Villeneuve-st. Georges Old Communal Cemetery
Villers St. Genest Communal Cemetery
Villers-bretonneux Military Cemetery
Villers-le-chateau Churchyard
Villers-le-sec Churchyard
Villers-sous-preny Churchyard
Villiers-le-duc (St. Phal)
Viroflay New Communal Cemetery
Vivieres Communal Cemetery, Grave 3.
Vlagtwedde (Ter Apel) General Cemetery
Vlagtwedde General Cemetery
Vlieland General Cemetery
Vlissegem Churchyard, Grave 6.
Vollenhove (Stad-vollenhove) General Cemetery
Voorst (Terwolde) General Cemetery
Voorst General Cemetery
Vorden General Cemetery
Vorselaar Communal Cemetery, Grave 1.
Vriezenveen General Cemetery
Vrizy Communal Cemetery
Vuren General Cemetery,
Waasmunster Communal Cemetery, Grave 1105.
Waddington (St. Michael) Churchyard
Wadenoijen Protestant Churchyard
Walberton (St. Mary) Churchyard,
Wallasey (Frankby) Cemetery
Wallasey (Rake Lane) Cemetery
Ware New Cemetery
Warhem Communal Cemetery
Warmfield (St. Peter) Churchyard Extension, Row U. Grave 11.
Warmwell (Holy Trinity) Churchyard
Warnant Communal Cemetery
Warnsveld (Wichmond) General Cemetery
Warrington Cemetery
Warwick Bridge (Our Lady and St. Wilfrid) Roman Catholic Churchyard
Warwick Cemetery
Watchfield Military Cemetery
Watford Cemetery
Watton (St. Mary) Churchyard
Weaverham (St. Mary) Churchyard
Webbekom Churchyard
Wedde (Blijham) Protestant Churchyard
Weerselo (Deurningen) Roman Catholic Cemetery
Weerselo (Rossum)
Weerselo Roman Catholic Cemetery
Wenduine Communal Cemetery, Row B. Grave 10.
Werken Churchyard, Grave 168.
Werken Churchyard, Grave 169.
Werkendam Protestant Cemetery
West Thorney (St. Nicholas) Churchyard
Westcott (St. Mary) Churchyard
Westdongeradeel (Holwerd) Protestant Churchyard
Westdongeradeel (Ternaard) Protestant Churchyard
Westdongeradeel (Wierum) Protestant Churchyard
Westerbork General Cemetery
Westernieland General Cemetery, De Marne
Westkerke Plot of Honour
Weston-super-mare Cemetery
Weststellingwerf (Noordwolde) Protestant Churchyard
Weststellingwerf (Wolvega) General Cemetery
Wevelgem Communal Cemetery
Weyer Communal Cemetery, Joint grave.
Whetstone Cemetery, Sec. A. Grave 51.
Whicham (St. Mary) Churchyard, N.E. portion.
Whicham (St. Mary) Churchyard, N.E. portion.
Whittlesford (Ss. Mary and Andrew) Churchyard
Whyteleafe (St. Luke) Churchyard
Whyteleafe (St. Luke) Churchyard
Wick Cemetery
Wickham Market Cemetery, Row Q. Grave 31.
Wierden General Cemetery
Wieringen (Hippolytushoef) General Cemetery
Wieringermeer (Middenmeer) General Cemetery
Wijhe General Cemetery, Plot 41. Row E. Grave 2.
Wilhelminadorp General Cemetery, Plot E. Row 1. Grave 7.
Willesden Jewish Cemetery, Sec. R. Row 1. Grave 4.
Willesden Old Cemetery, Sec. F. Grave 221.
Wilnis General Cemetery
Wilsele Churchyard, Row B. Grave 3.
Wimille Communal Cemetery
Winchester (Magdalen Hill) Cemetery, Row U. 3. Grave 65.
Windhill Methodist Cemetery, Sec. E. Grave 126.
Winterswijk Cemetery, Coll. grave 10-14.
Winterswijk Cemetery
Wintzenbach Protestant Churchyard, Grave 1.
Wisch (Varsseveld) General Cemetery
Wissant Communal Cemetery
Wissenkerke General Cemetery, Row P. Grave 2.
Wittering (All Saints) Churchyard
Wognum Protestant Churchyard, Coll. grave 13A.
Woking (St. John's) Crematorium
Wolsingham (Ss. Mary and Stephen) Churchyard
Wolverhampton Borough Cemetery, War Graves Plot Grave 66.
Wonseradeel (Kimswerd) Protestant Churchyard
Wonseradeel (Makkum) Protestant Churchyard
Wonseradeel (Witmarsum) Protestant Churchyard
Woodchester (Church of the Annunciation) Churchyard
Wootton (St. Lawrence) Churchyard,
Worcester (Astwood) Cemetery
Worcester Park (St. Philip) Churchyard
Workum (Spoordyk) General Cemetery
Woudenberg General Cemetery
Wrentham Cemetery, Sec. D. Grave 46.
Wrexham Cemetery
Wroughton (Ss. John the Baptist and Helen) Churchyard
Wybunbury (St. Chad) Churchyard Extension
Wymbritseradeel (Ijpecolsga) General Cemetery
Wythall (St. Mary) Churchyard
Wyton (St. Margaret and All Saints) Churchyard
Yatesbury (All Saints) Churchyard
Yerseke General Cemetery, Grave 171.
Yevres Communal Cemetery, Joint grave.
Ypres Town Cemetery Extension, 4. A. 42.
Yvre Leveque Communal Cemetery,
Zeeland Roman Catholic Churchyard, Joint grave 1.
Zelhem General Cemetery
Zevenaar Roman Catholic Cemetery, Grave 52.
Zuilichem General Cemetery
Zundert Protestant Churchyard, Coll. grave 2.
Zutphen General Cemetery, Grave 2115.
Zuytpeene Churchyard, Row C. Grave 4.
Zwolle (De Kranenburg)


Aaron, Elmer Oscar
Aarts, Bernardus Maria
Abbott, William Geoffrey
Abbott, Clifford Wilmore
Abbott, Stanley Arthur
Abbott, Sydney Charles Bertram
Abbott, Alexander Richard
Abbott, Bruce Andrew Stanley
Abbott, Lewis James
Abbott, William Gibbs
Abelson, Lawrence Balfour (Dukie)
Abercrombie, Laurence Norman
Abey, Mitchell George
Abraham, James Hedley
Abrams, Hyman David
Abrams, Kevin Kenny
Abrams, Robert William
Abramson, Mark Leslie
Acer, John Frederick
Achtymichuk, Alexander
Acker, James Gordon
Ackerman, Lloyd William
Ackroyd, Vivian James
Acland, Ion Hugh
Acres, Robert Joseph
Ada, Alan Fletcher
Adair, Charles Franklin
Adair, David Kenneth
Adair, Arthur Dunham
Adair, Leslie James
Adam, Thomas Wilkie
Adam, Gordon Ross
Adam, Basil John
Adam, Walter Joseph
Adamac, George Ernest
Adamek, Mieczyslaw
Adamic, Vladimir
Adamowicz, Klemens
Adams, Frederick Coulson
Adams, Frank Percy
Adams, James Main
Adams, Thomas Ritchie Clarke
Adams, Eric Victor
Adams, John Joseph William
Adams, Robert Mercer
Adams, Frank Edward
Adams, Lloyd John
Adams, Howard King
Adams, Edmund Arthur
Adams, Harry Walter Hughes
Adams, Phillip Paul
Adams, Roydon James
Adams, Richard Harry
Adams, Douglas Andrew
Adams, Aubrey Abram
Adams, Hugh Alexander
Adams, Glenn Prosper
Adams, Victor Robert
Adamson, Robert Hartny
Adamson, Douglas Clayhurst
Adamson, John William
Adcock, William Jeffery
Addison, Joseph Horace
Addison, Thomas William Sheridan
Adgey, Robert Davey
Adlam, Frank Percival
Adlam, Reginald George David
Adolf, Waclaw
Adrain, Robert Ross Anderson
Agar, Beverley William
Agassiz, Roland Ernest Garnault
Agate, James Victor
Agnew, David Renwick
Agnew, Robert
Agnew, Charles
Agur, Robert Jasper
Ahearn, Donald Algernon Joseph
Ahearn, John
Ahlskog, Victor Edward
Ahrens, Walter Colin
Aicken, Kenneth Roy
Aiken, Douglas Earl
Aikenhead, Lloyd Lawrence
Ailey, John Drew
Ainge, John Albert
Ainger, Thomas Brian
Ainslie, Hudson Garth
Ainsworth, Keith Walter
Aird, John Smith Seaton
Aird, Kenneth
Airy, Andrew Basil Reginald
Aislabie, Herbert Clement
Aitchison, Edward Grant
Aitchison, Richard Justin
Aitken, Alexander Craig
Aitken, John Milford
Aitken, Gordon Edward
Aitken, William Murray
Aitken, Alexander Patterson Morris
Aitken, Douglas Spencer
Akes, Vernon Charles
Akey, Ross Wellington
Albert, Joseph Henry Yvon
Alberti, Stefan Karol
Alberts, Edward Lloyd
Albon, Robert Beckett
Albrecht, Oscar Jacob
Albright, Robert Baker
Albright, Frederick Bruce
Alcock, Sydney
Alcock, Arthur Franklin
Alcorn, James Alexander
Alcorn, James William
Alder, Hugh Ralph Lawrence
Alder, Clarence David
Alderson, Robert Carson (Bob)
Alderton, Kivell Harold William
Aldridge, Alfred Ramsay
Aldworth, Frank Carter
Alekandrowicz, Antoni
Alexander, Robert Wilfred
Alexander, Edward Sudbury
Alexander, Orlin Ronald
Alexander, James Richard
Alexander, Wilfred Wilson
Alexander, Edward George
Alexander, Ian Hamilton
Alexander, Ian Sutherland
Alexander, Jack Arnold
Algar, William Edwin
Alger, Gordon Forbes
Ali Raza Khan Pasha,
Alington, Richard Hugh
Aljoe, Lorne Raymond
Allamby, Walter Vernon Wilfred
Allan, Peter Douglas
Allan, Alexander
Allan, Mckeen
Allan, Stanley Gordon
Allan, William Cosmo
Allan, James Mcgregor
Allan, William Arthur
Allan, John
Allan, Ralph Grant
Allan, James Arthur Laurence
Allan, Robert Edward
Allan, George Ingram
Allan, James
Allan, James Llewellyn
Allan, Reginald Connell
Allan, Walter Howden
Allan, William Bruce
Allen, Thomas William
Allen, Frank
Allen, John Ogilvy
Allen, Ralph Norman
Allen, Leo James
Allen, Sidney
Allen, Ward William James
Allen, Donald George
Allen, John Andrew
Allen, John James
Allen, James Millard
Allen, Alistair William
Allen, Eric Alexander
Allen, John Herbert
Allen, Keith Fowler
Allen, Keith Stanley Franz
Allen, Colin Frederick
Allen, Keith
Allen, Hugh Garfield
Allen, Ethan
Allen, Joseph Edward
Allen, Thomas Willcox
Allen, William Alexander Mcmeekin
Allen, Donald George
Allen, Lawrence
Allen, Reginald Arthur Henry
Allenby, Thomas Peter
Alleyn, Foster Richard
Allin, Robert Elford
Allingham, William Jack
Allison, Wilfred Ernest
Allison, William Joseph
Allison, John Leonard
Allman, Leonard Ralph
Allman, George Gregory
Alloway, Alexander Hamilton Forbes
Allport, Valentine
Allsep, Sydney James
Allsop, Richard Wyke
Allsopp, William Arthur
Allsopp, William Frederick
Allwright, Peter Francis
Alm, Edwin Richard
Almond, John Neville
Almquist, Leonard William
Alpe, James Frederick
Alsop, Norman Frederick
Alterson, John
Altoft, Robert Henry
Ambler, Robert
Ames, Edward Joseph
Amey, Roland Raymond
Amirault, Alphe Baptiste
Amlin, Edsel Edward
Amos, Orison Edwin
Amos, Lloyd Hilbourne
Amos, Clifford Oswald William
Amy, Harry Thomas
Amys, Spencer Hewitt
Anders, Bogdan
Andersen, Thomas Mervyn
Andersen, Paul
Anderson, David Campbell
Anderson, Lindsay Douglas
Anderson, John
Anderson, Frederick Hugh
Anderson, Andrew Charles
Anderson, Edward William
Anderson, Robert Edward Venning
Anderson, John
Anderson, Howard Francis
Anderson, William Brodie
Anderson, Neville Joseph
Anderson, John Charles
Anderson, William Wallace Eugene
Anderson, Chester Edward
Anderson, Peter Murray
Anderson, James K.
Anderson, Alexander Henry
Anderson, George Mccrimmon
Anderson, James Blain
Anderson, John Gouinlock
Anderson, Charles Edward
Anderson, Robert Fred Lindsay
Anderson, James Sangster
Anderson, Allan Andrew
Anderson, Peter Gordon
Anderson, Clarence Cameron
Anderson, Mark Sylvester Harold
Anderson, William Smith
Anderson, Sydney Andrew
Anderson, Richard Bruce
Anderson, William James
Anderson, Geoffrey Hamilton
Anderson, Liston
Anderson, Ronald Drury
Anderson, Frederick Cameron
Anderson, William Edward
Anderson, John Fraser
Anderson, Richard Frank
Anderson, David Maurice
Anderson, James
Anderson, Ronald Claude
Anderson, Thomas Robert Bowden
Anderson, Leonard Roy
Anderson, Donald Davie
Anderson, Richard John
Anderson, William Boyd
Anderson, Clarence Howard
Anderson, Floyd Roger Willis
Anderson, Evan Macdonald
Anderson, Charles Beatty
Anderson, David
Anderson, William Robert George
Anderson, William Frank
Anderson, Frederick
Anderson, Alexander John
Anderson, Eric James
Anderson, Robert William
Anderson, George
Anderson, William George
Anderson, Anton David
Anderson, William Wallace
Anderson, William Andrew
Anderson, Henry Gordon
Anderson, Edwin Graham Milton
Anderson, John Albert
Anderson, James
Anderson, Donald Albert
Anderson, John Graham
Anderson, Douglas Gordon
Anderson, William James
Anderton, John Alfred
Andrew, Robert Keith Anderson
Andrew, Eric Morrow
Andrew, Will
Andrew, William Arthur Roland
Andrew, William Ronald
Andrew, John Tasman
Andrew, Frederick Norman
Andrew, Keith Alexander
Andrews, Basil Wilfred
Andrews, John Kerr
Andrews, Robert John
Andrews, Harold James
Andrews, Reginald Thomas
Andrews, George Albert
Andrews, Edward John
Andrews, John French
Andrews, Peter Herbert
Andrews, Richard James
Andrews, Edward Joseph
Andrews, James Wesley
Andrews, Clifford Raymond
Andrews, Wilfred
Andrews, Clifford Bruce
Andrews, Newark Thomas
Andrews, William
Andrews, Charles William
Andrews, William Charles
Andruszko, Tadeusz
Andruszkow, Marian Julian
Andrzejczyk, Waclaw
Andrzejewski, Franciszek
Andrzejewski, Edward
Angelini, Samuel
Angell, Frederick Harold
Anger, Francis Harold Emmanuel
Anglik, Henryk
Anglin, William Sherron
Angus, Colwyn Parker
Angus, Ian Mackenzie
Annan, William Donald Francis
Annand, James Bertram
Anthony, Ronald David
Antifaev, Michael
Antoft, Otto Hjalmar
Antonowicz, Jerzy
Apanasik, Stanislaw
Apitz, Kenneth John Nielsen
Appel, Harold John
Applegate, Ernest Arthur
Appleyard, Richard Henry
Appleyard, William David
Applin, Donald John
Arabas, Jan L
Arbour, Joseph Edward Jean Guy
Arbuckle, Irving
Arbuckle, John Alfred
Arcand, Joseph Jules Rodrigue
Archambault, Joseph Rene
Archer, Robert William
Archer, Ross James
Archer, Phillip Leslie Irving
Archer, Rodney Bainbridge
Archer, Jack Colin
Archer, William Edward
Archer, Charles Douglas Haig
Archibald, Thomas
Archibald, William James
Archibald, Clyde Glencoe
Archibald, David
Archibald, Alan Greeves
Archie, Steve
Arcimowicz, Jaroslaw
Ardelli, Kazimierz J
Ardis, David Corry
Argo, William
Argument, Godfrey Addison
Arksey, Walter Lynwood
Arlen, Anthony
Arlotte, Sidney George
Armanowski, Jozef
Armitage, Irving
Armitage, Arthur Robson
Armitt, John
Armory, Sydney
Armour, Robert Douglas
Armour, Edson Gilroy
Armour, Wilton Garnet
Armour, Lloyd Livingstone
Armour, William Douglas
Armstrong, Donald Noel Robert
Armstrong, Alexander Thomas
Armstrong, Gerald Gordon
Armstrong, John Eric
Armstrong, Gerald Henry
Armstrong, Robert Alfred
Armstrong, John David
Armstrong, Gordon Kenneth
Armstrong, Elliott Adams
Armstrong, Jack Edward
Armstrong, Curwood Neville
Armstrong, Ernest Robert
Armstrong, Edward Lawrence
Armstrong, Thomas Reginald
Armstrong, Leslie Irwin
Armstrong, John Frederick
Armstrong, George Perry
Armstrong, Willis Henry
Armstrong, Robert Howard
Armstrong, Leonard Wilson
Armstrong, Thomas James
Armstrong, Lorne Oliver
Armstrong, William Ernest
Armstrong, John Walter
Armstrong, John Lees Darrell
Armstrong, Hugo Throssell
Armstrong, Richard Clyde
Armstrong, Gordon Arthur
Armstrong, Charles Anthony
Armstrong, Arthur Ronald
Armstrong, Wilfred Walter
Armstrong, John Marshall
Armstrong, George Wesley
Armstrong, James Edward
Armstrong, George Ernest
Arneil, Douglas James
Arnell, Algot Leon
Arnell, John Leonard
Arner, Lawrence Andrew
Arney, Harold James
Arnold, William Hilliard
Arnold, Alan
Arnold, William Henry
Arnold, Victor Charles
Arnold, Walter Gray
Arnold, William James
Arnold, William Morris
Arnold, Herbert John
Arnold, Robert Sidney
Arnot, Arthur Gordon Herbert
Aronson, Kenneth Johannes
Arpin, Joseph Jean Charles
Arps, Lysle Ralph
Arril, William Mckenzie
Arsenault, Joseph Gaspard
Arsenault, Toussaint Joseph
Arthur, James Lamb
Arthur, Cecil Glen
Arthur, Paul Druce
Artyniuk, John Peter
Arundel, John Stanley George
Asbell, Walter Gerard
Ash, Joseph William
Ash, Albert Charles
Ash, Henry Edwin
Ash, Richard William
Ash, George Robert
Ash, Joseph
Ash, Norman Andrews
Ashburner, Leslie John
Ashbury, Edwin Lusk
Ashby-peckham, Douglas Joseph
Ashdown, Edward Thomas
Ashdown, Walter Ross
Ashdown, John Andrew
Ashdown, Frederick James Mackenzie
Asher, Walter Charles
Ashley, Borden Bramshott
Ashley, Robert Joseph
Ashton, Robert Alexander
Ashwood, John
Ashworth, Colin James
Ashworth, Corran Perry
Ashworth, Frank Martin
Askew, Richard Gainford
Askew, John Ruskin
Askin, Ralph Winston
Askwith, Richard John
Aspinall, Maurice John William
Asprey, John Lambert
Assaf, George
Asseff, Philip
Assman, Ludwik Karol
Astill, Alan Edwin
Astles, William Wallington
Astles, John James
Astley, Bruce
Astramowicz, Teofan
Astrand, Harry
Atherton, John Carman
Atherton, William Samuel Charles
Atherton, Henry Marinus
Atkin, James Welberne
Atkin, Charles Carr
Atkins, Milton Wilbur
Atkins, John Ivan
Atkinson, Walter Edward
Atkinson, Gordon Howard
Atkinson, William James
Atkinson, Douglas Maclear
Atkinson, James Neil
Atkinson, John Leslie
Atkinson, Robert Elmer
Atkinson, Wilfred George
Atkinson, Bruce Albert
Atkinson, Edward Harry Frederick
Atkinson, Stanley Kyle
Atkinson, William James
Atkinson, Theodore Blanchard
Attewell, Arthur Ernest
Attree, Vincent Eardley
Attree, Earl Ralph
Attwell, Kenneth Dudley
Attwood, Derek Allan
Atwell, Gerald Joseph
Aubert, Charles Oscar
Aubin, Joseph Gilbert Dollard
Aubrey, Gordon Alexander
Aubrey, David George
Auclair, Joseph Arsene Roch Tancrede
Audet, Richard Joseph
Augustyn, Wlodzimierz A
Auld, Walter Nelson
Auld, Charles
Aumell, Allan Daniel
Austen, Harold Calven
Austen, Desmond Thomas
Austerberry, Francis Frederick
Austin, Lewis Herbert
Austin, Rhubert Mellor
Austin, Richard Scott
Austin, Charles Wendell
Austin, Frederick Carleton
Austin, Edward Phillip
Austin, Justus Clifford
Austin, William
Austin, Walter Edmund Joseph
Austin, John Albert
Avedisian, James Theodore
Avern, Geoffrey Lennox
Avey, Gerald Russell
Avon, Joseph Leonidas Gerald
Awad, Charles Mohamed Slyman
Awcock, Terence Lansdowne
Axford, Cecil
Ayers, Leslie Judson
Ayers, Ralph James
Ayre, George Francis
Ayton, James Trevor
Baartz, John Edward
Babb, Richard Conant
Baber, Thomas James Desmond
Babiacki, Stanislaw
Babington, William Alfred Leslie
Babraj, Zdzislaw
Bachand, Joseph Gilles
Bachelder, Allen Leland
Backes, Orval George
Backhouse, Gerald Ian Dacres
Backler, Herman
Backs, William Henry
Bacon, Lindsay Page
Bacon, Harry Robert
Bacon, Frederick William
Baczkiewicz, Egon
Badger, William
Badgery, David George
Badowski, Zygmunt
Baetz, Henry Laurence
Bagg, Arthur James
Bagnall, Trevor Horace
Bagrowski-Swinka, Tadeusz
Bailey, Robert
Bailey, Norman Russell
Bailey, John Arthur
Bailey, Elmer Lincoln
Bailey, Eric George
Bailey, Edwin Alfred
Bailey, Garnet James
Bailey, George Cooley
Bailey, Albert George
Bailey, Harry Russell
Bailey, Robert Gordon
Bailey, Norman
Bailey, Theodore Reginald
Bailey, Noel Galbraith
Bailie, John James
Baillargeon, Pierre Elzear Rodolphe
Baillargeon, Joseph Louis
Baillie, Thomas
Baillie, John Robert
Baillie, William Russell
Bain, John Douglas Norman
Bain, Ambrose
Bain, David Lachlan
Bain, Claude Horace
Bain, Thomas Neil
Bain, Donald Hunter
Bain, David Percy
Baird, Jack Douglas
Baird, William Oliver Douglas
Baird, William Gordon
Baird, David Monroe
Baird, William Alan
Baird, Hugh
Baird, Angus Bruce
Bairstow, John Leslie
Baittle, Horace David
Baj, Wladyslaw
Bak, Franciszek
Bak, Franciszek
Bak, Jan
Bakas, Kazimierz Tadeusz
Bakeman, Edward Henry
Baker, William
Baker, Ivan Leslie
Baker, Douglas Haig
Baker, Robert Edwin
Baker, Johial William
Baker, Charles Oren
Baker, Kelts Colfax
Baker, John Albert
Baker, Ned
Baker, Louis Michael Gabriel
Baker, Ronald Lavender
Baker, William John
Baker, William Long
Baker, Frederick Gifford Douglas
Baker, John Douglas
Baker, Frank Greenaway
Baker, Ancil Chalmer
Baker, Charles Grindle
Baker, Colin Roy
Baker, Herbert Allan
Baker, Walter Merrill
Baker, Earle Edward
Baker, Allenby Leslie
Baker, George Raymond
Baker, James Guthrie
Baker, Nicholas
Baker, William Leroy
Baker, Edward Donald
Baker, Henry Douglas
Bakun, Waclaw
Bala, Eugeniusz
Balcarek, Wilhelm Andrzej
Balcombe, Gordon Robertson
Balcombe, Alfred Alexander
Balderston, John Percival Ernest
Baldock, Richard Marlow
Baldry, Earl Freiman
Balduff, William
Baldwin, Cecil Henry
Baldwin, John Moody
Baldwin, John Stanley
Baldwin, Robert William
Baldwin, Ernest William
Balfour, Andrew George
Balinson, Alexander B.
Balkam, Marshall Edwin
Ball, Norman Sargeant
Ball, Russell Sidney
Ball, Dudley Edgar
Ball, Joseph Dixon
Ball, Edward Cecil
Ball, Donald George Elmore
Ballantyne, Orville Russel
Ballantyne, James Hamilton
Ballard, Victor Norman
Ballard, George James
Balleine, Bernard George Payn
Ballentine, Robert Elmer
Ballinger, Henry Clasper
Balloch, James Hamilton
Balmer, John Raeburn
Balon, Wladyslaw
Balucki, Josef
Balzer, Christian Samuel
Bambridge, James Henry
Bamford, Robert Alec
Bamford, Richmond Dean
Bamford, Richard Benner
Bamjee, Dinshaw Sorab
Banachowicz, Antoni
Banasik, Tadeusz Kazimierz
Bancescu, George
Bancroft, Ernest Walter
Bandur, Sigmund Bernard
Banfield, Kenneth John
Banford, James Greenwood
Bankowski, Piotr Ryszard
Banks, Stirling David
Banks, Ivan William
Banks, Alexander
Banks, Jack Standish
Banks, Gordon John
Banks-martin, Robert Alexander
Bannear, Ronald Kenneth
Banner, William James
Bannerman, Douglas Robert
Bannihr, Robert Huston
Banning, James Edgar Victor
Bannister, Rupert Theodore
Bannon, Carlin Anthony
Baracz, Eugeniusz Jerzy
Baran, Michael
Baran, Ludwik
Barbe, Maurice Jean
Barbeau, Norman William
Barber, Robert John
Barber, Leonard Percival
Barber, Bramwell Rockliff
Barber, George Charles
Barber, Cecil Stanley
Barber, Francis John Mcneil
Barber, Joseph Louis
Barber, Richard Thomas
Barber, Charles Albert Mark
Barber, Ross Gordon Norman
Barber, Irvine Alfred Maxwell
Barber, Bruce Bertram
Barber, Herbert Boyd
Barber, Bernard Higson
Barbet, Eugene Herman
Barbour, Donald Crosbie
Barbour, Frank Douglas
Barbour, William Morgan
Barbour, James Douglas
Barcicki, Jerzy
Barcikowski, Jerzy Witold
Barclay, William Scott
Barclay, William Richmond
Bardecki, Antoni
Bardsley, Keith Warren
Bardwell, Charles Alfred
Baribeau, Leo Joseph
Barker, Laurence Sidney
Barker, James Melvin (Jimmy)
Barker, Thomas Edward
Barker, Richard Percival William
Barker, Lloyd Roger
Barker, Thomas Frederick
Barker, Gerald Louis
Barker, John Norman
Barker, Roger Phillip
Barker, Frank Harvey
Barker, Herbert
Barker, Alfred Cyril Seymour
Barklay, Harold Edward
Barkway, Percy James William
Barkwell, John Herbert
Barling, Sydney Roy
Barlow, James Robert
Barlow, John Preston
Barlow, David Arnold
Barlow, Reginald Newman
Barlow, Charles Alfred
Barlow, Norman James
Barlow, Ronald Malcolm
Barnard, Leonard Joseph
Barnard, Wilfred Stanley
Barnden, Leo Ronald
Barnes, Norman Edward
Barnes, William Thomas
Barnes, Gordon John Lunney
Barnes, William James
Barnes, Arthur John George
Barnes, Walter Henry John
Barnett, George Howell
Barnett, William Henry
Barnett, Ross Frederick
Barnett, Leonard Victor
Barnfather, Eliot Ralph
Barnhill, Thomas Blackwood
Barnicke, Peter
Barnie, Donald George
Barnson, Arthur Theodore
Baron, Nick John
Barr, Dennis Ronald
Barr, Alexander
Barr, Charles Rae
Barr, George Henry
Barr, William John
Barr, Willis Eric
Barr, Robert Allan
Barr, Donald Leighton Spence
Barraball, Gordon James
Barrett, Richard
Barrett, Eric Henry
Barrett, Norman
Barrett, Alwyn Walter Beves
Barrett, Clayton Keith
Barrett, Douglas George
Barrett, Noel Charles
Barrett, Layton Challander
Barrett, Martin
Barrett, Frederick Howard
Barrett-lennard, John Allen
Barrett-lennard, Francis Graham
Barriball, Malcolm Eber Palmer
Barrie, Emerson Gordon
Barrie, John Donald
Barron, Percival Edward
Barron, James Fraser
Barrons, Harold John
Barrow, Bruce Ernest
Barry, Alfred Walter Fitzroy
Barry, John Cashel
Barry, David Bernard
Barry, James
Barry, James Harold
Barsby, Edgar Alan
Barszczewski, Ludwik Henryk
Bartholomew, Denys Vincent
Bartkiewicz, Francis
Bartle, Peter Chadwick
Bartle, Gerald Victor
Bartleman, William Archibald
Bartlett, Gordon Kenneth
Bartlett, Ralph William
Bartlett, Sidney William
Bartlett, Raymond Neil
Bartley, Maxwell Logan
Bartman, Gordon Harold
Bartnik, Witold
Barton, Druce Hawthorn
Barton, Colin William Bidwell
Barton, Hugh Hartil
Barton, Raymond Allan
Barton, William Seymour
Barton, James Edgar
Barton, Arthur James Douglas
Barton, Thomas Granston
Barton, Bruce George
Barton, James Henry
Barton, Kenneth Judson
Barton, Clifford Barnaby
Bartram, Christopher Edward Thomas
Barzdo, Rajmund
Bashford, Percival Valentine
Baskerville, Norman George
Bassett, Trevor Norman
Baster, Bronislaw
Batchen, Alexander George
Bateman, George William
Bateman, James Richard
Bateman, Peter Daubeny
Bateman, Clarence Kenneth
Bateman, Albert Leroy
Bateman, Donald William
Bates, William David
Bates, Dudley Clive
Bateson, Benjamin William
Bateup, John Edwin
Bath, Peter Thomas
Bathgate, James Robertson Grant
Bathurst, Alan Lennox
Batt, James Henry
Battaglia, Jean E
Batten, Douglas Walter
Batterham, Jack Alexander
Batters, Harold Mark
Batterton, John Martin
Battle, James Joseph
Battler, Ralph Oscar
Baty, Frederick Alphonsus
Bauer, Wilbert Francis
Bauerek, Zygmunt
Baulderstone, Thomas Henry
Baulf, Ivan Harry William
Baumgarten, Raymond Lamport
Bavin, Douglas Frederick
Baworowski, Michal Rudolf
Baxter, William
Baxter, Arie Gordon
Baxter, Lloyd James
Baxter, Lawrence Heaton
Baxter, Murray Alexander
Baxter, Robert Leroy
Baxter, John Ross
Baxter, Robert Wilson
Baxter, Douglas Frank Jakes
Bayard, John William
Bayer, Edward Granville
Bayliss, Jack Bernard
Bayly, Francis Paul
Baynes, Melville Collinson
Baynton, Thomas James
Bazak, Bronislaw
Beach, Harold Lagor
Beach, Carl Adrian
Beach, Earl Victor
Beadle, Bernard James
Beal, Ronald Andre
Beal, John David Andrew
Beale, Harold Frid
Beale, Heathcote Huia Butler
Beale, Walter Stanley
Beales, Fred
Beall, Gordon Scowcroft
Bean, Bruce George Harold Robert
Beange, Keith Thomas
Beanland, Charles Alec
Beard, Edwin George
Beard, Robert
Beardall, Robert Haig
Beasley, Joseph Ronald
Beaton, Ian Ronald Aird
Beaton, Alexander Farquhar
Beaton, Charles Norman
Beatson, Earl Hume
Beattie, Hugh Donald
Beattie, George William
Beattie, John Nesbitt
Beattie, Lyall Kenneth
Beattie, Donald Charles
Beattie, Harold James
Beattie, Glen Patrick
Beattie, Edgar William
Beattie, John Leslie
Beattie, William Stuart
Beatty, Donald Lyall
Beatty, George David
Beatty, James Murray
Beatty, Harold Creighton
Beatty, Colin John
Beatty, Walter Stanley
Beatty, Alvin Marshall
Beatty, Walter Bennett
Beaudoin, Charles Howard Michael
Beaudry, Eloi Joseph Emile
Beaudry, Joseph Victor Raoul
Beaudry, Joseph Emile Roland
Beaumont, Leys Middleton
Beaupre, Jean
Beauregard, Joseph George Wilfred
Beavan, William Walter
Beaven, James Wilfred
Beaver, Gordon Findlay
Beavo, William Edward
Beazer, Ronald Charles Ostend
Beazley, Harry
Bebarfald, Brian Arthur
Bebensee, Douglas Glenn
Bechard, Louis Joseph Raymond
Beck, Richard Colvin Seddon
Beck, John Douglas
Beck, Richard William
Beck, John William
Becker, Robert Douglas Albert
Becker, Byron Jeremiah
Becker, Hermann Hirsch
Becker, Hermann Hirsch
Beckering, Hermanne Jacobus Jan
Beckett, John Rogers
Beckett, Robert Francis
Beckhouse, Gordon Edwin
Beckingham, Clarence Walter
Beckley, Ronald Charles
Becko, Stanislaw
Bedard, Joseph Philippe
Bedard, Joseph Donat Marcel
Beddoe, Robert Henry
Beddow, William Whittingham
Bedell, Reginald Hudson
Bedkowski, Ryszard
Bednarski, Piotr
Bednarz, Jozef
Bedwell, Horace Kempton
Bee, Charles Robert
Beebe, Henry Craig
Beebe, Jack Heaton
Beech, Charles Trask
Beech, Stanley Percy
Beecher, Thomas Francis
Beechey, Bruce
Beedie, Stuart William Stott
Beer, Ryszard Aleksander
Beer, Allan John
Beer, Jack Garfield
Beers, Frederick Kenneth
Beesley, Joseph Francis Terence
Beesley, Alec Henry
Beeston, Richard Denison
Befinger, Mieczyslaw Franciszek
Begbie, James Errol
Begbie, Kendall Bell
Begg, Reginald Kenneth
Begg, Andrew Mcalpine
Beggs, Robert Charles
Begin, Joseph Henri Paul Rogers
Beharrie, David
Behrent, Ernest Henry
Behrndt, Raymond Carl
Beilby, John George
Beinke, Dudley Raymond
Beirnes, Jack Rife
Beisiegel, Donovan John
Belanger, Frank James
Belanger, Joseph Leonin Lionel
Belanger, Joseph Marcel
Belanger, Joseph Adelard Roland
Belanger, Joseph Leo Gerard
Belanger, Jean Joseph Donnelly
Belbin, Sydney Frank
Belc, Marian
Belcher, Leonard Ralph
Belcourt, Frank
Belec, Gilbert Gerard
Belec, Gordon
Belecky, John Anthony
Belford, Thomas David
Belina-Prazmowski, Janusz Josef
Belina-Prazmowski, Janusz Josef
Beliveau, Joseph Henri Alphonse
Bell, Vanegmond Robert
Bell, Andrew Paul
Bell, Ronald Peter
Bell, Ronald James Mcclean
Bell, Francis Aubrey
Bell, Earl Theodore
Bell, Ronald Charles
Bell, James Bond (Jimmie)
Bell, Charles Herbert Leslie
Bell, Maxwell Herron
Bell, Gordon Ross
Bell, George Goodall
Bell, Harold Copeland
Bell, David Gordon
Bell, George Samuel Crawford
Bell, Jack Gordon Stewart
Bell, James Lloyd
Bell, Colin Douglas
Bell, Bruce Edwin
Bell, John Napier
Bell, Murray Richard
Bell, Ronald George
Bell, Alan Frank
Bell, David
Bell, Angus Fyfe
Bell, Malcolm Owen Morley
Bell, David
Bell, Alvin Donald Gould
Bell, William Alexander
Bell, Alexander Matthew James
Bell, John
Bell, Hilton Craig
Bell, John Hardie
Bell, John Douglas Campbell
Bell, Merton John
Bell, Ralph Douglas
Bell, Angus Hugh
Bell, Paton
Bell, Frederick George
Bell, Frank George
Bell, Ernest Maxwell
Bell, Keith Selwyn
Bell, James William
Bell-towers, Wadya Wellesley
Beller, Wladyslaw H
Bellew, Henry Benedict
Bellinger, William George
Bellingham, Ronald Charles
Bellingham, Adam Sidney
Bellis, Robert Samuel
Belot, Theodore Albert
Belous, Wesley Leonard
Belt, Dallas Eugene
Belza, Stefan Stanislaw
Ben-hertz, Maxwell
Bendwig, Richard Alanson
Benedyk, Jozef
Benison, Phillip Mervyn
Benjamin, Colin George
Benn, Harland Trevor
Benn, John Walter
Bennell, Richard James
Benner, David Stanley
Bennett, William Keith
Bennett, Harry Curd
Bennett, Gordon
Bennett, William John Bowles
Bennett, Henry Thomas Leonard
Bennett, Arthur Charles
Bennett, Richard Jack
Bennett, Thomas Samuel Eric
Bennett, Lloyd Douglas
Bennett, Wilfred Stuart
Bennett, Kenneth Hugh
Bennett, Bruce William
Bennett, Alexander
Bennett, Kenneth Edwin Harold
Bennett, Arthur Godfrey
Bennett, Donald Howard
Bennett, David
Bennett, John
Bennett, Cecil Joseph
Bennett, Richard Albert John
Bennett, Brian Percival
Bennett, Lionel John
Bennett, Thomas Herbert
Benning, Forbes Govan
Bennington, Ian Campbell
Bennington, Douglas Edward
Bennis, Henry
Benoit, Wieslaw
Bensley, Marcus
Benson, Robert Lowell
Benson, David Howard
Benson, Ivor Bruce
Benson, Sydney William
Benson, Philip William
Bent, Thomas Edward
Bentley, Douglas George
Bentley, Logan Carmon
Bentley, Loch Lomond
Bentley, Charles George
Bentley, Robert Henry Waldron
Bentley, Frederick Earl
Bentley, Lloyd Sinclair
Bentley, William John
Benton, John Hudson
Bentz, Wilbur Boyd
Beranek, Stanley Joseph
Bercuson, Bernard
Berdecha, Jan
Berdys, Stefan
Beresford, John Stewart
Berg, Gilbert Louis Oscar
Berg, Carl Martin
Bergelin, Rupert William
Berger, Colin Bruce
Berger, Antoni
Berger, Nathan Louis
Bergeron, John Albert
Berges, Claude Gerald
Bergin, James Michael
Bergin, Joseph Stanley
Bergland, Norval
Bergquist, Edwin Robert
Bergsten, Carl Alexis
Berkey, George Robert
Berkey, Edward Roy
Berlinguette, Joseph Jean Paul Osias
Bermingham, Daniel Charles
Bernaldo, Jack
Bernard, David
Bernaski, Ladimer Jacob
Bernatowicz, Franciszek
Bernett, Neville
Berney, Richard Bruce
Bernhardt, Douglas Paul
Bernhart, Pierre Nicholas
Bernick, Lloyd Adolf
Bernier, Joseph Wilfrid Laurier F.
Bernyk, Michael
Berrigan, Leonard Thomas
Berry, Weston Robert
Berry, Lloyd Joseph
Berry, Edwin Henry
Berry, Keith Gregory
Berry, Stanley George
Berry, Edmund Hughes
Berryman, Stuart
Berryman, Arthur Albert William
Bertelsen, Frederick Castell
Bertram, Richard Edgar
Bertran, Ross Herbert
Bertrand, Joseph Herve Theodore R.
Beruldsen, Kenneth Cupples
Berven, Bruce Martin
Besley, Gordon Wilmer
Besse, Claude Andrew
Bessent, Henry Roberts
Bessette, Bertie Joseph August
Best, Harold Francis Sargent
Best, John Douglas
Best, Robert Augusta
Beswick, Herbert Russell
Betleja, Wladislaw
Betley, Roland Desmond Ernest
Betteridge, Arthur Frederick
Bettin, Wendelin Bernard
Bettington, Max Milson
Bettridge, Oliver Augustus
Betts, Norman Garnet
Betts, Bruce George
Beukes, L. Von S.
Beutel, William
Beveridge, Massey Williamson
Beveridge, James Ralph
Bewley, Donald Glenn
Beyak, Alexander Edward
Beyer, Maxwell Sydney
Beyer, Harry Malcolm
Bialecki, Roman
Bialobrzeski, Kazimierz
Bialoszewski, Adam Szczepan
Bialy, Czeslaw
Bickerton, George Stanley
Bickerton, Joseph Roy
Bickford, Peter William
Bicknell, Aubrey Griffith
Biddlecombe, Conrad Peter Vivian
Bidgood, Francis William
Bidwell, Donald David George
Bieganski, Tadeusz Jan
Bielawski, Jozef
Bielby, Keith Thomas
Bielec, Stanislaw
Bielicki, Jozef
Bielkiewicz, Bogdan
Bienkowski, Jan Zenon
Bienkowski, Jan Zenon
Bienvenue, Jean Bernard Herbert
Bier, Donald Sutherland
Biesiot, Leslie Hendrik
Biffen, Jack Stanley
Biggar, John Matthew
Biggerstaff, Richard Alan
Biggin, Geoffrey Moyle
Biggs, James William
Biggs, Douglas Gordon
Bigham, John Robert
Biglands, Reginald John
Bigmore, Gordon William
Bignell, Peter Gorbell
Bijur, Robert Duff
Bilbe, John
Billens, Hewitt Elliot
Billett, Clive
Billing, Kelvin Cholwill
Billing, John Urban
Billing, James William
Billing, Ralph Wesley
Billing, William Henry
Billman, Douglas Payne
Bilodeau, Joseph Laurent Willie
Bilsby, Ralph Trenham
Biltoft, Arthur Henry
Binder, Hector Frederick
Bing, Gerrard Roy
Bingham, Kevin Joffre
Bingham, Clive Thomas
Bingham, Clifford Marvin
Bingley, George Cuthbert
Binnie, Keith Cedric
Biollo, Peter Joseph
Birchall, Roland
Birchall, Albert
Bird, Hugh Alexander
Bird, James Snelgrove
Bird, Campbell David
Bird, Derry Gates
Bird, Harold William
Bird, Alan William Porteous
Birk, Doric Phillip
Birkbeck, Alburn Frederick
Birkinshaw, Leonard William
Birkland, Henry
Birks, William Sidney Atkinson
Birks, Richard Salisbury
Birmingham, William John
Birnie, Robert
Birnie, Hugh Waldie
Birtles, Ronald Joseph
Bischlager, Harold
Bisheff, George Edward
Bishop, John Philpott
Bishop, Frank Elliott
Bishop, Edward Archibald
Bishop, Jack
Bishop, Benjamin Harvey
Bishop, James Douglas
Bishop, Leon Eric Gordon
Bishop, George
Bishop, Ernest Howard
Bishop, Robert Albert
Bishop, Omer Wilbur John
Bishop, Stanley Adolfson
Bissell, Albert Frank
Bissell, Donald Clifford
Bisset, William Mcmanus
Bissett, John Alexander
Bissonnette, Guy Andre Rene
Bitcon, James Alexander
Bitten, Frederick Charles
Bittner, John Drake
Blach, Tadeusz
Blachford, Glenn Hugh
Blachowski, Marian
Black, Stanley Kevin
Black, John William
Black, Angus John
Black, Lindsay Stuart
Black, Douglas John
Black, Douglas Allan
Black, Stuart Corliss
Black, William Anderson
Black, James Calvin
Black, Wendell Clifford
Black, Harry Gordon
Black, Gordon Ronald
Black, Gregory James
Black, Charles Noola
Black, Norman Scott
Black, Dudley Victor
Black, Bruce Graham
Black, John Hannah
Blackburn, Thomas Benson
Blackburn, Adrian John
Blackford, Walter Frederick
Blackhall, Robert Orin
Blackham, Kenneth Leslie
Blackley, Allan Neil
Blacklock, Edward Francis
Blackmore, Charles Allen
Blackmore, Ralph Loudon
Blackmore, Geoffrey Livingstone
Blackmore, Davy George
Blackmore, George Ralph
Blackshaw, John Douglas
Blackwell, Henry Westbrook
Blackwood, Henry William Arthur
Blades, William Henry
Blagborne, Charles Ward
Blaikie, Ian Armstrong
Blair, Reginald George
Blair, Timothy Clayton
Blair, Noel Hensley
Blair, Robert Wallace
Blair, William George
Blair, John Spencer
Blair, Ernest Anthony
Blair, Herbert Douglas
Blair, John
Blair, Jack Frederick
Blair, Robert Alexander Walton
Blair, William
Blake, Frederick Henry
Blake, Eric George
Blake, John Michael
Blake, Eric Stuart
Blake, Harold Roger
Blake, William Vincent
Blake, Richard Barnett
Blake, Leonard Herbert
Blakeley, William Henry
Blakeley, Wallace John Robert
Blakely, Wallace Bennett
Blakemore, Trevor Morgan
Blakey, Alexander Douglas
Blamires, Ronald Garland
Blance, Ian Edward
Blanch, Percy
Blanchard, Westley Lawrence
Blanchard, Albert Sheppard
Blanchard, Sedley Stewart
Blanchard, Merton Campbell
Blanchard, Joseph Jerome
Blanchette, Clifford Eugene
Blanchfield, John James
Blasinski, Wladyslaw
Blasko, Joseph Arthur
Blatch, Benjamin George
Blaubaum, Maxwell Bibra
Blaydes, Herbert
Blaylock, Jack
Blayney, Alfred Goodman-wells
Blazeiko, Panko Peter
Blazejewski, Wawrzyniek
Blazejewski, Jan
Blazejewski, Jan
Blease, John Thomas
Blenkarn, Ronald James
Blenkhorn, Charles Robert Sayre
Blenkinsop, Edward Weyman
Blessing, William Walter
Blewett, Terence Douglas
Blewett, Richard Trevor
Blight, Leslie Edwin
Blight, William Gerald
Blincoe, Kenneth Howard
Blizard, Hugh Conway
Bloch, Willys Roland
Block, Noel Herbert
Block, Dalton Irvon
Blom, George Henry
Blom, Pieter Hendrik
Bloomer, George Taylor
Bloomfield, Mandel
Bloomfield, David I'anson
Bluck, Norman Bradford
Bluczynski, Witold
Blue, Donald Archibald
Bluj, Feliks Antoni
Blumer, Richmond Antony Barrett
Blundell, Colin Frazer
Blunden, Neil Ralph
Blunderfield, William Edward
Blunt, Malcolm James Larke
Blunt, Walter Leonard
Bluszcz, Jerzy
Blynn, Arnold Raymond
Blyskal, Franciszek
Blyth, John William
Blyth, Colin John
Boaden, Frank Bruce
Boal, Harold James
Boardman, Leonard
Boase, Peter Leonard
Boates, Robert Melbourne
Bochenski, Kazimierz
Bock, Earl William
Bock, Allan James Henry
Bocking, Stanley
Bockowski, Zygmunt
Boddy, Howard Bruce
Boden, John Stuart
Bodkin, William Fred
Boe, Bernard
Boehmer, Albert Edward Charles
Bogan, Edward Anthony
Boggs, William Ferguson
Bogusiak, Jozef
Boguszewski, Wladyslaw Sylwester
Bohanes, Stefan
Bohemier, Joseph Eloi
Boily, Joseph Omer Emile Jules
Boire, Leo Albert
Boissevain, Henry Glen
Boisvert, Wilfred Leger
Boisvert, Joseph George Louis
Boivin, John Louis
Bojarczuk, Romauld
Boklazec, Mikolaj
Boland, Thomas Lindsay
Boler, Herbert Henry
Boles, William Harold
Boleslawski, Jerzy
Bolger, Ray Kethel
Bolger, Thomas John
Bolger, Alexander Gordon
Bolger, Hugh Burke
Bolstad, Kenneth Wallace
Bolster, Cyril Leslie
Bolton, Vernon Harry
Bolton, James William
Bolton, George Frederick
Bomby, John
Bomford, John Hamilton
Bond, John Norman
Bond, John Cecil
Bond, Deryck Hunter
Bond, John Keith
Bond, Walter Frederick
Bondar, Jozef
Bondar, Jozef
Bone, Alan Cameron
Bonell, William Stewart
Bonham, Gordon Loversidge
Bonin, Ernest Donald
Bonisch, Lester Lascelles
Bonk, Leon Stanislaw
Bonk, Leon Stanislaw
Bonnefin, Joseph Marcel
Bonner, Murray Wallace
Bonnett, Alwynn Lincoln
Bonnett, Leonard Douglas
Bonneville, John Raymond
Bonus, Sidney Owen
Boocock, Walter
Book, Archibald Neville
Booker, Leonard Percy
Bookhout, Earl Wesley
Boomer, Kenneth Arthur
Boomer, Carl Stirling
Booth, Gordon
Booth, George Edward
Booth, George Vincent Cyril
Booth, Charles Royce
Booth, George Arnold
Booth, Ronald James
Booth, James Robert
Booth, Wyman Alexander
Booth, Robert Alexander
Boots, Henri Jean
Bootsma, Donald Hill
Booyse, Frans
Borchardt, Hugo Hysert
Bordeleau, Joseph Jacques Bernard
Borkowski, Stanislaw
Borland, Ernest
Borland, Alexander George
Born, Dirk Herman Jacob
Boroski, Frank
Borowicz, Ludomir Kazimierz
Borowski, Jan
Borrett, Arnold Harvey
Borrowes, Robert Dean
Borrowman, William Thomas
Borthwick, John Mayo
Bosch, Peter Herman
Bosek, Henryk Gerwazy Jozef
Boshoff, Christian Gresse
Boss, Norman Holmes
Bostwick, Stanley Edward
Boswell, John Mclaren
Bothe, William Gilbert
Botsford, Robert Longworth
Botsford, Laurence Neill
Bott, Stuart Frank Beeching
Botterill, Harold Wallace
Bottomley, Harry Frederick
Bottrell, Gerard Alp
Bouchard, Vernon John
Boucher, Gerald Joseph
Boucher, Thomas Gerald
Boucock, Kenneth George
Boudreau, Joseph Rufin
Boudreau, Gerald Charles
Boudreau, Lawrence Joseph Henry
Boudreault, Joseph Raoul Alphonse
Boulanger, Joseph Francois Yves Albert
Boulter, Roy Russell
Boulton, Russell Charles Heath
Boundy, William Allan
Bourassa, Joseph Adrien Armand Lionel
Bourgeois, Laurie Alban
Bourke, Patrick John
Bourke, William
Bourke, Thomas Harrison
Bourne, Kenneth Reid
Bourne, Kenneth Charles George
Bourque, Theodore Phillip
Bousfield, George Raymond
Bouskill, Russell Reginald
Bousquet, Elbert Cyril
Boutilier, Eric Patrick
Bouvier, Joseph Maurice Leopold
Bovaird, Walter Le Roy
Bow, Henry Herbert
Bowden, Donald Ivan
Bowden, Leonard Douglas
Bowden, John Bruce
Bowe, Donald Mcfarlane
Bowen, Lawrence Milbert
Bowen, Ian William
Bowen, Cyril Keith
Bower, Frank Graham
Bowering, Frank Edgar
Bowering, John Ernest Ralph
Bowern, Donald Anderson
Bowes, Gordon David
Bowes, Lyle Edward
Bowhay, William Edward
Bowie, Valance Trent
Bowker, Thomas Layton
Bowker, Harlow Wilbur
Bowker, Stanley Charles
Bowlen, William Michael
Bowler, William Henry
Bowler, James Edwin
Bowler, Frederick Nelson
Bowley, Robert George
Bowling, Colin Baxter
Bowman, Edward Max
Bowman, Alan Peter
Bowman, Anthony Ellis
Bowman, Norman Ray
Bowman, James Ferguson
Bowman, Lloyd Douglas
Bowman, Nelson Ellis
Bowman, Norman Jack
Bown, Bruce Oswald
Bown, Leslie Walter
Bowring, Frances Charles
Bowsher, William Henry John
Bowsher, Norman Frederick
Box, John Alexander
Box, Peter William Bisset
Box, Malcolm
Box, Denis Grant
Boxall, George Robert
Boyce, John William
Boyce, Trevor Wilmot
Boyce, William George
Boyce, Ernest Bertin
Boyce, Norman George Wood
Boyce, Francis Allan
Boyce, Charles David
Boyce, Robert Richardson
Boyd, Gordon Alex
Boyd, Robert Douglas
Boyd, Frank Lawrence
Boyd, Thompson Neville Digby
Boyd, John Duncan
Boyd, Harold William
Boyd, Victor Leslie
Boyd, John Livingstone
Boyd, Lorne Graham
Boyd, Charles Arthur
Boyd, James Owen
Boyd, Ronald Gordon
Boyd, Harry Wilfred
Boyd, Norman Collis
Boyd, Roy Vincent
Boyd, Kenneth Leslie
Boyd, Allan Bernard
Boyd, William James Victor
Boyd, Ronald Howard
Boydell, John Charles Broughton
Boyer, Joseph Rene Roland
Boyer, Joseph Paul Albert
Boyer, Gilbert Davies
Boyes, Harry Thomas
Boyes, Gordon Ediss
Boyle, Ernest Elroy
Boyle, Harry Vern
Boyle, Clair Patrick
Boyle, John Joseph
Boyle, Bernard Francis
Boyle, Daniel Patrick
Boylson, William Wrixon
Boys, Nigel G.
Boyton, Basil
Bozer, Donald Machell
Braaten, Sterling Lorne
Braathen, Harold
Brabant, Roy Ledlay
Brabender, Elton Duncan
Bracey, Maurice John
Bracken, William Henry
Brackenridge, Douglas Matthew
Bradbury, Richard Forrest
Bradbury, John Leslie
Bradden, Harry Leo
Braddock, Graham
Braddock, Bryant
Braddock, Robert Jack
Bradey, George Edward Francis
Bradford, Edward Albert John
Bradford, Colin Arthur
Bradford, John Mckinnon
Bradley, Charles Carrol
Bradley, Allan George
Bradley, Allen Catto
Bradley, Thomas Wallace
Bradley, Irvine Clifford
Bradley, Roy Harris
Bradley, Howard Eldon
Bradley, Basil George Sheridan
Bradley, Desmond George
Bradley, Keith James
Bradley, James Reid
Bradley, Frederick
Bradley, John Edward
Bradley, Jonathan Riley
Bradley, Frank
Bradley, Douglas Reginald
Bradley, Royden Garfield
Bradley, Alick Ronald
Bradly, Albert Thomas
Bradshaw, Winston Francis
Bradshaw, Sidney Victor
Bradshaw, Robert Ranui
Bradshaw, George Gordon
Bradshaw, Robert Leonard
Bradshaw, James
Brady, Joseph Gordon
Brady, Francis Patrick Joseph
Brady, Laurence Roy
Brady, William George
Brady, John William
Brady, James Maxwell
Brady, John Bernard
Brady, Alan John
Brager, Kenneth Lloyd
Braid, Alexander Albert
Brailey, Clifton Robert
Brain, William Walter D'arcy
Braine, Hope
Brakeman, Jesse Clemence
Braley, Raymond Sydney
Brambleby, James Edwin
Bramley, Ennis Frederick
Branch, Sydney James
Brand, Daniel Archibald
Brand, Peter Healey
Brand, Norman
Brander, Harry Sutton
Brandon, Charles Henry
Brandon, Melvyn Hamilton
Brannigan, Stewart Gordon
Bransby, Alfred Henry
Brasnett, Raymond Gerard
Brass, James Gladstone
Brassel, Terence Joseph
Brathwaite, Robert George Ashley
Braun, William Thomas
Braun, Howard Charles
Brautigam, Ernest Henry
Brawley, Paul Franklin
Brawn, Roy Arthur
Bray, Henry John
Bray, Gordon Page
Bray, Reginald Shore
Bray, John Terry
Bray, Charles Lorne
Braybrook, Bertram Stanley
Brayford, Lloyd Willis
Brayne, Frederick Charles
Breakey, T. J. Mcd.
Breakspear, Allan Rothery
Brearley, Edgar
Brechin, Manley Lyall
Breckels, George Stanley
Bredin, Mark Webster
Breed, John Leonard
Breen, James Gerald
Breen, Roy Frederick
Breen, William John
Breeze, Harold Arthur Alexander
Brehaut, Lowell Milton
Brehaut, George Lester
Brehn, Thomas John
Breier, Harry Patrick
Bremner, David Alexander Edward
Bremner, Frank Cecil
Bremner, John Donald
Brennan, John Robert
Brennan, Lawrence William
Brennan, Thomas John
Brennan, William Stanley
Brennan, Leonard Reginald
Brennan, Charles Arthur
Brennan, Leonard James
Brennan, Edmund Keith
Brennan, Cyril
Brennan, Herbert John Patrick
Brennan, Arthur Benjamin
Brennan, Jack Stephen
Brenton, Kenneth Stickney
Brenton, William Frederick
Brenton, Edward Harry
Brenton, Leo Arthur
Brett, Harold Beverly
Brett, Robert Arthur
Brett, Ronald Oswald Charles
Breward, Noel
Brewer, Thomas James
Brewer, Gordon William
Brewer, Hedley Royden
Brewer, Eric Clive
Brewer, Morley Junior
Brewer, Ronald Leslie
Brewin, Patrick Hope
Brewin, Raymond Thomas
Breyner, Stanislaw
Brezina, Frederick George
Brian, Edward Joseph
Brian, William Leslie Fred
Briant, Alfred Campbell
Brice, Francis Thomas Sargent
Brice, Vincent Leslie
Bridgeman, Robert Vale
Bridger, Roger Thomas
Bridgman, Donald Charles
Bridgman, William Frederick
Bridgman, Arthur Mervyn
Briegel, James Stuart
Brierley, Thomas Barry
Briese, Richard Gustav
Brigden, Donald Andrew
Briggs, Ronald
Briggs, William Edmund
Briggs, George Maxwell
Briggs-jude, Robert William
Brigham, Jack Mccrae
Brighouse, Malcolm Stanley
Bright, Ernest William
Brightwell, John Mostyn
Brill, Eugeniusz
Brimacombe, Rafe Sherme
Brims, John
Bringloe, James Henry
Brinkworth, Ernest Peter
Brislan, John Glen
Brissenden, Joseph
Brisson, Joseph Paul Guy
Bristow, Frederick David
Britland, George Douglas
Britten, Aubrey Ginders
Britton, Clarence William Arthur
Britts, Alfred Joseph
Britz, Johannes Frederick
Broad, John Haig
Broad, Edgar Geroge
Broad, Frederick Heath
Broadbent, Robert Charles
Broadley, John Duncan
Broady, Raymond Herbert John
Brochu, Victorien Armand Gilbert
Brock, George Herbert
Brock, Ronald Arthur
Brock, Henry James
Brocket, John Crawford
Brockington, George Stanley
Broddy, James Morley
Broder, John Gordon
Brodie, John Mcandrew
Brodie, William
Brodie, Robert Gerald Campbell
Brodie, Warren Argo
Brodie, Hugh Rowell
Brodribb, Francis Anthony Bower
Brodrick, Noel George
Brodziak, Gordon Ward
Brodzikowski, Witold Jan
Broemeling, Alvin John
Bromley, Reginald Ernest
Bromley, Roger Arthur
Bronson, Clifford Robert
Broodbank, Ronald Arthur
Brook, Kenneth Richard
Brook, Charles Cyril
Brook, Roy Edward
Brook, Donald
Brooker, William John
Brookes, George Henry
Brookes, Robert George
Brookes, Thomas Robert
Brookhouse, John Neville
Brooking, Alexander Thomas
Brookman, Richard Waller
Brookman, Ronald Charles
Brooks, Clare Edward
Brooks, James Lennox
Brooks, Lucien David
Brooks, Ronald Douglas
Brooks, Charles Willie
Brooks, Francis Conn
Brooks, Keith Bishop
Brooks, Harry
Brooks, Hiram George
Broom, Howard
Broomhead, David Alfred
Brophey, Burton Orval
Brophy, John Lawrence Douglas
Bros, Wladyslaw
Brosko, Peter Paul
Brosnahan, Frederick Timothy
Brosnan, John Lane
Brough, Richmond
Brough, Valentine George
Broughton, Douglas Oliver
Brouillette, Sidney Phillipe Richard
Broun, Ronald Richmond
Broun, Alan Stewart
Brouse, David Lorne
Brovender, Jack Lionel
Brown, Douglas Walter
Brown, Reginald Archibald Percival
Brown, Francis Henry
Brown, Charles Harold Latshaw
Brown, Ronald Jack
Brown, John Stanley
Brown, David Lloyd George
Brown, Robert Nodin Plessay
Brown, Thomas Leslie
Brown, James Angus
Brown, Duncan Stewart
Brown, John Armagh Charles
Brown, Geoffrey Albert
Brown, Norman Conway
Brown, Lloyd Nelson
Brown, Robert Phillip Henry
Brown, Eric Lindsay
Brown, John Eyre
Brown, Donald George Wentworth
Brown, Ronald William
Brown, William Mcintosh
Brown, James Bernard Frederick
Brown, William Elliott
Brown, William
Brown, John Henry
Brown, Douglas Stewart
Brown, William Raymond James
Brown, Alan Francis
Brown, Gilbert Francis
Brown, Douglas Roy
Brown, George Chahoon
Brown, George
Brown, James E.
Brown, William Clyde
Brown, Eddie Hester
Brown, John Henry
Brown, John Francis
Brown, Kenneth Thomas
Brown, David Oscar
Brown, Edgar Barwood
Brown, Thomas Lloyd
Brown, Harold Leonard
Brown, Charles Douglas Grant
Brown, John Arthur
Brown, Reginald
Brown, Peter Edwyn Elkford
Brown, Arthur
Brown, Robert Burns
Brown, Herbert James
Brown, Cedric Tyson
Brown, Herbert Kenith
Brown, Sydney
Brown, James Alexander
Brown, Donald John Morgan
Brown, James Henry
Brown, Norman David
Brown, Brian Edward
Brown, Arthur John
Brown, William Wood Lindsay
Brown, Stephen Watson
Brown, William Sydney
Brown, Ray Edward
Brown, Roye Wilmott
Brown, Arthur Hugh Steyning
Brown, John Raeburn
Brown, George Thirlwell
Brown, Hugh Stainger
Brown, Orlan Roderick
Brown, Carlos Manuel
Brown, George Rawson
Brown, Clayton Perry
Brown, Harry Lyle
Brown, Alfred George Greenwood
Brown, Leo Frederick Joseph
Brown, Allan John James
Brown, Andrew Alexander
Brown, Wallace Hilton
Brown, George William
Brown, William Wallace
Brown, Robert Oswald
Brown, John Daniel
Brown, Leonard George
Brown, Wesley
Brown, William Earle
Brown, Vivian William
Brown, Bruce Harold
Brown, Ronald Westland
Brown, George
Brown, Russell Howard
Brown, Sidney Arthur
Brown, Vincent Leigh
Brown, William Beaumont
Brown, The Rev. James Gordon
Brown, Gilbert Frederick
Brown, Fred Harvey
Brown, James Moyes
Brown, David Cornfoot
Brown, Brian William
Brown, Clayton Penrose Lindon
Brown, Robert William
Brown, Earl Herbert
Brown, Lorne Edwin
Brown, Harry Arthur Bulger
Browne, Barry Stewart
Browne, Joseph Edward
Browne, Geoffrey Seymour
Browne, Maxwell
Browne, William Joseph
Browne, Derrick Gordon
Browne, Robert Langford Percival
Browne, Thomas Chamberlain Molineux
Browne, James Arthur Gerald
Browne, Adrian Victor
Brownfield, Thomas Robert
Browning, James Ronald
Brownlee, John
Brownlee, Irvin Gordon Thomas
Brownlee, David Ellis
Brownlee, Colin Crawford
Brownlie, William
Brubaker, Donald Warren
Bruce, Norman
Bruce, Robert Henry
Bruce, Kenneth Rupert
Bruce, Frederick Thomas Robert
Bruce, Haddo Eric Von
Bruckner, Maxwell Bright
Bruegeman, Raymond Glen
Bruhns, Harold Henry
Brumby, Charles Herbert
Brunette, Louis Raymond
Brunskill, Anthony George Stewart
Bruton, Cecil Gilbert
Bryan, Kenneth Edward
Bryan, Guy Nelson
Bryans, Robert John
Bryans, William Stewart
Bryant, Robert Maxwell
Bryant, Harry Douglas
Bryant, James Alfred
Bryant, Ronald Owen
Bryde, Geoffrey Nigel James
Bryden, William Edward
Bryden, Herbert
Brydon, James Stenhouse
Brydon, Francis Samuel
Brydon, Wilbert Alexander
Bryers, Robert Bruce
Brygider, Roman Marian
Bryon, Frederick Harry
Bryson, Norman Albert
Brzazgacz, Aleksander B
Brzezina, Stanislaw
Brzezinski, Jozef
Brzezinski, Jan
Brzezinski, Waclaw
Brzostowski, Marian Zenon
Brzozowski, Tadeusz
Buchan-hepburn, Ronald Henry
Buchanan, Norman William
Buchanan, George David Wills
Buchanan, Alexander Gibson
Buchanan, Malcolm Stjernqvist
Buchanan, Douglass John Alexander
Buchanan, George Henderson Pepper
Buchanan, William Lysle
Buchanan, John Donald
Buchanan, George Harry
Buchanan, David Graham
Buchanan, John Gilbert Ross
Buchanan, James Thomas
Buchkowski, Taras Stefan
Buchner, Charles Wesley
Bucirde, Reginald John
Buck, Percy Lloyd
Buck, Kenneth Howard
Buck, Frederick Sinclair
Buck, Frederick Walter
Buckberrough, Robert Clarke (Bob)
Buckby, Ernest Middleton
Buckeridge, Clement Ralph
Buckham, John Alexander
Buckingham, George Ellis
Buckingham, Arthur Victor Mcdonald
Buckingham, Robert John
Buckingham, John Alexander
Buckland, Edward Cyril
Buckland, Alfred Neil
Buckle, Douglas John
Buckley, Kenneth Allan
Buckley, Bayne
Buckley, John Peter Burton
Buckley, Morton Haist
Buckley, John Bowyer
Buckley, Ross Cameron
Buckley, Allan Edward
Buckman, John Arthur
Buckmaster, John
Bucknell, Geoffrey Charles
Bucknell, Brian Wentworth
Bucknell, Phillip Crocker
Buckolz, Rollie Ernest
Buckwell, Walter Herbert Secretan
Buczynski, Stanislaw
Buda, Franciszek Jan
Budd, Robert William Harry
Budd, Hamilton Roland Dacre
Budden, David Hastings
Budreau, Jack Gale
Budzalek, Czeslaw
Budzalek, Czeslaw
Buechler, Maurice Emanuel
Buettel, Keith Edward
Bugg, Theordore Alexander
Buick, John Albert
Buie, Robert Montgomery
Buiskool, Henry Francis
Bukowiecki, Grzegorz Jerzy
Bulanda, Joseph Peter
Bulcock, Francis Edward
Bulger, John Percy
Bull, Frederick Cradock
Bull, Charles Gordon
Bull, Roland Montgomery
Bull, Douglas Walter Westlake
Bull, Lawrence Joseph
Bull, Ronald Eric
Bullard, Francis
Bullen, Edwin Gordon Kingsley
Bullen, Richard John
Bullock, Marquis Roland
Bullock, Gordon Alan
Bulman, Frederick Lloyd
Bulman, Gordon Thomas
Buls, Bruce Lyndon
Bundara, Collin Royal
Bundy, Lincoln Delmar
Bunn, Myrl Ellwood
Bunning, Bruce Alan
Bunt, Eugene
Bunt, James Edward
Buntine, Robert Athol
Burbidge, Kenneth Alfred
Burbidge, Hugh Edward
Burchell, Orval Henry
Burcher, Reginald Maxwell
Burcher, William Edward
Burden, Leslie Herbert
Burden, George Franklin
Burdett, Norman William Ellison
Burges, Norman George Albert
Burgess, Malcolm Robert
Burgess, Raymond Charles
Burgess, Thomas James
Burgess, James Michael
Burgess, Joseph Emil Leo
Burgess, Neil Conway
Burgess, Allison Burnett
Burgess, Hugh Thomas Blakeley
Burgess, Raymond Richard
Burgess, Arthur Bolwell
Burgess, Fred Andrew
Burgess, Douglas Mcintosh
Burgess, James Russell
Burgum, William Arnold
Burk, Leslie Alexander
Burke, Mervyn Kevin
Burke, Douglas Leopold
Burke, Bernard William
Burke, Joseph Paul Ernest
Burke, Roy Norman Victor
Burke, Robert William
Burke, John Joseph
Burke, Edgar Lawrence
Burke, Cuthbert Worcester Graham
Burke, Wesley Ray
Burke, James Orr
Burke, David Warnock
Burke, Franklyn Roy
Burke, James Joseph
Burke, Leonard Joseph
Burkitt, John Alan
Burleigh, Herbert Keith
Burleigh, Frank Kenneth
Burlingam, David Garrett
Burlinson, Robert Melville
Burman, Dennis Cecil
Burnard, James Fry Leslie
Burnell, Douglas Arthur
Burnell, Brian Dudley
Burnet, Jack Bruce
Burnett, Niall Hope
Burnett, Thomas Alfred
Burnett, David Mark Tyndall
Burnham, John
Burnham, Wilfred Henry
Burnie, Glenn David Welsh
Burns, William Stirling
Burns, John Francis
Burns, Huia Nelson
Burns, Alfred John
Burns, Bobbie De Savary
Burns, James
Burns, Robert John
Burns, William Henry
Burns, William
Burns, Robert James
Burns, Edward Robert
Burnside, Walter
Burnside, Harold
Burnside, David George Davidson
Burnside, Lloyd Weldon
Burpee, Lewis Johnstone
Burrett, James Robert
Burrill, Frank
Burrill, Roger Johnstone
Burrow, Lionel Frederick Walter
Burrow, Sydney Harold
Burrowes, Thomas Bernard
Burrows, John Benjamin
Burrows, John Woollatt
Burrows, Donald Eugene
Burrows, Wilfrid Gordon
Burrows, Felix Milton
Burrows, Frank Reginald
Burston, Frank Lorne
Burston, Glen Richard
Burt, Richard Percy
Burt, Rex Theodore
Burt, Newman Blackburn
Burt, Harry Leister
Burt, Robert George Alfred
Burt, Colin William
Burt, Alan Gladstone
Burt-gerrans, Harold Francis
Burton, Owen Albert
Burton, Robert Elwood
Burton, Wallace Bruce
Burton, Earl Allen
Burton, Robert
Burton, Robert William
Burton, Edwin Erle
Burton, Norman Lee
Burton, Brydon Albert
Burton, Herbert Eric
Burton, John Raymond
Burton, Ronald Garnet
Burton, Clarence Sydney
Burton, James Roberts
Burtt, Henry John
Burwell, Adrian James
Bury, Glyn Norman
Bury-Burzymski, Jan
Burzynski, Jan Wilhelm
Bush, Douglas Gordon
Bush, Charles Eric
Bush, Leonard James Stafford
Bush, Charles William
Bush, John Francis
Bushell, Kenneth
Bushell, George
Bushell, Gregory James
Bushell, Christopher
Bushfield, Frank Campbell
Bussell, Henry Chaytor
Bustin, John William Arthur
Buswell, Leonard
Buszko, Eugeniusz
Butchart, Bruce Ferguson
Butchart, Gordon Van Allen
Butcher, Raymond Edward Norton
Butcher, John William
Butcher, Charles Sydney
Butland, Frederick Dick
Butler, Kenneth Herbert
Butler, Harold Stuart
Butler, Cyril Joseph
Butler, William Manley
Butler, Reginald Lewis
Butler, Gerald James
Butler, Basil
Butler, Ivan William
Butler, Laurie Licence
Butler, Norman Arthur
Butler, Brian Leonard
Butler-williams, Geoffrey Hugh
Butson, Graham Frederick
Butt, Charles Henry
Butt, Warren Henry
Butterworth, John
Buttimore, Leslie Norman
Buttrey, John William
Butts, Nolan
Buxton, Alfred William
Buzza, James Alexander
Byass, Reginald Anderson
Bye, John Henry
Bye, Garth William Beresford
Bye, George Allan
Byers, Robert William
Byers, Harold
Byers, William Harold Stanley
Byers, James Edward
Byers, Vernon William
Byers, George James
Byers, Colin Edward
Byers, Charles Ross
Byers, Peter William
Byers, Clyde Willis
Byers, Kenneth Mcgeorge
Bylczynski, Stanislaw
Bylinski, Eugeniusz
Byrczak, Mieczyslaw Jozef
Byrd, Harold Chauncey
Byrne, Martin John
Byrne, William John
Byrne, Calvert Philip
Byrne, Reginald Elwyn
Byrne, Nial Thurlow
Byrne, Frank Paul
Byrnes, Robert Wentworth
Cabot, Joseph Francis Charles
Cachia, John
Cadd, Kenneth Francis
Caddy, Mervyn
Caddy, Peter Giblin
Cadger, William John
Cadham, Frederick Orchard
Cahill, Clement Bernard
Cahir, James Gordon
Cahoon, Grant Alder
Cain, Leonard William
Cain, Ivan William
Cains, Sidney William
Cairns, Richard Foote
Cairns, John Weldon
Cairns, Louvain Trevor
Caladine, Keith Jervis
Calder, Lewis Walter
Calder, William Henry
Calder, Gordon Alexander
Calder, James Reginald
Calder, James Alexander
Calder, Robert George
Calder, George Douglas
Calder, Peter John
Calder, James Stanley
Calderone, Dominico Guiseppe
Calderwood, Leonard John
Calderwood, Jack Sidney Alexander
Caldwell, Carleton Ernest
Caldwell, Andrew Glen
Caldwell, Ian Mckenzie
Caldwell, Walter Alexander
Caldwell, James Humphrey
Caldwell, Eldon Howard
Caldwell, David Kenneth
Caldwell, Wilson Gilmore
Caldwell, Robert George
Caley, George Frederick
Calford, Robert James
Calhoun, John Caldwell
Calhoun, Maxwell Boyd
Calinski, Stanislaw
Calinski, Stanislaw
Callaghan, Douglass
Callahan, John
Callan, Neville John
Callan, Morris Kolesky
Callander, Alexander Donaldson
Callin, Harold John
Callinan, John William
Callow, John Karlo
Callow, Horace
Calman, Lawrence Gordon
Calnan, Ronald Frank
Calverley, Walter John
Calvert, Robert William
Calvert, Frank Ian
Calvert, Clive Percival
Calvesbert, John Frederick
Cameron, Donald Archibald
Cameron, Duncan James
Cameron, Morley Luallan
Cameron, Douglas Charles
Cameron, Robert Edgar Hall
Cameron, Michael Cecil
Cameron, James William Keith
Cameron, Donald Alexander Joseph
Cameron, William Wilson
Cameron, Gilbert Keith
Cameron, Laurence Emmett
Cameron, Douglas Newlands
Cameron, Anthony Carlyle
Cameron, Alexander Robert
Cameron, Donald
Cameron, Charles Fraser
Cameron, George Alexander Duncan
Cameron, Donald Maxwell
Cameron, Phillip Greig
Cameron, Gordon Russell
Cameron, Wilfred Lawrie
Cameron, Allan Reid
Cameron, Thomas Henry
Cameron, William Parmenas
Cameron, William Douglas
Cameron, Colin Stewart
Cameron, Gordon Everett
Cameron, Clare Reid
Cameron, George
Cameron, Charles Jackson
Cameron, Richard Beauchamp
Cameron, Bruce Clarke
Cameron, Alexander Angus
Cameron, Roderick Hugh
Cammaart, Frederick Peter
Cammock, Raymond John
Camp, Sydney Clarence
Campbell, Robert Roy
Campbell, William Freeman
Campbell, Ralph Patrick
Campbell, William Ronald
Campbell, Hudson Cecil
Campbell, F. Russell
Campbell, Daniel Mclean
Campbell, Allan William
Campbell, Richard Gladstone
Campbell, Charles John
Campbell, Jeffrey William
Campbell, Ronald Fawcett
Campbell, Alexander Grant
Campbell, William Andrew
Campbell, Earl Kenneth
Campbell, William Gavin
Campbell, Colin James
Campbell, Macquarie James
Campbell, Douglas William
Campbell, William Clayton
Campbell, James Bertram
Campbell, Richard Edward John
Campbell, Paul Brewer
Campbell, Roy
Campbell, Frederick William
Campbell, Donald Edward
Campbell, Kenneth Peter
Campbell, John Louis
Campbell, William Warren
Campbell, James Duncan
Campbell, Thomas Marnoch
Campbell, Herbert Thomas
Campbell, Hugh Donald
Campbell, Archibald Dethridge
Campbell, John Parker
Campbell, Alexander Craven
Campbell, Neil Donald
Campbell, Sydney Neam
Campbell, Nigel Douglas
Campbell, Donald Fletcher
Campbell, David Sinclair
Campbell, Keith Lauchlan
Campbell, Gordon Roch
Campbell, Joseph William
Campbell, Frederick Yorston
Campbell, Douglas Reid
Campbell, Colin Summers
Campbell, Donald Allister
Campbell, Colin Blair
Campbell, Robert Hugh
Campbell, James Duncan
Campbell, Robert Hepburn
Campbell, Kenneth John
Campbell, Colin Herbert
Campbell, Stephen Gordon
Campbell, Clarence
Campbell, Robert Balmain
Campbell, Stewart
Campbell, Allan Paul
Campbell, Robert Richard
Campbell, John Gilbert
Campbell, Thomas Henderson
Campbell, William
Campbell, Duncan Eric
Campbell-rogers, Leonard Herculese
Campeau, Joseph Alphonse Carmen
Campton, Albert Spencer Blair
Canavan, Reginald Francis
Candline, Albert Edward
Candlish, John Muir
Canet, David
Canfield, Glen Ross
Cann, Ronald Maclean
Cann, Robert Leslie
Cann, Leonard William
Cannings, Kenneth Leverne
Cannon, Edward Dennis
Cant, Norman William
Cantin, Joseph Edward Leo
Cantley, Alexander Crawford
Cantwell, Anthony James
Cantwell, Michael James Wallace
Cantwell, Richard Power
Canty, Edwin Albert
Caouette, Joseph Earl Walter
Capel, David Farquhar
Capewell, Edward Hugo
Capin, Edward Butler
Capstick, Joseph W.
Capstick, Francis Leo
Capstick-Dale, Stanley Hall Elphinstone
Card, Arnold Lindsay
Card, Marshall William
Cardell, John Sommerville
Carder, David Clayton
Cardinal, Joseph Jacques Bruno
Cardinal, Barrie Phillip
Carefoot, Garnet Oliver
Carey, Robert William Burdell
Carey, Leslie Ernest
Carkner, Duncan Mcvey
Carkner, Clifford Mccormick
Carleton, Edmund Bruce
Carley, Edward Claremont
Carley, John William
Carlisle, Elden Fleetwood
Carlson, Alfred
Carlson, Ernest William Bernard
Carlyle, Walter Beattie
Carlyle, Hubert George
Carman, Geoffrey
Carmichael, Duncan Alexander
Carmichael, David Norris
Carmichael, Brian Withers
Carmichael, Reginald
Carmody, Cornelius John
Carne, Roy Dempsey
Carnegie, Robert Campbell
Carnegie, Thomas
Carney, Richard Alexander
Carnie, Ian David
Carnley, James William
Carol, Roy Frank
Caron, Gerald Alexandre Arthur A.
Caron, Joseph Aurele Roland
Carpenter, Leonard Stanley
Carr, Stuart Allan
Carr, John
Carr, Rex Lionel
Carr, Raymond Arthur
Carr, Clarence Milton
Carr, Kenneth Claude
Carr, William Laurence
Carreau, Paul Eugene
Carrel, Noel Ernest Robertson
Carrick, Bruce William Gardner
Carrier, Joseph Louis Phillipee Denis
Carrier, William John
Carriere, Joseph Charles Lionel
Carrigan, Joseph Thomas
Carrington, Henry Joseph
Carrodus, Ralph Franklin
Carrodus, Robert James
Carroll, Neville
Carroll, Bernard
Carroll, Victor
Carroll, Charles Edward
Carrothers, Robert George
Carruthers, Carl Stuart
Carruthers, Henry Ramsay
Carruthers, Alexander
Carruthers, Donald Perry
Carruthers, John David Rupert Bernard
Carruthers, Ford Ross
Carruthers, Harold Allen
Carruthers, George William
Carson, Lawrence Bartlett
Carson, William Donald
Carson, Douglas Alexander
Carson, Sidney Thomas
Carson, Adrian Leslie Bernard
Carson, Reginald
Carson, George Howard
Carson, Harvey George
Carson, Lewis Gerard
Carson, Allan Edwin
Carswell, James
Cartan, Frederick Paul
Carter, Bernard Keith Falls
Carter, Arthur Reginald
Carter, Albert Victor
Carter, Laurence Richmond
Carter, David Beatty
Carter, Alfred Kyrwood
Carter, John Hunter
Carter, Peter
Carter, Daniel Newton
Carter, Ronald George
Carter, John Thomas
Carter, Frank Ernest
Carter, Roy Edward
Carter, Henry William Tilson
Carter, Joseph William
Carter, John Whitfield
Carter, James Alexander
Carthew, Ewin Garth
Cartman, James Edward
Cartwright, George Stevenson
Cartwright, Laird Wallace
Carty, Arthur William
Carvajal, Earl Randolph
Carver, Herman Joe
Cary, Earl Stanley
Case, Emerson Earl
Case, Thomas Edward
Casey, John Austral
Casey, Raymond Francis
Casey, John Edwin
Casey, Allan James
Casey, Terence Anthony
Casey, William Aloysius
Casey, Leonard James
Casey, Barry William
Casey, Theadore Edgar James
Casey, Murray Gordon
Casey, George Francis
Cash, Alfred Valentine
Casher, Frederick Einar
Cashion, George Allan
Cashion, Patrick Leslie
Cashman, William Michael
Casimiri, Harry
Caskey, Irvine Nathaniel
Cassady, John Melburne
Cassells, Francis John
Casselman, John Halifax
Casserley, Norman James
Cassidy, Lorne Francis
Cassidy, Clyde Allen
Cassidy, Frederick William
Cassidy, Bernard Hugh
Castle, Percy John
Castling, John Graham
Caston, Thomas Walker
Castor, Ernest John
Caswell, Harry Cosgreave
Catanach, James
Cathcart, Norman Carrel
Catheralle, Lloyd John Gordon
Cato, Malcolm Vernon
Cato, Reginald Hubert
Caton, Archie Ernest
Catron, William Alan
Cattle, Thomas Robert Manard
Catto, Stuart George
Catto, John Harrison
Cauchy, Louis Augustin Marie
Caulderwood, John Samuel Davidson
Caulfield, William James
Causier, Russell George
Cauthers, William Austin
Cavaghan, Eric Graham
Cavanagh, Leonard Ernest
Cavanaugh, Robert Joseph
Caverly, Robert Joseph
Cawsey, John Nicholson
Cebrzynski, Wiktor
Cebrzynski, Arsen
Cebula, Edward
Cechrzycki, Jerzy
Ceglinski, Kazimierz
Ceglowski, Edward
Cembala, Antoni
Cent, Walerian
Chabara, Alexander James
Chabot, Charles Warden Ernest
Chabot, Marc Roger
Chabot, John Joseph Graham
Chadburn, Lloyd Vernon
Chadwick, Thomas Patrick
Chadwick, Leslie Anwyl
Chaffey, George Henry
Chalifour, Joseph Maurice
Chalk, Jeffrey Thomas Ernest
Chalken, Christopher Norman
Challenger, Clifford James
Challinor, James Edward
Challis, Edgar Glynn
Challis, Albert Clifford
Chalmer, Edward Dawson
Chalmers, David Rainnie
Chalmers, Robert James
Chalmers, Murray Alexander
Chalmers, Alfred Reid
Chalmers, Ivor Ramsay
Chalmers, James Chute
Chamberlain, Croyden Jelfs Edinborough
Chamberlain, Lloyd Montgomery
Chamberlain, Gordon Arthur
Chamberlin, John Gardner
Chambers, George William
Chambers, Robert Lloyd
Chambers, Richard Eric
Chambers, Patrick Kelly
Chambers, Clarke Munro
Chambers, William Martin
Chambers, Frank
Champion, Ellwin Clair
Champion, Harry Mathew
Champion, Dudley Sydney
Champoux, Joseph Lucien Anatole
Chandler, William Charles
Chandler, James
Chandler, Keith John
Chandler, Edward Fred
Chandler, John Joseph
Chandler, John Lincoln
Chaplin, Robert
Chapman, Herbert James Marriott
Chapman, Kenneth Louis
Chapman, Robert Alfred
Chapman, Philip Pedrick
Chapman, Douglas Launcelot Blackmore
Chapman, Leslie Harold
Chapman, Kenneth Dudley
Chapman, Lloyd Edwin
Chapman, Wilbur Henry
Chapman, George Alfred
Chapman, John Randall
Chapman, Christopher Geoffrey Blomfield
Chapman, Robert Eric
Chapman, Cedric Arthur
Chapman, John Wynne
Chapman, Neil Procter
Chapman, Jack Routledge
Chapman, Antony Dutton
Chapman, Henry Holmes
Chapman, Harold Ernest Leslie
Chapman, Drummond
Chapman, Gordon Lindsay
Chapman, Alfred William Musgrave
Chapman, Robert Herbert
Chapman, Arthur Edward
Chapple, Paxton
Chapple, Ivan
Charbonneau, Regis Fernand
Charbonneau, Joseph Milton Lorraine
Charest, Joseph Marie Antoine Laurent
Charlebois, Gordon Phillip
Charles, Thomas Eric
Charlesworth, Gilbert Alan
Charlesworth, John Henry
Charley, John Ross
Charlick, David Harold Victor
Charlick, Dean Gordon
Charlton, Ross Conger
Charnaud, Laurence Edward
Charnock, Frederick Robert
Charron, Ronald Edward Oscar
Charron, Arthur Ernest
Charteris, Walter Ian
Charters, Ralph David
Chartier, Joseph Leon Triffle
Charton, Moses
Chartrand, John Louis Edmond
Chase, William Mclaurin
Chase, Robert Fleming
Chase-casgrain, Marie Guy Alexandre
Chataway, Cosmo Clive
Chatfield, Russell Edmund
Chatfield, Walter Lawrence
Chattell, David Gifford
Chatterton, Edward
Chaudhury, Kali Prasad
Chauvin, Joseph Leon Alfred
Cheatle, Raey Hilton
Cheatle, Allen Leonard
Cheese, William Desmond
Cheesman, Gordon Roy
Chegwidden, Elias Stout
Chelman, William Ossian
Chenu, John Corrie
Chepil, Mack
Cherer, Kenneth Claude
Cherkinsky, Joseph
Cherkinsky, Arthur David
Cherniuk, George
Cheropita, William Thomas
Chessor, Edward William
Chester, John William
Chester, William Roy
Chesterman, Robert Charles
Chestnut, Guy Alexander
Chevalier, Joseph Bruno Vianney
Chevalier, Joseph Frederic
Chevers, William John
Chevrier, George Albert
Chevrier, Lawrence Theodore
Cheyne, George James
Cheyne, Ian Mcdonald
Chiasson, John Charles
Chibanoff, Alexander
Chick, Laurence Guy
Chiddenton, Arthur Dickens
Chigwidden, John Joseph
Child, George
Childe, Frederick Richard
Childs, Alfred J.
Ching, Alan Harold
Chinnery, Bruce Charles
Chinnery, Roy Victor
Chinnery, Lavington Edmund John F.
Chisamore, Joseph Alexander
Chisholm, Allan Robert John
Chisholm, Roderick James
Chisnell, Robert Hilliard
Chittenden, Walter John
Chittock, Wesley Victor
Chitty, Walter Evan
Chivers, Ernest Keele
Chlistowski, Jan
Chlopik, Tadeusz Pawel
Chlosta, Stanislaw
Chmielowiec, Theodore Edward
Chmielowiec, Andrzej
Chobaniuk, Nicholas
Chodzicki, Jerzy
Cholette, Joseph Henri Jacques
Choma, Constantin Robert
Chorneyko, Athanazie
Chouiniere, Eugene Edward
Chowen, William Ronald
Christensen, Arnold George
Christensen, Gavin Keith Henry
Christenson, Floyd Raymond
Christian, Thomas J J
Christian, Henry Lisle
Christian, Kenneth Cregeen
Christianson, Chris Zane Robert
Christie, Robert Foster
Christie, Herbert George
Christie, William James
Christie, Stanley Alexander
Christie, William Morton
Christie, Alec Macnaughton
Christie, Malcolm Keith
Christie, Alexander Anthony
Christie, Robert Stanley
Christie, David Darling
Christie, John
Christie, Sidney Edward
Christie, Richard Morley
Christie, Charles Wellington
Christie, Harry Dean
Christie, Arthur Stafford
Christie, Trevor Alan Mackenzie
Christien, William Roderic
Christison, Ian Harry
Christison, William Ritchie
Christman, Rudolf K
Christmass, Lewis Havelock
Christsen, Walter Irvine
Christy, Elmo Foster
Chrzan, Stanislaw
Chrzanowski, Bernard
Chrzanowski, Gustaw
Chrzanowski, Gustaw
Chudzik, Stanley Frank
Chudzik, William Joseph
Church, George Norman
Church, David Campbell
Church, Eric Rodger
Church, Maurice Gordon
Churchal, Mieczyslaw
Churchard, George
Churches, Edward Walter Gillies
Chute, Clinton Melville
Chylewski, Franciszek
Ciaston, Franciszek
Cibor, Czeslaw
Cichowicz, Stanislaw
Cichowicz, Stanislaw
Cichowski, Wladyslaw Henryk
Cielinski, Stanislaw Tadeusz
Cieplinski, Filip
Cieslicki, Stanislaw Leopold
Cieslicki, Stanislaw Leopold
Cieslik, Stanislaw
Ciolek, Jakub
Ciolek, Jakub
Ciurkot, Henryk Eugeniusz
Clancy, James Harold
Clare, Norman Austin
Clare, Cedric William
Clarey, Colin Mervyn
Claridge, William Thomas
Clark, John Wemyss
Clark, Peter Maxwell
Clark, Frank Joel
Clark, Ian
Clark, Hollis Andrew Taylor
Clark, William Howard
Clark, Alfred John
Clark, James Anderson
Clark, William Brown
Clark, Samuel Stewart
Clark, Lawrence Maurice
Clark, Richard
Clark, Darwin Jackson
Clark, Russell Stanley
Clark, Harold Luther
Clark, Earl William
Clark, Roy Arnold
Clark, James Harrison
Clark, Neville Roy Maslen
Clark, Donald Kenneth
Clark, Basil Elliott
Clark, David Buchanan
Clark, Douglas Charles Walter
Clark, Ross Edgerton
Clark, Lloyd William
Clark, Graham Russell
Clark, Fraser Dudley
Clark, Theodore Marcus
Clark, Lloyd Denzil
Clark, James Murdoch
Clark, Clarence Taylor
Clark, Glenn Greaves
Clark, James Haldane
Clark, Andrew William
Clark, Austin Thomas
Clark, Edwin Spencer Charles
Clark, Ari Bergthor
Clark, Vernon Edward
Clark, Ivan Henry
Clark, Alfred Graham (Bill)
Clark, William Leonard John
Clark, Robert Ernest
Clark, Joseph Norman
Clark, Norman George
Clark-hall, Robert William
Clarke, Robert Edward
Clarke, Bennett Winthrop
Clarke, James Herbert Stevenson
Clarke, Ross William
Clarke, Robert Edward
Clarke, Francis Royden
Clarke, Eric George
Clarke, Aubrey John
Clarke, Robert William
Clarke, Harold George
Clarke, George Walter
Clarke, James Robert
Clarke, Arthur Kenneth
Clarke, Wilfred Victor
Clarke, James William
Clarke, Ralph
Clarke, George John Isiah
Clarke, Fred Marsden
Clarke, Roy Leslie
Clarke, Kenneth Roy
Clarke, George Edward
Clarke, Harold William
Clarke, Gerald Francis
Clarke, Thomas Harry
Clarke, Archibald Erle
Clarke, William Robertson
Clarke, Edward Allan
Clarke, Thomas Kenneth
Clarke, Arthur Henry
Clarke, Robert Mayo
Clarke, Alfred Bruce
Clarke, William Keith
Clarke, Daniel Joseph
Clarson, Owen Munro Wovenden
Clarson, Kenneth David
Clarson, Hugh Allan
Clasper, Robert
Clasper, John Percy
Clausen, Basil Ivan
Claxton, Donald Young
Clayton, Frederick Ronald
Clayworth, Eric Raymond
Clearwater, Desmond
Cleary, James Joseph
Cleary, Henry Joseph
Cleave, Maurice George
Cleaver, John Barry
Cleeton, Barrington Farr
Clegg, Archibald Sidney
Clegg, Roy Richard
Clegg, Bernard Maxwell
Clegg, William Alexander
Clegg, Alan Bernard
Cleghorne, Howard Herbert
Cleland, William Robert
Cleland, Andrew Mcneill
Clemenhagen, Thomas Frederick
Clemens, Gerald Royce
Clement, Harry
Clement, Roger Albert
Clement, Charles
Clement, James Mcvicar
Clements, John Gordon
Clements, Clement Frederick
Clements, John Earl
Clements, Hugh
Clements, Desmond Bracken
Clements, John Russell
Cleminson, James Harold Nimmo
Clemow, William John
Clerc, Jacques Oliver
Clerke, Frederick John
Clermont, Justin Gerard
Cleveland, Francis Allan
Cleveland, Scott Grover
Cleveland, Archie
Cleveland, Vincent Alton Francis
Cleverdon, Robert John Albert
Cleworth, Stanley Franklin
Clifford, Anthony Arthur
Clifford, Robert Henry
Clifford, Noel Anthony John
Clifford, Ronald John
Clifford, Clive Edward Wigram
Clifford, Daniel Joseph
Clifford, Nicholas Hugh
Clift, John Edgar
Climenhage, Robert Arthur
Climie, William Benzie Forbes
Climo, Frederick Walter Percival
Cline, Verle Edmond
Cline, Gordon Alton
Clitheroe, Roger Victor
Clode, Gordon Elmore
Clogg, Alan Leslie
Close, Douglas Eston
Close, Sidney Maynard
Clothier, Thomas Malcolm
Clothier, Grahame Hilton
Clothier, John George
Clothier, Henry Garfield
Clough, George Frederick
Clouston, John Greville
Clouston, Warwick Ashling
Cloutier, Joseph Fernand Oscar
Cloutier, Joseph Edmond
Cloutier, Joseph Edward Roland
Cloutier, Joseph Darie Louis
Clubb, Frederick John
Clubb, Selwyn James
Cluderay, Elvin Newton
Cluff, Robert Fraser
Cluff, John Murray
Clyne, Geoffrey Albert
Coad, Graham Bruce
Coady, Francis Anthony
Coady, Patrick John Nelson
Coakley, Kenneth James
Coates, Grossett Keith
Coates, Albert Lance
Coates, Dudley Dobson
Coates, Alan Edward
Coates, Allan Cyrenius James
Coates, Rex
Coathup, George Richard
Coathup, Clifford Harvey
Cobb, Cyril Thomas
Cobb, Floyd Bryson
Cobbett, John Arthur
Cobbett, Bernard Victor
Cobbett, Charles Howard
Cobern, Charles Alan
Coburn, Thomas William
Cochrane, Arnold Wallace
Cochrane, Norman Douglas
Cochrane, Thomas Donald
Cochrane, James Raymond Henry
Cock, Colin Edwin Abbott
Cock, Walter Downes
Cockbain, Henry
Cockburn, Alexander Bridges
Cockerham, Lester
Cockin, Edwin Mills
Cockroft, Verne Edward
Code, John Edward
Code, Peter Bryson
Codville, James Francis
Cody, Bernard Francis
Coe, George Demetrius
Coe, Arthur John
Coffey, Robert Francis
Coffey, Robert Ellsworth
Coffey, John Robert
Coghill, Kelvin
Coghill, Clarence Malcolm Mcgregor
Cohen, Geoffrey Landas
Cohen, Leonard
Cohen, Cyril Branston
Cojocar, George
Coker, Charles Kenneth
Colangelo, William
Colbourne, Paul Douglas
Colbran, Lester Owen
Coldham-fussell, Humphrey
Coldrey, George Edwin
Coldron, George Edward Cragg
Coldwell, Gordon Willard
Cole, Frank Murray
Cole, Arthur George
Cole, Ralph Stewart
Cole, William Herbert Cyril
Cole, Saxon Millis
Cole, Norman
Cole, John Arthur
Cole, Robert John Levi
Cole, James Edward
Cole, Frederick Marsden
Cole, Eric Walter
Cole, Richard Martyn
Cole, Elliot Livesey
Coleman, William Harcourt
Coleman, Elwood Lincoln Joseph
Coleman, John Redmond
Coleman, John Ronald
Coleman, Wesley Percival
Coleman, Alan Joseph
Coleman, Royce Norval
Coleman, Bernard Joseph
Coleman, Kenneth George
Colfe, William Kenneth
Colgan, Lionel James
Collaery, Edward Francis
Collas, Cyril
Colledge, William Wilson
Collens, William Wallace
Colless, Gordon Sydney
Collett, Malcolm Ernest
Collett, Joseph Harrington
Collett, Henry William Amner
Collett, Alfred John
Colley, Robert Charles
Collier, Clarence Melville
Collinge, Frank Donald
Collingwood, Joseph Vincent
Collingwood, Ernest William Joseph
Collins, Kenneth Mcroberts
Collins, Vincent
Collins, John Robert
Collins, Melvin Wilson
Collins, Allan Waddingham
Collins, Allan James
Collins, Wilford John
Collins, Robert Charles
Collins, James Thomas
Collins, Neil James
Collins, Russell Thomas Frederick
Collins, William Frederick
Collins, Albert Charles
Collins, Roy Frederick
Collins, Hamish Gordon
Collins, Victor Denis William
Collins, John Cyril
Collins, Owen Eastwood
Collins, Keith Clayton
Collins, John Noel
Collins, Maxwell Ritchie
Collins, Joseph Louis
Collins, Norman Joseph
Collis, Robert Humphrey
Collis, Reginald Stephen
Collver, Joseph Beemer
Collyer, John William
Collyns, Basil Gordon
Colman, Henry Everest
Colpitts, John William
Colquhoun, Ray Ormond
Colquhoun, Ian Alister
Colter, James Cecil
Coltman, Paul Everett
Colville, John Spencer
Colville, Alexander Colborne
Colvin, Richard John Todd
Colwell, Robert Edwin
Colwill, William Clifford
Comba, William Minor
Combaz, Alfred Joseph
Combres, Maurice Emile
Comer, George Allen
Compton, Denis James Williams
Comrie, Wilfrid Phelps (Bill)
Comroe, Paul
Condon, William Harry
Condon, John James
Congreve, Robert Lance
Conley, Walter Fred
Conley, Graham Richard
Conley, Ronald John
Conlin, Hugh Thomas
Conlon, John Vincent
Conly, William Morrow
Connacher, Stuart Mcintyre
Connell, Geoffrey Maurice
Connell, Francis Aloysius
Connell, Stanley Jerome
Connell, Eugene Hastings
Connell, Bernard Bradley
Connell, William Paterson
Connell, Joseph Walter
Connelly, Henry
Connelly, Harry Ian Forsyth
Conner, Alfred Norman
Connolly, Daniel Francis
Connolly, Thomas Leo
Connolly, Donald Joseph
Connolly, Frank Andrew
Connor, Donald Daubney
Connor, James Gibson
Connor, Raymond Francis
Connor, Arthur Albert
Connors, Leslie James
Connors, Frank Earl
Conolan, Bernard Leslie Reid
Conolly, John Louis De Vere
Conquest, Henry John
Conrad, Clarence Arthur
Conroy, Reginald Matthew
Conroy, Bernard Keith
Conroy, Desmond James
Conry, Edmund Joseph
Constabaris, James
Constable, Melvyn Ralph
Conter, David
Convey, Leo Joseph
Conway, Robert Warren
Conway, Edmund Joseph
Conway, Joseph William Henry
Conway, James Leslie Joseph
Conway, Norman James
Cook, George Wood
Cook, Howard John
Cook, Spencer Waddy
Cook, Andrew Harry Theodore
Cook, Clifford Eugene Leroy
Cook, William Arthur
Cook, James Howard
Cook, Kenneth Alan
Cook, Walter Herbert
Cook, Stephen Astley
Cook, Albert Royal Felken
Cook, William Wilfred
Cook, Leonard Thomas
Cook, Michael Arthur
Cook, Russel Gordon
Cook, Walter Le Roy
Cook, Frank Rene Malyon
Cook, Charles Owen
Cook, Albert
Cook, William Henry
Cook, Lorne Frankland
Cook, Alexander
Cook, Peter Jackson
Cook, Harold Leslie
Cook, Gordon Frederick
Cook, Leo Frederick
Cook, James
Cook, Allan Alfred
Cook, Francis John
Cook, Ronald Anthony
Cook, Walter Stuart
Cook, Herbert James
Cook, Alan
Cook, Robert Douglas
Cooke, Ralph William
Cooke, Rolla Maxwell
Cooke, Matthew John Goldie
Cooke, John Joseph
Cooke, Cedrick Arthur
Cooke, Arthur Wallace
Cooke, Percy Frederick Meadows
Cooke, Terence Raymond
Cooke, John Leo
Cooke, Wilfred Harold
Cooke, Leonard Frank
Cooksey, James Brett
Cookson, William Remington
Cooley, John Morgan
Cooling, Keith Newman
Cooling, Charles David
Coombe, Keith Anzac
Coombe, Henry Gordon
Coombs, John Elliott
Coomes, Albert Lawrence
Coon, George Adrian
Coones, Maxwell Warren
Cooney, Patrick John Denis
Coons, Willis Wylie
Coons, Dexter Brand
Coons, Clyde Ezra
Cooper, Norman Percival
Cooper, John Robert
Cooper, James Hyndman
Cooper, Douglas Alexander
Cooper, Edward James
Cooper, Everett Elwyn
Cooper, Walter David Dick
Cooper, Charles Clifton
Cooper, Albert Digby
Cooper, Eugene Joseph
Cooper, Arthur Douglas
Cooper, Hugh James (Jim)
Cooper, John Albert Basil
Cooper, Harry Barron
Cooper, Walter William
Cooper, Edgar Harvey
Cooper, Jack
Cooper, Eric Neil
Cooper, Hector Thomas Moore
Cooper, James Francis
Cooper, John Donald
Cooper, Frederick Terrance
Cooper, Arthur Kenneth
Cooper, Robert Morse
Cooper, Bernard Horace
Cooper, Allan Edward
Cooper, Joseph Arthur Gordon
Cooper, Tancred Eric
Cooper, Norman Athol
Copas, Vernon Gregory Hanrahan
Cope, George Robert
Cope, Arthur Reginald
Copegog, Allan Joseph
Copeland, Donald Johnston
Copeland, Thomas William John
Copeland, Herbert Redvers
Copeland, Ben Bales
Copeland, James Coulter
Copier, Adriaan Anthonius
Copland, James Ross
Coppersmith, Raymond Patrick
Copping, Clarence Lummis
Corbally, Joseph Charles
Corbett, Dalton Morgan
Corbett, Robert Archibald
Corbett, John Alexander
Corbett, William David
Corbett-thompson, Bruce Francis Patrick
Corby, Sidney Charles
Corck, Arthur George
Corfe, Dudley Anstruther
Corin, Henry George
Corkill, Charles William Maxwell
Corless, Alvin Van Dyke
Corless, Victor James
Corlett, Edmund Murray
Corley, Louie Elmo
Corley, William Arthur
Cormack, William Thomas
Cormack, James Archer
Cormack, Ian Charles
Corman, John Ronald Merwin
Corman, John
Cormier, Simon Pierre
Cornelison, John Edgar
Cornell, Michael Henry
Corney, Leslie Russell
Cornfield, Joseph Samuel
Cornfoot, Radford Claude
Cornish, Neil
Cornish, John Charles
Cornish, Howard Norman
Cornwall, James Raymond
Cornwell, Colin Albert
Cornwell, George Francis
Coronel, Paulus Senor
Correll, John Dunham
Corrie, Glen Howard
Corrigan, Robert James
Corriveau, Arthur Jeffrey
Corriveau, Joseph Thomas Raymond
Corser, Henry Graham Ronaldson
Corser, Arthur Henry Cadell
Cory, John Keith
Cory, Gordon Johnson
Cosgrave, Frances William George
Cosgriff, Brian Patrick
Cosgrove, Joseph Patrick
Cosgrove, Michael William
Cosman, William Nathan
Cosoff, Joseph
Cossart, James Bowes
Cossette, Roland Adelore
Cosson, Terence
Costello, Andrew Gordon
Costello, Michael
Costello, John
Costello, Ralph Matthew
Coster, John Stewart
Costigan, Norman Edward
Costin, Neville James
Cote, Joseph John Edward
Cote, Joseph Edmond Romeo
Cote, Charles Edward
Cote, Joseph Arthur Raymoral
Cote, Joseph Richard
Cotnam, Harold Clinton
Cotnam, Royden Leslie
Cotter, Donald Joseph
Cotterill, Stanley Herbert Ross
Cotterill, David Keith
Cottew, Richard Graham
Cottier, Thomas George
Cottier, John Colin
Cottingham, Cyril Morgan
Cottle, John Ronald
Cottman, John Dennis
Cotton, Robert George
Cotton, David Neville
Cotton, Maxwell Tylney
Cottrell, Rex Frederick
Cottrell, Spence Grainger
Cottrell, Randall Tyrone
Coubrough, George Thomas
Couch, Albert Thomas
Couchman, Leonard Neil
Coughlin, Gerald Philip
Coukell, Bruce Adams
Couldrey, Gordon
Coulson, Robert Frederick
Coulter, Robert Leslie
Coulter, Hubert Vincent
Coulter, Richard Leslie
Coulter, Arthur Lawson
Coulter, Everett Malcolm
Coulter, James Stewart
Countess, Ray Edgerton
Couper, Thomas Mackintosh
Couper, Neil Banks
Couper, Frederick Andrew
Couper, Mungo William
Coupland, Thomas Keith
Courage, William Roy
Cournoyer, Joseph Jacques Omer
Court, Donald Alexander
Courtis, Jack Burall
Courtis, Ernest Edward
Courtney, Robert Richard
Courtney, James Geen
Courtney, James Boyd
Courtney, Geoffrey Vincent
Couse, George Fitzgerald
Cousins, Norman Edward
Cousins, Anthony Young
Coutts, Russell Murray
Coutts, Percy Gordon
Coutts, Benson Arnold Wilson
Coutts, Andrew Edward
Couture, Joseph Arthur Leo
Covill, Cyril John
Cowan, Walter Sidney
Cowan, William
Cowan, Ian Rees
Cowan, James
Cowan, Charles Robert
Cowan, Percy Noel
Cowan, Robert John Alexander
Cowan, Emerson Weldon
Cowan, Nicholas Edgar John
Cowan, Roland Reginald
Cowan, John William Cannell
Coward, Robert
Cowell, Richard Bryan Barney
Cowie, Robert James
Cowie, James Hector
Cowie, Eric Edmond
Cowie, James Moore
Cowieson, John Harrison
Cowley, Robert Henry
Cowling, John Wesley
Cowlrick, Andrew Jack
Cownden, Vincent Joseph
Cowperthwaite, Lonsdale
Cox, Owen Jones
Cox, Jack Scott
Cox, Kenneth James
Cox, Keith Kipling
Cox, Maxwell
Cox, Paul Conroy
Cox, Robert Leith
Cox, Reginald George
Cox, David Reid
Cox, Henry
Cox, Kevin Desmond
Cox, Neville Holt
Cox, Alexander Lewis
Cox, Eric Clarence
Coyle, John William
Cozens, Paul Joseph
Crabbe, Colin Bernard
Crabtree, Edmond Clay
Crabtree, Ronald Hugh
Cracknell, Richard Stephen
Craddock, Thomas Eugene
Crafts, Robert Harland
Crago, William Thomas Roy
Craig, John Malcolm
Craig, James Fraser
Craig, William Gordon
Craig, Lincoln Leslie Arnold
Craig, James Ian
Craig, Stanley Maynard
Craig, Norman Harold
Craig, William Warren
Craig, Alan James
Craig, Robert Kenneth
Craig, Alfred Burton
Craig, John
Craig, Malcolm James Courtland
Craig, Robert Gerald
Craig, Michael Joseph
Craig, Walter
Craigie, James Edgar Donald
Craik, David Stewart
Crain, William Gilbert
Crain, Alan Irvine
Craine, Alexander Robert
Cramer, William Frederick
Cramer, Patrick Joseph
Crampton, Harold Thomas
Cranch, Francis Edward
Crane, William Henry
Crane, Beverley Dwight
Crane, Wilburt Mclarty
Crane, Robert William
Craner, John Joseph
Cranna, William Thomas
Cranston, James Francis
Cranswick, Douglas
Cranz, William August
Crapp, Errol Clifton
Craw, Hector Lawrence
Crawford, Bernard Verdun
Crawford, Thomas Alvin
Crawford, David Gordon
Crawford, Finlay Ewart Munro
Crawford, Thomas Richard
Crawford, Norman Willard
Crawford, William George
Crawford, William Samuel
Crawford, Henry Varley Gibb
Crawford, Orville Everett
Crawford-watson, Lewis Stanley
Crawley, Christopher William
Crawley, Frederick William
Crawley, Edward George
Crawshaw, Robert Ashworth
Crebbin, Gordon James
Creber, William Sidney
Creed, Francis Howard
Creed, Eric William Cuthbert
Creeden, James Waldron
Crellin, Albert Edwin
Cressman, Charles Herbert
Creswell, Philip Henry
Creswell, Ralph Nelson Adams
Creutzberg, Lodewijk Gerard Theodoor
Crewe, Robert Edward
Cribb, Stanley Bridson
Crich, Harvey Lewis
Crichton, David Lecky
Crickmay, Peter William Hedley
Criddle, Percival Richard
Cridge, Alfred Victor Gordon
Crimmins, Raymond Thomas
Crimmins, John Allan Cameron
Cripps, Walter Ephraim
Cripps, Raymond Frank
Crist, Brian Vincent
Critcher, Edmund Russell
Crites, Clinton Arnold
Crittenden, Philip George
Croal, Edward
Crocker, Henry Bert
Crockett, William Vernon
Crockett, James Grant
Croft, Wesley Bethel
Croft, Cedric Robert
Croft, Barry Alan
Croft, Lawrence Furby
Croft, Robert Mckerlie
Croke, Francis Bernard
Croker, Eric Eugene
Croker, Leonard Francis
Croll, Ian Bruce
Cromb, Ian Taylor
Crombie, Donald Charles Cameron
Cromie, Noel George
Crompton, George William Sergio
Crone, John Henry
Crone, Robert Duncan
Cronin, Gerald Patrick
Cronin, Patrick Edmund
Cronin, John Michael
Cronin, Maxwell Joseph
Cronje, Jan Abraham
Cronk, Gavin John
Cronk, George Edward
Cronyn, Peter Hume
Crooks, Malcolm Bruce
Crooks, Robert Leslie
Crosbie, Douglas Alexander
Crosby, Peter Alan
Crosby, David Young Nurse
Crosier, Edward Rutherford
Cross, Stanley Esmond
Cross, James Wilfred
Cross, James Orville
Cross, Ronald Frank
Cross, William Andrew
Cross, Arthur Laurence
Cross, William Norman
Cross, Sydney Nelson
Crossgrove, Ralph
Crossing, John Keith
Crossland, Dan
Crossley, Arnold Erol
Crossthwaite, Daniel
Crosswell, Percy Bruce
Crosthwaite, Douglas Charles
Croston, David Payne
Croteau, Joseph Fernand Raymond
Crothers, Thomas Edward
Crotty, Raymond John
Crouch, Douglas Henry
Crouch, Gordon Maxwell
Crouch, Herbert Charles
Croucher, Gordon
Croudis, Peter
Croudis, Jack Wallace
Crouse, Harold Banford
Crouse, Henry Arthur
Crout, Harry Ronald
Crow, Robert King
Crowdy, Charles William Cyril
Crowe, Charles David
Crowe, Harold James
Crowe, Eric Arthur
Crowe, James Franklin Karl
Crowe, Leo Ralph
Crowell, Richard Alvinzie
Crowley, Francis Joseph
Crowther, William Royal
Crowther, Victor Edward
Croxton-davis, Robert
Croy, Douglas Marchbank
Crozier, Alexander Walter
Crozier, David Macleod
Crozier, Roger Dennis
Crozier, Alexander
Crozier, Robert
Crozier, Noel Henry
Crozier, Lloyd Donald James
Cruickshank, Charles Edward
Cruickshank, John Duncan
Crum, Wallace Watson
Crummy, George Kenneth
Crump, Owen Charles Bellamy
Crump, Sidney
Crump, John Colvin
Cruse, William Lorne
Cryer, Alan
Cubitt, Lewin Stevens
Cuddihy, Nevil Thomas
Cudmore, Lorne Albert
Culcheth, William Ernest
Cull, Lloyd John
Cullen, Clifford Lorne
Cullen, John Kennedy
Cullen, Kenneth Earle
Cullen, Joseph Patrick Leonard
Culliford, Ronald Firth
Culling-mannix, Francis Thomas
Cullingworth, Dennis Osborne
Cullis, Thomas Edward
Cully, Victor Charles
Culp, Reginald Harley
Culpan, Noel Somervell
Cumberland, Russell Lloyd
Cumming, John William
Cumming, Charles Gordon
Cumming, Douglas Anderson
Cumming, Duncan Herbert
Cumming, Gordon Farrell
Cumming, Robert Alexander
Cumming, Ernest Robert
Cumming, Alister Godfrey
Cummings, Robert
Cummings, Harold Arthur John
Cummings, Franklin Walter
Cummings, Max Keiran
Cummings, Wesley Elmore
Cummins, Victor Charles
Cummins, Manley Morton
Cummins, Horace Andrew
Cummins, Robert Paul
Cumpsty, Frederic William Raukawa
Cunningham, William Alexander
Cunningham, James Adrian
Cunningham, Robert Keith
Cunningham, Robert Norval
Cunningham, Harold Thomas
Cunningham, Godfrey Melville
Cunningham, Alan Henry
Cunningham, Elson Wright
Cunnings, Ronald Everett
Cunnold-cook, Arthur Ronald
Cuprvk, Stanislaw
Curle, John Garfield
Curner, Reginald Hawies
Curphey, Robert Maurice
Currey, George Donald
Currie, Ronald James
Currie, Russell Tyrrell
Currie, Donald Russell
Currie, Robert Eldyrn
Currie, David Fraser
Currie, Alfred Ross
Currie, William Matthew
Currie, Charles
Currie, Charles Ernest
Currie, John
Currie, Moresby
Currie, Alan Livingstone
Currie, Gordon
Curry, Lorne Franklin
Curry, Geoffrey Adamson
Curtis, James Edward
Curtis, John Franklin
Curtis, Elizabeth Audrey
Curtis, Kenneth George
Curtis, Kenneth George
Curtis, John Maxwell
Curtis, Stanley Noel
Curwood, Geoffrey Mcdowall
Curzon, Dennis Rupert Humphrey
Cushing, Gordon Pinder
Cushman, Nicholas
Cushon, George Robert
Custance, John Patrick
Custance, Geoffrey James
Cuthbert, Allan David
Cuthbert, Elias
Cuthbertson, William Tait
Cuthbertson, Hugh
Cutmore, Maurice Hyde
Cuzner, Ross Lloyd
Cybulski, Stanley Julian
Cymborski, Jan-adam
Cyples, William Harold
Czajkowski, Franciszek
Czapinski, Jozef
Czaplicki, Zbigniew
Czaplicki, Waclaw S
Czarkowski, Henryk Kazimierz
Czarniecki, Tadeusz
Czempas, Jerzy
Czepinski, Franciszek
Czerniawski, Stanislaw
Czerniejewski, Marion Jozef
Czerwinski, Tadeusz
Czerwinski, Tadeusz
Czerwonka, Jozef
Czopik, Roman Stefan
Czternastek, Stanislaw
Czyzewski, Jan
Czyzyk, Henryk Tadeusz
Czyzyk, Henryk Tadeusz
Dabbs, Howard Earl
Dabinette, Tahu William
Dabrowski, Andrzej
Dabrowski, Zygmunt Zdzislaw
Dabrowski, Waclaw
Dabrowski, Jozef
Dabrowski, Tadeusz
Dacey, Clement Cyril
Dack, Phillip Robert Arthur
Dacre, Desmond Aubrey
Dadds, Lincoln Clapcott
Dadson, Victor Charles
Daer, Harold Crawford
Dagenais, Joseph Jacques Guy
Dagenais, Roger Jean Marie Joseph
Dahl, Calvin Warren
Dakers, William Arthur
Dakin, Thomas Dunbar
Dakin, Boyd Allison
Dalco, William George
Daldy, Gordon Alfred Joffre
Dale, Clive Alan Gillions
Dale, Gordon James
Dale, Thomas Wilson
Dale, William Edward
Daleski, Cyril Saul
Dalessandro, Frank Joseph
Daley, Carol James
Daley, Edward Arthur
Daley, Bernard Joseph
Daley, James David Thomas
Dalgleish, Robert Carl
Dalglish, William Logan
Dallas, Arthur Fraser
Dallas, John Reviere
Dallenger, Ben
Dalling, James Edwin
Dallwitz, Raymond Ernest
Dally, James William
Dalton, John Anthony
Dalton, Douglas Vernon
Dalton, John Phillip Sinclair
Dalton, Kenneth Haldane
Dalton, Neil Maxwell
Dalton, George William Rupert
Daly, Wilfred Herbert Aloysius
Daly, James Terence
Daly, John Raymond
Daly, Maurice Joseph
Dalzell, Henry Arnold
Damm, Alfred John
Damour, Gerald Roch
Dan, Nicholas
Danahy, Sylvester
Dance, John James
Dance, Alfred Thomas
Dangerfield, Richard Desmond
Daniel, Stanislaw J
Daniel, William Henry
Daniel, Robert
Daniel, William Neville
Daniell, Charles Henry Mckenzie
Daniels, George Emanuel
Daniels, Arnold Douglas
Daniels, Raymond Vivien
Daniels, Edward
Danielson, Gordon Daniel
Danieluk, Jan
Danieluk, Jan
Danik, Jan
Dann, George Martin
Dann, Roland Edison
Daoust, Roger Henry Jules
Daoust, Richard Cecil
Darby, Alan
Darby, James Lloyd
Dare, Keith Edward
Darley, Henry Francis Stain
Darling, William Russell
Darling, Chester Coburn
Darling, Gordon Johnston
Darlington, William
Darlington, Frank Lawrence
Darney, Jack Neville
Darrell, Edward Lindsay
Darrell, Arthur Cyril
Dart, Henry Raymond
Darton, Thomas William
Dasent, John Grant
Dastur, Rustom Nariman
Date, John Matthew
Datson, Edgar Jack
Daubner, Joseph William
Daughney, John Haliburton
Dauk, Hironimus Dominik Alouise
Dauphin, William Ralph
Dauplaise, Joseph Adolphe Maurice
Davenport, John Joseph
Davenport, Frank
Davey, Ernest Raymond
Davey, Leonard Frank
Davey, Allan Edward Dearlove
Davey, Robert Eric
Davey, George Frank
Davey, Dennis Arthur
Davey, Rupert Henry
Davey, Hugh Augustine
Davey, Donald James
Davey, John James
Davey, Alfred Mervyn
Davey, Harvey Gordon
David, Albert Edgar
David, Joseph Jean Baptiste Sylvio Paul Henri
Davidson, Charles Grant
Davidson, Keith Benedict
Davidson, Douglas Mackenzie
Davidson, William Alfred
Davidson, Norman James
Davidson, Robert Dunlop
Davidson, Douglas Arthur Mark
Davidson, Ross Walker
Davidson, Lancelot Vernon
Davidson, George Walker
Davidson, Duncan Williams
Davidson, Charles Peers
Davidson, William Cameron
Davidson, George Garrett
Davidson, Geoffrey Henry
Davidson, John Lavery
Davidson, Frank Edward
Davidson, Gideon
Davidson, Lyall James
Davidson, Neil Douglas
Davidson, John Donald
Davidson, Wilfred Ian
Davidson, William Howard
Davidson, Edward Ian Ross
Davidson, Roy
Davidson, George Leslie
Davie, Charles
Davie, James Anderson
Davies, George Bruce
Davies, Gordon Atwood Tregaskis
Davies, William Evans
Davies, Llewellyn Alfred
Davies, William Robert
Davies, Herbert Russell
Davies, John Cecil
Davies, Paul Patrick
Davies, Dennis William
Davies, Ernest Lewis
Davies, George Albert
Davies, Richard Evan
Davies, Douglas Idris
Davies, Kenneth Nigel Bishop
Davies, Keith Selwyn
Davies, William John Ross
Davies, Kenneth Harry
Davies, Robert Henry
Davies, Roy Percival
Davies, Norman Arthur
Davies, Walter Cecil
Davies, Ralph Perry
Davies, Herbert William
Davis, Reginald Austin
Davis, Frederick
Davis, Maurice
Davis, Arthur Reginald
Davis, William Corley
Davis, Billy
Davis, George Edward
Davis, Martin David
Davis, George Alvin
Davis, Russell Alfred
Davis, Thomas Edward William
Davis, Harry Walter
Davis, William George
Davis, Robert Henry
Davis, James Albert
Davis, George Robert Coxworth
Davis, Delmar Murray
Davis, George Henry
Davis, Joseph
Davis, Daniel George
Davis, George Jordon
Davis, Clifford Arthur
Davis, Philip Weir
Davis, Howard Elfric
Davis, Fred Hugh
Davis, Harry Llewellyn
Davis, Kenneth George
Davis, Alexander Frederick
Davis, John Terence Joseph
Davis, Kenneth
Davis, Robert Siderfin
Davis, Albert Russell
Davis, Lawrence Arthur
Davis, Robert Charles
Davis, William Arthur Mathias
Davis, Beresford Milton Troy
Davis, Edward Addy
Davis, Henry Lawrence
Davis, Charles William
Davis, Richard Paterson
Davis, Hershel Homer
Davy, Henry William
Daw, Lawrence Edward
Dawdy, Louis Donald
Dawes, Spencer Sidney
Dawson, Douglas Arnold
Dawson, Gerald Obenauf
Dawson, Richard Fabian
Dawson, Frederick Edward
Dawson, Richard John Secord
Dawson, Wilfred John
Dawson, Ernest Albert Wesley
Dawson, Peter Hamilton
Dawson, Leon Wilfred Joseph
Dawson, Donald James Vens
Dawson, Ronald George
Dawson, John Frederick Blair
Dawson, Harold Clyde
Dawson, Douglas
Day, Douglas George Black
Day, Roy Noel
Day, John Francis
Day, Francis John
Day, Graham Fowler
Day, Edwin Atholwood
Day, John Alfred
Dayman, Harold Gordon
Daze, John Cletus
De Bartok, Ernest Akos Frederick
De Bellefeuille, Joseph Paul Guy Marcel
De Bussac, George Henri
De Cordoue, Comte Jacques Fernand Gabriel
De Cosier, Matthew Henry Ivor
De Douallier,
De Garis, Lewis Clement
De Garis, William Sowden
De Goede,
De Gruchy, Francis Anthony
De Jager, Hendrik Christiaan
De Jager,
De Jenko-Sokolowski, Jeizy Marian Ryszard
De Jonge,
De Klerk,
De Klerk, Ian Isaac
De Klerk,
De Klerk, Johannes Stephanus
De Laney, Douglas Howard
De Lucia, John
De Macedo, John Bernard Joseph
De Macedo, Joseph M.
De Marco, Joseph Julius
De Nevers, Frank Holmes
De Preter, Eduard Emile George
De Rooij, Johannes Leonardus Antonius
De Rzonca, James Richard Waclaw
De Sieyes, Jean Galt
De Silva, Desmond Michael
De Smidt, Owen Douglas
De Villiers, Douglas John
De Villiers, Johan Phillip
De Vries, Terence
De Waal,
De Witt, William Norton
De-shane, Charles Wilbert
Deacon, Kenneth Walter
Deakin, Arthur Keelinge
Dean, George
Dean, Frederick Spendlove
Dean, Samuel Douglas
Dean, Robert Trevor
Dean, Cyril Armstrong
Dean, George Albert Earl
Dean, David Erskine Ellis
Deane, Kenneth Ignatius Joseph
Deane-freeman, Brian
Dear, Kenneth
Dearing, Lysle Herbert Hungerford
Death, Ernest Norman
Debowski, Ireneusz
Debowski, Ireneusz
Dec, Jozef Wincenty
Decloux, Marcel Auguste
Dedman, Harold George Day
Deed, Cyril Keith
Deelman, Arnold Frederick
Deemer, Edward John
Deering, Vernon John
Degaris, Alfred Keith
Dehoux, Joseph Laurier
Delacour, Herbert Samuel
Delahunty, James Roderick
Delaney, Maxwell Raymond
Delarue, Jack Edmon
Delbridge, Ralph Balkwill
Delhaye, Hubert Francis
Dell, Ronald Frank
Dell, Harley James
Dellar, Thomas George
Delmage, Ray John
Delorme, Leopold Thomas Philippe
Deloughry, Laurie Daniel
Demers, Joseph William Raoul
Dempsey, Dennis James
Dempster, John Mcbride
Dempster, William Joseph
Den Hollander, Eric Hendrik
Denham, Maurice Thorpe
Denholm, Thomas William Jackson
Denholm, Robert Alexander
Denholm, Robert Russell
Denier, Desmond Ernest George
Dening, John Glen
Denison, Richard Wright
Denison, Leslie Albert
Denkman, Ken Raymond Ernest
Denley, Richard Charles
Dennett, Peter Buck
Dennett, William James
Dennis, Pierce James Axel
Dennis, Henry Edgar
Dennis, Francis Basil
Dennis, Russel Edward
Dennis, Ernest Arthur
Dennison, Francis Hurst
Dennison, Gordon Joshua
Denny, Russell Charles
Denovan, Amos Edwin Botsford
Densem, Geoffrey Maclennan
Densmore, George Robert
Dent, Terence Roy
Dent, Ian Wilshire
Dent, Walter Gilbert
Dent, Hal Ian Comer
Denyer, Neil Howard
Depper, Clifford Lloyd
Derbyshire, George Edward
Derbyshire, John
Derewienko, Jozef Antoni
Dermody, Bernard John
Derrick, Melvin Ralph
Derry, Richard Ironmonger
Derulski, Zdzislaw
Derulski, Zdzislaw
Des Baillets, Charles
Deschamps, Leo Joseph
Deschamps, Joseph Andre
Deshon, Frederick Popham
Desico, Pascal Albert Joseph
Desilets, Albert Antoine
Desjardins, Joseph Ernest
Desmarais, Joseph Raymond Jean Marie
Desmarais, Joseph Eugene Gerard
Desourdy, Vincent George
Desroches, Joseph Omer Leopold
Desroches, Joseph Paul Lucien Wilfrid Leon
Desrosiers, Joseph Claude Marcel
Dessertine, Claudien Paul Joseph
Detlor, Perry Byard
Deugo, Robert Henry
Devall, Bruce Thomas
Devaney, Edward Philip
Devenish-meares, Russell
Devereaux, Frank Gerrard
Deverell, Mansell Ramsay
Devery, Keith Thomas
Deveson, Edward Oliver
Devine, Evan Campbell
Devine, Phillip Eena
Devine, William Douglas Matthew
Devine, Eena Norman
Dewar, Peter
Dewar, John Fraser
Dewar, Walter William
Dewart, Douglas Lyle
Dewey, Kenneth Welland
Dewhurst, Edgar
Dewis, Frederick Sayre
Dey, Arthur Alexander
Dey, Robert
Di Marco, Leo John David
Di Pesa, Arthur
Dial, Wilfred George Barrett
Dibb, Geoffrey Wigton
Dick, La Verne John
Dick, John Norrie Gordon
Dickenson, Max Elwin
Dickerson, Kevin Leslie Thomas
Dickie, William James
Dickie, Ross Meredith
Dickie, Robert James
Dickie, Alexander Gordon
Dickie, Alexander Mckeen
Dickie, Robert Lloyd
Dickie, Robert John
Dickie, John
Dickie, Gordon Douglas
Dickinson, Harry
Dickinson, Francis
Dickinson, Earl Willard
Dickinson, Robert Harry
Dickinson, Winston James
Dickison, Albert William
Dickson, Beaumont Churchill
Dickson, James Seatter
Dickson, Robert Walker
Dickson, William Rodger
Dickson, Alexander Fernie
Dickson, Colin Kenneth
Dickson, Vivian
Dickson, Douglas James
Dickson, Hugh Gilchrist
Dickson, Walter Edward
Dickson, William Alexander
Dickson, John Arthur
Dickson, Andrew Stanley
Dickson, John William
Dickson, Colin
Didsbury, Colin Mcdougall
Dieno, Gustaf Adolph
Dietman, John Arthur
Digges, Charles Richardson
Diggins, John Andrew
Dil, William Robert
Dillon, Raymond James
Dillon, Michael Frederick
Dillon, William
Dillon, James Mckenzie
Dillon, Beresford George Douglas
Dilworth, Arthur Joseph
Dimma, Thomas William
Dimmock, Harold Edgar
Dimock, Vallance Albert Oliver
Dindorf, Karol
Ding, Eric John
Dingley, Linwood Alton
Dingley, Leonard Douglas
Dingwall, Fred Thompson
Dinning, John Hector
Dion, Joseph Jacques Louis Philippe
Dion, Raymond Bernard
Dionne, Francis Roger
Disney, Douglas Haig
Dissing, Jens Lawrence
Dittmer, Donald Franklin
Dive, Peter Benjamin
Diversi, James Patrick
Divitcoff, Alexander
Dixon, Derek Richard Sidney
Dixon, Elton Lascelles
Dixon, Donald William Robert
Dixon, Frederick Allen
Dixon, Norman Harold
Dixon, Walter Alexander
Dixon, John Russell
Dixon, Gregory Wills
Dixon, Murray Allen
Dixon, James Edward Manners
Dixon, Terence Albert
Dixon, Maxwell Wintringham
Dixon, Garth Lavain
Dixon, Hilliard Craig
Dixon, Alfred Ross
Dixon, Robert
Dixon, John Askew Chartres
Dixon, Charles Righter
Dlusy, Nathan
Dmytruk, Peter
Dobbin, Laurence St. George
Dobbs, Fernand Walter
Dobbyn, Robert Joseph
Dobesch, Burghardt Hans
Dobie, Robert Charles
Dobinson, Julian
Dobromirski, Krzysztof Leon
Dobson, Willem Castor
Dobson, Peter Gerald
Dobson, Warren Lee
Dobson, William Trevor
Dobson, Reginald Patrick
Dobson, William
Dockendorff, Edgar Jacob
Dockerill, John Peter
Dockery, Graeme Mark
Docking, Robert Owen
Dockrill, Joseph Frederick
Doda, Wladyslaw
Dodd, Thomas Wilfred
Dodd, Thomas Henry Francis
Dodding, James David
Dodds, Gordon Harry
Dodds, David Laing
Dodds, Vernon Fairbank
Dodds, Gilbert Derrick
Dodge, James Harper
Dodge, Lloyd Eldon
Dodgshun, John Henry
Dods, William Stodart Espie
Doe, Bruce Elbert
Doe, James Harrington
Doel, Alfred William
Doery, James Frank
Doggett, Harry
Dogue, George
Doherty, Nicholas
Doherty, Patrick Clifford
Doherty, Robert Spencer
Doherty, Robert
Doherty, Laurence Aloysius
Doherty, Francis Aloysius
Doherty, Edward Charles Hibbs
Dohoo, Ernest George
Doidge, Ronald William
Dolding, Arthur John
Dollar, Ralph Edmund
Dollery, Trevor Percival
Dolman, Horace Edward
Dolphin, Douglas James
Dolter, Francis Wilfred
Domanski, Stanislaw H
Domanski, Jozef
Domanski, Ludwik
Domanski, Ludwik
Domanski, Zbigniew Jan
Dombrain, Peter Charles Lewis
Domiter, Zygmunt
Donaghy, Patrick Joseph
Donaghy, Thomas Rodgers
Donald, Keith Courtney
Donald, Charles Douglas
Donald, James Leo
Donald, Keith Langford
Donald, Robert Stewart
Donald, Harley William Edwards
Donald, John Neal
Donald, James Corke
Donaldson, Leslie George Raymond
Donaldson, William Robert
Donaldson, James
Donaldson, Gordon Edward
Donaldson, John Clifford
Donaldson, David Alexander
Donaldson, John
Doncaster, John Phipps
Donehue, Cyril Edgar
Doney, Sydney Robert
Donn-patterson, James
Donnelley, Norman Wilfred
Donnelly, William Paul
Donnelly, Thomas Edward Ramsay
Donnelly, Edward John
Donnelly, Thomas Henry
Donnison, Frederick Ritchie
Donoghue, James Edward
Donohoe, Frederick Max
Donohue, Thomas James
Donovan, Ralph William
Donovan, Irvine Irwin
Donowa, Rex Valentine
Donson, Hugh Edwin
Doolan, Gregory Mcgowan
Doole, David Giffin
Doonan, Francis William
Doran, William Lawrence
Doran, Terence Henry
Doran, Arthur Joseph
Doray, Joseph Leonard
Dore, Joseph Alphonse Raymond
Dorman, Jan Piotr
Dorney, Thomas
Dorosz, Stanislaw
Dorrington, Ronald Kingston
Dorval, Joseph Edward Johnston
Dorward, Leslie Clement
Dorward, David Taylor
Dorzek, Anthony Alloysius
Dose, Richard Herman
Doten, Glen Oscar
Doucet, Joseph Geoffrey
Doucette, Alexandre Theodore
Doude, William John
Douds, Douglas
Dougan, Jack Llewelyn
Dougherty, George Switzer
Dougherty, Leonard David
Douglas, Glenn Thomas
Douglas, George Elmer
Douglas, Donald Banbury
Douglas, Samuel Robert Bruce
Douglas, Arlie Berton
Douglas, Hamilton Alexander
Douglas, Robert James
Douglas, William Ernest
Douglas, Eric Hayden
Douglas, Francis William
Douglas, John Angus
Douglas, Wallace John
Douglas, Norman Evan Paul
Douglas, Charles Harold
Douglas, James Watkins
Douglass, Lenard Walter
Douglass, William Ewart
Doupe, Richard Vernon
Dow, John Charles Du Burgh
Dowd, Mortimer John
Dowden, Max E
Dowding, Richard Boyd
Dowding, John Frederick
Dowding, Herbert Reginald
Dowds, Herbert Joseph
Dowe, Edward Albert
Dowell, Ronald William Bruce
Dowie, Nevill William
Dowland, Frederick Henry
Dowland, Herbert Lloyd
Dowler, Norman Garth
Dowling, Roy William
Dowling, George Edward
Dowling, Ralph Andrew
Dowling, Wilbur James
Dowling, Bryan James
Down, Alfred James
Down, Charles James
Downe, Geoffrey William
Downer, William Watson
Downer, Irvin William
Downes, Thomas Neville
Downes, John
Downey, Bernard
Downie, Albert James
Downing, Albert Edward (Bert)
Downing, Frank Chace
Downing, Jeffrey John
Downing, Arthur William
Downing, James
Downs, Harry Chapman
Downs, Alexander Irvine Lewis
Downton, John Edwin Lawrence
Downton, Charles Murray
Dowsett, Arnold William
Doyle, Gordon James
Doyle, Kevin Norman
Doyle, John Peter
Doyle, George Temple
Draheim, Leonard John
Drake, Howard Ralph
Drake, Frederick Douglas
Drake, Donald Frank
Drake, William Bruce
Drake, James Isaac
Dramnitzki, Eldore
Dranicki, Mieezyslaw Kazimierz
Drapala, Roman
Draper, John Dudley
Draper, Robert Arthur Conrad
Draper, Thomas William
Drawbridge, Herbert John
Draysey, Lloyd
Dreaver, Bruce Colin
Drecki, Wladyslaw
Dreger, Frederick Richard
Drennan, Alfred Thomas
Drennan, Alfred Wallace Jack
Drennan, Gerald Maxwell
Drennan, James Douglas
Drew, Charles Cyril
Drew, James Edward
Drew, Wendell Pierce
Drewe, Arthur Douglas
Drewer, Clifford Harris
Drewery, Bertram Ernest
Dreyer, Raymond Wesley
Dreyer, Lenard Charles Underwood
Dries, Paul William
Drinkwater, John Willard
Drinkwater, Kenneth Gordon
Dripps, Donald Campbell
Driscoll, Thomas John
Driver, Kenneth Weeks
Driver, Paul Edward
Driver, Leslie Keith
Dromgoole, Sydney Houston
Drope, William John
Drozdiak, William
Drozdziok, Pawel
Druhan, Kenneth Francis
Drumm, Kenneth Wesley
Drummond, Hugh Cecil
Drummond, Frederick Agnew Vance M.
Drummond, Donald Peter
Drummond, Augustine Francis
Drummond, Kenneth
Drury, Robert William
Dryden, Alfred Ernest
Dryden, John Robert
Dryden, Henry Kelso
Dryer, Howard Raymond
Drysdale, Robert Elmer
Drysdale, James Leonard
Du Bose, Thomas Coke
Du Piesanie,
Du Plessis,
Du Pont, Jacques
Du Preez,
Du Sablon, Joseph Lionel Ulderic Gerard
Du Toit,
Du Toit, Francois Meyer
Du Toit,
Du Toit,
Du Toit,
Duane, Gregory Terence
Dubas, Stefan Michal
Dubas, Zbigniew Jan
Dube, Joseph Lucien Marcel
Dube, Henri Edouard
Dubeau, Edward David
Dubeau, Robert Joseph
Dubetz, Lawrence
Dubnick, Harry
Dubois, Joseph Edward Lawrence
Dubois, Evariste Pierre
Dubord, Joseph Emilien Jean Cyriaque
Dubowski, Tadeusz
Dubroy, William Edmond
Dubuc, Louis Romeo
Duchen, Michael
Ducker, Darcy Clive Melville
Ducker, Benjamin Victor Lloyd
Duckmanton, Henry Cavell
Duckworth, Ernest Verdon
Duckworth, Alan Murray
Duclos, Joseph Jean
Duda, Gordon Murray
Dudding, Keat
Dudziak, Jozef
Due, Einar Ernest
Duel, Allan Robert
Duell, James Baird
Duff, Gordon Alexander
Duff, Ian Mackenzie
Duff, Robert Alexander
Duff, Peter Stanley
Duff, James Eyval
Duff, Frank Alexander
Duffield, John Alvin
Duffill, James Gilbert
Duffin, Edward Roy
Duffin, James Douglas
Duffy, Francis John
Duffy, Rodney Ernest
Duffy, John Laurence
Duffy, Warren Alvin
Duffy, James William Alexander
Duffy, Donald Maclachlan
Duffy, Thomas Michael
Dufton, Donald William
Dugan, John Henry
Duggan, John Frederick
Duggan, Frederick Charles
Duggan, Gordon William
Duggan, Maurice Daniel
Duggleby, Alan Milne
Duguid, James Irving
Duguid, James Scott
Duhamel, Joseph Andrew Jean
Duhamel, Joseph Alphonse Clement
Dujay, Edmund Ronald
Duke, Allan Thomas
Dukick, Joseph George
Dumas, Joseph Laurent Gerard Gilbert
Dumas, Richard Alexandre
Dummett, Quinton Rowland
Dumont, Norman Charles
Dumville, Gordon
Dumville, Allister George
Dunae, Alexander
Dunajski, Francis Xavier Joseph
Dunand, Emile Joseph Francis
Dunaway, George Mason
Dunbar, Maxwell
Dunbar, Ronald
Dunbar, Geoffrey James
Dunbar, George Irving Herbert
Duncan, Gordon Robert
Duncan, Mervyn
Duncan, Colin Campbell
Duncan, George William
Duncan, Frederick Colin
Duncan, George Ross
Duncan, Leslie Kitchener
Duncan, Robert Mcintosh
Duncan, John William
Duncan, John
Duncan, William Walter
Dunford, Patrick John
Dungate, Alfred William
Dunham, William Matthie Gillam
Dunin, Piotr Jerzy
Dunin-horkawicz, Konstanty
Dunkeld, William Thomas
Dunkelman, George Amos
Dunkerley, Rex Kenilworth
Dunkerley, Allan Roy Frank
Dunkin, Frank
Dunlop, John George
Dunlop, Robert Osbourne Mitchell
Dunlop, Lawrence Gay
Dunlop, Bruce
Dunlop, Alistar Cameron
Dunlop, Guy Rerenui
Dunlop, Dawson Aubrey
Dunlop, Thomas Edwin
Dunlop, James Lennox Scott
Dunlop, John Leonard
Dunlop, George James Talbot
Dunn, John William Kirkwood
Dunn, Ernest Leslie
Dunn, Phillip Wesley
Dunn, Norman Neville
Dunn, Patrick
Dunn, Ian Clarke
Dunn, Leslie William
Dunn, John Humphrey (Bud)
Dunn, Orval Clarence
Dunn, Robert Wyndham
Dunn, Gordon Mcleod
Dunn, Charles Douglas
Dunn, Sidney Gordon Ellis
Dunn, Douglas Ashton
Dunn, Glen Richard
Dunn, Edric La Dell
Dunn, Leonard Acton
Dunn, Stuart St. Helier Gwyllym
Dunn, Kenneth Gordon
Dunne, John Robert
Dunne, James Barry
Dunnigan, Vincent James
Dunnigan, William John
Dunning, Kenneth Valentine
Dunphy, Robert Ronald
Dunphy, Clifford Alexander
Duns, Joseph Pearson
Dunshea, Clifford Joseph
Dunsmuir, John Murray
Duplin, Wilfred Joseph Alexander
Dupraz, Rene Jean Charles Alfred
Dupre, Frederick Louis Edward
Dupueis, Charles Gordon
Duran, Corney Anthony J.
Durban, Nicholas Frederick
Durbin, Louis
Durbridge, Robert Keep
Durdin, Reginald Wilton
Durdin, Garnet Walter
Durham, George Henry
Durham, Donald
Durkin, Jack Garfield
Durkin, James Patrick
Durling, Russell David
Durling, Maurice Vaughn
Durnan, Grant
Durnell, Archibald Bertram Charles
Durnford, Roy Earle
Durnin, Graham William
Durning, Joseph Hermile
Durrant, Harold Davison
Durrant, John Chetwynd
Durrant, Carroll Ronald
Dusten, Roy George
Dustin, Ian Henry
Dusza, Edward Ryszard
Dusza, Stanislaw
Dutchak, Peter
Duthie, William Peter
Duthie, George Robert James
Dutkiewicz, Karol Zygmunt
Dutneall, Ralph Alan
Dutton, James Roy
Dutton, Robert Austin
Dutton, Leonard
Dutton, Joseph Mervyn
Dutton, Thomas Alexander
Duval, Philip Horace
Duxbury, Thomas Lincoln
Duxfield, Dennis
Dworski, Stanislaw
Dwyer, Earl Stewart
Dwyer, Francis Dalton
Dwyer, John Gordon
Dwyer, Roy Orson
Dwyer, Eric
Dwyer, Lawrence Thomas
Dyce, Kenneth Douglas
Dye, Jack Ellsworth
Dyer, Lloyd Sydney
Dyer, Henry David Patrick
Dyer, Maurice Ballard
Dyer, Bruce Douglas
Dyer, Sydney Allan
Dyer, Arthur Richard
Dyjas, Tadeusz Jan
Dylewski, Stefan
Dymek, Stanislaw
Dyment, Leslie Roy
Dymond, Charles Vernon
Dynarski, Edward Frank
Dyson, Carson Lyle
Dyson, Francis Victor
Dyson, John Henry
Dyson, Dudley Harnett
Dyszkant, Stanislaw
Dziadula, Franciszek A
Dzialowski, Stanislaw
Dziubek, Jan Edward
Dziubinski, Tadeusz Kazimierz
Dzwigajowski, Bogdan
Dzwon, Franciszek
Eady, Irwin James
Eager, William Hedley
Eagles, Clarence Gordon
Eagleson, James Lyman
Eaglestone, Walter Reginald
Eakins, Paris Richmond
Eardley, Albert Rudolph Osborne
Earl, James
Earl, Harold John
Earle, John Walter Benson
Earle, John
Earle, John Clifford Morris
Earle, Harold Murray
Earls, John James
Early, James Williard
Early, Clifford Wayland
Earney, Herbert Henry
Earwaker, Samuel David
Easen, Richard Frederick
East, Patton Mason
East, Ronald Clark
East, John Douglas Alfred
East, Michael George King
Eastcott, Thomas Frederick
Easter, Reginald
Easterbrook, Sidney Dalton
Eastgate, Colin Henry
Eastham, Douglas Joseph
Eastley, Frederick Charles
Eastman, Donald Mervyn
Easton, Keith Henry Iveson
Easton, James Albert
Easton, Herbert Robinson
Eastwood, John Lydbert
Eastwood, Clarence Alfred
Eaton, Robert James
Eaton, Robert George
Eaton, John Burgess
Eaton, Roger Leigh
Ebbers, Henry Bernard
Ebeling, Frederick Clive
Eberhardt, Karol
Eberle, Arthur Jason
Ebert, George Wilbert Henry
Eccles, Raymond Gordon
Eccles, John Stoppard
Ecclestone, Edwin Clifford
Eccleton, William Davies
Echin, Henry Adolphus
Echlin, Allan Grant
Eckersley, Cecil Gordon
Eckhold, Morris Charles
Eddie, Lawrence Edgar
Eddy, Charlie
Eddy, Howard Eimer
Edgar, Joseph Walter
Edgar, Robert John
Edgar, Frank Shepley
Edge, Raymond
Edge, Bernard Frederick
Edgett, George Hammond
Edgett, Ernest Byron
Edgoose, Tom Alfred
Edick, Robert Stanley
Edis, Herbert George
Edmends, William Colin Clifford
Edmiston, Douglas James
Edmonds, Robert Ferguson
Edmonds, Lloyd George
Edmonds, Gerald Boyd
Edmonds, Wilfrid Milton
Edmonds, William Alexander
Edmonds, Stanley Allan
Edmondson, William
Edmondson, Gerald Henry
Edmunds, Everest George
Edmunds, Howard Frederick
Edwards, Burdel Frank
Edwards, Russell Irwin
Edwards, George Beith
Edwards, Ernest Frank
Edwards, Robert Lesley
Edwards, Jack Dudley
Edwards, Terence Oliver
Edwards, Allan James
Edwards, Raymond Fraser
Edwards, William Earl
Edwards, Ralph Theodore
Edwards, Peter Charles
Edwards, George Sydney
Edwards, Stuart Lacey
Edwards, Albert Gordon
Edwards, Charles Herbert
Edwards, Medwyn
Edwards, James George
Edwards, Keith Thomas
Edwards, Llewelyn Pryce
Edwards, Emery Kenneth
Edwards, Robert George
Edwards, Allen Grayson
Edwards, Clifford
Edwards, Peter Colin
Edwards, Thomas Sylvester
Edwards, William John
Edwards, Charles Stanley Rutherford
Edwards, John Harvey
Edye, Bruce Henry
Egan, Walter Henry
Eggleton, Cleveland John
Egierski, Tadeusz
Egter Van Wissekerke, Jan George
Eichar, Grant Eugene
Einarson, Johann Walter
Einarson, Harold Bjorn
Einarsson, Sigurjon
Eise, Henry George
Eisler, Leo Joseph Mathew
Eitel, Edward Laverne
Ekelund, John Herbert
Eklund, Karl Hugo
Elder, William John
Elfner, Paul James
Elgar, William Ralph
Elgie, Stewart Wallace
Eliot, Ivan Aubrey
Elkington, Clarence Scott
Ellam, James Lloyd
Ellard, Cameron William
Elleray, Desmond Barton
Ellingson, John Philip
Elliot, Burton Hampton
Elliot, Thomas Isaac
Elliot, Donald Emil
Elliott, James Franklin
Elliott, Leonard Irvine
Elliott, John William
Elliott, Eldon Burke
Elliott, Albert Clark
Elliott, Harry Bertram
Elliott, Thomas Edison
Elliott, Frank Burton
Elliott, Richard Valentine
Elliott, Ralph Leslie
Elliott, Henry Milton
Elliott, Lloyd George
Elliott, Max Hilton
Elliott, John Charles
Elliott, Gordon William
Elliott, Reginald Frederick
Elliott, Alan Rowat
Elliott, James Gordon
Elliott, Howard Lee
Elliott, Thomas Harold
Ellis, Harry Sinclair
Ellis, George Henry
Ellis, Robert
Ellis, Ronald Ethelbert Edward
Ellis, William Tidswell
Ellis, Ronald Gordon
Ellis, John Valentine
Ellis, Herbert Clarence Duff
Ellis, Stanley Frederick
Ellis, Thomas Douglas
Ellis, Arthur William
Ellis, Alec Otley
Ellis, William John
Ellis, William Mason
Ellis, John
Ellis, Douglas William
Ellis, Reginald Arthur
Ellis, Clifford Henry Lance
Ellis, William Charles
Ellis, Alexander Leslie
Ellis, Arden Ivan
Ellis, Stanley James
Ellis, George Ivan
Ellis, Ronald Oberlin
Ellis, Harold
Ellis, John William
Ellis, Henry Arthur Laurence
Ellis, Derek Atkinson
Ellis, Charles Raymond
Ellis, Albert James
Ellison, Bruce Woodward
Ellmers, Lincoln John
Ellsmere, Ross Orval
Ellsworth, Gordon Leroy
Ellwood, William Ralph
Elmer, Grant
Elmore, Bruce Alan
Elms, Henry
Elmslie, James Arthur
Elphick, Douglas
Elrick, Alexander Edward
Elrington, Richard Douglas
Elsey, Howard
Elstub, Thomas Clifford
Elvin, William
Elwell, Orville Norman
Elwin, Robert Norman
Elwood, John Stephen
Ely, Ronald Walter
Ely, Arthur Blevyn
Ely, Vivian Clive
Emberson, Edwin Nerton
Embury, John Henry Cameron
Emerslund, William Young
Emerson, John Alexander
Emerson, Ivor
Emerson, Ralph Hay
Emerson, Thomas Henry Navin
Emery, John Lionel
Emery, Simon Grover
Emery, William Edward
Emery, John Francis
Emery, John Marsh
Emmerson, Ronald Harry
Emmerson, Bertram
Emmet, Barry Desmond
Emmett, Wilfred Sefton
Emmons, Kenneth Edward
Emmott, Jack Harrison
Emond, Joseph Edward Hector
Emonson, Richard
Empey, Earl Dwight
Emrose, Robert Keith
Emrys-jones, Louis Gordon
Emsig, Mervyn K.
Endler, Eric Arnold
Engels, Petrus
England, George Albert
England, William Henry
England, Peter Ayrton Visart
England, Edward Maxwell
England, Kenneth Hayne
Englert, Walter Lawrence
English, George Cornwall
English, Marshall Frederick
English, Robert Mould
English, William Newth
English, Lloyd Francis
English, Harold Fraser
Enman, William Frederick
Ennis, Roy Milton
Enns, Benjamin Hugo
Enright, Leo Daniel
Enright, Peter Edward
Enright, Edwin George
Enright, Donald Fraser
Ensom, John Victor
Ensor, Weiland Fairfax
Epoch, Jerome Aquinius
Epp, Jacob (James) Alexander
Eppler, Edward William
Eret, Tadeusz
Erickson, James William
Erickson, Roy Stanley
Erickson, Harry
Erickson, Donald Leif
Erickson, Leif Tapio
Erly, William Jerome
Ernst, Jack Douglas
Ernst, Lloyd Sylvester
Ernst, William Burton
Errington, Richard Allan
Erzinger, John Dartry
Eskil, Odin John
Esler, William James
Esmay, Robert Segel William
Espelid, Halldor
Esquilant, William Robert
Essam, Thomas
Essar, William
Essex, Adrian West
Estcourt, Kenneth Trevor
Este, John Douglas Alexander
Estell, John Edward
Etherton, Ronald Henry
Ethier, Joseph Paul Olivier
Etienne, Francis
Eubank, Frederick Henry
Eunson, Leonard Allan
Eva, Ernest Richard
Evans, John Taylor
Evans, Colin Ware
Evans, William Harry
Evans, Mervyn
Evans, Harry William
Evans, Kenneth Eric
Evans, Edmund Cheney
Evans, Thomas Govan
Evans, James Henry
Evans, David Carson
Evans, R. Clifford B.
Evans, Earle Robert
Evans, Peter Bruce Lloyd
Evans, Cedric John
Evans, Geoffrey Charles
Evans, Jack Ellwood
Evans, Arthur William Smith
Evans, Ernest William
Evans, John Wesley
Evans, Harold Evan
Evans, David Geoffrey
Evans, Douglas John
Evans, Robert William
Evans, Conrad Cromer
Evans, Ronald Sylvester
Evans, David Henry Robert
Evans, Thomas
Evans, Walter Arthur
Evans, Bernard George
Evans, William Walter
Evans, Horace Alexander
Evans, Clarence Ernest
Evans, Ivan Thomas Hugh
Eveline, Joseph Henry
Evelle, Jack Douglas
Evens, Arthur Leslie
Everest, Verity
Everiss, Carlyle Gray
Everist, Wilfred Thomas
Evers, Orval Clare
Evers, Jacob
Evers, Edwin
Eversfield, Sydney Eric
Eves, Elden
Ewans, Alan
Ewart, Ross Stuart
Ewaschuk, Mike
Ewen, John Bruce
Ewen, James Alwyn
Ewert, Robert Leslie
Ewing, William Robert
Ewing, Arthur Colin
Ewins, Percy Alfred
Exel, Gordon Wynne
Eyre, John Crowther
Facey-crowther, Lionel Percy
Fagan, William Henry
Fahey, Francis Felix
Fahey, Michael Paul
Fahie, Percy Philip
Fahrni, Ross Pringle
Fair, William Reginald
Fairall, Maurice Elmer
Fairall, Albert James
Fairbairn, James Duncan
Fairbairn, Leonard John
Fairbairn, Robert Douglas
Fairbairn, George Stuart
Fairbrother, Wendell Wilburn
Fairey, Earl Roy
Fairfield, Charles Ernest
Fairgrieve, William Chard
Fairhead, Leslie Herbert Ephraim
Fairhead, Ernest
Fairless, Alan Gilmore
Fairlie, Kenneth
Fairmaid, Allan Henderson
Fairweather, Keith
Fairweather, Edgar Lloyd
Faithorn, Lawrence Edward
Falan, Ward Thomas
Falardeau, William Leslie
Falconer, James Edwards
Falconer, Colin John
Falconer, Arthur James
Falkiner, Philip
Falkiner, John Alexander
Falkins, Leonard Marvin
Fallis, George Emerson
Fallis, John
Fallon, John James
Fallon, Lloyd
Falloon, James Garnett
Falloon, Henry Reid
Fallowdown, Kenneth Ross
Falls, Tom Montague
Fansher, Harry Frederick
Farah, George
Fardon, John Charles
Fargher, George Frederick
Fargher, George Pass
Faria, Raymond
Farlam, Alan Kenneth
Farlette, Joseph Rodolphe Gaston
Farley, Leo Louis Joseph
Farley, Arthur Rodolphe Roland
Farmer, Allan
Farmer, Walter Theodore
Farndell, David Lindsay
Farnham, John Arlo
Farquharson, Hector William
Farr, Harry Prior
Farrar, Allan John
Farrell, Patrick John
Farrell, James Joseph
Farrell, Edward Joseph
Farrell, Dunstan Patric
Farrell, John Miller
Farrell, Douglas Joseph
Farrell, Martin Patrick
Farrell, Desmond William
Farrell, James Paul
Farrelly, Raymond James
Farren, Edmund Blake
Farren, Frederick Stanley
Farrer, Hiram
Farrer, Thomas William Aubrey
Farrer, Henry Thomas
Farrington, Harry Gregory
Farrow, Alan Edward
Farthing, John Warren Alexander
Fassino, Stephen D. (Steve)
Fattig, Robert Dale
Fatyga, Stanislaw
Faulafer, Robert Alexander
Faulkner, Arthur James
Faulks, Raymond Wesley
Faunt, Francis William Graham
Faunt, Lindsay Gordon
Faust, Charles
Fauvel, Spencer Francis
Fawcett, Milton Argue
Fawcett, Albert John
Fawcett, Walter Douglas
Fawcett, Arnold Goodrick
Fawns, Herman Stanley
Fawthrop, Donald Arthur
Fayle, Ernest Athol
Feagan, Jack Walter
Feakes, Rex
Fealy, Herbert Henry
Fear, Harold Edward
Fearn, James
Fearneley, Francis Newton Salisbury
Fearnside, James
Fedi, Eric
Fedigan, James Gerald Joseph
Fedirchyk, Michael William
Fedorchuk, Wolodemir
Fedoruk, William
Fedzinski, Wlodzimierz S
Fee, William Reginald
Fee, Gordon Isaac
Fee, John Clarke
Feely, Brian William
Feeney, Kenneth George
Fehrman, David Arthur
Feilberg, Ronald Frederick
Feilden, Randle
Feindell, Lewis Leslie
Feinstein, Sam
Felczykowski, Konrad
Feldman, Arnold Lepine
Feldman, Joseph
Feldman, Marcus H.
Fell, Alwyn Kevin Dudley
Felstead, William Eldred
Felus, Kazimierz
Fengler, Dominik
Fennah, Donald Clement
Fennell, Lloyd Richard
Fennessey, James Francis
Fenske, Kenneth Gordon
Fenton, Ronald Franklin
Fenton, Graeme Holt
Fenton, James Watt
Fenton, Roy Cook
Fenwick, Harry Elmore
Fenwick, George Walter John
Ferenc, Stefan
Ferguson, Oswald Edward
Ferguson, Herbert William Reid
Ferguson, Lawrence Arkwright
Ferguson, John Hugh
Ferguson, Eric Kenneth
Ferguson, Jack Kenneth
Ferguson, Duncan Comrie
Ferguson, Donald Alexander
Ferguson, Roy Stanley
Ferguson, George Robert
Ferguson, Richard Dillicar
Ferguson, Robert Chrysler
Ferguson, William Kennedy
Ferguson, Harold Leonard
Ferguson, James Mcmillan
Ferguson, Ronald Cedric
Fergusson, John Drummond
Fergusson, Allister Archibald
Feric, Miroslaw
Fernance, Darcy James
Fernandez, Edward Earl
Fernandez De Leon, Mario Alfred
Fernie, Peter John
Fernie, Campbell William James
Fernquist, Virgil John
Fernstrom, Harold Lawson
Fernyhough, Walter
Fernyhough, Samuel
Ferrier, Walter Robert
Ferrier, Roy Wilson
Ferrier, Alfred Raymond
Ferrier, Edwin John Marr
Ferris, Henry William
Ferris, Richard Ameen Nicholas
Ferris, Ernest Robert
Ferris, Walter Harold
Ferris, James Bentley
Ferro, Carlo Ernesto
Ferron, Gilles Arthur
Feruga, Jozef
Feruga, Jozef
Fetchison, Myron
Fetherston, William Hugh
Fetherston, George Howard
Fetherston, Thomas Richard Norman
Fetherstonhaugh, Charles Brian
Fettell, Mervyn Byron
Fiddes, John Duncan
Fiddler, George Leyton
Fidge, Harold Stanley
Fidock, Robert Clive
Fiedorczuk, Eugeniusz
Field, Ian Murray Vass
Field, Allan Thompson
Field, John James Alfred
Field, William Ewart Nixon
Field, Peter
Field, William Ross
Field, Walter Harry George
Field, Robert Charles
Fielder, John Edward
Fieldhouse, Maurice
Fielding, Tom Illenden
Fietz, Clive Henry Charles
Fife, Frederick James
Figg, Ernest Dyer
Figg, Arthur Harry
Fighter, Kenneth Franklin
Fijalkowski, Jerzy Antoni
Filby, Jack E.
Filipchuk, Sidney
Filipiak, Boleslaw
Fill, Harold Walter
Fillingham, Thomas Ashton
Filmer, Owen Stewart
Filmer, Jasper Mayton Watson
Filteau, John Fredrick
Finbow, Maurice Herbert
Finch, Ronald James
Finch, Eldon Grant
Finch, Colin Geoffrey
Finch, Jack
Finch, Donald Davies
Finch, Gordon Frank
Finch, Edward Henry
Fincham, Charles Leslie
Findlater, Frank Desmond
Findlay, Ernest Quarrier
Findlay, Hugh John
Findlay, Jack Chisholm
Findlay, Lloyd Eby
Findley, John Ellis
Fine, Bernard David
Fingland, Wilfred James
Finlason, Donald Scott
Finlay, James Alexander
Finlay, William Robert
Finlay, Thomas Bertram Gardner
Finlayson, Colin Gowans
Finlayson, Walter Raymond
Finlayson, Alexander Douglas
Finlayson, George
Finlayson, William John
Finlayson, Stuart Scott
Finley, Clarence Bruce
Finlow, Jack
Finn, Vincent Bernard Joseph
Finnane, Brian
Finney, Keith Macdiarmid
Finnie, John Manson
Finnie, Alister Mckenzie
Firlej-bielanski, Stanislaw
Firman, George Albert
Firth, James
Firth, Louis James
Firth, Ernest James
Firth, Joseph Arthur
Fiscalini, Ronald James
Fisch, Henryk
Fischer, Frank Edgar
Fischer, John Marcus
Fischer, Alfred Austin
Fisher, James Wharton Severn
Fisher, Robert Wilson
Fisher, John Cobean
Fisher, Osborne Kirkton
Fisher, Ernest Edward
Fisher, Frederick George
Fisher, Byard
Fisher, Hugh Alexander
Fisher, John Ernest
Fisher, Noel
Fisher, Henry Guy Neville
Fisher, Jack Glen Millan
Fisher, David Ralston
Fisk, Donald Sutherland
Fitch, Hedley William
Fitch, Wayne
Fitness, Gordon William
Fittock, Lorenzo James Shann
Fitton, Norman Frederick
Fitz-gibbon, George Desmond
Fitzgerald, Maurice Michael
Fitzgerald, John Ernest
Fitzgerald, John Chisholm
Fitzgerald, Edward Charles
Fitzgerald, Kenneth George
Fitzgerald, Rowan Charles
Fitzgerald, Patrick John
Fitzgerald, William Vincent
Fitzgerald, John
Fitzgerald, Gerald William
Fitzgibbon, Joseph Francis
Fitzgibbon, Roderick Herbert
Fitzner, Leonard Charles
Fitzpatrick, Robert Joseph
Fitzpatrick, Allan Thomas
Fitzpatrick, Joseph Stanley Paul
Fitzsimmons, Gerald Robert
Flack, Donald Mitchell
Flagg, William John Thomas
Flanagan, Thomas Edward
Flannery, Seth James
Flansburgh-washbourne, Alvah Wilkie
Flashman, Alfred Charles Ronald
Flather, Lorne Cheatham
Flatt, William Henry
Flatt, Alfred Leonard
Flavelle, Robert Ernest
Flegel, Gustaf
Flegier, Henryk Andrzej
Fleishman, Edmond David
Fleming, Malcolm Henry
Fleming, James Alexander
Fleming, Gordon Edward
Fleming, Douglas
Fleming, Paul Stuart
Fleming, Wallace
Fleming, Neville Alexander Thomas
Fleming, William
Fleming, Andrew
Fleming, Jack Byrne
Fleming, Raymond Charles
Fleming, Keith Maynard Gerald
Fleming, Vincent Bernard
Fleming, George Howard
Fleming, William
Fleming, Robert S.
Fleming, John Brown
Fleming, Ian Hunter
Flemington, Arthur Allen Styles
Fletcher, Kenneth Edwin
Fletcher, Dennis
Fletcher, Harold Jackson
Fletcher, William John Percival
Fletcher, Lindsay Vaughan
Fletcher, John William Spencer
Fletcher, James Lester
Fletcher, Leonard Watson
Fletcher, Colin Alais
Fletcher, Ernest Gatenby
Fletcher, Donald
Fletcher, Joseph John
Fletcher, Arthur Haydn
Fletcher, Grant Alexander
Fletcher, Eric John Benjamin
Fletcher, Andrew Crawford
Fletcher, Arthur Gordon
Flett, Stewart Mackenzie
Flett, William Arthur
Flette, Clifford Nicholas
Fleury, Joseph Oscar Rolland
Flint, Thomas Vincent
Flitcroft, Noel Oliver Boyd
Flockhart, Colin Kelvin
Flood, John James
Flood, James Mcveigh
Flood, George Ross
Flood, Donald George
Florance, David Ray
Florence, Ronald
Floripe, Raoul Alberto Orozco
Florkowski, Jan
Flory, Maxwell Alfred
Floryanowicz, Stefan
Flower, William Harvey
Flower, Richard Colin
Flowers, Sydney Thomas
Floyd, Charles Richard (Dick)
Floyd, George
Flynn, Michael
Flynn, Ignatius Joseph
Flynn, Harold Lundy
Flynn, Francis Larry
Foczpaniak, Mieczyslaw
Foderingham, Clifford
Foerster, Walther Carl Richard
Fogarty, Kevin Gregory
Fogden, Edmund Daniel
Fojer, Henryk
Folbigg, Samuel Albert
Foley, Thomas Gordon
Foley, James Donald Alexander
Folkersen, Victor Roy
Follett, James Douglas
Follett, Albert
Folliott, Eric Walter
Follows, Sidney Wallace
Follows, William Arthur
Foltz, Raymond Rogers
Fonseca, Donald Everton
Fooks, Harry Gordon Compton
Foord, Creswell Dudley
Foote, Arthur James
Foote, John
Foote, Raymond Hamilton
Foote, Alan Dick
Foran, James Alexander
Foran, Theodore Willson
Foran, Martin Raymond
Forbes, Gordon Edmund Bruce
Forbes, William Dennis Keith
Forbes, George John
Forbes, Allan Patrick
Forbes, Allan Leighton
Forbes, John Ronald
Forbes, John Gordon
Ford, Herbert Norman
Ford, Roy Douglas
Ford, Everett Morrison
Ford, Edgar Ivan
Ford, Clarence Frederick
Ford, Percy George
Ford, Leslie Sidney
Forden, Hilton Hardcastle
Fordyce, Gordon William
Foreman, Gordon James
Forest, John Kenneth
Forestell, Robert Samuel
Forestell, Thomas Dominic
Forestell, Daniel Arthur
Forgan, William Wallace
Forman, John
Forman, Bricker Wilson
Formaniewicz, Edmund
Forrest, John Augustus
Forrest, John Reginald
Forrest, James Lowrie
Forrester, Norman Smith
Forrester, Leonard
Forrester, William
Forrester, Robert Loraine
Forrester, Sidney Milton
Forsberg, Morris Soren
Forseth, Kenneth Gilbert
Forster, Harry Phillip
Forster, John Joseph William
Forster, Ivor Russell
Forsyth, Colin Leo Malcolm
Forsyth, Archibald Douglas Vincent
Forsyth, John Hamilion
Forsyth, John Malcolm
Forsyth, Thomas Kevin
Forsyth, Alexander
Forsyth, Thomas Rex
Forsythe, Edward Bruce
Fort, Clifford Gurney
Fortin, Edmour
Fortin, Benoit Charles Eugene
Fortin, Jean Gilbert Felix
Fortt, Edward William Ronald
Foskett, Russel George
Foskett, Charles Rootham
Foster, William Ewen
Foster, Leslie
Foster, Thomas Edwin
Foster, Perry Clinton
Foster, Richard George
Foster, Thomas
Foster, Allan Gerald
Foster, Charles St. Clair
Foster, Alfred Merrill
Foster, Leslie Charles
Foster, Arthur Baker
Foster, Ralph Owen
Foster, Claude Allan
Foster, Keith Reginald
Foster, Wynn Edmund
Foster, John Ansley
Foster, Leslie Arthur
Fostey, Allan Martin
Fotheringham, Robert Ewen Ernest
Fotheringham, Andrew Henry
Foulkes, Geoffrey Grant
Foulston, James Arthur
Fountain, Cedric Niel
Fountain, Ronald Edward Robert
Fountain, Irwin Dale
Fournier, Joseph Wilfred Romeo
Fournier, Edward Francis
Fournier, Marc Alexander Gerard
Fournier, Rene Joseph Ludger
Fournier, Alphonse Marcel
Fournier, Roger Moise
Fowke, Alba Fletcher
Fowler, John Antony Coulson
Fowler, Reginald John Leake
Fowler, Cecil Allen
Fowler, James Brown
Fowler, Harry Wilfred
Fowler, Ernest John
Fowler, George Henry
Fowler, George Swan Murray
Fowlie, Robert Grant
Fowlie, John Mackintosh
Fowlow, Norman Ralph
Fox, Lloyd Alan
Fox, Howard William George
Fox, Albert Lloyd
Fox, Kenneth Wilson
Fox, William John
Fox, Herbert Ronald Wilkinson
Fox, John Bruce
Fox, Thomas Tristram
Fox, Harry Donald
Fox, Harold Joseph
Fox, Morgan David
Fox, Gerald Gordon
Foxcroft, Kenneth Edgar
Foxlee, Edward Wilson
Foxley, Arthur Harold
Foy, Dennis Fitzmaurice
Foy, Carson John
Foy, Blake Gordon
Foy, Melville Alfred
Foy, Walter William
Foy, Edgar Joseph
Frackiewicz, Kazimierz
Frair, Thomas Edward
Fraleigh, Manley Ignatius
Frame, George Murray
Frame, Robert Hicks
Frampton, John Albert
Franchuk, Stefan
Francis, John Carr
Francis, Max Gordon
Francis, Raymond Leslie
Francis, Edgar Davy
Francis, Richard William
Francis, Bruce Douglas
Francis, Donald Victor Roy
Francis, Bryan Gordon Grosvenor
Francis, Wilfred George
Francis, John Edmund
Francis, Eoin Samuel
Francis, John Charles
Francoeur, William Cecial
Franczak, Stanislaw Zbigniew
Frank, Frank Louis
Frank, Ralph
Frank, Michael
Frankcomb, John Clarence
Frankfurth, Robert Louis
Frankiewicz, Mieczyslaw J
Frankish, Kenneth Thomas
Frankish, Robert Walter Wetherall
Franklin, Dennis Anthony
Franklin, Peter Blundell
Franklin, George Rubin
Franklin, Ford John
Franklin, Benjamin Allan
Franklin, Harold Ralph
Franklin, Lloyd Stuart
Franklin, Harold Kendall
Frankowski, Antoni Jozef
Frankowski, Antoni Jozef
Frantisek, Jozef
Fraser, John Clark
Fraser, Lloyd Henderson
Fraser, Hugh Scott
Fraser, Donald
Fraser, Albert Thomas
Fraser, John Watson
Fraser, James Kenneth
Fraser, William Lorne
Fraser, Douglas Gordon
Fraser, Chipman Cameron Dawson
Fraser, Hugh Gavin
Fraser, Gordon
Fraser, John William
Fraser, Alexander William
Fraser, Ian Lovat
Fraser, James
Fraser, James Munro Mearns
Fraser, Gilbert Gordon
Fraser, William Macmillan
Fraser, George William
Fraser, Richard Douglas
Fraser, William Frederick
Fraser, Mason John
Fraser, Alexander James
Fraser, Allen Armistice
Fraser, Robert Anton
Fraser, Harris Robert
Fraser, John Michael
Fraser, Herbert John
Frayn, Richard Paul
Frazee, Donald Weston
Frazer, Alan Richard
Frazer, John Alfred
Frazer, Jack Edward
Frazer, Lancelott James
Freame, Edward Jack
Freberg, Philip Gustave R.
Frederick, Walter
Free, Edward Russell
Freeland, John Roy
Freeland, Warran Walter
Freeman, Harold
Freeman, Alexander Mccowan
Freeman, Elton Eugene
Freeman, William Joseph
Freeman, William Max
Freeman, John Ernest
Freeman, George Frank
Freeman, Averell Whitman
Freeman, Neville Austin
Freeman, Henry Graham
Freeman, Patrick Paul Deane
Freeman, James William
Frees, John Robert
Freestone, John Handel
Freeth, John Samuel
Fremlin, Erle Rutherford
French, Walter Edward
French, Richard York
French, Kenneth
French, Geoffrey Charles
French, Richard Otway
Freshney, Charles John
Fresque, Leonard Norman
Frew, Harold George
Frewen, Stanley D.
Frey, Frederick John Alec
Frezell, Edward Gerrard
Friar, Arthur Stanley
Friedel, Leopold M
Friedt, Joseph
Friesen, Victor Erwin
Friker, Walter Louis
Fripp, Alan Wesley Giles
Frith, Rex
Frith, Ernest Francis Hamilton
Frith, Stanley Robert
Frizzell, Cecil Roland
Frizzell, Robert James
Frost, Harold William
Frost, Kenneth
Frost, William Donald Garland
Frost, Lawrence Andrew
Frost, Laurence James
Frost, William David
Frost, Rae Rees
Frost, William Gordon
Frost, John Thomas Naldrett
Froud, Harold Garfield
Fruchtl, John George
Fry, William Benjamin
Fry, Thomas William
Fry, Herbert James George
Fry, James Rollo
Fry, Ernest John
Fry, Kenneth Gregson
Frychel, Maksymilian
Fryer, Graham
Fryer, John Edmund
Fuchs, Walery Stanislaw
Fudala, Jozef
Fudge, Bruce Samuel
Fudge, Howard Philip
Fugere, Michael William
Fuhr, Harold Arthur
Fuhrmann, Herbert Leonard
Fulford, Dudley Francis
Fuller, Sydney Robert
Fuller, Douglas
Fuller, Richard John
Fuller, William Homer
Fuller, John Edward
Fuller, John Alexand
Fullerton, Melville Lloyd
Fullerton, Lawrence
Fullerton, George Noile
Fullerton, Bernard
Fullum, Walter Joseph
Fulton, Stanley Joseph
Fulton, Roy Oswald
Fulton, Robert William
Fulton, Roderick William
Fulton, William John
Fulton, Edgar Claude
Funk, Mervin
Funkey, Howard Thomas
Furey, Rex Patrick
Furey, Ronald John
Furlong, James Raymond
Furlong, Walter Thomas Dominic
Furman, Russel Max
Furmaniak, Jozef
Furmaniak, Jozef
Furniss, Oscar Skelton
Furzer, Clarence
Fuss, Newton Hasalby
Fyvie, Joseph
Gaba, William
Gabel, Albert Lloyd
Gabryelski, Theodore
Gachowski, Ludwik
Gaddess, Andrew
Gadomski, Stefan
Gadomski, Stefan
Gadus, Romuald
Gagala, Edward
Gage, Donald Irwin
Gaggin, Eric Harry
Gagnebin, Robert Paul
Gagnon, Gerald Alban
Gahan, Geoffrey Russell
Gaik, Zygmunt Pawel
Gain, Andrew Macfarlane Harrison
Gaines, Charles Willis
Gaiter, James Albert
Gajek, Waclaw William
Gajewski, Henryk F
Gajewski, Antoni
Gajosinski, Jerzy
Galat, Kazimierz
Galat, Kazimierz
Galbraith, Archibald Murray
Galbraith, James Reginald
Galbraith, Thomas Francis
Galbraith, Patrick Ralph
Gale, Alan Rutherford
Gale, Edward Bagley
Gale, William Thomas
Gale, Walter William Beresford
Gale, George Claremont
Gale, William Allan
Gale, Kenneth William
Galipeau, Robert Henry
Gall, John
Gall, Herbert Maurice
Gallagher, James Cornelius
Gallagher, John Douglas
Gallagher, Anthony Joseph
Gallagher, Gordon John
Gallagher, Maurice Daniel
Gallagher, Frank John
Gallagher, Joseph Patrick
Gallaugher, Ralph Clare
Gallaway, Lloyd George
Galley, Arthur Joseph
Gallie, Rollo William Wesley
Galligan, Patrick James
Galligan, Edwin Richard
Gallipeau, Joseph Leo
Gallogly, Vincent John
Gallop, Philip Arthur
Galloway, Joseph Alfred Beattie Gabriel
Galt, David Taylor
Galvin, Staniforth Saywell
Galvin, Alwyne James
Galvin, Kevin Francis
Galvon, Thomas Michael
Gamble, Robert Hodgson Perry
Gamble, John
Gamble, James Ian
Gamble, Cameron Charles
Gamborski, John
Gammie, Colin
Gamsby, Austin Gordon
Gander, Arthur Frederick
Ganderton, John Raymond Francis
Gandurski, Wiktor Zbigniew
Gandy, Peter Joseph
Gane, Albert Leslie
Ganes, Joseph Wayne
Gannaway, Eric Francis
Gannon, Stephen Frederic
Gant, Maurice George
Garalick, Alexander
Garbacz, Wincenty
Garbutt, William Harrison
Garbutt, John Albert
Garde, Douglas Graham
Gardener, Charles Edward
Gardiner, William Henry
Gardiner, Llewellyn Hugh Coverdale
Gardiner, Desmond Edward James
Gardiner, Ross Ernest
Gardiner, Trevor Lloyd
Gardiner, Noble Andrew
Gardiner, William Austin
Gardiner, John Edwin
Gardiner, Raymond
Gardner, John
Gardner, Norman Alexander
Gardner, Robert Walters
Gardner, Charles Colborne
Gardner, Norman William
Gardner, William Hawksworth
Gardner, John Edward
Gardner, George Edward John
Gares, Ernest Joseph
Garland, William Samuel
Garland, Stewart Foster
Garland, Douglas Haig Armour
Garlick, Brian Lundius
Garman, Keith Lavon
Garnett, Francis Campbell
Garoutte, Bryon Homer
Garrard, John Percival
Garrett, Eric Thomas
Garrett, George Edwin
Garrett, Alfred William
Garrick, Charles Ross
Garrigan, John Edward
Garriock, Henry Lloyd
Garrity, Neville Hugh Banning
Garrow, James David
Garside, Stanley Vincent
Gartrell, Harold Spencer
Gartside, Wallace Mallory
Garvey, Connor Phelan
Garvie, Robert Leslie
Garwood, Herbert William
Gasak, Stanislaw
Gasecki, Josef Stanislaw
Gate, Allan Irving
Gates, Billy Orin
Gates, Max Ennis
Gates, Gerald Waldo
Gates, Robert Ingersole
Gates, Arley Sides
Gates, Edward Clason
Gates, William Ralph
Gaucher, Joseph Lucien
Gaudet, Joseph Raymond
Gaudet, John Clifton
Gaudet, Reginald Carl
Gaudin, Stanley David
Gaudyn, Jozef
Gaunt, Gordon Thomas
Gauthier, Joseph Paul Adelard
Gauthier, Raymond Charles
Gauthier, Joseph Omer Romain
Gauthier, Bernard Anthony
Gautschi, Norman Vincent
Gauze, Czeslaw
Gavan, Clarence Gordon
Gavegan, Jack Ralph
Gavel, Arthur Douglas
Gavin, Brian Walter
Gavin, Thomas Donald
Gavin, Howard
Gawad, Stanislaw
Gawith, Arnold
Gawith, Peter Masters
Gawkowski, Jozef
Gawlak, Feliks
Gawlik, Pawel Ludwik
Gawlik, Jan
Gawlikowski, Jan Kazimierz
Gawlowski, Leon
Gawthrop, Kenneth Gordon Douglas
Gay, Clifford Samuel
Gay, Wilfred Charles
Gayfer, John Burton
Gaynor, John Henry
Gayzler, Witold Josef
Gaze, Wharton Owen
Gazzard, James Frederick
Gazzard, Richard George
Gebaczka, Czeslaw
Gebbie, Gordon John
Gebicki, Jan
Gebik, Karol Piotr
Gedak, Joseph Isador
Geddes, Jack
Geddes, William Howard
Geddes, Roy Hamilton
Gee, Melsom Henry Walter
Gee, Frank Ernest
Geere, Carl Frederick
Gehrmann, Kenneth Joseph
Geikie, Walter George Mcdonald
Geissmann, Bernard Macolm
Geldart, Douglas Emerson
Gelder, Norman Francis
Gelinas, Joseph Edward
Gell, Allan Thomas
Gemmel, Keith Pratt
Gendron, Joseph Jules
Gennett, Francis Wayne
Gennon, Peter
Geoghegan, John Thomas
George, Hylton Carlyle
George, Andrew Lorne
George, Norman Grantley
George, James William
George, Richard Melvin
George, Lloyd
George, Gilbert Llewellyn
George, Lothian Julyan
Georges, Gregory Manuel
Georgeson, Louis Rockford
Geraghty, Gerald Francis
Gerathy, Kevin James
Gerber, Zdzislaw
Gerding, Cecil Louis
Gergley, Steve John
Gericke, Philip Kenneth Ross
Germain, George Henry
Germiquet, George Edward
Gerner, Christian Henry
Gerow, Glen Thomas
Gerrand, Norman Harrison
Gerrard, Robert Allan
Gerrard, John Michael
Gerrard, Norman Clive
Gerrie, Vernon Chester
Gerring, George William
Gerty, Stanley Fitzherbert
Gertzel, William Kevin
Gervais, Edward Emile
Gervais, Joseph Pierre Cyrille
Gibault, Joseph Leon
Gibb, William Edgar
Gibberd, James Ernest
Gibbes, Augustus Rodney
Gibbison, Andrew Greenwell
Gibbon, Donald Ernest
Gibbons, Noel James
Gibbons, Francis Earl
Gibbons, James Reginald
Gibbons, Anthony James
Gibbons, Arthur Leonard
Gibbs, William Lionel
Gibbs, Reginald Cuthbert
Gibbs, Cyril William
Gibbs, Jack Arthur
Gibbs, Ronald Arthur
Gibbs, William Robert
Gibbs, Jack Edward
Giblin, James Raymond
Gibson, Donald Murray
Gibson, James Maxwell
Gibson, Robert Dudley
Gibson, Jack Lloyd
Gibson, Albert Graham
Gibson, Mark Fairweather
Gibson, Leo Garth
Gibson, Lawrence Scott
Gibson, Henry Lincoln
Gibson, Rodney David
Gibson, Ian Stuart
Gibson, Alexander Cameron
Gibson, Arnold Roy Alexander
Gibson, William James Cameron
Gibson, William Graham
Gibson, Thomas Michael
Gibson, Joseph Vernon
Gibson, Donald James
Gibson, Trevor Leslie
Gibson, Maurice Weir
Gibson, James
Gibson, Robert William
Gibson, John Richardson
Gibson, William Derry
Gidaszewski, Walerian Feliks
Giddens, Harold Richard
Giddings, Bryan Wilba
Giddings, Lindsay Vernon
Gidilevich, Fred Theodore
Gierczycki, Jerzy Janusz
Gierulski, Ted Charles
Giff, George Ernest
Giffin, Stephen Graham
Giffin, Robert Roy
Giffin, John Winslow Alexander
Gifford, Beverley Hudson
Giguere, Joseph Emery Romeo
Giguere, George Joseph
Gilberd, Morris Searle
Gilbert, Earle Oscar Milton
Gilbert, Winslow Dawson
Gilbert, John Richard
Gilbert, Joseph Theodore Louis Philippe
Gilbert, Gerald Harman
Gilbert, Reginald Campbell
Gilbert, Bruce Napolean
Gilbert, John Leslie
Gilbert, Ronald Desmond
Gilbert, Leslie John
Gilbert, John Richard
Gilbertson, John Edward
Gilbertson, John Harold
Gilchrist, Donald Ross
Gilchrist, Hugh Gordon
Gilchrist, David Ronald
Gilchrist, Campbell Colin
Giles, James Reginald
Giles, David Edward
Giles, Paul Baily
Giles, Ronald Leslie
Giles, Donald Bruce
Giles, John Patrick Arthur
Gilfoy, James Eugene
Gilkeson, Fenwick Moseley
Gilkeson, Charles Aubrey Jim
Gill, Henry John
Gill, Donald Ross
Gill, Reginald Thomas
Gill, Arthur Taylor
Gill, Adrian Harold Cooper
Gill, John Davidson
Gill, Leslie
Gill, John William Joseph
Gill, Walter
Gill, Robert Douglas
Gillan, Gottfred Lyall
Gillan, Frank Bruce
Gillander, David Stuart
Gillard, William Andrew
Gillen, William Albert
Gillender, Hunter
Gillespie, William Leaman
Gillespie, John Alexander
Gillespie, Edward William
Gillespie, Ian George
Gillespie, John
Gillespie, Hugh Gordon
Gillett, Geoffrey Gordon
Gillett, Archie Oswald
Gillette, Orwin Rene
Gillian, Robert Hugh
Gillies, John Alexander
Gillies, Donald James
Gillies, Alexander Scott
Gillies, Kenneth Malcolmson
Gillies, James Kennedy
Gillin, James William
Gillis, Angus Joseph
Gillis, Robert Kane
Gillis, Malcolm Lawrence Matthew
Gillis, Norman Montague
Gillissie, William Gerald
Gillman, Mervyn Durham
Gilmore, Francis Ormond
Gilmore, Rae
Gilmore, Edward Gerard
Gilmore, Hugh Boyd
Gilmour, Hugh Edward
Gilmour, Charles Edward
Gilmour, Ross Mackenzie
Gilmour, William
Gilmour, Donald Mcmurtie
Gilmour, Neville George
Gilmour, Gordon Dudley
Gilpin, Lawrence Edward
Gilson, Vernon Beverley
Gilson, Edmond William John
Gilson, John
Gilverson, Albert Edward
Gindera, Jan Piotr
Gingras, Joseph Rene Guy
Gingras, Joseph Robert Real
Gingrich, Jack
Ginter, Tadeusz
Ginter, Tadeusz
Girardot, Edmond David
Girling, Clyde Joseph
Girman, Lesa
Girolami, Adriano Richard
Girouard, Donald Alfred
Girouard, Joseph Edmond Gustave
Giroux, Joseph Anthony Austin
Giroux, Joseph Antonio Lucien
Girty, Lloyd George
Girvin, William Ivan
Gising, Waclaw
Gislason, Norman
Gislason, Magnus August
Gissing, Frederick William
Gittings, William George
Gittins, Harold Bryan Livingston
Gladwell, Willis John
Gladwin, Lewis Lee
Gladwin, Francis Edmund
Glaister, Albert John
Glaister, Stanley
Glasby, Harvey
Glascock, Orval Kenneth
Glass, Harry
Glass, Mieczyslaw
Glass, Ronald Frank
Glass, Ernest Israel
Glass, Ronald Albert
Glasscock, Seth Shiloh
Glasson, Rex Arthur
Glauser, Elwood Awrey
Glay, Louis Orlin
Glazebrook, Edwin Herbert
Glazebrook, Jack Kenneth
Glazer, Sol
Glazier, Frederick John
Gleason, Michael Arnold
Gleason, Lawrence Harry
Gledhill, Albert William Conrad
Gleeson, John Bryant
Gleeson, Eric John
Glenday, Lindsay David
Glendenning, Albert
Glengarry, Owen Henry
Glenn, John Alexander
Glenn, Neville Taylor
Glenton-wright, Michael Lotherington
Glenwright, Albert Clive
Gliddon, Arthur William Howard
Glinz, Kevin Cyril
Glinz, Donald Frederick
Gloeckler, John Ernest (Jack)
Gloury, John Danckert
Glover, Bevil Milton
Glover, Robert Bell
Glover, John
Glowacki, Witold Josef
Glowacki, Witold Josef
Glowacki, Jan
Glynn, Norman Leonard
Gmiter-Gmitrewicz, Michal
Gmur, Feliks
Gnanamuthu, Anandaraj Samuel
Gnanamuthu, Basker Daniel
Goatley, Stephen George
Godbehere, James Herbert
Godby, Ivor Michael
Goddard, Harry Oldfield
Goddard, John Edward
Goddard, Robert Samuel
Goddard, Oswald Ernest
Goddard, John Endacott
Godfrey, William Allen
Godfrey, John William
Godfrey, Richard Roy
Godfrey, Lloyd William Lewis
Godfrey, Thomas Robinette
Godfrey, John Norden
Godfrey, Richard Gerard
Godin, John Joseph
Godin, Joseph Jean Robert Theobald
Godlewski, Sylwester Jerzy
Godsall, Herbert Marshall
Godwin, Joseph Erwin
Godwin, Gerald Patrick
Godwin, Kenneth James
Goebel, Gerhard
Goehring, Gordon Grant
Goff, Allan Barnes
Goggin, Harold Leonard Francis
Gohl, James Garfield
Gohres, Walenty
Gohres, Walenty
Going, Raymond Cyril
Golabek, Boguslaw
Golacki, Czeslaw S
Golaszewski, Jerzy Marian
Golczewski, Aleksander Roman
Gold, John
Gold, Leonard
Goldberg, Louis
Golder, Reginald William
Goldfinch, Gavin Matthew
Goldie, Peter Charles Herbert
Goldie, John Hunter
Goldie, Thomas
Golding, John James
Golding, Joseph Harold
Golding, John James
Goldman, Arthur Jacob
Goldman, William
Goldney, Murray Rufus
Goldsmith, Peter Mylrea
Goldspink, Joseph John
Goldstone, Vincent Murray
Goldsworthy, John Howard
Golsby-smith, Maxwell Frederick
Golub, Michael
Gomes, Lewis Charles
Gomm, Charles Willard
Gonnett, Lennox Aylwin James
Gonroski, Philip Felix
Good, William Adrian
Good, Peter Raymond
Good, Edgar Andrew
Good, Nolan Alexander
Goodall, Bernard Bryn
Goode, Ray Marston
Goodenough, Carlton Stokes
Gooderham, Geoffrey Arthur
Goodey, James Henry
Goodfellow, James Kendall
Goodfellow, James Richard
Goodfellow, William Desmond Laurence
Goodfellow, Donald Grant
Goodhew, Reginald Allan
Goodill, Alan Arthur
Goodkey, Leonard Earl
Goodman, Robert Brown
Goodman, Arthur Henry
Goodridge, Noel
Goodwin, William Harvey
Goodwin, Vernon Alfred
Goodwin, David Webster
Goodwin, Donald
Goodwin, George Joseph
Goodwin, George Nicholas
Goodwin, Robert Oscar Evans
Goodwin, Laurence Frederick Bransby
Goodwin, Ronald Bede
Goodyear, Sandy Harold Kendall
Goodyer, Edmond Jack
Goold, Arthur Frederick
Goord, Stephen Bryan
Gorak, Theodore
Gordon, Nelson Leslie
Gordon, James
Gordon, Donald Alexander
Gordon, Bruce
Gordon, William Campbell
Gordon, Horace Palmer
Gordon, John Peter Campbell
Gordon, John Irvine
Gordon, Robert Ernest Douglas
Gordon, Henry Vincent
Gordon, Andrew
Gordon, Hugh Lyons
Gordon, Douglas Huntly
Gordon, Archibald Don
Gordon, William Frederick
Gordon, Macdonald Stuart
Gordon, George Wallace
Gordon, Ian Stanley
Gordon, James Neil
Gordon, Colin Alexander James
Gordon, Milton George
Gordon-glassford, Terence Harry
Gordon-kay, Douglas
Gorham, James Rist
Gorieu, Raymond Albert Aime
Goring, Francis Carlyle
Goring, Curtis Albert
Gorman, Brian William
Gorman, Ralph Ernest
Gorman, Alexander Thomas
Gorny, Kazimierz Maciej
Gorrie, Harvey Frank
Gorrie, Charles Gordon
Gorski, Kazimierz Szczepan
Gorski, Jozef
Gorzenski, Mieczyslaw
Gosden, Walter Lionel
Gosling, Leslie Cyril
Gosnell, Richard Maurice Wilfrid
Gosper, Lee Gordon
Goss, Martin Dustin
Gosselin, Joseph Simeon David Benoit
Gossip, Arthur Bennett
Gottowt, Eugeniusz
Gotts, Rex Alfred
Goudie, Nathaniel Robert
Goudreau, Joseph Jacques Laurier
Goudy, Cameron Mckenzie
Gough, Douglas William
Gould, William Norman
Gould, Ian Frederick
Gould, Francis Edwin
Gould, Gordon James
Gould, James Douglas
Gould, George Stanley
Gould, Jay Randall
Gould, Innis Lindsay Elwin
Goulden, David Allan
Goulder, Kenneth
Goulding, Stanley Herbert
Goulding, Terence Tom
Goulding, Arthur William
Goulding, Clarence Phillip
Goulter, John Leslie
Goundrey, Thomas Alan
Gourde, Robert Russell
Gourlay, Robert Francis
Gourley, William Henry James
Gove, Keith Innes
Gover, Cedric Charles William
Gow, John Graham
Gow, David Murray
Gowan, Ronald Burtis
Gowans, William
Gower, Kenneth Wilfred
Gowrie, Chester Bruce
Goyer, Joseph Alexander
Gozdz, Czeslaw
Grabarczyk, Stanislaw I
Grabek, Roman
Grabham, Arthur James
Grabski, Walenty
Grace, John Peter
Grace, Hilary Francis
Gracie, William Brown
Gracie, William
Gracie, Byron Mcgie
Grady, John Bruce
Graebner, Everard Charles
Graff, Boleslaw
Graham, Edward William Davies
Graham, Lester Cameron
Graham, Arthur James
Graham, Raymond Edgar
Graham, Kevin Malcolm Ford
Graham, David Robert
Graham, Harvey Allan
Graham, William Alexander
Graham, Robert Bavin
Graham, Ian Dundee
Graham, Richard Robert
Graham, William Arthur
Graham, Charles Andre
Graham, George Ketchen
Graham, James D'arcy Lees
Graham, Frederick George
Graham, James Craig
Graham, Donald Curry
Graham, Milford Henry
Graham, Ronald John
Graham, Edward James
Graham, Harold Richmond
Graham, Lloyd Thomas
Graham, James
Graham, Lawrence Albert
Graham, Ross Clive
Grahame, John Howard James
Grainger, James Kennedy
Grainger, Frank Herbert
Grainger, James Charles
Grainger, Athol Richard
Grainger, James George
Grajnert, Dominik Marian
Gramson, Walter John
Grand, Albert George
Grange, Edward Alexander Mcdougall
Grange, Arthur Hugh
Granger, John Dow
Grant, Miles Carson
Grant, Donald Ross
Grant, Alan Charles William
Grant, Reginald Joseph Cowan
Grant, Morrison Carlyle
Grant, James Vallance
Grant, Graham Athol
Grant, Sinclair August
Grant, Leslie Kenneth Alexander
Grant, Llewellyn William
Grant, John Edward
Grant, Kenneth Maxwell
Grant, Duncan Marshall
Grant, Bruce Angus
Grant, John Joseph
Grant, Charles Donald
Grant, George
Grant, William Seaman
Grant, Ian Curtis
Grant, Alexander
Grant, Ian Alexander
Grant, Donald Gordon
Grant, William Angus
Grant, Joseph Peter
Grant, David Charles
Grant, Ian Allan Charles
Grant, Charles
Grant, John Charles
Grant, Arthur Dallas
Grant, Reginald Halsey
Grant, James Murray
Grant, Alfred Frederick
Grant, John William
Grant, Hugh Allan
Grant, William John Peter
Grant, John Alexander
Grant, Donald Irving
Grant, Frederic Norman
Grant, Frank Edward
Grasby, Brian Gordon
Grasley, Joseph Robert
Grassie, Chesley Reginald
Grasswick, Tom Henry
Grattan, Noel
Gravel, Joseph Victor Jacques
Gravel, Marcel
Gravelet-chapman, John Benjamin
Graves, William Donald
Graves, Grant Russell
Gray, Trevor Hedley
Gray, Neal Morton
Gray, Peter Maxwell
Gray, John Fraser
Gray, Robert John
Gray, Hugh Graham
Gray, George Armstrong
Gray, John Balfour
Gray, James Eugene
Gray, Lemuel William
Gray, Kenneth Macgregor
Gray, Peter Ritchie
Gray, Wilfred John
Gray, William Alexander
Gray, Harry Joseph Thomas
Gray, Stanley Goddard
Gray, James Cornwall
Gray, William Reid
Gray, George Henderson
Gray, Charles
Gray, Roderick Borden
Gray, Robert Sidney
Gray, Maurice Claude Norfolk
Gray, Dean
Gray, David
Gray, Herbert Peace
Graydon, Malcolm Henry
Grayson, James Edward
Greatrex, Douglas Thomas
Greatz, Walter Paul
Greavison, Ronald
Green, Fletcher William Randall
Green, Jack Dawson
Green, Alfred Kenneth
Green, Robert Clarke
Green, William John Russel
Green, Harold Lewis
Green, Roy Leslie
Green, William Raeburn
Green, Frederick George
Green, Edward Calvin
Green, Ralph Leslie
Green, Arthur Herbert
Green, Cyril Vincent
Green, Charles
Green, Gordon Arnold
Green, Leslie Arthur
Green, James William
Green, George Arthur
Green, Frank Harold
Green, William John
Greenan, John Fergus
Greenberg, Harry Noel
Greene, Philip Sanson
Greenfield, Alastair Mackay
Greengrass, Roy Stanley
Greenhill, Thomas John
Greenidge, John Alexander
Greening, Joseph Wesley
Greenland, Charles James Donald
Greenshields, William Alexander
Greenstein, Meyer
Greenstreet, James Frederick
Greenway, John Kinnaird
Greenwell, Robert Eric
Greenwell, Francis William
Greenwood, Clement Joseph
Greenwood, George Evelyn
Greenwood, James Clark
Greenwood, Stanley Wheatley
Greenwood, Frederick William
Greenwood, Edward Joseph
Greenwood, John Douglas
Greer, Arthur William
Greer, Sydney Raymond
Greer, Clifford Barton
Greer, William Leonard
Gregg, Alfred Ian
Gregg, Stanley Alfred
Gregoire, Leo Joseph Robert
Gregory, Bruce Durward
Gregory, Richard St. Julien
Gregory, Richard James
Gregory, Harold William
Gregory, Eric Otho
Gregory-coleman, William Patrick Joseph
Gregson, Frank
Greig, Patrick Joseph Mccrohan
Greig, Gordon Templeton
Grejciun, Boleslaw
Grenfell, Richard John
Grenfell, Kenneth Hugh
Grenier, Joseph Amedee
Grennan, Gerald Burton
Grenon, Alfred Joseph
Grevatt, James Jack Joseph
Grey, Linley Joseph
Grey, Frederick Gwilym
Grey, Llewellyn
Grey-noble, Henry
Gribble, Edward Henry
Grice, Ivor Charles
Grice, Hubert Gordon
Gridley, Ronald Harold
Grier, Gordon Keith
Grierson, John Alexander
Griese, Leonard David
Grieve, Jeffrey James
Grieve, Ronald Mclennan
Griffey, Kenneth William
Griffin, John Richard
Griffin, Jack Douglas
Griffin, Felix Ivor
Griffin, Michael Francis
Griffith, Hugh Phillip
Griffith, Ernest Hamilton
Griffith, John Bryant De Burgh
Griffith, Allan George
Griffiths, Trevor Llewellyn
Griffiths, Rex Vernon
Griffiths, Vincent Herbert
Griffiths, Ivor
Griffiths, Daniel Brooke
Griffiths, Trevor
Griffiths, Charles Anthony
Griffiths, Lewis George Henry
Griffiths, John Jefferson
Grigg, Allan Joseph
Grigg, Robert Jackson
Griggs, Thomas Eric
Grimes, Donald Leonard
Grimes, Ronald Ross
Grimley, Robert Keith
Grimsdick, Edward Oliver
Grimwade, James William
Grimwood, Frank Lockyer
Grinde, John Andrew
Grindley, William Edward
Grindley, Philip Stanley
Grist, Kilburn Howard
Grivell, Robert Garfield
Grob, Nicholas Charles
Groblicki, Andrzej Jakub
Grodecki, Joseph
Grodzicki, Stanislaw
Groennou, Harry Thomas
Groff, Wilfred Rodgers
Grogan, Barrington Philip
Groh, Nelson Hagey
Gronbeck, Norman
Grondowski, Stanislaw
Groom, Rae
Grose, Carl
Gross, Douglas Haig
Gross, Burton W
Grosse-rasgado, Wermer Richard Alex
Grosser, Roy William
Grosvenor, Robert Archer
Groszewski, Bernard
Groszewski, Bernard
Groulx, Joseph Arthur Edmond
Grout, Roy Gordon
Grover, Don Hernando De Soto
Grover, Henry Arthur
Groves, Kelvin Havelock Green
Groves, George Caleb
Groves, Robert Bruce
Groves, Reginald Arthur
Groves, Alpheus Leslie
Grubski, Wieslaw
Gruszczak, Stefan
Gruszka, Jerzy
Gruszka, Jozef
Gryglewicz, Maria
Grzanka, Roman
Grzech, Jan
Grzech, Jan
Grzechnik, Szymon
Grzegorz, Rudolf
Grzeszczak, Bogdan
Guan, Charles Allen
Guay, Gerard Jean
Guay, Joseph Jacques Alfred
Guay, Francis John
Gubb, John Franklin
Gudgeon, Alan Harry
Gudgeon, John Bernard
Guerin, James Joseph
Guernsey, Lorne Stanley
Guest, George William
Guest, Charles Hugh
Gugins, Clarence Walter
Guichard, James Louis
Guild, Robert Douglas
Guillemette, Alfred Frederic
Guillot, Joseph Rolland Louis Nazaire
Gullison, Frederick Eugene
Gumbley, Bernard Alexander
Gumbley, Arthur Howard
Gunders, Ernest Harold
Gundry, Donald Charles
Gunn, Harold William
Gunn, Francis Winburn
Gunn, Garth Reginald
Gunn, Douglas Alexander
Gunn, James Athol
Gunn, Robert Joseph
Gunn, Stuart William
Gunning, William Alfred
Gunning, Wilbert Arnold
Gunning, Kenneth Stewart
Gunson, Alan William Morphett
Guppy, John Flowe
Guppy, Frederick John Sydney
Gurbachan Singh,
Gurd, Philip Leslie
Gusowski, Alojzy Pawel
Gustafson, Roy Gosta Helmer
Gustafson, John Kenneth
Gustofson, John Vernon
Gutcher, John Reginald Cecil
Guthrie, Lionel Kesson
Guthrie, George Scott
Guthrie, Archibald Edgar
Gutowski, Mieczyslaw
Guy, Norman William
Guy, John Arnold
Guy, William Trevor
Guzowski, Adam Marian
Gwozdz, Zdzislaw
Gwynne, Lloyd John
Gyles, Nathaniel Robert
Gynane, John
Gzowski, Norman Glyn
Haacke, Arthur Paul
Haag, Richard John
Haagner, Sigmund Balo
Haaland, Clement Burton
Habela, Adam Tadeusz
Haberecht, Leonard Burtham
Habiluk, Mike
Habkirk, Ramsay Mckenzie
Hack, Frederick Nelson
Hackbart, Alfred Harvey
Hackett, William James
Hackett, David George
Hackett, Michael John
Hackett, Frederick Charles
Hackney, Charles
Hackney, Henry Horace
Hadden, Eldred Blakely
Haddock, Ieuan
Haddon, Douglas Stewart
Haden, Francis Seymour
Hadfield, Graham Stanley
Hadley, Robert Stewart
Hadley, Keith Bayfield
Hadley, Wilson Orchard
Hadley, James Caldwell
Hagan, Robert Edward
Hagell, James Grant
Hagen, Harris Gordon
Hagen, Elmer James
Hagerty, Norman Earl
Hagerty, Stuart Samuel
Haggart, Donald Cameron
Haggis, Douglas Stewart
Haglund, Francis Charles
Hague, Alan
Hague, Albert Frederick
Hagyard, William Dewey
Hahn, Mieczyslaw
Hahn, Hugo
Hahn, Henry Joseph
Haig, Gordon Carruthers
Haight, Benjamin Merwin
Hailey, Keith Ian
Hailstone, Terence Ramsay
Hailstone, William Charles
Hain, Noel Clive
Haines, Frank Ernest
Haines, Lloyd George
Hains, Charles George Duval
Haire, Reginald Joseph
Haist, John Clyde
Hajduk, Jozef
Hakala, Allan Francis
Hake, Albert Horace
Hakewill, James Austin
Hale, Warren Macaulay
Hale, Lawrence Eastmure
Hale, Howard
Hale, Harry
Hale, Edward Everett
Halenda, Wladyslaw Stefan
Halewski, Tadeusz Stanislaw
Haley, James Franklin
Haley, Wilbur St. Clair
Haley, Alan Wardell
Haley, James Francis
Haliburton, William Alfred
Haliburton, Gilbert Paul
Halikowski, Joseph Walter
Hall, John Neill
Hall, Joseph George Brian
Hall, Francis William
Hall, James Dickie
Hall, Allan Russell
Hall, James Donald Blanchard
Hall, Stanley George
Hall, Albert Edward
Hall, Reginald John Ward
Hall, Horace Mervyn
Hall, James Milton
Hall, Allan Avand Fisher
Hall, Marshall
Hall, Paul John
Hall, Victor John
Hall, Thomas Frederick
Hall, Ivan William
Hall, George Langley
Hall, George
Hall, Serbert Norman
Hall, Douglas Ross
Hall, Derek Maitland
Hall, Walter Vernon
Hall, Maxwell Palmer
Hall, Joseph William Kenneth
Hall, George Robert Douglas
Hall, Alfred Cyrus
Hall, Clarence John
Hall, Frederick Russell
Hall, Bevan Mason
Hall, Clifford Wesley
Hall, Cyril Roland
Hall, William Temple
Hall, Amos Thomas
Hall, Charles Burnham
Hall, Clowes Edwin
Hall, Alfred Henry Benbow
Hall, John Patrick
Hall, Stanley George
Hall-jones, Frederick William
Hallam, George Theodore
Hallas, John William
Hallding, Ernest Claude
Hallett, William Alfred Martin
Hallett, Peter Thomas Leeds
Hallett, Wilfred Archibald
Halliburton, Keith
Halliday, Robert Henry
Halliday, Richard Arthur George
Halliday, George Alan
Halliday, Robert Balfour
Halliday, Frederick Ernest
Halliday, Francis
Hallihan, Thomas Hubert Oscar
Halpin, Clement Thistleton
Halse, Brian Joseph
Halsey, Alan Leonard
Halstead, Glen Elwyne
Halstead, William Kevin
Halstead, David Harry
Halsted, Roger Hubert
Halvorsen, John Detrick
Halvorson, Clarence Julius
Halward, James Frederick (Jim)
Ham, Geoffrey William
Hamblin, Maurice Jack
Hambly, Ross Stewart
Hamblyn, Eric Charles
Hambrook, Mark David Willis
Hambrooke, Linton Arthur Sidney
Hamel, Charles
Hamel, Orlando Delmar Conrad
Hamelin, Louis Laurent
Hamil, Walter Henry
Hamill, James Hanley
Hamill, Ross Curtis
Hamilton, Harry Robert
Hamilton, James Douglas
Hamilton, William Percy
Hamilton, Hugh Brannan
Hamilton, Alexander
Hamilton, Reginald William
Hamilton, Matthew Millar
Hamilton, Arthur Kenneth
Hamilton, John William
Hamilton, John
Hamilton, Edward Robert
Hamilton, Stewart Alfred
Hamilton, William Caldwell
Hamilton, Malcolm Wallace
Hamilton, John Henry
Hamilton, Charles Douglas
Hamilton, Mervyn Edgar
Hamilton, Keith Lambert
Hamilton, Ronald Martin
Hamilton, Ian Mackenzie
Hamilton, Albert Carl
Hamilton, James Vivian
Hamilton, Gerald Burton
Hamlin, Percy John Havelock
Hamlyn-lovis, Charles Ernest Sleeman
Hammell, Melvin Thomas
Hammerton, Harold Richard
Hammill, Elbert Mervin
Hammond, David Charles
Hammond, William Eric
Hammond, Arthur Edward
Hammond, Louis James
Hammond, Peter John
Hammond, Ronald Frank
Hammond, George Hardy De Beauvoir
Hamood, Frank Norman
Hampel, Leon
Hampshire, Allan Frederick
Hampton, Thomas Raymond
Hampton, Gordon Vivian
Hampton, William Edward
Hanan, Samuel
Hanan, Brian Hereman Hubert
Hanbidge, Ralph Trever
Hanbidge, Robert Donald Keith
Hanbury, Bruce Alexander
Hancock, Harold Alton
Hancock, William Stanley
Hancock, John Patrick
Hancock, Ronald
Hancock, Leslie Pierson
Hancocks, Jack Douglas
Handley, Albert Harry
Handley, Harold Garfield
Hands, Bruce Alfred
Handy, William Bertrand
Handzuk, John H.
Hanes, William Herbert
Haney, Bruce Wismer
Hanigan, James Neate
Hanley, John Edwin
Hann, Raymond Donald
Hanna, George Robert
Hanna, William John
Hanna, James
Hanna, Stanley Roy
Hanna, Norman Edmond
Hanna, William Edward
Hannaford, Jack Coulson
Hannah, Charles William
Hannah, Wilfred James
Hannah, Lloyd Albert
Hannah, Harold Allan
Hannah, Thomas John
Hannah, Anthony James
Hannah, Bernard John Ewart
Hannay, Albert Edward
Hannesson, Jack Edward Kristjan
Hanon, Ingval Millar
Hansen, Vernon Nelson
Hansen, James Foster
Hansen, Ezra Mulloy
Hansen, Kenneth Joseph
Hansen, George Quist
Hansford, Albert Henry
Hanson, Noel Charles
Hanson, Kenneth Stewart
Hanson, Allan Harold
Hanson, Leonard William
Hanson, James Robert
Hanson, Edward
Hanson, Howard James
Hanton, Lloyd George
Hanway, James Albert
Hanzelka, Piotr Tadeusz
Hara, Jerzy
Haraczay, Walter
Harbo, Edward
Harbor, Norman Stanley
Hardaker, Francis Ira
Hardcastle, Charles Mcdowall
Harden, Jack Bruce
Harden, Robert Cecil
Hardesty, Benedict Joseph
Hardie, Robert Blackburn
Harding, Ross Norman
Harding, Dennis
Harding, Robert Edward
Harding, Reginald Clifford
Harding-browne, Richard
Harding-smith, Dudley
Hardman, Frank Herbert
Hardman, Donald Francis Ignatius
Hardman, Frank
Hardy, James Thomas
Hardy, Gordon James
Hardy, Harry Skeet
Hardy, Keith Lockhart
Hardy, Robert Edward
Hardy, William Albert George
Hare, Roy Walter
Hare, Henry Wilbert Humphrey
Hare, Thomas William
Hare, Eric Noel
Hare, William Henry
Hare, Phillip Edgar
Hare, Henry
Hargrave, Robert Albert
Hargrave, Arthur Peter Roy
Hargreaves, John Benedict
Hargreaves, Mason Hand
Hargrove, Basil Eldon
Harker, Blair Miller
Harkins, Roy Gordon
Harkness, Alexander
Harlem, Athol Asher
Harler, Horace William
Harley, John William Morrison
Harling, David William Armstrong
Harman, Frank Albert
Harman, Robert Leonard
Harman, Frederic Cuthbert
Harney, Edmund Murray
Harnish, Clyde Roderick
Harp, Carter Woodruff
Harper, Milton Alexander
Harper, Roderick Macmillan
Harper, John
Harper, Francis Gilbert
Harper, Wilfred
Harper, Willard James
Harper, Robert Henry
Harrap, Horace Robert
Harrell, William Jessup
Harries, Harold
Harrigan, James Francis
Harrigan, Thomas Raymond
Harrington, Allan George
Harrington, John
Harrington, Timothy Ambrose
Harrip, Ronald Albert
Harris, Richard James
Harris, Charles Loxley
Harris, Allan Harold John
Harris, Wilfred Gordon
Harris, Louis
Harris, Victor Keith
Harris, Glenn Royal
Harris, Laurence Louis
Harris, Herbert Allengy
Harris, Walter Henry
Harris, Richard James
Harris, James Morgan
Harris, William Lane
Harris, John Alfred
Harris, Robert Maxwell
Harris, John Macenzie Oberlin
Harris, Albert Douglas
Harris, Allen Dawe
Harris, Charles Arthur
Harris, Arnold Harvey
Harris, John Clarke
Harris, George Albert
Harris, Charles William
Harris, Edwin Arthur
Harris, William Arthur
Harris, Carl Clark
Harris, John
Harris, Herbert Adams
Harris, Victory Henry
Harris, Reginald Bruce
Harris, Alan Grant
Harris, Hector William
Harris, Albert Alfred
Harris, Donald
Harris, Ronald George
Harris, Harold Richard
Harris, James Alfred
Harris, Robert Douglas
Harris, Waverley William
Harris, John Osborne
Harris, Kennington John Hythe
Harrison, Jack Eckersley
Harrison, Robert Roy
Harrison, Mervyn Walter
Harrison, Alfred Hubert
Harrison, John Mclaren
Harrison, Colin Arthur
Harrison, James Robert
Harrison, Richard Samuel
Harrison, Stewart
Harrison, Launcelot
Harrison, Charles Henry
Harrison, Walter David
Harrison, Gordon Fletcher
Harrison, Harold Hugh
Harrison, Gordon Llewelyn
Harrison, Frank Percival
Harrison, Joseph Charles
Harrison, Gordon Rudolph
Harrison, John Lange
Harrison, Wintfred Patten
Harrison, Lester Louis
Harrison, Ernest
Harrison, John Wilfred
Harrison, Thomas
Harrison, George William Marshall
Harrison-owen, Jack
Harrison-smith, Francis Charles
Harron, William Rehfeld
Harrop, Frank Grant
Harrowby, Ian Gordon
Hart, Ralph Eric
Hart, Kevin Leslie
Hart, John Moore
Hart, Raymond Robert
Hart, Allan Robert
Hart, Philip Wesley
Hart, Francis Joseph
Hart, Alexander Barr
Hart, James Herbert
Hart, Gordon Gerald
Hart, Noel Henry Raybould
Hart, William Ray
Hart, Robert Arthur
Hart, George Henry
Hart, John William
Hart, Clifford Seymour
Hart, Thomas George
Hart, Ian Eric
Hart, Gerald Charles
Harten, John Wilbert Edmund
Hartley, Charles Thomas
Hartley, Clement Alfred Victor
Hartley, Alan Brian
Hartnett, Thomas Joseph
Hartnett, Francis Leon Joseph
Hartnett, Frederick
Hartney, Norman John Patrick
Hartney, Daniel James
Hartney, William Douglas
Hartrick, Norman Angus
Hartridge, Henry Percival
Hartry, William James Howard
Hartstone, Roydon Horatio
Hartwig, Allen George
Harvey, John Neal
Harvey, John Reginald
Harvey, Angus Beverly
Harvey, Beverly Morton
Harvey, Jack Arthur
Harvey, Bruce Harold
Harvey, Edgar William
Harvey, Robert Densmore
Harvey, Ray Vernon
Harvey, Benjamin Campbell
Harvey, Edmund Bruce
Harvey, Leslie Wallace
Harvey, Robert Frederick
Harvey, Raymond Oliver
Harvey, William
Harvey, Douglas Venning
Harvie, Lloyd Gordon
Harwood, Edward James Francis
Harwood, Horace Greeley
Hase, Rudolf Carle
Hasekian, Charles Robert
Haskins, Ronald Henry
Haslam, Charles Broadbent
Hasleden, Henry Francis
Haslock, Hubert Frederick
Hass, Mervyn Lionel Vivian
Hassell, Geoffrey William
Hast, Reginald Alfred
Haste, James Arthur
Hastings, Arthur
Hastings, James Russell
Hatch, Alan Edgar
Hatchard, Thomas Harold
Hatfield, Harold Reed
Hatfield, Ronald Arthur
Hathaway, William Edward
Hatton, Arthur Thomas
Haug, Donald Jesse
Haughey, James Patrick
Havill, Charles Henry
Havinga, Eugene
Havlicek, Vladimir Victor
Haw, Robert Roy
Hawes, William George
Hawk, Denzil Clair
Hawke, Raymond Richard Lindsay
Hawke, John Elie Fredrick
Hawke, William Edward
Hawken, Ralph Edward
Hawken, Everard Howard
Hawkes, Frank Sidney
Hawkey, John Walter
Hawkins, Noel Whitmarsh
Hawkins, John Vincent
Hawkins, Stanley Allen
Hawkins, William Bennett
Hawkins, Hedley Maurice
Hawkins, John David
Hawkins, Frank Bryce
Hawkins, William Tinsley
Hawkins, James Reid
Hawkins, David Philip Lee
Hawkins, Walter
Hawryluk, Theodore Myroslaw
Hawthorne, William Robert
Hay, Colin Maxwell
Hay, Glen James
Hay, Robert Claude
Hay, John Arthur
Hay, Joseph Arthur
Hay, Douglas Noel
Hay, Stanley Arthur
Hay, Bruce Hamilton
Hay, John Alexander
Hay, Gordon Douglas
Hay, Alan Joseph Fairfield
Hay, George
Hayden, John Percival
Hayden-Thomas, Pieter J.
Haydock, Philip Frank Charles
Haydon, Albert Augustine
Haydon, Gerald Barrington
Hayes, Stuart James
Hayes, Walter Alfred
Hayes, Edwin Alfred
Hayes, James Patrick
Hayes, John Henry Terence
Hayes, Maurice Charles Supple
Hayes, Ronald
Hayes, Norman Dennis
Hayes, John Douglas
Hayes, Douglas Lionel
Hayman, Douglas Anthony
Hayne, William Keith
Haynes, Harold Tudor
Haynes, Douglas Leslie
Haynes, Arthur Bruce
Haynes, Clifford Charles
Haynes, Owen
Haynes, John Stewart
Hays, Raymond Morris
Hayter, Norman Wood
Hayward, Morris Edgar
Haywood, Robert Alfred
Hazael, Royal Edwin
Hazeldene, Jack Archer
Hazeldine, Leslie Youle
Hazelton, William John Ronald
Hazlett, Francis James
Heading, Bronson Donald
Headly, Michael Francis
Heal, William Stanley
Heald, Kenneth Fenton
Healey, Harold Arthur
Healey, Wilbert Arley
Healey, Joseph M.
Healy, Roger Casement
Heap, Albert Edward
Heard, John William Harold
Heard, Alvin Walter
Heard, Geoffrey Thomas
Heard, Stanley Mervyn
Heard, Donald Luther
Heath, Geoffrey Ernest
Heath, John Hawarth
Heath, Jack
Heath, Harold Edgar
Heath, Douglas James
Heath, Roy Davidson
Heath, Laurence David
Heath, James
Heathcote, Clifford Clark
Heathcote, Raphael Rex
Heather, Roderick John
Heatley, Wilfred Pearson
Heaton, Harold Vincent
Heavner, John William
Heays, Ian Richard
Hebblewhite, Geoffrey Alfred
Hebden, Charles Chancellor
Hebenton, Leslie Arthur
Hebert, Joseph Emile Arthur
Hebert, Harold Raymond
Hebert, Anthony Albert
Hebert, Joseph Roy
Heck, James William
Hedderwick, Peter John
Hedger, John Henry
Hedley, William James
Hedrich, John
Heeney, Robert Tilton
Heers, James Graeme
Heffernan, Neville Alexander
Heffernan, Robert Jarvis
Hegan, John Gordon George
Hegarty, Dermot John
Hegarty, Hugh Francis
Heggaton, Knox William
Heggie, Robert
Hegy, William Norman
Hehir, John
Hehir, James Hassett
Hehir, Martin Randolph
Heider, Georges
Heidtman, Kenneth Frederick
Heilman-rawicz, Jan
Heimbecker, Harry Lyle
Heinen, Frank William
Heinish, Morton Ralph
Heins, Alfred Ronald
Heitmann, Alan Walter
Hejnowski, Jan Karol
Helbock, Harley Joseph
Hele, Carroll Telfer
Helgesen, Thorstein Enevold
Hellekson, Leslie Claude
Heller, Waldyslaw Eugeniusz
Helm, Edward James
Hely, Reginald Ross
Hembruff, Leonard Morland
Hemery, Albert Anthony
Heming, Cecil Davis
Heming, George Chetwynd
Hemingway, Colin
Hemming, Edward Frank John (Eddie)
Hemming, Gordon William
Hemmings, Robert Blakeman
Hemphill, Albert Samuel
Hemsworth, Ellis Wilby
Henderson, Marvin George
Henderson, Colin Silkirk
Henderson, Hugh William
Henderson, William Gordon
Henderson, Bruce Gordon
Henderson, Gordon
Henderson, Paul Wood
Henderson, Charles Orrin
Henderson, Thomas Whyndam
Henderson, Donald Frederick
Henderson, David Gordon
Henderson, John Robert Dunlop
Henderson, James Irwin
Henderson, James Morphett
Henderson, Denison Charles
Henderson, Valentine Stewart
Henderson, Donald Bruce
Henderson, Donald Louden
Henderson, John Standish
Henderson, Gerald William
Henderson, David Louden Sutherland
Henderson, William
Henderson, Kenneth George William
Henderson, Alton Bradley
Henderson, Charles Paul
Henderson, G. Macg.
Hendry, Keith Alexander
Hendry, William Nisbet
Hendry, Robert Elliot
Hendy, Geoffrey Kenneth
Heney, Harold Wright
Henfrey, Jack
Heninger, Harold Frederick
Henley, Ernest
Henley, William John Henry
Henman, Arthur Reginald
Henn, Clement Herbert
Hennessey, Hugh Richard John
Hennessy, James
Hennessy, Kevin William
Henning, James Darien
Henning, Grant Lawrence
Henrichon, Paul Edouard Adolphe
Henry, George Edgar
Henry, John Magwood
Henry, Andrew
Henry, Victor Roy
Henry, Robert Lloyd
Henry, Hugh Patrick
Henry, Robert William Garth
Henry, Ross
Henry, Valentine Ernest Michael
Henry, Ralph Ballantyne
Henry, Ernest Frank
Henry, Gordon Allan
Henry, John Wallace
Henshaw, Douglas Bernard
Henson, George Arthur
Hepburn, Stuart Alexander Wilson
Hepburn, Elmer James
Herbert, Henry Ivor
Herbert, George Alexander
Herbert, James Joseph
Herbert, Horace Montague Richard
Herbert, John Frederick
Herbert, Ronald Ernest
Herberte, John Henry Draper
Herd, Mervyn James
Hereford, Winston Isaac
Herger, Robert Blair
Hergott, Wilbert Nicholas
Herman, Ronald Mcgregor
Herman, George Philip
Hermanowski, Stanislaw
Hermiston, James William
Herod, Richard Campbell
Heron, Royal George
Heron, Kenneth
Heron, Frank Brown Graham
Heroux, Joseph Arthur Rosaire Gaetan
Herrick, Dennis Trevelyan
Herring, Guy Bamford
Herron, Arnold Raymond
Herron, Thomas Alfred
Hesford, Brian
Hesketh, Harold Thomas
Heslip, William Daylor
Heslop, James Robert
Hesp, William John
Hess, Geoffrey Winslow
Hesse, Marian
Hetherington, George Donald Frederick
Hetherington, Clinton George
Hetherington, Patrick Micheal
Hettrick, Norman Gilbert
Heuchert, William Rudolph
Heughan, Allan Watson
Hewer, Lorne Barrie
Hewerdine, James Joseph
Hewett, Harold Max
Hewett, Norman Horace
Hewish, Arthur Leslie
Hewitt, Ross Whitten
Hewitt, Kenneth Hemsley
Hewitt, William Philip Revenall
Hewitt, Francis
Hewland, Theodore Stephen
Hewson, William Henry
Hewson, Charles Dale
Heximer, Harry Pliley
Hexter, Robert William
Hey, Ronald John Wilson
Heywood, William Nelson
Heywood, Wray William
Heyworth, Ernest Osborne
Hiatt, Lewis Ullysess Malcolm
Hibbins, Leonard Henry
Hick, Albert Norman
Hickey, Bernard Peter
Hickey, James Martin
Hickey, Dudley John
Hickford, Leonard Charles
Hickmott, Norman George
Hickox, William
Hicks, Walter Marvin
Hicks, Joseph Melvin
Hicks, Clifford Waldron
Hicks, Bruce Ian Hamilton
Hicks, Stanley Charles
Hicks, Herbert Ernest
Hicks, Lyle Wilmot
Hicks, Harold Stanley
Hicks, Henry Lyle
Hicks, Reginald Mcleod
Hicks, Herbert John
Hicks, Orville Wesley
Hicks, Kenneth Bradley
Hicks, Earl William
Hicks, Kenneth Marshall
Hicks, Murray Drysdale Stephen
Hicks, Francis Leslie
Hicks, Allan Fenwick
Hickson, Noel Keith Preston
Hickson, John William
Hiddleston, Travis Arnold Hutton
Hiesler, Francis James
Higgins, James Herbert
Higgins, Luke Anthony
Higgins, Gerald Frederick
Higgins, Anthony
Higgins, Frederick Lawrence
Higgins, Francis Joseph
Higgins, Frederick Alexander
Higgins, Newman Jack
Higgins, Graham Henry David
Higgins, Robert Henry
Higgins, Eric Vincent Keiran
Higgins, Thomas John
Higgison, Alfred James
Higgott, Frederick Rex
Highmoor, Francis Jonathan Henry
Highsted, Raymond Harold
Hightower, Cecil Earl
Hignell, Gordon Kirby
Hignell, Wilbert Scott
Higson, William Frank
Hijkoop, Willem
Hilchey, Ray Bertram
Hildebrand, Abram R.
Hildick, Robert Taverner
Hildreth, Charles Clifford
Hiley, Alan Ernest
Hilker, Donald Ernest
Hill, Leonard George
Hill, Dennis Robert
Hill, Arthur Henry
Hill, Douglas Stewart (Curly)
Hill, Kenneth Arthur
Hill, Howard Stephenson
Hill, Walter Alexander
Hill, Hugh Ernest
Hill, Eric Allan
Hill, Stanley George
Hill, Milton Lynn
Hill, Ralph Roschman
Hill, William Frederick Irvine
Hill, Robert Trevor
Hill, Peter John
Hill, John James
Hill, Robert George
Hill, James Benona Harvey
Hill, Dennis
Hill, Allen Myrick
Hill, Rowland Wilkins
Hill, Wellington
Hill, William Noel
Hill, James Burleigh
Hill, Sydney George
Hill, Lawrence Stanley
Hill, Farley Cecil
Hill, James William
Hill, Alan George
Hill, Raymond Hepton
Hill, Charles Gifford
Hill, William Grant
Hill, John Richard
Hill, William Bill Hiram
Hilliard, Tom William
Hillier, George Frederick
Hillier, Lawrence David
Hillier, Henry Outred
Hillis, Kenneth Millard
Hillman, Ellis Oliver
Hillman, James Gordon
Hillman, Ralph Frithjaf
Hillman, Donald Ernest
Hillmer, Charles Edward
Hillrich, Vincent Phillip
Hills, Keith Alexander
Hills, Raymond George
Hills, James Oliver
Hillsdon, Ronald James
Hilton, Frederick
Hilton, William Deveaux Woodruff
Hilton-barber, Geoffrey
Hilts, Hugh Donald
Hiltz, Lawrence Donald
Hinch, Lloyd George
Hinde, Thomas
Hindle, William Hesketh
Hindmarsh, Felix Campbell
Hindrup, Frederick George
Hine, Edward Alexander
Hines, Albert Henry
Hines, Roy Reginald
Hines, Mervyn Arthur
Hinscliffe, Alfred
Hinten, Lachlan Douglas
Hinton, Allan Thompson
Hinton, Reginald Richard
Hipp, Tadeusz Adolf
Hirst, James Frederick
Hirst, Allan Charles
Hirst, Raymond John
Hirstich, Bruce Mackenzie
Hirstwood, Jesse Ervin
Hirszbandt, Robert Juljusz
Hirtle, Gordon Wallace
Hiscock, William Warren
Hiskens, Edwin Tytler
Hiskins, Kevin James
Hislop, Douglas
Hislop, Bruce Elwell
Hisson, Roy Walter John
Hitchcock, Douglas
Hitchcock, George Edwin
Hitchcock, Roger Billingsley
Hitchins, Eric Douglas
Hivon, Guy Henry
Hjartarson, Frederick Jacob
Hnidan, Victor
Hoadley, Henry Michael
Hoagg, Ernest Andrew
Hoar, William Joseph
Hoar, Archibald Macmaster
Hoare, Arthur Percy
Hoba, James Waclaw
Hobbins, Eric Clement
Hobbs, Alan Murray
Hobbs, Ronald Henry
Hobbs, John Weldon
Hobden, Frederick Simpson
Hoben, Gordon Francis Joseph
Hobgen, John Edward
Hobgen, Thomas Cunnah
Hobson, William Arthur
Hobson, William Allen
Hobson, Gordon Herbert
Hocking, James Wallace
Hockley, Herbert Henry
Hockley, Allan James Neville
Hoddinott, Arthur John
Hodge, William John
Hodge, Frederick Thomas
Hodge, Daniel William
Hodge, Charles John
Hodges, Reginald Frederick
Hodges, Campbell Mcrae
Hodges, William George
Hodges, Jack Paull
Hodges, Charles Benson
Hodgins, Robert Bruce
Hodgins, Leslie Nellis
Hodgins, Adam Kidd
Hodgkinson, Allen Keith
Hodgkison, Owen Douglas
Hodgson, Gordon Ross
Hodgson, Edwin Davis
Hodgson, John Harvey
Hodgson, Keith Jonathan
Hodgson, John
Hodgson, Kenneth
Hodgson, George Thomas
Hodsell, John Herbert
Hodson, Arthur Coles Kitchener
Hodson, Raymond Knight
Hoese, Bill Ingalls
Hoey, James William Douglas
Hoffman, Johan George
Hoffman, Adolf David Leon
Hoffman, William Gladstone
Hoffman, Kevin Herbert
Hoffmann, Owen Ernest Currell
Hofto, Thomas Halvor
Hogan, Leonard Ignatius
Hogan, Thomas Joseph
Hogan, Joe Douglas
Hogan, Clyde John
Hogan, Peter John
Hogan, Austin John
Hogan, Michael
Hogan, Francis Joseph
Hogan, Phillip William
Hogarth, George Alexander
Hogben, Donald Lorne
Hogben, Reginald Stanley
Hogg, George Suttie
Hogg, Donald Allan
Hogg, Bruce Allan
Hogg, William James
Hogg, Aubrey
Hogg, Douglas Allen
Hogg, William George
Hogg, Jack Hamilton
Hogg, Mervin Cooksley
Hogg, James Easson
Hoggard, Robert John
Hoggard, Gordon Albert
Hohne, Zygmunt
Hoidas, Irvine Frank
Hokan, Junius Lyman Edward
Holbeck, John Edmund
Holbrook, Herbert Edward
Holdaway, Neville Charles
Holden, William
Holden, Ashley Roy Thomas
Holden, Richard Paul Percival
Holden, Ernest Leslie
Holden, Thomas Douglas
Holden, Edmund Geoffrey
Holder, Robert
Holder, Sydney John
Holder, Donald Fraser
Holder, James Caulfield
Holder, Ralph Ellard
Holditch, Gordon William
Holdsworth, Frank David
Hole, Lincoln
Holenchuk, William
Holgate, Harold William
Holian, Joseph Patrick
Holke, Aldrene Gail
Holland, Joseph John Francis
Holland, Desmond Charles
Holland, Keith Ross
Holland, Allen
Hollands, James Albert
Hollard, Mervyn Charles
Hollaway, Kenneth George
Hollenback, Fraser Clarke
Holliday, Maurice Sydney
Hollinger, Gregory Joseph
Hollings, George Bentley
Hollingshead, Charles William
Hollingworth, Alexander
Hollingworth, Raymond Charles
Hollinsworth, Jack Athelston
Holloman, John James
Holloway, Donaldson Rendal
Hollowell, Robert Spencer
Holly, George Eugene
Holmberg, Carl Delbert Theodore
Holmes, Leonard Lawrence
Holmes, Richard Kevin
Holmes, Edward James
Holmes, John Sinclair
Holmes, William Ivan
Holmes, Russell Neal
Holmes, Andrew
Holmes, Jeffrey Howard
Holmes, Ernest Douglas
Holmes, Keith Vivian Arkle
Holmes, Frank Alex
Holmes, William Edward Wall
Holmes, Ian Mervyn Patterson
Holmes, Ross Primrose
Holmes, Angus Wharing
Holmes, Lester Bertram
Holmes, Stanley
Holmes, John Gordon
Holmes, Andre
Holmes a Court, Brian
Holmlund, Chester Allen
Holmwood, Raymond Arthur
Holobow, Frederick Michael
Holoway, Lucas
Holseth, Garnet Carlysle
Holt, William Phillip
Holt, Peter Grattan
Holt, Mervyn Harry
Holub, Michael
Holyk, Nicholas
Homan, Jerzy
Home, Allan Lockwood
Hone, Douglas
Hone, Arthur David
Honeycombe, Richard Byrne
Hong, Joseph
Hood, Frederick William
Hood, Thomas Mccauley
Hood, Robert Thomas
Hood, John Spurgeon
Hood, William Andrew
Hood, Walter Huson
Hood, Sefton Douglas Lisle
Hooey, Grattan Chesney
Hook, Alan Thomas
Hookway, Arthur Frederick.
Hoolihan, Patrick Gordon Thomas
Hoopchuk, George
Hooper, George Camps
Hooper, Douglas Egbert
Hooper, Percival James
Hooper, John
Hooper, Harry Donald
Hooper, William Max
Hoover, Walker Julius
Hope, John Charles William
Hope, Donald John
Hope, Clifford Lionel
Hope, Hugh Munro
Hopgood, Clifford Berger
Hopkins, Reginald William
Hopkins, George William James
Hopkins, William Essex
Hopkins, Donald Bruce
Hopkins, William Henry
Hopkins, Fredrick Randall
Hopkins, Talfryn Barton
Hopkinson, William Arthur
Hopley, Albert Frederick
Hopper, Jack
Hopper, Garnet Illingsworth
Hopper, Leo James
Hopper, Earl Edwin
Hopper, Lloyde Hinson
Hopping, Arthur Stanley
Hopps, William George
Hopton, Cecil George
Horahan, Lawrence Melville
Horbaczewski, Eugeniusz P
Horbaczewski, Eugeniusz P
Horbajczuk, Emil
Hore, Peter Malcolm
Hore, Ronald Wentworth
Hore, Sydney Ross
Hore, Marcel Launcelot
Hore, Kenneth Vernon
Horn, Albert
Horn, Zdzislaw
Horn, Zdzislaw
Horn, Walter Wilfred
Horn, John
Horn, John Read
Horncastle, Clifford Leonard
Horne, Albert Elliott
Horne, Millard Henderson
Horne, Robert Ernest
Horne, William Robert Lynden
Horne, Alexander Manson
Hornell, David Ernest
Horner, Douglas Carter
Horner, Edward Thomas
Hornibrook, Albert Keith
Hornidge, Joseph Noel Charles
Horning, Frederick Arthur
Horning, Robert Lewis
Hornoi, James
Hornseth, Alvin Marvin
Hornung, Walter
Horoch, Jan Wojciech
Horrell, Arthur James
Horrigan, Patrick Daniel
Horrobin, Royd Pascoe
Horsfall, Lloyd George
Horstmann, Ronald Leslie
Horswill, Richard Sydney
Horton, Donald Ellsworth
Horton, Ronald Elmer
Horton, Harold Albert
Horton, Arthur Leslie
Horwood, John Harold
Horwood, Douglas Ray
Hosband, Robert Henry Holloway
Hosea, Russel Lloyd George
Hosie, Bruce James
Hosier, John Stanley
Hosken, Trevor Clifford
Hosken, Charles Douglas Alexander
Hoskin, Christopher George
Hoskings, Edward
Hoskins, Donald Dunk
Hoskins, John Richard
Hoskins, Leonard Albert
Hotchkis, George Stewart
Hothersall, Francis Edward
Hough, Bernard Austin
Hough, Franklin Wales
Hough, William John
Hough, Leslie Markland
Hough, Gordon Fairfax
Hough, William
Houghton, Eric George
Houlden, Eric
Houseman, John William
Houston, Frederick Slade
Houston, George Marshall
Houston, Clifford Elmer
Houston, Walter Adams
Houston, Donald
Hovey, Vernon Earl
Hovey, Winston Ernest
Hovinen, Melvin Olaf
How, Thomas Ferguson
Howald, Carl Herbert
Howard, Godfrey Denzil Vaughan
Howard, George John
Howard, Basil
Howard, William Franklin Max
Howard, Henry Clifford
Howard, Donald William
Howard, Douglas Studholme
Howard, Maurice William
Howard, Kenneth Laverne
Howard, William Ross
Howard, Albert William
Howard, Robert John
Howard, Oliver Lawerence Ismay
Howard, William Morrison
Howard, Graham Wilson
Howard, Russell
Howarth, Edward Paul
Howarth, Ralph Hubert Francis
Howatson, James Leonard
Howden, James Cassels
Howden, Roy David Mcalister
Howden, Keith Dickson
Howden, Charles Victor
Howden, Andrew Mackenzie
Howe, Martin Charles
Howe, Alfred William
Howe, Percival Eric John
Howe, Donald Stanley Pearse
Howe, Graydon Raymond
Howell, Robert Magnay
Howell, Edward
Howell, Ernest Hallright
Howell, Alexander Clunie
Howell, John Edward
Howells, John Gordon
Howes, Charles Melville
Howes, Charles Maurice
Howes, Charles Keith
Howes, Victor Charles
Howes, Kevin Vincent
Howey, Edward Clayton
Howie, Charles Gordon
Howie, Wilfred Herbert
Howitson, George Alexander
Howl, Alfred William
Howlett, Charles John Miles
Howlett, Fredrick James
Howsan, Moheddeen Abdul Ghias
Howson, William Harold
Howson, Ralph King
Hoxford, Fred Carson
Hoy, William Joseph
Hoyer, Kaj
Hoyt, Gordon Ray
Hrehorak, Nickolas
Hrycenko, Arthur Kenneth
Hryniewicz, Lucjan
Hryniewiecki, Stanislaw
Huard, Joseph Jean Paul Gerard
Hubbard, Max Leslie
Hubbell, George Henry
Hubbert, John Monteith
Huddart, George Joffre
Huddleston, Leslie Eric Letchford
Huddleston, John
Hudema, Michael
Hudock, John George
Hudson, Raymond Meredith
Hudson, John Henry
Hudson, Gordon David
Hudson, Robert William Joseph
Hudson, Richard Julian
Hudson, John Gordon
Hudson, Claude Harold
Hudson-bell, Thomas Reginald Trevor
Huene, Dmitry Theodore
Hueston, Elden Francis
Huether, Harold Logan
Huff, Walter Donald
Huffman, George Lawrence
Huggard, John Stephen
Huggett, Arthur Gordon
Huggett, Norman Grenfell
Huggins, Norman Walter
Hughes, Walter Harold
Hughes, Arthur Francis Garnsey
Hughes, Peter Francis
Hughes, David
Hughes, George Pryce
Hughes, Raymond Woods
Hughes, William Adrian
Hughes, John William
Hughes, Clifton Lawrence
Hughes, Francis Rodney
Hughes, Walter Ward
Hughes, Owen Peter
Hughes, Harold Eric
Hughes, Alfred Johnstone
Hughes, Trevor Jones
Hughes, Colin
Hughes, John James
Hughes, Mervyn Royce
Hughes, Wyvern Frederick
Hughes, John Childe
Hughes, William Robert
Hughes, Leonard James
Hughes, David Ernest
Hughes, Richard Pryce
Hughes-games, Norman Edward
Hugill, Howard James
Huijer, Petrus Johannes
Huish, Gordon Keith
Hull, William Francis
Hullett, William Roy
Hulme, James Evan Mckenzie
Hulme, William Henry
Hulmes, James Maxwell
Hulton, Fergus
Hume, Raymond Graham
Humphrey, Vernon Leicester
Humphrey, Charles Ivan
Humphrey, John Weir
Humphrey, Gordon Frederick
Humphrey, Morley Sidney
Humphrey, George Donald
Humphreys, Alfred Samuel
Humphreys, Bruce Lettington
Humphreys, Elmore Oliver Elvidge
Humphries, Harry Lancaster
Humphries, Alick Victor Douglas
Humphrys, Peter Robert
Hunkin, Gregory Herbert
Hunniford, Wesley Benjamin
Hunt, Jack
Hunt, Robert Bell
Hunt, Benjamin Charles
Hunt, Laurence Warren
Hunt, Thomas John
Hunt, John Penboss
Hunt, Albert John Victor
Hunt, Walter James
Hunt, Norman Boulton
Hunt, Colin Charles
Hunt, Wesley Mcdonald
Hunt, Donald Eric
Hunt, Melville John Hyland
Hunt, Edmund Freeman
Hunt, George William
Hunt, Ernest Page
Hunt, Leslie Thomas
Hunter, Ronald Crawford
Hunter, Harold Eric
Hunter, Joseph Robert
Hunter, Calvert Hamilton
Hunter, Lionel Gregory Leslie
Hunter, Ian Hamish
Hunter, Archibald William James
Hunter, William Langenbeck
Hunter, Robert Wright
Hunter, William George
Hunter, Robert Pearce
Hunter, James Albert
Hunter, John Thompson
Hunter, Ray Leroy
Hunter, Donald Campbell
Hunter, Thomas Bamburgh
Hunter, Richard James
Hunter, Irwin
Hunter, Patrick Torre
Hunter, Ian Walter
Hunter, Russell John
Hunting, William Karl
Huntington, Harry Alfonzo
Huntley, Sydney Leonard
Huntley, Arthur John
Huot, Joseph Wilfred Jean Paul
Hupman, Arnold Freeman
Huppe, Allan Wilfred
Huppert, Stanley Byron
Hurder, Neil Scott
Hurdle, Walter
Hurl, William Leonard
Hurlburt, John Barclay
Hurle, William Grover
Hurley, Martin Maher
Hurley, Cornelius Robert Donovan
Hurrell, Eric
Hurst, Neil Arbuthnot
Hurst, Norman George
Hurteau, Alfred Eugene
Hurteau, Joseph Fernand Rolland
Hurton, Roderick Harold
Husselbee, John William
Hutcheson, Ian Cameron
Hutcheson, Eric Harry
Hutcheson, Harold Joseph
Hutchesson, Clarence Leonord
Hutchings, Kelvin
Hutchings, Mervyn Walter
Hutchings, Harold Edwin
Hutchins, Melvin Lawrence
Hutchinson, Gordon James
Hutchinson, Brian Lynn
Hutchinson, Jack Pierce
Hutchinson, Frank
Hutchinson, Gordon Frederick
Hutchinson, Francis Ebsworth
Hutchison, Kenneth William
Hutchison, Alick Matheson
Hutchison, John William
Hutchison, Jack Leon
Hutchison, Lindsay Thomas
Hutson, Leslie James
Hutt, Duncan Stuart
Hutton, Gordon William
Hutton, Ernest Charles
Hutton, Robert Gerald
Hutton, Edsel Raymond
Hutton, Charles Fortune
Huxley, William Bruce
Hyde, Reed Tilton
Hyde, Gordon Leslie
Hyde, John William
Hyde, George Gordon
Hyland, George Albert
Hynam, Graham Stanley
Hynd, John Harry
Hyndman, John Thomas William
Hyndman, Thomas Frederick
Hyndman, Orie Frank
Hyndman, Bruce Douglas
Hynes, Keith Frederick
Hynes, Arthur Joseph
Hynes, William Joseph
Ianuziello, Dominic
Ibbotson, Thomas Karl
Ibbotson, Jack Kendrick
Ibbott, Herbert
Ide, Douglas Gordon
Idema, Walter Doornink
Idiens, Richard Bertram
Idzikowski, Zbigniew
Ignaszak, Antoni
Ijsselstein, Jacobus Adrianus
Ilinski, Olgierd
Ilinski, Olgierd
Illg, Mieczyslaw
Image, Leslie
Imrie, George John
Imrie, George Burns
Ince, Ian Macpherson
Ince, Roy Alleyne
Inch, James Howard
Inder, Eric Charles
Ineson, Allan Clifford
Ingalls, Bruce Johnston
Ingle, Arthur Ray
Ingleson, Harry William
Ingling, Zdzislaw
Ingram, Lester Neil
Ingram, William Ritchie
Ingram, William John Bowser
Ingram, Eric Harold
Inman, Guy Weldon
Innes, Gordon Arthur
Innes, Owen Alfred
Innes, Lloyd John
Innes, Eric Alexander
Innes, Stuart Laban
Innes, Arthur Gordon
Innes, Malcolm Bruce
Innes-jones, Edgar Mostyn
Inverarity, John Alexander
Ion, John Parr
Ireland, Lawrence
Ireland, James Howard
Ireland, Bertram Leslie
Ireland, Willard Vernon
Irish, John Roy
Irvine, Alfred
Irvine, Douglas Raymond
Irvine, John Murray
Irvine, John George
Irvine, Richard Reginald
Irvine, James Frederick
Irvine, Frederick Jack
Irvine, Harry Charles
Irvine, Ian Hamilton
Irving, Arnold Earle
Irving, Thomas Walter
Irving, Walter Nelson
Irving, Donald Atherton
Irving, Donald James
Irving, Frederick Cleveland
Irving, Allister Nelson
Irwin, Harvey Roland
Irwin, Wesley Douglas
Irwin, William James
Irwin, Robert Aubrey
Irwin, Frederick Hansell
Irwin, David Lloyd
Irwin, George Kenneth
Irwin, Howard Clinton
Irwin, James Wesley
Irwin, Kenneth Albert
Irwin, Robert Murray
Irwin, William Alexander
Irwin, William Francis
Isaac, Mervyn George
Isaac, George Herbert
Isaacs, James Earl
Isaacs, Gerald Henry
Isabelle, Joseph Rene
Isfan, John Tudor
Isle, William Henry
Isles, Harold Elburn
Israel, Jack Lewis
Ivatt, Harold Moseley
Iverach, Donald Munro
Ivers, Donald Arthur
Ives, Robert Owen Gregory
Ives, Sidney Horace
Ives, John Learned
Ivey, Thomas Alfred
Ivey, Gordon
Ivory, James Richard
Iwanicki, Leopold
Izzard, Aubrey Fenwick
Izzard, Laurence Theodore
Jablonski, Tadeusz
Jablonski, Wiktor
Jabour, Roy John
Jachna, Ludwik
Jack, Donald Lawrence
Jack, Ross Alexander
Jack, Robert Kidd
Jack, Douglas Gordon
Jackes, James Connacher
Jacklin, John Francis
Jackman, Thomas A.
Jackson, William
Jackson, Arthur Reginald
Jackson, Ronald Adey
Jackson, Gordon
Jackson, George Frederick Radcliffe
Jackson, Frederick Roy
Jackson, Charles Warner
Jackson, Robert James
Jackson, Lawrence Herbert
Jackson, Sydney Edward
Jackson, Duncan John
Jackson, Donald Edward
Jackson, Geoffrey Francis
Jackson, George Rowan
Jackson, Malcolm Kirk
Jackson, Ronald Edward
Jackson, Rutherford James
Jackson, Wallace Henry
Jackson, Kenneth Robert
Jackson, Edward Norman
Jackson, Albert Henry Leeds
Jackson, Ralph Henry Burgess
Jackson, Alan Hamilton
Jackson, John Edward
Jackson, Bernard Lionel
Jackson, Harold Naylor
Jackson, Leonard Maccallum
Jackson, Allen Stewart
Jackson, William Calder
Jackson, William James
Jackson, Leonard Alfred
Jackson, George Charles Henry
Jackson, Edgar Purton
Jackson, Leonard Thomas
Jackson, Gordon Mcdonald (Don)
Jacob, Herbert Alfred
Jacobs, Raymond Vernon
Jacobs, William Harvey
Jacobs, Daniel Louis
Jacobs, Stanley George
Jacobs, Thomas George
Jacobs, Alan Laurie
Jacobs, Avroy
Jacobs, Robert George
Jacobs, Michael Stein
Jacobsen, Harold Thomas
Jacobson, Joseph Alfred
Jacobson, George Alexander
Jacombs, Eric William Mitchell
Jacques, Joseph Gaston
Jacques, Douglas Harold Morton
Jacquest, Edmund Sydney
Jager, William Russell
Jaguszczak, Stanislaw
Jahnke, Walter Robert Albert
Jakeman, Colin Ian
Jakubowski, Franciszek
Jakubowski, Jan
Jakusz-gostomski, Franciszek Jozef
Jameliniec, Aleksander
James, John William
James, Robert Bernard
James, William Patrick
James, Fred Edmond
James, Norman Thomas
James, John Franklin
James, Kenneth
James, Charles
James, Francis Gerald
James, Alan Frederick
James, Victor Dennis
James, Brian Russell
James, Francis Thomas
James, Gerald Griffiths Oakes
James, Raymond Edwin
James, Robert Frederick
Jameson, Leslie Benjamin
Jamieson, John Bourne
Jamieson, John Murray
Jamieson, Douglas James
Jamieson, Walter St. Xavier
Jamieson, Carl Elwood
Jamieson, James Edward
Jamieson, Lawrence Seymour
Jamieson, George Chowen
Jamieson, Gerald Alexander
Jamieson, Donald Sinclair
Jamieson, Thomas George
Jamieson, John Robert Umphelby
Jamison, Clement John
Janczewski, Leopold
Jander, Witold
Janek, Stanislaw
Janicki, Zbigniew
Janicki, Zbigniew
Janicki, Zygmunt
Janicki, Henryk
Janik, Jozef
Janisse, Joseph Laurent Leonard
Jankiewicz, Henryk Aleksander
Jankowiak, Wiktor
Jankowski, Antoni Jozef
Janney, Harold
Jannings, Derek Frederick Paterson
Janowicz, Edward Robert
Janse Van Rensburg,
Jansen, Henri Joseph Pierre
Janusz, Erwin
Janusz, Erwin
Januszewicz, Wojciech
Januszkiewicz, Waclaw
Janzen, Leslie Homer
Jardine, Douglas Graeme
Jardine, Wallace Bell
Jarnicki, Henryk Juliusz
Jarno, Ryszard Marian
Jarosz, Wlodzimierz
Jarratt, Lester Paul
Jarrett, Warren Wallace
Jarrett, Donald Leslie
Jarvis, Terrance Patrick
Jarvis, Alfred William
Jarvis, George Kitchener
Jarzembowski, Stanislaw
Jas, Jozef
Jasinski, Boleslaw Antoni Stanislaw
Jasinski, Wawrzyniec
Jasinski, Wawrzyniec
Jasinski, Zygmunt
Jaskowiak, Stanislaw
Jasper, John Whiteside
Jaworski, Eugeniusz
Jay, Walter Edward
Jay, David Joseph
Jay, Clyde Homer
Jay, Charles Henry Ernest
Jeanneret, Paul Winstanley
Jednaki, Jozef
Jednaki, Jozef
Jednaki, Stanislaw
Jedrzejczyk, Wladyslaw R
Jeffares, Brian Charlton
Jefferies, John Massey
Jefferson, John Alan
Jeffery, Basil
Jeffery, Douglas Bruce
Jeffery, Keith Edward
Jeffery, Maurice Richard
Jeffrey, Frank Armstrong
Jeffrey, Wilbur Joseph
Jeffrey, Sidney Alexander
Jeffrey, George Wilbert
Jeffreys, John Alan
Jeffreys, Herbert Arthur
Jeffries, Samuel
Jekyll, George Donaldson
Jemmett, Francis Charles Martineau
Jencka, Tadeusz
Jenkin, Bryant Leonard Mckenzie
Jenkin, Ralph Francis
Jenkin, Tom Michael G.
Jenkins, Douglas Vaughan
Jenkins, Allen Phill
Jenkins, Allan Keith
Jenkins, James Vincent
Jenkins, Thomas Corson
Jenkins, Arthur Hedley
Jenkins, Francis Surrage
Jenkins, Frederick Francis Arthur
Jenkins, Alger
Jenkins, Charles Peter
Jenkins, Spurgeon Delma
Jenkins, Ernest Roy
Jenkinson, James Elliot
Jenkinson, David Montgomery
Jenner, John Desmond
Jenner, Edward George
Jennings, Patrick Sylvester
Jennings, Edward Douglas Reginald
Jennings, George Smith
Jennings, Roland Warren
Jennings, Donald James
Jennings, Ronald Garnet
Jennison, Alexander Glenn
Jensen, Oscar Knud Lerche
Jensen, Albrecht Maxwell
Jensen, Eric Maxwell
Jenson, Stanley
Jenvey, Donald Edward
Jenyns, Robert Lance
Jepson, Alan Arthur
Jepson, James Alton
Jermey, Norman Seymore
Jerome, John Orville
Jessiman, William Herkis
Jesson, Wilfred George
Jetson, Ernest Thomas
Jette, Joseph Charles Etienne
Jewett, James Steven
Jezowicz, Jozef Antoni
Jillett, Gordon Grant
Joannette, Joseph Hector Sylva
Jobin, Paul Andre Marc
Joblin, Frederick John Leigh
Jobson, Stewart Walter
Joda, Antoni
Jodis, Edward
Jodoin, Joseph Arthur
Jodrell, Norman Francis
Johannesen, Jack
Johannesson, Gudmundur Arnpor
John, Merlin Lindsay
John, Desmond
Johns, Russell Archie
Johns, Kenneth William
Johns, Irvine Lawrence
Johns, Lionel Fairfax Furner
Johns, Royce Allen
Johnson, Howard Edward
Johnson, Henry Peter
Johnson, Ross Eveleigh
Johnson, Paul Gilbert
Johnson, Donald Woodrow
Johnson, Samuel Graham
Johnson, Carl Edwin
Johnson, Phillip Shuttleworth
Johnson, Frederick George
Johnson, Gerald Bruce
Johnson, Hubert Clarence
Johnson, Douglas Graeme Harrison
Johnson, Harry Laverne
Johnson, Elmer Orville
Johnson, Kenneth Scott
Johnson, Charles Martin
Johnson, Garth Borland
Johnson, John Alfred
Johnson, Roger Robert
Johnson, Einar
Johnson, Albert Andrew
Johnson, Leslie Ronald
Johnson, Julius Bjorn
Johnson, Clifford James
Johnson, David Earl
Johnson, Conrad Ervin
Johnson, Gwynn Wray
Johnson, Harold Winthrop
Johnson, Leonard Horace
Johnson, Frederick David
Johnson, William Ernest
Johnson, Harlow Eugene
Johnson, Charles Leslie Kenneth
Johnson, Edward Owen
Johnson, Wilfred Sydney
Johnson, John William
Johnson, Alan James
Johnson, James Gilbert
Johnson, Leslie Joseph
Johnson, Philip Leslie
Johnson, Benjamin Peter
Johnson, John Gilbert
Johnson, Leonard Knut
Johnson, William Kemp
Johnson, Harold
Johnson, Robert Andrew
Johnson, Alan Francis
Johnson, Robert Oliver
Johnson, John Rudolph
Johnson, Roderick Albert
Johnson, John George
Johnson, Ian Sinclair
Johnson, Jack Lawrence
Johnson, Joseph John Raymond
Johnson, James Kitchener
Johnson, Dennis Wilbert
Johnston, Robert
Johnston, Edward Irvine
Johnston, Errol
Johnston, Ernest Gerald
Johnston, Keith Mclean
Johnston, Wallace Arthur
Johnston, Donald Edward
Johnston, George Peter
Johnston, Duncan Donald
Johnston, Lorne Herbert
Johnston, John William
Johnston, Lloyd L.
Johnston, Colin Harold
Johnston, John Armstrong
Johnston, James Alexander
Johnston, Lloyd George
Johnston, James Kenneth
Johnston, Norman Lachlan
Johnston, John Markey
Johnston, Clifford Stanley
Johnston, Angus Augustus
Johnston, Allan Andrew
Johnston, Haig Douglas
Johnston, Allan Stewart
Johnston, Alastair Dale
Johnston, Carl Donald
Johnston, James Ian
Johnston, Conrad George
Johnston, Percy Hallowes Wray
Johnston, James Hendry
Johnston, Leslie Robert
Johnston, Arthur Leon
Johnston, John
Johnston, Stanley Maxwell
Johnston, William Ross Campbell
Johnston, Hubert Clodomir
Johnston, Arthur George
Johnston, Leroy Verdun
Johnston, William Whitelaw
Johnston, William Smith
Johnston, William Phoenix
Johnston, Allan Menzies
Johnston, William Leo Newton
Johnston, Joseph Allan
Johnston, Norman
Johnston, Arnold Ney
Johnston, Eugene Huntley
Johnston, Howard Robert Franklin
Johnstone, David Bulgass Leggatt
Johnstone, Ralph Alexander
Johnstone, Victor William
Johnstone, John Henry Willox
Johnstone, Thomas
Johnstone, Erle Ernest Edward
Johnstone, Andrew Taylor
Johnstone, William Thomas
Johnstone, William Vernon
Johnstone, Robert Nicol
Johnstone, Douglas Scott
Joiner, Raymond Conserdine
Jolley, John Percy
Jolliffe, Percy George
Jolly, Maurice Carson
Jolly, Morrisson
Jonasson, Leonard Norman
Jonczyk, Jozef
Jones, Owen Kenyon
Jones, Mervyn Francis
Jones, Ivor George
Jones, Robert Douglas
Jones, David Richard
Jones, Leslie Warwick
Jones, Charles Glynn
Jones, Rothesay Linton
Jones, Trevor Tudor
Jones, Marshall Levi
Jones, George Andrew
Jones, James Howard
Jones, Maurice Campbell Pryce
Jones, Thomas Noel Ian
Jones, Edward Crowther
Jones, John Harrison
Jones, Ronald Marwood
Jones, Arthur Stanley
Jones, Clifford Cecil
Jones, Joseph
Jones, Russel Allen Pera
Jones, Robert Henry
Jones, James Edward (Toby)
Jones, Kenneth Walton
Jones, Elric Cameron Latter
Jones, George Oswald
Jones, Richard John Lucas
Jones, Walter
Jones, Stanley Charles
Jones, Wilfred Alexander
Jones, George Macdonald
Jones, Robert Roy
Jones, Bertram John
Jones, Lloyd Ingram
Jones, Ralph Leopold
Jones, Walter Stanley
Jones, John Herbert
Jones, Ivan Leslie
Jones, Robert
Jones, Maurice Robert
Jones, Howard Kitchener
Jones, Rhys Webb
Jones, Jack Lundie
Jones, William Irving
Jones, Trevor William Robert
Jones, Harold Alfred
Jones, Clifford Desmond
Jones, Ivor Hawkins
Jones, Harry Robert
Jones, Harvey Edgar
Jones, William James
Jones, Lloyd Henry
Jones, Winston Trevor
Jones, Louis Arthur
Jones, George Arroll
Jones, Thomas Reid
Jones, Benjamin Stanley
Jones, James Rundle
Jones, Frank Howard
Jones, Pax Lloyd Evan
Jones, Howell Idris
Jones, John Trevor Reid
Jones, Norval Hodges
Jones, Richard Allan
Jones, William Thomas
Jones, Edgar Frederick
Jones, Thomas Stephen
Jones, Roy King
Jones, Cyril John
Jones, Gregory James
Jones, Arthur Henry
Jones, David Wise
Jones, Leslie Leather
Jones, Robert John
Jones, James Struthers
Jones, Clarence Archibald
Jones, Herbert Clifford
Jones, Russell Roy Alwyn
Joplin, Stanley John
Jordan, Joseph Anthony
Jordan, Herbert Charles
Jordan, Aidan
Jordan, Lawrence Henry
Jordan, Henry Stan
Jordan, Thomas Lawrence
Jorgensen, Stanley Johannes
Jorgensen, William Charles
Jorgensen, Murray Osborne
Jory, William Edward
Jose, Gordon Beverley
Josephson, Svein
Joss, Norman
Jost, Burton Norris
Joszt, Kazimierz
Joszt, Kazimierz
Joubert, Pierre Simond
Jowers, Albert
Jowett, Harold Ernest
Jowett, Henry Anthony
Joyce, Robert Gray
Joyce, Leslie
Joyce, David Campbell
Joyce, Francis William
Joyce, Alan Francis
Joyce, Ernest Leslie
Joyce, Eric Albert
Joyce, Thomas Gracie
Joyce, Brian Martin
Joynson, Francis Edward
Joynt, Alfred Earl
Joynt, John Millar
Jozepajd, Jan
Juby, Allan Francis
Judd, Trevor Macleay
Judd, Douglas Howard
Judd, William Bruce
Judell, Maurice Leopold
Judges, Gordon Joseph
Julian, Noel Patrick
Julski, Tadeusz
Juneau, Alfred Roger
Jupp, James John
Jura, Edmund
Jurewicz, Zenon
Jurewicz, Henryk
Jurewicz, Henryk
Jurka, Stanislaw
Jurkowski, Jozef
Jury, Jack Leslie
Jury, Ivor Hilton
Jutzi, Curtis
Juza, Stanislaw
Kabulski, Jan
Kabulski, Jan
Kaczmarek, Stefan
Kaczorkiewicz, Jan
Kaechele, Emmet Solomon
Kaesemodel, Ernest Richard
Kahn, Melvin Samuel
Kainamu, Lu Henry
Kairton, Donald Bertram
Kaiser, Stanley Keith
Kaiser, Walter Bruce
Kajor, Eugeniusz Rudolf
Kalarus, Stefan
Kalat, Kazimierz
Kalen, John
Kalheim, Ben Ingard
Kaliciecki, Eugeniusz
Kalinowski, Kazimierz
Kalinowski, Bronislaw
Kalka, William Arthur
Kalkus, Waclaw
Kalkus, Wladyslaw Jan
Kamedish, John Benjamin
Kaminski, Stanislaw
Kaminski, Jozef
Kanciak, Stanislaw
Kane-maguire, Noel Andrew Patrick
Kaniewski, Zdzislaw Antoni
Kantowski, Jan
Kapa, Kazimierz Jerzy
Kapuscinski, Wladyslaw
Kapusta, Basil
Karaim, Tony John
Karcz, Ludwik
Karczewski, Leszek Jerzy
Kardasiewicz, Zdzislaw
Karena, Peeti Rotana
Karstens, William Russell
Karubin, Stanislaw
Karwowski, Lech Teodor Jan Andrzej
Kashmar, William
Kasianowski, Gustaw
Kassaneff, John Michael
Kastner, Joseph John Michael
Kasubeck, William James
Kater, Robert George Ephraim
Kaufman, William John
Kaufmann, Graham Harfold
Kavanagh, John Patrick
Kavanaugh, Joseph Garnet Stewart
Kawczynski, Zygmunt
Kawczynski, Julian
Kawczynski, Olech Antoni
Kawenoki, Abram
Kawinski, Andrzej Jan
Kawucha, Joseph Francis
Kay, Thomas
Kay, Solomon
Kay, Thomas Leslie Hobson
Kay, John Henry
Kay, Robert James
Kay, Alan Lister
Kaye, Douglas Victor
Keaist, Richard Preston
Kealy, John William
Kean, Erl Joseph
Keane, James William
Keane, John Russell
Kearney, Bernard Wilson
Kearney, Augustine Michael
Kearney, Neville Patrick Peter
Kearney, Wallace David
Kearney, Francis Charles
Kearns, John Howard
Kearns, Gerald John Patrick
Kearns, Frank Ernest
Kearns, William Robert
Kearns, Thomas Melville
Kearse, Percy Harold
Keast, Dixon Ross
Keating, Joseph Arthur
Keating, John Patrick
Keating, Robert Henry
Keating, John Gerald Ohara
Keats, Gilbert Carrington
Keay, Peter John
Keay, Charles William
Keddy, Oliver Ambrose
Kedwell, Horace Russell
Kedzierski, Zygmunt
Kee, Robert James
Keeble, William Henry
Keefe, Ernest James
Keeffe, Norbert Clement
Keegan, William Charles
Keegan, Francis Joseph
Keele, Gordon Frederick
Keeler, Russell Ross
Keeler, Ervin Leroy
Keeley, James Hamilton
Keeling, David North
Keen, Sidney
Keenan, James Philip
Keenan, John Ignatius Joseph
Keene, Arthur George Wilson
Keene, John Walter
Keeping, John Ross
Kehl, Edward Carl
Keighan, James Edmond
Keil, George Alvin
Keith, George Noel
Keith, John Rainsford
Keith, Alan Lionel
Keith, David Robinson Neill
Kelaher, Carl Richard
Kell, William Robert
Kellar, David Garfield
Keller, Ross Whaley
Keller, Ronald Frederick
Kelley, Harry Joseph
Kelley, Alfred Theodore
Kelley, David Austin
Kelley, Stanley Frederick Harding
Kellie, James William
Kellough, Howard John
Kells, Harry Kenneth
Kellum, John Reid
Kelly, Louis Joseph
Kelly, Thomas Raymond
Kelly, Donald Patrick
Kelly, Bernard Edward
Kelly, Reginald Stanislaus
Kelly, Alan Douglas
Kelly, Ralph Gordon
Kelly, Paul Grant
Kelly, Jack Arthur
Kelly, Donald Herbert
Kelly, Michael John
Kelly, Alan Cameron
Kelly, Joseph Harold
Kelly, Gardner Hill
Kelly, Clarence Lloyd
Kelly, Lloyd Franklin
Kelly, Keith Leslie
Kelly, Albert Edward
Kelly, Donald Robert
Kelly, Angus Campbell
Kelly, Reginald Joseph Stephen
Kelly, John Stanley
Kelly, John Lomer
Kelly, Alexander Michael John
Kelly, Joseph Colwyn
Kelly, Lester James
Kelly, John Joseph
Kelly, Paul
Kelly, Karl Emerson
Kelly, John Edmund Joseph
Kelner, Clarence William
Kelso, Roger Gordon
Kemmis, Kenneth Barry
Kemp, Reginald Andrew
Kemp, Kenneth Donovan
Kemp, John Beverley
Kemp, Trevor Arthur
Kemp, Howard Keith
Kemp, Harold Leon
Kemp, Russell William
Kemper, Frederick August John
Kempling, Russell Joseph
Kempski, Wojciech Jerzy
Kempson, Keith Knowles
Kempton, Maurice Mcallister
Kemsley, Ross Newcomse
Kendall, George Gregory
Kendall, George Herbert
Kendall, John Topham
Kendall, Charles Marland
Kendall, Francis James
Kendall, John Mcnabb
Kendel, Ewald George
Keniston, Robert Leroy
Kennedy, Gordon
Kennedy, Robert Van
Kennedy, William Joseph
Kennedy, George Mervyn
Kennedy, Peter
Kennedy, Cameron Duff
Kennedy, William John
Kennedy, Frederick Robert Anthony
Kennedy, Henry John
Kennedy, Terence William
Kennedy, Carleton Gladstone
Kennedy, Edward Richard
Kennedy, John Bernard
Kennedy, Jack Matthew
Kennedy, Bryan Daniel James
Kennedy, Donald Stewart
Kennedy, John Richard
Kennedy, Patrick
Kennedy, Francis Leonard
Kennedy, Edward John
Kennedy, Albert Alexander
Kennedy, John Ballantyne
Kennedy, George Alexander
Kennedy, Frederick James
Kennedy, Donald Lloyd
Kennedy, William Wallace
Kennedy, Roy
Kennedy, Gerald William (Bunny)
Kenney, Arthur Joseph
Kenny, Kieran
Kenny, William Booker
Kenny, Colin Joseph
Kensington-Edwardes, Henry Elgon
Kent, Joseph Charles
Kent, Gerald Albion
Kent, Hugh Benjamin
Kent, Stanley Martin
Kent, Leslie Arnold
Kent, Eric Charles Noel
Kent, Emil Dan
Kent, Malcolm Edward
Keogh, William George
Keough, Joseph Leo Richard
Keown, Charles Ashton
Kepinski, Stefan Kryspin
Ker, James Henry Maxwell
Kerby, Michael Joseph Stuart
Kerkhoff, Bruce Alfred
Kermode, Kenneth William
Kernaghan, Clarence Gerald
Kerr, George Jeffreys
Kerr, Hubert Lloyd
Kerr, David Simpson
Kerr, Lloyd Wilson
Kerr, John William
Kerr, Hardy Caldwell
Kerr, Louis Noel Lyndon
Kerr, Robert Albert
Kerr, James Bernard
Kerr, John Thomas
Kerr, Philip Charles Copeland
Kerr, Ernest James
Kerridge, Keith Edward
Kerrigan, Allan John
Kerrisk, Albert Williams
Kerry, John Nicholas
Kertson, Richard Arthur
Kerwin, Raymond Thomas
Kesicki, Kazimierz Edward
Kesselman, Murray
Kester, John Douglas
Kester, Noel Thompson
Ketcheson, Karl Benjamin
Ketterson, A. Boyd
Kettley, Clifford John Vosper
Kew, Allan Alfred
Kewen, Thomas Causon
Keyes, Thomas Eric Edmond
Keyes, Robert Joseph
Keys, Frederick Raymond
Keys, Graeme Connell
Keys, John Neville
Keys, Noel Richard
Khosla, Chander Parkash
Kibbe, Donald Kyle
Kiciak, Wladyslaw
Kidd, Leonard Dewain
Kidd, Leslie
Kidd, William Franklin
Kidder, Gordon Arthur
Kidgell, James Ian
Kidman, Anthony Sully
Kidney, Alvin Eric
Kidney, Neil John
Kidney, Walter Charles
Kidson, Albert Colwyne
Kidziak, Kazimiers
Kielich, Kazimierz Maciej
Kierath, Reginald Victor
Kierski, Kazimierz Maksymilian
Kieswetter, Emerson Harvey
Kiewnarski, Antoni Wladyslaw
Kight, Leslie John
Kilby, William Adam
Kilday, Hugh Joseph
Kilgour, Leonard Alfred Arthur
Killeen, Kenneth Barton
Killen, Richard Lyle
Killen, John Gordon Treatt
Killham, Richard Archibald
Killworth, William Deldon Douglas
Kilpatrick, Worthy James
Kilpatrick, George
Kilpatrick, James Augustus
Kilpatrick, William Robert
Kilpatrick, William Frederick
Kilsby, Maxwell Bentley
Kilsby, Neville Western
Kimball, Richard George
Kimber, Donald David
Kimber, Gordon Stanley
Kimber, Michael Patrick
Kimmel, Spencer Griffith
Kimmerly, Amos Walter
Kimmerly, Merle Faxon
Kimmins, Gordon Patrick James
Kincaid, John Joseph
Kinel, Zygmund Jan
Kinel, Jacek
King, Donald Chesley
King, George Frederick
King, Francis Edward (Ted)
King, Jack Alexander Stewart
King, Harold Herbert
King, Kenneth John
King, John Granville
King, Rolph Henry
King, William George
King, Perry
King, Arnold William Charles Ernest
King, George Thomas
King, Douglas George
King, William Robert
King, Robert Samuel
King, Sidney James
King, John
King, Elmer Charles
King, Reginald John
King, Stanley George Richard
King, Douglas Stuart
King, Bliss Dunfield
King, Gordon Lawrence
King, Lawrence Clifford
King, Kenneth Leslie
King, Bede James Veitch
Kingham, John Ernest Thomas Ridgeway
Kingsbury, Allan Albert
Kingshott, Melville John
Kingsland, Edwin Herbert
Kingsley, William Charles
Kingsley, Joseph Leopold Rene
Kingsley, Ronald George
Kingsmill, John Allen
Kingston, Philip Alan
Kingwell, Ralph W. E.
Kinnaird, William Johnstone
Kinnane, John
Kinnee, Ronald Alfred
Kinnery, John Frederick
Kinnon, Francis
Kinross, Kenneth Charles
Kinross, Colin John
Kinsman, Bennett Graham
Kinsman, William Clifton
Kinton, Clare
Kippan, Lloyd Duncan
Kippen, Angus Lloyd
Kippenberger, Ivan
Kirby, William Wilson
Kirby, John Albert
Kirby, Alfred
Kirby, Arthur Raymond
Kirby, Vincent Xavier
Kirby, Walter Grenfell
Kirby, Erlyn Everard
Kirk, James Frederick
Kirk, William
Kirk, Thomas Lorne
Kirkcaldie, Norman Mervyn Kebbell
Kirkham, Ernest Bruce
Kirkham, Thomas Yarwood
Kirkland, Harry Nettleton
Kirkland, Ronald Neville
Kirkland, Kenneth Herbert William
Kirkland, Douglas James
Kirkpatrick, Ernest Samuel
Kirkpatrick, Peter Leeton
Kirkpatrick, Herbert Joseph
Kirkwood, Francis Lussier
Kirschner, Irving Jack
Kirstine, Lloyd
Kirton, Lloyd
Kirton, Harry James
Kisielewicz, Jerzy Szymon
Kissick, Victor Robert David
Kissner, Cyril Christian
Kita, Marian
Kitchen, Beverley Gordon
Kitchen, Harold Allen Nelson
Kitchin, Jack Hurst
Kite, George Robert Graham
Kitson, Charles Albert
Kitt, Elliott
Klapkew, Francis Joseph
Klapper, Philip Anthony
Klarner, Gordon Daniel
Klatman, Joseph
Klatt, Bronislaw
Klauer, Aloysius William
Kleczynski, Bohdan
Klein, Irvine George
Kleisdorff, Murray Ralph
Klementoski, Walter John
Klemm, Eric James Leopold
Kleniewski, Stefan Gabrjel
Kleniewski, Alfred Edmund
Klepacki, Lucjan
Klersy, William Thomas
Kleybor, Stanislaw
Klimczak, Jan
Klimczyk, Jan
Klingner, Albert Charles Frederick
Klink, Dirk Jacobus
Klippel, John Owen
Klocek, Jan Tadeusz
Klompje, Jan H. G.
Klosinski, Antoni
Kloske, Godfrey Henry
Klosowski, Bronislaw
Klyszcz, Karol
Kmiecik, Edward
Knapp, Jack Frederick
Knapp, Roger Singleton
Kneale, Thomas Matthew
Knibbs, Edward Frederick
Knight, James Gabriel
Knight, Frederick James
Knight, Lawrence Gordon Penrose
Knight, John Maxwell
Knight, Leslie Gordon
Knight, Frederick Benbow
Knight, Ronald Earl
Knight, Noel Joseph
Knight, Oswald Wellington
Knight, Gordon Henry
Knight, Frank
Knight, William Arthur Dugald A.
Knight, Norman John
Knight, Melvin
Knight, Leon Gaston
Knight, Alan
Knight, Robert Baines
Knight, Alan John
Knight, Edwin Omer
Knight-brown, Noel Henry
Knights, Walter William Nelson
Knights, Henry Edward
Knights, John Kingsley
Knobloch, Douglas Lawrence
Knott, Witold Jozef
Knowles, Fred
Knowles, William Leslie
Knox, Robert Walter
Knox, Victor Alfred
Knox, Chester Dwane
Knox, Vincent Cooke Lindsay
Knox, Malcolm Thomas Foster
Knupp, Gordon Winston
Knutson, Vincent Harold
Knyvett, Barrington Armitage
Koch, Tadeusz Henryk
Kocon, Eugeniusz
Kocon, Eugeniusz
Kocon, Waclaw
Koczapski, Wladyslaw Karol
Koczor, Ryszard
Koehn, Arthur Ferdinand
Koellhoffer, George Thomas
Koetsveld, Norman Henry
Kohn, Benjamin Leo
Kohut, Stanislaw Aleksander
Kohut, Frank
Kolacz, Henryk
Kolanowski, Wlodzimierz Adam
Kolecki, Tadeusz
Koleda, Peter
Kolek, Wladyslaw
Kolkowski, Antoni
Kolomic, Johnny Peter
Koloszczyk, Tadeusz Jozef
Komaiko, William Kadison
Komenda, Henryk
Komer, Walter
Komkommerman, Benjamin Bernard
Komlacz, Jan
Komlacz, Jan
Kommes, Joseph John
Kon, William Emil Miroslav
Kondracki, Lech Andrzej
Kondracki, Lech Andrzej
Kontny, Jerzy
Kooij, Daniel Johannes
Kopchuk, John
Koper, Bogdan
Kopka, Jozef
Korczyk, Tadeusz
Kordasiewicz, Marian
Kordys, Stanislaw
Korecki, Edward Roman
Korecki, Edward Roman
Korepta, Jan Stanislaw
Korol, Sergiusz
Korycinski, Jozef
Korzeniowski, Antoni Eugeniusz
Kos, Mieczyslaw
Kosarz, Wilhelm
Koscik, Bronislaw
Kosmalski, Grzegorz
Kosmalski, Grzegorz
Kosmalski, Czeslaw
Kossakowski-Korwin, Mikolaj
Kossatz, Thomas Carle
Kostenuk, William Michael
Kosturkiewicz, Antoni
Kostyshyn, William Martin
Kosznik, Edmund
Kot, Bernard
Kot, Roman
Kot, Boleslaw
Kotarba, Henryk
Kotyk, Alex
Kovacich, Anthony Michael
Kowalchuk, Theodore
Kowalcze, Stanislaw
Kowalczyk, Stanislaw
Kowalewicz, Pawel
Kowalski, Louis
Kowalski, Edward
Kowalski, Edward Jozef
Kowalski, Zygmunt
Kowalski, Tadeusz
Kowalski, John
Kozakiewicz, Adam
Kozakiewicz, Adam
Koziol, Wladyslaw
Kozlof, Alexander
Kozlowski, Tolimir
Kozlowski, Tolimir
Kozlowski, Zbigniew Jerzy
Kozlowski, Franciszek
Kozlowski, Franciszek
Kozlowski, Stanley John
Kozlowski, Stanley John
Kozlowski, Mieczyslaw
Kozlowski, Zdzistaw
Kozlowski, Wladyslaw Aleksander
Kraemer, John Robert
Krahn, George Cornelius
Kram, Meryn
Kramarz, Julian
Kramer, Julius
Krapek, Louis Joseph
Krasnodebski, Henryk
Kraus, Jan
Krause, Joseph Anthony
Krauz, Josef
Kravac, William
Krawczyk, Kazimierz Franciszck
Krawczyk, Jerzy
Krawczynski, Edmund
Krebs, William Max
Krecik, Jan
Kreil, Gideon Petrus
Kremski, Jan Barnard
Kremski, Jan Barnard
Krenz, Marian
Krenzel, Pawer Konaad
Kretkowski, Zbigniew Leon Andrzej
Kreut, Arthur
Krieg, Carl Victor
Krieger, Tadeusz Adam
Kriger, Louis
Kristiani, Michal
Krogh, Eilif Christianvom
Krohn, Henry John
Krol, Tadeusz
Krol, Stanislaw Zygmunt
Krolikowski, Stanislaw
Krolikowski, Stanislaw
Krome, Theodore Anton
Krone, John Duncan
Krone, Henry
Kropiwnicki, Eugeniusz
Krotz, Percy Earl
Krueger, William Opsal
Krukowski, Leonard
Krulicki, Louis John
Krus, Leonard
Kruszczak, Franciszek
Kruszynski, Franciszek
Kruszynski, Franciszek
Krwawicz, Mieczyslaw
Krynski, Stefan
Krynski, Tony
Kryszczuk, Franciszek
Krzeczewski, Eugeniusz Stanislaw
Krzeminski, Franciszek
Krzeminski, Edmund Franciszek
Krzesinski, Tadeusz
Krzysztoszek, Jozef
Krzyzowski, Gerhard
Ksiezyc, Jan
Kubera, Wladyslaw
Kubiak, Kazimierz Ludwik
Kubica, Franciszek
Kubin, John Richard
Kuchta, Jozef
Kuczkowski, Zdzislaw
Kuflik, Naftali Hirsz Pawel
Kujawa, Czeslaw
Kukurski, Robert
Kulagowski, Piotr
Kulakowski, Andrzej
Kulbacki, Hieronim
Kulczycki, Wlodzimierz
Kuleski, Stephen
Kulik, Jozef
Kulinska, Anastazja
Kulinski, Jozef Stanislaw
Kulpinski, Zdzislaw Ludwik
Kulyk, Nick
Kunka, Feliks
Kuntz, William Joseph
Kunz, James Jonathan
Kurek, Zdzislaw
Kurek, Stanley Peter
Kuropatwa, Stanislaw
Kurowicki, Stanislaw
Kurowicki, Stanislaw
Kurowski, Jan Kazimierz
Kurowski, Jan Kazimierz
Kurowski, Ludwik Tadeusz Jozef
Kurowski, Ludwik Tadeusz Jozef
Kurowski, Zdzislaw
Kurpiel, Franciszek
Kurtz, Dennis Haig
Kurtzhals, Allan Edward
Kuszczynski, Bronislaw
Kutkowski, Kazimierz
Kuzian, Boleslaw
Kuznicki, Zdzislaw
Kuzyk, Eugene
Kwas, Michael
Kwasney, William
Kwast, Paulus
Kwiatkowski, Henryk Rafal
Kwinter, Samuel Noah
Kydd, James
Kyle, Charles Harrison
Kyle, William Thomas
Kyne, Denis Patrick
L'green, Neville Alfred
L'hommedieu, George Martin
La Bossiere, Jules Joseph
La Freniere, Joseph Frederic Paul Henry
La Frentz, Sylvester Stuart Lyndhurst
La Gruta, Anthony Dominica Cyril
La Hei, Gebinus
La Palme, Joseph Armand Roger Lucien
La Porte, Edmund Elie
Labach, Peter
Labarge, Bernard Henry
Labbe, Joseph Paul Roland
Labelle, Joseph Gaston Gustave Andre
Labelle, John Henry
Labelle, Joseph Napoleon Emile Roger
Labiuk, George
Labrecque, Joseph Rosaire Jean Charles
Labrie, Reginald Edmond
Lacasse, Florian Mercier
Lacelle, Joseph Harvey Milton
Lacerte, Charles Henry
Lacey, Patrick Earl (Pat)
Lacey, William Morris
Lach, Tadeusz
Lacina, Emanuel George
Lack, Maxwell Macdonald
Lacombe, Joseph Mervin
Ladd, Frederick Lewellyn
Laderoute, Michael John
Ladley, John Kevin
Laferriere, Joseph Claude Raul Andre
Lafferty, Albert Ervin
Laffoley, John Gifford Laurence
Laflamme, Henry Mathias
Laflamme, Joseph Yves Camille Charles A.
Lafleur, Leonard James Patrick
Lafontaine, Theodore
Lagace, Joseph Maurice Conrad
Lagodzinski, Marian Wajceech
Laguna, Piotr
Laguna, Piotr
Laidlaw, Graeme Lonarch
Laidlaw, Joseph Stanley
Laidlaw, David Drysdale
Laidler, Patrick William
Laidler, Gordon James Keith
Lailey, Peter Childs
Laing, Ronald Stanley
Laing, Keith Nesbitt
Laing, Edward Vivian
Laing, James Christopher
Laing, Charles Walter
Laing, Francis Mackay
Laing, John Arthur
Laing, Frederick Davidson
Laing, Russell E.
Laing, Norman Leslie
Laing, Richard Arthur
Laing, Maurice Basil
Laird, David Drenel
Laird, John Seddon
Laird, Thomas Paterson
Laird, Leonard Ernest
Laird, George Johnstone
Lake, James Byrne
Lake, Kenneth Neville
Lake, John William
Lalonde, Joseph Moise Gaston
Lalonde, Joseph Albert Rodrigue Wilfrid
Lalonde, Joseph Bernard Rene
Laman, Stanley Maxwell
Lamarche, Leo Leon
Lamarre, Joseph Guy Georges
Lamb, Leeming Cameron
Lamb, Robert Arthur
Lamb, Collin Bruce
Lamb, John Alexander
Lamb, Donald Trevor
Lamb, Ronald David
Lamb, Colin Neilson
Lamb, Thomas Fraser
Lamb, James Lawrence
Lamb, Erwin Henry Reubin
Lamb, William Alexander
Lambert, James Fielden
Lambert, Alfred Leonard
Lambert, Milford Alexander
Lambert, Maurice
Lamble, Francis Stephen
Lambourne, Henry Edward
Lammas, Mauson
Lammerse, Joseph Jack
Lamond, Alexander Campbell
Lamond, Frank Raymond
Lamont, Ian Craigie
Lamont, Raymond Joseph
Lamont, John
Lamontagne, Joseph Albert Yvon
Lamoure, Lawrence Ronald
Lancaster, Ernest Lee
Lancaster, George Kenneth
Lancaster, Eric Edward
Lancaster, John Douglas
Lanceley, Charles Henry
Land, Ian John
Land, Robert James
Land, James Edward
Landridge, Leslie Reith
Landry, Rene Rodger
Landsky, John Frederick
Lane, Frank Sydney
Lane, William Thompson
Lane, Albert
Lane, Carleton Thompson
Lane, Jeffrey Gordon
Lanfranchi, James Leon
Lang, Tadeusz
Lang, Francis Henry
Lang, Wallace Ewing
Lang, Sydney Stephen
Langdale, Frank
Langdale-hunt, Maurice Richard
Langdon, Francis Charles
Langford, Patrick Wilson
Langille, George Eugene
Langlands, Norman Mathew
Langley, Keith Albert
Langley, Russell Norris
Langley, Ray Thomas
Langley, Francis Thomas
Langley, Jack William
Langley, Lloyd George
Langlois, John D'arcy
Langlois, Louis Marie
Langlois, Eric Le Page
Langlois, Joseph Albert Roger
Langoulant, Thomas Bruce
Langridge, Jack Harry
Langrill, William Arthur
Langston, Paul
Langworthy, Walter Dinnathorne
Lanham, Ronald
Lanigan, William Percival
Lankin, William Walford
Lankshear, Ernest Howard
Lanouette, Joseph Andre
Lansdowne, Edwin Arthur
Lantz, George Malcolm
Lapkowski, Waclaw
Lapointe, Joseph Omer Andre
Lapointe, Peter John Orville
Laporte, Joseph Eugene Raymond
Laporte, Adolphe Norman
Lappin, John Stephen
Lapsley, Robert Balfour
Larche, Joseph Armand
Larcombe, William Joseph
Large, George Russell
Large, William Sydney
Lariviere, Joseph Rene
Larkin, Michael
Larkin, James Meyrick
Larkin, Mark Richard
Larkins, James Beattie
Larkins, David Brian
Larkman, Frank Ernest
Larnach, Francis Magnus
Larocque, Joseph Albert
Laronde, Gerald Grenville Joseph
Larsen, Peder
Larson, Ivar
Larson, Oscar Frederick
Larson, Alfred Perry
Larter, Edward Robert
Lasby, Lawrence Edley
Lasko, Zbigniew
Laskos, Zbigniew
Laskowski, Jan
Lassner, Arthur Joseph
Latawiec, Michal
Latawiec, Michal
Latek, Jozef
Latham, Francis Graham
Latham, Frank Wilfred
Latham, Horace Roger
Lathlean, Rex Tidswell
Latta, Selwyn
Laturnus, Andrew
Lauder, Walter
Lauder, Keith John Collinge
Lauder, Gordon Robert
Laughland, Alan Macneiley
Laurenti, David
Laurie, Lionel George
Laurie, Robert Mcgregor
Laurie, Douglas Ian Alexander
Laurin, Jean Paul
Lauritz, Louis Stephansen
Laut, William George
Laut, Ross K.
Lavallee, Thomas Edward
Lavallee, Louis Max
Lavallee, Joseph Pierre
Lavalley, David Henry
Laver, Leonard Courtney
Laver, Thomas Roy
Laver, Leslie Alexander
Lavergne, Elmer Ivan
Lavers, William Wilfred Henry
Lavery, Kenneth Graham
Lavigne, Joseph Edward Robert
Lavin, Norman Harry
Laviolette, Joseph Alexandre
Lavoie, Joseph Michael Guy Leroy
Lavoie, Marcel
Lavoie, Albert Joseph Arthur
Law, Norman Charles
Law, Robert Ronald
Law, Albert Clayton
Law, Ian
Law, James
Law, Donald Newsham
Law, Raymond Ingham
Law, Harold Naismith
Law, Jack Thomas
Lawer, Ernest Joseph
Lawler, Bryan Francis
Lawless, James Francis
Lawley, Thomas Daniel
Lawley, Edward Douglas
Lawrence, Edward Henry
Lawrence, Edward Charles
Lawrence, Ralph Maurice
Lawrence, Reginald Marcus
Lawrence, Arthur Henry
Lawrence, Raymond George
Lawrence, Jack
Lawrence, William Joseph (Bill)
Lawrence, John Seton
Lawrence, John Buchanan
Lawrence, William Charles
Lawrence, William
Lawrence, Francis Winburn
Lawrence, James Goudie
Lawrence, George Bruce
Lawrence, William John
Lawrenczuk, Bogdan Seweryn
Lawrenczuk, Bogdan Seweryn
Lawrie, Ian Hope
Lawrie, Edward Hurtle
Lawrie, Andrew
Lawrie, Robert John
Lawrie, John
Lawry, Gordon Williams
Lawson, Victor Edward
Lawson, Edward Mcmaster
Lawson, Kenneth William
Lawson, Harry Horwood
Lawson, Gordon Herbert
Lawson, Lyle Anzac
Lawson, John Stephen
Lawson, John William
Lawson, Victor Mitchell
Lawson, Wilfred Carroll
Lawson, Harry Richard
Lawson, Stanley Wallace
Lawson, John Henry
Lawson, Lloyd Theodore
Lawton, John
Lawton, Clarence William
Lawton, Richard Woffendale
Lay, Maurice Frederick
Lay, Kenneth Laurence William
Laycock, Maurice Preston
Layh, Eric John
Layng, William George
Layton, Frederick William
Lazarecki, Henryk
Lazenby, Thomas Henry
Lazier, Vernon John
Le Bel, Joseph Ovila Maurice
Le Blanc, Ernest Joseph
Le Blanc, Joseph Thomas Lloyd
Le Brock, Joseph Willy Odessa Roger Garry
Le Chien, Leonard Francis
Le Claire, Eugene Joffre Kenneth
Le Furgey, Osborne Bayfield
Le Gay Brereton, Robert
Le Gear, Frederick Stanley
Le Grow, Ronald Hudson
Le Maire, John Sylvester
Le Mere, Roland Walter
Le Mesurier, Gerald John
Le Noury, Harold Frederick
Le Page, Adrian Roland Joseph
Le Roux,
Lea, William Joseph
Lea, Stephen Alfred William
Leach, Leslie James
Leach, Ronald Wilfred
Leach, John Edward
Leach, Leonard Charles Robert
Leach, Roy Arthur
Leadbeater, Arthur Cameron
Leadbeater, Gordon Bruce
Leader, Robert Arthur
Leahy, Thomas William
Leahy, William Joseph
Leaman, Joseph Edmund
Leaman, James Richard
Leaming, William Clothier
Leamon, Francis Noel
Lean, Richard Harvey
Lean, Leonard Wentworth
Learmonth, Andrew Owen
Learn, Keith Grant
Learn, Robert Bradford
Leary, Joseph
Leatherdale, Charles Grant
Leatherdale, Harry Clifford
Leatherman, Russel Quince
Leaver, James Alfred
Leaver, Francis Henry
Leavitt, Douglas Thayne
Lebano, Vincent Joseph Louis
Lebano, Frank George
Leblanc, Joseph Edouard Gerard
Leblanc, Charles Emile
Leboldus, Peter John
Leboldus, Martin Benedict
Leboldus, John Anthony
Lech, Eugeniusz Marian
Leckie, John Lyle
Leckie, Thomas William Mcclure
Leckie, John Alexander
Leckie, Robert Clarke
Leckie, Albert Wordie
Leckie, Norman Abraham
Lecky, Clarence Reginald
Leclerc, Joseph Norbert Gerald
Leclerc, Jean Paul Denis
Leddy, Gerald Bernard
Ledford, William Holt
Ledger, Roy Walton
Ledgerwood, John
Ledoux, Georges Paul Henri
Ledsam, Douglas George
Lee, Edward George
Lee, Beverley Gordon
Lee, Arthur Geoffrey
Lee, Thomas Edwin
Lee, Charles Campbell
Lee, Eric Douglas
Lee, Bernard Francis
Lee, Howard Osborne
Lee, John Joseph
Lee, William John
Lee, Desmond Maurice
Lee, Jack Griffin
Lee, Mervyn Thomas
Lee, Cyril Francis
Lee, Sidney George
Lee, Willie
Lee, Jack Stuart
Lee, Robert Edward
Lee, Carl Thomas Edward
Lee, Gordon William
Lee, James Livingston
Lee, Calvin Frederick
Leech, Lawrence Malcolm
Leech, John Peter
Leech, Francis James
Leech, Sydney Charles Edwin
Leech, Frederick Sydney
Leeder, Vernon Victor Russell
Leeming, John
Lees, John Hugh
Lees, Sydney Isaiah
Lees, John Clive
Lees, Frederick John
Leese, William Hewison
Leet, Finley Ralph
Leether, Albert
Lefebvre, Gordon Randolph
Lefebvre, John Walter Raymond
Lefevre, Allan William
Lefroy, Henry Keith
Leftly, Nelson
Leftly, Emerson Master
Lefurgey, Archie William
Legarski, Franciszek
Legault, Joseph Henri Charles
Legere, Joseph Reginald Evariste
Legere, Frederick Maxwell
Legg, Murray Archer
Legge, Preston St. Clair
Legge, Robert Colin
Leggo, Charles Harry Stringer
Lehman, Leonard Wilfred
Leifseth, Henning
Leigh, Robert Eric
Leigh, Kenneth
Leigh, James Benjamin
Leighton, Thomas Leo
Leighton, Robert Frederick
Leigo, Douglas Percy
Leitch, Archibald Havill
Leitch, James Westwood
Leitch, Glenn Arthur
Leitch, John William
Leitch, Norman Colin Campbell
Leitch, Donald Mclellan
Leitch, Cecil Desmond
Leitch, John Bruce
Lejambe, Joseph Gilbert Newton
Leland, Patrick Henry Francis William
Leman, Robert Arthur
Lemin, William John
Lemke, John Julius
Lemky, Ronald George
Lemmerick, John Albert
Lemmon, Ralph Ernest
Lemon, James Edward
Lenartowicz, Kazimierz
Lenczowski, Kazimierz
Lenehan, John Donald
Lennie, Thomas John
Lennox, Andrew
Lenover, William Beverley
Lenover, Charles Stephen
Lens, Anton
Lenz, Lambert William
Leonard, Arthur Murray
Leonard, John
Leonard, Raymond Gale
Leopold, Herbert Arthur
Lepper, Harry Joshua
Leppert, Spencer Edwin
Lerl, Frederick William
Leroux, Adrian Steve
Leroux, Romeo Lionel
Lesage, Joseph Alexander
Leseberg, Daniel Ernest
Lesley, Arthur Bennet
Leslie, Kenneth James
Leslie, Raymond William Gibson
Leslie, William Alexander
Leslie, Ernest Thorburn
Leslie, Alan James
Leslie, Colin Richard
Leslie, Percy Gartshore
Leslie, Kenneth Mckenzie
Lesniak, Albin
Lesniewicz, Jan
Lesniewicz, Jan
Lester, Donald Joseph
Leszkowicz, Antoni
Letcher, Robert John
Letcher, Albert Clayton
Lethaby, Albert Henry
Lethbridge, Harry Lincoln
Leuty, Allen Henry
Levasseur, Joseph Jean Marie
Levasseur, Benoit Albert
Levene, Alfred Barish
Lever, Ernest James
Leverrier, Gabriel Charles
Levesque, Fernand Joseph
Levesque, Edmond Joseph Vital
Levesque, Joseph Thomas
Levesque, Stanley Joseph
Levine, David
Levings, Colin
Levins, Milford Glen Thomas
Levitt, Isadore Samuel
Levitus, Solomon
Levy, Ross Victor (Allan)
Levy-despas, Guy Andre
Lewandowski, Edward
Lewandowski, Jan
Lewczuk, Michal
Lewicki, Marian
Lewicki, Napoleon Stanislaw
Lewicki, Napoleon Stanislaw
Lewis, Jeffrey
Lewis, Jack Edwin
Lewis, Duncan Hamilton
Lewis, Theos Llewellyn
Lewis, William Radcliffe
Lewis, Gerald Edwin
Lewis, Glen Edwin
Lewis, John Hedgley
Lewis, Aubrey Lewin
Lewis, William John
Lewis, Herbert Dalton
Lewis, William Douglas
Lewis, Anzac Piripi Tamihana
Lewis, James Norman
Lewis, Gilbert Allan
Lewis, Robert Driscoll
Lewis, Gordon Ralph
Lewis, Richard James
Lewis, Neville Ernest
Lewis, Wallace George
Lewis, John Walsh
Lewis, Raymond David
Lewis, Richard Hubert
Lewis, Donald Edwin
Lewis, Vivian
Lewis, Frank Edward
Lewis, Howard Clark
Lewis, Alfred Edward
Lewis, Harvey Daniel
Lewis, Gerwyn Winton
Lewis, John Owen
Lewis, Victor Kingsbury
Lewis, Thomas Stewart
Lewis, Raymond Allan
Lewis, Arthur Lloyd
Lewis, Edward John
Lewis, William T.
Lewis-watts, Desmond Loftus
Lewkowicz, Sykstus Marian
Lewoniec, Zbigniew
Lewthwaite, James Frederick
Lewthwaite, George Alexander
Lewthwaite, Donald Clifford
Ley, Trevor Arthur
Ley, John George
Ley, Andrew Thomas
Leyche, Jerzy Slawomir
Leyland, John William
Libby, Otis Wilfrid
Liblikman, Jan Antoni
Lichmira, Hipolit
Lichota, Wojciech
Liddell, Arthur George William
Liddell, David Lloyd Carnegy
Liddell, John Raymond
Liddle, Stanley Melville
Lidster, Perry Desmond
Liebeck, Kenneth William
Liebeck, Millard Meyer
Liebscher, John Martin Burns
Liersch, Rex Vinitius
Lievense, Semon
Liggett, Gerald Campbell
Lightbody, Robert Thomas
Lightheart, Alvin Ernest
Liken, John Raby
Liljedal, Skjalg Tormod
Lillico, William Davidson
Lillico, Allan Gainford
Lillico, Gordon William
Lim, Peter James
Lincoln, Edward James
Lincoln, Stanley Holmes
Lincoln, Lloyd John Holmes
Lincoln, Thomas Mclaren
Lind, Gordon Richard
Lindeman, Ross Wellesley
Linden, Frederick John
Lindenberg, Keith Roland
Lindenfield, Alvin Edward
Lindensmith, Gordon Leroy
Lindesay, Reginald John Brydges
Lindley, Tom
Lindo, Harold Lester
Lindsay, John
Lindsay, Alexander
Lindsay, Magnus James
Lindsay, Douglas Maxam
Lindsay, Royal George
Lindsay, Basil Edward
Lindsay, David John
Lindsay, John David
Lindsey, Donald Cole
Lindsey, Angus Macdonald
Lindsey, David Wright
Lindup, John Broomfield
Line, Murray Alfred
Lines, Walter John Edward
Ling, Frank James
Linklater, Llewellyn William
Linklater, Raymond Edwin
Linklater, Gordon Leonard
Linn, Hubert Joseph
Linning, William Edward
Linsley, Reginald Roesucic
Linstead, John Blair
Linton, Ross Franklin
Linton, Norman Royce
Linwood, William
Lip-guey, William Herbert
Lipiec, Kazimierz
Lipiec, Kazimierz
Lipinski, Maciej Jerzy
Lippert, John William
Lipscomb, William Mciver Mounsell
Lis, Stanislaw
Lis, Marian
Lisik, Stanislaw
Liskiewicz, Gustaw
Lissette, Leslie Harry
Lisson, Harris Mansel
Lissowski, Zbyszko Maciej
Lister, Albert Henry
Lister, Gerald Lawrence
Lister, Hilton Arthur
Lister, Herbert Sutton
Lister, Donald Sydney
Lister, John Ernest
Litak, Stanislaw Jan
Litchfield, Richard William
Litchfield, Ralph Frank
Lithgow, John
Lithgow, James Arthur
Littlee (Name is actually Little: read Search Tips for explanation), Martin Stewart
Littlee (Name is actually Little: read Search Tips for explanation), Alan Trevor
Littlee (Name is actually Little: read Search Tips for explanation), Kenneth Treloar
Littlee (Name is actually Little: read Search Tips for explanation), Wilfred Robert
Littlee (Name is actually Little: read Search Tips for explanation), Kinglsey Clarence
Littlee (Name is actually Little: read Search Tips for explanation), Albert William
Littlee (Name is actually Little: read Search Tips for explanation), William John
Littlee (Name is actually Little: read Search Tips for explanation), Robert Caldwell
Littlee (Name is actually Little: read Search Tips for explanation), Leslie Thomas
Littlee (Name is actually Little: read Search Tips for explanation), Patrick Campbell
Littlee (Name is actually Little: read Search Tips for explanation), Thomas Burgess
Littlejohn, Gordon Brefny
Litynesky, Stephen Williams
Lively, Harry Harvey
Livermore, Texas Roy
Livermore, Carl Herman
Liversidge, John Philip
Livingston, Gordon Archie
Livingstone, Samuel George
Livingstone, David
Livingstone, Richard Bruce
Livis, Mortimer
Lizotte, Rene Leonidas Joseph
Llewellin, George Tucker
Llewellyn, Frank
Llewellyn, Arthur Bevan
Lloyd, Norman David Livingstone
Lloyd, Eric
Lloyd, Deuel Dewitt
Lloyd, Thomas Donald
Lloyd, George Henry
Lloyd, Richard Owen
Lloyd, Willis Hilson
Lloyd, Hugh Herbert
Lloyd, John Llewellyn
Lloyd, David Kilgour
Lloyd, John Raymond
Lloyd, Clarence Franklin
Lochhead, Jack Lesney
Lochhead, Hector
Lochnan, Peter William
Locke, Hugh Francis
Locke, Richard Philip
Locke, Reginald Kingsley
Locker, Robert Lorne
Lockett, James Ernest
Lockhart, Robert Alexander
Locklier, Norman Edward
Lockrey, John Galway
Lockwood, Merton Ralph
Lockyer, Alfred Churchill
Lodge, Wallace Eugene
Lodge, Tom
Loe, Kevin Charles
Loewen, Dale Howard
Loft, Charles Robert
Loftus, Watson Temple
Loftus, Geoffrey David
Logan, James Allan
Logan, Francis George
Logan, Ray Hutchings
Logan, Frederick Willis
Logan, Carson Layton
Logan, John
Logan, Albert Lawrence
Logan, James Allan
Logan, David Victor
Logelin, John Michael
Loggie, James Roy
Logie, Robert Fraser
Logue, Stanley Ernest
Lojas, Mieczyslaw
Lojek, Kazimierz
Lojek, Kazimierz
Loksza, Aleksander
Lomas, Clifford Herbert
Lonergan, Hilton Arthur
Lonergan, Robert Neville
Loney, Wellington James
Long, Richard Hartley
Long, Thomas James Albert
Long, Ronald Walter
Long, Gordon
Long, George Albert
Long, Robert Michael
Long, Albert Morgan
Long, Gordon David
Long, Arthur Bebbington
Long, Arthur Stephen
Long, George Albert
Long, Charles Robert Gaudet
Long, William James
Long, Vaughan Ross
Long, James Andrew
Long, Stuart Herman
Long, Wendell Lyall
Long, Alfred Joseph
Long, William James
Long, Michael La Verne
Long, John David Campbell
Long, John Herbert
Long, Clarence Roy
Long, Norman Earl
Longbottom, Eric Harvey
Longland, George Edwin
Longley, John Arthur
Longley, Geoffrey Ernest
Longley, Robert Thomas William
Longmore, Kenneth William
Longson, Charles Douglas Leslie
Longstaff, Emmett Jay
Longuet, Russell Stronach
Longwell, Arthur Grant
Longworth, Harold Francis Lawrence
Lonie, Jack Maurice
Lonsdale, Ralph
Lonsdale, Ronald Thomas
Loonam, Edward James
Looney, Patrick Lawrence
Looney, Francis Noel
Lopez, Robin Henry
Lopez, James Albert
Loppe, Erwin Albert
Loranger, Norman Albert
Lord, Clive Gordon
Lord, Allan
Lord, David Frank
Lord, Frederick Charles
Loree, James William
Lorenz, Sylvester Henry
Lorenz, Anthony
Lorimer, Alexander Seaton
Lornie, Ronald William
Lornson, Arthur Christian
Losa, Ricardo
Loszchuk, Peter Paul
Lothian, Thomas James
Louden, Wifred James
Louden, Owen Ernest Dudley
Lough, William Herbert
Lough, Ross William
Lough, Spencer William
Loughead, Eric Crowe
Lougheed, Ralph James
Loughran, Hugh Joseph
Louis, Valentine Hinton
Lount, Robert Marr
Louw, Petries Johannes Steinkamp
Love, James Hawthorne
Love, Lawrence Wyman
Love, William Kilworthy Murray
Love, James
Love, Claude Lorraine
Love, Winston David
Love, Reginald Vivian
Love, Robert Portor
Love, Edwin Albert
Lovegrove, Frederick Thomas
Lovell, John Henry
Lovell-wright, Leonard Wentworth
Lovelle-draper, Adrian Mervyn
Lovelock, James Benjamin
Loveridge, Denis Llewellyn
Loveridge, Ian James
Lovett, Charles Edward
Loving, Leslie Rowland Bond
Low, John Charles
Low, James
Low, Douglas Dunbar
Low, George
Lowater, Ernest John
Lowe, George Robert Colquhourn
Lowe, Francis John
Lowe, Harry
Lowe, Herbert
Lowe, Levi
Lowe, Robert Arthur Edward
Lowe, Gordon Thomas
Lowe, Vernon Frederick
Lowe, Gordon Albert
Lowe, Leslie Allen Ralph
Lowe, Alan Craig
Lowe, Robert Henry
Lowe, Irvin Melville
Lowe, Thomas Bentley
Lowe, John Manley
Lowe, Edward Ronald
Lowing, William Alan
Lowis, Colin Roderick Donald
Lown, John Lionel Frederick
Lowrie, John
Lowry, Samuel Keith
Lowry, James
Lowry, Herman Mervyn
Lowther, George Wilson
Lowther, John Clair
Lowther, Ronald Charles
Lowther, Roy Woodside
Lowther, Thomas Ronald
Loyns, Ronald Harvey
Loyst, Morley Percival
Lozinski, Marian Jozef
Lubojanski, Konrad
Lucas, John Robert
Lucas, Eric Russell
Lucas, Kenneth Tudor Rodwell
Lucas, Stephen John
Lucas, John James
Luck, Harvey Samuel
Lucki, Albin
Lucyna, Tadeusz
Ludington, Leroy Hart
Ludlow, John Murray
Luedeke, Clifford Douglas
Lugar, William Rand
Lugg, Harold William
Lugowski, Kazimierz
Lugowski, Stanislaw
Lugton, Reginald Gordon
Lukasik, Fidelis Jozef
Lukaszewicz, Stanislaw Antoni
Lukaszewicz, Stanislaw Antoni
Luke, Cyril Spencer
Luke, David William
Luke, Robert Gillespie
Luker, Henry Whitfield
Lukey, Francis Henry Clark
Lukomski, Eugeniusz Tadeusz
Lumgair, Norman Andrew
Lummis, James Cornwallis
Lumsdaine, Ernest Roy
Lumsden, James Flers
Lunan, Athol Lorne
Lunan, William Everett
Lund, John Raymond
Lund, Mervyn Sydney
Lundberg, Torkel Torkelsson
Lundie, David Crawford Paterson
Lundy, Ernest Edward
Lundy, John Edward
Lunn, Gerald Alfred
Lunn, John Davis
Lunney, Vernal Norwood
Lunnin, Thomas Horace
Lupton, Stanley Raymond
Luszczewski, Jerzy
Luten, Leo Owen
Lutes, Ronald Albert Eldon
Luther, Clive Prosdocimi
Luther, Norman Clifford Graham
Luton, John Campbell
Lutz, Alfred Edward
Luxford, Floyd Edward
Luxton, John David
Luxton, David Newbury
Lyall, William Brian
Lydeamore, Herbert Berry
Lydka, Mieczyslaw
Lyle, Robert Samuel
Lymburner, Leo Mcclellan
Lynas, James
Lynass, James Cunningham
Lynch, Walter Hugh
Lynch, John Donald
Lynch, Robert Russell
Lynch, James Laurids
Lynch, Hugh Charles
Lynch, Raymond Victor
Lynch, John Joseph
Lynds, Alfred George
Lyne, Francis Harold
Lyneham, Alan Robert
Lynn, Robert John Thomas
Lynn, William Archibald
Lyon, Kenneth William
Lyon, Andrew Wallace
Lyon, Ashley David
Lyon, James Henry Scott
Lyon, Kenneth Brogden
Lyons, Leon George
Lyons, Frederick Erwin Edgar
Lyons, Henry Neelin
Lyons, Kenneth Marcus Denbigh
Lysak, Leo Mox
Lyttle, William Alex
Macallister, Harvard Darrell Frederick
Macallister, Gordon Dale
Macarthur, George Reginald
Macarthur, Harry Francis
Macaskill, Timothy Leo
Macaulay, Donald Archie
Macaulay, Harold
Macaulay, Neil Thomas
Macauley, Frank Alfred Conway
Maccarthy, Dermot Reagh
Maccausland, Vincent Sanford
Maccosham, William Raymond
Macdonald, Angus Daniel
Macdonald, James Clarence
Macdonald, Neil Evan Mcleod
Macdonald, Harry Alexander
Macdonald, Charles Lloyd
Macdonald, George Sinclair
Macdonald, Frank Mcleod
Macdonald, Kenneth Franklin
Macdonald, Norman Hector
Macdonald, Robert Emmett
Macdonald, Fred Whitten
Macdonald, Jack Franklin
Macdonald, Joseph Roderick Gerald
Macdonald, Alexander
Macdonald, Ralph Nelson
Macdonald, Donald Andrew
Macdonald, Charles George
Macdonald, Alexander Hugh
Macdonald, Donald Alastair
Macdonald, James Ignatius
Macdonald, Edward John Norman
Macdonald, Eric William
Macdonald, Irving
Macdonald, Robert Gray
Macdonald, Denis Charles
Macdonald, John William
Macdonald, Bertram Alexander
Macdonald, William Hamish
Macdonald, James Stewart
Macdonald, Ronald Edwin
Macdonald, James Arthur
Macdonald, Joseph Neal Douglas Haig
Macdonald, Colin Murray
Macdonald, Mado Henry Donald
Macdonald, Donald Charles
Macdonald, Ronald Douglas Jeffrey
Macdonald, Alexander Gordon
Macdonald, Harry Deane
Macdonald, Wallace Reginald
Macdonald, Donald Ian
Macdonald, Leonard Howell
Macdonald, Stuart Hayden
Macdonald, James Livingston
Macdonald, Charles Campbell
Macdonald, Newton
Macdonald, Ian Alistair
Macdonald, Hugh Mclennan
Macdonald, Louis John
Macdonell, Archibald Bernard
Macdonell, Angus John
Macdonell, Joseph Miles
Macdonell, Edward Noel
Macdonnell, John Kenneth
Macdougall, Neil
Macdougall, John Neil
Macdougall, George Douglas
Macdougall, Alfred Keith
Macdougall, John Hillhouse
Macdougall, Dalton Ross Alexander
Macduff, Robert Denver
Macduff, Herman Earl
Mace, Roger Meredith
Maceachen, Hugh Archibald
Maceachern, John Andrew
Macerlich, William James
Macfadyen, Duncan
Macfadyen, Ian Lachlan
Macfarlane, Ross Edward
Macfarlane, Murray Armstrong
Macfarlane, Ronald Ernest
Macfarlane, Thomas Campbell
Macfarlane, John Donald
Macfarlane, Duncan Walter
Macfarlane, Matthew Ernest Reid
Macfarlane, Donald John
Macfarlane, Murdo Donald Davidson
Macgillivray, Ralph Northcliffe
Macgillivray, John James
Macgillivray, Arthur Clarance
Macgillivray, Robert
Macgregor, Donald Stewart
Macgregor, Donald Cameron
Macgregor, Allan James
Macgregor, David Alton
Macgregor, Gordon Fraser
Macgregor, Alexander Edward
Machell, Harry George
Machowiak, Marcin
Machulak, Boleslaw
Machum, Donald Blair
Macierzynski, Karol
Macinski, Bernard
Macintosh, Ernest William
Macintosh, Charles Thomas Henry
Macintosh, Charles David
Macisaac, Brendan Hilary
Maciula, Zdzislaw
Maciver, John Neil
Mackay, Donald John Brebner
Mackay, Andrew Donald
Mackay, Hugh Munro
Mackay, James
Mackay, Norman Hugh
Mackay, William James
Mackay, Lauchlan Blair
Mackay, William John Alexander
Mackay, Charles Bede
Mackay, Stuart Walter
Mackay, Kenneth Mcindoe
Mackay, James Garfield
Mackay, William Leslie
Mackay, Alton Ronald
Mackay, John Duncan
Mackay, Angus Donald
Mackay, Gerald Peabody
Mackay, Ross Alexander
Mackelvie, James Archibald
Mackenna, William Frank
Mackenzie, John Irven
Mackenzie, Maurice Doherty
Mackenzie, Ronald Blair
Mackenzie, Alan Edward
Mackenzie, Ian Cumming
Mackenzie, Samuel Albert
Mackenzie, Norman Angus
Mackenzie, Ian
Mackenzie, David Victor
Mackenzie, Hugh Munro
Mackenzie, Kenneth Alexander
Mackenzie, Henry Hector
Mackenzie, Hugh Fraser
Mackenzie, Douglas John
Mackenzie, Angus Carr
Mackenzie, Donald Andrew
Mackenzie, James Foster
Mackenzie, John
Mackenzie, Jack Douglas
Mackenzie, Norman Alexander Freeman
Mackerras, Donald John
Mackie, Clarence Herbert
Mackie, John Wallace Allan
Mackie, John Stewart
Mackie, Angus
Mackie, Sidney Colin Rive
Mackie, William George
Mackie, John Duncan Duthie
Mackie, Alexander Morton
Mackiewicz, Wladyslaw
Mackimmie, Allan Hustead
Mackinnon, Daniel Webster
Mackinnon, Fernand Fagan
Mackinnon, John Reginald
Mackinnon, John Allan
Mackinnon, John Russell
Mackinnon, Douglas Malcolm
Mackintosh, Donald Mckenzie
Macklaier, Charles Wilbert
Macknight, Bruce Cowper
Mackowiak, Kazimierz
Mackrell, Trevor
Mackrell, Stanley Vincent
Macksimchuk, John Theo
Maclachlan, Albert James
Maclaine, Grantham Stanhope
Maclaren, Colin Charles
Maclaren, Ewan William
Maclean, Ian Hector
Maclean, John Erskine Brown
Maclean, John Orville
Maclean, William Osborne
Maclean, Andrew Kenneth
Maclean, George Murray
Maclean, Donald Douglas
Maclean, Malcolm Hamilton Murray
Maclean, David Derek
Maclean, Stephen Joseph
Maclean, Ronald Gabriel
Maclean, Roderick Orr
Maclean, John Angus
Maclean, Ian
Maclean, Donald Stewart
Maclean, Douglas Wallace
Maclellan, Alexander Neil
Maclennan, Charles Grant
Maclennan, Stuart Cameron
Maclennan, William Alexander
Maclennan, Norman Duncan
Maclennan, John Alexander
Macleod, Gordon Alden
Macleod, James George
Macleod, George Dewar
Macleod, Malcolm George
Macleod, John Ralph
Macleod, Alexander Owen
Macleod, Norman Kenneth
Macleod, Athole Douglas
Macleod, Douglas Kenneth
Macleod, Melvin Joshua
Macleod, Alexander Harvey
Macleod, John Malcolm
Macleod, Thomas Norman
Macleod, Joseph Murdoch
Macmillan, William James
Macmillan, Russell Hamilton
Macmillan, Hubert Joseph
Macmillan, James Forrest
Macmillan, David John
Macmillan, Harry
Macnab, David Charles
Macnabb, Donald Scott
Macnearney, John Douglas
Macneil, Hugh Columba
Macneil, Donald Glendon Ellsworth
Macneil, Ralph Gordon
Macneill, Duncan
Macneill, Rodney Warren
Macneill, Bevan Terrill
Macnicol, Donald Kenneth Irvine
Macnutt, Gerald Frederick
Maconachie, James Roy Alexander
Maconnell, Walter Douglas
Macoun, George
Macphail, John Franklin
Macpherson, Norman
Macpherson, Donald James
Macpherson, Hugh Douglas Kingsley
Macpherson, William Neil
Macpherson, John Anderson
Macpherson, Harold Stanton
Macpherson, Donald James
Macphie, Hugh Douglas
Macphillamy, Owen Scott
Macqueen, Fred Calder
Macqueen, Ian Andrew James
Macquoid, Raymond Charles
Macrae, George Dougald
Macrae, George Kenneth
Macrae, Duncan George Fletcher
Macrae, Ian Francis
Macrae, Alexander Iver
Mactavish, Roswell Murray
Macvicar, John Douglas
Macvicar, Donald Irwin
Macwilliam, Keith
Maddalena, Harold James
Madden, Joseph Leo Anthony
Madden, Brian Minden
Madden, John Francis
Madden, Lyn Bertram
Maddock, Frederick Daniel
Madej, Stanislaw Roman
Madejowski, Andrzej
Maden, Earl Kitchener
Madge, Roy Gibson
Madge, Raymond Corlett
Madracki, Jan
Madsen, Edgar Albert
Madson, John Emmett
Maeder, Paul Allan Cornell
Maffre, Kenneth Reginald
Maffre, Gerald Frederick
Magder, Hiam Murray
Magdziak, Stanislaw
Magee, Thomas John Paul
Magee, James Thomas Joseph
Magee, John Gillespie
Maggs, Arthur Wallace Spencer
Magill, Thomas Eldon
Magladry, Harold Ernest
Magnes, Julius Harold
Magnusson, Clarence Norris
Magoffin, James Ivan
Maguire, James Frankish
Maguire, Edmund Henry Duggan
Maguire, Hugh Edward
Maguire, James
Mahagan, Wilfred Joseph
Mahar, Maurice John
Maher, Thomas Francis
Maher, Anthony Joseph
Maher, John Martin
Maheu, Francois Gabriel
Mahler, Laurence Herman
Mahn, Frederick Holbrook
Mahon, Michael Stanley Reece
Mahoney, Edward Alan
Mahood, Thomas Stanley
Mahr, Rudolph Walter
Main, John Mckinnon
Main, Thomas
Main, Lennox Cameron
Main, Owen Keith
Mainwaring, Mervyn F. T.
Mair, James Irvine
Mair, Charles Maxwell
Mair, Bruce Dixon
Mair, Alexander Campbell
Maisenbacher, William Malcolm
Maitland, William John
Majcherczyk, Antoni
Majeau, Russell John
Majer, Teodor Tadeusz
Majewski, Edward
Majewski, Rudolf
Majewski, Wlodzimierz
Majewski, Stefan Jerzy
Major, Thomas Ernest
Major, Follett Keith
Major, James Joseph
Makarewicz, Wladyslaw
Makarski, Leopold B
Makay, Albert George
Makepeace, Thomas Johnson
Makomaski, Ignacy
Makowski, Zbigniew
Makowski, Zbigniew
Makowski, Brunen
Maksymowicz-Raczynski, Stefan
Malaidack, Aleck
Malak, Waclaw Josef
Malcolm, Douglas Burton St. John
Malcolmson, George Keith
Malczyk, Stanislaw
Malczynski, Marian
Malejka, Brunon
Males, Charles (Chuck)
Malicki, Eugeniusz
Malin, Kenneth Brawn
Malinowski, Edmund Jerzy
Malinowski, Edmund Jerzy
Malkiewicz, Witold Eugen
Malkowski, Jan
Mallett, John Burns
Mallett, Ronald Frederick
Mallette, Joseph Raoul Henry Bernard Clovis
Mallick, Thomas Henry Anthony
Malloch, David Lindsay
Mallon, Thomas Alexander
Mallory, Gordon Ewart
Malmas, Harold Irvin
Malofie, Daniel
Malone, Edward Cecil
Maloney, John Benedict
Maloney, John Edward
Maloney, Robert Lenard
Malor, Ronald Lewis
Maltais, Francis Giles
Maltby, William Thomas
Malton, George Samuel
Maluish, George Douglas
Malyon, Douglas Francis
Malzan, Albert Paul
Manchip, Francis Walter
Manchul, Donald Peter
Manchur, Carl Albert
Mander, Richard Brandon
Mander, William Eric
Manders, Robert Emmett
Manders, Clarence Delrose
Mandin, Emile Francois Bruno
Manek, Stefan
Maney, Jack
Manfred, Noel John Marsden
Mang, Ronald Franz
Mangnall, Charles Richard
Mangos, Kenneth
Manka, Emil
Manley, Douglas Russell
Manly, Richard Joseph
Mann, Herbert Reuben
Mann, Percy Garfield
Mann, Stanley Dickinson
Mann, Walter Edward
Mann, Douglas
Mann, Lloyd Robertson
Mann, Joel Brooks
Mann, Ronald Percy
Mann, Edward James
Mann, Denis George
Mannell, Leslie Gordon Marshall
Manners, Jack James
Manners, Alexander Edward
Manning, Percival Theodore
Manning, Charles Benjamin
Manning, Frederick John
Manning, Charles Frederick Richard
Mansell, Jack Peter
Mansell, Lloyd Colley
Manser, Raymond Earl
Manser, William Mason Maxwell
Mansfield, Ronald
Mansfield, Richard Gerard
Manson, Thomas Irvine
Manson, John George
Manson, Donald Hendry
Manson, Kenneth
Mantell, John Martin
Mantha, Rene Real
Manton, Paul Blake
Manuel, Gerald Fenwick
Manuel, William Victor
Maple, James Fraser
Mapletoft, Claude
Mara, Neil Duncan
Mara, Stanley
Mara, Joseph Frederick
Maranda, Joseph Cyril Robert
Maras, Jan Kazimierz
Maras, Jan Kazimierz
Marcellus, Francis Simon
Marcellus, Douglas Lloyd
March, Gilbert Horace
Marchand, Eric Ritchie
Marchant, James Earl
Marchant, George Lawrence Roland
Marchant, Robert Cresswell
Marchessault, Joseph Jean Marie Paul
Marchington, George Frederick
Marcoux, Joseph Jacques Gerard
Marcus, John Joseph
Marden, John Barrymore
Marean, Fred Aten
Marecki, Jan
Maree, David Jacobus
Margison, Douglas Millen
Margrett, Alan Arthur
Marinovich, Ivan
Mariotti, Luigi
Mark, Clarence Robert Irwin
Marketo, Miro Peter
Markey, John Reginald
Markle, George Hudson
Markle, Orin Clemens
Markowski, Joseph Rene Phillippe
Marks, Edward Michael
Marks, George Henry Herbert
Marks, Walter Douglas
Marlatt, Samuel Paul
Marlatt, Sholto Paton
Marler, Donald Thomas
Marok, Joseph Mitchell
Maroney, Paul Jones
Marr, George Frederick
Marre, Rex Joseph
Marriage, Stanley Joseph
Marriott, Terrence James
Marriott, Colin Rupert
Marsden, Stanley
Marsden, Arthur Frank
Marsh, Allan Henry
Marsh, A. James (Jim)
Marsh, Norman Edward
Marsh, Norman Albert
Marsh, Giles Bacchus
Marsh, Robert Joseph
Marsh, Walter Ernest
Marshall, Norman
Marshall, William
Marshall, Laurence William
Marshall, William John
Marshall, Reginald Arthur
Marshall, Corbie Frank
Marshall, Roland Maxwell
Marshall, George Montgomerie
Marshall, William John
Marshall, Richard Sampson Orlebar
Marshall, William James
Marshall, John Alexander Brock
Marshall, Donald Courtenay
Marshall, John Glenford Alexander
Marshall, James Wilfred
Marshall, Frank Wilfred
Marshall, William Kenneth
Marshall, Douglas Crosbie
Marshall, Hudson Eric
Marshall, Sydney Douglas
Marshall, Keith Reynold
Marshall, James Stanley
Marshall, Walter Farquhar
Marshall, Raymond Keith
Marshman, John Kenneth
Marson, John Adam
Marstella, Raymond Thomas
Marstin, Brian Edward
Marszalek, Zbigniew Jozef
Martare, Eduard
Martel, Pierre Augustine Guy
Martel, Maurice Joseph
Martell, Charles Ernest
Martin, Richard Charles
Martin, Selwyn William Bruce
Martin, Harold Stuart
Martin, George Bernard
Martin, Stanley Douglas
Martin, Edward
Martin, John Francis
Martin, Douglas Charles
Martin, William Edward
Martin, Lewis William
Martin, Roswell Howard Tourle
Martin, Vernon Dumaresq Bowden
Martin, Alva James
Martin, Wilfred Bernard
Martin, Wallace
Martin, Donald Henry
Martin, Stephen Henry
Martin, George
Martin, Maurice Allan
Martin, Alistair Bruce
Martin, John Edward Freese
Martin, Douglas Thorne
Martin, Angus
Martin, Frederick Roy
Martin, Irwin Andrew
Martin, Fred Scott
Martin, Hugh Macdonald
Martin, Donald Ernest
Martin, Eric
Martin, Louis Grover
Martin, James Francis
Martin, George Edward
Martin, Barry
Martin, Stanley Sinclair
Martin, William Mckenzie
Martin, William Bradley
Martin, Emerson Hubert
Martin, Eric Bruce
Martin, Lionel Jeans
Martin, Leslie Hunter
Martin, William
Martin, James
Martin, John Roddick
Martin, Virgil Austin
Martin, Alfred Henry
Martin, John George
Martin, William Henry
Martin, Ian Errington
Martin, Kenneth Andrew
Martin, Ernest William
Martin, Leslie Charles
Martin, Maurice James
Martin, Julian Lee Byron
Martin, Clifford Mackenzie
Martin, Daniel Montgomery
Martin, Joseph Marcisse Orval
Martin, Chester Thomas
Martin, Robert
Martin, Thomas Russell
Martinson, Douglas Stuart
Martowicz, Piotr
Martyn, John Reid
Martyn, Frederick Thomas
Martyn, John Basil
Martyn, Leslie Arthur
Martyniec, Jozef Kazimiarz
Marugg, Stephen James
Marynowski, Michael Edmund
Mashman, Keith Austin
Maskill, Donald Joseph
Maslanka, Ludwik
Maslarczyk, Zbigniew
Mason, James Hubert
Mason, Alan Firth
Mason, Henry Oscar
Mason, Walter Edward
Mason, Earl Wallace
Mason, Gordon Ward
Mason, Emory Andrew
Mason, Leonard Martin
Mason, Norman Talbot
Mason, Harry Richard
Mason, Lewis Harry
Mason, Charles Richard
Mason, Donald William
Mason, James Rooker
Masse, George Joseph
Massey, Robert Alfred
Massey, Clarence Ames
Massicotte, George O.
Masson, Joseph Lloyd Clinton
Masson, Eugene Shadrack
Masterman, Wallace Alfred Lawrence
Masters, Clive Hugh
Masters, William Stuart
Masters, John Ross
Masterson, Kenneth Howard
Masur, Dennis Stanley
Matches, Alvin James
Mateuszuk, Czeslaw T
Mather, Robert Addison
Mather, Donald Stuart
Matherly, Jones Monroe
Mathers, Michael James
Mathers, James Bruce
Matheson, Roderick James
Matheson, Farquhar Duncan
Matheson, Alexander Colin
Matheson, William Henry
Matheson, James Munro
Matheson, Douglas Haig
Matheson, Everett Morley
Matheson, Ross Henley
Matheson, Alexander Mcgregor
Matheson, Beverly William
Matheson, Archibald Allisdair
Mathews, William Hooker
Mathews, Arthur George
Mathews, Lawrence Edgar
Mathewson, Donald Meldrum
Mathias, Vincent William
Mathias, Walter Morse Patrick
Mathias, Geoffrey Alan
Mathieson, Donald
Mathieson, Ian Edgecombe
Mathison, Earl Donald
Matier, Francis John
Matikka, George Edwin
Matkin, Philip Keith
Matkin, Merlin Leigh
Matlock, Elmer Keith
Matthams, Ronald George
Matthew, Robert Duff
Matthews, Francis Charles
Matthews, George Norman
Matthews, Frederick James
Matthews, Ronald Hepburn
Matthews, Frederick George
Matthews, Walter Henry
Matthews, George Thomas
Matthews, Ronald Keith
Matthews, Philip Malcolm
Matthews, John Joseph
Matthews, Stanley Wilbur
Matthews, Stanley James
Matthews, William Ernest George
Matthews, William Roy
Matthews, Oswald Arthur
Matthews, Joseph Henry Gabriel
Matthews, Lionel Wollaston
Mattison, Frederick Thomas
Mattless, William Robert
Mattocks, Walter James
Mattoon, Stanley Finice
Mattress, Charles Alfred
Mattson, Vernon Gilbert
Matuszewski, Aleksander
Matuszewski, George
Matylis, Nikodem
Matynia, George Theodore
Matysik, Karol
Maughan, Howard Lawrence
Maunder, John Henry
Maunsell, Leslie Cormac
Mavaut, Paul Raymond Murray
Maville, John Allan
Maw, Franklin L.
Maw, Clifford Charles
Mawdesley, William James
Mawhinney, John Robert
Mawson, James Alexander
Maxim, William Leonard
Maxon, James Matthew
Maxwell, David Chester
Maxwell, Arnold Grant
Maxwell, John Arthur
Maxwell, Lewis Keith
Maxwell, William Harold Mcqueen
Maxwell, Neville Ronald
Maxwell, Wallace Kingdon
Maxwell, James David
Maxwell, Gordon Edward
May, John Leonard
May, George Alexander
May, James
May, Thomas Irving
May, Philip Stroud
May, John Alexander Henry
May, Russell Edward
May, Bruce Herbert
May, Alan Edward
Mayall, John Milburn
Mayberry, Ronald Maxford
Mayberry, Clement Campbell
Mayer, Harry Edward
Mayes, Colin Walter
Mayes, Warren Bretall
Mayhead, Jack Maxwell
Maynard, Richard Davies
Mayne, Reginald James
Mayo, William James
Mayo, John Raymond
Mayo, John Russell
Mayville, Joseph Fernard
Mazier, Michael William
Mazur, Stanislaw
Mazurkiewicz, Stanislaw
Mazurkiewicz, Michal
Mcadam, William Henry
Mcadam, Kenmir Loudon
Mcadam, Ian Alexander
Mcaleavey, Joseph Morgan
Mcaleese, Thomas
Mcalister, Gilbert Norman
Mcallen, William Albert
Mcallister, Robert Andrew
Mcallister, Ronald
Mcallister, Douglas Fraser
Mcallister, John Carson
Mcallister, Donald James
Mcallister, Leslie Duncan
Mcallister, Vincent Paul
Mcallister, Norman Archibald
Mcallister, Henry Gillon
Mcalpine, William James
Mcalpine, John Gilbert
Mcaneney, Thomas Bernard
Mcardle, Clifford Austin
Mcarter, Glenville
Mcarthur, John Burns
Mcarthur, Hugh Joseph
Mcarthur, William John
Mcarthur, Edwin Matthew
Mcateer, Hilton Henry
Mcaulay, Donald Joseph
Mcaulay, Martin
Mcauley, Henry Bruce
Mcauliffe, Leo
Mcauliffe, William Russell
Mcaully, Douglas
Mcavity, George Fellows
Mcavity, Hugh Kaye
Mcbain, Andrew Harold Adelbert
Mcbean, Ronald Charles
Mcbeath, Thomas Albert
Mcbeth, John
Mcbratney, William Thomas Beilby
Mcbride, Bruce Douglas
Mcbride, John Dugald
Mcbride, Thomas
Mcbrien, Cecil Howard
Mcbrinn, Patrick Joseph
Mcbryde, George Thomas
Mcburney, Samuel Lorne
Mccabe, George Edward Joseph
Mccabe, Edward James
Mccaffrey, John Harold Alexander
Mccaffry, Francis Mervyn
Mccaig, Archibald Arnold
Mccall, Cyril
Mccallum, John
Mccallum, Arthur Arnold
Mccallum, Peter Thomson
Mccallum, Norman Francis Dougald
Mccallum, John Malcolm
Mccallum, John Francis
Mccallum, Lawrence Bruce
Mccallum, Robert John
Mccallum, Albert Robert
Mccalman, Ian Russell
Mccann, Thomas Daniel
Mccann, William Alexander
Mccann, Garnet Edward
Mccann, Eric William
Mccann, Daniel Allister
Mccann, Edwin Earl
Mccann, Leonard Myles
Mccart, Robin Opal Patrick Joseph
Mccarthy, Benedict Joseph
Mccarthy, Lloyd Henry Roper
Mccarthy, Robert George
Mccarthy, Vincent Alwyn
Mccarthy, Winston Francis
Mccarthy, Gordon Graham Mark
Mccarthy, John Herbert
Mccarthy, Arthur
Mccarthy, William Francis
Mccarthy, Charles Adrian
Mccartin, James Vivian Raymond
Mccartney, John
Mccartney, George William
Mccartney, Alan James
Mccarvill, Cyril James
Mccaskill, Donald Gordon
Mccaskill, Richard Llewellyn
Mccauley, Gordon Theodore
Mccausland, James Waldo
Mccausland, William Maughan
Mccausland, William Alfred Delmore
Mccaw, Cameron Francis
Mccaw, John Francis James
Mcchesney, Robert Ian
Mcchesnie, Lyle William
Mccleery, Raymond Norman
Mcclellan, Robert Bruce
Mcclelland, James Ronald
Mcclelland, David Stuart
Mcclelland, William Gordon
Mcclelland, Wilfred Glenn
Mcclennan, Bruce Wallace
Mcclintock, Patrick Michael
Mcclintock, George Austin
Mccloskey, Edward Jerome
Mccloy, Robert
Mccloy, Geoffrey Browning
Mcclung, William Ross
Mcclung, Vernon Frederick
Mcclure, James Edward
Mcclusky, George
Mccoll, Ian Fowler Stewart
Mccoll, Kenneth Septimus
Mccollum, William John
Mccomb, Bud Douglas Roy
Mccombie, Patrick
Mcconachie, Donald
Mcconechy, Donald Hyatt
Mcconnell, Alexander Donovan
Mcconnell, Brian Alphonsus
Mcconnell, Jack Nock
Mcconnell, James Lawrence
Mcconnell, Andrew Lloyd
Mcconnell, Norman Edward Henry
Mcconnell, John Robert
Mcconnell, James Allison
Mcconnell-taylor, Edward Henry
Mcconvey, Carl Joseph
Mcconville, Douglas William
Mccook, Neil James
Mccord, Edward Alexander
Mccorkell, Edwin Albert
Mccorkle, Donald Frederick
Mccormack, John
Mccormack, John
Mccormack, Terence Francis
Mccormack, William Thomas
Mccormack, Leo Malachi
Mccormick, Hugh Roderick Neil
Mccormick, Joseph Roy
Mccormick, Lee Henry Alexander
Mccormick, Kenneth Corbett
Mccormick, Albert Edward
Mccormick, George William
Mccormick, John Gibney
Mccormick, Robert Joseph
Mccormick, Keith Robert
Mccosker, Hector Gordon Roch
Mccoy, Louis Joseph Patrick
Mccoy, Allan Frank
Mccoy, Kenneth Lloyd Douglas
Mccrabb, Robert Maxwell
Mccracken, Gordon Malcolm
Mccracken, Greig
Mccracken, Roderick Urquhart
Mccracken, Alexander Purves
Mccrae, Frederick Charles
Mccrae, Allan Edwin
Mccrae, Donald
Mccrea, James Robert
Mccrea, James Alexander
Mccrea, Leslie Asa
Mccready, George Donald
Mccready, Ernest William
Mccreery, Harry Kenneth
Mccron, Samuel Lorne Wilfred
Mccrory, Phillip Joseph
Mccruden, Robert James
Mccrum, Charles John Frederick
Mccuaig, Eric Stuart
Mccullagh, Stephen Falcon Scott
Mccullagh, Robert Desmond
Mcculloch, Robert Lyle
Mcculloch, John Ryan
Mcculloch, Gordon Saunders
Mccullough, Charles Francis
Mccullough, Donald Robert
Mccullough, John
Mccurdy, Roger Eugene George
Mccurdy, Max Albert
Mccurdy, Thomas Neil
Mccurdy, Archibald Roy
Mccutchan, John Grant
Mccutcheon, William Robert
Mccutcheon, Ernest Borden
Mcdennon, Thomas Roy
Mcdermid, Earl Duncan
Mcdermott, Edward
Mcdermott, Edwin Terrance
Mcdermott, Leonard Brian
Mcdermott, Robert James
Mcdonagh, John Henry William
Mcdonald, Lawrence Mathew George
Mcdonald, Alexander Robert
Mcdonald, Kenneth John
Mcdonald, Harry Thomas
Mcdonald, Martin John
Mcdonald, Verdun Frederick
Mcdonald, Douglas Ross
Mcdonald, Donald Sylvester
Mcdonald, John Walter
Mcdonald, James Edward
Mcdonald, Gordon Cameron
Mcdonald, Donald Patrick
Mcdonald, Wesley Earl
Mcdonald, John Melville
Mcdonald, Charles Grant
Mcdonald, Donald Leo
Mcdonald, Hugh Eugene
Mcdonald, Arthur Joseph
Mcdonald, William Cameron
Mcdonald, Jack Thompson
Mcdonald, Stanley Clayton
Mcdonald, Donald James
Mcdonald, Donald
Mcdonald, John Duncan
Mcdonald, Devereaux Richard Cecil
Mcdonald, Melvyn Alexander
Mcdonald, Andrew Basil
Mcdonald, Robert Spence
Mcdonald, William Harold
Mcdonald, Ninian Robson
Mcdonald, Donald Kenneth Hardie
Mcdonald, William Earl
Mcdonald, Alexander James
Mcdonald, Ronald Alexander
Mcdonald, Norman Neil
Mcdonald, Richard Albert
Mcdonald, Ernest Henry
Mcdonald, Donald Smith
Mcdonald, Edward Campbell
Mcdonald, Adam Raeburn
Mcdonald, Ian Ross
Mcdonald, Donald Ian
Mcdonell, Russell
Mcdonell, John Donald
Mcdonell, Brian Duncan Michael
Mcdonell, Jack James Lewis
Mcdonnell, Leslie Maxwell
Mcdonogh, Athol Ian
Mcdonough, Frederick Noel
Mcdougall, Cornelius Cameron
Mcdougall, Colin Angus
Mcdougall, George
Mcdougall, Gordon Andrew
Mcdougall, Ronald Victor
Mcdougall, Lawrence John
Mcdougall, Robert Bruce
Mcdougall, Gerard Daniel
Mcdougall, Reginald Eugene
Mcdowell, Harold Russell
Mcdowell, James
Mcdowell, Thomas Alexander
Mcdowell, Kenneth Lendon
Mcdunnough, William Ralph
Mceachern, Hector Joseph
Mceachern, John William Hugh
Mceachern, Reginald Milton
Mceachern, Gerald Joseph
Mcelheran, John Archibald
Mcelroy, Guy James Herman
Mcelroy, Arthur Bowker Smith
Mcennally, Alan Robert
Mcevoy, Donald Ralph
Mcevoy, Oliver James
Mcewan, Ronald
Mcewen, John Finlay
Mcewen, William Tripp
Mcewen, John Alexander
Mcewin, Andrew James
Mcfadden, Ross John James
Mcfadden, Hugh Charles
Mcfadden, Donald Franklin
Mcfadden, Oscar Patrick
Mcfadyen, Donald Archibald
Mcfadyen, James Joseph Alexander
Mcfarland, Robert Louis Andrew
Mcfarland, John Richard Graham
Mcfarlane, Ernest David
Mcfarlane, John Duncan King
Mcfarlane, John
Mcfarlane, Clifford Wallace
Mcfarlane, Alfred Hector
Mcfayden, Donald Alexander
Mcfee, John Curwood
Mcgarr, Clement Aldwyn Neville
Mcgarvey, Peter John
Mcgavock, John Joseph
Mcgee, Thomas B.
Mcgee, Alexander Edward
Mcgee, James
Mcgeehan, Peter John Dickson
Mcghie, Robert
Mcgibbon, Reginald Stewart
Mcgibbon, James Edmund
Mcgill, Hilton Spencer
Mcgill, Robert Smith
Mcgill, George Edward
Mcgill, John Alexander Douglas
Mcgill-nutt, Gordon James
Mcgillicuddy, Paul Clark
Mcgillivray, Craig Edward (Sonny)
Mcgillivray, Earl Lewis
Mcgilvery, Edwin Ernest
Mcgilvray, Edward Joseph
Mcgilvray, George Alphonsus
McGinn, Nelson Arthur Horace
Mcginn, Wilfred Lawrence
Mcginn, John Henry
Mcgladrey, George Glover
Mcglinchy, Francis
Mcgolrick, George Gordon
Mcgoun, Kenneth Beverly
Mcgovern, John Bruce
Mcgovern, Joseph Theodore
Mcgowan, Stuart
Mcgowan, Rex John
Mcgowan, John Douglas
Mcgowan, Thomas Campbell
Mcgrath, Dennis Brien
Mcgrath, John Felix
Mcgrath, Joseph Ernest
Mcgrath, Gerald
Mcgrath, Thomas William Newport
Mcgrath, Graham Edward
Mcgrath, Bernard Arthur
Mcgrath, Robert Kenneth
Mcgrath, Francis Gerard
Mcgrath, Samuel James
Mcgrath, Joseph Earl
Mcgrath, Robert Kenneth
Mcgrath, Angus Albert
Mcgrath, Francis James Victor
Mcgrath, James Patrick
Mcgraw, Hugh Edward
Mcgreal, John Trevor
Mcgregor, Reginald Rothwell
Mcgregor, Alexander Morvan
Mcgregor, Charles William
Mcgregor, Duncan Pearson
Mcgregor, Ronald Gregor
Mcgregor, David Burnett
Mcgregor, Walter Young
Mcgregor, Charles Gordon Tassie
Mcgregor, Douglas Leslie
Mcgregor, John Dunlop
Mcgregor, Keith Alexander
Mcgregor, George
Mcgregor, Raymond
Mcgregor, Donald Stuart
Mcgregor, Ronald Angus
Mcgregor, Leslie James
Mcgregor, Murdoch Gordon
Mcgugan, Ian
Mcgugan, Francis (Frank) Richard
Mcguigan, William Henry
Mcguigan, Samuel Kellington
Mcguigan, John Harrie
Mcguire, Michael Kidston
Mcguire, Laurie Arthur
Mcgurty, Albert
Mchale, Thomas Patrick
Mchardy, Sidney Alexander Farquharson
Mcharg, Vernon Frederick
Mchenry, James Justin
Mchugh, Maurice
Mchugh, Martin Kean
Mchugh, Gerald Finnbarr
Mchutchion, John Alexander
Mcilraith, George Howard
Mcilrath, Kenneth William
Mcilrath, Stanley James
Mcilrath, James
Mcinnes, Reginald James
Mcinnes, John Stewart
Mcinnes, John George
Mcinnes, Clinton
Mcinnis, Irvin Neil
Mcinnis, Daniel William
Mcintosh, Garnet
Mcintosh, John Alexander
Mcintosh, Douglas Young
Mcintosh, Alexander Charles Ernest
Mcintosh, Donald Robert
Mcintosh, Douglas Howie
Mcintyre, Alexander Russell
Mcintyre, Gordon Angus
Mcintyre, Jack Edwin
Mcintyre, Robert Francis
Mcintyre, Lynden Arnold
Mcintyre, Ian
Mcintyre, John Alexander
Mcintyre, Allan David
Mcintyre, Robert Bruce
Mcintyre, John Duncan
Mcintyre, Ronald Keith
Mcintyre, Frederick Goodwin
Mcintyre, Hubert Bates
Mcintyre, John Jacob
Mcintyre, Malcolm John Colin
Mcintyre, Monte Alan Gray
Mcisaac, Alexander
Mciver, Henry Carbee
Mciver, Malcolm
Mciver, Kenneth Archibald
Mciver, Joseph Charles
Mciver, Bruce Gordon
Mcivor, Clifford Douglas
Mcivor, Kenneth Bruce
Mcivor, Roderick Austin
Mcjennett, Frank George Andrew
Mckaskill, Raymond Kevin
Mckay, Daniel Archibald
Mckay, Douglas William
Mckay, Harold Alexander
Mckay, Allan Charles
Mckay, Malcolm John
Mckay, James Patrick
Mckay, William Dennett
Mckay, Lindsay
Mckay, Ronald Victor Neal
Mckay, Donald Hugh
Mckay, Gordon Campbell
Mckay, Harry Robertson
Mckay, Harry Whittaker
Mckay, Murray Roy
Mckay, Donald James
Mckay, Douglas George
Mckean, Harold Gregory
Mckechnie, Douglas Alexander
Mckee, Terrance Velleau
Mckee, Charles Henry Robert
Mckee, Hugh Percival
Mckee, Kenneth Gilbert
Mckeith, Allan Barnby
Mckell, Hiram Archibald Mccormick
Mckell, David Alcorn
Mckellar, Malcolm Archie
Mckendrick, Fletcher
Mckendry, John Wilbur
Mckendry, John Allan
Mckenna, Donald Joseph
Mckenna, Charles Daniel
Mckenna, John Leo
Mckenna, Terence Francis Breen
Mckenna, Gerald Patrick
Mckenna, L. Edwin Francis
Mckenna, John Andrew
Mckennie, Gerald Baird
Mckenny, Lancelot Loxton
Mckenzie, Orville Wilbert
Mckenzie, John Murdoch Thomas
Mckenzie, John Andrew Whitmore
Mckenzie, Daniel Murray
Mckenzie, William Douglas
Mckenzie, George Charles
Mckenzie, Morris Allan
Mckenzie, John Mortimer
Mckenzie, Donald Maxwell Lang
Mckenzie, Lloyd George
Mckenzie, Daniel Neilson
Mckenzie, John Draper
Mckenzie, Francis Max
Mckenzie, Raymond Murdoch
Mckenzie, Robert Melne
Mckenzie, Frank Edwin
Mckenzie, Donald John
Mckenzie, Alexander Gracey
Mckenzie, Douglas Charles
Mckenzie, Lloyd George
Mckenzie, Malcolm Keith
Mckenzie, Richard George James
Mckenzie, Gordon James
Mckenzie, Robert Douglas
Mckenzie, Kenneth George
Mckeown, Victor Herbert
Mckeown, Kenneth Creighton
Mckercher, William Dunne
Mckerns, Charles
Mckessock, William Donald Nelson
Mckessock, Ross George
Mckibbon, Mervin George
Mckie, Donald Galloway Watt
Mckie, Allison Boyce
Mckiel, Donald Ivan
Mckiggan, Malcolm Eric
Mckiggan, Angus Alexander
Mckillop, Robert Hugh
Mckillop, Norman Colin
Mckillop, Ronald Patrick Arthur
Mckim, Arnold Doyle
Mckim, Charles Williston
Mckinley, Terence
Mckinley, Curtis David
Mckinney, Robert Francis
Mckinnon, Athol Charles
Mckinnon, John Alexander Woodrow
Mckinnon, William Gordon
Mckinnon, Gerald Frederick
Mckinnon, John Lockwood
Mckinnon, John Ronald
Mckinnon, Reginald Wolfe
Mckinnon, Campbell Archibald
Mckinnon, Lloyd George
Mckinnon, Ian
Mckitterick, Donald Harvey
Mcknight, Kevin Harold
Mckoy, Godfrey Alan
Mclachlan, Alastair Mcrae
Mclachlan, James Barber
Mclachlan, Russell William
Mclachlan, William Robertson
Mclachlan, William John Andrew
Mclachlan, Donald Parker
Mclachlan, Percy Alan
Mclachlan, Roderick James
Mclachlin, William Mcintyre
Mclaren, Robert William
Mclaren, Robert Perrin
Mclaren, Gordon Howard
Mclaren, Peter Victor
Mclaren, James
Mclaren, Jack
Mclauchlin, Burton
Mclaughlin, Andrew Joseph
Mclaughlin, Howard Mark
Mclaughlin, George
Mclaughlin, Alexander
Mclaughlin, William George
Mclaughlin, Patrick Ignatius
Mclaurin, George Fraser
Mclay, Robert Maxwell
Mclay, John Milton
Mclay, Alan James
Mclean, David Gerald
Mclean, Donald
Mclean, Roy Victor
Mclean, Donald Rae
Mclean, Francis Eric
Mclean, Albert William
Mclean, Hugh James Alexander
Mclean, Leslie
Mclean, John Andrew
Mclean, Ernest Caldwell
Mclean, Kenneth Hector Wally
Mclean, Gordon Gillean
Mclean, Laurence Munro
Mclean, George Gordon
Mclean, Albert Perry
Mclean, George Arthur
Mclean, George Percy
Mclean, John Valentine
Mclean, Andrew Fraser
Mclean, Ronald Neil
Mclean, Robert Harvey
Mclean, Gordon Mitchell
Mclean, Hubert John
Mclean, Douglas
Mclean, Robert Hudson
Mclean, James Johnston
Mclean, Robert James
Mclean, Oliver Wiley
Mclean, Neil Frederick
Mclean, Gordon William
Mclean, Sydney Stewart
Mclear, Maurice
Mclellan, Clement Percival
Mclellan, Cyril Cobb
Mclellan, Donald Campbell
Mclellan, Rodd Campbell
Mclellan, Bruce Hilary
Mclellan, Gordon Keith
Mclellan, William Robert
Mclellan, Norman Milton
Mclellan, Vaughan Albert
Mclenahan, Arthur Cedric
Mclennan, Burns Alexander
Mclennan, Clarence Colville
Mclennan, John Alexander
Mclennan, Donald Wilfred
Mclennan, Hugh Alexander
Mclennan, Hilbert Alexander
Mcleod, Hugh Norman
Mcleod, Gordon Wesley
Mcleod, John Wilbert
Mcleod, Finlay Donald
Mcleod, John Clair
Mcleod, Donald Cameron
Mcleod, John Malcolm
Mcleod, Ivan Gordon
Mcleod, Roderic Murray
Mcleod, Norman Richard
Mcleod, James Norman
Mcleod, Donald George
Mcleod, Harold Dick
Mcleod, Donald Hugh
Mcleod, William David Angus
Mcleod, Kenneth James
Mcleod, John William
Mcleod, Allison Frederick Weeks
Mcleod, Gerald Francis
Mcleod, Matthew Leonard
Mcleod, Malcolm John
Mcleod, Murdo
Mcleod, Ian Douglas
Mcleod, Ellis George
Mcleod, Daniel Melvin
Mcleod, Norman James
Mcleod, Robert Donald
Mcleod, Alexander Corbett
Mcleod, Dudley Ronald
Mcleod, Alan Munro
Mcleod, Eric William
Mcleod, Roy
Mcleod, Allister Currie
Mcleroth, Bertram Bernard
Mclintock, William Stewart
Mcmahon, John Francis
Mcmahon, John Franklin
Mcmahon, John Arthur
Mcmahon, Henry Thomas Owen
Mcmahon, Michael Joseph
Mcmahon, Allan John
Mcmanaman, Edward Carroll
Mcmanaman, Reginald Willis
Mcmanus, Walter Bartholomew
Mcmanus, Patrick Joseph Howard
Mcmanus, Ian Frank
Mcmanus, John Francis
Mcmanus, Kenneth Allen
Mcmaster, James Herbert
Mcmaster, Robert Andrew
Mcmaster, James Gordon
Mcmaster, Ross Faulkner
Mcmenomy, Sydney
Mcmichael, Lewis Kershaw
Mcmillan, Harold Roy
Mcmillan, Lyell Arvie
Mcmillan, George
Mcmillan, John Dunch
Mcmillan, William Thomas
Mcmillan, Donald James
Mcmillan, Roderick
Mcmillan, Herbert Russell
Mcmillan, Archibald Kenzie
Mcmillan, Osman
Mcmillan, Alexander Teryl
Mcmillan, Alexander
Mcmillan, Lawrence
Mcmillan, John Alexander
Mcmillan, Clarence Orville
Mcmillin, James Parker
Mcmorran, George Melvin Stark
Mcmullan, Harcourt Hunter
Mcmullan, John Francis
Mcmullen, William Stuart
Mcmullen, Douglas James
Mcmullin, Cecil Robert
Mcmullin, Francis Hugh
Mcmurachy, William Douglas
Mcmurchy, Lorne Sinclair
Mcmurchy, Kenneth Cameron
Mcmurchy, William Archibald
Mcmurdo, Melvin Ernest
Mcmurdo, John William
Mcmurray, Richard Edward
Mcmurray, George Vallance
Mcmurtrie, James Crawford
Mcmurtrie, Alexander Douglas
Mcmurtry, Allan Fairbairn
Mcnab, Donald Gordon
Mcnabb, Arthur Clarke
Mcnabb, Robert Hudson
Mcnair, William Archibald
Mcnall, Burchester
Mcnally, Allan Frank
Mcnamara, Michael Frederick John
Mcnamara, Maurice James
Mcnamara, Paul Edwin
Mcnamara, James Emmett
Mcnamara, John Henry
Mcnamee, William Andrew
Mcnarey, David Ian
Mcnary, John Crawford
Mcnaught, Donald Hubert
Mcnaughtan, Irvine Norman John
Mcnaughton, Andrew Albert
Mcnaughton, George Eriksen
Mcnay, Irvin Robert
Mcneil, Cameron Livingston
Mcneil, Mervyn George
Mcneil, Robert Willard
Mcneil, William Yule
Mcneil, Arnold George
Mcneill, John Joseph
Mcneill, Henry John
Mcneill, John Gordon
Mcneill, Thomas Hector
Mcneill, Stephen Thomas
Mcneill, John Clair
Mcnichol, Glen Alexander
Mcnichol, David Louis
Mcnulty, Neville Milne
Mcnulty, Patrick Joseph
Mcnulty, Thomas Norman
Mcnutt, Frank Arthur
Mcormond, Charles Robert
Mcphail, William Hector
Mcphail, Angus Murdock
Mcphail, Donald Burton
Mcphan, Robert Barr
Mcphee, John Allen
Mcphee, Allan Jeremiah
Mcphee, Ewen Cameron
Mcphee, Athol Neil Douglas
Mcphee, Stephen David
Mcpherson, Murray Langtry
Mcpherson, Joseph Campbell
Mcpherson, Alfred Montgomery
Mcpherson, John Francis Cameron
Mcpherson, Colin Valentine
Mcpherson, William Hugh
Mcpherson, Cecil Alexander
Mcpherson, Joseph Maxwell
Mcpherson, Donald Clifford
Mcpherson, Douglas John
Mcquade, Victor Carl
Mcquade, William Joseph
Mcquaid, William Vincent
Mcqualter, Max Stanley
Mcqueen, Francis Edmund
Mcqueen, William Melvin
Mcqueen, Howard
Mcqueen, William Stalker
Mcquestion, Leslie Arthur
Mcquillan, Murray Robert
Mcquillin, George Andrew
Mcquitty, Thomas
Mcquitty, William Morrison
Mcquitty, Robert John
Mcrae, Donald Wayne
Mcrae, Lynds Farquhar
Mcrae, James Kenneth
Mcrae, Hector Earl
Mcrae, Ronald Cameron
Mcrae, Daniel Sinclair
Mcritchie, Ronald Edwin
Mcroberts, Bruce Oliver Kingsley
Mcroberts, Clarence (Clare) Arthur
Mcrobie, Ian Mackenzie
Mcrostie, Herbert
Mcshane, John Thomas
Mcsherry, Edward James
Mcsorley, Rob
Mcsorley, Bernard Francis
Mcsweeney, Gerald Beaumont
Mctavish, Alastair Fraser
Mctavish, Archibald Stewart
Mcvay, John Douglas
Mcvean, Alexander Basil
Mcvicar, Kenneth James
Mcvicar, Glenn Duncan
Mcwade, John Robert
Mcwha, Reginald Douglas
Mcwhinney, Joseph
Mcwhirter, Gordon Russell
Mcwilliam, Robert James
Mcwilliams, John Stewart
Mcwilliams, Frank Cooper
Mcwilliams, John Ashton
Mead, Robert Frazer
Meadows, Allan Keith
Meaker, Arthur Reginald
Meanwell, Victor
Mears, Ashleigh Thomas
Mechefske, Thomas Wilfred
Mechin, Ralph Franklin
Meddick, William Ralph
Medforth, Robert Charles
Medhurst, Reginald Chester Pelham
Medhurst, Charles Frederick
Medwin, Ian George
Mee, Alexander Coutts
Mee, John Milward
Meech, William Ian
Meech, Lloyd Remington Joseph
Meek, Robert Alexander
Meers, Frank Edward
Meester, Jacob
Meharry, Henry Joseph
Mehden, Leonard Eugene
Mehta, Hukum Chand
Meiklejohn, Robert Bruce
Meilleur, Joseph Gonzague Andre Gilles
Mein, Howard Leighton
Meisner, David Lawrence
Melbourne, Wilfred Laurier
Meldrum, Hector William
Meldrum, Kenneth Morwick
Mell, John Francis
Meller, Jozef Alojzy
Mellersh, John Hubert
Mellish, Richard Lewis
Mellon, John
Mellon, Ralph Jackson
Mellor, Richard Hopwood Ogden
Mellowship, Rodney James
Melnick, Nicholas
Melrose, James Adam Weatherbee
Melville, Robert Learmonth
Melville, Peter Gordon
Melville, Robert James Ian
Melville, Robert Lorraine
Melville, Robert Bruce
Menard, Joseph Donat Romeo
Mendel-Dymitrowicz, Jan
Menere, Douglas
Menish, George Raymond
Mennie, Oliver Hanton
Menshek, Francis Joseph
Mensingh, Theophile Pierre
Menzies, James Archibald
Menzies, Ian Robert
Menzies, Howard John
Menzies, James Robert
Menzies, Alan Roy
Menzies, William Ernest
Mercer, John Duncan
Mercer, Angus Cameron Graeme
Mercer, Richard Walter
Mercer, Charles Eldred
Mercer, Robert Lyall
Mercer, Fraser Frederick
Mercer, Keith Paterson
Mercier, Joseph Jacques Charles
Meredith, Owen Frederick
Meredith, Charles Phillip
Meredith, Richmond Lovett
Meredith, James Lloyd
Meres, Frank
Merinuk, Neil
Merkley, Harry Dwain
Merkley, Edwin Alexander
Merrall, William Robert
Merrett, John Graham
Merrett, Norman Leslie
Merrick, Peter William
Merrifield, William Ernest
Merrill, Henry
Merriman, Cyril Clinton
Merrin, Sidney William
Merrithew, Wilbert James
Merritt, John Percival
Merritt, Alexander Robert
Merryfull, Charles Joseph
Merton, John Paul
Mesheau, George Lawson Macintosh
Messier, Horace Daniel Eugene
Metcalf, Aylwin Gilbert
Metcalfe, Horace Albert
Metcalfe, Murray
Metcalfe, Malcolm Roy Edgar
Metcalfe, Thomas
Metelerkamp, Alexander Henry Rex
Methven, Stuartson Charles
Metivier, Joseph Roger Rolland
Metivier, Harry Alfred
Metka, Joseph
Metler, Edward
Metz, Donald James
Mewa, Alick
Meyer, Lawrence Marius
Meyer, Donnelly Coombe
Meyer, John Emerson
Meyer, Bruce Sydney
Meyers, Norman Clifford
Miarczynski, Roman Czeslaw
Michalak, Stanislaw
Michalec, John
Michalik, Waclaw Stanislaw
Michalowski, Jan
Michell, James Lloyd
Michels, Jan
Michie, Ernest Wilberforce
Michielsen, Petrus Adrianus Cornelius
Michon, Wladyslaw Karol
Middlebro', William George
Middleton, Rawdon Hume
Middleton, Robert John
Middleton, William Arthur
Middleton, Allan John
Middleton, Omer Kenneth
Miegel, Karl Morris
Mielcarek, Zygmunt
Mielcarek, Jozef
Mielecki, Leopold
Mielnicki, Jerzy Andrzej Wojciech
Mienert, Victor
Mierniczek, Stanislaw
Mierzwa, Boguslaw
Miettinen, Veikko Victor
Migas, Eugeniusz Marian
Migas, Eugeniusz Marian
Migner, Alexander
Migos, Feliks Marlin
Miklinski, Jan Stanislaw
Mikolajczak, Antoni Jan
Mikolajczak, Antoni Jan
Mikos, Wloozimierz Jerzy
Miksza, Edward
Mikula, Feliks
Milan, Clifford Arthur
Milburn, Philip Giles
Mildon, Albert Harry
Miles, Vernon Lindsay
Miles, Norman Walter
Miles, Richard George
Miles, Fred Dunbar
Milewski, Leszek
Milich, Mate Alexander
Milks, Erle Mayne
Millar, Raymond Norman
Millar, George Ronald
Millar, Robert Victor
Millar, Henry James
Millar, Thomas Roberts
Millar, Jeffrey Alexander
Millar, Douglas Lloyd George
Millar, Samuel Ray
Millar, Kenneth Robert Grant
Millar, John Whitla
Millar, George Glenn
Millard, Donald Albert
Millen, Harry Charles
Millen, Frank Severne
Miller, Kenneth Roland
Miller, Peter Robert Shaw
Miller, Leonard
Miller, James Stuart
Miller, Donald
Miller, George William
Miller, Gordon Stewart
Miller, Ivan Anderson
Miller, Owen
Miller, Richard Albert George
Miller, Leonard Edric James
Miller, Harvey Craig
Miller, Henry Algernon Gascoyne
Miller, George Thomas
Miller, William John
Miller, Harry Lewis
Miller, William Gordon
Miller, Keith John
Miller, Gordon Christian Noesgarrd
Miller, Hugh John
Miller, John Newton
Miller, Graeme Morrison
Miller, Reginald James
Miller, Donald Mitchell
Miller, Terris Haggie
Miller, Vernon Leslie
Miller, William Anderson
Miller, Charles Percy
Miller, Bruce Armstrong
Miller, Gordon Ernest
Miller, Albert Andrew
Miller, James Clayton
Miller, Christian Godfrey
Miller, William Douglas
Miller, Malcolm Stephen
Miller, Edward George
Miller, Harold Arthur
Miller, Colin Mcdowell
Miller, Sydney Frederick
Miller, William Cosgrave
Miller, Robert Joseph
Miller, Alfred Stephen
Miller, Raymond
Miller, John Alfred
Miller, Kenneth Alexander
Miller, Arthur Leonard
Miller, Keith Campbell Morison
Miller, Hubert Harvey
Miller, Charles Wesley
Miller, Victor Howard
Miller, Brian William
Miller, Frederick Charles
Miller, William Adam
Millerd, William Francis
Milligan, Geoffrey Eaton
Milligan, Douglas Arthur
Milligan, William Charles
Milliken, Edward David
Milliken, Ralph Elliott
Milliken, Roy Alistair
Milliken, Peter Scott
Milliken, Douglas Wilson
Milliken, Robert Clifton
Milliner, Jack Thomas
Millingen, Ian Leslie
Millman, Thomas Ralph Bernard
Millman, Robert Bruce
Mills, Gordon Stanley
Mills, George Arthur
Mills, Frederick Henry
Mills, Samuel
Mills, Edward Mathis
Mills, Thomas George David
Mills, Russel Wilbert Lewis
Mills, Mervyn Jack
Mills, Garth Gibson
Mills, John Franklin
Mills, Clement Robert
Mills, Murray Allison
Milmine, John Melvin
Milne, William Stanley
Milne, Colin Stuart
Milne, Douglas Stewart
Milne, James Gordon
Milne, Bruce
Milne, Frank Alexander
Milne, Donald Harold
Milne, John Joseph
Milne, Maxwell William
Milne, Jack
Milne, William George
Milne, George
Milne, Keith Walkom
Milne, Harry David
Milne, Angus
Milner, William Arthur
Milner, Albert James
Milner, Evan
Milner, Guy Benedict
Milot, Albert Victor Bolduc
Milot, Joseph Noel Gerard
Milton, Carl William
Minard, Allan Murray
Minard, James Robert
Mincham, Ernest Arthur
Minchin, George Henry
Minchin, Vernon Harold
Mineeff, Alexis Charles
Minett, Stanley James
Minett, Mike
Minge, Jan Josef
Minkiewicz, Andrzej
Minnick, Robert F.
Minogue, John Joseph
Minson, Bernard Richard
Miondlikowski, Alfons
Mireau, Albert Ovide
Mireault, Joseph Francis
Miron, Arthur Eugene
Mironow, Jan Kazimierz
Mironow, Jan Kazimierz
Mirow, Ronald Joseph
Mirow, Alan John
Misiak, Ludwik Henryk
Misiejuk, Jozef
Mison, Charles Donald
Mison, Frederick Charles
Mistecki, Edmond Stan
Mitchell, Kenneth Osborne
Mitchell, Frank Howard
Mitchell, Colin James
Mitchell, Walter Leonard
Mitchell, Albert Ardagh
Mitchell, Donald Lamont
Mitchell, Wallace
Mitchell, Norman
Mitchell, Reginald Ernest
Mitchell, George Willston
Mitchell, James Walton
Mitchell, Robert Richard
Mitchell, George Donald
Mitchell, Herbert Robert
Mitchell, Norman Rae
Mitchell, Henry Osmond
Mitchell, William George
Mitchell, John Lewis
Mitchell, Phillip Rossiter
Mitchell, Banks Earle
Mitchell, John Maxfield
Mitchell, Rex Harris
Mitchell, Peter John Felix
Mitchell, David Sneddon
Mitchell, Ewing Francis Willys
Mitchell, Reginald Leroy
Mitchell, William Douglas
Mitchell, Ronald Walter
Mitchell, Robert George
Mitchell, Kenneth Stanley Malcolm
Mitchell, Graham Douglas
Mitchell, Douglas Seldon
Mittell, Ernest Edward
Mitton, John Noble
Mix, Reginald Donovan
Modeland, Seward Terry
Moderwell, Kenneth Joseph Andrew
Modrzewski, Marian Jerzy
Moen, Ronald Olaf
Moffat, Joseph Raymon
Moffat, James Agnew (Donald)
Moffat, Archibald Douglas
Moffat, William Howard
Moffat, Raymond William
Moffat, John Winning
Moffatt, Curtis Mackinnon
Moffatt, William Henry
Moffatt, Bernard Joy
Moffatt, Bertram Augustus
Moffitt, Stuart Bruce
Moffitt, Frederic Delmege
Mofflin, William
Mohler, Otis Judson
Mohring, William James
Moir, Gordon Charles
Mokanyk, Alexander Elliott
Molan, Desmond Ronald
Mole, Herbert Jeffrey
Molenda, Jozef
Molesworth, James
Molinas, Frank Francis
Mollard, William John
Mollard, Lloyd Bemister
Moller, Halvar Leo Fred
Moller, Augustus Ronald
Mollet, Leslie Clarence
Mollet, Clarence Keith
Mollgaard, Douglas Bernhardt
Molloy, Andrew
Molloy, John Patrick
Molnar, Joseph
Moloney, Thomas George
Moloney, Patrick Murray
Molony, Henry Richardson
Molozzi, George Andrew
Molzan, Otto
Monaghan, Richard John Joseph
Monahan, Joseph Earl
Monchier, Norman
Monckton, John Philip
Monckton, Francis Edward
Moncrief, Ernest Francis Sydney
Moncrieff, Edwin Douglas
Mondschein, Jerzy Tomasc
Mongrain, Joseph Armand Jean Marie
Monk, Walter Jack
Monk, Ernest Wellington
Monk, Arthur John Benning
Monk, Eric Joseph
Monnier, Henry Charles
Monro, James Brian
Monroe, Edward Francis
Monserez, Arthur Joseph
Monteith, John Charles
Montgomerie, Leighton John
Montgomery, Howard Bryant
Montgomery, Frank Charles
Montgomery, George Franklin
Montgomery, John William Arthur
Montgomery, Donald
Montgomery, Alan Martin
Montgomery, George Raymond
Montgomery, Richard Glover
Montgomery, Thomas Keith
Montgomery, Ralph Joseph
Montgomery, John Alan
Moodie, Donald Malcolm
Moodie, Kenneth William Byron
Moody, William Joseph
Moody, William Edgar Laurence
Moody, Roy William
Moody, Vincent Kenneth
Moon, Maxwell Walter
Moon, Kris Herbert
Moon, Noel John
Moon, Keith Mcfarlane
Moon, Louis Willis
Mooney, Richard Edmond
Mooney, John Joseph
Mooney, Frank William
Mooney, Landon Pleasants
Moor, Maurice Gordon
Moor, John William
Moorby, Arthur Robert
Moorby, Robert Graham
Moorcroft, Robert Harold
Moore, Norman Erick
Moore, Maynard Hazlett
Moore, Walter Raymond
Moore, William Alfred
Moore, James Lambert
Moore, George Wallace
Moore, Arthur Bryson
Moore, Gregor Stephen
Moore, James Roland
Moore, Richard John William
Moore, Noel Mchenry
Moore, Robert Richmond
Moore, Robert Kirk
Moore, Francis Perrie George
Moore, Roy Frederick
Moore, Richard Burton
Moore, Acel Theodore Walter
Moore, John Lyndon
Moore, James Russel
Moore, John Francis
Moore, William Henry
Moore, George Nelson
Moore, Bernard
Moore, Franklin Guy
Moore, Jack Henry
Moore, Donald Francis
Moore, Cyril James
Moore, Reginald Stanley
Moore, Arthur Frankland
Moore, George Edwin
Moore, Lorne Joseph
Moore, Walter William
Moore, Keith Anthony Vaughton
Moore, Harold Barbour
Moore, Harold Edwin
Moore, Ernest Nixon
Moores, Douglas Keith
Moorhead, George John
Moors, Arthur Anthony
Moran, William Linkous Cameron
Moran, Laurence Dominic
Moran, Ted James
Moran, William John
Moran, James Francisco
Morand, Raymond Florent
Morant, Allan Ralph
Morawa, Edward
Morawiec, Alojzy Stanislaw
Morcom, George Desmond
Morcombe, William James
More, Donald
Moreau, Joseph Laurent
Morelly, Max Louis
Morey, Wesley
Morey, James Kenneth
Morfoot, Lorne Albert
Morgan, James Douglas
Morgan, James William
Morgan, Arthur Theodore
Morgan, Arthur Henry John
Morgan, William David
Morgan, John Perenara
Morgan, Albert John
Morgan, Rhys Hallam
Morgan, James Auld
Morgan, James Cuthbert
Morgan, Bruce
Morgan, Kenneth Frederick
Morgan, Owen
Morgan, Clement Robert
Morgan, Mervyn Henry
Morgan, John Elcock
Morgan, John Gilbert
Morgan, Lancelot Eric
Morgan, Gwynfryn
Morgan, Henry Blanchard
Morgan, John Archibald Wynn
Morgan, David Hugh
Morgan, Joseph Evan
Morgans, Edward Allen
Moriarty, Louis Edmund
Moriarty, Daniel
Morin, Ralph William
Morin, Joseph Roger
Morin, Joseph Lucien Viateur
Morin, Joseph Robert
Morissette, Joseph Arthur Lucien
Moritz, William Kevin
Morley, George Allen
Morley, Arthur
Morley, Robert Stinson
Morley, Daniel Charles
Morley, Frank Kenneth
Morley, Charles Richard
Morlidge, Arthur Bryan
Moroz, Hryhory
Morphett, Douglas Clarke
Morphett, Henry Leslie Benjamin
Morphy, Earl Edward
Morrill, Warren Arthur
Morris, Gerald
Morris, Vernon Lewis
Morris, Douglas Granville
Morris, Gladstone Clifford
Morris, Victor James
Morris, John
Morris, Lawrence Edward
Morris, Howard Paul
Morris, John Kirkpatrick
Morris, James Elmer
Morris, James William Cooper
Morris, David Gordon
Morris, Claude Reginald Frederick
Morris, Harold Urbin
Morris, Herbert Junior
Morris, Rae Latham
Morris, Frederick William
Morris, Arthur John
Morris, Alan Hubert Andrew
Morris, William Penri
Morrison, John David
Morrison, William Hugh
Morrison, Hugh Allan
Morrison, William Harold
Morrison, Keith Williamson
Morrison, Fredrick William
Morrison, Robert Lionel
Morrison, Donald
Morrison, Lloyd George
Morrison, Robert Bruce
Morrison, Hugh Patrick
Morrison, Richard Cecil
Morrison, John Duncan
Morrison, Roy Gordon
Morrison, Kenneth William
Morrison, Alexander John
Morrison, Hugh
Morrison, William Robinson
Morrison, Stewart Alexander
Morrison, John Graham
Morrison, Norman Robert
Morrison, John Kendall
Morrison, John Houseal
Morrison, Ewart Laverne
Morriss, John Howard
Morrissey, David Hagan
Morrissy, Harry
Morritt, John Beswick
Morrow, Harold Elwood
Morrow, George Donald Hector
Morrow, Edgar James
Morrow, Rex Mulligan
Morrow, Hugh Francis
Morrow, Jon (John) Robert
Morrow, Austin Wellington
Morrow, Donald Lloyd
Morrow, Frederick John
Morrow, Claire Keith
Morrow, William Clifford
Morse, Colin Rutherford
Morse, Noel Percy
Morshead, Leslie Ernest
Mortimer, Arthur
Mortimer, Leslie Lloyd
Morton, James William
Morton, William Cuthbert
Morton, Earl Frederick
Morton, Ronald Henry Robert
Morton, Lindsey Herbert
Morton, Robin William
Morton, Oswald Percy
Morton, Frank Ernest
Morton, Arthur David
Morton, Milton Robert
Morton, John Donald
Morum, Albert Desmond Victor
Moseley-williams, Walter Read
Moses, Keith James
Mosey, John William
Mosher, Paul Darby
Mosiewicz, Waclaw
Mosley, William Bertram
Moss, Claude Alexander (Bud)
Moss, William Victor
Moss, Frank Willis
Moss, Kenneth Lionel
Moss, Alexander Edward
Moss, Frank
Moss, Leonard Edward
Moss, Donald
Mossing, Frederick Wallace
Motriuk, Stanley Arcadie
Mott, Malcolm James
Motz, Ronald Bartle
Mouland, Hubert James
Mould, George Baker
Mould, Gordon Charles
Moulds, Donald Lawrence
Moulds, Stewart Ireland Collister
Moulsdale, John Russell
Moulton, Robert Douglas Webster
Moulton, Robert Benjamin
Moultrie, Douglas
Mount, Kenneth Herbert
Mountford, Oswald
Mouton, Jacobus Andreas
Movold, Ronald Loughton
Mowat, Norman Ware
Mowat, Colin James
Mowbray, John Roy
Moxey, Wilfred George
Moxham, Bernard
Moxley, Wilbur Lee
Moxon, Frederick (Fred) Henry
Moye, Edwin Dewitt
Moyer, William Thompson Billy
Moyle, Alan Lipson
Moyle, Ronald Albert
Moynagh, Reginald Albert
Moynihan, Frederick Kingsmill
Mroczek, Euzebiusz
Mroczko, Tadeusz
Mrowka, Zdzislaw Marian
Mroz, Mieczyslaw
Mruk, Kazimierz
Mucha, Stanislaw Jozef
Mucha, Henryk
Mucklow, Roy
Mudford, Alan James Wesley
Mudford, Vernon
Mudie, James William
Mueller, Phillip John Otto
Muffitt, Edward Earle
Muhln, Adam
Muir, Stewart Donald
Muir, Bruce Montague
Muir, John Brian
Muir, Alexander Douglas
Muir, John Francis
Muir, Henry James
Muir, Percy
Muir, Colin Bruce
Muir, Norman Charles
Muir, Alexander Jamieson
Muir, Anthony Vincent
Muirhead, Harvey Donald
Muirhead, Archie Allen
Muirson, Geoffrey Neville
Muisiner, Homer Leroy
Mulcahy, Cyril Desmond
Mulcair, Kevin Joseph
Mulder, Gerhardus
Mulhall, John Leonard
Mulhall, George Lafricain
Mulholland, William Maxwell
Mullally, James Aloysious
Mullen, Adam William
Mullen, Albert Lorne
Muller, Wiktor
Muller, Harold Frederick
Muller, Frank Esbert
Mulligan, George Harold
Mulligan, John
Mulligan, Maurice Gregory
Mullin, William Dakin
Mullinger, Robert Bruce
Mullins, Patrick Charles Henry
Mullins, William Murray
Mullins, John Russell
Mullins, Raymond James
Mumberson, Robert Bertram
Mumford, Arthur Robert
Munch, George Wesley
Munday, Neville Richardson
Munday, Harvey Francis
Munn, William Forsythe
Munnery, Norman George Peter
Munro, David Logan
Munro, Kenneth
Munro, Hector Williams
Munro, John Frederick
Munro, John Oswald
Munro, Alexander Milton George
Munro, Thomas Fraser
Munro, John
Munro, Gordon Chapman
Munro, Roy
Munro, James Francis
Munro, Duncan John
Munroe, John Angus Earl
Munroe, James Henry
Munson, David Olaf
Munsterman, Ernest
Murawski, Boleslaw Roland
Murchie, John Hunter
Murchie, Robert Mcconnell
Murdie, Willis Don
Murdoch, William Mckenzie
Murdoch, Graham Edward
Murdoch, Robert Daniel
Murdoch, Reginald English
Murdoch, Paul
Murdoch, James
Murdoch, Thomas Graham
Murdoch, Bernard Norris
Murdock, Raymond Henry
Murie, James Malcolm
Murman, Helge Charles
Murphy, Edwin George
Murphy, Thomas Francis
Murphy, John Anthony
Murphy, John Charles
Murphy, Joseph Arthur
Murphy, John Henry
Murphy, Rene Harold
Murphy, Gordon Reginald
Murphy, Harry Frederick
Murphy, Denis Michael
Murphy, Leo George
Murphy, John Joseph
Murphy, Arthur John
Murphy, James
Murphy, William Joseph Bernard
Murphy, Francis Edward
Murphy, Edward Scott
Murphy, Jack Donald
Murphy, David Matthew
Murphy, Edward Warren
Murphy, Eric Reginald Harry
Murphy, Rodger Bede
Murphy, William Morgan
Murphy, William Arthur
Murphy, John Howard
Murphy, Lawrence
Murphy, Lloyd Joseph Charles
Murphy, William Gorman
Murphy, Kevin James
Murphy, Maurice Joseph
Murphy, Terrence Guillanny
Murphy, Kevin James
Murphy, Joseph Harold Michael
Murphy, John Francis
Murphy, Gerald Francis
Murphy, Thomas Edward
Murphy, Leroy Francis Joseph
Murphy, Edward Francis
Murphy, Kenneth William
Murphy, Patrick Louis
Murphy, William Martin
Murphy, Terence Austin
Murphy, William
Murray, Donald
Murray, Morris Campbell
Murray, Donald
Murray, James Lowther
Murray, Frederic Graham
Murray, Robert Wilton
Murray, Terence Desmond
Murray, Hugh George
Murray, Gordon Hugh
Murray, Henry James
Murray, Lawrie Edmund
Murray, Kenric Newton Lathrop
Murray, Lewis Beverly
Murray, Gordon
Murray, William Frederick
Murray, Stanley William
Murray, John David
Murray, Thomas Patrick Loraine
Murray, Geoffrey Hillam Gurr
Murray, Thomas Donald Gordon
Murray, Murdoch Campbell
Murray, Ross Marshall
Murray, John Ambrose Mccormack
Murray, John Richard
Murray, John Frank Gordon
Murray, William Arnold
Murray, John Kay
Murray, Robert Mcauly
Murray, Aubrey George
Murray, William Wallace
Murray, Alexander Ian
Murray, Robert Matheson
Murray, Elbert Alonzo
Murray, Gerald Weyman
Murray, William James
Murrell, William James
Murtagh, George Wilson
Murtha, Arthur Travers
Murton, Thomas Dudley
Musgrave, Edward Lancelot
Musgrave, Philip Arthur
Musial, Jan H G
Musial, Jan Wladyslaw
Music, Frederick Warren
Muskett, George Lindley
Musser, John Vernon
Musto, Clifford William
Mustoe, George Lawson
Mutch, Charles Edward
Mutimer, Donald Ernest
Muttart, Elmer Bagnell
Mutton, Wilfred George
Mutton, Leslie
Mutton, Elmer John
Myczkowski, Zenon
Myers, Cameron Dickson
Myers, Ernest Charles Edward
Myers, John William Anthony
Myers, Frank Macgregor
Myers, Hilyard Lowell
Myers, Bernard Francis
Myers, William Henry Ingham
Myers, Nelson Lorin
Mykietyn, Marian
Myles, William Reginald
Mylrea, John Edward
Mynarski, Andrew Charles
Myrick, John Frederick
Myrick, Philip Rex
Myron, Ian Thomas
Myszkowski, Zygmunt
Nabors, James Calvin
Nadeau, Laurent Joseph Onesime
Nadeau, Joseph Irenee Wilbrod Alarie
Nadeau, Joseph Albert
Nagengast, Walerian
Nagley, Arthur Harold
Nahu, Norman Gilbert
Naile, Leslie Jack
Nairn, Duncan A. S.
Nairn, Lloyd Stephen
Nairn, Ross Bell
Nairne, Colin George
Naismith, Douglas Arthur
Najda, Roman
Nalepa, Josef
Nallen, Charles Patrick
Namieczkowski, Mieczyslaw
Nangle, Patrick Claude
Napier, Stanley Gilbert
Napier, Keith Mellis
Napier, William Conrad
Napiorkowski, Daniel
Naresh Kumar Srivastava,
Narucki, Aleksander Ryszard
Narum, Chester Russell
Nash, Arthur Frederick Richard
Nash, George Edward
Nash, Charles Arthur
Nash, Albert Edward
Nash, Philip Llewellyn
Nathan, Gerald
Nation, John Ross
Natkanski, Zygmunt
Natta, Basil Matthew
Nault, Joseph Paul
Nault, Donat Cyprien Romain
Navey, Gordon
Navin, Donald Joseph
Nawrocki, Tadeusz T
Nawrot, Jan
Nawrot, Jan
Nayda, Errol Claude
Nayler, Edward Allan
Naylor, Ralph Edward
Nazar, Peter
Nazarkiewicz, Leon
Nazarko, Walter
Neal, John
Neal, Donald Alexander
Neal, Bruce
Neal, John Mason
Neal, Francis John
Neale, Leopold William
Neale, William Percival
Neale, Douglas
Neale, Alan Frank
Neate, George Harry
Necklen, Eric Kingsley
Needham, Raymond Guy
Needs, Lancelot Kenneth
Neeson, Andrew John
Negrich, Tony
Negus, Bruce Lindsay
Neighbour, Cyril John
Neighbour, Robert Sutton
Neil, David Llewellyn
Neill, Berry Arthur
Neill, Kenneth John
Neill, Jack Carson Grayson
Neill, Robert Walter
Neilson, John Alexander
Neilson, James Gillespie
Neilson, Eric Haakon
Neilson, Donald Fullerton
Neilson, Donald Maurice
Neilson, James Andrew
Nelder, Frank Edward
Nelms, Edward James
Nelson, Colin Alexander
Nelson, Thomas Joseph
Nelson, Frank Goheen
Nelson, Gordon Arthur
Nelson, Donald Henry
Nelson, Stanley James
Nelson, Joseph Lyle
Nelson, Donald Keith
Nelson, Orvin Kenneth
Nelson, Lloyd William
Nelson, Vincent Emerald
Nelson, Gordon Howard
Nelson, Bjorn Ramsey
Nelson, Max Kiri
Nelson, Adrian
Nelson, Francis Leon
Nenko, Jozef
Nesbitt, Murray Hudley
Nesbitt, Harold Earle
Nesbitt, Gordon Brydon
Ness, William Bonar
Nesvold, Millard Leon
Netzke, James Samuel
Neubeck, William Francis
Neubert, Charles Joseph
Neufeld, Edward Henry
Neuls, Philip Carl
Neumann, Elmer John
Neville, Frederick Gordon
Neville, Maxwell James
Neville, Henry George
Neville, Clifford Gerald
Neville, Gerald Anthony
Neville, Andrew Christopher
Nevins, John Edmund
Newall, Ronald Robertson
Newbery, Charles Hugh Le Blanc
Newbey, Norman Lindsay
Newburg, Earl Lloyd
Newcomb, John Stevenson
Newcomb, Robert Clayton
Newcombe, Donald Frank
Newcombe, John William
Newel, Walter David
Newell, Rex John
Newell, Norman Lindsay
Newell, Eric Robertson
Newell, Claude Ralston
Newland, Kenneth Mitchell
Newlove, Dudley
Newlove, Cyril Charles
Newman, Davey William
Newman, Robert James
Newman, Rex
Newman, Richard John
Newman, Joseph Gerard
Newman, Stanley William
Newman, James Albert
Newman, Andrew George Patterson
Newman, James William
Newman, Frederic Jack
Newnham, Henry Arthur
Newsome, Chester Douglas
Newstead, Trevor
Newton, Lyndsay Thomas
Newton, Frederick John
Newton, Clifford Sinclair
Newton, Norman Thomas
Newton, Oscar Frederick
Newton, Robert Allan
Newton, Raymond William
Newton, Raymond John
Niall, Alexander William
Niblock, Zina Manford
Nicholas, William James
Nicholls, William John
Nicholls, Thomas Graham
Nicholls, John Austin Perress
Nicholls, Peter William
Nicholls, William Frederick
Nichols, Paul Eaton
Nichols, Laurence John
Nichols, Frederick Arthur
Nicholson, Ronald Kenneth
Nicholson, Ronald Laing
Nickalls, William
Nickel, Bruce Herbert
Nickerson, Robert Emerson
Nickerson, Aiden Ernest
Nickerson, Frederick John
Nickleson, John Murray
Nicol, Jack Napier
Nicol, Trafford Mcrae
Nicol, Albert William
Nicol, James Charles
Nicoll, Douglas Grant
Nicolls, Robert James
Niczewski, Stefan
Nidelman, Bernard Davis
Niederer, Rex Keith
Niedzwiecki, Kazimierz
Nield, Robert Alexander
Nielsen, Marius Bendt
Nielsen, Murray Wilton
Niemczyk, Maksymilian
Nies, Robert Edgar
Niewiara, Andrzej
Niewiara, Andrzej
Nightingale, William Edwin
Nikonow, Witalis
Niles, Robert Eugene
Nilsson, William Edward
Nimmo, James Andrew Harold
Nimmo, Robert Floyd
Nimmo, Robert Anderson
Nisbet, George David
Nissen, Victor Robinson Engelstoft
Niven, Charles Morrison
Nixon, John Hellon
Nixon, Jack Elwin Mcintosh
Nixon, John Leonard
Nixon, Jackson Corwin
Nixon, John Joseph
Nixon, James Edwin
Nixon, John William
Nixon, Harry William
Nixon, Frederick William
Niznik, Adam
Nizynski, Jerzy
Noble, George
Noble, Raymond Edward
Noble, Archibald Thomas
Noble, Steven
Noble, James Albert
Noble, Gordon Harvey
Noble, Ian Richard Steele
Nocon, Piotr
Noga, Herbert
Nogaj, Zygmunt
Nola, David Leo
Nolan, Allan William
Nolan, Mervyn Francis
Nolan, Colin John
Nolan, William George
Noome, Frederick Owen
Noonan, Francis Arthur
Noonan, Joseph Wilfrid Raymond
Norcross, Philip Kenyon
Nordbye, Gordon Leo
Nordheimer, Kenneth Albert
Norejko, Stephen Lawrence
Noren, Carl Julious
Noren, Peter Oliver Kenneth
Norenius, Gunnar Reinhold
Norfolk, Kenney Weeks
Norgaard, John
Norman, John T.
Norman, Richard Robert
Norman, William David
Norman, Frederick Gerald
Norman, Ernest Albert
Norman, Alexander
Norman, Ernest Edward
Norman, John Henry
Normandeau, Paul Emery
Normandeau, Alphonse Jean Paul
Normyle, John Hilary
Norrie, John William
Norrie, Thomas Lloyd Joseph
Norris, Peter Vincent
Norris, Kenneth Allan
Norris, Francis William
Norris, James Royden
Norris, Donald Mitchell
Norsworthy, Robert Keith
North, William James
North, Charles Peter
North, Guy William Hay
North, Hunter Arthur Aubrey
Northcoat, Douglas Haig
Northern, Edward
Northmore, Darius Bede
Norton, James Shield
Norton, Philip
Norton, Donald Blair
Norton, William Wykes Robey
Norwick, Amery John
Noseda, Arthur Raymond
Nosowski, Stefan Kazimierz
Nossiter, Bennet Thomas
Notley, Norman Frederick
Noton, Reginald Frederick
Nott, Reginald Lance
Nott, Jack Stewart
Nottingham, Hugh Williams
Nottle, Harold Morris
Nova, Andrew
Nowacki, Stanislaw
Nowak, Julian
Nowak, Alfons Antoni Szymon
Nowak, Tadeusz
Nowak, Tadeusz
Nowak, Feliks
Nowakowski, Eugeniusz
Nowell, George Richard
Nowlan, Joseph Henry Yvon
Nugent, Charles Gerard
Nugent, Royden Leslie
Nunn, Kenneth Stanley
Nunn-pattrick, Kenneth Brennan
Nussbaum, Lambert Richard
Nussey, Douglas Richard Kyrke
Nutik, Louis
Nutter, Richard Eric (Dick)
Nystrom, Stanley Arthur
O'bierne, William Frederick Howard
O'blenes, Harold Albert
O'brien, John William
O'brien, Donald Kempton
O'brien, John Ormond
O'brien, Cecil
O'brien, George John Patrick
O'brien, Charles Stuart
O'brien, Robert Henry
O'brien, Patrick Gerard
O'bryan, William Ernest Hugh
O'callaghan, Jack
O'callaghan, Poraumati
O'carroll, Patrick Samuel
O'connell, Carroll Frederick
O'connell, Michael Augustine
O'connell, Edward
O'connell, Peter
O'connor, Ian
O'connor, John Henry
O'connor, Wilfrid Martin Joseph
O'connor, Leroy Joseph
O'connor, Eric Matthew Montagu
O'connor, James Michael Barry
O'connor, Stafford Thomas
O'connor, George Dalton
O'connor, Francis Charles
O'donnell, Bernard James
O'donnell, John Patrick
O'donnell, David Keith
O'donnell, Edmund Michael
O'donnell, Joseph Norman
O'donnell, Brian John
O'donnell, Colin
O'donoghue, Maurice Edmund
O'donoghue, Desmund Pius
O'donohoe, Frank James
O'driscoll, Michael Francis
O'dwyer, Edmond William
O'dwyer, Arthur Francis
O'gara, Rupert Clark
O'gorman, John Gregory
O'grady, John Edward
O'grady, John Brian De Courcy
O'grady, John Earl
O'hagan, Walter Gerard
O'halloran, William Peter
O'halloran, Charles Ambrose
O'hara, Basil Morgan
O'hara, Gerald Churchill Patrick
O'kane, Thomas Leslie
O'keeffe, Daniel Joseph
O'keeffe, Claude Edward John
O'leary, Joseph Martin
O'leary, Robert Joseph
O'leary, Patrick Terrence
O'leary, Patrick William
O'malley, Michael James
O'neil, Alton James
O'neil, Edward Thomas
O'neil, Harold Douglas
O'neil, Grant Murray
O'neill, Joseph Patrick
O'neill, James Vincent
O'neill, Howard Charles
O'neill, Francis Roy
O'neill, James Cornelius
O'neill, Lawrence William
O'neill, Richard Glasson
O'neill, William Henry
O'reilly, Terence Blachford
O'reilly, Roy Thomas
O'rourke, Arthur Francis
O'rourke, Edward John
Oak-rhind, David Knaggs
Oakes, William Hugh
Oakes, Fred Glen
Oakey, Arthur Leslie Archibald
Oakford, Edward Parker
Oakley, William Herbert
Oakley, Frederick John
Oakley, Richard Arthur
Oakley, William Henry
Oates, Arnold Rex
Oatway, John Evered
Oberg, Albert Edward
Oberhardt, Edgar
Obrien, Clarence Oswald
Obrien, Lawrence Francis
Obrien, Wallace Wesley
Obrien, Brian
Obrien, Henry James Stuart
Obright, Vernon Patrick
Obrzut, Franciszek
Ochedzan, Jan Andrzej
Ochsner, Robert Duncan
Oconnell, John Carlos
Oconnell, John Bonaventure
Oconnell, Francis Emanuel
Oconnell, George Francis Leo
Oconnell, Paul Francis
Oconnor, Kevin Bernard
Oconnor, Charles Joseph
Oddan, Harold Engman
Odell, Donald Carr
Odell, James Gilmour
Oden, Oscar Henry
Odgers, Lindsay Joseph
Odgers, Allan Howard
Odonnell, Hector Squire
Odowd, Albert William
Odriscoll, John Daniel
Offer, Lloyd
Offler, William Henry
Offler, Robert Wilgar
Ogg, Lindsay Thomas
Ogilvie, James Manson
Ogilvie, Scott Mccrury
Ogilvie, James Henderson
Ogilvie, Robert William
Ogilvie, James Mcvie
Ogilvy, James Sutherland
Ogorzal, Mieczyslaw Franciszek
Ogrady, Joseph Leonard
Ogrodnik, Tadeusz
Ogston, Robert Wilson
Ohalloran, John Daniel
Ohara, Bernard Aloysius
Ohara, James Warren
Oheare, Robert Ernest
Ohlson, Jack Olof
Okane, Robert Alexander
Oke, Ernest Cameron
Okeefe, John Harris
Okeefe, Geoffrey Aloysius
Okelly, Miall Bourchier
Olafsen, Gordon William
Oldham, William Gerald
Oldham, Edward Murray
Oldridge, Aubrey Roos
Oldridge, Donald Stuart
Olds, Frederick Rossini
Oleary, Jack Robert
Oleary, Leo Frederick
Oleary, Owen Arthur
Oleary, Patrick Joseph
Oleinikoff, Peter Matthew
Olender, Jozef
Olewinski, Kasimierz
Oliphant, George Scott
Oliver, John Lisle
Oliver, Thomas Edward
Oliver, Michael Richard Frewin
Oliver, Melvin Robert
Oliver, William Robert
Oliver, John
Oliver, William John
Oliver, Sidney Ignatius
Oliver, Roy Tufts
Oliver, Claudius William Samuel
Oliver, James Henry
Oliver, Joseph Lewis
Oliver, Harold Bruce
Oliver, Jack Moss
Oliver, Robert Reginald
Ollett, Ralph William
Ollett, James Frederick
Ollinger, John Joseph
Olliver, Edward Alan
Olmstead, Leslie John
Olmsted, Wilfred Jamieson
Ologhlen, Patrick Francis
Oloughlin, Justin Vincent
Olsen, Allan
Olsen, Gordon Leonard
Olsen, Frank Levi
Olsen, Alvin Gustaf
Olshansky, Maxwell
Olson, Paul Alfred
Olson, George Orlando
Olson, Herbert Oswald
Olson, Andrew Goodwin
Olson, Donald Brant
Olson, Ivor Donald
Olszyna, Marian
Omeara, John Patrick
Omieljaszko, Michal
Omilianouski, Peter Christopher
Omoe, Francis Melvin
Omylak, Franciszek Kazimierz
Oneil, David
Oneill, Daniel
Oneill, Bernard Peter
Oneill, Benjamin Francis
Oneill, Edward Lawrence
Oneill, Richard Benjamin
Oneill, William George
Oneill, Charles James Erskine
Oneson, Paul Patrick Augustus
Onysko, Peter
Opie, Glenn Edward
Opie, Edward Alan
Opie, Richard Allen Piers
Opruk, Peter
Opuchlik, Jan Wilhelm
Opulski, Tadeusz Michal
Orchard, Norman Henry
Orchiston, Kenneth Watson
Ordell, Robin
Oreilly, James Patrick Gallery
Orford, Norman Henry
Orlikowski, Stanislaw
Orlinski, Casimir Frank
Orlowski, Edward
Orme, Frank Kerr
Orme, Selwyn Charles
Ormiston, Faulkner Adrian Andrew
Orr, James Samuel
Orr, Thomas Allan
Orr, Richard Herbert
Orrock, Robert Clifford
Orser, Gilbert Melbourne
Orser, Clayton Earl
Orynek, Jan
Orzechowski, Jan
Orzechowski, Tadeusz
Osadchy, William
Osadzinski, Alfred
Osborn, John Bruce
Osborn, Roy Harris
Osborn, James Edward
Osborne, William Ward
Osborne, Edgar Thomas Leslie
Osborne, John Edward
Osborne, Clyde Roswell
Osborne, Gordon David
Osborne, Ian Ronald
Osborne, Ronald Henderson
Osborne, Henry Lawrence
Osborne, Cecil Charles
Oselkowski, Wiselaw Marcin
Oshlack, Joe
Osieleniec, Kazimierz
Osmala, Stanislaw
Osmialowski, Leon Ryszard
Osmond, Wallace Edgar
Osoba, Jan
Ossowski, Bronislaw
Ossowski, Bronislaw
Ostaja-stonski, Marek
Ostaszewski, Stanislaw Marian
Osten, Max Martin
Ostenfeld, Christian Conrad
Ostoja-slonski, Bogdan
Ostrowski, Wladyslaw
Ostrowski, Edmund
Ostrowski, Antoni
Ostrowski, Antoni
Osullivan, Francis William
Osullivan, Denis Joseph
Osullivan, John Gregory
Oswald, Elmer Adrian
Oswald, Ronald Earl
Oswald, William
Oswiecimski, Leon
Otis, Joseph Edward
Ott, John
Ottaway, Winton Greer
Otterholm, William George
Ouellette, Stanley Joseph
Ouellette, Louis Alexander
Ouimet, Joseph Albert Bastien
Ourom, Richard Knut
Overed, Martin
Overend, Gerald Joseph
Overheu, Ian
Overholt, James Henry
Overland, John Sven
Owen, Jervis John
Owen, Ludey Keshishian
Owen, Brock Laverne
Owen, Dallas William
Owen, Roger Pierson
Owen, Norman James
Owen, William
Owen, Edward Albert
Owen, James Ernest
Owen, John David
Owens, Thomas Reid
Owens, John Charles
Owsinski, Jan
Oxenham, Charles Bryce
Oxlade, Arthur Geoffrey
Oxley, Herbert John
Oyrzanowski, Waclaw
Ozeroff, William Wayne
Ozga, Jan Franciszek
Ozment, Donald Eric
Ozyra, Piotr
Ozyra, Piotr
Paape, John Mitchell
Pacahan, Tadeusz
Pacut, Kazimierz
Paddison, Robert Edward
Paddon, Albert John
Padget, Richard Elwood
Padveen, Issie
Paetz, Stanislaw
Pafford, Frederick George
Pagan, Arthur Robert
Pagan, William Donald
Page, Donald Frederick
Page, Keith Charles
Page, Frank Albert
Page, Raoul Omer Joseph
Page, Walter David
Paget, William Richard
Paget, Arthur Ian
Pagiello, Albrecht
Pagiello, Albrecht
Pahlow, Robert Maxwell Joseph
Paige, Milton James
Paige, James Willard
Paige, John Osborne
Paige, Ernest Franklyn
Paine, William Thomas
Painter, Ernest George
Painting, Allen John
Paisley, John Robert
Pajer, Poitr
Palava, Edward Henry
Palfreyman, Austin Hardcastle
Palin, Peter James Arnold Huke
Paliwoda, Karol
Palleck, John Patrick Francis
Palmason, Stefan Douglas
Palmatier, David Edwin
Palmer, William Frederick
Palmer, Ernest Geoff
Palmer, George Arthur
Palmer, Charles William
Palmer, Kenneth Arthur Malcolm
Palmer, Edward Mcgee
Palmer, Wendell Mclean
Palmer, Geoffrey Robert
Palmer, Ivan Sidney Henry
Palmer, John
Palmer, Sidney Alexander
Palmer, Herbert James
Palmer, William George
Palmer, Freeman Henry
Palmer, John Herbert
Palsen, George Joseph Herman
Paluch, Wlodzimierz Marian
Pamula, Leopold
Panasik, Waclaw
Panek, Przemyslaw Wojciech
Panek, Przemyslaw Wojciech
Panitz, Gordon
Pankiewicz, Adam
Pankiewicz, Adam
Pankiewicz, Stanislaw
Panton, Charles Lawrence
Panwick, Keith
Paplowski, John
Pappajohn, Anthony Peter
Paprocki, Zbigniew R
Paquet, John Elmer
Paquette, Elmer Joseph Frederick
Paquin, Joseph Hector
Paradis, Joseph Maurice
Paradis, Joseph Hubert Roger
Paradise, Reginald William
Parafinski, Mieczyslaw
Parant, Joseph Jean Eugene Guy
Parbery, Marshall Edmund
Pardon, Noel Albert
Pare, Gerrard Leo
Pare, Joseph Alphonse Normand
Parent, Leon
Parent, Leonard John
Pargeter, Aubrey Huia
Parham, Robert Nelson
Pariseau, Armand Alphonse
Parish, Emerson
Park, John Edward
Park, Robert Bruce
Park, Nigel Manfred
Park, Thomas Hill
Park, Harold Maurice
Park, Robert William
Park, Arthur Morton
Park, Lewis
Park, Edwin Earle Fairgrieve
Park, James Gibson
Park, Ellis Hamilton
Parke, William Kelvin
Parke, Edwin Roy
Parke, Charles Arthur
Parker, John Austin
Parker, Geoffrey Goodhand
Parker, Robert Glenie
Parker, Benjamin Frederick John
Parker, John Frederick
Parker, Laurence Maurice
Parker, William Glen
Parker, Jeffrey Felgate
Parker, Ronald Charles
Parker, Robert Carlton
Parker, Douglas Rendall
Parker, Samuel Rutherford
Parker, Kenneth George
Parker, Gordon Hewlett
Parker, George
Parker, Harry Donald
Parker, George Frederick
Parker, Maxwell George
Parker, Graham Burford
Parker, Gordon Howard
Parker, John Albert
Parker, Maynard Annand
Parker, Neal Earl
Parker, Anthony Russell
Parker, James Courtland
Parker, Douglas Roger
Parker, Gordon Francis
Parker, Harold Mason
Parker, Howard Russell
Parker, John Allen
Parker, Ralf
Parker, Anthony Joseph William
Parker, Brady Oscar
Parker, Donald George Frederick
Parker, Meredith Burford
Parker, Leslie Alfred
Parker, Reginald Alfred Stewart
Parkes, William George
Parkes, Jack Elliott
Parkes, William Ronald
Parkin, Victor Trevor
Parkin, Gordon George
Parkin, Graham George
Parkinson, Gerald Andrew
Parkinson, Alan Irwin
Parkinson, William Henry
Parkinson, Herbert Alexander Watson
Parkinson, Arthur Roland
Parkinson, William George
Parkinson, George Edward
Parkinson, Jack Askew
Parks, Douglas Emanuel
Parks, Walter
Parkyn, Alfred Joseph
Parlato, Sidney Frederick
Parliament, George Wesley
Parliament, Harry Bertram
Parnell, Leslie Rupert
Paroissien, Jim Cunningham
Parrish, Charles William
Parrish, Earle Douglas
Parrott, James Murray
Parry, Ernest Arthur
Parry, Joseph Stewart
Parsons, Arthur Stuart
Parsons, Thomas Edward
Parsons, Ernest Albert
Parsons, John
Parsons, Owen
Parsons, Donald Frederick
Parsons, Ernest Godfrey
Parsons, Alfred Charles Kingsley
Parsons, Gordon
Parsons, Ernest Moir
Parsons, William Earnest
Parsons, Arthur Edward
Parsons, Sidney John Rex
Parsons, Reginald
Parsons, John Maxwell
Parsons, Frederick John
Parton, Eric Cliffe
Parton, William James
Parton, Austen Bristow
Partridge, Mervin Charles
Partridge, Alexander George
Partridge, Dennis De Montfort
Partridge, Frederick Herbert
Partridge, Henry Albert
Partridge, William Norman
Partridge, Frederick Stanley
Pascoe, Gordon Keith
Pascoe, Philip Jocelyn
Pascoe, Vyvyan Roessler
Pasich, Kazimierz
Pasierski, Josef
Passant, Reginald Herbert
Passey, Thomas Charles
Pasternak, Tadeusz
Pastorius, Donald Arthur
Paszkiewicz, Jan
Paszkiewicz, Ludwik Witold
Pate, Gilbert Firth
Patenaude, Raymond Armand
Paterak, Boleslaw
Paterson, Stewart Thomas
Paterson, Edward Anderson
Paterson, William
Paterson, Ronald Mcgregor
Paterson, Donald Montague
Paterson, David Alastair
Paterson, Graham Warren
Paterson, Alastair Semple Burns
Paterson, David Hamilton
Paterson, James Everest
Paterson, Joseph Fisher
Paterson, Frank Gordon
Paterson, Alexander Gordon
Paterson, Norman Fraser
Paterson, Frederick Harley
Paterson, Franklyn Hayward
Paterson, John Charles
Patience, Kenneth Lorne
Patman, George Keith
Patmore, Allen William
Paton, William Stocks
Paton, John Howie
Paton, James Keith
Paton, Charles Andrew
Paton, Alan Franklin
Paton, Archibald Mcmeekin
Patrick, James Victor
Patrick, Alexander Granton
Patrick, Leslie Cayless
Patrick, Robert Wilmore
Patrick, John Walker
Patrick, Michael
Patrick, Thomas Wylie
Patrick, Maxwell Morley
Patry, Jose Jean Gustave Renee
Patry, Joseph Adelard Frederic
Patston, Vincent John
Patten, Evan Charles
Patterson, John William Lyle
Patterson, Robert Samuel
Patterson, Johnston Irwin Stewart (Jack)
Patterson, Robert Andrew
Patterson, Richard Fuller
Patterson, William Smith
Patterson, Eric John
Patterson, Gerald William Henry
Patterson, John Howard
Patterson, John Burton
Patterson, Eric Courtenay
Patterson, Joseph Moses
Patterson, Harold Mccosh
Patterson, Ray Edwin
Patterson, Leo Harkness
Patterson, Wilfred Nicholson
Patterson, Thomas Crawford Bentley
Patterson, Vernon Foster
Patterson, John Macgrecor Maughan
Patterson, George Vernon Bently
Patterson, Arthur Robert
Patteson, John Grant
Pattinson, Norman David
Pattison, Allen Bruce
Pattle, Basil William
Patton, Henry Rupert Dvnstan
Patton, John Randolph
Patton, Charles Reginald
Pattyson, Leonard William
Paudash, Robert Elmer
Paul, Thomas Keith
Paul, Robert Andrew
Paul, Douglas Ernest
Paul, William
Paul, Eric
Paul, Keith Walter
Paul, Maxwell William Elliott
Pauley, Reginald Herman
Pauling, Douglas Albert
Pavlowic, Matei
Pavlowic, Matei
Pawlik, Jozef
Pawlitza, Elvyn Joseph
Pawliuk, John
Pawlowski, Zbigniew
Pawlowski, Piotr
Pawlowski, Wladyslaw Leon
Pawlowski, Wladyslaw Leon
Pawluk, Kazimierz
Pawlyk, Andrew
Paxton, James Gordon
Payie, Everett Garfield
Payne, Kenrick
Payne, Raymond George Cuthbert
Payne, Humphrey Owen Blake
Payne, Frederick
Payne, Thomas Harold
Payne, Malcolm Henry
Payne, Francis Joseph
Payne, Howard Victor
Payton, Reginald Percy
Payton, Douglas Allan
Pazdzior, Witold
Peabody, Harold Sherman
Peace, Eric Ralph
Peacock, John Williamson
Peacock, William Dempsay
Peacock, Wilfred George F.
Peacock, Clayton Robert
Peacock, Andrew Francis
Peacocke, Raleigh John Brandon
Peacore, Thomas James
Peak, John Frederick
Peak, Colin Albert
Pearce, Colin Rees
Pearce, Philip John
Pearce, William Robinson
Pearce, Samuel Henry James
Pearce, Russell Stanley
Pearce, Robert Charles
Pearce, Gordon Alvery
Pearce, Basel Vincent
Pearce, Laurence James
Pearce, William Henry Newton
Pearce, Arthur
Pearce, Allan Edgar
Pearce, James Andrew
Pearce, Stanley David
Pearce, Stewart William
Pearce, Leonard Ancliff
Pearce, Douglas
Pearce, Clarence Walter
Pearce, Kenneth Gard
Peardon, Lloyd George
Pearsall, Vivian Harold
Pearsall, Alan Louden
Pearse, Jesse
Pearson, Robert Wakefield
Pearson, Robert Allen
Pearson, Robert Charles
Pearson, Arthur Keith
Pearson, Alexander Francis
Pearson, Laurence Randolph
Pearson, Donald Henry
Pearson, Gordon John
Pearson, James Christopher
Pearson, Thomas William
Pearson, Vernon Lawrence
Pearson, James Charles
Peart, Edward Burgess
Peasland, Charles Willcox
Peat, Norman Wallace
Peate, Raymond Ernest Lee
Peattie, Robert James
Pechet, Samuel William
Peck, James Leonard
Peck, Charles Woodrow Wilson
Peck, George James
Peck, John Nelson
Peck, Reginald John
Peck, Orville Stuart
Peden, Gordon James
Pedersen, Lawrence Roy
Pedersen, Walter
Peebles, Henry Thomas
Peebles, Francis Garfield
Peebles, William
Peedom, Charles Manning
Peel, Henry Gerald
Peers, Leslie Arthur
Peet, Gordon Leonard
Peets, Thomas William
Peever, Frederick
Peevers, Thomas Alexander
Pegg, Robert Campbell
Peggie, William Johnston
Peggs, Robert James
Peirce, William Dudley
Peircey, Arthur Charles Campbell
Pekin, Stanley Thomas
Pelletier, Romeo Arthur
Pelletier, Joseph Louis Gaston
Pellett, Keith Thomas
Pellettier, Jean Gerard
Pellew, Robert Everard
Pellow, Ernest Trevor
Pelrine, Raymond Francis
Peltier, Joseph Mary Edmond
Peltier, Joseph Ovila
Penfold, Colin Frederick
Penfold, Harold Thomas
Penfold, Frederick Thomas
Penhale, Allan Frayne
Penhale, Martin Harvey
Penkuri, Kaiho Thomas
Penman, Alexander Mitchell
Pennell, Harry Allen
Penner, Alvin Harold
Penney, William Francis
Penney, William James Alexander
Pennington, Ernest
Pennington, Stuart
Pennock, Clifford George
Penonzek, John Mervin
Pensa, Anthony
Pentelow, Phillip James
Pepper, Douglas Reid
Pepper, William Marcus
Pepper, William George
Pepper, Terrence Barnes
Pepper, Harold Douglas
Pepper, Merton George
Pepper, Francis Laurence
Pepperrell, Archibald James
Percival, Reginald Edmund
Pereira, William
Perez, Miguel Louis
Perez Gomez, Luis
Perkins, George Gordon
Perkins, Ralph
Perkins, Jack Loree
Perkins, Kenneth Mitchell
Perkowski, Zbigniew Jan
Perras, Roland Joseph Fidele
Perrett, Keith Jobson
Perriam, Howard Alan
Perrie, James William
Perrin, John Lyle
Perrin, Desmond Palmer
Perron, Joseph Marcel Gaston
Perrot, Herbert Frederick
Perrott, William Rosser
Perry, Woodrow John
Perry, Davis Hamilton
Perry, Harry
Perry, Nap King
Perry, Edward Alexander
Perry, Ronald John
Perry, Keith Oliver
Perry, Joseph
Perry, Leonard Charles
Perry, Sheldon William Wesley
Perry, Robert Riley
Perry, George Sidney
Perry, Lyndon Clifford
Persian, Arthur Thomas
Pertus, Timothy Alphonse
Pervin, Tim Issie
Peryman, Stanley Bailey
Peski, Wladzimierz
Pesme, Cecil Percy
Pess, Frank
Peszynski, Michal
Peters, Harold
Peters, Errol James
Peters, Herbert Norman
Peters, Samuel Leonard
Peters, Kenneth Frank
Peters, Frederick John
Peters, Arthur Harold
Peters, Walter Thomas
Peters, Keith Arthur
Peters, Donald Howard
Peters, Roy James
Peters, Roy Donald
Peters, Herbert Peter
Peters, Raymond Albert
Peters, Albert Otto
Petersen, Harry Harcourt
Petersen, Leo
Petersen, Norman Bredsgaard
Peterson, George Frederick
Peterson, Otto John
Peterson, Kermit Joseph
Peterson, Bernard Bruce
Peterson, Lloyd Harvey
Peterson, Sidney Glen
Peterson, Bernard Leslie
Peterson, Robert Finlay
Peterson, John Alexander
Pethick, Thomas Melville
Petitt, Donald Walker
Petley, Ralph Edgar
Petrina, Michael Joseph
Petruszka, Aleksander
Petry, Leslie Lee
Petry, Tadeusz
Petschel, Victor Edward
Pettiford, Keith
Pettiford, Frederick John
Pettigrew, William
Pettigrew, Thomas Johnston
Pettigrew, James Bruce
Pettigrew, Raymond Wilbur
Pettit, Wilmot Reginald
Pettitt, Eric Noel
Pettitt, Roland
Pettitt, Ivan Alfred
Petts, John Russell
Petts, Henry Neville
Petz, Mathew George
Peut, Robert Henry Christopher
Peverill, Roy George
Pfeiffer, Paul Gotthelf
Pfleger, Wlodzimierz Stefan
Phair, Robert Leslie Dunlop
Phalempin, Henri
Pharis, Hampton Blaine
Pharis, George William
Phelan, Mervyn John Lyndon
Pheloung, Charles Edward
Phelps, Cephas Joseph
Phelps, Charles Albert
Philip, Kenneth Charles
Philip, John
Philipson, Ernest John
Phillips, John Leonard Hartley
Phillips, Floyd J.
Phillips, Samuel Alexander
Phillips, Gordon Mclean
Phillips, Winston Spencer Moyses
Phillips, Thomas Bowman
Phillips, Keith Balfour
Phillips, Victor Wilfred
Phillips, Thomas David
Phillips, Clifford Stanley
Phillips, Walter
Phillips, William Ronald
Phillips, Garnet Arthur
Phillips, Brian
Phillips, William Herbert Edward
Phillips, Clive Henry
Phillips, Edmund Cecil
Phillips, Harold Arthur
Phillips, Raymond Ignatius
Phillips, Lloyd Watson
Phillips, Phillip Henry
Phillips, Frank Gale
Phillips, James Murray
Phillips, Ross Joseph
Phillips, Douglas Frederick
Phillips, Alex James
Phillips, Neil Seymour Hunter
Philp, Ross Ferrier
Philp, Gibson
Philpot, James Temple
Philpott, Colin Arthur
Philpott, James Albert Mason
Philpott, John Bernard
Phipps, George Robert
Pialucha, Jozef
Piasecki, Jozef Tadeusz
Piatkowski, Stanislaw
Pibus, Henry Hodsmyth
Piche, Joseph Laurence
Piche, Kenneth Mark
Piche, Louis Paul Emile
Pick, William Rogers
Pick, Clarence Frank
Pickel, Gordon Edgar
Pickell, Owen Fraser
Picken, Jacques Andre
Pickering, Thomas William
Pickering, Walter Henry
Pickering, Charles William
Pickering, David
Pickering, Wesley Alexander
Pickering, Frank Edward
Pickering, Robert Gardhum
Pickett, Warren Bryan
Pickett, John
Pickup, Clive Alexander
Pickup, James Dwight
Pickworth, Colin Reginald
Pidcock, Charles Trevor Leighton
Pidgeon, George Walker
Pieczynski, Zdzislaw Stanislaw
Piekarski, Leon Leonard
Pierce, Jack Randolph
Pierce, Charles Phillips
Piercy, Reginald Frank
Pieri, Donald Mathew
Piers, William Stapleton
Piers, Roy Spencer
Pierson, Roy
Pierson, Thomas Clyde
Pietniunas, Stanislaw
Pietrow, Jerzy
Pietruszewski, Wieslaw Leszek
Pietruszka, Stanislaw
Pietrzak, Wincenty
Pietrzak, Aleksander
Pigeau, Joseph David
Pigeon, Leo
Pigeon, John Jerome
Piggott, Peter Morphett
Piggott, Jack Edward
Pike, Trevor Charles Beckett
Pike, Lawrence Ellwin
Pike, Robert Eric Bowman
Pike, John Walter
Piket, Jacob
Pikula, Frank
Pilarski, Waclaw Jozef
Pilarski, Waclaw Jozef
Pilborough, William Edgar
Pilch, Edward Roman
Pilcher, Alan Swaine
Pile, Donald Zalva
Pilkey, John David
Pilon, Francois Rolland
Pinchess, Leslie Austin
Pincock, Hugh
Pinder, Peter Francis
Pinkerton, Harrie Irwin
Pinn, Geoffrey Philip
Pinner, Roy Irving
Piorek, Stanislaw Luk
Piorun, Maksymilian
Piotrofsky, Paul
Piper, John Ralph
Pipher, William Melville
Piprell, Gordon Leslie
Pither, Vernon James
Pithie, Harold Cruse
Pitkethly, Alexander
Pitkin, Edmund Francis
Pitt, Douglas Henry Frederick
Pitt, Ernest William
Pitt, G B
Pitt, Leonard Herbert
Pittendrigh, Noel Leonard
Pittman, John Benjamin
Pitts, Robert Michael
Pivott, Allan Hoadley
Piwko, Mieczyslaw
Piwoda, Franciszek
Plachner, Edward Christopher
Plachta, Jan
Plank, Lester Kenneth
Plante, Jean Marie Charles
Plante, Arthur Vincent
Plante, Robert Erskine
Platana, Daniel Dominique
Platt, William Lloyd
Platt, Orville Insell
Player, James Kelleher
Playter, Ross Alexander
Pleasance, Walter Norman
Pleasence, John Beverley
Pledger, Thomas Oswald
Plenkiewicz, Antoni Stefan
Plishka, Leonard
Pliszke, Stefan
Plomteaux, Marion Arthur
Plotek, Nikodem
Plowman, Arthur Leslie
Plummer, John Clement
Plummer, Nigel Anthony
Plunkett, Leonard Stanley
Plusa, Andrzej Jozef
Pluta, Zygmunt
Pockson, Vernon Clifford
Pocock, William Francis
Podgajny, Edward
Podgorski, Kazimierz Andrzej
Podmore, Charles Robert
Podobinski, Stanislaw
Podolsky, Alex
Podosky, Gilbert Graham
Podsiadly, Boleslaw
Podziemski, Jan
Poe, Robert David
Pogonowski, Jeffrey Eugene
Pogson, Charles Herman
Pogson, William Henry
Pohe, Porokoru Patapu
Poirier, Joseph William
Poirier, John Augustin Albert
Pokorniewski, Fabian Jozef
Polaczek, Ernest
Polanin, Karol Jan
Polczyk, Jerzy
Pole, Leslie Ernest
Pole, Ross Norman
Pole, Douglas Campbell
Pollitt, Kenneth William
Pollock, John Robert
Pollock, Norval Edward
Pollock, Robert Joseph
Pollock, Thomas Eric
Pollock, Harry Keith
Pollock, Philip Rowland
Pollock, James Andrew
Pollock, Norman Donald
Pollock, Albert Lyle
Pollon, Joseph Raymond
Pollon, Ernest Sinclair
Polnik, Jan
Polomark, John Marshall
Polowy, Vincent Ronald
Polson, Brian Wallis
Pomeroy, Elwood Cameron
Pond, Hubert William
Pond, Gerald Randolph
Poniatowski, Czeslaw
Ponton, Robert Allan
Pool, William Harry
Pool, George Robert
Poole, Norman Roland
Pooley, Charles William Lawrence
Pope, Vivian Lewis
Pope, Rhodric Leslie
Pope, William Alexander
Pope, William James
Popek, Mieczyslaw Edmund
Poplawski, Aleksander
Popowicz, Tadeusz
Popplestone, William Maurice
Porada, Franciszek Stanislaw
Pordage, Harry
Porret, James Edward
Porritt, Lawrence George
Porritt, Leonard Haig
Porritt, William Howard
Porritt, William Jeremiah
Port, Norman Harry
Porter, Roy Stanley
Porter, John Robert Byron
Porter, John Edward
Porter, Leonard John
Porter, Cornelius James
Porter, William Robert Rex
Porter, William Alfred
Porter, Reginald Frank Charles
Porter, Harvey James
Porter, Russel Lyle
Portman, Stanley Leonard
Post, Ralph Ainsworth
Post, Willard Irving
Post, Eric James
Postans, Ronald George
Postek, Tadeusz
Postek, Tadeusz
Poszeluzny, Wincenty Wiktor
Pothier, Bourneuf Freeman
Potter, John Foster
Potter, Harry Archibald
Potter, James Raymond
Potter, Thomas Donovan
Potter, Leslie Clifford
Potter, Alan Gilbert
Potter, Robert Lincoln
Potter, John Milton
Potter, James Kemp
Potter, Dennis Hilton
Pottle, Aston James Walter
Potts, Lindsay Gordon
Potts, Thomas Christopher
Potts, David
Potts, Donald Norman
Potts, Raymond William
Poturalski, Wincenty
Potvin, Joseph Adrian Leo
Poudrette, Joseph Gillies Alfred
Pougnet, James Maurice
Poulin, William John
Poulos, Paul
Poulson, Leslie William
Poulter, Henry Alfred
Poulton, Norman Thomas Riggall
Poulton, John Henry
Pound, John Russell
Pound, Robert Tasman
Poupore, William Marshall
Povey, Edwin Pearce
Pow, Norman Clunie
Powdrill, Ross
Powell, William Obediah
Powell, Chester Owen
Powell, Lloyd Charles
Powell, Douglas Anzac
Powell, James Lee
Powell, Reginald Arnold
Powell, Thomas Edward
Powell, John Henry Robert
Powell, Norman Nelson
Powell, Lloyd Woodrow
Powell, David Haynes Barcham
Powell, Leslie John
Powell, John Robert
Powell, Joseph Marcel Jacques
Powell, Albert Richard
Powell, Vernon Douglas
Powell, Harold Llewellyn
Powell, Mervyn
Power, John Gerald
Power, John Renton
Power, Paul Joseph
Power, David Allan
Power, Lawrence Fabien
Power, Warren Michael
Powers, David Kingsley
Powers, William Charles
Powis, Ralph Edwin
Powis, William Henry
Powles, Cameron Albert
Powloka, Edward
Poynter, Dick Middleton
Poynting, Kenneth Hastings
Poyzer, Arthur Wallace
Pozdzal, Hilary
Poziomek, Stanislaw
Praagst, Geoffrey Clement
Pratlett, Oliver John Lancaster
Pratt, John David
Pratt, Charles Halbert
Pratt, David
Pratt, Gordon Ernest
Pratt, Ralph Winston
Pratt, Lancelot George
Pratt, Richard William
Pratt, Frederick George
Pratten, Murray Edmund
Prawdzik, Charles John
Prebble, Ian Douglas
Preece, James Harold
Preece, Charles James
Prendergast, Albert Edward
Prentice, James Millar
Prest, Elmont Gasper
Prest, Robert Hardwick
Preston, Francis Albert
Preston, Stuart Marvin
Preston, Charles William
Preston, Ian Fraser
Preston, Norman Edward
Pretkiewicz, Marian Waclaw
Pretkiewicz, Franciszek
Price, John Sherlock
Price, Lyall Basil Burman
Price, Walter William
Price, Charles Melville
Price, Thomas Willard Percy
Price, Kenneth Ether
Price, Peter March
Price, John James
Price, Henry John
Price, David Mayson
Price, Harrington Warren
Price, Hubert Douglas
Priddin, William Edward Ernest
Priddle, David Allan
Prideaux, John Geoffrey James
Pridgeon, Walter Frank
Pridham, Ernest James
Pridham, Kenneth Mark
Pridham, Edward Stanley
Pridmore, Walter Noel
Priest, Cedric Hubert Owen
Priestley, John Sinclair
Priestley, Samuel Albert Gaston
Prill, Maurice Milton
Prime, Peter
Prime, Hamilton Earle
Prime, Gordon Oswald
Prime, Arthur Esmond
Primeau, Joseph Louis Osias
Prince, Sidney James
Prince, Henry Nixon
Prince, Gilbert James
Prince, John Francis
Pringle, George Robert
Pringle, Bertram Hamilton
Priske, Kenneth Wheatley
Pritchard, Arthur Patnell
Pritchard, Howard Edward
Pritchard, Jack Ivan
Pritchard, Beverley Wayne
Pritchard, John
Pritchard, Gordon Featherstone
Pritchard, Joseph Corbin
Probert, Arthur Harold
Probert, William Douglas
Probyn, Dighton Walter
Procter, William Norman
Proctor, Farquharson
Proctor, George Mansell
Proctor, George Kenneth
Procyk, Edward
Prodan, Adam
Profit, Benjamin James
Pronger, Gordon Bentley
Pronger, Harold William
Prosnyck, John
Prosser, Leslie Thomas
Prosser, Douglas Vary
Prosser, George Alexander
Proteau, Medrie Peter
Proud, Robert John
Proud, Elmer Reginald
Proudfoot, William Wallace
Proudfoot, David Herbert
Proulx, Richard Godfrey
Prouse, Victor Eugene
Prout, Reginald Wilfred
Prowse, Lemuel Ernest
Prusak, Klemens
Pryde, William
Pryde, Alan James
Pryor, Gerald Cowes
Przesmycki, Aleksander
Przybylowicz, Stanislow Yozef Alexander
Przybylowski, Jan
Przybylski, Roman Felicjan
Przygodski, Zdzislaw Henryk
Przysiecki, Eugeniusz
Przysiecki, Eugeniusz
Psuja, Mieczyslaw Walenty
Ptaszkowski, Antoni
Pucek, Wladyslaw
Puchalski, Lucjan
Pudelko, Jozef Antoni
Puder, Henry Fred
Pudifin, Arnold James
Pudney, Brian Harwood
Pudney, Clinton Landis
Pudrycki, Otton
Pugh, Lawrence John
Pugh, John Halstead
Pugh, Harold Kenneth
Puklo, Josef
Pullan, Cyril
Pullinger, David
Pulnarowicz, Zbigniew
Punshon, John Norman
Purcell, Royston William
Purcell, John Gerald
Purchase, Frederick Hugh
Purcivall, John William
Purdon, Richard Michael Hastings
Purdue, Donald Maurice Russell
Purdy, Wilmot Thomas
Purney, Elvin Curtis
Purry, Ronald Leonard
Pursey, Gordon James
Purves, James John
Purvis, Thomas Andrew
Pushor, Dale Ernest
Putnam, Max Ernest
Putnam, Hiram Aldine
Puusepp, Harold
Puzyna, Stanislaw
Pyatt, Robert Stanley
Pyatt, Frank Allan
Pybus, Jack
Pyche, Harvey Ellsworth
Pye, Ronald Harry
Pym, William Harold
Pynisky, Peter
Pytlak, Jan
Pytlak, Tadeusz Wlodz
Quaite, Lorraine John
Quan, William Patrick
Quance, Peter Reginald
Quanstrom, William
Queen, Harold Allen
Queen, Stanley James
Quenet, Pierre Louis Joseph Marie
Quevillon, Raoul
Quick, Arthur William Frederick
Quick, John Askey
Quickfall, Clarke Edward
Quine, Robert
Quinlan, Dennis John
Quinlan, Sydney George
Quinlan, Vernon Beverley
Quinn, Kevin Bernard
Quinn, Joseph Dennis
Quinn, Francis Paul
Quinn, Harold Edward
Quinn, Gerald Edgar
Quinn, Thomas Patrick
Quinn, Roderick Philip
Quinn, Eric James
Quint, Peter Brian Tyers
Quinton, Lloyd Frederick
Quirk, Colin George
Rabiner, Joseph
Rabone, Paul Wattling
Rabovsky, Moses
Raby, William Keith
Raby, Glenn James
Race, Charles Franklin
Rackham, John Leonard
Radcliff, Kenneth Edward
Radcliffe, Kenneth Lloyd
Radcliffe, Harry Martyn
Radecki, Jan Mikolaj
Rademaker, Cornelis Jacobus
Radford, Edward Charles
Radke, Pawez Maroin
Radkowski, Tadeusz
Radonski, Jan Sylweriusz
Radwan-kuzelewski, Jan
Radzimski, Franciszek
Radzinski, Hieronim
Radzyminski, Ignacy
Rae, George Arthur
Rae, Stanley Allan
Rae, Harold Oliver
Rae, John Archibald
Rae, James Douglas
Raets, Wilfred
Raffen, John Percy
Rahn, Robert Henry
Raike, John
Raine, Harold Thomas
Raine, Almer Clement
Raine, Norman
Rainford, Keith Willard
Rajender Singh Sandhu,
Rajewski, Eugeniusz Leon
Rakoczy, Paul Leopold
Ralph, Frederick Wilson
Ralph, Cuthbert Percy
Ralston, Herbert James
Ramage, Lawrence Hunter
Ramert, Jerzy Marian
Ramey, Gordon Howard
Ramey, Warren Thomas
Ramey, Edward John
Rammage, Albert John
Ramsay, Charles Benn
Ramsay, Melvin Henry
Ramsay, Ralph Carlton
Ramsay, Ian Grant
Ramsay, James Alexander
Ramsay, David
Ramsden, Samuel Smart
Ramsey, John Edward
Ramsey, William Alfred
Ramsey, Melvin Frederick
Randall, Ernest Lloyd
Randall, Francis Archibald
Randall, Malcolm William
Randell, Norman James
Randle, James Robert
Randle, Douglas Haig
Rands, Harold
Rands, Ian Albert
Ranger, Raymond
Rankin, John Maxwell
Rankin, John
Rankin, George Worland
Rankin, John Macdonald
Rankin, Jack Raymond
Rankine, James Renton Maltman
Rankmore, Gordon John
Rao, Cherala Raghava
Ras, Johannes Gerardus
Rashbrook, Robert William
Rasmussen, Richard Easthope
Rasmussen, Ernest Reginald
Rasmussen, Nils Bjorn
Rasmussen, Laurie Andrew Woodney
Raston, Piers Oscar George
Ratajczak, Aloyzy
Ratajczak, Aloyzy
Ratcliffe, Peter John
Ratcliffe, Vincent Peter
Ratcliffe, Carson Stewart
Ratelle, Roger Emile Lucien
Rath, Henry Eric
Rathbone, Richard Barlow
Rathe, Donald Stewart
Rathjen, Frederick Herbert
Rathwell, Edward Earl
Rathwell, Robert William
Ratigan, John Edward
Ratner, Harry
Rattee, William Vernon
Rattee, George Neil
Ratten, John Richard
Rattle, William Frederick Harvey
Rattray, William Russell
Rattray, Norman Mcinnes
Rausch, William Stanley
Raven, John Arthur
Raven, Harold Roy
Rawbone, Walter Mansell
Rawland, Arthur Gordon
Rawlings, Leslie Mcdonald
Rawlings, Raymond Charles
Rawson, James Leslie
Rawson, Gerald Edmond
Ray, Arthur Lyall
Ray, Frederick Charles Henry
Ray, Verdun Blake
Ray, Kenneth Frederick
Ray, Edgar
Ray, David Arnold
Ray, Edmund Rothell
Ray, Howard Stanley
Ray-howett, George
Raymond, Jean Paul Alban
Raymond, Donald Eugene
Raymond, Gordon Ian
Raymond, Jean Paul
Raynel, Ronald Stanley Gilbert
Rays, Ronald James
Rea, Robert William
Read, Henry Calvin Chambers
Read, Robert George Dunlop
Read, Graham Sydney
Read, Frederick Wilson
Read, William Neil
Reader, Gordon Sydney
Reading, Edgar George
Ready, Gordon Leonard
Ready, Norman Frankland
Ready, Robert Franklin
Reaney, Elias Eldon
Reansbury, John Joseph
Reardon, Sydney Clarence
Reardon, Alfred Henry
Reaume, Louis Joseph
Reaume, Clarence William
Reaume, Robert Francis Charles
Reay, Richard James
Reay, Eric Lascelles
Reay, Hugh Coates
Rebbetoy, James Reginald
Rebuszynski, Wlodzimierz
Recchia, Edward Albert
Rector, Vernon Francis
Reda, Waclaw
Redden, Clyde George
Redden, John Bernard
Reddie, William James
Redding, Randolph Ernest
Reddy, Douglas Edward Lanyon
Redfern, Frank
Redfern, Donald Leroy
Redford, Norman Louis
Redgrave, Charles Derek
Redknap, Seaton George
Redmond, Jack Edward
Redmond, Bernard Nicholas
Redmonds, Alfred Samuel
Redpath, John Powell
Redshaw, Donald Andrew Harvey
Redstone, Gilbert Peter Lewis
Redway, Thomas Edward Nagle
Redwood, Charles Henry Gerrard
Redwood, Gerald Henry
Reeb, John Couzens
Reece, Bernard
Reece, Michael
Reed, Robert Burns
Reed, Norman Thomas Sloane
Reed, Alexander John
Reed, Raymond Alexander
Reed, Kenneth
Reed, Frank Keith
Reed, Charles Joseph William E.
Reed, Alan Percival
Reed, Raymond George
Reed, William Reginald
Reed, Charles Leroy
Reed, Oliver George
Reeder, Arthur Joseph
Reenberg, John Reginald
Rees, Alun Griffiths
Reesor, Robert Dunham
Reeve, Lowell Ernest
Reeves, William Neil
Reeves, Mckenzie
Reeves, Jonah Bruce
Regenstreif, Mortimer
Regimbal, Leo Joseph
Regimbal, Wilfred Henry
Regis, Emile Ernest Joseph
Reiber, Donald Earl
Reichert, Clifford Clarence
Reid, William Joseph
Reid, Arthur Edward
Reid, William Cecil
Reid, Sidney James
Reid, Mackenzie Davidson
Reid, Gifford Humphries
Reid, John Henry
Reid, Earl William
Reid, Daniel Clifford
Reid, Harry
Reid, Frank Bruce
Reid, George Ernest
Reid, Max Alfred
Reid, Ian Maclaren
Reid, James Thomas
Reid, Wilbert George
Reid, Kenneth Maxime
Reid, Robert James Maxwell
Reid, William John
Reid, John Bertram
Reid, Douglas Angus
Reid, Peter Talbot
Reid, James Kennedy
Reid, John
Reid, William Van Fossen
Reid, William Ferguson
Reid, Herbert Spencer
Reid, William Francis
Reid, Douglas Justus
Reid, Alan Frank
Reid, Ian Laurie
Reid, Donald Robert
Reid, Norman Duncan
Reif, Alfred Frederick
Reigate, Joseph Norman
Reilly, Thomas Edward
Reilly, Robert John
Reilly, James Joseph
Reilly, Kenneth William
Reilly, Charles Christopher
Reimer, Alvin Wilbert
Reisner, Russell Melvin
Reitlo, Clifford Lester
Relyea, William Robert Bain
Remfry, Maurice Ben
Remillard, Joseph Lauret Roland
Remole, Douglas William
Rempel, Walter Earl
Renaud, Joseph Gerard Maurice
Rendall, Marcus Harry Gallion
Rendle, Patrick William James
Rendle, George Ernest
Rennick, John Stanley
Rennie, Andrew Roland
Rennie, Robert Edward
Rennie, William Wilson
Renning, John James
Rennison, Ian
Renno, James Darcy William
Renouf, John Stanley
Renton, Albert
Repsys, Peter Paul
Reszko, Ryszard
Retallack, George
Retter, Alan Joseph
Retzer, Walter Paul
Reu, Robert Garth
Revell, Philip Charles
Revell, Robert William
Rey, Francis Lawrence
Reyburn, Gerald Thomas
Reynolds, Fred Albert
Reynolds, Vernon Sinclair
Reynolds, James William
Reynolds, William Boyd
Reynolds, Hugh Gordon
Reynolds, Albert Chalmers
Reynolds, Hartley Ernest
Reynolds, Robert George
Reynolds, Arthur Mac
Reynolds, Bernard Walter
Reynolds, Keith Kevin
Reynolds, John Albert
Reynolds, Colin Irwin
Reynolds, Vernon Elmer
Reynolds, Ross Earl
Reynolds, Joseph Benedict
Reynolds, William Cassin
Reynolds, George William Francis
Rheaume, Earl Stewart
Rheaume, Joseph Lawrence
Rheuben, Colyn Arthur
Rheubottom, James
Rhodes, Alfred Spencer
Rhodes, Robert Craven
Rhude, Ernest Ashley
Riach, Douglas Athol
Ribout, Rolland Albert Joffre
Ricci, Adolphe Joseph
Rice, Alan Norman
Rice, Harry Kenneth Lillington
Rice, Ruskin Service
Rice, Clive William Pryer
Rice, Walter Ruben
Rice, James Orville
Rich, Warwick William
Rich, Donald Robert
Rich, Joseph Geoffrey
Rich, Alwyn Charles
Richard, Joseph Albert
Richard, Russell Bernard
Richard, George Andre Joseph
Richard, Clarence Edwin
Richards, Austin Oliver George
Richards, William Mortimer
Richards, Gordon Stewart
Richards, William Samuel
Richards, James Leonard
Richards, Harold Leslie Raymond
Richards, John
Richards, Bruce William
Richards, Robert Cranston
Richards, Robert Edward Duncan
Richards, James Leonard
Richards, Edmund George
Richards, Ronald
Richards, Jack Kenneth
Richards, Stephen Eddy
Richards, Gordon Hubert
Richards, Robert William
Richards, Sidney Albert Hardie
Richardson, Frederick Burns
Richardson, James Patrick
Richardson, William Bruce
Richardson, Roy Joseph
Richardson, Thornton Edward
Richardson, Douglas Roy
Richardson, Edmund St. Aubin
Richardson, Murray Lincoln
Richardson, Ernest Hartley
Richardson, Colin Robert Moore
Richardson, Jack Mcpherson
Richardson, Henry Holmes
Richardson, Gordon H.
Richardson, Jack Graydon
Richardson, Desmond Gerald
Richardson, Harold James
Richardson, Ernest James
Richardson, John Marshall
Richardson, Keith
Richardson, Graham Speedy
Richardson, Frank
Richardson, Denis John
Richer, Joseph George Paul Emille
Riches, George Merlyn
Richins, Stuart William Legge
Richins, Denis Richard Garth
Richmond, Sylvester Roger Oliffe
Richmond, Bruce Stanley
Richmond, Bruce Andrew
Richmond, William Merser
Richmond, Kenneth Lyle
Richter, Adolf
Rickard, John Milton
Rickersey, Sydney George
Rickert, Arthur Edward
Rickett, Ronald Charles Granville
Ricketts, Robert Joseph Prior
Ricketts, Roy Munro
Ricketts, Stanley John
Riddell, Robert Gordon
Riddell, Keith Emerson
Riddell, Raymond Reid
Riddell, John
Ridder, Warren Henry
Riddle, Henry Robert
Riddle, Charles Hudson
Riddle, Bertram Challis
Riddoch, George
Riddoch, Robert Alexander
Rider, William Albert
Ridge, Raymond Clifford
Ridgway, Robert Harry
Ridgway, John Thomas
Ridgway, George Francis
Riding, Edward Havelock
Riding, Harry
Ridings, Kenneth Lovett
Ridley, James Arthur
Ridley, John Kenneth
Ridley, Robert Burns
Riedy, Robert Harvey
Rieger, Herbert William
Rielly, Charles Thomas
Riep, Karl
Riess, Stanislaw Franc
Rigden, Stanley James
Riggs, Leonard Earl
Riggs, Lewis
Riley, William Eric
Riley, Norman Geoffrey
Riley, Virgel Lee
Riley, Charles Guy
Rimmer, Thomas Blundel
Rimmington, Colin Arthur
Rinahan, James Molloy
Ringer, Jack Junior
Ringrose, Dennis Joseph
Riordan, Lex Maitland
Riordan, Alan Douglas
Riordan, Kenneth Douglas
Riordan, Eric Joseph Milton
Riordan, John Milton Patrick
Rioux, Raoul Joseph
Ripley, Jack Graham
Ripper, Donald Edwin
Ritch, Alister Frank Gray
Ritchie, Norman James
Ritchie, Frederick Watson
Ritchie, James Leigh
Ritchie, John Samuel
Ritchie, Malcolm Jack
Ritchie, Geoffrey Francis
Ritchie, Douglas John
Ritchie, Norman Allan
Ritchie, Douglas Samuel
Ritchie, Alfred Henry
Ritchie, George William
Ritscher, Robert Edward
Rivest, Levie Afrien
Riwai, Tohunga Richard
Roach, Fred
Roach, Patrick Redmond
Roach, Richard John
Roach, William Alexander
Roach, Joseph Charles
Roald, Jens Kaare
Robaszewski, Wladyslaw
Robb, Reginald Francis
Robb, George Barclay
Robb, William Roland
Robb, Laurence William
Robb, Peter Franklin
Robb, George Spence
Robb, Thomas Gifford
Robb, Robert Ian
Robbie, Ian Crichton
Robbie, Colin William
Robbins, Max Feindel
Roberson, Edward George Lewis
Robert, Allan Dease
Robert, Joseph Etienne Jacques Andre
Roberts, Trevor Emlyn
Roberts, Joseph Harold Campbell
Roberts, John Murray
Roberts, George Albert
Roberts, Guy Parker
Roberts, Dennis Edward
Roberts, Cyril Edmund
Roberts, John Henry
Roberts, Alfred Thomas
Roberts, David Eric
Roberts, Melvin Harry
Roberts, Rambler David
Roberts, Angus Frederick
Roberts, John Kenneth
Roberts, Alfred Ernest
Roberts, George William
Roberts, Walter Raymond
Roberts, Henry
Roberts, Basil Trevor
Roberts, Maurice Luther
Roberts, David Phillips
Roberts, Harry Edward
Roberts, Ernest Wilson David
Roberts, Peter George
Roberts, Kimberley
Roberts, Maxwell Mason
Roberts, Leslie Glyn
Roberts, Wesley Grenfell
Roberts, Robert Carlson
Roberts, Arthur Donald
Roberts, Frank Duncan
Roberts, Bruce Thomas
Roberts, James
Roberts, Thomas Leo
Roberts, David Rozell
Robertshaw, William John
Robertshaw, Russell William
Robertson, William Alan
Robertson, John Wallace
Robertson, James Peter
Robertson, Donald Kenneth
Robertson, Lawrence Geoffrey
Robertson, Eric Roy Baldock
Robertson, Donald Stuart
Robertson, Ian Ronald
Robertson, Eugene Garland
Robertson, John Ross
Robertson, Donald Roy
Robertson, Ernest Drever
Robertson, Malcolm Eric Edward
Robertson, Wilbert James
Robertson, John Maxwell
Robertson, Kenneth Trewin
Robertson, Frank Lorne
Robertson, Peter Bayne
Robertson, Douglas Raymond
Robertson, James Albert
Robertson, Harry Malcolm
Robertson, Andrew Crawford Stark
Robertson, Donald Lawrence
Robertson, Neil Farquhar
Robertson, Russell Leslie
Robertson, Gerald Errol
Robertson, Francis Matthew
Robertson, David James Mclagan
Robertson, James Ross
Robertson, George Macklin Lascelles
Robertson, Evan Bertram Te Makahi
Robillard, Lou
Robilliard, Victor L.
Robin, Philip Rollo Aloysius
Robinson, George Douglas
Robinson, Harry George Mason
Robinson, Louis Eber Eldred
Robinson, Colin Harben
Robinson, Thomas Kenneth
Robinson, Harold James
Robinson, Reginald Lee
Robinson, Stewart James Olson
Robinson, Ivan Norton
Robinson, Anthony Gatward
Robinson, Jack Stanley
Robinson, Robert Bruce
Robinson, William Thomas Gudlaugur
Robinson, Alton Neil Goulburn
Robinson, Joseph Allan
Robinson, Allan Blakiston
Robinson, Cavan Beadon
Robinson, James Freeman
Robinson, Henry Edmund
Robinson, Charles Lloyd
Robinson, Nicholas Auber Benjamin
Robinson, Leonard George
Robinson, Kevin Alphonsus
Robinson, Allan Launcelot
Robinson, Brian Charles
Robinson, Thomas Claire
Robinson, George Creighton
Robinson, Neil Owen
Robinson, William Albert
Robinson, Victor Thomas
Robinson, George
Robinson, Robert Moses Dorrien
Robinson, Robert Elmer
Robinson, Stephen Harry
Robinson, Edward Grigg
Robinson, Herbert Grant
Robitaille, Edgar Albert
Robitaille, Francis Clesphas Martial
Robitaille, Arthur Hector
Robson, Phillip Allan
Robson, Edgar Lester
Robson, Charles Hepburn
Robson, Albert Russel
Robson, Wallace Alan
Robson, Thomas Andrew
Robson, Lionel Kenneth
Robson, George Eyre
Robson, Melvin Peter Frederick
Robson, George Erwin
Robson, Thomas Claude
Robson, Donald Matthews
Roche, Paul Martin
Roche, Gerald Brian
Roche, Austin Frederick
Roche, John Joseph
Roche, Thomas Joseph
Roche, Kenneth Albert
Roche, John Worrall
Rochford, Joseph
Rochford, Hugh Francis
Rochowski, Leonid
Rodd, Alan
Roddy, William George
Roden, Jacob Henry
Roden, Albert Edward
Roderick, Beresford Clayton
Rodger, John David James
Rodgers, Donald James
Rodgers, Aubrey Addison
Rodgers, Alan Oswald
Rodgers, Joseph Eli
Rodgers, Leslie Lindsay
Rodgers, Herbert Henry
Rodgers, William Kenneth
Rodgers, Alexander Gordon
Rodgerson, Ian Cedric
Rodrigue, Joseph Jean Paul Adrien
Rodziewicz, Lech Jan
Roe, Alan Lyle
Roe, Arthur Emerson
Roe, George Reginald Burdick
Roe, Ronald John
Roe, Morris James
Roe, Frank Haviland
Roffey, Alfred Victor
Rogal, Joseph Michael
Rogers, Kenneth Percy
Rogers, Frank Raymond
Rogers, Kenneth Stanley
Rogers, Douglas
Rogers, David Anderson
Rogers, Harold Thompson
Rogers, James Graham
Rogers, Roy John
Rogers, William John
Rogers, Thomas Aubrey
Rogers, Frank Edward
Rogers, Barney Andrew
Rogers, Thomas Richard
Rogers, Stuart
Rogers, Harold Melville
Rogers, Frederick Lennox
Rogers, Sidney John
Rogers, Jack Goode
Rogers, George Lawrence Dickenson
Rogers, John
Rogers, Lynn Harold
Rogerson, Joseph Henry
Roget, Raymond George Marafu
Rognan, Everett Raymond
Rogowski, Andrzej
Rogowski, Andrzej
Rogowski, Jan Aleksander
Rogowski, Jan Aleksander
Rohrlach, Mervin Walter
Rohrlach, Hermann Heinrich Julius
Rolecki, Jan
Rolfstad, Kenneth Gillmore
Rollason, Richard William
Rollett, Noel Charles
Rollings, William Arnold
Rollings, William Alfred
Rollins, Richard Alan
Rollo, Ross Campbell Andrew
Rolls, Patrick Morley
Rolph, Alan Claud Macdonell
Rolph, Robert Harold
Rolston, Archibald George
Romilly, Esmond Mark David
Romuld, Harold Magnus
Ronahan, John Menzies
Roney, George William
Roney, George James
Ronowicz, Ryszard Sylwester
Roobroeck, Maurice Francis Victor
Rood, Walter Everitt
Rooke, Alan Sidney
Rooke, William James
Rooney, John Hughes
Rooney, James Joseph
Rooney, James Alexander
Roos, Robert Edward
Root, Kenneth Ellwood
Roper, John
Rose, John Thomas
Rose, Clifford William
Rose, Charles Edward
Rose, Alistair Frederick
Rose, John Colin Mcintosh
Rose, Walter Henry
Rose, George Henry
Rose, Max
Rose, Harold Kenty
Rose, George Herbert
Rose, Thomas Herbert
Roseblade, Norman Leslie
Roseland, Arnold Walter
Rosen, Arthur
Rosen, Walter Bigelow T.
Rosenberry, Willard Kennedy
Rosenstein, Simon
Rosenstein, Ernest Willy
Rosevear, Kenneth Willard
Rosiewicz, Kazimierz Stefan
Rosiniuk, Wladyslaw
Roski, Antonio George
Ross, Stanley Gordon Mclean
Ross, Hector Scott Keadle
Ross, Alfred Edgar
Ross, Earle James
Ross, Albert Wesley
Ross, Donald Fraser
Ross, Allan Stanley Reginald
Ross, Hugh Robert Hector
Ross, Horace Robert
Ross, Edwin John
Ross, Neil Colin
Ross, Keith Douglas
Ross, William
Ross, Leslie Jack Willis
Ross, Donald Robb
Ross, Norman Wilbur
Ross, David
Ross, William Stewart
Ross, John William
Ross, Carman Vincent
Ross, John David
Ross, Irwin Clarence
Ross, Donald Wingrove
Ross, Francis Owen
Ross, Daniel
Ross, Wallace Milton
Ross, Samuel
Ross, Francis Robert
Ross, Godfrey Hyde Stewart
Ross, William Charles Henry
Ross, Stanley David
Ross, Herbert John
Ross, Angus Donald Mackay
Ross, Gordon King
Ross, Desmond Ray
Ross, Edward Bruce
Ross, Donald Alexander
Ross, John Douglas Carlisle
Ross, Ian Stewart
Ross, Maxwell Robert
Ross, Herbert John
Ross, Theo Gilson
Ross, Douglas Macrae
Rossiter, James Louis
Rossochacki, Antoni
Rossouw, Andre De Leeuw
Rost, Ronald James Brownee
Rotenberg, Arthur
Roth, Kenneth Lorne
Rothstein, Irvine Sydney
Rothwell, John
Rothwell, Len
Rotter, Wieslaw
Roughton, Harry Gervase
Rouleau, David Francis
Roulston, Alexander Somerville
Roulston, David John Chubbin
Roulston, Jack Chester
Round, Harold Geoffrey
Round, Reginald Pearson
Round, Heathcote George
Rounsefell, John Vaughan
Rouse, Charles James
Roussel, John Warren
Routhier, Joseph Louis Philippe
Routley, Anthony John
Rowan, Rowland William
Rowan, Douglas John
Rowat, David Allan
Rowberry, Geoffrey Warren
Rowe, Alfred Frank
Rowe, John George Mccaffery
Rowe, Sydney Lawrence
Rowe, Rodney Joseph
Rowe, Lawrence Graydon
Rowe, Lewis Cameron
Rowe, Roy
Rowe, Nelson Raymond
Rowe, Gordon Harry
Rowed, Samuel Edgar
Rowell, Edward Berkley
Rowland, Montague James
Rowland, James Inman
Rowland, Henry Barrymore
Rowlands, John Douglas Bias
Rowlands, Richard Gerald
Rowley, Horace Edward
Rowley, Kenneth Harold
Rowling, Percy William
Rowse, Deryck Charles
Rowson, Ronald Shaw
Rowthorn, William Ellis
Roy, Alexander
Roy, Joseph Alphonse Paul Emile
Roy, Eugene Victor
Roy, Charles William Horley
Roy, Joseph Donat Fernand Eugene
Roy, William Wallace
Roy, Joseph Jules Pierre Raymond
Roy, Duncan Mckenzie
Roy, Maxwell Keith Gordon
Royal, John Henry
Royal, Norman Alfred
Royan, Thomas Scott
Royle, James Arthur
Rozanski, Jerzy Wladyslaw
Rozdzynski, Aleksander
Rozell, Glen Edwin
Rozga, Roman
Rozmiarek, Edmund
Rozpara, Henryk
Rubens, Norbert Albert
Rucinski, Witold Waclaw
Rudd, James Chadd
Rudd, Royal Robert
Ruddell, John
Rude, Gordon Justine
Rudek, Jan
Rudlicki, Jerzy
Rudnicki, Edward
Rueger, Stefan Piotr
Ruff, Ian Richard Victor
Ruglen, John Mortimer
Rule, John Edward
Rumbel, James Rudolph
Rumble, Robert Mons
Rundle, John Reginald
Rundle, Douglas Cecil
Runner, Joseph Moore
Running, Gilmer Arnold
Rupert, Kenneth Manson
Ruppel, Earl Herbert
Ruppel, Iverson Frederick
Rusenstrom, Elmer Joshua
Rush, Francis William
Rushton, Nicholas Clayton
Russ, Hamar William
Russel, Hugh Robert
Russel, Hugh
Russell, Richard Anderson
Russell, William Henry
Russell, David
Russell, James Balfour
Russell, Clifford Eldon
Russell, William Noel Thomsett
Russell, Thomas Geoffrey Notcutt
Russell, William Carnduff
Russell, Kenneth Royce
Russell, Ernest Albert
Russell, Henry Millen
Russell, John De Forest
Russell, Leonard Bruce
Russell, Jack Earl
Russell, Reginald Worland
Russell, Alfred Gordon
Russell, David Malyon
Russell, Philip Campion Digby
Ruston, John Benjamin
Ruszel, Ludwik
Rutecki, Alojzy
Rutherford, Douglas Alexander
Rutherford, Thomas
Rutherford, Thomas Alan
Rutherford, Bruce Alexander Mackenzie
Rutherford, Bernard Rinian Roy
Rutherford, Douglas Robert
Rutherfurd, Frederick Anthony
Ruthven, Albert Mckenzie
Ruthven, James Lloyd
Rutkiewicz, Jozef
Rutkowski, Wincenty Tudeusz
Rutland, Bruce Wells
Rutter, Vernon Temple
Rutter, Albert Leroy
Ruxton, William Smart
Ruzycki, Frank
Ryall, Cecil Ernest
Ryan, David Henry
Ryan, John Joseph Francis
Ryan, Thomas Mitchell
Ryan, Philip Wyatt
Ryan, Alton James
Ryan, Leonard Myles
Ryan, John Hugh Allen
Ryan, Alexander James
Ryan, William Barry
Ryan, Edward Joseph
Ryan, Keith Francis
Ryan, Keith Forbes
Ryan, John Patrick
Ryan, Leo Michael
Ryan, John Mcmahon
Ryan, Edward John
Ryan, Terrence Russell
Ryan, Leo Francis
Ryan, Douglas James
Rybak, Waclaw
Rybczynski, Tadeusz
Rybinski, Czeslaw
Rychel, Boleslaw
Ryckman, George Albert Jack
Ryder, Robert Leslie Owen
Rye, Clive Arthur
Rye, George
Ryerse, Clinton Richard
Ryerse, Donald Arthur
Rygiel, Edmund
Rymkiewicz, Czeslaw
Ryszkiewicz, Mieczyslaw Jozef
Rytka, Marian
Rzemyk, Mieczyslaw
Rzepa, Stanislaw Wincenty
Rzetelny, Jan
Rzyskiewicz, Waclaw
Sabine, Eugene Preston
Sabine, John Ernest
Sablik, Oskar
Sabourin, Franklin Thomas
Sachtler, Euan Wilfred
Sadawa, Stanislaw
Sadler, John Murray
Sadler, Maurice Edward
Sadowski, Jan
Sadowski, Boleslaw
Sadowski, Stanislaw
Sadurski, Zygmunt
Saferna, Mieczyslaw Julian
Sage, Kenneth Freeland
Sage, Ernest Vernon
Sage, William Bruce
Sage, Wilton Mcbride
Sager, Harry
Saggers, Eric Frank
Saint-smith, James Alexander
Saker, Ernest Henry Benjamin
Sakowicz, Henryk
Salaba, Alexander Jerry
Salamon, Boleslaw
Salchenberger, Robert Andrew
Sale, Douglas Julian
Sale, Ernest Desmond
Salisbury, Harold Jackson
Salmers, Eugene
Salmond, William Clive
Salomaa, Ero Albaunus
Salt, Ian Charles
Salt, Albert Henry
Salter, Russell George
Salter, Edward William Huia
Saltzberry, Russell Arthur
Samiec, Karol
Sammet, John Henry
Sammon, Douglas Wilfred
Sammon, John Thomas
Samofal, Kazimierz Adam
Samp, Bernard
Sampey, William Albert
Sampson, Douglas John
Sampson, Henry Woolls
Sampson, Frederick Richard
Sampson, Richard Webb
Sampson, Thomas
Sams, Wallace Hugh
Samson, Keith Paul
Samson, Louis Frederick
Samuel, John Frederick
Samuels, Max
Samuels, Bernard Edwin
Sanagan, Alan Lewis
Sandberg, Theodore
Sandelin, Robert Simeon
Sandell, David John
Sander, Raymond Joseph
Sandercock, William James
Sanders, Francis Carstairs
Sanders, George Allan Paul
Sanders, William Harold
Sanderson, Albert Leonard
Sanderson, Mardyth Wesley
Sanderson, Robert Louis
Sanderson, Delmer Ray
Sanderson, Francis Andrew
Sanderson, George Benjamin
Sanderson, Kimble Calvin
Sanderson, George Frederick
Sanderson, John Wright
Sanderson, Linton Patrick
Sandham, Richard
Sandiford, James Bertram
Sandilands, Geoffrey Bruce Hope
Sandman, Donald Ansley
Sandomirsky, Marvin Max
Sandys, John Frederick Kelly
Sanger, Albert Royston
Sanitsky, Irving Louis
Sankey, Ronald Henry
Sankowski, Adam
Sansome, George Hilton
Santo, Frank Robert
Santo, John Alexander
Sapeta, Stanislaw
Sapko, Boleslaw
Sapko, Boleslaw
Saprunoff, Samuel
Sapwell, Selwyn Clifford Edwin
Sarenski, Wladyslaw
Sargant, Warren Langton
Sargent, William Benedict
Sargent, Paul Treneman
Sargent, David Herbert
Sarles, Lloyd Norwood
Sasak, Wilhelm
Sasin, Waclaw
Saslove, Edward Lewis
Sasseville, Joseph Elzear Sahl
Satel, Leonard
Sature, Vincent
Sauerwald, Raymond George
Saulwick, Laurance Julius
Saundercock, Henry Lindsay
Saundercock, Charles Little
Saunders, Douglas Graham
Saunders, Harold Max
Saunders, Cyril William
Saunders, Raymond Kenneth
Saunders, Guy Edward
Saunders, Arthur Mitchell
Saunders, Joseph Evans
Saunders, Denis
Saunders, Lewis Albert
Saunders, Clyffurde George Randall
Sautelle, Claude Besnard
Sauve, James Earl
Savage, Richard Thomas Percival
Savage, Emery
Savage, Donald
Savage, Douglas Irvine
Savage, Peter John Christie
Savage, Vincent David
Savage, John Ronald
Savard, Joseph Ludger Norman
Savard, Joseph Georges Marcel
Saville, Eric Cowley
Saville, John Walton
Savoie, Alyre
Savy, Joseph Aloysius
Sawatzky, George Gerhard
Sawczuk, Borys Karol
Sawiak, Boleslaw Jozef
Sawicki, Jerzy
Sawicki, Stanislaw
Sawicz, Kazimierz
Sawley, Gordon Harold
Sawtell, Arthur Hartley
Sawyer, John Patrick Anthony
Sawyer, Kenneth William
Sawyer, Roy Ernest Frederick
Sayer, James Albert
Sayers, Joseph Fisher
Sayres, William Horton
Saywell, Edward Wright
Scanlan, Wilfred George
Scanlon, Athol Richard
Scansie, Milan Roy
Scarff, John William
Scarff, Thomas Deuel
Scarlett, Ronald Cave
Sceales, Leslie Bramah
Schaefer, Bruce Astor
Schafer, Jacob
Schafer, William Mathew
Schafheitlin, Donald
Schamehorn, Clifford Earl
Schandler, Jan
Scharf, Ronald Henry
Scharff, William Kenneth
Scheadel, Garnet Keith
Scheldt, Vernon John
Schell, Lyle George
Schellenberg, Herman Stephen
Scherbarth, Alvin Otto
Schiller, Kenneth Robert
Schimmens, Roy Fredrick
Schleihauf, John William
Schlitt, Gordon Henry
Schmeltz, Francis Donald
Schmidt, Stanley Thomas
Schmidt, Cleveland Julian
Schmidt, Frederick Joseph
Schmidt, Stanislaw Pawel Stefan
Schmidt, Kenneth Lloyd
Schmitz, Donald Joseph Eugene
Schmok, Albert John William
Schneider, Douglas Otto
Schneider, Gordon Raymond
Schodde, Rex Crespin
Schoenthaler, Arthur Leopold
Schofield, Siddle Henry
Schofield, Murray Alfred
Schofield, Albert Charles
Schollum, Bernard Joseph
Schomberg, Charles Copley
Schopp, Harold Harrison
Schott, Keith Jacob
Schott, Ronald Earl
Schrader, George Howard
Schrader, Eric Henry
Schrump, Spencer Quentin
Schrump, Theodore Henry
Schryer, Joseph Albert Roland
Schubert, Derek Percival Robert
Schull, Frederick Harold
Schuller, Carl Berthold
Schultz, Frederick Carl
Schultz, Norman Gerhard
Schultz, Lancelot Hood
Schultz, Adam Ludwik
Schultz, Harold Henry
Schultz, Kenneth Owen
Schulz, Olivier Edouard Emile
Schurman, George Maxwell
Schwalm, George Talbot
Schwartz, Frederick William
Schwartz, Moses
Schwartz, Meyer Edsel
Schweitzer, Jacob Adam
Schwerdfager, James Elliot
Schwerdfeger, Glenwood Allan
Scigala, Adam
Sclater, James David
Scobie, Lewis William
Scobie, Benjamin Cyrus
Scorer, Jackson Carlyle
Scott, George
Scott, Andrew James Newell
Scott, Gordon Douglas
Scott, James Philip
Scott, Frank
Scott, William Francis
Scott, Howard George
Scott, Frank Raymond
Scott, Frederick Roy
Scott, Thomas William Munro
Scott, Kenneth Charles
Scott, Ian Macdonald
Scott, William Charles
Scott, Roy Harold
Scott, Allan Douglas
Scott, Eric Mclaren
Scott, Frederick Darcy
Scott, Francis Alexander Jack
Scott, Clarence Elgy
Scott, William Earl
Scott, Robert Burns
Scott, Richard Mcdiarmid
Scott, Ronald Norman Bilton
Scott, Clifford James
Scott, William Douglas
Scott, Robert Kenneth
Scott, Robert Thomas
Scott, Colin Campbell
Scott, John Douglas
Scott, Russell Clare
Scott, Norman
Scott, John Richard
Scott, Stanley Walter
Scott, William Verdun
Scott, Cyril Thomas
Scott, John Keith
Scott, Gerald
Scott, John Grant
Scott, William Lawrence
Scott, Leighton Ogilvie
Scott, Walter Edward
Scott, Colin Robert
Scott, Leslie Mckenzie
Scott, Stuart Nicholson
Scott, Desmond Francis
Scott, Clarence Loree
Scott, George Edward
Scott, Raymond David
Scott, Donald Stewart
Scott, Jack Kyle
Scott, Thomas Fairfax
Scott, Norman Lester William
Scott, Douglas Andrew
Scott, Donald Phillips
Scott, Albert Arthur
Scott, Robert Alexander Leslie
Scott, Andrew Hawkins
Scott, Donald John
Scott, Howard William
Scoular, Ian Cowie
Scourfield, Leslie Rowland
Scovell, Mervyn Esmond Llewellyn
Scragg, Reuben Acton
Scrimes, Frank John Barnes
Scrimgeour, William Wilson
Scrymgeour, David Ross
Scullion, Maurice Patrick
Scully, John Joseph
Scutt, Leonard Allan
Scutts, Ronald Bruce
Seabrook, Harold Stanley
Seabrook, Malcolm Thomas
Seale, William John
Sealy, Harold Hogarth
Sealy, Albert Edward
Seaman, Frank Harry
Seaman, William Tom
Searell, Lewis Paul
Searle, William
Searson, John Ellard
Sebelius, Cecil Lester
Seberras, Joseph
Sebestyen, Denis
Secker, Alfred James Victor
Secker, Bruce Walter
Secord, Ronald William
Sedger, Gordon Robert
Sedgley, Bryant Frederick
Sedgwick, Herbert William
Sedzimir, Bronislaw Wladyslaw
Seedhouse, Harold Charles
Seefried, Reuben
Seeger, James Robert
Seel, Isadore Michael
Seeley, Duncan Elwin
Seely, John Courtney
Seeney, Clarence Alfred
Seguin, Joseph Marc
Seguin, Joseph Louis Paul
Seibold, Herbert Stanley
Seigler, Robert
Sellar, Ernest Harold
Sellars, Leonard Gerrard
Sellen, Leonard George
Sellers, Greaton Wesley
Sellers, William Francis Philip
Selth, John Burnett
Selthun, Leo Norman
Semmens, Ernest Jack William
Senecal, Joseph Hector Gaeten
Senior, Leon
Senton, Claude
Sergeant, Lindsay Morton
Sergent, Joseph Raymond Louis
Service, Clyde James
Serviss, Dudley Thomas
Servos, Stephanos
Setter, Douglas James
Seward, Gordon Llewellyn
Sewell, William Richard Percival
Sewell, Francis Sylvester
Seymour, Lawrence Alfred
Seymour, William Rex
Seymour, Joseph Martin
Seymour, John Henry
Shaddick, Alan Geoffrey
Shaddick, Bartlett Parker
Shadle, Charles Corbett
Shagena, Carl John
Shailer, Sidney Alan
Shalfoon, Charles John
Shallcrass, Frederick Nettleship
Shalless, Alan Merris
Shanahan, John Donald
Shanahan, Michael O'meara
Shand, John Hodgson
Shank, George Albert William
Shanks, Jack Laverne
Shanks, Arnold Blane
Shanks, George Arnold
Shann, Harry Pritchard
Shannon, George Roland Gillies
Shannon, Robert Porter
Shannon, Colin Mctaggart
Shannon, William Thomas
Shannon, Louis Cecil
Shannon, Arthur Melvin
Shannon, Richard Allan
Shannon, George Henry
Shannon, Evan Frederick
Shapcott, Wilfred
Shapcott, Allister Francis
Shapiro, Martin
Shapter, Donald John
Shapter, William James Aubrey
Sharkey, Raymond John Bruce
Sharp, Victor James
Sharp, Ronald
Sharp, Andrew
Sharp, William John
Sharp, Gordon Cameron
Sharp, Jack Wallace
Sharpe, Harry Morden
Sharpe, George Harold
Sharpe, Joseph Harold
Sharpe, James Edward
Sharpe, Howard Andrew
Sharpe, Richard Allan Whitaker
Sharpley, Jack Clarence
Shaver, Wilber Joseph
Shaver, Howard William
Shaver, Howard Bruce
Shaw, Arthur Edward
Shaw, Robert James Abadore
Shaw, Ernest Anson
Shaw, Earl Joseph
Shaw, Morris Ezra
Shaw, Charles Hugh
Shaw, George Kingsley
Shaw, Charles Cecil
Shaw, Arthur Edmund
Shaw, David
Shaw, Philip Neville
Shaw, Stuart Resser
Shaw, Norman Steventon
Shaw, Joseph Harold Gourley
Shaw, Robert Alexander
Shaw, Keith Fred
Shaw, Thomas Robert
Shaw, Robert William Richard
Shaw, Robert Simpson
Shaw, George Leigh
Shea, David John
Shea, James Junior
Shea, Wayne Sheldon
Shea, Victor Harrison
Shea, Kenneth George
Shea, Edward Lees
Shearer, James Maxwell
Shearer, Robert Edward Seymour
Shearer, Benjamin Watson
Shearer, John Garnet
Shearer, Henry Sinclair
Shearman, David John
Shears, Frederick George
Shearstone, William Joseph
Sheddan, Alexander Bernard
Sheean, Brian Leo
Sheean, Lorin James
Sheed, Herbert Moore
Sheehan, Henry Augustine
Sheehan, Edward Fanahan
Sheehy, Basil James
Sheekey, Terence Bruce
Sheekey, Ian Douglas
Sheen, Robert Jordan
Sheen, Joseph
Sheeran, Brian Terence
Sheffield, Robert Alfred Phillip
Sheffler, Lew Wallace
Sheldon, Paul Howard
Sheldon, Colin
Sheldon, Leslie Thomas William
Sheldrick, George Ivan
Shelnutt, Frank Lee
Shelnutt, Barney Walker
Shelson, Archie Edward
Shelton, Allan Percy William
Shelton, Douglas Mayall
Shelton, Paul Arthur
Shephard, George Harry Percival
Shepherd, Henry Lewis
Shepherd, Leonard Clarence
Shepherd, Alfred Alexander
Shepherd, Onslow Harold Maxwell
Shepherd, John Edward
Shepherd, Austin
Shepherd, Trevor Douglas
Sheppard, Walter Fitzgerald
Sheppard, Henry Valentine Charles
Sheppard, William Tyndall
Sheppard, William Arthur
Sheppard, Edward Edmond
Sheridan, James Christopher
Sheridan, John Edward
Sherk, James Gordon
Sherman, Murray
Sherman, Eric Hempel
Sherman, Charles Arthur
Sherman, Thomas Anthony
Sherman, Stephen George Cockrane
Sherman, Lawrence
Sherman, Harold Maxwell
Sherrington, Robert Donald
Sherry, Wilbur Bernard
Sherry, Alfred Frank
Sherry, Brian George
Sherry, James Anthony
Sherven, Vernon Thomes
Sherwood, Leslie Roy
Sherwood, Raymond Collard
Shewell, Stanley Joseph
Shewfelt, Harold Angus
Shield, Vernon Rippon
Shields, Gordon James Bayne
Shields, Kenneth James
Shields, Thomas Joseph
Shields, Robert William
Shiells, Robert Howard
Shiels, Allan Warren
Shilliday, Robert Charles
Shillinglaw, William Golder
Shiner, Jack Marawa
Shipard, John Charles
Shippee, Quentin Macphail
Shipway, Raymond George
Shires, Reginald Albert
Shirley, William Lawrence
Shirtcliffe, William John
Shiv Puri, Ikbal Narayan
Shives, Arnold Belden
Shlahetka, Nathan
Shmigelsky, Peter
Shockley, Harold Gordon
Shoemaker, Wilbert Andrews
Shoesmith, Kelvin Hewer
Shoesmith, George Arthur
Shogren, Malcolm Edward John
Shonk, Kenneth Lindsay
Shoobridge, Donald
Shook, Carl Clynton
Shore, Wilfred Raymond Rus
Short, Clarence William Farraday
Short, Thomas Henry
Short, William Edward
Shortal, John Lourdes
Shorten, Albert George
Shortt, John Patrick
Shouldice, Graham Milton
Shrimpton, Thomas Wallace
Shriner, Charles Percival
Shroff, Owen Mortimer
Shtitz, David Jacob
Shumsky, William Nelson
Shuster, Joseph Edward
Shusterove, Sam Chester
Shutt, Stanley Clifford
Shuttleworth, Douglas Dalton
Shuttleworth, Ernest Leslie
Shvemar, Max
Shwaikoski, John
Shying, Henry Samuel
Shykoff, Joseph David
Shylega, Bertram
Sibbald, Lloyd Elmer
Sibbald, James
Sibbett, Clarence Deane
Sibson, Owen Hugh
Sicinski, Walenty
Sicotte, Joseph Georges Louis
Siddall, Peter Charles
Siddons, Moody Albert
Sides, Frederick Gordon
Sidney, Lawrence
Sidorchuk, Nicholas
Sieben, Joseph George
Sieffert, Arthur James
Siemienczuk, Tadevsz
Siemins, Archie Harry
Siennica, Franciszek
Sierzega, Marian
Sigurdson, Johann
Sikorski, Roman Jakub
Sikorski, Marian
Sillito, Leroy
Sills, Earl Albert Henry
Sills, John William
Sills, John Loring
Silva, Geoffrey
Silva, Francis Mathew
Silver, James Seaforth
Silver, George Cochrane
Sim, Robert James
Simard, Jean Jacques Marcel
Simmons, Cecil William
Simmons, Alfred Montague
Simmons, Raymond Frank
Simmons, Hugh Robertson
Simmons, Harold Edwin
Simms, David Ernest
Simms, John
Simonato, Enrico J.
Simoneau, Joseph Ludovic Rodolphe
Simonett, William Allan
Simons, Gordon George
Simonsen, Horace Dean
Simonson, Ernest Stanfield
Simonson, Roy Edward
Simonson, Vernon Leroy
Simpson, Robert Alexander
Simpson, Thomas Henry
Simpson, Charles Arthur
Simpson, Frederick John
Simpson, Keith Shambler
Simpson, Bryon John Joseph
Simpson, Harry James
Simpson, Alexander James
Simpson, William Egbert
Simpson, James Mckenzie
Simpson, John Alexander
Simpson, Raymond Farquhar
Simpson, Kenneth Mcdonald
Simpson, Kenneth John
Simpson, Ross Mcculloch
Simpson, Lloyd Garnet
Simpson, Charles Edward
Simpson, Claude Bertram
Simpson, William John
Simpson, William Alfred
Simpson, Arthur William
Simpson, Mervyn Charles
Simpson, Alfred Alexander
Sims, Herbert Munro
Sims, George Robert
Sims, Edwin Alfred
Sinclair, Alexander Gunn
Sinclair, Wilbert Lome
Sinclair, Daniel Boyd
Sinclair, George Edward
Sinclair, Robert Meade
Sinclair, George Andrew
Sinclair, William Robert
Sinclair, Marcel Stanley
Sinclair, David James
Sinclair, Andrew Ian
Sinclair, Peter
Sinclair, Donald Alexander
Sinclair, Kenneth Arthur
Sinclair, Paul Ernest
Sinclair, Cecil Horace
Sinclair, William Robert Campbell
Sinden, John Charles
Singer, Richard Maitland
Singer, Jacob Harry
Singh, Jagit
Singleton, Russell Percival
Sirett, Ebenezer Alfred
Sirluck, Robert
Sirovyak, John
Sisley, Noel Henry
Siudak, Wladyslaw
Siudak, Antoni
Siuzdak, Tadeusz Marian
Sivell, Edgar Walter
Sivertsen, Kristian Charles
Siwak, Adolph Antonio
Siwek, Kazimierz
Siwek, Wladyslaw
Siwiec, Jan
Skalski, Marian Janusz
Skantzikas, Sotirios
Skarratt, Michael Carleton
Skarzynski, Stanislaw Jakub
Skebo, Patrick Sylvester
Skebo, Basil Andrew
Skelly, John Henry
Skelly, Frank Richard Fisher
Skelly, Bernard James
Skelton, Harry Norman
Skelton, William Hugh
Skelton, Oliver Henry
Skibinski, Josef
Skillen, Ernest Alfred
Skingle, Douglas David
Skinner, Phillip Holmes
Skinner, David Beatty Evans
Skinner, Allister Mclean
Skinner, John Hedley
Skinner, Lloyd Newton
Skinner, Hickson William
Skinner, George Alfred
Skipsey, Robert Reginald
Skirten, Arthur James
Sklarchuk, Edward Robert
Skoblack, Peter
Skora, Aleksander Kazimierz
Skowron, Henryk
Skrouba, Jozef
Skrzypczak, Franciszek
Skrzypek, William
Skubik, Roman Franciszek
Slabikowski, Mieczyslaw
Slack, Kenneth Earl Clifford
Slade, William Allen
Slater, Walter
Slater, George Arthur
Slater, Harry
Slatter, Leo Raymund
Slaughter, Allan John
Slaughter, Mervyn Edward
Sledzinski, Bronislaw
Sleep, Ronald Robert Theodore
Sleigher, Joseph Simon
Slezak, Henry Maximilian
Sligo, John Adam
Slinn, Geoffrey Herbert Brandon
Sloan, Robert John
Sloan, Percival Martin
Sloan, William Harkness
Sloane, Brian Thomas
Slobotsky, David
Slocum, Arthur Gordon
Sloggatt, William Rent
Sloman, Herbert William Thornley
Sloman, George Sarsfield
Slomkowski, Zenon
Slomski, Zygmunt
Slomski, Zygmunt
Slonski-ostoja, Jerzy Karol Jozef
Slonski-ostoja, Jerzy Karol Jozef
Slugoski, Joseph
Slusarski, Stanislaw
Sly, Ronald Reginald
Sly, Raymond Harold Charles
Smaill, William Bagley
Small, John Allan
Small, John Charles Lindsay
Small, Ronald Harold
Smalley, Robert Cecil
Smallwood, Jack Alfred
Smallwood, George Kenneth Alfred
Smardon, Donald Martin
Smart, Wallace Allan
Smart, John Christopher
Smart, Joseph William
Smart, Alan Charles
Smart, Mervin John
Smart, Edward John
Smart, Edmond Rhys
Smart, Randolph Cruickshank
Smeaton, Wilfred Hubert
Smerneos, Charles
Smierzchalski, Waclaw
Smiley, Archibald Locksley
Smillie, William Ellwood
Smily, Frank Walton
Smirl, Glendon Arthur
Smit, Russell Theodore
Smith, Anthony Richard Tenison
Smith, Glen Allen
Smith, Ernest Sutton
Smith, Cyril Richard
Smith, Alexander Joseph
Smith, James Henry
Smith, Ronald Richard
Smith, Donald Leonard
Smith, Stanley Edwin
Smith, Normand John Walford
Smith, Graham Natt
Smith, George
Smith, Roy Hamilton
Smith, Clarence Gordon
Smith, Norman Frank
Smith, Howard Wallace
Smith, John Alexander
Smith, Donald James
Smith, Walter Graham
Smith, Peter Harold
Smith, Alan Finlay
Smith, Dick
Smith, Elwood Oscar
Smith, Donald Murray
Smith, Stanley William
Smith, Leonard Joseph
Smith, George Sydney
Smith, Grant Lyman
Smith, Walter Perry
Smith, Sydney Mackenzie
Smith, Harold Ingram
Smith, Keith Mcrae
Smith, Raymond Purser
Smith, George Russell
Smith, Milton Frederick
Smith, Sydney Kent
Smith, William James
Smith, Arthur Philip Lodington
Smith, Robert Barnsley
Smith, Robert Gordon
Smith, Wilmot Winslow
Smith, William James
Smith, James Brooks Hamilton
Smith, David Alexander
Smith, Norman Owen
Smith, Sydney Francis
Smith, Ray Branton
Smith, Roy Stanley
Smith, Stephen Allen
Smith, Colin Hugh Mackenzie
Smith, Robert Marshall
Smith, Archibald Lancelot
Smith, Maurice Victor
Smith, Aubrey Francis
Smith, Owen Keith
Smith, Royal Joseph
Smith, Ronald Alexander
Smith, Ian Harrison
Smith, Frederick John
Smith, Richard Clare
Smith, Thomas Harold
Smith, Kenneth Read
Smith, Theo Curtis
Smith, Robert Alexander
Smith, Dean William
Smith, James Henry
Smith, Richmond Wesley
Smith, William Frederick
Smith, Ronald Ward
Smith, Jeffrey Noel
Smith, Ivan Winston
Smith, Roy
Smith, Desmond R.
Smith, Robert Frederick Donald
Smith, Robert George
Smith, William Herbert
Smith, Kevin Argyle
Smith, Allan Bishop
Smith, Allan Gorrie
Smith, Ronald David
Smith, Kenneth
Smith, Lloyd Henry
Smith, William Henry
Smith, Norman Alfred
Smith, John Hodgins
Smith, Vernon Ross
Smith, Arthur Holdsworth
Smith, Keith Emmett
Smith, Leslie Gordon
Smith, James Francis
Smith, Lawrence Lindsay
Smith, Arthur Roy
Smith, Neil Joseph
Smith, Derwood William
Smith, Campbell Murray
Smith, John Baird
Smith, Edward Patrick
Smith, Neville George
Smith, James Duncan
Smith, Norman Lindsay
Smith, Edmund Patrick
Smith, Everett Charles
Smith, John Harold
Smith, Daryl Hamilton
Smith, Raymond Douglas Crowley
Smith, William Granville
Smith, Henry Ryerson
Smith, Egbert
Smith, Jerrold Alpine
Smith, George Earl
Smith, Alexander
Smith, Stanley Edgar
Smith, Sydney Wood
Smith, Trevor Harry
Smith, Melvin Harry
Smith, Geoffrey George Minchin
Smith, William Alexander
Smith, Albert John
Smith, Henry Lacy
Smith, George Hilliard
Smith, Carl Edward
Smith, Robert Ainslie
Smith, Garnet Floyd
Smith, Colin Homer
Smith, Albert Alexander
Smith, Armand Joseph Marcel
Smith, James Alfred
Smith, Raymond Frank
Smith, David Macneil
Smith, Roderick Giles
Smith, Henry William Joseph
Smith, Rodney Wyben
Smith, Brian Barkley
Smith, James Arthur
Smith, Harry Francis Burton
Smith, Stanley Maurice
Smith, James Andrew
Smith, Owen Albert
Smith, Donald Ian
Smith, Mitchell
Smith, Leonard Graydon
Smith, Clarence Harold
Smith, Earl George
Smith, Charles Joseph
Smith, Glen Frank
Smith, Robert Clifford
Smith, Sydney Stuart
Smith, Graham Lloyd Thorneloe
Smith, Keith Dermer
Smith, Robert Sidney
Smith, Charles Hilton Alfonso
Smith, Gibson Arthur
Smith, Robert Harry
Smith, Gerald Alfred
Smith, George Edward
Smith, Harold Alexander
Smith, Charles Worth
Smith, Jack Ogilvie
Smith, Charles Frederick
Smith, Richard Nathaniel
Smith, Eric George
Smith, Frederick Curtis
Smith, Jack Herbert
Smith, Kenneth Victor
Smith, Allan James
Smith, Arthur Sidney
Smith, Ronald Alfred
Smith, Stronach Vivian
Smith, Vernon Beverley
Smith, Brian Patten
Smith, James Gordon
Smith, John Wilmer
Smith, Harold John
Smith, Charles Chester
Smith, Raymond George
Smith, Hunter George Wilberforce
Smith, Frederick Newman
Smith, James Alvin
Smith, Alan Duncan Johann
Smith, Peter
Smith, Raymond Michael
Smith, Philip Shaw
Smith, Norman George
Smith, Phillip Seagar
Smith, Frederick Percy
Smith, Albert
Smith, Eric Alfred Leith
Smith, Cecil Baker
Smith, Selwyn Clarence
Smith, Matthew Arnold
Smith, Eric Alfred
Smith, Donald Henry
Smith, George John
Smith, Sydney Emmington
Smith, Sidney Wallace
Smith-jones, Henry Vaynor
Smither, Sydney Frank
Smither, Ross
Smithers, Reginald Allan
Smithers, Jack
Smithson, Ivor Ernest
Smolenski, Hugh
Smolik, Zygmunt
Smook, Harry
Smuck, Alan Osborn
Smyth, James William
Smyth, Hugh Alexander
Smyth, David Beverley
Smyth, Ray Alexander
Smyth, Michael Sydney
Smythe, James Ethelred
Snape, Desmon Byrne
Snarr, Lloyd Elsworth
Snead, Samuel Thomas
Sneath, William Alfred
Sneath, Robert Howard
Sneddon, Ronald Barnard
Snelgrove, Norman Hugh George
Snell, William Enoch
Snell, Dennis Edward
Snell, Arthur Evans
Snell, John Vibert
Snetsinger, Arnold Joseph
Snider, Jack Lloyd
Snider, Lloyd
Snider, Charles Solomon
Sniechowski, Wilhelm
Snook, Graham Ernest
Snook, Albert Veron
Snow, Grenfell William
Snow, William Oliver
Snyder, Paul Edward
Snyder, Charles William
Snyder, James Joseph
Sobczyk, Boleslaw
Sobel, Harold
Sobeski, Victor
Sobieralski, Feliks
Socha, Kazimierz Jan
Sochacki, Boleslaw
Sodero, Alexander Theodore
Soderstrom, Clarence Vernon
Soeder, William Ernest Paul
Soesman, Pierre Leopold
Sokol, William
Sokolinski, Tadeusz Wlodmierz Bronislaw
Sokolowski, Jozef
Sokolowski, Zygmunt
Sokulski, Jerzy
Solecki, Mieczyslaw
Soles, Donald Enright
Solheim, William Andersen
Sollie, John Berge
Sollie, Roald Frederick
Sollows, Ivan Steen
Solmundson, Oscar George
Solmundsson, Kjartan Ari
Solomka, Nicholas
Solomon, John Albert
Solomon, Morris
Solomons, Sidney Arthur
Solomons, Simon Stanley
Soluk, Paul
Somers, Bruce Allan
Somers, Lou Warren
Somers, James Karl
Somervell, David Edward
Somerville, John Hogarth
Somerville, Gilbert Eric
Sommerville, Alexander Lindsay
Sommerville, Leslie John
Sommerville, William Muir
Somolenko, Nicholas
Soos, Julien Louis
Sootheran, Arthur George
Soper, John Herman
Soper, Terence John
Sorel, William Gerald
Sorensen, Neville Lloyd
Sorley, Hugh Campbell
Soroski, Billy William
Sorowka, Kazimierz
Sotham, Richard John
Soubliere, Lucien Marcel
Soucie, Jean Marie
Soules, Milton Eldon
Soundy, Burrell Alwyn Tovell
Soutar, Kenneth Gordon
Souter, Allan John Pearson
Southcott, Ward Rex
Southwick, William Lewis
Southwood, Herbert John
Southwood, Leslie Donald
Sowinski, Stanislaw
Spackman, Peter
Spaetzel, John Robert
Spafford, William Marshall
Spain, Vernon Enright
Spalding, Norman Wilkie
Spallin, Stanley Herbert
Spangler, James Bartholomew
Spangler, Harold Leroy
Spanner, Frederick Gordon Charles
Spark, Frederick Alexander
Sparkes, Douglas Albert George
Sparling, John Lewis
Sparling, Richard Herbert
Sparling, Lawson Frederick
Sparrow, William Albert
Sparrow, Bruce Harry
Sparrow, Thomas Bernard
Sparrow, Norman Thomas
Spearman, Gordon Douglas
Spearn, Vernon Arnold
Spears, Edmond Thomas
Spector, Samuel
Speechley, David Poole
Speedy, James Lyders
Speir, John Garfield
Speirs, Graham Paton
Speirs, John Ronald
Speirs, Ian William
Spence, John Andrew
Spence, David Jerome
Spence, Donald William
Spence, Malcolm Burgess
Spence, Harold Omond
Spence, Wincell Henry Dugmore
Spence, Harold Menzies
Spence, Charles Ronald
Spencer, Walter William
Spencer, Frank George
Spencer, Ronald Bernard
Spencer, Arthur Robert
Spencer, Stanley Derek
Spencer, Gordon Leonard
Spencer, Roy Gordon
Spencer, Jack Samuel
Spencer, Ervine Eugene
Spensley, Leonard
Spero, John Bowman
Spevak, Jack
Spice, Donald Angus
Spicer, Harold Victor
Spiegel, Julius (Jack)
Spier, Walter Frank
Spiers, Howard Ivan
Spinks, Albert Howard
Spinks, Willis Eugene
Spinley, Maurice
Spinney, James William
Spino, Frank
Spittal, Philip Charles
Splatt, Lawrence William
Spongberg, William Marcel
Sponsler, Harry
Spooner, Courtney Leroy
Sprenger, William Paterson
Spring, Thomas Lavenham
Spring, Kenneth Loren
Springer, Noel William
Springham, Ernest Richard
Springsteele, James Leroy
Sproge, Richard Henry
Sprott, John Coles
Sproule, David Leigh
Sproule, John William
Sproule, Edward Alan
Sprowell, William
Spurr, Alfred Eugene
Squire, Lewis Alfred
Srigley, Joseph Ralph Gordon
St. Cyr, Edward Wilfred
St. Denis, John Alfred
St. George, Harold Raymond
St. Germain, Ernest Joseph
St. Hilaire, Rene Joseph Auguste Gerard
St. John, Anthony Garwyth
St. Johns, William Ivan
St. Laurent, Joseph Armand Edouard
St. Laurent, Fernand
St. Ledger, Peter Sylvester Anthony
St. Louis, Joseph Gordon
St. Louis, Michael Bertram
St. Louis, Bruce Anderson
St. Ours, Joseph Alexander
St. Pierre, Joseph Alphonse Maurice
St. Pierre, Armand Leon Joseph
St. Vincent-welch, Standish Locksley
Stabell, Victor George
Stables, James Gordon
Stacey, Jack
Stachnik, Kazimierz Stanislaw
Stachurski, Wladyslaw
Stack, John Matthew
Stack, Edward Francis
Stack, Gerald Daniel Edward
Stack, Arnold Harvey
Staerz, Zbigniew Kazimierz
Stafford, Alan Gregory
Stafford, Reginald Walter
Stafford, Hume Melville
Stain, Roy Roberts
Stainton, William Charles
Stainton, Arthur John
Stairs, George William
Stalinski, Marian Benedykt Bogdan
Stalinski, Marian Benedykt Bogdan
Stalker, Alexander
Stalker, Leonard Ogilvy
Stallard, Cyril John
Stamers, Douglas Hazen
Stamp, Frank Percy
Stanczuk, Edmund
Standfast, John Percy
Standley, Malcolm John
Stanfield, James Ernest Field
Stanger, Noel Mizpah
Staniewski, Jozef
Stankiewicz, Stanislaw
Stankiewicz, Ryszard Franciszek
Stanley, Morris
Stanley, Melville James
Stanley, Jack Foden
Stanley, Harold Ernest
Stanley, Richard Walter
Stanley, Ross Harvey
Stanley, James Kent
Stanley, Grenville Gordon
Stanley, Douglas Owen
Stanley, Frederick Thomas
Stanton, Philip
Stanton, John Edward
Stanzel, Ross Samuel
Staples, John Willard
Staples, Donald Anderson
Staples, Gerald Frank
Staples, Richard Ludgvan
Staples, Sydney John
Stapleton, John Wilkins
Stapor, Jan
Star, Ernest Alexander
Stark, George Douglas
Stark, William Mcbain James
Starkoff, Victor
Starnes, Arley Carlisle
Starrup, Benjamin Victor
Startin, George Charles
Stasiak, Zbigniew Mieczyslaw
Staszek, Zygmunt
Stavenow, Leonard Charles
Stead, Allan Bennetto
Stead, Sidney Richard
Steadman, Hoyt Leslie
Stec, Wladyslaw
Stecyk, John Michael
Steed, Revell Jackson
Steed, Beecham Isaac Gordon
Steed, Jack William
Steedman, Robert
Steeds, John Edwin Mackenzie
Steel, Malcolm Joseph
Steel, Cyril Frederick Dean
Steel, Stanley David
Steel-davies, George Everette
Steele, Charles Gibson
Steele, Charles Figsby Colville
Steele, David Hayward
Steele, John David
Steele, Donald Touse
Steels, Arthur Douglas
Steels, Floyd Alexander
Steenson, Stanley William
Steepe, John Robert
Steer, Norman George
Steeves, Hugh Douglas
Steeves, John Chesley
Steeves, Chesley Borden
Steeves, James Allison
Stefanicki, Tadeusz Jan
Stefanus, Kornel Roman
Steffan, James Pat
Steffin, Paul
Stegman, Stefan
Stehr, Bruce Edward
Steinbach, Kenneth Henry Charles
Steinberg, Hymie
Steinhauer, George Henry
Steininger, Aleksander
Stell, Harold James
Stellin, James Kingston
Stelman, Alexander
Stelter, Norman Albert
Stenborg, Gray
Stengierski, Jan
Stenhouse, Robert Craig
Stenhouse, Hugh
Stenhouse, James Kelso
Stenning, Bruce
Stentiford, Harold Frederick
Stephen, Charles Edward
Stephen, John William
Stephen, John Mathieson
Stephen, Andrew Arthur
Stephen, Hubert Andrew
Stephens, Geoffrey Chandos
Stephens, Ernest Victor
Stephens, Frederick Luckman
Stephens, Wilbert
Stephens, John Melville
Stephens, Ronald Frederick
Stephens, James Anthony
Stephens, Lindsay John
Stephens, William Arthur
Stephens, Robert Francis
Stephens, Arthur Hugh
Stephens, Thomas
Stephensen, Cyril Edward
Stephenson, Norman David Lesley
Stephenson, Edward Borden
Stephenson, Fred Chadwick
Stephenson, Robert Worrall
Stephenson, William Thomas Ross
Stepien, Stanislaw
Stepien, Zygfryd
Stepien, Jozef Franciszek
Sterling, Joseph Darcy Keith
Sterling, Rowan Burgess
Stern, Max
Sterne, John Rutherfford
Stevens, Thomas Charles
Stevens, James Joseph Urban
Stevens, William Richard
Stevens, Norman Albert
Stevens, Paul Bevens
Stevens, David Jason
Stevens, Maurice Frederick
Stevens, Robert Slade
Stevens, George Alfred Harding
Stevens, Harry Alfred
Stevens, Frank Charles
Stevens, Baden Henry
Stevens, Gordon Brassett
Stevenson, William James
Stevenson, Joseph Daglish
Stevenson, Donald Gerald
Stevenson, Ben Ross
Stevenson, George
Stevenson, Ian Sydney Alexander
Stevenson, James Alexander
Stevenson, George Edward
Stevenson, James Morton
Stevenson, Linton William
Stevenson, Edward Barnes
Stevenson, James Douglas
Stevenson, Clement Robert
Stevenson, Frank
Stevenson, Leslie Howard
Stevenson, John
Stevenson, Earle John
Stewardson, Clarence Cecil
Stewart, Neil Macintyre
Stewart, Frank Campbell
Stewart, James
Stewart, Douglas Keith
Stewart, Derek George
Stewart, William Mcgill
Stewart, Robert William
Stewart, Douglas Harrison
Stewart, Thomas Murray
Stewart, Donal David Charles
Stewart, Angus William
Stewart, Neil Gordon
Stewart, Michael Donald
Stewart, Robert Emery
Stewart, John Alvah
Stewart, Walter Ferguson
Stewart, Robert
Stewart, William Benjamin
Stewart, Joseph Robert
Stewart, Reginald Donald
Stewart, Howard Murray
Stewart, James Gordon
Stewart, Jack Ormsby
Stewart, William Harrington Davy
Stewart, Alan Richard
Stewart, Russell Redway
Stewart, Ronald Henry
Stewart, Russell Ian
Stewart, James Gethings
Stewart, Lorne Glen
Stewart, Eric Edgar
Stewart, Donald Ross
Stewart, Robert Reginald
Stewart, Frederick William
Stewart, Moodie Morris
Stewart, Donald Ian
Stewart, Robert
Stewart, Donald Burton
Stewart, John Edgar
Stewart, Leonard James
Stewart, Kenneth Murray
Stewart, Keith Robert
Stewart, Courtney Raymond
Stewart, Herbert William
Stewart, Jack Graham
Stewart, David Cameron
Stewart, William Henry
Steyn, Colin Charles Peter
Stibbard, John Hamilton
Stichman, Paul
Stickel, Frederick Martin
Stickney, Robert Randolph
Stienstra, Arthur
Stilborn, John Henry
Stilborn, Kenneth Elwood
Stiles, William Alfred
Stilin, Albert
Stillings, John Earl
Stinson, Lloyd Albert
Stinson, Arnold Emerson
Stinson, Harold Keith
Stinson, John Buxton
Stirling, William
Stirling, Eric John Walter
Stirling, James Wight
Stobie, Graeme Grieve
Stobo, Wren
Stock, Harry Arthur
Stock, Leonard Albert
Stock, Morley Bernard
Stockbridge, Howard Sydney
Stockdale, George Edward
Stockton, Robert White
Stoeckel, Oswald Ian Hamilton
Stoehr, James Ben
Stoffels, Roelof David
Stoker, Tom Thornley Braithwaite
Stokes, John Ridley
Stokes, Geoffrey Keeley
Stokes, William Angus Bartlett
Stokes, Gordon Jeffrey
Stokes, John Frederick
Stokes, Mark Arthur
Stokes, Francis Frey
Stokes, Noel Alfred Deal
Stoll, Ernest Frederick Johann
Stollery, Ernest
Stolowski, Jan
Stone, Ronald Charles
Stone, Ronald Francis
Stone, Geoffrey William
Stone, John Maynard
Stone, Noel Edward
Stone, William Reginald
Stone, Wilfred
Stone, Ivan Stuart
Stone, Robert James
Stone, Oscar Wilson
Stone, Robert James
Stone, Thomas Allen
Stoneham, Albert Louis
Stoneman, John Ross
Stoner, Melvin Harold
Stopforth, Jellicoe K.
Stopp, John Henry
Stordy, Vernon Cleveland
Storer, Bernard Kevin
Storey, Ivan Waddell
Storey, Douglas Simpson
Storey, Robert Lorne
Storey, Charles Theodore
Stormer, Lloyd Martin
Story, Donald William
Storzyk, Jozef
Stotesbury, David
Stott, William
Stout, Frank William Mcdowell
Stovell, Cecil
Stover, Russell Roberts
Stowe, Sidney Vernon
Stowell, Frederick George
Strachan, David Findlay
Strachan, James Sherman
Strachan, William Watson
Strachan, Bert
Strachan, Douglas Gibbs
Strachan, William Alexander
Strain, Clifford Clarence
Strain, Robert Peter
Strand, William Russell
Strang, Evan Rankin
Strang, Gerald Lee
Strang, Clement Russell
Strantzen, Richard Joseph Heuston
Strasburger, Andrzej
Stratford, Gibson Ritchie
Stratton, Keith Robinson
Stratton, Ronald Grant
Stratton, Alfred Rowland
Strauss, Robert Harry
Straver, Willem Bastiaan
Strawbridge, Eric John
Street, John
Street, Sidney Crispin
Street, Eric George
Streeter, Lawrence William
Streeter, Donald Frederick
Streich, Willard Ainsley
Strickland, George John
Strickland, Roy Cecil
Strickland, Leonard
Stringer, Ronald Henry
Stringer, George Edward
Stringer, Frank Craven
Stringer, Allan James
Striowski, Albert George
Strode-penny, Russell William
Strominski, Karol
Stronach, James Gatherum
Stronczynski, Wladyslaw
Strong, George Frederick
Strong, Geoffrey Walter
Strong, Philip Henry
Strong, Donald Percy
Stroud, Claire Douglas
Stroud, Donald Keith
Strout, Alfred Carman
Strouts, Harley Richard
Strouts, Frederick Stanley
Stroynowski, Tadeusz Romuald
Strozak, Ryszard Jozef
Strumm, Maynard Lloyd
Struniewski, Pawel
Struthers, George Alexander Monckton
Struthers, William James
Strutt, The Hon. C. V. Michael
Strutt, Gordon James
Strycharek, Piotr Olgierd
Strzelczyk, Wladyslaw
Strzembosz, Wiktor Stanislaw
Strzembosz, Wiktor Stanislaw
Strzyzewski, Jacek
Stuart, James
Stuart, William
Stuart, Joseph William
Stuart, Robert Claire
Stuart, Antony Innes
Stuart, Charles Alexander
Stuart, Ian Douglas
Stuart, Phillip Gordon
Stuart, Clement John
Stuart, Raymond Clarence
Stuart, Mark
Stuart, Charles Edwin
Stuart, Richard Charles
Stuart, Frank
Stuart, Peter Donald Graham
Stuart, William Douglas
Stuart, Reginald Victor
Stuart, James Francis Paul
Stuart, Harding James
Stubbings, Robert James
Stubbs, John Douglas
Stubbs, Cecil Raymond
Stubbs, Alexander William
Stubbs, Norman Richard
Stubbs, John Henry
Stubbs, John Lionel
Stubelt, Robert Ford
Stuchbery, Lloyd Robert
Studman, Leslie George
Study, Kenneth Frank
Stumph, Glen Joseph
Sturday, Bruce Leonard
Sturges, Peter
Sturgess, John Lee
Sturley, Ross Griffin
Sturmy, William John Deblois
Sturt, Henry Twite
Stusiak, Nicholas
Styles, Jack Morris
Styles, Ivan Raymond
Styles, William Thomas Collins
Sucharov, Mortimer Samuel
Suddick, William Edward
Sugden, Alfred William Edward
Sugg, Eric John
Suggitt, William Reid
Sugrue, William Donald
Sukiennik, Jerzy Jan Stanislaw
Sukniewicz, Marian
Sulgut, Czeslaw Kazimierz
Sulinski, Romuald
Sullivan, Peter Richard Vincent
Sullivan, Patrick William
Sullivan, Leroy Means
Sullivan, Peter Selwood
Sullivan, John Mcdowall
Sullivan, Charles Barry
Sullivan, George Allan
Sullivan, Laurence Gerard
Sullivan, John Raymond
Sullivan, Russel Creth
Sullivan, John Bernard
Sullivan, Joseph Patrick
Sullivan, Stafford John
Sullivan, William Joseph
Sullivan, Maurice Anthony
Sullivan, Frederick Alexander
Sulz, Henry
Summerhayes, John Wilson
Summers, Arthur Benson
Summers, Samuel Charles Franklin
Summers, Arthur Albert
Summers, Malcolm Barnes
Summerson, Edward Thomas
Summerville, Kent Oswald Thompson
Sumner, Edward Thomas
Sumpton, John Emmanuel
Sunstrum, Alexander Lorne
Sunstrum, Michael Joseph
Surbey, Vincent Joseph
Surrette, Donald Beattie
Surridge, Ernest Gordon
Sussman, Benjamin Sidney
Suszynski, Edward
Suszynski, Edward
Sutcliffe, John Henry
Suterski, Karol
Sutherland, Robert Lawrence
Sutherland, Roger Joseph
Sutherland, Ross Edwin
Sutherland, Richard Gordon
Sutherland, Leslie Gordon
Sutherland, Allan Cameron
Sutherland, Eric Phippen
Sutherland, Vernon Elton
Sutherland, Alexander
Sutherland, Peter
Sutherland, Norman James
Sutherland, Wilfred Kastner
Sutherland, James
Sutherland, John
Sutherland, Joseph Arthur William
Sutherland, John Thomas
Sutherland, William Fraser
Suthers, Harold
Suttak, James Emil
Sutterby, Donald Frank
Suttill, William
Sutton, James Thomas
Sutton, Cyril Bertie
Sutton, William Raymond
Sutton, Walter Charles
Sutton, William Ronald Rutherford
Sutton, Albert James
Suttor, Victor Francis
Suwalski, Roman
Sveinson, Helfi Sveinn
Swain, Aubrey Russell
Swain, Donald Klein
Swain, William Henry
Swales, Edwin
Swallow, Robert Philpot
Swan, Norman Cecil
Swan, John Kerr
Swan, Archie Campbell
Swan, Jack Edward
Swan, Harry Frederic
Swan, William Robertson
Swanbury, William George
Swann, Murray
Swansburg, Arthur Douglas
Swanson, Arnold Hildrew
Swanson, John Edward
Swanson, Douglas May
Swarbrick, Phillip
Swartz, Stanley John
Swatridge, Lionel Edward
Swedberg, Dean Walter
Sweeney, Joseph Gerald
Sweeney, Francis Raymond
Sweeney, Wilfred
Sweeney, Gordon
Sweeney, Vincent Daniel
Sweet, Basil Wilfred
Sweet, Julian Frederic
Sweet, Lawrence Thomas Edwin
Sweet, Philip Marcus
Sweitzer, Leonard James
Swiatczak, Ireneusz A
Swiatecki, Wladyslaw
Swiderski, Stanislaw Brunon
Swiderski, Jozef Stanislaw
Swiderski, Mieczyslaw Stanislaw
Swiderski, Marian
Swiderski, Alexander
Swieca, Boleslaw J
Swiech, Stanislaw
Swiecicki, Stanislaw
Swiel, Ronald
Swierz, Mieczyslaw
Swift, Sydney Clifton
Swift, Roy
Swindells, Eric Russell
Swindlehurst, Reginald Frederick
Swiney, Charles Bruce
Swingler, Bernard Percy
Swinney, Tasman Foskett
Swinson, Ronald Ross
Swinton, William Auld
Swinton, Norman Douglas Kerr
Swinton, Thomas Ross
Switalski, Aleksander
Swords, Robert Richard Falkiner
Sycz, Kazimierz
Sykes, Leonard Taylor
Sykes, John Edward
Sykes, Allen John
Sykes, Peter Frederick James
Sykes, Edwin Edward
Sykes, Ian Murray
Sylvah, Claude Michael
Sylvester, Victor Thomas
Sylwestrowicz, Jan
Syme, Lorston Boss
Syme, John
Symes, George Jeffrey
Symes, Alan John Farquhar
Symmons, William Mervyn
Symonds, Peter Louis
Symonds, Leslie James
Symonowicz, Wladyslaw
Symons, John Ritchie
Symons, Francis Robert
Synnott, James Murray
Syverston, John David
Szablowski, Stanislaw Jozef
Szabuniewicz, Juliusz Jozef
Szafran, Edward Jerzy
Szafraniec, Wilhelm
Szajda, Wladyslaw Jan
Szalkiewicz, Jan Leon
Szamrajew, Leon
Szarek, Stefan
Szczegora, Ingnacy
Szczurowski, Ryszard Zygmunt
Szczurynski, Tadeusz Jozef
Szela, Zbigniew
Szeliga, Mieczyslaw Gustaw
Szemplinski, Lucjan
Szmajdowicz, Tadeusz Jerzy
Szmejl, Stanisaw Waldemar
Sznidel, Stefan
Szope, Henryk
Szoplik, Ryszard
Szostak, Zbigniew Marian
Szostak, Tadeusz
Szot, Bolesaw Jozef
Szpalinski, Stanislaw Krzysztof
Szreder, Jan
Sztuba, Stanislaw Mieczyslaw
Szulkowski, Wladyslaw
Szumski, Edward
Szutka, Konrad Edward Kazimierz
Szwandt, Michal
Szwede, Tadeusz
Szwedowski, Henryk
Szyller, Antoni Jan
Szylling, Jerzy Henryk
Szymankiewicz, Teofil
Szymczyk, Pawe
Szymkowiak, Tadeusz
Szymkowiak, Tadeusz
Szyszka, Jan
Szyszka, Jan
Szyszka, Feliks Fryderyk
Szyszkowski, Witold
Szyszkowski, Witold
Taaffe, Rae Jessep
Taarnesvik, Arne Johannes
Tabaczynski, Antoni
Tabaczynski, Ernest Ryszard
Tabor, Lionel William
Tabor, Walter Thomas
Tabor, John Francis Edward
Taerum, Lorne Clifford
Taggart, Warren Raymond
Taggart, Garnett Eugene
Tagget, Allen Douglas
Tagseth, Melvin Caspar
Taillefer, Louis Phillipe Roma
Tainsh, Charles Stirling Dundas
Tait, William Robert
Tait, George Edward
Tait, Earl Douglas
Tait, Hugh Matheson
Tait, William
Tait, Francis Alexander
Tait, John
Tait, Collin Kenneth
Takarangi, Pine Tenga
Talbot, Allan Benjamin
Talbot, John Rodger
Talik, Jan
Talman, Richard Ellwood
Talocka, Joseph Peter
Tamblyn, Tom Skinner
Tamsett, Jack Alwyn
Tandy, Frederick Arthur Ernest
Tankard, Vincent Gregory
Tanner, Edward Francis
Tanner, Walter Richard
Tanner, Clarence Edgar
Tanner, John Harold
Tanner, Arthur James
Tanner, Thomas Bayly
Tanner, Norman William Neville
Tanuck, Gordon Stanley
Taplin, John Blatch
Tapp, Joseph Norbert
Tarrant, Cecil James
Tarrison, Maxwell Harry
Tarver, Harold Melville
Tasker, Brian Stanley
Tasker, Bernard Cyril
Tass, Jack
Tate, Maurice Varey
Tate, Lloyd Edward
Tate, Colin
Tate, George Douglas Watson
Tatham, George Bertram
Tatton, Allison George
Taubman, Kenneth John
Taverner, George Alfred Badge
Taverner, William Charles
Taverner, Henry George
Taylor, Harold Alvan
Taylor, Glen William
Taylor, Allan Murray
Taylor, James Alvin
Taylor, Laurence Alexander
Taylor, John Percival
Taylor, John Phillip
Taylor, Dudley George
Taylor, Ewan Moore
Taylor, Richard John
Taylor, Murray Clifford
Taylor, John Edward
Taylor, Johnston Playfair
Taylor, Mervyn James
Taylor, Charles William
Taylor, Ronald Wilkins
Taylor, Bruce Wilson
Taylor, Colin William
Taylor, Andrew Edward
Taylor, Robert William
Taylor, Glenford Herbert
Taylor, Wilburn Macmilne
Taylor, Cyril Garfield
Taylor, George Robert Ian
Taylor, Donald Gordon
Taylor, Norman
Taylor, Leonard Clayton
Taylor, Glen Whitcomb
Taylor, Lloyd Charles Alexander
Taylor, Thomas Wessel
Taylor, George Gordon
Taylor, Robert Allan
Taylor, Donald Graeme Lane
Taylor, Frederick Stuart
Taylor, William John
Taylor, Ernest Alfred
Taylor, Donald Theodore
Taylor, William Edward George (Billy)
Taylor, William
Taylor, Donald Allan
Taylor, Andrew Albert
Taylor, Edmund Ray
Taylor, Leonard Keith
Taylor, Leo Crampton
Taylor, William Howard
Taylor, Kenneth Henry
Taylor, Glenwood Alexander
Taylor, Frederick John
Taylor, Ronald Ward
Taylor, Thomas Ron
Taylor, Ronald West
Taylor, Donald David Mackenzie
Taylor, Joseph
Taylor, Jack
Taylor, John Barker
Taylor, Lawrence
Taylor, Talbot Jones
Taylor, Hermann John
Taylor, Robert Mcgarvey
Taylor, Archie William
Taylor, Norman Allan
Taylor, Edward James
Taylor, Malcolm Stout
Taylor, John Alexander
Taylor, Ralph Edgar
Taylor, Norman Henry Arthur
Taylor, James
Taylor, Roy John
Taylor, Gordon Arthur
Taylor, Charles Hugh
Taylor, John Elliott
Taylor, Robert Douglas
Taylor, Robert Clifton
Taylor, Beverly Thomas
Taylor, Desmond John
Taylor, Neville Alfred
Taylor, William Irving
Taylor, Charles Joseph
Taylor, David Donald
Taylor, Kenneth Roy
Taylor, Roderick Barker
Taylor, Royston Charles Clifford
Taylor, William Bryce
Taylor, Mervyn Charles
Taylor, Adrian Ralph
Taylor, Thomas William
Taylor, Garth Shearly
Taylor, George Stringer
Taylor-cannon, Keith Granville
Taynen, Donald Jack
Teague, Denis Frank
Teague, John William
Tedford, Blair Vincent
Tedford, Bernard Laird
Teede, Walter Henry
Tees, Bruce Edwin
Tees, William Alan
Tegowski, Czeslaw
Telfer, Selwyn Earl
Telfer, Robert Lloyd
Telford, Albert David
Telford, Angus Reginald
Temby, Colin Samuel
Temple, Albert John
Temple, Arthur John Guy
Temple, Gordon Yeates
Templer, Guy Merson
Templeton, Pat Neff
Templeton, Robert Park
Ten Herkel, Anton Marie
Tennant, Philip Athol
Tennant, William Allan
Tennant, Edward Drake Steele
Tennent, Keith George
Tennis, Howard Allen
Teodorko, Jan
Terpening, Robert Patrick
Terris, George Thompson Gilbert
Terry, Francis George
Terry, Ian Wingate
Terry, Arthur Lewis
Terry, Anthony David
Terwilliger, William Henry
Teskey, Harold Rex
Teskey, John Francis
Teskey, Stanley James
Tetrault, Joseph Octave Arthur Remi
Tetroe, Charles Wilfred
Tett, George Hazen
Teubert, Witold Henryk
Tew, Jack Murray
Tew, Edmond Mcleod
Thackray, Noel William Faulkner
Thain, Jack Alexander
Thaine, Francis Bruce
Thane, Desmond William
Theaker, Thomas Keith
Theriault, Louis Phillip
Theriault, Henri Paul
Therien, Francois Cecilius Jean-louis
Thew, Donald Marvin
Thibaudeau, Joseph Evariste Adrien
Thibault, Louis Joseph Leo
Thicke, Douglas Andrew
Thiele, Herbert John
Thiesler, Kazimierz
Thiessen, Arley Henry
Thirde, William
Thistle, Frank Eleazer
Thistle, Lawrence Bruce
Thom, William Craig
Thom, William Paterson
Thomas, Vincent Maxwell
Thomas, John Russell
Thomas, William Jefferis
Thomas, Frank Macdonald
Thomas, Kenneth Brant
Thomas, William Evans
Thomas, Charles Frank
Thomas, Maxwell Trevethan
Thomas, Arthur Evans Cosdett
Thomas, Lloyd George Dennis
Thomas, Cecil Keith
Thomas, Arthur Roy
Thomas, Hubert Cecil Lloyd
Thomas, Robert
Thomas, John Edwin
Thomas, Allen Benjamin
Thomas, John Raymond
Thomas, William Robert Douglas
Thomas, Wilbert Harry
Thomas, John Bullfinch
Thomas, Llewellyn Morganog
Thomas, Edward
Thomas, Thomas Joseph
Thomas, Seth Mark
Thomas, Charles Richard
Thomas, Raymond
Thomas, Richard Raymond
Thomas, Douglas Osborne
Thomas, Gordon Griffith
Thomasberg, Balder
Thomlison, John Macleod
Thompson, Ford Arnold
Thompson, Henry St. George
Thompson, Norman Watson
Thompson, Bruce Cathcart
Thompson, Clifford Arnold
Thompson, Stanley Lewis
Thompson, Harry Gordon
Thompson, John Allen
Thompson, James Bryan
Thompson, Edward Claude
Thompson, William Colin
Thompson, Willis Henry
Thompson, Russell Bennett
Thompson, C. Bruce
Thompson, Eric Moore
Thompson, Wallace
Thompson, John Baldwin
Thompson, Walter Mcnaught
Thompson, Carlton Stewart
Thompson, Joseph Michael
Thompson, William Lloyd George
Thompson, Harry Victor
Thompson, Harry Malfroy
Thompson, Thomas Wellwood
Thompson, John Kevin
Thompson, Onslow Waldo
Thompson, Ian James
Thompson, Forrest Harold
Thompson, Ivan Lindsay Vinall
Thompson, Gordon William
Thompson, Raymond Joseph
Thompson, Harold Classen
Thompson, Arthur Alan
Thompson, Evan Hamilton
Thompson, Lorne Edgar
Thompson, Albert Arthur
Thompson, Wallace Roy
Thompson, Denison Hilton
Thompson, Osborne David
Thompson, John William
Thompson, William Alexander
Thompson, Ronald Carby
Thompson, Ralph Lindsay
Thompson, Ralph Lloyd
Thompson, Duncan Gordon
Thompson, William Basil Cheale
Thompson, Harold Robert
Thompson, Desmond Lewis
Thompson, John Willard
Thompson, Harry William
Thoms, Albert Cyril
Thomsen, A. Mac. D.
Thomsen, Carl Christian
Thomson, Clive William
Thomson, James Austin
Thomson, Daniel Mcnicol
Thomson, Thomas
Thomson, Stuart Mclean
Thomson, Russell James
Thomson, James Sydney
Thomson, David Mcnab
Thomson, Harold David
Thomson, James Williamson
Thomson, John Gordon
Thomson, Gordon Douglas
Thomson, Edward Nigel Jeffreys
Thomson, Edward Leonard
Thomson, Trevor Andrew
Thomson, James Anderson
Thomson, James Mcnae
Thomson, Beverley John Wentworth
Thomson, Jack Stewart
Thomson, Rollo Burrows
Thomson, John Nisbet
Thomson, William
Thomson, Jack
Thomson, Thomas Allan
Thomson, Alexander Sinclair
Thomson, Ian Alexander
Thomson, John Alec
Thomson, Alexander George
Thomson, Noel Edgar
Thomson, Scott Tudhope Calder
Thomson, Stuart
Thomson, Craig Sloan
Thomson, Arthur Sylvanus
Thornber, Ernest Garfield
Thorndycraft, Leonard Alfred
Thorne, Robert Aubray
Thorneycroft, Leonard Everett
Thornley, Frederick Thomas
Thornley, Bruce Allan
Thornton, Kenneth Frederick
Thornton, Arthur Thomas
Thornton, Albert Eric
Thornton, Lewis
Thornton, William Austin
Thornton, David
Thornton, Harvey
Thorp, Burnham John Malcolm
Thorpe, Noel Humphrey
Thorpe, John Wilson
Thorpe, Mervyn Sydney
Thorpe, Raoul Ellery
Thorpe, Donald Menzies
Thrasher, Arthur Ross
Thrasher, John William
Thrower, Samuel Harrington Considine
Thurecht, Norman Ray
Thurlow, William Charles
Thurlow, John Robert
Thurlow, Jack Alvin
Thurlow, Robert
Thurston, Walter Vincent
Thurstun, Charles Robert
Thwaite, Thomas Richard
Thyer, Leon John
Tibbits, Eric Ronald
Tickle, Dalton Joseph
Tickle, Frank Reginald
Tickner, Russell George
Tidy, Charles Harrison
Tiernan, Patrick Edward Thomas
Tierney, Thomas Bernard
Tierney, Ralph Henderson
Tietjens, Stephen Muir
Tighe, Lawrence Joseph
Tighe, Robert George
Tilbrook, Jeoffrey Maxwell
Till, Alwyn Terence
Tilt, Francis Gorman
Tilton, Arthur Andrew
Timlin, Ross Lindsay
Timperon, Joseph Banks
Tindale, Arthur Milford
Tindall, Charles Arthur
Tindle, George William
Tindley, Harry Wallace
Tingle, Cyril Nisbet
Tingle, Leicester James
Tinker, Walter Ross
Tinker, Edmund Thomas
Tinkess, Donald Guthrie
Tinline, John Evan
Tiplady, Charles William Eric
Tippett, Geoffrey Robert
Tippett, Arthur James
Tipping, Francis William
Titleman, Daniel
Titt, Donald Fraser
Titus, Gerald Robert
Tkaczuk, Mateusz
Toal, Gordon William Chester
Tobin, Leo Sarsfield
Tobola, Jan Marian
Tobolski, Pawel Wilhelm
Tod, Robert Ernest
Tod, Richard Douglas
Todd, Frank Gilmour
Todd, Joseph Craig
Todd, Elvin George
Todd, Robert Mercer
Todd, Arthur Francis
Todd, Richard Earl
Todd, Francis Lionel
Todd, John Edward
Todd, Duncan Luin
Todd, Cecil
Todd, James
Todd, Oliver William
Todhunter, Charles Clarke
Tofin, Stanislaw
Toft, Cecil
Tokar, Paul William
Tokarzewski, Jan Andrzej
Tole, Harold Keith
Tolley, Alan Gray
Tolmie, John Andrews
Tomaszewski, Tadeusz
Tomaszewski, Janusz
Tomaszewski, Ignacy
Tomchyshyn, Peter
Tomczak, Marcel Emmett
Tomkins, Kenneth James
Tomlin, Douglas
Tomlin, John Charles
Tomlinson, Mansell Matthew
Tomlinson, Frank Morton
Tomlinson, Robert James
Tomlinson, James Gordon
Tomlinson, Walter Harold
Tomoana, Tamaturangi Te
Toms, Robert Macpherson
Tones, John Robert
Tong, Harold
Tongue, Jack
Tonkin, John Ramsay
Tonkin, Douglas Noel
Tonkin, Donald Clifford
Toohey, Edward Wallace
Toohey, William Donald
Toohill, Noel Messines
Toole, Edwin Archibald
Toomey, Leo
Toon, Kenneth Alan
Toon, James Willis
Toose, George Lindsay
Tooth, George Arthur
Tooze, Russell Mark
Topliff, George Henry
Topolnicki, Juliusz
Topp, William Leslie
Topping, Frederick Wills
Topping, Charles Clinton
Topping, William Frederick
Torbet, George Dudgeon
Torbett, Angus Francis Wilson
Torkelson, Donald Leroy
Toronczuk, Constantin
Torr, Glen
Torrance, Maurice Allan
Torscher, Joseph Wendelin
Toshack, Robert Hollis
Toth, Leslie Wilfred
Tottenham, Anthony Bowen Loftus
Tottman, David James
Tough, John George Ross
Toupin, Joseph Onesime Thomas A. A. G.
Toupin, Lionel Louis Victor
Tout, Albert Richard
Tovey, Brian Douglas
Towers, William Leopold
Towle, Sidney Elmer
Towler, Lambert Charles
Towlson, William Frederick
Town, John Alfred
Townrow, Leonard Arthur
Townsend, Philip Edward Thompson
Townsend, Robert Wilfred Ernest
Townsend, William Russell
Townsend, Leslie Robert
Townsend, Charles Richard
Townsend, Elwood Albert
Towsley, Charles Edward
Towsley, Leslie Robert
Towstiejko, Zdzislaw Marian
Toy, Noel Richard Brittan
Toyne, William Henry Stacey
Tozer, Colin Foley
Tracey, John Chalmers
Traeger, Ernest Hugo
Trafford, George Raymond
Trafford, Ivan Raymond
Traill, John Alan
Traill, James Edward
Train, John
Trainor, Ihaia William
Tranmer, William Thomas
Tranter, Roy Hudson
Trapp, Byron Adair
Trask, Kenneth John
Trask, Woodrow Arnold
Trask, Cyril Randolph
Traugutt, Wieslaw Jan
Travale, Michael
Traver, Howard William
Travers, Franklin Leroy
Travis, John Donald
Treadgold, John
Treadwell, William Henry
Trebilcock, Colin Eric
Tredenick, Ernest Ashton
Tree, John Robert
Treherne, Howard Cedric
Treister, Joel
Treleaven, Errol Hilliard
Treloar, Harry Alan
Treloar, John Richings
Treloar, Ian
Tremblay, Pierre Yves Camille
Tremblay, Joseph Neree Andre Maurice
Tremblay, Alfred Arthur Joseph
Tremblay, David Gerald
Trery, Charles Ronald
Tresidder, Robert Litchfield
Tressam, Thomas Edward
Trewin, Wallace Howard
Trewin, Bertram Alfonso
Trewin, Thomas William
Tribble, Ernest Edward
Trickett, Douglas Herbert
Trigg, Lloyd Allan
Trigwell, Russell Seymour
Trilsbeck, Theodore
Trinder, Charlie Wilson
Tripp, Warrington Wade
Trippe, Temple Dawson
Trites, Richard Murray
Tritt, Jack
Troman, Samuel Robert
Tronczynski, Bohdan
Trood, Doctor Dudley
Trott, Donald Alexander
Trotter, James Arthur
Troup, Allan Willson
Trousdale, Richard Macklow
Trout, Robert Burns
Trovillo, Frank Leroy
Trowbridge, Stuart Urquhart
Trowbridge, Vincent Charles William
Trudeau, Joseph Keith
Trudeau, Pierre Paul
Trudeau, Zenon Romeo
Trudel, Roland Joseph
Trudell, Charles Chester
Trueman, Harry George
Trunley, Lewis
Truscott, Eric Leonard
Truscott, James Robert
Truscott, Cyril Francis Joseph
Truscott, Harold Edmund
Truskett, Terence George
Trusty, Norman Edward
Truszkowski, Jerzy Jozef
Trymbulak, Brony
Trzcinski, Aleksander
Trzebiatowski, Leon
Trznadel, Jan Jozef
Tubis, Tamasz
Tubman, Ronald Vernon
Tuchtie, Nicholas John
Tuck, John Frederick
Tuck, William Robert
Tuck, George William
Tucker, Gordon Leslie
Tucker, Horace Burpee
Tucker, Joseph William
Tucker, Jack Charleton
Tucker, David Thomas
Tucker, John Francis
Tucker, Kenneth David
Tucker, Thomas Ernest Jeffrey
Tucker, Kenneth Guilfoyle
Tucker, John Richards
Tucker, Roy Ambrose Stuart
Tucker, Lawrence Stanley
Tuckwell, Raymond Alexander
Tuczemski, Jerzy Ryszard
Tudberry, William
Tudehope, Reginald Joseph
Tuff, Robert Bruce
Tufts, Harry William Robert
Tuliszka, Edmund
Tulk, Hayward Selby
Tulloch, Archie
Tulloch, Stewart
Tully, Bristow William
Tully, John Leahy
Tuma, Charles
Tunney, Lawrence Raymond
Tunnicliffe, Vernon Grant
Tuplin, James Chester
Turachek, John Martin
Turcotte, Garnet Hartford
Turgeon, Paul Joseph
Turgeon, Augustin Charles
Turley, Wilfred
Turnbull, George Watson
Turnbull, Joseph Albert
Turnbull, Donald Yuill
Turnbull, John James Herbert
Turnbull, John George
Turnbull, Henry Hume
Turner, Thomas Duncan
Turner, Harry
Turner, Darl Neilson
Turner, Frank John Hoskins
Turner, Benjamin Warren
Turner, Dalton Arnold
Turner, Alfred Gullery
Turner, Ernest Henry
Turner, John Curtin
Turner, Frank Lees
Turner, John Allan Ryerson
Turner, Henry Thomas Augustus
Turner, Wilbur Lewis
Turner, Jean Albert Marc
Turner, Malcolm John
Turner, Raymond Hilton
Turner, Clarence Alvin
Turner, Herbert Albert
Turner, Nelson Cremer
Turner, Eric Claude
Turner, John Ernst
Turner, Frederick Oswald
Turner, Phillip Kelvin
Turner, William
Turner, Vincent Nicholas Walter
Turner, Alan Frederick
Turner, Jack George Gabe
Turner, John Blackwell
Turner, John James Joseph
Turnock, John Sivyer
Turnor, Percy Keith
Turp, Robert Jack
Turski, Aleksander Marcin
Turski, Stanislaw Konrad
Turvey, Ronald George
Turvey, Frederick William
Tushingham, Harold Duncan
Tustin, William Albert
Tuttle, Thomas Weldon
Tutton, Kenneth William
Tuuri, Albert William
Twaddle, Donald Angus
Twardowski, Jan
Twarkowski, Zdzislaw Zygmunt
Tweedale, Gordon Russell
Tweedie, Norman
Tweedle, Charles Milton
Tweedy, John Lester
Twentyman, Wilson
Tweter, Lloyd Allan
Twidle, Douglas George
Twigg, John Despard
Twigg, Gordon Edward
Twigg, Edward James
Twigge, Gerald Andrew
Twomey, Richard John
Tyas, Harold Complin
Tyas, Reginald Charles
Tycholis, Antoni
Tye, William
Tye, Ralph Holland
Tyerman, Wallis Berkley
Tyler, George
Tylor, Jack Wilfred
Tymchuk, Metro Daniel
Tymms, Michael Justin
Tyndale, Lorne Vincent
Tyne, Albert Edward
Tyrala, Tadeusz Jan
Tyre, James Russell Courtney
Tyrone, Gordon Louis
Tyrrell, Arnold Jeffers
Tyson, Stanley John
Tyte, Owen Leslie
Uchman, Boleslaw Otto
Uditsky, Andrew Peter
Udny Lister, Thomas Edward
Uhrig, Robert James
Ulasiuk, Franciszek
Ulasiuk, Franciszek
Ulens, Rayburn William Thomas
Ulicki, Jozef
Ulrichsen, Jan David Butler
Ulry, Archie Dareld
Underhill, John Walter Louis
Underwood, John Michael
Underwood, Jack Leslie
Underwood, Aaron Patrick
Underwood, Cecil Gwynne
Unser, Anton Nicholas
Unsworth, Charles Leonard
Unterseher, Emil
Unwin, Leonard Arthur
Upper, Bedford Philip
Upshall, Lloyd Joyce
Upton, Frank Wakefield
Upton, James Alphonsus
Uram, Boleslaw
Urban, Russell
Urbanski, Jozef
Uretzky, Harry
Urquhart, David
Urquhart, Alexander Norland
Urquhart, Kenneth Robertson
Urquhart, David Smith
Urquhart, James Arthur
Uru, Henare Whakatau
Urwin, Reginald William
Usher, Moses Lewis
Ustjanowski, Ladyslaw
Uszpolewicz, Boleslaw
Utman, Keith Barkley
Uttley, William George
Uys, Dirk Cornelius
Vacheresse, William Macdonald
Vagg, Robert Arthur James
Vail, Donald
Vail, Derrick Tilton
Vair, Marshall Robert Ross
Valder, Jack Collingridge
Vale, William Searle
Vale, Francis Edward
Valette, Michael Bernard
Valiquet, Charles Napoleon
Valiquette, Joseph Claude
Valk, John Chester
Vallance, Lloyd George
Vallender, Phillip Edward Burton
Vallentine, Vivian Lawrence
Valley, William Allan
Van Alstyne, Philip Nairn Thompson
Van Blarcom, Eugene Clifford
Van Brunt, Norman Albert
Van Buren, Russell Benson
Van Camp, Ralph Hughes
Van Cleaf, Raymond Kenneth
Van Cooten, John William
Van Dam,
Van Den Bron, Rudi
Van Der Merwe,
Van Der Riet,
Van Der Spuy, Roy David M.
Van Der Spuy,
Van Der Vyver,
Van Der Walt,
Van Der Westhuizen, Jacobus Francois
Van Der Westhuizen, Pieter Johannes Daniel
Van Droogenbroeck, Francois Adrien Jean
Van Dyk,
Van Dyk,
Van Egmond, Arie Willem
Van Geun, Furneaux Montague
Van Hagen, Johannes Hermanus
Van Heerden,
Van Horne, Lawrence Ross
Van Kleeck, Richard Bruce
Van Kooij, Marinus Renardus
Van Opdorp, Bernardus Eduardus
Van Otterloo, Christiaan Anthon Eppe
Van Raalte, Henry Stewart
Van Rensburg,
Van Rensburg, Philippus Roedoif
Van Rooyen,
Van Rooyen,
Van Staden,
Van Waning, Kendall
Van Zuilecom, Herbert Langtree
Van Zyl,
Van Zyl,
Van Zyl, Louis Andries
Van-every, George Hiram
Vance, Clifford Lowell
Vance, Fred Renshaw
Vance, Gordon Elgin
Vance, Alan Russell
Vance, Warren William
Vance, Elmer Robert
Vandekinder, Marcel Edward
Vanderbeck, Roger Edwin
Vanderdasson, William Lorne
Vanderhart, Albert Major
Vanderveen, Hugh Ledgerwood
Vandervoort, William John
Vannier, Joseph Jacques Rodolphe
Vanular, John Henry
Vardy, Albert Edward
Varey, Bryan Henry
Varney, Maxwell Everette
Varrick, Fred Rupert
Vasicek, John Anthony
Vatcher, Robert Phillips
Vaughan, Douglas William
Vaughan, William Alan Henry
Vaughan, John Gilmore
Vaughan, John Leslie
Vaupel, Frederick Leroy
Vautier, Garnault Mervyn
Vautour, Alfred Gerald
Veal, Colin Geoffrey
Veale, Neville James Ninnis
Veale, Richard Samuel
Vearncombe, Reginald Howard
Veech, Neville John
Veira, Basil Vernon Lancelot
Veit, Wojciech
Veit, Roger Walther
Vellenoweth, Henry Morton
Venber, Nick
Veness, Daniel Edward
Venn, Arthur James
Venn, Frank James
Vennes, Joseph Jules Jean Jacques
Venning, Owen Earle
Veraas, Audfinn
Vercoe, Peter Newman
Vercoe, Terrance James
Veregin, Howard Peter
Verity, Leighton Aaron
Verley, Edward Worrell Graham
Vernazoni, Richard Barry
Vesey, Harry Davey
Vessey, Ronald William
Vezina, Joseph Fernand Paul
Viau, Joseph Rene
Viau, Raymond Gerald
Vickerman, Alan John
Vickers, Edwin Karl
Vickers, Edgar Henry
Vickers, John Keith
Vickers, George Peter
Vickers, John William
Vickery, Clifford Howard
Vid, Frank John
Vidal, Joseph Wilfrid Henri
Vidal, Aymeric Essex
Vieritz, Clifford Alexander
Vigneault, Joseph Philorome Ambroise
Vigor, Edmund Arthur
Villeneuve, Jules Robert Rene
Vincent, Thomas Alexander
Vincent, Howard Russell
Vincent, Gordon Kenneth Vimy Ridge
Vincent, Peter Horace Gordon
Vinett, Gerard Frederick
Viney, Cyril Charles
Viney, Frederick Harold
Vinicombe, Stanley Seymour
Vinten, Sidney Lionel
Vipond, Dalton Eastman
Vipond, Blair Everett
Vipond, George Graham
Virag, James Emil
Virtue, James Denholm
Vivian, Jack Kenneth
Vivian, Patrick Aylmer
Vlassie, Nickolas
Vocasivich, William John
Vogan, George Hillary
Vogt, John Ronald
Vokey, Richard Walter
Vokey, Reginald Ernest
Voller, Peter Collin
Volny, Albert
Von Dadelszen, Michael
Von Der Groeben, Richard Arthur
Vornbrock, Wilfred Ferdinand
Vorster, Coen Brits
Vose, James Samuel
Vowles, John Reuben
Vurgese, George
Vye, Benjamin Havelock
Vye, Byron Emerson Alwyn
Vyse, Cecil Edward
Waaka, Tionga
Waardenburg, Cornelis
Wabb, William Robert Lloyd
Wachal, Kazimierz
Wachter, Norman Leslie
Waclawski, Stanislaw
Waddell, James William
Waddell, Robert Reginald
Waddell, Woodrow Wilcox
Waddell, Geoffrey Harold
Waddell, Harold Theodore
Waddell, Peter Victor
Waddington, Lawrence Ernest
Waddle, Ward Ralph
Waddy, Richard Selkirk
Wade, Peter Stuart
Wade, William Harold
Wade, Donald Allen
Wade, Horton Neilson
Wade, James Gordon
Wade, James Christopher
Wade, Frank William
Wade, Reginald Herbert
Wadham, Maurice Henry
Wadman, Leonard Alfred
Wadman, Lester Mcbride
Wagner, Gerald Edward
Wagner, Robert Eugene
Wagstaff, Eric Gordon
Wahl, William
Wahlers, Edward
Waight, Kevin Campbell
Wain, John Herbert
Wainwright, Kenneth Rowland
Waite, Allan Halford
Waite, Maynard Miller
Wakefield, John
Wakelin, Raymond Lloyd
Wakely, Wilfred George
Wakely, Noel Nathaniel
Wakeman, Harold Frederick
Walaszek, Karol
Walawski, Janusz Jerzy
Walczak, Radomir
Walczak, Tadeusz
Walczak, Stanisaw
Walczyk, Mieczyslaw
Walden, Gordon Fitzgerald
Walden, John Edward
Waldern, Gordon Charles
Waldie, Geoffrey Maxwell
Waldon, Ronald Frederick
Waldon, Douglas Morrison
Waldron, Weston Ross
Waldron, Wilbur Lloyd
Waldron, Eric Leslie
Walen, George
Walker, Bruce Douglas
Walker, Gordon Murray
Walker, James Elmslie
Walker, Wallace
Walker, Kenneth Charles
Walker, Fedreric Murray
Walker, Gerald Duncan
Walker, Henry Leonard
Walker, Lindsay George
Walker, Stanley Clarkson
Walker, John Edward Stuart
Walker, Jack Lawton
Walker, Leclare Allerthorn
Walker, Arthur
Walker, John Harvey William
Walker, Donald Cameron
Walker, Ronald Charles
Walker, John William
Walker, Daniel Munro
Walker, Stewart Kitchener
Walker, Henry Norman
Walker, Charles William
Walker, Donald Foster
Walker, Graham Montgomery
Walker, Donald Edward
Walker, George Sharpe
Walker, Clifford Arthur
Walker, Andrew Morrison Orr
Walker, Cecil Gloucester
Walker, Percy Thomas Walter
Walker, Graham Stuart
Walker, Alexander Watt
Walker, Raymond Thomas
Walker, William Archibald
Walkerdine, Frederick William
Wall, Jack Edward
Wall, Walter Douglas
Wall, John Edwin Francis
Wall, Egbert Watts
Wallace, William Matthew
Wallace, William Bruce
Wallace, Clarence Burdett
Wallace, Utrick Watson
Wallace, George Albert
Wallace, David Lawson
Wallace, Robert Noble
Wallace, Alfred Jerry
Wallace, Hugh Alexander
Wallace, John William
Wallace, John
Wallace, Ivan James Vincent
Wallace, Jack Fisher
Wallace, William Ord
Wallace, Edward Wilson
Wallace, George Ernest
Wallace, Dalton James Kenneth
Wallace, Willard Warren
Wallace, Donald
Wallace, John Douglas
Wallace, Clarence Alfred Blake
Wallace, Hugh Hart
Wallace, Robert George
Wallace, Wilfred Clark
Wallace, Rex Donald
Walland, Allan Clarance
Wallbank, Donald
Walld, Robert Albin
Walley, Kenneth Richard
Walley, Keith Minshull
Wallis, John Desmond
Wallis, Bernard Forfar
Wallis, Albert Baulcombe
Walls, Raymond Ben
Walls, Bruce Woodrow
Wallwork, Albert
Wallwork, Ralph Stanley
Walmsley, Roy
Walmsley, Frank
Walsh, William Duncan
Walsh, Daniel Thomas
Walsh, John Sherwood
Walsh, John Francis
Walsh, Clement James
Walsh, John Wallace Richard
Walsh, Harry Maynard
Walsh, John Joseph
Walsh, John Arthur Ernest
Walsh, Cecil Stephen
Walsh, Cyril Augustine
Walsh, Richard James Hartland
Walter, Keith Benjamin
Walter, Percy William Keith
Walters, Vernon Alfred
Walters, Daniel De Waal
Walters, Edward Joseph
Walters, Ronald George
Walters, George William
Walters, Jack William
Walters, Henry George
Walters, Charles Frederick
Walters, William Roland
Walters, David
Walton, Lloyd Henry
Walton, Jonathan Harvey
Walton, David Claude Melville
Walton, Matthew Henry
Walton, Trevor Paul
Walton, William Archibald
Walton, Richard John
Wanicki, Stefan
Wann, John Allistair
Wantulok, Ludwik
Waple, Eric
Wapniarek, Stefan
Warburton, John
Warburton, George Ernest
Warburton, Eric
Ward, Roland Gilbert
Ward, John Duncan
Ward, Fred William
Ward, Henry Thomas
Ward, Donald Mcleod William
Ward, Robert Lawrence (Larry)
Ward, Bryan
Ward, Harold Bramley
Ward, Dudley Francis
Ward, Harold Claude
Ward, Frederick
Ward, John Michael
Ward, Earl Woodrow
Ward, John Langmeael
Ward, William George
Ward, Jack Stratford
Ward, Ralph Reginald
Ward, Gordon Lewis
Wardell, Leo Thompson
Wardrop, Robert John
Wardrop, John Jamieson Patrick
Wardrop, Alexander Mcbirnie
Wardrope, John Robertson
Wardrope, Calvin Hudson
Ware, Everlyn Leonard
Ware, James Henry
Ware, Jack Beaumont
Ware, George Napier
Ware, Leicester Bond
Wareham, Harold Baxter
Wares, Feliks
Warfield, William
Waring, Jocelyn King
Waring, Roy Stanley
Wark, Albert Mercier
Warll, Harold Peter
Warlow, David Stanley
Warne, John Lugton
Warne, Rudolph Filmore
Warne, Thomas Herbert
Warner, Timothy William
Warner, John William
Warner, Kenneth John
Warner, Harry Dale
Warner, Lloyd O'grady
Warner, Kenneth Earle
Warnick, Arthur Raymond
Warnick, Eugene Edward
Warnock, John Mervyn
Warnock, George Robert
Warnock, Harold Victor
Waroczewski, Jan Stanislaw
Waronski, Jozef
Warr, Edward Francis
Warr, Herbert Cheval Archer
Warren, Earle Freeman
Warren, Gordon
Warren, James Snedden
Warren, George Richard Marr
Warren, Clifford Young
Warren, Robert John Branch
Warren, Robert Orville Orson
Warren, Frederick Ernest Sydney
Warren, Ralph Ernest
Warren, Arthur Louis
Warren, William Howard
Warren, Kenneth Rowe
Warren, Robert James
Warren, Roy Edward
Warren, Lewis John
Warren-darley, George Henry
Warrington, William Ivon
Warszawski, Edward
Warthe, George Leonard
Warywoda, Peter
Washbourne, Gordon
Washburn, Dean Jerome
Washook, Michael
Wasilenko, Wiktor
Wasilewski, Wladysaw
Wasilewski, Leszek Teofil
Waskowiak, Stanislaw
Waslyk, James
Wasserman, Zahleck
Waszkiewicz, Stanislaw
Watchorn, James Bayly
Waterhouse, Leslie James
Waterman, William Maitland
Waterman, Thomas John Davies
Waters, John Francis
Waters, Mervin Hugh
Waters, Norman James
Waters, Laurence John Braithewaite
Waters, Ralph Ernest
Waters, David Owen
Waters, Edward Ashton
Waters, Kenneth Richmond
Waters, Leslie Walter
Watkin, Frank Edwin
Watkins, Kent Morgan
Watkins, Thomas Lincoln
Watkins, Marcel Alfred Barnard
Watkins, Herbert William
Watkinson, James Lester
Wator, Stanislaw Wladyslaw
Wator, Stanislaw Wladyslaw
Watorowski, Leon Jan
Watson, John Hendry Maurice
Watson, Herbert George
Watson, Vivian John
Watson, Keith James
Watson, Joseph William
Watson, John Kaye
Watson, Leonard David
Watson, John Grylls
Watson, Cleveland Charles
Watson, William Douglas
Watson, James Andrew
Watson, Thomas Stewart
Watson, Raymond Johnson
Watson, Howard Cameron
Watson, John Archibald
Watson, Kenneth Allan
Watson, David Lancaster
Watson, Dugald John
Watson, John Stanfield
Watson, Mervyn John
Watson, Alan Barton
Watson, Donald Alexander
Watson, Elliott Courtney
Watson, Reginald Kenneth
Watson, Desmond Vincent
Watson, Ian Reay
Watson, Edward Roland
Watson, Hugh Arthur Thomas
Watson, Floyd Bertram
Watson, Peter
Watson, Wallace Arthur
Watson, Leroy Anwyll
Watson, Louis Stanley
Watson, William Scott
Watson, Lloyd George
Watson, Frederick Stubbs
Watson, Walter Davis
Watson, Frederick Stanley
Watson, Charles Francis
Watson, Rayden Frederick
Watson, Cecil John
Watson, Percy Fisher
Watt, Edgar Coutts
Watt, James
Watt, Thomas Fair
Watt, Douglas Hubert
Watt, Alick
Watt, Wilfred Arthur
Watt, James Hugh
Watt, Alexander Simpson
Watt, Norman Alexander
Watt, Maxwell Birdwood
Watters, Terrence
Watterson, David Douglas
Watterworth, Mack William
Watts, Robert Hamilton
Watts, Charles Reginald
Watts, William Charles
Watts, Humphrey Stanley
Watts, Frederick Herbert
Watts, Keith Hamilton
Watts, Reginald Gordon
Watts, Rae Mcgee
Watts, Kenneth
Watts, Richard Herbert
Watts, Stephen Delancy
Watts, Gordon Roy
Wauchope, Archibald William
Waugh, Geoffrey William
Waugh, Alexander William
Waugh, Maxwell Bruce
Wawrzak, Boleslaw
Way, Wilfred Howard
Way, Herbert Henry
Way, James Oscar
Way, William Albert
Waychuk, Walter Simeon
Waycott, William John
Waydowicz, Stanislaw
Waye, Wendell Clifford
Weakley, Lawrence Oneill
Wearn, Leslie Allan
Wearne, John Frederick Bice
Wearne, William Raymond
Wearne, Douglas John
Weary, Frederick Percy Ogilvie
Weatherby, Charles Lewis
Weatherhead, Richard John
Weatherill, Jack
Weatherley, Verrell
Weaver, Bruce Wilbert
Weaver, Francis Augustine
Weaver, Frank Stuart
Weaver, Claude
Weaver, Glen Mason
Weaver, Harold Douglas
Weaver, Sylvan Ellwood
Weaver, Howard Mcelroy
Weaving, Kenneth Arnold Charles
Webb, William Miskimon
Webb, William Bryce
Webb, Joseph William
Webb, Frederick Vere
Webb, Stuart Douglas
Webb, Robert Charles
Webb, Evan Frederick
Webb, John Gibson
Webb, Herbert
Webb, Alfred James
Webb, Albert Ernest William
Webb, Francis Arthur
Webb, Edward Charles
Webb, Noel Edwin
Webb, Kenneth Wilfred
Webb, Gordon Thomas
Webb, Robson Coltish
Webb, Bernard Herbert
Webb, William George
Webb, Thomas Geoffrey
Webb, David Arthur
Webb, Edward Victor
Webber, Joseph Alexander
Webber, Rodney
Webber, Keith Robert
Webber, Wilbur Frederick
Webber, Francis Maxwell
Webber, Athol Grant
Webber, William Waldemar
Webber, Henry John
Weber, Bernard
Weber, Wilfred Earl
Webley, Leslie Charles Edgar
Webster, Roy Charles Morgan
Webster, John Colin
Webster, Arthur Robert
Webster, Leo Clifford
Webster, Robert James
Webster, Howard Bate
Webster, George Hamilton
Webster, Paul Osborne
Webster, Walter Hopkins
Webster, John Dorset
Webster, James George Hudson
Webster, Francis Llewellyn
Webster, Ralph
Wedd, Clifton Warwick Frank
Wedgwood, Keith Stewart
Wedin, Albert Ormond
Weeden, Jeffry
Weeden, Gordon Herbert
Weedon, James Frederick Gladstone
Weedy, Raymond Cuthbert
Weekes, Walter David
Weekes, Richard
Weeks, George Victor
Weeks, Wylie Murray
Weeks, William George
Weeks, Edward Howard
Weeks, Maxwell Allen
Weeks, Douglas Francis Christian
Weese, Robert Allen
Wegenast, William Alexander
Wegrzyn, Henryk
Weidenfeller, Clem Richard Bernard
Weiland, Ernest
Weinz, Edward
Weir, Ronald Stanley
Weir, James Chapman
Weir, Alexander Allan
Weir, Alexander Cuthbert
Weir, Leslie Vincent
Weir, William David
Weir, Ivan Arnold
Weis, Joseph William
Weiss, Ross
Weitz, C Paul
Welch, Henry Maxwell
Welch, Robert Thomas James
Welch, Harold Rangi
Welch, Arnold Gregory
Welch, Harry William
Welch, Arthur Maurice
Welch, Gordon George
Weller, Allen Lewis
Weller, Ronald Duncan
Wellesley, Charles John Jay
Wellings, Frank Richard
Wells, Stewart Willis
Wells, Geoffrey Lloyd
Wells, Ralph Ernest
Wells, Robert Douglas
Wells, George
Welsh, Lawrence Albert
Welsh, John Victor
Welsh, Gerald Arthur
Welsh, Ronald Hanson
Welsh, Bernard Eugene
Welshman, Sydney George
Wendt, William David
Wenger, John
Wennholm, Oscar Lovelock
Wenzel, Clarence Gerhart
Wernham, James Chrystall
Wesolowski, Marian Jan
Wesolowski, Zygmont
West, Jack Glover
West, Frank Wallace
West, William Samuel Henry
West, Albert Edward
West, Robert George
West, Donald
West, John Daniel
West, Andrew Leslie
West, Frederick Robert
West, John Edward
West, Norman Charles Elmer
West, Ian Albert
West, David George
Westbrook, Stanley Gordon
Westcott, Frederick Gregory
Westergard, Ralph William
Westerman, Robert Stephen
Western, Malcolm George
Westgate, Arthur William
Westgate, Robert John
Westhaver, Harold Andrew
Westlake, John Mitchell
Westley, Harold David
Westman, Robert Morris
Weston, William James
Weston, Alexander Harold
Weston, Richard Verdun
Weston, Godfrey Randal
Weston, George G.
Weston, Neville Jack
Weston, Colin
Westphal, Ronald Danford
Westwood, Reginald Francis
Wettlaufer, John William
Wettlaufer, Norman Harold
Weyers, Wojciech Marian Jerzy
Weyers, James William
Whale, Lloyd Leslie
Whale, Raymond George Edward
Whalen, Vernon George
Whaley, Noel Patrick
Wharram, Charles Russell
Wheadon, Albert Edward George
Wheatley, Colin Havelock
Wheeler, Arthur Brian
Wheeler, William Bernard
Wheeler, William Burnaby
Wheeler, Henry David
Wheeler, Clarence Edmund
Wheeler, John Pearson
Wheeler, John Walter
Wheeler, Maurice William
Wheelock, Curtis Warren
Whelan, John Patrick
Whelpley, Vincent Bertram
Whibley, Leonard Garth
Whibley, Frank Lancelot Martyn
Whicher, George Patrick
Whimpey, Geoffrey Roy
Whinfield, George Ambrose Franklin
Whipple, John William
Whiston, Herbert Emile Joseph
Whitaker, Edward Boyce
Whitaker, Leslie Thomas
Whitbourne, Arthur Ernest
Whitburn, John Albert James
Whitby, Richard Reginald Ricky
Whitby, Stanley William
Whitby, John Downton
Whitcher, Hermanus Abrance
Whitcombe, William Henry
Whitcombe, Rupert Sutton
White, Kenneth
White, Roy
White, Michael Grant
White, Dominic Bernard
White, Bertram Louis
White, Ian Rene Gordon
White, Earl Douglas
White, John Albert
White, Athol
White, John Duncan Drummond
White, Sydney Stanley
White, George Albert
White, Walter John
White, John Day
White, Ashley Bertram
White, Douglas George
White, William George
White, Reginald Allan
White, Baden Keith
White, William Alfred
White, Captain Clayton
White, Peter Berchman
White, Arthur Miles
White, Desmond Victor
White, Robert John
White, George
White, Aubrey James
White, James Walker
White, Lloyd Ernest
White, Douglas Arthur
White, Garnet William
White, Nathaniel
White, Owen Beamish
White, Godfrey Phillip
White, William Richard
White, Frederick William
White, Douglas John
White, Charles Henry
White, Charles Stewart
White, David Richard
White, Allen Rene
White, David Roy
White, Edward Kenneth Eddie
White, Thomas Charles
White, Joseph
Whitechurch, Edward Kimpton
Whitehead, William Anderson
Whitehead, John Alfred
Whitehouse, Keith Owen
Whitehouse, Kenneth Frank
Whitelaw, Robert Pender
Whitelaw, Clifford James
Whiteley, Maitland Shackson
Whitford, Allan Pluis
Whitham, Lester Lyle
Whitham, James
Whiting, Donald Stuart
Whiting, Norman Francis
Whiting, Peter Robert Alfred Stewart
Whitington, Arthur Rex
Whitley, Robert Newton
Whitley, Robert Widdop
Whitlock, Leslie Innes
Whitmore, George Carson
Whitney, Gerald Bickle
Whitney, Allan Lloyd
Whitney, Winston Carl
Whitson, Ian Hamilton
Whitta, Neville Bruce
Whittaker, John Arthur
Whittaker, John
Whittaker, John Morton
Whitten, Ronald Frederick
Whittenbury, Mervyn Thomas
Whittick, Alexander Frederick
Whittingstall, Calvin George
Whittington, Harold
Whittleston, Ronald Joffre
Whitton, William George
Whitwell, Peter Coulson
Whitwell, Hugh Clarence
Whyman, Owen Kendrick
Whyte, Gordon Edward
Whyte, William Edward
Whyte, Cecil John
Whyte, Percy Alexander
Whyte, James
Whytock, Robert William
Wianecki, Tadeusz Stanislaw
Wiberg, Raymond Daniel
Wichrowski, Bernard
Wickens, Herbert Asquith
Wicker, Walter Charles
Wickes, Donald William
Wickham, Walter Robert
Wicks, Brian Price
Wicks, William Ross
Wicks, Alexander George
Wickson, Gordon Conrad
Wickstrom, Fred Edward
Wicky, Edward George
Widacki, Kazimierz
Widawski, Antoni
Widdess, William Robert
Widdess, Edward Henry
Widziszewski, Mieczyslaw Antoni
Wieckowski, Edward
Wieczorek, Zygmunt
Wieczorek, Cezary
Wieden, Franciszek
Wiegand, William Norman
Wielgus, Stanislaw
Wieliczko, Kazimierz Zyqmont
Wierchowicz, Jan
Wiernusz, Wkadyskaw
Wierzbicki, Jerzy Aleksander
Wiese, Marthinus C.
Wiggins, George Colin
Wightman, Kevin Frederick
Wightman, Edgar Ross
Wigley, Harvey John
Wigley, Bruce Edward
Wigley, Charles Victor Ross
Wilbee, Morley
Wilcockson, Walter Frederick
Wilcox, Claude Neil
Wilcox, Leonard Russell
Wilde, Charles Garnett
Wilde, Gordon George
Wilde, Alan Raymond
Wilde, James
Wilde, Clarence Elder
Wilder, Bottrell Stanley
Wildfong, Gordon Walter
Wilding, John Archibald
Wildman, Ronald William
Wiley, Charles Gordon
Wiley, James Wilson
Wiley, George William
Wiley, Burton Keith
Wilhelm, Edward Linus
Wilken, Garnet Willard
Wilkes, Denis Reginald
Wilkes, James Edward
Wilkie, Hugh Charles
Wilkie, George Hardwick Burgess
Wilkie, Gordon John
Wilkie, William
Wilkin, Richard Pennington
Wilkins, Russell Frederick
Wilkins, Harry Arthur
Wilkinson, Laurence Hughes
Wilkinson, John Edward Frank
Wilkinson, John Anthony Howard
Wilkinson, Roy Thomas
Wilkinson, Bruce Gordon
Wilkinson, John Hudson
Wilkinson, Frederick Raymond
Wilkinson, Mervyn
Wilkinson, Robert
Wilkinson, Arthur Morley
Wilkinson, Bernard Elliott
Wilks, Geoffrey Talbot
Will, Alexander Harold
Willan, John Davis
Willard, William Ross
Willett, Keith
Williams, Bruce Llewellyn
Williams, Charles Franklin
Williams, Lindsay Ross
Williams, Douglas
Williams, Frederick George
Williams, Richard Sutton
Williams, Joseph Edward
Williams, Robert Earl
Williams, Milton Lloyd
Williams, James Roy
Williams, Harry Keith
Williams, Bernard Clive
Williams, Maldwyn David Howell
Williams, Angus Gerald
Williams, Douglas George
Williams, Maldwyn Wyn
Williams, Gregory Percival
Williams, John Daniel
Williams, Edward John Stacy
Williams, Frederick Ernest
Williams, John William
Williams, Joseph Leonard Benedict
Williams, Francis Kevin
Williams, Gordon Ivan
Williams, Robert Edward
Williams, Edwin Mountford
Williams, Thomas
Williams, James Henry
Williams, James
Williams, Stamford Seaton
Williams, Eric Owen Stoddart
Williams, Walter Vincent
Williams, Leslie
Williams, William Bedlington Knox
Williams, Leslie Llewellyn
Williams, Lionel Harry
Williams, John Charles
Williams, Leslie Arthur
Williams, Raymond George
Williams, John Keith Dingle
Williams, Arthur
Williams, Henry Edward
Williams, James Henry
Williams, Ronald Clifford
Williams, Arthur Frederick
Williams, Harry Robinson
Williams, William Kenneth
Williams, Alan Neal
Williams, Cecil Alfred
Williams, Leonard Stanley
Williams, Peter Yeates
Williams, Robert Earl
Williams, John Frederick Hart
Williams, Frederick Owen
Williams, Gilbert Victor
Williams, Norman John
Williams, Alan Samuel
Williams, John Gray
Williams, Roland Wesley
Williams, Albert Edward
Williams, Herbert John
Williams, Walter Chantler
Williams, Thomas Gordon
Williams, John Patrick
Williams, John Syddall
Williams, John Muir
Williams, Willoughby Lloyd
Williams, Herbert Noel
Williams, Kenneth Victor
Williamson, Douglas Clarence
Williamson, Walter Donald
Williamson, Albert John
Williamson, Harry Ward
Williamson, Neil
Williamson, John Andrew
Williamson, John Sherwood
Williamson, George Herbert
Willington, David
Willis, Frederic Grant
Willis, Albert Anthony Joseph
Willis, Gordon Keith
Willis, Robert George
Willis, Roy Allen
Willis, Edwin Brand
Willis, William Jarvis
Willis, Harry Richard
Willis, William Douglas
Willison, Raymond Phillip
Williston, David Archibald
Willman, Archibald Gordon
Willmek, Frank
Willmott, David Millar
Willoughby, Paul Edward
Willoughby, Edwin Bertram
Willox, John Lennox Siesel
Wills, Jack Gordon
Wills, Stanley Donald
Wills, Thomas James
Wills, Arthur Reginald
Wills, Thomas Colin
Wills, Richard Agnew
Willson, John Campbell
Wilman, Richard Henry
Wilmot, Peter Royce
Wilmot, Brian Edmund
Wilmot, Basil Frederick
Wilmshurst, John Charles
Wilsdon, Raymond William
Wilsher, Frederick Harold
Wilson, Sidney Albert
Wilson, Murray Gray
Wilson, Frank Porter
Wilson, William Routledge
Wilson, Myles Bishop
Wilson, Alan William
Wilson, Graham Robert
Wilson, Alexander Macgregor
Wilson, Thomson Lawrie
Wilson, Arthur Roy
Wilson, Donald Roger
Wilson, Alexander Alfred
Wilson, Robert Bruce
Wilson, Noel Grant
Wilson, Douglas Harold
Wilson, Neville Arthur
Wilson, Alexander
Wilson, John Stanley
Wilson, Harry William
Wilson, Harold Gilchrist
Wilson, Kenneth Albert
Wilson, John Murray
Wilson, Harold Earl
Wilson, Robert J.
Wilson, George Watson
Wilson, Maurice Keith Hasard
Wilson, Gordon Douglas
Wilson, James Archibald
Wilson, Ian Marr
Wilson, Adrian Grey
Wilson, Jack Murray Clyde
Wilson, Herbert Clarke
Wilson, Peter
Wilson, Wilfred Charles
Wilson, Thomas Harvey
Wilson, Thomas Ferguson
Wilson, Alan John
Wilson, James Averd
Wilson, John Shaw
Wilson, Jack Oliphant
Wilson, James Murray
Wilson, Donald Frederick
Wilson, John Wallace
Wilson, John Colin
Wilson, Ralph Edmond William
Wilson, David Robert Lambie
Wilson, Kevin Davies
Wilson, Ronald Eustice
Wilson, Wilbur James
Wilson, Jack
Wilson, Russel Nelson
Wilson, Raymond
Wilson, Robert Hector
Wilson, Allen Howard
Wilson, John Stephen
Wilson, Stanley Alan
Wilson, Harold Eric
Wilson, Stanley Allen
Wilson, Robert Edwin
Wilson, Wesley William
Wilson, Ralph Alexander
Wilson, Garfield Charles
Wilson, Robert Hipwell
Wilson, Robert Alfred
Wilson, Lloyd George
Wilson, Andrew
Wilson, Robert Potter
Wilson, Robinson Edward
Wilson, Norman Clarence Bruce
Wilson, James Henry
Wilson, Thomas Abercromby
Wilson, Harry James
Wilson, Erwin Curtis
Wilson, Gordon Alexander
Wilson, Norman Andison
Wilson, Harold Kenneth
Wilson, Robert Perry
Wilson, James Archibald
Wilson, Francis Montague
Wilson, Barry
Wilson, Alan William
Wilson, Chisholm Martyn
Wilson, Ross Thomas
Wilson, James Howard
Wilson, Edward Arthur
Wilson, Matthew Gordon
Wilson, Stanley Maurice
Wilson, James Bennett
Wilson, Colin
Wilson, Arthur William
Wilson, John
Wilson, Eric Glover
Wilson, John Charles
Wilson, James Herbert
Wilson, Ernest George
Wilson, John Cayley
Wilson, William Bruce Milne
Wilson, William Harold
Wilson, Allan James
Wilt, Francis Elvin
Wilton, Leo
Wiltse, Thomas Earl
Wiltshire, Alfred Charles
Winchester, William Victor Bryan
Wincott, Donald William
Windeler, William James
Winder, William Henry
Winder, Robert Gledhill
Winder, John Shaw
Windsor, Gerard Patrick
Windsor, Kenneth Charles
Windsor, Bernard William
Windus, Keith Neville
Winegarden, Frank Ellsworth
Wing, Kenneth Cecil
Winiarczyk, Henryk
Winiarczyk, Henryk
Winiarek, Jan
Winn, Elmer Stanley
Winstanley, Thomas Sudworth
Winter, John Burns
Winter, Francis William
Winter, Arthur Edmund
Winterbon, John Trevor
Winterflood, William Lawrence
Wintermute, Harry A.
Winton, Edward Robert
Wipiti, Bert Sam
Wisely, Bruce Alexander
Wishak, Michael
Wishart, Rodger Peryman
Wishart, Harold Peter
Wishart, Robert
Wismer, Frank Leslie Scott
Wisniewski, Wladyslaw
Wisniewski, Andrzej
Wistow, George Leonard
Witakowski, Franciszek Andrzej
Witczak, Zygmunt
Witek, Jozef
Witham, Ian Verdun
Witham, Reginald Ronald
Withell, Eric Bayly
Wither, Douglas Anthony
Withers, Joseph Alan William
Withers, Kenneth Fred
Withers, Winston John
Witherspoon, David Malcolm
Withington, Thomas David
Witkowski, Leon Zygmunt
Witkowski, Zygmunt
Witt, Ernest Maurice
Witte, Henry
Wittenberg, Ronald Albert
Wittmack, Frederick
Wityck, Peter
Wiwsianski, Michael
Wixted, Robert Anthony
Wize, Antoni
Wlasnowolski, Boleslaw Andrzej
Wlodarczyk, Jozef
Wlodarski, Alfred Krzysztof
Woasewicz, Jozef
Woelfle, Carlton Henry
Wojcicki, Kazimierz Jan
Wojciechowski, Kazimierz
Wojciechowski, Stefan Joachim
Wojcik, Karol
Wojda, Stefan
Wojno, Bronislaw
Wojteczko, Stefan
Wojtowicz, Stanislaw Rudolph
Wojtowicz, Marian Jan
Wojtowicz, Stefan
Wolf, Homer Lynn
Wolf, Waldemar Freltrik
Wolf, Wilfred Lawrence
Wolf, Hiram
Wolfe, Vodra Terrell
Wolfe, Richard Warren
Wolff, James Fitzgerald
Wolfson, Harold Harry
Wolinski, Kazimierz
Wolinski, Kazimierz
Wolnik, Jozef
Wolowiec, Joseph Michael
Wolski, Jerzy
Wolski, Stanislaw
Womack, Henry Archer (Harry)
Wonders, Ronald Reay
Wood, Julian Vernon Orison
Wood, Cedric Milford
Wood, Gordon Francis
Wood, John Kenneth
Wood, William Godfrey
Wood, George
Wood, Matthew
Wood, Geoffrey Markwell
Wood, The Rev. Gordon Gladstone
Wood, William Kenneth
Wood, Donald Zachary Taylor
Wood, Leslie Arthur
Wood, Roger Wyndham
Wood, Arthur Lawrence
Wood, Stuart
Wood, Keith Robertson
Wood, George Arthur
Wood, Frederick Francis Andrew
Wood, Grahame Albert Cregeen
Wood, Malcolm Langley
Wood, Robert Walker
Wood, Norman Walter Ross
Wood, John Bernard
Wood, Albert Douglas
Wood, Duncan Andrew
Wood, Colin Lethbridge
Wood, Russell
Wood, Thomas Benedick
Wood, Thomas Clinton Stuart
Wood, Ian Milne
Wood, Alan William
Wood, William Edward
Wood, Hugh Raymond
Wood, Albert Ernest
Wood, Thomas Hunter
Wood, Allan Henry
Wood, Ronald Mark
Woodall, William Thomas
Woodard, Thomas Harold
Woodburn, Calder Fenton
Woodcock, Roy Joffre Desmond
Woodd, George William
Woodey, Jack Edward
Woodfield, Donald Eugena
Woodford, Claude Calvin Warren
Woodgate, Arthur John
Woodham, Henry William
Woodhams, Jack Sainsbury
Woodhead, Donald Bruce
Woodhead, Keith Moore
Woodhead, Robert Martin
Woodhouse, Thomas
Woodhouse, Alexander Trevor
Woodington, William Edmonstone (Billy)
Woodley, Donald Schlueter
Woodley, Charles David
Woodman, William Daniel Holloway
Woodman, Douglas Albert
Woodrow, Henry Joseph
Woodrow, William Edwin
Woodruff, Lionel Howard
Woodruff, Richard John
Woods, William John
Woods, Ross Clifton
Woods, Clarence William
Woods, Douglas Austin
Woods, Leslie
Woods, Robert Albert Francis
Woods, Ben Nevis
Woods, Alfred
Woods, Michael Thomas
Woods, Jack William
Woods, Raymond Craig
Woods, Earle Deachman
Woodward, Delbert Wesley
Woodward, Norman
Woodward, John Adair
Woodward, Norman Paulle Courtney
Woodward, Charles Walter
Woodworth, Charles Herman
Woof, Reginald
Woolaver, Allison Stewart
Woolcott, Edmund Legh
Woolf, Devoe
Woolfield, Robert Percy
Woolgar, William Francis
Woolhouse, Ross Vivian
Woolhouse, Albert Edgar
Woolley, Robert Mayer
Woolliams, Russell Hale
Woolnough, Jack Stephen Richards
Woolrich, George Dean
Woolverton, Alan Whamond
Wootten, Harold Lester
Worden, Frank Elliott
Worden, Arthur Cephas
Workman, Frederick John
Workman, Leslie Edmund
Worley, Robert Stephen Borden
Worley, Thomas Alfred
Wormald, Jack Dudley
Woroch, Jozef Henryk
Worth, Irwin
Worth, Jim
Worthington, Julian Peter
Worthington, Robert Franklin
Worthington, Raymond Oliver
Worthington, James Robert
Worwood, John Robert
Wotherspoon, Alexander
Wouldes, Noel Francis
Woyce, Stanley Verdun
Woytanowicz, Lucjan Piotr
Wozniak, Tadeusz
Wrench, Horace
Wrenshall, Bernard Hartley
Wright, James Stuart
Wright, John Edgar
Wright, Gordon
Wright, William Baker
Wright, Roland John
Wright, Edward James
Wright, John Worth
Wright, James Lenoury
Wright, Thomas Edward Harold
Wright, Archibald John Stuart
Wright, Thomas Lindsay
Wright, Stuart Marston
Wright, James Mitchell
Wright, William Henry
Wright, James Henry
Wright, John Herbert
Wright, Leonard Douglas
Wright, Wilson Harry Emanuel
Wright, William Wallace
Wright, Robert Wallis
Wright, William Mitchell
Wright, James
Wright, Dennis
Wright, Roy Robert
Wright, Gordon Robinson
Wright, Frederic Herbert Richard
Wright, Bruce John
Wright, Fredrick John
Wright, Stuart Ronald
Wright, Raymond Johnston
Wright, Rowland Bernard
Wright, Charles Thomas
Wright, Andrew Roy
Wright, James Alan Skirrow
Wright, Charles Sinclair
Wright, Robert Elmer Douglas
Wright, William John Louis
Wright, Stanley Mountford
Wright, Frank Harris
Wrightson, Cyril Charles
Wrigley, Gordon Paul
Wroblewski, Marian
Wroblewski, Henryk
Wroniecki, Antoni
Wry, Lawrence Alvin
Wrynn, Frederick Charles
Wunsch, Vernon Frederick
Wyatt, Julius Lee
Wyatt, William Hubert
Wybraniec, Pewel Jan
Wycherley, Ronald Norman
Wyckoff, Charles Beverly
Wyganowski, Wladyslaw
Wygle, Hugh Manson
Wyles, Allan
Wylie, Charles Burton
Wyllie, Charles John
Wyllie, Thomas Young
Wyllie, Maxwell Joseph Andrew
Wyllie, Andrew Macgregor
Wyllie, John Frederick
Wyllie, Thomas
Wynn, Eric Pierce
Wynnychuk, William Robert
Wynnyk, William Peter
Wyse, George Percival
Wysocki, Roman
Wyszkowski, Stanislaw
Wytkin, Merle Noel
Yabsley, John Francis
Yabsley, Raymond
Yacko, John Fredrick
Yaholnitsky, Walter Ladislo
Yankoski, Anthony
Yapp, Thomas Walter
Yard, Bernard John
Yarington, Alvin Edward
Yarra, Robert Ernest
Yarra, John William
Yarush, Fred
Yarwood, Malcolm James
Yates, Tom
Yates, John Melville
Yates, Eric John Robert
Yates, Norman Stuart
Yates, John Francis Edward
Yde, Trevor Victor
Yeaman, Alfred Neil
Yeates, George Reginald
Yeates, Gordon Richardson
Yelland, James Joseph
Yellin, Benny
Yensen, George Louis
Yeo, John Lenus
Yeo, Howard Garfield
Yeoman, Kenneth Harry
Yeoman, Edwin St. Clair
Yeomans, Joseph Trevor
Yeomans, William
Yerbury, William Edmund Stuart
Yerdon, Harold Robert Joseph
Yeulett, William Vernon Godwin
Yonker, Zenon
York, Lorne Herbert
York, Leslie Bennett
Yorke, Wilbert George
Yorkston, Ian Bailey
Yorkston, Gordon Cameron
Yost, John Watson
Youl, Stanley Charles
Young, William Marlin
Young, Gerald
Young, Harold James
Young, Leonard Roy
Young, Alan Geoffry
Young, Henry Lloyd Maurice
Young, Thomas Mclaren
Young, William Falconer
Young, Allen Norman
Young, Archibald Kawy
Young, John Charles Harley
Young, Peter Dawbarn
Young, Stanford Grant
Young, Albert Edward
Young, Robert John
Young, Samuel
Young, Falkner Cotton
Young, Griffin James
Young, William Archibald
Young, Clarence
Young, James Roslyn
Young, Robert Bett Mirk
Young, William Archie
Young, John Henry
Young, Hedley De La Broquerie
Young, Harry Neville
Young, Gordon William
Young, Robert Allen
Young, Joseph Philip
Young, William Harold
Young, Clyde Thomas
Young, Sydney James Herbert
Young, Roderick Alan
Young, George Anthony
Young, Gordon Kenneth
Young, Edwin Albert
Young, Jack Paton
Younge, John Campbell
Younger, Robert Laing Roy
Youngleson, Fox
Youngs, William Alonzo
Younie, William Alexander
Younie, Lewis Taylor
Yudell, Isador Nicholas
Yuill, Kenneth Ferguson
Yule, John James
Yunker, Bernard
Zabal, Jozef Mieczyslaw
Zabek, Zygmunt Jan
Zabicki, Tadeusz Piotr
Zacharias, Henry Jacob
Zadorozny, Stanley Ernest
Zadworny, Thaddeus John Bernard
Zagajewska, Eugenia
Zajdel, Stanisaw
Zakielarz, Edward Kazimierz
Zakrocki, Mieczylaw
Zakrzewski, Edward Pawel
Zalejko, Wladyslaw
Zaleschuk, Demetre
Zaleski, Jerzy
Zaleski-slubicz, Maciej Stefan
Zalewski, Jozef
Zalewski, Feliks
Zaluski, Jerzy Sergiusz
Zamoyski, Zdzislaw Franciszek
Zaparynuk, Peter Karil
Zapfe, Merton Earl
Zapfe, William Christian
Zarebowicz, Michal
Zareikin, Joseph M.
Zareikin, Samuel
Zaremba, Jerzy
Zaremba, Jerzy
Zarowny, Edward
Zarski, Stanislaw Zygmunt
Zasada, Ludwik
Zavadowsky, Harry George
Zawilinski, Stefan
Zawistowski, Jozef
Zawistowski, Tadeusz
Zayets, Stephen
Zayets, Peter
Zazoniuk, Apolinary Leopold
Zbura, George John
Zbyszynski, Janusz
Zbytnuik, Tony
Zealand, John Herbert
Zeavin, Max
Zebrowski, Jerzy
Zegarchuk, James Eugene
Zeidel, Rudolph
Zelazinski, Bogumil
Zeller, Warren Robert
Zellman, Ronald Robert
Zerebecki, Kazimierz
Zeromski, Stanislaw Jozef
Zgainski, Bolesaw
Zieba, Stanislaw
Zieba, Stanislaw
Zielinski, Edmund
Zielinski, Jerzy Stanislaw
Zielinski, Oskar Franciszek
Zielinski, Antoni Alesky
Ziemianski, Kazimierz
Ziersch, Leslie Ernest
Zimmer, Ronald
Zimmerman, Maurice Dier
Zingelmann, Leonard William
Zirkwitz, Aleksander
Ziser, Reginald
Zmuda, Adam
Zolnowski, Wladyslaw
Zoochkan, William
Zoratti, Victor
Zubic, Frank Joseph
Zukotynski, Stefan
Zukotynski, Stefan
Zukowski, Aleksander
Zulinov, Vladimar
Zumar, Moses
Zurbrigg, Franklin Charles
Zurschmiede, John
Zuwala, Zbigniew
Zwolinski, Ryszard
Zwolski, Jan
Zych, Jan
Zygarlicki, Leon
Zygarlicki, Leon
Zywicki, Romuald Stefan
Zywicki, Juliusz Jans
Zywina, John
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