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NOTE: KIA = Killed In Action. WIA = Wounded In Action. KIFA = Killed in Flying Accident. = Jewish as per
Fate In Battle is date of incident between July 10 1940 and October 31 1940. Fate After Battle is date of death after the Battle

The Battle of Britain clasp (worn on the 1939-45 Star – or a silver gilt rosette if medal ribbons only are worn) is restricted to aircrew from 71 defined units
of RAF Fighter Command, Coastal Command or the Fleet Air Arm, who flew at least one operational sortie between 00:01 July 10 1940 and 23:59 October 31 1940.

To see a larger database covering the entirety of WWll, refer to our Allied Losses and Incidents database. This database is the result of research into all known sources of information on the crews which fought the Battle of Britain on the Allied side. It is surprising that for the most significant air battle of WW2, and even after 80+ years, there remains any uncertainty at all about who took part and in some cases, what they did. We have made it our objective to develop this database into a most comprehensive and accurate record which brings to life those heroic deeds. You can help: send corrections and additional information via our Helpdesk.
We believe this database to be among the most useful records extant in terms of its searchability: for example, it is easy to determine all Blenheim crews, or losses on a specific date or the members of a particular squadron.

Readers are referred to the following sites which we have used to cross-check information and we acknowledge and thank them as respected sources for some of the material in this database: comprehensive listing of artworks Comprehensive listing of RAF personnel and service records
Wikipedia: Life stories of leading pilots and crew
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#Name (↑)First NamesRankService No.Air ForceCountry of Origin* (↑)SquadronsAwardsAircraft (↑)VictoriesFate in BattleFate After BattleDateOfDeathNotesPhoto
1 AdairHubert Hastings 'Paddy'Sgt580088RAFBritish213 Sqd

151 Sqd

HurricaneMIA1940-11-06Adair was born in Norwich in 1917, the son of Robert and Elizabeth Adair, and was educated at the City of Norwich School. Joined the RAF in 1936. Joined 88 Sqd RAF and flew the Fairey Battle aircraft during the Battle of France. Converted to Hurricanes in August 1940 and joined 151 Sqd RAF at RAF Digby on 4 September 1940 and then was posted to 213 Sqd RAF at RAF Tangmere on 16 September 1940. On 6 November 1940 Adair was killed in action over Southampton flying Hurricane AK-D (V7602). It is believed that he was shot down by Major Helmut Wick of JG 2. Adair was posted as "missing in action" and was presumed to have come down in the English Channel. Later research found that Hurricane V7602 had crashed at Pigeon House Farm, Widley, Hampshire. When it was excavated on 6 October 1979 the pilot's remains were found and later sent to Portchester Crematorium. More Info Portsdown Tunnels. Runnymede Age 23

2 AdamsDennis ArthurPlt Off (later Sqd Ldr)90537British611 Sqd

41 Sqd

SpitfireDiedBaled out of his Spitfire I (N3276) safely on the 1940-10-07 during an attack on a Dornier Do 17 over Folkestone at 10:45hrs. Retired May 1958 as a Squadron Leader.
3 AdamsEric HenrySgt742165British236 Sqd

272 Sqd

252 Sqd

BlenheimDied2003Joined RAFVR May 1938. Flying training at 29 E&RFTS Luton. Called up 1 September 1939. 2 FTS Brize Norton on 9 October for Course 42. Completed training 23 March 1940, converted to Blenheims at Silloth Coastal Command Landplane Pilots Pool. Joined 236 Sqd at Filton in June. Serving with Fighter Command during the early months of the Battle of Britain and then returned to Coastal Command. Posted to Aldergrove on 19 November 1940, joining a flight from 235 Sqd to reform 272 Sqd. First operational sortie with 272 on 1 December 1940. Later posted to 252 Sqd. Early in 1941 contracted a throat virus, hospital for 4 months. Off operational flying and in September 1941 to Henlow as a test pilot for newly-assembled Hurricanes equipped with Packard-built Merlin engines. Mid-1943 Adams posted to N'dola, Northern Rhodesia, a staging post on the South Africa/Egypt route. Returned to UK in October 1944. Aircraft controller at RAF Carnaby. Died in 2003.
4 AdamsHugh CharlesPlt Off85645RAFVRBritish501 Sqd
Hurricane1KIA1940-09-06Pilot Shot down in combat with a BF 109 over Ashford in Hurricane P3089 Tandridge Churchyard Age 22
Archive Report

5 AdamsJohn SylvesterFlt Lt (later Grp Cpt)37728RAFBritish29 Sqd

303 Sqd Polish

151 Sqd

256 Sqd (CO)

226 Sqd

DFC & Bar


Order of Orange Nassau (Netherlands)

Blenheim1Died1993-07August 1940 chased enemy for 50 minutes before being able to attack it off the South Coast. Having apparently destroyed it, returned to Digby and landed with both fuel gauges reading nil. Mentioned in DFC citation gazetted 24th September 1940. On 28 October 1940 posted to 303 Squadron at Leconfield as a Flight Commander. Commanded 151 Sqd Wittering in January 1941. In October posted to staff duties at HQ 12 Group. Returned to operations in April 1942 in command of 256 Sqd at Squires Gate as an Acting Wing Commander. He remained with 256 until October. 5 April 1943 posted to Air Ministry in the Directorate of Operations (Air Defence). Tour of operations followed in 1944 with 226 Sqd. Bar to DFC gazetted 29 August 1944. Retired on 27 July 1958 as a Wing Commander, retaining the rank of group Captain. In 1958 appointed Commander in the Order of Orange Nassau. Died Ashford UK.
6 AdamsReginald ThomasFlt Sgt759300RAFVRBritish264 Sqd

405 Sqd RCAF


Wikipedia discussion of Defiant tactics
KIA 1942-06-30Born in December 1920 in Hungerford. Joined the RAFVR on 29th August 1939 at Southampton. 3 EFTS Hamble on a wireless operators course. Called up and sent to 4 ITW Bexhill. Air gunnery course at No.1 AAS Manby. Joined 264 Sqd on Defiants, at Kirton-in-Lindsey on 7 September 1939. Posted away 16 December 1940 to 256 Sqd at Catterick with Defiants. Crewed with F/O DR West, who was promoted to Flight Lieutenant and appointed 'A' Flight Commander. Just before midnight on 7 April 1941 West and Adams intercepted and shot down a Ju88 of III/KG54. It crashed at Banks Marsh, Southport, the Squadron's first confirmed victory. 8 May West and Adams shot down a He111 that was raiding Liverpool. It crashed at Wrexham. 15 September 1941 'A' Flight of 256 Squadron was moved to Ballyhalbert to form the nucleus of 153 Squadron. When the squadron converted to Beaufighters, the air gunners were posted away. He went to Bomber Command, joining 405 (RCAF) Squadron at Pocklington, equipped with Halifaxes. Failed to return from a raid on Bremen on 30 June 1942 in Halifax, LQ-G W1113, shot down by a night fighter and all the crew were lost. Westellingwerf Noordwolde Churchyard Age 21
Full account of Halifax loss in Dutch
Allied Losses Database W1113

7 AddisonWilliam NathanSgt622688British23 Sqd

8 AeberhardtRaymond Andre CharlesPlt Off42781RAFBritish19 Sqd

SpitfireKIA1940-08-31Pilot Spitfire R6912 overturned and burned on landing at RAF Fowlmere following combat damage to flaps. killed when he crashed his Spitfire I (R6912) on landing at Fowlmere on 1940-08-31 at 08:50hrs. He had been attacked by a Bf 109 which had damaged the flap mechanism causing one of the flaps to stay retracted. This was only his second operation with the Squadron. Whittlesford Churchyard
Photo courtesy Jonny Cracknell

9 AgazarianNoel le ChevalierPlt Off (later F/O)72550RAFVRBritish609 Sqd

Spitfire7KIA1941-05-16Joined as a Volunteer Reservist and was commissioned as a pilot officer on 14 February 1939. He completed his initial flying training at the same time as Richard Hillary, at RAF Lossiemouth, after which both were assigned to RAF Old Sarum, to train as army co-operation pilots. They flew Westland Lysander liaison aircraft and Hawker Hector biplanes; during the training, Agazarian crashed a Hawker Hector but was unscathed. By the time his course ended (June 1940) France had fallen, the Dunkirk evacuation had taken place and a German invasion of Britain was thought to be imminent. Because of this crisis, Hillary and Agazarian were both amongst the majority of pilots from the graduating Army co-operation class who were immediately reassigned as fighter pilots. After a few weeks of fighter training, Agazarian joined 609 Squadron, a fighter squadron flying Supermarine Spitfires, based at RAF Warmwell in Dorset. His first victory was on 11 August 1940, when he shot down a Messerschmitt Bf 110 heavy fighter around 15 miles (24 km) south of the Isle of Portland. It appears his victim was Gruppenkommandeur (Group Commander) Major Ernst Ott of Zerstörergeschwader 2. Ott was killed along with his gunner/radio operator. On 12 August, he shot down two Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighters and damaged a Messerschmitt Bf 110 around 5 miles (8 km) south of Portsmouth. This occurred during a large battle, when a formation of German bombers and their fighter escorts were intercepted by three RAF fighter squadrons after they bombed Portsmouth and its dockyards. Promoted to flying officer on 14 August and continued to fly throughout the Battle of Britain. His last victory with 609 Squadron was on 2 December, when he shared in the destruction of a Dornier Do 17 bomber with Polish pilot Tadeusz Nowierski. By this time he had shot down six aircraft, damaged four and shared in the destruction of three. One of the aircraft he flew during the battle, Supermarine Spitfire number R6915, still exists and is preserved in the Imperial War Museum in London. He twice made forced landings in it because of battle damage, but used it to shoot down four German aircraft and damage another. January 1941, Agazarian received a requested transfer to 274 Squadron in North Africa, a fighter squadron equipped with Hawker Hurricanes. On 1 May 1941, he destroyed a Messerschmitt Bf 109 over Tobruk, Libya. However, on 16 May, he was shot down and killed by Fw. Franz Elles in a Messerschmitt Bf 109 of 2./JG 27 near Gambut (Kambut), during the Commonwealth offensive known as Operation Brevity.North Africa, ace with 7 victories. Knightsbridge War Cemetery Acroma Age 25

10 AindowCharles RobertAC2162980British23 Sqd

11 AingeEric DouglasSgt751890British23 Sqd

12 AinsworthSidneySgt1002750British23 Sqd

13 AitkenArthurSgt936218British219 Sqd

14 AitkenHenry AloysiusSgt129498British54 Sqd

15 AitkenSir John William Maxwell 'Max'; 2nd Baron BeaverbrookSqd Ldr90128British601 Sqd (CO)


HurricaneDied30 year-old elder son of Lord Beaverbrook, Minister for Aircraft Production.
16 AkroydHarold JohnPlt Off86360RAFBritish152 Sqd

Spitfire1WIA KIA1940-10-081940-08-15 shot down Ju 87. Shot down in Spitfire N3039 1940-10-07 during combat with fighters over Lyme Regis. Died next day from burns received in the crash landing at Nutmead, Shillingstone. Warmwell Holy Trinity Churchyard Age 27

17 AlbertiniAnthony VictorSgt119844British600 Sqd

18 AldousEric StanleyPlt Off82708RAFVRBritish610 Sqd

41 Sqd

615 Sqd

Spitfire1KIA1941-10-16Born Sanderstead, Surrey 1st January 1918. Dulwich College 1931 - 193. RAFVR in September 1938. Called up 1st September 1939. 9 FTS Hullavington then 610 Sqd at Biggin Hill 27th July 1940. Off Dover 24th August Spitfire R6641 damaged but returned safely to base. 30th Septembr got a He111. Posted to 41 Squadron, damaged a Me109. In action over Charing, crash-landed at Pluckley Spitfire X4345 and wounded. Posted away on 7th December to 55 OTU to be an instructor. 7th August 1941 joined 615 Squadron at Prestwick. Flying from Manston on 16th October, he was shot down and killed during an attack on storage tanks at Flushing in Hurricane IIB Z3028 as an Acting Flight Lieutenant

Joined 610 Sqd on July 1940-07-27. Destroyed a He 111 on the 1940-08-30. He moved to 41 Sqd in September and on 1940-09-28 28th force landed his Spitfire I (X4345) after combat over Charing at 10:40hrs. K.I.A. on the 1941-10-16 in a Hurricane II b (Z3028) of 615 Sqd, aged 23. Hit by AA over Flushing, NL, whilst serving with 615 Sqdn. Flushing Vlissingen Northern Cemetery Holland Age 23

19 AldridgeFrederick JosephPlt Off42381British610 Sqd 

41 Sqd

SpitfireCommended for Valuable Services in the Air 1945. Released from RAF 1947. Born Dublin, Ireland.
20 AldridgeKeith RussellPlt Off91039British32 Sqd

 501 Sqd

HurricaneWIAInjured 1940-08-24 at 16:35hrs. Baled out of Hurricane I (P3141) after combat with a Bf 109 over West Kingsdown. He broke his arm.
21 AldwinckleAylmer James MartinusPlt Off83288British601 Sqd

Hurricane1Survived war5th April 2005 EnglandBorn 29 March 1911 Mendoza, Argentina. British parents. Educated in South Africa and College of Aeronautical Engineering at Chelsea and Brooklands. Imperial Airways, working on DH86s, Empire flying boats and DH and Bristol aero engines. 25 August 1936 he joined RAF Reserve as an Airman u/t Pilot. December 1937 transferred to the RAFVR. Bristol Flying School at Filton, 15 E&RFTS Redhill from 12th January to 3rd December 1938 and then at 3 E&RFTS Hamble from 8th February 1939. Full-time service 4 September 1939. Posted to 6 EFTS Sywell 8 March 1940. To 9 FTS Hullavington on 13 May. 6 OTU Sutton Bridge on 19 August. Converting to Hurricanes, joined 601 Sqd at Exeter on 11 September. 25 September probably destroyed a Me110. 7 October the probable destruction of a Do215. Posted away from 601 on 2nd November 1940 and four days later joined 605 Sqd at Croydon. On the 15th he attacked a Me109, which dived through low cloud and was not seen again. Later learned that it was from 3/JG26, had landed at Eastchurch with the pilot, Lt. R Schiffbauer, being captured. On another patrol later the same day he probably destroyed a Me109. Posted to 55 OTU at Ouston on 1st June 1941 as an instructor. In October 1941 Calshot in charge of the overhaul of Sunderland flying boats and self-sealing fuel tanks, for use on convoy patrol duties. This move came about because of his pre-war experience with Imperial Airways. September 1942 transferred to the Technical Branch (Engineering) and remained in it until his release from the RAF in 1946 as a Wing Commander. Features in documentary

'Spirits in the Wind'

Book with signature

22 AlexanderEdward ArissSgt88648RAFVRBritish236 Sqd

BlenheimMIA1941-02-25Runnymede Age 22
23 AlexanderJohn William EdwardPlt Off421878British151 Sqd

HurricaneWIAJoined 151 Sqd 1940-07-01. On 1940-08-28 at 17:30hrs shot down in flames during combat over the Thames Estuary, and he baled out of his Hurricane I (L2005), badly burned.
24 AllanJHLFONew Zealander151 Sqd

25 AllardGeoffrey 'Sammy'Plt Off44551RAFBritish85 Sqd

DFM & Bar
Hurricane19 (8 in France)KIFA1941-03-13 Age 28Born in York in 1912 joined RAF as an aircraft apprentice in 1929. accepted for pilot training 1936 and graduated as a Sergeant Pilot. 'Sammy' Allard fought in France and he shot down at least ten enemy aircraft. Allard was awarded the DFM and promoted to Flight Sergeant. He fought in the Battle of Britain shot down a total of 23 enemy aircraft and was commissioned in August 1940. On one occasion he put his Hurricane down at Lympne with engine trouble. While his aircraft was being serviced the field was attacked and his Hurricane was destroyed, he escaped unhurt. On 1941-03-13 Flt Lt Allard, now one of Fighter Command's leading aces took off in a Havoc and and all seemed normal until suddenly the aircraft appeared to lose speed, banked to the left, went into a spin and crashed. Allard, W.H.Hodgson a New Zealander 85 Sqd and another passenger were killed. It is believed that a nose panel was not secured properly and came off, jamming the rudder and causing the aircraft to become uncontrollable. Buried in Saffron Waldon Borough Cemetery.

March 2011 a memorial service was held at Saffron Waldon, organized by a cousin of Sammy Allard: Relatives of Fl Lt Geoffrey “Sammy” Allard, who was born in York, are invited to a weekend of events to remember the pilot. Mr Allard was hailed a hero after being credited with shooting down 23 enemy planes during the famous Second World War air battle. But after surviving his perilous missions and being presented with the Distinguished Flying Cross by King George VI, the 28-year-old pilot was killed in a crash during a routine flight in 1941. He died alongside two other servicemen; William Henry Hodgson and Francis Walker Smith. On the second weekend of March 2011, relatives of all three men have been invited to Saffron Walden, where they were buried, for a reception. There will be a fly-past of Hurricane fighters, the laying of a wreath at the men’s graves and the naming of Allard Way, a new street in the town. The event has been arranged by Chris Allard, Mr Allard’s cousin once removed. He said: “Sammy is in the top ten of Battle of Britain fighter pilots but he is one of the forgotten few. They did their bit for their country. “It is a forgotten story and it is quite a poignant one. “The squadron was shattered by the crash. To lose them in one day and for it to be forgotten is quite sad.” Mr Allard was born in York in September, 1912, the son of Sydney Harold Allard and Elizabeth Allard (née Higgins) and was married to Kathleen Minnie Ross, in York, in 1937.

Wikipedia Bio

Portrait by Cuthbert Orde

26 AllcockPeter Owen DenysPlt Off42179RAFBritish229 Sqd

BlenheimWIAKIA1941-12-17Wounded on the 1940-09-23. Baled out of his Hurricane I (P2979) over Hoo in Kent at 10:50hrs after being shot down. Died 17 December 1941 Egypt. Alamein Memorial Cemetery Age 22
27 AllenHubert Raymond 'Dizzy'Plt Off42582British66 Sqd

Spitfire5Died66 Sqd in Spitfires during the Battle of Britain. Later promoted to Squadron Leader and put in command of the Squadron. Later still promoted to Wing Commander. Involved in a mid-air collision 1940-11-28 with P.H.Willcocks in Spitfire II (P7491). Willcocks was killed and Allen was unhurt. His score was 5 destroyed, 3 shared, 2 probables, and 3 damaged.
28 AllenJames Henry LeslieFg Off39957RAFNew Zealander151 Sqd

Hurricane I P32751 shared enemy aircraft destroyed and 1 other probably destroyed.MIA1940-07-12

Archive Report

Born in Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand. After training for the sea in the UK and working for the Blue Funnel Line, he gained a short service commission in the RAF and began his flying training in 1937. In February 1939 he was posted to 151 Squadron. On 16 May 1940 Allen was one of a number of pilots of 151 sent to France to reinforce 87 Sqd. Three days later he was wounded during an action in which a Hs 196 was destroyed and he was sent back to England. Rejoined 151 on 5 June 1940. On the 30th he probably destroyed a Bf 109 over northern France. On 12 July the squadron was ordered off to protect Convoy Booty when an attack by German aircraft was imminent. An engagement developed about 20 miles east of Orford Ness. Allen was caught in a withering cross-fire and his Hurricane was last seen gliding down with a dead engine. He is believed to have drowned.

Hurricane P3275 hit by return fire from a Dornier Do 17 while protecting convoy off Orfordness. Ditched in the sea. K.I.A. on convoy patrol with 151 Sqd 1940-07-12 in Hurricane (P3275). Ditched after combat with a Dornier Do 17 of II Gruppe of KG 2 at 09:45hrs off Orfordness. Runnymede Age 25

29 AllenJohn LawrenceFg Off70008RAFBritish54 Sqd

SpitfireKIA1940-07-241940-05-23 took part in a daring rescue operation. He and Al Deere escorted their Flight Commander James Leathart to France where he was to land a Miles Master trainer and pick up the C/O of 74 Sqd who had made a forced landing on the airfield at Calais-Marck. The pick-up was made, with Allen watching from 8,000 feet and Deere circling at low level. An approaching formation of Bf 109s was spotted by Allen as the Master taxied out for take-off. As a strafing Bf 109 pulled out of its dive, presenting a perfect target, Deere fired a short burst and the aircraft stalled and then crashed into the sea. Deere, climbing to help Allen, crossed the path of two Bf 109s, one of which turned towards him. Deere also turned, firing at the second one, which rolled over and dived away. Pursuing the first one, he caught up at treetop height and pursued him, firing off his remaining ammunition before the German headed for home. Diving towards the coast Deere called up Allen and was relieved to hear him answer. In the meantime the Master had taken off and headed for Hornchurch. In the action three Bf 109s had been shot down and three others severely damaged with no losses. Allen was killed 1940-07-24 near Margate. His Spitfire (P9549) or (R6812) was shot down on convoy patrol by Bf 109s of III Gruppe of JG 26. He stalled and crashed at Cliftonville at 12:30hrs. Spitfire R6812 crashed and burned at Cliftonville following damage to the engine in combat with BF 109s Margate Cemetery
30 AllenJohn WilliamSgt135866British266 Sqd
31 AllenKenneth MervynFlt Sgt146710British43 Sqd

257 Sqd

253 Sqd

32 AllenLeslie HenrySgt129967British141 Sqd


Wikipedia discussion of Defiant tactics
33 AllgoodHarold HenrySgt565462RAFBritish85 Sqd

253 Sqd

HurricaneKIFA1940-10-10 Age 25Pilot Hurricane L1928 of 253 Sqn crashed into houses at Albion Place, Maidstone.

Born in Cambridge in 1915. Educated at the Central School Cambridge. He left at sixteen, joined RAF at Halton as an apprentice metal rigger in September. Volunteered for pilot training and was accepted on 13th September 1938 but did not begin his training until 1939. No.11 Fighter Training School, Shawbury, Shropshire from 25th September until 6th April 1940. After converting to Hurricanes, posted to 85 Sqd at Lille-Seclin in France on 14 May 1940. Two days later in Hurricane L1898 bound for Merville when he was shot down shortly after take-off, possibly by Oberleutnant Bolz, Staffelkapitän of 5th Staffel of Jagdgwaffe 52. Crash-landed and overturned north-west of Lille. Wounded, or possibly hospitalized. When 85 Sqd was withdrawn to Debden on the 21 May, Allgood was not with them. Reported back on June 22nd and re-joined 85 Sqd at Martlesham Heath in early July. On 11 August 1940 got a Bf 109E but the same day returned to base with his mainplane damaged by a Messerschmitt Bf 110, engaged over a convoy off the east coast. Escaped unhurt from Hurricane P2827 when he crashed making a dusk landing at Church Fenton on 9 September. The Hurricane was damaged but repairable. Posted to 253 Sqd at Kenley on 28th September. At 15.20 hrs on Thursday 10 October 1940 nine Hurricanes of 253 Sqd took off from RAF Kenley. Allgood was tail-end Charlie. At 20,000 feet over the Eastern outskirts of Maidstone when Hurricane L1928, went into a steep dive and crashed into 59 and 61 Albion Place, Maidstone, the aircraft immediately bursting into flames. The pilot, two adults and six children were killed. The cause of the crash was never established but possibly oxygen failure. Witnesses said he appeared to attempt to level out just before hitting the ground, but it was too late. Cambridge St. Mark Cemetery

Sadly, for the Allgood family, his brother Edwin was also lost on active service over the North Sea on 29th May 1942 whilst serving on a Liberator, Serial No. AM924, with 120 Sqd. He was one of three, out of a crew of seven, lost on a reconnaissance mission searching for the Tirpitz. The Liberator was attacked by three Messerschmitt Bf 109’s and Edwin, an air gunner, was killed before the aircraft ditched in the sea west of Moskenessøy, the southern most major island in the Lofoten Islands, Norway. An inscription was added to Harold’s gravestone: ‘To the memory of his elder brother who has no known grave, Flight. Sgt. Edwin A. Allgood, killed in action over the North Sea, 28th May 1942.’

Story of the crash at Maidstone

Aftermath of crash 59 & 61 Albion Place Maidstone. (Photos courtesy Kent Battle of Britain Museum)

34 AllisonJack WhitwellSgt104382RAFVRBritish611 Sqd

41 Sqd

SpitfireKIFA1942-10-15Commissioned August 1941; KIFA with 32 MU aged 26 Pontypridd Crematorium Wales Age 26

35 AllsopHarold Gordon LeachSqd Ldr32184British66 Sqd

36 AlltonLeslie CharlesSgt745436RAFVRBritish92 Sqd
SpitfireKIFA1940-10-19Pilot Spitfire P3872 crashed at Tuesnoad Farm, Smarden. Nuneaton Cemetery Age 20
37 AmbroseCharles FrancisPlt Off42583British46 Sqd

HurricaneBaled out of Hurricane I (P3066) on 1940-09-04 at 13:15hrs. In combat with Bf 109s over Rochford.
38 AmbroseRichardPlt Off73040RAFVRBritish25 Sqd

151 Sqd

BlenheimKIFA1940-09-04Pilot Hurricane V7405 crashed into a crane on take off from Stapleford on a ferry flight. Epping Cemetery Age 21
39 AmbrušJán KPlt OffCzech312 Sqd Czech

OBEHurricane1Died1994-01-21Died Chicago
40 AndersonDonald JohnPlt Off79739RAFVRBritish29 Sqd

89 Sqd

BlenheimSurvived war2000 in EppingBorn London 19th April 1919. West Leigh School and Westcliff High School for Boys. Joined RAFVR 5th April 1939 as an Airman u/t Pilot. Flying training at 34 E&RFTS Rochford. Called up 1st September 1939. 4 ITW Bexhill at the end of October.11 FTS Shawbury on 19th November 1939. No. 2 School of Army Co-operation at Andover on 15th June 1940. Week later 5 OTU Aston Down for conversion to Blenheims. 29 Sqd at Digby on 6th July. With the squadron until 20th July 1941. Then to 89 Sqd at Colerne with Beaufighters. Middle East in late November 1941operating from Abu Sueir in the night defence of the Delta. March 1942 medically regraded A2B and posted to No. 1 Section Aircraft Delivery Unit, Wadi Natrun. Lost his flying category and was posted to a ground radar unit. Served at units in the Middle East. 2nd April 1944 Commandant at Makadini, a Catalina base on the coast of East Africa. In early September 1944 he returned to radar units, in October 1944 Fighter Direction Officer on HMS Ulster Queen, scanning the Greek Islands.
41 AndersonJohn AnthonySgt187307RAFBritish253 Sqd

HurricaneSurvived war28th May 1978 aged 61 yearsBorn on 22nd November 1916 in Brockley, SE London. Enlisted in the RAF as a Boy Entrant. In 1939 he was accepted for training as an Airman/Pilot and gained his wings in the spring of 1940, arriving at 253 Sqd as a Sergeant in early 1940. On 26th April 1940 an engine fire in Hurricane L1668 forced him to bale out near the Harefield Estate at Rickmansworth. Head and facial injuries. Rejoined 253 once he had recovered. The squadron had some elderly Fairey Battles for routine work. 3rd August 1940 Anderson was taking L5110, from Northolt to Turnhouse when the engine failed and then caught fire as they flew over Tanfield, County Durham at about 19.00. His passenger in the rear gunner’s position, LAC ND Ricks, did not respond to Anderson's order to bale out and Anderson climbed onto the wing and edged along the fuselage to persuade him to jump. He suffered burns before being swept off by the slipstream. LAC Ricks pulled his ripcord while still in the aircraft and amazingly was yanked out of the cockpit by the parachute, breaking a leg in the process. Anderson did not speak of this till much later (according to his CO, Tom Gleave) otherwise his brave action may have been recognised.The aircraft crashed just to the NW of Causey. The two men landed on Gibside Estate and were taken to Rowlands Gill, later being treated in Newcastle Infirmary. Back in action with 253 at Kenley, in early September. On the evening of the 14th he was shot down in combat with Me109’s and crashed at Stone, near Faversham in Hurricane P3804. He was severely injured, with burns to his arms, legs and face. His own account, when applying to become a member of the Caterpillar Club, relates that the dogfight took place at about 18,000 feet but due to his burned hands he was only able to pull the parachute ripcord in the last seconds before hitting the ground. Less than a year later, now a Flying Officer, he returned to non-operational flying, testing newly serviced Spitfires amongst other duties. Ferrying some VIPs back from Germany to the UK, one engine of his Avro Anson failed over the English Channel. He had to order his passengers to jettison their luggage in order for the aircraft to return on the remaining engine.

Wounded 1940-09-14. In combat with a Bf 109 near Faversham and baled out of his Hurricane I (P3804) at 18:10hrs.

42 AndersonJohn DenisSgt1052185RAFVRBritish604 Sqd

BlenheimSurvived war25th April 2007.There is some confusion between John Denis Anderson and John S Anderson. John Denis is quoted in the Wikipedia list of RAF Personnel Flying in Battle of Britain as belonging to 152 Sqd. However, Battle of Britain records show John Denis to have been with 604 Sqd. There is a John Anderson with 152 Sqd, this would be John Stuart who is known to have been flying Spitfires with 152 Sqd during the period of the Battle but no records have been found linking him to a qualifying operational flight during the required period June - October 1940.

John Denis Anderson was born 22nd April 1922. Joined the RAFVR at No. 3 RAF Depot Padgate on 6th June 1940. After learning airborne radar in late July, posted to 604 Sqd at Gravesend. He had never having flown at this point.. Flew operationally with 604 (County of Middlesex) Squadron AuxAF, firstly in Blenheims and then Beaufighters until December 1940, when he was posted back to Yatesbury for another radar course. January 1941 posted to a radar station at Saligo, Islay, Scotland. Anderson applied for pilot training in September 1942. In September 1943 Anderson began his pilot training but he had still not qualified at end of war. Posted to RAF Atherstone for a Ground Controlled Approach course. To 10 GCA RAF Hemswell in November 1945 as a Flight Sergeant. Commissioned from Warrant Officer in June 1955, Anderson retired from the RAF on 31st January 1973 as a Squadron Leader.

43 AndersonMichael FredericSqd Ldr90209British604 Sqd(CO)

44 AndreaeChristopher John DrakeFg Off70018RAFVRBritish64 Sqd

SpitfireMIA1940-08-15Shot down and killed in Spitfire I (R6990) on 1940-08-15 by a Bf 109 at 15:20hrs. Spitfire R6990 failed to return from a combat mission against BF 109s over the channel, Andrae missing. Runnymede Age 23
45 AndrewStanleySgt740169RAFVRBritish46 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1940-09-11Pilot Hurricane P3325 crashed and burnt out during a patrol, cause not known. North Ferriby Churchyard Age 21

46 AndrewsMaurice RaymondSgtNZ/40615RNZAFNew Zealander264 Sqd


Wikipedia discussion of Defiant tactics
SurvivedPassed away 24th March 1971Enlisted 11th March 1940 at the age go 29. Air Observer's School (Ohakea) Trainee Air Gunner 5 OTU (Operational Training Unit) June 1940 (Ashton Down) 13 ITW (Initial Training Wing- Pilot training) August 22 1942 26 EFTS (Elementary Flying Training School) Canada - various training schools March 1943 - Qualified as twin-engine pilot in January 1944. In March 1944, repatriated to NZ. He was posted as a staff pilot to the School of Navigation and Reconnaissance at new Plymouth where he was eventually appointed Flight Commander. He was transferred to Reserve on December 24 1945 and returned to his garage business. Pilot Officer 3 June 1942 - Flight Officer 3 December 1942 - Flight Lieutenant 3 June 1944. (Info courtesy AM New Zealand.
47 AndrewsSydney ErnestPlt Off44567RAFBritish32 Sqd

257 Sqd


HurricaneKIFA1942-08-09Egypt Pilot Ismailia War Memorial Cemetery
48 AndruszkówTadeuszSgtP-5125PAFPolish303 Sqd Polish

Krzyz Walecznych

Medal Lotniczy

HurricaneKIA1940-09-27Baled out of Hurricane I (P3939) over Dartford following combat with a Bf 109 on September 1940-09-15. On 1940-09-27 he was KIA when he was shot down in a Hurricane I (P3939 or V7289) by H. Kopperschlager from I Gruppe of JG 53 over the Horsham area at 09:35hrs . and crashed at Holywych Farm, Cowden. Northwood Cemetery Age 19

Archiwum Polish Database

49 AngusJames George ColinSgt55202British23 Sqd

50 AngusRobert AlexanderSgt748062RAFVRBritish611 Sqd

41 Sqd

SpitfireMIA1941-02-20Runnymede Age 21
51 ApplebyMichael JohnPlt Off90962British609 Sqd

SpitfireSurvived warJoined 609 Auxiliary Sqd December 1938. Called up 24th of August. Joined No. 6 Flying Training School and from there to squadron service with 609 in May 1940. Following his active service during the Battle of Britain, he became an elementary flying instructor until his release from the RAF at the end of the war.
52 ApplefordAlexander Nelson Robin LangleyPlt Off32736RAFBritish66 Sqd

SpitfireSurvived war17th April 2012.Born September 1921 in India. One of the youngest fighter pilots who flew with the Royal Air Force during the Battle of Britain. Educated at King's College, Taunton. Training at 12 E&RFTS Prestwick on 8th August 1939. To 11 FTS Shawbury on 26 September 1939 Joining on 13 May 1940 66 Sqd at Duxford on Spitfires. On 4 September 1940 at 09:50hrs. Spitfire I (N9316) had been attacked by Bf 109s over the Thames Estuary. Spitfire, P9316, crashed near Howe Green Farm, Purleigh, Essex. Seven days sick leave. Sometimes attached to 421 Flight. On 17 October 1940 he carried out a W/T test and on 9th November he flew a patrol with 421. Following the Battle of Britain, Appleford was a flying instructor. Posted from 66 Squadron on 13th December 1940, Appleford went to 8 FTS Montrose for an instructors course, after which he was posted to Southern Rhodesia, to instruct at 22 SFTS Gwelo. In 1943 he returned to combat duties with 274 Sqd flying Hurricanes on coastal defence in North Africa. After a spell with the Aircraft Delivery Unit, he went to South Africa as a flying instructor. From early February 1944 until May 1945 Appleford instructed at various Air Schools in South Africa. Returned to Britain on 1st July 1945 and joined 587 Sqd at Weston Zoyland on 24th August. Released from the RAF in August 1946 as a Flight Lieutenant.

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53 ArberIvor KennethSgt156944British603 Sqd


54 ArbonPaul WadePlt Off41893British85 Sqd

55 ArbuthnottJohnSgt564104RAFBritish1 Sqd

229 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1941-02-04Pilot. Carluke Wilton Cemetery Age 26
56 ArcherHarold ThorpeSgt747939RAFVRBritish23 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1941-06-30Becklingen War Cemetery
57 ArcherSamuelSgt803473British236 Sqd

58 AriesEllis WalterPlt Off79555British602 Sqd

59 ArmitageDennis Lockhart 'Tage'Flt Lt76573British266 Sqd
SpitfireDiedArmitage saw little action at the start of the war until August 1940 when his squadron was posted south to Tangmere, Manston and Hornchurch. Armitage recalled the arena of the skies as “vapour trails of a scrap”. With many pilots killed within the space of a few days Armitage was promoted to Acting Squadron Leader. Despite suffering a leg injury during battle Dennis continued to fly and eventually rejoined the Battle as part the Duxford ‘Big Wing’ led by Douglas Bader. He was given his own squadron and received a DFC from the King ‘for gallantry and leadership’. In September 1941 Dennis was forced to bale out over France and was taken prisoner. He was sent to Colditz where he was reunited with Bader. Together they wrote a play based on their PoW experiences, which was staged at the ‘Q’ Theatre in London for a two-week run in 1945 and later broadcast by the BBC.

Joined 266 Sqd June 1940. Destroyed a Junkers Ju 88 on 1940-08-12. DFC on 1941-07-18.

60 ArmitageJoseph FoxSgt741932RAFVRBritish242 Sqd

61 ArmstrongWilliamPlt Off41812RAFBritish54 Sqd

SpitfireWIA1943-02-18No victories before or during the Battle of Britain. He was KIA on the 1943-02-18 aged 21. North Africa. Dely Ibrahim War Cemetery Algeria Age 21

62 ArnfieldStanley JohnSgt46253British610 Sqd

SpitfireWIAServed with 610 Sqd Spitfire Biggin Hill. Destroyed one aircraft before the Battle of Britain and two Bf 109s on 1940-08-18. On 1940-08-24 at 08:50hrs he was shot down by a Bf 109 of JG 51 off Ramsgate. Baled out of Spitfire I (R6686), and broke an ankle on landing, ending his part in the Battle. Awarded DFC 1944-04-30
63 ArnoldFFSqd LdrBritish501 Sqd
64 ArthurCharles Ian RosePlt OffCanadian141 Sqd

65 ArthurCharles JohnPlt Off42090RAFBritish248 Sqd

BlenheimMIA1940-08-27Blenheim crashed into the sea during a reconnaissance mission along the south Norwegian coast, Arthur and Sgt E A Ringwood MIA; Sgt R C R Cox KIA. Runnymede Age 22
66 ArthurIR41241Canadian141 Sqd


Wikipedia discussion of Defiant tactics
67 AshRobert Clifford VacyFlt Lt31023RAFBritish264 Sqd


Wikipedia discussion of Defiant tactics
KIA1940-08-28 Age 31Air Gunner in Defiant L7021, following combat with BF 109s crashed in flames at Faversham. Sqn Ldr Garvin, the Pilot, bailed out slightly injured, Ash baled out but was killed. St Andrews Western Cemetery Scotland
68 AshcroftAlbert Edward DavidSgt (later Flt Lt)112736RAFVRBritish141 Sqd


Wikipedia discussion of Defiant tactics
KIA1944-10-06 Age 24Brussels Town Cemetery Belgium
69 AshfieldGlynFg Off (later Sqd Ldr)36225RAFBritishFIUAFC



Wikipedia discussion of Defiant tactics
KIA1942-12-12Pilot. Limpsfield Churchyard Age 30
70 AshtonDennis GarthPlt Off76574RAFBritish266 Sqd
SpitfireKIA1940-08-12Spitfire P9333 Shot down in flames following combat with aircraft off Portsmouth. Body later recovered and buried at sea. Runnymede Age 20
71 AshtonDennis KennethSgt741212RAFVRBritish32 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1940-11-26Malta Capuccini Naval Cemetery Age 25
72 AshworthJackSgt49946British29 Sqd

73 AslettArthur Thomas RaynerSgt170758RAFVRBritish235 Sqd

BlenheimWIASurvived warSeptember 1998 in Taunton.Born 26 August 1920. Early 1939 joined the RAFVR at Rochester. Called up on 5 September 1939. Air Service Training Hamble for initial wireless theory and operation, then advanced wireless work and flying experience at Cranwell. 9 Bombing and Gunnery School Penrhos, posted on 10 August 1940 to No. 1 (Coastal) OTU Silloth. Joined 235 Sqd at Bircham Newton on 23 September as a WOp/AG. On Blenheim T1999 LA-S returning from a bombing attack on two enemy merchant vessels off Denmark on 23rd November. During the action the pilot, P/O JT Davidson, had been wounded. Crash-landing at base, a bomb remained on the rack and this exploded on impact, severely wounding Aslett and setting fire to the aircraft. Davidson and his observer, Sgt. Brazier, jumped clear but on realising that Aslett was still in the blazing aircraft they went back, regardless of their own safety, and dragged him out. They were both badly burned and their gallantry was recognised in March 1941, Davidson being awarded the GM and Brazier the BEM. Aslett spent sometime in Ely Hospital, eventually returning to Bircham Newton, where he was put on instruction duties. He later joined 279 (Air Sea Rescue) Sqd. Commissioned in December 1943 and on finishing his tour in early February 1944, posted to No. 1 (Coastal) OTU at Turnberry as an instructor. Went to 111 OTU Nassau, Bahamas for Liberator crewing. He joined 224 Sqd on his return to Britain on 9 January 1945 and remained with the squadron until the end of the year. Released in February 1946 as a Flight Lieutenant.

74 AslinDonald JamesSgt102097British257 Sqd

32 Sqd

Hurricane1Joined 32 Sqd 1940-08-04. He was posted to 257 Sqd 1940-09-22 and shot down by a Bf 109 on 1940-09-23. He baled out of his Hurricane I (P2960) but was wounded.
75 AsshetonWilliam RadclyffePlt Off41979British222 Sqd

SpitfireOn patrol on the 1040-09-20. Baled out of his Spitfire I (K9993) with burns after an attack by a Bf 109 over the Thames Estuary, at 11:35hrs. Aircraft crashed at West Hanningfield, Essex.
76 AtkinsFrederick Peter JohnSgt903401British141 Sqd


Wikipedia discussion of Defiant tactics

Archive Report

Defiant L7015 shot down over the Channel following combat with BF 109s JG 51 at 12:45hrs; Plt Off R Kidson MIA, Atkins KIA. Air Gunner Shot down and killed along with his pilot (P/O R.Kidson) Boulogne Eastern Cemetery, Plot 13. Row A. Grave 18.

Born on the 1st January 1914 in Oxford. Son of Daniel and Eva Atkins, of Oxford and husband of Joyce Ethel Atkins, of Edmonton, Middlesex. Grave inscription: ' 'R.I.P'.

Courtesy AWMM

77 AtkinsonAllan ArthurPlt Off78740British23 Sqd

BlenheimKIFA1940-10-30Blenheim L6721 crashed at South Bersted in bad weather during routine patrol. Sgt H T Perry and Plt Off H J woodward Air Cunner were also KIFA.
78 AtkinsonGeorgeSgtBritish151 Sqd


HurricaneKIFA1945-03-01Shot down in combat with Do 17s on 1940-08-14 at 07:00hrs. Baled out of Hurricane I (P3310) off Christchurch and rescued from the sea. Awarded the DFM on the 1941-03-07. Whilst serving as a flying instructor. Killed as flying instructor on 1945-03-01 aged 29.
79 AtkinsonGordon BarryPlt Off42091British248 Sqd

80 AtkinsonHarold DerrickPlt Off33418RAFBritish213 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1940-08-25Shot down 2 Bf 109s and a He 111, 2 unconfirmed and 3 shared kills in France before the Battle of Britain. In August 1940 he destroyed 2 Bf 109s, 3 Bf 110s and a He 111. His total score was 9 confirmed, 3 shared,2 unconfirmed and 2 damaged. Shot down and killed on 1940-08-25 at 18:00hrs in a Hurricane (P3200) near Portland.Pilot of Hurricane P3200 failed to return from combat over Warmwell, thought to have crashed into the sea. Market Weighton Cemetery Age 22
81 AtkinsonMatthew RichardFlt Lt39364British43 Sqd

82 AtkinsonRonaldPlt Off79530RAFVRBritish600 Sqd

266 Sqd

242 Sqd

213 Sqd
Hurricane1KIA1940-10-17Pilot. Joined 600 Sqd on the 10th of August 1940 for only a few days. With 213 Sqd when on 1940-08-18 he shot down a Bf 109 off Ventnor. He was K.I.A. on 1940-10-17 at 16:30hrs in his Hurricane I (P3174) in combat with a Bf 109 near Ashford, crashed at Egerton near Pluckley. Gillingham Woodlands Cemetery England Age 19
83 AustinAlbert LawrenceLAC917258British604 Sqd

BlenheimWIA KIA1940-08-26Night patrol Blenheim L6782' crashed 1940-08-25 near Witheridge, Exeter, cause unknown. Died 26 August 1940 also Sgts J G B Fletcher and C Haigh KIA. Austin died the following day from injuries.
84 AustinAnthony ThomasSgt129122British29 Sqd

85 AustinDPOBritish151 Sqd

86 AustinFrederickFg Off39627RAFBritish46 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1941-03-17Pilot. Clevedon Churchyard

87 AustinSydneySgt101002RAFVRBritish219 Sqd


88 AyersDavid HartSgt740696RAFVRBritish74 Sqd
SpitfireKIA1940-09-23Abandoned Spitfire P7362 during a routine patrol near Southwold for a cause unknown. His body later recovered from sea. Left 600 Sqd in August 1940 to No 74 Sqd. Baled out of Spitfire II (P7362) into the sea on 1940-09-23 while on a routine patrol and was killed. His body was washed up ashore 1940-10-04. Ipswich New Cemetery Age 26
89 AylingCharles Albert HenrySgt561445RAFBritish43 Sqd 266 Sqd 421 FlightHurricane/SpitfireKIA1940-10-11Pilot, when his Spitfire P7303 crashed near Newchurch following combat over Hawkinge. [2nd version]Shot down over France on 1940-06-07 on patrol over River Somme. Crash landed Hurricane I (L1737). He then flew an abandoned Hurricane with a leaky fuel tank back to Tangmere on June 10. K.I.A. with No 421 flight, shot down in Spitfire Mk II (P7303) on the 1940-10-11, at 16:00hrs over Newchurch, Kent, Pembroke Monkton St Nicholas Cemetery Wales Age 28.

90 BabbageCyril Fredrick 'Frank'Sgt89298British602 Sqd


SpitfireDiedBailed out to the South of Selsey Bill on 1940-08-26 at 16:45hrs. His Spitfire had been shot up by a Bf 109 of JG 53. He was unhurt.Commissioned Nov 1940. Retired as a Wing Commander June 1964. Born Ludlow, Shropshire 25 June 1917.
91 BaconCharles HarveyFg Off74324RAFVRBritish610 Sqd

SpitfireKIFA1940-09-30Spitfire crashed on Alnmouth Beach, flying accident. Windermere St Marys Cemetery England Age 21

92 BaddeleyDouglas HiramSgt814205RAF AAFBritish25 Sqd

BlenheimKIA1942-06-26Air Gunner. Kiel War Cemetery Age 25
93 BaderDouglas Robert SteuartSqd Ldr26151British242 Sqd (CO)


Hurricane22.5PoW1982-10-05After losing both legs in pre-war flying accident, accepted back for flying duties in Spitfire I in 19 Sqd at Duxford. June 1940, commanded 242 Sqd, only Canadian unit at the time. 242 badly mauled in France, morale low. Bader quickly transformed 242 into a tough unit by his courage, leadership and uncompromising attitude toward his pilots, ground crews and the RAF high command, with whom he soon had a major brush. Bader discovered unit did not have the spare parts or tools to keep its 18 Hurricane fighters operational. Bader signaled 12th Group Headquarters: '242 Squadron operational as regards pilots but non-operational as regards equipment.' And he refused to announce his squadron as operational until its lack of tools and spares was rectified. It took a direct meeting with Fighter Command's commander Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding, to correct the mess. Within 24 hours, 242 Squadron had all the tools and spares it needed, and Bader signaled 12th Group: '242 Squadron now fully operational.' Early in 1941 commanded the first Tangmere Wing and his tactics then were carried on by Fighter Command for some years. 1941-08-11 baled out leaving his 'tin' right leg in the Spitfire, and became a prisoner of war for 3½ years, ending it in Colditz Castle after two attempted escapes. Retired from RAF July 1946 and rejoined Shell Oil, later being knighted. In just 15 months operations his official score was 22½ enemy aircraft destroyed (his personal tally was 30!)

Signed envelope

94 BadgerIvor JamesSgt (later Sqd Ldr)45975British151 Sqd

87 Sqd

94 Sqd

73 Sqd

Hurricane3Died1995-01-30Born 12 September 1912. Studied at Shaftesbury Grammar School. Joined the RAF as an Aircraft Apprentice in September 1929 and passed out in August 1932 as a Fitter, Aero Engines. Volunteered for pilot training and by 1938 he was serving as a Sergeant-Pilot with 151 Sqd and also a member of the squadron's aerobatic team. Arrived at 11 Group Pool, St. Athan for refresher course on 5 January 1940. Posted to 87 Sqd in France on the 13 January 1940. On 11 August 1940 shot down Bf109 and damaged another. Damaged a Ju88 and a Bf109 on 25 August. 19 May 1941 Badger shot down an Arado Ar196 floatplane off the Scilly Isles. Commissioned in May 1941, posted overseas and joined 94 Sqd in Western Desert in December 1941. March 1942 he went to 73 Sqd and on the 20 March he took part in attack on Derna airfield. Several enemy aircraft destroyed. 11 July 1942 he destroyed a Bf109. DFC 18 September 1942). Returned to Britain and in July 1944 he transferred to the Technical Branch (Engineering). He remained in the RAF after the war and retired on 12 August 1961 as a Flight Lieutenant, retaining the rank of Squadron Leader.
95 BadgerJohn Vincent ClarenceSqd Ldr33046British43 Sqd (CO to 1940/08/30)

HurricaneWIA1941-06-30Joined 43 Sqd 1940-06-20. In command on the 1940-07-09 when the CO was wounded. 6 kills between the 14th and 30th of August 1940. Shot down in his Hurricane I (V6548), and seriously wounded on 1940-08-30 by a Bf 109 South of Woodchurch, Kent at 17:35hrs. DFC 1940-09-06. Died of his wounds on 1941-06-30, aged 29.Pilot of Hurricane V6548 shot down in combat with Bf109s. Badger was seriously wounded. Died 30 June 1941. Awarded the RAF College Sword of Honour in 1933
96 BaileyC GPlt Off102088British152 Sqd

97 BaileyGraham GeorgePlt Off83987RAFBritish56 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1941-11-09Malta Memorial Age 25
98 BaileyGeorge JohnSgt83987British234 Sqd 603 SqdSpitfire
99 BaileyHenry Noel DawsonPlt Off84957British54 Sqd

100 BaileyJohn Cyril Lindsay DysonPlt Off74660RAFVRBritish46 Sqd

HurricaneKIA1940-09-02Shot down and killed 1940-09-02 over the Thames Estuary by a Bf 109 at 17:30hrs. His Hurricane I (P3067) crashed near to Biggin Hill.Pilot, Hurricane P3067 shot down in combat over the Thames Estuary. Maidstone Cemetery Age 20

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