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Some of the wildest flying in the world is done as routine by intrepid pilots up in Alaska, out in the Australian Bush, across the deserts of the world or over the jungles of South America and the Far East.

One of the editors for Aircrew Remembered earned his pilot's wings under the tutelage of a hairy-assed Alaskan bush flyer, seeing his sunset years out in sybaritic in Los Angeles teaching sprogs to fly, a man who could - and did - land downwind in a parking lot with a cup of coffee in one hand. There are some things a man does not forget, and watching this maestro effortlessly stroke a plane around the sky is one of these!

This is a call to action to get aircrew stories from this hugely demanding and specialist area of flying, where pilots often have to fix their planes with baling twine and chewing gum or perish 500 km from safety.

If you have anything to contribute please contact us and we'll work with you to get your data, histories, stories, letters and photos into the people's history. Just email us via our Helpdesk.

Following are links to sites that have valuable and interesting information on the bush. We have an effort underway to contact these sites to see if they have personal histories they can contribute to Aircrew Remembered. If you know of other sites we could contact, please let us know.

Bush flying in Alaska

Flying doctors down in Australia

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