27th People, related to Combat

      I plan to put overseas pictures of our people here. C. C. Williams was shot down by flak over France. This picture was sent to me by Stephane Muret from east France, near Belfort which is near Switzerland.

      Here is his picture holding a P-47 part from a crash site. I'm going to include part of his last message to me.

      "Sorry, I forgot to give you more information about me. I'm a history teacher, 35 years old. I live near Belfort which is a small French town not far from the Swiss border. I started to search about ten years ago about the airwar over my country. The first crash I discovered was Lt George T. Hebbel's crash site at Cunelieres. George was in the 523rd FS.
      I have 200 crash sites in my files, including 6 from 27th FG. This particular Group has a big place in my heart. You have done so much for my freedom that I will be forever grateful. I don't want the young generation from my country to forget the sacrifices you've made for freedom. That's why I need so much information about the US Fighter Groups.
      When I find a crash site and when I could find the pilot, I send him pictures from the crash site, pictures from the plane (when I could find some) and sometimes parts of his plane. That's what I've done with George Hebbel. Sometimes, former pilots come here to see their crash site. That's what happened 2 years ago with former 522nd FS squadron leader, Colonel Williams." Stephane Muret.

      I'm sure we all appreciate the work he is doing. And I feel obligated to tell him that the ones to be remembered are the ones that did not have the luck we had and did not come back. When we returned, we were well treated and I for one got the college education I could have never gotten on my own, through three degrees!. When I needed a home, I was given a government loan for 100% of the purchase price at an interest rate just over 5%. I feel I was well paid. But I will never forget the 28 of 45 that went over with me that did not return! We cannot sully their memory by acting in any way they would disapprove of.

      Stephane Muret of Belfort France (see above) has sent me two pictures. One is the crash of George Hebbel (at left).