A-36 Article, page 3
Page three of the A-36A Article
from the April 2007 issue of "Flight Journal"
by Scott Schwartz

      The picture above is of the plane flown by Larry Dye of the 522nd Squadron. You can see part of the B at the top of the rudder. It was restored and is in Dayton at Wright-Pat.

      Scott talks about the conversion of some of the early P-51's into "high speed reconnaisance aircraft". We had the 111th Recom Squadron in Italy flying them. I had an encounter with them. I got lost on my third mission when we encountered a lot of flak. When I pulled out of the dive and looked around, they were all gone! Then I saw two planes which I thought were coming back to get me.

      They were 111th Recon planes. We both looked a lot like Me-109's in the air. One of them cocked up to get a good look at me and I saw the four 20 mm cannons sticking out of the wing, so I put the nose down a bit and gave it full throttle and got the hell out of there. I was so "concerned" that I actually beat the mission home. On the way to the deck, I was going 450 mph indicated. When I leveled out on the deck it sank to 405. When I got on our side of the bombline, I throttled back to the red line and it sank to 350 mph!

      This is all written up on my page at     http://www.charlies-web.com/WWII_med/contentsced2.html,     halfway down the page.

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