A-36 Article, page 7
Page seven of the A-36A Article
from the April 2007 issue of "Flight Journal"
by Scott Schwartz

      "...if you were a fighter pilot, you were supposed to be able to fly anything that had wings and an engine." I guess a test of that would be my week's "tour" flying a UC-78, Cessna "Bamboo Bomber" eight times from Naples' Capodochino Airfield to the Anzio Beachhead and back. I have 40 hours twin engine time, all solo! I climbed in and flew it. To emphasize it, for my first trip, after an hour and a half practice, I flew the Commander in the Theater, Lt. Gen. Mark Clark to the beachhead!       I actually flew 39 missions in the A-36, 40 in the P-40F and my last 15 in a brand new P-47D.

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