Charles Everard Dills

It just Wasn't My Time

This is the account of the military part of my life.

As an orphan at 14 in the middle of the depression (1936) I had few stories of my family.
I was determined that this would not happen to my grandson, Erik Arthur Daniel Dills.

I have a few black and white photographs of my grandfather and one mental image.
He died when I was just over two.
I was determined that this would not happen to me and my grandson.

This account starts in college about graduation time at Central High School, Fargo ND in 1940.
It goes through the beginning of college at the North Dakota Agricultural College in Fargo ND.
It continues through Civiian Pilot Training (CPT), enlistment in the Air Corps, Flight Training, combat, post-combat stateside military flying, discharge and re-entrance to college.

It is part of a longer work I am preparing that covers the other parts of my life as well.

I know there are some reptitions and some temporal errors.
When it is finished I plan to organize it a bit better and correct these deficiences.
But for now, it is more important to get the facts down.
I am not conscious of the "fluttering of wings" but I am 85 and realistic.

To my Grandson,

Have a good life.

Have pride in yourself.

Do nothing you feel is wrong, ever!