Pictures from Combat

      When members of 27th Fighter Bomber Group give me pictures from their days in combat, I will put them here. I plan to clean them up as best I can and put them here in a large format.
      I also plan to extract individual images from these pictures and include them separately alongside the original.
      There will be little information with these pictures. I will present what I have but ask for help from the remaining members of the group to fill in the times, locations, names and any other explanatory detail they feel is pertinent.       PLEASE!!

      This first group of fourteen pictures was sent to me by George Hebbel, a pilot in the 523rd Squadron. He plans to present the originals to the Air Force Historical Research Agency at Maxwell Field, Montgomery AL.

      Wendy Cattanach contacted me and told me that the picture below of the pilot kneeling with a 155 mm howitzer shell is her husband, Alex. Thank you very much, Wendy!.

      These pictures are from George Hebbel.

      The first picture is 3x3 inches at 72 dpi.
      If you click on it you will bring up a large version, 6x8 inches at 300 dpi.
      I do this so families may get the best print I can deliver.
      If this pilot or a member of his family will contact me I wll try to make a few prints available to them.

Col. Nevitt and Maj. Brown

B. Gen. Saville

still unknown

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