Burton Stephen Shiner


Burton Stephen Shiner
Flight A, 522nd Squadron

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      Steve was born the 13th of August 1919 and died on the 19th of June 2000 in Sedona AZ. His wife, Bobbie still lives in AZ.

      Steve was a pilot with the 522nd Squadron. He had the misfortune to be shot down and taken prisoner. He did time in one of the Stalags. I will try to find out what I can.

      The picture on the left was taken at the group in Italy, probably about early 1944.

      The picture on the right was taken at the San Francisco Reunion in 1999.

Note: Steve Shiner's son Brent sent me the following abbreviated log of Steve's. There are some misspellings, which may be mis-readings of the "overseas scrawl". I will correct them. He is looking for other material I can put on the page later.

Steve Shiner's Abbreviated Log