the De Foors and the Whitehursts

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      I had met Charles Wesley De Foor III when I was in flying school and replacement training in Sarasota FL. He had married a girl from Fort Myers FL named Barbara Whitehurst. His name came just before mine on military orders and he was born the day before I was. So to his family, I was known as Junior!
      I went overseas with him but we got separated when he went to the 79th Fighter Group and I went to the 27th. His son, Chip, was born while we were in Africa. Unfortunately, he did not return from Italy, crashing at sea in the Mediterranean.
      When I returned from overseas, I was assigned to instruct in P-40's at Page Field, Fort Myers FL. When the Whitehursts heard that I was at the base, they would not hear anything but that I would live in their home at 301 Valencia Way while I was there. Barbara's father was the District Judge, George Whitehurst and her mother was Myra. Barbara was living there with her son, Chip, Charles Wesley De Foor IV.
      They were uncommonly nice to me, taking me to the base and picking me up in the evening for about four months. The only regret I have for this period is the feeling that I did not thank them profusely enough. Unfortunately, they are both gone so this page is all the thanks I can give.

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Barbara and Chip George Whitehurst and Chip Myra Whitehurst Marge Ann Whitehurst Charles E Dills and Chip Barbara and Charles
Barbara, Chip and Myra Whitehurst, her mother.

the Whitehurst home.


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