Early P-40
40 & 8 Box Car Comment
"This is Charlie Waddell's picture that he sent me of the 40 and 8 boxcar in which they crossed North Africa (I guess all of you traveled in similar boxcars). Dad is top left, and Charlie is 2nd from the right. This was January 1944."

Top Row: Didear, Sensel, Wagner, Traughber, Waddell, Pelkar

Middle Row: Reardon, Raymond, Stewart

Bottom Row: Sherman, McDaniel, Smith, Schulte, Powell, Ridings, Shiner, Raysdale, Shell

25 of us enroute from Casablanca to Telergma (Constantine) 5 days in January 8, 1944.

Six not in picture: Troxell, Story, Ruggles, Sayre.Spaletta, Straub

Note: These identifications and comments are from Charles Waddell. I might mention that 40 & 8 stood for Forty Men or Eight Horses. (Dills)

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