Eulogy for Nowell O. Didear

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Nowell O. Didear was born 11 January 1921 and died 30 October 2000.

This eulogy was delivered by his son, Dege Didear at the service.

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These pictures and commentaries were sent to me by Nowell Didear's son, Dege Didear. Thank you, Dege.
Any comments in italics are mine.

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Early P-40 Aviation Cadet Nowell O. Didear 40 & 8 Boxcar in North Africa Postcard from Naples Nowell Didear and friend At rest camp on Capri
Pilot. lounging in Jeep! Back home with Grandma. Letter from Freddy Dorsch p. 1 Letter from Freddy Dorsch p. 2 Letter from Freddy Dorsch p. 3 Fred Dorsch on his P-51B (or C) at the 31st Group.
Letter from Tom Murphy Obituary of Fred Dorsch. Nowell O. Didear, Texas Air National Guard Nowell Didear, ready to dynamite a well.


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