Pics of David Johnson and friends
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          Here are 8 pictures of David Johnson, sent to me by his daughter, Sue.

          I recognize Charles Vance and Tom Reynolds but not the fourth one.

          I suspect they were tent mates. I assume when the people in the 27th Fighter Bomber Group Association see these pictures, someone will identify the fourth one for us.

Photo-1 Photo-2 Photo-3 Photo-4

A P-40F

They were beaten up when we got them, but they served us as well as they were able.

Dave and probably his mechanic, sitting on a 500 lb bomb (with no fuse!).
Charles Vance
Another P-40F
Photo-5 Photo-6 Photo-7 Photo-8
Dave, left, Vance, on the wing, and the unknown.
Dave and his P47. It seems to be being worked on since part of the cowl is off.
Dave in his P-40F "office".
And here are the four, Charles, Unknown, Tom and Dave.
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