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A Very Well-Lived Life In The Times of Charles Dills


I can find nothing on the web about my group. I was a pilot in the 522nd Squadron of the 27th Fighter Bomber Group from 1 November of 1943 till the end of August 1944.
We're coming to the end of the line, as we are all above 80 now.
Things need to be recorded before they fade into nothingness.
My first grandchild, Erik Arthur Daniel Dills was born 18 January 2003! That made it even more important!
My Flying Experiences

A timeline of how I got into flying and what I did when I got there.
Honor Flight

For those of you that have never heard about it, a wonderful group of volunteers get money from here and there. AMVETS appear to be a major sponsor of this incredible program. I was told to be at the United Airlines ticket counter at San Francisco International Airport at 7 AM on the morning of Friday, 19 June. Now read on....
Military Reunions

Mustang 'Crazy Horse'

One of the great experiences of my life took place in 1989. I went to Orlando Florida and visited the Lauterback Brothers at the Stallion Corporation, now in Kissimmee Florida. I spent about three days there mostly waiting for the weather to let up, and for my turn in a genuine, original two place P-51. It was expensive, at that time $1250/hour. But it was certainly worth it. How many people can step back 45 years into the past at any price.


'Warbird Adventures' in Kissimmee Florida, 21 March 2006.
I'm ready for my "Adventure", stepping back 62 years into my past!