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      Pages two and three are the Newsletter.
      Page four is the form to fill out and instructions of where to send the check.
      Page five has the instructions about the hotel.

We have an invitation, as follows.

To all members of our "sister" 27th FBG Assn. - We would be delighted to have you at our September 4 thru September 6 reunion in San Antonio. We do have an attractive schedule of activities lined up and the Hospitality Room will be open for lemonade and other libations plus, of course, WWII tales that are embellished more with each passing year. Please join us for what I am sure you will find to be a very enjoyable happening - Sid Howard, Sec'y. 86th FBG Assn."

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Please give us your reactions and suggestions. We are very open to suggestion.

Please send your note to Charles Dills in California, USA.