Curtiss P-40K

The P-40 is one of my favorite aircraft.

I have more time in it than in any other plane.

I flew it in Advanced Flying School,
in RTU (Replacement Training Unit) at Sarasota FL,
at the First Fighter Training Center in Berteaux Algeria,
40 missions in combat with the 27th Fighter Bomber Group,
instructed at Page Field in Fort Myers Fl after my return,
attended the Instructors' School at Pinellas AAB FL
and flew it with the Fighter Section at Alexandria Army Air Base in Lousisiana.

I flew the E, F, K, L, M and N models.

It is a controversial aircraft with people that have not flown it.

Discussion I welcome but I am not interested in criticism from anyone with less than 100 hours of flying time in it.

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