27th Fighter Group Re-union 2004

This is the left end of a large panoramic picture taken at the Wright-Patterson AFB Museum.

You can print these pictures and trim them to fit together into one large picture.

Some of the identifications will have to wait briefly till I get them straight.
Until then, they are:

1   John Herrman,      2   Irma Herrmann,      3   Connie (Herrmann) Glover,      4   Russell Glover,     
5   Betty Keeler,     6   John Keeler,      7   Jane McCall,      8   Katie McCall,      9   Winford Gaines,    
10   Dorothy Santala,     11   Ron Kral,     12   Gene Santala (kneeling),    
13   Bob Billett,     14   Mary Ann Kral

I want to apologize for my 82 year old memory. I recognize your names instantly when I see them but sometimes they don't come up as fast as I would like!

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