27th Fighter Group Re-union 2004

This is the left end of a large panoramic picture taken at the Wright-Patterson AFB Museum.

You can print these pictures and trim them to fit together into one large picture.

Some of the identifications will have to wait briefly till I get them straight.
Until then, they are:

25   Wendy Cattanach,     26   Arlyce (Herrmann) Bell (in front),     27   Alex Cattanach,    
28   Robert White,     29   William Schwessinger,     30   Dorothy White,    
31   Robert Senn,     32   Dona Senn,     33   William Eckenrod,     34   Jack Wasserman,    
35   Mary Ann Eckenrod,     36   John Simon,     37   Jean Gusic,     38   John Gusic,    
39   Janice Simon,     40   Lorraine Lipiarz,     41   John Lipiarz,     42   John Kling,    
43   Ortha Kling,     44   Joe Andres,     45   Cecil Omo,     46   Irwin Lebow,    
47   Marj Mercer    

I want to apologize for my 82 year old memory. I recognize your names instantly when I see them but sometimes they don't come up as fast as I would like!

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