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#NameFirst NamesRankMilitary ServiceHonoursStatusAircraft TypeTail NumberDateIncidentSquadronGroup or WingCircumstances Of Incident        Notes        Links        Photo          
1 DavidsonDavid TCaptainUSAFF-86 Sabre15759A1953-01-15334th Fighter Interceptor: Eagles
4th Ftr-Int Gp1 MIG-15 Victory
2 DavidsonDavid TMajorUSAFF-86 Sabre15759A1953-05-17334th Fighter Interceptor: Eagles
4th Ftr-Int Gp1 MIG-15 Victory
3 DavidsonRobert Tremayne Pillsbury 'Bob'WNGCMDRRCAF assigned to USAF (Canada)DFC, Croix de Guerre, Air Medal (USA), UN Medal, CDF-86 Sabre1952335th Fighter Interceptor: Chiefs
4th Fighter Interceptor Wing6 Victories WW2. Died 1975. Served Korea 1952-09-15 - 1952-12-07 51 Missions

From Vancouver Joins RAF in 1937 Posted w/ 30Sqn flying Hurricanes He fought in Greece against the Italians in 1940; and the Germans in April 1941 On 6 March 1942 he flies a Hurricane off HMS Indomitable to Ratmalana Ceylon On 5 April 1942 scrambled against a large Japanese raid against the island flying BG827/RS-W he claims a Val and a Zero s/d. Flew Typhoons from April 1943 W/Co He leads 121 Typhoon Wing (Nos.174 175 and 245Sqns) in the 2nd TAF from 13 Nov 1943. On 8 Jan 1944 flying a Long Range Sweep N of Paris he claims a twin-engined German transport shared s/d w/ P/O Dickie from 245Sqn. W/Co Flying w/ 143 Typhoon wing from 23 Jan til 8 May 1944. (Nos 438 439 and 440Sqns). On 20 March 1944 he leads three pilots from 438Sqn to strafe targets between Cherbourg and Alderney. On 27 March 1944 he led 9 Typhoons from 439Sqn to the Cotentin. On 8 May 1944 leading 438Sqn on a raid on the Douai marshalling yard force-landed in France after engine failure was reported MIA. In Sept 1944 returned as an evader having served w/ the resistance for three months. He claimed 2 Japanese 2 Italian and 2 German vict = 6. Postwar he flew Vampires and Meteors as OC 421Sqn F-86 pilot He served in Korea with the USAF

Of his Korea tour he remarked, 'Got in a few good scraps with the MIGs. I made a couple of them smoke.' See H.A. Halliday, 'In Korean Skies', Roundel, December 1963 and January 1964. Citation: 'Wing Commander Robert T.P. Davidson distinguished himself by meritorious achievement while participating in aerial combat as a pilot of an F-86 type aircraft, 4th Fighter Interceptor Wing, Fifth Air Force, flying missions against enemies of the United Nations from 29 September to 25 October 1952. While flying combat air patrols and various other type missions deep into enemy territory, many times against a superior number of enemy aircraft, his dedication to duty and demonstrated skill were a magnificent contribution to the successful completion of the assigned mission. As a result of his fortitude and courage on these occasions he has brought credit to himself, members of the United Nations Forces, the Royal Canadian Air Force, and the Far East Air Forces.'
4 Davidson Thomas L1LTUSAFNBDC-46D Commando44-775381952-10-1634th Trp Car Sq315th Trp Car Wg (P)Scheduled courier flight, crashed into the sea off the coast of Kangnung after take-off from K-18 enroute to K-3, extensive SAR effort

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