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The Kracker Luftwaffe Archive: Axis Powers Pilots and Crew

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There is a rogue group of copyright infringers who have stolen a much earlier version of my data - from at least 10 years ago - and have the affrontery to publish that, along with using my name, on their poorly researched website. They claim this is the 'original' Kracker Archive, a ridiculous claim since my Archive has been in a state of continuous development for over 30 years and nobody - NOBODY - has the original. They have no right to use my name or my data and readers who come across this nonsense should do nothing to encourage theft of this nature. I am outraged by this blatant theft and misrepresentation of my lifetime's work. The ONLY person I have ever authorized to publish my data and use my name is Kelvin Youngs, who earned my trust and respect many years ago and is authorized by me to publish my work on whichever website he organizes, currently this being its present home at the highly respected Aircrew Remembered.


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1 Fladrich, KurtHptm161/NJG-1, Stab III/NJG-4 (8/42), Stfkpt 9/NJG-4 (4/43)Bf 110, Ju 88
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold

EK 1 & 2
Night Fighter Operational Clasp
One known victory, a Hampden 1 km south of Lierre on 29 August, 1942. Another, a Lancaster on 11 April, 1943. Another, a Stirling 12 km east of Reims on 15 April, 1943. A Wellington east of Sept Meules on 17 April, 1943. A Stirling at Dorphen on 31 August, 1943. A 6th, a Halifax 10 km W of Rhenen on 20 December, 1943. A Stirling LK382 at Somme, W of Ham, on 10 April, 1944. A Halifax 1 km N of Lechelle on 11 April, 1944. A 2nd Halifax at Ercheu, same day. A Halifax at Meulan-les-Mureaux on 8 June, 1944. A Lancaster at Doullens-Abbeville on 25 June, 1944. A "4 mot" at Ermenonville on 19 July, 1944. A "4 mot" at Hunsrück on 12 September, 1944. Bailed uninjured over Thienley-St Antoine Fr. on 18/19 April, 1944, due to engine fire. His 15th, a Halifax (or Lanc) NE of Cambridge on 3/4 March, 1945.

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