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#Pilot (↑)RankBornPlaceScore (↑)UnitsAircraftAwards*************Notes*************Photo
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1 Fuchs, RomanGefr11/KG-100Bf 109F or Bf 110 EK 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
Bomber escort. One known victory, a Soviet Yak-1 on 7 July, 1942.
2 Fuchs, HeinzUffz1II/JG-54 (5/44 S.U.)Fw 190A EK 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
His first known victory, a Soviet Yak-7 on 6 May, 1944.
3 Fuchs, Helmut HansOblt10/14/1914Wasseralfingen4/NJG-1Do 217N-1 Werk # 1433 "G9 + HN" (lost)Night Fighter Operational ClaspKIA 4 July, 1943 during aerial combat with a Mosquito of RAF No. 157, Sq., piloted by F/L James Benson & F/O Brandon Lewis. Fuchs buried at Lommel, 21/221. Source: A. Rosseels.
Lommel, Belgium
4 Fuchs, KarlOfw672/JG-54 (9/40 Battle of Briatain), 2/JG-54 (7/41 S.U.), 3/JG-54 (6/43)Bf 109E in 40, Bf 109F & G-2 w/ 2 Staffel, Fw 190A-6 Werk# 550546 "Yel 10" (lost 10/10/43) w/ 3 Staffel
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(10/24/42)

EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
MIA 10 October, 1943 in Werk# 550546, location and detail unknown. His 1st victory, a Spitfire over England on 18 September, 1940. His first known Soviet victory, a SB-3 on 6 July, 1941. An I-26 on 7 July, 1941. An SB-3 on 18 July, 1941. An I-18 on 11 September, 1941. An I-18 on 5 October, 1941. A triple victory on 13 October, 1941; an I-18, a Pe-2 and a DB-3. An I-26 on 5 November, 1941. An I-18 on 3 February, 1942. An I-16 on 9 March, 1942. An I-15 on 4 April, 1942. A MiG-3 on 11 May, 1942. A Pe-2 on 2 June, 1942. An Il-2 on 21 July, 1942. A MiG-3 on 25 July, 1942. A Yak-1 and an I-16 Rata on 20 August, 1942. A LaGG-5 on 23 February, 1943. An Il-2 on 7 March, 1943. An Il-2 on 30 March, 1943. An Il-2 and a LaGG-3 on 8 April, 1943. An Il-2 on 9 June, 1943. Two Yak-1s on 24 June, 1943. A LaGG-5 on 5 July, 1943. A LaGG-3 on 11 July, 1943. Two Yak-1s and a Yak-9 and a LaGG-3 on 20 July, 1943. An Il-2 and a LaGG-3 on 4 August, 1943. An Il-2 and an La-5 on 14 September, 1943. Bowers/Lednicer, 67 victories.
5 Fuchs, Karl Friedrich AugustOblt5/23/1914Minden3/ZG-26 (Channel) Bf 110C Werk # 3526 (or 3369) "3U + L?" (lost 8/13/40) Destroyer Operational Clasp KIA 13 August, 1940 during aerial combat at Warden Bay, Sheppey, UK, by F/O Percy Weaver in a Hurricane of No. 56 Sq.. His R/O, Uffz Willi Ebben (geb 1/11/1915 Oberhausen), also KIA. Bf 110 Loss List. Added: Both buried at CC, Blk 1, Row 11; Fuchs in Gr 442, Ebben in Gr 443 (D.Drury & Luftwaffe Graves UK).
Cannock Chase
6 Fuchs, Karl HeinzUffz9/JG-5Bf 109G-6 Werk # 782162 "White 4" (lost)Fighter Operational ClaspMIA 17 October, 1944 at Ekeroy Norway, no further detail. Source: SIG Norway.
7 Fuchs, KurtLt1/23/1923Wuppertal-Barmen4 3/JG-2 (9/43), 1/JG-27 (2/44), 3/JG-2 (4/44) Fw 190A & Bf 109G
EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
One known victory, a B-17 at Niedere-Tauren on 25 February, 1944. Another, a B-24 75km SE of Toulon, 29 April, 1944. Added: 4 victories (LOCS).
8 Fuchs, LeoUffz4/JG-11 (Reich Def)Bf 109G-6 Werk # 440238 "White 9" (dam 5/19/44)Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
WIA 19 May, 1944 during aerial combat with a P-51 in the Schwarmstedt area.
9 Fuchs, LienhardOblt12/2/1918I/KG-53 He 111H-6 Werk # 7333 "A1 + CB" (lost)
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(6/17/42)

EK 1 & 2
EP (2/16/42), Bomber Operational Clasp
KIA 9 October, 1942 during aerial combat with a VVS fighter. DK-G Awards List
10 Fuchs, OttoStbsFw2(F)/22 (S.U.) Ju 88D-5 Werk # 430046 (lost 9/30/43) Observer Operational Clasp MIA with his Observer Lt Karl Schmidt and two other unnamed crew at Zaporozhye, Ukraine on 30 September, 1943 due to enemy return fire (Ju 88 Loss List). Added: The two MIA: Uffz A.Schulz, R/O and Ogefr K.Stadler, Gnr. No VDK burial detail (D.Drury).
11 Fuchs, Paul GerhardLt6/9/1920Stuttgart21/JG-2 (9/43), 6/JG-2 (7/44)Bf 109G in 44 EK 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
One known victory, a Typhoon 17 km N of Ouistreham on 24 September, 1943. A 2nd, a Typhoon at Grandeville on 17 November, 1943.
12 Fuchs, RobertOfw5/15/1912Rogenwies23JG-54, 7/JG-51 (S.U.) Bf 109F-2 Werk # 5422 "White 10" (lost 10/22/41)
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold

EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
KIA 22 October, 1941 in aerial combat SE of Malojaroslavl with Soviet fighters of the 34th Fighter Aviation Regt. while attacking DB-3 bombers. Added: His remains have not been transferred to a military cemetery, but a grave is believed to exist at Malojaroslavl, Russia. He is commemorated in the German War Cem. at Duchowschtschina, Russia (D.Drury). His first victory, a Spitfire 6 km S of Dover on 7 July, 1940. His 2nd, a Spitfire S of Dover on 10 July, 1940. This Robert Fuchs was originally said to have 39 victories. Bowers/Lednicer, 22 victories.
13 Fuchs, RobertGenMaj5/11/1895Berlin Stfkpt II/KG-153 (36), Kdr III/KG-153 (3/38), Legion Condor, Kdr KG-26 (8/40 Stavanger-Sola) Ju 52 & Ju 86 in KG-153, He 111H in KG-26

Spanish Cross in Gold

EK 1 & 2
Bomber Operational Clasp
Numerous other staff positions; at wars end, he was Kdr of 1 Fliegerdivision. Deceased 15 January, 1977, Göttingen.
14 Fuchs, RobertUffz2/KG-2 (Soesterberg)Do 217M-1 Werk # 6045 "U5 + GK" (lost)Bomber Operational ClaspMIA 26 July, 1943 after being shot down off Spurn Head during operations against the port installations at Hull. His assailant was a Beaufighter of RAF No. 604 Sq., piloted by F/O B.R.Keele. With the starboard engine and mainframe in flames, the AC crashed into the sea. Remaining crew: Gefr Wolfgang Grob, Observer (MIA), Gefr Hermann Krönig, wireless operator (MIA) and Uffz Hubert Toeltsch, gunner (KIA). The body of Hubert Toeltsch was found off Spurn Head and he was buried at Scarthro Road Cemetery, Grimsby.
15 Fuchs, HeinzFw114/JG-1 (11/42), 6/JG-1 (10/43), 4/JG-1 (2/44)Bf 109F & G, Fw 190A-6 Werk # 550872 "White 8" (12/43), A-6 WK# 470077 "White 2" (1/44), Fw 190A-7 Werk # 340314 "White 7" (lost 2/24/44)
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold

EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
KIA 24 February, 1944 S of Minden during aerial combat with B-24-escorting P-47s over Central Germany industrial centers. No known grave. His 1st victory, a Spitfire, piloted by a Sgt Norris, 4 km south of Kamperland North Beveland on 28 November, 1942. His 2nd and 3rd were: a Spitfire on 4 April, 1943 and a Ventura on 3 May, 1943, 20 km west of Haarlem. His 4th, a P-51 I into the sea W of Egmond-aan-Zee on 5 July, 1943. His 5th, a B-17 at Schmelz-Hunsrück on 4 October, 1943. His 6th, a B-17 (HSS) at Münster on 10 October, 1943. His 7th, a B-17 (HSS) at Slochteren on 11 December, 1943. His 8th, a B-17 S of Meppel on 4 January, 1944. His 9th, a B-17 at Braunschweig on 10 February, 1944. A 10th, a B-17 at Magdeburg-Schönebeck on 20 February, 1944. His 11th, a B-17 (HSS) S of Coesfeld on 22 February, 1944.

Major Heinz Bär (Kommandeur ll./JG1) briefing pilots at Rheine: 12 from L - Fw. Fuchs
16 Fuchs, Willi ?UffzII/JG-51 (Reich Def Ost)Bf 109G-14 Werk # 785585 (10% dam 2/19/45)Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
WIA 19 February, 1945 during aerial combat near Gran, DOW?? (Bf 109 Loss List). The Loss List was not certain that his given name was "Willi".
17 Fuchs, WolfgangOblt9/12/1919MunichStab/NJG-3 (Stade)Ju 88G-6 Werk # 620551 "D5 + FA" (lost 12/31/44)EK-2, Night Fighter Operational ClaspKIA 31 December, 1944. Jager Blatt mention. Added: Buried at Fosse, near Bastogne (LOCS). Added: On this night, he is reported serving as R/O for Ofw Martin Kramer. He is now buried in the Ger War Cem at Lommel, Belgium, Blk 59, Gr 505. He may have been a pilot in his own right. (Seeking more detail from Wolfgang's Grandson 7/2021). Photo courtesy Michael Foerster

Lommel, Belgium
18 Goertz, WernerOfw2/KG-54Ju 88A-4 Werk # 142276 "B3 + KL" (lost)Bomber Operational ClaspKIA the night of 27/28 March, 1944; the AC crashed in the Aisne Canal near Juvincourt, on the return flight from the bombing raid on Bristol. Exact cause unknown. Remaining crew: Fw Ferdinand Fuchs, Observer (KIA); Uffz Walter Lindner, R/O (WIA) and Uffz Franz Sitzwohl, Gunner (KIA). Lindner bailed with injuries. Source: Bristol Past, John Penny.
19 Heinrich, RobertLt3/3/190412/NJG-1 (12/44 Dortmund) Bf 110G-4 Werk # 180558 "G9 + RZ" (lost 12/18/44) Night Fighter Operational Clasp His G-4 crashed at Schinnen/Munster Geleen Holland the night of 17/18 December, 1944, hit by AA fire, pilot/crew disposition unknown (DeSwart). Added: All three perished and buried at Ysselsteyn. Lt Heinrich bur CM-12-284; R/O, Uffz H.Buchholz bur BY-11-257 and Gnr, Gefr M.Fuchs bur CM-12-285 (SGLO).
Ysselstein, Holland
20 Kleftinger, KarlUffzIII/StG-1 (4/43)Ju 87D Werk # 2358 (or 2356) (lost 4/22/43) Dive Bomber Operational ClaspKIC with his R/O-Gnr, Uffz Otto Fuchs, 22 April, 1943, when they crashed and burnt at Baranowitsche, cause not reported (Qu.Meister F1le).
21 Kramer, MartinOfw11/21/19164Stab/NJG-3 (Stade) Bf 110E-1 & F-4 (2/43), Ju 88C (11/43), Ju 88G-1 (7/44), Ju 88G-6 Werk # 620551 "D5 + FA" (lost 12/31/45) EP(2/18/43)

EK 1 & 2
Night Fighter Operational Clasp
KIA the night of 31 December, 1944 during aerial combat 2 km east of Liege (Boiten) in the Liege-Wandre-Souverain area, NE of Lüttich. Buried in the German War Cem at Lommel, Belgium, Block 59, Gr 513. Remaining crew (KIA): Oblt Wolfgang Fuchs, R/O, born 9/12/19 Munich and buried in the Ger War Cem. Lommel, Belgium, Blk 59, Gr 505 (Michael Foerster, Grandson 7/2021) and Ogefr Heinrich Prinz, Mech, born 1/24/25, also buried Lommel, Blk 59, Gr 514. All buried as "unknown" at the US Cem. at Fosse, near Bastogne until proper identification in the 90s (Rosseels). Two known victories, both "4 mots", one 30 km NW of Helgoland, the other 70 km NW of Helgoland, on 29 July, 1944. A 3rd, a "4 mot" SE of Kiel on 17 August, 1944. A 4th, a "4 mot" in the Königsberg area on 30 August, 1944.
Lommel, Belgium
22 Liper, Bernard 'Benno'Ofw7/17/19171 4/JG-1 (8/43 Rheine, 11/43), 6/JG-1, 4/JG-1 (12/43 Rheine) Fw 190A-4 Werk # 5565 "White 4" (lost 8/17/43), Fw 190A-5 Werk # 410007 (lost 12/1/43), Fw 190A-4 Werk # 2334 "Black 12" (75% dam 1/24/44) EK 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
KIC 24 January, 1944. His A-4 Wk# 2334 overturned on landing near the Venlo Holland airfield (DeSwart & Geensen). Buried Ysselsteyn Block L/11/259. WIA 17 August, 1943 during aerial combat; his Fw 190 Wk# 5565 crashed at Heugem Holland, south of Maastricht (DeSwart). Bailed safely from his A-5 on 1 December, 1943 after aerial combat at Arnsberg. One known victory, a P-38 on 13 November, 1943, no location. Heinz Fuchs wingman in early 1944. Added: Per SGLO, he crashed near the Venlo airfield, sd by a P-47 just after takeoff. Alternate spelling: Lipper.
Ysselstein, Holland
23 Meyer, JohannFwWekusta 26 (Med)Ju 88D-1 Werk # 430759 "5m + D" (lost 7/7/43)Meteorological Operational ClaspMIA with his Observer Lt Ernst Fuchs and two other unnamed crew 7 July, 1943, cause unknown, location not reported (Ju 88 Loss List).
24 Munz, Karl "Fuchs" ("Fox")Lt4/29/1915Gottwollshausen, Württemberg63I/JG-52 (7/40), Ofw with 2/JG-52 (8/42 S.U.), 1/JG-52 (5/44), Stfkpt 3/JG-52 (1/45), III/EJG-2 (4/45)Bf 109E "Red or Black 3" in 2/JG-52, Bf 109F-2 Werk # 8206 (lost 6/12/41), Bf 109F-4 Werk # 8419 "<< - + -" & G "Black 3", Bf 109G-2 Wk# 14152 "< + 2" (dam 8/23/42), Bf 109G-6 Wk# 20003 "<<" (lost 8/20/43; WIA combat w/8 Yak-1's) , Me 262 RK(4/45)

Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(3/20/44)

EK 1 & 2
Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp w/Pendant
WIA 23 August, 1942 in Wk# 14152 during aerial combat 15 km NE of Uljanowo. Two bomber victories. With JG-52, he flew over the English Channel and Russia. His 1st known Channel victory, a Blenheim N of Nordeney on 25 May, 1941. His 2nd, a Blenheim 100 km W of Texel on 2 June, 1941. His first known Soviet victory, an R-2 on 20 August, 1942. A Yak-1 on 25 June, 1943. An Il-4 and an Il-2 on 5 July, 1943. Two LaGG-5s on 7 July, 1943. A Yak-1 on 20 July, 1943. Two Il-7s on 22 July, 1943. An Il-2 on 31 July, 1943. A P-39 on 16 August, 1943. An Il-2 (m.H.) on 30 May, 1944. A P-39 on 1 June, 1944. Wounded seriously several times. He scored I/JG-52s 2000th victory, his 30th, on 1 June, 1944. An Il-2 and a Yak-9 on 4 June, 1944. An Il-2 on 2 September, 1944. Over 600 combat missions. 3 victories in the West with the Me 262, all "e/a"s in the last days of April, 1945. Another source says he flew the Me 262 in III/EJG-2, with no mention of JG-7. Munz was recommended for the RK, and it is not known if he actually received the award. Bowers/Lednicer, 60 victories. Deceased 3 December, 1992. Added: LOCS states the EP was awarded on 12 October, 1942.

Courtesy Christian König

25 Rist, WilhelmFw7/KG-4 (3/43)He 111H We rk # 7696 "5J + CR" (lost 3/20/43) Bomber Operational ClaspMIA with his entire crew, 20 March, 1943 in Map Quad Pl.Qu.0661, cause unknown. Remaining crew: Gefr Michael Fuchs, Obs; Uffz Eberhard Speine, R/O and Ogefr Anton Pucher, Gnr (Qu.Meister File).
26 Schuster, JohannFw3/NJG-2 (2/41 Gilze-Rijen) Ju 88C-4 Werk # 0544 "R4 + ?L" (lost 2/24/41) Night Fighter Operational Clasp KIC with unnamed crew the night of 23/24 February, 1941; his Ju 88 crashed at Gilze-Rijen (Valkenberg Estate), cause unknown (DeSwart & Ju 88 Loss List). Added: Crashed on landing, killing Fw Schuster and his R/O, Uffz F.Fuchs, both buried Ysselsteyn. Pilot buried AZ-4-86, Uffz Fuchs buried AZ-4-87. Gefr K.Hasepohl, Gnr, also KIC, but no burial detail provided (SGLO).
Ysselstein, Holland
27 Vosseler, WernerUffz 12(Pz)/Sch.G.-9 (Kalinowka, Ukraine ?) Hs 129B-2 Werk # 141293 (lost 1/8/44) Ground Assault Operational Clasp KIC 8 January, 1944; killed in a mid-air collision with another Hs 129 piloted by Lt Erhard Fuchs at the Kalinowka airfield, Ukraine. No VDK burial matches on either pilot (D.Drury).
28 Wutka, Bernhard FuchsHptm3/12/1916 Dittersbach Krs. Waldenburg Oberschlesien 2(H)/13, III/StG-2, Stfkpt 8/StG-2 (S.U.) Ju 87D-3 Werk # 110045 "VT + ZO" (lost 7/8/43) RK(11/16/42)

Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(3/19/42)

EK 1 & 2
EP (10/20/41), Dive Bomber Operational Clasp w/Pendant
KIA 8 July 1943 during an attack on tanks 2 km east of Verkhnopenye Russia, the AC receiving a direct flak hit and exploding in mid-air. 600 missions destroying 40 tanks, two armored trains and three supply trains.
29 Fuchs, AloisOfw10/KG-200Fw 190F-8 Werk # 584035 "Black 12" (lost 4/5/45)Assault Operational ClaspKIA 5 April, 1945 after being hit by British tank fire. First buried at Burlage, later in the War cem. Diepholz (F.Braun).
30 Bär, Oskar Heinrich 'Heinz' or 'Pritzl'Obstlt3/25/1913Sommerfeld bei Leipzig2211/JG-51 (9/40 St Ingelvert), Stafkpt 12/JG-51, Kdr IV/JG-51, Kdr I/JG-77, Kdr JGr-Süd, II/JG-1 (4/44), Kdr JG-3 (1/45), III/EJG-2, Kdr EpKdo 162, JV-44Bf 109E-4 Werk # 3714 "White 13" (crashed into Channel 9/2/40, pilot rescued), Bf 109F-2 Werk # 6663 "White 7" (4/41), Bf 109F-2 Werk # 8318 "Brown 1" (8/41), Bf 109F-4 Wk# 7555 (5/42), Bf 109F-4 Wk#13376 "<< +" (Italy 42), Bf 109G-6 Wk# 18591 (20% dam; Bär injured when rammed by a landing ac), Fw 190A-7 Werk # 172689 "Red 23", Fw 190A-8/R2, Fw 190A-9 Werk # 205241 (9/44), Me 262C-1 "V186" w III/EJG-2, He 162

Deutsche Kreuz -Gold (6/8/42)

EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp w/Pendant
21 Bombers. His 200th victory was a B-24 Ser. # 41-29273 "Flak Magnet" of 458BG, 753BS, downed 22 April, 1944 (Abschussmeldung on file) at Hoetmar Germany, flown by 1/Lt Geo. N. Spaven Jr. (KIA). Germanys 9th ranked fighter Ace. 1000 combat missions. EL 8/14/41. Historys first Jet Ace! 16 victories in the Me 262. 10 victories in the Desert, Kdr I/JG-77. He was shot down 18 times. His 100th victory, an I-16 Rata on 19 May, 1942, the same day he downed five; three additional I-16s and an R-5. His 200th victory, a B-24 in the Ahlen area on 22 April, 1944 in his A-7 "Red 23". One of his last victories, a P-47 in the Bad Aibling area on 28 April, 1945, and a Mosquito, next day, same area, serving in JV-44. Began as Fw in JG-51 in Bf 109E Werk # 3714 "White 13" & E # 6663 "White 7". Also, Kdr I/JG-77 in May 1942. Served in JG-3 also. Fw 190A carried Werk # 172689 of II/JG-1. Also known to have flown Fw 190A-7 Werk # 431007 "Red 13" in II/JG-1. Flew an Me 262A-1a Wk#110559 "Red 13" also, in April, 1945. 16 Me 262 victories. Often out of Görings favor, he coined the phrase, "In my crate, I'm the commander". Killed in a light plane crash in Brunswick in 1957.

Major Heinz Bär (Kommandeur ll./JG1) briefing pilots at Rheine. L-R: Oblt. von Kirchmayr - Oblt. Burath - Unknown - Lt. Schwarz - Lt. Wegner - Lt. Deppe - Lt. Terborg - Obfw. Bach - Obfw. Schuhmacher - Obfw. Niederreicholz - Fw. Sauer - Fw. Fuchs - Uffz. Zinkl. Alternate spelling: Bäre.

Courtesy Christian König

31 Becker, ?Uffz3./Kü.Fl.Gr-506KIA on 04/09/39 near Hela, shot down by Flak. Crew (KIA) R/O Uffz Fuchs, ? Mech Uffz Mux, Obs Lt z. See Münscher, KlausCKönig
32 Bengsch, HorstMaj4/17/1913Elsenheim ?1 5/KG-3, Erg/NJG-2 (6/42), Kdr III/KG-3 (1/44), Kdr I/NJG-7 (2/44), Kdr IV/NJG-2 (10/44) Ju 88G in all three units, Ju 88G-6 Werk # 620298 "4R + EE" (lost 1/24/45)
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(2/4/42)

EK 1 & 2
Night Fighter Operational Clasp
MIA the night of 23/24 January, 1945; failed to return from a night mission in the Konin-Kutno area. Remaining crew (MIA): Ofhr Alfons Efers and Uffz Peter Fuchs. One known victory, a Halifax II of RAF No. 102 Sq. into the sea 60 km W of Walcheren the night of 16-17 June, 1942, a Hptm at the time (Chorley). Alternate spelling: Bensch (Chorley, RAF Bomber Command Losses, 1942)
33 Braun, EmilHptm10/11/1915Stfkpt 1/KGr-806 (Malta) Ju 88A-1 Werk # 7140 (60% dam 11/11/40), Ju 88A-4 Werk # 140181 "M7 + FH" (lost 5/14/42) Bomber Operational Clasp MIA with unnamed crew over Malta 14 May, 1942; shot down by Spitfires of No. 249 Sq. (P/O Linton & Sgt Hesslyn). His Wk# 7140 damaged by enemy fire and made an emergency landing near Brest on 11 November, 1940, crew of Ofw Willi Groth and Uffz Herbert Fuchs, OK (Ju 88 Loss List).
34 David, PaulOfw1/Kü.Fl.Gr.-606 (Atlantic)Do 17Z-3 Werk # 3617 "7T + CH" (lost 10/4/40)Observer Operational ClaspMIA 4 October, 1940 when his ac was lost near the Caen-Carpiquet (Fr) airfield, cause unknown. Remaining crew (MIA): Oblt z.S Paul Vollbrecht, Obs; Uffz Willi von Postel, R/O and Uffz Kurt Fuchs, Flt Engr. One source suggest on was killed but no burial information reported (D.Drury).
35 Ermoneit, Karl HeinzFw2/6/1921Memel, E. PrussiaI/StG-1 (10/41 Derna, Libya), 3/StG-2 (1/42 Elbing), Erg.St./StG-2 (9/42 Nikolayev)Ju 87R in Libya, Ju 87D-1 Werk # 2061 "T6 + DH" (lost 1/9/42), Ju 87D-1 Werk # 2415 (lost 12/30/42)
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(9/24/42)
EP (10/10/41)

EK 1 & 2
Wound Badge
Dive Bomber Operational Clasp
KIC 30 December, 1942 at Volodarsk Ukraine due to bad weather. His R/O/Gnr, Lt Walter Fuchs was also KIC. Both the deceased are believed buried at Mariupol Ukraine. On 5 January, 1942, he was injured in a crash near Elbing, East Prussia, as a result of an involuntary ground contact due to bad weather, no mention of the R/O disposition. DK-G Awards List & Matti Salonen. Brother to Helmut ?
36 Florin, WolfgangUffz1(F)/122 (Med)Ju 88D-2 Werk # 430805 "F6 + EK" (lost 8/30/43)Observer Operational ClaspMIA with his Observer Lt Walter Fuchs and two other unnamed crew 30 August, 1943, cause unknown, location not reported (Ju 88 Loss List).
37 Fuchs,OfhrI/JG-300 Bf 109G (lost 6/3/44 no loc.), Bf 109G-6 (lost 8/21/44 no loc.) Fighter Operational ClaspPilot disposition unknown.
38 Fuchs,Fw15/ZG-1Bf 110 EK 2
Destroyer Operational Clasp
One known victory, a Spitfire at Pointe du Raz on 24 September, 1943.
39 Fuchs,Uffz32/NJG-100Bf 110
EK 1 & 2
Night Fighter Operational Clasp
His first known victory, a Soviet R-5 on 27 September, 1943. A 2nd, another R-5 on 30 September, 1943. A 3rd, an R-5 on 1 October, 1943.
40 Fuchs,Fw12/SG-5 (8/44 S.U.)Fw 190F EK 2
Assault Operational Clasp
His first known victory, a Soviet Yak-9 on 25 August, 1944.
41 Fuchs,Uffz2/ZG-26Bf 110C-1 (lost 12/6/39)Destroyer Operational ClaspHis 110C and a second 110C crashed into the North Sea off the Holland coast in the Texel area on 6 December, 1939, cause and pilot/crew disposition unknown. (DeSwart)
42 Fuchs, AdolfMaj9/24/1902SchulendorfKdr III/KG-2 (13 Aug. 40, repl Werner Kreipe at Cambrai France)Do 17Z Werk # Unk, "U5 + AD" (dam 8/13/40)Wound Badge, Bomber Operational ClaspChannel pilot. Added: He was WIA when his ac was shot up by Hurricanes of either No.111 or No.19 Sqds. near Colchester (LOCS).
43 Bäcker, KarlUffz7/3/1915Witten (Netherlands?)3/Kü.Fl.Gr.-506 He 59D Werk # 2000 "M7 + XL" (lost 9/6/39) Observer Operational Clasp MIA with his entire crew, 6 (or 4) September, 1939, when their ac was brought down by AA fire near Hel, Poland. Remaining crew: Lt z.S. Claus Munscher (or Klaus Münscher), Obs; Uffz Hermann Fuchs, R/O and Uffz Karl Mux, Mech. The deceased are said to have died at Südspitze Hela and could not be recovered for burial. They are commemorated in the War Cem. at Stare Czarnowo, Poland (D.Drury).
44 Fuchs, Christian Uffz12/JG-2 Fw 190A-6 Werk# 500713 (lost 10/23/43) Fighter Operational Clasp MIA 23 October, 1943; Combat, crashed into the sea at Lannion, Map Quadrant 4087/15 West. Mombeek MIA List.
45 Fuchs, E.Uffz1/KGzbV-12 (5/40 Störmede) Ju 52/3m Werk # unk "G6 + ?H" (lost 5/10/40) Transport Operational Clasp His ac reported lost 10 May, 1940 at Valkenburg airfield, hit by AA fire, pilot and crew disposition unknown (Netherland Loss Registry). Added: Uffz Fuchs, and his R/O, Uffz P.Behr, were taken prisoner and sent to the UK. His Mech/Gnr, Uffz H.Schmidtmann, was WIA and returned to his unit (SGLO).
46 Fuchs, ErhardLt4/1/1920 Stfkpt 12(Pz)/Schl.G.-9 (Kalinowka, Ukraine ?) Hs 129B-2 Werk # 141379 (lost 1/8/44) Ground Assault Operational Clasp KIC 8 January, 1944; killed in a mid-air collision with another Hs 129 piloted by Uffz Werner Vosseler at the Kalinowka airfield, Ukraine. No VDK burial matches on either pilot (D.Drury).
47 Fuchs, ErichUffz5/28/19203/JG-54Fw 190A-4 Werk# (14)2300 "Yellow 6" (lost)Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
Shot down with wounds 20 January, 1945, 6 km northwest of Frauenburg.
48 Fuchs, ErwinUffz17/JG-53 (Italy)Bf 109G-6 Werk # 26060 "White 5 + I" (lost 6/13/44) EK 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
KIA 13 June, 1944 during aerial combat with bombers, location not reported. One known victory, his 1st, a Boston S of Pianosa Italy on 20 March, 1944.
49 Fuchs, FranzLtII/LG-1 (Med)Ju 88A-4 Trop Werk # 140285 "??" (60% dam 11/11/42) Wound Badge
Bomber Operational Clasp
Pilot and unnamed crew injured in an emergency landing near Catania 11 November, 1942 due to an engine fire (Ju 88 Loss List).
50 Fuchs, FranzUffz1/Kü.Fl.Gr-706 (Aalborg)Ar 196A-3 Werk # 239 "6I + HH" (lost)Air-Sea Rescue Operational ClaspKIA 19 November, 1942; crashed in a field at Hjeds Denmark during a rescue operation, cause unknown. His Observer, Uffz Walter Bucholtz, was also killed. Source: SIG Norway and Air War over Denmark.
51 Fuchs, FriedrichOgefrStab II/JG-53Bf 109F-2Fighter Operational ClaspKIC 25 December, 1941 as a passenger in a Bf 108, piloted by Uffz Friedrich Becker of 6 Staffel. The crashed into a mountain, killing both. Source: Jochen Prien
52 Fuchs, GeorgOblt11/15/1909Altenburg8/KG-77 (Channel) Ju 88A-1 Werk # 3162 "3Z + FS" (lost 9/18/40) Bomber Operational Clasp KIA 18 September, 1940 when he was shot down off the Nore, Sheerness, by enemy fighters during a sortie to Tibury docks, one other unnamed crew MIA and two POW (Ju 88 Loss List).
53 Fuchs, GerhardFw12/JG-27 (Africa)Bf 109F-4 (Trop) Werk # 8504 "Red 10" (lost 2/9/42) EK 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
MIA 9 February, 1942 after being hit by AA fire S of Ain-el-Gazala. Mombeek. His first known victory, a Hurricane at London on 3 September, 1940.
54 Fuchs, HeinrichOfw12/JG-51Bf 109G
EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
One known victory, his 1st, a B-17 at Phalsbourg on 3 August, 1944.
55 Fuchs, HeinrichUffz12/31/19114(F)/14Ju 88 Werk # 0759 "5F + KM" (lost 10/6/41)Observer Operational ClaspMIA 6 October, 1941; Failed to return from a reconnaissance mission, target Ostashkov (in Soviet hands), cause unknown. Remaining crew: Fw Helmut Kling, Obs (MIA); Uffz L.Farniok. R/O (presumed MIA) and Uffz Josef Lutzenberger, Gnr (MIA). No VDK burial information (D.Drury).

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