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1 Schellwat, FritzOfw145/NJG-1 (6/42), 6/NJG-1 (2/43), 5/NJG-1 (6/43), 6/NJG-1 (2/44)Ju 88A, Bf 110G-4 Werk # 5450 "G9 + FN" (lost 6/14/43)
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(10/17/43)

EK 1 & 2
Wound Badge
Night Fighter Operational Clasp
WIA with unnamed crew 14 June, 1943 during aerial combat (DK-G Awards List). One known victory, a Lancaster I of RAF No. 61 Sq. at la Hulpe (Brabant), 14 km SE of Brussels the night of 2-3 June, 1942. A Hampden I of RAF No. 408 Sq., 2 km SE of Zevendonk (Antwerpen), 4 km S of Turnhout Belgium the night of 31 July-1 Aug, 1942. Another victory, a Hampden 2 km southeast of Gerverlaut on 1 August, 1942. Another, a Wellington 1 km northwest Kersbeek/Miskom on 25 August, 1942. Another, a Halifax at Grandiebach on 29 August, 1942. A Wellington on 11 September, 1942. A Stirling I of RAF No. 7 Sq. at Saunveniere, 2 km NE of Gambloux Belgium the night of 6-7 December, 1942. A Stirling BF448 3 km north northwest of Heiliberen on 14 February, 1943. Two victories on 14 May, 1943; a Stirling (Map Quad) and a Wellington 4 km east of Mönchen-Gladbach. Two Lancasters on 30 May, 1943. A Lancaster at Peenemünde on 17 August, 1943. A Stirling S of Lanke on 24 August, 1943. Magnus Report and Boiten, 17 victories. Alternate spelling: Schelwat.
(Added by Pietrzak Youngs)
15 June 1943: Bf 110 G-4 "G9 + FN" (W.Nr. 5450) of 5./NJG 1 flown by Oberfeldwebel Fritz Schellwat (F) and Oberfeldwebel Lüdecke (Bf), both wounded, crashed due to enemy fire west of Heinsberg, 100%. He did record his 13th victory that night at 01:32 against a Lancaster over Düsseldorf-Storkheim which was either Lancaster III (ED396) of 103 Sqn, RAF flown by Sgt G Whitehead, all killed or Lancaster III (ED649) ZN-X of 106 Sqn, RAF flown by F/O HD Oates, all killed so perhaps the crash was due to return fire from one of these aircraft. (Forum Post)

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