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#Pilot (↑)RankBornPlaceScore (↑)UnitsAircraftAwards*************Notes*************Photo
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301 Däuber, KarlFhr12/10/19247/JG-2Bf 109G-14 Werk # 461530 (lost 10/20/44)Fighter Operational ClaspKIC 20 October, 1944; accidentally struck the ground or an obstruction at Herchenhain, buried at Affalterbach. Lost Aircraft Report
302 Decker, KarlGefr6/15/1921Lünen4/KG-55 He 111P-4 Werk # 2993 (or 2942) "G1 + GM" (lost 5/5/41) Bomber Operational Clasp KIC with his entire crew after a mission against England the night of 4/5/May, 1941; crashed at Neufchateau, no further detail. Added: Three source crash locat ion revision; crashed at La Ferte-Vidame, Eure-et-Loir, France, on the way to Glasgow, cause unknown. Remaining crew (all buried in the Ger War Cem at Solers Fr.): Ogefr Gerhard Christoph, Obs (bur Blk2, Row 6, Gr 271); Gefr Heinz Reichert, R/O (Blk 1, Row 19, Gr 780) and Gefr franz Pezinger, Flt Engr (Blk 1, Row 20, Gr 834). Pilot Gefr Decker buried Blk 1, Row 16A, Gr 681 (D.Drury).
303 Decker, KarlFw6/JG-1 (6/42 Woensdrecht)Fw 190A-2 Werk # 2118 "White 3" (40% dam 8/7/42)Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
Injured in a crash at Woensdrecht airfield on 7 August, 1942 due to engine trouble. Flew wingman for Oblt Detlev Rohwer in June, 1942, operating over Holland.

Courtesy Christian König

304 Decker, KarlUffz1(F)/120 (Sola)Ju 188F-1 Werk # 280224 "A6 + DH" (lost 5/11/44)Observer Operational ClaspPilot reported killed 11 May, 1944 after crashing into the North Sea between Norway and Denmark for an unknown reason (Observer Loss List).
305 Decker, Karl OttoOblt11/11/191540 9/JG-52 (5/40), Stab/Kdo.Stalingrad, Stfkpt 8/JG-52 (5/42), Stfkpt Kdo Stalingrad (7/42), Stfkpt 8/JG-52 (8/42) Bf 109F-4 (dam 5/31/42), Bf 109G-2 Werk # 13529 "Black 4 + ^^" (lost 8/27/42)
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(11/16/42 Post.)
EP (9/7/42)

EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
KIA 27 August, 1942; shot down by flak at Stalingrad. One known victory, his 1st, a Hawk-75A south of Metz, 18 May, 1940. His 2nd victory, a Spitfire E of Margate on 25 July, 1940. His first known Soviet victory, a Hurricane and a MiG-1 on 2 August, 1942. An I-16 Rata and a MiG-3 on 15 August, 1942. Added: On 8/27/42, he belli-landed @ Novo Nikolskoye, nr Stalingrad. He was injured in an earlier incident, on 31 May, 1941, when he crash landed his F-4 at Maleme (LOCS).
306 Degant, WilhelmUffz7/KG-40Fw 200C-3 Werk # 0063 "F8 + CL" (lost 2/42)Observer Operational ClaspCo-pilot on this aircraft which made a forced landing in a Fjord off Trondheim Norway, no survivors. Jager Blatt 3/1999. See Theide, Karl.
307 Degener, Karl FranzFw126/JG-5 (8/43 S.U.), JG-6, JG-7Bf 109G & Fw 190A in JG-5 & 6, Me 262EP

EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
His first known victory, a Soviet R-5 SW of the Louchi I airfield on 15 August, 1943. A 2nd, a Soviet Hurricane NE of the Louchi I airfield on 19 August, 1943. A 3rd, a LaGG-3 on 15 September, 1943. Nos 4 & 5, both Soviet Hurricanes on 24 September, 1943. A Yak-9 on 18 February, 1944, still in 6/JG-5. Magnus Report.
308 Dehsbesell, KarlUffzII/JG-26 (joins 1/44), 6/JG-26Fw 190A-6 Werk # 470236 "Brown 7" (lost)Fighter Operational ClaspKIA 13 April, 1944 during aerial combat with a P-47 of 78FG at Trier-Steffeln.
309 Deimel, KarlUffz8/KG-55He 111H-11
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(11/26/43)

EK 1 & 2
Bomber Operational Clasp
DK-G Awards List
310 Deininger, GeorgFw3/KGr-100 (Vannes-Meucon) He 111H-2Werk # Unk "6N + DL" (dam 12/23/40), He 111H-3 Werk # 5633 "6N + CL" (lost 6/17/41) Wound Badge, Bomber Operational Clasp POW 17 June, 1941when his Werk # 5633 was sd by a Beaufighter of No.68 Sq., piloted by F/Lt Derek Pain & F/O David Davies during an attack on the Gloster Aircraft Factory. The ac crashed on Combe Hill, Bratton, Wiltshire. Fw Deininger bailed safely, while his crewmates were all killed. Remaining crew (buried CC, Blk 7, Row 2): Oblt Heinz Pöhner, Obs (Gr 33); Fw Kurt Ott, R/O 1 (Gr 32); Fw Otto Hertzberg, R/O 2 (Gr 34) and Fw Karl Engels, Flt Engr (Gr 31). Deininger was injured 23 December, 1940 after his ac sustained damage in combat with a Beaufighter of No 604 Sq., piloted by F/Lt John Cunningham. He was able to return to France, but was injured in the crash landing. The ac had been attacked over the sea off Dorset, wounding the remaining unnamed crew.
Cannock Chase
311 Deisenroth, Dr.ObltIV/KG-100, IV/KG-2 (5/44)Do 217, Ju 188Bomber Operational ClaspOn 20 May 1944 posted to IV/KG 2 to train as Staffelführer. This may be Karl, an Observer in 1940 in KGzbV-1, born 2 December, 1913 in Berlin.
312 Dempf, KarlLtGrosse Kampfbeobachterschule 2 (Novy Malacky FP, Cz)Ju 88A-5 Werk # 883192 "ND + EN" (dam 9/2/44)Pilot BadgeThe ac made an emergency landing near Lazany, Slovakia on 2 September, 1944, cause & crew disposition unknown. Remaining crew (designations unknown): Uffz Heinz Meiermann, Uffz Vincenz and Fw Alfons Grübl (D.Drury).
313 Demuth, Karl EmilOblt172/JG-1 (10/43), Stfkpt 3/JG-1 (2/44), Stfkpt 2/JG-1 (3/44), Temp.Kdr I/JG-1 (2/45), Stfkpt 3/JG-1 (5/45 Leck)Fw 190A-7 Werk # 642558 "Black 11" (lost 3/6/44), Fw 190A-8, Fw 190D-9, He 162A-2 Wk# 120074 "White11" (Another source suggests this was an Me 262A-2, same Wk# and "Yellow 11")
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold

EK 1 & 2(10/23/43)
Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
On 6 March, 1944, he was forced to bail out of "Black 11" with severe burns after scoring two victories; shot down by a P-47 piloted by Lt Joe Icard (KIA 3/8/44) of 56FG, 62FS. "Black 11" crashed near Minden. The number "11" was Demuths favorite number. 13 bombers. One known victory, his 1st, a B-17 (HSS) in the Bonn area on 17 August, 1943. His 2nd, another B-17, 7 km SW of Enschede on 10 October, 1943. His 3rd, a B-17 on 14 October, 1943. A B-17 (HSS) on 24 January, 1944. His 5th, a B-17 in the Hannover area on 10 February, 1944. A 6th, same day, a 2nd B-17. His 7th, a B-17 on 20 February, 1944. His 8th, a B-17 on 21 February, 1944. His 10th & 11th, both B-17s; one at Diepholz, the other E of Lingen, on 6 March, 1944. A 12th, a B-17 at Bramsche on 10 March, 1944. A P-47 at Chartres on 7 August, 1944. A Lt. Emil Demuth shot down a P-47 on 23 December, 1944, and a P-51 of the 364th FG on 27 Dec., the same day he was shot down at Todenfeld. Bodenplatte pilot. His 16th (or 17th), and last victory, a Yak 9 on 30 January, 1945. Surrendered to the British forces at Leck in May 1945. Bowers/Lednicer, 16 victories.

JG1 await arrival of British May 1944:4 L - Oblt. Demuth

314 Dennert, WilliUffz Erprobungstelle-Süd (Cazaux, Fr.) He 111H-11 Werk # 110070 "GL + ET" (lost 11/10/43) Bomber Operational Clasp While testing the new "Lotfe 7" bombsight on 10 November, 1943, the left engine caught fire and the flight controls became jammed. The pilot was able to bail but the other four crew members were unable to escape the distressed ac. Remaining crew (KIC): Herbert Waschk, AC Cmdr (DK-G); Karl Jungling, R/O; Herbert Gerlach, Gnr and Walter Hartung, Armorer. Gerlach and Hartung were members of the Erprobungstelle technical staff (Gilles Collaveri).
315 Dickore, Friedrich KarlHptm3/12/1911Lollar13/ZG-26 (39), Kdr II/ZG-1 (5/40), Kdr III/ZG-76 (8/40 Laval)Bf 110C in ZG-1, Bf 110C "2N + BC" (lost 8/15/40) in ZG-76
EK 1 & 2
Destroyer Operational Clasp
KIA 15 August, 1940; collided with another ac of No. 213 Sq. during combat. Both he and his R/O, Uffz Herbert Templin, bailed, only the R/O survived to be taken prisoner (Bf 110 Loss List). One known victory, his first, a Hampden southeast of Helgoland on 29 September, 1939. Channel pilot. Replaced by Hptm. Kaldrack. Alternate spelling: Dickore'. Added: The ac was reported to have crashed into Weymouth Bay, off Dorset, after colliding with a crippled unidentified ac. The pilot's body washed ashore on the French side of the channel and is buried at Bourdom, Blk 25, Row 2, Gr 67 (D.Drury).
316 Diecke, KurtOfw2/KG-77, 2/KG-6 (1/43 Beauvais Fr.)Ju 88A-14 Werk # 144347 "3E + GK" (lost 1/18/43)
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(10/3/42)

EK 1 & 2
Wound Badge
Bomber Operational Clasp
DK-G Awards List. POW 18 January, 1943; shot down by a Beaufighter of No. 29 Sq., piloted by S/L I.G.Esplin. The ac crashed at Bull Rd., Lovelace Place Farm, Bethersden, Kent. Remaining crew: Obs Uffz Karl Fenger (bail, POW); R/O Fw Erich Müller (KIA, chute failed, buried Folkestone, Kent) and Gnr Uffz Karl Lösch (bails & stole vehicle but POW within hours). I have the ac Data Plate. See 12 O'Clock High Story on file.
317 Diehl, Otto KarlOfhr3/24/1924212/JG-2 (10/44)Fw 190A-8 Werk # 738229 (lost 11/18/44) EK 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
KIA 18 November, 1944 during aerial combat by Huckelheim, buried Gelnhausen. Two known victories, both P-38s (possibly Jim Edmondsons) east of Koln/Bonn, 20 October, 1944.
318 Dieringer, ErichLt10/31/1921Messkirch/Stockach5/NJG-3Ju 88C-6 Werk # 750345 "D5 + BN" (lost 12/13/43) Night Fighter Operational Clasp KIA with unnamed crew 13 December, 1943, cause unknown, location not reported (Ju 88 Loss list). Added: MIA during an intercept mission against B-17's over the North Sea. Remaining crew (MIA): Uffz Karl Heinz Brinkmann, R/O and Ogefr Erwin Baumeister (R.Randall).
319 Diestler, KarlUffz4/KG-77 (Med)Ju 88A-4 Werk # 8582 "3Z + DM" (lost 8/27/42)Bomber Operational ClaspKIA with unnamed crew at Comiso-Santa Croce 27 August, 1942 after being attacked by fighters (Ju 88 Loss List).
320 Dietmayer, KarlUffz12/4/192119/JG-1 (Esbjerg, De.)Bf 109E-7 Werk # 4077 (lost 7/3/42), Fw 190A-3 Werk # 5465 (lost)
EK 1 & 2
Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
KIC 4 September, 1942 when his A-3 crashed vertically to the ground while on a non-combat mission and exploded on impact, cause not given. He was buried in the Fovrfelt Cemetery, Grave 19, on 9 September, 1942, in Esbjerg (Source: Air War over Denmark. His E-7 crashed at the Katwijk Holland airfield on 3 July, 1942, cause and the extent of his injuries are unknown (DeSwart). One known victory, a Stirling east of Strand Insel Fano on 16 July, 1942. Alternate spelling: Dietmaier (Bf 109 Loss List).
321 Dietrich, KarlGefrErg Grp/JG-2Bf 109E-4 Werk # 1451 (lost 10/29/40)Fighter Operational ClaspKIC 29 October, 1940 when he crashed and burned at Manneville airfield, cause unknown.
322 Dietsche, Karl HeinzHptm1/16/1916Mannheim3 1(F)/124(2/42), BFS 110 (9/43), 3 & 2/JG-302 (10/43), Stfkpt 10/JG-301(10/44), Stfkpt 7/JG-3, Kdr II/JG-300 (4/45 to end) Bf 109G-6/R6 Werk # Unk "Red?" (3/44 Helsinki) EK 1(6/30/42) & 2(5/15/42)
Class "C" Glider Badge
Wound Badge(4/7/44)
Observer Operational Clasp in Gold(8/16/43)
POW 3 May, 1945, surrendering to the Americans at Bad-Aibling with 8 other pilots. His Luftwaffe career began in 1935 in the DLV, and in 1936, was a Gefr in Flugausbuilungsstelle-Kaufbeuren. His early training was in Observer unit schools until his assignment to 1(F)/124 on 19 February, 1942 in Norway. In September 1943, he transferred into fighters, serving briefly in JG-110 before joining the Wilde Sau units. Retired from the BundesLuftwaffe in 1969 as Lt Col.. Deceased 1987. (Source: His Son, also a Lt Col, Jeorg Dietsche). One known victory, his 1st, a "4 mot" on 22 November, 1944 and his 2nd, the next day, another "4 mot", no locations given in the Perry Claims on either. His 3rd, a B-17 (HSS) NE of Magdeburg on 8 March, 1944.
323 Dietz, KarlGefrErg/JG-26 (joins 5/41), 1/JG-26 (6/41)Bf 109E-7 Werk # 3817 (lost)Fighter Operational Clasp in BronzeKIA 16 June, 1941 on his first combat mission, in aerial combat with a Spitfire at Marquise/Samer.
324 Dietz, KarlFw3/24/1917Ansbach9/StG-1 (S.U.) Ju 87R-2 Werk # 6085 "J9 + KL" (lost 7/8/41), Ju 87D-1 Werk # 2144 (dam 4/24/42), Ju 87D-3 Werk # 2226 "J9 + OL" (lost 8/14/42)
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(6/5/42)

EK 1 & 2
Wound Badge, Dive Bomber Operational Clasp
DK-G Awards List. KIA with unnamed crew 14 August, 1942 at Pochinok, Smolensk Oblast, Russia, due to enemy fire. His R/O-Gnr, Gefr Bodo Lonchard (sp), also KIA. Fw Dietz's remains have not yet been transferred to a military cemetery, but a grave is understood to exist at Pochinok (Potschinok in Ger)/Smolensk. He is commemorated in the War Cem at Duchowschina, Russia. No VDK burial detail for Gefr Lonchard. His Wk# 6085 was reported lost 8 July, 1941 near Osipowitschi, Belarus, cause unknown; pilot returned wounded, and R/O-Gnr, Gefr Bodo Lonchard (sp) also returned. His werk # 2144 was hit by AA fire and made a forced landing in the area of Tujaschero, Russia, near Lenningrad. Both Fw Dietz and his R/O-Gnr Ogefr Walter Kubi (or Kubitz) were wounded (Ju 87 Loss List & D.Drury).
325 Dietze, KarlOblt13/KG-1 (S.U.)Ju 88A-5 Werk # 4149 (lost 4/29/43)Bomber Operational ClaspKIC with unnamed crew at Schaulen 29 April, 1943, cause not reported (Ju 88 Loss List).
326 Diflot, KarlFw12/16/1913IV/LG-1 (Quedinburg)Ju 88A-5 Werk # 8220 "L1 + KW" (lost 3/29/41)Bomber Operational ClaspKIC 29 March, 1941 at Schlierbach due to bad weather; buried Waldfriedhof Frankfurt/Main IV-96-45. Remaining crew (KIC): Obs Uffz Erwin Schweizer (4/3/1914) buried in a Family plot in Lich, #384. Source: Lost Aircraft Report.
327 Dills, KarlObltStfkpt 8/Sch.G-1 (S.U.) Bf 109E-7 Werk # 1555 (lost 7/17/42) Ground Assault Operational Clasp KIC 17 July, 1942 when he rammed an He 111 on takeoff from Suchiewka (aka Suchinowka). No VDK burial match for Oblt Dills (D.Drury).
328 Dirkes, Karl HeinzUffz7/KG-1 (S.U.)Ju 88A-4 Werk # 5656 "V4 + CR" (lost 5/17/43)Bomber Operational ClaspMIA with unnamed crew 17 May, 1943, cause unknown, location not reported (Ju 88 Loss List).
329 Dirr, EberhardUffzWetterkundungstaffel 51 Ju 88A Werk # Unk (lost 4/5/44) HJ Badge in Gold, Meteorological Operational Clasp He and Observer, Wd.R Karl Heinz Hommel, were injured in a crash at "Le Bois Guilleux, Chanteoie" on 5 April, 1944, cause not reported. Remaining crew (KIC; bur Mont de Huisnes, Vault 14): Ogefr Karl Zimmermann (geb 5/6/1921, bur Gr 123), R/O and Uffz Albert Suckau (geb 10/14/1922, bur Gr 125), Gnr (absa3945).
330 Dischinger, KarlFw6/20/19198/EJG-1Fw 190D-9 (lost 3/13/45)Fighter Operational ClaspPilot reported killed at Niederraden, buried Montabaur, no further detail.
331 Dittmann, KarlUffzErg/JG-Ost (France)Bf 109F-2 Werk # 6817 (75% dam 2/20/43)Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
Injured in a force landing at Egaux on 20 February, 1943 due to engine trouble on a non-operational flight.
332 Dittmann, KarlLt2/3/19232(F)/123 (Greece)Ju 88 D-1 Werk # 430719 "4U + LK" (95% dam 9/26/43), Ju 88T-1 Werk # 430934 "4U + OK" (lost 1/23/44)Wound Badge, Observer Operational ClaspInjured in a takeoff accident at the Athens-Tatoi airfield on 26 September, 1943. He was rammed by a Ju 52 (no detail). Remaining crew (Inj): Fw Wilhelm Hennecke, Obs and Fw Paul Faupel, Gnr., no mention of an R/O (D.Drury). In a subsequent event, on 23 January, 1944, he and two unnamed crew were killed in action in his T-1, sd by fighters, and lost at sea off Valetta, Malta. The VDK makes no mention of their graves (D.Drury & LOCS).
333 Dittmar, OskarObltStab II/KG-30 (Banak)Ju 88A-4 Werk # 1717 "4D + ?C" (lost 10/20/42)Bomber Operational ClaspKIC 20 October, 1942; crashed into mountain Saana, Kilpisjärvi, at Map Quadrant 27 East/0088 during a non-operational flight due to engine failure. Remaining crew: Ogefr Georg Gruber, Observer (KIA); Ogefr Karl Eichmuller, R/O (KIA); Ogefr Artut Weber, Gunner (KIA) and Uffz Max Krause, Mech (WIA). Source: SIG Norway.
334 Dittrich, HansUffz10/21/19176/KG-2 ( 8/41 Evreux) Do 217E-1 Werk # 5074 "U5 + KP" (8/13/41 lost) Bomber Operational Clasp KIA the night of 12/13 August, 1941 when the Dornier bombs exploded over Koewacht, SW of Hulst, reason unknown. Dittrich buried Ysselsteyn, Block BB/5/114. Remaining crew (KIA & buried Ysselsteyn): Ogefr Gerhard Malik, geb 6/6/1918, buried BB/5/115; Fw Karl Herde, geb 8/13/1917, buried BB/5/113 and Ogefr Alfons Pötter, geb 6/5/1921, buried BB/5/116. Wings to Victory
Ysselstein, Holland
335 Dobbert, KarlOfwFl.ü.G.-1Ju 52 Werk # 6904 (90% dam 2/5/44)Pilot BadgePilot reported killed in a crash at the Riga airfield 5 February, 1944 due to engine failure. His two unnamed crew were not injured.
336 Dohr, PiusLt4/13/1917Goding3/KG-100 He 111H-2 Werk # 2768 "6N + JJ" (lost 11/19/40) Bomber Operational Clasp KIA 19 November, 1940; the cause may have been an engine fire. The ac crashed on Crevichon, E of St Peter Port, Guernsey. Remaining crew (KIA): Ogefr Helmut Keylau, Uffz Karl Weidauer and Uffz Gustav Scher. The four deceased are buried in the War Cem. Mont de Huisnes France, Vault 2: Dohr Grave 55, Keylau Grave 52, Weidauer Grave 53 and Scher Grave 54 (D.Drury).
337 Dominikus, KarlObltStab I/JG-26Bf 109F-4 Werk # 7225 (lost)Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
WIA 17 September, 1941 in aerial combat with a Spitfire at Bois de Boulogne. He bailed successfully.
338 Donner, KarlHptm 9/KG-30 (12/40 Schiphol), Stfkpt 8/KG-30 (6/43 Channel) Ju 88A-5 Werk # 3194 "4D + BT" (75% dam 12/12/40), Ju 88A-4 Werk # 2446 "4D + MS" (lost 6/15/43) EP (11/30/42), EK 1 & 2, Wound Badge
Bomber Operational Clasp
KIA with two other unnamed crew 15 June, 1943 at the Bone harbor, cause unknown, one other crew MIA (Ju 88 Loss List). He and one other unnamed crew injured when his Ju 88 crashed at Schiphol Holland on 12 December, 1940, cause unknown, two remaining crew KIC. He was Oblt at the time.(DeSwart & Ju 88 Loss List). Added: Surviving the 12 December incident were pilot Oblt Donner and his Observer, S. Sanding. The two deceased crew were Gefr Josef Schwarzenecker, geb 3 April, 1920, bur Yssel CV/1/3 and Uffz Jakob Römer, geb 26 August, 1917, bur Yssel CV/1/2 (Find-A-Grave).
339 Dörgen, KarlFw2/KG-30Ju 88A-4EK 1 & 2, Wound Badge (2/5/44), Bomber Operational Clasp in Silver (4/7/43)Weitze Docs online
340 Dörges, KarlFw2/KG-30Ju 88A-4 Werk # 3838 (50% damaged)Wound Badge
Bomber Operational Clasp
WIA (injured) 8 January, 1943; Landing accident at Petsamo airfield after returning from an operation. Also injured, his Gunner, Fw Johann Jungefer. No other crew mwntioned. Source: SIG Norway.
341 Dorn, KarlUffz3/22/1918Hochenheim1/AufKl.Gr.126 Fokker T.VIII W-G2 (Float Plane) Werk # 5646 "TD + CA" (lost 9/16/41) Observer Operational Clasp KIA 16 September, 1941 when his ac crashed into the Aegean Sea SW of Falkonera Island, Greece. He was providing escort for shipping, and crashed reportedly due to an operational error. Remaining crew: Lt.z.S. Rolf Wille, Obs (KIA) and Ofw Franz Zimmermann, R/O (WIA/DOW 9/19/41, bur War Cem Dionyssos-Rapendoza, Plot 7, Row 8, Tomb 3. Dorn & Wille are remembered on the Laboe Naval Memorial (D.Drury).
342 Dornach, Hans KarlUffz3/JG-300Bf 109G-6 (lost 7/21/44 loc.unk.)Fighter Operational ClaspPilot disposition unknown.
343 Dörr, KarlFw12/5/1916Zwickau6/NJG-2Bf 110E-2 Werk # 2531 "R4 + ??" (lost)Night Fighter Operational ClaspKIC 6 August, 1943; crashed during a non-operational flight 4 km NW of Lübz killing both crew, cause unknown. His R/O-Gunner, Ogefr Hans Schneider.
344 Dörscheln, KarlOblt12/21/1922Georgensgmünd76/NJG-101 (8/43), Stab II/NJG-101 (9/44 S.U.), IV/NJG-6Do 217J-1 Werk # 1305 (lost 8/43), Ju 88
EK 1 & 2
Night Fighter Operational Clasp
Shot down the night of 28 August, 1943 while engaging an RAF bomber, and was accidentally hit by Bf 110 fire. His crew at the time; Uffz Kurt Bibrach, Mechanic (KIA) and Uffz Adolf Fidora, R/O (WIA). His first known victory, a Soviet DB-3 NE of Debrecen, the night of 15-16 September, 1944. Soviet victories 2, 3 & 4, all DB-3Fs the night of 19-20 September, 1944. A 5th Soviet, a DB-3F the night of 20-21 September, 1944. Two known western victories, a B-24 and a Wellingtion in the Szombathely area on 23 November, 1944. Deceased 2016. Personal detail provided by Oblt Dörscheln's Son, Dr Robert Dörscheln.
345 Dragenscheck, Karl HeinzObltInstr FFS AB 23, Stffuh 3/Panzerjagdstaffel (PzJgSt, 3/45 Kaufbeuren)Bu 181 trainer w/attached PanzerfaustsPilot Badge A Last Ditch effort for use against Allied ground troops (falkeeins-blogspot).
346 Drechsel, Karl HeinzUffz9/StG-2Ju 87D-3
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(9/9/42)

EK 1 & 2
Dive Bomber Operational Clasp
DK-G Awards List
347 Drees, OttoUffz11/17/1920Afferde11/KG-55He 111P Werk # 1558 "G1 + RV" (lost 2/5/44)Bomber Operational ClaspKIA 5 February, 1944 when his ac was sd by three P-38's if the 77th FS, piloted by 2/Lt Robert L.Frakes, 1/Lt James M.Morris and 1/Lt Merle J.Gilbertson. The He 111 crashed at Fenestrelay, near Bourges, Cher, France. Remaining crew (KIA, all bur War Cem., Dagneux (Fr), Blk 24): Ogefr Ernst Albert, Obs (bur Row 10, Gr 354); Gefr Hartmut Gehler, R/O (bur Row 10, Gr 331) and Ofw Karl Hasselbeck, Flt Engr (bur Row 14, Gr 492). The pilot, Uffz Drees bur Row 14, Gr 493 (D.Drury)..
348 Dreissinger, KarlOfwII/JG-302Fw 190A-6 Werk # 550764 (50% dam 12/3/43)Fighter Operational ClaspKIC 3 December, 1943 when his A-6 overturned on landing at Lüneburg.
349 Dröge, KarlUffz11/21/192311/JG-53 (Reich Def)Bf 109K-4 Werk # 332639 "Yellow 8 + I" (lost 3/14/45)Fighter Operational ClaspKIA 14 March, 1945 in "Yellow 8" during aerial combat with a P-51 near Biebesheim. He did bail, but died. He was buried at Grab Essen-Steele. Jager Blatt 1/2005.
350 Drude, Wilhelm Karl "Willi"Uffz5/19/19227/JG-77 (Reich Def), Stab IV/JG-5 (12/44)Bf 109G-14/AS Werk # 463224 "Yellow 15" (deserted 12/26/44)Pilot BadgeDeserted 26 December, 1944 between Aalborg and Stavanger during a training flight (Bf 109 Loss List). Added: He had been assigned to deliver his ac to JG-5; instead he flew to RAF Dyce in Scotland, and was taken prisoner (D.Drury).

Courtesy Christian König

351 Drünkler, Ernst GeorgHptm7/8/1920Bernburg, Saale45 II/ZG-2, I/NJG-5, 12/NJG-1 (6/43), 2/NJG-5 (6/43 St Truiden), 7/NJG-3, 13/NJG-5, Stfkpt 1/NJG-5 (2/44 to end) Bf 110G-4 Werk # 5427 "C9 + AK" (80% dam 6/13/43), Ju 88 in NJG-5

Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(1/1/45)

EK 1 & 2
Night Fighter Operational Clasp in Silver
He was uninjured 13 June, 1943 when he crashed Wk# 5427 for an unknown reason at Bergerringvaart, Bergen, R/O not mentioned (SGLO).102 missions (15 day), 5 Russian victories, 2 four engine bombers by day, plus another 7 probable victories. One known victory, a Lancaster northwest of Texel on 13 June, 1943. Another Lanc the same day (Map Quad). A Stirling 2 km W of Makkum on 22 June, 1943. A B-17 north of Rostock on 24 February, 1944. Another Lancaster at Rambouillet on 1 June, 1944. A "4 mot" at trappes on 3 June, 1944. A double victory on 13 June, 1944; both "4 mots", one E of St. Omer, the other at Dunkirk. A "4 mot" at Dijon on 13 July, 1944. Another double, both "4 mots"; one W of Chaumont, the other at Bar-sur-Seine, on 15 July, 1944. A Halifax III of RCAF No. 425 Sq. 2 km SE of Vitry, near Creil. Two Lancasters at Aere on 30 August, 1944. A DB-3F the night of 1-2 September, 1944. A PS-84 the night of 17-18 October, 1944. A PS-84 the night of 23-24 October, 1944. Three late victories, all "e/a"s on 10 April, 1945. Alternate spelling: Drunkler. At wars end, a British POW with Werner Hoffmann and Karl Klucke. Deceased 1970.
352 Dudeck, Hans-HeinzHptm3/2/191612 Stab II/JG-2(9/40), JGr-Süd (1/43 France), Stfkpt 6/JG-77(5/43), Stfkpt 4/JG-77(6/43), Kdr IV/JG-27(7/44-1/45 Achmer) Bf 109E in JG-2, Bf 109E-7 Werk # 5275 (lost 1/6/43; injured in a crash at the Salon airfield, cause not reported) in JGr- Süd, Bf 109G (Trop) in 6 & 4 Staffel, Bf 109G-10 Wk# 490644 "Black <3 + ~" (lost 1/1/45) in IV Grp
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold

EK 1 & 2
Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
A 10 year Luft. veteran, he was shot down 1 January, 1945, by AA fire over Venraij Holland and taken prisoner during Operation Bodenplatte. His plane caught fire, crashed at Smakt Holland, NNE of Venray. He bailed out and somehow, his chute was ripped and he slammed through tree branches which saved his life. He was lucky to find himself in a British hospital the following day. He was also shot down over the Channel during the Battle of Britain. One known BOB victory, his 1st, a Spitfire on 7 September, 1940. His 2nd, a Spitfire at Dover on 19 August, 1941. A 3rd, a Spitfire in the Therouanne area on 27 August, 1941. Served in N. Africa. One known Desert victory, a Marlet on 8 May, 1943. In Sicily, he downed a B-17 on 25 June, 1943. A P-51 at Brecy, W of Flers, on 18 July, 1944. His 6th, an Auster III N of Periers on 19 July, 1944. A Lancaster at Hagen-Iserlohn on 12 December, 1944. A P-47 at Aachen-Kerpen on 17 December, 1944. Retired Bundeswehr Major. AKA Karl Heinz Dudeck. Deceased 9 April, 1998.
353 Dümcke, Horst MaxOblt5/17/1911Wittenberge Wekusta 1/OB.d.L., Wekusta 2/OB.d.L., 2/Versuchsverband, 2/KG-200 (9/44) He 111H-2 Werk# 5551 "RH + NT" (lost 9/23/40), Ju 188D-2 Werk # 160062 "A3 + RD" (lost 9/19/44)
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(10/17/43)

EK 1 & 2
Meteorological Operational Clasp
KIC 19 September, 1944 when, while on a night practice flight, he got lost and flew into a power line near Bergamo. Also killed was a crewman, Uffz Horst Bomke (no known VDK garve); Ofw Ewald Gladeck was seriously injured. Oblt Dümcke is buried in the Ger War Cem. at Coatermano, It., Blk 9, Gr 160. He replaced Lt Otto Klingohr as Kdr of Kdo "Carmen" at the time. Ditched at sea abt 400km west of Brest due to technical problems on 23 September, 1940, Dümcke an OFW (Reserve) at the time. They put down near French fishing vessels and were rescued, and were subsequently transferred to a German air-sea rescue plane. Remaining crew (Rescued): Reg Rat Hans Siegmund, Obs; Lt Friedrich Karl Deicke, Flt Engr and Ofw Hans Gierman, R/O, who transmitted their "mayday" facilitating their rescue. His transmission, however, attracted the Blenheims which downed Lt Prasse (D.Drury). Alternate spelling: Dümke. See Horst Dumke, seemingly two different persons due to different DK-G award dates. DK-G Awards List.
354 Dumkow, Karl HeinzLt2/14/19232 II/JG-51 (2/43 Africa), 6/JG-51 (5/43 Italy) Bf 109G-2 Werk # 10856 10% dam 2/8/43), Bf 109G-6 Werk # 16649 "Yellow 1" (lost 5/17/43) EK 2, Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
MIA 17 May, 1943 SW of Cagliari probably due to engine trouble. WIA 8 February, 1943 during aerial combat; ac damaged when he made a force landing at Gabes. One known Desert victory, a B-26 18km SW of Gabes on 3 February, 1943. A second, a P-40 15km SE of Maharer, 8 April, 1943.
355 Dunkel, KarlUffz1/15/192510/JG-1 (France)Bf 109G-6 Werk # 164912 "Black 7" (lost 8/15/44)Fighter Operational ClaspKIA 15 August, 1944 during aerial combat with a P-51 at Dreux France. Buried Champigny-St Andre France, Block 8/1013. Source: J. Geensen.
356 Dünnebeil, ErwinGefr6/24/1925GrossörnerFFS A-3 (Grünberg)Kl 35 Werk# 4025 (90% dam 2/4/44)Wound Badge
Courier/Transport Operational Clasp
Injured 4 February, 1944; crashed on a training flight at Grünberg due to pilot error. Died of his injuries on 5 February, 1944. Also flying with Dünnebeil, was Flg Karl Kremers, also killed. Jager Blatt article 5/2000 & 1/2001.
357 Dürk, Karl HeinzUffz5/JG-27 (Med)Bf 109G-6 Werk # 18038 "Red 12 + -" (lost 6/15/43)Fighter Operational ClaspMIA 15 June, 1943 during aerial combat SW of Marsalla.
358 Dworrak, EmilUffz1/16/1911Sensburg, E.Prus.4/KG-1 Ju 88A-5 Werk # 7171 "V4 + EM" (lost 5/12/41) Bomber Operational Clasp MIA with his entire crew, 12 May, 1941; failed to return from a mission to Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire, cause unknown. The ac is believed likely to have crashed at sea. Remaining crew: Fw Günther Rohr, Obs; Fw Karl Milthaler, Flt Engr and Fw Wilhelm Führer, Gnr. The only listing on VDK for this crew is that of Uffz Dworrak as "missing at sea" and commemorated on the Kiel-Laboe Naval Memorial (D.Drury).
359 Dziarnowski, Heinz Karl Heinz?Hptm6/5/19161 6/ZG-1 (9/42), II/ZG-1(5/43), Stfkpt 2/ZG-76 (6/44) Bf 110, Me 410
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(5/19/43)

EK 1 & 2
Wound Badge
Destroyer Operational Clasp
One known victory, a B-24 N of Plattensee, at Mainburg/Landshut, on 30 June, 1944. Source: D.Stankey & L.DeZeng. The victory came from the OKL Claims List.
360 Ebbighausen, KarlHptm11/30/1913Einbeck Hannover73.J/88 Legion Condor, Stafkpt 4/JG-26 (5/40), Kdr II/JG-26 (8/40 Marquise)Bf 109D, Bf 109E-3 "White 1 + -" (6/40), Bf 109E-4 "Black < - + -" (lost 8/16/40)
Spanish Cross

EK 1 & 2
Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
KIA 16 August, 1940 in aerial combat in his E-4 over Dover and Folkestone, England, with Spitfires of RAF No. 266 Squadron. Crashed into the Channel southeast of Dover; his body was never recovered. WIA 19 May, 1940 in his E-3 by a Hurricane of RAF No. 615 Sq., piloted by F/O Tony Eyre. 3 victories in Spain. His first two victories were both Fokkers T-V over Dordrecht, 13 May, 1940, the last of the Dutch medium bombers. His 3rd, a Morane at Douai on 18 May, 1940. His 4th, a Spitfire at Dunkirk on 24 May, 1940. His 5th victory, a Battle 18 km south of Vernon, 14 June, 1940. His 6th, a Spitfire at Sandwich on 14 August, 1940. His 7th, a Spitfire SW of Dover on 15 August, 1940. His E-4s personal emblems; a Raging Bull and Mickey Mouse symbolic of his days in Spain.
(Added by Pietrzak Youngs)

Returning from a mission
361 Ebeling, Karl HeinzHptm5/7/19183(F)/11 (40's), Stab/NAGr-13 (8/42), 1(F)/33 (2/43), LKS-2 (4/43), I/SG-2 (3/45)Fw 190A-4, Fw 190F-8 Werk # Unk (lost 3/1/45)
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(8/9/42)

EK 1 & 2
EP (1/19/42), Observer Operational Clasp
MIA 1 March, 1945 in the vicinity of Veszprem, cause unknown (DK-G Awards List & LOCS).
362 Ebenhöh, KarlFwInstructor Blindflugschule (BFS-4) (Kastrup)Ju 86 "KV + AO" (minor damage), Ju 88A-5 Wk# 7068 "PH + DY" (damaged 3/43)Bomber Operational ClaspEmergency landing 30 November, 1942 at the Kastrup airfield after a three hour flight, cause not given. None of the three-man crew were injured. A 2nd incident; crashed during landing on 6 March, 1943, returning from a training flight in Wk# 7068, damaging one wing and an engine. Ebenhöh nor Student Pilot Fw Jordan were injured. A 3rd incident; On 10 September, 1943 in He 111G-3 Werk # 0323 "CE + NY", upon returning from a training exercise, the brakes malfunctioned during his landing at the Ronne airfield, the AC ended up on its nose with minimal damage. His R/O this date, Student Pilot Fw Jordan. Source: Air War over Denmark.
363 Eberle, KarlLt82/JG-77 (6/42 Med), Stab II/JG-77 (9/43 Italy)Bf 109F, Bf 109G-2 Trop Werk # 10559 "Black 6" (lost 9/26/42), Bf 109G-6 Werk # 140016 "Black <" (lost 11/2/43)
EK 1 & 2
Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
WIA 2 November, 1943 during aerial combat in tha Albano area. WIA 26 September, 1942 during aerial combat with fighters over Malta, bailed safely. His 4th victory, a Soviet Yak-1 on 2 June, 1942. His 6th known victory was a Spitfire V over Malta on 2 August, 1942. His 7th, a P-40E on 14 January, 1943. His 8th, a P-40 on 3 August, 1943 in southern Italy.
364 Ebert, Walter Karl(?)Lt11/6/1919Friedlberg19 8/JG-2 (8/40 named Fw Karl), 8/JG-2 (10/42), 10(Jabo)/JG-2 (3/44) Bf 109F in 8 Staffel, Bf 109G in 10 Staffel, Fw 190A-6 Werk # 470012 (40% dam 9/23/43, cmbt w/2 P-47's N of Nantes), Fw 190A-7 Werk # 642553 (3/16/44)
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(8/31/43)
EP (6/25/43)

EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
One known "damaged" (n.b.) Hurricane at Portland on 25 August, 1940, being recorded to Fw Karl Ebert. A 2nd, (referred to as a 1st to Walter), a Hurricane at Portsmouth on 26 August, 1940. One known victory (as a Fw), a B-17 II 30 km south of Brest on 21 October, 1942. His 2nd B-17 II on 18 November, 1942. A 3rd B-17 on 23 November, 1942. Another B-17 on 30 December, 1942. A Whitley V 10 km northeast of Ile d Oeussant on 6 January, 1943. A Spitfire on 5 April, 1943. A Catalina on 7 April, 1943. A Spitfire on 11 April, 1943. A P-51 40 km north of Morlaix on 30 April, 1943. A B-17 near St. Nazaire on 1 May, 1943. A Spitfire on 16 May, 1943. Another B-17 near St. Nazaire on 29 May, 1943. A P-51 on 12 June, 1943. A B-17 on 28 June, 1943. Two B-17s in the Villeneuve area on 6 September, 1943. A B-17 at Minden on 11 January, 1944. Another B-17 on 8 February, 1944. His 19th, another B-17 of 303BG, # 42-5788, 8 km S of Antwerp on 22 February, 1944. Magnus Report.
365 Eckard, Walter SchultzeLtStab II/KG-30Ju 88A-4 Werk # 140724 "4D + BC" (lost)Bomber Operational ClaspMIA 13 April, 1942; failed to return from a mission, possibly crashing at Map Quadrant 27 East/5464, no further detail. Remaining crew (all MIA): OFW Berthold Könitzer, Observer; Uffz Karl Dunke, R/O and Uffz Hans Dittemann, Gunner. Source: SIG Norway.
366 Eckardt, Karl16/JG-300Bf 109G (lost 4/17/45 at Plattling)Fighter Operational ClaspPilot disposition unknown.
367 Eckhardt, Karl3/4/192316/JG-300Fw 190AFighter Operational ClaspKIA 16 April, 1945 near Plattling. Jager Blatt mention. Buried Lommel, Block 59/304 (Rosseels).
Lommel, Belgium
368 Edler, KarlUffz12/JG-53, 12/JG-4 (1/45)Bf 109G, Bf 109K-4 Werk # 330449 "Yellow 8" (lost)Fighter Operational ClaspMIA 2 January, 1945 after aerial combat over Kaiserlautern. Despite intensive searching by his comrades, the crashsite has not been found. Jager Blatt article 4 & 6/2001.
369 Effenberger, Karl Heinz RudolfUffz4/14/1922GörlitzNahkampf unitFw 190F-8 (most likely)
EK 2
Ground Support Operational Clasp in Bronze
MIA 26 October, 1944; lost at Stary-Golymin, 16 km SE of Zichenau, cause unknown. His body was not recoverable, however, he is listed in the memorial book in the Görlitz Cemetery. Source: his Grand Niece, Cristine Orzel. NOTE: "Nahkampf" translates to "Close Combat", thus my ac selection.
370 Egger, KarlUffzLKS-2 (Berlin)Ju W34 Werk # 888 "DB + DZ" (lost 10/16/42)Transport Operational ClaspPilot reported KIC 16 October, 1942 when his ac crashed at Vitkovice-Rezek, CZ., cause unknown. A 2nd pilot, Uffz Rudolf Kirchner and Mech, Uffz Heinz Passenheim, were also killed (F.Braun).
371 Eggers, KarlFw1/26/1920II/ZG-76, JG-6Me 410Destroyer Operational ClaspMade a force landing at Hildesheim on 22 February, 1944 after taking engine hits from a P-51 escorting B-24s under attack between Teutoburger Wald and Hildesheim, serving in ZG-76 at the time. Deceased 12 September, 1998.
372 Eggert, KarlLt11/19/1915Augsburg7/KG-3Do 17Z-3 Werk # 2646 "5K + ER" (lost 8/26/40)Wound Badge
Bomber Operational Clasp
WIA 26 August, 1940 (DOW 28 August, 1940); sd by RAF fighters and crashed onto the rocks at Foreness Point, Kent. Remaining crew: Uffz Rudolf Haupt, Obs (POW); Ogefr Kurt Ramm, R/O (WIA/POW) and Ogefr Walter Knochenmuss,Flt Engr (KIA). The two deceased are buried at Margate Cem. Section 50: Eggeret Gr 15033; Knochenmuss Gr 15032 (D.Drury).
373 Ehlen, Karl HeinzFw6/13/1916Bremen67/JG-26 (3/41 Channel)Bf 109E & F, Fw 190A- 2 Werk # 5215 "White 10 + I" (lost 4/29/42)
EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
KIFA 29 April, 1942 when he collided with his wingman, FW Fritz Kessler in Wk# 10074, SW of Merkeghem, as they returned from a mission. Buried Bourdon France, Block 32/9/344 (Rosseels). One known victory, his 4th, a Hurricane of RAF No. 73 Sq. near Sidi Barrani Egypt on 15 June, 1941. His 5th, a Spitfire 30 km northwest of Dieppe on 18 September, 1941. His 6th, a Spitfire southeast of St. Omer/Arques on 12 April, 1942. Achieved the rank of Lt. Post.. 160 combat missions. Bowers/Lednicer, 7 victories.
374 Ehret, KarlOfw26/JG-26 (9/43), 7/JG-26 (10/43)Fw 190A-4 Werk # 717 "Brown 9" (dam), F 190A-6 Werk # 550739 "Brown 10" (lost) EK 2
Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
KIA 14 February, 1944 in "Brown 10" during aerial combat with a Spitfire of RAF No. 124 Sq at Montreuil-Calais. WIA 3 May, 1943 when he crash-landed his "Brown 9" at Rue after combat with a Spitfire of RAF No. 416 Sq. One known victory, a P-47 at Merville on 2 September, 1943. His 2nd, a Spitfire SW of Beauvais on 22 October, 1943.
375 Ehrlich, KarlFwI/StG-5 (S.U.)Ju 87R-4 Werk # 6277 "L1 + BU" (lost 3/24/42)Dive Bomber Operational ClaspMIA 24 March, 1942; failed to return from a missio at Murmansk. His R/O, Ogefr Kurt Baczinski, was also listed as MIA. Source: SIG Norway.
376 Ehrlich, KarlUffzErg(Nacht)/SKG-10Fw 190A-4 Werk # 140580 (lost 12/6/43)Night Assault Operational ClaspKIC 6 December, 1943 at Monts, near Tours, no further detail.
377 Eiche, Karl HeinzUffzIII/KG-26Ju 88A Werk # Unk (lost 5/11/44)Bomber Operational ClaspWIA 11 May, 1944 during an attack on convoy UGS40 off Cape Bengut, Algeria. Their ac was intercepted by fighters of RAF Nos. 153 & 256 Sqds., and also took AA fire from Task Force 61 shipping vessels. The ac crashed into the sea off Faro de la Mola, Formentera, Balearic Islands, Spain.Remaining crew (KIA, bur Cuacos de Yuste, Row 8): Fw Leopold Reinegger, bur Gr 160; Ogefr Josef Zenk, bur Gr 159 and Uffz Heinz Sowinski, bur "IM" (in Memorium). Uffz Eiche was rescued by a lighthouse keeper who was rewarded by the German Consul (D.Drury).
378 Eichhorn, Karl Joachim "Lutz"Oblt14(Z)/LG-1 (Channel)Bf 110 Werk # 3617 "L1 + ?K" (lost 8/31/40)Destroyer Operational ClaspPOW 31 August, 1940; sd by a Hurricane of No.601 Sq., piloted by P/O Humphrey Gilbert. Eichhorn managed to ditch at sea off Foreness Point, Kent, and managed to escape in his dinghy, after which he was captured. His R/O, Uffz Richard Growe is MIA, believed drowned (D.Drury). Survived the war; lived in Hainburg in 1998. Jager Blatt 2/1998. Note: The German Graves Registry (VDK) suggests that Growe is buried in CC as an "unknown". Alternate spelling: Eichorn.
379 Eichler, ErichUffz8/KG-27He 111P-2 "1G + ??" (lost 5/11/40)Bomber Operational Clasp KIA 11 May, 1940 after the He 111s wing fractured after heavy enemy fire, and crashed at Steinhude, killing the entire crew. Remaining crew: Gefr Karl Heinz Becker, Obs; Ogefr Georg Lewioda, R/O and Flg Walter Hammerschmidt, Mechanic (Source: Wings to Victory). Added: This action took place near Vlissingen and Middelburg (DVL Loss List).
380 Eidam, Karl HeinzFhr9/JG-27 (Reich Def)Bf 109K-4 Werk # 332786 "White 9 + I" (lost 3/2/45)Fighter Operational ClaspKIA 2 March, 1945 during aerial combat with a Spitfire at Brochterbeck, near Tecklenburg.
381 Eigendorf, KarlUffz2(Lufttorpedostf)/KG-26 (Bardufoss)Ju 88A-17 Werk # 884626 "1H + AK" (lost 2/10/45)Bomber Operational ClaspMIA with unnamed crew 10 February, 1945, cause unknown, location not reported.Source: SIG Norway & Ju 88 Loss List. Added: Crashed into the Barents Sea (KG-26 Loss List).
382 Eilmes, KarlUffz11/2/19226/JG-4Fw 190A-8/R2 Werk # 681456 "Black 17" (lost 9/11/44)Fighter Operational ClaspKIA 11 September, 1944 during aerial combat at Mildenau (JG-4 List).
383 Eisenhardt, ErnstUffz2/9/1920Dachtel4/KG-200Ju 188 Werk # 180486 "A3 + BD" (lost 11/27/44)Bomber Operational ClaspKIC with his entire crew 27 November, 1944 when their ac crashed near Machtlos, Breitenbach am Herzberg, Hesse, cause unknown. Remaining crew: Lt Karl Theodor Kussmaul, Obs; Uffz Herrmann Klein, R/O and Uffz Alfred Kölbel, Flt Engr. The deceased are buried in individual graves (no specific location details) in the War Cem. at Breitenbach am Herzberg-Machtlos (D.Drury).
384 Eisenhauer, Friedrich M.Uffz4/8/1923Langstadt1/NJG-2 (12/44 Twente) Ju 88G-1 Werk # 714092 (lost 8/3/44), Ju 88G-6 Werk # 620575 "4R + OH" (lost 12/28/44) Night Fighter Operational Clasp KIA the night of 27/28 December, 1944; Crashed his G-6 at Grathem, west of Roermond Holland as a result of AA fire. His gunner was Ogefr Karl Stoll (geb 4/17/1923, KIA). Only the R/O, Gefr Hubert Zimmermann survived by bailing, becoming POW. Alternate spelling: Eisen-Hauer. Jager Blatt mention. A. Rosseels notes the crashsite as Molenbeersel, Belgium. Added: Uffz Eisenhauer is buried at Lommel Belgium, Blk 25, Gr 268. Ogefr Stoll is buried at Ysselsteyn Netherlands, Blk BR, Row 11, Gr 253. In an earlier incident, Uffz Eienhauer's ac was sd by AA fire on 3 August, 1944, in his G-1 near Flers, Orne, France. He bailed and returned; two others bailed, Ogefr Georg Pfauter, R/O (MIA) and Gefr Hubert Zimmermann, Gnr (Returned) (D.Drury).
Lommel, Belgium
385 Elbertzhagen, KarlFhjUffz7/JG-1Fw 190A-8 Werk # 734033 "Yellow 5" (lost 2/3/45)Fighter Operational ClaspKIA 3 February, 1945 during enemy encounter at Werneuchen. No known grave. Source: J. Geensen. New data: Buried 8 February, 1945, Neuen Friedhof, Werneuchen (Martin Kuban).
386 Elbing, KarlUffz7/JG-3 (Channel) Bf 109E-1 Werk # 6304 "White 3 + I" (lost 9/23/40) Fighter Operational Clasp POW 23 September, 1940 after aerial combat with British fighters off Kingsdown, south of Deal; bailed safely as his ac crashed into the sea. Added: Believed sd by a Spitfire of No.41 Sq., piloted by P/O George Bennions (D.Drury).
387 Elder, KarlUffzJG-4 (?), 12/JG-53 (1/45)Fw 190A, Bf 109G & Fw 190DFighter Operational ClaspMIA 2 January, 1945 during aerial combat over Kaiserlautern. Luft. Pilot Discussion Board.
388 Ellerich,Gefr1(H)/12 (2/41)Hs 126 & Fw 189AObserver Operational ClaspShot down 23 June, 1941, the 2nd day of Operation Barbarossa, after being hit by Soviet AA fire. He landed his crippled Fw 189 behind enemy lines, but all were able to evade captivity and return to base. Other crew: Ofw Karl Meyer, DK-G(7/12/43), gunner; Fw Lötter, RK, observer
389 Elpers, KarlOfw9/LG-1Ju 88A-4
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(7/2/42)

EK 1 & 2
Bomber Operational Clasp
DK-G Awards List
390 Elperz, KarlOfw7/KG-6 (Channel)Ju 88S-1 Werk # 140582 "3E + MR" (lost 11/8/43)Bomber Operational ClaspKIA with unnamed crew 8 November, 1943, cause unknown, location not reported (Ju 88 Loss List).
391 Elsner, Hans KarlOfw44/JG-51 (6/41 S.U.)Bf 109F
EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
Two known Soviet victories, an I-16 and a SB-2 on 22 June, 1941. A 3rd, a SB-2 on 30 June, 1941. A 4th, an I-15 on 5 July, 1941. Magnus refers to him as Karl with 5+ victories. Another source suggest his given name is Rudolf (H.Breuer).
392 Elsner, Karl HeinzLt5Staffel Führer 10/JG-2Fw 190A-8 Werk# 172964
EK 1 & 2
Fighter Operational Clasp
MIA 16 July, 1944; Aerial combat near Caen. Mombeek MIA List. One known victory, a B-17 at St. Dizier on 16 March, 1944. A P-47 at Bretteville on 5 July, 1944. A 3rd, a Spitfire at St Andre on 6 July, 1944.
393 Emminger, KarlUffzJGr-Süd (France)Bf 109E-7 Werk # 5168 (80% dam 3/18/43)Wound Badge
Fighter Operational Clasp
Injured in an emergency landing at the Nimes airfield on 18 March, 1943 due to engine trouble.
394 Emsbach, KarlUffz17/ZG-26 (11/41)Bf 110 EK 2
Destroyer Operational Clasp
One known victory, a P-40 in the desert on 24 November, 1941.
395 Endrizzi, Karl (Jakob?)Lt12/10/1920Cardano, So. Tirol, Italy4/JG-1 (9/42 Woensdrecht) Fw 190A-4 Werk # 5566 "White 1" (lost 9/15/42) Fighter Operational Clasp KIA 7 September, 1942 in aerial combat with Spitfires escorting B-17s, 30km NE of Lejden, in the Rotterdam/Utrecht area. Buried Ysselsteyn, TBB/3/28. Another source, Netherland Loss Registry & M.deWolf indicate the ac crashed into the North Sea, 15km west of Zandvoort. Alternate spelling: Endrizi.
Ysselstein, Holland
396 Engelhardt, KarlUffz8/9/19188/KG-30 (Aalborg West) Ju 88A-4 Werk # 2432 "4D + IS" (lost 3/26/43) Bomber Operational Clasp KIC 26 March, 1943 during a training exercise when the AC accidentally touched the ground crashing at Stovring Hede Moor, south of Aalborg, killing the entire crew. Remaining crew: Ogefr Georg Altrock, Obs; Uffz Rudi Otto, R/O and Ogefr Karl Richter, Gunner. All four crew members were buried in the Frederikshavn Cemetery on 30 March, 1943. Source: Air War over Denmark. Added: Location, NW of Steevering-Hede (Ju 88 Loss List). Added: Burials at the German War Cem. at Frederikshavn: Uffz Engelhardt Blk 6, Gr 510; Ogefr Altrock Blk 4, Gr 512 and Ogefr Richter Blk 4, Gr 513, no known grave for Uffz Otto (D.Drury).
397 Engert, Karl Heinz11/TG-3, 7/KG-4 (2/45 Lechfeld), 10/JG-7 (4/45)He 111, Me 262 Werk # 111748Bomber Operational ClaspHis last known flight, a transfer flight in the Me 262 from Munich to Prag-Ruzyn on 29 April, 1945. Jager Blatt 4/2002.
398 Engfer, Karl G.W.FhjFwI/KG-40Fw 200C & Ju 88ABomber Operational ClaspKIA (?) 31 March, 1945 near Rammeinsatz. Jager Blatt article.
399 Engstler, KarlOfw11(Erg)/KG-2Do 217E-4
Deutsches Kreuz - Gold(3/20/44)

EK 1 & 2
Bomber Operational Clasp
DK-G Awards List
400 Erdmann, KarlOgefrStab/JG-300Fw 190A-6 & Bf 109G-6Fighter Operational ClaspErdmann appears on an AC Lost List; AC lost 4/8/44 at Rheine, pilot disposition unknown.

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