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LOST - Rob Philips Memorial Archive Table of Contents

The late Rob Philips (1952 - 2010) developed this material over a period of 10 years prior to his loss to cancer. We were entrusted with seeing to it that the work was published after his death. In this study all Dutchmen are mentioned who served with the Royal Air Force (RAF) or the Fleet Air Arm (FAA), in the period 1940-05-22 up to and including 1945-05-09, who died or went missing-in-action, in Europe and its coastal seas. Other periods and places - including the Dutch East Indies - are also referenced. A comprehensive database developed by Aircrew Remembered provides links to all personnel mentioned in the text.

• Front Cover
By Wiek Luijken and used with permission: this piece is called: 'Animo libre dirigimur, a B-25 Ramrod under attack'. Animo libre dirigimur translates as: 'We are guided by the mind of liberty', the squadron Motto of 320 Sqn (Dutch), 2nd TAF. Around D-Day, 320 Squadron's main targets were communication centres and enemy airfields, one of those Ramrod missions is depicted here. The escort of Spitfires is already engaging Focke-Wulf 190A-8s and the top escort is streaking down to assist.

• About the Author

• Dedication

• Forward by Jan Kloos and Author

• Introduction

• Scope of Project
Definition of Dutch RAF/FAA Aviator • Time Frame • Geographical Frame • The Others - a perspective on all losses • Causes of death versus causes of crash • The men and the machines • Motivation of project • Trying to lift some of the fog of war • The moral obligation • Let bygones be bygones - but who has gone by? • Why bother? • Numbers and fates • Methods and tools • Finding data • Archives • literature • web • finding eyewitnesses • finding geographical and archaeological data • finding family archives • where are the RAF commissioned aviator paintings? • Checking data • data enhancements based on evidence or assumptions • data reductions • analysing data • crash data analysis • circumstances of crash analysis • circumstances of death analysis • presenting data • headstone photography • uncertainty margin • production tools • language chosen, • aircraft nomenclature, • text censoring by Dutch Government • Claims, • Failures in project
• Arrival, training and deployment of foreign aviators in the UK
Dutch, • Poles, • French, • Belgians, • Others, • The major involvement of the Marine Luchtvaart Dienst, • 320 Squadron part of the 2nd Tactical Air Force, • Polish & French 2TAF losses
• Fatal Crash Causes
Introduction • Understanding flying accidents • Pilot error: human factor and bad luck • Risk-reducing tactics • Mid-air collisions • Low flying • Oxygen failure • Blood supply failure • Engine failure • Bad weather • 'Friendly' fire • Most KIA/KIFA crashes occurred in the UK • Good safety record of 320 Squadron • The art of riding the Flak • The high fatality episodes • High anxiety and discipline

• Specialist site on Engelandvaarders
• Every Dutch Aviator Lost in European Theatre in WWll     Exhaustively researched, key focus of this work.

• Related Loss Reports or RAF Crashes - Other Losses
RAF Servicemen with Dutch ancestry • Former Dutch servicemen who died in another service • Possible Dutch casualty: no data • Dutch WW2 aviators killed elsewhere: Jackson Army Air Base, Jackson Mississippi • Documentary made by Mississippi Public Broadcasting 'Dutch Wings Over Jackson' • Canada
•  Loss Report for PK-AFZ Lost in Sumatra 3 March 1942 Prepared by Geert Veenendaal

• Searchable Database of all Entries Found in the Various Listings in the Archive
Brings into a single view all entries in many separate listings • Powerful search mechanism provided to find any term


• Dutch RAF/FAA aviators who were seriously injured

• All Dutch Military Aviation Casualties 1913-2009

• All Dutch Military Aviation Casualties 1913-2009 - Alphabetical

• All Dutch Military Aviation Casualties 1913-2009 - Chronological

• The Soesterberg Memorial Construction, Dedication Ceremony

• All Soesterberg Monument Names - Alphabetical

• Soesterberg Monument ML-KNIL 1913-1952 Group 1

• Soesterberg Monument MLD 1917-2009 Group 2

• Soesterberg Monument LVA/KLu 1918-2009 Group 3

• Outside Soesterberg Definition ML-KNIL 1913-1952

• Outside Soesterberg Definition MLD 1917-2009

• Outside Soesterberg Definition LVA/KLu 1918-2009

• Former Dutch RAF Servicemen MIA & KIA

• Dutch RAF/FAA Engelandvaarders MIA & KIA

• Dutch RAF/FAA Aviators Killed in Action & Accidents

• Rolls of Honour: Dutch RAF Aviators Missing Over Land

• Rolls of Honour - Dutch FAF/FAA Aviators Missing Over Sea

• Rolls of Honour: Non-Dutch RAF Aviators Killed with Dutch RAF Aviators

• Rolls of Honour: Non Dutch RAF Aviators Killed in Dutch RAF Squadrons

• Operation 'Bodenplatte' 2TAF groundcrew killed and injured at Melsbroek 1945-01-01

• RAF/FAA Aviators Who Survived WW2

• Dutch RAF/FAA Aviators Who Were Killed or Survived a Landing At Sea

• Dutch RAF/FAA Aviators Taken PoW

• 2 Tactical Air Force (2TAF): 88 Sqd RAF Missing Presumed Killed

• 2 Tactical Air Force (2TAF): 98 Sqd RAF Missing Presumed Killed

• 2 Tactical Air Force (2TAF): 107 Sqd RAF Missing Presumed Killed

• 2 Tactical Air Force (2TAF): 180 Sqd RAF Missing Presumed Killed

• 2 Tactical Air Force (2TAF): 226 Sqd RAF Missing Presumed Killed

• 2 Tactical Air Force (2TAF): 305 Sqd (Polish) Missing Presumed Killed

• Coastal Command: 320C Sqd (Dutch) Missing Presumed Killed

• 2 Tactical Air Force (2TAF): 320B Sqd (Dutch) Missing Presumed Killed

• 2 Tactical Air Force (2TAF): 342 Sqd (Free French) Missing Presumed Killed

• Cemeteries and Memorials
Cemeteries • Allied War grave headstones • The Netherlands: Standard issue headstones • Special Memorials • Special cases • Production of the headstones • Great Britain + Canada: Standard issue headstones • Special designs Special cases • Custom additions • 4. Joint grave types: Type 1. Connected casualties • Type 2. Unconnected casualties under one stone • Type 3. • Unconnected casualties under multiple stones • Australia New Zealand • Mixed Commonweath nationalities or services • Commonwealth Special Memorials • For graves that were lost • Believed to be • Known to be buried in this cemetery • Believed to be buried in this cemetery • For graves that exist elsewhere • For graves that no longer exist • For graves that never existed • For servicemen found but still listed as MIA • For servicemen who were cremated • Unofficial special memorials • USA • Poland • Russia • France • Belgium • Czechoslovakia • Norway • Jugoslavia • Libyan Arab + South Africa • Greece • Hungary • Romania • Italy • Unknown
• Cemeteries and Memorials Graveyards Holding Dutch Graves A -M (images currently missing, being added as time permits)
3. Årestrup Churchyard Jutland Denmark • 4. Amersfoort Algemene Begraafplaats Rusthof Utrecht Netherlands • 5. Amsterdam Gemeentelijke Begraafplaats Zorgvlied N. Holland Netherlands • 6. Amsterdam Nieuwe Oosterbegraafplaats N. Holland Netherlands • 7. Appleton Thorn Churchyard Cheshire UK • 8. Arbroath Western Cemetery Angus Scotland UK • 9. Arnhem Moscowa Gelderland Netherlands • 10. Banbury Southam Road Cemetery Oxfordshire UK • 11. Barneveld Nieuwe Gemeentelijke Begraafplaats Gelderland Netherlands • 12. Bergen op Zoom War Cemetery Brabant Netherlands • 13. Bergen op Zoom Canadian War Cemetery Brabant Netherlands • 14. Botley Cemetery North Hinksey Oxford UK • 15. Brookwood Military Cemetery Surrey UK • 16. Burnsland Cemetery Calgary Alberta Canada • 17. Calgary Jewish Cemetery Alberta Canada • 19. Carew Cheriton St. Mary New Churchyard Pembrokeshire UK • 20. Cedar Lawn Cemetery Jackson Miss. USA • 21. Cherbourg Cimetière Ancien 'Pieux' Manche France • 22. Chevington Cemetery Northumberland UK • 23. Chippenham London Road Cemetery Wiltshire UK • 24. Den Haag Oud Eik en Duinen Z. Holland Netherlands • 25. Dürnbach War Cemetery near Bad Tolz Germany • 26. Eglinton Faughanvale St. Canice Churchyard Derry N. Ireland UK • 27. Enkhuizen Gemeentelijke Begraafplaats N. Holland Netherlands • 28. Fort Leavenworth Military Cemetery Kansas USA • 29. Gouda Gemeentelijke Begraafplaats IJsselhof Z. Holland Netherlands • 30. Grangemouth Grandsable Cemetery Fallkirk UK • 31. Grantham Cemetery Lincolnshire UK • 32. Grebbeberg Ereveld Rhenen Utrecht Netherlands • 33. Haarlem RK Begraafplaats St. Barbara N. Holland Netherlands • 34. Hamburg-Ohlsdorf British War Cemetery Germany • 35. Hawarden Cemetery Flintshire UK • 36. Hawkinge Cemetery Kent UK • 37. IJmuiden Gemeentelijke Begraafplaats Duinhof N. Holland Netherlands • 38. Kamp Lintfort Rheinberg War Cemetery Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany • 39. Kleve Reichswald War Cemetery Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany • 40. Laval Cimetière de Valfleury Mayenne France • 41. Leuchars Cemetery Fife Scotland UK • 42. Leopoldsburg British War Cemetery Belgium • 43. Loenen Ereveld Gelderland Netherlands • 44. London Mill Hill UK • 45. Makkum N.H. Begraafplaats Friesland Netherlands • 46. Medicine Hat Hillside Cemetery Alberta Canada • 47. Middelburg Begraafplaats Westelijke Oude Havendijk Zeeland Netherlands • 48. Moose Jaw Rosedale Cemetery Sask. Canada • 49. Morpeth SS. Mary & James Churchyard Northumberland UK
• Cemeteries and Memorials Graveyards Holding Dutch Graves N - Z (images currently missing, being added as time permits)
50. Nantes Cimetière Civil du Pont du Cens Loire-Atlantique France • 51. North Hollywood Valhalla Memorial Park Ca USA • 52. Oegstgeest Begraafplaats 'Het Groene Kerkje' Z. Holland Netherlands • 53. Ollerton Cemetery Nottinghamshire UK • 54. Orry-la-Ville Oise France • 55. Pembroke Dock Llanion Cemetery Pembrokeshire UK • 56. Rotterdam Gemeentelijke Begraafplaats Crooswijk Z. Holland Netherlands • 57. Scarborough Cemetery Yorkshire UK • 58. Ulvenhout R.K. Begraafplaats Brabant Netherlands • 59. Volvat Erehof Vestre Gravlund Oslo Norway • 60. Yeovilton Naval Cemetery Somerset UK • 61. Field graves
• Cemeteries and Memorials Non Allied Gravestones

• Sorting matters after the War
Introduction • Care for the families • Fundamental rights of families • Care for the casualties • Allied War grave processing • Grave Registration Units • The Missing Research & Enquiry Service • The MR&ES and Eastern Germany • About ID Disks or 'Dog Tags' • Concentrating graves • Reconcentrating graves • Design of constructed CWGC cemeteries • Administration of War graves • About grave position indicators • Maintenance of War cemeteries • Short history of the Dienst Identificatie en Berging • Reburials and the Oorlogsgravenstichting • Dutch official guideline for salvage of aircraft wrecks • Searching today for the men missing-in-action • The Dutch and the British way • The American way – until they are home • Private ways: Respectable efforts • Private ways: Rejectable efforts • Unauthorized identifications • New official initiatives in The Netherlands • Reconciliation • Recognition Memorials • CWGC and OGS • USA • France • Germany • Private initiatives • Museum representation • Recognition for casualties flows into care for posterity
• Some Research Topics
On identification of airmen KIA over occupied territory • Finding identification protocols • Survey of Allied Airmen buried as unknown in Western Europe • Estimation of Allied Airmen lost to the seas of Western Europe • The enigma of the empty graves • Science versus morals • then versus now • The empty graves that are Memorials • List of Special Memorials • Proposed candidates for Special Memorials
•  About Bodies Washing Ashore
Recovery versus washing ashore • Channel & North Sea marine conditions • The complexity of the ways of Nature • A mathematical approach • A statistical approach • Survey of bodies washing ashore • Map of washed-up body movements • Survey of unknown Allied airman burials • A theory of body behaviour at sea • Future research • Comparison of then and now • The MR&ES input • New tools are available today • From sea to land - the Texel example • Proposed structure of a new MR&ES effort • Prognostica • Other recent identity claims
• Maps
Map of crashes in Great Britain • Map of crashes in France • Map of crashes in Germany • Map of crashes in Belgium • Map of crashes in The Netherlands • Map of North Sea crashes close to the Dutch shore • Map of Norway crashes and crashes close to the Norway shore • Map of crashes of men missing-in-action
• Dutch RAF/FAA aviators at odds with their Government

• Abbreviations Used In Archive

• Acknowledgements


Rob was a meticulous researcher and took care to note all attributions of stories, images and facts whenever possible. He recognized that errors would inevitably find their way into the manuscript and had plans to subject the finished project to tight scrutiny to eliminate as many of these as possible before final publication, but of course his fate prohibited this from taking place. Therefore, it is up to all of us to remove any errors we find and correct any accounts so as to make this Archive as accurate as we can. To this end, we encourage you to contact us via our Helpdesk with helpful information and corrections.
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