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Related Loss Reports or RAF Crash Datasheets
Pages are specified after the name of the aircraft captain. Crew and passengers are indicated to the right of the page address.

Data is presented as far as it is known. Or believed to be known. Deeper research is likely to yield more bits of data, and possibly more surprises.


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RAF Serviceman with Dutch ancestry

1942-04-15 The Loss of John de Visscher Wellington Z8490 John de Visscer (John Hall), Peter Fitzpatrick Vane Winkle, Andrew Downie, Thomas Strang, Kenneth William Barker

1942-04-30 The Loss of Lucas Scholl Engberts

1943-12-18 The Loss of Henk Mosselmans

1945-03-19 The Loss of Saul Lazarus

Former Dutch RAF Servicemen who died in another service

1941-10-24 The Loss of Johan Remmerswaal

1942-03-19 The loss of Jan van Es

1942-05-13 The Loss of Herman Kolff

1942-11-13 The Loss of Hr. Ms. Isaac Sweers Henri de Fisser, Gerard Look, Sjoerd Stevan, Gerrit Jan Pijl

1943-05-25 The Loss of Fred Gerritsen

1944-05-20 The Loss of Willem Karsten

Possible Dutch RAF Casualty, no data found yet

1942-03-26 Loss of Ernest Burcht

Dutch WW2 military aviators killed elsewhere

Dutch WW2 Aviators Killed In USA and Canada Brilliant material on Jackson, Mississippi including excellent video

Dutch WW2 Aviators Killed in Pacific

JL den Hollander in cockpit of Mitchell FR202 Melsbroek, Belgium March 1945

JL den Hollander

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