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LOST- Rob Philips Memorial Archive: All Casualties Database.
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This database assembles in one place information held in the several independent listings in the Rob Philips Memorial Archive. You can inspect any listing by referring to the Table of Contents. These listings were developed over a lengthy time by the Author and include the inevitable data repetition. What the database does is bring to a single view all the entries in all the lists for each name, without requiring you to inspect each list separately. You can search on any name and discover in which of the lists he appears and additionally you can search for any term in any list (a minimum of 2 characters is required).
We have left all lists in place to respect Rob's original manuscript. You can search in many interesting ways.

ABBREVIATIONS:KL = Koninklijke Landmacht = Royal Dutch Army • KLu = Koninklijke Luchtmacht = Royal Dutch Airforce • KM = Koninklijke Marine = Royal Dutch Navy • KMR = Koninklijke Marine • Reserve = Royal Navy Reserve • ML = Militaire Luchtvaart • MLD = Marine Luchtvaart Dienst • ML-KNIL = Militaire Luchtvaart KNIL or RNEIAF = Royal Netherlands East Indies Army Air Force (Dutch: Militaire Luchtvaart van het Koninklijk Nederlands-Indisch Leger) • MSD = Marine Stoomvaart Dienst • RNMFS = Royal Netherlands Military Flying School • RNNAS = Royal Netherlands Naval Air Service, also RDNAS for Dutch • NEI = Netherlands East Indies; 2TAF = 2 Tactical Air Force.

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